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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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day and night, so that it never rests. Covetous-
ness is the right coarse swinish beast; it desires
more than it can eat. Its jaws are wide open
day and night. It suffers not man to rest, and
torments him continually in its sordid filthiness,
so that he has an eager longing earthward, and
toward the things the earth yields without any
one's covetousness; only labour belongs thereto,
and no covetousness.
14. Covetousness plagues itself and is its own
enemy ; for it fills itself with pain and disquietude,
and clouds man's understanding, so that he cannot
recognize that all comes from the divine hand. It
makes dark for man his life's light, consumes the
body, and robs him of the divine senses and glory.
It casts him into the pit of death, and brings
him temporal and eternal death. It attracts dark
matter into man's noble image, and makes of
an angel a fierce wrathful devil. It creates the
turba in body and soul, and is the horrible beast
in the abyss of hell, for it is the cause of suffering
and pain; without it no pain could arise. It
causes war and strife, for it is never satisfied. If
it had all the world, it would want to have also
the abyss; for there is no place made for its
rest. It builds up countries and kingdoms, and
destroys them also again. It drives man into mere
trouble and turmoil; it is simply the devil's heart
and will.
15. For pride is the brave spirit which grows
from covetousness. It is the fair child that was
to possess heaven; but covetousness has trans-