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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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it into Babel, into the mother of the great
dom on earth. There pride continually
tutes itself to covetousness, and is but a
child in the sight of God. It cannot
heaven; it has its kingdom of heaven o:
It makes court tp King Falsehood, who t
its labour, and gives it to the four element
devil in the dark world; and thither mu
follow also with covetousness, when the
anxious avarice breaks. The same is in
very just, and yet takes its covetousness
into the abyss, that pride may have its
therein. As a fool in his fool's dress, w
and vexes himself that he may bring foi
and please his spectators, that he may
extravagant fool; so in like manner pr
covetousness is God's fool and the devil's
who hath his delight in this, that he can
God's image a fool's image.
16. The third virtue is envy, in the I
ments of the devil, in the kingdom of fa
The same is a sting, a rager and raver, like
poison. It can abide nowhere, and has no
place. Its mother covetousness allows it :
it must always rage and rave. It must er
that in which it is not generated. It is tin
of covetousness, a perpetual liar and si
It pierces into its neighbour's heart, and w<
It devours itself for very poisonful hunger,
never has enough. It causes restlessness
limit or measure. It is the greatest poison
eye of hell, whereby the devil sees in the $