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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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devil in human shape.
21.  Let   every   one,   therefore,   learn   to  know
himself,—what kind of properties rule in him.    If
he find that all these four elements, or one only,
rule in him, he has to take the field against them,
or it will turn out ill in the end.    He will not be
permitted to comfort himself with the kingdom of
heaven.    Only let him not suffer the devil to wrap
him round with the hypocritical cloak, as happens
when men live in these four elements, and subtly
flatter themselves with the  sufferings  of  Christ.
That must be the covering of this impostor.    The
impostor might retain his dominion, if he did not
tickle himself with Christ's satisfaction.
22.  Oh, how the shining coat of Christ will be
stript off  thee!    Then will be  seen  standing  in
Babel the whore with the four virtues.    It is not
merely a question of taking comfort, but of keep-
ing down the impostor, lest he become master in
the house.    He must not bear rule, but righteous-
ness,  love,  humility and  chastity,  and constant
cheerful well-doing.    Not dissembling and giving
good words, but doing.    There must be doing: viz.
striving against the devil's will, contenting oneself
with little, in patience shutting oneself up in hope
in God, resisting the four evil elements and taking
in God's four elements, which are love, meekness,
mercy, and patience in hope.    These should man
awaken in himself, and therewith continually fight
against the devil's four elements.
23.  Man must here be at war against himself, if
he wishes to become a heavenly citizen.    He must