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112                SIX/THEOSOPHIC POINTS
not be a lazy/ sleeper, and with gormandizing and
swilling fill Iciis belly, whereby the devil's elements
begin to (Qualify; but he must be temperate,
sober and/ vigilant, as a soldier that stands before
his enejmy. For God's wrath fights continually
against/ him ; he will have enough to do to defend
5^4. For the devil is his enemy, his own corrupt
flesh and blood is his enemy, God's wrath is his
enemy within him, and the whole world is his
enemy. Wherever he looks he sees enemies, who
all desire to rob him.
25.  Therefore fighting must be the watchword,
not with tongue and sword, but with mind and
spirit;  and not give over.    Though body and soul
should break, yet God must remain the strength
of the heart, as David says (Psal. Ixxiii. 26).    And
though a man should see that the whole world were
godless, if he purpose becoming a child of God,
he must nevertheless continue steadfast.
26.  And though it should seem to him that he
were alone in this path, and the whole world should
say : Thou art a fool, and art mad !  yet he should
be as if he were dead in the world, and heard that
from the mouth of the devil, who is his worst
enemy.    He should nowhere  give   ground;   but
think that in his purpose he pleases  God,   and
that God himself in him is his purpose ;  that he
would thus deliver him from the devil, and bring
him into his kingdom.    Amen,