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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  All that is substantial and tangible is in this
world.    Now, since the soul is not a substance or
entity in this world, neither is its blood and water
a substance or entity in this world.
2.  Certainly the soul with its blood and water
is in the outer blood and water;  but its substance
is magical.    For the soul is also a magical fire, and
its image or form is generated in the light (in the
power of its own fire and light) from the magical
fire ; and yet is a veritable image in flesh and blood,
but in the original state thereof.
3.  As God's wisdom has being, and yet it, wis-
dom, is not a being;   so the soul with its image
has being, and yet it, the soul, is only a magical
fire, but its sustenance is from its substance.
4.  As a fire must have substance if it is to burn,
so likewise the magical fire of the soul has flesh,
blood and water.    There would be no blood if the
tincture of fire and light were not in water.    This
tincture is the ens or life of wisdom (which has
in it all the forms of Nature), and is the other