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118                  SIX MYSTICAL POINTS
light in it); and according to the property of the
fire in it, it is a sharpness of transmutation. It can
bring everything to its highest degree ; although it
is not a live spirit, but the supreme ens.
6.  Hence also the tincture is such an ens in water,
and introduces thereinto the property of fire and
of light, with all the powers of Nature;   whereby
it transforms the water into blood;   and this it
does in the outer and inner water, as in the outer
and inner blood.
7.  The inner blood of the divine substantiality
is also magical;  for it is Magic which makes it
into substance.   It is spiritual blood, which outer
nature cannot touch (rugen), but by imagination
only.    The inner imagination introduces the outer
will into the inner blood, whereby the flesh and
blood of the divine substantiality is corrupted, and
the noble image of the likeness of God is eclipsed.
8.  The soul's flesh and blood is in the highest
mystery, for it is divine substantiality.    And when
the outer flesh and blood die, it falls unto the outer
mystery,  and the  outer mystery falls  unto the
9.  And  every  magical  fire  has  its  brightness
and darkness in itself; on account of which a final
day of separation  is  appointed,  when  all  must
pass through a fire and be proved, what shall be
fit for it or not.   Then everything goes into its own
magic, and thereafter is as it was from eternity.