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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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viz. from sour, bitter and anguish; and yet in
these three there is no pain in themselves, but
fire causes pain in them, and light transforms it
into gentleness again.
6.  The right life is rooted in fire;   there is the
hinge of light and darkness.    The hinge is desire ;
with whatever it fill itself, to the fire thereof the
desire belongs, and its light shines from that fire.
That light is the form or seeing of that life;   and
the substance introduced in the desire is the fire's
wood, from which the fire burns, be it harsh or
soft; and that also is its kingdom of heaven or
of hell.
7.  Human life is the hinge between light and
darkness;   to whichever it give itself up, in that
same does it burn.    If it give itself to the desire
of essence,  it  burns   in  anguish,  in  the   fire   of
8.  But if it give itself to a nothing, then it is
desireless, and falls unto the fire of light, and then
it cannot burn in any pain;   for it brings into its
fire no substance from which  a fire could burn.
Seeing then there is no pain in it, neither can the
life receive any pain, for there is none in it;   it
has fallen unto the first Magia, which is God in
his triad.
9.  When the life is born, it has all the three
worlds in it.   The world to which it unites itself,
by that it is held, and in that fire enkindled.
10.  For  when   the   life   enkindles   itself,   it   is
attracted by all the three worlds; and they are in
motion in the essence, as in the first enkindled fire.