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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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and receives, its fire burns.
11.  If the  first essence  in which the life  en-
kindles itself be good, then is also the fire pleasant
and good.    But if it be evil and dark, consisting
of a fierce wrathful property, then is the fire also
a wrath-fire, and has a corresponding desire con-
forming to the property of the fire.
12.  For every imagination desires only essence
like unto itself, wherein it originally arose.
13.  The life of man in this time is like a wheel,
where the undermost is soon uppermost.    It en-
kindles itself at every essence, and soils itself with
every essence.    But its bath is the movement of
the   heart   of  God, a water   of gentleness;  and
therefrom  it  is  able  to  introduce  substantiality
into  its  fire-life.    The  election  of  God  depends
not on the first essence.
14.  For the first essence is only the mysterium
for a life;   and the first life with the enkindling
belongs properly to its mysterium out of which it
proceeded, be it a wholly fierce essence, or a mixed
essence, or an essence of light according to the
15.  The property from which the life first takes
its rise, from that also burns the light of its life.
This life has no election, and no judgment is, passed
upon it;   for it stands in its own primitive con-
dition,   and   carries   its   judgment   in   itself.    It
separates itself from all other source (Qual);  for it
burns only in its own source, in its own magical fire.
16.  Election is in respect of that which is intro-
duced, whether it belong to the light or to the