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122                   SIX MYSTICAL POINTS
darkness. For according as it belongs to the one
property or to the other, so also is its life's will.
And here it becomes known whether it is of
the fierce wrathful essence, or of the love-essence.
So long as it burns in one fire, it is forsaken of
the other; and the election of that fire wherein it
burns passes upon the life; for it would have it,
it is of its property.
17.  But if that fire's will (as the flying punctum)
plunge into another fire and enkindle itself therein,
then it may enkindle the whole life with that fire,
if it remain in that fire.
18.  Then is the life new-born, either unto the
dark world or unto the world of light (in which-
ever the will has enkindled itself),  and upon it
comes another election.    And that is the reason
why God suffers people to teach, and so does the
devil.   Each wishes the life's will to plunge into
his fire, and enkindle itself.    And then one mys-
terium seizes the other.