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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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ON SIN.   WHAT is SIN, AND HOW IT is siN.1
1.  A thing that is one has neither command-
ment nor law.    But if it mix with another, then
there are two beings in one, and also two wills, one
running counter to the other.    There is the origin
of enmity.
2.  Thus we are to consider of enmity against
God.    God  is  one  and good,  without any pain
or limiting characteristic (Qual);   and though all
source or quality (Qual) be in him, yet it is not
manifest.    For the good has swallowed up the evil
or contrary into itself, and keeps it in restraint in
the good, as it were a prisoner;  for the evil must
be a cause of life and of light, but imrnanifest.
But the good dies to the evil, that it may dwell
in the evil, without pain or feeling, in itself.
3.  Love and enmity are only one thing;   but
each dwells in itself, and that makes two things.
Death is the bound of separation between them;
and yet there is no death, save that the good dies
to the evil, as the light is dead to the pain of fire,
and no longer feels the fire.
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