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of man.
5.  Now,  no unfathomable  existence can dwell
in one that is fathomable.    For, as soon as the
right life awakens pain in itself, it is not identical
with the unground,  in which there is no pain;
hence immediately one separates from the other.
6.  For the good or the light is as a nothing ; but
if something come  into it, then this  something
is another than the nothing.    For the something
dwells  in itself,  in torment  (Qual);   for  where
there is something, there must be a quality (Qual)
which makes and keeps the something.
7.  And thus we  are to  consider  of love  and
enmity.    Love has but one quality and one will, it
desires only its like, and not many.    For the good
is only one, but quality is many ;   and the human
will that desires many, brings into itself, into the
One (wherein God dwells), the torment of plurality.
8.  For the something is dark, and darkens the
life's light;   and the One is Light,  for it loves
itself and is no desire after several.
9.  The  life's  will  must  therefore   be   directed
towards the One (as towards the good), and thus
it remains in one quality.    But if it imaginate into
another quality, it makes itself pregnant with the
thing after which it longs.
10.  And  if this  thing  be   without  an   eternal
foundation, in a frail perishable root, then it seeks
a root for its preservation, that it may remain.
For every life stands in magical fire;   and every
fire must have substance in which it burns.
11.  This same thing must make for itself sub-