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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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128                  SIX MYSTICAL POINTS
29. Thus, we recognize how superfluity of meat
and drink produces sin. For the pure will, which
goes out from the life's fire, is drowned in desire
and imprisoned, so that it proves too powerless
in combat. For the source of fire (or of desire)
holds it captive and fills it with craving, so that
this same will carries its imagination into the
30* Accordingly the will in the desire for meat
and drink is earthly, and is separated from God.
But the will that escapes from the earthly fire,
burns in the inward fire, and is divine.
31.  This will that flees from the earthly desire
arises not from the earthly fire.    No ;  it is the will
of the soul's fire, which is caught and concealed by
the earthly desire.    It wills not to remain in the
earthly desire, but will enter into its One,  into
God, out of which it originally sprang.
32.  But if it be kept a prisoner in the earthly
desire, then it is shut up in death, and suffers
agony.   And thus is sin to be understood.