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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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that love God in God's Being; for it makes in
the understanding divine substance, and takes
this from imagination, as from the gentleness of the
13.  It is Magic that makes divine flesh; and
the understanding is born of wisdom, for it is a dis-
cerner of colours, powers and virtues.   The under-
standing guides the right true spirit with a bridle ;
for the spirit is soaring, and the understanding is
its fire.
14.  The spirit is not dissentient, that it should
dissent from the  understanding;   but it is the
will of the understanding.    But the senses in the
understanding are flying-out and dissentient.
15.  For the senses are the flash from the fire-
spirit, and bring with them in the light the flames
of Majesty;   and in the darkness they bring with
them the flash of terror, as a fierce flash of fire.
16.  The senses are such a subtle spirit that they
enter into all beings, and take up all beings into
themselves.    But  the understanding tries all in
its own fire;   it rejects the evil and retains the
good.    Then  Magic,  its  mother,  takes this  and
brings it into a being.
17.  Magic  is  the  mother  from  which  Nature
comes, and the understanding is the mother coming
from Nature.    Magic leads into a fierce fire, and
the understanding leads its own mother, Magic,
out of the fierce fire into its own fire.
18.  For the understanding is the fire of power,
and Magic the burning fire; and yet it is not to
be understood as fire, but the power or mother to