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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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called desire.
19.  By Magic is everything accomplished, both
good and bad.    Its own working is Nigromantia,
but it is distributed into all the properties.    In
that which is good it is good, and in that which is
evil it is evil.   It is of use to the children for God's
kingdom, and to the sorcerers for the devil's king-
dom ;  for the understanding can make of it what
it pleases.   It is without understanding, and yet
comprehends all;   for it is the comprehension of
all things.
20.  It is impossible to express its depth, for it
is from eternity a ground and support of all things.
It is a master of philosophy, and likewise a mother
21.  But philosophy leads Magic, its mother, as
it pleases.   As the divine power, viz. the Word
(or heart of God), leads the severe Father into
gentleness;  so also does philosophy (or the under-
standing)  lead  its  mother into  a  gentle  divine
22.  Magic is the book of all scholars.    All that
will learn, must first learn Magic, be it a high or a
lowly art.    Even the peasant in the field must go
to the magical school, if he would cultivate his
23.  Magic is the best theology, for in it true faith
is both grounded and found.   And he is a fool that
reviles it;   for he knows it not, and blasphemes
against God and himself, and is more a juggler
than a theologian of understanding.
24.  As  one  that  fights  before  a  mirror,   and