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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  Seeing then there is a craving in the nothing,
it makes  in  itself the will to something.    This
will is a spirit, as a thought, which goes out of
the craving and is the seeker of the craving, for it
finds its mother or the craving.    Then is this will
a Magician in its mother; for it has found in the
nothing something, viz. its mother, and so now it
has a place for its dwelling.
2.  And herein understand that the will is a spirit,
and different from the desirous craving.    For the
will is an insensitive and incognitive life;  but the
craving is found by the will, and is in the will
a being.    Thus the craving is a Magia, and the
will  a Magus; and the will is greater than its
mother which gives it, for it is lord in the mother ;
and the mother is dumb, but the will is a life with-
out origin.   The craving is certainly a cause of the
will, but without knowledge or understanding.  The
will is the understanding of the craving.
3.  Thus we give you in brief to consider of nature
and the spirit of nature, what there has been from
eternity without origin.   And we find thus that
the will, viz. the spirit, has no place for its rest;