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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  Seeing then the craving is a process of desire,
and this desire a life, this same desiring life goes
in the craving forward, and is always pregnant
with the craving.
2.  And the desire is a stern attraction, and yet
hath nothing but itself, or the eternity without
foundation.   And it draws magically, viz. its own
desiring into a substance.
3.  For the will takes where there is nothing.    It
is a lord and possessor.    It is itself not a being, and
yet rules in being, and being makes it desirous,
namely of being.   And since it becomes in itself
desirous, it is magical, and makes itself pregnant,
viz. by spirit without being;   for originally it is
only spirit.    Thus it makes in its imagination only
spirit,, and becomes pregnant with spirit as with
the eternal knowing of the unground, in the All-
power of the life, without being.
4.  As then it is pregnant, the engenderment goes
within itself, and dwells in itself.    For the essence
of the other life cannot grasp this pregnation, and
be its container.   Hence the pregnation must go