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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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V**.*V*    JT V^V   JL\^jL.JLJLfMJ.J,t,\J    JULJ.    CU.-l^     IkJJL iAJLAJl UJL V V-'    V^V/JLJEXUL \Jl\JHM,   \JJL    OL7JLJ.Jt.ti.
for it hath else no seat.
6.  But in this Word is a will, which desires to
go out into a being.    This will is the life of the
original will, and proceeds out of the pregnation,
as out of the mouth of the will, into the life of
Magic,  viz. into Nature;   and reveals the  non-
understanding life of Magic, so that the same is
a  mysterium  in  which  an understanding  exists
essentially,  and thus obtains an essential spirit.
There, every essence is an arcanum or a mysteriurn
of an entire being, and is thus a comprehension as
an unfathomable wonder of eternity;   for many
lives without number are generated, and yet all
is together but one being.
7.  The threefold Spirit without being is its master
and possessor; and yet it possesses not the Nature-
being, for it (the Spirit) dwells in itself.
8.  The Word is its centre or seat, and is in the
midst as a heart; and the spirit of the Word, which
takes its origin in the primal eternal will, reveals
the wonders of the essential life.    There are, then,
two mysteries :   one in the spirit-life, and one in
the essential life.    The spirit-life is acknowledged
as God, and is rightly so called; and the essential
life is acknowledged as the Nature-life, which would
have no understanding if the Spirit or the spirit-
life were not desirous.    In this desire the divine
Being, as the eternal word  or  heart of God, is
continually  and from eternity generated;   from
which the desiring will as Spirit eternally goes out
into   the   Nature-life,   and   reveals   therein   the
mystery in essences.    So that there are two lives