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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  When we consider  and take  cognizance of
ourselves, we find the opposition * of all essences,
each being the loathing of the other, and enemy to
the other.

2.  For every will desires a purity without turba
in the other essence;  and yet has itself the turba
in  it,   and  is   also   the  loathing   of  the   other.
Then  the   power  of  the   greater   extends   over
the lesser and holds it  in  subjection, unless it
escape from it;  otherwise the  strong rules  over
the  weak.    Therefore  the weak   doth  run,   and
seeks the limit of the driver   or   oppressor, and
would be free from compulsion.    And thus the
limit, which is hidden in mystery, is sought by
all creatures.

3.  And hence arises all the power of this world,
that one rules over the other.    And this was not
in the beginning commanded or ordained by the
highest good, but grew out of the turba.    After-
ward Nature acknowledged it as her own being,
which was born from her,  and gave it laws, to
generate   itself   further   in   the   framed   govern-
ment.    Where   then  this  birth  has  climbed  to
regal  prerogative, and has  moreover sought the
abyss, as the One, till it is become monarchy or