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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE SIXTH TEXT                      151
apire. And there it is climbing still, and will be
te and not many. And though it be in many,
;t will the first source, from which all is gene-
ted, rule over all, and will alone be a lord over
I governments.
4.  And as this craving was in the beginning one
>vernment, but in time divided itself into many
wording to the essences;   therefore the plurality
jain seeks the One, and it is certainly born in the
sth number of the crown, in the six thousandth
;ar in the figure ;  not at the end, but in the hour
' the day in which the creation of the wonders
as completed.
5.  That is, when the wonders of the turba are in
te end, a Lord is born who governs the whole
orld, but by many forms of administration.
6.  And then the  self-grown authority and the
jpressor will be sought; for the lesser, who hath
in under,  has  run to the limit.    Then every-
ling separates itself, for it is at the limit, and
lere is no staying or revoking.
7.  Also  the  turba,   as  the  fierce  wrath  of  all
•eatures,   will  be  sought;    for it  has  with  the
^thing of the creatures run to the limit, and now
scomes manifest, viz. in the midst, in the number
: the crown, in the six thousandth year, a little
rer, not under.
8.  In the day and the hour when the creation
as accomplished in mystery, and was set as a
drror of eternity in the wonders [of this time].1
9.  That   took   place   on   the   sixth   day,   past
1 The explanatory additions within brackets [ ] are from Claassen's
ok of extracts.