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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  Now,  seeing in the mystery of the Eternal
Nature  we  have  such  an  arcanum  from which
all creatures  evil  and  good were generated and
created, we recognize it to be a magical essence
or   substance,   where   one   Magic   has   by   desire
awakened   another   and   brought   it   into   being,
where everything has elevated itself and carried
itself to the highest power.    For the Spirit of God
is not a maker in Nature, but a revealer and a
seeker of the good.

2.  Thus hath evil as by magical craving always
sought and found itself in the Mystery, and has
been revealed apart from the divine purpose.    For
fierceness is a harsh rigorousness, and rules over
the simple.

3.  All has, therefore, grown from its own tree
without   premeditation.    For   the   first   revealer,
viz. God,  ordained not malignity to the govern-
ment, but reason or wit, which was to reveal the
wonders and be a guide of life.     And here there
meets us the great secret which has from eternity
existed in mystery, viz. the Mystery with its colours,
which are four.    The fifth is not proper to the
mysterium of Nature, but is of the Mysterium of
God, and shines in the mysterium of Nature as a
living light.