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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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critical mouth, with which it gives good words and
solemnly promises much to the Spirit of Unity,
is an antichrist and a liar. For it speaks in one way
and acts in another. Its heart is a craving, and
the spirit of its heart has turned itself to the
4.  Thus the Magician of multiplicity is a proud,
arrogant,   covetous,   malignant   devourer,   and   a
spirit from the desiring plurality;   and is a false
god.   He is not attached to the Free-will of Nature,
which hath the might of wonders at its command,
and he has no understanding in the Divine Mystery,
for he cleaves not with his will to that Spirit.   Else,
if his will were turned towards Freedom, the Spirit
of God would reveal  his  magical  mystery, and
his wonders and wor^s would, with his will, stand
in God.
5.  But seeing they go out from themselves, the
beginning seeks the end, and the middle is the
turba.     For it is not in the  Free-will  of God;
but it grows from itself, and elevates itself like a
proud tree.
6.  And   as  God   is   one   only in will,  one   in
the   eternal Desire   or in the  eternal Magic  (so
that the craving of the eternal Magic yields itself
up   to   the  eternal Will,  and   draws therein its
life), then the apostate will is a perjured whore,
for it is a generatress of falsehood, and hangs not
on the Free-will.
7.  And here we understand a separation from
God; a cause of all this being Lucifer, who made
the Magic of Nature subject to false desire.   Thus
two eternal lives are born : one in the will of God,