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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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THE EIGHTH TEXT                    159
e other in the will of the devil and of the fierce
rath; and this is Babel with Antichrist on earth.
8.  All that goes out from God's will into its own
til belongs to Babel.    This is  seen in Jews and
>athens, and in all peoples.
9.   The heathen remained in their own magic,
nt those who from the itch of corruption passed
it into the light of Nature because they did not
low God, yet have lived in purity,—-these were
lildren of the Free-will,  and in them has the
writ of Freedom revealed great wonders in their
ystery, as is to be seen by the wisdom they have
iqueathed to us.
10.  But the others, who have lived only in their
vn magical will from flesh and blood,—their will
as drowned in the turba.   And the turba streamed
>rth in their will, and gave them a spirit accord-
ig to the essences of covetousness and fierceness,
hese have sought only the number of plurality,
s dominions and kingdoms.
11.  And when the turba could not on account of
ower advance, it grew furious and began hostilities,
nd from thence  war  has its  origin,  viz. from
ride and greed of plurality, and belongs with its
timber to the Mystery of wrath.
12.  Thus also were the Jews.   God revealed him-
;lf to them, but they were attached also to two
ills.  One part to the commandment, with their will
irected into God's will, as the patriarchs and all
le pious hopers of Israel.    The others performed
ith their hands the work of the law, and adhered
ith their will to their poisoned magic, viz. to
Dvetousness,  and sought only their numbers of