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plurality. Their mouth was a Jew, and their
heart a Babylonish whore, a hypocrite and an anti-
christ, with fair words and a false covetous heart.
13.  And in the same way in Christendom and
among   all   peoples  the   Babylonish   whore   with
Antichrist is established.    In one people dwell at
once two kingdoms, and are not miscible in the
inward spirit so as to become one, like  as clay
and iron are not miscible.    They mix indeed by the
body, but their spirits are two kinds (Dan. ii. 43).
14.  Whosoever  will  know  Antichrist,   let  him
seek him thus;   he will find him in every house.
But the worst of all is the crowned whore; and her
sponsors  at  the  baptism   of  whoredom  are  the
brawlers who lead out of the one will of God into
many wills, that they may inherit only the number
of plurality, and fatten earthly bellies.
15.  And the other part of the Free-will of God
proceeds with its magical will out of itself into
Freedom, viz. into the one ungraspable will of God.
These stand turned backward in the magical figure.
Their life seeks bread, and goes forward ; yet their
will is not in the bread, but passes out of itself, out
of the craving, into God.    These live with the will
in God, in one number;  these are children of the
eternal true Magic.    For  God's  Spirit  dwells in
their will, and reveals to them the eternal wonders
of God;  and their life's spirit reveals the wonders
of this world.
16.  These are free from Babel and Antichrist,
even though they should sit in his lap.    For the
true image of God is in the spirit of the will, which
is generated from the soul's spirit.