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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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1.  Seeing then there are two Magics in one another,
tere are also two Magicians who lead themj viz. two
>irits.     One is God's Spirit,  and the other the
eason-spirit, in which the devil  ensconces him-
If.    In God's Spirit is the love of unity.   And
.an cannot better prove or try himself than by
ving serious  attention to what  his  desire and
nging impel him :  the same he hath for a leader,
id  its  child  he  is.    Nevertheless,  he  now  has
Dwer to break and change that will;   for he is
tagical and possesses the power.
2.  But there must be real earnestness;  for he
rust subdue the astral spirit which rules in him.
o do this, a sober calm life is necessary, with con-
nual abandonment to God's will.    For, to subdue
ic astral influence, no wisdom nor art will avail;
Lit sobriety of life, with continual withdrawal from
le influxes.   The elements continually introduce the
stral craving into his will.    Therefore it is not so
isy a thing to become a child of God ; it requires
ceat labour, with much travail and suffering.
3.  Antichrist indeed may call himself a child of
od.    But Christ says :   They shall not all enter
ito the kingdom of heaven who say : Lord, Lord,
ave we not in thy name  cast  out devils and
one mighty works ?    But he saith unto them :