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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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Away from me, ye stinking goats, I know you
not (Matt. vii. 21-23). Ye have done this by
means of false magic, and have never become
known in my spirit and will. Ye are in your
spiritual figure goats, tyrants, covetous muckworms,
proud arrogants, voluptuaries. Ye have carried
my name on your tongue, but sacrificed your
heart to pleasure, to the itch of the flesh, and are
generated in the turba. Ye must be proved by
fire. And thus to every kingdom its fruit comes
4.  Therefore, thou brave world, look at thyself
in these writings, which the eternal Ground hath
set before thee, and meditate on it further and
more  deeply.   Else thou wilt be caught  in thy
turba.    There thou shalt with thy substance pass
through the fire of God ; and whatsoever is a work
out of God's will shall remain in the fire.
5.  But whatsoever is done in the will of God
shall stand to the honour and glory of God, and for
the eternal joy of the image of man.
6.  Now think what thou doest.   For Babel is
already in flames, and begins to burn.    There is
no longer possible any quenching, nor any remedy.
She  has been recognized  as  evil;   her kingdom
goeth to the end.   Hallelujah.