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What God is;  and how we shall recognize his divine
nature in his manifestation.

1.  Reason says : I hear much mention made of
2od, that there is a God who has created all things,

'                                                                                                                                 O     7

ilso upholds and supports all things; but I have
lot yet seen any, nor heard from the lips of any,
hat hath seen God, or that could tell where God
Iwells or is, or how he is. For when Reason looks
ipon the existence of this world, and considers
;hat it fares with the righteous as with the wicked,
ind how all things are mortal and frail; also
low the righteous man sees no deliverer to release
lim from the anxietjr and adversity of the wicked
nan, and so must go down with fear in misery
;o the grave : then it thinks, all things happen
:>y chance ; there is no God who interests himself
n the sufferer, seeing he lets him that hopes in
lim be in misery, and therein go down to the
rrave; neither has any been heard of who has
•eturned from corruption, and said he has been
vith God.

2.  Answer.    Reason   is   a   natural   life,   whose
ground  lies   in   a  temporal  beginning  and   end,
md cannot  enter into the  supernatural  ground
therein God is understood.    For though Reason
;hus views itself in this world, and in its viewing