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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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prehendingness for selfhood : or ownness, as for a
place, for a something. And through this some-
thing the Mysterium magnum, as the unnatural
power, is become substantial and natural; and
the something has comprehended itself so as to
become an individual will.
24.  For this individual will is a ground of its
selfhood,  and shuts itself in as  a desiring will,
whence the magnetic impression for sharpness and
hardness has taken its. origin;  and is a ground of
darkness and of painful feeling, whence contrary
will,  anxiety  and  flight   (sensibility)   have their
origin;   and is a ground of Nature, from whence
comes the plurality  of the  qualities,  so  that in
such   a  contrariety   each   will   has   arisen   from
the  other,  to separate itself from pain,  like   as
sense takes its rise from the soul, the soul through
the  senses being in continual  anxiety,  working,
willing and breaking.
25.  In   this   divine   emanation,   in   which   the
divine power breathes forth itself from itself, and
brings  and  has  brought  itself  into  Nature  and
creation, we are to recognize two things.    First,
the eternal understanding of the one good will,
which is a temperament, and thus only introduces
itself   into   a   sensibility   and   activity   for   the
manifestation of power, colours and virtue;   that
power and virtue may be realized in separability,
in form, and the eternal wisdom be revealed and
pass into knowledge.    From thence also the angelic,
soulic and creaturely ground has proceeded, as well
as thrones and dominions, together with the visible