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f the mind, will, and thoughts of human life. Row
it has its origin from the will of God, and how
it is an object or an image of God, in which
God wills, works, and dwells.

1.  Reason says :   As the mind with the senses
i a natural life with a beginning, which stands
i a time and fragility;   how may it then in this
ime be brought to the supersensible divine life?
>r, how is the divine indwelling in life ?

2.  Answer.    The life of man is a form of the
ivine will, and came from the divine inbreathing
ito the created image of man.    It is the formed
Vord  of the  divine  knowledge;   but  has  been
ioisoned by the counter-breathing  of the devil,
,nd  of   the   fierce  wrath   of  temporal   Nature;
o  that  the life's will has fashioned itself with
he outward, earthly counterstroke of the mortal
tature, and has come out of its temperament into
eparation of qualities.

3.  For these reasons it is found still in the earthly
mage, and is now to be considered in three prin-
iples.   In the first Principle, by its true primal
xistence, it stands in the outgoing will of God,
a the divine knowledge, which originally was a
emperament, in which the divine power did work