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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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strove against the Unity, viz. the eternal one rest,
the one good.
7.  When this took place, the divine ground (viz.
the second Principle or the wisdom of God, which
in divine power with the out-breathing will of God
had imprinted itself in the image-like life [of the
soul or of   the  first,   fiery  principle],  as in the
counterstroke to  God) was eclipsed in the false
will.    For the cause of the motion of the holy
Essence had turned itself to earthliness, in which
evil and good are in strife.
8.  Understand   it:   The   eternal,   unfathomable
will   of   life   had   turned   itself   away  from   the
divine Ens, and wished to rule in evil and good.
And therefore the second principle, or the kingdom
of God, is become extinguished for it;   and in the
stead thereof is arisen the third Principle in its
own figurative form, as the quality of the stars
and of the four elements;   whence the body be-
came coarse and animal, and the senses false and
9.  Life has thus lost the temperament, viz. the
eternal   rest,   and   has   by  its   own   desire  made
itself dark, painful, harsh, hard and rough.    It has
become a mere restlessness, and runs now in earthly
power in an eternal ground, and seeks rest in that
which is frail or fragile, but finds none ;  for fragil-
ity is not life's equality.    Therefore the life sets
itself forcibly above the existence of this world,
and dominates the mortal power of the stars and
elements as an individual God of Nature.   And it
is by such domination become silly and foolish,
so that in such earthly imagination (Bildung) and