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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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life's painfulness brought into the true rest. And
has broken open the shutting-in, viz. death, and
restored again the divine paradisaic budding with
bhe holy senses and workings; and led the holy
life through the confining of death, and made
death and the devil's will a reproach. And has
thus powerfully demonstrated how the eternal One
can predominate over plurality and particularity,
that the might of what is image-like may not be
a God, but the might of what is super- and un-
image-like rule all. For what is image-like is only
a counterstroke to the un-image-like will of God,
through which the will of God works.
13.  But seeing the great love of God in Christ
is thus come to the aid of human life in earthly
form, and has made for us poor men in the life
3f the humanity of Christ an open gate of grace
bo the divine entrance;   therefore the matter now
lies in this, that the life's will taken captive in its
image-like   existence   should   abandon   again  the
sarthly,  viz.  egoism  and  self-will,   and   immerse
itself wholly  and solely in this  embodied grace
[which pressed from one, as from the first man,
upon all, Rom. v. 18); and take to itself this grace,
and in virtue of such acceptance and divine union
sink with the resigned life's will into the super-
sensible, superfathomable, eternal One, as into the
irst ground of life's beginning, and give itself up
again to the ground from which life sprang forth;
shen it is.again in its eternal place, in the tempera-
nent, in the true rest.
14.  Reason says : How can a man do this, seeing
;he Scripture saith (1 Cor. xv. 45;   Gen. i, 28):