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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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bh God—after the manner of the devils,  who
ewise stand in their own imagination of sensual
24.  Therefore  Christ said (Matt.  xii.  30) :   He
it gathereth not with me scattereth.    That is,
tosoever  works,   wills   and  acts  not  with  the
tbodied divine grace, which God through Christ
3  revealed   and  offers,  but  works  by natural
lividual will, he disperses not only the divine
ler of the senses,  but scatters also his works
o false ground.
25.   Consider a parable of the sun.    If a herb
bh not sap, the sun's rays scorch it; but if it
bh sap, the sun's rays warm it, whereby it grows.
also in the life of essence in man. Hath
it life not ens from God's gentleness and love,
-.. from the eternal One, then it impresseth
elf into a fierce, fiery sharpness, so that the
nd becomes wholly rough, hungry, covetous,
vious and stinging. And such false sense and
[1 proceeds then from the life into the body,
d into all its ways and works.
26.  Such a fiery, covetous, envious nature with
3 life's sharp sense scatters and destroys all that
good. There is danger in all it has to do
bh. For it carries its poisonous rays thereinto,
d will draw all to itself, and bring its poison
sreuito, viz. hungry covetousness. But if it be
it the fiery life can eat of divine love, then it is
similitude how a light presses forth from fire:
LUS the right life presses forth from the fiery
ture with a new spirit and will of divine lov<
>m within; and is no longer taking, as the fire's