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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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0.  But if such a fire-source can again attain and
jive in itself divine love, viz. the essential light
Sod, then this fire-source of the soul becomes
isformed into a kingdom of joy, into praise to
1.    But without will that has turned round,
fc   stands   still  from  its   own  impression  and
tting-in,  this  is  not  possible.    For the light
the sun cannot so work in a hard stone as in
bs and trees, for the water is compacted and
gulated in the stone into a hard impression.
1. And thus it is to be understood with regard
the soul's false own will and divine gentleness,
that in such a covetous, envious fire-greed the
ine gentleness accomplishes no working. Hence
ist truly said (John vi. 53): The life of man
ich should not eat the bread that is come from
ven to give life to the world, has no life in it.
ireby he indicates the essential love which God
manifested in him (in Christ) by a new foun-
i for refreshment of the poor withered soul. The
1 that should not eat thereof cannot attain the
ine Light, and were without divine life. And
eed he calls himself (John viii. 12) the Light of
world. Item, in the Psalms: A Light that
aes in the darkness, which changes the darkness
3 light (Ps. cxii. 4).