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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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>r every quality has its own separator and maker
ithin it, and is in itself entire, according to the
lality of the eternal Unity.
11.  Thus the separator of each will develops in
>   turn   qualities   from  itself,   from  which  the
finite  plurality  arises,  and through which the
ernal One makes itself perceptible, not according
>  the unity, but according to the efflux of the
lity.    But the efflux is carried to the greatest
^rpness with magnetic receptivity, to the nature
' fire;   in  which  fiery nature the  eternal   One
2comes majestic and a light.    Thereby [by fire]
ie   eternal   power   becomes  desireful and effec-
lal,   and  [fire] is the  original  condition of the
msitive life, where in the Word of power, in the
flux, an eternal sensitive life has its origin.    For
life had no sensitiveness, it would have no will nor
ncacy;  but pain makes it effectual and capable
: will.    And the light of such kindling through
re makes it joyous, for it is an anointment of
12.  From this eternal operation of the sensation
ad  sense-element, which very working has from
:ernity introduced itself into Nature and qualities,
ie visible world with all its host sprang, and was
rought into a creaturely being.   For the eternity of
ich working to fire, light and darkness has with
isible world carried  itself into a counterstroke,
ad made the separator in all the powers of the
xianated being a steward of Nature,  by whom
ie  eternal will rules, makes,  forms  and shapes
11 things,                                                          *
13.  We can, therefore, in no wise say that God's