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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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9N THE DIVINE INTUITION              195
and is revealed to no peculiarity of individual will,
but only to the instrument of the divine will, by
which this chooses to perform its marvellous
svorks. It is the separator of the divine will,
an instrument of God, into which the divine will
has fashioned itself so as to be a wonder-worker of
omnipotence and glory, by which he will rule all
things. Wherefore also the divine understanding
ivas given to it.
-18. The other life is a primal efflux of the
separator of all powers, and is called the soul of
:he outer world. This life became creaturely
n the emanated qualities, and is a life of all
bhe creatures of the visible world, whereby the
separator or creator of this world fashions itself
md makes a likeness of the spiritual world, in
svhich the power of the inward spiritual world
forms, shapes and beholds itself.
19. For the spiritual world of fire, light and
larkness is hidden in the visible elemental world,
ind works through the visible world, and by the
separator imprints itself with its efflux in all things,
according to each thing's kind and quality. Accord-
.ng as each several thing is of a kind and quality,
such a quality does it receive from the separator
}f the inward spiritual power. Not for a posses-
don and individual power does the visible receive
:he invisible, that the outer might thereby be
:ransformed into the inner. No; that is not so.
Fhe inward power fashions itself in the way we
inderstaiid this in the powers of herbs, trees and
netals, that their external spirit is only an instru-
nent of the inward spirit or of the inward power,