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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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whereby the inward power imprints itself in the
external spirit.
20.  We understand indeed  in  such  powers  of
growing things three kinds of spiritus in different
centra, but in one corpus.    The first and external
spiritus is  the  coarse sulphur, salt and mercury,
which is a substance of four elements, or of ihe
stars according to the property of their roughness.
It makes the corpus, and impresses itself or com-
pacts itself into a substance, or draws that whiph
is  internal  out  of  the   spiritual   separator   into
itself,   as  also  the  elements   from  without,   and
coagulates  itself therewith;   whence immediately
the signature or sign is effected by the separator.
It   forms   the   visible   corpus   according   to   the
property of the  greatest   power of  the   spiritus
mundi, viz. according to the constellation of the
stars or property of the planets and now enkindled
21.  The  second spiritus,  which  has  a  centrum
of its own, is found in the oil of sulphur, which is
called the fifth essence,  viz.  a root of the four
elements.    This spiritus is the softening and joy
of the coarse, painful spirit of sulphur and salt;
and receives its nourishment, firstly, from within,
from the light of Nature, from the efflux of spiritual
gentleness,   from   the   inward   spiritual   fire   and
light.    And, secondly, it receives its nourishment
from without, from the sun and from the subtle
power   of  the   spiritus   mundi,  and is the  true
cause of growing life, a joy of Nature, as is the
sun in the elements.
22.  The third spiritus is the tincture, a counter-