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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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stroke of the divine Mysterium magnum, in which
all powers are in equality, and is rightly called
paradise or divine delight. It is a mansion of
divine power, a mansion of the eternal soul, whence
all external powers spring, after the manner of
air from fire.
23. For the tincture is nothing else than a
spiritual fire and light, in which fire and light is a
single and united being. But because it has within
it its separator, as the emanated divine will to
manifestation, it is the highest reason for which
the first separation of qualities comes about in the
existence of this world, and belongs by its own
quality to eternity. For its origin is the holy
power of God. And it has a special centrum, viz.
the most inward ground of the creature, which
indeed is hidden to the mortal creature on this
account, that man brought false will against it.
Hence arose the curse of the earth at the fall of
man. Yet this high, holy principle in its own
centrum presses forth through all the beings of
this world, and flows forth into the outer powers,
as the sun into the elements. But the creature
cannot touch the centrum of this power, unless it
be done by divine permission, as comes to pass in
the new birth.
24). Such a revelation is seen in all living and
growing things. All things have their subsistence
in these three principles or beginnings. You see
an example in a herb of the earth, twhich has its
nourishment from within, and without, viz. from
the earth, and from without from the sun and
stars, whereby the spiritus of the earth together