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with the external spiritus fashions itself. When
the herb sprouts forth, it is in such power that
this is realized. Thus the outward separator in
sulphur, salt and mercury signs itself externally
with the shape and form of the herb; for it is
the herb's motion and sensation, and makes itself
25.  So that when I see a herb standing, I may
say with truth:   This is an image of the Earth-
spirit,  in which  the   upper  powers  rejoice,  anjcl
regard it as their child;  for the Earth-spirit  is
but  one  being with the upper, outward powers.
And when the herb is grown up, it blossoms ;  and
with the blossom the oleous spirit signs itself with
beautiful colours.   And with the lovely smell of
the blossom, the tincture or the third principle
signs itself.
26.  Here then we understand that the inward,
hidden spirit of the elements has revealed itself,
and brings itself also into the form of the fruit.
For the earth would have -no such smell, neither
colours nor such virtue, if the hidden power of
the divine efflux did not manifest itself.
27.  So also with metals, which outwardly are
a  coarse  corpus  of sulphur,   mercury  and  salt,
wherein consists the growth; but in their inward
ground they are a beautiful clear corpus, in which
the ideal light of Nature shines from the divine
efflux.    In this  lustre  is  to  be  understood  the
tincture and great power, how the hidden power
makes itself visible.   It cannot be said of such
power or virtue that it is elemental, as neither is
the power of the blossom so.    The elements are