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200              ON THE DIVINE INTUITION
outwardly, and works with the visible elements of
faith and exhibits itself outwardly. So that we
understand that God's Spirit co-operates in the
work of faith, just as it works with and through
the power of the elemental world, and makes itself
visible through the existence of this world with a
33.  So that, as regards everything I look upon,
be it evil or good, I can with truth say :  Here, by
this thing, has the hidden spirit of the separator
of all beings shaped itself into a property, and ma*2e
for itself here an object or image according to its
efflux, either according to evil or good;  all accord-
ing to the properties of Nature, according to heat
or cold, according to harsh, bitter, sweet or sour,
or however that may be.    And in all such forma-
tion there is only outwardly  such an elemental
nature, viz. such a sulphur and salt;   but in the
Inward  ground,  in the tincture,  it is good  and
profitable, and belongs to its likeness for the
nourishment of life, which by the astral and ele-
mental nature stands in all properties according
to its external ground.
34.  Every particular thing, be it herb, grass, tree,
beast, bird, fish, worm, or whatsoever it be, is of
use, and has proceeded from the separator of all
beings, viz. from the Word or separable will of God,
by which the separator of each thing's quality has
made for  itself a likeness  or image in which it
35.  For this visible world with all its host and
being is nothing but an objective representation
of the  spiritual world,  which  spiritual world is