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hidden in this material, elemental world, like as
the tincture in herbs and metals.
36.  And as the tincture with its virtue fashioneth
itself in all things with its efflux and makes itself
visible,   so that we  may see and know by the
figure, as well as by the colours and smell, what
manner of separator or efflux of divine will has
emanated   in   the  tincture  from  the  Mysterium
magnum;    so  likewise we may  recognize in the
visible world, in sun, stars, elements and all crea-
tii>s, the inward ground from which they arose.
37.  For no thing or being is come from afar to
its place, but in the place where it grows is. its
ground.    The   elements   have  their   cause,   from
which they arise, in themselves ;   the stars also
have their chaos,  wherein they stand,  in them-
38.  The elements are nothing but an image-like,
moving  existence  of what is invisible  and  non-
39.  The stars likewise are an efflux of the quali-
ties of the spiritual world, according to the separa-
tion of the separator, whose ground is the Word
or the separable will of God.
40.   The being and motion of the elements is
fire, air, water and  earth, wherein  is thick and
thin, moist and dry, hard and soft, and these are
united together in one substance.    Not that each is
from a particular origin, but they all proceed from
a single ground, and that place where they have
arisen is everywhere.   We have only to conceive how
at one place there may have been a greater enkind-
ling according to one quality than at another place,