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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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id soft have taken their origin.   This we recognize
metals.    For every matter which is hard, as are
etals and stones, as also wood, herbs and the like,
is within it a very noble tincture and high spirit
  power.    As also is to be recognized in the bones
   creatures, how the noblest tincture according
 the power of the Light, or the greatest sweetness,
in the marrow of the bones ;  and, on the other
md, in the blood there is only a fiery tincture,
z. in sulphur, salt and mercury. This is under-
oVl thus :
44.  God  is  the   eternal   One,   or  the  greatest
intleness [stillness], so far as he exists in himself
.dependently  of his  motion  and manifestation,
ut in his motion he is called a God in trinity,
lat is, a triune Being, where we speak of three
id yet but of one, and in accordance with which
2  is called the eternal Power and Word.    This is
te precious and supreme ground, and thus to be
msidered :   The divine will shuts itself in a place
> selfhood, as to power, and becomes active in
self;   but  also by its activity goes forth,  and
takes for itself an object, viz. wisdom, through
hich the ground  and origin of all beings has
45.  In like manner know this :  All that is soft,
mtle and thin in the existence of this world is
nanating and self-giving;   and its ground and
dgin is in accordance with the Unity of eternity,
ic Unity perpetually emanating from itself.   And
ideed in the very nature of thinness or rarity,
3  in water and air, we understand no sensation
r pain, so far as that nature is one in itself.