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Full text of "Akbar, The Emperor Of India"

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not. This individual, image-like will had arisen
from its own ground, viz. from flesh and blood of
the self-ful nature of man and woman, that is, in
the separator of the emanated will, where the
eternal will had confined itself in ownership, and
would' go forth and rule in personal power and

4.  This received not the eternal Word (which,
as an outflow of divine grace, again came forth
to the averse will), for it would be an individual
lord.    But the will which has turned roun^ so
that it has been born anew in the divine outflow
of love, to that gave he power to become God's
child.    For it is not the natural, individual will
can inherit the  divine   childship,  but  only that
which, united with the Unity, is one with all things,
in which God himself works and wills.

5.  Wherein we clearly understand how the in-
ward   ground   has   extroverted   itself   and   made
itself visible, and is a peculiar possession of God,
as an efflux of divine power and will.

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