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Full text of "Ancestral Lines of Chester Everts Howell, 1867-1949 of Elmira, New York, USA"

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The Ancestral Lines 


Chester Everts Howell 




New York 


Compiled by Jessie Howell Finch 


The first Howell pioneers in America appear to have settled on Long Island. 
Historians have differed as to whether the first white men came to the north or 
to the south side of the Island - to the town of Southampton on the south or to 
Southold on the north. The records of the south side begin earlier but the 
north, nearer the protection of the Sound, has earlier traditions. Most of the 
original settler families were from Connecticut or Massachusetts, coming 
after the Earl of Stirling offered for sale portions of his grant from King 
Charles. Previous to this the Dutch had made some settlements and even 
claimed all of the Island. But they took no steps toward making good their 
claim to any of the island but its western end near New Amsterdam on Man- 
hattan Island. 

The Howell name is found in the records of the town of Southampton as 
early as 1640 and in Southold by 1670, Between 1662 and 1683 jurisdiction 
for this whole locality, then called the East Riding of Yorkshire, was under 
the Colony of Connecticut. But since 1683 approximately two thirds of the 
east part of the whole island has been called Suffolk County, a part of New 
York. The County is split by water (the Great Peconic Bay and its connect- 
ions) with the town of Southampton on the south side and the town of Southold 
on the north of this water. 

In one history of Long Island written by the studious Wm. S. Pelletreau 
this statement is found-"for 150 years the Howells were the bone and sinew 
of Southampton, were its most extensive land owners, paid the highest taxes 
and held the highest offices". Another writer, the Rev. Epher Whitaker of 
Southold takes an equally proud stand for the Howells of that town, empha- 
sizing their integrity rather than their importance in Southold. It is no 
wonder that many who have pride in their Howell name have tried to prove 
that their family lines could be traced back to those of early Long Island, 

David, the first Howell whose name is to be found in our family papers, 
is said to have lived for some time on Indian Island in Peconic Bay near the 
mouth of the Peconic River, This island is now a sandy peninsula about one 
mile south of Upper Aquebogue and two miles (by air but much farther by road) 
from Riverhead. From Mattituck, Indian Island is about six miles west. Two 
of David Howell's grandchildren wrote that their grandfather "lived and died" 
in Mattituck. However at an early date Mattituck was the name of a Southold 
tract which had within its limits land as far west as Riverhead, therefor 
including Indian Island. 

David Howell may have been a sea -fa ring man as was an older son, John, 
who was a whaler. In that case Indian Island was a logical place for settlement. 
Be that as it may, it is as "David of Indian Island" he is described in Geo. R. 
Howell's book called the Howells of Southampton. This book names David as 
of the 4th generation of Long Island settlers, but no dates are given for him; 
his parents are not named nor any conjectures given. 

Letters to our family from David's grandsons who were living in Orange 
County, N. Y. in 1866 and 1867 have been preserved. 

These letters were from Thomas and Coe S. Howell, sons of Ezra Howell 
who died in Orange County in 1851 aged 89 years. Written to S. B. Howell, 
the letters are now held by the compiler. 

No dates are given for David, their grandfather. The statements made 
about him are attributed to what was told them by their father. Already 
mentioned is the one that David lived and died in Mattituck, Long Island, 
Another statement is that David "the first of the tribe, an only son, came with 
his widowed mother". This of course may be true. But it is more likely to 
be a confusion with the first Howell who came to Southold - with Richard, an 
only Bon who came with his widowed mother, before David's time. Another 
statement in the letters is that David came from Wales. Howell is well known 
to be a Welsh name, and also there has been noted in family tradition the 
tendency to ascribe the time of "coming" of an ancestor to a generation or 
more later than the actual one. 

However the names of some of David's children are given in the letters 
and since convincing records by which a final decision concerning the origin 
of David of Indian Island have not come to hand, the information in these 
documents becomes that much more valuable and worth of noting. 

Long Island records show that David Howell must have been living there 
until shortly before the War of the Revolution. There are several marriages 
to men named David Howell- one being that in 1764 to Mary Monroe (another 
record gives the spelling as Murrow); David's son Benjamin's Rev. War 
pension application states that he (Benjamin) was born in Suffolk Co. in 
1759; David's daughter Mehetible was married in Southold to Joshua Reeves 
before 177E (when 1st child born); Jemima, a daughter of David married 
there in 1775 to Silas Howell. 

By 1777 the larger part of Long Island was in the hands of the British. 
Former residents (except those in sympathy with England) had if possible 
moved their families to safer places. Connecticut received many refugees 
since it was fairly easy to cross the Sound with household goods in boats. 
Therefor it is not difficult to accept the idea that David left the Island, 
quite possibly expecting to return. And it would be logical to think he 
would go to Orange County from which place his sons John, Benjamin, 
George and Ezra are listed as giving service in the War of the Revolution. 

Although the original document has been lost there are copies in Orange 
County showing that in 1775 David Howell "of Goshen Precinct" made a will 
which was never probated. In the will he named his wife Mary and 14 
children as follows: David, Ruth, ?opping, (first letter not plain) John, 
George, Mehetible, Jemima, Benjamin, Ezra, Mary, Lydia, Noble, 
Deborah and Frances. The original was copied by a descendant of Noble 
(born 17 69} and the names are in part those given in the letters of the Orange 
County grandsons mentioned above. These letters state that David their 
grandfather was four times married and that "Noble of Orange County was 
David's son by his last wife and was a half brother of Benjamin who lived 
in Ridgebury, Orange County and of Ezra their father of Blooming Grove, 





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Brookhaven L- h I£3w* 


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[Whes 1 


Town op """"T^ "^ 


I about 70 miles fa> Montauk Point- 
e intern e«<J of Long Island 

** 1 about* 24 miles "to Oyster Ray - 

westtm boundary of Suffolk. County 

* j about 50 miles fe ^« Hudson River 


Eastern Two Thirds of 

Suffolk Counf-y 
Loru^ Island 







1 1 miles = l inch 

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M'<trt -//if. . i , /l>* /' '< /'<.,. ■/ 

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./.■//' f/* ///-. < >>. M«BJ '/*//<. .<- 

' ' ' / //,/ . / ( 'v.,... ■ £ar/i£ 
•-<'•'"« 't-<.-c. / /t4*'p< C-fi-dc/'J/ 


// •■- f* t ( /.////./ z 1 / r ///^ / / *. 

s (i t\ / ' OV / f / / , ' /' /tt t ' *// ■ ' l - \ 

/a X/ ( , * .'('(ty • ■*. .'*.•- ■■" J '«f 
■ (///( t i^ .a/ii *■ J/citi , y " ><k 

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■ ' # * c r 


1867 Inter from Coe Howell of Orange Co. N. Y, 
grandson of David Howell of* Indian Island." 

{both in Orange County), George of Hector, N. Y. and Jemima who married 
a Howell and raised a large family in Riverhead" . Comparison of the names 
in the will with those mentioned in the letters show the same family is being 
described in both. 

The original will document was found about 1910 by Mrs. Jesse Holbert 
of Lake, Orange Co. N. Y. two miles south of Sugar Loaf where David Howell 
bought land in 1774. Mrs. Holbert 's copy was seen in 1939 by the compiler 
at Monroe, N. Y. where it is now {in 1959) in the possession of Mrs. Roy 
Steele. The data from this will with additions by Mrs. Holbert (not all correct) 
was printed on sheets prepared for a Howell genealogy by Charles E. Stickney, 
author of the "History of the Minisink". This genealogy of the Howell family 
was printed but not bound before Mr. Stickney died. The compiler has an 
unbound file of the sheets . 

Besides the copy of this will in Mrs. Holbert 's notebook is also the copy 
of a deed for a small tract of land "near Snake Creek" (this is in the vicinity 
of Sugar Loaf) "one and one quarter acres with boundary beginning at Captain 

Horton's bog meadow Lot" Sugar Loaf is in the town of Chester, Orange 

County about six miles northeast of Warwick on a back road. 

No probate of this will has been found; also no registration of the deed. 
However as time passes, belief that the documents found by Mrs. Holbert 
were genuine, becomes acceptable since records supporting connections be- 
tween several of the children named in the will have been found to exist. 

The purchase of the land in Orange County 2 March 1774 and the making 
of a will 16 June 1775 by David Howell "of Goshen Precinct" indicate that 
because of War conditions on Long Island there was a necessity to provide 
for any future needs of his wife, named as Mary, and his younger children 
(the son Noble was but 6 years old in 1775). David left his property to Noble 
after his wife's death, and to the other children 5 shillings each. 

Whether David Howell returned to Long Island before he died is a dis- 
puted point. Tradition in Orange County near Sugar Loaf says he died there. 
However he had a son David Jr. And the David Howell said to be alive in 
1804 in that vicinity is more likely to have been David Jr. than his father. 
No gravestones have been found for either. Also it must be taken into con- 
sideration that if David Sr. remained in Orange County until his death that 
his son Ezra, who lived not too many miles away, should have known of the 
death and would have handed down this knowledge to his sons. Instead, Ezra's 
sons wrote letters after Ezra's death in 1851 that he had told them their 
grandfather died in Mattituck on Long Island. 

The account on the next page of the children whose names are given in 
David Howell's will is a collection of records from court, census, family 
bible and various printed and manuscript sources. As for David Howell's 
wives, the tradition in Orange County is that he had three, all named Mary 
(as is the name of his wife in his will). Tne letters from his grandsons state 
he had had four wives but none are named. 

Children of David Howell of Indian Island 

1. David (alive in 17 75) who had a son David of Monroe Co. N. Y. who in 

turn had sons Abner, George & Van Ess 

2. Ruth (mentioned in her father's will of 1775) 

3. Topping or Hopping (alive in 1775) 

4. John (born between 1736 & 1747 on L. 1. ) was a whaler; to Orange Co. 1778; 

died at Stewarttown near Ridgebury 25 Dec. 1790; married Sally 
Dougherty; Lieut. Rev. War; had six children: John Jr. mar. Anna 
Kimball widow of Moses Knapp 8* sister of Alanson Kimball; Jeffrey 

who mar. Jemima ; Mellicent 1773-1838 who mar. Reuben Cash; 

Sally who mar. John Roberts; Phoebe who mar. Eliphalet Stickney; 
Benjamin who mar. Elenor Webb in 1796. Sally (mother) d, 24 June 
1834 aged 85 yrs. 

5. George (born 1749/50) died 29 April 1829 aged 79 years at Hector, N. Y. 

He married Eunice Horton in Orange Co. After 1802 came to Hector 
from Cayuga Co, having left Orange Co. before 1796- Children were: 
Benjamin, Lucinda, Sally, Mehitable, William, Anna, Jemima, Fanny, 
Jeremiah, Hannah, George, Eliza and Samuel. See later accounts of 
these children. 

6. Mehitable married before 1772 on Long Island Joshua Reeves of Southold; 

her children were Joshua Jr., Lydia and Howell Reeves born 1772, 
1775, 1777. She died at Westtown, Orange Co. between 1782 & 86. 
Joshua Reeves Jr. mar. 1st. Sarah Simmons, 2nd MaTy Bailey and had 
ch. : by (1) Lydia, Simmons, Eliza, Milton & Jas. by (2) Sarah, Abigail, 
David, Joshua & Nathaniel. Lydia Reeves mar. Phineas Terry & had 7 
children. Howell Reeves mar. 1st Elizabeth Wood 2nd Mary Corwin 
Pellett, ch. by (I) Mehetable, Mary, Charles, Sarah- Jane, George, 
Kitsey, Jas. & John D. by (2) Gabriel P. , Elizabeth & Howell Jr. 
In 178,6 Joshua Reeves Sr. mar. 2nd Abigail Huff; had one ch. 
Kitsey who m, Samuel Baker as 2nd wife. From Orange Co, Joshua Sr. 
moved to Seneca Co. where he died at Romulus before 1812. 

7. Jemima (born 10 July 1755) mar. 1775 Silas Howell of Riverhead, Orange 

Co. She d. 25 July 1812 and Silas died 2 Sept. 1832 aged 81 years. 

Their children: Bethia b. 23 Nov. 1776 d. Jan. 1863 mar. Joshua L. 


Daniel b. 8 May 1779 died 27 April 1854 

Sarah born Jan. 1780 died unmarried 25 Nov. 1855 

Mehitable b. 31 Mar. 1785 d. 1867 mar. Bartlett Griffin 

Jemima born March 1788 died 1857 married James Moore 

Silas Hamilton b. 15 Feb. 1790 d. 1852 mar. Polly Griffin 

Polly Lydia Maria b. Aug, 1792 d. 1876 mar. Elijah Terry 

George b. 7 Sept. 1795 d. Nov. 1871 mar. Polly R. Wells 

Ernest Augusta b. Ja. 1798 d. 1876 mar. James Wells 

8. Benjamin (born 1759 in Suffolk Co. Long Island) died Ridgebury, Orange 

Co, 10 May 1849- He served in the Rev, War and received a pension 
after 1832; mar. Sarah Webster 30 March 1784 in the Goshen Presby- 
terian Church; his ch. James who later lived Steuben Co. NY, ; Daniel 
who mar. Rhoda Ross; John who mar. Rebecca Clausen; Benjamin who 
moved to N, Y. C. : George who mar. Fanny Dunning; Chauncey later of 
Erie Co, N. Y. ; Horace; Preston who mar. Jane Dunning. A son of 
George and Fanny Howell was Dr. George Howell of Riverhead who 
married Sarah Whipple. 

9. Ezra Howell (born 12 Oct. 1762) died 21 June 1851 at Blooming Grove 
Orange Co. N. Y. ; served in the Rev. War; married Jane Chatfield; 

their children: 
Lucretia born 17 Jan. 1788 
Thomas born 3 Feb. 1790 died early- 
John b. 14 Feb. 1792 m. Polly Cooley; later of Walkill 
Huntting M. b, 6 June 1794 d. about 1876; Cayuga Co. 
Hannah born 30 Sept. 1796 mar. Benjamin Wise 
Eunice born 3 Feb, 1799 unmarried 
Coe Sayer b. 24 Mar. 1801 d. 30 Nov. 1888; mar. Frances Stuart 

& had 6 ch: Belle mar. Merritt Gardner; Emily mar. Jas. 

Steadman; Nathan S. ; Sarah A, ; Anna Eliza & Joanna. 
Elliot born 15 April 1803 died early 
Asa R. born 8 Mar. 1805; a physician in Cornwall, later Elmira, N. Y. 

& St. Louis, Mo. died "in the west"; his widow 6t a dau. Mrs. 

Blackburn with a dau. Jessie returned to Elmira after his death. 
Juliet born 7 May 1807 married Harvey Howell 
Jane 1809-1844 & Susan born 1811 both unmarried 
Thomas Chatfield b. 18 July 1813 d. 20 June 1890 married Mary 

Bradner Tuthill dau. of Phineas Tuthill 

10. Mary (mentioned in her father's will of 1775) 

11. Lydia (born 22 Feb. 1767) died 17 Sept. 1854 mar. 18 March 1794 

Constantine Fuller son of Arnariah Fuller of Chester, N. Y. They 
lived at Wantage, Sussex Co. N. J. ; had children one of whom was 
named Beach Fuller. 

12. Noble Howell (born 23 March 1769) died 21 March 1829; mar. Tabitha 

Mapes who died 20 Oct. 1857 age 88-7-19; his will was proved at 

Goshen, N. Y. their children: 
Cadawalader (b. 7 Feb, 1793) mar. Harriet Wood; had 2 ch: 

Thos, Jackson Howell & Elizabeth 
Hannah (b. 2 Jan. 1795) mar. David McWhorter 

Polly (Mary) b. 10 Feb. 1797 d. 25 May 1882 m. Jas. J. Hallock 
Elbert (Albert) b, 8 Oct, 1798 mar. Jemima Smith & had 5 children: 

Elizabeth b. 1823 m, John Demarest; Phoebe Ann b, 1824 m. 

John Bates & had dau. who m. Jesse Holbert; Charles unmar. ; 

Sarah J. b. 1829 m. Gibson Kent; Coe m. N. Langdon 
Fanny born 6 Dec. 1800 died unmarried 
Coe 1803-1881 mar. Mimi Demarest; no children 
Peter born 26 Nov. 1807 died 1871 unmarried 
John b. 21 Oct. 1813 mar. Sarah Adams; moved to Virginia 
Lydia b. 14 Aug. 1817 died 1875 mar. Peter Demarest 
Jane b. 25 Feb. 1809 married Geo. King 

13. Deborah (b. 6 Mar. 1771) died 21 July 1864. married Peter Mills Jr. 

b. 26 Sept. 1768 d. 7 Mar, 1831 at Slate Hill now Brookfield, 
Orange Co. ; had a large family 

14. Frances (mentioned in her father's will of 1775) 

George Howell (1749/50-1829) was a son of David Howell of Indian Island, 
town of Southold, Long Island. He died in the town of Hector, then in 
Tompkins Co. N. Y. Hector was one of the original towns of the Military 
Tract awarded after the War of the Revolution to certain soldiers for service. 
In 1802 Hector became part of Seneca County (earlier having been in Cayuga 
and before that in Onondaga County) In 1817 it was made part of the newly 
formed Tompkins County and in 1854 went with the territory forming present 
Schuyler County. Therefor Hector's land and census records are found in 
five different Courthouses. 

At the time of the War of the Revolution, George Howell was living in 
Warwick, Orange County. He served in the 4th Orange Co. Militia under 
Major John Hathorn. After the close of the War he removed with his family 
probably first to Newburgh, then to Delaware County where some of his 
children were born, By 1802 he was in Genoa, Cayuga County and from that 
place he shortly moved to Hector, Seneca Co, N. Y. where he settled near the 
Presbyterian Church formed in 1809. 

The locality around this Church was called Peach Orchard a translation 
of the Indian name of the place. George and Eunice Howell were early mem- 
bers of this congregation and here, in the yard of this Church they were 
buried and here their stones are yet standing. 
"George Howell died April 29, 1829 aged 79 years 

Eunice wife of George Howell died March 9, 1835 aged 74 years and 4 months" 
The house which George Howell built was about two miles from the Church 
toward the east and up a steep hill. It was just north (on the west side of 
the road) of the corners now called Logan, When this house burned about 
1930, the family Bible was destroyed. However many years before Sidney 
B. Howell, a grandson, of Painted Post, N. Y. had copied the record of the 
family of George Howell into his own Bible, marking it "copied from grand- 
father's Bible" This reads: 

"George Howell married Eunice Horton 


Benjamin born October 1, 1776 in Orange County 

Lucinda born December 11, 1778 

Sally born September 27, 1781 

Mehitable born August 24, 1783 

William born September 21, 1785 died April 17, 1839 

Anna born September 21, 1787 

Jemima born April 6, 1790 died May 15, 1828 

Fanny born July 9, 1792 

Jeremiah born December 4, 1793 

Hannah born August 31, 1796 

George born February 7, 1802 

Eliza born August 27, 1807 

Samuel born July 7, 1810 " 
Written on the same page by Sidney B. Howell is found: "George Howell, son 
of David was probably born in Southold. Benjamin died in Aurora, Illinois. 
Lucinda mar. --Alexander. Sally mar. A. Kingsbury; she died Dec, 25, 

1851. Anna mar. --Ferris. Jemima mar. Farlin. Hannah mar. (1) Webster 

(2) Chapman. Fanny died young. Eliaa & Wm. died unmarried. Samuel 
d. June 1, 1886 mar--" 


Farmhouse of George Howell (1749 - 1829) in the 
town of 1 lector, N. V. 

Gravestones in (lie Presbyterian Ch urchyard at 
Peach Orchard, now Hector, \'. V. 



. *?, la ,v I /Of- 

; yy 

j*— t—^Yt/r 

■ - - - ->**■• *j - ' 

^ Av 

§M&.e> -< 

M *£-/r6'4: 



A r^/m) 

£L^-A- h^- /r$£ 

fin ' . 

/ /> 

- #' vt^y 

4, / n * /^- 

/* "' - 

,/?0-i_f-« *• 


Children of George Howell of Hector 
Benjamin (1st child) b. 1 Oct, 1776 in Orange County N. Y, died 27 Aug. 1858 at 
Aurora, 111. He married Jane Moffat b. about 1780. Their names 
are found in the 1850 census of Aurora living in a house adjacent 
to those of two other Howell families: - 

William Howell (son of Benjamin) b. about 1814 was married 21 Apr. 1839 at 
New Canaan, Conn, to Esther St. John, the town record stating 
William was "of Hector NY", In a diary kept by Sarah Howell 
(niece of William's father Benjamin-dau. of Jeremiah) on Sept. 1850 
is the note that "Cousin William Howell and his wife on their way 
from Illinois to Connecticut" were visitors in Elmira NY. The 1850 
census in Aurora gives William's family as: Wm. M. age 36 b, NY; 
Ester 33 b. Conn, Wales Mead 11 b. NY; Samuel M. 12 b. NY. 

Isaac M. Howell (son of Benjamin) In the 1850 census I. M. Howell age 29 b. NY; 
Cornelia 29 Ohio; William age 5; Lydia age 3 and Spooner age 1 yr. 
(ch, b. in 111.) The Aurora 1858 City Directory lists both Wm. M. and 
Isaac M. Howell as farmers. In 1868 Isaac M. Howell was a lumber 
dealer Ei "a resident of the city since 1839", not listed after 1889. 
Benjamin Howell probably had other children. 

Lucinda Howell (2nd ch. of George) b. 11 Dec. 1778 d 20 Aug. 1859 m. Robert 

Alexander of Genoa, Cayuga Co. NY as his 2nd wife on 9 Apr. 1805. 
Robert's 1st wife was Charlott Norris who d. 1803 & her ch. were: 
Rachel b. 1796 m. Jonah Tooker; Joseph b. 1799; Hannah b. 1801 m. 
Lewis Townley; Robert Jr. b, 1803 m. Christine Snyder. Robert 
Alexander Sr. b. 7 Oct. 1766 d. 12 Aug. 1837 Newfield, Tompkins 
Co. NY (Alexander's Corners) Lucinda' s 7 ch: 

George L. Alexander b. 9 Oct. 1809 d. 26 Oct. 1883 m. Amelia Van Buskirk 
who d. 16 Oct. 1889 ch. Aaron; Isaac; Fannie; Louise; Vira & Robert 
Alexander b. 26 June 1838 d. 26 Jan. 1921 m. Nancy Ann Brown of 
Pony Hollow, Newfield & had dau. Olive May Alexander who m. 
C.B. Shoemaker (Elmira) whose dau. Anna Shoemaker m. Owen 
Cheney, Scranton, Pa. (Nancy Ann \b. 1844 d. 1880) 

Fanny b. 1811 m. Ransom Hinkley, She d. 30 Mar, 1836 aged 24 yrs. and he 
died 1842 aged 35 yrs. 

John b. 1813 m. Sarah Ann Mead; son Chas. res. Rochester, NY in 1938 

Sally Ann Alexander b. 1814 mar. Charles Gillett 

Charlotte Alexander b. 1817 d. 15 July 1885 ae 68-5-21 m. James Madison 
Knettles who d, 22 May 1884 ae 69-0-9 

Jeremiah Alexander b. 1819 d. 10 Jan. 1866 ae 47-0-11 mar. Mary Jane 
McCorn who d. 22 May 1899 ae 80-10-17 

Eliza Ann b, 1822, her stone: "Analiza Brooks wife of David d. 12 Sept. 18(92) 
age--?(stone is worn) These stones are in the Alexander Corners 
cemetery. Also buried there are: 

Robert Alexander Jr. "d. 16 Oct. 1865 ae 62-1-16" and his wife 
Christine Snyder "d. 18 June 1866 ae 58-7-28" 

Fanny Howell (5th ch. of George) b. 9 July 1792 died early. 

Eliza Howell (12th ch. of George) buried in the Hector Presbyterian Churchyard 
next her parents "d. 18 Sept. 1844 ae 37-0-27" 

Samuel Howell (13th ch, of George) b, 7 July 1810 d. 1 June 1866 m, (1) Delilah 
Brown (2) Rena Saxton, 1850 census Barton twp. Tioga County, NY 
shows Samuel aged 40; his wife Delilah ae 34; Mandana 16, John B. 
14; Eliza Ann 11; Elizabeth 6; Emma 2; Delilah 2 months (all born 
NY) Mandana mar. Nath'l Bruster of Barton. 

Sally Howell {3rd ch. of George) b, 27 Sept. 1781 d. 25 Dec. 1851 m. Ardon 
Kingsbury (s. of Willard} b. 9 Oct. 1779; Known ch: 
George Kingsbury b. 1804c d. 1852? res. Horseheada NY m. Elizabeth Bancroft 
(d. 1881 age 68)dau.of Rolandus; 6 ch:Huldah who m. res. Water- 
loo, NY;Harriet who m. Holecraft res. Ingersoll, Can, ;Crete who 

m. George McCann of Elmira, NY;George Ardon b, 29 Mar. 1849 m. 
Susan Ruppersburger b. Albany, NY & who had dau. Crete E. (m. 
Chas. Elliott, Elmira): Helen; Stanley. 
Philo Kingsbury buried at Hector NY d. 11 Apr. 1826 age 21-8-11 
Horace Kingsbury b. 1807c m. Catherine Coates; at least 1 child: 

Sarah who m. Seeley P. Chapman and had Wilber, Harry, Bert, Henry- 
Edgar and Crete Chapman. 
Henry F. Kingsbury b. 1808c m. Mary--. 1850 census Aurora, 111. 

shows 2 ch. William b. 1845c and Caroline (who d. Sept. 1850) 
Lucinda Kingsbury b. 13 Sept. 1812 d. 2 July 1877 unmarried 
Lucius Kingsbury b. 1817c unmar. West Hill, Elmira, N. Y. 
Mary Ann d. 9 Mar. 1823 age 1 mo. 27 days (buried Hector, NY) 
Oliver Comstock Kingsbury b. Hector 5 Mar. 1827 d. Watkins NY 14 May 1903 
mar. Mary Ann Chapman dau. of Elihu; eh: Lucius Seeley Kingsbury 
b. 12 Apr --d. 7 June 1915 m. Lida Rork; Georgiana d. 1864 age 
4 yrs; Ella L. Kingsbury b. 24 May 1864 unmarried. Ardon & Sarah 
Howell Kingsbury are buried Elmira, NY. 

Mehitable Howell (4th ch. of George) b. 24 Aug. 1783 d. 21 Aug. 1841 at Hector, 
NY; mar. William Mapes; ch. buried next her are: 
Eunice who d. 23 Feb. 1842 age 33-1 1-9 & John who d. 1841 - 6 yrs. 

William Howell (5th ch. of George) b. 21 Sept. 1785 died unmar, at Hector aged 
53 yrs 6 mo. 26 days in 1839. 

Anna Howell (6th ch. of George) b. Sept. 1787 mar. Lemuel Ferris son of 

Ahasuerus of Genoa, Cayuga Co. , NY, She was alive 1851 (diary of 
niece Sarah "aunt Ann Ferris on a visit here". In 1850 Census 
Genoa #382 with son George aged 28 (wife Amanda) 

Jemima Howell (7th ch. of George) b. 6 Apr, 1790 d. 15 May 1828 mar. David 
Farlin who d, 26 Aug. 1827 Their children (8) 
Harriet Newell Farlin b. 1812 d. before 1839 mar. Reubin Swift Smith 
Chancy Porter Farlin b. 12 Feb. 1814 d. before 1884 mar. Clarinda--? 
William Howell Farlin b. 16 Feb. 1816 d. 9 Feb. 1895 mar. 6 Feb. 1840 

Melvina Maria Bruster (Brewster) b, 24 Aug. 1820 dau. of Clark 
and Phoebe Mathews Bruster; d. 11 March 1888. children: 
Olive R. Farlin b. 11 July 1841 mar. 1860 Justice Williams: 2 ch. ? 
Rosetta Agertha Louise Farlin b. 11 Dec. 1848 Tioga Co, NY d. 17 May 
1895, Excelsior Sprgs. Mo. m. 9 Feb. 1869 Waverly, NY. (1) 
Wm. Henry Mathews b. 31 Mar. 1841 d. 14 May 1906 St. Joseph, 
Mo. son of Aaron K. & Lucy Haus (Hawes) Mathews. (2) Basil 
Lamb, ch: 
Ethel Augusta Mathews 1870-1932 m, 1890 Robert Shepard 
Rubin Elroy Bruster Mathews 1871-1939 Britton, Mich. mar. twice 
Sterling Ernest Farlin Mathews b. 1873 Big Flats, NY. d. 15 Oct. 1829 
St. Joseph, Mo. mar. (1) Mae Z. Maple (2) Flora Maple Funk. 
(was father of Theodore Mathews who had many family records) 
Lucy Maria Rose Mathews b. 1875 NY State; d. 1957 Excelsior Springs, 

Mo. mar. 1898 William C. Smallwood 
Malcolm William Aaron Mathews b. 17 July 1878 d. 15 Oct. 1957 Tecum - 
seh, Mich. m. Carmen Rodgers dau. Geo. £t Letty Dunbar Rodgers 
eldest ch:Stelma Mathews (in 1961 Mrs . M. W. Meyers, Bryon, Ohio) 
Sarah August Farlin (ch. of Wm.H.) b, 14 March 1853 mar. 1877 Elmer 
Tracy Wood (So. Superior, Wis.) ch. Flossie & Percy Wood. 


Phoebe Ann Farlin (omitted ch. ofWm.H.) 1843-1857 /Smith 

Sarah Ann (4th ch. David & Jemima) b. 1818 d. 1842 m. Reuben Swift 
David V. Farlin (in Bible Volney David) b. 12 Feb. 1820 Chautaugua Co. NY 

d. 6 July 1875 Logan (Hector) NY m. Mary ; at least 1 ch: 

Asa C. Farlin b. 15 Mar. 1852 Tioga Co. NY (Barton) d, 14 Feb. 1928 m. Helen E. 
Howell 1856-1918 dau. Robert St Eliza Hager Howell; ch: 
Florence E. Farlin 18 June 1877 m. Marion Clauson, Fairport NY 
Ida M. 1 Oct. 1878 m. Manley Covert, Interlaken, NY 
Robert David Farlin 15 Aug. 1880 d. 17 Feb. 1881 
Lewis (C?) Farlin b. Dec. 1882 d. 28 Oct. 1944 
Frank H. Farlin b. 9 July 1884 res. Baltimore, Md. in 1957 
Helen M. Farlin 1 1 Oct, 1887--21 Feb. 1954 m. Emerson Allen 
Edith G. Farlin July 1889 - 26 Sept. 1890 
Harry O. Farlin 21 June 1893 d. 2 Jan. 1956 
Kenneth P. Farlin b. 11 Sept. 1896 res. 1957 Fairport NY 
Eliza V. Farlin b. 15 Feb. 1822 d. before 1912 (6th ch. David & Jemima) 
Laura M. (7th ch. ) b. 27 July 1824 d. 1912c m. --Jackson, Bennetsburg/ 
George Lucian Farlin b. 7 Oct. 1826 d, ? m. ? 

Hannah Howell (10th ch. of George) b. 31 Aug. 1796 Delaware Co. NY d. 29 Mar. 
1869 bur. Elmira;m. (1) Elijah Webster (no records) & (2) as 2nd wife, 
Elihu Chapman (s. of Samuel) b. 17 Oct. 1796 Otsego Co. NY d. 13 
Feb. 1866. His first wife was a Sto cum (Kingsbury Gen. says named 
"Susan"; son Samuel's death certificate says "Phoebe* & Seeley's gives 
"Maryf (Hannah's ch: Geo. & Henrietta) Elihu' s ch: 
Orrin Chapman b. 1817c d. 23 Jan. 1894 Big Flats m. Mary Chandler Mills (dau. 
Silas & Phoebe) b. 20 Aug. 1820 d. 21 Dec. 1898 ch: Harriet M. Chapman 
1845c- 1872 m. Joseph K.Ford; had dau. Mary C. Ford (Mamie) m. Jas. 
D. McCann of Elmira;their ch:Florence;Helen m. Richard Kinsman, res. 
Elmira, (2)Charles Chapman b. 1849c m.Osie Katie Stocum & had Orrin 
Chapman killed as boy & Louise Chapman m. Morgan Wallace res, 1943 
Hollywood, Cal. (3) Clara Chapman 1852-1915 m. George Tremaine 1842- 
1915 ch: only John of Albany NY who m. Elizabeth--; d. 1948c 
(4) Herbert Orrin Chapman m.(l) Georgia LaPierre (2) May Lord. 
Hannah (dau. of Elihu) d. before 1866 m, Ambrose B. Lock wood; ch: 

George; Maud; Sarah who d. 1864 age 20; Elihu d. (Civil War) 1864 aged 
16; also probably Phoebe (m. --Eddy) perhaps other ch. 
Phoebe (dau. of Elihu) m. S. Palmer Buckbee. He m, 2nd Miss Carruthers & 
had son Elvin whose son was Chas. & son Alanson with son Harry. 
Phoebe's sons: John b. 1843c £i Ely b. 1854c 
Samuel A. Chapman (son of Elihu) b. 22 June 1824 d. 17 Dec. 1906 res. West 
Hill, Elmira, NY; m. Mary Howell 1823-1896 dau. of Jeremiah & 
Asenath Everts Howell; 4 ch: 
Judson Chapman 1853-1854 
Edward Chapman 1856-1866 

Anna Belle Chapman b. 23 Jan, 1862 d. 14 Mar. 1926 mar, (1) Charles A. 
Fox; had dau. Mabel Fox who m. (1) Harrison Williams (2) Harry Woolf. 
Anna Belle Chapman m. (2) Josiah Gregory 
Alice Chapman b. 2 Sept. 1865 d. 17 July 1927 m, as 2nd wife William R. 
Van Horn son of Ai & Mary Ralph Van Horn & grandson of George & 
Polly of Dryden NY. 3 ch. born Elmira. 
Dorothy VanHorn m. Henrik Antell son of Edward Johannes Angell of 

Brooklyn, NY & have 4 ch; Ralph Edward Antell who m. Anne Hardy 
(dau. of Clair & Ruth Stowell Hardy) have 4 ch: Patricia b. 1943; 
Stephen b. 1947; Richard H. 1948; Ruth b, 1951 children of 
Ralph Edward Antell 

Robert Henrik Antell mar, Marguerite dau. of Jesse & Lucile Hannan (Roch- 
ester, N. Y. ) ch:Nancy b. 1947; William b, 1949; Tristan b. 1954 

Jean Angell b. 1924 m. Robert A. Feltner son of Clarence ch: Ellen 
Margaret b, 1956*, Anne Chapman b. May 1958 

Sara Chapman Antell m, Richard D, Geyer son of B. B. & Beulah De Long 
Geyer; ch: Barbara B. b. 1953; Richard C. b. 1955;Amy Antell 
b. April 1958. 
Ralph Van Horn mar, Marion Fitch dau. of Roderick of Walton N. Y. res. 
Bedford, Can. 4 ch: 

William F. Van Horn b. 1922 mar. Aleda---; ch: Donald H. b. 1949; 
Margaret H. b. 1952; Kathryn M. b. 1955 

Mary Alice Van Horn b. 1924 mar. Russell Wallace; ch: Wm. Ralph Wallace 
b. 1948; Barbara B. b. 1951 

Ruth Hawley Van Horn b. 1928 mar. Donald Mathews; ch: Bruce; Ralph 
Chapman Mathews b, 1955 

Dorothy A. Van Horn b, 26 Nov. 1931 
Donald Howell Van Horn b. 5 Feb. 1898 m. Mrs. Beulah Howard Hall res. 
Western Sprgs. , 111 ;d. Boulder, Colo. , 20 March I960; ch: 

Donald Howard Van Horn b. Oct. 1929 m. Margaret Mathers /ch. Mark /C, '61 

Robert Chapman " b. May 1931 m. Carolyn Mass/ch. David C. 1959 

John Thomas " b. Mar. 1915 m. Juliana Blasky/ch. Scott M. 1961 

Seeley Perry Chapman (son of Elihu) was born 8 June 1826 d. 23 Oct, 1912; mar. 

Sarah C. dau. of Horace & Catherine Coates Kingsbury b. 5 Nov. 

1836 d. 9 Oct. 1896; ch: 
Wilbur Chapman d. 12 Apr. 1940 aged 79 yrs. m. (1) Harriet McCann; one dau: 

Crete Chapman who mar. Pier son Salmon & had ch: Edgar & Robert 

Salmon of Elmira, Wilbur Chapman mar. (2) Mrs. Mamie McKegg. 
Bert O. Chapman (Dr. in Elmira) mar. Mary J, Collins; ch: Elizabeth 

Jean Chapman; Eldon Seeley Chapman mar. Mrs. Frances Thayer 

Henry Edgar Chapman mar. Crete McCann (Elmira) ch: Wilson Chapman m. 

(1) Elizabeth Carr; ch: Edgar m, Eugenia Markthaler; Wm. ; 

Anne; Wilson K. ; (2) Gladys Cole Smith; Ralph Chapman m. 

Ruth Brown; Seeley Chapman m. Virginia res. Wilmington, 

Crete Chapman mar. John Cunningham of Elmira; one child: Helen 

Cunningham who mar. Alfred Butcher 

Mary Ann Chapman (dau. of Elihu) 1829-1925 mar. Oliver Comstock Kingsbury 
(son of Ardon); known ch: 
Lucius Seeley Kingsbury 1848-1915 mar. Lida Rork 
Georgiana Kingsbury who died 1864 aged 4 yrs 
Ella Lucinda Kingsbury b. 24 May 1864 d. 1934 

George Chapman (son of Elihu & Znd wife Hannah Howell Chapman) was b. about 
— 1832 and d. about 1905: married Philinda Rockwell dau. of Wm. & 
Nancy Bennett Rockwell; known ch: 
Isaac Chapman b, 26 Nov. 1858 d, 25 Dec. 1953; mar. Belle (dau. Elijah & 
Ann Bower Hewitt of Trumansburg) 1861-1951; ch: 
Glen Chapman who mar. Minerva Stroble 
Ethel Chapman who mar. Dolphis Bourgeois of- Elmira; 2 ch: 

Gladys (mar. Gerald W. Terwilliger) and Evelyn Bourgeois Loomis of 
Henrietta Chapman (dau. of Elihu & Hannah) 1st wife of Abbott Barber; ch: infants 
who died & son Adalaeki. 


George Howell Jr. (11th child of George) was born 7 Feb, 1802 about the time his 
father moved from Delaware Co. to Cayuga Co. before settling at 
Hector, N. Y. ;married Sally Durland, dau. of Rob't, who d. 25 March 
1874 aged 78 yrs. They lived on the Howell homestead at Logan in 
Hector where George died 24 Jan. 1880. Their children: 
Robert D. Howell 1824-1901 mar. Elizabeth Hager 1835-1912 d. of Henry 
& 2nd wife Liza of Reynolds ville. 7 ch: 
Helen E. b. 1856 d. 31 May 1918 mar. Asa C. Farlin grandson of Jemima 

Howell Farlin (dau, of Geo. Sr, ) 
Henry C. Howell b. 6 July 1858 d. 15 Jan. 1931 mar. Sarah Ella dau. of 
Jonathan & Elizabeth Neate Owen, b. 20 April I860 d. 2 June 1942; 
had 2 daus: 
Harriet b. 1887 d. 28 May 1948 mar, Claude Smith; 2 ch: 
Sarah Smith mar. Howard Hunt of Interlaken 
Laura Smith married Robert Bishop 
Bertha E. mar. (1) George Neale & had son George; (2) 
mar. John Covert fk had sons John 8t Dr. Milton Covert 
Ida B, (dau. of Rob't) b. 20 Sept. 1861 d. 21 Feb. 1938 mar. Peter Bishop 
Bishop of Lodi (1848-1942) on 27 Dec. 1882; dau: 
Mary Elizabeth b. Apr, 1888 d. 18 Mar. 1914 mar. Peter Murphy on 
18 May 1910, had 1 dau; Mary Elizabeth b. 11 Mar. 1914 m. 11 June 
1938 Ernest Rogers of Romulus; 3 ch: Foster b, 1940; Arthur b. 1941 
Lucy (dau. of Rob't) b, 1866 d. 26 July 1937 in Logan, mar, Henry J, 
Burnett who d. 4 Dec. 1933 aged 73-9-5; 8 ch: 
Chester Burnett of Burdette mar. Marguerite Coon 
Blanche M, mar. Claude Williams of Valois 
Helen Burnett of Washington, D. C. 

Eona Burnett mar, Willard Gatchell, Washington, D. C. 
Gladys mar. Luther Clust of Burdette 

Robert Burnett mar. 

Ralph Burnett mar. Hazel Fitch 

Mildred Burnett mar. Harold Blanchard of Logan 
Oakley Durland Howell (son of Rob't) born about 1869 died 1954/5 at 
Princess Ann, Md. mar. (1) Josephine Johnson; 1 dau d. early 

(2) Susan (3) Josephine-- 

Sarah (dau. of Rob't) b, 1872 d. 22 Aug. 1934 mar. Homer Robinson 

of Burdette; 1 dau. Madelyn 
George O. (son of Rob't) mar. Estelle Murphy who was 1945 a widow living 
in Binghamton, N, Y, 
Emma Miranda Howell (dau. of Geo, h. Sally) b. 6 Jan. 1830 d. 29 Aug. 1904 
mar. Prof. A. C. Huff 1832-1910; known ch; 
Ada. Eda, Minnie J. & Carrie; all d, young; stones at Hector 
George Oliver Howell (son of Geo. & Sally) b. 3 Aug. 1834 d. 2 Apr. 1872 

mar, Lucy Rowland (who mar. 2nd Stephens) b. 30 Apr, 1835 

d. 29 Jan. 1908; 5 children 
Frank E. Howell b, 16 May 1856 d. 5 Dec. 1939 mar. Harriet Emden of 

Utica N, Y, no children 
Carrie A. Howell b. 24 Sept. 1857 d. 19 Nov, 1866 
Fred S. Howell b. 15 May 1865 d. Jan. 1944 in N. Y. City 
mar. Jane Rickard of Utica; ch: (3) 
Bernice Evelyn Howell b. 20 June 1895 
F. Sydney Howell b. 24 July 1897 
George Rickard Howell b. 19 May 1899 


Cora M. (dau. of Geo. & Lucy) b. 6 Nov. 1867 d. 27 Apr. 1912 m. Frank 

E. Hyde; ch: Fredda Hyde mar. Arthur Co tens 
Georgia Oliver (dau. of Geo. & Lucy) b. 4 Nov. 1872 d. May 12, 1937 

m. Fred C. Hall; ch: Frances, Lillian & Sydnie Hall 

Harriet Howell (dau, of Geo. & Sally) born about 1840 mar. Harry Ely 2nd, of 
an early settler family in Hector; ch: 

George Ely of Logan in Hector; no children 

Edward Ely of Montana 

Frank Ely who died in the west 

Richard Ely who mar. Mabel Mathews; lived in Logan 

Clarence Ely of Lockport, N. Y. no children 

Jeremiah Howell of West Hill 
Jeremiah Howell (9th ch. of George) was b. 4 Dec. 1793; died 15 Dec 
on West Hill, Elmira, N. Y. He mar, 1817 
Asenath Everts dau. of Daniel & Molly Everts of Hector. 
Bible record of their 9 children 
Sidney Burke Howell was born in Hector Dec. 7, 1818. 
Hannah Ann Howell was born Dec. 18, 1820 
Mary Howell was born Sept. 30, 1823 
Daniel Everts Howell was born in Big Flats Dec 
Sarah Howell was born Oct. 30, 1827 died Aug, 
Clarissa Agard Howell was born July 7, 1830 d, 
Eunice Eliza Howell was born Dec. 12, 1832 
Luther Clark Howell was born Feb. 25, 1835 d. 
Martha Bennet Howell was born Mar, 2, 1837 d, 


25, 1825 
15, 1882 
Nov. 24, 1884 

Oct. 14, 1866 
Nov. 25, 1846 

Soon after his marriage Jeremiah Howell bought land in Covert, Seneca 
County, However there is no record showing he ever lived there. In 1825 he 
removed from Hector to West Hill, between Elmira & Big Flats in Chemung 
Co. then in Tioga Co. N. Y. 

West Hill is the name locally used for the part nearest to Elmira of a 
group of hills whose three corners are Elmira to the southeast, Horseheads to 
the north and Big Flats to the northwest with the Chemung River on the south. 
In 1852 when the Rhea & Tremble wall map of Chemung County was made, the 
highest part was designated Hawes Hill. This at a later time was the site of 
Harris Hill Glider Field, Harris being the name of an early settler there. 
West Hill is not as high as Harris Hill and overlooks Elmira rather than Big 
Flats and the Chemung River. In 1822 this area became part of the town of 
Big Flats when that town was set off from Elmira. 

Jeremiah Howell's house on West Hill was probably built about 1825. It 
was smaller than his father's house in Hector but styled much the same, the 
larger part having its gable and toward the road and a low story and half wing 
built at right angles to the larger two story part of the house; an architectural 
style often used at this time in central N. Y. 

The members of Jeremiah's family attended the Presbyterian Church in 
Elmira. A record of the texts of sermons heard there and notations of 
relatives who visited Jeremiah Howell's hospitable home on West Hill are to 
be found in a diary kept from 1849 through 1854 by Sarah a daughter who later 
married Artemus Mills of West Hill, 



Jeremiah Howell's farmhouse uii West Hill ( pictures liiken 1939). By 1949 ihis house was no longer 
■.[.Milling. It was doubtless buill before 1825 as Jeremiah's son Daniel was born there. 

[en 'in nth Asiiinih Howell 'a slones were moved from Wcsi Hill u> Wtiodlawn in Klin Ira 


jplfiBlf^ IMNWfe i 


€4 . a. r** 

OZ / . m.. it. its r< .Al^^ L 

JuUsU* faf"*'7'L 

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«r ('Hay fj~ tt*c& 

t jttr/s- my 

ft***/- ft . 'tff 

George HouJtll 
a+ ^3 n. near 
hectbr, NLY. 
(burned 1530) 


(Ituili 1818 m Hector, N V 
liu-ii railed Peach Orchard 

Children of Jeremiah Howell of West Hill 

Sidney Burke Howell was born 1818 in Hector and died in Painted Post, N. Y. 

21 Dec. 1903 where he had a retail furniture business for many years; 
was much interested in the educational and cultural movements of the 
times. His wife was Isabel Swartwood married at Starkey, N. Y. in 
1855; they had 2 children: 
Henry Partridge Howell b. 12 Apr. 1856; died unmarried in Manistique, 

Michigan 19 Feb. 1899 
Jennie Kirk Howell b. 22 Aug. 1863 died unmarried in Elmira 14 Aug, 1953 
Hannah Ann Howell was born 1820 and died unmarried 13 Feb. 1885. She lived 

with various relatives after the West Hill house was sold; an exacting 
woman with a talent for design; was the owner of the silk Paisley 
shawl treasured by the compiler 
Sarah Howell was born in 1827 and died 15 Aug. 1882. She married Artemus Mills 
of West Hill on 16 Oct. 1855. Artemus, son of Silas ( 1791 - 1856) & 
Phoebe Chandler Mills was born 28 Aug. 1825 and d. 9 Jan. 1889; 2 ch: 
Hollis Mills born I860 died 1877 

Frank Howell Mills born 30 Oct. 1856 died 11 Mar. 1926; mar. 24 Dec. 1888 
Hattie B. Everts b. 5 Dec. 1872; 3 children: 
Mary E. Mills born 30 May 1893 mar. 2 June 1917 N. Harold Boardman 
of Elmira; ch: 
Ann Mills Boardman b. 17 May 1925 mar. Robert Williams ch: Cynthia 

Ann b. Dec. 1948 fc Kirk B, b. May 1952 
Robert Eugene Boardman b, 5 Jan 1921; wife Florence Heme; ch: John 
Harold b. July 1944; Marsha Ann b. Aug. 1950 and Richard Robert 
b. Nov. 1951 
A. Harry Mills b. 14 June 1899 mar. 9 Feb. 1917 Myra May Lain of 
Elmira; their ch: 
Walter Lain Mills b. 20 Aug. 1919 mar. Pauline Little b. 28 July 1919: 
ch: Mary Lain Mills b. July 1947; Walter Lain Mills b. Nov. 1949; 
Douglas d. infant 1954 
Helen Irene Mills b. 12 Mar. 1922 mar. Joseph S. Ellett who was 

missing in action Dec. 1945 (2) Stewart Terwilliger b. 7 Feb. 1922; 
ch: Linda Lain b. Dec. 1949 Ann Mills Terwilliger b. Sept. 1952 
Sarah Howell Mills (dau. of Frank) b. 1 1 Oct. 1900 mar. E. Kenneth 
Edwards; ch: William who d. as infant 1924 
Mary Howell (dau. of Jeremiah) was born 1823 in Hector; died 1896. She 

married Samuel Chapman son of Elihu. 
Clarissa Agard Howell was born 1830 died in Middletown, N. Y. unmarried in 

Nov. 1884; attended Miss Thurston's Seminary in Elmira; had a talent 
for composition and writing. 
Eunice Eliza Howell b. 1832 d. 28 Oct. 1889; married as his 2nd wife Abbott 
Barber whose 1st wife was her cousin Henrietta Chapman: (Abbott 
mar. 4 times) had no children 
Luther Clark Howell was born 1835; was named for a Presbyterian minister of 

the Hector Church; joined 2nd Mass, Regt. formed at Amherst College 
at the beginning of the Civil War. His letters written to the family 
during the War are in the keeping of the Hitchcock Memorial Room 
at Amherst with the agreement that they are available for use to any 
of our family. 


With the letters are a number of small photographs of his friends of 
the war period. Luther was first a Lieut, and then a Captain in this 
Mass. Regt. Before attending Amherst, he had studied at Alfred, NY. 
Luther survived the War but died of fever at Haynesville, Alabama 
14 Oct. 1866. His betrothed was Miss Clark who later kept a private 
school for girls at Plainfield, N. J. where Luther's niece Jennie 
Howell and her adopted sister Isabel Arnold were teachers. 
Martha Bennett Howell (dau. of Jeremiah) born 2 March 1847 died in 1846 aged 

9 years. 
Daniel Everts Howell (son of Jeremiah) was born 24 Dec. 1825; was the first child 
of the family born on West Hill after the move from Hector. He 
married 20 March 1860 Fatima Minier (1839-1910) Daniel was the 
tallest-(6 feet) of the children of Jeremiah; was a farmer, then a 
cattle buyer and then a fruit grower his house being on West Hill St. 
on a triangle of land bounded by the road to West Hill and present 
Hart St. in Elmira. He was a charter member of Lake St. Presby- 
terian Church when, due to Civil War dissention, it was formed 
from the First Presbyterian Church of Elmira. His wife Fatima & 
dau. in-law Marion Howell were charter members of Walnut St. 
Literary Club (now called Sorosis). Daniel (usually called Everts) 
died on his farm 15 Feb. 1907 and his wife Fatima 30 Nov. 1910; 
3 sons: 
Fred Minier Howell born 25 Nov. 1860 died 29 Apr, 1934 mar. Louese Hunter 
born 1856 d. 11 Nov. 1943; one dau: 
Hazel Hunter Howell b. 5 May 1892 mar. Eugene Quick; dau: 

Betty Jane Quick b. 17 July 1917 mar. Henry B. Collin Jr. son of Henry 
B, & Lillian Beck Collin of Elmira; ch: David Howell Collin b. 
2 Jan. 1946; Paul Hunter Collin b. 29 May 1949; Alice Minier Collin 
b. 11 Nov. 1952 in Fairport, NY; Elaine Beaumont Collin b. 15 Dec. 
Sidney Llewellyn Howell (son of Daniel) born 6 March 1866 died 5 Nov. 1938 
mar, Janet (Jennie) Preswick dau. of Edward & Aurelia Jarvis 
Preswick of Elmira b. 19 Aug. 1867 d. 14 Sept. 1937; res. Ithaca. 
2 children: 
Sidney Preswick Howell b. 11 July 1896 in Elmira m. Marcia May McCartney 
dau. of Marcus & Ida Huckleberry McCartney, Mound City, 111. 
b. 17 Mar. 1899 d. 26 Oct. 1958 Ramsey N. J. 

Sidney P. Howell Jr. b. Wilkes -barre, Pa. 5 Sept. 1923 mar. Ruth 
Gelderman; ch: Marcia M. b. 1945; Douglas A. 1947 

Alibeth Howell b. Ithaca N. Y. 23 Jan. 1926 

Alan Paul Howell b. Buffalo, N. Y. 23 July 1927 mar. Sally Moak dau. of 
Geo, of Elmira; ch: Constance b. 1953 

Constance Howell b. 31 Dec. 1929 d. 22 Feb. 1931 

Fred Minier Howell b, Buffalo 19 Feb. 1931 m. 1959 Susan A. Dart dau. 
of Robert of Cutchogue, L, I, at White Plains 
Helen IlBe Howell b. Elmira 14 Sept. 1899 mar. 24 Aug. 1924 William 

Tristram Stevens 3rd of Kent Island, Md. b. 25 Apr. 1898 son of 
Wm. T. & Kate Elliott Stevens; 2 ch: 

W. T. Stevens 4th b. Ithaca 7 Mar. 1927 mar. 21 June 1951 Dorothy Lyon 
dau. of Marc & Ann of Bloomfield, N. J, ch; 
Kenneth T. b. 1 Mar. 1955; Bruce Wm. b. 5 Feb. 1957 

John Richard Stevens b. Ithaca 5 May 1930; of NYC in 1959 
Chester Everts Howell born 12 Aug. 1867 died 10 April 1949 mar. 1 Jan. 1889 
at Manistique, Mich. Marion Rachel Elizabeth Connor b. Rose 
Center Mich, (dau, of Henry H. & Miriam^ 18 Aug. 1862', 
died 6 May 1951 at Elmira, N. Y. 




(Tin' picture sliows Fatima's I860 wedding gown) 


siius ut L):iniel and l-aiiiiiu 
( picture taken about 1885) 



18^5 I WIT 

\HM 1910 

The Wes( Hill Slrert farmhouse and barn 
(Picture taken 1963) 


1866- l'C18 

I860- 10.14 

1867 1949 

Chester Everts Howell was born on West Hill Road in Elmira. In 1885 he 
went to the Michigan north woods region for his health. At Manistique he lived an 
outdoor life, working first on a Great Lakes barge; next as transit man in the sur- 
vey for the Minn. & Sault Ste. Marie R. R. His health improved and after his 
marriage to Marion R. E. Connor he returned to Elmira. Here he worked in the 
box manufacture business established by Fred his brother, after whose death he 
became its president. During his life he was connected with church fc civic affairs; 
headed several campaigns for raising charity funds; a charter member & trustee of 
North Presbyterian Church; later trustee and Chairman of the Board, Lake St. 
Presbyterian Church; director & vice-president of Mechanics Bank; charter mem- 
ber & a president of Rotary; director & president of the Central YMCA; a president 
of Century Club; a Masonic Shrine member; a president of the Newtown Battlefield 
Chapter of the Sons of the Revolution; appointed by Gov. Dewey in 1945 Commiss- 
ioner of the Battlefield, His kindness, sympathy and generosity endeared him to 

Children of Chester St Marion Connor Howell: (4) 
Jessie Everts Howell b. Manistique, Mich. 12 Sept. 1889 married 9 Sept. 1920, 
Frank Clifford Finch b. 4 Oct. 1891 son of Cornelius & Alice 
Rowley Finch of Endicott, NY, child: 
Jerrold Fletcher Finch b. 3 Sept. 1924 mar. Jan. 1950 Anne Ridgway Elberson 
dau. of Frank O. & Blanche Brown Elberson of Haddonfield NY. ch: 
Jeffrey Elberson Finch b. 2 June 1951 Wash. D, C. ; Robert Howell Finch 
1 Sept. 1952; Susanne Rowlee Finch 7 May 1955; Jerrold Minier 
Finch 5 Sept. 1959; (last 3 born Elmira, NY) Eric Brown Finch 
born Downingtown, Pa. 20 March 1962. 
Edith Louese Howell b. Elmira 12 Oct. 1890 mar. 9 Sept. 1920 James Edwin Riley 
b. Jan. 1889, son of Jas. Edward & Amanda Dinsmore Riley; eh: 
Nancy Ann Riley b, Montpelier, Vt. 18 June 1921 d. 30 Aug. 1946 
Isabel Howell Riley b. Montpelier 27 June 1923 m. (1) Robert E. Austin (div, 

1946) m. (2) Oct. 1950 Herbert Crilly Childs son of Francis & Mary 
Florence Childs of Redlands, Calif, ch: Nancy Riley Austin Childs 
b. 28 Nov. 1946; Karen Crilly Childs 8 June 1951; Herbert C. 
Childs Jr. 27 Sept. 1952; Rebecca Howell Childs 11 Aug. 1954; 
Andrew Riley Childs 12 Feb, 1957; Sarah Howell Childs 8 July 1962 
James Edwin Riley Jr. b. New Haven Ct. 3 June 1926 mar. Carol dau.- of 

Robert & Madeleine Chadwick of Milwaukee, Wis. ch: Lynne Carol 
Riley b. 4 Oct. 1956; Pamela Lee Riley 3 Oct. 1958; Melissa Riley 
b. 27 Oct. I960, residences Cedar Rapids, la. t*. McLean, Va. 
Everts Howe Howell b. Elmira 11 March 1897 mar. 9 Oct. 1917 Gladys Mae 
Shaw dau. of Jay W. & Clare Coolbaugh Shaw, child: 
Elizabeth Howell b, Elmira 5 Feb. 1922 mar. Rev. Alan Gordon Gripe son of 
Dr. O. H. & Bertha Anderson Gripe of Indianapolis, ch: Stephen b. 
17 Nov. 1953 West Point; David Alan b. 29 Apr. 1957 Westfield, NY. 
Chester Everts Howell Jr. b. 16 July 1899 mar. Georgia Isabel Lowman dau. of 
Martin & Lena Long Lowman of Wellsburg, N, Y. ch: 
Jack Martin Howell b. 16 May 1930 d. 26 Nov. 1936 

George Lowman Howell b, 7 Aug. 1933 mar. 21 July 1956 Elizabeth Ann dau. 
of Dr. Milton fti Elizabeth Evans Harkrader, Westfield N. J. ch: 
Katharine Elizabeth Howell b. 23 March I960 at Elmira 
Sarah Burt Howell b. II June 1965 at Elmira 
Fred Ellwyn Howell b. 12 Feb. 1937 mar. July 1959 Janet dau. of Judge Richard 
& Mary Annete Trimble Heller of Elmira. ch: 
Elizabeth Lowman Howell born 6 July I960 
Chester Everts Howell 3rd born 28 Sept. 1961 
Mary Trimble Howell born 26 Dec. 1962 


Chester Everts Howell 


> » 

■ 1 1 





Authors Comment: 

Although this collection was begun as a background for the ancestry of Chester 
Everts Howell, his close feeling for his brothers bear out the conviction that it 
would not be complete without more detailed accounts of the lives of Fred M. 
Howell and Sidney L. Howell. 

jjcjfc##>ltiJE>);!!tj>:*j!(s:( $######### 

Fred Minier Howell 

Fred Minier Howell, the elder of the three brothers, founded in 1883 the box 
and label manufacturing business known as F. M, Howell & Co. As did his brothers, 
Fred lived in the family home on West Hill Street in Elmira and attended the Elmira 
Schools. After his High School graduation in 1879 he was employed by Fitch & 
Aldrich, a wood working business, and it was with John E. Aldrich (as his partner) 
that he started the above mentioned box business in 1883. Mr, Aldrich disposed of 
his share of this concern to John Brand, who in 1919 sold part of his interest to 
Fred and Chester Howell. From earliest boyhood Fred had attended the Lake Street 
Presbyterian Church of which his father was a Charter Member, and in 1874 he 
organized a Bible Class for Men and Boys. This class grew in size to 125 members 
during the forty years before his death. Every good or ill that happened to the mem- 
bers was felt as keenly by him as by them. He had many other interests but the 
Class came first in his mind. The 1926 addition to the Church was one of his deep 
interests; also the new YMCA of which he was President of the Board of Directors 
for several years, as well as his work on the Elmira College Trustee Board. In 
these activities as well as in the Chemung Valley Savings and Loan Association, he 
set and kept the same high standards that characterized his own business relations. 
He died in 1934. 

Sidney Llewellyn Howell 

Sidney Llewellyn Howell, the middle brother, came into Fred's business and 
stayed until 1899 when he left Elmira to go into the grocery business as a partner 
with Elmer Wanzer of Ithaca. In 1921 he formed his own business in real estate 
and insurance (now Howell and Stevens). Sidney had the deliberation and justness 
of his father and the sympathy and generosity of his mother. These traits drew to 
his side hundreds of friends in Ithaca, Besides this close touch with his fellow 
man, he was sincerely civic-minded, ready and capable of responsibility and a 
tower of strength in the First Presbyterian Church, For 8 years he was Super- 
visor from the 4th Ward and was Chairman of the Board of Supervisors at the time 
of the controversial building of the County Court House, Other activities in Ithaca 
gained largely from his participation, among them the Business Mens Association, 
the Chamber of Commerce, Rotary Club and the Liberty Loan Drives, He was a 
founder of the Savings and Loan Association and its President for many years of 
the time he worked for the welfare of Ithaca. He died in 1938. 


Ho r ton 

Barnabas Horton was born about 1600 in England and died 13 July 1680 at 
Southold, L. I. He came to America on the ship "Swallow" Jeremy Horton, 
Master, before 1638 and landed at Hampton, now in New Hampshire. In 
1640 he went to New Haven Ct. and later that year to Southold. In that place 
he was one of the early settlers, among others who were also ancestors of 
Eunice Horton wife of George Howell of Hector. 

Several times Barnabas was a member of the General Court of New 
Haven and Hartford, of which at that time Southold was under jurisdiction. 
His first wife was Anne Smith by whom he had 2 sons; Joseph & Benjamin. 
His second wife Mary Langdon had at least 8 children; Caleb b. 1640; Joshua 
b. 1643; Jonathan b, 1648; Hannah who mar. Barnabas Terril; Sarah m. 
Joseph Conklin; Mary m. Joseph Budd; Mercy mar. Christopher Youngs; 
Abigail mar. Charles Booth, 

Caleb Horton (son of Barnabas) b. 1640 d. 1702; married Abigail 
Hallock dau. of William. Their ch. were: Barnabas; Jonathan b. 1668; 
Rachel; David b. 1672 m. Mary Morton; Mary m. Nathan Terry; Abigail 
m. Benjamin More 3rd; Phebe; Esther m. Jonathan Mapes; also probably 
Nathan and Ruth were their children, 

Jonathan Horton (son of Caleb) b. 1 668 mar. 1693 Bethia Conklin. Of 
this generation fewer records remain. Jonathan d. 169*?; had a son 
Barnabas and a son Jonathan Jr. b. 1694 

Jonathan Horton (son of Jonathan) b. 1694 at Cutchogue mar, in 1720 
Elizabeth Goldsmith dau. of John St Elizabeth. Known children were Israel 
1728-1774 who mar. Sarah Lee; Jonathan b. 1730; Barnabas b. 1732; Zaccheus 
b. 1734; Bethia born 1736; and Elizabeth born 1739. 

Israel Horton (son of Jonathan Jr. ) was born in Cutchogue, Long Island 
about 1728 and died in Orange County N. Y. 1774. He had a commission 
as a Lieutenant in the old French War and was in charge of Fort Stanwix 
in 1758. About 1755 he married Sarah Lee b. 1733 dau. of Rev, JoBeph & 
Mary Allen Lee, Israel moved his family about 1762 to Goshen, Orange 
Co. They had on L. I. been members of the Southold Church and after the 
move were active members of the Warwick Presbyterian Church. 

Their children were: 
Israel Horton Jr. 1756-1813 mar. Anna Vandervort; he died in Phelps, 

Ontario Co. (now in Monroe Co, N. Y. ) 
Jason Horton born 1785 lived in Basking Ridge and died in Somerville, N.J. 

He married Mary Terry 
Jeremiah Horton 1759-1841 lived with his grandfather Lee on Long Island 

until 16 yrs. old (beginning of the Rev. War); then came to Orange Co. ; 

later lived at Blooming Grove in a stone house built by himself; 

married Mary Goldsmith 
Eunice Horton 1760/61 - 1835 married about 1775 George Howell & settled 

at Hector, N. Y. 
John Horton born 1763 mar. Deborah Terry at New Britain, Orange Co. in 

1785; removed in 1792 to Terrytown near Wyalusing, Pa. where he 

died in 1848 


Joseph Horton 1765-1831 mar. Hannah Todd at Sugar Loaf, Orange Co, in 

1791; removed first to Owego, N, Y, and then in 1831 to Palmyra where 

he died, 
Sarah Horton born 1767 died early 

Mary Horton b. 1768 m. John Clark; settled in Spencer, N. Y. 
Samuel Horton 1771-1793 was especially gifted in mechanics; went to N. Y. 

City; fell ill & died after return home. 
Benjamin Horton 1772-1856 mar. Hannah Vance in 1795 at Bellvale, Orange 

Co. ; removed to N. Y. City and then to Milan, Ohio where he died in 


The Lee Family 

Sarah Lee the wife of Israel Horton and mother of Eunice, was a daughter 
of the Rev. Joseph & Mary Allen Lee who were married 21 Aug, 1727 at Lyme, 
Conn, where Sarah was born 9 Aug. 1733. There were at least 4 other ch: 
Joseph Jr. b. 1737/8 in Lyme; Jason who was a minister; Hester b, 1735 who 
mar. Elder Zadock Darrow and Samuel. The family of their mother Mary 
Allen lived in Montville, Conn. 

The Rev. Joseph Lee was the third pastor of the church organized in 1728 
at Orient, then called Oysterponds in Southold, L. 1. ; coming there after 1759 
and remaining until 1775 when he returned to Lyme. He was "a quiet, meek, 
good but infirm man, faithful in the vineyard at all times, dispensing the word 
of Life equal to his strength and ability" 

The Lee Genealogical Tables trace Joseph's family back for three gener- 
ations. He was born 24 Nov. 1705 in Lyme, son of John & Elizabeth Smith 
Lee. John's father and grandfather were both named Thomas. 

After Israel Horton died in 1774, Sarah his wife married Parshall Terry 
who had lost his wife in the Wyoming Massacre. It is related that the combined 
households numbered 22 members, so many of them children that a school- 
master was hired to keep school in half of the family's double log house, 

Tuthill and Goldsmith Families 
A grandmother and a great grandmother of Eunice Horton were both named 
Elizabeth. The grandmother, Elizabeth Goldsmith b. 3 Nov. 1701 was a dau. by 
his 3rd wife of John, a nephew of Thomas Goldsmith of Southampton. Elizabeth 
Tuthill, John's 3rd wife, was the widow of William Welles. She was the 
daughter of Henry Tuthill of England and sister of John Tuthill b. 1607, one 
of the earliest Southold settlers. 

The Conklin Family 

Another great grandmother of Eunice Horton was Bethia Conklin who 
married Jonathan Horton in 1693. She was a grand-daughter of John "Conkleyne" 
b. 1603 who died 1684/5 and whose wife was Elizabeth Alsabrook. John & 
Elizabeth had a daughter Elizabeth (who m. Lieut. John Wood) and several 
sons: John Jr. ; Jacob; Benjamin; Joseph; Isaac and Timothy. Bethia was a 
daughter of one of these sons but of which one the records do not make clear. 


Probably as early as 1635 or before John Conklin and his brother Ananias 
came -from Nottingham, England. By 1638 they were established as glass- 
makers in Salem, Mass. Only common articles of glass were manufactured, 
such as window glass and bottles, but because these were needed, the General 
Court in Dec. 1641 authorized the town of Salem to lend the glassmakers 
30 pounds. By May 1649 the brothers had land granted to them by the town. 
However since all records of the glass works cease to appear about this 
time, it is likely that the business did not prove successful. 

After 1650 both John and Ananias Conklin came from Salem to Southold, 
L.I, where John remained (was buried there). But Ananias removed with 
his family after 2 or 3 years to East Hampton on the south side of the Island, 
leaving only John's family in Southold. Therefor the deduction is made that 
Bethia, of Southold, was a granddaughter of John. 

Hallock and Howell Relationships 

Eunice Horton Howell's great grandmother was Abigail Hallock (mar. 
Caleb Horton) a daughter of William who was called "the Puritan". 
William's father was Peter Hallock called "the Pilgrim". Peter whose name 
is listed as one of the first settlers of Southold left no record except in a 
tradition and in the name "Hallock' s Neck" which designation predated the 
allotment of Southold land. He is said to have come to Long Island, then 
gone back to England for his family and eventually returned with them. His 
2nd wife was the widow Howell who had a son Richard Howell and a daughter 
Margaret {their father's name not known) . This Richard was the first 
male Howell known to be in Southold. 

William Hallock son of Peter married Margaret Howell (the sister of 
Richard) his stepmother's daughter. From this marriage there were at 
least 9 children: Elizabeth; Margaret; Martha; Sarah; Abigail {who mar. 
Caleb Horton); John who mar. Abigail Swezy; Thomas b. 1660; Peter 1665; 
William Jr. 1667. 

Thus it would seem that Eunice Horton who married George Howell of 
Hector also had a strain of Howell blood from her great great great grand- 
mother Margaret Howell who married William Hallock. 


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1825 - 1907 
(taken about 1900) 


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(taken about 1900 

at i'ainleil IW, N V I 


1835 • 1866 


1 JAM hi. ,ui.l 1' A 11 MA 


1867- 1949 

(taken 1882) 

(taken about 1870) 


^~ Howell 
of Snjfand 


Lotto X^slarxd - 

Tkfer ftaf/ock 
&J Bnohnd A Southofd 

^ m&rnied 

0) .„ . v 

(2.) Widow 

—> r- 

J3ar/?abas Morton 
b, }Coo c England' 
d. liBo Souihold* 


i > 


-1 f- 

ftichand Howe/I W /Varaaret Wtflt'mm H*lkcK Caleb Horton 

Igt it*** Hen/ell , { mmed 

.' 9. l married. — I 

1-ioweit nme 
m Ssufhold 
l$nj $$ldhd 

JDsvid Howell 
of Indian Isldhdi 
Joothold - 

m&r. ~ . - 


John Conklin 

jr. pzretrh of 

fthoaii Hal lock 

Jonzthzn Morton 
- X$eihhConktin 


. dav, o£_ 
Henry Tutfall 

Jonathan Horton 
b. M>$4 mar. 



Georae b. l?So' 
]? unite. Hor'toti <*» 

— - Jeremiah hhwell 
\ '793 

flame/ £rerfs hlowell 

Chester Averts Howell 

Israel Morton b.iJiB* 

f insn Sar^h Lee 
I dec of 

Rev, Joseph Lee 



As early as 1639 James Bennett's name, also spelled Bennit, Bennite, 
Bennight, was listed in Concord, Massachusetts as a freeman, a citizen of 
that place. In 1644 he removed with his family to Fairfield, Connecticut where 
he died in 1659- 

His wife Hannah, a daughter of Thomas Wheeler, had the given name that 
was handed down through generations to so many of the daughters of this Bennett 
line, Thomas, a son of the first James and this Hannah, married Elizabeth 
Thompson and they called one son James for his grandfather. 

James of the third generation was born Aug, 1675; his wife was Deborah, a 
daughter of Abraham Adams of Danbury. Thus came the name Abraham into 
the Bennett family, being used for the next four generations; by Abraham 
Bennett Sr. born about 1715; by Abraham Jr. born about 1742; by Abraham 
3rd born 1778 and by his son Abraham William Henry Harrison Bennett born 

Abraham Bennett 3rd came to Chemung Co. N. Y, from Orange Co. 8t 
settled near Big Flats. He and his wife Peggy were buried in its yard when the 
Baptist Church was near Sing Sing Creek. 

Before the War of the Revolution, Abraham Bennett Sr. sold his land in 
Fairfield County, Connecticut in Ridgefield and took his family across the 
Hudson River. By 1775 he and Abraham Jr. were living in the town of War- 
wick, Orange County, N. Y, after temporary locations in N.J. and in that part 
of northern Pennsylvania to which the Colony of Connecticut then laid claim. 
Assessment and militia rolls of Warwick show listed together the names of 
Abraham and Abraham Jr. As late as 1777 Abraham Sr. received pay for 
militia service and he was probably alive in 1784 when Abraham Jr. signed a 
receipt using Jr. after his name. However the 1790 census lacks the name 
of Abraham Sr. so it can be reasonably assumed that he died between the 1784 
receipt date and the census taking. 

Except for that of Abraham Jr. the names of the children of the older 
Abraham are at present unknown. Their mother was Silence, daughter of 
Samuel Hickox of Waterbury Conn. She was born there in 1713 and was 
married to Abraham Bennett {Sr) in 1737 before the removal from Connecticut, 

Abraham Bennett Jr. was born about 1742 and died in Warwick, Orange 
County in 1795 not so long after his father's death. Letters of Administration 
were issued to his wife on Sept. 14 of that year; to Jerusha Wanzer Bennett who 
by her husband's death was left with a family of twelve children, the eldest 
son being about 25 years old. 

The story of the early Bennetts in Chemung County is that of how the widow 
Jerusha solved her problems. About 1800 she came to what was then Tioga 
County, now Chemung. As her sons became ready for their own homes, deeds 
indicate she set them up on farms, doubtless having a home with each one for a 
time. The youngest, Daniel, had his land in Howard, Steuben Co, N, Y. and it 
was there that Jerusha in 1820 signed seemingly her last deed. This location 


in Howard was called Bennett's Flats. The other sons were successful farmers 
in Chemung and Steuben Counties. One son, Comfort Bennett, was described 
in the County History as the largest land owner within the range of five counties. 

About 1878 during a revival of interest in family history, Hannah Breed a 
granddaughter of Abraham 3rd made out a Bennett family record. Much of it 
deals with the generation of her parents, Samuel and Telina Bennett Minier, 
but it also gives the following about her Bennett ancestors. 

Records of Hannah Minier Breed: 

Abraham Bennett married Jerusha Wanzer. Their children: 

Jacob born 1772 married (1) Hannah Mapes or Julia Benjamin * 

(2) Thankful Stephens (3) Charlotte Getchell 

Benjamin married Susan McConnell 

Comfort married Abigail Hastings 

John married Sally Rockwell 

Polly married Silas Breese 

Rhoda married Thomas Scofield 

Deborah married Elias Breese 

Abraham b. 1778 married Peggy Burt 

Nancy married William Rockwell 

Daniel married Clarissa Doleby 

* this entry copied as found 

Besides the above list there is also among these records a list of the children 
of four of the sons of Abraham & Jerusha (Jacob, Benjamin, Daniel and Abraham) 
with the names of their wives and children. To these lists the compiler has 
added data collected from printed sources, court and bible records, 

Abraham Bennett 3rd was born 7 August 1778 son of Abraham and Jerusha 
Wanzer Bennett in Orange Co. N. Y. He died 7 March 1854 near Big Flats in 
the town of Corning, Steuben County. His farm was located just west of Big 
Flats (of Chemung Co.) on the old Big Flats -Corning Road, He married (1) 
Peggy Burt born on 1 Oct, 1781 daughter of Thomas Burt of Chemung. She died 
on 10 April 1839. On 25 August 1839 he married (2) Nancy Goff, Wid. 

children by Peggy Burt Bennett 

Dares Charles Bennett b. 22 Jan. 1803 died 16 Dec. 188Z 

Telman Nestor Bennett born 9 April 1805 died 1892 

Telina Bennett born 21 July 1807 died 7 Oct. 1881 

Pantha Bennett born 16 Sept. 1809 died 15 Oct. 1843 

Lorinda Bennett born 22 April 1812 died 30 Oct, 1857 

Nelson Wright Bennett born 11 July 1814 d-- 

Atlas Bithon Bennett born 16 April 1817 died 25 Nov. 1876 

Sabrina Bennett born 2 June 1819 died 14 Oct. 1847 
children by Nancy Goff Bennett 

Peggy horn 28 July 1840 died Oct. 1904 

Abram Wm. Henry Harrison Bennett b. 6 Nov, 1842 d. 1872 

Chemung deeds (old Tioga County) show Abraham and Peggy first lived near 
Thomas Burt but sold this first land holding and moved to the Big Flats area. 


will and surrogate papers of Abraham are at Bath, N. Y. showing Nancy as 
wife; that her children were Peggy and Abram W.H. H. Bennett, minors; that 
Pantha was the mother of Charles, George and Margaret Woolcott; that Nelson 
W. Bennett had heirs to whom were given title to 320 acres in De Kalb Co. , 
Illinois; that Margaret Wolcott and Margaret Minier were each to have a bed and 
bedding their choice of the chamber bedrooms. As Executors he named "sons- 
in-law" Samuel Minier, Henry Minier and Frederick Wolcott in care "until 
Abram W.H.H. Bennett be 21 years old" 

The Executors 1 "next-of-kin" list: 
Dares C, Bennett of Bristol, Kendall County, Illinois 
Telman Bennett and 

Nelson W. Bennett both of Rocky Run, Columbia County, Wisconsin 
Atlas B. Bennett of Ulysses, Potter County, Penna. 
Telina wife of Samuel Minier and 

Lorinda wife of Henry Minier all of Big Flats, Chemung Co. N. Y. 
Charles Wolcott of Corning, Steuben County, N. Y. 
A, W.H.H. and Peggy Bennett, minors 
Margaret Elizabeth and George Wolcott, minors 
Nancy, the widow of Steuben Co. N. Y. 

Families of Abraham's children 
Dares C. Bennett was born 1803 and died 1882. He married Pamela Fuller 

and their children were: Maria born about 1831 married Haywood; Mande- 

ville born about 1833; Myron born about 1838; Morgan born about 1840; 
Margaret born about 1846; and Elizabeth. The census names another daughter, 
Mensie, born 1849. Before moving to Illinois, Dares lived in Chemung County 
on land purchased from his father in 1837, described as being on "Bays 

* Telman N. Bennett was born 1805 and died 1892. He married Sally Ann 

and their children were; Morris who married Mar ilia Riker (and had ch: Esther, 
Oscar, Agnes, George, Lizzie, Nellie and Levi); Atlas who married --- (and 
had ch: Ida, Sabrina, Telman, Hattie, Henry Minier, Oscar and Abram) 

Nelson W. Bennett was born 1814 and died ---, He married Harriet Rowley 
and their children were: Margaret, Charles, Minier and Corbett Bennett. 

Atlas B. Bennett born 1817 died 1876 youngest son of Abraham and Peggy. 
He married Clarissa Gaff and their children were Nancy and Telman. Nancy 
married Henry Gridley and had one daughter Clara who married Bennett. 

Abraham William Henry Harrison Bennett son of Abraham and his second 
wife Nancy was born in 1840 and died in 1872. He married Alice Haw ley and 
their children were Nellie who died early and Ida who died unmarried. 

Telina Bennett daughter of Abraham and Peggy was born 1807 and died 1881. 
She married Samuel Minier and their children were: Christiana, Abraham, 
Lorinda, Ira, Hannah (from whose records came the names of her cousins and 
their families) Margaret, Fatima, William Henry, Pantha, Samuel John and 

* See other ch. in Bennett Gen. (1955) L.J. & L. A. Bennett, Huron, So. Dak. 
(Adas born 1832; Morris 1833; Henry 1835; Jeffrey 1837; Burton 1839; 
Mary Elizabeth 1841; Oscar 1845; Telina 1847; Abram 1850) 


Pantha Bennett, born 1809 and died 1843, was a daughter of Abraham & 
Peggy; was married 1 Dec. 1830 to Frederick Wolcott born 
27 June 1806 and died 18 June 1873. 
their 3 children: 
Margaret Wolcott born 3 Oct. 1833 married Orin Gray; both died in Lincoln, 

George Wolcott born 10 June 1838 died 12 Jan. 1903. He mar. Amanda Ferenbaugh. 
Charles Wolcott, the eldest, was born 11 June 1832 and died 3 March 1915; 

married on 1 Jan. 1886 Huldah Jane Gillett a dau. of Aaron & Char- 
lotte Hill Gillett; their dau: 
Adelaide married 1 May 1884 Francis Eugene Easterbrook, son of the Rev. 
Isaac Easterbrook, a Baptist minister who officiated at many 
funerals and weddings in Big Flats between 1847 and 1876. His 
grandson Leslie has the original diary-account book of the Rev. 
Isaac, ch. of F. Eugene and Adelaide: 
Harriet Jane Easterbrook of Big Flats has a deed to land given by Abraham 
Bennett to Frederick Wolcott, "in consideration of five Dollars and 
the natural affection I have for his (Frederick's) wife Panthy" 
Claude L. Easterbrook of Elmira died 1938; mar. Martha Carpenter; their 

dau. Thelma Rose m. 1939 Philip Thrasher. 
Raymond L. Easterbrook of Horseheads m. Maude Fitzsimmons; 3 ch: 

Jane M. m. 1956 Richard Stone; Raymond & Jean 
Lucius (Luel) Easterbrook died in 1915 

Leslie Leon Easterbrook mar. Elsie Heib; son Charles mar. Lucile Smith 
of Brooklyn; their son Glen Starr b. 1954. 

Lorinda Bennett, born 1812 died 1857 daughter of Abraham & Peggy married 
Henry Minier; no children. Henry m. (2) Sarah S-- 

Sabrina Bennett born 1819 died 1847 daughter of Abraham & Peggy, married 
George W. Longstreet. They had no children 

Peggy Bennett born 1840 died 1904 daughter of Abraham and his 2nd wife 
Nancy, married William Henry Chaphe; their children were: 
Nannie, William, Henry Jr. , Charles, Robert and Allen Bennett 

Certain Records of the other children of Abraham and Jerusha Wanzer 
Bennett (besides those of Abraham outlined above) have been collected by the 
compiler from various sources. They show Chemung and Steuben County 
Bennett relationships as follows: 

Jacob Bennett, son of Abraham and Jerusha, was born 3 June 1772 and died 
7 December 1851. He was born in New Jersey (by tradition) and came from 
Orange Co. N. Y. to be an early settler of Howard, Steuben Co, N. Y. where he 
was buried. An account in one of the County histories and the Hannah Breed 
records agree that he had three wives but Hannah Mapes' name is not mentioned 
in the historical account, which gives (1) Julia Benjamin (2) Thankful Baker 
(3) Charlotte Getchell who was buried next to him. His will and the Surrogate 
papers with it name 16 children, agreeing with the family records. The order 
in which the names of the children are given on the next page is that in the 
Hannah Breed data, as well as the names of the spouses and the number of each 


families' children. By tradition the first nine children were by the first wife, 
the next two by the' second and the last five by Charlotte. 

Jacob Bennett's children: 
Isaac died 26 Mch. 1836 ae 42 yrs. He married Lydia Rathbone who died 

27 Sept. 1861 aged 61 yrs. Of their four children 3 are named in Jacob's 

will: Helen L. and Julia J. , both minors & Lydia R. who married Otis 

Jerusha married Wm, Sabin; lived in Howard & had 10 children. 
Abram married Emily Rathbone; lived in 1852 at Waterford, Crawford County, 

Penna; had 5 children 
Benjamin B, married Mary Ann Armstrong (or Van Wie). He died 3 Jan. 1865 

aged 64 yrs. Mary Ann d. 21 June 1894 aged 85. ch: David, Adelia, Amanda, 

Oscar F. , Asenath, Omer F. & Mary. 
Maria married David Winnie; lived in 1852 Silver Creek, 111. 
Betsey married David 'Getchell; lived in 1852 at Silver Creek, Stephenson County, 

Asenath (died before 1952) married Jesse Wells; children lived at Silver Creek, 

111. : Lydia J, wife of Ross Babcock; Eunice, wife of Luke Farewill; Haskell 

R. Wells; Isaac B. Wells; and the minors Harris G. , Jesse B. and Rhoda 

John W. D. Fletcher Bennett married Prudence Baker; lived at Hiraman (Hiram?) 

Center, Portage County, Ohio; 1 child 
Adeline married William Nichols; lived at Florida, Michigan 
Jeremiah (died before 1852) married Anne Winne. His children were Harvey & 

Lewis Bennett of Howard, Steuben County, N. Y. 
Jacob B. married Jane Clark; lived in 1852 in Howard. 
Daniel married Maroe Rose; in 1852 was living in Troy, Granger County, Ohio; 

they had 5 children 
Comfort lived in Howard, Steuben County, N, Y. 
Nancy married Sidney Mesick and had 4 children. In 1852 she was not yet 

married; was living in Howard 
Philip married Maria Rose. He was a minor in 1852 in Howard. 
Deborah mar. William B. Freelove; buried at Howard "Deborah wife of Wm. B. 

Freelove and daughter of Jacob & Charlotte Bennett died Mrch. 21, 1856 

aged 19 yrs. 9 months & 3 days" 

John Bennett son of Abraham and Jerusha Bennett was born 4 April 1786 in 
Orange County N. Y. and died 8 Feb. 1837 in Big Flats, N, Y. His wife was Sally 
Rockwell, the widow Atwood, the daughter of Jonathan Rockwell. She was born 
on the same day as was John Bennett and died 29 Nov. 1849. John's will & 
Surrogate papers with other records show these children: 

Comfort given part of the farm owned "by my brother Comfort and myself" 

Jerusha wife of Edmund Brace of Penna. 

Deborah wife of Philip Reiser (or Reeser) 

Thomas b. May 1815 d. Aug. 1881 m. Sybil Spencer who d. 1846 

Elias, a minor in 1837 

Josiah b. June 1820 married Harriet Edminster 

Hannah b. 15 March 1823 was married before 7 Feb. 1838 when her husband 
Harvey M. Delaney replaced a guardian (Henry Minier) appointed in 1837 

Miles Covell Bennett the youngest son 

In John's will Milla Atwood "daughter of my wife, " and Horace Pound were 
left money due from the Atwood farm by the will of the grandfather, Benjamin 


Daniel N. Bennett, son of Abraham and Jerusha, was born in Orange Co. , 
N. Y. 2? Oct. 1793 and died 8 June 1875. He mar. Clarissa Doleby and her stone 
at Howard reads "Clarissa wife of Daniel N. Bennitt, died Sept. 30, 1869 aged 
71 yrs. and 7 months". The land that in 1810 Daniel and his mother Jerusha 
acquired before he was 17 years old, was called the Turnpike tract in town #4 
of the 5th Range of Canisteo. In 1820 when this was sold the indenture was signed 
by Daniel, Jerusha and Clarissa, Daniel's will made in 1867 was probated 1876. 

Daniel Bennett's children (4 of 11 died in infancy): 
Marilla married Daniel Hamilton; had 2 daughters: one dau. , Edith Ella married 
Orlando Braisted of Howard and had a son Daniel L, Braisted who was care- 
taker 1939 Howard Cem, 
Alkali, a son was an Executor of his father's will. He was buried at Howard 

"Alkali Bennitt d. Jan. 20, 1877 ae 54 yrs. 3 mo. 22 days; his wife Harriet 
M. Goff d. Aug, 29. 1889 aged 61 yrs. 6 mo. 13 days" They had 3 children; 
one was Daniel R. Bennitt who had a son Lewis R. Bennitt. 
Lodaski "wife of Charles Graves and daughter of Daniel N. & Clarissa Bennitt 
died Feb. 1, 1859 aged 31 yrs. 1 mo. 17 days" "Charles Graves born 1812 
died 1898", In the Hannah Breed records he is called Coolage Graves. 
Fidelia married Abram Sharpe and had 2 children 
Albina married Horace H. Hamilton who died 30 Sept. 1897 aged 51 yrs. 4 mo. 

7 days. His stone is next that of Mott, a child, 
Betsey married Henry Ranger and had one child 

George, an Executor of his father's will, married Orilla Ranger and they had 
4 children. "George Bennitt died Nov. 9, 1897 aged 61 yrs. 8 mo, 23 days; 
Orilla died June 28, 1909 aged 73 yrs. 10 mo. 8 days". Their children 
were: Miles born I860 died 1928 (married Josie Culver who was alive 1939) 
Fay Bennett; Burt Bennet {alive 1929) and Erva Bennett who died in 1885 
aged 20 yrs. 

Comfort Bennett, son of Abraham and Jerusha, was born 18 January 1781 
in Warwick, Orange Co., N. Y. and died in Horseheads N. Y. 12 Aug. 1864. He 
married Abigail dau. of Alexander Miller, referred to in the Breed records as 
Abigail Hastings who died 27 Feb. 1872 aged 83 yrs, 9 months. They had 12 
children, four of whom are not named in the 1862 dated will of Comfort. 

The other children {known) 
George born 17 Nov. 1810 died 28 Oct, 1893 mar. 1833 Patty Swartwood 

(1811-1891) lived in Horseheads; had 3 daughters 
Sally married Joseph Livesay of Big Flats, Chemung County 
Nancy married Benjamin Smith of Big Flats 
Morris born 1823 died 1874 buried on Horseheads plot with his father, with wives, 

Melissa (d, 1849 ae 24) Jane Ross {1822-1897) 
Horace of Horseheads, Chemung County 
Clarinda married Thomas Pattinson of Elrnira 
Andrew J, lived in Horseheads in 1862 

Chester is buried in Sing Sing Cem. Big Flats, died young; 
others not named in the will are John, Charles, Mary 

Benjamin Bennett, son of Abraham and Jerusna, married Susan MoConnell. 
All that is known about him comes from the Hannah Breed records and the 
Howard Cemetery stones. 

Benjamin Bennett's children: 
Mary Bennett married Delavan Doleby 


Abram Bennett married Elmira Burlison; one child 

Philip Bennett mar, Mary Alden; stones at Howard "Philip born 1802 died 1868; 

Mary his wife born 1811 died 1907" They had 3 children and two of them 

were: Horace born 1841 died 1930 buried next to his wife also named Mary 

1844-1908; and a son Ira born 1848 who died 1928 
Carius Bennett married Nancy Haskins and had 5 children. 
Edward N. Bennett mar. Clarissa Dolly. He died 2 Feb. 1854 ae 39 yrs. 5 mo, 

18 days. Buried beside him are 2 ch: John died 1850 aged 3 yrs It Helen 

died 1853 aged 11 yrs. 
Ermina Bennett mar. Jededeah Stevens and had 9 children. 
Emeline Bennett mar. Calvin Graves and had 5 children. 

Bennett References 

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p. 137 "The Episcopalian Church was destroyed 1779 by the British, also 

its records; but the cemetery has a stone 'Abraham Adams, a worthy 

founder and Liberal Benefactor of Trinity Church' "(dau. Deborah mar, 

Jas. Bennett) 
Steuben County Deeds at Bath, N. Y, Bk. 6, p. 163 fit Bk. 14, p. 405 

Daniel & (mother) Jerusha; Bk. 17, p, 133 Abraham fit Peggy 


flevj £no(ancf and 

OranoQ County, jY^ 

James Bermelf 

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Thomas Stnnetf 
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James BenneM Thomss WelhnQ 

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#dam$ i . H 

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Abraham Btnneit ) * ^T* 
g,K$do>ite J , IW r 

MtcKox , 'Thomas Weilmo 

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Abraham Benneif' & ^eoy Burt" 

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Oawvef Minier 2* Tefina Benneif 



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Chester £veri$ r/oweif 

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HtnryBvrfJrom tngland M35; /o /?ox6ory /*7ass J 638 
. Wt'fddm yolibn t'n tfs rf-fo rtf t Ce>« n , J £ 3 4 
Thomas Weifiha &n l<m§ Island U$0;7homas * to Orange G°* 
Yftlhzrri fittden tn We+henfttW,Conn- I*** 



f^fbmSfyiies made tyAbna* Wrlqht, Chemvncf Co,N.¥,ri$}oriM-&KttJ}erf fork 
Jndm WirSifnalSpo? 


m tyJJ.fincA/ 

' m I 

Site of 

tiieold Indian 

War Town 


yyy > 

ChemtMij ** 

Q = THOMAS BURT'S cabin 
at the time of his 1786 settlement 


1782 - 1839 

wife of 
Abraham Bennett 



(in 1963) 

\fa mile north 


Route 17 

on the 


Airpon Road 





Henry Burt came from Harberton in Devonshire, England, a place about 
twenty miles from Plymouth in 1635. He had married Ulalia Marche of a 
Huguenot family living in the neighboring town of Deanprior. By 1638 he and 
his family were in Roxbury, Massachusetts and in 1640 he went to Springfield 
to settle. Here at Springfield he was "clarke of the writs" and his signature 
and handwriting show he had more than the usual education for a man of those 
times. When he removed from Roxbury, Henry had fourteen children and be- 
cause of the large size of his family he was given a larger allotment of land 
than the others who came at the same time to settle at Springfield. Ulalia his 
wife lived until 1690 but Henry died at Springfield in 166Z. 

David Burt born 1632 son of Henry ventured up the Connecticut River valley 
and lived at Deerfield, a place at that time deep in Indian -held territory. In 
this region it was found that the fort -like houses built for protection were of 
little help in Indian surprise attacks. Two such attacks were so very savage 
that their accounts in histories call them the Deerfield "massacres" of 1696 
and of 1704. 

In each of these years the Indians descended unexpectedly from the north 
and without mercy attempted to wipe out the settlement. Two years before the 
February 1704 raid, Benjamin Burt (1680-1759) son of David had married 
Sarah, a daughter of Daniel B eld en of Deerfield whose first wife was killed in 
the 1696 raid and his second in that of 1704. 

After the raid of 1704 Benjamin and Sarah, doubtless glad to be alive, found 
themselves being marched as prisoners of the Indians through the forests. 
Their destination later was learned to be Chambly, Canada. But because of the 
time of the year and the hardships of the trail, many of the prisoners died be- 
fore this place was reached. However Sarah must have had a wealth of physical, 
mental and moral strength to draw upon, for before the long march was over, 
she gave birth to her first child, a boy whom they called by the name of 
Christopher. About two years later, friends of the Burt and Belden families 
effected a trade of prisoners which released Sarah, Benjamin and the baby. 
They were sent home by boat through the St, Lawrence River and the Atlantic 
as far as Boston. On shipboard a second child was born whom they appropriately 
called Seaborn. 

This safe return to Deerfield was a most remarkable ending to the usual 
one-way journey of an Indian captive. A list has been made of the relatives of 
Benjamin and Sarah whose fate was not so happy. This list reveals that be- 
tween the years 1677 and 1704 the Burt side of this family lost nine members 
through Indian depredations: Benjamin's brothers David and John, three uncles, 
two cousins and the wife and child of a cousin. On Sarah's side of the family 
her mother was killed in I696 as were two brothers and a sister. In 1677 two of 
her cousins and the child of one were killed. On the march to Canada in 1704 
her step-mother perished. In all the losses totaled seventeen. 


After Benjamin and Sarah returned to Deerfield the third son, Benjamin Jr. 
was born in 1707, Shortly after this date the family removed to Ridgefield in 
Connecticut. There Benjamin Sr. became a town proprietor, one of the original 
land holders, and there he lived until his death in 1759. 

Benjamin Jr. (1707-1796) did not remain in Connecticut, When a young man 
he went to the town of Warwick, Orange Co. N. Y. where his uncle Daniel Burt 
had settled. Benjamin married in Warwick the daughter Anna of Thomas Blain 
■who had come to Orange County about 1721. 

Being of a frontier family is is not surprising to find in Colonial records 
the entry that "unto Lieut. Benjamine. Burt for himself and Detachments (for) 
scouting in Aug. 1753 on the western frontier of Ulster County {pay of) 
til 15s 6d". This is an Orange County militia record. Tradition has it that 
Benjamin and Anna Blain Burt "lived to a good old age and died an hour apart on 
the same day in 1796". We know the names of their large family. Several of 
their sons following the custom of all of the Burt generations before them in thiB 
country moved westward to make pioneer homes. 

Soon after the War of the Revolution three of these sons, Thomas , Benjamin 
and David came to the town of Chemung as early settlers. This township in 
New York State at first in Montgomery County then in "old" Tioga County was 
much larger than it is now; in fact covered until 1792 about the same territory 
as is now claimed by Chemung County. 

The town of Chemung was part of New York lands surveyed after the war 
of the Revolution by John Hathorn of Orange County under whom Thomas Burt 
had served. A certificate of survey was issued (the document on file in the Office 
of the New York Secretary of State) on Nov, 6, 1788 to Thomas Burt, Richard 
Welling and Thomas Welling for 2, 300 acres in the town of Chemung. Ten days 
later, on Nov. 16, this certificate was assigned to John Hathorn. The early 
deeds of Chemung show only that by June 6, 1796 Thomas Burt was in possession 
of a large part of Lot # 7 of Chemung, some 600 acres. 

Thomas Burt's land in this town was near the old Chemung Indian War Camp 
located about where the village now stands. His brothers Benjamin and David 
both settled a little farther north near the present village of Wellsburg six 
miles south of Elmira, which was then called Newtown, Their stones in the 
cemetery at Wellsburg read as follows: 

"Benjamin Burt died May 10, 1826 ae 77 years 2 months 1 day 
Joanna Parshall his wife d. Mar. 20, 1850 ae 93 yrs, 1 mo. 4 ds. 
David Burt died June 20, 1828 aged 68 years 3 months 5 days 
Mrs. Hannah (wife) died May 6, 1824 ae 48 yrs. 10 months 8 days" 

In Elmira members of at least one family can trace back to both Thomas 
Burt b, 1752 and to his brother Benjamin born 1749- The children of Chester 
Howell Jr. have descent from Thomas. Their descent from Benjamin is through 
Chester's wife, Georgia Isabel Lawman, daughter of Martin who was son of 
George Lowman who married Isabel Burt born about 1830, daughter of David 
Burt born about 1786 son of Benjamin born 1749- 


In Ausburn Towner's History of Chemung Co. it is related that Thomas 
Burt came from Warwick to Chemung early in the spring of 1786 and that he 
married a sister of Thomas Welling; that in 1796 Thomas Welling Jr. and his 
wife Sybil gave to Thomas Burt a deed to land in Lot #7 as "their free act". 
This may have been in settlement of the estate of Thomas Welling Sr. whose 
will made in 1784 was probated in Orange County on April 29, 1796. The name 
of the Welling daughter who married Thomas Burt is not known. She may have 
died before 1784; certainly her death must have been prior to the earliest grantor 
deed legally made by Thomas Burt for Chemung land (the one dated 30 July 1801) 
since her signature here is not found, (as co -grantor) according to the custom 
followed in other deeds made at the same time and place. By tradition Thomas 
Burt married for his second wife Betty Hathorn; his two younger children were 
named Hathorn and Betsey. 

In his pension application for service in the War of the Revolution, Thomas 
Burt furnished us with his otherwise unknown birthdate. In this application he 
stated he was born in Warwick, Orange County, N. Y. May 26, 1752. He was 
allowed a pension for part of his war service; this he drew for his last ten 
years, until his death on July 24, 1842 aged ninety years. 

His children: 

Anna who married Abraham Westbrook 

Peggy born Oct. 1, 1781 married Abraham Bennett 

Thomas born about 1777 married Eunice Cook 

Sally born 1787 married Vine Baldwin 

Hathorn born before 1800 died early 

Betsey born before 1800 died unmarried 
The names on this list are from family records. In the County History (Town- 
er's) one finds "Among those who went to school in the first schoolhouse (in 
Chemung) were the Buck, Wyncoop and McDowell children and also Thomas and 
Hathorn Burt and their sisters Peggy, Sally and Betsey". This omits Anna who 
was apparently the eldest daughter and probably was married before the school 

The house of Thomas Burt was on the old Sullivan trail laid out in 1779 by 
the General's soldiers during the expedition into central New York to paralyze 
in that region the Indians who were such a menace in the early part of the War, 
The Battle of Newtown, the decisive conflict of this campaign, was taught on 
a hill a few miles north of the Indian War Camp site at Chemung, Just north of 
this Indian town, Sullivan's military road left the river bank and was led up over 
the side of the steep hill that to the east of the river is a precipitous rock mass 
rising abruptly from the water's edge. This hill with the bend in the river 
creates the rapid water known as the Chemung "narrows", 

Thomas Burt's house, now gone, was yet standing in 1892 and Ausburn 
Towner wrote a good part of his County History in the house of Miles Baldwin, a 
grandson of Thomas Burt, The location of the older structure was about four 
rods west of the Baldwin house which is a short distance up the hill from the 
point where the old road leaves the present highway at the west edge of Chemung 


Peggy Burt born 1781 married Abraham Bennett who was of a family also 
from Warwick, Orange County. Peggy was born on Oct. 1 in 1781 and died 
April 10, 1839- She was before marriage August 30, 1800 a member of the 
first Baptist Church congregation formed in the Chemung valley. The 1803 
records in the Church Book show a "Dismission from this Church to Peggy 
Bennitt when joined to another of the same faith". This second church was 
the one on Sing Sing Creek in Big Flats formed by the Rev, Roswell Goff. 
Near the site of this old church, long since gone, are her gravestone and that 
of Abraham, It was about 1803 that Abraham purchased part of the land that 
made up his farm just west of the village of Big Flats. The names of the 
children of Peggy and Abraham Bennett are given as a part of the Bennett 

Records concerning the other children of Thomas Burt are not to be found 
in any of the Burt genealogies and are for that reason included in the following 

Anna Burt, the oldest daughter and perhaps the oldest of Thomas Burt's 
children, married Abraham Westbrook, It would seem that theirs is the family 
listed in the 1800 census of Ontario County, N, Y. In the town of Phelps the 
age of the wife of Abraham Westbrook is given as between 16 and 26 years. 
In December of 1800 Abraham Vanacen Westbrook and his wife Anna gave a 
deed for land in Lot # 1 of Town 11, Phelps & Gorham Purchase, Ontario Co. 
This land was next to the land of the John Feather ly family. In 1840 a deed 
given by Thomas Burt Sr. of Chemung for land in Lot #7 was worded to 
Elizabeth Ann Westbrook and Sarah Ann Featherly both of Wayne Co. Mich, 
grandaughters". This shows basis for the claim that after Abraham Westbrook 
died, his widow Anna became the wife of one of the members of the Featherly 

Sally Burt born May 1, 1787 married Vine Baldwin who, as is related in 
the County History, was the first white child born in Chemung township. Vine 
died June 21, 1872 and Sally on May 8, 1864. In 1836 Thomas Burt gave land 
to Miles C. and Morgan J. Baldwin "grandsons by my daughter Sarah" (quoting 
the wording of the deed) 

Children of Vine and Sarah Baldwin: 
Charlotte L. Baldwin was born Aug. 17, 1809 
Thomas Burt Baldwin was born Mch. 22, 1811 
Robert C. Baldwin was born Mch. 25, 1813 
Vine H. Baldwin was born Mch. 8, 1815 
Morgan J. Baldwin was born Feb. 14, 1817 
Miles C. Baldwin was born Nov. 5, 1819 
Mary E. Baldwin was born Sept. 30, 1821 
Martha M. Baldwin was born May 10, 1825 

Miles C. Baldwin born Nov. 5, 1819 at Ridgebury, 
Bradford County, Pa. married at Wysocks, Bradford Co. 
Mary Ann Smith born April 28, 1828 

Betsey Burt, daughter of Thomas Burt Sr, was born before 1800 and died 
after 185 5 according to the census records. She was the daughter who, tradition 


says, "kept house 1 ' for her father and was called Aunt Betsey. In 1836 Thomas 
Burt deeded 101 acres of Lot #7 to "Elizabeth Burt my daughter". 

Hathorn Burt the youngest son of Thomas Burt Sr. was born before 1800 
and died early. 

Thomas Burt Jr. died May 11, 1843 aged 66 years. Dying but one year 
later than his father, he was buried in the old cemetery on the main road in the 
village of Chemung. His inscribed stone still stands. Next to it is an old slate - 
stone with its marking gone, which probably designates the last resting place 
of Thomas Burt Sr. There are no documents in the Surrogates Office at Elmira 
for either of the two Thomas Burts, but other court records have supplied some 
information concerning Thomas Jr. and his family. Hi's marriage was to 
Eunice, a daughter of Aaron Cook, whose property about 1836 was distributed. 
From this division Eunice had a share in 120 acres in the town of Big Flats, 
land on which the widow Lucy Cook was living. In 1838 Morris A. Burt, a son 
of Thomas Jr. died. His death apparently was not unexpected, since only 21 
years old, he left a will outlining in detail the disposition of his claim to "land 
intailed to me by my grandfather Thomas Burt, Seignor". This land Morris 
willed to his mother for her life "likewise my grey colt, ten sheep and french 
bedstead to be and remain my Mother's". After her death the land was to go to 
Urial Burt, the brother of Morris. Evidently this will dated July 3, 1838 
{before the death of Thomas Burt in 1842 or Thomas Jr. in 1843) was recognized 
as legal in 1844 when it was probated on May 30, that year. 

An affidavit dated May 13, 1844 by Jacob P. Jackson names "next-of-kin" 
of Morris A, Burt as: "his mother, named in the will being Eunice Burt 
residing in Chemung; one brother Urial also of Chemung; Julia Ann Filds, 
wife of Samuel Felds (spelled both ways); Polly wife of the deponent, now 
deceased and leaving no heir; and Lucy Burt all of Chemung; 

that Urial and Lucy were minors and that the father of Morris A. Burt was 

Thomas Burt Jr. of Chemung, deceased". 

Of Urial Burt who, by the above account, appears to have been in 1844 the 
only male descendant of Thomas Burt, Sr. we have the following later record: 
In 1865 the N. Y. State census listed Urial Burt aged 34 at that date; his wife 
Deborah was 35 and their children were Evangeline aged 12 years and John W. 
Burt aged 9 and Ella aged 3 years. 

At the present date there are in Chemung County many who can claim descent 
from Benjamin and David Burt, brothers of Thomas, but if the latter has 
descendants named Burt, seemingly they must trace their ancestry through 
Urial Burt, 


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Pension Application #S 23140 Rev. War service of Thomas Burt birth & death 
dates {at the US Archives, Wash. D. C. ) 

N. Y. in the Revolution 1904 J. A. Roberts Vol. 1, page 162 shows Thomas & 
Benj. Burt privates in the 4th Orange Co. militia. 

Hist, Chemung Co. N. Y. 1892 Ausburn Towner p. 452 Early in the spring of 
1786 Maj. Wm. Wyncoop, Wm. Buck & son Elijah, Enoch Warren & 
Enoch Jr. & Thomas Burt came up the Susquehannah St Chemung Rivers in 
canoes & Durham boats. With their families they made a settlement ex- 
tending from Wyncoops Creek west to the second narrows hill. p. 455 Thomas 
Burt who was one of the early settlers came on horseback from Warwick 
to Chemung --{part about Thomas Welling deed to Thos, Burt already 
quoted) p. 457 location of the old Thomas Burt house p. 458 gives names of 
ch. of Thomas Burt who went to the first school as Thomas Jr. Hathorn; 
Peggy; Sally & Betsey. 

Records of Hannah Minier Breed b. 1838 granddau. of Peggy Burt names Anna 
who mar. Abram Westbrook as a dau. of Thos. Burt. 

Tioga County, N. Y. Deeds at Owego Vol. 7, page 364 July 30, 1801 Thomas 
Burt of Chemung sold Geo. Cooper part of "land received June 6, 1796 
from Thomas Welling Jr. and wife Sybil --land which Thomas Burt now 
lawfully and rightfully seized in his own right of a good sure and indefeasible 
estate of inheritance in fee simple of and to the before described" 
Lot (#7 of the town of Chemung) 

Transcribed Tioga County Deeds at Elmira, N. Y. Vol. 6, page 56, 6 July 1824 
Thomas Burt of Chemung to Abraham Bennett, Big Flats 30 acres of Lot #7 
Chemung; Vol. 7, page 376, 15 June 1829 Thomas Burt to Thomas Burt Jr. 
129 acres, same lot. 

Chemung County Deeds at Elmira, N. Y. (In 1836 the town of Chemung, formerly 
in Tioga County became part of Chemung Co. ) Vol. 3 page 100 April 20, 
183 6 Thomas Burt Sr. to Morgan J. & Miles C. Baldwin "grandsons by 
dau. Sarah" part of Lot #7 
Vol. 4, page 142 Dec. 13, 1836 Thomas Burt Sr. to "daughter" 

Elizabeth 101 acres of Lot #7 Chemung 
Vol. 6, page 50 Aug. 14, 1840 Thomas Burt Son. to Elizabeth 

Ann Westbrook & Sarah Ann Featherly "granddaughters" both of Wayne 
County, Michigan part of Lot #7 Chemung 
Vol. 8, page 376 April 16, 1831 Thomas Burt Jr. and wife Eunice 
sold wife's interest as heir of Aaron Cook - Land in Big Flats 
in possession of widow Lucy Cook. 


Chemung County Surrogate at Elmira, N. Y. Will Book Vol. page 404 Box $189 

Estate of Morris A. Burt probated 1844 
D.A.R. New York State Records Vol. 5, part 2, page 13 Benjamin Burt's 

(1749-1826) Land Bounty rights & Rev. War record. Vol. 57, page 171 

Benj, & David Burt inscriptions, Wellsburg. 
Life & Times of Henry Burt beginning page 550 David Burt's (1760-1828) family 

traced for later generations. 
Hist. Potter Co. Pa. page 32 gives the family of Benjamin son of Benj. (1749- 

1826) an early settler Burtville, Pa. Deeds at Elmira, N, Y. Vol. 2 

page 350 gives the children of Benjamin who d. 1826 in the sale of estate 

Records of Abner Wright (former Chemung County Historian) describe the lo- 
cation of the old Thomas Burt house; also state Hester dau. of Daniel 

Belden married Clarke. 

Lowman Genealogy 1938 Seymour Lowman pages 161, 164, 233 show the 

Benjamin Burt ancestry of Georgia Isabel L. Howell. 
1865 New York State Census Schedule for town of Chemung in Chemung Co. N. Y. 

#149 family of Urial W. Burt (This can be seen at the Courthouse, 

Elmira - no copy at Albany) 
Bible Record of family of Vine & Sally Baldwin was in 1939 in possession of 

Adeline Bingham, Lockwood, Chemung Co. N. Y. 

Holton, Belden, Wisner, Blain and Welling Families 


Dictionary of First Settlers New England, James Savage Vol. 2, p. 456, 

William Holton (Houlton) was an original proprietor, Hartford, Conn. 

He came to America on the ship "Francis" from Ipswich, England in 
1634 aged 23 years; later removed to Northampton where he was or- 
dained 1663 & died 1671. His ch: John; Samuel bapt. 1646; William; Mary 
who married David Burt 1632-1690; Sarah; Ruth; Rachel & Thomas Holton. 


Hist, of Deerfield, Mass. 1895 George Sheldon Vol. 1, page 254 & Vol. 2, P. 80. 
William Belden (Belding) of Wethersfield removed in 1646 to Norwalk, 

Conn. His wife was Thomasine and ch. were Samuel b. 1647 at Norwalk; 

Daniel b. 1648; Johnborn 1650; Susanna born 1651; Mary born 1652/3; 
Nathaniel born 1654. The son Daniel born 20 Nov. 1648 was by 1686 one 
of the leading men of Deerfield, Mass. removing there to Lot #10; had 
mar. 10 Nov. 1670 Elizabeth dau. of Nathaniel Foote of Wethersfield. 
She was killed 16 Sept. 1696 in the first Deerfield massacre; he married 
(2) Hebsibah Buel, the widow Wells who was killed in the second mass- 
acre; married (3) Sarah Hawks widow of Philip Matton. Daniel's children: 
William b. 1671; Richard b. 1672; Elizabeth born 1673 mar. Ebenezer 
Brooks; Nathaniel born 1676 captured 169 6 died 1714; Sarah born 15 Mar. 
1682 married Benjamin Burt (1680-1759); Hester (Esther) b. 1683 captured 

1696, released St mar. Clarke; Abigail b. 1686 died infancy; Samuel 

born 1687 wounded 1696; Abigail 2nd b. 1690 wounded I696; John born 
1693 killed 1696; Thankful born 1695 killed 1696. 

In the raid of I696 a band of French Mohawk Indians captured Daniel, 
his son Nathaniel and daughter Hester. Daniel was sold in Canada to be a 
servant of the Jesuits. The foLlowing spring after Articles of Peace were 
signed by England and France he and his children were released and they 


returned to Deer fie Id by way of Albany. Of Daniel's family of ten only his 
daughter Sarah escaped in 1696. She hid "in ye tobacco in ye Chamber" 
and so lived to marry Benjamin Burt in 1702. She was the Sarah who with 
Benjamin, as already been related, was captured in 1704. 


Warwick Hist. Society Papers by Grace Holbert, Part 2 #2: 

Thomas Blain came from Scotland about 1718; was in Orange Co. by 1721; 
married Catharine Wisner, daughter of Johannes. Thomas Blain's will 
probated 1744 names ch: William; John; Ann who mar, Benjamin Burt 
(1707-1759); Margaret who mar. Joseph Perry; Elizabeth who mar. 
Samuel Lobdell, 

See also D.A. R. New York Bible Rec. Vol. 23, p. 13. Two of the 
sons of John Blain (son of Thomas) settled in Seneca Co. N. Y. ; Thomas 
b. 1765 d. 1837 in Ovid mar. Ester Scott; h. Samuel b. 1777 d. 1840 in 
Romulus mar. Catharine Waldron; other ch. of John were: Wm. b. 1786 
mar. Julia Benjamin; Nathaniel b. 1772 mar, Polly McCamley; and Jane 
Blain born 1782 who mar. Wm. Wright who died in Ovid before 1817. 


Penna. Magazine 1877 Vol, 1, page 80 (Lib, Congress #F 146P5) 

Johannes Wisner was a Swiss subaltern who emigrated to America after 
the peace in Queen Ann's time (she reigned 1702 until 1714) He was the 
first settler on the Walkill, at the place later called Phillip sburg, 
Johannes had a son Hendrick (father of Henry Wisner) and a daughter 
Catherine who married Thomas Blain. Thomas & Catherine were the 
parents of Ann Blain who married Benjamin Burt. 


Account of the Wellings at Warwick, Orange Co. by Rev. Alanson A. Haines, 
a manuscript in the Minisink Valley Hist, Society Archives at Port Jervis 
(copied there by the compiler) 

Thomas Welling b. 1637 probably in Wales, lived at Jamaica Long 
Island; his will was probated 1689; his son Thomas 2nd b. 1663 at Jamaica 
mar. Elizabeth dau. of Wm. Creed; Thomas Welling 3rd was born at 
Jamaica about 1690, mar. there about 1716; Thomas 4th born Jamaica 
1718 purchased land of Daniel Burt in Warwick, Orange Co. and moved 
to that place about 1756. He had at least 6 children; Thomas 5th; John; 
Richard; Elizabeth who mar. John Hathorn; Hannah and Sarah, (one of 
his daughters married Thomas Burt (1752-1842) her name unknown, 
Thomas Welling 5th (1759-1814) mar. Sybil Beardsley daughter of John 
of Sussex Co. N.J. ; their children: Charles; Edward Laskee; John; 
Thomas 6th; Nancy; Elizabeth and Lois. 

See also at Goshen, Orange Co. Surrogate the will of Thomas Welling 
(4th) Book A, page 335 made 1784 probated 1796 naming children in 1784 
and wife Hannah. 

Also Hist. Soc, Newburgh Bay Pub, #11-13 page 64 which gives the 
age of Thomas Welling 4th, 


fje\sj Enoland and 

OranoQ Co only, /Yj// 

James Benneit 

% Hannah 

Thorn m Stnneif 

Thomas Wefltho Wfftam Hoffon 

>/<? /3e/<fen 

Thomas Wtttfno 

&. Catharine 




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James BenneM 

Bi Vebordh )#, 

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Abraham Se»n«#- ) * ^? 

/ £ ^Silence \ , y 

MicKo* . Thomas WtihnQ 

pbrzham Qenntit tezrdsky 

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Abraham Bennett' £ Peaoy Bvrt 

inomas Blam 
& C'diharim 
imr, of 





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Oswi/e/ Mfnter &■ Tettna Qenneit 


l>amel £. Wwe/V & Fhffma Wwier" 59 
Chesfer £*erfs H>we//" 

3>3Yid Burt 
. nary 

Benjamin - 
vSara/i i 


* .) 

Ann Bkin/ 

Thomas hurt { 

James Bennett in Concord ', Massachusetts /6 39 
HtnryJ3u r tJrom inglahd /63S~; in f?ox6ury A?ass J 638 
_/ >/>''// am Wo / foK? /'n /Vs rf-f o rd, Conn. 1 6*34 
Thomas Wet/the on Imp Island USOsThomas * to Orange Go, 
Yftlham fatten m We+hersfteM,C<>nn. I6«t 



John Everts the first of the Everts family in this country was one of the 
early settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. As early as 1638 records 
show his name in Concord. About 1649 he removed with his family to Guil- 
ford, Connecticut and in 1651 purchased there what was known as his "home 
lot" near the Guilford Green. This piece of land was John Mephane's Guil- 
ford allotment and in 1881 was owned by John Benton. 

If one goes to Guilford now, some 300 years after its settlement, one will 
find still standing some of the first frame houses built on the home lots of the 
Guilford families. Bordering the Green and the nearby streets, many of 
these homes display their original erection dates (usually some year in the 
18th century); these dateB being painted in small numerals on white painted 
sidings or over doorways. 

Four generations of the Everts family lived in Guilford before another John 
Everts (1708-1786) and his brother Nathaniel moved into northwest Connecticut 
to the town of Salisbury. The mother of these men was a very well educated 
woman for the period. She was Margaret Hastings, daughter of Dr. Thomas 
Hastings of Hatfield, Mass. before she married Nathaniel Everts, Sr. Dr. 
Hastings was the only physician for the towns of Hatfield, Hadley, North- 
ampton and Deerfield. He was also the schoolmaster of the Hatfield school, 
the first in New England, (it is claimed. ) known to have taught girls the same 
subjects in classes with boy students; a custom not adopted in other places 
until later. 

John Everts who went from Guilford to Salisbury was born 21 Sept. 1708 
and his brother Nathaniel in 1719, and the removal was made about 1750, 
John became very active in the public life of Salisbury. He was one of two 
men who were the first regular representatives to the General Assembly, 
being elected to that office twelve times. In 1761 he was deputed by the 
grantees of the land togo to uncharted territory in New Hampshire (now in 
Vermont) to make exact surveys in order to obtain charters for two new town- 
ships. Finding there was sufficient land in the tract he laid out three towns 
calling them New Haven, Middlebury and Salisbury, named from his own State. 
He himself never lived on this tract but he had sons who moved to these places. 
One of them at the time of the Revolution was a Loyalist. 

However John Everts (called Sr. as he had a son John) was an active par- 
ticipant in the movement for the Colonies' freedom from Great Britain. In 
1774 when the town of Salisbury held a town meeting which named resolutions 
against "the Infringement of Liberty" due to the blocking of Boston Harbor, 
John Everts was Moderator of the meeting. During the War he served eight 
years on the small but important Committee of Inspection of Provisions. The 
town of Salisbury had iron ore and one of the few foundries controlled by the 
Colonies. Also it was ill-famed among the Tories for its priBoner-of-war 

Salisbury, the township, includes what is now known as Lakeville. Here 
a few blocks from the center of the village on a site overlooking a cold, spring - 
fed little lake called by its Indian name Wononskopomuc, John Everts and his 


wife Submit Stone lie buried in an orchard not far from his tavern site. 
"Mr. John Everts died Sept. 25, 1786 in his 79th year 
Mrs. Submit widow of John Everts died Jan. 19. 1802 aged 85" 

It was in Salisbury that Daniel Everts, their son spent his youth. He had been 
born 12 Jan. 1749 (old style) in Guilford. His first marriage was to Charity Van 
Dusen (called Herty in the old Dutch records) a daughter of one of the settlers of 
Salisbury who had come from the Hudson River valley. Charity and a baby 
daughter died 1769 two years after this marriage. 

Daniel Everts did not remarry until during his Revolutionary War service. 
This service, outlined in his appliation for pension late in life after he had 
lived for some 30 years near Seneca Lake in New York, shows that he served 
one year of New York service and three years in the 6th Conn, Line of the 
regular army. He was Sergeant of General Putnam's Guard one year out of the 
three. It was in 1780 that Daniel married the second time; to Molly Hurd Red- 
field of Killingworth, Conn, , the town adjoining Guilford where he was born. 
Molly was the widow of Nathaniel Redfield who died early in the War, leaving 
her with a small daughter Clarissa Redfield. 

The marriage of Molly and Daniel took place Nov. 8th, 1780, a day meaning 
little to us but of some importance in the bride's family. Molly was the third 
Mary in her family; her mother being Mary Wilcox before her marriage to 
Abraham Hurd and her grandmother being Mary Stevens before she married 
Nov. 8, 1720 Samuel Wilcox whose birthdate was Nov. 8th, 1696. It hardly 
seems possible that the use of this date was only coincidence; and we like to 
imagine that Grandfather & Grandmother Wilcox were present to celebrate their 
60th wedding anniversary on the day when Daniel and Molly were married. 

In 1798 Congress voted 100 acres of land to each soldier who had performed 
certain services in the War of the Revolution. Later this allotment was in- 
creased to 600 acres if the soldier had served in the "Line 11 and if all claims to 
Ohio land were waived. A part of central New York was set off for this purpose 
and the tract was known as the Military Lands. It included 26 townships in the 
Finger Lake region where the Indians had had their cornfields and peach and 
apple orchards. 

This land finally allotted in 1791 and 1792 could be reached only over the moat 
primitive of roads which in many cases were mere trails. To make settlement 
on it required at the least a small amount of money and the physical strength for 
real pioneering. Therefor many of the soldiers sold their land claims. Land 
that at a later date sold for $100 an acre, sold for almost nothing; sometimes 
for a coat or for some whiskey. At first $8 was a good price for a land warrant 
but by the end of 1792, $30 was asked and usually received. 

The spot to which Daniel Everts came with others from Salisbury in 1793 
was at that time called Peach Orchard, a translation of the Indian name. Fine 
peaches and other fruits are yet grown all along the east aide of Seneca Lake. 
The County History relates that Daniel first came by foot from Connecticut in 
1793 and at that time made a shelter which was ready for his family on the 
second trip in 1794 when his wife and children came back with him. 


Old maps show what the route of their trip must have been. From Salisbury 
(in western Connecticut east of Kingston, N. Y. ) across the Hudson River and 
along the Delaware turnpike to its junction with the Newburgh and Chenango 
trail until at the place where Oxford now is, the so-called Military turnpike 
was reached; on this through present Ithaca to the site of the old Indian town of 
Catharine, now Montour Falls. This place at the head of Seneca Lake must 
have seemed near to their final destination at Peach Orchard. Even today one 
can follow part of this old route between Ithaca and Montour Falls. 

Coming in 1794 from Salisbury to the town of Hector in the Everts group 
were Daniel and Molly Everts, the parents; Molly's 19 year old daughter, 
Clarissa Redfield; the four Everts sons: Aranthes about IE, Charles 11, 
Daniel Jr. , 6 and John aged just over 1 year, and their sister 3 year old Polly. 
The daughter Asenath who later married Jeremiah Howell was born in 1795 
"the first white female born in the town of Hector" quoting the entry after her 
name in her grandson's bible. 

This bible record of the family of Daniel Everts was copied into the bible 
of his grandson Sidney E. Howell of Painted Post, N. Y. In 1950 this copy in 
the grandson's Bible was compared with the original {then owned by Harry 
Everts of Watkins) and the two were found not to vary in any record: 

"Daniel Everts son of John and Submit Everts was born Jan. 23, 1749 and 
was married to Charity Van Dusen Sept, 9, 1767. 

Charity Everts was born Feb. 8, 1769 and my wife Charity died Feb. 11, 

Molly Hurd was born Oct. 7th, 1754 and was married to Nathaniel Redfield 
in 1774, He died 1776. Clarissa Redfield was born March 19, 1775. Clarissa 
died July 12, 1812. 

I married Molly the widow of Nathaniel Redfield Nov. 8th, 1780. She died 
Feb. 27th, 1817. 

My son Aranthes was born May 24th, 1782 

Charles was born Sept. 18th, 1783 

Olive was born July 29, 1786 and died March 26th, 1788 

Daniel was born August 8th, 1788 and died Sept. 29th, 1827 

Polly was born Feb. 14th, 1791 

John was born Feb. 24th, 1793 

Asenath was born Sept. 10th, 1795 

Abraham Hurd was born Jan. 19th, 1799 
May 23rd, 1819 I was married to Abigail Hotchkiss 
(below is in a different handwriting) 

"Daniel Everts Sr. died Dec. 18th, 1833 

Abigail the wife of D. Everts Esq. died June 13, 1831 
aged 62 years less 25 days 

John Everts died Dec. 24, 1849 

Charles Everts died Jan. 15th, 1854 

Abraham H. Everts died July 28, 1866 

Polly died July 2, I860 

Aranthes died (blank)" 

In a plot on his own land Daniel Everts was buried. The place is on the 
Seneca Lake side of the road a mile and a half south of the Peach Orchard 


Presbyterian Church at Hector, N. Y, It is north of the gulley and about 100 feet 
east of the road. 

These stones were yet there in 1959 (JHF copy) 
Daniel Everts Esq. died Dec. 18, 1833 aged 83-10-25; In Memory 
Polly wife of Daniel who d, Feb. 27, 1817 in (her) 63rd year. 
Aranthes Everts d. April 18, 1867 ae 84-10-26: on the same stone: 
Margaret Everts d. Jan. 23, 1879 ae 96-1-10 
John Everts died Dec. 24, 1849 aged 54 yrs. and 10 months 
Hannah wife of John died March 28, 1856 aged 63-4-24 
Charles Everts died Jan. 15, 1854 aged 70 years 
Clarissa wife of Charles d. Aug. 21, 1850 aged 70 years 
Amasa Mathews died July 13, 1866 aged 80-4-21 
Polly wife of Amasa Mathews died July 2, 1861 ae 70-4-18 
Robert Emmett Everts b. 5 March 1805 d. 11 Feb, 1852 
Eliza J. wife of R. E. Everts d. Nov. 1, 1843 ae 35-4-13 
Samuel Aller b. Lebanon, Hunterdon Co. NJ. d. Sept. 2, 1832 ae 30-7-7 
Aaron K. Mathews died Mar. 3, 1870 aged 91-3-3 
Hannah wife of Aaron K. died Mar. 11, 1868 ae 77-4-12 
Amasa Mathews died May 4, 1829 aged 78-2-26 
Rebecca wife of Amasa died Mar. 23, 1838 aged 85 years 
Abigail wife of Daniel Everts, Esq. d. June 13, 1831 ae 61-11-5 
Daniel Everts died Sept. 29, 1827 aged 39-1-21 
Mary A. wife of Daniel d. May 27, 1877 ae 86 yrs. 2 months 

Aranthes Everts 1782-1867 was a N. Y. Militia Colonel, War of '12; married 
Margaret dau. of A. Kortwright Mathews. Papers in Pkg, 410 (Aranthes 1 will at 
Watkins, N. Y. ) show citations served by P. Emilius Everts June 1867 to Alanson 
G. Everts, Montour, NY; John Russell Everts, Henry Co. Iowa; John S. Everts, 
Lockhaven, Pa; Emily M. Bergen, Mecklenburg, NY; Charles & Margarette 
Everts of Schuyler Co. NY; John Wm. Arenthes, Elma Geneva & Margarette L. 
Everts, Trenton, Henry Co. Ill; S. Margarette & Samuel L. Steele, Sedalia, 
Potter Co. Mo; Sarah J. & Phineas Burlew (Ballou & Burlieu), Grinnel, Iowa; 
Eliza M. & Frances E. Everts & Julia Bell, Ypsilanti, Mich; Margarette & Wm. 
Hunt, Emeline Aller, & Maria Augusta, Martha Jael, Mernerva Everts, Bushnell, 
111. In Jan. 1879 (Margaret, wid. of Aranthes' , will) Pkg. 406 at Watkins - 
papers show the surviving 'Next of Kin': Charles F. Everts, Hector, NY; John R, 
Everts of "somewhere in Iowa"; heirs of dec'd Alanson G. Everts as: Aranthes 
& George Everts, Montour, NY; Alanson Everts, Watkins, NY; Phoebe Hendricks, 
Havana, NY; Julia M. King, Farmer Village, Seneca Co. NY; heirs of Robert E. 
Everts, dec'd as: John Everts, Lockhaven, Pa; Sara Everts, Endfield, NY; Eliza 
& Frank (Frances) of Mich; heirs of Lawrence Everts, dec'd, all residing in 
Iowa Et but one name known - Manlius Everts of Iowa; heir of Clarissa Maria 
Aller - Margaret Aller of Michigan. 

Alanson G. Everts 1802-1876 son of Aranthes was buried at Burdett, N. Y. He 
died Dec. 5, 1876 aged 74 yrs and 8 days. Anna Leavitt his wife d. 
June 1876 ae 72-1-14. Alanson had a farm in the town of Catharine. 
7 children: 

Aranthes W. born about 1829 mar. Harriet . In 1865 living in Dix twp. ; 

ch. in 1865 Mary Frances ae 10; James ae 9; Anna ae 8; Hannah ae 4, 
Mary Frances mar. 1871 Chas. Cook Cleveland. 
Phebe M. Everts married Jacob Hendricks of Havana, NY 
Julia Ann Everts married J. D. King of Seneca Co. NY 
George H. Everts named as a son in Alanson Sr. 's will 
Josiah G. Everts d. 24 May 1863 ae 29-1-14 


Charles H. Everts son of Alanson Sr. was b. about 1836 m. 1861 Eliza Banker; 
3 ch: Josiah B. b. 1861 m. 1887 Mary E. Hardin dau. of Elisha; Mary E. 
mar, Frank Hill of Elmira; Hannah m. Leonidas H. Chase of Watkins & 
dau. Winifred Chase m, David Love & lived in house built by Aranthes 
Everts near Burdett. 
Alanson Everts Jr. "1842-1908 Scholar and Bachelor of Laws" on stone in 
old Burdett Cem. His wife Sarah 1838-1895 was a dau. of Elijah Baker 
buried on a nearby plot. 
Charles F. Everts 1819-1888 son of Aranthes was buried with his wife Maria 
H.D, Dusen 1822-1894 in Union Cem. at Burdett. Census records show ch: 
Byron b. about 1842; Worth about 1847; Jacob Smedley Everts about 1852 & 
Harriet Margaret 1854. Her stone: "Maggie H. b. 3 June 1854 d. 19 Oct. 1882 
wife of W.H. Berry". 

Robert Emmett Everts 1805-1852 son of Aranthes lived in Catharine; mar. 21 
Mar. 1832 Eliza Jennet Sutton dau. of John of Mechlenb'g. In 1843 Eliza & dau. 
Helen ae 8 died & son Henry d. 1848 ae 10. Two other ch: John b. about 1835 
& Sarah b. about 1837 were named as ch. of Robert E. in Aranthes' will. Also 
named Eliza & Frances "little girls by Robert's 2nd wife" who was Julia -- 

John Russell Everts son of Aranthes was called Russell in a letter of 1831 
from Charles Ferris, a N. Y. City politician to Aranthes. Another letter 1890 
states John Russell Everts was then living on an extensive farm in Henry Co. 
Iowa with a large family. {Manuscripts &t newspapers at the Montour Falls, 
Library. ) 

Lawrence M. Everts was named as a son in Aranthes' will; was deceased by 
the time it was administered June 1867. In 1879 his heirs (only son Manlius 
named) were all "of Iowa". 

Clarissa Maria Everts dau. of Aranthes mar. Samuel Aller who died in 1832 
aged 30 yrs. their dau. Margaret (Margaret Emeline) was as Emeline in Bushnill, 
111. in 1867 and "of Michigan" as Margaret 1879. 

Emily Larrison was named in Aranthes' will as his grandaughter; b. about 
1829 dau. of ? she m. (1) Joseph A. Larrison (2) Belden Bergen (Bergen 
Fam, p. 511 also census 1850 Tompkins Co. & 1855 Schuyler Co.) 

Charles Everts 1783-1854 (son of Dan. Sr. ) m. Clarissa Feck who d, 6 May 
1818 ae 31 (dau. of Martin) 2nd m. Clarissa Agard d. 1850 ch: 

Alfred Everts of Hector died 2 Oct, 1876 ae 66 yrs. married Emeline Warner 
dau. of Jarius; had 7 ch: 
Adelia Jane d. 28 Oct. 1871 ae 34-9-0 m, Sylvester Peck; no ch, 
Eunice Belinda 1839-1901 unmarried 

Charles Miles Everts b. 23 Mch. 1841 m. Emma L. Gibbons; 4 ch: 

William Whitley Everts b. 1868; Alfred Gideon Everts b. 1871; 

Minnie L. Everts b. 1873 & Harry H. Everts of Watkins who m. 

Leona--had 1 son & 1 dau; gr. son Lt, Richard C. Everts. 

Clarissa Ermina b. 11 Oct, 1843 d. 12 July 1912 m. James Hanley 

Jarius A. Everts mar. Marion Dodge Bower; ch: Alice Everts mar, 

T. Lany Wood of Waterbury Ct; 1 son & 1 dau. 
Emeline A. (Emma) 1850-1875 mar. A. C. Woodward; 2 ch: Alfred 

Woodward of Watkins & James Woodward of Elmira 
Mary 1852-1889 was the 2nd wife of A. C. Woodward 
Almeda Everts dau. of Charles, b. about 1810 mar. Erastus Wickham (son 
of Wm. Jr. ) who d. Bennetsburg 13 Jan. 1883 ae 72; had 9 ch: Clarke 
Wickham b. about 1837; George C. ; Mary b. about 1838; Martha abt. 1840) 
who m. her cousin Gideon O. Everts; Harriet A. b. abt. 1841; Francis M. 
abt. 1842; Clarissa E. abt. 1844; Charles E, Wickham about 1846 & Emma 
A. about 1850 (dates- 1850 census) 


Adeline Everts dau. of Charles (no records) 

Daniel Everts Jr: 1788-1827 was born in Litchfield County, Conn, and died 
in Hector, N. Y. He married Mary Ann Wightman or Whitman (the later spelling 
from her grandson Dr. Daniel Everts of Romulus, N. Y, Known ch. were: 
Emily Everts born 19 Apr. 1811; unmarried 

Asenath Everts born 1 July 1814 mar. Daniel Pangborn. In 1855 their ch; Oscar 
Pangborn age 7 yrs. Edgar ae 6 and Mary A. ae 4, Dr. J, Oscar Pangborn 
lived at one time in Arlington, So. Dakota. Edgar served in Co. F. 63rd 
N. Y. Inf. Civil War. 
Curran Everts born 13 June 1816 died 15 Apr, 1896; was a teacher; m. Mary 
Ann Dickerson dau. of Francis & Elizabeth Monroe Dickerson who d. May 
1869 in Schuyler Co. N. Y. ch: 
James Dickerson Everts born about 1842; unmarried 

Dr. Daniel Francis Everts born Feb. 1844/45 (dates not agreeing) d. 11 Apr. 
1920 mar Mary Severn dau. of Orin & Rachel Wheeler Severn; had 2 
daus. Carrie Louisa 1879-1880 & Corna May Everts living in 1959 in 
Romulus, N. Y. 
Rollin Everts (also found "Rolland" & "Rowland") born 20 March 1820; married 
Phebe Ballard; in 1865 living Orange twp. Schuyler Co. N, Y. when Phebe 
was age 35 and ch. were: Adella age 14 yrs and Mary Ann aged 7. Living 
with them was Henry Ballard aged 23, a ward of Rollin Everts. 
Harriet Everts born 14 August 1821; not married in 18 65 

Benjamin Everts born 14 Feb. 1823 mar. Loraine Foster. In 1865 they were in 
Hector; Loraine was ae 33 and ch. were: Emmett Everts 9; George 7; Wm. 3 
St Mary A. & Margaret. 
Charles Everts (dates unknown) perhaps others 

John Everts 1793-1849 son of Daniel Sr. was b. Litchfield Co. Ct. & d. in 
Hector; mar. Hannah Wightman b. Dutchess Co. N. Y. who d. in 1856 aged 62. 
The 1830 census shows 7 sons in this family, John's estate was not fully settled 
until 1888 when the Next-of-Kin list was given as follows: Harriet M. Everts of 
Havana, N. Y. ; A.H. Everts (Abram H. ) and Olive Stevens both of Hector, N. Y. 
G.O. Everts (Gideon O.) of Odessa, N. Y. ; Daniel and Emmet N. Everts of Nash- 
ville, Mich; Isaac Everts of Shaftsbury, Michigan and Geo. Everts of Potter Co. 
Penna. Acknowledgements of Court Citations (Surrogate at Watkins, N. Y. ) fur- 
nish one from Sarah Whitman, of Tioga Co. , Pa. formerly Sarah Everts; one 
from O. P. Everts for Isaac Everts of Shiawasse Co. Mich, and one from 
Daniel Everts of Barry County, Michigan. 

Further records of 4 of the children of John & Hannah: 
A.H. Everts (Abram Hurd Everts 2nd) 1817-1901 married Sarah H. Slaght 1825- 
1897 buried Valois (North Hector) 9 ch: 
Rachel H. Everts b, 22 Mar. 1846 m. Joseph Bond; ch: Mary Bond; Clarence 
Bond m. Margaret Bull; Anna Bond m. Herman Mason & had ch: Mary 
Mason m. Chas. Dempsey (ch: Robt; Norman; Jean and John Dempsey of 
Groton, N. Y. in 1957); Dr. Theron Bond of Geneva d. Feb. 1958 ae 75 m. 
Irene Franklin Foster; ch: Dr. Franklin Bond of Detroit; Theron Jr. of 
Penn Yan; & Albert. 
Anna J. Everts b. 23 June 1850 d. 19 June 1929 m. Luther Fenton (Hector 

Ch. yard) son Robt. Fenton of Auburn; mar. & 2 daus. 
George Everts b. 7 May 1854 d. 18 Apr. 1929 m. Carrie Squires dau. of 

Theodore & Dora Wilcox Squires; 4 ch: 
Theodora Squires Everts b. 1881 m. W.H. Moore: ch: Rev, Robert H.Moore; 

Evertt E. Moore & Caroline Elizabeth (d. young 1931) 
Owen R. Everts 1884-1948 no ch. ; Florence W. 1886-1886 & 
Clinton H. Everts b. 1888 m. Anna Diekelman; no ch. 


Sarah Everts 1856-1939 dau. of A.H. Everts mar. George Burr; buried 

Valois, N. Y, 2 ch: Gladys m. had a dau. ; Lewis Burr of Ovid 

mar. ; had son George Burr. 
Frank D. Everts b. 7 Aug. 1857 mar. 1887 Carrie Van Vechten; ch: 

Van Vechten d. early; Paige Everts b. 27 July 1890 
Eugene Everts of Kalamazoo, Mich m. Mame Selover; ch; Lewis. 
Jessie Everts 1861-1875 buried on the Everts plot, Hector, 
Irving Everts 1867-1944 mar. Anne Elliott; no ch. 
Judson Everts 1872-1911 m. {1) Mame Sutphen (2) Helen Manning 
Olive E. Everts 1816-1892 dau. of John mar. 2nd time as 2nd wife Charles 

Stephens 1809-1892 b. in Conn; buried Hector Pres. Ch. yard. Olive 

was mother of 7 ch: one was: 
Charles Stephens Jr. 
Harriet M. Everts unmarried in 1888 res. Havana {Montour Falls) 
Gideon Osborne Everts b. 1830/32 d. 1894 res. Odessa, N. Y, mar. Martha 

1841-1887 dau. of Erastus & Alrneda Everts Wickham;ch: Walter Everts 

b. 1862 mar. Lottie Mallette & had 3 ch: Ira and Emma Everts unmarried; 

Theodore W. Everts d. 1938 ae 7 1 yrs. married Nettie Hendrickson. 

Asenath Everts 1795-1854 daughter of Daniel Sr. was the first child of the 
family born in Hector after the move from Conn. She mar. Jeremiah Howell 
1793-1851 son of George of Hector and before 1825 removed to West Hill, Big 
Flats, Chemung Co. N. Y. An account of this family is under the Howell name. 
Ch: Sidney B, b. 1818 mar, Isabel Swartwood; Hannah Ann born 1820 unmarried; 
Mary born 1823 mar. Samuel Chapman; Daniel Everts Howell born 1825 mar. 
Fatima Minier; Sarah Howell born 1827 mar. Artemus Mills; Clarissa Agard 
Howell born 1830 unmarried; Eunice Eliza born 1832 mar, Abbott Barber; 
Luther Clark Howell born 1835 died in Alabama 1867; Martha Bennett Howell 
died early. 

Polly Everts 1791-1860 dau, of Daniel Sr. was born in Conn; married Amasa 
Mathews Jr. 1786-1866; both buried on the Everts plot in Hector; known children: 
(Hist. Tioga Co. 1879 p. 619) 

Arzelia Mathews b. about 1809 mar. (1) Samuel Aller after the death of his 

wife Clarissa Maria Everts; ch: Henry M; Amasa; Wm. H. & Hannah M. 
Aller. Samuel Aller died 1832 & Arzelia mar. (2) William Himrod son of 
David; chiSamuel A. ; David fe Elmer M. Himrod(Hist. Chemung Co. 1892 
App. 7; 1850 & 1855 Census Rec. of Hector) 

Joel Mathews b. 27 March 1810 mar, (1) Polly dau. of Benj. & Merribee 

Bird;ch: Hudson, Amasa, Merribee, Arzelia and Milford Mathews of Co. A 
10th Cav. NYV killed near Richmond, Civil War. Joel mar. (2) Jannette 
dau. of Samuel and Ruth Jay Clark 6t had ch: F. Judd Mathews and Jay 
Mathews. Joel Mathews lived in Ashland, Chemung County, N, Y. 

Lorinda Mathews 

Lawrence Mathews 

Milford Mathews born about 1820 

Lovina Mathews (Lavina?) born about 1826 

Ovanda Mathews born about 1834? married Hiram Elliott; had 2 daughters, 

Mary and Myrtle. She died when the youngest, Myrtle, was one yr. old, 
Mary mar, Elmer Bodle and removed to Kansas, (had 2 dau. of whom 
one d. early) Myrtle mar. Willis Sackett. Hiram Elliott mar. as 
2nd wife Katharine Vaughan. 

Elmer Mathews (Elmore in one record) born about 1828 

Clarissa Mathews 


Abraham Hurd Everts 1799-1866 youngest child of Daniel & Molly was named 
for Molly's father and brother. He married Rebecca German dau. of Deacon 
Henry German. Abraham's and Rebecca's stones are in the Hector Presbyterian 
Ch. yard. Abraham d. 28 July 1866 ae 67 yrs.and Rebecca 20 Feb. 1874 aged 73. 

Their children as far as known: 
Clarinda Everts d. 12 Oct. 1852 aged 27 yrs. (born about 1825) 
Amanda Everts was aged 24 in 1850 " " 1826 

Ermina Everts d. 9 Jan. 1872 aged 44 yrs. " " 1828 

Hellen Everts 1829-1914 was a successful farmer 1829 

Aranthes Everts d. 31 Dec. 1855 aged 24-2-7 1831 

Cynthia Everts 1835-1908 buried Burdette Union Cem. married Abner Chase; 
ch; Lauren D. ; Geo. S. ; Anna E. ; perhaps others. 

The known ancestors of Daniel Everts (b. 1749) bear English names. John 
Everts the emigrant mar, (1) Elizabeth — (2) Elizabeth, widow Parmalee; John 
Jr's first wife Mary French dau. of Thomas died 1788 & he mar. (2) Mary dau. 
of Alex. Bow of Middletown, Conn. Nathaniel of the 3rd generation married into 
the Hastings family as earlier related. John Everts his son & the father of 
Daniel married Submit Stone dau. of Stephen of Guilford, Conn. 

Following are short accounts of some of the ancestral lines of Daniel 
Everts and his wife Molly Hurd. 


The Hurd ancestry in America begins with Adam Hurd born 1 61 1 in Somer- 
setshire, England. He came to this country before 1644 and died in Stratford, 
Ct. His wife was Hannah (Bertrand?) and their son John married Ann widow of 
Joshua Judson. Ebenezer Hurd, one of their several children married Sarah P. 
Lane (dau. of Robert Lane) whose mother Sarah Pickett was the daughter of 
John Pickett of Salem, Mass. Both John Pickett, who died in 1683, and Robert 
Lane (1639-1718) were in public life; John Pickett being Deputy to the Colonial 
Assembly and Robert Lane a member of that body and also Deputy of the Conn. 
Court of Elections. 

Ebenezer Hurd born in Woodbury, Conn, was the first Hurd to move to 
Killingworth. Ebenezer' s son Daniel Hurd married there Rachel Smith and their 
stones yet stand in the old Killingworth Cemetery at Clinton. The inscriptions 
read this way: 

"In Memory of Mr. Daniel Hurd who died Janry 1st AD 1766 in his 70th year 

Here Lyes the Body of Mrs. Rachel Hurd who died the wife of Mr. Daniel 
Hurd Apr. the 24, 1750 Aged 47 years" 
Inaccurate copies of these stones are on record in the Charles Hale MSs in the 
Conn. State Library at Hartford. The above copy was made by the compiler in 
1952 with care for accuracy; also pictures were taken of the gravestones at 
that time. 

Daniel and Rachel Smith Hurd had a son Abraham Hurd born on 28 Feb. 1724 
who died 29 April 1810, the father of Molly Hurd Redfield Everts. Abraham 
married in 1753 Mary Stevens Wilcox also buried at Killingworth. She died 
"15 June 1805 aged 71 years". Molly's brother Abraham Hurd Jr. who had 
served actively in the Rev. War died about the time Molly in 1799 named her 
youngest son Abraham Hurd Everts. 

Living in Killingworth, Conn, during the Rev. War. there is no doubt that 
Abraham Hurd Sr. was a patriot. However lists showing signers for Killing- 
worth of the Oath of Fidelity of 1777 (prescribed by the General Assembly in 
May of that year) have not been found . 


The wife of Abraham Hurd was a Wilcox - Mary S. Wilcox, The first of her 
family line in America was William Wilcox (also found as Wilcocks and 
Wilcockson) who was one of the founders of Stratford, Conn. He had come to 
America in 1635 aged about 34 years with his wife Margaret--; his birthplace 
having been St. Albans, Hertfordshire, England. William's son Joseph Wilcox 
moved to Killingworth and Joseph's son Samuel Wilcox married Ruth Westcott. 
Samuel Wilcox Jr. their son was a grandfather of Molly Hurd and he and his 
wife who had been Mary Stevens were the grandparents who may have been 
present at the wedding of Daniel Everts when he married Molly Hurd on the 
anniversary of grandfather Wilcox's birth. Samuel would have been 84 years 
old on that day (and his wife Mary Stevens either 84 or 85), which was also 
their 60th wedding anniversary of their 1720 marriage. 

Mary Stevens wife of Samuel Wilcox, Jr. was of another Killingworth 
family. The emigrant from England of her line was John Stevens (often spelled 
Steevens and Stephens in early records). Coming probably from Kent, England, 
he was one of the first Guilford settlers and was Judge of the town in 1645. His 
Guilford home lot was one and a half acres on the east side of Fair Street, next 
north of William Dudley's. He also had 36 acres of "upland". His son William 
Stevens born about 1630 in England, came to Guilford with his father and in 
1653 married Mary the daughter of John and the grandaughter of Vincent Meigs. 
William Stevens moved from Guilford to Killingworth where his son Samuel 
Stevens, later known as Ensign Samuel Stevens (from service in the French St 
Indian Wars) was born. Samuel Steven's daughter Mary Stevens was the one 
who married Samuel Wilcox Jr. on 8 Nov. 1720. Mary's mother Elizabeth -- 
died when she was 5 years old and her step mother was Meletia Bradford, the 
daughter of Governor Bradford of Mass. 

John Everts born 1708 who removed from Guilford to Salisbury, Conn, 
had married Submit Stone of Guilford (born 1717) some time before the 
removal. She was descended from William Stone who had come with his 
brother John in 1639 with the Rev. Henry Whitfield's Company from England. 
On shipboard coming over, there was formed a plantation agreement to settle 
near Quinnipeack (present New Haven). Upon arrival in that harbor, the first 
vessel that ever entered it, they inspected the countryside and the location of 
present Guilford was agreed upon for settlement. Submit was of the 4th 
generation from the emigrant William Sr. who died in 1683, and whose wife 
was Hannah --; their son William Jr. married Hannah Wolfe and among 
others had a son Stephen Stone who married Elizabeth Lemon daughter of 
Christopher and Esther Barnet Lemon, Stephen and Elizabeth Stone were 
the parents of Submit born in 1717. It is not known from what part of Eng- 
land William Stone and his brother John came. However the annals of 
Guilford town state that it was named for Guildford in Surrey, England from 
which many of the Whitfield Company came. Both John and William cultivated 
farms in Guilford and William had an Inn. 



Freeman, the English historian, states that there are but five families in 
England that can really trace lineage back to Edward III and that the Hastings 
family is one of these. As a surname Hastings is older than the Norman 
Conquest 1066, the castle and seaport being held by the family when William 
the Conqueror landed in England. The main line has held 19 peerages including 
that of the Earl of Huntington in 1629. But at the present in England the name 
is not common. 

Sir Henry and George Hastings, grandsons of the first Earl had sons who 
became Puritans and who fled to America Thomas Hastings and his wife 
arrived in New England in 1634 and John Hastings and his family came in 1638. 

Thomas Hastings was 29 years old when he left England 1634 on the 
"Elizabeth" from Ipswich. His wife Susanna was with him but there is no record 
of her children. She died in 1650 and Thomas mar. Margaret Cheney dau. of 
Wm, & Martha Cheney of Roxbury, Mass. She was the mother of at least 8 
children. Thomas settled in Watertown and also had a lot in Dedham, Mass. 
In his will he gave his son Thomas Jr. 5 pounds only with the explanation that 
he had been at "great expense to bring him up a scholar". 

Thomas Hastings Jr. born 1652 and died 1712 was this scholar. He lived 
at Hatfield, Mass. and was the one very well educated man of his community 
to judge from the accounts. The mother of his children was Anna Hawks, 
daughter of John Hawks of Hadley, Mass. She died in 1705 and Thomas' 
second wife was Mary Burt. 

Margaret Hastings born 6 July 1674 married 7 May 1707 Nathaniel Everts 
of Guilford, Conn. They were the parents of the John Everts who moved from 
Guilford to Salisbury, Conn. 

Vincent Meigs born 1583 came to America from Weymouth, England about 
1634 with his wife whose surname was Churchill. In England he was an active 
foe of the Crown and if captured would have suffered the fate of the "Regicides". 
He settled first on the border of Guilford Green; (Conn.) later about 1650 
moved to Hammonassett where he died in 1658. He had 3 sons, John Meigs 
later of East Guilford, Vincent Jr. of Killingworth, and Mark Meigs born 1609- 
John was born near Bradford, England 29 Feb. 1612 and died 4 Jan. 1672. 
He was allotted land m East Guilford in 1653 and married Tamazine Fry of 
Guilford; their children were Mary, Concurence, Elizabeth, Tryal and John Jr. 
From the daughter Mary Meigs born 30 April 1633 who married William 
Stevens, one can easily trace the source of the name Mary through several 
following generations until it was given to Mary (Molly) Hurd who married 
Daniel Everts. The name goes back thus: the mother of Molly Hurd EvertB 
b. 1753 was Mary Wilcox Hurd b. 1734. Her mother was Mary Stevens 
Wilcox b, 1696 whose grandmother was Mary Meigs Stevens born 1633 in 
England . 


Everts References 

New England Hist. & Genealogical Register Vol. 61, pages 25-26 gives with 
many dates the first four generations of the Everts family in America; 
includes Daniel's birth. 

National Society Daughters of the American Revolution has accepted papers 
for John Sr. & Daniel Everts (#127548) 

Rev. War Pension Application #S 10637 for Daniel Everts- at the U.S. Archives, 
Washington, D. C. 

Vital Records of Conn, at the State Library in Hartford. In Vol. 2, page 82 
Guilford: "Daniel son of John & Submit Everts born 12 Jan. 1748/49 (old 
style calendar) 

Conn. Men in the Rev. War. pages 205-207 

Minutes Provincial Congress of New York Vol. 5, pages 452-3 

These last 2 references give Daniel's services from Conn. & N. Y. enlist- 
ments during the Rev. War. 

Salisbury, Conn. Town Meeting Records (for the Rev. War Years) show the part 
taken by John Everts Sr. in the War effort. Certified by the Town Clerk & 
filed with #127 458 DAR in the Registrar General's Office. The Oath of 
Fidelity was taken by John Everts Sr. 1 Dec, 1777 and by John Jr. on 20 
July 1778 according to MSs of Malcolm Rudd, Town Historian of Salisbury. 

Hist. Collections of Salisbury. Vol. 1, pages 43-45 h. 140; Vol. 2, pages 
63-64 gives Everts family vital data. 

Bailey's Conn. Marriages. Vol, 6, page 69 show the marriage of Daniel Everts 
of "Salsbury" to the widow Molly Redfield in the First Church of Killing- 
worth, Conn, in 1780. 

History of Chemung County N. Y. 1892 A. Towner (Polly Everts wife of Amasa 
Mathews Append, page 7) 

History of Tioga, Chemung, Schuyler Co. etc N. Y. 1879 by Pierce & Hurd 

pages 617-618 furnish an account of Daniel Everts' coming from Connecticut 
to Hector, N. Y. ; and names his children. (Note error; dau. Polly was born 
in Conn. ; not in Hector) 

Biography of Schuyler Co, N. Y, 1903 page 488 has an account of Daniel's 
family. (Note error; Molly Hurd; not Molly "Keeps") 

Map of New York 1800 by Hugh Williamson (old N. Y, State roads) 

Census Records of Hector, Schuyler Co. N. Y. for 1855 and 1865 on file at 
Watkins, N. Y. Courthouse. (Daniel's grandchildren) 

Surrogate Records at Watkins; Wills of Aranthes & Alanson Everts. 

Hurd References 
Families of Old Fairfield, Ct. 1930 D. L, Jacobus page 312: "Ebenezer Hurd 

b. 1668 married Sarah Lane dau. of Robert 
Killingworth Cem, Stones at Clinton copied 1952 by the compiler correct the 

dates given in Chas. Hale's Headstone Inscriptions as follows. Hale has- 

Rachel wife of Daniel Hurd died "1759". The date is plainly 1750. Her stone 

and that of Daniel's are together; Hale lists them on different pages. 
Notebook of Elias Stevens of Killingworth - a copy of this Mss at the Conn. State 

Lib: "Abraham Hurd d. 29 Apr. 1810" 
Hurd Genealogy 1910 by Dena H. Hurd pages 28, 29, 33, 36, 48 cover the Hurd 

ancestry down to and including Molly born 1754 
Alice M. Gay Papers MS #45440 at the Conn. Historical Society in Hartford. 

Bible records give dates "Abraham Hurd b, 26 Feb. 1724 and his wife Mary 

Wilcox born 7 Sept. 1734" 


Conn. Vital Records at Hartford (Killingworth Vol. 2: Daniel Hurd mar. Rachel 
Smith 10 Feb. 1718/19; Abraham mar. Mistress Mary Willocks 15 Nov. 1753; 
Molly dau. of Abraham and Mary was born 7 Oct. 1754. 

Wilcox References 
Wilcox Family History 1911 Owen N. Wilcox pp. 3, 16, 40, 42 covers the family 

from Wm. Wilcox in 1635 to Samu'l b. 1696 
Desc. of William Wilcoxson (Wilcox) by Thos. Wilcox pp. 1-27, 35, 55 carries 

the line through Mary Wilcox who m. Abr'm Hurd. (Note error: Mary was 

born Sept. 1734 not Feb. '32) 
Hist, of Old Fairfield 1930 Donald Lines Jacobus p. 690 : "the wife of Samuel 

Wilcox of Killingworth was Ruth Westcott rather than is often given Westcox" 
Wilcox, Webb and Meigs Families 1938 Reynold Webb Wilcox pp. 17, 22, 30, 

42 1 early family history through Samuel b. 169 6 

Stevens References 

Genealogy of John Ste evens edited by Clay W. Holmes and Charlotte Steevens 
Holmes (published at Elmira, N. Y. : includes Mary Stevens dau. of Samuel 
who married Samuel Wilcox (the grandparents of Molly Hurd Everts) Mrs. 
Holmes' line comes down from Ebenezer Stevens, a very different branch. 
However her grandfather Joel Stevens married in 1790 Lydia Hurd, a 
daughter of Abraham & Mary Wilcox Hurd fe sister of Molly Hurd who 
married Daniel Everts. This Joel Stevens and his wife Lydia lived in 
Salisbury Ct. until about 1800 then moved to Spencer, N. Y. not far from 
the Everts home in Hector. 

Stone Reference 
John Stone (& his brother William) of Guilford 1888 Wm. L. Stone; this traces 
from the first of the Stone family in America down to and including Submit 
Stone born 1717 who married John Everts of Guilford, later of Salisbury, Ct. 

Hastings References 
Hastings Memorial 1866 by Lydia Buckminster page 2 

Pickett -Lane References 
Lane-Griswold Gen. Notes 1899 H. W. Lane & A.C. Beckwith page 9 
Hurd Genealogy 1910 Dena H, Hurd page 9 

Meigs References 
Record of Desc. of Vincent Meigs 1955 by Return Jonathan Meigs pp. 4, 6, 7 

down to Mary Meigs b. 1633 who mar. Wm. Stevens 
Desc. of Vincent Meigs 1901 by Henry B. Meigs 
Desc. of Wm. Wilcoxson, Vincent Meigs & Richard Webb 1893 by V, M. Wilcox 

page 26. 




1708- 1786 

his wife 

1717- 1802 



Town of 

Salisbury t 


* -■ * *t * t . J 

■;•'■<■'* --./ , ' <• •..,,.>,., '.'«' '&/? _/ W' 

*"' **-*■ <^« /i, /Ant *-**// /«-.* .y,. « ^ 

■*» ?^ ... 

•.<*-<- X^-^t ,/. .,/ /A, ■l.-t//^ „^ Vi*» , 




Letter written before 18 Dec. 1833 by Daniel Everts 

and Abigail (2nd wife) addressed on the back fold 

to Jeremiah (wife Asenath Everts) Howel] of West 

Hill, Big Flats, Tioga Co. N. Y. 

POLLY 1754-1817 
wile of Daniel Everts 


1749 - 1833 

both in the Everts plot 

south of Heap r. N. Y 



N E W T E S T A M E N T, 

rr ^ 

i *L .... ■ 

:u« t << .t ,.r#~ 


WUA +^_» H.U, M'Jt t 4 *- »" 
Y^* iSJri*. i^«- t-J*~J- 1 



, f,J._"/] 

'i' e 

U*« k-<-.*4 _ ,. ... i 

,•— / 

Johnfvetfs Ths&fostmp WStone W?rvi(coy Johnfrevtm Ywcerffleios /WdmlW 


John ptefts 



V™ Stm Joseph )/»3Jmni 

Jr, Wifc&x £ 

* £ 1 /-7ary 

^a«/>a6 **" ■' / Fltm- 

Vlfo/f ( 


Ate* a 

*" htwret 

fwfe Stephen MlmbeHi 

\t/1utofrf) Stwie Burnett 

J" 1 Aema/7 

JpA/j BrerTs 

g 1168 


MknCleios MnHurd 

T&muhe finn 
Fry Jvdson 

-^ tyenezer fiurrf 

Chrntophw Samuel S&muti k£? r jt) 
rhmto -Vr/fcox Jfe^its ^A"/ 

melt Www tftnbetit >r>ie/mW 

fary Stevens — ' /f^raliawi iW- 

pBWtt&erfa 2* rtotN Hvrd w. -^ 

Jeremiah Mowelf & Asenztft Averts 
J)ante.l Sverih Ho well 

John£y-*rts m Concord, A7*ass /l38j to G-wiford. Conn, M4$> 
Ptdam Hurd in Strstforzt > Can necticof in '£■** 

■\Yiittkm Wt/co* ?n Str&t^ord, Conrtezhcvf in t&3(T 

Thamis rtzstir&s rn W&ter+ourv. MtssocAosetfs m t&?0 

ythcent Mei$$ Jrorn £n?/and )&34j in Cutlfonf.Cenn . /£ "39 
J»hn Stevens in G-uj/jord ,C*nn. 163^ 





The Hoppers bring into this account a line originally from Holland. Mathew 
Hopper (spelled Hoppen and also Hoppe) married before 1742 Aeltje Cooper 
(Kuyper) when their daughter Marretje was baptized at Tappen (now in Rock- 
land County, NY). Other children were Dirkje, Paulus, Dirk, Annetje, 
Cornells b. 1756 and Lambartus. Possibly there were more children as some 
years of the records of the Church have been lost. The last three children 
were baptized in the Clarkstown Reformed Dutch Church, Tappentown. 

Tappen was General Washington's Headquarters in 1780 for a time and was 
the scene of John Andre's trial and execution in the Benedict Arnold case. 
The trial itself was in the same Dutch Reformed Church where the older 
Hopper children had been baptized. This locality is very near the point where 
New York State and New Jersey converge upon New York City. Now in Rock- 
land County it was once in disputed territory claimed by both the provinces of 
New York and New Jersey. The present line between the States is one that was 
run in 1771, the 6th line surveyed to settle the boundary to the satisfaction of 
both of these two Colonial Provinces, 

At the time of the War of the Revolution there was as yet no Rockland 
County since it was not formed from Orange County until 1798- Therefor it 
was as a private in an Orange County Militia Regiment that Cornelius Hopper 
served under Major John Hathorn in the 4th Orange County Company, the same 
company in which Abraham and Abraham Bennett Jr. , Thomas Burt, 
Jonathan Rockwell and George Howell served. 

The Hopper family Bible records help to identify the Cornelius Hopper 
who was born and baptized in 1756 as the same Cornelius Hopper whose name 
is on the earliest (1794) list of Taxable s of the Town of Newtown (Elmira, NY) 
A small part of Hopper family history written by Rockwell Hopper, son of 
Cornelius, is in error, but the story as a whole fills in the spaces lacking in 
early deeds and in the Wellsburg Church Book entries. 

During the War of the Revolution Cornelius Hopper married on Dec. 25, 
1777 Hannah Rockwell, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Bennett Rockwell, who 
had been born in 1760 in Ridgefield, Conn. The oldest child of Cornelius and 
Hannah Hopper was a son and and according to the Dutch custom was named 
Mathew for his grandfather on his father's side; the second child was named 
Hannah for Hannah Rockwell on her mother Hannah's side. This Hannah born 
1781 became later the wife of Abraham Minier son of Christian Minier the 
earliest settler of Big Flats, Chemung County, N. Y. 

Shortly before the Hoppers came to Chemung County there was formed on 
Feb. 3, 1789, a Baptist Church Society at the place now called Wellsburg just 
south of Elmira, N. Y. This Church at different times has been designated by 
the names: "of Chemung"; "of Elmira and Chemung"; of Southport and Chemung" 
and finally as the "Wellsburg Baptist Church" It was the earliest Church 
Society to be formed in the locality of Newtown (Elmira). The early Church 
Books (2 books in original binding) were in 1945 in the keeping of the Chemung 
County Historical Society. 


Vol. 1 (1789-1833) of the early Baptist Church begins: 

Sept. 2, 1789 Whereas we a Number of members belonging to Different churches 
having out lots cast in this wilderness Land in the town of Chemung do find 
ourselves bound under obligation of the Christ as we being far Distant 
From the privelege of any Gospel Church of Christ do give ourselves to 
the watch and care of each other. And covenant to walk together in the 
Rules of the Gospel, (and on page 21): 
Oct, 6, 1789 James Fin, Elder from Pitston, John Phillips, Deacon from 

Pleasant Valley, Timothy Howe, Elder, John Bishop {and others) declare 
to be a Church those whose names are now inserted 

Ro swell Goff, William Buck, John Hillman Peter robert, Jesse Locey, 

John robert, John Van Camp, Elizabeth Hillman, dismissed from the 

Pitts town Church. 

Thomas Keeny was received by a certificate from Elder Minor at East 

Hartford that had baptized him. 

Thaddeus Bennet, Unez Bennet, Nancy Bennet, Margaret Bennett 

received by witness of James Fin that he had baptized them. 

Justice Bennet, Gamaliel and Rachel Townsend, Mary Bennit, Diana 

Bently were received by dismissal of letters from the Warwick Church. 

Adam Bovier, Mercy Keney was received by being baptized upon 

profession by Elder Timothy Howe, 
The above constitute the church and our brother Roswell Goff is set apart as 
minister and so ordained. 

Jan. 7, 1792 Cornelius and Hannah Hopper were put under the watch and care of 
the church. 

Oct. 6, 1792 Hannah Hopper was received in full communion by a letter of 
dismissal from the Pittstown Church. 

March 1, 1794 Hannah Hopper received a letter of dismission from the Middle- 
town Church. 

Nov. 7, 1795 Cornelius received a letter of dismission from the Pittstown 

Feb, 26, 1797 Olive Hopper (with others) received by confession of faith. 

Jan. 6, 1798 Cornelius Hopper admonished for drinking too hard 

July 6, 1811 Cornelius Hopper "came forward and gave satisfaction to the Church" 

Feb. 1, 1812 Hannah Hopper received a letter of dismission to "another church 
of the Same faith and order" 

The last church entry shows preparation for the next move made by 
Cornelius Hopper and his family. The Holland Purchase, located in the Genesee 
River valley, already at that time famed for its fertile land, was the "greener 
field" that beckoned to Cornelius. His land in Chemung County (parts of Lots 
141 and 142 acquired in 1793) and part of a lot at the "72nd Penna. State line 
milestone" were disposed of. In their place he purchased from the Holland 
Company in 1812, 85 acres in Town #4, Range 1, Lot 10. The next year he 
deeded one half of this to his son Rockwell who by then was almost 21 years old. 

This farm was on the east bank of the Genesee River in the town of Caneadea, 
now Allegany County, N. Y. 











If this land was all that Cornelius Hopper expected it to be, he had but a 
short time to enjoy its possession. The date of his death in his son's bible is 
given as Feb. 14, 1814. In 1819 the children of his widow, Hannah Rockwell 
Hopper, executed a single deed which gave to her from each a quit claim for 
any interest in the property. This deed was signed by the following: (the 

spelling is as found in the deed) 
Elijah Reynolds and wife Anna of Caneadea, Allegany County, N. Y. 
Rockwell Hopper and wife Elizabeth of " " " 

Margaret Hopper 

Abraham Minier and wife Hannah of Canisteo, Steuben County, N, Y. 
Elias Stevns and wife Amy of " " " 

Frederick Owen and wife Mary of Wayne, " " 

Green Bentley and wife Oluve of Catherine, Tioga County, N, Y. 
Elisha Moore and wife Esther of " " " 

Three children, Ira, Elizabeth and ? a ? ? y were minors 

Hopper References 
History of Rockland County, N. Y. 1884 David Cole gives from the Tappan and 
Tappan and Clarkstown Reformed Dutch Church Records: 
#1210 Marretje b. Aug. 28, 1742 parents Mattheus Hopper and 
132b Cornelia Oct. 23, 1744 wife Aeltje Kuyper 

1458 Dirkje Feb. 4, 1747 *' 

1529 Paulus Sept. 14, 1748 

1698 Annetje May 18, 1753 

290 Cornells Feb. 8, 1756 

417 Dirk Feb. 4, 175(7?) 

1135 Lambertus May 26, 1758 
The last three records are from Clarkstown. The spelling of the names 
varies. Mattheus, Matther, Mattias and Mattel are found for Mathew; Aeltje 
and Aeltie for Elsie; Hoppe, Hoppin for Hopper. Sponsors for these baptisms 
were: for Marretje and Paulus the sponsors were Paulus Hopper h wife Marretje; 
for Cornells b. 1744 (doubtless died early) sponsors were Cornells Kuyper & 
wife Dirkje; for the Cornelius b. in 1756 the sponsors were Cornells Kuyper 
and wife Lena; Annetje 's sponsors were Cornells Eikenson and wife Lena; and 
Lambertus has Lambert Cuyper and wife. 

If this were a bible record one could deduct the name of the grandfather on 
the father's side (repeated in the given name of the eldest son) and also the 
grandfather on the mother's side (found as the name of the 2nd son) but due to 
changes of residence a list from a Church may not be complete. See Dutch 
Baptismal Names in Vol. 1 of Holland Society Collections and other articles 
on the Dutch system of naming children. 

Ancestry for Mathew Hopper is suggested below: 
Onondaga and Oswego Counties, N. Y. 1849 Joshua V.H. Clark Vol. 2 pp. 124-5, 
Two brothers Andreas and Matthias Hopper, originally in Dutch written 
Hoppen, came from Holland. Andreas settled in N. J. and Matthias on Man- 
hatten Island. John Hopper of the line of Matthias, who also had grants along 
the Hudson, had sons Andrew, Yellis and Wessel. (Note by JHF; this it 
would be, it seems, the family to which Mathias the father of Cornelius 
Hopper belonged) Andrew son of Mattias of Manhatten who was a Deputy Sec- 
retary of the State of N. Y. and who died in Onondaga County in 1848 (Note by 
JHF; This could refer to the cousins near Syracuse mentioned in notes made 
by Rockwell Hopper's daughter Hannah) 


Gazetteer of New York 1860 J. H. French pp. 569-71 & footnotes for Rockland 
County: Tappantown's settlers were the earliest of this part of (then) Orange 
County. The old courthouse which burned before the Rev. War. was oppo- 
site the Reformed Dutch Church. Among the early settlers was Captain 
Cornelius Cuyper who was one of those who came to the southeast part of 
the county between 1690 and 1710. The names of most of the early Dutch 
settlers here are found in the records of the Reformed Dutch Church. 
Orange town's hamlets were small: Tappentown, Blauveltville, Orange 
Mills and Middletown. {This is doubtless the Middletown from which Han- 
nah Rockwell Hopper had a church dismission.) The dismissions from 
11 Pitts town" for both Hannah and Cornelius Hopper were from the place of 
that name in the Wyoming Valley in Penna. which was on the path of the 
route usually taken by the pioneers from Orange Co. N. Y. toward the Mili- 
tary Lands. Pittaton is located where the East Branch of the Susquehanna 
comes from the northwest and from its confluence near the New York bor- 
der with the Chemung River. There was an early Baptist Church at Pittston. 

N. Y. in the Revolution Vol. 1, page 164 Cornelius Hopper listed as a private 
in Hathorn's 4th Orange Co. Milita; Vol. 2, page 65 Mathew Hopper's name 
is given as one from whose house window leads were taken to supply the 
armed forces with the metal for bullets, (page 63 has an account of the 
scarcity of lead for use in Rev. War patriot fighting) In 1776 the Pro- 
vincial Congress resolved that window leadB were to be taken for military 
use from inhabitant's houses. 

Adjutant General's Office U.S. Archives. Card #37 113 296 shows Cornelius 
Hopper, private; -paid 14s 2 l/2d for 8 days service at Fort Montgomery, 
Capt. Eben'r Owen, Col Hasbrouck (this has no date but Eben'r Owen was 
Capt. in Feb. 1779) 

Chemung County Historical Society at Elmira, N. Y. has the original docu- 
ment headed Taxables Real & Personal of the Inhabitants of Newtown 1794 
(Cornelius Hopper's name is on this) as well as the original Church Book 
of the Baptist Society formed near present Wellsburg in 1789. 

Hopper Family Bible Records. These were in 1942 in the possession (when 
copied by the compiler) of Miss Elizabeth Hopper of Wash. D. C. & Hume, 
N. Y. The first record (below) was written on a separate sheet of old paper 
in Rockwell Hopper's Bible, 

"History of my Father Cornelius Hopper and fammaly. He was born 
in Holland Feb. 14, 1756 and came to Jersey when a child, Hannah Rock- 
well his wife was born in Connetticut Oct. 6th, 1760 and was married 
Dec. 25, 1777, Cornelius died Feb. 22, 1814 and his wife Hannah on 
April 7, 1839. Their children: 

Matthew was born Dec. 17, 1778 died Jan. 4, 1779 





























1792 (3?) 



, 1794 



, 1797 




" Dec. 13, 1842 
" Mar. 16, 1854 

June 6, 1801 

Oct. 2, 1804 (only 2nd & last letters plain) 


A "Family History" sketched by George S. Hopper, a grandson of Rockwell 
contributes further data: 

"Rockwell Hopper was born on Bolden Crik a half mile east from hog back, now 
Chemung County" (Bolden Crik is Baldwin Creek a tributary of the Chemung River; 
the hog back is a well known local name for a land ridge.) "Grandfather (Rockwell) 
Hopper's sisters married as follows 
Mary married a Owens 
Lizzie married a Bennett (probably incorrect; see the Churchill Family in 

Olive married a Bentley Znd Greenough 
Hannah married a Manier 
Margaret (Peggy) married a Sanford 
Anna married a Reynolds 

?a? ?y married a Spencer (again this is not clearly legible) 
Amy married Elias Stephens 
The record below is in a bible published 1829 by H. & E. Phinney (Cooperstown, 
N. Y. ) (Births and Marriage dates): 
Rockwell Hopper born May 1, 1793 married Oct. 26, 1811 
Elizabeth Hopper born Sept. 26, 1797 died Aug. 16, 1865 
Lovina born Sept. 1, 1812 married Nov. 13, 1829 
Cornelius born June 24, 1814 mar. June 9, 1835 d. Dec. 3, 1857 
Edward born Feb. 15, 1817 mar. Feb. 28, 1844 
Hannah born Nov. 13, 1818 mar. Jan. 14, 1836 
Christiana born Oct. 12, 1823 mar. May 22, 1849 
Alfred C. born April 11, 1826 married May 19, 1847 
Emma Forilla born Jan. 27, 1830 married Jan. 13, 1851 
Charles R. born Oct. 3, 1835 died Jan. 17, 1845" 

and more from Geo. S. Hopper's "Family History": 
"Hannah Hopper Frace died May 1891 

Emma Forilla Hopper wife of Ira W. Simpson d. May 25, 1877 
Elizabeth Comfort Hopper wife of Rockwell Hopper was born in Shuanguam, 
Orange Co. N. Y. Sept. 26, 1797 and moved with her parents to Wellsburg, 
Chemung Co. N, Y, where she lived until married. Edward Comfort was her 
father, Lavina her mother and she had sisters Polly Comfort Bevier and Charity 
Comfort and her brothers were Thomas, Moses, Jacob and Richard Comfort" 

A third Hopper Bible record gives the family of Cornelius Hopper Znd son of 
Rockwell (published 1829 - Emory k Waugh for the Methodist Episcopal Church r) 
" Cornelius Hopper was born June 24> 1814 died Dec. 3, 1857 
Ruth Hopper 
Elias S, Hopper 
Silas Hopper 
Jane Lovina S. 
Nancy A. 

Frances Elizabeth 
Albert Hopper 

Charles A, Hopper 
Chester Hopper 
Emma Olive 
George Smith Hopper 
Ida Allice 

" Oct. 16, 1818 


Dec. 26, 1855 

Apr. 1, 1836 


Sept. 26, 1840 

" June 30, 1837 


April 8, 1840 

Nov. 2, 1838 


Nov. 4, 1854 

March 24, 1840 

" Nov. 4, 1841 

Ju*-2 6, 1843 


May 26, 1864 

" Jan. 13, 1845 


March 28, 1854 

" Sept. 30, 1846 


Feb. 20, 1887 

Dec. 26?, 1848 

" Sept. 27, 1850 


Jan. 16, 1863 

" Mar. 1, 1853 

Sept. 23, 1855 


April 17, 1856 


Marriage 3 
Cornelius Hopper and Ruth Smith married June 9> 1835 
Cornelius Hopper and second wife Emily Moore married on Mar. 17, 

1857. Emily Moore was born Aug. 11, 1838 
Frances E. Hopper and Harrison Goodell were married on Dec. 22, 1861 

(and under "Deaths") 
Alfred Hopper died aged 20 years 11 months 20 days of gunshot wounds; a 

member of Co. C, 1st N. Y. Dragoons 
Amelia Hopper died March 28, 1854 at the home of her uncle Garrett Smith 
at Asbury, LaSalle County, Illinois. 
Bennett, Bentley and Beers Families 1899 S. B. Bennett page 35; Green Bentley 
Jr. was born about 1778 probably in Orange Co. N. Y. His wife was Olive 
Hopper. In 1822 Green Bentley Sr. deeded to Olive Hopper Bentley and her 
male heirs James, George, William and Elisha 100 acres of land. Later 
the widow Olive married a Captain Greenough. 
D.A.R. New York State Records in the D.A.R. Library at Wash. D. C. Vol. 57 
page 140. Buried at Newtown Cemetery 2 miles east out of Sullivanville , 
Chemung County, N. Y. : 

"Elisha Moore died May 9, I860 aged 79 years 

Esther his wife died April 6, 1865 aged 70 (should be 80 years since 
Esther Hopper Moore was born Sept. 1784) 
Churchill Family in America 1904 G. A, Churchill page 435: 

Wm. Tryon Churchill born near Elmira, N. Y. 1795 lived there until 1824 
when he moved to Tioga Co. Pa. He married 2nd in Tioga County Elizabeth 
Hopper who d, 1887 i n ner 86th yr. Ch. were: John, Olive, Ruth, Esther, 
Elisha & Wm. H. Churchill. 
Tioga County, N. Y. Deeds at Owego, N. Y. (Chemung County not formed until 1836) 
Sept. 10, 1793 Cornelius Hopper of Newtown, Tioga Co. from Thomas 
White of Chemung part of Lot 141, land boundary begins at 72nd Penna. 
milestone; 100 acres Vol. 3, page 202 

July 6, 1799 Cornelius Hopper of Newtown, Tioga Co. fTom James 
Rockwell and wife Hannah of Newtown part of Lot 142 boundary begins at 
72nd milestone; 100 acres. Vol, 3, page 20 5 

May 8, 1802 Cornelius Hopper and wife Hannah of Newtown to Abraham 
Miller Jr. land in Newtown laid out for Thomas White 50 acres. Vol. 19 , 
page 24. 

June 8, 1805 Cornelius Hopper and wife Hannah of Newtown, Tioga County 
sold land in Lot 142 next to land of Jonathan Rockwell Vol. 7, page 414 
Allegany County, N. Y. Deeds at Belmont, N, Y. Cornelius Hopper in 1812 

Holland Purchase land from William Willen, Agent; 65 acres, located in 
Town 4, Range 1, Lot 10 (Book A. Page 331) 

June 23, 1813 Cornelius Hopper of Caneadea, Allegany Co. N. Y. sold to 
Rockwell Hopper half of the above 85 acres; described as half of all that 
parcel of land distinguished on the J. Ellicott map as #4 in the 1st Range of 
the town of Caneadea, the south part of Lot #10 on the east bank of the 
Genesee River Book A, page 401 

March 1, 1819 Quit Claim deed from the children of Cornelius Hopper to 
the widow Hannah Hopper for the 85 acres described in the deed above pur- 
chased in 1812; beginning at a post on the east bank of the Genesee, this 
being the s.w. corner of the Lot--(Names of children previously given) 
Book 8, page 560. 


Allegany County, N. Y. History 1896 John S. Minard town of Belfast: 

This town was first named Orrinsburg and was formed in 1824. It included 
that part of Caneadea included in Township #4. Range 1. On the Genesee River 
at Hopperville in Lot #12, Rockwell Hopper kept a public house. 

Allegany County, N. Y. 1879 Beers Publishing Co. page 210: 

Rockwell Hopper came to Lot #10 (Belfast) where his grandson Edward C. 
Hopper now lives, from Chemung Co. in 1812. page 387; George S. Hopper 
son of Cornelius and Ruth Smith Hopper was born 1853. His grandfather was 
Rockwell Hopper born 1792 and his great grandfather Cornelius Hopper a 
primitive settler of Chemung County, George came to Hume, N. Y in 1877; a 
merchant; married Mary H. Sweet of Hume in 1876; a son Roy Hopper was 
born 1877. (a daughter of George is Miss Elizabeth Hopper in whose 
possession are the Hopper family Bible records included here) 

Cooper References 
Gazetteer of New York I860 J.H. French page 570 Rockland County. 

Orange town was named from Orange County, N. Y. of which it was in 1688 a 
part. The first church (Reformed Dutch Protestant) was formed Oct. 1694 and 
the first settlers who were Dutch had come about 1680. Among them was Capt. 
Cornelius Cooper and his wife Elsie Bogart whose son Derick Cooper was 
baptized 13 Oct. 1696. This church was at Tappen, one of the small places in 
Orangetown, Tappen is within half a mile of the New Jersey line. Clarkstown, 
a township near Orangetown borders on the Hudson River and also had an 
early Reformed Dutch Church. Cooper (Kuyper) records are found in both of 
these churches as well as in the records of the Reformed Dutch Church of 
Hackensack and Schraalenburg, N. J, 
Baptisms at Tappen in Hist, of Rockland Co, 1884 by David Cole 
#21 Dirck bapt. 13 Oct, 1696 parents Cornells Cuyper and 

Aeltje Boogaert 
witnesses Daniel De Clerck and 
Grietje Boogart 
A baptism in 1706 of Johannes son of the same parents (Cornells and Aeltje 
Cuyper) gives their names as Kornelis Klaessen Cuyper and Aeltje Bogaert, 
According to the established Dutch custom of naming, this last entry shows 
the father of Cornells Cuyper was Klaess Cuyper. 
Baptisms at Hackensack Dutch Reformed Church (in Holland Soc. Pub. "Vol. #134) 
Aeltie bapt. 23 Feb. 1723 parents Dirk Kuyper and Cattelintie Van Pelt 

witnesses Cornells Kuyper and Aeltie his wife 
This Cornells Kuyper whose wife was Aeltje Bogart was Capt. Cornelius 
Cooper the early settler mentioned in the Gazetteer, Their names are given 
as the parents at Baptisms at the Tappan Church in 1696 (Dirck); in 1701 
(Maretje); in 1704 (Gysbert); in 1706 (Johannes); in 1708 (Hendrick); and as 
witness their names are found many times, the last noted being in 1729, for 
Altgen, child of Theunis Cuyper. 

Although the marriage record has not been found, there is little doubt 
that Aeltje Cuyper, daughter of Dirck Cuyper and granddaughter of Capt. 
Cornells Cuyper and his wife Aeltje Bogart, was the wife of Mathew Hopper 
and the mother of Cornelius Hopper born 1756. 


Mmier^Rockwe/f- Hopper 

W\ikt\m tlinier khas kuyper (IdfiewZm field 


r ma a \io% 
Anna RoStnd 
d, of Johannes 
ft §r, dw, of 

Jacob +£uftd 

G-eortj nmier 

Strvnlt d*u. 
i Ulrtih 

tkmtim timer 


J\f>r&hun timer 

£ //a/ma/j * 

Cornelius kvyper 
% Atltje 

VircM kuyper 

% ttttibntie 


7?e.zt , 
fov. *$, Kichari 

Canjield -\ 

ddv, &j 

Wzthtw Hopper 


\_CcoperJ j 

CorntJtt/s Hopper 

% tfnnoh f 

Rockwell -J 

John 'Rodiwtll 

) Srtlvobeti] 
/ .yteti 

John Rockwell . 

/ Kj - r ) 


< — dnftilS 

Jinsthsn fteito// 

ZJknmh' 13 * 



^SzMueJ Winter j8o« <. 

ft Te fin a Bennett 

Jtenikt £wrt$ 

I % Fotififa Winter 

Chester SverJs Howell /e?9 

Hzhs Geory /V/nter -fn>m Germany fc fy/wsy/vsntd tTSX 
Cornelius kvyper (Cooper J M O ring a Co./Y.y by i6$i 
John fackwtli in <Sfraf/orc/ , Conned/tut by H41 
M&ihew C&n field in Md^srd. Connecticut hy lit 2 



Auszug aus dem Taufregister 

der evangelisdien Kirdiengemeuide fi ° h «n«=lw»r. iandltreU aannh*ln 


3d i n n 1 r J all 

mi,, IZ.KkI XTo5 


Utr V*l*n 

£«- »ihlH VcunarTje 

Christian U 1 n 1 e r 


huf-ujid *ar?«ia equaled ftih i 



Die MM*rt 

Cvfaunx- It VrrfTUrtW r 

Anna Basina Kiriler *er»it*et» Albert fckera*n« c*mh 

-r-' rant ^«i^alt»anh 

Johons Ueor^ £lnler,de>9 . -.ier vos Erji»t%«rfc- 

ijcVieuloJiJ-Bch Gebiet'B et#l,iiohi 

and Jaknxuu-p Biuid«r 9 £o£i&an£3 3aa3er von £ttt»ch»Trr 

eheUchtr So-.-. 


Unmdrin iff-- *f*4 

The church books showing the records ol Mlnler births and 

marriages are (1963) in the keeping of Ptirrer( Pastor) Peter 

Kohier of Hohensachsen. 

Copy of the entry of the birth of johann George Mlnier (son of Christian) born 
in Lulzetsaehseii 1705 who came to Pennsylvania In 1732. 

Ji n ji_ .-_::,-.- 

(This village and Lulzelsachsen tire % mile apart) 

M I N I E R 


Margarar IWolcoltl 
1837 -191« 

1829 - 1909 

Falima IHow.II] 

1S41 - 1930 

Panpha ISmilh) 

18^5 -1925 

Lofinda IKimballl 
T830 - 1!0« 

T933 - 1911 

Hannah {Br&adl 

PKotafliBph tircfcaWy rrtin ■rxxil re BO 


(Son of Abraham) 

1804 ■ 1876 


(Wife of Samuel Minier) 

1808- 1881 


M I N I E R 

The Will and appraisal of the Estate of George M infer 
Is at Eastern, Pen nsy Ivan in. 


1 ffm, tA.^ 

4 :.A 



4£v*> i,-4n, ' 

4 ^ 5s 

•M&*i l 





s\ COUNTY /j 



^ , Crfl»d#pi.fiHH!ei 

DansbLrfv f^ 

{^r^eudsihuisir , 

?>> COUNTyVv 

' Y0RK V*^ ■ ^W^.a * ^ 

*$* 'V# CHESTER «iN V> " 

counts "^ C ouNTr *yv* 

~~~^" ""^T^^ NEW 


The stones of Henry M Infer (sob of Christian ) and his wife 

Sarah were In 1943 yet standing in the plot on die River 

Road where Christian and Christianna were buried, 

(Pictures by courtesy- of the El mini Telegram) 

New York Slate Historical marker in Big Flats 

on the River Road near die Big Flats • Elmira 

Town line. 


j Wilt- oi Abraham Minier) 


> ■£''■ >r 

ITH2- 1827 

The pines in the old Sing Sing Ceme- 
tery mark the she of ;t verv early 
( 1801 ) Big Hats Baptist Church, The 
Rev. Roswell Coff from the Wells burg 
Church (earliest church In the region) 
was minister; the Wellsburg church 
being formed 1791 south of Elmlra 
(then Newtown ) 


c.4jrUt / lr. 


of Samuel Mlnier( 1804 - 187fi) of Big Flats N. Y. 

member of Assembly from Chemung Co. N, V 


Many Minier descendants have conjectured concerning the origin of the family 
of Christian Minier, the first settler in Big Flats, Chemung County, N. Y, And 
because a name of much the same spelling is to be found in France the suppos- 
ition has often been that his ancestors were French Huguenots, Quite possibly 
they may have been, however the wedding record of Christian's grandfather 
shows that his great grandfather, Wilhelm, was living in Germany as early as 

Wilhelm was an armorer and at that date was in the service of the Count of 
Hohenlohe at Ernstbach in the Odenwald, a region just east of the Rhine River 
where the Neckar meets the Rhine near Heidelberg. Ernstbach' s vital records, 
as well as much else there,was destroyed in World War II when German metal 
working installations in that vicinity were bombed. 

It is more than possible that these destroyed documents might have shown 
that Wilhelm Minier came with the French to this Palatinate countryside during 
the French and German conflicts of 1689 and 1693. If so, he may have stayed 
there quite voluntarily, for this place after the Revocation of the Edict of 
Nantes in 1685 still welcomed Protestants, as France did not. His son and 
grandson were married in the Reformed Protestant Church in the Palatinate 
region. The Palatinate was an Electoral District of the old German confeder- 
ation of small governments near the middle of the Rhine River's course and 
south of the lands of the Duke of Hesse. 

Wilhelm 's name in the old German Church records is spelled Minnir which 
today is pronounced in the locality of this church as "Me neer" with almost 
equal accent on each syllable. Although the Ernstbach records are lost, referen- 
ces to his residence there in 1703 and 1705 are to be found in the old Church 
Books in a village near Heidelberg where his son was married and where his 
grandsons, among them Hans George, the father of Christian Minier of Big 
Flats, was born. 

An account of the life and family of Hans Georg Minier found in the 
Moravian Church Archives in Pennsylvania shows that he was born at 
"Litzelsasse near Heidelberg in the Palatinate". Litzetsasse is an old spelling 
of the name of the place now on the map as Lutzelsachsen, one half mile from 
the church in Hohensachsen where the church records for the two villages are 
to be found in the keeping of the Pfarrer, Peter Kohler. The old church with 
its onion shaped tower, so common in this part of Germany, stood in 
Hohensachsen until July 1956 when it burned. It had been built about 1772 re- 
placing an older building. Although picturesque, it was not as ancient as are 
many of the very old structures surrounding it. 

These adjoining villages just north of Heidelberg are on the east side of the 
old Bergstrasse or "Mountain Road" which was, histories say, first laid out by 
the Romans as a part of a route for trade. This highway closely hugs the base 
of the steep and wooded slope of the Odenwald hills to the west slope of which 
the villages cling. Small streams tumble down beside the downward sloping 
streets of the two villages, winding between small stone homes. Except for 


the addition of colored plaster that covers the stonework, few of these old 
buildings have been much altered since they were built. It is claimed that 
most of these old houses are the same ones that were there 200 or more 
years ago, their tiny windows, then as now, overlooking the Neckar and the 
Rhine River valleys. During World War II no military object was near. So 
the villages escaped bombing. Also in 1689 and 1693 the invading French 
found them of too little importance to destroy (the great castle of neighboring 
Heidelberg has been a ruin since those yea rs) but the Church Books at 
Hohensachsen have remained undisturbed since the first entries were made 
in the oldest book in 1650. 

Of the family of Wilhelm Minnie r of Ernstbach the names of only two of 

his children are known: 

Christian who was the grandfather of Christian of Big Flats 
Johann Georg for whom was named Hans Georg Minier, who came to 
America in 1732, the father of Christian of Big Flats. 

Marriage and Baptismal records make clear the relationship of Wilhelm 

Minnir as father of these sons. 

Christian Minnir (son of Wilhelm) was married 27 Feb. 1703 to Anna 
Rosina, widow of Johann Albert who had been a blacksmith, as was Christian. 
In the marriage entry the father of Anna Rosina was named as Johannes 
Gengelbach who died Feb. 8, 1691 aged 46 years and who had been a magis- 
trate of Lutzelsachsen, the son of Jacob and Lucea. The father of Christian 
was given, as noted before, as Wilhelm Minnir of Ernstbach, an armorer 
in the service of the Count of Hohenlohe. 

The children of Christian and Anna Rosina Minnir (Minier): 
Christianus born 2 February 1704 
Johann Georg born 12 May 1705, one of whose sponsors was 

Johann George "son of Wilhelm of Ernstbach" 
Sabina Katharine born 1 Sept. 1707 
David born 22 January 1713 

(Johannes is the formal equivalent of John, Johann or 
Hans is the informal one) 

No death records were found for this family by the Pfarrer in the 
Hohensachsen Church Books. But at the time that the eldest son, Christian, 
(of Christian and Anna Rosina) was confirmed on 7 January 1719, he is re- 
ferred to as "Christian, aged 15 years, a surviving son of Christian Minnir, 
former citizen of Lutzelsachsen", A year later Johann Georg was confirmed 
but after that there seem to be no more entries. 

Possibly the widow, Anna Rosina, and her children moved to Michelfeld 
just south of Heidelberg where in 1728 Johann (Hans) Georg Minier was 
married and where his first child was born; and from whence he probably 
started for America. 

Johann Georg Minier was the Hans Georg who arrived at Philadelphia in 
1732 on the ship Mary of London from Rotterdam and Cowes. The name next 
to his on the Captain's List is Christian whose age was given as 28; Hans 
George's as 26 years. We have no knowledge of the family of the brother 
Christian in America, Of Hans Georg whose name was soon shortened, as 
land warrants show, to George Minier we know quite a bit due to the 
Moravian Church Archives at Bethlehem. Pa, 


After landing in Philadelphia in 1732, George Minier went first to the Conas- 
toga valley in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. From there he moved to 
Tulpehocken in Heidelberg township in the same county. It was while living in 
this latter place he joined the first Moravian congregation formed in Pennsyl- 
vania. There were twelve in the group who banded together on April 9, 1745 to 
establish this congregation; this date being after the death that year of George 
Minier 's first wife. 

The Moravian Church records concerning George Minier are in German 
script. The full translation of papers concerning him was made for the compiler 
by the Archivist, Dr. Kenneth Hamilton and an abstract from this translation 

George Minier 

Born in Lizelsasse near Heidelberg in the Palatinate, his father was Christ- 
ian Minier, citizen of Lizelsasse and his mother was Anna Rosina m. n. 
Gengelbach. He was married 28 Nov. 1728 to his first wife Catharine daughter 
of Ulrich Meyer and his wife Elizabeth, citizen of Michelfeld in the Palatinate. 
Children; (new style means 18th century calendar change) 

Johannes born 11 Feb. 1730 new style at Michelfeld, Palatinate 
Elizabeth born 24 Dec. 17 32 old style at Canastoga, Lancaster County, 

Maria Catharina born 2 Feb. 1734 old style at Canastoga 
Heinrich born 24 Dec. 1735 old style at Canastoga 
Catharine born 15 Sept. 1740 at Heidelberg, Lancaster County 

His first wife Catharine died in the early part of 1745. As second wife 
he married Maria Elizabeth daughter of Weinert Strunk, citizen of 
Prenlingen below Kreusenach; they were married in Tulpehocken 
Moravian Congregational House; their children: 
Christina born 27 June 1746 at Heidelberg, Lancaster County 
Christian born 30 Sept. 1747 old style; baptized the 21st Sunday after 

Trinity, the 8th of Nov. old style at Heidelberg, Penna. {This was 
Christian "of Big Flats") 
Daniel born 13 Oct. 1749 at Heidelberg, Lancaster Co. Pa. 
Maria Elizabeth born Palm Sunday 31 March 1751 at Heidelberg. 
Other Moravian records and Geo. Minier's will show also): 
Lorenz born February 1753 (in Northampton County, Pa) 
Abraham born May 1762 

The Moravian Records contain other exceedingly interesting stories con- 
nected with the life of George Minier but no other vital record entries. He did 
not live with the Moravian group, which usually held land in common, but he did 
send his children to the Moravian schools. His farm after 1750 was just west 
of Stroudsburg, then called Danbury near Cherry Creek which was at one time 
called Scot's Run. At the time of the massacres by the Indians in the French 
and Indian Wars, he wintered 1755-56 with his family (his wife and 7 children) in 
the fortified Moravian settlement at Friedensthal or "Vale of Peace". 

It has been written that the winter of 1755-56 was the darkest in the annals of 
the Province of Pennsylvania and also in the annals of American Moravian 
history. To appreciate the latter half of this statement something of the hopes 
and aims of the Moravians should be known. 


The Moravians should not be included among the many peculiar sects of 
Pennsylvania's early history. Of all the religious bodies that came to Pennsyl- 
vania in the days of German pioneering, the Moravians alone professed to come 
for missionary purposes, especially to evangelize the Indians. As far as 
sectarianism is concerned, the English Church as early as 1749 recognized 
the Moravians as a Protestant Episcopal denomination. 

Although the proper name of the Church was Unitas Fratrum or United 
Brethren, so many of the early members had once lived in that part of Europe 
called Moravia, that the group came to be better known as Moravians. Their 
first congregation made up largely of followers of the reformer John Huss, had 
been organized about 172Z. This happened in a village owned by the Count 
Zinzendorf in Upper Lusatia, Saxony. In 1735 through the efforts of the Count, 
a small congregation crossed the Atlantic and settled near the Ogeeche River 
on land granted to them by the Colony of Georgia, In 1737 another settlement 
had been made by them at Savanna. However the next year both of these places 
were abandoned because of attacks made upon them by Spaniards from Florida. 
Historians claim the Jesuits did not wish to have Protestant settlers nearby. 
Those Moravians who survived went to Pennsylvania. Here in 1742 the Count 
Zinsendorf met the Deputies of the Six Indian Nations at Tulpehocken, Penn- 
sylvania, and was given a belt of wampum signifying the assent of the Indians 
to the missionary plans of the Brethren. Before the Count returned to Europe, 
he gave the Lanapi chiefs, who claimed the place, what they had fixed as their 
price for the huts, orchards and cleared land at Bethlehem (after 1752 in 
Northampton County, Pa. ) 

By the time of the Indian massacres of 1756 and 1763, the Moravians had 
founded five settlements near Bethlehem. These were Nazareth founded in 
1743, Gnadenthal or Vale of Grace and Friedensthal or Vale of Peace, Christian 
Spring in 1749 and in 1752 The Rose. All are now historical spots and some of 
the schools established about this time are yet in existence. 

In 1777 during the War of the Revolution, Pennsylvania demanded of its 
citizens an Oath of Allegiance concerning loyalty to the Commonwealth rather 
than to George III. This was very distasteful to members of the religious sects 
who had earlier, when first coming to America, been obliged to take an oath 
of allegiance to the King of England. Many felt to adjure him at a later date 
would be to perjure themselves before God. However means considered legal 
were eventually found to satisfy the objectors who were not actually Tories. In 
some cases the words "to affirm" were used as a substitute for "to swear to" 
and "Affirmation" for "Oath". 

One of these Allegiance lists, still in existence at Easton, Pa, shows that 
George Minier was a subscriber in Northampton Co. It is dated Oct. 8, 1778 
and on it George's name appears as George Minniger (perhaps in script 
Minnijer) a corruption found in documents of this time. His two sons, 
Christian and Daniel served in the County Militia in the 5th Battalion of Col. 
Jacob Stroud. In 1781 Christian's name has been copied Mine gar and Daniel's 
as Me merger on the rolls. By 1782 Christian was a Sergeant and both his 
name and Daniel's were spelled correctly. 


A statement, but not an explanation of the corruption of the name Minier is 
to be found in the pension application of a former Rev. War aoldier who in 1833 
was living in Ohio. This applicant stated his name was Abraham Minniear but 
that "sometimes and in early life among the Germans of Pennsylvania" he was 
called Abraham Minnigre. Persons who furnished his references for good 
character referred to him variously as Minniear, Minnear, Manier and 

George Minier made his will in May 1779 and died sometime that year. The 
will is signed G. M. and is filed in the Surrogate's office at Easton, Pa. under 
both Menier and Menegar. The only legal paper with it refers to him as George 
Minier & George Menier. This is the appraisal of his estate. Use of the longer 
form of the name is probably due to the misreading of German script by those 
who did not know its forms. 

The intent of George Minier's will seems to show a parallel to the Old Testa- 
ment story of the seven year service of Jacob and its promise of reward. The 
will is worded according to the usage of the times. Its provisions are given 

To my oldest son John the sum of 20 shillings as his birthright and also one 
year after my death the sum of 40 pounds. This same amount of 40 pounds also 
to my daughter Mary Elizabeth's daughter to be paid two years after my death; 

3 years after my death 40 pounds to my daughter Mary Charine wife of 

(illegible to the compiler); to my daughter Chatrine wife of Christian 

House the same amount to be paid 4 years after my death; to my daughter 
Christina the same amount to be paid 5 years after my death; to my daughter 
Elizabeth wife of Jacob Deatrick the same amount to be paid 6 years after my 
death; to my son Abraham the same amount to be paid 7 years following my 

After my funeral Charges and all my just debts are paid I give and bequeath 
to my sons Christian and Daniel Menegar and their heirs all of my Lands, goods, 
Chattels, Moneys etc. whatsoever or of what kind to be equally divided among 
them, and I likewise appoint them my sole executors. 

The witnessess were Jacob Stroud, Abraham Miller, Lawrence Kunkill & 
Peter Frederick, well known men of the region. 

Since Christian and Daniel Minier were obligated to pay out to the other 
children of the family sums of money for seven years after 1779, no move to 
sell the farm on Cherry Creek was possible for that period. It so happened 
that the end of the seven years coincided with the time following the War of 
the Revolution when there was a movement of settlers into the previously 
Indian-held territory of central New York. 

The Northampton Co. Pa. land inherited by Christian Minier (later of Big 
Flats, N. Y. ) and his brother Daniel was, when sold, indexed in the Deed 
Registry under double entry; that is, under both Menier and Menegar. Tax 
records in 1772 show George, Christian and Daniel listed under Meniger; in 
1785 the tax lists show Minier for both sons. Very early Chemung County 
documents give Mynegar for Christian the pioneer of 1787, showing how long 
the use of the two so very different spellings persisted. 


The Northampton County farm on Cherry Creek was sold by Christian and 
Daniel Minier in 1787, and the Chemung County N. Y. historical accounts re- 
late Christian Minier came to Big Flats in 1787 by way of the Susquehanna 
and Chemung Rivers. 

Christian Minier had marriedabout 1772 in Northampton Co. Pa. and by 
the time he brought his family to Big Flats his children numbered at least 
nine. All had been baptized in the same Church, the present Lutheran and 
Reformed Church of the Evangelical Community, Hamilton Township, North- 
ampton Co. 

Parents are given as Christian & wife Christiana of: 
George Minier born 15? Dec. 1772. Sponsors were "Georg Minier the grand- 
father and his wife Elizabetha" 
Johann Jacob Minier born 4 Jan? (Jun?) 1774 Sponsors Johann Jacob Beck 

and Maria Reimelin, single 
Margaretha Minier born 18 Dec. 1775 Sponsors Jacob Snell and wife Anna 

Joh Henrich Meiner born 9 Sept. 1777 Sponsors Joh Helnrich Bossert and 

wife Gather ina 
Anna Catharina Meiner born 11 Mar. 1779 Sponsors Heinrich Bossert and 

wife Anna Catharina 
Anna Maria Meiner born 3 Nov, 1780 Sponsors Henrich Bossert and wife 

Anna Maria 
Abraham Meiner born 8 May 1782 Sponsors Abraham Meiner and Luewise 

Elizabeth Minier born 10 Sept. 1783 Sponsors Peter Heyl (or Hegt?) and 

wife Juliana Elizabeth 
Susanna Minier born 9 July 1785 Sponsors Joh Topfer and wife Susanna 

Born in Big Flats according to the County History was: 
Christian Minier (Chris John) born 3 Dec. 1789 

Two other children's names appear in family records: 
Samuel Minier 
Mary Elizabeth Minier 

Christian Minier 'a wife before marriage was Christiana Beck or Peck. 
Hannah Minier Breed's family records give it as Peck. However because the 
second son of the family Johann Jacob who was called Jacob, had as his bapt- 
ismal sponsor Johann Jacob Beck, it is more probably the name was Beck. 
Also in the region where Christian lived when married', the name Peck is very 
uncommon whereas there are several Beck families of German origin. 

The land at Big Flats was patented to Christian Minier in 1791 after he had 
made a "true settlement" on the Chemung just west of Newtown (now Elmira). 
Part of his 320 acres was on the steep hillside on the south side of the river 
and part on the flats bordering the northward side. Christian not only built a 
house out of logs but he also raised corn and set out fruit trees. It was his 
second experience as a settler on primitive land since he was but 10 years old 
when his father came to the previously uncultivated land in Northampton 
County in Penna. 

In 1821 when Christian was about 74 years old, he sold this land (in Lot 117 
of Big Flats, Tioga County) to a David Van Deren subject to a mortgage. The 
terms of the mortgage were not met and Christian assigned it to his son Abraham 
who in turn assigned it to his brother Henry, Both of these sons died before 
Christian; Abraham was killed in 1827 and Henry died 1828, 


Marriages of only five of the children of Christian Minier of Big Flats are 
found with any detail in our records. 

Henry (Joh Henrich) married Sarah Arbour 

Catharine (Anna Catharina) married Wm, Applegate. The County (Chemung) 

History says this was the first marriage performed in Big Flats. 
Abraham married Hannah Hopper 
Susanna Minier married James Dolson 

Christian Minier Jr. m. (1) ? (2) Polly Brong 

George Minier, probably son of Christian, is listed in the 1810 Tioga Co. 

N, Y. census aged 26/45; married and with a son under 10 yrs. By 

tradition he later moved "west" 
Jacob, probably Johann Jacob, son of Christian witnessed in 1795 the will 

of Tunis Dolson whose son James married Susanna Minier & who moved 

to Illinois before 1818. 
Family records say two of Christian's children married into the Jeffers 

and Doughty families. These two surnames are found in 1850 near the 

Dolsons in Clark Co. Illinois. 

Henry Minier son of Christian was baptized as Joh Henrich, born 1777. 
He was with his brother Abraham an early settler in the town of Canisteo, 
Steuben Co. , N. Y. by 1808. About 1820 both sold the Canisteo land and re- 
turned to Big Flats. His wife was Sarah Arbour and their stones were the last 
standing in the Minier plot on the edge of Chemung River (in 1943): 

"Henry Minier died 12 Dec. 1828 aged 51 yrs. 

Sarah wife of Henry died April 1848 aged 70 yrs. " 
They had a son John b. 1808 and two daU. : Nancy (Lovell) k Sarah (Smith) 

The Episcopal Church in Big Flats (torn down in 1930) was, when it was 
organized in 1831, largely financed and sponsored by the Minier family of 
Henry's branch. In 1829 Bishop Hobart of the Western New York Diocese of the 
Protestant Episcopal Church visited Big Flats. This date was before the death 
of Christian Minier, Sr. who having been schooled with the Moravians was 
doubtless aware of the status as a Protestant Episcopal denomination of the 
Moravian Church. The present Big Flats Cemetery is on land that belonged to 
the old Episcopal Church. 

Henry's interest in his father's grant in Big Flats passed to his only son 
John Minier. In 1835 John sold this to Erastus Maltby of Tompkins County and 
for himself bought the land and tavern known as the Big Flats Hotel. The deed 
conveying the land of his grandfather to Maltby is worded in part "---land known 
as Lot #117 Big Flats granted to Christian Minier on the 12 April 1791 by letter 

patent under the Great Seal of the State of New York reserving (from the sale) 

the family cemetery and also the right ceded to the Hudson and Erie Railroad--" 

John Minier born 1808 son of Henry and Sarah died in 1891. 

mar. Emily Baird born in Sharon, Conn. 1811 who died 1906; 
were buried in Big Flats. Their children: (7) 
Henry Baird Minier b, 7. June 1833 mar. Mary (Titcomb) Ayer; they lived in 

Harvard, 111. in 1885, one ch: Mamie Minier 
Mary Minier died before 1885; mar. Abram B. Hess; 2 ch: 

Charles Henry & Frederick James Hess; both aged over 14 yrs, by 
March 1895; Frederick received his inheritance from his grandfather's 
estate 1919 at Okmulgee Co. Oklahoma 


Emma J. Minier born about 1839 mar, Abram Huey of Corning 
Ada Minier born about 1842; not mentioned in John's 1885 will 
Ophelia Minier born about 1844 also not mentioned 
John R. Minier born 1847 died 1911 mar. Ella Cuddeback 
Samuel Arbour Minier b. 1849 died 1932 mar. Clara Carpenter 

John R, and Ella Cuddeback Minier's children: 

Emily C. Minier born 1878 was living 1959 in Florida 

Thomas Minier born 1881 died 1957 in Florida 

Edward Elting Minier born 1884 died 1959 married Elizabeth Ross Owen who 
died in 1941; their ch: 
Sarah Ellen Minier b. 1922 mar. Wm. T. Palmer of Philadelphia 
John Christian Minier b. 1923 unmarried 1959 in Florida 

Samuel Arbour Minier born 1849 died 1932 married Clara Carpenter born 
1856 died 1939; 5 ch: 
William Carpenter Minier born 1877 died 1941 mar. Carrie Cochran of 
Pittsburgh; ch: 
William Carpenter Minier born 1918 killed in World War II 
Shirley Minier born 1921 living in Cleveland in 1959 
Henry Beard Minier born 1879 died 1949 married Jane Hamilton born 1883 
died 1958; ch: (3) 
Henry Beard Minier born 1918 married Eleanor Burmah Robinson 
born 1920 in Philadelphia; ch: (4) in 1959 
Alan Beard Minier born March 3, 1949 
Richard Deering Minier born Oct. 17, 1950 
Brian Hamilton Minier born Sept. 22, 1953 
Martha Robinson Minier born Sept, 4, 1957 
Jeanne Bovaird Minier born 1922 mar. (1) Felix Stanley, ending in divorce 
(2) Lawrence George; ch: {of Baton Rouge, La. in 1959) 
John Stanley born 1945 
Thomas Stanley born 1949 
Barbara Jane George born 1956 
Samuel Arbour Minier born 1925 mar, Beverly Fisher b. 1930 in Tenefly, 
N.J. ch: in 1959 
Russell Carpenter Minier born Apr. 18, 1955 
Elizabeth Fisher Minier born July 8, 1957 
Edith Minier dau. of Samuel & Clara b, 1881 d. 1941 mar, Matthias Hollenback 
Welles born 1881; 2 ch: 
Eleanor Welles b. 1911 mar. Carl F. Henkel; ch: twins Mary Welles 
Henkel; and Jane Shaw Henkel mar, John Coulter of Syracuse; son 
Steven Francis Coulter b. Sept. 10, 1958 
Mary Louise Welles born 1915 mar. Henry Edwin Hahn of Owosao, Mich, 
ch: Steven Welles Hahn and Margaret Paige Hahn. 
Mary Addie Minier b. 1887 married Robert Haines McGredy b. 1886 

Robert Minier McGredy b. 1913 mar. Louise Baumbach of Alexandria, Va. 
Ch: (4) in 1959 
Marilyn McGredy b. October 29, 1945 
Carolyn born May 19, 1948 
Eric McGredy b. April 7, 1953 
Douglas McGredy b. January 4, 1957 
Frederick Lindsay McGredy b. 1918 mar. Anita Stierle of Livingston, N.J. 
ch: Christine McGredy b. Sept, 17, 19 ?2 and Scott McGredy born 
Nov. 22, 19 ?4 


Julia Ayer Minier born Dec, 28, 1889 married John Townsend Smith who died 
1952 at Phoenix, Arizona. 

Abraham Minier son of Christian, was born 8 May 1782 in Northampton Co. 
Pa. where he was baptized. He was about 5 or 6 years old when his father came 
to Big Flats. About 1808 he went to CanLsteo, Steuben County, N. Y. for a new 
settlement with his older brother Henry. Both returned about 1820 to Big Flats. 
His wife was Hannah Hopper whose father had about 1812 removed from Che- 
mung County to the Genesee River valley just west of Canisteo. A family 
record says Abraham was killed by a falling tree. Their stones near Sing Sing 
Creek, Big Flats: 

"Abraham Minnier died June 26, 1827 aged 45 yrs. 1 month 18 days 

An empty tale, a morning flower 
Cut down and withered in an hour" 
"Hannah wife of Abraham died Dec. 14, 1842 ae 62 yrs. 4 mo. 20 da. " 

children of Abraham fc Hannah Minier: 
Samuel Minier b. 17 Nov. 1804 d. 18 Oct. 1876 m. Telina Bennitt 
Christiana Minier b. 16 July 1806 d. 3 Apr. 1822 

Henry Minier b. 29 June 1808 d. 3 Apr. 187 3 m. (1) Lorinda Bennitt & {2J Sarah- - 
Ira Minier b. 21 Aug. 1810 mar. Amanda- - 
Mathew Minier b. Aug. 1812 died 29 Sept. 1812 
Anna Minier born 5 Feb. 1814 died early 

Christian Minier b. 30 Sept. 1818 d. Oct. 1888 m. Marilla Stanton 
William StephensMinier b. 31 Jan. 1823 d. 17 June 1898 married Rosemary 
Haven, widow Piatt, in Illinois 

Samuel Minier son of Abraham fit Hannah, was born 17 Nov. 1804 in Canisteo, 
Steuben Co. N. Y. and died in Big Flats in 1876. His wife Telina Bennitt dau. of 
Abraham was born in Big Flats in 1807 and died> there 7 Oct. 1881 {see the 
Bennett account) 

children of Samuel and Telina Minier (mar. 16 Nov. 1826) 
Christiana b. 21 July 1827 died 16 May 1828 

Abraham Bennitt Minier b. 5 Apr. 1829 d. 3 Mar. 1908 m. Sarah Amy 
Lorinda b. 12 Dec. 1830 d. 18 May 1906 m. J. Truesdale {2) D. Kimball 
Ira Minier b. 24 Apr, 1833 d. 6 Mar. 1911 mar. Sarah Park 
Hannah H. Minier b. 26 Mar. 1836 d, 24 Sept. 1890 mar. J. Monroe Breed 
Margaret b. 23 Aug. 1837 d. 12 Aug. 1916 mar. Justus N. Wolcott 
Fatima b. 4 Aug. 1839 d. 30 Nov. 1910 mar. Daniel Everts Howell 
William Henry Minier b. 1 July 1841 d. 11 Mar. 1930 m. Hannah Hall 
Pantha b. 26 Sept. 1843 d, 19 June 1890 mar. William Smith 
Samuel John Minier b. 25 May 1845 d. 1925 mar. Lucy Davey 
Sabrina b. 8 Sept. 1847 d. 11 May 1848 

Samuel Minier 1807-1876 was a farmer of Big Flats who before 1850 also had 
a general store in the village. In 1860 he was listed as a contractor; during his 
life he held several public offices; was a member of the County Supervisor Board 
(before Chemung Co. was formed from Tioga and continued after 1836 for Che- 
mung Co. was formed from Tioga and continued after 1836 for Chemung); was 
County Sheriff 1841-1843 and County Representative in 1851 in the State Assemb- 
ly. His 1848-49 account book and an autograph book of Assembly members are 
in the possession of the compiler. Some of the costs of building in Big Flats 
his large white painted frame house, which later burned, are noted in the 
account book. 


Abraham Bennett Minier, son of Samuel, was born 1829 in Big Flats and 
died there in 1908. He was known {used as a signature the initials A. B. 
Minier). Both of his grandfathers had the name Abraham. His wife was the widow 
Sarah Rhodes Amy who had had by her first marriage a daughter Mary (Mate) 
Amy, who married Charles Lovell of Elmira k had a daughter Frances Lovell. 

A. B. and Sarah Minier had no children. His will at Elmira mentions his 
surviving brothers and sisters as William H. ; Fatima Howell; Samuel J. all of 
Elmira; Ira of Milan, Pa. ; Margaret Woolcott of Portland, Mich. ; also nieces 
and nephews as: Mary Miller; Belle Snyder; Ernest Smith; Harry Smith; Alice 
Smith; Fred and Chester Howell of Elmira; Sidney Howell of Ithaca; Hattie 
Steele of Tioga, Pa. ; Mary Phillips & William Smith, Hendy Creek, N. Y. ; 
Hattie Smith & Nellie Webber, Big Flats. 

Lorinda Minier dau. of Samuel was born 1830 and d. 18 May 1906 in Big 
Flats; married 16 Aug, 1847 or 49 James Truesdale of Catlin, N. Y. After his 
death she mar. on 27 Dec. 1857 Dayton Canfield Kimball b. Ithaca 20 Dec. 1824 
son of John & Margaret Davenport Kimball; children: 
Sidney Truesdale died young 

Frank Truesdale 1860-1873 buried Tioga Point Cem. Athens, Pa. 
Fred Kimball 1873-1880 

Mary Telina Kimball b. 13 May 1862 near Athens, died in Elmira 31 March 1912 
bur. at Tioga Pt. Cem. ; married Charles Lewis Miller at Mitchell 
Creek, Pa, He was born 10 Mar. 1856 near Tioga, Pa. & died 
17 Mar. 1932; 3 children: 
Ray Harry Miller b. 27 June 1886 Tioga, Pa. mar. Eliza Anna Michelfelder 
b. Stokesdale, Pa. 26 May 1884; 2 ch: 
Donna Louise Miller b. 16 Aug. 1907 Elmira mar. Wm. B. McGee, 
Lee Robert Miller b. 31 Oct. 1909 Sayre, Pa. m. Elizabeth A. McGrath 
2 ch: Anna Elizabeth b. Feb. 1942 Jacksonville, Fla. & Edward 
Lee Miller b. 28 July 1944 at Jacksonville. 
Flora M. Miller of Elmira, N, Y. b. 3 Aug. 1894 at Tioga, Pa. 
Robert John Miller b. 14 March 1904 at Corning, N. Y. mar, Margaret 
Dingier b, 8 June 1903 in Phila, , Pa. 2 ch: 
Robert Lee Miller b. 30 June 1936 Elmira m. in Mason City, la. Juanita 

Brayton b. 22 Jan. 1937 in Chicago 
William Dingier Miller b. 12 June 1940 Elmira, N. Y. 

Ira Minier son of Samuel was born 1833 died 1911. He married Sarah Park 
born 4 Sept. 1833 a daughter of Joseph Park who lived near Waverly, N. Y. She 
died 3 Oct. 1919. Ira Minier lived in Big Flats until 1873 when he moved with 
his family to Greens Landing near Milan, Bradford Co, Pa, ; buried Tioga 
Point Cem. 

Children of Ira and Sarah Park Minier: 
Florence Minier b. 8 May 1862 d. 23 July 1952 mar. Robert Flood of Elmira 
Heights who d. 9 July 1942; ch: (3) 
Harry Flood b. 13 June 1895 d. 27 Jan. 1907 

Alice May Flood b. 14 Aug. 1899 mar. George Crane of Pine Valley, N. Y. 
Virginia Crane b, 28 Nov, 1927 mar. Wm. L. Beardslee 1945; ch: 

Beth Mae b. 1946; Carol K. 1948; Diane 1951; Cherie 1955 
Gerald Crane b. 11 Jan. 1929 mar. Beverly Funfrock of Elmira 

ch: Edwina Ruth b. 1955; David Malcolm 1957 
Edgar Crane b. 10 Feb. 1932 mar. Mary Dagan of York, Pa. 1956 
Edna Lucy Flood b. 17 May 1906 mar, 1942 Richard Van Orman 


Eddy Bennett Minier b. 9 Oct. 1868 d. 31 Mar. 1933 lived in Athens Pa. ;married 
Edith Roberts Paige in 1895. She was born 12 Nov. 1872 and d. 14 
June 1934; their children: 
Walter Page Minier b. 22 Jan. 1897 mar, 9 July 1942 Julia Orr 
Arthur C. Minier b. 28 Aug. 1916 mar. Marian Roseman; ch: Joseph Minier 

Hannah Hopper Minier daughter of Samuel was born 1836 and died 1899- She 
married James Monroe Breed, son of Paul and Betsey Ingalls Breed, who was 
born 23 August 1834 and died 1st Nov. 1904. J, Monroe Breed and Hannah were 
married 10 Nov. 1857; they lived on a farm near Big Flats; 3 children: 

Hattie Telina Breed b. 25 May 1861 d. 9 Mar. 1932 mar, Frank O. Steele 
b. 12 Mar. 1857 d. 30 Aug. 1938; ch: 
Clara Belle Steele living at East Corning, N, Y. 
Sidney Breed Steele b. Lawrence Twp. Tioga Co. Pa. mar. 1925 in 

Hornby, Bertha Augusta dau. of Geo. C. & Winifred Jimmerson 
Rogers, reside East Corning, ch: 
Vivian Louise Steele b, 3 Jan. 1927 mar. 1953 Erwin Ehrhardt of Owego 
son of Roy L Florence; ch: Hal Richard b. Utica 5 Oct. 1954; Karen 
Sue b. 28 Oct. 1959 
Roger Francis Steele b. Hornby, NY 4 Oct. 1929 mar. 1955 Patricia Gill 
dau. of Arthur; ch: Patricia Kathleen Steele b. 25 June 1958 
Vivian Catherine 8 Jan. 1961; Mary Ann 17 Aug. 1962; Kathryn 
Jane 13 Aug. 1963. 
Lillie Belle Breed b. 19 Nov. 1859 Big Flats d. 3 Sept. 1938 mar. 1 Jan, 1884 
Harry Benedict Snyder of Big Flats b. 8 May 1859 d. 19 Aug. 1934; 
lived in Elmira; 3 ch: 
Maude Augusta Snyder b. 16 May 1888 d. 19 May 1938 
Walter Breed Snyder b. 8 June 1885 {eldest ch.) mar. in 1915 

Grace Martin dau, of Henry; ch; Margaret Martin Snyder b. Elmira 
29 Aug. 1916 who mar. Dr. Wayne Neeley of Hood College 
Fredericksburg, Maryland in 1952 
Helen Marion Snyder b. 1897 d. So. Orange N. J, 17 Oct. 1953 
Arthur Minier Breed b. 19 May 1863 d. 3 Oct. 1919 mar. Effa P. Thompson 
b. 16 July 1861 d. 12 May 1937 at Corning; ch: 
Paul Breed b. Portsmouth, Va. 14 Jan. 1897 d. Corning, N. Y. 7 July 
1955 mar. Irwina Dorr b. 4 July 1902; ch: 
Paul Hobart Breed b. Venezuela S, Am. 30 June 1930 
Alan Dorr Breed b. Florida 8 Apr. 1938 mar. Janet Phillips in New 
London, Ct. 24 Aug. 1957 
Monroe Thompson Breed b. 1898 d. Garden City, L.I. 19 Apr. 1955 

unmarried; resided in Corning and Albany, N.Y. 
Ebenezer Thompson Breed, a Dr. of Garden City, L.I, NY, b. 10 Dec, 

1899 m. Esther Nesmith; adopted son; Eben Jr. 
Ida Marion Breed b. Corning, NY 1 March 1903 mar. Kenneth W. Robinson 

Margaret Minier daughter of Samuel was born in Big Flats in 1837; died 12 Aug. 

1916; married 1858 Justus N. Woolcott who d. in Portland, Michigan. 

Ida Woolcott died early 
Samuel Woolcott died aged about 22 years, 

Fatima Minier daughter of Samuel was born in Big Flats on Aug. 4, 1839; died 

Elmira 30 Nov, 1910. After her marriage to Daniel Everts Howell 20 
March I860 they lived first on the Jeremiah Howell farm on West 
Hill until Jeremiah's estate was settled; after that on a fruit farm 
near Elmira where they both died; 3 children (see the Howell account) 

Fred Minier Howell born 25 Nov. 1860 

Sidney Llewellyn Howell born 6 March 1866 

Chester Everts Howell born 12 August 1867 


William Henry Minier son of Samuel was born 1841 in Big Flats died 11 March 
1930 in Elmira. Hib wife was Hannah Hall, 

Pantha Minier daughter of Samuel was born in 1842 and died 17 June 1890; 
married William Smith on 23 Sept. 1868; they pioneered in Kansas about 1878 
returned 1881; 7 children: 

Nellie Roxanna Smith b. 19 Jan. 1869 at Big Flats; married Frank Webber of 
Big Flats; children: 
Julia Webber mar. Le Roy Mannering 

Edith Webber mar. (1) Benj. Kimball (2) ? 

Roy John Webber married Nina ? 

Ethel Webber mar. Joseph Stachowski of Elmira 
Alice Telina Smith b, 6 May 1871 Ulster, Pa. m. Daniel Steele; ch: 

Sara T. Steele of Elmira who died in 1959 
Ernest-Monroe Smith b. 22 Oct. 1875 Ulster, Pa. m. Fanny Sargent; 
Clarence Sargent Smith of St. Petersburg, Fla, 
Earl Sargent Smith died before 1943 
Ernestine Smith died before 1943 
Margaret Smith died before 1943 
William Henry Smith b. 1 Oct. 1877 Ulster Pa. res. Breesport; mar. Mary 

Murphy; no children. 
Harriet Belle Smith b. 26 Oct, 1879 Garfield, Kansas; married Willis Smith; 
Marion Smith died about 1906 

Carlos Smith b, 15 Feb. 1907 mar. Francis Emma 

Harry Smith twin of Harriet mar. Lulu Stewart; no children 
Mary Annis Smith b. 16 Dec. 1882 Tioga, Pa. mar. Arthur Phillips 
Alice Phillips died before 1943 

Lucile Phillips mar. Green; in 1958 a widow in Calif. 
Eva Phillips unmarried 
Mabel Phillips mar. William Smith of Waverly, N. Y. 

Samuel John Minier son of Samuel was born in Big Flats 1845 and died 
1925 in Elmira. He married Lucy Davey. His will dated 12 Dec. 1916 is 
filed in the Elmira Surrogate's office, and names: his wife's sister Lois 
Holley; nephews and nieces of himself and his wife as: Fannie Wells, William 
Davey, Jessie Rockwell, Edna Holley, Frank Holley, Sam M. Holley, Seth 
Holley, Kenneth Holley, Ernest Smith, William Smith, Nellie Webber, Alice 
Steele, Hattie Smith, Mary Phillips, Eddy Minier, Florence Flood, Arthur 
Breed, Hattie Steele, Belle Snyder, Chester Howell, Fred Howell, Sid 
Howell, Mary Lovell; his brother William H. Minier; also others, no 
relationships given. 

Samuel and Lucy Minier had no children. 


Henry Minier son of Abraham 8t Hannah was born 1808 and died 3 April 
1873. He married before 1831 Lorinda Bennitt, a daughter of Abraham & Peggy, 

She died 30 Oct. 1857. His second wife was Sarah S, who was alive at the 

time of his death. The Surrogate papers of his estate mention: Samuel Minier 
of Big Flats, Christian Minier of Southport, N. Y. , William S. Minier of Walla 
Walla, Washington Territory, Ira Minier, deceased of Davenport, Iowa all 
named as brothers; and Abraham and Celia Minier children of his brother Ira. 
No children are known. 

Ira Minier son of Abraham & Hannah was born 21 Aug. 1810. He died 
before 23 July 1873 {date of Henry's will) Ira was living in Big Flats when the 
1850 census was taken; not found in the I860 schedules there; died in or near 
Davenport, Iowa. 

Dwelling #268 town of Big Flats, Chemung Co. N. Y. 1850 

Ira Minier age 40 yrs. born N. Y, (year of birth about 1810) 

Amanda wife aged 31 yrs. born Fenna, about 1819 

Abram aged 9 yrs born Penna " 1841 

Mary C. aged 3 yrs. born N. Y. " 1847 

William aged 2 yrs. born N. Y. " 1848 

Frances aged 4 months born N. Y, " 1850 

Christian Minier son of Abraham & Hannah was born 30 Sept. 1818; died 
I Oct. 1888 and was buried at Caton, Steuben Co. N. Y. He married Marilla 
Stanton born 13 July 1827; died 1914. Marilla was a daughter of Spicer and 
Eunice Fish Stanton, and she was but a child when her father died; was reared 
in the family of her mother's second husband named Babcock. 

children of Christian and Marilla Minier: 
Tryphena Minier born about 1848 died early 
Hannah Christina Minier born about 1849 
Sabrina Minier born 7 July 1851 died when a child 
Chesterfield B. Minier born 28 Apr. 1853 moved to Colorado Sprs. then to 

Calif; was killed on the way to Alasks; married and had one daughter. 
Frank Lee Minier b. 3 July 1855 died before 1943 mar. (1) 

Emma J. Fitch (2) Elizabeth ; res. Elmira; ch: (Emma's) 

Harry Minier b, 17 Aug. 1882 mar. Betty B. Byrd; res. Rochester 
Roy Minier b. 9 Dec. 1883 mar. Lillie Lee; res. Atlanta, Ga. 
Marilla Louella Minier b. 9 Aug. 1857 d. 15 Nov. 1882 bur. Niagara Falls, 

Can. mar. Elijah Schainholts, Jr. 
Emily Ross Minier b. 14 Apr. 1864 mar. Gen. Lucien G. Berry who d. 

(retired) in Corning 1938 
Stanton L, Minier b. 11 Aug. 1867 died about 1938 in Elmira mar. Anna 
Burwell who d. 1946 aged 86; ch: 
Anna E. Minier who died unmar. Fredonia, N. Y. about 1937 
Tryphena Minier born 19 Aug. 187? died early 

Hanna Christina Minier b. 17 June 18?? mar, Horace Winchester Miller; 
res. Elmira, N. Y. and Detroit, Mich. 

Emily Minier daughter of Christian & Marilla was born 1864 died after 
1943; married Lucien Berry born in Caton, Steuben Co. N. Y. 29 Nov. 1863 
son of Samuel & Olive E. Read Berry. At the time of his death Dec. 1938 
Lucien Berry was a retired Brigadier General U.S.A. with a notable past 
career; living in Corning, N. Y. 


Children of Lucien and Emily Minier Berry: 
Marilla Minier Berry mar. Col. Thomas W, Brown; children: 

Emily & Anne and Thomas Brown, Jr. 
Olive Elizabeth Berry mar. Col. Robert C. MacDonald; children: 

Robert C. MacDonald Jr. m. Jean Shufelt; ch: James gt Robert 

Lucien Berry MacDonald m. Anne Grimshaw; ch: Lucien B. Jr. 

J. Gordon MacDonald 

Henry Stanton MacDonald 

Olive Elizabeth MacDonald, deceased before 1943 
Emily Minier Berry mar. Col. John W. Sherwood; children: 

Emily Sherwood m. Hanson; ch: Sue and Peter Hanson 

Sue Sherwood mar. Wood; ch: Oliver Wood 

James Millaway Sherwood and his twin 

John Wesley Sherwood 
Lucien S.S. Berry (Col. in 1943) mar. Juanita Burin 
Lucy Berry mar. Maj. Thomas Fox, retired (of Palo Alto in 1943) 

Thomas Fox Jr. their son 
Helen Marguerite Berry mar. (1) Edward S. Garner (2) Francis Jones; children: 

Edward S. Garner Jr. 

Stanton Berry Garner 

William Stephens Minier son of Abraham & Hannah was born 31 Jan. 1823 
and died 17 June 1898 in Waitsburg, Washington. About 1874 he married Rose- 
mary L. Haven Piatt widow of Judge Piatt of Nevada City, California. In 1875 
William who practiced as a Doctor of medicine and his wife went to Utah City 
where he had an office for a mining company. From there they went to Walla 
Walla, Washington Territory where he practiced for about a year and a half 
(1876-7). After that they settled in Waitsburg where he became favorably 
known. In 1884 he was Mayor of the city before that having been Justice of the 
Peace and also the preacher in the church when no minister was available. 
Much of the story of his life came from his wife's grandniece whose mother, 
Jessie Harback was married from the Minier home when on a visit there from 
Illinois. A letter from William Minier dated 1883 to his nephew Fred M. 
Howell describes the conditions under which one would live at that time in 
Washington Territory, (in the possession of the compiler) 

William and Rosemary Haven Minier had no children 

Abraham Minier son of Christian Jr. & his first wife was born about 1810 
and was married in 1830 to Louisa Knapp. In 1850 Abraham's home was in 
Wells township, Bradford Co. Pa. Two of his children were buried at Mosher- 
ville next to Wm. Knapp who died Dec. 1858 aged 73 and his wife Sarah who 
died Mar. 1829 aged 40. Mosherville is a few miles south of Elmira. 

Children of Abraham and Louisa Knapp Minier 
Sarah b, 14 Sept. 1831 d. 27 May 1913 mar, James Corzette 
James Minier b. 13 Aug. 1833 d. 22 Sept. 1849 
Helen Minier b. 22 July 1836 mar. James V. Bumstead 
Lorinda Minier b. 8 Oct. 1838 mar. Julius Ray 

William Christian Minier b. 5 June 1839 d, 1903 mar. Mary Shanley 
George Henry Minier b. 16 Oct. 1841 mar. Mary Eggleston 
Mary Emily Minier b. 11 Dec. 1843 mar. Joseph Lewis 
Martha Elizabeth Minier b. 16 July 1846 

Catharine Louise Minier b. 7 May 1848 d. 1878 m. Levi Roadhouse 
Harriet Grace Minier b. 12 Nov. 1849 mar. Joseph Hugh 
Laura S. Minier died 15 Sept. 1852 aged 11 mo. 20 days 


Children of Abraham & Louisa Minier (con'd) 
Carrie Belle Minier b. 21 May 1853 d, 28 Nov, 1885 

Laura Gertrude Minier b. 26 Jan. 1856 mar. James A, Parkins of Los Angeles, 
Cal. ch: Helen, Susan, Louise & Dorothy 

Susanna Minier daughter of Christian & Christiana was born 9 July 1785 in 
Northampton County, Pa. and died in Clark County Illinois after 1871. She 
married 27 Sept. 1807 at Newtown (Elmira, N. Y. ) James Dolson who died 27 
Aug. 1828 aged 45 yrs. and was buried at West Union on the bank of the Wab- 
ash River, He had served in 1812 under Capt. Smith of Newtown in the War of 
'12 and about 1818 he and Susanna removed to Illinois where he eventually had 
a 1 60 acre land grant. 

Children of James & Susanna Minier Dolson: 
Tunis Dolson b. 26 Dec. 1808? died before the 1870 census mar. 10 Dec. 1835 

Cynthia Beal b. about 1816 in N. Carolina 
Jacob Dolson b. 15 May 1809 d. 27 Oct. 1866 Clark Co. 111. mar. 2 July 1843 

Harriet Wilson b. 1829 Kentucky d. 9 July 1904 
Samuel Dolson b. 27 May 1811 d. 11 Feb. 1860 West Union, 111. mar. Oct. 

1849 Walnut Prairie, 111 Polly A. Cooper b. Butler County Kentucky 

21 Dec. 1821 
Sarah Dolson b. 10 Sept. 1813 alive for the 1870 census; mar. Jonathan Niles 

Rath bone on 20 June 1839 in Illinois 
Charles Dolson b. 5 June 1815 died in infancy 

Mary Ann Dolson b. 5 Aug. 1816 mar. Ceo. Wilson 29 Mar. 1835 
David H. Dolson b. 27 Aug. 1818 in Illinois d. 5 Feb. 1877 mar. Amanda 

Handy b. 10 March 1826 d. 28 Aug. (1858?) 
Christena Dolson born 15 July 1820 
Moses Chambers Dolson b. 3 March 1822 d. 28 Nov. 1898; mar. (1) Esther Ann 

Gorham b. 6 Apr. 1842 d. 14 Nov. 1869 mar. (2) Caroline Prevo 
Elizabeth Dolson b. 16 Oct. 1824 at Quaker Lane, Crawford Co. 111. d. West 

Union 12 May 1908 unmarried 
Katharine Dolson b. 19 May 1826 mar. Jerathniel Maxwell 
James Dolson b. 25 Nov. 1828 died in childhood. 

Grandchildren of James & Susanna Minier Dolson: 
Tunis and Cynthia Beall Minier's children {I860 census ages) 

James Dolson born about 1839 m. Minerva 

Melinda Dolson born about 1844 {These children 

Reason Dolson born about 1848 were all born 

Sarah A. Dolson b. about 1849 in Illinois) 

Mary E. Dolson born about 1853 

Susan F. Dolson born about 1854 

William Dolson born about 1855 
Jacob and Harriet Wilson Dolson' s children 

Ida Mae Dolson b. 3 March 1845 d. Camden, N.J. 5 Apr. 1929 bur. Areola, 
111. ;m. Cpt. Wm. Watts Davis (Co, K, 79th Illinois) 
6 ch. youngest being Frederick K. Davis, Eugene, Oregon in 1945) 

Charles Dolson b. about 1849 in Illinois 

Mary D. Dolson born about 1855 " 

William Dolson born about 1858 " 

Henry Dolson born about 1860 

Rosa Belle Dolson born about 1863 " 

Walter J. Dolson born about 1866 " 


Samuel and Polly A. Cooper Dolson's children: 

James (Dr.) b. 23 June 1842 (Pimento, Vigo Co. Hist.) mar. Amanda 
Montgomery; son Vern K. Dolson of Pimento. 

Helen Dolson born about 1848 Illinois 

Lenora A. Dolson born about 1850 " 

Mary A. Dolson born about 1853 " 

Nancy B. Dolson born about 1855 " 

Theoesa Dolson born about 1858 " 
David h Amanda Handy Dolson's children 

John Dolson b. 1850; schoolteacher 1870 York, Clark Co., 111. 

Zachariah Dolson born about 1856 

Christian Minier Jr. (Chris John) was born 3 Dec. 1789 at Big Flats; died 
24 Jan. 1868 at Thurston, Steuben Co. N. Y. ; gravestone is at Risingville. The 
name of his first wife is unknown; children by this marriage (census shows 
there were at least 3) were born when he was living at Southport across the 
river from Elmira; Christian's 2nd wife, married April 1825 was Polly Brong 

who was b. 5 Feb. 1794 and who d. 15 Dec. 1859. Children: 
Abraham Minier born about 1810 mar. 1830 Louisa Knapp 

Minier a son born between 1815 and 1820 (census) 

Mary? Minier mar. Stevens (tradition) (a dau. -" b. 1815/20) 

Sarah Ann Minier b. 24 Mar. 1822 m. 29 May 1842 David Patterson 
Joel Minier b. 3 Aug. 1826 d. 8 Dec. 1856 mar. Alvira J. Smith 
Phebe Minier b. 15 Feb. 1828 d. May 1905 mar. (1) 28 Oct. 1847 Wm. A. 
Martin (2) Isaac Warwick in 1871; children: 
Alice Adelia Martin b. 1 May 1859 d. Dec. 1942 mar. (1) Ed. Warrick; 
had 1 ch. died infancy (2) Jacob Holden ch: 
Ella Holden mar. Albert Tucker (3 ch.); Ida Holden mar. Delbert Lewis 
(2 ch.); Jay; Oliver, Phebe, Frank, Raymond Holden and Rosa 
Holden who mar. Geo. Fisk (1 ch. ) 
Ida Gertrude Martin b. 29 July 1863 d. Oct. 1940 mar. 1 July 1881 Luther 
Severance b. 18 Dec. 1861 d. before 1943 res, Thurston, N. Y. ; 
after 1887 Seattle, Washington, ch: 
Grace Severance b. I Jan. 1887; married & had children. 
Laura E. Martin b. 3 Jan. 1866 d. 26 Sept. 1934 mar. Jan. 1888 Frank 
Eddy McLaughlin b. 22 May 1846 Booneville, N. Y. d. Feb. 
1924 Seattle, Washington; ch: 
Florence Eddy McLaughlin b, 12 Nov, 1888 of Seattle 

Frank McLaughlin Jr. b. 23 Apr. 1892 d. 4 Sept, 1920 Rock Sprs. Wyom. 
mar. Sept. 1918 Isabel R. Flint b. Vermont; dau: 
Isabel Rosemary McLaughlin b. Aug. 1919 d. Aug. 1947 mar. Nov. 
1942 Errol D. Anderson b. Canada; ch: Donald 7 Jan. 1947 
Earl Eddy McLaughlin b. 7 Feb. 1895 m. Helen York; no ch. 
Elizabeth Minier b. 16 July 1831 d. 23 Oct. 1879 mar. James J, Martin son of 
Hiram & Hester Atkinson Martin & brother of Wm. who mar, 
Phebe Minier; res. Thurston & Osceola, Pa. ch: 
James Harvey Martin b. 6 Nov, 1852 mar. Emma Park 
William Henry Martin b. 13 July 185 6 mar, Ella Fay; no ch, 
Nellie M.A, (Polly) Martin mar. Albert Loper; no ch. 
Clarence Chris John Martin b. 17 Aug. 18 61 m. Dora Spencer ch: 

Winifred (Crandall) & 3 ch. by 2nd wife. 
Carrie Ophelia Martin b. 9 May 1864 mar. David Phillips; ch: 
Elizabeth (Mayer) & Frances M. (Whitmore) both of Addison 
Almira J. Minier b. 19 Apr. 1837 d. 12 Feb, 1878 mar. 17 Aug. 1864 
William Pugsley; no children 



Rachel Brown 


Jacob Wagner 


Lillie Burch 


Almira Price 


John McKean 


John Huy 


Daniel Smith 


Judith Gore 


Halsey Bird 

The name Minier is also found in the records of the early settlement of the 
area Tioga Point (Athens, Bradford Co. , Penna.) It was here at Milan, across 
the Susquehanna River from the location of the old Sheshequin Mission that 
Daniel Minier stopped for his settlement when he and his brother Christian 
came with their families from Northampton County, Pa. about 1787, 

Daniel Minier, son of George, was born in Heidelberg Township, Lancaster 
Co. Pa 13 Oct. 1749 and died 4 Aug, 1822 while in Northampton Co. on a trip. 
He had lived in Bradford Co. Pa. near where the Chemung River flows into the 
Susquehanna since the time he had come there as a pioneer in 1787. His wife 
was Anna Maria Shafer, usually called Polly, who died 14 Dec. 1842 aged 95 
years. Of their children at least five, baptized before 1785 were born in 
Northampton County. 

Children of Daniel & Polly Shafer Minier: 
George {bapt. Johan Georg) b. 17 Nov. 1775 married Susan Cooper 
John Minier born 21 Sept. 1777 
Elizabeth Minier born 3 Jan. 1779 
Abraham Minier born 16 Oct. 1782 
Daniel Minier born 21 Sept. 1784 
Mary Minier 
Susan Minier 
Hannah Minier 

Elias Minier born 12 Jan. 1787 
Sally Minier 

George Minier son of Daniel & Polly was born 17 Nov. 1775 or the 19th of 
Dec. (church records are not plain). He died in 1854 and his wife Susan Cooper 
1858 according to the records of their dau. Susan Minier Lent. Susan Cooper 
was born Providence, R. I. and was a sister of Major John Cooper killed at 
Lundy's lane in the War of '12. Deeds show that George Minier by 1817 was 
living in Genesee Co. N. Y. on Lot 7 of the Mt. Morris tract in Leicester. 
Some of his children were born there; however the birth of a younger child in 
Bradford Co. in 1824 indicates he returned to Penna. Records of 7 ch, have 
been found: 

Children of George & Susan Cooper Minier: 
Susan Minier born 1804 died 1866 married 1825 Mathias Lent; ch: 

Adelaide D. Lent b. 1828 d. 1905 m. Miles F, Ransom; ch: 
Anna H. Ransom mar. Harry Noyes (in 1942 of Buffalo, N. Y, ) 
Abraham Minier born about 1807 Livingston Co. N. Y. d. 4 Dec. 1874 age 67 
yrs. buried Elmira; in 1865 census with wife 

Deborah A. b. about 1818 d.NY City; 4 of 5 ch: 

James Minier who lived Wooster, Ohio at one time 
Henry C. Minier b. about 1844 d. 8 Aug. 1868 in Elmira, N. Y. 
Harriet E. Minier b. about 1848 d. 30 Aug. 1869 in Elmira 
Charles Minier b. about 1853 died in NY City 10 Sept. 1902 

(all from Woodlawn office records; stones not found) 
Solomon C. Minier b. about 1819 Genesee Co. N. Y. d. 23 June 1906? aged 84? 
at Bethlehem N. Y. mar. 3 Oct. 1850 Henrietta Ohmstead of Athens, 
Pa. b. about 1832 d. 17 Oct. 1895 in Elmira (Woodlawn Cem. 
Records; stones not found) ch: 
James Minier born about 1857 
Gideon D. Minier born about 1820 in Genesee Co. , N. Y. mar. Caroline ---b. 
about 1826 in Pa. ; living Elmira, N. Y. 1865 ch: 
Anna E. Minier born about 1848 in Penna. 


Mary Minier born about 1849 

Towns end W. Minier born about 1851 

George Minier born about 1853 

Frances Minier born about 1856 in Chemung Co. N. Y. 

Cora L. Minier born about 1859 " 

Martha M. Minier born about 1862 " 

There were probably other ch. -Among them: 
Sarah born about 1841 in Pa. mar. Wm, Russell about 1860 

Minerva Minier dau. of George & Susan married Piatt. In 1855 she was a 

widow in Elmira, N. Y. with ch: {their father Elijah was b. about 1813) 
Le Grande Piatt aged 18 yrs. b. Chenango Co. N, Y. 
Minerva A. Piatt aged 8 yrs. b, in Pa. Another ch. was: 
Marion Piatt who mar, Ernest Newman of Canton, Pa. 

Maria Minier dau. of George & Susan married Young 

Thornton Fleming Minier born 6 Dec. 1824 Bradford Co. Pa. 

lived in Painted Post after 1870; mar. May Watts dau. of Deacon John 
Watts, b. about 1832 Monroe Co. N. Y. ch: 
Mary Ida Minier born about 1853 

John Minier son of Daniel & Polly was born 21 Sept. 1777, Northampton Co. 
Pa. (baptized Johannes) He died between 1850 & '60 at Princeton, Bureau Co. 
111. Rachel Brown his wife, married 1800, died after 1860. 

Children of John & Rachel Brown Minier (incomplete); 
Daniel Minier born about 1802 married Anna Subert 
Sarah Minier born about 1805 m. (1) Joseph Brooks (2) Joseph Edrniston; 

children b. between 1838 & 1844; Thomas P. , Mary Jane 
Robert S. & James Edrniston 
Robert Bruce Minier b, 18 Jane 1808 mar. Sarah Burt; d. in 111. 
Mahala Minier b. 25 Aug. 1811 d, 14 Oct. 1902 married Perrin Burnham of 
Chemung Co. N. Y. ; lived Ridgebury, Pa. Ch: Geo, S. , b. 22 Sept. 
1836 m. Harriet Comfort; Rachel b. 3 March 1840; Theodore M. b. 
10 Dec. 1843 m. Mary Belle Decker & lived in Wellsburg, N. Y. ; 
Alice M. b. 22 Dec. 1850 m. Horace Gillett of St. Edward, Neb. 
George W. Minier (Rev.) born 8 Oct. 1813 mar. Sarah Ireland 
Theodore Loomis Minier b. 16 Dec. 1819 mar. Sarah Vail Maxwell 
Mary Minier married William Hudnut 

Hannah (or Jemima) Minier married Watson Cook (Records differ- Bradford 
Co. Hist, gives "Jemima" other records "Hannah") 

Abraham Minier son of Daniel 8c Polly born 16 Oct. 1782 in Northampton Co. , 
Pa. died 10 Aug, 1865; mar. Lilia sister of Robert Burch, She was born 12 Jan. 
1781 died 14 March 1840. Abraham was an itinerant preacher for about 50 years. 

Children of Abraham 6t Lilia Minier (incomplete) 
Thomas Minier born about 1811 married Matilda Brink 

Robert B. Minier b. about 1813 m. (1) Mary (2) Sarah Burton? 

Maria Minier born about 1816 m. Justin Morley of Bradford Co. 
Ellen Minier born about 1818 mar. Andrew Burnside of Ulster, Pa. 
Ethan. Minier b. about 1818 mar. Arianne Keller 

Sarah Minier mar. Henry Voxburg of Burlington, Bradford Do. Pa. 
Margaret Minier 

Abraham D. Minier b. about 1828 mar. 1864 Martha Adelaide Stone d. of Israel 
of Athens; Abrm. also had a wife Mary (1st wife?) 

Daniel Minier son of Daniel & Polly was born 21 Sept. 1784 in Northampton 
Co. died 22 Mar, 1848 in Bradford Co. ; he married 



Almira Price; their (known) children were: 
Dr. Eleazer Price Minier b. 1815 mar. (1) Eunice Sherman (2) Millicent 

Chester W. Minier b. 14 July 1816 Wysox, Pa. d. 31 March 1849 
Harriet Almira Minier b. 17 June 1827 Wysox; m. Rev, CD. Brooks 

Elias Minier son of Daniel & Polly was born 12 Jan. 1787; died 31 May 1865; 
buried Sheshequin, Bradford Co, Pa; married Judith Gore b. 17 June 1796 dau, 
of Samuel Si Sarah Brokaw Gore & granddau, of Abraham & Judith Davis Brokaw, 

Children of Elias &t Judith Gore Minier: (census) 
Sylvester Minier b, about 1823 d. 1879 mar. Christine Russell 
Samuel Minier b. 5 Aug. 1825 m, (1) Amanda Morley (2) Lodema Van Cise 
Sarah Minier born about 1828 mar. Daniel Miller 
Mary Minier born about 1831 died 1855 unmarried 
Daniel Minier (Lt.) b. about 1835 d. 1865 mar. Martha Riddle 
Lorenzo Dow Minier b. 30 June 1839 mar. Sarah O. Swain 

Daniel Minier son of John &t Rachel was born about 1802 in Bradford Do. Pa; 
died after 1860; moved to Illinois before 1850 married Amanda Subert b. about 
1822 died after I860. By 1860 they were living in Leepertown, Bureau Co. 

Known children of Daniel & Amanda Subert Minier: 
John W.H. Minier born about 1845 
Rachel Anna H. Minier born about 1847 
George M. D, Minier born about 1849 
Ellen Minier born about 1851 
Oretta Minier born about 1857 

Robert Bruce Minier son of John & Rachel was born 18 Jan, 
10 Nov. 1894 in Henry, Illinois; married Sarah Burt. 

1808; died 

George W. Minier son of John & Rachel was born 8 Oct. 1813 died 18 Feb, 
1902 in Chicago, 111. after a lifetime of service in Illinois as a minister of the 
Gospel. He married in Princeton, 111. in 1839 Sarah Ireland b. 19 Nov. 1819 
who died in Tazewell County, Illinois 22 Nov. 1879. 

Children of Rev. George & Sarah Ireland Minier: 
Theodore Leslie Minier b. 18 May 1841 m. Ellen Armingt on 
Emily W. Minier b. 1839 Bureau Co. Ill, died 1848 
Frances Minier born 1842 died 1843 

Leonidas Minier b. 2 July 1844 d. 24 June 1924 Chicago, 111. 
Eliza Jane Minier b. 14 Oct. 1846 Tazewell Co. Ill mar. her cousin 
James Edmiston. She died 13 Dec, 1911; children: 
Arthur Ray b. 4 Feb. 1870; Homer James b. 23 Apr. 1872; Walter 
Hugh b. 15 Mar. 1877; Blanche b. 5 July 1881 & Helen 1889-1890. 
Emily Frances b. 18 Jan. 1849 Bloomington, 111. mar. John Haley Spears Jr. 
b. Clary Grove, 111. ch: Edith b, Tallula, 111. 26 Jan. 1871; Florence 
b. 16 May 1885 m. Arthur Touche; Robert Minier Spears b. Chicago 
12 Jan. 1889. 
Imogene Minier born 9 Aug. 1852 Tazewell Co. 111. mar. George Granby San- 
borne b. 15 Oct. 1852 East Granby, Ct. Imogene died 26 Aug. 1906 
at Phila. Pa. children: 
Sarah Minier Sanborne b. 2 May 1886 Elmira, N. Y. mar. 

Walter Gerald Weaver of Donna, Texas in 1941 
George Gates Sanborne b. 6 Apr. 1888 m, Amanda Dixon 
George W. Minier Jr. b. 10 Feb, 1854 mar. Mary W. Allenworth 
Horace Mann Minier b. 11 Mar. 1856 m. Maria Evelyn Rider 


Children of Rev, Geo. Minier (con'd) 
Theophilis Ireland Minier b, 16 July 1862 m, Clara Hancock 
Mary Louella Minier b. 2 Nov. 1864 m. Theodore A. Hosteller 

b. 8 May 1864; res. Wash. D. C. in 1926; ch: Geo. Minier Hostetler 

b. 5 July 1900; Imogene H. b. 20 Feb. 1905 

Theodore Loomis Minier son of John & Rachel born 16 Dec. 1819 d, 9 Aug, 
1895 married Sarah Vail Maxwell 1825-1909 

Children of Theodore & Sarah Maxwell Minier: 
Charles Piatt Minier born 1850 died 1851 
William Hoffman Minier born 1852 died 1872 

Hector Maxwell Minier b. 16 Jan. 1855 d. Elmira, N. Y. 15 Oct. 1917; mar, 
Helen Clark; child: 
Theodora Clark Minier mar. James Heverin Hathaway; ch: 
Nancy Helen b. 1917 and Maxwell Hathaway b. 1918 

Thomas Minier son of Abraham h Lillia born about 1811 was living 1850 at 
Sheshequin, Pa. His wife born about 1817 was Matilda Brink, Two known 
children were: 

Henry Clay Minier born about 1843 in Penna. 
Adelaide Minier born about 1846 " " 

Robert B. Minier son of Abraham & Lillia was born about 1813; mar, Mary 
L after 1850 (2) Sarah Burton (Barton?) 

He lived at Smithfield, Bradford Co. Pa, Known children: 
Lilly Minier born about 1840 in Penna. 
Hester Minier born about 1842 " 

Hannah Minier born about 1844 " 

Margaret Minier born about 1846 " 
Frank Minier born about 1848 " 

Ethan Minier son of Abraham & Lillia was born about 1818 probably lived 
later than his wife Arianna Keller who was b. about 1816; died 21 June 1889. 
They lived in Athens & Ulster, Pa, 

Children of Ethan h. Arianna Keller Minier (known): 
Elbert Minier born about 1843 
Justin Minier born about 1845 
David Hughit (Hewitt) Minier born about 1847 
Clara Minier born about 1849 {called in 1889 "only daughter") 
James Minier b. about 1852; mentioned in his mother's will 
Nelson Minier born about 1855 also mentioned 
Watson Minier born about 1857 
Job Minier born about 1859 

Dr. Elizar Price Minier son of Daniel & Almira was b. 14 Apr. 1815 Wysox, 
Pa. mar. (1) Eunice Sherman mother of his first two children (2) Millicent 
Linderberger; ch: 

Mary Ellen Minier b, 25 May 1836 d. 1862 mar, Edwin Carl 
Davis Sherman Minier born Sheshequin, Pa. 

Levasco P. Minier b. Sept, 1845 Columbus, Ohio; d. 25 Nov. 1924 mar. Sarah 
B. Garges; children: 
Stella Minier b. Zanesville, Ohio 1874 m. Jay Spence; ch: 

Dorothy b. 1898 Pomona, Cal. ; Jay Jr. & Jane 1913 Los Angeles 


Chester M. Minier b. Zanesville, Ohio 1877 mar. May C rep in 1926 
Los Angeles, Cal, ch: 
Chester C. Minier b, Tuscon Ariz, 1902 
De Waite Minier b. 1880 Cincinnati, Ohio 
Elizabeth Minier b. 1885 
Marie Antoinette Minier dau. of Elizar died early 

Sylvester Minier son of Elias fa Judith was born about 1824 died 12 May 1879 
aged 55 yrs. 4 months; buried at Sheshequin, Pa. mar. Christina Russell; 
living 1860 in Rome, Bradford Co. Pa, 

Children of Sylvester & Christina Russell Minier (census) 
Elias Minier born about 1855 in Penna, (perhaps other children) 
Eunice Minier born about 1857 " 

Charles Minier born about 1863 " 

Newton Minier born about 1869 " 

Samuel Minier son of Elias fa Judith was born about 1825 fa died after 1870; 
mar, (1) Amanda Morley b. about 1833 died Oct. 1872 aged 39 yrs. 7 months; 
(2) Lodema Vancise:ch. of Samuel fa Amanda Morley Minier (1870 census) 
Mary C. Minier born about 1852 in Penna. 
Frank M. Minier born about 1859 " 

Jane Minier born about 1862 mar. Snyder fa res. Athens, Pa. 1943 

Daniel Minier born about 1865 in Penna. 

Sarah Minier born about 1869 " (possibly other children) 

Lorenzo Dow Minier son of Elias & Judith was born 10 June 1839 in Shesh- 
equin, Pa. died 22 Feb. 1921 Excelsior, Minn. ; mar, Sarah O. Swain b. Che- 
mung Co. N, Y. about 1849. Before the Civil War Lorenzo fa his brothers 
Sylvester, Samuel fa Daniel went to Minn, (near Stillwater); returned to Pa, to 
enlist. After the War Lorenzo lived in Sheshequin until 1875 when he went first 
to Owatanna, Minn, then in 1882 to Dakota Territory. 

Children of Lorenzo fa Sarah Swain Minier: 
Hugh Minier who died in infancy 

May L. Minier married ; lived in Excelsior, Minn, in 1921 

Fred S. Minier b. 31 Aug. 1867 mar, Ida M, Cameron; res. 1943 Brookings, 
So, Dakota; State Sheriff fa U.S. Land Registrar; ch: 
Earl F, Minier b, 1896; Major U.S. service in 1943; mar. -- ch: 
Gene Minier born 1921 
Mark Minier born 1925 
Lon D. Minier born 1900 removed in 1943 from Denver to Minneapolis; 

married ch: 

Norman Minier born about 1925 
Laura M. Minier b. 1904 mar, Cecil Welch (Lt, Commander Medical Corps 

in 1943; ch: son born about 1932; dau. b. about 1941 
Dorothy I. Minier mar --- res. 1943 Preston, Idaho. 

Theodore Leslie Minier son of George fa Sarah was born Putnam Co, 111. 18 
May 1841 buried Nebo, 111. married 1870 Ellen Armington born 13 Mar. 1847 
died 17 Aug. 1925 

Children of Theodore & Ellen Armington Minier: 
Minnie Frances Minier b. 20 May 1871 m. Charles Edwin Stewart 
Clara Armington Minier b. 17 Jan. 1875 at Minier, 111. mar. 1902 

Charles E. Swayne b. 26 Jan. 1877 
Clifford Lee Minier b, 8 Jan. 1880 Minier, 111. d. 14 Aug. 1910 
George Arthur Minier b. 1 Dec, 1884 res. Pearl, 111. mar, 1911 at Columbus, 

Ohio, Jolette McGrew b.24 July 1888 Thornton, Cook Co. Illinois; ch: 


Hugh Brownell Minier b. 22 Nov, 1913 
Lee Neil Minier b. 17 July 1917 
Mary Ella Minier born 13 Jan. 1919 
George Dean Minier born 5 Sept. 1920 

George W. Minier Jr. son of Rev, George, was born 10 Feb. 1854 in 
Tazewell Co. , 111. ; lived later in Oakland, Neb. ; mar. 

Mary W. Allenworth b. 13 March 1857; children: 
Ora D. Minier b. 27 Apr. 1880 mar. August Christensen Holmquist b. 8 Feb. 

1875 in Oakland, Neb. 
Paul Minier b. 8 Nov. 1882 died 1885 
Lee H. Minier b. 1884 married Mabel Renard; children: 

Mary Jane Minier b. 20 March 1910 

Andrew Lee Minier b. 24 Apr. 1913 
William" Eugene Minier b. 17 July 1886 mar, Evelyn Mills 
Helen Minier b. 21 Jan. 1896; res. Three Rivers, Idaho 

Horace Mann Minier son of the Rev. George, was born 31 Mar. 1856 at 
Little Mackinaw, 111. His wife born 30 Mar. 1859 was 

Maria Evelyn Rider b. Bunker Hill, Illinois; ch: 
Justus Arthur Minier b. 27 May 1892 Waco, McLennon Co. Texas 
George Rider Minier b. 10 Jan. 1895 at Waco 

{family res. at Huntsville, Texas) 
Julian Rider Minier b. 12 Sept. 1897 

Thomas Alexander Minier son of the Rev. George, was born 25 Nov. 
in Tazewell Co. 111. ; his wife b. 26 April 1861 was 

Mary Elizabeth Pumpelly b. McLean Co, 111. ; ch: 
Wm. Theopilis Minier b. 28 June 1885 Burt Co. Neb. married 1912 
Sarah Cora Clark b. 17 May 1885; children: 

Julia Harriet Minier b. 12 May 1913 

William Thomas Minier b. 12 Nov. 1914 

Imogene Ada Minier b. 12 Sept. 1921 

George Leslie Minier b. 24 Feb. 1923 
Imogene Florence Minier b. 28 June 1885 d. 25 May 1916 
Nan May Minier Minier b, 5 Dec. 1886 
Ella Frances b. 22 Nov. 1888 m, David Corbin b. Atlanta, Neb. 1886 



Abraham Minier born in 1762, another son of George Minier of Northampton 
Co. Pa. came to New York State as an early settler. In 1792 he bought land at 
Libertyville, just north of Ithaca. Abraham was a much younger brother of 
Christian Minier of Big Flats and of Daniel Minier of Tioga Point and probably 
came with them up the Susquehanna River from Northampton Co. in 1789. His 
grave and those of many of his descendants are to be found in the yard of the 
old Asbury Church in the town of Lansing, Tompkins Co. N. Y. This place 
was in the town of Genoa, Cayuga County when the church was formed. 

In Northampton County, Pa. Abraham served during the War of the Revo- 
lution as a ranger on the frontier in the years 1779 to 1783. There is no doubt 
that during this period he visited throughout the countryside in New York where 
later he and his brothers settled, 

Abraham Minier's first wife was Anna Maria-- (probably Anna Maria 
Heller) and their first children were baptized in the Hamilton township church 
where were also baptized several of the children of Christian and of Daniel 
Minier. The record of Johannes his son agrees with that of in his son John 
Minier's bible as to birthdate. In the Church Book: 

Children of Abraham & Anna Maria Minier: 

Johannes Minier son of 
born 5 Jan. 1784 
bapt. 14 Aug. 

Anna Maria Minier 

born 18 Feb. 1785 
bapt. 14 Aug. 

Sponsors Johannes Heller 
b wife Susanna 

Sponsors Daniel Minier 
& wife Anna Maria 

The will of Abraham probated April 1843 at Ithaca, N. Y. helps to fill out 
the picture of his family. It mentions Rachel (his 2nd wife) and the children as 
"John, the eldest son; Silvester; Daniel D. ; Barnabas; Nancy M. Ives; Eliza, 
the widow Shaw; heirs of his daughter Mary, deceased wife of Joseph Knittles; 
Sarah Ann Clark, daughter by his wife Rachel" 

Abraham Minier son of George was born May 1762 and died 22 March 1843 
aged 80 years 10 months. The stone of Anna Maria his first wife reads "Mary 
wife of Abraham Minier died Feb. 12, 1815 aged 56 years 6 months 12 days." 
the 2nd wife Rachel --- died 4 Nov. 1857 aged 73 years. Children: 

John Minier b. 5 Jan. 1784 d. 20 Feb. 1859 mar. Rebecca Tichner 
Anna Maria b. 16 Feb. 1785 d. 12 Aug. 1810 mar. Joseph Knittles 
Barnabas Minier b. 9 Sept. 1786 d. 1861 mar. Matilda Speedy 

Daniel D. Minier b. 1 Oct. 1794 d. 8 Oct. 1855 married ? 

Sylvester Minier b. I Feb. 1800 d. 11 Apr. 1879 mar, twice 

Margaret Minier b. d. 1811 age 

Eliza Minier b. 1797? d, 7 Aug. 1870 m. Col. Robt. Tennant Shaw 
Jane born 1798 died 10 June 1814 aged 16-4-7 

Nancy M. alive 1843 married Ives 

Sarah Ann alive 1843 married Clark 

Abraham d. 9 Oct. 1807 ae 18 yrs. 1 mo. ? da. (possibly other ch.) 

John Minier son of Abraham £i Anna Maria was born in Northampton Co. 
Pa; baptized Johannes; died in Lansing, Tompkins Co., N. Y. 20 Feb. 1859. His 
wife Rebecca P. Tichener, married on 24 Jan. 1811 was born 18 June 1789; died 
29 Sept. 1858. John was Capt. of a N. Y. Militia Regiment under Col. George 
Fleming in the War of '12 for a short time. 


Children of John & Rebecca Ticbener Minier: 
Electa P. Minier b. 23 Apr. 1812 d. 15 Apr. 18-- mar. Charles Mallory b, about 

1808 Ct. res. Lansing, N. Y. ; son Geo. b. 1840 
Maria Jane Minier b. 25 June 1814 d. 21 Jan. 1899 mar. Jas. Woodbury b. 1805 

Mass. ; ch: Mary b. 1841 & Susan b. 1846 

Abraham Ward Minier b. 2 July 1816 mar. Christena . 

Catharine Minier b. 9 Aug. 1818 died 4 Apr. 1832 

Eliza Minier b. 27 June 1820 d. 30 Aug. 1850 mar. Norton 

Susan Ann Minier b. 17 Dec, 1823 d. 30 Dec. 1844 

Zenas T. Minier b. 5 Oct. 1825 d. 15 Dec. 1890 

Henry K. Minier b. 8 July 1827 d. 9 Nov. 1887 

Caroline Minier b. 22 Oct. 1830 d. 1839 

John Edward Minier b. 23 Feb. 1834? d. 27 Nov. 1900 m. at Owasco in 1878, 

Mrs. Libbie Fish 

Other entries in this bible of John fc Rebecca Minier: 
Marian Woodbury was born 26 March 1841 
Susan Woodbury was born 17 April 1846 

Abraham Ward Minier son of John & Rebecca was born in 1816. he mar. 
Christena b. about 1820; in I860 living in the town of Ulysses, Tompkins Co. 

N. Y. ; ch: (from census & gravestone) 
Jane Eliza d. 23 July 1843 aged 8 months (Asbury Churchyard) 
Cornelia Minier born about 1845 
Sidney Minier born about 1847 
Smith Minier born about 1850 
Emma Minier born about 1856 

Sylvester Minier son of Abraham & Anna Maria was born 1 Feb. 1800; 
died 11 Apr. 1879 aged 79 yrs. 2 mo. 11 days. He was a Methodist minister of 
the Central N. Y. Conference. His family is but partly known. In 1850 he was 
the Methodist minister in Newfield, in I860 in Lansing and in 1870 in Groton 

all Tompkins Co. N. Y. He probably had two wives; Sarah who was buried 

next to him in Asbury Churchyard died 11 Feb. I860 age 59 yrs. and 10 mo. 

and Sally born about 1810 listed with him in the 1870 census. 

Children of Sylvester Minier (incomplete): 
Mary Minier born about 1819 (1850 census) 

Eliza Jane Minier b. about 1820 d. 22 Nov. 1861 "dau. of Rev. S. Minier and 

wife of Clement H. Young". (Asbury Churchyard) 

Clement S. Minier born about 1841 d. 22 Oct. 1873 
David Minier born about 1842 
Catharine T, Minier b. about 1824; mar. James Boyce b. about 1817; 

ch: Susan B, Boyce b. about 1855. In 1860 Sylvester Minier and son 

Clement were living with Catharine's family. 

Daniel D. Minier son of Abraham & Anna Maria was born in 1794 died 8 Oct. 
1849 aged 55 yrs. 8 days. Little is known about his family. The 1840 census 
shows no wife with him. Letters of Administration issued to his brothers John 
& Sylvester mention no wife. His gravestone in Asbury Churchyard describes 
him as "Major General Daniel Manier" (War of '12 service). The large brick 
structure at Lansing crossroads, at one time called Rogue's Harbor Inn, was 
built by Daniel Minier around 1830 it is said. It is a notable landmark in the 


Eliza Minier daughter of Abraham & Anna Maria was born about 1797 
d. 7 Aug. 1879 "over 82 yrs, of age". She mar. Col. Robert Tennant Shaw on 
whose stone at Asbury Church is an interesting inscription "Sacred to the mem- 
ory of Robert Tennant Shaw, Colonel of 13th Regt. NYS Cavalry son of John & 
Isabella, who left the Country Antrim, Ireland soon after the most vigorous 
attempt to Reform the Abuses in the Parliament of that Country and who de- 
parted this life on the 4th of February 1824 aged 39 years", children: 

perhaps others) 
Abram J. Shaw died 13 April 1837 aged 13 yrs. 1 month 8 days. 

Barnabas Minier son of Abraham & Anna Maria was born 9 Sept. 1786; died 
1861 in Cameron, Steuben Co. , N. Y. where he had removed from Lansing, 
N. Y. after 1850. The name of his first wife the mother of his son Abraham is 
not known. The second wife was Matilda Speedy. By tradition she was a widow, 
Matilda Speedy Bacon; married to Barnabas about 1812 at Scipio, Cayuga Co. 
N. Y. She was born 9 May 1796 in Massachusetts. {probably Speede not Speedy) 

Children of Barnabas Minier Sr, 
Abraham Minier born 9 Oct. 1809 {by his first wife) 
Margaret Minier b. 4 Oct. 1813 m. Wm . Gibbs of Steuben Co. N. Y. 
Jane Minier b. 3. Sept. 1815 mar. Caleb C. Woodbury 
James Madison Minier b. 24 Dec. 1817 mar. Eliza Walrath 
Sarah Maria Minier b. 14 May 1819 m. (1) Jacob Shangle (2) H. Tinnen 
Daniel W. Minier b. 6 Sept. 1824 mar. Catharine {Morgan?) 
Barnabas Minier b. 9 Dec. 1826 mar. Deborah M. Gifford 
Frances Rachel Minier b. 11 July 1828 mar. William Hedges 
William Minier b. 22 Oct. 1832 m, (1) Lydia Carpenter (2) Ada --- 

Margaret Minier daughter of Barnabas Sr. was born 4 Oct. 1813 in 
Tompkins Co. N. Y. married William Gibbs of Cameron, Steuben Co. N. Y, born 

about 1812; children: (2) 

Sylvester Gibbs b. about 1837 mar. children (3) 

Katharine Gibbs of Wellsburg, N. Y. in 1955 
Fred Gibbs of Wellsburg mar. Eudora Gilford; ch: 

Harry Sylvester Gibbs of Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 
Margaret Gibbs mar, Wilmot Welliver of Elmira, N. Y. ; ch: 

Blanche Welliver mar. Roger Ellis 

Wm. Sylvester Welliver of Elmira, N. Y. 

Dorothy Halsted Edwards 

Guy Welliver of Indiana; mar, --; 2 daughters 
May (Mary) Gibbs mar. William Goff of East Corning; ch: 
Harry Goff of Big Flats mar. Grace Cramer 
Martha (Mattie) Goff mar, Abram Huey Jr. 

Jane Minier daughter of Barnabas Sr. was born 3 Sept, 1815 died Apr. 
1899 Kansas City Mo. She mar. Caleb C. Woodbury & res. Corning, N. Y. & 

White Pigeon, Mich, children: (4) 
Adrien Woodbury born 1841 died 1867 
Henrietta Woodbury born 1843 died 1865 
Josephine Woodbury born 1859 mar. (1) Clinton Heermans (2) Jas. Greenwood 

of Kansas City who d. 1 Aug. 1914 
Alice Woodbury b. 18 69 mar. (1) George Simpson (2) C.A. Mitchell {3) Peter 

Studebaker; child: 
Carrie Mitchell 


James Madison Minier son of Barnabas Sr. was born 24 Dec, 1817. He moved 
as his father did from Tompkins County N, Y. to Steuben County. He was killed 
by a train at Horseheads on 12 Sept, 1860. James Minier's wife was Eliza 
Walrath sister of Abram Jr. & Josiah Walrath born about 1825 died 17 Mar 1873 at 

Hedgeville, Steuben County; children (5): 
Anna Rosina Minier b. about 1845 m. (1) Lorenzo Thurston (2) Samuel Sackett 
(3) Solomon Benson; a ch. was: 
Mary Sackett mar. Harry R, Martin of Burdett, N. Y. ch: 
Mark and Russell Martin 
Matilda (Rhodilla Matilda) Minier born 1848 died 1906 mar. George Squires of 
Hedgeville, N. Y. b. 1845 d. 1928; ch: 
Adelaide Squires mar. Archie Lloyd of Campbell, N. Y. ch: 
Beatrice Matilda Lloyd mar, Frank Wood 

Lulu Lloyd mar. -Moore 

Anna Lloyd mar. Arthur Mose; 3 children alive in 1949 
William F. Minier born 1850 mar, Eliza Burlingame b. about 1860 & alive 
1949 at Cameron, N. Y. ; 3 ch: 
Harry Minier mar. Musetta Lyons of Woodhull, N. Y. ch: 

Casper Minier of Cameron in 1949 mar. Leila Murray 
Roy Minier of Corning, N, Y. 

Lena Minier of Silver Creek near Buffalo, N, Y, 
James Minier Jr. d. 1932 at Wellsburg, N. Y. m. Flora Campbell; ch: 
Ralph Minier of Troy, N. Y. mar. Gladys Pockendoff; ch: 

Ruth Minier mar. 

Catharine Minier mar. 

Mary Minier mar. Richard Quick; 6 children: 

James Minier Quick; Florence Quick; Edith Quick who was the first wife of 

John Keller;after her death, he m.Anna ;John Quick; Arthur QuickjLeon Quick. 

Sarah Maria Minier daughter of Barnabas Sr. was born 14 May 1819 d. 18 May 
1879 mar. (1) Jacob Shangle, Tompkins Co. N. Y. In 1860 she was a widow living 
with her father; in 1870 was wife of (2) Hugh Tinnen in Mt. Sterling, Brown Co, 

111. ch: 
James Shangle died early 
Frances Shangle b. 14 June 1844 d. 21 Nov. 1914 David LePont Burtt ch: 

John Jackson Burtt; Hugh Tinnen Burtt 6t Alice Burtt who was in 1949 

living in Brooktondale near Ithaca, the widow of Edwin Dubois Shurter 

Charlotte Shangle b. about 1847 d. about 1892 mar. Willard, a nephew of 

Frances Willard; dau, Alline Willard 
George R. Shangle born about 1850 died 1899 

Daniel W, Minier son of Barnabas Sr. born 6 Sept. 
Catharine (Morgan?) b. about 1846: ch: 

N. Y. 

1824 died in 1902; mar. 

(names of children 
from the census 
Tompkins, County) 

Harriet E. Minier born about 1849 b. 
Mary W? Minier born about 1851 
Adrien W. Minier born about 1853 
Catharine Minier born about 1856 " 

In 1855 Daniel W. Minier sold land in Cameron, Steuben Co, N. Y. probably 
at one time planned to go there with his father who died 1861; however in 1860 
& 1870 was living in Groton, Tompkins County, N. Y. 


Barnabas Minier Jr. was born 9 Dec. 1826 and died 13 Dec. 1873 in New Bed- 
ford, Mass. He was born in Lansing, N. Y. and married 5 Oct. 1853 Deborah Maria 
Gifford who was born 27 Dec. 1827 and died 1907/8. In March 1860 he & Deborah 
sold land in Cameron, Steuben Co.N, Y. ;in 1862 they were living in Manlius, 
Onondaga County, N. Y. and later moved to New Bedford, Mass. 
Children of Barnabas Jr. & Deborah Gifford Minier: 
David L. Minier b. 25 1855 d. 22 Dec. 1917; mar. Susan June who d. 25 May 
1922 in her 78th year. David was an artist and lived for some time in 
Toronto, Ont. ch: 
Mildred Martha Minier b. 20 June 1879 d. 20 Dec. 1944 mar. 

Robert Clement Higgins; ch: Susan Alice d. 1913 an infant; Dorothy June 
Higgins b. 13 May 1915 m. Harold E. Norman b. 1912; ch: Sharrow 
Lynn Norman b. 4 Dec. 1943 
Homer Minier adopted child 
Mary E. Minier b. 29 May 1857 d. 24 Dec. 1912 m. Franklin Dammon; 
ch: Franklin Jr. 1876-1949; Rob't T. 1881-1950; Arthur b. '85 
Everett F. Minier b. 27 Apr. 1859 d. 5 Feb. 1931 mar. Sara Jane Alger b. 26 
June 1866 d. 17 July 1942; ch: 
Ethel M. Minier born 21 Feb. 1889 of New Bedford Mass. in 1959 

Frances Rachel Minier daughter of Barnabas Jr. was born 11 July 1828; 

died married William Hedges of Hedgevilie, Steuben Co. N, Y. born about 

1825; ch: 
Delphine Hedges born about 1855 

Thomas Joseph Hedges b. 12 Nov. 1860; educ. Univ. Rochester & Auburn Semi- 
nary; was Presby. missionary Rocky Mt. & Pacific Coast regions;mar. 
Maggie Belle Patten of Adair, Iowa. res. 1923 Starke, Fla, ; ch: 
Hazel Frances Hedges a school teacher, Parlier, Calif, who mar. 

F. B. Boat right of Parlier 
Eleanor Delphine Hedges b. 1907? student Fla. State College 
Glen Guy Hedges b, about 1910? 

William Minier son of Barnabas Jr. & Matilda was born 22 Oct. 1832 

buried near Chicago, 111; mar. {1) Lydia Carpenter (2) mar, before I860 
Ada A. res. I860 Groton, Tompk. Co. N. Y. ch: 

William B? Minier born about 1859 

James Minier born 1860/1 

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Charles Mallory ae 52 in Groton; Sylvester Minier ae 60 with dau. 

Catharine Boyce 

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Elmira Heights, 


Mmier^Pockwell- Hopper 

fov. *[ Richard 


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Christian Mm'ter 

r ma a 170X 
Anna Rosins 

& o,r. tfav. of 
Jacob +£(/({ 3 

G-eorq Winter 
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Strunk 8»tt, 


Comedos kuyper 
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Van Hit 

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do*. 7f y 

Christian flthter 
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J\f>f6hun Winter 

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Mhew Hopper 

{Cooper) \ 
Cornelius Hopper 


John 7?otkwt!/ 

) %0hnbeHi\ 
I , Wed 

John tfotktAidl , 

Jonuthtn /?<rcW! 



Jinathan fadfaetl 

Jonathan fifckwtlt 

$\Mnn*h nn 


% Tfi/ma Bennett 

yamkl Everts Ho^ed 

I £. Patina Winter 

Chester Srerh HoweJi l919 


/fins Geary /V/nierfrom (re r many to Pennsylvania l fix 
Co rnefi us Huypet ( Cooper) m Or mo a Co./v.y by usi 
John Rockwtti th Smt-f ova* , Connecticut h ^41 
Math tw Can field m M'il^ord.tonnecJ-tcvtMyiiiZ 



The Rockwells in Ridgefield, Connecticut in 1760 were descended from John 
Rockwell who probably came from Dorchester, England. The first record found 
concerning him in America is at Stamford, Conn, dated 1641; his wife being 
Elizabeth, said to be a daughter of Jonas Weed of that place. They had a son 
John Jr. who died in 1673 leaving an inventory of his estate at Stamford showing 
that this was his home also. 

One of John Jr's sons was Jonathan born about 1665. Jonathan married 
Abigail Canfield a daughter of Samuel and removed to Nor walk, Conn. , then 
later in 1708/9 to Ridgefield where he was one of the original proprietors of 
the town. 

Jonathan 2nd his son was born March 11, 1711 and was married to Esther 

Oct. 1733. He died in Ridgefield Sept, 3, 1784 and in the distribution of his 
estate Esther and these children are named; Jonathan, the eldest son; 
Ebenezer, 2nd son; Henry, 3rd son; William the youngest son; Abigail 
Doolittle the eldest daughter; heirs of the deceased Esther Brown; Mary Gray; 
3rd daughter; Elizabeth Jones, 4th daughter; Anna Thomas, the 5th daughter 
and Dorcas Bostwick the youngest daughter. 

Jonathan Rockwell, 3rd of the name, was this eldest son. He was born in 
Ridgfield Jan. 10, 1738 and married there Jan, 1, 1760 to Hannah Bennett. 
Their first child b. Oct. 6, 1760 was the Hannah Rockwell who married 
Cornelius Hopper. Jonathan 3rd moved from Ridgefield sometime before his 
father's will was probated, probably soon after his marriage, and certainly be- 
fore 1775 since he served in the War of the Rev. from Orange County, Like the 
Bennetts of Ridgefield he probably expected to live on land claimed by Conn. & 
later assigned to Penna. 

The Pre -Revolutionary westward movement of many Connecticut families 
was toward land in northeastern Pennsylvania, since the Conn. Colony claimed 
a strip of land running westward along what is now the northern Penna. State 
line. However the Indian raids of 1756-63 revealed this location to be unsafe 
for settlers from deadly attacks and massacres and many who had ventured 
that far retired to more protected frontiers such as the ones in Orange Co. 
N. Y, and the Connecticut "Farms" in Essex County, N. J. 

At the end of the War of the Revolution a return to the Connecticut strip of 
land, now in Pennsylvania, was made by some of the earlier Connecticut 
settlers. They found however that through events beyond their control many 
of the claims they had purchased from Conn, as a Colony were no longer good. 
The so-called Pennamite War was the result. The Pennsylvanians backed by 
local and {often) militia aid were in possession of much of the land and to them 
it was finally given by legal acts. 

Most Connecticut families upon realizing their position was hopeless as far 
as regaining the land, gathered their remaining resources, already depleted by 
former removals, and left Pennsylvania by the river route westward. For 
those who had been in the Wyoming Valley which was the center of the dispute, 
this was at first northwest- ward on the Susquehanna River. Of this river the 
Chemung River is a tributary, meeting the East Branch of the Susquehanna 
River just south of the New York State line. Over the line in Tioga County, 
N, Y. there was by 1791 land for sale. Thus Chemung Valley became after 1788 


a place of settlement for many Connecticut families who had not intended to go 
that far from their former homes. 

Major John Hathorn of the 4th Orange County Militia had in his company 
at various times Jonathan Rockwell and Jonathan's name is also found in the 
Land Bounty "Class Rights" List for Revolutionary War service. It was 
this same John Hathorn who was the surveyor of the "old" Tioga County 
N. Y. land. 

By 1794 Jonathan Rockwell was a taxpayer in Newtown (now Elmira) in old 
Tioga County, Deeds show that he signed his name as Johnathan, Jonathan 
Junr. & Jonathan 2nd. The church records of Wellsburg name him as Jonathan 
{wife Hannah) in 1794; Jonathan Junyer in 180 5 (and his wife Hannah) 

Entries taken from this Baptist Church Book of Wellsburg {mentioned in 
the Hopper family account) show a strict oversight of members of the church 
by the other members, 

Aug. 2, 1794 Jonathan and Hannah Rockwell received by Letters of dis- 
missal from the Warwick Church (Orange County) 

March 19, 1797 Jonathan Rockwell, Ezra Mead and Sarah Rockwell re- 
ceived by profession of faith, (probably this is Jonathan 4th) 

July 14, 1797 Land dispute between Jonathan Rockwell and Gamaliel 
Townsen (Townsend) to be settled by the Church 

Sept. 15, 1797 They agree to abide by this Church decision 

Sept. 1, 1798 Difficulty of J. Rockwell & G. Townsend settled. 
Nov. 1, 1800 Charge against Sarah Rockwell by her mother 
Hannah for "vain dansing and vain mirth" 

Oct, 12, 1805 Jonathan Rockwell Junyer and his wife Hannah mentioned 
as members of the Church, 

Jonathan Rockwell bought Tioga County land in 1796 and in 1799 and sold 
land in 1807, 1808 and 1820. The deed of 1820 was signed merely Jonathan 
Rockwell on Feb. 16 but the next March 2nd, "there personally appeared 
Hannah the wife of Johnathan Rockwell to acknowledge this her voluntary 
act". So it would seem that both Hannah and Jonathan were alive the early 
part of 1820 and probably living on Lot 32 of Elmira. This bordered on the 
Lot 9 property Jonathan sold to his son William. 

Hannah Bennett the wife of Jonathan Rockwell was married to him in 1760 
in Ridgefield, Conn, which was the home at that time of the Bennett family, 
members of which came from Ridgefield to Orange County and then to Chemung 
County's region. It is quite likely that Hannah Bennett in 1760 was related to 
these same Bennetts of Ridgefield. But several named Hannah of a marriagable 
age shown in the Connecticut records of Ridgefield made a deduction as to her 
parents difficult. 

The Chemung County History in an account of William Rockwell son of 
Jonathan and Hannah states Jonathan's wife was "Phebe". However the 
Connecticut vital records of his marriage to Hannah Bennett; the references 
to her as "Hannah" in two genealogies as well as the Church records show the 
County History in error. 

The children of Jonathan Rockwell are given in this Chemung County History 
as "William; Esther who married Abraham Vail of Orange Co, ; Jonathan; 


Benjamin; Sally who married John Bennett a brother of Comfort of Chemung 
County; and Hannah who married a Mr. Hopper and moved to the west", 

Of these children we have notes concerning only: 

Hannah the eldest child was born 17 60 in Connecticut; married 
Cornelius Hopper. See the Hopper family in this book. 

Jonathan who was the 4th of this given name was received into Wellsburg Bap- 
tist Church 179V with his sister Sarah. 

Sarah called Sally was born 1786 married (1) Atwood (2) 

John Bennett. See the Bennett account. 

William Rockwell born 1791 settled next to his father Jonathan. Many Chemung 
Co. RockwellB are his descendants. 

William Rockwell son of Jonathan and Hannah was born on 1 6 Sept. 1781; 
died 24 May 1863 in Horseheads. He married (1) Ann Kelsey who died 19 Dec, 
180 6 {2) Nancy Bennett daughter of Abraham and Jerusha Bennett. 
At the least 13 children by the two marriages: 

Ann Rockwell mar. Scofield. She died in 1862. In the 1863 court records 

of her father's estate, her children, all living in Scioto Co. Ohio were given as 
Thomas Scofield, Esther CorrlfCoryell), Sally, Anna and Jackson Scofield. 

Daniel Rockwell was born in Big Flats 10 Jan. 1809. He died 11 Jan. 
1874 having been married 3 times; 1st to Mary Breese of Horseheads; 2nd 
Frances Coleman of Orange County 3rd to Etta the widow Jansen Dec, 1864 
when she gave her age as 26 yrs, , and Daniel his as 56 yrs. ; 1st 6 ch. 
probably were all Mary's: (1) William b. about 1831 d, in Rockton, 111. mar, 
Miami Allington dau. of Rev, Jacob & Catharine of Van Etten It had ch: dau. d. 
early & George W. 1855-1946 mar, Amlnta Van Wert dau. of John Jk Emma 
who had Blanche b. 1888 (2) Celestia D. mar, ---Hammond; ch. named in bro. 
Jonathan's will (3) Andrew J. living in Catlin in 1874, not alive in 1892; had 
ch. Ida, Nellie & Andrew Rockwell, the last a minor in 1892. (4) Edmund S. 
b, 8 May 1838 in Horseheads mar. Hannah Baker of Erin Jan, 1861 & had ch: 
Miles b. 1864 d, ae 15; Frances G. b. 29 Oct, 186? Bernice J. b. 14 Oct. 
1868; Emma J, b. 5 May 1873; Minerva M. b. 5 Nov. 1878; Lena R. Rockwell 
b. 6 Mar. 1881 (5) Henry Fletcher Rockwell b. 5 Apr. 1840 (served Civil War) 
res. Horseheads in 1874; mar. Frank dau, of Abraham & Eliza Scofield of 
Horseheads & had ch: Mina C. b. 10 Jan, 1868 mar. Bert Hathaway of Horse- 
heads; Lena P, b. 28 Aug. 1878 and Henry Fletcher Rockwell Jr. b. 17 Nov. 
1882 (6) Miles Rockwell, 14th NY Art. d. 1 Sept. 1864 ae 19 (7) Mary Frances 
who was of age before 2 Feb, 1874 (8) Ella G, b. about 1854. 

Esther V. Rockwell dau. of William b. 26 Oct. 1811 d. age 19 yrs. 

Asa M, Rockwell died in infancy son of William 

Silas B. Rockwell born 28 June 1815 married Pamela White who was born 
about 1817; ch: Solomon b. about 1845; William about 1847; Cynthia b. about 
1849; Mary A, about 1852; Sarah about 1855, (census) 

Mary B, Rockwell dau. of Wm. was born 28 Oct, 1817 died 5 May 1873 
married Curtis Miles of Veteran twp, ch: William, Edmund? (Edward?) and 
James Miles. 

Abram B. Rockwell son of Wm. was born 10 Jan. 1819 in Big Flats died in 
Horseheads 17 March 1886; married Mary V. Hawkins dau. of Ira & Hannah 
Vail Hawkins b. Chester, Orange Co. N. Y. 29 March 1824; four ch: {1} Nancy 
who mar, Morris D. Bennett on 11 Dec. 1872 and had 4 ch: (Bennett) Mary L, 
b. 27 Dec. 1874; Willard M. 2 March 1877; Linnie F. b. 12 March 1879 & 


Floyd S. Bennett b. 18 Oct. 1887 (2) Hannah R. Rockwell m. Willis B. Sayre 
Sept. 1885 (3) Phebe Addie Rockwell b. 2 Apr, 1858 d. 17 Dec. 1927 m. 13 
Dec. 1888 John Ira Howell b. 15 Aug. 1851 Goshen, N. Y. d. 23 Jan. 1905 
son of Ira H. & Jane Green Howell; had 5 ch: Ira Howell b. 28 Sept, 1889; 
Mary R. Howell b. 14 Oct. 1890 m. Vern B. Stewart who d. 3 Dec, 1918; 
dau. Ruth Mary Stewart b, 1918 m, 1941 Robert B. Wells, their ch: David, 
Deborah, Danton fit Donna Wells; Jennie Julia Howell b. 29 May 1893 married 
Lee Huey; ch: Howard, Joseph, Ellen fit Jane Huey; Albert Benton Howell 
b, 3 June 1895 m. Edna Brown; ch: Albert Jr. m. Ida Green; ch: Terry who 
died, Thomas b. 1949 & Timothy Howell b. 1954. Carl E. son of Albert Sr. 
b. 1923 m. Margaret Meyers; ch: Ella M, b. 1948. Louise A, (dau. of 
Albert Sr) b. 1925 m. Evertt Scott; ch: Mark D. Scott b. 1953. Robert R. 
Howell son of Albert Sr, b. 1929 m. Rose Marie Wiersch; ch: Debra M, b. 
1959. John Willis Howell son of John I. b. 1899 mar. Clara Barrett. (4) 
Filinda (Linnie) Rockwell dau. of Abram B. Rockwell married 21 Jan. 1877 
Albert B. Fitch of Elmira. 

Jonathan B. Rockwell b. 2 March 1821 d. 22 Nov. 1892 mar. Sophronia 
Donaldson; buried at Horseheads with sons John aged 14 and George aged 11 
yrs, both died 1863. Named as Next-of-Kin in the 1892 settlement of Jonathan's 
estate were: Sophronia the widow, his brothers: Silas, Ezra fit John B, ; sister 
Philinda Chapman fit her son Isaac; all living in Elmira; nephews: -Jonathan 
Rockwell a minor of Elmira; children ot" dec'd nephew Edward Miles: Alice, 
Curtis Rn Ethel Miles; Fletcher Rockwell; children of dec'd nephew Andrew 
Rockwell: Ida, Nellie fit Andrew Jr. all of Elmira; nephews William Miles of 
Pine Valley NY, James Miles of Breesport & Edmon Rockwell of Horseheads; 
nieces Nancy Bennett, Hannah Sayre & Addie Howell of Horseheads, Ella Goff 
of Corning; children of niece Celestia Hammond:- Wm. Hammond of Corning, 
Lewis Hammond of Washington State, Vie Johnson & Mary Miller, res. 
unknown; also George Rockwell son of deceased William of Horseheads, 

Ezra Rockwell b. 26 March 1823 died 1903 married Phoebe Pierce b. New- 
town (Elmira) 1 Oct. 1832; ch: Caroline b. 24 June 1853 d. 9 July 1923 mar. 
Le Grande Carr; James b. 10 Nov. 1856; Lina b. 8 Jan. 1859 mar, Reuben 
Westervelt; William b. 18 Aug. 1861 d, Oct. 1863 

Charles Rockwell b. 26 Aug. 1827 d. 19 Sept. 1901 married Susan Stocum 
b. 29 Nov. 1830 d. 3 March 1913 bur. Horseheads; with them is Anna who 
d. 1866 age 11. Other ch: Amanda, Fay, Charles Jr. & Carrie. 

Isaac O. Rockwell b. 17 Aug. 1829 

Philinda R. Rockwell b. 2 Feb. 1832 d. 5 June 1895 mar. George Chapman 
born 1832 died 1905 son of Elihu Chapman St 2nd wife Hannah Howell; ch: 
Isaac Chapman b. 26 Nov. 1858 d, 25 Dec. 1953 mar. Belle b. 2 Sept, 1861 
d. 12 Aug. 1951 dau. of Elijah fit Ann Bower Hewitt ch: Glen Chapman mar. 
Minerva Stroble; Ethel Chapman mar. Dolphis Bourgeois of Elmira; 2 ch: 
Gladys Bourgeois mar, Gerald W. Terwilliger of Elmira & Evelyn who m, 
Clem A. Loomis of Blossburg, Pa, 

John B. Rockwell b. 27 Aug. 1843 alive in 1892 mar. Mary Orwin ch: 
Abram, William and Sarah Rockwell. 


Rockwell References 

Rockwell-Keeler Genealogy 1903 by James Boughton, also the 

History of Ridgefield, Ct. 1927 by Geo. Rockwell p. 1 1 & p, 550 in the Appendix 
cover the early Rockwell generations. 

Vital Records of Ridgefield, Ct. State Library, Hartford. 

Jonathan Rockwell and Esther married Oct. 1733 

Jonathan Rockwell died 3 Sept. 1784; Esther 20 May 1796 
Jonathan son of Jonathan fc Esther was born 10 Jan. 1738 
Jonathan Rockwell, Jun. married Hannah Bennett 1 Jan. 1760 
Hannah dau. of Jonathan, Jun. & Hannah born 6 Oct. 176- 

Probate File #3961 at the State Library, Hartford, Ct. 

Jonathan Rockwell of Ridgefield, Ct. Letters of Adminis. to eons Ebenezer 
& Henry mentioned wife Esther & children among them Jonathan "eldest 
son"; distribution of the estate in Nov. 1793 

N. Y. State Archives Vol. 15, prepared 1887 by E. B. O'Callagan relating to 
Men in the Rev. War. p. 457 Jonathan Rockwell 

N. Y. in the Rev. 1904 James A. Roberts Vol. 1, page 166 names Jonathan Rock- 
well in service as a private in Orange County Militia 4th Regt, under Col. 
John Hathorn; Vol. 2, pp. 214, 216. Jonathan Rockwell listed under "Land 
Bounty Class Rights" 

Wellsburg N. Y. Baptist Church Books at the Chemung Hist. Society . . Extracts 
copied by the compiler 

Tioga County Deeds (Transcribed at Elmira, N. Y. ) 

Book I, p. 39 Mortgages Jonathan Rockwell to Johnson 1796 
571 R. Johnson etc. to Johnathan Rockwell 1799 
44 Jonathan Junr. k Hanah Rockwell to H. Mead 1807 
69 Jonathan & Hannah Rockwell to J. Comfort 1808 
570 Jonathan 2nd & Hannah to William Rockwell 1808 
58 Jonathan & Hannah Rockwell to C. Bennett 1820 

Surrogate's Office, Chemung Co. at Elmira, N. Y. 
William Rockwell died 24 May 1863 Box #4198 
Daniel B. Rockwell d. 11 Jan. 1874 Box # 4562 Vol. 8, p. 217 
Abram B. Rockwell d, 17 March 1886 Box # 4730 Vol. 12, p. 69 
Jonathan B. Rockwell died 22 Nov. 1892 Box #4816 

Census Records at the Courthouse, Elmira, N. Y. (1865 State census) 

John Rockwell family in Horseheads, Chemung Co. Dwelling # 14 

Silas " " " " ii 157 

Philinda Chapman " " " "11 

Daniel Rockwell " " " " 23 

Jonathan B. " Catlin " " 235 

D.A.R. # 127 548 and 309777 Jonathan Rockwell's service accepted at Nat. Soc. 
Dau. of Am. Revolution, Washington, D. C. 

History Chemung Co. N. Y. 1892 A. Towner p. 43 Daniel Rockwell; 

p. 42 Abram B. Rockwell; p. 44 William Rockwell. This account has 
error in the name of Jonathan Sr, 's wife (Hannah not Phebe) 

Rockwell Genealogy MSs at the Conn. Hist. Soc, Library at Hartford # 45448 by 
Horner W. Brainard "Mathew Canfield one of the grantees of the Conn. 
Charter of 1662 resided at Milford; married Miss Treat dau. of Richard 
£t Joanna Treat & sister of Gov. Treat. Mathew was a very prominent 
man. His only son was Samuel bapt. 19 Oct. 1645 at Milford, Ct, He mar. 
22 June 1 661 Miss Willoughby dau, of Frances. . Their daughter Abigail 
Canfield married Jonathan Rockwell (1st) 

















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Jonathan Rockwell 
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JPao/e/ Everts Howell 

J % fatinra H/mer 

Chester Srerte HoweJi i91s> 


Hzns Get rp /V/hier from (her many fo fynnsytv&nid tfix 
Co well us Kuypet ( Cooper) in Ortnqa Co, /Y,y by U9& 
John Rockwtli in <Sf r a. fjord , Connecticut h '*4/ 
Mbthtw Canfietd '« Milprd- Conned* tut Ay liiz 




The Ancestral Lines 

Marion Connor Howell 




Marriages, Births and Death*. 


K1LKU nv 

Milo B. Stevens & Co., 
~ aicuoss or emus m mm. 


d Pronf of Marriages, Births and Deaths 

' v «,^<S^/y V 



jFliLlNAHE *u~ 


.iron. al critTtFiCA tc or death 

SJK y COi-OH S* -_ DATE OF ! IMyuU I <U»> «*-■« 

frul t uu<i« (/.' irtvs. on . ' - r 190J , 

tUTHPLAOE ^^^ j~ "— ^*- 

KAMI OP j< ^j^ -t/^ 

■1KTHPUCI OF ..y^ 

UAIDEU »*»E>-^ - j ^ w«-* — 

SRC!*i HFiuirili aiy Hr infHtn. nrimrftiK 


!' *U»>* HWH 9" »*■#*■* ■"« ir mill/ j- ' 

(ialoen about 1900 


(takai about 1888) 



(taken about 1903) 



( taken aboitf 1888) 

(taken about 1925) 


Henry Howe Connor a son of Henry and Elizabeth Howe Connor was born in 
Canterbury, England and came to Canada when he was a young man, according 
to his daughters. In Durham County, Ontario he met Miriam Fletcher to 
whom he was married in the Rectory of the Church of England at Newcastle 
near Bowmanville on the 24th of November 1848 when as stated by her in her 
husband's pension papers, she was in age "past 14 years and would not be age 
15 until the following February". 

There was strong disapproval of this marriage by the Fletchers. She was 
the eldest daughter of Archibald Fletcher of a strict Presbyterian household 
who had married a strictly reared Methodist. Whether the disapproval had to 
do with her age and to a marriage with a man much older or to the fact that 
Henry belonged to the Church of England is now not known. However since 
Miriam's own mother had married when she was aged but 15 to Archibald aged 
about 29 years, one rather leans toward religious differences as being the 
reason which kept her at odds with the Fletchers for several years. 

Henry's and Miriam's first two children, William Henry Connor born 1851 
and Henrietta born 1853 were baptized in the Church of England in Bowman- 
ville, It was sometime after Charles the third child was born in 1857 that the 
Connors left Canada for Central Michigan. By 1860 they were living in Rose 
township Oakland County, Michigan at Rose Center where they kept the 
Buckhorn Tavern, named for a nearby Lake, Here were born Elizabeth who 
died early and also Marion Rachel Elizabeth, The two middle names were for 
her two grandmothers, Rachel Peck Fletcher and Elizabeth Howe Connor. 
However this long name was early discarded for "Lily" by which this daughter 
who eventually married Chester Howell, was known until long after her 
schooling ended. She was born in 1861 or 1862 about the time the baby 
Elizabeth, born 1860, died. 

This was a particularly difficult time for the family since Civil War con- 
ditions made prices high and business very poor. Also because on Feb. 15, 
1865 Henry Connor joined Co. H of the 24th Regt. of Michigan Volunteers. 
His service was not long but it was sufficiently rigorous so that his health 
after his return was never good. War movements took him to Chattanooga, 
Atlanta, Pensacola and Houston. He spent some years of his later life in the 
Soldiers Home at North Park, Kent Co. Michigan, but died on 12 Oct. 1906 
while living with his wife in Detroit. 

The other children of Henry and Miriam as listed in the 1870 and 1880 
census were: Frederick, the 6th child born about 1863/4, Thomas born 1865/6; 
Margaret 1866/7; Edward 1869; Fletcher 1872. No family Bible has been found 
that might record the exact birth dates, although one is supposed to have been 
at one time in the possession of the family of the eldest son William. Even the 
birthdate of Henry Howe Connor himself is in doubt; the dates found on his 
gravestone, his death certificate, the papers of his pension application and the 
census records being at wide variance. These dates range from as early as 
1819 to as late as 1825. A search for his birth record at Somerset House, 
London was reported as not feasible because of the lack of an exact year or 
place for search for Henry Connor's birth record. As for his mother Eliza- 


beth Howe, a genealogist making a collection of records of the Howe family of 
England, sent the information that Howe as a Kentish name originated in Hoo, 
a rather large peninsula where the river Thames joins the river Medway. As 
has already been noted Henry Howe Connor's birthplace is given in his death 
certificate as Canterbury which is in Kent, England, 

As to the surname Connor, Ewen's Hist, of the Surnames of Great Britain 
(1931 p, 212) says families moving from Ireland to England usually dropped the 
O of O'Connor. In Ireland the name O'Connor is traced (Connaught descendants) 
to Coniar of Conchobhair, an early Irian chief. {Irish Pedigrees by John O'Hart 
1887 Vol. 1. p. 633) Both of these references were seen by the compiler in the 
Reading Room of the British Museum. 

After the Civil War period, Henry and Miriam Connor lived in Fentonville, 
Genesee Co. Mich, where Henry had made his enlistment. It was here the 
four younger children were born. However for shorter periods the family also 
resided in Holly and in Owosso. The children in this family, having such a 
very blond father and a very dark complexioned mother were of such varied 
colorings that notation of this was made by one of the children. William had 
black eyes and hair; Henrietta had blue eyes and was a blond; Charles had ex- 
ceptionally blue eyes and brown hair; Marion had deep blue eyes, black hair and 
a very white skin; Margaret (Madge) had gray eyes and dark hair; Thomas 
had dark eyes and dark hair; Edward had biue eyes and dark hair and the young- 
est, Fletcher had blue eyes and sandy hair. 

William Henry Connor was born 3 July 1851 in Bowmanville, Ontario, 
Canada. He died 23 Jan, 1928 in Detroit, his home for many years. His -wife 
was Celia Hollister born in Vermont 27 May 1848 a daughter of Dorastus 
Hollister of Rose Center, Michigan. She died in July 1932. They had one son 
named Welcome Y. Connor who later called himself William, and who was born 
at Rose Corners and died about 1935 on Long Island, His first wife was Margar- 
et Shearer; his 2nd and his 3rd Florence Dean Jones. He had no children. 

William and Celia Connor also had an adopted child, Cora Margaret daughter 
of the Rev. Bloomfield and Emily Harmon. She married Alan Nelson and had 
four children, William Allen, Stamford, Elsena Margaret and Sarah Celia 

Henrietta Connor was born 5 Sept. 1853 in Bowmanville, Ontario and was 
baptized there in the Church of England. She married (1) Robert Harris 
(2) George Graham of Owosso, Michigan. Their daughter Helen Graham marr- 
ied Don Hartzell; they had no children. 

Marion Rachel Elizabeth Connor was born 18 Aug. 1861/2, She married in 
Manistique, Michigan, Chester E, Howell and soon removed to Elmira, N. Y. 
Their children (1) Jessie E. married Frank Clifford Finch, residences have 
been in Kansas City, Mo. , Glen Ellyn, 111. , Bethesda, Md. , Alexandria, Va. , 
& Wiesbaden, Germany. (2) Edith Louese Howell married James Edwin Riley 
res. in Montpelier, Vt. , New Haven & Madison, Ct. (3) Everts Howe Howell 
married Gladys M. Shaw, lives in Elmira (4) Chester E. Howell Jr. married 
Isabel Lowman and lives in Elmira, N. Y, Marion Connor Howell died May 
1951 and Chester Howell Sr. April 1949 both in Elmira. See the Howell account 
for their descendants. 


Charles Archibald Connor son of Henry and Miriam was born on July 1857 

and died 28 Sept. 1928 in Detroit. He married Kate ; had 2 ch; Nellie 

Blythe Connor and Frank Elmer Connor; Nellie died 1910 while attending the 
Univ. of Mich, and Frank who never married died in Detroit after Oct. 1953, 
Charles Connor was head of the Connor Ice Cream Co. of Owosso, at one 
time the largest company of its kind in Michigan, 

Frederick Alexander Connor son of Henry was born 1863/4 probably in 
Fenton, Michigan. He married Susie Benedict and they lived for a time in 
Kansas City, Mo. They had no children. About 1939 Frederick was living in 
Santa Monica, California; his wife Susie died in Detroit, 

Thomas W. Connor was born in Fenton, Michigan 16 Oct. 1865 (his 
mother's records made in 1916 call him "Thomas Wesley Connor" born 1864). 
He died 28 Aug. 1928 after retirement as President of the Ditzler Color Co. of 
Detroit. His marriage was to Georgia Scoville b, 14 Oct. 1864 daughter of 
Charles Orlando Scoville b. 8 Nov. 183 6 and his -wife Emily Frances b. 25 May 
1840 of Kalamazoo, Mich. 3 children, Grace, Kirke fit Don 

Grace Connor b. 8 May 1890 at Owosso mar. Wm, T. Utley b. 29 Nov. 
1885 Grand Rapids, Mich. 2 ch: 
Robert Connor Utley b. 22 Jan. 1912 Detroit mar. 17 Nov. 1938 Laura 
Ada N, Daniels b. 14 Jan. 1917 St. Paul Minn. ; ch: 
Laura Edith Utley b. 21 June 1940 Detroit 
Susanne Grace Utley b. 17 Nov, 1942 Detroit 
Sally b. 22 June 1956 Bloomfield Hills, Mich. 
Beatrice (Betty) Utley b. 15 Apr, 1915 Royal Oak, Mich, mar. 18 Nov, 
1937 in Detroit Wm. Edward Slaughter 3rd born 5 Dec. 1908 
Chicago, 111. ; 3 ch: 
Gloria Slaughter b. 27 Jan. 1948 Birmingham, Mich, 
William E, Slaughter 4th b, 13 Nov. 1949 
Kent Compton Slaughter b. 10 July 1952 
Kirke W. Connor b. 30 Nov. 1891 Peoria, 111. mar. Maud Harris b. 20 
Dec. 1889 2 ch: 
Barbara Grace b. 4 Sept, 1920 Detroit mar. William C. Ohmer 
b. 26 Nov. 1919; ch: 
William Kirke Ohmer b, 29 July 1942 
Christopher Bryan Ohmer b, 28 Sept. 1946 
Candace Dale Ohmer b. 8 Jan. 1951 
Nancy Leigh Ohmer b. II Mar, 1954 

Joanne Connor b. 31 Oct, 1924 mar. (1) Quayle killed in World 

War II (2) Glenn H. Johnson b. 30 Oct. 1924; ch: 
Doreen Quayle Johnson b. 31 Oct. 1945 
Don S. Connor b. 7 Nov, 1905 Detroit mar, Lucy Ann Wardman b. 10 Sept. 
1905; ch: 
Thomas Wardman Connor b. 23 July 1932 Los Angeles 
Susan Jane Connor b. 13 May 1941 New Haven, Conn. 

Margaret Amelia (Madge) Connor was born in Fenton, Michigan 25 July 1867; 
died 2 Oct. 1950 at Grand Rapids; married in Manistique, Michigan Jan. 1889 
Charles David Sharrow who was born 11 Mar. 1863 in East Tawas, Michigan. 
He was the founder and first President of the New Era Insurance Association 
of Grand Rapids, They resided after retirement for a time at San Leonardo, 
California but he died in July 1935 at Grand Rapids, Mich. 


Children of Charles & Madge Connor Sharrow 
Ethel Louise Sharrow b. 2 Nov. 1889 Springfield, Mo. married 

Dr. Willis Ingomar Nash born 13 March 1886 Jackson, Mich, died 
1 Oct. 1937; children: 
Marguerite Emma Nash b. Aug. 1917 Grand Rapids, Mich, died 5 May 1932 
Willis I. Nash Jr. b. 15 July 1920 mar. Mrs. May B. Thearle; son 

Bruce Franklin Nash b. 26 May 1964 San Francisco 
Russell Sharrow Nash b. 3 Jan. 1922 mar. 1943 Marie Speyers b. 1924; ch: 
Diana Lynne Nash b. 26 Sept. 1947 in Detroit, Mich. 
Phyllis Jean Nash b. 9 Sept. 1948 
Barbara Elaine Nash b. 23 Sept, 1953 
Mary Ellen Nash b. 28 Oct. 1954 in Buena Park, Calif. 
Sandra Ann Nash b. 20 March 1958 
Eva Margaret Sharrow b, 22 Dec. 1894 Grand Rapids, Mich. d. 26 Dec. 1952; mar. 
Capt. Howard Story Taylor b. 4 May 1894 d. March 1941 Aberdeen Md. ch: 
Edward Sharrow Taylor b. 15 Sept. 1921 mar, June 1943 Barbara F. dau. of 
Ivan L, Johnson of Berkley, Calif, ch: b. Orinda, Calif. 
Jill Carol Taylor b. 20 March 1944 
Edward S. Taylor b. 6 Sept. 1946 
Beverly Jane Taylor b. 11 July 1948 
Ivan Howard Taylor b. 8 Dec. 1951 
Jane Margaret Taylor b. 7 Sept. 1926 San Leandro Calif, married 
Patrick J. Hartley of Grand Rapids; ch: 
Timothy Patrick Hartley b. 29 May 1953 
Elaine Margaret Hartley b, 12 Oct. 1955 
Evart Connor Sharrow b. 25 Apr. 1899 Grand Rapids mar. (1) Alma Mauritz (div. ) 
(2) Dorothy dau. of Edward & Gladys Copper Johnson; ch: 
Sandra Sue Sharrow b. 29 Dec. 1939 Grand Rapids mar. John J. Campbell, ch: 

Catharine Lynne Campbell; John J. Jr. b. 19 March 1964 Sea Girt, N.J. 
Nancy Jean Sharrow b. 30 Dec. 1940 Indianapolis, Ind, 
Charles Connor Sharrow b. 5 June 1942 Grand Rapids, Mich. 

Edward Benjamin Connor son of Henry £t Miriam was b. Fenton t Mich. 
May 1, 1869 d. 14 Aug. 1946; in 1941 of Los Angeles; mar. (1) Nellie Campbell b. 
3 Mar. 1872 who died (2) Angela E. Narvonni b. Napi, Cal. 6 March 1891; ch: 

Elizabeth Connor b. 19 Sept. 1894 Owosso, Mich, in 1964 in Dexter, Iowa, mar, 
Frederic H. Holloway b. 16 Nov. 1891 d. 1952 Teaneck, N.J. ch: 
Rev. Robert F. Holloway b. 18 March 1930 Albany, NY. living 1964 in 

Chicago, 111, minister of a United Presbyterian Church; mar. Mary 

Mae 3 ch: Nathan; Nancy; & Owen Fletcher Holloway b. 17 Sept. 1963 

Edus R. Connor b. 5 Aug. 1903 Owosso, Mich. d. 4 Dec. 1944 Phila. Pa. mar. 
Gladys A. Rounds b. Rochester N. Y. 27 Feb. 1909; 2 ch: 
Gary Frederick Connor b. 25 Sept. 1929 at Rochester, NY 
Janet E. Connor b. 31 Oct. 1932 Owosso, Mich. 
Edward B. Connor Jr. (by 2nd wife) b. June 1926, Fresnillo, Zacetacio, Mex. 

Fletcher Connor son of Henry & Miriam was born Fenton, Mich, or 
25 Nov. 1872/3. He lived for many years in Bellaire, Mich, where he married 

Maude . They had no children; adopted daughter Martha Bowman mar. (1) Leo 

Parker and had 4 children; mar. (2) Polychromian. 


Connor References 
St. John's Church of England, Bowmanville, Ont. Canada. The church records 
contain the births of Wm. Henry and Henrietta Connor in 1853 and 1851. 
Certified copy in Compiler's possession. 
St. George's Church of England, Newcastle, Ont. Canada. Recorded: 

"Married this 24th day of November 1848 by license, Henry Connor of the 
township of Clarke, Bachelor, to Miriam Fletcher, Spinster, of the town- 
ship of Darlington by Thomas Smith Kennedy in the presence of Miles 
Fletcher, Mary Ann Nelson. " 
Death Certificate of Henry Howe Connor (T. W. Connor, informant) who d. 12 
Oct. 1906; was born 15 March 1820; aged at death 89 yrs. 6 mo. 21 days; 
aged at marriage 25 yrs; birthplace in Canterbury, England (there are 
evident errors here in dates) 
Civil War Pension Papers # WC 672617 U.S. Archives 

(Among other papers, this file contains the following:) 
Henry H. Connor's application dated 5 July 1889; He served in Co. H, 24th 
Regt. Mich. Infantry; his enlistment date being 21 Feb, 1865; 
discharge 30 June 1865 
Miriam's statement of her age at time of marriage. 
Various papers showing wife's name as Miriam, Mariam, & Marian 
List of their children alive 1898 - no birth dates 
Marriage and Henry's death certificate (above) 
U.S. Census Records 

1860 Oakland Co. Mich. Rose township (page date is 30 July '60) 
Henry H. Conner age 30 b. England, hotel landlord 

wife, Marion 27 b. N. Y. children William 9, Henrietta 6; Charles 3 
(b. Canada) Elizabeth 3 mo. (b. Mich. ) 
1870 Genesee Co. Mich, town of Fenton {page dated 22 July 1870) 

Henry H. Conner age 45 born England; a baker; wife Marion; age 38 

b/Canada; ch: Henrietta 17, Charles 12, Lillie age 8, Frederick 6, 
Thomas 4, Maggie 3, Eddie 1, (ch. all born in Michigan except 
Henrietta b. Canada) 
1880 Oakland Co, Mich, town of Holly 

Marion Connor age 47 born N, Y. (Henry was working away from home) 
Henrietta 25 b, Canada, 
Lillie 18 school teacher b. Michigan, 
Maggie 13, Eddie 11, and Fletcher 7 born Michigan 
Statement of Marion Connor Howell and Madge Connor Sharrow concerning the 
Connor family. This was written and notarized in August 1950 after search 
in Michigan had not furnished record there of the family birthdates. 
Statement of Marion Connor Howell dated and notarized 9 Oct. 1940 concerning 
the names of her grandmothers, Rachel Peck and Elizabeth Howe and her 
own nickname of Lillie (Lily); a copy of this was filed in the Registrar 
General's office of the D.A.R. at Washington, D. C. with the papers 
# 127548 (J.H. Finch) 
Records of Miriam Fletcher Connor made 1910 for her daughters Marion and 

Madge concerning her children & the Fletchers. 
Detroit Free Press Obituary 30 Aug. 1929 of Thos. W. Connor and 23 Sept. 

1928 of Charles A. Connor 
Family Records from Mrs. Ethel S. Nash (Sharrow Bible etc. ) and from 

Mrs. T. W, Connor (Georgia Scoville Connor) 
Howe Family genealogist: C.W. Grubb of Bromley, Kent, Eng. {in 1958) 
Date of Henry H. Connor's birth not established: Age given in 18 instances in 
his pension papers indicate dates ranging from 1819 to 1830. Only one 
full date is given {14 Dec. 1824) which does not agree with that on his 
death certificate (of 15 March 1820) 


C onnor-Dett her-Corw in - W/hth rop 

JchnFfcfthtr ffohtftWott&b C*ft. horqe Cefain MnWthtkropSc 

AtthibaiJ ftetchtf 


John ttttcMer 
oC twerortn 


Archibald Fftkhtr J 



daw, <sf J&kr, 


* John Corwm 

r A 7 7 f V,«f*rop 
Jwet? ) \ 

(scorge CorwirK 
Mnty v . Wney 


die. *f John 

Jihn Wmihnp J r < 

fr B/ittberh . 

Hetie da v. *$ J*kr\ 


•/ATT- £/« t?l% 
% Phthz- -. 

Joseph Cortoin & £tizaheih Hexon J 


Alexander Fletcher n*>$ / 

\ gn Rachel Corwm 

f\rch\bzld Fletcher isoo 

t % r?8ch e f Peck 

//enry ##**« Connor £ Mih'am Fletcher 
C 1 93 A 

Chester j£. Howeft % tfQrion /?,£ Connor 

John Winth rop Jrom £ n g lahd to Massachusetts I&30 
CajpF. George Corwm fitfM JrnpJand to Si/em m /6?8 
John C-tdney from jrngithd to Salem , Mass. /n-^37 



Members of the Clan Fletcher claim descent from the first Scottish King, 
Kenneth MacAlphin, whose reign was from 841 to 846 A. D. after he had sub- 
dued the Picts. The Fletchers in the early days were to be found in the region 
around or near Glen Orchy where tradition, according to the many times re- 
peated tale, says they were the first who "raised smoke to boil water in 
Urchy", the ancient mode of acquiring rights to land. Thus the Fletchers 
antedated the Clan McGregor, at one time also inhabitants of the Glen, and of 
which Clan the Fletchers are sometimes named as a sept or branch. Glen 
Orchy is a wild but very beautiful glen whose waters flow into Loch Awe south- 
west from Loch Tulla on the eastern edge of Argyllshire near the Perthshire 

Before about 1700 the Fletchers were referred to in legal documents by 
their Gaelic name, the Mac-In-leisdars {or some variation of the spelling of 
this name). The word leisdar means arrow in Gaelic, the whole word mean- 
ing Man-of-the -arrow. Flechier and Fletcher are translations of Leisdar into 
English by way of Norman French which after the Battle of Hastings gradually 
was woven into the English language. 

Calling to mind the meaning of the Fletcher name and the Glen setting 
from which they came are the Clan symbols; the crest which shows two arms 
drawing a bow; the badge shaped like a pine tree and the tartan a combination 
of green and blue with black and a narrow red stripe, a reminder of the 
green of the Glen and the blue sky overhead on a sunny day. 

In 1587 the Fletchers, who by that time were clustered quite closely around 
Auchallader in Glen Orchy, lost the superiority to their land {their right to full 
ownership) to the powerful and ruthless Sir Duncan Campbell, a neighbor who 
according to the many versions of the affair acquired these rights unlawfully 
while posing as a friend. It is claimed by those who have studied the ancient 
land records that there are no documents which show the transaction was 
legal. However the Fletchers continued to live in the region, spreading from 
Achallader {2 spellings) as their numbers increased, until by 1750 they were 
living near Kilchurn, Baalieveadan, Clachandysart, Strommanessig, 
Knockinty, Larigs, Invereigh, Arreschastellan, Inveroran and at Cambuslaimh 
and at Pubyl in Glen Lyon; all of these in Campbell territory. 

The history of the Clan Fletcher from the earliest, found in written record 
of Angus Maclnleistar in 1450, to Archibald the 9th chief in 1745 is one of 
retaining life and property largely by the sword. In the Glen are buried, 
mostly without markers, many centuries of Fletchers. 

The names of the early Fletcher Chiefs have been identified as follows: 

Angus I in 1450 

Nycole II 

John III 

Nicole IV Archibald V 

Patrik VI 

Johne VII 

Archibald VIII (1610-1720) 


Archibald the IX Chief (1675-1763) was called Gillesp-na-Crannaich; is described 
as a close-fisted but respected church-active Presbyterian. In the "trouble of 1745" 
he was not of course of the same faith as Prince Charlie but many of his neighbors 
were. Called upon to support the government and not of an age expected himself to 
serve, he sent a substitute, supplying the arms to Duncan ban Maclntyre, the 
Scottish bard. The sword was lost on Falkirk battlefield; Gillesp refused to pay for 
the poet's services. Whereupon in retaliation was composed by him "The Song of 
the Sword of Fletcher, " a Gaelic song highly uncomplimentary both to the weapon 
and its owner. Translation of part: 

"Then I homeward wended- -To Gillespie of the Old 

Wood where he raged as savage minded as a gray 

brock in his hold would at his loss great was his 

worry The heirloom claymore of his 

granddad Mickle iron with edge full little 

bending, starting h fell brittle; Bruised it left my 
hip e'er after Twas heavy as an alder rafter." 

Living as a neighbor in the Glen was the chief of the Macgregor Clan, Rob Roy, 
made famous by Walter Scott; in his novel (1893 edition p.xxvi) Rob's trusted 
Lieutenant is pictured as a John MacCanlister, This John is supposed to have been 
the second son of the 8th chief, a brother of Gillesp. He was later called John of 
Inveroran, In the historical collection of Ian Fletcher of Dunans, is a whistle that 
according to the story, once belonged to Rob Roy, Dunans is near Glendaruel, 

Interest in John of Inveroran is due to the fact that Alexander Fletcher of 
Ontario in 1846 willed "the old Inverora sword" to his eldest son John. Several 
Scottish place names begin with "Inver" but still other factors suggest that Alex- 
ander's prized weapon came from Inveroran. Argyll is a large shire and if it were 
not for the special mention in the will of the sword, attention would not have been 
drawn to this place. In the account of the Fletcher family of Glenorchy that is to be 
found in the Library of Congress (the 1916 edition of J, C. C. Fletcher's) no mention 
is made of any son of John of Inveroran except that of John (Jr.) To fit into our 
records it would be necessary that John of Inveroran should also have had a son 
Archibald born sometime between 1698 and 1749 who survived long enough to have a 
son born 1769. Parish records did not help-did not even show the baptism of John 
Jr. {born in 1727 according to other records.) 

However, the name Archibald as a son of John Fletcher of Inveroran, was 
supplied in John MacGregor's Collection (of the history of the Clans occupying the 
Glen of Orchy, Argyll from earliest times). To a large extent the same records 
are in Sir Angus Fletcher's Collection at East Hampton, L. I. 

This Archibald Fletcher was born about 1725 and died in 1796, leaving a sum of 
money in care of the Church, interest from which was given to Flora Fletcher for 
several years, MacGregor's records do not name her as his wife. But her name 
is found in our own Fletcher Sketch written by her greatgrandson. The MacGregor 
papers say both Archibald and his son Angus lived 'for some time 1 at Ardbrecknish 
just south of Glen Orchy and east of Loch Awe. In 1813 Angus the son erected stones 
for his son Ronald and for Archibald. These stones, like all others but one in this 


family plot adjoining Achallader farmhouse, do not have birth and death dates. 

The birthdate of about 1725 for Archibald Fletcher makes it not only 
possible but probable (combined with records containing the name Flora 
Fletcher) that he was the link between the Argyll, Scotland information about 
John of Inveroran (1678-1765) and Alexander Fletcher of Ontario (1769-1846). 
It is on this basis that the compiler has included the earlier Clan generations. 

Helping to identify in the Glen Orchy records those that pertain to Archibald 
who was born 1725, there is found in the Fletcher Sketch to be noted in this 
connection that there were in Ontario the MacDonald "relatives". Supporting 
this there appears in the Glen Orchy Parish records in 1766 the baptism of 
Archibald son of Archibald Fletcher and spouse MacDonald. 

This leads with other considerations to the likelihood that Archibald's first 
wife was a MacDonald. For there are indications (Archibald's age for one) that 
Flora MacNab the mother of Alexander of Ontario was not his first wife. 

It was during this period from 1766 through 1780 that (1) there are no parish 
births found for Archibald's children in Glen Orchy (2) the Fletcher Sketch 
claims Archibald and Flora came to America - to New Jersey. We know that 
John of Inveroran had died in 17 65 and if he left his son anything of value, the 
means to move would have been at hand. 

It was also during this time that the Flora MacDonald group according to 
often repeated history went to America and in 1779 returned to Scotland because 
of the War of the Revolution. "The Scotswoman" by Inglis Fletcher deals with 
the economic and psychological reasons for this disappointing venture. And 
several historical books relate the problems of the English and the Scots who for 
various reasons returned to Europe during this period, 

If Archibald did indeed leave Scotland his return must have been by 1780 since 
a legal record made that year names him with some 15 other Fletchers in the 
Entail of John Fletcher of Bernice, son of Archibald the DCth Chief. In this 
(Sasine) document John of Bernice names in order those Fletchers who were to be 
recognized as inheritors. Three names toward the end of the list are: 

John Fletcher of Thornton, North Carolina (Flora MacDonald's party first to 

Fayettville then to Cross Creek, N. C.) 
Duncan Fletcher, Lieut, in the Battalion of Loyal Americans under Col. 
Robinson (there was such a Batt. in New Jersey under Col. 
Archibald Fletcher lawful son of uncle John deceased (John of Inveroran was a 
brother of Archibald IXth Chief.) 

Relatives of Flora McNab wife of Archibald Fletcher are given in detail in the 
Fletcher Sketch but her father is not named. It is stated here that Alan MacNab 
(1798-1862) later Sir Alan MacNab, (Premier of Canada) was the son of Flora's 
father, and that he and Flora's grandsons (John Fletcher, eldest, was born 
1796/7) went to John Strachen's school in Toronto. 


The ancestry of Sir Alan McNab is found in Edinburgh in his registry of a coat- 
of-arms. Dated 1 March 1847 he stated he was the eldest son of Lieut. Alan 
MacNab of the 71st and 3rd Regiments, Principal and Aide -de -Camp of Gen. 
Simcoe (first Governor of Canada); that his mother was Anne Napier; that Lieut. 
Alan was the eldest son of Captain Robert MacNab of Dundurn, Perthshire of the 
42nd, Royal High Regt. and a cousin german (first cousin) of John MacNab of 
MacNab of that ilk (same family) the Chief of the Clan (XVth Chief)". The 42nd 
Regt. is popularly called the Black Watch Regt. (From V-96 of the Lord Lyon 
Registry Office sent by Sir Alan from Dundurn, Wentworth County, Canada, West). 

Flora Fletcher's name (given 3 times as Florrie and once as Florence) is found 
under Receipts and Payments in the Glen Orchy Parish Records, From 1801 
through 1819 she was the recipient of interest from a sum handled first by Archi- 
bald's son Angus (born 1764) and later by the parish officials. After Archibald 
died in 1796 the sum of 5 pounds was left in care of his son, the details not out- 
lined. However in earlier and later years the same parish took care of the interest 
on sums thus "mortified," The word widow is rarely used in these records. For 
instance Katharine (Kathryn) said to be widow of Archibald the VIII Chief left a sum, 
the interest to be used for an infirm nephew; in 1798 Margaret Fletcher called a 
widow in one entry is referred to in all others as Margaret Fletcher; the only other 
Florence (no Flora found) in these parish records was one born 176l dau, of a 
John Fletcher, 

So, due to the dates and circumstances, it seems to the compiler that these 
payments must have been made to Flora, widow of Archibald Fletcher (b. 1725) and 
that she survived until 1819- 

Houses where the Fletchers lived are all old and attractive and seem a part of 
their particular locations. 

Achallader on a slope above Loch Tulla has a view of the rolling Scottish Hills 
and of the {first class) road numbered A82 in Argyll winding northwestward. The 
oaks giving it its Gaelic name meaning "field of the oakwood" are gone. Oldest of 
the Fletcher houses it has close by the original stone "castle" on this land. 

Inveroran is near the water level of Loch Tulla (pronounce as Tuhla). It is now 
an Inn much used by hunters in season. Both it and Achallader are on side roads 
leading from A82 near the post office village of Bridge of Orchy, Argyll, 

Ardbrecknish has a beautiful view of Loch Awe. It is situated southwest of 
Dalmally and east of the Loch higher land. Like the other Fletcher places except 
Dunans, Ardbrecknish is on Campbell property. Fletcher land in Glen Orchy was 
taken from the Clan, not legally it is claimed, before 1638 by a trick of Sir Duncan 

Dunans (pronounce with accent on the "Du") uses the postoffice at Glendaruel, 
Argyll; is east of Loch Fyne, south of Strachur. The land here was purchased about 
1756 by Archibald, DCth Chief, Major Archibald Fletcher, Scottish Guards, son of 
Mr. Ian Fletcher who died the summer of 1962, is present Chief of the Clan. The 
buildings here are 15th century ones including a chapel and a 19th century Chateau- 
like home. This contains many beautiful and historic things. The house is 
approached over a graceful stone bridge. 

Gaelic place names are more common in Scotland than Indian ones in our 
country and for the compiler are more difficult. 


It is hoped that the next Fletcher descendant who works on the genealogy of 
the family may discover some of the data lacking in the foregoing, and also may 
be helped by what has been collected. One should bear in mind that living in 
Scotland between 1700 and 1800 was as primitive as that in some parts of our 
own unsettled country. And that while we had the Indians to contend with, Scot- 
land has its own deep determination not to be controlled by England, which 
resulted in the tragic "troubles" of 1715 and 1745. After August 1747 and as 
late as 1750 the English had instructions to shoot on the spot anyone seen 
wearing Highland garb. "Between the years 1763 and 1775 over 20, 000 High- 
landers left their homes for America" {J. P. McLean p. 36 in Scotch High- 
lander settlements) 

The names of Archibald's children living in Canada are found in both the 
Fletcher Sketch and in papers in the Chisholm family into which a daughter 
Catharine married. The Fletcher list gives "from memory" Archibald, Alex- 
ander, Ann, Elizabeth, Duncan, James and "Flora who married a Chisholm"; 
further that Canadian "relatives" were named MacDonald, MacQueen, MacNab 
and MacGlashan. 

The Chisholms list these children as John, Archibald, Catharine who mar, 
a Chisholm and three daughters who married into the MacQueen, MacGlashan 
and McNab families. 

The daughter of Archibald who mar. a Chisholm in Canada was named Cath- 
arine. She married John Chisholm Sr. as his second wife; they lived near 
Niagara Falls. Her stone states she died in 1825 in her 65th year. The com- 
piler believes she is the Katharine baptised April 1759 at Glen Orchy. Catha- 
rine Fletcher Chisholm reared John Chisholm's son William by his first wife 
Christeen Stuart and three children of her own: Jane born 11 April 1791; John 
born 25 May 1794 and Janet born 13 Nov. 1796. William and John were early 
settlers on Oakville, Ontario. Descendants are Hazel C. Mathews who wrote 
"Oakville and the Sixteen" and Miss Helen Bishop of Owen Sound, Ont. who has 
a charming silhouette of Catharine Fletcher Chisholm and dishes that were 
once hers. 

As for Alexander Fletcher of Ontario, son of Archibald and Flora, many 
interesting facts have been gathered through the years. The old Land Books 
of Ontario at Toronto show that Alexander's first land was at Newark (now 
Niagara -on-the -Lake) a town lot. It was here that his son John was born 
about 1796 according to the Bowmanville, Ont. records where John died in 
1872. In 1802 Alexander was given a lease on the land described as Lot #1 
of the First Concession in Darlington Township, Durham County, Ontario- 
He was then but 31 years of age. He doubtless moved his family to this place 
very soon as the township records show in 1802 he registered his cattle 
mark -- a crop off the left ear. The Ontario Archives Vol. 8 shows him as 
one of the petitioners for a school in that district in 1811 by which time he 
had at least 3 children of school age. The 1802 first Concession land was 
where the village of Bowmanville is now located. In 1817 for services rendered 
in the War of 1812 he received a recommendation in Council for "more Crown 
land in addition to that in Lot 6 Gainsborough" already given to him; the 
Minutes read thus: "the Council being satisfied of the great merit of the 
petitioner recommends a grant of 200 acres in addition to his former grant 


and if it so please Your Excellency {the Governor) to the extent of 600 acres in 
all". According to family tradition it was this land that was sold to pay for the 
erection of the great house begun in 1814 on the King's Highway whose archi- 
tecture reminds one of Achallader and pictures of the house at Bartavurich 
shown in J. C. C. Fletcher's 1916 "Auchallader" 

The petition in 1817 for Crown Land by Alexander Fletcher is in his own 

handwriting "a British born subject and has been an Inhabitant of Upper 

Canada for a space of nearly 30 years"; is dated in March placing his arrival 
in the spring or early summer of 1787 when he was aged about 18, 

His will,however, filed at Bowmanville, Durham County, Ontario, is a so 
called "memorial" or copy. It is dated 1846 May 21st and registered 
June 9th. Mentioned are his wife Rachel and his daughters Jane and Eliza- 
beth, His son John to whom land had already been given was to have the "old 
Inverora sword" and two other sons {Archibald, Drummond Gordon) were 
given land. Alexander (Jr. ) was not mentioned-possibly he had already been 
provided for or had moved to the States (he married a Vermont girl) 

The gravestones of Alexander and Rachel were until 1883 in the old Kirk- 
yard in Bowmanville 's center. Then a town order was passed to move the 
bodies in this plot. The coffins were taken first to the fire house (seen there 
by A. Herbert Fletcher) and thought by him to have been put on his father's 
(Gordon's) lot in the new cemetery. However in 1938 the stones could not be 
found there. 

The sword, mentioned in the will of Alexander, led to a great deal of 
search in the hope of its finding; a great grandson, Douglas was finally found 
in Toronto. His father John Jr. of Toronto had come into possession of this 
sword after the death of John son of Alexander, Douglas never saw this weapon 
after the burning of his father's, John Jr's, home about 1900, It was assumed 
to have been lost in the debris. He knew about the "other" sword; for one 
once belonging to Alexander was in the hands then (1948) of a descendant, 
Maude Fletcher Best of Scarboro, and he remembered its style to be different 
from the sword willed to John Fletcher. The second sword has markings 
which when described to Research at Smithsonian Institute, Wash. , D. C. were 
said to indicate its forging was by a weapon maker about 1793. It is curved 
while that willed to John was a long straight sword. 

The Bowmanville "Statesman" in 1916 ran a series of articles re: the early 
settlers of Darlington township. Excerpts are: "Alexander Fletcher came in 
1800 from the Highlands of Scotland" (comment by JHF: his own statement in 
1817 says he came about 1787) -- his "land included portions of Lot 9 & Lot 10 

upon parts of which Bowmanville now stands" "he erected the first brick 

building in town in a very desirable location -- made of bricks smaller than 
those in present use; these were made on the spot; the proceeds from the sale 
of a 1000 acres went into its cost; the land sold being part of Peterboro or 
near it" (comment by JHF :Land records suggest this amount of land to be ex- 
aggerated) "At the time of the War of '12 Alexander was one of the few resi- 
dents on the Kingston road and he stored munitions of war in log buildings in 
transit to York {Toronto) brought that far in bateaux" -- He married Rachel 

Corwin in this country" "In the old country Alexander was highly connected 

with some of the leading families" his son Drummond once published a 


paper, later was in the Methodist ministry being missionary to the Indians on 
the Scucog Reservation" --Archibald was very easy going, soon got rid of his 
share of the property and moved west"--"Another son John had property 
west of the Kingston Road- -of all the wide domain acquired by the original 
Fletcher --only that belonging to my old school fellow Gordon- -belongs to any 
of the name". "Sic transit gloria mundi" ends this article. 

A pen picture of Alexander Fletcher was written in 1896 by his grandson 
J. Wesley Fletcher. "Grandfather soon after marriage settled below the 
Whirlpool on the British side of the Niagara where Uncle John was born. He 
afterward about 1800 moved to Darlington where he was Major of the Znd 
Durham Militia and one of the first magistrates of Durham County then a part 
of York, He was a small man of considerable attainments; was very bright, 
systematic, shrewd, active, nervous, quick tempered, a very loyal British 
subject and a strict Presbyterian. He died in his 78th year and Grandmother 
(Rachel Corwin Fletcher) in her 72nd year." 

The old Kirk at Bowmanville of which Alexander Fletcher was a member 
was disturbed in 1835 when a movement in Scotland in the Secession group 
among the Presbyterians gained sufficient means to send ministers to Canada. 
The group wished to unite neighboring Kirks in Canada into larger Secession 
Churches. By some chance, reports of the Rev. Proudfoot, one of these 
ministers from Scotland, have been retained in the Ontario Archives. He sent 
back a report (one of several) of an unsatisfactory interview with Squire 
Fletcher of Bowmanville who was not in favor of any change in the Old Kirk 
meeting place. The disgruntled missionary described the Squire as "restles 
or rude and smelling of whiskey", going on to remark that the Scotch from 
the Highlands in contrast to a better type from the Lowlands were selfish, 
greedy and very ignorant and that unfortunately the majority in Canada clung 
to their Kirk affiliations. 

In the meantime the Methodist Episcopal movement had gained strength 
in Canada, especially near Niagara where the family of Rachel Corwin, 
Alexander Fletcher's wife lived. Early in the century this denomination 
held meetings in the house of Joseph Corwin, owned after his death in 1805, 
by a son. Contact with this influence is quite probably the reason that Alex- 
ander's son Drummond became attached to the Methodists and why when the 
Methodist Church first came to Bowmanville Archibald, another son, 
donated the land for its church. 

The children of Alexander and Rachel Corwin Fletcher were: 
John Fletcher born about 1796 died 1872 married Jane Hall. 
Archibald Fletcher 1800-1882 married Rachel Peck 
Alexander Fletcher 1804-1862 married Samantha Parsons 
Elizabeth Fletcher married Niram Fraser of Port Huron, Michigan 
Jane Fletcher married Joseph brother of Niram Fraser 
Drummond Gordon Fletcher 1812-1850 married Elizabeth Batten 
Duncan Fletcher died early 
James Fletcher died early 


John Fletcher born about 1796 at Niagara-on-the Lake, Ont. son of Alexander & 
Rachel died in Bowmanville, Ontario 26 July 1872; married Jane Hall 
said to be of Irish descent; they had 7 children: 

I. John 1834-1892 was in U.S. Civil War service; married Mary Ann Swan; 

lived for some time in Toronto; 9 ch; 

1. John Henry died 1940 aged 74 years 

2. Henry born 1869 lived at one time in Toledo, O. 

3. Ida Fletcher b. about 1871 d. 1947 

4. Edward 1875-1896 

5. James b. 1876 lived in Toronto and Kingston 

6. Mabel Fletcher 1880-1918 

7. Ethel Fletcher 1885-1903 aged 18 

8. Douglas b, 1886 d. 22 March 1949 mar. Elizabeth Johnson 

died before 1949; ch: Stella; & Hazel who m. A.H. DePencier. 
Douglas was bur. Mt. Pleasant Gem, Toronto. 

9. Frank b. about 1889 d. 1947 aged 58 yrs. 

II. Gordon Fletcher of Bowmanville married Sarah Carswell; they had 6 children: 

1. John David Fletcher of Toronto d. 19 July 1938 bur. Bowmanville; 

mar. (1) ? (2) wid. Katharine Harvey; ch: 

Mortimer Fletcher 

Arthur Fletcher of Scarboro m. Ethel--; 6 ch. 

2 daughters of Toronto who mar. T. Greer and M. Miller 

2. Annie b. 1858 alive 1938 Bowmanville; married Robert Greenfield; 

ch: Norman b. 1886; Frederick b. 1888; Cecil born 1890; 
Percy b. 1892; Adeline 1895; Robert 1899. 

3. Emma mar. Meader. She was not alive 1938 

4. Minnie mar. Caswell {not Carswell) of Clarke, Ont, 

5. Charles Fletcher mar. Nellie Browne 

6. Almon Herbert d, 17 June 1940 Bowmanville; mar, Mary Fish- 

leigh; for many years they cultivated "The Rosary" with scores 

of hybrid roses. 2 ch: 
Edna Fletcher mar. J. Elmo Anderson; son Donald b. 16 May 

1925 m. Lois Glaspell 1931-1957 son David T. June 1955 
Almon T. Fletcher mar. Vera Dilling; ch: (4) 

Kenneth Fletcher 

Charles Fletcher 

Jean and Audrey Fletcher 

III. Rachel Fletcher mar. Robert Fallis; lived in Cartwright, Ont?; ch: 
William, Henry and Elizabeth Fallis. 

IV. Alexander for whom records are missing although his name is listed in 

3 family accounts. 

V. Joseph mar. twice; died in Bowmanville; had a large family; 

In 1952 two of his ch. were living in Oshawa, Ont. : 

Kenneth Fletcher and Maggie (m. Vice) 

Herman Fletcher son by Joseph's 2nd wife mar. Dolly Reid; ch: 

Jack Fletcher b, after his father's death; was mar, 1952 in 
Oshawa by the Rev. Percy Fletcher 

VI. David Henry Fletcher b, 11 Apr. 1845 d. 1920; mar. Mary Laving of 

Belleville; 2 ch. George who d. aged 30 yrs. and Maud who 
m. Alfred Best; son Lome W. died 1959 (m. Margaret) 

VII. Jane (Jennie) d. 19 Jan. 1924 aged 81 yrs. in Detroit; mar. Thomas Whit- 

ney Nichols; 2 ch: Charles Archibald Nichols b. 25 Aug. 1876 d. 25 
Apr. 1920 and Florence b. about 1878 alive 1957 mar. Benjamin 
Pearsall who had son Charles Corwin Pearsall alive I960. 


In 1819 Archibald second son of Alexander Fletcher sent a petition to the 
Governor and Council of Ontario for land. The document sets forth the facts 
that Archibald was a native of the Province and had never been out of it; that 
he had means for cultivating and improving land and that he was aged upwards 
of nineteen years {dated 25 August 1819). Whether Archibald ever lived on the 
land granted him is unknown. No record concerning him between this date of 
1819 and when he married Rachel Peck about 1829 has come to hand. For his 
bride who was some 14 years younger than he, was built in Bowmanville near 
his father's home a fine brick house of dignified appearance. It was in this 
house that his daughter Miriam lived and through its bordering lanes she rode 
her pony. In her coloring, stature and disposition Miriam resembled the pen 
sketch of her grandfather Alexander. In contrast her father Archibald has 
been described by two grandchildren as blond and six feet tall. 

Archibald born about 1800, it would seem, was not by nature a man of busi- 
ness. He enjoyed hand working on intricate details and even late in life made 
models for inventions and fashioned pieces of furniture for his grandchildren. 
About 1855 he began to sell his property holdings in Bowmanville. With the pro- 
ceeds he purchased a business in Blenheim, Kent County, Ontario to be run with 
his sons. This business failed, perhaps to poor planning, but also partly to the 
depression in business that accompanied the pre -Civil War period. From Blen- 
heim he went with his family to Fenton, Michigan where a daughter and a son 
were living. Here his wife Rachel became ill and just before her death in 1862 
they returned to the Blenheim where their son James was living. That year 
Emma their youngest child was 12 years old. 

The ten children of Archibald and Rachel Peck Fletcher: 
John Alexander born about 1830 died 1910 married Jane Muir 
Miles Archibald b. about 1831 mar. (1) Mary Ann Nelson (2) Mila -- 
Miriam born 1834 died 1913 married Henry Howe Connor 
Wesley Drummond mar. a Miss Redhead; in 1863 was living in Cal. 
Mary Jane 1838-1918 mar. James Kelly of the Queen's Own, London, England 
James 1840-1894 married Janet Lowrey (or Laurie) 
George Duncan b. about 1841; lived at one time in Saginaw, Mich. 
Sarah Ann b, about 1844; mar. Charles Colbraith of Detroit 
Julia Etta b. about 1848; mar. William Topple; res, Chicago 
Emma born 15 June 1850 d. 3 Jan. 1939 mar. Lyman Savage 

All of the children were born in Canada except Miriam, later called Mariam, 
who was born near Syracuse while her mother was visiting the Peck family, 
which by tradition was connected with the Methodist Peck family of that region. 

John Alexander Fletcher oldest son of Archibald & Rachel was usually called 
Alex, He resembled his father; was tall and blond; he married Jane Muir in 
1852. She died 9 May 1885 a victim of pioneering in the Winnipeg region. It was 
with this son Alex that his father Archibald started west about 1882 to settle on 
open land. At various times John Alex lived near Emerson, Manitoba; at 
Drayton, Dakota and at Keewatin, Ontario near Lake of the Woods where he died 
Sept. 1910. However he "was buried at Little Britain, a place near Selkirk, just 
north of Winnipeg next to his wife. It is interesting to note on a map made some 
fifty years later than his death there, that in the region just north of Keewatin 
which is on the edge of the Lake of the Woods there is (in an area yet without 


town or village) a very small lake called Fletcher and a short stream of that name. 
John Alexander Fletcher had 6 children; order not known: 
John Edwin Fletcher of N. Y. City who had a son Leslie 
Mabel Ann Fletcher b, 15 Aug. 1857 at Bowmanville; married 
David Darch of Bowmanville; ch: Albert b. about 1880 
Leonard; Harold; Hershel of So. Ozone Park, L.I. in 1936; 
Bertha unmarried and Eston who died early 
Helen Jane Fletcher b. Bowmanville 5 Aug. 1853 or '58; married 
R. Johnstone of Winnipeg; she d. there 14 Feb. 1916; 3 ch: 

Berdie Johnstone m. J.V. Glenwright of Edmonton, Can.; ch. 

Helen; & Marian Glenwright (m. Clayton Fuller); May (mar. J. R, C, 
Struthers of London, Ont. & adopted 2 ch.}; Jennie Johnstone (m. F. T. 
Wright of Calgary, Alberta & had ch. Kenneth h Betty Wright) 
William Alexander born 1859 at Bowmanville; drowned 1898/99 at Lake 
Kootenay near Sidar, British Columbia. 

Mary Eliza called Berdie b. 3 June d. 7 Aug. 1936 at Vancouver, Canada; 

married Frank Morgan. 
Marion born about 1863 mar. Eber Hubbard and died in Calif. 

Miles Archibald Fletcher second son of Archibald & Rachel was born about 1831; 
mar. July 1851 St. John's Ch. Bowmanville to Mary Ann Nelson. She d, 

before 1860; mar. (2) Mila In 1860 he lived in Fenton, Mich; later 

Strathroy, Can. ch: 

William born about 1852 lived at one time in Saginaw, Mich. 

Miles born about 1855 lived later in Chicago 

Fred born about 1857 and also a daughter Agnes Fletcher 

Miriam Fletcher 1834-1913 dau. of Archibald & Rachel; mar. 

Henry Howe Connor; 10 children: William Henry; Henrietta; 
Charles Archibald; Elizabeth; Marion Rachel Elizabeth; Frederick Alexander; 
Thomas Wesley; Margaret Amelia (Madge); Edward Benjamin; & Fletcher 
Connor. See the Connor records. 

Wesley Drummond Fletcher born about 1835/37 son of Archibald & Rachel mar- 
ried a Miss Redhead. He was in business with his father in Blenheim, Ont. 
between 1856 and 1859. In 1863 he was living in California; in 1872 at Susanville. 

Mary Jane Fletcher was born 1836/38 daughter of Archibald & Rachel; 

married James Kelly of the Queens Own and removed to London England. 

3 children: 

Julia Henrietta Kelly d, 193 6 mar. Charles Collins 

Edith Emma Kelly b. 1872 d. 12 Jan. 1959 Croyden, Eng. mar. 

Edwin George Jones who d. 1917; 2 ch: 

Winifred Edith Jones b. 16 July 1902 of Croyden, England 

Edwin Charles Jones b. 1 Mar. 1904 who mar. ; dau. 

Sonya mar. 1957 Dr. Gerald Sevan; ch: Jonathan, Jeremy & Juliet. 
Robert Archibald Kelly 1875-1898 mar. Patricia 

James Allan Fletcher was born 14 March 1840 died 25 Apr. 1894 at Blenheim, 
Ont. son of Archibald & Rachel, He married Janet Lowrey (Laurie?) 
b. 22 June 1839 d. 19 Feb. 1905. 3 ch, 

Albert Fletcher d. Sept, 1955;dau. Edna of London, Ont. 
Edith Fletcher d. 31 March 1955 Leamington, Ont. married Stanley 
Arnold; dau: Reta 


Effie Fletcher dau, of James and Janet mar. LeFontaine Johnson of 
Leamington, ch: Clarence, Edith, Fred & Doris, 

George Duncan Fletcher b. about 1841; mar. --res. Saginaw at one time; perhaps 

he who d, 17 Apr. 1895 Brady twp, Kalamazoo, Mich. 
Sarah Ann Fletcher born about 1844 dau. of Archibald & Rachel married Charles 

Colbraith of Detroit; they had one son who was drowned in the Detroit River. 
Julia Etta Fletcher b. about 1848 dau. of Archibald /U Rachel; married William 

Topple of Chicago; no children 

Emma Fletcher youngest dau. of Archibald & Rachel married about 1868 Lyman 
Bayley Savage. She was b. 15 June 1850 Bowmanville and d. 1 Mar. 
1939 Park Ridge, 111. Lyman was b. about 1845 near Fenn Yan, N, Y. 
They had 4 children: 
1-2. Harry who died early and Frank 1872? -1939 

3. Clarence 18759-1924? mar. Leonara Kegg; ch. were: Clarence 

Bayley Savage b. 1898? and Lyman Channing about 1900 

4. Helen Carlton Savage b. 27 July 1883 d. 8 Apr, 1953 mar. 

Frank Miller Summer b. 21 Jan. 1883 d. 4 May 1951 son of 

Solomon & Louisa Keller Summer of Hagerstown, Md. 2 ch: 
Frances Fletcher Summer b. 9 Jan, 1913 Marquette, Mich, 
m. Norman Alan Perry b. 5 July 1915 ch: 

Margaret Elizabeth Perry b. Jan. 1944 McCook, Neb. 

Kathleen Ann Perry b. Nov. 1945 Chicago, 111. 

Cynthia Marie Perry b. Nov. 1950 Cape Girardeau, Mo. 
Jean Keller Summer b. 18 Aug. 1916 mar. Raymond Julius Alberts, 
b. 31 July 1913 ch: Rae Jacquelin b. Feb, 1941 

Columbus, Ohio; Barbara Jean b. Sept. 1943 Chicago; Janet 

Christine b. Apr. 1949 Elmhurst, 111. and Linda Louise b. 

Feb. 1952 at Elmhurst. 

(Numbering as in the Fletcher Family Sketch) 
Alexander Fletcher 1804-1862 son of Alexander & Rachel Fletcher mar. 1833 

Samantha Parsons 1815-1888 dau. of Levi and Charlotte Wakefield Parsons 
of Vermont, They had 11 children: 

I. Levi Fletcher 1833-1925 mar. 1862 Jane Kinsey who d. 1886 

II. William Harrison Fletcher 1836-1917 m. 1860 Jane Morris 

III. James Fletcher 1838-1907 mar. Mary Lepard 

IV. Maria Fletcher 1840-1913 mar. William Wells 

V. Matilda R. 1842-1902 married Newman Clark 

VI. Rufus Wakefield Fletcher 1844-1930 m. (1) Rena Teal (2) Ida Teal 

VII. Alexander Jr. 1847-1893 married Emma Johnson 

VIII. David Fletcher 1849-1939 of Jackson, Mich.; m. Kate Haskins 

IX. Charlotte R. 1852-1928 mar. John Galloway 

X. Mary Fletcher 1854-1855 

XI. Miriam Samantha Fletcher 1856-1886 unmarried 

William Harrison Fletcher second son of Alexander & Samantha mar. Jane 

Morris 1843-1901; after her death he lived in Toronto, Drayton & 

Keswick, Ont. ; d. at Mt. Alberta; 7 ch: 
1, Ann Samantha Fletcher 1861- 1934 mar, E. L. Shuttleworth; res. Minnedosa, 

Manitoba; 6 ch: Norman Parsons, Robert Leslie, Effie Jane, Mary 
Ellen & Myrtle Ann Shuttleworth, 
1. Alexander Fletcher 1863-1939 d. Sault Ste. Marie; mar. (1) 1884 Naomi 

Dike (2) 1895 Maud Dowel; 5 ch: 
Kenneth Fletcher, Lina, Marjorie, Reta and Nellie Fletcher 
3. Jane Ada Fletcher 1866-1935 mar. Albert Dike; ch: Nellie May, Mary Eva, 

Anna Jane, Vera Pearl, Edna, Viola, Alvin Frederick Dike. 


4. Mary Ellen Fletcher 1869-1890 

5. William Percy Fletcher D. D. United Church of Canada b. 1871 d. Dec. 1952 

mar. 1900 Gertrude Gadsby 1878-1954; 5 ch: 

Llewellyn Fletcher mar. (1) Anne King (2) Florence McLeod d. Apr. 1949 
(3) Mural Filter. Anne's ch: 
Jared King Fletcher b. 1925 m. Joan Stewart of Conn, ch: 

Craig Stewart Fletcher b. 19 Aug, 1952; Heidi Ray B. 20 Apr. 1954 
Jody Ellen b. 14 Nov. 1956 
Ida Pearl Fletcher b. 1903 m. 1934 D. F. Aylesworth who d. June 1952 

ch: Gertrude b. 1935 {mar. Dec, 1957 Robert Shaw); David Aylesworth 
b. 1936; Melba Pearl b. 1938 (mar. Apr. 1957 Theo. Edward Loucks; 
ch. Judith Ann 1958) Eleanor Aylesworth b. 1939 
William Garbutt Fletcher (Rev.) b. 1905 was in 1951 a minister near 
Oshawa, Ont, mar, Frieda Isabella Harvey 1939; ch: 
Wm. Allen Harvey Fletcher b. Jan. 1945; Janet Marie Apr. 1947 
Percy Gadsby Fletcher b, 1907 mar. 1938 Mildred De Guerre; ch: 

Marilyn Eleanor b, 1939; David Edward 1942-1953 
George Alexander Fletcher b. 1909 mar. Gwendolyn Snell; ch: 

Mary b. 1936 (mar. June 1957 Geo. Edward Lutman); John Paul Fletcher 
b. Dec. 1941; Donna Lloyd b. Nov. 1944 

6. Pearl Josephine Fletcher 1880-1930 married 1905 Clifford Macklain; ch: 

Philip and Marvin Macklain 

7. Hannah Fletcher died in infancy 

Drummond Gordon Fletcher b. 12 Sept. 1812 d. 14 July 1858 son of Alexander 

& Rachel. He mar, 1836 Elizabeth Batten who d. aged 33 yrs. in , dau. 

of Wm. Batten of Cornwall, Eng, 3 ch: 

I. John Wesley Fletcher b. 18 Oct. 1838 d. 1913 mar. Jan. 1867 Margaret 

Campbell at Toronto; 3 children: 
Elizabeth M. Fletcher b. 14 July 1868 mar. Charles Farrell; ch: 
Charles Farrell Jr. of Detroit in 1959 
Florence Louise Farrell who m. Thomas Dunn & had dau. 

Elizabeth Dunn who m. Alan Fraser of Rosseau, Ont. (5 ch.) 
Edward Blake Fletcher in Span-Am. War; res. Mexico for a time 
Florence Mary Douglas Fletcher b. 1 July d. about 1950 mar. 
(1) G.I. Gheesborough (2) George C. Scroggie; ch: 
Florence Elizabeth Fletcher Scroggie b, 1906 m, G. Cummings res, 
Byron, Ont. 2 ch: John Gordon & Thomas Edward Cummings 
aged 21 and 18 yrs. in 1959 

II. Elizabeth Jane Fletcher mar. William Whyte; ch: 

Ida Whyte mar. Scherin in Lakefield, Ont. 1892 

Mary Whyte mar. a clergyman of Montreal 

III. William Alexander Fletcher b. May 1844 d. 22 Apr. 1904 mar. 

(1) Abigail Bell d. 1883 (2) widow Christian Waram Douglas, he had 
12 children: 

1. William Drummond Fletcher born 1863 married July 1886 Emma Chastey; 

ch: Beatrice Abigail who mar. 1918 John J. Pochin 

2. John Wesley Fletcher b. 16 Dec. 1864 d. July 1934 mar. 1894 

Susan Jane Saunders; 7 ch: 
Ellen Honey Fletcher m. George Braithwaite Nov, 1919 ch: 

Margaret, Wesley Lloyd and Gordon Braithwaite 
William Gordon Fletcher 8t Cathleen Bell Fletcher deceased 
John Ellis Fletcher m. Ruby Ward Mar. 1933; child: 

Norman Fletcher 

Hazel Millar Fletcher 

Maurice Fletcher deceased 

Geo. Alexander Fletcher mar. Florence Wetherall; ch: 
Florence Eleanor Fletcher 


3. Samuel Bert Fletcher b, 23 May 1866 d. 1927 mar. Edith Bickford; had no 


4. Alexander Fletcher b. 24 Jan, 1868 mar, Erima Wilhelmina Samletzsky; 

13 children: 
Wilhelmina (Minnie) m, John McMichel; ch: Alex Wm. MacMichel 
Ellen Alexandria Fletcher mar. Thomas Husted; ch: Violet Helen and 

Viola Ellen Husted 
William Alexander Fletcher 
Helena Abigail Fletcher mar, James Brown 
Gertrude Edith & Etty Erima Fletcher both deceased 
Beatrice Erima mar. Carl Mylin; ch: Erima Betilda Mylin 
Martha Bell Fletcher 
Lawrence Thomas Ernest Fletcher 
George Edward Fletcher 
Bell Olga Fletcher 
Alexander Max Fletcher 
Samuel Harry Fletcher 

5. Rachel Ellen Fletcher b. 26 Oct. died 1938 mar. 1890 

James Henry Fawcett; 5 ch: Wilbert Sherman; Vina Fanny (who m. 

Wm. Walter Newman 1925; ch: Edith H. & Eileen F. Newman); 
Edith Ellen, Ernest Henry & Bertha Bell Fawsett 

6. Robert Edward Fletcher b. 7 Aug. 1872 d. about 1935 married Via Olsen; 

4 children: 
Faith Fletcher m. Roy Gerrie 1930; Dorothy & Eileen Fletcher; 
Olive Fletcher who mar. Clifford Hill; ch: Ronald Hill 

7. Elizabeth Jane Fletcher b. 1 Aug. 1874 d. 1874 

8. Morley Archibald Fletcher b. 13 Sept, 1875 married Sept. 1898 

Margaret Jane Newell; 3 ch: 
Harold Fletcher 

Electa Pearl Fletcher mar. Charles H. Brown 
Garnet Archibald Fletcher 
9-10, George Wellington Fletcher died 1882; 10. infant dau. died. 

11. Ernest Angus Fletcher b. 27 Mar. 1887 mar. (1) Evahlynn Mclvor d. 1907; 

(2) 1914 Lenore Caldwell Mclvor b. 23 Feb. 1893; ch: 
Ernest Mclvor Fletcher b. 15 Mar, 1907 mar. Abigail Catharine Cronin; 

ch: Joyce Evelynn b, Jan, 1930 
Cecil Gordon Fletcher b. 8 Oct. 1915 
Elizabeth Christian Evahlynn b. 19 July 1916 
Mary Lenore Fletcher b. 27 Nov, 1917 d, 16 Feb. 1930 
Harold Waram Fletcher b. 18 March 1922 

12. Walter Cecil Fletcher mar. 1928 Madeline Trenaman; ch: 

Madeline J. Fletcher b. 17 Dec. 1934 

Elizabeth Fletcher dau, of Alexander fit Rachel married Niram Fraser and later 
lived in Port Huron, Mich; ch: 
Joseph, Harriet, James, Allan, Elisha, Carroll S. and Dr. George 
Corwin Fraser (order of births not known) of these above 

Dr. Geo. Corwin Fraser married ch: Austin Fraser and Marcella 

Fraser who mar. Carder 

Elisha Fraser had no children 

Carroll S. Fraser mar ch: Edna and Frances { ) of 

Port Huron in 1939 


Fletcher References 

Sketch of the History of the Fletcher Family 1896 by John Wesley Fletcher 

(1838-1913) of Detroit, Mich. Additions 1936 by Rev. Wm. Percy Fletcher. 
Begins "Grandfather Fletcher's father Archibald Fletcher married Flora 
McNab in Argyleshire, Scotland and their children from memory were 
Archibald, Alexander, Flora, Duncan, James, Ann and Elizabeth. The 
Fletchers, Campbells and MacNabs intermarried for centuries and the 

Fletchers were thus allied to the Clans Campbell and MacNab. " 

(omitted here Fletcher name origin and meaning) "Archibald Fletcher 

and his wife came from Scotland to New Jersey in 1769 in which year our 
grandfather (Alexander) was born." (note by JHF: The Corwin family into 
which Alexander married came from N.J, but so far records of the Fletchers 

have not been found in that state) (omitted here an account of Alexander's 

marriage to Rachel Corwin) "Archibald the father of Alexander was a miller 
who accidently lost his life when going to market with a load of flour by the 
breaking down of a bridge. There is a tradition that the old gentleman was 
not well affected toward the government of the U. S. " (note by JHF: U. S. 
doubtless means Colonies) "and his son Alexander soon after he was married 

moved to Upper Canada" (note by JHF: Rachel Corwin 1 s father came with 

his family to Canada from New Jersey before 1787 when Rachel was about 
twelve years old, so her marriage to Alexander Fletcher was doubtless in 

Land Books at Toronto Vol. J. p. 99 March 5, 1817 Petition of Alexander 
Fletcher "resident" of Upper Canada for upwards of 30 years" Vol. K. 
p, 236 Aug, 25, 1819 Petition of Archibald Fletcher of Darlington (son of 
Alex.) "aged upwards of 19 years" 

Bowmanville Statesman Feb. 7, 1906 issue (Vol. 52, #6, p. 1) an article con- 
cerning Alexander Fletcher, pioneer, by J. P. Fairbanks 

Surrogate's Office Durham Co. Ontario at Bowmanville, # 7568 
Will Memorial of Alexander Fletcher 1847 Book O. page 236 

Deeds, Durham Co. Ont. # 1675 Archibald Fletcher "of Durham County" 

grantor Sept. 1854 (for home on Liberty St. Bowmanville) is one of some 
200 deeds granted about this time by him. 

Deeds, Kent County, Ont. #1766 Archibald Fletcher "-of Kent Co." grantor 
Feb. 1855 for property in Bowmanville. These deeds up through one 
registered Feb, 15, 1862 include the signature of Archibald's wife Rachel 
(Peck). On May 9, 1862 Archibald for the first time signed alone. Rachel 
died that spring. 

Records Town of Darlington at Hampton, Ont. (Durham Co.) begin in 1802; 
the 3rd entry is the registry of Alexander's cattle mark - a crop off the 
left ear. 

Ontario Archives Vol. 8, page 454 Alexander Fletcher commissioner 1808-1810; 
Vol. 9, page 16 a petitioner for a school 1811 

Old Kirk Records show the Kirkyard graves in Bowmanville were removed in 
1883 from the town center. In 1938 D.G.M. Galbraith of Toronto had 
possession of the Kirk records (no vital ones) 

Ontario Historical Society Publications Vol. 28, page 97 the Proudfoot papers 

(1835) Vol. 17, page 23 Presbyterian disruption in Canada; Vol. 25, page 293 
Joseph Corwin' s daughter Rachel married Alexander Fletcher 

Hist, of Northumberland & Durham Counties, Ont. p. iv Alexander 

"Squire" Fletcher of Bowmanville; was the "marrying" squire. 


Old Registry House, Edinburgh contains the Manuscripts of John MacGregor. 
The documents in this collection, filed in 115 boxes, consist of some 237 
manuscripts some of volume size. The material covers data searched out 
of the earliest records found in Scotland of the clans who lived in that part 
of Argyll considered to be in the region of Glen Orchy. There is much legal 
matter pertaining to these Clans, The "Fletchers in Auchallader" #59 
(a 4 quarto volume) "one of four copies 1924 by John C. C. Fletcher"based, 
it seems, on the MacGregor findings is in this collection, #119 on the 
"Clan MacNab" with MacNab papers by the Rev. A. T. Grant also is in this 
collection. This latter takes issue considering the MacGregor documents 
with John MacNab 1 s book of 1907 also titled "The Clan MacNab", especially 
as to the early genealogy of the family. 
#59 page 29 (above manuscript collection) John Fletcher also known as John oig 
Maclnleister the 2nd son of Archibald of Bartavurich (the 8th chief) was 
born circa 1678 died 1765. Family tradition credits him with being a 
soldier--- -and also names him as the companion of Rob Roy in Scott's 
book of that name ---In 17 56 he was termed "wadsetter of Roran (Inveroran) 
and in 1759 was a tenant in Auchallader. The Bernice Entail makes it clear 
that John of Inveroran was a son of Archibald the 8th chief, with a son 
Archibald alive 1780. 

page 30 John of Inve roran' s son Archibald was born circa 1725 died 
1796; was for some years a tenant of Ardbrecknish where his son Angus 
later lived. \ 

p. 57-63 Baptisms Glenorchy, Argyll Parish Register and Dr, 

Mclntyre's Register 
1759 April 15 Ann to Archibald Fletcher of Achalader (spellings as found) 
(on this same day Katharine to John of Achalader suggesting 
probable error in the entry of given names) 
1764 April 1 Angus to Archibald of Achalader 
1766 June 22 Archibald son of Archibald of Achallader and 

MacDonald baptized 

1796 Dec. 22 Mortcloth for Archibald Fletcher 2.00.0 

Bellman's dues not charged 
1801 Jan. 1 Five pounds bequeathed by Archibald Fletcher 
in Ardbrecknish at Glenorchy paid by his son 

Angus tacksman of Ardbrecknish 5. 00. 

1801 Dec. 8 Paid to Florrie Fletcher in Auchallader 0.5.0 

{other records show a widow called by her given 
name-for instance the interest of a sum mortified 
by Katharine Fletcher in 1756 is given (June 8) 
to a grandchild) 
1803 Jan 30 To Florence Fletcher, Auchallader 0.2.6 

180 5 Dec. 17 Five pounds bequeathed by the deceased Angus 
(Archibald) Fletcher in Ardbrecknish in the 
hands of Duncan Campbell tacksman of Brackley 
bearing interest. (This entry repeated in 1808 
when two years interest was overdue; again 1813 

1815 Jan 28 Paid to Flora Fletcher, Braes 0.6.0 

1816 Jul. 3 Paid to Flora Fletcher, Braes 0.6.0 

1817 Dec. 5 Paid to Florrie Fletcher, Auchallader 0.10.0 
The 1818, 1819 entries are for 0. 10. twice a year, the 

last one being on 
1819 Dec. 3, Paid to Florrie Fletcher "by Mrs. Nicol, Molay" 



Ruins, next to Fletcher grave- 
yard at Achallader 








CATHERINE FLETCHER (sister of Alex- 
ander Fletcher) who married John Ghisholoi 
ol Ontario, Canada. 

Dishes with Scottish c Ui.siU- ilosign once owned by Catharine Fletcher Chisholm 
(Pictures by courtesy of Miss Helen Bishop) 

DUNANS — present home of the clan chief in Argyll, Scotland 


Ciiirl ut'rhcCkn 

(picture taken l'l.i 1 ! . 





.£ jC/^*^ J J 

e /*** - 

% /, , ,,, .,../■ % f,r, ,.,,! ,. J /t?/%;;, 

■ " " . V. . . fr - ' ■ 



. ,- n:j( 1J "'""9 /•••" f-ii ■''"•' 

f 4 •„ ... - & Vf! ■ ;, ' t ■■'■» dk 

/..-./, . ■. /" «-■ '"- ■ ; '""" 


(dttuj hter ul Archibald ) 

"in her younger rl.-n '" 


bom aboul 1830 (sou of Archibald) 

and his (anil!) : to 1885?) 

r SA 



Alrt.iinli-: Fletcher's house hn 

about 1814 

( picture taken L939 

made ul Ijtu ks from a local 



tit? J 


(photostat copy i>j will ol Alexander Fletcher 

registered Durham Go Ontario 9juni 1846 

1800- 1882 

1 880 1 

I,. 1 ., mI \,,!iil,,i,l l.,nlni built about lKL'i.'Ini lid 

K.n In 1 I'ri k .11 liuwmanvllle, i Intarii 1 IJbcrtv Sirmt) 

The Fletchers of Achallader {in Glen Orchy, Argyll) Lib. of Congress #CS 

479F57 is a reprint of John C. C. Fletcher's 1916 history. It is not as com- 
plete as the 1924 MS at Edinburgh which includes Archibald 1725c-1796 son 
of John. 

Songs of Duncan Maclntyre is in Gaelic with translation 1912 by George Calder. 
xxiv; 338 "Song of the Sword of Fletcher" 

Scotch Highlander Settlements J. P. McLean 1900 page 36 

The Scotswoman by Inglis Fletcher 1955 historical fiction; a study of the prob- 
lems in Scotland which started the Flora MacDonald group to the New World; 
reasons for the return. 

The Loyalists of North Carolina by DeMond. During the Revolution Col, Robert- 
son of Bladen Co. {probably the "Robinson of the Entail) was ordered to be in 
readiness to attack and harass the Tories should they leave Cross Creek 
(location near which Flora MacDonald group lived 1774-1779) 

The Bernice Entail Vol. XII P. R. Argyll folio 36 Regd. on 23rd Sept. 1780. John 
Fletcher of Bernice in favour of himself whom failing names as heir in this 
order: his sons in order of birth Archibald, Donald, Alexander, Andrew; 
grandsons James & John sons of deceased Rev. Angus; Angus (Jr.) and his 
sons John & Andrew; Archibald & Donald son of uncle Donald; John of Thorn- 
ton, North Carolina, Archibald a writer of Edinburgh; Donald and Lieut. 
Duncan Fletcher of the Batt. of Loyal Americans under Col. Robinson; 
{these last 4 being sons of uncle Angus); Archibald Fletcher lawful son of 

uncle John deceased; whom all failing, to nearest lawful male etc. dated 

24 July 1780 Seisin 25 July 1780 (Sasine Records) The original copy bristles 
with legal terms omitted above. 

Jamie son's Dictionary (many Scottish terms and words can not be found in a 
U. S, dictionary) A "tacksman" was one who took the lease of an entire farm 
and paid yearly rent; and often in turn had tenants; Highland "tacksmen" de- 
noted those of larger holdings. A "wadset" was a legal document in the past 
when leased land was given over by the debtor and the rents collected by the 
lender; in latter days interest only is paid the lender. Also in the old days the 
borrower was called a reversor since by paying up, the rights were reversed. 

Glen Orchy Gravestones (Glenurquhay in old records) Copied by the compiler 1957 
also found in 1924 ed. of J. C. C. Fletcher's work; included are Fletcher stones 
at Dalmally Church and in the Inverary Cemetery and the Fletcher plot at 
Auchallader, At the latter there is but one stone left with full dates: "John 
Fletcher (Jr.) died Jan. 1805 ae 78 yrs". Erected 1813 is one for Archibald 
Fletcher of Ardbrecknish (no other dates) 

Chisholm-Fletcher Family Records (from Helen Bishop, Owen Sound, Ont. ) 

Catharine Fletcher from Argyllshire mar. John Chisholm born Inverness; was 
one of 7 ch: John, Archibald It Alexander Fletcher, Mrs. McQueen, Mrs. 
McGlashan & Mrs. McNab. The 1896 Fletcher Fam. Hist, gives these ch: 
as Archibald, Alexander, Duncan, James, Flora, (this name an error) Ann 
and Elizabeth & adds that there are relatives named MacDonald, MacGlashan 
and Mac Que en living in Ontario. 

U.S. Census Records I860 Fentonville, Genesee County, Mich., #1737 
Archibald Fletcher age 60 b. Canada; wife Rachel 45 yrs. b. N. Y. ; ch: 

(all b. Canada) were: Jane 24, James 20, George 19, Sarah 16, Julia 12, 
Emma 9. Next door #1736 Miles Fletcher age 29 b. Canada; wife Mila 
age 26 b. Ireland; children: William 8, Miles 5 and Fred 3. 


MacNab References 

MacNab Family from the Sketch of the Fletchers 1896 by John Wesley 
Fletcher pages 1,2," Grandfather's Father Archibald Fletcher married Flora 
MacNab in Argylshire, Scotland. "--"Sir Allan Napier MacNab's father was a 
brother of Flora Fletcher my greatgrandmother" -- "there were other brothers 
{and sisters) from whom were descended the Rev. Allan N, MacNab, late Rec- 
tor of the English Church in Bowmanville; Alexander MacNab, late Police 
Justice of Toronto; John MacNab, late Crown Attorney of York, Ont. and a host 
of others-" --- "Sir Allan MacNab was a cousin of my father. He was not well 
regarded by the Fletchers. He and my uncles went to John Strachen's School in 
Toronto. This was in the early days before Mr. Strachen became a Church of 
England clergyman. He afterward was Bishop of Toronto and a celebrated man 
in his day". 

A Brief Outline of the Clan MacNab was published 1951 by the Clan MacNab 
Association with a Supplement by the present Clan Chief, Archibald Corrie 
MacNab who in 1949 bought back the last 7000 odd acres of the MacNab lands 
from the Breadalbane estates and was in 1954 recognized by the Lord Lyon as 
the XXII Chief of the Clan on evidence of a letter from Archibald XVII written 
to Sir Allan MacNab. This letter gave a list of the cadet Houses in order of 
their nearness for succession. 

The historic MacNab home near Killin, Perthshire is not only historic but 
also a charming place. If has a background of three mountain peaks. The 
house itself, whose architecture somewhat resembles Achallader, is softened 
by additions and espalied fruit trees. A Black Hamburgh grapevine planted 
1832 bore one year 600 bunches of grapes and was once called the largest 
grape-vine known. 

The early history of the Clan MacNab reaches back into the very dim past, 
back of the subjection of the Picts. The name in Gaelic has the meaning "son 
of the Abbot"; its origin being in the times when abbots married and had 
families. The clan motto translated from Gaelic to Latin is "Timor omnis 
abesto" which became the well known "Dreadnaught" of the military men of the 
clan in after years. The clan badge is the stone bramble (rubus saxatilis) and 
the banner is green to signify membership in the Siol Alpin confederacy. 

On page 3 of the Supplement to the above Outline there is the note that Sir 
Allan MacNab son of Lieut, Allan MacNab was a grandson of Robert MacNab in 
Dundurn, the younger brother of John MacNab the XVth Chief. (The Killin Parish 
Births give a son named Robert born 6 July 1710 to Robert and Ann Campbell 
MacNab.) On page 13 of the MacNab Outline, mentioned above, John MacNab the 
XVth chief is shown as son of Robert MacNab (who died 1725) and his 2nd wife 
Ann (who did not die until 1765) daughter of Sir John Campbell, Since the above 
steps trace the ancestry of Sir Allan son of Lt, Allan MacNab who was a brother 
of Flora MacNab Fletcher, it also gives an outline of her forebears. 

Registrar General's House in Edinburgh, Scotland has in its keeping the yet 
existing birth, death and marriage registers for the Parish Protestant Churches. 
These are in large books, - the original records, and are in fading ink and old 
style handwriting. Searches were made here of the existing parish records of 
Glen Orchy, Killin and other Parishes by the compiler in 1955, 1957 and twice 
in 1958. Also further searches were made for the compiler by professional 
genealogical workers. Such searching is very tedious but there are likely 
places that have not yet been covered. 


Road Atlas of Great Britain 1956 edition Johnson & Bacon (scale of maps; 

3 miles to 1 inch) 

Location on these maps of the Fletcher and MacNab land holdings: Loch 
Tulla, Inveroran (Inn) & Achallader on page 267 Ab; Ardbrecknish on p. 256, 
Da-Db line; (see smallest italic printing): Dunans betw. Strachur & Glendaruel 
Rt. B836 e, of L. Fyne, page 246, Ca; for the MacNab: Tyndrum page 267, 
Ac; Island Ran and Kinnel House, home of the present chief near Killin on 
page 268 Cc; Dundurn on the south side of the east end of Loch Earn, 
page 259, Aa. From the MacNab Clan history: 

When the Clan MacNab lived in the western part of Perthshire (just south- 
east of the region where the Fletchers lived in Argyll) the extent of their lands 
is described as beginning on the west at Tyndrum (about 6 miles from the 
Bridge of Orchy) and running down Glen Dochart to Killin where the very early 
MacNab castle, Ellanryne (or Eilean-Ran) was located on an island near the 
north bank of the River Lochay. This castle commanded the port of Island Ran 
(as presently spelled) which was of importance at the head of Loch Tay in a 
time when heavy transport was by water. Gradually the MacNabs spread 
along the southerly side of Loch Tay to its eastern end. Also various MacNab 
families at the beginning of the XIX century lived at Dundurn, Newton, Torry, 
Callander, Bochastle and at Kilamahog near Doune and Glenartney. 

Clans and Tartans of Scotland by Robert Bain portrays red as predominate 
in the MacNab tartan. In the Royal Academy in Edinburgh hangs the picture by 
Raeburn of Francis, (1734-1816, XVI chief of the MacNab Clan), showing the 
full Scottish regalia and the tartan in a most effective manner. Also some 
MacNab descendants are pleased by the Black Watch tartan in its darker (green, 
blue & black) coloring, the regiment of Major Robert MacNab of Dundurn. 

Lairds and Lands of Loch Tayside by John Christie 1892 (found in the 
Nat. Library, Edinburgh) has an interesting Glossary: Achallader means 
field of the oakwood (ach or such meaning field) Glendochart means glen of 
the rough river. 

Family Records of the Fletcher -MacNab and Corwin lines received from: 
Rev. Wm. Percy Fletcher re Alexander & Samantha Fletcher 
Ernest Angus Fletcher re Drummond Gordon & Elizabeth 
Almon Herbert Fletcher re John & Jane Hall Fletcher 
Emma Fletcher Savage re Archibald & Rachel Peck Fletcher 
Edith Kelly Jones re James & Mary Jane Fletcher Kelly 
Albert Fletcher re James & Janet Lowry Fletcher 
Miriam Fletcher Connor re Archibald & Rachel Peck Fletcher 

Many of the above records used in this account were collected between 
1910 and 1938 by Marion Connor Howell 

The compiler also had valuable information from: 
Ernest A. Fletcher, Norwood, Winnipeg, Canada 
Llewellyn C. Fletcher, Box 218, Salmo, British Columbia, Can. 
Frances S. Perry (Mrs. N.A.) Main St. Naperville, 111. 
Winifred E. Jones, Kirkham, l6Upfield Croydon, England 
Edna Fraser, Port Huron, Mich. 

Maud Fletcher Best (Mrs. A.) 2345 Victoria Pk. Ave., Scarboro, Ont. 
Hazel C. Mathews 10 King St. Oakville, Ont. Can. 
Sir Angus Fletcher, East Hampton, L.I. , N.Y. from whom came the 

invaluable advice to study the McGregor Records in Edinburgh. 

! 10 

Cotwor-^Fletc her- Cor win - W/'rifh rap 
JohnFkfthtr f?obtftn*ctfdb C*fr (Stone Cenvin JohrMtvrthropSc 

yjj C/w fi ( son*; 383: f <■* L-u. ( G*r. Mm.&bny 

%. /7ary forth 



ftrchibdti flttchtt 
SSL chit/ 1 " 6 

John f/ttdier 

oC Invert r&n 


Archibald Fletcher J 


* vfann Corwm 

d*u. e£ John 

Jthn Wthihrop ^ r < 

{toy. Conn* to (on)/ 
& B/i%dbetfi 

%■ PhtJoz- 

(j-toroe iomirK 

Mi\ty ^ fiwn*y 

fd^S** -a jj - /» ' Joseph H i M 

Cisrk fSzft not mew toru/m #/'//• J- _ 

*»f" f tetter But >^ r ; 7 Jlr 

Joseph CorvJt'n & Etizabeih HtYon J 

■ Alexander Fletcher 17 &$ j* 

\ ft R&chel Corwtn 

Archibald Fletcher /too 

^ 8- Rach el Peck 

Hinry Howe Connor £ Miham Fletcher 
(. 1934 

Chester M- Hewe/I $. tfQrron !?£, Connor 

John Wmthrop Jrom £ngfahd ic Massachusetts /£30 
Caff? Qeotfe. Cor win -from JrnpJBnd to Sa/em th '638 
John C-tdneu from Jtnfffohc/ tb Saiem , Ma ss. in M37 



The family of Corwin or Curwen as the name was spelled in earlier days 
came from England to Salem, Massachusetts about 1638 with other Puritan 
settlers of that period. 

George Corwin, better known as Captain George Corwin, was the first of 
the line in this country. He was a man of influence and high standing in the 
early formation of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. Through his efforts the 
foundations of the merchantile and shipbuilding enterprises were established 
in Salem and its importance as a port thereby assured for many years after- 
ward. He died in 1685 leaving "no debts and one of the largest estates to that 
date administered in Salem". Some of the elegant and costly articles owned 
by him are now in the historical museum in that city. 

The Captain's two sons were active in the public life of the Colony. Both 
were sons by his first wife, Elizabeth Herbert a daughter of John Herbert, 
Mayor of Northampton, England. The younger son Jonathan became a Judge 
of the Supreme Court, John (1638-1683) married Margaret a daughter of John 
Winthrop Jr. Governor of the Colony of Connecticut and granddaughter of the 
first Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony, John Winthrop Sr. Captain 
Corwin also had four daughters named Abigail, Hannah, Penelope and Susanna 

The oldest son of John and Margaret Winthrop Corwin was named for his 
grandfather, the Captain, who lived until his namesake was twenty years old. 
This grandson George (1665-1696) held the office of Sheriff of Essex County 
at the time when a furor of trials and burnings for witchcraft swept over the 
Colony, It was from the Corwin home used also as a court, the witchcraft 
sentences were issued. This house, built in 1642, is now called the Witch- 
craft House of Salem and is considered one of the city's historical sights. 
George Corwin, the Sheriff, married into the Gedney family, also of the 
governing group in the Colony. After the death of his first wife, Susanna he 
married her first cousin Lydia Gedney and by her had a son Bartholomew 
named for Lydia 's father. 

Bartholomew Corwin was an only child, his father George dying when 
Bartholomew was three years old. The lack of close family ties in Salem 
was doubtless a factor when later in life he decided to move his residence to 
New Jersey where he made a new home in Hunterdon County at Am well. 
Here he and his English born wife, Esther Burt, lived with their six sons and 
it was here that he died in 1747 aged 54 years. 

Of these six sons, all born at a time to meet in maturity the problems of 
the War of the Revolution, only Joseph Corwin born 1724 survived this con- 
flict which had so great a degree of strain for those who could not accept the 
break with England. Three of the six sons died at a early age; another, 
Samuel, lived until 1776 and another named George died in 1780 near the end 
of the War. 

Joseph Corwin born 21 Nov, 1724 married in Hunterdon County New Jersey, 
Elizabeth the daughter of Joseph Hixon of Amwell. 


About 1774 possibly forseeing a situation in which he would not be willing 
to join the Colonies in a War against England, Joseph Corwin moved from 
Hunterdon County to Allamuchy, a remote spot in northwest New Jersey, now in 
Warren County. In this place he was in a community formed mostly of 
Quakers. Then sometime during the War of the Revolution he and his wife and 
younger children went by some unknown route to Upper Canada where he es- 
tablished a home a short distance from Niagara Falls on the Canadian side. 

Joseph and Elizabeth Hixon Corwin had fourteen children, all of whom were 
born in New Jersey. Unfortunately some of these children were married and 
had settled homes by the time of the move to Canada and so were for various 
reasons left behind. These were Keziah who had married Isaac Reed and 
Amelia who had married Moses Reed both of Orange Co, N. Y. ; Sarah who mar- 
ried Jonah Bell and Mary who married Levi Cook. The children who went with 
their parents were: Naomi who had married Timothy Hixon & who married after 
his death Henry Johnson in Canada; also married in Canada were Esther to John 
Silverthorn; Ann to Adam Spencer, Rachel to Alexander Fletcher and the sons 
Benjamin, Joseph Jr. and Samuel. There were two other sons, Bartholomew 
who was killed by an accident in New Jersey and George who had died early. 

A map of 1791 of the Canadian Niagara Falls region shows that before that 
date Joseph Corwin had received 400 acres of land just west of the River and 
the Falls. Such grants as this were issued by the King's Council only upon 
presentation of proofs that the applicant had given unfailing adherence to the 
King's cause. Smaller portions of land were also granted to sons and daugh- 
ters of such Loyalists under like circumstances. 

To visit in Niagara Falls the place of Joseph Corwin 1 s grant one should 
drive west along Lundy's Lane (a continuation of Ferry St.) to Beaver Dams 
Road. This runs off of Lundy's lane toward the northwest at a point just west 
of Montrose St. Drive then on the Beaverdams Road to its intersection with 
Garner Road. The western boundary of the Corwin grant lies north of this 
corner and Garner Road. In 1791 when the town was called Dorchester, the 
lot numbers of the grant were 86 and 89, Town #2. Later maps, after the town- 
ship name had been changed to Stamford, give these same lots as 99 and 104. 
The spot at the present time would be described as being in the township of 
Stamford, County of Lincoln, Ontario, of which St. Catharines is the county seat. 

A stone house was built by Joseph Corwin on the land he received as a 
Loyalist. In 1940 when we located this place only one portion of the house was 
standing. We were told that not long before a part had burned exposing 
structural timbers of a remarkable size. As originally built the house, it is 
said, had 14 rooms. It was here that in 1805 Joseph died and that his wife 
Elizabeth, living until 1815, saw the place used in 1812 as Officer Headquarters 
during the Lundy's Lane Battle. The house was also used as a meeting place 
early in the century when the Corwin family became members of the Wesleyan 
Methodist Episcopal movement in Canada. 


Joseph Corwin's children, Naomi and Esther settled near this stone house; 
Ann lived on an adjoining lot in the Spencer home at Beechwoods; Samuel 
moved only as far as Beamville and Rachel's first home after marriage was 
at what is now known as Niagara -on -the -Lake. The twins, Joseph and Benja- 
min remained on the home acreage. 

In 1796 Joseph Corwin wrote a will in which the wording reveals that a part 
of his family left behind in New Jersey still remained in his thoughts and heart. 
A sum of "10 pounds New York currency" was set aside for a grandson Joseph 
Corwin "if he become a subject and resedenture of Great Britain". This no 
doubt referred to the grandson Joseph son of Bartholomew, A second will made 
in 1804 was probated at St. Catharines, Ontario in 1805 after his death on May 
25. This will mentions his "wife Elizabeth, sons Samuel, Benjamin and Joseph 
and daughters Naomy, Easter, Rachel and Anny" among whom his "family 
lands" were to be divided equally. 

The story of Joseph Corwin would not be complete without mention of the 
little used privilege bestowed upon all of his descendants through his constancy 
to an ideal. Although he was past the age for active service and so did not 
join troops under the Royal standard, the confiscation of his property by the 
Colonists, convinced the Council and Governor of Upper Canada that he had a 
right to "family lands" which were given only to those recognized as loyal to 
the King. This grant indicated he was one of those included in the following 
decree that was issued by George the Third after the end of the War. 

"Those Loyalists who have adhered to the Unity of the Empire and 
joined the Royal Standard before the Treaty of Separation in the year 
1793 and all their Descendants of either sex are to be distinguished 
by the following Capitals affixed to their names - U.E. -alluding to 
the great principle of the Unity of the Empire" 
George the Third could not see into the future to a time when the unity of the 
empire would be of vital interest to many in various parts of the world who 
had never chanced to hear of the meaning of the letters U. E. However once 
having heard the tale of those who sacrificed their comfort to combine forces 
with their mother land one can understand with what pride many Loyalist 
descendants use these letters. 

Joseph Corwin's children who settled in Canada and some of his grand 


Naomi Corwin born Apr. 1753 died Z Mar. 1825; mar. (1) Timothy Hixon 
who d. 1792 (2) Henry Johnson; ch:/ /Henry Hixon m. Rachel Moore 
& had Timothy, Elizabeth, Mary, John, Jonathan, Margaret, Charles, 
William, Henry, Matilda & Ann Hixon, //Elizabeth Hixon mar. James 
Cooper & had Janette, Daniel, John, James, Timothy & Thomas 
Cooper. //Daniel Hixon unmarried// Levi Hixon mar. Mary Kitchen 
& had Joseph, Pamella, Lydia, William, Nathan and Ezra Hixon // 
Mary Hixon m. John Clough & had John, Peter, James, Levi, David, 
Wm. , Henry, Elizabeth, Margaret, Naomi & Sophia Clough. //Nathan 

Hixon m. Wilkenson & had Timothy, Jacob & William Hixon. // 

John h. Esther Hixon were unmarried. 

Esther Corwin 1764-1852 married John Silverthorn; Ch: // Joseph Silverthorn 
1785-1879 mar, Jane dau. John & Catharine Fletcher Chisholm & had 


Janet Silverthorn. //Aaron Silverthorn m. Mary Custead St had Francis, 
Gordon & Newman Silverthorn/ /Thomas Silverthorn m. M--Anderson & 
had Caroline & Nathan Silverthorn/ /John Silverthorn m. E--Mitchell// 
Sarah Silverthorn m. Jonathan Doan k had Esther, Hannah, Maria, Tamer, 
Rebecca, Sarah Ann St Melissa F. Doan/ /Rebecca Silverthorn m. William 
Chisholm & had George K. , John A. , Robert Kerr, William Mac. , Esther 
Ann, Mary Jane, Rebecca E. Thomas C. , James Bell F, , & Barbara A. 
Chisholm //Elizabeth Silverthorn m. John Terry & had JohnH. , Charles, 
Elizabeth R. , Esther Louisa, Wm. Frederick, Ann & Joseph S, Terry// 
George Silverthorn m. Sarah Austin fit had Mary Ann, Wm. Thomas, 
Esther, John, George, Sarah Jane, Elizabeth, Willis C. Edward C. , 
Caroline R. , Ellen Marie fit Harriet Silverthorn/ /Esther Silverthorn m. 
M--Thomas fit had Chas. Wm. , Esther & Asenath twins, George C, , 
Rebecca, John Alexander fit Robert Murray Thomas. 

Samuel Corwin born 1767 mar. Anna Beam; ch:/ /Elizabeth Corwin m. Robert 
Nixon fit had Charles, William, Dennis, Cyrus, Serien, Mary Ann, Henry & 
Eliza Nixon. //Kezia Corwin m, Rowley Kilborn fit - had John, Samuel, Anna 
fit Augusta Kilborn. //Katharine Corwin m. E--Reyther It had Edgar, Esther 
Ann fit Cyrus Reyther. //Bartholomew Corwin m. Maria Kilborn St had Har- 
mon, Joseph, Anna, Samuel, Dennis, fit Walter S. Corwin. //Susan Corwin 
m. E--Ellsworth St had Esther Ann fit Julia Ellsworth. //Joseph Corwin-no 
data. //Mary Corwin m. H--Kilborn St had Edwin, Angelina, Diadema, Al- 
anson, Emma, Jane fit Sarah E. M. Kilborn. //the children Asenath, Jacob 
fit Prescilla d. early/ /Jane d. unmarried//Sarah Corwin m. Robert Skelly 
fit had son Edgar Robert Skelly. 

Ann Corwin 1770-1861 mar. Adam Spencer son of Robert; ch:/ /Robert Spencer 
m. Mary Killman St had Adam, Benjamin, Mary Ann & Ellen Spencer// 
Elizabeth Spencer m, David Lynch fit had James, William fit Walter Lynch// 
Catharine Spencer m. Jacob Lemon/ /Sarah Spencer m. Nathaniel Willson 
St had Adam, Abigail St Catharine Willson//Joseph Spencer m. Eliza Coe St 
had Hannah Margaret, Ellen, Annie, Martha, James St Joseph Spencer/ /Benj. 
Spencer m. Mary Ware St had James Wm. , Benj. Alex, , Mary Eliza, Esther 
Ann, Emma, Joseph C. , Ella Catlin, Arthur W. , Anne M. , Edward B. T. // 
Abigail Spencer m, J. Vandeburg St had Edward, Eliza, Alfred, Wm. St 
Walter Vandenburg/ /James Spencer m, Sarah Laferty & had Edward, Helen, 
Sophia, Eliza (m. Dr. Large) St Emily Spencer //Alexander Spencer m. C, 
Killman, ch. Louisa//Annie married J. Mathews. 

Joseph Corwin b. 4 Jan. 1775 d. 7 Feb, 1807 mar. Lydia Swayze dau. of Israel; 
she d. 1863 ae 82 yrs, ch://Mary Corwin m. James Willson/ /Abigail Cor- 
win m. Jacob Garner fit had Lydia, Mary Ann, Joseph, Susan, James, 
Anson, Millicent fit Maria Garner //John Corwin m. Catharine Upper St had 
Elizabeth, Jane, Ellen, Lydia, Benjamin F. , James, Martha, Euphemia St 
Walter Scott Corwin// Joseph unmar. 

Benjamin Corwin a twin of Joseph was alive in 1830. He mar. Penelope Swayze, 
a sister of Lydia wife of Joseph, ch: //Elizabeth Corwin m. James Lewis fit 
had Penelope, James fit Zenas Beach Lewis and others who died early. 

Rachel Corwin was born about 1776 the youngest of Joseph's ch. she died about 
1848 aged 72 yrs. ; mar. Alexander Fletcher, St had ch. //John m. Jane 
Hall/ /Jane mar. Joseph Fraser //Drummond Gordon Fletcher m, Elizabeth 
Batten//Archibald m. Rachel Peck//Alexander m. Samantha Parsons// 
Elizabeth rn. Niram Fraser. 

Grandchildren are found in the Fletcher account. 






Layltllt 3r»r,r 

Present Piy H»p 

Niapara falls, Ontario 

loHTun of Lsnd granted 

Joseph Coi-wmSr. 

fefnpire<;,a.ntL joined, #i& 5iou«£ 

S*fwutitu)tiji*i.' tfi«/ xj^a/r 17631 
a*ui .off t&wr Cftifare»v,^uid 

ty JfU- fotfountuj- Capitals 
affixed? to tfair ^vanvei 1 


TH* Unity,of tfit Empire/." 



dap of Township *£ Dorchester 
_ Upper Canada 
- original map nr»de aboJt 
)70| accordinctb vol. IT pace £60 
QnWo^r.SwefypJb, 3 

*— » 

ikt nanus shoo) -early J.»nd Grantees. 

Joseph Corwwt rtttWe<j Lots *fifc 
and-'BJ ip*fmted in 1797) 


Rullt 1800 bj |oseph Corwln, a United Empire Lo; 
the whirlpool Niagara Falls, i::,mi.i.|. 


Cor win References 

History of the Ancient House of Curwen pub. in England 1929 by John F. Curwen 

Curwen Pedigrees 1904 by John F. Curwen. This has pictures of the Corwin 
house in Salem, Mass; one of Captain George Corwin 

Pedigree of Curwen 1856 by G.R. Curwin. This consists of a chart of early 
generations; includes Joseph b. 24 Nov. 1724 

Corwin Genealogy 1872 by E, T. Corwin pp. 18, 78, 134 trace the Corwin 
family down thru Joseph (2 eldest ch. included) 

Early Germans in N. J. 1895 by Theodore F. Chambers page 307 includes be- 
sides early German settlers some not of German descent among them the 
Corwins. Joseph's ch. who remained in N.J. are listed as well as those 
who went to Canada with him. Rachel is given as the 11th child "who mar- 
ried a Fletcher and removed to Canada". The title of the book and the words 
quoted here are evidently basis for later statements that she was of German 
extraction and that she married before coming to Canada; both of course 
being errors. She was born about 1776 the youngest of Joseph's children 
and was too young for marriage when Joseph went to Canada. 

Ontario Historical Society Publications Vol. 26, (1929) page 293 gives an 
account of the Corwin family from its earliest settlement in Saiem down 
through Joseph (1724-1805). An extract from Joseph's original will is 
given; the surnames of his daughter's husbands are listed including that 
of Alexander Fletcher, who married Rachel. 

Ontario Archives 19th Report 1929-31 page 4 shows the record of an order in 
Council dated 13 July 1796 to Joseph Corwin Sr. for 400 acres of family 
lands; on page 133 Samuel Corwin, his son, a grant of 200 acres in 1797; 
on page 34 to Alexander Fletcher in 1796 a town lot in Newark, 

Ontario Hist. Society Pub. Vol 25 page 265 also gives the history of the settle- 
ment of Township #2 Mount Dorchester, Hesse (later called Western) in the 
District of Upper Canada. On page 267 are listed Simcoe's changes of place 
names in 1792, Niagara to Newark; Mt. Dorchester to Stamford; Toronto to 
York; Chippewa to Welland. Some of these at later dates resumed the old 
names. Some did not. On pages 331-38 fit page 260 are maps of Mt. 
Dorchester (1791) & of later date. 

Gedney and Clarke Families 1903 by H, F, Waters page 1 has an account of 
John Gedney of Norwich, England who came to Salem on the "Mary Ann 
of Yarmouth" in 1637. John Gedney had a grant in Salem that year and 
later owned the Ship Tavern, the most important one in town, Bar- 
tholomew Gedney his son was baptized in Salem 1640 and in 1662 married 
Hannah dau. of Wm. & Catharine Clarke. Later Bartholomew was Judge 
of Probate for Sussex Co. , Mass. ; a member of the Court of Assistants, 
Colony fc Province; and was Commander -in -Chief of the County Military 
forces. He died 28 Feb. 1697/8. His dau, Lydia married George Corwin 
grandson of the emigrant Capt. George, and they named their only child 
Bartholomew Corwin. 

N.J. Colonial Documents 1st Series Vol. 23, p. 231 William Hixon's will 
proved 3 Dec. 1722; wife Phoebe; ch: John, Joseph, Benjamin, Presillah; 
also wife's ch: Mathew & Mary Giles. And in Vol. 34 page 246 Joseph 
Hixon's will probated Aug. 1775; wife Margaret; grandson Andrew Hixon; 
sons William & Joseph; daus. Grace Boman, Mary Reed, Margaret Prall 
and Elizabeth Corwine (born about 1731 mar. Joseph Corwine) Hunterdon 
Co. N.J. 


New England Hist. fa Gen. Register Vol. 4 page 301 {John Corwin s. of George 
mar. Margaret Winthrop dau, of John Winthrop Jr.) 

Essex Institute Manuscript (Salem, Mass.) by Geo. R. Corwin {Gives birthdates 
of Bartholomew Corwin' s sons) 

Relations Canada & U.S. by Marcus Hansen 1940 pp. 45-63 (There were 6800 
Loyalists in Canada by 1785) 

Niagara Hist. Society Vol. 22, page 28. Inscriptions from Lundy's Lane grave- 
yard stones: Joseph Corwin d. 25 May 1805 ae 81; Elizabeth his wife d. 
16 Apr. 1815 ae 84; Joseph Corwin Jr. (who was twin of Benj.) d. 1807 aged 
32; Naomi Johnson -- 

Lincoln County, Ont. Surrogate at St. Catharines, Book M, Folio 149 #7889 
Memorial of the Will of Joseph Corwin, Sr. 

Corwin Genealogy; A Chart compiled Aug. 1900 by Walter Scott Corwin, 

Highland, Cal. ; Compiler has a copy from Gordon Winthrop Corwin; shows 
names of many grandch. of Joseph Corwin (see p. 124 this book. Rachel 
Corwin Fletcher's death given as 1851. 

Ontario Archives, Vol. 3. p. CCV "Loyalist sons and daughters were en- 
titled to 200 acres of land--when of age". 

First Century of Methodism in Canada by James Sanderson shows opposite 
p. 110 a picture of the Corwin homestead built about 1800. Permission 
for reproduction of this print was given the compiler {dated 23 March 1956) 
by the Ryerson Press, Toronto; successors to Wm. Briggs the original 
publisher in 1908. 

Spencer Records compiled by Lena Mary Spencer, Carter Hall, Warrenton, Va. 
A copy is also in the hands of Mrs. Edward Spencer of Bronxville, N. Y. 
Extracts from pages 12-18 here given: 

James Spencer son of Adam fa Ann Corwin Spencer mar. Sara- -had ch: 
(1) Edward mar. Janiera de Beau & had 3 ch: James, Emily, Sara (2) Helen 
mar. --Deltor {3) Sophie mar. Alex. Stewart, Toronto & had 3 dau. 
(4) Eliza mar. Dr. Thomas Alfred Large; had dau. Katherine Large 
McGeorge b. in Japan whose dau. Elizabeth McGeorge of Ortanna, Pa. mar. 
Donald Sullivan (5) Emily mar. George Kirby; son Spencer Kirby, War 
Ace Canada service (6) Sara-unmar. 

Benjamin son of Adam & Ann Corwin Spencer mar. Mary Ware; 

10 ch; 6 b. in Canada fa 4 in Iowa (1) James mar. Sally (2) Benj. Alex. 

mar. Frances Annette Fox; dau, Lena Mary Spencer (3) Mary Eliza 
(4) Esther Ann (5) Emma Jane mar. Octavius Hight, ch: Paul & Rachel 
Hight (6) Joseph Corwin Spencer mar. Cora Willey (7) Ella C. mar. 
Horace Mann Cass in ch: Thomas, Mary R, fa Harlan Cassin (8) Arthur 
Ware Spencer (9) Anne Mortimer Spencer mar. Elmer A. Hess ch: 
Frederick, Mary F. fa Arthur Hess (10) Edward Bucham Taylor Spencer 
b. 26 Apr, 1863 mar. Helen Imogene Hathaway, Plattsburg, N. Y. ch: 
John H. born Rome, Italy 1907; Edward H. in Zurich Switz. 1909; Mary H. 
Grinnell, Iowa, 1912; Imogene b. Grinnell 1916. In Rome Edward was pres- 
ident of Methodist College; in Iowa professor of Greek. 

Letter - Zenas Lewis to J. W, Fletcher of Detroit (undated-copy in papers of 

Marion Howell) Extracted:" I was born May 6, 1833 - 6 years before you 

My mother (Elizabeth Corwin dau. of Benj. fa Penelope) mar, James Lewis; 
she died when I was 2 yrs, old; my father d. 24 yrs. ago aged 80 on the farm 
where born; they had 10 ch. - only 2 lived to marry: my sister who mar. 
Isaac Brook Henry {8 ch. ) and I who mar. 1857 Ellen Palmer; ch: 
(2 of 3 alive) Florence Ella Belle who mar. Dr. Bright, Knoxville, Tenn. fa 
James Norman Lewis age 29 in Cincinnati. 

Your grandmother (Rachel Corwin Fletcher) was next younger than 
grandpa (Benj. Corwin b. about 1775--) 


Conn or ^Fi etc her~Corwin~ WinHi top 
John Fletcher 'Robert HaMb t^pt.^eoroetorm JohrM/infhropSc 

* m L . _ f^ * ■»_ M r t . _* ** L. i H t m _ _ 

firchib&li Fletcher 
M" flicker 

of tnverdrtn 


ddv.of John 

% frnn 

Robtttnxfob $ f 

</9*ef? ) \ 

Creoroe Comtt 

Jj/jn WmMrap Jr. 
2, /^e^e - -• 

*/J»ftn^ _ „ . fl t Joseph HjW* 

W* f fc fitter ft* j^r 

Joseph Carotin % Sh'itheih H('*on J 


— — Alexander Fletcher n^$ 

\ % R&thel Corwm 

firchi'bsld Fletcher /aoo 

t % Rachel Peck 
^ — — — "^ 
Htnry Howe. Connor & Mth'am Ffttckcr 
C 1934 

Chester £. Howell & mrton R.E.Connor 

John Wmthrop jrom £ngl$hd to Massachusetts U30 
Cs.ft G-eotfe Cor win from j£nc>kf\a f to Snfem th t^S 
John fczdney frvrn Jrngfohcftb Salem, t^sss, t$ US? 



The Winthrops, it is said, adopted the name of a village called Winthrope 
in Nottinghamshire, near Newark. However the earliest record of the name 
seems to be of an Adam Winthrop who was living in 1498 at Lavenham, Suffolk. 

His son, Adam II, was born 9 Oct. 1498 and died 9 Nov. 1562. He was a 
wealthy London merchant and eventually owned the Manor of Lavenham at 
Groton. In 1544 he was Master of the Influential Company of Cloakmakers. 
His first wife was Alice Henry and his second Agnes Sharpe. There were 13 
children some of whom died in infancy. The others: 

William who was a Reformation supporter 

John who went to Ireland 

Adam the heir who lived at Groton Manor, County Essex 

Alice who married Sir Thomas Mildway and whose son was sir Henry 
Mildway of Graces, Essex, a soldier. 

Bridget married Roger Alabaster, Hadleigh, Suffolk another daughter 

who married Dr, John Cotts 

Adam Winthrop III was born in London 10 August 1548 and died at Groton 
Manor 28 March 1623. He was a barrister and a Magistrate of the County; was 
married twice, first to Alice, a sister of Dr. John Stille, Bishop of Bath, 
second to Anna daughter of Henry Brown of Edwarstone, It was a daughter of 
Adam Winthrop III who married Emanuel Downing and became the mother in 
1623 at Dublin of Sir George Downing the diplomat for whom Downing Street in 
London was named. 

John Winthrop only son of Adam Winthrop III was born in Edwardstone near 
Groton, England 12 Jan. 1587. He died in Boston, Mass. in 1649. In England 
he was a barrister who with other Puritans obtained the charter for settlement 
on a land grant from Charles I of England. He was elected before sailing on 
the "Arabella" with some ten other ship-loads of people to be the first 
Governor of the Massachusetts Bay Colony. He married four times; his first 
wife was Mary, heiress of John Forth of Great Stambridge, County Essex; 
second he married Thomasine, the daughter of William Clopton of Castlings 
near Groton; third, Margaret daughter of Sir John Tyndall of Maplestead, 
Essex and fourth Martha daughter of Capt. Wm. Rainsborough, R.N. and 
widow of Thos. Cotymore. He had several children by his first and third 
wives. His eldest son was John. His fourth son Stephen returned to England 
to live. His fifth son Adam had several sons but the line is now considered 

John Winthrop Sr, 1587-1649 was not only Governor of the Massachusetts 
Bay Colony from 1630 until 1634 being elected year by year but was also in this 
office from 163 7 until his death. He was influential in the organization of a con- 
federation of the New England Colonies in 1645 and was the first president of the 
Confederation. His tomb is in King's Chapel Churchyard at Boston. Although a 
Puritan he remained in the Church of England, 

John Winthrop Jr. was born 12 Feb. 1 61 6 at Groton, England and died 5 Apr. 
1676. He was educated at Trinity and was considered one of the most accom- 
plished scholars of his time; was a member of the Royal Society and admitted to 
the bar of the Inner Temple, London. Coming to America 1631 as leader of a 


group with a charter for land settlement at Ipswich, Mass. , in 1635 he was 
commissioned Governor of a new plantation in Connecticut for a year and then 
returned to England. However he later came back and made Connecticut his 
permanent home; was made Governor in 1657 and then from 1659 until 1676, 
obtaining for the Colony during the latter years a more liberal charter. By 
grant and purchase he obtained for himself several large tracts of land in 
Connecticut and New York, living when possible at Winthrop's Cove, New 
London. Fisher's Island in the Sound opposite New London was part of his 
original grant and remained in his family descendants until 1862, 

John Winthrop Jr. 160 6-1676 married first his cousin, Martha Jones. 
After her death he married Elizabeth daughter of Edward Reade of Wickford, 
Essex who was a step daughter of the Hugh Peters who was one of the so- 
called Regicides (he was Chaplain of the Parliamentary forces in England; 
in 1660 after the Restoration he was executed as an accomplice in the death 
of King Charles I). John and Elizabeth Reade Winthrop's children: 
Elizabeth mar. a son of Gov. John Endicott of Massachusetts 
Lucy married Edward Palmus of New London 
Martha married Richard Wharton of Boston 
Anne married John Richards of Boston 

John (Fitz John) 1638-1707 was educated at Harvard; was a military officer 
in the Parliamentary army in England in 1660 and later commander of 
the Connecticut troops; was the Governor, Colony of Conn. 1698-1707, 
He had one daughter and no sons, 
Waite 1642-1717 married and had children; among them: 
John 1681-1747 who died in England; had .i son; 

John born in Boston 1720 died in New London 1776; 
was educated at Yale; had children: 
John, only surviving son whose sons were: 

Francis Bayard Winthrop of New London fo New York 
Joseph Winthrop of New London & Charleston, S. C. 
Benjamin Winthrop b. New London d, in England 
1832 mar. Sarah Dover dau, of Theodore 
Margaret Winthrop b. 1647 at New London married there 1665 

John Corwin of Salem, Mass. she d. 28 Sept. 1697. Their family 
records are under the Corwin account. 

John Winthrop's Journal 2 Vol. ed. by J. K. Hosmer 1908 
Winthrop & Corwin Ancestry from the Records of Joseph Winthrop and search 

in England by Lena Mary Spencer {manuscript in possession of Edward 

Spencer, Bronxville, N. Y. ) 
Life and Letters of John Winthrop by Robert Winthrop 
The Lion and The Hare (named from Winthrop heraldric device) 

A genealogy in charts of the Descendants of John Winthrop by Ellery Taylor, 

Haddonfield, N.J. (photostat of the chart of Winthrop-Corwin-Fletcher line 

is in the possession of the compiler 1940) 
The Winthrop Woman by Ana Seton, historical novel, ends its account before 

the birth of Margaret dau. of John Winthrop, Jr. 



John fkfth t r 'Robert flit Mb t*pt, (ko($e torn/in JohrM/Mrop Sc 

?E C/an 

J * — 

flrchibdld Fletcher 

3m chitf u ' 6 
* — •' 

John f /etcher 


r * 


San oj 2Ct 
£ /*nn 
</** if Sir John ( , n 
* John Cormitn 


r i, w 


(rtoroe Corwir 

Mhty y. (kdney 


" Cnrr. ft%ss- Colony 

y Mary Forth 


Jthn WMrsp<Jr> 

(toy, Ct>r\n<(ohft]/ 

h BfittbeHi 
Rii4e dav.o] mn 

Willi's* Hrxotf 

Archibatd FittchtrJ 

^Hambk ., ' /» / Joseph tfiYO* 

"^ (• taker Burf ,&£& 

Uojeph Cor win % £it2%heih Htxon J 

Aleysnder Fletcher t-j(>$ ^ 

] & Rschel Cofwtn 

firchi'hztd Fletcher f9oo 

t 3. Rachel Peck 

tftnry #0wd Connor & Mih'sm Flettkcr 
C /?34 

Chester £. Howell & tier/on f?.B.Conno 

John Wtnthrop Jrom £ngiand tb Massachusetts /t>30 
C&ffr George Corw'm jrom £nc>lbt\d to Js/em Fh /&38 
John G-tdneu -from Jthgfohd ' *fa Salem, Mass, m ^37 


Adams Abraham 22, 28 

Deborah 22, 28 

Sarah 5 

Clarissa 43 
Alabaster Roger 128 
Albert Johann 61 
Alberts Barbara J. 112 

Janet C. 112 

Linda L. 112 

Rae Jaquelin 112 

Raymond J. 112 
Alden Mary 28 
Alexander Aaron 7 

Charles 7 

Charlotte 7 

Eliza Ann 7 

Fannie d. of Geo. 7 

Fannie d. of Robt. 7 

George L. 7 

Hannah 7 

Isaac 7 

Jeremiah 7 

John 7 

Joseph 7 

Louise 7 

Lucinda H. 19 

Olive 7 

Rachel 7 

Robert Sr. 6, 7 

Robert Jr. 7 

Sally Ann 7 

Vira 7 
Alger Sarah J. 86 
Allen Emerson 9 

Mary 16, 19,20 
Allenworth Mary 79, 81 
Aller Amasa 42, 45 

Emeline 42 

Hannah M. 42,45 

Henry M. 42, 45 

Margaret 42, 43 

Samuel 42,43,45 

William H. 42 
Allington Jacob {Rev. ) 92 

Miami 92 
Alsabrook Elizabeth 17 
Amy -- m. Sarah Rhodes 69 

Mary (Mate) 69 
Anderson Bertha 15 

Anderson (Cont'd) 

David T. 109 

Donald D. 75 

Donald L. 109 

Errol 75 

J. Elmo 109 

M 124 

Andre John 52 
Antell Edward J. 9 

Henrik 9 

Jean 10 

Nancy 10 

Patricia 9 

Ralph E. 9 

Richard H. 9 

Robert H. 10 

Ruth 9 

Sarah C. 10 

Stephen 9 

Tristan H. 10 

William H. 10 
Applegate William 66 
Arbour Sarah 66 
Armington Ellen 78, 80 
Armstrong? Mary A. 26 
Arnold Benedict case 52 

Isabel 14 

Rata 111 

Stanley 1 1 1 
Atlas (Scotland) 117, 119 
Atwood Benj. 26, 92 

Milla 26 

T. Lany 43 
Austin Robert E. 15 

Sarah 124 
Ayer Mary T, 66 
Ayles worth David 113 

D.F. 113 

Eleanor 1 13 

Gertrude 113 

Melba 113 

Babcock --m. Eunice Fish 72 

Ross 26 
Bacon --m. Matilda Speedy 84 
Bailey F. W. historian 19,49 

Mary 4 
Bain Robert historian 119 
Baird (also spelled Beard) 

Emily 66 

Baker Elijah 43 

Hannah 92 

Prudence 26 

Samuel 4 

Sarah 43 

Thankful 25 
Baldwin Charlotte L. 33 

Martha M. 33 

Mary E. 33 

Miles C. 32, 33,35 

Morgan J. 33, 35 

Robert C. 33 

Thos. Burt 33 

Vine 32, 33, 36 

Vine H. 33 
Ballard Andrew 8 

Henry 44 

Phoebe 44 
Ballou (Burlew) 

Phineas 42 

Sarah 42 
Bancroft Elizabeth 8 

Rolandus 8 
Banker Eliza 43 
Barber Abbott 10, 13, 45 

Adalaski 10 
Barrett Clara 93 
Barton (Burton) Sarah 79 
Bates m. J. Holbert 5 

John m. Phebe A, Howell 5 
Batten Eliza 108, 113 

William 113 
Bayles Richard (history) 19 
Beal Cynthia 74 
Beam Anna 124 
Beard (Baird) Emily 66 
Beardslee Beth Mae 69 

Carol K, 69 

Cherie 69 

Diana 69 

William 69 
Beard sley John 37 

Sybil 31,37 
Beck Christiana 65 

Johann Jacob 65 

Lillian 14 
Beckwith A. C. (genealogy) 50 
Beers Pub. Co. 58 
Belden Abigail 36 

Daniel 30,36 

Belden (Continued) 

Daniel 36 

Elizabeth 36 

Hester 36 

John (b. 1650) 36 

John (b. 1693} 36 

Mary (b, 1652) 36 

Mary (b. 1677) 36 

Nathaniel (b. 1654) 36 

Nathaniel (b. 1676) 36 

Richard 36 

Samuel (b, 1647) 36 

Samuel (b. 1687} 36 

Sarah 30, 31, 36, 37 

Susan 36 

Thankful 36 

William, emigrant 36 

William (b. 1671) 36 
Bell Abigail 113 

Jonah 122 

Julia 42 
Benedict Susie 99 
Benjamin 23, 25 

Julia Ann 37 
Bennett Abraham {b. 1715c) 22, 28, 52 

Abraham (b. 1742c) 22, 23, 28, 52 

Abraham (b. 1778) 22, 23, 24, 28, 32 


Abraham W.H. (b. 1842)22,24 

Abram (s, of Atlas) 24 

Abram (b. 1850) 24 

Abram (s. of Benj.) 28 

Abram (s. of Jacob) 26 

Adelia 26 

Adeline 26 

Agnes 24 

Albina 27 

Alkali 27 

Amanda 26 

Andrew J. 27 

Asenath (d. of Benj. ) 26 

Asenath (d. of Jacob) 26 

Atlas (s, of Telman) 24 

Atlas Bithon 23, 24 

Atlas (b. 1832) 24 

Benjamin (s. of Abrm. ) 23, 27 

Benjamin B. 26 

Bithon see Atlas B. 23 

m. Clara Gridley 24 

m. E. Hopper (error) 56 

Bennett (Continued) 

Betsey (d. of Dan. N. ) 27 

Betsey (d. of Jacob) 26 

Burt 27 

Burton (b. 1839) 24 

Cariue 28 

Charles see Dares C. 23 

Charles (s. of Nelson) 24 

Chester 27 

Clarinda 27 

Comfort (b, 1781) 23, 24, 27, 28, 94 

Comfort (s. of Jacob) 26 

Comfort (s. of John) 26 

Corbett 24 

Daniel (b. 1793) 22, 23, 27, 28 

Daniel (s. of Jacob) 26 

Daniel R. 27 

Dares C. 23, 24, 28 

David 26 

Deborah (d. of Abrm. ) 23 

Deborah (d, of Jacob) 26 

Deborah (d. of John) 26 

Edward N. 28 

Elias 26 

Elizabeth 24 

Erne line 28 

Ermina 28 

Erva 27 

Esther 24 

Eunice (Unez) 53 

Fay 27 

Fidelia 27 

Floyd S. 93 

George s. of Comfort 27 

George s. of Dan. N. 27 

George s. of Morris 24 

Hannah 52,90,91.94 

Hannah d. of John 26 

Harrison see Ab, W.H. 22 

Harvey 26 

Hattie 24 

Helen 28 

Helen L, 26 

Henry (b. 1835) 24 

Henry M. 24 

Horace s. of Comfort 27 

Horace s. of Philip 28 

Ida d. of Abr. W.H. 24 

Ida d. of Atlas 24 

Ira 28 

Isaac 26 

Bennett (Continued) 
Jacob 23,25,26,28 
Jacob 26 

James, emigrant 22, 28 
James s. of Thomas 22, 28 
Jeffrey 24 
Jeremiah 26 
Jerusha d, of John 26 
Jerusha d. of Jacob 26 
Jerusha d. of Abrm. 23 
John son of Abr. 23, 26, 28, 92 
John s. of Comfort 27 
John s. of Edward N. 28 
John W.D. F. 26 
Josiah 26 
Julia J. 26 

Justice (church memb. ) 53 
Levi 24 

Lewis 26; Lewis R. 27 
Linnie F. 93 
Lizzie 24 
Lodaski 27 

Lorinda 23, 24, 25, 68, 72 
Lydia R, 26 
Mandeville 24 
Margaret (ch. member) 53 
Margaret d, of Dares 24 
Margaret d. of Nelson 24 
Maria d. of Jacob 26 
Maria d. of Dares 24 
Mar ilia 27 

Mary d. of Benj. 26,27 
Mary d. of Comfort 27 
Mary (ch. member) 53 
Mary Elizabeth 24 
Mary L. 93 
Mensie 24 
Miles 27 
Miles C. 26 
Minier 24 
Morgan 24 
Morris (b. 1833) 24 
Morris s. of Telman 24 
Morris s. of Comfort 27 
Morris D. 93 
Myron 24 

Nancy (ch. member) 53 
Nancy d. of Abrm. 10, 23, 92 
Nancy d. of Atlas B. 24 
Nancy d. of Comfort 27 
Nancy d. of Jacob 26 


Bennett (Continued) 

Nancy Goff widow 23, 24 
(2nd wf. of Abrm. ) 

Nellie d. of Abrm. W.H. 24 

Nellie d. of Morris 24 

Nelson W. 22,24 

Nestor see Telman N. 23 

Omar F. 26 

Oscar (b. 1845) 24 

Oscar s. of Atlas 24 

Oscar s. of Morris 24 

Oscar F, 26 

Pantha 23, 24, 25 

Peggy d. of Abrm. 24,25 

Peggy Burt wf. of Abrm. 23,28 

Philip s. of Benj. 28 

Philip s. of Jacob 26 

Polly d. of Abrm. 23 

Rhoda 23 

S. B, (genealogy) 57 

Sabrina d, of Abrm. 23, 25 

Sabrina d. of Atlas 24 

Sally Rockwell wf. of John 23, 26 

Sally d. of Comfort 27 

Telina 23, 24, 68 

Telina (b. 1847) 24 

Telman s. of Atlas 24 

Telman s, of Atlas B. 24 

Telman N. 23, 24 

Thaddeus (ch. member) 53 

Thomas s. of James 22, 28 

Thomas son of John 26 

Willard M. 93 

William H.H. see Abrm. W.H.H. 23 

Wright (see Nelson W.) 23 

Unez (ch. member) 53 
Benson Solomon 85 
Bentley Diana (ch. member) 53 

Elisha 57 

Ezekial 57 

George 57 

Green M. Sr. 57 

Green M. Jr. 54, 56, 57 

James 57 

William 57 
Bergen Belden 43 

Emily M. 42, 43 
Berry Emily Minier 88 

Emily M. 73 

Helen M. 73 

Berry (Continued) 

Lucien G. 72 

Lucien S. S. 73 

Lucy F. 73 

Marilla M. 73 

Olive E. 73 

Samuel 72 

W.H. 43 
Bertrand ? Hannah 46 
Best Alfred 109 

Lome W. 109 

Maud Fletcher 108, 119 
Bevan Dr. Gerald 111 

Jonathan & Jeremy 111 
Be vie r --m. Polly Comfort 56 
Bickford Edith 1 14 
Bingham Adeline (records) 36 
Bird Benjamin 45 

Halsey 76 

Polly 45 
Bishop Helen 107, 117 

John (ch. elder) 53 

Mary Elizabeth 1 1 

Peter II 

Robert 11 
Blackburn Mrs. 5 
Blain Anna 31, 35, 37 

Elizabeth 37 

Jane 37 

John 37 

Margaret 37 

Nathaniel 37 

Samuel 37 

Thomas, emigrant 31,37 

Thomas s. of John 37 

William s . of John 37 

William s. of Thomas 37 
Blanchard Harold 11 
Boardman Ann M. 13 

John Harold 13 

Marsha Ann 13 

N. Harold 13 

Richard R. 13 

Robert E. 13 
Boatright F. B. 86 
Bodle Elmer 45 
Bogart Aeltje 54 

Elsie 58 
Boman-- m. Grace Hixon 125 
Bond Albert 44 


Bond (Continued) 

Anna 44 

Clarence 44 

Dr. Franklin 44 

Joseph 44 

Mary 44 

Dr. Theron 44 

Theron Jr. 44 
Booth Charles 16 
Bossert Heinrich (sponsor) 65 

John Heinrich (sponsor) 65 
Bostwick--m. Dorcas Rockwell 90 
Boughton Jas. (genealogy) 94 
Bourgeois Dolphis 10,93 

Evelyn 10, 93 

Gladys 10,93 
Bovier Adam (ch. member) 53 

see Bevier 
Bow Alexander 46 

m. John Everts 46 

Bowman Martha 100 

see Boman 125 
Bower Ann 10, 93 

Marian Dodge 43 
Boyce Catharine Minier 83, 88 

James 83 

Susan 83 
Brace Edmund 26 
Bradford Gov. 47 

Melitia 47 
Brainard Homer W. (genealogy) 94 
Braisted Daniel L. 27 

Orlando 27 
Braithwaite George 113 

Gordon 113 

Margaret 1 13 

Wesley L, 113 
Breed Alan D. 70 

Arthur 70, 71 

Belle (Lilie Belle) 70 

Eben T. 70 

Ebenezer 70 

Hannah (records) 23, 28, 35, 65, 87 

Hattie Telina 70 

Ida M. 70 

Monroe (James M, ) 70 

Monroe T. 70 

Paul 70 

Paul s. of Arthur 70 

Paul H. 70 

Breese Elias (Brees) 23 

Mary 92 

Silas 23 
Brewster see Bruster 
Brink Matilda 77, 79 
Brokaw Abraham 78 

Sarah 78 
Brong Polly 66, 75 
Brooks Rev. CD. 78 

David 7 

Ebenezer 36 

Joseph 77 
Browen (Brown) 11 
Brown Ann 73 

Anna 128 

Blanche 15 

m. Esther Rockwell 90 

Chas. H. 114 

Delilah 7 

Edna 93 

Edward 11 

Emily 73 

Henry 128 

James 1 14 

Nancy Ann 7 

Nellie 109 

Rachel 76, 77 

Ruth 10 

Thomas W. (Col.) 73 

Thomas W. Jr. 73 

Clark 8 

Melvina 8 

Nathaniel 8 
Buck children 32 

Elijah 35 

William 35, 53 
Buckbee Alan son 9 

Charles 9 

Eli 9 

Elvin 9 

Harry 9 

John 9 

Robert 9 

S. Palmer 9 
Buckminster L. (genealogy) 50 
Budd Joseph 16 
Buel Hepsibah widow 36 
Bull Margaret 44 
Bumstead John V, 73 

Burch Lillie 76, 77 

Robert 77 
Burin Juanita 73 
Burlew see Burlieu h. Ballou 

Phineas 42 

Sarah J. 42 
Burlingame Eliza 85 
Burlison Elmira 28 
Burnett Blanche M. 11 

Chester 11 

Eona 11 

Gladys 11 

Helen 11, 19 

Henry 1 1 

Mildred 11 

Ralph 1 1 

Robert 1 1 
Burnham Alice M. 77 

George S. 77 

Perrin 77 

Rachel 77 

Roderick (genealogy) 35 

Theodore M. 77 
Burnside Andrew 77 
Bur we 11 Anna 72 
Burr George 45 

George s. of Lewis 45 

Gladys 45 

Lewis 45 
Burt Anna 32, 33,35 

Benjamin {b. 1680)30,31,35 


Benjamin {b. 1707)31,35,37 

Benjamin (b. 1749)31,35,36 

Benjamin (of Potter Co. ) 36 

Betsey (Elizabeth) 33, 34, 35 

Christopher 30 

Daniel 31 

David (b. 1632) 30,36 

David Jr. 30 

David (1760) 31,36 

David (b. 1786) 31 

Hathorn 32, 34, 35 

Henry emigrant 30, 35 

Isabel 31 

John 30 

John W. 34 

Julia Ann 34 

Elizabeth (Betsey) 32 

Ella 34 

Burt (Continued) 

Esther 121 

Evangeline 34 

Lucy 34 

Mary 48 

Morris A, 34, 36 

Peggy 22, 23, 24, 32, 33, 35 

Polly 34 

Sally 32, 33, 35 

Sarah 77,78 

Seaborn 30 

Thomas 23,31,32,34,35,37,52 

Thomas Jr. 32, 34, 35 

Urial 34, 36 
Burton Sarah 77, 79 (Barton?) 
Burtt Alice 85 

David L. 85 

Hugh T. 85 

John J. 85 
Butcher Alfred 10 
Byrd Betty 72 

Campbell Ann 105, 106, 118 

Clan Campbell 115 

Duncan 1 1 6 

Flora N. 85 

Florence 105 

John (Sir John) 118 

Margaret 1 13 

Nellie 100 
Canfield Abigail 90, 94 

Ma the w 94 

Samuel 90, 94 
Carder --m. Marcella Fraser 114 
Carl Edwin 79 
Carpenter Clara 67 

Lydia 84, 86 

Martha 25 
Carr Elizabeth 10 

Le Grande 93 
Carruthers --m. S. P. Buckbee 9 
Car s we 11 Sarah 109 
Case J. W. (history) 19 
Cash Reuben 4 

Caswell --m. Minnie Fletcher 109 
Chadwick Carol 15 

Robert 15 
Chambers Theo. (genealogy) 106, 125 
Chandler Phoebe 13,20 


Chaphe Allen B. 25 

Charles 25 

Nannie 25 

Robert 25 

Wm. Henry 25 
Chapman Alice 9 

Anna Belle 9 

Anne 10 

Bert O. 8, 10, 20 

Charles 9 

Clara 9 

Crete d. of Seeley 8, 10 

Crete d. of Wilbur 10 

Edgar {Henry E.) 8 

Edgar s. of Wilson 10 

Edward C. 9 

Eldon S. 10 

Elihu 6,8,9,20,93 

Elizabeth Jean 10 

Ethel 10,93 

George 9, 10,93 

Glen 10,93 

Hannah 9 

Harriet M. 9 

Harry 8 

Henrietta 9, 10, 13 

Henry Edgar 8, 10 

Herbert O. 9 

Isaac 10, 93 

Judson 9 

Louise 9 

Mary A, 8, 10 

Orrin s. of Elihu 9 

Orrin s, of Charles 9 

Phoebe 9 

Ralph 10 

Samuel 9, 20 

Samuel s. of Elihu 9, 13, 45 

Seeley Perry 8, 9, 10, 20 

Seeley s. of H. Edgar 10 

Wilbur 8, 10 

William 10 

Wilson 10 

Wilson K. 10 
Chase Abner 46 

Anna E, 46 

George S. 46 

Leonidas H. 43 

Winifred 43 
Chastey Emma 113 

Chatfield Jane 5 
CheeBeborough G. I. 113 
Cheney Margaret 48 

Owen 7 

William 48 
Childs Andrew R. 15 

Herbert C. 15 

Herbert Jr. 15 

Karen C. 15 

Nancy R. A. 15 

Rebecca H. 15 

Sarah H. 15 
Chisholm Barbara A. 124 

Esther Ann 124 

George K, 124 

James B. F. 124 

Jane 107, 123 

Janet 107, 124 

John 107, 117, 123 

John Jr. 107 

John A. 124 

Mary J. 124 

Rebecca E. 124 

Robert K. 124 

Thomas C. 124 

William s. of John 107 

William 124 

William Mac. 124 
Christie John (history) 119 
Churchill --m. Vincent Meigs 48 

Elisha 57 

Esther 57 

G.A. (genealogy) 56 

John 57 

Olive 57 

Ruth 57 

William H. 57 

William T. 57 
Clark --m. Sarah A. Minier 82 

Hannah 125 (Clarke) 

Helen 79 

Jane 26 

Jannette 45 

John 17 

Joshua V.H, (history) 54 

Miss -- (school) 14 

Newman 112 

Samuel 45 

Sarah Cora 81 

William 125 


Clausen Marion 9 

Rebecca 4 
Cleveland Chas. Cook 42 
Clifton see Jessie Harback 73 
Clopton Thomasine 128 
Clough David 123 

Elizabeth 123 

Henry 123 

James 123 

John Jr. 123 

John 123 

Levi 123 

Margaret 123 

Naomi 123 

Peter 123 

Sophia 123 

William 123 
Clust Luther 11 
Coates Catharine 8, 10 
Cochran Carrie 67 
Coe Eliza E. 124 
Colbraith Charles 110, 112 
Cole Gladys 10 

David (history) 58 
Coleman Chas. (history) 19 

Frances 92 
Collin Alice M. 14 

David H. 14 

Elaine B. 14 

Henry B. 14 

Henry B. Jr. 14 

Paul H. 14 
Collins Charles 111 

Mary J. 10 
ColwellA.B. (history) 19 
Comfort Charity 56 

Edward 56 

Elizabeth 54, 56 

Harriet 77 

J. (deed) 94 

Jacob 56 

Moses 56 

Polly 56 

Richard 56 

Thomas 56 
Conkleyne (Conklin) 20 
Conklin Ananias 18 

Benjamin 17 

Bethia 16, 17, 18 

Elizabeth 17 

Conklin (Continued) 

Ira B, (genealogy) 20 

Isaac 17 

Jacob 17 

Johnb. 1603; 17, 18, 19,20 

John Jr. 17 

Joseph 16 

Joseph s. of John 17 

Timothy 17 
Connor Barbara G. 99 

Charles A. 97,98,99,101,111 

Cora Margaret 98 

Don S. 99 

Edward B. 97,98, 100, 111 

Edward B. Jr, 100 

Elizabeth d. of Henry 97, 101, 111 

Elizabeth d. of Edward 100 

Edus R. 100 

Fletcher 97,98, 100, 101, 111 

Gary F. 100 

Georgia S. (records) 101 

Grace 99 

Frank Elmer 99 

Frederick 97, 98, 99, 101, 111 

Henrietta 97, 98, 101, 111 

Henry 101 

Henry Howe 14,97,98, 101, 
/110, 111 

Janet E. 100 

Joanne 99 

Kirke 99 

Lily see Marion R. E. 

Madge & Maggie see Margaret 

Margaret 97, 98, 99, 101, 111 

Marion R. E. 14,97,98,101,111 

Nellie Blythe 99 

Susan Jane 99 

Thomas 97,98,99, 101, 111 

Welcome (Wm. ) 98 

William see Welcome 

William Henry 98,97, 101, 111 
Cook Aaron 34, 35 

Eunice 32, 34 

Levi 122 ; Lucy 34 

Watson 77 
Coolbaugh Clare 15 
Cooley Polly 5 
Coon Marguerite 11 
Cooper (Cuyper, Kuyper) 

Aeltje 52, 54, 58 


Cooper (Kuyper) Continued 

Altgen 58 

Cornells (Captain) 54,55,58 

Daniel 123 

Derick (Dirck) 58 

Janette 123 

George (deed) 35 

Gysbert 58 

Hendrick 58 

James 123 

James Jr. 123 

Johannes 58 

John (Major) 76 

John s. of James 123 

Lamburtus (sponsor) 54 

Maretje 58 

Polly A. 75 

Susan 76 

Theunis 58 

Thomas 123 

Timothy 123 
Copper Susan I. 100 
Corbin David 81 
Corwin Abigail d. of Capt. Geo. 121 

Abigail d. of Joseph Jr. 124 

Amelia 122 

Ann 122, 123, 124 

Anna 124 

Asenath 124 

Bartholomew s. of Geo. 121, 125 

Bartholomew s. of Joseph 122 

Bartholomew 124 

Benjamin 122, 123, 124 

Benjamin F. 124 

Dennis 124 

Elizabeth d. of Benj. 124 

Elizabeth d. of John 124 

Elizabeth d. of Sam. 124 

Ellen 124 

Esther 122, 123, 124 

Euphemia 124 

G. R. (genealogy) 125 

George (Capt. ) 121, 125 

George b. 1665; 121 

George s. of Barth. 121 

George a. of Joseph 122 

Gordon W. 126 

Hannah 121 

Harmon 124 

Jacob 124 

Corwin (continued) 
James 124 
Jane d. of John 124 

Jane d. of Samuel 124 

Jonathan 121 

John s. of Capt. Geo. 121, 129 

John s. of Joseph Jr. 124 

Joseph (b. 1724) 108a, 115, 121, 
/122, 123, 124, 125 

Joseph Jr. 122,123,124,126 

Joseph s. of Jos. Jr. 124 

Joseph s. of Samuel 124 

Joseph s. of Barth. of N.J. 123 

Joseph s. of Barth. of Canada 124 

Katherine 124 

Keziah d. of Joseph 122 

Keziah d. of Samuel 124 

Lydia 124 

Martha 124 

Mary d. of Joseph 122 

Mary d. of Joseph jr. 124 

Mary d. of Samuel 124 

Naomi 122, 123, 126 

Penelope 121 

Priscilla 124 

Rachel 108, 108a, 115, 122, 123, 
/124, 125, 126 

Samuel s, of Barth . of N.J. 121 

Samuel s. of Joseph 122, 123, 124, 


Samuel s. of Barth. of Can. 124 

Sarah d. of Joseph 122 

Sarah d. of Samuel 124 

Susan 124 

Susanna 121 

Walter S. 124 

Walter Scott 124, 126 
Coryell --m. Esther Scofield 92 
Corzette James 73 
Cotens Arthur 12 
Cotts Dr. John 128 
Coulter John 67 

Stephen 67 
Covert Ida (records) 19 

John 1 1 

John Jr. 11 

Manley 9 

Milton Dr. 11 
Cramer Grace 84 
Crandall --m. Winifred Martin 75 

Crane David M. 69 

Edgar 69 

Edwina R. 69 

George 69 

Gerald 69 

Virginia 69 
Craven Chas. (history) 19 
Creed Elizabeth 37 

William 37 
Crepin May 80 
Croll P. C. (history} 86 
Cronin Abigail 114 
Cuddaback Ella 67 
Culver Josie 27 
Cummings G, 113 

Thos. Edward 113 

John Gordon 113 
Cunningham Helen 10 

John 10 
Cur wen see Cor win 

John F. (genealogy) 125 
Custead Mary 124 
Cuyper see Cooper 58 

Dagan Mary 69 
Dammon Arthur 86 

Franklin 86 

Franklin Jr. 86 

Robert T. 86 
Daniel Laura Ada N. 99 
Darch Albert 111 

Bertha 111 

David 111 

Eston 111 

Harold 111 

Hershel 111 

Leonard 111 
Darrow Zadock 17 
Dart Robert 14 

Susan A. 14 
Davenport Margaret 69 
Davey Lucy 68,71 

William 71 
Davis --m. Jessie Harback 73 

Frederick K. 74,87 

Judith 78 

Wm. Watts (Capt. ) 74 
Day Sherman (history) 87 

Deane Florence 98 
Deatrick Jacob 64 
Decker Mary Belle 77 
De Guerre Mildred 113 
Delaney Harvey M. 26 
De Long Beulah 10 
Demerest John 5 

Mimi 5 

Peter 5 
De Mond -- (history) 117 
Dempsey Charles 44 

Jean 44 

John 44 

Robert N. 44 
Dennison G. (history) 37 
De Pencier A, H. 109 
Dickerson Francis 44 

Mary A. 44 
Diekelman Anna 44 
Diffenderffer F. R. (history) 86 
Dike Albert E. 112 

Alvin Fred. 112 

Anna J . 112 

Edna 112 

Mary Eva 112 

Naomi 1 12 

Nellie May 112 

Vera P. 112 

Viola 112 
Dilling Vera 107 
Dingier Margaret 69 
Dinsmore Amanda 15 
Dixon Amanda 78 
Doan Jonathan 124 

Esther 124 

Hannah 124 

Maria 124 

Melissa F, 124 

Rebecca 124 

Sarah A, 124 

Tamer 124 
Dole by Clarissa 23, 27 

Delavan 27 
Dolly Clarissa 28 
Dolson Charles b. 1815; 74 

Charles b. 1849; 74 

Christina 74 

David H. 74 

Elizabeth 74 

Helen 75 


Dolson (continued) 

Henry 74 

Ida Mae 74 

Jacob 74 

James 66, 74, 87 

James Jr. 74 

James (Dr. ) 75 

James b. 1839; 74 

John 7 5 

Katherine 74 

Lenora A. 75 

Mary Ann 74 

Mary A. 75 

Mary A. 74 

Mary E. 74 

Melinda 74 

Moses 74 

Nancy B. 75 

Reason 74 

Rosa Belle 74 

Samuel 75 

Sarah 74 

Sarah A. 74 

Susan F. 74 

Theosa 75 

Tunis 66 

Tunis s, of James 74 

Vern K. 75 

William s. ol Jacob; 74 

William s. of Tunis 74 

William H.D. 74 

Walter J. 74 

Zachariah 75 
Donaldson Sophronia 93 
Doolittle m. Abigail Rockwell 90 
Dorr Irwina 70 
Dougherty Sally 4 
Doughty family 66 

Douglas --m. Christian Waram 113 
Dover Sarah 129 

Theodore 129 
Dowel Maud 112 
Downing Emanuel 128 

Sir George 128 
Dudley William 47 
Dunbar Letty 8 
Dunn Elizabeth 113 

Thomas 113 
Dunning Fanny 4 

Jane 4 

Durland Robert 1 1 

Sally 11 
Dusen Maria H.D. 


Eager (Orange Co. Hist.) 19 
Eardley Wm. A, D. (history) 19 
Easterbrook Charles E. 25 

Claude L. 25 

Francis Eugene 25 

Glen S. 25 

Harriet J. 25 

Isaac (Rev. ) 25 

Jane M. 25 

Jean 25 

Leslie L. 25 

Lucius (Luel) 25 

Raymond L. 25 

Raymond Jr. 25 

Thelma 25 

Eddy mar. Phoebe Lockwood? 9 

Edwards see D, Welliver 84 

E. Kenneth 13 

William 13 
Edminster Harriet 26 
Edminston Arthur R. 78 

Blanche 78 

Helen 78 

Homer J. 78 

James 77, 78 

Joseph 77 

Mary Jane 77 

Robert S. 77 

Thomas P. 77 

Walter Hugh 78 
Eggleston Mary 73 
Ehrhardt Erwin 70 

Hal Richard 70 

Karen Sue 70 

Roy 70 
Eikenson Cornelis (sponsor) 54 
Elbe r son Anne R. 15 

Frank O. 15 
Ellett Joseph S. 13 
Ellicott J. (maps) 57 
Elliot Anne 45 

Charles (Elliott) 8 

Hiram 45 

Kate 14 


Elliott (continued) 

Mary 45 

Myrtle 45 
Ellis Roger 84 
Ellsworth E--m. Susan Cor win 124 

Esther A. 124 

Julia 124 
Ely Clarence 12 

Edward 12 

Frank 12 

George 12 

Harry 2nd 12 

Richard 12 
Emden Harriet 11 
Endicott --m, Eliz. Winthrop 129 

John (Gov.) 129 
Evans Elizabeth 15 
Everts Abraham Hurd 41, 46 

A.H. (Abrm. H. 2nd) 44 

Abraham H. 2nd 44 

Adelia Jane 43 

Adeline 43 

Adelia 44 

Alanson G. 42 

Alanson G. Jr. 43 

Alfred 43 

Alfred Gideon 43 

Alice 43 

Almeda 43, 45 

Amanda 46 

Anna 42 

Anna J, 44 

Aranthes 41, 42 

Aranthes s. of Abrm. H. 46 

Aranthes W. 42 

Asenath d. of Dan. 6, 12,41,45 

Asenath d. of Dan. Jr. 44 

Benjamin 44 

Byron 43 

Carrie Louise 44 

Charles b. 1783; 41, 42, 43, 49 

Charles s. of Dan. Jr. 44 

Charles F. 42,43 

Charles H. 43 

Charles M. 43 

Clarinda 46 

Clarissa d. of Alfred 43 

Clarissa Maria 42,43 

Clinton H. 44 

Corna May 44, 49 

Everts (continued) 
Cur ran 44 
Cynthia 46 

Daniel b. 1749; 12,40,41,42 
Daniel Jr. 42,44,49 
Daniel (Michigan) 44 
Daniel F. (Dr.) 44 
Eliza M. 42, 43 
Elma Geneva 42 
Emeline (Emma) 43 
Emily 44 
Emma 45 
Emmett 44 
Emmett N. 44 
Emmett (Robt. Emmett) 46 
Ermina 46 
Eugene 45 
Eunice B. 43 
Frances E. 42, 43 
Frank D. 45 

George s. of A.H. 2nd; 44 
George s. of John 44 
George s. of Benj. 44 
George H. 42 
Geneva (Elma Geneva) 42 
Gideon O. 43,44,45 
Hannah d. of Chas. H. 43 
Hannah d. of Aran. W, 42 
Harriet d. of Dan. Jr. 44 
Harriet M, d. of John 44, 45 
Harriet Margaret 43 
Harry H. 41,43,49 
Helen d. of Robt. 43 
Hellen (Helen) 46 
Henry A, 43 
Ira 45 
Irving 45 
Isaac 44 
Jacob S. 43 
James 42 
James D. 44 
Jarius A. 43 
Jessie 45 

John, emigrant 39, 49 
John b. 1639; 39,46,49 
John b. 1708; 39,40,41,47, 

/49. 50 
Johnb, 1793:41,42,44,49 
John Russell 42, 43 


Everts (continued) 

John S. (J, Schuyler) 43 

John Wm, Aranthes 42 

Josiah B. 43 

Josiah G. 42 

Judson 45 

Julia Ann 42 

Lawrence 42, 43 

Lewis 45 

Maggie (Harriet M.) 42 

Manlius 42, 43 

Margaret (Harriet M.) 

Margaret d. of Benj. 44 

Margarette 42 

Margarette L. 42 

Maria Augusta 42 

Maria (Clarissa Maria) 42 

M. Jael (Martha J. ) 42 

Martha J. 42 

Mary 43 

Mary A. 44 

Mary Ann 44 

Mary E. 43 

Mary Frances 42 

Minerva A. 42 

Minnie L. 43 

Nathaniel 39, 48, 49 

Nathaniel Jr. 39 

Olive 41 

Olive E. 44, 45 

O.P. 44 

Owen R. 44 

Paige 45 

P. Emilius 42 

Phebe M. 42 

Polly 41,42,45 

Rachel H. 44 

Richard (Lt. ) 43 

Robert Emmett 42, 43 

Rollin (Rowland) 44 

Russell (John Russell) 42, 43 

Sarah d. of George 45 

Sarah d, of John 44 

Sarah d. of Robt. E. 43 

Theodora 44, 49 

Theodore W. 45 

Van Vechten 45 

Walter 45 

William Whitley 43 

William 44 

Worth 43 

Fairbanks J. P. (history) 106,115 
Fallis Elizabeth 107 

Robert 107 

William Henry 107 
Fa re will Luke 26 
Farlin Asa C. 9 

Chancey Porter 8 

David 8 

David Volney 9 

Edith G. 9 

Eliza V, 9 

Florence E, 9 

Frank H. 9 

George Lucian 9 

Harriet Newell 9 

Harry O, 9 

Helen M. 9 

Ida M. 9 

Jemima Howell 6, 8 

Kenneth P. 9 

Laura M. 9 

Lewis 9 

Olive R, 9 

Phoebe Ann 9 

Robert David 9 

Rosetta A. L. 9 

Sarah Ann 9 

Sarah Augusta 9 

Volney (David V. ) 9 

Wm. Howell 9 
Farrell Charles 113 

Charles Jr. 1 13 

Florence L. 113 
Fawcett Bertha B. 114 

Edith E, 114 

Ernest H. 114 

James H. 114 

Vina F. 114 

Wilbert S. 114 
Fay Ella 75 
Featherly John 33 

Sarah Ann 33, 35 
Feltner Anne C. 10 

Clarence 10 

Ellen Margaret 10 

Robert A. 10 
Fenton Luther 44 

Robert 44 
Ferenbaugh Amanda 25 
Fernow B. (history) 19 


Ferris Ahasuerus 8 

Charles (politician) 43 

George 8 

Lemuel 8 
Fields? see Filds, Felds 34 
Filds Samuel 34 
Filter Mural 113 

Finn James (Jeames) ch, elder) 53 
Finch Cornelius M. 15 

Eric Brown 15 

Frank Clifford 15, 98 

Jeffrey Elberson 15 

Jerrold Fletcher 15 

Jerrold Minier 15 

Jessie H. (compiler) 15,86,98 

Neal (Cornelius M.) 15 

Robert Howell 15 

Susanne Rowlee 15 
Fish Eunice 72 

Libbie A. widow 83 
Fitch Albert B, 93 

Hazel 11 

Marion 10 

Emma J. 72 

Roderick 10 
Fitzimmons Maude 25 
Fleming George (Col.) 82 
Fletcher Agnes 111 

Albert 111, 119 

Alexander (b, 1769) 104, 105, 107, 
/108, 108a, 115, 117, 122, 
124, 125 

Alex. Jr. 108, 112, 119, 124 

Alex (s. of Alex. Jr.) 112 

Alexander s. of John 109 

Alexander (b. 1863) 112 

Alexander (b. 1868) 114 

Alex. s. of John of B. 1 17 

Alexander M. 114 

Almon Herbert 109, 119 

Almon T. 109 

Andrew s. of John of B. 117 

Andrew neph. John of B. 117 

Ann (Ann Catharine) 107, 115, 

/116, 117 

Ann Samantha 112 

Annie 109 

Angus, 1st clan chief 103 

Angus bro. John of B. 117 

Angus (Rev. ) 117 

Fletcher (continued) 
Angus Jr. 1 17 

Angus (b. 1764) 104, 106, 116 
Angus(Sir Angus); records 104, 119 
Archibald 5th chief 103 
Archibald 8th chief 103, 116 
Archibald 9th chief 104, 105 
Arch. neph. John of B. 117 
Arch. s. of John of B. 117 
Arch. (b. 1725c) 104, 105, 106, 
107, 115, 116, 117, 118 
Archibald (b. 1766) 106, 107, 115, 

/116, 117 
Archibald (b. 1800) 97, 108, 108a, 

/HO, 115, 117, 119, 124 
Arthur 109 
Audrey 109 
Beatrice A. 113 
Beatrice E. 114 
BellOlga 114 
Berdie (Mary Eliza) 111 

mar. T. Greer 109 

mar. M? Miller 109 

Catharine (Katherine) 
see Ann Catharine 
Cathleen B, 113 
Cecil see Walter C. 114 
Cecil Gordon 1 14 
Charles s. of Almon 109 
Charles s. of Gordon 109 
Charlotte 112 
Craig S. 1 13 
David 112 
David E. 113 
David H. 109 

Donald s. of John of B. 117 
Donald uncle John of B. 117 
Donald s. of Donald 1 17 
Donald s. of Angus 117 
Donna L, 113 
Dorothy 114 
Douglas 108, 109 
Drummond Gordon 108, 109, 113, 

/119, 124 
Duncan (Lt.) 105, 117 
Duncan s. of Alex. 108a, 124 
Duncans, of Arch. 107,115,117 
Edith 111 

Edna d. of Almon H. 109 
Edna d. of Albert 111 


Fletcher (continued) 
Edward 109 
Edward Blake 113 
Effie 112 
Eileen 114 
Electa P. 114 

Elizabeth d. of Alex. 108,108a 

/114, 124 
Elizabeth d. of Arch. 107, 115, 

Elizabeth d. of Win. Alex. 114 
Elizabeth C. E. 114 
Elizabeth J. 113 
Elizabeth M. 113 
Ellen A. 114 
Ellen Honey 113 
Emma d. of Gordon 109 
Emma d. of Arch. 110,112,117 
Ernest Angus 114, 119 
Ernest Mclvor 114 
Ethel 109 
Etty Erima 114 
Faith 114 

Flora, Florrie, Florence 104,105, 

/106, 116 
Flora? d. of Arch. 107,115 
Florence E. 113 
Florence M. D. 113 
Frank 109 
Fred 111, 117 
Garnet A. 114 
George 109 

George A. (s, of Wm.P.) 113 
George Alex. 113 
George D. 110, 112, 117 
George E. 114 
George W. 114 
Gertrude E. 114 
Gillesp 104 
Gordon 108, 108a, 109 
Hannah 113 
Harold 114 
Harold W. 114 
Hazel 109 
Hazel M. 113 
Heidi R. 113 
Helen Jane 111 
Helena A. 1 14 
Henry 109 
Herbert (Almon H. ) 109, 119 

Fletcher (continued) 
Herman 109 

Honey (see Ellen Honey) 
Ian chief of clan 104, 106 
Ida 109 
Ida P. 113 

Inglis (novelist) 105, 117 
Inverora sword 104, 108 
Jack 109 

James s. of Rev. Angus 117 
James s. of Alex. 108a 
James (s. of Arch. 1725)107,115,117 
James (s. of Arch. 1800) 110,111, 

/117, 119 
James s. of John Jr. 109 
James s. of Alex. Jr. 112 
Jane d, of Alex, 108a, 124 
Jane Ada 112 
Jane (Jennie) 109 
Jane (Mary Jane) 110, 111, 117 
Janet Marie 113 
Jared K. 113 
Jean 109 
Jody Ellen 113 
John 3rd clan chief 103 
Johne 7th clan chief 103 
John of Inveroran 104, 105, 116, 117 
John Jr. (1727) 104, 117 
John of Bernice 105, 117 
John s, of Rev. Angus 117 
John of North Carolina 105, 1 17 
John neph. John of B. 117 
John (s. of Arch. 1725) 107,117 
John s. of Alex. 105, 107, 108, 108a, 

/109, 119, 124 
John Jr. 108 (1834) 
John Alex. 110, 111 
JohnC.C. (genealogy) 116,117 
John David 109 
John E. 113 
John Edwin 111 
John Henry 109 
John P. 113 
John W. 113 

John Wesley 108a, 113, 115, 118 
Joseph 109 
Joyce Evelyn 114 
Julia Etta 110, 112, 117 
Katherine 107 
Kathryn 106, 116 



Fletcher (continued) 

Kenneth s. of Almon T. 109 

Kenneth s, of Joaeph 109 

Kenneth s. of Alex. 112 

Lawrence T. E. 114 

Leslie 111 

Levi 112 

Lina 112 

Llewellyn 113, 119 

Mabel 109 

Mabel Ann 111 

Madeline J. 114 

Maggie 109 

Maria 1 12 

Mariam see Miriam 14 etc. 

Marian see Miriam 

Marian 111 

Marilyn E. 113 

Marjorie 112 

Martha Bell 114 

Margaret, widow 106 

Mary d. of Alex. 1 12 

Mary E. (Berdie) 111 

Mary Ellen 113 

Mary Jane 110, 111, 117 

Mary L. 114 

Matilda 112 

Maud 108, 109 

Maurice 113 

Miles A. 101, 110, 111, 117 

Miles s. of Miles A. Ill 

Minnie (Wilhelmina) 1 14 

Minnie d. of Gordon 109 

Miriam 14,97, 101, 111 

Miriam S. 1 12 

Morley Archibald 114 

Mortimer 109 

Nellie 112 

Nicole 4th clan chief 103 

Norman 113 

Nycole 2nd clan chief 103 

Olive 114 

Patricia M. 113 

Patrik 6th clan chief 103 

Pearl J. 113 

Percy G. 1 13 

Percy see Wm. Percy 

Rachel 109 

Rachel E. 114 

Reta 112 

Fletcher (continued) 

Robert E. 1 14 

Ronald 104 

Rufus W. 112 

Samuel B. 1 14 

Samuel H. 114 

Sarah Ann 110, 112, 117 

Stella 109 

Sword (in will) 104, 108 

Wadsetter (John) 116 

Walter Cecil 114 

Wesley Drummond 110, 111 

Wilhelmina (Minnie) 114 

William Allen H. 113 

Wm. Alex, (s. of Alex. ) 114 

Wm. Alex. (s. of Drum.) 113 

Wm. Alex. (s. of John A. ) HI 

William s. of Miles 111 

William D. 113 

Wm. G. son of John W. 113 

William G. (s. of Wm. P.) 113 

William Harrison 112 

Wm. Percy 109, 113, 115, 119 
Flint Isabel 75 
Flood Alice May 69 

Edna Lucy 69 

Harry 69 

Robert 69 
Foote Abram (genealogy) 20 

Beriah 20 

Elizabeth 36 

Nathaniel 36 
Ford Joseph K. 9 

Mamie (Mary C. ) 9 

Mary C. 9 
Forth John 128 

Mary 128 
Foster Inez Franklin 44 

Loraine 44 
Fox Charles A. 9 

Mabel 9 

Thomas (Major) 73 

Thomas Jr. 73 
Frace --m. Hannah Hopper 56 
Fraser Alan 113 

Allen 114 

Austin 114 

Carroll S. 114 

Edna 114, 119 

Elisha 114 


Fraser {continued} 

Frances 114 

Geo. Corwin(Dr.) 114 

Harriet 114 

James 114 

Joseph 108; Joseph 2nd 114 

Marcella 114 

Niram 108, 114 
Frederick Peter (witness) 64 
Freelove William B. 26 
French J, H. (history) 55, 58 
Fries Florence Fay 81 
Fry Tamazine 48 
Fuller Amariah 5 

Beach 5 

Clayton 111 

Constantine 5 

Pamela 24 
Funfrock Beverly 69 

Gadsby Gertrude 113 
Galbraithe D.G. M. (history) 115 
Gallatine A. (history) 19 
Galloway John 1 12 
Gardner Merritt 5 
Garges Sarah B, 79 
Garner Anson 124 

Edward S. 73 

Edward S, Jr. 73 

Jacob 124 

James 124 

Joseph 124 

Lydia 124 

Maria 124 

Mary A. 124 

Millicent 124 

Stanton B. 73 

Susan 124 
Gatchell Willard 1 1 
Gay Alice M. (manuscript) 50 
Gedney Bartholomew 125 

Lydia 121, 125 

John 125 

Susannah 121 
Gelderman Ruth 14 
Gengelbach Anna Rosina 61, 62 

Johannes 61 
George Barbara J. 67 

George (continued) 

Lawrence 67 
German Henry 46 

Rebecca 46 
Gerrie Roy 114 
Getchell Charlotte 23, 25 

David 26 
Geyer Amy 10 

Barbara B. 10 

B.B. 10 

Richard C. 10 

Richard D. 10 
Gibbons Emma L. 43 
Gibbs Fred 84 

Harry S. 84 

Katharine 84 

Margaret 84 

May (Mary) 84 

Sylvester 84 

William 84, 88 
Gifford Deborah M. 84, 86 
Giles Mary 125 

Mathew 125 

Phoebe widow 125 
Gilford Eudora 84 
Gill Arthur 70 

Patricia 70 
Gillett Aaron 25 

Charles 7 

Horace 77 

Huldah Jean 25 
Glaspell Lois 107 
Glenwright Helen 111 

Jennie 111 

J.V. Ill 

Marion 111 

May 111 
Godcharles F. A. (history) 87 
Goddard Dr. 8 
Goff Clarissa 24 

Ella 93 

Harriet M. 27 

Harry 84 

Martha (Mattie) 84 

Nancy widow 23 

Roswell (Rev.) 33,53 

William 84 
Goldsmith Elizabeth 16, 17 

John 16, 17, 20 

Mary 16 

Thomas 17 


Goodell Harrison 57 
Gore Judith 76, 78 

Samuel 78 
Gorham Esther Ann 74 
Graham George 98 

Helen 98 
Granger Orilla 27 see Ranger 
Grant Rev. A, T. (manuscript) 116 
Graves Charles C, 27 

Coolage see Chas. C. 27 

Calvin 28 
Gray --m, Mary Rockwell 90 

Orin 25 
Gregory Josiah 9 
Green --m. Lucile Phillips 71 

Ida 93 

Jane 93 
Greenfield Adeline 109 

Cecil 109 

Frederick 109 

Norman 109 

Percy 109 

Robert 109 

Robert Jr. 109 
Greenough Capt. 56, 57 
Greenwood James 84 
Greer T. 109 
Gridley Clara 24 

Henry 24 
Griffen A. 20 

Bar tie tt 4 

Polly 4 
Grimshaw Anne 73 
Gripe Alan G. 15 

David A. 15 

O.H. 15 

Stephen 15 
Grubb C.A. (genealogy) 101 

Hager Elizabeth 11,9 

Henry 1 1 
Hahn Henry E. 67 

Margaret P. 67 

Steven W. 67 
Haines Rev. A. (manuscript) 37 
Hakes H, (history) 28 
Hale Chas. R. (genealogy) 49 
Hall --m. Beulah Howard 10 

Hall (continued) 
Frances 12 
Fred C. 12 

Hannah 68, 71 

Jane 108a, 109 

Lillian 12 

Sydnie M. 12 
Hallock Abigail 16, 18, 20 

Charles (genealogy) 20 

Elizabeth 8 

James J. 5 

John 18 

Lucius (genealogy) 20 

Margaret 18 

Martha 18 

Peter the Pilgrim 18 

Peter s. of Wm, 18 

Sarah 18 

Thomas 18 

William 16, 18, 20 

William Jr. 18 

Wm. A. (genealogy) 20 
Hamilton Daniel 27 

Edith Ella 27 

Horace H. 27 

Jane 67 

Kenneth (archivist) 87 

Mott 27 
Hammond --m. Celestia Rockwell 

Celestia nee Rockwell 93 

Herbert 93 

Lewis 93 

Mary 93 

Vie 93 

William 93 
Hancock Clara R. 78,81 
Handy Amanda 74 
Hanley James 43 
Hannan Jesse 10 

Marguerite 10 
Hansen --m. Sue Sherwood 73 

Peter 73 

Sue 73 
Harback Jesse m. --Davis & 

had dau. m. W. B. Clifton 73 
Hardin EHsha 43 

Mary B. 43 
Hardy Anne 9 

Clair 9 
Haring Mrs. W. (history) 19 


Harkrader Elizabeth A. 15 

Milton K. (Dr.) 15 
Harmon Bloomfield (Rev. ) 98 
Harris E. D. (history) 19 

Maud 99 

Robert 98 
Hartley Elaine M. 100 

Patrick J. 100 

Timothy 100 
Hart z ell Don 98 
Harvey Frieda I. 113 

Katharine (widow) 109 
Hasbrouck Col, 55 
Haskins Kate 112 

Nancy 28 
Hastings Abigail 23, 27 

George 48 

Sir Henry 48 

Margaret 39,48 

Thomas 39,48; Thomas Jr. 48 

John 48 
Hathaway Bert 92 

James 'H. 79 

Maxwell 79 

Nancy H. 79 
Hathorn Betty 32 

John 6, 28, 31, 35, 37, 55, 91, 94 
Haus (Hawes) Lucy 8 
Haven Rosemary L. 68, 73 
Hawkins Ira 93 

Mary V. 93 
Hawkes Anna 48 

John 48 

Sarah 36 
Hawley Alice 24 

Haywood --m. Maria Bennett 24 
Headley R. (history) 19 
Heald Frances Thayer 10 
Hedges Delphine 86 

Eleanor D. 86 

Glen G, 86 

Hazel 86 

Thomas J. 86 

William 84, 86, 88 
Heermans Clinton 84 
Hegt? Peter (sponsor) 65 
Heib Elsie Marie 25 
Heller Anna Maria (Mary) 82 

Janet 15 

Johannes (sponsor) 82 

Heller (continued) 

Mary (see Anna Maria) 82 

Richard 15 
Hellerin Luewise (sponsor) 65 
Hendricks Jacob 42 
Henrickson Nettie 45 
Henkel Jane S. 67 
Henry Alice 128 
Herbert Elizabeth 121 

John 121 
Heme Florence 13 
Hess Abram B, 66 

Charles Henry 66 

Frederick James 66 
Heverly C. F. (history) 87 
Hewitt Belle 10,93 

Elijah 10,93 
Hickox Samuel 22 

Silence 22 
Higgins Dorothy 86 

Robert C. 86 

Susan 86 
Hinke Wm. J, (history) 87 
Hinkley Ransom 7 
Hill Charlotte 25 

Clifford 114 

Frank 43 

Ronald 114 
Hillman Elizabeth 53 

John (church member) 53 

R, R. (history) 87 
Himrod David 45 

David (s. of Wm.) 45 

Elmer M. 45 

Samuel A, 45 

William 45 
Hixon Ann 123 

Benjamin 125 

Charles 123 

Daniel 123 

Esther (d. of Nathan) 124 

Esther (d. of Tim.) 123 

Elizabeth (m. J, Corwin) 
121, 122, 123,125, 126 

Elizabeth (d. of Tim. ) 123 

Elizabeth (d. of Henry) 123 

Ezra 123 

Grace 125 

Henry (s. of Tim.) 123 

Henry Jr. 123 


Hixon (continued) 

Jacob 123 

Jonathan 123 

John (s. of Nathan) 124 

John («. of Tim.) 123 

Johnfs. of Henry) 123 

John (s. of Wm.) 125 

Joseph 121, 125 

Joseph Jr. 125 

Joseph (s. of Levi) 123 

Levi 123 

Lydia 123 

Margaret (d. of Henry) 123 

Margaret {d. of Joseph) 125 

Mary (d. of Tim.) 123 

Mary (d. of Henry) 123 

Mary (d. of Joseph) 125 

Matilda 123 

Nathan (s. of Tim.) 123 

Nathan (s. of Levi) 123 

Pamella 123 

Presillah 125 

Timothy 122, 123 

Timothy (s. of Nathan) 123 

Timothy (s. of Henry) 123 

William {N.J. will) 125 

William (s. of Joseph) 125 

William (s. of Levi) 123 

William (s. of Nathan) 124 

William (s. of Henry) 123 
Hobart Bishop {Episcopal) 66 
Hocker E. W, . (genealogy) 87 
Holecraft --m. Harriet Kingsbury 8 
Holbert Grace {genealogy) 37 

Mrs. Jesse (genealogy) 3 
Holden Ella 75 

Frank 75 

Ida 75 

Jacob 75 

Jay 75 

Olive 75 

Phebe 75 

Raymond 75 

Rose 75 
Hollister Celia 98 

Dorastus 98 
Holloway Frederick H. 100 

Robert F. 100 
Holley Edna 71 

Frank 71 

Holley (continued) 

Kenneth 71 

Lois 71 

Samuel M. 71 

Seth 71 
Holmes Clay W, (genealogy) 50 
Holmquist August C, 81 
Holton John 36 

Mary 36 

Rachel 36 

Ruth 36 

Samuel 36 

Sarah 36 

Thomas 36 

William emigrant 36 

William Jr. 36 
Hopper spelled Hoppe, Hoppin, etc. 

-a--y? --(ch. of Cornelius) 54,55 

Albert? Alfred? 56,57 

Alfred C. 56 

Amelia 56, 57 

Amy 54, 55, 56 

Andreas 54 

Andrew 54 

Anna 54, 55,56 

Annetje 52, 54 

Charles A. 5 6 

Charles R. 56 

Chester 56 

Christian 56 

Cornelius d. early 52, 56 

Cornelius (b. 1756)52,53,54,55, 
/57, 58, 68, 90, 92 

Cornelius (b. 1814} 57,58 

Dirk 52, 54 

Dirkye 52, 54 

Edward 56 

Edward C. 58 

Elias S. 56 

Elizabeth d, of Corn. 54,55 

Elizabeth d. of Geo. 55,58 

Emma F. 56 

Emma Olive 56 

Esther 54, 55, 57 

Frances Elizabeth 56,57 

George Smith 56, 58 

Hannah d. of Corn. 54, 55, 56, 

/66, 68 

Hannah d. of Rock, 56 

Ida Allice 56 


Hopper (continued) 

Ira 54, 55 

Jane Lovina S, 56 

Jasper 54 

John 54 

Lambertus 54 

Libbie 56 

Lovina 56 

Margaret 54, 55, 56 

Marretje 52, 54 

Mary 54, 55 

Mathew 52, 54, 55 

Mathew s. of Corn. 52, 55 

Matthias 54 

Nancy A. 56 

Olive 53, 54,55,56,57 

Paulus 52, 54 

Rockwell 54, 55, 56, 57, 58 

Roy 58 

Silas 56 

Wessel 54 

Yellis 54 
Horton Abigail d. of Caleb 16 

Abigail d. of Barnabas 16 

Barnabas, emigrant 16 

Barnabas s. of Caleb 16 

Barnabas s. of Jona. Sr. 16 

Barnabas s. of Jona. Jr. 16 

Benjamin s. of Barna. 16 

Benjamin s. of Israel 17 

Bethia 16 

Caleb 16, 18,20 

Captain 3 

David 16 

Elizabeth (genealogy) 19 

Elizabeth d. of Jona. Jr. 16 

Esther 16 

Eunice 4, 6, 16, 18 

George (genealogy) 20 

Hannah 16 

Horace (genealogy) 20 

Israel 1 6, 20 

Israel Jr. 16 

Jason 16 

Jeremiah 16 

Jeremy 16 

Jonathan s. of Barnabas 16 

Jonathan s. of Caleb 16, 17 

Jonathan Jr. 16 

Jonathan s. of Jona. Jr. 16 

Horton (continued) 

John 16 

Joseph s. of Barnabas 16 

Joseph s, of Israel 17 

Joshua 16 

Mary d. of Barnabas 16 

Mary d. of Caleb 16 

Mary m, David Horton 16 

Mary d. of Israel 17 

Mercy 16 

Nathan 16 

Phebe 16 

Rachel 16 

Ruth 16 

Samuel 17 

Sarah d. of Barnabas 16 

Sarah d. of Israel 17 

Zaccheus 16 
Hosmer J. K. (editor) 129 
Hostetler Geo. M. 79 

Imogene H. 79 

Theodore A. 79 
Hotchkiss Abigail 41,42 
Hotten John C. (genealogy) 19 
House Christian 64 
Howard Beulah 10 
Howe Elizabeth 97 

Timothy (ch. elder) 53 
Howell Abner 4 

Albert B. 93 

Albert B. Jr. 93 

Addie (Phebe Addie) 93 

Alan Paul 14 

Alibeth 14 

Anna 4, 6 

Anna Eliza 5 

jtTL S el JTv. , J 

Augusta (see Ernest Augusta) 

Belle 5 

Benjamin s. of David 2, 4, 19 

Benjamin Jr. 4 

Benjamin s. of Geo. 4, 6,.7, 19 

Benjamin s. of John 4 

m. Margaret --who as a 

widow m. P. Hallock 18 
Bernice E, 1 1 
Bertha E. 1 1 
Bethiah 4 
Cadwallader 5 
Carl E. 93 


Howell (continued) 
Carrie A. 11 
Charles 5 
Chauncey 4 

Chester E, 14,15,69,70,71, 

Chester E. Jr. 15,31,98 
Chester E. 3rd 15 
Clarissa A. 12, 13 
Coe s. of Noble 5 
Coe s. of Elbert 5 
Coe Sayer 2, 5 
Constance d. of S. P. 14 
Constance d. of Alan 14 
Cora M. 12 
Deborah 2, 5 
Debra 93 

Daniel s, of Benj. 4 
Daniel s. of Silas 4 
Daniel Everts 12, 14, 19,45, 

David 1,2, 3,4, 19 
David Jr. 2, 13, 19 
David of Monroe Co, 4 
Douglas A. 14 
Elbert 5 
Edith L, 15,98 
Eliot 5 

Eliza d. of Geo. 4, 6, 7 
Eliza Ann 7 
Elizabeth 7 

Elizabeth d, of Everts 15 
Elizabeth d. of Elbert 5 
Elizabeth d. of Cad 5 
Elizabeth L. 15 
Ella Marie 93 
Emily 5 
Emma 7 
Emma M. 11 
Ernest Augusta 4 
Eunice d. of Ezra 5 
Eunice d. of Jerem. 12,13,45 
Everts see Daniel Everts 
Everts Howe 15, 98 
Ezra 2,3,5, 19 
Fanny d. of George 4, 6, 7 
Fanny d, of Noble 5 
Fleming (genealogy) 19 
Frances 2, 5 
Frank E, 11 

Howell (continued) 
Fred EUwyn 15 

Fred M. (s. of Dan. ) 14, 15, 69, 

/70, 71,73 
Fred M. (s. of S. P. ) 14 
Fred S. 11 
F. Sydney 11 

George (s. of David) 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 

/16, 19,52 
George Jr. 4, 6, 11, 19 
George s. of David Jr. 4 
George s. of Silas 4 
George s. of Benj, 4 
George Dr. 4 
George L. 15 
George O. 11 
George Oliver 11 
George R. (s. of Fred S. ) 11 
George R, (genealogy) I, 19 
Georgia O. 12 
Hannah d. of Ezra 5 
Hannah d. of George 4, 6, 20, 93 
Hannah (Noble's dau. ) 5 
Hannah Ann 12, 13, 45 
Harriet (d. of Geo. Jr.) 12 
Harriet (d. of Henry) 11 
Harvey 5 
Hazel H. 14 
Helen E. 9, 11 
Helen Ilsa 14 
Henry C. 11 
Henry P. 13 
Horace 4 
Huntting 5 
Ida B. 11 
Ira 93 
Ira H. 93 
Isaac M. 7 
Jack Martin 15 
James 4 

Jane d. of Ezra 5 
Jane d. of Noble 5 
Jean see Jennie K, 
Jeffrey 4 

Jemima d. of David 2,3,4 
Jemima d. of George 4, 6, 
Jemima d. of Silas 4 
Jennie K. 13, 14 
Jennie Julia 93 


Howell (continued) 

Jeremiah 4, 6, 12, 19, 41, 
Jessie Everts 15,98 
Joanna 5 

John (s. of David) 1,2,4 
John Jr. 4 
John (s. of Ezra) 5 
John (s. of Noble) 5 
John (s. of Benj.) 4 
John (s. of Ira) 93 
John B. 7 
John Willis 93 
Juliet 5 
Katharine 15 
Louise A. 93 
Lydia (d. of David) 2, 5 
Lydia d. of Isaac M.) 7 
Lydia (d. of Noble) 5 
Lucinda 4, 6, 7, 19 
Lucy M. 11 
Luc ret ia 5 
Luther C, 12,13,45 
Mandana 7 
Marcia M. 14 

Margaret (widow) m« Peter Hallock 
Margaret (m, Wm. Hallock) 18,20 
Mary wife of David 2 
Mary (d. of David) 2, 5 
Mary (Polly) 5 

Mary (d. of Jeremiah) 9i 12, 13, 

Mary R. 93 
Martha B. 12, 14,45 
Mellicent 4 

Mehitable (d. of David) 2, 4, 19 
Mehitable (d. of Geo. ) 4, 6 
Mehitable (d. of Silas) 4 
Nathan 5 
Noble 2, 5, 19 
Oakley D. 11 
Orin D. 7 
Peter 5 
Phoebe 4 
Phoebe Ann 5 
Polly Lydia M. 4 
Polly (Mary) 5 
Preston 4 
Richard 2, 18 
Robert 93 

Howell (continued) 

Robert D. 9, 11 

Ruth 2, 4 

Sally (d. of Geo. ) 4, 6, 8, 20 

Sally (d. of John) 4 

Samuel 4, 6, 7 

Samuel M. 7 

Sarah (d, of Jerem, ) 8, 12, 13, 


Sarah (d. of Robt.) 11 

Sarah (d. of Silas) 4 

Sarah A. 5 

Sarah J. 5 

Sidney B. 12, 13,41,45 

Sidney L, 14,69,70,71 

Sidney P. 14 

Sidney P. Jr. 14 

Sydney see F. Sydney 

Silas 2, 4, 19 

Silas H. 4 

Spooner 7 

Susan 5 

Terry 93 

Thomas 5 

Thomas C. 2, 5 

Thomas J. 5 

Thomas T. 93 

Topping 2,4 (T?) 

Van Ess 4 

Wales Mead 7 

Wilbur F. 19 

William (s. of Benj.) 7 

William (s. of Geo. ) 4, 6, 8 

William (s. of Isaac M. ) 7 
Hubbard Eber 111 
Huckleberry Ida 14 
Hudnut William 77 
Huey Abram 67 

Abram Jr. 84 

Ellen 93 

Howard 93 

Jane 93 

John 76 

Joseph 93 

Lee 93 
Huff Abigail 4 

A. C. (Prof. ) 11 

Ada & Eda twins 11 

Carrie 11 

Minnie J. 11 

■ 23- 

Hugh Joseph 73 
Hunt Howard 1 1 

Margaret 42 

William H, 42 
Hunter Louese 14 
Huntington Earl of 47 
Hurd Abraham 40, 46, 47, 50 

Abraham Jr. 46 

Adam, emigrant 46 

Daniel 46, 50 

Dena D. (genealogy) 49 

Ebenezer 46, 49 

John 46 

Lydia 50 

Molly 40, 41, 42, 46, 47, 48, 
/49, 50 

Polly (Molly) 42 
Huss John (reformer) 63 
Husted Viola Ellen 114 

Violet Helen 1 14 

Thomas 114 
Hyde Frank 12 

Fredda 12 

Ingalls Betsey 70 

Ireland Sarah 77, 78 

Ives --m. Nancy Minier 82 

Johnson (continued) 

Edith 1 1 1 

Elizabeth 109 

Edward G. 100 

Emma 112 

Freda 111 

Glen H, 99 

Henry 122 

Ivan L. 100 

Josephine 11 

LeFontaine 112 

Naomi Corwin 126 

R. (deeds) 94 
Johnstone Berdie 111 

R. Ill 
Jones m. Eliz. Rockwell 90 

m. Florence Deane 98 

Edith (Mrs, Edwin) 119 

Edwin George 111 

Edwin C. Ill 

Francis 73 

Martha 129 

P. (history) 20 

Sonya 111 

Winifred E. Ill, 119 
Judson Ann widow 46 

Joshua 46 
June Susan 86 


m. Laura Farlin 9 

Jacob P. 34 
Jacobus D. L. (genealogy) 50 
Jamieson's Scot. Diet. 117 
Jansen Etta (widow) 92 
Jarvis Aurelia 14 
Jay Ruth 45 
Jeffers family 66 
Jefferson W, (history) 20 
Jimmerson Winifred 70 
Johnson & Bacon Atlas 117 
Johnson --m. Vie Hammond 93 

Barbara F. 100 

Doris 111 

Clarence 111 

Doreen Q. 99 

Dorothy 100 

Keeny Thomas (ch. member) 53 
Keeps Molly (surname error) 49 
Kegg Lenora 112 
Keller Arianne 77, 79, 88 

John 8 5 

Louisa 1 12 
Kelly Edith Emma 111 

James 110, 111, 119 

Julia H. 1 1 1 

Robert A. Ill 
Kelsey Ann 92 
Keney Mercy (ch. member) 53 

see Keeny above 
Kent Gibson 5 
Kilborn Alanson 124 

Angeline 124 

Anna 124 

Augusta 124 

Diadema 124 

■ 24- 

Kilborn (continued) 

Edwin 124 

Emma 124 

H. m. Mary Corwin 124 

Jane 124 

John 124 

Maria 124 

Rowley 124 

Samuel 124 

Sarah E. M. 124 

C, m. Alex Spencer 124 

Kimball Alanson 4 

Anna 4 

Benjamin 71 

Dayton C. 68, 69 

Frank 69 

Fred 69 

John 69 

Mary Telina 69 
King Ann 113 

George 5 

J. D. m. Julia Everts 42 

Ardon 6, 8, 20 

Crete 8 & Crete E. 8 

Ella L. 8, 10 

Genealogy 20 

George 8, 20 

George Ardon 8 

Georgiana 8, 10 

Harriet 8 

Helen 8 

Henry F. 8 

Horace 8, 10, Z0 

Huldah 8 

Lucinda 8 

Lucius 8 

Lucius S. 8, 10 

Mary 8 

Mary Ann 8 

Oliver C, 8, 10 

Fhilo 8 

Sarah 8, 10 

Stanley 8 

Willard 8 

Kinney m. Harriet Minier 88 

Kinsey Jane 112 
Kinsman Richard 9 
Kitchen Mary 123 
Klein H.M.J, (history) 86 

Knapp Anna widow 4 

Louisa 73, 75 

William 73 
Knettles Jas. Madison 7 

Joseph 82 
Kohler Peter (Rev. ) 86 
Kunkill Lawrence 64 
Kuyper see Cooper, Cuyper 54, 58 

Lafferty Sarah 124 

Lain Myra M. 13 

Lane H. W. (genealogy) 50 

Robert 46, 49 

Sarah P. 46,49 
Langdon Mary 16 
La Pierre Georgia 9 
Large (Dr.) 124 
Larrison Emily widow 43 

Joseph 43 
Laurie Janet 110, 111 
Laving Mary 109 
Leavitt Anna 42 

Eunice 43 
Lee Hester 17 

Jason 17 

John 17 

Joseph Rev. 16, 17,20 

Lillie 72 

Samuel 17 

Sarah 16, 17, 20 

Thomas Sr. & Jr. 17 

W.H. (genealogy) 20 
Legal terms in Scotland 117 
Lemon Elizabeth (d. of Chris.) 47 

Jacob 1Z4 
Lent Adelaide D. 76 

Mathias 76 
Lepard Mary 1 1Z 
Lewis James 124 

James Jr. 124 

Joseph 73 

Penelope 124 

Zenas B. 124 
Linderberger Millicent 78,79 
Little Pauline 13 
Live say Joseph 27 
Lloyd Anna 85 

Archie 85 


Lloyd (continued) 

Beatrice M. 85 

Lulu 85 
Lobdell Samuel 37 
Locey Jesse (ch. member) 53 
Lockwood Ambrose B. 9 

Elijah 9 

George 9 

Maud 9 

Phoebe ? mar, ---Eddy 9 

Sarah 9 
Long Lena 15 
Longstreet George W, 25 
Loomis Clem A. 10,93 

Theodorus 87 
Loper Albert 75 
Lord May 9 
Loucks Judith A. 113 

Theodore E. 113 
Love David 43 
Love 11 m. Nancy Minier 66 

Charles 69 

Frances 69 

Mary (Mate Amy) 69, 71 
Lowman Georgia Isabel 15,31, 

/36, 98 

Isabel see G. Isabel 

Martin 15, 31 

Seymour (genealogy) 36 
Lowrey see Laurie 110, 111 
Lutman George E. 113 
Lynch David 124 

James 124 

Walter 124 
Lyon Dorothy 14 

Marc 14 
Lyons Musetta 85 

Maas Caroline 10 
Macklain Clifford 113 

Marvin 1 13 

Philip 113 
MacNab see McNab 
Mailman J. E. (history) 5, 19 
Mallette Lottie 45 
Mallory Charles 83,88 

George 83 
Maltby Erastus (deed) 66 

Marine ring Le Roy 71 
Manning Helen 45 
Manier (Minier) 64 
Mapes Eunice 8 

Hannah 23 

John 8 

Jonathan 16 

Tabitha 5 

William 8 
Marche Ulalia 30, 35 
Markthaler Eugenia 10 
Martin Alice A, 75 

Carrie O. 75 

Clarence C. 75 

Grace 70 

Harry R, 85 

Henry 70 

Hiram 75 

Ida G, 75 

James H. 75 

James J, 75 

John L. (history) 87 

Laura G. 75 

Mark 85 

Mary Sackett (records) 88 

Nellie P. 75 

Russell 85 

William A. 75 

William H. 75 

Winifred 75 
Mason Herman 44 

Mary 44 
Mather F. G. (histoyy) 2, 19 
Mathews Aaron K. 8 

Aaron Kortright 42 

Amada Sr, 42 

Amasa Jr. 42, 45 

Amasa (s. of Joel) 45 

Arzelia (d. of Joel) 45 

Arzelia (d. of Amasa) 42,45 

Bruce 10 

Clarissa 45 

Donald 10 

Elmer (Elmore) 45 

Ethel A. 8 

F, Judd 45 

Hazel C. 107, 119 

Hudson 45 

J. m. Annie Spencer 124 

Jay 45 

• 26- 

Mathews (continued) 

Joel 45 

Judd (F, Judd) 45 

Lavina see Lovina 45 

Lawrence 45 

Lorinda 45 

Lovina 45 

Lucy Maria 8 

Mabel 12 

Malcolm W. A. 8 

Margaret 42 

Merribee 45 

Milford (s, of Joel) 45 

Milford(s. of Amasa Jr. ) 45 

Ovanda (Lovanda) 45 

Phoebe 8 

Ralph C. 10 

Rubin LeRoy 8 

Stelma 8 

Sterling E. F. 8 

Theodore 8 

Wm, Henry 8 
Mattoon Philip 36 
Mauritz Alma 100 
Maxwell Sarah V. 77, 79 
McAlphin King Kenneth 103 
McCalphin Wm. (maps) 49 
McCamley David 4 

Polly 37 
McCanlister (John Fletcher) 104 
McCann Crete 10 

Florence 9 

George 8 

Harriet 10 

Helen 9 

James D. 9 
McCartney Marcia 14 

Marcus 14 
McConnell SuBan 23, 27 
McCorn Mary Jane 7 
Mcdonald (MacDonald) --m. Arch. 
Fletcher 105, 116 

Flora 105, 117 

Henry S. 73 

James 73 

J, Gordon 73 

Lucien B. 73 

Lucien B. Jr. 73 

Olive E. 73 

"Relatives" 105, 107 

McDonald (continued) 

Robert C. (Col.) 73 

Robert C. Jr. 73 
. Robert 3rd 73 
McDowell children 32 
McGlashan -- m. -- Fletcher 107, 117 
McGredy Carolyn 67 

Christine 67 

Eric 67 

Fred L. 67 

Marilyn 67 

Robert H. 67 

Robert M. 67 

Scott 67 
McGregor Clan 103 

Rob Roy 104, 116 

John 116 
McGrew Jolette 80 
Mclnleister (Fletcher) 103, 116 
Mclntyre Duncan (poet) 104 
Mclvor Evalyn 114 

Lenore Caldwell 114 
McKean John (Judge) 76 
McKegg Mamie widow 10 
McLaughlin Earl E, 75 

Florence E. 75, 87 

Frank E. 75 

Frank E, Jr. 75 

Isabel Rosemary 75 
McLeod Florence 1 13 
McMichel John 114 

Alex. Wm. 114 
McNab Allan (Lieut) 106, 118 

Allan (Sir) 105, 106, 118 

Allan N. (Rev.) 118 

Alexander 118 (of Toronto) 

Archibald 17th Chief 118 

Archibald C. (Macnabb) 118 

--m. Fletcher 107, 117 

Clan history 1 18, 1 19 

Flora 104, 105, 115, 118 

Francis 16th Chief 119 

John 15th Chief 106, 118 

John (Crown Attorney) 118 

John (genealogy) 116 

Robert Sr. (Bouvain) (d. 1725) 118 

Robert Jr. (Dundurn) 106,118,119 

McQueen—m, Fletcher 107, 117 

McWhorter David 5 

Mead Ezra (ch. records) 91 


Mead (continued) 

H. (deed) 94 

Sarah Ann 7 
Meader--m. Emma Fletcher 109 
Meigs Concurrence 48 

Elizabeth 48 

Henry B. (genealogy) 50 

John 47,48 

John Jr. 48 

Mark 47; Mary 47, 48, 50 

Return J. (genealogy) 50 

Tryal 48 

Vincent, emigrant 47, 48, 50 

Vincent Jr. 48 
Menier (Minier) 65 
Mepham John (land) 39 
Merrill Otis 26 
Me sick Sidney 26 
Meyer M. W. 8 

Catherine 62 

Ulrich 62 
Meyers Margaret 93 
Michelfelder Eliza A, 69 
Mildway Henry (Sir) 128 

Thomas (Sir) 128 
Miles Alice 93 

Curtis 93; Curtis 2nd 93 

Edmund (Edward?) 92,93 

Edward (Edmund?) 92,93 

Ethel 93 

James 92,93 

William 92,93 
Miller Abigail 27 

Abraham 64 

Abraham Jr. (deed) 57 

Alexander 27 

Anna Elizabeth 69 

m. Mary Hammond 93 

m. Fletcher 109 

Charles Lewis 69 

Daniel 78 

Donna L. 69 

Edward L. 69 

Flora M. 69 

Horace W. 72 

Lee R. 69 

Mary Kimball 69 

Ray H. 69 

Robert J. 69 

William D. 69 

Mills A. Harry 13 

Amos 20 

Artemus 12, 13,45 

Douglas 13 

Evelyn 81 

Frank H. 13 

Harry see A. Harry 

Helen I. 13 

Hollis 13 

Mary Chandler 9 

Mary E. 13 

Mary L. 13 

Peter Jr. 5 

Sarah H. 13; Sarah (diary) 20 

Silas 13, 20 

Walter L. 13 

Walter L. Jr. 13 

Zachariah 20 
Minard John S. (history) 57 
Minier Abraham (b. 1762) 62, 64, 


Abraham (b. 17 62 of Ohio) 64 

Abraham (b. 1782 s. of Chr. ) 
52,54,56,65, 66,68,87 

Abraham (b, 1782 s, of Dan.) 
/76, 77,87 

Abraham (b. 1809) 84 

Abraham (b. 1810c) 73,75 

Abraham (s. of Ira) 72 

Abraham (s. of Geo.) 76,88 

Abraham Jr. (d. early) 82 

Abraham B. 24, 69 

Abraham D. (Abram) 77,88 

Abraham W. 83 

Ada 67 

Adelaide 79 

Adrien 85 

Alan B. 67 

Almira J. 75 

Andrew 81 

Anna 68 

Anna Catharine 65 

Anna E. (d. of Gideon) 76 

Anna E. (d. of Stanton) 72 

Anna Maria (d. of Chr.) 65 

Anna Maria (d. of Abr. ) 82 

Anna Rosina 85 

Arian nee Keller 88 

Arthur C. 70 

Barnabas 82, 84, 88 



Minier (continued) 

Barnabas Jr. 84, 86, 88 
Brian H. 67 
Caroline 83 
Carrie B. 74 
Casper 85 

Catharine (d. of Chr. ) 66 
Catharine (d. of Geo. ) 62 
Catharine (d. of John) 83 
Catharine (d. of Dan. W. ) 85 
Catharine (d. of Ralph W. ) 85 
Catharine see Charine 
Catharine L, 73 
Catharine T. 83 
Celia (Mary C. ) 72 
Charine (Catharine) 64 
Charles (s. of Sylv.) 80 
Charles (s. of Abr.) 76 
Charles P. 79 
Chester C. 79 
Chester M. 79 
Chester W. 78 
Chesterfield B. 72 
Christian (s. of Wilh. ) 61, 62 
Christian (b. 1704) 61 
Christian (b. 1747)61,62,63, 
/64, 65,66, 82,87 
Christian Jr. 65, 66, 75, 87 
Christian (b. 1818)68,72,88 
Christiana (d. of Sam.) 24, 68 
Christiana (d. of Abr.} 68 
Christina (d. of Geo. ) 62, 64 
Clara 79 
Clara A. 80 
Clara M. 81 
Clement S. 83 
Clifford E. 80 
Cora L. 77 
Cornelia 83 

Daniel (s. of Geo. ) 62, 63, 64, 

/76, 87 
Daniel (1794 s. of Abr. ) 83, 85 
Daniel (1802 s. of John) 77,78 
Daniel Jr. (1784) 76,77,78 
Daniel (Lt.) 78, 80, 88 
Daniel (b. 1865c) 80 
Daniel W. 85,88 
David (s. of Chr.) 61 
David (s. of Sylv. ) 83 
David H. 79 

Minier (continued) 
David L. 86 
Davis S. 79 
De Waite 80 
Dorothy I. 80 
Earl F. 80 
E. B. (witness) 88 
Eddy Bennett 70,71 
Edith 67 
Edward E. 67 
Elbert 79 
Electa P. 83 

Elias (s. of Dan.) 76,78,88 
Elias (s. of Sylv.) 80 
Eliza (d. of Abrm.) 82,84 
Eliza (d. of John) 83 
Eliza Jane 78 (d. of Geo.) 
Eliza Jane 83 (d. of Sylv.) 
Elizabeth (d. of Geo.) 62, 64 
Elizabeth (d. of Dan.) 76 
Elizabeth (d. of Chr.) 65 
Elizabeth (d. of Chr. Jr. ) 75 
Elizabeth (d. of Chest. M.) 80 
Elizabeth F. 67 
Elizar P. (Dr. ) 78, 79 
Ella F. 81 

Ellen (d. of Abrm. ) 77 
Ellen (d. of Dan. ) 78 
Emma 83 
Emma J. 67 
Emily C. 67 
Emily F. 78 
Emily R. 72 
Emily W. 78 
Ethan 77, 79 
Ethel M. 86, 88 
Eugene see Gene 80 
Eunice 80 
Everett F. 86 
Fatima 14, 24, 45, 68, 70 
Florence 69 
Frances (d, of Gid. ) 77 
Frances (d. of Ira) 72 
Frances (d, of Rev, Geo.) 78 
Frances R, 84, 86 
Frank 79 
Frank L. 72 
Frank M. 80 
Fred S. 80 
Gene 80 


Minier (continued) 

George (Hans Geo.) 60, 61,62, 

/64, 65,87 
George (b. 1772) 65,66 
George (b. 1775) 76,88 
George (s. of Dan.) 78 
George (s. of Gid.) 77 
George A. 80 
George D. 81 
George H. 73 
George L. 81 
George R. 81 
George W. (Rev. ) 77, 78 
George W. Jr. 78,81 
Gideon D. 76, 88 
Hannah (d. of Dan. ) 76 
Hannah (d. of Robert B. ) 79 
Hannah? (Jemima?) 77 
Hanna C. 72 
Hannah C. 72 
Hannah H. 24, 68, 70 
Hans Georg see George b, 1705 
Harriet A. 78 
Harriet E. (unplaced) 88 
Harriet E, (d. of Abrm.) 76 
Harriet E. (d. of Dan. W. ) 85 
Harriet G. 73 
Harry (s. of Frank) 72 
Harry (s. of Wm. F. ) 85 
Hector M. 79 
Heinrich (s. of George) 62 
Henry (s. of Chr. ) 65, 66, 87 
Henry (s. of Abrm, ) 24, 25, 26 

Henry Baird 66 
Henry B. 67 
Henry B. Jr. 67 
Henry C. (s. of Thos.) 79 
Henry C. (a. of Abrm.) 76 
Henry K. 83 
Helen (d. of Abrm.) 73 
Helen (d. of Geo. W. Jr.) 81 
Hester 79 

Hewitt see David H. 79 
Homer 86 
Horace M. 78,81 
Hugh 80 
Hugh B . 8 1 

Hughit see David H. 79 
Imogene 78 

Minier (continued) 
Imogene A, 81 
Imogene F. 81 
Ira (s. of Abrm.) 68, 72 
Ira (s. of Samuel) 24, 68, 
Jacob 65, 66 
James (b. 1833) 73 
James (b. 1852c) 79,88 
James (s. of Abr. ) 76 
James (b. 1857c) 76 
James (b. 1860c) 86 
James (s. of Jas. M. ) 85 
James Madison 85, 88 
James W. 88 
Jane (d. of Abrm. ) 82 
Jane (b. 1815) 84 
Jane (Brad. Co. will) 88 
Jane (b. 1862c) 80 
Jane E. 83 
Jeanne B. 67 
Jemima ? Hannah? 77 
Job 79 
Joel 75 

Joh Henrick (Henry b. 1777) 
Johann Georg 61 
Johan Georg (George b. 1705) 
Johan Jacob (Jacob b. 1774) 
Johannes 62, 64 
John (b. 1777} 76,77,87 
John (b. 1784) 82,83, 88 
John (b. 1808) 66, 87 
John Christian 67 
John Edward 83 
John R. 67, 87 
John W.H. 78 
Joseph 70 
Julia A. 68 
Julia H. 81 
Julian R. 81 
Justin 79 
Justus A. 81 
Laura G. 74 
Laura M. 80 
Laura S. 73 
Lavasco F. 79 
Lee H. 81 
Lee N. 81 
Lena 85 
Leonidas 78 


Minier (continued) 
Lilly 79 
Lon D. 80 
Lorenz 62 
Lorenzo D. 78, 80 
Lorinda (d. of Sam. ) 24, 68, 69 
Lorinda (d. of Abrm. ) 73 
Mahala 77 
Mamie 66 

Margaret (d. 1811) 82 
Margaret (b, 1813) 84 
Margaret (d. of Abrm. ) 77 
Margaret (b. 1837) 24, 68, 70 
Margaret (b. 1846c) 79 
Margareta 65 
Maria (d. of Geo. ) 77 
Maria (d. of Abr. ) 77 
Maria Catharine 62 
Maria Elizabeth 62 
Maria Jane 83 
Marie Antoinette 80 
Marilla L. 72 
Mark 80 
Martha E. 73 
Martha M. 77 
Martha R. 67 
Mary (tradition) 75 
Mary (d. of Dan. ) 76 
Mary (d. of John) 77 
Mary (m. Ab, Hess) 66 
Mary (d. of Sylv. ) 83 
Mary (d. of Elias) 78 
Mary (d. of Gid. ) 77 
Mary (d. of Jas. M. } 85 
Mary Addie 67 
Mary C. 80 
Mary Charine 64 
Mary E. 86 
Mary Elizabeth 65 
Mary Elizabeth 64 
Mary Ella 81 
Mary Ellen 79 
Mary Emily 73 
Mary Ida 77 
Mary J. 81 
Mary Louella 79 
Mary W? 85 
Mathew 68 

Matilda (Rhodilla M. ) 85 
May L. 85 

Minier (continued) 
Mildred M. 86 
Minerva 77 
Minnie F. 80 
Nan May 81 

Nancy (d. of Henry) 66 
Nancy (d. of Abrm, ) 82 
Nelson 79,88 
Newton 80 
Norman 80 
Ophelia 67 
Ora D. 81 
Oretta 78 
Pantha 24, 68, 71 
Paul 81 
Phebe 75 
Rachel A. H. 78 
Ralph W. 85 
Rhodilla Mafilda 85 
Richard D. 67 
Robert B. 77, 79 
Robert Bruce 77, 78 
Roy (s. of Frank) 72 
Roy (b. of Wm. F.) 85 
Russell C. 67 
Ruth 85 

Sabrina (d. of Sam. ) 24, 68 
Sabrina (d. of Chr.) 72 
Sabrina Katharine 61 
Samuel (s. of Chr.) 65 
Samuel (s. of Abr.) 14,24, 
/68, 72,87 
Samuel (s. of Elias) 78, 80 
Samuel A. 67, 87 
Samuel A. 2nd, 67 
Samuel J. 24,68,71,87 
Sarah (Sally) 76 (d. of Dan.) 
Sarah (d. of Henry) 66 
Sarah (d. of John) 77 
Sarah (d. of Ab. & Lil.) 77 
Sarah (d. of Elias) 78 
Sarah (d. of Ab, & Lou. ) 73 
Sarah (d. of Gid. ) 77 
Sarah (d. of Sam. ) 80 
Sarah A. 82 
Sarah Ann 75 
Sarah Ellen 67 
Sarah J. 88 
Sarah M. 84, 85 
Sidney 83 


Minier (continued) 

Solomon C. 76, 88 

Smith 83 

Stella 79 

Stanton L. 72 

Susan (d. of Daniel) 76 

Susan (d. of George) 76 

Susan A. 83 

Susanna 65, 66, 74, 87 

Sylvester (s, of Abr.) 82, 

Sylvester (s. of Elias) 

Theodora C. 79 

Theodore Leslie 78, 80 

Theodore Loomis 77, 79 

Theopolis I. 79,81 

Thomas 77, 79 

Thomas A. 81 

Thomas R. 67 

Thornton F, 77 

Towns end W. 77 

Tryphena 72 

Tryphena 2nd, 72 

Waldo B. 81 

Walter Page 70 

Watson 79 

Wilhelm 60, 61 

William (b. 1832) 84, 86, 88 

William (b. 1848c) 72 

William (b, 1859c) 86 

William Carpenter 67 

William Christian 73 

William Eugene 81 

William F. 85 

William H. 79 

William Henry 24, 68, 69, 70, 71 

William Stephens 68, 72, 73 

William T. 81 

William T. Jr. 81 

Zenas T, 83 
Minniear (Minier) 64 
Minnir (Minier) 60 
Minnigre (Minier) 63, 64, 65 
Minor (Elder, Bapt. Church) 53 
Mitchell C.A. 84 

Carrie 84 

E. --m. John Silverthorn 124 
Moak George 14 

Sally 14 

Monroe Elizabeth 44 

Mary 2 
Montgomery Amanda 75 
Moore Benj. (More) 3rd 16 

--m. Lulu Lloyd 85 

Caroline E. 44 

Charles (history) 20 

Elisha 54, 57 

Emily 57 

Everett E. 44 

James 4 

Rachel 123 

Robert (Rev.) 44 

Theodora Everts 44,49 

W.H. 44 
More (see Benj, Moore) 16 
Morgan Catharine 84, 85 

Frank 111 
Mo r ley Amanda 78, 80 

Justin 77 
Morris Jane 112 
Morrison Elizabeth 9 
Mose Arthur 85 
Munsell W. (history) 19 
Muir Jane 110 
Murphy Es telle 11 

Mary 71 

Mary Elizabeth 11 

Peter 11 
Murray Lelia 85 
Murrow Mary (Monroe) 2 
Mylin Carl 114 

Ermina Betilda 114 
Mynegar (Minier) 64 

Napier Anne 118, 105 

Narvonni Angela E, 100 

Nash Barbara E, 100 
Diana L. 100 
Ethel Sharrow 101 
Marguerite E, 100 
Mary Ellen 100 
Phyllis J. 100 
Russell S. 100 
Sandra Ann 100 
Willis I. (Dr.) 100 
Willis I. Jr. 100 

Neal George & George Jr. 11 


Neate Elizabeth 11 
Neely Wayne (Dr. ) 70 
Nelson Alan 98 

Elsena Margaret 98 

Mary Ann 101, 110, 111 

Sarah Celia 98 

Stamford 98 

William Allen 98 
Nesmith Esther 70 
Newell Margaret J. 114 
Newman Edith H. 114 

Eileen F. 114 

G. Ernest 77 

Walter 114 
Nichols Charles 109 

Florence 109 

Thomas W. 109 

William 26 
Nicol Mrs. of Molay 116 
Nixon Charles 124 

Cyrus 124 

Dennis 124 

Eliza 124 

Henry 124 

Mary Ann 124 

Robert 124 

Serien 124 

William 124 
Norman Sharrow L. 86 

Harold E. 86 
Norris Charlotte 7 
Norton --m. Eliza Minier 83 
Noyes Harry 76 

O'Callagan E, B, (history) 94 
O'Chonchar Roderick 98 
Ohmer Candace D. 99 

Christopher B. 99 

Nancy L. 99 

William C. 99 

William K. 99 
Ohmstead Henrietta 76 
Olsen Via 114 
Onan Almira (deed) 88 
Orr Julia 70 
Orwin Mary 93 
Owen Ebenezer (Capt. ) 55 

Elizabeth Ross 67 

Owen (continued) 

Frederick 54, 56 
Jonathan 1 1 
5a rah Ella 11 

Ozmun family 88 

Page Edith Roberta 70 
Palmer W.T. 67 
Palmus Edward 129 
Pangborn Daniel 44 

Edgar 44 

J. Oscar 44 
Park Emma 75 

Joseph 69 

Sarah 68, 69 
Parker Leo 100 
Parkins Dorothy 74 

Helen 74 

James A. 74 

Louise 74 

Susan 74 
Par shall Joanna 31 
Parsons Levi 112 

Samantha 108a, 112 
Patten Maggie Belle 86 
Patterson David 75 
Pattinson Thomas 27 
Pearsall Benjamin 109 

Charles C. 109 
Peck (Beck) 65 
Peck Clarissa 42, 43 

Martin 43 

Rachel 97, 101, 108a, 110 
/115, 117 

Sylvester 43 
Pellett Mary Corwin (wid. ) 4 
Pelletreau Wm. 1, 19 
Perry Cynthia Marie 112 

Frances Summer 112, 119 

Kathleen Ann 112 

Margaret E. 112 

Norman Alan 112 

Joseph 37 
Peters Hugh 129 
Phillips Alice 71 

Arthur 71 

David 75 

Eva 71 


Phillips (continued) 

Janet 70 

John (Deacon) 53 

Lucile 71 

Mabel 71 

Mary nee Smith 69, 71 
Pierce & Hurd (history) 87 
Pierce Phoebe H. 93 
Pickett John 46 

Sarah 46 
Piatt --m. Minerva Minier 77 

Elijah 77 

Le Grande 77 

Judge 68, 73 

Marion 77 

Minerva A. 77 
Pochin John J. 113 
Pockendoff Gladys 85 
Polychromian --m. M. Bowman 100 
Pound Horace 26 
Prall --m. Margaret Hixon 125 
Prevo Caroline 74 
Preswick Edward 14 

Jennie (Janet) 14 
Price Almira 76, 78 
Proudfoot Rev. 108a, 115 
Pugsley William 75 
Pumpelly Mary E. 81 

Quayle --m. Joanna Connor 99 
Quick Arthur 85 

Betty Jane 14 

Edith 85 

Eugene 14 

Florence 85 

Hazel Howell (records) 19 

James M. 85 

John 8 5 

Leon 85 

Richard 85 

Rainsborough Wm, (Capt. ) 128 

Martha 128 
Ralph Mary 9 
Ranger Henry 27 

Orilla 27 

Ransom Anna H. 76 

Miles F, 76 
Rathbone Emily 26 

Lydia 26 

Jonathan 74 
Ray Julius 73 
Read Olive 72 
Reade Elizabeth 129 

Edward 129 
Redfield Clarissa 40,41 

Molly widow 49 

Nathaniel 40, 41 
Redhead Miss 110, 111 
Reed ~-m. Mary Hixon 125 

Isaac 122 

Moses 122 
Reeser P. see Reiser 26 
Reeves Abigail 4 

Charles 4 

David 4 

Eliza 4 

Elizabeth 4 

Gabriel P. 4 

George 4 

Howell 4 

Howell Jr. 4 

James (s. of Howell) 4 

James (s. of Josh. Jr.) 4 

John D. 4 

Joshua 2, 4, 19 

Joshua Jr. 4 

Joshua 3rd 4 

Kitsey (d. of Josh. Sr.) 4 

Kitsey (d. of Howell) 4 

Lydia (d. of Josh. Sr, ) 4 

Lydia (d. of Josh. Jr. ) 4 

Mary 4 

Mehetable 4 

Milton 4 

Nathaniel 4 

Sarah (d. of Josh. Jr. ) 4 

Sarah (d. of Howell) 4 

Simmons 4 
Reichell W. C. 87 
Reid Dolly 109 

Reimelin Maria (sponsor) 65 
Reiser Philip 26 
Renard Mabel 81 
Reynolds Elijah 54, 56 • 
Reyther Cyrus 124 


Reyther (continued) 

E. --m. Kath. Corwin 124 

Edgar 124 

Esther A. 124 
Rhodes Sarah 69 
Richards John 129 
Richard Jane 11 
Riddle Martha 78, 88 

William 88 
Rider Marie Evelyn 78,81 
Riker Marilla 24 
Riley Isabel 15 

James Edwin 15 

James Edwin Jr. 15 

John Edward 15 

Lynn (Madeleine Carol) 15 

Melissa 15 

Nancy Ann 15 

Pamela 15 
Roadhouse Levi 73 
Robbins W. (history) 19 
RobRoy (McGregor chief) 104, 116 
Roberts Jas. A. (history) 19,94 

John 4 

John {ch. member) 53 

M. F, (history) 28 

Peter (Robert) 53 
Robinson Eleanor 67 

Homer 11 

Kenneth W. 70 

Madelyn 1 1 

Colonel 117 
Rockwell Abigail 90 

Abram (s. of John B. ) 93 

Abram B. 93,94 

Andrew 92, 93 

Andrew Jr. 92,93 

Amanda 93 

Ann 92 

Anna 90 

Anna (died early) 93 

Asa M. 92 

Benjamin 92 

Bernice 92 

Blanche 92 

Carrie 93 

Caroline 93 

Celestia D. 92,93 

Charles D. 93 

Charles D. Jr. 93 

Rockwell (continued) 
Cynthia 92 
Daniel 92,94 
Dorcas 90 
Ebenezer 90, 94 
Edmon (Edmund?) 93 
Edmund S. 92 
Elizabeth 90 
Ella Gertrude 92 
Emma J. 92 

Esther {d. of Jona, 2nd) 90 
Esther (d. of Jona. 3rd) 92 
Esther V. 92 
Ezra 93 
Fay 93 

Fletcher (Henry F. ) 92,93 
Frances G. 92 
George 93 

George L, (history) 35, 94 
George W. 92, 93 
Hannah 52, 53, 54, 55, 57, 90, 

Hannah R. 93 
Henry 90, 94 
Henry Fletcher 92 
Ida 92, 93 
Isaac 93 
James (deed) 57 
James (s. of Ezra) 93 
Jessie 71 

John, emigrant 90 
John Jr. 90 
John B. 93,94 
John C. 93 
Jonathan 1st; 90, 94 . 
Jonathan 2nd; 90, 94 
Jonathan 3rd; 26, 52, 57, 90, 

Jonathan 4th 92 
Jonathan B. 93,94 
Jonathan "Jr." (unplaced) 93 
Lena P. 92 
Lena R. 92 
Lina 93 
Linnie 93 
Mary 90 
Mary A. 92 
Mary B. 93 
Mary Frances 92 
Miles (s. of Daniel) 92 


Rockwell (continued) 

Miles (s, of Edmund) 92 

Mina C. 92 

Minerva M. 92 

Nancy 93 

Nellie 92, 93 

Phebe Addle 93 

Philinda 10,93,94 

Sally (Sarah d, of Jona. 3rd) 
/23, 26, 91, 92 

Sarah (d. of Silas) 92 

Silas B. 90, 93, 94 

Solomon 92 

William (s. of Jona. 2nd) 90 

William (a. of Jona. 3rd) 10, 
/23, 91, 92, 93, 94 

William Jr. (b. 1831) 92 

William (s. of Ezra) 93 

William (s. of Silas) 92 

William (s. of John B. ) 93 
Rodgers Carman 8 

George 8 
Rogers Arthur 11 

Bertha A. 70 

Catharine 11 

Ernest 11 

Foster 11 

George C. 70 
Rork Lida 8, 10 
Rose Maria 26 

Maroe 26 
Roseman Marian 70 
Ross Jane 27 

Rhoda 4 
Rounds Gladys A. 100 
Rowland Lucy 1 1 
Rowley Alice Marilla 15 

Harriet 24 
Rudd Malcom (history) 49 
Rupp I.D. (history) 87 
Ruppersburger Susan 8 
Russell Christina 78, 80, 88 

O. L. (surrogate) 88 

William 77 
Ruttenber & Clark (hist. ) 19, 28, 45 

Sabin William 26 
Sackett Mary 85 

Sackett ( continued) 

Samuel 85 

Willis 45 
Salmon Edgar 10 

Pierson 10 

Robert 10 
Samletzky Erima W. 114 
Sanborne Geo. Gates 78 

Geo. Granby 78 

Sarah M. 78 
Sanderson Joseph (hist, ) 126 
Sanford --m. Margaret Hopper 56 
Sargent Fanny 71 
Saunders Susan J. 113 
Savage Clarence 1 12 

Clarence Jr. 1 12 

Emma F, (records) 119 

Frank 112 

Harry 1 12 

Helen E. 112 

James (genealogy) 36 

Lyman B. 110, 112 

Lyman C . 112 
Sayre Willis B. 93 
Saxton Rena 7 

Schafer Polly (Anna Maria) 76 
Schainholtz Elijah Jr. 72 
Scherin --m. Ida Whyte 113 
Scofield Abraham 92 

Anna 92 

--m. Ann Rockwell 92 

Esther 92 

Frank (Frances) 92 

Jackson 92 

Sally 92 

Thomas (m. Rhoda Bennett) 23 

Thomas (s. of--& Ann) 92 
Scott Esther 37 

Mark 93 

Walter (hist, novelist) 104, 116 
Scottish legal terms 117 
Scoville Charles O. 99 

Georgia 99 
Scroggie Florence E. F. 113 

George 113 
Selover Mame 45 
Seton Anya (hist, novel) 129 
Severence Grace 75 

Luther 75 
Severn Mary 44 


Severn (continued) 

Orin 44 
Sexton John L. (history) 87 
Shangle Charlotte 85 

Frances 85 

George R. 85 

Jacob 84, 85 

James 85 

Sarah Minier 88 
Shanley Mary 73 
Sharpe Abram 27 

Agnes 128 
Sharrow Charles C. 100 

Charles D. 99 

Eva M. 100 

Evart C. 100 

Ethel L. 100 

Nancy Jean 100 

Sandra Sue 100 
Shaw Abram J. 84 

Gladys M. 15,98 

Jay W. 15 

John 84 

Robert G, 113 

Robert T. (Col.) 82,84 
Shearer Margaret 98 
Sheldon George W, 36 
Sherman Eunice 78, 79 
Sherwood Emily 73 

James M. 73 

John W. (Col.) & John Jr. 73 

Sue 73 
Shoemaker Anna 7 

C.B. 7 
Shufelt Jean 73 
Shurter Alice (records) 88 

Edwin D. 85 
Shuttle worth 112 

Effie J. 112 

E. L. 112 

Mary Ellen 112 

Myrtle A. 112 

Norman P. 112 

Robert L. 112 
Silverthorn Aaron 124 

Caroline 124 

Caroline R. 124 

Edward C. 124 

Elizabeth (d, of John) 124 

Elizabeth (d. of Geo. ) 124 

Silverthorne (continued) 

Ellen M. 124 

Esther {d. of John) 124 

Esther (d. of Geo.) 124 

Francis 124 

George 124 

George Jr. 124 

Gordon 124 

Harriet 124 

Janet 124 

John (m. Esther Corwin) 
/122, 123 

John Jr. 124 

John (s. of George) 124 

Joseph 123 

Mary Ann 124 

Nathan 124 

Newman 124 

Rebecca 124 

Sarah 124 

Sarah J. 124 

Thomas 124 

Wm. Thomas 124 

Willis C. 124 
Simmons Sarah 4 
Simpson George 84 

Ira W. 56 
Skelly Edgar Robert 124 

Robert 124 
Slaght Sarah H. 44 
Slaughter Gloria 99 

Kent C. 99 

Wm. Edward 99 

Wm. E. 4th 99 
Smallwood W. C. 8 
Smith Alice Telina 69, 71 

Alvira J, 75 

Anne 1 6 

--m. Sarah Minier 66 

Benjamin 27 

Capt. (War of '12) 74 

Carlos 71 

Clarence S. 71 

Claude 11 

Daniel 7 6 

Earl S. 71 

Elizabeth 17 

Ernest Monroe 69, 71 

Ernestine 71 

Garrett 57 


Smith (continued) 

Gladys Cole 10 

Harriet B. 69, 71 

Harry 69, 71 

Hattie see Harriet B, 

Jemima 5 

John Townsend 68 

Laura 1 1 

Lucile 25 

Margaret 71 

Marion 7 1 

Mary Ann 33 

Mary Annis 71 

Nellie Roxanna 71 

Rachel 46, 50 

Reuben Swift 8, 9 

Ruth 57, 58 

Sarah 11 

William (m. P. Minier) 68,71 

William (of Waverly) 71 

William H. 69, 71 

Willis 71 
Snell Gwendolyn 113 

Jacob (sponsor) 65 
Snyder Belle nee Breed 69, 71 

--m. Jane Minier 80 

Christine 7 

Harry B. 70 

Helen M. 70 

Margaret M. 70 

Maude A. 70 

Walter Breed 70 
Spears Edith 78 

Florence 78 

John H. 78 

Robert M, 78 
Speedy Matilda 82, 84 
Spence Dorothy 79 

Jane 79 

Jay 79 

Jay Jr. 79 
Spencer Abigail 124 

Adam 122, 124 

Alexander 124 

Anne M. 124 

Annie (d. of Joseph) 124 

Annie (d, of Adam) 124 

Arthur W. 124 

Benjamin (s. of Adam) 124* 

Benjamin (s, of Robt. ) 124 

Spencer (continued) 

Benj, Alex, 124 

--m. ?a? ?y Hopper 56 

Catharine 124 

Dora 7 5 

Edward (records) 129 

Edward (s. of James) 124 

Edward B. T. 124 

Eliza 124 

Elizabeth 124 

Ella Catlin 124 

Ellen (d. of Joseph) 124 

Ellen (d. of Robt.) 124 

Emily 124 

Emma 124 

Esther Ann 124 

Hannah Margaret 124 

Helen 124 

James (s. of Adam) 124* 

James (s. of Joseph) 124 

James Wm, 124 

Joseph 124 

Joseph Jr. 124 

Joseph C. 124 

Lena Mary (manuscripts) 
126, 129 

Louisa 124 

Martha 124 

Mary A. 124 

Mary Eliza 124 

Robert 124 

Robert 2nd 124 

Sarah 124 

Sybil 26 

Sophia 124 
Speyers Marie 100 
Squires Adelaide 85 

Carrie 44 

George 85 

Theodore 44 
Stachowski Joseph 71 
Stanley Felix 67 

Thomas 67 
Stanton Mar ilia 68, 72 

Spicer 72 
Steadman James 5 
Steele Alice nee Smith 69, 71 

Clara Belle 28, 70, 87 

Daniel 7 1 

Frank O, 70 

* See Page 126 for descendents 


Steele (continued) 

Kathryn 70 

Margaret (S, Margaret) 42 

Mary Ann 70 

Patrica K. 70 

Roger Francis 70 

Mrs. Roy (records) 3, 19 

Samuel L. 42 

Sara T. 71 

S. Margaret 42 

Sidney B. 70 

Vivian 70 

Vivian C. 70 
Stepens Thankful 23 
Stephens --m, Lucy Rowland 11 

Charles 45 

Charles Jr. 45 

Elias 56 
Stevens Bruce Wm, 14 

--m. Mary? Minier 75 

Charles (m. Olive Everts) 44 

Charlotte (genealogy) 50 

Ebenezer 50 

Elias (spelled Stevns) 54 

Elias (records) 49 

Jedediah 28 

Joel 50 

John, emigrant 47, 50 

John Richard 14 

Kenneth T. 14 

Mary 40,47,48,50 

Samuel 47, 50 

William 47, 59 

William T. 14 

William T. 3rd 14 

William T. 4th 14 
Stewart Charles E. 80 

Joan 113 

Lulu 71 

Ruth M. 93 

Vern B. 93 
Stickney Charles (history) 3, 19 

Eliphalet 4 
Stille Alice 128 

John (Dr.) 128 
Stirling Earl of (grantee) 1 
St. John Esther 7 
Stocum -~m. Elihu Chapman 8 

Mary? 9 

Osie Kate 9 

Stocum (continued) 

Phoebe? 9 

Susan? 9 

Susan 93 
Stone Adelaide (Martha A. ) 87 

Israel 77 

John 47, 50 

Martha Adelaide 77, 87 

Richard 25 

Stephen 47 

Submit 40, 47 

William 47,50 

William Jr. 47 

William L. (genealogy) 50 
Stowell Ruth 9 
Strachen John 105, 118 
Strassburger &t Hinke (hist.) 86 
Stroble Min 10, 93 
Stroud Jacob (witness) 63, 64 
Strunk Marie Elizabeth 62 

Weinart 62 
Struthers J. R. C. Ill 
Stuart Christeen 107 

Frances 5 
Stude baker Peter 84 
Subert Amanda 77, 78 
Summer Frances F. 112 

Frank M. 112 

Jean K. 112 

Solomon 112 
Sutphen Mame 45 
Sutton Eliza Jennett 42, 43 

John 43 
Swain Sarah O. 78, 80 
Swan Mary Ann 109 
Swartwood Isabel 13,45 

Patty 27 
Swayne Charles E. 80 
Swayze Israel 124 

Lydia 124 

Penelope 124 
Swazy Abigail 18 
Sweet Mary H. 58 

Taylor Beverly J. 100 
Edward S. 100 

Edward S. Jr. 100 
Ellery (genealogy) 129 



Taylor (continued) 

Ivan H. 100 

Jane M, 100 

Jill Carol 100 

Howard S. (Capt.) 100 
Teal Ida 112 

Rena 112 
Terrill Barnabas 16 
Terry Ann 124 

Charles 124 

Deborah 16 

Elijah 4 

Elizabeth R. 124 

Esther L. 124 

John 124 

John H. 124 

Joseph S. 124 

Mary 16 

Par shall 17 

Phineas 4 

Wm, Frederick 124 
Terwilliger Ann M. 13 

Linda L. 13 

Gerald W. 10,93 

Stewart 13 
Thayer Frances 10 
Thomas Asenath 124 

~-m. Anna Rockwell 90 

Chas, William 124 

Esther 124 

George C. 124 

John Alex. 124 

M--m. Esther Silverthorn 124 

Rebecca 124 

Robert M. 124 
Thompson B, F. (history) 20 

Effa P. 70 

Elizabeth 22 
Thrasher Philip 25 
Thurston Lorenzo 85 

Miss (Seminary) 13 
Tichner Rebecca P. 82 
Tinnen Hugh 84, 85, 87 
Todd Hannah 17 
Tooker Jonah 7 
Topfer Joh (sponsor) 65 
Topple William 110, 112 
Touche Arthur 78 
Towner A. (hist, ) 28, 32, 35, 94 
Townley Lewis 7 

Townsend Gamaliel 53,91 

Rachel (ch. member) 53 
Treat Gov, 94 

Miss-- 94 
Tremaine George 9 

John 9 
Trenaman Madeline 114 
Trimble Mary Annetta 15 
Trowbridge James 36 
Truesdale James 68,69 

Sidney 69 
Trumbull Jas, (hiBtory) 19 
Tuthill Elizabeth 17,20 

Henry, emigrant 17, 20 

John 17 

Mary B. 5 

Phineas 5 
Tyndall John (Sir) 128 

Margaret 128 

Upper Catharine 124 
Utley Beatrice (Betty) 99 

Laura Edith 99 

Robert C. 99 

Sally 99 

Suzanne G. 99 

William T. 99 

Vail Abraham 92 

Hannah 93 
Van Buskirk Amelia 7 
Van Camp John (ch. member) 53 
Vance Hannah 17 
Van Cise Lodema 78, 80 
Vandeburg Alfred 124 

Edward 124 

Eliza 124 

J. 124 

Walter 124 

William 124 
Vandervort Anna 16 
Van Dusen Charity 40,41 

Hertry (Charity) 40 
Van Horn Ai 9 

Donald H. 10 

Donald Howard 10 


Van Horn (continued) 

Donald R. 10 

Dorothy 9 

Dorothy A. 10 

George 9 

John Thomas 10 

Kathryn M. 10 

Margaret R. 10 

Mary Alice 10 

Ralph 10 

Robert C. 10 

Ruth H. 10 

William F. 10 

William R. 9 
Van OrmanEdna Flood (records) 88 

Richard 69 
Van Pelt Cattelintie 58 
Van Vechten Carrie 45 
Van Wie Mary A. 26 
Van Wirt Aminta 92 

John 92 
Vice --m. Maggie Fletcher 107 
Voxburg Henry 77 

Wadsetter see John Fletcher 104 
Wagner Jacob 76 
Wakefield Charlotte 112 
Waldron Catharine 37 
Wallace Barbara E. 10 

Morgan 9 

Russell 10 

Win. Ralph 10 
Walrath Abram Jr. 85 

Eliza 84, 85 

Josiah 85 
Walters Raymond (history) 87 
Wanzer Jerusha 22,23 
Waram Christian 113 
Ward Ruby 113 
Wardman Lucy Ann 99 
Warner Emeline 43 

Jarius 43 
Warren Enoch Sr. & Jr. 35 
Warrick Ed. 75 

Isaac 75 
Waters H. F. 125 
Watts May 77 

John (Deacon) 77 

Weaver Sarah S. (genealogy) 87 

Walter G. 78 
Webb Elenor 4 
Webber Edith 71 

Ethel 71 

Frank 71 

Julia 71 

Nellie Smith 69,71 

Roy 71 
Webster --m. Hannah Howell 6,9 

Sarah 4 
Weed Elizabeth 90 

Jonas 90 
Welch Cecil (Lt. Com.) 80 
Welles see Wells 
Welling ~-m. Thos. Burt 32,37 

Charles 37 

Edward 37 

Elizabeth 37 

Hannah 37 

John (s. of Thos. &Syb.) 37 

John (s. of Thos. & Han. ) 37 

Laskee 37 

Lois 37 

Nancy 37 

Richard 31,37 

Sarah 37 

Thomas (b. 1637) 37 

Thomas (b. 1663) 37 

Thomas (b. 1690c) 37 

Thomas (m. Hannah) 37 

Thomas (m. Sybil) 31,32,35, 


Thomas 6th 37 
Welliver Blanche 84 

Dorothy H. E. 84 

Guy 84 

William S. 84 

Wilmot 84 
Wells Denton 93 

David 93 

Deborah 93 

Donna 93 

Eleanor (Welles) 67 

Eunice 26 

Fanny 7 1 

Harris G. 26 

Haskell R. 26 

Hepsibah (widow) 36 

Isaac B. 26 


Wells {Welles) continued 

James 4 

Jesse 26 

Jesse B. 26 

Joshua L. 4 

Lydia J. 26 

Mary L. (Welles) 67 

Matt, H. (Welles) 67 

Polly R. (Welles) 4 

Rhoda 26 

Robert B, 93 

William 112 

William (Welles) 17 
Westbrook Abram V. 32, 33, 35 

Elizabeth A. 33,35 
Westcott Robert 50 

Ruth 47, 50 
Westervelt Reuben 93 
Wetherall Florence 113 
Wharton Richard 129 
Wheeler Hannah 22 

Rachel 44 

Thomas 22 
Whipple Sarah 4 
White H. & A. (genealogy) 20 

Pamela 92 

Thomas (deeds) 57 
Whitaker Epher 1,20 
Whitman Mary A, see Wightman 

Sarah Everts 44 
Whyte Ida 113 

Mary 113 

William 113 
Wickham Charles E. 43 

Clarissa E. 43 

Clarke 43 

Emma A. 43 

Erastus 43,45 

Frances Marion 43 

Harriet A. 43 

George C. 43 

Martha 43 

Mary 43 

William Jr. 43 
Wiersch Rose M. 93 
Wightman Hannah 42,44 

Mary A. 42, 44 (Whitman) 
Wilcox Dora 44 

Joseph 47 

Mary 40,46,48,49,50 

Wilcox (continued) 

Owen N. (genealogy) 50 

Reynold W. (genealogy) 50 

Samuel 47, 50 

Samuel Jr. 40, 47, 50 

Thomas (genealogy) 50 

V. M. (genealogy) 50 

William 47 
Wilcockson (Wilcox) 50 
Wilkenson --m. Nathan Hixon 123 
Willard AUine 85 

--m. Charlotte Shangle 85 
Willen William (land) 57 
Williams Claude 11 

Cynthia A, 13 

Harry 9 

Justice 8 

Kirk B. 13 

Robert 13 
Willocks (Wilcox) Mary 49 
Willoughby Francis 94 

Miss-- 94 
Willson Abigail 124 

Adam 124 

Catharine 124 

James M. 124 

Nathaniel 124 
Wilson George 74 

Harriet 74 
Winne Anne 26 

David 26 
Winthrop Adam I 128 

Adam II 128 

Adam III 128 

Adam {s. of John Sr. ) 128 

Alice 128 

Anne 129 

Benjamin 129 

--m. Dr. John Cotts 128 

--m. Emanuel Downing 128 

Bridget 128 

Elizabeth 129 

Francis B. 129 

John (s. of Adam II) 128 

John (Gov. Mass. Colony) 128 

John (Gov. Conn, Colony) 128 

John (Fitz John) 129 

John (b. 1681) 129 

John (b, 1720) 129 

John (s. of above) 129 


Winthrop (continued) 

Joseph 129 

Lucy 129 

Margaret 121, 129 

Martha 129 

Stephen 128 

Waite 129 

William 128 
Wise Benjamin 5 
Wisner Catharine 37 

Hendrick 37 

Henry 37 

Johannes 37 
Wolfe Hannah 47 
Wolcott (Woolcott) 24, 70 

Adelaide 25 

Charles 24,25 

Frederick 24, 25 

George 24, 25 

Ida 70 

Justus N. 68, 70 

Margaret E. 24,25 

Margaret Minier 24, 69 

Samuel 70 
Wood --m. Sue Sherwood 73 

Elizabeth 4 

Elmer T. 8 

Flossie 8 

Frank 85 

Harriet 5 

John (Lt.) 17 

Oliver 73 

Percy 8 
Woodbury Adrien 84 

Alice 84 

Caleb C. 84 

Henrietta 84 

James 83 

Josephine 84 

Marion 83 

Susan 83 
Woodward A. C. 43 

Alfred 43 

James 43 
Woolf Harry 9 
Wright Abner (history) 36 

Betty 111 

F.T. Ill 

Kenneth 111 

William 37 

Wyncoop William (Maj. ) 35 

York Helen D. 75 

Young --m. Maria Minier 77 

Youngs Christopher 16 

Zinzendorf Count 63