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Full text of "Aristotle Works III Aristotelis Opera 4v.comb.PhysicAusc.EdSter.Tauchnitz.1831.1832."

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University of Virg.n-^Ubraty 

PA3890A21831 Ai V to(e||SOp(]ia oj„n l a 

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VOL. I. 


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;: 'V, I 

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SEP 19 -3 6 

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18 31. 

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Cap. 1. De principiis, eornmque cognoscendorum ra- 
tione. 2. De iis philosophis, qui unom modo priocipium 
statuerint. 3* De Melissi et Parmenidia doctrina. 4. De 
physicorum veterum circa principia placitia. 5. Contra- 
ria ponenda esse principia. 6. Noo unum modo, fed 
nee plura duobut aut tribut ease ponenda. 7. Tria ease 
ponenda, et quomodo. 8. De erroribus veterum. 

Gap. 1. Quid ait natura. 2. Quomodo differat pb j - 
sicus a mathematico. Physicnin et circa materiam et circa 
formam versari. 3. De causis, quae nam et quotaint. 4. De 
Fortuna et Casu. 5. Quid de fortuna atatuendum sit. 
6. Quomodo differat ab casu. 7. Physici esse, de omnibus 
cansia disserere. 8. Naturam propter certum finem agere. 
9. De necessitate in rebus physicis. 

Cap. 1 — 2. Quid sit motus. 3. Motum esse in mo- 
bili, uon in movente. 4. De infinite, 5. Infinitum sepn- 
Arist. Pnrs. Ausc. ' 

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rabilc a sensilibus, nullum esse, contra antiquos physicos, 
6. Esse, h. e. existere infinitum, et quomodo sit, et quid 
sit. 7. Quomodo ex definitione infiniti sequantur, quae 
de eo siut tradita. 8. Aliorum propositiones confutantur. 

Cap.l. An sit locus, et quid ille sit. 2. Locum non esse 
forma m neque materiam. 3. Quomodo aliquid in alio 
quodam, et an aliquid in se ipso esse possit. 4. Quid sit 
locus ex sententia auctoris. 5. De iis, quae sunt in loco, 
deque loci accidentibus. 6. De vacuo. 7. Antiquorum 
de eo opinio nes. 8. Quod non recle per mo turn astrna- 
tur vacuum, quando posito vacuo tollalur motus. 9. Re- 
futatur opinio eorum , qui vacuum demonstrarnnt ex 
denso et raro. 10. De tempore : an sit, quid sit , et quod 
aon sit motus. 11. Esse tempus ; sed neque esse motum, 
neque sine motu. Temporis esse numerum. 12. Pro- 
poiiuntur theoreinata, ad plenam temporis cognitionem 
speciantia. 13. Explicatur, quid sit, quod dicimus nunc, 
olim, iam, nuper, quondam , subito. Qua ratione tem- 
pus omnia ferat et auferat. 14. Omnem mutationem mo- 
tumque in tempore fierL Aliae de tempore quaes ti ones. 

Cap. 1. Quot modis mutentur, quae mutantur, et quid 
ditferat motus a mutatione. 2. De motu et quiete, et quot 
et quales sint motus. 3. Quid sit, quod dicimus : simul, 
seorsim, tangere, inter, deinceps, haerens, continuum. 
4. Quia motus simpliciter sit nans. 5. Qnis motus cui 
motui sit contrarius. 6* Quae quies cui motui sit con- 

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Cap. 1. De continuo. Demonstrator, nullum conti- 
nuum ex indivisibilibus compositum esse. 2. Et tcmput 
et magnitudinem esse continua et infiaita. 3. Id quod 
nunc didmus , esse indivisibile, neque motum in eo esse, 
aec quietem. 4. De motus et muutionis divisione. 5. De 
or dine partium motus, et primo an sit in motu primnm. 
6. Quomodo ea quae sunt in motu, sesepraecedant. 7.De 
finite et infinito in motu. 8. De quibusdam necessariis 
sd divisionem quietis. 9. Confutantur quorundam erro- 
res circa motum, et primnm Zenonis, negantis prorsus 
motum eue, 10. Indivisibile non moveri, contra Demo- 
rritum, qui docuerit, atomos per se moveri. Nullam mu- 
tationem intlnitam esse, contra Heraclitnm, ponentem 
omnia semper moveri. 

Cap. 1. Quidquid moveatur , ab aliqno moveri , et 
quod primus motus quispiam sit, primusque motor. 2. 
Movens cum eo, quod moveatur, simul esse. 3. Omnem 
alterationem esse in sensilibus , et in parte animae seusi- 
tiva. 4. Qui motus siot inter se comparabiles. 5. Quo- 
modo inter se comparentur motus. - 

Cap. 1. Motum utrinque ease aeternum. 2. Defendi- 
tur boc contra adversarios. 3. Motum primnm esse aeter- 
num, primumque movens immobile; et quare quaedam 
modo moveantur, modo quiescant. 4. Quidquid moveatur, 
ab alio moverL 5. Primnm movens ewe immobile. 
6. Esse aliquod aeternum primnm movens, quod neque 

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pex se neque per accidens moyeatur. 7. Prlmum et . 

motum laiionem((poQdw)y eamque solam esse coiitinua < 

8. Circularem motum solum esse posse contiuuu 

9. Eundem esse posse infinitum ac primum* 10. Primi • 
moyens expers tue omtiis magnitudinis et materiae. 

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htnubr\ to tlbevcu xal to iniorao&cu ovpfiaivH n%~ 
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Sa ywwextiv exactor, ihav tit atua yraolotafitv to 
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pillow • vottqow di ix rovtcov ylvttai yvwQipa to 
ototxsea, xal a% afxul, tiuxtqovoi tavta. 4- 4*o & 
lir *a&o\ov inl ta x*& txuata del nooiivai. To 
Arist. Phys. Ausc. A 

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yag oXov xaTa xyv aYa&tiaiv, yv(ogifi(axegov. To dk 
xa&oXov, oXov'xl ioxi. Holla yag negiXappavei aq^ 
fitgrj, xb xa&oXov. 5. Ilenov&e de xaixb xovxo xgo- 
nov xiva xal xa ovopaxa ngbg xov Xb) ov, "OXov yag 
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gi&i xoixav exaxegov. 

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xivbg, ?} xivav. 4. "Ofioiov dij xb axo.netv ei ovxatg 

Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


#o* xal ovx aya&bv, xal civ&qunog, xal Xmtog • xa* 

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Digitized by GOOgle 


t% anlrjg, allot xal allouaosag, iignsq ovx a&goag 
ysvofiivr^g psxafioliig. 3. "EnsiTa xal 8ia ri axivrjToy, 
el IV / oignsg yaq xal to jiiqog tv ov , to81 to v8(oq, 
xwutcu iv avxm, 8ia tI ov xal to nav; sTtsna allot— 
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Xnnov sxeqov tw el'dn, xal xavavxia allrjltov. 4. Kal 
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/ si' xivsg allot i'diol slot, • xal r\ Ivoig, ny fisv oxt tpsv— 
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xovfinioavTog 8s, ot* si fiova Ta Isvxa lr\q>dsiri, orj~ 
ualvovTog tvxov Isvxov, oi&hv i\xxov nolla xa Isv- 
xa, xal ovx sv. Ovxs yaq xjj ovvexsia tv Xaxat, xb Isv- 
xov, OVT8 T(p loym. y> Allo yaq soxat to slvat levxto, 
xal to 8s8syfiiv(o, xal ovx soTai naqa to Isvxov ov- 
8sv x^Q^otov. Ovyaq tj x^QKJTOv, alia to slvaifos— 
qov tw Xsvxw, xal to vnagxsi. 'Alia xovxo naqpsvi- 
8tiq ovmo avvstaqa. 5. *A*dyxri 8tj la§uv xdig li- 
yovotv tv xo ov slvai, pri fiovov tv ot)fiaivsiv xo bv, 
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tngxs slvai xi Vnaaxov. 'Alt vnbxsixai xb ov atrial— 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


«ij or; u yaq total to oneq ov to avTo xal Xtvxbv, 
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ovx or ' aXrj&ig yaq tinny, to ot* Xtvxbv ' tovto di 
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oxiq or, TiXtita aqa oripaivtt to ov. 7. Ov toIwv 
avde fisys&og S« to ov, tlntq ontq ov to ov ' ixeni- 
o» yaq txsqov to tlvaiTtav fwqimv. "Ori di diaiquxai 
to ontp oy tig ontq ov t* aXXo, xal zw Xoy<o (pavtqov 
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Suov onto ov ti tlvai, xal to dinovv • ft yap uh onto 
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iw w» imoxeipivq • aiU' advvaxov • ovfi^t^xog t« 
/ao earai, xal Xiyttay tovto, ij o irdixtrai vnaqxsiv, 
xal fifi vniqxsir ' V ov vnaqxn & v x <# Xoyot tovto <a 
<jvppi($r]xev • olor, to ^uey xa-dyodat, ag /wotCojite- 
roy & 6*8 T«p Of/i^ vnaqxn o Xoyog 6 T?js $tvo?, i? 
fa^** ov/u/fe/ff^xtVa* to otjuoV. 8.*i'Tt, oaa & Tq~» 
bqtonxtp Xoyta svtanv, rj i$ (ov ioriv, iv tw Jtd/oi to» 
TOVTftiy, ovx ivvnaqxn o Ao/o$ o tov otav, olo* & 
tw dlnodt o tov av&q&nov, % iv tw Aci/xw, o xov 
itvxov av&qatTiov. El toIvvv xavTa tovtov 1*xbi tov 
tqotiov, xal toj ctv&QWTua ovfiftiftrjxs to dlnow, ava- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


anoQ^asuy, ti pi) Tig ktigay vJio&yotTai tdie harti- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 



nXuw iqi&v, ovx stl * nqbg pev yaq to naaztiv facet— 
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t%ti if>Zty* Kal taxi xavxa nana, ovaia • inoxti- 
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tax? avxa, olox tw nvql xb <piot<j&ai axm* xovxo 
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xyg av tft) to yvwoiiuv a(A€poxiqag xag <pv<mg. "j&n 

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to ov irexa, xal to tiXog, tiqg avtrig, xal oca tovtw* 
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w, ov xoTa AWf^kfitfUo'g * oJov tov atbUpwrnw, xal 

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PHYSIC. A U9C.JU13.JJv CAP. 111. 31 

f ip&paptonoiqtmii, xal i jjfoJjfO^, oi %m£r fo$$*p 
w, all* y apdftas • al£ m> top aitip tqinop, ilia 
w pip ig vXy, to 4* ig S&& iy xipfjw* "iim di t*- 
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alitor tovds, tovto jxal asa&p aiuifu&a ipiott voi 
hardov • oJqp tqp anovular tov xvfieqp^tov p tys 
iov Ttlaiov avatooxSjSf ov yv f) naqovaUi cutlet tip 
wtuQitts. 5. "Anuria di ta pvp uqqpdpa altta hs 
ikraqas tqonovs nbttu tovg amptqmtamvg * (tit 
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mnaiv, xal to wvo xa* tit towvta tip o^tatmv, xal 
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*o& is to «£? ov uXtta iau •) tommy di, tit (tip is ti 
v noxtifi tpoy, joiov ti piqq ' ta di is to ti ip *Spoh 
xi^tt olop, xal % ovpfeatSf *«* to ildos • to di qtuq- 
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oiy, nayta i&ep i} aoj(^ tqs fUtafiolqs* V otaaws* 
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uspoi di xal ovxot ilatrovg * liyetai yog aVuu ooJU 
laxiSt *«» avtip tip vfioudiv, ii^ozi^uxg %al voti- 
?&£ ilXov alio ' olop iyieiag o laxgog, xal h Ttj^W- 
\\s ' *«» tov dta itaoip, to dmlawov, xal -o af*r 

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&(ibg, xal ael rot ntgdxovxa nobg t« xa&* exaoror. 
7. "En 6*', tog to ovp(le(liixbg, xal t« Tovtmy yivrj • 
olov avdoiavtog aXXtog IIoXvxXeiTog , xal aXXtag «v- 
dotayxonotbg, on ovpftip tjxs t£ avdqiavxonoiip tc 
UoXvxXehto elyai. Kal t« neoiixovxa de to avfifis- 
(trjxbg, oloy ei b av&otonog aXxiog eXf\ tov aydpiav- 
tog, rj oXto$ to £a>ov. *jEot* d£ xai T«y ovfifteprixo- 
tcw aMiv coUwv nogQcottyov xal iyyvxeooy, oloy ti b 
Xevxbg, xal 6 fiovoixbg al'riog Xiyovto tov aydgiay- 
rog. 8. JTaoa Ttavtflf fl£ xa* t« olxdug Xeyopeva, 
xal tct xara avfji^t^rjxbg , t« j^i* £? dvyapeya Xsye- 
t«*, t« d*i w? iveoyovvxa • olov tov olxodofieia-d-ai 
olxlay o olxodopog, rj 6 olxodokitov olxodofiog. 9.'0- 
jio/a>? ^e Xtx&rjOtTcti xal iq? toy alna ra aXiia tdig 
UQt}{t6Y0ig • oloy toi/£» tov aVflowevTOff, * j cWoiavrb?. 
^ xa} ojtws etxoVo?, xa} /aXxov Tovfle, i} ^aAxov, r 
oAa>£ vJL^g* xal £rr2 Twy avfx^t^xoTcov tooavrojg. 
10. jETt 5c ovpnXexofieya xal xavxa xal ixuva Xex&tf- 
oexai, oloy ov IloXvxXeixog, oide aydoiayxonotog, 
aXkct IloXvxXeixog avdotayxonoiog, *AX£ bfitog anotv- 
%a xavxa ion, to usy nXr)&og f|, Xeybfieva de dtfoag. 
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xara orvp/Je/fyxo?, fj tog to yivog tov ov(i(le(lr\x6Tog* 
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(pigu de tooovxov, oxt xa piv ivegyovvra, xal ia xa& 
fxaorov, agia iorl xal ovx eou, xal toy otXxkct • oloy 
ode o iaTQtvtov tmSs tw vyiaXo[ievto t xal ode b olxo- 
dop&v Ttpde t$ oixodofiovftivto. Ta de xaxa dvya- 
piy, ovx aeh <p&eioerai yao ovx «j" a V oixia xal i 

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oixodopog. 12. Ju di a$l to attwp ixacxov to 
axgoxaxop Ctjxeiv, £gnto xal inl tup ailvy olaw 
av&gconog olxodopu, oxh oixodopoQ* b d* obtodo- 
pog, xaxd t\\v olxodopixi'p. Tovxo xoirvp novxtyop 
to alitor, xal ovxtag inl napxatp. v £xi, xd uhf yirq 
totp ytvatv, tit di xad* txaoxa tip xa& txaoxa, olop 
apdqutpxonoibg ph drdoiarxog, bdl di tovdi* xal 
tag ukp dvpauug rat? dvpaxw, tot di iviqyovvxa Jtfbg 
tit, ivtoyovptpa. 1 3. "Ooa /ti? ovp ti aXxut, xal op 
tqotxop alxia, taxta ijfuy dmoujpipa Ixavatg. 

CAPUT IV. <zM-*-y ~ 

Aiytxai di xal r\ tixn xai to avxbfiaxop tS*p ai- 
uW* xal noXXd xal that xal yipto&ai foot xixv* 
xal Sia to avxogiaxop. Tiva ovp xoonop h xovxoh; 
iarl totg aixioig i) xvxty * a * J0 avxouatop • xal no- 
tiqov to avto n rvxn* * a * T0 avxbfiaxop^ i} ixtoov f 
xal oX<og xi ioxtv r\ tv/ij, xal to avxbfiaxop, imaxt- 
tit£ov. 2. "Epioi yaq xal ti iorlp /q uk, anooovow 
ovdir yio yivt&&ai anb xvxys (paolv, aXXa naptmp 
slval t* al'xiov igiofiivov, ooa liyopsv anb xavxofia- 
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slg Tt)p ayoodp, xal xaxaXafiup, cv ifiovXvxo (Up, oix 
(aero 3s, al'xiov to fiovXea-frai iX&opxa ayoQavar 
bfioiag Si xal inl tap aXXtop t£>p ano tvxW XtyofU- 
vo)Vj ad ti, elvai Xafiuv to al'xiop, aXt ov xvx*P» 
3. *Ei*sl & yi Tit rjp % Tvxxy axonop Sp (pcxvilt} wg 
aXri&wg • xal anooyoeup dp xtg, did xl notB ovdtlg 
xiv doxatcoy ooq>ip xd al'xia nsol yvpfowg xal qp^o- 
gag Xiycov, neol xvxyg ovdip duigtasp * aXX w$ Jo*- 
xtp, ovdip Sopxo ovd' ixiipoi thai anb tvxhs* y AlXd 
Arist. Phts. Ausc. C 

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%ol\ xovxo davpaoxov. 4. IloXXa yaq xal yiyvBxa* 
xal eoxiv anb xvxys *«' * no xaixopaxov a ovx «- 
yyoovrxeg , oxi %oxw intvtyxiiv txaoxov ini xi oXtioj 
xStv yivojiivtav, xa&dneo b naXaibg Xoyoq itnvy, i 
ivtuQ&v xip Tvxyv * oping xovxoay tit pkv thai cpctiji 
navxtg anb xvxfig, xa d' oix anb xvxw* 5. <dii 
xal afKagyentog rjv noirixiov avxoig (iveiav. AlXo 
(ir)v ovd' ixsivtoy yd xi wovto elvou xr\v xvxW> oTo* 
iphXlav, % viixog, ij nvo, rj voir, ? aXXo yi xi xa>> 
xoioixw. *!dxonov ovv ttxt pi) intXapfiavov tlvcxi, 
tfxB dopey oi naqiXemov, xal xavx* ivloxs /la/ttevo* • 
wgneo 9 £pnedoxXf)g , ovx ill xov aiga anoxQlvto&ca 
avmxaxa q>i\olv, aX£ ontog ay xvxjl' Akyti yovv i* 
xjl xooponoiia • 

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xal xa pooia x&v Jww* Anb xixyg yevio&ai xa nXeX- 
axa (prjalv. 6. Elal 6i xivig ol xal xov oioavoi xov- 
ds, xal xiav xoopixStv navxtav alxuovTcti xb avx6p,ci- 
xov • anb xavxopaxov yaq yiyveo&ai <paoi xijv divrjv 
xal xtjv xivtjoiv , xt)v diaxoivaaav xal xaxaaxr\aaaotv 
tig xavxtj* xijv xaliv xb nav. 7. Kal paXa tovto 
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xiov (ov yaq 3, xi txvxtv, ix xov aniqpaxog kxdoxov 
yiyvixai, aXX* ix psv xov xotovdl iXaia, ix ds xov t*»- 
ovdl avd-qtanog) xbv ds ovqavbv xal xa &twxtoa Twy 
(pavtQWv, anb xov aixopaxov ytvio&ai • xoiavxip di 
aixiar fifjds/iiay thou, oXav x&v fwwy xal xiv yvxmr. 
8. Kalxoi y$ ti ovxmg ex*h xovxo yi avxb abov in& - 

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exaoetog* xal xaXmg t/ft Xex&yvai t* mgl avxov 
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C 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


carta, ovxt ftovltvoapipa, noiu. Jib anooovol t«- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


Qa, ij ov ; axonov ydg' aXXa fif^v Ifle* ye, ttneg xa 
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oiy total diet tavta, "OXtag fiivioi firi ovtutv, ovx 

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total ovd« ij otx/tx, ovde o rcotW * { /u«r, & fii ot li- 
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J^ntl ds ij qtvoig p& iotir- agxy **n?a««c **» furcc- 
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*oy, xal oXtog xiyr\uxop tt xal xipipbp* to yaq xtpq- 
tixbp, xipyuxbv tov xirrpov • xal to xiPtjtby, *wij- 
tov vitb tov xwrjtixov. 4. Ovx sot* di xiri\oig naqa 
t« nqayftata •» fistaftaXXu yaq ail to fitta§dXXop 9 
V %at ovoiar, q xati itoobv, ij xata nowp, i\ xata 

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ronov. Kowbv d* inl tovtwv ov&iv iari Xa§iiv, &\g 
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i)tixb.v xal TtaStrpwQv. Vz?Tt xal to mivovv <pwix&$ 
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avro. Joxu [aw ovv xialv anav xivuo&ai xb xi- 
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on xlvrjolg ioxiv. 1 1 . "Oxi fih ovv ioxlv avxrj, xal 
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avayxr) aqa x\\v olxodopyoiv xr,v iviqyuav thai' % 
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tog iq>aqfioosi Xoyog xal inl xSiv aXXtov xivriotav. 
Arist. Piiys. Ausc. D 

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"Oxi ds xaXStg ti'qtjxai, dyXov xal i$ lav ol aXXoi 
ittql avxtjg Xiyovai, xal ix xov fiij qydiov thcti d logi- 
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avxovg, oxi uoqiaxov xi doxti thai i) xivijaig ' rtjg de 
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viixai i$ avayxr\g, ovxs xb ivsqytia noaov. 4. "H xt 
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6s thai. 5. KivtXxai ds xa* xb xivovv, agitsq sl'qr)- 
t«*, nav xb dvvaftsi ov xivr\xbv, xal ov ^ axivijoia 

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PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. 1U. CAP. 10. 51 

%gt(iia taxi* * « yag i) xivrjou; xnxigxu, Tovry >) *- 
«ivr)ola Tjytfiia • to yap 7^0$ tovto irtgyiir, jj to«-> 
ovtov, ovro to xtm? for/. Tovto 6*i jroifl ££«* 
w$t« tifia xal nioxu • du> f) xlvyoig ipttlixna tov 
xivyiov , tj xivqxov. 6. Zvpflaira, di tovto \H$ti 
tov xwyjixov. "/lotf apa xal Wo/ci. Eldog 6i 
atl olaerai ti to xivovr, iJto* tide, ij toiovdt, if toooV- 
St, sot at, agxv *«* cttrior ti}s xif^oca;, ot«v x*vj}« 
Oiov o trxtlixtia av&ganog noiti ix tov dwifin or- 
xog av&Qwnov ay&gwnov. 

Kal to aixogoifitwov di yavegbv, on iatlr rj x«Vi;- 
<hq it tw xivrjtM • irrtXixtta yag ioth tovtov, xal 
vnb tov xtvrjTixov. Kal ?j tov xirrjxixov da ivig- 
yua, ovx ally iaxi' du fiir yag thai IvxtXixttat 
afupdiv * xivijuxby fiiv yag igti, xw dvvao&ai • x»- 
vovv 6e, t« ivtqyuv • aX£ Wmv ivegyrjuxov tov xi- 
vj]tov' wgxe oftoiwg plot % apfdlv Mgyua • agntg 
xo (xvto dtaoxijpa IV ngog dvo, xal dvo ngbg tv, xal 
xo avavtsg xal to xatapttg • tavxa yag tv fiiv iottv, 
(iixtoi Xoyog ovx **£• 'Ofioiatg &i xal til tov xi- 
vovvtog xal xivovpivov. 2. > Ex** &' anoglar Xoyt- 
ntfv uvayxaiov yag Vo&g ttval tiva Mgytiav aXXi\v 
tov noirjTixov xal tov na&f]Tixov • to pkv yag ixoirj- 
oig, to dk na&rioig. "Egyoy di xal tiXog, tov pkv 
nolijpu, tov <5e na&og, 'JEtxsI ovy aptpto xivrjottg, si 
iikv tTtgat,, iv tlvi; rj yag afi<pn iv t<J> naoxom xal 
xtvovfiivv, ij i\ fiiy nolrjoig h tw noiovvti, % 6b na- 
$H<rig iv t$ naaxow A 61 del xal tavx^v nolrioiv 
*uXhv, opwvvpmg av efij. °AXXa [ity d tovto, y x/- 


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vrjoig iv to) xwoyvxi ecrtai' o yag avtog Xbyog inl 
xivovvxog xal xivovpivov* "jlgxs y nav xb xivovv 
xwTjoetcu, % %x ov xImigw ov xwrjosxai. El d* afi<pw 
iv tw xivovfitv(o xal ndoxovxt,, xal t\ n oitjotg xal ij 
nqtd-rjaig • xal ff dida&g xcd fj iid&riGig, dvo ovoai, 
iv T(T) fiav&dvovxi • tiqwtop psv, v\ ivigysta fl Ixa- 
azov, ovx iv exdatca vndglw sir a, axonov xb dvo 
xwrjoug apa xwsio&ou* xiveg yag %oovxai aXXouu- 
osig dvo xov kvbg, xal tig ev eldog • aX£ advvaxov. 
*AXXa fila larat ivigyeta; aX£ aXoyov, dvo kxigwv 
tw ttdu xijv avxi\v xal fiiav eivat iv&gyuav xal 
WTcti, ei'jisQ i] fia&rjaig xal ?; dida^tg xavxb, xal ij 
noir\ai>g xal r\ na&ijoig, xal to diddoxeiv tw (xctv&a- 
vnv xavxb, xal to nouiv x§ ndaxBiv. "Jlgxs %bv di- 
ddoxovxa avdyxrj %oxav ndvxa [lavd-dvuv, xal xbv 
novovvxa ndozsw. 3. *H ov xb to xtjv aXXov ivigyuav 
iv kxigca thai axonov • (cot* yag fj dida^tg ivigyua 
xov dtdaoxaXixov • *v xm fiivxoi^ xal ovx dnoxsxfjiri- 
fiivrj, dXXa xovde iv rcods •) ovxs [yag] filav dvoiv 
xwXvei ov&ev xtjv avxtjv tlvou, (jtri a>g xb slvat xb 
avxb, ag Xdmov xal Ifxdxiov • aXX' wg xb dvvdgiBt ov 
vndgxu ngbg xb ivsgyovv). 4. Ovx dvdyxrj xov di- 
ddoxovxa fiav&dvsiv, ovd* el xb naox^ivxal xb not- 
uv xb avxb iaxi • pri fiivxot cliff xbv Xoyov slvai tva, 
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xiaf aX£ mg % odbg y Qtjpri&ev 'A&ijvats, xal fj 
'A&rjvfi&sv dg Orjfag , &gneg ugr\xcu xal ngoxtgov. 
Ov yag xa avxa Ttavxa vndg%u xotg oncooovv xav- 
To7e, dXXa povov olg xb slvat xb avxb . Ov fifjv 
dXX* ovd* d % didahg xjj na&r\ou xb avxb, xal xo 

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PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. 111. CAP. IV. 53 

fiav&dvsiy tw diddoxuv to avto • wgneq ovd' ti 17 
didotaoig pla twv oWt^xoto)?, xal to duarao&ai 
Mivdt ixtloe, xal ixsi&tv dsvqo, sv xal to avro. 
5.°Oltag d' unity , ovd' rj dida$ig tjJ fia&iiati, ovd* 
ij noir\oig tji nadyast, to avtb xvqioag, aX£ <# vndq- 
Xu tavta? 7) xivrjoig • to yio Tovfo ly to>06, xcu to 
xot/^s V7TO tovds iviqyuav tlvai, ittqov toi Xoyw. 
6- TV /uy o-uy (oily ij xlvyoig, xal xa&oXov, xal xata ^ 
piqog, tXQ7]xai • ov yaq SdrjXov wg bqiad"i]attah twv 
udwv txaarov aviijg • aXXoioaaig fxh yaq, t) tov aX- 
Xouaxov, ji aXXouatbv, ivtsXixsia. >f Bti ds yvwQipm- 
ttqov, ij tov dvvafui, noirjtixov xal na&Tjtixov , p 
rotovrov, anXoug ts xal naXw xa& exaatov, 1] oixo- 
do/itiaig, ij idtqsvaig. Tov avtbv di Xtx^iatiat 
tgonov xal ntql twv aXXtov xwi)aiwv kxdatr^g. 
'Ensl d* iorlv fj ntql'(pvas(og.iniatrjfifi nsql fieys- 
\h\, xal xlpr\aiv, xal xqovoy, (ov txaarov avayxatov t\ 
ansiqov, tj nsntqaapsvov ilvai, {(I xal pi) nav tow 
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to aneiqov (nXi)v ol fiev Jlv&ayoqeiot, iv totg at- 
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veotg nlip 6\>x a 1 pa • xal tiva aqxw *7vcu del trjg 
yevfoetog. Avri\ tf iatl pia, ov ixelvog xaXei row. 

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PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. 111. CAP. IV. 65 

e ds vovg, an agxfo rtvog igydfcxai voyoag • £g t« 
avaptr} [ndvxa] bfiov nox tlvcu, xal ag$ao&al nox* 
xivovpeva.) 6. Ar^ioxgixog di, ov&b txtgov £ M- 
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i\xovaa roig qpvotxoig 7] &twgla, dtjXov ix xovxtay, 
7. EvXoyag de xal agxhv avxb ri&iaoi nivxzg • ovxi 
yag fiaxfjv olovxs aixb tlrou, ovxs aXXi]v avxia vnag- 
Xttv dvvafiw, nXrjv ug agxty' anarxa yag ij agxht 
f) H &QXVS ' T °v 6s amlgov ovx toxiv agxv ' *fy Y*Q 
av avxov nigag. *Exi 61 xal ayivvr\xov xal u(fdag- 
xov, &g vqxt) Tig ovoa. To, x$ yag ysvoptvov, a^a- 
yt% Xapiiv tiXog, xal xeXtvxrj naorjg iaxl qt&ogag. 
dio, xa&antg Xiyofitv, ov xavxrjg agxht <*X£ avxi) 
xav aXXwv clvai doxu, xal mgUxuv anavxa, xal 
itavxa xvjSegvav, &g cpctoir boot fiij noiovoi naga to 
antigov SiXXag ah lag, oTov vovv, ij (pdiav, xal xovxo 
thai xb -d-Bioy a&dvaxov yag xal avdXt&gov, <Sff- 
rceo <pi]olv b 'AvaSlpavdgog , xal oi nXiioxoi ttav <pv- 
owXoyow. 8. Tov d* tlval xt anttgov, fj nlorig ix 
nbrtt (iaXtoxa aV ovpPalvoi axonovow Ix it xov 
Xgovov • ovxog yag anugog • xal ix xyg h xotg [tt- 
yi&BOt dtctigioetag • XQ® VTal Y**Q xa * °* pa&riparixol 
tw aneigcp • %xt, t<JJ ovxwg av fiivtag firj vnoXelntiv 
yhwiv xal cp&ogav, u anugov sl'rj , o&w iupaigeixai 
to yiyvofievov txi, xto xb ntnigaopivov ail ngog t* 
ntgalvtiv tigts avdyxr\ pijdb tlvai nigag, (I atl 
ntQaivuv avayxrj exegov ngbg txtgov. 9. MaXioxa 
^ xa* xvgu&xaxov, o xijv xowijv nokti aitogla* naor 

Digitized by GOOgle 



dia yag xb iv xj) voijosi py vnoXtlnuv, xal o aQiS-fjibg 
doxu antigog tlvai, xal xa pa&Tjpaxixa fityd-&i], xal , 
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xal (JWfia aittigov elvai 6oxh, xal xoofioi. Ti yog 
udXXov xov xevov ivxav&a , i\ ivxav&a; tog-re si'mg 
povaxov, xal navxaxov avdyxrj tlvai xbv oyxop. 
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fia anugov avayxaiov tlvai • to yag ivdixea&at rov 
Avai oi&iv dia<pegei iv xo%g aidioig. 10. *'Mx*i d* 
dnogiav i] ntgl tov dnslgov dstagia* xal yag fii) elvai 
xi&tpivoig iroXXd advvaxa avfi^aivti • xa* tlvai. *jKt* 
di, noxigcag ioxl, noxsgov wg ovaia, i] wg ovjuftefitj- 
nbg xa& alto q>voti xivl, rj ovdexigtog* aXX* ovtdev 
rjxxov ioxlv anugov ij antiga x$ nXr]&ti. 11. JWa- 
Xioxa $s (pvoixov ioxi oxiipao&at, ti taxi fiiye&og ai- 
od"r\zov antigov. Ilgiaxov ovv diogioxiov, itooaxmg 
Xiytxai to ansigov. "Eva fisv ovv xgdnov , to adv- 
vaxov ditX&tiv, xoi fir) nt<pvxivai duivai • otgneg rj 
qxovij, aogaxog, 'AXXwg di,xb dU$odoy s%ov artkev- 
t^tov rj o poyig, rj o 7ie<pvxbg txtiv, PV *X st ^« did$- 
odov, rj negag. *'Exi ansigov anav, rjxaxa nQoa-ds- 
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diaigsxbv, rj psyedog i'oxai, rj nXti&og. M di ccdiott- 
gexov, ovx anugov, u py tag r) (pavrj aogaxog, 3 Ali' 
ovx ovxbig, ovxs cpaalv tlvai ol (pdoxovxeg slvai to 

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unugov, ovx8 rjfisig £rjxovfifP 9 &X£ wg adti£odop. 
2. itj ds xaxa ov/jfisft^xog ioxi xb antigov , ovx ap 
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fofupop, si fiegioxop. To yag an tig (o eipai, xal «- 
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xatf wioxhu&pov. Jlgx tj adiaigsxop, tj tig anti- 
po duttgexov • noXXa d' anuga advpaxop tw uvto) 
thai. IdXXa (ir\p mgneg aigog arjg pigog, ovx<o xal 
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oxor aga xal adiatgtxop. *AlX advpaxop xb ivxeXe- 
tua ov anttgop • nooop yag xi tlpai apayxalop, 
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xag, Sgneg oi Ilv&ayoguol qpaoip ' Spa yag ovaiap 
Ttowvob to anugop, xal pegiSovoip. 5. IdXJ? I'acag 
avxfj fiir ioxt xa&oXov fj ^xriffig fiaXXop, si ipdixs- 
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•» noiovfis&a xijp fu&odop, ag saxip ip aixoig, n 
to* taxi owfia anugov inl xqp criflqow. C Aoy*~ 

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xwg fiiv ovv axonovfiivoig, ix twv touovds $6* tut 
Sv ovx slvar si yag ion oapatog Xoyog to ininida 
wgiopivov, ovx Sv sXr\ oapa anstgov, ovts votjtbv, 
ovts otiod-rjTov* l*AXXa firjv ovd* agi&fibg ovttag ws 
xsxagiofisvog xal anstgog' agi&fifjtbv yag 6 <xo(- 
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bixstai aQi&ftTjoai, xal dis&Xd-siv Sv sl'rj dvvatbv to 
anstgov. (Pvotxwg 8& fiaXXov -dsagovoiv ix twvds, 
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^ *< ': * i J- 1 7 *g<wfiiva tot 7rA*;#£* t« ototxsia sl'rj. 'Avayxrj yag 
I nXslta slvat, xal ioagstv asl tavavtla, xal (ir\ slvat 
sv avtiv anstgov * si yag onaoovv Xsinstat fj iv hi 
caftan divapig d-atigov, olov si to nvg nsnigaotat, 
6 $* arjg anstgog • cot* dk to Xoov nvg jov Vaov cU- 
gog tji dvvafiM bnooanXaoiovovv, fiovov ds agt&fiov 
tiva i'xov * ofitog tpavsgbv, on to anstgov vnsgjJaXu 
xal (p&egu to nsnsgaopsvov. 9. "Exaotov d* Snst- 
gov slvat advvatov • oafia yag ion to navtrj %xov 
diaotaotv • anstgov di to ansgavttog dtsotrjxog • e3<r- 
T8 to anugov oaifia, navtaxrj sotat dtsoTqxbg tig 
anugov. 10. !4JU« /irjv ovde sv xal anXovv slvat 
ivSixsrai to anstgov capa, ovts, wg Xsyovol ttvsg, 
to naga ta ototxsia, i$ ov tavta ysvvSiOtv, ovfP o- 
nXwg* siol yag twsg oltovto notovot to anstgov, 
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ino tov inslgov avtmv Ijjfovo* yag ngbg aXXrjXa 
ivavtlaotv, olov o fisv aijg ynjxgbg, to 5' vdtog vygbv, 
to 6i nvg S-sgfiov toy si sv ansigov, sy&agto ay ijdtj 
thXXa* vvv §h stsgiv opaoiv slvai to i$ ov tavra. 

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il. *Advvatov $* tlvai toiovtov, ovx on antigov 
(ntgl tovtov yag xoivovti Xsxtiov inl navtbg buolcog 
mi aigog, xal vdatog, xal btovovv •) aXX' on ovx 


tnoixua • Sinew yag, £ ov iotl, xal diaXvttai tig 
tovto. Iflgrs i\v av ivtav&a naga aiga, xal nig, 
xalyyr, xal vda>g alio tf cpalvtiai d* oi&b. 12. 
Ovdi dy nvg, ovb* alio t&v <rroi/*/ew oi&b antir- 
gw bdsxerai tlvai ti • oXtag yag xal /ropi? *ov anti- 
gov iivai t* aixiv, advvatov to nay, x$v 1} ntntga- 
apivov, r\ tlvai, ij yivto&ai %v ti avt&v, £gntg 'ifga- 
xlnxog q>ijoiv anavta yhtod-al nott nvg. 13. c O di 
avtbg Xoyog xal inl tov bbg , olov noiovoi naga xa 
oioixua ol qpvoixol • nana yag finapdXXti i$ bav- 
tlov tig bavtlov, olov i% dsgfiov tig ipvxgov. Jii di 
mgl navtbg, xal b tavdt oxoniiv, ti ivdixtxav r) ovx 
ivdexErai tlvai owfxa anugov aio&rjrov, 14. "On dt 
olag Hvvatov tlvai otapa antigov alo&ijtbv,ix Twr- 
& dyXov ' niyvxt yag nav to aia&rirbv nov tlvai, 
*al tart tfmog rig txaotov, xal b avtbg tov fioglov 
xal navtbg, olov oXrjg tt trig yr\g xal' fnag fttoXov, 
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fov iitvii ; ov xivm&tiattai aga' ^ Ttavtaxov xivn&n- 
mat,; ovx aga attjattai. 15. El d 3 avopoiov to 

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nav, avofiowi xal ol xonor xal ngmxov psv ov% IV 
to ow/ia xov navxbg, aX£ ij xo) dnxso&ai. 'Encirct, 
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nsnsgaofisva jisv ovx olov xs m saxat yag xd fisv a— 
nstga, tit d' ov, si to nav ansigov, olov to nvg, *} to 
vdag. 0-doov di to xoiovxov xoig ivavxioig, xa&ai— 

71SQ si'gtJXai ngOXSgOV. Kol did TOV TO, OV&slg TO £V 

xal ansigov nvg inoirjosv, ovds yi\v, x&v (pvotoXo— 
yaw, dl£ ij vdwg, rj diga, ij to fisoov avxwv St* to— 
nog Ixaxigov, dijXog r\v Siagiofiivog. Tavxa d* 
inafMpoxsgi&i t<Ti avta xal xdxat. El d* dnsiga xal 
aula, xal ol xbnoi dnsigoi, xal saxai dnsiga toc 
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xonoi, xal to olov nsnsgdv&ai -avayxaiov * advvpt— 
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ydg 6 xonog 6 nag fisi£a>v, *j oaov ivdsxsxai xb oio/bioc 
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ovxb xb o&fia (jiei£oP, rj o xonog • ij yag xsvbv scmxt 
xl, ij o&fia ovdapov nsqpvxbg slvai, \§.*Avaliay6- 
gag 6* axontag Xsysi nsgl xqg xov ansigov povfjg • 
oxijgi£siv yag avxb avxd qprjai to ansigov, xovxo da, 
oxi iv avx§ • aXXo yag oifrsv nsgiixsi. € Jlg onov ay 
xl ji, nscpvxbg ivxav&a thai • tovto d' ovx iX^S-is • 
sYtj yag ay xi nov (Ha, xal ovx ov nsyvxsv. 17. 2£» 
ow oxt fidXtoxa py xtvsixai xb oXov • (to yag iv «v- 
T<p oxr)gi£6(isvov, xal iv avxoj ov, axivi[xov slvat a- 
vayxi\ •) dXXd did xi ov nicpvxs xiveio&at , Xsxxiov • 
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yag dv xal bxtovr aXXo ov mvovfisvov • ilka nsqpv- 
uivcu, ovdsv xakvsi- insl xal v yij oi qpsgsxai, ovd* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


u anugog rjv • tlgypivf] fiivroi inb tov (idoov * aXlH 
ovx, ow iarlv aXXo ov ivtx&riotTcu, /uvoi av inl tov 
ftiaov • aXX* on ov nicpvxtv oviw. Kaitoi iliifl av 
ttyuv, on OTtiQlfa kavrrjv. El ow pud* inl tr,g 
yi\g tovto atxkov antlgov ovorjg, all' ou fiagog £/«i, 
to <$« fiagv /**m t^ri tov pioov, 17 di 71} £ii tov ju«- 
aov, Oftoltog xal to antigor fisvu iv avioi, #ia a>Utjy 
xtya ah lav, xal ovx ° T * Snugov, xal oxijo/Jm <*vtb 
avio. 18. ^a #£ dr^Xov, on xyv bxipvv dioi fiigog 
fiimv wc yap to antiqov h IcrvTO) fiivti orfjgliov, 
oviw x$v bxiovv Xi]<p&fi fiigog, iv iavro) fiivti • tov 
yao i'lov xal tov fUgovg bfiotidtTg oi Tonoi, olor 
olrjg yjqg xal @dXov , xatto • xal navrbg nvgbg xal 
wuvd-i}Qog, av<o. 'Jlgre ti tov antlgov Tonog to h 
cwtw, xal tov fiigovg 6 avxog ' (itvti aga iv kavroi. 
19. OXag 6s (pavtgbv, on advvaTov apa antigov Xi- 
yuv o&fia, xal totzov two, tlvai ToTg oojfiaoiv, tl nav 
aaua ata&rjTov, tj fidget g exti, V xovq>oTfjTa • xal ti 
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xowpov, Svod. 3 Avayxrj yag xal to antigov owfia. 
Advvaxov de ij anav bnoTtgovovv , f\ to ijfiiov Ixa- 
T«pov nmov&tvai* nutg yag dUXtjg, ?j nStg tov and- 
gov torai, to fiiv avto, to di x«tco, % \ax wtov V (*&- 
ooy/ 20. 'fen, nav awua alo&rjTOv iv Tonta • totiov 
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o&w xal omo'&sv, xaldstibv xal agiOTsgov' xa* Tav- 
to ov fiovov ngbg fipag xal &ioM , aXXa xal iv avtoi 
i« oXcjj duagiorai. 'AdvvaTov d* iv Tta anetgw iivai, 
T «VTa. 21. c AnXmg $8 ti advvxTov Tonov slvai ami- 
gov, iv totio) ds nav ouna,.advvaTov aneigov ttval x* 

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aotfia. 'Allot pr\v xb ys nov , eV xontp • xal to iv to- 
ny, nov. El ovv fitjds noaov oloy x zlvcu to ansir- 
gov* (noaov yag xl saxai, olov dlnr^v, % xgbxitfv 
xavxa yag arjpaivu xb noaov) ovxto xal to iv tony, 
oxt, nov • tovto ds, ij ava, i) xdxa, % iv ate.*} w* 
diaaxdasi xtov IJ?' xovx(ov 5' txaaxov nigag xl iarty. 
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vsgbv ex XOVXGJV, 

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xa avpfiaivsi, d^Xov xov xs yag xqovov saxai rig ag- 
tfl xal xsXsvxr^ • xal xd fisys&rj oi diaigsxd sig fisvs- 
&og, xal agi&iibg ovx saxai ansigog. "Oxav di 6W- 
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xovxo drj xal dyXov, oxt nag psv iaxi, nStg 3' C v. 
Asysxm ,6e xb slvai, xb ftsv dvvdfisi, xb ds ivxsXexsia* 
xal xb ansigov iaxi fisv ngog&iasi, taxi ds xal aopcu- 
giasi- xb ds fiiye&og, oxi usv xax ivsgysiav oix earn 
ansigov, eigrjxar diaigsasi 6° iaxi • oi yag xaXsTibv 
avsXstvxdg dxo/iovg ygappdg. 2. Aslnsxai ovv dv- 
vdfisi thai xb ansigov. Ov del ds xb dvvdfisi ov Xau- 
fidvsiv, iignsg si dvvaxbv xovx dvdgidvxa slvai, &g 
xal saxai tovt dvdgidg- ovxm xal ansigov xi, o iarat 
ivsgysia. IdXX insl noXXax&g xb slvai, oignsg y ^£. 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


yid-ovg, wgntg inl xi)v diaigeoiv vntgfiaXXu navxog 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


&ir iartv Hfa>" ov d* iorlv anovola ejoi, ov nav, 
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ARI8T. Ph?S. AUSC. E > I „ 

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Digitized by CjOOQle 


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gia, dXXcc ylvsxai, iigneg xal o XQovog xal o agi-d-pbg 
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xl ioxtv txaoxov, xal dioxi nav piye&og dg psyi&ri 

Digitized by GOOgle 


dtatgsxop. 5. Oix aqpatgtixat b*i o loyog oidi xovg 
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CAPUT Vlll. 
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oxij xal h elluytg , ali inl xyg vorjototg * fkaoxo* 


Digitized by GOOgle 


yag av rjfiiv vorjasU xig noXXanXaoiov iavxov eei/£ap 
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L I B E B IV. 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


hsQOv izarmv thou doxti' h w ydg arjg ioxi yw, 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


ria v7iagz fl avty tap tmaqmp • ovf t yaq ag vlff 
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nidov xal niqatog. "Eott di toioitop i\ vlf\ xal to 

Digitized by GOOgle 


aogtoxov * otocv yag dq>aigs&y xb nigag xal za nd- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


to negag h j$ ntntqaopivto. Ov yag nav xo ov iv 
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Arist. Phys. Ausc. F 

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soxai o i<p (o y XQWog dinXaoiov xov «V w £ . Ka\ 
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hxat xiqxqovog iv (o dia xov xevov buovv oio&tjorrcu, 
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alo&fiou adyXov. Kal del Si] iv navri ot&fAari txovti 
(leTacmww, i<p o ni(pvxs ov(itis&ioTao&tti, , avayxti, 
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xalxgbvov xal yag iav rj axoxog, xal fiijdev diet xov ow- 
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&« f xal firj y ti ig to ngotego* xal wttgov iv rp %*~ 
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ttsoov t^ di optgofiivqt axoXov&u to vvv, Sg7t€Q b 

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j#6vo$ Tfi xwr^au* t$ yaq ytQopivta pwQ{fofi$v to ,. _ 

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G 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ygafifttjg fiaXXoy, xal ovx ig tit pigy, dii ts to tiQrj - 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


tov ZQorov, Sgnto xal tmlla ioa Iv tivi iotlp • olov 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


ev yaq tj avtij atl xal fiia oxiyfirj ttf potion* diai- 
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Digitized by GoOgle 


diaeig / ' ijdri, Sxi iyyvg o XQ°vog & V pM** ' *<*J *ov 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


vaxov tivai xqovov y yvzys ph ovatjg : aX£ tj xovxe 
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T8 xlv7]q eoig xo noabv, xal xov /poVoi/. El ovv xb 
ngtoxov pixgov navxwv xwv oyyyev&v, ^ xvxXoyogla 

Digitized by GOOgle 

physic, ausc. lib. nr. cap. xiv. ioa 

5 bpaXijg fiiiQoy fiaXutta, or to aqt&fibg tavtfig ^y«- 
oipuxaTo?. UjUo/okh? juiy ov*, ovdi av$rjou; t ovM 
ytototg, oix not* bpaXiiq* q>ooa d' iatl. Jib xal 
bonu o xoovog tiro* f] tr)g apalqag xlvijotg, on tav- 
Tiy fUTQovyjtu ai aXXat *ivr\ouq, xal b XQOfog Tctvrij 
ijjj xwijcm. ^*« fl* tovto, xal to tua&bg Xiyto&a* 
ovfifiaiysf <paol yitq xvxXov ttvtu tit av&<pamva 
nqaypaxa, xal T&r aJUctfy T»y xlvtjoiv ixbrtur <pvoi- ' 
x^y, xa* ytototv, xal <p&ooav. Tovto di, on taita 
nana tw jfooVj) xolvttai, xal Xappavn ttXtvtfjv xal 
ttQXV, wgntQavel xata two. ntqlobov • xal yao b joo- 
vog avtog tlvai do* si xvxiog ng. Tovto 6*1 naXtr flo- 
*ti, dion totavrrjg apooag iatl (i&TQOv, xal ptigtitat 
ttvrog fori toutvtfjg. ^Jlgtt to Xfyuv thai ta yivifi*- 
va tSw noaypatw xvxXop, to Xiynv iatl tov xqovov 
ttwai twa xvxXov • tovto 6e, on fietofitat tij xvxXo- 
yoQia • naoa yao to [Utoov, ovdip SlXo 7taQ*(ta)al- 
ma* to [istQovfiwov , all' fj nXtltt phoa, Tooior. 
6. My net t di oo&ig, xal on b ao*&pbg pb b aitbg 
o tm nqofiornav xal tmv xvr&r, h laog btartoog' 
dtxitgdi oix h *itri, ovdi data ta avta* &gmo ov- 
<W tolyowa tit avta, to laonltvoov, xal to axalrpoir 
xaltoi ox rift* y* to avrb, on toiywa apqpm* tavtoy 
yag Xiyerai, ov ptj duttpion dtanpoof, all' oixl ov 
tiutq>iqw oloy tqiymvoy tgiywrov diayooqt diatpiow 
toiyaqovy htga tolywa. Sx^pa di ox*lp*tog, ov • 
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toi6v6t, xvxiog • to dl toiovdt, tolywvov • tovtov di, 
T o pi? toiardt, ioonXrvoov, to dk totovdi oxaXfi*6>w. 
S XW* §**» ov* xi crvxo xal tovto • tqlywfov yao • 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xoiymov tf ov to avxb • xal b ofrfftb g dy o txixog • 
ov yao diayign aai&pov dia<pooa b aq^fiog avxmw • 
dexag de o&x 9) airy* 4<p up yao leyexat, diwpiget' 
xu /*iy yccQ xwtg, %it d* Innoi. Kal nzol fih xgovev 
xal aviov, xal xm ttsqI aitbp oixeimr %% oxifu «!'- 

L I B E R V. 


JMLexapallsi de to fiexafiallor nav, to fUr xaxm 
ovpp*(lr)xo$ • olov oxa? Uytofiev to fiovombv fiadi- 
£«w/, ©t* y apa/Ufax* uov<hx$ thai, *ovxo /?«&£«* • 
xb de, tw xovxov xl ptxafialleiv, aulas leyexat /*e- 
j&fialluv ofw boa liyexa* xaxa ueofr iytafenu { 
yao xb ouua, on 6 bqt&alpbg, yT&voaS* xavxa 
de pipy xov olov otouaxog* ear* de dtj xi, b ovn 
mtxa ovu(kfaxbg xn&xcu, evte t$ alio xi rov av- 
%o\)y ilia t<5 alto xivua&cu nqwtov. Kal xovxo 4cn 
xb *a& avxo xwyxov xax aXlrp de xbtjow, txtmov 
oXov allomxbv *al alXomaemg t vymvxb», ij ^eppay- { 
rov, freooy. 2^'lfou de dy xal inl xov xivovvxog «$- 
avzug • to per ycto, xaxa avufoftrjxbg nivei. Tb de\ 
xaxa ueoog, x% xwv xovxov xi • to de, xa& avxb 
notoxov, olor, b fiiv laxobg laxat, q de x*iQ nlyxxei. 
3. *ETn* d* iotl uev i* xb xtvovy nonxo*, for* dirtxb 
xvovperov ^ tu, 4v $ b X o6vog • nal naoa xavxa, i$ 
ov, xatugo- {naoa yao xirfjatg tx tivog, xal tig w 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ttsoov ymq to itqiatov xivovfitvo*, xal tig o umtixm, 
xal U ov • oipr to Sviov, xal to &toft6v, xal to unt- 
ZQ&v. Tovtiav o*, to (& o, to o* tig b, to d' 4$ ov) 
q dii ufrqvH drjlovex* fr T<p £vkp, ov* htm t23f»* 
ovts yao xivu, ovt* xwhuu to (l<tog y iq o tokov, ij 
to Toooyd*. 4« 14U' «<ff t* xtvovv, xal Hivoifi&or, xal 
tig o xivutat' uaXXo* yao tig b,tj i$ ov x&Htoitbpo- 
fia&Tcu % f/bttafioXq • fab xal tj w&ooa, tig to pq or, 
psta/foXy i<ni m mritoi xal g ovtog ftttafiaXXti to 
(p&sqjQfuvov, ual y yivtotg tig ov, xaltot ix py ovtog. 
5. TV fiiv ovv kaxiy i\ xivyoig, tlqi^tai noottoov ' ta 
Hi tXdff, xal tit 7id&i), xal b tbnog, tig a xivovvtai 
ta xirovpiva, axiv^im latv* ' olov, r} ijuotijuti, xal 
i) &*ofi6ttig. Kaho* anoQixjm* a* tig, $1 %a na&i) 
xurqette, i\ Hi Xtvxotyg na&og • toitu yao tig %ivi\- 
otv fitta/SoXy. *JX£ \<mg ovx V Uvxotttf xlvifoig, al- 
Xa i\ Xsvxavatg. > £an Hi xal h> ixuvotg xal to xata 
ovfifieftiixbg, xal to xata jiioog, xal to xat alio, xml 
to 7iQ<»T(*g, xal fiq xat iiXXo • olor, to X$vxaiv6(ju- 
vop, uq fiw to voovfuvov fietafiaXXti xata ovpfitftT)- 
xig • t<p yaq xqttyMTi ovpftipyxt poHO&ai * tig Hi 
XQGtfi*, St* {Mfog to Xsvxbv tov XQ&patog • xal dg 
tip Evytmrp, btipioof al Id&qvm t^g • Evoiin^g ' 
us tis to Xsvxbv X°&t* a *«#' «vto. Iliaguiv ovv xa& 
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xat alio t», xal img to avib nymtov, xal inl x*- 
povyrog, xal inl xwovuwov, dijkov * xal bit y xini- 
otg ovx h tw sldu, ai£ iv T<jJ xivovfdvy, xal xi»i\t!^ 
xat ivioysiav. 6. *H p& ovv xata ov^t^nxbq fie- 
tafioXri, a<p$La&(»' & anaai tt yao ioti, xal asl, xal 

Digitized by GOOgle 


navxw ' fj dk fit} xaxi ovfifitprixbg, owe h anaaiVj 
&X£ iv xolg ivavxioig xal xolg fitxa$b, xal iv am- 
q>aoti. Toixov $8 nhxig ix xyg inaytoytjg. 'Ex di 
xov fitxa$u fitxapdXXti, wg ivavxiov • /o^tcm Y a Q «u- 
t$ ag ivavxiq ovxi nqbg hxaxtqov • Xoxi yaq ntog xb 
fitxa$v, tit axqa. Jib xal xovxo nqbg ixtlva, xal 
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fiaqiia nqbg xijv vr\xr\v, xal oUTa nqbg xi\v vnaxyv 
xal to tpaibv Xtvxbv nqbg xb fiiXav, xal fiiXav nqbg 
to Xtvxbv » 7. 'En si di nana fitxapoXrj ioxiv f* «- 
vog tig Ti* (dfjXdi ds xal xovvofia 9 fitx aXXo yaq xi* 
xalxbfiiv, nqoxtqov drjXoi* xbd\ voxtqov) fitxa- 
fiaXXoi Sv xb fitxafiaXXov xtxqaxmg • fj yaq 4$ vno- 
xtifiivov tig vnoxtifitvov, rj ovx 4$ vnoxtifitvov tig 
oix vnoxtifitvov, i] fit) i$ vnoxtifitvov tig vnoxtifit- 
vov , i} i$ vnoxtifiivov tig fit) vnoxtifitvov • Xiyat ds 
to vnoxtifitvov, xb xaxaqpdoti drjXovfitvov. "Jlgxt a- 
vayxrj ix xav tiqufiivav xqtig thai fitxafioXig, xtjv 
t« i$ vnoxtifiivov tig vnoxtifitvov, xal trjv i$ vno- 
xtifitvov tig fiii vnoxtifitvov, xal xrjv ix fit) vnoxtifii- 
vov tig vnoxtifitvov i\ yaq fit} i$ vnoxtifitvov tig fir\ 
vnoxtifitvov oix toxi fitxafioXrj, dta xb fit) tlvai xaxa 
avxi&toiv • ovxt yaq ivavxia, ovxt avxiq>aoig ioxtv. 
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floXri xax avxiq>aotv, yiveoig ioxiv • r\ fitv anX&g «- 
nXr\, t) tit rig xivog * olov, rj fitv ix fit} Xtvxov tig Xtv- 
xbv, yivtoig xovxov y &' ix xov py ovxog anX&g tig 
ovoiav, yivtoig anX&g, xa& ij* ctnXwg yivto&ai, xal 
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vnoxtifitvov, <p&ogd • anXyg fitv, i) ix xSjg ovaiag d$ 



1 6 pi) tlvat,' tig 6i, r) tig tipr urxixupeyrjv ctncxpaoiv, 
xa&otneq iXix&tj xal iixl ti)g ytviototg. 8. E* dij to 
pr) ov leyttai nXtovax»g, xal pfrpt to xata ovy&uhv 
ij duxlocoiv todix*tai uivtio&cu, ptjts T0 * ax * ovra- 
piv, to tw anX&g %at hiqyuay orr* arxtxtiptvov • 
(to fuv yaq pt) Xtvxov , fj pi) aya&ov, op»g bdiyi- 
tatr xiruo&ou xaxit ovp(ti(ti\xog * tftf yitq av&qwxog 
to f*T/ levxov • to dt anXStg pi) rode, ovdap&g * adv- 
vatov yaq to pi) 5V xwHO&ai) tl di tot/to, xal tx)v 
y&vtaw xivx\ow tlvaf ylretai yaq to pij ov ti yaq 
xal ot* paXiota xatic avpptprjxbg yivttai, aXtf opotg 
dXij&sg tlnuv , otzi vnaqx u *° f*V °* xata tov yivo- •' 
fierov anXStg • opoltag di xal to i\qtpuv. Tavxa di) 
7i art a ovpfialvu dvoxtQf), t*> xwuo&ai to pi) ov* 
xal ci nar to xtrovptvor h tony, to di pv\ ov ovx 
totiv bf tonta • eft} yaq a* nov* Ovdi di) rj <p&oqa 
xirrjatg • hartiov ph yaq xwyoeh xhrjotg i? r)qtpla • 
rj di gy&oqa yevioH ivanlov. 9. *Ensl di naoa xi- 
vrjotg pttapoXti tig • ptxapoXal di tqtig ai uqypi- 
vay tovtwv di ai xata ysrtoiv xal qp&oqav, ov xi- 
vrjaeig • avion di uow ai xai artUpaow • avayxt\ 
ti\v i£ ' vnoxuphov tig vnoxeiptvor pcta@oli)v, xbt\- 
oiy ttvai, povov • tit di vnoxslpwa, rj ivartla , rj pt- 
ta£v * xal yaq r) atiqfjaig xdo&a hartlov, xal drj- 
Xovxat xatayaoei, to yvpybv, xal Xtvxbv, xal piXav. 
El ovv ai xatriyoqlai dijiq^vtai ovoiq, xal nou>xr\xi, 
xal tq> 7tov, [xal xm note,"] xal xm nqog xi, xal to 
noou>, xahw noiiiv, rj naaxtiv, ivayxx] tqug Avai 
xwrjoeig, ttjv te tov nooov, xal tip tov noiov, xal 
xr)r xata tonov. 

Arist. Phys. Ausc H 

Digitized by VjOOQlC 



Kax ovotav $i ovx ton xivqoig, dii rbjjLti&iv el- 
vat tw optuv ova ice ivavrlov. Ovde dy tcTi itqog t* • 
ivdix^ton ydq date gov fitxafiaXXovTog, aXu&tveo&a* 
ddxtgov, pt)db ptxafiaXXov • Hgrt xaxi avftfit^xog 
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tog, ovde navxbg xivovfiivov xal xivovvxog, or* ovx 
taxi xm)amg xivqaig, ovde ysviatag ysvtaig, ovd' 
oXag ptTctPoXri lABTafioXrtg. 2. Hqiaxov fiiv yao di- 
X&g ivdaxtxai xivr t at(ag tlvai xivqaiv ' i\ (og vnoxsifii- 
vov, olov av&qanog xtvttxat, oxi ix Xtvxov tig ftiXav 
ptTafiaXXtt. Jqa ys ovt(o xal % xlvqoig, i] &tQfA,oU- 
vsxai, i) ipvxtxai, rj xonov [itxaXXaxxti, i\ avSdvsxai, 
jj q>&ivti; xovto de ddvvaxov ov yog runt vTioxsifid- 
vwv xliaxiv \\ (isTa^oXt}. 3."ff t# txtqov xt, inoxeifjia- 
vov ix (itxafioXrig fisxapdXXtiv tig txtqov tldog • olov 
Sv&gwnog ix voaov tig vyitiav aXX ovda tovto dv- 
vaxbv, nXr\v xaxa ovufoprixog • avxij ydq tj xivqaig, 
it SXXov ti'dovg tig SXXo iaxl fitTa(ioXq. Kal q yt- 
vtaig da xal if q>&oqd, waavxag 9 TtXqv, at fisv, tig 
avuxtlfis^a wdi • q dt xivijoig, ovx oftoimg. ^ifiot ovv 
(itrapdXXti, i$ vyulag tig voaov, xal 4$ avvqg tolvti^ 
Trig ptTapoXiig **? uXXqv. Ai\Xov d' ot* oxav vootjarj, 
ptTa{2t(}Xr}x6g taxat tig onoiavovv • ivdixsxai ydq 
r^qt fitly. Kal It*, tig (iij Tip xvxovaav atl, xq\xsivii 
Ix xwog sl'g xi hsqov. "Jlgxs xal q avuxttfiivq sarai 
q vyiavoig, aXXd toJ ov(jifii($qxivai • otov, u i£ 6\va- 
(ivqatrng tig Iq&qv fitxa^aXXot, ou cp vnaqxu, ixuvo 
ptxapaXXti,, ots fiiv tig imaxqgiqv, ots dt tig vyUtav, 
4. "Exi da, tig aittiqa (tadiiixai, si toxai ptxaftoXii; 

Digitized by GOOgle 


fitrajSolrj, xal yevioewg yiveaig* dvdyxrj di) xal jy* 
xgoxigar, el r\ vartqa eoicu* olov, el ^ anXt] yiveaig 
fyirero ttots, xal to ywopevov iyivexo. "jlgtt ovnto r t v 
w yiyvopevov anXtag, aXXa t* yiyvbp,evo* xal ywope- 
fof ydf}, xal naXw tovt iylvixo no%t • &gx% ovx v\v 
nt» Tore ytvofievov. 'Enel ds twv aneigtav ovx tori t* 
ngmov, ovx sarat to ngaxov • Sgj ovds to ixopevov. 
ovu yirso&ai ovr, ovxe xirsio&ai oiov t« , ovts pe- 
tafidlXsiv ovdiv. 5. En, tov aixov xivrjaig i\ hav- 
tia, xal In tjgifirioig, xal yiveaig, xal <p&oga • mgr* 
to yero/ievor Star yiyvr\Tai ytvofievov, tots qt&elge- 
iw ovts yag ev&vg ywofisvov, ov&* voregov sir at 
rag del to q>&eigopsvov. 6.*jEt#, del vXijy iitelvai 
xal tw ywoyih^yxal t$ ftsrafiaXXoyri. Tig ovv carat/ 
Sgneg to aXXouoibv $} owfia, rj yvxh > ovxta drj to yi- 
ropsyov, xiyr\aig ij yiveaig. 7. Kal ndXiv tI, elg o 
xsrovnai ; del yagelvai [ti] tt\v Tovds ix Tovds elg xo- 
&s[xLvrioiv, xal pr{\ xlp^aivij ysveoiv. u Afia ds xalnStg 
mai; ov yag earai fia&rioig y T%\g pad"i}aetag yive- 
aig • fiS^TC oidi yeviaeosg yiveaig, oidi Tig Tivog. 
8. "Eti, si Tgia sl'dr} xivrjoewg ion, tovtwt two. ava- 
yxij slrcu Tip inoxeiiiivnv qpvaiv, xal elg a xivovv- 
tu* olov avayxrj Tqv qpogav uXXotovo&ai, i\ yege- 
o&ai. "OXwg ds inel xwelxav to xivovfievov nav Tgi- 
&>S> V *% xaxk avfi^s^xbg, jj tw pigog ti, rj t£ xa& 
avrb, xccTCt ovupsprjxaq fiovov av ivdixono fiSTafidX- 
luv Ttpr peTapoXrp • oloy, el 6 vyiatopevog Tgi%oi, ^ 
futv&artn* ti\v de xatd ovpPefirixbg aqtelpev ndXau 
10. 'jEnel ds ovi« oialag, ovn tov ngog ti, ovts tov 
itoiuv xal naox*w> Xeinerai x«t« to notbv xal to no~ 


Digitized by GOOgle 


abv , xal to nov xivijow shai povov • iv btdoTto yag 
iari tovtwv ivavtlaoig. C H fih ovv xaTa to noiov 
xivrioig, aXXoicooig lore* • tovto yag ingeuxTat xoirov^ 
ovofia. uiiyto de to noiov, ov to iv t$ ovola* xal 
yag n diayoga, noiov • aXXa to na^Twbv, xa& o 
XiysTat, naoxw, rj ana&k eivai. C H 6e xctta to tto- 
abv, to fib> xoivbv, avawfiov xu& btdtsgov de,av- 
f > ~a!~. n » *, ..1*, sir tA t*1*i.ov uivE&OQ. av~- 

xaXov(iivn to xoivov. Kahot XiytTal ys (pigea&ai 
Tama fiova xvglug, otciv (iy in avToK rjToor^vat, 
Tolg (leTapdXXovoi tov Tonov t xal ooaavTa M havTa 
%wn* vara Tonov. 11. °H 5' iv Ttp uvtm el'dei peta- 
PoXi) inl to fiaXXov xal yTtov, aXXoiwoig iorw- J] 
yag i£ ivavxiov slg ivavxiov, xivrjotg, f} anXwg, rj ni\ • 
inl fih> yag to \ttov lovaa^ ng tovvuvtIov Xe##ija«- 
T«t fieraPaXXeiv inl ds to paXXov, ngix tov ivav- 
tiov ng to avTO • diayigsi yag ovdsv nr\ ptTafiaXXuv, 
n anXwg- nXlp ny ds^on t« ivavjia vnagxnv^ to ds 
fiaXXov xal tjttoV ion, tw nXiov ij eXartov tov ivav- 
Tiov ivvnagxw, *a* t*V- "Oti pev ovv avTai Tgug 
fiovai xwi\ong slolv, ix tovtwv dyXov. 12. 3 AxivrjToy 
d' iou, to,tb oXwg advvarov xivri&Tivat, ilgneg b y>6- 
cpog aogaTOg, xal to iv noXXw XQOPto poyig xwoi(it- 
vov, tj to (Igaditog agxofievov, o Xiystai dvoxivrjTOV 
xal to necpvxog fih xivsio&at, xal dvvafitvov, firj xi- 
vovfievov ds tots, oTsni<pvxt, xa* ov xal tag, ontg 
rjgeuuv xaXto t&v ocxtvrjtojv fiovov * ivavTiov yag i)- 
grfiia xivrjon * atgTs arigrjoig av sly tov foxttxov* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


Ti pto ovv ion xivyotg, xal ti ygtpia, xal noaai pt- 
taftoXal, xalnoiai xtvriotig, qtavtgov in tvtp tlgij- 

Mtta di tavta Xiyttptv, ti ion to Stia, xal *«- 
gig, xal ti to amto&ai, xal ti to pna$v, xal ti to 
4q>t$r&, *«* *« T0 ixoptvov f **l ti to owtxig, *** 
tolg noiotg txaatov tovtttv vndgxttv Jti<pvxtv. H. U A- 
pa pkv ovv Xiyttat tavta ttvat xata tonov, 00a to 
kvl ton to iotl ngtitta. Xuolg di, 00a to higtp * aim- 
o&a* di, mv tit axga Spa. Mt*a£v di, tig o ngott- 
gov nbpvxtv acptxvtlo&at to pttafiaXXov, t\ tig o 
tfozatov pttapaXXu xata opvotv ovvtx*g pttafiaXXov. 
°£r iXaxtatotg d* iarl to ptta£v tgtoiv. "Eoxatov piv 
yag iati tns ptxa(loXi)g to to arc tov. 3. 2vvtx*X &* 
turutat, to pi\dto ij to oXiytotov dtaXtinov tov nga- 
yponog, pr) tov xtfovov * (ovdiv yao xwXvtt, diaXti- 
no not , xal tv&vg di ptta tr)v vnatfjv <p&iy$ao&at 
zr\v vtatr)v) aXXa tov ngaypatog, to to xivtttai. 
Tovto di tv tt taig xata tonov , xal to taig aXXatg 
fietafioXaig qtavtgov. 4. 'Evavtiov di xata tonov , 
to xat ii&ttav anixov nXttotov r) yitg iXaxhtff 
ntniqounat * phgov di, to ntntgaoptoov. 5 . *E<f>*-* 
&q$ di, ov ptta tr\v agxvv povov ovtog rj diott, rj 
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vottgov w ov yag to h> iq>t$r]g to"iv dvolv, ovdi ^ 

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118 AR1ST0TEL1S 

vovfi^vla tr)Q devteqag &jpeS*i? , alXa xavx ixebwv, 
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el d 3 antstai, ovtmo ovvexeg • ov yaq avayxi\ ev slvai 
aitav xa axqa, el agia elev ' alt el ev, avayxri xal 
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taig ds povaot to i<pe$r}g. Kal twv fisv ivdixeta* 
sfoal t* jista$v. Ilaoayag yQafifii], peta$v mypSnr 

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tax 6**, ovx axayxrj • ovdiv yao ptta$v dvadog xal 
poxidog. 10. Tl piv ovx ioti to a pa xal x^olg, 
xal %l to aTtreo&ah xal tl to pexatv, xal to Ajpi |j}$ , 
xal tl to ixopexox xal avxtxig , xal tolg noloig fxa- 
aro* Tovrwy vnaqxH, efofjtai. 

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xal 7T«aa piXaraig ptXarow Xtvxotrjn d* ovx «w 
Sib to) eitt** juia Xtvxaxaig Xtvxaron ndoji * «l di 
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a>g tVdei nag pla eat at, anX<og di pla tldti, ov' olox, 
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yog di tStr imtrtripSir. 2. 3 AnoQfjOti8 d' ax tig, el 
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avtb pttapdXXrj • oloy , y pla otiypif ix tovde tov 
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tldei xlvrjoig pla, oviwg. 4> 'AnXtog di pla xlxqoig, 
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dinXov ditXouivotg * tqla yiq tort tor ioiS-pbx ntql 

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d-qvmov, r\ /oi/joy. Kal vvtivi tovto xiveio&ai' olov 

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fiov • oloy to eldog. Kal av to oze, olov t6v XQ*> yov 
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vyiavaiv, olov 6<p&aluiag, *Al£ oi fiia avxr}, al£ 
ei'dst fiia. 6. To di, 2wxqaTi\ Ttjv aivit\v fikv a^- 
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dvo, di avrb tovto, a>g t^ aqt&utp (da, xal Tag e$eig 
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*fc ? n S*ff fiia, fang ovx av %y doUti nv> fiia xal 

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iviqyua thou* oxav yaq navarixai fiadifav,- oix 
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anoolai, Sfai xr\g viv axiywg. 9. *Eml di ovvtxhg 
naaa xivyoig, xyv xt anX&g play dvdyxrj nal ow*xn 
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xo xb %axaxov, yqa\ipr\g xal (Sadiotug ; 10. 'Exopt- 
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Tq» ysvu ' doapmv yao av xig nvq&utv tv&vg f xal 
otov 7] Xapndg, i% dtadoxw, qpoga ixofUvrj, ovvixw 
S* ovx law xuxat ydg xb avvtx*S f <av id taxaxa tv. 
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avxr\v x§ sldsi tlvai, xal kvbg, xal iv hi XQovty xiyv 
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avdyxrj xal tw eldtv filav elvat * xavxrjv <5e cmXatg 
Aval filay, oix avdyxtj. Tig ftcy ovv xivnaig anXiag 

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pia, rVgrixa*. 12.*Et* de, Xeyexat pia xal y riXetog, 
lav xe xaxa yivog 9 iav xe xaxa eldog rj, iav re xax 3 
ovoiav wgneg xal inl xwv aXXwv xb xiXeiov xal bXov 
rov kvog, "Eoxt tie ore, xav axeXvjg 17, pia Xiyerai, iav 
uovov rj avvexrig* 13. *Exi ti', aXXtag naga rag ei- 
gtjpivag Xiyerai pia xivr\oig, r\ bpaXr\g, *H yag avt»- 
paXog eoxiy wg ov doxei pia, aXXa paXXov f) bpaXrjg, 
wgneg fj ev&ela * fj yag avtapaXog, duxigerrj, "Eoute 
de dia<pt(>Hv wg xb paXXov xal i]xxov. "Eaxi d' h a- 
naatj xwyaei, to bpaXwg rj prj * xal yag ay aXXototxo 
bpaXmg, xal <pegotxo iq> bpaXov, oloy xvxXov, ij ev- 
&eiag, xal negl aity* woavxag xal <p&low. 14. Id- 
ympaXiag $* iaxl diaq>oga, ore pev , ly <*> xivttxai * 
advvaxov yag apaXy elyai ri\v xivr^aiv pi) inl bpaXta 
peyi&tf olov, f) ryg xexXaopivrig xlvrjotg, ij fj xv\g 
eXixog, % aXXov psye&ovg, w py itpagpbxxti to rvxby 
inl to xv/by pegog. 'Ore de, ovxe iv tw nov, ovxe iv 
t$ noxe, ovxe iv xfy eig o, aX£ iy x$ £g. TaxvxrfXh 
yag xal (tgativxTjxi ivioxe duogiaxai • ijg pev yag xb 
aixb raxog, bpaXyg • ?# de pr\ y avt&paXog. Jib ovx 
el'dy xwqaetag , oide diacpogal, raxog xal (tgadvrrjg, 
oxi naoaig axoXov&ti xmg dia<pogoig xax eldog. 
Jlgxe oide pagvxrig xal xov<p6xt)g rj eig xb avxb, oloy 
yi\g ngog avx^v, tj nvgbg ngbg alio. 15. Mia ph 
ovv i] avtupaXog, xia ovvfxns ' ^tto^ de • o7rco tJ xe- 
xXaopeyji ovppaivei <poga • to de i)xxoy, pi$ig ael rov 
bavxiov. El de naoay rrjy play ivdex*xai xal bpaXrj 
flvai xal pij, ovx av eXr\jay al pr\ xax eldog ixope- 
vat t xal avxai pia xal ovvex^g ' nag yag av el'i] bpa- 

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Xr)g 7] i* aXXotwotiog ovyxuuhi} xal (fogag ; dioi yag 

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*!Et* de diogiaxiov, nola xlvrjoig havxla niveau • 
xal ntgl fiovTjg de xbv aixbv xgonov. Jiaigtxiov di 
ngvnov, noxtgov havxla xlvyoig r) ix xov aixov ijj 
tig xb aixb, olov r) i£ vyulag tjJ tig vyltiav r olov xal 
yivtoig xal qp&oga doxii ' ij i) 4$ havxl&v, olov r) £ 
vyulag Tjj ix vooov • rj fj tig havxla, olov r\ tig vyl- 
tiav ti} tig vooov • rj r) 4$ ivavxlov xf\ tig ivavxlov, 
olov r) i$ vyulag ty tig vooov rj r) 4$ havxlov tig 
havxlov xfj i$ ivavxlov tig hartlov, olov, t; £ vyulag 
tig voaov xfi 4x vooov tig vyltiav • avayxrj yag rj iva 
xtva rovxw thai xwv xgonwv, rj nXtlovg • oi yag 
iariv aXXatg avxixi&hai. 2. "Max* di, r) fiiv i$ hav- 
tIov tj tig ivavxlov oix havxla, olov r) i$ vyulag xy 
tig voaov • r) avxy yag xal (da. To phxoi thai, 
ov to aixb avxdig • wgntg ovdt to aixb xb 4£ vyi- 
tlag [AtxafiaXXtiv, xal xb tig vooov. 3. Ovdt rj £ 
ivavxlov tjJ il ivavxlov • apa yag avfiPalvti # ivav- 
xlov, xal tig ivavxlov, rj ptxa$v. IdXXa ntgl (tiv xov- 
xov vaxtgov igovptv. *MXa fiaXXov xb tig ivavxlov 
fUxafiaXXtiv do$titv av alxiov thai xr)g ivavxuiotug, 
r) xb il ivavxlov • r) fikv yag, anaXXayij & havxib- 
xrjxog' r) di f Xyipig. Kal Xiytxat di ixaoxi) tig o 
fuxaflaXXti paXXov, rj i$ ov oiov vylavoig t/ tig v- 
yitiav, voaavoig di rj tig vooov. Atlntxai dr) r) tig 
havxla, xal r) tig havxla i$ havxlav • t«/« fiiv ovv 
ovfipalvti, xag tig havxla xal i$ havxlwv thai • ccA- 
Xa xb thai Vooag oi xb avxo • Xiyat di, xb tig vyltiav, 

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t$ ix voaov • xal to l£ iyisiag, tw sig voaov. A^Eitsl 
ds diacpsqsi fistaj3oXij xwrjostog • (^ ex Tiros yi^ v7ro- 
xsipsvov tig Tb vnoxeifisvov [istaftoXi] xlvrjolg iativ,) 
rj l£ ivavtlov tig ivavtlov rjj i$ ivavrlov sig svavrlov, 
xivrjoig ivavtla * olov, t\ i£ vytslag dg voaov tiJ ix 
voaov dg vylsiav. 5. JtjXov di xal ix rfjg inayw- 
yr^g, bnola doxsi ra ivavtla slvai* to vooa&a&ai 
yaq t$ vyia(so&ai, xal to uav&avsw t$ anaraa&ai 
ui) di avtov* dg ivavxla yaq* agnsq yaq ItmotiJ- 
urjv iatlv, ovroa xal anatr^v xal dv avtov xrao&ai' 
xaldi aXXov. Kal f) avcoyoqa, t^xatta' ivavxla 
yaq tavta iv /itjxet. Kal i\ dg ds$ta, tjj sig aquns- 
qa* ivavxla yaq tavta h TtXdxev, Kal rj sig to eu- 
nqoa&sv, rf) sig to oma&sv ivavxla yaq xal tavta 
iv fia&st. Q.'Hd* dg to ivavtiov fiovov, oil xlvr\- 
aig, aXXa iisrafioXii, olov to ylyvso&ai Xsvxbv /xq sx 
tivog. Kal oaotg ds firj iati n ivavtlov, i\ l| avtov, 
tt) ug aitb fistafioXjj, ivavtia. Jw yivsaig (p&oga 
ivavtla, xal anofiolr] Xrnpsi. Avtai ds, (istafioXal 
fiiv, xwi\as%g tf ov. 7. Tag d* sigrb usra£v xirrj- 
osig, oaotg rwv ivavtltav ti iatt pstaZv, ig sig ivav- 
tla nwg &stiov * ig hwvriai yaq xqyta* rip fista^v n 
xlvt\aig, i(p bnotsqa av [istaftaXXj} • olov, ix qpaioi 
usv dg to Xsvxbv, wg ix fiiXavog * xal Ik Xsvxov, ds 
qpaiov, ag sig psXav • ix ds ftsXavog sig q>aibv, d»s sU 
Xsvxov • to yaq q>atbv, to fiiaov nqbg kxarsqov Xiys- 
tal nmg t&v axqav, xa&ansq si'qrjtai xal itqottqov. 
Klvi\aig fisv dq xwrjosi ivavtla ovttag, r\ H Ivavtiov 
sig Ivavtlov, tjJ l{ Ivavtlov sig ivavtlov. 

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'Enel Si xivqau ov fiovov doxii xlvrjoig tlvai ivav- 
ila,aXXa xalrJQtfiia, tovto dioQiorior • anXwg piv 
yog bavrlov xlvrjoig xivrjosi, AvrlxuTai di xalfi ijo«- 
pice • art^rjatg yaq ioriv. "Eoti d* £g xal rj oriq^oig 
bania Xiyercu * nola di nolo, ; olov ttj xatot tottov, 
ij xara tottov ; aXXa tovto pb vvv Xiysrai ctnAwg • 
Tiixiqoy yaq Ttj brav&ol povrj, i\ ix tovtov, rj tig 
tovto xivrjoig avTixtnai; 2. Ar{Xov dij on, bctl b 
holy rj %ivi\aig inoxttpbotg, it, piv ix tovrov tig 
bavrlov, i\ iv tovto) povr\ * ttj d' ix Tovvavrlov tig 
tovto, i\ iv tw bavrlta, "Apa di xal aXXrjXcug bav- 
uai avrai • xal yaq Stotiov, si xwr\otig pb banian 
tlolv, 7] q splat, di avrtxtlptvai ovx nob. Eiol di al 
b Toig Ivavrloig • olov, r\ iv vyitlct, ty iv vbo<$ ^oe- 
pla, xivtioti di tji &* vyitiag tig voaov %r k yaq ix 
pqqov tig vylttav, aXoyov • r\ yaq tig avTo xlvrioig, 
If to torrjxsv, %qipr\aig paXXov ioriv, r ( ovpfiaivti yt 
apa yiyveo&at, ttj xivrjoti. 'Avayxri di % TavTi\v, rj 
htiyrjv tlvav oi yaq tj yt Iv XtvxotrjTi yqtpia ivav- 
Tice Tij iv vyitla, 3. "Oooig di ptf ionv ivavria, 
Toxrtfov fjtsrafioXri fib ioriv avrixupbri rj l| avTov ttj 
tig avro • xlvyoig d* oix flow olov r\ i$ ovrog, ttj 
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i\ b rat ovti AfitTa/iXfiqia, xal ti r\qtpla ioxiv' ti di 
tovto, ij ov naoa riqtfjiia niveau ivavria, q ^ ybt- 
»K xal f] (p&oqa %hv\aig. Ar\Xov roivvv or* rigtpla 

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fisv oil lexxso\, ft py xotl avxai xivrjoeig. Ofioiov da 
xi xal auexafilrioia • Ivavxia de, ij oi&evl, ij xjj iv 
x<5 uij ovxi, ij rjj (p&OQa- avxrj yag c| aix^g- V ds 
yiveoig eig exeivtjv. 4. 'Anogriaeis #' av rig, dux xi, 
Iv [lev ttj xaxa xdnov fAexajHolji, eial xal xaxa <pvoiv 
xal naga cpvavv, xal poval, xal xivr t aug • Iv ds xaig 
allaig, ov* olov aXXolcoatg, ^ fiiv, xaxa <pvoiv rj de, 
naga <pvoiv • oi&ev yag pallor r\ iylavaig, ^ »/ vo- 
aavaig, xaxii q>voiv, *J naga yvoiv • ovds levxavoig, 
% fiiXtxvoig' hfioioag de xal en av$i]<j£(»g xal (p&ioscog' 
ovxe yag avxai aXXrjXmg evavxiai, ag <pvou, y nagi 
qpvaiv, ovxe avtyoig av^aei, Kal enl yeviaetag ds xal 
q>&ogag o aixbg loyog • ovxs yag, y fiiv yiveoig xaxa 
<pvoiv, i] di <p&oga naga (pvoiv, to yag yqgyv xaxa 
(pvoiv. Ovxe ysveoiv bgwfiev, xr\v fiev xaxa (pvoiv, 
xtjv ds naga (pvoiv. 5. El di eoxi xb (iia naga (pv- 
oiv, xal (p&ooa av d'r) (p&ogfy evavxia r\ (ttaiog, oag 
naga (pvoiv ovaa, xjj xaxa (pvoiv * aga ovv xal ysvi- 
oeig elolv I'viai (Haioi, xal ovx eifiagfiivai, alg ivav- 
xiai at xara (pvoiv, xal aiSJ\oeig (liaioi, xal (p&loeig ' 
olov av&joeig,. at xiav xaxv dia xgvqtijv fipwrrw xal 
oi olxoi, oi xaxv adgvvofievoi, xal fir] nilfj&ivxeg. 
6»*Enl d* aXXouoaewg, nag; tj aoavxatg; etrjoav 
yag av, av fiiv xiveg (Haioi, at ds (pvoixal, olov oi 
cccpiifisvot fit} ev xgioifioig rjfiigcug, oi d* ev xgioifioig' 
oi fisv, naga (pvoiv r\XXolo)vxai * oi de, xaxa (pvoiv. 
Eoovxai d' Ivavxiai ai cp&OQal aXXi)Xaig, ov yevi- 
aeig. Kal xi ye xtolvet; lor* yag wg • xal yag ei, r\ 
(lev, rjdeTa • jj de, Xvnrjga el'rj • olgxe oix anting q>&o- 
gy <p&oga evavxia* al£ y, rj fiev,xoiadl aixav ioxiv 

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y Si totadi. 7. "Okoq piv ovy evavxicu xtvrjosig xal 
Tjoepiai, toy dgmpsvov tgonov eioiv • olov rj avto, tj} 
wtw to7iqv yag ivavxuiosig avion. 4>igsxai di, 
%rp fikv ayto q>ogav t (pvon xb nvg • tyy di xoctw r\ ytf 
xal ivavxiai aixav at q>0Qai. To di nvg, av<a piv, 
yvas** xara di, naga <pvmv. Kal ivavxla y* ^ va- 
ra <pymy avtov, tjj naga q>voiv. 8. Kal poval d' 
iaavtag • *} yag ava povr), tiJ avu&tv xdtat wi\an 
ivartia. JTlyvexai di tjJ yrj, r) piv povr] ixeivrj, naga 
q>voiv ' r) di xivr t aig avxtj xata qtvoiv. "Jlgts xivnou 

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povr\ svartia, r\ nag a (pvow ty xata q>vaiv tov av- 
xov ' xal yag r\ xivrjoig r) tov avtov, ivavxla ovxmg' 
i\ (ibr yag xata cpvaiv avxwv sotcu, r) avta, rj i] xarw • 
^ ds, naga yvoiv. 9. "Ezu &* anoglav, si far* na- 
oiys iigtpiaq t^g pr) ael, yivsoig, xal avtrj to lata- 
o&ai - tov dr)* naga q>voiv phovtog, olov rr)g yrjg 
avta, sVr t av yivsoig. "Ote aga iyigito avta /fra, iara- 
to. AXXa to piv lotapsvov, a si doxu (pigsod-ai &at- 
xoy • to de (Ha, tovvavtiov. Ov ytvoptvov aga ygt- 
povv, eaxat rjgepovv. "Exi doxu to Xotao&ai xvgioag 
Xsysa&at, i) oXag &vai, inl tov xcrra cpvaiv slg to* 
avtov tonov cpEQsa&ai, rj ovpfialvuv Spa. lo/'Exu 
d' anoglav, si ivavxla r\ povr\ rftrtavd-a, tfj iyxsi- 
d-sr xivtjou * otay yag xivrjtai ix tovdl, % xal aito- 
PalXji, ett doxsi exsiy to anofiaXkoptyoy. "jlgxs d 
avxr\ TjQSfila ivavxla tj) ivtev&cv tig tovvavtlov xi- 
rrjasi, ajua vndgUi tavavtia. *Ifnr) r]gsuet, si Iti fii- 
vn ; oXag di tov xivovftsvov, to fiiv ixst* to d\ tig 
o ttstap&lXu • 8 to xal fiaXXov xlvrjotg xtvr]oti Ivav- 
tiov, rj rjgifirioig. 11. Kal ntgl piv xivr]onog xa? 

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ygsfiiag, xal n&g kxaxiga {Uq, xa* xivtg (vavxlai x£— 
aw, iXgr\xai. ^Anogrjasis d* av tig xal nsglxov 
Xaxao&ai, si xal, oaai naga <pvaw xwrpsug, xavxatq 
iaxlv tjgejjUa avxixsifiirq. El fdv ovv fii) taxai, cijo- 
nov • ftivu yag , (Ha di • mgxs qgsfiovv xi Uaxai ovx 
aul avsv xov yevia&ai. 12. *AXXa dyXov, oxt, eora*- 
wgnsg yag xw&xai naga cpvoiv, xal ^gspolrj av xt 
naga q/uaw. 3 J£nel $* taxw ivioig xivrjoig xaxa <pv— 
aw xal naga cpvaw, oloy nvgl, xaxa yvoiv fib r\ avm, 
i) di xaxta naga <pvaw, noxsgot avtrj bavxia, 4} ff 
xrjg yrjg ; avxt} yag (pigexai xaxa <pvaw xaxa. "/T dtj- 
Xov on afiqxa, aX£ ovx agavxag • aX£ r\ fib &g xa- 
xa cpvaiv xyi xaxa cpvaiv * i\ d avta xov nvgbg xjj xa— 
to, cue r\ xaxa cpvaiv xjj naga <pvaw. 'Ofioitag di xal 
xalg fiovaig. Kal nsgl fib xwqaetog, xal rjgtfiiag, 
natg kxaxiga fiia, xal xivtg Ivavxiai xlaw, eiQrjxai.'} 



Jul di iaxi avvsxeg, xal anxbfitvov, xal i<ps$r)g, ng 
SuoQiaxai ngbxigov avvtzh P&» w Talb^aialy' 
anxopsva di, wv Spa • tcpeSyg di, mv ptjd-b finaSi 
ovyysvig* advvaxov #? aduugixow thai xiovvsxig* 
olov, ygafifiqv ix axiyfiiav, %1'nsg fj ygappi) pi* avvt- 
Xig, fj axiyjm di adtaigsxov • ovts yag h xa ia^aTa 
Twv axiyfiav • av ydg iaxt xb fib taxaxov, xb d' al- 
io xi fiogwv xov adiaighov ov& apa ra la/ata • 
vv yog iaxw taxotxov ov&iv xov aptgovg • htQOt 

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yap to eozaror, xal ov Hoxaxov. 2. "En, arayxrj ij- 
xot avvex&g that xag oxiypag, rj omxo^ihag aXXrjXvr, 
£ &p tori to avvtxig. O &* aixbg Xoyog xal ixl 
TiocyTtar wr adwuqiitxiy. 2vrixt7g fib di) ovx av tltr, 
diet top tigrifiirov Xoyov • airtttcu d*. anav, 17 oXov 
oXov, rj fdgog fitoovg, rj oXov pioog. 'jEntl d* apt- 
gtg to adialotxov, avayxr\ oXov oXov anxta&ai • olov 
d * oXov anxofitvov, ovx total ovvifig • to yaq ovvt- 
%ig %x*h T0 I 1 ** oiXXo, to d* aXXo fxigog* xal diatqti- 
x&u tig ovxtog htga xal tottw xtxtagiofiiva. *AXXa fii^v 
ovde i<pt^r)g boxai oxiypr) oxiyfirig, r) xb kw tov vvv, 
«£T ix rovxatv tlvat to fir)xog *} top XQ° v o* * i<p£if 
tiiv yaq iaxiv, wv im&iv ioxt (ttxa£v avyytvig • or*- 
yfiotv & at* to (itxalh yQafifir), xal xav vvv XQOVog, 
3. v Exi diaigolT av tig aduxlotxa, tlnto, ij? <ov iaxiv 
ixarsqov, tig ravxa duniqiixav. *A\t ov&ev rjv xatv 
ovvex^v tig afitqr) diatqtxov • aXXo di yivog ovx olov 
t8 tivah fitxa^v xtov axiyfitiv xal xav vvv oi&sv • tl 
yaq ecnai, drjXov ag rjxoi dtaiqtxbv, r) ddiatqtxov 
tax at * xa* si dtaiqtxbv, rj tig idiaiqtxa, ?i tig ad 6V- 
aiqerd * rovxo di owtxig. Qavtqbv di xal oxt nav 
ovvtxtg dtaiqtxbv tig dtl dtaiqtxd * tl yaq tig adiai- 
qtxa, sax at ddtaiqtxov ddtatqixov anxbptvov • tv yaq 
to Boxarov, xal anxtxai, xuv ovvtx&v. 4. Tov d* 
avxov Xoyov, xal piyt&og, xal XQorov, xal xivr\aiv i'i 
udiaiqixav avyxiiad-aiy xal dtaiotio'&ai tig adiaiotxa, 
f] im&iv. 5. AtjIXov dz ix xwvdf ti yao to piyt&og 
^» ixdiaiQETwv ovyxttxai, xal v\ xfarjoig r\ jovtov i* 
Votav xivfjatuiv carat adwiQsxwv • oloy, si to « /J y, tx 
rwy a p y iaxlv adiaighwv , [xal] t; xivrjaig, iff i\g 8 
Arist. Phys. Alsc. I 

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s f, i]v ixtvrj&jj xb o inlxijg a fi y dtaoxaostag sxa- 
oxov psoog fyst adiaiqsxov. 6* El drj nagovorjg xi- 
vrjoewg avayxri xtvslo&ai xt , xal el xtvstxal ti, ava- 
yxij nagstvat xlyrjotv, xal xb xivela&cu toxai 4$ cc£i- 
atgsxiav. Tb fib di] a ixtvtj&rj to o xi\v to d xtvov- 
fisvov xlvv\oiv. To ds @ xtjy to s, xal to y igavxtag 
xijv to £. 7. El di} avdyxrj to xtvovusvor no&iv 
not, fir\ a'fia xwela&at xal xsxtvria&at ov ixtreixo oxs 
ixivuxo ' (olov, el OrjjSa^s xtg ftadl&i, ddvvaxov cifia 
(tadl&tv OtjpaZs, xal Psfiadtxivat Qi)(la£e •) xqv dfj 
to a xrjv ctfiSQT] ixtvstxo xb o, jj y xo d xivrjatg naoriv. 
"Slgx si psv voxeqov dti}X&ev i] dtyst, dtatqexr\ av tVy. 
Oxs ydo dirju, ovxs qQSfisi, ovxs dieXriXv&et, aXka 
psxa$v rjv. El 6° apa diioxsxat, xal dteXTjXv&e, xb 
Padifrv oxs fiadi&i, fofiadtxbg ixsl sot at, xal xsxi- 
Vfjfiivov ov xwsixat. 8. El ds xr t v psv oXtjv %r\v a /? 
y xwuxai xt, xal r\ xhtjotg, rp xtvstxat, xa d e £ taxi, 
xr\v ds apsQT), xr\v a, ov&h xtvstxat, aXXa xexivr^xat * 
ti'rj av tj xlvi\otg, ovx ix xtvtjoswv, aXX ix xtyr^iaxxav ' 
xal xb xsxiyr\a&ai xt prj xtvovpsvov • xijv yaq a du- 
XyXv&sv ov dte&tov. "Jlgxs soxat xt fisfiadtxivat /uijds 
noxs fladi£ov xavxyv yog (tt/iddtxev ov ($adl£ovTav- 
xrjv. 9. El ovv ardyxri rj r]qsfistv, rj xtvslodat nav, 
TjQSfisi ds xa& sxaaxov xfnv a /? y, &gx soxat %t <rvy«- 
Xag TjQSfiovv apa xal xtvovpsvov * x\\v yaq a fl y 
b'Xr\v ixtvstxo • xal r)gspst oxiovv psqog, ugxs xal 7ra- 
oav. Kal si fih xa ddtaiqsxa xyg d s f xtrrjoBtg, xt- 
vriaiwg naqovong, ivdixotx av fit} xtvtio&ai, al£ 
rjDSfisiv • si ds ftTj xtytjastg stol, xr\v xivi\Qtv fit} iu x*- 
vrjotcov elvat. 10 fOpoitag ds avayxi) x$ pyxst xal xj 

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xivr]au adtaiotrov tlvai tov x^ovov xal ovyxtio&ai ix 
t&v vvv, ovtwv ddwiqiT(ov • ti yao anaaa adiaiotToc, 
h t(m ildrxovt da to iooTaxig disiotv Hlottov, diaiQtibg 
loxou, xal o XQOvog. El d* b XQOvog dmignbg ?<rra*, 
h a q>iqtral t* Trpr a, xal q to a torai duuqsTTj. 


3 Eittldi niv fiiyt&og tig (ityt&ri diaigtxov • (didu- 
xtcu yaq on dbvvarov £ diofiwv thai™ ovvtxig ' P*Y*- 
&og d* iorlv aitav cvvtxig,) dvdyxrj to &artov, iv tw T- 
jwZqovw fiii£ov, xal h t$ tXatrovt loov, xal ivxto iXdt- 
jvvi nXiiov xivilo&ai, xa&antg bqltovral twig to &di- 
TOf tarto yaq xbiqp y to a, tov iq? to (I, &avtov. 'Entl 
Toivvv xtarrov iaxt, to wooTeooy fitraflaXXov, iv (fxqbvM 
to a (jiexap&fiXrixiv and tov y tig to d, olov iv tw J rj, 
iv tovtm to ($, ovTuo Korai nqog to d, &X£ anoXtiipti, 
"Sign iv t$ i'ocp xqovw nXiiov ditioiTO &ctTTov. 2.14X- 
Xa ftfjv xal iv tw iXdxxovi, nXiov tovtov • h <a ydq 
to a ytytvrjTai nobg t$ d, to tcnat nqog t$ t to 
ftgadvTtqov ov. Ovxovv, faiti to a nobg t$ 6 ytyi- 
rrjTai h anavxi iw f tj XQOvco, n qbg tw & Moral iv 
iXarrovi tovtov • xal Iot« iv t<o £ x. To fiiv ovv y 
&, o duX^Xv&t to a, fitl£bv ion tov y a, b tit xqo- 
vog o f x iXaTTtov tov navrbg, tov ? i\. Jlgit iv 
tXaTTOvi ditiai fitl£ov. 3. Oavtqbv 9i ix tovtwv, 
xal OT* to &drtov iv iXdxJovi jfoovo) ditioi to loov. 
^Entidr) ydq tt\v i*ti£&> iv iXaxxovi dtigxtxai tov /Soa- 
dvTtgov, avTO dt xaxf avxb XapPafOfttvov, iv nXtiovt 
XQOVto tt]v {i£i£o) ti}s iXaTTOVog, olov tv\v X (i, Trig X I, 
rrXelarv av tit} 6 XQWQS b n q, iv <p tt)v X /* fttioxtTw, 
n b 7i a, iv (a Tip X |. "Slgx* ti b n o XQ*> V °S & aJ - 

I 2 

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xtav sarou tov n Xt iv w to ^qabvxtqov dUgx*™! Tt]\ 
X S, xal o n a iXdxxtov iarl tov iq? tp n x* Tov yog 
tcq iXaxxatv xo di xoviXdxxovog tXaxxov, xalavxo I'Aorr— 
top. wgxe iv iXdxxovi xivr)&r)<jEXou to loov. 4'ifri ds, el 
nav avdyxrj xj iv too? XQOV<a, rj iv iXdnovi, ij iv nXtlovi 
xivsio&ai, xal to fxsv Iv nXsiovi fioadvxsQOv, to fr' ev 
law laoxaxsg, ™ de&dxxov, ovxs laoxaxsg, ovxs ftoa- 
dvTtoov, ovx Iv i(jo), ovx iv nXsiovi xivsixai to &ut— 
tov Xsinsxai ovv iv iXdxxovi. "jlgxs dvdyxxj xal 
to loov fiiys&og iv iXdxxovi £0oV&> diUvai to ^«t- 
TOf. 5. 'Enel ds naoa psv xivx\aig iv tfooVw, * a * * y 
anavxt jroorw dvvatbv xwrj&rjvai, nav ds to xivovfie- 
vov ivdixsTcti xal d-axxov xivslo&ai xal faadvxsQOv, 
iv anavxi XQOv(a soxai to d-dxxov xivslo&ai xal ftqot- 
dvxsqov. Tovxatv $' ovxwv, ivdyxxj xa* tov xqovov 
ovvextj slvai. Aiyta ds ovvsxsg, xo diaiqsTOv slg del 
diaiqsra • tovtov ydq vnoxstpivov tov ovvtxovg, 
uvdyxri ovvsxrj slvai tov xqovov. 6. *Entl ydq dd- 
dsixxai, oti to &axxov sv iXdxxovi XQ° V{ 9 dlsioi TO 
loov, soxut to fisv iqp w a, d-axxov to d* i<p oi ft, 
fiqadvxsqov xal xexivrjod-at to fiqadvxsqov, to iop* 
w y d piys&og, iv x$ £ x\ XQ ***?' dr)Xov toiwv St* 
to d-dxxov iv iXdxxovi xovxov xivri&rjOSTai to uvto 
(liye&og* xal xexivrjo&w iv tw J &. ndXiv d* 9 inel 
to d-aTTov iv tw J & disXr)Xv&t tx)v oXx\v tx\v y 6, to 
Pqadvxsqov sv tw avxw jfooVw ti\v iXdxxa) dlswiv • 
soTtoovv iq? xjg y x. 'Enel ds to (IqadvTsqov to ft, 
iv tw f & *0oVw, tk\v y x duXyXv&e, to &ottov iv 
iXdxxovk dieujiv. "jlgte ndXiv dtaioe&yosrat o f & 
Xqovog. Tovxov de dtaiqovfiivov xal xo y x jUt/s- 

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$og duxige&ijortai xata tov aitbv Xoyov. El di to 
piyt&og, xal b xgovog. Kal ail tovt total ptta- 
iufifiavovoiv anb tov &attovog to /fgadvtsgov, xal 
vjio tov ftgadvtigov to $avtov, xal %fy anodedsiyfti- 
ru /oa^eVo*?* diaignoti yag, to fib d-attov tov 
Xgovov, to Si figadvtsgov to fiyxog. Ei ovv atl fib 
aniaxgixptw dXt)&ig, artungtyopbov di del ylvttai 
durlgtoig, (pavsgbv Set nag jifoovoff * a ** <rw*JW« 
7. "Afia Si dtjKov, xal bti fiiyt&og anav iatl ovvexig' 
tag avtag yicg xal tag Xoag diaigioeig o,t« XQ^vog 
xal to fiiye&og diaigutai. *Eti di xal ex twv tUo- 
&6tav Xoyatv Xiyw&ai, <pavtgbv f ag tXntg b XQOVog 
iotl owsxyg, bti xal to fiiysdog, sfneg iv tw rjfifati 
Xqbvm rjfitov diigxnai, xal ctnlwg iv tw iXattovi 
tXattov ' ai yao aital diaigiaug loovtai tov xgbvov 
xal tov peyi&ovg. 8. Kal d bnottgovovv anugov, 
xal &dtegov xal wg &dtsgov, xal &dtegov • olov, n 
pbtolg iazatoig ansigog b XQW°$> *«* *° ffl*°S T0 *S 
toxatotg ' si di tjj diaigiasi, Tt\ diaigiou xal to firi- 
xog* ti di dfiq>dtv b XQ^vog, ajuyolv xal to fiiyt&og. 
9. Jib xal b Zrjvwvog Xbyog iptvdog Xafifidvei, to fitj 
Bpdixsa&aif ta anuga dieX&eiv, rj aytao&ai twv anei- 
g&v xa&* exaotov iv ntmqaofiivb* XQ*> V( 9 ' dixwg yag 
Xkyttai xal to firjxog xal b XQ^vog artetgov, xal bXag 
xav to avvsxig * ij tw xatd dialgtoiv, rj toig iaxdtoig* 
T&v fib ovv xata to nooov dntigtav ovx hrdixtta* 
afao&ai iv nsTtsgaofiivto jjfoova) • twv dk xata dial- 
Qtoiv, ivdixstat,* xal yag avtbg o XQOvog ovtag ansi- 
gog. "Slgtt, iv tw ansigw, xal ovx iv tw Trensgaofii- 
yip ovfiftaivei ddbai to anugov, xal antso&ai toav 

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anslgwv xolg anslqoig ov xolg nenegaofiivoig. Oxjtc 
dy ovv xb ansigov oiov xs iv nsnegaofiivw ZQ° Vf 9 ^*- 
sX&siv, ovd' iv utzuqw xb nsnegaofihov • ctXX' av rs 
6 xgovog ansigog rj 9 xal to piye&og zoxai ansigov, 
idv xs to (isys&og, xal b ZQ° y0 $' 10. *Eoxw yag 7ts— 
nsgaojiivov piys&og, iq? ov a § • XQ^vog di ansigog, 
icp ov y. JEiXijcp&o) dy xixov xqovov nsnsgaofiivov, 
cop' $ y d. 'Ev xovxco ovv Slew I xi xov (isyi&ovg, xal 
soxta dnXriXv&bg, iq? <p (3 e. ToSto (5* *} xaxa/xe- 
tqi]oel to top ($ a ft, % iXXstipsi, rj insg^aXsl * dux<pi- 
gst yao ovdh' si yag asl to loov tg> /? 8 (isysd-og iv 
lay XQOVfp dlsioi, xovxo di xaxaiisxgsl to oAov, tt«- 
neoaopivog soxav o nag XQ<> V0 $> & V* diyXdsv • ei$ 
i'oa yag dtaigsd-rjosxai, mg xal to fiiys&og. 11. *jE?t* 
d* , si (iij nav piys&og iv ansigqt XQova disioiv, ak£ 
ivdsxsxai xi xal iv nsnsgaoftivfn duX-&siv f olov to fl 
s , tovxo di xaxa/xttgijosi x6 nav , xal xb loov iv kfoi 
disioiv. "Jlgxs nsnsgaofisvog soxai xal b XQOvog, "Oti 
d* ovx iv anelgio disusi xb (3 s, opavsgbv, si Xrjq)&sir t 
inl &axsga nsnsgaofisvog b XQ° V0 $ ' € * Y&Q & v iX&r- 
xovi xb fiigog disiot, xovxo avayxrj nsnsgav&ai, #a- 
tc'oov ye nsgaxog vnagxovxog. 12. *# avxij di ano- 
dsgig, xal si xb fiiv fiyxog ansigov, b di XQovog ttc- 
nsgaopivog. &avsgbv ovv ix x&v sigrjfisvmv, wg oil- 
xs ygaftfiijy ovxs ininsdov, ovxs oXoag x£>v avvsxw 
ov&iv saxai axofiov, ov povov dta xb viv Xsx&iv, oA- 
Xa xal dioxi ovfi/Srjasxai dKugeio&cu xb axopov. 
13. JEnsl yag iv anavxv XQOvat xb &axxov xal figa- 
dyxsgov ioxt, xb di &axxov nXslov di£gxsxa% h r$ 
Xo^xobv^ivdixsxai x«i bmXaoiov,%al ^lohov diti- 

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PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. VI. CAP. in. 135 

vai prjxoe * c£q yag av ovtog o Xoyog tov taxovg. 
'Evuvix&ai ovv to &attov ijfiioXiov ivtipavttp jfooVqi, 
xal dijjQijod'G) ra fxtyi&ri, ra fih tov &attovog f iff 
(a a (l } (} y, y d, eig tola atofia • t» di tov (Iga&v- 
tigov eig dvo, eqf av e J, £ n\ • ovxot/* xa* o X°ovog 
diaige&rjoetai eig tola atofia • to ^ao Too? « * t£ 
law xyovui Meio$. Jitjqtio&Q} yovv 6 XQ&vog eig tjjp 
% X, I p, p v. IlaXiv di end to figadittgov irrjrt- 
xrai ty* e f, J rj, ovxovv xal o jfpoyo? tjuij#iJost«* 
dfya. Jwuot&ijonai aga to Stofiov, xal to afiegig 
ovx h ai6fi<a dluotv, aX£ iv nXeiovi. o^avegbv ovv, 
on ov&iv ioti tap avvex&v apsgig. 
Idvayxy di xal to vvv to \li\ xa& hegov, aXXa 
xa\? avtb xal ngwtov Xeybfievov, adiaigetov thai, 
xal iv an am toiovtov XQ° V( ? irunagxtiv * * aT * Y*Q 
eoxatbv t* tov yeyovotog, ov inl tade ov&ev ioti tov 
uiXXovrog • xal naXiv tov fieXXovtog, ov inl tide ov- 
-&iv ioti tov yeyovotog • o dy eqpapev apcpdlv eivai 
nsgag. 2. Tovxo di av deix&y on toiovtov ion 
xa&* avtb xal tavtbv, Spa (pavegbv eotai xal on 
adiaigetov. 3. Idvdyxij dfj to avtb elvai to vvv to 
8(r/«Toy aptpotegav iwv xgbvwv si yag hegov, Ajpe- 
£j}; [Uv ovx av si'rj & are gov d-atiga, diet to prj elvai 
ovv$xeg i$ apegitv ei di xwglg ixategov , pttalv 
tatai, XQ°vog • nav yag to ovvtxig toiovtov, agx sT- 
val ti ovvwwpov fieta^v tav negatmv. *AXXa fiffv 
ei b xoovog to peta^v, diaigetbg eatai' nag yag XQ°~ 
yog dideixtai oti diaigetog. "Jlgte diaigstbv to vvv. 
El di diaigtibv to vvv, eatai ti tov yeyovitog iv t£ 

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uiXXovn, xal rov jiiXXovxog iv tw ytyovoxi • xaS- 5 
yao «V diaiQd&rj, xovxo dioQiet tov naQrjxovxa xal 
tov fiiXXovxa xqovov. 4« "Apa di xal ovx av xo^' 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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X^h ov xataXapflavstai, al£ opwg xataXafiSavsrat, 
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vnaqx^h *<*&&7uq av el xb iv t£ nXolta xtvoixo vno 

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trjg tov nXolov q>ogag, ij to ftigog rfj tov oXov x*- 
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bravxla 9 xavxa yag ioxiv axga xiqg fisia^oXTJg, aigi 
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Anar to xivovptyor arayxrj vno tiyog xiruo&ai » 
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navnai xivovptvov, xov& vq? Higov xtvuxai • 9>«- 
t woo? flij ot* rcfiv to xivovptvov, vno xivog xiv&tai • 

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158 AR1ST0TEL1S 

diaiQtxbv yaq nav xb xivovfisvov ioxi, xal xov fiiqovg 
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nav iv xon<$ xivuo&ai vn aXXov. Kal to hivov* 
xoivw, vq> kxiqov, ineidrj xal avxb xiviixat, xal rea- 
lly xovxo vcp kjiqov. Qv drj tig anuqov nqietaiv, 
aXXa axiotxai nov, xal toxav t*, o nqwxag aXxiov 
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ds /5 vno xov y, xb de y vnb xov d ' xal xovxov dq 
xov xqdnov tig anuqov nQofiaivixw. 3 £ntl ovv cl/xa xb 
xivovv, xal avxb xivilxai, dijXov &g a'fxa xivi}&tjosxai 
xo,X8 a xal xb /? * xwovp&vov yaq xov /? xivt)&r}osxab 
xal xb a • xal xov § dy xwovpivov, xb y • xal xov y, 
xo d. Eoxat, xoiwv afia % xb xov a xivrioig, xal xov 
p, xal xov y, xal xwv Xomwv kxaoxov. Kat Xafiuv 
xolvvv aviftiv txaoxov duvtioofiB&a* xal yaq el txa- 
oxov iq? kxaoxov xivutai, ov&sv i\xxov (tia t«j> aqt- 
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xoig* ineidynsq xb xivov/ievov nav, ex xivog tig xt 
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y ix m xov avxov tw el'du ug xavxb tw si'du • oloy ix 

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tov levxov tig xb pilar, jj ix xov aya&ov tig xb *a- 
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bfioitag yag iv 7tsjiigaapiv<p to) x xw^vHjacTou ij ajrc*- 
ooy i} nenegaopivov, Tovrtov d* beaxtgov, xatv adv- 

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vaxwv, 9. ftavtgbv ovv oxi oxtftytxal noxt, xal ov: 
sig ansigov ngosiai xb asl vq>* ktigov, aXX soxa* ft, \ 
ngioxov xwri&riosTai • pti&iv di diayegixaj xo vtzots- 
&ivxog xivbg xovxo delxvvo&ai 9 xov yag ivdexoftevoi 
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o&ev fj agXV T ?ff xivrioeoag, apa ioxl x$ xwovpivoi 
apa di Xiya, dioxi ov&iv aixwv petalv ioxi. TYivti 
yag xoivbv inlnavxbg xivovpivov xal xivowxog iarip 
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vovpsva xgta. € H piv ovv xaxa xonov, yoga • ^ 8 
xaxa to noibv, aXXoimoig • fj di xaxa xb noobv, ov- 
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yag ai xaxa xonov xivrjosig avayovxai sig xavxag • f\ 
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fdr yaq dltaatg anwaig- rj yaq an avxov, rj an ai- 
Xov ioxiv r) amoaig. C H de ovvcooig \l£ig • xal yaq 
nqbg avxb xal nqbg alio r) tX&g. "Slgxe xal boa xov- 
xav sXdr\, olov ana&rjaig xal xiqxujig • r) pb> yaq, 
ovv&oig • r) de, ditoo^g • bfioiwg de xal ai aiXai ovy- 
xqiaeig, xal dtaxqloetg • anaaai yaq eoovxai duoasig 
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Sloig fiev yaq ioxiv r) iq? avxov, r\ an aXXov nqog 
iXXo xivrjaig' eX£ig de, r) an aXXov nqbg avxb, rj 
Arist. Phys. Ausc L 

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nqbg alio, oxav &dxxov ij xivrjoig y xov sXxovxog, r t 
X<oqi£ovaa an dXXfjXav xa ovvsxv ' ovxa ydq gws- 
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fiirov xal xov dXXoiovvxog. Tovxo ds dyXov 4$ ina- 
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xov dXXoiovv xal xb \nqioxov\ aXXoiovfisvov * \ynb 
twv slqtjfisvfav * xavxa ydq ioxi nd&rj xiqg vnoxsifii- 
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axovotjg xi xrjg aiod-rjasug. Ka& baa fiev ovv xb 
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vsqbv oxi afia ioxl xo I'axaxov dXXoiovv, xal xb ttow- 

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to* alloiovfuyop • tw uh yag ovpsxvi 6 ar\g, tw 6*' 
opt to ompa. IlaXtv di, to ftfr /octfjua *<? qp«>T*, to 
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xal r\ oocpQTioiS * TtQWTOv yag XtVOVV 1TQOQ TO xiwov- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgk 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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-UottQov ds ysyovs noxs xivr\aiq ovx ovaa ngoxtgor, 
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174 AR1ST0TEL1S 

ri yag, y di diaXXdaaovxav, iv&ivds £xuob Xiytiv at/- 
xoy VTtoXrjTniov. 3. 2xenriov dij ntgl xovxeav 7ra>£ 
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dewgiay idsiv xyv aX^&siav, aXXa xal ngbg rrjy jce- 
&odov xr\v ntgl x^g agxys xyg ngwxrig. 4. *Ag£top€- 
&a de Tigwjov ix xav dioigiopivow rjfiiv h xoig <pnai- 
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XBiav xov xwi\xov ji xivrjxov. Avayxaiov agavftag- 
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KivTjow. Xal x<»gk #« *ov xr\g xtv^as&tg bguspov, nag 
av bfioXoyrjaetsv avayxaiov uvcu xiv&io&ai, to dwa- 
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o&cu (iev to aXXouoxbv, <pigsad-ai de xaxa tonov to 
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xdsa&ai, xal xavoxtxbv nglv xauv. 5* Ovxovv xal 
tavxa avayxaiov 7] yevia'&at, noxe ovx bvxa, rj atdia 
thai. 6. El fdv xolvvv iyivexo xw xwv\xmv xal xt- 
vt)JM(x)v exaoxov, avayxaiov ngbxtgov xyg Xtj^-O- sia fjg 
aXXriv yeveo&av fiexapoXtjv xal xivrjoiv, xa#' 77V syi- 
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yaivexat, xal avxo&ev eniox^aaQiv . Oi fiTjv ccXXa 
fiaXXov It* ngo'iovoi xovxo ov(i($aiveiv avayxaiov • u 
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[iBtafloXtig, eoxai psTafioXr) ngoxiga. 8. Ta fikv yag 
xivsi povax&g, xa di xag havxlag xivtjoug' oXov, to 

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iter nvg &sgfia{vsi, yvx* 1 * d* ov • 1} di imotiipii do- 
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x^v ds tov naQsX&ovrog, aviy*n ««» **' Xfovov* 
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thai dtaqpogav, oxi vvv pallor ij ngoxsgov pf)d* av 
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ovx rjv, 7] ovx sorai, sigrjo&a Tooavxa. 
Arist. Phys. Ausc. M 

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Tot d* ivavxla xovxoig ov zaXtnov Xvuv. ^fu£sj 
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note, stmg (xrj yivsxai ovx ovoct. JIoXv 6*s paXtoxi 
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fitag yag iv f]fuv ivovotjg xwrjosmg hioxs, itXt ifav- 
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yiyvso&ai, xi xtaXvu to avxo tot/to ovfi^fjvai *al xa- 
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fisydXta • xal si iv t<3 xoafxw, xal iv xw omtigw, sXnif, 
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xr\v ail xal fiiav tw agiS-fiw tlvai xijv xivtjOW, Tijv tl 
xa avxixsifisva, bg&wg Xsysxat • tovto fisv yag Taw 
avayxaiov, sfneg (ly asl plav xal xr\v avxyv ?y «(" 

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tyw elvai dvpaxov, tfjptov avtov xal hog xivrjoiv 

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M 2 

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*Aqxh 8s xyg oxiipstog eat at ynsg xal ksqI ftjg X 
X&eioriQ dnoglag, diet xi noxs svia x&v ovtojv, o 
fisv xwsixai, bxs 8s ygs/isl ndXiv. 'Avdyxij dy yx 
ndvxa ygs(istv asl, y ndvxa asl xivsio&ai • y xa (i 
xwuo&cu, tit 8s iiqsfisiv • xal ndXiv xovxmv, yxoh 1 
psv xivovfisva xivsio&ai asl, xa 8* ygsfiovvxa yg 
fisTv • y navxa nsyvxivat, opolfog xivslo&ai xal yg 
fislv, y xb Xombv sxi xal xglxov ' Jv8ixsxai yag 1 
fisv asl twj> ovxmv axivyxa slvai, xa 5' asl xwovpt 
va' xa d* d(iq>oxsg(ov fisxaXafi^dvsiv onsg yfii 
Xsxxsov iaxl. Tovxo yag %xsi Xvoiv ndvxwv xb tc2 
anogovfisvtav, xal xiXog yiiiv xavxyg xyg ngayfia 
xsiag iaxi. 2. To psv ovv navxa ygsfisiv , xal xov 
xov £yxslv Xoyov, ayevxag xyv al'o&yaiv, agQaxni 
xig ioxt, diavoiag • xal nsgl oXov xivbg, aXX* ov ns{ 
fiigovg d[iq)io($yxyoig • ov8i fiovov ngbg xov qpvot 
xov, aXXa ngbg ndoag xig imoxypag, a>g slnsiv, xo 
ndoag xag 86$ag, diet xb xwyasi xgrja&at na<w{ 
J2xi8* at nsgl xiov agxw ivoxdosig, agnsq iv xoi 
nsgl xa fia&yfiaxa Xoyoig ovdiv not ngbg xov pa&H 
paxixov • bfiolwg 8s xal inl xwv aXXwv • ovx&g ovd 
nsgl xov vvv §y&ivxog ngbg xbv q*voixov • vno&sw\ 
yag, oxi % qtvoig dgxy xyg xwyoswg. 3- 2x*8bv 8\ 
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iv xdig <pvoixdtg dgxy, xa&dnsg xivyoswg, xal yg*' 
piag. e Ofioi(og 8s tpvoixbv y xlvyoig. Kal <paoi ti- 
vsg xwuo&ai xwv ovxtov, ov xa fisv, xa 8* ov' dXXc 
ndvxa, xul del. *AXXd Xav&dvttv xovxo xyv fipitigrt 

Digitized by GOOgle 


aVa&7jair, noog ovg xaintg ov dwoltovxag noiav x«- 
vrioir liyovotv, q ndoag, ov xaltnbv dnavxyaai' ov- 
zs yctg av$dv*o&ai , ovxt <p&iveiv olov xt ovvtxmg, 
all sari xal xo pioov. "Eoxi d* opoiog b Xoyog t« 
ntoi xov toy oxaXaypov xaxaxol(Jttv , xal xa ixqyvo- 
peva xovg Xi&ovg Siaigitv • ov ydg ti xooovdt &'a>- 
a«y r\ dqtuXtv 6 oxaXayubg, xal to yfiujv h {^ioti 
XQOVO) ngbxtgov • al£ &qntg t\ vtwXnia, xal oi axa- 
Xay/uol Oi, toooidl xoaovdl xivovat, xo di fiioog avxHv 
iy ovdtvl XQov<& vooovxov. Juxioiixai piy ovv to 
dq>ai^s&h tig nXdu , aXX' ovdsv avxStv ixivtj&fj *<u- 
olg, all' apa. &avtgbv ovv wg ovx avayxaiov £si u 
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7Tors dniiyau 'Opouog ds xal inl aXXowiotmg bnoiag- 
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noXXaxi$ y vtgntg ^ nyStg. "Exi, oxav vooriari x&g, avd- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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avxb kavxb xivr\ou. IdXXa pr}* xal sly* 8i<n oxontiv, 

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n&tsfov afxwv xwrjotug xal aoxn z0 avxb avxb xtpovr, 
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xtvelv r\v, xb piv xb vn aXXov xwovpivov avxb, xo 
$' avxy ' iyyixsoov di, xb tioq$(ox$i>qv xov xwovpi- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


vov Tr)g aqx^g, *? *o [iera£v. *Exi ovx avayxr\ xb **— 

VOVV XCVHOd-M, (l (17) V€p aVXOV ' XaXO. <FVflpEpT}x6g 

aoa avxixivCi &dxeoov. "EXafiov xoivw ivdexfo&cec 
(ii) xiveiv * taxat aoa xb ftev xivovfiivov, xb de xivoxrv 
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aXU r) axlvrjxov yi xi xiveiv avayxr], r) avxo vq? ai- 
tov xivovpevov, ei'neo avayxrj ael xivyoiv elvai. "jExi, 
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&eopaivexai. 10. 'Alia fir)v ovds tov nqohag avxo 
avxo xivovvxog, ovte IV pbqiov, ovxe nXeio) xivrjosc 
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oiov avxo vcp 3 avxov j xovx av ely to ng&xov avxo 
avxo xivovv • xwQut&w 7*Q ' fovxo pev xivtjoei avxo 
avxo, to de oXov ovx exi. JE* de oXov v<p olov xivii- 
tcu, xaxit ovfi/iejirjxbg Sv xavxa xivol avxa kavxa. 
"llgx ei (irj avayxaia, elXijai&m prj xivovpsva vq? av- 
Tav. Tr]g oXr\g aoa to fiev xivrjoei, axiviytov ov* to 
de xwrj&riosTcu' fiovag yag ovtwg olov xi ti aixo- 
xivijTov elvai. "Eti, ei'nto */ oXy avxtj avxijv xivei, to 
fisv xivrjoei aixrjg, xo di xivrj&r)<rexai. *H aoa a ft 
v(p avxr\g xe xivr\&r\aerai, xal vno Ttjg a. 11. Emi- 
drj de xivei to fiev xivovfiivov vri aXXov, to de axlvrj- 
tov ov xal xivelTai, to fikv xivovv, xb de ov&ev xi- 
vovv, to avxo avxo xivovv avayxr] i$ axivrytov elvai, 
xivovvrog de, xaJ sxi ix xivovfiivov, pi) xtvovvxog dk 
4$ avayxrjg, aXX 3 otioxsq' etvzsv • ITotoi yao to a xi- 
vovv fiiv, axlvfiTov de, to de fi xivovfievov tc inb xov 
a, xal xivovv to kp* w y, Tovxo de xivovfiivov p,b 

Digitized by GOOgle 

PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. Vlll. CAP. V. 193 

V7ib xov ft, (if) xivovv 6s prfiev • eXneg yag xal dta 
nteiovoiv ij$ei note elg to /, eotta oV evbg povov. To 
djj anav a fi y, avto kavtb xivel • dXX iav dqp&a> to 
y, to flip a /? xivr]oei avto havto • (to fiev yag a tet- 
vovvy to di ($ xivovfievov,^ to de y ov xivi\oei avto 
kavtb, old 3 oXag xivti&r]oetai. IdXXa /uijy ovd' r) /S 
y XLvrjost, avttj havti\v avev xov a • to yag /? xivel t$ 
klvuo&cu in aXXov, ov tw vcp avtov tivbg pigovg. 
To aga a (2 fiovov alto eavto xivei. 'Avdyxri aga to 
avto eavto xivovv e%siv xal to xivovv, dxivr\tov de, 
xal to xivovfievov , (ir}dev de xivovv i£ avayxi\g m a- 
Tttofieva de v\toi a{i<pco aXX^Xonv, i\ &ategov d-dtegov 
el fiiv ovv ovvexeg ioti to xivovv • (to yag xivovpe- 
vov avvtxtg avayxalov etvav •) dr\Xov on to nav aitb 
kavtb xtveX, ov ta avtov elval n toiovtov, olov ai- 
to eavto xiveiv, aX£ oXov xivel avto eavto, xivovfte- 
vov re xal xivovv, t$ avtov n elvai to xivovv xal to 
xivovfievov* ov yag oXov xwti, ovd oXov xivutai, 
aXXa xtvei fitv to a, xiveitai de to /?, fiovov • to de y 
vno tov a ovx eti* ddvvatov yag. 12. Idnogiav 
di ex* l > ^ av ^(peXjj T *S V *%$ <*> ( £ * ovv*x*S *o xivovv 
fiiv, axivt\tov de') r) trig /? trjg xivovpivrfi • r\ Xomr) 
aga niveau tyg a, r\ t\ tr]g /? xivrj&^oetai* el yag 
tovto, ovx av e\i\ ngdtag xivovfiivq ixp avtr]g i\ a 
P ' aqtaige&eiorig yag dnb trjg a /?, en xivi]aei kav- 
tt)v 7] X oin 7) a ft' i] dvvapei [lev kxdjegov, ovdsv xw- 
?.x>et>, ? &ategov to xwovfievov diaigetov elvai, ivte- 
k*X*i& d* adiatgetov * eav de diaige&rj, fir]xeti elvai. 
triv avtr\v %xov dvvafiiv; wgTC ovdh xwXvei, iv diai- 
pstolg dvvapei ngdttog iveivat. <Pavegbv tolvvv i* 
Arist. Phys. Ausc. N 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xovxoav, bxi ioxl xb ng<oxa)g xivovv axlvtjxov sVr 
yag sv&vg toxaxai xb xivoifisvov, vno xtvog ds xivxyv 
fisvov, slg axivr^xov xb ngcotov • sl'xs slg xivovpsvo 
usv, avxb d* kavxb xivovv xal Ujxav, auyoxigwg o~v/li 
paivsi to ngthxuig xivovv, iv anaoiv slvai xotg xivojj 
uivoig axivijxov. 

*Entl ds dsi xivijoiv asl slvai xal urj diaXslnsiv 
avayxt\ slvai xi a'i'diov, o ngwxov xivst, sXxs %v, etr 
nXsia, xal to nginxov xivovv axivyxov. 2. "iSxaoroi 
usv ovv aid 10 v slvai, xav axivyxiov fisv, ur\ xivovvtwj 
ds, oidsv ngbg xbv vvv Xoyov. "Oxi d' avayxdiov, el- 
vai xi to altl axlvrjxov usv avxb naorig xyg ixxbg fxe- 
xaftoXyg, xal anXtag, xal xaxi avu/3s07jxbg, xivr^xixot 
<T kisgov, di}Xov tabs oxonovow."Eax<o ds, tt xigpov- 
Xsxai, ini xivwv svdsxbusvov, Agxs slvai note xal fir { 
slvai avsv ysvsastag xalfp&ogag • xa%a yccq avayxdiov, 
sX xi ausgsg bxs usv ioxiv, bxs ds ui] ioxiv, avsv tov 
usxafidXXsiv, bxs usv slvai, bxs ds fit) slvai nav rb 
xoiovxov, xal xav agx&v xaw axivrjzoav usv, xntrjxixibv 
ds, ivlag, bxs* usv slvai, bxs ds fit} slvai. *Evdsxso&u 
xal xovxo, aXU ov xi ndoag ys dvvaxbv* drjXov yag 
a>g aXxibv xi xoig avxa iavxa uivovolv Am tow bti 
fisv slvai, bxi ds ui) slvai* xb fisv yag avxb iavxb xi- 
vovv aitav sxstv avayxt) uiys&og, si prjdsv %wuxai 
ausgsg • xb ds xivovv ovftsula avayxi\ in xav sigiffii^ 
vwv. Tov drj, xa usv ylveo&ai, xa ds qp&sigso&aq 
xal xovx slvai ovvsxag oidsv aXxiov, x<bv axivyxoti 
usv, urj asl d' ovxtav • oid* av xwv Asl fisv xam 
xivovvxav , xovxatv d* hsga • tov yag asl o*l 

Digitized by GoOgle 


xog xal <Jvytxovg> ovxe txaaxov aixmv atxiov, ovxe 
nana • xo piv yao ovxmg hxetv, atdtov xal 4$ ava- 
yxng • xa di nana aneiqa, xal ovx opa nana oVra. 
Jrjlov xoivvv, oxi,, e* %al pvqiaxig evict t aqxal xmv 
axivT}Tw piv, xwovamv di • xal noXXa xmv avxa lav- 
xa xivovvxmv <p&eiqexat, xa d' imyivexai* xal rods 
itev axivrjxov ov, xode xivu • hxeqov di, xodi • aXX? 
oidiv tytxov taxi xi o neqiixet, xal xovxo naq txa- 
axov ov, o ioxiv ai'xiov xov xa piv that, xa di pij, xai 
xijg awexovg pexafloXrjg. Kal xovxo piv xovxoiq, 
xavxa di xoig aXXotg utxia xtvqoemg, 4. Iftneq ovv 
aid 10 g rj xivrjoig, itdiov xal xo xtvovv eaxai nqmxov, 
eiev el di nXeim, nXeim xa atdia. *Ev di paXXov, r) 
71 oXXct, xal neneqaapeva, fj aneiqa de% vopi£eiv. Tmv 
aixmv yiq ovpflaivovxmv , ail xa nentqaapiva paX- 
Xov Xrjnxiov * h yaq xoig qrbaei, dsi xo neneqaapi- 
vov xal xo (tiXxtov, iav ivdex^xav, vnaqxw paXXov. 
'ixavbv di, xal el lv, o nqmxov xmv axm\xmv a'tdiov 
ov, toxai xoig aXXoig agxh *wyoemg. 5* ftaveqbv 
di xal ix xovde, oxi avayxx\ thai xi %v xal atdiov to 
nqmxov xtvovv * dedeixxai yaq, oxt, avayxfj, a el xi- 
vrjoiv elvai • el di alel, avayxr\ xal owexv ^ ya * * x< ** 
yog xo aUl or, ovvexig' xo d* 4q>e^g, ov owtxig. 
3 AXXa prjv el' ye ovvexr)g, pia' pia d\ [«*] vq> kvog xe 
[xov] xwovvxog, xal hvbg xov xivovpivov • el yao xi 
aXXo xal aXXo xwtpjei, ov ovvexw V oXij xivrioig, aXX' 
fysSyg. 6. "Ex xe drj xovxmv nusxevoeuv av xig elvai 
xt no&xov axivr^xov, xal naXiv ini/HXiyag inl xag ao- 
X*$ xwv xwovvxmv. To pev dij thai axxa xmv ov- 
xmv, a oxi p$v xw&xat, oxi d* yotpti, opareooV. Kal 

N 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


diet xovtov ysyovs dr\Xov, oti ovts nana xwurai, ov- 
ts navra rjgspsi, ovts %a fisv asl rjgsfist, ta d asl 
xwsvtai • t« yag inafi<poTsgi£ona, xal dvvapiv tyov- 
Ta tov ore psv xwsio&ai, on ds ygsptiv, dsixvvw 
nsgl avxtav. 'Ens* ds %a fisv toiavta, dyXa naai>' 
(iovXoptda ds du$ou xal %oiv dvoXv kxaTegav tvv <pv- 
ow, ott iarl tot pb ail ax/yijxa, xa d* asl xwovpsvo 
IlgoiovTsg d' inl tovto, xal &svTsg anav to xwov- 
usvov vno tivog xivua&ai, xal tovto sivai r\ axivrj- 
tov y xwovpsvov, xal xwovfisvov f\ vq> avxov *j vn 
aXXov aisl, ngorjl&opsv inl to Xaftslv, oti twv xivov- 
psvwv laxly aoxv* xwovpivav fisv o avTo lavTo xivsl, 
navTav ds to axlvr\Tov* 'Ogwpsv ds xal <pavegwg ov- 
xa ToiavTa, a xwsi aixa iavxa • olov to twv i(*yv r 
XW xal to Ttov faW ysvog, Tama dtj xal do|af 
nagslxs, fiy noT ivdix*Tai, xlvt\aw iyylvso&at fir\ ov- 
aav oXtog, dia to iv TOVTOig bgav rifiag tovto avp- 
ftaivov • axLvipa yag noTS ovra, xivslxai naXtv, tag 
doxsi. 7. Tovto dy del Xafislv, oti filav xivi\aw ai- 
t« xwsX, xal oti TavTr^v ov xvgiag • ov yag IS avrov 
to al'Tiov, aM' Ivsioiv aXXat, xwrioug qpvoixal ToXg fei- 
oig, ag ov xivovvrat dl kavrtov, olov, avtyoig, qp&l- 
oig, avanvo% ag xivslxai t&v &»wi> %xaorov ygspovv, 
xal ov xtvovpsvov Tip vip kaVTOv xivfjaiv. TovTtav 
aftiov to nsgiixov xal noXXa tmv tloiovrav, olov biw 
Tgoq>r t ' nsTTOfiivrjg yag xa&svdovot, 8iaxgivophr\g 
ds, iyeigovTai xal xwovqiv kavTOvg, Tfjg ng<aTi)g ag- 
XW s&o&ev pvorjg. Jih ovx Asl xivovvrat ovrsxwg 
v<p avT&v * aXXo yag to xtvovv, avTo xwov[asvov xai 
psTapaXXov, ngbg sxaoTOv tmv xwovvtw kavxa. *Er 

Digitized by GOOgle 


naok di xovioig xivtlxai xb xiyovv nquxtog, xal xb al- 
itor xov avxo eavxb xtvely va? avxov , xaxa 0171/ft- 
@r)xbg (livxot • fiexaflaXXn yaq toy xonoy xb ow/ua • 
wgxexal to h tw aapaxi bv, xal to [&] xfj fioxXtia 
xivovv havxo. 8. 3 £| cay Am ntotevoai, ou, el xi 
iaxl x&y dxiyrjxav ph, xivovvxtav di, xal avxuty xt- 
vovfiiyiay xaxa ovfifie/irjxbg, advvaxov avvtxn xiyrjaiy 
xiyeiy. Jlgx elneq ara/xrj ovvex&g sly at xiyrjoiy, sl- 
vai t* del xo nqtaxoy xivovy axirqxov, xal fin xaxa 
oVfifleflrjxbg,^ et fiiXXet, xa&aneq elnopey, eoeo&ai iy 
xotg ovoiv^ anavoxog xig xal a&ayaxog xlvtjoig, xal 
(drew to by «vto iv avxw, xal iy tw avx$ • xijg yaq 
&QXV? pevovorig, avayxr\ xal xb nay pdyeiy, ovvexig 
by nqbg xr)y agxyv * ovx eoxt di xavxb to xm~to$ai 
xaxa ovftfteftrjxbg vq> avxov xal i<p kxiqov • to fiiv yaq 
vq> kxiqov vnagxei xal xwv iy t$ ovqavoi iyiaig aq- 
Xdiig, ooa nXelovg (peqerai q>oqag • &axeqoy di to*s 
q&aqxolg pbvoy. 9. 'AXXa fitjv, el yd ioxl xt ael xoi- 
ovxov, to xivovy pivxoi, axlvrpov di, xal avxo aC- 
diov, avayxrj xal to nqmxoy inb xovxov xivovptyoy 
a'i'dioy elvui. "Eoxi di xovxo dtjXoy fiiv xal ix xov pij 
ay aXXwg eiyah yiveoiv xal ay&oqav xal fitxafloXijV 
xolg aXXoig, el firj xi wr\an xivovpsvov • to piy yaq 
axlvyxov xyv avxr\v atl xivrjoei, xby aixby xqbnov, 
xal piav xivr\aw, axe ovdh aixb fiexaflaXXov nqbg to 
xiyovfievov to di xivovpeyov vnb xov axivi\xov ij 
uvovfUyov Tidy, dta to aXXong xal aXXng %x*iv nqbg 
ia nqayfiaxa, oi xtfg avxyg eaxai xirqotwg alxiov, 
aXXa dux, xo iy hayxioig elyai xonoig jq ei'deoiv bav- 
xla>g naqeSerat xiyovpeyov txaoxov twv aXXwv, xal 

Digitized by GOOgle 


oxe pev qgtfiovv, bxk de xivoifitvov. <l>avtgby dtj 
yiyovsv ix xatv tigr\uivuiv, xal o xax agxdg ynogov— 
fitv,,xi dn noxe ov navxa rj xwtixai, fj^gtfiii' rj ra 
fitv xivtixai atl, xa ti* del ryttptX 9 dX£ hvia btefiir, 
oxe d' ov* xovxov yag xb atxiov drjXov ioxi vvv, oti, 
xa fih inb axivtjxov xivtXxai aidiov • 5tb ael psxat- 
fidXXei 9 xa d' vnb xtyovpivov xal ptxapdXXortog • 
wgxexal avxa dvayxaXov pexa($dXXtw. To d\ axi- 
vqxov, &gntg tXgyxai • axe anXStg xal igavxwg xal 
iv xm ctvjw diafievov, ftlav xal anXip xivr\oei xlvr\oiv. 
Ov fir t v dXXaxal aXX^v noitioafievoig dgxw f*«A- 
Xov eoxai negl xovxwv (pavtgov • oxtnxiov yag, no- 
xegov ivdixexal xiva xlvyoiv etvai QvvsxVr V ov ' *<** 
el ivdexexai , xlg amy , xal xlg ngtoxtj twv xiytjaeanf • 
dqXoy yag £>g, etneg dvayxaiov ptv del xlvr\aiv elvai, 
nQWTT) de yde xal awc^s > oxi to ngiaxov xwovv xivit 
xavxr\v xr\v xlvrjotv, r\v avayxaiov filav xal xtp avxrjr 
thai xal owixVf *<** ngtoxt)*. 2. Tguav de ovo&v 
Kirrpjewv, xyg xe xaxa fieye&og, xal xyg xaxa nu&og, 
xal xyg xaxa xoitov, rp> xaXovpsr qtogav, xavxr\v a- 
rayxaiov ehai ngwxrjv • ddvvaxov yag avtyow thai, 
dXXou&oeiog fit) nQOvnaQXovorjg' xb yag avtavope- 
vov, taxi fuv &g bfioitp avSdvtxai, ton d* »g avo- 
poly * xb yog iravxiov, xgoyr) Xeyexai xip bart'top • 
ngogylvexai de nav ytvofitvov ofiotov blotto • drayxv 
ovv dXXolwoiv sly at xr\v tig xavartla fiexafioXfpt. Ak- 
Xd firjv el ye aXXoiovxat, dti)oH thai xb dXXoiovr xal 
xb tzqiovv ix xov dvrdfui &egpov xb htgyeia dtgtibv. 
Jr\Xov ow hxlv, oxi xb xirovr ovx bjiolvg §x*h *Ai* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ote fAtv iyyvtsqov, bti di nontax eqov rev aXXowv- 
phrov iaxL Tavza o° avtv q>oqdg oix ivdixsrau 
vTiaQX* 1 *- & «V a dvayxt\ aid %ivy\aw thai, avayxij 
xal qiogitv itvcu aUl n^wiyy tav xivrjatoav, xal yo- 
ga g, si sotw, ij fiiy tiqcjttj, i\ d' voxioa, trjv nqwjrjv. 
>r £Ti di navxtov xav na^r^iaioiv aqxht rtvxv&ois xal 
fidvtaaig' xal yaq fiaQv xal xovcpov, xal paXaxbv 
xal oxXttyov, xal &eqp6v xal fvxqbv, nvxvoTrjitg do- 
xovai xal aoaioTijTe? thai xivtg, Hvxvanns di xal 
(laroMHQ, ovyxquHQ xal diaxqujtg, xa& as xal yivtaig 
xal cp&OQa Xeystai lotv ovouav. ZvyxQwopiva di xal 
dtaxQiyopsva, avdyxij xal xa%a %6nov fitiaj3aXXuv. 
jLXld (irjv xal tov av$avo(iivov xal cp&ivovtog, ptra- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


aviyxr\ Xsysiv ovxng * si ydg t) to rj <pigoixo ngbg 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


di xb nqdypa xal xr\v aXrj&siav, ovx Ixavwg • id* 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


uttor ftsv ovv afi<poiv xotvov, xcu xov ngoxtgov xal 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


yoig moTsvosiev, ovtoi xal toiovtoI Tiv&g «la* • Xoyt- 
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r\ avTMUfiivri rjgtfAia tq anb tov y xwyoH. dtjkov 

Digitized by GOOgle 

PHYSIC. AUSC. LIB. V1U. CAP. Vlll. 200 

toirvv ix t&v uqripivw , oti ovx toil ovp$zW V *l~ 
vyoig. 9/Exi, di xal odt o Xoyog paXXov olxiiog 
t&v el^TjfUvwv • apa yaQ tqt&aQtai to ov Xtvxbv, nal 
yiyovt ktvxov. El ovv ovvtxr\g h iMoiiooig tig ktv- 
xbv, xal 4x Xevxov, xal fxrj ftivti ttva XQ^vov, «f*« 
ty&aQtai to ov Xtvxbv, xalyiyovtv ov Xevxov tQuov 
yaQ tatai b avtbg ZQOvog. v Eti t ovx, tl ovvtxyg ° 
XQOVog, xal r\ xivtjoig • aXX* i<f>&\g. U<ag d' civ ify 
to tox<XTOv to aitb ray ivavtiaiv, olov Xtvxotfjtog 
xal ptlaviag ; 1Q. C J£ de inl trig ntQuptQovg, total 
fiia xal owtxyg ' ovdiv yaQ advvatov ovfifiaivu • 
to ycty ix tov a xtvovptvov, afia xivr\&r\Qttai tig to 
a xata tr\v avtrjv nQO&eotv • tig o yaQ ijUi, xal **- 
vutah tig tovto, aXX° ovx "V" nivr^tjostai tag toav- 
tiag, ovdi tag avtixtifiivag • ov yaQ anaaa r\ ix 
toy jov ttj tig tovto ivavtia, ovfii* aviuceifiivtj • aXX 
havtla fiiv,r\ hi tv&tiag' tavty yaQ iotw havtla 
xata tdnovy olov r\ xata diafittQOV anixti yaQ 
nluatov, ^Avtixtifiivrj di, ij xata to aitb firjxog. 
Q flgtt ovdiv xwXvn ovvtx&S xiveio&ai, xal fir)diva 
XQOvov diaXtintiv • r) fiiv yaQ xvxXco xivi\oig iottv, ij 
aqp avtov tig to avto • ^ fti xat tv&tiav, aq> av- 
tov tig aXXo. Kal fj fiiv iv t$ xvxXw , ovdmott iv 
toig avtoig' i\ di xat tv&tiav, noXXaxig iv toig 
avtdig. Tr\v fiiv ovv altl iv ctXXw xal aXXqt yvyvo- 
fUvijv, ivdixttai xivuo&cu ovvtx&g' t\{v $* iv toig 
avtoig noXXaxig, ovx ivdixttat 9 avayxr\ yaQ afia 
xivtlo&ai tag avtixttpsvag. "Jlgtt oid* iv t$ fjfiixv- 
xXicp, ovd' iv aXXy TitQtqptQtia ovdtfiujt ivdixttat ovv- 
*X<*g xivtiod-ai' noXXaxig yaQ avayxr\ tavta xivu- 
Arist. Phys. Ausc. O 

Digitized by GOOgle 


o&cu, xal xag ivavxlag fisxafiaXXeiv [isxafioXag • 01 
yag ovvanxu xg agxy to nigag. C H ds xov xvkXov 
ovvdnxei, xal Uaxt fiovrj xsXsiog. li. toavsgov Si 
xal ix xavx-rjg trig diaigsaewg, oxi ovde rag aXXag £v- 
dix^xai, xivr\osig slvai ovyex&g * iv andoaig y&g xati— 
xa avfi^aivu xweZo&cu noXXaxig, olov iv aXXoicoase 
xa fisxa^v, xal iv tjJ rov notiov, xa avit fiioov fieys— 
•fry • xal iv yevsost xal y&oga aaavxtag • ovdsv yap 
diayigsi, bXiya ij noXXa noii}Gcu, iv oig ioxiv r\ fierce— 
PoXrj, oids fisxa$v ngog&stvai xt tj aq>sXslv afiqpoTe— 
Q(og yag avfij3alvu xavxa xwsio&ai, noXXaxig. ^]lov 
ovv ix xovxtov, oxt, ovd* oi (pvoioXoyoi xaXwg Xiyov— 
ow, ol ndvxa xa alod-ijxa xivuo&ai q>daxovxsg aitl • 
xwsio&at yag dvdyxrj xovxtov xiva xmv xivrjosoav, xal 
paXiaxa xax ixelvovg (oxlv aXXoiovo&af (5*7* y<*Q 
cpaoiv asl xal (p&lveiv. v Exi ds xal xr\v ysvsoiv xal 
xyv y&ogav aXXoltootv Xsyovoiv. c ds Xoyog vvv ef- 
gr\xs t xa&oXov nsgl naorig xwrjoeoag, oxi xax ovdtplccy 
xivr\aiv ivdi/sxai xivsio&ai owe/tig, e|(» xrjg xvxZta • 
Sgxs ovxs xax aXXoiaow, ovxs xax avtyoiv. Oxi (jlbv 
oi)v ov'x Snsigog iaxi (isxafioXv ovdspla, ovxsowz- 
Xyg «£<» xr\g xvxXm yogag, saxto xoaav& r\\tiv sigrj- 

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naoa yag q>oga t wgnsg xal ngoxfgov slnofisv, ij xv- 
xXta, rj in ev&siag, rj fiixxr]. Tavxyg 8* avdyxrj hqo- 
xigag slvai ixsivag- 4$ ixtivwv yag qvvsgxi\xs. Trjg 
6* sv&siag, r\ xvxX(o • anXy yag xal xiXsiog fiaXXov • 
ansigov (asv yag ovx soxiv tv&eiav q?igeo&ai • to y&g 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ovwff anshqov oix soxw • aXX* oids il rjv, ixiruxo 
ay ovdty • ov yaq yiyysxai xb advvaxov. ditX&uv 
di xyv anuqoy, advvaiov. *H 3' inl xr^g mntqaofis- 
j»i|S sv&tiag, avaxapnxovaa fiiv ovv&sxri, xal dvo 
mrqotig • pi) avaxafinxovoa di, axtXr\g *a* ydaqxy. 
Hqbxsqov di xal <pvosi, xal Xoyy, xal looVcp, *<> T<_ 
Xetov psy xov axsXovg, xov q>&aqxov da xb ay&aqxov. 
*Exk nqoxsqa ijjy iydsxsxai al'diov slyai xyg pr) ivdtx " 
ptytjg. Tip fiiv ovy xvxXy iydix^xai ai'dioy tlvai, 
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pqoig. 2. EvXayiog ds ovfifiifinxs xb, t\\v xvxlw piav 
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xaliv xsku, xal fifidsnoxs, ACo xivnxai xal iigtfiu 
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OTQoqxag * xal yaq ot* pnqov x£>v xivtjatwv r\ nsqi- 


Digitized by GOOgle 


yoga ioxt, ngdxtjv avayxalov aiixipf sfoaf anavTcc 
yag fiexguxai tw tiqcjtco • xa* bioxi ngdxq, fiery or 
ioxl tmv aXXtov* "Ext di xal bpaXrjv ivddx*xa* elra* 
xrp xvxXco fiovrjv • xd yag inl xr\g ev&tlag dvoifioi— 
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3. Oxi, & fj xaxa xonov qpoga ng&XTj xwv xwtjusojv, 
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fivsiav tag yag agx&g avxrjg anodcdoacn xotg xt- 
vovai xoiavxi\v xlvt\aiv • diaxgioig yag xal ovyxgwig 
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xal xb v&xog • xb fiiv yag diaxglvsi, xb di ovyxqlvti 
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xtvovv, dgxn» thai <paot xStvxivoVfdvfOV. JCw^ot* di 
xo Svov, xal nav xb Bfiywxov, xip xaxa xonov ovto- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


tivrjaiv. Kal xvqlmg di xwilo&al q>afiw fiovov to xi- 
wvftfvov tip xata tonov xivrjoiv. 3 £av d* rjgsfiy fib 
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tor, Giqrjrai,. 

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Digitized by GOOgle 


ad 7) xo laov h iXaxxov* XQwy noiovoa, olov #«^- 
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vvaXoylag. "Ajisiqos di ndaa diva/us, Sgma ««» 

Digitized by GOOgle 


nlri&og xal piye&og to vnsgfiaXXov navxbg Agiopi- 
vov. 4. *jEot» di xal tods dn$ai xovxo* Xriyofii&a 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


oig, xal ov avvexys* aXXd yalvttai* r\ ydq i<pe£rjg 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


hdsxopevoir alio nay SlXov, ttgnso nalai itixdrj 
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7) ansiQov. "AntiQov fii> ovv, on ovx ivdixttoti fieye- 
&og elvcu, dideixrai nqojfQov iv %oig qtvoixdig. "(Hi 
di to neneoaafibov advvaxov ex*w cinsi^ov b*vvafiiv 9 
xal on advvaxov ionv imb nsnegaafisvov xwuo&ai 
n anuqov jfoovov, didsixxai vvv. To di ye nobnov 
xwovv, ai'diov xwei xivrjotv, xal anuoov xqovov. <Pa- 
veobv toIvvv, ou adialotiov ioxi xal apeoig, xal ov- 
tfo %x ov (*iys&og. 

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J. ,' 


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Ta per a ra 0vo i xd. ~ 







18 32. 

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Li b. I. Cap. 1. Quid sitscientia, et quomodo differat 
al» experientia. 2. Philosophiam iuprimi* in cognitione 
cansarum principioramque , a sen si bus remotorum , ver- 
wri. 3. De primis rerum causis principiisque quid do- 
eaerint veteres, utThales, Anaximenes, alii, qui vel nnum 
principiuru, vel plura statuerint. Praefertur ceteris Aoa- 
xagoras , qui top vovp principium posuerit praeter mate- 
rlam. 4. De amore , quem praeter materiam posuerint 
, Parmeuides et Hesiodns. De amicitia et odio Empcdoclis, 
tpii primus quatuor elementa asseruerit. De Leucippo 
Democritoque , qui plenitndinem et vacuitatem entium et 
mm entinm causam statuerint. 5. De Pythagoreis, qui 
nomeros posuerint principia. De Parmenide, Xenopbane, 
Heliaso. 6. De PI atone, ad Pythagoreos accedeute. Idem 
qua in re ab illis dissentiat. Colli^untur supra dicta. 7. 
fiefelluntur veterura de principiis placita , supra corame- 

Lib. I. (II.) Uic liber aut nouuisi aliud idque brerius 
^ordium est totius operis; (unde et inGraecis,ubi trede- 
jm tan turn numernntur Metaphysicorum libri, vocatur 
tdipu to tXuTTOv) aut plane alieuus est iudicaudns ab hoc 
°pere , quia transitum facit ad disquisitionem dc natura. 
&p. Xm Veritatis contemplationem partim difficilem, par- 
tial facilem esse. De discrimine, quod sit inter philoso- 
Arist. MetAphys. 

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k-.m »t inter nracticaro. Hlam imprimis circa causas 
ph.aro et inter V"™ a liquod simplex, nee innu- 

me". , ;..erefomLr. P .«t«en2a..3.Adiiciunturo«.e.. 
STincTnditiora de mvestigandae traden°a«q ne v« iU- 
tis ratione. Subtilitatem inatbemaucam in uon 
prae«ari posse. Transitu, fit ad disquisiuonem de natnra 
(quae tamen hie non seqiulur). 


K^nsarnm genera speculari 3. An gener-rum 

?, r u° m ?nlniur„mqne'. P ec U latio esse? et ^-«*«£ 

PSnSM-. 6. Qu.reoporteat *•£«£ 
^eculari philosopbum, praeter sens.b.l.a? E'^'"™ 

an *«#' i'xaOTix? 

Lib III. (IV.) C.p.l. De eote perse, ut subiecto 
separaue scientiae. 1 De ente specnlationem , deque 
proprieutibus eius, nt entis, unius esse scientiae. 3. f M- 
losophiae esse mnnn. , disquirere ax.o- 
m ,tLs , et de substantia (o«o^). 4. De unaquaque re 
umimquodqae aut debere praedicari , autnegan. Idem 
»„n posse simul esse et non esse. 5. Non omne, quod 
esse videatnr, etlam vere esse. 6. Dispntatur •^em» 
cos, qni omnia quae vera videantur, rera dicant. /. Himi 
medium esse inter contradiclionero ; h. e. quodlibet rte 
quolibet recte aut affirroari ant negari. 8. De ns , qui 

DioiBzedb, Google 


omnia vera, et de iis, qui omnia falsa esse dixerint. Osten- 
ditar, errare ntrosque. 

Lib. IV. (V.) Continet hie liber variorum terra ino- 
ram vocabulorumque a pbilosopbis usnrpatorum expli- 
cationem homonymicam. Cap. 1. Quot modis princi- 
pium dicatur. 2. Qnot modis cansa. 3. Elementuin. 
4. Natura. 5. Necessarium. 6. Unum. 7* Eus. 8. Sub- 
stantia. 9. Eadem, diversa, differentia, similia. 10. Op- 
posita et contraria. 11. Priora et posterior a. 12. Potentia 
{6vra/i*s)» 13* Quantum. 14. Quale. 15. Ilgoq t*, ad 
aliquid. 16- Perfectum. I7. Terminus. 18. Secundum 
gaod(TOxa^' o). 19. Dispositio. 20. Habitus* 21.Passio. 
22. Privatio. 23* Habere. 24. Ex aliquo esse. 25. Pars. 
26. To turn et omne. 27. Mutilum. 28. Genus. 29. Fal- 
mm. 30. Accidens. 

Lib. V. (VI.) Exilis bic liber superiorum quadam- 
tenus est supplementum. Cap. 1. Disputation em de ente 
tbeoreticae esse philosopbiae. Tres esse pbilosophias 
theoretics* : pbysicam, mathematical^ theologicam. Cf, 
X. (XI.) 7-) 2. Quid sit accidens (roJWftptptjHoq,) et cur 
sit, et quod eius non sit scientia. 3. Principia causasque 
oriri et occidere sine generatione et corruptione* 

Li«. VI. (VII.) Cap. 1. De primo ente. 2. Quaestio- 
nes de substantia (ovo(<f). 3. Quid sit substantia. 4. To 
tip tZvaiy i. e. defiaitio, seu quidditas alicuius rei. 5* To 
*t?p elvtu competere substantiis vel solis, vel maxime, et 
primum, et simpliciter. 6. An to %C r\v tlvtu et ?xadroi> 
ut idem, nee ne. 7. De generatione. 8. Formara et es- 
senttaxn rei non generari. 9. Quare quaedam arte et casu 
font, quaedam minime. 10. Utrum Totius definition! 
>trtinxn quoque definitionem inesse oporteat, nee ne; et 
Urum prius, partes an totnm? 11. Quae sint speciei 
partes , et quae non? 12. Cur et qnomodo unum sit de- 
fnitum. 13. Nullum universalium (rah xa&6Xov) esse 
mbstantijMn ; et quaecunque universaliter praedicentur, 
non significare hoc aliquid (roSe t»), sed quale (rowpSi). 
14. Adversus cos, qui ideas dixerint simul et substantias 

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esse, et separabiles. 15. Singulariuin rerum sensibilium 
substantiae nee definition em esse posse, nee demonstra- 
tionem. 16. Nullam ex substantiis esse substantiam. 17. 
De substantia et de quidditate {%i fa ilvai) alia quaedam 
snbtilius disputantur. 

Lib. VII. (VIII) Cap. 1. Post repetitionem eorum 
quae de substantia hactenus dixit, de substantiis sensibi- 
libus dicere orditur. % De sensibilium oi/aCq,, quae sit 
o)q ipegytta. 3. No men rei an signified substantiam, qua— 
tenus sit composita, an ti[v ivfyyeutv et formam. Addun- 
tur quaedam de generatione et interim substantiarum* 
Solvuntur quaedam quaestiones , circa quas ambigebant 
Antisthenis sectatores. Denique de reductione ad name- 
rum disputatur. 4. De substantia material^ et de causis. 
5. Non omnia contraria ex se invicem gigni. Adduntur 
quaestiones quaedam. 6. Quae causa sit tov tv cfrat. 

Lib. VIIL (IX.) totus agit de Swaps* et ivegytdf. 
Gap. 1. De potentia et privatione. 2. Potentiarum alias 
esse rationis expertes, alias cum ratione coniunctas. 3* 
Contra Megaricos , qui dixerint, tunc solum dvvaptv lo- 
cum habere, cum iviqyua adsit, sen cum agatur; ubi yero 
uon agatur, non esse dvpctfui'. 4. An fieri possit , ut res 
possibilis nee sit, nee futura sit unquam. 5. Unamquam- 
que potentiam , si adsit cupido eius , cuius habeat poten- 
tiara, id que ea ratione, qua habeat, necesse esse illud 
ipsnm eftectum reddere. 6. Quid et quale ipigytus, 7. 
Quando unumquodque sit Swaps* , et quando non. 8. 
Tip iv/qytutv esse ante rtfP Swap*p et ante omne princi- 
pium tiansmutatorium. 10. In bonis rebus %ij9 Ivdqyiiav 
praestantiorem esse ry Swap**, in malis contra. Unum- 
quodque quale sit, probari, si ad iv4qys*a¥ rerocetur. 11. 
De vero ct falso. 

Lib. IX. 0L) Cap. 1. Quid sit to* ?r, et to hi tlva*. 
2. To 3V in omni genere esse quandam naturam , et rei 
nuUius prorsus id ipsum ewe naturam. 3. Quot modis 
sibi opponantur unum et multa : itemque diversion et 
dissimile, 4* De contrarietate. 5. Aequale, magno et 

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parvo quomodo opponatur. 6. Quaestio instituitnr de 
unius et multorum oppositioue. 7. Necesse esse, ut, me- 
dia quae sint inter contraria , sint ex ipsis contrariis. 8. 
Ea quae specie dnrersa sint, in eodem esse geaere. 9. Quid 
sit specie esse diversum, et cur alia specie differant, alia 
non. 10* Dirersa esse specie corrupt»bile et incorrtipti- 

Lib. X. (XI.) Cap. 1. jixogtm quae dam de philoso- 
phia. 2. Item aliae amoqUu. 3. Quomodo multorum et 
specie divers or urn una sit scientia. 4. Primae philoso- 
phiae esse, principia mathematicarum rerum inquirere. 
5. Fieri nou posse, ut res eadem eodem tempore et sit et 
non sit. 6. De Protagora , qui dixerit , hominem rerum 
omnium mensnram esse; ac de contrarietatibus et oppo- 
sitis. 7* Physicam scieutiam esse theorelicam , siruti et 
mathematicam et tbeologicam. (Cf. V. (VI.) 1.) 8. De 
ente per accidens. 9* Tr\v itrsA/jfttav eius quod sit dv- 
varov, qua Svvavbv, motum esse. 10. Corpus non posse 
esse infinitum. 11. De mutatione. 12. De motu. 

Lib. XI. (XII.) Cap. 1. De ovtrty. 2. De owri? mu- 
tabili, et mutatione. 3. Nee materiam nee speciem ge- 
nerari. 4* De causis, principiis et elementis. 5. De prin- 
cipiis sensibilium. 6. Quod necesse sit esse ovalav ali- 
quam aeternam , quae prima sit omnium causa. 7. De 
primo movente, deque Deo. 8. De astris et orbibus coe- 
lestibus, quot sint numero ; et de veterum de diis opinio- 
nibus. 9. De mente (ntgl tov vov). 10. Quomodo na- 
tura universi ha beat ipsum bonum et ipsum optimum. 

Lib. XII. (XIII.) Cap. 1. Entia maibematica utrum 
sint, an non sint. 2. Eadem an a sensilibus separata sint. 
3. Quomodo sint. 4. Ideas Platonicas non esse. 5. Nul- 
lum Tftiv tlSwv esse posse usum. 6* De numeris pbilo- 
sopbia. 7* An unitates sint combinabiles , nee ne ; et si 
combinabiles , quomodo? 8. Quae sit differentia inter 
onmerum et nnitatem, si qua sit. Disputatur cum contra 
alios, turn Pytbagoreos. 9. Numerum et magnitudines uon 

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posse separari. Item aliae quaestiones proponuntur. 10. 
De ideis quaestiones. 

Lib. XIII. (XIV.) Cap* 1. Contrariorum nullum 
(Oitdhv t(Zp ivarvCoiv) posse esse proprie principiuin re- 
rum omnium. 2. Aeterna non posse esse composita ex 
dementis. 3* Contra Py thagoreos , eorumque numeros* 
4. De numerorum generatione ; item aliae dubltationes 
circa Pythagoreorum sententiam. 5. Numerum non esse 
rerum causam. 6. Aliae denique dubitationes ad do- 
ctrinam de numeris et de ideis pertinentes proponuntnr. 

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iLc^ d -V t v 






"*■■*■ ayttg av&oamoi toy udba i ogiyovxaijpvqt^ 2t\- 
fiiiov d* ij Twy aio&Tjotiov ayan^aig' xal yhg #o>- 
?*£ t^$ xQtiag , iyanwvtai di iavTag, xal ftaXiata 
idv SkXatv i) dia Ttuv dfjfiVTfov. Ov yog fiovov Xva 
ngartafiw, alia xal fiydb fidXXovtsg ngatrstv , to 
ogqiv algovfis&a artl navrwv, wg tlnuv , nov alitor. 
Alitor d\ oti fidliata nolu yvwgi£uv ti tjfiag av%r\ 
iw aio&rjomv, xal nollag dfjlol diaatogag, *tn/an 
fib ovv alo&tjoiv i'xovrct yivncu tit iota. *Ex de zr\g 
aio&riostog, tolg fib avtwr ovx iyylyvt%aifivi\fir\^xoig 
ds yiyvvtai. Kal dia rovro %a fdv qpgovifia , ta Si 
Ha&7)paiixi6isQa jib fit) dvvafurwv fun\ftov%vtivia%lv. 
togovifta fisp, arm iov fiay&avtiV) oaa py Swata 
t&v \p6q>(»v ixoviiv • olov fiiXitta, xal tl %i lotovxov 
alio yivog £o»cw iatl. Mav&avu d' f oaa ngbg t»/ 
fivflfijl * a * tavtriv %%ti Ttjv aVa&?iptv, ; Ta fib ovv 
a IX a zaig qpanaoiaig fy, xal tatg fivr^fiaig, i/nttigiae 
Arist. Metaph. A 


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fl« pstixu fiixgov • to di twv a v&Q(tin<ov jy£v og xa l^ 
tixvjj xal XoywiioXg'T' Ylyvstai, d 3 ix tr)g fivrj^g 
ifinugla tofg av&gtonoig. Ai yag noXXal fivr)fiai 
tov avtov ngaypaTog, fiiag ipntigiag dvvapiv uno- 
TsXovai ' xal doxu ovedov inioTr\pri xal jixvy opowv 
thai r) ipjtsigla. Anofaivu d* imorripri xal t&vij 
diet trig ipnuQluS *°'S txv&gwnoig. *H fiev yag ip- 
Itugla %ixvv\v inolrjoev, wg q>r\oi IloiXog , og&ag Xi- 
y (ov • r) d 3 anugla Tvxr\v. rlvnai ds tijpn, orav 
ix noXX&v Trig i^tigiag ivvorjpaTtov , xct&oXov fiia 
ybryiai mgl twv opoltov vnoXr^fig. To ph yag %x* w 
vnoXrufsiv, ott, KaXXla xdfivovri ir\v$i Trjv vooov , to- 
dl ovvrjveyxs , xal Saxgaxtt,, xal xa&ixaorov ovtw 
noXXoig, ipnugiag iari • to 6* oxi naoi ToXg xotolo- 
ds xat 3 tldog tv aqfogta&siai, xapvovm Tr]vd$ tr)v vo- 
oov, ovvrpeyxe, otov tolg q>XeypaT<i6s<Hv £ jfoleWeaff, 
rj nvg&tTovoi xavoto, Tixvyg. Ugog fih ovv to nqax- 
tuv ipmtgia Texvyg oidev doxu diacpiouv, aXXa xal 
fiaXXov knvtvyxdvovxag agtopev tovg ipmigovg , t&v 
avsv %r\g ipmiglag Xoyov ixovttav. Atnov d , ot* r\ 
(iiv ipmigia t&v xa&&xa<sxa ion yv&oig, r) 9e Tc^rij 
tc3v xa&oXov • av ds nga^sig xal ai ywiaug naoat, 
nsQl to xa&ixaorov ilaw. Ov yag av&oamov iyiiia 
6 iatoevwvy nXyv aXti r] xata ovpfoPrixbg, dXXa KaX- 
Xiav, rj 2iaxQUTi\v, r] %Sw aXXav Twa ovrmXsyopivw, 
m ovfifiiprptev av&p&ny slvai. *Eav ovv avev xi)g 
ifmngiag e%j} Tig tov Xoyov, xal to xa&oXov pbr yvn- 
ql'Qr], to d 3 itv avxfy xa&exaorov ayvorj,itoXXaxig dia- 
H<xqtt}oetou Trjg &6Qun$iag •• ^eganevthv yag tojmi- 
•&ixaoTov fialXov. 3 AXX Sfiwg to yt tl&ivai xal to 

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Htoutiv, TiJ lipy tys ipmiolag \maox*v olipi&a 
u&XXov, xal owponigovg %ovg rtjpitac tmv ipnilow 
inoXapfUxvoptv , &g nana to tidtva* pallor axolov- 
dovjav %r\v oooplav naai. Tovto di , oxi oifUvtrp 
alxlav Xaaaiv, oi d 3 ov. Oi piv yaq tpmiooi, to 
011 piv i'oaoi, flwm d ' ovx toaatv • oi di to diou xal 
Tfjp afoiav yvwoftovo*. dio xal toig aqxiTtxTovag 
mgl exaorov TipiwUgovg , xal paXlov tidivai yo/i/Jo- 
piv twv x^oTtx^^y *<*i ooyonioovg, oti Tag ahiag 
iwy noiovpivoyv Xoaow • oi d' wonto xal twv ayni- 
X*rv ivia, notit piv, ovx udota di noiu , olov xalu 
to nvo. Ta psv ovv ayvxa qrvou tivl noiuv tov- 
tmv htaarov * tovg di xuootixvag di %&og • a>g ov %a- 
ta to nqaxuxovg tlvcu ooywtioovg ovrag, alia xaxit 
to Xoyov txtiv avToiig, xal Tag ahiag yvaol&iv. "QXwg 
t« oqpelov tov sidotog xal to dvvao&at did gotten 
iati • xal diet tovto t^v Tixvrp 1^5 iunsiqiag oiops- 
$a paXXov imorripnv tlvai. Jvranai yaq, oi di ov 
dvvavrai didaoxuv. "Eti di twv aio&tjosiov oidspi- 
av fiyovpt&a thai ooyiccv, xahoi x^wrarai yi*i- 
oiy avtai t&v xa^ixaarjt^x^oiig, aXX ov Xiyovoi to 
^diiri neql ovdsvog, olov, dia %l &tqpov to nvq, ai- 
la povov on &Bgpov. Tov piv ovv nqmtov uxog Tip 
onoiavovv evgovia %*x vr \ v naqa Tag xoivag aio&tf- 
<sug, &avfi(x&o&ai vnb twv av&qaitw, pt) povov did 
to xQ^oipov elvai tI tmv tvQB&svrm, aX£ ig aoqpov 
xal diayiqovra T»y aXXwv. JJXhov(ov di svoioxo- 
fUvorv Ttxv&v, xal tmv piv noog Tavayxaia, tojy di 
noog diay&yfiv ovomv, atl oocptatigovg Tovg toiov~ 
tovg (xtb&v inoXapSdvoutv , dia to fit) . noog XQV- 


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aiv that tag iniotrjiiag aiwv. "O&sr nfrn mxrrwr 
ttav TOiovTwy xateoxsvaopivQJV , ai pii ngog ydovriv, 
Wlli ngog tavayxala t&v imottifiwv ivgi&r)oav, xal 
ng&tov tovtoig tolg tonoig ovneg loxbXaoav. Jio 
negl AXyvntov ai pa&r)ftanxal ngmov tixvaiovve- 
ornoav. 'Extl ydg r)q>el&ri oxoXdfav to w iegmv 
%&vog. EXgr^tat fisv ovv iv tdig rj&ixdig, tig hayo- 
gu tixvt)g xal imorwng , xal t&v aXXwv wv bpoyt- 
ywy. Ov o° evixa vvv noiovfie&a tov Xbyov , tovx 
iatlv, onir)V bvopatotidvriv ooyiav nsgltd ngSta 
alua xal tag dgxdg, vnoXa^dvovoi ndvtsg' wots 
xa&dntg ti'grjtai ngotsgov , ott 6 fih fyntigog tbtv 
bnoiavovv ixovuov al'a^^aty, slvat doxu ooqxotsgog' 
6 ds tsxvityg, t&v ifintlgm' x*iQO™X*° v &* > «fl*««- 
vnw' ai di &60JQt)Ti,xal, twv noiritix&v potto?. On 
lib ovv r) ooqtia nig ttvag aitlag xal dgxdg ioxiv 
imorrjptit drjXov. 


'Enel.ds tavtv\v tvv tounypw tipwp*» * %ov% 
av sty axsntiov, nsgl noiag aitlag xal ntglnoiag ag- 
Xag imorrifiri, ooq>ia iotlv. El drj Xafioi tig tag vno- 
Xrjyug ag 'ixoptv mgl tov ooq>ov, tax <* v ** tov tov 
(pavegbv yevoito fiaXXov. 'TnoXafi^dvofitv drj, ng&- 
tov [isv inlatao&ai fidXuna ndvia tov ooq>bv wg £v- 
dixetai, pi} xa&ixaotov $xovta towriptp avtjov • cl- 
ta tov to x<*Xind yv&vai dwaptvov , xal fit} $£dn 
av&gdnqt yivdoxuv, tovtov ooq>ov • to yag aio&ave- 
o&ai, ndvttov xoivbv dib gddiov, xal ovdsv oocpov. 
*Eti tov dxgtfliottgov , xal tov didaoxaXixmtgov tav 
altfav, oocpmegov thai nsgl ndaav imotritir}v • xo* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


li&v ini(jT7]fX6JV di xr\v gvrjjg tvtxt v , xal xov slihaL 
jdffSt alq*ti\v ovoar, paXXoy thai ooylav, ij xrp xwv 
mtopatvortwv Hvtxtv • xal xrjv aqxixwxiqav, xqq vnt)- 
qnovarjg fidXXov zlvat oocplav. Ov ydq diiv imxdx- frl 2 f r 
xto&ai toy ooqtbv, dXt imxonxuv, xal oixovxov hi-*-- 1 - 
(>w Tzsl&eo&ca, dXXd xovxtp xov vpxo* ooyov. Tag ^ cA> 
ftiv ovv vnoXyyug xoiavxag xal xooavxag fyofiev nt- 
$trjg oocpiag xal twv oocpwv* Tovxwy 5s xb fib ndv- 
-^Xainioraa&ai , tw fidXioxa sxoni xi]v xa&oXov ifrr*- 
(rnfprjvowayxaiov vndqxuv, Ovtog ydq oldi nag 
ntnrtara vnoxtlfisva. 2xs$bv de xal xaXsnwxccTa yya)- 
qi£uv tolg av&gwnoig iatl xd pdXioxa xa&oXov * noq~ 
qotdxaa ydq xwv alo&yoniif ioxi. *Axqi(}ioxaxaidi twv 
tBurtTjfiwv, at uaXioxa xav nqwxanr tlalv. Al ydq IS 
kkattovoav axqi/Moxsgai iw ix nqoo&iotGtg Xsyopi- 
vvy, olov aqi&firjxtxi) ysoausxqiag. *AXXd pip xal #<• 
daaxaXixrj ye ?j xtov aiximv &t(OQTjTutr) paXXov. Ov- 
101 ydg diddoxovoiv ol xdg aitiag Xiyovxtg n$ql ixa- 
oxov. To d 3 ddbcu, xal to Moxao&ai avtwv tvt- 
xa , ualiotf inaqxu xfl xov fidXioxa imoxijxov int- 
axtjfAjj. c O ydq xb inioxao&ai dt tavtb aiqovusvog, 
tip fiilioxa lni<nr$n)v fidXioxa algyoerai. Toiavxrj 
9' iaxtv t) xov fiaXurxa £ni<jxr}xov. MaXioxa tie im- 
axrfta id nqS>xa xal xd aXxia, Aid ydq xavxa, xal 
(x tovtwv xaXXa yvaqi£txai , dXX ov xavxa did xwv 
vnoxsifisxov. *Aqxixtartdxr[ 8e xwv ijiiaxt\aiLv , xal 
pdXlov dqxixrj vygvityqttovafig , r} yv&qi£ovaa xivog 
trtxiv iaxi nqaxxiov txaoxov, Tovxo d ioxl to a/a- 
dbv kxdoxov * oXwg 6s xb aqioxov h xji (pvou ndot). 
*JBiS vtnavxfav ovv xuv iiqfj(iiv(ov inl xtjv avxyv intox^ 

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(itiv nintu to £rjjovfisvov ovofia. Au yaq ravTTjv 
rap ngmmv agxotv *«2 am«> slvai&stogijTixrjv. Kal 
yag xal to ayadbv, xal to ov svtxa, h twv airiap 
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Xooo<pr]oavTO)v. /Jta yag to d-avpctfav oi av&Qmnoi 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


iavtr t v ix tov ndvTtov bgav tip rgoyriv vygdvovoav, * 
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oxrts ylyvBo&ai, ovte unoXXva&at, dXXa diapivuv &t~ 
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METAPHYS. MB. I. CAP. 4. 11 

ami rr\v wy ortmv qivoir, noXtv vn avtyg tr^g uXi}- 

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orjg, olor vtjcpwp 4<pdvi} nay tlxt] Xiyovtag tovg noo- 

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thai twv ovtwv s&toav, xal tip toiavrqv, o&tp i\ xl- 

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ptipai mol tov tig 7tQWtog,i£i<nto xglvtiv vottgov. Entl 

■ Digitized by GoOgle 


de xal tavavtia toig dya&olg ivovta iqpaivsto iv rn 
<pvon, xal oif fiovov tdfrg xal to xaXbv, all 9 alalia 
xal to aloxgbv, xal nXsiw xa xaxd %$>* dya&av , xal 
td <pavXa tmv xaXwv ovuag aXXog tig qpiXlav tlaiy- 
vtyxs, xal to vuxog, kxategov ixatigwv ai'tiovtovtanr. 
El ydg tig axoXov&oiij, xal Xappdvoi ngbg tqv Std- 
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xog tm xaxav. °Jlat el tig (pair] tgonov tivd xal A«- 
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%dg 3 £fiittdoxXia , tax 3 ** Xiyoi xaX&g • eVntg to twy 
aya&wv dndvt&v aXtiov , aitb to dya&ov ioti, xal 
twv xaxmv to xaxov. Ovtoi fib ovv, wmsg Xdyofisv, 
xal fisxgi tovtov dvtlv aitlaiv ifpr^avto , £>g rjfisTg 
di(ogioafi$v iv toig nsgl qtvoswg, tijg tt vXi\g t xal tov 
o&tv r\ xlvnoig*- dpvdgMg pivtoi xal ovdsv oaopiag, 
dX£ olov iv Talg fidxaig oi ayvfivaotoi noiovjt. Kal 
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nXrjydg' dXJi ovts ixtivoi anb imottifjirig, ovts ovtoi 
tioixaoiv sidooi Xiytiv a Xiyovoi. 2xsdbv ydg ov&h> 
XQWfievoi yabovtai tovtoig , aXX* tj xata pixgov, 
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diaxgivu , to de vnxog ovyxglvsi. "Otav fib yag rig 
t« oioixua dii'otrjtai to ndv vnb ?ov vslxovg, tots to 

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nvQ sis ev ovyxgivitai, xal T«wy aXXwv arot/ctay **«- 
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avayxcuov i$ ixaotov 10 pogia diaxgivio&ai ndXiv. 
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di fi'fi ov tovtatv di to nXr\gtg xal attgtov, to ov to di >x ; < . 
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o flip QVOfiog oxijfia iotiv , fj di dia&iyq ta^ig , y di - I » * 
tQOitri &ioig. /Jiaqpiosi yag to piv A tov N qgijpaT* • 
%b di AN tov NA td&i • to di Ztov N &iou, JItgl 
di xivyatwg, o&tv rj nwg vnagxu toig ovoi , xal ov - 

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xot naganXrjoitog xolg aXXoig $a&vpttg ayrjoctv. H$gl 
ftiv ovv xwv bvo aUuav, &an$g iXiyofiev , inl xooov- 
xov toixsv i£rjTrjo&cu ngoxegov. 
: • CAPUT V. 

*Ev da xovxoig, xal ngb xovxwv oixaXovptvoi ZZv- 
&ayoguoi xwv pa&rifiaxtov aipapevot ngiuxov, xavxa 
ngoyyov, xal ivxgacp&vxtg iv avxolg, xdg xovxmv dg- 
Xag xvv ovnav agxag yri&riaav ^ vai ^vxvtv. *Eml 
di xovxtov oi agi&fiol q>vau ng&xoi, iv ds xoig ccqi- 
•frpoig idoxovv -freoageir opou&paxa noXXa xoig ov- 
oi xal yiyvopivoig paXXov rj iv nvgl xalyfj xalvdaxr 
oil x6 fiiv xoiovdl x&v aQi&fiwv nd&og dixaioovyr/ , 
to de xoiovdl, yvxh *<*• V °W * %t*QOV ^« xaigog * xal 
xav aXXwv, <ug slrtuv, txaaxov opoiwg • txi ds vol iwv 
dgpovixtov iv dgid-potg ogwvxtg xal xa nd&rj xal 
xoig Xoyovg* intidrj xa piv aXXa xdig agu&pdtg iq*ai- 
vsxo xr\v <pvaiv aqxtipouoxj&ab ndaiv, ol ds dgi&fiol 
ndatjg xr\g qtvoswg ng&xoi 9 xa row ag&pwv axoixua, 
xwv ovxav axoixua ndvxav etvai vniXafiov , xal xov 
olov oioavbv dguoviav thai xal aoi&ubv, xal oca *£- 
%ov opoXoyovfiwa osixvvvai, tv ts xoig agi&poig xal 
xoig dgpovlaig ngog xa. xov ovgavov na&rj xal fiigrj, 
xal ngog xi\v oXx\v tiiax6o\vt\oiv xavxa ovvdyovxsg, 
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ngaypaxsiav. Aiyto &' olov, inudr\ xiXuov rj dsxag 
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fiiv tlvai cpaoiv • b'vxfov di ivvia povov XtoV g><m- 
gwv, diet xovxo dtxaxyv xrfv avxix&ova noiovoi. Jur* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


Qurtai Si n8Q* joints iv ktiqoig tffup axqi/kotsqoy. 
*Al£ ov d*i zdqtv intQzbfAS&aytovib iotiw, bntag la/fa- 
ncy xal naqa TOVtuv, tivag itvai Tjdt} Ti&iaoi ta% ap-> 
[ tag, net* 7tvg ug rag uqrifdvag ipnlntovoiv aitiag. 
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xovaag* olov Xevxbv, peXav yXvxv, mxgov aya&ov, 
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gavbv aTvo/SXitpag, xb ev elval <prjoi xov &iov. Ovrof 

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par ovv, xa&dntq tlnoutv, dytxioi nqbg xijv vvv £*/- 
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xivag aH)&r)oav thai cpvaeig , oiov, nvq rj yr\v , ij xt 
Aiwst. Metaph* B 

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xoiovtov tttgov, aX£ avtb to anugov , xal avtb ti 

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fti* toicnna tk\p optatp ideas ngoofiyogtvot, ta t* ai- 
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navra. Kara pi&t$ip ydg thai ia nolla titv ovp- 
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axiyiv. Oiyag ngotsgoi fttaXtxttxyg ov pttuzop* 

B 2 

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To 8i dvada Tioiijoat xiyvktsgav qpvoiv , 8ia xo xovg 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


to fiiya xal to pixgov Xiytuv • oi d' 'liaXutoi, to anti- 
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yuv tt xal fir) Xiyuv nStg ovpfiabu avtdig taya&bv 
toiovtov aXtiov. Ov yag anX&g, dXXa xatd ovp- 
fitfitixbg Xiyovoiv. "Oti fiiv ovv oo&okg diwgunai 

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ntgl tmv altiouv, xalnooa, xal rtdla, pagtvgtlv ioixaoiv 
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riUtaot xal tv Xtyovtav yyv thai otoix&Ov , df^Xovoti 

Digitized by GOOgle 


diet xr\9 ptyaXofiiguav tmv ds tgt&v fxaotov otoi- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


fih ov Sitiq&qcjxsv , r}xoXov&j]os pev t Sv & ivdy- 
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u lag, xal tag aqxdg y xou tag aitlag trjjovoi povov. 

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METAPHYS. LIB. 1. CAP. 7. 25 

*Oaoi Si mol fth aJiaxtwp tap ornov noiovoi* %r\v 
^noglav, t&p d' ortiap tapir aio&f)ta, ta d' ovuai- 
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voi gv&ayogeio*, talg ph igxoug *«1 *o%g orof^a/oic 
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onnagiXafiop avtag ovx i$ aio&ritmp'td yagpadtjpa- 
itxa Twy optwp, owt/ xtvqomg iotip, t|oi tUpntgltrit 
iatgoXoytap. duxXiyoptai phtoi xal ngaypattvop- 
taij itpl <pvae<og ndpra . lYnwat t« yag tap ovga- 
fop' xal nsgl td tovtov pegrj , xal ra nd&f) xal 
to tgya , foottrjgovoi to ovpftaipop • xal tag dgxdg 
xal tot aVtux tig tavia xatavalloxovoiv , ig bpoXo- 
yovrtsg toig alloig (pvaioXoyoig , ot» toys op tovt 
Mv, oaop aia&tjtop tort, xal o negitilrjcptw b xaXov- 
utpog ovgavog. Tag d* aitlag xal tig dgxdg Santo 
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ia dpvnigat Twr ortoyp, xal pallor j) to%g ntgl yvosttg 
loyoie dgpottovaag. *Bx tlpog pinoi tgonov xivrj- 
aig karat, nigatog xal dmlgov popop vnoxiipivtor, 
tal neqiTtov xul dgtiov, ov&ip Xiyovaw • rj n&g dv- 
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xovq>a, ta di /idgog Ixoptd t&p aapdwp • i$ £p yaq 
vnoti&iptai xal Xiyovoir , ov&ip paXXop y ntol i&v 
uudrjfiatixwp avtpdtw, Xiyovai ntgl twv «mi^ij- 

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t&v. Alio negl nvgbg fiyr\g, ij imv aXXtov tmv toiov- 


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del Xafietp, vutia uev (Ivatta toy aotd-fiov Tta&f^ xal 
top agi&pop, tap xata-tov ovgavov ovnav xal yi- 
yvofiivoav, xali$ agxrjgxalvvp, agi&pbp de aXXop ny- 
diva elpai naga top agt&fibp tovtop 4$ ov owiotri- 
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to»v txaotop iotiv, ^ naga tovtov SXXog ; c O ph yag 
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&fioig oUtai xal tavta slvcu, xal tag tovttav altlag' 
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tovg. Jlegl ptv ovv tap Uv&ayogeitap iqaio&ta td 
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buwpvfiop tl ioti f xal nagd tag ovolag tStv te aXXav 
iorlp inl noXX&p h t xal inl toTode, xal inl totg aidioig 

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*Eti di xal xa&* ovg tgonovg dtlxwtai on foti to «?- 
dr\, xat ovdiva qpalvttai tovtwv. *E$ ivlwv ftiv yag 
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xal twv dnocpaatcoy • xata di to vofly n ai&agivtog, 
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lovrat ol Xiyovttg tidy, tov tag idiag thai. 2vfi- 
(lalvti yag fiTj thai tfjvdvada ngtotrjv, aXXatbv agi- 
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xal tag d6$ag tagntgl avt&v, tl toti fitdtxta tidy, 
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aidlov fistixti, aXXa xata ovfipefaxog. ^t//i/5a/5^x« 
yag tip dianXaoty aidloi thai, "Jlatttotai ovala t« «*- 

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drj. Tavta ds ivtavd-a ovoiav or\(talvsi xdxst * ij r£ 
tor ai to hvcu opdvai %i naqd tavta , xb ev inl ttoX- 
Xuyv i Kal si pb xb avtb tldo$ tav ids&v xal x&v /uc- 
tsxovtwv, total n xotvbv. Ovti ydq pallor inl twv 
y&aqt&v dvddcov , xal dvdd&v t&v noXXmv fiev , a£- 
diavde, 10 dvdg thai tv xal tavtbv, rj inl tavtrjg 
xal jijg tivog. El ds (irj to avtb sldog, opatwfiiu av 
si'rj xal Ofioiov, mansq av si tig xaXoli\ av&qtanov xov 
tc KaXXlav xal to £vXov, iiydspiav xowtavlav snifili- 
yag avt&v. ndvttav ds fidXiota dianoqtiasisv av tig, 
tl note ovpffdXXstai xd sl'dij tdlg aidioig xwv aicr&rj- 
xwy, »7 *olg yiyv'ofisvoig xal tolg <p&siqo(jiivoig. Ovts 
ydq xivrjosag, ovts fistafioXrjg ovdspidg iaxtp a£- 
tia avtotg. IdXXd ptjv ovts nqbg tqv iniaxrjfjiijv ov- 
dkv'($or\&s% tr\v t&v aXXav , (ovds ydq ovota ixslva 
tovttav • iv tovtoig ydq av r\v ') ovts sig to slvai j ^*ij 
ivvndqxovtd ys tolg fisti%ovoiv. Ovxto psv ydq av 
i'owg aXtia dblsisv slvai, wg to Xsvxlv pspiyfiivov iw 
Xsvxco. *AXi? ovtog psv 6 Xoyog Xiav svxivrixog > ov 
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tag idsag anofiXenov; ivdsxstai ydq xal slvai xal yiyvs- 
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mats xal ovto(,2<axqdtovg xalfir\ ovtog,yivon d\ oloa- 
nsq 2wxqdt*jg. 'Opolwg ds dyXoii', ox* xav si rp h 

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METAPHYS. LIB. 1. CAP. 7. 20 

2m%qi%m atdiog, "Eotai is nl%ita nagadslypata tov 
avrov* vats xal si'dtj' olov, to avdgwnog, to fa or, 
to dbiovv * afAtt di xal to a vToar d Qnmog. *Eti ov 
\iovov tuv aio&r]ja)v nagadslypata xa sidy, aXXa xal 
ainmv, olov to ;wo$ , ws ^eyo? aoW * wot* to avxb 
tatai nagadtiypa xal sixtov. "Eu doSutv a v advva- /,^x 
-iov iiJpaL tfiHQfc myf Qvqfgy % xalov Tjo voiu. Slots n&g t% ' 

av at idsai ovaiai tinv ngaypatmv oi/oa*, jfuoig sltv; \ 
Ev di t$ 4>a<oW* ovttn Xsystai, ig xal tov slvai xal 
tov yiyvso&ai ai'ua t« tidy ioti. Kaiioi tuv siduiv " 

ovtoav, ofttog ov ylyvstai ia pstsxovta, ay /15 JL*°J"? 

_yjjjooy • xal noXla ylyvsta^ stsga, olov olxia, xal da ~ * 
xtvXiog, iv ov yapiv tidy slvai. "Slots dyXov ou iv- * « r v <- ^ 
dsxsta*xaltaXXa^cal slvai xal yiyvtod-ai t xaldtatoiav^^Tit ' - » ,' 
tag aitlag, diag xal ta $i}&sma vvv. "Ett tlntg el- 1 > / , 
olv igi&fiol ta ti'df), nwg altioi soovtai; nottgov^ *V 
ot* stsgot aot&fioi sloita ovta; olov, odl fiiv aVdoai- Vv^ .. " * 
nog agiS-pbg, odl di 2(axgatyg, odl di KaXUag. Tl > . 
ovv ixslvoi tovtoig aVuot siaiv ; Ovdi yag si o\ piv 
itdiot, oi di ftrj, ovdiv dioiosi. El di ou Xoyoi «oi- ■ i - 

d-fitbv ra ivtav&a, olov V ovfi(pon>ia, dr\Xov oti toiat 
Iv yi ti (av slal Xoyoi. EX dij tovxo fj vXrj , qpavsgbv 
ot* >xai avtol oi agi&pol Xoyoi tivig saovxai kxsgov 
nqbg stsgov. Aiyto di olov, tl sotiv KaXXiag Xo- 
yog iv aoi&fAo7g nvgbg xal,yrfg, xal vdaiog , xal ae- 
oog, xal o aviog av&qtanog, aXXtav tiviov vitoxufiivtav 
tatai ' xal f] Idia agi&nog xal avtoav&Qwnog , die 
doi&pog ttg ajy tits pi], Qpwg sotaiXoyog iv aot&noig 
tivotVy xal ovx aoi&(Aog * xal ovx sotdi tig dice tavtot 
b agi&ftog. "Ezi ix noXXwv agi&fxw tig agipuog yi- 


vnai, IS tldwv ds tv stdog n&g; El de (Ayd* l| aitmv, 
&XX* ix xvv ivaoi&fiav, olov iv ty pvoiddt, nwg fyov- 
otv at povddeg; M' xe yao bponisig, noXXa ov fifty oe- 
xai axona' el'xspri ofiosidslg, (tyxsai avxal aiXrjXcug, 
firjts at aXXomaoai ndoaig' xlvi-yao dioloovoiv, ana- 
dug ovoai; ovxs yao tvXoya xavxa, ovxb bpoXoyov- 
peva tfi vorjott. "Ext di avayxalov hfoov xh ykvog 
doi&pov xaxaoxivd&iv , nsgl b y api#jUi?Tfx^ , xal 
ndvxa xd pexal-v Xeyopeva vno wyw, a n&g , i\ in 
xivav ioxlv ao/ofy > V $ ia Xl T * /* eT *£^ T< *>* tovoo x 
total xal avxtav ;*'Exi al fiovddtg at iv tiJ dvddt kxa- 
xdoa ex xivog nqoxiqag dvdfiog • xaitoi advyaxov. Ext 
diet tih 6 aoi&pog oyXXafifiavopivog ; *Exi to noog 
xoig UQTjfi&poig, tinea slolv al povddsg didfpoooi, ixQV* 
ovxa Xiyuv , wontQxal boot ret oxoix&a xixxaga if 
dvo Xiyovot. Kal yao xovxwv txaoxog, ov xb xoivov 
Xiytt oxolx&ov, olov to oStpa, dXXd nvg xal yyv, t$x' 
toxi xl xoivov xb awfia , slxt pr\> Nvv di Xiytxai cfc 
ovxog xov hog, &onto nvgog i\ vSaxoo opoioptgovg* 
JEi d' ovxwg, oix i'oovxai ovoiat ol doi&fioL 'AXXa 
dyXov, oxi tVnsg ioxi ti h avxo, xal tovxo ioxiv aox*b 
nXtovax&g Xiytxai x6 IV • aUuog yao advvaxov. Eov- 
XofAevoi di xag oiolag avaytiv elg xag doxag, pyxy 
piv xi&tvxai ix fiaxoov xalfyaxiog, i'x xivog pixgov 
xalpsyaXov xal inintdov 4x nXaxiog xal oxtvov' 
oetpa d' ix (ta&iog xal xanuvov. Kaixo* ixiitg f&i, 
ij to ininsdov yQapprp* V %0 oxigsbv yoafifiyv xal 
inlmdov ; "AXXo yao yivog xb nXaxv xalxb oxtvov, xal 
(la&v xal xannvov. "Slonto ovv ovd' agi&fiog vnag* 
X6i iv avxolg, oxi xb noXv xal xb oXiyov kxtgov xovxwv, 

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br\\ov oil ovd* alio ovdix t&v avu vndo£ei toigxatti. 
'Alia firjr ovdi yhog to nXaxv tov fta&iog' r\v ydo 
av inintdov Jt, to owfia, *Eti ai otiyfial in thog 
iyvnagxovot; Tovty fib ovv x$ yhn xal dupdxnc 
UXaTtav mg orti yt&finoixtp do y fiat i' aX£ ixdXei 
a$XV v yQ a Wh$* Tovto di nollaxig iti&ti tig <Jf o- 
xovg yqapfidg • xaitoi dvdyxij tovtmy thai ti nioag> 
°Jlots 4$ ov Xoyov ygapfiy ioti, nal otiyfifi itrtiv. 
"OXmg di £f}tovor)g tr^g oocplag nsgl tax atavtgav to /*__ 
jfitiov, tovto fuv tidxaftty • oi&ix yog liyofitx mgl 
TTjg alt lag, o&tx t] dgxv tqg fieta/folyg ' ttjv 6" ov- 
ular oioptvoi liytiv avjwv,ktigag oioiag thai (paftiv. 
'Oxotg di ixiivai tovtmv oioiai, did xtvr\g Uyoptx. 
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ov$iv iaux. Ovdi tit) onto to%g inHnrjfiaig og&fitt 
ox altiar, 4±o xal nag vovg, xal ndaa cy ju jxsnoiti:^ 
Ovdi tavtrig tyg aitiag, ip yafiix thai fiiav twv 
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Xdfioi, xal fidXXov xatrjyoguo&ai, xal dtacpogdx thai 
tqg ovoiag xal tfjg iXijg, olov to fiiya xal to fiixgox' 
Sontg xal ol (pvaioXoyoi cpaal, xal payor xal to nv- 
xvbr, nqitag tov vnoxtifiivov q>doxoxttg thai dia- 
(foodg tavtag. Tavta ydo iatix vntooxn tig xal 
tXXuyt£. JSigl di xiytjoswg, ti fiiv total tavxa 
xixtjoig, dr\Xov ou xivrjottai td tidy • ti di pr\, no&tx 
iiX&t* ; oXrj ydg r\ nsgl cpvomg axrjgfitai oxiipig , xal 
o do**JlJigtii$£4^ oi yl* 

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yvsxai. \7% ydg ix&iau ov yiyvsxai ndvxa er, dML* 
avxb xi tv, av di5w xig ndvxa.X -*£«* ovde xovto, iav 
fir] yivog 8m xo xa&oXov tlvcu. Tovxo 3* iv ivioig 
advvaxov. Ovdiva tf 5 %%u Xoyov, ovtis xd fiexd rovg 
dgiS-fiovg, \ir\xr\ xe xal ininsda, xal axsgtd • ovxe 
onag iaxlv rj eoxai, ovx si' xivatx* 1 dvvotpw. Tavxa 
ydg ovcs sldtj olov X8 sivai ( ov ydg slow dgi&poi ) 
ovt e xd pexa£v (xd (ia&rjfiaxtxd ydg ixuva) ovte t« 
q>&agxd • dXXd ndXiv xixagxov aXXo qpaivnai xovto 
ti yivog. "OXoag xt to xwv ovxwv fyxuv axotx&ai, (irj 
disXovxag, noXXax&g Xeyopsvoiv, advvaxov svgsiv, ak- 
Xtag xs xal xovxov xbv xgonov tyyiovvxag 4£ oiW iarl 
oxoixtfav. *Ex xlvatv ydg xo noiiiv rj ndaxav , rj to 
rid v , ovx eoxi 8r]nov Xafielv, aJU' etnsg iaxl , T«3>y 
ovoiuv povov ivdixexai. "jloxs xo xwv ovttov dndr- 
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ovfupvxog ovaa, &avfiaoxov n<ug Xav&dvofiev sx ov ' tc 9 
*iv xgaxiaxr\v x&v imoxrjfA&v • I'rt n&g xig ypwgiosuv 

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ix xIpwp ioxl, xal nwg total drjXov. Kal ydg xovx 
f[?6i anogiap • dfiyioprixriasu ydg av xig, uontg xal 
ntgl iviag ovXXafidg • ol flip ydg 10 2 M A ix xov 
2xalMxalA qpaolv Bivai' ol di xivtg txtgop <p&6y- "" 
yop epaolv elvai, xal ovdsva xup ypugifuap. *Exi di 
&p iaxip ai'o&rjoig, tavxa nwg av iig fit} l/wy trjp af- 
o&HOiv yvoii\ ; Kaitoi edu • ei'ye nonary tavxa aroi- 
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wv oioi£«*W. u O%% fiiv ovv ictg eigrjfiivag 4v xoig 
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<pia rtsgl ndpxwv, itxe via re xal xax agxag ovoa, 
xal to ngwtov ' intl xal 'EfiixtdoxXijg ootovv tw Xoyto 
(prjglv ilvou. Tovxo Si ioxi xb xl t\v thai, xal v\ ov- 
oia jov ngdyfiatog. 3 AXXd firjp xalbfiolow dvayxaiov 
xal odgxa, xal xwv aXXtop ixaoxop tlvai top Xoyov, rj 
firfii iv. Aia xovx& ydg xal oag£ xal ooxovp iaxi 
xal wv aXXtov exact ov, xal ov did tfjp vXrjv, rjr ixti- 
pog liysi nvg xal ytjp, xal vdwg xaldiga. 'AXXdxal 
tavta aXXov fib liyovtog, ovvitptioev av i£ apdyxtjg, 
aaqpcos di ovx elgrjxe. Ilegl fiiv ovp tatp xoiovxwp 
dadrjXaxat xal ngoxtgop. "Ooa 8i negl xwp avxwv 
tovxtav dnogrjosisv av ng 9 inapiX&mfitp ndXiv. Tdxa 
ydg av 4£ aixwv fvnogrioaifiiv ti ngbg tag vottgov 

Arist. Metaph. C 

Digitized by GOOgle 






' lltql trig aXti&siag &e<OQia 9 ttj (ih x«^ n V > T 5 ^ 
Mia, 2r\uuov di xo unxs a£l(0$ uridiva dvvao&ai 
tvxuv avtijg, pyre navtag anotvyxoiveiv , aAA bxo- 
otop Xiysiv ti nsQl lijg <pvoeug • xal xa& tva ph, f*q- 

, Siv jJ (imqov impdXXsiv aviji • ix ndvwv Si awo- 
•&QOiio(jtir(ov yivGO&al xi piye&og. ct Jlar siihq sotxsv 
txstv, xa&dnfQ TvyxdvofiBv naQoipiatopsvoi , tig av 
&vqag aftccQioif TavTtj fiiv Sv tvr\ Qadia. % To d oXov 
t %xw> *«* P*Q°$ PV ^vvaa&at , di}Xdi xo j|fai«7ioy 

^avtrjg. *'lo<og ds xa* xijs x^*™* 7 ! 10 * ovarjg xaxa 
dvo TQonovg, ovx eV rdlg 7igdypaoiv, aX£ iv^fiivxo^aX- 
xiov avTrjg. "Jlon*Q ydq xal xa xwv vvxisjfiSaiv op- 

\ (xaxa Ttqog xo <piyyog t#« ™ f**^ W*Q a * > ovtw *a» 
rrig fipsriQctg yvxw ° v °v$ **oos *<* *// V^ae* q>avs- 
oaxaxa navx&v. Ov povov di X tt Q ty *X il * W*<*w f 
TovioiQ, w av tig xoivMvriocu xoiig d6$oug, dXXct xal 

d by Google 


rdig tti imnoXwotsqov anooprpafiivoig. Kal ydq 
xal oi/Toi ovpfiaXXovtaitt. Ty* yaq Qty nqoTj<Jxr)oav 
f)luov. El (Uv yaq Tipo&sog pq iyevno, noXXtjv ay 
fxtlonouar ovx ttyoptv • d di fiij fpqvvig, Tipo&tog 
ovx av iyivtto. Tov avrov di tqdnov xal m tup* 
trig aXrj&eiag dnooprjpafuvmv. JIaqd fiiv yaq iritav 
naqsiXr)<pa(i8v tivag dolag • ol di tov ysrio&at tov- 
tovg afttoi ysyovotoiy. 'Oq&ag di %x H xa$ ™ xaXi- 
aat ^trpf q >tXoooq>iap btiaxi\iki\v tfjg aXrj&tiag &ttoQr)- 
tixrjij xtetaQTjTixTjg (iiv yaq tiXog dXrj&tia , nqaxti-^ 
xi\g S* tqyov. Kalydqidv to mvg fy* 1 oxon&oi, ov to 
alriov xct& avtb, aXXd nqog xi, xal vvv dtrnqovotv 
ol nqaxtvxoL Ovx taper 8i to dXrj&sg avtv trig ai- - 
tiag. "Exaotov di pdXiota avtb tvv.aXXwv, xa&' o 
xaltolg itXXoig imdqxu to owtwvpov, olov to nvq 
■dsqpotatov. Kctl yctQ tolg aXXoig to alttov tovto 
trjg dsqgi6tr t tog. "Slott xa\aXri&iotato*tb tdig vote- 
qoig alitor tov aXfi&iow tlrott. Jib tag tStv atl 
onwv dqxag, avayxaiov del thai aXrj&totdtag. Ov 
ydq not* dXri&eig, ovd* ixslvaig aXtiov ti iotl tov 
thai, aXt ixiivat toig aXXoig. v Jlo&' htaotov wg 
t/e* tov slvai, ovtco xaltijg dXn&siag. 


*AXXa uriv otiy iotlv dozy tig, xal ovx antiqa 
ta attta tStv ovtwv, ovttlg sv&vtooiav, otts xai stdog, 
dijXov • ovts yaq wg 1$ vXr\g, tod* ix tov tit dwortbv 
Uvcu sig anuqov olov odqxa piv ix yyg, yi\v d* ix 
tov aiqog, aiqa d 9 ix nvqbg, xal tovto fiy %otao&ar 
ovts o#ar ij aqxi\ tr\g xivJ\owog ' olov , tow uh av- 


Digitized by GoOgle 


■d Qfonov vno tOv aiqog xivy&rjvou, tovtov 8' vnb tov 
yXlov, tov tie %Uov vnb tov vtixovg, xal tovtov firjdsv 
thai nigag, 'Opofag 8s oidi to ov tvixa, slg anu- 
gov olovTt tivcu* pddioiv pi* vynlag evexa, tmvitjy 
8' zv8aifiovlag, %rp 8* tv8atfioviav aXXov, xal ovrtag 
asl alio aXXov tvtxtv thai. Kal inl tov ri rp «]- 
vat woavtwg. jiov yag piomv av ifnivt&va tt %ax«tov 
xal ngoTsgov , avayxaiov tlvcu to ngoTsgov afriov 
t&p fin (xvto. El yag tintiv fmvg8ioi,Tiwv tqiwv 
uXtiov, to ng&xov igovfiev. Ov yag drj to ye soxa- 
tov. Ov8sv6g yitg to ys tbXwxcuov. IdXXa fiqv ov- 
8s to fiiaov • kvbg yag. Ov8iv yag 8ia<pigH,wrj nXsica 
thai, ovd 3 amiga rj Ttsnsgao/uva. Tmv 8e ansigmv 
tovtov tov TQQTiov xal oXotg tov aneigov ndvra ia 
poo tot piaa b/ioimg fdxqt, tov vvv. "Jlar einsg firjdiv 
ion to ng&xov, olmg al'iwv ovSev ioTiv. °AXXa pi\v 
ov8e inl to xdxia oIovt 4otIv hianugov Uvatxov Svm 
fyovrog aqxyv war ix nvgbg fib v8wg, ix 8i tovtov 
yx\v, xal ovxvtg del aXlb xi ylyvto&a* yivog. JiXW 
yag ylyvnav x68t ix xovdt, (fiij wg x68a Xsysxat ut- 
xa x68t, olov 4£ *Io&plmv y OXvfinta,)ij ix nai8bg avyg 
(itxapdXXovxog , ij l£ Aj8axog arjg. c Jlg fUv ovv in 
Tratdbg av8ga, ylyv$a&ai q>a(iw, c&s ix tov yiyvopi- 
vov to ysyovbg*, x\ ix tov imxsXovfievov to xtxsXe- 
ap&vov del yog iarl pnatv xl,£ansgxov uvatxalftfi 
*ivai yivtoig , ovrtog xal to yiyvbpevov tov Svxog 
xal fiii Svxog. "Eoxi 8* b pav&dvcov yiyvopBvog 
intoxvtfi®* ' xalxovx iorlv b Xiysra*, ou yiyvttai ix 
Hav&avovToginioTTjfMtiv lb 8s, u>s l| aigog vdwq, 
(pfaiqofiivov daTiqov. Aib ixslva /asv ovx dvaxap- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

LIB. I. BREVIOR. (II.) CAP. 2. 37 

mu nqbg aXXriXa, ovde ylypetm i& avdqbg naig. Ov 
yaq ylyvsrcu in tyg yeveotug to yiypopepo* , «U* 
ton ptta ti\p yhtoip. Ovta yaq n faty* f* f *S 
hqw% oti peril tovto. dtb ovde to nqteX i$ rjpiqctg. 
Oanga 8e apaxapntei. *Ap<potiqv>g de idvpatow tig 
imiqop Hrcu. T&r per yaq ovwr ptta$v , apayxti 
Ttkog thai • ta de tig aXXr^Xa avaxapme*. 'H yaq 
dcniqov y&OQct , &aieqoviotl yeveaig. "jpadexal 
Mvarov -to nqmtop atdtov op, at&aqfp**' Ene * Y a % 
ovxansiQog t\ yipeoig in\ twv Spa , apayxt}, i& ov 
ydao&rtog nqmov tl iyepeto, py atdiop tlpai. Tovto 
to advpatov. "En de to ov tpexa, tilog. Totovtov 
fc, o py aXXov tpexa, aXXata aXXaixtlvov. u Jl<rt\el piv 
mm toiovtop to eoxatop, ovx wtn* antiqop • tl 
ti (if}dh totovtov, ovx eotat to ov tpexa. *AX$ oi to 
amtqoy noiovrng, Xapdapovow i^aiqovpttg tip tov _ 
iya&ov qpvoip. Kattotov&tlg £p iyxtiqnoeusp^ ov- 
^bnqdtteip, py piXhav inl neqag ^' ovd' Sveir) 
wvs h tdig toiovtoig. "Evsxa ya? ttpog ael nqat- 
w oye vovv %xw. Tovto yaq iou neqag • to yaq 
t&og, liiqag ioth. *JXXa pijv oide to tl yv thai iv- 
Uxnat avayeo&ai tig filXop bqiapbp nXtopd&pta 
tm Xbyta. Uel te yaq iotiv 6 }Spnqoo&ep pdXXop , o 
y voteqog oixZotip. Ov de to nqmtop. pn eativ, 
oidk to ixbpevbv iotiP. *Mn tbhtlotao&aiapaiqoi- 
oip oi ovta Xeyovreg. Ov yaqolbp te eidevat,, nqlv . 
tig ta Stopa IX&tlp, xal to ynrwrxeiv ovx eoti. Ta Ci U 
yap ovtfog aneiqa, n&g iMxttai voelv; ov yaqbpoi- 
ovlnltijg fqappyg, % xata tag diaiqeotig pep ovx 
matai' yo^aat^' ovx lot* pr\ atroavra. Jioniq 

Digitized by GoOgle 


ovx ctQL&prjOU xag xopag b zip anttQOV dittiwv, aXXa 
xal xr\v vXyv iv xivovfiivy vouv avayxr\ • xal undo a, 
ovtiiv iaxiv thai • u 6s py, ovx antiqov y iaxlv , xb 
antiow thai, UXXw fifjv xal ti anngd yqaav nXy- 
&ti xa si'dtj xwv aixtov, ovx av f\v ovd' ovtoa to yi- 
roj oxeiv. Tots yaq tldivai oiopt&a , oxav xa ai'xta 
yvagiaotfitv. To d* antioov xaxa xrjv 7iqoo&soiv, 
ovx eaxiv iv neTtsoaofiinp dis$tX$fiv. 


Al St axqodotig xaxa xa t&n ovpflaivovaw. 'Jig 

yaq tid&afitv/ovxtog afrovfisv Xtyto&vti.' xalxd na- 

ga tavxa ovx bfioia q>aivtxai, aXXa dta xx\v aovvrj- 

dtiav dyvoaoxoxtga xal Ssvtxdxsga • xb yaq avyri&tg 

, 's^yvWQifiwxeoov. 'HXlxrjv de laxvv %x fl t0 ovvrj&tg, ol 

a ^S^ ^ , vopoi dyXovoiv, iv olg xa lAV&txtbri xal naidaqiudri 

' "& P&&V loxvsi xov yivtaoxtiv ntgl aiitav dia xb K&oc. 

^* Ol fiiv ovv idv fiij fjia&ritiaxixtog Xiyy xig, ovx into- 

dixovxai xwv Xtyovxtav ol $\ av (ifi nagaduypaxtr- 

xo)g f ol difidgxvga a£iovoivinayso&ai7ioiijxr)v. Kal 

< ol fih ndvxa dxgi^&g , xovg ds Xvnsl xo aXgtpig , 17 

)dia xb fxr}- dvvao&cu ovv(igsiv,ydid xr\v pixqoXoyiav. 

'is/ei ydq xt xb axgifligxoiovxov. 'Jloxs xa&ansg inl 

xuvovfi^oXalwVfXalinl xavXbyav dvsXsv&sqov thai 

xiai doxti. Jib Sii nmaidivo&ai, n£>g sxaaxa anods- 

xxioVG>gaxo7tov,a[ia tyxiiv imaxff(ifiv,xal xgonov im- 

oxrifirig. "Eoxi ds ovdixegov$a$iovXa(}siv. Tip 6' ixgt- 

fioXoyiavxijv fia&fjpaxixrivovxiv anaoiv anaixyxsov, 

aXX* iv xolg fir\ exovoivvXyv* Jibntg oi qwoixbg b xgo- 

nog. "Anaoaydglotag rjq>vaigex^yXriv. Jiboxsniiov 

Digitized by GoOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. 11.(111.) CAP. 1. 39 

nqtaxovj %l imw rj <pvoig. Ovitt yog xal, mgl tlvoq 
r) qtvoixij, drjlow eatat, xalripuzg dniaiT^Tjg jjiuUto- 
vent to. aXxia xai tag agxag &M»Qr)oai dotty. 

LIBER 11. (UI.) 


J4rayxri ngog ir\v in^titovfiiv^v iniQtr % ^y y in$X&tty 
T,pag TiQtozor, nt qi mv anoorjoaf 3t1 nqonov. Tav- 
xad* tatiw oaa mol avtmy aXXtog vnsiXfoaoi tiyeg, 
xny & it, ztoqlg tovtay tvyxoiyo* nqSttoy naotmoapi- , 

toy. \?Eoi* Si tolg timoorjoai /SovXofiiyoig nqoiqyov JT\^~ ^ 
to dianogr^c uxoc ji^c . j C H yap votcqov ivnogia Xv- 
aig tSty ngottgor anogovpiywy ioti. Avuv d' ovx ' 
tatty ayyoovvta toy dtopop* aX£ r)trjg diarotag azro- 
qia drjiol tovto ntgl tov ngaypatog. Hi yagano- v 
oil, ravrtj 7iaganXrjotQy ninoy&s tolg d$dtfidyoig. 
Udvyatoy yag afi(potigwg ngosX&uy tig to tfingo* y 
o&ty. Jib dtiTat dvaxtQtiag te^tmgfjxdyai naoag 
itQOtsooy, tovttov t« z<*Q lv *°» ^ %0 tovg £rjtovy 
lag avtv tov dianogfjoai iQattov , ofioiovg sivai tolg 
nol dupadl&i* ayyoovok* xalngbg tovtoig, ovd* d 
notB to Zqtovtitvoy (vqtjxsv fj py, ywtaaxuv. To 
yag tiXogt ovtat piy ov drjlov, t$ di xetXiog ngoijno- 
?ijxot* dijXov. *Eti di (teXuoy avdyxr\ %%$& ngbg to 
xqivcu, toy waneg aytidix&y xal t&y afiKpiofirjTovv- • 
toy Xoytav axrjxoota ndrtwy. "Eotilf anogia, ng<a- 
T17 fiiv ntgl my iv tolg nsqtgoifiiaopiyoig dirpiogrjaa- 
fitv, nottgoy fitag /J ttoXImv iotiv imottifitov, fctoori- 

d by Google 


a«t t«£ aixiag, xal notsgov xag xi fc QVtffa j Pfiyfo ia^ 
nganag ioxl zyg tounrjfirig idsiv fiovov , rj xal mql 
( \j to)v agx&v i$w dilxvvovow ctnavjsg* olov noTtgov 
y^f ivdixsiat, xai'xo xal ev Sfia qpaVat xal a7roqpavaf , -^ 
ov, xat ?T€^i xwy aAAa)? tow toiovtw. EXx taxi tic- 
9} T^y ovoiav, noxtgov fiia negl naoag, t) nXsiovig et- 
jt. iCav a nXdoveg , noTsgov anaoat, avyysvslg , rf 
tcxs /u«y ooq>iag, tag di aXXo ti Xtxxiov avxwv. Kal 
tovxo 8 3 avxo xmv avayxaiw ioxl £7}ir)<jou t noxtgov 
Tag aio&yjag ovoiag slvai fiovov q>axiov , fj xal noc- 
ga ravxag aXXag • xa* notsgov povax&g > ^ ixXslovct 
yivrj xitv ova my • olov o* Troiot/yTc; ia xs ««#i? , xa* 
to pa&finaiuta, fiexaj-v xovxojv is xa* xwy alo&r)x<or. 
Ilsgi ts tovtwv ov? , xa&ansg qpafiiv , tmaxsnxioir* 
xal noxsgov nsgl rag ovoiag r) &s<agla fiovov ioxlv, if 
xal nsgl to) ovfiftsftiixoTa xa&* aixa xaXg ovalaig. 
JIgog di xovxoig, nsgl tavxov xal frsgov, xal ofioiov 
. xal avofioiov, xal xavxoxyiog xal b>ttvxi6xi}xog, xal 

K 7ltQl 71Q0T8Q0V Xal VOT8Q0V, XO* T(OV aXXtOV CWOLVXtay 

VTcay ToiovTmv, mol hotov oi diaXsxxixolnsig&vxaivxo- 
nsiv, ix t<ov ivdolw fiovov noiovfisvoi ttjv oxsyty, 
Tivog ion &eugrioai nsgl navrmv, *Eti di TovTOig 
aviolg oaa xu&* ami ovfipipyxs • xal fit] fiovov, xl 
iaxi tovtu* htaaxov t aXXa xal, si aoa tv kvl ivavtlov 
xal noxsgov at agxal xal ia aroi^fia to yivr\ iarlv, 
ij sig a diaiguTtti iwnagxovxa txaorov * xal si tcc yi- 
vtj, noxtgov oaa inl tolg axofioig Xiysxai xeXevxala, 
tj xa ngutTa * olov, noTegov Z&ov ?j av&goanog , agxn 
xt xal fiaXXov iau naga %b xa&ixaorov, MaXiara 
di tuxrixiov xal ngayfiuxsvxiov, noxsgov iatt xi naga 

Digitized by GOOgk 

METAPHYS. LIB. II. (HI.) CAP. 2. 41 

tf\v vXr\p attiov xa&* avtb, fj ov • xal tovto £0)0*- 
orbv, fj ov • xcrf nottgov h , fj nXtim top dgt&uov • 
xal nottgop iotl nagd to avvoZof^A^ft) 6*4 to or/yo- 
Xop, otap xatrjyoQrj&fi titfjg tkijff,) ij ov-div* fj %Ap 
flip, tap fl' ov* xal wota toiavta tap optap* 2fr» 
at ao/a», nottgop dgt&fia fj tfdtt agwutvai, xal at 
(y tolg Xoyoig , xal b> tw vnoxeifievw - xal nottgop 
tap qpd-agtap xal aop&dgtav ai avtal, fj traoaf xai 
nottgov S<p&agtoi ndoat, fj twv (p&agtav (p fractal • 
fri & to navtav x<*Xtnatatop, xal nXtiotrjv anogiav 
e/ov, nottgov to fp xal to ov, xa&dntg oi Hv&ayo- 
gsioi xal ItXdtav tXtytv, ovx htgov ti iotiv, aX£ 
ovuia tar optav, rj ov * dXI? htgov t* to vnoxtlut- 
pop, Sontg a Efint9oxXfjg q>rjoi yiXlav, aXXog di ttgnvg, 
o di vdag, fj diga. Kal nottgov al dgxal xa&oXov 
uolp, rj ag ta xa&ixaota t&v ngayudtav, xal dvpd- 
uu, fj ipigytia. "jEti nottgov aXXog, fj *«*« ^w " 
xai ydg tavta dnoglav av nagdoxoi noXXtjp. Ugbgc^f k* > 
di tovtotg, nottgov oi dgi&uol xal ta ufjxri xal ta / 
oxifiotTa, xal ai otiyual ovoiai upig tioip, fj ov. K$> 
di ovolai, nottgov xtxagwuivai tmv aio&fitav , fj h 
tovtoig. lltgl ydgtovtav dndvtav, ov uovov x a Xtnop 
to tvnogfjoai tfjg dXri&tlag, aXX' ovdi to dianogfjoai 
tw Xoya Qqdtov xaXag. 

^CAPUT 11. 
Ilgatov uiv ow ntgl av ngatov tXnoutv , nott • 
gov fiiag fj nXtiovav iotlvimatrifiap, &$agrjocn ndv- 
tatdyipri tap ait lap. Midgpiv ydg iniotrjurig nag a> 
«fy, uf) ivaptlag ovoag tag dgxdg yvagifav; *Kti dt 
noXXolg tm ovttiv ovx indgxovoi ndoi naoat. Tiva 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ydg xgonov old* is tjJ$ xivrjoeag dgzv v '^«* T0 *« 
dxivrj'toig, rj zr\v tdya&ov cpvoiv; si'neg anav o av g 
dya&ov xa&* avTo,xal Sid Tip avrov <pvaiy , xeXog 
iorlv, xal ovTtog aiTiov, St* ixtbov tvexa xal yiyvnai 
xal ton zdXXa. To 6e riXog, xal to ov flvtxa, nod- 
Stag Tivog iari TtXog * ai 6e ngdfcig naocu find xtvr t - 
a stag 9 wot iv Tolg axivi]toig ovx dv Mizono Tavxip 
thai Tt\v dgxv y t °^' *b<*i ** avTodya&o*. Aib xal 
iv tolg pa&rj-paoiv ovdh ddxwrai did xavxr\g Trjg 
alziag, ovd* sou* anddsi$ig ov depict, dioti (ftXriov *} 
Xtigov. 'aX"£ ovdi to nagdnav fiifivrjTai oidtlg ot/- 
dsvbg tmv toiovtwv. "JIotb did ravta tSiv ooquoTatr 
jwsg, oiot 3 AgiaTi7inog,7tQos7tt}ldxi^tv avxdg. Ev piv 
ydg Tatg aXXaig Ts^vaig, xal idig (tavavooig avTaig> 
oiov iv ttxjovixrj xal oxvuxfj , Sioti (MXtiov rj X&Q oy p 
Xsyto&ai ndvta* Tag ds fia-drj/iaxixag ovdiva noiu- 
a&ai Xoyov mgl dya&cov xal xaxwv. IdXXd pip tV 
ye nXtiovg biiOTrjfiai twv aiiUav tiol, xal htgai §rt- 
gag dgxug t tlva tovtwv qpaxiov ilvai Tip fyTOVpivriv, 
tj xlva fidXuna tov ngdypaxog tov ^rovpevov im~ 
OTTjfiova twv ixovtav avtdg • 'Evdixttai ydgto) avxw 
ndvrag rovg Tgonovg twv aUitov vndgxw olov o*- 
xiag, b&tv fikv r\ xfoyoiQ, i\ Texvr), xal 6 oixodopog * 
ov d 7 tvtxa t to tgyov vXtj ds, yij xal Xi&oi' to S* 
tldog, 6 Xoyog. 3 Ex fiev ovv tmv ndXat duogujpivwr, 
Tiva xgh *t*X&9 t&v imoTfjfiav aoqplav, l/ct Xoyov 
kxdarrjv ngooayogtvstv. 'Hpbydg dgzixtoTair} xal 
( rjytfiovix<ardTfi t xalfj Sontg dovXag ov5 % avxtintiv 
" Tft ff *^«ff intorrjpag dlxaiov, ij tov liXovg xal Taya- 
9ov Toiavxrf tovtov yog tvsxa t dXXa • ^ di jStv ng<o- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

ME TAPHYS. LIB. 1L (III.) CAP. 2. 43 

iw ahiuv, xal tov paliota imorrjTov duagioftri 
that, r) tr\g ovoiag av ttri toiavtrj. HoXlotxatg yag 
iniatapivtav to avta, pallor piv tldiva* q>apiv tov 
t$ sliaiyv<agi£ovta ti ti ngaypa, rj tw pr\ thai. 
Avtiv di tovtav, fatgov ktigov pallor, xal pdliata 
%<ov ri iativ, all? ov tmv nooov, rj noiov, rj ti nuttiv 
rj n£ax u * niopvxtv. "Eti, 6i xal iv toig ulloig , to 
Uddvai txaotov, xal fov anodtiStig tiol, tot oiops&a 
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<pavai, xal advvatov Spa thai xal pr) thai, xal ooai 
allai toiavxai ngotdotig , nottgov pia tovtiav ink- 
atrjpi) xal trjg ovoiag, rj biega* x$v ti pr) pia, notigav 
ngooayogsvtiv tr)v fcritovpivriv. Miag piv ovv ovx 
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opoitag piv bnoiaoovv iotiv, anaoiav ds pr\ ivdixtiat, 
uontg ovdi twv alltav, ovtoag ovds> trjg yvagi£ovorig 
iag ovaiag i'diov ioti to yivaoxtiv ntgl avtoiv apadi 
xal tiva tgonov totai avttov intoifjpti. Ti psv yag 
txaatov tovtuv tvyxavn ov, xa* vvv yv<agi£opev. 

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Xgartai ovv ig yiyvwoxopivoig ctvtdig xal ctXXat 
xsxvai. El 5e anodsixxixti nsgl avxtav 4oti, dstjaei 
xi yivog sivai inoxsipsvov, xalxd piv nd&fi , xd 8' 
alubfiata avxiav. Ilsgl ndvxav yag ddvvaxov ano- 
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slvat, yivog IV xi iwy dsixvvfuvoav* niaai ydg al 
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si kxiga i\ xr\g ovalag xal y nsgl xovxoav, noxiga xv- 
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udXiaxa, xal ndvxoav agxal, xd d^cofiatd iaxiv • six 
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inlnsda, noxsgov xr\g avxi\g xavxa yvwglttiv imaxT 
prig, xal xd ovfiPsprjxdxa nsgl sxaoxov yivog , ntgi 
(ov al fia&rinaxmal duxrvovoiv, f) alXrig. Elpbyafl 

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METAPHYS. LIB. II. (111.) CAP. 2. 45 

jjijg avtqg, anodbixrixTj tig £v sir) xal r\ tqg ovaiag' ov 
doxsi ds tov ii iouv anodsi^ig thai • st d' itigag, 
tig carat r\ &$(agovaa nsgl tip ovaiav ta ai//u/?e/?i}- 
xotoc; Tovzo yag dnodovvai nayxdXsnov. *•#** ds 
notsQOv tag aio&Tjt&g oioiag ^wag thai, cpcniov , j} 
xal nagd tavtag aXXag. Kal nbttgov fiovax&g , V 
nXtlfo yivi\ jsivx^xsv • olov 61 ley ov teg ta ts ti'firj xal 
ten fistaZv, nsgl a tag na&ijfiatutdg thai cpaaiy im~ 
orrifiag. 'Jig piv ovv Xiyoptv id sidy alxid ts xal 
ovoiag sjvai xa& iavtag^igr^tat iv ttig ngwtoigXo- 
yoig nsgl uvicov. JJoXXaxn ds ix&vuav dvoxoXiav, 
ovdsvbg Tjfttov atonpv, to cpavai fisv slvai tivag cpv- 
osig nag a tag iv tw ovgavfy , tavtag ds tag avtag 
tpdvai totg aio&Titdig, nlrpr oti ta (asv ai'dta, ta ds 
q>&agtd. Avtb ydg av&gunov qtaoiv slvai, xal av- 
tb Xnnov xal iyisiav , alio 0° ovdiv naganX^oiov 
pkv noiovvtsg tolg &sovg (lev slvaiydoxovoiv, av&gw- 
nosidsig 6i. Ovts yag ixsivoi ov&sv aXXo inoiovv, ij 
dv&gconovg d'idiovg, ov& ovtoi ta si'dri, aXX J rj ai- 
a^ijxa d'tdia. *Ezi ds si tig nagd xa tidy xal ta 
aia&fjtd ta /ma£v &^ostai, noXXdg dnogiag *£«. 
Jt^Xov yag Stg opoioag ygappai ts nag avtag xal tag 
aio&ijtag laoyra*, xal sxaotov tav aXXotv ysvwv. 
"jlat intlntg % aotgoXoyia pia tovttav iotlv, laxat 
tig xal ovgavbgnagd tov alad"ntbv ovgavbv,xalr}Xiog 
xal osXrjvri, xal taXXa bpoiwg ta xatd tov ovgavdv. 
Kahdt nmg del motsvaai tovtoig ; ovdi ydg axivrpov 
svXoyov thai, xtrovfisvov ds xal nartsXag advvatov. 
^Opouog de xal nsgl tov 7] ontixri ngayfiatsvstat , xal 
r\ iv tolg fia^Vftatixolg dggAOvix^. Kal ydg tavta 

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ddvvatov tivai not got ta aia&rita , dia tag avtag aU 
tiag. Ei yag iouv alodvpa psta$v xal aio&ri<mg, 
dqXov ou xal fc5« tooviou petatv avt&v ts xal ta v 

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ovtoav dsl ^rittiv t avtag tag imotrjfiag. Ei yag tov- 
to dioiou [if yttodaujla] trig yetopstgiag povov, oti ij 
per tovttov iatlv <av aiod-avopsd-a , r\ d ovx aio&ri- 
iw, drjXov on xal iraga laigixrjv total tig imotriprj, 
xal nag kxdotrjv tav aXXuv ptta$i avttjg ts iatgi- 
xrjg , xal tr\gds trjg iatgixfjg* xaltot nwg tovto dv- 
vatov ; xal yag av vymva ana tit} naga ia auj&fj- 
ta, xal avto to vymvov* "Apa di ovdi tovto aXr r 
&£g, <ws V ywdaioia *<»y aio& ytSiv ion psys&mv xal 
tp&agtwv. 3 Eq>&tigsto yag av qp&stgopivav. *AXXa 
pr\v ovds twv aio&rpiav av tYy peye&uv, ovdi ftegltov 
oigavov i\ acrrgoXoyia tovtie. Ovts yag at alo&ri~ 
tal ygappal toiavtal sioiv , oXag Xsyti o ystopitgw 
ovdsv yag sv&v tuv aio&rjtwv ovttag , ovds otgoy- 
yvXov, "Aittnai yag tov xavovog ov xata otiypt\v 
o xvxXog, aXU &omg Ugatayogag sXsysv iXiyzw 
tovg ysmpitgag • ov&* at xtvrjoug xal al tXtxsg tov 
ovgavov opoiat , nsgl (av i\ aotgoXoyia nou&- 
tai tovg Xoyovg • ovts ta at] fist a toig aotgoig tr t v 
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tovtoig , olg ta ovpfiaivovta advvata, nana ftsv 
nXdovog Xoyov disX&tiv , ixavov di xal ta toiavta 
frscogijocu. Ovts yag inl tovttov svXoyov %xuv oi/tw 
povov , aUa dr{Xov ou sidri ivdixoit av iv tolg air 

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o&rjiols thai' tov yag avtov Xoyov afitpottga tavta 
iotlv. *Eu di dvo ottgta iv tw av\<$ avayxaiov thai 
Tony , xal fiii thai axivrjta , iv xivovpivoig yt ovia 
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thai fiiv avta, thai d' ivtolgaiod-ritolg; Tavta yag 
ovpprjottai atona tolg ngotigtifiivoig. *'Eotai yag 
ovgavog tig naga tov ovgavov, nXvv yt ov xotglg,aXXa 

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IJegi xi tovtmv ovv anogia noXXr), nmg del &ipt- 
vov tvxuv tr^g alrj&tiag, xal ntgl t&v agx&v, nott- 
qov du ta yivri otoixtia xal agxag inoXapPavttv, rj 
ftaXXov 4£ (av ivvnagxovtuv ioth txaotov ngitov • 
olov cpwvriQ otoixtia xai agxal doxovoiv thai tavta, 
$ tov ovyxtivtai ai qpmval naoai ngwtov, aX£ ov to 
*oivov r t qxovrj • xal tap tiiaygapftitw tavta otoi- 
Z&aXiyofitv, <ov ai anodtl&ig iwnagxovoiv h tatg 
*wy aXXtav anodtl$toiv,'i\ navtoav ,r)tw nXtiottov. "Eti 
<5s mv otofiatrnv xal ol nXdw Xiyovttg thai otoixtia, 
xa* ol tv, ($ tav ovyxtivtai, xal i$ <ov ovviotrixtv, ag- 
X<*gXiyovoiv that. Olov,*EpntdoxXrjg nvg xalvd&g, 
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t« orta ivvnagzoruDV , aXX* oix &g yivri tavta Xiyti 
tup brtuv. llgog tit tovtoig xal t&v aXXatvtittg i&iXti 
vrp <pvoiv a&gtiv, oloy xXiyrjv |£ wv fiogUav ioti, xal 
nag ovyxtipivwv, tott yvwgi&h tv\v qtvoiv avtr)g. 3 £x 
u& ovrtov-tuv tmv Xoyuv, oix av t\r\oav ai agxal to 
yivri tav ovkov. z Hi Si txaotov piv yva>gi£o(itv dia 
i(ov ogio^iav, agxal di ta yivri xwv ogiopw tioiv, 
uvayxT) xal twv bgiotwv agxag that ta yivri. Kav 

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d soti %r\v tw oVrew Xafisiv iniarrj^v to t&v slduv 
Xa/Silv, xa& a Xiyortai tit ovta , tStv ys sldwv agxal 
td ysvij slot. Qabortai di tivsg xal t&v Xsyorta* 
otoixuot Ttov onto* to Sr if to ov , 1} to fisya xal to 
fuxgbv, *>g yivtoiv avtoig xqtJo&m. *AXXa (ir)v ovdi 
afKpoJSQOic ys olov te Xiyeiv tag agxdg. c O fih yag 
Xoyog trig ovolag elg m stsgog d* carat odidtStv ysvav 
o bgiopbg, xal o Xiycav i$&y iotiv iwnagxovtmv. Ilgog 
di tovtoig si xal on pdXiota agxal td yivrj slol, no- 
ugat del vopi£siv td nguta twv ysv&v agxdg , rj td 
soxata xatriyogovpsva inl tav atopwv. Kal yag 
tovto sxn ufiq>uf^jr]oiv. El piv ydg on td %a&6- 
Xov fidXXov agxcuj qjavsgbv ontdav&tdtwt&vysv&v. 
Tavta yog Xiystai xatd ndaftmv. Tooavtat ovv 
soovtat agxal tap ovtav, ooansg td ngata yivr]' Hot 
;v sotcm to t< ov not to tv agxal xal ovmat. Tavta 
' yag xatd ndptmv pdXiota Xiystai tmv opttav • ovx 
l y olov ts di tmv ovtcov er stvat yirog , ovts to h> , ovts 
^ .. to oy. jivdyxtj fiiv yag tag diaqiogdg sxdotov y&ovg 
y^xai slvai, xal fdav tlvcu htaotrp. 'Advvatov di xa- 
tiiyoguo&ai y td si'dy tov yhovg tap oixsiav diaa>o- 
gav, ij to yivog avsv xav avtov sidap, "Slots sXmg 
to ip yirog , tJ to ov, ovdspia dtaa>ogd , ovtt to ov, 
ovts to iv lotai, IdXXd prjv si firj yivri, ovd* agxal 
soovtat, sVnsg agxal td yi*r]. *'Eti xal td (ista£v 
ovXXafifiavofisya fzstd tm>dia<pogwv, total yiytj pixgi 
tw cttofxtav. iVvF di td pi? doxsl , td d' ov doxii. 
Ilgog di tovtotg stt paXXov al diaq>oga* agxal, i} id 
ybti\. El di xal avtai agxal, ansigoi (wg sin&p} dg- 
xal yiyvovtai • aXXtag ts xtjp tig to ngwtov ysvog ao- 

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Xtjv ti&jj. [dXXa prjv xal ti fiaXXov yt agxotidig to 
iv iativ , $v dito adiaigttov , adiaigttov di anav , ij 
xatot to nooov, r\ xatd to tldog, ngottgov di to xa&* 
tldog, tayzvr\ di diaigttd tig tidy paXXov, IV av to 
Xaxovtov ti'rj xatrjyogovfitvov. Ov yag ioti yivog av- 
&gwnog t&v tivmv av&gianav. *Bn iv olg to ngott- 
gov xal vottgov iativ, ovx oiov t« to inl tovtav tlval 
T* naga tavta * oiov ti ngutfj %&v agi&fmv y dvdg, 
ovx tatai tig agi&fiog naga ta tl'dij tmv agi&fitov * 
bfiolmg di ovdi oxtjfiata naga ta tidy tmv oztiftanov. 
Ei di furj tovtav, oxoXfi ™ v /* aXXwv total ta yivt) 
naga ta tldrj. Tovtwv yag doxii paXiota tlvai yivtr 
h di toig ato/iaig ovx eon to piv ngottgov, to d 3 
vottgov. 'Eti onov to fiiv fiiXtiov, to di xcigov, atl 
to fiiXtiov ngottgov. "Jlot ovdiv tovttav av t\t\ yi- 
vog. *Ex fiiv ovv tovtav fiaXXov opaivttai ta inl tuv 
atofiwv xattjyogovfitva, agxal thai twytvw. IJaXtv 
di nwg av del tavta inoXa/Stiv igx&g t ov Qydiov 
tlnttv. Tyv fiiv yag agxw dti xal trjv aitiav thai 
naga ta ngaypata or? agxh> *al dvvao&ai that £a>- 
gi£oft£vriv avtav • totovtov di ti naga to xadixaotov 
thai, diet ti av tigvnoXafioi, nXr\v oti xa&oXov xcrrr)- 
yogutai, xal xai a ndvtwv ; 'dXXa prjv ti diet toviota 
fiaXXov xa-d-oXov , paXXov &ttiov agxdg watt agxal 
tit ngata av slrjaav yivrf. 


"Eoti di* ixopivr] tttovtmv dnogla, xalnaowvxa- 

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yog iopiatrpte vvv, Ei'tf yag fur) tou**t naga ta xa- 

\>ixaota y td di xadexaota antiga, tav intigav nStg 

frtKlKV. Met^ph. D 

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ivdiztxai lafittp imoxrifii\p ; r Ht ydg b xt xal xavxbv, 
.xal t) xu&oXov xl VftuQXH, xavx'rj ndpxa yv<oqi£outr. 

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navtadii tlvairt^ rj nagi (Up tpta tXvat, nagi d* evia 

at) tlpat, r) Trap' ov&dv,' El uiv ovp (iif&ev 4ax* nagd 

xd xadtxaota, ovdip ap tiq vo^top, alii ndpta «£- 

a&r}xi, xal intatfjarj ovdtvog • f i ui\ ttg tlrat Xdytt 

xr)v aTa&t)<Jiv intoxyurjv. **Ext oW d'tdtop ovdip*, 

ovdi axlpr\xop. Td yig aUx&rixi nana cp&tigtxai, 

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iaxtp, ovdi yivtaip that dvpuxbv. *Apdyxi] yig thai 
ti to yivbutvop, xal i£ ov yivtxat, xal xovxvtp xb ta^ee-* 

., v toy dydpprjxor, ttntg Xaxatal xs, xal ix ur} ovxogytp4>~ 
ad- at advpaxop. *Ext di yevio&og ovarjg xal xtpyatng, 
arayxrj xal nigag tlvat. Ovxt yog anttgog Am* 
ovdeuia xivrjatg, alii xal ndarfgiaxl tilog, yivxr&oti 
xs ovx olop xb xb advvaxov ytvia&at. To di ytyovbg, 
dpdyxrj tlvat ox* ngwtop yiyoptp. "Ex* 9 * ttntg vki) 
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tlvai xr)v ovoiav bnott ixelpq ybtxat tlvat. El yig 
utjxs xovxo toxoti urjxt ixtlvrj, ovdip toxai xb nagdnav. 
Ei & tovto advvaxov y dfdyxt) xl tlvat ftaga xb ovv- 
olov xtjv uogtpfiv xal xb tldog. JS* d' av&tg tovto 
•&j\ozt, dnogia *rj xipmp %t &qou xovxo, ual iml t«- 
v*v ov. "Oxt piv yag inl navtuv viz olop xt, <pove- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. U. (III.; CAP. 4. 51 

gip. Ov yog dp &riqpfp thai xvpa ohUap, nagd tag 
updg olxiag. JIgog di zovxoif, noxtgop ij ova/a pia 
nartmw 90x01, olop xmp dp&gimmp, IdXl* dxonov. Ov 
ydg %p anapxa, tap r\ ova la ula, alia nolla xal did- 
(pofa. Idlld nal xovxo dloyop* "dpa di xal a&g yi~ 
vttmi y vlq xovxnp kxdoxov, xaltouxi ovpoXop auq>io 
iwra/'jEn^ nsgl tv* dgxwv xal tods dnogfiOM* up 
xiq • li {up ydg ddu dol sp, oi&iv botch dgi&u<§ tp, 
ov3* aixi xo ip, xal xo op. Kal xo inioiao&ai n&q 
eoxat, u py %i Hoxat SV inl ndpxmp ; jiXXd fxijv tl <xqi- 
$fMp tp, xul uia kxaojfi xwp apc**v, xal ay woubq tup 
aio^fji^p aXXai SUmp, olov fQudtirjg ovXXaPhs tq> si- 
fotTTjg avxfjgoSofjg, xal agxal &du ai avxai. Kal ydg 
ap&tu itoMQXOvoiP dgi&fxtjp h*gai. El di pi) ovxto, 
aX£ ai %&v epxtop dgi&utp IV slow, ovx Xoxai nagd 
xa aroijfeXa ovdip buqop. To ydg agi&u$ h> 9 rj to 
xa& 3 exaaxop Xiyup, diaqmgu ov&iv. Ovxto ydg Xiyo- 
utv to xa& ixaaxop , xo agiduy IV * xa&6Xov di to 
ins xovx&p. c fLo7iiQOW tl xd trig tpoovrjg %p agi&pij* 
tjp ototxuu tagitffiepa, dpayxalop r\v xoaavxa alpai xa 
ndpxa ygduuaxa , ooamg xd axo^ua , ur\ opxtap ys 
dvo xwp avx&p, ui)di nXuop&p. Qv&epog d* ildxxtop 
dnogia nagaXiXtvaxai xal xolg pvp xal xolg ngoxsgop, 
noxtgop al avtal x&p y&agzwv xal %Skp dyd-do'tup 
dqxai sloiv, 7/ txegeu. El usp yag al avzai uoi, nig 
tit p&p acp&agza, ta 8s q&agtd, xal did xvp aULav ; 
Oi pip nsgl 'Hoiodop, xal ndrt%g oaoi &toXoyoi , tov 
po#*op tygoptwap ni&avov %ov ngog aitovg, i}umv 6 
oiXi^aognoav. Osovg yog notovpr$g zag agxdg, xal ix 
%&v &t&p yeyopipai , td ay ysvoduspa xov pixxagog 

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xal T§f ipfigooiag, &vtjta ysviodai <paoi. ArjXov Si 
w$ tavta ta ovofiara yvtogifia Xiyovtsg avxoig, xaltot 
nsgl avxrjg xijg ngoatogag xmv aixiatv xovxmv, vnig 
rjfiag eigrjxaaty. El fisv yag X* ov * ytiovrig nsgl avrwr 
&iyyavovotv, ovS-sv afxia xov tlvcu, xb vsxxag xal y 
dppgooia. El is xov slvai, nwg av slsv avSioi, -dso- 
psvoi xgoqpijg ,' 'Alia mgl fisv xmv pv&tx&g oo(pi£opi- 
va>v, ovx afrov fisxa onovdijg oxonsiv. llsgldi xmv 
dt anodsftmg leyovttov, du nvv-d-avso&ai, dwgwt&v- 
tag, tl drj nor ix tmv avxav ovxa, xa psv a'tdia xi\v 
cpvokv iqxl, xa ds qp&sigsxai, tap ovxvtv. 'End dk ovxs 
ahlav Xsyovoiv , ovxs svXoyov ovxmg sxsiv » dyXov wg 
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xal aXXov fit] kvog xivog xbv dgt&pbv, ov&iv {ito> 
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doxti ail iirat, ovx ovala tig ovoa, 'Ofiotctg di dt^ 
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fbtq r\ hvvafug btsivxg ir\<; aitiag • to di bwat7\v oix 
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LIBER ffl. (IV.) ^ 


-fcjoti? imotrjftti ttg, jjj &8toQei to or ?) ov , xal td 
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tlag fytovfiep, drjXov wg opvotdg tipog aitag dvay- 
xaiop slvai xa&* avtr\p. Et ovp xal oi ta aroix*i* 
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tqyov ttfpat tr]g iatqirXr)g. 'Oftoioag di xal SXXa Aif- 
yifit&a Xiyofiwa tovtotg. Ovtta ds xal to op Xiyt- 
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flip yaq, ott ovola, opta Xiyttat, tot d* ottnd&r] ov- 
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tovt iotlt y ovoia, tmv ovonav av dioi tag agxag 
xal tag aitiag txw tbv <pd6oo<pov. c !dnavtog de 
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atva' ditt<p$Q8i de ov&iv, ovd° av bpoimg vnoXd/3au9*, 
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Kal ngwiT) Ttc xal dsvtsga i<nlv inwftfjfiti , xal «AA^ 
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<poga, hsQOTrjg. "Jlot inetdfj noXlax&g to zv Xiyt- 
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xal trig avolag 4atl Xoyov l>€*y. TVwxo d' i\v »!»> 
iv toZg anogtifiaoi. Kal text to v <pikoo6( pov nt^l 

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fK^yjwJvvva^m&wgup. J£t yaq pr\ xov qttXooo- 
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f] $*, xal rev ovtog j\ or, tavta xa& avta ion 
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xal cSxtvfJxw xal xtvovpivto, afioQsi te xal (tdoog exov- 
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invoti, did to ti)g qpiXoooqnag elvai avta olxiia. 
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pwiq, ovou d* ov "Eu t<ov ivavtbavq hxtya ovoto*- 


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glee, axsgfioig • xal ndvxa avdysxai sig xb ov xal xb 

fir] ov, xal sig ev xal nXy&og , olov oxdaig tov hog, 

xivrjoig ds tov 7iXrj&ovg. Ta 6 ' ovxa xal xtjv ov- 

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ivavxla, ij i$ ivavtiwr. *Agx a * ds xal twv ivavtlcov^ 

to ev xal to nXtj&og. Tavxa ds pidg imoxrjprig, 

tits xatf ev Xsysxai, si'xs pr), womg iowg tysi toZ^- 

•&eg. *AXtf opoag si xal noXXax&g Xsysxai to s\, ngbg 

to ngwxov rail' avax&yosxai,, xctl xd ivavrla bpoiwg. 

Kal did TovtOy xal si prj ion to ov r\ to tv xa&6Xov, 

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govg, xal xav aXXwv x<ov xoiovxoav. 


Asxxsov ds , noxsgov piag fj kxigag imoxTJtiTjg* 

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negite twv iv tolg pad-rj(iaoi xaXovpivuw aSioafuxtav, 
xal negl trjg ovoiag. ftavegbv &>, ott> fitag te xal 
trjg tov cpiXooocpov xal r) negl tovtutv 4otl oxeyig* 
Anaa yagvnagxei *°*£ ovaiv, dXX' ov yivei im/w- 
g\g Id la tatv aXXoav. Kal xqoivtcu fih ndvteg bti 
tov ovtog iotlv fj oV exaotov de to yivog ov. *Enl 
tooovtov de x^vtai, i<p ooov avtolg Ixavov. Tov- 
to 5' eotiv, ooov Snixei to yivog negl ov O)igovoi rag 
anodzl^ug. Hot inel dyXov ou rj bvta vndgxei 
noLov (tovto ydg avtolg to xoivbv) xov negl to ov 
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dio/teg ov&elg t&v xatduigog imoxonovvttav iyxeigel 
Xeyeiv %i negl avtav, el fl aXrj&tj r) py , ovte yeapi- 
tgyg, ovt agi&firjtixbg, dXXa tatv qpvoix&v evioi, el- 
xotatg tovto dgfovteg. Movoi yag wovto negl te trig 
oXtig cpvoeax; oxonelv, xal negl tov ovtog. 'iftrti d* 
lottv eti tov wvoixov tl avo)T £Q(t) ' (ev ydg t* yivog 
tov ovtog 7} q>voig) tov xa&oXov xav tov nsg* tr,v 
ngfoxr^v ovolav •fretogritixov xal r) negl tovtoav av 
t\t\ axitpig. "E oti di ooqpia tig xal r) ppvoLxr^ r gU' 
ov tiqwmL Sua <T lyxugovpl tatv Xtyovtav T*yes negl 
trjg aXrj&eiag , ov tgbnov del dnodixeo&at, di dnai- 
devaiav t&v dvaXvtixHv tovto dg&oi. J si ydg negl 
tovxoav rfxuv ngoentgtapivovg , dXXa pij axovovtag 
ZijTsiv. "Ott fxiv ov* .tov (piXoooqpov xal tov negl " 
naa7\g trig ovoiag S-edagovvtog $ ni<pvxe, xal negl tow 
^ U^Xoy iotixwy agx&v iatlv imoxiwao&ai , dy- 
Xov. Ugooi\xei de tov fidXusta yvtogi£ovta negl fxa- 
oxov yivog, e'xeiv Xiyeiv tag pe^aiotatai agxctg tov 
agdyfiatog • mote xal tov negl tm ovtoav jj ovta, tag 
Arist. Metaph. E 

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ndvxwv pffiaioxdxag. "Eoxt d 3 ovxog o <piXoooq)og, 
BejSatoxdtrj d* dqxij naomv , nsql yv diayevo&fivai 
advvaxov yvtoqiptoxdxrjv xt yaq avayxaiov slvat xi\v 
xoiavxyv (ntql yaq a prj yvwqi^ovoiv , anaxwvxui 
ndvxeg) xal dwni>&sxov. *Hv yaq avayxaiov txtiv 
xbv bxiovv Ivviivxa xwv ovxtov, xovxo ovx vno&eoig. 
"0 di yvmqi£uv avayxaiov xw otiovv yvwqi£ovxi , xal 
jjxeiv fyovTa avayxaiov. "Oxt ph ovv i\ xoiavxij na- 
oStv feftaiotatri agxv > dfyov. Tig d' boxiv airrij, 
pexd xavxa Xiyatpsv. To yaq avxo aua vndqxttv 
xal pi) vndgxuv, advvaxov tw ainaj xaxa xb avxo . 
Kdl ooa aXXa nqoodtoqioaipE&' av , eaicu ngoodHo- 
qiopiva nqbg xdg Xoyixag dvoxeQelag. Avtrj d* ana- 
aStv ioxi fopatoxaxii xwv aqx&v. "Exu yaq xbv el- 
qrjpivov dioqiopov. ^Advvaxov yaq ovxwovv xavxo 
vnoXap/idvuv elvai, xal prj slvat, xa&dmq xivig 
oi'ovxai Xiyuv 'HqdxXetxov* Ovx toxi yaq avayxaiov, 
a xig Xiyei t xavxa xal vnoXapfidvuv . El de prj ivdi— 
Xtxat apa vndqxuv xqt avila xd ivavxia, (nqoodiw- 
qlo&tod' i\piv xal xavxa xy nqoxdou xd tlw&oxa) 
ivavxia d' ioxl do£a doty r) xrjg avxixpaoewg * (pavt- 
qbv oxi advvaxov apa vnoXapfidvuv xov avxbv slvai 
xal fitj tivai xb avxo, °Apa yaq av sx°* T «S ivavxiag 
dotag b dityevapivog nsql xovxov. Jib ndvxeg ano- 
duxvvvxeg , tig xavxrjv avdyovoiv ioxdxtjv dotav. 
ftvou ydq aqxy xal xtov aXXw atuopdxwv avxt} 

Mot di xmg ot (xa&dmq slnoptv) aixoixeivds- 
%sa&ai (paoi xb avxo zlvou, xal pi] thai, xal inoXap- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. III. (l\.) CAP. 4. 67 

(tdvtiv oviwg. Xgwvtai de tw Xoya) tovtco noXXol 
xal tuv tzsqI cpvowr ripeig ds vvv slXtyqxxfuv wg ddvva- 
tov ovtog apa slvai xal fir] slvai, xal Sta tovtov idti- 
lapsv on fis^aiotdtrj civvy t&vagx&vnao&v. *A$iov- 
aidsxal tovto anodstxvvvai twig di anaidsvaiar. J^vL* 
^Egti yag anaidsvoia, to py yivwaxsiv, tlvmvdttjg}- /£<J % .., 
ifty anodst^iv, xal tivwv oif dti. "OXoag utv yag' > 

anayTonTadivaTov dn63ei£iv slvai. Eig amigov yag : 

iv fiadlfri • wore pijd* ovtws elya* a7iodei|iy. El di * Jw. 
Ttywy ^ foZ ^TeZy oTidfoifry, t«V« o£toi/0<y «]yai p«A- 
ioy TOiavT^y agriv, ovx aV f£?o*ey tl7i**y. *Eo%i d' 
anodsllai iXsyxtixag xalnsgl tovtov oil advvatov, 
av fiovov tl Xiyy b dficpio/Sfjioiv • ay di [trj&iv, ysXolov 
to tytuv Xoyov, ngbg tbv firj&svbg exorta Xoyov , v 
ufj&iva fyst Xoyov. "Opotog yag <pvt$ b toiovxog, $ 
toiovtog. To d* iXsyxtixag anodsiSai, Xsyoa diaqts- 
gsiv, xal to anodstj-ai * ott o anodsixvvwv psv av d*d- 
Isisv aitsio&ai to iv agxj) ' SXXov Ss tov toiovtou 
altiov ovtog, sXsyxog av sl'rj, xal ovx anodsitig. Agxh 
ds ngbg anavxa %d toiavta, ov to atiovv, % thai n 
Xiysiv, 7) firj sly at, (tov to pivyag tax* ** v %i $ vnoXa- 
floi, to 4£ aoxrjg altsiv) aXXa to oypaivsiv yi ti, xal 
fag avt$ xal aXXtp. Tovto y&Q a*ayxr\, slnsg Xiyti 
ti. El yag p% oix av sir} tw toiovtw Xoyog , ov& 
aviw ngbg avtbv, ovit ngbg dXXov. *Av ds tig tov- 
to did$, totat anodsiSig • rjdt] ydq ti sotai ugiofit- 
vov • aXt ai'uog ovx ° omodeixrvg, aX£ b vnofiivfov ' 
avaigSiv yag Xoyov , vnofiivu Xoyov. Ilg&tov ph 
ovv drjXov, wg tovt aitb dXri&sg , oti otjfiaivBt to 
ovopa to slvai fj ur] thai todL "Slot ovx av nav 

E 2 

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nvxwg xal ovx ovxwg l^ot. "Exi, si av&gunog orjfiai- 

vsi IV, soxai xovxo xb Jwoy Sinovv. Aiyca 8s xb sv 

orjfiatvsw xovxo • si xovx soxiv av&gwnog , av r\ xi o 

av&gtanog, xovx ioxl to av&g&ntp slvai. diaysgsi 

6° ov&sv, ov8 si nXslca tig q>airj or)fiaivsiv f fiovov 8i 

wgiofisva. Tsd-slrj yag av £q> btdotco Xoya sxsgov 

ovofia, Aiyco fl' olov , si fir) opalrj xbv av&ganov sv 

orjfialvsiv, noXXd 8s, wv kvbg fisv tig Xoyoi, to Jwov, 

to dinovv slot 8k rati I'rsgoi nXsiovg, wgiofisvoi 8s xbv 

agt&fiov ' xs&sir\ yag av l8iov ovofia, xa& sxaoxov 

xmv Xoyav • si 8e fir) xs&sirj , aXX ansiga orjfiaivsiv 

q>airj, <pavsgbv oxi ovx av sir] Xoyog. To yag fir) sv 

xi or\fiaivsiv t oi&sv orjfiaivsiv ioxl. Mr) or\fiaivbvxtav 

, 8s xmv ovondxav , avr\gr\xai xb 8iaXsysG&ai ngog «A- 

u^r*fcfaovg, xaxd 8s xr)v aXrj&siav xal ngog avxov. Ov- 

"^^JWir yag $v8sxsxai voelv, fir}&sv voovvxa sv. El d* 

^^*^A~sv8sxsxai, xs&siri av ovofia tovtw tw ngdyfiaxi sv. 

x * Yi \j^y v EaTM aga 8rj (monsg £\sx&y xal xax agxag) orj- 

^ ^ 'fialvov xl xb ovofia, xal orjfialvov sv ov 8r) ivSixs- 

^xai xb dv&gtonto slvcu or\fiaivsiv , finsg fir) shai av- 

d-gwnta' si xb SvOgmnog oijfiaLvsi, fir) fiovov xa&* 

Ivbg , aXXd [xa* fdav <pvoiv] xal sv. Ov yag tovto 

a&ovfisv, xb sv or\fiaivsw xb *«#' sv6g * insl si ovxw 

ys, x$v xb fiovoixbv xal Xsvxbv , xal xo av&gtonog sv 

iorjfiaivsv. "Jloxs sv anavxa Sierra* * ovvtowfia yag • 

xal ovx total slvai xal fir) slvai xo avxo , aXX r) xa& 

ofiwwfilav tiansg av si ovfjfislg av&gwnov xaXovfisv, 

aXXoi fir) av&gatnov xaXolsv. To 8* inogovfisvov, ov 

xovxo ioxiv, si iv8ixsxai afia xb avxo xal slvai xal fir] 

slvai av&gwnov xb ovtua ccXXv xo nqayfia* Ei 8s fir) 

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METAPHYS. LIB. 111. (IV.) CAP. 4. 60 

or)fialvu ittgov to av&gwnog xal to fir) Svdgamog, 
drjAov oti xal to fir) slvai av&gomtp, tov thai dv&gii- 
7io). "Slot eotai to dv&goanoj elvcu, to fir) tlvai av- 
&Q(oncp. *Ev yag total, Tovto yag or)fiaivu to tlvai 
tv, Ctg Xwniov xal Ifidtiov, ti o Xoyog tig. El de iotai 
tv , tv orjfialvbi to a>&Q(ima) ilvai, xal fir) dv&gtoTHa • 
dXX ididtixto ott fhtgov or)fiaivti* 'Avdyxr) toivvv ti 
tl iativ aXri&tg tlntlv , oti av&goanog (aov tlvai Sl- 
novv. Tovto yag r)v o ior)(iaiv$ to av&oa)nog. El 
d* avayxtj tods, ovx ivdixttat fir) tlvai tott avto £&ov 
dinovv. Tovto yag or)fialvti to avayxtj thai, to 
advvatov tlvai, fir) tlvai av&ganov. Ovx aga ivds- 
Xstcu afia dXi)dtg tlvai tlntiv, to avto av&gamov tlvai, 
xal fir) tlvai av&goanov. *0 $' avtbg Xoyog xal M 
tov fir) tlvai av&gwnov. To yag dv&go)7tq> tlvai, xal 
to fir) av&QOTJMp tlvai, tttgov orjfiaivti ' tl'ntg xal to 
Xtvxov tlvai, xal to av&gumuv tlvai tttgov. JloXv 
yag dvtixtitai ixtivo fidXXov • mote or)fialvtiv tttgov. 
JEt b*s xal to Xtvxov q>r' t osi to avto xal ev or)(ialvtiv, 
ndXiv to avto igovfitv, ontg xal ngottgov iXix&i), oti 
tv td ndvta iotl, xal ov fiovov td avtixtifttva. El 
$s firj ivdixttai tovto, ovfifiaivti to Xtx&tv , av dno- 
xgivrjtai to (goittofitvov. *Eav 5s ngoott&y igmoivTog 
tivog dnXwg, xal tag dnoqpdotig , ov* dnoxgivttai to 
ig(ot(ofisvov • oi&iv yag xmXvti tlvai to avto, xal «V- 
&go)7tov xal Xtvxov, xal aXXafivgla to nXrftog * dX£ 
ofiotg (gofiivov , tl dXr)&sg tlntiv av&gvnov tovto 
tlvai, i) ov, anoxgitiov to tv or)fiaivov, xal ov ngoa- 
•&ttiov, oti xal Xtvxov xal fiiya. Kal ydg advvatov, 
antiga ovta tot ovp(it(lr)x6ta ditX&tiv. *H ovv anav- 

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xa ditX&ixto, rj pTj&iv. 'Opoiwg xoivw ti xal fiVQid- 
xig ioxl xb avxb av&qomog , xal ovx av&qwnog , ov 
nqouanoxqixiov xcjj (qo^iivca tl toxiv ctv&qamog , oxi 
toxiv Spa xal ovx av&qanog, si xal fit} xdXXaooaovfi- 
piptjxt nqooanoxqixiov , ooa ioxlv q prf toxiv. *Eav di 
xovxo noifj, ov diaXiytxai. "OXtog d* dvaiqovoiv ol 
xovxo Xiyovxtg ovoiav, xal to 'lirp thai. Uavxa ydq 
dvayxr\ <7V{i(3e/3i]xivai qtdoxttv aixdlg • xal to , onto 
av&qumq thai, rj £o)q> thai, pi) thai ' ti ydq toxai xt 
ontq av&qam<p thai , xovxo ovx toxai firj av&qwnoj 
thai, ij fir} thai dv&qrinip • xalxot avxai anoqtdotig 
xovxov. °JSv ydq i\v o ior\paivtv, xal qv xovxo xivbg 
ovoia. To d' ovoiav otipaivtiv ioxlv , oti ovx aXXo 
xi to thai aviio. Eld' toxai avxm xal xo onto dv- 
&Q<6nw thai, onto fifj dv&qomw thai, rj ontofiti thai 
dv&QtoTup, aXXo toxai. *Jlox 3 avayxaiov aixdlg Xiytip, 
bxi ov&tvbg toxai xoiovxog tidixbg xal ovoicodr^g, xal 
dtl x(x) vnoxttpivtp nqoo^qfioofiivog Xoyog, dXXct ndv- 
xa xaxd ovpPt(ltjx6g * xovtw ydq duoqioxai ovola xal 
10 ovfi^spijxog. To ydq Xtvxbv t<w dv&qwiup ovfifis- 
firjxog. To ydq Xtvxbv x§ dv&qwnqt ovfipi^xtv, on 
taxi piv Xtvxbg , dX£ ovx ontq Xtvxbv. El di ndvxa 
xaxd ovfi^tfiijxbg Xtytxai, ov&iv toxai nqwxov xb xa- 
&oXov. El S' dtl xb avuPtptjxbg xa# inoxtipivov 
xivog arjfiaivu xrjv xaxrjyoqiav, avayxr^ aqa tig vinii- 
qov iivai • ix£ ddvvaxov. Oiidi ydq nXtita ovfinXi- 
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foPTjxog, tifiri oTicc{i(pa) ovfi/Si/irixt xavxto. uisyw d* 
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i(o dv&qdnio ovfifSijSrjxtv. 3 AX£ ovx Zwxqdxrig povoi- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. HI. (IV.) CAP. 4. 71 

xogoviwg, oti apquo av^jSi/S^xev frig (p uvl, 3 Enu toIvvv 
ia fisv ovtwQ; rex d 3 ixuvagXiystaiovfifePrixoTa, 3aa 
ovtug Xiyetat, &g to Xsvxov tw ^wxgdjei, ovx Mixt- 
ion dnsiga ilvai ml tqi dv&gwiua , olov <ta> 2iaxgctin 
iw Xsvxto , xal fotgov u avfifit/Srjxig • ov yag ylveiat 
n ly 1$ anavjwv , ovde drj tw Xbvxu iiegov t* sotcu 
ovuPsfirjxog, olov to povoixov. Ov&iv te yag fidXXov 
lovio ixtlva , q ixsivo tovtio ov^fte^i]xEv. Kal apa 
fo&giotai, on td fiiv ovtwq ovfA/Hfirjxs, t<J S* wg to 
povoixov 2?coxgdisi. "Oaa d' ovnog , ov ovpPi/HrixoTi 
ovfifiejSrixe to ov/iPt^fjxog , aU 1 oaa ixtivtag. "flax 
ov ndvxa xata ovpfitfiTjxog Xex-frtjieTai. "Eotcu dga 
t» , xal ag ovolav otipalvov. El 5s tovto , didsixtcu 
on ddvvarov apa xajrjyogua&ai tag dvTupdosig. v Eti 
d aXy&eig at avri<pdosig Spa xata tov avtov ndoai, 
dqlov tag anavxa laia* ev. "Eotcu aga to avio xal 
T 9 l VQV? * a * ToX/og xal av&gconog , si xata navxbg ti 
rj xaiacpTjoai rj anoopijqai ivdsxsiai, xa&dnsg avdyxtj 
tolg tbv Ugmayogov Xiyovoi Xoyov, El yag iw doxii 
pi} elvai rgtrjgTjg 6 av&gomog , dtjXov ou ovx sotat 
tqiqgHS • wots xal sariv, sXntg t) avTlqpaoig dXri&rig. 
Kal yivsTUi St) to Tov*Ava^ayogov t ofiov ndvta XW- 
ftata * wars firjdh dXti&fag sv vn&gxuv. To dogiotov 
ovv ioixaoi Xsynv, xal olofuvoi to ov Xiysiv, nsgl tov 
pr) ortog Xiyovoi, To yag dvvdpu ov xal fir) ivteXs- 
Xdijt, to adgiQxdv ionv. *AXXd fir)v Xsxtiov ye avrdlg 
*ata navtog ti)v xaTaqpaow y Tt\v dnoyaotv. "Atonov 
yag u endow , rj piv avtov anoyaaig vndgSei , yd' 
kiigov o fit] vndgxu avTcp ovx vjidgSsi. Aiyto & 
otov, li dXq&eg tlitiiv tov Sv&gtanov, on ovx av&gw , 

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nog, drjXov oxi xal ov Tgirjgtjg. Ei fisv ovv v\ xaxd- 
yaobg, dvdyxie\ xal tifv dnoqtaotv. El depri vnagxsi 
r\ xaxdcpaoig, sXys tj dnoq>aoi>g ifinxg^si palXov , ij q 
uvxov, fj Tt]$ TQirigovg. ' M ovv xaxsivrj indgZsh xal 
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on dv&g(onog xal ovx £v&go>nog, dtjXov bnxal ovt av- 
&Q(OJiog, ovxs ovx av&gamog soxat,. Tolv yag dvolv, 
dvo anoyaoug. El ds[itai£ duyoxsgwv ixeivtj, xal avnj 
fiia avd'rj dvxixsinsvr^Enr^xoi nsglanavxa ovnag %X U » 
xai soxi xal Xsvxbv xal ov Xsvxbv f xal ov xal ovx 6v, 
xal nsgl Tag aXXag ydosig xal dnoydasig bpoioxgo- 
Trwr 1} ov, aXXd nsgl psv ttvag, nsgl ttvag d' ov. Kal 
si (ih firj nsgl ndoag , avtat dv shv bfioXoyovpsvai r 
si ds nsgl ndoag, ndXiv rjtot xa& ooav to q>rj(jai>, xal 
dnoq>rioai>, xal xa& Sawv dnoyqaai , xalyrjoa*, r\ 
xaid (lev ovv ynoat xal dnocprioaf xa& ooavdsano- 
qirjoai, ov ndvxtav <pr\oat. Kal si [iiv ovxoag, s\v\ av xi 
nayiwg ovx ov xal avxrj fofiala do£a. Kal ei to fiij 
slvai pifiaiov n xal yvwgifiov, (isfiaioxiga av itrj qpa- 
oig fj avxixsifitvTj, Ei ds bfioltag xal ooa dnotprioai 
opdvaiy xaxdyaoiv avdyxri • yxot, aXrj&sg diatgovvret 
Xiysiv , olov , on Xsvxbv , xa» ndXtv on ov Xsvxbv , % 
oil' xal si ph pr} dXydsg diaigovvxa Xiysiv , ov Xd- 
ysi xs tavxa, xal ov* soxiv ovdsv. Ta ds fcij ovxa, n&q 
av (p&iySaixo, jj fiadiosisv ; xal ndvxa d* av sl'ri ev, 
wonsg xal ngoxsgov ei'grjtai • xal xavxbv toxai xal 
av&gomog xal &sbg , xal xgirjo^g , xal ai dmcpdostg 
aixwv. Ei d* b/ioiojg xa&* sxaoxov, ovdsv dioioe* 

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htgot kttgov. El yag diohsi, tovt carat aXrj&ig 
xal tdiov. 'Ofioltog di xal u diatgovvra fodixnou «itj- 
£et/tir , avfi/Salpu to X$x&ev. Tigog di jovko , ©t* 
nartsg ay dXfj&svoi^ xal ndvrsg ay ytvdoirto , xal 
avrog avTov OfioXoydi ysvdto&at. "Apa di yaytgbv 
ou negl ovdivog ioti ngbg tovzov r\ Oxiiptg. Ov&iv 
yag Xiyu. Ovn ydg ovttag, ovi ovx ovTtog teyu, 
all 3 ovtfug t& xal ovx ovTtag. Kal ndXiv yt tavta 
anocpaoiv apqxo, on ov&* ovtag, ovr« ovx ovtoog Xiyu, 
uXIc ovrmg m xal ovx ovtmg • ti ydg pr\, rjdri dv u ti'rj 
wgiopevoy. **Eu u biav r\ <pdaig dXrj&wg rj f 1} and- 
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dXrj&tvti, xiav strjtb Xtyifitvov, [ti fir{\ OTiToiavTtj 
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paXXov dXrj&tvti 6 ixsivtag vnoXaufiavtav , rfir\ natg 
$Z0* av t« fivra, xal tow to dXrj-d-ig dv tVy , xal ovx 
Sfia xal ovx aXy-frig ; si di bfioiag anartsg xal ipsv- 
tiovroti xal dXrj&tj Xiyovoiv , ovts (p&iyyso&ai , ovtt 
tin sly tw loiovKti iaxlv. °Apa yag tavia Tt xal ov 
Tavta Xiyu. El di fitj&h ittoXapfidvu, aXX' bfiolmg 
ofstai xal ovx oi'erai, ti av diacptgoviwg txoi tc5v tis- 
tpvxcttav *0&tv xal paXiata (pavtgdv ioriv, or* ov&tlg 
ovxta dtdxutai, ovjsxwv SXXwv, ovts t&v Xsyovtmv 
tbv Xoyov tovzov. Jia ti yag paSi&i Mtydgadt, 
aXJi ovx yovxd&t oidfuyog (ladi£uy; ovd* vb&itog 
fa&iv nogwvnai slg ygiag ij tig <pdgayya , idv TVXJl* 

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dXXd qper/ma* svlaftovpepog , wg ovxopoiatg olouspog 

fir} aya&op tlpai to ipmoeip xaldya&op ; drjXopaga, 

vti to flip fiiXtiov vnoXappapti, to d' ov fidXuop. El 

ditovto, xal to ph ap&qomop , to f ovx Sp&gamop* 

xal to fih yXvxv, to 6' oiyXvxv dvdyxT) vnoXapfid- 

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xal xtiqop. El de (xr\ imotdfiBPOt, aXXa do$d£ovt$g, 

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xal poowdu opti % iyuipy t%g vyulag, Kal ydg 6 

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Eott, d ano trjg avtfig dotygxal 6 JIgatayogov 
Xoyog, xal apayxr\ opolug df<t<pu avtoig, i} thai, q 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHY8. LIB. 111. (IV.) CAP. 5. 75 

1*7/ thai. Elxt yaq xd doxovvxa nana ioxlv dXti&Tj, 
xal xd qpaivofitva, avdyxrj nana dfia aXrjdrj xal 
ysvdr) thai. JIoXXol yaq xavania vnoXa(i@dvovoiv 
dXXrjXotg, xal xovg jiij xavxa dotdfovxag kavxolg, 
ditiffsva&ai vo(ii£ovow. "Slot avdyxt\ xb avxo thai 
xs xal fiff thai' xal tl xovx ioxlv, avayxtj xd doxovna 
thai nana dXrj&ri. Ta dnuttifisva yaq doldtovatv 
dXXr\Xotg oi dity$vofiivot xal dXtj&svontg. El ow 
%X& xd ona ovxmg, aXtj&ivovat ndntg. "Ox$ fiiv ovv 
dnb trig avif\g tloi dutvoiag d^opbxtqoi oi Xbyoi, dij- 
Xov. Eaxi d* o&x o avxogxqonog nqog ananag xyg 
irttvbwg. Oi fiiv yaq nsi&ovg dionai , oi di ftiag. , 
"Oooi fiiv yaq ix xov anoqijoai vniXaflov ovxmg, xov- 
xmv ivtaxog r\ ayvoia. Ov yaq nqog xov Xoyov, aXXd 
nqbg xi\v didvoiav r\ andvrrjoig avxuv. "Oooi di Xoyov 
Xaqw Xiyovoi, xovxtav d* tXsyxog iuoig , xov t iv ti} 
qxovjj Xoyov, xal xov iv xotg ovbfiaoiv. 'EXrjXv&t di 
xolg dianoqovoiv avttj tj do£a ix xwv aio&nx&v • f) 
(iev xov afta xdg dvxtqpdatig xal xavania vndqxw, 
bq&oivix xavxov yivbfitva xavania. El ovv fit] iv- 
dixsxai ytviodou xb fir) ov, nqovnygxtv bfioitag xb 
nqdyfia dfiqxo ov , Hantq xaVAvalayoqag fitfiix&ai 
ndv iv nani (frjoi, xal Jrjfibxqixog* xal yaq ovxog 
xb xsvbv xal xb nXtjqtg bfioiwg xa&* bxiovv vndqxuv 
ftiqog' xaixoi xb fib ov xovxtav thai , xb di firj ov. 
Jlqog fiiv ovvxoigix xovxtav vnoXafifidvonag iqov- 
fitv oxi, xqbnov fiiv xiva oq&atg Xiyovoi , xqbnov di 
xiVa dyvoovoi. To yaq ov Xiyexai #<£(»?. "Jlox toxiv 
ov xqbnov ivdix*tai yiyvto&ai xi ix xovnr) ovxog, for* 
d ov ov Kal Sfia to avxo thai ov, xal fiq ov , dXX 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ov xard to air 6 ov. Jwd/iet fiev ydg ivdixnai Sfia 
to civto elvai %a ivavrla, ivreXexsta d* ov. N "Eti S' 
a^iwaofiev avTOV>g vnoXapfidveiv xal aXXyv ova lay 

€IVCU T<OV OVTVtV, 7j OVT8 XlVIJOig VTldgxei, OVJS ty&OQOl, 

ovts yeveoig to naganav. Ofioiwg de xal r\ mgl io\ 
(paivofABva aX^&eia, ivioig 4x twv aio&rjT&v iXyXvOs. 
To fievydg aXrj&eg ov nX^&eixgiveo&ai oVovraingoa^ 
r\xeiv , ovde oXiyotyti. To d' avzo rdig piv yXvxv 
yevopevoig doxu elvai, idig de mxgov. "Slot el ndv- 
reg exapvov , r\ ndvTsg nageygovovv , dvo d* rj Tgeig 
vyiaivov, y vovv Uxor, doxeiv dv Tovrovg xdpveiv xal 
naga<pgoveiv, tovg 6*' aXXovg ov. "Eti 0*8 noXXdig to>v 
aXXtav Qwwv Tavavtla qpaivso&ai xal tjjuv • xal avxqj 
de kxdoxa ngbg avxiv ov ravtd xaxd ttjv aia&rjatv del 
doxtiv. Iloia ovv xovxutv dXrj&ii fj yevdy , ddrjXov. 
Ov&ev ydg pdXXov Tade ij Tads dXrj&ri, aXX* opohog. 
Aib Jrjfioxgnog ye qprfotv , ijxoi ov&ev elvai dXfjd-eg, 
y Tipuv y adrjXov. "OXug de did to inoXapfidvtiv, 
ygovrjaiv (*b Trp> aio&rjoiv , tuvttjv o° elvai a/Uo/tt)- 
oiv,to qpaivopevov xard tv\v afo&rioiv f i!; dvdyxrjg dXrj- 
&eg elvai (paoiv. *Ex tovxwv ydg xal*EiinedoxXr\gxal 
4Tjp6xgiTog,xal lair aXXmv,ig enog elne?v,exaaTog,Toi- 
avxaigdolaigyeyevrpxai evoxoi. Kal ydg'EimedoxXrjg 
ueTafldXXovTag xijve^iv f fjiexapdXXeiv q?r)alxriv<pg6vnoiv. 

Ilgog nagebv ydg prjxig ae^erai av&gtanouii. 
Kal iv hegoig d$ Xeyei' 

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Kal IIag/jievtdt)g de dnoqxxiverai tov avrbv Tgonov 

fig yag exaorog %xu xgdaiv peXeiov noXvxdfAixTwv, 

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Tug voog av&gwnoia* nagiozrjxsv. To ydg aixb 
"Eotiv ontg qpgoviu ptXiwv q>voig av&gwnotah 
Kal naaiv, xal navtb to ydg nXiov iotl vor^a. 
*Avalaybgov di xal anoqp&iypa (ivr)povevnai ngbg tuv 
etaigow twdg , oti TOiavra avtolg td ovza , ola ay 
vnoXaficooi. <X>aol di xal top "Ouqgov touxvtrjv fyovta 
<paiveo&cu trp do£av, or* inolrjo6TO¥ a Extogajig $;£- / 
otrj vno trig nXrjyijg , xuo&ai aXXoqpgoviorta • wg ! 
cpgovovviag pi? xal tovg nagaa>govovvtag , dX£ ov < 
tavtd. Ar\Xov ovv, on, ti apqjotsgai (pgovrioug, xal 
id bvta dfia ovt& t« xal ovx ovtwg «#**. Hi xal 
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udXiota JTjJovvjtg aitb xal miXovvzeg) ovtoi tomv- 

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tag txovoi tag oosag, xa* tavta anoyaivovtai nigi 
trjg aXti&siag, nwg ovx aliov a&v/jtrioai tovqcpiXooo- 
<psiv iyxetgovvtag ; To yao td nsrofitva diuxuv . to 

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toig, ou nsgi twv ovttav piv tip dXy&uav ioxonovv 7 
td d ovtoi vniXafiov elvai td aio&ijtd fiovov. Ev 
di tovtoig , noXXij % tov aoglotov cpvoig ivvndgxu, 
xal ij tov ovtog ovtoag, ioontQ tlnouw, Al o tlxouog 
fih Xiyovoiv, ov£jxXr}&7] di Xiyovohv. Ovtta yag ag- 
fiortu paXXov (liztiv, rj aonsg'EJilxagfiog sig Stvoyd- 
vtjv. *Eti di naoav bgiavtsg tavvrp xivovpsvr\v iv^t 
(fvaiv , xatd di tov uBtafidXXovtog , ovdiv dXridtvo- 
fisvov, Ttsgl ys to ndrmg ndvvr\ fiUzccfidXXov, ovx iv- 
dixso&at dXrj&eveiv. , *Ex ydg tavtr^g tr\g vnoXrjipswg 
i£qv&riosv v\ axgotdztj doSa z&v iigrjpivow , rj tav 
cpctoxovToov VQaxXsitl&iv, xal oXav KgatvXog slx*v> 

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og xo ttXtvxalov ov&iv $ £T0 5tcv Xiynv, alloc tow 
ddxxvXov ixlvn povov , xal ^HgaxXthof bitxlpa si- 
novxi, dl gxfa avx& notajiS pv* cgn rty fpflivat ^ Av- 
xbg ydg (atxo ovd anal, Hptig dixalngogtovxov 
xbv Xbyov igov/itv, oti to ptv ptxafiaXXov oxt ptxa- 
paXXti, ex s * Tiva avxdig aXy-frr) Xoyov (ty otta&at st- 
reet. Kalxoi taxi ye afjupiaprixrjoipov. To xt yaQ 
dnofidXXov %xit tl xov anoPaXXouivov , xal xov yi- 
yvofiivov r\dri dvdyxrj xl tlvai. OXtog xt d a}&sige- 
xai y indg&i xl ov • xal n ylyvtxai , i£ ov ylyvtxai, 
xal v<p ov ytvvaxai, avayxaiov tlvai, xal tovto fxr\ 
uvai tig antigov, 'AXXd tavta nagsvxtg, ixtiva ile- 
yofitv, oxt ov to avxb iou to ptxafldXXtiv xaxd to 
t ?ioabv xal xaxd xbnoiov. Kara piv ovv to noabv 
taxw fifj pivov } aXXd xara to tldog anavxa yivdoxo- 
ptv. *Eti d' utiov lmxipr\aai xolg ovxtog vnoXap- 
fidvovotv, oti xal avxiov xwv aiodijxw in* twv iXarr- 
xovtav tov agi&pbv tidoitg oiixtag txovxa, ntgl oXov 
tov ovgavov bpoi<og dntqprpavxo. c O yag ntg'i Tjficcg 
tov. aio&rjxov xonog, iv y&oga xal ytviau diaxtXtt 
povog &v aXX ov-dh, aig tlntiv , pogiov tov navxbg 
ioxiv. "flats dixaioxtgov av dt ixtiva xovxtav ait*— 
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d£ drjXov, oxi xal' ngbg xovxovg xavxa xolg ndXat 
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dsmxiov aifxotg, xalntioxiov'avxovg. Kalxoi yt 01//*- 
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paXXov ydvai ndvxa, r\ xiviig&ai. Ov yag icxiv tig 
°i T * ftnafiallti. "Anavxa yag imagximdoi. Iltgl 
Si trig dXtj&tiag, <ag v nav xb (paivoptvov aXrj&ig, 

^ Digitized by GoOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. III. (I\.) CAP. 5. 70 

otqwiov [tsv, ott ovd' f] ai'o&tioig iprvdrjg rot) idlov 
i<rt\Vj all' tj tpavtaola ov tavtbv ty aia&tjoei. Ett 
cc£ior -fravfidoai si tovt anogovoi notsgov trjXixav- 
rm krtt ta peyi&ri, xal ta XQot^crca toiavta, ola tolg 
ano&sv (paivstai, rj ola tdig iyyv&ev • xal nottgov 
ola tolg vyialvovoiv, % ola tolg vooovoi * xal (tagv- 
vega, notsgov ola rotg ao&sveot, rj ola rdig ioxvovor 
xal alu&rj, notsgov ola tolg xa&svdovoiv, r\ ola tdig 
eygrjyogoaiv. "On pev yig ovx oXovrai yt, qpavtgov. 
Oi&slg yovv, iav vnola§ji vvxtatg 'A&rtvrjoiv slvai, , 
ojv iv Aifivrj, nogtvttai tig to tadiiov. *Eti ds nsgt 
-£OV fidXXonog, Soneg xal Ulattav Xiysi, ov dijnov 
OfioiwQ xvgla rj tov iatgov d6$a xal rj tov ayvoovv- 
roc olov ntgl tov pillovtog eoso&ai vyiovg , *j /i^ 
ptXlovtog. v Eti de in aviiov tmv alo&rjoeorv , ovx 
oftoiag xvgia q tov allotglov xal idlov , tj tov 
nXijoiov, xal tov avxng' alia ntgl pev x^patog 
oy/ig, ov ysvoig* ntgldkxv^ov t ytvaig^al}! ovx oyig' 
tor ixaottj iv ttp avtta XQoho n$gl to avtb , ovdinote 
q>r\a\y apa ovtatg xal ovx ovttag i^«*. *Al£ ovd* iv 
irsgoj xgovw ntgi ys to na&og 7^i<f>io^7]jr]oav > 
oXXa ntgl to <5 ovp^rjus to na&og. Adyta d' olov, 
o gJLiv avtog olvoe fioluiv av, % pttafialiav y tov oat- 
fAOttog /jstaftaXovtog, ore fiiv thai ylvxv g } oxe dt ov 
yXvxvg* il£ ov tots ylvxv olov iotiv otav r), oitdt- 
7TOjnore fieri flaXsv all' aUl ctlrj&svst nsgl avtov' 
MOtltotw 4$ avayxrjQ to ioofitvov ylvxv totovtov. Kai~ 
-wot tovto avaigovaiv ovtoi oi loyoi anavttg , (aansg 
teal oiotav pi) slvat xa& ivog • ovtw firjds il; avay- 
xfjS (iil&dv 1 to yag avayxalov ovx ivdix^tai allots 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xal aXXwg sxuv. c 'jlot c? n sotiv $ avayxi\g,^ ovx 
f£«* ovtu) Te xal ovx ovtw. "OXtog t si'niq ion to «*- 
odytov fiovov, ov&iv av tlrj pr\ ovtm tav ifiipvxar 
aio$T}Oig yaq ovx av eiy. To (isv ovv fii)ts tci aU 
adyta shai, pyre td <na**i}/uaTa, i'owg aXri&sg. Tov 
yaq alo&avofitvov nd&og tovto ion m to ds tot vnoxti* 
psva fi\ slvai a noiu tr\v ai'o&rjoiv, xal avsv aiady- 
oswg, advvatov. Ov yaq di) v y alo&riGig avtn\ 
kavtrjg ionv, aX£ son n hsqov naqa tqv aXa&noif 
o avdyxri nqotsqov sivai rtjg alo&ijoswg. To yaq 
xlvovv , tov xivovfiivov <pvou nqotsqov iatt • xav « 
Xiystat nqbg aXXtjXa toci/t<x «VT/i, ov&sv r t ttov. 
Eval ds tivsg o* anoqovoi xal twv tavta nmti- 
opsvav, xal Twy rovg Xoyovg tovtovg fiovov Xsyovteov. 
Ztjtovoi yaq, tig o xqivoavtbv vyialvovta, xal oX&g 
tov nsql sxaoxa xqwovvta bq&ag. Ta ds touxvta 
anoqrifiata ofioid ion t$ dnoqslv, notsqov xa&svdo- 
uiv vvv % iyqrjyoqa/isv. Avvavtai ds at anoqlai at 
toiavtai naoai, to aito. Tlavtiav yaq Xoyov a^iovoi 
ovtoi slvai. Idqxyv yaq £mtovoi> *a* tavtr}v di ano- 
; dsi£s<og la(i@dveiv • insi ys on ov nsnsiofiivot, dot, 
( (pavsqol sioiv iv taig nqdUoiv dXX otisq d'nofisv, 
I tovto avtwv to nd&og iotl. Aoyov yaq tr\tovaiv w 
ovx son Xoyog • dnodsl&wg yaq aqxi> ovx anodsi&is 
iotiv. Ovtoi fjiiv ovv Qadloag av tovto ittut&cUv* 
"Eon yaq ov xotXsnbv Xafotv. Oi ds iv tta loyy tip 
$Uxv fiovov itjtovvtsg, advvatov fytovoiv. Evavtiov 
yaq slnslv abovow , ev&vg ivavtia Xsyovxsg. El ds 
furj ion xavta nqog n , dXX %'via ion xal avta xa& 

METAPHYS. LIB. HI. (IV.) CAP. 6. 81 
iavta , ovx ay ur\ nay to yawbptyo* aXij&ig. To 
yaq <paiyousvoy, zi*l 6ro (faivopBvov. "Jloti b Xiyw 
anavta ta <paiv6fttya thai aXr\&r\, anarta nom ta 
ona nqog t*. Ju> xal qpvXaxtior tolg **)* (Ma* ** 
tw Xbytp Zrjtovaiy • ifta oe xal vnixtty Xoyot aUov- 
air , oti ov to a>atyou$yo¥ tow, alia to tpawoutyoy 
w yalvttai, nal on yaivttcu, xal rj, xal tig. *Ay 6*' 
vnixwo* pi? loyov, f*n ovta* b*i imixwJh ovpprtottai 
avxoig tavavxia taxv Xiyuv. 'Evdixttai yaq to av- 
lo, xaxct piy tqy oyn» uiXi yabto&at,, xj} di yriou . 
1*tj ' xaltSnroa&aln&v tivtlyortoty, prf tavta ixatiqa 
ij} oyu , day voiy ayouoiai • intl nqog yt tovg dta 
105 naXai tiqtifiiyag altlag to (paiyoutwoy qpaoxoy- 
toi? airj&eg thai , xal dia tovto itay& bfioimg tLvai 
ysvflij xal akij&r). Ovtt yaq anaoi tavta (paivt- 
o&ai, ovtt taixy isl taixa, alia JtoXXaxig tavavxla 
xokx toy ocviov xqovov. C H fiiy yao ctcpt} , dvo Xiyti 
ivtfj vnaXXalu t&v daxtvXw , i\ d* oipig IV. *AXX* 
ovxb tfj avxr\ yexalxata to avto aia&rjoti, xal moav- 
*w$ xal iv tty avxw XQ^ P( ff* ^ OT8 *ovt ay tir) aXr r 
&k- *JX£ Vowg dta tovto avayxi) X&ytiv toig utj di 
unoqiav, dXXa Xoyov x*Q l * Xiyovoiy , oil ovx soup 
uty&ig tovto , aXXa jovup aXq&ig. Kal uontq dy 
nqotsqov sZqjjtcu, avayxrj xal nqog n nouiiv anarta, 
fa* nqog do$ay xal ala&Tjoiv. "fiat ovtt yiyovty 
ouig lotai oi&8V, (iridsybg nqodo£doaytog. J2i di yi- 
yovsv 7} sotai, drjXov oxi ovx av sl'rj anarta nqog <5o- 
««K Eti u iy, nqog ev,ri nqog wqiousyov. KatMtoav- 
*o xa* riuiov xal looy, aXXa ov nqog to dmXaOioy ye 
tohoy. Tlqbg 6t\ to dola£uv tl tavtb ay&qtonog 
Arist. Metaph. F 

Digitized by GoOgle 


xal to do$a£6pzvov, ovx eotiv av&gomog to do£d£ov 9 
allot to doSatopsvov. El d' txaotov lora* 7roo$ to 
So!;d£ov, anuga I'jtou t$ sfdu to b*o$d£ov. Q Oti per 
ovv foPatotdtri do$a naomv, to pr) thai dXrj&sigapa 
tag avtixupivag qtdosig, xal xi ovpflalvH xdig ovrca 
tiyovoiy xal did xi ovto) Xiyovoi , tooavxa slgrjo^oi. 
'End d 3 ddvvatov tr)v avtiq>aoiv dlqd svso&ai Spa 
xaxd tov avtov , <pav$gbv oxi ovdi rdvavtia Spa 
vndgxsw ivdixsxat t&> avxw. Taly piv yag ivavtUav, 
&dtsgov otigrjoig iot$v ovx qttov. Ovaiag de axe- 
gyoig anoq>aoig iottv ano tiwog mgujpivov ysvovg. 
El ovv advvatov apa xataqtdvai xal anoydvat aXr?- 
•&&g, ddvvatov xal tavavtia indgxtiv Spot , dlld rj 
nji apqxo, r) &dngov piv 7xjj, &dtegov de dnlwg. 
Alia pr)v ovdi pstalsv dvtiq>dosmg ixdixtta* ilvai 
oi&iv all' dvdyxrj ij q>dvat rj dno<pdvai h xa&* 
hog otiovv. Jr)Xov de ng&tov piv bgiopivotg, xi to 
dXri&igxttt y/svdog. To piv yag Xiyuv to ov prj 
slvcci, rj xovxo sly at, ytsvdog • to di to ov that , xal 
to pr) ov pr) slvai, aXrj&ig. "Slots xal o Xiyuv that 
rj pr) elvai, aXrj&svoBi, rj ytvoeTCu. *Al£ ovte to ov 
Xiytxai pi) elvai *J thai, ovtt to pi) ov. *Et* rj t* 
pttaSv carat trig dvtupdonag, woixtg to <paiov piXa- 
vog xal Itvxov, rjug to prjdittgov av&gianov xalXn- 
7iov. El piv ovv ovtmg, ovx av petafidXXoi. Ex fir) 
dya&ov yag tig aya&bv prtapaXXth rj ix tovtov Big 
py ayad-ov. Nvv d' del (paivstai. Ov ydg cVm 
pita/toli), oli 1 rj tig ta avxixtiptva xal psxaSv. Ei 
d' eoxi pna$v,xalovta>Q tlrj av tig sig Xivxbv,ov% ix 

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METAPHYS. LIB. in. (IV.) CAP. 7. 83 

M ov Itvxov ytoeoig. Nvv d 3 ovx ogatat. *En niv 

to duxvoTjibv xal vorjtbv i) didvoia r\ xatdcprjoir rj 

anoq>r)oi • tovto d* 4$ bgiopov drjXov otav dXvj&tvtt 

V tytvdzxai, "Oxav piv udl ovr&jtj, <pdoa rj dnoq>doa 

alf)dsvsi • otav ds d)dl, ytvdstai. *Eti nagd ndoctg 

fat thai tag dvti<pdo$ig, si pr) Xoyov ivtxa Xsystai. 

flottxalovte aXy-d-wati tig, ovt ovx dXrj&tvow 

*al nagd to ov xal to pr) ov zotai. "Jlott xal nagd 

ymmv xal q>&ogav peta^oXrj ttg eatai. *Eu to oooig 

yivtaiv r) anoqpaoig to ivavtiov iniopigti, xal to tov- 

totg carat. Olov to dgi&polg ovtsntgittbg, ovtt ov 

ntoittog agi&pog • all' ddvvatov • Ik tov ogiopov di 

Mllov. *E*i tig anugov fiadiutai, xal ov povov 

VptoXia xa ovta total, dXXd xal nXtia>> JJaliv yag 

wtcu dnoqpr)oai tovto ngbg tr)v (pdaiv xal tr)v afio- 

(paoiv, xal tovt sotai tt. C H yag oval a total tig 

at/toil aXXrj. *Eti otav igoptoov ti Xsvxov iotiv, tXnr\ 

on ov, oi&iv aXXo dniq>r}vtv rj to thai, ldnoq>aoig 

fytbpr) thai. *EXr]Xv&t d' toioig avtrj rj d6$a, uonsg 

*«t ul aXXat tav nagadofav. "Otav yag Xvtiv pr) 

tvwrtai Xoyovg igtotixovg, ivdbvttg t# Xoyy ovp- 

<!><*oiv aXrj&ig thai to avXXoyus&to. Ol pto ovv did 

toiavtriv altiav liyovoiv, ol di did to ndvtatv Xoyov 

fynlv. 9 Ag%r) di ngog anavtag tovtovg 4$ ogiopov. 

OQiopbg di ylvttai to tov orjpaivuv tl dvayxaiov t i- 

ww avtovg * o yag Xoyog, ov to ovopa orjpiiov, ogi- 

opbg ylvttai tov ngdypatog. "Eoixt d' q piv *Hga- 

xXtltov Xoyog X&ytov ndvta thai xal pr) that, anotvta 

<*Xti<d-i) noiiiv b d' 'AvaZayogov, thaiti pttalv tr)g 

avTicpaotog • Sots ndvta y/svdr). "Otav yag pW&V* 


Digitized by GoOgle 


ovrt aya&hp, ovtt ovx aya&ov to plypa • wort ov- 
dsv tintip aXfi&ig. 

dimqioptom 9i tovtmp, ipaptgbp, on xal ta po- 
pax&g Xtyopspa, xal ta xata ndptnp,advpatop vnaq- 
Ztip,&onig nptg Xiyovatp' oi pip ov&h fpdaxopttg 
dXri&sg sbou * ov&sv ydq xtaXvsip <paotv ovxtag Snap- 
to thai, woneg to trjp didpstgop avppttgov dvat • 
oi di napta aXr}&ij' aytdcv ydg avtoig oi Xoyoi oi 
avtol tw 'HgaxXcixov. c O ydq Xiyoup on nana aXy- 
&r t xal nana ytsvdij, uai x 090 ^ Uyu x & v Xoyatp kxd- 
ttQov tovt&p. Iflor itneg advpata ixupa, xal tavta 
ddvpatop tlvai. "En Si (pavegmg dvucpdoug eiolr, 
ag ovx olov ts Spa aXf)&ug thar oide dq tfHvd&g 
ndaag • xaltoi ho%sisp av pdXXop hdix^od-at ix tw 
ugrjpspuv. *AXXa ngog anartag tovg towvtovg Xo- 
yovg aituo&ai dti, xa&dnsg iXdx&rjxal h totg ixa- 
va Xoyoig, ovx thai n rj pr) that, aXXd orjpahtiv ?/. 
Slflote 4£ ogiapov SiaXsxtiop, Xafloptag ti anpabs* to 
. ytvdog rj to dXrj&ig. EH di prjdh aXXo r) to dXf]<&k 
q>dpai jj anoqtavat xpevdog tart*, advpatop nana 
ytvdr) thai* dpdyxrj yog trig dvtiydosoig -d^atsgov 
' thai pogiop aXrj&ig. "En si nay rj (pdvui rj dnoifd- 
vat, avayxalop, advpatop dpcpoitoa tptydtf shar #a- 
tsgop yaq pigog tr)g artapdamg ysvdog iottp. 2vp- 
(ialvu dr) xal to &gvXXovpspop naoi tdig totovto^ 
Xoyoig • avtovg iavtovg dpatgtip. e O pip yaq nuptn 
dXr)&rj Xiyiov, xal top ivaptlop avtov Xoyop aXrftn 
notsl • Sots top kavtov ovx aXrj&i) • o. yaq ivavtiog, 
ov <prjaip that, avtbp aXri&rj • o Hi ndpta ytvdri, xa) 
&*. -n •' w ^> 

METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 1. 85 

avxbg kavxov. *Eav d' iZcugwrai , o friv tov toav- 
xiov, ig ovx alrj&yg povog ioxiv • b di tov avxbv av- 
tov, ig ov ytvdrjg, ovdiv qxxov amtgovg ovpftaivtt, 
avxolg aixuo&ai Xoyovg nXn&ug xal yjsvdtlg. '0 
yog Xiyav xov aXti&i) Xoyov dXy&i} , ngoavnaxovt- 
xat to, Sta airj&rjs • xovxo d' tig anugov fiadiuxat,. 
0avtybv d',oxi ovd* oindvxa rjg6(iuvXiyonig,aXfi- 
<&ri ley ovoiv, ovd° olnavxa xiyno&ai. El fdv yag 
tjQifisl nana , as* xavta aXr)&7) xal ipevdij wxai. 
fpaivtxai, 6k xovxo (iSTafiaXXov, *0 yag Xiyuv, noxi, 
avxbg ovx tjv, xal ndXiv oix toxai. El tie nana 
xivutou , 0V-&& tatai aXfj&ig * nana aga ywdri* 
uXXd did suit at, oxk advvaxov. v Eti avayxri xo ov p$- 
xafidXXsw ex twos yag d'g xt rj fisxafioXt). *AXXa p^v 
ovdi nana iigtpu % xivtixal noxi • ««# d ov&iv *^ 
taxi yag xi o a$l xivii to, xivovpsva * xal to ngwxov 
xwovv axivmov avxo. ^ > 



joLgX^ V P& Xiytxai, o&*v av ti tov ngdypaTog xt- ( ^ 

rtl&ttil ngmov • olov, xov pyxovg, xal bdov • ivxtv- 
&tv per avxx\ agxht & ivaniag d' ttiga. e Hds,o&tv i_ 
av xaXXioxa ixaaxov yivoixo* olov xal pa&qowg, 
ovx anb tov ngdnov xal Tijc tov ngdypaxog agxvs 
irioxe dgxxiov , aM' o&sv ffiar av pa&o*. C H ds, <) 
o&tv ngwxov ylvtxai iwndgxovTog • olov ig nlotov 
TQomg, xal olxiag &spiXiog • xal xmv tiu&v ol pi* 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xagdiav, oi de ivxiyaXov, oi d* o n> dv rvxwat, toi- 
y ovrov vitolappdvovaiv. e H de,o&evyiyveraingiotov 
pi) evwtdgxovrog, xal o&sv ngiarov t\ xlvtjoig niyvxtv 
agxeo&at, *«* *l (leraftoXrj' olov to rexvovix rov na- 
rgog xal ryg pijrgog, xal y pax 7 ! & T W Xoidoglac. 
\" c Hde, ov xara ngoalgeaiv xivelrai xa xwov/ieva, xal 
perapdXXei ra perapdXXovra, moneg aire xend no- 
Xeig agxal xal ai Svvaorsiai, xal ai ftaadeiai, xal 
(y xvgavvldeg. 3 Agx<*l Xiyovrai xal ai reypaiy xal tov- 
rwv ai agxirtxrovixal /icwUoxa. *Eri o&ev yvmotbv 
to ngaypa ngunov, xal airy agx*l leyerai rov ngdy- 
fiatog • olov r&v dnodilltwv ai V7io&eoeig. 9 Ioaxv$ 
de xal ra atria Xeyerai * ndvra yag ra curia dgxai. 
Ilaowv pev ovv xotvbv rwv agx&v > *o ngmov elvat, 
o&ev rj eonv, tj ylverai, % yiyvwoxerai. Toviwv de 
ai fih ivvnagxovaai eioiv , ai de ixrog. Jib rj n 
qpvoig agxhy *«* *o oroixfiov, xat didvoia, xai-fj ngo- 
aigeoig, xal ovala, xal to ov $vtxa. IloXXwy yag xal 
rov yvwvai xal ryg xivrjoeojg dgxv , rdya&bv xal to 
. v % xaxov} s ., 

^Av^" 1 CAPUT II. 

1 T ^ • ^^S&iS&fii Myerai ha fiev rgonov , 4£ ov ylverai 

\ rt iwndgxortog, olov o xotXxbg rov avdgidvrog , xal 

6 agyvgog rr)g yidXrjg, xal ra rovrwv ybn\. "AUot 

2, de, to eldog, xal to nagddeiypa • tovto d* tonv o 

Xoyoi iov rl yv elvai, xal ra rovratv»yivii • olov rov 

did naoStv ra dvo ngbg ev, xal oXoag 6 dgi&fibg , xal 

j ra fidgrj rd 4v t<5 Xoyy, "En o&ev i\ agxf) r*l9 f*«ra- 

(toXrig r\ TtgtotT), rj rrjg rjgefttjoevg • oioy o povXevoag 

atnog, xal o nairjg rov rixvov , xal oXwg to notovf 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 2. 87 

rov noiovfiivov , xal %b fi£ta^Xrjtixb> tov ptraftdX- 
Xovrog. *Eu &g to riXog. Tovto o° iorl to ov svtxw 
olov rov ntqmatHv f} vyUta. dun tl yag nsgina- 
%tu; &apfa, tva iytaivji * xal tlnovug ovtcag, olofie- 
&a inodtdmxivai to alitor. Kal ooa dtj xivrjoav* 
tog otXXov ftstatv yivstai rov riXovg* olov it)Q iyiti- 
ag 7] ioxvaola,*} y xd&agotg , y ta ydgfiaxa , rj ta 
ogyava. JIavta yag tavta rov tiXovg tvsxa ion. 
Auiyigu ds alXyXtov &g Svta, rd pkv <*g ogyava , ta 
de &g tgya. Ta psv ovv aVtta oxsdbv tooavtax&g 
Xsysrai. Kal ovft{$aivH ds noXXax&g Xsyopivw rwv 
altfar, xal noXXd rov avtov afua slvai ov xath 
avfipefirixog • olov rov avdgtdvtog, xal y avdgiavto- 
noirjrixfi, xal o ^uAxof, ov xa& htgov tt, aXX' y «*- 
dgiag* aXX ov rov avtov rgonov , aXXd to fiiv log 
vXt] , to d ' atg o&tv r, xhrjoig. Kal dXXrjXwv atria • 
olov, to novuv rrjg sisMag, xal aviti rov noveiv • 
aX£ oi rov avxbv rgonov, aXXa to psv wg riXog, to 
d* wg agxh xivrjosug. "Eti ds tavtb iviots twv ivav- 
riav iorlv. "0 yag nagbv al'tiov tovdl , rovt dnbv 
aituofiid-a iviots rov ivavtlov. Olov ti\v anovolav 
rov xvfisgvtjtov, tjjc avatgonrjg tov nXoiov, ov r\v i) 
nagovoia altia tr\g oattTjgiag. "Aftquo ds, xal rj na~ 
govala xal rj otigr\^g, aina ag xwovvta. u Anavta 
& ta vvv &gr)(*&va altia elg tiriaga$ tgonovg m- 
nru rovg yavagundtovg Tct psv yctg oroi/eia tcav 
uvllaf&v, xal fj vXy tm axevacncov xal to nvg, xal 
y yri, xal ta touwta ndvra, tSxv oapdtow xal td 
fidgrj tov oXov, xal at vno&eaeig tov ovfmegacfiatog, 
wg to i£ ov aind iotk. Tovtcorv ds Ta /uey ag to vno- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xeipevov, olov td pegy td de wg to %i i\v thai, to, 
te oXov xal t) ovv&soig, xal to etdog. To de ottegfux, 
xal 6 iatgb^g, xal 6 (tovXevoag , xal oXwg to noiovv, 
ndvta o&ev fj &Qxh *W pnajfoXijg % at do sag. Ta 
d* alia, wg to tiXog xal taya&bv tm aXXtav. Tb 
yag ov ivsxa, (tiXnotov, xal tiXog t&v dXXcav 4&4kei 
el v ai. diayegha de pijdev aitb eineiv j) ayadbv, 4} 
qpatvopsvov aya&ov. Ta piv ovv aftia , tooavtd 
ioti t<5 ei'du. Tqotioi de t&v aitiwv, agi&pio (iev 
slot noXXot • xeyaXaiovpevoi, de xal ovtoi , tXarrovg. 
Aiyetat, yag aitia noXXaxwg xal avt&v twv bpou- 
d&v, ngotegotg xal vojigag aXXo aXXov • olov, vyieiag 
6 iatgbg xal texvittig • teal tov did naowv^ to foftXa- 
oiov xal dgi&pog • xal a el ta negvkxovta btiovv tw 
xa& exaota. *Eti 5* wg to ovpPefirjxbg xal ta tov— 
T(av yivTj, olov, avdgidvtog, aXXatg IloXvxXeitog , xal 
aXXwg avdgiavtonoibg, oti> ovftflsjifjxe t<5 avdgiavto- 
noita IloXvxXelTto elvai. Kal ta negiixovta de to 
ovpfie/3r}xbg, olov av&gtxmog aVtiog avdgidvtog, tj xal 
oXug Jwoy , ott, b IloXvxXutog avd-gwnog , b de aV- 
&gwnog faJoy. *Eou de xal ttov ovpfiepyxotatv aXXo 
aXXtav nog$m*gov,xal iyyvtegov olov, eibXtvxbg xal 
b povaixdg atttog Xiyoito tov avdgidnog , dXXd prj 
povov IloXvxXutog r\ av&gcanog. Ilagd ndvta di 
xal td oixeiwg Xeyopsva, xal Ta xatd ovpflepyxbg, xa 
pev wg dvvdpeva Xeyetai, ta d' £>g dvigyovvta • olov 
tov olxodopsZo&ai olxodopog y rj olxodoptov olxodopog, 
'Opoioig de Xex&yoetai xal iq>* &v ta ai'tta toTg tlgy- 
uevotg' olov tovdetov dvdgidvtog jj avdgidvtog , % 
oXug elxovog, ? x*Xxov tolds $ ^aAxov, fj bXmg vl^g. 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 3. 80 
Kal inl tiv ovftfit^xoTtav ioavtag. *Ei% di ovp- 
nltxofttva tavta xqxtiva Isx&tjattai • olov oi J7o- 
XvxXtnog oidi avdgiavtonoiog, aXXa UoXvxXtitog &v- 
dgtavtonoiog. *AlX opmg Snavta yt tavta ion, 
to pb nXrj&og §?, Xtyofitva di Six*g. *H yag ig to 
xa& 9 txaotov, tf ig to yivog avtov , rj ig to ovp(U- 
prjxog, y ig to yivog tov ovfifodrjxoiog • r, ig ovfi- 
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ttadt t$ ohtodopovpivy ta di xata dvvapiv, ovx 
atl. <t>&dqitat yag ovx otfia r\ olxla xal b olxo- 

CAPUT 111. 
StotXtiov Xtyttai,i£ ov ovyxtitamgitov iwnag- 
Xovtog adiaighov ti ddu , tig tttgov tldog • olov, 
<pwt}g atoixeia , 4$ w ovyxtnai r) qwvtf, xal tig a 
duxtgutai baxata • ixuva di pyxst tig aXXag qxovag 
ktigag tip tfdti avtiv • aXXa xyv diaigiitai, ta pogia 
bfiot$dif olov vdatog to poqiov, vdag, aiU 3 oi trjg ovX- 
ImftrjgovXXa/Sri'OfAoitig dixalta tiv otopdtonv ototxiia 
Xiyovoiv oi Xiyovttg, tig a diaigditai ta oipata tox**- 
ta, ixtlva di pyxi* tig aXXa tl'dti duupiqovta ocofict- 
ta * xal [sire fy] ttu nXtha ta toiavta, tavta otoi- 
X&a Xdyovo*. JlaganXtjoUog dixal tiv diaygafifia- 
ttav atoix&a Xiyttai, xal oXwg ta tiv anodti£t<ov. 
Al ydg ngwtai dnodtl£tig, xal iv nXthoiv anodsiSt- 
atv iwicdgxovoai, avtat otoixtia tiv anodtl$twv Xi- 

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yovtai* tlal ds toiovtoi avXXoyiapol ol ngmot & 
t&v tgmv di ivog pioov. Kal pstaq>igovtsg 5i otoi- 
Xflov xaXovaiv ivtev&ev, o av tv ov xal pixgbv , inl 
noXXd rj xgyoipov. Jib xal to pixgbv xal anXovv 
xal ddiaignov, otoixsiov Xiystai. c 09ev. (XrjXv^t ta 
pdXiata xa&oXov otoixua etvai, on exaotov avtm 
Iv ov xal anXovv , iv noXXolg iftagxsi > V naoiv , rj ou 
nXsioioig. Kal to tv xal t^v otiyp^v , dgxdg not 
doxu tlvat. 'Enel ovv ta xaXovpsva yivy xa&oXov 
xal adialgsta (tig ydg iati Xoyog avtw) oTof££<a 
td yivTj Xiyovoi ting , xal paXXov % tr\v diaqngdv, 
on xa&oXov paXXov to yivog. Sli pkv ydg y dia- 
$ogd vndgxu, xal to yivog axoXovdii, • <w de to yi- 
vog, ov navxl r\ diatpogd. 'Andvtvv de xoivov, to 
tlvai oxoixuov kxdorov, to ngwtov ivvndgxov kxdotc*. 


0voig ds Xiynai iba pb tgonov, tj t&v (pvpptvw 
yivsoig* olov tt tig intxtsivag Xiyoitb T m tvaf,i^ ov 
(pvetai izgSnov to <pvopevov ivvndgxovtog.*Exio&& ij 
xivr\aig r] ngmij iv kxdotia t&v yvoti ovrwv iv avtm 
fj avtb vjidgxu. 0vto&ai dk Xiystai, oaa avZrjoiv 
%X*i 8* itigov, xw antta&ai xal ovpntcpvxivai , if 
ngoantcpvxivai, Aontg tot tp@gva. Jiatpigu diovp- 
<pvoig dqtrjg. "Ev&a piv ydg ovdiv nagd ti}v aqptj? 
ttsgov avdyxrj thai* iv de toig ovpnt<pvxoaiv iatitt 
tv to avxo iv dpcpdlv t o noiii dvti tov a7rtto&ai, 
ovpntyvxivai, xal tlvai'tv xatit to avvtxhxal noabv, 
aXXa pri xatd to noiov. "£ti ds (pvaig Xiystai, i§ ov 
ngwtov n lax*^ <j yivztalti t&v <pvo$t Srttav , ap*- 
Qplotov ovtog xal dpsta^Xtjiov ix t^g dvvdptoog tijg 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 4. 91 

iavtov * oloy, aydoianog xal twy oxtvwv Twr xalxi- 
x«r, o jtcdxo? ^ a*voig liyttai ' t«* di $vliv<ay f £u- 
loy. 'Opoiug di xal inl tuy alloty, *Ex tovttay yao 
iotiy txaotov diaofotofiiyrig tr t g ngviqg vlt)g. Tov- 
tov yao toy tqonoy xal tuy <pvaei oviwv la ototxua <pa- 
oty thai qyboiy • ol fiey nvo, ol di yrjv, ol di aioa, ol 
6* vdvto, ol d* alio ntoiovtoy liyoyttg , ol d' tvia 
toviow, ol di nana tavta. ^Mti d* alloy tqonov 
liyttai i\ atvotg , t) t&y opvoti ontty oioia • olor oi 
liyontg tip <pvoiy thai tip norny* ovy&toiy, £ontq 
£ftnsdoxlriQ liyti, oti (pvaig oidtyog iativ oyiwv, 
3 AXla (xovov pi$ig tt dialla%ig tt fiiyintay 
*Eotl , (pvaig d * inl tolgd* oyofta&tai awdo&noioi. 
J to xal ooa <pvou iaxlv rjyivttai tjOrj, inaqxonog i$ ov 
nig>vxt ylyto&ai ij tlvai, ovna (paper tip opvoiv txtur, 
aw fii} txjl to tldog xal tyy poo(pv\v. oyvotipiv ovr toil; 
ajMpotioiay tovtwy iotiy, oloy ta £a>a xal tot fioqia av- 
t&y. flwaig di V dt notary Hy, xal avty dix&g, ij ij noog 
aitb nowtri, [%% blugnQtoty] otov, t&y /aixaiv to- 
ytavy nobg ait a fiiy nomog b falxog* olwg d* fotog 
vdoio, ti nana ta trjxja vdoaq. Kal to tldog xal ij 
oioia, ToCto d' iotl to tilog tyg ytyiomg. Mt- 
tacpoQct d* jjfdij xal Slug naoa oioia (pvaig liyttai 
diit tavtfjv, oti xal ?j (pvaig oioia tig iotiy. 'Ex dq 
Twy uQnnbw 7) notary (pvaig xal xvqiiog Ityofxht] 
ioth % oioia ^ tm ixontov aoxw xivrjotwQ Iv av- 
tolg j) avtot, *H yaq vlr\> iw tavryg dixttxrj tlvai 
Xiyttai (pvaig • xal al ytviotig, xal to (pvto&cu xw 
ano tavtijg thai xiyyoti. Kal r\ aqxn tr\g xiyqot- 

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wg tmv cpvau ovtiov, avrrj fatty irvnagxovad nvg, r> 
dwduu, S ineXsxdqt, 

^AvayxoXo y Xiytrai, ov avtv ovx ivdsxttcu &iv £>g 
ovvauiov oiov to avanviiv xal ^ tgo<pti t$ (dtp 
dvayxaiov. 'Advvatov yag avev tovimv that, Kal 
toy avsv to aya&ov pri iydixrtcu V tlvon y rj ysvso&ai. 
*Htt xaxbv anofiaXiiv, j) <rttQT)&rivai • oiov, to muv 
to *pdg[iaxo> dvayxaiov, ?va firj xapvji • xal to nltvacu 
tig Ai'yivav, fiij anomaly %a XQripatct. *Eti to (Haiov xal 
Tj (Ha. Tovto d' iotl to nagarr\v bg^v xal trjy nooai- 
gtoiv i[modi£ov xal xwXvtixov. To yig (Haiov, apay- 
xaiovXdyetai'dibxalXvnrigov • wonsg xalEvrjvog qptiar 

Ilav yag avayxalov ngayp aviagbv &pv. 
Kal 7] (Ha avayxi\ tig, wmsg xal 2o(f>oxXr\$ Xiyw 

'AXE v (Ha f»« tavt avayxa£u noitiv. 
Kal doxii tj avayxr\ dfistansiotov t* slvai, og&ug. 
'EvavtiovyagirjxataTrjvngoaigtoiv xivrpBi xal xata 
tbv Xoyiopov. *Eu io/xtj ivdsxofjuvov aXXwg %xtiv>dvay- 
xaiov qpaptv 'ixuv ovtag * xal xata tovto to dvay- 
xaiov, xal taXXa Xiyttai nmg anavta dvayxaia. To, 
ts yag (Haiov Xiyttai, r\ noitiv rj ndox^v T ° JS > otav 
(iff hdixytai xata tip ogpyv, diet to ($ia£opevov • ig 
tafaijv dvayxyv ovoav , di rp> prj ivdix**M aXXutg. 
Kal &nl t&v ovvaitimv tov £jj> x«* tov aya&ov «a- 
avttag. "Otav yag fir) ivbixipai , Xv&a piv to aya- 
&6v, tv&a di to £{jv, xal to thai avtv ttv£v, tavta 
dvayxaia. Kal t) altla , dvdyxtj tig iotiv avtrj. 
Eu rj anodtttig tdv dvayxainv, on ovx ivdix^tai aX- 
yXtog bxuv, tl anodidtixtai anXag. Tovtov d' altia 

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t« Jiquja, a advvatov aXXtag %x*Wt # «w o ovXXoyi- j 
oyto?. TeSy /icy d^ Irs^oy a?T *oy tov avayxala thai, 
twv M ov^iv, dMa &a TcrvTa frfoa iorivQ avayxrig. 
"Slois to ftoaiToy xal xvqlag avayxaiov ib anXovv 
ixni. Tovto yaq ovx ivdixttak nktavax&g f*«*y. 
"Jlat ovds aXXag xat aXXwg. *Hb*n yaq nXsovax&g 
av bxoi. Et aqa iatlv ana a I'd 1 a xal axivtjia, ovdiv 
ixsivoig iarl piaiov, ovds naqa <pvoiv. 
"Eg, Xiysrai to piv xara avp^t^xbg, olov Koqi- 
axog xal 16 povoutbv, xal Koqiaxog povoixog. 
TavTO yctq tinuv Koqiaxog xal to povaixbv , xal 
Kogioxog povautog' xal to povaixbv xal tc dixaiov, 
xalpovaixbg dixaiog Koqiaxog. IJavTa yaq tavxa 
tv Uysxai xaia oyppsfirixog. To psv yaq dixaiov, 
xal to povaixbv, ot* pi$ ovoia avp^ip^xs, to tie pov- 
oixbv xal Koqiaxog, on &aieqov datiqy avpfiipr}- 
xsy. 'Opoioag ds iqonov iwa xal b povaixog Koqi- 
axog to*) Koqioxtg tv, 011 ^atsqov twv poqiav 9ati- 
Q(a avp^i^xs T«y iv tw Xoyy olov, tc povoi- 
xbv t$ Koqioxtp , xal 6 povaixog Koqiaxog dixaiia 
Koqioxy, on kxaiiqov piqog toJ avJ% kvl av/u/ft/fy- 
xsv iv. Oldiv yaq dtayiqti, rj Koqioxtp to povaixbv 
ovpfoprixivai, 1} ixtivia tovio. 'Jloavtwg de x\v inl 
yivovg, x$v inl t&v xa&oXov tivbg bvopatav Xiy^xai 
to avpfisfiqxog' olov ot* av&qtonog to ctuto, xa$ 
povaixog av&qtonog. *H yaq on tm av&qwmp /xia 
ovarj ovoia, ai/ji/ft/fyxs to povaixbv, y on apqxo twv 
xa& exaatovtivl ovpfiifinw °^ ov Koqlaxq. nX^v ov 
Toy en/Toy tqonov apqxo vnaqxti, aM« ™ M* v * aw * 

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iagybog, xaliytjjovoict, to ds ig sSigrjtJtad-og tijgov- 
oiag ^Oootpsy ovv xata avpfofirixogXiystaiftovtov toy 
TQonov Xiystat &. Tow ds xa\P kavtaW Xsyopivwy, ta 
psy Xiystai tw ovysxv ^vai t olo> (fax slog dsopb>,xal$v- 
Xa xoXXy xal y gappy, xav xtxappivn $, avvsxW $** f*l* 
Xiystat, aOTisgxaltMV ptg&v ixaotoy, axiXog xal /?oa- 
xicov. Avtmv ds tovttay paXXov sy, ta cpvatv ovvsxv 
V **X v ll • 2vvsxsg ds Xsystai, ov 17 xivr\Qig pla xad' 
avtb, xal pr\ oloy ts aXXag. Mia ds, tj adialgstog 9 
adiaigetog ds xata xqwov. Ka& avta ds ovvsxv* 
ooa pij aqpfj Iv. E\ yag dsifjg airtopsva aXXyXwy 
SvXcC) ov q>r\oug tavta thai sv, ovts £vXoy , ovts aa>- 
pa, ovts aXXo ovvsxk ovdiv. Ta ts drj oXcog avvf^V 
sy Xsystai,xav exjl xaptpw, xal gu paXXovta pqsxov- 
Ttt xdpipiy • olov, xvri t ur) i} prjgog oxsXovg, 011 ivdsxs- 
tai prj filar slvai tiv xivyotv tov oxiXovg. Kal i\ 
sv&ua tr^g xsxappsvijg paXXoy iv. T^v ds xsxap- 
psyr}V xal sxovaav ytaviav, xal piay xal ov fiiav Xd- 
yopsv, oti> ivdixnai xal prj Spa ttjv xivyoiv avtijg 
thai, xalapa' tyg d* sv&siag , asl Spa, xal ovdiy 
pogiov sxov piys&og , to psprjgspsi, to ds xivuiai, 
wonsg Tif\g xsxappsvr\g. *Eti aXXov tgonov sy Xiys- 
tat, T(Z , to inoxtipsvov tt» sl'dsi elvou ddtdqpogov. 
J Adtd(foga tfi, <av adialgstov to sldogxatatrjv aTo&T)- 
oiv. To ds inoxtipsvov, ij To ng&tov , rj to tsXsv- 
Toioy ngog to riXog. Kal yag otvog tig Xiystai, xal 
10*0)0 h, ji adtaiqnov xata to sldog* xal ol xvpol 
navrsg Xsyovtai sv, olov eXcuov, olvog, xal t<1 tijxtot, 
ot* navxwv to soxatov vnoxtipevoy to aito. cl Tdmg 
yag xal aijg, nana tavta i<m. Aiyttai ds h , xal 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. [V.) CAP. 6. 95 

wf to yivog sv diaqpioov taig avtixiipivatg diayooalg* 
xal tavta Xiyitai nana sv, on to yivog tv to vno- 
xiipsvov taig diacpooctig- olov, Xnnog, av&ovnog, 
xvtov , sv tt f on nana fw« * xal tqonov dr\ nva na- 
ganXrjaiov, aonsq rj vXr) fua. Tavta ds bit psv ov- 
twg sv Xiysta$, ots di to av& yivog, o'tavtov Xiystai, 
av ji tsXsvtala xov yivovg sldrj %a avwtiom tovttav • 
olov, to fiiv iooaxsXig, xal to loonXtvoov, tavtb xal 
sv oxtjfia, otj afi<po) toiyuva' toiyatva 3' ov tavta. 
*!Eti de sv Xiystai ootav o Xoyog b to tl qv slvai Xiywv, 
adtalostog nobg aXXov tbv dyXovna, to xl slvai to 
nqayfia. Avtbg yao xatf avtbv nag Xoyog diaiqstog. 
Ovjoj yao xal to tivSrjftivov xal q>&ivov , sv iotiv, 
oTt 6 Xoyog tig * won so b t&v imnidtov tav ixbntav 
fxrjxog xal nXaxog 6 tov si'dovg slg, "OXtag ds av fj 
votjoig adiaiostog, y voovaa to ti rp slvai, xal py . 
tivvatai xvQl&o&tth PV** ZQ° vt ? PI™ lonta, prjts Xoyy, \ 
fiaXiota tavta sv xal tovttav ooa ovaiai. Ka&oXov 
yao ooa py s%u diaiosoiv, rj fitj sxsi, *<**>* Jl & Xiys- 
tai* olov, si ?/ avd-qtanog [it] sxsi diaiosoiv, slg av- 
^ o(07to g ' si dk rj fwoy, iv £&ov si ds y piys&og, sv 
psys&og* Ta psv ovv nXuata sv Xiystai, tw rre- 
qov tiWr^ noislv, § nao/siv, % noog n sv slvai. Ta 
di noattog Xsyopsva sv, wv tj ovola fiia, pia 3s tj ov- 
vsxsia, ■? tldsi, % Xoyta, Kal yao aQi&povfASv wg 
nXsita, % ta ^r\ owsxy , r\(ov fxr\ sv to sldog, y tov 6 
Xoyog prj slg. "Eii insl toti uiv wg btiovv sv, ovvs- 
Xtict qpapsv slvai, av tj nooov xal ovvsxsg* tott d* ag 
ov , av fxtj n oXov i). Tov to 8s av prj to tldog sxv 
sv , ovx av yalpsv sv , idovtsg bpoltog onwoovv tu 

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pigi) ovyxtlptva tov vnodrjpaxog , iav pr\ dimxr^i 
ovviztiav, aJU' idv ovxtag , ware vnodrjpa thai xal 
sldog tl %xtiv, ridy tv. Jib xal ^ tov xvxXov pdlt- 
ata pla twv ygapp&v, ou olrj xiXtiog ion. To di 
kvlslvai, dgxv Tip/lor*? dgidpov elvai' xb ydgirg&- 
tov phgov kxdaxov yivovg dgxy. &* Y*Q ngmn 
yvoagiCouey, xovio ngwxov phgov kxdaxov yivovg. 
Agx*\ ovv T °v yyvQunov , ntgl txaaxov yivog to It. 
Ov xavxb di iv naoi rotg yivtai to Sv. "Ev&a per 
ydg dleoig, tv&a di to (powrjtv ij aqpmvov. JBagovg 
S y hsgov t xal xivriottog aXXo. Havraxov di to 
tv, i\ t<5 tldei, 7) j(p Ttooaj ddiaigetov. To ph ovv 
xaia to noobv xotl j) noobv , adialgsrov, to pit 
ndvTTj xal adtxov, Xiytxae povdg' to di ndvxr} 
xal &ioiv $xov, OTiypr\* to di povaxjj, /Q<*wn ' *» 
^ di dixjj , inlmdov • to di ndvrji xal tgixy 9iat- 
^ gsrbv xata xb noobv, aw pa. Kal avxtoxgiyjav- 
„ n di to fiiv dixy diaigtxbv, inlmdov • to di povazfo 
\ ygapprj* [to di ndrttj tQixji diaigerbv, aw pa •] to 
V^de prjdapjj diaigsxbv xaxd to noobv, axiyptj xal px>- 
vdg * jj piv a&txog, povdg • r\ di &exbg, 0Tiypi\, v Ex% 
di xd piv xoct dgid-pov iaxiv sv, xd di xax sldog , to 
oe xaxd yivog, xd di xaxit dvaXoyiav. 'Aoi&uio uh, 
wv ^ 1/A17 /u/a • stdsi os, <av o Xoyog sig * ysvsi o , a>v 
to avxb axripa Tt\g xavqyoolag. Kaict artxloyiav 
di, ooa exu wg alio ngbg alio. 'Asl di ice voxs- 
oa Tolg spnQoo&ev dxolovdu* olov, ooa dgi&py, 
xal etdufv ooa d' tl'du, ov ndvxa dgi&pM' dkla 
yivti navxa ev, ooaneg xal ti'du • oaa di yivn, ov 
navxa tl'dtt, «Ua dvaloyia* oaa di sv avaXoyla , ov 

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MKTAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 7. 97 

nivxa yhu. <Pavt(jbv de, xo* oxi to noXXa avuxu- 
pb&g Xex&yoricu t<£ hi. Tit fih yag , tm fir} ovv- 
*X*l &vat, iol $e xta duugtxr)v b/uv xrfv vXtjv xonk 
to elSog, ij xv\v ngojtrjv , 17 %yp xeXtvxaiav • xa 6*e 
tw xovg Xoyovg nXtiovg tivai xovg xi Tfv tlvai Xi- 

Taov Xiytxm , to uh xoto avftjSt^rjxbg , xb Si 
%<*& avxo. Kaxa ovftfitftrpiog ph, olov xbv Mxcuov 
povoixov B&al qrttfisr , x«l xbv av&ownop (iowutbv, 
xai to fiovotxbv ay&qwtov naQanXijolwg Xiyovxsg • 
hxffteg xbv ftovoixbv olxodopuv, ox* oi//u/5fi/5^xe tw ol- 
jcodo/iw fiBvainw ilvm, ^ t<£ uoi/atxoi oixodofiw. To 
yug too*' € 1V«m t©6*«, orjfiuheiio ai//i/Js/J^x«Va* to£s 

Tttfo. OVTM & XO$ M TW UQTJflivtoV , XOV Sv&Q(D- 

nov Sxav povotxbv Xiyufitv , xal xov povaixbv av- 
&gwnov, rj Xsvxbv xbv povoixw, ij xovxov Xtvxbv, xb 
fUv oxi afupa xy oviw av/u/?«/??Jxaa*, xb d* Sxi x$ ovxi 
ovfifii^rjxs. Tb tefiovotxbv av&ganov eTvai,oxixov- 
Tip xb povoixbv ovppiftrixw. Ovxta tii Xiytiou xal 
xb Xtvxbv elvai, oxi & ovfipiprjxtv, ixiivo ioxiv. Tu 
fdv qvv xaxa ovp(t*(hixbg thai XtySfura ovt» Xiys- 
xcu , ij 6**0 t* t<m ccvtm ovxi Sfjfyw vn&QZM > V otl 0VTl 
btsivop vnaqx* 1 * V oti avxo iaxiv <p inagx H > ov ttv% b 
xaxriyoguxaf xotxf <xvxb de bIvou Xiysxai, ooaneg 
oitpalvtixaoxrifHxxa xyg xaxyyooiag. c Oaax®$Y*Q Xi- 
yixaiy xoGavx<x%<og xb elvai arjfimvn. 3 Ensl ovv xwv 
xaxriyoQOvpiVM, xa fisv xi iaxi or)paivei,xb denotbv^ 
to ^e Ttoaov, xa ds Ttqog xi, ra ds noitlv % naax*w> 
xa 8k 7tov, to be noxs, ixaona xovxtov xb sfoctt, xctvto 
Arist. Metaph. G 

Digitized by GoOgle 


oripaivu. Ovdev yag diacpegst to Sv&gtonog iytai- 
vmv daily, tf to av&gomog vyiaivei* fjto av&gv- 
nog (3adl£o)v iotlv, ij tifivtav, tov av&gomov /?«- 
di&iv , rj tipveiv. 'Oftoiwg de xal inl tav aX- 
Xcov. "Eti to ehai oripaivei xal to sow, ou «Xij- 
■frig • to Si firj thai, ou ovx dXr}&eg, dXXa yevdog. 
Ofiolag xal inl xataqtdoetag xal dno<pdoea>g • olnv 
ou eoti JSwxgdvqg povoixbg , ouaXy&eg tovto • yon 
2(axqdt^g ov Xevxbg , ou aXt}&ig • to d* ovx eauf 
r) didpetgog aovfifietgog , ou vjevdog. *Eu tq ^ehq i 
orifialvu xal to ov, to fib dyvajui^Tjtbv , to d* &t«- 
Xexeia twv slgripivav tovuav. Ogw teydg elvai q*a- 
fitv , xal to dvvdpti (Jjjico? oqwv, xal to irttXe%tla' 
xal -co iniotao&ai ataavtag,xaltb dwdpsvov /^ija&x* 
tr\ iniotrjfirj, xal to zQwpzvov xal to ygefiovv, xal 
w ijdfi indgxet i\ r)gsfiia y xal to dvvdfievov iiqeput. 
'Ofioiag de xal inl t&v ovaimv. Kal ydg 'Eofirjv b 
tw Xl&ta yctfxb elvai, xal to yutov trjg ygafipfjg, nxl 
oliov xbv (irjnio ad gov. Hots Se dvvatbv xal note 
ovnto, iv aXXoig diogiatiov. 

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ta fiogia tommy. °Anavxa de tavta Xiyetai ovoia, 
ou ov xa&' vnoxsipivov Xiyexai , aXXa xatd tovtw 
ta aXXcc. "aXXov de tgonov o av y atuov tov elvat, 
ivvnagxov iv joig toiovtoig , oaa fii] Xiyetai xa&* 
vnoxeipevov olov, fj yvxr) iw £w&>. "Eu Sua fiogitt 
ivvnagxovtd iouv ivtotg toiovtoig, bgKovtd te xal to* 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.)CAP. q. qq 

den orjfiaivorta • &y dyaigov(iiy(av avaiQUtat, to okor 
oloy inmidov oiofia, £g qtaoiwtg, xal inintdoy ygap- 
/uifc' xal oXag dgtd-pbg doxti twitoiovtog ilvm (a?ou- 
oovfieyov it ydg, ovdb tlvai)xal bgifay nana. "£n to 
11 r\v dvaiy ov o Xoyog fatly bgwpog* xal tovto ovoia 
Xiystai kxdatov. Svpfialvn fljj xatd dvo tgonovg tr\y 
ovalav Xiyeo&ai, to -St vnoxBlpsyoy toxatoy , o (irjxsu 
%ori aXXov Xdystai, xal dv tbdt, u ov,xalx<ag*otby7i m 
toiovtov di rj kxdotov poQcpi) xal to sldog. 
TavtA di Xiytiai, tcx fib xata ovpfoPrixbg , oloy 
to Xivxbv xal to povoixbv to avto, ot* tt} avto) ovp- 
pd(h}xe xal av&g&nog xal povoixbv, oti xtdzegoy #a- 
tigca ovfifiiprixE * to di fiovatxbg av&Qomog , ou to 
povoixbv top dv&QO&ieo ovfi^Tjxe • ixatigw di tovto, 
xal tovtqt kxdtsgov ixtivav, Kal ydg tw dy&gwntp 
iqt fiovotxqt, xal b av&gainog xal to povoixbp tavtby 
leyntai, xal tovtotg ixtlvo, Jib xal tavta ndvta 
xaSbXov ov Xiyttat. Ov ydg dlrj&ig unuv, oti nag 
av&oomog tavtb xal ftovotxoy. Ta yag xadoXov*^ 
_ *«# ' avtd vndgxu ' ta di ovpflt$r\xbxa, ov xa& avtd, 
£l£ inl twy xa&ixaota dnXag Uystar tavtb ydg do- 
xu JSwxgdvrig, xal JSiaxgdtrig slyai povoixog. To ydg 
2a>xgdti\g , ovx inl noXXav • dib ov nag 2axgdtr\g 
Uyttai, atontg nag avd-ganog. Kal ta piy ovttog 
Xiytta* tavta, ta dijtad-* avtd, Sontg xa ltbt v. Kal 
ydg wv r) %kr\ fila, rj eldsi ij agi&py, r) yivn tavta Xd- 
yviaiy xal toy y ovoia. c Jlote cpayegbv oti, r\ tavrbtrjg^ 
kyotqg tig fatty tov ilvai, nr\ nXubvav, ij otay XQV Tttt 
wg nXdooiv • oloy Stay Xiyrj avtb avtw tavtby • fog 


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dval yctQ ^r/tort ttvttp. "Enqa di Xiynm, «w 1} ta «?- 
$H rtlsib) , 7} ^ i/ify , jj o Xoyvg vr t $ violas • xal oiUg 
avxcxupcitug tw tctvtw A^eta* to ftt^ey. Jimpofa 
d? Xiysxai , ova &*pcr Art* to «vto t* &*«> ^7 poro? 
aoti^w , all* ij et&tt, *} ^5y« , fj avaXeyta. *Exi w 
htQOv to yivog xal ret ivartla , xal 5<hx €%*t4vTtj ov~ 
cla tyy kxsQorrjTa. "Ofioia Xeynm ta tb ravtb ji»- 
nov&ota , xal ta nXslto ravxa itmwfrotct , 1} fttpot* 
xal tav j\ noioxi\g fila • xal xa&* Saw aXXoiova&ai fr- 
de/rrat x&v ivavtifav, tovtwv to nleta) l/oy 17 xi/oioi- 
t«oa, ouoiov xoxrtco. *Avxtxnuwwg &k tot? ouoiov; ta 

*A vjMsl(i6ra Uysxai, avtlq>aaig y xal xavavria, xal 
ta rcpos xt, xal OTSQfjois , xal e£ig , xaJ if wy , *«} ei$ 
a tQxaia • ©To? , <*l yiviaug xal ai q>dvpal * mxt oont 
fi^ ivdixerai cifia naquvav tw auyolv dsxtixa, taHrta 
avxixuo&ai Xiyetai, 7} avxa, *} tfl wv low. <I>ai6v yaQ 
xal Xsvxov aua rta airta ovj inagx** * btb xal £ 
wy &jtii>, avxlxuxui xovxoig. 'Evavxla Xiynai, ta ts 
^ dvvaxa Spa tw ai5t(p naquvai twy fiiaxp sgovtav 
xatayivog, xal ta 7r/U7(rror diaqyiqovxa xm> 4v xi 
ai/t$ /eye* ; xal ta ^Xetotov diaa>igovxa &v tw crfrrw 
dextixw, xa* ta ttAetarov diacpiqovxa row vn6 rip av- 
iqv dvvafiiv • xat wV ^ dtaqpo^a fieylcfxrj t rj StnXjag , ■? 
xata yaVos, t) xat el^o^. Ta 5* aUa hart la Xiyttah 
ta j*cy xw xa totavta e^c w , ta ^i t(J dexrixa tlyctt 
twy toiovtwv, ta ^8 tw noirjiixa, ij na&rjtixa, rj no*- 
ovrta, ^ naoxovxa, yanoPoXal, ij Xr)ysig , rj e£si$,*i 
atsg^asig that tovtwv xal twj> totovtwV. *£nel # 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 11. 101 

to tr xal to oV noXXax&S Xtyttat y axolov&eiv aviynn\ 
nal Talk* oea nautu tavia Uytxak* "flat* xal to t av- 
vo? wet tbhsQGP, xa* to iveuttiov <Sot efrq* htgov 
not **&* kxvtotip xemjyopiav. Eisga di r$ ti'du 2i- 
jtrat, O0« t* TcruTov yfravg oVto, ftri vndXXt}ld igti, 
Mm oW fr tw 6tv?iT» yam oVra , dw<pooav ixu , xeu 
00* fr vjj ewr$ ivartitos e^a. JCa* Ta ivavjia e%sga 
itp efdn allr}X*xv , ij zraVra , ^ t« Xty opera mqwwq, 
nal oaw iv tw Tbktv*ai<$ tov ysvovg tldu t ol liyoi 
htfQf olo* uv&qwtog Hulfanog aiopa t$ yivsi, ol 
Si Xoyot frsf oc wto*. JCai ooa & %r\ avtjj avaia 
mvwv vrta , l#«* foaqpa^ay. Tavt* (is iq> stisi , t« 
arratujHSwos Xsy&pwa Tovtotg. 

JTgaTtoa xa* vauQG Mysron, fow piv ig ovtog 
i&bg ngmov nal aqx^g A fxaartp ?**m, to iyyvtigov 
ifflfe twos ^HffUpffQ, % owl&s nal tj5 qpvaa, ij nqog 
t», ?} wov, *} wro wa>x. Oloy Ta /u«y xara tow?, to) 
flvat iyyvTsgor ij 9>vae* two? toVjov wgwpivov • do? 
tov /uiaot; , ij tov ioxdtov • ij rcooc to ti#o* • to $e 
iro^wxcpov, votbqov. Ta di nata XQovovta p&> ydg 
noQ^wtioGi i6v vvr , olov inl tm ytvopww ' nqo- 
rtoa yag t« Tgmni tm Medium, on nog^fi%tgop 
inixu toy vv-v • xa di %$ iyyvjioy tov vvv , olov 
inl twv fisXXovwov * ngiugot yaQ' Niftsa IlvStov, 
3t* iyyvTtftov tov vv* , iy w wv a#y jj xa» 7r^fiara) 
Xfioafitvam, Ta ds nata nivyoiv * to yao iyyvtsgov 
tov n(mrov ncrrjoavtoQ, noottqov, olov nalg avbq&Q. 
9 Aqxv ^« *wl avTi? t«? a7jiw j. Ta 3i v«ia dvvapw * 
to yao vntqixov ty dwAjm, nqwgov • x«* to 5vya- 

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xtoiegov. Toiovxov d ' ioxlv ov xaxd xjjv ngoaigeaiv 
dvdyxrj dxoXov&eiv daxegov, xal *b voxegov • wait 
py xivovvxog xe ixelvov, pi\ xivelo&ai , xal xivovvxoe, 
xiveio&ai. 'Hde ngoaigeoig agxv- Ta de xaxdxd$i»- 
xavxa d* iaxlv, oaa ngog xi ev ugtopivov dteoxriHtxa- 
xd xbv Xoyov' olov nagaoidxtjg xgixooxdxoy ngoxegov, 
xal r\ nagavqx<n v^xrjg, v £v&a pev yag bxogvqxuog, 
ev&a de ti fiian «W- Tavxa pev ovv ngbxega xov- 
xov Xeyexai xbv xgonov. "AXXov de xgonov, to %fj 
yvaoei ngoxegov , ug xal dnXwg ngoxegov. Tovxm* 
de aXXug xd xaxa xbv Xoyov, xal xd xaxd xrjv ato&n- 
oiv. Kaxd pev yag xbv Xoyov, xd xa&oXov ngoxega' 
xaxa de xyv ai'o&rioiv, xd xa&ixaoxa. Kal xaxa toy 
Xoyov de xo ovpfofirixbg xov oXov ngoxegov, olov, v6 
ftovoixbv xov povoixov dv&gnnov. Ov yag eoxai 
b Xbyog avev xov pegovg • xaixoi oix ivdexexai ftov- 
oixbv ehai, pi) ovxog povoixov xivog. v Exi ngbxega 
Xeyexai xd xm ngoxegmv ndOf) ' olov, iv\htxr)g Xew - 
xrjxog. To (ihv yag, ygappr$ xct& avxtjv na&og- 
xb de, imyavtiag. Ta pev dy ovxai ngoxega Xeyexa* 
xal voxega • xd de xaxd (pvotv , oaa ivdexnai ehai 
avev aXXtav, ixeUva de avev ixelvav pi\' t) dtaigeau 
iyonjo o IJXdxwv. *Enel de xb ehai noXXax&g, ng»- 
xov pev xo vnoxeipevov ngoxegov, 01 o rj ovoia ngo- 
xegov eneixa aXXug xd xaxa dvvapiv , xal xaxa 4v- 
xeXextiav. Ta pev yag xaxa dvvapiv, ngoxegov iaxi' 
xd de xaxd ivxeXexeiav , voxegov • olov , xaxa divajuv 
pev h ripioeia xr\g i>Xrjg, xal xb pogiov xov oXov , xal 
fj vXt) xyg ovalag. Kax ivxeXex^av d* voxegov • diaXv- 
&ivxog yag, xax 4vxeXexeiav eoxai. Tgonov dt) xiva 

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METtPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.; CAP. 12. 103 

wdvxaxdngoxigov xalvoxtgov Xtyoptva, xaxd xavxa 
Xtyixai. Ta piv ydo tcaxct yivtoiv ivdixtxai Svtv x&v 
ktsQctr elvat * olov, xo oXov xwv poolwv * xd di xaxd 
cp&oqav , olov xi pogiov xov oXov, 'Opolag di xal 


Jvvatug Xiytxai , ij pi* dgxv xivr]ottag y peiafio- 

Aijjff iv kxigm, *? $ txtQOV * olov, r) oixodopixr), dvvaplg 

ioxtv r] ox>x vnaqxu 4v x$ oixodopovpivy • al£ r) la- 

xoixr) dvvapig ovaa, vnagx * av iv x$ iaxotvopivq, 

il£ ovzfi iaxgtvoptvog. € H piv ovv oXag, dgxv /**- 

xafioXtjg rj xivqowg, kiytxai dvvapig iv ixigy , rj hs- 

gov • ri d * wp kttQov , rj $ txtgov * xa&' rjv yag xi 

ndoxov ndoxft xi. 'Oxi piv ovv iav bxiovv olov xt n 

na&uv , dwaxov <paph tlvai aixo na&uv ' oxi di ov 

xaxd nav na&og, al£ av toil xo fliXxtov. *Exi r) xov 

xaXwg too*' imieXuv, r) xaxd ngoalgtoiv. 'Evioxt yag 

xovg povov av nogw&ivxag r) tinovxag, pt) xaXug di, 

rj py ag ngodkovxo, ov cpaptv dvvcto&ai Xiyttv rj fta- 

di£tiv 'OpoUag di xal toil xov ndoxtiv. *'Exi oaai t$ug 

xa& ag dnu&ri hXtog , rj dptxdpXrjxa, r) prj gctdtog 

toil xo x&Qov 4vptxaxivr)xa, dvvdptig Xiyovxai, KXd- 

xat piv yog xal owxgiftixai, xal xdpnxtxai, xal oXtag 

<p&tigtxai, ov t«£i dyvao&ai, dXXa tw py dvvao&ai, 

xal iXXtlntiv xivog, jina&rt di xuv xoiovxwv, a poXig 

nal qgipa ndaxti did dvvapiv, xal tw dvvao&cti, xal 

iw txuv nmg, Atyo\dvr\g di xrjg dvvdfMwg xooav- 

%ax&g , xal xo dwaxov ha piv xodnov Xtx^nonai io 

§£0* xiVTjomg dgxh v > V ptxafioXr^g. Kal yag xo oxa- 

xmo9, dwaxov xi tlvat iv kxfya>, j} rj txtgov, "Eva di, 

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ictv %x 5 T * avrov aMo dfoapiv loiavryv. c, Eva Sk, 
idv %x\i avtafidXXuv i<p otiovv dvvapiv TQiuvTtjv, ti- 
re inl to x&QW > «^« ^** ™ (KXtiov. jial yaq xa 
(pd-eigopsvov doxsl dvvatbv shut y&stqw&ai, r\ ovx 
(iv {p&aQijvou si tjv ddvvaTOv. Nvv ds fyst uvd $*«- 
^coiy xctl ahiav xa* *£jny tov toiovtov nd&ovg. c O*s 
uiv ydq tw f^ti? doxu, oredi tw iaztqr\o&ai toiovtov 
that,. Eld* t) oidoTjaig iowUig m»g t ndvTa t$ •#«* 
jfy ay t*. ^Oftwyvfitog ds xal Xiyoptvov to oV * wax« 
tw s^fitv fSdt.Twa xa* &QXV*> * aw oWotois xa* tu 
tfcwi' i^y tov tovtov oxiQUQiv , el ivdix$iai fair ara- 
qr^iy. "Eva ds, t» fit) $x* w avrov dvvafuv, 1} dqxv v 
& ally, r] Jj d'XXo, q>&aQU*yv. *Eu dstavta ndvra, 
i) tw uovov dv ovpffivm ysvso&ai, % firj ysvio&at , rj 
tw xaXwg • xal ydo iv rolg dyvxotgi $p iortv r) TOiovn? 
tivvapig, olov iv tolg ogydvotg, Tqv /u«V yio Svvou- 
a&ai qxxoi cpd-syyso&cu Xvoav, Tip d' ovdsv, dv fitf 
j} tvywvog. 'Adwaula 8i ion ariq^atg dwdfuug, xal 
trig TotctVTtjg aoxyg Sqaig rig, ova fipiyxat, ij IXtag, i£ 
tw necpvxon %x* 1 *, V * a * ° %t niopvxsv ^dijexuv* Ovdo 
ydo o pottos dv ydisv ddvvaiov elvou ytwnv , naida, 
xal avdga tdvovxlctv. *Eti dk %a& kxoxtigav dvvaaiv 
ioxtv advvauia avnxufUv^ tj} %s fidvov wvqTtxp, xal 
Tjj xaXtog xivrrtixij. Kal dbvvaxa da xa uiv xaxd t^v 
ddwafiiav %av%r\v Xiyejoti, id d' SXXov jqonov, olov p 
dvvatov it xal ddvvaxov. *Advvatov psv, ov to b>a*~ 
riov i£ dvdyxrjg aX*)&eg * olov jo iqv dtdpnqov avji- 
fujQOV thai ddvvatov, on ipevdog to toiovtok* xal 
oi to banlov ov povov dXrf&ig, aXXd xai dvdyx^ 
olov aovjipnow thai, to aqaovflftitgov ov (Uvo* 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 13. 105 

iptviog, aXXa xal& aviptr\g iptvdog. Tod 9 barrio* 
fvrw, to dwatov, orav pr\ avayxuiov jj to havtiov 
ysidog tiv*i- clow, to xct&ijo&cu ivdotmov, bvvutov. 
Ov yaQ 4g otvayxrjg to pq xn&rio&ai yttvdog. T6 piv 
ovv dwtnov, tva piv toinov, Sonto ffyifrai, to py 
tf£ mrayufig ymtdog oqpalvti , tva di to aXff&ig thai, 
tva di to ivdtxoptvov oXrf&ig that. Kara ptxacpo- 
gav 6*i, ^ iv Tij ytvptroia Xiyttai dvvnptg. Tavta 
piv ovv t« dwcrta ov k«to dvvaptv * t« & Xtyoptva 
xttta divapiv, ndna Xiyttm noog tip noibtifv plav. 
AvrtJ y iotlv ciqxt) pttafioXrig iv iXXy fj «XXo. Tot 
yitQ SiXa Xiytttti dwmta, ti piv w3 txtiv ainiav SX- 
Xo %h toiavtij* dvvaptv ti di, t$ pi) txttvti di, tcm 
idl $X*iv. 'Opofag di x«l ti 'adivata • wort 6 %v- 
ftog ooo$ trig notoifjg dvvaptrig av tfrj , aqxh i""«- 
ftXrjnxri iv alXfo jj cfiUo. 

CAPUT xni. 

JIooov Xsyttai to diaigttbv tig iwnaoxovta , oiv 
btchtoev, rj htaotov ?v ti , xal todt t* ni<pvxtv tlvm. 
HXrj&og piv ovv nooov ti, a* aQ^prjtbv jj • piyt&og 
$8, Sv pttotftov $. Aiytiai di nXy&og ptv, to fliai- 
ofToV dvvapn tig py owfrf" piyt&og di, to tig ovv* 
tjfit* Mffi&ovg di, to piv 4q> fv ovvtxig, prjxog • to 
d* inl dvo, nXatog* to d* inl to/<*, fld&og. Tovtcav 
di nXr)&og piv to ntntoaopivov , aoi&pog m pfjxog di, 
yoappV nXatog di,imq>avttor fia&og di, owpa. *Eti 
ti piv liyttai xa&' avti nooi atta , ti di xata 
ovpptptixig ' olor r\ piv yoetpprj, nooov tt xa&* lav- 
to , to di povotxov xata ovpjStpifxog. Tmv di xa& 3 
ctvra, ti piv not ovaiov iativ, olovfj yoctppi}, nooov 

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tt. 'Ev yag if Ao/wtw tiiou Xdyovti, noaov rivnaQ- 
%n. Ta ds nd&rj xaliltig, life toiavtrjg iatlv 
ovaiag 9 olov, to nolv xal to oliyov, xal fiaxgbv xal 
figaxv, xal nlati xal attvbv, xal fia&v xal tanuvov, 
xal ($agv xal xovq>ov , xal talla tit totavta. Bart 
6e xal to friya, xal to juxghv, xal to p8£ov xal slar- 
tov , xal xa%f avta xal ngog alXr^a Xsyofitva , tov 
noaov nd&tj xa&* avid. Mttaipignat fiivioi tavta 
ta ovopaxa xal in alXa, Twv di xati ovuftsfirjxog 
Xsyopivtov noaw, ta fiev ovimgX4y6iai,mon€g ildx&ij, 
on to povotxov nooov, xal to X$vxov tta tlvai novo* 
u, ipimagxovor ta diug xivqoigxalxgivog. Kalyag 
tavxa noad ana Xiyetai, xal owtxVt ttpixiiva faxt- 
gstd thai, (£? 4(m tavxa nd&i}. Aiym ds oi to **- 
vovptvov, dX£ o ixivri&r). Too yig noaov elvou ixuvo, 
xal y xivrjoig noarj • 6 6i x°ovog, if tavtyv. 
yo noibv Xsyerou %va fib tgonov q diaqpoga tt\g 
ovaiag * olov noiov ta Sv&g<onog ££ov, on iinovv, In- 
nog 6e ttrgdnovv • xal xvxXog noiov t* oxy/ta , oti 
dynviov, ig tijg diaipogag trig xatd tip ovaiav noio- 
trjtog ovoijg. "Eva fikv di) tgonov tovtov tiysxai i) 
nototijg duxq>oga ovaiag' tva de tag ta dxivr\ta , xal 
ta fia&rjfiatuta , wonsg oi dgi&fiol noioi ttv$g • olov 
oi ovv-dsioi, xal fiti fiovov iq> tv ovttg, all* (avfiifiri- 
pa to ininsdov xalto otsgsov ovtoi d* tiolvoinoad- 
xtg noaol, r t oi noadxig nooolnoodxig 9 xal oXoag o nagd 
to noaov vndgxu iv ty ovaia • ovaia yig kxdatov to 
anal' olov tuv f£, ovx o dig % tglg tialv , dXXd o 
anal 9 8? ydg anal fj. v En oaa nd&t} tmv xivovpivw 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 15. 107 

ovai&v olop, &$q(i6vr)g xal yvxqo*yg> *al Xtvxojtjg 
xal fulavla, xal ftaqv tf)g xal xovatotrig, xal boa to*- 
avta, xa& a Xiyopta* nal aXXoiovo&au ta out pat a 
fUtaftuXXoptmp. *Eti xata aqityp nal xaxlap , xal 
bXcag to xaxbp xal aya&bp. 2x*&ov drj xata dvo tqb- 
novg Xiyon av to noibp, xal tovtttp ha top nvquo- 
TdJov. Uguifi flip yaq. not 6ir t g t 7) tfjg ovoiag dia- 
g>oqd. Tavtrjg di u xal ij iv toig aqi&fiolg noiotrjg 
pigog. diayoqa yaq tig oioimp, all' rj ov xivovui- 
vtavy rj ovx V xivovptrwy. Ta di na&i\ tap xiPOVfii- 
pw'tj xiPovfi$pa,xal ai tap xivqowp diaopoqai' aqurj 
di xal xaxia tcw na&rjfiatap fiiqog ti diaqpoqag 
yag dtjXovoi> t^g xtprjotag xal tr/g iptqysi'ag, xa& ag 
noiovotv rj ndoxovot xaXag rj qpavXag ta iv ijj xwr\- 
0f* orra. To flip yag adl dvvdfitPOP xipfio&ai rj 
ipsgytiv, uya&op* to d* adl xal ipaptiag, fiox&riqop. 
Malurta di to aya&bp xal to xaxop, orjfiaipn to noibp 
inl tip ifiytvx®*, xal toitap pdliota inl toig %x ov <t* 

Ugog t t Xiystai , t« fiiv ag dmX&oiop nqbg to 
ijfiiov, xat, tqmXaaiop nqbg to tqar^fibqiop ,xa\ olag 
noXXanXaoiop nqog to noXXootrifioqiop, xal vmqixop 
nqog vntqexofiwop • to £' ag &tqfiaptixbp nqog 
&8Qfianbp , xal t/ir)tixbp nqog tfiqtbp , xal olag to 
noirjtixbp nqog to nad-r^ttxbp • ta 8' ag to pttqri- 
xop nqog to fi&tqop, xa* to iniotrjtbp nqog imotrj/irip, 
xal ain#qtbpnqbg al'o&r)otv. uiiystaidi ta (tip nqa- 
tu xa% aqi&fibp, rj anXag, rj aqiofiipag nqog avtovg, 
r) nqog IV* olop, to pip dmXaotop nqog tp, aqi&fibg 

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uQiOfi&vog- xb Hi nolXanXaawv, xax agi&pb* ngb§ 
h, ovx wgiopivov di m olov , xovbt, ij rovde. To di 
rffjtiohov , ngog xb wprjfitoXiov xax 9 dtot^poy, ngb$ 
agi&pbv wQiofitvov. To frrtpogiov ngog to vntnt>- 
fiogiov xaxa aogioxov ,-&on%g xb noXXanXaoutv ngog 
to & • to d* vitegizov ngog to inegxopsvov otog ao- 
gioxov xax agt&fiov. *0 yag ag*&pbg ovfijtsxgog • 
xaxa pi) ovppstgov di agi&pbv Uysxm. To yag vntg*- 
ixov ngog to vnsgexbfiBvov , xoiovxov xi ioxt, *<** fc*« 
Tovto de aogioxov. 'Onbxegov yag %xvz*v t cow tf 
Toov , rj ovx loov. Tavxa T8 ovv xa ngog t* anavxa 
xax 3 agi&pbv Xiysxai, xalagidpov na&y xalmxb 
hov xal opotov xal xavxb, xax aXXov xgonov. Kara 
. yitg to h Xiysxai navxa. Tavxa pb yag , &v fda q 

\ • , f ot/o/cr ogotad ,wv ij notoxtjg filer toao; w *o 
"^' ^ / ttoooV fy. Todib, xov agifyov ag^ xal fri*gov. 
' c *" x * "Slots xavxa navxa ngog xi kiynat, xax agi&fibv fdv, 
• ov xov avxbv di xgonov* Ta di noiifxata xal 7ia#if- 
xtxa, xaxa dvvafitv notrinxrjv xb xal na&iixmiiv, xal 
ipsgyslag xag xnv dvvapew olov xb fagpavxixov ngog 
to &egpavxbv, oxx dvvatai* xal naXtv xb &sgpaivov 
ngog xb dsQficuvofisvov, xal xb xipvovngbg xb Ttfiyo- 
fttvov, Stg ivtgyoWza. T&v di xax 3 agi&pbv , ovx 
tlolv Mgystai, aXX* 7} ov xgonov to *tigo\g tXgijftai* 
ai di xaxa xirrjoiv bigyuai,ovx vnagzuvo*. llov di 
xaxa dvvafiiv xal xaxa xgovovg, %\dn Xiyovxai xa ngog 
xi* olov xb nsnottjxbg ngog vb Ttsnotijfiivov , xa} to 
noiyoov ngog xb noifiooppov. Ovtw yag xai »«- 
xtig viov Xiysxat nax^g. To fiiv yag nsnoi^xbg, xo 
tie nmovd-bg xi tow, >f Eti evut xaxa oxigrjotv dvvot- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 16. 100 

ftmg, uiontQ xb advvaxov, nal oaa ovxn liyncu, olov 
to aoquxov* Ta (Uv ovv nax ao&pbv nal dvvapiv 
Itybptva noog n, navxa tail noog xi, t$ onto ioxlv 
&llov liyso&ai aixb onto ioxlv f alii py x$ alio 
noog ixuvo. To Si futofitbv nal xb imaxyxov, not 
xb dutvoijxbv raj Olio noog avxa liy*j$ai, noog 
t* liyztai. To , t* yaq diavoqxbv oupalvu , ou 
ioxlv avxov Siarota • qv* cotkJ ^ b\ivota nqbg tov- 
xo, ov ioxi diavota. Jig yao xavxbv uqv^iivov av 
tfty. 'Opoiag oe nal xt»og iaxiv y o^/k, ov% ov ioxw 
ofig. Kalxoi ily&ig xovxo tlnuv * alia nqbg fp**- 
pa, y nqbg Silo xi xotovxov. 3 En$ltmg&idig to avxb 
Itx&ioetat, oti, Maxtv oy*g , ov ieu> i) oyttg. Ta fUv 
ovv na& kavxa Isyopsva nqog xt , xa ps? ovxw liyt- 
xai, xa Si av ta yivi) mix&v j) xotavw • olov , i\ ia- 
idixt} x&v nqbg xi , ou xb ysvog avx%g r\ inunripLt] 
donst thai x&v nqog **• "Ext wl& So a xa tyovxa Ac- 
ytxai noog xt 9 olov woxTfg, oxtxbJaovnalbfAOiSxr}g r 
ow to opoiov. Ta oi naxa ovfijkfi^nbg, olov av- 
&qmnog nqog xt, ixi ovpfteflfintv avTto dvnlaoitp sl- 
vai % xovxo d' ioxl twv nqig w «}to Isvnbv , u tw 
avxib ovfifiifax* bmlaolfa nal JLat/xf Hvat. 
Tilsiov ley txm y h piv, ov \ir\ ioxtvf&oxl laS&v, 
fitjde h> piqiov * olov ZQovog xilsivg inaoxov ovtog, 
ov uij ioxiv l|w x$ l<x(klv xqovqv xiva, Sg xovxov pi- 
oog ioxl xov xqovov. Kotl xi %ax igsxfjv, nal xb xov 
cv , fit) \%ov vTuofioltiv noog x* yivog, olovx&uogia- 
xobg, nal x&ltiog avlr^xifg , Sxav nuxa to tldog xyg 
oineiag agsiqg fir^div iildnwoiv* Ovxw Ss ptxaqtt- 

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govTsg xal inl t&v xax&v Xs'yops* avTovg, ovxoyuvitjv 
TsXstov, xal xXinTyv tiXuov insidrj xal dya&ovg Xd- 
yoptv avTovg, olov xXintr^v aya&ov, xal ovxoqxxvtrjv 
aya&ov. Kal y dgsTfj TsXsimoig Tig. "Exaorov ydg 
TOT6 tsXsiov, xal r\ ova la naoa tots TsXsia t erav xa- 
Tot to sldog trig oixsiag agsTtjg (tt^dsv iXXslny uogior 
xov xata q>voiv psyi&ovg. ? *Eu olgvnagxsi T © tiXog 
onovdaiov, tavia Xiysrai TsXsia. KarayagTosx*iy 
tiXog UXsia, "Sloz insidij to t&Xogtmv tozditovji iati, 
xal inl Ta <pavXa fitraq>igortsg, Xsyopsv, TsXsiag ano- 
XwXivai, xal tsXeioag iy&aQ&cu, orav fir^dkv iXXsinjj 
trig qp&ogag xal tov xaxov , aX£ inl tov ioxatov rj . 
zfio xal i) tsXeirtr) xata fitTayogav XiysTai T sXog , or* 
afiqxo eozara~r TiXog ds xal to ov hsxa soxaTov. 
Ta fiiv ovv xa& av.ra Xsyopsva liXua , Tooavtaxug 
XiysTai,, %a piv tw xata to tv firjdsv iXXsinsiv fnyd* 
sX*w insg^oXtfy iv Ixaortp yivu , fiyd* shai n ££ar 
to. ds aXXa, ^drj [ovlxatf avta, tw ij noiuv uiotov- 
tov, ij %X HV > V agfiotrsiv tovtco , rj aXXcag ye nag Ac- 
yso&ai ngbg ia ngwTMg Xsyopsva TsXsia. 
llegag Xiysrai to loxaxov kxaarov , xal ov e£tu 
fifjdsv iori Xa(3uv ng&TOv, xalov slow nana ngtoTOv, 
xal o av rj sldog psyi&ovg *} sxovtog [iiys&og, xal to 
tiXog kxdotov. Toiovtov d 3 iqf or) xivrjmg xal n 
nga&g, xal oix a<p ov. c Ots ds Sfiopw, xal cup* ov, xal 
iq> o, xal to ov frexa, xal r\ oioia kxdatov, xal TOTlr]v 
slvai kxdoTtp. T^g yvcooswg yag tovto nigag • si ds 
Tr(g yvtoostog, xal tov ngayftatog. "JIots (pavsgbv ot» 
ooaxmg «? agxh XdysTat , Tooavtax&g xal to nigag, 

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METAPHYS. LIB. 1V.(V.) CAP. 18. Ill 

xal hi TiUovaxtoS* *H fdv yag agxh* wgw tt* to di 
nigag, ov nav agxv* 

To *(*& o Xeyttai noiXax&Q. "Eva fiiv tgonov, 
to tldog xal rj ovola Ix&otov ngaypatog • olov xa&b 
aya&bg, avtb aya&ov. "Eva 6i,iv w ttowtw ni<pv- 
xs yiveo&ai, olov TO.£0*>pa iv t§ imq>avtia. To uiv 
ovv ngtattog Xtyoptvov, xa&b, to tldog iati * dtvtigtag 
di, mg v viij kxdotov xal to vnoxei(i$vovkxaot<pngto- 
tov. "OXwg di %b xa&6 loaxwg,xalto aittov vndg- 
&*. Kata il yag iXrjXv&w, r) ov tvtxa 4XqXv&8, >U- 
ytiai* xal xata il nagaXtXoyiotai, ij ovXXtXoyiotai, 
J ot* to aluov tov ovXXoyiopov , ij naqaXoyiopov. 
*Lti to xa&o, to xata -dioiv Xiyutat , xa&6 lotrjxty, 
rj xa&b padftu. Uavta yao tavta &iaiv orjpahtt, 
xal tonov. "flats xal to xa& 3 aitb, noXXax<#$ avay~ 
x*i Xiysa&oci. **Ev pev yao xa& avio, to ti tjv thai 
ixdotot , olov 6 KuXXiag, xal to tItjv tlvai KaXUav 
sv di , oo a iv to} ti iotiv vndgx^t olov (wo? 6 KaX- 
Xiag xa&* avto. "Ev yao ty Xoyy iwnagxn T © &bov 
£djov yag t* o KaXXiag, *Eu di, s* iv kaxnio dide- 
xicci ng&tov, r\ t&v avtov tivi • olov r)ini(paviia}.iv~ 
xri xa& 3 avttjv , xal two? b av&gumog xaf? avtov. 
JH yag yvxv* fiigog ti to$ av&gdmov, iv $ ngmji to 
£jjv. "£u ov fiy iotiv aXXo tv t* aluov. Tov yao ^ 
vtv&Qwnov noXXa aitia, to (olov, to dbtovv aXX* 
Sfiojg XU&* avtov o avd-gamog, av&gunog iotiv. "En 
ooa povn vitdgx*h *°d V f*° V( & 4ib to xf^woto/w«vov, 
xa& avto. p 


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dui&eotg Xiyttai tov tyovtog fiiqn td^ig, ij xara 
tonov, rj xata dvvafiiv, ij xai $ldog. Oioiv yag del 
nvtt elvai, wcnitp xai to Svopa drjlot 7) diuxhaig. 

cl E}c^8i Xeyttcu, ha ftiv tgonov, olov iviqynd tig 
tov e/ovTO? xtxl ixopspov, Sontq nqu&q «s ij xlvq- 
oig. °Otav yixq to gih> irotjj, to diftonjfTcu, Moti noirj^ 
oig pttegv. Ovtw xal tov Ixortog Io&tjtxi xai tij$ 
iXOftevTjg io&ytog, soti fietaSv t£ig, Tavttjv piv 
ovv (paveooV) <m ovx {vdsztnai %%w* tj}v %iv, Mg 
amiqov yao /ffa&wroct, tl tov ixopevov eorroei l^fw Tt/y 
IS**. "AXXov di tomov Qig Xiystai dux&wig, xa\? 
rjv ev ij xaxwg dwexutm to Siaxslpevov, xoil ij xcttf 
avto, ij Ttgog alio, olov rj vylua Uzig tig. AiaSwig 
yaq ioti roictvtr). *Eti ffetg Xiynai , av $ poqiov 
dta&ioewg toiavtijg. Aio xal i) tiv pto&v agrtr), 
s£ig tig iati. 


nd&og 6b Xiytrai, isva fih tooitov notitr^g, xa&* 
rjv aXXoiovo&at ivdi^ttai' olov, to Xsvxov xal to pi- 
lar, xal to yXvxv xal to nixgov, xal (Jaovtrig xal 
xov(p6tf)g, xalSaa aXXa totavta, "Eva tie ai tovt&v 
ivioyuai xa* aXXomang iffy, v Eti tovxwv paXXov 
ctl ftXtxfoQal aXXmmoug xal xivijoHg, xal paXuna at 
Xvnrioal, xal at fiXafoqal. "Eti ta peyi&rj t&v ovp- 
<poQwv xal XvTtrjQ&v nd&r) Xtyttai. 

Stignaig Xeystai sva psv tqonov , avail tffl ti 
tmv fir) 7iiq>vx6t(0v ezeo&ai, x$v pi) avto f) nsyvxog 

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METAPH YS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 23. 113 
sXtw olov, <pvtbv ofiftajuv i<ntor\o&ai Xiytxai. 
"Eva di, av ntq>vxbg fy* 1 ** V <*vxb, $ xb yivog, pi) 
tzji ' olov, alius av&ounog b xvqpXbg oipstog toxi- 
gr\xat, xal b aanaXal • xb ph xaxa yivog, to di xad 3 
avxo. "Exi av nupvxbg , xal ox* niqpvxiv %xuv , fii) 
tZJl* 'Hyao xvq>Xbxi}g, oxegtjoig Tig, Tvq>Xbg di ov 
xaxa naaav ifXixiav, all 1 iv r\ niqpvxsv &X uv t <* v M 
%XJl" 'Opoiwg di xal iv (o avv,xalxa& b, xalnqbg b 9 xal 
org av sly mq>vxbg, avfifjBXV* *^ T * V fi ia ^ a hxaaxov 
aqyaigsoig, oxiorjoig Xiyexai. Kal boax&g di at anb 
%ov A ano<paosig Xiyovxai, xooavxax&g xal al oit- 
Qrjotig Xiyovxai. "Avioov fiiv yao, tw py $x*iv iobxr}- 
ra ns(pvx6g Xiysxat' aoqaxov di, xaltw oXtog fit} *x uv 
XQ&lia, xal tw qpavXtag • xal Snow, xal tw py $x tiv 
bXwgnodag, xal tg> (pctvXovg. "Exi xal tw fiixobv 
%X tlv } 0L0V t0 wtvqr\vov. Tovxo d 3 iatl, xb <pavX<oc 
nag «# e*v. "En t$ firj Qqdioog, ij tw fit} xaXwg • oloy 
to axfir\xov, ov fibvov tw py xipveo&ai, aXXa xal tw 
fjirj Qadi<ag M rj iw prj xaXag. "Ext tw navxtj pr\ %x uv * 
TvcpXbg yao ov Xiytxat b ixtooqp'd'aXpog, aX£ b iv 
apqpoTv ptj exwv oipiv. Jib ov nag aya&bg ri xaxbg, 
7) dixaiog ij adixog* aXXa xal to psxa£v. 

To %xhv Xiyexat noXXax&g. "Eva piv xgonov, 
to ayeiv xaxa xi\v avxov <pvow , ij xaxa xr\v avxov 
0QfiT)v> Aib Xiysxat nvgsxog r$ sxeiv xbv av&Qnnov, 
xal oi xvgavvotxag noXng, xal xv\v io&rjTct oi apns- 
Xopsvot. "Eva d*, ivip av xi vndoxot wg dexxtxt} • olov 
b %aXxbg *x si t0 rfdog xov avdqiavxog, xal xt\v vooov 
ib owficc. "Eva d 3 ,wg xb nsgiixov xa ntQiexoptva. *Ev a 
Arist. Metaph. H 

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114 AR1ST0TEL1S 

yag ioxi mgitxopwov tt y txto&ai vna tovrov ley jar 
olov, xb ayytiov exstv T&vygov (pctfitv, xal vrp noli* 
av&gdnovg, xal Tip vavv vavrag • ovtta de xal to oXov 

l/«t T« pSQT). "Etl TO XOilvOV XUTCt 1f)V CtVTOV OQ/tl^V 

t* xwuo&a* i) ngdxxuv , sxuv Xiytxa* tovto osvro • 
olov xal oixiovsg t« buxiipsva (lagri,xal&g ol noirj- 
t«* Toy "AxXavxa noiovoi tov ovgavbv *x tiV > &$ f«j 
ovfiTtiooit av inl ttjv yr\v, &ontg twv q>voioXiymv ti- 
vig <f>ccoi. Tovtov di tov xgonov xal to avvixov A©- 
ytxai, a ovvix*h *£***> «S diaxwgus&ivxa av xaxa t»/» 
aixov bguyv txaoxov, Kal to *v xm di $lva$, o/uoio- 
xgonwg Xiysxai xal knopivtog tw I'xtiv. 
Toht xjvoc tlvai^ Xiyerai, eva pev xgonov, 4% ov 
ioTi, tag vXrjg * xal tovto dtx&g » V xaxct to ttqcotop 
yivog, »j xaTa to vaxaxov tldog 9 olov sort pkv <5g 
anavxa xa xyxxa igidaxog* I'oxi d' w$ ix x<*Xxov o 
avdgidg. "Eva d*, ag ix rfg ngfaxrjg xivrjtfdaijg «(>- 
£*}$• oloy «x Thog % fiaxv» &* Xoidoglag, oxi avtrj 
agxv iyg puxw* ^ a ^*» ^ x T0 ^ o*vy#erot/ , £t tiJs 
J'ilijs x«» ttjc, uogcprjg, uonsg ix xov oXov Tupigrj, xal 
ix Ttjg 'iXtddog to snog , xal ix Ti\g oixlag ol A»#ot. 
Teilo^ j*i? yao e'oTW ^ pogopq. T&tiov di to l^or 
leio?. Ta de w$ tx xov pigovg to el^or oloy o ay. 
dgoonog ix tov dlnodog, xal r\ ovXXafir) ix tov arot- 
^«/ov • aiUag ya0 tovto, xat o avtyiag ix tov ^ail- 
xov • **x t^j aio&^jrjg yao vXyg q ovv&nog ovalot • 
aXia xal to fideg fa Tv\g tov udovg vXyg , t« piv ov-> 
tw ley nat, t« & <ay xara pioog ti tovtvvtIs V7t*Q~ 
X$ x&v TQoitwv • olov ix nargbg xal (iijTobg to Texyo^ 

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xal 4x yqg ta (jpi/ia, oti *x two? pigovg avraiy. "fi*a 
£e, ji«^ o tw jpc^arolov II ypigag r£|, xa* *| ev- 
#«$ XuptHYy art tovto futa tovto. Tovtoty dt ta 
fitv Ty f^eiy (mapoXr)* tig aXlrjla , ovtw Xiyttai, 
&ontg xal to yOy tigripira * ta ditto xata top £po- 
ro* Iqptf ifc poVoy * oloy 41 iofjptglag iywrto 6 nXovg, 
ott pttet iotiptgla* iyivtto' xal ix Jiopvoiwp Sagyy* 
Xia, oil peta tit diorCoux. 


Migog Xiyttai eva pip tgonov , tig o diaigt&tlrj 
Slp to noobv bnaoovp. * Au yag to a<patgovp&ov 
tov tiooov j} ixoobr, pigog Xiyttai ixtipov olov tav 
tp/, xor dvo pigog Xiyttai rno-g. "dXXov di tgonov 
tot xatapttgovvta tmv toiovtwv povov * dib tit dvo 
%Siv tguav, totipiv ig Xiyttai fiigog, sati d* wg oil. 
*'Ett tig a to tldog tov (dov diaigt&titi av Svtv tov 
7rooov, xal tavta pogia Xiyttai, tovtov. Jib tot ti- 
dy tov yivovg <paolv tlvat pogia. >f £ti tig a diaigii- 
tal ti, v\ ll<xtv ovyxtitat to olov , ij to tldog , n to 
%XOv to tldog' olov, trpg oqpalgag tfjg%aXxrig , y tov 
xvfiov tov z<*Xxov 9 xal 6 xaXxog pigog. Tovto d' 
iotlv q vXy iv <o to tldog, Kal y yavia pioog. "Eth 
%a iv tw Xoy<a, t$ dr}Xovru txaotov , xal tavta po- 
gia tov oXov. Jib to yivog tov ti'dovg xal fiigog 
Xiyttai) aXXng di to tldog tov yivovg fiigog. 


"OXojl Xiyttai, ov pr\&zv amoti pigog i$ an> Xiyt- 
tai to oXov qpvow xal to ntgtizov tv, xal ta ntgit- 
%optva, &ot% h> ti thai ixitva. Tovto di flyws • ij 


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yag dig txaoxov sv, ij ag ix tovttov to sv. To fisv 
yag xa&oXov, xal to oXwg Xsyofisvov, (og-oXov t* ov, 
ovToag iotl xa&oXov wg noXXd nsgtixov to xavqyogsi- 
o&at xa& kxaotov, xal sv anavta that wg kxaotov 
olov, av&gmnov, innov, dsbv, oti anavta £««. • To 
de ovvex*$ *«* nsnsgaofisvov, otav sv tt ix nXstov&v 
jl ivvnagxovtmv, (idXwxa (isv dvvdpsi • el ds [trj , iv~ 
sgysla. Tovtav d' avtw paXXov td cpvou rj tsxvrj 
touxvta, vtonsg xal inl tov kvog iXsyo/isv, w$ ovarjg 
trig oXotrjtog hotr\t6g Ttvog. "£u xov nooov %xov- 
tog agxv v *<*' fiioov xal soxatov, oomv psv py no in 
i\ &ioig dia<pogdv, ndv Xsystat* oo<ov ds noisl, b*Xov. 
°Ooa ds apyw ivdi'xttai, xal oXa xal ndv. "Eozi ds 
tavta, ootav y jisv g>voig fj avtrj pivsi tjj psta&sosi, 
tj ds fnoQCpr], ov* olov xtjgbi, xal ifiduov. Kal yag 
oXov xal nav Xiystai* %xsi yag ci/iqxo. "xdmg ds xal 
ooa vygd, xal agt&fiog, nav fisv Xsystar oXog d' 
agt&ftog xal oXov vdoagov Xiystai, dv pi] [tstayoga. 
Tldvta ds Xiystai, i<p olg to nav &g iq>' kvl, inl tov- 
toig ndvta, wg inl dirjgrifisvoig, nag ovtogo agi&fiog, 
ndoai avtai ai fiovadsg. 

j CoXogov d s Xiystai tStv noouv, ov to tvxov, 
dXXd (legiorov ts avtb du slvai xal oXov. Ta tsydg 
dvo, ov xoXofia d-atigov ayaigovpivov kvog (xal yag 
loovrb xoXofiwpa xal to lombv ovdsnot iotlv)ovd* 
oXwg agi&fibg ovdslg ' xat ydg tyv ovolav ds% fie- 
vuv - si xvX& xoXofibg , m del slvai xvXixa • o ds 
agi&pog, ovx It* 6 avxog. Ilgbg ds tovtoig xipv avo- 
poiopsgt) ji , ovds lavia ndvta. c O yag agi&pog 

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METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.) CAP. 28. 117 

t\rttv, og xal avofxota %xn fUgy • olov, dviida, rgtadw 
dl£ oXtog iv pr) notii r) <&soig diayogav, ovdev xo- 
lofiov • olov i'doag, y nvg • alia del toiavta slvai, a 
nata ti\v ovoiav &ioiv fyst, "Eti avyexv- "H" yag 
agpovia it avopoioptg&v psv xal &iow *x tl > xoXoftbg 
di ov ylvtxay ngbg Se tovtotg > old* oaa bXa, ovde 
Jttvxa otovovv poglov otegrjoe* xoXofia. Ov yag del 
ovt$ ta xvgia trjg ovoiag , ovte tit onovovv ovta • 
viol, av tgvnrj&jj fj xvlil- , ov xoXoflbg , alt av to 
ovg rj axguttjgtov ti. Kal b av&gamog , ovx lav 
oagxa rj tbv onXtjva, &X3? iav axgurygiov, xal tovto 
ov nav, aXt o pt) $pc» yevtoiv aayaige&ev oXov. dta 
tovto oi (palaxQol ov xoXoftol. 

CAPUT xxym. 

F&ns Xiyttaitb pkv, day ij ^ yivtoig avv*x*l$ *<** 
to eVfog. ixovTcov to avxo • olov Xiyna* $<ag av av- 
d-gwnav yivog y, ou fag av ij r) yivtoig, owexys ttV ~ 
mv • to de a<p ov av aw* ngwtov xirrjoavtog eig 
to elvai. Ovta yag Xiyovtat oi pev u EXXt)veg to yi- 
vog, oi di "imvtg, Tip oi psv anb "EXXtjvog , oi di ano 
Iwog etvai ngatov yewrioavtog • xalpaXXov ol ano 
tov yewrioartog, f] tijg vlrjg. Akyovtah yog xal anb 
tov &r\ktog to yivog , olov ano nig^ag. IBh Jj ws 
tbinlnedov tav ox^patatv yivog tStv inmidoav xal 
to ongebv, t&v ottgewv. "Exaotov yag rwv oxypd- 
imv, to fib ininedov toiovdl, to b*e ategeov ion roiov- 
dl, Tovxo d' toil to inoxelfttvov ratg diayogalg* 
Ett &g iv tolg Xoyoig to ngmov iwnagxov o Xiystai 
iv Ty t/ iati tovto yivog , ov diayogal Xiyovtat av 
noiotTjteg. To fih ovv ybog , tooavtaxm Xiyttah 

Digitized by GOOgle 


to ph xaia yiveoiv avvB%r) T ov avtov Bi&ovg , to di 
xatd to ngmov xwiwav oposidsg, to 6b &g vXtj. Oh 
yag f\ dicwpogit xotl vj noiot^g ioti, tout iarl to vwo- 
xtipsvov o Xiyopsv vXyv. *ETtoa dk t§ yivu Xsynm, 
wv htoov to nomov vnoxslptvov , xal py avaXvBtat 
dategov si$ &UT&QQV, py!f a pep (a tig tavtov • oiov, 
to bidog xal $ vXrj , hsgor j$ y&Bi. Kal ooa *a& 
tie gov oxvp* xatr\yoglag tov oVto$ XiyBtat. Ta ph 
yag t/ ioti or\paivu tuv ovtutv , ta ds noiov ti, ta 6 
we dtygrjtai, ngotsgov. Ovde yag ravra avaXvBtai, 
ovi c*s aXXijXa, ovt stgBv t*. 

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pa ysvdig • xatTOVTOv to psy t$ /i^ ovyxiio&ai, n 
Mvatov tlvai owtsdipat, wnsg Xiyetaitb T^vdia- 
pstgov slvai ovppstgov , ^ to oi xa&qo&at * toi/tgi* 
yag tpivdog to ph ail, to di notL Ovtq yag ovxovta 
tavta. Ta $s ooa iatl pkv ovta, niqpvxs psvtoi <pai- 
vso&ai q py old iotiv, if a py ionv olov, i} oxiayga- 
q>iaxaltd ivvnvia. Tavta, yag law piv ti, aXX* 
ovx wy ipnoisl tf\v yanccoiav. JIgaypata piv ovv 
ipsvdfj ovtong Xiystai, fj t$ pij slvai avta , i\ t$ tqv 
an avt&v qpavtaoiav ptj ovtog slvai • Xoyog di y/ru- 
dtjg, 6 t<ov pr} bvttov, p ipsvdrig. Jib nag Xoyog y«v- 
dvg, ktigov, ? ov iotiv aXri^g. Olov 6 tov xvxXov 
\ptvdi\g tgiyuvov* 'Exaatov 6i Xoyog, BOtt piv &s 
Big, b tov ti rjv slvaf lor* 3' mg noXXol , intl Tav- 
T0 7r»^ avtb,xalavto nsnov&og. Olov,2oi>xqatng>%al 
2<axgatr\g povoueog. 'O ds iptvdrjg Xoyog, oidtkog iattv 
anXwg Xoyog. Jib Idvtut&ivrig tjlno tvT)&Q>g, prjdiv 

Digitized by GoOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. IV. (V.; CAP. 3a 119 

a$i£vXiy9o&ai, xXip t$ oixtitp Xoyq tv iqf |yo$. 9 ££ &v 
wvifia&t pi\ thai amiXiyuv , ox*dov di pudi ytvds- 
a&ai. "Eat* d * txaotov Xiytiv, ov fiovov t£ avtov 
ley?, aXXa xal xy tov ktiooVj ytvdvg p&v xal nav- 
ttXmg- am d' ovv mgxal aXfj&tog* womg ta oxtw, 
dmXaala t<$ ti}$ dvadog Xoyy. Ta pi* ovv ovtw 
liyetai yrvdrj. "Av&Qvnog Si yevdyg, o sixths xal 
nooaiottiubg t&v toiovtm Xoyuv , py 3i ttsgov 
ti, aXXa &' ovtb* xal o aXXoig ipnoiyTixbg t&v 
towxnuv Xoy&v. "Jltmsq <pauev xal nqaypata ytvdt) 
tfaaif oo a ipnoisi yavxaoiav ip$v$r}. Jib b> tw 3 In- 
nla Xoyog nagaxqovnai, ug b avtbg y/svdiigxal aXu^ 
&r\g. Tov dvvapevov yao wtvdso&ai , Xapfiavsi 
ytvdij. Ovtog 3' b eidag xal 6 q>govipog. v Eti tov 
btovta qxxvXov, fttXilw. Tovto de ytvdog Xappavsidia 
?5j$ inayayiig, S Q yao ixav jywAaiVw * J °v axovtog 
xotittwv ' to xaXaivw, to pip&a&ai Xiyuv • iml elyt 
Z&Xog kxw,xdQow Xomg t &ontQ inl tov rj&ovg xal tovto. 


^v p^nxbg diXiyttai, 2 vnaqxu pi* tivi, xal 
aXy&eg tmuv, ov pivtoi ovts i$ avayx^g , ova im~ 
tonoXv' olov el' Tig oQVttw (pvicp (to&oov, tvos #ij- 
oavoov. Tovto toivvv ovp^e^xbg t$ oQVttovtitbt 
po&oov, to ivqup drioavoov • ovtb yao & ayayxv\g 
tovto ix tovtov, % pita tovto • ov& ag imtono- 
Xv, av tig (pvtivj], -d-Tjaavobv tvoloxu. Xal povoi- 
xog y av tig si'rj Xsvxog * aXX* iml ovts il> avayxi\g> 
(&$ ig imtonoXv tovto ylvetaij ovfifit/ifjxbg avtb 
Xiyofuv. cl Jloi intl tativ imaoxov tl xct* tivl, xal 
ma tovttov, xal nov, xal not*, ti av vna^xv P* v > 

Digitized by GOOgle 


dXXd at) diott tobl, % vvv, rj ivtav&a, au/u/fc/fy- 
xbg eat at • ovtii dy alt i or ttyiopivov ovdh tov avp- 
(tBfirjxoTog, aXXa to tvxov. Tovto d* dogiotov <rv*- 
i(3ri to tig JXyiyav iX&elv, u M 8w tovto &<pi**to 
onmg ixti tX&y, aXtf vnb xupwog 4$wo&eU > V vnb 
Xtjotiov Xfj(p&ilg. Tiyovb (isv dq xal tajat to ovp(ie- 
faxog • all 3 ovx V avtb, aXX' \ h*Q<m *0 ?«?*»- 
fiow aVtiog tov fit) onov tnXu iX&uv' tovto 6* ^v 
Al'yiva. Aiyetai Se xal aXXtag at/ft/fr/fyaos. Olor 
ooa vthxqxu xct& avtb btdoty fty h ty ovola ovta • 
N oiov t$ toiydwy to dvo OQ&ag tx uv * ^°* tavta fib 
ivdix&ai dtdia elvcu, ixdvavtie ovbb. Aoyog dt 
tovtov iv kt&Qotg. 

caput i. oC.r 

AX oiQXal xal tit altiot Zytsitai t&v ovttov • dtjXov ds 
oti g una. *Eoti yaq u ait toy vyislag xal svt£iag* 
xal rwv fia^rjfiatLxwy uaiv dgxal xal ototxua xal 
altia • *«• oXm 6i naaa imofipri diavoTjtixrj , ij 
xal fistixovod ti dtavotag, itsol atnctg xal agxag forty, 
7} axotfootigag , % anXovatioag. *AXXanaaai awtai 
nsol $v ti, xal y&og tl ntQiyoaipdiiwai, neol tov- 
tov itoay/iatevonai, &Xi ovxl ntgl ovtog anX&g, ev- 
di j) ov, ovde tov %l iativ, ovdh a Xoyov noiovrtai* 
aXX ix tovtov ai pb alo&yoei noirjoaoai, avtb ftj- 
Xov , aid* vno&taiv Xafiovoat to tiiotty, ovtw xa$* 
avti inaQxovta tw yivth ntgl S slow , anoduxvvov- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. V. (VI.) CAP. 1. 121 

w fj dvayxaioxtoov rj (laXaKWXtoov. diontg qpcw- 
gbv on ovx tar iv dnodiiStg ovoiag, ovdi tov xi ioxiv 
in rijg xoiavxtjg inaywytjg, aXXd tig alios xginogxyg 
dfjhiotwg, 'Opofog 6t oid ' at tort* jj pr\ ioxi xb y«- 
vog neglo noaypaxsvovxai, ovdev Xiyovoi, diet to x%g 
avxrjg tivai faavoiag, xo, t« xi ion dt)Xov nouiv, xal 
ti Kaxh xovxo^KkEntl di xal r\ cpvoixq imoxfjpt) xvy- 
Z*vh ovoa ntpytoog t» tov owxog, (ntol yog xrirxoh- 
avtrir ioxlv ovolav to rj y uqxv *y$ xtptfotwg xaloxd- 
otwg to avxrj) drjXov on ovts noa%xi%r\ iaxw ovxe 
noifftutrj. Ttav fiiv yao novynxiov to n} noiovvxi t) 
*Wfi y V v °v$ ioxw, % vix* 7 ) * V &v**f*i$ ttg • t«* tie 
ixgaxxix&y, to tw ngdnovu t) nooaiotoig. To avxb 
yao to noaxxbv xal xb nooaionov. "Slot* ti t} anaoa 
dtavota ri noaxxtxrj, rj noirjxixT], rj dmoyuxr) , r) <pv- 
oixij &s<oorixtxrj Tig av tfrj, alia &$a>or]xutr) mol to*- 
ovxov ov t o ioxi dvvaxor xivtia&ou, xal ntgl ovoiav 
%r,y xaxit xbvXoyov,ig inixonoXi, ov xi»gioxr)v pbvov. 
Ju de to xlr\v tivai, xal jot Xoyor nmg ioxl,fiii Xap- 
<&avMr. € Jlg avsv ye xovxov %b tuxuv, fn}&iv noulv 
ion. T&v dy oQitofitooav , xal i&v xi ioxt, xa fib 
ovx&g imaQxn wg xb oifibr, xa $* ag to xolXov. Am- 
qngei ds xavxa, on to piv oipbv ovyuXrjfifiiyow ioxl 
finit xfjg vXijg. "Eon yag to fib oyibv xoiXrj $lg • r) 
Se xoiXoxrjg arw vXrjg alo&r)xfig. El dr) nana xa 
qpvoixa ofiofag T(wat/*oJ Xiyorxai, olov fig, ocp&aX- 
pbg, ngboomoy, oao$, ooiovv, oXmg Sfiov, yvlXov, $L- 
£a f qpXoibg, oXoag cpvxbv (ovdsvbg yaq avtv juvyotbts 
o Xoyog avxibv , aXti del l/et vXt)V } br\Xov nwg dsl iv 
xolg (pvoixoig xb xi 4oxi fy\xuv xal bgi&o&ai* xal 

Digitized by GOOgle 


diou xal mgl ywxw blag ^ewotjaa* tov (pvaixov, 
v oorj ur\ Svbv tijg vXyg ioxir. "Otifibovy ij yvoutq 
\}ewQT)tixr) ion, (paviooy ix tovtuy. ldX£ Hot* xal y 
ua&rjuauxfj &t(0Qr}ttK7j • aXtf ei axirrjtobv xal /wot- 
otwy i<m, vv> adtjXoy. "Oxi ub ovy tvia fia&^uata 
f, axlvrjta xal f\ x^giata &bwqu, dfjXoy. El di t* 
iotly a%hr\xov xal atdwy xal jwotoro*, g>aytgiy ow 
S-efagfjTiHfjg to yy&yai* ov fibtoi (pvoixijf yt, (n$ol 
*tvr\xsw yag jivuv r\ (pvaixTj) oidi pafyftattxrig, «A- 
Ji la nqotigag apamr. C H ub yag awoixt} nsgl ax»- 

7 Qiata fib , ai£ ovx axhyta * rrjs di fta&f)uanxrig 
fh m. t L. , ^ ia ne y\ « x / y ^ T0C pfy y ftoQuria di la&g , al£ ig 
l\ , ic/u, b vXtj' r\ 5i ngtotrj xal ntQl xaquna xal axivrjja* 
avayxt\ di ttavta ub ta aitta d'i'dia slva*, udXiata 
di tavta, /govt a yag aXtia tdlg ipavtqolg tip #«*- 
toy, *Jloi8 tgtig av thy q>dooo<pia* d^tu>g^tixou, fim- 
&fjfiaxixfj, q>vaixr\, dtoXoyixri. Ov yag adtjXov, oi*> 
etnov to &€iov vnagx**, b Tij toiavtji q>voti vnag- 
Xu * xal tip tifjitdytujTjy du negl to tiuiwraiov yivog 
that. Al ub ovv &wgrittxal tux aXXav htiotfjucay 
— aigvrmtgaiy avxt) di tmv ^ewo^Tixop. *AnogifOM 
yag av tig, nottgov no& rj 71000x17 <pdooo<pla xa&o- 
Xov iatly, jj ntgl ybog xal <pvoiy play. Ov yog a 
avtbg tgonog, ovd* b tdig ua&riuatixaig* ai£ rj ub 
yetoungia xal datgoXoyta , negl xiva ariaiv IdLav u- 
aly, ixelvij di xa&oXov naawy xoivtj* El ub ovv /u 19 
ia%l tig ktiga ovaia nova tag q>vou ovytotrixviag , 19 
^- opvoixvi ay tttj TtQutrj Mior^rj. Ei di iati ug ov- 
aia axtyrjtog , avtrj ngotiga xal (piXoaotpia notafq • 
xal xa&6Xov ovtmg on norny • xal mol tov ortog 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. V. (VI) CAP. 2. 123 

jf ov, javzys av «*nj tfewofjacu, xa* 1/ Am, xa* t« 
indgxovta xadoXov, p ov. y 

^ CAP U T 11. 
3 AXX' intl to or xo aaA*)? Xtyoptvov ttynai woiU 
iuX&g, &v fr per t)vio Kara ovpftt/trixbg, htgov dito 
mg aXri&ig, xml to fiy ov, ig to ythdog • aagd tavta 
&' iotlxi oxnh axa v fc xatr\yogiag, olov to piv %\, to 
3c notov, to 8i noobv, to fli noy , to di wow , xa* ti 
u aXXo aypalvH tbv tgonov tovtov • hi naga tavta 
nivta to dwuptt xal ivtgytia, *Entl 6t noXXaxfcg 1«- 
ytiai to ov, ngitov ntgl tov xata avp^t^xbg A«- 
xm'ov , oTt ovdtfUa ntgl «vto for* &tmgia • ofjpuov 
di • ovdsfua yog ijuoxriprj imptXig ntgl avtov , ovte 
nqamxtj ovx* noiqtixfr ovts &et)gr)tixj} . Ovte yag 
notch' olxlat, 7101c? ova avpfiaivu apa tfi oixiq yt- 
ropevy (amioa yag iatr) toig psv yog qdtZav , tdig 
08 (iXafisgdv, to%g d' ttxpiXipov ovdev itvai xmXvtitfjv 
notri&eUfav, xal ktigav, ag tinny, navtwv tiv ovtnv* 
w ov&tvog iotiv f) olxodoftiXT) noirjtixtf. Tov av- 
Tor 6i tgonov, ovd* bytmphgrig<d-mgtitaovzti>ovp- 
(tt§rj*6ta toig ozypaoiv , oid 3 ti htgov iatito to/- 
ywov> xal tgiytavov dvo og&ag %%ov, xal tovto tv- 
loymg ovpaibnu. c 'Slontg yog ovopati povov to 
evpfi$(hjx6g iuzt. Jib Hldtav tgonov twit ov xo> 1. 
**g ntgl trjv ooqpwmxtjv to prj ov tta£tv> Elol yag 
oltwv cxxpunvr Xoyo* ntgl to avpfttprixog , ig ti- 
ntiv, paXiota navtnv, nottgov tttgov 1} tavtov pov~ 
oixbv xal ygappatixbv , xal povotxbg Koglaxog xal 
Kogiqxog, xal ti nav o av y, prj du dt, yiyovtvnot 
ti povofxbg tiv, ygapfiatixbg yiyovt,xalygapfAatixog 

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&v fiovamog • *al i'aot fl^ aAXot xoiovxoi xwv Xoyiav 
siol. <Daivtxai yao xb ovfipB(2rixbg , iyyig xi %ov 
firj ovxog, ArjXov 6s xal ix x&v xoiovtwv Xoy&v. Tto* 
piv yocg Silo* xgonov ovxvv, taxi yivsaig xal q&oga • 
xtov ds xaxa av^pipr^xbg ovx loxtv. 3 J\£ Sfimg Xexxiov 
txi ntgl xov au/i/?e/?i}xoTo? i<p ooov ivdsxnai , tig i\ 
q>voig avxov, xal 6ia xiv alxiay ioxlv, Apa yog dr\- 
Xov soxai long, xal diet xi imovqpri ovxeativ avxov, 
'End ovv ioxiv iv xoXg ovoiv,xapsv aslwoaviagsxov- 
xa xal IS avayxt\g , ov Tyg xaxa xb (tiaiov Xsyofiswjg, 
ttU' r\v Xiyofitv,X(p (ly ivdixso&ai aXX<og , xa tie, i£ 
avdyxrjg fisv ovx Koxiv ovx 3 ael , ov& wg imxonoXv, 
avjT) uqxV *** * uvxi\ aixla ioxl xov thai xb ovppe- 
firjxog. "0 yag av fj fiyx atl, pri& m imtonoXv, 
xovxo (paper ovfiptpyxbg elva* • Olov inl xvvl av #«— 
fiwv yevrjiai xal ynt/og, xovxo ovfi^pal atafiev, a*X 
ovx av nvlyog xal aXia, oxi xb fiiv asl , jf mg inno- 
noXv , xb d* ov. Kal xbv av&gwiov Xsvxbv tlvai 
ovpfiiprixsv • ovxt yocg asl, ov&* ug htixonoXv • £wo* 
d* ov xaxa ovppsfitjxog. Kal xb xbv olxodopov vyti- 
av noiijoat ovpPiprjxtv, oxi ov nicpvxs xovxo itoiuv 
oixodofiog, aXi laxgog' aXXa owi/fr} iaxgbv ehai 
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noifixixyv. Jib owipri qpapsv , xal toxiv Stg noiu, 
anXwg 6* ov. T&v fitv yag ctXXai dvvaptig kvioxi el- 
oiv ai noirixixal, x<ov d* ovdsfiia xixvy, ovde dvvafug 
wQiopivTi. Tiov yag xaxa ovpfoprixbg ovxav rj yivo- 
fiivfav , xal xb aXxibv ioxi xaxa ovftpeprjxog • war 
inudij ov navxa ioxlv i$ avayxyg xal asl ij ovxa q 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. V. (VI.) CAP. 3. J25 

yivoptva, aXXa rot nXuota ug initonoXi, itviyxti 
Aval to xata ovfifoptixog ov olov ovt ail, ov&* ig 
initonoXv, 6 Xevxog fiovoixog iotiv. 'Enel di ylv$- 
tal now, xata ovppeprjxog total* tldifitj, nav- 
to total 4$ avayxijg, "flat* r\ vXrj tatai ahla r\ h- 
d$xofihfi naqa to wg imtonoXv aXXatg tov ovfiptprj- 
sotog ahla. 'Aqxv* di tyvdl Xrpniov, noatqov ov- 
dh iotiv, ovt alsl, ov%? v>g inuonoXv, ij xovxo adv- 
vatov. Eativ aqa t» nagi tavta to onoxtq txvx* 
xal xata oi//u/?e/?i}xo?. *AXXa noxsqov xo &g inixoitoXv , 
to d' i$l ov&tvl vnagxtiy q ioxlv axxa atdia; Iltql 
piv ovy tovttov vqtsqov oxtnxiov. "Oxi d' inioir\pr\ ovx 
taxi tov 6vpp$prix6tog t o}avtqbv*Emavr\pi\P* v Y*Q n *~ 
oa,7} tov asl, qtovtogimtonoXv. Uug yaq rj fia&rj- 
uexai fj didaUi, aXXov; J si yaq vqlo&ai r\ tw asl, ?; 
t« fig initonoXv ' olov oxi wcpiXipov tot nvqixxovxi to 
psXlxqaxov tug initonoXv. To di naqa xovxo ovx 
fjw Xiyuv noxi ov' olov vovfirjvla. ™H yaq atl, ?J 
wg innonoXv , xal tiJ vovfirivia. To di ovfi^s^rjxog 
iatt naqa xavxa. Ti pkv ovv ion tc ovp(}epT)x6g , 
xal dia tlv aixiav, xal oxi toioxtjpr} ovx totiv avtov t 

Oxi d siolv aqxal xal atria ytwyxa xal cp&agia 
Svtv tov yiyveo&at xal q>&tlgto&ou y cpavsg6v.Ei yaq py 
xovxo ,i$ avayxr^gnavx toxai,el xov yivopivov xal <p&ti- 
qofiwov pr) xaxa ovppBpr^xog al'tiov ti avayxrj slvai. 
Uottqov yaqsaxai xodl fj ov ; *Eav ys todl yivytar ti 
di fly, ov * tovto di, iav aXXo • xal ovxto dt\Xovbxi atl 
Xqovov aopaiqovfihov ano nsntgaofiivov XQ° V0V > 

d by Google 

126 AR1ST0TEL1S 

*)'£«* til ib vvv. "Slort ods ano&avsixat , rj voooj 1} 
fiia , idv ys iUX&y iovio di, iav diytrjoy iovio 
di, idv aXXo • xal ovitag rjUi sig o vvv vndgxtt> , ij sig 
imv ysyovonov it • olov , idv duprjori * tovto di , d 
ia&lst dgtpia • tovto d*, r\iot vndgxu, *? ov '» *flor 
H avdyxrjg dno&aviliat, fj ovx drto&avsliat. *Of*oi- 
<og di xtjev V7tsgnr}dri07j tig tig id ysvopsva , o avibg 
Xoyog. v H$ri yag vndgxst tovto sv itvt, A&yw di 
to ysyovog. *E£ avayxrjg dga nana saiai id loo- 
fisva, olov , to dno&aviiv iov £tovta. "Hdy yag it 
ysyovsv olov rot (vaviia iv t$ avtto awfiait* altf 
si voota, r\ (Ma, ovnta * alia idv lodl ysvrjiai,. JtjXov 
aga on pixQi itvbg ftadl&i dgx?i$ * aviij d* ovx 
It* sig alio. *Eoiat ovv y iov bnoisg sivx*v av- 
trj, xal alitor ir\g ysvsostog aviyg ov&iv • aitX* sig ao- 
X*iv noiav, xal ah iov noXov fj avayayrj r\ to taint], noit- 
gor dog slg vXrjv, tj wg sig 16 ov tvsxa, fj ag tig 16 x«- 
vr^oav, pdXioia onsmiov. Ilsgl fiiv ovv iov xaiit ovp- 
psprjxog oviog, aqpsia&ta • dttagtoxai yag Ix avtog. To 
ds ag aXij&ig ov dtg ipsvdog , instdij nagd avv&saiv 
ioit xal dtaigeoiv • to ds avvoXov, mgl fisgtofibv «y- 
itqpdoswg. To ftiv yag aXri&ig, irjv xaid<paotv in* 
x<av ovyxufisvoav kX^'ir\vd 9 anotpaotv, friliwv dtrj- 
grjfisvtov * io ds ifftvdog, ioviov iov (isgiafAOv irjv «v- 
it<paotv. n&g ds io apa, tj to x^O^S vouv ovpflai- 
vst t aXXog Xoyog, Aiyto di io Spa xal to x^olg, Sots 
1**1 io 4q>s£rig, aX£ h it ylyvto&at • oil yag ioitib y>sv- 
dog xal io dXrj&ig sv idlg ngdyfiaotv • oIof to fih 
dya&ov, otXri&ig • to di xaxbv, ipsvdog • aXX' 4v 3icr- 
vola. nsgl diid dnXa xalia il iaiiv, oid' sv xfi 

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SuMvoia. "Oaa per ovr del #««o*jaa* negl to ovtmg 
or nai pr\ or, votegor inujxtnteor. 3 £nel Si i ovp~ 
nXoxtf iorir xal y diaigeoig h dutroia, aX£ gin ir 
toig ngdy float, to 6' ovtug or, hegor or t&r xvglwr 
(rj yag to tl fatir, tj ou notor, rj oti noobr , rj tt it, 
alio ovrarrtei rj aqpaigel t) didroia) to per tig ovp- 
pefifjxbg. xal to wg dXrj&eg oV, aqpetior. To yag at- 
ttor, tov per aogiotor, tov di trig diaroiag tl nd&og, 
xal dpqpotega nagd to Xomor yerog tov ortog, xal 
ovx !£*> drjlovotv ovodr ttra opvoir tov ortog. Aib 
tavta psr a<ptlo&(o • oxentior di tov ortog avtov tat 
aiuu xal tag agxag, jj or. <Pctvfgor d* ir olg diw-* 
giodpe&a negl tov nooax&g Xiyetai&taotor, oti noX- 
Xax&g Xeyetat to or. 



JL o or Xeyetat noXXaxwg, xa&dneg dteiXope&a nqo- 
tegor irtdlg negl tov noXXaxStg. Sv^palrei yag to 
per ti ioti , xal tode tt • to di, on noior , i) noobr, 
-J iw aXXeor exaotor tttr ovta xattiyogovperwr. To- 
oavtax&g di Xeyopirov tov ortog, qparegov, oti tov- 
tar ngwtor or, to ti iotir, oneg ofjpalvet tr)r ovular. 
Otar pir yag eVnwper notov tt Tode,*j itya&br Xiyo- 
per, if xaxbr, aX£ ov tglnnxv, i? ar&gwnor' otar di 
ti iottr, ov Xevxbr ovdi &egpbr, ovdi tglnrjxv , aXXu 
ar&gwnor fj &eor. Ta d * aXXa Xiytxou orta , to! 
tov ortag ortog, ti per noabvqtag eJrat 9 td denoio- 

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tt)% ag, ta M na&y> *« to aXXo ii> Totovtov. Aih x$f 
anogriosU Tig nbiigov to §adl£tiv xal to vyiaiveiv 
xal to xa&r)o&ai IxaaTov aviwv ov, %\ pi) bv. Opoioag 
ds xal inl tuv aXXwv onovovr twv toiovnSv, Ovdev 
yag avT&v ioTiv, ovts xa&' amb nsyvxog , ovts #a»- 
gi&o&ai dvvaibv rrjg ovolag , aXXa paXXov s\itSQ to 
(iadi£ov TcSr orrtav tI, xal to xa&r k psvov, xal to vyi>- 
alvov. TavTa ds paXXov yalvsiai ovta • dioti sari 
Ti vnoxsipsvov aviolg wgiopevov. Tovto d iarlv 
7) ova la xal to xa& sxaoTov, oneg ipqpaivsrat iv ti} 
xaTTjyogia ttj Toiavtrj. To aya&bv yag r\ to xa&q- 
psvov, oix avsv tovtov Xiysrai. Ar\Xov ovv oxi dia 
TavTi\v , xyxslvw sxaoTov ionv. "SLots to ttoqJ- 
Ttog ov, xal ov ti ov, aX£ ov anXwg, 7) ovoia av bVt]. 
^noXXaywg piv ovv UysTai to ng&TOv. "Opwg di 
navTtav t) ovola ngmov xal Xoyq? , xal yvwsn , xai 
Xq6vm, xal qpvosi. Twv psv yag aXXwv xatriyoQijua- 
Ttov, ovdsv yagiOTov • avtrj di pbvT) ' xal tw Xoyt$ di 
tovto ng&TOv, 'Avayxrj yag iv tw exaffTOv Xoyco^ 
tov Trig oioiag Xbyov ivvnagxuv. Kal sldsvai di 
tote oloue&a sxaoTov uaXiora , otav tI sotiv o av- 
•frganog yvoapsv, r\ to nvg, paXXov r, to noiov , t\ to 
noobv, 7) to nov • insl xal avt&v tovtw , tots cxa- 
otov lopsv, ovav ti £oti to noobv 7"} to noiov,Xdo)ptv. 
Kal St) xal to nalai te xal vvv xal a si tyiovpevov 
xal as* anogovfjisvov, tI to ov, tovto ioTi, Tig ovoia' 
tovto yag ol piv sv slvat (paotv, ol ds nXsito r) sv * xal 
oi psv nsnsgaopsva, oi de ansiga. Jib xal r\piv xal 
pdXioTa, xal ngwtov xal pbvov, wg tinsiv , nsgl tov 
ovTtag bvTog dtoogyriov tL ioTi. 

d by Google 


doxu d' r\ ovola vndgxtiv qtavsQUTata (isv toXg 
wpaoi. Jib id T6 ?£a xal ret (pvia , xal ra pogia 
uvtwv, ovoiag slval yaptv , xal id qpvoixa ooopoua, 
olov, nvQ, xal vda>Q, xal yijv, xal twv ioiovxwv txa- 
atov, xal ooa r\ pogia tovtmv, i) ix tovxw ioxlv , % 
fiigiov, r\ ndvxw olov, « ovgavbg xal ra ftogia 
aiaov aoxga, xal oeXrjvrj xal yXiog. Jloxtgov ds at- 
%ui povai ovoiav tlolv, r) xal dXXai, i\ xovxwv fjiiv ov- 
fisv, txsgai di xivsg, oxemiov. Joxh di uoi tot tov 
otopaxog nigaxa , olov imcpdvtia xal ygafipri xal 
ouyfiT) xal povag, slvai ovolai, xal fiaXXov rj to aw- 
jtia xal jo oxegsov. *Exi nagd ra aio&r)xd , oi fiiv 
ovk ol'orxai slvaiovdiv xoiovxov , oi di nXeioa, xal 
fiaXXov ovxa a'idia, woneg IlXdxmv %d xs sl'drj xal ra 
pu&rifiaTixa, 6vo ova lag , xghr\v di xr)v %w a\a&r\- 
iw owpdxcov ovoiav Sntiomnog di xal nXeiovg 
ovoiag, anb xov kvbg ag^dfisvog , xal dgxdg ixdoxr\g 
ovalag aXXrjv uiv agi&pwv, aXXrjv di fiBys&av, snnxa 
V v As ' *«* xovxov di] tov igonov inexxslvu Tag ov- 
ofag. "Evioi di t« fisv tldr] xal rovg agi&povg , xrp 
avtriv e%8iv qpaol qpvoiv * xd di a'Ua ixofisva , ygafi- 
fwg xal inineda, fiixgi ngbg xijv tov ovgavov ovoiav 
*«* id alo&ryia. Iltgl 6% tovtwv, rl Xsysxai xaXwg 
*(tiilvsg tlolv ovolai, xal noxsgov elol xivsg nagd 
i*g aio'd-ri'tdg, rj oix siol, xal avxai n&g eUn, xal no- 
rsobv ioxl Tig xwgioxr) ova la, xal did il, xal nStg, r\ 
ovdsfila nagd tag alad"f\Tag ox&rtiov, vnoxvntaaa^i- 
v oig nqoixov trjv ovoiav tl i(JTi. 

Arist Metaph. I 

Digitized by GOOgle 


CAPUT 111. 

Aiysrai dr\ ovoia, si py nXsovax&S, cuU' eV tst- 
jocqoI ye pdXiOTa. Kul yag to il rp elvou, xal to 
xa&olov, xalto yevog, tj ovoia doxsl thai kxaarm, 
xal ihagtov tovtwv to vnoxsipevov. To d* irmo- 
xsipftov iori, xa^' ov ra alia Xiysxai, ixslvo di av* 
to fiTjxiu hot aXXov. dtb ng&Tov ntgl tovtov duo- 
giariov, MaXiaxa di doxsl tlvai ovvia to vnoxsips- 
vov ngwtov, toiovtov di igonov piv Tiva, i} vXy idyo- 
xai • aXXov di tgonov rj pogyrj • tqItqv di, to 4x tov- 
T(0v» Aiyto di tt\v piv vXrjv, olov Toy jraAxoY • tip di 
pogqpr\v, to o%f}pa Trie idsag* to d ix tovtwv, to* 
avdgiavTa to ovvoXov. "/Lots si to sldog tijg vkrfi 
ngoTsgov xal paXXov ov, xal tov & aptpolvngoxsqw 
earcu, dia tov axnov Xoyov, Nvv piv ovv tvtt<» sf- 
Qr\xoLiy t{ not iotlv t\ ovoia , ©t* to py xatf vtioxo- 
pivov, aXXa xa& ov t« aXXa, Asl diov povov ov- 
TW ov yag Ixavov. Avto t% yag tovto adrjXov. 
Kal STi tj vXr\ ova lot yivsim * el yag pi} avtr\ ovoiv, 
tig ioTiv aXXfi, diaqpsvysi. Hsgtaigovpivwv yag tcw 
aXltiK*, ov qpaivsrai oifdiv vnopivov* Ta piv yttg 
alXa, Tcov 0G>paT(nv7r*&t), xal non^para, xal dvva- 
pstg * to di pyxog xal nXctTog xal fia&og , noooTrjrig 
uvsg, aXtf ovx ovoicti. To yag nooov ovx oioim* Al- 
Xa paXXov to vnaQXUTavta avta ngwuag, ixslvo 4anv 
t) ovoia. 'Alia pyv aymgovprvov pyxovg xal nXm- 
jovg nal fia&ovg, ov&b> ogipsv inoXstnopsvov, nXijv 
si' T* iaxl to bgi&ptvov vno tovtcw. "JLgt* Tip vlffv 
avayxrj <paivso&ai uovriv ovoiav ovt(o oxonovuivQic. 
jitym o vkr\v t\ xa& avTi\v pr\T% ti, pr\T% nooov, gir)- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (VII.; CAP. 4. 131 

u alio firjdh liytiat, olg tooiotai to ov • eatt yaq ti 
xa& ov xatfiyogitrai tovttav txaoiov , <j> to elvai 

fnoov, xal t&v xatrjyoomv kxaory. Taftevyao alia, , 

ti# ova lag xatffyoQsitat ' ewrnj ds, trig vlr\g, c Slott 
to tozotjov, xct-d? avto ovis tl, owe noobv, ovis alio 
w&p iotiv ' ovtii dy al atnocpaosig. Kal yaq avtai 
inaqZovm xaza av(i{k(lr}XQ$. 'Ex fdv ovv tovtwv 
fcuoovoi avpfkUvsi ovalav thou tip vlr\v • advvatov 
&L Kal yaq to xwqiotbv , xal to todt %i vnaqxtiv 
fojwt paliota ttj ovola. 4io to tldog, xal to i£ «f*- 
<jPo*y, ovoia do&iw av fialXov tlvai t»Jj x/il^j. 7^y 
jtw tolwv 4£ afiq>oiv ovoiav (Xiyta ds tip \x vr\g vli\g 
talzrjs pooyrjg) atpvtiov • votiqayaq xal d^Xy * qpa- 
y^a de tioj^ xat ^ i/i^ * weo* fli trj.g tqitt\g oxmtiov. 
Avttj yaq anoquttatr^. OpoXoyovvtai 6* ovoiou «i- 
vtu tw aio&tjTwv twtg. ci JIozb iv tavtaig S^t^tcov 

'Entld 3 iv agxv Suilo/At-froi, noaoig boi£ofiw tnv 
woiav , xal tovtw IV ti doxu that to ti r\> that, 
dttaqriziov ntql avtov' nqb sgyov yaq to futafiaivuv 
tig t6 ytwqiptoTsqov. 'H yaq fxa&noig ovza yivttai 
nam, diet t&v ffttor yv&qlfiav cpvoug tig ta yvwqipa 
pallor. Kal tovxo %qyov iotlv, aonsq iv talg nqa- 
l*w, to notrjoeti ix tow kxdatao aya&wv, ta oltog aya- 
&a, btdoTto aya&dr oiruagix wy avtip yvwqifiatiq&v, 
tit tfi <pvoti yv&Qifia «vt<w yvtogyta • id 5' sxaatoi? 
Tfi^fiaxal nomta, noXldxig r^qi^ia yvwoipa' xal 
ptXQov rj ovdh tx**v tov ovtog. 'MX opwe i* 
vov tpavXug (iev yvtaoiatm , av^cj Si yvwowv , ta 


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oXwg yvtoota yv&vai nsigatiov , fistapalvovxag (wa- 
nsQ sfgtjtai) did tovttav avt&v. Kal ng&tov ff- 
impsv tvia nsgl avtov Xoyixwg, otitoti to tl f\v slvai 
sxaoxov, o Xiystai xa& avto. Ov ydg ioti to aol «7- 
vai, to novoixo* slvcu. Ov yagxata aavtbv si (tovoixog* 
o aga, xata oaviov. Ovde dy tovto nav. Ov yap to 
ovttog xa& avto, wg img>dvsia Xsvxrj, on ovx soti to 
imqpavsta that, to Xsvxw slvcu. IdXXd fivv ovde to 
i$ dficpolv, to tniyayda Xsvxfj slvat. Aid xi; on ngoo- 
sotiv avxr\. 3 Ev to aga pr} hiatal Xoyta avto, 2J- 
yovxi avto , ovtos o Xoyog tov ti tyr slvat kxaottp. 
"Slot si to imqpavsla Xsvxfj slvat iott, to imqpavsia 
slvat Xsla , to Xevxw xal Xsico slvat , to avto xal sv. 
J Ensl d' satt xal xata tag aXXag xatijyoglag ovv&sxa 
(ear i ydg ti vnoxslfisvov kxdotto , olov zm noiia , xal 
tw ttot£, xal t$ nov/xal ty xivriost) axsntsov, aga 
sott Xoyog tovtl r\v kxaotto slvat, xal vndgxst xal 
xovtoig to xitjv slvat' olov Xevxw dv&gt&7t(p tl rjv 
Xsvxw av&g&mo. "Eotm drj ovofia avup Ipdttov , ti 
ioti to Ifiatlta slvat, ' aXXd prjv ovde t&v xa%? avto 
Xsyop&vmv, ovds tovto, % to ov xa& avto Xiystat 
b*iZ<»g, xal tovtov sott tl, to (tsv ix ngoo&sosag , to 
ds ov. To fisv ydg t$ avto &XXq> ngooxiia&at, Xiystat 
o bgl£stat ' olov si to Xsvxw slvat ogt£6j*svog , Xiyst 
Xsvxov dv&gwnov Xoyov. To ds tw , dXXo avxq> • 
olov si oupalvu to Ifidttov, Xsvxbv av&gvmov , 6 de 
ogl£st xb Ifidttov &g Xsvxov. To ds Xsvxbg aWpa>- 
nog , Sort ftsv Xtvxov , ov fiBvxoi ti r\v tlvai Xevxaj av- 
•frgtoniu , aXXd tm Ifiatita slvai. *Aga toti to tl tjv 
slval xi , ^ oXwg, ij ov ; v Onsg ydg t* \v slvai, satt^ib 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (\1\.) CAP. 4. 133 

xi ryv bIvcu. "Oxav d* aXXo xax aXXov Xiyr\icu, ovx 
eativ ontg xotfe xf olov, b Xsvxbg av&gtanog , oix 
ear iv ontg xode xi, tl'mg xb xodt xi xaig ovoiaig vnag- 
%m povov. "JI0T8 to xi ip thai ioxiv , ooatv o Xoyog 
ioxiv bgiopog. 'Ogiopbg d 1 daily ovx av ovopa Xoyta 
ravxb orjfiatvov • (ndvxtg yag av thv oi Xoyoi ogoi. 
"ifrxai yag vvopa oxtoovv Xoyta xavxov • ware xal r\ 
*lXiag bgiapbg eoxai) aX£ iav ngdxov xivbg rj. Tot- 
avxa d* taxiv, ootx Xiyexai pr\ tw aXXo xax aXXov Xi- 
yeo&ai. Ovx iloxai aga ovb*$vl x&v fiij yivovg tld&v 
vnagxov xb xl fjv elvai, alia xovxoig povov. Tavxa 
yag doxu ov xaxa pixoxr\v Xiyio&aixal na&og, ovd* 
tog ovfifofirixbg, alia Xoyog fxiv toxai kxaaxov xal x<ov 
aXXo)v xi otifiaivu, iav $ ovopa, oxi xods xtatit vnag- 
ZSi, r\ aril Xoyov anXov axgipioxegog* 'Qgiopbg d' 
ovx toxai, ovdi xb xl rjv elvai. *Hxal bgiopbg, wonsg 
xal xb xlioxi nXeovax<»g Xiyexai; Kalyag xb xiioxiv, 
fy<* uev xgbnov orjfiaivH xi\v ovoiav, xal xb xodt xi • 
aXXov $8, txaoxov x&v xaxriyogovpevav, noobv, noibv, 
xal 00a alia xotavxa* won eg yccg xal xb xiioxivvnagxu 
7TOCOIV, all* ovx bfioitag, alia tw fisv ngwtwg, xoig d 3 
knopevcog • ox xa xal xb xi ioxiv , anXtog fih xrj ova (a, 
n&g di xdig aXXoig. Kal yag xb noibv igoipsd* av 
tl ioxiv ' &oxz xal xb noibv, x&v xi ioxi fiiv, aX£ ovx 
anXmg, aXX? wontg inl xov fiv ovxog Xoyixwg <paoi 
xivtg tivai xb fiy ov , ovx anXwg , alloc pi) ov , ovxta 
xal xb noiov. Au fib ovv axontiv xal xb n^*g dil 
liyetv ntgl kxaaxov, ov pyv fiaXXov ys, ij xb nag txti. 
Jib xal vvv in$l xb Xsyofievov (pavegbv , xal xb xi i]v 
elvai opoi&g vndglu, ngmtag piv xal anXig xjj ou- 

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ala., slta xal toig aXXotg , Sansg xal to ti iotiv , <A>x 
anXwg ti r\y slvat, aXXa note? i] noo& ti %r eTvai. 
Jii yaq i) optavvfimg tavta qpavai slvai ovta, ^ ngoa- 
ti&svtag xal acpaigovvtag , &ansg xal to pri imotij- 
tbv, &Jtio~tv\tbv • insl toys bg&ov ioxi, tifjtsofiwruft&g 
apavat, fttiTS waavjwg, aXtf won tg to iaxgixov't&ngbg 
aitb flip, xal sv , oi to aitb di xal tv. Oi piivtoi 
ovdi bftwvvfHog. Oidiv yctg tatgixbv owpa xal sqyov 
xal axsvog Xiystai , ovts buavvftag , ovts xa& h, 
aXXa 7i go g IV. Tain a piv ovv bnotigwg tig &iXti Xi- 
ysiv, diaqpigu ovdsv. 3 £xs7vo di cpavsgbv, oti o ngw- 
t<og xal anXwg ogivfibg, xal to tirjv slvat, ttovovaimv 
iotiv * oi fii}v aXXa xal tuv aXXwv bfioimg iotl , nXrp 
oi ngtaxwg. Ov yag avayxif, av tovto ti&to/isp, rov- 
tov bgiopbv sly at, o iav Xoyta to aitb arjfialvr), aXXa 
tivl Xoyta. Tovto d* iav hog r lt prj tS ovvsxsl So- 
nsg t) 'iXiag., % oaa awdiafifa, aX$ iav boa/cog Xiys- 
Ttft to ev to d* tv Xiystai, wan Eg to or. To ds ov, 
to fisv tods ti, to ds noabv, to di noibv n ofjftabsi. 
Jib xal Xsvxov av&gtanov scrtat Xoyog xal bgtofiog* 
aXXov di tqonov, xal tov Xsvxov xal ova lag. 
v Exm d* inogiav, iav tig fi^ cpfj bgiofibv slvai tov 
ix itQoo&soswg Xbyov , tivogsotai oqicfibg , twv ovx 
anXwv , aXXa ovvdsdvaopsvwv ; 'EX ngoo&iomg yag 
avayxti drjXovv. Asyta di, olov, satt fig xal xoiXotfjg, 
xalaifiotfjg to ix tdtv dvotv Xsyofisvov , tip tods h 
t$ds, xal oi ovpfoPrixog ys • ov&* f] xoiXotrjg, ov&* 
^ aifiotrjg, na&og trjg (ivbg, aXXa xa& avtyv. Ovd* 
oyg to Xsvxbv KaXXltx ij av&gwnu , oti KaXXlag Xsv- 

METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 5. 136 

nog, <p ovfifiiprjxtv av&gvn<p thai , iX£ ig xb affap 
tw Jww xcu xb Too* tw 7ioaw , xal navxa boa Xiynat 
xa& avxd inagxtiv, Tavxa d' ioxlv to booig vndg- 
X& *} o Xoyog, ij xovvopa, of ioxi xovxo na&og, xal 
firj ivdixtxai dijXwocu xwfay vontg to Xtvxbv avtv xov 
av&gmnov todixetai • aXX 3 ov xb &i}Xv avtv tow £wov. 
°J2ot« xovxtov xb xi i\v thai xal o bgtopbg, jJ ov» eoriy 
ovdsvbg, tj tl eaxiv , dXXct xa&antg tlgrjxautv. *Eon 
S* anogia xal ixiga negl avxmv. El f$$v yag to ovto' 
iox$ xal aifitj $lg xal moIXij $g, to avxb soxai to oipbv 
xal to xoiXov iidk (at), dta to advvaxov that tlniiv, 
to Oifiov xal avtv xov ngayfiaxogov ion na&ogxa&' 
avro* xal soxai xo otftbv xoiXoxyg iv g'ipl, to (fiva 01- 
firjv tlniiv, rj oix toxiv, rj dig to avxb eoxai tigtifiivov, 
$lg fa xoiXtj. C H yag $lg ^ oifiri, $U[fig]xoih}toicu. 
Aib axonov xo indgx* 1 * J °1$ xoiovxoig xb xi r\v thai. 
JEt di fly, tig Snug or Hot. c Pivl yag g'lvl oipjj , txi 
aXXo hiatal. JiqXov xoiwv, oxi (iovrigiT)g ovolag ioxlv 
ogioftog. El yag xal xmv aXX&v xaxtiyogiwv, avayxtf 
in ngoo&iotag thai, olov, xov noiov xal ntgixxov. 
Ov yag avtv agi&ftov * oidi b xov drjXeog avtv fwov. 
Tb di ix ngoo&iotwg Xdyto , to olg ovpfialvti dig xb 
avxb Xiytiv, fitamg to xovxoig ' tl di xovxo aXrj&ig, 
eidi xfiv ovvdvatopivatv Koxai, olov agt&pov mgix- 
xov • aXXi Xav&atu bxi oix axgiflatg Xiyovxai ol Zo- 
yoi. El di slot xal xovxw ogoi, tjxot aXXov xgonov 
tiolv, ij xa&dntg iXiy&ri, noXXaxwg Xtxxiov elvai xov 
igiofibv, xal xb xi rp that. *Jloxt wdl fito ovdsvbg 
eoxai ogtoftbg, ovdi xb xi r\v thai ovdtvl indglu, 
nXj\v ratg ovoiatg, Adl d' Iotcm. "Oxi pto ovv ioxlv 

Digitized by GOOgle 


bgiopbg o tov tlr\v sivai Xoyog, xal to ti i\v slvm 
ilj fiovov iwv ovoi&v sotiv, rj fiaXiota xal ngatag xa* 
otTiXotg, dfjXov* 


Ilotsgov ds tavtb iotiv yfosgov to tir\v thai, xal 
sxaotov, axsntsov. "Eotv yag ti ngb sgyov ngbg ti]v 
nsgl trig ova lag oxiipiv. "Exaotov ts yag ovx aXXo 
doxsl sivai vrjg kavtov ovaiag' xal to ti i\v sivai Ac- 
ystatslvat rj kxdotov ovoia. 'Enlpiv dy ttuv Xsyo[isv(ov 
xata ovpfoprixog, do&isv av hsgov elvai, olov Xsvxo g 
av&gwnoq stsgov, xal to Xsvxw av&gwna sivai. El 
ydg to avtb av&gwnw thai, , xal Xsvxoi av&gwna to 
alto. To avtb ydg av&gwnog, xal Xsvxbg ayttyw- 
nog , wg (pctaiv. v Sloxsxaltb Xsvxw av&g<6na> xal 
to av&gmnw. "Hovx dvdyxv\ 00a xata avppiflriXQi:, 
sivat tavta; Ov yag aoavtag ta axga .yivstaitavtd* 
dl£ I'owg y sxsivo do&iev Si v ovpfiaivsiv ta axga yivs- 
o&ai tavta xata ovfifteprjxog' olov to Xsvxw sivai, 
xa* to (iovoixto char doxu ds oil. 'Enl ds t<Sj> xa& 
avta Xsyopsvtuv, dsl dvdyxv\ tavta sivai • olov sltivig 
sloiv ovoiai, wvstsgai firj sloiv ovoiai, ji^tfe qpvosig 
stsgai ngotsgai, oXag q>aol tag Idiag sivai tiveg. El 
yag, sotat stsgov avtb to ayadbv, xal to aya&ia «7- 
vat, xal fcuo?, xal to &»<p sivai, xal t$ ovttxal tbov, 
soovxai aXXai te ovoiai xal ideat nagatag Xsyofiivag, 
xal ngotsgai ovoiai, ixttvai, si to tir\v dvat oioiag 
ioti. Kal si fih anoXsXvpsvai aXXrjXcov, tiv fUv ovx 
sotat in loiriiLr} , xa 5' ovx sotat ovta. sJiyoa ds to 
dnoXsXvod-at , si fifjts t§ aya&$, avt$ vnagxsi to 
sivat aya&$, jujjie tovtca to sivai dyad-ov. *Emotrtfiil 

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METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 6. 137 
t« yaq kxdatov avtq, to ti r\v ixsivtg slvat. Kal inl 
iya&ov xal iav alXwv bfioitog «/«. "flats si pridi 
to aya&M shai ayadbv, ovds to ovti ov, oidi tgj hi 
if. 'Ofioi&g di ndvia iatlv, rj ovdsv ta ti rjv shah, 
"flat si firids to ovti ov, oidi tnv alkw oidsv. £ti 
9 p>i vndqxu aya&<$ slvai, oix iya&ov. *Avayxy\ 
aqa tv slvai to aya&bv, xal to aya&cp thai • xctl to 
xaXbr, xal to xal to slvai, oaa (irj xat aXXov Xiystai, 
iXXd nqwta xal xa& avtd'xalyuqtovto Ixavbv, idv 
vnagxji > *$ v f*V Jl ^V ' p*llov d' towg x$v $ sidy. 
*Afia di dqXov t xal oti sVntq sialv ai Idsai o%ag tivsg 
(paoiv, oix sati to vnoxsipsvov oioia • tavtag yaq 
ova lag fisv ay a pernor thai, fiq xa& 3 vnoxupivov ds. 
"Eaortai yaq xata ps&s$iv. "Ex %s di\ tovtmv tw* 
loywv, tv xal tavto ov xata ovp/fc/fyxo g , cwto fxa- 
istov , xal to ti r\v slvai • xal oti ys to iniataad-ai 
ixaotov, xovto iati to ti %v slvai iniotao&at. Slots 
xata ttjv sx&satv uvdyxrj sv ti that Spam. To di 
xata ovpfoPrixog Xsyofisvov, olov, to povoixov, v 
Xtvxbv, did to dittbv aijfiaivsiv^ ovx aXyd-sg simlv, wj 
to avTo to ti rp thai, xal avto. Kal yaq, w avp/ft/fyxe 
Xsvxa, [xai] to avfifis^xog. "flats sou psv ag Tav- 
tbv , sat i. di ag oi tavto to ti nr\v slvai, xal avto. 
Tu fiiv yaq dv&q<6n(p xal t$ Itvxy av&qdnto, oi 
to avro , tw nddu di to avro. '^to^o? d av q>a- 
vtiir\, xavd'tig exuatco ovofia &olto tm ti r\v slvai . 
"Eotai yaq xal naq ixslvo alio , to ti \v ifoaiXnny, 
stsgov. Kaitot ti xuXvsi xal vvv sivai svia svdyg ti 
W Avai, svnsq oioia to ti t\v shai ; dXXa pt}V ov 
//oW h, aXXd xal o Xoyog o avtbg avwv, w« dnXow 

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ix t&v HQriftivcav. Ov ydq xati ovfipefaxbg h to 
kvl slvai, xal sv. *£ti si aXXo total, tig ansiqov slaiv. 
To (iiv ydq sotai, to tl rjv thai to svl slvai, to ds to 
cv. v Jlots xal in* ixtlviav 6 avtbg sotai Xoyog. "Ott 
fisv ovv M t&v nqtotwv xal xa& avta Xiyopivtav } to 
hxdotto slvai xal sxaotov , to avtb xal sv ioti, dijXov. 
Ol ds aocpiotixol sXtyxoi nqog tr^v &soiv tavtrjv, qpoi- 
vsqbv oti.tfj avxjj XvovtaiXvosi, xal si tavto 2o)xqdtrjg 
xal Swxqdtti slvai, Ovdsv ydq diaqpsqsi, ovtt i$tov c^co- 
trjomv Sv tig, ovts i$ mv Xvtav initvx ^ Hug (isv ovv 
to tl rjv that tavto, xal nag ov tavto btdotqt, siqijtat. 

£ Tuv ds yivopivcov , ta fib q>vosi ylvttai, xa ds 
O **X*ll> T « $& inb tov avtopdtov. Jldvta ds tit yi- 

, vousva^imo^ti tivog ylvstai, xal sx tivog, xal tl. To 

f ds tl, Xiyta xa& kxaat^v xatijyoqlav. *H ydq tods, 
r\ noobv, fj noior, fj nov, Al ds ysvsasig, alfisv <pvot- 
xal avtal sioiv, jjtoi ixiivwv twv ysyovotoav av f) ysvs- 
oig ix (pvoswg ion. To ds i$ ov yiyvstai , ip Xsyo- 
psvvXriv. To ds vqf ov, twf cpvou ti fivtav. To 
ds tl, o av&qcmog, ij (pvtbv , rj alio ti twv toiovtsav, 
a drj fidXiota Xsyousv ovolag slvai. v Anavta ds ta 

yivo/xsva, % (pvosi, rjtixvj} , %xsi vXrjv dvvatbv yap 

shaixal pi\ slvai txaatov avtnv. Tovto d* iotlv 
r\ iv tm kxdottp vXrj. Ka&olov ds, xal i£ ov <pvaig 9 

J xal xa&b q>voig. To ydq yivousvov e/«* tpvotv, olov, 
<pvtbv, tj Jwoy * xal v<p ov fj xatd to tldog Xtyofuvfj 
opvoig q buosidtjg 9 avtrj ds iv aXXta* av&Qwnog yap 
uv&qomov yswijc. Ovtoa fisv ovv ylvstai ta yivopsva 
dta ti]v <jpiW. Al d' aXXai ysvsattg, Xsyovtat »oaij- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 7. 139 

est;, Uaaai Si n&n at noiqoug, rj anb rixnig, 1} 
anb dwapsag ij oWo/cr$. Tovtaw di nvtg yiyvoy* 
tai xal anb tov avtouatov, xal anb xizW naQonXn- 
oitog, ttantg to tolg vnb (pvovag ywoptooig. *'£in* yag 
xaxtt teevtet xal in amopatos ylvttm, xal artv onio- 
fiaxog. ZZto* ph ov* twig** vatigov imoxntxioy. 
*Anb ti&W M ylyvtta^ dp to tldog to tjj yv/jj. -E?- 
dog di Xiyai, i balr\9 air aj JigflTo y ., x al tip ngnt^w 
ovoiav. Kal yaq tcw toarrluv tgSnop tiva to av-""~ 
to tldog* Ti\g yag atBgfjomg ovala, i) ovala y av- 
tixsifttoi}, olov vylua vbaov, 'Extiptjg yag an ovala, 
dr\Xovtai ij viuog. *H di iyiua, b to tfj yvXJI Ibyog, 
xal b to rjj imortjuT}. rlvnat, di tbiytig, vor)oartog • 
imidrjib di vyltiav , avayxvj, ti vyiig lata*, todl 
vnagtat, oloy, b[iaX6tt}ta a u di tovto, &9gu6ttjta. 
Kal ovtwg ail voii, fag ay ayayr) dg tovto t oaitbg 
divatai toxarov nottiv. Eh a %di\ t) anb xovxw xl- 
vriois, notrjoig xaXtitai, g inl to vyialvuv. u SLotb 
avfipalvtt iqinoy ttva iytlav it iytlaq ylndtiai, ta\ - 
tip olxiav i$olxlag, trjg uvivvXr]g f tT}v ^xovGavvXt}v. 
*H.yag iatgixr) iou xal oixodofiixr), to eldog rr)g vyi-^ 
tlag xal trig olxlag. Aiyta di ovoiav arev vXyg , to 
xi r t y elvou. Twv di yeviosw xal xwyoew rjfih ?0)j- 
oig xaXutai, i\ di nolrjaig • rj (ito anb th)g <*QX*I$ *°* 
tov Bidovg, v 67)01$ • % d* anb tov nXsvtalov trjg vorj- 
atoag, nolf}oig, *Ofiol(og di xal inl twi> aXXtov t&y 
urra£v txaatov ylvttai. Aiyta dr olov, d vyiav&rj, 
dit bfiaXvv&r]vat,. Ti ovv iotitb bpaXvtdiqvai ; to- 
dL Tovto d' earai, si •d-SQuav&rjottai,. Tovto di 
tiiou; todL c TnaQx*i> di rodl dvvapn • tovto di 

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fjdrj in ctvtw. To drj notovv xal o&sv agxsTai *} 
xivrjoig tov vyiaivzw, iav piv ano Tsxvrjg, to sldog 
ion to iv rjj yvxfi ' iav d ' ano tov avxopaxov , ano 
tovtov dyXovon o noxa tov noistv agxh T( ? notovv- 
n ano Tsxvrjg • tnomg xal iv tw iatgsvuv, i'oag ano 
tov Ssgfiaivsiv y agxri* Tovto ds notst tjj Tgtysi. 
C H &sgfioTTjg Toivvv rj iv tm ooofiaTt/rj psgog Ttjgvysi- 
ag, ij ennui n avijj toiovtov o ion psgog i^g vysl- 
ag, i] dia nXsiovtav. Tovto d' soxoitov, to notovv t 
xal to ovTtog fisgog iaii xr\g vyslag , xal Ttjg oixlag • 
olov, olXi&oi ' xal Ttov (iXXwv. "JIots xa&ansgXsys- 
tai advvarov ysvso&ati si pudsv ngovnagxot, "Ort 
psv ovv to (iigog vndg£si $ dvayxtjg , g>avsgov, C H 
ydg vXrj psgog. *Evvnagxs* ydg xal yivsrat avTt} • 
aXX aga xal t<ov iv tw Xoyw; 3 Apq>0Tsgtag ds Xiyopsv 
Toig noXXovg xvxXovg tI eta* • xal t^v vXrjv XiyovTsg 
ots xvlxog * xa* to sldog, on oxypa TOiovds, xal tov- 
to' ion to ysvog, tig o ng&Tov ti&stui. c ds /ajl- 
xovg xvxXog «/et iv t$ Xoyta t^v vXriv. 3 J2$ ov ds wg 
vXr\g yivsrat Una, Xsystat otolv ysvrjrai, ovx ixsTvo, 
aX$ ixslvivov olov b ivdgiag ov Xi&og, aXXa Xl&tvog. _ 
'0 ds av&gtonog b vyiaivow, ov Xsysrai ixslvo i£ ov. 
Alitor ds, on yivsiai ix Tyg oTsgyoaag xat tov vno- 
xstpsvov, o Xsyopsv trjv vXrjv • olov xal 6 av&gtanog 
xal b xofivtav yivsrat vyiyg. MaXXov pivroi Xsysrai 
ix Tfjg OTtgrjostag ylvso&ai • olov ix xdfivovrog vytijg, 
t) i$ av&gunov. Jto xapvtov usv 6 vyitig ov Xsysrai, 
av&gwnog ds, xal uv&g&nog vyirig, r Jlv d ' i} ors- 
grioig adyXog xal avuvvpog • olov iv x<&*§ WW** 
to bnoiovovv , ij iv nXlv&oig xal IvXotg oixlag • ix 

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MET A PH. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 8. 141 

tovtav doxsl ylvso&ai £g 4xti i% xdpvovtog. Aib 
Sonsg ovd' ixti, rf£ ov tovto 4xuvo ov liyttai, ovd' 
4vtsv&tv o avdgidg Svlov, alia nagdystai tvlwog, 
ov IvXoy xal xolxovg, dl£ ov£<xAxbV *<** li&ivog, 
alt ov Xi&og • xal y oixia nliv&fat), dl£ ov nliv&oi • 
btsl ovds wg 4x £vlov ylvstai avdgidg, rj 4x nliv&av 
oixia, 4dv tig imftXsnjj oq>6dga, ovx av oinXeig slnoie, 
did to dsiv fistapdllovtog ylvso&ai 4$ ov, dl£ ovx 
vnofisvovtog. diet psv ovv tovto ovnag ley si at, 
*Ensl ds vno tivog is yivstat to yiyvopsvov (toi>- 
io ds liyto o&sv xal i) dgxrj trig ysvsosdg 4oti) xal ex 
tivog • sotw ds pri r) oiigtjoig tovto , all* i\ vlr\ 
(jjdrj ydg duogiotai ov vgonov liyopsv tovto) xal o 
ylvstai (tovto d* 4oilv r] r) oopaiga , ij o xvxlog, rj o, 
ti frvx* twv allow) &onsg ovds to vnoxslpsvov noisl 
tbv x<*lxov, ovnog olds it)v oatatgav, si pi) xaid ovp- 
fitfirixog, on fjxalxr) oopaiga, oopaiga 4ot$v ixeivyv 
de ov noisi. To ydg tods u nouiv, 4x tov olov vito~ 
xtipivov tods noiuv 4oti, Asyia d* on toy %alxbv 
oigoyyvlov noisiv 4oiiv, ov to oigoyyvlov, fj trjv 
oqpaigav noisiv, alia hsgov ti , oiov to tldog tovto 
(v allm. El ydg noui , ex tivog av noioirj allov. 
Tovto ydg vnixtno , olov noitiv xotlxrjv oopalgav • 
tovto ds ovtoag, Sit 4x tovdl, o ton x^lxbg, todl noi- 
ti, o 4on oopaiga. El ovv xal tovto noisi avtb, 
drjlov on owavtoag noi^osi • xal fiadiovvtai at ys- 
viosig tig ansigov. <Pavsgbv aga, on ovts to tldog, 
j) o, ti dr]nots xgV xalsiv itjv lv tw ala&Tjto) pogop^v, 
ov yivsiat, ovd' 4otlv avxov yivtoig , ovds to ti i\v 

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slvai tovto. Tovto yag iotaf 6 iv ally ylyvstai, 7} 
ano tixvyg, V v™ q?vo&<ag, % dvvafimg • to da /aiL- 
*ip> oyaigav slvai noui. Uoui yag ix xctlxov xal 
Gfpaioag. Etg todl yag todl to sidog noist • xal am 
tovto atpaiga x<*l*rj ' tov ds o (pallet sivai, olag si 
soti ysvsoig , Ix twig 11 Kotai. Jsyosi yag dicug*- 
tbv sipai asl to yiyvofisvov, xal shai to psvtods, to 
ds tods. Asyto d* ow to psv ~vlip , to ds sidog. El 
Sq ioti o<paiga to ex tov fiioov GXW a loov , tovtav 
to psv iv tpiotai, o noul' tod 3 , iv ixsivy to di 
anav, to ysyovog* olov, i\ x*k**\ a<pa?ga. tyav&gov 
dy ix tmv slgrjfitsvav, oti to (lev ojq sldog, i) *>S ovoia 
Isyofisvov ov ylyvstai ' tj ds ovvodog r\ x<xt# tavtr\v 
Myofibril yivstai , xal oti iv anavti t<5 ysvopsvai 
vli\ evsoti, tbfisv rods, to di tods. Ilotsgov ovv 
iotl tig ocpalga naga tagds, rj oixia naga tag nliv 
&ovg ; i} old 3 av nots iyiyvsto , si ovmg %v tods tt, 
aU 3 oti toiovds anfialvsi. Tods ds xal dtgiafUvov 
ovx sotiv, alia notsl xal ysvvif ix tovds toiovds • 
xal btav ysvvrj^tj , ioti tods toiovds. To ds 
anav tods KaUiag rj 2<axgdvr\g iatlv , wonsg q 
ecpalga y xalxr\ jj«M. c O 6° av&gfonogxal to &5ov, 
Sonsg oyaiga x<xl*y oltag. Qavsgov aga, oti ytuv 
sid&v altia (ag siu&aoi tvvsg liystv tot sidy) si sattv 
aTia naga t« xad* sxaata, ngog ts tag ysvsasig xal 
ovalag ovdsv /o^at/ia, ovd 3 av slsv dia ys tavta ov- 
aiaixatf avtag. *Enl usv dy Twoiy xal (pavsqov, 
ox* to yswt&v joiomov psv , oioi' to yswatpsvov , ov 
(iinoi to avto ys, ovd* IV to» itgid-fttp, al£ IV t<£ «?- 
dsi, olov iv iolg (pvoutoig. ^v&gamog yag av&g&- 

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METAPH. LIB. VI. (\U.) CAP. 9. 143 

nov ytwq, idv pr] xi nagd arvoiv ysvrjxat • oXo*, fw- 

nog rifuovov xal xavta ds bpoitog • o ydg av xoivbv 

tXr}i(f Itzjiov xal o>ov, ovx uvopaotai to iyyvtdtu 

yivog. El'tj 6*' av apqxa totog, olov rjplovog. "flats 

qpavsgbv oxi oifdiv b*ii wg nagdduypa , tldog xaxa- 

oxtvd'C,uv (jidXiota ydg av iv tovtoig im£t)tovvto. 

Ovaiai ydg ai pdXiota avxai) aXXd ixavbv xb yswiav 

Tioirjocci, xal xov ti'dovg al'xiov slvai iv xr, vXij. To &' 

dnav qdti xb xotov ds tidogjv xaigds taig oagSl uul botolg 

KaXXiag xal JSwxoaii? g • xal hsgov piv did xr t v vX^v 

kxdga ydg' xavxb di tJI sldsi • Stopov ydg to tldog. 


'Anogyoue d' av tig, did ti td piv yiyvnai xal 

ti^vrj xal anb tavtopdtov, olov vyitva* td d* ov, 

oiov oixla. Ai'xiov di, oti xtav piv ij vXtj r) agxovoa 

tr\g ysviuswg, iv x$ notilv xal ylvea&ai ttt&v an 6 

trig tixvTjg, iv jj vndgxsi tl pigog tov ngaypaxog, r) 

piv xoiavxrj ioilv o'ia xwua&ai vq? avxyg, r) d* ov. 

Kal tavtTjg r) piv wdl oXa ts, r) di ddvvaxog. JIoX- 

Xd ydg dvvaxai piv vcp alxiov xivelo&ai , aXX* ovx 

dtdi' olov bgxrioaod-ai. "Ovviv ovv toiavvq r) vXrj, 

olov ol Xl&oi, ddvvatov mdl xivrj&rjvai, d pi) vri aX- 

Xov. € Jldl fiivxoi ; val, xal xb nvg. Aid xovxo xd 

niv ovx eotai dvev xov sxovxogxriv xixvv\v, xd dieoxar 

vtto ydg xovxwv xivy&Tjosxai x&v ovxixovxwv pivtr)v 

xixvyv, xivslo&ai di dvvapivtav avxmv , fj in aXXuv 

ovx ixovxwv it}V xixv7\v , r] ix pigovg. Ai\Xov 6* ix 

xaiv sigtjfiivoiv, xal oxt, xgonov xivd anavxa yiyvnai 

i§ ou(avv(i(ov, taoTtsg xd qpvosi, r) ix ftigovg bpavvfiov 

olov, i\ olxia l| olxlag, r) vnb vov. *H ydg xix>>y> to 

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eldog, rj ix fiegovg, r) fyovTog xi pegog , iav fir) xaxa 
oviifeptixos yiyvr\xai. To yag ai'xiov xov noutv ngib- 
%ov xa& uvxb fiigog • &egpoxrjg yag r) iv xjj xivr]aei, 
•d-egfioxrjxa iv tw aonfiuxt inolrjoev. Avxr] d* ioxlv 
rytoi vyleia, rj fiigog, rj axoXov&el avxj) fiigog xi ir)g 
vyulag, r) avxr) r) vyleia. Jib xal Xeysxai noielv, ox* 
ixelvo noul rr)v vyleiav, w dxoXovdu xal ovfipifirjxe 
degpoxrig. Jlaxe wan eg iv xolg ovXXoyiafiolg nav- 
Twy agxv V ovala (ix yag xov xl iaxiv oi ovXXoyi- 
l (j 7, ofioi eiaiv) ivtav&a de ai yeviaeig- ofioltag de xal xd 
<f>vou avviaxdfieva xovxoig exsi* To fib yag anig- 
fia no in waneg xa anb xixv^g. "E%si yag dvvifiei 
to eldog, xal a<p ov to on eg pa iatl m»g bfitowfiov • 
(ov yag ndvxa ovxw del trjxelv, ag i£ dr&gwnov Sv- 
•frgwnog' xal yag yvvr) it dvdgog. jib i\filovog ovx 
i* r)piovov'} dXX 3 iav fir) nr'igupa jj. *Ooa de anb 
xov avxofiaxov woneg ixei yivexai, ootov r) vXrj 6*v- 
vaxai xal vqf avxr)g xivela&at xavxrp xr)v xlvrjoiv, 
viv xb anigfia xivel. "Oowv de pr), tain a ddvvaxa 
viyvea&ai uXXmg 7tmg rj i£ avxmv. Ov fiovov de ne- 
gl trjg ovoiag 6 Xoyog drjXol xb fir) yivea&ai to eldog, 
dXXd negl ndvxtav ofiolcog xwv tiqwtwv xoivbg 6 Xoyog, 
olov noaov, noiov, xal xuv aXXwv xaxrjyogiwv. JTi- 
vexai yag aomg r) %aXxr) aqtaiga, dXX 3 ov aaidlga, 
ovde xctXxog. Kai inl xaXxov yivexai • ael yag 5ii 
ngovTidgxHv xr)v vXqv xal xb eldog. Ovxw de xal inl 
tov xi ioxiy xal inl xov noiov, xal noaov , xal xStv 
aXX(ov ofioltag xaxyyoguov. Ov yag yivexai xb notbv, 
aXXd xo noibv £vXov ovde to noaov t aXXa xb noaov 
SvXov, rj £wov. 'MX' i'diov %r\g ovoiag ix xovxav Xa- 

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METAPH. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 10. 145 

ftstv iaxiv, oxi avdyxi\ ngovndgxsiv &sl kxigav ovot- 
av ivxsXsxsia ova at 1} noisi,olov(wov siylvsxait&ov 
itoibv ds V noabv ovx avdyxrj, aX£ 1} dvvdfisi fiovov. 
*Ensl ds bgiofibg Xoyog iaxl , nag ds Xoyog fiigti 
fast' ig ds b Xoyog ngbg xb ngayfia, xal xb fiigog 
xov Xoyov ngbg xb fiigog xov ngdyfiaxog bfioUag Ixh, 
dnogsixai ijdrj t ndxsgov dsl xov xwv fitgwv Xoyov ivv- 
nagx ttv & T <? T0 ^ oXov X6yw ) ri ov. *En ivltav fisv yag 
(paivovxai ivovxa, in iviav ds ov. Tov fisv yag xv- 
xXov b Xoyog ovx sxn tov xwv xfirifidxajv ds xrjg 
avlXafirig, l/« tov xwv oxotxsfav xaixoi diaigslxai 
xal b xvxXog slg xd xfirjfiaxa , aontg xal ij ovXXaflrj 
tig xd oioixua. "Ext, ds si ngoxsgov xd pigy xov 
oXov, xr\g ds bg&ijg r\ «|aa fiigog , xal b ddxxvXog 
xov £(£ov, ngoxsgov av sly r t 6$ua xyg bgd-r\g , xal b 
ddxxvXog xov dv&gdnov. AoxsX d ixslvaslvamgo- 
xsga. -Tm Xoyta yag Xiyovxaiil ixsivwv, xal tg» that 
di Svsv aXXwXav nooxsga. "H noXXax&g Xsysxai xb 
usgog ; tov slg fisv xgonog, xo fisxgovv xaxa xo no- 
aov. IdXXd xovxo fisv dq>sia&(o • 4$ (av dsq ovaia wg 
fisgav, xovxo oxsnxiov. El ovv iaxi xb fisv vXrj , xb 
di sldog, xb ds ix xovxw, xal ovoia ij xs vXij, xal xb 
sldog, xal xb ix xovxav, 1'oxi fisv wg xal fj vXtj fiigog 
xivog Xiysxai, taxi d 3 &g ov , atf H (av xov sl'dovg 
Xoyog • olov xyg fisv xodoxijxog ovx saxiv rj oag£ fii- 
gog, (avxr) yag vXr\ t dtp rjg yivsxai) xtjg ds oifibxr)- 
xog fiigog xL Kal xov fisv oXov avdgidvxog fisgog 
bxaXxbg, xov d* ag sldovg Xsyofiivov avdgidvxog, 
ov. Asxxiov yag xb sldog xal jj sldog sxei sxaaxov. 
Arist. Metaph. K 

Digitized by GOOgle 


~7o d* vlmbvjOvdinote xa& avxb XtxTeov.//io o ftevxov 
xvxXov Xoyog ovx tx*i> tbv x&v xprjfjidxw o ds xi\g avX- 
Xa^gjov Twy ffToi^e/wy. Ta pev yag oxoixsta xov Ao- 
yov,ixigri tov tidovg,xal ovx ^ f l* Ta &* tfi^axa xov- 
xoav ovitti pigr\ wgvXri, iqp olg imyivtxav iyyvxiga piv- 
xov xov ti'dovg, rj 6 xalxbg, oxav iv xaXxw r\ oxgoy- 
yvXoxr^g iyyivr\xai. *'Eoxai d' eo$ ovds xa oxoixua 
ndvxa itjg ovXXa^rjg iv tgj Xoyq* ivioxai • oiov , xadl 
xa xygiva, rj xo\ iv tw dsgi. Hdrj yag xal xavxa 
fisgog xyg ovXXaftrjg, atgvXt} al<S'd- / r}xri' xal yag y yoa^i- 
/ui} ovx si duxigovfisvri eigxa i\(ilor{q)d-tLgsxat,y wg aw- 
&Q(07tog sig xa boxa xal vsvga xal udgxag. diaxov- 
xo xal tiolv ix zovmdv ovT(og wc ovxtav tr^g ovaiag 
(xbqcov, aXX' £>g il; vXtjq. Kai xov ftev ovvbXov fiiw 
xov. el'dovq ds xal ov 6 Xbyog, ovx txi. Aiomq aid' 
iv xolg Xoyoig. Ta>v fisv ovv ivioxai o x<bv xoiovxw 
jusqojv Xoyog • xwv d* ov del ivtlvat , av pi] -$ xoi 
ovvsiXrinpivov. Jiaydg xovxo, evict fit* ix xovxow 
tog ctQxwv ioxlv tig a <p&eigovxai , svia d ovx tcniv. 
°Ooa fiiv ovv ovvtiXrjppiva, x6 ndog xal q vXfj ioxlv' 
oiov, xo oiuov, 7} o xuXxovg xvxXog' xavia /iiv q>&ti- 
gtrai tig xavxa, xal fUgog avxatv r\ vXv\, "Ooa dt pi} 
ovveiXynxai xjtj vXrj, dXXa avsv xyg vXqg , oiov Xoym 
xov si'dovg fiovov, xavxa #' ov op-dsigsxai, y okojg , rj 
on, ovxag ys. "llox ixslvav psv agx<xl xal pign xa 
v(p avxa ' xov ds ti'dovg ovti pigr}, ovxe agjfct* xavxa. 
Kal dia xovxo <p& tiger at 6 nyXivog avdgiag ug w^- 
Xbv, xal % oycuQa eig xaXuov, xal b KaXXiag tig aaq- 
xu xal ooxa. *Exi bh b xvxXog sig xa xfirmaxa m soxi 
yug xi o ovvtiXtinxai xy vXy. c O(iarv/i(ag yag Xiys- 

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METAPH. LIB. VI. (Til.) CAP. 10. 147 

wi xvxXog, o, x« anXtog Xsyopevog, xal ol xa&* txa* 

<na, did to fiy livai I'diov ovofia Tolg xa& txmotov. 

J2gt)xai fuv ovv xal vvv to aXrj&ig • oftwg d 3 tti oa- 

tpiortgov ei'ncopsv inavaXajiivTtg. c 'Oaa piv yag tov 

Xoyov ftegrj, xal elg a diaigurai 6 Xoyog, tavta txqo- 

isga, tj ndvTa, rj evia, e 6s x^g ogdyg Xoyog ov 

diaigutat tig o£eiag Xoyov , dXXa Trjg oUiag Big 

ogdrjv. Xq7)t at yag 6 ogtCoptvog Tt)v b$uav , ttj 

OQ&jj. 'EXdiTW yag 6<y&r]g r) o£ela. 'Ofiolwg ds xal 

o xvxXog xal to ijfiixvxhov s/ovoi. To yag r)f*ixv- 

xXiov tw xvxXco ogi&Tai , xal o ddxTvXog tw oXfa. 

To yag toiovde pigog av&gamov , ddxivXog. "Jlod- 3 

ooapsv fiegrj wg vXr\, xal ug a diatqeltai cog lig 

vXyv, voTtga* ooa ds mg tov Xoyov xal Tr\g ovoiag 

trjg xaxa tov Xoyov, ttoot«o« , tj navta tj evia. 

Ensl ds r) twv £aW ipvx^i (rovxo yag ovoia tov ifi- 

y n 7°v) tj xatd tov Xoyov ovoia xal to tldog , xal to 

ti 7)v elvai tw TOtovTio owpaxi ' hxdoxov yovv to pi- 

gog idv 6gi£rjxaixaXag, ova avev tov Hgyov ogiuitu, 

o ovx tmdgZei avsv aio&r t otf»g • mote ret Tavxr\g fiigtj 

Ttgoxsga, tj navta rj evia tov ovv 6 Xov £toov * xal xa& 

exaoxov dr) opoiatg. To de oHofia xal xd tovtov fio- 

gia, voxsga xavxr]g xr\g ovoiag, xal diatgeixai tig 

TaiiTa wg elgvXryv, ovx V ovoia, aXXd to ovvoXov. 

Tov ftiv ovv ovvoXov, TcgoTtqa Tama Kotiv Ug, cot* 

V wg oil. Ovde yag etvai dvvarai XMQitofieva. Ov- 

& yag o ndvTwg %xw ddxTvXog, &»oi/ , al£ v(t(0vv-~ 

pog o Ttdyiwg. *Evia &i wfia ooa xvgia, xal 4v (o 

rcowTft) o Xoyog xal r) ovoia , olov el tovto xaotiia n 

tyxiqtaXog, diacp&gti yag ovbev, noxtgov toiovtov. 


Digitized by GOOgle 


c O d' av&gomog xal b Innog xal ra ovtag , inl ttov 
xa#' ixaota. Ku&oXov de ovx eativ oiaia, aXXa 
avvoXov ti ix tovdltov Xoyov, xa* tijgdl tr)g vXrig, 
wg xa&oXov. Ka& exaotov d' ix tr)g ioxaiyg vXr\g 
b JZwxgatrjg ridt) fori' xal inl t&v aXXwv ofioiag. 
Megog per ovv ioti xal tov ei'dovg (eldog de Xeya to 
ti r\v thai) xal tov avvoXov tov ix tov ei'dovg xal 
trig vXrjg aitr)g • aXXa tov Xoyov pegy, T « rov &8ovg 
ftovov ioiiv • 6 de Xoyog iotl tov xa&tiov. To yag 
xvxXto thai xal xvxXog, xal yvxjl *f* ai * a * WZV > \° 
avto. Tov de avvoXov r]dr) , olov xvxXov tovdl tm 
xa& exaata tivog , rj alo^xov r) votftov ( Xeyto de 
vorjtovg pev, olov tovg fia&rjfiaiixovg * aio&ritovgde, 
olov tovg xaXxovg xal SvXivovg) tovttav de dr) oix 
eativ oQiopog, aXXa petit vor)aeagri ala^r]atfagyvta^ 
£ovtai. UntX&ovtag deix trig ivteXex&lag, ov dr)Xov,n6- 
tegbv note tlaiv t r] oix elalv t aXti atl Xeyovtai xalyvwgj- 
iovtat tm xa&oXov Xoyco • r) d* vXij ayvmatog xa& av- 
triv^TXri der) fiev aio&rjtrj ianv t r) devoritr^Aia^ritri pew, 
olov *«Axos, xal ZvXov, xal oatj xivritr) vXrj • vor)Ty 
de, r) iv tolg alo&rjto'ig vnagxovaa , (tri r\ ala&rjta, 
olov Ta pa&ri[taTixa. n&g fiev ovv §#«* ntgl oXov 
xal fiegovg, xal ntgl tov ngotegov xal vatigov , el~ 
gritat. JJgog de tijv igatrjoiv avayxtj anavtijiv, otav 
tig igutci, note gov r\ og&ij xal 6 xvxXog, xal to fwoy 
ngottgov, tj tig a diaigovvtai, t« i£ wv tiai ta fisgt], 
oti oix unXwg. El fiev yag iott xal r] \pvxh SaJov, 
epipvxov rj exaatov, ^ kxaatov * xal xvxXog tw xv- 
xXat shai, xal r) og&rj tij og&fj elvat, xal y oiaia xijff 
&g&r]g, tlfiev, xal tivog votegovq?atiov • oiovtmv iv tta 

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METAPHYS. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 11., 149 

Xoyy, xal tivog og&rjg. Kal yag rj fist it ttjg vXyg i) 
X*Xxij 6g$r), xal tj iv talg ygappaXg talg xa& Ixa- 
ffia. *H d* avtv vXf\g, tuv fiiv iv t£ Xoyy votiga, 
tiv d* iv t£ xatx? txaota fioglatv ngotiga. 'Anion; 
d ov qpatiov. El d* ktiga xal pr\ ioriv r\ yvxn 
Hop *xal ovtw tdpiv <patiov, td d* ov <patiov, Hontg 

'Anogsitai di elxotwg , xal noia tov tl'dovg fiegrj f 
xal noia ov, dXXcc tov ovvuXrjpfiivov • xaitoi tovtov 
M dyXov ovtog, ovx totiv ogloao&ca txaotov. Toy 
ydg xa&oXov xal tov tl'dovg o bgiopog. noia ovv 
cot* t&v fitgmv tog vXr\, xal noia ov, idv firj rj qpayc- 
gd, ovdi 6 Xoyog lorcu yavtgbg 6 tov ngdyfiatog. 
Ooa fiiv ovv (paly era i imyiyvofitva icp htigoav tw et- 
du, olov xvxXog iv ^a/lxw xal Xi&(o xal £vXt$ • tavta 
piv ovv dtika thai doxu, oti ovdiv trjg tov xvxXov 
ova lag b %aXxog, ovtfo Xi&og, did to xwgl&o&ai av- 
t&v. "Ooa di fit) bgatai, /w^tfo/ifya^ ovdiv fiiv xw- 
Xvu ofioiwg eytiv tovioig, ojansg xav ti oi xvxXot 
ndvttg kagwno xaXxol. Ovdiv ydg t\ttov t}V 6 ^aA- 
*bg tov tl'dovg. XaXenbv di dysXsiv tovto tjj dia- 
tola* olov, to tov dv&g&nov tldog dtl iv oag£l q>al- 
vttai xal botolg, xal tdig toiovtoig fiigtoiv, *Ag 
ovv xal eoti fiigrj tavta tov tl'dovg xal tov Xoyov, 
ri ov, aXt vXri ; IdXXa did to fiy xal in aXXco imy~ 
vto&ai, advvatovfisv ^cop/aat. 'finel di tovto doxu 
ivdixto&at, SdtjXov di note, anogovol tuvtc vdtj xal 
inltov xvxXov xal inl tov tgiytavov, &g ov ngoor\- 
xovyga/jfialg bgi&o&ai xal ttp ovvtxti, aXXa tavta 

Digitized by GOOgle 


nana bfioloag Xiyto&ai , woavel odqxsg ij botd tov 
dv&q&nov, xal xaXxbg xal Xi&og xvxXov • xal avd- 
yovoi ndvta tig tovg dqi&fiovg , xal yqafifitjg tov 
koyov, tov twv dvo tlval (paoi. Kal t&v rag idiag 
Xty6vttov t ol ftiv avtoyqafifji^v tijv dvdda, ol di to tldog 
trig yqafdfifjg. "Evict fiiv ydq thai td avid to ildog, xal 
ovtb tldog'olov, dvdda xal to tldog dvddog^Enl yqap- 
ur\g di ova eon. Svppalvti dy ev ts noXXwv tldog 
thai, &v to tldog qpalvttat tttqov • ontq xal tolg Ilv- 
&ayoqtioig ovvipatvs • xal ivdixttat tv ndvtmv noiiiv 
avtb tldog, td d' akla pi) tTdrj. Kaitoi ovmg tv 
ndvta totai. "Ou fur ovv txti dnoqiav tivd , tot 
ntql tovg ootofiovg, xal did tiv aitlav, ti'qijtai. Aib 
xal to ndvta avdytiv ovtw, xal acpaiqitv tr\v vXtjv, 
ntqitqyov. "Evia ydq Vowg , tod 3 iv tydi* iotlv , ^ 
tbdl todl exovta. Kal r\ naqafloXii f) inl tov £a)ov, 
r\v HM&ti Xiynv ^axqaiyg b vmttqog , ov xalwg 
exei. 'Andyti ydq dno tov dXrj&ovg, xal noitl vno- 
Xafifldvuv wg ivdtxbfitvov thai tov av-d-qomov avtv 
t<uj> (isqwv, uioTisQ avtv tov x«Xxov tov xvxXov. To 
d' ovx opoiov. Alo&Tjtbv ydq ti i'otog to £<bov , xal 
avtv xivrjottog ovx totiv bqioao&ai. Jib ovd* Svtv 
twv fitq&v ixovttov niag. Ov ydq ndvxcog tov ay- 
■d-qtanov fiiqog fj X**Q* <*^ ^ dvvafiivi) to tqyov cctio- 
ttXttv, watt tfiyvxog ovoa ' fit) tpipvxog di ov fiiqog. 
Tltql di td fia&rjfiaTixcc, did tl oix tiol ftigrj ol loyoi 
taiv Xoytav; olov xvxXov td rjfiixvxXia. Ov ydq iotiv 
ala&rjtdtavta. "H ovdiv diaqpiqti; total ydq vXi) 
ivitav, xal ftrj aio&rjtav xal navtbg, o fit] ion xi 4\v 
thai. KvxXov fiiv ovv ovx total tov xa&oXov xwy 

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di Max? tnaaxa, taxai pegy xavxa , wantg tfgyjxat 
ngoxegov. *Eaxi yag *\ vXrj, q piv alo&rjxfi , 1} di \ 
potjtri. dr)Xovde xal oxt i\ piv Y^xh oioia ^ itgoi- 
iij, xb de oiapa vAij • 6 d* tlv&gwiog, % xb Jwov to # 
apqpotv, ig xa&oXov. 2wxgaxt)g de xai Koglaxog, 
d piv fj yvxh , dixxov • oi piv yag wg vjvxv v , 
ol d* wg to ovvoXov ti d* anXug r\ y/vx^l ijde, 
xal lb awpa too**, aaneg to xa&okov, nal to 
*a& fhtaaxcv. Jloxegov di iaxi naga xi}v vXijv xwv 
xoiovx&v T*ff ovoiwv aXXr\ , xal del fainr oioiav av- 
xup higavxiva, oior agt&povg r ; xi xotovxov , axt- 
nxiov voitgov. Tovxov yag X<*Q L * *«* ^ftf* *«y«*- 
a&r t x<»roiouov7ieigwpe&a diogi£eiv, friel xgonov xiva 
lygjpvoixiig jca< devxegag cpiXooocpicxg egyov ^ two* 
tocs alo&rjag ovaiag &ewgia* Ov yag povov negl 
trig vXr^g del yvwgi&iv xb* (pvoixor, aXXa xal xrjg xa- 
ia xbv Xoyovj xal paXXov. *Enl de xwv bgwpwv, nag 
pigy xa iv tw Xoyw, xal dia xi tig Xdyog 6 bgiapcg. 
dyXov yag on to ngaypa ev to de ngaypa xivi ev, 
pigi\ ye &x ov * axenxeov vaxegov. Ti piv ovv iaxi xb xi i\v 
nvai, xal nwg avxb xatf avxb, xa&oXov negl navxbg 
tlgi\xai' xal dia xi xwvpev 6 Xoyog b xov xi i\v elvai, 
txuxa pogia xov bgifrpivov, x&v ©*' ov xal on iv 
piv Tft? xrjg ovaiag Xoyy xa ovxw pogia , wg vXtj ovx 
tvtaxi. Ov yag eoxiv hdrqg (dogia xr\g ovaiag , aX- 
Xa xrig ovv 6 Xov. Tavxrjg diy ioxi'ntag Xoyog, xal ovx 
$Jxi.M$xa fiiv yag xrjg vXtig f ovx botw, (aogtaxov yag) 
xaxaxyvTtgwxrjr 6* ovoiav ioxiv* olov, ay&gwnov b xrjg 
V*>XW Xoyog. € Hyag ova la iaxl xb eldog xb ivbv, i$ ov 
xal xr\g vXr\g ^ avvoXog Xiytxai ovala, olov r\ xoiXoxr^g, 

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*Ex ydg xavxrjg xal Tjjs g'tvbg, otpfj §lg, xal ft oifio- 

xrjg ioxi. Jig ydg iv xovxoig vndgxu V gk* '& $ 

itj ovvoXto ovalec, oiov givl aipy, r\ KaXXla, evsoxt xal 

7) vXt\ ' xal on xb xl r\v slvai xal txaaxov , inl xtvat 

(*b xavxb, toantg inl ttov ngtoxtov ovottov ' oiov, xotfi- 

\ nvXoxijg xal xafinvXoxrjxt ilvai, u ngwxij ioxi. Aiyw 

J di ngtoxyv, 1) firj Xiysxai ?w aXXo iv aXXto elvai xal 

X vTxoxufiivco tog vXrj, "Ooa $* tog v'Xti, ^ a>g ovvciXriiA- 

I fiiva xji vXy , ov xavxb, el pr) xaxa ovfijSs^rixog tv, 

\ oiov o Stoxgaxyg xal xb ftovoixov. Tavxaydg xav- 

xd xaxa ovppsprjxog. 


Nvv di Xiytofitv tiqwiov, i<p* ooov iv xolg dvaXv- 
xixolg nzgl bgtopov fit] el'grixai. C H yag iv ixeivoig 
dnogia Xex&iloa, ngb sgyov xolg negl xrjg ova tag ioxl 
Xoyoig. Aiyto Si xavxtjv xr\v anogiav, Sid %i ixoxs 
ev ioxi to bgioxbv, ov tov Xbyov bgiofiov elvai <papev' 
oiov, b xov av&gvmov xo £aov diixovv. 'Eaxto yag 
ovxog avxov Xoyog. did xl di] xovxo %v ioxiv , aX£ 
ov noXXa, %fi)OV xal dinovv/'Enl fiiv yag xov av&QU- 
nog xal Xsvxbv, noXXd fiiv ioxiv, oxav fit} vndgxji #«- 
xigto &dxtgov • tv ds, oxav vndgxfj xal nd&tf xt to 
vnoxsifiBvov b dv&goanog. Toxs yag tv ylvtxai , xal 
toxiv b Xsvxbg av&gtonog, 'Evxav&a d' ov (Atxixu 
&axigov &dxeqov. To yag yivog, ov doxsl fiexixw 
xoiv dtaqpogtov apa ydg ov xatv ivavxitov xb avxb jui- 
xixsiv. Ai yag diaqpogal ivavxiai, alg diaqtigei xb 
yivog. El ds xal fisxix^h b avxbg Xoyog, ti'ntg hop 
ai diayogal nXtfovg, oiov m£bv , dinovv, anxegov- 
Jiaxl ydg xavxa ev, dX£ ov noXXd; Ovxto fiiv yog 

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MKTAPH. LIB. VI. f\\\ ) CAP. 12. 153 

it anavtwv carat to IV. Ah di yt ev dvai oaa to t$ 
ogiopip • o yap ogiapog Xoyog tig iouv tig xal ovolw 
&ott kvog tivog dtl avtbv elvai Xoyov, Kal yag ij 
ovoia ty ii xal tods ti otipaivsi, tag yafiiv. Ail d' 
inwxonuv ngattov nigl tuv xata tag diaigiottg bgi- 
opwv. Ovdiv yag tit gov iotiv iv tw 6 giop oj , nXiyv 
to, is itg&tov Xeyoptvov yivog, xal ai dioccpogal • ta 
d aXXa yivrj toil, to, te ngiatov xal pita tovtov ai 
ovXXafifiavofitvai diaq>ogal' olov to ngwrov, £cuov 
tods ixopsvov, £iwov dlnovv, xal nakiv £$ov dlnovv, 
anngov. 'Opolmg di x$v did nXtiovoav Xiyrjtai. "OXug 
d ovdiv diayigudid 7toXX<ur,rj di oXlyatv, y diddvolv. 
Toiv dvolv di, to piv dia<pogd , to di yivog , olov to 
&ov dlnovv. to piv fwov, yivog* diayoga dij &ate- 
oov. El ovv to yivog ankajg pr] iati naga id tog 
yivovg tl'drj, rj si sott/iiv, wg vXr\ d* iotlv (ypiv yag 
<ptovr), yivo% xal vXr\ • ai di diaq>ogal, id tidy xal id 
VToe/ela ix iavtv)g noiovoiv) yavtgbv on bgiopog 
iotiv 6 ix tStv diaq>0Qwv Xoyog. *AXXd pi)v, xal dii 
yt diaigsio&ai tr)v tr\g diacpogag diayogdv, Olov 
(<oov diaqpogd, to vnonovv. IldXiv tov £a>ov tov 
vnonodog tr)v diaq>ogdv del tidivai rj vnonovv. Slate 
ov Xtxtiov tov vnonodog to ftiv megoaiov , to di 
amtgov, xavntg Xiyrjtai xaXlag • alia dia to advva- 
tUv noir]aei tovto • aX$ tl to fiiv oxitonovv, to d 
uaxtatov. Altai yag diaqpogal nodog. C H yag aya- 
ionodla, nodotrjg tig iouv. Kal ovt tag dtl (lovlt- 
tai padl£siv, tag av *X$tj fig ta ddidq?oga. Tote d* 
I'oovtai tooavta sl'dr} nodog, ooatntg ai dia<pogal' 
xal ta vnoTtoda JaJ« laa talg diaq>ogaig. El dt) lav- 

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ra ovttog !#«* , qpavsgbv on y tsXevrcua duxqpogd , if 
ovala tov ngdyfiaTog zotcu • xal o bgiofibg sen eg y,r\ 
8el noXXdxig ravti Xiyeiv iv toig ogoig ' negiegyov 
ydg • ovppaivH 8i ye tovto. "Orav ydg el'nrj Jiwov 
vnonovv Slnovv, oiSsv aXXo tl'grixev *j £toov nodag 
fyov , ^vo nodag exov xav tovto diougrj it\ olna'a 
diaigiott, nXeovdxig igel xal ioaxig Taig diaqpogaig, 
'jidv (xkv Srj diaq>ogdg diacpogd yevyTai, ftia eaxai i) 
reXevtata to eidog xal y ovala • idv 8i xatd ovfipe- 
Ptjxbg , olov ei diaigoirj tov vnonodog to fiev Xevxbv, 
to ds /uiXav , Tooavtai boai dv at rofial aaiv. Jlare 
(par eg by oti 6 bgtofibg Xoyog ioiiv b ixTtov diayogoiv, 
xal tovtouv ii\g xeXevxaiag xatd yt to 6g&6v. Ar\Xov 
8 ' dv elrj , ei' tig (letatd&is Tovg Toioviovg ogiofiovg, 
olov tov xov dv&gwnov, Xsywv £aov Sinovv, vnonovv, 
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Tee£f£ 8s ovx toTiv iv Tfj ovala. Ilag ydg 8el vorjoai 
to fiev vaxegov, to 8e ngotegov ; Jlegl {ikv ovv twv xa- 
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enaviX&aftev. Aey etui d' wonegTo vnoxsifievov ovala 
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&6Xov. Ilegl (lev ovv tolv dvdlv eXgr\Tai' xal ydg 
negl tov tI t\v elvai, xal tov vnoxsipivov , oti 8ix<x>$ 
vnoxenai, rj <&g jbds ti ov f won eg to t&ovTolg nd&e- 
oiv, rj ag vXrj TJj evxeXex^ia. Joxel 8s xal to xa&6- 
Xov aXtiov Tioiv thai fidXiora , xal that, xal agM* 
to xa&oXov. Jib iniX&Mfitv xal ntql tovtov. "tioixs 

d by Google 

METAPH. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 13. i55 

yag ddvvatov tlvai, ovaiav tlvai btiovv , t&v xa&o- 
Xov XtYOfidpw. JJgmrfrj (iiv yag ovaia i) kxdarov , if 
ovx vndgxei aXXy to di xa&oXov , xoivov. Tovio 
yag IdysTcu xa&oXov , o nXtioaiv vnagxtiv niyvxt* 
Tivog ovv ova ia tovt total ;*Hydg ndvt&v, tj ovdt- 
vog. ndvxmv di ovx olov tt m kvbg £' tl iatai, xal 
taXXa tovt tatai. Jlv yag pia f\ ovaia , xal to t* 
rjv tlvai ev, xal avta fr. "JEti ovaia fiiv Xiyttai , to 
juij xa&* vnoxtipivov. To dixadoXov, xa& vno 
xttfiivov tiros Xiyttai ati. 3 AX£ aga ovto§ fiiv ovx 
ivdix^tai, o>ff to tirjv tlvai' iv avtco de ivvndgxnv : 
olov to t<oov , iv T(T> dvd-gumtn xal Xnnw. Ovxovv 
drfXov, on tarai Tig avxov Xoyog. Aiacpsgti d* ovdiv, 
ovS* ti fifj ndvrwv Xoyog txnl tmv iv tj) ovaia. Ov~ 
dip yag rjTTOv ovaia tovt tataitivbg, wg o ay&oamog 
tov av&gtonov iv tp vndgxti. "Slats to avtb oi/|u- 
§r]atrai ndXiv. "Eotoi yao ovaia, ixsivov ovaia , olov 
to £&ov iv <5 ti'dti wg i'diov vndgxti, "Eti di xal adv- 
votov xal atonov to todt xal ovaiav, ti tativ ex tvvtav, 
fifi i| ovai&v tlvai, fifjS 3 ix tov Todt ti, alX ix tov 
itoiov. JIgoTtgov ydg total, fir) ovaia tc xal to v 
noibv, ovaiag te xal tov tode* onto advvaTOv. Ov ttt 
Xoyta yag, ovts xgovto ovtt ytviau oiov tt t« ndd"n \ 
rjrjg ovaiag tlvai ngoxtg a. "Eotai yao x&QioTa. Exi 9 
tm ^toXQcxTy , ovaia, iwndglti ovaia m wort dvolv tar ai 
ovaia. u OX(og di avppabn ti to tip oiaia 6 av&gwnog, 
xal oaa ovxta XiysTai, htj&ev r&v iv tw Xoyqsivaifiri- 
dsvbg ovaiav , pride jfojot? vnagxsiv aixav , fii)d iv 
aXXw. Aiyw d' olov, ovx tlvai ti &Sov naga t« Tiva, 
ovJ' aXXo twv iv Tolg Xcyoig ovdiv. *'Ex t« di) tovtm 

Digitized by GOOgle 


decogovai (pavtgbv , on ovdkv t&v xa&olov vnagxo*- 
Ttav ova/a fori, xa* o?t ovdsy orjpaiv$t Twrxoivjj xa- 
%r\yogov^ivwv to8$ rt, allot rotovde. Ei tie (it}, alia 
ic 7rolXa ovfi/Saivn, xal o jghog av&gatnog. "Ext 8i 
xal code drjlov. *4&vvaxov yag ovaiav i£ ovoi&v slvat, 
ivvnagxovo&v ovitag cog ivjsXexsia. Ta yag dvo ov- 
rtog ivTtltxtia, ovdinoxt tv inelsx*i<f» *A11? iav 6v- 
vd(xu Svo ji, euiai tv • olov tj dinlaoiaix dvo ^/i/aew* 
dwdfisi ye, *H yag ivtslixtut iv alloig ^w^/Jei. "flora 
tiovolctfv, ovx loiou i$ ovoiav iwitagxovoStv , xal 
xatii tovtov tov Tgonov or liyst, JfjfioxgiTog OQ&wg* 
ddvvaxov yag thaicpqoiv ix dvo ev, t) £ kvbg dvo yi- 
vio&ai ' ta yag ftsyi&rj ra atofia, rag oiolag noiu. 
c O(xolbjg toIvvv drjlov oti xal in agi&pov Set, sfneg 
ioxlv 6 agi&fiog ovv&soig povddwv, wrntg liystw 
vno ttvoav, *H yag ovx * v t V 8vdg, 1} ovx evsan fiovdg 
iv avxji iyrelBx^ia. "Exsi ds to ovppaXvov dnogiav. El 
yag fi^t8 ix %mv xa&olov olov t slvai ftrjdsfniav ov- 
oiav diet to TOiovdt, alia pr\ Tods it orjfiabetv , pyx 
IS ovoiwv ivdix8Tai ivTslexsia slvai fiTjdefilav ovaiav 
ovv&stov , aovv&SToy av el'tj ovoia naoa • wan oiidt 
loyog av tit} ovdefuag oiolag, 'Allot jjli)v dovti yt 
naoi xal ilix&y ndlat, r) povov elvai ovalag ogov , y 
fidliora, Nvv tf' ovdi Tavvrig, Ovd' kvog ag torat 
ogiofiog. *H Tgonov \iiv Tiva Horai , Tgonov di Tiva 
ov; dijlov d* soTat to leyopevov ix tmv voregot 

<l«xvtgbv d' i£ avT&v TOVTtov to avfiflaivov xal 
Tolg tag idiag liyovotv ovoiag t« xal XNgtordg tiva* 

METAPH. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 14. 157 

apa, xal apa to tldog ix xov yivovg noiovoi, xalx&v 
dwcpoQUV. El yaq iari ia sl'drj xal to fwoy iv i(a 
dv&QMTua xal inmp, qtoi iv xal xavxbv tw dgi&po) 
intv, ij htgov ' t$ piv yao Xbyt$ dyXov oxi tv. Tov 
yio avxbv dtd&ioi Xoyov 6 Xdyuv iv kxaxigqt, Ei ovv 
ioxl xig Sv&gtanog avxb xa& avxb , xoSe xi xal xe/ai- 
giapevov, ay ay XT) xal {£ (ov, olov, to &oov, xal to dl- 
novv, Tode t* oypalveiv, xaltlvaix&Qiora xal ovolag* 
aats xal to £(t*ov. El piv ovv to avxb xal iv tw 
inrnp, wcmeg ov oavx$ , nag iv X^qU ovoiv tv taxai, 
xa* Sid xl o$ xal £&)£*£ avxov eaxat to Jiwov xovxo ; 
Enuxa il piv pi-friSti tov Sinodog xal xov noXvnodog, 
aftvvaiov it, ovpflaivu. Tavavxla yao a pa vtkxqSu 
avTw, kvl xal x&de ovxi,. El de pifa xig 6 xoonog, oxav 
tiny Tig to feSo? slvai dinovv rj ne£ov ; *AX£ tatogovy- 
*nxai xal anxtxeu, % pipixxai. IdXXd ndvxa ax on a • 
«U' htgov iv kxdoxw. Ovxovv ansiga, wg snog riniiv, 
htai f (ov r) ovaia fwoy. Ov ydg xaxd ovppeftTjxog 
t* fwov o avd-owjtog, v Exi noXXa eoxat, aixb to £<aov. 
Ovaia xe ydg xb iv kxaaxn &oov. Ov ydg xax a I Xov 
fynav sidsprj, i$ ixtivov taxai bav&ownog, xalyi- 
*og aixov ixuvo. Kai sn Id ecu dnavxa i$ (ov b av- 
fywiog • ovxovv ovx aXXov piv idea box at , aXXov 6* 
ovola. 'Advvaxov yaQ. Avxb dga Jwov toxin* exaaxov 
wv iv toig £woig. v Exi, ix xivog xovxov , xal niog i$ 
owtov £toov ; rj niog olov xs elvai xb (mov o ovaia 
tovxo avxb naq avxb xb fcaiov/'Exi d inlxwv ala^Jj- 
t(ov xavxd xz avppaivu , xal tovxojv axonuxtga. El 
o^ advvaxov ovxtog sx*Wt ^Xov oxi ovx Honvidiaav- 
xiav ovT(ag, &g xivig yaotv. 

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158 AK1ST0TEL1S 


*Eml d' ovoia kxiqa, to, t* ovvolov xal o layog * 

(Xeyo) d on r\ (jisv ovx cog ioxiv ovoia avv tj; vXy ovy- 

tdrjfifiiyogoXoyog, fjdio Xoyog olios) ooa (uvovv ovxa 

Xeysxai, xovxow fisv ioxi <p&oqa* xalydq ysvtotg • tov 

di Xoyov ovxl'oxiv ovxag, coots qp&sigead-at. Ovde 

yaq yiveoig. Ov yaq yivtxai to oixia etvai, dXXa to 

xjjde rfj oixia. *AXX* avtv ytviaewg xal tp&oqag eiai 

xal ovx uoL Jiduxxai yaq oxt ovdtlg xavxa ytrva 

ovde noiii. Aid xovxo ds xal rwv ovaiotv tmv alo&rj- 

xwv xwv xa&' ixaoxa, ovx$ bqiopog outs dnodtiSU 

ioxiv, oil sxovoiv vXtjv, 7jg fjq>votgxoiavxi], wW ivdi- 

X^o&ai xal tlvai xal f4r t . Aib q>&aqxd nana fa xa& 

sxaoxa avxwv. £i ov* % xs anodt&g tw avayxaiuw, 

xal 6 bgiofiog i7ii(jt7]fiovixog, xal ovx ipdixsxai, oianeq 

ovd iniorri^i]v , bxs fiiv iiniaxrjuriv, oxid* ayvotav 

ilvat, dXXa do Sato toiovxov ioxiv , ovxtag ovd' dno- 

dn£iv ovd* bqiofibv , dXXa do£a ioxl xov ivdixo/uvov 

aXXtag tx^v , drjXov oxi ovx dp Bifj avxS>v , ovxs bqt- 

oftog ovxt dnodsiSig. "AdrjXd xe yaq xa q>&eio6(*tva xolg 

exovot xrp inioxrjfiTjv, bxav ix xyg aiad-rjoscag octzbX&tj. 

Kal O(o£o(iiv(av xwp Xoy&tv iv xy yvxy xwy aviwv, ovx 

sot at ovxt oqiofiog \xi, ovxs dn6dti£ig, Aib dsi xwp 

nqbg oqop, oxav xtg bqi^rixai xi xmv xa& ixaoxa , pi) 

ayvouv } oxi dtl dvaiquv ioxiv. Ov yaq ivdix*xai 

oqioao&ai* ovde dr\ idiav ovdtfiiav ioxiv bqiaao&ai. 

Twp yaq xa& ixaoxov fj Idia , wg <paoi, xal xwqioxfj. 

Avayxdiov de xal 4§ 6 vo parco? sJvaixbv Xoyov ovopa 

d ov noiijoeib 6qi£6(ievog* dyvwoxov yaq soxai. Te 

ds xeiptva, xoivd ndoiv. 'Avdyxrj aqa vnaqxsiv xal 

Digitized by GOOgk 

MET A PH. LIB. VI. (VH.J CAP. 15. 159 

aXXoig xavxa* xal eftig era bgloaixo £wov, igu io%vbv y 

r\ hvxbv, tj exsgov tt, o xal d'XXca vndglu. El di xtg 

ipairi (iijdiv xwXveiv, x*>Q*$ ftiv ndvxa noXXoig, cifia di 

fiovu xovxtp vndgxtiv , ngStxov fiiv oxi xal afiopdlv 

oiov, to fawv dinovv, t<£ £«a> xal xa> dinodi. Kal 

xovxo inlpiv %&v a'idiwv , xal dvdyxrj ys stvai, ngo- 

xsgd y ovxa xal fisgrj tov ow&ixov IdXXa /urjv xal 

Xtogioxd, tinsg xo av&gwnog x n Q l(Jt0 ' v * i 7 a Q ovdiv, 

rj ufMpto. Ml fiiv ovv pydiv , ovx toxai xo yivog na- 

gd id ii'dr}. El d 1 eoxat, xal r) diayogd. El&* bxt 

ngoxega tw elvai ' xavxa di ovx dvxavaiguxai. 

Enuxa di el i$ Idtwv al Idsai, (dovv&sxaxega ydg xd 

e£ &v) I't*. inl noXXuv dir^on xdxtiva xaxrjyoguo&ai 

f£ uv r) idea* oiov , to £aW, xal xo dinovv. El di 

ftri, nag yvfagwd-rjoexai ; eoxaiydg r) idiaxlg, r\v ddv- 

vaxov inl nXsiov&v xairjyogi}oai r) kvog. Ov doxel 

di, aXXct naoa idea tivat, [At&txxr}. c Jlantg ovv eXgr]- 

xai, Xav&dvu on ddvvaxov bgioao&at, iv xoig d'idioig, 

udXioia di boa fiovaxd' oiov, r)Xtog xal r) oiXrjvrj. 

Ov fiovov ydg diapagxdvovoi^ t<£ ngoau&ivai xol- 

avxa, (av aq> pivwv, txi i'oxai r\Xiog, wansg xo jt«- 

qI yr)v Ibv r] vvxxixgvyig. *Av ydg oxy r\ <pavjj, ovx 

%xi i'oxat, i)Xiog • aX£ axonov u fir]. C Q ydg r)Xiog 

ova lav tivd Ofipaivu. "Jixi baa in aXXov 4vdix***xf 

oiov idv txsgog yivyxai xoiovxog, drjXov oxi r)Xiog soxai. 

Kotvbg aga b Xbyog * aX£ r\v xav xa& 3 exaoxao tjXiog, 

woneg KXiwv , r) ^wxgdxrjg • iml did xi ovdfl§ ogov 

ixopdgu avxwv iddag; rivoixo ydg av di\Xov migtoui- 

vwv, oxi aXr}&i€ xb vvv slgrjfiivov. 

Digitized by GOOgk 



ftavtobv ds on xal t&v doxovotov ovoi&v zlvai, 
ainXsiotai dvvdfiug sial, id is fiOQia twv^wwv. Ov- 
dsv yaq xexwQiopivov avtcov iouv. "Otav di /eapi- 
o&ij, xal totc ovxa oyg vXrj ndvra, xal yij, xal nvg, xal 
ar\g. Ovdsv ydg airwv IV ionv, «U' olov oagog, tiqivt] 
nty&f) xal yhr\iul 11 i£ avxiav iv. MaXusta d' av 
rtg ra jm> ifiipvxoav vnoXdpoi fiogia, xal t« rrjg \pv- 
Xt\g ndgsyyvg apqxo ylvto&ai, b'vta xal ivrtXtx sice xal 
dvvdfiei, tw agxdg %x HV xivrjofvig ano nvog iv xcug 
x a (A7t oil g. Jib evict £o5a diaigovfieva Jjj. dXV ofiatg 
dwdpei ndvta eorai, otav y IV xal avvsxig <pvau, 
aXXa firj pia ij ovfiopvau. To ydg totovtov nr^gmoig. 
'En el de to IV Xiysxcu gkjttsq xal to ov , xal rj ovoia 
r\ tov Ivbg pia, xal wv pia dgi&ptp, IV agi&pip, q>a- 
vsgov on ovts to IV, ovts to ov ivdix^Tai ovoiav swat 
%S)v ngaypdrtav, wotisq ovderw orot/e7a> elvai, r\ dgxj). 
IdXXa £r}T0vpev, rig ovv r\ dgxy ; *Va elg yvtagip&Tigav 
dvdywpsv. MaXXov piv ovv rovitav ovoia to ov xal 
tv, rj ?jt8 dgxtj xal to otoixuov, xal to ainov. Ovna> 
ds ovds ravta , tlntg prjd' aXXo xoivov pridkv ovoia. 
Ovdsvl ydg vndgx^i V ovoia, dXX' avxi\ ye xal tu 
s'xovzi avjrjv, ov iouv ovoia. "En si to IV noXkaxfi, 
ovx dv el'r} apa* to ds xoivov a pa ndot nokXaxp 
vnaQxu. °Slaxs drjXov oti ovdev twv xa&oXov vndg- 
X^i nagd xd xa& ffxaoxa #ft/o«$, <*& °* ttt S ^V Xiyov- 
*tg> it] jiiv og&ojg Xiyovoi x^Qi£ovTeg avra, tlnsQ ov- 
oiai uoi* Ttj 5' ovx oo&ag, on to f.v inl ttoXXwv sldog 
Xsyovoiv. Ainov 5' on ovx tyovoiv anodovvai, Tiveg 
ai joiavxai ova/at ai d<p&agToi Ttaoa rag xafr* exa- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. VI. (VII.) CAP. 17. 161 

<rtot xal aio&rjTag. JJoiovoiP ovp xdg avxdg tw ttdn 
rolg fp&agxolg, (xavxag ydg fofiiv,) avxodp&goi7iop, 
xal avxo'Cnnov, ngooxidhrttg xolg aio&r]Tolg xo qi\fia 
xo avxo. Kaixoi xup si firj kiagdxtifitp xd aoxga, ov- 
dip dp fjtxop'oJfiai yoav ovaiai a'i'dioi , nag 3 ag fifing 
f t dufitp. "ftoxt xal pvp, ti fiy txoifitp xivig tlolv, dXl* 
thai yt xipdg long dvayxouov. "Oxi fiiv ovv ovxs t&v 
xa&oXov Xeyofiivojp ovdepovaia, ovj ioxip oioiaovdk 
pla t£ ovoiwv, dyXov. 

Ti di xgh Xiytip xal bnoiov u xtjp ovoiav , ndXip 
aXXtjv olop dgxyp noiriaapspo* Xiywfitp. "iotag ydg 
Ix to vt up eorou drjXov xal n bqI ixtipfjgxtjg ova tag, rjug 
iaxl xtxagtopipri x&p aio&fjxuv ovoiwr. 'Entl ovp 
% ovoia igxv *«* alxia tig ioxw, ipxtv&tp jitxtxiop. 
Ztjthtou de xo did ti del ovxmg , did xi aXXo aXXw xipl 
vndgxtt. To ydg frixtip did xt o fiovoixog aWoai- 
nog, fiovoixog ioxip ap&gvmog, rjxot loxixb tigrjfibpop 
£r t xup, did xi 6 apdgmnog fiovoixog ioxip, r]aXXo. To 
fih ovp did xi avxo ioxip avxo , ovdsp ion £i?T«7y. 
Aii yag to op xi xal xo tlpai vndgxtw dyXa opxa. 
Asyw d oiop, oxi t) atXfjprj ixXtinw avxov di,oxi av- 
xo tig Xoyog xal fiia aixia bil ndpxap' did xi o aV- 
&Q<onog ap&gwnog , r\ 6 fiovoixog fiovoixog* nXr\v 
u xig Xiyoi oxi ddiaigtxop ngbg avxo txaoxop • xovxo 
d' tip, xo %v thai. IdXXd xovxo xoipop xt xaxd ndp- 
x(op xal xo ovvxofiop. Zr\xr\aEU d* dp xig did xi o dv~ 
•d-gmtog iaxl fwoy xoiopdi; Tovxo flip ovp dyXop, oxt, 
ov Stjxti , did xi og ioxip apd-gianog , ap&gamog ioxi* 
T* aqa xaxd xipog tyxsi y did xi vndgxti. "Oxi if 
Arist. Metaph. L 

Digitized by GOOgle 

162 AR1ST0TEL1S 

indgxu , dii dyXov elvcu. El ydg fin ovxag , ovdb 
Ztjxu • olop did xiflgovxqr; dtoxt ipoatog yivsxai h xdig 
viqpsoiv. "Alio ydg ovtiog xax aXXov ioxl xo £r}Toi>- 
favov. Kal did xl xadl , olov nXlv&oi xal Xi&ov , oi- 
xia ioxL ftavtgbv xolvvv, oxi £i?t«Z to ai'xiov, Toi~ 
to di ioxi xb xl rjv elvou, <5$ uniiv Xoyix&g. °0 in 
iviav piv ioxi xlvog tvexa, olov lotog in oixlag rj xXi- 
vrjg • in ivltav di xl txivrjae ngwxov. Aixiov ydg xal 
xovxo. *AXXd xb fih xoiovxov aXxiov , inl xov yivt- 
o&cu £rjxuxaixalq>d-tlgBO&ai, &dxtgov dexal inl xov 
slvai. Aav&dvst ds pdXioxa xo ^xovfisvov iv xolg [ii] 
xax dlXrjXwv Xsyopivoig. Olov av&gwnog xl ioxi £i?t«7- 
xai, did xo dnXwgXiyso&ai, aXXa pr\ diogifyiv, on xdds 
rixods?AXXd dsi diog&aboavxag tytdivd di firj xoivbv xov 
prjdiv £r\xtlv,xal xov &*&* xl yiyvsxai 'Ensl ds du sx^iv 
ts xal vnagxsiv xo slvai, dyXov di\ oxi xi\vvXr\v £ijtc* 
diet xl ioxiv olov, olxia xadL did xl; oxi xadl vndgxsi, 
o r\v olxla slvai. Kal avdgwnog bdl, rj to owpa xovxo 
xodl %xov, "ifloxB xo al'xiov £rjxsixai xyg vXrjg. Tovxo 
#' ioxl xo sldog to xl ion • xovxo d* t) ovoia. f&avsgbv 
xolvvv , oxi inl xvv dnXwv ovx soxi tig trjxrjoig , ovde 
didattg , aXX' sxsgog xgdnog xyg £t)xyosi»g xwv xoiov- 
xav. 3 Ensl ds xo sx xtyog ovv&sxov ovxtag , woxs iv 
slvai xb nay , dXXd fir\ wg ougbg, aX£ mg y ovXXaftt}- 
r\ ds ovXXapr\ ovx son xd oxoix&a* ovdsxavxb xb B 
xal A' ovd* rj oag£, xal nvg xal ytj. AiaXv&ivxoiy 
ydg, xd fih ovx tn ioxl, olov rj odgl; xal fj ovXXa($r\ • 
xd ds oxoixfid ioxi , xb nvg xal ?; yr\. "Eoxtv aga xt 
t\ ovXXa($ri, ov uovov xd oxoixiiot, xb ywritv xal aq><a- 
vov, aXXd xal htgov xr xal y odgl; ov povov nvg xal 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. VII. (VU1.) CAP. 1. 163 

y% jj to &tgpbv xal ipvxQOV, dXXd xal fasgoy it. El 
iqLwv aydyxr[ xaxsivo 1} otoixuov fj ix ototxtiow cl- 
vm, si fih OTOixfiov, ndXiv 6 airtbg Xoyog lotai. *Ex 
tovtov yag xal nvgbg xal yt\g 9 sorai rj cdgl;, xal m 
aXXov wot tig ansigov paduliou. Eios ix OToixriov, 
$i\Xov on ovxlvog, aXXdnXuowv, ij ixiivo avtb 
mat. "Slots ndXiv enl tovtov %ov avxbv igovftsv 
loyov, xal inl ii\g oagxbg, *? ovlXaffig. dolu* d' av 
tifai t* joiovto xal ov otoixsiov, xal ai'nov ys xov 
tlvcu, rodl uh adgxa, tool di ovXXafiyv. 'Ofioiatg ds 
xalinl i&v aXXtav. Ovoia de kxdmov piv tovto. 
Tovjo yag alxiov Ttgatxov xov slvat. 3 Ensl d' svia 
ovx ovoiai xatv ngaypdxwv , aX£ ooat, ova lay xaxa 
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yvxd xal xdpogia avxwv xal xd fwa, xal id pogia 


Digitized by GOOgk 


xwv £iwwy * xal xiXog o ovgavog , xal xa pogia ret; 
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oiv, o vvv (iiv nqXixov, naXiv d* KXaxxov $ /ifit^of. 

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Kalxax dXXoiwow, o vxvfih vytig, ndXiv de xdfivov. 
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toaavxaxwg Xeyexai. Ovdog ydg iaxiv , oxi ovxiae 

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^ xuxai' xal to tlvou, to ovitag avxbxBio&ai otjfjiaU 
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fiivav. Jib xlav bgtiofiivuv, ol piv Xiyovxtg xi iaxiv 
olxia, oxi Xi&oi, nXiv&oi, $vXa, xt]v dvvdfiei olxiav 
liyovoiv vXri yao xavxa • ol di ayytiov oxtnaoxi- 

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MET A PH. LIB. VII. (VIII.) CAP. 3. 167 

xbv XQypdxtov xal otofidxay, rj xt xal aXXo xoiovxo 
ngoo&svxsg , xijv ivsgyttav Xiyovatv • oi d* a/iqpa> 
xavxa xt&svxeg, xrjv xglxr\v> xal xrp ix xovxwv ovular. 
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vli\g pdXXov. 'Opoiag ds xal ovg'Agxvxag dnsdsxsxo 
ogovg ' xov avvafjiqxo ydg slow. 6lov,xiioxi vrjvepia ; 
i)gtfila Iv nXfi&st aigog. TXrj piv 6 dr\g , ivigysia ds 
xal ovaia t] jjgspia. Tl ioxt yaXr\vi\; b(iaX6xr\g &a- 
Xdxxr^g. To pkv vnoxsl/isvov a>g vXrj, r\ &dXaxxa • y 
ds ivigysia xal y pogyri , fj ofiaXoirjg. Qavsgbv ds 
ixtojy UQTitiivwv, tig ij ccIo&tjtt] ova la ioxl, xal irtog. 
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ds xglxrfi ix xovxcov. 

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arjuaheno ovopa xrp avv&sxov ovoiav, % xr\v ivsgysi~ 
ay, xal xr\v pogyriv • olov r, olxia noxsgov atjfiuov 
xov xoivov , oxt Gxinaofia ix ixXiv&tav xal IvXtav xal 
U&wy adl xsipivw ij -rijs ivsgysiag xal xov stdovg, 
oxi oxinaopa. Kal ygafiprj, noxsgov dvdg ivfirjxti, 
i)oxi dvdg, Kal £<oov, noxsgov ipvxh iv oiofiaxi, fj 
yvxk* Avxr\ ydg ovaia, xal ivigyua owpaxog xi- 
vog. J£iT\ d' dv xal in dpqpoxigotg xb £aW, ovx &g 
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ovaiag xr\g aio&rixtjg, ovdiv. To ydg xi t\v slvai xa i£j/*. 
d'dsi xal %ji ivsgysiu vndgxH. *Pvxi\ psv ydg xal 
yvxy dlvoth xavxov dv&gdnaf ds xal dv&ganog , ov 
xavxbv, si i*ii xal y yvx*l dvd gojitog Xsxd-rjosxai. Ov- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


^w di xivl piv, xivl d 3 ov, Ov cpaivsxai di\ {tyrov- 
oiv, tj ovXXa($ri ix twv arot^e/wy ovaa xal avv&ios- 
atg- ovd' % olxia, nXiv&oi xh xai ovv&eoig. Kal 
xovxo og&tog • ov /ap &tw ^ ovv&eoig, xal t) pftig 
ix xovxwv, (ov ioxi ovv&soig r) pi£ig* 'Opoiwg di ov- 
di xcav aXXtov ov&iv * olov ovdbg &ioei, ovx ix xov ov- 
dov r) &ioig, aXXa paXXov ovxog i$ ixsivijg. Ovdi 
di) 6 Sv&qwiog taxi xb fwoy xal diitovv • aXXa xi dti 
sivcu o naga xavxa ioxiv, ti xavd* vXrj. Ovxs di 
Gxoixsiov, ovx* ix oxoixdov* aX£ i) ovaicr o i£aigovvxeg 
\xi)v vXr\v liyovoiv. El ovv xovx alxiov xov tlvai, xal 
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xavxrjv 7} ai'diov slvai, rj q>d-agxr)v avsv xoviq>dtiqto&ai, 
xal ysyovivai avsv xov yiyveo&ai. jedsixxai di xal 
dedqXwxai fa aXXaig ort xb sldog ov&slg notii* ovdi 
ytvvdxai, dXXd notsixai xods. riyvsxat di xo ix xov- 
xwv. El d* slot xwv (p&agx&v ai ovaiai xcogtaxal, ov- 
&&v 7T0) drjXov. HXi)v oxi* ye iviatv ovx ivdsxsxai, 
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ioxtv, ivdixtxai xal dida£ai, (oontQ agyvgov , xi piv 
ioxtv ov ' oxi di olov xaxxixtgog. "Slox ovoiag Koxi 
piv rjg ivdixsxai thai ogov xal Xoyov , olov xr\g ovv- 
dhov, iav xb alo&ijxf), idv xs vorjxr} j}. *E£ <av d* 

d by Google 

METAPH. LIB. VII. (Vllh) CAP. 3. 169 


o Xoyog o bgioxixog. Kal dti xb fib £ontg vXrjy «]- 
vou, xb ds ug (logyy*. Q>av*gbv ds xal diox* tfnsg 
tiol mag agi&pol at oioicu , ovxtag tlol, xal ov% £g 
xiytg Xsyovai fiovadwr. c> 0, xs yag bgiofjtbg aQi&pog 
ttg (diaigsxog xs yag xal eig adiaigsxa. Ov yag 
anttgoi ui Xoyoi) xal b aQi&fibg ds xotovxog, Kal 
uonsg ovd an agi&pov aapaigt&svxogxwbg ynQog- 
n&svxog, IS wv b agi&pog ioxiv, ovx sxv b avxbg agi- 
d-fiog ioxiv, aX£ txsgog, xyv xovXaxi-oxov acprxiQS&t) rj 
nQooTS&ii • ovxtag ovds b bgiofibg , ovds 1 xb xirivsl- 
>ai ovx en eotai, aapaigs&svxog xivog , «j ngooxs&sv- 
tog. Kal xbv agt&fibv dti thai xi w tig, 6 vvv. ovx 
v/ovoi Xiytiv xivi slg f d'jisg ioxlvtlg. "Hyag ovx soxiv, 
aX£ oiov aaqbg, rj sVnsg ioxl, Xtxxsov xi xb noiotv tw 
ex noXXwv, xal b bgiofibg tig ioxiv, 'Opoiag ds ovds 
tovxoy %xovoi Xiyuv , xal xovxo slxoxug avfijSaivei. 
Tov aixov yag Xoyov, xal fj ova la sv ovx&g, aX£ ovx 
»S Xiyovoi xivsg, olov povag xig ovaa rj axtyfir^, aX£ 
ivxtXixua, xal yvoig xig bcaoTT). Kal inonsg ovds b 
aoid-pbg bxu xb fiaXXov xal xb yxxov , ovd' t\ xaia xb 
tidog ovaia • aXtf tVnsg, rj fitxa vXrjg. Htgl psv ovv 
ysvioBwg xal opd-ogag xwv Xsyofisvwv ovoitov, nwg iv- 
bixtxai, xal ntag advvaxov ylvto&cu, xal ntgl xr\g tig 
tov otQt&fibv avayayrig, soxat fiixQi xovxoyv diwgt- 

Utgl di Tt\g v{Xixi\g ovolag,dt% ph Xavdavuv, oxi 
tl xai ix xov avxov itavra ng&xov, rj x&v avxwv ag 
itQuxtor, xal Z\ avxri vXr\ ig agxh *°*S yifvofiivoig, 

Digitized by GOOgle 



ofuog sou xig olxtla exdaxov * olov q>X$yfiaxog iau 
ngwxrj vXr\ xd yXvxia, i) Xmagd" %oXris di xdnixgd, 
?) dXX art a, "iaaig di xal xdi xa ix xov avxov • yi- 
vovxai di nXtlovg vXat xov avxov , oxav &axigov y 
kxiga y • olov qpXiyfia ix Xmagov xal yXvxiog, el xb 
Xinagbv ix xov yXvxiog, *E* di xoXijg then, t$ dva- 
Xueo&ou tig xr\v nqtoxrp vkv\v xr)v /oAij*'. d^X^S y&Q 
rod* ix xovde, rj oxi ngb bdov ifoxai, rj oxiavaXv&iv" 
xog tig xr\v dgxr\v. *Evdixtxai di fiiugxr]g vXr\g ov- 
o^g, hsga yivto&ai did xr)v xivovoav ah lav olov, 
ix ZvXov xal xificojog xal xXlvrj. 'Evlav d* kxiqa 
r\ vXrj i$ avdyxrjg, kxigtov b'vxoav • olov nqlwv ovx av 
yivoixo ix tvXov , ovd' inl xr\ xivovorj alxia xovxo. 
Ov yag noir\ou nglova i$ igiov rj IvXov. El d* aga 
x6 avxo ivdixtxai *'£ SXXrjg vXr\g noirjoai , dr)Xov oxi 
r) xixvrj xal r) agxr) dig xivovaa , r) avxr]. Ei yag y 
vXrj kxiga, xal to xivovv xal xb ysyovog. "Oxav drj 
tig b]TTj xl xb aXxiov (inel nXsovax&g t<* alxia Xiyt- 
xai) naaag du Xiyuv xdg ivdfxofiivag alxlag* olov, 
uv&Q(anov xlg alxia &g vXrj; agaxd xaxapr)via / Titf 
d>g xivovv; aga xb onigpa; xl d' mg xb tldog; xb xl r\v «i- 
var xl d* wgovtvsxa; xb xtXog, "looag di xavxa autpoa, xb 
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oiag xal ywvrytdg, avdyxr\ ovxtog fisxiivat, st xti iu- 
xuoiv og&wg, tlntg aga aXxia xs T«t/T« xal xooavxa, 
xal dii xd ai'xia yvwgl&w. *Enl di xmv cpvoixwv (iiv t 
a'idloav di ovoi&v, aXXog Xoyog, "lo<ag yag svia ovx 
tXti vXv\v, \\ ov xoiavxi\v, dXXd povov xaxd xbnov x*- 
vtixr)v. Ovd ooadr)q>von ph pr) ovoia di, o*'* 

Digitized by GOOgk 


tatt tovtoig Sly , auUa to vnoxiiptvov f) ova/a • ol- . , 

©y Ti alrioy ixXttyswg, tig Sly ; ov yaq iottv, all* q I ^'r^ 

aiirivrj to ndoxov. To d' aXtiov mg xivr)oav xal 

{p&eigoy to <pa>g rj yr) ' to d' ov Hvtxa, tatog ovx eari. 

To d* mg tldog, o loyog, alia adylog , idv fir] /urn* 

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tog. *Eav ds nqoottd'ji vnb yi)g iv fiiota yiyvofjiivr^g, 

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ngmtov ndoxov. *AX£ ot*to Zwov; val, alii tovto 

xata ti. Kal tl noSitov; xagdia, f\ alio ti. Eh a . 

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tov Slov ,' on dxivyoia touxdl; val. *Al£ avtij t» 

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* C A P U T V * 
*2&rst 6" «Wa Swv ytviottag xal <p&oodg Aft*, xal 

ovx tanv, olov ai otypal , ttntg slot , xal Slug td 

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vdfisif xal to vdtag dvvdfiu o£og xal olvog ;f]tovfisv 

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aiv xal xata <p&ooav tr t v naoct q>vaiv t'Anoola ditig 

tOTt, xal did ti b olvog ovx vlrj tov o$ovg, ovdk dvva- 

Digitized by GoOgle 


pu o$og, xaixoi ylyvsxat i$ avxov o$og • xal o £<»* 
dvvdpsi vsxgbg , y ov, dXXd xaxd ovfifteftr)xbg at 
q>&ogal. H 8s xov £(oov vXt) avxy icon a q>&ogdr 
vsxgov dvvafiig xal vXtj, xal to vdosg o$ovg. rlyvs- 
xat ydg ix xovxw, wan eg iS rjfiigag rv|. Kal Saa 
dtj ovno (isxafldXXsi rig aXXrjXa, rig XTivvXyv ds% 4na- 
vsX&slv • olov si ix vsxgov £wov, tig xijv vXtjv ngwxov, 
sl& ovxatg faloy xal xb o&og sig vdtog , sl& ovrwg 

Jltgl ds trig dnoglag xfjg rigrjfitvrjg nsgl is xovg 
ogiafiovg, xal nsgl xovg dgt&povg, xl iaxiv aXxiov xov 
sv elvai; Jldvxwvydg Saa nXslat fiigij s%si xalftrj iaxiv 
oi,ov aoagog to ndv, aXt sarin xb oXov naga xd (lo- 
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a<pr. aizia toy sv shai, xdig ds yXwxgoxfjg, ij n nd- 
&og stsgov xoiovxov. € 8' bgiofibg, Xoyog iaxlr 
\ *U ov ovvdsoptp, xa&dmg r\ 'iXidg, dXXd t$ hog si- 
vai. Ti ovv iaxiv o noisl sv xov av&goanov, xal did 
' ffxl sv, dXH ov noXXd / olov to, xs fwov xal xb dlnovv • 
g j dXXtog xs xal si saxiv wantg q>aal xivsg avxo xi £wov 
"SV v 7*a« avTo dlnovv. did xlydg ovx ixeivct avid o a*- 

s ^-: &ov xal dlnovv. Qavtgov dtf, oxi ovxm pev fisxtov- 

' J^ V* Wjj'v&aofr ogl£so&ai xal Xsynv , ovx ivdizsxai 

sy ^ dnodovvai xalXvaai xijv dnogiav. El di iaxiv, mansg 

J/ U P^ V ' T0 ***" ***» t0 ** f°QW> *«* ™ pi* dwdpu, 

^ cT' *" Si %^i °vx fo dnogla dofasv av slvai xb fiy- 

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METAPHYS. LIB. VII. ^VM.) CAP. 6. 173 

tovjisvov. Eatt ydg avtij q dnogia q avtrj, x$v ti 

o ogog «fy Ipatiov 6 otgoyyvXog x<*Xxog. JStrj ydg 

«* oitfiiiov tovvofia tovto tov Xoyov. "liars to £ij- 

lovptvov iati ii attiov tov sv uvai to atgoyyvXov 

xal toy zuXxov. Ovx hi $' ^dnogia yaivttat , ott 

tojtto vXij, to ds pogcpr\. Ti ovv tovtov to attiov, • ' 

tov, to dvvdpsi ov, ivsgytla uvcu, nugd to noirjaav, U ' ' 

& ovoig iotl ydvsoig; Ovdiv ydg iotiv attiov etsoov-^^^ *"* *- 

tov tr t v dvvdfAU o(paigav , ivtgysia thai oqpaigav, ^.jk ««-f-; 

aXXa tovt r^v to ti r\v thai ixatigta. "Eaxi ds -nj?-*^ ^f ; > 

vXyg q fiiv votjtrj, i\ $i aio&rixri • xal dtl tov Xoyov * l 

to /i£y 1/A17, to o« ivtgysia iativ, oiov o xvxXog axrjfia v 

inintdov. °Ooot ds (ii) sxsi vXyv, pyte vorjtrjv , p^tt*^*" * '* 

aia&rjtrjv, sv&vs ontg sv ti thai iotiv txaotov, cioneg }-#v> *>«** : 

W ojiso ov ti, to tods, to noibv,tb noaov. Jib xal ovx 

mat iv ivtolg bgiopdig, ovtt to ov, ovtt to sv • xal 16 

tiyv thai si&vg, tv ti iativ uontg xul ov ti. Ji6 

ovx sativ sttgov ti atuov tov tv thai ov&tvl tovttav, 

ovds tov ov ti thai. Ev&vg ydg txaotov iativ ov 

n xal sv Ti, ovx *>S to ysviati tcjj bvti xal t« kvl, 

ovd tag xwgiotiav ovtmv nagd ta xa&' sxaata. did 

lavvy ds tijv anogiav, ol psv ps&stiv Xsyovai, xai 

atuov ti trig pe&i£s<og, xal ti to fistsxtiv dnogovaiv • 

oi ds avvovaiav yvxng, toansg slvxvcpQwv (prjalv «2- 

y«i xrjv inioTtjfii)v tov iniotaa&at, xal ipvxyg, oi ds 

ovv&soiv t) ovvdeopov ipvxijg otiftati, to £gy. Kai- 

Tot o avtog Xoyog inl ndvtav. Kal ydg to vyiaivsiv 

tatui ii ovvovaia, q ovvdsofiog, % ovvdsaig yvxyg xal 

vydag. Kal to tov x^Xxbv thai tgiymvov , ovv&s- 

wg XdXxov xal tgiydvov. Kal to Xtvxbv sv thai, 


ovv&toig imopaveiag xal Xevx6xi\xog • al'xiov d' on 
dwdpeag xal ivxeXexeiag fytovoi Xoyov kvonoibv xal 
Siaqpogdv. "Eoxi £', wansg etgyxat, xal f\ ioxdxtj 
vli] xal 7} (logyy xavxb • xal xb psv dvvapsi, to 8s beQ- 
yeia. "jloxe opoiov to Zyxeiv xov tvog xi a\xtov,xal 
xov h iivcu. "Ev ydg xi exaaxov, xal xb dvvafiu xal 
%b evegyeia tv nag ioxiv. "Jloxs ai'xiov ov&iv aXXo 
TiXrjv el xi wg xm\oav ix dvvdpmg tig ivigytiotv* 
Ooa de fir} *#?* vXr t v, ndvxa anXfbg bneg ovxa xL 



llsglfiev ovv xov ngolxtog ovxog, xal ngbg b naaai 
al aXXai xaxrjyogiai xov ovxog dvayigovxat , slgrjxai, 
neql xrjg ovoiag, Kaxa ydg xov xyg ovviag Xoyov 
Xeyeiai xaXXa ovxa, to, xe noobv xal xb noibv , xal 
tiXXa xd ovxwg Xeybfieva. ndvxa ydg e£ei xov xrjg 
ovoiag Xoyov, Honeg tinopiv (v xolg ngwxotg Xoyoig. 
3 Enel de Xdyexai xb bv, xbfiev xbxl, ij noiov, fj noobv, xi 
tie xaxa dvva/iiv xal ivxeXifstav xal xaxa xb egyov, 
diogiowpsv xal negl dvvdfiewg xal ivxeXexeiag • xal 
ng&xov negl dvvdjuwg, % Xeyexai pev fidXioxa xvgiag, 
ov firiv XQVotyv ioxlv ngbg b {2ovXbfie&a vvv • in*. 
nXeov yag taxiv ^ dwapig xal rj ivegyeia xcjv povov 
Xeyofievav xaxa xivi\aiv • aXX* elnbvxeg negl javxtjg 
4v xolg negl xr t g ivegyeiag diogiopoig, StjXtiaofiev xal 
negl xav aXXav. "Oxi fih ovv Xiyexai noXXax&g 1 
Mvafiig, xal xb dvvao&ai, dirigioxai fair iv SXXoig. 

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METAPH. LIB V11I. (IX.; CAP. 1. 175 

Tovxav d' oaat piv ofiwv/ttog Xiyortai dvvdptig, 
(Hptio&aoav. "Eviai yaq bpototTjxi xivi Xiyortai, 
ta&dneq iv yeapexqia • xal dvvaxa xal advvaxa i*- 
youev tw tlvcu nag , i} pi\ ilvcti. "Ooai de nqbg xb 
avib eldog, ndoai dqxai xivig eioi, xal nqbg nqtoxrjv 
piav Xiyortai, y iariv aqxq uexa^oXr^g h aXXm 17 alio. 
Ofiev yaq xov na&eiv ioxt dvvapig , f) dp avTw tw 
naoxovxt, agxv ju«T«/?oli}$ na$i\xixrig in aXXov y 
alio, H de, t$ig dna&eiaq trig inl xb x&Q ov > xa * 
qp&oqag xijg vn aXXov tj alio, aqxyg fiitafil^tixrig. 
Ev yaq xovxoig evtoxi naoi tolg oqoig xrjg nqfaxijg 
tivvdfitiag Xoyog, UaXiv £' avxai al dvvdpeig Xi- 
yortai, r\ xov uovov noirjoai, J) xov na&eiv , rj xov 
xalug. "Stare xal iv xoig xovxwv Xoyoig, ivvndqxov- 
oi mag ol xwv nqoiiqiav Xoyoi dvvdus<av. <l>aveqbv 
ovv on eoxi pev wq pia dvvafiig tov noieXv xal nd- 
oxhv (dvvaxbv ynq Ion xal tw ex^iv avxo dvvaynv 
tov na&elv, xal xu cello vn avxov) taxi de wg dllr). 
'H-ydq iv t£ ndoxovxi. Aid yaq xb %x*iv tivd aq- 
Xyv, xal elvai xal xr\v oXrjv dqx^v xiva , ndox H T0 
ndoxov, xal alio vn alio v. To Xmaqbv (lev yaq 
»al xavoxov • xb S* vniixov <adl dlaoiov. 'Opoiag de 
*al inl xav alloy. C J£ d* iv xot noiovvxi, oiov xb 
&eqpbv, xal v oixodopixr) i\ fjiev iv tw -freq/iaviixto 
i) d* iv xtp oixodoiiixip. Aib tj ovpniqtvxev, ov&ev nd- 
oxn avxo iq? kavxov. "Ev yaq xal ovx aXXo, xal r t 
vdwafjiia xal xb advvaxov • xal v xoiavxri dvvdfiei 
ivavxla, axiqrjoig ioxiv. "Jloxe xov avxov xal xatd 
to avxo naoa dvvafiig, ddvvapict'ri de oxiqijoig Xiyt- 
T»t nollaxto?. Kal yaq xb py exov xal xb ne(pvxbc 

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av fitj tyr), rj oXwg, % ore nitpvxs, xal rj atdl, oXovnav- 
xtXwg, rjxyv onmoovv. *En ivlmv di, av its<pvx6xa 
sxsiv fitf ixji (Mn, iartgrja&ai xavxa Xiyofisv. 
'EjiiI d* ai fisv iv xolg aipvxoig zvvnoqxovow ag- 
%al xoiavxai, aid* h xolg ifxyv/oig xal iv ipvxjj,xal xr\g 
ipvZW & J V Xoyovjxoxu, dr)Xov on xal xmv dvvaps&v, 
ai pi* sooviai ctXoyoi, ai dkfisxa Xoyov, Aio naoai 
ai xixvai xal noirjxixal xal at imaxi)/iai , dvvdfisig 
tloiv. 'Aqxal y<*<? ptxapXrjfXixai slow h aXXeo y ctX- 
Xo. Kal ai fiev ptxa Xoyov naoai x&v bavxlw <n 
avxai* ai d' aXoyoi, plot hog' olov , to Osqfiov jov 
&CQfiaiveiv povov • r) ds laxoixri , voaov xal vysiag. 
AXjiov ds, oxi Xoyog iaxlv tj imoTtiprj. e O ds Xoyog 
o avxbg drjXoT, xo nqaypa xal xr)v oxiorjoiv, nXriv oix 
weaving- xal saxiv wg apqtolv, taxi ds £g xov vndo- 
XOpxog paXXov. "Jlox avayxtj xalxag xoiavxag ivi- 
oxrjpag thai piv xav ivavxiav , slvai ds xov psv 
xa&' aiixag, xov dspr) xatf avxag. Kal yao 6 Xo- 
yog xov psv xa& avxb, xov ds xqonov xtvd xaxa ovp- 
pefirjxog. 'Anoydou yio xal anocpoqy drjXol xo ivav- 
xlov. C H ydo oxiorjoig r) nq&xi), xo ivavxiov • avxi\ 
da anocpooa &axsoov. *£nsl ds xa ivavxia oix iyyi- 
vsxai iv x$ avxtp 'JJ[ d ' imoxr)pi] dvvapig tw Xoyov 
sxeiv • xal y ipvxf) xivrjoscog sx st ao XV v ' ) *° psv vyi- 
sivbv vyUiav povov nsqinoisl, xal xo &SQpavxixbv 
&sqpox7jxa , xal xo ipvxxutbv ipvxQOTfjict • b d' im- 
oxtjpmv apqxo. Aoyog yaq ioxtv a/jqpolV fiiv , oix 
ifioimgjs xal iv xfj ipvx$, rj sxsi xivrjoswg &Qxn v - 
floxs (xjMpa) ane xyg avxifg aQXV$ xtvr\QU nqog xo 


METAPH. LIB. VIII. (IX.) CAP. 3. 177 

avto awdipaaa. Aih ra xata Xoyov dvvaxd , Tolg 
Svtv Xoyov dwajoTg, noiu Tavavrla. Mia ydq dq- 
Z*l mqux&ai to> Xoyta. <Paveqov di , xal on xjj fUv 
tov ev dvvdpti dxoXov&ti, r\ tov fiovov noinoat, 1} 
na&uv dvvapig • Tavxji d' ixtivrj ovx asi. 'Avdyxq < 
ydq tov tv noiovvxa, xal noiuv * top di povov not- ) 
ovvra, ovx avdyxri xal tv no my. ^dw t&J' **^ 
CAPUT III. %m ,M^~ ^ ( *• 
Eiol di Tivtg o% qpaoiv slvai, olov Miyaquxol, -* 
oxav ivsqyjj, povov dvvao&vi • oxav di fir) btqyji, prj -* '■ ' 
dvpaa&at • olop, top fiy oixodofiovvta , /*?} dvpao&at ft L 
oixo do fitly , alia top oixodofiovvta oxav oixodony • *. v „ . 
ouolng di xal inl tc5j» aXltop. Olg xd ovuftaivovxa 
axona ov x^Xtnov idilv. Ar{Xov ydq oxtovxe olxo- 
dofiog carat iav ^ oixodofifj. To yao olxodofico si- 
vat, xw d war co tlval ioxtv olxodopsiv. 'Opolatg di 
xal inl jcov uXXodv Ttxyiav. El ovv advvaxov tag 
xoiauxag s%tiv Tftvag,(tri fiav&dvovxd noTs xalXap- 
fidvovxa, xal fxt) %%uv fit] anofiaXXovxd note ( ij yao 
M&Jlt V nd&H tivl , rj XQOVw • ov yao dt) tov yt 
nqdypatog q>daqivrog • atV ydq ioriv)oxav navoi\- 
t««, ovx 8fe* T *l v *ix vr l v ' ndXiv d* sv&vg olxodofirj- 
oh nStg Xaflwv • xal xd £ipvx<* di bfioiug. Ovie ydq 
VPZQov, ovte -d-tgpov, ovxs yXvxv, ovxs oXoag alod-ri- 
xbv ov&iv I'oxai fit} aio&avofiivwv. °Jlore tov llqto- 
tayoqov Xbyov ovfi^rjasxai Xiyuv avxoig. *AXXa fiyv 
ovd al'o&r)oiv f£» ovdkv, dv /utj alo&dvrjTai, fit}d 3 
tveqyjj. El ovv tvqpXbv to fit) tyov oipiv, necpvxog di 
xal or? niqpvxt , xal Xxi wg oi avtol TV<pX'ol toovxai 
noXXdxtg x^c rjfiiqag xal xtaqpoL *Exi d advvaTOV 
Arist. Metaph. M 


to iaieQTifisvov dwdfittog to fii\ ywofievov, ddvvaxov, 
tax at ytviod-ai* to d' ddvvaxov ysvio&ai, 6 Xiycov ij 
ttvai, rj eaea&ou, ipsvoexai. To yag ddvvaxov tov- 
to hoqpaivtv. "Jloxs ovtoi olloyoi itaigovoi xal xi- 
vtjoiv xal ysvsoiv. *Ael ydq to, T6 eoxrjxbg ktrtrfcttai, 
xal xb xa&tfptvov xa&tduxai. Ov yaq dvaoxrjcrexai, 
av xa&i^rjxai. *Advvaxov yaq eoxou avaoxijvai, o ys 
L) ,Hrj dvvaxai dvaoxr)vai>. El ovv fit) ivdixexaiiavxa 
Xiyeiv, epctvsgov oxi dvpafug xal iviqyeiaexeqov iaxiv. 
3 £xsivoi d' oi Xoyoi , dvvawv xal ivigyeuxv xavxb 
nmovoi. Kal ov pixqov xi fctixovoiv avaiquv. Slats 
ivdixBTeu dvvaxbv ph xi thai, fit) stvai di* xal aWa- 
xbv (irj elvai, slvat di. 'Ofioiiag tie xal tup dXXtav xa- 
XTjyogiwv dvvaxbv fiadi&iv or, fir) (iadltuv 8i' xal fit) 
Pa8l£uv t dvvaxbv that ($adi£etv. "Eoxi $i dvvaxbv 
xo* K xo, w, iav vndqty y iviqyua ov Xiyexai exuv jy* 
dvvapiv, ov&sv Maxai advvaxov. Aiyto ds oiov , el 
dvvaxbv xad-rjo&ai, xal ivdtzsxat, xa&rjo&ai toutaj, 
iav vnaqSj] xo xa&rjo&ai, ovdiv Maxai advvaxov. 
Kal fl xivr\&r\vai xi, ij xivfjoai, i] axt]vai, r\ ottjocci, *j 
thai, rj ysvio&ai, r] pr) elvai, rj fiij ysvio&ai ofioi&g* 
3 Ehjkv&s d' r] ivegysia tovvopa r) nqbg xyv ivxeXex&- 
av oyvxi&Sfisvri, xal inl t« aXXa ix xlav xirrjotwv [ia- 
_ Xioxa. Aoxu yaq ivsgyjia (xdXioxa r) xtvrjoig elvai. 
Aib xal xoXg (ir) ovoiv, ovx dnodidoaoi xb xivuo&ai, 
aXXag dixivag xaxyyogiag' oiov diavoijxa xal imdv- 
fiTjxa elvai xa fxi\. ovxa , xivovfieva de oi), Tovxo 8i 
oxi ovx ovx a iveqyeia , Uaovxai ivtqyela. T&v ykq 
tit] bvxwv;¥na dvvdfiti duxiv. Ovx euxi de, or* ovx 
ivxtXexeifx iaxlv. 

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METAPH. LIB. V11I.(1X.) CAP. 4. 179 

JS* ft' sort to elQtjfiirov bwarbv y uxolov&u, 
(pavegbv ori, ovx ivbixerai alrj&sg ttvai rb iintiv, on 
tivvarbv fiiv robl , ovx torai be, IftoTe to abvvara 
elvai ravrtj biacptvyet. Aiyta bk olov , tt t*$ <pairj 
bwarbv rrjv btapsTgov fitrgti^rjvai, ov pirtoi ptrgr}- 
dJlQBtai, pr) Xoyi&optvog to abwarov eh at, brt ©v- 
&iv xtokvet bwarbv ti ov tTvcu, nytvio&ai, pr) elvai 
be, ptjdi eoto&ai, • dl£ ixelvo avayxri ix twv xeipivorv, 
tl nal vno&oipe&a elvai i) ysyovivai , o ovx ear* pev, 
dwctrov be, on ov&ev tar at dbvvarov • ov pfir)o srat 
be ye. To yag pergeXa&cu, abwarov. Qv yap ( gr^ 
rairb, t o, re ipevbog xccl to dbvvarov. To ydg oe 
koravai vvv, xpivbog peH , ovx dovvarov 6V. *Apa be 
drjXov, xal on, tl tov A ovrog, avayxri to B elvav, xal 
dwctrov ovrog tov A slvcu xal to B avayxri elvat 
dwarov. Ei yao pr) avayxri bwarbv slvai, ov&ev 
xtalvei pr) elvai, bwarbv elvai. v Eotm br) to A 
dwarov. Ovxovv ore to A bwarbv eVrj elvai , 
itre -d-eifj to A, oibev dbvvarov elvai oweffaive. To 
di ye B avayxri elvai • dXt ryv dbvvarov. "Earn bri 
abwarov. El bij abwarov, avayxri elvai to A, avay- 
xri xal to B tip at. *AXX f\v aga to A dwctrov • xal to 
B agw avaga jftb A bvvarbv r xal to B eotou bwarbv, 
tfneg oflratg tl%ov, mors tov A ovrog , avayxri iivat 
to B, *Eav 6q ovtws ixbvrtav rutv A B pr) rj bwarbv 
rb B ovrcag, ovbe to A B e£e* ag iri&rj • xal tl tov A 
dwarov ovrog, avayxri to B bwarbv elvai, tl sari rb 
A, avayxri elvai xal rb B, ■ To yag bwarbv elvai 4£ ' 
avayxric to B elvai, tl rb A bwarbv, rovro or\paiv%. 


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idv t) to A, xal ot«, xal ig r\v dvvaxbv elvat, xdxuvo 
. tots, xal ovttog elver* dvayxalov. 
€ Anaotov di ttov dvvdpstov ovular , ttov [i&v ovy- 
yivtov, olov ttov aiod-tjoetnr • twv fla t^ei, olov trjgtov 
avltiv • Twy di pa&rjoH, olov trig tav tsxvtov, jag per 
dvdyxrj noosveoyrioavtag %x HV ooai *&**> *«* Ao/a> • 
tag di prj toiavtag, xaltaginl tov ndoxsiv, ovx dvdy- 
xrj. *Entl di to dvvaxbv , tl dvvaxbv xal noti , xal 
nag, xal ooa alia avdyxr) nqooilvah iv tea diooiojuco- 
xal td pkv xatd loyov dvvatai xiv&v , xal ai dwd- 
X * fittg avttov fittd loyov, td di aloya xal ai dwdfitig 
dloyoi, xdxdvag piv dvdyxrj iv ifupvx<*> tlvat , tav- 
tag di ivd/iqpolv tag fiiv toiavtag dvvdpug dvdyxrj, 
otav a>g dvvavtat to na&rjtixbv xal to noujuxbr 
nlrjoid£tooi, to piv noiuv, to di Ttdozw ixdvag d' 
ovx dvdyxrj. Avtaiyao ndoai, fila hog noirjxixrj * 
ixtfivai di, xtav ivavxitov, "flare apa noirjauxd ivav- 
tia. Tovxo di d dvvaiov. 'Avdyxrj aoa itsoov ti 
slvat, to xvgtov. Aiyto di tovxo oqbSiv rj nooalgtoiv. 
'ChtoteQov yaq ay boiyrjtai , xvqiwg tovxo noirjau, 
Stay wg dvvatai vndqxfj xalitlrjoidtrj tip na&rjtuto}. 
"Slots to dwatbv xatd loyov anav dvdyxrj, otavooi- 
yrjtai, ovts %x u J V V tivvafiiv, xal tog &«, tovxo noi- 
uv. *Exu di naoovtog tov na&ytixov xal todl %x ov ~ 
tog itoieiv. jfi, di (it}, noiiiv ov dvvrjottai. To ydo 
urj&tvbg ttov «£m xtalvovtog nnogdiooi&o&ai , ov&iv 
%ti d$i. Trjv ydq dvvapiv !/«, tog fax* tov dvvdpti 
nouiv. *Eoti d* ov ndvioig, al£ ixbvttov ntog,ivolq 
dq>ooio&rjottai xaltd tttoxtolvovta. 9 Aq>aiaeitai ydq 

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M(ETAPH. LIB. Vm. (IX.; CAP. 6. 181 

xavxa xS>v iv tw diogiapco ngoaovxav Hvia. J to ov- 
ds iav a/ia (JovXr}xai,.r) im&v/tjj noulv, dvo y xa 
ivavxla ov noirjoii. Ov yag ovxmg $x tl avxStv Spa 
xr)v dvvaptv, ovd* $oxi xov SpanoitXv r)dvvapig' tnti 
fay lav iv, ovx&g notrjou. 

'Enel di ntgl xrjg xaxd xivrjoiv Xsyopivrjg dwd- 
fi$wg efgrjxai, negl ivsgyiiag diogiocopsv , xi iaxiv r) 
ivigyua, xalndiov xi. Kal yag xb dwaxbv , Spa 
drjXov soxai diaigovoir, on ov pbvov xovxo Xiyoptv 
dwaxbv, o nitpvxt xtvtiv aXXo , rj xivtio&ai vn «X- 
Xov, rj dnXwg, ij xgonov xiva, alia xal foegoag. Jib 
tyxovvxtg xal negl xovrtov dir]X&op6v. "Eoxi d ' r) ^ (j^ _ 
ivigyuaxb vnagxuv xb ngaypa, pr) ovxoag wonsg 
Xiyoptv dvvdptu Aiyoptv di dwdpei, olov, iv x&r ^ 
$vX<p c £gprjv, xal iv xy oXrj xr)v rjplouav, oxt dyaigt- ^ 
&$iri Sv ' xal imaxr)pova xal xov pr) dsmgovvxa , idv r\ j " 
dvvaxbg rj &e<ogrjoaf xb ti& ivegyela (di]Xov d' inl ' a***** 
x&v xa&* txaoxa xfj inayayy , o (iovXbpe&a Xiytiv, fcpjt^y" 
xal ov dtl navxbg ogov Ctjxsiv, aXXa to dvaXoyov ovv- j 

oqav •) ot* mg to oixodopovv ngbg xb olxodoptxov • ^ 
xal xb iygrjyogbg ngbg xb xa&tvdov • xul xb bg&v 
ngbg xb pvov piv , otyiv di sxov ' xa* xb anoxtxgipi- 
vov ix xrjg vXrjg ngbg xr)vvXrjv xa» to dntigyaepi- 
vov ngbg xb dvigyaaxov, Tavxrjg de xrjg diaq>ogag 
d-dxegov pogiov, eoxa r) ivigyna aqxogiopivri, -&axi- J 
ga ds xb dvvaiov. Aiytxai 81 ivtgyela ov ndvxa 
bfiolag, dl£ rj xb avdXoyov, wg xovxo iv xovxta , rj 
ngbg xovxo. Tod* iv icods, rj ngbg xods. Ta piv 
yog mg xivrjoig ngbg 8vy^ mr t i&J£~Ai£ ° ^« **??<;„ , - 

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S* SjMSLS&gv.' *^M<»$ ds to anstgov xal xsvov, xal oaa 

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toxvalvsiv, i] loxvaola avto • avxa ds oxav loxvai- 

vy , ovto) ioxlv iv xivr\asi, /*?; vndgxovxa toy svsxa ij 

xlvrjotg, ovx son zavta ngd£ig, % ov tslsla ys. Ov 

ydg tslog, dl£ cushy ivvnagxe* to zilog xal q nga- 

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dl£ ov pav&dvst, xal [ispd&rixsv old' vyux£?tat, 

xal vylaatai • sv (rj, xal sv efi?x«y • clHa xal svdai- 

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xal e£r)*s. Tqvtmv dy tag piv xwi\osig liystv , t&g 

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xal dtslslg ys. Ov ydg Spa Padi&t xal (tsfiddixsv, 

ovd' oixodopsl xal yxodoftyxsv , ovds ylyvsxai xal 

yiyovsv, tj xivsltaixal xsxlvffxsv • al£ htgov xal ui- 

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xal vou xal vtvoqxs. Tyv piv ovv TOiavvrjP Mo- 

ysiav Isya, ixsivrjv ds xivyow.'] To fiiv ovv svsgytltjf 

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MET A PH. LIB. VIII. (IX.) CAP. 7. 183 

i/ id Sort xal ndlov, ix tovtqjv xal twv toiovtwv drj- 
Xov ijjuy eaTco. 

/Zoic d« dvvdfiu iarlv txaorov, xal note ov , dio- 
giordov. Ov yag bnoTeovv. Olov rj yrj, ag iatl dv- 
vdfiu &v&g<anog rj ov ; aXXa fiaXXov oiav ijdt) yivr)- 
Tai andgfia, xal ovde tovto nov la cog. "floneg ovv 
ovde vtto iaigixrig atiav av vyiao&tiri, ovd* dnoTV- 
ZVSi dXX* eou 11 o dwaTov iori, xal tovto ioT&v vyiai- 
vov dvvdfisi. "Ogog di tov fiiv vnb diavoiag ivTtXt- 
Xficc yiyvofidvov, ix tov dwdfiu ovxog , oiav fiovXri- 
&dvrog yiyvrjTai ftrj&tvog xwXvovTog jaw ixro g. 'jzxii 
d iv t« vyia(ofiiv<*>, oiav firj&iv xwXvrj t&v ivavToj . 
'Ofioicag ds dvvdfiu xal olxia, ilfirjdtv xtoXvti tuv iv 
tovib) xal ijj vXrj tov ylyvsa&ah olxiav, ovd' tariv o 
du ngooysvdo&ai t) dnoysvio&ai, rj fisxafiaXuv, tov- 
to dvvdfiu olxia. Kal inl iwy aXXatv d)oavTiog, ootov 
etw&sv r\ agxh ifo yevdoeatg, xaloatav dr) iv clvtw tcw 
txoTti, oaa /irj&tvog twv I'Stodsv ifinodi£ovrog tarai 
di avTov ' olov, to onigfia ovnto. 4si ydg iv aXX<o 
xal fittafiaXXsiv. "Oxav d* ijdrj diet T?)g avTr)g agzw 
ytoLOVTor , fjdrj tovto dvvdfiu, 'Exeivo di Mgag 
dgxyg dtixai. "jlonsg r\ yr) t ovnta dvdgwg dvvdfiu • 
(istafidXXovoa yag eat at x<*Xx6g. "Eoixt di o Xiyofiev 
tbai ov rode, oU' ixtivivov olov to xifitaTiov, ov 
ZvXov, dXXct SvXwov • ovdi to £vXov yi) , dXXd yi)'i- 
vov, IldXtv % yij, tl ovTtag fiy aXXo, aXXa ixtivivov, 
atl ixuvo dvvdfiu anXug, to voTtgov ioriv • oloi', t6 
xtftwTtov, ov yrfivov, ovdi yij, aXXa £vXivor, Tovto 
yag dvvdfiu ki/Swtioj' • xal vXij xifittTlov avTii, anXtag 

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^C'4&y y ^ ARIS TOTE LIS 

V J*^ iov otnXwQj tovdl di xodl $vXov. M di « fori to 

VV^wrov, o [Atjxin xax aXXo Xiyexai ixtlvivov, xovio 

-,i Vn nowrif t/Ai? • oloy sly yi\ dspivrj, o d* arjo fi^nvp, dl- 

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y t<£ tlvai xode xi, fj fit] tlvai • olov xoig nd&soi to vno- 

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povoixbv, xal Xsvxov. Aiytxai di xrjg (iovotxtjg iyye- 
voptvrjg ixtivo ov juoujixt) , dXXd povoixov xal ov 
Xsvxoxijg 6 av&patnog , dXXd Xtvxov ovdi j3ddioig ij 
xivtioig , dXXd ($adi£ov rj xivovpevov , wg to ixslvivov, 
"Ooa fiiv ovv ovtoj, to soxaxov ovoia • ooa di firj ov- 
tw aU' ei tfo£ t« , xal rods t* to xaxtiyopov^ttvov , to 
Eoxaioy vXrj xal ovoia vXixrj. Kal op&aig di\ ov/a- 
ftalysL to ixtivivov, ov Xiyeo&ai xaxd xrjv vXrp xal xd 
nd&rj • jyi(p<Q yap dooioia . IIoxs fiiv ovv Xexxiov 
dvvdpet, xal note ov, upt]xai. 

n tl *Entl di jSLJipoxtpov duaptoxai boax&g Xiystai, 

qpavspbv oxi npoxspov ivigysia dvvdjASvtg ioxi. Aiyta 
di dvvd/ASug , ov fiovov xr^g WQio/Jsvrjg ij Xiysxai dgxi\ 
fitxafiXTjXixri iv aXXa) ij dXXo, aXX' oXtag ndorjg dpxyg 
xtvijxixtjg ij oxaxixrjg. Kal yap r\ qpvoig iv xavxCt 
yiyvsxai. *Ev t<m avxta ydpyivn xjj dvvdpei. *Apxi\ydp 
xivrixixri, aXX* ovx iv aXX(p , dXX? iv avxtio tj avxo, 
Haarjg di xrjg xoiavxtjg npoxipa ioxlv fj ivdpyna, Kal 
Xoycoxal xfi ovoia. Xpovtn 6*' car* fxiv&g, taxi d* 
cog ov, Tw loya) fiiv ovv on npoxipa , drjXov. To 
yap t$ ivdixBO&ai ivtpyqaai dwaxbv, soxi xb npmxtog 
dvvaxbv * oloy Xiyto olxodofuxbv , xb dvvdpsvov olxo- 

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MKTAPH. LIB. VIII. (IX.) CAP. 8. 185 

top&rxal hgaxixbv, xo dvvdptvov bg<$v xal bgaxbv, 
xo dwaxbv bgao&ai* b 6" avtbg Xoyog xal inl xuv 
attar. Jloxs avdyxr\ xov Xbyov ngovitdgx*w y xal 
up yv&oiv xr t g yvwoecog. T$ di ZQ'opqt ngbxtgov code, 
to tw ttdei tc avxb ivsgyovv ngoxsgov , dgi&fiw d* . 
ov. Adyta di xovxo, oxi xovds fiiv xov dv&gtbnov xov 
rjdri ovxog xax ivigyeiav, xal xov oixov xal xov innov 
xal xov bg<avxog\ ngoxtgov tw XQorw ij vlrj , xal to 
onigpa xal to bgaxixov • a dwdpu fiiv ioxiv (xv&qco- 
nog, xal oixog , xal bqiov , ivsgysict de ovnto. *AlXa 
tovxwv tw /oovoj ngoxega sxtga ovta ivegyela, it (ay 
xavia iyivsxo. Idel yag ix xov dvvdfiet ovxog, yivt- 
icr* to ivsgyda ov, vnb ivtgyda ovxog * do* av&gat- 
nog «£ dv&g<anov, fiovoixbg vnb povoixov, aslxivovv- 

tog xivog ngaxov. To Si xivovv ivsgytitjc jjftfi? ioxiv. 

Klgqiai 6i iv xoig mgl xyg ovolag Xbyoig , bxi anav 
to yivofitvov yivexai sx xivog xb , xal vnb xivog • xal 
loi/To to} si'det xb avxo. Jib xal doxtl advvaxov «7- 
y«t oixodofiov thai, pi\ oixodofi^oavxa firjdev, r\ xt&a- 
1}mriv firjdsv xi&agioavxa. 'O yag pav&dvav xi&a- 
?*£«* , xi&agiSmv pav&dvei xi&agifav. 'Opoitog 6*8 
*«* oi aXXoi. "O&sv b ooqwjxixbg tXsyxog iyivixo, oxi 
°wc I^wv xtg xqv imoxrjfiriv , notion ov ^ inioxyfii) • 
yag (lav&dvav ovx fyH. *AXXa did xb xov yiyvofUvov 
Y*yivTjo&ai xi , xal xov oXiog xivovpivov xexivrjo&ai Qj 
u > (dtfXov di iv xoig nsgl xivriottog xovxo) xal xov '/«/>• 
uav&dvovra dvdyxrfMxsw xi x^g iniaxrjfirjg lowg. *AXt 0. <* + • 
°w xal xavxij ye drjXov, oxi f) iviqyua xal ovx<ag nqo- 
T «oo xa\s dvvdpmg xaxit yivzaiv xal xgbvov. *AXXd 
f^ xal oiola y$ • ngaxov pkv ovv, ot* xd xfi ytvion 

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136 AR1ST0TEL1S 

vaxsga, tw el'dsi xal rfj ovaict ngoxsga ' olov , avyg 
natdbg , xal av&gwnog onsgfiaxog • (to fisv yag ^3ij 
l^ct to sldog, to 5 ' otr) xal oxt anav in agxyv P a ~ 
di£st to yivopsvov, xal xsXog. *Agxy y*Q T0 ov * y£Xa * 
tov xsXovg ds svsxa ^ ysvsoig. TsXog d' i) ivigysia, 
xal tovtov x<*Qw V dvvaptg Xapfiavsrai, Ov yag tva 
oyiv sxwmv bgwo* xa fwa, dXX oiuag ooooatv o <//*>» 
tXovatv, c Ofxol(og ds xal oixodopixiiv, 'iva oixodofiaoi' 
xaltriv &sa)Q7jTixrjy J Iva -dsagaaiv aX£ ov -dscogov- 
mv, 'iva &S(agrjxtxriv s'x^aiv, si firj oi fisXsxdvxsg. Ou- 
Tot d* ovxl -frstogovoiv, aXX rj a3i, »; oti ovdsv diovxai 
•dstogsXv. ''Ext f} vXrj soxi dwdfiu , on sX&oi av sig 
to eldog, c 'Oxav ds ys ivsgysice fa xoxs iv t<5 sl'dsi iotiv. 
Opoiwg ds xal inl rcov aXXoav, xal wvxivrjoig to TiXog. 
Jib monsg ol diddoxovxsg , ivsgyovvxa imdeiSavxsg, 
otovxai to xsXog dnodedaxivat , xal fj qpvaig bfioloag, 
Etydg firj ovxa yiyvsxai, o ndoo&vog 'EgfiTjS saxai. 
"AdrjXog yag t) imoxrififj, si soot ij s%(jh, wansg xaxuvog. 
To ydg sgyov, xiXog • q ds ivigysia , to sgyov. Aib 
xal xovvopa Xiysxai ivigysia xaxd xb sgyov , xa* atw- 
rsivsi Tigbg xtjv ivrsXixsiav. 3 Ensl o*' ioxl twv fisv 
saxaxov r\ xgyoig , olov oiftstag t\ ogaaig, xal ovdsv 
yivsxai naga xavxrjv sxsgov dnb xr\g oipttog sgyov in 
ivioav ds yivsxai xi , olov dnb xr\g oixodoftixrjg oixia 
naga ttjv olxodofjtriaiv • ofjuag ovdsv rjxxov , sv&a fiiv 
TsXog, sv&a ds fi&XXov TsXog xrjg dvvdfisag iaxiv. '& 
yag oixodo^aig iv t« oixodo/xovpevw , xal afia yi- 
yvsxai xal taxi, xji oixia. "Oawv fiiv ovv sxsgov xl iaxiv 
naga xi\v xg'hoivxb yiyvofisvov, tovtmv psv fj iviQyua 
iv tw noiovpsvq ioxlv, olov fj t« olxodbfiv\oig iv t$ 

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METAPH. LIB. VIII. (IX.) CAP. 8. 187 

ohiodofiovfidrco , xctl J] xxpavoig iv tip vcpaivopevtg • 
Oftoiwg de xal inl T<2y aXXtav, xal bXug r) xhrjaig iv 
lot xivov[iiv(p. Oofov de fit] ionv ctXXo %i eqyov naqd 
ity hiqyuav , iv ctviolg vnaqx** V iviqyua * olov fj 
oqaaig iv ttp bq*>vn , ual r) &i&qia iv tw dscogovvn, 
*a* r) (oy^ iv rjj ysvvji* dio xal r) evdatfiovia * far) 
yaq xal notd itg ioriv. "jlate <paveqbv on r) ovaia 
ml to eldog iveqyetd %lq ion. Kara t* dr) f ovToy 
Toy Xoyov opaveqbv , oTt nqoztqov rjj ovaia iviqyeia 
bvvdpswg • xeu woneq tlnofiev xov /ooyot; a *l ™qo- 
lufipdvei, iviqyua Hiqa nqb ixeqag, eatg ttj$ tov < m /fr^~ 
xwot/yio* ttoojta)?, !*4iUa /iif* xal xvqtmeqiog. Ta pev^ e. y 
yaq a'idta, nqoxtqa Tijj ovaia, twv <p&aqj(av. *Eon d 
ov&sv dvvdpn d'tdiov. Aoyog de ode • itaoa dvvapig 
<*pa xr)g avJHpdotdg ion* to pev ydq pr) dwaxbv 
vn&Qx$iv, ovx Sv vnaq^etev ov&evi • %b dwaxbv de 
way Mextxai py iveqyeiv. To aqa dwaxbv elvai, 
bdixneu xal elvcu xal pr) ilvat. To avxb aqa dvva- 
*oy xal elvai xal pr) thai. To de dwaxbv pr) elvai, 
^Uxitai pr) elvai. To de ivdexopevov pr) elvai, qp#ao- 
tov, r) ccnXwg, rj xovxo aixb o Xiyexai ivdexso&ai, pr) 
*won, rj xaxax67tov,rjxaxa.xbnoobv > rjxaxaxb noiov 
ttnX&g de xb xax ovoiav. Ov&ev aqa t&v a<p&vtQxav 
unl&g, dvvdpei ioxlv ov anXug • xaxd u de ovdev xo>- 
h/«, oloy, 7to*6 v, *} nov. 'Eveqyeia aqa nana • ovdk 
T wy 4$ avayxyg ovx&v, xattoh tavta nqwia. El yaq 
TovTa fiif qv, ovd-ev av r^v. Ovde dy xivi\oig , e% tig 
foilv dtdiog ' ovd* el n xtvovpevov d'tdiov , ovx cot* 
*<«« dvvapiv xtvovpevov, dXti rj no&ev, rj njj. Tov- 
iov 5' vXr}v ov&kv xmXvei vndjtfuv , did atl iveqyei 

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a^C ')vv<ru^\v (j\ 

%^tXZ^*~£~ - D zedb Google 


6 *JiUos *«* aoxga, xaloXog o ojugavbg , xal ov <pofte- 
( gov fir] noxs oxrj, o q>o($ovvxak oi mgl (pvoewg. Ovdi 
xdfivu Toi/To dgatvxa ' ov yag elvat 7xsgl xrp dvvapiv 
' xr)g dvxKpdaswg avxolg, olov xotg q>&agxdlg, r) xlvr)- 
aig. "Jloxe ininovov slvai xr)v ovvixsiav trig %ivj\<- 
oeiog. C H yag ovoict, vXfj xal dvvapig ovacc , ovx 
ivegyeta aixiaxovxov. Mtfislxai dsxd aq>&agxa xal xa 
iv fisxapoXjj ovxa, olovytj xalnvg. Kalydg xavxa a el 
iveg/si. Ka&* avid yag xal iv avxolg %x** r V v xfoy- 
oiv. Av d* dXXat dvvdfiug , i$ av dtagioxai , naoai 
xr)g avxupdomg hoi. To yag dvvd/ievov wdl xiviiv, 
dvvaxai xal fir\ wdl, ooa ye xaxa Xoyov, Ai 8e aXoyot 
t$ naguvat xal fir), xr)g dviupdomg soovxai at avxaL 
El aga xtvig uoi cpvouq xoiavxai , r\ ovoiat , oXag Xi- 
yovoiv oi iv xolg Xoyotg xag idiag, noXit pallor int- 
oxr)fiovavxi tlrj, r) avvrj imoxr\fir\ % xal xivoifitvov , ij 
xlvr\aig. Tavxa yag ivigyuai fi&XXov, ixsivai di dv- 
vdfiug xovxtav. "Oxi fiiv ovv ngoxsgov r) ivsgyeia 
xal dwdpeag xal naor\g ccgxvs fisxa(SXrjxixr}g ^ q>a- 

"Oxt 8s xal (SsXilcov xal onovdaioxiga xrjg anov- 
daiag dvvdfisag r\ ivigysia , ix xwvds drjXov. Ooa 
ydg xaxd xo dvvao&cti Xiyexai , xavxov ioxi dvvatov 
xdvavxla • olov, xo dvvao&ai xo XsySfisvov vyialvsiv, 
TcnJrov ioxi, xal xb vooovv , xal Sfia. *H avxr) yag 
dvvapig xov vyialvsiv xal xdfivnv , xal tjgtuiiv xal 
xivslo&ai , xal olxodofitiv xal xaxafiaXXsiv • xal oixo- 
dofieiod-ai xal xaxanlnxnv. To fiiv ow dvvao&ai xd- 
vavxia, afia vndgxw slvoudsxd ivavxla, apa, advva- 

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METAPH. LIB. VIII. (IX.) CAP. 10. 180 

xov [xal tag htgysiag di apa ddvraior vndgxsir] 

olor, uv xal xdpvsir. "Jlot dvdyxrj rovitor 

-d'dtsgor strai tdya&or * to ds dvrao&ai opoiwg 

dptpotsgor , ij older eg or. 'H aga irigyua, (Minor. 

Idrdyxri di xal inl tmr xaxvr to tiXog xal ttjv /yep- ^ 

ysiar thai x*tyw *V9 dvrdpsoag. To yag dvrdptror, 

rati to apopta t apart la. dyXor aga on ovx sort to 

xaxbr naga %a ngdypata. "Totsgor yag tjJ qpvosi 

to xaxor trjg dvrdpswg. Ovx aga ovd ' iv tdig i$ 

dgXVS xaltdtg a idiots ov&irionr , ovts xaxor, ovts 

ctfiagtrj/ta, ovts disa>&agpiror. Kal yag tj diay&ogd 

tcir xaxnr ionr, Evgloxttai ds xal id diaygdppata 

iregysia. diaigovnsg yag evgtoxovotr. El d* ijr 

dirjgrjpira, q>artga ay tjr, Nvr d* irvndgx*i dvrdpu. 

did ti dvo og&altb iglyatror; on ainsgl filar otiy- 

lirp yariai, Joat dvo og&ous. El ovv dvr^xxo r) nsgl 

it]? nXsvgdv, Idorn ar yr sv&itg dyXor. did il iv rjpi- 

xvxXitp og&7) xa&oXov ; dion idr loai ai igtlg, r\ is 

fidaig dvo, xal r\ ix psaov iniota&sioa og&r} , idorn 

drjXor Tea ixsiro udoxi. "Slots qparsgor on id dvrd- 

psi ona , tig irigytiar dray opera svgloxstai. 

Alitor ds, on rorjotg tf irsgysta. v Slot i$ irtg- 

ysictg rj dvraptg • xal did tovto noiovrtsg yirtaoxov- 

aiv. c, Totsgor yag ysriasi y irigysia nr\ xax dgi&por. 


'Ensl ds to or Xiystai xal to prj or , to per xaid 

rd ozrjpata tar xairjyogiar , to ds xaid dvrapir ij 

ivigytiar tovnar , *j tdranla , to di xvguotator or, \ 

aXrj&ig i} ipevdog • tovnar d* inl twv ngaypditor iotl^ *\\ 

to ovyxtia&ai tj diaigtiad-ai • Stats aXr^d-tvsi ph o to 

• Digitized by GoOgle 


difiqfifUrop olofisvog diatgiio&ai , xal to ovyxtlft** op 

ovyxeto&at • eytvoxac de 6 tvavxlotg ?/a>r, r t t« ngay- 

fiotrta not iatlv, 1} ovx eotiv* "Jlote to akfj&ig Xeyo- 

(jlbvov, r\ ysvdog • tovxo yag oxtnteov tl Xiyofiew. 

Ov yag, dia to fjftag oi'eo&cu altj&wg ae Xtvxbv shot, 

^ el ov Xevxog • aXXd dun to oi Xtvxbv elvai , t](iug o* 

<)P«VT8f tovto aXrj^evofiev, JSl o*^j t<* fie* act ovyxu- 

toci, xal advvaTadiaigi&fjvai, Ta (5 «*i ditjgfftai, xal 

advvata ovvxe&rjvat, xa d 3 ivdexetat, tavartia* to 

-^ i Z"**' f * ya ' ^* rr * T0 ovyxuo&at xal tv eivai • to fli pi? 

Ss***\ thai, to py ovyxeio&ai, alia nXsico elvat. Jleglfuv 

ovv ta ivdexbpeva, f\ avirj ylretai ipevdrjgxal aXrj&rig 

i do^a, xal 6 Xoyog o avtog* xal ivdixerai oik per aXy- 

i d-tVHv , ore de ipevdeo&ai. Jlegl de ta advvata 

( akkwg I'xsiv, ov ylyvetat bxi fisv aXrj&eg, ore di 

yytvdog, aXX y ad tavta aXtiStj xal iftevdr^. Jlegl 

de dr\ ta aovv&eta , tl to eivai, rj at] elva*, xal 

to afoj&ig xal to ipevdog / ov yag iot* ovv&erov. 

"Slate eivai jiev , otav ovyxrjxai' fty eivai di , iav 

ditigrffiivov tj (vtaneg to Xevxbv SvXov, ij to aovp(if~ 

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bfioiag It* vnagla, xal in ixelvwv. *H won eg ovde 

to aXrj&eg inl tovxatv to avxb, ovtwg ovds to eivai ; 

aX£ eaxt to fiev aktj&eg , to de yevdog. To ficy $«- 

yeiv xal cpavai aXr^eg. Ov yag tav-xb xazdcpaoig xal 

yaoig. To d* ayvoetv [iq dt,yy&vuv. 'Anatij^yai 

__ yag negl to tl ioxiv, ovx I'oxiv, aXX* ij xata ovjuifieftj]- 

xo?. Ofiolaig di xal negl Tag aavv&eTovg ovalag. Ov 

jfagiotip dnaxtjOijvai' xal naoal eioiv ivegyela 9 ov 

ovvuftei. 'Eylrovio yag av , xal eip&elgovw vvv di 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 1. 191 

to ov orvtb ov yivstai, ovdi (p&tigeTcti. *£x uvog ydg 
av iylvtxo. "Ooa drj ioxiv onsg elval ti xal ivigyda, 
ntgl tavta ovx saxtv anaxr\&ilivai t aXtf ijj vosiv, •§ f*if« 
AXXd to tc ion ^xtXxai ntgl uvtuv, el toiavtd iotiv, 
irj py. To di slvat wg to aXri&ig, xal to pi) tlvat, 
ug to ytvdog, tv piv iouv d ovyxsitai, aXy-frig* to 
d* ct pi) ovyxsixai, iptvdog. To di ev, tl'ntg ov, ol>- — 
twg iaxlv • si di pi) ovxotg , oyx sou. To di dXri&ig, ** 
to vouv avid' to di yjtvdog, ovx eoxiv, oidi dndxr\ t 
aXXd ayvoux, ovx °* a V tvq>Xoxtjg ioxlv. C H piv ydg 
tvqpXotrjg lath, wg av u to vorjtixbv oXtag pr\ fyot tig. 
&avcgbv di xul ot* negl t&v axivr\x<nv ovx toxiv and" 
trj xaid to noti, si' tig vnoXappdvoi dxlvrjxa • olov, 
to tglytavov , si pr) psxafiaXXeiv , ovx olrjoexai note 
piv dvo og&dg ^X^>> noti di ov. MetafidXXoi, ydg 
av* aXXa tl piv, tl d ov, Olov aguov dgi&pbv 
tiqmtov piv ilvai pq&eva , i) tivdg piv , tivdg d* ov.. 
IdQi&ptp di negl eva ovdi xovxo. Ov ya$ lit tiva ptv, 
tiva di ovx olr\aixai>, dX£ dXrj&svxm % xptvauai } cog 
ad ovvrng ixovxog. ^ 




jT qjv oxt piv Xiyexat noXXax&g, iv tolg ntgl xov no- 
aoex&g dirjQtjpivoig Bi'grjxai ngoxegov, IJX&ovax&g di 
Xsyopdvov, ol avyxsopuXaiovpevoi xgonoi eial tiooa^ ^ 
peg t<av ngwxwg xal xa-Qt avta Xtyopivoiv IV, aXXd 
pij xatct ovpf}s(2rix6g. To, xs ydg ovvexh, % anXwg, /. 

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rj (idXiGta ys to (pvost xal ft?) aq>f t , [iritis tito/aco * xal 
tovtwv fiaXXo> sv xal ngoTsgov , wv adiaigsrtaTsga i\ 
xivr)Oig xal fiaXXov anXrj. "Eti toiovtov, xal fiaXXov 
xo SXov xal'sxov T *y« fJtogq>rjv xal sldog~ fiaXioxa d* 
tt ti qpvost, toiovtov xal firj fiia, wunsg ooa koXXtj , tj 
yofiqxa, r] ovvdiofiq*' aXXa s% H & ovtm to aixiovxov 
awsxig tlvcti. Toiovtov ds tw fiiav xrjy.xlvrjaiv slvai, 
*at atiiaigsrov xonta xalxQovw. "JIots qpavsgbv stn 
<pvost xwrjosutg agxyv fyd xi]g noiaTfjg, Trp ngtatw 
olov Xsyto (pogag gvxXocpogiav , ot* tovto ngtoTov (ti- 
ys&og sv. Ta fisv dr) ovTOjg sv , »j ovvsxsg > V oXov ' 
xa ds (ov av 6 Xoyog stg jj, Toiaxna 5s d>v y vorjoig 
fiia* xoiavxa 8s tov adiaigsrog* adialgsrog ds tov 
•udiaiqsTov eld si, rj agi&fiw. 'dgi&fia* fisv ovv, Toxad" 
J ixaoTov adialgsTov • si'dtt ds, tw yv wara> , xal xp 4m- 
(f uxfifir}. v fLo& sv av sXr\ ngaxov to xalg ovoiaig a%- 
xiov tov kvog. \ AsysTah fisv ovv to tv xoaavxax&g t 
// to, tc ovvsxig cpvasixal to bXov, xal Toxatf sxaoTov, 
xai to xa&* bXov. IlavTa ds Tama sv , to! adialgs- 
xo\ slvat , twj> fisv xr)v xlvr t aiv, xatv ds xr\v votjow, r\ 
xov Xbyov. An ds xaxavosiv on ovx woavTag Xrj- 
nTsov Xsyso&ai nola xs sv XiysTat, xal tI ion to. kvl sl- 
vai, xal xig aviov Xoyog. Asysxai fisv yag xbsvxo- 
eavxax&s, xal sxaoxov soTai sv xovxtav, wv av vnag- 
Xot Tig tovtcov tmv Tgornov. To ds kvl sivat, ots fisv 
tovtojv tivI soTai, ots ds aXXto, o xal fiaXXov iyyvg t<£ 
ovofiaTi sari, T§ dvvdfisi d* ixslva • won eg xal nsgl 
OToixsiov xal ahiag , si dioi Xsysiv , ini xs xdtg ngay- 
fiaob tiiogi&vTa, xal tov ovofiaTog tov ogov outodi- 
tiovTa. Eoti (isv yag wg OToixsiov , to nvg (soti d* 

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METAPH; LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 1. 193 
tot>g xctyf ctvtb xal to amioov , tf n ctXlo Toioi/Toy) 

tott 0* *>( OV. OV ^O^ TO UVIO Ttvol Xttl OTOi£f/y 

«7ra*, &Xi mg pkv ngayfia n xal (pvaig to nvg oio*~ 
&tov. To 64 bvoftct oTjfimhn, t$ todl ovpfofliixtocu ?/> r 

crvT«j>, St* iati xi to tovtov &g npotov toxmigxovtog. ( . 
OvT»f xal inl tatiov xal tobg tuv toiovtmv anartvtv. 
dtb xal to hi uweu, to aStasghta iatlp tJvmi , ontg v i . /^L-s 
T*id* ovti xal «/*>o/oTy, ij rd?r*», ij «J'6e*, ij dtavoia,. v • 
j} iw oi^ xat 6ta>ipioy»4i'(p. MaXiata deibfthgu thai * V 
itoenov bxaotov yivovg, xal xvoianata tov nooov. 
3 Ert$v&€v yag nalim tit uUm iXrjkv&s. Mitoov yap 
iauv q> to 9loooir yittomutai. IWrnoxtta* ds , rj hi, 
fj ag&(i& to noob* y nooov. O yaqaqid-u b^ a npjfi . 
hwL "Jlgte nav to noobv yivwxetou i t nooov, t» hi, 
xal £ ftgwiod ytrtloxetcu , tovto avtb IV. Atoxi to 
& agi&pov (*?X*}>y &Q&pig, 3 Evttv&i* ds xaltototg 
aXkotg Xiyttat fthgow, a> CTOflST^TefxaoToy^muoxcTat, 
xa2 to (Utoov kxaotov tv, to pyx*** * v nXatn, to /5«- 
#•*, 4r /frto**, li» tcc£**. To yog fiaoog xul u*xog, voi- 
re* to tolg toavtlo%g, /fttroy yap htaotov avjwv. 
CHov (iigog to, T« bnoatffvovv Ifcov qonriv, xal to fyo* 
vntqoxrjr fontjg. Kal ta/og, to, t« bnootijvovv xi- 
ri)Oty%x°*> xal to in tooty* xtvyotrng. "Eaxiyao %i 
*<*J(og ual iov figadiog , xal fiagog tov xowpotigov. 
3 £r naoi Stj tovtotg, fihqop xal otfxh & T * ««i adiaU 
Qttov * inil xal to tai4 yooipptuq xqanncai t?g ato/na 
tji nodicuce. Jlavtaxov yaq to pet gov h ti ^tyiovai 
x«ri aduxignov. Tovto $4 to oTilovy, v\ tw »otw , ^ 
to# noow. "Otiov ff4y ovy doxel ftrj dvai aqptXtlv rj 
nqocm&toat , tovto axQifieg to p&roov. Jib to tov 
Arist. Metaph. N 



{$ ig&[iov axgifiiotatov. Trjv ydg fiovdda ti&iaoi 

ndvrrj ddiaigetov iv de toig aXXoig [iifiovvtaito to*- 

ovtov. *Anb ydg aiadiov xaltaXdvtov,xal aelrov pd- 

£ovog, Xd&oi av xal ngoote&iv %i xal d<paige&sv pal- 

Xov, % an 6 tov iXattovog. "flats dcp ov ng&tov xata tqv 

ai'o&ijoiv (it) ivdsxetai,tovto ndvtsg noiovvtai futgov, 

* xal vyg&v xal I^omk, xal pdgovg xal psyi&ovg. Kal 

tot olovtai eidivat, to noobv, btav stdwoi did tov- 

tov tov petgov xal dr\ xal xivr\oiv tfj anXtj xivrjou 

xal tjj Taxl<rtji. 'OXiyootbv ydg avxt\ foei XQovov. 

Jib iv ttj dotgoXoyia to toiovtow h, dgxy *«* psxgov 

(ti)v xivrjaiv ydg bfiaXrjv vnoti&svtai, xal taxiai^v 

77)v tov ovgavov, ngog rjv xgivovai rag alXag) xal iv 

uovaixjj dieoig, oti iXdxiatov * xal iv <puvrj otoijc&or 

xal tavta nana sv %i ovttag , ovx Q>g xoivov t* toI?, 

aXi. iioneg el'gritai. Ovx del di to» dgtd-(i$ sv to 

fiet gov , dXX* triors nXiUa • olov ai disosig dvo , ai /iij 

xata xi]v dxor\Vy dX£ iv tolg Xoyoig * xal al qxoval 

nXeiovg alg petgovfiev, xalfj didfietgog dvol fistgsltai, 

xal rj nXevgd, xal id peyi&t} nana, Ovto) dy ndv- 

ttav fjhgov to sv, ott yv<agi£ofiev i$ uv iotiv rj ovoia, 

diaigovvteg v xata to noobv, r\ xata to eldog. Kal 

did tovto to sv ddiaigetov , on to ngmtov btdototv 

ddiaigetov. Ovx bfioitag de ndv ddiaigetov, olov noig 

xal povdg • aXXa to usv navvy , to d* tig ddialgeta 

ngbgttjv al'o&rjoiv i&iXei, uaneg ei'grjrai ydy. "iomg 

ydg ndv ovvexeg diatgetov, 'del de avyyevsg to ui- 

tgov. Msys&wv piv ydg piys&og, xal xa&' Ixaatov, 

[irjxovg pr\xog, nXdtovg nXdtog, (ptovwv (pwvri, fidgovg 

fldgog, [iovddatv povdg. Ovt<a ydg del Xappdveiv, dXX' 

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MET A PH. LIB. IX. (X) CAP. 2. 105 

oix on aqt&p&v aqtd-pog. Kaixot tdu, u bpoiotg' alt 
ovx opotoag a£to7, cUl* &ontq d povdtiuv povddag o£m»- 
out pixqov, allot pr\ povdda. *0 d' aqi&pog nkrj&og 
povdb*(av • xal xijv totioxi\prp pixqov xSiv nqaypaxoav 
liyoptv, xal xr\v alo&tioiv dia to avxb, bxi yv<oqi£o- 
piv xi avxaXg , iml prtqovrtai pallor , ij ptxqovotv, 
'Allot ovpflaivu rifuv , &oniq av ti alloy ypag pt- 
xqovvxog , iyvoaqloaptv nrjklxoi iapb , x$ xbr iur\x v * — 
inl xooovxov rjpiv intpdllnv. Ilqiaxayoqag d' aV- 1 V-l 
&qo)ti6v qtrjoi navtmv thai pfoqov , uontq av ti tbv 
imoxripova tinirv, rj xbv aio&avbptvov. Tovxovg d* t 
oxi exovow 6 pb ctto&rjoiy, b 9i imoxripriv, a qpapiv 
thai pixqa x£>v bnoxtipbvv. Ovdb Sri liyovttg 
ntqixxbv yaivovtai ti liyur. °Oxi pb ovv tw hi iL- 
vai, pdlioxd ioti xatdtb ovopa o dyogiCovoi, pitqov 
xl xal xvqimxaxov xov noaov , tlxa xov noiov , qpa- 
vtqov, "Eotai 8e xoiovxov , to psv, av >/ adiaiqtxov 
xata to noaov • to Si, av xatct to noiov. Jiontq 
adialqttov to tv, ? anlag, fj $ Iv. 
Kata Se xrp ovalav xal xv\v qpvoiv fyxrixtov jiots- 
qoag tfx$i, xa&dntg iv tdlg dianoqrjuaotv inrjl&o- 
ptv, xi to tv ioti, xal nwg du ntql tov avxov lafitiv 
nottqovig ovalag ttvbg ovarjgavtov xov bog, *a#a- 
n sq ol ts I2v&ayoqtioi q>aai nqoxsqov , xal Jllatoap 
vottqov i} pallov vnoxsital tig qpiaig* xal n&g du 
yvMgipwxeqwg Itx&fyai , xal pallov y wantq ol ntql 
(pvoscog. 'Extivwv pb yap, o piv tig qtiliav tlvai g>*?- 
ai to ev, b S 3 diga t b 8k to Sneioov. Ei dk pydb twr 
xa&olov dvvaxov ovaiav slvcu, xa&dmo iv tolg ntql 

N 1 

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\) v ovalag , xal toig ttqjl tov Snog tlgrjtou loyotg, ovd* 
aitb tovto ovala, ig h u naga ti nolla bvvatbv 
elvon(notv6v yio) all 3 rjxajrjyoQfjfia povov, Srjlovug 
ovde to ly. To yap ov, xal to iv xa&olov xatrjyo- 
Qsitcti palior a navtwv* "liars qvjb to yivu cpvaug 
tivig xal ovaiat xwountti t&v allow uoiv • ovts to 
iv yivog ivdixnm thai diet tag alias altlag , di 
aonsg ovde to 5V, ovde %rp ovolav, "Ert ti' opoitug 
inl navtmv avayxalov c/siy. Aiyetai tie ioax&g 10 
ov xal to ty. "Jlot inelmq iv tdlg nowLg iati ti to 
tv xal xu; qpvaig, bpofag tie xal iv tolg itoodig, tir^lov 
on xal olmg irjtfjrdov ti to iv, &jneg xal ti to ov • wg 
ovx Ixavbv oti tovto aitb i\ q/vacg avtov, 'Alia 
fir^v ev ye xQ^paolv ioii to iv XQ*>t*&t olov 16 levxov 
eh a ti alia 4x tovtov xal tov pilavog (paivnai yi- 
yvopeva. To tie pilav , oraoija*? levxov , wrneo xal 
(pwjog oxotog. Tovto ti* eati oiborjaig qtenOg. a Jlatt 
ei ti ovta qv xg»pata, i\v av agt&pog rig To ovta* 
*Alli tivwv ; tirjlov tir\ oti XQvparuv • xal to sv i}y 
av ti iv , olov to levxov, 'Opoivg tie xal el pelrj ta 
ovta ijv, aoi&pbg iv r,v, tiiieeng pivtoi • ill ovx agi~ 
&pbg if ovoi'a avt(av • xal to iv i\v av ti ov t) ovoia> 
ov to ?>, alloc tileaig. 'Opolotg tie inl tw? <p&6yyw 
arot^wW i)v av ti ovta aot&ubg, xal to iv otoix&or 
qpayjjjev. Kal el axnpata sv&vyQappa, ox'ripatwt 
av yv agi&pbg, xal to iv, to tgiyavov. 'O 8' aiftbg 
loyog xal inl t&v alia* yev&v. "Slot stntp xal h 
toig Tiadtgi , xal iv tdlg noidig , xal iv totg noooig, 
xal iv xivriatt aqid'fmv ovtvv, xal hog tuvog iv oxra- 
Qiv f o , t« aoi&pbg tiv&v, xal to tv ti ov al£ ovx* 

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MKTAPH. LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 3. 107 
foi/fo avtov r\ ovola* xal inl t&v ovoi&v dvdyxij 
waving txetv. 'Opofag ydq «/«* M navttav. Oti 
pev ovvtbh to navtl ytoti iaxi tig qtvoig, not ovfla- 
vbg tovto y avtb r) yvoigio iv, qtavtQov. AXl* womg 
iv XQwpotoi XQ*>P* & ir\tfjtiov Wtb ™ ^> 01;TW *** 
iv ova la ovolav plav, avto t$ to iv. "Oti di to ov- 
10 orjpaivei irng tbevxal to Sv, dyXov, *$ ts naqa- 
*oXov&tlv ioax&g trig xmttiyooiaig , xal pri thai to 
pTjdsiAujt • olov oil 8 to ijj ti iotiv, ovt to tj} nolo*, 
(xU' bpoiag %x*h Montf to ov. Kal tf pi\ nqogxa- 
ttjyoQHo&at ittqbv ti to Ag av&qwtog tov av&qv- 
nov, wonsQ oide to tlvai , mqltotl, v^no tov, rj 
nooov * xal %<a hi thai, to kudatm slvai. 
*Avtixsitai dt tb iv not ti noXXa nata nXtiovg 
tqonovg, iv Iva tb tv %a\ tb nXy&og wg adialqrtov 
xal Siaiqetov. lb pev ydq i] difiqfjpivov, f] diaiq*- 
%bv, nXri&og ti Xiyetaf tb 8i adialqttov r) pr\ difi- 
gtiptoov, iv. 'Enel yovv ai avti&iottg tttqax&g, xal 
rovttav xava miqr\aiv Xeyercu &dttgov , toavtiov av 
tit), xal ovte wg dnlataoig, ovte wg xa nqog ti Xeyo- 
fisva. Aiyetai di ix tov toavtiov, xal dtjXovtai tb 
tv, ix tov diatqetov tb adiaiqetov, did topdXXovaU- 
O&i\tovtb nXq&og elvai, xaltb diaiqniv [$tb aoW- 
getovJ] a Jlote T«j? Xoytp nqoteqov tb nXrj&og tov adi~ 
aiqhov did trjv afo&rioiv. *feon 6* tov pto kvbg, 
Soneq xal to t# diaigiosi t&v ivavtlmv dityqdyapev, 
to avtb, xcri opoiov , *«* 7oov • tov tie nXf]&ovg to 
itBQOv, xal dvopoiov , xal avioov. Asyopivov di 
tavtov TioXXax&g, xal ha pto toonov xat aQi&pov, 

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o Xsyoptv iviotsavto' tovto ds, av xal Xoytp xal 
aqid-jxat sv r\, olov, ov oaviw, xal tw sfdsi xaltrj vXrj 
Iv. *Eu Si av b Xoyog o Tifc ngoiirjg ovolag slg r\, 
olov al laai ygappal sv&sicu ai avtal , xal ta Joa 
\ ' xal ta iooywvia tstgaytava, xaltoi nXsito * ak£ h 
V tovtoig r) iootqg, kvot rjg. "Opoia ds, iav pr\ tavta 

anXwg ovta, prjds xati tr)v ovolav adtiopoga ir\v 
vnoxttpsvr)v, xata to sldog tavta rj • olov- to pslZov 
%stgaymvov, tw /itxpw opoiov, xal ai \avujoi sv&uai. 
Avion yag ofxovon ixiv, al avtal ds anXwg, ov. Ta 
ds, iav to avtb sldog sxovta, iv olg to fiaXXov xal r\t- 
tov fyyivstai, prjts (taXXovrj, prjt$ i\ttov. Tads, 
iav t] to avtb na&og xal sv to» sl'dsi, olov to Xsvxbv 
oq?6dga xal rjttov, opoia <paoiv thai, ott sv to sldog 
avtm. Tads, av nXsla tyf! tavtai} stsga,r}anX(og, 
7j ta ngixaga • olov, xattitsgog agyvga , rj £01/03) ' 
XQVoog ds nvql, t) $av&6v xal nv($6v. a Slots dr)Xov 
oti xal to hsgov xal to avopoiov noXXax&g Xsystou' 
xal to psv aXXo avtixsifiivag xal to tavto. 4tb nav 
ngbg anav, rj tavto, rj alio. To Si, iitv pr) xal r) vXi\ 
xal o Xoyog tig. Jib ov xal o nXyolov stsgov. To 
Se tqitov, ug ta iv toig fia&rjfiatixoTg. To fisv ovv 
Itsgov, rj tavto, dta tovto nav ngbg nav Xiysiai, 
oo a Xsystai sv xal ov. Ovds yag avtlq)aoig iott, tov 
tavtov • dio ov Xsystai inl tStv pr) ovtoav (to ds p% 
tavto Xsystai) inl ds twv ovtwv navtoav. H yaq sv, 
r\ ovx sv neyvxbg ov xal fy. To fiiv ovv ttsqov xal 
tavtov, ovTwg avtlxsttai. Jiaqpoqi ds xal ltsqotr\g, 
aXXo. To fisv yao stsgov, xal ov stsqov, ovx avuy- 
xi\ slvai tivi stsgov, Ilav yag rj hsgov, rj tavto, ou 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.; CAP. 4. 199 
if I ov. To te didyooov xivbg, xivl didqpooov. 
"jlart avdyntj xavxo xi elvai w bioKpioovot. Tovxo 
hi to avxb ysvog rj tlSog. Jlav ydo to diaqtioov &«- 
cptyt, ij yivu, ij eldw yivu fiiv, &v py ioxh xoivrj ^ 
vli\, pride yivioig dg allylcc olov Sow alio oxypa 
lys xaxrjyooiag- sXdn ds , av xb avxb ysvog- Xsysxat, 
ti yivog, o a/i<j><» xb avxb Xiyovxai xaxa xyv ovoiav 
ta dtdqtooa. Ta d' ivavxia , xal r) ivavxlaoig, 6W 
q>ood xtg. "On Si xaX&g xovxo vnoxi&sps&a, dyXov in 
xyg inayayrjg. Havxa ydq duupioovxd xs 9 a /Vera*, 
xa» ov fiovov sxsoa ovxa, alia ta pb> to yivog sxsoa • 
t«3' ivxjavxi) avoxotxla trig xaxi)yooiag. c Jlox 
h Taurw yhu xal xavxa iw tldu. Jidgioxai d h 
uttoig, nolo tw yim xavxa fj sxsoa. 
"j&ri* ds dtayiosiv fydsxnai dXXyXw xd dta<ptQOv- 
t« nXsiov xal sXaxxov, iotl tig xalptyioxr) diayood, 
Mlxavxyv Xiyw ivavxiwoiv^ "Ou d* v psyioxv, flia- 
<pood t dt)Xov ixxijg inaywyvg. Ta psv ydqysvst 
fowpioovxa, ovx «*e* odor sig aXXrjXa, aXXd dnsxsi 
nUov, ual aovfipXtira. Tdlg d' d'dsi diayioovotv 
al ytvioug ix xStv ivavxiuv slolv m ioxdxoav. To ds 
hxaxov didaxripa, piywxov. "jtirxs xal to xwv ivav- 
*lw. 3 MXd ftf]v toys psytaxov iv kxdoxtp yivsi xskst- 
ov* Msyioxov psv ydo, ov pij ioxtv vnsgfioXrj • xal 
viXuov, ov prj ioxiv $S« xiksiov Xafislv xi dvvaxov • 
tikog ydq %x H V **Xtla dtacpogd, &onsq xal xaXXa tw 
*&o? e/f iv Xiyttai xiXna. Tov di xiXovg, ovdh s$to. 
"Eojaro* ydo h iravxl , xal moiixn. Jib ovdb>e$<a 
*oi> xiXovg • ovde noootittxai ovdtvbg xb xHuov. Oxi 

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peVQVV f] buvUOTJIS ioxl (faupQQa ?&6*0g, i* topjov 

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dicKp&Qovta xavotyxia. Meyi<jtfj yaq diaqtOQa tov- 
iwv 7) tiXuog. Kal xa h T«j» av?<J) £exwx$ ttIuoto* 
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tr}Q , xal zee nqig it • tovtwv Sb ngmov avxiyaGic * 
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Svdixttai * ou fisv ovv ov savxw uvtiyaaig xal xu 
ivavxla, drjXov • r\ $s oriQrjoig avtkpaoig ugdatw. "& 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 4. 201 

y&Q to advvatov Slug fx HV > *? • «* n&pvnog t/fity 
pn $Zfl> iotiQUxai, V btetg* if nig iyoipa&ir. Ilokla- 
X*>g yao %dr} xovxo Myope*, ion*? diyff}vsu tjfuy 4r 
SlXo*g. Vi*** Ivuv 19 atdQtjsie atniawjie tig, % idv~ 
vapia dio^a^Haa,^ avpedfjppBrfi %y dttruxw* dio 
ttviuf>ao«o? per *v* wni pnalv, mqriotmg 6i two* 
iotw. % Iqov p%\ yao tj ofa foot, nap * ho* di ij a vt~ 
cop, ov nay, ilk* tirnqpivoriv i$dtnnn$iovtaov. 
Ei di\ ai ytvboshg tjj vl$ in jwv ivarriw ' yiyvovuu 
£i, rj in toy ettovg nal life t ov tidovf I5s»s, *} in <rtt- 
pffaew tiveg %ov tldovg not tqg poo^ns • dtfko* ©u 
if per ivavtlwfig, atd^fjaig av w tZtj nma , f\ Si ar«- 
g^oig fa<*g ov naoa ivavtiitiig. Ai'tiop d on nol~ 
lax&g iv&ix*tai iottQifa&eu to ioriQT\pivQv. '£$ wr 
yap at pstafiolal ioxatw Jrartia tavta. ftavto^v 
d* nal dii trig inaytay^g. JIaaa yao toavtivoig %x** 
oTVotjoiv &aiioov %&¥ haml»v, «U' ovx bpoivg 
n&vta. 'Avuwrng psv y*Q hqsijtos, ctpopoiixt\t 
9k ofio*oxijT0S , nttnta di vqttrig. Juupiou $i 
owntg dgyxcu. To ph yaq iar povov r t iottm* 
phov, %b ds av # note, ij o> fm* olor av iv fjluuif. 
t***, i} t$ nv$iy, % nay*n* Jib tw ph ion, p*ia~ 
&, no* Utit ov« aya&bg ap&o&nog ovjenanbg, wv 
da 4vx *o%tv, aJU* ipaynq thai y ntquxbv, q aoww. 
"En ia per exu to inontipwov ioujpMVOV ,fi 5' oC. 
"/lore <payeqov o%i out &mt$ov tiv havtlmv Uytta* 
vara flrr^^w. 'Awoxqii to nip T* wq&%a nal ia yi- 
*$l wy ivavtUav, olw to Sv nal %a nolXv, T» ya$ 
iXXa ng xavta avayetai. 

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*En*l de h hi Sow hapxiop , dnooyotup Sp t*c 
nwg dpxlnttxaixb h nal to noXXd (xa ydq aXXa tig 
xavxa dvdyrtai) nal xb loop tw ptydXto xal tw fit- 
*g$. To ydq noxtqov 4p dm&boei atl Xdyo/itP, ol- 
ov noxtqop Xtvxbp, rj piXav * xal noxtqop Xtvxbp , rj 
oil Xtvxbp * noxtqop de ar&qomog fj Xtvxbp, ov Xiyo- 
p*v, idp fix) ft vno&ioe&g, *«» tr\xovpxtg, oXov noxtqov 
rjXSs KXiuv 1} 2nxqdx7\g • aX£ ov* apdyxx\ ip ovderl 
yipu xovxo. 'AXXa xal xovto ixtl&tp iXr}Xv&t. Ta 
ydq apxixtiptva popa ovx ivdsxexou apa vndqxw 
(o nal ipxav&a xqv ta h iv tw nor too g iX&eiv. El yap 
ana fredex t*o, ytXdiop to iqvxruia. EX Si nal ovxatg, 
Ofnoitag ixnlnxtt tig apxl&tow, tig xb tp fj noXXi* 
olop noxtqop dpyoxtqot yX&op, y axtqog. El dr) i» 
xolg dvxixtipivois del xov noxtqov y Syxriotg (Xiytxeu 
6s noxtqop pti^op rj tXaxxov, tj loop) tig iottp q ax- 
xl&toig nqbg xatixa xov Xoov; Ovxt ydq &axiq<p (to— 
V(a ipapxio* , ovxt dfi<po7p. Ti ydq paXXop , rj t<5 
fitl&Pi , ij to* iXdxxovi ; *Eu tip dviovt tWapxlop to 
loop, °Slox (p nXtlooip toxai, *} hi. El dt xb aVt- 
oov orjfiaivsi xb avxb Spa dpopdip, tVy pep drxixdpt— 
pop dfiyoiv nal x\ anoqla j3ot)&(i xolg ydoxovot to 
Spioop dvdda thai, 'AXXd ovpfiaipti tv dvolp ivay- 
tiop * onto aovpaxop. *!Bt* xb fib loop (jtsxatv <pai- 
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xa$v ovxt (paiptxai , 'ovts in xov bqioftov ftwaxov. 
Ov yaq ctv eVrj rtXtia ptxalvxipog ovoa , aXXd pdk~ 
Xop %xn atl kavxyg xt ptxalv. Atintxav dr\ t ij mg 
anoyaoip dvuxuo&ai, r] ig oxiqtjOip. Oaxiqov fiiv 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.j CAP. 6. 203 

o^ ovx hdijrncu. Ttyig pallor tov peydXov ij gitxgov; 
Apyoiv Sga dnoyaoig ongrjuxrj. Jib xal ngbg a/uqpo- 
xtga to nbxigov Xiytxai • ngbg b*e &dxtgov ov 'olov 
noxtgov fiu£ov t ijloovri noxtgov loov,ij*Xaxxov dX£ 
«** xgla. Ov oxigijoig ds i$ dvdyxrig. Ov yag nay 
foov, o (tri liiiiov 5 sXatxov aX£ to o\g ni<pvx$y 
ixuva. "Eoxi dr) to loov, to pytt piya , /u^Ta pixgby, 
myvxbg ds piya rj^ixgov elvou • xal artixutat ap- 
q>oly ug anotpaoig oxtgynxri. Jib xal psxa$v ioxi, 
xa* to pyre xaxov ptjx aya&bv, avxlxtixai dfupoXv, 
oU' aMowpov. IlolXax&g yag Xiynai ixdxegov, 
xal ovx totiv iv to dtxtutbv, aXXd pdXXov to priulsv- 
*bv, ufa* fiiXav. *Ev ds x>vb*i tovxo Xiystai, alX wo*- 
opsva nag xdxg&paxa, i<p &v Xiytxai oxtgtjxixwg f\ 
anoyaoig avxrj. *Avdyxri ydg, r} (paibv ij axgbv il- 
vai, if xoiovxov xi uXXo togiopivov. "jloxt ovx bg&wg 
tnmpwoiv oi vopftovteg bftoicog Xsyto&ai nana* 
<oaxttoso&ai*vnodripaxog xalxugbg ftsxa^v, to \fS\it 
im6dT}{ia, [4i}TS x&QW inslntg xal to prjis aya&ov 
f<i}T6 xaxov , xov aya&ov xal tov xaxov • vg ndv- 
tuv ioofiivov tivbg prtotlv. Ovx dvdyxji ds tovxo 
ovpfialvsi. C H ph yag avxixupivtav ovvanoqpaolg 
Amy, ow ioxi [itxaSv xi, xal didoxripd xi niqtvx&v el- 
vui • 7<w f ovx ioxi, dtacpogd. *Ev aXXa yag yivu, 
«w ol ovvctnoydoug. "Jlox ovx tv to vnoxeiptvov. 
Opoiag 6e xal negl tov hog xal rfiv noXlwv dno~ 
grjautv av xtg. El yag xa noXXa xw hi anXug dv- 
tlxuxai, ovpfialvH tvia advvaxa. To yag tv , bXl- 
fov, ^ bXlya wxai. Td yig noXXa, xaltoig bXiyotg 

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avrlxMai. *Ett t« dvonoXXa, tin eg to datXdoiov 
noXXanXaaiov • xal ovxta Xiyerai da xal ti dvo &- 
nXdoia. "JIotb to s\, bUyov. IJgbg %l ydg noXXd 
t« dvo, bI ftfj ngog iv %a xal ngog to oXiyov; ovdev 
ydg ioriv Uuttov. "Eriti «$ iv \ki\xei to paxgbv xal 
PQ*XVt ovTwg iv nlij&n to noXv xal to oXiyov, xal 
o ay r) noXv, xal noXXa, xal ra no XX a noXv • ei (ly %% 
dga dtaopigsi iv nvvexu dog lor op, to iXiyov, nXrj&og 

T* foTCU. U JlOTB TO %V TlXri&OQ Tl iotlv, si'jlSg Xal 6X1- 

yov. Tovto de dvdyxrj, h td dvo noXXa. 3 Jl£ Vang 
Ta noXXa Xiyeiai fih dig xal to noXv, aXX' <ag diacpi- 
gov, otov vdag noXv, noXXa d' ov. 9 AX£ ova diaige- 
t« iv tovtoiq, Xiyerai tva fiiv tqotvov , idv y itXrj&og 
Uxov vnBQoxrjv, % anX&g, ij ngog ii • xal to bXiyop 
woavtmg nXfi&og tyov sXXeupiv. To ds a>g agi&pog, 
o xal avrlxenai t$ hi povov. Ovtoag ydg Xiyouev 
tv, rj noXXa, Samg bV rig bI'tioi %v xal ha, *j Xbvxov xal 
Xsvxd, xal Ta uBftsTgijuiva ngog to uhgov xal to fee- 
rgriTov. Ovtag xal Ta noXXanXdoia Xiyetat noXXa. 
JloXXa ydg gxaorog agi&pbg, Zti tvog, xal St* pBTgrj- 
Tog hi txaorog, xal t»g to dvTixsifisvov tw kvl , ov tw 
oXlytp. OvTtag fiev ovv iort noXXa xal Ta dvo. *Jlg 
de nXtj&og fyov vnBQOxrp , % ngog ti, ij anXwg, ovx 
tlariv, dXXd ngmov, 'OXlya de anX&g to, dvo. llXij- 
dog yag ioriv eXXsiipiv I#ov nqwiov. Jib xal ovx og- 
&a>g aneoTr\'Ava$ayogag sinwv, on opov ndvTaxgq- 
pata riv, amiga xal nXrj&et *«J fiixgoirju. *EdBi d* 
iineiv, ovtI Tov f xal fjiixgoTfju , xal oXiyoTrfu. Ov 
yag ansiga, iml to oXiyov, ov did to h, £<mBQ twig 
q>aoiv, dXXd did to dvo. £dvrlxeiTai de xal ovtw?.] 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 7. 20& 

'Artixsnai dt} to W xal %a to iv dgt&potg , sv 
to toig noXXolg, tag pitgov firtQiftty. Tavta di atg 
n* ngog tt, ooa fir\ xa& avtd tiav ngog it. ^/*?;oij- 
ttub" fj/Aiv iv aXXoig, on di%wg Xiyttai tot ngog ti, 
ta piv £>g ivavtia, tot d' &g imotrifif) ngbginiotritbv, 
*y Xiyso&ul xt, alio ngog avtd. To ds tv , sXattov 
thou tivbg, olov toiv dvdlv, ovtib xaXvu. Ov yag d 
tXattov, xal oXlyov. To Si nXfj&og, togyivog iotltov 
(*Qi&pov. 'fern yag dgi&fibg nXfi&og ivi ptxoT\- 
iov. Kal dvtixntai nug to tv xal 6 dgi&pbg, ov% 
*g ivavtlov , al£ van eg ttgrjtat i<av ngog ti 
«**«. J-T* yag fiitgov , to de tistgrjtbv , tavtji dv- 
tixHiiu. J io ov ndv o Sv y Iv, dgi&fiog iotiv, 
oioy, tl %i adtaigitov iotiv. 'Opoiag de Xtyopwrj q 
ijwnriiiy n $°S to imotijtbv, ovx bpoiwg dnodidwoi. 
4o|«ie piv yag av pitgov r\ imotrjftri eivai, to ds int- 
vtrpbv to fittgovpevov. 2vp§alvH diimatrifirjv piv 
Kaoav iniotiftov eJvat • to di iniatr^tbv py ndv im- 
vtypilP, oti tgdnov %wa y imotr^py] pstgutai tw inir- 
«^t^. t To de nkft&og, ovte t£ oXiyu ivavtlov, «A- 
io tovtm fiev to noXit, ig vndgxov nXri&og vntgsxo* * 
fUvof nXrj&ei • ovts %<$ hvl ndvtmg • dXXd to psv worttg 
*tyt)jai,atL diaignbv, to 6* ddialgstov, too*' wc ngog 
w, (aantg r> inietr^ 1 ! i*wvr\t§ , idv j) dgi&pog • to 
fl h, phgov, 


3 £ntt di tm ivavtUav ivdixttai elvcd u ^nati, xal 

vim iatlv, avayxri 4* t&p ivavtitav thai i« psta£v. 

Uavtetyag tapttaSlti bty avT^ yivniotl^ xalvtv iozi 

pt*u£v. Meta$v fib yag tavta Xiyofitv, eig baa 

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vexafiaXXstv nqoxsqov dvayxtj to fiBxa^aXXov ^ olov 
ano xr)g vndxTjg inl xr,v vvpip, el fiexa^aivoi iw oM- 
r<? XQ°"V> n^ nqoxeqov tie ioi>g psxa$v^ <p&oyyovg' 
xal iv xqdfiaotv, bv fast ix xov Xbvxov tig to p&av, 
nqoxBqov fast, eig to yoivutovv nal q>aiiv, y Big to 
uiXav • ofioimg di xal inl xav aMaw. MnafiaiXw 
d" it dXXov yivovg elg aXXo yivog ovxbouv , aU* n 
xaxd ovpPtfnxog • olov ixxqd^^ogug oxijfia. *Avdy- 
xrj aqa id pBtatv xal aixoTg, xaluv pBxa$v siolv, iv 
t £ avx§ ybu that. Iffla pr)v nana yt xd fiBxa$v, 
ioxlv dvxixBipivav xiv&v. 'Ex xovxav yaq fiovuv 
xa& avxo ion fiBxa^aXXsw. Jto Jdvvaxov slvai 
UBtaSit, (At} avxixupivw. Ely yaq av ^BxaPoX^xal 
ur) i$ dvxixufiivtov. Twv d' dvxixsipivuv dvxiq>dos- 
tag psv, ovx cot* /icralv. Tovxo yaq iouv ayWqpa- 
atg, avxi&BOig, xal r]g oxyovv noqiov&dxsqov naqs- 
oxiv, tyovarig oidsv fiexaSv r\g oxyovv &dxBqov po- 
qiov ov to val rj to ov ndqsoxiv, ovx ixovoyg ovdb> 
vnaSv. Twy di Xomwv, id piv nqog xi, xd di ari- 
qtjoig, td dsivavxla ioxi. Tow de nqog xiooa M 
ivavxla, ovx l>« /mall/. Aixiov d* ow ovx iv x$ 
avxy yivst ioxL Ti yaq inioxr]iAi\gxalimoxr\xov /**- 
xalv ; dXXa (isydXov xal (iixqov. El d' low iv av* 
t<ji yivn xd (jiBxaSv, woneq didetxxai, xal fuxa$v ivav- 
tLv, dvdyxrj xal «vt« ovyxuo&ai ixxovxjavxwv 
ivavxtov. *H yaq Moxai xl yivog avxav , ? ovdh. 
Kal si fih yivog i'oxat ovxug wot Bivai, nqoxBqov xi 
rav ivavxiw, at dt,a<poqal nqoxsqai ivavxia* \oovxa* 
ai noiqoaoai xd ivavxla , wg Bidy yivovg. *Ex yaq 
tov yivovg xal x£>v diayoqwv xd Bidrj • olov «* to A«w- 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.; CAP. 7. 207 

xbv xal piXav hart la, cor* di xb pkv dtaxqvxtxbv 
ZQW[jta,%6 di ovyxoixixbv XQwpa, aviai ai duty opal 
xb diaxQtxtxbv xal ovyxgixtxbv ngoxegat, "jlou 
xolvxol xd ivavxia dXXyXoig ngoxsQa. *AXXd pyv xd 
ye ivavxia dtayioovxa, paXXov ivavxia. Kal xd koi- 
ne* xal xa ptxa£i ix xov yivovg eoxat, xal xmv dioupo- 
Qtov • olov boa /pu/uctTa xov Xtvxov xal piXavog ioxt 
pexalv, Tavia dii ix x$ xov yivovg Xiyto&at, (jatt di 
yivog xb ^pa/tor) xal ix dwupooiav xtvvv. Avion di 
ovx toovxai tit notaxa ivavxia. El di pi) eat at fxa- 
oxov, fj Xevxov rj piXav , ixsqeu aga m Mexa$v ago 
xwv notoxwv bavxluv avxat toovxat. Ai notoxai di 
diacpoyal xb dtaxgtxtxbv xal ovyxotxtxbv • iioxe tov- 
xa ngwxa ifixrjxiov, ooa ivavxia prj iv y&si, ix xi- 
vog xa pexatv avxwv. *Avayxr\ yag xa iv x£ aix$ 
yivu, ix xuv dovv&ixwv x$ yivu ovyxiio&at, fj dovv 
&exa elvat. Ta ph ovv ivavxia, aovv&exa i$ ctXXrj- 
Xwv, max* agxal ' T « ^« ptxatv , ij nana , ij ovdiv. 
: *Ex di xSv bavxlwv ylyvtxal it. "Jloxetoxai ptxafio- 
Xr) tig xovxo, nglv ijj slg avxd * btaxigov ydg xal r\x- 
xov carat xal paXXov. Mtxalv aga toxat xal xovxo 
xiv ivavxlwv. Kal xa aXXa aga navxa ovv&exa xa 
ptxalv. To ydg xovpiv paXXov, xovd* x\xxov, avv- 
&ex6v nag i£ixelvmv (av Xiynai clvai,xov piv paXXov, 
xov d' v\xxov. 3 £n$l d* ovx soxiv Bxega ngoxtga 
opoyevtj xnv ivavxlav, anavx av ix xiv ivavxlmv t\t[ 
xa pixa\v"fLax* xalxa xdxto navxa, xal xavavxlaxal 
xaptxaSvixx&v ngwxanv ivavxlav toovxai. "Oxt piv ovv 
id ptja£v %v xb tovtw ybn navxa , xal pixa$v ivav- 
xioav, xal ovyxuxai ix xmv ivavxUav anavx a, (SijAov. 

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To & hsgov t$ flfoi Tivog w tttgov ior*, *«* o*w 
10VTO otfupolv vndgxw olov , si J<5o* ijbqov t$ *«^- 
foj, apupto f«a. ^v«y*i? aaa *V yivu t§ «vt<w «2*a* 
t« trcea t£ e*#w. To y<*£ totoviov ffigpg xaX& , o 
vtjMpw ev iuvjo Xiysxav , pi} xcna ovfi^fjxog «/o* 
dtoupagctv, ti'& wg vXy ov, tiff a>$ aXXag. Ov (tovov 
ydq du to xoivbv vmxQx*Wy olov, afiqxo fa>a, aXXa xat 

IKQOV kxdTSQW, 10VTO UVtQ TO fttOy, olov, TO ftSV fo- 

nov, to ds av&gwnov. did tovto to xowov, hega 
dXXrjXwv iotl tw sldsi. "Barm 8i\ xa& «vto, to jriv 
to Lovdl iaov, to ds Toiovdi* olov to psv Xnnog , to 5 
av&Dtanog. *Avdyxij aga ttjp dt«<pogdv TaVTip It«- 
ooTr/Ta tov yivovg thai. Aiyvi yag yivovg 9uxq>o- 
gdv hsgottjTa, rj htgov noui xovto avto, Evavria>- 
otg toIvvv sotai avtif. Aj\Xov di ix tr)g inay&ymQ* 
Ildvta ydg diaigehai Totg dvttxsifiivotg • xal oil t«- 
vavria iv javxy yivsi, diStixTai. *H ydg ivavTioTtis 
j\v dtayogd uXsia. c Hds $ia<pogd r) bldn, naoa t*~ 
vog u. "Hare tovto to avto ts xal yivog in afitpoiv. 
Aib xal iv tji avtjj ovoTot/ioi ndvta t« ivavtln i^g 
xatrjyooiag, oaa tfdu didyoga xal fir) yivu, hsga i« 
aXXrjXwv pdXiOTa. TiXsla ydg r) diayood , xal a pa 
aXXyXoig ov yivnai. *H aga dtatpogd , ivavtfaoig 
ioTi. Tovto ydg iOTt to stsgov tlvai t<» ildu, to 
iv T(£ avrco yevsi ovxa (vavjleootv %x*iv , aiopa ©>»Ta 
Tot avTa di tw u'Sei , boot pr} ty** ivartkowp aio^ta 
ovta. Ev ydo t$ tiiatgiou xal iv Tolg fUTa^v yi- 
vovtai ivavruoosig, ngh> tig %d aTOfia iX&uv. °JloJ9 
q>avsgov on nobg to xaXovpwov ov yivog, ovt$ t«v- 

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METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.; CAP. 9. 209 

toy, ovts ttsgov ico tXdu ovdiv ioti twv wg yivovg ti- 
dwv ngooyxovtav. *H ydg vXr\ anoyaau drjXovtou 
to di yevog vXy [o] ov Xiyttai yivog , firj ig to %m 
< HQaxXud<av, dXX' i!j wg to iv tjj qpvoBi. Ovdi ngbg 
t« pi) iv toivtw yivu , aXXd dioiau tw yivu ixtivwv • 
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diaq>igu, ivartlov tov -frrjlsog xal xov dggtvog ovtog, 
%r\g di diayogdg ivavtiioouog ' ovdi Jiwoy &r\Xv xal 
aggsv, ixegov zo> etdu' xaixoi xa&' avtb tov £wov 
avtfj 7] diaqpogd, xal ovx *>$ V Xtvxotr^g r\ fitXavia, 
uX3l ji Jiwoy xal to &t}Xv xal to Sggsv vndgxu. *Eoti 
d r t dnogla avtrj ox*dov f\ avtrj , xal did xl r\ piv 
notu Tut ti'du ixsga ivavxiowig, t\ d ov oiov, to nt- 
(ov xal to nttgaxov ' JUi/xoti?? di xal fitXavia ov. 
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Kal insidrj to fib Xoyog, to d' vXq, ooai (niv iv tw 
Xoyao uolv ivavuotrjteg, tldunoiovai dtacpogdv • oaat 
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&gwnov Xevxoxrjg ov noiu , ovdi fitXavia , ovdi tov • 
Xbvxov dv&gwxov iotl diatpogd xax ttdog ngbg (ii~ 
Xava ctv&gwnov , old* dv ovofta iv ttd-r\. 'fig vXri 
ydg b av&Q<onoQ, Ov notu di diaqpogdv r\ vXtj. Ovx 
dv&gwnov ydg y vXfi, tiolv ol dv&gunoi. did tovto, 
xahot h$oat, ai adoxtg xal td oota , i£ tav ode xal 
ode, aXXd to ovvoXov, titqov fih, ttdu d* ovxetsgov, 
ott iv io) Xoytp ovx totiv ivavtiaoig. Tovto di iotiv 
Arist. Metaph. O 

Digitized by GOOgle 


onofiov. e O 8s KaXXlag ioxlv b Xoyog xaxa trjg vXqg ; 
xal 6 Xevxbg b\ £r&q<onog, oxi KaXXiag Xsvnog. Kara 
avfifit(iTjx6g ovv 6 av&qwiog Xsvxog. OvSe o /aXnovg 
drj xvxXog, xal 6 l-vXivo?, ovde xqlytavov xaXxovv, xal 
xvxXog SvXivog , ov dia xirp vXrjv tldst dicKpigovotv, 
aXX' oxi iv t<» Xoy<$ tvtaxiv havxioxyq. Iloxiqop (T 
7/ vXrj ov Tioul frtqa tw sifoi ovoa mag friqa, r\ toxtv 
&g noiti j dia xi yaq ods b \nnoq xovSl avdqunov 
hsgog tw ndst; xuitot avv xjj Sky ol Xoyoi avxwv. 
*H oxi eveoxtv iv tw Xoyqt ivavxiwoig / xal yog xov Xbv- 
xov avd-qwnov xal piXavog innov. Kal Ban yt st- 
du, aXX ovx i[ o fiev Xsvxog , o ds piXag 9 intl xal ri 
apquo Xsvxa i\v , bpoiwg av %v si'Ssi moa. To 5e 
olqqsv xal &?iXv , xov fwou olxua ftty naxhj, aX£ ov 
xaxa trjv ovoiav, all! iv jfj vXrj xal tw owfian, Aib 
xh aito onigfia , rj xtrfXv tj aq^zv yivsxat na&ov xt 
na&og. Ti pev ovv ioxi xb tw d'du sxeqov thai, net* 
diet xi xa ftsv diaqtsqti ti'dzt,, to d* ov, i\'qr\xai, 


'Entl ds xa ivavxia txeqa ?w ttdu, to Si <p&agxov 
xal to aqp&aqxov ivavxia (^oxiqrjoig yaq adwapta 
duoQiopivri^ avdyxrj sxeqov thai t$ yivu to q>&aqxov 
xal to aydaoxov. Tfiiv ph ovv in aixav tiqijxaptv 
xwv xa&oXov ovopaxiov. "Jloxe do$siev av ovx avay- 
xaiov slvai bxiovv ay&aQtov xal (p&aqxov Ixtqa &- 
vat to) eld si , monto ovde Xevxur xal piXav, To yaq 
avxb ivdixetat tlvai xal «/u« , 4a* // xmv xa&oXov 
wineg 6 av&owiog tlrj iv xal Xsvxog xal piXag * xal 
x&v xa& htaoxa • dy yaq av fin *(*<* b avxo$ Xev- 
xbg xal piXag. Kaixoi ivavxlov to Xtvxbv to} ji4- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. IX. (X.) CAP. 10. 211 

lavi. 'Alia wp ivanlmp , to pi* xatit tntpfiB- 
fhjxog inaox** bloig , olop ma* to pvv dorsum 
not alia noXXd • to di advrcttov , m Am *al 
to qt&ttQtop mat to £<p&*ftop. Ov&r yiq tatt 
<p\hxpt6v nata ovjujfc/frpoc. To per yao ovp(}*- 
prjMog Mix***** PV vnaqx*** • to tie ydaoiop, 
xmv 45 apa/ntfg vfiof/oVrw wm* olg vnaqxt*' 
n Soto* tovto tv <p&ao?op *oi ctcp&aotop, tl 4p- 
ofyrrat avto /ui) inaox*tv to a^aoTo?. "if tiji> 
ovolav Soa, tj fc tjJ ovor/o avaynri imaqx*** w 
qpdooTO? htaxrtfa tip y&aftmp. e O avtog o* io- 
/o$ xat ftep* tov of>#of tov. Twy yoo £ avayxrjs 
inaoxorttop op aw * ij 00a *«i mo#6 irpwTor , to 
mcv <p#croTov too*' afp&OQtov %x H *W#«ow. "JlotB 
ardyxT) yivti fotea thai, ^avtqop toIpvp ou oim 
frdixerat tlvai ttdr) toimvta ola liyovoi rivtg. 
"Eotcu yao Sw&Qtmog, o piv q&ctftog y 6 6* wp&aq- 
toc. Kulioi tw sitf a tovtcc liynai sipai to aiflif t©*$ 
Tta*, xo» ovj ofuopvfia. Ta di yfru tieoa , nXilov 
di&nrjxtv jj to e^8t. 



Ot* fih fi ooyla neql aozdg intotrjfititig ioti, Stjiov 
in %<hp nowtw h olg SiTjnoQfjrai nqbg to if no rap 
Sllwv tiorifiiva mol tup ciqx&p. 'Atiodtjohb o* 3 Sp 
tig, noTSQOv plap vnolaflivp thai fal tifp oo<plav im- 
otypilP , V nollag. El uiv yaq fiiav , uia iotlp ati 

O 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


^t&p bavtlw ol d' otgxal ovx ivavtlai. El de pij 


, ,. pia , noiag dti d-fiycu tavtag ; *'Eti tag anotoxtixag 

• ,. / dgxag &iG>Qr\oai, (iiag rj nXtiovcav ; El piv yag fiiag, 

V tifiaXXov tavtijg, ij bnouxaovv; udenXsiovwv, noiag 

du tavtag d-uvait"Ett notsgov naoiv twv ovoiwv, n 
ov, Ei fiev yagpri notour, noi&v x<*l?*bv anodovvar 
si de nao&v pia , SdrjXop nS>g ivdixstai nXuovtov tij* 
avi7]v imattjfitjv iivai. *Eti notsgov ntgl rag ova tag 
(tovov, % xal t« ovfifaPrjxoTa, El yag nsgi ys ti ovp- 
Psfaxota anodsi&g iou, nsgl taftovoiag ovx sort*. 
Ei de krigct , rig kxatiga, xal notiga ooqtia; 'Hfiev 
yig aJiodeixjixr) oocpla,^ nsgl ti ovfiflefirixota' jg ds 
nsgl to ng&ta, %\ tm oioi*n>. 3 AX£ ovds nsgl tag iv 
toig (pvotHolg sigtffuvag ah lag xr^v iniQr\tov^vr^v hu- 
L ' oxrifirjy S-etiov. Ovts yig nsgl to ov svsxsv. Toiov- 

zov yag to aya&ov tovto d* iv zolg ngaxtixoig 
vitagxu , xal tdig ovaw (v xwqou * xal tovto ngSttov 
^- xipsi. loiovtop yag to tsXog. To Ss ngmov xivtjoo* 
ovx tow iv toig dxtv^TOtg. "OXtag d* anogiav l/#, 
notsgov nots nsgl tag alo&7)tag ouoiag iotlv ^ {fa- 
tovpwrj vvv imotrxxy t 5 ov, nsgl di tivag stigag. 
Ei yag mgl aXXag , q nsgl tit «ltf r/ sir) av , ^ nsgl ti 
fia&rinatixd. Ti ftiv yag sidy oti ovx.soti, dr^Xov. 
"Opus ds anogiav %x u > *$* slval tig avtd &r t , dia ti 
not ovx wontg inl tm fia&fifiatix&v, ovtwg e^c* xal 
inl xwv dXXoav wv iotw tidy. Aiyoa b° ou ia /u«^i?- 
fiatixa fisv (isza$v ts twv udm> t&iaoi, xal toJv al- 
o&Tjjuv, olov tgita twit, nagd ta si'dy ts xal ti 
dsvgo' tghog d' av&gamog ovx laity, old* i7tnog 
nag aitov te xal tovg xa& uiaoxov. Ei d' av pn 

METAPH. LIB. X. (XL) CAP. 1. 213 
ioxiv wg Xdyovoi, nsgl nolu &etiov nguyputevBO&ui 
tov fiu&r)(tuxixov / Ov yotg St) ntgl tit dsvgo 9 tovttov 
yug ov&iv ioxiv, olov ul fia&Tjpauxa} gyxovoiv t&v 
inta%ri(jim. Ovds pr\v ntgl tit pu&r)fiuttxu 17 tyjovjuivr) 
vvp iariv imoxrjpri • /wptcrrov yug uit&v ov&iv. 
AXX ovds twv alo&yTaur ovouav • <p&ugtul yug. "OXwg 
6* anoQTjaeii tig av, noiug ioxiv imoxrjprig xo diccno- 
Qijocu ntgl xfjg tmv (iu&r]fittxtxtov vKrjQ. Ovtt yug 
xyg (pvoLXTjg , diet to ntgl tot exovtu iv avtoig ugxyv 
xivrjoewg xul oxuotwg ti\v tov yvoixov notour thai 
nguyputtluv ovtt fi^v trig oxonovorig ntgl otnodtt- 
£ttog tt xul imattjfifig, ntgl yotg uvxb xovxo to yi- 
vog xi\v tyrrjoiv noitltui. Atinttui toivw xr\v ngo- 
xtifiivrjv <piXooo<piav ntgl uvx&v xqv oxiytv noulo&ui. __ 
ditmoQfjotis 6' uv tig, tl tin &t%vui zip ^lovfxevrjv , 

imoTmmv ntgl rig ugxug tot xuXoifitvu vno xivmv i\ { 
otoizilu. Tuvtu di nuvttg iwnugxovtu toig ovv- *" ) 

•drtoig xt&iuot. MuXXov d* uv do&it t&v xu&oXov y • s 
diiv tlvui tr\v ^r]tov(nevrjv imaxy\^r\v. Ilug yugXoyog, 
xal nuou imaT7\fxi] t&v xa&oXov , xul ov twv ioxu- ^ ' A "* ' 
*ew. Jlor tVrj uv ovtm t&v ngtixtov ytvwv. Tuvtu 
di ylyvoix uv, to, te ov xul to h. Tuvtu yitg fiuXiot X % * 
uv vnoXrj<p&tirj ntgiixtiv tot ovtu nuvtu, xul puXt- * Y ^ 
atu ugxuig ioixivui , diet to tlvui ngatu ttj <pvoti. v - 

fP&agitnwv yotg uvxwv, ovvuvuigtixui xul tit Xomu. . 
Iiuv yug ov xul sv. r Hi di tug diuyogug uvmv uvuy- 
xri fittixsiv, u &tjoutlg uvtu yivf)' diuyogit 3* ou- 
dspiu tov ytvovg /uerijfst • tuvry 3' ovx uv Sortie 8 tip 
uvtu xi&ivcti yivrj,' oid' ugxoig. *Exi d' d p&XXov { 
ugxv *b. unXovotsgov tov t)ttov toiovtov* tot 8s 

Digitized by GOOgle 


%oxata twv in *ov yivovg anlovatsga tm ytvmv 
(atopa yag • ta yivi\ $ ug tidy wXe/w nal diaqdgovta 
diaig&tar) pallov av agxri &&l**& *«*«' xa tidy tow 
yzv&v ' f} de ovvavougHtaitolg yivtoi ta tl'dr), %a yirn 
*afc agxalg boixs pallov* agx*) yag ™ owwa^ow. 
Ta pkv ovv tyy anoglav %xovta, tavta nal toickwt 
iotlv szsga. 

*'Exi notsgov oe* ti&bai tl nagata xa# exaora, 
ij ov, alAa tovttov f\ ^tovpivri vvv iniatripri. ^Ua 
iflrvTa antiga. Ta yz p^v naga ta xa# fxaara, 
yhn % tf&n io*fo- *M£ ovdstiga f ovf w q £i?tou- 
pivrj imorrjfiri. Aioti yag advvaxov tovxo, tXgr\tai. 
Kal yag oltag anogiav fyu, noxtgov M wa vnola- 
6uv ovoiav slvat x»guniiv naga tag ausd-ffftag ovaiag 
xal xag devgo, q ov* alia tavi &v*k fa wta, xal 
mgl tavta ti\v oocpiav vnagxw* Zyxiiv pb yag iol- 
xapev allr\v tiva. Kal to ngoxtipsvov tovt 4o*b 
rifuv. Aiy® di to Idiiv , «i' tt jwoiaroi' xa#' avth, 
xal ftqdtvl tiv aio&Tj-tbJV inagxov. *£ti $ ** naga 
tig aio&fixas ovaiag %ati tigktigaoioia, naganoiag 
twv alo&rjxm dzi ti&svai tavtt\v tlvau Ti yag p&l- 
lov naga tovg av&gtanovg ij tovg Xnnovg , i\ tw al- 
Ivv Jaw? &tjou tig aivjp thai , q xa* *w*» ay*//** 
olmgs To yt prjv Voag tdig aUf&fjtalg xalq>&agtatg 
ovaiaig d'tdiovg ktigag xataoxiva^uv , ixthg iwx tv- 
loywv dotuev av nlnxuv. El di ui) x (0 Q l(n V %fOV aw ~ 
(idt&v f\ £r)toviiivT} vvv iativ agxh> % ^ va av %l * uMW 
deit] pallor ti]g vlrjg; Avtr\ yz pr\v frtgytia fisv ovx 
lot i, dvvapet 3' latu Mallov % a> agxv *vgmti- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 2. 215 

fa %avtr\g dofaty tlvai to tldog xal fj poo<pri. Tovto . 

&i <p&aqtov. "JloxP Slag oix tativ atdiog ovaia *»- £^_$ Y_ 

qioir\xal xa& airtyv aX£ atonov. "Eoixt yaq, xat^Aj^^c^ 

bltuzcu axtdbv vno xaJy XWiwiartov, ig ovaa tig 

iqxy *«* ovaia toiavtrj, Ilwg yaq luiai talig, ur\ 

ttvog ovtog a'idiov xal x^oiatov xal (uvovtog ; "Eti d* 

ttntq iari tig ovaia, xal ccqxV toiavtif tt\v qtvaiv oliav 

tvv i^tovutv, nut avir\ pia nana*, xal fj ai/nj T*>r 

aidiuv tt xal <p&aqtvv , anoqiav txti diu ti nott tr\g 

ailing aqxqg ovar^g , ti fiiv iativ ai'dia ti\v vnb irp ^ 

a 9XV f » Ja & * ov * atdia. Tovto yaq to atonov* El 

o* aXXrj piv iativ aqxh *<*>* <p&aqt*tv, ally 5e twv 

a'idiav , si fdv ui'diog xal i) tiav q>duqt<av , opoUag 

inoq^aofitv, dia ti yaq ovx a'idiov tr\g aqxyg ov- 

orig, xal %a vnb ti)v aqx^v ai'dia ; tfr&aqtrjgd* ovorig, 

aXXtf tig aqxy yiyvttai tavvqg, xaxtivrig ktiqa * xal 

toll tig amtqov nqotiaiv. El I' ai tig tag doxov- 

aag uaXiata aqxag axivr^tovg thai , to, te ov xal to 

>y dtiou, nqwzov fdv ti ftrj toSe u xal ovaiav kxait- 

QQP aitav or\uaivu, nwg taovtai xoH^otal xal xa£ 

aitag ,- Totavtag di£rjtovutv tag aidiovg taxalnqri- 

tag aqxag. El yt \ni\v tode ti xal ovaiav kxattqov 

avtm drjlol, navi iativ ovaia ta bvta. Kata nav- 

iw yaq to ov xattiyoqutai , xai iviwv di to tV. 

Ovaiav d J tlvai nana Ta ovta, ytvdog. *Eti 6s tolg 

iff* nqwtiiv aqxrjv to tv Xiyovoi , xal tovto ovaiav, 

& detov kvbg xal Tr\g vXfigtbvaqi&fibv ysvvaat nqw- 

iov, xal tovtav ovaiav (pdoxovoiv tlvai , 7iw^ bb*ix*- 

fo* to Xtyofitvov alrj&ig tlvai ; Ttjv yaq dvdda, xal 

T«y Xointov ixaatov aQi&pov twv ovv&huv nag tv 

Digitized by GoOgle 


dii voTjoai; negl tovtov yag ovtb Xiyovatv oidiv, oi- 
T8 $(fdior einsiv. El' ye fir^v ygappag , fj ti rovxtav 
ixopeva (Xiyw di in Kpavsihtg tag ngt&iag} &r\ou t*$ 
agxag, Tavta d 3 ovx eiolv ovaiai ifuotorcri, tofial di 
xal diaigeoeig, al piv 4m<paveuav, al di owfiauov, al 
de OTiypal ygafipwv * hi di nigata Ttiv aviwv tov- 
tm ' ndvta di tavxa to allots vndgxet * *«* ^w^toroy 
ovdiv tax w. *'£t* nwg ovoiav vnoXaflelv elvai del tov 
hog xal atiyfir\g,' Ovoiagpiv yag naoi\g yeveoigiorv 
otiypijg d 3 ovx eoti • dialgeaig yag r\ ouypr). nage- 
Xei #' anogiav xal to, naaav piv imotrjprjv thai wv 
xa&oXov xal tov noiovdl, %t]v f ovoictv pr\ zStv xa- 
&oXov thai, paXXov di tide t* xal x^oustbv. "Jlar 
el negl tag agxag iotiv lniQxr\pr\ , nwg del tiv agx^v 
vnoXafielv ovoiav elvai; "Eunotegov taxi, tt nagoc to 
ovvoXov, % oh; Xeyw di Ttfv vXtjv, xal to petatavTyg. 
Ei pev yag prj , xa ye iv iXy cp&agia ndvta. El d ' 
eon n t to udog av en) xal r\ pogcpr^ Tovto ovv inl 
tlvtov iail, xal inl tivav ov, ^aXeTrov oKpogioac frt 
iviav yag dyXov ovx ov x^Qiotbv to eldog, olov oixlag. 
*En notegov al agxal ei'dei ij agi&pw al aital; Ei 
yag agi&pw ev, ndvi eat at tavta, 
*Enel d* eon 7] tov yiXooocpov imorrjpT} tov ovtog, 
jj ov, xa&oXov, xal ov xata pegog • to d ' ov noXXax&g, 
xal ov xa& eva Xeyetat tgbnov* el pev bpmvvptg, 
xaTa de xoivbv fiffdev, ovx eouv vnb (ilav imotrnmr 
ov yag av h yivog wv TOiovTftiy • ei di xaTa u *o*- 
vov t tXri av vnb plav imovrnit}v. *Eoixe dij Toy sigt}- 
pivov Xiyeo&ai tgonov, xa&amg to' , Te iatgixov xal 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 3. 217 

to vyuivov. Kal yag tovttav hxdtsgov noXXax&g A«- 
yopsvov. Aiystai ds tovtov tov tgonov sxaotov, 1$ 
to pkv ngog latgixrjv dvdyso&ai noag , to ot ngog 
vylsiav, to 0" aXXwg , ngog tavtb 6* fkaotov, '/«- 
rgixog yag Xoyog xal paxalgiov Xiyetcu , to> to pev 
dnb trjg iatgixyg lmotr\prig stvat, to de t tavtij XQV al " 
fiov * opoiwg 3s xal vyuivov. To piv yag bti oi\pav- 
tixbv vyidag, to 3* otinoiijtixov'O d'avtbg tgonog xa\ 
inl twv Xomwv. Tov avtov dij tgonov xal to ov Snav 
Xiystai. Tw yag tov ovtog fj ov , nd&og i] t$ig , rj 
did&soig, rj xlvrjoig , rj tGv aXXav ti tav .toiovtmv cT- 
vat, Xiystai txaotov avtwv ov. 3 Mnsl ds navtog tov 
ovtog ngog k*v n xal xoivbv, r) dvaytoyr) yiyvstai • xal 
tmv ivavtiwosav kxaott} ngog tag ngtatag diaopogdg, 
xal tag ivavtuoong dvax&r\ostai tov ovtog, st'ts nXr)- 
&og xal tv, sl'd-' bpoiotr\g xal dvopoiotrjg, al ngiutai 
tov ovtog tlal diacpogal , tit aXXai tivig. "Eatwoav 
yag avtai ts&twgripsvai. Jiacpigsi d* ovdiv, tr)v tov 
ovtog avaywyrjv ngog to ov rj ngog to sv yiyvso&ai. 
Kal yag, si pr) tavtbv, aXXo 6" iotlv, artiwgicpet ye. 
To , ts yag sv xal ov nag • to, ts ov, tv. 'End d* 
soti td ivavtla navta tr)g avtijg xal pidg- iniotrjprjg 
xtrngrjoai, Xiystai 8* txaotov aitiav xatd atigr^oiv, 
xaltoi y* svia , dnogrjosii tig &v , nwg Xiyttai xatct 
otigyotv, £v totiv ivd pixsov t» , xa&dnsg ddixov xal 
dixaiov. llsgl navta Sr) td toiavta tr)v otigijoiv 
dsl tid&vai, pr) tov oXov Xbyov, tov tsXsvtalov os sl- 
dovg • 010* si totiv dixaiog xa& £$w tivd nsi&ag- 
Zixbg totg vopoig, ov ndvtatg adixog totai tov oXov 
attgovpsvog Xiyov • mgl tie to mi&so&oti totg vopoig 

'Digitized by G 


ixUinw ny, xal-tavtrj y otigtiotg vnaohi avt$. To* 
avtov tie tqonov xal inl tvtv aXXwv. JCa&amg d 
6 (la&ripatixbg nsglta i$ ayaigeosag tyv &swglav 
noielTcu ' nsquXwv yag navta ta aio&-ifta , #ew- 
gu • olov fiagog xal xovyovrpa , xal oxXtigot^ta, 
xal tovvavtlov fri ds xal &sgfiotrita, xal ipv- 
XQOTfjta, xal tag aXlag alo&rjtag ivavtuaosig • f*o- 
vov tie xataXilnu to noobv xal ovv*x*$> ™ v P** *V 
iv , tuv di inl dvo , tnv fl' inl tgia , xal ta 
nu&rj toe tovtatv y nooL iotixalovvexVt *alov xa& 
tttgov ti &t<OQU' xal tm piv tag ngbg aXXtjXa qtvosig 
xal &6oeig oxonu, xal ta xavree^ vnagxovta, twv d* 
tag ovppngiag xal aovfifiitgiag, twvdetoig Xoyovg' 
uXX' Sfuag filav ndvtw xal tr\v avtyv ti&spiv imatri- 
prjv %r\v yeoafittgixtjv thv avtov tgbnov l#et * a * nt $ 
io ov. Ta yog tovt<$ ovpPePrjxota, xatf f>oov iotlv 
op , xai tag ivavtitiosig avtov rj ov , ovx aXXrjg im- 
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SiaXvott av ^ xat agxag anogla Xex^uaa. Aiym 

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METAPHYS. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 4. 219 

d iv p dirjnoQuro , n<og %o%m noXXwv xal duupoQOiv 
ovtatv ty /im, p&* t*5 imotijiifi. 
'End da 6 fia&tifAattxog XQ*i*<*i tolg xoivoig idiwg, 
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noamv • oix y f ovta, «U* p awtxig aitmv fxaotov 
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"Eat i di t»s iv tdlq ovaiv &qx*I, ntol *j* ovxlotai 
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di aXt)&$vs*v f olov 8r* oix ivtiixnai to aitb x«^ IVa / / 
tbv avtbv xgovov thai xal fifi slva^xal taXXa ti tovtov J 
avtolg avtix$l[iBva tov tqonov. Kal ntql tmv toiov- 
twv , anXtog fib oix lotiv anodtt$ig , ngbg tovdt d 
eotiv. Oi yao iotiv ix inototigng a^^^avTot/ tovtov 

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noirjoao&ai xop ovXXoyiouop. AH hi ye , &mo Moxi 
to unXwg anodedsix&ou. light di xop Xiyopxa tag 
avtixtifibag qtdoug, t$ deixrvvxi dioxi iptvdog , X17- 
nxiov xtxoiovtop, o xavxb fih soxai xta firjivdixeodai 
xavxb thai, xal pr\ elvcu xa&* IVa xal xop avxbv 
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xov aif]&Bvau. Tag yito avxixupipag l poling tip aX»- 
&tVHv. JSvppalvu xoIpvp xop aviov ap&oionop «7va» 

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METAPH. LIB. X. CXI.) CAP. 6. 221 

xal innov, 1} twv aXXtov %i £aW. 3 dn6dti£ig p&v ovv 
ovdsfiia tov'iwv iotlv anXag • 7100$ fidvtoi tov ravza 
ti&iptvov anods&g. Taxing d* av tig xal avtbv 
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xaoev opoXoyuv fjirjSi not* rag dvtixtipivag (pdoug 
dvvatbv thai xata tov avtmv dX7}devto&ai' vvv d* 
ov ovvulg havtbv %i not 8 Xiyei, %avtt\v Ua^sirjvdo- 
Zav. OXag d u 16 Xtydpevov vn avtov iotiv aXy- 
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dizw&at, to avTO xa{? tva xal tbv avtbv xgdvov fl- 
vai re, xal ^7) elvai. Kaddneg ydg xal diygrjfiivuv av- 
tuv, ovdkv fiaXXov rixatd<paoig rj unocpaoig dXrj&sve- 
tai m tov avtov tgonov xal tov ovva(iq)otigov , xal 
tov ovpnmXsyiiivov , xa&dnsg piag tivog xataqxx- 
omg ovorig, ovdiv udXXov ^ ano<paotg, rj to oXov iv )j 

xataxpdoei tt&ipevov aXy&ig I'otai. "Eti d ' el pri&iv 1 % 
iotiv alydsg xatacprjoai, xav avtb tovto ipevdog si'rj, ^s' 
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nayiatg. Tovtov de yivofiivov, to avtb ovfiftaivei 
xal elvai xal fiy elvai, xal xaxbv xal dya&bv elvat,, 
xal taXXa td xatd t«$ avtixeifxivag (pdoeig Xeybfieva, 
tf*a to noXXdxig toigdl fiev q>aivso&ai tods slvai xa- 
Xov, toigdl ds tovvavtlov fiitgov d' tlvai to <patvo- 

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fjitvov ixaoxta. Avoixo d' op avxrj rj anoxia, $«»- 
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fitvov pt) Xtvxbp yiypoix Sip ix fiy opxog Xtvxov xb-yir- 
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ixtlvovg,tl fii) vniJQXf W Xtvxov to avxb xalXtvxop. Ov 
ZuXtnop dk duxXveiv trjy anoglap xavtrip. KYgyxai yag 
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ngbg avxovg diafiqptofitjrovvxmp , tvtj&tg. JrjXov 
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xal noiovoiv ix xov hvbg qtalveo&ai dvo. Jvo tie &l- 
pai, dii xb <patvsa&ai xooavxa, xal ndXiv tv. Tolg 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 6. 223 

yiq pi] xtvovoi tyr oytv , h qtalvttai to fir. "OXwg 
di axonovin tov (potlvto&ai tot dtvqo ustaftdXXorta, 
nal fitjdsnote diapiwovta h toig avtoig, in tovrov 
neql %r\q aXtf&tiag trjv nqloiv nouiio&ai. Ju yaq in 
to? atl nata tavta i/ofTcw , xal fiijdinoti /u«?a/?o- 
Xfjy noiovphnv, to aXij&eg &7)Qevtir. Toiavta fl^_, , 
for* tit nata tiv noo/ior, Tavta yaq ovx oti pzv *- 
xotadl, naXiv 0° aXXdia (pairttcu' tavta d* ail, nal^^ ** * 
pttafioXris oidtpiag noivwvovvta. **Eti d 3 ti nlvfjoig 
iati, *«* niyov/ittov tt, niptltai di nav tx tivog nal 
tXg ti, du Sqa to ntvovpsvov thai tti ir inthta i$ ov 
*wrjottai,nalovx tlvaiip avt$, xal tig todl nv&o&ai 
nal ylyvea&ai h tovtto • to di nata ttjv artlq>aoiv 
jxT] ovvdkn&tvtodai xat aixovg, nal ti nata to no- 
aov ovyix*>g ta dtvqo $ii nal xivCitai, nal tig tovto 
-frtirj, nabitq ovx aXij&eg ov, diet ti nata to noiov oi 
pert* ; 0aivovtai yaq ovx yx iota xat a tag avtupaotig 
tavtov xattfyoquv, in tov to noobv vnttXijyivai firj 
ftivtiv inl twv owfiatav, diit to tlvai t*tqimr\xv to 
aitb, nal ovx thai. € Hd* ovoia nata to noiov. Tov- 
to yaq tfjg mqiofiivrig yvat&g • to di noobv, trjg ao- 
qlotov. **Eti dia tl, nqogtattovtog tov iatqov todl 
to oitlov nqootviynaa&ai , nqoo<piqovtai / ti yaq 
paXXov tovto aqtog iotlv, y ovn tativ ; wort ovdh 
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ovxoq ntql avtb, nal ovtog tov nqootax&bnog oitiov 
tovtov, nqoaqtiqovtai tovto. Kaitoi y ovn tdti fii) 
diapwovofjg nayitog ftijdtfiiag (pvatwg iv toig aio&r]- 
xolg , aXX' atl naoav nivovfiivatv nal Qtovoav. "Eti 
di* si piv aXXoiovpe&a ail, nal [xqdenoTt diapsvo- 

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fisv oi aito), ti &avfiaot6v si fir\dino\f r)fuv ta at/- 
xa cpaivexai, xa&dnsg tolg xdfivovai; Kal yag rov- 
toig diet to (X7)Ofiolwg dtaxuo&cu tr)v s£iv, xaltbvyt- 
aivovy ovz ofiolwg yaivstai td xona tag aio&rjostg • 
aim fisv oidsutdg did ys tovto fista@oXr)g xotvo)- 
vovvta aio&ritd ' alo&rjfiata d * stsga noiovvta tolg 
xdfivovoi, xal fir) rot avtd. Tov aitbv dr) tgonov 
sxsiv xal t^g yivofiivr]g fista§oXr)g slgrjfiivrig f lowg 
dvayxaiov iotiv. El ds fir) fistafidXXofisv, dXJi oi 
aitol dtatsXoifisv ovtsg, sir) tl dv fisvov. Ugbgfisv 
ovv tovg ix Xoyov tag slgrjfisvag anoglag sxovtag, 
oi gddiov diaXvoai fir) ti&ivTcov ti, xal tovttav (irjxe- 
ti Xoyov ananovvttav, Ovzw dg nag Xoyog, xal 7ia- 
aa dnodii^ig yiyvstai, Mrjdsv yag ti&ivtsg , dvai^ 
. — . govot, to diaXiyeo&ai, xal oXag Xoyov. Slate ngbg 
fisv tovg towvtovg ovx soti Xoyog * ngog ds tovg 
diaitogovvtag, ix wv nagadsdofisvtov dnogiiav §o)diov 
anaviav, xal diaXvsivta noiovvta tr)v dnoglav iv 
aitoig. dr\Xov d' ix tmv slgr)fiivw. Slots opavsgbv 
ix jovtcov, on ovx ivds'xstai tag dvtixsifiivag q>dosig 
nsgl taitov xa& ha XQOVOv aXr\&svsw , ovde td 
ivavtla, diet to Xiyso&ai xata otigr]oiv tot ivavtia. 
JrjXov ds tovt, in agxyv tovg Xoyovg dvaXvovot tovg 
twv ivavtitov. 'Ofioiotg ds ovds twv dvd fisoov ovdsv 
olov ts xatrjyogsio&ai xatf kvbg xal tov aitov, Asv- 
xov yag ovtog tov vnoxsifisvov , Xsyovtsg avtb sivat, 
ovts Xsvxbv ovts /nil ay, ipsvo6fis&a. 2vfi(laiv*i yag 
slvai Xsvxbv aitb , xal fir) uvea. Oatsgov yag tm 
ovfinsnXsyfiivtov aXrjdsvstat xai aitov. Tovto 9* 
iuilv avtitpaoig tov Xsvxov. Ovts dr) xat *HgaxXs*^. 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 7. 225 

toy ir 5 {/Eta i liyopta alijxhveip, ovte xwi 'Avwtiayo- 
gav. Ei Si pi], avftftfjonai tapaptta toU avtov 
xatfiyogtip, "Otap yug *iv navil <pjj nartog tlvou 
ftoigav, ovSip pallor elvai (pqoi ylvxv rj mxgbv , ?J 
imp lom&p bnoiavovp tvavTioooewv • ti'ntg iv anaptt 
navxa vKagytt ny Svptitpn popop , al£ ivsgyela, xal 
an<wh*Qifiivta$. 'Opoiwg Si ovde ndoag yevdtlc, 
ovSi <xXr]&&ig tag qtvumg Svvctxov elpar di alia re 
nolld xtbv lex&ipt&p av Svoxtgap Sid tavxrjv tijv 
&eow ual Stoxi ysvdwv pip ovowp naotav, old* «v- 
xb Tovto rig qxxoHwp dly&evoei • u\r}$&v Si, ymSslg 
ilvui ndffag ley tor, ov ytvosxat. 

Haaad* imox^p^ fcrjxsi xipag dgxw *<** alxiag 
ntgl maotop to»p v<p avxtjv imotrjxwv , oIop laxgixrj 
xal yvppaatiMfj, xal xwv lomup kxdoxtj mp ttoitjxixwv 
y (ta&7}fiaTiMMv. 'Exdaxfi ydg rovicov tttgiygaifJa- 
uivrj Tt y£pog avtjj, ftsgl tovto ngaypaxivttai (ag 
vndgxop nut 6V, ovx ji Si ov, al£ kxiga xig avxtj na- 
gd xavxug tag imoxypag ioxlp imoxijpr) • t<op $i li- 
X&eio&v iTiHJTfifiwv, kxaoTTi lajHovoa ttiog to %i ioxw 
iv kxdox *j> yipu, netgdxou Ssixpvpai tut loind pala- 
mt$gop if dxgtfiiotsgop. Aapfidpovai Si to ti ioxip, 
a» /tip Sid jtjs &4e&i}(f€f>>g' «* S' vnoxi&ipepai. Aid 
xaldrjlop & %?)$ loiavtyg fatty wyyg, oxi xyg ovoiag 
xal tov ti iaziv ovx etruv dno$st£n. *Enel <f soxi 
tig % n%o% yvomg faiat^pfi, dvjlor Sti xal ngaxxixrjg 
higa xal 7ton}tutifi eatau Hoi^Uxtjg pip yog iv tw 
noiovpxi, xal ov t$ noiovpip^ tfe xivyomg fj aQXV* 
xal tovt toilv tits %ixvi(\ tig, bVt 3 ally Tig Svvafug* 
Arist. Metaph. P 

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Ofioicog de xal inl xyg ixgaxxixijg 9 ovx iv tw ngaxxo), 
fidXXovd 3 iv xoig ngdxxovaiv r) xivijoig. C H de rov 
(pvaixov n egl xd exovxa iv favxolg xivtjoemg dqxrjv 
ionv. Oxi fikv Totvvv ovxe ngaxxixfjv ovxe noiriTi- 
xtjv } aXXd &e<ogrjxixi}v. avayxaiov tlvai xrjv (pvoixyv 
iniaxrifiriv, di]Xov ix xovxoav. Elgtv ydg xi xovtcav 
twv yevtnv dvdyxrj ninxeiv avxr\v, *Eml de xo xiiaxiv 
avayxaiov kxdoxj) nag xav imoxrjfitov eidevai,xalxov- 
x<p xgyo&ai dgxji * && f*V Xav&dveiv ntog bgtaxeov 
xo) yVQixio, xal nmg o xyjg ova lag Xoyog Xtjirxiog, n6~ 
itgov <»g xo oipbv, i) fidXXov wg xb xdilov. Tovrtav 
ydg o fievrov aifiov Xoyog fiexa xyg vXtjg Xiyexai xrjg 
xov ngdyfiaxog • o de xov xoiXov , £<»£*? *V$ vXt^g. 
€ If ydg aifioxijg iv Qivl yiyvexai. Jib xal b Xoyog 
avxrjg find xavxyg ^eageixai • xo oifibv ydg ioxi (fig 
xoiXr\. ftavsgov ovv oxi xal oagxbg xal 6<p&aXpov, 
xal xo)v Xomwv fioglutv fiexd xyg vXyg del xbv Xoyov 
dnodoxiov. *Eml d* eaxixig imoxt)fifi rov ovxog, y 
ov xal xcogioxbv, oxenxeov nbxegov noxext) opvoixjj tip 
avxrjv -d-exeov slvai xavxtjv, fj pdXXov kxegav. 'H fiiw 
ovv qpvaixri negl xa xivfjasag exovx dgxyv iv avxolg 
iaxiv fj de fiad"r^iaxixf] % •d-eoagrjxixf) fiev, xal negl 
fxivovxd xig avxrj, aX£ ov jfwataTa. Jlegl to #w£t- 
oxbv aga ov xal dxlvtjxov , Mga xovuav dfiopoxegmv 
tmv imoxrjfiwv iaxl xig, etneg vndgxu tig ovala toi- 
avxr). uiiym de x* 0010 **! * a * dxlvvjxog • oneg net- 
gaaofie&a deixvvvar xal ei'nig iaxl xig xoiavxrj cpvoig 
iv xoig ovaiv, ivxo^^n^eXjinovxal xb <&eiov • xal 
avxrj dv eXtj nqsfrQ $ alxy qnoxaxij agx^h di\Xov xoi- 
vvv oxi xgla yivv\ x<av ^ew^^fixwv" ImoTrjpojv iart, 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 8. 227 

(pvoi xrj, ^ a ^WSSJ^h^Lj§JBJ^^^ BiXxioxov ph 
ovv to xwv <&BODQfitixmv imotrifiwv yivog* jovxohv d* 
avxwv y jtXtvxala Xtx&sioa • ntgl xo xipuoxtgov ydg 
iojh twv ovtq)V. BtXxlw de xal ^e/owy ^doxr} Xiyt- 
t«* xajd to olxuov intox^xov. *Anogr\atit d* dv tig, 
noxtgdv noxt tif\v %ov b'vxog ji ov huax^r^v xa&oXov 
xttivou del, y ov. Tap fiiv ydg (Aa&rjpaxix&v kxd- 
arfj ntgl IV t* yivog aqMagioptvov iotiv y xa&oXov, 
xoivrj ntgl navtfov. El fitv ovv ai (pvaixal ovoiat 
ngaxat J&v cvifay tlol,x(jtvfjq>vo'ixring(ax'rix(ovimoxr}- 
fiwv «iy tl d' toxiv kxiga q>voig xal ovoiax^gioxri xal ) 
dxhrjxog, kx&gav avdyxr\ xatjrpinwjriprivavxrjg tivai, ) 
xal ngoxigav jyg qpvoixrjg, xal xcc&oXov ngoxigav. 

CAPUT VIII. S** 1 " 

*Ensl dk to anXtog ov xaxd nXtiovg Xsytxai xgo - 
novg, toy tig xatd ov/jpeftrjxog tlvai Xtybfjttvog , oxt- 
nxiov nganop ntgl xov ovxoag bvjog. "Oxi fiiv ovv 
ovdtfiiajavnagadtdopivwv imojrifioiv ngay/jiaxtvs- 
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rtag ovootv inioxtjfiav } nXr^v t\ aoqpioxixr\. llsgl xo 


Digitized by GOOgle 


ovpfofaxbg yio avxfjfiovfj ngaypaxev exai. Aib 77Xa- 
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xovxo d , av Ixsqovxi' xal xovx ,av aXXo • * en xov xov 
drj xovxgonov dnb nsntgaofAevov xobvov xov dnb vvv 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 0. 229 

ptX(H$ avqiop a<paiQOVfib>ov xqopov, rjtet. note Ug xc 
vnapxov. a Jlox irtsl xovx ioxlp, anvpx # drdyxrjg 
xit fABtet xovxo ytvtjosxai' £ox$ ndvta i& dvdyxr\g yl- 
ypto&au To d* w$ dXydug or, xai /ut; xerra ovpfk- 
firjxog , to /uey ton? Ir ai/^Aoj^ ti}$ diapolag, xal 
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xai <*l «o^««* w§o* oe to «$« or xa2 /aotoror* t© d' 
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^i' tXartor avfijk(hix6g, Tbv xoiovtov d' Slant a 
xal for €<oa xd mixta. To di frtxa xov, iv rotg <f>v- 
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mo* fiiyt&og xovxwp, 'Entl di ovdh xaxd oi/p/Se- 
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to ^e TcJy AoA7iwr. Ovx «jt* d« nivr)Vig naod xd 

ngayfiaxa. MtxafidXXn yd? isl xaia xag %ov epxog 

Digitized by GoOgle 


xaxr\yoglag. Koivov d' inl xovxtav ovdiv ioxiv, ovdi 
iv pin xaxijyogia. "Exaoxov ds dix&g vndgxsi na- 
ow, olov xods. To fiiv ydg (iogq?r) avxov,xo tie jxi- 
grioig* xalxatd xb noibv , xb fisv Xsvxbv , xb ds (ii- 
Xav - xal xaxd xb nooov, xb fisvxsXsiov, xb ds axsXig' 
xal xaxd qpogdv, xb jxh dvta , xb ds xdxta , fj xb ph 
xovqpov, xb ds pctQV. c JloT8 xwrjosoag xal n*xa($oXi]g 
xooavx* sl'dtj , ooa xov *6vxog. JirigTjftivov ds xa& 
txaoxov yivof, to ftsv dvvdfisi, to d* irxslsx^oi , tr)v 
xov dvvdfxsi $ xotovxbv ioxi, ivsgystav Xtyta xivrjoiv. 
"Ott d' dXti&r) liyofitv, iv&svds dtjXov. "Oxav ydg xb 
oixodofirjxov y xoiotuxov, avxb Xsyofisv itvai ivsgysia 
11 olxodopuxai. Kal Iota xovxo olxodoprioig. *0[ioi(og 
fid&fjoig, idxgsvoig, xal xvlimg , fiddioig, dXaig, yr)- 
gavoig, ddgwoig, Sv^aivsi ds xivuo&ai, oxav y iv 
xsXixsia r) avxr) , xal ovxs ngoxsgov , ov&* voxegov. 
*IT ds xov dvvdpsi ovxog ivxsXs'xsia, oxav ivxsXsxsia ov 
ivtoyji, tj avxb, rj aXXo fi xivr\xbv, xivtjoig ion. Asyw 
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vyialvsiv xal xb xdfivsiv, xavxbv i\v. To d' vnoxsi- 
fisvov xal vytaivov, xal vooovv, sl'& vygoxyg, sV&* ol- 
fia t xavxo xal sv. 'Ensl ds ovxb avxbv, wansg ovds 
XQ(Ofia xavxo xal bgaxbv, r) xov dvvaxov y d wax op 
ivxsXixnct xivr\aig ioxiv. "Oxi, psv ydg iaxiv ovtij, 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 9. 231 

xal oti ovfifiaivsi tcts xivtio&ai, otav r\ ivttXixsia g 
avtrj t xalovtsng6tsgov ov&* votsgov f dfiXov, Evdixstai 
ydgsxaotov bts fisv ivsgyiiv , bts dsfir^'olov, to olxodo- 
/irjtbvj) oixodofirjtbv,xal r\tov olxodo(4T)Toi) ivsgysia ff 
oixodofiritbv t oixodburiaig iotiv ^Hyagtovtbiaxivri ol- 
xodofjirjoig f 7] ivsgysia,^ olxia'aXX* otavr\ oixia y,ovxett 
oixodopTjTov sotar oixodofisltai ds to oixodoftrjtbv, 
*Avdyxrj agaoixodbfifiaivt^v ivigysiav slvai.' Hd* olxo- 
d6fiir)oig,xivr}aigtig?Ob* avibg Xoyog xal inltwv dXXatv 
xivrjostov. "Oti ds xaXug sl'gritai, dyXov i$ oiv olaX- 
Xoi Xsyovomsgl avtijg 9 xal ix tov pi] (tddiov tlvai 
diogioai aXXwg avtrjv. Ovts ydg iv aXXw tig ysvsi 
dvvait av &sivai uvt^v. ArjXov d £$ (ov Xiyovoiv. 
Oi fisv ydg ktsgbtrjta xal dviobtrjta xal to fiv ov ^ 
biv ovdiv dvdyxtj xivsio&ai. *AXX* oid 3 fj pstapoXr), 
ovt sig tavia, ovt ix toiovtmv fidXXov n\ ixttovav- 
tixsifiivmv, Al'tiov di tov sig Tai/xa ti&ivai, oti do- 
Qiatov ti doxil slvai fj xivijoig, Tr\g d 3 ktsgag ov- 
atoixiag al agxal 9 °* la t0 otsgrjtixal slvai, dogiotoi. 
Ovts yag tods, ovts toibvds ovdsfiia avtwv, ovts 
tcSv Xomwv xatrjyogiwv. Tov ds doxelv dogiotov 
slvai tr\v xlvrjoiv, al'tiov, oti ovt sig dvvauiv twv ov- 
•tav, ovt sig hsgysidv ioti tt&ivai avttjv. Ovts ydg 
to dvvatbv noobv slvai, xiviltai i£ dvdyxrjg , ovts to 
ivsgysia noabv. C H ts xlvrjotg ivsgysia fisv slvai do- 
ail tig, at sXrjg ds. Al'tiov d 3 , oti dtsXsg to dvvatbv 
ov iotiv ivsgysia' xal did tovto #aAe;rov avTyv Xa- 
fiilv, tl iotiv, *H ydg sig otigrjoiv dvdyxrj -d-sivai, 
jj sig dvvapiv, fj sig ivsgysiav dnXyv, Tovtav d* 
ovdiv opalvstai ivdsxbfisvov. ''Slots Xsinstai to Xs- 

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X&lv slvai xal ivigyeiav, xal fir) ivigyuav tip eigtjfte- 
vtjv , idtiy uiv xfxltnrjv , hdexofAeW^v &* ehai. Kal 
oti iotlv f) xlvrjoig iv tw xivr}t($, drjlov. ^EvttXsxeia 
yag iati tovtov vnb tov xivrjtixov • xal ^ tov xivtftt^ 
xov ivigyeia ovx aXXrj iortl. del fiiv yag elvai ivte- 
Xexetav aficpoiv. Kivt}tixbv fisv yag ioti, to dvva- 
o&ai • xivovv di , to ivegyetv • aXX* totiv ivegyrjtixbv 
tov xtvtjtov. cl Jla&' bfioliog filet afiipolv ivigyeta, «o- 
neg to avto diaottjfia tv ngbg dvo, xal 9vo ngbg tv, 
xal to avavteg, xal to xatavng, alia ib elvai ovx &V 
'Oftoiiog di xal inl tov xivovvtog xal xivovfiivov. 

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{a? To fl* ansigov, rj to advvatov dieX&etv t$ (Arfne- 
K (pvaivat dtiivat, xad-aneg r) qxovr) aogatogj t\ to dU£» 
odov txov ateXevtr\tov t r] S poXis, rj Srjiupvxbg &«*, 
fir) fyjl dii^odov rj nigag' hi ngoo&ioei rj acpaigiou, rj 
afiqxa. Xougiotbv fiiv dr] avto tl ov, aio&rjtbv di ovx 
olovt elvai. Ei yag firjts fieye&og ioti firjte nXrj&og, 
ova la 5' avtov to anugov, xal fir) < pn//u/Se/?ijxo$, adt- 
algetov fatal. To yag diaigetbv, r) fieye&og, rj nXrj- 
&og. El di adtalgetov, ovx anugov, el fir) xa&ctntg 
ij qxavi] aogatog. *AXX* oi>x ovtoa Xdyovotv, ov& Vfittg 
tytovfiev, aXX' a>g adittodov. *Eti Vrwf ivdixetat xa& 
avto elvai aneigov , tl fir) eir\ agt&fibg xal fiiye&og, 
tov na&og to anugov; *Eti el xataovfifleprjxbg, ovn 
av eft] oToi/eiov twv Svttav $ aneigov, wmeg ov9e to 
ao^ajov tijg diaXextov, xaltot fi qxavr) aogatog, Kal 
oti ovx eotiv ivegytla elvat, to anugov, 6r)Xov. Ear at 
yag otiovv k avtov anugov fiigog .to Xctfiftavofierov. 
To yag anelgea tlvai xal anugov, to avto • etneg pv- 

Digitized by VjOOQlc 

METAPH. LIB. X. (XL; CAP. 10. 233 

a/a, to antigov , xal fir} xa& vnoxeifiivov. "jlaT« rj 
adiaiQfJOv, r] tig antigen diaigtjbv ij ptgioiov. II oil a 
d* tlvcu to avtb, idvvaTov ansiga. "jloneg yag pi- 
gog arjg aigog, ovtwg inagov mnsigov, si \ativ ovoia 
nal agxy 'Afiigttrtoy &ga xal aSialgsrov. 'Allot adv- 
vatov , to ivjsXexeitp ov , aneigov. Iloobv yag ilvat 
avayxtr\, Kara ovftpeprptog Sga vnctgx* 1 * *l£ •&• 
ttog stgrj-tat on ovn ivdixetai slvai agxh* » ok£ hu- 
vo w ovfiftipTixe top agi&ftov , rj to Uotjov. Avii\ 
ftev ovv f) SyTnoig xadoXov. °0u o' tvxolg aio&tj~ 
tolg oix eoriv , b&M* drjlov. El yag o(opaiog Ao- . 
yog, ro intnidotg agtofiivow , ovn efy av anttgov aw- 
fia, ovi aio&riTov, ovjt voqibv , oCt agi&pbg mg *«- 
ZtoQiopivog xal Snugog. 'Agi&fii^tov yag 6 agi&pog, 
ij to %xov agi&pov. fpvoixtog da in tmvdt ti)lov. Ovx* 
yag avv&ttov olov tc ilvat, ov& anXovv. JEvv&stov 
fiw yag ovx tori owfta, \intl~\ si nsnigetrtai iw nlri&fi 
Ta aroi^eta. Zfsl yag iaa&iv xivctntei, xal pi] elvai 
iv avittv anstgoy. El yag bittooovv Xsinnai rj #a- 
tigov owfiaiog dvraptg, qp&agiioetai into iov antigov 
to mntgaafihov. "Exaoiov d' antigov eJvat advva- 
*ov. 2wfioc yag iotl to nayfr\ %x ov diaoxaoiv anu- 
gov di, to antgdvtcos ditovqxog. "Slav d to ctntigov 
ow/ia, Tiavrr] iotlr antigov. Otfdk 2v di anXovp ip~ 
tyfiTcu Ta antigov elrat duua, ov#' wg XiyovoL xivtg, 
naga ta oroixua i& oi yivp&oi, tavia. Ovx loriya$ 
to to(ovtov aw pa naga t« orotxita • anavta yag 11 
ov ioxi xai&p, diaXvtiai tig t«vt». Ov qpalvnai 
forovto 7i agar a anXa aw pat a, ovdi nvg, ovds aXXo 
ti iwv oToixtlwv ovdiv x*>$S Y&Q T ov anugov dval t* 

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234 AR1ST0TEL1S 

avtwv, advvatov to Snav , xav rj nentgaopivov, rj 
thai, rj ylyvto&ai ti avttov, wontg'lIgdxXtttog (prjotv, 
anavta yiyvto&ai notinvg. 'O d' avtog Xoyog xal 
inl tov kvbg, o notovot nagd tot otoix&a ol qpvotxol. 
Ilav yag fitta^dXXu IS ivavtiov, olov 4x &tgpov tig 
yvzgov. "En to alo&r}tbv awfia nov* xal b avtbg 
tbnog oXov xal fiogiov , olov trjg yrjg. Slat ti fiiv 
bfiottdig, dxivrjtov sotat, rj atl wa^r)attav. Tovto de 
advvatov. Ti yag fiaXXov xatoa rj avto, r\ bnovovv ; 
Olov ti (twXog tl'r], nov avtrj xivrj-d-rjottat rj fievsl; 
yao tonog avxr]g tov avyytvovg otopatog antigog, 
Kct&iSeiovvjbv olov J 6 nov. Kalntog; Tig ovv t//uo- 
vr) xal f] xivrjoig ,- rj navtaxov ptvti ; ov xtvrj&tjaetat 
aga • rj navtaxov xivrjd-voeiou; ovx aga ovqottau 
El d* avopoiov to nav , dvofioiot xal ol tonoi^ Kal 
notntov fiiv ovx * v xo o&fia tov navtbg , iX£ rj to 
anttad-ai. Eltarj ntntgaoutvatavtatvtai, rj Snttga 
ti'dti. Iltntgaafisva /uev ovv ovx olov rt. > Ecnai yag 
t« fiiv antiga, tot d* ov, rj to ndvanttgov olovnvg, 
r) vdtog. <J>&ogct di to to tov tov tdtg ivavtioig. El d* 
dnuga xal anXn, xal oi tonoi anttgot, xal carat 
antiga tot atotxua. El di tovt advvatov, xal ol to- 
noi ntnegaafjtivot , xal to nav dvayxr\ nsntgdv'&ai. 
"OXwg d* advvatov anttgov tlvat o&fia, xaltonovtolg 
owfiaoiv, el nav owfia ala&ntbv pdgogtx*h ijxovopo- 
tr\ta.*H ydg inl to fjtiaov, rj av(o ibo&rjottai. Iddv- 
vatovditb anttgov, rj nav, rj to rjftiav, r) on ox eg ov ovv 
ntnov&ivai. nag yag dtiXjig; rj nwg tov otntigov 
EOTctt to fiiv xatoi ,tbd* uvea , rj toxatov xal fxiaov ; 
y Eti nav aio&rjtbv atopa iv tony. Tonov di eitfi] & 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 11. 235 

'Advvaxov d' iv tw antlga atofiaxi xavx slvai • Slug 
d* si ddvvaxov xbnov ansiqov slvai, xal ou/jia advva- 
xov • to yao iv xonw, nov, Tovxo ds orifialvst rj dvw, 
fj xaxa ij x&v Xoltiojv xi' xovxmv d' txaoxov nigag t*. 
To d~* ansiqov, ov xavxbv iv fisyi&si xal xivrjosi, xaJ 
XQo'vw , wg fiia tig (pvoig * dXXa xb voxsqov Xiysxai 
xaxa to ngoxsgov olov, xivrioig xaxa xb /uiys&og, i<f 
ov xwiixai, ij aXXoiovxai, i} av^sxai' XQOVog ds , did 
xi\v xlvrjotv. . -v J -> 

CAPUT XI. /-&.#«-*■ ' '•«" 
MsxafidXXsi ds to psxafiaXXov , to /uiv x«t« ai/p- 
(isflrixbg , wg xb fiovoixbv (ladl&iv • to #£ tc£ tovtov 
t2 fiexapaXXsiv, anXag Xiysxai psxaftaXXsiv, olov octet 
xaxa fiigrj. c Tyid£txai yaq xb ompa, oxi b btp&aXpog. 
Eoxi di xi o xa& avxb nq&xov xivslxai • xa* toSt ioxl 
to xa# J «£to xivrjxov. **Eoxi ds xi xal inl xov xivovv- 
to$ moavxwg. Kivti yaq xo psv xaxa ovfi^s^rjxog, 
to ds xaxa fiiqog, xb ds xa& avxo. *'Eoxi di xi xo xi- - 

VOVV TTQWTOV * SOXl di XI TO XlVOVflSVOV ' sxi iv (O XQ 0V( 9> 

xal If ov , xal sig o. Tad* sl'drj xal xd nady , xal 
o xonog, tig a xivovvxat xd xivovpsva, axivtjxd iaxiv, 
olov, intOTrjfiT) , xal &sqpoxrig. "Eoxi 5' oix V ^*o- 
poxijg xivrjoig, aitX* ij xHgpavoig, C H di fit} xaxa ov/i- 
fopTjxbg (istapoXr) oix iv anaaiv indqxth aXX iv xolg 
havxloig xal (isxalv , xal iv avxiydosi. Tovxov ds 
nioxig ix xr k g inaymyijg. Msxa^dXXsi ds xb psxafidX- 
l°v f V If vnoxtipivov sig vnoxsifisvov , % ix py vno- 
xupivov sig vnoxstpsvov, rj i$ vnoxsifiivov sig firi vno- 
xtlfisvov. Aiyta ds vnoxsipsvov, xb xaxacpdosi drjXov- 
pevov. "flat avayxti xoslg shai psxafioXag. *H ydq 

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4$ ovx VTioxeiptvov tig py vnoxtiptvov , ovx i'ort fi$~ 
TajioXfi' ovtb yag tVavT/ot, ovt« aviicpaotg iariv, ot« 
ovx avrl&sotg. *H(ib ovv «$ ov% vnotmpimv eig vno- 
MstfAtvov, x«t dvTlyotoiv, yivsoig iartv , r\ p,b ctnXwg, 
only, ij & tig, twos* ^ £' 4£ vnoxtipivov slg /wij 
vnoKiifisvav <p&o(>a, i\ phimXAg, imXi), r\ &k tig, ti- 
vos * ** to pij ov Xiysrai nXsov*x&g, x«J /u^ts to xotoi 
ovv&$mvrj dtttigsotv iv$dxticMHtvBia&cn, fiqi$TO*eiTa 
dvvetfuv, to t<$ a7iAw? ovrt avTixeifisvov • to yao /u^ 
tauxov ^ ju^ aya&bv ofiwg ivSizsicti xiv&a&ai xata 
cvpPefaxeg. Mr} yap «V av&fwnog to pi Xfvxoy • 
to <5* uTrkatg {ir\ to&e t evdctpoog. Id&vvaiov yap to 
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thai, riymxai yap to /m^| of. 22* yao xa* ot* /uaAiara 
xara ovfifltprjTcog yiyvnai , alii Zfuog aXr\&ig sintl*, 
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xata ywtaiif xal q>$QQ(*v ov **yi$a€*s > avTa* d' <*a*ir 
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xal dqXovjai Kmaqmm, qZ*v, to yvpxiv xal v&dbv* 
xal to fAtiL^K 

£< ovy a* xetTijyQQiQii fa$QipiJM ova/a, yrotoTi^T^ 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XI.) CAP. 12. 237 
xoxca, noiflv , rj nuoxtiv, tw ngog ti 9 noaa , dvdyxrj 
tgtig tlvai xivrjatig, noiov, nooov, tonov • xax ovalatL 
d* ov , did xb fttjdsv tlvai ovoia 4vavxiov , ovds xev 
ngog rt. "Eoxi yag &axsgov firidkv ftsxa/SaXXovrog, 
aXrj&kVsa&ai &dxsgov (xqdev fitxafiaXXov. c flaxt xaxd 
ov/d(iffiT]x6g y xivyaig avxutv, Ovds noiovvxog xal 
ndoxovtog, $ xivovviog xal xtvovfiivov , on ovx taxi 
xivyoetug xlvyoig, ovds ysviotwg yivtoig, ovd' oXoagnt- 
iaj3oXi] (israSoXrjg. Jixw yug 4vdsxsxaixivt)Ot(og tlvai 
nlvqaiv % wgvnoxsifievov, olov o av&geonog xtvstxai, 
on 4x Xtvxov rig fiilav ptxafidXXtr <3ar« ovx(o xal rj 
nivrjotg, rj •d-tg^alvtxai t % ipvxtxai, r\ tonov aXXdxxti, 
% av£sxai. Tovto <5s advvatov, Ov yag twv vnoxu- 
fUviov x* ij fistafioX^. *H tw htgov xi vnoxslptvov 
ix fitxaftoXrig (tsxapdXXuv tig aXXo sldog * olov , av- 
S-gamov ix vooov tig vyitiav, *AX$ ovds tovxo dv- 
vatbv , nXr\v xaxd av^s^xog. Ildoa yag xivr\aig i\ 
ocXXov rig aXXo 4oxl fisiaftoXr), xal yivtoig xal y&oga 
GHsavxwg • nXtjv ai pbv 41 dvxixtifiivxav <x*dl rj wdl , ov 
xivrjOBig. "Apa qw ptxafiaXXti 4$ vyislag rig vooov , 
xal 4$ avxrjg xavxrjg trjg ptxafioXrig tig aXXr\v. JvXov 
d ' on, av voqticft], (itxafopXiixbig toxai rig onotavovv 
ivdix&xai yag ygifieiv * xal txi tig fiy tr\v tv- 
%ovoav atl * xdxtlvfj tx xivog rig ti aXXo total' (oad- 
f) dvxixHfiivfi taxai vylavoig, dXXd t$ ovfijit^fjxivai • 
olov 4$ dvapvqotiog rig Xr ( &rjv (itxafiaXXti , oti w 
<v7idgx*h 4xuvo pstupdXUi, oxi pivtig 4moxrifir)V t oxi 
di sig vylsiav. *Exi tig antigov paditltai, si taxi /xc- 
jafioXrig psxafioXri, xal ytviatcag yivtoig. *Avdyxr\ dy 
xal tr\v ngotegav, ri r\ votiga • olov, el v\ anX% yivs- 

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oig iyivtto nots , xal to yiyvopsvov anXwg iyhrto' 
mote ovnta r\v to ytyvofitvov anlwg, alia to yiyvope- 
vov u, tf ysvopevov rfir\. Et St) xal tovt iyiyvtto 
note, dtd %l ovx r\v Tito tote yiyvofievov ; *Enel 8e t&v 
Jtntigav ovx iotiung&tov, ovxeotaitopg&tov wot 
ovde to ixofitvov. Ovte ylyveo&ai ovv , ovte xivsi- 
o&ai 0I0V te, ovxt fietafiaXXeiv ovdiv, *Eti tov avtov 
xivrjoig f) ivavtla, xal t}gefi7joig xal yeveoig, xal op&o- 
(jcc. "Slate to yiyvo/ievov , otav ysvytai yiyvofievov, 
tot8 qp&tlgttai,' ovte ydg iv&vg yiyvopsvov , oV\P 
voitgov. eIvou ydg fat to qpd-eigofitvov. *JEt* dn 
vXr\v vntlvai tw yiyvo/it'vto , xal /xstapdXXovti* Tig 
ovv totai MGTTEQ to aXXouotov owpa, ij v/vxh ,' ovtw 
ti xal to ytyvofisvov, rj xivijoig, rj yeveoig; Kal en ti 
tig 6 xivtXtai; ACi ydg elvalti ti\vtovbe ix tovde tig 
todtxlvyaiv, fitj xivr\oiv. Ilag ovv; ov yag total jud&ij- 
oig tijgftad-rjoemg* mot ovds yeveoig yeveoewg. 'Eneld' 
ovt ovoiag, ovte tov ngog ti, ovte tov noitiv xal nd- 
ox*w,Xeinetai xata to notbv xal to itoobv,xal to nov,xi- 
vtjoiv elvai. Tovtmv yag kxdatta ivavtlwolg ioti, Aeyta 
be to noibv, ov to iv trj ova In xal tfj diacpoga noiov, 
aXXa to na&rjttxov, xa&o Xiyetai ndoxeiv, tJ ana&ig 
elvaf to de axtvrjtov, to, re oktog ddvvatov xivt]&rt- 
vai, xal to fioXig iv xgovw noXXco rj /Sgadecog o^ofic- 
vov, xal to ntcpvxbg fiev xivtio&ai , pti dvvdpsvov dt 
ote 7ti<pvxs, xal ov xal Sg * o xaXco ygepelv Twy a*t- 
vi]TM fiovov. 'Evavtlov ydg rjgtfiia xivrjoet* Sate 
otigriotg av tVy tov dtxtixov, "Afirt de xata tonov, 
ooa iv kvl tona ngwtw , xal x m Q*$ > ° a( * iv alXta. 
Antso&aide, wvtaaxgaapa. Meralvd', elg omopvx* 

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METAPH. LIB. X. (XL) CAP. 12. 239 

hgoTsgov d<pixvsio&ai to psxafldXXov, r) slg o soxa- 
tov (isTafidXXsi xocjot opvoiv to ovvex&g psTa/UdXXov. 
Evnvrlov xaTa Tonov, to x«t sv&slav dnsxov nXii- 
atop. c JE^r)g ds, ov ftsra Tr)v agxw ovTog &4osi , rj 
sl'dsi, rj aXXwg mag aqtoguj&svtog, fir\d-sv fistot£v ioti 
mv iv tw avTw yivsr xaloi<pB£r)gioTlv olov, YQUfx- 
ftalygafifirjg,r] fiovddsgfiovadog, r) oixiag olxla' aXXo d' 
ov&sv xatXvsi psTa$v slvai* to ydg s£r]g, Ttvbg iyeSrjg, 
xal vaTsgov ti, Ov yag to tv k£r]g t&v dvo, ovd* r) 
»ovfiT]vla rrig dsvTsgag. *Ex6fisvov ds, o idv l£r)g &v 
umrjtdt. "Ensl ds ndoa psraPoXf) iv totg dvuxsifii- 
votg • tavxa ds ivavrla xal avtlqpaoig, avtiqpdosotg ds 
ovdsv avd fisaov, dr)Xov &g iv Toig ivavtioig to fist a- 
&/• to ovv$x&g ds onsg ix&fisvov ti, r] dnTofisvov. 
Aiysrai ds ovvsxsg, otav tavtb yivrjtai xal tv, Tolxa- 
tioov nigag cilg ditTOvtai xal avvixovtai, "llots drj- 
Xov oti to ovvsxsg iv TovTOig IS <ov IV ti niqpvxs yivt- 
o&ou xaTa %r\v ovvaipiv, xal oti ngtoxov to itpslsyg drj- 
tav. To yag k£r)g ovx antsTai. Tovto ds i<fs^r]g xal 
d ovvsxsg Smtsrai. El d* anTSTai , ovnw ovvsxsg. 
'Evolg ds fir] iotiv d<pr) t ovx sgti ovfiqpvoig iv Tovtoig. Jy 
Star ovx sot* otiyfir) fiovddt tuvtov. Talg fisv 
vnugxsi to anTso&at 9 Talg d' ov • aXXa to iq?s£r)q • 
xal t&v fisra£v ti, tmv d* ov. % 



iltglds Tr)g ovolagf) ■dttagia* Ttovyag ovai&v ai dg- 
*ct* xal Ta aVuot ty\Tovvtai. Kal ydg ti wg oXov ti 

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to ndv, 7} ovola nqwtov (Uoog * xal si to kfx£rj$ t xal 
ay ovtco 7t^wtok ^ ovola. Eira to noiov tj nooov. 
"Apa d 3 ovtf' 6Vta, wc an^w? e^rety, tavta, dXXa 
noibtqtsg xal xtvijoeig, jj xal to ov Isvxbv , xa* to 
ovx «v#v. Aiyofisv ovv ilvat xal tavta, olov, eoti* 
ov Xsvxov, "Exi oifisv t&v dXXwv jfMai&Toy. Maqtv- 
govat, ds xal ol dqxciioi sgyy* 2% ydq ovelag #17- 
tovv dqxdg, xal otoixsta xal aVtia. Ol piv ovv vv¥ t 
td ttu&oXov ova lag pdXXov ti&saoi, Ta ydq yivi) 
xa&oXov, a cpaoiv dqxdg xal ovoiag tivai,pdXXov diu 
to Xoyixwg Ctjtsiv. OldendXai, ta tta& exaota* 
olov nvq, xal yrjv, aiU' ov to xotvbv o&fia. Ovolai 
ds tqsig • pla piv , alodrjiq • tjg ty psv aidtog, ij di 
y&aotri, i]v itdvtsg bpoXoyovoiv, olov td-a>vtd f xai 
ta Je5a • rj d* didwg, f t g dvdyxrj ta otoyua Xafist^, 
site sv, site noXXd. "aXXy) ds dxlvytog. Tavtyv a>aal 
tivsg slvai xwototrjv • ol ukv sig dvo diatqovvtsg , oi 
ds tig filav qpvoiv ti&ivtsg ta sidy xal td jua#iflu«Ti- 
xd • ol ds td (*a&f][iatixd povov tovtw. 'Exslvai 
psv di) qtvoixtjg' {jpstd xivfoewg ydq) aSty d' itiqag, 
si pt^dspla avtyg dqxv xowij. 

C H 6 7 alo&TjtT] ovola pstapXt^t^ El ds i\ psta- 
floXrj, ix j(ov avt ixsifiivtavt rj tmv /urra$v * dntxsipev&v 
ds firj ndvtmv (ov Xevxbv ydq r\ qxavi} ) aX£ in tov 
ivavtlov, dvdyxi\ slvai xal ti to psta/SdXXov sl'g trjv 
ivuvthooiv. Ov ydq td ivavtla pstaftaXXsi. *Eti to 
(iev vnopsysi, to 5' ivavtlov ovx vnofiivei. *Eotu9 
aqa to t» tqitov naqd td ivavtla, f) vXt). El $t) ml 
usjupoXal tettaqeg, j} ttatd to t/, ^ xatd to noibv 5 

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METAPH. LIB. XI. (XII.; CAP. 3. 241 

nooov, jj nov • xal yiveotg piv ij anXij xal tp&oga \ rj 
xata todf avtyaig di (p&loig, »j xata to nooov dX- 
Xolwoig 5e, 7} xata to net frog • q>ogd dt t i}xatdt6nov t 
tig ivavtioioug av thv rag xa& txaatov al /*CTa/?o- 
M. 'Avdyxy drj pttafldXXtiv lyv vXijv dvvafiivrjt 
apfw. y Jjnel di dittbv to ov, pttapaXXuv nav 4x 
tov dvvduti ovtog, tig to tvegytla ov olov, ix Xevxov 
dvvdpu, tig to ivtgytla Xtvxov. 'Opohog Ss xal in 
uv&jottog xal (f&laewg. c Jlott ov povov xata ovp- 
ptfirjxog ivdixttai yivto&ai ix pt\ ovtog, aXXa xal it 
ovtog yiyvttai ndvta • bvvaptb pivtoh ovtog , ix pq 
ovtog di ivegytia* xal tovto ioti to 3 Ava£ayogov *v 
(fiiXtiov yag t]v opov ndvta ) xal 'EpntdoxXiovg to 
piypa xal*Ava$ipdvdgov • xal wg Jrjpoxgitog (pr)oiv, 
ty opov ndvta bvvdpth, ivtgytla d* ov. Slots tfjg 
vXi\q aviltv i)ppivoi, ndvta 6*' vXqvexuooa pna- 
QaXXti' uX)l itigav xal tojv d'ldlwv, oaa pr\ ytvvr\td, 
xwi\ta ds <poga' aXX oi ytmv\tr\v , aXXa no&tv not. 
Anog^atit fl* av tig, ix nolov pr\ ovtog ?/ yivtoig. 
Tgyug yag to prj ov. El dij ti iativ dvvapti , aXX 
oftmg ov tovtvxovtog* dX£ etegov it ktigov, Ovd' 
utavbv, ott, opov ndvta xgi)pata. Jiaq>igti ydg tp 
vXy • £ntl did ti antiga iyivtto , aX£ ovx tv; o yag 
v ovg, tig. "JIotc tl vXrj pia, ixiivo iyivtto xal ivtg- 
y**a, ov xal fj vXr\ r\v dvvdpti. Tgla dy ta aVtta, 
*«« tgiig al agxai* dvo ptv fj ivavtitaoig , r\g to 
ptvXoyog xal udog, to dt otigrjotg • to dt tgltov, rj vXy. 
Mtta tctvta ot* ov ylvttai, ovtt r) vXrj , ovtt to 
doog. Aiym di ti tax at a. Jldv yag pttafldXXti ti, 


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*«* inb tivog, xal si'g ti. *T<p' ov ptv , xov ngmov 
xivovvtog * ov ds, r\ vXm • slg o di, to sldog. Elg anst- 
gov ovv slaiv, si i*r\ (xovov o xaXxbg yivstai otgoyyv- 
log, aXXd xal to otgoyyvXov, r\ b x^^og. 'jyayxri 
9rj arrival Msxd xavxa, oil sxdoxri ix ovvwvpov yl- 
vsxat, ovoia. Ta yag q>vou ovoiou, xal ra cdXct. 
*H yag tixvy, V (pvosi ylyvstai, *? rvxy> n t£ avTo- 
(kxt(o,*H fih ovv tixvrjdgxt] & <*XXw'r\ ds q>voig ,aq- 
Xn & avxw, "Av&gamog yag av&gomov ysw$. Av 
de Xoinal alxlai axtgriasig xovxiav. Ovaiai 8e tgslg • 
V pev vXt} , rods xi ovoa xm cpaiveo&ai. Ooa yag 
ioxiv acpjj xal pi] ovpupvosi, vXt} xal vnoxsifisvov. H 
. ; h tis yvaig, xal rods ti, tig rjv xal t£ig tig* Exi tgixx\ 
' r\ ixToviavr) xa& txaaxa* oiov 2<axgdxrjg rj KaX- 

Xiag. 3 Enl /xsv ovv tivtov, tods ti ovx tan naga t^v 
ovv&stov ovolav • olov, olxiag to sldog, si fiij % tixvij. 
Ovd* taxi yivsoig xal q>&ogd xovxwv • aXX aXXov 
tgonov slol xal ovx siolv, olxia ts i\ avsv vXrjg , xa* 
vyisia, xal nav to xaxa tixvyv &X£ si'nsg, inl nav 
(pvasi. Atb drj ov xaxwg 6 IlXdxutv scpij, ott si'dy 
ioxfo onooa <pvou, sXnsg iotlv ti'drj aXXa tovttov, 
olov nvg, oag§, xsyaXq. "Anavta yag vXji saxl, xal 
xyg fiaXiot ovaiag % tsXsvtala. Ta fiivovv xivovvta 
^ cutmx , wg ngoysywripsva ovxa • Ta d* ag b Xoyog, afia. 
"Oxs yag vyiaivsioav&ganog, tots xalvyisid iaxr xal 
tboxviM* trjgxotXxrig oyaigag afxajXalrix^^h oyalga. 
Eld&xalvotegov ti vnofiivthoxsnteov. 'En «Vtwv yag 
ovdsv xwXvsi ' olov, sirjipvxri toiovtov, /uij naaa, aXX o 
vovg. IJaoav yag advvatov loiog. ®avsgbv dr\ t oT * 
ovdsv dtt did ys tavt slvai tag idiag, "Av&gtonot 

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METAPH. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 5. 243 

yaq Sv&Qcmop ymtiff o xa& htaatop top w«. 'Opoi- 
ttg 5i xal inl t&p TBXP&v. € H yao iatoixri i*z vr \> o 
Xoyog tr\g iyulag iarL 

Tor ds aftia xal al dyx*** aXXa aXXw toxip m, 
tat i d* wg ov, av xa&oXpv Xiyji ug t , xal uat avalo- 
ylav ta avta navrtov. 3 AnooviOM yaq &p tig, nott- 
gov htqai, % al avtal aqxal, * a * otoiz&a *&* ov- 
oiup, xal tmv nqog ti • nal xa& kndatrjv dq t&v xa- 
tt^yoqmp b potto q. 'aX£ Stonop, ti to avta ndvtwy* 
hi tap avttap yig satat ta nqog ti, xal f) ovaia. Ti 
ovp tovt total ; Ilaqa yaq ttfp ovaiap, xal ta aXXa 
ta xatijyoQovittva, ovdevtoxai xowiv nqottqop di 
to atoix&op , tj &p oxoix&ov. *AXXa prp ovds y 
ovaia otoix&ov xwy nqog ti, ovds tovttup ovdip ttjg 
ovjiag. "Eti nwg ipdixtxon navttov thai ta oToigf ta 
tavta; ovdsv yaq olop t that t&v ato^xtiav , tw ix 
rutv oTotxslwv ovyxnpivqi to avto' olov Ty B A , to 
B r\ A. Ovdi dr} t&v poyiwv atoixuov iatip • clap 
to $p, rj to ov. 'Tndqxti yao xavxa kxdaty xwp ovp- 
•d-itmp. Ovdevqiga taxat avxwp , oivi ovaia, ovtt 
nqog tr aXfi apayxaiop. Ovx tauv aqa n art wy tav- 
ta otoix*ia. "Hwotisq X&yoptv, coti pip wg, tati d* 
£g ov* olop Vang tmp aio&rp&p atupdtutp, wg pip el- 
dog to &BQ(i6p, xal aXXo* tqbnop to yvxQOP , r\ oxi- 
qrjoig. 'HvXrj di to dvpdpu xavxa nqaxop xatf av- 
xoy. Ovoiat, oV tavta -t8 xal tit ix xovrwv, o)v aluo- 
Xal tavta.' *H «l' ti ix -^egfiov xal ipvxqov yiptxai tv 
olop, oao% t i] oatovp * fosoov avayxt) ixtipnp slpai to 
yepoptpop. Tovtoup fih ohp tavta ato^lo xal aox<*\ 

Q 2 

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«kkvj> d' ZXka. Emtio* ft outmg pi* *in$fr , ovx 
fori ' to ovakoyov &• Santo *? *t£ klnm , ou iqx a j 
slot tqug, to eldog, xctl % ots'p^w* xal n Sly. *Alka 
tovtoay txotojov, htoov neql htamov yivog iatip • otov 
& XQ*>part Aevxoy , pilot*, inwpivua* <p&g t oxotog, 
iift • fc U tovtwv, fipiQct xal yv$. 3 £ml && ov po- 
yoy ti iwmxQxevTU ai'tux, allot teal twv ixtog, olov 
to kikovv, dql+v ou eisoov Aozn *** atoty&ov. At- 
T«r 6" «V^ W * ***» •& Tixvfrt d*cuf«**a* ^ ag* 1 ?* To ^ 
«5$ xtyoi/y ij Soiwy, ao*? «*$ xa* ovalou JZare oroi- 
X&a per xatit etrctloyiav, iqlat • aa/ai ft x«* «(#<**, 
teaoaoff aUo fl* & SjU<»- xrowtoy aftio*, 
•* xiyoi/y, tfUooiiw. c iy/w«, y<iaos, oupa* to 
Ktyovy> fatftxf • elft>$> ataxia toictdi 9 nlMoi' to 
xivovr, otxofoptxif. Kal dy ug tstvta duuQUtu y 
&QXV' ^»J W to xiyovy , & ji«f tois (pvoixoig «y- 
&omnog, i» & rot? ino iiavoiag to ddog^ % to &ay- 
tiov, iginov twit' tfim atttm av sly , w3* ft ww«f«. 
'Tytla fio n»g q Sue? txij • urn ohuag &dog , ^ o*xo- 
d*ft**1 • xal ay#0«»fa$ aytfowwoy ysyy^ '&«* ***« 
Tttvva, »*$ to nqviov Tiavtaw mvovv navta, 


, 'End d * fori fa fi& ^oioxa, tit ^ oi jraotcrca, 
ovo/w &&y* • icaft fta «qvto jr«yr»y «ii'f«* tavwi, 
pt* Twy ©vo*«5y &w, •dxfov* t« 5tc!^ij k«J a* witf- 
o»tfft *'««*«« ttbrrwt tavt » ^^ ^[^ lea ^ tf ^ a » ^ 
yoi/(?, xtti o^s^ , xw» tfttjtttt^ ^ti ^* SMoy ffowoy 
tea (XyaXoyoy o^tti ui avnti* olov iviqynu nttl ^i* 
votftig - dkka nub *air« fAJto t« aiUtuc , xal &U«^« 

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MET A PH. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 5. 245 

'Ev ipUig piv yao xi avro, oti kih ivtoytia forty, 
ot« di dvrdfiH • otoy , * otvoe, 1} aao£ , ^ ay#o#)«Of . 
Jlinxu & xa} jewTa *t$ xa UQtyiipa afrta. *Evtf- 
yda uip yao to tldog, iitp r t xo jpaoioroy , xa* xo £ 
uaqtoh • ors'oifoi? ^t, oloy oWro$ i? uiupou * dvpapi* 
di jj vli). Tovxo yao iaxi xo dpvdptvoy yiypta&ai 
maym. "AXXwg Si bsgytla ual dvpauu Huupigu, mp 
pr) iaup rj'avrr} vXrj out ova eon to aiwi tldog, al£ 
txsgop • aonso dr&otonov afxtop xa xs ototxua , nvq 
ual y*u «•£ vlq ' *«* to toWildo?, xouw ti aXXo tS«, 
otoy o na%r\q • xa* *aoa Tavwt o jjfiio? , xa* o Ao£o€ 
xi/xAof , owf • vXij ovia, ovt eldog, ovxt ouoyoig, o$n 
ipondig, alka uivovvxa. "jgrt Si oqSip 8u, on xa 
per xct&oXov forty tinny , xa Si* ov. JIovwp Sfi 
nq*tai UQxaiy to btsoyUa ttq&xop, xo tlSu, ual alio 
to o Svwapu, 'Euupa uiv ovv xiua&oXov ovu tart*. 
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uipyaqav&gomov xa&oXQv,dXX' ovMioxir ovd£t f dXXa 
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Xoym xa avri. To biXflxiiv, xfotg&fX** *<** orot- 
X&a x&p oiviwv, ual no'g xt, ual nouav , noxtoop al 
aixal, % frioa* , dyXop oxt, noXXax&g Tf Uyopipwp 
forty ixdozov, diaiQt&tvtov di ov xavxa, dXX* rtaoa" 

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nXr^p idt xcu natxmv &Si ds Tavra* i>t(p apaXoyor, 
oily vXti, iidogyOTEQiioig , to xipovp. Kal adl va 
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iptgyslv. Ovdev aga oysXog, ovdi up oioiag noir^ 
owfisv aidi&vg, uaneg oi'xi tidy, el prj tig flwa- 
(i&Tt friaiqi Agxv ptxa/SaXXup. Ov xoIpvp ovd* av- 
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yqon, »/ d ' ovaia ctvifjg dvpafiig. Ovyitqearcti xlrtjoig 
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Sqa tlncu UQXW toistvzrjv, yg y ovaia biqyua* £t* 
loirw javtag dsi oveiag elvai avsv vXtjg. A'idiovg 

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METAPH. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 6. 247 

yaq Sti, ti'ntg ye xal aXXo xi aidiov. *Ev$qysict aqa. 
Kaixoi dnoqlu • doxsi ydq xb fib ivtqyovv nav Sv- 
vao&cu* xo ds dvvotfisvov, ov navivsqytiv • (noxengo- 
xtqov tlvcu xrjy Svpafitv. \4XXa (Afjv u xovxo, ovdb 
total x<av ovxwv. 'Evdixsrai ydq dvvaa&ai fib thai, 
fiynw 5' slvai. Kaitoi tl, tog Xiyovoiv oi &toXoyoi, 
ol ix vvxxog ytwfavxtg , 7} ag oi qtvoixot , ijv bfiov 
ndvxa ^iJ/uaTa,[<jpa(7i,]To aixb advvaxov. IJwgydq 
xtyti-d-tjotxat, u (jtTj&iv eaxai ivtqytla aXxiov ; Oi ydq 
ij ysvXr) niveau ayxrj kavxqv , uXXa xsxxovixij* ovSs 
xi iniftyvia, oidi % yij, aXXd xd aniqfiaxa,xal r\ yo- 
vi). Aib svioi noiovaiv atl iviqyuav, olov Azvxin- 
nog xal IlXdxow. *Ael ydq slvai opaai xbrjaiv • dXXa 
dia xi, xal xiva, oi Xiyovaiv ' oidi adl, oidi xijy am- 
ar * oidb ydq wg txvx* xiyuo&ai , aXXa del xi a«i 
inaqxeiv, won eg vvv (pvosi fib &dl, /J/a di, ij vno 
vov, ij aXXov wdi. Eha ndia nqtuxrj, Jiaq>iq$i ydq 
ifiiixuvov ooov. IdXXa fiijv oidi nXdxwvi yt olov ti 
Xeyuv,i]> oUxai aqxyv elvcu bioxsxb aixb kavxb xivovp. 
"Tox&qov ydq xalSfta xco ovqavw ♦/ ipv^V, &g q>i\at+ 
To fib dy dvvafiiv otta&ai ivsqytiag nqoxtqov *lvai, 
taxi fib £g xaXae, taxi 8* Sg ov. Ei'qrjxai di nwg. 
°Oxi 8' iviqysia nqoxsqov, ftaqxvqti'Avalayoqag (a 
ydq voyg, iviqyua ) xal 'EfinedoxXrjg xyv qiiXlav xal 
xo viixog • xal ol ail Xiyovxtg xivr\oiv tivai , Santq 
uievximtog. c, Sloxs ovx v\v anuqov xqovov x<*<>9 V 
vv£, iXXit xa aixd asl, t] ntqiodw, ij aXXoag , tfnsq 
nqoxsqov biqyua dvvafitcog. El de xo aixb dtlns- 
gieda), di% xi atl fibuv woavxag ivBqyovv. El 5i 
uiXXti yitiaig xal (p&oqd that, aXXo dti toqyovr 

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that asl , aXXtog xal aXXtag, ^Apayxt) iga &81 pip 
xa& aixo ivsgytiv, idl ds xax alio. *Htoi aga xa& 
ftsgov, 1j xaxa xb ngtaxov, Idrayxri dtj xaxa tovto. 
JlaXtv yag sxslro aixip xs al'nov xdxdvto. Ovxovp 
(tiXxiop to tiqmtov. Kal yag aXxtop v\v ixupo xov 
asl taaoLVtuq' xov d' aXXtog , sxsgop • xov d* asl «A- 
Xmg, apyoa dqlovoTi. Ovxovv ovxtag xal txovow at 
xirt}osig. Ti ovv aXXag del Syrup igxdg; 
*Entl 6* ovxwg x ivdsxsxai ,(xal si pi\ ovxwg, ix 
vvxxbg tarai, xal bpov nivttov, xal ix pi) ovxos^Xv- 
on av xavxa • xai[siJsoxi, xi asl xivovpspop xipt)ot* 
anavoxov • avxr) d % r\ xvxXy • xal tovto ov Xoy(a uo- 
vor, aXX' sgyco drjXoy ibaxs ai'diog av tfrj o ng&xog 
ovgavog. "Eoxi xolwv xl, xal o xivsl. 'jinsl di *b x*- 
povpsvovxal xipovv t pioov[xolwv]ioxlxi,o ov xivoips- 
vov xtvii, a'tdiop, xal ovoia xal ipsgysia ovoa. Kirti 
ds tods' xb bgsxxbvxal to voyxbp xipsi ov xivovpspop. 
Tovx&v Hk xa ngmra xa avxd, *EJU&vpt)xby psp yag 
xb yaipoptvop xaXop * $ovXi)tbv dk ng&xov , xb op 
xaXov. 9 Ogeyops&a ds bxt doxei* paXXop rj doxti, 
dwxi bgeyops&a* agxi) Y^g V vbr)oi$. Novg di vnb 
xov poqxov xtvsTxat, Not)xbv ds r\ kxsga ovoxoixia 
xa& 9 avx^p* xal xavxt\g f) ovola ngmt), xal xavxr\g 
t) anX&g, xal xax ivigyuav. Eoxi ds xb sp , xal xb 
anXovp, ov xb aixo. To pep yag tp, psxgop or)p*i- 
vsi* xb di anXovp, n&g e*x ov «vto. jiXXa pi)p xal xb 
xaXop, xal xb dt aixo algexbp, 4p xjj aixj/j ovoxoixitf 
xal toxip agioxop asl, tj apaXoyop , xb ng&xop. *Oxi 
d * loxi xb ov tptxa sp xotg axip^xoig, y diaigtotg dij- 

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MBTAPH. LIB. XL (XII.; CAP. 7. 249 

lot, "Ear* yao tivt to ov htxcty wt to piv ioti, to d ' 
ovx fori. Ktvtl di ig iQvguvow xipov /is* op 6$, i al- 
lot stive*. El uh ovp T* xtystTo*, Mixutti xal al- 
lt&g $x Blp ' "Slot it *J (jDo^ci kowti;, xal ivioytia fatiy 
tj xwsitai, xavxr\v di ipdixnai allng fyuv , xal xata 
xonov, xal ti firj xar ovoiotv. 'Ensl d* iati t* **- 
povv, avxb axivfjjov ov, ivBoytia op, tovto ovx ipdi- 
X*rat alius txuv ovdauiag. <Poqol fag y norny %w 
urtaflol&v tavtijg di y r, xvxlto. Tavtyr di tovto 
xtvti. *E$ avayxrjg aga iotfr ov xal ij avdyxij, xa • 
Xmg • xal ovicag agxtj. To yag arayxalov, Toaavia- 
Z&S' to pi» (H(*> on na^a tr\v ogpijp' to <5e> ov ovx 
&v*v to mv to di, u4) ipdtxouspop Sling, al£ inlws. 
*JEx toiavtyg aga OQXVS fjgtfitai o ovgapog xal%<pv- 
oig. diay<oyr\ di ionp, oXa te fj aglatfj, pixqovxgo* 
vov fjfdlv. Ovta yag atl ixiipo tetiv. 'Hfup fih yag 
idvpatov inel xal rjdoyr) r\ ivigyua tovtov xal dta 
tovto iyoyyooatg, ato&ijotg, poyaig, ijdunop. 'Elnldeg 
dixalftvUuai dia tavta. *Hdi voqeig t) xa&* avitjv, tov 
*{*&' avto agiotov xal r\ ualurta, tov uahota. Avjop 
Si yotd o povg xata unalim>w tov poytov. Not]xbg yao 
yipetai &iyyav(op xal vowr. "Slate taitop vavg xal 
voi}TOv. To yao dtxttxb* tov rorjtov xal tqg ov* 
aiag, wovg. *Evtgyti di yfwy. "Slots ixiivo uallop 
tovtov, o doxtl o povg &nop $x tlv ' * a * V ^jy^/a to__ 
ydunop xal Sgurcov. El ovp ovtug ev %x**> «5f tyttfc no- 
rt t 6 &(6g atl &av[ictot6v. El di uallov, su d-avftaoua- 
ttgop. *Ex*i 8* ids* xal &gj di ysinagxH. € Hyag vov 
irigytia, jwrj* ixilvogdi r\ bigytia. *Evioyua di n xa&' 
avtrp, ix*e!pov Jai^ aglair\ xal aidiog. <Pafib> di 

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tov &tov thai f«3of a'&tov, agiatov. "fLott £ar\ xal 

aitov ovvtxW *°* <*i>'diog vnagxti T( ? &8$. Tovio yag 

6 &Bog. "Oooi, dk vnoXappavovoiv, wan eg ol IIv$u- 

yogaioi xal Snsvoinnog , to agtotov xal xaXXiotov 

pri iv agxjl foal, diet to xal tcw (pvxwv xal tiv Jww 

tag agxag altia ph> tlvai, to dk xaXov xal to tiXew 

iv totg ix tovtoav, oix og&mg oiovtai. To yag omgr 

uct, i$ ktigwv iotl ngotigtov tbXsiwv * xal to ngwto p 

ov onigpa icftlv, ilia t o tiXuov ' oiov ngottgov «V- 

&qw7tov av <pctii} Jig elvai tov onigfiatog , ov toy ix 

tovtov yswdfisvov, ctXX' htgov i$ ov to onigpa. "Ou 

fjih ovv iotlv ovala tig a'L'diog , xal axivrjtog, xal xe- 

XOOQLOfjiivr} t&v aio&ijtwv, qtavegbv ix twv ugripivGiv. 

Aiduxtai dt, xal oti fiiys&og ovdh ivdixttcu t^wr 

tavttjv trjv ovolaVy aXXa afitgijg xal adiaigetog iaze 

xivii yixg tov anugov XQovov. Ovdh d* l/st dvva^uw 

anugov nentgaopivov. *Enel ds nav fityefrog q 

anugov rj nsntgaaphov , nmsgaouhov (ikv dia 

tovto oix av txoi piys&og • anugov d* , oti oXwq qv% 

sotiv ovdh anugov piyt&og. 'AXXa priv xal oti, ana' 

&eg xal avaXXoitotov. Haaai yag ul aXXai xivqaeis 

vottgai tijg xccta tonov. Tavta fih ovv dqXa, dion 

tovtov l/fi tov tgonov. 

Iloiegov ds ftiav -d-etiov trjv toiavtrjv ovaiav ,. { 
nXtiovg, xal nooag, dupij Xav&avuv, aXXa fispvijo&w 
xal tag twj» aXXwv anoq?doug , oti nsgl nXy&ovg ov- 
dh bigtixaoiv, o, ti xal oaq>ig flnuv. C H ph yag tw- 
gl tag ideag vnoXrfl/ig , ovdsplav %x u oxitpiv Idiav. 
Agi&fiovg yagXeyovai tagldiag, ol Xiyovug tag iddag. 

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METAPH. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 8. 251 

Utgl tiix&y agi&pwv, oxi fiiy wg ntgl antiguy it- 
yovaiy , oxe di ig f&o* tf ^ dtxadog togujpkvtov. Al 
ip d a alxiay tooovxov xb niv^og tcw agi&fiuy, ov~ 
div Xdytxai utxa onovdyg ajtodtixjixfis- c H(uv 5* in 
x&y inoxtifiivtoy xal duogiofiiywy Xexxiov, € H uiv yag 
OQXV *«* to ngmoy tg>* oyxatv , axivuxov xul xa&* 
avtb, xal xaxi ovpfieprixog • xivovv ds iijy ngtoxrpxal 
atdioy, xal piav xbqoi*. 'Ensl ds %b xwov/ityoy avay- 
x% .inb xivoq xivuadcu, xal to ng&xov xiyovv axivrjxoy 
tlvaixa& avto, xalxrp a'ldioy xivr\Qiy inb aidiov xi- 
vtio&cu, xal xyy piavvo) kvog* pg&tuy ds nagct xrp xov 
navxbg rijy anXr^v (pogav, i/y xwsly cpaph xqy ngtax^v 
ovoiay , xal axivr\xoy , alias yogas ova as xag xm 
nXay^xary aidiovg • (aidiov yag xal aoxaxov xb xvxXw ' 
oiua* didsixxai ds iv xoig <pvoixdig nsgl xovxtov •) 
ayayxrj xal xovxtov Ixuoiyy xiav yogvv in axwi\xov 
Te xiviiodm xa& aixb, xal aidiov ova las* "H t* yag 
Twy aaxgtay yvaig , a'idiog ovaia xig ovaa • xal xb xt- 
VQvv , aidiov , xal ngoxsgov tov xivovuivov • xal xb 
ngoxsgov ovaiag , ovoiav avayxaiov slvai. 0avsgbv 
xoivvv , on xoaavxag ovaiag avayxaiov slvai , xrp x*^ 
tyvoiy aidiovg xal a*ivr\xovg xa& alias, xalavsvfis- 
y*&ovg, diet xijv sigrifUyriv alxiav ngoxeoov, "Oxi fi&v 
ovy sloiv ovoiai, xal xqvtw xlg ixgwxq xal dsvxsga, 
xaxa xyy avxyv xa£iv xoig (pagalg *(ov aaxgmv, q>avs<* 
gov. To ds nXrftog ydy x&y <pogwy ix xqg oixnoxa- 
*VS (fdoooyiag xwy fia&iifiaxixfiy imax^uiay del oxo- 
ntiv, ix xyg aaxgoXoyiag. Avxr\ yag ntgl ovaiag ai- 
o&rix rig uiv, aidiov ds , noiiixai xrjv &t(ogiav • al d* 
ttUo* nigl ovdefjuag ovaiag, o\ov, fj tt mgl xoig igi- 

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$povg xal xqv yetopstglav. ^Ot* fiiv ovv nXetovg tw* 
(ptgopivwp al yogal, yavtgbv xotg xal psxglwg i?j*f*«- 
votg. JlXsiovg yag txavxov qpeorrcw fii&g xwv rcAa- 
vnpivuv &oxgw. Ilooat, d' avxai xvyx*vovw* ov- 
oai, vvv piv xal r)(iug> a li/ovoi x&v pa&fipaxixmv 
xivtg, iwotag x«gtv Xiywpev, Snug ij xi tiJ duxvol* 
nXrj&og wgiopivov vnoXa(lt!iv. 715 di Xoinbv, xi ui* 
Zyxovvxag avxovg del, xi di nw&avoptoovg nagi t«* 
Srjxovvxmv, av xi qpaivtjxai nagi xi vvvdgrjpiva foft 
xavxangaypaxtvopivoig, yiXfiv piv apyotigovg, nd+ 
•frso&cu di xdtg uxgiptorigoig. EtdoSogp&v ovv ffliov 
xal osXrjvySi ixaxigov x\\v tpogav iv xgialv M&ttO 
vtvai oyadgaig* iv xi\v piv ngwxtjv, xtjv xwv anXavuv 
aaxgtav thai • xrjv di dtvxigav, xaxi xb dii piamv tw 
Zmtow xrjv di xgixrjv , xaxi xb XtXotupbov iv xi 
nXdxu x&v Jw&W. *Ev pd£ov% di nXdxu XeXot&d&ai, 
xa& (iv tj oiXy\vr\ (pignut, JJ xa& oV o rjXiog. T&v bH 
nXavtofUvtov aaxgwv iv xixagaiv ixdoxov oyaigaig' 
xal xovxmv di xtfv piv ngdxtiv xal dtvxigav xrjv avxqv 
itvai ixtlvaig. Tti\v xt yig t&v anXav&v x^v andvag 
tpigovoav that • xai xyv ino xavx^v xtxaypivyv , xa\ 
xaxi xb dii piotav x&v fwoViiw xr\v <pogitv exovaav, 
xoivrjv anao&v slvai. T%g di xglxijg inavxmv xovg 
noXovg iv x$ diet piouv x&v fwfliW thai. Ttfg di 
xnagxyg xyv <pogiv , xal xi x&v XtXoS&pivw ngbg 
to pioov Tovxtjg. iftvat di xyg xglxyg oqpalgag xovg 
noXovg, xwv piv aXXtov tdlovg* xovg dixtjg'Aqpgodlxtie 
xal xov c Egfiov, xovg avtovg. KaXXtnnog di tijv fib 
&eatv x&v otpaig&v, xyv avtT\v hl&exo Eudo^to, tov- 
t«ot* xwv dnoaxtjfidttov xip xativ • to di nXq&og, xip 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPU. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 8. 253 

psv tov Jiog xal to tov Kgovov, 10 axnb ixiivy «*•- 
dldov t$ ds qXiov xal t$} otXqvrig dvo yttostingoa- 
& rti ag tlvak oyaigag, tit (patvoptva u fUXXu tig 
anolkiotiv • tolg ds Xomolg twv nlarqt&v, ixaoty 
pla*. *Avayxalov ds, si piXXovoi avnt&tioui naoat, 
tit (pouvopevct anoddotw , xa& txaotov xwv nXctyoa- 
fiivcoy , hsgag oqpaigag pup iXattovag thai tag <m- 
littovaag , xal tig to avib anoxa&ujtdaag vn &ios& 
tip nowtr^y ocpouQay, atl tov vnoxatw tttayfisvov 
avtgov. Oviw ydg povag Mixtion tijv t&v irXavtjiwv 
(fOQmv anavta nomo&ai. 3 £ntl ovp h> atg pb avtit 
<pigtta$ ocpaigcug, at pb oxtd, al ds nivts ual sXxoohf 
tioiv * tovtotv ds jiovag ov dii avtXix&rivat * tv uU 
to xctTOiToeTO) tstaypsvor q>sgttai, al fiiv tag t&v dvo 
ngtotav dvsXlttovaai, 5 toovtai ' al ds tdgtavvott- 
gov ttttdgoiv, kxxaidsxa • 6 ds ctnaotov agi&fibg, tmv 
is (ptgovowv xaltuv avsXittovoUvtavtag, ntytrjxov~ 
tit ts xal mvxs. 25* ds tr^g otXrprig xal tg> yXly pri 
itQOo&siri ug ag si'nopsp xiy^otig , al naaai oipaigm 
soovtai inta tt xal tsooagaxoyta. To (ih ovv TrAJjj- 
•3-og twv oqiatgiv lav*) tooovtov * wars xal tag ovolag 
xal tag agxdg tag dxiyrpovg xal tag alod"ntag, to- 
oavtag tvXoyov vnoXaftsiv* To ydg dvayxalov, ayti- 
od-at totg iaxvgotigoig Uyttv. El ds prjdsfjiiav oloy w 
thai <pogdv ovvttivovoav ngog Sotgov yogav * sti ds 
ndoav qtvoiv xal ndoav ovoiav ana&fj, xal xa& av- 
tqv , tov aglotov ttivxyxvlav tiXovg thai dii vopi- 
itiv , oidtfila av tl'ri nagd tavtag ktiga yvoig , aXXa 
tovtov avayxrj tov agi&pbv tivai twv ovoiStv. JGt'is 
ydg tlaiv hegai, xtvoltv iv wg tiXog ovoai q>ogug. 

Digitized by GOOgle 


*AX£ thai yz aXXag <pogag advpaxop naga xag tlgy- 

uivag. Tovxo di tvXoyop ix x&p ytgopipwp V7roAa- 

(ttiv. JEi yag nap xb qpigov xov yegopevov x<*Q lv ni- 

q>vxs t xal q>oga naoa cptgopipov xtpog ioxip, ovdepla 

<poga avxrjg av tXri 2v$xa , ovd' &XXr\g yogag , aXXa 

xup aaxgoap eptxa. Ei yag tipaitoxat, yoga (pogotg spsxa, 

xal ixslpijp kxigiop derjoei x* oiv ^vai. "flox* inu8i\ 

ovx olop xb Uvaielg aneigov, xiXog eoxamaorjg q>ogag 

xwp qttgopipap t* fft/cay ofopaxap xaxa xop ovgavov. 

"On di sig oigavbg t (pavtgov. El yag nXsiovg oi oi>~ 

gavol (txjntg oi av&gunoh totai sfdn pla tj nsgl fxa- 

atov agx*l > agi&pw 84 yt noXXal. AXX ooa agi&py 

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olov av&gtmov. 2&xgaxr)g di elg. To b*& xl yv slvai, 

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. naganXrjoia xolg Bigrjpipoig • top tV xig xoiglaag avto 

Xapoi popop xo ngwjop , oxt &$ovg £opxo xag ngtaxag 

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eixog noXXaxig tvgrjpivtjg eig xb dvpaxbp kxdaxfjg xal 

| tfypy? xa* fpiXooocpiag , xal naXvp cp&eigopdy&tv, 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPHYS. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 9. 255 

xaltavtag tag do$ag ixtlvuv, olov Xtlijtava nfoftot- 
o&v&cu uixQi tov vvv. € H piv ovv itatoiog 56$a, 
xal 7] nag it way noaxuiv , in\ xooovxov rifuv qpavtga 

Ta di nsol xav vovv «#«* ttvag anoqiag. Aoxb\_ 
(ib yaq uvai x&v a>aivojiivw &tioxaxov. Ilwg d* 
ejgav xoiovxog a* sttf, ifre* tivag SvoxoXiag. EVxe yao 
pfjdiv vou, aXtf %x H wottco av $tr) o xa&svduv , %l av 
sir; to oepvovt Ei'x$ voei, xovxov d' aXXo xiqiov (ov 
yaq dan xovtq , o iaxiv avxov »/ ovaia, voijaig, aXXa 
dvvctfug) ovx av r\ aqiaxri ovaia ti'rj. diet yaq tol 
voeiv, to rlfiiov avxw vnaqxu. *Exi di ti'xs vovg y 
ovaia, avxov , (Vxb voyoig ion, %i voei;*H yaq avxeg 
avxov, ij sxeqov xi. Kal u htqov t*, f( to avxo ael, 
rj aXXo. Uoxsqov ovv diaqtiqti xl , ij ovdev, to vouv 
to xaXov, tj to xv%6v ; "H xal axonov xo dtavouo&ai 
ntql tvitov ; dyXov xoivvv, oxi xo dtioxaxov to tifAia- 
xaxov vou, xal ov /xexafidXXst Elg x&Qov yaq fj juc- 
xaftoXij, xal f) xivrjaig xig ^drj xo xoiovtov. Jlqmxcv 
fiuv ovv el ftrj vorjaig iaxiv aXXa dvva/jiig, evXoyovini- 
novov thai xo avvsxig ovtw xfjg votjoswg, "Eneixa 
dr}Xov ofti aXXo xv av tXr} xiutdxsqov r) vovg , xo voov- 
H$vov. Kal yao xo vouv xal rj vorjoig indq^Uy xal 
to xeiqiaxov voovvxi. "Jloxt q>svxxov tovxo. Kal yao 
ftf} oqav ma,xquxxov rj oqqtv, [ c ^ioT Jovx av sl'rj xo aqi- 
axqv i] voriaig. Avxov aqa voti, tin sq soil xbxqdxtoxov. 
JKal eoxtv % vorjoig, voqamg vorjoig.&aiysTai £' ael fj 
i7iioxrj(xrixalfi od'o&r)oigxotif)d6'£a,xotlf) 5iavoia\jiXXov 
slvar j avxr\g d ' iv xr«o4o/w. *'Exi si aXXo to vouv xal xo 

Digitized by GOOgle 


vouo&ai, uata n 6t tQ ov avi w xb tvvndqx*h' OvSiyaq 
to avio sivai vovoet xal poovpsv*) • ij in iviwp rj im~ 
ojtifdfj, to nqaypa; *Enl fiiv tvp noiijtixibp avtv vXyg 
rj ovola, xal to ti i\v tlvcu' inl ds tap &to)qr)tix&r, 
o Xoyog to nqaypa , xal rj pofjoig. Ov% ktiqov ovp 
optog tov yoovp&ov xal tov vov, oaa (At} vXfjv tyd, ti 
aitb satai' xal r\ porjoig tov voovuivov fila. >r £ti 
drj Xtlnttai anoqia, ti ovp&ttop tbpoovutpov. Mtta- 
(laXXoi yaq av h toig uiqeoi tov oXov ' r\ aduxiqeto* 
nap to py bxop vXr\p , uontg 6 ip&qtonwog povg • y 
o v ys tap ovv&frwv e/u %v t*v*^ov(m. Ov yaq ail ti 
sv iv ttadl, r\ iv Kadi, aX£ iv oXa tivl to aqiatov > of 
aXXo ti. OStag d* «/e* aCty avtf t g y voting top 
anavta atiava. 

'Enwxsntiov Si xal, notiqmg fyu 19 tov 0X0 v <pvoig 
to aya&op xal to aqwtop * nbttqov xextofHOfiirov ti, 
xal avtb xa& aitb, % t^v ta&v, 1} afi<potiqwg, &omq 
atqatcvpa* Kal yaq iv ty Tafei to cv* xal 6 otqa- 
tyybg, xal paXXop ovtog, Ov yaq ovtog diet tip toj- 
£*y, oXJl ixslvi} dice tovtov ivtw. Jldvta Si ovrrha- 
xtal mag, aX£ ov% cfioitag, xal nX&ta xal myvd, xai 
q>vtd\ Kal ovx ovtag %x u > ^ore /u»; elvai&atiq& 
nqog da-nqop fi^div aX£ iotl nqog n. Jlqbg flip yaq ff> 
anapta ovvthaxta*. *AXt won eg ip oixia toig iXsv- 
d&qovg jjxwta IgsoTty 2, t» hvx* noitiv, aXXa ta nap*' 
ta ^ Ta nXuQta thaxrat * tolg Si avSqanoSoig xal 
toig &tiqioig ptxqov to *lg to xoivop , to dk noXif 8, 
t**tv/«. Toiavtfj yaq kxdatov aqxh » avwp $ yv- 
otg ioti. jiiyw d* olop, el'g t« to dtaxqi%&r t vat <ir*a^- 

Digitized by GOOgk 

METAPH. LIB. XI. (XII.) CAP. 10. 257 

xr) Snaaiv iX&uv , xal aXXa ovtoag soriv tav xoivrnvu 
anavTci tig to olov. "Ocra ds advvaia ovpfialvu tj 
aion&zoig aXXtag Xiyovoi, xal nola oi xaQieoTegwg 
XiyovTtg, xal inlnolcav iXa^iorat anogiai, delfitj Xav- 
&avuv. Ildvitg yig 4$ ivaviiwv noiovoi nana. Ov- 
w di to navxa, ovxtro i£ ivaviitav og&ag, ovtb iv 
oaoig t« ivavTia inagxu, nag ix twv ivavTlmv sarai 
ov Xiyovow. 3 Ana&ij yag tot ivavTia vn aXXrjXwv. 
H[ut> di Xvixoli tovto ivlaymg , to» tqitov t* ilvai. 


61 to avtoov to) i'oqt , rj t$ hi to. noXXa. Avuai'dk 
xal tovto tov avTov Tgoiiov. C H yag vXr} vj ftia ov- 
favl Ivaviiov. **Eu anavTa tov (pavXov fit&s^H t'|w 
tov hog. To yag xaxov ctvio , d-dxtgov twv otoi- 
Xsicov. Old 3 aXXoi ovd' agxag to aya&bv xal to 
xaxov. Kahoi iv anaoi to aya&ov fiaXioxa agx 1 *}* 
01 8i tovto fih og&wg, oti agxv v ' <*lXa n&g to dya^ 
&ov agxr\, ov Xiyovow, noTtgov ag TiXog, rj wg xivri- 
oav t i] wg sldog. jtoomag di xal 3 E[MtdoxXi}$' tijv 
yag cpdlav noiu to dya&ov. Avttj d* ugxh *«* ™S 
xivovoa • ovvdyei yag * xahwg vXtj • pogiov yag tov 
uiyfjtaxog • sj, drj Hairy avjw avp(li($i\x*v u>g vXy xal ao- 
XJl ilvai, xal ag xivovvn. 3 AXXo) Toys slvai ov Tavro* 
xaTa noTsgov ovv (pdia t "Atotiov 8i xal to acp&agTov 
uvai, to veixog. ' Tovto d 3 ioTlv avTo r\ tov xaxov 
tyvoig. Ava^ayogag di wg xivovv to aya&bv agx'hv, 
yag vovg xivei, oXXa xivR svexa Ttvog. "jlors lie- 
gov • nXrjv wg -rffislg Xiyopzv. °H yag laTgixri iorl 
n&g vylua, v Atotiov ds xal to ivavTiov f*»; novr\oai 
«^ aya&tp , xal raj y«. HavTzg d 3 oi t« ivavTla 
ARI8T. Metaph. * R 

Digitized by GOOgle 


Xiyovxtg, ©vjowitou xdig ipapxlotg, iip pri (afrvpyoti 
xig. Kal dii xl xi per qt&agta, xi d* a<p&agxa, ov- 
dilg it /si, flarta yig xit Spxa noiovoip ix xatp av- 
xwp aQX&v. *jEt* ot pip ix xovjtrj opxog noiovai xi 
opxa' oi d\ tpa ur) xovxo apayxao&moip , sv nana 
noiovoip. *Eu dux xl id torch yiveotg, xal xl atxiov 
ytpiotvg, oiddg Xiyu. Kal xoig dvo igxig noiovoip, 
aXXrj> avdyxrj agxyp xvgw>xigap slvai' xal xolg xi 
tldrj * oxi ulXri agxy xvgtmxiga. dux xl yig /uerea/ey 
i\ ptiezti / Kal xolg flip aXXoig apdyxi\ xfj ootpia xai 
xjl xifiuaxdxtj imoxrjuy ilpalxt ipavxlop, tjfiip d* ov. 
Ov ydg iathP ivavxlop x<S hgwtco vvdiv. Jldpxa yig 
xi'ivapxla vXr t p fyst, xal dvpduti xavxd iaxiv. *H di 
ipavxla aypoia, siq xi frapxlop. Ty di ngwxta ivav- 
tiop ovdip. "Exi si py $oxai nagi xi alodyxi a XX a, 
oitx tax at igxh *»* xd&g xal .yivtaig , xal xi ov- 
gdpia, aX£ dil xqg agxyg i°X*i> &<nug xdig «#«o- 
Xoyoig xal xotg (pvotxoig anaoip. El d' carat xi 
tidy ^ agi&fiol , ovdtvog aXxxa * tl di /ut] , ovxe xt- 
vTjotwg ye. "j£xi nag eat at 4$i[*eyi&(op piy*&og 
xat oyptx&g > o yig agid-ftbg oi nou'iou ovpsxig, ovxe 
it? xcpovp, ovx$ ng tldog. *AXXi pr\p ovdip y* carat 
twv ipapxhow, onsg xal novqxixip xal xipijxucop. *JEp- 
dixono yig av ftrj tlpai, allot, urjy voxtgop yt xi Trot- 
iiv dwdfimg. Ovx aga d'l'dia xi ovxa • aXX eoxtr. 
jivaigneov 8$ a xovxap xi' xotxo d iXQi)iai wg. **Ex* 
xoipvv fi ol agi&fiol ep , *}"^ V 1 ^ » xa * T ^ <*&(*<* > *o« 
hktog to sldog, xal xb ngaypa, ovdip Xiyu ovdslg* ovd* 
hdixtxai tlnuv , idp urj mg ijfiug «ftn? , &g xb xtvovv 
7ioiH* Oi di Xiyopxeg xb* agi&pbp ngtoxop tip pa- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

METAPH. LIB. XII. (XW.) CAP. I. 250 
&fjpattxov, xa\ ovxwg uei atX^v ixopsvrj* ovaiav, 
xal igxag kxdoTTjS allots, intwodwdrj %i\v xov jtbi- 
tog ovaiav noiovaiv (ovdb y&g y ktsga tjj &iga 
avpfiaXXsrat ovoa y py ovaa) xal agxig noXXdg • ti 
ds ovia, ov fiovlzxai noXvnvso&ai xax&g. ( Ovx iya- 
&bv noXvxoigavlfi • tig xolgavgg. ) J _\ J a 1 ,7^ , 



Uegl pb > ovp tijg t&v aio&tjTwv oiolag %lgti%ai %i 
IgtWj iv psv tjJ pt&odw rtj j&vtpvoixiav mgiTTjgvXfjg, 
vatBoov ds mgl jjjg xa% ivigysiav. 'Eml d* *j oxi- 
yig avtij iatl, nottgov iatl ug ndga rag aio&^rag 
oialag axlvrjtog xal a'idiog , *} ovxboti- xal si lari, 
jig ion, 71 QOizov ta nag a t&v aXXwv Xsyoptva &eai- 
gr\xiov, ontog the t* prj xalwg Xiyovoi, prj tolg av- 
tolg tvoxoi (Dfisv xal st it Hoy pa xoivbv i\piv xaxeU 
voig, tovt I5la py xa& f^p&v dvoxegalv<up$v. 'Aya- 
wqibv yag, sing ta psv xaXXiov Xiysi, *a ds ov x&* 
gov. Jvo d tial do!;ai mgl xovtwv. Ta tc yag 
pa&rjpatixd qtaaiv oitoiag shot* xivig, olov agi&povg 
xal ygappag, xal xa ovyytvij joirtoig, xal ndXiv tag 
idiag. £ml 3s o\ pev 6vo yivi\ xavia noiovoi , tag 
%* ideas, *«* tovg pa&rjpanxoig agi&povg, ol ds plav 
ffvaiv apqjotigoav , htgoi Si tivtg tag pa&rjpatixig 
povov ovoiag slval qpaoi , oxbnxkov, ngwxov pip mgl 
xmv pa&iipanxw , prjdsplav ngooxi&ivxag q>voiv 
aXXrjv avxdig • olov, noxtgovlbiai xvyxdvovaiv ovoai, 

R 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


j) ov xal noxsgov dgxal *«' ovoiaixwvovxw , ij oJ* 
oXit' <5$ 7i6^* fia&tjftatutwv povov, sit siolv , si'xs py 
uoi '.xal sV slat, n&g slow. "Ejrstxa fist a xavxa x®- 
glg nsgl xibv Idswv avxwv anXwg, xal ooov vo/xov %a- 
giv. Ts&gvXXyxat yag xa noXXa xal vnb xav VI- 
mxsgixuv Xoyvtv. Ext ds ngbg ixsivrivdsX xrjv oxsyiv 
iwaviffv xbv nXslo) Xoyov, oxav imoxonwpsv , si at 
ovolou xal al dgxal x **- v ovxotv agi&pol xal ideal tiai. 
Msxd yag tag idiag ayxrj Xsinsxai xgixtj oxifig. 
'Avdyxrj d', tin eg soxi xa (ta&yftaxixa, i) iv xotg al- 
o&rjxolg shai avxd, xa&dnsg Xiyovol xivsg , rj x*;?a>- 
gtofisva t<ov aio&rjxtov * Xsyovot, ds xal ovxoj xivig • i} 
si firidstigtog, tj ovx siolv, rj aXXov xgonov siolv, u Jlo&* 
ij afi<piopricri<ng tjfiiv soxai , ov nsgl xov slvai , aXXd 
nsgl xov xgonov. 

Oxi psv xolvvv IV ys xdlg alo&rjxolg advvaxov 
thai, xal afia nXaopaxiag b Xoyog , signal /nev xal 
iv xotg dianogypaotv, oxi Spa dvo OTsgsd swat adv- 
vaxov, *'Eii ds xal bxi tov avxov Xoyov, xalxag aX- 
Xag dvvdftiig xal (pvosig iv xolg aio&Tixolg slvat , xal 
uydsfiiav xexcjQio[ibvr}v. Tavxa fisv ovv sVgyxai 
ngoxsgov. 'AXXa ngbg xovxoig (pavsgbv, oxi ddvva- 
tov diaigs&ijvai bxtovv ocofxa. Kax ininsdov yag 
diaigs&yosxat, ■ xal xovxo xaxd yga\L\Lv\v % xal avxi\ 
xaxd oxiy/irjv. "Slots si xrjv oxiyprjv disXsiv ddvva- 
tov, xal xrjv yga^r\v • si ds xavxrjV, xal xaXXa • xi 
ovv diaysgsi, jj xavxag sTvatxoiavxag yvosig, ijfirj, sl- 
vat ds iv avxolg xoiavxag qpvosig ; To avxb yag avfi- 
(trjosxai. Jiaigovfisvfav yag xwv alo&rixmv , diaigs* 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (Xlll.) CAP. 2. 201 

&rj<joviai • jj ovdi al alo&tjtai. *AXXa prjv ovde x«- 
XWQiOfisvag y that qpvotig totavtag dwmtov. El 
yag eotou otsgsd naga ta alo&rjia xtxtogtofiiva tow- 
tow fTf^oe, xa« ngottga iw alo&rjtfov, dtjXov on, xal 
naga %a inlnsda hega avayxouov tlvai inlnsda xi- 
XoagiOfidva, xal ottyfidg xal ygafifidg. Tov yag av- 
%ov Xoyov. JEH de tavta ndXiv naga tov ottgtov 
(la&tjpaTiuov inlnsda xal ygaftfidg xal OTiypag, fos- 
ga xtxwQionwa. JIgotsga yag xwv ovyxtipivav iotl 
t« aovv&sta. Kal stntg tmv alo&rjtoijv ngotsga 
. atofiara prj alo&rjta, tw «{/tw io/w xa» xwy imnidmv 
twv iv tolg anivjjrois otsgsdig Ta avta xata xa avta. 
Jlort hsga tavta inlntda xal ygapftal tw apa it 
toig oTBQsolg %6ig xexugiopivoig. Ta pev yag apatoig 
fiad-rjfiaiDimg ottgsolg, td di ngotsga twv pa&ijfia- 
Tixwv ottgt&v. IldXiv tolvw tovtav t&¥ imnsdw 
taovtai ygappal* <ov ngotsgov dsTjou higag ygafi- 
ftag xal otiyftag slvai , did tov aitov Xoyov* Kal 
tovjwv iv long ngotigaig ygafifiaig, higag ngotigag 
OTiypdg ' <»v ovx bu ngotsgat fasgai. v Atonog ts dij 
yivtxcu 7j uwQtvoiq. Svpflalvii yag otsgsd psv po- 
ya/a naga xa alad-rjxd , inlnsda ds tgitxd nag a xa 
alo&rjroc, td ts naga %a alo^rjta, xal ta iv toig pa- 
%>t}pauxo'i?9t£gto'ig, xal naga ta iv tovxoig • ygapt- 
- pal ds xngal ««, oxiypal ds nsvtatal. "Slats nsgl noia 
al imottifiai toovtai al fta&tjfiatixal tovttav; Ov 
yag tiff* nsgl ta iv t$ oriqsw tw axivrittp ininsda 
xalyQapfjag xal atiy/tag* a$l yag ntgl ta ngottga 
H invatriuri. *Q 8 ' avtbg Xoyog xal ntgl ttov 
agi&piav. Kal nag hxaotag yag tag otiyfiag., fre- 

Digitized by GOOgle 

262 AR1ST0TEL1S 

gat toovxat povddeg , xal nag txaoxa xa orxa aV- 
o&r)Ta • flxo t£ voipd. "Jloxt botch yivtj anuga xav 
ftm&rifMttiJtAv agt&pmv. *En ansg h xdig anoQt\- 
uaoiv tnyX&ofttv, nmg hdixnou Xvuv; Ilsgl ayagi\ 
doxgoXoyia ioxlv, bfioioag tori, ntgl xa aio&rira , xal 
ntgl a fj ytwptxgla* Ehai d* ovgavbv xal xa fiogut 
avxov , nug ovvaxov, % aXXo bxtovv %xov xhrjo$Pi 
'Ofioittg di xal xa omtxa , xal xa agfiotuxd. "Eoxai 
ydg <pm>Tj xt xal oipig naga xa alo&rjta, xal id xa& 
txaoxa. "Jloxt dt)Xo* ot* xal ol aXXai ala&qoug, 
xal xa aXXa aio&rjxd. Ti ydg pdXXov xddt $ xddt / 
hi di xavxa, xal (aw toon at , tlntg xal alo-frrjatig. 
v Exk ygdamat $na xa&oXov imb x&v fta&^fiaxutmv 
nagd xavxag xdg ovolag. "Eoxat ovv xal avxtj xlg 
aXXq ovola (itxa$v xtxMQtopivi) xwr x idtmr xal xw 
ptxatv, TjTig ovxt agi&pog ioxw, ovxt oxiypal , ovxt 
udyefrog, ovts zgwog. Ei di xovxp ddvvaxov, dyjXov 
oxi xdxtfra ddvvaxov thai xexngutfiiwa xmv aio&ii- 
xmv. "OXmg di xovvartlov avfA^ahtt xal xov eU>&6- 
xog vnoXafipdvea&ai , <f xig \>rjosi ovxug thai xa 
fAa&tifiaxtxd, ug xtxv>giopivag xivdg (pious. *A*6tyx% 
ydg, did xb piv ovxtog thai avxdg , ngoxigag that 
xwv aio&fjxmv psytdw, xaxd xb dXy&ig di voxigag. 
To ydg dxtXig piyt&og, ytviou fth ngoxtgov ioxi, 
xjj ovala d' vaxtgov, olov aipvxov ipytvxov. "fen 
xIvl xal noxstoxai sv xdpa&riiiaxuta ptyi&ii ; T« ph 
ydg fonau&a, yvxy n f* *?** V*OTs, V dXXtp xipI bvXo- 
ytp. Ei di fitj, noXXd dtaXvtxau 'Extfrotg di diaigt- 
xoXgxal noooig ovot, xi atxiov xov thai %v xal avp- 
(ibiiv; Ext ai ytviotig dyXovor ngmov /aw yd$ inl 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 2. 263 

(trjxog ylyvstai , ilia inl nXatog , isXevtalov ding 
fia&og, xal tiXog la/sv. El ovv to trj ysviott var«- 
gov, tjj ovaia ngotegov, to ao)/ia ngottgov av cfy 
imnidov xal fiyxovg * xal tavitj xal riXsipv, xal oXov 
fiattov, o*i tpfvxov ylyv&ai. rga/ifiti ds ipyvxog 
ti inintdov, nag av ity ; € Tnkg yag tag aluOrjaug tag 
rjpnigag av sit} to a$i(Ofia. *Eti to psv awfia ovaia 
ug • fjdfi yog %x& nutg to ieXhov • al di ygappal, 
n&g ovolat ; ovts yctg ug tldog xal pogeprj ug , olov 
tlaga t) yvxy toiovto* ovts wg y vXi\ t olov to awfia. 
Ov&ivyitg in ygapfiwv, ovth imnidoiv, oviH atiyfi&v 
(palvetou Qvviotao&ai dwapsvov. El d* fjv ovaia 
tig vXtXT}, iovj av iq>aivno dvvapeva naoxuv. To) 
fdv ovv koyco total ngotsga • aXX* ov navta oaa tw 
Xiyy ngotsga, xal ty ovaia ngotsga. Ty fisv yag t 
ovaia ngotsga, ooa x^Q^opsva *<& *?vat vnsgfiaXXsi • 
t§ Xoyqjt di, Hatav oi Xbyoi ix tmv Xoyuv, Tavta b*s 
ovx Spa vnagx H - J& ¥&Q M & au T « na&ri nag a 
tag ovglag, olov xivov/ievov ti % Xsvxbv , tov Xsvxov 
av&gwnov to Xsvxbv ngotsgov xata tov Xoyov, *aJU* 
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eioh, ovts ngotsga i% slval twvaio&ywv, aXXa x§ Xo- 
yqtpovov, ovts xsxmgiafiiva nov tivai dvvatov, ivgr^tai 
ixavmg. *Entl d' ovd' iv tolg ala&tiiolg ivdixttai avta 
uvai, opavegbv bu % bXcag ovx BOtiv,^tg6nov tivaiath 

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xal diet xovxo ovx anXwg taxi, IloXXaxag yiq ti 
tlvat Xiyoptv* 
.^ . CAPUT III. 

f "Jlontg -yag xd xa&oXov iv xolg pa&rjpaoiv , ov 

ntgl xtxagtopivav 4oxl, haga xd ptyi&ri xal rovg 
dgi&povg, aXXa ntgl xovxtov ptv 9 ovx J) de xoiavxa 
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jtal inl x&y xivovpivatv eoovxai Xoyot xal imoTrjpcti, 
ovx ]) xivovptva tie, aXtf r\ odpaxa povov • xal ndXiv 
fj inlntda povov, xal fj pyx*! povov, xal ij dtaigsxd, 
xal rj ddialgtxa tyovxa q>voiv, xal tj ddtaigtxa povov, 
u Jloxt intl anXStg Xiytiv dXrj&eg, pr) povov xd /«^i- 

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tlvat, xalxa pa&i\naxtxd, oxt ioxlv dnXtog dXfj&sg 

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xdg aXXag imaxypag otnXag dXrjdeg thttXv , xovxov 
elvai, ovxl xov ovpptfirixoxog • olov, Sxi Xwxov, ti to 
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pivxoi ovde ntgl xavxa, aXXmv xfxotgiop&w. TToXXa 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.; CAP. 3. 266 

di 01//*/?£/?i?x8 xa&* avtd rolg ngdypaoiv , J Ixaotov 
vndgxsi tav toioviwv • iml xal y dijlv to J&ov xal 
jj a^sv, Xdia nd&rj iaxi Kaltoi ovx satv t* $r\lv 
ovtf agfsv Ktxt*>QUJ(iivoir tmv ^wav. c Jlets xal y pr\- 
xij povov, xal ri in In id a • xal oafa dy av nsgl ngots- 
gtov t<5 Xoytp xal dnXovotegav, tooovuo pallor «#« ^ r i 
to txxQiftig. Tovto di to dnXovv iotiv Sots avtv 
tov ptyi&ovg p&XXov, rj psta ptyi&ovg, xal pdXtata ^ \ t . 
ovav xtyqottt?. *Eav di xivi\oiv, pa hat a tyv ngmiTjv > ^^ 
anXovatdttj yag, xaltcti'trjg t; 6 paly. *0 5* avio? .. ^^ 
Xo/o? xa* 7ieoi dgpovixijg, xal onrix^g. Ovd* htiga 
yag rj oipig, $j rj gxavrj, fawgii, alX rj y gap pal xal 
agi&pol. Olxua phtoi tavta na&rj btdvwv. Kal 
V piixavtxri di aoavtwg. "Slats si tig &&psvog x*£w- 
giopsva tav ovpfoftrjxciwv, axonti ti ntgl tovtuav jj) 
toiavta, ov&iv did tovto iptudog ipsvasrai, wonsg v 
ovd* otav 4vtr\ ytj ygaq>t], xal tyv nodialav q>fj pr\\ 
nodiaiav. Ov yag 4v talg ngoidoeoi to ytx/dog* 
Agiata d° av ovt<ag ^sagtidsirj sxaotov, tl' tig to ptj 
ottxtogiapevov &eltj jfwoAra?, Sansg o agi&pytixbg I 
notsi, xal 6 ystapstgyg. *Ev psv yag xal ddiaigstov 
o av&ganog, r t dv&gsmog. c O di &slg & ddiaigstov* 
ut i&mgmotv, «1't*tw dv&gnnm ovpfiiprixevf) ddiai- 
gstog • o di ytcopiigyg , ov&* rj av&ganog , ovd-' rj 
adtaigsrog, all' y ottgsd. *A yag, xdv si pr\ nov i\v 
adiaigttog, vnygxiv avjca, dijlov onxalarsv toittav 
ivdixttat, avtia vnagxtw to dvvatov. "Slate did 
tovto og&&g liyovoiv oi ysfofUtgai, xal ntgl ovttav 
dialiyovtai, xal ovta sail. Aixxov yag to ov , to 
ftw ivtslsx^lff, to d 3 vlix&g. *Eml di to dyu&6> 



xal to xalbr htgov (to ph yag atl h ng&lu , to & 
xalhp xal tfy roTff axtrifYoif) ol <pdoxovteg ov&h X$~ 
yuv tag pa&yfiatutag huoxr^aq nsgl xaXov, *} a/er- 
#ov, ytvdortai. Aiyovoi yag xal dtixrvovm pali- 
ata. Ov ya^ t d pr\ 6vofAa£ovoi, ta 6" Igya xal tovg 
Xoyovg dnxvvovotp , ov Xiyovot nsgl avrt**. Tov di 
xaXov piyujta el'dy, ta$igxal ovufutgia, xal to &gi- 
oftivop • a paXiara duxrvovow ai (la&tjuatixal ini~ 
atrial. Kal inti yt noXXwy aftia cpaivetai tavta 
( Xiyto d* olov r] Tabs *<*l *o wgiopipop ) djjjlov on 
Xiyowp av xal ti}? toiavtip ah lav, tip *»g to xalov, 
altiov tgonov tivi. MaXXop ds ypwglpmg & alXoig 
ntol aitwp igovptp. Ilsgl ph ovp tStv pa&tipatutwp, 
on is ovta iatl, xal n&g ovta, xaJ n&g ov ngot$gop, 
xal nag ngottgop, tooavta tigTJo&m. 
Jfltgl ds tup Idmv , ngmtov avtr\v ttfp xata tip 
Idiav 66$av emoxsntiov, prj&iv owantovaap ngog 
xi\v tap agi&pup opvoiv , aXX* &g IniXafiov 4£ dgzr\g 
ol ngwtoi tag Ideag (pijoavreg that. 2vvi§r\ d' ij 
mgl t&v tidwv dolsa tolg dnovot , dii to nMo&ijvai 
. ntgl trig aXij&eiag totg'HgaxXutiioig Xoyoig, wg ndy- 
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iniotrjuri tivbg sotai xal qtgovrjoig , hdgag duv ti- 
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yag thai twv Qsovtwv imorripriv. gwtgatovg di ntgl 
tag ri&ixag aosjctg ngaypattvopipov , xal nsgl toi'- 
' ttop ogl&o&ai xa&oXov Ctjtovptog ngjiiov (tup ftip 
yag (pvoixoir inl pixgov di\pbxgt\og jjipato ftoruv, 
xal wgioato nag to &tgpov xal to ifn'XQW ' ol di /Zw- 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (Xlll.) CAP. 4. 267 

dayoqsioi nqixtqov ntqixivw oXiyw, *v tovg Xoyovg 
tig xovg aqi&fiovg avr^nxov, olov, xi iaxi xaiqog, rjto 
dlxatov, fj ydfiog) ixuvog tvXoyug $£i)'tii, *b *i iox*. 
2vXXoyi£w&ai yaq iZrjTSi. *Aqx*l oe x&v ovXXoy*- ^ 1 1 ( 
Ofiav, xo xl dart. diaXtxuxri yaq ioxvg ovrno vox i\v, 
(ooit dvvao&ai xal jfwpt? T0 ^ */ * aT * xavavxla im- 
axoitnv, xal xiv ivavximv ti f) avxrj im.oxr\pr\. Jvo 
yaq ioxiv , it Tig av unodyrj JSaxqaxu dutalug, xovg 
x inaxxixovg Xoyovg, xal xo eql£*o&ai xadoXov. 
Tavxa yig iaxw a/iqpa nsql aqxw bnovhpng. 'AX£ 
o fib 2i<axQttZfig xa xa&oXov, ov x^Qtaxa frtoiti, ovdi ,_ 
"tovg oqiopovg • oi d 9 ixvqioav , xal %it xoiavxa xnv 
ovjtav idiag nqooriyoqwoav. "Jlort ovvifteuvtv avxoig 
9Z*doy t<j> avx$ Xoyco, ndvxav idiag tlvat xanr , 
xa&oXov Xsyofi&w xal naqanXrjOiov , SLantq arl 
ti xig aqi&fAijoai fiovXofttvog , iXaxxovov piv ov- 
xw oloixo firi dwao&ai, nXtioa ds itoirjoag, aoi- 
-frfiolr}, nXtlw yaq ioxi x&v xa&* txaoxa alaQtiimv 
ig unity xa il'dr] , ntql coy £r t Tovvxtg xag aixlag , ix 
xovxwv ixii nqotjX&ov. Ka&* txaaxov xe yaq 0/uo>- 
yvfiov ioxixal naqa xag ovotag, xiav xt aXXtor hsonv 
inlnoXXav, xalinlxoiade, xalinlxdlg aidioig. "Exi xa& 
ovg xqonovg ddxwxai oxi l'<rci xa ti'dij , xax ov&iva __^ 
(palvsiai xovxw. 'JE£ iviutv fihv yaq ovx avayxy yi- 
vw&cu ovXXoyiaftov* i£ ivitav de xal ovx w oi'ovxat, 
xovxtap etdij yivtxai. Kaxd xt yaqxovg Xoyovg xovq ix 
xiav inioxijfi&v , saxai tidy ndvrcov oooiv imoxtipai 
tloiv * xal xaxd xo |y, inl noXlwr, xalx&v anocpaoiwr 
xaxd de xo votlv xt q>&aqivxog, iwv (p&aqtuv. <bav- 
Taofia yaq u xoixmv ioxb* *Exi de oi axqifiiaxaxot 

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xuv loyatv , ol fisv twv nQog xi noiovocv idsag , <av ov 
(paoiv sivai ttctx? avxb ysvog' oldsxbvxqlxov av&om-* 
nov Isyovoiv. c OXwg xs dvaigovaiv ol nsql xiov udtav 
loyoi, a fidllov fiovlovxai sivai ol Isyovxsg sfdtj, xov 
tag idsag sivai. 2vfi($alvn yag fir) sivai ngwxov ttjp 
dvdda, allot xov dgi&fibv, xal rovxov xb nqog u, xal 
to xa&' avTo • xal ndv& 3 oaa xivsg dxolov&yoay- 
xsg xatg nsgl ituv sidmv doSaig , rpavxici&rioav xaig 
dgxalg, *Exi Kara fisv xrjv vixolrjipt*, xa&* rp <paatv 
sivai tag idiag, ov fiovov xStv ovotwv soovxai sXdr\ y 
alia xal allouv noll&v. To yag VGtjfia sy, ov fiovov 
nsgl tag ovolag , alia xal xaxd firj ovouav ioxi • xal 
ai imaxtjfiai ov fiovov xr)g ovolag soovxai. 2vfi(lai*s$ 
ds xal alia uvgla xoiavxa. Kara ds to avayxalov 
xal jdg do£ag xdgnsgl avxwv, u tor* fis&sxxd id stdij, 
xm ovawv dvayxaiov idsag sivai fiovov. Ov yag 
xaxd ovftftsfaxbg fisxixovxat, dlld dsi xavxtj kxdoxov 
fisxsxtw > fi f*h xa& 3 vnoxsifiivov liysxau Aiyw 3* 
oiov f sX ti aixov dmlaolov fisxs'xn, xovxo xal d'idlov 
(istdxsi, alia xaxd ovfiflspyxog. 2vfi0dftr]xe yag tw 
dinlaaito to did tov sivai. "Jloxs ear at oiala id sidy* 
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to sivai ydvai t* nagd xavxa xb sv inl nollwv ; Kal 
si fisv xavxb sldog xwv idt&v , xal xwv usxsxbvxvtp 
soxat xl xoivov * xl yag fidllov inl xSiv qt&agxuiv dvd- 
oW y xal iwv dvddnv nollwv fisv , o'idim ds, xb dvdg 
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avxb sldog , bfitavvfia av sl'fj , xal ofioiov Aantg Sv st 
xig xalolfj avdqwnov xov xs Kalliav xal xb Zvlor, 
firidsfilav xotvmvlav imfitiyag aixmv. M ds xd fib 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 5. 269 

aUa xovg xoivovg Xoyovg iyagpoxxsiv &rjoo(tsv xolg 
sffisoiv, olov in avxov xbv xvxXov ox*} pa ininsdov, 
xal xa Xomd (isgtj xov Xoyov, xb 6* ov. ioxi ngooxsd-ri- 
octai , oxonslv dsl py xsvbv $ xovxo navxsXojg, , Tivi 
xi yag ngoaxs^osxai ; t$ peoa , % t<£ inmeSw , */ 
Ttaai; ndvxa ydg xa iv xy ovoict, idiai, olov, to £a>oy, 
xal to diTtoyv. *Exi dijXov oxi dvdyxrj avxb slval T* 
toomg to ininsdov qpvoiv xwd, fj naoiv ivvndglsi xolg 
si'dsoiv, wg yivog. 

Jlavxatv di fidXtoxa dianogrjosisv av Tig , xi noxs 
avpPdXXo>xai t xd sidy , h\ xolg d'idioig xwv alo&rixwv, 
rj xolg ywopsvoig, xal xolg qp&sigofitvoig. Ovxs ydg 
xivyostog ioxtv , ovxs fisxa^oXijg ovdeptag al'xia ai- 
xolg. 'aXXu (17jv ovds ngog tijv imox^firjv ovdsv fioT}- 
&sl xip> xav aXXwv. Ovxs ydg ovoia ixslva xovxwv 
{iv xovxoig ydg av rjv) ovx' tig to slvai, firj ivvndg- 
Xovxd ys xolg pisxixovaiv ' ovxa fisv ydg Xautg aVxia 
dofcisv av thai , ag xo Xsvxbv (iSfuypsvov tcw Xsvx$, 
IdXX' ovxog psv 6 Xoyog Xlav ivxivrjxog , ov *Avalay6- 
gag fiiv ngoxsgog , EvdoSog d* voxsgog sXsys, diano- 
gav, xal sxsgoi xivsg. 'Padiov ydg noXXd ovvayayslv 
xal divvaxa ngog xtjv xoiavxyv do£ccv. *AXXd fir)v 
ovds ix xmv eidcwioxi xd aXXa xax ov&svaxgbnov xav 
siat&oxfov Xsyso&ai. To be Xiysiv nagadsiypaxa si- \ 
vai xal (isxsxsiv avxStv xd aXXa , xsvoXoyslv ioxi , xal ) 
(i.sxaa>ogdg Xsysiv noirjxixdg. Ti ydg ioxi xo igyct- 
£opsvov Txgbg %dg iftsag dnoftXsnsiv ; 'Evdixnaixs slvat 
xal yiyvso&ai oxiovv, xal pi} sixa£6(isvov . e 'Jloxs xal 
%vxog JS&xgdxovg, xal fit} ovtog, ysvovi av olov 2*w- 

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xgdxi\g. 'Ofxolcog ds dyXov oti xav ti'tj o JSmxgdtrig 
dtdiog t lotai ts nXslta nagadslyfiata xov aviov • wait 
xal sfdij * olov xov dv&gionov to fwoy, xal to dinovv, 
Sfia ds xal avtodv&gwnog, Ett ov povov twv al~ 
o&rjtwv nagadslyfiata rot stdt), dXXd xal avtatv, olov 
to yivog tSxv mg yivovg sld&v. "Slots to avib sotai 
nagddsiypa, xal slxwv. *Eii db&isv av ddvvatov 
X<*>glg slvai tr\v ovoiav , xal ov r\ ovola. "Slots nag 
av ai ideal ovoiai tav ngayfidtmv ovoai ^coot? &&>> 
y £y di tw &aid<on tovxov Xsysxai xov xgonov, wg xal 
tov thai xal xov ylvso&ai attia td sidy iotl. Kai- 
toi tmv sid&v ovt&tv, Sfitag ov ylvstai, Sv fit/ ?/ to x*- 
vr^oov. Kal noXXd ylvstai stsga * olov olxla xal da- 
xtvXiog, ojv ov cpaaiv slvai tidy. "Slots dijXov ou' 
ivdixttai xaxtlva <av (paoiv slvai idiag , xal slvai xal 
ylyvsob ai diatoiavtagaixlag, oiag xalxa Qrj&svra vvv, 
all' ov did td rioV *AXXa nsgl fisv tmv idewv, xal 
rovtov xov tgonov, xal did Xoyutmig&v xal axgife- 
otigmv Xbywv ear* noXXd ovvayaysiv ouoia tots *e- 

*Ens\ ds dmgioxai nsgl xovxmv, xaXag s^ei ndliv 
&tt)QT)aand ntgl xovg Agi&fiovg ovfipaivovxtt tdlg 
Xiyovoiv oiolag avtovg slvai %t»gurtag , xal tmv ovtmv 
altlag ngmtag. *Avayxv\ d 3 , tl'nsg ioxlv 6 dgi&pog 
ipvoig tig, xal fitj allrj tig avtov iotiv t) ovola, alia 
tovto avxb, wonsg cpaal xivsg, rjxoi slvai xo fiiv ngoixop 
ti aviov , to d J ixousvov sxsgov ov t<5 sldsi f*a- 
oto*. Kal tovto rj inl xciv fiovddwv iv&vg indgxst, 
xal Xotiv aovppXrixog onoiaovv fiovdg onoiaovv po- 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 6. 271 

vidi • /? ev&vg icpstvg naaat xal avfifilrjtal onoiat 
onoicuoovv, olov liyovaiv $lva* tbv fiadfiponixo* 
uQi&pov* *Ev ycto tw fia&TjpaTixw ovdiv dux<peQH 
ovdtfiia fiovdg ktiga ktegag, *H tag fth ovfifilrjtdg, 
tag 8i (iTj • olov si for* fisra to ev ngitri r\ dvag, 
tmna t) tqidg, xal ovtw 6y 6 allog aoid-pog* Eiol 
ds ovfiftlijtal ivkxdota* dgi&pcp al povddeg, olov ai 
iv ir\ dvadi %ji itou>T7) ctVTTis, xaliv tji tgiddi t^Ttgrntf) 
uvti\g* xal ovto) dy inl tav alhav doi-d-ptov, Ai d* 
iv if} dvddi avtjj, TiQog tag iv ttj toiddi avtri, aovfi- 
filrjtoi. € Opoi<og 6* xal inl twv allot* tmv i<pe£ns 
agi&fiejy. Jib xal o ptv fia&Tjfjiatixbg dgt&fiutai 
fina to ev, dvo, nobg to» sftTtooo&ev kvl, alio w • xal 
to tqia itQog toig dvol tovtoig alio IV* xal 6 lombg 
to woavttag, Ovtog ds find to Ik dvo sttQct, avsv tov 
hog tov TiQwiov, xalr\toidg avsv Tr)g dvddog. Ofioitag 
di xal 6 allog aoi&fiog • *j tbv fiiv elvattwv dqi$pwv y 
olov b nqwToq ilix&ri, %bv d* olov ol fia&7}(tatixol 
Uyovoi, tgltov ds rov fad-ivta ttlevialov. v Ett tov- 
tovg % x<x)Qiozovg uvai tovg doi&fiovg twv nQaypd- 
*&v, ij ov x<*q*otov$, alii iv toig aio&ijtolg. Ovx 
vvxwg d* &g to no&xov insoxonovpBV, all 7 ig ix twv 
aoi&pwv ivvnaoxonw tolg ato&rjtoig • if tbv fisv 
ainwy tlvai y tbv di fif},^ ndvtag uvoti. Ol fiiv ovv 
toonoi xa&* ovg ivdixstai avzovg tlvai , ovtoi eloiv 
e£ rnvdyxyg povoi. 2xtdbv ds xal ol liyovtfg to tv 
tyZW tivai , xal ovoiav xal oroix&ov ndvtxav , xal ix 
rovtov Sllov tivbg tbahtbv dgi&fibr, ixaotogrovtiav 
ttva t&v tQOTtwv d'QTjxe, nli)v tov ndaag tag fiova- 
dag clva* dovuPlrjtovg* Kal tovio ai/^/5*/?^x«y $v- 

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Xoywg. Ov ydg Mixtion exi alloy xgonov uvea net got 
xovg sigrjfiivovg. Ol fikv ovv apyoxigovg (paolv slvai 
xovg dgi&fiovg, xov fiev exovxa ngoxegov xal vuxsgov, 
tag idiag • %ov de fia&rjfiaxtxov , nagd rag idiag 
xal xd aio&rjTa , r xal /copiaTovf dfifpoxigovg twv ai- 
o&rjToJv • ol de xov fia&rjiJiaTixbv fiovov dgi&fiov ei- 
vai xov ngwxov xdb ovxoav , xtxfagiofiivov xwv aio&y- 
t&v . JCa2 ot Ilv&ayogeiot de tva xov fia&rjfiaxixbvj 
nXrjv ov xexoagiopivov, aXX 3 ix xovxov ting aio&rjxdg 
ovaiag avveoxdvai qpaal. Tov ydg olov ovgavbv 
xataoxsva£ovow i£ agt^ftcov , nXrp ov fiovadtxwv • 
alia tag povddag vnoXaa§avovatv \%uv fiiye&og, 
Onwg de xb ng&xov tv owioxrj i'xov (*iy*&og, anogtiv 
ioixaoiv. "AXXog di xig xov nganov agi&fibv tov Twy 
tidwv iv a elvar evtoi de xal xov fia&rjfiaxixbv tov 
avxbv xovxov elvai. 'Ofioiug de xal negl xd fi^xfj %m 
xd ininsda , xal negl xd oxeged. Ol per ydg ex eg a 
xd fia&rjfiaxixd, xal xd fiexd xdg idiag. Ttov d* aX- 
X(ag Xeyovxiov, ol pev xd fia&Tipaxixd, xal pa&rjfiaxi- 
xwgXiyovoiv, ooot /Atj notovot xdg Idiag dgi-d-povg, 
fitjde elval qpaow idiag. Ol de xd (jLadrjfiaxixd, ov 
fta&rifiaxtxwQ di. Ov ydg xipveo&at ovxe piys&og 
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METAPH> LIB. X!!. (XIII.) CAP. 7. 273 

"Eoti ds ndvxa psv advvaxa , fiaXXov d' i'oag &dxsga 
xaw frigtav. 

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Aval tag iv sxdoxw tw ttqwtco agi&fiw ngog dXXrjXag. 
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dsg, o fiad-fifianxbg yivsxai agi&pog, xal sig povog • 
xal rag Idiag ovx ivdixsxai slvai xovg dgi&fiovg. 
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oxiovvxwv sidiav ; 'idia fisv ydg (ilalxdoxov, oiqv av- 
xov dv&gwnov fila, xal avxov £<6ov aXXri pla. Ol d* 
Ofioioi xal adidyogoi, ansigoi. "fLox ov&iv fidXXov 
yds r\ xgidg avxoav&gamog, ij bnoiaoyv. JEl ds fxrj 
sioiv agi&fiol al Idiai, ovd* oXiog ^o\6v xs avxdg el- 
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agi&fiog ioxiv ix xov kv'og xal xtjg dvddog xrjg dogi- 
oxov xal al dgxal xal xd oxoi%tia Xiyovxai xov 
dgi&ftov slvai 9 xdSsi xs ovxs ngoxigag ivdixsxai twv 
agi&fiwv avxdg, ov%P voxigag. El ds uovfi^Xrixoi 
al fiovadsg, xal ovxoog dovp/HXrixoi , Soxs yxigovv ?/- 
xiviovv, ovxs xov fia&tjfiaxixov ivdixsxai slvai xovxov 
xov dgi&pov (o fisv ydg fiia&rjpaxtxog, iSadiacpogwv, 
xal xd dsixvvfisva xax avxov , wg inl xoiovxoic, dg- 
(toxxei) ovxs xov xwv sidwv ov ydg toxai f) dvdg 
ngtoxfj ix xov hog, xal xtjg dogloxov dvddog. "Ensixa 
ol Qyg dgidfiol ag Xsysxai, dvdg, xgidg, xsxgdg. v Aua 
A hi st. Metaph. S 

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yaq ai iv tjJ dvddi xjj ngtixy ptvadsg ytvvm>xai, ffrt 
San eg 6 ngwxog unwv i$ dviowv (loao&ivxw* yog iy%- 
vsxo) tlxe aXXtag. "£rteixm d toxai y ktiga uovdg xr^q 
ngoxigag, xal xtjg dvdSag xqg ixxovtwv Baton ngoxiga. 
"Oxav ydg %xi>, to uiv ngoxtgov f to di vaxtgov ' jm4 


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ndXiv xglxov • to dvuxsgovuiv una to devxtgov, xgizov 
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vddeg, tj ol agi&uol it iv nlixavxai • olov iv xn 6W& 
xgixrj uovdg saxai, wglv xa xgla ttvm, xal iv x$ xgid&* 
xexagx^ xal r) Ttipmr\ y jxglv tov$ ciQt&uovg tovtqv?. 
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uovddag aovupXrjxovg uvau *Eou di xaxa fiiv w« 
ixHvtav dg^dg , • tvXoyov xal ovxmg, xaxa uivxo* iij* 
aXri&eiav ddvvaxov. Tag xb yag uovddag ngaxigag 
tlvai svloyov, ilnsg xal ngmxri xig lot* fiovag, xal S» 
ngwxov. 'Ojiol&tg di xal dvddtg^ tlutg xaldvds 7roo>ii| 
taxi Mexd ydg to ngaxov , evXoyov xal avayxa2ov 
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ngtaxyv, dsvxigav di xal tgixriv ovx It*. &av*qov di 
xal oxt ovx ivdixsxat, u aavu(&nxoi Ttaoai at u4>va- 
dsg, dvdda efaai aifx^v xaitgiada, xal ovxm lovg 
allovg dqiO-povg. Idr U yaq waiv ddidyogoi ai f*o- 
vddsg, av xs duxcpigovaai towny kxaairjg, dvdyxn 

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doi&fufo&cu top aoi&pip xata typ nooo&eoir* oXov, 
tip Svada nov$ t$ krt 9 aXkov krog nooott&iptog u xal 
tip tgtadm, aXXov k*eg nqie r«$ $wi jrpoare^eyios * 
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pij jxoqiov imtv aSty r) Svag , itioa Si nqooiatai pia 
dvag , xal f) dvag totcu ix tov hog avxoii xal aXlov 
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xal aitip tip dvada, n»g aoovtm Slim totadtg xal 
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ix dvo nertadtoVyfj Sixag. 'jStrtl d 3 ov% 6 tv^w» i^t&pog 
avtfi r t dtxdg (ovdi yds ovyxutai ix tuv xvxovowp 


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nsvxddmv, wcmeg ovda ftovddav) dvdyxtj diacpigsiv 
xdg fiovddag xdgiv ir\ dsxddixavxjj, *Av ydg pr) dia- 
qpigtaoiv, ovd' ai nerxddsg dioloovoiv, i$a>vioxiv r\ £«- 
xdg' inet de diaqpigovoi , xal ai povddsg dioioovoiv 
tl dt diaq>igovo*, noxtgov ovx ivioovxai nsyxddeg aX- 
Xai , aXXd povov avxai ai dvo , % toovxai ; cJtc di /uij 
ivioovxai, axonov tlx ivioovxai , nolo, eoxat dsxdg 
iSixtivoav; Ovydgiaxiv Higa dsxag iv ty dsxddi nag' 
avxrjv. 'AXXd fir\v xal dvdyxrj ye firj ix twv tvxovamv 
dvddwv trjv xsxgdda ovyxsiod-ai. *H ydg aogiaxog 
dvdg t tog opouu, XotjSovoa xyvagiofiivfjvdvdda, dvo dvd- 
dag inolrjoe. Tov ydg Xrjy&ivxog i\v dvonoiog* Exi to 
thai nagd xdg dvo fiovddag, xtjv dvddayiow xiva, xal 
xijvxgidda nagdxd g xgsig fiovddag, nwg ivdixsxai?Hydg 
(it&itu&axigov &dx(gov, &ansgXevxog av&goanog, 7ra- 
ga Xevxov xal av&ganov (jiixixu ydg xovxtav) V oxav rj 
&axigov &axsgov diaqpogd tig, Sonsg av&ganog nag a 
x6 Z&ov xal dtnovv, *Exi xd piv dopjj ioxiv ev ,xd de 
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povdoiv , i$ <av i\ dvdg , xal r\ xgiag ' aXX' wontg ol 
dvo av&gtanoi ovx & xi nagd dfiq>oxigovg, ovrwg 
dvdyxrj xalidg povadag • xal ovx ox* ddiaigexoi, diol- 
oovoiv. did xovxo ydg xal ai oxiypal ddiaigstoi. 
'AXtf o(u»g nagd xdg dvo ovdiv sxtgov i} dvdg avTatv. 
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ngoxigag xal vaxigag tlvai dvddag • afiolcog ds xal 
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dvadtg, saxaoav aXXyXaig Spa ' dXH avxai xav iv xg 
oxradi ngoxtgal tloi, xal iyivvrjoav, (Sonsg f) dvdg 
xavxag y avxai xdg xsxgddag xdg iv irj oxxddi avij. 

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M ETA PH. LIB. XII. CXlll.) CAP. 7. 277 

"/lore si xal fj ngatt] dvdg idia, xal avtai idiai tivsg 
taovxai. c d' avtbg Xoyog xal inl twv fiovddtav. Al 
yag iv Tjj dvddi ty ngwtj] (lovddsg , ysw&ai tag tit- 
tagag tag iv ty rag ad i. "flats ndaat al povddsg 
Ideal ylvoviai, xal avyxslastai idia g Ideojv. "flats 
drjlov on xaxsTva, dtv idicu avtai tvyxdvovaiv ovaat f 
avyxsl/isva sat at,, o\ov y sit a £wa <pair\ rig ovyxtZa&ai> 
ix £aW, si tovttav idiai tialv , 4x J&W idiai eoovtai. 
"OXwg ds to noiuv tag fiovddag dia<pogovg onwoovv, 
atonov xal nXaopatudsg • Xiyto ds nXaopatiodsg , to 
ngog vno&saiv /3t(3iao[isvov. Ovts yag xata to no- 
abv, ovts xatd to noibv bgSfisv dtayigovoav povdda 
povddog* dvdyxr\ ts % Ivov % aviaov slvai dgidfibv, 
nana fisv , aXXd (idXiata top fiovadixov. "flats si 
firsts nXsltav fjCrjts iXarttov, Toog. Ta ds 7aa xal oXiog 
adidqioga , taitd vnoXappAvonsv iv tdlg dgid-fidig. 
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goi saovtai, laai ovaai. Tiva yag aUiav e£si Xiysiv, 
6 qxxoxwv ddiatpogovg slvai ; *Eti si anaaa^ovdg xal 
(Aovdg aXXr), dvo * tj d' ix tr)g dvddog avtrjg fiovdg, 
xal fj ix tr}g tgiddog avtrjg dvdg, satai ix diaqptgov- 
awv ts, xal notsgov ngotiga tr)g tgiddog rj vatiga; 
MaXXov dssoixsv dvayxaiov ngotigav slvai' % ftsv yag 
otfia tj] tgiadi, t] d afia tjJ dvddi tow fiovadtav • xal 
r)fis7g (isv vnoXappdvoptv oXwg sv , xal sv xal idv r\ 
laa fj avioa , dvo slvai • olov to aya&bv , xal to xa- 
nbv, xal av&gwnov xal 'innov. Oi 5' ovtta Xiyovng, 
ovdi tag povadag. EX ts fit} iott nXtiwv dgi&fibg 6 
tt)g tgiddog avtrjg, % b ttjg dvddog, &av(iaot6v • sV ts 
iatl nXtUav, drjXov oti xal laog svsoti rjj dvddt. "fiats 

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olrtog adid<pogog uvitj ijj dvd&v al£ ovx Mixstai, ti 

ngatog tig iotiv agi&fibg, xal devrtgog , ovdi Koovtai 

at idsai dgt&fioL Tovto fib yaQ avtb of&itg iiyow- 

oiv, oi diacpbgovg tag povddag abowttg sivat, tXntg 

idiai eaortat, wontg tl'gijtai nqoxtQOv. 'jEr ydq 10 

ildog. At di fiovddeg u ddidyogot, xal ai dvddtg xal 

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ovtmg sv , dvo, fir) ngoalafijiavofieyov ngbg 1$ vndq- 

Xovti, dvayxaZo* ccvioig Xiyux, Ovtt ydg r\ y&tan 

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geivtvdsxerai. Ov&ex ydg avtaig olov te vndgxnx na- 

Gogvottgorxal toig dQt&fioigcpotoivvndQxetvjbnoibv 

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META PH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 8. 270 

xovTiQOOV. "Exiovx av anb xov &bg xovx avxougyivQi- 
xo, ovx av anb xi\g dvddog. Tofiivydg ov notov r\ 5i 
no ah v, notov. TovyctQ nolld xa ovxa elvai, cniict avxq 
19 a)vaiq. EL&* a$a ifou nmg allots, Xexxiov iv dgxji 
fiulwju xovro • xal diOQioxiov neql fiovddog diayo- 
qdg , fidlioxa fdv xal dioxi avayxri vjioiqxuv. JEi di 
fiil, xiva ldyov<Hr; Q Ou psv ovv iI'jisq elaiv aqi&pol al 
tdiuh ovxt ovpfilyxdg xag fiovddag an da a g ivdixexai 
elvai yavtqbv, ovx* aovjtplyxovg dllr^loug ovdixeqov 
ttbv xqontav. 'Alia pr)r, ovd ' wg exeqol xiveg liyovoi 
iuq+tuv otQidpw, liyixtu xaX&g, Elol d' ovxoi 0001 
tdiag fiiv oix oi'ovxai elvai, ovxe anlcog, ovie wg aoi- 
&fiovg iiya; ovoag* xade fta&rjfiaxixa elvai, xal jov g 
dqi^jtovg nouxovg xuv ovxmv, xal UQXV avx&v elvai- 
avxb to tv..Aionov yaq, xb tv ph> elvai xi ngtixov xm 
ivatv, moneoixttvol <paof dvdda dexav dvddtovfitj, pride 
XQiddaxuvxQiadMV, Tovyaq avxov loyov navxaloxb. 
JSt psv ovv ovxtag exei T « n *Q* tov aQi&fibv, xal dnou 
rig elvai Tovfia&TjfiOTMOv fiiovov, ovx taxi xb ev dgxv- 
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povddwv* JEi di xov jo, xal dvdda xivd ttowt^v t&v 
dvadwv. 'Ofiotaig be xal xovg dllovg aQi&fiovg xovg 
iqpsSqg. El Si eon xb sv aqx\» ivdyxri paHov, wanty 
IJldxwv tleyev e%eiv xa neql xovgaQr&fiovg, xal elvai 
xiva noioxrjv dvada xal xftidtia, xal ov ovpftXyxovg 
Aval xovg aQi&jiovg nqbg dlli^lovg. "Av d 3 av nd- 
lot xig xi&ji xavxa, efyyxai oxi advvaxa nolld ovp~ 
(tabu, leilld pip avayxq ye, t) ixshmg, rj ovitag txttv. 
Slax u fifjdexiQtog , ovx av iv&ixoito elvai xbv dqi- 
$fibv x<*QMibv. &avtQQ* d 7 ix xoitav, xal oxixeiQiQ*** 

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Xiyttai o rghog tgonog, to tivai tov avxov dgi&fxby, 
tov twv sidwv , xoItov fia&rj^iaTixov. [dvdyxrj ydg 
tig filar do$av ovpfiaivtiv dvo ipagTiag. Outs ydg 
fia&rjfiaTixbv agi&pbv svdixeTou tovtov tlvai tov igo- 
nov, oUA' idiag vno&iastg imo&spevov, avdyxrj (irixv- 
vuv , baa i$ tdlg cog ildrj tov dg&fibv Xiyovo* ov[i- 
fiaivti, xal Totvxot dvayxaiov Xiysiv. c dk tmv nv&a- 
yogsiwv Tgonog , trj pev iXdxTovg dvax*g*iag «£«* twv 
nqoitQov tlgijpivav, ttj ds idiag higag. To fih ydq 
pi] xaQiorbv noisiv tov dgi&pbv , dcpcugsirai noXXd 
twv advvaTtov • to ds t« aw/iata i£ dgi&pwv thai 
ovyxsifxeva, xat tov agi&fibv tovtov sivai /na&Tj^ari- 
xbp, a&ivaTov ioriv. Ovts ydg octofia fisyidrj Xeysiv 
•dXrj&ig. E1& oti paXioTa tovtov «#€( Toy xgonov, 
ovx a% ys povadtg (tiys&og sxovoi. Msye&og d' i$ 
adiaigeTW ovyxfiod ainag dvvaTov; 'AXXdpyv, b ydg 
dgi&nrjTtxog dgi&pog, povadixog eotiv ' ixsivoi di 
tov aQi&fibv , t« 6Vt« Xiyovoi. Ta yovv ^swoijff orcr 
ngoodnxovoi Tolg oMfictoiv, wg i$ ixeiv<ov ovtwv twv 
ctQi&fiwv. "Etl toIvvv dvdyxtj fisv, el'nig ioriv «o»- 
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fitydXov; Ei fisv di\ ovTwg, ovts 4x naVTwv xmv oroi- 
X*i<av txaoTov, ovxe ddidq>ogoi at povddsg. 3 Ev Tjj pip 
ydg to fiiya , iv t$ ds to (tixgbv vndgx*h ivavriov tjJ 
(fvau ov. "ETialiv ttj rgiddi avif t nwg ; Mia ydg 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 8. 281 

mqixxrj. jtXXa did xovxo Vatag aixb xb Iv notovoiv 
iv xta ntQiiTw pioov. El d' kxaxiqa xav fiovddcav Ij? 
dp(poi6Q(t)v iaxlv ioao&evjoiv , ff dvdg ixug laxou pia 
xig ovoa q>voig ix xov fitydXov xal pixqov ; rj xidioi* 
ae* Trig uovddog; *Exi ngoxiqa y fiovdg xrjg dvddog. 
'AvouQOVfuvrjg yaq , avaiquxai t] dvag, 'idiav ovv 
idiag dvayxaiov avxi)v slvat , nqoxiqav ovoav ideas, 
xal ysyovivai nqoxiqav ix xwooovv. C H yaq doqioxog 
dvag, dvonoiog r\v. *Exi dvdyxrj ,1)101 antiqov tlvai 
xbv dqixrpov, rj ittnsqaapivoy. Xmqioxbv yaq noiovoi 
xbv dqt&pov. "Jloxt ovx oldv xs pr) oixl xovxoav #«- 
xeqov vndgxsiv. °Oxi piv xoivvv annqov ovx ivdixi-^ 
xai, drjXov, Ovx$ yaq nsqixxbg o anuqog iaxiv, ovxs 
aqxiog • r) d$ yivioig xotv aqi&pfi>v , rj neqixxov dqt- 
&(40V, r)aqxiov iaxlv ad* idl fiivxov kvbg eig xbv aq- 
xiov ninxovxog, mqixxog* todl ds xr)g piv dvddog ifi- 
mnxovorjg , 6 i<p hog dtnXaotatoptvog • wdl di x&v 
nsgixxw y b SXXog aqxwg. "Exi ti nccoa idea xivog, 
ol ds aqidfiol idiai , xal 6 annqog laxat Idea xivog, 
r\ xibv alo&rixwv , rj aXXov xivog* Kaixoi ovxt xuxd 
xr\v &ioiv ivdi/tfai, ovxt xaxct xbv Xoyov. Taxxovoi 
d* ovxa xag idiag* El di ntntqaofiivog , psxqi no- 
oov ,' Tovxo ydq dti Uyto&ai, ov fiovov oxi, aXXd xal 
816x1, 'AXXa (Ayr ti pixq* trig dtxddog 6 aqi&fibg, 
oianig xivig (paoi, nq&xov pkv xaxv imXetyti xa eidrf' 
olov ti tatty f) xqiag avxodv&goanog , xig eoxat aqi- 
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xddog. 'Avdyxrj dr) x&v iv xovxoig dgi&fiojv xivag fT- 
vai. Ovoiat yaq xal idiai ovxoi. AXX opwg Mei- 
ipti * xct xov fcoov yaq r\dr) vndqSu. c Apa di di\Xov, 

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ot* h ovrwg % tgiitg avtodv&Qomog > xal at aJUUa 
tgidfag. "Ofiotm yog b to** ovto?? dgi&poZg, "Jlor* 
Smigoi eoortmi ar&gmnot, -fit /u«^ idea IxaoTq yuag, 
avtoixaarog or «w&gwnog • tidi jk^ 9 oU' ar&gvnoi 
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"Atonov di xal to i% /uir Stxdtiog «*V«* Id's**', §?£*- 
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xae cart xa* ylvttai IVia xai wr cJo*iy ovx tOTO, O if2ore 
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dog pallor n op, xal tUdeg cttmjs trig Sexddog , xa/- 
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g&rtat d' , tag to(? pixy* tfg dexddog ttltiov ovtog 
agi&pov. rtvy&Gi yovv tot enopenx , olor to xtrbr, 
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xivriow, otdoiv, dya&bv, xaxor tab* alia toigagt- 
&poig. Jio to h to mgntov. M ydg b tn roiddi, 7toj$ 
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pixgi nooov • olor % ngatu ygapptj dtopog, c7t« d*uct£, 
flTot xai Tort/Tct al;??* Stxddog. *Eti si eort x^Qiotog 
b aQi&pbg , anoqr\atLBV air tig , nvitgov ngotSQOV to 
h, % fj tgi&g xal rj Svdg. r Hi pb dtj ovr&ttog 6 
aQi&pog, to tv • ji de to xa&olov noortoov xai to 
tldog , b aoi&pog. 'Exdotr) yaq t&v povddtov poQiov 
tov vgi&fiov ag vlrj , 6 d* wg tldog. Kal &m pb 
*>g t} bg&fj nqotiga t^g oUiag, ott Sgiotai xal t5 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.; CAP. 8. 283 

liytf • tor* d' c»f tf o£aer, or* [tfyoe, ual tig tuvnp 
diCUQUiau € Jlg miv di) vlij jj o$£a, xcri to oroix&ov, 
xcu f} uovitg y noott^ow - ig di xaia to tfoof nal Tif* 
o volar Tijy »«Ta Toy lo/o*, if oo£^ xai to oilo* to ix 
t>Jc vlr\g not rov ttdovg. *Eyyvttoov yao tov iftovf 
xat of o loyog, £p<pw ytviaei d* vottQow. JIng ovv 
ccgXV *° & ; on ov dutiqtiw ipmotv, allot idtaiotrov, 
xcu to xa&olov xalti Mi piyovg, nal to otoi/iTov • 
aJUa toottov alitor to /Mr xaTa Ao/or , to fle xaTa 
Xgovov. Jlotiovg ovv to tr afxy, u Jlan$Q yig tfyif- 
ia^ xai^ ootfij ti}s oSdctg, nal avtif iuth^gdoxunoo* 
tiqa thai, x&l kxatioa ftia. 'AMCporiowg drf noiovo* 
to lv ao**??* *Mu Je aowccTox. To jiex fdo a>s aWoc 
xa* { ovale , to £' w? /t/eoos xai a>£ ttoiy. "ffar* ybq 
nmg tv kxajsqov , tjj uir aky&d*, dvwaun* %ty*o 
aqi&pog fir tt , xal pi} »$ acaoo* , aAA* rrtooy II W- 
0«w povadm, ioitto, qtaaiv 4rttlBz*ia d* ovx fern 
^o>«? fecareoa. AZriov di trig ovpficurovorig afiao- 
xiag, SuSua ix to? fia&iiuatmy l&Ttftvov, xaliuivv 
loywv %w¥ xa&ilov. "fiat it ixiirtnv piv ig atiyuip 
to & xa* t^v ao/i)? ettrptar. *H yao fiorag otiyu^ 
adeiog Am. Ka&antQ ow xeri trtooi tiveg , in tov 
SXaxioiov t« oVra ovmi&taav xal ovroi. "Jlott yi- 
yyticu f) fiovag vlrf wv aoi&it&v , xal Spa nooxioa 
Tijg dvddog , naltv Si vatiqa , &g olor ttvbg nal hog, 
nal eldovg t^g tivitog ovorjg. Jia b* to na&olov 
C^Tfly to xcrtfiyogovfitvov h, xvl ovrtog ig peoo$ I3U- 
yor, xavra di a/ucr t» uvttjj* abvvonov inuoxw* •£* 
di to €? aifjo del fiovov aStiov drcu (ov&bpI ya(? 
duMpiou, y ou iqx*i> *«♦ n H& dvag duuoetif, y di 

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fiovdg ov) oftoiotiga av si'rj tw kvl avxui i\ povig* E& 
d 3 fj fiovag, xyxsivo xrj fiovddirj xtj dvadi, v JloxB ngo- 
xiga a? ti'ri ixaxiga r\ fiovag trig dvddog. Ov qpaai 
di. rewwoi yovv xx\v dexdda ng&xov* "Exi bI boxiv r\ 
dvag I'v t* avrtj xal rjxqtag avzrj, ctficpo) dvag. *Ex xi~ 
vog ovv avttj tf dvag; 

'AnogtjOBiB d* av rig , xal intl a<prj fiev ovx eoxiv 
4v xotg aoi&fioTg , to d' 4q>s!;itjg , oavav fir] ion, fisxaSv 
fiovddatv, olov xwv 4v xtj dvddi , rj xjtj xgiddi , noxsgov 
iopB^g tw hvl avtw , r) ov * xal noxsgov fj dvag ngo* 
xiga xav 4<pB$yg, rj x&v fiovddav bnoxsgaovv/Opofag 
di xal nsgl x<av voxigav ysvav xov dgi&fiov ovfifiai- 
VBixddvoxsgv> ygafifir)gxBxal4ni,itidovxalofafiaxog. Ol 
fiivydg 4xx&vsld<av xov fisydXov xal xov (iixgov notov- 
<7iv * olov 4x paxgov fiiv xal figaxiog , id fiyxTi • nXa- 
xiog di xal oxsvov, xd ininsda- 4x fia&iog di xal xansi- 
vov t xovg tiyxovg. Tavxa di ioxiv el'drj xov fisydXov 
xal fiixgov. Tr)v di xaxd xb ev dgxyv, aXXoi aXXtag 
xt&iaai x&v xoiovxgjv. Kalivxovxoig di fivgia q>ai~ 
vsxai xd xb ddvvaxa xal xd nXaofiaxmdrj , xal xd vne- 
vavxia ndoi xolg ivXoyoig. *AnoXsXvfiiva xb ydg «A- 
XrjXwv ovpflalvBi, si pt] ovvaxoXov&ovoi xal ai dgxai m 
woxb slvai xb nXaxv xaloxsvbv, xal fiaxgbv xal figaxv. 
JE* dixovxo, %oxai xb inlnsdov ygafifiij , xalxboxs- 
qbov , inlnsdov, "Exi di ytavlai xal oxypaxa xal xi 
xoiavxa, n&g dnododrjosxai ; xavxo xb ovpfialvsi toig 
nsgl xbv dgt&pov, Tavxa ydg nd&ri fisyi&ovg ioxiv 
dXX? ovx in xovxmv xb [liys&og, Sonsg ovd* 4$ sv&sog 
xal xapnvXov xb ftrjxog, ovf 4x Xsiov xal xgaxiog xd 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XUI.) CAP. 9. 285 

OTCpSflt. IlaVltdV d$ XOtVOV 10V10DV , 07180 ioil ItoV «*- 

dtov imv wg yivovg ovfi(3aivti dianogiiv , oiav ng &p 

T« XU&oXoV, TZOTtQQV 10 %MOV (XV TO iv TW fwft), ^ £t«- 

^oy avTov fcJov. Toviov yctg pi\ xwgioxoi) piv oviog, 
ovdspiav noirjau anoqiav /woitrrou 5i, dwftfp o» 
tovt« Uyoviig cpaOL , iov kvog xal x<5v aqi&pvv, ov 
Qadtov diaXvoai* tl /uj) gydiov dti Xtyeiv to ddvvaiov. 
"Oiav yao vojj ttg iv ifj dvddi 16 tv , xal oXatg iv ao*- 
&p(b, noiegov avib vosi n, rj litoov; Ol fiiv ovv id 
peyi&rj yswutow ix ify loiavir^g vXr^g , itegoi, di ix 
irp any prig* rj di oiiyfitj avxolg doxii elvou ovx tv, 
al£ olov 16 iv, xal aXXrjg vXrfg y oXag ib nXrid'og , aXX' 
ov nXy&ovg • mol (ov ovdiv r\iiov avft^aivsi id avid 
anoQuv. El fiiv yag fiia r\ vXfj, lavib ygapfxr) , xal 
inintdov, xal oitqtov. *Ex yag twv aviav ib avib 
xaltvsotai. El di nXtlovg al vXai, xal kiiga fiiv 
yga fifing, iiiqa di iov inmidov , xal aXXij iov otz- 
geov, ytoi, dxoXovdovoiv aXXr\Xaiq t r\ ov. "jloie lavid 
avfi^otiai xal ovicag. "H yao ovx ** H T ° ininsdov 
yQappriv, rj total ygapfirj. "Eii, nug fiiv ivddxstai 
sir a i ix iov kvbg xal nXij&ovg iov agi&fibv , ovdiv 
imxuqujai. "Ontog d* ovv Xiyovoi , lavicc avfifiai- 
-yet dvox*QVf aitsq xal lolg ix iov hvbg xalix lyg dvd- 
5og tyg doqioiov. '0 fiiv yag ix xov xairjyogovfiivov 
xct&oXov yevva iov agt&fibv , xa* pi iivbg nXq&ovg • 
6 d* Ix iivog nXrj&ovg, iov ngojiov di, Tr\v yag 
dvada ngwiov 11 ttvai nXri&og. c 'jlois diacpsgH ov- 
-div, d>g uniiv* aXX' al anoqlai aviai axoXov&rjOOv- 
oi, fii&g, i} &ioig, fj xgaoig , rj yivtoig , xal oaa aXXa 
lOiavxa. MdXioia d' uv ng im£fiii}oeuv , il fiia 

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btiatn Mowff , 4k xbog *nb. Ov yig *n *vt4 y$ to 
tp, htiatrt. Upvynii &t, i* tov hog «ww $tr«i w) 
nXtj&ovg, ij poglov tov nXff&ovg. To uhewnXr^ 
&bg n thai (pavat tip popata, advpator, Ukaigni* 
y' ovtw • to J 3 in poglov, aXXag fr* noXXag *WZ*- 
gtlag. Ufaaigvt&P xt yog txaow apaytcuiop rfwn 
xS» pogltop, $ nXn&os Am f nal typ po*i** ***ig* 
rn* , *al pv OTOi/etw *&w to h **l to 7tl^og • n 
yag popug ktaorij ov* t* nXn&ovg *a\ hog. TEri oh- 
&b aiUo noul 6 Xiymrxovto, aXf if agt&pop &*&>*' 
To yag nXri&og &dt«ig&*>p totb agios' §ti £w 
riop xa I negl xovg ovm Uyortag » notsgov Snstgog 
o agt&pbg, $ nemgaopivog. 'TxtffZ* yag, «* f©i*«, 
ieae nm*g**pivop nXq&og, & ov «* nrnegvopipat po- 
r«de$- *«**©£ fro? &tits fagop ainb-nXtyog xal nXtf 
doganevgop. notOPOwnX^ognalax^x^opimitoht 
'Opoiwg b* xal ntgl orvypw ** u § £Wf*\ *** *°* 
ototxtlov, 4$ 6v no*ov*t ti pty&ri. Ov yag pi* yt 
popop atiypn ionw awj- ?&p yovp $XX»p ouypup 
indirtfi in tbog; Oi yig d*j s* yidiwvt'ipazog wo$, 
*a\ avTtjg <myrfg> UXXa nip ovU pogia adtaigtta 
ivdixeiai, tw tov dtaoTqparog etva§ pogia, wrn%gxov 
nXj&ovg & ip al popaSt?. e O p*> ya* ag^ 
&pbg, l£ ajkatgit&p ovyusixm* xa di pey&hl, ov. 
Ihapxa ty xavxa. *«i aXXa towxvf* <pap*gbr n*t- 
u, St* advvmop, thai xbv agi&pov *al va /if- 
yi&fi ^c*o*dt«. iBit ** to dt«ymp$p tovg ng&- 
tovg negt twv c^i^/rff, <yt}fiu<fp, ow t« ngay- 
para tavta ov* ortu aijj^, ««^J W ta^a- 
&)v avTQi*. Ol pip yag t« pa&Tjpatina popup wot* 

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ovtttg nag a %i alo&qta , ogirttg tip ntgl to tldi\ 
&voxig*ut» **l *l*oiw, censor your aub tov udyiiMov 
agi&pov, xal tov pa&itftaiixov inolrioav • oi de ta 
fitfij fiovlopwo* afia xal agi&uovg noifiv, oif bgw- 
jsg Si d tag agxag tig tavtag &rja&Tm, ?wg tat at 6 
fia&nfiatuiog agt&pbg naga toy tiStjuxov, tor aitov 
sldrpixov xal padiyAatiMb* inoii^aav agt&pbv t£ Xo- 
yt$ • inu tgytp y* ar^grjtui o pa&iyiattxog* Id lag yag 
xal ov fta&rjuccTutdg vno&iotig liyovow. e O 8e ngw- 
%q$ -fripsvog ta tidy ehcti , xaligi&povg, ta tl'drj xal 
to pa&ripatixa tlvai svloymg l^u^aey. "Slots nav- 
Tag avpfkdvu xata pi* zi liyuv og&wg , okcog d ovx 
og&wg. Kal avtol di bjioXeyavaw ov tavta Xiyov- 
%*S > aJ^ia ta fyartla. Attiov di , on ai vno&iaug 
%al ai agxal yuu&fc. XaXtnov d' in ftrj xaXug ifov- 
xmt Xiyuv xai&g, xat *Eitixagpoy. Idgtlwg te yag 
liytiui, xal *v&ito$ qpoiVcra* ov xccXatg tyov. IdXXa 
7ISQ* fiw t&p uQi&jiwy, ixaya tadir f nogr}fieya xaldico- 
QiQfUva. Mallov ypg av ix nluovuv hi nsia&eirj 
%yg 7wtt$o^isvog ' tisqa d* to nsto&rpai py 7Ttnuofii- 
vog, ov&kv fimXXov, JJegi ds tmv ngtitav dgxiov xa * 
%&v ngmtnv ahiw xal otoitfuw, Sou per Xiyovoiv oi 
nigl uovtfg jrig oua&rjT^g ova lag diogiiovttg , ta piv 
iv tdtg nsgl (pvoecog eloTjTOi, ta d' ovx tan trjg fii~ 
S'odov %iqg vvv. v Ooet ds oi fpaoxovtsg elvai naga tag 
cda&rjtag+ itigag ovolag, ixofiBvov iati &C(OQijoai twv 
tlgnpivw*. *E7t& ovv Xiyovoi. tweg toiavtag thai 
tag iddag xal tovg agi&fiovg, xal ta tovttav otoix^tot 
%wv ovttav eh a i Gtoix&a xal agxag , oxtTttiov ntgl 
Tovtup, tiXiyovat* xal n&g Xiyovatv. Oi fiiv ovv 

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agiSfiovg noiovvtsg fiovov, xal tovtovg fia&rjfiotTt- 
xovg, vategov imaxenttot. T&v de tag idiag Xeyov- 
twv, afia tov te tgonov &eaaait av rig, xal xr\v «7io- 
giav tijv ntgl ctviwv. "Afia yag xa&oXov Tseng ovaiag 
noiovoi rag idiag , xal naXw wg xagiordg xal twv 
xa&* txaatov. Tavta d* oti ovx ivdixstai, dirjno- 
grjtai ngotegov. AXtiov de tov avyaiftai tavta, stg 
tavtbv tdig Xiyovat tag idiag xa&oXov , oti toI$ «u- 
o&fjToig ov tag avtag ovaiag inoiovv. Ta fiiv ovv 
iv tolg aia&rjtolg xa&ixaoia guv iv6fii£ov, xal fievuv 
ovdiv avttov • to de xa&oXov naga TaDra elvai re, xal 
etegov ti elvai, Tovto de wontg iv tolg efingoo&ev 
iXiyofiev, lxivt\ae fiev JSantgatrjq dia tovg ogiafiovg* 
oi flip i/dgioi ye twv xa& exaatov • xal tovto. og&tag 
ivor^aev ov ^w^/aaff. JtjXdi de ix twv egytuv. *Avev 
fiev yag tStv xa&oXov , ovx eonv imotrjfirjv Xa fitly. 
To de ^o)^/Jf<y, aVtiov twv ovfiftaivovtav dvo%egwv 
- negl tag idiag iotiv. Old* c5? avayxalov, eVneg eoov- 
tai'ttveg oiolai naga tag aio&ritag xal geovoag, 
XWQiotag elvai' aXXag fiev ovx elxov, tavtag de 
tag xa&6Xov Xeyofiivag iti&eoav. "Slate avfi/Sai- 
vei oxtdbv tag avtag qpvoeig elvai Ta? xa&oXov xal 
tag xa&ixaotov. Avtij fiev ovv avti} xatf avttov etfj 
tig av dvoxegsia tStv eigrjfiivow. 

V ' x '0 dexal tolg Xiyovai tag idiag ex*i> tiva anogiav 
xal tolg firj Xiyovaiv, xal xax agxag ivtoigdiaitog^ 
fiaoiv iXex&rj ngotegov , Xiyafisv vvv. El fiev yag 
tig fiv\ &yoei tag ovaiag thai xexoogiofiivag , xal tbv 
tgonov tovtov wg Xiyetai ta xa&exaata t&v ovtwv, 

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METAPH. LIB. XII. (XIII.) CAP. 10. 280 

axxigrjoBt, i*r\v ovolav ag (HovXopt&a Xiytiv. *Av di 
xtg &ij xag ovoiag x^gioxag , nwg dfjon xa oxoix&x 
xul tag aqxag avxwv ; Ei Ifiiv yag xa&ixaoxor, xal pr\ 
xa&oXov, xooavxa laxat xa ovxa, ooaneg xa axoix^ia, 
xal ovx imojrjTct xa <rxo<£&a. "Eoxmoav yag at fiiv 
iv x$ <p<ovj] ovXXaftal , ovaiai , xa ds oxoix&a avx&v, 
QXOhxuaL Ttov otoi&v avayxi\ dy xo B A thai, xal 
kxaoTTjv xwv ovXXafivax filar , tl'nsg fiy xa&oXov , xal 
xw ti'dsi al avxas, aXXa fkla kxdoxrj x$ agiS-fi^ , xal 
tods x*, xal pi) bptoyvfiov, *Exi d* avx$ b ioxiy, tv txa- 
oxov Ti&iaow. 3 Eav d* al avXXa@al 9 ovxta xal i£ aw 
iloiv. Ovx Xoxui aga nXiloi aUpa hog' ovde t&v ok- 
Xbiv oxoixsiwv oi&ev xaxa xbv avxbv Xoyop , ovneq 
ov$i rtov aXXuv ovXXa^wv t) avrrj aXXri xal aXXij. 
AXXa fijjv u xovxo, ovx buz at naga xa oxotxua fx«oa 
ovxa, aXXi fiivov xa oxotxua. "Exi ovd' imoxr\xa 
xa <jToix&ia. Ov yap xa&oXov y £' imoxrjfirj xSiv 
xa&oXov. dr{kov J' ix xwv anodttiewv xal xwv bgi- 
Ofittiv, Ov yag ylvexai ovXXoywpbg, oxixofc xo xgU 
ywvov dvo og&alg, si /ur] nay dvo og&ai • oid* on 
odl b ctv&gomog £ioov , et firj nag av&gajnog £wov. 
AXXa fit\v it ye xa&oXov ai agxal, rj xal al ix xovxw 
ovaiat at xa&oXov , eoxa* fit] ovoia ngoxtgov ovoiag. 
To fib yag xa&oXov, ovx ova ice • xo di oxoix&w * a * 
^ a QX*l> xa&oXov. Ilgoxtgov Ss to oxoixhov xal fj 
a QXV> w igxrj xal oxoixhov ioxiv. Tavxa xs dy 
navTa ov^^aivu evXoywg, oTav ix oroixefav xe 7rote5- 
a* xa^ Idiot g, xal naqa Tag xbavxb Bidog^xovoagidiag 
xai ovoiag, IV xi almoiv tlvat, xtx^^iOfiivov* El di 
fiil&kv xwXvn (oonsQ inl xStv xrjg (pwvrjS ^xoyft/fijv, 
Arist. Met a ph. T 

Digitized by GOOgle 


noXXd elyat, ta A xal ia JB, xal prj&iv uvai naqa ta 
noXXd avtoaXopa, xalavtoffita, taovtat tvtxd yexov- 
tov aneigoi at ofiotai ovXXafiai. To di xr\v inioxi]- 
prp bIvcu xa&oXov naaav , wot* dvayxaiov tlvai, xal 
tag twy ovtmy aqxng xa&oXov elvcci y xal fir) ovaiag 
xs^WQcafihag , $zu pdXiot dnoqiav twf hx&srto)V. 
Ov firjy aXXa &m piv wg aXq&ig to Xtyojitvov , cor* 
d* w g ovx uXfj&ig. C H ydq iniatrjfiri , wonso xal to 
inioxao&ou , d&xov • wv to pkv dvvapig , to di 4viQ- 
yua. C H pi? ovv dvvapig wg vXr\ tov xa&oXov ova a 
xal dogKJtog, tov xot&oXov xal dooiatov ioxlv. *H d' 
svigytta wQiopivTj , xal woioyicyov rode it ovaa tovdi 
twog. jiXXa xata ovpfo(lr\x6g r) oyig to xa&oXov 
XQ*>f*<* oga, on Tooa to jfOfttyta 8 60$, XQ^P** ton* 
xal o &eMQt2 6 ygafipattxog , tods to aXq>a f aX<j>a- 
inun avdyxri tag aQX<*g xa&oXov tlvai, avayxrj xal 
ta ix tovxtav xa&oXov, maktg inl rwv dnod$i$mv. Ei 
di tovxo , ovx tatat x moiatotf ov&ev , old* ovoia. 
AXXa dr)Xop oxi lor* uh ig imaxr\ar\ xa&oXov, «rr* 
tag ov. 



HbqI fih ovv trig ovaiag tavtrjg tiorjo&w xooavxa* 
Hdvizg di noiovai tag aqxag havtiag, won eg tv tdig 
yvoixolg • xal nsgl tag dxivr]tovg ovaiag opoiwg. £i 
di tr)g twv ndvxwy aoxyg fir) ivdixttat nqoxtqov Tt 
slvcu, advvatop av ei'^ ti\v aqxh v ti*QW ** ovaav. 

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METAPH. LIB. X1H. (XIV.) CAP. 1. 291 

thai aqxW' °^ ov € * T 'S **¥ 0i l***™ agx^thai, °i'Z 
y hsgov, aXX' jj Xtvxov • thai fiivtoi xa&* vnoxsipi* 
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tsgov totat. 'AXXa priv yiyvttai navta i£ ipavtiw 
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oov ix tuyaXov xal ptxgov dvada, £g w ovta to av+> 
oov xal to piya xal to fiixgbv Xtyu, xal ov diogifa 
on Xoyw, agi&py 9' ov. UU« pi\v xal tag agxag 
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to fidya xal to fiixgov Xiyovtcg fiCTa tov kvog , tgia 
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h, ti\v pogyriv • ol de to noXv xalbXtyov, ctito \iiya 
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to xa&oXov paXXov inl tovttap to vnsgixov xal to 
vnsgexofiepov. Aiayign tovttw ov&iv a>? unuv, ngog 
ma tmv ovfifiaipopttov, aXXa ngog tag Xoyixag pbvov 
dvoxsgslag ag (pvXattovtai, dia to xal avtol Xoyixag 
<piguv tag anotitituq. IlXr)v tov avtov ys Xoyov 
iotl , to vmqixov xal to inegtxopevov elvat agxag, 

T 2 

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aXXa juij to fityu xal to (hxqov, xal xovaoi&pbvnQo* 
xtoov iris dvadog, ix x&v oxoixdoiv. Ka&oXov yao 
afucpoTtya uaXXov iaxf vvv di xb pip Xsyovotv, xb d 3 
ov Xiyovoiv. Ol di to extoov xal to aXXo nqbg xb 
iv avTrti&iaoiv, ol dixo nXrftog xal to iv. El di ioxiv 
(a>O7T£0 (iovXovxai\ xa ovxa i$ ivavxiatv , tw fli gV} ij 
ov&iv ivavxiov , ij ei'ati aoa psJUUs , to 7iXt)&og * to 
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aiUo xavry , piaXioxa piv ol to «i» tw 7rA?/#t* avxixi- 
&ivTsg> fyoviai xivog dofyg* ov ^r\v ovd 3 ovxoi txa- 
ycuff. "Eoxai /«o to IV bXiyov. nXtj&og piv yao bXi- 
yoxrixi, to di rcoAv tw 0A//9 avxlxenai. To di IV, 
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ye'd-et ddxn/ilo?, j} Trove, ijf xi xoiovxov • eV fli (v&ftotg 
fiicig, ?J ovXXafti]. 'Oftoi&g di xal iv fidget, oxa&pog 
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xobnovy h ptv xoig noiotg noibv xi, iv dixdig noaolg 
nooovxtadtaigsxov. Tayag fiixQdv, xb pivxaxaxb eldog, 
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xqov • oloy it 'iTtnog xb pixoov, tnnovg xal il av&qm- 
nog, av&qwnovg. El 0° Sv&oionog, xal Xnnog, xal 
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JSi d' av&QO)7tog xal Xevxbg, xal fiadlfrv , yxioxa ficy 
aQi&ftbg xovxtav , dta xb xavxq navxa vnaQX$iv xal 

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METAPH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.) CAP. 1. 293 

£vl xaxa xov agt&pov, Opwg tie yevav taxai o agt» 
&pbg 6 xovxtav, rj xivog aXXrjg xotavxqg ngoonyogiag. 
Oi di to avtaov wg %v xt, xrjv Svdda Si dogtoxov no*~ 
ovvxtg ftsydXov xal (itxgov, nogfa Xiav xiav doxovv- 
xtav xal dwax&v Xiyovof na&ij xs ydg xai/Ta, xal 
ovfifo/Srixota fiaXXov, rj vnoxslfitva xolg agi&polg xal 
xolg peyi&Boiv ioti. To yog noXv xal bXiyov, 
dgt&fiov * xal udya xal fitxgbv , fisyi&ovg, won eg cig* 
xtov xal negtxxbv, xal XsXov xal igaxv, xal sv&v, xal 
xafjtnvXov. "Ext Si ngog xavxy xy a/jtagxia , xal ngog 
xt avdyxr\ slvatxbfjiiya xalxb fitxgbv, xal baa xoiavxa. 
To Si ngog xt, navxw yxtuxa <pvotg rig i\ ovoia x&v 
xatTjyogtwv ion, • xal voxiga xov notov, xal xov no- 
aov. Kal nd&og xt xov nooov xb ngog xi &g ngot- 
Xix&y , aXX* oi>x vXtj % xt txsgov • xal xtp oXtog xoivu 
ngog xt, xal xolg pigeon avxov xal sl'deotv. Ov&iv 
ydg iaxtv, ovxt piya ovxt fiixgbv, ovxs noXv ovxe oXl" 
yov , ovxb oXtog ngog xt , 2 oix bxbqov xi ov, noXv jf 
hXiyov, tj fiiya tj fitxgbv, f) ngog xt ioxi. Sqfiuov d', 
oxt7)xtaxaovolaxtgxalovxtxbng6gxt,xbfiovov fir\ ttva$ 
yevtoiv avxov , fiySt q>&ogbv , fjLijdi xivr^otv , Sonsg 
xaxa nooov avtyoig xal cp&iotg, xaxa xb notbv cU- 
Xotootg , xaxa xonov qpoga , xaxa xijv oioiav rj anXwg 
ydvtotg xal (p&ogd, aXi oh xaxa xb ngog xi. *Avtv 
ydg xov xtvri&fjvat, bxi fib ftu£ov, oxi Si tXaaoov 
i} loov sax at, -fraxegov xtvrj&ivxog xaxa xb nooov, 
Avdyxtj xt btdoxov vXt\v ilvat, xb Swdfttt xotovxov ' 
«or« xal ovoiag. To Si ngog xt, ovxs dvvdfjttt ovoia, 
ovxs ivtgytln, '!dxonov ovv, fiaXXov di ativvaxov, xb 
ovoiag prj oioiav notuv oxotxtlov xalngoxtgov. w 1Yfm- 

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gov yag naoai al xattjyogiai. Eti di ta otoixtia, ov 
xattjyogettai xa&* &v a%oty&<** To di noli) xal blU 
yov , *al xwolg Kctl Spa xatijyogtltai tov agt&pov • 
xal to fiaxgbv xal to flgaxv ygapfirig ' *«» Ininedbv 
iou xal nlatv xal otevav. El di dq *«* eott **> nXy- 
&og, tov to piv ad oliyov, olov r\ dvdg • el yag noli, 
to IV av oliyov etrj • xav nolvanlatfeVij, olovf) dexag 
nolv • xal el tavtr^g prj ioti nletov r\ Ta pvgia , nag 
ovv totai ovtog i$ oliyov xal nollov 6 agt&pog,- '!» 
yag apqxo i'dei xatfiyogelo&ai , ij pydhsQOV vvv di 
etegov povov xatrjyogettai, 

CAPUT 11. 
c Anlag di del oxoneiv , aga tott dvvatbv ta aidia 
4x GTOixelwv ovyxuodai* vXyv yag f&t. JSTiWeroi* 
yag nav to ix jro»/aW. El toivw avayxt} i$ ov ionv 
(« xal atl ioti, xal el iyevito) ix tovxov yiyveo&ai* 
yivetat di nav ix tov dvvdpei ovtog tovto o yivetat 
(ov yag av iylyveto ix tov ddvvdtov, ovdi tjv) to di 
dvvatbv ivdexetat xal ivegyelv xal fiy , el xal ott pa- 
Xiota aei iottv 6 agi&pbg , ^ btiovv alio vlfjv tyov, 
ivdixoit av pr\ elvai, woneg xal to piav tipigav fyo** 
xal to onooaovv ett]. El d' ovtto, xal tooovtov /pd- 
yov ov prj ioti nigag. Ovx av toivw ei't) a'i'dia , t£- 
neg py di'diov to ivdexopevov prj ehai , xa&dneg 4v 
Slloig loyoig ovve(}r\ ngaypatev&rjvai. ^ El di iort 
to Xeyopevov vvv dlri&ig ua&olov , ot* ovdepia iatlv 
ai'diog ovoia, idv prj y ivegyeia, ta di otoixeia vXtj 
tijg ova lag , ovdepiag av sirj d'idlov ovolag orot/ftoi 
& &v iottv ivvnagxovttov. Eiol di tiveg, ot dvdda piv 
dogiotov Tioio voi to fietin tov hbg oioixelov, to d 

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Spioov dvoxsQOthovoiv tvXoywg, dia tcx ovpfialvovxa 
advrata • olg Tooavra povov acpyorjTouTtov dvox&Q<ov, 
Sou diatbnoi&v Toavioov xal to nqogit OToix£iov,avay» 
xalot ovpfiaivovoi TolgXiyovoip. v Oaa dexaolg zavtfjg 
%il\g dotyg, tavia xaxslpoig vnaqxup avayxaiov, iav tc 
top ddixbv iqid-pbv i$ avitov noitoaiv, iav titov pa- 
&7}paTix6v. JJoXXa phv ovv ia al'na Tyg inl taviag 
Tag alt lag ixjqonrjg, paXiora ds to anogrjoai aqxai- 
xmg. "Edo£e yaq avxolg navx toso&at, tv ret ovxa, 
ttvtb to op • et py -tig Xvott, , xal bpoo$ fiatituxou tcJ 
JIaqptvidov Xoyeo. Ov yaq pynoxB tovto ovdapjj 
sty a i pi iopra * aXXa avayxrj el vat to py ov du$ai 
oTi iarlv, Ovxa yaq ix tov ovxog xal ixXXov Ttvbg, 
tcx ovra eosG&ai, il noXXa ioxi • xahoi nqtoiov pev, tl 
to ov noXXax&g. To pkv yaq on ovoiav or\paivu, 
to d* ou noibp, to <V oti, noaov , xal Tag aXXag $r\ 
xaTriyoqlag, Holov ovv tu SvTa navxa ev , tt pi] to 
p?} ov eaten; noTtqov ai ovoiou, ij xa na&ti; xal tu 
aXXa dij opolwg , i\ anavxa • xal soxai tv to xodt xal 
to Toiopds, xal Tooords , xal xaXXa ooa tv ti oripal- 
ph. *AX$ axonov, p&XXov tie advvaxov, to plav qpvoiv 
tipol ysvopivyv ahiav tlvai, xal xovxov xal ovxog 
uvea avTov ovxog , to pkv rode tlvat, , to dk toiovdt, 
to dk Tooovdt, xbjk nov. "En en a ix nolov py ov- 
Tog, xal Snog t« ovxa; JloXXaxm yaq xal to pr\ ov, 
in t id n xal to ov. Kal to pkv prj av&gamov, or\pai- 
pu to py (lv6U To&L To dk px\ ev&v, to pi\ etvai toi- 
ovdl. To 8k pi) Tqinrixv, to py tlvai Tooovdi, 'Ex 
nolov ovv ovTog xat prj oyTOg, noXXa tu ovTa; Bov- 
Itzai piv di) to ytvdog xal TavTt\v t\\v opvoiv Xiysiv 

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to ovx ov, it ol , xal tov ovtog tit on a. JtS 
xal 4Xiy$to, ou del y/ivdog t* ino&io&cu, &omg xal 
ol ytoipitqat , to , nod w lav tlvat tip \ir\ nodiuiav. 
Iddvvatov di t*v& ovtotg tXBtv. Ovtt yaq ol yi<o- 
fiSTQctt ytvdog ov&ev vJtoTi&tvtai (ov yaq \v tw ovX- 
Xoyiafiw r k nqotaotg) ovte 4x jov ovtw fiy ovtog Ta 
ovta yivstai , ovdi (p&tiqttat. *AX£ htsidti to flip 
xata tag nttooug pr) ov, io«z*>S taig xatyyoglatg XI- 
ystai , naga tovto di tods , ag ysvdog Xiystai to fitf 
ov, xal to xata dtvapiv, ix tovtov ^ yivsoig iatlv, 
^4x tov firj itv&gwnov, dwafiu di av&qtmov, av&qu- 
nog* xaJ 4a tov firj Xevxov, dwa/m diXsvxov , Xsvxov. 
'Opolwg 4av te fv yiyvrjtai , 4dv tt noXXa. ftaivetai 
di y (rjtrjoig , n&g noXXa to ov, to xata tig ovaiag 
Xiyo/isvop. 9 Aqi&fiolydq xa»/uijx^ xal otofutta ta ytv- 
v<iftwd 4otiv. "Atonov drj to ontag fiiv noXXa to Sv 9 
to ti iott trjtrjoa*, nStg di, ij noia, % nooa, prj. Ov 
yaq drj ij dvctg ?; aoqiotog aitla, ovdi to fuyot xal to 
pixqbv, tov dvo Xtvxa ijf noXXa tlvat ^(W/uaia, y %v- 
fiovg , ij ox^f*otta. *Aqi&uol yaq av xal tavta rjoav 
xal fiovddeg. *AXXi (iijv elystavt inyX&or , tJdov 
av to aVtiov xal to iv ixeivoig. To yaq avtb xal to 
avaXoyov aitiov. Avtrj yaq f] naqin^aoig aitla xal 
tov to avtixsipsvov ^tovvtag , t& ovtt xal tw kvl, 4$ 
ov xal tovttav to ovta, to nqog ti, xal to Svioov vno- 
&uvai, o ovts 4vavtlov, ovt dnoqpaoig ixtlvwv, ftla 
t6(pvoig twv ovtav, ojontg xal to ti, xal to ttoiov. 
Kal £r)t$tv I'dei xal tovto, nug noXXa ta nqog ti, 
aXt ovx IV. Nvv di nwg fih noXXal povadeg naga 
to TigwTov tv, iriteitat. Jloog di noXXa Svtoa nctgt* 

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METAPH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.) CAP. 2. 207 

to Svioov, ovx St*. Kaitoi xQavtat *a* Xdyovoi fUya, 
jiixQov • TroAt',. oXiyov, i$ av ol dgi&fjiol* paxobv, 
figaxv y 1$ av to /ui?xo? * nXaxv, axtvbv t i$ av xb **/• 
nedov • /Sa&v, tanuvbv, £ av ol byxof xal ct* «*im5jj 
7iAf/w Xiyovoi xov ngog t#. Tovtois J^ t/ afrto? tov 
ttoAAoc eivai ;*Avdyxi) pfo ovv (aantg Xiyoptv) vwo- 
■dslvat to dvvdpu ov fxaoro*. Toi/to 6*e ngoaanstp^ 
vato 6 tavta Xiyav, tl to dwdpn ov todt xal ovala, 
fitj ov oe xa&* avxb, on to ttoo^ t*. 'flonsg ti tXntg 
to noibv, o ovxs dwctfiu iaxl to tv, ij to oV, ovt« 
a7ro'<jpeeoi? tov £v6$, ovt« tov oVto$, atf IV t* tw* 
ovxav • noXv xe fidXXov (aoneg 4X$x&rj) e* itfou nag 
noXXa to ovxa t /u?} ta 4? tiJ at/Tj} xatfjyogla tyxtlv, 
nag noXXal ovoiou > rj noXXa noid, uXXd nag noXXa 
ta ovxa. Tot fih ydg ovalai , tot Ss nd&rj, xd di 
noog ti. *Enl fiiv ovv twv aXXav xaxtjyoQiav , j£t* 
nvd xal SXXriv inloxaoiv , nag noXXd. diet yao to 
fir) x°)?w*<x thai, tw to vnoxtl/itvov noXXa ylvto&a* 
xal thai, noid T6 noXXa slvai xal noad. Kaiioi del 
yd tiva that vXr\v kxdota yevw nXqv xwqi<jxt)v ddv- 
vaxov xav ovaiav, IdXX* inl twv to'£« ti, $gat twa Xo- 
yov, nag noXXa to xodt xi, el fir] xt, tax at, xal tode t* 
xal cpvoig xig xoiavxij. Avtt\ de iotiv lx%i&w fidXXov 
r\ dnogia, nag noXXal ivfgytla overlap dXt ov pla. 
IdXXd fix\v xal el prj xavxov ioti , to tods xal to no- 
aov , ov Xiyttat nag xal dia tl noXXa xd ovxa , dXXd 
nag xal did tl nood noXXa, K ydq dqi&fjibg nag,- 
noaov ti oripabu * xal r) fiord g, u fir) pitgov, otixo 
xaxd to noobv adialgetov. Mi p&v ovv Itcoov to tto- 
obv, xal to tiioxiv, oxt ovliysxaixo tilotivsxtivog, 

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ovde n&g noXXa. JE* de xavxa, noXXag vnofi&yu b ili> 
yav ivavittoauq. *£juaTij<ws d' ay xig xrp oxetpiv 
xal nsgl xwv aQt&ptLv , nb&ev del Xafiuv xtjv nioxiw 
tog eioi. Tip piv yag idiag xi&sfusvy, nagixovxat 
xiveg aixlav xotg ovotv , eXneg txaoxog t<5v agi&fiwy 
idiot tig* Tj d* idea xoig aXXoig aixla xov slvai ov dif 
noxe xgonor. "Zjotw yag avxoiq vnoxtipevov xovxo. 
Tm ds tovtov pev xov xgonov oix oiopirw, dia xb rag 
ivovoag dvoxegelag bg£v naga tag idiag, wars dot ye 
xavxa pti notuy agi&povg. IIoiovvxi de agi&pov tbv 
[ia&rifiaxixbv, no&ev xexgv moxevoai <Sg ioxi totov- 
xog dgt&pbg , xal xl xoig aXXoig XQV<Hp°g; Ov&evbg 
yag ovxe <j)t)olv b Xeyiov avxbv elvai , «JU' ceviijr xiva 
Xeyei xa& avtT}v <pvsiv ovoav , ovxe yaivexai wf a£- 
xiog. To. yag dewgr t fiaxa xStv agi&fjmxixwv nana, 
xal xaxa xwv aiod-ritwv vnag£ei, xadaneg ilix&i). 
Ol (lev ovv xi&iftsvot tag idiag thai , xal dgi^ 
&povg avxag elvai xi&i(ievoi, xaxa xrp ex&eoiv kxa- 
oxov, negl xa noXXa Xafjtfiavtiv, xb kv xi exaoxov nei- 
g&vxai Xiyeiv , nwg, xal dia xi iaxiv, Ov fiyv , aX£ 
inel ovxe avayxaia, ovxe dvvaxa xavxa, ovde xov 
agi&pbv dia y$ xavxa elvai Xexxiov. Ol ds Ilv&a- 
yogeiot dia xb bgijtv noXXa xwv agt&ft&v Tn'tQr\ vnag- 
Xovxa xoig aio&r t xolg odfiaoiv , elvai fiev ugi&ftovg 
inoirjoav xa ovxa, ov xvgurtovg de , aXtf i£ agt&fuwv 
%a ovxa. Awl xi di ; .Sxv xa na&r] xa x&v agi&^wy iv 
ag/iovla vnagxu , xal iv iw ovgavw , xctl iv noXXoig 
aXXoig. Tolg de xbv (la&tjfiaxixbv ftovov Xiyovotv 
agt&/ibv, ov&iv xotovxov ivdixttai Xiyuv xaxot xig 

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METAPH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.; CAP. 3. 299 

vno&iow aXX' on ovxtoovrai avr&v ai inunifaiai, 
iXiytto, 'Huiig di yapiv thai, xa&dnto ttnofuv xal 
noottoov • xal dqXov ou ov xe^w^wjra* %d fia&rtfiatt- tH- 
*d. Ov ycfy ay xixvoiapiviav %a aa£f? v7ij}p/«* fr 
Totff otiuaoiv. Ol uiv ovv Ilv&ayoonoi, xaxd fikv 
%b toiovxov ov&tvl Ivoxol tioi • Kara fUvtoi to wo*- 
tiv i$ doi&umv id (pvoutct oifiata, to /uij fair*** jffa- 
Qoq fiT)$k xovyoTTjia , %xov%a xov<p otfjr a xal fidoog, 
ioixotoi mol aXXov ovoavov Xiynv xal ottfidjfuv, dX£ 
ov twv alo&tjTMV. Ol di x^ourtbv noiovrng, oil inl 
*&v ala&tjtvv ovx «arat ret dSuofiaia , a A^#*j di * a 
Xtyoutva* xal oalvti %i\v yvx*i v > thai tt vBoXaf$pd- 
rovoi, xal x*>Qurta thai. c Opoi<og di xal fa utyi&t) 
twv pa&riftaTMunf, Kal dr{Xov ovv Sti xal b toav- 
tiovfitvog Xoyog , to toavrla ioii • xa» S aqxi tJtioqti- 
&t}, Xvtxai to%g oviw Xiyovoi, did t« ovdauwg to rolg 
alo&rjtois vnagxcvrmv , to *ra#if vndgxti avimv iv 
tdig aio&ntoig. Elal dd tivtg o* ix tov nigata that 
*al laxata, tip piv otiyuiiv y gappy $> tavti\v d* tm- 
nidov , iovto de toD aTC^eov , oXovtai thai avdyxvp 
toiavjut q>votig thai. Ju $r} xal tovtov bgijtv tbv 
Xoyov, pq Xiav y paXaxbg. Ovtt yog ovoiai tial td 
Hojcaia, dXXa paXXov tavta ndyxa nigata, intl xal 
itjg (ladiotvg, xal oXutg xivfottig ioii ti nigag. Tavt 
ovv ioii tbd% xal ovala tig. *AX$ atonov. Ov pip 
aXXa tixal tlo%tS>vdt twv alo&r\Tiov toovtai nana. *En s $ 
tovtmv yag b Xoyog cfyijxe. did tl air x*QiOia totan 
*Eti di iniCyirjOfitv av ugpii Xlav rvxtorigSv ' ntqlpiv 
ovv tov uQi&ftov navtbg xa* t&v pa&ripaTixwv , to 
pil\H* ovpfldXXto&ai aXXtpioigtdnoottqa tolgvattoov. 

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3fiJ ortog yog tov dgt&fjtov, ov&& rjttov to peyi&fi 
toicu xolg fxa&fjfiaiixoi povor ttvai (pctpevoig. Ka\ 
tovxmv ftii ovt tit, f) tyvxh xal tot otafiaxa xd aio&rjxd. 
Ovx Ibtx* d* rj qyvotg ineioodttadrig ovoa ix xwv qpat- 
voufrw , »ontg pox&riQOi tgaytadla. Toiq di tag 
idtag xi&tpbou; , tovto ^ ixytvyu. Uoiovac ydg 
tot fisyi&rj ix iff? tJXi;? xot agt&pov- ix fiiv tiJs dva- 
dog to 1*17x17, rfx Tpiodo? fl* Xotog to inlmda, ix di trig 
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otv. Oi di nguxoi dvo tovg dgi&povg notrjaavrtg, 
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fi&g, ovx ligrjxaoir, ovt ix°** v ** v *ii*&v 9 ™g xai ix 
tlvog iotat 6 fAa&ripatutog. Jlotovot ydg avxbv a*- 
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tov fityaXov xal tov fitxg&i, o avxbg ixtlvy tax at, tw 
tnv idt&v , H aXXov di tivog fnxgov xal ptyaXov • to 
yag psyi&i\ noul • ti d' htgov ttigel, nXslm to otoi- 
Xua igil • xal si fp ti ixatiqov i) Agxv > *owov tt inl 
tovxoav taxattb hr. Zrjxfjxiov, nig xal xavxec noXXa 
to ev 9 xal afia xov agt&fiov ybeo&cu aXXmg, tj ^ frog 
xal Svadog dogioxov, advvaxov xat ixiivov. Tlivta 

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MET A PH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.) CAP. 4. 301 

drj tavta aloya, xal pdx*xaixal avxd kavxp%g,nalxo7g 
Bvloyoig' xal soixtv iv avxotg bivcu o 2ifiwvlb*ov fiaxqbg 
loyog. rfosxai ycto 6 paxobg Xoyog , wansq bxmvdovlmv, 
Slav pri&iv vyiig XiyaxH. <2>alvfxat 6$ xal ay-ret ta 
oxoix&a xb piya xal xb fitxqbv fioixv w? khtopma. Ov 
dvvaxai ydq ovdap&g yivvqoai xov aqi&pbp , dl£ ij 
%bv acp hog dinXaeiatofiwov. "Axonov di urn} yiviotv 
noisiv d'iditov ovxtov, fiaXXov d' |y n twv ddwdzmv. 
Ol fib ovv Hv&ayoQBioi, nbxtoov ov noiovotv ij noi- 
ovot yivtaiv , ovdiv del dtaxd£uv. ®av$Qwg yuq M- 
yovoiv wg xov ivbg ovaxadivxog, ti'x' 4$ imnidwv, tlV 
ix XQ ot <*$> '** & oniqfiaxog, d'x i£ av dnoqovatv «*- 
nuv , tv&vg to syyujxa xov dmiqov, bxi uXxtxo xal 
ineoaivsxovnb xov niqaxog. *AX£ insidij xoaponoiovvi 
xal (pvoixwg povXovxai Xeynv, Sixaiov avxovg i$tr&~ 
£eiv xl ntgl (pyottag, 4x di xqg vvv d(p&vai p+&6- 
dov* Tag yaq iv tdlg axwyxotg fyxovptv aqxag. 
"JIotb xal xiov iqi&fAWV xwv xohovxwv imaxmxiov xi\v 

Tov fib ovv mqvtxov yevwiv, ov (paoiv , wg df)- 
Xovoxixov aoxiov ovarig ysviostog. Tov.d* aqxwv> 
tiqwxov & avlotov xivig xaxaoxevd£ovoi xov psydlov 
xal fitxQoi) loao&ivjiov. Avdyxtj ovv tiqoxsqov vndq* 
ynv jrjv aviobxr^xa avxotg xov ioao&rjvai. JSi d* dtl 
i}oav ioaofjiiva, ovx dv i\aav avipa tiqojbqov, Tov 
yaq a el ovx eoxi nooxsQOv ov&iv. "jloxs (puvtobv oxi 
ov xov &eo)QT)oai tvtxev noiovoi xqv yiveoiv x&v ao«- 
-d-p&v. "Exst $' anoqiav xal evnoQ^aavxi imxiurjoiv, 
ft&£ %X H nqbg to dya&bv xal xb xaXbv , xd oxo*x&<* 

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xal al aqxal ' anogiav pkv ravitjv , nottgoy ioxl u 
txtivtov , olov (tovXofit&a Xiyuv avtb to dya&bv xal 
to agiatov , rj ov , al£ voxtgoysyrj. Hagd fiiv Ttoy 
&toX6ya>v toixtv bfnoXoytia&ai t&v vvv tioip , ol ov 
<paoir, alia ngotX&ovorig ryg t&v ovttay <pvotwg, xal 
to dya&by xal to xaXby ifitpaiyto&ai. Tovto di 
notovaiy svlaftovptyoi ctXf}&ivr}vdvax*QW>y avfifiai* 
Pti toig liyovoiy, wontg fyiot to h, djfxtjy. "Eati d* 
fj dvaxigtia , ov did to tjj agxji t0 *^ dnodidovai wg 
vndgxov, alia foot to to tv dgxyy, *<*' VQZV* &$<rtot- 
Z*ioy, xal toy dgi&fibv ix tov hog. Ol di noitjtal 
ol agxaloitavttj bpofag g paaiXtvup xal agx* 1 * <?<*- 

V_ oh, ov tovg ngmtovg , oioy Nvxta, xal Ovgavbv , % 
Xdog, rj xal'jlxearov , alia toy dia. Ov firjy allot 
tovtoig fiiv dia to ftnapdlluv tovg agxovtag ovft- 
fiaivtt toiavta Xsytiv • intl ol y% (itfjiiyp&yoi oritur, 
xal to fifi uv&ixwg tavta Xiyuv , olov toegsxvdtig xal 
tttgoi nytg , to ytyyf^oav ngwtor agiotov ri&iaoi, 
xalolpdyoi' xal tmv vatigmy di ooqwv, olov'Efi- 
ntdoxXijg t$ xal *Aya£ayogag , o piy tfjv opiXlap otoi- 
Z&ov, b di tov vovv HgxW noirjdag. Tuv di tag oxt- 
yr\tovg ovalag Xtyortwv , ol fiiv <paoiv avtb to h , to 
aya&bp avtb thai. Ovoiav parrot to tv avtov $ov- 
to thai udliota. *H piv ovv anogla avtrj, notigtoc 
del Xiyuv. Oavfiaotbv d', ti t$ nowim xal aifiio* 
xal avtagxtotdttu tovt avtb ngtatov, ovy. wg dya&bv 
vnaQxeitb avtagxtg xal fj ooitygia. 3 AXla'pi}v ov 

-** di aXXo ti a(f&agtov, ij dioti tv sx*h ovd' avtagxcg. 
flaJB to fiev q>dvai tr\v dgxv v toiavtr^v elvai, evlo- 
yoy dXfi&ig thai. To (livzoi tavzrjv thai to tv , ^ 

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METAPH. LIB. XUI. (XIV.) CAP. 5. 303 

sifi^tovto, otolxuov te xal axoixnov agt&pwv, adv- 
vatov. 2vp(lodvu yag tioXXt) dvoxigeia, %v tvioi <psv- 
yovtsg uTtugr\xa<Hv, ol to bv fisv opoXoyovvtsg agxyv 
that 7tgi»tr)v xal (rtoixsloVy tov agt&fiov di xov fia- 
&t)fiaxixov. "Anctoou yag at fiovaSsg yiyvovxai onsg 
uya&ov xt , xal nolkfj tig anogia aya&wv, ™Exi i\ 
xa si'drj agi&pol, xa si'dri navxa on eg aya&ov xt. 
AXXapyv OTOvpovltTaiTi&sTOi tig stvai idiag. Eiptvyag 
twv aya&wv povov, ovx tfaovxtu at ovaiai idiai* si da 
xal xwv ovouov, navxa xa £cocr xal xa <pvxa aya&a, xat 
xaptxixovxa. Tavxi xt St] ovp(!}aivuaxoiia,xal to «V«y- 
xiov oxoix&ov, ilit TtXri&og ov, sVxsxb aviaov, xalpiya 
xal fiutgbv, xa xaxov avxo. Jionsg b ftfo t<pevy$ to aya- 
dbvngoaanXuv t$ Ivl, *>g ivavxiov ov,iimdfj iSivavxiwv 
yy&veoig, xb xaxov xip xov nXrj&ovg opvotv tfoar olds 
Xiyovai to avtaov xov xaxov <pvoiv. 2vp(laivM Si} nav- 
xa tit ovta finixuv xov xaxov , IJw ivbg avtov tov 
bog , xal fiaXXov axgatov petixHV xovg agi&ftovg , *) 
xa fiey&d-rj , xal xb xaxov tov aya&ov x^oav elvat,, 
xal [ttxizBiv xal ogiyto&ai xov qp&agxutov. &&agxv- 
xov yag xov ivavtiov , xb ivavtiov. Kal si wonig 
iXiyofitv, ot*iJ vlti iaxl xb Swaps* exaoxov, olov nvgbg 
xov ivsgysia xb dwapn nvg, xb xaxov %oxa* avxo xb 
dvvafiu aya&ov. Tavxa dy navxa ovpfiaivsi, xb 
f*ev ot* agxyv naoav otoix&ov noiovoi, xb d' oti Ta- 
vavtla agxctg, xb ti* oxtxb £v agxyv, %0 ^ ° u tov § <*?'" 
dpovg tag ngmtag ovolag, xal x®gvoxag t xal tidy. 
CAPUT y (j 
El ovv xal xb fit} xi&iva* xb aya&bv iv xaig a$>- 
Z<*igt xal xb xi&ivai ovxmg idvvatov, drjlov on a* 

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<*QX ati °^ x oqdutg anodidoptai , ovdi at nQtotcm ov- 
ale**. Ovx oo#w£ d* inoXafipdvu , ovd* it rig na- 
9«t*o{e* tag tov oXov outfits t# twv frowv not (pvtur 
ox* 4{ aooiottap di, dtl to tsXttotsoa. Jio xal inl 
jwv notitwp ovtug %x*ip yaolv , waie prjdi op t* thai 
to h aito* Eial di xal iptav&a tileicu at aojfa* 
4$ cSy tovto. "Av&qcotios yao av&QWtov ytppy , xal 
ovx tatt to aniqfia no&top. "Atonov di xal to tonov 
apa %<hq oieqtoig to"ig pa&iipatixo'ig noirjaou. e 
pip yao tonog , xwv xo^ txaaxov Idtog 9 dto XMQiora 
tony, ti di fia&rifiattxa, ov nov. Kal to tlnup pb, 
oti nov lotai, ti di iotkp o tonog, fif\, cut on op. "jEdei 
di tovg Xiyoptag ix aTO«/fi/a>v elpai to o*to , xal tmv 
ovttav to nq&ta tovg agi&povg, duXopipovg nag 
aXXoiS aXXov toilv, ovno Xiyup, tiva tqonop o aqi&fios 
iouv ix tw dQX<av,noMQov fjiiliH, 'aXX' ovnnappixtor, 
to, t« yiPOfitpov , Htsqov ovx total x^oiotop to sv, 
ovd* ktioa <pvotg* ovdi flovXoptat* IdXXa ovp&doii, 
HotttQ ovXXa($r\v. *AXXa &iotp t% dpayxij vndgzuVy 
xal x^olg o powp pov\ou to h> xal to nXy-frog. Tovi 
total ovv aoi&pbg , popag xal nXq&og > V *b er xtu 
Spioop. Xal inel to ix tivwv tlvcti, ear* pip ig iw- 
nctQxovToav, cot* di a>$ ov\ notigwg 6 aoi&fiog ; OvJtt 
yao wg ipvnaoxopttop ovx iatip, dXX 3 rj (ov ydptoig 
iouv, aX£ wg anb oniofiatog. 'aXX* ovx otop tc tow 
ddialgttop ti antX&iip , aX£ tag ix tov ivavxlov py 
vnofiivoptog, 3 AX£ ooa ovztog iotl, xal i$ Skkov ti- 
vog iouv vnofiipoptog. *E7tel roivvv to ev , o flip t« 
nXrj&et, ag ivavtiov ji$y<uv , o di tw avioyt, a>g Jb*^ 
t^» kvl ZQunevog , &g i$ (vaviitov av ti'ij o aQi&pog. 

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METAPH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.; CAP. 6. 305 

"Egtiv aga tl etsgov, i$ ov vno/jievovtog, xalSarigov, 
ioilv 7} yiyovev. *'£tt ti de note, t« pev aX£ boa i$ 
havxitov ft olg iotiv ivavtia,q>-d-eigttai t xav 4x navxbg y, 
o de dgi&pog ov ; ITegl tovxov ydg ovdkv Xiyetai,xaiioi 
xal ivvnaQxov xalpr\ Ivvndgxov, qp&dgei to ivavxiov • 
olov to veixo g, to piypa. Kaltoi ovx idee ovydg ixelvo 
ye ivavxiov, Ov&ev de diogioxai, ovde bnoxegcog oi 
dgi&pol al'noi tw ovouov xaltov elvai, noxegov atg 
ogoi , oiov oxiypal twv ptye&wv • xal wg Evgvxog 
'harts Tig , dgi&pog twog , olov , odl per dv&gwnov, 
odl de Xmtov * woneg oi tovg dgi&poiig ayovtsg eig tot 
ax^OLta tgiytovov xal tetgdyoovov, ovxwg a<popoiovv- 
t«* iptjyoigtag dyogpdg twv q>vtmv, "Hott bXoyog, 
7j avpqxavia dgi&pwv; bpoiajg de xal av&gomog , xal 
twv aXXwv exaoxov. To, ds dq nd&rj, nwg dgi&pol, 
to Xevxbv xal yXvxv xal xtegpov / "Oxi de ovx oi dgi- 
&pol ovoiat, ovde xijg pogtpyg alxioi, drjXov. *0 ydg 
Xoyog , ovoia' b d' agi&pbg vXrj' olov oagxbg tj 
baxov agi&pog , rj ovoia. Ovt<o tgia nvgbg , yrjg 
de dvo • xal del b agi&pbg og av y } nveov iativ , rj 
nvgivog , ij yrj'ivog, */ povadixog. AXt f) ovoia to 
toaovde sheet, ngbg to tooovde xata trjv pfeiv. Tovto de 
ovx eotiv dgi&pbg, dXXd Xoyog pi^etog dgi&fiav owpa- 
tixwv, rj bnomvovv. Ovt&ovv tw noiijoai avxiog b agi- 
<d-pog, ovte oXwg agi&pbg, ovxe b povadixbg,ovxe fj vXrj, 
ovte Xoyog , xal eldog tiov ngaypattov. 'AXXd prjv, 
ovo cog to ov evexa, 

'Anogycrtie d' av tig xal ti to ev (an , to dnb 
%SiV dgi&fiwv, to iv agi&fxo) eivat trjv pi&v , ij iv cv- 
Arist. M&TkVH U 

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Xoyioty , r) iv nsgitta. Nvvl ydg ov&sv iyiuvott- 
gov, tglg tgia av rj to fisXixgatov xsxgafiivov • aXXd 
pdXXov (jjcpsXrjasiF.v av ovdsvl Xoyw ov • vdagsg de , y 
iv agi&pw dxgatov ov. *Eii oX Xoyoi iv ngoo&iaei 
dgidpuv sioiv, oi twv pfesav ovx iv totg agi&fioZg' 
olov, tola ngbg dvo, dX£ ov tglg dvo. To ydg aito 
dtt yivog dvai iv talg noXXanXaoidoeoi. fLots dst 
(iBTDUU&ai, TW t8 A to otoix*iov> s\p ov A B T, xal 
tw A , twv A E Z. "fiats tw aitta navta. Ovxovv 
totai nvgbg BET Z, xal idatog dgi&fibg dig tgia. 
El d* dvdyxrj navta agi&pov xoivwvtiv, dvdyxrj noX- 
Xa ov(i@alvHv id avtd. Kal dgi&fibv tov avtbv tw - 
ds , xal dXXto. ~Ag olvtovt aXtiov , xal did rovto 
ion to itgdyua; rj adr\Xov, olov iotitig twv tov r)Xi- 
ov yogwv dgi&pbg, xal ndXiv twv trig oeXrjvrjs , xal 
Twy £<wwv ys kxdatov tov (Hov xoe* r)Xixiag ; Ti ovv 
x(oXvh ivlovg psv tovtoav tstgaydvovg sivai, iviovg ds 
xvflovg xalXaovg, tovg dsdmXaoiovg; Ov&ev ydg xta- 
Xvsi ' aXXa dvdyxrj iv tovtoig atgiqpsa&ai, d agi&fiov 
navta ixoiviavsi, ivsdixtxb ts td diaq>sgovta vitb 
tov avtbv agi&pbv nintsiv. Slat d tiolv o avtog 
aqi&fibg ovvspefirjxei, , taitd av rjv dXXrjXoig ixiiva, 
to avxb sldog agi&fiov e%ovta • olov, r\Xiog xal azXrj- 
vrj , t« avtd. *AXXa did ti alna tavta ; Ema fisv 
qxovrjtvta, kntd ds xogdal rj agpovlai, btta ds ai 
. JlXsiddsg, iv kntd ds bdovtag SdXXn svid ys, evict d' 
ov' kmd de 61 inl Orjfiag. Ag ovv otv toioodl b 
dgi&fjibg niyvxs , did tov to , rj ixuvoi iysvovto kitri, 
♦} r) IlXudg kntd dotigav iativ ; r) ol fisv did Tag 
nvXag , r) ciXXrjv tivd aitiav; El ds fifislg ovtng Aqi- 

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METAPH. LIB. XIII. (XIV.) CAP. 6. 307 

xtfiovfisv, ti\v de agxxov ye datdexa, oi de nlelovg, 
4 7i el xal to X *P Z, ovfjiqxaviag xpaolv thai , xal oti 
ixelvai tgelg , xal tavta tgia. u Qzi de pvgla av t\r\ 
toiavta, ov&ev fiiXsi. To ydg r xal P, sit) av ev 
OTjptlov. El d ote dmldoiov twv allot* txaotov, 
alio d* ov. Aitiov d 3 , oti tguov ovttov tonwv, ev 
i(p hxdotov iniqpigetai tw oiypa. diet tovto tgia 
piovov iotlv, all' ovx o& ctl ovfi<p<aviat tgtlg • intl 
Tileiovg ye al ovfMpwvicti ' Iviav&u d* ovxixi dvva- 
tai. "Opoioi dt} xal ovtoi tolg agxaloig 'Ofifjgixolg, 
ot fiixgdg Ofjiototijtag oqwoi, peydlag de nagogmoi. , 
Aeyovai de tiveg oti nolla toiavta, olov a% te [xeoai, 
i\ fiev ivvea, r\ de oxxw. Kal to snog dsxaema, ioa- 
gi&pov jovxo kg. Baivetat de iv per tw dt$iw ivvea 
evllafialg • iv de t§ dgiotsgco , oxtd. Kal oti loov 
to diaoirjpa , ev te tolg ygdfifiaoiv an 6 tov A ngog 
to SI , xal ano tov fiofjifivxog inl t%v o^vtdtrjv ved- 
tTjv iv ailolg , r\g o dgi&pog ioozrjg it) oloptlla tov 
ovgavov. *Ogav de del fin toiavta (ov&elg ydg av 
anogrjoeiev) ovte liyeiv ov&* evgiaxeiv iv tolg d'idloig- 
in si xal iv tolg qp&agtolg • all* ai iv tolg agt&fjiolg 
qyvosig alinaivofievai, xaltdtovxoig ivavxia, xal oloig 
td iv tolg fia&rjfiaoiv , ag (lev leyovoi tiveg xal ai'tia 
noiovoi tr\g q?voeoig, eoixev ovtaoi ye oxonovfievoig 
dia<pevyeiv. Kat ovdeva ydg tgonov tuv dttogtofie- 
vwv negl xa^ dgxdg y ov&ev avxwv ai'xiov iotiv. € Jlg 
pevxoi noiovoi (pavegov , oti to ev vnagx^i, xal life 
ovotoixiuQ inl t?/s tov xalov , to negittov , to ev&v, 
to loov, al dvvdpeig ivltov agi&fAtov. "Afiot ydg <agai 
xal dgi&pog toioodi • xal t alia dy ooa ovvdyovoiv 

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ex iwv ficc&rifiatixwv &£<ogTjfiai(ov, ndvxa xavxrjv sx si 
xrjv dvvafiw. Jib xal touts avimxibfiaoiv. v Eoxt yag 
ovfxPsPrjTtota fxev, aXU oixsta aXXrjXoig nana, ev ds 
xo avdXoyov. *Ev kxdoxrj ydg xov ovxog xaxrjyogia, 
low to avaXoyov, tag svfrv b> fiyxei, ovioog iv nXdxei 
to ofiaXov i'owg iv agi&fiw to nigixxbv , ivdi xgoa 
to Xsvxov. v Exi ovx oi iv xolg ti'dsoiv dgi&fiol 
aVxiot twv agi&ftwv xal xav xoiovxwv. diaqpigovai 
ydgixsivot aXXrjltav, oi loot, el'dei. Kal yag ai po- 
vadeg. "jloxs 6ui ys xavxa , ti'dr) ov noirjxiov. Ta 
ftsv ovv ovfiftaivovTa , xavxd xs , xav txi nXeiw ovva- 
X&sitj. "Eoixe ds xexpygiov tlvai xo noXXa xaxona- 
•d-eiv ntgl xijv yivtoiv avxwv , xal (irjdsva xgonov Sv- 
vao&ai, ovvugai, xov firj jfcaotora slvai xa fia&rjfia- 
XLxa To>y alo-d-rjxatv atg sviot Xiyovoi, prfis xavxag 
uvai Toe^ agxdg. 

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negi Ovqavov xai neql rev^aewg 

xal (pfroQag. 










L I P S I A E 

18 31. 

Digilizedb, G00gk 

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Cap. 1. Quid tit obicctum phytices. Corpus esse per- 
fectam magnitudinem absolutamque. 2. De motu qua- 
tuor elementorum, praeter quae aliud quoddam simplici- 
usque ac divinius sit corpus priucipiumque, quod suapte 
natura iu orbem. vertatur. 3. Hocce corpus neque grare 
uec leve es»e y nee genitum, nee corruptible: nee augcri, 
nee minui aut alterari. 4. Motui circulari non eue con- 
trarium motum rectum, nee diversorom cireulorum mo- 
tus esse contrarios, si ab iisdem signis yersus eadem fiant. 
5. Nullum corpus, quod in orbem moyeatur, esse infini- 
tum. 6. Porro, ueque quod ad medium, nee quod ex 
medio feratur, infinitum esse. 7. Universi corpus non 
esse infinitum. 8. Non plures esse possecoelos. 9. Unum 
esse coelum et sempiteruum. 10. Veterum examioantur 
sententiae de ortu aut interitu coeli. 11. Quot modis 
aliquid dici soleat generabile aut non generabile, corru- 
ptibile aut incorruptibile, possibile aut impossibile. 12- 
Quidquid or turn sit, illud etiam interire ; non autem in- 
terire posse, quod ortu car eat. 
Arist. ue Coelo. 

Digitized by GOOgk 

L I B R I II. 

Cap. 1. Quae supra dicta siat de aeternitate coeli , ex 
eoruni etiam sen ten ills probari posse, qui alia ratione de- 
mons trandi utantur. 2. De coeli partibus, et an d extra 
habeat aut sinistra. 3- Quare plures sint circulorum la- 
tiones. 4. Coeli figuram essesphaericam. 5* Quare coe- 
lum hac neque alia ratione feratur, 6. Lationem coeli 
es»e uniformem. 7. De asms, eorumque motu. Astra 
nee ignea esse, nee in igne ferri. 8. Astra eodem circu- 
lo cum coelo ferri. 9. Refeilitur Pytbagoricorum ratio, 
ponentium, corpora coelestia sonum harmoniamque effi- 
cere. 10. De or dine astrorum. 11. Astrorum esse figu- 
ram sphaericam. 12. Ob quam causam coelestinm cor- 
porum motus multipli centra iuxta cfistantiam a primo 
orbe. Et quare in primo orbe multae sint stellae, in re- 
liquis singula e. 13. Expenduntur veterum sententiae de 
tcrrae positions et situ, an moveatur an quiescat , et de 
figura eius. 14. Terram non moveri, sed quiescere. Fi- 
gura esse rotundam, et minorem reliqnis astris. 

Cap. 1. Veterum de genera tione et interitu opiniones. 
Ostenditur, ex superficiebus non posse componi corpus. 
2* Necessc esse, simplicium corpornm aliquem motum 
naturalem esse ; alia esse gravia, alia levia. Alium mo- 
tum cssti naturalrm, alium vtolentum. 3. De dementis. 
4. Element* non esse infinite, deque Anaxagora , Demo- 
crito et Leucippo. 5. An plura sinl elementa , an unnm 
tantum. 6. Elementa non esse aeterna, et ex se ipsis gigui. 
7. De motua elementorum ex se ipsis generatione. 8. 
Elements non figuris di versa inter se esse. 

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L I B R I IV. 

Cap. 1. Quid sit grave, quid leve. 2* Alio rum de his 
doctrinae refutanlur. 3. Quart quae da ra corpora sursum, 
quaedam deorsum ferantur, et quid sit ferri in locum 
•num. 4. De simpliciter gravibus et levibus ; esse me- 
dium quoddam, ad quod gravia et de quo levia ferantur. 
5. De quatuor elementis. 6. Sursum deorsumve latio- 
nis causam nou esse ra fignra. Ea tanien effici, ut aliquid 
celerius aut lardius feratur. 


L I B R I I. 
Cap. 1. Priscorum de generatione et alteratioue sen- 
tentiae. 2* De Platone, Democrito et Leucippo. 3. Nihil 
simpliciter gigni aut interire , sed semper ex aliquo. 4* 
Quid differat generatio ab alteratione. 5. De augmenta- 
tione. 6. De actione et passione ; de tactu. 7. De elemen- 
torum actione et passione diversae opiuiones. 8. De 
modo agendi et patiendi quatuor opinione* 9. De actio- 
nis et passion is proprielatibus aliquot. 10. De mistioue 
et roiscibili. 

L I B R I II. 
Cap. 1. De principle materiali priscorum opinioues. 
2. De corporum principiis et differentia. 3. Quot sint 
elementorum inter se coniunctioncs. 4. De elemrntorum 
invicem generatione, corruptione, transmutation e. 5. De 
quatuor elementis ; clementa rerum naturalium non esse 

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itifttcriam, nee infiniuu 6. Confutatur Empedocles et qui 
dixerint, elemenU non tranimutari inter se. 7. Omnia 
corpora ex elementornm omnium concurrentia naaci* 8. 
Generation!* causa an tit materia, an elementornm qua- 
litates. 9. Generationis et corruptionis aeriem ease per- 
petnani. 10. Proponnntur qnaestioues aliquot de genera- 
tlqne et comiptione. 

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D E C E L 



•El ntgl (pvasws in^airi^f] ax*8bv r\ nXelatrj cpaivt- 
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yag yavi xal oi Ilv&ayogsioi , to nav xal to, navTa 
Totg XQialv (agioxai • TtXsvTq yag xal fiioov xal agxh 
top agi&pov e/ei tov tov navTog* TavTa 8s tov Tr^g 
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(iovg ixslvrjg, xal ngbg Ta? ayiOTslag tojv &smv xgw- 
[it&a tw agt&fiw tovtu. 3 A7to8l8ofisv 8i xal Tag 
itgogyyogiag tov Tgonov tovtov • xa yag 8vo, afMpon 
Ar?st. i>i? Cofxo. A 

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fiiv Uyofxtv, xal tovg dvo ifitpotigovg* navtag d* 
ov Xdyo/isv • aXXa xata tmv tgwbv tavvqv tijv ngog- 
yyogiav opapiv ngwtov. Tavta d' wgiteg Bigrjtai, 
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toiovtov. 4. "Oca fiev ovv diaigtta tfav pByed&v, 
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diaotaoeig. 'AXXa clgiatai ngog to nXrjviov a<pjj. Aio 
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nav ov tavta pogia, tiXeiov avayxatov ttvat. Kal 
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tie (irj. 

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gog iaxi xaiit to fiiys&og, sVxe ntnigavxat xov oivo- 
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xi\v aXXov thai xal kxiqov. Kaxa qpvoiv ds advva- 
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Digitized by GoOgk 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


to a&aratop ovrqfTqp&'oy • abvyazoy yig cuUtoc. 
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tavtffg 8vo fiOQia * xr\v p&y anb tov fisoov, Tig? d' 
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utv, on tji nequpsQu tyy tv&tiav amxstG&ai iiak*- 

Digitized by GoOgle 


ara rl&efisv. 2. To yao xolXov xal xvgrbv ov fio- 
vov aXXr^Xoig arnx&o&ai doxu, aXXa xal tw sv&u, 
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<poga, xal ivavxlm<ji,g. 4. "Emit, el' ng vnoXapfta- 
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wptvov tig nivrag bftoing ouptxvsto&atTOvg bavriovg 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xbnovg • elol 6e xonov ivavxtoxyxeg, xb aW xal xb 
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xijv dtatpogdv 4x xov Xa/3e%v, &g Ifoxt xt atopa Snet- 
go*. Jib negl aixov Xexxiov i$ agxyg avaXaflovotf. 

Digitized by GOOgle 


jivdyxr) dy nav owfia, fj xStv anXtoy thai, 1} x&y 
avy&hfoy. "Jlgxe xal xb aneiqov, % anXovy soxai, i\ 
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anXwv, avayxri nensqaofiivoy strut xb ovy&sxoy , dij- 
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diuoxrifia ds Xiyto xw yqapfjuav, ov (iridiv ioxiv *So> 
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vvayxri xal xov Xombv elvai neneqaofiivov, xa\ sxeiv 
*QXnv. El d' b XQoyog xqg ^adiomq %xu aqxn*> 
«rtiv agxii xal t?^ xivnotvg • £gxs xal xov ntyi&ovg, 

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o ft&ftddixtv. c OfjioUag de tovto xal inl t&p &XX(ov 
"Eatm dij ygafififj anugog, itp 3 y a y «, inl &dtcga if 
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nensgaopivrj naga nsnsgaofisvrjv. Idvayxtj dij Sua 
tr\v ts a tiJv ft dnoXeXvo&ai , xal tfjv ft trjg a. Oaov 
yag y kiiga iniXdftoi ttjg ktigotg, xal i) foiga ixslvyg 
tooovtov. Et fnev ovv «ju<po) xivolvto tig tovvavtiov, 
•d-dttov dv dnoXvoivto. Ei 6i nagd fiivovaav naga- 
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nagatptgopivov, 6. 'All* ixslvo yt xpavsgbv, on d- 
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xal uxirrjxog • nlfjv &dttov idv xmovtcu d(iq>6ttgaiy 
dnoXv&rjoovtou. Kaltoi y ^ot$ ovdsv xmXvu t^ 
xivovfiivfiv nag 3 tfetfioioav &d*tov nagtl&tiv, 7\ tfjv 
avtiMwovfiiv^v, idv t#s nopfjajj tag fisr dvrixivovfii- 

d by Google 


vag afupotdgag (psgopdvetg figadi&g, Tip ds notga tyy 
qoBpovoav, nollfy ixsivmv qtsgofiivfjv dattov. Ovdiv 
ovv izgog xav loyov ipmfooy, oxt nag rjgspovaav, 
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anugog rrjv nmtguoii&rqp ixivrj&ij, avdyxrj aneigov 
elvcu. Iddvvaiov aqa to anttgov xivtlo&at oXwg- 
iav yag xal Tovli^wxon xivff&fi, avdyxtj anttgov 
yiyvto&aixgovov. 'jXXcc flip o yt ovgavog ntgiigxs- 
t«m nal oxgiyvtai, olog xvxXy iv nmtgaofUvip jfodVai. 
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a p nsnegaapsvrjv. lAdvvarov Spa anngov shai to 
xvxXca. 7. Exk agntg yga^fA^v, ^g Ttigag iotlv, adv- 
vaxov &nu ansigov, all' sl'nso inl fiij*og, xal M- 
mdov, moavt&g y nsgag ovx ivdsxrtcu' otav d' ooi- 
ody, ovdapi} • olov Tvtgdy&vov anngov, rj xvxlov, 
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ametgag • si p^fl' o xvxlog antiqog iariv, ovx av **- 
voXto xvxUx&g anugov o&fia. 8. *Et* ds d to y 
xdrtgov, i) de rb a /? aiteigog, xal ^ to e ngbg ogdyv 
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ahtai ryg f, all' del 8fe* wgntg fj y e. Tipvu yag, ji 
to f. Ovx aga xvxXm tisqUiow tj anugog, 9. "Mi* 
stnsg amtgog o ovgavog, xwutai Si xvxlw iv nens- 
gaafiivfa xgovta, anugov tatat dtsltjlv^og. "Eota* yag 
o fiiv {.livtov ovgavog anugog, 6 d* iv tovtm xtvovps- 

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vog laog • wgxt d'neq iXtjXvds xvxXco anuqog iSv, a- 
nuqov xb I0OV (xvtm disXyXv&ev iv nmsqaapt'via ZQ°- 
vw. *AXXd xovr yv advvaxov. 10. "JEoti Si xal ay- 
Twxqappiv&g sineiv, oxi ti nsmqaopivog oXQovog, 
h (a nsgcsaxgdcpTj, xal to piyt&og, o d&Xtikv&ev, 
avayxalov slvai nsneqaopivov Jaov d* avxw Txsgie- 
Xylv&B' ntniqavTai aqa xal avrog . 11. "Oti pep 
ovv to xvxXip xwovpsvov ovx %<niy axtXevrtjTov, ovd* 
anstgov, dXXd t#e* xiXog, yaveqov. 
*AXXd pi]v ovds xb iril to pioov, oide to ano tov 
pioov qpsgopsvov ctTieigov sorai • ivavxiai ydq ai yo- 
qal tj avto xal rj xdxa * ai d* ivavxiat Big ivavxlovg 
xbnovg* twv o° ivavxlw u~&dxegov nqioxai, xal 
&dxeqov wqiopivov toxai. To di pioov cSp«rra* # el 
yaq ono&tvovv opigoixo xdxco, to vqpiordpevor ov* 
ivdixsxainoqqwxiqto SuX&eiv tov pioov. c Jlqiopivov 
ovv tov pioov, xal jbv avto xbnov dvdyxtf wglo&ai. 
El d* ol Tonot (ogiopivoi xal nsnsqaop&voi, xal xd 
ocopaxa eoxcti nensqaopiva. 2. **Eti, u to aVw xal 
to xotoj aqiorai, xal to p$ra£v avdyxij a>gio&ai • si 
ydq pq (Spuria*, dnsigog av sly xivyoig. Tovxo 9s 
cm ddvvaTOv, didnxxai nqoxsqov • wqtoxat aoa to 
uioov. "Jlgxe xal to iv xovxw ooipa r\ ov, i) ysvio&at 
dvvaxov, *AXXa pyv to avto xal to xdxoa cpsgopwov 
owpa dvvaxai iv xovxta ytvio\haf niqpvxs yaq to 
fiiv ano tov pioov xwuo&ai t to di inl to pioov. 
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tlvai anugov. Kal ngbg xovxoig , el /Sdgog pij ioxw 
anuqov, ovd dv xovxtav xav oopdxwv ovdsv tXt) a- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


nsigov avayxt\ yag tov anslgov ocojxaiog anugo* 
elrai xal to pdgog. c O & avxbg Xoyog earai xal iitl 
tov xov<pov • si yag ioriv anugog pagvxr\g 9 ton xal 
xovyoTTjq, idv anugov y to ininoXd£oi>. 4. Ai\Xov 
d° ix T«5y6V Iotw yag nsTtegaofiivov, xal tlXrj<p&a 
to (ikv anugov owpa, iq? tp to a p, to de pdgog av- 
tov, i<p oi y cKpTjQrjo&w ovv anb tov dnrigov nz- 
TteQaafxivov piye&og, iq> <>> to p d % xal to pdgog av- 
rov Iotoj, top (o to e. To Sij « tov y tXartov tbrat • 
to yag tov iXdnovog pdgog tXaxTOV. KaxaptiqtiTvi 
dri to tkavtov bnoaaxtgovv, xal wg to pdgog tovZcxt- 
tov ngbg to pii£ov, to p S ngbg to p £ yeyevrja&ia • 
ivdixrzcu yag dysXuv tov antlgov bnoaovovv. 5.-E* 
xoivvv avaXoyov to [ityi&n Toig pdgsai, to 6' tftaT- 
%ov pdgog tov ilaTTovog ion fityidovg, xal to (iu£ov 
Sr tXn tov ptl£ovog. *Ioov aga torat to tov nensga- 
Ofiivov xal to tov anslgov pdgog. "Eti ds, si tov 
pe££ovog owparog fm£ov to pdgog, to tov ij p [tti£ov 
tarai pdgog, i} to tov £ p. "Slgrs to tov nsnegaopi- 
vov pdgog rj to tov andgov psi£ov sorai, xal to twv 
dvlatov di fitys&uv tuvtov Marat pdgog* artoov 
yotQ t$ ntTtegaa^ivco to anugov. Ovdiv 6i dwt<pi- 
qe$, to pdgij ovfifittga elvai, ij dovfifisrga. Kal 
yag aavfifisrgotv ovrtav , 6 ovtoj Marat Xoyog. 
Olov , u to b to/to* inegPdXXn fisrgovv to y 
pdgog. Tuv yag p d psys&tov rgunv oXav Xrjq*&sv- 
rmv, (itj£ov Marat to pdgog, rj to kp' a> y. "Jlgrs to 
avrb Marat ddvvajov. Mrt de xal iyxa>Q& ovfifttrga 
Xaptiv • ovdh yag dia<pig$i agxw&ai dno tov Pa- 
govg, ^ anb tov ueyi&ovg, olov, idy Xw&y ovpp*- 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xgov fldgog t§ y , to i<p <j> to s, x«* otto tow ccnti- 
gov acpcuQsdj], to exov to i<p (p to s fiagog, olov to 
/? o\ Eixa wg xo /fozoog rcooff to fiagog, to /? 6* rcpos 
aXAo yeysvtjxai piyt&og, olov ngog to /? £• ivSiz*- 
xtu yag anelgov ovtog tov peyi&ovg , onooovovv a- 
qpatoe^yat* tovttav yag Xrjcp&^vKay , ovfifistga 
i'atat, xal ta ptyi&rj, xal to pdgrj aXXrjXoig. 6* Ovde 
dri to piyt&og opoioflagsg elvat jj pvotioioftageg, ov- 
div dioiosi ngog xqv anodsi^iv • ae* y*o tarat Xafisiv 
loo flaQT) o&fiona x<ji /J 6*, ario to-D antlgov onoaaovv 
tj aqpatgovvxag, rj itgogti&ivxag . 1 .Slgrs di\Xov ix 
xSiv dgrjfisvcov oxi ovx $<nai tov dnelgov otifiatog 
nmegaapfrov to fiigog.^Ansigov aga. 2$ tolvw 
xovx advvaxov, xal to UTtngov t* ilvcu ompa advva- 
xov. 8. *JlXa fiyv OT* /« amig&v tt that fiagog a- 
dvvatov, ix t&vds <pav*gov • «t /«o to tooot$ fiagog 
xr\/v Joorjvds h tw5« t<j> jpoowp xiviixai, to toaovto\ 
xal sxi iv iidvtovi, xa* *V avaXoyiav, ijv ta (tagy 
BZ*h oi XQOvot avanaXw 1\ovqw* Olov, d to nfuov 
fidgog h tfyds, to dmkaotov iv jfyuiow tovtov. 9/Ev 
to Ttsnsgavfiivov fidgog attaaav atTttgaapiwiv dUtow 
IV w# /oov<» nmtgaafUvtp* *4vdyxq aga ix tovtmv, 
tXtt iatlv anstgov fiagog, xwuQ&ai (isv $ toaovfa 
oaov to aentgaapivov • xal It* /*ij xwua&ai, 6e, 1/ 
dvdXoyov psv del xaiit tag vnsgoxug xwt%o&ai, ivav- 
ting di to pii&v fr tw iXattow liyog tie ovdu; 
iott tov amlgov'ngag to TtznMgaQfiwQV, tov $* ikut- 
tovog xgovov ngig top n$i£(*> nsmgaofUvov • aX£ atl 
iv iXaxtov*' Raxmog 1? ova %axw. 10. Ovif « 
yv, oaxXog t* av qv • SXXo yag av t* nmsgaouivoi 

Digitized by GOOgle 

DE COELO L1J*. 1. CAP. VII. 17 

iXr^cfyB-r] iv t$ avio) Xoyw, iv w to aneiqov itgag |if- 
qqv fiufcov. "Jlgte h I'a<j> XQQ v( Q^h v fofl? & v ixtvelto 
to antiQov t$ neJisQaofiwq) * all' ddvvajov, 3 AlX& 
(iy* ctvayxtj ye tl'n&g iv onyXixyovv xqqvq, tutisqu- 
OfJLbvay de, xiveXtai to aneiQOv, xal aXXo iv tw avx<# 
tovtto neneQaopevov fidgog y Mv&G'&ai tiva wenega* 
Ofjusvriv. 11. 'Advvatov aga aJieigov elvai (Sdgog 9 
ofioiwg di xal xovcpoirjja. Kal odpata aga anugov 
paqog ezovta xal xovcp 6 TTjict, ctdvvatov. "Ow fiev ovv 
ovx eoxiv anagov o&fia, drjXov, did te jcov xata piqog 
xtewgovonovjov toy tqoirov, xal xa&oXov oxonovfie- 
vo*s fiy novo? xaxa tovg Xoyovg.topg iv xolg neql tag 
ayx<*9 ti^fifiivovg rjfuv diwgla&Ti yag xifxei xa&oXov 
ngoxeqov negl dneigov , nm iaxi xal nag ovx I'atw '. 
dXXd ual vvv aXXov tgonov. . 12. Mexd de tavi im- 
oximiov x$v u pi) amigoy fiev to oufxa to ndv ■ oil 
prp> aXXa toaovtov ye, wgt thai nXeiovg ovgavovg ' 
tax** y&Q <** **S tovt cmogtiowv, ox* xa&dneg 6 ne- 
ql ryidg xoapog ovveoxrjutv, oi$ev x&Xvt* xal kxegovg 
sjrcu nXeiovg fisv evog, pit fiivroi ye dnelqevg* 13. 
Ugcjiov $* el'TWfiev xa&oXov neql tov anugov. 

"Avdyxtj tit} owfia nay, tjto* aneiqov uvai, rj nene- 
quupivov. Kal el cuxeigov, yxot, dvofiotofiegeg aaav, 
ij ofiotopeqig. Kav el avofioiopegeg , r t tOi ex nene- 
qaofiivsav eidw, ij i£ dxtiguv. 2. c 'Ou fiev toivvv 
ovx olov te 4$ imeigw, qxxvegov, el tig ijfuv idoei pe- 
vuv tag yrqwtag. imo&ioug * nsneqaafiivcav yag tmv 
BQwtw xwfoei*v avow, vviyxri xal tag Idiag twf 
anXiav owfiuxiov eJvai Ttemgaofiivag • anXi] ^ikv yag 

Arist. de Coelo. B 

Digitized by GOOgle 


fj tov anXov awpaTog xlvrjoig, ai 8s anXaX nsnega- 
apsvai xivqosig siolv. 9 Avayxi\ 8s asl xivrjoiv szeiv 
nav ad(xa opvoixov. *AXXa fiijv si'ys ix nsnsgaofisvoiv 
sorai to ansigov, avayxrj xal Toiy pogiwv slvai txa- 
orov ansigov. Asyto 8*, oiov to v8oag, rj xo nvg, 
aXX' a8vvaxov 8s8sixxai yag oxi ovxs fiagog, ovrs 
xovqpoxr^g ioxlv ansigog. 3. *Exi avayxaiov aitfi- 
govg toi [tsys&si slvai xal Tovg Tonovg avxSiV. Jlgxs 
xal tag xivyosig anslgovg andvrw slvai. ToSto d' 
advvarov, si &r)<JOfiev aXrj&sig slvai ring irgaxag vno- 
&sosig • xal ptjxs to xaxw ysgopsvov slg ansigov iv- 
dsxeo&ai tyigso&ai, pyxs to aVco xaxa tov ovtov io- 
yov • advvctTov yag ylvso&ai, o fit] 4v8sx^xoii ytvi- 
o&ai. 'Ofioiag inl tov xoiov8s xal xoaov8s, xal tov 
nov. Aiyat 8', si advvaxov ysvso&ai Xsvxbv i\ nr^ 
Xvalov, rj iv Axyvnxq, xal yivso&ai xi tovtwv adv- 
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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GoOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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Digitized by GOOgle 


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xal eaxiy vXr\ xy ygvnbxrpi, i\ oag$, el i$ dnaauty xa>v 

Digitized by GOOgle 


oagxow fiia yivoixo octgS, xal vndgtti iv xavxy to 
ygvnbv, ovdiv av aXXo ovx sl'r) ygvnov, ovxb ivdi- 
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gupogag * to ydg oXov xal xb ndv sito&apev Xsyeiy 
ovgavov. 7. Tgix&g dij Xcyopivov xov ovgavov, rb 

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oXop vno xr\g ioxctxrjg ntguxofitpop nsgicpogag , i$ 
anavxog avayxrj ovvtoxdvai tov cpvoixov xal tov 
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gitxavxa, Ovx ag (ail dvpaxop ovdev tup vcnXwv 
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ovde Tip juxxwv • apiyxri yag elpai xal to, anXd tov 
putTov opxog. 8. *M.Xa fiyp ovde yevio&cu dvpuxop* 
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nXovpy % fivxtop. "Jlgxe naXiP 6 avxbg Xoyog. Ovdb 
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yag rjp avicp to cpvoixov o&fia xal aio&ijTOP, "Jlgxs 
ovtb vvv uo\ JiXdovg oigapol, ovx iyipoPTo, ovx 
ivdixtxcti ytvio&ai nXsiovg • aXXa tig xal (xovog xal 
tiXtiog ovTog ovgapog hxuy. 9. "Apa 6s dtjXop on 
ovdi Tonog, ovd« xtvbp, ovdi XQ^pog iartp l^(o tov 

d by Google 


ovgavov* iv anavxi yog T07ra>, dvvaxbv vnag£cn 
awfia • xev bv d' slvai (paoiv iv «f (trj vnagxu o&pa, 
dvvaxbv ds ysvio&ai. 10. Xgovog Si iaxiv agi&pbg 
xivyomg* xivijoig S* avtv (pvaixov ocjpaxog ovx 
toxiv • Sw dk xov oigavov diSnxxat ox* ovx iaxiv, 
ovx ivdix*xai ysvio&at, otoficf qiavsgbv Sga , oxh 
ovxs xonog, ovxs xtvbv, ovxs zgovog, iaxiv Qw&ev • 
dioizEQ ovx iv T07T0) xdxel niyvxey, ovxs x$ovog avxa 
nou% yr\gaaxuv, ovd* iaxiv ovdevbg ovdsfiia firca/3o- 
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xal xr\v avxagxsaxdxijv SiaxeXu xbv anavxa amva • 
xal ydg xovxo xovvofia &tiwg $<p&eyxxai nagd xw 
agxaiwv. To ydg xiXog xb nsgiixov xbv xyg kxdaxov 
twrjg XQOvov, ov prjdiv I?w xaxd <pvoiv, aluv ixaaxov 
xixXr\xai. Kaxi xbv aixbv di Xbyov xal xo xov nar- 
row oiqavov xilog, xal xo xbv ndvxmv aneigov XQO- 
vov xal xrjv dnsiglav nsgiixov xilog, auov iaxiv, anb 
xov ad tlvai uXtjqxbg xyv intowfilav, d&dvaxog xal 
&uog. "O&sv xal xdtg uXXoig i$rjgxrixai, xoig piv a- 
xgiftiaxegov, xoig d* dpavgoxtgov, xb Bival re xal 
tf\v • xal ydg xa&dntg iv xoig iyxvxXiotg <pdooo<pj~ 
uaai nsgl xd &iia noXXdxig ngo<paivBxat xdtg Xbyovg, 
oxi xb &uov afAtxapXrjxov dvayxaiov sly etc nay xb 
ngStxov xal axgbxaxov, o oiixtag bxov ftagxvgtZ xoig 
tlgtlfiivoig. Ovxe yaq aXXo xgsixxov iaxiv oxi xi*if- 
asi, (ixiivo ydg av sly &uoxsgov) ovx %xu qpavXov 
ovdiv, ovxb ivdseg xtav avxovxaXwv ovdevog iaxt. Kal 
anavaxov drj xivrjaiv xtv&xai evXoyag • anavxa yaq 
navtxai xivov/isva, oxav tX&y tig xbv otxitov xonov. 

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Tov ds xvxXca odpaxog 6 avxog xonog o&sv ijqSaxo 
%al tig bv xsXsvxfy. 

Tovxwv ds dtwqiofisvav Xsytapsv fisxit xavxa, no- 
reqov aysvvr\xog rj yswrjxbg, xal ciy&aqxog rj q?&ag- 
*og, disSeX&ovxsg nqoxsqov xdg xav aXXwv vnoXrjtftsig* 
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ivavxitov sloiv. "dpa ds xal paXXov av sVrj ntoxa xa 
fisXXovxa Xsx&rjoso'd'ai, nqoaxrjxooai xa xav a[i(pi- 
o(ir\xovvx<ov Xoyav dixaua[iaxa • xb yaq iqrjfirjv xa- 
ladixa&o&ai d ox sty, r,xxov av ^fiiv vnaqxof xal 
yaq del duxixrixag, aXX* ovx avxtdixovg tlvai xovg 
peXXovxag xaXri&sg xqivsiv ixotvwg. 2. Tsvofisvov 
fUv ovv anavxsg slvai <paoiv, dXXa ysvofisvov ol psv 
a I'd tov, ol ds (p&aqxbv, wgmq bxiovv aXXo xSiv Qpv- 
asi ovvtoxapsvav. Ol d' b>ccXXa$, ore psv ovxag, bxs 
ds aXXmg sxsiv (p&sigopsvov. JKal xovxo asl diaxsXsiv 
ovjag, oignsq'EpnsdoxXr)g bldxqayavxlvog, xaVffqd- 
xXsixog b 9 E<psou>g. To psv ovv ysvso&at, psv, dtdiov 
d' oftwg tlval (pavai, xmv ddvvdxmv • pbva yaq xav- 
tu -d-sxsov siXoywg, ooa inl noXXtav, rj ndvxav oqa- 
psv indqxovxa. Jleql ds xovxov avpfiaivu xovvav- 
riov. Anavxa yaq xa yivopsva, xal q>d*iqbpsva qpai- 
rsxai. 3. "Etb ds xb pr) sxov **qxh* T0 ^ **tf J Sf** y > 
dXX advvaxov aXXwg *x uv nqoxsqov xbv anavxa «*- 
Stva, advvaxov xal psxafldXXsiv soxat yaq xi aXxiov, 
o si inrjqxB nqoxsqov, dwaxbv av rjv aXXtag sxtiv ™ 
advvaxov aXXtog sxeiv. El ds nqoxsqov, i£ aXXutg 
ixovxav awsoxr\ b xoopog, si psv asl ovx<og ixovxwv, 
xal adwdxav aXXcog bxsiv, ovx av iyivsxo. El ds ys- 

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yovtv, arayxri di]Xovou xaxuva dvvaw ttvai. aH«s 
fyuv, xalfiy atloviug l*e»r w$t* wriawwrfiia 
diaXv&ijotTah xal ttaXeXvpiwa ovvioTrj sfiTiqoa&fv. 
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note, ovx d Zwutov aXXtog &e^. 4.°» *t wig 
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xvv iup&uQtov iiiv (hou, ywbpevov dts, ovx sot aXif 
#ifc- bpoiag yaq <*>«<* TolgTa dtayqafifiaTa yq&yov- 
01, xal o<pag uqnxbat mql vi\g ysviosug, ovx «f /«- 
vopirov noxe, aUa didaoxaXlag x^9 lv ' t *>* /*«**«> 
yvuQ&vroJV, agntq to diayqufijia yiyvbptvov &ia- 
oapivovg. 5. Tovto tf datl, wgntq Uyoptv, oi to 
avTO- iv fdv yaq tjj *0M?aej» w diayqajmaw 
navTWV t*&ivT<av that, Spa, tq aiio ovpfalvth iv & 
taig Tovr«* anoddfroiv , oi taitbv, il£ kdvyatoy 
tit yaq Xa^avopwa nqbxtqov xal vorsqoy vneravrh 
iariv. 6. 'JBf atixttav yaq note mvypiva <paaly*- 
viod-ai. *Apa 5s to avtb tttayfiivov that *a* ata- 
xtov, advvaiov. 'M£ avayxri yivetnv iWt^f X*Q 1 ' 
Kovoar, xalxqovov b> Se toig $tayqajtfiaoiv oidb 
t<5 ZQ°*V xsxoigwTai. "0t* fib ovv advvatov apa 
a'fowv avrov eivat xal ysvio&at, qwrtgov. ^ 7. To 6* 
imttaS ovvunavat xal Sialism, ovdkv akXoiotsqot 
itoiilv iariv, % to xaTaoxmi^uv avjbv it'dunr fib, 
aXXa petaPaXXovTa tip poqyvp^ W™9 *J T4ff «*! 
ncadbg av&qa ywoptvov, xal ££ av&qbg natda, on 
ph (p&tlqso&ah bt€ d* strut, ol'ono. 8. A^Xov yi$ 
oti xal slg aXXfjXa tStv atoix*ia>v ow*6rr(ap,^ ovxi 
tvxovaa ta^tg ylyvttm, xal ovot*W> o:XX y avx^ 

Digitized by GoOgle 

DE COEL.Q L.IJ3. 1. CAP. XI. 3$ 

aXXoag xs %al xaxa xovg xovxov tov Xbyov tlgrixoxag^ 
di xi]g ditt&daswg kxaxigag alxiwvxab xo ivavxiov, 
"Slgt ei xo oXov awM avve%6S ov, on fiey ovtwg, oxh 
di ixelv&g diaxl&sxai, xal bbaxtxoo^xai, fj $s xov 
oXov owraafe ioxixoopog xal ovgavog, ovx av o xo- 
afiog ylyvoixo x,al q>$eigaixo, aXX' at dia&toHg av- 
tov. 9., Tq &* olpg ytvi^Bvov q>&ag%vak x xal py 
avaxdpnxw qvxog fisv hog, advvaxov ioxi' nglv 
yag ysviad-ai ael vnygxtv r\ ngo avxov ovaxaaig, rp 
pr\ yevoftivriv aix o\qv % sjval qpapsv (inapdXXBw • 
dmlgtav d' oVrcw xmv xoapwv ivtiixexpu paXXov< '^X- 
Xi pi}v xal xovxo noxegov advvaxov ij dvvaxbv, i'arat 
d^Xoy ix x&v vaxsgov. 10. Mol yag xwb% olg iv$s- 
Xtad-uk doxsi xal aykvvx\xov Xk ov qpvhxofjyeu, xal /e- 
voptyov acp^agxov dwisXetv, oigneg iv tgJ Tifiaiq* • 
ixsi yag 9^01 Toy ovgavov ywBO&aif per, ov piv 
q>&agxov, aX£ saso&ai ye tov Xombv ad jjfOQypy. 
JJgbg ovg opvcumg (ibv mgl xov ovgavov fiovov eXqij- 
xah Jfca&oXov ds tico} anavxqg axsypptvois, forai 
xal n^g* xovxqv dyXav. 


Ugixov di diaigsxiov, nag ay&vvqw xal ytw^xd 
qpapBv, xal cp&agxa xal aq>&aora* noXXax&Z yvQ 
Xsyapivw, x$v fiijdsv dwqpigy itgbg xov Xoyov, ava- 
y*ti viv faavoia* aoglorag \%nit , av %vi toi foaigov- 
\kivi$ nolXax&g <"? adiaiqixtp /o^Teri* adriXov yag 
xaxa noiav yvviv a vim ovfifialvei, to fo#fo'*% 2. -di- 
y&ai $* ayivvijzov, IVa pkv xgoTtav, iav jj w vvv, 
HQUxtqov /x^ ov avtv ytviatm wxl ptxapoXyg • xo> 
&amg %noi xo anxea&ai xa* to xivna&ai, XiyovoW 

Arist. de Coelo. C 

Digitized by GOOgle 


ov yag slvai ylvso&al qpaoiv anTopsvov, ovdi xirov- 
psvov. "Eva 6*', sXti ivdsxopsvov ylvso&ai tj ysvsa&ai 
pi] ioriv. 'Opoicog ydg xal tovto dysvvijxov, Sti iv- 
dixncu ylvso&ai • sva d*, sX xi oXajg ddvvaTov ysvs- 
o&ai, tog-tt oxi piv slvai, oxi di fir}. To di* advvaxov 
Xiysxai dix&s • ij ydg tw pi) dXt]&ig slvai unity, oxi 
ysvovi dv, ij t$ pi] gadlcog, pt]di Tot%v, rj xaXwg. 
3. Tov aixov di xgoTtov xal to ysvvtjxbv, sva piv, si 
urj ov ngdxsgov , voxsgov iuTiv sXis ysvopsvov, sXxs 
dvsv xov yivso&ai, oxi piv pi] ov, naXiv d' ov. *£va 
di ei dvvaxbv , sXxs to> dXij-d-sl diogio&svTog tov dv- 
vutov, sXts tw (jadlcog. "j&va di, iav ij yivsoig aixov 
£x tov fit] ovxog tig to ov, sXts ijdr) ovxog, did tov yl- 
vso&ai di ovxog • bits xal pi]7t(o ovxog, aXl? ivde%o~ 
psvov. 4. Kal cp&agxbv di xal aop&agxov mouvtw 
sXts yaq ngoxsgov xi> ov, voxsgov pr\ ioxiv, ij ivdsx*- 
t«* pi) slvai, q>&agxov slvai qpaptv • sXxs qp&sigops- 
vov noT8 xal psxa/idXXov , sVts pi). "Eoxi d' 5x8 xal 
to did tov qp&slgso&ai ivdsxopsvov pi) slvai, <p&aq- 
xbv slvai qpapsv. Kal en aXXtog to $qdl(ag tp&tigo- 
psvov, o sXnoi Tig Sv sv<p&agxov. 5. Xa* Tisgl tov 
d<p&dgxov o avxbg Xoyog • ij ydg to dvsv cp&ogag 
oxi piv ov, oxi Si pi} ov olov Tag dqpdg, ot* avsv 
tov <p&slgso&ai ngoxsgov ovoai, voxsgov ovx uqIp, 
ij to ov piv, advvaxov di pi] slvai, ij xal ovx ioopt- 
vov noxs, vvv di ov • ov ydg si, xal r t aqtrj vvv ' dlX 
opag op&agTov, on soTai noTi, ots ovx dXrjdig oi sl-> 
nsXv oxi si, ovdi xavTa dnTsod-ai , to di pdXiara *v- 
glfog, to ov piv, ddvvarov di q>&ag%vai oviwg, wgTt 
vvv ov, vorsgov pij slvai, ij ivdixso&ai py thai, y 

Digitized by GOOgle 


xal to firjnw iq&aopivov, ov 6s, Mtxo/nsvoy d' votb • 
gov fir) slvai. 6. Aiyixai ds aqt&aoTOv, xal to fir) 
fading <pdsig6fitvov. El drj Tama ovtwg «fc«, oxe- 
nriovnag Xiyofisv TodvvaTov xal to advvaroy to,t* 
^ao xvguoTata Xsybfisvov ay&aoTov t<T» fir) dvvaa&at 
av q?&aQr)vai, [iqd' oxt fiiv slvcu, ot& di fir], Aiyt- 
tcu ds xal to dyivvrjTOv to ddvvaTOV, xal to fir) dv- 
vdfisvov yzvia&ai ovroag, atgrt nooTtoov fiiv sivai, v- 
oregoy ds fir) slvai * olov Tip didfiSTQov aififisrqov* 
7. Ei drj ti dvrajai xivr\&r\vai orddia sxotov, rj aoa* 
fiagog, del irobg to nluarov Xiyofisv • olov idXavxa 
aqai btaxov, rj orddia (ladloah kxctjov, xatioi xal ia 
pooia dvvaxat tu ivrbg* sXnto xal Tr)v vkbqoxvv 
<ag diov bgi&o&ai nobg to TsXog xal Tr)g vn$ooxr)g 
tr)v dvvafiiv. *Avdyxr\ fisv ovw to dwaTov xa& wco- 
oxh v tooadl, xal to. ivTog dvvao&ar olov el TaXav- 
xa hxaxbv aoai, xal dvo • x$v u orddia kxctxbv, xal 
dvo dvvao&ai fiadioai. *H ds dvvafiig Tr)'g insooxyg 
ion* xlfv sV t* advvaTov Tooovdl xatf vntoftolr)* 
slnovTtov, xal t« nXsia ocdvvaxov • olov b ^//Ua § a ~ 
dloai orddia fii] dvvdfisvog * drjXov on xal jf/Ata *«' 
tv, 8. Mrfiiv d* r)fidg, to xsXsvxalov <*v dvvaTai, 
naosvoxXsiTW duoQlo&o) yag xaxa Tr)g vnsgoxr)g to 
riXog Xsybfisvov to xvglwg dvvaxbv xdxa yag iv- 
OTalfj Tig av> wg ovx avdyxr\ to \tx$iv. *0 yag bgiiv 
OTadiov, oix av Ta ivTog otytxai psyi&q • alia tovv- 
avriov fidXXov a dvvdfisvog iduv oriyfir)v, rj axov- 
oai (uxqov ip6<pov, xal twv (i€i£ov(ov Se» al'o&rjow. 
*AX£ ovdiv duxcpiqu nobg tov Xoyov * diaglo-d'Oi yao 
njoir til Trig dwdfAStag, ij inl tov nodyfiaTog r) vnso- 

C 2 

Digitized by GOOgle 


(toll' to yag Xtyoptvo* drfXov % pkv yag o*pi$ n 
tov ikdttovog, vmg*x**> % f) de %otx v% W» V T0V ™Le*o*os. 
Juagmphmv d$ TOVTcay, Xexxsov xb iysSyg. JEl $n 
dativsna dvyata xalshaixal py, avayxy xgo*o* ttva 
ngio&ai toy nXuatov xal xov tlyat xal tov p,rj. ji&y* 
y ov, dvvaxbyxb ng&ypa dvcuuml ay dvyatbr f*i\ u- 
vat xa&* inotawoivxwqyoQiait * ©I©* av&gomov ij l$v- 
xbv, rj tolnrixv, t} aXXo bxiovy t<ov toiovtoay * *i yog 
py total nooog tig, i\£ a*l nXtlta* tov ngoxt&brxog* 
xal oix tatty ov iXajjujy, Snstgoy total xgovov to 
avxi dwaxbv ilvai xal pij that aXXov anuQOv* Idl- 
Xa tovt adwatoy. 2,'Agxk &' tot& (vtti&Bv to 
yiig advvatoy xal to y/$vdog ov tavtb orjpaiyw tau 
de to adiyatov xal to dwaxbv, xal to yt$vdo§, xal 
to aXfj&ig, to pfr ft vno&iowf Xiyw V, olov to 
tglywoy idvyatoy 8vq og&ag %x uv > ** tads* xal 
if diapstgog ovppexgog, tl tads. "Eoti d* anXvc 
xal dvyata, xal a dvyata , xal yrvdt), xal aXrj&f} • 
ov dii tavxi Aft* y/svdog ti t* that imXibg , xal 
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iaxl • xal avirj q xvxlo<pogla xiluog ovoa ntqUxu 

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