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Full text of "AristotleWorksVII. var. editions, texts, translations. Scholars, 19th,20th, cent."

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Introduction i 

Text :— 

The Categories I 

De Interpretatione 28 

De Mundo 51 

De Virtutibus . 72 

Porphyry's Introduction 76 

Appendix I. 

On the Codex Ticinus 89 

Appendix II. 

The Armenian Text 107 

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§ 1. On scope of work and on necessity of starting from a pure Armenian text. 
§ 2. Conditions on which value of a collation depends. 

§ 3. Age and authorship of Armenian Version of Categories and 'On Interpretation.' 
§ 4. Problems suggested by Armenian commentaries which accompany these 

§§ 5, 6. Evidence of style proves that the versions of treatises and commentaries were 

made together. 
§ 7. Internal evidence as to date of these versions. 
§ 8. Evidence of subscriptions in the Armenian MS S. 
§ 9. List of the versions and commentaries attributed to David Invictus. 
§ 10. Evidence of early Armenian writers, of Stephanus of Siunik and of Gregory 

§ 11. Who was David Invictus? Views of Valentine Rose. 
§ 12. The evidence of the old Armenian ' Book of Beings. ' 
§ 13. Authorship of Armenian commentaries on the Categories and De Interpreta- 

tione an enigma. They are not to be ascribed to David Invictus. 

Character of these commentaries. 
§§ 14, 15, 16. Probabilities regarding these commentaries. 
§§ 17, 18. These commentaries along with the version they accompany at least as 

old as the fifth century. 
§ 19. They are perhaps the work of a non- Christian school of early Armenian 

§ 20. Recapitulation of evidence. ' The affinity of the old Armenian text of the 

De Interpretatione to that used by Boethius. 
§ 21. On the fidelity of the old Armenian Versions. 


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§ 22. On the Text of the Armenian Version of Categories and De Interpretatione. 

(a) On Venice Printed Text, and its Manuscript Sources. 
§ 23. (0) On other Manuscript Sources. Paris Codices. 
§ 24. Codices of Jerusalem. 

§ 25. The Codex Ticinus of the University Library of Pavia. 
§ 26. Contents of this Codex and characteristics. 
§ 27. History of this Codex. Theseus Ambrogius. 
§ 28. On version of De Mundo and De Uirtutibus. Imperfections of the Armenian 

Text and of the Manuscript Sources. 
§ 29. Version of the De Uirtutibus. 
§ 30. Version of the Isagoge of Porphyrius. Venetian and other Texts of it. 

Its age. 
§ 31. On the version of David's Commentary on the Isagoge. 
§ 32. Aim pursued in making these collations. 
§ 33. Acknowledgment of help received in preparing the work. 

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§ 1. The following work is a collation with the ancient Armenian 
Versions of: — 

(i) The treatises of Aristotle* upon the ten Categories and upon 
Interpretation. The Greek text used is that of Waitz, and 
all references to Greek Codices are based on his apparatus 

(2) The pseudo-Aristotelian treatises De Mundo and De Uirtutibus. 

The Greek text used is Bekker's, as printed in the Berlin 
edition of Aristotle. 

(3) The Isagoge of Porphyrius. The text used is that of Adolph 

Busse, published at Berlin, and references to Greek Codices 
are based on his apparatus criticus. 

It will be noticed that the collation of the Categories and * Upon 
Interpretation' is given in two halves, in a main text and in an appendix 
thereto, in such a way that both must be consulted by a reader anxious 
to know what reading of any particular passage is implied by the 
version. The reason of this inconvenient arrangement is that, after 
the main text was already printed, I chanced upon a manuscript of 
the version greatly superior to those which I had been able to use 
in preparing that main text. There was no other course open to me 
but to add in an appendix the critical gains resulting from an examina- 
tion of this better Armenian text. Although the results printed in my 
main text are thus premature, I may at least hope to escape the charge 
of negligence of sources and of over-haste; for in preparing that main 
text, which occupies pp. 1-50, I had not acquiesced in the Venetian 
text of the version, — itself based upon three MSS. in the Library of 

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San Lazaro at Venice, — but had carefully collated the best MSS. 
preserved in the Biblioth&que Nationale in Paris, and in the Library 
of the Armenian Patriarch at Jerusalem, and had even satisfied myself 
that the MSS. of the Conventual Library of Edschmiadzin added 
nothing to the sources I had already consulted. I could not foresee that 
in Pavia I should after all find a manuscript text of my author, unique 
in point of age, authority, and literary interest. 

§ 2. The value of such a collation as the following depends on the 
fulfilment of three conditions : — 

(i) The version must be ancient. 

(2) It must be so literal as really to reflect the Greek text from 

which it was made. 

(3) We must possess a pure text of the version, a text, that is, free 

from the corruptions of copyists and unimpaired as a witness 
by recensions of itself made in a later age. 

Now the versions here collated of these several Greek texts are not 
all by one hand, nor are they all of the same age and authority. It is 
rather the case that, examined in respect of the three conditions above 
proposed as determining the value of their evidence, they fall into the 
three groups into which I have above separated them. In the rest of 
these prolegomena, each group has to be examined to see how it fulfils 
these several conditions. 

§ 3. The Categories and De Interpretatione. As to the age and 
authorship of this version, the evidence is of three kinds and rests 
upon : — 

(1) Style and other internal indications. 

(2) Subscriptions in the MSS. themselves. 

(3) Citations in old writers and historical tradition. 

The style in which this version is composed is unmistakably that 
of the first or golden age of Armenian literature, which was roughly 
coincident with the fifth century. In that century the Septuagint was 
rendered into Armenian along with the writings of such of the Greek 

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Fathers as were then popular in the orthodox church. The version of 
the Categories and De Interpretatione, like the rendering of the Grammar 
of Dionysius Thrax, is written in a Grecising style ; indeed it is little more 
than the Greek written with Armenian words. Not only each word, 
but the separate parts of the compound words, are rendered with the 
same slavish accuracy. The contemporary versions of the Bible and of 
the Greek Fathers are in a better style ; indeed, the Armenian Bible is 
entitled on purely literary grounds to take rank with our own or with 
Luther's Version. The question arises, why, being masters of an inde- 
pendent and pure Armenian style, did the translators of the fifth 
century yet render these treatises of Aristotle's in so slavish a manner ? 
Some Armenian critics argue that this Grecising style of translation was 
a later product of their Hellenic culture, and on that account postpone 
the date of the versions of Aristotle to the very close of the fifth or 
beginning of the sixth century. I fail to see any cogency in this argu- 
ment. On the contrary, we might expect the independent style to be the 
later development of the two ; and on purely literary grounds I should 
be inclined to attribute these versions to the age of Prohaeresius, the 
Armenian Professor of Rhetoric at Athens, whose figure is so familiar 
to us from the pages of Eunapius. 

§ 4. The other evidence must now be considered. In all the MSS., 
except a few comparatively late ones, the text of Aristotle is not given 
alone and continuously, but in short sections, each of which is followed 
by its appropriate commentary. The following questions then arise. 
Whose is this commentary thus preserved in Armenian ? Is it a trans- 
lation of a Greek original ? If so, were the text and the commentary 
translated by the same hand and at the same time ? 

§ 5. So far as the style is concerned we may ascribe the translation 
both of text and of commentary to the same hand. The slight differences 
of language between them may be explained on the ground that the text 
reflects Aristotle's Greek, while the commentary reflects a Greek original 
written at least seven centuries later than Aristotle. The citations also 
of the text embedded in the Armenian commentary agree on the wfyole 
with the version of the text, and, where they differ a little, we can 
suppose that the Greek commentator himself was not quoting his Greek 


with strict accuracy. Indeed there is such a general correspondence 
between the Armenian text and the Armenian commentary, that it is not 
easy to conceive of their having been translated at different times and 
by different hands. 

§ 6. Yet there are difficulties in this view. For example, in the 
De Interpretatione, p. 16a 27, all the Armenian MSS. except the Codex 
Ticinus add after oxlblv iartv words equivalent to aA\' fo-ws cJcrl Kara 
<f>v<nv <f><aval yeypa\i\iivai AAA' 5/juos dvofiara ovk tl&lv. These words 
should certainly not stand in the text, since no Greek MS. contains 
them and the Pavia MS. rejects them. On the other hand the com- 
mentary seems to imply these words, for it runs thus: qj? puu* 

ptunuin^int-plr qutunuutuuby "(JL. n £± H uta punt-plr IfUiJfa f^l funqnt-du* 
j mi qui qM uyunpfify jtun-uifuitfjyh tuutugtuu : {ty^t uusfyuyu U. uiuuiuihop q&uybu 
nJiuhu jbutju* L. £hq- ff nt l_ utufylrusfUt uy[_ uutfyuyu «t£_ L-u utbnuuiuu* ThlS 

may be rendered thus : 6n Kara ovvOrJKriv rh iv6\iara dA\' ov Kara <f>va-iv 
fioikerai tivai iroAAa, irepi tovtov irpo€Cpr]T<u : aAX' Spas pifivrjTai koI ivravOa 
irepl (JxjovQv tivwv y€vo\i(vu>v koX yeypcLfifxivtov, aAAa fxifv oiirn dvofx&Tav. This 
passage is in all the Armenian MSS., including that of Pavia. It 
cannot, however, be adduced as a proof that the Armenian text and 
commentary were translated independently of one another. That the 
interpolation must have crept into some Armenian texts of Aristotle 
from the commentary is clear from its absence from the Codex Ticinus ; 
nor does the commentary itself necessarily involve a text in which the 
words stood. Even if it did, the inconsistency might have lain in the 
twofold Greek original of text and commentary. 

§ 7. Assuming, therefore, that the version of the text is coeval with 
that of the commentary, can we fix the date and authorship of the 
latter ? In these Armenian commentaries upon the Categories and the 
De Interpretatione, there are singularly few allusions of such a kind as 
to fix the date of the composition of the Greek original. There is one 
indication, however, of the date of the Version, which has been pointed 
out to me by my friend Dr. Baronean of Manchester. A certain Vardan 
is adduced in the commentary as a type of bravery ; the Vardan thus 
referred to can hardly be other than the king of that name who perished 
in war against the Persians, A.D. 451. If, therefore, the name is not an 

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interpolation, the Armenian commentary, and the version of the text 
which coheres therewith, cannot be put back earlier than the middle of 
the fifth century. 

§ 8. We come next to the evidence of subscriptions in the Armenian 
MSS. On this we can build little, for although in all later MSS. these 
treatises are stated to have been translated and commented upon by the 
great and unrivalled philosopher David, yet the MS. of Pavia, which far 
outweighs all the rest in authority, contains no such statement. In it 
the version and commentary are simply headed : * the Categories of 
Aristotle,' and after the Categories follows, without the loss of any space 
and without any title at all, the version with commentary of the De 
Interpretatione. From the silence of this manuscript we might infer that 
the ascription of these versions and commentary to the great and un- 
rivalled philosopher David was a comparatively late myth; and our 
inference is raised to a certainty, if we compare the Armenian soi-disant 
commentary of David with the commentaries entitled in the Greek 
Codices hmb <fxav7Js Aafilb. These Greek commentaries of David are, 
at least so far as extend the citations of them in vol. 4 of the Berlin 
Aristotle, wholly unrecognisable in the Armenian commentary on the 
Categories and De Interpretatione. 

§ 9. This conclusion is confirmed by the evidence of citations and 
references in early Armenian writers. 

It is only late Armenian traditions, just as it is only subscriptions in 
the late manuscripts, which attribute to David Invictus the commentaries 
upon and the translations of the Categories and De Interpretatione. 
The same can be said of the last two of the following writings and 
translations, which we find in Armenian, all of them attributed to David 
Invictus : — 

(1) The Definitions of Philosophy written against Pyrrhon. This 

is known in Greek as ra irpoAcyofteva rrjs <t>i\oaro<f>Ca$ bird <t>a>vfjs 
Aafilb tov 0€o<t>iA€OT<lTov /cat OedQpovos <f>i\o<r6<l>ov \ 

(2) A version of the Isagoge of Porphyrius and the commentary 

of David thereon. 

1 See Berlin Aristotle, vol. iv, p. 12, and Cramer's Anecdota Parisiensia. 

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(3) A considerable fragment of a commentary on the Analytics of 

Aristotle. This version is made from a Greek commentary 
written, it would seem by the same David, in the fourth or 
fifth century. 

(4) The version of Dionysius Thrax with commentary. This seems 

to be by the same hand which rendered the Categories and 
De Interpretatione. 

(5) The versions of the so-called Aristotle De Mundo and De 


§ 10. In the early part of the eighth century Stephanus of Siunik 
seems to have written a commentary upon the grammar of Dionysius l , 
unless indeed we should take the evidence in the sense that the version 
of the Grammar was actually his, which seems impossible. In the same 
writer we find a definite reference to the Davidis Prolegomena 2 . It is 
as follows : ' Of what kind then is our nature, we have learned in the 
most special way from the mighty David, who so stoutly combats 
the Academics and Pyrrhonists, who strive to destroy the essence of 

We again meet with allusions to the several versions above enu- 
merated in the first half of the eleventh century, in the correspondence 
of Gregory Magistros, allusions of such a kind as to prove that they 
were all of them in his day in circulation in Armenia. This Gregory 
received the title of Duke of Mesopotamia at the hands of Constantine 
Monomachus, and died in the year 1058. He mentions them in a letter 
sufficiently interesting to be quoted at length ; it is addressed to his two 
pupils Basil and Elisha, and runs thus : ' I heard that our Vicar of God 
has given you Aristotle, and I desire you to send it to me ; for it is meet 
that you should first study and wholly possess yourselves of grammar 
along with translation ; and after this of rhetoric with complete division 
of the three heads. Next you should gain a knowledge of the definitions 
of both Plato and Aristotle, as well as of the Pythagorean determinations 
and maxims. But before that again you must be completely versed in 
the Old and New Testaments and in the mythology (or poetry) which 

1 Catalogue des anciennes traductions Armeniennes (siecles iv-xiii). Venice, 1889, by P. P. 
Catkin, p. 395. 
3 Histoire Litt^raire de l'Armenie Ancienne (siecles iv-xiiii). Venice, 1886, p. 301. 

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is spread over many and divers places. You should also, in a spirit of 
sound and fervent reflection, peruse the dialectical parts of Homer and 
of the afore-mentioned Plato ; and likewise gain a knowledge of all other 
inventions and books, for a philosopher will claim knowledge and dis- 
avow ignorance in all subjects ; especially in what is within reach of 
the four arts, arithmetic, music, geometry and astronomy. It is enough 
to have pursued these subjects so far. If the collection of Aristotle be 
that which is called "on the Heavenly Bodies and the Sphericity of 
the Earth," or " on the Ordinance of Life," in which he mentions also 
the analysis of qualities and classification of affections called reflective, 
then send it to me. But if it should be merely the treatise of Porphyry, 
defining in answer to the enquiry of Chrysaorios the five predicaments, 
which are the following: genus, species, differentia, proprium, accidens; 
or the eight, which are scope, utility, meaning of title, order, mode of 
teaching and so forth ; or the ten categories of the Stagirite : substance, 
quality, quantity, relation, where, when, situation, having, doing, suffering — 
the like of all these I have no need to ask you to send me from afar ; for 
these treatises have already been in my possession ever since I was a 

The above letter is to be found in a MS. collection of this writer's 
letters preserved in the library at Munich. On page 39 of the same MS. 
Gregory refers to 'the Athenian Categories/ by which no doubt he 
means those of the Stagirite ; on page 335 he quotes the Isagoge, and on 
page 45 he cites the Prolegomena Davidis. There can be no doubt that 
this writer refers to these treatises in their Armenian and not in 
their Greek dress. It is significant that he does not mention David 
Invictus in connection with the versions of Aristotle. On p. 186 of this 
MS. he does indeed mention that he had found an ancient Armenian 
version 'of Olympiodorus whom David mentions 1 '; and on p. 209 of 
the same Munich MS. he seems to refer to David in a passage in which 
he is asserting the claims of Armenian writers of Philosophy to be 
considered original thinkers and not mere translators of Greek books. 
We have seen that Stephanus of Siunik, three centuries earlier attributed 
the Prolegomena to David. We have already dwelt on the fact that the 
Pavia MS. does not mention David as translator or commentator. We 

1 I.e. in The Prolegomena Davidis, pp. 143 and 164 of the San Lazaro edition. 


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may infer that before the eleventh century the Versions of the Categories 
and De Interpretatione and the commentaries thereon were not known 
as David's. 

§ 11. Who was this David whose name is borne by the Prolegomena 
Philosophiae and the Commentary of the Isagoge in Greek and Armenian 
alike ? Of what race was he ? When did he live and where ? 

Here are questions to which Valentine Rose believes that he has 
found a partial answer in a manuscript life of Saint David of Thessalonica 
purchased from the Blenheim Library by the Prussian Government and 
now in Berlin. From this tract, which Rose published at Berlin in 1887, 
we learn that David was a holy and ascetic man, a worker of miracles, 
who late in life went to Byzantium and there had an interview with 
the Emperor and Empress, on whom his age and sanctity made a great 
impression. Similar stories are told of the Armenian philosopher by 
native historians \ We learn from them that David, after completing his 
studies at Athens, repaired to the Court at Byzantium and in the 
presence of the Emperor confuted the heathen philosophers. The 
interesting point, however, in regard to this Greek Saint is that even 
according to Greek accounts he was probably an Armenian. Thus 
Rose cites Johannes Moschi to the effect that this David was by race 
a native of Mesopotamia and in the Menologion of the Emperor Basilius 
a day in June is dedicated to the memory of * our Holy Father David 
of Thessalonica who came from the East/ The Greek accounts, however, 
make no mention of the philosophical attainments of David which appear 
so prominently in the Armenian traditions; and Rose suggests that 
late in life David gave up the carnal pursuit of Pagan wisdom and 
betook himself to the self-mortifying life of the Christian ascetic. 

§ 12. A more reliable answer is furnished by a treatise preserved 
in a manuscript at Edschmiadzin and called the ttp^ k—b—g (the Book 
of true beings). This manuscript gives the subscription of an older 
book from which it was copied as follows : — c Mambre and Paulus and 
Abraham composed discourses full of no mean thoughts : and after a 
long time was written this book, just as God has handed it down unto us. 

1 Compare the account quoted in the History of Armenian Literature by P. P. Car&in of 
Venice, p. 299. 

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In this time, in the year, namely, of the Armenians j6 (=A. D. 629), I, 
Gourg£n, chartulary of Great Armenia, and spatharius of the holy rulers 
of Pourh {ufnMiy) 9 was owner of this book. But it is to be noticed, in 
the ancient subscription of this book on true beings, that it was written, 
in a translation from Greek into Armenian by command of the Lord 
John Catholicos of the Armenians, of the Gabelenatzik (see Moses of 
Chorene, History Bk. 3, ch. 7), in the year of the Armenians 25 
(=A.D. 578). This is testified to by Sarkis the Arabian, a bishop, with 
true testimony. Blessing, praise and glory and honour to Father, Son 
and Holy Ghost, now and for ever/ 

Here then we have a Greek source rendered into Armenian as 
early as A.D. 578, but itself how much older we do not know; though 
from its contents its composition must be dated about 530 a. D. It is 
entitled : c The controversy of the holy teachers of the Armenians, Moses 
and David, with the heretics who separated the natures ' ; and, as this 
title implies, the bulk of the writing consists of a long and tiresome 
anti-Nestorian argument supposed to have been delivered at the Council 
of Ephesus. This argument is preceded and followed by historical 
matter relating to the spread of the new Greek learning in Armenia. 
From the exordium we learn that David Invictus, called the philosopher, 
was one of five Armenian students, who were at the beginning of the 
fifth century sent, at the invitation of Theodosius, to Constantinople in 
order to study Greek and translate the Scriptures into Armenian. He 
was accompanied by Moses the Grammarian, Mambre the Philosopher, 
Abraham the Rhetor and Paulus. After a brief interlude of study at 
Constantinople, David was despatched by the Greek Emperor to Armenia, 
his native country, to superintend the refortification of Carni, near Erivan, 
an old strong place of which Tacitus relates the siege by the Romans, 
and which in the preceding century had been rebuilt by the Armenian 
King Tiridates. Returning thence to Constantinople David once more 
solicited the Emperor that he might be sent to study at Athens ; his 
request was granted and he was installed at Athens along with his 
compatriots under the particular patronage and protection of the 
Emperor. There, by a strange anachronism he ia made to consort with 
Basil of Caesarea and the Gregories. By Gregory of Nyssa and his 
brother Nazianzenus, the divine, David was actually invited to occupy 

c 2 

Digitized by 



the chief professorial chair of Philosophy at Athens, and both he and 
Moses remained as teachers in Athens for a space of 30 years. Then 
followed their great refutation of Nestorius at Ephesus in A.D. 431, 
and their arguments then delivered form the bulk of the book. After 
the Council the Emperor sent them home, laden with presents — among 
which was a portion of the true cross — and armed with the many books 
which during their stay in Greece they had translated into their native 
language. Returning to Great Armenia they found their orthodox 
countrymen engaged in that death-struggle for their faith with Azkert, 
the Persian King, in which fell Vardan the Brave. This was in the 
year 451 A.D., twenty years later than the Council of Ephesus. ' Then ' 
the narrative continues 'Moses and David were anxious not to show 
themselves in the land of Armenia, but desired to live secretly and in 
hiding, because they were Athenians and already old, and the land of 
Armenia was undone. Moses disguised himself as a beggar and retired 
to a village in the plain, while his companions David, Mambre, Paulus 
and Abraham pushed on to Erivan, where they were honourably 
welcomed by the lord Giut an old fellow-student of Moses, and now 
Catholicos of the Armenians. Better days were in store for Moses 
also ; he was sought for and found, and in spite of his protest, that 
he was now a stranger after so many years spent in Hellas, he was 
ordained an Archbishop. He forthwith began and wrote his history 
of Armenia, his exposition of Grammar, and also a hymnal for the 
use of the churches. Open teaching of his countrymen was denied 
him in that cruel time. David now wrote his book of definitions 
(Prolegomena Philosophiae) and also his exposition of Grammar, and 
they both opened the stores which they had so long before begun to 

In this curious tract there are anachronisms arising out of the desire 
of its writer to minimise the intellectual indebtedness of the Armenians 
to the Greeks. But after discounting that, there is no reason to doubt 
that during the first half of the fifth century there lived an Armenian 
at Athens named David who was a professional teacher of philosophy. 
The story of his return to Armenia with Moses is also very probable. 
In the middle of the century the Persian rulers forbade Greek books 
and learning in Great Armenia, on political grounds, because they were 

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jealous of any alliance between a country in vassalage to themselves 
and the Greek Empire. This proscription of Greek letters checked and 
crushed Armenian literary development almost in its first outburst, 
but by severing the intellectual ties which bound the race to Constanti- 
nople and Athens, it contributed to found the independence of their 
national Church. The Greek Commentaries on Aristotle and on 
Porphyry which we have under the title &irb (fxavrjs Aafilb may very 
well be the work of this Armenian teacher who spent 30 years in 
Athens between 406 and 451 a.d. 

§ 18. But the Commentaries upon the Categories and De Interpre- 
tatione remain an enigma. In the hope that some Aristotelian may 
be able to identify them I now append some specimens of it. In my 
rendering of it I set a note of interrogation where I am not certain 
of the meaning and leave blanks where the text is broken. 



la. I. dixdwfia ylyvcrai Karb bio rp6irovs, Kara rv\riv rj Kara bidvoiav. 
bi&voia b\ Kar a^Capa (?), Kard, ixirffx-qv, icar* IKirlba, Kar 9 €V\aSj Kar 

tUSva, Kaff SyLOioWrjra rj Karh avCvyCas ariprjaiv Aoircp 

\tovo\lruiv .... &<riT€p aOXrjrfjs. 
Compare the above with the 'Anonymi in Aristotelis Categorias 
Paraphrasis,' published among the Commentaria in Aristotelem Graeca, 
vol. xxiii. part ii, pp. 1, 2. The Armenian seems to be the barest 
summary of that paraphrase. Compare also the Berlin Aristotle, vol. iv. 
p. 42 b. 13 in a Scholium of David: l <t>tp* cItmixcv rr\v bialpcaw rQv 
SfKavifuav. roirotv rd. fx4v tlaiv aitb rv\rjs' But note that what follows in 
the Greek is very diffuse and unlike the Armenian. 



1 a. 6. (Tuvvwixa bC iicelvo \4yerai, Sn el teal biatpopa iv rois 6v6fiaros 

fjLoptois, tv Kal rairrb cny/uafoei Kara rbv rfjs ova-las \6yov> &ait*p &<f> f 

ivbs Kal irpbs (v. 
1 a. T 2. biacra(f>€i rifv irafxovOfiaaCav Kara rpeis rpSirovr rd avjx^xavclv jxiv rbv 

irp&rov $66yyoV) biafyipeiv bi rrjv varirr\v avWafi^v. Spiafios (?) rov 

irpiyparos, airovbalos Kal cnrovbai6rri$. 
1 a. 16. &9 bnrkov Svros rod \&yov y rd jiiv yip iv btavoCa, rd bi iv irpoQopq. 

Digitized by 



t6 irpotpopq piv, l<m (pooinj <rrtfiavTiicfj' rb hi biavoCq, v6rjfia koX 
cIk&v TTpayiA&TO)v. 'Itrriov 8u ovk del at <f>a>val rj vorjpLara tirovrat 
irpiypa<nv' akkci iviorc rets (f>a>vas jxiv <rv\ifiaLvct. clvai aitkas, ra bi 
vorjpLara a4vO*ra' olov rp(\a) rj avayiyv<&o'K<a' ivtorc bi at piv 
<f>a>val avv04rai 9 ret bi vorjpLara airkar olov rf ns clirot &v$pa>irov 
C<$ov, koyucbv 0vrjr6v' ik)C iorlv 8n at r€ <pa>val arrkai koI ra 
vorjpLara' olov ScoKpdn/s rj "OpLrjpos. tori bi Kal 8n at T€ (fxavai 
avvOirai Kal ra vorjpLara. olov SuiKparrjs Qikoo-ofcl rj "OpLrjpos irotct. 
With the above compare the Anonymi Paraphrasis p. 5, 11. a-15. 

Let us omit a few intervening scholia and translate the Commentary 
on the Categories 1 b. 25-2 a. 10. To save trouble I render it into 
English, occasionally using the Greek form of a technical phrase : — 



1 b. 25-2 a. 10. ' He takes in hand the second classification of beings, 
as we called it above. At present he does not go into the 
ten genera, because he before divided (beings) into two : into 
substance (ov<rla) and into accident (<rv/ut/3€/3i7Kcfs). Substance 
is of a single kind (airka rd ctbos), but not so accident. Rather 
this is multifarious (TtokvrpoTtov) ; and in order according to 
the kinds which naturally belong in it (nard. ra iv avr<£ irc<fwK6ra 
yivrj) does he make division of it. Of these kinds the names 
differ, but the substance is one. If then all are put together, 
they make up the number ten ; from which fact, as we said 
before, our treatise received its title. 
' We must make up our minds that what he says, the words 
namely : rQv Kara prfbcplav ovpLirkoKr)v keyopivedv ticaoTov rjroi 
ova-lav <rr)p.alvci rj iroi6v or some other of the ten categories, 
that we must needs subject these words to an examination 
not of their sounds only, but of the thoughts they contain. 
For if we follow the mere sounds, we shall not with any 
the more exactitude know the manner of the saying. To 
take an example — rpi\a> t here is a simple sound. But the 
thought contained is complex. For it contains within itself 
the pronoun, e.g. 'I,' since it makes no difference whether 
we say rptyv or iyi> rpi\<a. In the same way if anyone should 


< Google 

Digitized by ' 


think of (the word) /AowiKcfs, as meaning a single thing, because 
the sound is single. For it does not really mean a single 
thing (fo n). For if you examine what hov<tik6s is, you will 
find two things, and not one. For /aovo-ikJs means a man 
skilled in musical sounds. Consequently imov<tik6s consists of 
man and of art together, and is clearly therefore two and 
not one. But if anyone chooses to say \ " Why did he take 
such an example?" let him know that he did not himself 
for his own instruction (Kvploas) use examples at all, but merely 
that he might be easily understood by learners. Such words 
as these he appends (?). He mentions affirmation and 
negation — at once, wishing to inform us (?). For he is 
pleased to omit for the present about premiss. For it is 
necessary that every affirmation and negation should be a 
syllogistic premiss, and that a premiss should be either true 
or false. Consequently affirmation or denial will either be 
true or false, as he himself said.' 

This extremely simple commentary is unrecognisable among the 
scholia on this passage which are given in the Berlin Aristotle, vol. iv. ; 
among which scholia are given extracts from the Greek Commentary 
of David. 

Let us take one more example of the Armenian commentary, 
that which expounds the opening words 16 a. i, % of the De Inter- 
pretatione. It is as follows: — 

1 We stated once before, that the aim of the whole of this logical 
treatise is to arrive at demonstrative syllogisms. But, since 
there are many fallacies in syllogisms, we must be acquainted 
with each of them. For, through a knowledge of the others, 
we reach the dembnstrative syllogism. But it is impossible 
to recognise either one or the other of the said syllogisms, 
unless we first learn, what syllogism is. But syllogism itself 
involves premisses or propositions ; and a premiss is either 
icara^aruccfc or diro<£ariiccfs, or is Arfyos ns. 

1 It were best to begin with teaching about speech (\6yos) and its 
parts, and after that to pass to the teaching (libaa-KokCa) of 

Digitized by 



premisses, which is what he himself does in this treatise. 
For in defining, ri Svopa, tC pfjiia koI Aoyos, he passes to the 
exposition of jcard^ao-t? and iL-nwfraxns and of airoffxumKhs koyos, 
of which premisses are made up. 
'But what will be the meaning of his opening words? For he 
says : irp&rov 6*t OioOai. We know that this word irpurov is 
used in two ways. Either in relation to someone, as for 
example that one must first read a particular poem and then 
examine its thoughts ; or in relation to many, as if they should 
say, first before all one must possess Homer's poems, and 
then after that all the others which follow; and this is the 
sense in which the word "first" is here used, in the sense 
namely of "before everything." Act as if it were irpiirci. 
Now btlv is of two kinds, either Kara rd avayKaiov or kcltS, 
to x/w?<ri/Aor. Here it is used in the former sense as equivalent 
to " it is necessary." But Oiadai again has three senses. Either 
as if in a place, as in a man or in a city ; or as when we call 
by a name, for position (Oi<n$) is another phrase for calling 
by a name (? dvoixaTOKkqais) ; or as when we define. This was 
specially the sense which OiaOai had for the ancients, and it is 
the one in which the philosopher here uses it, namely the sense 
of defining. Collecting then all our results, let us see what our 
exposition comes to. The words " irp&rov 8ci OiaOai" may be 
set forth thus. Before all it is necessary to define what is 
a term and what a verb and so forth. For a knowledge of 
all these in the way of definition will assist us in Qur quest 
after premisses. 
1 But why, we would know, in this place has the teacher observed 
one order, while in the sequel he arranges his teaching differ- 
ently. Surely it is not according to their (? true) order that 
he has here ranked air6(j>av(ns and Kari^aais and airo^axris 
before Arfyos. But because their confused nomenclature is in 
us a source of ignorance, for this reason he takes us into 
the midst and wishes by means of names familiar to us, such 
as are \6yos and Svoixa and p^fta, to acquaint us with the 
extremes and manifest our ignorance of the mean. And that 

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the terms are out of order is quite clear, for he has set 
<&7ro'</>acris before KardQao-tf, in order that we may not suppose 
that he is here proceeding Kara ri^iv, but only in the way 
which utility prescribes. 
' But to any one who should ask, why he only mentions the noun 
and verb and not also other parts of speech, it must be 
answered that it is so, because alone and in a paramount 
sense (icvplm) the parts of speech are noun and verb ; whereas, 
of the other parts usually so called in teaching children, some 
fall under the noun and others under the verb. Under the 
noun — as pronoun or adverb, for any one on examination will 
find it so. But the participle under the verb, while all the 
rest of them subserve various uses. Just as in a ship things 
have each their peculiar use, for example glue and flax for 
fastening, nails for rivetting the joints, red paint for decorating 
it ; yet none of these are called the ship, but are catachresti- 
cally referred to the ship. So with speech, some elements 
serve to tie and pin together its component parts, as for 
instance the conjunction, some to complete it as the prepo- 
sition; not in the way of making it more perfect, but as 
making it clear and illumining it have the other so-called 
parts of speech their several uses in respect of speech, 
though they should not therefore be considered really parts 
of it.' 
The beginning of the above scholion resembles that of John Italus 
given in the Berlin Aristotle, vol. iv. 24 b. 30 ff. The disquisition on the 
use of Oia-Oat, echoes the more elaborate scholion of Ammonius printed 
in the Berlin Aristotle, iv. 98 a. 24 ff The enquiry why Aristotle pro- 
pounds in the order &ir6(f>a<ns *car<tya<ris k.t.K. the objects of his enquiry 
echoes, though it is not identical with, the commentary ad locum of 
Syrianus; for we read in the foot-note vol. iv. 99 b. of the Berlin 
Aristotle as follows : — ' Boeth. it p. 287 : Syrianus vero, cui Philoxenus 
cognomen est, hoc loco quaerit cur proponens prius de negatione, post 
de affirmatione pronuntiaverit/ Syrianus, so far as we can judge from 
Boethius' reference gave quite other and deeper reasons than those 
which our Armenian commentator gives. Neither do the other references 


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to the lost commentary of Syrianus given in Boethius* commentary on 
the De Interpretation tally with the Armenian Commentary. 

§ 14. If the Armenian Commentary is not that of David, and this 
is certain, several allied questions arise regarding it. Is it a translation 
at all and not rather an Armenian Commentary written on a preexisting 
version of Aristotle's Text ? If it be a translation of some Greek com- 
mentary, then was it made along with or before or after the version 
of the text was made? 

That we have here a version from Greek seems certain on at least 
two grounds. Firstly, its style is unmistakably that of a version from 
Greek. Secondly, there are references in it to other books of Aristotle 
which were accessible to a Greek writer, but probably inaccessible — 
since they were never translated — to an Armenian writer composing a 
commentary in his own language. I give some examples of such 
references. In the § of commentary on 16 a. 3-9, in explanation of 
the words in 1. 9 : &\krj$ yap irpayiiaTclas, we read as follows : — 

'TiaXiv av tliroiiv ircpl arnieloav 9 a bi) TrpaypArcov ?} vorjp>aros rj (fxavrjs 
cfe rr)v apxyv avarpi\ti 5n 5>v ro&rnv crq/tfta itpdraav iradrjpLara 
rrjs ylrv\rjs rafoa, olov ci 8<ra oxravrcos ivor)Qr\ (or Saris «<r. iv6t\a , €v) i 
S rh vorjfMra £xa>i>, kclOoXov kclto* tov afobv rp6itov rbv rov apxtrvrtov 
iKbi\erai rvrtov 8s I cm. iraOrjixara, afoUa avriarpitfxov rbv X6yov 9 
iravrl r<p ixpvn rovs afoovs tvttovs kclI vorjpara, ol afoot tltrw 
ipyirvnoi rsaaw & ion irpay/uara. <Sorc vorjfMara Kal irpdy/uuira, 
a bvvarai elvai ra afoa Tract, (pvatt ravra fyOeh). al bi <f>a>val 
ical ypa<f>6pi€va abvvara rtaaiv cTvai ra afoi. tv€Ka rod Horcpov 
ytvivQai rovro Kal Sri ovk tori rofoov rov t6ttov r) wepl rov 
vorjixaros Cqrqat?, rjvayic&o-Ori apa.Kp6v n Xa/3cii/ irpbs rd xPWtybv 
afoov. Tr)v bi rzXtiorlpav bibaaicaXCav, 8n olov br) j/uuucifiara av 
cfy ra vorjuara, iv T<p rplry ^fSXiy, 8rc trepi rrjs \jruxrjs Al£et, 
pri$rjo-€Tai. Qvo-utrjs yip iori <f>ikoao<f>tas is ol irepiirarqrucol, rj 
$€o\oyiKrjs 9 &s ol irkaroaviKoi, &AA' oi)(l ravrqs irpayfrnreCas rj 
roiavrq 0ea>pla.' 

Again in the Commentary on 16 a. 14-18 we read : — 
( aW' lireibri iCnrti wcpi aXrjOtlas rj \jr€vbovs r&v ficp&v rod \6yov, 8n 
&aiT€p ra vorjfJLara ofom i\ovaiv al ffxaval, ov p.6vov ivravtia, &AAa 

Digitized by 



kqX iv rols jLKTa ra <£v<nKa Qrjolv ovrm Sti T&\r)Ois Kal to \fftvbos 
t^v apxftv l^v &n° r &v voj\p.6.T<av IXajQei/, pera bi tovto Kal iv 
<f)(M>vcu$ iiTTO(paCv€Tcu. itpiyfiara yap abivara itpbs olovbrproT* avr&v 
<raXct/etv, aWa rbv acl yjiovov to tv lyci &KivrJTm. A tar if ay tovto 
8ti to aXrjOtveiv Kal to yfrdibeo-Oat, iv avp.'nenXtyp.ivois ylyvtTai, 
iXk y ovk iv ctarAcus (jxavah, ficra, tovto /ut€raXX<JrT€i cis bihaaicaklav 
6v6p.aT0$ Kal prjfmTos Kal t&v &Kk<av f SaoDv ip.iym\To! 

So in § of commentary on 17 a. 1-15 Plato is referred to as holding 
the opinion that speech is in us <f>t/<m, because it is the instrument of 
reason ; and the argument of Aristotle is represented as being directed 
against Plato. Other passages might be cited in which Aristotle's 
other works are referred to in a way which proves the commen- 
tator to have been a Greek to whom they were accessible and not an 
Armenian paraphrast of an already existent version of the text. 

§ 15. But if the latter alternative is rejected, how shall we explain : 
firstly, the general identity in form of citations of the text imbedded 
in the commentary with that text itself? For instance in the com- 
mentary on 16 a. 3-9 above cited the unusual reading &v rot/row <n)\xtla 
Trpfotov is repeated from the text. Secondly, how account for the entire 
absence of references to other commentators ? For most commentaries 
of the fifth century abound with such references friendly or polemical. 
One can only account for the former circumstance by supposing that 
the text and commentary were rendered at one and the same time and 
by the same hand from a Greek original in which also text and 
commentary went side by side. The occasional slight differences of 
citations which exist in the Armenian may also have been in the Greek. 
For example the words 10 a. 25 : pirpLu, L "m^fi^ irpLirurf jlrqu/bmli 
nptufct-piruiti ( = K<zl HkKos &v ris fpavelrj Tp6iT0s 7roionjros), are cited thus 
in the accompanying commentary: pirpLu L uy[_ IrpLlrugf, niruutfy 
nprn^m-pirmit (= Kal &\Xo av ipavclr} el&os ttoi.6tt]tos). Here we may 
merely have a piece of loose citation in the original Greek. Such 
cases might be multiplied indefinitely. 

I have only chanced on one passage in the commentary, as to 
which one feels that it cannot be translation from the Greek, and in 
this case we may suppose the Armenian translator to have made so 


Digitized by 



obvious an addition. It refers to the words 10 b. 5-9 and is as fol- 
lows : — 

'And secondly, although we may have the name of a quality 
(iroio'njs) and though the man who is such (iroirfs) may 
participate in the things (/uteWx« tvv irpayp&Ttov), yet the 
participation may not have a name formed irapcuvvfuas from 
the quality in question. As for example from mnjugpin^ 
{=Ap€nj) one is called j>"»t_ (=cnrov8aioy). For in the Greek 
tongue there is a quality called iperrj, but the corresponding 
"such "(iroufs) is not u»n.utpptft ( = virtuous), but^iuf_ ( = oTrovoaios). 
Or rather, if you look out for a true equivalent, our word 
</><yp is such 1 . But in the Greek tongue oirovbrj is not the 
original term used, so that a man is called oirovbalos because 
he has cmovbrj, neither, although they have in use d/>€nj as 
the quality, is the person who owns the quality called irapari/fuu? 
a man who is iperalos, but you have one name for the quality, 
to wit, iptTrj, and another for him that has it, to wit, cnrovbaios.' 

Cannot this passage be explained as a note added by the translator 
himself to clear up a passage in the text which would otherwise have 
been obscure to his countrymen ? 

§ 16. The other question regarded the absence of all references to 
other commentators. Can we explain this by supposing this to be a 
very early commentary? May not names of other commentators be 
absent from it, because the commentators in question had not yet 
written ? It is impossible that this should be so, and if any significance 
be attached at all to such absence of references, it must rather be taken 
as a sign that the author of this commentary is expounding his text 
to pupils who knew nothing of other famous teachers like Alexander, 
Themistius, Maximus, Kallimachus, Olympiodorus ; references to whom 
are frequent in the Armenian versions of David's commentary on the 
Isagoge and Prolegomena, and in the fragmentary commentary on the 
Analytics. On such pupils learned references would have been thrown 

1 FoTj»mg_means brave rather than ethically virtuous, and i/nyP is a better equivalent for 
ewov&uot, for it means ' careful, sedulous, anxious to do right.' 

Digitized by 



away. Perhaps then we have here an indication that the commentary 
was originally composed for the instruction of native Armenians. 

§ 17. But in that case why should it have been first composed 
in Greek ? It would perhaps meet all the difficulties, if we supposed 
that an Armenian teacher, living in Athens or Antioch or Caesarea and 
familiar with the rest of Aristotle's writings and with Greek philosophy 
in general, had translated the Aristotelian text, and at the same time 
written this commentary for the use of his compatriots who had not the 
same advantages as himself. We might then explain the version-like 
character of the Armenian as merely the style in which an Armenian, 
saturated with Greek learning, would write. He might even have com- 
posed it first in Greek and then turned his own Greek into Armenian. 

§ 18. I cannot persuade myself that some such view is not the true 
one. We know for instance that Prohaeresios, the rhetor, teacher of 
Julian, of Basil and of Gregory Nazianzen, was an Armenian from the 
borders of Persia ; furthermore that when he was professor at Athens 
* all Pontus and the neighbouring nations, sent their scholars to him, 
admiring him as a peculiar ornament of their country (&(nrcp oIk&ov 
iyaOov) V To him, with as much certainty as to any one, may be at- 
tributed these versions of Aristotle along with the commentary. Such a 
supposition harmonises well with the early tradition, which I have quoted, 
that David Invictus was senior to and as a teacher paramount over 
Basil and Gregory Nazianzen. May not Armenian tradition have confused 
Prohaeresios, — whose Armenian name we know not — and who actually 
taught these famous men, with David, author of the prolegomena and 
commentary on the Isagoge, who lived nearly a hundred years later ? 

§ 19. No importance can be attached to the absence in these com- 
mentaries on Aristotle of all references indicative of Christian authorship. 
Neither are they found in David's commentary on the Isagoge or in 
his prolegomena. But the absence of such references has its proper sig- 
nificance. It might appear that all these Armenian commentaries and 
versions were the work of a school of translators quite apart from and 
perhaps antagonistic to the school of SS. Mesrop and Isaac. How that 
school treated profane works in translating them into Armenian, we see 

1 See Ennapius. Life of Prohaeresios. 

Digitized by 



in the translation made by Moses of Chorene of the rhetoric of Aph- 
thonius. In the latter version all the illustrations are drawn from the 
Bible and all allusions to Pagan mythology are carefully omitted. 

§ 20. Let us recapitulate the evidence on various points. 

(i) That this Armenian commentary on the Categories and De 
Interpretatione is not by David Invictus. In proof of this 
we know (a) that the Greek commentary iird </xowjs AafiCb 
has nothing in common with it. (/3) That the Prolegomena 
Philosophiae are ascribed in an Armenian book of the year 
580 A.D. to David Invictus ; while the work on the Categories 
and De Interpretatione is not. Similar evidence is furnished 
by Stephanus of Siunik, early in the eighth, and by Gregory 
Magistros early in the eleventh century, (y) The MS. of 
Pavia, of unique authority in deciding such a question, does 
not mention David. The brief colophon at the end of the 
book in the first hand is merely to this effect : c The wisdom 
of the master and text of the lovely wisdom, the teacher 
called deacon (Sarkavag), elaborated unto correctness of the 
letter. What was worthy he rendered without grudge and 
freely.' I take the above to mean that this teacher called 
Deacon was the copyist of the Pavia MS. and not the author 
of the commentary. 

(2) That the commentary was translated along with the text and 

not before or after it. Or if not a translation at all, then 
it was composed by the translator of the text, and went with 
it from the first. 
This is almost certain because (a) all the MSS., the Pavia Codex 
among them, give the text and the commentary in alternate 
sections. (/3) The style and wording of the two are too 
closely allied for them to have been written apart. 

(3) As to the date. This cannot be fixed with precision, (a) The 

reference to Vardan as the typically brave man points to the 
latter half of the fifth century. If we ascribe an earlier 
date we must set this reference down as a change wrought 
in the text by Armenian patriotism. (/3) The best evidence 

Digitized by 



is that of the text of Aristotle reflected in the version. This 
text, especially in the case of the De Interpretatione where 
we can test it, is nearly allied to the text which Boethius 
used. Compare for instance the readings of the following 
passages: 16 a. 6 ; 16 a. 25 ; 17 a. n ; 17 a. 30 17 b. 7, 8 ; 
17 b. 14; 18 a. 8 ; 18 a. 35 ; 18 b. 25 ; 18 b. 33 ; 18 b. 39 ; 

19 a. 4 ; 19 a. 20 ; 19 b. \2 ; 19 b. 15 ; 19 b. 25 ; 19 b. 30 ; 

20 a. 31 ; 20 b. 36; 21a. 18; 21a. 22; 21b. 18; 21b. 21; 

23 a. 11 ; 23 a. 21 ; 23 a. 25 ; 23 a, 31 ; 23 b. 21 ; 24 b. 6; 

24 b. 8. Karl Meiser, the editor of the accurate text of 
Boethius* Commentary, calls attention in Fleckeisen's Jahr- 
bucher (vol. 117), to many characteristics of the Boethian 
text, which are attested also by the Armenian. There can 
be therefore no doubt but that the Armenian Version repre- 
sents a Greek text of Aristotle at least as old as the fifth 
century. It may also be noticed that the Arabic version of 
the Categories edited by J. Th. Zenker, at Leipsic, in 1846, 
has some affinities with the Armenian. Zenker notes the 
variants implied by the Arabic at the foot of each page. 
The following are recognisable in the Armenian : 2 a. 5, 
add rj Karacpdcrti ; 2 a. 38, omit Karqyopfr\6ri<T€Tai to (<$ov ; 
3 a. ao, omit »<rat/ra>$ ; 3 b. 26, omit yip ; 8 b. 29, omit fj rpi- 
tti}x« ; 3 b. 35, omit ical fjrrov ; 4 b. 13, omit itiBovs ; 5 b. 8, k<x\ 
koB' avra irocra ; 6 a. 22, it 4 m € 7) rpia Xcycrai ; 8 b. 28, ixovin<&T€pov 
ct. *c. iro\vxpovu&T€pov ; 9 a. 30, omit icat vTpwfrvoTT)?. Most of these 
variants, however, appear in one or more of Waitz* MSS. 

§ 21. Let us now consider how the versions collated in this work 
satisfy the second of the conditions specified in § 2, namely, that of being 
so literal as really to reflect the Greek Texts from which they were made. 
They all satisfy this condition in a very complete manner. The only 
exception is the rendering of the De Mundo, and most of the variations 
of that are corruptions due to its widespread use as a school-book. It is 
enough to quote the words of Adalbert Merx on this point. True, they 
were written about the Armenian Version of Dionysius Thrax, but they 
hold good equally of these versions ; and in defining the proper way in 
which to make use of these Armenian versions they leave nothing to 

Digitized by 




be desired. I cuote from Dionysii Thracis ars Grammatica, edidit 
Gustavus Vhlig. Lipsiae, 1883. Merxii disputatio De Interpretatione 
Armeniaca, p. lxiii : — 

* lam qua ratione Armenius usus sit in interpretando Dionysio ex- 
planemus. Interpretis indolem facili negotio describeremus, 
sieumnon verborum modo verumsyllabarum fere ac litterarum 
tenacem diceremus,tamenexili hac definiendi ratione haud con- 
tend satiusduximus exemploprolato demonstrare, quam inierit 
viam. Quod ubi lectores perpenderint bene intellegent quinam 
eius sit usus et quae auctoritas in exercenda re critica. Quem 
ad finem prima duo capita Graece et Armeniace descripturi 
sumus adiecta insuper enarratione singularum vocum, immo 
syllabarum Armeniacarum, ita concinnata, ut quoad fieri po- 
terit littera litterae respondeat. Quam enarrationem Latiriam, 
in qua perpendenda lectores rogo ut Ciceronis male sint 
memores, si quis cum textu Graeco contulerit, non poterit non 
intellegere satis accurate posse statui, quamnam lectionem 
Graecam Armenius expresserit.' 

Instead of the chapter from the Grammar given by Merx let us take 
a passage from the De Interpretatione : — 

17 a. 8. 









tutu I 




t6-Iotiv I rj 


irp&ros I \6yos 

ffil/ I push 

avdyKT) hi 
FHJd ^Tk^ 

iK-prJuaros I cli/cu 

tiutputut^puyfr 1 f"L_i 

I yap I i-Tov-ivOpfaitov 
^tut/ofi I ifiupnjijti 

Ity I rj I iarat, I 
I L. LutiT\ n&nfigfiitt I 

irpooTcOjj, I oC-tto) I Xoyos 

tun.qfg(n I iJi-n-li-u I path 


puig^ bpLjMiLui% 

Iol V &AA01 
b u k u ubP b 





uttflruLpiruiu , 

\6yov I &iro- 

ptuti I pwg^. 



tnuiufutjjuthfr » 

\6yos, lav I jat) 
puttt t pir I n£_ 

fj I &\\0 I T( 
QftT I ntuj L I t%u^ 

puig^lrpL.utLut% • 

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In his corresponding example from the Grammar of Thrax, Merx 
adds a Latin Version interlineally. I omit it, as it adds nothing to the 
force of the example. In the above extract, notice that the order of 
the Greek is kept, except, 

(i) in rendering hi or yip; the former being rendered by fmyg or L 
according as it has an adversative force or is merely equivalent 
to icai. 
(2) in rendering the article. In the Armenian the article is rendered 

by the suffix %. 
The changes in the Greek involved by the above version can be 
detected at a glance. They are the omission of prjiiaros, of rj fjv and the 
reading iXko n t&v toiovto)v for n tolovtov. 

And again, p. lxvii, Merx writes as follows : — 
* Haec igitur est indoles interpretations Armeniacae : Graeca, sylla- 
bam fere syllaba reddens, Armenius expressit, raro sensum 
respexit, particulas vero, quibus sermo eius patrius caret modo 
omisit, modo liberius reddidit. Moneo vero lectores, ne cen- 
seant voces ab interprete fictas in usum linguae non esse 
receptas, immo eodem modo uti insulsae Latinorum interpre- 
tationes, qui neroyriv participium> alTiariK^v accusativum, 
ycviKrjv genetivum reddere non erubuerunt, ab omnibus sunt 
receptae, ita et voces ab interprete grammaticae Dionysianae 
ad normam Graecam formatae deinde in numerum vocum 
usitatarum intraverunt. lam si quis Armeniaca, nulla Graeci 
archetypi habita ratione, eo modo in aliam linguam transtu- 
lerit, ut quae in lexicis habentur vocabulorum technicorum 
explicationibus utatur, neque explicare dictionem et indolem 
Dionysii Armeniace redditi, nee rem criticam iuvare censendus 
erit. Eundem enim si recte intellexerit, sensum ex Armenio 
atque ex Graeco eliciet Itaque ipsum textum Armeniacum 
in quamlibet linguam convertere omnino inutile est ; ea potius 
ratione Armenius est tractandus, ut singula verba ad textum 
Graecum accuratissime excutiantur.' 
§ 22. The third condition proposed above in § 2 was that we should 
possess a pure text of the version. The texts of the Armenian Categories 
and De Interpretatione which I have collated and used are the following : 

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(a) Printed. An edition of the philosophical and other works of 
David Invictus was published at Venice, a.d. 1833, by the 
Mechitarist Press. In this edition, pp. 359-408, is found the 
treatise on the ten Categories unaccompanied by the com- 
mentary. The Subscription runs : t(t*u,uip[rguii- muiub uuinpn^ 
njiupjiubub tuuutntriui jlrn-uiJblr&^'b jtupftuwnuikik np muh puin 

jniXuipk 4 ** Z-tfl'f' ^^qop/nuut * Expliciunt decern categoriae 
quae dicuntur maximi Aristotelis quae dicuntur Graeca 
lingua Categoriae/ The title of the treatise is simply: 
umnpn^in.p/n.'Lp mp^uuinuiir^ ( Categoriae Aristotelis. , There 
is here no mention of David, but there follows, pp. 409-458, 
the same treatise from 9 b. 28 to end, each paragraph being 
now followed by its section of commentary. The title is : 

uutnpnajti.pfii.1bp u/pfiuutnut£ri[i puipq-iTuiblruii L. Jbl/Ulruii A 

qjuupky 'Categoriae Aristotelis translatae et commentario 
ornatae a Davide.' 

The first part of the commentary was missing in the Venice 
MSS., but is supplied in most of the MSS. hereafter to be 
described as collated by myself. 

To this Venetian printed text I allude in my Appendix II as 
V. It is based from pp. 349-408 on three codices, one of 
which in large cursive is dated 859 Armenian = A. D. 1411, 
another in small cursive is dated 1136 Armenian =A.D. 1688, 
while the third in small cursive is undated. From pp. 409- 
458 of the Venice Edition the text together with com- 
mentary is printed, and for this part the first of these three 
MSS. was alone available. It should be noticed that in the 
earlier codex the text and commentary go together, and 
that in the later MSS. only is the text found unaccompanied 
by the commentary. In the same Venice edition the text 
of the De Interpretatione is printed pp. 461-486. The title 

IS : utffrnjLb L. *buifuuin.pnupftub op nab np suufi puut jnuhtruy 
tqtrpfiiupdi%ftiuu L. ^ufjtrpfru jutnuiaju ilbtibnuplruih utpnjmnplwutah 

Jbh> fiJuiumbn/u tupfiuinnufkik^ Beginning and preface of the 
book which is called in Greek irepl ipprivcias and in Armenian 
about interpretation set forth by the great philosopher 

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Aristotle/ It is followed, pp. 4 8 7-553i by the same 
text, accompanied paragraph by paragraph by the com- 
mentary, which is, however, missing from 17 a. 25-20 b. 14. 
This is entitled : u^^pfnupj^bfuuu mpfiuinnuitrfp ptupq.Ju/blrut^ L. 
dtfiirui^ fi = l TTcpl 4/ojuwji/cfas of Aristotle translated 
and explained by David/ 
The Manuscripts used are nearly the same as for the 
Categories, viz.: for text alone, small cursive of 1688 and 
small cijrsive of a.d. 17 10; for text with commentary the 
large cursive of A.D. 1411 alone. 
The separate readings of these MSS. are sometimes ex- 
hibited, but without classification, in the margin of the 
printed text To these I allude in Appendix II and else- 
where as Vo. 
§ 23, (p) We now come to the manuscript sources of Paris, Jerusalem 
and Pavia. In the Biblioth&que Nationale I consulted various MS. texts, 
especially two, Fonds Armdniens 105 and 106, alluded to in Appendix II 
as D and E, but in the collation simply as Paris MSS. or P. MSS. 
The text of the Categories unaccompanied by commentary occupies 
ff. 89-118 of 105. The text accompanied by the commentary is given 
ff- 252-35 6 of 106. Of these No. 106 is the older, probably of the 
fifteenth century, but the worst written ; No. 105 is somewhat later, and 
is more neatly written. 

The same MSS. contain the De Interpretatione. No. 106 gives 
text with commentary ff. 97-164 ; No. 105 gives the text alone ff. 

Both these MSS. attribute version and commentary alike to David. 
§ 24. After collating these MSS. in 1887 I was still conscious of 
there being left in the version many variants from the Greek merely 
due to corruptions of copyists or to corrections made upon medieval 
Latin versions. In hope of eliminating these and acquiring a purer text 
I went to Jerusalem in the year 1888, and there collated the two oldest 
codices preserved in the Patriarch's library of the Convent of St James. 
These two Codices I refer to in my collation as J. MSS. or J. 401 and 
1291. In Appendix II I refer to No. 1291 as B, to No. 401 as C. The 
latter of these seemed to me to be the older of the two. In it the folia 

e 2 

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containing the last § of commentary on the Categories is missing. Both 
MSS. are undated, but judged by the writing 401 may belong to the 
fourteenth century. I regret that my notes containing a fuller descrip- 
tion of these Jerusalem MSS. were lost while travelling. In the same 
year I examined the MSS. of Edschmiadzin, but found that they added 
nothing to the recension of the text of the version already made from 
the MSS. of Paris and Jerusalem. 

§ 25. On this recension I based the collation printed pp. 1-50 of 
this book. When these pages were already printed I visited Pavia, 
where I had heard that there was in the Library of the University a 
Codex of David Invictus. The differences of this text from all the 
others were so considerable that I made a wholly fresh collation and 
was compelled to add as an appendix the many additions and corrections 
supplied by it to the Armenian text with which I had hitherto worked. 
In Appendix II, I print this Pavian text itself, reproducing as far as 
possible all its peculiarities of spelling, punctuation and accentuation. 
This Codex I now proceed to describe more in detail. It consists of two 
volumes, 130 D 43, 43. With the exception of a few quaternions in the 
first volume it is written on thick cotton paper, very glossy and white. 
The size of page is 10 x 6| inches. On an average four lines of writing 
fell within one linear inch. A facsimile of this MS. is added at the end of 
this book. It seems to have been bound as at present in the fifteenth 
century. Of several quaternions the first or last folio is missing, as if 
the book had been read at first in loose quaternions. There is no date 
in either volume. The hand in which the commentary of David on the 
Isagoge of Porphyrius and the Categories and De Interpretation with 
commentary are written out seems not later than a.d. 1300 and not 
earlier than A.D. 1100. This copyist could also write an uncial hand, 
in which he often completes the end of a line. In one place he actually 
digresses for half a page into small uncials. The spelling is that which 
is met with in Codices of the ninth and tenth and presumably older 
centuries. Thus instead of the later orthography k> kp* tflb, k^ 1rpk> 
mlrtytr, o, turn. ( = 2Aa£ei/), we find, though not invariably, ir, irp, Lpi, 

trusty, irpir, ndiir/iut uiu, iraun. ' SOmetimeS trpfytyuiufyntAi for trpfyfyu/titj.nt-% * 

juiubu, and uy*L frequently for joa-km and uy^ Also Lppkg is sometimes 

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written for ^ppkg as in 19 b. 36, ij-iny for 7.4-iy. There are few abbrevia- 
tions and none except the accustomed ^p} and ^ptr for ^pfnA and 
^p&tuh. The punctuation of this MS. was difficult to reproduce in print, 
especially the difference between two small points set together and two 
larger points. Both round and square dots are used, also heavy and 
lighter commas. Round commas frequently occur above the line and 
also heavier square topped commas. The double point occurs both on 
the line level with the writing and where there is more of a pause above 
the line. The single point is sometimes round, sometimes square, and 
comes either below, abreast of or above the line. Often from poverty 
of type the double point in my printed text represents two short 
horizontal dashes, one above the other, in the original. Occasionally 
triple points occur. The punctuation is peculiarly full and ample and 
adapted to the end of bringing out the sense of what is written. The 
writing is often almost continuous ; and the whole system of punctuation 
employed seems to have been copied exactly from an older book written 
continuously, in which the stops served to separate the words. I cannot 
otherwise account for the frequent diastole or comma above the line, 
used where there is no elision or hiatus. Words which in later texts 
were written as a single whole are sometimes divided by a comma, e.g. 
ff&pir is always written W&, ptr. Prepositions are frequently written 
together with the words they precede; and occasionally a hyphen is 
drawn under a compound word. The auxiliary k(=icmv) is very often 
joined to the participle which precedes it. 

The spelling of the MS. is not quite uniform and such variations as 
there are I have observed in printing it. Some of these variations may 
be mistakes of the copyist no doubt, but others may have a philological 
value. I have merely tried to reproduce in print the text of the MS. 
In copying it for the printer I have mostly separated words which were 
written continuously, but have tried to avoid any other change. In 
printing the text of the version from the Pavian Codex no pains have 
been spared to reproduce the accents, which are very characteristic. In 
few Armenian manuscripts are the words accentuated with so much care 
and fulness. In a few cases, as for instance 16 a. 13, the accent is drawn 
horizontally, instead of vertically, and this I have tried to keep. The 
subject of the ancient Armenian accent is an obscure one and in modern 

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editions they are not printed. I hope that my care in reproducing the 
accentuation may be of use to philologists interested to determine the 
nature of the old Armenian accent. 

§ 26. The following is a list of the contents of this Manuscript : 
In the first volume (i) In an old hand, not the same as, but con- 
temporary with the hand which wrote out the whole of vol. ii, is a list 
of Greek Botanical terms written in Armenian characters with their 
vulgar Armenian equivalents, (ii) In the same hand Philo's dictionary of 
Old Testament names. This is entitled : ' These sounds of the Hebrew 
names were translated into the Greek tongue by Philo, the successor of 
the Apostles.' This seems to be an earlier form of Philo's dictionary 
than any we have in Greek or Latin. The hand in which are written (i) 
and (ii) I call A r (iii) In a later hand, which we may call C, and on 
coarser paper follow the treatises of Aristotle De Mundo and De 
Uirtutibus. The beginning of the former is missing, (iv) The Isagoge 
of Porphyry in yet another hand, which I call B, older than C, but 
younger than A or A v (v) The commentary of David on the Isagoge. 
The beginning of this is in hand B, but the bulk of it is in the hand A 
which wrote vol ii. This part of the book is much damaged by damp. 
The end again of David's commentary is in yet another and very peculiar 
hand which I call Ag. This hand is perhaps contemporary with A, and 
imitates Greek writing in adding breathings at the beginning of all words 
which commence with vowels, (vi) An old translation in hand A x of a 
commentary on the Categories, beginning lost, (vii) The old Armenian 
version of Euclid, Book I as far as the 3rd Proposition with diagrams. 
This is also in hand A r 

Volume ii contains the Categories and De Interpretatione in the 
fine bold and ancient hand which I call A. In the margin and text are 
interspersed, chiefly in hand C, later readings of the Armenian, drawn 
it is sometimes stated, ' from the books of the Franks.' With few excep- 
tions all the readings of the Venice text and of the other manuscripts 
which I have added in my apparatus criticus are thus added in hand C, 
an attempt having been often made to obliterate the true text. The 
contemporary hand A x adds a few corrections in the text or margin, which 
I have been careful to notice at the foot of the page. Perhaps it is the. 

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same hand, if it is not actually the first hand, which sets a punctum 
delens here and there. Corrections by A x must have been drawn from 
Greek MSS. of the fifth century. For example, it is this hand which in 
19 B 8 sets a point over o£, so making the variant : " Svofxa iikv \iya>, dAA* 
&6piorov Svofia" where the reading of all Greek codd. is : Svopa p\v ov Alyco, 
aAV aopioTov Svoiia. The same hand seems to have written in most of 
the chapter headings which are in red. A few of the corrections made 
in red I have not known whether to ascribe to A! or to C writing 
archaically. All readings in the hand C are corruptions of the text, 
and the value of the Pavian Codex lies just in this, that its text carries 
us back behind all these medieval corruptions to the bedrock of the fifth 
century version. I hesitated to notice the variants from the codex of 
the printed edition and of the other MSS., so universally bad are they. 
I only at last added them at the foot of the page by way of showing 
to what corruption the old Armenian texts were in the middle ages 
and under Frankish influences liable. This illustrates also the necessity 
of getting back to an earlier stratum of the text. The same care is 
to be observed in using for critical purposes the Armenian Bible. 

§ 27. Of the history of this Codex before the sixteenth century 
nothing is known. At the beginning of that century it belonged to 
Pero di Beccarisi, one of the noble family of that name at Pavia. A 
little later it belonged to Theseus Ambrosius ex comitibus Albonesii 
of Pavia, one of the earliest pioneers of Oriental Studies in Italy and 
author of the 'Introductio in Chaldaicam linguam, Syriacam, atque 
Armenicam, et decern alias linguas. Excudebat Papiae. loan. Maria 
Simoneta Cremonefi. In Canonica Sancti Petri in Coelo Aureo. 
Sumptibus et Typis, autoris libri. Anno a Virginis partu. 1539. Kal. 
Marty/ Some of the Armenian examples in this Introductio are taken 
from this very manuscript and are to be found e.g. on pp. 144, 156, 
165, 166. It is the ' Antiquissimus Aristotelis liber, Armenicis Uteris 
scriptus' to which Theseus Ambrogius refers on p. 168. So also on 
p. 144 he writes : ' In antiquissimo libro Armenicis Uteris scripto, in 
quo Porphirii Praedicabilia, et parua Aristotelis Logicalia, literis et 
lingua Armenica scripta continentur reperto/ and proceeds to give the 
transliteration of the Hebrew alphabet to be found in vol. i of this MS. 

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He also gives readings of Porphyry and Aristotle only to be found 
in this MS., and even prints in one case a note which is to be found 
written in the margin of this MS. by a late hand. In the University 
Library at Pavia are three other Armenian MSS. which belonged to 
Theseus Ambrogius, and in them he has written his name and titles 
in Armenian letters. They are only Church books of late date. The 
interlinear Latin glosses frequent in these and also in the versions of 
Porphyry and Aristotle are no doubt in his handwriting. 

§ 28. The second group of versions, those of the De Mundo and 
De Uirtutibus must now be considered. The antiquity of these is less 
certain than that of the first group, and the earliest notice we have 
of them is in the Letters of Gregory Magistros already referred to in 
§ 10. He asks his pupils to send him the Aristotle which they had 
received in case it be the collection entitled : ' on the heavenly bodies 
and the sphericity of the earth/ or ' on the ordinance of life ' in which 
is given an analysis of the qualities and classification of affections 
termed reflective. The treatises thus referred to may well be the 
De Mundo and De Uirtutibus. Judged by their style these versions 
seem to belong to the eighth or ninth century. 

Much of the version of the De Mundo is no less literal than that 
of the Categories, and must undoubtedly represent a Greek original 
considerably different from the text printed in the Berlin Aristotle; 
but owing to the fact that these two books were much used as 
text-books of philosophy in the middle ages their text has undergone 
the most wholesale corruption. I even hesitated to print the variants 
of the Armenian, because most of them were so evidently due to 
corruptions of the version itself, and I doubt whether after all it was 
worth the while. Even those which I have printed are but a selection, 
for it was impossible to adhere to the plan, which I followed in the 
case of the De Interpretatione and Categories, of giving every variant 
implied by the Version. 

In the autumn of 1891, when pp. 51-71 of my collation were already 
printed, I chanced to find in an old and uncially written Codex of the 
Conventual library of Edschmiadzin, under the title of: 'Aristotle about 
God/ a text of the Version extending from p. 397 b. 16, bib koI . . . 

Digitized by 


ai, 398 b. 23, 398 b. 30, 39 

8 b. 31. 

12, 399 a. 19, 399 a. 25. 

22, 99 b. 23, 400 a. i, 400 a. 

3, 400 a. 6, 

12, 400 b. 13, 400 b. 17, 

400 b. 23, 


to the end of the treatise, far superior to any I had before met with. 
The Codex in question is numbered 2050 in the Catalogue of Gharenian 
printed at Tiflis 1863, and 2093 in the handlist of the convent. It is 
on paper and was written in the island of Aghrthamar near Van A. D. 
1223. ' n ft th e Version is not attributed to David Inuictus. 

A fresh comparison with the Greek of this last half of the version 
as given in this Codex shows how wholesale is the corruption which 
has beset the vulgar text, printed in the Venice edition, and found in 
all the other Codices which I have seen. For example the following 
notes in the collation printed pp. 62-71 need to be omitted : — 

p. 63. Notes on 397 b. 34, 398 a. 1, 398 a. 13, 398 a. 14. 

p. 64. Notes on 398 a, 14, 398 a. 16, 398 a. 18, 398 a. 21, 
398 a. 22. 

p. 65. Notes on 398 b. 

p. 66. Notes on 399 a. 

p. 67. Notes on 399 b. 

p. 68. Notes on 400 b. 
400 b. 26. 

p. 70. Notes on 401 b. 6, 401 b. 8, 401 b. 11, 401 b. 16. 

p. 71. Notes on 401 b. 28, 401 b. 29. 

In all these passages the Codex mentioned agrees with the Greek. 
In many other passages it necessitates a recasting of my printed notes, 
for example in the following : — 

p. 62. 397 b. 18. rh kclI bC rfj yc oialq] Here the Armenian 

indicates no change. The words rfj ju£i/ dda bwiy^i. irpiirovra 
Kara/3aAAJ/xej*H \6yov, ov \xr\v tjj yc ovclq are indeed rendered 
in the sense ' divinam potentiam significantes (<rvfx/3aAAcifiej/oi), 
non autem essentiam/ but this may be a bit of paraphrase. 

p. 63. 398 a. 10. ovk] Here the Codex also omits ovk, but requires 
the words M rov peyikov 0a<riA«W to be read in the next 
clause after AAA* olov. 

p. 64. 898 b. 5. cmrcAcii/ & ^ot/Aoiro] Here the Codex retains ^trcAci*, 
but omits & £oi;Aoiro. 

p. 65. 398 b. 26. Here the Codex involves : tan Sk oU koI ivavrtar 
kclCtoi rrjs irpdrrjs ivb4<rcm cis kIvt)(tiv ircpolas ycvoiiivrjs. 


Digitized by 



p. 66. 399 b. 12. Here the Codex translates as if the text ran 

somehow thus: forep ovhaiifc iarlv iintobiov, ofirc kivci irpiy 

biivoiav fjfxas imorlas. 
p. 67. 399 b. 18. Here the Codex involves : wfjuuw ko^os koI irokirttas. 
p. 68. 400 b. 18. Here the only change involved is faoStfrcw instead 

of <nTr\<r6p€VO$. 
p. 68. 400 b. 24. Here the Codex omits 6vrm y but indicates no other 

p. 69. 400 a. 15. The Codex omits irals and bxippovos but reflects no 

other change, 
p. 69. 400 a. 19. The Codex involves M t&v Kapir&v for Airo t&v 

Kapir&v, but really reflects no other difference, 
p. 70. 401 b. 9. The Codex has alrlav instead of ovatav, but for the 

rest agrees with the Greek text, 
p. 71. 401 b. 23. The Codex involves : tanv ovk tiKKo ti irkriv in flcov. 
p. 71. 401 b. 26. The Codex here agrees with the vulgar text except 

in adding the words v6p.os kclI before Ttfxcoprfy. 
In a few passages where I have by an asterisk indicated a corruption 
in the vulgar Armenian text, the Codex gives us the true text, e.g. 
p. 66. 399 a. 19, ^panwfxm is rendered literally pty. u,lm-lwptru> for which 
in the vulgar text an unintelligent scribe has written puipbp-pn'-PI'uiJp. 
So p. 66. 399 a. 31 the Codex reads fc^fcu^t which I had suggested 
as underlying the corruption of the vulgar text. Similarly in the 
passage 400 b. 23 (p. 68) the Codex has tfnufior fam*Jl as suggested 
in my note. 

In the original text of the version as preserved in this Codex there 
were faults which later copyists corrected; e.g. 

in 398 a. 27 balas was rendered as if it were ovalas ; 
in 398 b. 9 kmIv was rendered as if it wereVcpfrcu> ; 
in 401 a. 1 1 ttjv yrjv seems to have been rendered as if it were itkrjyriv, 

for I cannot otherwise explain the word i^t'L which here 

stands in the Codex. 
In spite of these and other imperfections I believe this version 
ultimately reflects a very old text of this interesting Stoic treatise, and 

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there is more than one passage where it reflects the reading which 
Apuleius seems to have had. 

§ 29. The trivial tract De Uirtutibus seems to have been rendered 
into Armenian about the same date as the De Mundo. For the collation 
of this printed pp. 72-75 I had no better Armenian text than that 
printed in the Venice edition, from which none of the MSS. I had 
found either in Pavia, Jerusalem, or Edschmiadzin materially differed. 
In the Vatican Library in the spring of 189a I found an older copy 
of it than any I had before met with in the Cod. Arm. III. fol. 456 v.- 
fol. 461 r. This Codex is beautifully written on fine parchment and 
dates from the early part of the thirteenth century; the orthography 
and occasional lacunae left by the scribe where he could not decipher 
his original prove that it was copied from a much more ancient 
manuscript. But the text of this Vatican MS. differs but slightly from 
the printed text. There are only three passages in which it corrects 
the Venice text They are the following : — 

1250 a. 23. Koff fjv . . . faokafous] The Vatican text involves : kclO 9 fjv 
alpovvrai rot? <f>av\as rjbovas kooKvovtos tov koyiapov. 

1250 b. 18. The Vatican MS. reads wn. f,pu miupplrpirunu of which I had 

suspected the Venice text to be a corruption. 

1251 a. 23. The Vatican MS. omits m before ko>\vovtos thus agreeing 

with the Greek text. 
These two tracts De Mundo and De Uirtutibus are printed in the 
Venice edition of Koriun, Mambre and David pp. 603-635. In the 
MSS. they are always entitled ' Letters of the Sage Aristotle to 
Alexander Emperor, Description of the Universe and Concerning 
Virtues.' The Venice text of both is based on six MSS. of which 
three are in large cursive hand and bear the dates 767, 1047, 859 of 
the Armenian era, corresponding to A. D. 1319, 1599, 141 1 respectively. 
Their Mechitarist editor regards them on grounds of style as belonging 
to the fifth century, the golden age of Armenian literature. I myself 
would put them later. In any case they are neither by the same 
hand which translated the Categories and De Interpretatione nor by the 
hand which rendered the Isagoge, to the version of which we must now 
turn our attention. 


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§ 30. The Isagoge is printed in the Venice edition of 1833, mentioned 
above, and had already been printed forty years earlier by the Armenians 
of Madras. The Venice text of the Isagoge is based on six MSS., two 
of which, written in large cursive hand, belong to the years A. D. 131 9 and 
141 1. The commentary of David upon the Isagoge was printed from 
the same two MSS. The Isagoge occupies pp. 227-250 of the Venice 
edition, David's commentary upon it pp. 251-356. This commentary 
is, except the beginning and end, written out in the first hand in the 
Codex Ticinus, and we have therefore a thoroughly reliable text of 
the bulk of it. The same cannot be said for the Isagoge itself. Of all 
the texts I have seen that given in hand B l in the Codex Ticinus is 
the purest and helped me most in freeing the text of the corruptions of 
copyists. But it unfortunately only comprises the text printed on 
pp. 227-239 of the Venice edition. The last ten pages 240-250 of 
that edition it does not contain. I collated the printed text also 
with a Tiflis MS. of the fourteenth century, with a Paris MS. (No. 
106 Fonds Arm^niens), with a well written Edschmiadzin Codex 
and with the printed text issued at Madras in the year 1793. 
The latter was printed from an old MS. brought from Ispahan in Persia. 
A comparison of all these sources convinces me that the version has 
been much tampered with and perhaps corrected from Western Sources. 
In making the collation given p. 76 ff. of this book, I have, as a rule, 
only noticed those variants in which all these texts agreed. But at the 
best the Armenian text of this tract represents a bad family of the Greek 
MSS. and I have not ventured to encumber my volume with it, though 
such was my original intention. 

About the age of this version it is difficult to speak with certainty. 
It was probably made contemporaneously and by the same hand with 
the version of the Greek commentary iirb cpuvrjs Aafttb which accompanies 
it The version is perfectly literal like those of the Categories and De 
Interpretatione, but has grammatical peculiarities which preclude us from 
supposing that it was by the same hand as those. I am inclined to 
ascribe it to the seventh century ; but if good reasons could be given for 
ascribing it to the hand of the teacher David himself, the style and 
language are not such as to counterweigh them. 

1 See § a6 of these Prolegomena. 

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§ 81. The Armenian version of David's commentary on the Isagoge 
needs to be used to supplement the Greek MSS. of it in preparing any 
critical text. It is a shorter text than that which is printed in vol. iv. 
p. 1 6 ss. of the Berlin Aristotle, shorter, not through condensation, but 
through omission of much that is in the Greek text as we now have it. 
Thus, if the Greek text be taken as printed in the Berlin Aristotle, we 
find in the first section alone the following omissions : — 

Brandis Scholia, Berlin Aristotle, vol. iv. 

p. 16 b. 43-17 a. 4. K€<t>i\aia hi . . . lxov<ni/] omit. 

p. 17 a. 9. 6 <nco'7roy] omit. 

p. 17 a. 10-16. kcl\ tfa . . . \4yc<r0ai] omit. 

p. 17 a. 19. dkoyw] omit. 

p. 17 a. 24, 25. povXopevos . . . licet] omit. 

p. 17 b. 3-5. wy foav . . . Svopct] omit. 

p. 17 b. 19-22. kcl\ yip bii . . . rd (r&yypamia\ omit. 

p. 17 b. 25, 26. &oircp . . . yivdxrKo^v] omit. 

All these instances taken from so small a range of the treatise seem 
to prove that Brandis' text is a conflate one, formed by joining in extracts 
from some other commentary. For the Armenian commentary has every 
appearance of being complete in itself, and except for the omissions is a 
literal word for word rendering of the Greek, exactly similar to the version 
of the Categories or De Interpretatione. 

§ 32. In the premature collations which follow from pp. 1 to 76 of 
this book I have added an asterisk, wherever I suspected the Armenian 
text to be corrupt. In the collation also of the Porphyry which follows 
from pp. 76 to 87 these asterisks are of necessity frequent. I must beg 
any reader who may consult my pages to do so having in his hand those 
editions of the Greek with which I have worked. Otherwise the frequent 
references to the apparatus criticus of the several editors will seem tire- 
some and fruitless. My aim all through has been simply to throw light 
upon the past history of the Greek text In the case of the Categories 
and De Interpretatione it is possible to determine through the medium 
of the Armenian the exact character of a probably fourth century text 
as clearly and accurately as if we had before us a manuscript of that age. 

§ 33. In conclusion I must thank the many friends who have en- 

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xxxviii PROLEGOMENA . 

couraged me in this work. First and foremost is Professor Margoliouth, 
who first incited me to learn Armenian and pointed out to me some 
of the work which an Armenian student may help to accomplish. To 
more than one Armenian friend I owe thanks ; to the Rev. S. Baronean, 
of Manchester, who has helped me to weed out many typographical 
errors, I am under special obligations. This is the first book printed in 
Armenian types at the Clarendon Press, and I transcribed for the printer 
the entire text of the Pavian MS. In my anxiety to have the Armenian 
text free from such errors I fear that I have often neglected to make 
the Greek citations as correct as they should be. I must thank the 
monks of the Armenian convents at Jerusalem and Edschmiadzin for 
the readiness with which they allowed me access to their libraries and 
the assistance they rendered me in making my collations of the Armenian 
text. To the learned librarian of the University of Pavia my thanks are 
in an especial manner due for the kindness with which he responded to 
my wish that his unique manuscript of the Armenian text might be sent 
to the Bodleian Library in order that I might consult it. 

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A. T.*= Armenian Translation or Translator. 

David = Armenian Translator. 

J. - Jerusalem. 

P. — Paris. 

W.«=Waitz Aristot Organon, Lipsiae, 1844. 

Bkk or Bek=Aristotelis Opera edidit Academia Borussica. 

* before or after a word or before and after a clause indicates that the Armenian text 

is corrupt. 
[ ] Greek words bracketed thus are the equivalents of words in the Version which are 

deemed corrupt 
? indicates a doubt whether the variant to which it is prefixed is to be ascribed to the 

Translator's Greek Text. 

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Page i, 1. 20,/v 95 read 105 ; 1. 25 for 9 readg. 
Page 2, 1. 7, read yv6jfnpov . . . vdira* ; 1. 10, dvXa. 
Page 3, L 6, read ^#»^j 1. 22, for 95 m*/ 105 ; 

I 26, jutquitfM ; 1. 33»/^95 read 105 ; 1. 36, 

/tfr 96 r*a</ 106 ; I. 34, Jlupifb. 
Page 4, 1. 22, t6&c. 
Page 7, 1. 28, uibjutptlg. 
Page 9, 1. 17, Irnjulffi ; 1. 14, &<T**p. 
Page 10, 1. 31, dfH0/I<fr. 
Page 11, 1. 6, uinfibf/i. 
Page 14, 1. 2, omit second «ai; 1. 2 5 read Mas; 

1. 34, 3". 
Page 16, 1. 2, dwryioubi'. 
Page 17, 1. 28, 7€7oWvcu ; 1. 29, $r. 
Page 18 last line, tjuMt-pnup truth. 
Page 23, 1. 18, foAa. 
Page 25, 1. 23, x«^oTw. 
Page 26, 1. 6,yfcr r. r. read rec 
Page 29 last line, oMi. 
Page 32, L l, for M read In. 
Page 35, 1- 3°> «""-/. 
Page 38,1. 15, b twice. 
Page 43, 1. la, for c. k. read C. K.\ last line, 


Pajge 50, L 4, Utwai ; 1. 6, lidr?. 
Page 51, 11. 6, 7, Ikuvop; 1. 14, ^/i#. 
Page 53, L 39, uMitutlf . 
Page 53, I- 6, <rwa*axof*uci. 

Page 55, *• 3i,<l^*. 

Page 56, 1. 3, tariff? ; L 4, tfwriwy^K ; 1. 7, 

Page 57, L 20, for 22 r*a/ 23. 
Page 59, 1. 2 2, wop$i*6r ; 1. 3 1 , kyicUparm ; 1. 34, 

Page 61, L 26, dXAqAoif ; L 32, B4K\f. 
Page 62, 1. 32, oboiav. 
Page 66, 1. 7, i}ft{<rci ; 1. 23, #Ap. 
Page 67, 1. 24, 040atot. 
Page 69, 1. 2, tlol. 
Page 70, 11. 12, 13, wayTuf. 
Page 72, L 9, koyi<T(xov. 
Page 73, 1. 12, vavrL 
Page 74, 1. 6, koyiff/uw ; 1. 24, x&pirot ; last line, 

Page 75, 1. 8, farfXow. 
Page 76, 1. I, daayorff}. 
Page 80, 1. 18, gxMv. 

For the errata in the appendices see end of Book. 

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la. I. 8voyLa\ *uAni-ufog%=zTa iv6p.ara. In 11. 3 and 6 the singular Svofxa 
is retained. J. 401 has u/bm.u/bp=z dvofxara without tL tubnub 
= Svofia should probably be read. 

la. 1. pivov koivop] Jfiuyh ^uiuuspuify = either \i6vov koivov or fxova koiv&, 
by preference the former. 

1 a. 2. A(fyOS lT€pOs] ptuVU tfjytugnL.plrufU'U «£//_= ^yOS T7/S OValaS %T€p09 9 

which is likewise translated in 1 a. 4, 6, and 9. The A.T. thus 
agrees with the codices. 

1 a. 4' rty &T08tSa>J putgauinplrutjk np = <i7T0 6 l8<j) 7*19. 

1 a. 5* T t i<TTW CLVT&V iKaripif TO (fa Ctl/at] fP^l_ k %ngut hpl^utgtu%^L.p 
^nupm-g ^ir%q.tuuft% ^«/_= tC 1(TTIV OVT&V kKOxipOV t6 (<pOV ctvai. 

The idiom to (fa clvcu admits of being rendered in Armenian, 
but the A.T. neglects the dative both here and in 7 a. 36. 
But J. 401 implies Ixartpqi (nuJhug). 

1 a. 5* &10V kKOxlpOV X6y0v\ jutuinu^ ftupuapuaU^L.p nuJbp put%-=XblOV tlCd- 

repcp \6yov. 

la. 0. AoyOSJ putn tuUnutuVlt path tfjyutgni-plru = d KOTO, TOVVOfACL X6yOS TTJS 

oia-Cas. So Codices. 

la. y. 6 yap ivOpwiTos koI 6 /Bods] ^gusbt^ Jlupq.1t L uipgumlt, which trans- 
lates Waitz* text ; so J. MSS., but Paris MS. 95 omits these 
words, as if Greek ran olov (yov, 8 re ivOpamos Kal 6 povs Koivy 
SvofxaTL it poo-ay optvcTai. k.t.X. 
Cp. MS. E. mentioned by W., which also omits o tc ivOpcairos 
Kal 6 )3o{5s. The Arm. versions give no hint of tovtcov yap 
iKaripov found in n. f. or of ravra yip found in 9. 

1 a. 9. Kal 6 X6yo$ be] L pm% ?= either *ai 6 Xrfyos or 6 b\ Xoyos, "M rec. 
A.,om. A.c.a.d.g." (W.) 


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la. JO. tC ioriv avT&v\ fl&£_%ntjui=:Tl clvtQv, omitting iori. 

1 a. 12. TJj ttt<!ht€i\ *$nini[liu = irT<&<r€i, omitting article. 

la. 19. After vuc<ji] A.T. includes here in text a scholion printed at foot 
of page 360 of Ven. Ed., of which the following is a transla- 
tion : — olovel koyov bntkovv to elbos rb pikv fa rfj biavola rb be in 
oTo/utaros. to be in o-TOfiaros (fxovrj arjfjLavTLKrj iori, to be fa tjj biavola 
vorjfia kclI (pavraaia (picture) irpay/xaYaw. yv<& be Sti ov ttclvt&s 
al (fxoval /cat tol vorifxara aKoXovOovaiv aAA7jAoti>, AAA.' 6t€ fxev rats 
(pcovais ovpipalvei elvai airAat? vorjfiaa-i be ovvOeTois, olov Tpiyv rf 
kglI avakiyu), 6re be al fxfa (pcoval ovvOeroi tcl be vorjfiaTa aVAa, olov 
el rts kiyoi. t6v HvOptoirov f<j>op, AoytortKoi/, OvqTov. falore be at re 
(pcoval cnrXai kclI to. j/o?7/xara, olov ScoKpaYijs rj "Ofiijpos. fa tore 
be (fxovaC re ovvOerai /cat ra po^/xara, olov 2a)K/>aV?7S </>iAoVo</>Js 
tori, "O/utrjpoy TTOirjTrjs ion. 

1 a. 27. to tC] uyu p*tj= this particular, cp. tovtI t6 ing. to tI would be 
translated mffi, as in 11. a. 25, b. 4. 

1 a. 28. r<ji <T(afxar[ eoriv] k ft Jhjpifbfi = coTt ry <r<£/xart, so f.g. 

1 b. 4. Kaff {nroKeifxivov Afyerat] tjtr%p UJ l i ayk u* u f» translates Waitz, who 
omits rti/o's of n.g. retained by Bkk. 

1 b. 4. *at] IJiuiJ^ij found in u.f.g. 

1 b. 6. xmoKeiixivov Afycrat] so A.T. omitting twos of u. 

1 b. 8. hiaovbev KcoAifet elvai] n^/A^ungtu utp^.&£Jr ^»^= nothing of them 
prevents to be=o£8£i; avT&v KcoAvet drat, cp. e. and C.g. 

1 b. 9. tori] trb, L qtrtipuifyuyk n£_ qnuJtgk »"ufi = tori, /Ca0' VirOKeifMeVOV bi 

ovbevbs \4yerai, of A. C. d. e.f.g. A., rec. B. So J. MSS. Paris 
MS. 95 however has k simply and omits the rest with W. 
P. 105, 106 retain. Thus the bulk of the Arm. MSS. are in 
favour of retaining the words. The Arm. codd. make the 
further addition after utufi (= A^yerat) of the words : qjyusgm.^ 

Pfit-ti *»£_ "btrbptulfuyni-ir £ L. n\ qtrbptul[uy(?' />"% ujuttnus^ni-tfb 
'ft^utpfyf? t n l "btrbpujliuynL.Uh gwyg Uhpuahuyfi tri usbLujp £ = 

oixria ovk fa vitoKeipAvy ion ovbe *a0' viroKeipLevov. aAAa t6 ovp.- 
PeprjKbs i£ avayKrjs fa inroKeiixivy irnoKeiyAvov be abivarov elvai. 

lb. 12. &P0p(OTTO9] Jiupq2t=6 &V0p(»>TTO$. So g., pr. C. 

1 b. 14. KaTtiyOprjOrjaeTai. TO C&Ov] fylrtiif.ui%fttt uurnpntflru^^^TO C$°v KCLTrjyo- 

prj$rj<r€Tai. So C. u.f.g. • 

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lb. 16. t&v iripuv y*v&v\j"ui?g ulmjHJb renders this as against t&v ircpo- 

y€v&v found in A. B. C. d. e.g., pr. n. h. 
lb. 17. T<p eI5et] w^i/iii^=Ta clfirj. 
lb. 18. Sia</>opaf] uiusppirpnL.pfn3ig!b= al bicapopai; so rf. 
lb. 18. olov\ omitted in A.T. So A.e.u.n.f.g. 
1 b. 20. t$ bfaovs thai] trpfynwuSuf, qji[_ looks as if the translator had to 

bhrovs tivai found in d. t pr. h. 
1 b. 22. iw w' avrci] *qp%nJfis&uiJfigli, which = raw vtt' fiXArjXa. But the 

right reading qptiqfltglruiJflp, which = t&v \rn airi, is found in 

J. 1^91. 
1 b. 24. A.T. adds Title of new section : uu t npn^ni.p/ t i.'bph = al Kari^yopiax. 

1 b» %$• T&v\ fiuty juy%tjtubk=T<tiV fe Of T&V 8?/. 

1 b. 29. Tplirrrxv] .guinjvfu&ifjiLti = of four cubits. 

2 a. 1. &; 4yop§, iv Awccfy] A.T. reverses order. 

2 a. 4. r/jiirci, Kafei . . . W/xverat, Kaferai] ^uanuAtrfj "up^^ ^mmuAfcu 

"UPtu^ ftpvtw* R*t*w • • • rifjiveaOai, KaUaOai ; so in nearly all 
the codices. 

2 a. 5. *caTa</xi<rei] A.T. inserts L prngutunuplrutU = kcu &7ro<£(i<r€i, before 
A^yerat. Cp. codd. 

2 a. 6. A.T. again agrees with codd. in adding koX inroQao-is before ytvcrai. 

2 a. 6. tt} 8£ Trpis . . . ovfiirkoKr}] so Venetian edition of David, which runs 

jutn. Jfidbiubu untjui ^uipuiJh/bni-pir, but Paris MS. 95 runs tun. J: 

w. zuspusJuAnupft, which would imply fj b% irpbs &\. r. avpLirkoK^ ; 

so also J. MSS. 
2 a. 7. A.T. adds *al knofyaais before ?/rot. So codd. A. B.C. d.f. h. 
2a. 10. Here A.T. adds Title of new section : jutqutl^u tj.yuitjni.p/ru/b=: 

V€p\ ovcria$. 
2a. 11. 8^] A.T. omits; "om *., pr.^." 
2 a. 12. iaTLv] so Venice text and P. 95 and 106, also J. 1291, but Paris 

105 and J. 401 read ow£«T= Afya>. 
2 a. 15* ip oly ctbeo-iv al vp&Toas ovatat \ty6fxtvcu viripxovaLv] ut&uus^ 

%ui[uuitytru- tf-njtugnuplruiUijb iru 9 which = iv <{$ elbfj T&V 1Tp(&T(0S 

ovai&v viT&pxci. Paris MS. 95 is illegible almost, certain words 
having been erased. I could only clearly discern the following 
puut • • • npm-iT uibuusfyn • • . ♦ %uifuutiy£u, which would mean 
KaO* ft €tbrj .... Trp&roos. Paris MS. 96 reads the same as 
B 2 

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Venice text, only pum is written in margin in original hand 
but small, with the words uyu k usu^i-mfrgb, which may mean : 
this has been destroyed, or this is untraceable. J. 401 : pum 
npr,L_J= K a(f 8. J. 139 J implies iv <{5. Thus all the Arm. MSS. 
agree in translating: dbrj t&v Trpdrvs oio-i&v, rather than *l- 
b€(Tw al vpdrm ovaCai. It may be noticed that in a former 
passage 1 b. 17 r$ effcei was translated by inbuuife%=Ta ctbrj. 

2 a. 21. 6 ivOptoiros] Jtupq.=z&v0p<oTTo$ without article, "6 om. C. u." Too 
• much reliance must not be placed on the absence of the suffix 
%, which marks the definite article in Armenian, because it is 
so easily omitted by Armenian copyists. I therefore only 
notice its absence where there is MS. authority for its omission 
in the Greek also. 

2 a. 22. yc] A.T. omits. 

2 a. 23. rbv yap ivOpvirov] .pufuafi Jmpifu = o yap &vQp<uvos. 

2 a. 23. Karriyoprjo-eis] uuwpnalrugfi^iKaTriyopri&rjaerai. 

2 a. 24* *at <5 Xoyos bi 6 rov avOp&Trov] L pufh JutpqjybznKai k6yo$ rov av- 
Opf&Tiov or KalXSyos 6 avOpd-nov, "di et rov om. e" "alt. 6 om. n. u 

2 a. 25* &vOp(0ir6s iori.~\ Jiupq. L ^&%q.uA/t tr=&vOpa>iros koI ($6v iori. So 
C. d. e. u.f.g. h. y re. A.B.n. 

2 a. 30. irore] A.T. omits. So B.u.d.e.a., pr. A. 

2 a. 31. t6\ uyu Pu£=ztovt6 Ti or robi n or tovtL 

2 a. $6. *aO y ftcaora] fiuputguM%^up nuJlrgk=KaO' lieaaTO. 

2 a. 37. icanyyopetrot] uuinpnalrugfi=z KaTtiyoprjOrja-erai* 

2 a. 38. KarriyopriOrj<rcTai to ($ov] A.T. omits. So C. n. e. 

2 b. I. T&V TIV&V &V$p<&Tmv] Juipqjy=zav0p<b'nOV. 

2 b. 3. iv nvC] ph JiuptRft nuJbtfb = iv adfxarl tivu So g. 

2 b. 4. kiyerai] comes in A.T. after ova&v in b. 5. So C.n.a.k. 

2 b. 6. After €lvai A.T. adds^aA^ "uiffr —uVuuyb fyuitrufcupusfyuyftg u*^, 
namuk wufib, L l^uBu^jIrUj^uiliuyu 'ft unuus Kb* which is an exact 
translation of: irivra yap rh &Wa ijtoi KaO 9 \moK€i\Uvoav tovt<ov 
\4yerat, 7) iv vTroKtipiivais avrah iariv, which words are added 
also in A. B. C. u. a.g. n. e.f. 

2 b. 7. fiaWov ovo-ia] A.T. puts these words after yivovs at end of clause 
and inserts k^icrrlv after ova la. So e. 

2 b. 11. iirobibovs] A.T. omits. So //. 

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2 b. 12. A.T. has the order anobibovs r) C$op. So C.f. 

2 b. 17. OVCTiai] qjytugnL.pftiXg usn-usflfttg = OV<TlCLl TTp&TCLl. So d. €,g. Jl. ft. 

2 b. 18. ai irp&Tax ov<rlaC\ so Venice text : tunju^fiUg qjyutgm.pfiuUg^ but J. 

401 and 1 39 1 read mnju^yu ^yutgnL.pfn.'b=Tj Trpdrq ovo-la. 
2 b. 19. pr. rb cI5os] m&iaufe% =ra tlby ; but P. 105 and 106 read mtruuilfu 

= ri tlbos. 

2 b. 24. a7ro5tt<T€ls] ptuguswplrugk ty* = &TTob(&<T€l TIS, Cp. #. #. 

2 b. 26. TttV Vp&TOiV OVO-l&v\ uiruuflfti ^tfjyiugni-pliubgb, which = ai TTptoTCLL 

ovaiai. Perhaps we should read tfjyuigni.piru/bgb y which would 
render the Greek. 

2 b. 29. T&P &Xk(Op\ *fi u^uttaut^JusUgb uy[ntjU = T&P OVpLptfBrjK 6t0HP T&P &X\(OP. 

2b. 31. Trip TTpdrqv oi<rtav] quin-uiflfu tfjyuignt_pfii.'bi/b = Ta$ vp&Tas ovcrLas. 

2b. 32. After etbos A.T. inserts mnjut.&i=: pa\kov. 

2 b. 33. After yvo>pipd>repov A.T. inserts m/i^i_^=/xaAAoj>. 

2 b. 36. t/>^x*0 jAP*ft""i^ TpiyjEtp. So A. 

2 b. 36. t&p 6XK(nv ravra fi6va\ Jfiuybg ungiu juyfniju, which =/xoW raura 

iw &AAa>i/, changing the order with u. 

8 a. 5* hvQpOiTtOV Kal C$0P] qJTmptfU L q4/r%qju%fi% = Tbp &p0p(OTTOP KCU TO £<j>OP. 

8 a. 7. Kari] omitted in A.T. 

8 a. 9. tQp bi bcvripvp overlap] ftuli Lpfypapq. tfjyusgnt.p[iL.Vu=zr} bi beoripa 
ovala, nom. sing. 

3 a. IO. (pavepbv ptip o$tq>$ 8tl ovk eltrlv . . ,] hpLir^ £, ^A uywyk* k> qb &- 

n l_ tf jV*»P—li u U nt - J% &> which would = (fxivepSv iorw 8n otrm 
icrrtp, Stl oibtpla ip v-noKtipAvy iarCp. ovbtnta is read instead of 
ovk dalv in e. ; " oibepila iarCp u. corr. C" 

3a. 16. KarqyoptLaOat irore] ^ppkp «"w»/»"^/_= wot* Kanyyopcio-flcu. So ft, 

3 a. 17. top b\ \6yop] [iffy pu/bfSb=Tov bi \6yov. 

8 a. 20. ixravrm] A.T. omits, (t om.£\, pr. #." 

3 a. 20. &P rf?y] fr=icrr(p. 

3 a. 20. fj] A.T. omits. So u. n. e. 

3 a. 21. toOto ovo-^ay] fjyuignL.ptrut% k uyv=- oivlas iarl tovto* 

8 a. 24. ip r<p <ii>0p«7T(p] £p£ /»& JutpigMl=€l h &p0p<&ir<p. 

3 a. 27. Kiyerai] «"</^, which perhaps implies \fyuro. 

3a. 29. ra f^/nj] Jiuunt-<i i g}=p.ipr) simply. 

8 a. 29. r«v ovciQp] tfjyutgnupiruiiiit^Trjs ova-las, 

3 a. 30. Spra] Jiuuli pb=p.ipos ip or p.ipos simply. 

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3a. 32. ik4y*To] uiufib^klytTai, but the k in wukfib = ikiytro may have 
dropped out. 

3 a. 32. to, is i*.ipr\\ fift""- Juiunutiglu^zm T& fiiprj. 

3 a. 32. Iv tlvl] so Venice text. Paris 105 in text and Paris 106 mar- 
ginally read fipn[np% jni-Jbg = iv 6\(p TLVL. 

3 b. 3. TO €l8oS TOV TOV yivovs] sntrutufeli qutrnftflt=:Ta tlbl] TOP T&V y4v<tiV. 

3 b. 5. KaC\ so A.T. simply, omitting ir&vTa which Bkk. keeps from A . Cg.b. 
3 b. 7. ye] omitted in A.T., which however often omits it. yk is here 
omitted in A. 

3 b. 7. Crvvdwfia fjV &v\ ifiutqufhmX k np qj = crvvd Wfl6v icrTLV oC. 

3 b. 10. M] A.T. omits. So B. 

3b.. 1$. ivOpOHTtOv] ng Juipq.z=TL$ &v0pWlTOV. But P. 95* 105, 106, J. 1291 
Omit ng = TL$. 

3 b. 16. ^ 7rpwr7j ovo-fe] so Ven. Text and all MSS. except J. 401, which 

has utnutffflb tfjyut^riL.pkutlb=zT7J9 TTp<&Trj9 OVatcLS. 

3 b. 18. ovx hirkte bi] ^p-ud n^tfuyputt^utp. Thus Ven. Text agrees, but 

P. 105, 106, J. 401 omit puy 3 and so omit hi. 
3 b. 26. yip] A.T. omits and reads from olov in 1. 25 down to ivavrCov in 

1. 26 as a single clause, without any note of interrogation after 

(<$<p. Cp. b. and u. e., " yap om. pr. C." 
3 b. 26. ovbi y€ ry avOp<!nt<p tj r<j> £p<p ov5cV iarw ivavrlov] omitted in A.T. 
3 b. 28. ttoXXuv] omitted in A.T. 

3 b. 29. fi t/h7tt7x«] omitted in A.T. So B. b. d.f. h. n. u. 
3 b. 31. A.T. reads thai ivavrlov instead of ivavrlov et^at. But J. 1291 

has order of Waitz. 
3 b. 32. iroa&v] omitted in A.T. 
3 b. 35. teal JfTTov ovo-la] A.T. omits. 

3 b. 38. After iavrov A.T. adds jun-ku>=:iui\kov. 

4 a. 1. to \cvk6v ioTLv Irtpov is the order of A.T. So C. n. u.e.f.g. 

4 a. 1. iiakkov Kcvkov] A.T. does not insert kclI fjirov, which Bkk. keeps 

from f.g. and re. A. 
4 a. 1. kclI koXov . . . Xfyerai] A.T. omits. So also n. 
4 a. 4. A.T. has order A^ycrcu circa. 

4a. 8. iorlv oiaCa] qjyu»gnL.[MruiVb lrb=.Tr)$ OValdS i(TTL, but J. 4OI f^/*"*, 
$jnup[ii% (fl»z=. owla ioTL. 

4 a. 9. fJTTov] fbni.usijb=iT6 fJTTov. So C. u./.g. h. a. b. d. e. 

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4a. 12. OVK] n£_qnupnLg=zoiibtv6$. So ft. a. e.g. 

4 a. 12. rd roiouro] omitted in A.T., "om. C et pr. B.d.n" 

4 a. 13. &>] A.T. omits. So e. 

4 a. 14. ioTtv] A.T. takes after ravr6v. 

4a. 14. ry &p40/buj>] fJm-w£?=<i/H0fx<j> simply. So C.n. 

4a. 14. Icrrai] k^larl. 

4 a. 15. ry &piOn$] ? A.T. omits r<j> as in 4 a. 14, " fort. pr. om. h? 

4a. 16. ovk] A.T. retains this, "del. n" 

4i a. 23. Bk. T&V ivairritoV clvCU b€KTUCa] juyuutfiutrtuijb tfjij_ tPT nt - 'hkp^ualpug 
jAtigMiJbiBfyui1b=iT<0V TOLOVT00V €LVai &OTT€p (VCLVtCooV b€KTlK&. A. B. 

read toiovtohv. J. 40T and Paris MSS. 105 and 106 omit 
everything after elvai and imply simply : t&v touwtcov ctvat.. 

4 a. 25. Ao'yos] A.T. omits. So n. a. 

4 a. 26. iirl rrjs W^rys] /(tup&f>p'b=r) b6£a. 

4i3L. 27* V 61 ^ 5 Jofdirci 7-7)1; avrijv Ix^ 7r€ P^ avrot; 8o£ai>.] ummptup fyuipS-fyA 

trqfitjfr juiqtuijM 'bnput — \\rtvbS>S fj b6£<X €OTCU TT€pl CLVTOV. 

4 a. 30. avri] *uybgut% qfi=To<ravTa fire ; but uyUgufu ^/r may be a corrup- 
tion of fiitp&uAg^avri. 
4a. 31. ycvdfxcrov] ^&q&ui£=z " having been changed or altered ;'* but we 

Should read trqbui£ = y€v6lJL€VOV, for the USe Of jtrquafinlulnujjz: 

li€T&pa\kovra just before would suggest to any Armenian 

copyist jirqtrui£_ instead of lrq&tu£. 
4 a. 33. Ikclotov clvt&v] [n.pusgutU^upng ^ftpglt = kKiaroav ra vpiyfxaTa. J. 

MSS. have preserved the true reading f&gU=avT6. If we can 

suppose /tupuigu/ti^up ng pipit to have stood, the Greek would 

be Ikclcttov clvt6. avr6 is read in C.g. h. n. 
4 a. 34. iariv] u»ufi = kiyerai. 
4 a. 35- iKCvrjra] tiA^utp^p L uilifuiuqiug^ which = djcfrrira kclI fttpaia, but 

the latter may have been added by David to bring out dicfrrjra. 
4 b. 3. Bk. hv clrj] k=t<m. 
4 b. 4. rbv koyov kclI tt\v b6£av\ A.T. has the order : rr\v b. k. t. \6yov. 

So a. n. 

4 b. 5' fatTM* T &V IvavrloaV tZlHu] pbqMuUiul^utU 'bbp^utl^utgb yM£_tuutr=b€K- 

rued r&v ivavrtuv clvat <£<£<ricci, cp. n. ; which has (pdaiceiv bemud. 
4 b. 5* °^ K &"""> dA. r.] /**£/# "£_£ *Y/ </ TC^Jutpfna^zovK Ian dc tovto d\r)0l?. 
So " /*. <*., pr. C, fort. pr. 5." 

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4 b. 6. ov r<3 aura . . . X^yerai] **ȣ_ tfeuuii frupbutUij pUi^nuhiul^iuh %lrp^iu[puijh 

tf-"[__ pbr^ni^butlfufbg auufftiy npuf(?u pk pttq.niJb&^ /^£_ = OV T<p OUTO, 

btKTiKci t&v ivavr(<ov civai beKTiKa A^yeTai, aiore b4\€<r0al rt. It 
looks as if bi\tvOal ri had got misplaced and put too late in 
the sentence in David's Greek. 

4 b. 8. ycycvijo-Oai] lrquAtrjl[t = ytv€<r9ai. So C. h. 

4 b. 9. cfoai] omitted in A.T. 

4 b. IO. 0v\ uy£_n£ = &\k* ov. 

4 b. 10. t$ avrh defended] ^u/*/& ^*-/rfc ph^mXiu^tu'u is decisive against this 
reading of Waitz, but is equally compatible with r<p avrds 8ck- 
tuc6s or r<j> avroi> SeicnicoV. As however in 4 b. 13 David trans- 
lates r<j> air?} by £?u% fri-pl*, he probably read r<j> avro's. Bk. 
reads T<j> avrds SeicTiKoy, found in g. n. and " fort. pr. B." f. re- 
tains T<j> avrdp 8e*cTi*coV. 

4 b. 11. ovOiv] A.T. omits. 

4 b. 12. yivofiivov] ^q^i^j is 2nd aor. partic.=yej/o/x&ov. 

4b. 13. irdOovs] A.T. omits, "pr. om. ;/." 

4 b. 14. elvai] A.T. omits. So n.e. 

4 b. 17. tclvtov Kal iv] The order of A.T. is $v k. tclvtov; but P. 105, 106, 
J. 401, agree with Waitz' order. 

4 b. 17. bcKTiicbv cfoat twv lr.] A.T. takes after ixerapokrjv. 

4 b. 19. After dprjaOa)] A.T. adds Title : c ytt#^a#^i#^aA«»^=7re/)l roi) woVov. 

4 b. 21. ica! ri ixtv . . . iyovroav 04<riv] *A_ ag/Er£ "/2£ ^A/^ "^f^ ""*- tl^JkuIbu 

jphp/ru/ba Jutuushg ptuqlfUitjufb, L. £r npo nsjvufltguiUlz 6nb t np 

Qnpg) qiyfipu mJir/fc=" And those which have position towards 
one another are composed of parts themselves (or ? in them- 
selves), and there are some which are not of those which have 
position ;" in Latin, " et ilia quae positionem habent inter se 
ex (or in) ipsis partibus constant, et est quae non ex illis sunt 
quae positionem habent." We may only infer that David's 
Greek ran : Kal ra jx£i> . . . tcl bi, as in the later passage 5 a. 
15, 16, which David renders accurately. 

4 b. 22. buopto-fjiivov] uitupnpn^inu/llt^Tb bl<&pl(Tlx(vOV. 

4 b. 23. A.T. retains olov twice, which n. omits in first place and A.n.u. 

d. e. b. a. in second. 
4b. 23. ovvexis oi] A.T. has L ^pn^bui^b^zrb b\ ovv€\4s. 

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4 b. 26. el] A.T. omits. 

4 b. 2 7. )i6piov\ Jiui/ul(nt-\g=fx6picL So ^. 

4 b. 27- wpta ovd&a] A. am. nutfi pt^^Ttpbs ovbiva bi or kclI irpbs ovbiva. 

4 b. 30. A.T. has order : Kafi&v koivov Spov. So b. n. 

4b. 34. avT<fo] ^i/k affbgU^rbv avrbv avr6v, eundem ipsum. 

4 b. 37» *<*#' avnjv] [turn ffbpbuib nt-pn/u^taff avrijy Ibla or x<i>pl$. 

5 a. 3. 7T/)0S TLVa K0iv6v] tun. Jfi fttRi = irpbs Ivd TIVO. 

5 a. 6. After tnwfarrci the following is added in the Armenian Text : L k 

utulriutuiputJutl^u^pb L. abnt-tuafigli nubtri auus^Juib: hub 'bnuusapb 
#»♦ b-u % npufiru L. dtupubnjb tuutuguit- ^uiuutputb uus^Juih QJti 
JmiuutUa aqJt&b LuiiT qdiuutrntri-ni-^±hiihsU : hub Jutbbpbunuf&bruiU'U b. 
n* Lji uus^Jutb bafrgfr dlupJfib* outuap nub bnutlffi, ftub nub bnbuibfi 

= tori be tol irKetovas fyovra biaordo-eis (dimensions) *<u t&v i\ir- 
rovas t\eiv &P 0V * ra be ik&rrovas ovk4ti, 8>oirep kcu tov o-w/xaro? i\£- 
yero KOtvbv Spov etvai t&v fxoptcov ttjv ypap.p.r)v i) tt)i/ iinfyAveiaV r?/s 
be lm<\>aveta$ ovk4ti Spos Icrrai rb crw/xa. to fiiv yap TpurXaaim 
rb be bnr\a(r((D$. 
The above is the translation of a Greek Scholion. 

5 a. 14. A.T. has order : o-vviirTei avrov ra \i6pia. So C. h. 

5 a. 24. Should not Jut^aylr^ here used to translate taideifcu, be Jut^u*^ 


5 a. 25. ttoU y€ irpbs HXXrjXa] *npg *»n- "/»«=" which to which/' ft irpbs a\ 
Perhaps we should read y# *>*- nju=riva irpbs rtva. 

5 a. 34. Icrnv In] Lu ajy=hi larip. So n. 

5 a. 38. raCro p.6va] A.T. has order ; \16va ravra. 

5 b. 3. fj Ktirqcris iroXKrj] a^upJ-mJuu £MMn= rqi; k(vt)<tiv iroXXrjv, which the 
passage demands. 

5 b. 3' V °^r0) 1T(oS ilfoblbovs] flfr uyuuffiuutpusp ftb ^opfthuM^iut. putijuimpirugfc 

= *t o{/ra> ir<as iiroboCrj or airob&aei. 
5 b. 8. <f>rj<rei.s] iuutuugi=(f}7]<r€L i so " h.d. corr. c." 

5 b. 8. iro<ra Kad'avrd] L pum ptghmU^gusbuil^ = kclI Kaffavra iro<ri. So A . e.f.n. 
5 b. 12. 6f7n7Xft if] A.T. omits, 

5 b. 14. yap] A.T. omits and does not punctuate after nvt in 1. 13. 
5 b. 16. Tro(r6v]£w 4 tiaufyfiuz=Tov ttoctov, but J. 401 ha.Sj>t*buil( = 'nocr6v. 
5 b. 17. ry] A.T. does not translate r<j>, yet retains infinitive ilhputfJrpf,^ 


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5 b. 1 8. olov] apfyffr fb^olov cl. % 

5 b. 20. TTpbs $T€pOv\ uyijun. uyjjplTCpOV TTpbs (TCpOV. 

5 b. 20. rf yc KaO y a\rro\ trftk kp ffygb /»««» pbgtnub^zA ye tjv avrd Kaff afro. 

5 b. 21. tXiytTo] A.T. omits. 

5 b. 24. Kal iv fi€i> rfj oIkIq 7roAA<n/s, iv bi r<j> Ot&rpv dklyovs iroWy ttXcCovs 

oWas] L. '{r mlrutupufbftli uwfymLM, fiuty 'ft mmih piuqng.Ju=ZKal iv Tip 

$€&Tp<p dklyovs iv hi oUla ttoWovs. The A.T. omits iroAAqS 

irkcCovs Svras altogether. 
5 b. 32. <t>atri tls] /A^= dfy. So n. u. b. e.f. E. 
5 b. 35. wore] A.T. omits, " del. n. y om. *./." 
5 b. 35. 4/xo to avrf] A.T. has order to avrb 4/na; but J. 401 has order of W. 

5 b. 38. xp6vov] *oppitulJili would = pattern, type, and is perhaps a corrup- 

tion Of tuifuSbut/ffi = \p6v0V. 
6a. I. T7JS Owlets] qjyusgni-ftlrmihtjb=.T(ii>V OVCTL&V. 

6 a. 3. AAA' . . . AAA'] A.T. seems to omit the first aAA\ 
6 a. 8. civai] yji£_ pb£j=ctval ti. So A.f. 

6 a. 10. fxrf] "i_np=nri ris. A.T. omits ns before ipcl. 

6 a. 10. ipel] usuusugk *[jijj=:ip€i ctvai ; but J. 401 omits f*/= e7yai. 

6 a. 15. cWkcwi] *$u%niMt%lrij{,% =have named. The Armenian for ioUaa-i 

WOuld be irpLirgtuti. 
6 a. 22. Ww€ f) TpCa] <ZpUtf. j>u/b Irplrg mtupb = TrivT€ tj Tpla A^yCTOi. kiyCTdl 

is added in a.u. marg.^., Ambros. Q 87, b.n. Marc. 211. 
6 a. 22. ra Tpla] ^>fi> = tA ir&rc. So A.C. d. e. q. h. n. u. E. a. b. Marc. 211. 

Also Bkk. 
6 a. 23. pr. yjiivos] unfh/Ltu^%=iol yj>6voi. So a.b.n.g.E. 
6 a. 23. \p6vos clvai Aiyercu] uiJu/butfe utufiif=.yj>6vo{. kiyovrat. 

6 a. 23. T&V elprjpJvOiv] uuyg wuutijtr[niflt = TOVTtoV T&V tlpr)p.iv(i)V. 

6 a. 28. teal apiOpibs Kal lo-os Kal 6. vivos kiyerai Kal \p6vos Kal lo-os koI Hvhtos] 

L. pftt- L. uitTuibuM^ tjnjf. L. u/b^rjjf. tuufi = K(ll Kal \p6vOS 

laos Kal Hlvktos kiytTai. P. 105 and 106, J. 401 further omit 
L mJuibm^Kal \p6vos, as if the Greek ran simply: Kal tpidpus 
Kal l<ros Kal ivuros AcyeTcu, omitting the rest of the sentence : 
kuI \p6vos Kal Xaos Kal aVi<ros, words omitted also in b. 

6 a. 31. p.r\ fori] irlt n£=i(TTi p.r\ read in n.u. or ioriv ov read in C.cLh. 

6 a. 31. hv fto'£ai laa T€ koI &vi<ra kiyeo-Qai] So V.T. which reads pmJru^flit 
qjjq. L u/biujif. urnfe but P. 105 and 106 and J. 401 omit pnu&u^ 

Digitized by 



gpit and read muft not ««^/_, as if &i> W£<u were absent and ki- 

yeroi stood for k4y€o4au 
6 a. 33. £/Aola] %Jl*bp L tMttTuii i g=6p.ota kclI avop,ola. So a. b. corr. «., but 

J. 401 and Paris MSS. 105 and 106 agree in omitting 

kcl\ avopola. 
6 a. 35. After ktycoDai A.T. adds Title : jutqutfu mnf>%^Ji=TT€p\ tov irp6s n. 
6 a. 36. b4] A.T. omits. 
6 a. 38. y.€i£ov nvds yap Aiytrat fi&Cov] ^wliqb m-pnuflt Jbh- tuu/»=Tivb$ yap 

licl&v kiy€rai. C. e*f»g* h. n. u. omit /xei£bi/. 
6 a. 39. Order of words in A.T. is kripov kiyerat, rovff 8ircp iartv. So n. u. 
6 b. 2. TOtavra] uyuuffiufe uiufrbz^TOiavra Aiycrcu. 
6 b. 4. avra fiwep] «^/i# *»/i /&£_?= ravra &7rcp. 
6 b. 4. After kfyerat, A.T. inserts £- ^«*«T npu^ku ib*»pq- £- £•» "oufiR- «■"*- 

uyi_=rj 6tt(0(tovv ikX(t)9 irpbs &T€p0V. 
6 b. 9. w/>rfs rt] tan. uy[=vpb$ Irepov. 
6 b. 9. rb 8pLotov]^tJui%}=zSfio(.ov simply. 
6 b. 1 2. 17 8i Oia-is] L npnt.pfiulig1bz=al hi 0e<rets. So g. 
6b. 12. dj>aic«<r0cu] pb^n^ru^b^} = (W(?kW0cu, "corr. A" The A.T. 

uses the same word in 6 b. 11. 
6 b. 21. Hfioiov yap koI av6p.of.ov fiakkov Kal Jjttov kiyerai, koX laov Kal ivio-at- 

TtpOVj ombijji %dmtili ^jatufrut U. 'bauimq mufi. L. utb^mibi^ftinusqjyVU 

jaii-ku> L %ni.mq_uHtft=Tb Sfioiov yap fiakkov Kal Jjttov kiyerai. koX 
rb aifLcraCrepov fiakkov Kal Jjttov kiycTai. Thus the A.T. con- 
firms Waitz in his preference here of e. to the other codices. 

6 b. 22. t&v vpos ti] u>nfh^=TTp6s ti simply. So A. B. C. d.g. h. n. u. See 
Waitz 9 note on the passage. 

6 b. 23. Sv] k=ivri. A.T. also inserts L = re or bi or Kal at beginning of 
clause, so that it should run U&rcpov hi air&v vp6s tI &m. 

6 b. 23. TUfC] nupnutMi = Tw6s. 

6 b. 23. Tb iviO-Ov] u/hqni.ijuuqjyVh = Tb OVKTalTtpOV. 

6 b. 24. Tuti &Vl<T0v\ m-pntJt uthqn^aJuqjyU=.TI.vb^ aVL<raiT€pOV. 

In defending his preference of ivurafapov in 6 b. 22 Waitz says : 
videtur enim Aristoteles innuere quod aequalitatis quidem non 
sint gradus, inequalitas vero et augeri possit et minui. Why 
then does he retain koI foov in 1. 22 and read in 11. 23, 24 4i>4- 
aov for avHralrcpov of b. e. ? 
C 2 

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6 b. 24. JJk. reads in this passage : ical rb avopoiov tlv\ avopoiop, of which 

A.T. gives no hint. 
6 b. 34. After hi A.T. has «H^^=ra irp6s n. So C.e.f.g.h.u.b. also Bk. 
6 b. 34. ^rroi;] gWutgtr^rd jjrror. So C. d. e.f. q. a. b. u. 
6 b. 25. Afyerai /xaAAoj/ ical tjttov] pUn-nubf, qjuiL.kin% L ^m-ar^^irtd^xercu 

rb fiaXXov ical rb fjrrov. So A. c. d.f., but J. MS. 401 reads : 

n £_ —"ft* juiclrm L vm.uiqj= OV \4y€TO,l fJLaWoV KoX fJTTOV. 

6 b. 25. second biirkiatov] A.T. omits. 

6 b. 28. avTioTpi<\>ovra\ ^tu^iuqjuplu%z=.ra avricrrpicbovTa. 

6 b. 31. ik&TTOVO$\ %nL_tuqfih usufi = TOV ik&TTOVOS ktytTCU. 

6 b. 32. pcffoiw] dkbf, uMufr-^ixittovos kiyerax. 

6 b. 34. iinaTrjTov'] Jui^uiglr^jb=Tov iiuarriTov. 

7 a. 2. 7rrep(i] pL=zirr€p6v singular. 
7a. 3. rd 7rrepoV] pL^irrepov simply. 
7 a. 4. rd Trreprfj/] pL=trr€p6v simply. 

7 a. J. rb irrjbikiov] ^bqfi ? = irribdkiov simply. 

7 a. 8. olncta] pbmuabft k = olK€ta ioTlV. 

7 a. 8. yiWcu] A.T. omits. 
7 a. 11. irXoiW] A.T. omits. 
7 a. 16. olov rj K€<po\fi olK€ioripm hv anohoOth) iceQakuTov rj Ctfov] so Ven. 

Text ; but J. I29I reads tyqiub finufu hpk pbqjublrptup putautrnp^ 

b-db tdf—^vt "UL"*- tMbqMt%Lqj = olov r) KtcpaXr] el olKeioripws 
ivobodeCrj K€(f>a\a)Tov AAA.' ov (yov. 
7 a. 19. \anpdvoi] wn. d k= Ad/3oi. A. C. d. e.f.g. A. 

7 a. 20. T0h Vpbs $\juyb d ui%k npg urn. unuus = ^ iiccCvcW ft TTpOS CLVT&. This 

translation may have arisen out of rots 7rpos avra aimarpicpovcn, 
which A. C. d. q. h. n. corr. B. 
7 a. 21 and 22. A.T. omits t6 before irr€poaT6v and mr\baku*T6v. 

7 a. 23. ivTLOrp4(f)OVTa] ^tu^utnjaipiuu=zrh &VTlOTpi<t)OVTCL 

7 a. 24. airrf] A.T. omits. 

7 a. 25. T&V 6fJLokoyOVp.4v<a$\ npg irli 9 ff [unuu,ni{uSbfolringb = & tort T&V 6/AoA.O- 


7 a. 28. ical fir) irpbs airb b kiyerai] L n^fol/h tun. npu u*uf,Vb = Kal /lit) J[ irpbs 
a ktyerai, "and if there should not be things in relation to 
which it is spoken." Codex n. reads w rj irpo'y. 

7 a. 31. n] A.T. omits. So e. n. 




7 a. 32. S] n P u=L 

7 a. 33. A.T. has order : rot/rov \xovov. 

7 a. 34. i*(] A.T. omits. 

7 SL> 34. Wpis avro] ara. uur A^Mfylr = irpd? TOVTO poVOV J bllt J. 40X OmitS fi6v0P. 

The other MSS. retain. 
7 a. 35* vcpioipov/A&ftw] £. tywpwpMtip&kijkinifb=Kai Trcpiaipovnivw. 
7 a. 36. &tt&vto>v\ A.T. omits, 
^a. 36, 37. ^ftro^i . . . ftc/cwcy . . . di/0/>«Sir<p] As in la. 5, David neglects 

the datives. 

7a. 37- dcJCrifC<p] phqjtiXml^mh fJi£=zb€KTlK6v €?VCU. 

7 a. 38. toC ^€<ttt6tt]v ciycu] «fA-Mfnlrtr=roi} tooTrrfrov. c?2/ai is omitted. 

7b. I. wy>is 8 ttotc] an*. npu=zirpbf 4, omitting irore. 

7 b. 3. /5ij0iJ<rercu] *uM^=A^yer<H, but J. 1 201 : utuwuijft=zpr)Orjo'€Tcu. 

7 b. 5* T ^ fooTJWtf fl vr<?] *«w4-/»lr uJsuz=Tb l€<nr6rrjv airy. It is odd that 
David should use fieoTrrfnjv and yet retain dat. avry. A.C.d.e. 
f. q. h* read SeoTrrfrrjv avrcfo. 

7 b. 6. yip &u] A.T. omits this y&p, so that the clause becomes apodosis 
to preceding one. 

7 b. 7- fcovAos] bu»i4y/b=d lov\os. So a. But I would not affirm that 
wherever David attaches the final fc there was a definite article 
in his Greek text. The suffix % always gives to that noun, 
verb, or adverb to which it is attached a definite reference to 
something or someone, but not always such a reference as the 
Greek definite article would give. 

7 b. 8. wT€/>a>T<j>] here again David uses accus. case. So C. a.g. pr. b.f. 

7 b. 8. yip] A.T. omits ; cp. on 7 b. 6. 

7 b. 10. Aiycrai] C. F. Neumann (in Journal Asiatique, Feb. 1829), in an 
article on David's translations of Aristotle, remarks that in 
this passage the Paris Codex adds pmpi» before waft, as if the 
Greek ran oIkcCms 6 \6yos kiytrai. In fact the Paris codices 
agree here with the Venice Text in reading pLmu/ubputpU which 
=6 oiiceiW or rb oUeCw. David consistently throughout this 
passage uses pbmwutrpuip to translate ofcctW Nor would \6yos 
be translated psup but puun, or rather paA, for pwn. is used for 
Ai£i?. David does not translate ttotc in this passage. 

7 b. 14. /$t|07f<rcT(u] uw/ftr= Aiycrcu. So A. C d. q. h. 

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7 b. 15. rfi ^>t/<r€i] phnL.pbutJp=<f)ii<r€i simply. So in b. 23. 

7 b. 17. icai b€0"iroTov Svtos bov\6s tori, koC] A.T. omits. So e. n. 

7 b. I9. KO.C] L mn.^utuuiptu^=:Kal KOlvjj. 

7 b. 20. ovk\ L n±= otto*. 

7 b. 25. \ap.p&vop.€v\ usn%nuJ[gjlrutiy=\ay.fiAivomv$<rT*pov. 

7 b. 31. ^itiotijtoV] ^«/2u^a^A|/flr=rd imoTrjrdv* 

7 b. 3 2. ixiv].piMitiqfi=y&p. 

7 b. 33. avrta hi ^inottjtoV] ftu% «/2u^a^^/r«#=ro 8c ^rionfrJi; ; but J* 401 

agrees with Waitz* text. 
7 b. 34. iroAAci] ptuqni.Jp ffc£=iroW& ru/a. 

7 b. 35. ttjs ai<r0^<r€O)s] *qquMyni-plrusbtjj>li implies t&p alo4rjo , €G>v. 
8a. I. r<av yhp ala-Orjr&v nal rd ow/xa] A.T. omits, "om. *." 

8 a. 5* olirOrirbv hi larai] puyg 13 JU Lt' b VU "Pt^ «/2u/»«j^ ,=T ^ ^ alcrOi^Tov 

iart olov o-vpa. So the Paris MSS. 105 and 106, and J. 401 ; 

but Venice Text takes order &m crw/xa olov, like the codices 

C. d. u. q. Ion instead of forai is read in b. d. pr. C. One 

P. MS. omits cupa. 
8 a. 6. *<rrfo] A.T. omits. 

8 a. 9. A.T. gives no hint of Cyov ij found in A. C.f.g. but excluded by W. 
8 a. 10. ovpCoTarai] putq^usj&ut^ k = ovviarqKtp. So f. 

8a. II. VpOT€pOv\jiunjuguitfJi/b £u^£tf#£== TTpoYepOj; Sp OX TTpOTtpOV fa:ap)(OV> 

" earlier created." 

8 a. 14. KoBblttp 00**1, ^f] ptr npiyfru pnufi=fj koB. b. 

8 a. 14. Kdri TWO.? T&P bevrtpuv OVCTl&v] pum trplfpnpqjutj nJlulig igjym^nu^ 

(MrufbijIs — KaTa bevripas rivas (or Ivtas) t&p ovaiQp. 

8 a. I5* T&V TTp<ira>V OV<na>v\ nJu/Utj u$itJ$ifbag tjjywgnuplruibgli^TW&P {OX 

ivloov) t&v irp&rtav ovvi&v. 
8 a. 19. iXki twos x*lp\ A.T. omits. 
8 a. 20. *a(] L n^ovbL The second ov is also translated. 
8 a. a 1. twos] «m5&=tis or fj rk. 
8 a. 22 and 23. 6 Ai/0pawros ... 6 fiovs] A.T. omits i. 
8 a. 23. rd $\op] A.T. omits t6. 

8a. 29. &TT0ti&0Tai] pu/gwutptruij_Lp==;&TT€b6&ri Or &TT€blbOTO. 

8 a. 30. iarl rb foi£ai] kp inu6-m%&^=fjp to kvcrcu. So ft. 

8 a. 33. avrci] uyunufcli ? rather =ravra of £. u. e.f. 

8 a. 34. rovrJ yi &m rd wprfs n] k m/u «»**/&£/& =&m tovto tov wpos tl 

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8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 


8 b. 



8a. 35« a&Toi$ cTjkh rb airh Aircp iorlv] ^q/kp "pp /fr^£Mr?=ri ra airh 

&v€p iarlv. 
8 a. 38. l£ air&v]jfftipirltt=i( airod. So n. 

8b. I. TOVTO ITODS] uufjlt L ofiuipnJb^ TOVTO Kal 7T0)S. 

tovto] A.T. omits and renders ira>s by ^0717.=^?. 

A.T. has order oW el eWi &mt\. So n. 

ci&eVai] tffut&i^ *quui = eZd^at rovro, as if the clause icai #rov 

gdXAicfo iariv depended on olbcv. 
ovk ioptoTtos] pays ^Pb w^»p»i^'if'=d bi (or iAA' ci) toptorm. 
first ydp] A.T. omits, making clause vir6\. rb t. yw. apodosis of 

preceding clause. 

(Ak\ uyi_ti±j=&W' OVK. 

A.T. has order : cfcrercu &Kpifim. So e. n. 
8 b. 14. b hv elbrj us t«v irp6$ ri i<f>a>pio , ixiv(os i K&Ktlvo irpbs b Atycrai i<f><opi<r- 

p.4v(0$ tlb^VCLL] *^/» A/^fr aftinwugk 1g J uan t^ t ^bs^ uus^tTuibuspjup 
ttfttnuiugk* = &*4 €Ol> cttj TIS TWV TTpOS T4, S»pl<r\Uvto$ €l<T€TCLl. qfr trptr 

=i€liF€p in 12 b. 23, so it might =&to wep here. J. 401 and Paris 
Codices 105, 106 read ofr np kpk which would =5n (or cl) b l&v. 
Waitz in his apparatus criticus writes as follows : " f] Sri B. — iiv 
A. B. d" from which it appears that B. reads #u iiv. Retaining 
np of Paris 105, 106 I can make no sense of Armenian except 
by supposing that &v was translated by Irftk as if it=Wv, in 
which case David's Greek ran Sri 6 &v tlbrj k.t.K. This except 
for Sti is Waitz' reading. It is more likely that np should 
have dropped out of the Venice Text than have been inserted 
in the Paris codices. &pivpdva>s is found in u. e. n. Had the 
Greek word been iLfytopuryAvm David would probably have 
used puignpn^bui^ or ptstgnpn^utputp to translate it. ciVcrcu, 
which is certainly implied by t$wu*u g k, requires some conjunc- 
tion like Stl after ivayKalov to make any grammar at all. But 
I have met in David with no other example of the words 
^utpl^usunp fr ( = <Wy kcuoV ion) followed by ofi (=#ti). They 

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are always followed, as in Greek, by an infinitive mood. Could 
there have been in the Greek the anacolouthon ivayicaiav . . . 
rfo-crai, which the Armenian translator tried to Surmount by 
introducing ^A ( = &■*) ? 

8b. 1$. Tr)v hi y€ K€(f>a\r)v KO.C] ftul^ qq-fnijuli trftk np ffiuuuugtr £u#i/=T7JZ> bi 

8 b. 1 6. (kootov] i^i-pmgiMtit^upuit'=iiKacrTa, 

8 b. 17. iv€p iarCp] np *£fc=&r€/> (or rather ft) €l<rCv. Ifb is a likely cor- 
ruption of (fl» = i<rrtv. 

8 b. 17* ftmi/ cicWpcu] irfu>utuijL= elo-crai. 

8 b. 19. lortr] ^^/r^=l<rrat. 

8 b. 19. &ir city] £fer=&m. 

8 b. 30. ravra] A.T. omits. 

8 b. 22. After £iro4>ali/€<r0<u A.T. inserts ^puiJhAun- ufu»muiufumliL.iy which 
means lit. with the mandate of a response, oracularly, x/^M 0- 
\6ym. Obviously the gloss of an Armenian copyist or com- 

8 b. 24. Here A.T. adds Title of new section : juiqun^ju nput^ L npmfru^ 
ptruih=:iT€pl iroCov kcu woion/roy. 

8 b. 35. ctwu] A.T. omits. So n. e. 

8 b. 2 8. A.T. has order: iiovin<&rcpov clvai k. iroXvxpovu&Ttpov. So C.e.a.n.u. 

8 b. 33. yimjTai] £ir^«^=" should be received/' 

8 b. 3 a. After 6X\ov and before nris roiovrou A.T. inserts «yufm*W£= 
cause, aZriov. 

8 b. 36. ical roVos] A.T* omits the kclI. 

8 b. 37. iXXa] A.T. omits. 

8 b. 39. yiv6p.€vos] itnu£== ycvSptvos. So A. C.d.f. 

8 b. 39. €h] A.T. omits. 

9 a. 2. diet xpovov irkrjOos] pu/^nt-iT uiJiuitm^iuL.=zTroXX^ XP^y or rather diet 

7roAXov xpefoov. Probably David had the reading lib. irkdovos 
Xpovov found in pr. g. 
9 a. 3. kclC before ivlaros is omitted in A.T. David evidently under- 
stood the Greek as he had it to mean " become by nature (or 
habituated into being) incurable." 

9 a. 3- fjV &V TLS liTOHS i£lV rjbr{\ qnp tu^ut ng jtpp ntAui^nup^Jlb=zr)v hv for) 

uy iy l£iv. So n. 

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9 a. 7* bi&K€WTai\ mpuaJui^aay^u^biaKwOat, 

9 a. 13. icof] A.T. omits. 

9 a. 14. Ij] L=KaL So n. 

9 a. 15. A.T. has order: Kal \4yop.€v &ir\Q$. 

9 a. 17. A.T. omits Ttoi6v before Afyercu, so confirming Waitz. 

9 a. 18. After ^wiK-qv A.T. inserts ^tutT tMAt^ufpm.pfn.%^fj abwaplav. So 

9 a. 33. ry abvvap.iav . . . Tv^rfin-coi;] *tfu*u% u/UqopU [filikj^L trfupiuu mtu[_ 
mtrqjt ^fttjlub^huJ^lrmU^ fiitu^uibu [tL^ 4pb£= " by being incapable 
and easily giving place to diseases to suffer anything natural." 
utun_ mlrqj, is elsewhere used by David to render avax<op€iv. 
In J. 401 In. tffiupiuL. uiutf^ takqfi ^uuil»qjtL.plrutbg is only added 
in margin, so that the text would = ry abvvirovs tlvai <f>v<riK6v 
n Ttiurxjtw. Thus all Arm. MSS. omit in 9 a. 24 the words : 
pabim iirb r&v rvxiivrw of which C. omits pqblm and B. d. e. 
omit fab t&v Tvxpvroav. 

9a. 2J. (X€W TOV aVTOV TOtJrOv] nAitr^L. itftt-phuML. uikqfr uitui^unppM iqjunpftty 

= i\€LP Kal fiqbCut avayoaptiv rov avrov tovtov. Here the 
phrase mb^f* mtu^ recurs with the addition of rov avrov rot/rov, 
which in A. 23 are preserved by e. and g. in conjunction 

9 a. 30. ical arpv<f>v6Tris] A.T. omits. 

9a. 32. btbcyyAva airi] phqj$Jltiiu^m 4 l i g un 3 *»•=." receptive of these" perhaps 
points to btbtypha ravras or avris read in e. 

9a. 33. bcbfydai] ntAk^jssix€Uf. So also in 1. 34. 

9 a. ZZ' * ar ' airds] £»«» «^£/«M/yty?=Kara tovto. 

9 b. 1. A.T. reads in order yXviA . . . rb /xAi. 

9b. II. y*vovivai\ lrqwb[iij=ylyv*<rQai. 

9 b. 15. i<mv\ lrqLz=fy. 

9 b. 18. yivotf b\v\ ^ibgf* mpunllu^pnup^ub = yivotr ftv bi&$€<ris. So 
C. e. 

9 b. 19. A.T. has order : rr\v xpoi&v fcal b\ioiav. 

9 b. 22. iv Tjj Kara <f)V(TLV <rvara<T€l] pum pLnufttrusU puiqliiugnuplrusUizz: Kara 

<f)V(T€(i)S av'crra&iv* 
9 b. 24. rb avrb rovro] «^/«"y^«/^*/=ro toiovto. 

9 b. 25* M pqbltos airoKaOlvTavrai rj Kal bia filov irapaiiivovo-i] n^_ t^^pmc 


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wbnptfli $mummuitrui[_ njmn3tay 9 ay^mn. lftrL<y>U jmpmlpay jBnrtr:= 

/it) pqbloas biroKafiloraTCu iXXa bih fiiov itapap.lvov<n* 
The subject of aitoKoBidraraL would be the same as that of 

(rvfJL^firjKev in 1. 25. 
David renders iiroKadloTao-Oai by the same phrase in 9 b. 28, 
10 a. 6, and 13 a. 30. 
9 b. 27. airrat] unpu> ? = avrai, read in C. 
9 b. 35. A.T. has order : iraflfii; ruwi'. 

9 b. 36. tfoiJrrjTcy] Is it by a copyist's error that this word is repeated 

in the A.T. thu8? npus^nup[n!h % nptu^nupftdip uw/ftr=7r0lrfr?;S, 

TroiJnircy \4yovrai as if the passage meant as follows : " those 
states which in our innate constitution, immediately certain 
feelings generate them, are and have become a iroiorqs, these 
states are entitled qualities." 

10 a. 1. After Jficorao-is] the A.T. adds unft^nup{,uL = davpa. This is 

certainly a gloss on the word preceding mpmmlim^nupftui^. 

10 a. 3. iK<rri<T€li] mpmrnl^mgnupftul^ usift^nupbu/U = jfCOToVei? QaV\MTOS. 

Perhaps the latter word is added in explanation of the 

10a. 4. ftwaTrdXAcucroi] A.T. has L ifJ-numpmipmife^KaX bwaitiXkaicroi. 
10 a. 5. to tolclvtcl] mfiiptk ^ =Tfl w , fl (or &*!i>a) ^<rrf. 

10 a. 5« WOtofj nptufe nifmhp = TTOloC UV€S. 

10 a. 7. oi yap] .^tr^A «£_£«* =oi/$€ yap. So C #. 

10a. 9. TTeirovdivai] ifwuii 4pkjhz=zT<p TttTtovBivai. So C* d. g. i. 

10 a. 14. The A.T. in reading a/mu% IrnjAi^ttXftU • • • ^n^ confirms W. in 

reading ry yhp rpCywov . . . efoai, 
10 a. 15* Ka/xTn/Aov] 6-m_alr qj9^Ka\iiri\ov eti/ai. 
10 a. 18. n] A.T. omits. 

10 a. 19. A.T. has order : ru>a yakXov. So *. «. 
10 a. 22. iro>$] A.T. omits. 

10 a. 26. rOCTOVTOl] unpw = OVTOl. 

10 a. 30. TTapa}vifuos \iytrai] k jmpmliniJbwpLuip mufijttzzioTt rb Trapoiiniycos 

10 a. 30. Aeufccfc] *uy^«m»^r=6 Acvko's, so below A.T. implies 6 ypap.iiaTiK6$ f 

6 fy>o/i4K(fc, 6 'jrvKruccfc, which C. «. *./. insert in each case. 

10a. 35. *ard bvvay.LV <Pv<nKJv] pum qnpnuplrmlt * JpQmlimbnupirmU (J. 

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10 b. 


10 b. 


10 b. 


10 b. 


10 b. 


10 b. 



i39i)=icaro bivapiv vvktikJjv (or rather ttvktuiJ). V.T. has 
Jp 3U ,t i *,%nL.p[,ub = the art of wrestling. The Arm. Com., 
however, reads <f>vo-ucrjv here. 
2. A.T. inserts £.=icai before rats. So C «. 

kclt&] npg ftuia=o\ icoTci, "who according to . . ." 
A.T. has order : imar^firj Afyercu. 

After oTrovoaioy A.T. inserts mu^kiyerai. 
rrjs iptTTJs'] jutn-mppinupifoeib utn^m^hf,, i.e. from virtue virtuous, 
for Armenian does not lack a word like the Greek. 
10 b. IO. va/wOT/fia)?] juipu/itn^buipmppu^rii Tra/Mttiri/fia)?. So C q. n.u. But 

J. 1 291 agrees with Waitz' Text. 
10 b. 11. iXAcDs] tMyqj^tu=oijT(i)s or so me such word. 
10 b. 12. #car<£] Lm £<#!»= *al *arci« 

10 b. 14. &] omitted in A.T. which begins new sentence with io-atJrwf . 
10 b. 17. ivavrlov ttoloIs ovcriz/] %lrp^m^mU k* ftk"(kw L. "p*fe ir%= ivavrlov 

tort Kaiirtp 704019 oSoui/. 
10 b. 18. rd Xonrbv lorcu woirfy] «£/££& kqfigpb npwfe^zra koma ftrrai 

10 b. 20. ty diKCUOOl/OT} Tj} obiKla] ^mptpupnuplrmfb uit/fipBii-ai.flfiub = blKCUO<TVVri 

10 b. 20. Before ivavrlov] A.T. inserts L uuiftmutl^nuplnuU uLmjpftub^KaX 

Acvicortyri nckavta. 
10b. 24. iroC] nt-p%=zrb irov. So C £. e.f<g* 
10 b. 28. Sliccuoi'] utpfpupuHpi/b^biKaiSTcpov. So A. e. 
10 b. 28. /iaAAoi/| jmt-km L TbHLMt^zspakkov Kal fjrrov. So C. ^.y. 

10 b. 29. In ivbfytTOl keVKOT€pOV y€v4<T$ai] pUyndLfi L utyflmaufyuttfjylb Lu 

&qu/hf,£ = ivb4x€Tcu Kal kevKorepov In ylvtcrdcu. So C. and g. 
10 b. 31. kiytraC\ uMtuturfzskiyoiTo. So B. i. d. u. corr.g. 
10 b. 34. 8clir] A.T. omits. C. e.f. n. u. also omit. 

10 b. $$. vyfciav] nqJa^PftuU utu//b=vyUidv ^acru So C. *./. 

10b. 35. After toicaiooi/jnji/] A.T. adds ffrrov. So C. e.f. which also add 

11a. 2. Aeyb'fiei'a] utufeb usy* npm^pUz=.kty6y.€va ra iroii. 

11 a. 6. After pakkov A.T. adds &. qbncjmqbz=Kal rd tJttov. So C *. 
11a. 9. A.T. reads fiakkov before /fyfliyo-eTcu. So C. «. 

D 2 

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11a. 13. After pJaXkov A.T. adds L Wj*£==*al fjrrov. 

11 a. 14. oi irivra oiv rh iroia hnZixerat] A.T. has mu^m n£_ pUqjtuUpb 

npi*tim-p[u&gii=olK oiv br&lxerai rh voUl. irivra is omitted. 

So C.f. e. n. 
11a. 17. oiic 2<m icar &AAo ov&&] 4- L n^gtum t^ttuS fofe ? = {<m icar' 

11a. 18. *al av6pjoiov\ AT. omits. 

11 a. 20. A.T. has order : pii #i}<rjy ny ripa*. 

11a. 21. A.T. has Ttoir\<rap.lvov$ ttjv irp60c<nv. 

11a. 23. i\4yon*v] A.T. omits. * om. d. et pr. C. rec. marg. n." 

11a. 24. TTprfs Tl] uinftU^gb^T^V TTpOS Tl. 

11a. 29. icaf] A.T. omits. 

11a. 30. oi] A.T. i^w£ = aAA' ov. So in 1. 31. 

11 a. ^. reus ko0 9 Hkcloto] pum ayungfil^r^KaT avris or kclto, rauras. 

11 a. 34. A.T. has order : t\* LV TWa r <* v ^tX. 

11 a. 38. A.T. has order : airrb rote yivwiv. So C. g. 

lib. 1. After Kaxapi.dpni<r6a{\ A.T. inserts Title : jmqut^u mnit&uj L fob^y 

=ircpl tov TToitlv koX ttA.<T\€iv, and omits hi after fatd^xcroc. 
11 b. 5* A.T. reads yhp koX paXkov koX fjrrov. 
lib. 6. Oeppalvto-Ocu] mpmiflrjti=Tb kvTT&o-Oai. SoCf.e. 

lib. 12. i<T<x\ npz=5<T0V. So t. 

11 b. 1 5- Ta €lp7lfl4va\ jum-Uifusuiug[rui[ j pli=.Ta vpO€(.pt\p.iva. 

lib. 16. After dprjp.iva\ A.T. adds Title: jwqutfjt ^m^ui^uy^^zTt^pX t&v 


lib. 16. bvriMlvOai is confirmed by A.T. which reads ^m^m^uy^ 

lib. 21. A.T. omits article before i/fifcrci, havrCa, kqk6v, &ya$$. Before 

the two last u omits it. 
lib. 22. ri] A.T. omits. So C. d. n. g. u. 
11 b. 26. rb hvnkk<nov\ lipl(UuMugmm^l{u ^frun/b=rd bnrk. tov fffiCa-eos. So C. 

f. e. " corr. if." 
11 b. 29. 7rp6s rd fam.KtLp.tvov kiytrat ttjv iinoTrjp.riv\ urn. ^ut^ut^uylrm^ «/2» w 

l^utgnupfiJb'h usufi = Ttpbs avriKtlpcvov t^v iinoTriprjv kfyrrcu. 

Codices A. d. e. omit t6 after irprfs. 
lib. 30. to yap iirioTTjTbv twI kiytrai iinorrjTbv 17} £iri<m{/Ajj] A.T. omits. 
11 b. 32. fripuv kdyerai] A.T. omits. 
lib. 36. A.T. has order : iyaObv Afycrai. 

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12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 



Karqyopcircul umnpn^fi^ L-=z fcarqyopeurdcu kcu. 

A.T. has order : v&vrm &va p.iaov. 

A.T. has order : vitipyjuv avr&v. So n. 

&v hv Kan\yoprrrai\ qgjj umnpntfb perhaps implies &v Kanjyoprfrcu. 
So n. u. 

yi n] A.T. omits. So e. 

A.T. implies rod oirovbaCov, mnjatppiajyi^ So n. 

A.T. implies rov \cvkov kclI tov ni\avos. 
12 a. 22. rotavra x/>«f*ara] fMjlig=xp<&paTa simply. So n. u. 
12 a. 23. rjj tf Uaripov t&v &Kp<*v awo^dVci] p*yg * hpl^u^iA^upn^a 
^l/Phfr »'yw<N"-P^ <tf 4 1 ?= r $ *' kKaripa tQv &Kpa>v iiro<f>i<r€i. 

12a. 25. KOL o6T€ biKCLlOv] a^_uipqjup%=:Td 0%T€ bUaiOV. 

12 a. 26. Aiycrai fiiv] A.T. omits. 

12 a. 27. TT€p\ 6<j>0a\ii6v\ unipu qui%utJp=\iyovrai it€pi 6<f>0akixov. 

12 a. 28. iT€pl tovto\ *qb qunt[un-=iTi, wepl TovTo. Perhaps qt has crept in 

from the quntfmi. which follows. 
12 a. 28. A.T. has order: itiQvKtv ff t£ts. So C.f. q. n. u. 

12 a. 29. iKCLOTOV TUP T7JS t£*m 0€KTlK<ap] qpLpistpusit^Lp qntAutfai-pkutVIt 
pby-ni3*nqtt = iKaOT0V rd Ttjf ££cO>S b*KTlK6v. 

12 a. 29. ^]^aA^=y(tp. 

12 a. 30. iir&pxcw, *<*i St€ iriQviccv l\ €lp M*<m<*s toApffl] Vll *■ "£. #•£ 
/h^p "£. *"«#* (J- **9i ™A/^)=ford>x€ii/ Mo<m&s m*> ^PXfl 
(or ace. to J. 1261 Ixp). In e. l\€i is read instead of iir&PXQ 
in A. 31. 

12 a. 35. t^v t£iv\ lrplruu=rr)V S^nv. 

12a. 39. A.T. has order: ravrdv fj tv^Aoitjs. 

12 b. 1. A.T. has ovbafi&s ivOpviros oh Xiytrai^L »t_ JfrmLfrt-fe Jutpif. n^ 

12 b. 2. TO i<JT€pTJO'0ai\ L- u^Uilpuu^ib'=^r6 T€ i0T€pTJO'Oai. 

12b. 9, icad WM- 

12 b. 13. awfecirai] A.T. omits. 

12 b. 14. TO h<j> UiT€pOV TTpaypa] nflg pbif. Irp^M^pmli^iLpH^ 9 fl ungutbk fiflg 

£b=rct ity' Udrtpov tovtvv irpity/utara. 
12 b. 20. XiyoiT b\v\ mufsskiyarai. 
12 b. 21. Tv<t>k6Trjs bi Siccus oh kfyarai] A.T. omits. 
12 b. 23. kAkcipo] *mn. ayliszmphs iictlvo or ? iiccfocp. 

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12 b. 25. 3+1*] A.T. omits. 

12 b. 30. tovtodv yip] L- ungw = tovtohv hi or kcX rovrmv. J. 1291 has 

fluty ungu* = TOVT(tiV bL 

12b. 30. A.T. has order: avayKalov fjv. So C. n. 

12 b. 30. iva yAaov] pbq. Jkf_fiiR=zivi \U<tov. ti. 

12 b. 34. Tovmv yap iva yAaov n ovhiv] */^ qePq- (P« 106 pUq) J^fn^li 
"d^tl This s ^ould mean : t&v $k iva p.l<rov ovbiv. If we could 
suppose that an /&£_ has dropped out before n^flh^ the Greek 
equivalent of the passage would become : t&v hi iva p.l<rov u 
oibiv Ktokuci \mip\€tv (sc. r<p aocnicy), " but nothing prevents 
some one of the intermediate inhering (in the recipient)." As 
the Armenian stands, however, the sentence can only mean : 
" But nothing prevents it being true of (viripx€iv) those which 
are iva pAo-ov" 

12 b. 36. A.T. has order : m fjv avayKalov Oircpov xnripxciv. 

12 b. 37. eZ /at/] L »^=icai p.rj or jut) hi. 

12 b. 37. irnipyjti] qj"-gk implies irnipxpi. 

12 b. 37. Olov] tyqwli pbnupiruti/pz= olov <f)V<rCl. 

12 b. 38. iirl hi tovtcov i^xa/uapliw? ivayKalov Oirtpov irnipyjtiv] L */t 4f?[' u U 

a(jug ^utp!^ (? qnmi jphi^niXuil^uihfiU p*£_ I*. psmijnpnputpiMtp 

^usptfiuunp £ qJjflftilt f /_= iwl hi TQP&TMV avayKalov iorC n ry 

beKTucy vitipytw, Ka\ i<f><apio'p.4vm ivaynaUv icrrt, Oircpov vTrip\€tv. 

e. inserts r<j> 8e*rifc<p. 
i<f><opi<rpivto$] A.T. omits. 
KaC before oi\] Ven. Text retains, other Arm. MSS. omit as 

in 13 a. 2. 
imipyjti] qjii=irnipx€w. But J. MSS. fq/=vTrip\€i. 
kou oix] A.T. omits KaC. 
After i\rj04s] Ven. Text add k = i<rrL J. 1^91 adds firf = Icrrai. 

13 a. 4, 5. After ivayKalov] Ven. Text adds 4- = &m. J. 1291 adds 

kp= fjv. 
13a. 6. ix ov ] "J'bi^ixcw. So£*. Perhaps here and in U. 10 and ia 

the Arm. MS. had the abbreviation mlrX£==2x<w. 
13 a. 8. &v n loriv iva p.i<rov\ nj$ pbf. Jtf_ k = &v iva yiaov ion. 

Omitting u. 
13 a. 8. avayKalov yip ttotc] L ^mp^iuunp k Arpp£rg=zKal iv» iorC irorc. 

12 b. 


12 b. 


13 a. 


13 a. 


13 a. 


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13 a. 10. t6t€ fj TV<f)Xbv 7J 8\jnv fyov] Ljiq/bJ-WiTtyqjp L l^tmtT irpiruu nJb£r£=z 

tAt* Tu<f>\bv ?/ Kal 3\fnv lx €LV ' C* n - have 3\fnv ix*iv. 
13 a. 11. nal Tofooav\ «#ur=rot3ro. 

13 a. 12. t\ov &\jnv etz/cu] hrptruu nt3th-£_i*ufli=z jfyw f\€iv ktyeaOcu. 
13 a. 14. ak\a tktC] The Armenian versions, except Paris 106, add a 

gloss here, and P. 106, instead of no-i, writes L nJmUg ^J^(ngu% 9 

which might mean Kal n<ri ra tQv iii<r<ov. 
The Venice MSS. and Paris 105 insert, instead of the words 

iXXi thtl Kal tovtols a(f>(tip(.<TfM4v(tis to (v, the following : uyf_ L 

ymTuihg P. IO6) qJfifngult i fiutf nubutl^nuplrusb L. ujiufyutuni-pbuSb 
nhnjtubuiLmhfib n >S m ph ^ 1"UU? n ^* u ^ iU p^nMublrti qfi ">t Jfrfnai 
"UL 1$Mi* L- "£. ""3*° [uugnpn^uspjup qjfiiak % which = dAAa Kal THTl 

ra t&v fxi(r(ov (?)* l£ €<o$ hi Kal orc/nyo-eas rcj) b€KTUc<p ovk av&yKrj iari 
aWi nva hi\e<rOai, d /it} l<m pdo-vv, dAAa Bdrepov [or to hi] Kal ov 
(omitted in P. 106) rot/rot? (omitted in J. 401) &4><apwp£vt»s to (v. 
This looks like the translation of a Greek gloss. 

13 a. ao. vnapxu.] ym-gk implies viripxot. 

13a. 20. r<j> irvpl 0€/>/a<P] $PV &p3t ?=ttv/>1 to flepjwp. "irvpl to" is read by 
e.n., "corr. A., rec. B. C." 

13 a. 21. ycvio-Qai] ifitibij=ylv€o-6ai. 

13 a. 21. hvvaT6v\ fapk perhaps implies bvvarai. So n. Likewise in 1. 23. 

13 a. 22. A.T. has order : Oepjibv y^vxp6v. So d. 

13 a. 25. Had David read k&v he would have probably used L, but he 
does not. Cp. n. u.g.f. 

13 a. 29. avrov] A.T. omits. So pr. n. 

13 a. 30. cfc ttjv ivavrlav t&v\ *'fi Ih-p^snQnt-pbtmb ni3tu>fynt-flfiL%= ds ivav- 


13 a. 34. After ahivaTov A.T. adds fnfn/unuJlL {/&&£== jueraj3oAT)i> ylvevOcu. 
13 a. 35« (paXciKpbs &>v ir&ktv] I^hmmjkui^np=<paXaKp6s m &/, omitting ti&Xiv. 

13 a. 36. t<f>V<T€v] p*uuyg lrppLg = t<f>w4v 7T0TC. But J. 401 OmitS bpp£rp = 

13 b. 4. a«(| A.T. omits. 

13 b. 6. oifc/repoi/] L n^JJi 9 ft ungnbtr^zovbirtpov air<*v. 
13 b. 7* "? r ^ ^P^* r *] •£"*££ «"j£«* /|y mnflbtffli^avTa yap if ra w/><fe ri. 
13 b. II. iornv] tvttfi%=kty€Tai. 

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13 b. 19. aitrov /it) Svtos 8k<as tov ScoKpdrovy] *^/r im^o/ #»^_ A-^j/ p*inpni[fib 

\)ntipusuiuyli unuiu £ = 6Yt C&TOV fJLT} SvTOS 8\<OS TOV 2<i)Kp&TOV$ 

yfrevbis tori. Here qfr » • • unum £=5™ . . . \frevbos tori may be a 
repetition by a copyist of words from preceding sentence. 

13 b. 20. A.T. has order: ?£ca>s koX ttjs (rrfpijtrcws. 

13 b. 20. fiif Svtos re 8km oibfocpov ikrjBis, Svros re ovk oaI Birtpov] Ar^j L 
n tMuU* "L.k JpMi= Svtos koI pr) Svtos ovk iari OArepov. 

13 b. 22. ry Tv<f>\6v clvcu\ fqjpb ^i»^?=ri rvQkbv ttvai. So n. 

13 b. 23. A.T. has order : BArcpov ovk ivayicalov. So u. 

13 b. 26. J?x €W; ] if"" **3'bi = avTbv l\€iv. So C e. n. 

13 b. 30. icaf] ^W=^f. A.T. omits Saxc/xinji/ with C. 

13 b. 33. pJiuw] A.T. omits. 

13 b. 36. rovro bi brjkov] L *un t £mjuymhf?U=.TO$rr(x bi brjXovrai. 

13 b. 37. TJj Kaff IkCLOTOV iiray<oyff\ pum {n-pt*gui%£fu.p fcuptrwlig Jml^mh^ni^^ 

phruiU — Tri KaB y Ikootov avr&v £7raya>yj). 

13 b. 37. After v6ao$ A.T. inserts L mpiyupm.ptrm% u/bfiputLML.p[,ub = 

*al biKaioavvy ddi/a'a. 
Kafcdp oV] 4- £uip = l<Trl kclk6v. C. omits Sv. 
ivavrla] is translated mechanically by tfrp^mfutlq* as if it were 
neuter plural. 

hi iirC] L Lu-hi bk without M. 
A.T. has order : r«j> airy {m&px*w &fx<f>6r€pa. 
A.T. omits first */. 
14a. 24. iv yiv€i\ vlrnft J/mLaP=ylv€i. ivL 

14 a. 25. A.T. adds Title : jmqui^u %m/m^ = ir€p\ tov irporipov. 

14a. 36. KCLT&] np jurat = KOT&. So ft. 

14 a. 37. t&v \6ya>v] *uing%=TS>v iAAow. 

14 a. 38. A.T. omits t6. 

14 b. 1. After rd£ei. A.T. adds qj? ufafUHly* %mfu^ffl i g &% ^mb qm&uni^ 

mh-uh qjuufiu = &VTT*p ip\al ITpOTtpCU TWV OfOip-qpaSiTUiV Tfj r<££*4. 

So i. J. MSS. show a slight variation in this addition which 
they, like the P. MSS., receive : namely, J. 401, instead of {£» 
has L^ui%qt and J. 1291 has £i*%qb L ; either of these might = 
ical yip. 

14 b. 5* *?l>ai *?? <£v<J"€4 SoKCl] ^Jf£ mj[_ irf_ pbat-Plrtsit/p ayu fini-fi = €?Z/CU, 

AAA' oi <^t/(T€i rovro oo*ei. 

14 a. 


14 a. 


14 a. 


14 a. 


14 a. 


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14 b. 6. iyairoifUvovs vn air&v irporipovs <f>&crK€iv itap avrois elvai] *«r^ w 

ptrgtrmiub fthptruihg %u$fmlfjtbu ftcptruihg utulrlt f^i£_= &y<nrti>p.4vOVS 

iavT&v (= themselves) itporipovs avr&v (=them) (paciv clvai. 

The construction requires «»«#££== <f>i<rK*w in fin. to be read 

instead of mulr%. If this change be made, the Armenian gives 

some sense. M and irapd are omitted. 
14b. 9. A.T. has order: rov irporipov Tp6iToi. 
14 b. 10. A.T. implies kclI irapi in Lj>ufu. So n. 
14b. II. Ttpor4pov\%ui[uljbpi=Tov irporipov. So C 

14 b. II. T&V yhp aVTlOTp€<f)6vTU)v] ^uthqft L k J-fjbg "fig ^ut^uttyupipb'SZKaL 

yip lort t&v &vTt<rrp€<l>6vT<iw. But as \4yoir &v in b. 13 is 
translated the tart is not wanted and k has probably crept in. 

14 b. 13. 17} 4w<r€i] A.T. omits. 

14 b. 17. el yap &Arj07)s" i \6yos <f \4yopcv Sri tartv &v6ptoicos> tartv ivOpoiiros] 
A.T. omits. 

14b. 18. *<m fit] L k P =1iv U. 

14b. 20. <f>aCverat ttchs] kpLfi [itR ftppL=z<f>aiv€rai itcds a? or olov. 

14b. 23. A.T. inserts Title : ju»q*npa ^mJmit^mJhyUg^zTstpl tQp &p.a, 

14 b. 24. Kiyaroi] 4%= Am. A.T. omits M. 

14 b. 31. oib4r€pov\ A.T. omits and implies ovbtripy b4. 

14 b. 35* dtcUpCO'll'] mutpplrpni-plrmh = lia(^6pav. 

14b. 37. ycvovs] «#£ir£ ir^n^jnay^yivovi 6vra. So /?. C «. «. 

14 b. 38. After twbpov A.T. adds £. '[> gutJ^^^Vb—Kai ck rd \tpa6v. 

15 a. I. roiavra] uyui^l^ =:ravra. 

15 a. 1 . Kcu itaorop tQv toiovtmv] L *ungut [n-puagu/U^i-p = Kdi ravra Ikclotov. 

unput should perhaps be ungm-=zTair(Av. 
15 a. 2. olov rd vcfdV] ^A-ovIlu^ £&kr^ar&yftr==rd 7rc£oi> Cyoz>, omitting olov. 

15 a. 4. ray eidap 4c(] ilft^m j>mb qmlruui^uL^^ii^i tQv clb&v. 

15 a. 9. A.T. has rov thai immediately after alriov. So C 
15 a. 12. A.T. has Title : jmqmqjt ^a»p€fnup&m%=ir€pi fupqo-ea?. 
15 a. 13. to] A.T. omits. 

15 a. 14. A.T. has order : y k. r. jiera^oAiJ, aAAofao-i?. 
15 a. 15. at jutij; ovi> AAAai] 0*419. ^/fef. uyhp^al yiv 6$v itlvr*. 
15a. 19. #] kp^rl, cl was": a mechanical blunder. 
15 a. 19* ro aAAoiovfi€i/oy] «^/^/^/==oAAoio5o^ai. 
15 a. 20. oAAoio6o-0ai] uyiuyjni-pftMt=zTTiv iWotoMnv. 


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15 a. 22. f]plv ovb epias t&v ikkoov] Jln^ ^uthqfi L n^J/tiy *u[ng—r)l£v ovbtpuas 
yap t&v &Xk(ov. .gmbqfi^yap breaks the consecutiveness of the 
Armenian and is clearly an echo of the £*&qb which begins 
the next sentence. 

15 a. 26. KaC] A.T. omits and reads for fj : L=kclL 

15 a. 29. ffici] A.T. omits. " r. c. add n. w 

15 b* I. KlinjaiS ffpe^Ca] ^utptfnupbuiU ffiu/f-UtpnL.flfiL%z= KtVrj<T€l fjptpCa. 

15 b. I. rais bi kclO' ftcaora al Kaff ftcaora] fiu% pum [iupuapu$L^upngb-=zTais 
hi kclO' iKaora. The A.T. seems to have dropped out al naff 

15 b. 4. fjptpla* n&kioTa b' ZoiKtv aimKtladai fj trpbs tov ivavrlov r6itov jLtrra- 

/3oA.7/J[iiX Jushmuuthn. trplt.lrtjmL. ^wbtmLuyftt* L. plrpLjt 

avriKtlo-Bai' kclI d ipa irpbs tov ivavrCov tottov p.€Taf}o\rj. The 
sense of A.T. is : " to change of place rest in a place seems to 
be especially opposed and, if as may well be the case, change is 
to an opposed place, it is also opposed." I have assumed that 
the words L pkpLu uspq-lrog = *ai d ipa which "del. vult ante f) n. ; " 
for they are used as=/cai d ipa in 5 d. 10 and 11 a. 28. 

15 b. 6. TJj hi \0LTrr} T&V airoboOtLO-VV KLirq<T€0)v] ftul^ iuj[uyini-plriuVb puiQiu^ 
mplrglr^j £t*p<£nuplrtuUgb = Tfj bi aWoiUXTtl. aitohoOdcrr} T&V KUnf(T€OiV. 

15 b. 9. rj] A.T. has *uy%J= Uelvrj. ^uuTwould render fj. 

15 b. 12. avTtKtIatTai] ^tuQutfyuylrugk implies future. 

15 b. 13. ttj Kara to itoibv kw^ctci fj Kara rb iroibv r)p€ix(a 77 f) cis rb ivavrCov 

TOV 7T0L0V fJL€TafioXrjj puut npuil^fih njunjupni-fitruiU %lrp^ui1p$iiaU 

npusfyffc iftntf$n[unL.pli^b = 777 Kara to ttoiov r)p€ fj ivavria (or TO 

ivavrlov) tov ttoiov /xcra/3o\?}. 
If we could suppose — what is easy — that ^ had dropped out 

before %&p^at^aATb we should read f) ds to ivavrCov tov it. p.. 
It may be noted that in n. the first hand omits the words in 

1. 13 f) Kara to itoibv rjpepCa fj. 
15 b. 16. A.T. has Title : jmqutfu n^lr^jj^Ti^pX tov fyciv. 
15 b. 17. bi] A.T. omits. 
15 b. 17. yip] A.T. omits. 
15 b. 18. rj iWrjv Tiva 7roior7;ra] tymiT pum ufjuj />*& npuifyni.pkut%=r) icar' 

iXXrjv Twa Troi&njTO, 

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15 b. 25. txcw] mJ^=£x«' Mycrai. is omitted. 

15 b. 38. \€y6fi€0a bi] A.T. omits. 

15 b. 29. A.T. reads rov l\€iv after dAAorpiwraros. 

15 b. 30. ry ^x ftx; ] —3»t*i?4^ implies this reading. 

15 b. 32. After fcanypftfytr/imu] A.T. adds £. ^m^n^lrmy^ &qt% uyun^l^ = 

Kal ol voynCoy^vot. fja-av ovtoi. 
The Armenian translator ends thus : "End of the Ten Categories 

composed from the Great Master Aristotle and called in the 

Greek tongue Categorias." 

E 2 

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The Venetian Text of 1833 was prepared from the three MSS. 
already mentioned in the preface to the collation of the Ten Categories. 

I have checked the Venice Text by collating with it the Paris MSS. 
105 and 106, and the Jerusalem MSS. 401 and 1291. 

The Venice edition, also the Paris Codices, have the following Title : 
u Beginning and Preface of the writing which is called in Greek : ITcpi 
'Epixrjvetas and in Armenian about interpretation, produced by the great 
thinker Aristotle." 

To which P. 105 and 106 add the words : " translated and inter- 
preted by David." 

16 a. 6. &v fiiproi, ravra o^/ieia 7rpora>?, ravra ira<ri 7ra0rjixara\ p*»yg n p n g 

iMyunpfil^ Ibgtutiutfe utnjufttngb unpfrb uitltrhbtjniJb *%iyb ^jtpo'=.&V 

\1lvT01 ravra (rqfxtla r&v irpdrvv ra avra iracrk ra avra (?) iraOrj- 

16 a. 8. ijbrj rovrd] ui^ut ungsu=rjbrj ravra ; but J. 1291 reads i*nppitz=ra 

ainri or ravra\ 
16 a. 10. irk fxiv] is omitted by the A.T. 
16 a. 10. rjbrj] A.T. omits. 

16 a. 11. <£] *npngt=oh. Perhaps npy>=$ ) is the right reading. 
16a. 12. A.T. has order: rb a\rjdis re ico2 rb yjrevbos. 
16 a. 13. rb. ykv oiv iv6para avr£\ wpq. unpfib /rulf w%nLM&gu=ravra fxiv oiv 

rci <5i^f/xora, " eadem ergo nomina." 

Digitized by 



16 a. 14. ry &V€V <r. K. 6. V0rjpMTl\ uiiuiibg gutputapnuptrujb Ll uipn^ncplrutb 
jftJuignLMi^ub-=.T0is 6.VCV <T. K. b. r07)/IO(ri. 

16 a, 15. V to \cvk6v, Stclv prj TrpoorcOrj rC ovtc yap yfrevbos ovt* iXrfOis tto>. 
aijixelov b* iarl Tovbc kcu yip] IpuJT utyftmuify L jnpJ-u>tT n^ 

utiu^figfi fii* *b. Imju 4"» "> uitL.u» L. n\ Ayt/utpfittf QWfjg %piuttutl^p 
JJtuyh irtt uyurigfilf t bu j>uiby[i = T} TO XcVkSv' StCLV hi prj TTpOOTcOjj 

ti ovttq) iarlv ovt€ \frcvbos ovre iXrjOis' <nj/m€ia bi povov rovro. 

kclI yap. 
16 a. 15. Paris 95, 105, and J. 401 omit L before jnp^md) so that the 

Greek would run : kevxdv Srav ufa without icai. 
16 a. 17. akrjOis rj \jrevboi] ^^"Pf 9 " 9 f^L. k""^ <#m - af = &kq04s ti rj i/r€vdo?. 

16 a. 18. r) pr) efocu] ^utaTqn£b f /_=q t6 prj elvai. So g. 
16 a. 19. Before Svopa] A.T. has Title : jtaqusfu mttna-uA=tr€pl <W/maros. 
16 a. %i. avrS] A.T. omits. Sog.f. pr. n. 

16 a. 24. A.T. has order : iv inctvois p£v yap oibap&s t6 pipos. So n. f. e. 
16 a. 26. rd KiXrjs oibiv. rd bi Kara <rvv$rJKr}v] trqwiffti * ftu^ puu$ ^°p u >^ 

t[pnL.pbu/b=Tb Kikrj? Kara (rvvdrjicriv b4. /. E. e. d. n. u. G. omit 

16 a. 27. After oibiv iariv the Arm. versions add : L /7£*y£» &% pum 

pbnt-Piruftt luyUp An.£ uibLbusi, uvulpayU u/bnumttD it£^uiufiii = 

u but perhaps there are by nature sounds written, which yet 
are not called names," AAA' I<ra>s elcrl Kara <f>foiv <f>a)val yeypa/m- 
pJvai iXX 9 8pM>9 6v6para ovk efcrfo. These words are commented 
on in the Arm. Commentary. 

16 a. 32. The A.T. confirms W. in omitting the words : Sn opoCcos i<f>' 
Stovovv vTr&p\€i Kal Svtos koI p.t) Svtos found in C. e.f. u.g. 

16 b. I. ocra TOiavraj nppmii JftutbajuaT uy^ fiȣ_ u C/ uu /f" / fip = &ra &AAa 
roiavra. So C. 

16b. I. &v6p.aTos\ ushnuuAj=6vop6.TO)v. So/. 

16b. I. X6yos b4 i(rrw avrov ra pJkv &X\a Kara ri ovri, 5rt bi perci tov 

toTlVj L. pMMib £ unput uyjb uiiflfbuyb pum 'btlfiL L. ^utbq.trpl kf»^* 

= X6yos b4 ioriv avrov to HlXXo ttov Kara rd airrd /xcra bi tov 

16 b. 4. 4>£AaWs ioriv] ^/f^A 4-=4>£\a>v( lorw. 
16 b. 4. ov6^ y<ip ?ra>] jBufcqfi ^L Luzzzovbe yip 7ra>. 

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16 b. 6. Before pfjixa] A.T. has Title : jtuquii[ju puyfr^TTtpX prmaro$. 

16 b. 9. Td VVV VTT&pXClv] ijuyJ-iT fjy% = TO VVV Virip\€l. So f. 

16 b. 10. A.T. confirms W. and Codices in reading *a0' kripov Xeyoiiivuv 
as against virapxovTaiv of Ammonius. 

16 b. II. T&V Ka0* VTTOKCipiivOV fj iv VTlOK€ip.iv<^\ *lr%puifyuyfy L t[unT %irit^ 
puit[uynfuig mufi^lr^n^U k\ VHOK€l\x(vOV fj KOI iv VltOKtiyAvtp 

XeyopAvoiv tort. 
Probably y%puil i u U J, 9 is a copyist's error for ytoipuifyuykj = 

t&v Kaff xnroK€ifX€vov t ^The Arm. Com. implies qffhpuilpujk*}* 
16 b. 17. tov prjixaros] /u^//^?=p?y/utoTos simply. 
16 b. 18. irpo<r(rqixatv€i] %^u/Utu^=.(T7]p.aiv€i. 
16 b. 18. rh bi] M fc«,=rd hi. So E. e. 
16b. 30. 6 Kiywv] qnp utu&=b Aiyei, "what he says/' The whole clause 

in the Armenian = " for what he says stops the intellect/' 

6 \iyoiv would =»/» uiutrti* 
The Arm. Com. however seems to imply 6 Kiyoav. 
16 b. 12. ovbi yap rb clvai fj p,)j efocu] ^u/bq^ n^ bpk 7^7^ QuoT n£b f /_= 

ovbi yap ihv to elvcu fj rb p.Tj thai, as if cIttjis were understood 

from succeeding clause. The Arm. Com. paraphrases the 

passage thus : /»£_ Jfiuyb f-n^ff I*- *£_ $*(_ n^Jh^uAui^irlb qfrpb* uy^ 
irpt L. qtttyii piiptt at?wljU usuuiutjbu, n+aptfiuputfc L. n*uwl;'=. 

oi \kivov to cTvai kclI p.r) elvai ov (rrj/xa^ct rb 7rpayfia, &W' iav kclI 
airb kolQ* avrb to iv cIttjis ovk ikrjOcvci oib* \jrevberai. This rather 
implies omission of i&v or Hv. But the Arm. Com. is not 
a reliable witness of what stood in the Arm. Version of 
the text 
16 b. 33. A.T. implies order : ovb' hv yfnkbv avrb Kaff avrb rb Sv cftrr/s. 

16 b. 24. fjV 6.V€V T&V OVyKClfl4v<Ov] *"P1J uinjuiUg ^fputifp&g&^a^i/ z= fjs &V€V 

t&v (rvvOcpivtov. But J. 1291 reading=^fi>. 

16b. 26. Before \6yos] A.T. has Title: jui^utfu jui#ty=7€pi \6yov. 

16 b. 30. ov\C] n^irpt=ovK cJ or ovk idv. 

16 b. 31. iv r<j> fivs rb t)s] *btrp ptulfu utlp/?=iv tji cr<j)vpa vpa ; for pwfy=z 
" ham mer " according to the dictionaries. The Arm. commentator, 
or rather the Armenian translator of the Greek Commentary, 
certainly understood putlfu as meaning " the mouse " and not 
" the hammer," for he writes thus : pwlju uMulr^nil m&uuif (*& 

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uibpm% tilr 4 bq r u/Ut-nj fc£ai1tai££=" in saying- put/ft he means a 
certain kind of irrational animal." Neumann, Revue Asiatique 
for 1829, * n h* s article on the Armenian David, takes pwpi 
2LS=cr<f>vpa; but he could not have read the commentary on 
the passage. 

17 a. 11. prjuaros] A.T. omits. 

17 a. 11. 6 rot; ivOpdirov] i[u*u% Juipqjyti pmit = 6 irtpl ivOpwirov koyos. 
"Codices add Arfyos." 

17 a. 11. rj fjv] A.T. omits. 

17 a. 12. rj ti] %unTqum_ ^^==^ &XX6 n. 

17 a. 13. bC $ti, bf\ L ifututt qfi. Here he implies bi rather than brj. The 
A.T. does nothing here to make clear the reading in the 
The words L iftuulb qfr in 17 a. 18 render iircibrj ; in 17 a. 38 
render iird bi ; in 17 b. 22 bib ttaL They might also render 
bC 8 Tt bi, if qfi be used interrogatively, for they would then 
mean " but because of what ?" " cur autem ?" 

17 a. 13. to C<£oi>] i^qj^l' ? = £<$ov simply. 

17 a. 14. ry o-iveyyvs dpfjo-Oai] 'ft ^ l p u ' r i tM ' u ^UJj'=- T ^ ovvriraxOai or ovvtAct- 
<r€<rOai. Perhaps 2jfP u "t ulu ^UU ls a corruption of 2^p wu ^UU 
which would render the Greek text. 

17a. 15. A.T. has order: tovto irpayiiaTclas. So e.'f. n. 

17a. 18. brj\ovvr& ti] juyu&&i_f,1b£=brj\ovv ti. The A.T. means: "since 
we cannot say that one thus reveals anything by voice so 
as to etc." 

17a. 27. A.T. transposes the clauses thus: iir*l bi tori nal to xm&pyov 
&TTO(paCv€<r0cu <5>? xmiipypv kclI to /ut?y iir&pxov m /xr) vitipypv kclI rb 
iit&pyov m p>rj vitapypv koX rb firj vnipyov &>s vir&pxov. In 
Armenian : L. ifuiA qfc fa L. qfrjA &pL-&^at.^uA&£^ftppL. qkgi i*- 
Y^Apfc Jfppl*- itjig* L qkg% fippL qtjig* l*- %t-kp it tPP^- ?kp s 

17 a. 3°« Ka i TT*pi T <>VS iKTOS bi TOV VVV \p0V0Vs\ L. ^rn-p^qutputtugiyub uyJ-Jhc 
UiJwhwtfiL (P. 95 UiJuibui/(fiu)= KCLI TTtpl TOVS iKTO$ TOV VVV \p6vOV. 

B. C. E. G. read xpdvov. g omits be, but the A.T. seldom 
renders bi thus used. See note on 22 a. 8. 
17 a. 31. airi^ycr*] utu^ncjt&utjit ng = d.Tri<f)r}<T4 ns. So n. 

17 a. ^. TOVTo\ uyuu(ku = oijTQOS. 

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17 a. 35* T ^) V T( & O&TOV KCiTh TOV aVTOv\ qunppt uyuappty quS&kl = ri)V TOV 

airov tovtov Kara rod avrov. 
17 a. 36. iXXa] ayy* &j»=alia etiam, perhaps ikXa few. 
17 a. 36. Trpo<rbiop(.(6n€0(i\ ^m^npn^&Jg=zd.vrt.biopt.C6p.€0a, 

17 a. 38. TO hi KCiO' (k<XOTOv\ L. nJutl^g pum fiupmomu^upau ? = ra h\ T&V ICdO* 

17 b. 1. av&yicn 8<| A.T. omits U. 

In 2 b. 3 iv tivl t&v kclB' iKaara is rendered by : pU nuJkuujfig^m^ 


In 11a. 32 ol Kaff iKaara by : pum ftLpmpmu^up^b* 

In 11a. 34 t&v nod' iKaara imarrjixoiv riva by : /A^pum fct-pmgmu^ 

iftLpnijb ^uAitfmpnij. 

In 17 b. 1 KaKXCas t&v ko,(P iKaarov by: \\m^mu pum fcupmomu^ 


In 17 b. 3 t&v koO 1 iKaarov after iiripxci is rendered : a^um {n-pu*^ 

^uih^t-pgh (in J. 4OI {n-putpu/b^ftL.pnjb). 

In 20 a. 24 iirl tQv Kaff iKaarov is rendered : ft 4frpuy ftupm^mb^ 

In 17 b. 28 iirl t&v Kaff iKaara is rendered by : ft 4tp-u P uta 


In 17 a. 40 Kaff iKaarov (Aiya>) is rendered simply : fn^mpmu^fn^^u, 
which is irregular. 

In 17 b. 40 t&v KaO' iKaari twos is rendered : pum ftLpusgu/b^upau 
itLjfcgk* In 18 a. 31 ijrl t&v KaO* iKaara is rendered : ifiuf pum 
fit-pmpmu£lii-pgu (J. 401 ^ntju). Similarly in 18 a. 33. 

In the version of Porphyry Isagoge in 6. 20 (Busse Ed.) rh Kara 
fxipos Kal ko$' iKaara is rendered : pum dmuu&mj^pu L pum fn-pm^ 
^uSbjJfuflp. The general rule followed in the above passages 
seems to be this : that David in the suffixes ^pb, ^tfu> and 
^.mau translates the article only in its forms t&, t&v, tois, while 
he takes no account of whether KaO' iKaarov or Kaff iKaara be 
used, rendering both alike by: pum ^pmgm%^L.p t which 
properly = Kaff iKaarov. 

I conclude from the analogy of the above renderings that David 
read t&v KaO 9 iKaarov in 17 a. 38. 
17 b. 2. V7r<£px €i T * V w] kg k"" 1 tkg—^^PX^ h M iifipx^ 

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17 b. 4. n] A.T. omits. 

17 b. 4. io-ovrtu ivajrrCai. al a7ro</><Wets] ^Irqfrgfi %&p^u»^tu% pmglrpLjii-ftfiuti* 
= iorai ivavrCa aTr6<pav<ns. But P. MS. reads lb&p^m^ut%p = Ivav- 
t 6u, without however altering the number of the other two words. 

17 b. 7. avrai fiiv] A.T. omits. So^ - . 

17 b. 8. W] A.T. omits. So n. 

17 b. 9. Ae'ya> b\ to p.^ Ka06\ov £mo<patv€<rdai iirl t&v kclOoXov] L wutrJT 

qgum pn^apfflt &pLng&f_ ft i[lrpuy n^ qpji^np^gb = kiyCO bi t6 KO$6- 

\ov ivo<f>aCv€<r$ai ivl t&v kcl06\ov. 

17 b. 11. k4xpv T(U ] 4afp/ , Lr : KCXPV ^ ** 

17 b. 12. to yap was] ^pu/bqfi n£_utJHb=ov yap iras or ov iras yip, 

17b. I3. KO$6\0V KaTTiyOpciv] m^pum pn^npyU uuinpHq.lrj_=OV Ka66\0V KaTTJ- 

17 b. 14. akri$rjs\ A.T. omits. B. has it in margin. 
17 b. 15. rb KO06kov jcarqyopcirai] umnpnfft t^npnpyu = icarqyopeirat to 

17b. 17. A.T. implies: Ayn^anKws rather than airoawnK&s. 
17b. 18. #ti] A.T. omits and its reading qn^pumpnpnpk might =ri ov 

17 b. 20. feavrfos] tr£/i^«r£ would rather = ivavrtas of*. 
17 b. 21. A.T. confirms W. in omitting iras tvOpanros Xcvkos ovbcls &*>0pa>- 

iros XwkSs. Bkk. retains from A. 
17 b. 2a. 8mT] £. i[u,u% ^A=et quoniam "and for as much as," "and for that." 
17 b. 25. olov] A.T. omits, but in further omitting wore and i/xa aX-qdels 

tlvai confirms W. 

17 b. 26. After AeVKOs] A.T. adds : ^ustiqfi n^tuJIrU n^t^um pn£npffr li^ui^ 

%uifyk=ov iras yap ov to Ka66kov o-qpxiCvtt.. The same words 
occurred in 17 b. 12. 

17 b. 28. iirl TQv Kaff ftcOOTa] 'ft iffrpuy pum ftL^mpmU^up^b uq/bujLu=iTTl 

t&v Kaff ItaoTa uaavrm. 
17 b. 28. ovk tori SaiKpdrqs KevKOs] yjnfotumku »t_ t"yf""w1( = 2wKp&Tr]S ov 


17b. 30. A.T. has order: fj fa t/rev^s, ff bi aAryflifr. 

17 b. 40. aito tov airov] *an^nui&&u perhaps a corruption of o#<y -f abl. case 

of uryL. 

18 a. 1. tj d>s] L= simply koI ; " alt # om. /. del. B. C" 


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18 a. 


18 a. 


18 a. 


18 a. 


18 a. 


18 a. 


18 a. 



0V\ fj iVTlKClfJiivrj] n£_$usfyusfyuy?=OVK ivTlKClflivr]. 
8. flta KaT&iJHlO'Ls \XLCL &TT0<f)6.Cr€l] Jul. piMitjuiunt-pfii-% Jhctr utnnptuunc^ 

p&mA=ixCa &Tr6<f>a(ns /ita Kara<p&<r€i. Cp. A.n.u. 

&VTl<paTl.K<Ds] fUMigbpLuilffi = &iro<f)aVTlKQ)S. 

al ivavrlai iXXai] Ibirp^ut^utitg uyi£=ivavrtai &AAou. 

77] ^utiT=zij, "or;" a mechanical blunder. 

oi<c] A. #ȣ== ical ovk or oib4. 

&m] A.T. omits. 
18 a. 18. Kcircu] ^uu^t? = K€C<T€TaL. A.T. also implies ££ 5i/ &i /at/. 
18a. 18. After *car(i^a<us] A.T. introduces L n^Jhu aMtgutunupfiub^ovbi 

pla &Tr6<pa<ns. So A.d.g. i. 
18 a. 21. ov8iv yip bia<f){p€(. tovto clirclv 7) lorti; tTTTros koX AvOpwiros XevKos] 

oiuuqfc n * ft} tntupnup 4* usutrt Pk hp *b dinpn. utuhmutu L. LtmtT 

pk fig 2$ uiufttnutti L-fig tfimpij. uuf/>miu^ = ovbkv yap bta<f)£p€i difilv 
Sri Iotiv tirnos HvOpotiros Xcuxiy fj 8ti l<mv tinros Xcukos kqI 
t<mv HvOpctiiros \wk6s. B. C. read rj iru in a. 21. 

18a. %$. foot TToWh tj oibtv <nj/xa6/€l] pmant-du %^tuutu^t ^uitTn^fib^^'noKKa 

arjixaCvH rj ovbiv. 
18 a. 25* ^ tU HvOpcoTTos liriros] ng ifi Jutpn.=zi rls tiriros tvOpwiros. 
18 a. 2J. A.T. has order: avrtyao-iv tfocu ; so q.f. n. 
18 a. 38. A.T. omits aviyKq. J. 401 retains it however. 
18a. 29. A.T. has order: akrjOrj Avai fj yjf^vbrj. 
18a. 31. cfocu] A.T. omits; so «. 

18 a. 32. TOW KCL$6\0V /IT/ JCa0rfAov XCX^^W^] £«/«" fui[npkgU muftglring L n^ 
ann^tpk = TftW Ka$6\0V ke)(PivT<uV KoX fMrj Ka06k<)V (or fii) KO0<$- 

Xov 5ty 
18 a. 33. rot/row] unptu—TVuiov. 
18 a. 34. r/] ^.= ko(; so A.n. 
18 a. 35- First VTrip\€iv] fyutiTfjij^ fj hTtAipytiv. 
18 a. 35. &<rr€ ei] qb Irpk rather =ei y&p, found in e.f.; <8ot€ is always 

rendered uttum ttuplrSt or Jph^ 

18 a. 37* Kar<tya<Tl?] uutnputunL.pfn.% L t L.% = K<lT<l<f)a<Tl$ kcu an6- 

4>a<ri? ; so A. 
18 a. 38. viripfa] to=vxrdpx €4 > so£"« 
18 a. 39. Second 5ti] A.T. omits. 
18 b. 2. rj ov \cvk6v] fyuitTn^/tg uujf>uiusl[ = rj ovk i<m \cvk6v. 

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18 b. 


18 b. 


18 b. 


18 b. 



fjv] t=!cm. 

*<u *J fiij int&p\€i V r€ ^ €Ta4 ] ^P^ "i! «/«n4==e{ jit;, i/rtifccrai. 
First 7/] A.T. omits. So 5.£\ ?. 

17 i/revft?/] A.T. adds after these word* L bpk «u u ^£_ =€ * *i tovto 
fxrj (or ov). 
18 b. 6. r) ovk lorcu] A. »£_»/» n^ir^pif^ovbi ovk l<rroi, "nor what shall 

not be." 
18 b. 7. 6 </>a? &At}06i/€i] */» uuinpmulnugL ^^* t pf lU 't=6 KaTa<f)CLS aK-qOtvci. 
18 b. 9. ovrcoy r) /at) o£ra>?] uyuufku L n^_t^/ht^tu=ovra)9 Kal /x?) o{rr<ji>?. 

18 b. II. ci7T€U>] muir£^jutaMt2uf^jyii=z'iTpo€nr€lv. 

18 b. 11. dcf] A.T. omits. 

18 b. ia. cf7r€ii/] A.T. implies Trpocnrciv as in b. 11. 

18 b. 15* avaytaiov] ^utp^utunpmuf^ kp=&vayKala)s ty. 

18 b* SO. <rvfi)3a&€4] *y«#mi»<J£</^£=(n;/i/37j(rercu. 

18 b. 21. iATj0&] Xzfwpftm kp = fari6te 1jp. 

18 b. 21. 6Vl AfVK01> Kal fi^ya, d€i] ^P4" uufftutmlf L [n^uujfiuiutlf] uItuml. ufiupm 

k[p] = 6ri Acutcd? xol [ov Acuicoi/] fiikav [£]$«. 1. reads pikav. 
J. 1 20 1 omits ov kevKov and implies 8ei instead of Aci. All 
Arm. Codd. agree in implying piXav. 
18 b. 22. eJ &i vtt&p£ci els avpiov vir&pfciv eis avpiov. eJ 8fc /xifre £ot<u fATjre fir) 

&TTCU crf/HOI/] £/?£ t^ljt i/uiq^i-y L h-pfr bqnglrij[, ifwqfcg., L trpfr 
n ^__'^ jn l '/> £*nfn-t n^Jrqngtr^ *ft tfuinftu, L. trpk *£_lrnfitjfi t L. n\n*U 

^itst 'A *lffqt"-t which would = el virapxeiv cJy avpiov koX eJ vir&pfciv 
*is avpiov, tl 6£ fir) irn&pyjeiv ds avpiov ov\ {nr&pfciv els avpiov, el bi 
pil &n-(u /ir}re to /at) £orcu cis aipiov. But J. 1 291 implies exactly 
W.'s reading, only reading cJ bi virApxciv instead of ci 6e 


18 b. 25. After yevlcrdat] A.T. adds vavpayjiav. 

18 b. 30. dXXo iravra tlvai koI yfvco-^ai] uy£_uiJl%m/tipi/ *£qj§jib L ^blr[b= 

&X\a iT&vTi rb prf Aval <al yfrco-dai. Perhaps iy{b should be 

qqjt^h=zrb clvai. 
18 b. $$. £ow0cu] Li[tig[t — ioT<u* 

18 b. 37. V P*l chop] L Irpk n^utuvtgflt^Kal cJ /Utl) cItTOI/. 

18 b. 38. kq\v pi\ 6 piv Kara<f>rjo7i ti 6 bi airo<f>ri(rr)] p£*y£«r L ntfb n^jumnpm^ 
u[tgk L- n & n£_{UMiguiufyk=: thy 6 pip fir) Karcu^T/oiy, 6 bi p.rj airo- 
<f>riar7}. "ti om. e. ft." 

F 2 

Digitized by 



18 b. 39. bia to a,Tro<t>adrjvcu rj KaratfraOfjvai] ifuiub uwnpmulrijju fymiT p»^ w 

utu&£jflt=bia rb KaTa<f>ap<H rj inro<f)&vcu. So a., cp. E. 
The Armenian, however, is not incompatible with KaraQaOrj- 
vai r) &Tro<f>aOr)vai ; for the active infinitive is often written in 
the passive sense, though we should have expected the passive 
form to be here used. 

19 a. 2. avaynalov] L $uspfyua-np = kclI avayKaiov. 

19 a. 3. y€vi<rOai\ &qutit/t^miTn^h-qm1bft£=y€v4cr0ai fj fxr) ycviotiai. 

19 a. 4. S tc yhp akrjdQs tliri m 8n Iotcu] ^uAqp jnp^unT tf^tfivpuimufk" 
uiuuiugk qg> kqfrgfc^zfo* (when) yhp dAqtfw? etirof (or fyei) tis, 
lorai, or rather : Srav yap akrjO&s clrry tis ftrrcu. 

19 a. 5' ™ yWOllWOv] q^qhrn^b — rb y€v6fA€VOV. So e.H.U. COIT. B. 

19 a. 6. €{7T€u> del <Ju Icrrcu] &pk Jfrz? bqt 9 ft=in (or ci) del !or<u omitting 

19 a. 7. A.T. has order: dpx*f fonv. 
19 a. 9. Iotiv fo rots /lit; del ivcpyofoi rd bvvarbv *lvai *a2 /xi) dixoCm* iv oU 

&fJL(f>0) ivbi\€Tai\ k> J n P u "iff *$£? %trpqjtp&-&£_ l^mpb .fjj k~ "£ 
"hnpu Irp^ng/Bb %&pftjb^ui£&m^_ [fopi = l<mi>, iv olff t6 fit) del ivcpytlV 

rb bvvarbv clvai, Kal fi?) iv oU #/i<£a> £i/8ex°/ ut€,;a yCvcrai (? &8^x€T<u). 

6/xofo>s is a correction in n. 
19 a. 1 2. otov] A.T. omits. 

19 a. 16. btaTfJLYjOrjvai] $unnuibln_uui=biaTp.r\Or)vai. avr6. 
19a. 18. iiravra] uiJklbt^/ii ftit^^iirav ri. 

19 a. 20. 77 KCLT&(f)a(ns 7) ?) d7TO0acrty] IfiniT uutnputunt-p/ii-% l^tuiT putguiuni-ft[iuL 

= ^ KaT&<f>acris fj ajr6<f)acri$. 

19a. 21. 0&T€pOV, OV fJLYJV d\X'] djttar pbmfip L Jptib n^lrqfrm^ uyj = daT€pOV 

t£o\ov 0ar€pov bi ov yevofxevov, akkh ic.t.X. pbmftp, which I render 
t£oxov= selected, picked, chosen, perhaps i£a(p€Tov. 

19 a. 25. M^ stwu] n t.^ n L^ tu Pi :=z l l V € * va * ivayKYj. Cp. *. 

19 a. 25. A.T. has order : iirav rb 8v. 

19 a. 26. #T€ &m] uui_jnp4uiirk=akka St€ i<rrt; «$//_ could also = fiAAo. 

19 a. 28. &7rax/] uiJtftnujVit=Tb iirav. 

19 a. 31. lowflcu] ifrbntjlrjjb} = Td 2(T€<70CU. 

19 a. 31. A.T. implies rrjv vavpjayjiav aipiov ; so E.n. 

19 a. 31. oibi pi) ycvicrOai] L n^n£_&i[uJb&jit} = ovbi rb fir) ytviatiai. 

19 a. 35. A.T. has bfioim t\€iv avayKrj. 

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19 a. $6. ivl rdis pi) del oitnv rj firj del p.r) oScrw] * 9 /> 4f*r"U UU U9> n £„ a Q'2!? ^ tt 
L n^Jft^ ifrb^ziiil Toty pr) del cicri fj pr) icl firj doi ; a rendering 
which takes olviv as if it were 3 pi. pres. indie. clo-tv. "/*£=& 
has perhaps dropped out after ««£/#. If it be supplied, the 
A.T. will exactly render the Greek Text. 

19 a. 36. TO&TtoV yip] .gufoqfr L uuygz=Kal TOvWoiV yip. 

19 a. 37. Oircpov niptov] *yt Jfcmutfu = together, simul\ perhaps a corrup- 
tion of qn& Juiub=zdiT€pov pipiov or of similar words. 

19 a. 38. paWov] n^_utn-mi-lr^p.r) fiaXXov or ov fxakkov. 

19 a. 39. rrjv tripav, ov pivroi r)br\ a\rj0ij rj \jr€vbrj. wore] gmR* ^wiT unuui. 
Jjpt£z=Tr)v kripav fj \lrwbr} <8ot€. The words oi iUvtoi rjbrj ikrjdrj 
are omitted. 

19b. 1. Kal] ^md^fj. 

19 b. 5* ^ *caT(£^>a<r4S (r^/uo^ovcro] ^miT umnpiuum-pfn!b %^ Uut k^U!"L^- k mi ^ 
piMiijuiuni-pf>L-%=ri /card</>acri? crr^ixaCvovca rj Kal &Tr6<f)a<ris. 

19 b. 6. tovto hi iariv i) 5vo\ia] L k uyu u/tinL3$=l<m bi tovto 8vop.a. "C. 
e. pr. d. omit fj." 

19b. 6. kcl(] A.T. omits, "tat re. n. om. a." 

19 b. 7* T ^ ^ Svofia elprjrai Kal t6 ivdwpLov] puyg qftb^mbmli L. utbutbmtJb 
wumgtrmiJk=-TL b\ SvofM Kal ivdwfxov elprjTai. " editi plerique tC 
hi . . . ko2 rf.' 1 But P. MSS. and J. 401 and 1291 read : puyg 

ufbmMi muuigh-m£_ k UM%uJitnt-wVit=zTb bi SvOfUl €lprjTOl TOV &V(d- 

19 b. 9. iv yip TTcas (TQixalvft. Kal to iopiorov, &<nr€p Kal to ov\ iryiaLvu ov 
pijixa dAA' iipiorov prjfxa, Iotcu iracra KariQacrii] jBtutiffi n^Jfr {*»& 

Ibju/buifyk u/fbiipnibifi uJbhi3t t npuffcu L. n£b nnf_ t" % #»£_ P MM U 4" ! wittr^ 

%uy% umnpusunt.pfit.%=oi yip (v u (or wcos) (rqfiaCvct. iipiorov SvOfJLa, 
<5<nrep Kal to ov\ vyiaivci ah prjfia iori. irao-a jcard^curi? k.tA. 
Codex e. reads iiptorov 8vo\xa aSorcp, and n. omits Kal t6 after 
<rr)\iaLv*i in 1. 9 and 1. 10. " dAX' d. prjixa re. supra vs n. v 
19 b. 1 a. oib{\ 4unr=i}. 

19 b. 13. to yap toriv] jtustiqfi £=&m yip. 
19 b. 15. lorat] A.T. omits. So f.n. 
19 b. 15. tA Iotii;] /^» perhaps implies iariv simply. 

19b. 19. b{\ A.T. omits, or doep npt translate, "om. n." But bi used 
thus is never rendered or hardly ever in the A.T. 

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19 b. So. kiya bi olov — 19 b. 32. oi/ra> r6-a#crai] In the A.T. this perplexed 
passage appears thus : L *utrJi np^kV fa mpi^p dmpifb (P. MS. 

sfutpn.}, qkgb ^^pfigu mutrfT ^utpfyffbuij^ **abnt-m$b l^mJT uihmpmplrA 
*mbm-ufls %lrp uu9nptMtuncp&u0%q.» L. ututrtT qfr fcgb l^tuaTutih. uipnjmp% 
ifigfiy it- tftu$r utn. n^utpqjupU* uyumffru L. tun. pmgutumt-pfculfb. 

Jw^ aiufui tfwtiL uyunpfrfy £npj> uyttnpft^ IrqfrgfiU.jmpmg Irplfmugii wil^. 
umnpuiunt-ftftub L. pmtjtuttnt-pfit-% l^m^fib putm fytapyfl, mpuf^tt m^ut^tu^. 
IWi-pfnluAi, L. Irpt^nupb tt£i L. fttTuahmtfg qmumgh-mtl* tu P amu "" mm P u '^ 

vvbd^md"* te m ct ui v t^rt* n *rv*c ^n* Aj? m t. m Pf m r 

$Juipq.y unpua pMatgmunL.pfiJb x "^/tp n£_uipqjmp Jutpq.* jMvtiyfr fed* 
attutnutbop L. n£U [^ p}"t **p1 Ju p n '-*b L. phf n£» (P. "£_) mpt^mpmaJR 
uin-qjitjk* m Pt "tflgtk n P u tk u *fr iftrpint-kualiuahu mmfit uyuufl^u 

This implies the following : 

Alya> bi 9 olov ion bUaws & (P. MS. omits b) HvOpwvoi, t6 l<m rpi&v 

QrjpX ovyKtlcrOcu 6v6paros r) aoplorov (W/uuzros iv rjj xora^»dcrcf Alya> 

bi Sri rd tar iv tj ry biKabp TrpocrKeiVerai rj kqI ry ov 5uea/y ovra>? 

kcu wept (or irpos) ttjv iirSQacrip. 

&ot€ bia tovtq rerrapa ravra Iotcu, &v ri piv Mo irpos KaT&<f>a<riv 

koI air6<f>a(nv ?£et Kara rd oroi\ovv 4>9 ai 0T€piJ<r€is, rh bi bvo ov. 

voovpxv bi rd \ty6fJLfvov ix tvv xnToyeypapphcov, Ioti bUaios &v- 

0pCO7TO9, OVK loTt bUdlOS HvOpCDTTOS' ZoTlV OV bUaiQS &V$ft<i)TTO$, TOVTOV 

&7ro'</>a<m ovk ioriv ov bUcuos ivOptoiros' to yap tariv ivravda *al to 
qvk tori r(p bucaly koX r<p ov biKaly TrpocrKcfo'crai. ravra piv oiv 
<2<nrep iv Tols ' AvakvUKols XiytTai. ovro) Wtcuctcu. 
19 b. %\ and 19 b. 19. Tpirov is rendered Lpfyu = rwv rp&v, or perhaps 
rp&v simply. Perhaps trpfyu is a copyist's error for trpfipu or 
irppnpq.=TptTov. But in any case in Arm. MSS. the numeral 
might be expressed by a simple letter of the alphabet, and a 
copyist giving it in full might easily blunder and write bpfeu 
= "out of these three," or "three times," instead of &p/>pu= 
"the third." u&ncuSb, which occurs twice, and which = oW- 
/iaros, may well be here, as often, a corruption of o#Wfc= 
Svopa. If both corrections be made the Greek would be: rd 
fori Tplrov <t>rjpX ovyKcZo-Oai Svopua fj aopiarop oVp/uta iv tjj *ara- 
<f>do-€i 9 

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19 b. 25 and 30. A.T. agrees with codices in reading bucatf. 

19 b. 30. A.T. reads itpovKtlo-erai before ravra with C. k. e. Cp. n. 

19 b. 31. A.l\ reads Xiytrai with codices. 

19 b. 33. to6t<w A.T. omits. So rt. 

19b. 37. A.T. has order: bvo ixkv oiv avVai. 

19 b. 38. TrpOOTtOivTOS' «foTl] utnJrqJr^. npiyk" fr=1TpOOT€04vTOS. olov loT4. 

But J. 401 omits tipiyku=olov, which however "rc.£. corr. n." 

19 b. 39. Ioriv ov bUaios ovk HvOpovnos — ovk lariv ov bUaios ovk twdpcoiros] 

A.T. and P. MSS. omit. J. MSS. retain. 

20 a. 2 and 3. foovrai] Erb=€l<rt in both cases. So n. 

20 a. 3. TtpovyjH&iLwai] mn. i[tuplrglruiy^ confirms this reading. 

20 a. 8. 7TO$ HvOpOMTOs] ^UiJVhuyhph u^jf_Jutpqjy* = TOV TTOPTbf AAA' &vQp<!>- 

irov or ry trawl A\X' avOpfiiry, for the genitive and dative are 
in Armenian the same. 
20 a. 13. 17 St 1. ko96\ov tov oW/maro? rj Kari^acriv rj iirS^aaiv] *p*ug qh qp»i?pfr 

ntfiitniMi l^miT uutnputuiri tputT iua^ni.u&r=rj OTl KoOoKoV TO SvOfJLCL 1) 

KaTa<f>&vai tj iiro<f>ivai ; cp. e. which has KaTa<f>rj<r€iv rj aTT<xprj<T€iv. 
Cp. ad 18 b. 39. 

20 a. l8. icrOVTCU OVT€ ikriOciS fi/Xa OvY*] bqftgpb if^ifiapfiutg ^uiduAqjutfayb 

ii£=zi(ropTai &Aq0*i? fi/xa ovk. 
20 a. 19. olov ov 7rav fyov bUaiov /col lort u fyov ftAecuoi/] «iB %ir%ijjm%jr fag 

utpqjmp, ii£_ luJVbuyb fyfrbqjmhft ftp uspijjmp = tori Tl ($OV ftlfCCUOP, OV 

Tray (Qov lori bUaiov. 
20 a. 20. TJj fiiv 7ras HvdpwTTos ov bUai6s ioriv r) oibcls ioriv HvOpwiros bbcctios] 

usp0fmp=" illi quod — [aliquis] omnis homo Justus — sit, aut non 
aliquis est homo Justus :" in Greek : tjj fiiv [m] iras ivOpwjros 
bUaios rj ovbck ioriv tvOpcoiros bUaios. 

The rendering of f) instead of r) seems to shew that we have here 
come on a bit of careless translation, np which I render rt? is out 
of place. Perhaps it is a corruption of fe^toriv or of »^==oi. 

20 a. 23. ov] A.T. omits. 

20 a. 23. <f>av€pbv bi Sri, kclC\ IrpLlr^ £ ^=<f>av€p<iv ioriv 6Y1, omitting bi 
and KaC ; C. k. e. omit koC. 

20 a. 24. tl dAij&Vs] Xzfuspt>u,. pk=a\r)0is, cT. 

20 a. 25. 6Vi KaC] L=kuI simply. "Buhle uncinis inclusit 8n. n 

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20 a. 27. otov] A.T. omits. 
20 a. 30. a&nj bi] qh uyu^avrrj yip. 

20 a. 31. al bi Kara tol aopiora avriK€iyAva{\ ftul^ *uAnpn^ut/ff t 'h ^u^ut^^V? 
= al bi tov iopCarov ivriKtinivai. Kard is untranslated. 

20 a. 35* TOV &v0p(i)TrO$] ^uub qu(fb np muwtjU Juspij. = TOV cfartflTO? HwdpOMTOS, 

So A.f. u., comp. e. 

20a. 39. A.T. has order: to bi was ovk foOpwiros ov bUaios. 

20 b. 3. i<m] A.T. omits. 

20 b. 4. tov piv yip] f>*&qb uJbJT mp t=r<j> (or if) fxiv yip. Yet in b. 5 
and b. 9 tov is rendered rightly by the Armenian genitive 

20 b. 8. A.T. has order : \evxbs ivOpooiros. So A. K. G. d. e. u. f. 

20 b. 11. ylv€TaC\ bqbsfr = £ora4. 

20 b. 14. rb in t&v voXXcov brj\ovp.€vov\ 'ft prnqJiugb putqJ[uiglru$u=L u consti- 
tuted of many," t6 in ttoW&v (or in tQv ttoWQv) ovvcarrj k6s. 
Cp. 5 a. 15 ovviarqK€ is rendered pmqJjiugwL., which in the parti- 
ciple makes prnq^utglnu^ avyKtiyAvov would equally translate 
the Armenian here. 

20 b. 16. tv fj KtyUvov] JH*gk x np Quygfr^y fj rb KtiyAvov: literally h rj 
TovTo b K€f(T€T04, a form sometimes used by David to translate 
the Greek participle preceded by def. article. 

20 b. 18. in tovtcdv] uuyg=TovTo»v simply. /t=&c has clearly dropped out. 

20 b. 19. iiv] Ipk L=lhv kclL 

20 b. 24. jjuos pdpwv] tDyp k «/2w«ir=fuay iori p.6pwv. So C, but the A.T. 
often inserts the copula, where there is no reason to suspect 
its presence in the Greek, for it is congenial to the Greek 
language, but not to the Armenian, to omit it. 

20 b. 30. 6 ivOputiros] ifiupq.}=&vQp<aynos simply. 

20 b. 34. rovro] A.T. omits. 

20 b. 36. d yap #n kKirtpov akrjOis, ctixu bit koI to crvviiAtfm, voXka not &T<yjri 

ioTCLl] jpuAiqfr n£_bptr lfi»£_ ftuputgu/b^uph fok* &- t'p^lgfiU pw*. 
qat-Jg L uibtnlrq^p <^&m&i.filb = OV yap cJ 6 Tl b\v ^KOTCpOP $ Ka\ &fl<f>W 

iroXka koI troira lircTai (or 8 ri knirepov tit) would equally render 
the A.T.). In Latin : " non enim si quodcunque quodque sit 
et ambo multa et absurda sequuntur." " For, if what may be 
each be also both, many absurdities do not follow." 

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20 b. 39. oirrf] A.T. omits. So f.n. and Boethiana versio. 

20 b. 39. (Sore Iotch HvOpwnos \€vk6s \*vk6s] {*u% mu^m mJ&M Jinpipi Irqbsb 

uu(ffU9tuI(=&oT( ira? ivOptoiros Iotoi AcvkJ?. 

21 a. 2. *ai SwK/xirq? ivOpooiros. kclI cl &vOpa>vo$ kclI biirovs, koX ivOpoynos 

Mttovs] Ven. Text has £ &p£ Dnfouimbu, Jmpq.. L bfik J^ci 
L bplfHu,uSbf, = Kal ei 2o)Kp(ir7;y, ivOpwiros, koX d ivdpmros ical 5(- 
irovs. But Paris 105 implies koI SawpdTijs &vOpa>Tros koI ivOpv- 
vos W-rrovs, which is Waitz* reading, if in a. 3 we omit ical el &V- 
Opwiros koX btirovs. 
21 a. 5. airA&s] i[uupiuu(iup=.K*vGis or paraCus. 

21 a. 6. 2ira>? $fc $Ct4ov, \4yop.€V VVp\ I*- Ap*(ku tT^lkg mumugnig mjJ-Jhz 

Sirens bi Stria \4£op€V vvv. 

21a. 8. OVp.palv€li\ iyimmui$trwj_(]. 1 29 1 qmmm$ir£^ uni[nplru$g}=z(jvp.fial- 
VCW cfo>0€. 

21 a. 12. ri Aevfcdi; /xovcrt/crfi;] umifrmmtju L &put<f^mut^u/b%z=Td Kcvtdv koX rd 

21 a. 1 a. aXrjdh ciTrcfo, fyuws ofa £or<u to povaiKov \cvk6v] A.T. omits. 

21 a. I3. Tb flOVCTUcbv \cVk6v] uuffiutiu^ L lrpm^^m^aMi^\€VKbv #Cdl TO pOV- 


21 a. 14. Tb XeUKbv pOV<TlKOv\ utyfuumfi L &put<f^utut^tu%=Tb KcVKOV Kol pOV- 

<tik6v. So B. 
21a. 17. *otu>] A.T. omits. 

21 a. 18. A.T. has order : rb blirovv koX Tb (yov. So u. 
21 a. 19, 30. A.T. exactly translates Waitz* Text, which is based on 

codex n. 
21 a. 22. § ftrcrcu] £*/">£ ^5^» lrppuy=oh or $y &rerat ; *. reads ots. 
21 a. 24. i[\ L=Kat or $£ 
21 a. 25. fAij] #f^r?=r6 fxif. 
21 a. 27- rov *Oprjpov to Iotlv Sn yap iroirjTrjs ioriv] /^A ijJ^ni&pnU^^mbq^ 

j»&ppaq_k = TO loTIV TOV 'OprjpOV' TT017JTTIS yip ioTW+ ft. has Tb 

iariv tov 'Oprjpov. 
21a. 31. a\rjOh forcu direiv] L TC^pf"" 'A Jfiwuflb Ap —l*i=z«alL i*^** 

3/xa ioriv eiittiv. But J. 1 29 1 omits &pa. 
21 a. 33. A.T. has order : ovrov ovk iortv. So A.C. d. n~ 
21 a. 35. A.T. has order : Kara^dVctt *al awcx^dVcts. So /. 
21a. 39. KaC] 4miT=r}. 


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21 b. I. rod cZikh ivOpwirov iir6<l>a<ri$ r6 /at) cfoai ivOpwnov, oh rd clvat /at) 

ivOpwirov, KaC] A.T. omits. 
21 b. 2. rd /at) drat Acwdp &vdp<t>TTov, AAA* ov rd cZinu /it) \€vkov ivOptartov] 

pAMiijsvu*i-pf>L3i t Jf£_ ?"/_ "£_ uay{nn*vfy Jmpq.% ¥(J[_ n £ff f 9 ^ uuf/iutut^ 

Jtupq.t = &Tr6<pa<Tis i ovk (or /at)) c&tu /if) (or ov) Acvkop tvOpwirov, 

aAAa rd /at) (or oi) elixu Aeuicov ivOpmrtov. 
21 b. 4. jear<tya<ri? r)] umnpusumupfcuL [tgk fymJhz #car<tya<rt? clrj 1). 
21 b. 5* 4vflp«irov] Jutpf-y np k vAuitrqtsz&ttBpoiiirov, S iorip &TOVOV. 

21 b. 5' € ^ °^ TOVTO otirm, KO.I 8<rOl$] L trpk uyumfk^ wi&lrib k q$*it[iuum-^ 
PfnAuit wutriT nppmbfigrsitl bi OVT(ti$ 1TOITTT&W ioTl T&9 &VTl<f)i<r€lS 

\iyta 6Voiy. n. omits rovro. In the A.T. unAirffi seems a cor- 
ruption of anLqjb&i^. If it be so we must read irpoo-Oeriov in- 
stead of rso^riov. The converse error is found at 22 a. 10 
where the J. 401 has a#n^lr^#f^=7rpoorWcvTa by mistake for 

tunlib£n£= TTOlOVVTa. 
21 b. J. OV Td OVK &v0p(i)TTOS fiablfa im6\f>avi$ lorai] umnpmunuptrmb, pwg^ 
mumt-pftub n^jfbmpi n£_ifimpq.=z Kara<f>&Or€<*f y air6<f>a<TlS OV rb j8oM- 
f€4 oiK &v0fHOTTO9. 

21 b. 11. rd bvvardv /at) ctvai aAA' ov to /at) bwarov cti/at] n^mp n^^ij ^//_ 

"£. i ut p b f Z_ = °^ ( or M*)) 8wcw"dif /at) (or ovk) €?pai, dAAa rd /at) &v- 

rordi; cTvai (or ? dAA' ov ri ftuvardp drat). 

The Arm. Com. here rendered into Greek runs thus : icara^a- 

o-ccoy yap rov ovi>ardi> eti/ai otvk lorai aTro^o-t? rd ftwardi' /at) elvat 

dAXa TO /AT) BwaTOI/ rfvai. JBu&qfi umnprnunt-pftub (? -plrmb) mp 
mufr tpuphij? *f-"l2 n i__ ^ibdt funguHtnt-pfiub Ipatplr^U *£_ f £> "UL. 

n£b QwpLifr ^7. However the Arm. Scholia cannot be ac- 
cepted as paramount evidence of what should stand in the 
Armenian Text. 

21b. 12. bvvacOcu koX clvai Kal /at) thai] Ipap f[_ L fmp n^_fj>i= bvvardv 
tlvai koX bwarov /at) cZihu. 

21 b. 14. \6yo9 bi, Sri] L ^u/hq^=iKoX yip. L ^mbt^ may be a corruption 
of L- pmlt gf , which would exactly render the Greek koyos 
bi 6V4. 

21 b. 15. avr$ Kal] unpm— ahrov without KaC. Cp. n. 

21b. l8. <f)&0'€li\ uutnpuiunt-pfii-%itti = KaTa<f>6.<TCl$. 

21b. 18. ovk ipa rod bvvardv clvai air6(f>a(rCs icm rd bwarov /at) ctvat] f*vfy 

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uiuftu n^_nuplrXi uyu pmgtuuni.pffi.'b s= OVK &pa avWt\ dir<tya<rt9. Cp. 

n., which omits rov\ . . pi) clvai. 

21 b. I9. £* TOVTOiV Tj TO CLVrb if>ivai] IfUiiT lupmuiuuyg L quylg uu9npttLM&/_=fj 

in roiroav *al rb ainrb KaraifrAvai. 
21 b. 20. Second kclC\ A.T. omits. So E. d.f. and " pr. /*." 
21 b. 20. ?) /xt) icari rd ctwu] ^uaFqqjt^b = 1) to cTwu. 

21b. 21. yliwdat ^d<rcft?] n^_iliitir£_utnnpmut§i.p/n3tu^pi) ytvco-Oai Karatftiacis. 
21 b. 22. el ofo] .fi^ &pt=€l yip. 

21 b. 22. TOUT' &> ell/] «J/» tw^nf trq^g/izszTOVT rfbtf hv ctt]. 

21b. 23- rov ovvardv dixit rd iit) dwarc^ c?i/at] £«*{?& y^uyt n^tywp «£_f/» 
fJL a tP k m P f"U=Tov bvvarbv clvai, ov bvvarbv pi) clvai akka rb 
pi) bvvarbv clvai. Comp. £. &/. 

21 b. 26. A.T. has order : abvvirov re koX avayKalov. 

21 b. 27. irpoo-Oio-cis] tunjuqpm-Pfn!b=z'np6<rdc<ris. But the suffix ^, which 
would mark the plural, may easily have dropped out. 

21b. 27. Ta b* xmoKcipAva irpiypara] fiuty ir%p-ut^uy^rb b y inoKCiplvov or 

VTtOKCipAvOV hi. 
21 b. 30. biOpCCoVO-ai] npn^&fnt[= SptCovcai. 

21 b. 31. rb Avai, ko\ pi) clvai] A.T. omits. 

21 b. 33. clvai oi] <f»u/b n£j=.Tov clvai ov. 

21 b. 34. First fxij] A.T. omits. t<J] A.T. omits. 

21 b. 34. Second pi) clvai] A.T. adds «j//_ n & k m V y^i^oWa rb pr} (or ov) 
bvvarbv clvai. So Bkk. 
Thus A.T. implies in b. 34 nearly what it implied in b. 23, viz. : 
rot; be bvvarbv clvai atsfyaais ov bvvarbv pr) clvai, aWa rb prj bv- 
varbv clvai. So A.e. Vat. 1022 re. marg. B. 

21b. 36. Ka\ pi) clvai] L Ipuplr^ n^_ifjt/_=z Kal bvvarbv p.i) thai. 

21 b. 36. al roiavrai, i\ka rb bvvarbv clvai *ai p,i) bvvarbv clvai oibivorc] 

L ^mpir£p% njJF*Li ^ n i_k ut p^[l^' "^t"^* k- "ijrpplrg — al TOiaVTCU 

bvvarbv clvai koI bvvarbv ovk (or pi)) clvai, &kka [rb pi) (or ov) bv- 
varbv clvai koX rb bvvarbv pi) (or ovk) clvai koi rb prj (or ov) bvvarbv 
pi) (or ovk) clvai], ovbirrorc. The words bracketed being irrele- 
vant may be corrupt. Arm. MSS. agree with Ven. Text. 
N. B. The words preceding &W&, vis. bvvarbv clvai koX bvvarbv 
pi) clvai, are read in C. k. e.f. n. u. red. d. after AAAtjAcus in b. 35. 

G 2 

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Waitz ad 21 b. 35 writes : — " Si vero . . . servantur et vs. 37 rb 
hvvarbv thai ical hvvarbv /xt) thai post roiaurai, etc." This is the 
reading (except for t6 before hwariv) of A.T., but W. does not 
mention it in his apparatus criticus or say in what MS. he read it. 

22 a. 1. A.T. has order : iXrjOeiovrat 4/xa, and reads the singular ^^Jh$p^ 
mf, = iXriOdjerai. But the suffix %, which would mark the 
plural, may have dropped out. Anyhow A.T. implies Avrf- 
K€ivrai not iprfcctrcu in next clause. 

22 a. I. ivrlMivrai yip. ovhi yc] *pk ^wfyutfyiy &l L pk n^, uuifyutflt would 
rather? =€lre ivrUctprai clre or}*, iXXi. A.T. seems corrupt here. 

22a. 2. ov hvvar6v\ n^mplr^b^rb oi hvvariv or oi rb bvvariv. 

22 a. l. iirl rov avrov iXrfdeiovrai] A.T. omits. So n. 

22a. 4* °v Tb ivayKaiov /xt) clvat] n^^uipfyuii-np n£_y-njJ=ovn ivayKaiov /xt} 
etwu, omitting r6. 

22 a. 7* r ^ °^* ibfoarov] n£b m%^utpir^i}z=rb /xt) dfttfocww; see note on 
22 a. 35. If Aristotle wrote rb firj ibivarov ctwu in the pre- 
ceding sentence, why in this, the succeeding and analogous 
sentence, should he change to rb oi? 

22 a. 8. b£] A.T. does not translate, but it is not therefore safe to argue 
its absence from the translator's Greek. 

22 a. 8. kcu /xt) ttvcu 8ci] L 2?£_?*/fc Jfr^ ft""fl=zKai Tb /xtj tlvcu del 8cu 

22 a. II. <f>i<r€is] uutnpusunupfiilju L putguiuni-p[ii-'bu= KaTd(f>i(r€l$ JCCU &TTO- 

22 a. 14. hi] A.T. does not translate. Cp. on a. 8. 
22 a. 14. yCvovrai] trq{ig[i'h=i<rovTcu or yorjcroiTcu. 
22 a. 15. T<rj A.T. does not translate. 
22 a. 16. First r£\ A.T. does not translate. 
22 a. 18. rb ovk ibivarov] n£b uih^tuplrJi?=Tb /xt) ibivarov vid. ad 22 a. 35. 

Here again rb prj has been used immediately before, and 

symmetry demands rb jxtj before ibivarov, if it was used before 

22a. 19. A.T. has order: rb ibivarov elvai ical ivayKaiov /xt) cTpat: "loc. 

mut. corr. d" 
22a. ai. A.T. has after /xt) thai as follows: ko\ rb ibivarov /xt) etwu koL 

ivayKaiov clvai, as in a. 19. As before also d. " loc. mut. corr." 

22 a. %%. £>S \4y0fJL€v] muutgirutfu perhapS = rd \€y6fl€VOV. 

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22 a. 34. The A.T. has the vvoypafrj as follows : 

bwarbv clvai oi bwarov clvai . 

bwarbv pr) clvai oi bwarbv /xtj clvai 

ivbc\6yAvov clvai ovk ivbcxipcvov clvai 

hfbc\6uevov firi clvai ovk ivbcxrfpcvov fir\ clvai 

abvvarov clvai ovk abvvarov clvcu 

abvvarov ai\ clvai ovk abvvarov ar\ clvai 

AvayKaiov ftr) ctpat ovk Apayjccuoi' ftr) ctisai. 

22 a. 33. A.T. has order : r£ 5war$ kcu tvbc\ou4v^. 

22 a. 33. &#CoAoV0€l f£p irri^aTtlCWs] ^SrmLji m^ $ut[[u»unuftlru»Jp=aKO\ov6ti 

oi fiiv avri^ariKms. 
22 a. 35. 17 4infycuris rod abvvarov, rrj be Avoided fj KarAifxurir r£ yap oi 

bwCLT$ clvai TO ibivaTOV clvai] putgtMunt.p[i^U m±_ fyutptrjjih qM£ 
jwfy pmatrnmnt-P-frLU mmmptmmmt-p'irmu 9 muLtrnplrint^T 4Mty» mm fc m* 

mu^mplr£p% om£=ztj dvttyao-t? to ov bwarbv clvai. T) be avfyaais ttj 
KaTcupicti, rfi (or r<j>) abvvarov clvai, fj to ovk abvvarov clvai* 

Here I have rendered m^_ ^mplr^u fjf^and m^miu^mplriftu om£_ 
respectively rd ov bwarov clvai and rd ovk abvvarov clvau The 
words might mean also oi to bwarbv (or ar\ rb bwarbv) clvai 
and oi (or /u?) rb AdvVarop ctwu, but these would make non- 
sense. I am not so sure that the Armenian here could not 
represent rd utj bwarov clvai and rd /xr) abvvarov clvai. As a 
rule, htfwever, these latter expressions are represented in the 
A.T. by m£b fymipirit om^ mg tmu^tmpir^ qm£j the negative par- 
ticle here, rather than the adjective, taking the defining suffix. 
Thus to fir! is rendered *£b in 21 b. a, 21 b. 23, 22 a. 4, 22 a. 6, 
22 b. 15, 22 b. 30, and elsewhere. 

This is of course not conclusive that mg in such phrases 
might not represent rd oi, and in 22 a. 37 rd ovk abvvarov is 
rendered by m£b mitfymplrjiu, and in 22 a. 7 and 22 a. 18 rd ovk 
abvvarov urj clvai is rendered m£b uiu^mpir^ m±_ om£j though in 
these two passages I suspect that the A.T. read rb urj. He 
would not be likely to render rd urj abvvarov clvai in contiguous 
passages by m£b mlfymp&jfi f^and n^uih^mp&iph om^ Where- 
ever therefore I find the suffix % attached to the adjective in 
these expressions I suspect that rd oi was read in the Greek, 

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as in 22 a. 35. In 22 a. 2 and 22 a. 36 the Greek retains ov ; 
so in 22 b. 22, 22 b. 24. But the matter is doubtful, for, 
besides 22 a. 7, 22 a. 18, rb ov is also rendered by n^u in 22 b. 15, 
22 b. 26, while rb tir) ivayicalov in 23 a. 19 is rendered n^mp^ 
l[utunp%, though perhaps here t6 should not be read ; nor is the 
expression quite parallel to those in question, any more than 

18b. 30 (rb pil VOO-&V ^<AKpirriV=n^^um%qjmtum[lt Dnfcutuiuy). 

On the whole then it seems as if the Arm. translator trans- 
lated expressions like rb /xt) bvvarbv cfrai by *£? Ip*p qm^ But 
there is no certainty, for I also find four cases where the form 
rb ov bvvarbv clvai is translated n^h l^tmp qjt^ and four cases 
where it is translated n^Jpupit 9*4. 

22 a. 38. I*"] A.T. omits. 

22 a. 39. at b' famfyturm \a>pk. ov yip ioriv aTt6<\>a<ns rod iviyKq fxq ctvai 

rb OVK iu&yKrj civai] my* ^mfymuHt-p-fnJi auim* jutA/ofr pmamunt-^ 

p-fitZr m±_ (r ^uiplpui-npb n%_ ?-"[= avrq (or fjb€) ivrl4>axn9 X^P^' 
&Tt6<\>a(Ti.$ yap ovk t<mv rb avayicalov txq etpcu. 
22 b. 2. r<f] A.T. does not translate. 

22 b. 3. TOV p.7] aKoXovOtlv] n{U $lrmLJri_=z rb fxi> OKoXovOtlp. "rb rov t6 corr. n" 
22 b. 5. airobCborai] pmammn€.lrm£_iti1bfi="haa been assigned," perf. pass. 

3 sing, aitobiborai. 
22 b. 6. thai] A.T. omits. 
22 b. 6. axxa ri cW] So P. codices and J. MSS., but Ven. Text has 

AAA' ivayKalop /xt) tivai. 
22 b. 7* '*««**] *«f/fr=fe€4i>o. 
22 b. 8. teal p.ij ravra i( ivavrCas] L myut^^ Ibtrp^wfe trbz=Kal ravra Ivav- 

rta tori. 
22 b. II. bvvarbv flvai] Ipuplr^u qjt^rb bvvarbv ctvau 
22 b. 12. fxiy, ff] »i_fotr=iir) clri or xu? ft- 
22 b. 1 2. <t>&wu] umnpumlrj = Kara<f>ivai. 
22 b. 17. oibi] A.T. omits. 
22b. 1 8. OKokovdel] *i^$tr»*tn-ft=ovK dicoAov0ci. 
22 b. 19. tovWw bi 6ir6r€pov] £*% uJm tipz=rovr<f fo bnorcpov (or rather 8 

22 b. 20. ovk4ti larai inclva i\r)0rf] L n±_Lu Irqbdt «(/& ^2^Ph m:=ZOV0 ^ ^ Tc 

forcu Ikzivo akriOis. 

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22b. 20. Afia yip] ./m^^A £/i^££wfr==afuJ><o yip. So/. 

22 b. 20. fiviwrdp e?pat] liutpl/b fyuiptrjji f £== bvvarai, hvvorbv (or Jtwara) e?p<u. 

Thus the entire clause ran : &/*</>«> yip 5t/i/arai 5wara eti/cu *al 

/xt; eti/cu. 
22b. 21. iji]L=Kal. 
22 b. 33. rd owe] L #?£_here=ieai t6 ovk. 
22 b. 24. yfoerai] trqfigfi^taTai. or yewJcreTai. 

22 b. 24. ry ov &twar<j> eti/at] n^mplr^iJit *£_£*£== rq> ov 6vrar<j> fir) e7j*u. 
22 b. 25* itchy yap &ko\ov0€i rb abvvarov eZirai kclI avaynalov /at) e7pat] /Surf 

tri/2v ^Irmirt-fi n£h ^utpir^flit f~"UU> ^utplpuutpb *£_ ^Jt/ = eVcell^p 8e 

&koXov$€1 r<J> ov (? /ht)) dwaroi> etpat, rd &vayKaZov /x^ eTpat. One 

Paris MS. reads fc*»= e*efoo. For the reading ov ftwaroV instead 

of itovvarov cp. 22 a. 35. 
22 b. 27. AjcoXoi/flovW re 4pa icoi] L tymLfb m-plrtt L. This confirms W. 

in retaining re. 
22 b. 28. A.T. has order : ovra>s ritfe/xeVftw. 
22b. 31. A.T. has order: fw> TQjtm\v. So C. 
22 b. 31. avrtyaa iv\ *m_ q^m^mtmt.pfnMi ss &\ka ivrCcfxunv or &AAa r^v 

22 b. 32. Aire/)] t^=4XXd or else id after a>f><o. * hi post 4/x</>o) «." 
22 b. 35* rd avayicaiov etixu] L ^mplpmLMpfib ^M»/j= «coi rov avaytalov clvai. 
22 b. 36. (fxwtpbv brf\ L irpLir^}=i^av€pbv hi. So e. 
22 b. 36. First fl A.T. omits. 
22 b. 37. kcl(] A.T. omits, and understands ra AyrueifieVa as an accusative 

governed by hivarau 
22 b. 37. i<t> &v\ ff 4frpuu nJuthg^i-nl Tivi&v or M ivlvv. 
22 b. 39. al iAv ofo] jzmUqb^aX piv yip. 

28 a. I. al afaaf| *i"^=a{frai, "these." unpfih would =sai crfral. 
28 a. 3. eVia pdvroi Mvarcu *al t&v Kara ras dAoyou? owafiet?] /ug/^ mlmbp 

fyuiplrh juyhguiltf? npj> put* u$hpiMthfth yopni-pfiiJkg tr%=zfpiai pApTOi 

hvvavrai kclI t&v Kara rb &koyov bvpapd&p; literally: u aliquae 

tamen possunt et ex illis quae secundum irrationale potentiae 

28 a. 4. hifrurOai] A.T. omits. So n. 
28 a. 6. After imfccipewp] Ven. Text adds tori fte/cruci?; but P. 105, 

106, and J. MSS. have Waitz' Text. 

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23 a. 9. bvvarbv cfocu, 8ti] Ipuplr^li yn^ L nt&, np qfi?=Tb bvvarbv *lvac 
rb bi, 8ri. But J. 1291 omits L n*& np 9 and therefore agrees 
with Waitz' Text. 

28 a. 10. 8ri]jnp<fii*in=8T€, " when/' 

28 a. 11. thai] A.T. omits. 

28 a. II. 8tC\ jnp<tmiT=8TC. 

28 a. 13. rb fi)i ibvvarov] ^mplr^=bvvaT6v. e.f. have rb bwarSv. 

28 a. 14. iv€pyovv\ fUlrp^np^nMi^^rb ivtpyovv. 

23 a. 16. &ot€ iircl r<j> Iv pdp€i rb ko$6\ov {fircrcu, ry i£ &v&yKtj$ Sim (vcrai 

rb bfoacrOai clvai] ftul^ ifeuuli qp %lrptfiuufihifli qpnfnpffr ^IrmLjt 
myltiT *fr ^utpfyibt *npnt-tT ^IrmLfi Jft£ut% ^atpir^p f-"/_= &OTC ili€l 

toIs iv y£p*i rb ko$6\ov lirerai r<j> i£ ivayK-qs [<£] lirerai to acl 5v- 

varbv tlvai. J. 1 291 omits Jf^uA=rb id ttpm.iT is probably 

a corruption of ^#f«.«T= Sim. 
28 a. 18. Kal tori bfj apx^l to-coy] Iru k ftlrpLu u^/iqpit=ical !<m 5* lcra>$ fyx 1 ?* 

Perhaps the Greek ran : kol torn b' ff ip\^l laa>s. 
28 a. 19. First if] AT. omits. 
28a. 20. m roirois &ko\ovOovvto\ ungtuuf^u ^utpqjuu} =tovtois tt<os dieoAov- 

tfowa. The above is the reading of J. MSS. and P. 105. Ven. 

Text uyuuft" = oijTO^. 

28 a. 22. i<mv,&oT€]*kfHi4uttyfru=i<mKvplm. Here k fwfymiyk" is certainly 

a corruption of k f»u% m/ym=limv, <Sore. 
23 a. 22. TTp6r€pa ret ilbia] utiuufflit k ju"-k——fc"*qiugb=-'np6T€pov rb ilbiov, 

28 a. 23. &W<£/Ul€a>? iv4py€ial cl<rip] qopnt-ptrmbij. liirpfJipt-m-p-lruttip. Jfr^ ^ 

= bvv&ixca)V ivepyelq &ct dvw. 
23 a. 24. 4] A.T. omits. 
28 a. 25. IvipytiaL d<ru> iXXh bwifxci* [xovov] irlt %irpqjtp&ni.pirmtQt uyi_qop^ 

nuplruiJp Jfiuyb=cl<riv ipcpyclq iXXh bvvipci p6vov. 
28 a. 27- ir6r€pov bi ivavrCa iartv] L fip i\g 4 ulrp^ut^ut% b=nroTipa bi ivavrla 

i<rr[v y so that the sense of the passage is: which of the two is 

contrary ? 
28 a. 27. A.T. has 17} jcara^do-ci fj &Tr6<t>a<ri$. 
23a. 28. K aC] *Pk=TJ, "or," in this passage. 
23 a. 30. rj t6\ \usiTptr=r) 8n. 
28a. 31. A.T. has order: KaXXCas bUauls iari — KaXXlas bUaios ovk tart. 

Cp. n. 

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23 b. 


23 b. 


23 b. 


23 b. 


23 b. 


23 b. 


23 b. 



28 a. 32. Tofrmv\ cJ yap ra ftev *V 777 </><oi>f}] */5r ungu/hk fetr* gu&nb ^p fyj* 
lr/i£pir=TOtfra>i> &v Aq (or £orai) ; ra y&v yap iv ttj </>coin/. 

28 a. 37* ^ €lprjfliirq aTrScfXHTLs] u>uuiglruif_puttjuiuni-pfit3qjtt = ol eipq/AtVat hlTO- 

2. A.T. has order : el fife fori. 

gad' oTToripav ff ivavrla] pum npfi-iT nuittrg £ Mrp^uilfuitt— tara iro- 

ripav ioriv ivavrla ; 
lorai] A.T. omits. So C n. 
aAA'] A.T. omits. 
t<£ ivavrCtos] %lrp^iu^iuUnuSi hardly represents the Greek, but 

rather = rip ivavrlov or possibly ry ivavrla. 
cJ bfi tori pcv tov ayaOov Sti iorlv ayaOov b6(a, &Wrj b f Sti ovk 

ayaOSv, fori bi iWo ti ovx viripxci ovb' olov tc vird/>£at, tQv piv 

bfi &Wa>v ovb^lav Oeriov] L Irp-k fa* puipuiyb, ^A p^pft k% &- (P. 

OmitS ii.) putpury tpupbfcg* L. k *[b n±_ P^pf* kt h- k "(/£_ °b n l_ &• 

fiiv tov ayaOov, Sti ayaOSv iori 9 [Kal] ayaOov 5<J£a, lari bi Sti ovk 
ayaOSv tori, Icrri 5c ikko Sti ov\ iitipyj^ oib 9 ol6v tc im&p£ai (or 
rather vndpx^v) bwarbv bl iori, t&v &\Xodv ovbeplav Ocriov iorl. 
Perhaps faying*/ rather = Kara t&v iW<av in the last line. Cod. 
n. reads lorn; for iWrj in 1. 8 and omits brj in 1. 9. 
23 b. 17* fiaXXov 8c kxiarov a\r)0rjs fj KaO' kavr6 i kqX \j/€vhrjs] L u§^fn.pui^ 

jtufu^lii-pu ajJuipfitn, IpuiT puui ffLplruiVh, LuttT putn luuttnus^JiuVb. 

L unum =zfjta\kov 8c rb Ikclotov oXrjOh 7/ to KaO 9 iavrS, rj rb Kara 

crv/i/3 €/3 77 kJj, Kal \frevbrjs. 
23 b. 21. y tov ivavrCov b6£a]1tlrp$ut%ui%ffti=fi tov ivavrlov, omitting Wfa, 

which " rec «. ,, 
23 b. 29. After oibaiMov] A.T. inserts Ljnp n^ k ^A-/f^a»^aA/f£.p/5r«.^?=ical 

irepl oiic (or firj) ioriv ivavrioTris. 
23 b. 30. ttj aXrjOet] tf2tfiupinnL.fMrut%% = T7} &\r)0€lq. 
23b. 31. A.T. has order: oldpcvos ivOponirov. 

23 b. 36. yap brf] ut$ut = ijbr). 

24a. I. ivavria] %bp$utl[uiu%z=ri ivavrla. 

24 a. 1-24 a. 3. \fttvbiis yap aUrq. &otc Kal fj tov ayaOov 8n ovk ayaQbv rjy 

tov iyaOov Sti iya06v\ ^utbafi n^_ ^^Juipfun k fju : |w^ uykp> 


Digitized by 




24 a. 
24 a. 
24 b. 
24 b. 
24 b. 
24 b. 

24 b. 

tfuiuh ofi put p [ib 1ilrpng.iT (P. %lrpntJnj puipLjyb t lilrp^mtytvii jump^. 
*-njb off n+putpfih y unt-ta* oufbaji apifutphui 4" U (A'* h u *t '"V 10 «■ utfkJ 
putpuiyb* aji n^ptupfthy Irqpgfi n^putpuryb* qp putpfth = 0V yip 

iXrjdris aftnf a\k' iicdvai, lira (or 8ion) ^ (?) rd ayaObv iv Trj (?) 
roS aya0ov 9 ivavrlai (or lz;azrria) rrj tov iyaOov on ovk iyaOov, 
\/f€v8^s (or \ffwbcfc). aXrjOrjs yap iKtivrj' &<rr€ koI tjj tov iyaOov 
Sn ovk iyaOov lorat fj tov prf iyaOov Sti iyaOov. Perhaps "(jkp 
should = iK€lvri as ^wp^fe (ho£a) is a plural noun. 
In the above J. 1291 implies: &Atj0i)s yap avWr\ instead of AAij07)s 
yap iKtlvi]. Otherwise the Arm. codices agree with Ven. Text. 

5. on irav] *puAigti wJVbuyU usually = irav yap. 

6. fj 5ti] faiT pt=rj Sti. 

5. A.T. has order: 8ti oitels rj oiblv. 

5. avTi<l>aTiK&$\ piitgbpLjvpiiip = a'7ro<l>avTiK&?. 

5. Second ?/] A.T. omits. 

6. A.T. has order : ikrjOel ikrjOfj. The literal Greek rendering of 

A.T. here is : i\rjO€ la iXrjOelav ovk ivbtyerai ivavrlav elixu ovre 
ircpl b6£av ovre TT€pl ivrlQavw. 

8. 7T€pl TaVTa] utn. ft *hnuftb ft ^uiJutht^jutJu^jhuh = TT€pl TCL aVTOL A/Xd 
(? TO. &fia). 

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Title. The Armenian Title runs : Yjifcumnnkib f"Tu"""wu[,pf, p-m-qP 

utn. J m qhrpua/titnpnu p-utqjuunp ufUiuiJnufiftuh juiqtuq-U uipfuutp^ft = ApLOTOT€- 

\ovs (f>L\ocr6(f}OV imfrToXrj irpbs 'A\4£avbpov /3a<ri\4a laropta irepl Koafiov. 
391 a. 4. ri)v iv avrois bWrjOttav] ahpfiu ^zC^i/iupmm.p'fiJu^Triv tov itp6.yp.aTos 

391 a. 9* T ^ v ovp&viov Ikuvov x&pov\ quppjuatuVu auyu 4^up = tov Upov 

Ikcwov y&pov. " Upov corr. 0! y 
391 a. II. fj yovv yjrvxrj 8ta (jyihoaoQCas] fiJutuuituuftpnupfuXz^r] <f)i\o(ro<pCa. 
391 a. 12. i£chrjiiri<rcv] ^utuiriu^aq^U^To or tyOao-cv. 
391 a. 13. two\ A.T. omits. 

391a. 14. ovv€<f>p6vrjo-€] bpJrp 'ft Jflu§upii=:ovv€<t>6pTio'€. So Q, ambig. R. 
891 a. 14. A.T. punctuates after pqbUos. 
891 a. 16. tovto bi IttclOc, KaO* Saov ol6v re fjv, iraa-tv &<f)06v<i)S p.€Tabovvai 

fiovkriOtlo'a t&v nap avrfj TifiCmv] quy* F"t. ^tc'd* ^ n pi^"fi 

^ittup H u >k'P wn- ifibptrh^- uitfl/blrgnuu tun-uttnutiu^u but auiwutnu^, 
uifyutuutfjiuufiiju grygu.-=. TOVTO Ttpayp.6.TUiV' KClI Kati* SaOV 0l6v T€ fjv 

t&v Trap 9 avrrjs ixavw aq)>06vm ibCbov (or Idco**) t&v TtfxwoT(ira)i; 

air6b€i£iv. P. reads avTTJSy and fip—g which =7rpay/x<iraH/ may 

be a corruption of fobusg, which = lira0€v. 
391 a. 31. rijv "Oo-o-av] *o%uilu £utquig=rr\v NavoirSXiv, "the city of Naus." 
391 a. 21. rfiv Nvaav] *o%uil.u ^/ru/alr=ro Navy Spos, c< the mountain Naus." 
391 a. 22. oIktIo-€L€v &v tls tt)s piKpoyfrvxCas ra Tvy6vTa iKTT€TrXr}yfxivovs] There 

is here an evident lacuna in the A.T., which omits these words. 
391 a. 24. A.T. has order : iirl piKpq dtupCq and adds this gloss : L ft 

um^atL. ^Mfjutgnqni-Pliuu tftnm-Pbu/b = " and Upon slight Solid- 

tude for knowledge," kox iirl o-piKpq iin^ktlq yv<b<r*(*s. 
H 2 

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391 a. 26. The A.T. translates ovbiTrort—T&v &Wa>v thus : ofi n^ trpp&g 

una nub a Juilpugni. iLruiip ^utpuiautinuityfru, ifuiub ayup fif "(JUf 

nJutuu ifo kffo ugu/u^&^&ui^p=z (i For never having understood 
these genuinely, therefore they were wonderstruck at some- 
thing else." The Arm. translator therefore either lacked or 
neglected the &v in 391 a. 26. 
391b. 2. ovbwbs 4£ia] "t.'^t'U tub " t p^'^/' = ovb€vbs \6yov 4£ia, found in 


391 b. 3. K(\\ KCL0' $<TOV tylKTOv] np^utip L ^tuutuhlr^ — K0ff 8<T0V Kdl tylKTOV. 

391 b. 4. 0€oAoy&ft€2>] A.T. implies kclI 0€o\oy&p.€v. 

391 b. 6. tt\v r&v yLcyCoTow laroplav] augiUinJhL.pJnXu np ifutub m/q-ngH 4-= 

7*771/ ircpl iKelvo&v Icrroplav. 
891b. IO. klytrai h\ koi krlpm K6<rpios] uyutykv us^utp^ utuutglru»i_^%[i = 

kiytrcu bi o£ra>? xo'cr/xo?. 
891 b. 11. 0€&v] \\uuti,u±n4=0€ov. So in 391 b. 12. 

391 b. I3. €&TJX« yv\ Lpty/ipa, np L ufutwut^lrutg = yfj, tjlTtp tlkrJXC The 

partic. o8<ra would according to the A.T. depend on €l\rjx€. 
Perhaps cti/cu should be read. 
891 b. 14. TT€7T€paTo>^ivov t fjs rb &VC0T&TO) 0€&v ofcrjrr}/) top ovpavos a)v6p.aoTcu] 

tuutMiptnhruti *fs putpiptuqjyhuh IrpLKb l[fb[i uibnL.uihbuii=Tr€TT€pGL- 

Ttopfaov ds tcl &j>a>r<ira> oipavos &v6\xacrrai. The sense of A.T. 
is : " being limited upwards is called heaven." Codex R. has 
els for fjs, perhaps as a correction. 0*&v oUrjrripiov is not 
891b. 16. bt] A.T. omits. 

391 b. 24. KOXOVVTCLI b* ofooi TToAoi] uy% np ^n^irgirut£b £ Irptypu = 6 ytj 

391 b. 25- '*' & v d vorj<r<upt€V iTtt&vyp.ivriv €V0€lav rjv rives &(ova KaXovai bid- 

fX€TpOS C0TCUJ ^npnuiF ftJuihuiJj* ^usJushJus%, qnp nJtutto uiCbmL 

^n^ir%, m.qftqh ^uiJut^utip figk=fi (to which) voodfi€v bvakoyov rjv 
rives &(ova Ka\ov<n tt)v evOtlav bi&pcTpos larai. "To which 
(earth) we conceive a straight line equally fitted, it will be 
diameter." In this sentence something is needed to corre- 
spond to el and the A.T. is clearly mutilated. 
391b. 12 — 392 a. i. This whole passage, in order to conform with the 
A,T., would read somewhat as follows : 

Digitized by 



rav\y\s b\ rb p&v picrov, &KtvrjT6v T€ xal ihpalov $v, ff fapicrfiios 
yfj, rjir€p €tX?7x« iravrobair&v (<$(»>v ^<n-fa T€ oicra (? tlvai) kq\ 
firjTrjp. rb 6' $Tr€p0€V avrrjs 9 irav T€ kcl\ irivrrj Ttt-ntpartop.ivov cty 
ra &ya>Tdra>, ovpavos d>v6pa<rrai, TTkrjpTjs &v OtCotv o-co/jtircoj/, & 
iarpa dvOaptv KaXelv' Kivovpivov oipivov idirqcnv albiov, pnq 
TT€piay(t>yfj koI k6kK(£ ovvajfppevci irivra ravra oroiyj&a airav'oT<os 
bi al&vos. rod bi ovpLiravros Koapov T€ koI ovpavov <r<f>aipo€ibovs 
Svros koL Kivovpiivov, KaOcnrtp elirov, ivb€\(\&s bv*o i£ aviyK7]s 
Karavrutpv &\krjk(ov aKlvr\ra iori o^/icta, KaOdircp rrjs iv rdpvy 
KVK\o<f>opovpJvrj9 cr (pat pas, orcpth pAvovra kgll ircpiiyovra rrjv 
o-<f>alpav 9 ittpi (potius ds) a 6 iras owiyjerai n6<rpos. 6 pkv oiv 
xoV/xoy iv kvk\(d TrepioTpi<f>€Tai S yrj KaXovpevos. fj (fl) vori<rai\i€V 
avakoyov (?), rjv nv€S &£ova Kakovai, ttjv tvOtiav (? rfj evOclq), bi&- 
ixerpos lorat, rov Koapov, rod o-Qaipucov yc koI irepl ittlvo kvkKov 
pivov ovp&vov, ptcrqv piv lx ov<ra T V V yV v T0V * bi bUo tt6\ov$ itipara. 

892 a. i. A.T. adds bvo before aKivriTcov. So P. 

892 a. 6. After aWc<rOai A.T. inserts wuuigpti=l<t>a<rav. 

892 a. 12. bUfaorai] *ut&u&uii_^%fiii=bi&Trrai,* 

892 a. 14. Svra] A.T. omits. 

892 a. 15* kvkAois] i/uypu 'ft pnjnpk^ 2P%lfli=yjuipoi$ KVKkofyopovvrai. 

892 a. 15. ainr&v] A.T. omits. 

892 a. l8. KlVOVpAvoav\ ^mptfiruigj=KlVOVpL€VOV. So O. 
892 a. I9. ivTOO-o4TOl$\juyuiMi[tufi=.ivT01.0VTOl$. 

892 a. 21. iv dXAifXois] A.T. omits. 

892a. 23. Ix €4 ] ntXIrinjhtrs implies lx<uv, which "re. OT 
892 a. 23. ravrrf] uyuufkf- il&pbunf.tyVb=ravTj}. ivioriroa pAv. 
892 a. 25. Ai6s\ *L YfuiJmfqM U =Kal Awfs. 

892 a. 28. iv\ fnp nJut%g = hv 0% p.iv. 

392 a. 30. ri r€]quyunufify=z ravra. 

892 a. 30. koI Trfv rfjs Kivrjatm t&£iv] A.T. omits. 

892 a. 32. hi bi] Jfr^^hd. 

892 b. 2. araKTip] ultyuifyu/htuijni. uiu»ppti=:<l>0apT<p. 

892 b. 3. Jidrrci] *u»ui*ij&u»i_£li1bfi1b=z\4yovTai or kiyerai. 

892 b. 6. irnb b\ Kivrjo-tcos] "ui__pf»t *^fr/f*«fjfc= <c under the higher part (or 

surface), underneath/' Q. reads iicctvris for Kivrjacm, which 

perhaps answers to the A.T. 

Digitized by 



392 b. 8. ikeeivos] *fJrqbg4tufjylb = KakXltov. The A.T. may have had 
£^u#f./jyfc = " somewhat or very warm," which would render 


892 b. 8. iv tie tovtw ttjs iradrfTrj^ Svti Kal avr<j> 6vra/x€0)y] ^«/^ »/v^?a# l^putl^mh 
t n U!'L- f?p"*-pl r ""tp = tovtou 8£ iraflijroi; orros 6tw<i/x€i. A.T. 
omits Kal avr<3. 

892b. II. avifuav Kal TV<pa>va)v] A.T. omits kclL 

892 b. 1 2. fivplcov T€ yvo<fxov avpLirXrjyibes] L Jfrtf-wg L JuMnjmfuntug pnunittu^ 
m JiH-%p= lt and confusions of mists and fogs." 

892 b. lj. x^ aty ] «"^£^p=x <i */ ;<My - 

892 b. 27. TToXkal re Irepai irpbs avfxiraa-av tt)v Odka<r<rav' Kal yap airai ixcyiXai 
nv4s elo-i vfjaoi fji€ya\ois 7T€piK\v(6iA€vai TT€\ayc<rw.] The A.T. para- 
phrases this passage : ^u/ba^ pjuqautTg UhjusJh'huyh &n^_ bq_qkp> 

Itl Jh&ph 9 Jg unijutuk Jk&ni£p ^pCuihuil^ft nnnfrwitru bnifopy pbn. npu 

Iwl. utfitrybpu. = 7Tok\al yap iv tt&oti 0a\A<ro-q vrjo-oi" al be /xeydAcu 
airr&v peyaXois TtepiK\vC6\xevai eio-i ireXiyeo-L, iv ah Ka\ fj olKOvpivrj. 

392 b. 29. f) be avpLTraaa rod vypov <f)v<n$ i-nntoXi.(pv<ra Kari rivas rrjs yrjs 

<rm\ovs ras KakovpJvas avaiteq^VKvla oUovpiivas, i£f}$ b\v elr\ rrjs 

akploV [xiXlOTa <£l/(T€a)y] ^u/bqfi afiTCtMyftlt pbnuftfiuh fnuptjls tun. 
nJiudhp tntrnoo <J*\J<} &nJwgbutili.jfihpiru/b tfnnnJLuiilrpLJrgnjg 
utuhnt-uitblrtutu mfi&q&po : L. y fr l^utpuft [tgk: flirpL-U phn. onjujfiti 

pLnuplrutJpb fnupu* = fj yap tov vypov <f>vais Kara Tivas y&pas 
fxiXiara i7MTo\&{ov<ra Kal KaO* iavrrjv ovvaxOelo-a avifyaive tt\v 
\eyop.(vr\v olKOvp.lvr\v. i£fjs V h\v elr\ f<ra)s rrjs aeplov <f>V(T€a>s to 
HboDp. The Arm. Version here seems to have been suggested 
by Arm. Version of Genesis i. 9. 

892 b. 33. tov K6ap.ov\ A.T. omits. 

893 a. 4. airibeifcv] Irgnjg (uuuu=zaTribei,£ev 6 Koyos. 

393 a. 6. ko\ vifxara] A.T. omits. 
393 a. 7. Kal fjnelpovs] A.T. omits. 

393 a. 12. Kal ivrSs] 'ft umnpf,uu=iv rots jcdro>, " in the lower parts." 

393 a. 14. &V al \x\v SlTOpibtS al be KvKk&bei\jntfiuuij \Jifrfrun- Iru tynjjrgbiu^ L 

jmTu/bg p*[np fo_2^£="by some called Sporades and by others 
Cyclades," v<j>' &v pev Sirop&bes v<f>' &v be KvKk&bes Ka\ov\xevai. 

393 a. 15* ol b€ &AAo>9 6vOfiaCoirrai\ L nJufbg uy^ku afiut&% uihm-Ui%lrj = V<$' 

&v be <5AAo>s dvofid^ovrai. 

Digitized by 



la. 1 6. A.T. implies 6 wpippicov. 

393a. 24. 5ix&*] *£/»$«*fty=of iron; a copyist's error for fy£«#^=8ix<S*- 

393 b. a. cicrpcW] ±sfilruii= exundans of the Latin translation of Budaeus. 

393 b. 4. A.T. has order : bitiXrjQ&s r^v ddXatraav 'EpvOp&v. 

393 b. 10. kclC] A.T. omits. 

393 b. 11. ttiv yrjv] A.T. omits. 

393 b. 13. 3 Upvrj] tltrpbfiui, i. e. Vernia or Bcpvta. 

393 b. 14. ovk] A.T. agrees with Codices 0. P. Q. R. in omitting. 

393 b. 15. Ao£t) irpbs rr\v olKovp.(vr\v] A.T. omits. 

393 b. 1 6. ovk dXtyai hi puKpaC] L "{JLP n^uivfymi^^&kkai 5c ovk dklyai. 

393 b. 17. Tr€pi€OT€<f>&V(tiVTCu] tyuipfuifylrui£_ [fibpi faqkg = TT€pi€CrT€<f>&Va>VTai 
393 b. l8. TTIV 0lK0Vp.4vriV TOVrrjv] uy^^m/rlrq&ptug^TTJS 6c olKOvp.4vrj9. A 

new sentence begins here in the A.T., which omits fjs, as if the 
Greek ran thus : rijs 6c olKovpAw)* ravrqs, fjv bii vrja-ov tiprjKapev, 
Kara rb fiaOvrarov [OaXia-oijs] rijs rjireCpov irKiros iarC k.t.X. 
393 b. T9. Kara rb fiaQirarov] 'ft funpnuPfu.% *6-#»^r»«_= Karct, rb fiaOvrarov 
[0aA<£<r<njs]. &n£>L. must be an interpolation. 

393 b. 31. fxdXtora] A.T. omits. 

393b. 25. rivis hi airb rod la-Ofxov] qnp /t«/2ulj^=" which some:" Sv Tires; 
the words airb r. I. are left out. 

394 a. 4. A.T. omits atC. 

394a. 11. cf n /htj Karh rets iwas iarlv] trpt "t_'fi ^uiuum^nup-irbk nt-Jbi&k 
Lptri-hu*i_[Jitj[i=zd pi) Kara fiiav nva <f>a(voiro, "unless it has ap- 
peared from some violence or rigour." 

394 a. 14. vortpa Kal arpL<&brjs] ^nhmuutifjyb = voridrepa found in P. R. 
A.T. omits Kal irpidbrjs. 

394 a. 15. A.T. omits ko.1 bpo<roi. 

394 a. 16. A.T. omits kol SpLfipoi. 

394 a. 19. arfidbrjs] ^n%utw=zvor€pi y wet, moist, as in a. 14. In a. 27 ar- 
p.<ibr\s is rendered by i^inp^mlrutuli (=aY/mos + cftos). Here 
porcpi is implied by the words tyovos Hbaros which follow. 
A.T. ignored arixdbrjs in a. 14 also. 

394 a. 21. yCverai 6c rjroi i£ ipxrjs v4<f>ovs rj i£ viroAcfyx/maTos] A.T. omits. 

394 a. 24. Kara oijOTa<riV \€irrbv <f>tp6pL€VOv\ plrpirat£_ pum utboup putq^uignu^ 

pin$tit^=<f)€p6p.€vov Kara Acirrr;i> trvorao-iv, O.P.R* read XtTrrrjv. 

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394 a. 25. Tt6\vr] bi bpoaos ircmyyvta bpoa-oirix^l °^ W«rayrys 8/wfo-oy] A. Irqlrmtt 
k goq^plrpuiuuinjyij = Tr&x v ' , l bi bp6<ros fffinrayrj^ 

394 a. 28. icar eVirforfAoy] / PoPutfJutuk = " from agitation or violent 
shaking, such as to dissipate and drive away "= Kara avv- 

394a. 32. ovorpiiipaTd] *PoPutfJu*Jp=." by or through violent dissipa- 
tion " = ovvriviypLip. 

394 a. 33. V€<f>&v irein)KV<»>ii4v<»>v] putuiputg&ut£_mJu^nif^ir€Traxvoiliiva>vv€<f>&v, 
or perhaps irenaxy<riiiv<»>v vtQ&v, for in 394 a. 28 ireiraxva'fjJvov 
is rendered PutuXpiuglruj and the cognate forms wdxos and 
Ttaxfotpa are in a. 27 and a. 20 rendered Pu/ulpm-Pfiub and 


394 a. 33. ttpb rrjs ei$ v&cop fxerajSoAi}? dvajeoireVraw] %utfuututui\jnjg fnupb 'ft 

iftntfifuJuShk'b $u§uint-uu tun.lriujj=.Tb TtpOOTOTtayls {/8a)/> Kara fX€Ta- 

/3oAt)i/ (or Ik fierafiokrjs) avaKoir4v, " the first frozen water 
through change assuming division." In 394 a. 26 ^fxiway^s 
was rendered by pirpuHiuMjyg, by analogy with which %utfum^ 
uuMjyg would =irpa)T(wray?7s, which is also implied in <ri/ft?rtj£is 
of a. 35. 

394 a. 36. ovbi r\pai(a\ilvov\ uy^ luui^uymutglrut^ aXX' rjpai(ofi4vov. 

394 a. 36. <r<p6bpa hi oXrn\ koI adpoa] ifutu% npty L uybujfiufShjuiZCui/u^fad icai 
^ ToiatJn; i0p6a. 

394b. I. Kal fipWos in iriATj/uiaroy els KaraQopcLv Tayvripav \af}6vros' irapa bi 
ra fieyiOrj t&v &Troppr)ywp.{va)v Opav<ryL&Ta>v of re Synoi pL€l£ovs] *'fi 

putqffiiuth^ uMhqjuiju%ni-P truth */r utrpuim-Phi-by iru f ft umnptupJrptrfb 
Juiuh pufbXpnt-plrush *Ji pwg tuusmusn-lrusi pbLuibft* Ll puut ^ustfiry 

piu%&pnL.plriuuu Jfbfi L i/bbnt-pfuVb* '= fiav6rrjTos els TrCkrjpLa teal 
els ttjv Kara<popav 8ia *naxyn)Ta iiroppriyvvfiivri Qpavtrac Kara b\ 
pirpov r?}s ftaxyrqTos ylvtrai kcX fteyeflos. 
394 b. IO. rj re iv 4>vrois koX £<pots nal bia tt&vtcdv birJKOvcra (p.yfrvx'is re kclI 

y6vi\10$ OV(TLa\ np 'fi tnutyuityu/uu Ll y fi l^lrhr^uihftuh b-jmuVbuybfi 9 ftp 
^b^utunp k Ll Wbqju^atu% pbtj. pusift tuugutulrjn^ If We SUppOSe 

ivadvpLtaais to be still the subject of the sentence the A.T. 
may be rendered : 7/ re iv aWois kqI f<poty koX bib. irdirnav 5«J- 
Kovcra tQv ifiyffvx^v re nal yovlfuav. 
There is no trace of ova-la in the A.T. On the other hand, 

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if ovcCa is eliminated the feminines ^ . . . birfKowra . . . tfi\jmxps 
and ydvipos can only be accounted for by understanding &.va- 
0vfzfo<ris, for the use of which in this sense cp. Arist. de 
Anima i. 2. 19. 

394 b. 12. tepi] &pir r l indicates oWcpi. 

394 b. 12. 7i'€t//xara] ^ntX^pb 'ft ^npq/h = Trv€vp^xra ix rod frjpov. 

394b. 14. ivinoov] joqjtg?=avp&v, as in b. 13. $»qi& is reserved for flvc- 
fxos in this passage. 

394 b. 1 6. oi bi Kara prjfcw vityovs yiv6fievoi kclI iviXvaiv rod ir&xpvs irpbs 

iaVTOVS TTOLOVfX€Voi] L npg $ fr u^mutmitJuthk tmJufm 'ft i[lrp[ni-&nt-lrb 
puiblpm-k j/ftiglrmttm jmulr^nub = oi b\ KCLTh pTf£lV V€<f>OVS K&Th 

&v6\v<tiv rod ir&xpvs irpbs kavrovs irpocnroiotJ/bicvoi. The word 
jmuL^ntX which I render by irpoairoiovvrai. means : " add to, 
augment." irpbs kavroh is equally compatible with the A.T. 

394 b. 19. payivros] np . . . t^tummmlrmt^^lbfiit implies payiurcs. 

394 b. 21. First b4] AT. omits. 

394 b. 22. 6 imb rod irepl ras Ocpivhs ivarokas t6ttov irvioov] uyU npjtuJiun^ 

%uyfrbjtrqu/bml(bjlrjlr'b tvplrt-tiL. £/£&&(_ j(ihfi=z 6 TFtpl TCLS dtpiV&S 

rpoiras i£ ivaTokijs itvimv. 
394 b. 22. A.T. omits &pepo?. 
394 b. 23. &vri\u&Tr)s bi 6 iirb rod ircpl t&s J<nyfxcp«/<is] L np 'ft ^wvmpmfyopffo 

u»pLhghuth X uitylrjfioq. ^/?^/r ? = 6 bi Tt€p\ T&S l(T7)tl€piVa$ i£ &VaTo\r)$ 

(eastern) iTnjKidrrjs *aActrcu. Similarly in b. 24 A.T. seems 
to imply : 6 irtpi ras xupcpivas i£ ivaTokrjs. 

394 b. 28. KaX T&V fiopt&v] liq/btyfrv k- t[on.k[iifl*=: 6fM0tG)$ Koi T&P fiopcQv. 

394 b. 29. Karh t6 \i€(rri\Lfipi.v6v\ L 'ft ^fiuufiuuyft'h Jtfopkfih=Kai tarci x* l M e - 

pivbv ixcarmflpivov. 
394b. 33. cip6voros — v6tov] The A.T. transposes this clause with the 
following one. 

894 b. 33. iirl 0&T€pa] A.T. omits. 
396 a. 3. fapoyAvvv] A.T. omits. 

395 a. 4. ipviOicu] *$npuii.uyp i p=- southern. A corruption of ^mi^yfH^ 

= ipviOicu. 

895 a. 4. fiopiai clol t<3 yivti] *f%£irm%g fat-^g £rtr=[a£rol] fiopiai d<rL 
895 a. 10. A.T. omits bi after Stop. 

395 a. 10. TTptiariip \06vi6s iarui] uy^ tqnJrumkp *p iftqtt. ««#= M But ^ e 


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prester which is called burning." These last words are added 
to explain the foreign word " prester," which is transferred 
into the Armenian Text. \Q6vios is omitted. 

895 a. ii. A.T. omits bi. 

895a. ii. A.T. omits Kal l£a>0«/. 

895 a. 1 2. piatm] A.T. omits. 

895 a. 14. A.T. omits tioircp iv than. 

895a. 19. A.T. omits the words: /xiAiora 8rav ri piv Ta\urrov $ r&v 

895 a. 23. CT<f)obpbv bi &W(*)S KO.I a0p6ov\ inn. ft jn^ jnt-J-qfh $utp%uiuiri_ muZ. 
ufntjh ? = itapa rb p.r) a<f>obpbv ttXtJttcw t&v V€<f>&v or TOtS J^4<f>€(rk, 
"owing to its not striking forcibly the clouds." This would 
explain why it is fj^Cirvpov. But ^mp^u/uir^docs not govern a 
genitive or dative, as here mliun^ so the infinitive ^mp^u/uir^ 
must be passive voice and the sense as follows : " through the 
not-being violently struck of the clouds," irapa rb /uuj <r<t>6bpa 
Tr\rJTT€<r$ai rh vi<\>r\. 

895 a. 26. ol }xkv alda\(ib€ks\ np Jhfitputinirutafy tfin^ aJrp£ru = ol fxiv alOaXdbrj 

K6viV <f)4pOVT€S. 
895 a. 28. KaTa<TKr)TTTOV<rLV el? ri] *$usuwl.uu uitLbiru IbirpoMpS-nt-Pirutt/pu 

fn-ptrutuij = Karaa-KYJiTTOva-iv rfj ivepyeCa avr&v. 
395 b. 8. Kal olov iarpov pv<n$' TtKarvvop.ivr) bi Kara 6&T€povJ\ L ft%Jhibnu^ 

p/n3t Q-kf auni-Plrutu lutfltutntruta bpuutpufu *pt-p LnndhabpJL np = 

Kal olov vypov <f>v<ris irXaruvofiivrj koB' tudrcpov 8, " and in*the 

likeness of a wet nature broadening both sides, which is 

called comet," etc. 
895 b. II. d€a>povvrai\ ip%ffh=yivovTaL. 
895 b. 13. &bc TTpo<rayop€vQ&<rcu. Kal ra piv rofctov tairipia ra bi* lyo] 

A.T. omits. 

395 b. 22. al hi Kal pioVCl TToWAkIS TTOTOflOV bUtJv] L uy^p np ^nuiru ptuanud 
mUajuiT a^nupb nlruiopl/u = al bi Kal pioVCTL TTOXX&KLS rb TTVp 7T0ro- 

fjiod bUrjp. 
895 b. 26. A.T. omits TroXka\ov. 

395 b. 30. ovyycvis] wuiputqqjutyg^&ovyycvis found in P. Q. 
895 b. 31. rficparov] A.T. omits. 
895 b. 32. ifcbpov y€v6fi€vov] A.T. omits. 

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395 b. $$• ttoW&kis b\ iroXv y€v6p.cvov t£a>$€v iyKarciXrjdrj rots rotmys koiAoS- 

/XCUTiJ 'ft u Jutls k jn[ni[juliglrui^lt tfinpnyju trpl(pft=z it TOijTOV TToXv 

irapcXObv els Koik<ifxara yfjs, "therefrom passing in mass into 
the hollows of the earth." 

395 b. 34. i£6bov jxera plas] A.T. omits. 

895 b. 36. iridos] A.T. omits. 

396 a. 2. kclt dpOis] pum um-p = #car' Sottas, as in a. 1 . 

396 a. 3. ol oe wviCrjo-eis iroiovvres els ra KolXa \aa\karLai\ A.T. omits. 

896 a. 5. prjKTat] /»^%«^^= projectors, casters forth. 

396 a. 8. ol be avaTraXXovres kclI rals els eKaYepop eyKAiVeon kclI avairiXa-ea-i 

buap0OVVT€S 6\e\ TO aei6\ieVOv\ *A. uy^p q.nquignL.gut%lrb funhutp^ 
\lrgni-guiblr^nif^ L. iflrpuutfih ^utpJ-lr^nif^ L. Jfiput 'ft puiptttrjh 

pJrpir£aifc This seems to = ol be avairiXXovres iy/cXio-eei ko! 

ttoXlv o-elovres kclI ael els rb aeCeiv Qipovres. 
396 a. 12. fi€Tci PpSpov] €fo#^a#^n«i«f.p^i»^i=with a stench, per dafiijs. 
896 a. 16. K€Kpvy.plvo>>v\ A.T. omits. 

396 a. 18. \6.a-fxari re yap yiverai SaX&o-arjs tcaC] A.T. omits. 
396a. 23. poal're nal blvai rals raw irvevf/.irwv av&Xoyov, al pev iv fieVois we- 

A(iye<ni/, al be Kara rota Evpfrov? re kol\ iroptf/utot/s.] L- ^nuJhtJbg 'ft 

ujutrytnu 'ft fuutt^bir ^rjj ^nqjhijb 'ft funpub, usjh fiufy np jtrt-nftufnu li- 
ft ujnppjhu itihfiti £irut^=z poal T€ iv blvCLlS i* TTJS <TVyKpaVe(i>S T&V 

irvevpL&Ttov iv tols ireXiyeaiv alye Kara rbv Evpnrov kclI ir6p0pov 
yev6ixevai. "And currents in eddies from the mixing of winds 
in the deeps, those which occur in the Euripus and Porthmos." 
In the above 'ft *y*qjwu (=iv bCvais) may be a corruption of 

L. Ufuitytng= Kdl oTpai. 

896 a. 28. iv Aepi re Kal yfj #cal OaXao-ojj Kara rb eUbs al tQv ttclO&v 6/uto4<Jny- 
res] These words have dropped out in Armenian rendering, 
which if turned into Greek for the whole passage from twv 
oToixeW in a. 28 down to q^vXinovo-ai in a. 32 makes some 
sense and would run thus : ra aroi\ela iyKeKparai AAAijAois vvv- 
€ip6fi€va (linked together) Kal wviordLixeva els iv koX iKcivuv irrl 
fjjpovs fi <f>0opa rfj ovyKpicei yiveo-is yCverai &W<m)v t&v Svr<av' 
Kal rb avfnrav iv avrois Kal oY avra ava)Xc0p6v re Kal ayevrjrov 
qbvX&TTovo-i : "The elements are intermixt with each other, 
being bound and compacted into unity; and of them the 
I 2 

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partial destruction by mixture becomes generation of other 
existences. And the all in them and through them they 
preserve, undestroyed and increate." The A.T. runs thus: 

ffutpirpou fauin%ftu tun. JJrJkuihu j uti L. puanfyiugtruti ft t/Jtrti-^ 
PpsJb, L. ungui 'ft tfiuuufr utiuutLutunt.pptJb'is fuuinjbJuaJpu fffbtrfrtt-^ 
Pftijb /foil "(Jl t?uiLmgu* It- uttttrhuyttu *fi %nuw L. 'fi Hrn% ungw 
wUtutuuihuiU L. uttytrnufui^fih : Read u/uirnriCTC 
396 a. 33. KCUT04 yi Tis\ uan. np ^lUjirfatf^TTpbs b jSAeVcOV T4S. 

396 a. 33. cl] A.T. omits. " Om. O. Q. et fortasse R." But then these MSS. 

read ovvcoTrjK&s in a. 34, whereas A.T. implies ovv4<rrriKcv. 
396 a. 35. ov tt6Acu bU<f>6apTat /ecu iirSXo^kfv] *np*n fyu&juun. /uu§n!uiruij_ 

ajyutgutu *fi IbnguAfr uiJtrhuyb ^uJunfiuirtngu p4mqJnt-pfiubp=^(t>V 

TT&kai K€Kp<xfx4v(t>v iyiv€To i£ avr&v irivra tvv TV\6vT<av ttXtJOtj. 
Perhaps the Greek of the Arm. translator ran: &v iri\ai 
KCKpafjAvaiv lyivcro i£ avr&v irav t&v Tvy6vr<av tt\t}6os. Of the 
words ov irikai bi. #c. cW. there is no trace in the A.T., unless 
the translator read 0% for ov. 
396b. 1. is k&v el 7r0A.ii/ ru/e? QavyACoitv] A.T. has njupiirm^ugutu^ir/fi 
Pnt-fi nuJbpz^TtiXiv OaufiaCoi &v ns. 

396 b. 2. I0v&v\ utqqjugu *i[uiphr/h quw=ziOv&V TO [S.p\€iV OVTtov]. The 

sense of the A.T. for the whole sentence is: "Again it 
appears wonderful to anyone, how out of opposed races the 
governing of them remains firm." <rvvc<m]Kvia seems to be 
omitted and the phrase i/tuptrjlb oum is odd. 

396 b. 4. iyvoovai bf] ntf_n^ n£_nfui£=&yvo€i bi rk ; 

396 b. 5. oy.oLav] A.T. omits. 

396 b. 6. inOT€\€l bidOeCLV {fnobe^OyAvr] TTOCOv] prngualpumuap^ *L 'fi J/r tapui^ 
Juinpnt-pftult *unput uttttrulrgaLu aumprnJUut^fi = ctaortAci, [kClL (Is 

fiiW] bii$€o-iv [airfjs (or oiroi;)] Trivrav irirobixjETat, 
396 b. 7* ^ <rws & € KC & t&v ivavrlav y <f>v<ris yXlyeraiy /ecu ^jc tovtgv cWoreAcZ 

TO OVfUfHtiVOV, OVK in T&V Sfioltov] *%ut op L %£rp$uttyutuutgu ut^ 
funptf-f? ifJlbtriJfiuipAm'lsnLpfii-'ls. L. amju uifunpJ-f? pbnuP[iuljb — t(T(t)$ 

b\ kclI t&v havriajv y\Cx*Tai elvcu to ovficfxovov kclI tovtov y\t- 
X€to4 f) <f>v*<ris. Here again the A.T. seems to be mutilated. 

896 b. 9. ajxcW] A.T. omits. 

396 b. 10. KaC\ pum ufjuaT L=ovWo* ko.L The sense of the A.T. seems to 

Digitized by 


DE MUNDO. 6 1 

be, that as nature joined male to female in order to con- 
stitute human society, so she produced out of opposites the 
harmony of the kosmos. 
396 b. 14. iyK€pa<rafi4vrj <fni<rtis ras eUovas rols irporj-yovpiivois averiXevt avp.- 

(fxivOVS] Jututvhbtuiy uiuiutLlrn *f§ OrnJb utuutgirtngn. JJruipuMihni-plruiU 

pmguil(Uiuruiptrutg = iyK€f>a<raiX€irq ras cUdvas bia rfjs r&v Trporjyov- 
\Uv<&v <rup.<f)a)vCas imerlktaev. The idea brought out in the 
A.T. is that of the various colours being harmonised in the 
picture, not of the harmony of the picture with the original. 
ipfocis is left out in the A.T. 
896 b. 18. ypo/ifuihW) A.T. omits. 

396 b. 19- aVVeOT/jcaTo] ^uaputqjuulrtug^aVV€TiL^arO. 

396 b. 20. avviyfrcias ov\a kcu ovxl 0SX0, <rvp.<f)€p6p.€Vov Kal bia<f>€p6fi€vov f ovv- 

qbov' kclI in ttAvtg>v Iv, kcu i£ kvbs irivra] ^utput^-kugku pUn, 

F"U!Pbd Vt. P^iPP^* ^npaiffru *[b 12* ajttpJrpirut^ qnt-qJrpqjiqjpb L. 
uiuipirpajinpb juiJLr'blrijnijbg Jft % lufi Jfny wiflsbuyttb ffrgfi = <TVVa- 

\frcias oika Kal ov\l oSAa, <Sot€ ovp.<f>€p6p.cva avvqbovra Kal biqbovra 

2k TT&vrodv iv Kal i£ ivbs Ttivra y4v€<r0ai. 
896 b. 24. A.T. omits words : apx&v p(a. 
896 b. 30. yfjs\ *^ <Jn^%=d^/xov; a corruption of 'f* ^nq^j=yrj^ 

896 b. 35* rrjs hi bpokoyCas r) l<rop.oipia naC] A.T. implies rrjs bi laopioiplas. 

397 a. 2. irpos rh Sircpa] mn. gm.puA=irpbs rci \jfv\pi. 

897 a. 2. rrjs <pv<r€(os iirl r&v jicifoiwi'] A.T. omits, and seems mutilated. 
897 a. 3. a-axTTiKov ira>s] ^u/^oa» = u in need of, requiring." 

397 a. 4. SfJLOVotas] JfimpjutUnt-plrmb L oifhlr^jj [ipkpuig = 6p.Olo[(XS KCU TOV 

fiorjOciv iWrjXoU, "of concord and of mutual utility." 
897 a. 5- % v yty & v dforoi T4?, iilpos iarlv avrov] A.T. omits. 
897 a. 7* ^ 7r ^ T0 ^ K6<rp.ov Xey6pL€Vov K€K0<rpLrj<r6ai. rCs b% rmv iirl p.ipovs 

bvvair hv i&c&Orjvai rfj kclt ovpavbv rdfei re Kal (popq. r&v 

aarpOiVj L. aqmpnjuapniJSm unput p(r butJkugfi no utuirj qjttfmuut^ 
%i$t-plruaJp., f fi tfutithfr pErpErt-ii Lmpmatgt iywrni/Lrtt uyufihpL jbpp'f* 
qjuunt-Xit aplrpnuifb uHim&rquig = koI rbv k6(T\UOV a^TTJS, ib,V 0€Xfj TO9 

iGHMOrjvai, iirl pJpovs Icrcos bvvair* h.v ioropcu/, \4ya> rr)v kot 

ovpavbv t&£iv, rr)v (fropav r&v &0Tpu)v. 
897 a. 19. ipLWf€i\jufjuAt&ut^_^itfi=zifi(f>atv€rat, 
397 a. 2% — a. 31. This passage is merely paraphrased in the A.T., which 

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in English runs thus : "And by means of these a moisture of 
just measure is bestowed on the earth, over which the fiery 
element kindling vivifies the whole by means of concord with 
earth. And hence is raised up from earth the foliage of 
all kinds of plants, irrigated with water and with fire made 
living ; in their season budding forth they renew their kind, 
which fostering it (the earth) perfects, and again it collects 
them by yearly creation. Without growing' old it watches 
over the nature of things. It is also sometimes shaken by 
earthquake and is inundated with flood, and by conflagration 
is in part consumed. All these things, it seems to me, are 
from the first good, which bestows on all eternal salvation/' 

397 a. 25. ittpioxovpivri tyois] $pn£ljilrlti[.utiiutglruti = " with fire made alive." 

397 a. 27. \xvplas rt <f>4povaa Ibias koI it&drj'] A.T. omits and reads L f-p^ 
2lruij_<£nqnt{k 2p£uiuui£rq&ni.piruit/j&=z" and again amasses (or 
collects) by periodical creation." 

397 a. 30. irpbs iyaOov] juttuufptt pMmpL-iyh^Tipbs tov irpdrov iyaBov. 

397 a. 32. Karh ra prjyp.ara ras &vairv6a$ layowai] A.T. omits. 

397 b. 2. KaX TtoV iltl p.4p0vi\ 'f* Mrirft npng pnuuiruij^ tfuiunubgh = il by the 

which quickened, the parts/' 

397 b. 9. bil . . . ei'TTCU'] utuirf_ uf input £=&€? till (IV. Comp. O. P. 

397b. 17* A.T. has order: irpo^xdrja-av flirelv on ravra tt&vtcl. Cp. P. 
397 b. 18. rh Kal oV 6<pQa\pa>v IvbaWoptva kclI bC &kotjs Kal irioij? 
aio-drjo-Hos, rrj piv Sctq bvvApei irpiirovra KarafSaWdptvoi \6yov, 

OV p7]V Tjj y€ OV&Cq] uyufthph aft f fi iirnit ui^uig L. juirjirutij L. tutfc^ 
%uyh qqjMynL.pirutug %/ftuuiirifb jkuu quiuuint-uib-uyfib qopnt-piruth 
%^uibut^ t uuil[uyb ti£_ qq.yuignup[u-Vh=z" thdit is tO Say, that by 

means of our eyes and ears and all our senses we contemplate 
in existences a symbol of divine power, but not the essence;" 
as if the Greek ran : k4ya> bi 8n bC 6<f>0akp.<av kclI bi &kotjs kclI 
tt&otjs al<rOrj(rca>s Ivb&Wopev iv rols oi<n rrjs p.iv dclas bvv&pem 
ri avpfioXov, ov prjv rrjv ye ovo-iav. 
897 b. 27. pufaioTa b4 ttos avrov rrjs bvv&picm arroXavei rd irkrjatov avrov 

(TCtf/XdJ "(Jl_ It- *fi tfopnuplrUk %nput lunJriui [faffo tfyptn, np tflrp&m^ 

unpuafjyhlb tA. A.T. thus omits (rai/xa, and atl is read for 
avrov, as in Q. R. 

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897 b. 32. icoJ iroMiJs fi€ora Tapaxfis] A.T. omits. 

397 b. 32. oi n¥ *^i] A.T. omits. 

397 b. 33. koX ra koB' fjpas] L tun. ftpu np tan. tflrq_(r=Kal iirl tol kqS* fjfMi$. 

397 b. 34. A.T. punctuates after fiiias and not after av^aCv^i, and inserts 
uutfyuyu=z<rit wv iXXi before Kara rb lyyiov. In 387 b. 33 oi 
l^v dAXd was omitted ; here A.T. inserts it. Thus 11. 32-34 
run thus according to A.T. : tlvac koX kclO' 8aov iitl irav 5i- 
(.KVtto-Oai TttyvKtv ij dtta bypass *al iirl ra Kaff f) pas' o/xoiW <rv/x- 
fiaiv€i kcl\ ra virip Texas' oi pr\v aXXa Kara rb lyyiov. 

397 b. 35. re kcu noppvripa)] A.T. omits. 

398a. I. KpciTTOv ovv \mo\af}*iv b kcu irpiirov iorl ko\ $€$ /xdAxora app6Cov, 
m fj iv ovpavy bvvapus Ibpvfxivt) kcu rots Ttk&arov a<f>€orqK6o-iv 9 
is tvi y€ dirtiv, kclI <rvu7ra<nv alrla yCvcrcu awrripias, fiaXXov fj a? 
birjKOvo-a kcu <£onwa IvSa /xr) koAov p.rjb€ €va\r\p.ov airovpyel ra 

ini yfj$. TOVTO fliv yip . . .] *utpn. jutt-utajyu k ^utpa-ir^ Jm/uusu^ 
uihn. qp L. \ % a tttnni.o-nj ^HJ^l ^ jutpJlupb-t alrp[[[i*hu> nup L. uirp^. 
intrust £ %npui qopnt-PftiAtu* b"U It- utjunghb np tntntlutajttu 
^Irnjuatruii Irb, ifyutuqjuJutju P^O- *Ungftu [fibf* tuuttntfutn. tftphnu^ 
P lr tub, IpuiT fippni- pbn. fvtutft ta%gututrta£ L. l^tuiP tlutuutiuuttn. 
^uiuiutbtrint£_ nup t^Jrrjh^gfil^ n^ £, L. n^ pAmpiriirc t utnjufffu 
MuusuiautnJb qutpptutp^ Khphfth ajtpo-Ertait u. anp utn. IrpLph writ 
nubh qopni-PlriuJp. Ll n* fyk" pbtnt-PSruttfa ^tutruit* outuqp utju 

pt^ • ♦ .]=K/)€nroj/ oiv viroXa^lv, /xdAtora 8n kcu $€$ vpiirov 
tort, app.6fav rbv oipav6v oi kclI lbpvp.4vrj icrn fj airrov bvvapus. 
koX rots bi wXcTotoi; a^€<myK<Jcr«; koX ovinraai ylverai alrCa <ra)rry- 
pCas rjroi is birJKovtra fj kcl) paWov (f)0LT&(ra (?) IvOa KaXbv fxrj tori 
fxrjbi €i<r\rjpLOv. 'H Trpdrq alrla rbv kJct/xoi; avrovpytl koX tol ivl 
yijs i\ €l ^vip.€t. oi bi 8ti <f>vo-€i iyyvs. tovto pilv yip. 

In the above (poir&cra is rendered ^amnBlr^^ which means 
"dividing" or "being divided." Probably a corruption of 
^o#«ra#tr^«^==" reaching, arriving at." 

398 a. 10. ovk] A.T. omits. 

398 a. 13. avros ftv yip] A.T. omits. 
398 a. 14. iravrl &6paros] A.T. omits. 

398a. I4. llttxtoV fiavlkuOV oIkOv] m.%^£n^_tnni!uu $utumutmlrui£Z= fyajV 61kOV 

Ibpvpjtvov (or fSefiampjivov), "having a house made firm." 

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398 a. 14. kclI TTtplfiokov xpvay] nuty ufutpu*f<*p=xpv<rois veptfifaois. 
398 a. 16. irvX&ves bi iroXkol teal crvircxeir, irp6dvp6, T€ <rv\voh elpy6p.€va <rra- 
btois air AAA^Aaw Ovpcus re xoAkcus 1 xal Tffy* "* /xeydAois &xt//>6>ro] 

nstnt^Uu mt3utr[mi£_tfpuihtfJrop u^huitrtu^L. uaJputglrm^phi^. iipunQuA 

glruiig 'fr /aH%mp^iufjtt.%/iiflb flt-l(aupir%k = " having gates fas- 
tened with formates and fortified under brazen gates with 
great care, at a distance of stages set afar from dwelling of 
398 a. 18. l£o> bi rovTtov &vbp*s ol vp&roi nal doxtfuiraroi bi€K€K6ap.r\vro\ L 

ufjuiufruiuiiLMMtfljti It. 'fi tfh^uttfjjjh tntrqh qirmirqiruiilbaguit 9 fi &uml^ 

*Y/^&r="and thus being established in the first and supreme 

place, of them of the slaves." 
The only point of relation here between the Greek and the 

Armenian lies in irp&Toi and perhaps in toOt&v which =%ntjut. 

The drift of the Armenian rendering seems to be this : " And 

they (the kings) being thus set up in the first and supreme 

place, of their slaves some around the king are bodyguards 

and servants/' etc. 
398 a. 21. IkAotov irtpifakov] U ju { uipu3 t b[,gb = ii of the palace." 
398 a. 22. avrds dccnrJnjs *al 0eoy ovop.aC6p.tvos] 'ft iirait ungm=bC avr&v. 

398 a. 2$. ITOkipMv] ^utqutguig^^kCtoV. 

398 a. 29. koI /3cwrtX«s 80CA01] A.T. omits. 

398 a. 30. rjp.cpobp6p.oi tc kclI o-kottoI kclI dyye\ia</> Jpoi <f>pvKT<api&v T€ iiroirrii- 
pcs. too-ovtos b* r)v S Ko<rp.os koI pL&kurra rQv <f>pvKT<op&v Kara 

biabo\aS TTVpatVOVCT&Vj npnuiT L. ^ufutinutlflrb uftuunj-utifuiplrpgb 
phptugfitjli tftnfuuiutpnt-plrtuJp '[i mnuphftru/h L. f fi ff^pf 1 J~wJni.g 

^puanuipui^&ini^ Jfiifcut%g=" to whom also are subject bearers 
of tidings by means of succession of stages in day and night 
time communicating with each other." 
398 b. 5. iinTtXtlv a fiovkoiro] A.T. omits. 

398 b. 12. bia Tr)V icOivciav] £?uh %irpfjy ungnuLg ta%mp*i.pirm%ij = st On aC- 

count of their inner (or natural) weaknesses," bih r^v h airote 

398 b. 13. p^otcSwis kcl(] A.T. omits. 
398 b. 14. apL&ci] A.T. omits. 

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398 b. 18. koL 6<t>dakix6v] A.T. omits. 

398 b. l8. loTt be $T(\ uyi_U[tuui'&uin. k -(J"? faf 1 ^ = I<TT4 b€ atria TOVTOV OTL. 

Perhaps the Greek ran simply Icttl bk 6n. 

398 b. 1 9. TCL pipr) fieri TWOS *$\ JiuuntligU tun. ftpirutpu f"-/ip jtuifuyutp^ 

i/htpni-plrutJp ir% ^tup in fy ay £ruij_=" the parts are linked with one 
another by some fair rhythm ;" as if <rvvlx*Tai or some simi- 
lar word stood in the Greek. 

898 b. 2 1 . After btbaxn A.T. adds uutfci % fi Jkpiua.npub = Trp&rov ds ra irXr\<Tla. 

398 b. 23. feat avrb irakw IkIvt\(T€V SlKKo <tvv K<foyx<p bpfivraav piv vivT<av\ L 

uryh a-tupiirtut qJfii-uts gutpef-fc, qtupqjupnuh trnhiutuniftUL. utJb^ 

%trgni3* = Ka\ avrb TtiXiv &XXo iKlvrj<r€V avyKo<rp.ov\i£vudv bC avrov 

itivrav k.tX, " all things being arranged together by him (i. e. 

the Deity) in a way befitting their respective constitutions." 
The Codices O. P. Q. do not read bpdvrw piv, but incline 

to b4ov or hiow peri. Read perhaps avyKoapLrjOivriav. 
398 b. 25. kol frcpolas] A.T. omits. 
398 b. 26. lari hi ots kcl\ ivavrlas kclItoi ttjs TTpdrrjs olov ivb6o-€m €ls kCwjo-w 

flldV y€VOfl€VrjSj t It- uirp^sulr* JuAutt-uthq. utnauCfltt rtuq^uaufiu utn. 

'A 2 u *P**~ nL -ftb i -" t ty t - u tfl' ilfclr£a£=ioTi Kai ivavrlas" kclCtoi ttjs 
irpdrrjs ivb4(rcm ds kCvtj(tw krepoCas y€vop.4vrjs. 

Codices O. P. read ivbio-cmi which also seems to fit in with 
the idea worked out in b. 20-24. In 399 a. 3 kclCtoi is ren- 
dered by the same word Ju/Uiuuu/Lq., which renders it likely 
that kclItoi also stood here in 398 b. 26. I render Jfu-u^jb by 
krtpoias rather than fripas because frcpolas is found in 
398 b. 25 unrepresented in the A.T. Perhaps the A.T. is 
corrupt, and we ought to have Jfii.uqjh=fr€poCas in 398 b. 25, 
and the closely resembling word i%nj%^p.las in 398 b. 27. A 
copyist may have omitted it in b. 25 and inserted it wrongly 
in b. 27 in place of ^yu. 

398 b. 30. 6p.ov] A.T. omits. 

398 b. 31. yip] A.T. omits. 

898 b. 32. aXkifxtvov] A.T. omits. 

398 b. 33. tls ra o-Qircpa rjdrj kcu vopovs] A.T. omits. 

398 b. 34. olxqa-cTat, itcri^vov] *^t= "blows, exhales." A.T. is a cor- 
ruption perhaps of pn.^. 


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399a. i. *x«] A.T. omits. So P. 

899 a. 2. AAAotCu] uu[ng = &kktoV. 

399 a. 6. ical rets Ibias IkAottcoi/ Karao-ncvAs] A.T. omits. 

399 a. 7. kclI QOCvovo-a] A.T. omits. 

399 a. 9. rotJiw] A.T. omits. 

399 a. 10. A.T, omits tovtov kcl\ rcAcvraios 6 rov Kp6vov keyoficvos h burka- 
aCoviy and has order : 6 bi Aibs iv f)p.i<rcl koI igatrkatrlovi. " om. 
pr. 0." 

899 a. I a. ow$Witg>i> kciI xopeuovrw Kara rbv oipavbv i£ ivos re] A.T. omits. 

399 a. 14. Mpm] A.T. omits. 

899 a. 16. iaff Are] ^ W^?W^/2r = gpa. 

399 a. 19. <j>cpa>vviJLm'\ *fuupirpuipnuplruiJpb=" by means of benevolence." 
This curious mistake probably arose from icora . . . t6 ivb6- 
a-tfiov being rendered llrpaanup£ruit/pb=:"by way of concession 
or yielding," which is one sense of the Greek, though here it 
means " by way of prelude or signal." 

399 a. 20. &*C] A.T. omits. 

399 a. 21. hi birris] qj,upu=" his" rets iavrov. 

399 a. 21. 6 Tiap.(f)ar\s\ L utJk%utipuy^=z koX & Ttap.<f>ar\s. 

399 a. 24. Karb. Kaip6v\ A.T. omits. 

399 a. 25* T & T€ wdtfiy ra iv ry ittpitypirn avfiPaCvovra] 'ft Muutpnuuut^irui^jb 

uiuVbtufu Myuiuitu^irjnfciiv T<j> TttpUyOVTl TT&VTGL (TVpfialvOVTCL. 

399 a. 31. <ny/unji7;] *^u*«J&, ^utpJ-fr—Oikri, kivci. The A.T. may here be a 

corruption of %^ut%iu^ which would = enj/x^p. 
399 a. 33. iracra] A.T. omits. 
899 a. 34. pvplas Ibias &va<f>alvov(r& re] A.T. omits. 
899 b. 1. Kcupois] A.T. omits. 
399 b. 3. 6 5fc QvpaKd ivbvcrai, 6 hi Kirqplbas ^ Kpivos fj faorfjpa ire/urftJercu] 

L. nub aunLMU-pb L. n$JL autunwLMipuiu — b hi £((f)0$ } 6 hi Kp&VOS, 
899 b. J. (Is k6%Ov\ quiutuniObu fn-p = rbv k6\OV. 

899 b. 7« *fc ri£iv\ utyuu% ^utqJt=riiv t&£iv (or fcarao7cevci£ercu). 
399 b. 12. &rc/> ovbapm iarlv ip.it6biov ovrt in* Ivy irpbs rb bpav ovrt fjpXv 

TTpbs rd 7T40T€t}<rCUj np ^aphusuU nuhfi) II m+ k UMtapia putptfirtAo 
tun. 'ft iTuiut&nupliuh pirpui^utLuttnnt-plruiu* = " who (or which) 

has the whole; and it need not move us to the idea of 

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399 b. 15. avTois] f^.pnj=kavrfjs. 

399 b. 18. xpwcls] A.T. omits and implies v6pav koV/aos kclI nokircCa. Cp. 
O. and P. which insert kclL 

399 b. 22. fpyCDv] qjtpb-ng fii.png= ZpyCDV OVTOV. 

399 b. 23. ra yap Trddtj Kal tol oV aipos forairra] ^gutlbqp trpfyfih L np alrp 'ft 

i^VU ^ a# ^ r H2Vt ""^"i/^ t&tr 1 & y&P °vp av °s * a * T & vvlp aipa 

399b. 25« KoV/UtOI/ iTrixOVTOs] np aut^fuutp^ tuptuptrui^k L. ^Uipnu%tu^t=: k6<T- 

p.ov iroirjcrapTos Kal ovvi\ovros. 

399 b. 25. i£ov] A.T. omits. 

899b. 28. olwoC] kzp=oi 01/04, "the asses!" 

399b. 29. TtapafZa^Xuv]%Jut%trijnL.ijui%lrjh=Tb itapafi&Kktw. 

899 b. 30. rbv koV/uioi/] A.T. omits. 

400a. I. ry dydA/xari] pbn. Mywuilftrpfih jop/titnt.uto-=^Tfj &y&\paTi to ivrv- 


400 a. 3' T€ K0L ^ <rvyx&v\ .gufbqfi %ntfun- [h'ukp zutprnJUusfyirutj^z TovTtp yap 

av.ex^s ty. 
400 a. 3. tovtov ovv l\ci rbv Koyov 6 debs iv Koo-pup, avv4\<av rr\v t&v $\a>v 

aplJLOvlaV T€ KO.I (T(*iTr\plav\ —pq- uyunt- opfthuil^iuu m^fuutp^ jutuui^ 
nt-uto- (r puipmJbuifyiruii np pnjnpfiiju (r joq.utt-npni.p[it3U L. iftpLnt- 

P[ultz=KaTa tovtov oiv \6yov K6afxov 6 dtbs ovvfyei tQv S\a>v &v 

appovla re Kal o-conjoia. 
400 a. 6. na0ap6s] A.T. omits. 
400 a. 6. /fc/Sqxcfc] <Zuiuuiuiwlruif_== fttfialos. 
400 a. 10. 6 TroLTjTrjs] A.T. omits. 

400 a. 14. iriirraTai av4<f>(\o$ Xcvkij V avahihpop.€V alyXrj] A.T. omits. 
400 a. 24. koX TriOrj] A.T. omits. 
400 a. 27. iroAAdias] q£uinuigu=Tt6\€i$. So 0. Q. 

400 a. 28. TTVCVpiTOiV Kal TV<f><&V<M>v] n^njiugfa^ $nqJhij = TV<t><&VG>V W€v/ut(ira>i\ 

400a. 30. ycv6i/.€vai] *<J^^a#^==" being shed or scattered forth;" probably 

a corruption of lrnjriui=ytv6p.€vai. 
400 a. 32. Kal iK<j>varjaa<rai\ A.T. omits. 
400 b. 1. l&xm] A.T. omits. 
400 b. 4. *RapiTpty\ri T€ tov <f>\oyp.ov\ A.T. omits. 

400 b. 5* K( d Irriprio'cv afZXapeis &pa rots yov€v<n tovs Vtavto-Kovs] A.T. omits. 
400 b. 10. A.T. has order : Ulttovov &\vit6v r«. So P. 

K 2 

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400b. II. \hpo\lkvoi\ uirptnirtu^ yopnuplruiJp=lbpvpi.4vOS bwopitl. 

400 b. I a. irepiayci] iyu*/w»a-a#a-^t=" envelopes, enfolds "?='7rep4^(e4. 

400 b. 1 2. Sirov /3ovXctcu *cat orrm iv bia<f>6poi$ Ibtais] np L fyuitflrgirtu^ jfihfih 

qtubiuquib urtruujfe? = (SaaTTtp fiovXtTCLl iv bia<j)6p0l$ IbidLS. 

400 b. 13. &n4\€i kclC] A.T. omits. 

400 b. 16. QcvpodiTai bi cJs tcl oUcIa bucaoTrjpia] A.T. omits. 

400 b. 17. kclC] A.T. omits. 

400 b. l8. TCL TTpOOTIKOVTa, KCU 6 fl4v TIS ch TO TTpVTaV€iOV j3a5^* 0"4777<TO/Ul€W>ff, 
6 bi TTpbf TOVS bucaOTCLS iTToXoyrjO-OflfVOs] 'ft unguthk luuHMigaitffi 
nuJbuh 'fi ufuj^ufbfuipufljh phf&uibuii qfi ^utmnL.^u/ttfr, L. nuittrm 
tun. nuiuttut-npii qfc tntugt? ufUiuttuufuu/bfi ss " of these it IS proper 

for the one to go into the tribunal in order to indemnify and 
for the other (to go) before the judge that he may defend 
himself." = tovt(ov irpoai]K6v i<m r<£ pier cis rd TTpvTavtiov fiabl- 
£civ inobdtrovT^ r<3 bi irpbs Toits bucaoras b\TToXoyr\vop.iv<p. 

400 b. 20. 6 bi cis to beo-fMoTrjpiov bitoQavoipLtvos] A.T. omits. 

400 b. 23. tXXois] A.T. omits. 

400 b. 23. Kara piav irp6ora£i.v] pu$n *fn.pni-t& ^puiJutlift = " according to 
their (or its) ordinance." may be a corruption of 

JfiauJ= flCdV. 
400 b. 24. O-ciffl TO TOV TTOirjaOLVTOS oWtts] 'f J«qt. u(ua^nquag qiuttfb opftlsutgt 
ft uJtt/bt = T(OV O-(i>C6vT(0V TT)V ^OvXtJO-LV T&V v6fX(OV iv aVTjj, " of 

the things which preserve whole the will of the law in it." 
400 b. 26. dpiov bi iraiavaiv re #cal <rr«;ayfxaYa>i>.] *L uy[_ tuJVUuyh ij.ryfu_p= 
AXXa bi ir&vTa (y^ftet) t&v ovtw. Perhaps tfjyfu^p =rwv 3vra>v 
is a mutilation of fjtuJ-fn^p—^Tivayp.iToav. 

400 b. 28. XiyCO bi TOVbf TOV KOQ-pLOv] tuuuMgftg uiprj_[rog (}£ L tujfuutp^ft = X4- 

yoip.i b\v koX KOO-pLOV. 
400 b. 28. IvokXivtjs] Jf, t=e!s iarlp. 
400 b. 29. rf] L nt = ovbl 
400 b. 30. ol/uu"] A.T. omits. 
400 b. 30. ivay€ypapipL€V(ov] A.T. omits. 

400 b. 31. A.T. reads ffyovpiivov bi CLVTOV lp.p.€\G)S (L %npftlt u»njufbnp^lr^ntf_ 

ubpqju£Uuit[uiuiki') omitting dct/ui^rco? and kolL 

401 a. 1. kclI TT€po-4ai] A.T. omits. 
401 a. 1. yXvK€pal] A.T. omits. 

Digitized by 



401a. 2, 6 TTOirjTrjs, TO, bf\ .glrppnqti, uftnqnifh Irb utftuiufhuignu. [tutf uyj = 6 

TTOirjrrjs, K(4/)7r<{) elcn xprja-LfiaC, TOL S£ K.T.X. 
401 a. 3. vkaravoi koX mrves kcX ttv£oi KkrjOprj t alyctpos re Kai cv&brjs kv- 

HaplcraOS] Juypo L. urouujfug, unlkfrg L. 1bnZifig = Tr(TV€S KO.I TTVQOl 

afyeipos re koX KVTT&pi<r(ros, 
401 a. 5. 6iT<iprjs\ A.T. omits. &XXa>s] A.T. omits. 
401 a. 7. Kai /uwyX^ai] A.T. omits. 
401 a. 11. ttjv yrjv] So Ven. Ed. which reads ^nqnfc but P. 106 has fuubfiu 

= \6yov. 

401a. I3. airbs V€OyjlOl. KoXoVfXfli] Jkg TbnpnfJaubu utbni-MMsbtrtQ>i fyn^trtQy^ 

avTol v€o\p.<ia€is dvofiaCopev. Kakovpcv. 
401a. 13. irapaAXi}Xa)s]^a#/»««tri»i.lra#iy4-i#=wapa)w5/xa)5. 
401 a. 15. KpSvov 8* irals koX xpovov Xiytrai birfKa>v i£ al&vos aTipyuvos cis 

IrtpOV al(l)Va'~\ *'/r tfutJutUut^ft* oufbqji L. %w J-uMilusUail^k* [fa/i «»»*, 
atghuai rutin ^Lruib-Jufh L. juu-fiuttru/h. P}"t n P na l_ ^- JM-fiwlrlbm^ 

t[ui%g.=lK Kp6vov ('fi should perhaps be L, when the meaning 
would be Kpovov hi) Kai yap avrbs \povos iari. kiycrai bia tovto 
(A.T. = by consequence) koX i£ al&vos. Kaff & Kai aloavia (or 
aUiviot). The words which I render kcu yap avrbs \povos 
i<m may have been added by the Arm. translator to explain 
the play on Kpovos and \p6vo$. The rest is corrupt. 

401 a. 16 — 401 a. 24. iarpairalSs re koI . . . Kai /utctXi'xios] The A.T. trans- 
lates this passage, the copyists adding that it seems an inter- 
polation though found in some exemplars. It is not, however, 
translated, but the Greek titles are merely set down in Ar- 
menian letters and severally explained. 

401 a. 17. aldptos] is omitted in A.T. 

401 a. 19. iirb r&v KapirQv tto\i€v$ bi airb r&v ir6kca>v Svofxi^erai] *i[unlls 

aumqngb np mnJrin^ [h'Ufi'U 'ff j>utrjutguitjh = w on aCCOUnt of the 

fruits which are taken from the towns." 
401 a. 23. £ivio$\ A.T. omits. 
401a. 25* Mp.a)s] uftuinputuuiutMut-u^irolfuas. 
401 a. 26. A.T. omits avr6s. 
401 a. 28. apyiKepavvor Zevs KcQaXrj, Zevs pio-a-a* Aids 8* iK vivra t^tvktcu] 

A.T. omits. 
401 b. 2. Zcifs ipa-rjv — irovrov pC(a] A.T. omits. 

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401 b. 5. Zcvs fyurCkevs] A.T. omits here. 

401 b. 5. apyiKipawos] A.T. omits. 

401 b. 6. avOis <f>&os h irokvyriOes i£ lepfjs Kpabirjs aveviyKaro, pippepa pi- 

£a>J/.] qjup&nt-tjuthfr 'ft UJJU JljJ~ '/"l/P %ngnt3tg $uputptrut[j=. aidlS 

is (fxxos aveviynaro pippepa pifav. 
401 b. 8. olpai be kclI ttjv av6y kt]v ovk &Wo ti XiyeoSai] uyj_ fu$Jfl *£_ uyi_ 

pis£_$Miutri= fSovXercu be ovk iXXo n kiyecOai. 
401 b. 9. olovel ivUrjTov oiviav ovra, elpappivrjv be bia to elpeur re kcl\ 

yoapelv AKO)XtJra)Sj fippnuju/bjtuqP ufutuiTfutn-k qRJtfh uaJKbufpifii L- 
ofr uut-usbg fuunftUihJuiU phn. tuJtrbuyb putift uthguiUl? = o\oV€\ CLVI- 

ktjtos alrla iort rb elvai tt&vtos koL el AkcoAvtcos bia tt&vtos birJKei, 
or perhaps =oW avCKrjrov air lav ovaav rr\v owrCav it&vtos bia 
be rb d.K(o\vTO)s bia tt&vtos yoapelv. 

401 b. 11. irivra] A.T. omits, 

401 b. 12. pepepladai\ qfi Jluubutunpk qu»JEuuyu=pepepto'Oai tt&vto. 

401 b. 12. Iicdory] fii.putgiu%^upnuSb jfrUifyuitju^tK&crnp T&V SvTtoV. 

401 b. 14. alo-av be ael ovaav] A.T. omits. 

401 b. 14. ra be irepl ras poipas kclI rbv ArpaKTov] puspfinp L irpirg Jmunul^b 
fitfhipJphty1b = cv be rh Ttepl ras Tpeh poCpas tt}$ 

401 b. 16. Kara robs \povovs\ pum irpfy utt/u/uut^utg = Kara rpels \povovs. So O. 

401 b. 16. vrjpa be &Tp6.KT0V rd pep i£eipyao-pivov rb be piXXov rb be irepiorpe- 
<t>6p.evov' riraKrai be Kara pev rb yeyovbs pia t&v poipG>v y *Arpo- 
iroSj iirel ra irape\66vra irdvra irpeirri ioriv, Kara be rb piXXov 
A6.\eo-i$ (eh Ttivra yap ff Kara <f>vo-iv pivei Xi)£i$), Kara be rb 
ivearbs KXoudd, ovpirepaCvovai re /cal KkdOovo-a £/c<loT<p ra oUela. 
irepaCverai be xal 6 pvQos ovk AtcJktcos.] ptr^ph np q-np&Lrui^ L 

iuuipuiujtrutj^ qutugtrutA Itiusistufyt L. np q.irn. diubtrutt /fibf** qbirp^ 
huaju* u. np uiumuuilMi auinj?Liuuib £> atuuitun^hh*h : L. A Jiuuutbg 
uyuifi t? P>^_ n p IrnlrtJt L. £ np l[rbfi> npu^l^u uituputb-hrtui ptrjh Jt&r^ 
phtut [faf* u- pnnpfytrusj* fiulj np ^utbnjrp&hutt fc ifiiiirr, p£ 

npufku k $uwutulr£, n.J-nuutpfjb k ^«»^/»^"the thread which 
has been worked up and handled indicates the past, and that 
which is still being spun round the present, but that which is 
still on the spindle the future. But, of the parts, there is 
that which has been and that which is coming to be, just as 
the thread stretched out is removed and smoothed. But that 

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which is going to become, how it is to arrive, is difficult to 
401b. 23. icrrlv ovk iXko n nXfjv 6 Ocos] n^nui&g t f^antr^ puyg Jfr*qfl» 

tuumni.^tyz=0VK &\k<p TlvlioTL yvdptfia 7rA?)j/ T<j> $€<$, 

401 b. 26. Trop€v6ix€vo$* r<{> 8£ del {vvivcTai bUrj r&v iirokenronivtov rov OtCov 

vSfXOV TlfJM>p6s] *$lruilri.irijnLguitilr]ni£ uiiruutfyutij : \)wfy u [ipwuuibijb 
Myuityusutruu j\\uuwt-&/y ufUiutnu^utufi%z=7TOpev6pL€VOS IbcVV. tv€KQ 

bUrjs r&v iTro\€LTrop.4v<av rod Ocov Tifxoap6s. 
401 b. 28. j}y] *trij/lriyt«'=6/utofa)y. 
401 b. 29. i£ ip\rjs] fi fcifrlr£=i£ avrrjs. 
401 b. 29. phoxOS €lr{] ftliqj9uU(i n&np$u = p€Tiyjti x^P 470 ** 

r r 

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1249 a. 29. koI ra Ipya avr&v] A.T. omits. . 

1250 a. 19. koI fiikiara] A.T. omits. 

1250 a. 21. ircpl piv rrjs aKpartlas oibiv ofou bi <rh hvvaaai dpl&iv] A.T. 

omits. Bk. brackets. 
1250 a. 23. Kaff fjv irapacrvpovcn 77} &\oytq rqv iin.Ovp.Cav wOovaav inl ras tQv 

<f>av\(i)V ffbov&V &7roAatJ<r«s] puui npnuiTjoJ-iuplrui^p {/&/& mn. 
jnttfth ^irjuint-pftt-l/u ns tupt^unifpjubtuLu/bfi*L'==.KaO rjlf Q&pOVV- 

rcu tcls <f>av\as fjbovas prj Kari\ovros (or K<a\vovros) rov Xo- 
ylo-pLov. Here joJ-uip^m^ [fop* might perhaps render irapa- 
<r6povrai, but just before, in a. 21, it was used to render 
1250a. 27- A.T. has order: nlpbovs dpiyovrai rov itavrayj&Otv. 

1250a. 32. <J)€VKt6l] u^^z=z^Kr6.. 

1250a. 33. ayylvm] 4 $tfinni.ptrutJp} = inTr€ipl<}i but in view of what im- 
mediately follows I think the A.T. is corrupt here. 

1250 a. 34. t£ tt)i/ kpirupiav €\€iv t&v \pr\alpa>v v&vrcov. ff pvrfprj bi zeal i/ut- 
TT€ipta koI ay\lvoia fj rot &Trb rrjs (fypovrjacm tudorr} avr&v iarlv 
rj irapiTTtrai rfj <f>povrj<r€C fj rh p.iv avr&v olov ovvalria rrjs <f>po- 
irijat&s iari, Ka06.iT€p Ipmupia koI r\ pirfpr], rh bk olov piprj avTTjs, 

olov CVJSovXla KOI ^y\ivOia\ ^jl»^[lf 'ft J-wJht- ^Jinnt.pirtaJp 
ajuftutushtu^nuuL* uyuftbob i jt fun^triDti-ptfbfc* fippnu fia-putnutii^, 
ipi-p ffp f ff ungauhg ^trutlrt-lruti ifi*/* fun^£rJhi.p£ruA t fpMatTJQi num 
Jftnfkt tpuiT ^uiJmbtfMuduyL m Jtrbuy% i = pLVrjaaO'dcU tv KaCpip ifJL- 
TTtLptq, T&V Xprjcip.OM' fj TOl &TTO Tfjs ^pomJcTCa)}' olov tK&OTrf 

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avr&v irapiirtTai rfj <f>povrj<r€i fj Kara fxlav iKiarrj fj ifia iraaai. 
The A.T. seems mutilated here. 
1250 a. 4°» i^ytoplas] u*p$ivulvp$ivuu £u*ifiuti-npu=d\i,y<i>pCas fxrrpias, 

1250 b. 2. Kal Tb vIkTJS aJriOV tlvai] L jutqPat-plruiu syivuil&vn. ifJt{U np pttq. 

%Jlu fotrbz=Kal t6 vUr\$ alriov eli/ai rfjs fx^ra avrov, "to be cause 

of the victory which may be with it." 
1250 b. 4. &vbpaya$l(€(H)ai] L fyu*pirft, = Kal to bvvatrdai. 
1250 b. 5. Kal rb 6pA<rot] A.T. omits. 
1250 b. 9. Kal rijv butaiav &b€iav\ jfiputif 'ft i[tuuiiuifiiun.nt.plrb^h^biKaiois 

rr\v iniilav (or &bo£[av). 
1250 b. 1 a. bvvavOai] A.T. omits. 

1250 b. 14. KapT€p€lv\ J-pu»hui{h jivi&%uy1bfl=:KapT€p€lV Iv TT&VTl. 

1250 b. 15* ^y * ara <t>VVW lvltiai\ puiufyiuu Uffiutryfiijti l(Ujpourni_ptruib=TT1S 

t&v Kara <f>v<rw yj)7]<rlyL(av Ivhtlas. 
1250 b. 17* tcl v6y.i\xa koX to c&fav] A.T. omits. 

1250 b. l8. iv T<j) blCKf^poVTlj tun fipu utniupiup pJrpirtuju=ziv T(p yffCVb&S <f)4- 

povri ; the A.T. is certainly a corruption of «m. fipu unuppk^ 
ptru*ju=iv rote bia<f>4povo-i. 

1250 b. 27* iv Ty bia<f>6p<p] *fi qutuutquiuni.pfii!uu qp%lrmju?=iv rats &ia</>o- 

pats r(p abiKovpivy. 
1250 b. ^7* to /a^ kaficiv] n^tviiuni-jii /WGr^j= r6 firj Xafitlv n. 
1250 b. 29. Kal biayoayi]v lyjivroav ffbelav iv€V rod Avo-tTcAowros] jfr*-c n g 

t^ttd bV u "~ u 'Sb tunju *- a 'iDiuu niutvutitvTflt = T&V O&TOV XP^M^" 

T<t>v bUaios paWov ^ t6 irpiirov (? b4ov). The A.T. is not 

consecutive and probably corrupt. 
1250b. 31. A.T. omits ij and has order: t&v f<pW dp€irriKds Xbi6v n i\^v- 

T(av davpaoTov. 
1250b. 33. A.T. has order: iXerjTiKov clvai. 
1250 b. 35. Kal TLfiriv Kal arijxiai/] A.T. omits. 

1250 b. 40. A.T. has order : bwdpcvos 2ftuccur0<u. 

1250b. 44. A.T. has order: rd naicm /3ovAetJ<rao-0at and omits rd Sfukrjaai. 


1250b. 44. A.T. has order: rd kmus xprivavdai. 

1251 a. 2. aiiaBia aiMpla is the order in A.T. 
1251 a. 4. vide ad 1251 b. 15. 

1251 a. 7. A.T. has order: vird Xiyov koX {nth tpyov. 


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1251a. 9. iriicpokoyta] 2^£*ftJS=/i€raji&cta. 
1251 e. 16. roi; i}dovs] A.T. omits. 
1251 a. 22. vide ad 1251 b. 15. 

1251 a. 23. fCO)Xlfojn-Os] n^mpfir£in^=syLfl KiukuOVTOS, 

1251 a. 23. A.T. has order : rb alpci<r0<u riy <iiroXat5<ret$ rfip ^6oiw rov 
koyl<rfxov fx)f ko>\vovto$. 

1251 a. 25« M^ M €Ta(r X € " ; ] l?l_$ m l?P1* r &~ r ^ ^ peraox&r. 

1251 a. 29. 177 AjcoAao-fa] atrqfani.piru/b ^&m&u&jtMf%=Tjj 2*aXa<r£f j}/coXov0et. 

1251 a. 31. A.T. reads irXr/^Xcta after irarpCba in a. 33. 

1251 a. 34. to dtctc^opoi;] zu*$trf = K€pbaCv€lV. 

1251 a. 35. A.T. reads kripovs after 7apa<r*cv<£fot;<rur. 

1251a. 36. ^f Tt5 KtpbdlvOVV Ovbiv] tt^lt%^^uf^&itt^*irpirt^szOvbip K€pbat- 

vowa [toiK€v\ " gaining nothing seems." 6fw>$ iduei is ren- 
dered exactly. 

1251a. 37. i$rj] fipu*gtt=" things"; a corruption of fipmi-mgfr%=bU<ua. 

1251b. 5* A.T. has order: irairax<f0ei> xcpoafrcur fiyrowi. 

1251 b. 7. <£>ei&a>Xla 5' £<rrl jca0' ^1/ dddTravoi ytvovrai t&v \pr]pATa>v els rb 
btov* Kinfitia 5' iarl Kaff fjv bairavaa-i pJp f Karci piKpbv bi kclI 
kclk&s, fcal irkiop pX&TTTovTai T(j> /at) kcltcL Kaxpbp irouurOcu rb bid" 

(f)OpOV.j <f-ttuutai.ppL.ltt t puut nnnt-tT b-utfttlfb pun. impute, 
yup It- ^butu&utttflufiu utnjuua yjfip^[ig» ftufy ufu^uattnpnjtL-phtlu 
£ puut ttpnutT puifiLjt '[i utututputtfu uiub-usfunnp tfiuUif = <f>(l,- 

bi»\la iarl naff fjv bamavwo'i flip Kara p.tKpbv b\ xal kclk&s kcl\ 
pkiirrovTai &pcv yaplTos. Kt/x/3efa 5' iarl naff fjv tup xpr\\i.6r(uv 
eiy rb biov ibiiravoi yipoprai. 

1251 b. 15. ipa-pta] A.T. omits. 

1251 b. 15. papvOvfita] A.T. translates this word exactly by ku/uputJutn^ 
pftL%, of which &-uiup=papv and l L.u=OvfiCa. 

In 1251 a. 4 however fiapvOvula is rendered by a word 
tuntrp4ttL.p[,uu which = u indolence *' and which is also used 
in 1251 a. 22 to render faOvpta. We must infer that the 
translator read in 1251 a. 4 pqOvfila rather than f3apv0vp.C*, 
even though there paOvpla best fits the sense. 

1251b. 19. •dirc£aCp€<r$ai] u*u f putp$utt-uiif[rgt}=i£aipco'Oai. 

1251 b. 20. A.T. has order : bvpao-dai IvtyK&p. 

1251b. 22. tcl (5Xiya>p7jf*ara] ^utunJtujJhubu^Tb. TV\rip.aTa. 

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1251 b. 33. A.T. has order : ippw kclI &t^Iov KaXelv. 

1251 b. 23. Kal tcl bi iyvotav rj XrjOrjv yiyvopcva] pkiykut L TC^Jmpmmt^t" 

jivtiffltnnt-plrtik ijthft $iutiiffisylriv£Z= Kal rh bt &yVOUW dAl}0&$ 

1251b. 7,6. rb irotlv <rirovbalap] 4"U^ ^ u " LU igP'l> nLblrjti=z(rjrovba{av kclI 

ayaOffv ^(cu/. 
1251 b. 31. After ayaOovs A.T. inserts L winlrjh ifjnnJiuh=Kal pio-civ tovs 

1251 b. 34. After iyaOri A.T. inserts j^dSL pMupfi=ixvrjpr} ayaBrj. 

1251 b- 37« ™}s bi KCiKCa$ iarl Th ivairrid] ftul^ pUifiuaUnup ^utpm-p^butlt tfttpb- 
L.^juiutnufy L. ^hruthruMu^rftuU utJtrbuyb UMuiunlrinn %brp^utLjpU npo 
ir% 'ft tyu/puunJrfJru/ijii=z8\(t)$ fe Trjs KdKta$ iarrlv IpyOV KO.X IblOV 

kcu Itt6h€Vov iriirra t&v €lpr)fUv<av tcl ivavrla Svra t&v yfrtKT&v. 

L 2 

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nOP4>YPIOY Ei2ArorH. 



1. i. A.T. has simple title: IIopQvptov eio-ayciyr;. But the Armenian 
commentary, in discussing the title, adds : rov <poLviKo$ rov ixaOrj- 
rov 7r\<arlvov rod Avkoito\Itov. 

1. 4. Second KaC\ A.T. omits. Also Com. 

1. 10. cl re Kai h> /x&xus \lrikcus imvolais] (Com. bpk) *^uy% *ft 
unuti Juiui&nuplnuii. Reading hrpk of which L pk is no doubt 
a corruption, the above implies : ef re pSvov iv \fnKals iirivolais. 
In Cod. Tic. irpk is read. 

1. 15. kcl\ rotJrcoj;] A.T. omits, but the Arm. Com. retains. 

1. 22. JCdTCl ilTOTOfArjV T$\V fab T&V &AAft>l>] /utin pjutgmutpnupbrmb fuy£niflt ? = 

Karh iir6ho(nv rrjv t&v &\ka>v* But MS. E. has j-utl'lfl' 5 which 
if we read, the meaning becomes: Kara &Tr6bo<riv iirb r&v &XK<*v. 
The word pjuiguHnpnupfrub is the usual equivalent of &Trobo<ns. 

2. 1. efre . . . clre] faiT. . . L fyivJhzijToi, ... 4- So also David. 
2. 4. rfc] A.T. omits. 

2. 5. kclC] A.T. omits. Omit A. 1 B. L. Boeth. 
2. 6. Afyoin-cu] A.T. omits. 

2. 6. oi iK ylvQVS KCLT&yOVTCS 'HpCUcAloVs] "/t ZJr ptulnfr uy 'ft i/uyp Ifryu 
fi£u/btrfni^utrn.1i = ol TO ylvOS KaT&yOVT€$ &<f>* 'UpCUcKtoVS. 

2. 8. KaC] A.T. omits. 

2. 9. 5] A.T. omits. Cod. Tic. implies ox^rcws for ipxfjs and omits 

words : olov 'HpajeAlow. 
2. 10. fyafAep] L mumg tug = Ka\ t<f>ap.€v or tyaptv bi. 
2. 12, 13. bis t(*v v<t> iavrd] jAy. um[utt-gb=T<av vrr' air6. So 2?. 

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2. 18. A.T. has uyub=ro tovto, which Busse retains. 

2. 23. A.T. retains p.6vov, but has wpq. i*fl"\jp t ^ iu u h ijP umnpnuir^b^typh 
= tov fikv oiv koB* ivbs p.6vov KarqyopovpLtvov. Similarly in 2. 17 
A.T. translates t&v Kar^yopovyAvoav as if Greek were rov ican^o- 

2. 23. ravra] A.T. omits. " om. Dav. Boeth." 

2. 25. A.T. has row ef8ei bia^p6vroiv. 

2. 27. iUijW] A.T. omits. " om. A. B. L. a? 

2. 28. A.T. has order : tirirov kcl\ f}o6s. So C. 

3. 1. Cod. Tic. implies AAA. r<j> el&ei and omits *a£ Cp. C. 
8. 2. /xtfi/ov] A.T. omits. 

8. 5* bia<f>€p6vT<i>v\ yviivpplrplrtjlrjnij mtrutulfuiu = bia<f)Cp6vT<fiP Ty ct&€4. 

"Add. t$ €75et r. Paris 2051, supra Scr. JJ/ 2 . ^V 

8. 5 Stfld 7* TtyS • • • blCL<f)Opa$ . . . ol 8ia</)Opaf] ^qututpplrplrglr^ngb • • • mmp^ 

pirpgh = TQv . . . bia<f>€p6vT<tiv . . . tcl bia<f>4povTa. 
3. 6. KOU77] A.T. omits. 
8. 8. yd/>] A.T. omits, "om. A. (supplm. 3 )" 
8. 9. o&k iv T<j> tC iorw, $, Kanyyopcirat, dAAd] A.T. omits. " ovk . . . 

KarrjyopeiTai om. -*4." 
3. 10. ioriv] A.T. omits. 
8. 16. 5iaoWAAei] qutian^uAt quyu=zbiaari\\€i tovto or airo. So C <*4 2 . 

3. 17* buxf)Op&v\ *wu/pplrptrtjirfngh = bia<p€p6vT(t)V. 

8. 19. ir&s t\ov iarlv] qfimpq. mJtft = 7TQs Ix^t. 
8. 19. iKaoTov &v icanyyopeirai] A.T. omits. 

3. 21. iK&OTOv] fiuutgtv%2fiupnifli=ziK&OT<tiV. 

4. 4. ica(| A.T. omits. 

4. 6. KaTi)yopovyL€vov\ uwnpnitfi =z Kar^yoptirai. So in 4. 22. 

4. 7. Srt] A.T. omits, though the sense needs it. 

4. 7. icaf] A.T. omits. So £. 

4. .9. icaf] omitted in Cod. Tic. So C 

4. IO. &/ ry W &JTI KaTiyyopCiTOl] *ui£-«#u»^ k npnuiT uhiCb uinnpnffi = c[bo$ 

iarlv $ t6 yivos icanyyopcirat. The Arm. Com. has the same 
4. 13. tov €lbiK<i)T&Tov]juiinl(iufj,i.%Fii=lbL<i>T<!LTov i which is generally ad- 
hered to in the rest of the treatise. Compare A \ which has 
always IbiKonrirov. 

Digitized by 



It should be noticed that here and elsewhere the Arm. Com. 
translates etttKuroYov and not Vbioar6rov. 
4. 14. rp6irov.] A.T. punctuates not here, but after Karrjyoplav in 4. 15. 
4. 15, A.T. renders ibidrara. 
4. 16. A.T. renders ftian-aYcw. 

4. 19. «AXa, & kclC\ A.T. omits. " &AAa, & om. Boeth." 
4. aa. Kal avrrj] A.T. omits. 

4. 3a. KanyyopotJ/Acroj/] A.T. omits, but implies irpo<rcx<»$ *** &p&—^p—<- 

ju»/». " TTpoo-ex^ is read in Dav. which omits Karriyopovpcvov." 
hv cfy] mufi=klyerai. 
yivos fjv] Cod. Tic. omits. 
After ctBos &i> Cod. Tic. adds fmnbmp^mnjyb ^u/l qum = inferior 

quam ilia. Boeth. has ; " post quam non sit alia inferior species," 

as if the addition should be after tariv. 
efe tlbrj] Cod. Tic. et&os. 

fl€$ 9 b OVK taTIV cfoos] jhm npiy n^ pti^ k tmlruui^ = fAe0* b Ovbiv 

ioTiv el5os. 
Kal rovrl rd AcvK<fo] A.T. omits. " koI tovtI t6 kevicdv om. Boeth." 
hv tlrj] A.T. omits. 

6. TttJ/ yiv TTpO CLVT&V . . . T&V bi fJL€T f avf£\ jumju^jpmli qbnuuygls • • • 
ql[Ujt unuuijijti? = T&P fjiv TTpd OVT&V . . . T&V hi fXCTa TCLVTa. So 

A\ B. L. 

5. 8. A.T. has order : Aiycrai clvai avr&p. 
5. 9. A.T. has order : \4ycTcu efrai. 

5. 10. ra v<f>* iavr6] np pttq. %n^iuult=Ta W ain-6. So C. and Dav. Com. 
5. 11. Kal &$ TTpdrrj] L tvn-ui2liti=Kal irpdrrj. So B. C. L. a. Boeth. 
5. 1 a. kclC, coy i(f>afi€v y virip b ovk hv clrj ik\o iiravaPcPrjK&s yivos] A.T. and 
Boeth. omit. 

5. 1 3. avrov] £iuli qb'kgU ? = kaVTOV. 

5. 15. AAA' c78os fiiv X^yerot raw drrf/xaw] £. mlrumfy tu%$u»mfy1b=z€lbo$ hi 

(or Kal ctBos) t5v i.T6fxo>v. Here " Aiycrat om. B. C. M. Boeth." 
5. 16. vpb aur<w]^«iA ^j^tr ? = 7T/)d £avTo£. 

5. 17. otfra>s] £. uyuufku=KCU 0$T0)$. 

5. 19. Alt. #] Cod. Tic. omits. 

5. ao. in cfc cttry] ^ mlruiutpi L Lu=ch flbrj' tri b4. So B. M. C. a. 

5. ao, ai. ft— KarqyopeMxu] Cod. Tic. has rd — Karryyop(yip.€Vov. So C. 

5. 1. 

5. a. 

6. 3' 

5. 3. 

5. 3. 

5. 4. 

5. 5. 

5. 6. 

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5. 21. A.T. has order: cftty koI yivt). 

5. 23. \afipav6fi€vov\ mnJrm^p=\afx^ap6fA€va. So B. C. L B and Boethius. 

6. I. roi; ycrtKcordrov] ubnjufyiiitiuifjyiiiA^T&v ytvumT&TtoV. So -ff. C 
6. 5. Iv] Cod. Tic. omits. So a. 

6. 9. A.T. has order : ijv tt&vtwv kow6v. 
6. 10. fj KOivoivCa] $uiuwpwl(= kow6v. 
6. 13. 1<tt(\ #%=&. So B. C. 

6. I3. W] tftuuhnpng^bl &V. 

6. 15. T& 5£ &7T€4p(£ <f>ri<rW iav] L tfuib^nubuL mufrp pnqni-i = T(i bi ilTClpa 

6. 17* dtatpOVPra? ftta TtAiJAoUs] pmffuA&^n^ qjbnuut JJi^m pttq. guuqnuJubzs. 

biaipovvras avra del hia TrX-qOovs. 

6. l8. (TVVCUptiV Td ir\r}$OS *l$ lv* OVVayarybv yip] ^ufpnubut^lr^ qpmqJni^. 
Pfiils. jguttiqfi 'fi itf* ifuyp mi/ifii9if,nq_(sO P. 106. Ven. Text wiTifinifik, 

which makes nonsense) = ovvcuptlv to irXijdos' cly tv yap ovva- 

6. 20. Tovvavriov] Tblrp^wfeszrh ivavria or simply ivavria. 
6. 20. biaip€i rb Iv] pjuiJ-uahlrua^ ifHipt=biaLp€iTcu. So B. 
6. 22. Kal kow6s] A.T. Kal kowoL 

6. 24. ovrwj/] A.T. omits. u om. C. M. Boeth." 

7. 1. kclC] A.T. omits. 

7. 2. rd p&v yivos] ^gu/lt ^ <#£ji2r:=£7r€l rd y&os, or rather =rd pip yap 

yivos found in M . 
7. 4. q] A.T. omits. Arm. Com. retains, om. M. Boeth. Cod. Tic. 

has aUL Cp. C. 
7. 7. pr. clvat] A.T. omits. 

7. 9. rov ycriiccordTOv] Cod. Tic. has r&v ytviKoar&Ttov. 
7. 10. Cod. Tic. has order : &vd. dirclv. So C. M. 

7. II. TOV 2d>KpdTT)V £<$Op] y_\]nl[ptuin(?u Jus put l(£rhq.uib{t=ZTbv XtoKp&TTJV &V- 
OptoTTOV Cyov. 

7. 12. Cod. Tic. adds Kal before t^ piv. 

7. 13. First KaC] A.T. omits. Cod. Tic. also omits bi. 

7. l8, I9. t6 . . . rf&OS . . . ri . . &TO/U101/] uttruut^gb . • • uA^suuiptt = TCL cl&lj 

. . . r£ &ro/ia. Cod. Tic. has ri cUoy . . . ret iroiia. 
7. 23. &AA.OV Trori ri avrd y^j/oiro] «g/£2/ nt-pm.^ &qfigftz=&\kov rurbs yivoiro. 
A. CM. add nixfe after iAXov. 

Digitized by 



7. 23. After yivoiro A.T. adds pum dluA lruygb=T(*v Kara \iipos. SoA.C. 

7. 23. ovk hv iv"\ n^Lu Jiu4=ovk4t hv lv* or OV K&V tit. 

7. 24. A.T. has order : yhoivro t&v Kara p4pos. So M. 

7. 24. at avraC] A.T. omits, "om. M. Boeth. ,, 

8. I. rb bi tlhos KOl 8\ov] L inbuutljh pn^ap^rb b\ €lbo9 8\oV, OT KCU rb 

€tbos 8\ov. 
8. 2. tv AAAots] Cod. Tic. SXXoov. 

= *al rtva yivr\ tcL avrci, a Kal elbrj. " Kal ante yivrj om. C. M. a. 

8. 12. iy roty rod wo)? 2x €l2; i^cpoTiyo-iy] Cod. Tic. seems to involve ovk 

tixravrm €\ovtos iT€p6rr\Ta. 
8. 13. rb frepov] A.T. omits. 
8. 14. otov] omitted in A.T. "om. A. £. L." 
8. 14. rj . . . rj] A.T. omits. Cp. A. t in which i) yAavK^nyy *al i) ypvTrSnjs 

Kal ov\rj ; and C. M., which reads simply ypvirSr^s yXavKorrjs. 
8. 17. ko$6\ov piv oiv ira<ra\ L ypk Lpk pU^uibnup utJXUuyh seems = 

t<ro>9 b\ KadoXov iraaa, or cryibov b\ k. it. 
8. 20. A.T. has order : &\\o iroiovacu. So M. 

8. 21. Cod. Tic. has to Aoyiiccfo for r\ tov koyiKov, and with C has order : 

irapckd. bia<f>. 

9. 1. After iiroiTjacv Cod. Tic. adds *al eT8os tov £<^ov iiroCrjo-ev. So Z?. 

C. L. M. Boeth. Lem. 
9. 2. Cod. Tic. reads al U for ^ 5^ and omits cSotc fj pip £AAo, the first 

hand noting omission in margin but not supplying it. 
9. 3. ray 8XX0 iroiovaas bia<f>opas al tc biaipiacts yivovrai r<j> yivoav] pum 

uyiutputput^u {uyunpfiljj pjutf-usbJhubp tflttfftt ('ft) uLrtvfiab-=TaS &Wo 

TTOf,ov<ras (aflrai) at biaipio-cis yivovrai (Ik) t&v ycvQv* " bia<pop&$ 
om. C. Dav. Boeth." Arm. Com. omits the words bracketed. 
The Ik however is added in Dav. 

9. 5. Cod. Tic. has fj iTcprfnjs . . . avvCararai. So Boeth. 

9. 11. A.T. has order: Kaff aircls {mip\ovai. 

9. 16. A.T. has order : XapLpivovrai A<Jy<p. So C. M. 

9. 18. A.T. has order: lirtraaiv Kal iveo-w Xo/A/3drov<rt. So M. a. 

9. I9. oC] npngz=&V. 

9. 21. rb bi ctvai\ a gmlift fjf/tr = rd yap clvai. 

Digitized by 



9. 22. A.T. has order: ypvnbp cZixu rj o-iydp. . So M. 

9. 22. rj K€\p<a<rOal ira>s] ^uttT uy^ut^q. oppbuify ffli£_ tyl* F^P^^L^V &AA<*>? 

10. 2. r<i y^iny] qulnCu=Tb yivos; but Arm. Com. has qubiLitti =Ta yivrj. 
10. 5« ^ M^ v T °v ip^l^v\ov] ^ ^imi-npptt^fi yap rod iyyfnr^ov. 
10. 6. (rvoraniof] blbputfyuyutfyutti = varoaraniciy. So ^/. also Dav. In 
10. io and 12 A.T. rightly renders (rvcrrariKai by pwqkutguiliuSbg. 
10. 6. ri C<j>oi;] Cod. Tic. roi; C<j>ot>. 
10. 8. rh yivrj] *qutnih=iTb yivo$\ but qu&nli is a frequent corruption of 

10. II. bia<t>opq] *qtv%u*qw%nupbwJfe=zbia<l)opah. 

10. 12. A.T. has order: rot) Aoywcov *a! rov flvrjToi;. So M. a. Boeth. 

10. 14, 15- ttjs av<DT&T<i> ovatas] Cod. Tic. r) iwordrco ov<r(a. So Boethius. 

10. 15. blCUptTLK&V OV(T(Av\ pmJ-u/bu$tiu!b /rfjjp = bwupCTlKT]S oioiJS. So B. C. 

L*. M. Boeth. 

10. 15* ftta^Opas] quAutqu/liaup&mJp = bia<f>op^. 

10. 17. ^ to ty.\lrv\os Kal ivalo-OriTos averikco-ap rb <f>vr6p] A.T. omits. 
So Boeth. 

10. 20. Cod. Tic. has t^p biaiptcnv and omits &W\ 

11. 2. Cod. Tic. reads: ion, tovtm and adds ov before iroOip. 
11. 4. *x € ^«A^/ = ^x«»; but P. 106 has /M-ty=*x«- 

11. 4. ret? t&p v<f>* avrb bia<f>op&s] qt±b*j{i\gbutJph quitnuqiubnup/nJiiit per- 
haps =ras ity' avri bia<f>op&$. So Z?. 

11. 5. Cod. Tic. omits xat otfras. 

11. 6. lorai] A.T. omits. 

11. 9. &mj/] A.T. omits. 

11. 10. tL flip yip iorip 6 ipd pantos ipoorayyApcop fjy&v oIk€iop dirtlv (yov, 
ttoIov bi (yov ttvvO oav \oyiK,bp Kal Bvqrbp oIkcIom airobwaoyw] 

IpMibiugnL. phmiMthirpmp pmgiumplrugni^p = tI y.\p yap ipWTOiflipif 

(<pov AAA' ov\ 8tl \oyiKbp Kal Op^rbp olKtim aitob<i<royL€P % The 
above is the reading of the majority of the Armenian texts, but 
the Cod. Tic. has rt pip yap IpuTuytvy ($op iXX! ovk ip r<j> rl iorw 
rl yip yap IpmroayApy (Qop 4AA* ovk bWi KoyiKbv Kal Bvqrbp to xoaplfav 
7T€<f)VKb$ ret irnb rb avrb yipos' r<f airy yipti vttb rb avxb yipo? rb 
\oyiKbp yap Kal rb &\oyop rbp ivOfmnov Kal rbp tinrop Spra ivb rb 


Digitized by 



ahrb yivot rb ($ov x^P^'- vo ^ ov & ($ ov inwOavoyAvy koyubv 
Qvyrbv oIk€(o>$ 4iro8«t<rofA€v. Here therefore are inserted words 
omitted below in 11. 18-21. 

11. 13. tj OV&koyiv yc $\g Kal eftci] ^maT ^tuAJmmmpmp mhmmlpmu%f9uj^n^ 

= ij avakoym ye eftci HXtf. 
11. 13. after <S<nrep add yip. 

11. 15. eteuc<fc] ( /ttmrm.ltr= &4o$. B. C. have tewccfe, see upon 4. 13. 
11. 15. ivaXoyov] ^suJLJuiwuiputp = ava\6y(tis. 
11. 16. add Kal before OvrfrSv. 
11. 17. after &vOp<t>iro$ add Acycrcu. 
11. 18-21. bia<f>opi icmv — koI oSrm omitted in Cod. Tic. See above on 

1. 10. 
11. 21. ficaoTa] ^putgmtb^up%^rb cTcaaTop. So Z. .Af. a. 
11. 21. fodpuiros yap koI Imros] A.T. omits, "om. Boeth. (?)" 
11. 22. Kara jaci/ rb yivosf] ^ pum uirnfih = Kara y&v yap rb ybros. 
11. 22. Ovryri] A.T. omits and has order: ($a yip. So a. 

11. 24. i<TfjL€v] A.T. omits. 

12. 2. <£>a<n] wu&fj=<f>6.vai. 

12. 2, 3. tt)j; &tcuf>op<fo] rrjs 8ia<£opay. 

12. 3. aviAftiWerai Kal b rod rl fjv clwu rod irpiyfiaris tart pJpos] pmqmp^ 
k-d 1 * L 13ft l_ kpi» f"L&- "p /jp/lr k ifi*u%=<rvpPi)&€Tat Kal ro rl 
ijv thai koL b rod irpiynaris l<m nipos. The Arm. Com. also 
has : L qq/A^ = Kal rb rl, the prefix q_ marking out rb rl fy chat, 
as ace. case. A. B. C. L. a. add koI 8 after ctveu. A.T. and Arm. 
Com. seem to have rendered a Greek MS. in which xai S was 

12. 7. fjv] *4-=2<m. But Cod. Tic omits tan altogether. 

12. 8. aMjs] A.T. omits. 

12. 13. U] A.T. omits. 

12. 17. fy' at] ire. 

12. 17. rb privy] L if ^/WSsncoi rb p.6vy. So B. C. a. 

12. 18. ie(] A.T. omits. 

12. 19. acf] m$m*=1fai- in 12. 18 1fa stood for atl "in lit. M\ Boeth. 
(fort, recte)." 

12. 20. b(\ a pu»hqli—yip. Cod. Tic. also omits Kal before jcvpfo*. 

12. 24. &<| A.T. omits. * om. 5. Dav." 

Digitized by 



12. 26. to fxkv ovv Kadcvbtiv] ,£i*%qfr ^miX&ilfzzzTd yip KaO&ibtur. Bocth. 

has "nam." 
18. 4. ij before 5] A.T. omits. i<rrtv] A.T. omits. 

13. 5. i<mv\ A.T. omits. 

13. 7. A.T. has *af before biaQopas. 

13. 9. A.T. reads as title : jiuqtutfM mnJkfo ^UHiutpmfyutgb L jmrnl^ftg 
ubnfiab L. mbumbiua L. mu»ppirpnupbtu% y juMuil^ft L. ujiatnm^Juib — 

TT€pl T&V 1TpO<r6vT(tiV KOtV&V KCU IbttoV TVV T€ yCV&V Kol db&V KCil 

bia<f>opas Iblov koI (tvilPcPtjkStos. Comp. C and Boeth. 
13. 10. brj] A.T. omits. Also Boeth. 
18. 12. tuv vn airro] qgjbffibpiru*Jp=T&v \xj> avro. 

18. 14. tirrmv tc koI fio&v\ %Zfiqj L- qu$pfum.ry=lin;ov re koX f3o6s. So a. 
18. 15. A.T. has tinrov koX jSorfs, as in 1. 14. So a. 
18. 17. prfvov] JfcuyU uin»pnf{tz=fx6vov KaTqyopeZrai. So a. 
18. 22. ttjs Kowoivias] $sMtuwpu/l(SMtg =tQv koiv&v. So M. Boeth. has de 


13. 23. b£] A.T. omits. 

14. 2. ret &Xoya] L qw%iuu*ulfb= koI rb Akoyov. 
14. 2. A.T. has order : Ocbv koX &v6pa>irov. 

14. 3. So-a re] utpq. npgtulbg Jfim%fmiT?=ziTi So-a read in C. 
14. 4. jcarqyopetrcu] uuinpnflrug{t= KarqyopriOrjo'CTcn. 

14. 4. TOV i£ aVTTJS ttbovs] q_'{t 'hnyuihkg m&um/fwij'b^T&V t( CLVTTJS clb&V. 

14. 5. Svros] A.T. omits. 

14. 7. kcl(] A.T. omits, re] A.T. omits. 

14. 8. ov p.6vov b\ tov KoyiKov] A.T. omits. 

14. 11. iy yap pii Svros] .g^qh "L-^UUP^V^ ^ vros yfa 

14. 11. A.T. has order : iivBpwnos oibi tmros. 

14. 12. OVTO>9 HTj~\ ayuufku L n£ = ovrm koI firj. 

14. is. A.T. has order : t6 Xrfyy yj><bp*vov. 

14. 13. ircpl ttjs biatfropas] jmqiui^tjium^g^TttpX t&v Ibivv. So 5. M. Boeth. 
14. 18. iirl tov tmrov p.6vov\ 'fr •few t fr a lA"UP tyq/^iirl p.6vov tov liriTov. 
So M. A. 

14. 21. TOV yap f<p(W T& JAcV] ^guftiqfr ^Irhq.u/buyL mp k *La. k {t%£_np = TOV 

yctp (<fov yivovs Svros (or S Icrri yivoi) rb p.4v. 
14. 21. ri fiiv yivrj irpSrcpa] ubn%jtunjMi^iuifjyU=.rb plv y4vos irpoWcpov. 
14. 22. Tmv in? avrii] ^mt >^bt^\plwutJph. — T^v vtf aira\ So A. M. 

M 2 

Digitized by 



15. I. iracai] h mJIr%lrgfib=Kai 7raoTu. 

15. 4. (ri y€VOS piv kv Kaff IkOCTTOV elbos] buu qfc ubivb lift k fc^putpub^upU 

uibuiuty^fri iircl rb yivos p.iv tv iari tov kcl$' Ikootov clbovs. 
15. 6. fyW] A.T. omits. 

15. 7. Before fi bia<f>opa] A.T. adds L=Kal t and omits bi. "om. C" 
15. 8. apKclra) ravra] ^ivw t ayugtu%=apK€i TO<ravra. So Z?; #. 
15. 9. In title: t?/s Kotvvvtas] $ivuu*pi$i%uiij= kow&v. Boeth. has de com- 

munibus. So C. 
15. 10. bi] A.T. omits. 
15. 11. kclC] A.T. omits. 
15. 1 a. A.T. has order: bi kcu ovtois. 
15. 14. Title: irepi rrjs bui<l>opas tov y. k. r. rf.]^*""^^ */^«/ £. mkumt^ 

4wu%z=lbltov yivovs Kal tlbovs iripi. Boeth. has: "De propriis 

gen. et sp." 

15. l8. Kal OVVCLVCUpOVVTCU, dAX' OV OVVCLVCUpOv'pLCVa] L ^utputpmrCUuiU ayj_ it£ 

2UiptvpMBn%piiz=Kai crvvavaipti AAA' oh ovvavaiptiTcu. 
15. 19. irdvrm] A.T. omits. 
15. 20, 31. A.T. implies tg>i/ ctoaw KarrryopclTai, omitting i5<^' *at>rd. 

15. 22. vw' airi] gAfPbg&uiJfiglt?=zi(f> 9 iavri. 

16. 1. rfjy Kcni/awla?] ^iuuu»ptu^u»^^KOiv&v. So .Af. Boeth. 
16. a. 5<] A.T. omits. 

16. 2. ct yap aV0pa>Tros] ^guAqp Jiupq3i = 6 yap &V0p(DTTOS. 

16. 3. A.T. has order : inlays rd yivos Kanjyopeiotfai. So M. 

16. 4. drrffxH A.T. omits, "om. B 1 . C. Boeth. (?)." 

16. 7. <8i/) */»/»^/=o5. /»/»#[/ would easily be corrupted from npng=&p. 

16. 8. rrjs bt,a<t>opas]ju*u94ftg=lbt<i>v. "Boeth.: de propriis." 

16. IO. bia<f)OpaiS Kol Iblois] mutpp^pnt-pirtui/p L jtuutl(U/L.=Jbia<f)Op(} koX lbi<p. 

16. 10. rb p.iv yivos] ubrLgbz=.T<i p.iv yivr\. 

16. 13. ct fyov twice] hpk **/» lilrU^utiM^A b CQov. /»/»=# maybe a cor- 
ruption of #^»=n. " ante Cfov add. utrobique n a. supra scr. B" 

16. 13. el bi avdpwos, yeAaoriKcfo] A.T. omits. 

16. 17. lomv\fo& = avrl. 

16. 18. <Sot€ Kal &v ioTiv tb ta] "/>"£ '/fr /u*^ pwp&tring=z&v Avaipovnivoav* 
" sic superscr. *w a . /?." 

16. 19. ircpi rrjs KoivavCas tov yivovs koX tov (rv/x/3f/3rj kotos] $»*umpm/(mg 

Digitized by 



utrnfl L sytnmui^fy ju§quifMi=ZKOW&V yivOVS KoX (rVpL^f^KOTOiP irtpi. 

So M. and Boeth. 

16. ft 1. A.T. has &v re t&v &x<u>ploT(ov $. 

17. 3. Title : irepl rrjs bia<f>opas rov yivov? kcu tov (rv/A/Je/fyjcrfros] jmmtyflj 

uhrnfl L ujuiuiui^flg i[uHib=zl&laiV ytvOVS Kill (rVfi/fc/fyjCcfa'a)!' i:4pl. 

Boeth. has de propriis. 
17. 4. KafxpivrjTat] unuairu=\i^r]s. So B. 

17. 5« A.T. has order : TTp6rcp6v i<m tov (rv/i/fe/fyfcJro? to <j5 <rv\j,fSifir)K€. 
17. 8. ^ 5e t&v y€v&v\ fluty ukn!b?=Tb fe ytvos. fluty uhnflgu would 

render the Greek and perhaps should stand, although in the 

de Interpretation similar neglect in rendering phrases like fj t&v 

ytv&v is met with. 

17. II. tv T<j> TToMv Tl fj 1T&S fyov] 'fl %bpnutT npuffluflflu^u tyuttT qflu^uf^u 
nubfl = iv T<j> TTOutv Tl ioTIV fj TT&S f\€l. " pOSt Tl add. loTIV C* tf. 

Boeth. ; t\u C. L. Boeth." 

17. I ft. alQioyjr] uifji-iuuu = 6 KOpa£. 

17. 15. ko(] A.T. omits. 

17. 16. iK&orov]jfli-putguiu£fli-pflgu=iKi<n'<tiV or t&v iKiartov. 

17. 17. A.T. has order : ras irio-as ylvcvOai. 

17. 17. <£AA' ovx o{5ra>s *x €l ] A - T - omits. So Boeth. 

17. 17. &cC] A.T. omits. 

17. fto. After rhpaa-i] A.T. adds: L L-ptynuiju Jfi=rQv bi bvoiv ju£, an ob- 
vious repetition. 

17. ft I. yivOS ftlCKpipti] uirn!b nup nuplrg mutppa-pk = y4pOS TTTJ bia<f>4pci* 

17. ft 2. After <rvft/}€£»7Karos] A.T. adds muui^irui^k^ dpryrai, 
17. 23. A.T. has order: avrrjs t6 yhos. 

17. ft5-ft7. ir&kiv rd ctbos — tov tlbovs Ikiyero] A.T. throws these two 

ClaUSeS intO One: qjupi&tMtut&uiuty'u npnijj* unuppirpfc push quttup^, 
plrp nup flub L-outb nvtrnZit ifutnJrgu/u inpJ-tuiT nupu/hop tnusppirpnu^ 
Pflub trt (? Itl\ uhttSb outh ntntruustju L-ouib autuspplrpnuftflub flup=z 

miXiv to ctbos irij bta<f>€pci ttjs bta<popas kclL tov yivovs ippiOr\ ore irij 
fj hta(f)opa kclI to yivos tov dbovs kclI rrjs bia<f>opas avrov. Here I 
translate £*-, not b^ which =efoai and out of which no sense can 
be got. 

18. I, ft, 3. XoilTOV 0JVT-KaTa\€Uf>QrJ0'€Tai] qjupib'iu^ut&ututy'u Louth ajutm^ 

nutyu L-duiU atuuimui^nuuk ifutnJruafl L. [fluff bptypnpq.% utpn. uyunu^ 

Digitized by 



kiv rb tlbos koX tov Ibiov kclI tov av/yi/fe/fyfcoTO? pr)0y<T€T<u kclI ytverai 
bvo, Aomtoi/ oiv irij biafylpu rb tbiov tov ovjm/fe/fyjcorof prjOrjcerai. 

P. io6 exhibits some variation in above passages, (i) It 
places after ylvovrai, rpcis in 17. 25 the words underlined equiva- 
lent to : vikiv to ctoos down to ylpcrai bvo ; (ii) it supplies in the 
margin in a late hand the words : &/_ uhngu ^mfu qmbuwljb L 
jwjit qunuppirpnupftiJiu equivalent to: cZwu (? koX) to yivos tov 
eftow kclI tt}s bia<t>opa$. 

18. 5* Aofl/Sai/O/X&aw] irjngu=SvTQ)V OT yWOfllvtoP. 

18. 10. A.T. has koip&p tlbovs /ecu buuf>opas itipi ; so M. and Boeth. 

18. 12. koC] A.T. omits. 

18. 15* Title : irepl ttjs bia(f>opas tov elbovs kclI tt}s buKpopas] jwmfyfy mmpph^ 

pnu(Mriu% L mtruw4ft = lbt(DV bia<f>OpCLS Kol cftoVS. So M. Boeth. 

18. 17. ttoioV] npmli pli£=ziroi6v Ti. "add. Ti a." 
18. 21. &r6pA>v torip] A.T. omits. So B. 

18. 21. TOV KCLT 9 aVTTJv] *%/&/> np jpuili qltui.?=ZTOV fj aVTT)V. ^tt»tr, = than, IS 

clearly corrupt. 

18. 23. Otov] So A.T. 

19. 1. ivOptbitov] Jtupqjyh^zTov bvdp&itov. "add. tov Brand." 
19. 2. A.T. has order: n AAAo. 

19. 3. Ittttos hi ctaAS? 5v<$\ p*yg L phq. ^^/=&?rXo9 bi kclI Svy. 

19. 3. OVk] n£_Lu=OVK frl. 

19. 4. In Title rrjs Koivvvlas;] A.T. implies kow&v. So M. Boeth. 

19. 6. Vird T&P pL€T€\6vT<tiv] phqjiultnqwjjli=zT&V IM€T€\OVTaiP Simply, but ptttj. 

=v7to # may have dropped out before a word of which plt^ is the 

first syllable. 
19. 10. In title T7j$ biafopas] jutHtfyiug^lbttov and has order: rrjs bia<f>opas 

koX tov Iblov* 
19. II. airrj] ulrivz=yivo$. 
19. 12. koC\ A.T. omits, "om. M. a. Boeth." 
19. 12. A.T. reads dcov, as always. 
19. 14. b\p jj] tfh=fy. So A. a. 

19. 16. In title tt}$ Koiponptas] A.T. has kow&p. So M. Boeth. 
19. 17. b(\ A.T. omits. 
19. 18. Before irp6s A.T. adds L=kcl(. 

Digitized by 



19. 19. wcun] AT. omits. So A. B. L. M. a. 
19. 19. fxikav] ubiuub fjij=n4\av etvcu. So M. 

19. ai. bi] A.T. omits. 

20. 1. After rbp fodpunov A.T. adds L ^utumnum^^sKcX rbp 0€6p. 
20. 3. A.T. has order: bacriKci cbac So M. 

20. 8. A.T. has order : biatyopas kclI yivov* fca^tpct. 

20. 9. trt\ t6 yhros buiif>4p€i r&p ikKa>p kcu irij % hia<popa buuf>4p€i rip iXXaiv] 

nup HL.p£rg airnli El mmpplrpnupfn-ls tnuappirp kj*m*gb~Tn\ rd yipOS 

kcu buupoph bia<f>{p€i t$p IlWQp. For similar compression of two 

clauses into one compare note on 17. 25. 
20. 11. rfjs KoipvpCas] A.T. implies r&p koiv&p. So M. Boeth. 
20. 13. Sn kolt&\ qaum implies omission of flri, but must be a corruption 

Of lb pvmz^Sri kcltL 

20. 14. A.T. has order : ycAay 7rc</>viccW. 

20. 14. ivloiis re yip iari] L qjjf- wnjfjy^Moijs bi (? re) irpAreon. 

20. 15. TO. €lbrj] utbuuipt=Tb €tbo$. 

20. 16. In title tyjs buxQopas] juan^mg^lbUap. So M. Boeth. 

20. 17. 5f]A.T. omits, and before iAAow has L =Kal. " add. kclCM. Boeth." 

20. 18. AT. has order : &\ko*p Ibw elj/cu. So B. M. a. 

20. ao. kclC] A.T. omits. So M. a. Boeth. 

20. aa. A.T. has order : jcafrrep ire</>vica>s Ac* ycAcwmicds cTj/cu. 

20. a3. t<mP bi clbovs] Lu, mbutut[typ% = €T4 TOV tlboVS. 

21. 1. Kol bui<f>€p6pTa}p] utmpptrpni-plruSug=T(iv bia<t>op<av. The converse 

mistake in the A.T. occurred in 3. 5, 7. 

21. a. Karrjyopovutvov ctvat] is implied by umnpnfirut^ f*^ 
21. 4. rfjs KoivuvLas] A.T. implies koipQp. So M. Boeth. 
21. 6. oiripioi] qjiub *upbg=<nrap(<i>$. 

21. 8. TTtpl TTJ5 bia<pOpCL$ T&P OVtQp] tftuub jmml^tu^ uibuutty L afwmui${t = 

ircpl Ibhop dbovs Kal (rvjmjSc/SqicJros. So M. Boeth. 

21. 10. Tioiov rj it&s fyoj/] t^u^ftu^ k IpuJT npm^ku iu3ifl=irolop rj irQs t\ci. 

21. 14* imurobu&bri] is implied by jhmmJmm^iu%. 

21. 16. €x<u &p] i»^=cxc4. fi\ A.T. omits. So B. 

21. 17. tf] L=kolL 

21. ao. A.T. implies koip&p as usual and omits ixvpl<rrov. So M. Boeth. 

21. ai. brj] A.T. omits. 

21. aa. iK€lva] ay%g? = iKclva)V OT cVcfooi*. 

Digitized by 



21. 22. 6ca>pciTai] mbui*fi=Tb el&os. An obvious corruption of mkumitfA, 
which the Greek requires. 

21. 22. &V€V] ^ fopuyxzM. 

22. i. dW] A.T. omits. 

22. i. AMfoi/r] trPnil^^-L-6 AlOtoyfr. 

22. 4. Title : ittpl ttjs biCKpopas t&v avrwv] jutnwyu jaunty L tuiumuity 

jiBtnlfnuplruibtj = TT€pl IbCoV Koi OVfX^firi KOTOS ^iOTlfrcOV. Comp. M. 

Boeth. : ircpl t&v lbl<av Ibtov kclI < tfir\K6Tos. 
22. 5. hC] A.T. omits ; but Jfiq/=hl may easily have dropped out after 

J[iuybnuJ=. p,OV<p, 

22. 7. A.T. has order : kclI ivOpaiu Trpoacori. 
22. 8. lor iv before inlays] A.T. omits. 

Digitized by 




A collation of this manuscript with the Greek Text supplies the following additions 
to and omissions from the above collations. 



la. I. Cod. Tic. has 6p6para. 

1 a. 10. Cod. Tic. retains ion*. 

la. ii. Cod. Tic has order &*od&<r€i Xtfyor. So g. 

1 b. 4. Add Tjjs ypapparuajs after Xcycrai. 

lb. 4. Kaf] Cod. Tic. reads ) *al. 

1 b. 6. Adds nyrfff after imoMtptvov. 

1 b. 9. Reads ion simply, omitting waff xmoKtipiwov Ac ovftryAff Xcycrot. In the 

Scholium introduced reads : c£ dtfdyKrjs thai cv vrroKftpivy' Saw yap tnroKti- 

fiipov tufai abvvarov. 
lb. 15. Cod. Tic. has 6 yap nt *ol awBpwrot ffal fpo*. Cp. *. 
lb. 22. Cod. Tic. has rw im avrd. 

lb. 26. A. T. has order fj not&v tj noo6r. 
lb. 29. Cod. Tic. retains rpimrxy. 

2 a. 6. Tfl] Cod. Tic. fj afrcx/wVci, 177. 

2 a. 6. Implies 17} 6r nphs . . . crv/iirXoKg. 

2 a. 12. Cod. Tic. has ionv. 

2 a. 15. Cod. Tic. renders \Vaitz' text exactly. 

2 a. 28. Kanjyop€irai] Cod. Tic. KcmfyoprjBfjorrai. 

2 a. 37. Cod. Tic. has KaTfjyopiirai. 

2 a. 38. tl yap Kara prjfapbs tup rump avBpim»v\ Cod. Tic. ov yip tl Kara rtvos t&w 

tu&p avQpamup. 
2 b. 2. Cod. Tic. irdXi* kq\ t6 xpvpa. 


Digitized by 



2 b. 3. Cod. Tic agrees with W. in reading simply iv tiW, not adding afyucn. 
2 b. 7. Cod. Tic. has order of Waitz. 

2 b. 18. Cod. Tic. al irp&rai ovalai. 

2 b. 19. Cod. Tic. t6 €?dof . 
2 b. 24. Cod. Tic. has arrodaxrei without tU. 
2 b. 26. Cod. Tic. has r&w vp&r&p ova&p. 
2 b. 31. Cod. Tic. has rfjv irp&njp ova-iap. 

2 b. 33. Cod. Tic. has yvapipwT€pop simply without pSXkop. 

3 a. 2. A. T. has ovr<* *ai. So £. 
3 a. 7. Cod. Tic. retains Kara. 

3 a. 9. Cod. Tic. retains t»v dc fcvrfpup ovoi&v. 

3 a. IO. Cod. Tic. implies <f>avcp6p pip *al ovrw gti ovdcpia f<rrh ip wroKfificW So 

«, Corr. C. 
3 a. 17. Cancel note. 

3 a. 26. Cod. Tic. implies XrycTai. So ^, pr.w. 
3 a. 30. 3Wa] Cod. Tic. simply omits. 

3 a. 32. Cod. Tic. implies Xrycrai a>f ficpi; vnapxovra iv rwl. 
3 a. 34. A. T. implies ovpaptfivs an avr&p \*y. tr. yap al aw6 tovtwv. 
3 a. 36. The A. T. implies Kara p*v yap instead of dno pip yap. 
3 a. 39. Kal] A. T. omits. So n. 
3 b. 1. sec. Kot] A. T. omits. So A. B. e.f 
3 b. 3. A. T. transposes tlb&p and ytp&p. So nu. 
3 b. 7* Cod. Tic. implies ovp&pvpa . . . forty &?. 
3 b. 8, 9. Cod. Tic. omits dn6 in both lines. Ven. Text retains. 
3 b. 10. Cod. Tic. retains M. 

3 b. 15. Cod. Tic reads foQpunop simply without adding rU. 
3 b. 18. Cod. Tic. has ov\ atrX&s, omitting d«. 
3 b. 20, 2 1. Cod. Tic. has ity ovaUw in both lines. 

3 b. 27. Cod. Tic. orders the words thus : ov to tovto thop rrjs ovalas. Cp. A. e.f. 
3 b. 28. yap] A. T. omits. So e.f. n. a. 

3 b. 38. Cod. Tic. does not add pSXXop. 

4 a. 4. Cod. Tic. has order of Waitz : ctvai Xrycrai. 
4 a. 6. Cod. Tic. omits *a\ fjrrop. So e. 

4 a. 8. Cod. Tic. has ovala iarip. 

4 a. 30. Cod. Tic. has alrd. 

4 a. 31. Cod. Tic. has ycp6p*pop. 

4 a. 33. Cod. Tic. has ckootop avrb furafiokrip. 

4 a. 34. Cod. Tic. retains Ami'. 

Digitized by 



4 b. I. A. T. reads ylyvrrat for Xeyerai. 

4 b. 3. Omit " Bk" in text of Collation. 

4 b. 4. <l 817] A. T. €l df. So e.f. g. u., corr. C. n. 

4 b. 5. Cod. Tic. does not add <f>aoK€i, but agrees with W. in reading &*ktuc& t»v 

tvavriw ilvai. 

4 b. 6. Cod. Tic. exactly renders Waitz' text in this passage. 

4 b. 9. Cod. Tic. adds ff before 0X17%. 

4 b. 10. A. T. implies 8c instead of yap. 

4 b. 17. Cod. Tic. has ravrbv Ka\ tv, the order of W. 

4 b. 22. Cod. Tic. has di^pio-pcW simply, without to. 

4 b. 23. Cod. Tic. omits second ofor, and retains <rw*x** &'. 

4 b. 26. Cod. Tic. retains ft. 

4 b. 27. Cod. Tic. implies r&v ocko pSput tort, irpos ovbtva koiv6p k. t. X. So £". 

5 a. 3. Cod. Tic. retains ir/xfc ripa xocy^. 

5 a. 6. trpta £] A. T. implies frp6s fy of », or np6s lv of (7. £. 

5 a. 12. Cod. Tic. irpA? top avrbv Kowbv opov. 

5 a. 14. Cod. Tic. has Order of W : airrov ra p6pia (rvvatrrc 1. 

5 a. 15. A. T. has cVi 8c nd\iv, instead of cVi M ra ptv. 

5 a. 17. clop ra fiiv] A. T. implies ra pip yap. 

5 a. 21. A. T. has order (Mow nva fyu. 

5 a. 24. Cancel note. 

5 a. 26. A. T. introduces by some mistake the words ra rov r6nw after oM and 

before ra rod \p6vov. 
5 a. 34. dXX' ilpTjrai Tf] A. T. implies (tprjrai yap. 

5 b. 3. Cod. Tic. retains ko\ ff Kitnjait iroKkfj. 

5 b. 16. Cod. Tic. has no<r6v. 

5 b. 16. Cod. Tic. omits aM. 

5 b. 18. Cancel note. 

5 b. 32. apatptperai] A. T. implies a*a<t><povTa. So h, pr. C. n. d. 

5 b. 35. iavTOts] Cod. Tic. aXXrjkois. 

5 b. 35. Cod. Tic. has order tya t6 avro. 

6 a. 1. Cod. Tic. implies M rfjg ovaias. 
6 a. 10. Cod. Tic. has *p*l simply. 

6 a. 14. ry pcVq»] Cod. Tic. implies r&y fUo-mw. So e. 
6 a. 15. Cod. Tic. has ioUaai, after which it omits 8c. 
6 a. 22. Cod. Tic. has ovbi ra rpia r&y rpi&y. 

6 a. 23. x/xW c&ai Xryrrai] Cod. Tic. xptvos \ryovrai. Here ftyac is omitted in 

N 2 

Digitized by 



6 a. 23. t&p €tprjfjL€V(ov] so Cod. Tic. without adding tovtw. 

6 a. 25. pr. Km] A. T. omits. So u.f. pr. n. 

6 a. 28, 29. Cod. Tic. omits koI x/*W *al l<rog kcu aWo*, but otherwise agrees with 
text of W. So b, cp. e. u.f. g. 

6 a. 31. Cod. Tic. has to Sofoi . . . Xcyca&u, with Waitz. 

6 a. 33. Cod. Tic. has 6paia simply. 

6 b. 4. avrA Arcp fortV] Cod. Tic. rov0 Srrtp iorir. So I. ft. 

6 b. 4. A. T. omits thtu. So n. 

6 b. 7. Cod. Tic. omits thai. So n. 

6 b. 15. Cod. Tic. implies 1} before iWricfn/s and perhaps omits rV. 

6 b. 16. A. T. reads lv after w. . So *. ». 

6 b. 19. A. T. seems to imply ovdc ri r«v rocovrwi' ovdcW. 

6 b. 21—24. Cod. Tic. has Bfunop yap paXXop ical Tprroy XryrroT *a\ amaalrtpov paXkop 
ko\ fyrop Xcyrrai, iKartpov avrtap np6s t* &p* t6 re yap Spoiop rati Spoiop 
Xrycrai kcu ro dpicalrepov rtv\ avurairipotr ov iraVra M ra wp6s « k. r. X. 

6b. 23. "rtvi] ni-pni-lfit=zTiv6s." Cancel this note; and in note on 1. 24 read run 
for nixfc. 

6 b. 25. Cod. Tic. has Xcyrrai pak\ov ical Ijttop. 

6 b. 28. A. T. omits W. 

6 b. 29. A. T. has order Xrycrai bovkos. So e. n. 

6 b. 30. A. T. adds Xeycrai before dcavrfnj*. Cf. e. g. d. 

6 b. 31. Cod. Tic. implies JWXao-tW Ijp fjiuav. 

6 b. 31. cXarroros] SO Cod. Tic. without either rov or Xrycrai. 

6 b. 32. p*i(opos] SO Cod. Tic. without Xrycrai. 

7 a. 25. r»v 6/ioXoyov/icyo>f] Cod. Tic. r&v dpokoyovptvup. 
7 a. 32. Cod. Tic. has £. 

7 a. 33. tovtov fxovov is also in e. n, 

7 a. 34. Cod. Tic. implies afrcWflj, oikciw wpbg aM faflfarrau 

7 a. 34, 35. Cod. Tic. implies olov ci dovkos wp6s dcoirrfrqv Xryrnu, irtpuupovfUpup k. r. X. 

7 a. 36, 37. Cod. Tic. has r6 dtirodi fkoi *ai ro imorrffujg de*ri*$ cbai av6pairip. Cp. ». *. 
7 a. 38. Cod. Tic. has rov dcffirdYqi' c&rci. 
7 a. 39. Cod. Tic. has Xryrroi in place of prjOrjo-rrai, and pi^o-crai in place of 

Xrycrai. Cp. J9. (7. </. 

7 b. 1. Cod. Tic. has np6s 6, omitting irorc. 

7 b. 3. Cod. Tic. has faMi** rai. 

7 b. 4. yap] A. T. implies o£V or &}, and also omits 6 and ro*. 6 om. e. 

7 b. 6. Cod. Tic. retains ydp before m. 

Digitized by 



7 b. 7. Cod. Tic implies ftovXo? simply without 6. 
7 b. 8. Cod. Tic. retains ydp. 

7 b. 17. The omission should not include the second «oi. 
7 b. 19. Cancel note. 

7 b. 20. Cod. Tic. implies owe simply, not ov6t. 
7 b. 25. Cod. Tic. has \ap^dvoprv simply without vanpov. 
7 b. 27. A. T. perhaps implies ywpivriv. 

7 b. 33. Cod. Tic and J. 401 favour the reading aM & to rKumjr6v. B. n. u. e. 
have avr6. C. d.f. add t6. 

7 b. 34. form] A. T. t<m». So f ., corr. n. Cancel note upon iroXXa. 

8 a. 5. Cod. Tic. has to dc cuaBjjrhv tart*, otov, <r&/Mi. . 
8 a. 7. t^ oJo^racy] A. T. ry £pq». 

8 a. 9. A. T. has order : rod thai aUrOtfaw. 

8 a. 14. Cod. Tic. has KaBantp &>««, 1f. 

8 a. 14. Cod. Tic. has Kara ruto* rw fcvrtpw oxhtimv. 

8 a. 20. Cod. Tic. instead of «ol 7 rU «c0. has simply oWt *c^., but like the Ven. 
Text retains ov before Xcycrai. 

8 a. 21. Cod. Tic. retains twos. 

8 a. 29. Cod. Tic. retains airodcdorai. 

8 a. 30. Cod. Tic. has itrrl to Xvoai. 

8 a. 32. Cod. Tic. along with the Jerusalem and Paris MSS. end the sentence with 
the words toMv «<rri and begin a new paragraph with t$ (or t6) np6s 
rl ims 1x uv 9 *&& introduce a space of commentary between. 

8 a. 34. Cod. Tic. has Hart tovto to trp6s «• 

8 a. 35. Cod. Tic. involves no departure from text of W. 

8 b. 3. A. T. implies wp6s n n&s ?x <4 » 

8 b. 4. A. T. has order otov *l t6&€ n 0J0V, and Cod. Tic. has an inexplicable read- 
ing which would imply in the Greek <ty»purpcW *<m instead of 

8 b. 5. A. T. has Order otov tart bin\d<rtov. 
8 b. 9. Cod. Tic. retains ovk dopiorus 6V. 
8 b. 1 1. Cod. Tic. retains yhp to towvto yivrnu, ovk emor^u;. 
8 b. 14, 15. Cod. Tic. implies I taw titfj ns t&v np6s n i/Htr/ifWr, K&Ktivo rrp6s 6 Xc- 

yrrai wpio-fUws cttrrrai. 
8 b. 16. Cod. Tic. has iKoorov. 
8 b. 17. Cod. Tic. has bwtp cWv. 

8 b. 36. Cod. Tic. retains nl v6<ros. 

9 a. 7. Cod. Tic. has owuwuro*. 

Digitized by 



9 a. 23. Cod. Tic. has yoowoW 6f T«j> bvpa/u* tx* iV <PwrucT)v rov prfitv TroV^d*. Spoils 

dc «c r. X., thus omitting fobfos vn6 tS>v rv^oVrow'. 
9 a. 27* Instead of ry abwapia* Zx (iy ro ^ ovrov rovrov Cod. Tic. involves ry bCva/wt 

fyc** raxc t»o p^ pabfos buuptUrBai rot) avrov rovrov. 
9 a. 32. Cod. Tic. has to yap btbtypbta iroia Xryrrtu, omitting avrd altogether. Om. 

9 b. 1. Cancel note in text, and instead of it read thus: "A. T has yXv*v in 

place Of fUki, SO that Sentence runs thus : ovrt yap rd yXvicv ry rrerrovtiarat 

t* Xrycroi yXwcv." 
9 b. 16. r&v] A. T. seems to omit. 
9 b. 19. Cod Tic. retains order Kal nj* xpo*^ V 
9 b. 20. A. T. has order irod&y ruwy. 
9 b. 22. Cod. Tic. implies reading of W., except perhaps omitting cV. 

9 b. 22. A. T. seems to involve fLfXayuu yryiyrjvrai. 

9 b. 24. A. T. has order dia ftaxpay wkrov ; t6 rotovrov is in C. and Vat. 238. 
9 b. 25. ijr] Cod. Tic. kgL 

9 b. 25. Cod. Tic. has p*i fablces dnoKaBurrarai fj ko\ but fiiov irapaptpovoi, 
9 b. 32. A. T. perhaps involves wpoairtnovSaKu instead of nrnovtiivai. 
9 b. 35. Cod. Tic. retains order rum* ira$w. 

9 b. 36. Cod. Tic. has trotorifrts iroi6njT€S Xryovrai. 

10 a. 4. Cod. Tic. does not add *<u'. 

10 a. 15. If] A. T. implies *o/. 

10 a. 22. Cod Tic. retains ir»*. 

10 a. 27* of elpij/aW] A. T. has at irpotiprjpivai. 

10 a. 28. A. T. omits axx»*. 

10 a. 30. Cod. Tic. has napavvpus Aeyerat with W. 

10 b. 9. Cod. Tic. has rfjs apenjg simply. 

10 b. IO. Cod. Tic. has ra napvvvpoas. 

10 b. 11. Cod. Tic. has £XX»f. 
10 b. 18. Cod. Tic. has rd Xouroj' form xroidV. 
10 b. 20. Cod. Tic. has r% biKawovpg fj dbuua. 
10 b. 23. A. T. has tyappo(*i with^. n. 
10 b. 31. Cod. Tic. omits ko\ $ttoi% So B. and pr. A. 
11a. 3. koI ro fjrrow] Cod. Tic. omits. 
11a. 6. Cod. Tic. does not add ml ro §rrov. 
11a. 8. tj roV] A. T. has «ol r©V. So C. *., corr. ». 

11a. 9. A, T. implies r& dc /a? «V&€xV eva > or perhaps inilbtxopxva. The same word 
is used as rendered inibcx tT(U » *nMx«r$ai, and brib*x6p**a in 11. 3, 6, and 7. 

Digitized by 



But, it should be added, this same word is the usual Arm. equivalent of 

11a. 13. A. T. has paXkor simply, not adding «ol fjrroy. 

11a. 16. A. T. has /-uW after irodnjrat. 

11 a. 24. t»v w/xfe ti is read in C. e.f. 

11a. 29. Cod. Tic. retains *a/. 

11a. 30. Cod. Tic. has ov simply, not oXXA ov. So in 1. 31. 

11 a. 30 alt. ypafxfiarucff'] Cod. Tic. has this in margin in first hand, but in text has 


11a. 37. A. T. seems to involve artmwrtpqv. 

lib. 1. A. T. omits M after hn&*x*™* So e. n. 1. ?. 

lib. 2. pr. «o/] Cod. Tic. omits. So *. 

lib. 6. dcp/ia/iwdai] Cod. Tic. has Xvir«<r0<u without t6. 

lib. 27. tiv6s yhp bmXdo-iov] A. T. omits, n. om. durXdViov. 

lib. 30. Cod. Tic. retains words t6 yhp JnumjThv *. r. X. 

11 b. 36. Cod. Tic. has order of W. 

lib. 38 — 12 b. 2. A. T. omits df, and Cod. Tic. reads S<ra t&p havrivv iari*, rounrrd 
€OTiv &ot* €v ols n€<f)VK€ yunvBai fj bv KarrjyopiiaBai, dvayKaiov avr&p Bdrtpop 
\mapx*Wj od* ovbtv *otip avh fu<rop, 

A. T. has order : fj vyUiap fj p6aop. 

A. T. has order : ml Upriov dc m\ wtptrrdp, 

A. T. has Order : odrc dprlov *al ireptTToC. 

A. T. has order : \tvic6p iarip fj /xcXoy. 

A. T. implies ov <f>av\op & *<u <nr., or ovdi <f>, «. cnr. 

KtmiyopciTai p*p ml /car] Cod. Tic. mrtjydpffnu flip mr, while the Venice 
Text implies t mTT/ySpffrai mr. €. om. ml, 

12 a. 23. A. T. has order: anodovvai t6 dvh pc<rop. 

12 a. 28. Cod. Tic. has mp\ tovto simply. 

12 a. 29, 30. Cod. Tic. has Smtrrop t&p ttjs l£ctt? dcKTitcav, Stop €*<f n€<f>vK€v vnapx<iP t 

6t* (or ? Stop) I nfyvttp fy"* fujhafJL&g fxif virdpxjj. 
12a. 35. A. T. has order: t6 Zx* w ^ &¥*"• C.e.n. have same order, but read 

Cod. Tic. adds ml before itrrtprjvBat. . 
A. T. has order : mrdffrcunp ml airSfaaur. So n. 
A. T. has order : mr6xf)aats ml dirtyans. So n. 
It should be remarked that If is read for ml in C. n. 
Cod. Tic. has *d*«w> simply. 
12 b. 27. Cod. Tic. omits dtjkop. 

12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 a. 


12 b. 


12 b. 


12 b. 


12 b. 


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13 a. 


13 a. 


13 a. 


13 a. 


13 a. 



12 b. 28. &*] First hand in Cod. Tic, also J. 1291 read &, which in Cod. Tic. is 
corrected by an ancient hand into &r. Ven. Text has &v. 

12 b. 30. Cod. Tic. simply omits ydp ; also omits n after fJaop. 

12 b. 30. &r] Cod. Tic. implies &v dc. Thus ace. to Cod. Tic. 1. 30 would run : 
tovtcov ovdcV Ijp curb ju&op, hp oc Qmpov avayKcuov Ijw ry k. t. X. 

12 b. 33. A. T. implies ov yap \wk6v oOn pfaav wap Ami t6 dcjcnxdV, omitting 


12 b. 37. Cod. Tic. retains *i w simply. 

12 b. 38. M #— vndp X €tp] Cod. Tic. retains text of Waitz. 

12 b. 39. «u before ofy] Cod. Tic. omits. 

13 a. 2. Cod. Tic retains wrapxci. 
Cod. Tic. has oXX* ov$ hp avh fitaop cWcy, apayxatdp iron iraprt. Cp. ft. 
Cod. Tic. has \mapx**» simply. 
Kai rovroM'] Cod. Tic. teal rovro. 
dXXA ruri\ so Cod. Tic simply. 
Cod. Tic. omits kqL 

13 a. 34. Cod. Tic does not add ixcrafktyp yuvoAu. 

13 a. 35. rip] Cod. Tic implies oCns. 

13 a. 36. Cod. Tic. has t<fw<np simply. 

13 b. 3, 4. A. T. has order : arayicaiop iJpm Bmpap akrjfcs, still omitting art. 

13 b. 11. Cod. Tic retains <<nw. 

13 b. 18. Cod. Tic. involves oflrc yap t6 «Hrct Iwcparrji offrc t6 vyiaUxi dkrjBie cWtr, 

avrov fifj 8pto£ 8km roO 2tt«paroi/f ifrcvdos. 
13 b. 20. Cod. Tic omits «a) rrjg ffrmf and words re Skm ovbircpop dXqoYf, ©Wo* r#, 
and also reads <<m instead of a« after ov* in 1. 2 1 . 

oW] A. T. implies airXw. 

Cod. Tic retains «ii. 

Cod. Tic involves &<rrt M. aKkfjXwp faop. 

Cod. Tic retains rovro 3c o^Xo?. 

13 b. 37. Codices C.g. e. n. also make this addition. 

14 a. 20. y*vrj] Cod. Tic has ycW. 
14 a. 24. Cod. Tic retains cV yew. 

14 a. 26. A. T. has irpwrop flip yap rat. So *. ft. If. 

14 a. 36. Cod. Tic. has Kara simply, but adds t6 before rporcpov, with A.d.e. t. u. 
14 b. 4. A. T. has irapa rh, irpoftprjfjjpa. So £\ 
14 b. 5. Cod. Tic. retains «uw rg </>vo-« doicct. 

14 b. 9. A. T. omits trx<tep. So ». It should be added that Codd. e. n. have 
order : rov np. rp6noi. 

13 b. 


13 b. 


13 b. 


13 b. 36. 

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14b. 10. A. T. perhaps implies instead of ko\ frtpot that the following: mpos hi 


14 b. II. Cod. Tic. has r&r yap a»rtorpt$6vru¥ simply. 
14 b. 24. Cod. Tic. simply omits M Xtytrai. 
14 b. 25. A. T. omits iariv. So n. 

14 b. 38. Read in note x t 9 <yaMV for xcfxroV. 

15 a. 4. The order of A. T. at\ r&v ttifo* is read in C. 
15 a. 5. A. T. omits tan. So e. n. 

15 a. 9, IO. Cod. Tic. has pxfiap&t di aSrwp rov ilvtu r<j) crcpq> <Wt. 

15 a. 14. Cod. Tic. retains order of W. 

15 a. 15. Cod. Tic. has abrai pip oZv at Kivfjattg. 

15 a. 17. Cod. Tic. has rrjs koto rowop ptra&okfjv by a copyist's error. 

15 a. 19. Cod. Tic. retains itoouwptpop, but for rt*& implies twos. 

15 a. 20. Cod. Tic. retains aKkotowrBcu. 

15 a. 29. Read in note " re add n." 

15 b. 1. Cod. Tic. retains idrrjats fa/da. 

15 b. 6. Cod. Tic. retains r£ 6* Xoorg r. an. tup. 

15 b. 7. Cod. Tic. adds t* after thai. So C./ 

15 b. g. fj t^v ftf r. «. r. it. /icra/3oX^yj Cod. Tic. rfj th r. /, r. ir. ptrafkikjj. So 

A.B.e.u. pr. </. «. 
15 b. 13. Cod. Tic. has 177 kotA tA irotoy rjp*ptQ *l *k 7° barrio* rov iroiov psrafkikr). 


16 a. 6. Cod. Tic. has &* pmn rovrwv (a simple corruption in. Arm. of ravra) oyptia 
np&rw, ravra naai *. r. X. Boeth. : " quorum autem haec primorum." 

16 a. 8. Cod. Tic. retains #07 ravra. 

16 a. 10. Cod. Tic. retains M pip. 

16 a. 10. Cod. Tic. retains ij&fy 

16 a. 11. f] Cod. Tic. like V. T. has A. 

16 a. 14. Cod. Tic. retains reading of W. 

16 a. 15. Cod. Tic. has fj rb \tvic6p, Stop pff trpooTtQjj n oftro iariw ovrt ^evdor oikt 
dXrj6*s' oyptlop ti tart rov&t. Kai yap *. r. X. 

16 a. 19. A. T. omits pb aZv. 

16 a. 25. A. T. implies £XX* ovoVrd? Ktxoptapipov. So Boeth. : " sed nullius separati." 
16 a. 26. Boethius also omits ovdtp, reading "ut in equiferus ferns. Secundum 
placitum vero." 


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16 a. 27. Cod. Tic. omits the scholion added in other texts. 

16 b. 1 . Cod. Tic. implies ahXa ttt&o-is 6v6p.aros. Cod. A has m-ao-is . 

16 b. 4. ovbiv ydp xro>] The A. T. rather implies ovfo' ir« yap than ovdc yap ir«. 

16 b. 6. Cod. Tic. omits fo' with g, and adds i-d before p*pos. 

16 b. 11. Erratum. Read in second line of note "t=wroKC4/wV«i>." 

16 b. 12. Xcy©] A. T. \4yoptp. So 17 a. 39. 

16 b. 20. Cod. Tic. retains 6 Xc'yw. 

16 b. 24. Cod. Tic. retains ijk 

17 a. 11. Cod. Tic. has 6 rov dvBpamov \6yos. Boethius agrees with A. T. through- 

out this passage : " ex verbo esse vel casu. Etenim hominis ratio." 

17 a. 12. if rt TOiovrov] Cod. Tic. implies $ SKko ri r»i> toiqvtwv. 
17 a. 14. Cod. Tic. implies ov yap t<» avv€yyvs fy €tpf)<r6ai. 

17 a. 30. Cod. Tic. reads comma before, not after, wo-aimo*, and A. T. omits *<i« 
before b xarc^o-c So Boeth. " et quod quis negaverit." 

17 a. 33. Cod. Tic. omits «a«, but retains tovto. 

17 a. 36. In note on 5XXa read m for ciri. 

17 a. 40. Cod. Tic. for fn-put^u/b^upgb has ftupu»^u»b^^ppU, the regular equiva- 
lent of Kaff €Ka<TTOV. 

17 b. 4. Boethius omits ™. 

17 b. 4. Cod. Tic. has taovrai ivavriai at aircx^dvo-f if. 

17 b. 7. Boeth. omits avrat p*v: " quando autem in universalibus non universaliter, 

non sunt contrariae." 
17 b. 8. Boeth. omits irorc: "est esse contraria." 

17 b. 13. Ka66\ov Karqyoptiv to ko66\ov\ Cod. Tic. implies to KaOokov tcnTrjyopiiv 

17b. 14. Boethius also omits akrjOtjs: "nulla enim adfirmatio erit, in qua." 
17 b. 17. Cod. Tic. implies *a\ dn-cxfxum Xey», though the first hand suspects koI. 
17 b. 18. Cod. Tic. retains fat ov KaBSKov. 
17 b. 20. Cod. Tic. retains iuavrUs. 
1 7 b. 22. Cod. Tic. omits words : ovbU 8*6p»nos bUaios. 
17 b. 28. Cod. Tic. does not add axravrw. 
17 b. 28, 29. Cod. Tic. omits words: ovk t<m ZwKpdTTjs \cvk6s. 
17 b. 32. alt. Kai] Cod. Tic. omits. So G. 
17 b. 33. pr. «oi] Cod. Tic. omits. 

17 b. 40. fj Kora(fiaaii\ Cod. Tic. has this in margin in first hand, but in text fj 
an6<t>acris. » 

17 b. 40. Cod. Tic. has &nl tov avrov, 

18 a. 1. Cod. Tic. has fj »* koBSKov fj m m koB6\ov. 

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18 a. 3. Cod. Tic. has ovk tj duriKfipiyrj, 

18 a. 5. Cod. Tic. has tj} dc tU &v$pwros f) ovfaU &v6pwiros Xcvrnfo, omitting first \<vk6s. 

18 a. 8. Boeth. partly agrees with A. T. " uni negationi una adfirmatio." 

18 a. 15. Cod. Tic. has simply ovk. 

18 a. 21. Cod. Tic. has ovb*r yap &ia<f>€p€i tlnuv on €oriv tmrog Kal avBpontos Xewcor, fj 
6Y1 tartv frnro? \euic6s ko\ tarty civfyatiros \cvkos. Thus in 1. 21 Arm. 
omits the words rovro and ff, perhaps reading 6V1 in place of latter, 
and in 1. 22 omits rovro & oihtv &ia<f>tpci row tlmlv, and in 1. 23 intro- 
duces fj 0V4 before fow tmros \wk6s. 

18 a. 28. Cod. Tic. omits dpdyKjj. 

18 a. 32. Cod. Tic. has t&v KaBokov \(\6ivr<av^ py koBUKov, So 1. 

18 a. 32. Cod. Tic. omits M after ttprjrai. 

18 a. 34. Note refers to first fj. 

18 a. 35. Boeth. reads " nam si hie quidem," etc., so agreeing with A. T. 

18 a. 37. Cod. Tic. has Kardcpaois simply. 

18 b. 2. Cod. Tic. retains fj ov XcvkoV. 

18 b. 2. Cod. Tic. retains ??. 

18 b. 3. Cod. Tic. reads ko\ *2 ph, ^tvdtrat, omitting w<ipx«, but retaining koL 

18 b. 5. Cod. Tic. has fj ^cv&j simply. 

18 b. 6. fj ovk tarai\ Cod. Tic. has fj ovk ovk carat. 

18 b. 9. Cod. Tic. retains ovrm fj pfj ovras. 

18 b. 21. Cod. Tic. has 0V1 \*vk6v tcai pikav, 6*1. 

18 b. 22. Cod. Tic. implies el d< vndpx€iv *ls aCpiav, vrrdpfciv tls adpioV c« dc pt) carat 
/i^Tt p}) tarat ds aSpiov, ovk hv clrj t6 k. t. X. Thus the only real change 
implied is of vndpfri into \mdpx*iv in 1. 22, which reading is found in 
d. u t and the addition of cfc before afytov in 1. 23 as found in C. E. e. u. 

18 b. 25. Boeth. also adds vavpaxiar. 
18 b. 26. A. T. has Order ravra aroitar 

18 b. 33. Cod. Tic. omits robi after tarai. So also Boeth. 
18 b. 37. Cod. Tic. retains fj pn tlnov. 

18 b. 38. Cod. Tic. retains text of W, only omitting «. Boeth. also omits n. 
18 b. 39. Boeth. seems to have read b\h to Karafdvai fj diroQdvat, for he renders 
" propter negare vel adfirmare." 
Cod. Tic. does not add koI. 
Cod. Tic. has oVc yap dXrjB&s c&r« ro, oVt tarai. Boeth. also renders 

"quando enim." 
Cod. Tic. retains (Incur dt\ on form. 
tf] A. T. hi. 

O 2 



19 a. 


19 a. 




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19 a. 9. Cod. Tic. agrees with Waits except that it omits 4pocW and implies 
frdcx4*cya yipercu rather than &fe'xmu. Boethius omits 6)aomt. 

19 a. 18. Omit note ad loc. 

19 a. 20. Boethius also has " vel adfirmatio vel negatio." 

19 a. ai. Cod. Tic. implies no alteration of text of W. 

19 a. 26. Cod. Tic. has or* fcm to ofrX&r *Iku k. t. X. 

19 a. 28. cfroi fUv] Cod. Tic. «fr<u dr. 

19 a. 28. Cod. Tic. has ana* simply. 

19 a. 36. Cod. Tic. retains rovrw yap simply. 

19 a. 37. Cod. Tic. retains Ompov p6pu>v. 

19 a. 38. Cod. Tic. has nSXkor simply. 

19 a. 39. Cod. Tic. implies rfjv fatpav, ov phnoi ravrrpf dX. fj ^. &or*. 

19 b. 7. Cod. Tic. agrees with text of W. 

19 b. 8. Zvopa p<v ov Xryo>] uibnuU n£_ utulriT in Cod. Tic. The punctum delens 
set over «£_by first hand implies that ov is to be omitted. 

19 b. 9. Cod. Tic. has fa y&p ir»f oypaitfi t6 a6purrov fopa, Sxrntp teal to ovk vyiau*i 
ov pfjpa iari nacra iuna$axns. 

19 b. 12. Boethius renders oM by " vel," as if he read #. 

19 b. 15. Boethius also omits form. 

19 b. 20. X«y» & olov — 19 b 32. ovr» TtraKrai] Cod. Tic. agrees with text of W. 

throughout except for following small differences : — 
b. 22. Read in order ravra torat. 
b. 25. Read toucaif for avtipwny twice. So Boethius. 
b. 27. Omit a7n£0a<nff tovtov. 
b. 28. Omit ovk ?<m dt«c. &v. 
b. 30. Read Ikicaty for avBpemy twice and set wpwriuurrrai at end of clause 

after r<j> ov tkitaly. So Boethius. 
b. 31. Read Xtyrrai instead of clptirai. 

20 a. 8. Cod. Tic. retains nat foBpomos. 

20 a. 10. Cod. Tic. adds to Ivopa after koBSKov. 

20 a. 13, 14. Cod. Tic. has fj on jea&fXov tov oripaTos fj Kara(f>ayat fj diro^dyoi. 

20 a. 14. rate £XXa] A. T. has ra drj SKka or ra aXka ofo. Boethius " ergo cetera." 

20 a. 17. A. T. omits cWi. 

20 a. 19. al dc amK(tpivai\ Cod. Tic. ovt€ (or ovte) ai avrixtiyAvai. 

20 a. 23. Cod. Tic. retains ov. 

20 a. 23. Cod. Tic. has <f>aptp6p & &-*, retaining & but rejecting tcai 

20 a. 24. Cod. Tic. retains order «i oXi^c*. 

20 a. 25. Cod. Tic. retains Bn teal. 


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20 a. 31. mt\ A. T. has f So Boethius " nomina vel verba." 

20 a. 32. A. T. implies ant^ora instead of airo^oow. 

20 b. 3. Cod. Tic. retains «Vm. 

20 b. 4. Cod. Tic. retains tw p*v yap. 

20 b. 19. Cod. Tic. has ia> simply. 

20 b. 32. Cod. Tic. omits r»v before x«pfr. 

20 b: 34. Boethius also omits ravra : " et ut unum" is his rendering. 

20 b. 36. The Cod. Tic. implies, as it would seem, the following : *l yap pi}, I rl m 
ixArcpow coy, Ka\ £p$o», no\\a xcu ttrowa krercu. Boethius has " si enim, 
quoniam alterutrum dicitur, et utrumque dicitur, multa et inconveni- 
entia erunt." From which Karl Meiser (Jahrbticher fUr classische 
Philologie von Fleckeisen, Band 117, p. 252) infers that Boethius 
read « yap, Sri i*ar*pov, koi t6 avrdfKfx*. The reading <l yap fir] was 
beyond doubt in the Armenian translator's Greek text. 

20 b. 39. km f<rroi &fSpmrog Xcvcfo Xcvmfc] Cod. Tic. has fan* 6 (or t6) foBpwtros 

tarai Xct/iufc. 
21a. 2. «at IvKpanjt — d/irow] Cod. Tic. has ml Sowc/xSnjf, SvBpuiros* ko\ Mpmwos ko\ 

21 a. 5. Cancel note on dirXAr. 

21a. 6. Xry»iy Srowa] Cod. Tic. implies +€vfa<r$ai Srtma. 

21 a. 11. Cod. Tic. omits t6. So n. 

21 a. 12. ovd* <t to XtvKov powruc6v] Cod. Tic. has fi to t6 \§vk6v powrucfo. In the 
Cod. Tic. there is a lacuna between to and \*vk6v, where one letter 
has been erased. What the letter was cannot be seen, but there is no 
room for the equivalent of ov to have stood there. Like the Ven. 
Text the Cod. Tic. omits the words immediately following. 

21 a. 13. Cod. Tic. retains t6 povaucb* Xtvaow. 

21 a. 14. Cod. Tic. retains to \wkop pavauc6p. 

21 a. 18. Boethius has order of A. T. " in homine bipes et animal." 

21 a. 22. Boethius, like the A. T., implies A crrcreu: " quando in adiecto quidem 
aliquid oppositorum inest quae consequitur contradictio." 

21 a. 25. Cod. Tic. omits p*\ altogether. 

21 a. 31. Cod. Tic. has kcu akrjSts iarip Wirctr. 

21b. I, 2. Cod. Tic. implies tov «k» avBpumop atrfoJHuris pfj thai avQpomop, t6 pJf thai 

XtvKov avGpwnov, aAV ov t6 tuxu pf) \euic6r Mpmrov. It therefore omits 

the words ov to tlpai pff artipawop, ko\ tov thai \wkop SvBpwirov doubt- 
lessly through the similar endings. In this as in other passages 
where omissions in the Cod. Tic. are clearly due to this cause, the 

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Venice Text is a record of attempts to patch up a meaning out of the 

mutilated passage. 
21 b. 5. The Cod. Tic? agrees with Ven. Text except in this, that X*y» is added, 

though in first hand, in margin. 
21 b. 6. irpooriBcrat] A. T. implies irpovrtOtuj. 
21 b. 1 1. t6 bw. fi. «. dXX* ov r. p. &\ f\] The Cod. Tic. has ov pfj bvvarbv tlvai dWa 

to bvvarbv pf) thai. 
21 b. 12. Cod. Tic. has bvvarbv thai kcu pf) mat. 

21b. 18. Boethius agrees with A. T. and n. " non igitur est ista negatio." 

21b. 19. Cod. Tic. reads fVe rovrwv fj to avrb Karaffidvai. 

21 b. 20. Cod. Tic. retains fj rf Kara ro ttvat. 

21 b. 21. Cod. Tic. reads yivtaBai Kara^datit. So Boethius, " fieri adfirmationes." 

21 b. 23. tow bvvarbv thai t6 prj bvvarbv civat] Cod. Tic. has rov bvvaror ccvai, t6 prj 
bvvarbv thai t dX\a t6 pq (or ov) bvvarbv pr) cfwu, the last clause of which 
the first hand, it seems, corrected into aXXA ov rb bvvarbv pfj thai, which 
reading is in C. K.f. 
21 b. 25. Perhaps the A. T. implies trbtxoptvov «&*"• 
21 b. 27. Cod. Tic. retains ra V vnoKtiptva, but rejects rrpdypara. 

21 b. 28, 29. The Cod. Tic. repeats by a dittology the words rb ph Xcv*oi» to a* 

&v6pamos> ovrois ivravOa to piv tlvai Kal pfj thai its vrroKtiptvov yivtrai, 
21b. 34, 35. Cod. Tic reads tov bi bvvarbv prj ttuai dnotyaais ov rb prj (or ov) bvynrbv 

tlpai dk\a to prj (or ov) bvvarbv p^ thai. This is the reading oiA.K. e. 
rec. marg. B. 
21b. 36. al Totavrat #c. r. X.] Cod. Tic. nearly agrees with the Ven. Text and would 

thus run in Greek : al Toiairrai, bvvarbv thai Kal bvvarbu owe (or fjJj) thai, 
dXX* ov r6 bvvarbv thai kcu ro bvvarbv pr} thai, ov rb bvvarbv firj thai, 

22 a. 1 . avrucfZvrm yap' ovbi yt.] Cod. Tic. agrees with text of W. in exhibiting this 


22 a. 4. ov ro avayKulov pff * iwu.] Cod. Tic. implies ov rov dvayKatov pf) thai, which is 

perhaps a slip in rendering. 
22 a. 6. «ai rov dbvvarou tlvai] Cod. Tic. seems to retain just this reading. 
22 a. 7* T °v &* afivvarov pr) civat] Cod. Tic. seems to involve rov bi dbwirov 

pr) tlvai. 
22 a. 8. «al pr) thai bti] Cod. Tic. has Kal pr) thai dt\ bti. 
22 a. 9. A. T. has full stop after vnoKtipiva. 
22 a. 10. iroiovvra] Cod. Tic. and a Jerusalem MS. have here »* njgitir^n^j=. wpoarl- 

Btvra. In note on 21 b. 5 I conjectured that o»#l^£^£ irpooTi&iTa 

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was in the present passage a copyist's error for a/olr^^=7ro«>0vra, 
but the version of Boethius makes this doubtful. It runs : " nega- 
tionem vero et adfirmationem haec facientem^ad unumfadponere." 
As to which Karl Meiser (in Fleckeisen's Jahrbticher, vol. 117, p. 253) 
remarks : " dies lasst im Griechischen statt np6s t6 tivatjcal prj chat 
erwarten irp6s h (oder to *v ?) gvvtoxtuv (oder vielmehr npooriBcvai ?)." 
However in Boethius " facientem " certainly renders nowvvra, so that 
ma%lr^nil_ is anyhow wanted in the Armenian. 

22 a. II. <f>aa9is\ Cod. Tic. has $aW? km dnoifxiatis. 

22 a. 15. r6] Cod. Tic. retains. 

22 a. 16. Kal tA fuj ddvvarov itvai] Cod. Tic. has Km to fifi bvvarbv thai. 

22 a. 18. Kal r6 ovk] There is an erasure, accidental or purposive, of the Cod. Tic. 

where these words would come. 
22 a. 19. Cod. Tic. seems to have had pi) dwarf pr) *2vai Kal t$ fir) fvb*xofuv<p M «&"»*• 

22 a. 19. to dvayKoiov fit) tlvai kcu t6 dbvvarov emu] Cod. Tic. has dvayKoiov ilvrn Kai tA 

ddvvarop fiff dvai, and then follows before the words ry N pi) bvvdry an 
erasure equal to two lines of Waitz' Text. The words erased seem 

tO have been : fiu^ /jfusp/r^nt-tT a^_ <£"!_ L- "£_ pltnjiiXutLutb qjti n*U 
^lup^iui-ap n±_ f* L L u/bl ( uspb l j,'b fi>i_= ry di dwarf pr) rival Kal p% 
ivbtxdptvov *"*" ™ pt) dvayKoiov pr) tlvai ko\ to ddvvarov c Ivai. The erasure 

was made by a late hand, and the words erased were in the first 

22 a. 21. Ka\ fifi cj&xopoy pr) €ivai tA dvayKoiov that. Kal to ddvvarov pfj thai] Cod. Tic. 
has pfj iv^dptvov pif ffwu, dvayKoiov (Ivai Kal t6 ddvvarov prj elvai. 
Here iv&*x6p*vow is read in C. K, e. 
22 a. 24. Cod. Tic. presents the first six lines of imoypdfa in same way as Ven. 

Text, but then inserts ddvvarop thai, ovk ddvvarov pr) ( ivai, dvayKoiov tlvai 

ovk dvayKoiov tu«u. Then, like the Ven. Text, it concludes with 

dvayKoiov pr) t Ivai, ovk dvayKoiov prj tlvai. 

A hand not later than 1500 a. d. adds another arrangement in the margin 
of Cod. Tic, remarking that it was what he found in the books of the 
22 a. 33. Cod. Tic. retains dxo\ov$(i pip dm<fxiTuca>s. 

22 a. 35, 36. r) dndqxunt — ddvvarov tlvai] Cod. Tic. implies r) dndfaais ov to dwarbv 
thai Tjj bt dir<xf>dfTti tt)s Karafaaiat (or rjj Kara(f>dv€i ?). ry yap ovk dbv- 
vdr<p *lvai to ddvvarov tlvai. 

22 a. 38. A. T. omits ty. Boethius also omits by and *x« : " manifestum quoniam 
non eodem modo." 

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22 b. 2. rd yap dvayiuuop pfj thai ovk dvayieaiop thai] Cod. Tic. has dvayiuuop yap ro 

fit) (or ov ?), fu) cZmoi, ov* twryKaZo* cfvax. 
22 b. 6. A. T. omits first tlvai. 
22 b. 6. Cod. Tic. retains dkka pr) thai. 
22 b. 8. Ka\ m, ravra t$ ivavrias] Cod. Tic. punctuates differently, thus : ko\ ^ 

ravra, c £ ipavriag, 
22 b. 1 1, 12. tl yap pr), q amtyao-t? axoXov0go-c«] Cod. Tic. implies thus : tl yap prj fuj 

arr6<fxi(Tts, clko\ov6t)(t*i. 
22 b. 12. Cod. Tic. retains <pdvai. 
22 b. 13. tl p.) bvvardv] Cod. Tic. has tl pfj dbvvarop. 
22 b. 13. ahvvarov Spa] So Cod. Tic. in text, but a definite article is added above 

the line in an early hand, as if to ddvvarop &pa should be read. 
22 b. 15* r6 ovk ddvvarov thai oicoXovdci, roi/np bt to prf] Cod. Tic. implies to ov 

bvparbr tlvaC oKokovBti Kai tovt<j> to pif. 
22 b. 17. Cod. Tic. retains ovdt. 
22 b. 18. Cod. Tic. retains okoXovBci simply, without ov. 

22 b. 19. Cod. Tic. implies rovry bt onortpa av aXrjSrj jj. 
22 b. 20. Cod. Tic. has ovk hi ?<ttoi fK€u*> dXfjBtt. 

22 b. 25. Cod. Tic. retains text of W. except in that it implies 67 instead of ydp. 

22 b. 28. Kai] Cod. Tic. omits. 

22 b. 28. Boethius has same order as A.T. " sic positis." 

22 b. 31. Cod. Tic. retains mrrljxunr simply. 

22b. 31. Boethius has order of A.T. "si quis non hanc dicat esse." 

22 b. 32. Boethius agrees with A.T. " sed utraeque falsae sunt." 

22 b. 35. rd avayKalov thai] Cod. Tic. rod dvayKaiov thai without adding Kai 

22 b. 35. plf] Cod. Tic. omits, also Ven. Text. 

22 b. 36. M] Cod. Tic. omits, along with stop before rovro in b. 35. 

22 b. 37. Cod. Tic. retains koI. 

23 a. 3. ovV] has dropt out of the Cod. Tic, in a way easily understood, for ko\ 

pr\ and ovb* have one and the same Armenian equivalent. 
23 a. 4. Boethius also omits MfyurOai. 
23 a. 6. Cod. Tic. has dvriKtipivwv simply. 
23 a. 9. Cod. Tic. has ro bwarbv thai Sriy but does not add ro bt. 
23 a. n. oloi\ Cod. Tic. omits, but implies rd ouwn-oV. 
23a. 11. thai] n omits as well as A.T. Boethius also omits: "ut possibile est 

a,nibulare quoniam ambulabit," where " possibile est" is the equivalent 

of ov¥or6v alone. 
23 a. 13. ro fjj dbwaroii] Cod. Tic. has ro bwardw. 

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23 a. 16. Cod. Tic. reproduces text of W. except in implying rou cV pcpti. 

23 a. 20. Cod. Tic. has rovroig «•»*, if that be really the sense of umgtui^ku IftupauuL, 

23a. 21. brf\ A.T. has o*. Boethius has: " manifestum est autem," which seems 
to imply dc, "ergo" being his equivalent for tf. 

23 a. 23. Cod. Tic. has di/rapco* *v*py*ia d*i tlaiv. Boethius agrees with this, except 
that he does not add a* «'. He renders " et haec quidem sine potestate 
actu sunt" It is noticeable that in the preceding line a. 22 he renders 
«oi ra Inpyfuh " et quae actu sunt," where Mpy*n stands in text of 
Waitz and also in A.T. 

23 a. 25. Here again Boethius agrees with A.T. : " sunt actu, sed potestate solum." 

23 a. 27. Cod. Tic. retains 17 KaratfHunt rjj airo^ao-ct. 

23 a. 28. 6 \6yof ry Xoyy] The A.T. would imply \6yos \6yy simply. 

23 a. 30. Cod. Tic. retains (j t6. 

23 a. 31. Boethius has order of A.T. " Callias iustus est, Callias iustus non est." 

23 a. 32. Cod. Tic. has tovtw; rA /uv yap «V rjj <fxoyj f omitting ct. 

23 a. 39. A.T. involves instead of an<xf>6a*»s rather dvrufxi<T€<as. 

23 b. 2. Cod. Tic. omits cor* before fua altogether. 

23 b. 2. Cod. Tic involves naff onortpav koL ivavrla ; which is read in n except 
for the ecu. 

23 b. 1 3. A.T. omits tarlv and with u adds tlo-w after afoot dc. 

23 b. 15. Cod. Tic. has ci oZv rb ayaBbv ical ro ayaBbv Ka\ rb ov kok6v ion. 

23 b. 17. fuiXXop dc iKoarov a\r)0t)s 17 naff iavr6] Cod. Tic. retains this reading 

except that it has H " or " for 9. 
23 b. 18 and b. 19. A. T. seems to omit ort before dyaB6v and before kok6v. 

23 b. 21. 17 ttjs O7ro<fxia-€a>s] A.T. has 17 forifauTit. 

23 b. 21. Boethius also omits &£a. 

23 b. 21. dc] Cod. Tic. involves yap. 

23 b. 24. 04 fi rrjt arrifpcurtas] A.T. has 04 anoqxunas and omits ort in b. 26. 

23 b. 28. if] A.T. omits. 

23 b. 33. A.T. has fyct *"** V T °v dyaBov. 

23 b. 36. Cod. Tic. has ovk for) r) Xeyovaa ort kok6v ; 

23 b. 39. Cod. Tic. omits mi. 

23 b. 40. otr] A.T. has dr. 

24 a. 1 — 24 a. 3. Cod. Tic. seems to imply : ov yap dX^* avnj' dXV c'*c Ira, fcm ofo 

ayaBbv cv rj rov dyaBov, ivavriov r<j) firj dyaBip ort ayaBbv yfavbrj' dXrjBrjs yap 
avTtj' &orc ko\ rjj tov dyaBov ort ovk ayaBbv aw c&j r) rov ur) dyaBov, ort dya- 

B6p. Boethius also omits yfnvot)g yap avnj, but otherwise reflects the 
text of Waitz. 


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24 b. 4. tj}] A.T. omits. So A C. d. u. and pr. A. n. 

24 b. 4. alt. ©W] A.T. omits. 

24 b. 5. r) foi ov&v tj ovdf/r] Cod. Tic. implies : tj 8ti ov npot nam foBpomar tj ©V* 

ovfcls. For fi Sri here Boethius implies : i} $ ^*» " ea q 11 * 6 est ve ^ 

quoniam." Cod. Tic. omits the (j before ©v. 
24 b. 6. A.T. omits At' after (fxatpJ* and with </./. reads «u after or». So Boethius, 

"quoniam et" 
24 b. 6. Cod. Tic. implies ; ahflciq, titifltuw ovk cVdcxcra* hravrva tutu ovVt b6£a* ovVc 


24 b. 8. 9r#pl twtb] Cod. Tic. has n*p\ ravrd simply. So e. and Boethius, " circa 

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A « Codex Tidnus. E -Codex Parisiensis, Cat Ann. 106. 

B= Codex Hierosolymarius, 1291. V -Edttio Veneta, A.D. 1833. 

C = Codex Hierosolymarius, 401 . Vo = Codices Veneti lecundum notas editionis Venetae, 

Ds Codex Parisiensis, Cat Ann. 95. M — Porphyrii Introductio, Madras, 1793. 

N.B. The Armenian Text printed below is that of the Codex Ticinus. All the variations 
from this Codex Ticinns contained in the Venice Printed Text are given at foot of page. 

Not all bnt only the more important variations of the Jerusalem Codices from the Codex 
Ticinns are noted. The Paris Codices as being of slight value are seldom given, except when 
they confirm the Cod. Tic against other authorities. 

Where the critical notes do not specify the contrary it is to be assumed that BCD and E 
have the same reading as V. 



p. 1. m ^at/mumiZyi} mttf% n P m g mbmt-mlq^ t ^ tm J u ^mumpmfyt ftul^ pum mUm^ 
t-wVUt pmh Qjymgm-pbmu** "(jqj npqmbi ^truqmbf t L* Jmpsjli, 
L. aplrmth lomuqfi vngm 5 , muai^u Jftuyb ^mumpmfy : fiulfpum mbnuMb* 
pmh fjytugnupLtu%*t *yqj jtmuqft kpb pmgmmplrugU up* qfiu£_tr 
5. %ngm hp^u^pmh^pup nt-pnig* ^irhqmufih ^M^jmrnniJ^ [o-piqpmh^ 

£pt-p nuJ&jp pmh pmgmmpkugl? * 
fi Yfi- iftmntuhni^hp* mufti, "pmg L. 9 mbnutilt ^mumpmfy 1 L. pum m%m^ m 
mult* pmh njymgna-plruau™ %iyu* ^fiqutu: blfhnmhtt t/mpnh t L. 

1 V ^nJmunumlip. % V rnhnurnlypb. 3 B pmVh qjymgni-pkmVh. 4 V OIT1. L. 
5 "W vmgmjg. BDE vngm. • B tfjymgni-pLmVh. 7 C V nt-piti^g. B nuJnt-p* 
8 B C D iftmsqmbni-'hj*. V fmqmlncmhp. • V OOI. K »° BDE r\J m ~ 

gnt-pLmb. V tfjymgnupkmVh. 

P % 

Digitized by 




utpfujtvb i nuAajfi afutpnit L. taipfutnr* ^amuuapuafy ufbncjuatp. mtiL^, 
uiufi%i IArhn.uihfi i L. paub tajyuagnuptruau* % ^'ifl' tr * J^naua/^ u'pir 
pjugaaainptrugh HP qtrpliuiDufhipup nupnt-p ajpauuu* n]*u* k ungus 

10. bpLuiDutb^a-pnuJlrp* LkrbatMabfab ojna* aflaiyb puagauinpirugt- paaiV* 

a. \ft- ^jtuputhniJbp utup*b % npn aJfauabajjuaT ^jni-Jbpk uiuappJrplrtu^ 
^ninJftUy aguut ufbna-ufbu quaauuuna.ppt^a na^btabz npquauz A narptu^, 

15. Luihnt-plfbl^h) oirputLauVbt L. ^juapna-PlrutrVi uapfiut 

SL Quaujaglrangb > 4" A^> n P puan paupuaataaaunuptruab with) u. 4" A^> n P 
aaanjafbg paupaaaaJu/bnupirtaau t uapq. puanprnpauafauuna^ptruabp^a ' npquau : 
afaupn. nUj^uiUuajt aJuapn. aaaanfttt- * b u *t wn.uA/g puapuaaJuatana-Pir^. 
wtipu 9 * npnuaui airnapn.* mp0uan.y pbpauuutj \ JuaqPfc 1 

20. Tr ] ^avlfiugb, £ p'l_ up qtrlipujfyuytr fcalbuuk utujt, L. ulruputfyufjaia-all 
jf£_ ijnisflrptr 11 * npnuabt Jmpn. qtruputfyuyt? uaufr, ont-vtuufr t/u/pqjy* 
L. uirupuaLuynuaJ] nilbna-afkpk L. £ np %IApual[uajnuah\, L. qfr%^ 

putLtaijk n ^nna-aJtrpfc uaufi 1 
af y^irUpiuLuynuiF uauiraft np *bftJbopb 13 : n^ fapp alauaJu t^inif^ uibtpup 
uuaan Rjna aaaa/uafuatafci anpnuafa^b * npqufu i nub oirpuauua'uma.ppaJu* 
%lrhptuLuijnuu% *<> *bwb&pbi L. awuuanpaubuaali n^ lant-Jtrpk utufa i 
u. uaau ^%uuahmauLy%ubPaaauaaajnuaa% A 16 atuapaJptah x ouabnp aualtrbuajb 
f-iyu, fi * t/utpi/pt/fi £ : ftaafy qtrbpuibutj^* n+qnt-Jbjal; aawufi* la. 
b. tr np ytrbpaayfyaaytr 20 maufr, L. ulrbpaMal^uynajaT^ k • npuaub ' aluafyuag^, 

na-pfaahiy ulfbpuatauajna-aT t~t uuataipa^a* L. talrbpaul^uajl^ uaufi* tLplrpaaa^. 
Luthnt-ptrbtr • L. U np n%%lrbpuaLuajnuaP £y la. ninjrupuatauyk uaufa 
ajjttrptmbaafhnt-ptrhb npiauabx nub afaupn.* A. 83 l^auaT nam if * niatbnfc 
5. n£_ [&> jutjuaufauhuagu* " > uirupam^ufjm-aP £• la. n^ aalr%ptul[uyl? 

ni-Jbpk uaufai 

1 V uapguanla. * pjajhqft aluapnJb L. lupfuan. OVd. ill E. V reads uap^uanSb. 

3 B ajjyaugna-PlruMU. V afjyuagna.piruMa. 4 B OII1. k. 6 V ORl. k. 

V haS Order puab pmguamplrugk* 7 DTLjuapaaauntty*. V jtupua%ni-taShg. 

8 THLjuauftglrangta. V Jtuuhglringu. 9 BC prnpaua/auunupo-auhnu, V puaput^, 

iTualna-Pbual. l0 V nualba%k. " CDE %n*-U%gk. 12 jnuatirgk. 

13 V 'unL.ulpI,. U V uhupuattaujuuuuk. 16 V qbupuafak. lfl V p%. 

17 V p%. 18 V Otn. k. 19 Vk np. 20 V nVbpua^uajk. 21 V i %a%pt\uyna.J: 

22 BCDEV om. a^bpua^uauna.ptVbk. 23 V om. L 24 BCDEV om. ^ 


Digitized by 



2 SP* JfiuibajuJuyb Ufutpuutpmp mtu^utmpu 9 b, Jf pnLMifa n£_ qnuJbp^ 
atrhputtfuyk mtufih 1 puuja ulrupmfysujnt-uuf ti^ fiu^ungut 1 utpuJrfk' 
tfjn[J .puJuqfr nuu £D-pui[puumLp[iL?b t jttybguihl? l~ np uirbpuy^uyau^ 
i&k * i \\Mjtugni-pfiL.u, n£_1blriiputfyuyniJlL A. 3 n^qtrbput^uy^: frufy 
Ufuturm^niJ&t fi ^utpfyf? Q-"l_ utfupmtpujnutT* 1 jfmtiqft 5 P^PS 
tihpmlpujfi U^ utulftupl? 1 

10. B (\np<fmtTuy^qMfj£Jt umnpnaftgfr. frpp airupuyfyuybt nngwti* JftuiU^ 
ajuaT qumapnnjiglranjb utufi uiuVhuyu L. utrhpuibuyfru "SutaJrugft * 
mpautui Jut p nit t ant-Jkubl^ Jlupnjnj umnpnnfti fiub blritnjuiUftb% 
aJimpnjyb* utuius ni-plrab, L. ani-JtrdU? Jutpnjnju*% birbnjmufu umnp^ 

15. nnJrugfii outuqfi nmm L. Jutpn. b, Iftrbnauufi^ '• 

p ^\uytag ulrn-[ig%y b. n>pbn. JfcJhutJpp ttMtubgbiagb 10 j uyilf tntrum^. 
tufa* b- uiutpplrpnuppL^tpb x npnutb 1 LtfUnjiibunj' b. Jmbuignu^ 
ptru/b 1 outuqfi blfunjuut-nju urutppbpni-ppLltpu, ^trmb-ut typhi b, 
arpbnurutuplb, b. Pn.*nt*bu, b. hnt-nuttjb £* \ Xu b Jutbutgnt-Pu'utl/L r , 

20. L- n* Jft' p*> %J u iJ u 3 u ^'^ * t E tu * t "lb n > ututppjrpft* Jiubutgnupttub ft 

Jutbutgnt-piruff irptynututup f-"[J f"*ty Pf"t ^ulruiJflplb ■ ulrnftg, a* 
fi% * fc uipa.tri'biybp* uiuipplrpai-PfiL^bp qjntx jHuunfi /t^frpijJu 
qjptnMtoiriuJflp ubnfigu uwnpnqjiu : JjiUj^ aft nppu/bp, uutnpnqfgir^, 
infb mputJutpu-pat-PptAtpnb 1 ' iru t uyupufhp b. IfuPuytyuypu trnjtgfi* 

25. «r \^"k J u iJ u 3 u ' u k* T "~ n t- P utn uJtnuiT putpuiJutunL.pb'uab utuuigbuti 
iru, ftt^putpu/u^pupnoi IputT qjyutgnt-pftilt uputuutbfc * but J" nputb 1 
butJjtutuutb • but J* utiLpu** but J* nup t but J* brpa • but J* butt* but J* 
nt-ulrfj fymaT iun2itff2 fyutJfypbfJ b. k a-iymgnt-pfctJuu, ftppav. ajuqut^ 
ifiwpuiL.' utubt\ npqutltx Jlupn. x Ifii fiulf oututub\ ftppntJ p£- IrpL^. 
I^iuul^nub^ y irnjufyuiuajiiHb* 9 * L. n put If 1 npqmltt uuf/immfy* nbpuslpuh 1 
L. uin.tth\% npautu : trpl^iutuutfil^i fyt?u $ Jbb-utdhb-x L. ni-p • npautb : 

1 C umgm, V ungu*. 2 V iru and adds L. akuputfyuyk n^__ qnuJbgk utufi. 

B C D E do not add these words and keep k. 3 V k> L. 4 V 'ulApm^ 

Ifuynuuu. 6 jpuiuqfi pulpy] V pt$yg Omitting putpg. E P—pg* 8 V "flg» 

BDE^ npptub, 7 V wuVuuyuu, 8 Jutpnjy, 9 \ j>uihg[i mub Jlupifb 

L. Jutpa. k> b. tfbunjubfi. l0 V njuuftglr^agb. U V Jutfywgnt-pirutv* 

12 V JJiJbujJpp. C JfiJbutJppU. ^Vunju. U CVo fitfpnjLgu. 

V *[/ r P n' 16 V a^bnjiftJhutJp^ti, B q^bafbgbutJpp. 16 B umnpn^, 

afgirjngu, l7 V\pu* 18 V kp^u/bajnub, 9 V \gutnjul^mlsajiuU, 

Digitized by 




p. 2. itkfc^U 1 * uLpmumnuaTt L. irppt ^fiqu/u* bp^x ^Irpnux L. fyaujj 

npitmux pjbt^nt^Sairaai^ £1 unmf^x L- riuutr^j ^Janmux pumfra/auufi x 
officii* L. miLbtfjJ npquaui ^mmmulfjj uyplrjj L. typlrjj ^fintuui 

^muamufijj "UV^ll "" f"-p*Hg m 'b zb^pig J uau l'3^ T l^S Ui Fkpb P um 
5* iaiantrmux L. n^pum aJfanuaTumnpmuna-Plrmu* fymaT* pmgmuna-ptrmu 

mufti pmjg ma.* nJtaJEruSuuu' t unguyg* ^mpmalmmnuptrmalp? nmnpm^. 
uni-pfiJ,. L QmaT 10 pmgmunupfaala jf/uftx ^mmqfi mJbmJjh pnuft 11 
umnpusunupfitif L. pmgmuni-pfii-u, tpatJT apa/mppm 9 L. 1 * LmaT unuuw 
"fll b u k U u U m S &m ' m ^ % n fl£ "~ "t-. P um *$**-*** 2^"P m * um **n'-pl r mum™ 
mumgh-tu^pb 1 ^ Irhi n^ ft'tl «£_ ifga/mpfam, L. n£ unum 4** npwfru 
10. Juapn.% umjammfyx pupusuuy i jutqP^i 

Qusnuiuji a-mjusgnupiruMu 

*& s ^\ lu U m 3 nL -Pb g ~ u b > n P frulfujajyu) L. umfufyfiu, L. Jutbuu-mun. muft x np 
a£_ atrupusfyuyC nt-t&pk e uiufty L. n^ uaVbpmlpuyn^ nt-Jtrp 1 ' ff* 
15, ^flqtuu 1 nam dmpn.i IpuaP nam ifix L. trpfypnpq. ajjymgua-pfra*a\p muftb 

unpnuiT ' 18 mirum^uu » uuifutuuffcu ajyutgni-pfiuhph™ mumgtrm^, 
IJppb IrUx L. mjuripftl^ i L. mlrumlpugu ungm, utftLo* tipqmmt nam 
ifmpn.' ptimtrumfynfk*** ptt almptajafx L. ulrn. anlrumttftu, U Llfbq^, 
mufux aupn. 9 hptpulfp uaanm mujab qjyusgnt-pfiuhpi npouau 1 Jmpn!u 
L fytVbn-mulib* 

s £ x XfP^lf** b J-rfglringu, oji qlrupmfymjfr mujagtr^ngplit ^mp^munp 

20. kt I*- qmuaiaMa 24 L. qpmuu 25 nmnpnaffaj^ qtrupmfyaujffla x ^fiqmux 

afmpn. qirupmfymjtr muft qnauiErgtf umpqjnj, L. umnpnoja mmaiajbu i 

1 V'bl£kb ul - *V pbbnqJmulrm L 8 V^W|l. 4 V f,a-pmj>mu l fi'-p- 

BCD^^^. B 4mf]VL. *Vjmn.. C D mn.. 1 V alfiafomuu. 
C JfcJbusuuu* 8 V aangm, C unguyg. ° V ^mptutliuLnuplru/b. B D Jtu^ 

pmaHAnupfauu. C ^prnJiAnupbg. l0 V OH1. ^muT U V pnuf, mat. 

12 V Om. L. 13 V zmpmJmuna.pbmu. 14 V mnmghm^. M t]CD 

wmmki: VBt. "VfM^p*. DnuaOrnk. " Vjafua&p. W WjnpnuaT. 

»• V et Hbri mlmmfo 20 V et libri a H/ mgna.pbm%g%. 21 V et Hbri om. 

mumgkua^gpb. ** V pLmlrum^un^k. C mknm^nft* 23 II trpLJraft, 

«♦ V qmunuu. * mpmu. 

Digitized by 



omtUqJi Jmpnpb. mnu Jb amfc Jaupnjy umnpnaJrugfi : II path Jtupmjyb* 

25* tgnt-Jbuul? Jlupnjnj umnpnqJrugfi ', oamuqfi nm» tfmpn. * L. afiupn. Il 

tftrhqjaihfi t? x mium nt-pirtfbi L. miuatMi* L, pmVb Z mirupmfymj£% 

umnpnqJrugfi x fiufy utfbpmtfuynfb t irmfymg 6 Jimfymuirfirmglb^t h- "£_ 

amhnutih* > L. n* ajumtih umnpnojrugh qtrbpmLmjfflt i ]w£ JuiL 

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unttmy zz k% 1 

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jpmli muUnub £»* ^gmbqfr ^tumifjym jmium^fih qjymgnt.pfit3t% 4*: 

1 V JmpmJb. 2 V -Wfc. 8 V pmli. 4 V 'utruPmliiujn^ C %ir%pm^ 

IpmynfU. 5 V kmlfmglt. C km%mg. • V unJrjbsmg. C mLir£&mg%. 

7 V mJum^. C qmunJi. 8 V pmVb. C qp^mVu. 9 V nJmug. l0 V tr. "£ 
flu^mmAmMi. U Vllrlpm4u U nt_Sir. U pu Jmp&ft. M V OIT1. f\ 

U Vm*Pu. "Vftmmum. *• V M. 17 Vjpum. C D pum. 

M V tml*plMrn.Lglr l ngh. 19 V tlruqjmuftl. C ^t^mlf.. * V umnpmfLugf,. 

*V V uAmmk. *Vtr.tpt-t. **Vom.*Jm%g. nVSmpw. w D om. 
hptr. Ept. M V ^/A, rightly. ^V adds «^ r ^ before »*.-^M&. 

28 Vj^mgm^^^put. » V Om. A.. » VjiAPmtmj*. 81 V tt. 

82 Vjirupm^mytt. 88 V tfwur. W V reads^tfrc^Mv fV m 8 nt -Pfr *& Cr fH^iLa. 

Digitized by 





Jmuuqjt irpir 1 pjugwmpirugf? 1£ qutnjufflu ftyutgnt-phutiby q(tu*J?: 
ifufliuii-p-iuajyh L. nLmuiblrnjnjb pjugtuuiplrugk) nmhuuaUb pmgutm^ 
ntrinttpuib aulrnSb x npqtuu qnuu tfutpnJbt &UMuutL.putnjifu piugututp^, 
iruafc, Jiupn. ajuguiutpirtntf^ ou/u pir Llrunjuufi i ouibnft uiv, di-pnju 
mmjML.hri~ m-pna-Jpb ifiupnjy ' fiul^ urns , ^tuutupuilpunjyhi L. qnuu b-iun. 
Muuguiuwplrtn^, butuuML.pUMq.nju pjuguiutptrugl? } &u»n. puMguiiupir/ntT 
outu pir mniJbfy x L. *%/£_ l*-u uMnuugpu qjtjuMgnL.pfiulMou % l[umuu £%"£"*" 
myfni^ph uruliruuMju/iL. k m L? ^~ I^UUp* 1^f"^ JU (/^ qungmufr, umnpnqfi^ 
LuMtT pb uuuumj* f 9 !* 4^ tu *b m U un pt t k uumuumlmmuo- njyutgnt-pfiL.%pb° 
mn-mOfihp uiuftb : *»pq- nptqku uMtuufJi'bD* qtyingnt-pfiiJhpu^t tun. uynju 

20. umubuumjuu nubflut uyuufiu L. mLuuifypu*, mn. ttiraUt nubfi 9 * ntuuqji 

h*HJ vi bum lib, Ppt uhnfiHU * ouMuqfi uirnjab qmtrumLuignh uutn^ 
pnqflu s ftuL utbutuLpptt nulrnfigh n* ^utLutnjupiflm t umumum' nt-plrau 
L. mipmusuuyg miruutfyu outu quirnph^UML-frut q-ajuignL.pfiL.1b 11 % — 
Q\ptuLp * w^nppnpn. 
\ft- unguM uilruuiLmgb npnutu * uJiuMnqjutT n* Iru ulrnj}* n% h u > 
miLUH-hrimyiDUMu fci ouMuqfi n ^fiu^ppmuMutr^, 
QJlfb putguMuiplrugi * qnt-Jkuuk Jiupnjy' qjiupqb putgututpirinJi 

25. LumlT * qnuiffrpt &/"[/• q&ffit t unjutq^u L. tunjufflu qryutgni-^ 

ptru/bgh i n^fiu^uMn.utL.Iri' UMjtotuu quijiqnjiugnupftihi £- : ouMuqji 
n* h%£_juiul?u9y nub Jutpqb LLMyutgnt-Pficu, IpuJT nuu utpfuMnJM™* 

**\piuLp ^KbqJrpnpq-i 
h \f»- Juytrriujptup jlrin outu qtun-UM^Jtu qttjutgnL.ppL-uuu, Jftuylya 
tqutmut^pifutugpu 1 ' u {JI'*3^ i * utirutu^runlb 18 L. utrn-pntt trpLpnpn. 
30. qjyutgnupfii^bg tuuftu : jtutuqfi JftUMjbo juyuiblrb qutnjugfiu qjyut^, 

gnt-pfti3i quutnpnqfightngu x otnuqjt qnuu Jtupqb* trptr ptugut^ 
mpkugl? no* qfiu^Jtr* amlrutAlfb tunjuub ^^ualt qutnpit pmgmtnpplr ^ni^\ 
putnuMutrguup Muugiuutpirngk i L. h-uiuutL.pimajnJu 'utputugt » Jlapn. 
nwu pir tflfunjUMhfi ptugiutnptrjni{_* 

1 V pi. 2 V transposes uMJuub^ni-pnj%. 8 V %w. 4 V vnuut. 

6 ajyuignupfitfyt. 6 B urnjugflu. 7 CD a-njutgnL.pfiuu, V /fjymtgmi.pjig. 

8 V mbuiufel. D E u.b uu ,[{b. 9 V mAfiu. 10 DE oixi. fin.. n V adds k. 

» V W 13 V pmgmmpbuglr nf. 14 f.^] V^-A. U V ffp. 

gm-Pfeu. 16 V inpfmn.. C D u,p£u*n_%. « V ^iummnB^uVbgli. 18 V -tr^ 
umfe. D mhnml^U. 19 V fnju.gnL.pful 'f. 20 V adds mmjmJr L before 

iuptuugk. In A a not very late hand adds it above line. 

Digitized by 



Jw^ juy[ng%, npqpu^L puugmmpbugk Igi uMutampuMouip Irq^gft pmgm^ 
35* mnulruafh: ^fquAt' utuflwtufy, IpuiT pUptubtu^ l^UMtT tuj^Jtb^jtuju^, 

tuftutruigpu pjugutuini-iruit 1 : uiiuiu nt-ptruhy ifuylrjiuaajup "fruykp 
unouy uyingu* ajyutgnupfii^Lp uaufthx 
\j u 'HJL ^~ U% unuufflu ijjytugni-pfiiXpbi tfutult pun. "UU"/^/ utJbutr^, 
p. 3. ont-Jflp* £*"£> wftpwtffjUo L. fiufyuHfjybo tfjyuignupfiubp tvufrhi L. 

mpwfcu tutuuOfiu ajyutgnupfiL.%p%y utnjujtub utJlrbtrufih 6 ai3tjiu 9 
myuuilru L. mlruutLuu L. ulrnjfb uMjufflu ajyutgnt-plruiugu tun. uy^uu 
tutflruiritflu* nubffbi outttqfi oungu/h^ uytpu tuJlrbtrpfrb 1 uwapaaflti* 
5. nutbafr qnuu Juipnlj, tuumiuglru ntrpiuLiuh 1 uttuui auplruu L. aJiupn% 

L. oLIrbnMibKb olrpiuLauh uiuuiuglru* 1 unjutuku L. Jiul^uyjag'hi 

Q^putLu iftrgbpnpn. ' 

: Zj \*t- ^tuutuptulf auMiflruuyu 9 ajymgnL.pb%tt "£ %lrbpmil^uynuJpb ajtjj 
outuqfi uMMtOfiti ajyiugnuph^tb n+lbtrbpujLuynffct L. "£_ qiruPut^, 
%"(/£ usufi 1 
]w^ trplfpnptffrg 10 tjjyiMgnt-plruthgpt/ 11 , trphJr$ £ L. 1 uyrnu^u 1S| 

10. qfr L n^ Jf, k U > ^IruPm^iujn^ 1 ^omua^ JuMpa? q&%PiU^iuj& 

nuJLaSitr 1 * diupnjy mu0t L. ulruputfyuya^ #»£_£» ^puJuqfj n^ uni-tflro 
JmpnJif_ tfiupn. 17 £ » uryttuftru, L. fyiruajuttfiu, qtrbputlfuyf? mtuft% 

15. anuaJkt&l? Jtupnjnjx P"(jg "£_k fylruqjuupu unu&n^ ifiupqjifj L. "fjf_ 

b-u% uirvpwiruyaf I^umLumqu* uJunt-muu, A* f&> t wpnhi irppLrp 19 
umnpnafti mtrhpiuLsajffr 1 fiuL ambilut mfuLuapnt-pf clr £ t Jva6 
h-pfypnpnfig 20 ijjyimgnt-plrmthgbi uuiapnafi L, prntt* 1 qirupuifyuytru* 2 , 
L, munubu 1 outuqfi aJuipnjyU 23 pjuu t mnuak\pku Jtupnjy uma^. 

20. pnifJruglrUi L. qflruajuui-nju * mtum ns-ptrtfit #r£_ k qjyujgnt-pfiuhi 

ulrupml^uyn^iug% ** '— 

1 V pm B mmphm L 2 V #*&. C D ^uy%g. 3 V J*Uingu. 4 CD 

mM,lp*i-ii£. 5 V lui/Vumyuu. 6 V luffliuyuu. 7 tmllrulrglriuu. 

8 D mu&u. 9 V mJVbiufb. 10 V ypkV n Vh " V *V Ui d n '-Ph % - 

" A.] V ^. 13 V adds 4- after ^-#-y4-«. M 4-,] V om. 16 Vjlipu,^ 

fanuS. W V qnuJbftk. 17 V i^r/.^. M V jni-AS,. U V fy^ 

always. 20 V trpfonptfgu. CD Ipfrnptfg. * V usual. 

22 V nUp^uyk. 23 aJiupajy. 24 V ^ %Lup,u^iuj n fuMa%. In A the 

final w<vptr is written in small at end of line, but in first hand. 


Digitized by 



Q\putl[p bt-piiirpnptf.* 

i V^tfd n £- nunnjb ajyutgnupiruib £ uyu, "Ul ^ wtupphpni-PfiiMtt 
a £_%lrUputltuyn9uigli £ : outltqft ^butb-uiljb, L. irp^ntnutltf% 9 alrli^. 
putLuytr utuft nJiupn.ry 2, i L. *btrbptulp*ynutT rt £^l;i oufliqft n^&pir 
phJiupnnC^ £■ trpLntnutltptt ItuttT ^Iruib-utlth 4 : U. puiltl* umnpnnjl 
25. tautppt-pnupirtuttiit anpu% nudbojk wuf mwppkpnt-Pftihib* : npqutlt* 

trptr ^Irutb-utltlf qtfutpn.nj utuftgft* u. path ^lrutli.utLjtb uutnpn^. 
aJrugp qJutpnjyb : outltqft ^Iruttruutlf fc JutpipU ' 

Q^pusbp nupirpnpq.* 

|V«tf/o tip ptn.n Jlrgnuug^ aJkq Jutunultp qjyutgnupirutUlii ftppnu 
30. *htfhPuabutju pbpntnpitlt : tip, a.ttL.gk' \utpulrugnup* a +njnjtngnt-+ m 

pttthtu attnuut ututriajnix outhqft n ^tutuutt^u %ErhPtuuutjn9j>U umuKL% 
ftppau Jiuunulto njninJy %nis/krp s 

^ptul^p ftVitirpnpq.*— 

\ft- k Qjyutgnuplrut%gL t L. uiutpptrpnt-plrufbgnb, mtJUbutjlt tftutnutb^, 

35. nubutpuip ft *Lngutltl^h utuft ix outuqft utJEuutAp, hunguygb umnptt^, 

oMi-Pfiuhp y fyuttT qu/u^utuiftglt uutnpnaftut LutaTqutlruutLutgu i otuuqft 

nutnjufpbifl? q.ryutgni-ptr%l/h i L. n^ fifty "£_k uuinpunjiupftubp}* t 

jtiubafi L. ffi 1~blJ nuJhol^ otrbptul^ufjk utuft : ftul[ irpfypapnjug 

ajyiugni-P truth At utiruutlfb, outit^utuit^b uutnpnaft * L. ubtilu atntruut^, 

D. fy£u L. autb^utuifflt 1 utyitut^u L. ututppJrpnupftiJbpb uuilruutttutgu L. 

qutu^utmpgu umnpnnfu : L. qptuuu pbnjtuhft'h tun-utCfitip™ qjyut^. 

gnL-pftOhplty auirnftgu L. quttruutLuigu i L. uitruiuLpph qulrnftgph t 

5. outuqft a no us u™ alftutuajutT quutnpnqftgirtqju utuft, L. nirhpuiLutj£u 

autnJrugft : unjuutf^u L. aututppbpnupbrutugpu putu, pbqjiubpu utiruut^. 

f 0/rlr L. utu^uturpui L. tftuinuibnuu fc $ 9 npng 1 ' L. utunuUu £ ^u 

V 9 ft '%irtipuifyutjnguig1t. 2 V qJutpn_nju. 3 DE pjf*"- Jutpqjntf^ 

4 V tr. k ^u,&uut^ /futStrp/fnmutip,. * L] V qft. 6 V vutpplr^ 

pm-PfiiX. 7 After %lrltput^uyu V adds Jutult. 8 JluunuUpJb* 

9 V jnt-tftrg and D has /> pnqnpu %nt-Jhrp. E adds ft pnnnpb in margin. 

V njyutgni-Plrufhg L. ututpplrpni-ptrutbg. V 'ft un 3 u (JS^' ^ umn^ 

pnajii-ptrutbg, 13 V uinnpnasit-pftub. 14 V opttrb. C D t^ptttith. 

15 V utn.uttflt. 16 Vnpp. CD iiflpuft. 17 V*7» V . 

Digitized by 



ptulj, u. ptub% ttnj% x uHUiunt-pirub, UMuVbiuJb q.fytugnupbtu%gjab 1 
U. tatuppbptugpb tfttunutbnubtupmp utufitt* 

*+\piubp uttuubbpnpn.: 

10. V %U U3 VittfUuyb ifjyiugni-pfiuby pnuft qufju /&£_ Ib^uthiubbjj *"("£ 

tfuilj 2 uiiLtugbng tjjyusgni-pbuibg%, uihbpljnuui*hiu^* L. TfjJuipfiui 
k» lb 1^U U A^£> liguittuifyk : ^guibqji tutt^tuta L. Jfi pnuntf^ tjbljnu^ 
gbtujb £: fiulj bptjpjpnpqjug tfjyutgm-pbtMibgb trpLfi% y 4? 4 > %Jutbtu^ 

15. *yk" &lt-ntf_uinjuuni-plrimb1t 5 quyu fi*b ^jb putbtubb it jnpd~unT tuuhg^ ', 

Jtuprj. IjtutT Ijb'btjMMbfi x uyj^uuiljuyb «*£ if^Juip/iw, uytusnaut-binputb 
fitfb *L^uibual^k : ^tMthqfi n^ Jfi £, irlbputfyuyh, nptuk" tunjuQJjU tj.tytu^ 
gnL.pfn.Vh' y uyj^qfuuqJusg Jut p nit mufi L. bb%nju%hu : /r * 8 Juttputntup 
nputlj frhfjh^utbutljk, nppJ^u utufimutlfb : outuqfi a^ttytftu^lbputitut^k 

20. uujfiuiujljb, uyq^nptulj 1 ftulj tnbuutlfb L. uirn.%, usnji tj.njutgnL.pp iMt 

anput/jb ftputgnpn^k x ^uibtjjt npui/j frtfb, tj.iyuJtjni-pfiL.Vb 9 uputbutfyk* 
jutyg JutfyutL.bjfi, lV outb tnbuutljutL% qputgnpnpnL.ppL.%1b 10 
utn%k* ^utuqji n P tybutjMtbft, tr U t utukt Jut IjutgJr jjl juuljtun.^ V2, % otub 
plr np atfujpnli* 

Q\ptuLp d~Ui 

V^HJB & qjyutgnL.pbutttgu f L. 3 n±_ ffb^ ungut *hkp$u»tjtubjib 14 f-^l- 

25* outhqfi %tu[uljfib qjyutgnL.pbu/i/b l5 i if?'*'} fai_ ifi'tdt *bbp^tubufh * 

npmutb : nutflrJph Jutpqjtft IjtutT ljtrbn.tuLL.nfh u£ t&£_ k *bbp^tuLtu% : 

p*1/g "£_ k "(J" nt-pnjb tj.njtugnL.pb tub 18 * "fjl u~ «/*u^ "0/^3" ' 

npnutb x ft tfbpuy outbutbftb : outuu(i bpbbuibbpbnfb 20 n * F^> k 

30. uirp^utfyutu x L. n£_ mutuutbgu x L. n£_ ujjuujftubutgb % n't JftnL.iT 

V 'A q-njutgnt-pirutugJu . * V OIT1. Jutb. 3 V tubjbpLnL.u/butjft. 

D ufbbpLnLMtbutjJt. * trpLflh, £»] V trpli-ft. B b j^h. 5 V tunjuunt-^ 

pbu,l. • B V add v after uM,/r 5 £ ; CDEdo not add it. 7 C ^/^ 

gnt-PbmVU. 8 V /u^/j w^but CD E have «^ Simply. 9 V ^yiugnt-P^. 
W V qpmgnpa^Lf. U f ,] V OIT1. » V Om. p^fan-k. ™ V OIT1. ^. 

14 V •bbp^u.lptfo. 15 B ryutgnupftM,. " V ^5^. B ^^. 

17 V ^tr^a,^if£. ,8 V^pbu.Vb. l9 V OIT1. </kf 20 V Ay,^ 

^u»trfl»n£lr. In A first hand writes ?. over third ^. 21 V uyutyfiubwg. 

Q a 

Digitized by 



nutlko* pufjg kp-tr ttg qzunnu, umtfmtL.nLj% utuutugk utrp^ut^utb 
V- n ll z tfuttT qifc&u, tfrnpnt-um 2 i pu/j/ putgnpn^trgtrfngu , "£_ {&£> "£- 
nt-Jhn utrp^utfyutu £' 

Q\ntuLh t trpbnmutuutb * 

i^Ud P n, -fi> a.tyutgnL.ppLJtu n£_ n1bnjiL.utr^ qj tut. truth L. qUnuutqb s II 

ntuju ututrj\ fippnu, #?^_ ptr * qjyutgnt-pfiL.u Jtimb nqjyutgnupftLJt 

35. J*£_ k utn.uti.lri qjyutgnt-pfiuu 5 : jituunfi auyu ° ut<$ut utuutgtrtu^ 

t> lb % ' 'T/L i£ ftL.putnuib^L.p ajytuani.ppi.u t uyb np fiu±_ £%t 

n* utuh iutt-^tn L. unt-utqi npqutu : ptr £■ ' uyu njyutgni-PfiubpIt t 

itutpnr 1 n* trnftgfi a L. unuutq tfutpn.: n^pbnb pttpkutu 9 , 

L n^ uyq_ tu jq n J i ^uttinfi n^ k ny^^gutb ^(//. mmium.^ iftupn.: 

p. 4. npufku utufiututljb, £ uy^^gutu qjf(Jl_ ^ utuftmuttfi L. fibpb 

ftltptrutu 9 jtUL.t?tn L. unuutq^utuft • ^fqutui JutpJjfb np utufrututlf £-, t utufiututfy °- n [_ utujt™* uy<ftT j»u*b ptr 11 jutn.utfutqjyu i 

5. L. np QJfpiTky ^ fbptTL. unuutqjuuft : ftut^ ojytugnL.pfiL.Ui /?£_ 

fiu£^ | 12 umj^ : nutbqft L. n^ tfutpn. £^ uytftT tfutpn., 

outlt ptr jutnut^utqJyb utuft : A. n^^juy^nglb ftu£_ nnt% njyutgnu^ 

PftLJt^ trbt utiuut nt-ptrtut n£_ ph/jrutjfffr njyutgnL.pfiLJtu njatut^tnu 

L. nbnuutah 1 

Q\putLp* J- a. % 

10. \j u tfutbutuutun) ofr nt-pnju ajyutgnt-ptruth pnuft qjt£t np unjb L. 

tffi** pm-niTh £ ' %bp^utLutu%njlin%njtL%utLui%t npqutu X outuqfr 
utttlfuyjngu, *£_ nnupnt-g n-ptnpjgt; np juymbtr^x npo JfrutuajutT 
n*tr% q,njutgnL.p[iulto*°, np lift pnt-ntfjirb utrp^utttutgu nunjtLJtutljfutu* 
npautb ojyu np tfjt L. uqjb £ pnuntf^ n±_ £ utufttnutlf L. utrutL. 9 

15. It- n£_ unjb ftput^nupfiiXi L. Jf§ pna-nt/_ n£_ trnfrgfc ifuttnputp L. 

1 V tr. qj* L %trp^utt i ut%. B has order of A. 2 V fn^m*. 8 B nj%. 

4 V ypk. 6 B ojynL.pftL.u tVuyu. 7 V OQ1. <?. 

8 V has,tht k dutpn.. 9 After fiigtrutu V adds jmukm. 

10 V tr. muft o.n L n V trPk. 12 After L V adds L urn-m^. 

18 ajyutgm-PbuMa. C ajyutgnupftLhtu. 14 V tr. Jfr L unjb. 16 Owing tO loSS 

of page, the text is deficient in A from ajyutgnuPf,^ here to uyfuut^uy% 
in 4 a. 29. inclusive. The text of this missing portion is printed from V. 

Digitized by 









tmtLmnftbftx [Jiyhaul^u II JutL mjtngby n PJ* JfrtuunjuJT tl£_tru ajym^ 
gnupfitJlnt* fiuL qjyuigni.pfiuuu* nn fc Jft L. *n/u njbnjit-^ 
ttmJj^tmu ut'p^utLutdu £• nnqmUt nab Jimpn. Jft L. utyu irtntf^ k 
qfc uufjturuifyt L. £ oft utrutL. lfi*hfi) h- f^P^ ^ 3 nt -P m * ^ '£?'"+- 
P"tp h. mnjmnftbft t fiuL JmL uyingu n* nupnt^p trpb-fi ay*. 

**/A*A b % n 

<*lpuiLp J-n. 

\\myg irph nj> iffttflrugft ajuuuu L. nfmp&ftuu mtuir^n^jayum/tutsmgu 
*/"*/_ AW**" Ibtrp^uiirma p*bnjtubutLutb^» nuihqfc untb pjatb L. ifit/utpftut 
L. unum pnufi Q-^l* ^ftqtutt bptr ifptfmpjim figk puifuu uuutirth 
nisflrpi jmpnugir^i^j %npm) unjb utm unt-tn irqfigft : unjutuiru L. fywp*. 
&frtA* puibnfp irpir ajJmpmuiiukii Ltuph-hugk IB uumlrtb qnutflrpfc, 
^jmtpnt-gtrinj unput uuitupmp Luiph-fipb irnfigfi ^jtmqtmnju unptu : |* *yur 
hptr no quyu tnn.nbbuitgft% *(JI utuLuyu jlrquiumtiimt- tntuppjb-pk 
outuqfr Jlul^imnjnju»gnL.ptruabgby u^jbo jtrnuttfrnfutrustn* nhnjtubut^, 
fyutttp 6 ulrp^utfyuigu Ifu* otuunft gnuput* ft firpt/ry' trqjrutj* ipfbgutut 
nutunfr myiuy^trgutL. 1 L. ubruMUy ft utuftmuiLl^y L. utajmpfiuftt ft Jtnut^. 
putpb* unjutu^u L. Jtul^uying^ fiuput^m^^up* t fi%n%^ tftntftnfuni-^i 
pbl^uiikuMi Ibirp^utLuigu phn.nuLuibtu%^ ' ftutt pttiltb II £rutpSffpu 9 
ftbplruabo utuputpdj* L. uAtfutuntugo » tuJkuuyb fipiut-j* utuVbbJiu 
IfJy unity * 0t fiufy f*pfi* £f M P*H r go'ujjt ulrp^utfytuu 9 nlyfibptru/bu 11 
jftuftu*** jtuiuaji pjuVb* Ifuy uuuy* *b\fi *Uutnlrjh mut/bpb: ftufy 
fipfil* ^P^^S^UU ** ft ^2^p u pf* tn ^ L. tr oft itnt-tn {flu/i x uqjuuifru L. 
Jiu^ut^tuph-lrutgut uityui nt-ptrOb, ^jtrntubtuLusuy nt-piiju £ a-njtmgnu^ 
piruffii puui ftupty ifmtfmfunJutbu^* • n%njtuhutLtu% *bb p^mLtmgpU 
f-"U mwflrpir 1 * no L. qmjunufi^ lun-pblftuigfi, qfytupb-ftuu L- mjuutih 
pUnjtL%tu1^tMtbu %trp^tulftugpb f-"^ ' tWUd "L. ** ?&2'p u pf" m *V /l6 

1 ffftpriL. utrp^aifysug p%njtubm^m/u Omitted in BDE. 8 C OIT1. up 

3 V mtmppJrpft. * V uyhputh, mji jirt^ 5 V ppquiiAimfymu 

• Vjbqbm£. 7 V ftuptmpm/b^upng. 8 In A tr has been erased 

between ft and ^. B C have ftpl. V has /^. • k ] V my ft 

10 V 4-fo XuAt. " V om. p% before jl&plrm'bu. ia D £*}. 

18 V iftntftnfttJ^b. C fntftnjuJuAu. " V pk. 16 V adds muk 

after ^»/. le V tr. *yu zT^^^. 

Digitized by 



jtuilbyfr fuultlb 1 L. fyusp&fiph, tt£_ tfutub ftuptrtubifb phn-nuhlw^ ^£_ 3, 
Iblrp^tuLtugu Q-n§ phn.nL%utLuihp uaufih^i "y§ tftuuu JtujtnL.Jntt^ 
Iffipgb trnuabtrjb : j$tu%a[i f>pu • t"L!f %""?* £R- n flf* uyunt-JtL L. 
puuVb LtutT' ifptfiunflui L. 8 LtutT unutn uiufi i uy§ n * Juiub h*-pb 

10, nhqjiLjbusLufb Q-ni %lrp^iuLtuglt x p"fJ*J JjttuumjuiJtujb* «utupqtutuup t 

n ^^jnt-tlbnt?* ntpuiVb putp<£fi» L. n*Lusp&Ju/b % tututu m-ptroL n* 
^itst pbnJitJbiuLiuu ulrp^tu^iugb* /*£_ ftt_ nupnup ft %nuuy™ 
"TrLHJ 1 b u h a -*U ut y nt -Pl"^ u i[u»uh ("-ph nba-p^ui^utuunlb pbnjtL.^ 
Ibtrinj x uyunt-ft^ pbnjtiJbiuLtuu Tblrp^tufytuifu muft i ntuuqp ^jtL.tuunjtL.^ 

15. Pfiuh* L. nn£nt-p[ii-1b nbnjiubfiy L. utufttntul^nL.pjtL%* L. uLjtL.pftL.1b : 

L. fct-pw^uth^ftL-pno juyuuffiulruiijb ^jfttigu** phqjtuhtr^nifj Tb&p^, 
^uiLuiab Q-ni nunjiL%iuLtuu tuuh * tututu nt-plruu* nupnjb a.njtu^ 
atti-Plru/it trnfcgff np unjb u. up £ Pnunti* nutn ttLpnutT 
tfintfwfuJu/h™ phiLnubu$l^uib ajitulrp^tufytug 1 'i L. jasqutO-U qjytu^, 
anL.piruttt t tujuntuu tuuiuunht 

^\utnuiqji x [\u!busL[i : 

\\ \+l. j$uhtuity/i1bt fr pb£ "P tntupn^* k * o~l f? fi»£^ np ^tupnL%tu^ : L. 
21. "t/kl? n P tvP^ nL %t[' u **"*- ujttlbtuuu^upbpa'iuugu ° diuutuug pwafyut^, 

guiLT*: u. U n pj> n ^^ju^jbgiub^ Iru np nftpb™ nubftbt III. fr tnutpnp^, 
nptruli 2 ^: npant[1i t Pfi*-* &• fuuu : L. jutpni-lbutfy 5 , *j-fl&> JualftrpU^. 
nupft ulb^t tfiupJjpu' L. tun. uyunpfu-p lm, tuJusuusfy L. in a-q[t l ^tuunp 
25. ft W pni-iyu Jutuupfytuug* ^tJ^tJ* ^ tmum P u, ^l utu^Jtuby tun. np ^utput^ 

JtUL.mfu JtuuupfyniJbou* 9 ^f^ffr* ^fiua-gpby lrp(r mtuutuugph 

1 V fum%. 2 V pb^L.lus^us'b. 3 ^^"j y om. 4 After 

tuuftb V adds nptuku pk pbnj*L%tri_ fu^. 5 Vjuy/nt-J: 6 V fop*. 

7 btutt] V om. 8 V om. L. 9 C has #*%. 10 V %**m. 

11 V ^yp^Jb. " V nbuptu^tuu^up. 13 jfilpu] V jPtetraJb. 

14 V tr. Jjt L %njb. CDE have % v % Jj, omitting L. u V adds L 

before putn. 16 V u%nU%nfuJiuVU* 1T V Iblrp^tufytuiju. ls V tnmpnpn^. 

19 V npp. 20 Vj/fylrtuug. 21 An old, but not first, hand corrects 

diuuiuug pMunftugtUL ITitO JiuuutugTb piunftugtuu. * V aqftpb. V tntup^, 

npn£m[b. 24 V Om. L. 26 V ^tupm-unifi npq-&M 26 V Jutftp&LjyP, 

but three Ven. Codices and C D Jht^pLnL.p^. 27 V omits fi before 
p n ^\Jb. 2« V JaMuu^nt^, C adds %. 29 V om. ypk. 

Digitized by 



Jutubptynubn tru* tun. 1 iij_ Jft fif£_ ^utuutputty uut^Jutu guipmJtmL^. 
utfu 9 ^ftuajtnlb*, L. ^[Shtjtpb* ufj£_ ututpnpnglrut^ £** L. trptrjtb , It. 
trt-putttout utn. " £_/&£_ ^utuutputty 6 uut^Jutb gtuputtfiut-tnfiu : L. n±_ 
30. pLutu. utt/lrutrt-ftb, njuatru ft t[frpuy pnt.njt utnXnt.^ ^utuutputty 9 

uut^tluiu Jutuuptyusbuu^t uy^Jfigtn ututpnpngirutj^ki utujut nuptrtHt, 
P/it-' ft ututpnpfiuu' 1 ': unjituffrtf L. ptub ft ututpnpngirua-gngu £ 8 : 

^\putty,p trptypnpn. : 
\^ tm it J? < "^ Mt '{' k putby 4* : ,owM uutnput^uttfifi tfiutntun-nt.^, 
plrusJp.> u unfit.) L. hptyutpusLt L. UtutrtT abnjb ffttgu 9 np iuybftub 
35. puiult ® [pufi* J£uiuuft utn. l /f^_ Jft fiu£_ ^utuutputty uut^Jtuitt unput 

ttUMUuntynuUnlt put put Jut uut flu * outuqft n* £ ^tuuutputty uut^JuiUt 
tun. np tittuntunjtL.p\t L%opu ?ic#mc#i/2v«.iJfAtr t uttt ftt-putouiuiftt-pno 
uiutpnpnjtrutt £-, ft*bpu puut fibptrutbt nt-pnjb * 

p. 5* \j u tv^' }UipnL%uity £ 1 ^nit/haft tr uin%nui s^utuut putty uut^diutf utn. 

np tTutubptynthtpph unput output tftu utn frit, tyt?ut x u. uuttytrpujtt.ptruiuu, 
aji&nu: outunfi Juttyutptruttypu Jutubptynubpb* utn. nab ^utuutputty™ 
uut^Jtuu ptuput Jut cut flit 1 unjutufru it. p tftrpuy JutpJphnj njttnnntru 
O* utnuUnt-t^utuutputty uut^tftuu *.• np&- • tyuttT tIuitylrpu.nL.pfiL.1b, utn- np 

Jtupdpttnjjzpu™ Jutuuptynt^ttpu, juiptrut^ Jjtutputbtru™ :• L. jfc-, utt-lr^, 
tututputtfuttyuyt&^'t tt. nhnL.uiaftgpb nuhft™ nttui^Jiuu 1 fiuty unt-utnpu 9 
np_ umi nptufru u. ttutptfpbnjtt utuutg™ ^utuut putty uut^dutu Q-nti 

1 tun.] V Lata.. 2 V ^fiuait L tyualt. 3 First hand in A k I*- which an early 
but not the first hand corrects into fir. 4 BC for L trptrjtb have trppnpn%. 

8 V reads «n. n^_ Jft [&£_ ^utuutputty, C D tun. «r£_ Jjt omitting ^utuutputty. 

9 V Jiuuittyutau. 7 V ututpnpn^pau £. 8 This chapter is divided in A 
into heads by the letters «, p, a., n. written above the text. 9 V qphou. 

10 V puA. u V has order n^utn.. u This chapter is divided like 
the last by letters written above the text. 13 V utn. Jft fttSi omitting 

^tuutuputty. " V aa/tUb. " V tTutpuunju. " V Jputptuuftu. 17 The 

passage L. £ , ututr/tuutputJuttyay^ down to .pwuq]* nl& trn-itt is asterisked by 
first hand in A, and after tmau a lacuna is left in text of ten letters which 
a later hand fills up thus tyf» fiuty n& trptymtyft. 18 V ulU^ 19 V wuwautt-. 
In Jiuuulbau just below the suffix % is wanting in V and in A is added in 
early but not first hand. 

Digitized by 



Jiuuutuglb, uqjl&-u, fyuttT qJtufyo~pLjtt-pfiuu : ftul^ Jut^irpLjtt.pittuu i it. 
ff£_* uut^Jiuu irqjig[i» tRupJfih * JM"bqb n *R* bum L- £ 

utJu/busl^t L. utlrnjl juyuuifiutrusgu, ntuuup ut mb tnJiuuutfyu 9 putptu^. 
JtULMtft utn. utugtruttb $ L. ^ tufbi L. naupltrusi uwu~njt» pU 
gtupnuututjoigph 3 ^i jnubafc utirnfi ftuu JimpJpbnj m ppb* Jiuupbl^nultpb 
10. twt^tfiu npo utn. ^utuutputL pint uut^Jtuu output JtutLMtfitt t ftulpm^. 

ufku 5 L. uttrqi.iyjfb* Jutubpt^auboby onpu 1 nubftb fct-putouib £/"-/"{£ • f* 
JutpJphnjU JitsubptfuSbg' 9 utn. unfit ^utuutputty™ uut^Jtuu ^utput^, 
Jutt-urfftr utn. np L. JtupJntiiyu JtmubpLni^bpb i uttuutnt-ptruuy L- 
putpnduuiL ibgh • h- nttrnfu 1 ou/bq^ utn. ujt ^utuutputfy uut^Jutu 
unpim JwuunLnt&ppb jus put Jut Lutflu^x— 

Q\pu*fe tnppnpn. i 

15. Qi_ 14 Liu, nMspltrusiuspu$utnJipnt%u§unaigb utn. uJtJtu/upuy^filbparuiug 

Jus u tuba pb 16 putnfyusgiut- * L. trb nnp »> iutputnt3butt-nuign% 0-fip ' 
ausuqja ujS-pu JutubpLnubjpb* f-fip ntAtftu urn. JjtJhutbu ' outuqfl 1S 
fii-pujpa/bfjit-pnp fi unatuut i k'HJ nuptruui it- ninpntru uwutputnltnt-g* 
L. putgututpir/ nt-p jiLpusou/b^i-p no tituj *pb Jtuipupnjui^pb * it. utn. 

20. np Jtuuufitf' uytngpb peupaiJiui-urfr 20 z !lt unjuiufru t it- Jlutrmpnp^. 
If^b Z2 Juiubplfnubppbt nfp ftuu ntJb/iu : otuuqfi uJtuuututtru ptugutut^. 
ptrugfi ftt-ptupu/ujjit-ptipt A up fyujft it- npo gtuptuJutt-urfiti utn. JfiJh^ 
uiuu i it- ^tuutntuuif t pu; unjttiufru it. utttnufapu** i 

Q\pusfe ^fiuqJrpnpn. t 

|w£ ft tftrpuy pnt-nj t n£_ ng ojutgt? Jutl^uytr^ ftppnc pir Jiuunt3»ou** 
25. unputy nflp f*"£_^ nt^bffb tun. JfiJbutbu, IrutJ* ' fytuu nuptrp: it- tputT npg 

1 »L.] V "iM- 2 L]V Lusn.. 3 V fi tutpntJitubmau. 4 V Jmpuunfu. 

5 V /hrf utmtu which the Greek demands. 6 V utitnt.a/u. 7 V qnpu. 

8 ^ aftt-piupuiuiJiupng. 9 V Jtuuufyutgu. 10 V OIT1. ^utuutputfy. n V Om. L. 

12 lbdf\ V ^ibsb* 1S V has order : ^uputj: uupm JUtu. u V om. L. 

15 VjwputntJbnqtugu nftp ; C agrees With A. 1S V Jtuuutug. 1T ji^_] 

V n^lru. ^fuqfi] V t£. " ungusuk'] SO C D ; V ungmuk. 

20 V ttuptutToutpt. 21 V Om. L. 22 V Jm^tupnaui^u. 23 V ut&qn^ptt. 

24 V JutJu^nt^u. 2fi V om. flu in C it is erased. 

Digitized by 



mtn. npu ^utputJutuuifi'b Jutuhpl^itthgh^t L. rt£_ mirgLjypu* mJiubut^ 
bftjflt * outbqp trbpusiEUuy L. A* /&> wdutbutlMt Jotuutug t fiuli np 
nsb t IfbpuidhuiLufb^i qfiittpq. uits qfip ^i_ "^tdt 1 "(Jl *""-*" *-&/ 
njmu [tut utuutuglru nub bit aybnu y qp tr [&£_ np %usfuLpU q-nt tr 

30* uttfatitatLft% 9 L. (r np iffrpflfh tftrputj pnuqj unjuiqfru uyuntJ 

qJjtV 1 luifutfl Pnif,^ Lpfat-gl 9 ' L aLp^t-itl 10 , Lpfigu 11 ' L uytHqk" 
qjmu flft'£_fy u 'infi> P U {J3 T^P' " £. h^Pb JP ut 2- V3 L. ptt/ltb^ 
unjbiu^u t nit/baft n* [&£_ nitpattBtutttuy* JiuubpLutugpU unput* 
om1bq[t muutgtrutt tr, L. n^_ Lm qnj quits atnitnt-tt utiqtttj™ nt-ptrtib 

35. "tJ^lksb ttr *^ u,uu ^'3^ unprn 1 aft Lplr 1 * n^fiu^truputi&utbutj™ t 

utpn. *»/!P ytmpututnfipndbutt-qutg Jimubpj^utgU pmqfyutgaiL. L. npo * 
n ^ % jutpuint%uiL.qutgu qfiflP «— — 

Q^uife tfffg i 

\^i- fiuLmtiu^Uy uifipuipjstp 1 * Dts/hutlf, Jfiatjttp 9 uyunpfili* mtufthy mumtg^. 
Iruttau t [iul( uyiott mJ£bfyMi i nuut tqutmut^puutu* aatuqp ^"y^ 
b. nufilf ^aylrinif^ L. qutjutplt outuut^u^ utulrJh 1 ^pfyfru t puim uuth^, 

mutlfb uiufi, ifutuh Jut^h-pLj9t.pirutu% ^tiutpb q-ntt It- fipatLnuppuVLj 
bpLatp, tfutub quttfutuutpf pmqnutT q-ntt It- jotptf-ntJBt*'* jutin t 
nuiitqp n£_ pttin fibptruib f§uputput%^up» uutjgnU outbuilt utufi t 
5. ^fipjtsp i trplr pmgutuiplwugk 1g* jputuft f&£_ ftputfynt-p[itMi k> tmJutb^ 

utLmL. uut^Jutunrugfr* mtupluip t pt • 3 utjuutfruuiptatp** Wr> mi-ppu^, 
mlpmt- putgutuiptrugfr « in- uiqftmutl£U outbuilt [fit* putuuttnptruti* 
JutlftrpLju-pirutJpb uat^Jaiulrugfr t tfutub qp npgutb Jut^u-pL-nt-^, 
PfiiMt ftgfr* utjuoutb *° L. quiqfimuttjb utuutugfc* tri* atiqut nt-paSR* 
Jfmujbp fiufyuttqkui b. puin ffypBratif outuutt^ ^J» utupb utuutnltmigu i 

1 V Jmuit^utgh. Such variations of spelling in regard to JUtu% and its 
cases are frequent and need not be again noticed. 2 V m&q^g. 

B V mJmitutl.fb. 4 V Om. £. fi V &%Pm^ttyut^ut%. 6 V Om. pt^. 

7 V qb JfrVU. 8 Pniffl Vt^ Pnt.y L 9 C Lp\»i- 9 . 10 V Lp^m-flt. 

11 C Lpfy. ia V iruPutXtttjuthittj. 13 Over j is a punctum delens in A. 

14 v om. ypy. l5 v ybpu.tStutjut%utj. *• nap ] v h% np ^. n v ^^^1*% 

L Ifu npp. ls V adds L before m/tpuipwp. 19 Jfiutju^] so C D ; V Jfmtjb. 
80 V uttiVbttyit^t. « Vjtutuutt. « a V qpmp*nt-&. ^Vptso always. 

84 V itfjuiqfiumputp. S6 V utjupuiumtqkit. M D outltml^. 


Digitized by 



10. fiulf mj^nglb 1 . #i£_ {&£_ ffbgl* pum fihpkmth f {""US itflir mpqJri-p* puin 

Q\pusfe> Lph x 

\^l. uyili-ii>na/huiL[rb fib « n >k 'bkp^usbufb ' nusbaji fi Jlrptuj putgnpnptr^ 
["gift ip 4". *[t n Z_yk£_ k Hrp^tvfyat% x ^piuk u * knM»Laibi£bnL.uu% 
fyutiT ifiufytrpLju-p unfit, t^utiT utjuuiftutrutgph ["%P> n ^_P't^^" M U3 ^ 
%kp^uiuuib % Muuta tr\&tr njuttapb* uusuuilmlmu muusugk *%P »/• Tbtrp^ut^. 

15* fivfe, fyustTqJk&Zi, ifmfunuSL x A. uuyg t nfjjh^ k ouAiuify » uyj^juii-k—* 

uaitJtb^pgb x outhafc n^Jth* puui flu* truth) Jbh- utufiy It* LuttT tfinpp 1 
uyiain. *fJt^kpuipJrpftax npLfJb x ajt ikuiiLu '/"IBP ut "fi* tt. Lnp trusty* 
Ah- x tfuiub nuJbaL ^nJusutrn-fig'b tTirb' Q-ni* I*. m-JEra&t ttnuuta «\ff v 

!20. Jurukn-figla* x |w^ usufus nt-ptrtfit, uytutn. uyiafLputpJrpni.pfiL.%1b 9 k ' 

"(Jl. ptr 10 4y»» [ibpb puut fthpLtuu 11 tfnop L. Jk& t n* trppfy* itrtutdb 
tfinpp usuutgLaii tftukpt t*~ fynpbusfyu Jh& x tympXLutiJt aJrtmt-nu ututrJh 
pus an u J* tfiupnfiL fit L-jutpl/hu uuifyuiu 12 , frppnu aft puaqJmutiuutftf^ 

25, 0-lr ausu qbnuut* L. fi tntruuiputuftb uuilputJUy fiuL fi tnutU pjtsani-Ju i 

ft- ufjiLji Lpl^utbajiduu U. knots f^uiuajiubu) ft- fiupuipusb jfii-pripjuyu^ 
iu[iuLuigu aasuutfy ujusuutLk l fi u ^ Jtrh^h LustT ihnopu™ niupu/uusfyfr 
igusuusfyt uy^jutuktn uin. pu^ ^aiuqfi tun. uyi utLuu/bfi Jbfcls L. tfinppu* 
utufut at-plruL b-pLJripk* ot "IPf usnpb+Jigu Irh x 

30. \*u "y/__ li-Ui pir qfigk *\g nun urn jtaAuify f*lj k. kflk ǣ_ qfgkf *ȣ_ 

k ungut ukp^uil^usu It. n^ f&£j .fitAop 1S*P ">kffyph puut pttpiratu 16 
mn%nt-i2 mjj^usn. «[//J 8 tfkpatplrplrusgu 11 • qjtutpq. ^gft utmpiT 1 * /MEt£_ 19 

1 ^j u UUJ3 b - 2 C om. wpq-L^. 3 E ^^jg] so CDE : V %mj% 9 %. 

4 V j,u,lu,t(f,l. C^oilbui^ 5 puu,] V ftpl puu,. 6 Vom.t. 7 V 

^nptruslflj. 8 V ^nJ^ubn^gb. ° V ftpuspLpm-pfti-lb. l0 V kPk. 

11 From fihg/rush down to end of section is wanting in A owing to loss of 

One folio. 12 D um^u. 13 C jnpp. 14 V np . 15 V pigkufcu. 

16 V uyiu. n V ifkpwpkpkuii. 18 V om. uuspf. In A there is a late 
erasure before the J) where /» seems to have stood. 19 After fii/^ 

Vadds ungui. 

Digitized by 




ulrp\utLutu : L. ufjl u~u : trfdlr trnjtgfru 1 Jb&b L. tftnopu* ulrp^tu^ 

l^u/bp* tutuuttu^lrugk uJjtlt \utuuibuju»Jlupt ahlr p^utLuthub pbnjiuhtrii 

35. L. pbplru/bp ftplrtug 2 ojia ub-p^utl^utUp : Dtuuqft ufututut^fc ^usjuiunju^ 

tfiuju ♦ uujtu Ilt Jhh- L. afinpp iuii ! otuunft £ tun. uut din op* L. tun. "ill 

unjh uyuJbo- : tututu nt-plrtut* unjb* L. JUh- L. tftnop puut uJJtu utupft^. 

utufyfi' a-nisuatutat^t 1 Jfib+nfr ^tuJiuun-tuJayb uTbirp^iuLutuuu* V}"h*~ 

p. 6. ndbtr/i iujintfiti^pnt-ji ^tuJuSba-tuJuyb nhtrp^asLu/hupb* pbnjtLjblrii 

^fiqtuui Jt iftrpuy ajytugnuplriuu 1 • up nhn.nuliusLiub ulrp^usLutgph 

P*-h ajt l_} u Ul. uut H u iJ u * niKtudlujb ^Itt-iuun.* L. *>nf_4rt II. n lutuhtntuh 

L. uiruJL. I? ^utJusbu-tuJiuJh : §fi uut' L. n< uyinqC^ "> A^£_ ^** n P 

5. ^utjutbojujuyu uttu-p^utLutuupu nhq.n1.%f1 : It. ftbplru/bp* fthplru/bg 

ttfwuitu^lru ll ulrp^u*Ltu'bp n.n§i outuup fttr 4" Jh&h tftnpnuuu utrp^oi^. 

Lulu* L. u/yu (r ^usJu/bujuJuyb L. «flri- 13 L. tftnpp, ffcpu, frbplriuu, 

trqjig/i ulrp^iuLuiu 1 uyiu*bLutpusgu t fihj*L r ftLoa~utu' ojitftutuh-p^iu^. 

Ltuu* tutu at nt-plruu, "t^* u ^ g ^ u *hnpni-Jpb utrp^utbiuu x L. n^ptuutu* 

10. utubiuut-nfb : fruit tututu p trail; in L. n*no» usn.pb*ftgu qunutu tuuiuugk ■ • 

uy^^u/uusfyfiut n^ftu^hlrp^tul^tuu fyus[fffi : 


Q\p tulip* p t 

\f- Jtuutut-tuuq.* ajt uu-p^utLnt-p/iiJb 9 otuuiuLhuy tun. ft uttrnji 16 Pnt-ft 
q-nii Dtubaji otfupnjb^ uutnpnuuu " uu-p^utLutu njblrui atun. u%^h 
*h*{jp ft uuinpb.™ tuulrtntf* t/utuu t/ytf uu-trifi JftOngnt-Uh r 19 ututput^. 
l^tugnuptrtuu. tun. n^nputu tupfatup^pu a-ni* uifiuha-gfiu^ : L. ouy^n^, 
gph utrp^tufytugph uut^uutu pMug uuyg* 1 tTuiLtuptrplrii J*u»uofr t J1J*f' 
u*[ipu ft JJtJbtuug wtuptulpuglrtuip* [tuJfibg u/rnfi 9 ulrp\uslpuuu 
npnph * 

1 V uqbgf,. 2 fipLusg] V Itybuiug \ in A first hand obliterates /» before g. 
s V has order uJfiu $mJ\ 4 C om. 4.. 6 V u V u%. 6 V f%ir P ^m^% ; so 

Often. 7 V u^yusgnupuufug. 8 C OHl. uy L • Y juy^gli. 10 V OHl. n£. 

11 V tutuutm^u. " V adds k after Up {~f»*. 13 C D L JbL • V J1&. 
1A Vk ftgu. m After uiuusugk V adds a.n L t C omits with A. le V 

in&qfli. ll V uuwpunuuu. 18 ft nuinpL] V puutnpL ; D uuinpL. 19 V 

20 V wunutuulrgf,%. 21 V pmgmuuyg. 22 V fc/^. 

R 2 


10. fluty uy^ngis 1 . n£_ pu£_ />%fiu (turn ffygirmh, puyg irpir mpijJrug 2 puui 
ujuiwus^pJush : 

*\parfc Lpux 

\?l. usj^Ljtt^usuustyflu /&£_"£_£ ulrp^ustyurb * jtoruaji ft i£lrpuy pusgnpnpb^ 
£ngu t tp 4". aft » * /rtr£_ £ uirp^usLusu t ^ftusfcu x irnjuLusuaShnLM » 
tyustF ifiufytrpLju-p unfit, tpuiT uyuuffiutrusgnb f"%P> *> f fU >1 ta tJ3 » 
utrp^ustyusts 1 puyg Irpir njusuiph* uustyutunt-uu usuarugfr no Irs* uhp^ut^. 

15* IpMihy IpuiT nJh&hy tftn fun cuts i L. uuyg, n^b^fr outuusty 4 , uy/^jwt-frut' 

usttpb^gb : jtushnft n'^ftu^ puut^ fjlioLuih) Jb& uiufi, A. 6 fyusiT tftnpp* 
uyi^utn. u (J[_'lf r p"'pJrpft£j nptyffa t g/r jkusiLu "fitpp usuft t L. lfnp trusty 
Jhh- : ifusuh nuJkub ^nJusutrnftgb tTirh- Qjtt* h- uuu7ruts t unt-usq q^n^, 

20. tfusutrn-figh* : |w£ usujur nuptrohy uyautn. try it/trpuipJrpnL-p finish 9 4" * 

*^/Zl f ^ ^T 9 * fiif?" d utn fihptruih "{"IPF h- u%&- t n£_ trppiya jbutnis 
»bn_pp usuusgtrus^ [ftukpt k~ tynptrmljb Jhh- : njupltruwi ft njrusunu oiutrtQt 
pMunnt-iT Jusprvftty 9-"/* b. % juipt?bu uustyusu 2 , fippnu ajt nmqJusuMUtutfity 

25, iru ots/h qbnuus* L. ft uttruuiputhfth uustyusuuy fluty fl uiuth pmqnt-Ju x 

L. uyiltM nrptytyusuqjttMt L. IrnjuLusuqjiLuui L. fli-pusoush ^flt-pnoiissju^. 
suflutrusgh ousTbusty uiusuustyfc x fluty Jhhrh tyustT Ji north ntupusuustyfr 
ousuustyy uyijusuktn usn. flu£» ousuqfl usn. uys uttruusbfl uTrhrb L. tftnoph* 
usujus nuptruu trpL.trtfltn ufl una us usn-phiftgu trbi 

*+\pu*Lp h : 

30. \*l. uyi_ I*-*** plr tfrsk If* aunuus gushusty ujn^j, L trfftr n£_ qfl*jtr> «£_ 

£ ungus ulrp^ustyusu L. n^ flu^J ^uiuqfl qnp 1 * n^fihph puut fltiptrwu 15 
u*n.uni-f2 U UL U " 1 ' "Ull* ^pwp^piruigu 1 ^ • ajtuspq. ffigfi uutnyT 1 * /&£_ 19 

1 Vj u Ul?d b - 2 C om. mpnJL^. 3 E l«{jg] so CDE : V Ve/V*- 

4 V fusuusftu. CguJua.%. * piru.] V ftlgu pum. 6 V OIT1. L. 7 V 

\npbuslsHr. 8 V <;nJu,utrn.f.g%. 9 V ^puspkpm.pfiiA. 10 V tyk. 

11 From FhpLujb down to end of section is wanting in A owing to loss of 

One folio. 12 D <mt£uu.«. 13 C japp. 14 V np . 15 V fllgtrus-hu. 

16 V uyiu. 17 V ilfrpusplrpbui^ 18 V om. uu/piT. In A there is a late 
erasure before the Jl where /» seems to have stood. 19 After (&£_ 

V'adds ungus. 

Digitized by 



p. 6. 



10. -♦«^.M-T-P^*- 1 ^v ~Afo»- p^. JLLpT 

%»^. £ 1 
15. b-gnupiru.%. ma . nrfpufu m^p^u fJ , L %W m %t g p%V> , L ^^ 

3P% -Ll.pWu.gpy mmt < imA ^ mmU9 n ,r mkmptr . t **¥%- 

-*& p JpJb~%g u.u.po.^tru.^. p %Jp l 3 ^\EgL 

'V*^. * frfey] Vpty-'bg; in A first hand obliterates » befer, 
8 VhasorderHto<w: «Com.t. »VWA *V q %I,„<l7 * 
often. TV„,«^_ V .Com.^ •V^^^/' 

V 4-/MfcA u After «„^ V adds ^. C omits with A. ?y 

*fcWr*. ™Vu,u n M gp% . "V^ M V^ 

^jitized by G00gk 


V^HJd "L- P nt -fr Jpufbatljbi pbiLnubhr^ njutufruiu* L. tfbnuuttjb t ^pfytru : 

20. hplpu IpubuA ubu * : nufbnfi ii-£_ k «^//_ "UUJ jw*-t?'*t SrpfyutfyutuqntJb t 

L n^/t i[lrpuy pnunj: npufutfy* irpirpu t tyuqjfgu 2 , n^fiU£_jutt-Lm 
^f*hq y jputb Srplrg utuplt : L. n£_ Irptrpu 3 , irpfgu : L. /*£_ utJiubuil^uu^ 
uyiuyiAj jait.£u$ utjhtbutlf utupu : L. n%_ji 4!?P U U3* tuuutglrgngu; 
pn[npnMb, *ȣ_ ^tll nu P nL ig jutukntb L. unutuqb* utuft ? fiul^ utugut* 

25. outbutLnb* «v£_ pbujnthtft qjusu£u$h L. qbnuutqb t A. nupujlt jutmnt-fy* 

Jiubutuutbn. autuL.nju L. 7 qtutuuMwu L. uuib^utboMutb wufijji ^nutbnfi 
frupusDiMsbfJtt-p utu[iglr£ngu ^utuutfyutg, ^utuu-kut 8 L. utb^utbqMut mufti 
npnutb : JutpJjfrh, L. ^utuq-trui L. uiu^usuq_(?ui utufi s L. pf!t- 9 L. utyq. 9 L. 

30. utbnnjq. utuft : ututufru L. ft tftrpuy uy^ngpb jfutnfglrjng 10 {it-putgu/b^ 

ijti-p $utuq_frui it- utb^utbqUm utufi : fiufy uyfngu, npgutu " JjfiutunjutTirtt 
n^^utuut^n 9 12 *»£_ fywplf Jl/^ pnulrugfiu 1S IJJt ^ "^IJJt ***^/_ 14 « 
npututL t tnptu Jiuq.piiL.pfub* ff£_ tp*pfi Jlf^^ VUt ^~ "^IJJt mu fi * 
uyijusukui %Jiuitp l5 i L. uujfiututlf qjjq- &- "^"UJf- "t_k. m Vb JIF^* 

35. uytuJuiut atiutu nt-pfrtfb, ^u/ht-iyu™ JutbutLMtbn. irqfigfi nt-pnjb 

juimnulf qnjq. I*- utbqnjn. utufi [j 

ftutqutujt utn-nb^fi t 

i & t lV*/^£! u (J uu ifi u fi^ u * uu fi'i n flfi tyutbn-uiJ*fi%glrutbg np fiu^lruut **JU*g 
tLng_ utufitt % L fyuttT nptufrii qfiutpq. L figkt t 4/l?fk u ""*■ "UiJ 
npnjnt^b^ 1 \ Mb- : uyu, np fiu£_ k"t "Utd/ mu t • Jt'^lb nt-pnt-JpU* 
J£b- muft i L. I^pljbuaiuutmftl^ * uy/Jj u*uft t uyu np {&£_ ¥u t jtimbafp 
b. nL.pnL.Jnb l^plfbu»iutuu»f»l^ utufi t uutiu(ru 9 U- npgufb JjtutbqjuJ\ *y[jp 

pt * t^juiufiufm uMufftt t L. tr uyuufftuftgu* utnfit^nuupau i npt^f^b I 
ndbutLnt-pliLSt s input Ju/qpnt-pficlb : aq-uynupflLu i Jwlpugnt-ppub x 

1 V ypl t l l utut t nL%u, so in next line. 2 V &ffis«. 8 V #*?*. 

4 V utJutbut^n. 5 Ji *lf?p"{jg] V {> 4^P U U UU U9 \ £ t 4l tMt VS*'' 6 V 

%nuu»au. 7 V om. L. 8 V adds L before $utbu\km. 9 L qj/a.] so 

CDE ; V has L utuu/ltm^ nnjq.. 10 V XutnJralrinu. U npgmb] SO 

CDE;V W u V^tef 13 C D E omit Pnt-auapt. 14 C D E 

utufi. ld uifiutin'] SO CDE J V has uJmbn L utbt&utl^n. le m nutbL.njb\ 

The Paris MSS. usually have this form ; V \om%nJb. n V npqJb. 

» ^] CD 4^ L. 

Digitized by 



n.nni-ppi^b 1 oufbnjt mJISbmjb mumglrmjj>u t mjtty np /&* f?u t "fJI^M 
muft** L. /jusiT npufk" ib^pf-^ k- fi&k > "UlSfl^ mn - "ULl ^~ "^"UL 
5. P'tJ J*"^ l£ "iJbiuLni-pfiLZit nupnt-ub nubutt^nt-pfti^b muft* L. JmLm^, 

gnupfujUy nt.pnt.Jph JuiLuMgnt-pftijb 1 L. npnt-pftdb, nupm-Uu njtnL^. 
Pftub 1 It. uyrpb uiybml^u : |^/»^- mnjpb£by tr > nngmu* JftmbqjmtT 
ftbpirmttp npj> ft%£_ ifVtt, mjjniju' usufib s L- IpmiT npmfru qftmpn. L. 
ftgk> uyawqqjuuit?u* mn. uyii ^pfyfjbt ibtunjb t Jb&- muft* mn. uyix 
omunft tun. ufjt Jhh- muft tirmniin. : L. %Jmu% npntSL %Jmb muft 1 L. 
10. "UUfr t^jumftuftjcfib* unjltiufru mn. ftu^utuftu t 

Q\ptufa>» p. 1 
\f- & pbl^nnJmbnut&y L. I^mgnt-pfti^b* L. Ibftuwph, npnupftuhp ni/uthp * 
L. npnt-pfti^bfT® mnpu^fitju 11 * ftul^ nibfynndmulrjht fymtT 1 * tyitflfi IpmJT 
%umif£b 9 unom* n^Jrb npnupftubg t nttyg ^jmpmbntSimnmp ^jmumglr^, 
U?3 npnu.pirmbgb muftu s 

Q^p tulip a. 1 

15. f\mjg £ L.%irp^mfymunL.pftt3ttu * t utnph^unOu 6 : nptrffb 1 mnjupft^ 

%nt-pfn ^mpnupttmb lilrp^mfymu £t irpfymomu^pt-p'** mnph^fi^ 
gut t "- Jiufytugnupft, mbnftmm-ptrmb : p"{jg ti£_ muVbuybft mn. 
ftu£ttt3iftgu 9 njjj Iblrp^utfya/u : ^mbuft fyptjbmmmmt[[tb n£_ /&£_ k 
%irp$u»fyw%™ ' L. «£_ trnmmmmfyftu t L. n£_ mjumftulrmgjab n* ft 19 

20. JftnutT nt-ifcp 1 {^"(jg pnt-ft amnjmi-lrfb L. qbnumq*b pbq.nt-1blri* mn^, 

pb^jpb zomuqft %Jmu™* t jmL-tr*n L.*bnuuiquiuft x L. mb^utbnftutmnAflr^* 

jmt-trui L. *bnuma^muft\ /rp^uipu/b^fn-pnp 22 ftlbngmufr, wnjl% £& k** * 

^a/baft IbJmVb* nt-pnuJWb TbJmu muft 1 L. muant-njunjyu% 9 nupniSt 

mbqnut^juq.njb t uy^n ^aiJlrbaybp mnflu^^ptt, phi^nuLfih qasiuui-tffb 

25* L- tfbnumq^bi ^pusbq^ l^pljbmmmmfilfbi n^jmuft ju$uk*»* L. %nt-usa?* : L. 

n *mjuuahuhrmgb * it. n+Jji fit** 

l fcr]V», 2 Vmupt. » B OmitS lb<»p<l. 4 V4r. 6 V mnflnj* Sri \ 
D miLpb^k* 6 V nflg. 7 ttygngb] SO C J V mj^ngb ojij. 8 V mj/rnqq.. 

9 V -t-pAtJZ. 10 V w »uPfyA. ll V adds !A. 12 ^-T] so C D ; V L ^mJl 

18 Vjmufolrtng. M V Ihp^m^ M V jmn^b^n^t. l6 V irp^ 

^usbjii-p'h ; CD lrpt i a i pu/b^i.pgb. n V Mr. M In A inchoate^ after -fr. 

19 V Om. ft. 20 V % JmVb. 31 V m%<,m%^mnj% J C D ml^ml^mmnjyVb. «* V 

L irp%. 28 V mnfiu^k\ A has punctum delens over tr. ** mufijmukm 

L %ni.mqj[ SO C ; V B pUi^nubft qju/utufh U. tjbnumtjh. ** V juyumfrulrmijlt. 

Digitized by 




^putLp* n. * 

^/Bsbtujhp uiitp1b*opit t uan^utfyuaqjupiuu utufiu : ^pfyfjti : butntttj, utu 

30. utuh h-utnauj i L. utkp &-UinJVjp tuufi utfrp t L. ^p^uuttutuutpirut 

Lfiui-ry LpLuutiuutut/tlrfr * L. I^fiufiu^y l^plfUutu^ututl^fpb trp ttftuji* : L. 

Mh?u* unt-uaqfi* Ah- : It- unutualtt, Jbh-ft 1 untlutaj utuuftrtt II ft i[frpuy 

"UlTSfo 1 i^fJS * a l"'lt"- i ^ kpplrn* aft ututppirpirugp puut ptunftui 

npoutu t JtuLuigni-l&hub) t/iuuutglrtunju mutt* JuiLutgnt-Pttub • L. Jut^. 

*f* Jp fyuagtrrfu, Jtu^utgnuplruiu "j" 9 Jut^utgir^ i L. oq-uyni-pfi' aqaufuiy 

fi/p qq-uynupfiuh t L. oquuffiu, nqjujnt-plrutuj 1 ® nqjatfji * pttyg uuslpayh 

fr Irppfrp, aft np pnt-irugfi ^ut^utn.tupiir^ 1 1 trp** n £_ plaututuirpaup 

tun np tuufiu puagututpirugfiu % «£// 1^lf"" u gP "P pmgutuipo-utgu • 

nppmpx piLy irpir paugtuutplrugft' ^ uremic, tt£_ ^tufyutnutp&fc* ^iwl, 

p. 7. pb-tyi outuajt rt£_k pttututulrptup t utnutffiuu* putgututpirui^ tr • 

plL ^utunu : pu/uofi «t£_ putn npnutT ^utu } puut iAjuJ] pL. unput 1 ' 

tuufr : tutt puut npnutT pluui-Apu £ t otuuqjt ptuutpug L. najtng pit. 

tr nnp tit iru ^utt-oz mttuut irpir putgututpirugp pbututu&rpaup, L. 

5. ^uilpunjupHi x nptuut/fi plL piruutt-npfi pL.: L. pLaut-tipu, pL-ntf^ 

piisuunp i 

Q\pu)[[B* br i 

{^uygk irpplrpi of* L. utunt-utuutoMpS-irt pirpLu ^utpLutuup £> irpir 
n* buy *lk ntuntJb 19 uin. np phnaubtrputp putgututpirugff ^[iLtfit Jtirqfi 
uuttJt trptr pustjOMuiptrugfi, n<phmathft £ pmgututpnt-Ppu* nut unfa n* 
puut npntutT uuttJu £ puut uyutT unput utufi ^nnpu : ^putunp iru utut-n 
npng n* anu Jtirnfcp, tfutuU npnj L- n* ^ut^utnutpifn jtutuaft uuml. n* 


l Vl-nauj/,u. 2 V4fiunJu. 3 V ^uu. 4 V t 5 V fa. 

6 unt-utofi] V upnt-uaafju utufi. 7 Jlrty] V Jubjt utufi. 8 V trpptp, SO 

always. 9 In A first hand adds in margin the alternative reading 
JutfutgnLpirutJp, which V has. 10 In A first hand adds in margin alter- 
native reading fjfjujni-piratjp, which V has. u V ^tufyutnjupty^ 12 V 
ypk. u In A a heavy vertical line before the » indicates perhaps 
that the scribe began to write a p, but desisted ; Vom. ^in ulrnbtlruaft. 

14 V pbututblrpmp mn tuntufpulb. 15 Before ptugututpirtu[_ B adds afr, 16 V 

om. &. 17 %nput. 18 Through loss of one folio the text is wanting in 
A from pumjgk to unuuy%. The text here printed is V. 19 B has munMt. 

Digitized by 



muft j>bqt-ty t "fJl_ pirpLu phu$tublrtfjyb pusgutmpnuppu irqp^p irptr 
uyuujku opfiumfyuiL. fib^pmgwmpltugfi* jtlrijji'li jttrqwunpft ,fiirqp fyuitT 
npuffru qfruipq. L. figk uy^uiqqjuputp* j>usua[t tub nub n^_ %*"Jt u- ^uit^m^. 
qjupUrt irp& pbmuibtrpwp pmgutmplrugfi* j>u/bqji jplrqusunpb ^y^tr un- 
ify. airqusLJip fr i \]rybu((ru L. [i tflrpiuj uy^ngh* ^fiqtuh q.tnufu^ pbuiutbir^ 
putp puiguitnpirugfi pu/h 2 Ltrunjuibunj pjugusmplruii^* ptuuaji 
n^puim npnt-iT lflr%njuibfi £ a-£nufu ntSbfiy ^u/uqfi pwnni-t(j» ft t^lrbqju^. 
Ibirmg ninufu n*nt-1b[ib t L. uyuiuf^u nJiupuiL. ptrpltM 1£i npng a* 
Ifusu usunuuihp* b-py ^jurnjuffcniju L. juyhguth^ n pj* **"*- unuuyU* 
20. ^wbusnjup&trli' ° nfigfrv ° tmlbnuaJhoht npuifru L. ft iftrpuy iuiruvfuiuutglr^. 
iuau t ft pb-tyUi pLjMtunp* , L. fi ptrnL.ryh, j>lrqusunp t |^»0- ajJb'buyh 
§unfu^uu 9 yphr phwmhhrpwp pwgutwptrugfiby own. ^us^iunjmpiulb tuufiu t 
25* w-ftrplr* urn. njttutULjip fth^pwgmuiphrugfih, L. n£_ urn. np mufiVb, n^ 
^urfyuiqjup&k 9 » 

Q^ntuLp* 3f» 

\^l. mulrjl np L. n* apo ® funumnttuibtrntriagb urn. ^utLutnjupiuu 
muftgtring L. munuuMUanU unnur fyutgir/ng x n^ pf£_ ^utfyusnjup&t* 
irpir urn. />u* u^tmmm\lr ingh pwautuiplrugfi* L. n* fair* urn. npu 
urufiuu x ^pl^yii x h-urnjnji trph n* Mr puigimuiplrugfi x uy§ tfiupnjnj. 

80. LuitT SrpLauiuiitt-nj* L. Leu J* typ nt-pnup L. ^£ *1/uiufiukufgui it^ 

^uifymnjvp&t- : oaAafi n * pbmtubfi k pjugututpnupfiiXb x L. ILu t irpir 
phvtmahtrpwp putgtutnpirmti ftgtr urn. np usuftu 1 ** uiJkuuyu auutptuput^ 
p&lrglrang urjtngu 9 n fl£ JftUMunjuatT luusutui^usno oris 1 puyu i&tugtrujj 
mi up Jfauybiy urn. rip puigusuiptrgaMubi pbutufbtrpuip, ma. uus™ 

85. uruurugft 1 ^fffytfr x Irpir h-mnjuy urn. inp tuufi**} tumptupmpHrgir£ng 19 

utiinau i it/jp JftaiUa.uitT lutumiu^uspo tru bttib x ^pLI~b x lrpfynmuJu[j% 

1 fi»^\ B ftntj» ypy. 2 ^aA] B "UL n ti 8 ^ pwgwmpy^ 4 A resumes 

With unituyu, for Which V reads unum. 5 V ^OM^iunjnpipb. 6 V n$nlr%. 

7 After pLu»t-np in A is a lacuna of seven letters. 8 V mmm ypy. 9 V 
^aiQtmqjnp&fu; B agrees with A, 10 »^_«/^] VB»^ npg y% 'ft ; C n^ft. 
11 V fvituuinifuslfey^gb. u V uAnuutug. 13 fat] so VEB and second 
hand in C ; D and first hand in C have ypy. M V urn. npu mufiuu. 15 V 

ufutpiupjuptygyjag. 16 uut] SO C ; VB uus JfiuyU. 17 V npqmu, which in 

marg. of A in first hand. 18 mufi] so DE ; V mumugfi. 19 V L iumpm^. 

pmpXy^nglt ; DE A. tuutpuiputpiygy^ngX. *° "(Jl^gh] SO C ; V "(Jifd* 

Digitized by 



tint* L. tftufyusgnt-pu-utuu 1 nltqjtuuusfyuiu tj-n[_ tftupqjyu*, L. uuutgir^nj 

b. ujtutjbnj tnu Q-"L** jwpb-uinjuju* tun. urn tuufi* ': ^puJbqfi b-usnjuaji utu* 

h-wiLMuj usuutugfi 1 utiutrpir* ntnhususuirpjup pwgututptrugft) usn. np utuftu 9 

iutuputtuutpi&gir£ng uy^ngb 10 , L. ttttutg/r^ty Jjtuyltnj tun. np pjugtutnplr^ 

guttJbt n* usuutugfi tun. utu* * wpn. ajugututpnugfi b-utnuy Jtupnjy u. 

5. pL^utuni. : L. ufutputpjupigfi 13 tftupqjyu 1 *, infrpu utttu aJifc ^atuq^ 15 u^ 

iuu S-utnjuju usn. tfiupn}* usuusugfi i ntuuqfr nj binj uib t L. n*b-usnjuj "* 

k : uyuujku' b- $ust~nub, tfnupuipjuplgft 19 pujust^npu f-"[J ^utuop 19 

n*Lu irnfigft pLlb, usnph^pgui ^ousuqfi n± lrjn/ pb-usunpfi) L. n^pltu 

10. trnftaft nupni^p * usufus nuplrius lufiuifi ajugusuipu-£» tun. np nolb *° * nXutut^, 

ubpiupu tuufi : L. trpir usunub fyuygki ujusgusutpnt-pfiuUbr^ 

ifrufi : It- *if ^llh ^wpLtut-iip £ p/rpL-u L. uyuiuf?u 

njugtuurptrgtrrng, irpL.irtp fc *tb usJbuuybp usnfiujjfu usn. ^ustfusnjmp&ub 

usuftu i 

%tusfe. %. 

15* {^"{jg pntJftb usnfiu^pb ^ustsusuujuuuyb pbnupLrtui/p OJifji L. ft tfirptty 
ptutnftgut 2f%«/*Wf»/itf? fr * a ous%up ^ust/usun^uuusju 9 fypliUusiuutuiftHiu k i 
II lt£uh l L. lifiuuiyb b^ry, l^plfbusu^usuifilfb (ri L. h-usnjuyfr bfjjy uiffpu t?\ 
utftuuususfru uyungfiL L. uytjA t L. usn.^usuuspusfy fipsug ajunjbusu uyunpftt^ 

20. atOtJtusuu: ^ntttbafr n^ a~£nj fyptynpusufuiwnfyft, "i_ k %£" * "- ^""-'U* 

"L. ^LHJ' "Z- ^ bpl[ uu " uunn l'b : utyuufku L. ft tftrputj uy^ngu* npg 

JftusunjustT uyuutfiufio Iru* 

l^ u U& "i— b *U?C U U uufltkbgni^h uMnnb^ftgu aptftupftus Pnt-ft, ^usifiuuasu^ 

Jujjt } ^ pbni-ptrusJph nntjou/unp Jtu^usg&tfUfntuTb nJat^atgni.ppt^uu** » 

1 V JtufyusgnLpirusu. 2 n-n^ V f-"l_u- ', DE L, Omitting fn^ 3 V 

tHupq-u. 4 V om. njt^ 6 juspbusn-uiju] so ooi. first hand in B ; C 

and second hand B utn. np S-utnuyu. a utuft] so B ; V utuwugfi. 7 B C 

Omit uttt, 8 V utufutp£. 9 V npu uiuftVU ; C np utufitiu, l "ULTtftj 

SO C ; V "UlfS' ll utuusugft] SO B ; V utuft. 12 uu/\ SO B ; V nut. 

18 B tutuptupjupllrgirijj. 14 V 'ft tTtupnjyu. 15 V Om.^^tr^. 16 V 

JiupnUb. 17 V h-utnuyu, l8 V trpir ufuspuspjupifi. 19 V OTT\. ^outuaft. 

2 V u] V OmitS. 21 V pMugtuu.pnuPf.t.u. 22 D tuuVutuj%ou. 23 k] C 

OmitS. 24 V lutmujfiu. «» A J V Lnz. 2 « D ^mtTmun^ftujuu. 

* V ntTui^uignt.pituu. 

Digitized by 




Xusful^fiu pnulrugfi 1 ajt£* jtsuXufr [ippnu jusT^usfu jiunjtsfuiajyu ajyut^ 
25* 3^ ITS bV'S" 1jp u fyi*gni-pli uiSh 2 mtnjbni-tfp 5 x 

Q\pusLp #» * 

*\\usuafi fi t/hpuy uut^utunugt L. IpusTfi t/hpuy n^Jfrnj* utlruat? no qKttt^, 
dufbyjuJuyb* Pf"t ^"i usgh^un^h '• qJusfyusgnt-pft lVL 1 slruttx L. ILui 
qfi Jusfyusglrfffu ft pusg puspllrut^ pbn. fit-p f ft ptasg pwnjuutj adasl^usg^ 
nupftutils * fiufy tfutfyusgnupftuuu, q^Jus^asglr^Jtu n^ pusputpusnjUisjj ' 
^tttunfa tfsttfyttsglr£L.nj n£_ £/£/• *£_ k JutlpssgnL-pfiuh * ^tsjuqfi n%_ Lit 
30. nt-pnLj* trqfrgft Jtss^usgnupfiL.ts° x It- Jusl^usgni-plriuu n* Irani* n* A^> 

uspaJr^nu ojttalpttutt £0% ojn£ npfylr% 9 x L. pttfnpuslffru, £np£rpusua{ii^ 
%nLpptig 10 t qfi kptr 11 £ Jusl^usglrfji * ^pusbnft Jusl^usgnupfi^h unpus, 
£p. lut £> x ftul^ uyu 1 t Jaufyatijlrjfiu' nj\j x It. ILu x Iflrunjaiuunj tfhpm^, 
puspllrglrfjj. "£_k Jusl^usgnupfitX * ftufy JutfyusglrjbutgTb, pus ant- Jo** 
fi^n-truf iblsVu ajtu 

35. \*t, uifissuusiu£u uyungfil^y L. ft '[kp u U qq-ttsjnuplrusug^u 16 nuufimi ^tttuaft 

aqqjtttfUi 10 uusfubfiu ousts aqa.usjnt.pftuuu pnuft tiJtt* ousuafi qtytttftU 
puspltruss* ppn- b^p puiiLuusj qqq.usjni.pftL.uis *' t fiuL nq.utjnL.pfiuUlst 
aquas* /fits* ">P}"h f"~r F P u> 3 pmnjuutj x sftuuu aft aqjajnt-pfn^sa 
p. 8* nt/iupjphnsf^ II pit Jtsspifpbfiu 1 ^ x L. nqiutunj f* {wo puspllrglrtry °* ft 

pusg puspllrust k I*- tluspJpitu ' fiulf JuspJphnj n* ^77/* ft C LUt 3 
utttpHrutt i L. aqjuynupftultu x mutm nt-ptrtBt P}"h f"-P f* f uu S 

1 C flatf. 2 V udusliutauupfs^U. 3 V utnlttiutQ* ^htny. * The title 

ujputfe £ is added in late hand. 6 V n^wfusus^tTutjUu. 6 C JitsQm^ 

glrfngu. 7 V nJus^usgnupftcu. 8 D OmitS the daUSe : ^utuqh n±_ Ltt 

m-p»Lj> a-qfigft Jiu^usgrn-pfuJu, 9 V npsu(ru. 10 V ^nplrpust^fuJunt-pfn^b, 

11 V pk. 12 V OmitS tsyu. 13 pus^i/p] SO B D J V pmanuJ] 14 In 

A the numeration of new chapter omitted. 15 u^ttynupiraA^b] so 

CDEj V has aquMynupirusugpu. le V qqus^u. ll V uqjtyttuPftuitu. 

18 fit /"-P added in A above line in first hand. 19 C tlmpt&ntfltt. *° V 
{""ptys^UU'i so °^en. 


Digitized by 



putnjbmt 1 qq-uijfih aMjiynuppiMi * fiul^ aqjiynL.pfiL%% aqtfJU[J?Ut n^_ 
phn. f"-p f» P M *g (UMtrvLuy * autuqft LirbnjMtuunjb ft [UMig pjutpXlrglrinj* 
5. aqjMyni.pfiL.lblb 2 ft pusg putpltrusi £: p**{jg a R Ju lF u 5M/ * npl^l^b ', 

JtupJ/tu** ftrpiT, putngp, njmnju x lt~ "(JLp mJIfbutptn "flP J/tmuajuaiT 
aqjutfio x b. Lu 1 aft gqutyauPfn-lblb^ C^uiJuihqjmJuyu phq. IftrbfLMi^ 
uunfffti [filbfi ' igwhqfi Jfius%ijMiJuyU l^lrbiLMtbfib [frbft** L. aqjtyni-^. 
Ppt-Vb * fruL qqjsttfilbt £■ L. %uwfu PU/U WH*/ qqjMynt-plriMb ' jHMtuqfi 
^ncp* L. fnt-p* L-lbuyuayfruftpu** J n P n 3^ &- fftrlb/LMttpu paatn^mglrui^' 
10. fr ti- juiiuuf^pusb qLiftiqjuuftv* pnqnpnt/fiu f-"£^ u * ua Q Jt (J'"-Pf t *3i * 

tuufttt nt-pirX jiuiuu^ustfjyU 1 irmg&tMi^^m%qq/fMtjni~pfiMt aqjufpti 
t"L. P nL -^ ru gf' * 

{^"Ud "^t u " u P us l( nt - uu **k u > irptupnjLg** L. n^_ Jfi tjjymgnt-pfttJb* 
mitpp^fgb utuft 1 npuffru pnt-ft ptr 1 * uut pbivjtubft puut nJusbg 

15. irpfypnpnjua** ajyiugni-p truth tjh • j>tMtuafi Jmt^ ndutug' uwiuufbng 

qjnjusnni.pu'usuijif aptfuspputfr : outuqfi /*£_ fuijnpjA, L. n* duiuaifypu 
usnpuij 6 uiuftb s atttuqft nab Juipn.* /*£_ utufi itL.pnL.ult no Juipn. 1 L. 
n^nuu uup^uin.* nupnuilu™ n§% tupfutn.' « UI \J U "ftr" "- JutuniXpUi 
no/haft nab l£rnjb t n* uiuft nL.pnL.Mi » nuu OrtLu : L. "> qjnufu t 

20. n^uiuft nt.pnL.uu 20 nuu ajnu/ut uy£+ + + a * Jptt ajnufu » uiyutu£u 

L. ft ifbpuy irpfypnpquuu ajyuigm-pa-u/uglb, iflrpuy jnLJtifntjb™ 1 
npfyfjb t divpq.9 "£_ uiuii nupnt-JpL Juipn. : L. /»* uipfuin. f nt-pniJBi 

1 V pmn-uuy. 2 y £ nnjiynL.pfttXU. 3 ^^ , J^H^] SO C D E ; 

V Jhupjpi, * v -ubP b - 5 v n P- * v qs^w"-P/i' 7 V 

has Order //&^ ^'ir^-. 8 V uyuutfiufigu ; B uyuuffiufy>uu, 9 V **unpng \ 

B »/»/»j. 10 In A a heavy line resembling vertical stroke of a ^ pre- 
cedes uttt and has by a late hand been turned into ^. Above it to 
the left is an erasure. Also the first tr, over which is an erasure to 
the right, seems to have been by the same hand manufactured out of 
a >/: u Title of the chapter left blank in A. la V l*pk -p«Jr<ig. 
18 V has order pk »/»«y. p. u V has order Lpfo. n J\ 16 V mn.pb£u. 

16 B npnuu%. 17 D OmitS ni-pnuu% nbu tupfmn^ 18 C npnUku. M A^\ 

V n£_nk%. 20 C npnutfL. 21 nJpb has been manufactured out of 

ni.pnL.JpU • V /m8* 22 V J"l^4bg u ) C mni[j?ijb. 

Digitized by 



mpfain. * L. n* tfiuyui, ni.pni.Jph tftuyut t ufjl ni.pnuJpU utnutgnt-uth- 
25* tuufi* tfhptuj sujuujfiulrujnu, irpLJrtp £, afc n« f 1 uin.pU\Jiiib x 

\uil[ ft tfirpuy ntfiubg* irptypnpnjug tfjfjutgnL.pirwugu> nt.1bfi irpfypuync^ 
Ppuu t ^piufcu * q-iniju, nLpnutfu tuufi n-jnufut L. Hrn3t * 
usufi OrnJb x L. fiuptunuih ^jti-pup uyuurfiuirmgu* * ifjlu^uji uyutufiufiou* 
mn. fju^fiau pmJrugfth oj»[_* 

Q\pmLp» tf-ut^x 

X^JiiL o-po- piut utLtuuuituup 9 utn.pU%fcnu uui^tfiuu nuiguiutpb-uit £* LtutT 
30. UIJ*^ njJ-nLMiptunU) L. LtutT luuLuspiuanti* t tnt-busuirt) fippnu pir 

L. n+Jji qjyutgnupftub u»n.nb^gu tuufi* uiufirpir* n * piuutuLtubus^ 
ptup t uy^Jfu tunflu£gu> npng qj*[lf U ^J U £ 8 * 

Q\ptufe* J-p^i 

y^n-fihiiijb huumuttru ni2tirt> po-pLji atunlrugfi ftu£_ tun. tujunuhL t p*fjg 

wnjufjpu uut^tfiuunb* auipuM^irutlLpu " uttflfuirgntJu * tun-pU^ftgu** 1 

85. uyi_uuit[tuju 9 n£_k "&* uinjtuj&^t ungui oj>(_}^9 utyttg, npj> flu£_iruu t 

uyintjb™ tuufi/j \*t- f* ungutufc ^juyutup £> op irpir™ no nftnwgirust* 

utirugf? ft"** n p n 2 ut i uat P* tun.nti*pgu ■" : L. Qtufu urn. n#» 18 uiuflu* npn^. 

jtuptup nfiutuiugf? : mpf- hpuJrtfc L. ^jfihplrbh k \ ouSuqft irpir nftinff 

IE 1*HJ U f^tl it tun ~Ppztf{fb k * u- k ajn j^ usnfiu^/igut uiyb **"«- 

3. [lu+b™> tftmust-pUtiuilr 9 ntAirt* L. utuju afiuifn **"*- "p uuinb™, L. 

ufluipn.* 1 nub ft 1 oufbnji Irpir *V£_ ofutfc pnnnpniffrb tun. np njSutpn. 

ndtftlb* L. n£ irpir* tun. ftu£__ afitupq. nubfi 22 o-fimiuugk t L. jt afirpuy 

ftLptupuiu^Lpngpb ^juyutUfi 4" uttuurhufib* npLfru> irpir utuju flu 4 

5. tffimirtputgnpnjlruiii r , o/r ir ItpltbtutuuitnfiLx L. npty ir ^p^btutuututfiLIb, 

l V b%. a V juyuujfiuirusgu. 3 In A numeration of chapter is 

omitted. 4 Vom.L 6 Vjtu%^tu P tug%. *Vfy. ** V mtuu, kpt. 
8 ABCDE end the chapter with the words un/b k, but V prolongs 
it to mn. uyunutf of the next. ° Title of chapter left blank in A. 

10 Vjtupm^tuLfi. U V tuulubgntAg. 12 tun^^gu] SO V ; CD ara£ w 

«t£d- 18 V -n&tbs. U V OmitS ungu. V , L 16 V uytng. " V Pk. 

17 mnjAzfigu] SO D ; Vjatn.plb^g. 18 D npu. W V ^. 20 V utuju. 

21 qfimpq] SO D ; V qbtupnk. ** C ndtfiu. » V OmitS k. 

S 2 

Digitized by 


132 ARISTOTLE. % piugnpn^tupiup qfitnuiugk : jtu/uqft irpir n^nt-pnLj* pjugnpn^. 
itlTd^ tt" 9 ^ quiu t fypfyuiuuftuui[i 'fy 9 y&i2* L. JV£_ irpir £ fypfyuuiujm^ 
wfify pjtntpniffiu qfitnfr z \)u/uj£u 3 , L. qufju [fti£* Irpir qfttn£ irpir 
qJrnlrglpuqjiju fc : L. npty qJrqirg^iuqnpib tr t mbqj~b % pjugnpnjiuajup* 
^tuplpuunp £■ qfunir^ utu* afutuh ungui * pufjg "£? mbnpnpuifyfi 

10. qfiurtuugk' .irpir utu* t f? 9 tjuainpiupji [uiuuiqjyb : ^muqfi^t fywp&{to> 

uyuujfiufiu [fiufi* *• w* 9 tflufyuitjnL.pfi * outuq/t n£ Lm qfitmtuugk uuml^, 
a tup tup, irpir £■ tfuimpuipp uuLjuqjyu * otuuqft irpir uyutq^u qfttqlr^. 
gtui. 9 "£_ fot^fU *fe uu 'P u 'P u '1 J ifl'' J*"* quiu * UMtuuu ncpirau 9 o-pbJrifl 
£t qfi ^tup^munp £■* onp irpir qfiinuiugk 1/?> ""^ph^fgb^i utu^tflu^ 

15. uiuauip * L. * 2 qiuiu inn. np tuufrb, utu^Jtuuuiajup qftutwugfc * — 

<*\pu*ly>. «^. 13 * 

|u#A qq-inufub, irpir qfiurtuugt IP fyuiiT q&lrn.nh, L. aftt-putpmu+ftt-p ° 
quyutqfiuirtugu™ * npo tr% qsyutgnupftihto* quyb* np l/br" npnpm^. 
i uu P a J? uuuu gk : l^fJS ma - n P Ui "p^' "£_ fc ^tupl^tuunp x nuiuqji njp 
Wju q-tnufu, A. 9 l^unTnjp iirnZiu 20 , n^trn/ttjfi qfiiniriuui^ifiuuiUL.pltbt 
20. uiujiu nt-pirdu n* iru unoui* wnjtU+jigu % uiumum irpir**- n* iru uitvph^. 

tjitju) ZC^Jiupfm Irqftgfi utuir^ qfr L.** "£_*^ qjnjuignt-pjithi mnpU^gu 
ff l fWfjg pirplus n-J-nuutp £ ^jiuquiqu UMjutq[tuiriugu% uuiuuipLutpiup 
fi ** P JJU g irpti-irgnt-guiuirn ^puiJtuutUL. uiiuuiuiufuiuui-nj* n* juuqnL.iT 
u/uqjuiT K^wpghtuS It- [aUqplriui* P UM J3 uuifyuyv, utiupuifynuiirit L. 
ifuipiublr^ b 4k VU f ,L -p u ift auu ^b g -p n up nun unguygu *• *»£_ u/utqfi^, 
intuit £ t 

1 V *h nuignpnptigb'ingu. 2 V LpifUiutqmuibiri\ D LpltbttuqunnLlrtui. 

3 umtqku\ SO C ; V unjtiiqku. 4 uui\ V quiu. 5 n > 1 V bpk. 

9 V uuy. 7 V om. .gtuuqfi. 8 u seems to have been erased after 

p ; V has jftyfr. 9 -fj V *ul»*i 10 f»] v «* 5 CDE ^ np. 

11 V jtun-phfjtgb. 12 V OtTlltS Words f<^/tr «ra n|v uiufiu, um^Jiuuiuajup. 

The omission is explicable from the homoioteleuton. That it occurs in 
all texts except A is one of the many proofs of the absolute superiority 
of the latter. 13 A omits title of new chapter. u V has order 

rig qfiui. W V qpi-ptupuiu£fiupuu. le V juyutqfiulriu'gb. 17 £fc] V iru. 

13 V mmfue. 19 C D omit L. 20 Mnliu] so CD ; V Mn.k. al V pt. 

22 V Om. L. 23 V Om. fi. 24 D ungiuju. 

Digitized by 



Qui nut iris npuiLfi L. npuiLm-piruiii 1 

25. ^>c n put LnL.p flub utuirj] nuin npai.iT npuibp nJtubn in u fib 1 L. fc npui^, 

Lni.pfi f ^jnpbtuLuiptuppb^* uiufigiring : 

Q\puibpi p 1 

\* m pit- Jfi mlruiuL npusLnt-piruiu* nubtuLnupfi uu It. u§paiJiunpnc.pfu% 
tuuuiugfiu : L. u§utppirp£> nubuil^nupfiubplj t fi inprnjlunpnupirui^ 1 ifb 
inhjtnuinjyjby L. jnpbtuJutbuil^uit^jbpb QJfl* u. uyuujfiufiD irb Jlul^ut^ 
gnupftuboy L. uiruMiofi'bnL.pfiubp • oiuuqfi JluLuignupf! ub t pnt-fi 
30. juipu/inLjintugu^ "-"Ll q-<f~nuu*ptuptup<f-[tg'u * irpir L. ^tutjuupuip** 

np Jhilpugnupfiub usn.gk ' irpir n^_ Jkh- ifintfinfunuifu phfywjnfi fi 
^pLMtuqjtupfrut-i fytutT JtyuPz fiujrpfr Ufunn7fwn£* uyutufiuuiy l 
uwujfru' L. uinjMipfihat-ppub * ^ftptup 1 uipijjMipnupfiL.1i, L. nnfutfun^ 
^nupftdit L. pupaipuib^pupitp uyuuffiubuigpb* y ri^_ nfuputjuvpifirjli 
85. pnufi QJii* h- «*> tuftupuiifinifinfu 1 L. inpuii/uinpnupfidip mufib, a flP 

iru iffrupuipwpttp' II uipuiajuifinfun'* t ^/r^£fcr t ^trpJhupfiub) L. 
gpuint-Pftubt L 10 ***** $fiu ** u/bqjiupfiub, L nqfnL.pfli.ti 11 1 L npp 
JftuibnjMtiT uyuiufiufiiD iru * oiubqfi wpustfiufyuyp fiuu pJui uyungfil^ 
Jiupnii ' piMjg utptunauifmutfirifu 1 tr* fi glrpifry gnuptn jirutjj L.jnn$ui^ 
p. 9. %ut L nju i ^fiutubnjubJijb ; ui^jbiu^u L. fi tflrpuy uyjngu : irpir /ȣ_ 

no* L. unnnub) uyungfilf nfwflrugfi, ptaqnuiT tuJutbuil^utu ut^ui pbuiun^ 
piruti* utbpqjJ- L. LuitT Luipfi n.J'nfciui^iupJ-u'iJi trnlruiii qnp ut^uf no 
fipp nUbutl^nupfi ub mnauuuiugf? : 

Q\ptupp. a. : 

\}l. IrpbJrJ? 4", afi auyunpfiljf IpuJfjib nuuna!^nL.pfiuuu tuulrj npgiru 

5. jn^iuiTuibml^iuaJ^Jbo^y L. n.tfni^upui^p<fuinjybp * jtufbafi ajlulpugau^ 

plrufbgupb) #i** 3 oi»0** anijUmununby uyinfrupui^uip^lripu iruiiu™> 

1 V *f> jnniiuipuipu. s V nJbmtm-PftiJb. 8 V 9 f jmpu,Lnn£g%. 4 L] 

V L. 9 fi. * V ^mtftutunpmpmp. e V has order iuuim. fiJb^k\ DE have 

fipfip for fit/lrpk. 7 V uutuftu. 8 V juyuuffiulriugb. 9 utpuiqjuifinfup] SO 

D & VO J V aipusqMiifinifin/uo. 10 V OIX1. L ; C adds L. U V mnjiqlnt.^ 

Pficu ; inCufiL is erased. u V mpuinaut/mfu. 13 rf J so CD ; V L n^. 
14 V ££<«£ lft ^«»/«] so CD ; V ihuiiu. 

Digitized by 


134 ARISlbTLE. 

n* ututrb ncjbiufynL.p-fiL.1b nuubi* "tft uutLuyJb uiputJiuLuypu fiuu 
nuui Juifyuinnupifu* Liu J* Lfuimpuip, L. LuttFouif* fiuL ututut mutp^. 
pbpf? nuutufynupfiuu p input Jmnpnt-pifttf uyunu, qjiuputpuiptf-bipu 
10. f'L} ^" nLJ R**M' ^JlpbtuJu/biufyuiqjybi L. q^nfuut^tuptf-iuqjyu * L. bu 

nubtufynupfi ubglj L. uipuiJtuqpnupftubp x fiufy u*pwtfuin^nupfiu%pu*t 
n* fi ^tupfyb nubmltnupfiubp ' ouAqp np nuuiuLnupfi uuu nuufiu> L. 
tstptuifiufyuyfiu fiUU nuin unuut * fiuL nno input ifiufyuy[iuu> ntutJbuuyu 
fiputuo nuuuifynupfiuu nulbfiu • 

Q\ptuLp* q- t 
|^f. uyi uirn. nputfynupbiuu, nuui npnuiT tfpguifyuiuut L. pbPutgutfyutbu % 

15. IpuiTnnfutfy uiuu, fyutiT tyuuiuqjl vru * L. utubifp iqutpquiputp Jjtutbujn^ 

Jiuju, np (*b£_ JJiutULUuiiT nuut pkiutpuu fyutpnnnupbiuu, fyiuiT utltlpu^. 
pnuptrtub uiufi • ouiuqfi n< iftuub input i/tuLuiiunju hub* fiuputputii^ 
^fri-pUP uyuuffiutrutgu 6 uiufi* "[/[__ '/ u »uif qtuupnupff uu nubb/qg 
phutlpub. fyutiT u/blpupnupftubi iuniub[_ fitt^ qfiuputu, L. l^utiT n^JiU^ 
Upbtx ^fiquiu • JpuutLutttp* LutiT nttputuuifyuttip mujju i n^ tfutuU 
mputjutbuttunib hub utupfiuiuLf! , "(Jl tfutuu quiupnuppub* nubbinj 

20. pbtuLtulj utniulri fib* tuhupuiu x L. nnfutbutbo utufiu, ifutu% qutupnu^, 

Pfiijb' nubbi° pbuiLiub> n* A^> hv^l t tt lu (l r L n d" ff"~p u "- ' &• 
^fiuutuiuAinuy Jutub quiupnupfiub nubbi pbiufyiuliut n^ (&£_ 4"/*^/ * 

25. L. uJutbuiLufru uyunafifyy L. fuftuinb L. Ipufynuqb nubfi ' jtwunfi fufjuutb 

utufiy tfutuu quiL.pnL.ppL.uu nubbi* *v£_ qfruputu ^utuiutufiit fiufy 
fytufynuqb^t tfuiub 1 * qui up n up f nu%bj* L. uut t "£_ qfiuputu ^ orator w 
ufai^* unpfiu uyunpfify ,— ~ 

1 V mpuMuutlpujfi^ 2 C om. L. 3 utpuiifutq.pnupl$u 4 iipu] so D ; V omits 
u suffix. 4 V uubutlpit-fifi. 6 Vjuyuuf/iuiruiau. The first hand in A 

Corrects ftuputoutb^up nupnuotqfiubuigu into fiupiuptuu^upiip uyuiqfiubutgu. 
8 quiupnupfiub] SO B ; C qutupnupbiub \ V qopnupfrb. * quiupnupfiuu] 

SO C V ; D qutupnupbutb. 8 V «*_trA^/. 9 V qfiufirgLjngu. 10 tfmuu £. 

kP^L\ ^^ read : i[utu% tttbqonu [pub^ L qftupmu utut^ utbnji ^fiuutuqnu^ 

pbutbg pbutfyuibu ffc^ fobf^'f C has ifuiub tubqopu jfiub^ pbuifyutuu fiu^ {/*£/» 

adding L qfiupmu mut L in margin. Here as often the Ven. reading is 
given in late hand in margin of A. n V qopnuPf, u V fyuifauq. 

13 i/itiub] V ifuiub n£. U uut, n J V Om. 16 ^«fu»«ftr/t^J V uibqp utut^ 

Digitized by 



Q\ptufyg» it 

\ft- trppnpn. ulrn. nputfynt-plruAt, fyptufyuubg nptufynL.pfiL.1bg* L. fyfipg * b- 
iru uyuujfiufeu * npfyfflt 1 ^giungpnupf l%* L. qjunLuat-pftAt L. uiJb^ 

80* %uyUg ungiupg l * tuqqjufyfig^g » L. U.u x ^trpiTnupfiub) L. gpmnupfiL}/> L. 

uuihuiuiLnt-phiJb) L. ub-iiupftuU : L. aft uyungfify nputfynL.ppL.1bp IrU, 
hpti-trifi £ t ou/bqfi pbqjtL^bLufyiuUg * npusfyg utufiuy pum uyupJfify 1 
npqmu' u7rqpq.^ 9 gfiuuu ouii^ffptn-pfi Litq. aublr^rjj* ^gutqgp utufi : L. 
tfutpujih* uufhutuify* tftuuu utuftmut fynupfi t&n. nublrinj : uuau^u% &- ft 

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ungatA pbnjtL%u$fyuigU) qnpuifynupfiuUupU fypb/ffb+i ouiuqp L. n* 
b. Dtn/jjjp 1 tftuuu fyplr^fih^uiufi jtiuqgp : L. ri£^uyjng% 6 uyutufiulrutg' L. 

*ȣ_ f^U 1btfut1buiuftru s mjungftfy L. ^bpiTnL-pfiuU L. gputnt-pftub^ \ 
fyptufyu/bp npiuLm-phn utufiu 1 n£* ifutuu ungfiu™ pbqntAutfyutbmgu 
5. kP^L. fttl "UL l t uu ^ t P UU9 qq-uynuptru/lbgu, fu-ptuouih ^p up tuufiglr^, 

[ngu, nptufynt-plru/bglby tujumpg** ajiituptup^utfyuthx L. * fyputLtuhp 
npmfyaL.pfiL.1bp muftb • j>iu%qjt jiutqgpnL.pfiuu, fyfp ffifu pum ZCtuptu^, 
fybftrtug uitvbfrt L. firpt/hi-ppiA putn jiUL-ptuLftifiulb* 4 : %JuaUtutul^u L. 
qjqjtu 16 l 

\uify uufftuiuifyncpftL^ii L. uL.nL.pfiL.1b, L. uym^}^ flflift* "£_ unjlb^ 
10. utupftbtufy tuufigbfngu^ fyputfyutbg nptufynupfuXg mufiu* uy» t/iuuu 

ftupbtfthgh jtufutnk u-qtuuirjj* t L. qfi [fibfi'b ifuiub utfotnfi* puianuiT 
LfinifinfoJhubg qjttliiy ^juyurt ' outuqfi uiJui^Ituii no* pu/njuajiju 
a-qL. 19 ' L. trpfyncgtrtu^ qJrqfiu™ t L. fii.pLUgu/h^pL.png^ 1 , %uyutqfiu&^, 
mgb** t Jfiiu^ qb h- P°* "J* pZsnt-pLTLuifp juyutuftulruigu ftb^iufuuifig 

1 First hand in A wrote first -nguyg and in margin corrects^ into/f ; 

V unguySP* 2 V adds ungm after fiq^L&uifyiubg. 3 Jlrqpq.] so C ; V 
Jbqp. 4 V,. 5 „L.1bfi] SO VC ; B mufi. e uy^gh] V 
d u VU!8 u foil 7 V juyuiuftuirutgu. 8 C adds L. 9 V ftrpJht.^ 
Pfiulbg L gpmnL.pfiL.ttg ; B E C ^trpJaL.pltL%g L ^gLurjjjpnupfiub ; D fJrpJnL.^ 
pfiL%g L gpmm-pftulig L ^gutngpttL-pfiiJb ; C COITeCtS ^utqgpnupfiuU into 
gpu, a up[,u%. W V ungnu%. U V u,[uu,pgl. " V OH1. L. 13 V 
fyfipu. 14 V to^Lf.bfiiug. M V Ipiffe. 16 V uy L W lr^] SO C D ; 

V ^r^/lr. 18 V frfrifc W V ^itur^ 20 Aft^ ^^ y addg 
iffofi. 21 V LjpL.paiguih^fit.ptig. 22 V juyuuffiutriug'b. 

Digitized by 



15. fypirtirutg 1 * jndmug puutLutu ujuiutui^Jatug* qUjmbu qjyu • 4^*9 

trqL. ituuU [judluj* ijtu/uqft np uyJ-tT jUMtfim^hfb* utpuMtfiuqpnupftub JutpJphftu 5 irqL., L. puut pLuilpuU pmqfutgnt-pirutu, unfb bqfigfi 
utputtfutqpnL.pfiuu : Jftli^jq^ pkincpfruufp 1 . L. qnjqbt* utfutu 9 tpttiri 9 
utpq, npj> Jftutbqjutfc uyuuffiuirulgpu 10 ufututut^ftg* jutfumfig ntfiuug* 

20. q-tf-njuutgupcf-fig* L. jtuptumL-iug 11 * utfftqph It tun.* nptufynuflj* atufiu : 

jtutuqfi irpir putn pirnt-piruiuu 12 putq^utgnL.pirutu» q.irqitnt.pfuu^i 
fytutT ub-nt-pftubp trntriuyp iru 9 nptu^nt-pfi ubp utufiu • nutuq[t nputljg 
putn unuui usufiiQ* 1 : qfi l5 irpir tftuuh irpfyuip ^ftuusuqjtupirutlf LuttT™ 

25. tfuiult fuiupfjtub, uyuufftuftu ufututw^irutg* qJrqbnt-pJtt^Uu A. 17 uLjtu^ 
pfitMt 1 * L. n^qftuputu utuqpffa ^utuutututiruit qjunJbuy * L. fyuttf* 9 
tun. fyifuutt-gb jatp fyut™ uuutu t nptufynt-ppo L. unout utufiu 1 nu/uqfi 
udiuuutuiku npuibo puut unuut iuufitfp**i 

Q\pu/fe. J:— 

|wf npj> JfiufbqjuiT* ftqftt.pflu ututputgnt-biruigut L. juiptuq. wunpffu 
30. ^utuutututfijng jfiufiu* tufa inn tuufth ' qp n ^ utufiu nptut^p ntlutbg puut 

unuut ' nuSba/t L. n* np qptyufru* tfutuu uttlut*irintu vpljunui utufi™ 

L. tt^ q.irqhutgiruijtt tftuub bplfU^binjhy q.irqb*nut*^ : tmjt lutt-kur tun. 

^P^ip^^J utuiusnt-pirtiUt uifttut* uyuujfiufiou utufiu * "ill *»> nputbnu^. 

ppj> * uJuMuuaujl?u ungaj* L. puut ^nquryV bputbutbp* nputbut-pfi^npt 
35. L- fyfiflP fuftb x outuqfc npg JfrutuqjuiT ft tftubjnt-pbwuu* utun.Pb 

^jnJutbg wfuutfig ° bnbutt, ifiufiu npiulfnupfiuUp™ nptuLnt-po tuuftu * 
p. 10. lipfyfrb * Jhjbfyutu mputut^utgni-pptr' t utuj^ni-pbutu^tL. ptup^nt-pftub^ 

L. tmjuuiftufjDU • outuqft npuibp nuut uttuut utuftu y L. pjupLtugnnjp . L. 

1 V fypkutg, 2 qttJiuuu q-njh\ V q%tfutuutq.njuu. 3 V utlut ; D utfiuj. 

4 Vjuy** * V mtL ^VV" J C tun. tTtupUftVU. • of] V qb L. 7 V 

punL.pbu$Jpu. 8 A. q^jfit] V £3/^ The text should be qjyu. 9 tJuA] 

V ^- ut/iuu, V juyutqfiubtugu. 11 Cjtupututu-ttptiqtug. ia V pbni.pL-> 

13 V qJrjbnupfe. "CD ua^«£. 16 ^] C ^ ^ J V £, Omitting ^. 

16 ^*T] so BC ; V £ f*./: 17 L] V 4^-^ 18 V uLnuPftth.. 19 A. 

^or«T] V tuj L 20 julp 4tu] Vjutptu^uy. 21 tuufttQt] SO CD ; V wutrtQ,. 

22 tuuftu C. 23 7^^™ VO CD J qhqbnut V. 24 ^m C \ tufuutg B V. 

Mjtujuut/tgttJuJugV. 26 ttptufcuPftV . * tuputtu^tugnufifiV. » tu^^fi/t V. 
29 V puspfyuigoqjp. 

Digitized by 



Jnttritut*bp : L. uJuiuututfru*- L. npn Jftutbnjutf utpututLutgnupfit^tp 

utut*nL.pirutu» n^nuutbutbn* uyfjiiuuibg^juytng ujututut^fig' irniruit 

5. trb * njJ'nuutputPuttftBr ^ u. uuid* BLntnpntWb uibputpJ-n ' nputLnL.ppt?bp 

L. uyunpfiit* trb * ouibqjt nputLp nJutbj* putn unuut uiufib 1 fiul[ npo 

autpuiq. mbnpft* ^utuuiututfitngb* tfibfiif utfituin uiufib ' ^fiqutb • 

trmh utpuaJbutt* putptpugnnutaJitb tin £ : nutuafi n * Ilu until nutpLut^, 

gnn^» np juyuuffiuunuiT utfituifi* putpfyutgnquta-iybu £ j uy^jutu^m 

tfutuu hp£flf t^*£J utu f itt tu-plrdh ifjppo utitfftt' uyuutfiufinu^ **JI n £^ 

10. uputt[rit-pfit3tm * 

^[ptut^p .'. p_ : 

\*uoutn-npn. utrn. nputLnt-piruitf &b-» L. np tun. fiuputmutu^t-pntr® f? Ljbrptux 
L. ILu utnjujunofii-n nt-nqnt-Pfi i3t • L. b-nnjit-PfitJb * L. np fiu^unguy 11 
%tiuthi? ' nutbnfi putn fiuptuouib ^Jtup unguty nputtt f*b* utufi l nutbnfi 

15. tfutuu irnjuibafiubpu* ipntP ^utnjutbtffiubjib a-nt» nputL fiau utufi * b\ 

tfutub nunfinb* L. b-nL.n~nb Qjnt* L. nuui Lirputfu fiuputputlb^JiL.p» nputL 
hub utufi* fiuL utbujujuiui L. ^n<W», L. fitnpnpuy L. nnnpLpb* pnt-irugfi 
nputL upuiuutfyh'tj payg IrpL-lrguiu utumutp uyuujfiufipu ft* atn. fi 
jnputifb pjuJ-utUjuiuk * J£aibajt r^pnuppub fiau utnjutL.irt trpLfib 

20. JutuunLuthnlt i fit-put outb^iiL.p utnn-trtz nutbafi $n&lf tfutuu uutubn^. 

Lutbgb putputiiutLuiu a.nt» utn. JfiJkutbu 1 L. utbnjuyuiu tfutub ututput^, 
Lutgirtqtu fi JfiJhuiun 1 It. nunnpLu • tfutub n.^utnunfinfialt Jutubpy, 
Lutbgb Lattx L. fitnjnp*"* tfuttfb ni-Jbau* a-irputqutbab [tjbirtnj™* it. 
nutlbau tuuilpuu 1 ^ L. qbtfum fibl*^ 1 

Q[ptul[p :• p :• 

25. t^yy pLpL-u, it- *4//_ fiu^irpL.trugfijbnutbutfy' nputfynt-piruAt t "fj^npm 

JutbutLMtbn}^ utufrbf a -P°'* P ' "IE 1 " bib t utpn. nputl^nupfubp Iru 

1 L B J Om. V. 2 uttft^nt.pifut% V. 3 L n-J-niMtputPuitfio V. 4 uyUngfili 

V ; uyunpfili & 6 ntbt^p ft] qjupiirut^ is added in V and by an old, yet 
not first hand in margin of A ; B omits. e ^utuutututtrintju V. 7 Lu 

Om. B. pMtpfyutuoqJV '. * utfituifc V. 10 fit-putoutb^fiup nuulro V. 

11 ungfitt V. 12 Add *fi before Jutu%^utug%Y. 13 nnnplfb V. 14 n.k'unt^ 

nftn_fiau B J n.kufnunfit^t Omitting fiau V. 16 fitn^npu V. ie ^^UU" V. 

17 np before ufmfymu add V. 18 Jtblri_C ; itfblrjh V. 19 Jutbutumbn. om. B. 


Digitized by 



ttutfttuiumga-utrpu I II npml^p puut unuuipti 1 juiputbnuLmputp muut^ 
gtrutyfU ; L. IputP npufku aftuipn. L. ftgtr ft unguibl? : wpq. ft tflrpuy 
jn[ni[nijb 2 > El fp&» fib ft *[kpi*U nstnVua-gntA^t jtupu/bnUbutputp 

30. utufttt t npLi/b* ft utufttntuLni-fitfhlfh* uiufttntulfUi L. ft jtlrpuilfiaiuni-^ 

filrUl/bi ntrpuiLiuUu * L. % jtupnjMtpm.fil/b^b i mpnjupu • unjuugi^u li- 
ft tftrpuy uytngut ftuL ftffbpuy ntiluug, tfuwub n£b ^">HJJ nputfynu^. 
piru/bnu iubni-uiUp ff£_ pUq.nuhft*U juapmunt-butpmp ft unguiuk muftfj 
npl^yhx pttputguifyuiVu* J IpuiT Jpgia Intuitu* np puui quwi^pnt-plrutu 

85. Jpgutt[uauni.pu'uMi* utufttt Zl 8 it£_ft tfftnfk nputfynt-plru£ jutput*. 

D. unubuiptup utuft * jauluqft ti* bush munuuiUo atUL.pnupbuihgU* puut 

npu unouy nputt^p utuftu, npufbu L. Jtulpugni-filriuUtfU 9 1 puut 
npu JpgusLuSbp L. LuttP JtuputftLp apo puut 10 input Irui'U 11 
utufttt * outuqft JftgutLuiu Jlutpugnufif! ub tuuft, L. tlutpututfyut% x 
5. atuuuft n pus tip ft unuutbf? *ujpujunt£utnuip utputtftuLuylrutipu utufttt 1 

II pfrpu-u utbnub^* Ipujgk* "- n > *»uft juiputunuuutpuwp* puut uyuup^ 
npusl/U utuujgiruttt npautu irttffr, aultfb tuuft 1 omttoft 
tfutu% tunjupftiint-pfitJh nubbinj* -B""9_ atu ft* uy/A^^jtuptuttni^butpjup 
f jutnjupftunL.pir%t' t p"(jg "2__ft 'fbpuy ptuqJutg uy utuft uftu fc t utpq, 
npusLp uyunt-^irutL. utufttt t juipufunuuuipjupau* juiuftgbtng nputynt-^ 

10. fihuibgu tuuftglrtu^p i L. IputT npiyku aftuipq, L. ftgk* "(/["( (?" "- ft 

%nguiufr x ' 

^[ptulip. £x 18 

\^l. nJy L. uirp^utLnt-pftA L-u } puut nput^ftu • ^finuttt t mpqju ftuu» 

utuftpmLMLpirutu uirp^utltuiu fc * It. uiuftuttuLnupftg^U uL-nL.plru/u f U. 

uyiott t uutuf£-ut L. puut unuuyot/ npuit^p tuuftglrtuip™ 1 ttpfyfrut 

15. utbftpuiub* utpqjuptyu* L. uu^ftutuilfb* uL.tytt t pufjg "£^ ft '[bpuy 

2 J»l?4bd» V. 8 tuJkukgnuu $ V. 4 utuftjtt V J 

below 1. 3a in A tr far over erasure in late hand. 6 p%pmuu*%utuu L V. 

Jpgu»lpu%nupft V ; JpgtulpuunuplriuVh B. 7 atuftgft V. 8 L OIH. V. 

9 JtuLutgnt-pirutugu E ; tfiuLutam-plrufuu V. a [\E P uu1 \ puw npu D. 

11 utptuJuinpnupbuiVh V. U L before u/Um-u add V. l3 jmnjupftunt-Ptruk] 

juMnjunjtUnL.plfbfru utnjupftuft V. jtuputhnuhutpjupm B. uynjufcu V • 

16 In A title of this and following three chapters is wanting. 17 %lrp$m^ 

Ipuunt-pftt-b D. 18 tuuftgbut^pb V. 

Digitized by 



uttflrutrgnL% y uyuufftutfu U 1 jtufuqfi jfi^ufftt IputP q.trqttp'h 1 * fyuttTuyu^, 
Uffiulrutgu tLnubng* n^ fib^ k uhp^utlpuU £• ptrujtrut L. nputLp trb 1 
L, U-U. trptr Itrp^uigh*. fu%\ £ npmfy L u\jfU* bqbgft* 
nptuL^i L. uyu juytn £ ft iirnlt utnJrutt L. trpL-trgnL.giruit aufotuti 

20. uutnpnnjtL.pftL%uu t npqutlt : irpif utpnjutpnL.piruHt* uihftputL.nL.p$L% : 

L. uutftututLnL.plrut%* uuJtL.p^L% %irp^ut^utb* % L. npuib £° utpnjut^, 
pnupfii^U * n put If ni-ptrUb utujut L. uAfiputi.nt.pfiL.tt1b £ t jtutuqft tt^ 
L. Jft* iy[ng uutnpnnj9L.pirutugnit jutpdutphut^ ujututfyutup* pbq- uiuft^ . 
puiL.ttL.piru/it a i»^_ outututiU* L. ttj^ utnJpu£U* L. ti + nuppb x L. n^ 
pjt^npntffih ftb^juyuutftulruigu L. n^jjft fiu^J uy^npui^ 10 * uiybuffru' 

25* L- ft iftrpuy uyingu* nuut nputLfi% "blrp^uilpugh ' 

^\pusl^p» tfut i 

\}i- ptiqjti&flu ajutufruiu L. tfUnutuqh, nput^p $ jttubqjt uujfiutiufyfjutufrw 
L. %nL.utq± '»y n _uynyj utuftx L. utpnjutputqjnjb) uyq_ "{J13J ut L. 
%ULi$tq* b- fibpb 1 utnUhnL. t outuqfi ftppntJ uutftututttU 
£, nbiLnubfi L. uufiiututLutajyu h-U uqutitirj^t pMUjg "£_ usuT/uuyhpb™, 

30. "iff U a lT t hr : lt u ' ua b utpnjutpttL.p^ft* uspnjupni-py irpir utuutugft in t ututputLnuuirutt Jutputuhugfi no : utlutuutuffcu It- ft tltrpuy 
mjnng utputJutn.pnL.pirutug'u t outtiq^ nJuL%njlrpl^nLMtuutu*jutnutq-u 
uyuutftulrutgu : outuqfi utpnjupnt-pp , utpnjutpnL.p truth, n^fyutpfi out£ 
ututfli utuftf* jutufrut L. IbnLMtqj u. ti^ nqfttupft nq^nt-pifutu : puyg 

85. uutLuy%lbaL.tuqntJbirtu^nnt.tPoutbntujqn L. 

tupnjutpttL.pfiL% %nt-utq uyqttL.tPoutu quy^nuiFt utyuuffcu L. aplrput^. 

n. 11. LutbttL.pftL% y L. qtuttpu uiputJuttvprn-pfiubu 1 pufjg uutLuyu nuut 

unuutntt™* uiufiglrutiB npuil^ppb* utlyhp^nuutbut^ nttqjtL%f/u ojutL.^ 

fcutu^* outuqfc obputttufuutq-njb uynnutu quynutufi*i L. nnfutqjnju II. 

1 uyuufftufi k * jpuAqft ^^ftli fyuttT q.irqttfiu V. 2 fi %lrp^utlpMtg V \ ft %lrp^ 

^ut1p*gb BD. 8 The first hand in A corrects fifi into *& ; nu% V. 

* tmji^i V. 6 latglfc V. • nputb D J aputfa V. 7 lihp^utlpuu k V. 

8 k om. D. 9 utuftputL.mL.filt omitting £ V. 10 -putlju C. u dut^utm^ V. 12 lrqutufii_y. 13 utJlruuyttg V ; utuVbuy%pu D. 14 jutuk— 
L %HLMtqV. 16 utuftu V. 16 unuuyu V. 17 V has ajutt-kutu L qbnt-uttjb. 

18 Before muft in A is an erasure of one letter over which first hand had 
put a punctum delens. 

T 2 

Digitized by 



5. lupniuputqjnju* L. [t ifjrpuy uyingu utyuiufcu i pjufjg trnjuun-ftiAft L. 

DtuiLuiuqJttJifi** «> pncfi qjtUL.frui%° phnjiuuiri** L. n£_ >*U[ngb 
ULng** L. n^ Jft pu^J outuqfi npn JftutbqjUMiT nUn.nub[ih qtrnjuuo-fit~^ 
%L.nju upjuu* L. pninpiufypb , utJtrulrp truth htfitthutuf^u bnjutbq^iubfiD 
Liu J* pninpiuLp trh x fiub uyhp* npo n£U* phnjtuhfih* n^ JJt pu£^ 
10. uynoutb quynjutL.f,w Z&un-irugp : outuqfi n^ frh^jutt-^ut 9 outn-ush^, 

fyftihtfth ^iuu outjl^ bpfyutpu pnjnputfy £ : jtuthqfi L. n^ Jft * n^ 
puqjtuhh qpuinpiuLfiu puiu t p"(jg luuipautpjup u^iuuojutJutjU irfdir 
n^phfyutffffiu Q-ptynpfju 11 qusn-utfjilpujfib upjuu* n^ tuuutugfi utjq^ouA 
VHJt- juti-tr** * utiuiu** n^ pbajnubfih nputfyppb qju*L.truiu l * L. 
ahnutuqh : 


Q\putfe* <J~p X 

Yjiq- utuutgtrjngu, n^ /&£_ k aupnju jututni-fy npuifynt-p truth, f UM J3 
ui/uiuu* L. luuuJiuiiu puut nptuLnuptrutUg Jftuyb utufth I jtutunfi upiiutu 
uyqouih ouyt ti h- n^puui JftnL.iT [ip fop, pum™ npnt-iT nputljb £■ t 
hub miuut nuphmt mupnjlt jututnub /ffgfi npusLncpbuth uJluuu mufti 

20» puut fihpbu/h t pufjg n^ £ luutpui L. utpJ-iuu funuufi^i *&> f 1 ^^ 

utuiuugfr no qJbqjtiunutnji nputfynt-piruth utpuipbinj auMiu^uii^pnt-^ 
PfiL.uu, putant-Ju {&£_ utnfthfjlgu $utuutpb£ L. ft ^ut^fiL. utpfyuthb^j 
ilutub aft L. output JutnpnL.pftL%Ui uttifih^Jigh 1 ® a - n L. x 
ouiunfi O-pk* po* f* a lf?P u U u»uBubgnL% utjuujfiubusgu, ubn^pu, utn-fih^ 

"25. tttfl' uau fi a ! t u k £ uu 'l' L -p u ig u ' u zb g -p& u * » "t^fttJ 4F u * u lb uutlpugnL.^, 

PfuJh ftppnu oft, utrnJL, fihph np f*h^ (rb } ' u jn n J utufi : outuqfi nupni-i/ph 
ifiulpttgnup[iuh utufi : fiufy puut ftupu*outuiJtL.pgn%™, n^ftu^fthou* np 
A%r> t^b* "yifU utufi : npqurb t oirpiufyutunL.ppL.1bi n^ tuuft m-pniSR 
oh'puiLu/unL.ppLM i It- #v£_ trputJ-pmutlpubnupfiub, npntaUM™ IrputJ-p^ 
ututbut*bnL.pftub x "(Jl pirplui utpnlrup puut ub-n-fiu, L. unoui 

1 trtLJubofuJitfi B J biLuthq-fiuUfib V. ^uinjuuu-figJbfi B J ^putruutn^fiubfth V. 

3 qjuiL.£uiu L. o%nL.uao% V. * ptiujiL.uir£nL[_Ti D. fi J u UtT3 1 ' ^* * &4rL.ngU V. 
7 opnfnpuifypi V. 8 »l_ V. ijmukm] ununY. 10 ouy/t, V. U bpfebiuu V. 
12 juu-kut L. unuuiaJV. • * 3 uiiuut nupbtfL B. 14 npiulpit-pfiou qjutL-^uwu V. 

15 "UL LV" ^* 16 utn -pf'^bg 1 ' V. 17 puuipL.pu£nu*u£pL.pngu V. 18 fit-p"* 

jtuiurfL.pnnu V. 19 «Uing V. 20 m-pnt-fi V. 2l Om. ^- V. 

Digitized by 



% jmnph^g% utufit x nnLf-ii x titrpuiLtuUni-p-huh uiuft, nL.pni.Jptt 
80. Jiulpugnupfi l% 1 n£ nL.pnL.Jhti JuiLiugnt-pfiiA x L. IrpiuJjtniulpu^, 

'Unufa-fiHb nupniJuu JutlpugnLpptA tuufi, "> ni.pnL.tib irpmJpmut^, 
^munupftiA x utu^ui nt-pirtiu mum in.puipuA*Jn.n t pu /ȣ_ IA mnjAipgu 1 
u. tuufiJh nptut^p num tujungftL* nuAa/n qunuuy L. niAfitfp : DuAqJi 
Jimlpunm-jp luufii/h tftuuh mAifA /*"> pum fit-putnuA ^p upgh ° 
35* ^uAauipry x wiuut nupiruu unom L. m.puifynL.pfnAo* irnfigfii pum 

jiL.pwj»mu£pi.pou't pum npng irppiruu L. n pulton luufiiQt x fiufy unnut 
n^ IA unupb^hgh x L. LLu ptr muimm^irugk tttylt tun. fit* L. 
nput^&uttx n£_ fi*i__ mumirnirujiju* 4"» jo-pfynufit uJut ft uirnJtrut 
^mJutp' 9 njuunt- uALuAfttx 

^utnutnjt utnAirinj L. hplfinj I— 

[>• f ' unjoAftt L~* uinAtrjq. u. fypfriq.1 ulrp^ml^uAnupfiiA njutt.fcmut L. nbnt.^ 

utnb x outugp firnjit-gutuirttt gpmutgnt.guAu'tnJu uirp^utLuiu 4" x L. 

firnAnt-ntAf gpmuAmtnju x u. ^b^wuAmA, uwpmJtrtnJux mmut nt-plrtiut 

5. phnjttAft %lrp^uilpu'bnupfiuU ) L. qjtuu^uA L. tjbnuuiq^ijtusuqji fJrrutL.^ 

gutttirA* IL^j in L. urn-ulni? 1 u. mpmJbi~ % iutt.l?m L. uULMtqx utuiut 

nuptrbu pbnjtiAfi qjmu^ui f 1 *, utnAirA L. LpptrA x mpn.jutnutnjt ungm™ t 

utiupuAn utufit 1 u. utuutghuti £ L. tuinutnit UfiHJ* .jutnpu+tA x 

10. Du/bnfi jutpuAntAmpuip ft npngtt tuufi ' fiuL jutnmqjt uy/niju, trpppu* 

L. nt-pfrtf L. niAu'inju* tfutub jutnjufutajyu juymufiu oj*UJ "£_ [&£_ 

MUtnutajt unguy* "(Jf ft"? UJU f*t jp*A np JfiutbajuJ) ft ufypuJuAu™ 

tfutn-lrguit. * aft niAifA* uyuAmlr£- twumftJuAtrAy aqJi'htrA * fiuL 

ni.pL* ^fiptup x ntt* if/Lunf 1 ^ 1 L. uytpu np " JjtuAqjmJjutnutqjt ungut 

15. ZCmn-trgutt. x tupq. jmnutqM jtunj*f_^ngu utrn-ftgu * l pun ut^utu 

trh jiunauf_ muutghm^U * 

1 "UL "lY* a £kp**k ut * Unt -ftb^ u V, and in margin in first hand A, 
which also adds following L above line. 3 «*//_^V. 4 muirJj* V. 

8 ftL.pmfuuu^L.png% V. * nprnfynupfnAp V. 7 fn-prnprnti^iL^iu B. 8 utumb-^ 
nrnftyu V. 9 ft $mJutp V. 10 qjuufcB. ll L Ofltl. V. lZ q%nLMtn% V. 

18 mpmJbiU V. ajmt-l?m\ qjutui^m L. tfltnLMiqV ] qjuiL.t?mu L. tAnutunU 

C D. " -ngu. B D ; 1>ngm V. 16 u^qpiAk V E ; u^Jiulih B D. " qqbtbib 
B D ; tflk/t. V. M /A itit-t^- " "V V 5 «PP D- 20 juinj»ga. lf k t a g V. 
« ubnfg V. 

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(\tuntutfM ^utlpulpujg i 

\uiLjuintunu ^uibuibuyg* nuut ou/upu 1 itrntuUutLu % unifnplrguiL. ^tuLtu^, 
i"fjf*l* Tftutvlrif! fail*, tuuft uyi uytnutT ^tMtbutbujjfii* nmnjubtupuap * 
buitTfipp tunjiu£j» : IputTJtpp ubp^tubo* IpntT* fipp tuusl^usunufif tJb* 
L. nubuibnufipub * IputP fipp uuinputunufiftub* b. [tub l L. 

20. ^sufyuifyuyf! £ 3 ftpuipuju^ftupno tujuujfiubuigu*, fipp fib ajuqtu^. 

tftutpuiL. utubt* nptubu utnfu^ou t npblfb x ^pbumLuuturp ^u» Itfiuunf: 
[tub nptubu ubp^uifyurbp t ^fiputp : £"Jp*» fiufy nptubu puut 
luui bush L. nubtubnufibuiu : ^fiau/b : [nib, L. trptrup ' 
fioL* npiufcu umnputunt-fifi l% b. pjugtuunt-fifi uu • ^fSufb" : uuurfi, />£_ 
uuutfi i *"PQ- n fJl JftwunLuttT fippnu tunJpb££ ^w1pu1p$ajfti y fttnbufbp* 

25. np ftt ^ bu» ^uilpul^uypgb mufti l L. IputP npujbu uftutpq. b. figbt 

uyttuqq. tun. unutu • nppuip i bpbuutufutmftfylf Itfiuuiyb s fttnu* np ft»£_ 
iflf "\Jl\l bpbuutufututpb ujufi t L. Jtubut ftL% % tfiu1puubtnL.tR 
f*ppb u*nj!u£j» ^utbmbutjftt i b. utufi Jil%i ftbou np ft*£^ 
ffli* tfiulpunbtuntb : L. tfiubusubtftt t fttnu np fti£^ (&* tun. ^tubut*. 

30. buy bust JuiLuignufiftub*b tmub t ntuuq[i° tfiubutgbtfiu, fttleu tuufi 

tfuifyu/gtrt/t JuMLuignufi If tub ' 

Q\puil£p. p t 

\\pf- "(iP uJnuuqjutiT ^ui/fuifyuyftu, fippnu usnft u£j>» ftiobwlbn np ft*£_ 
buu* b. Ipuu npiufcu q/tuipn. L. figb bppbp* tun. JfiJbusbu utuftt t fiub 
npujfcu ubp^tubnu Q » ftbpbu/bp np ft*2__ trbu* L. n^ Jfintf^ftfiD tun. 
85. JjtJbuibu utuftt* * p**fjg uusliuafb uirp^tufyn* JftJbuiug utuftt 9 1 otuuqp 

n^pjupfi* £tnp{* tuuft pjupfi * tujtttlrp^tuLtuu t L. n^ uujfimutb. uLjy 
utufttntu^ UU[_ uirp^tufytutt ' fiufy uituus nuplrub uiutpphp trb uyuo 
^uibuin-pnufihp JfiJbtubg * 

1 jimuf, V. 2 («iTD ; L btutT V. 3 k Om. V. 4 jtujutuftuktugu V. 

5 ^a/haft Jutfytugn-jflut fcd&b tuufi Jutl^uMgb^ tfiu^usgnufilru/u '] Omit V 

and the other codd. 6 utrp^utfe V. 7 u» u pt om. D. 8 %bp^tu^mlto B. 
9 mufti om. D. 10 V tr. ptup/t tuu/,. 

gitized by 



Q\puafe. O-t 

X 12. Wrj* aJfruauoMaaT uhp^ual^uagla tru* uajuujfiufe 1 tfh* t V u ^_ °t U"P U 
puauaunptrguat^u* affair/* LuatT onpng uutnpnq-fi/U* t \^uaplauaunp* £ 
ungua Jfinuuu o-n/» "PI/ "£» A^L ^ Ppt ^i_ l t u k n P n 3 n Z- ^ 
^uipl/uat^tp* Jfinutfu qjt/_ ungua* £ fidb uatLVuuaju ftpuai^p [&*}■ u%f* 
npl/l/h x nqfnuf&fi la. ^ftcuaunjit-pfi ft tTuapiTphn^ l/truojuiuuiy' * 
5. puuaL.npiruag* Matrix la. ^uiplpuurtp (? Jfinuuu Q-"[_ ft l/lrunjafbunfla 

t/uapuufi %9 LuatT iunjtnfnL.pftubnU^ • IpuiT ^fn-uaua-ni-pfit-u ' la. awjup* 
la. tynZkuauf qpnuiy utatnpntffi 11 * la. ^uapl/uaunpl?* uJtnt-tTpnunfc^ as*/* 
fyuatT LnZCuaut*** LuatT ajjup , L. n t^^ ungua y la. i*£_fii* phqjltft "> 
^ftuua%tajtL.phuaU* la. ni/fnt-plruau x Zl 14 "l_f Jgt p/* "- lan&uauift » 

10. 1*"4 n P n 3 "£. t $wpt[i*"~i*p» Jph 16 9-" I* ungua fc fiuu PUQ- dfcft npquau x 

utruau L. uu/ftutual/ fi tTuapJphnf_ ptbuaunpiruag /ftblr/j la. n^ £ ^uap^. 
LuiLJtp } qjfth " 9- n [_ ungua puJuipJplanfb * ouauaafp n^ uatflruuaju LuatT 
uu/fnaiula £■* la. LuatT ulruat-x la. n lafuauip-aaap la. uanjunfuap uuinpnulrua/** 

15. tf^A' vP^PflJ 19 "- I^UlTd pw^Tuig * P U U3 **£. f> $uapl/uaa-np» qJfi 20 

ft unguaul? Q-"/_ Bfjujl 13J3 '* u " t p"fffit : ouauufi n^ uatflruuaju LuatT 
aiuaiaip-uap £ 21 . LuatT uanjuaojtlt ft x la. 4" tangua ppn. u%fx npajfru x uuaft^. 
utuaLf* la. ula.f* ftp?}? "- Q-O'qfluu x la. np a/ftuauqjuatT uaja taj/jbp * fiuL 
aiuautpuapfu la.'u, n^tfuauipuapu* la. n^uaruupftbfib ' uapn. 

20. H!?P U U i*******"*) uaunuuTbp l/uab JJiQnguagb x ^pfy(rb x uu/ftuauatjtu la. 

ub-Jjhy t"P2^ "- tbnffuu la. »/» alJaualaipuaaT t i/l9 J lfliE ' f* u h fi 4^P U U 
ntTuabg* tip n^ 4" t^Pp" pwguaurpira** qgtiqj^funhi P JU Ud 
L-p^utpuau^pupntf^p b>taajpftgu % uaufuaunup-fruajp pUqji%fc^ nua^afiaauft x 

25. ^fipuap x titnuapfiui la. n^^uapu x n^ uapnjupu* la. at^ uauftpuaajta l 

1 ft ulrp^ualpaagu uajuuaLujua V . phuaunptrguah V. V. la. 

^uaplauai-np V. 6 "PUj un 3 Ui V. 6 fytrunjuuunju V. 7 flauat-nplrguau D, 

8 t"h lt % *iy* 9 *t f-p&b V - 10 """qtP^Pt V. U utnnpntfu V. 

12 faTfuauaftu B. 1S L om. V ; is partially erased in A. u L om. D. 

16 L nt T>. 16 aJjptu V; rfni-uu B. 17 qJfruu V. 18 «/f uutatpataJfua L V. 

19 V tr. otTuapqjy ^uft. *> oJfiVb V. n k Om. V. M jf/g^ V. 23 pMugm^ 
Tpb^ V. ** Irp^uapuatt^upnifpu V. 26 qnjbtyu%^tt V. 

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Q\pusfe» q. % 

|Wf£ UfiuLuiunupfiub L. nuhuiLnupfit^b^ , urn. ^"i/u fiUpU : npnuip : 
Lplrup L. fyni-pnt-pfi tuufib qmLmJfa. : ^i/A phn.^u$unL.p * mufij* 
jnpnuJ* pumt-npLmgu* nubuiLnupfiub ifruLa* nunJtUL. s muftb 
Lp^mnmu^pL.pnn ft %ngmul? : nmunft mmLmuLa auybJmJ*' muLJh 
qfiL.pmpmu^pL.p naJbrnfyna-pLmt/u nbiajnL%mLmumg* 6 jnpJmJ* jn^. 

30. prtL.iT pumunpLgmuu ° ^"l* jnpJmJ* np p%mL.npLgmL% nt-uLiJ* 

n^Jfinif^fn-fip A^ i Du/ua/t muirjo* njS np n^ni^bfi 
mmuaJnt^bu i u. Lnjp* "*• n P a £__ nL ^h Lphuu t uaja np n* nuiifiy 
jnpJmJ* pumL.npltnauL% nublrii ouauqh nJlubp ft bfhnbnJrkl; 9 « *f£_ 
Lphuu nubfiu, L. n^ mmmJhaJbu : "{// w > mufib* n£_ Jmajnjmmn 

35. £l "> il/PB : A"^ uMtuLuiuUrib* L. naJuLita Irpiruu* n\ £ uamLmunL.^ 

Pfii-1f L. nubuaLni-pfiuu * Dmuufi nubuaLnupfluu £• Lptfum s (tul[ 
u£m^munL.ppL^t t tanL.pnL.ppub i puyij nL%LtU LpLuu t nj (? LpLun i L. 
"L- kiffi 1 t"il k nL -p nu Pf L ^ t '• £! u ' uo b ufm^mum-pfi ub pun k fat-*. 
pnupfit-Lf' fiuL U\jpu Q-f$i» L. uiuilpuuftjh* "> t mmLmunL.ppL.ut 

40. A. Liu : Lpir ffp uiyb LnL.pnupftL*U» L. fyiypb ^"/* umnpnufu ia 

Lpfynnftu uUjmui? : «^// uuil^uijL fyryp uaup Jlupn.* puyg Lnupni-Pji 
b. ^- "£_ JJanLf^LiJan Jlupn. n^muft * L. ^ml^mlpaajf aL. uajunpfify pna-fiu* 

L. mmLmufia*^* L. anubutlfnupftubuu^ tuAtL/j • npmf?u mmfymuna-*. 
Pft-u L. nubtuLncpfict/ * piubq/f jLnmumL ^mLmmpna-pLmbu™* 
uripi 4" * omuap npm^u fynt-pnt-pfiL^u* LpLumg ^utLutl^uajfi* mjumfru 
5. L. 17 lp{jph "-"L qLptruuu ntALjnL.J*™* ^m^m^mjf t 

Q\pmLo* "I 

V*"Ud "t^ "P nPt uu ' n P u """-pt ru "Q l "- pu/gutunupLuaJp, umapmunupfi 
L. nmgmunL.p[iL% • ombnp umnpuiunt-pfiub* ptaU fa umnpmumLmu t 
fiufy pjugmunL.pfiL.Uy pmu pmgmumfymu : ^*/^ mjUngftl^ 19 /»^? /»^7- 

1 A"4 «y««^» ^t. C ; A"£ i»l1t» ^l umumL* V . pbn.$utunL.p \ \ mummuutL^p 

D E. 3 f/r uuntfutL. V. 4 unaJumfynupLmuu V. * pbnjtL^bonJa V. 

6 pLmunptrgmb V. * jnpJuttT np p%mL.npLumL% nubtriX L. V . nubfigfi B. 

9 hVb^Luh V. 10 « J 4«r*T B. ^ T ^l] ^ £ mmbmufrjl, L n^ V. 

1 umnpnoJzfiu V. * 8 mmtfmufiib V . onLltuifynupfitJbuu C \ qnubml^ni-^, 

P]?uV. MnuuLjlV. M ^m^m^pnupLmuV. 17 Lom.V. l * mJuLpuf 
CD; mAfymJBV. ^uyuntftV. 

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10. utnnputuat-pirtutJfJh 1 * fyuttT utugnLMnt-plrtutlpb* n* irh 2 * n\ fi**_ 

£ pjub : L. utufth L unput ^tu^ut^uyf^ JftJbuibg* upturn uuinniuunu^ 
Pftiht L. psugtuunupfiL-h * L. 3 jxutbqji L. ft iftrpuy ungut. jhntubtuL 
^utfyuttfpnt-piruthh 4 . utyh k * ^uthnfi nptu^u Irpptrifb uutnputunu^ 
Pfiijb, usn ptuguiunupf tXh 5 : npnutb : %uutfnh 6 : #i£_ uuutuntJRi 7 1 
aujuufku &- npg phq.irp^tuputh^pL.ptit£^ ft unguibk* /jpj, Irh. 

1 5. ^utlpul^uyftb 1 uuuilrjh, a^ huutlrfnutfb : L. aft tutu^utunupfiuh* L 

nubut^nupftt^b* n^ ^utfyutfyuyfth* npiu^u utnfth^ppb IrpLir^f £ : 
^uthufi n^utufi tujh pi£. np fth^tfb. ^utfyutfyutjfih * ^uthufi Irplrug. n±_ 
k' 9 Ifnupnt-p truth Irplrug » L. #i£_ utj^uiqq., L. n^ Jfintj_ fi*-fy* ftputLja? utn 
tuju utufi : uutujku* L- n^ Ifncpnt-pfiub. utufi fynupni-pfiub irpa-uuig : 

20. "(JL. U i ut ^i tuunl -Pl t irpiruutg fynt-pnt-pfitlbu utufi :• A., Liu 1 utnf!h*nu 

utiflrhlrp truth 10 * tun ^utl^utnutpiu 1 *- tuufth t fiuL tututu L. Lncpnt.pfiL.1b* 
qfi B"P 12 » kp utnph^pgh t ^utfytuqjup&frp uttum L. uyh™ tun np 1 * 

25. tuufth \ iuj^n £_^ui1punjupXff jtiuhnji. n^ utufi It p It up l^nt-pnuplru/b x 

Q\puibp. qj 

X^l. up n^ nptu^u ulrp^uttfoph 1 * ^utfyutfyutjfiu* tujho npn puuf tutuLut^ 
unL.ptrtuuu™ L. nubtufynt-plriuu tuufth juyugtubi? 1 '* * jttuhajt ulrp^ut^, 
lpugh*npng l ° n £^fiu £jt (&"- u%fc ^tup^tuunp ^^npnL.tPphutL.npirgutL.% 19 
30. [phtr^ IfuiiT nnjg uutnpnnfiu** ft ungufbfc nntjftftn : ungut™ A* 

ffo^kp ffpl dkfj f* u fy n P n 3^ njtnuuu $ fcp phnJtt-uuj^u/bfih 22 
t n L} n rft& s fi t l^ r P u iJ \f"-*"bn-ni~plrutb» L. nnfnL.piruth 9 It-, LnlCut^, 
nfih L. q.utpfi'^* |w^ npng £ ffh £_£}'"- ^t^l "£- bpplrp C^uipl^ uitlb^ 
%utjbLJt^y* f*! Qifjfii » J^uivafr "> utuftututL* It. n* ubutL.* tuJb^. 
%uafb a.n^pbnJtubtul^tuVb % L. n£_ fjrpifh 2 ^* It. n^ gnuput : ftul^ f*bn. V * 

1 umnptuunupbuMtTp V. 2 tuuftuunt-ptrutt/p Irb V. 3 L. Om. V* 4 ^tufyut^. 
npm-plru/h \, 5 pMugutunL.pfiL.Vb B ; puigutunt-pfiub V. 6 uumftb V* 

7 uutnnutlu V. 8 phq. irp^utputh^JiL.pnt/^ V. 9 k OIT1. D. 10 utuVbutju V. 
11 $tu1 l tu V uplu% V. 12 ypk V. 13 ut/h] tun tujh V. M np D ; npu V. 

15 %hp^tul i tu'b^b V ; hbp^usl^b C D. 16 tutultwunt-phtuu V. n After j*w~ 
ga/b k V adds^x^ym f. 18 npng] np B ; in A the first hand adds ng above 

line. 19 pbiuunplrgu/b V. *° L ungtu V ; ftu^ ungui B. 21 *>t£j /^i/f 

T^J u tf_l''fi'*J n P n g V. 22 jphnjttAutfyuthfth V. 23 fyntfuiwfih L. qjtupffb V. 

24 ^^ ^ tuttbutuJuftL. V. M ^tt V. 26 ^/.-TD ; £^/»« V. m iguq- V. 


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85. Jfi^ngb* "£_{&£_ nrpaJr^ntJ t n U' ^~ un 3** ^ LU * ^P f 1 ^ Pf"t ^t^l n P n 3 

rt£_ £p ^uipfywi-np' aJfipb 4MV* pliajntitmLmliniJui^ • trplr* /?* 
npng pbm-plrmJpL uJSpU* qjtugk * ^fautu t phnt-plruaJp. $pnj 9 
fbpJnti Q-"l* it- in^mu 9 utufiututLx L. ft t /f r puy uyung* pmgnpnpuipmp*\ 
40. ^uipLuiunp £ nJppb* Q-nti "> nilpnt-iT* ntuOrn 9-£iu IrnL. t ouihafi 

n £_phn.nuhfi qynup 9 gnuptm 10 yjtf* L.n^» q&piJb u&uiu* tmum ncplrdbt 
p. 18. tntuVtunjui-nf^ t n+^uipLuiLJip £■• pbnjiubuiLuiUt-iitfU^** nMnb 3 * ft 

%ntjuitiffa * f'U "UL $ fr t 4A i * "png pLnupp* Jfiph™ t*U x ^~ un 3 m 
puunnpnpuMpmp% Jjinb , n* npnutT nuJbp L. njfur fat * ft u b fr t /f r P u (J 
luuiLuiuni-plruib L. nuUwLni-plruib* L. n* Jft juiufiglringu apJhtppui 
t : Dushafi n* Jfipm nhnjiiJbuiLuiUniJSb ^utpLutunp 4" 19 nJpit 20 ft 
5. %ngutu£ QJtix n$uUnjp {U- IlmmU pbuu-npbutij 2 Irplruu nub hi* It- "£_ 

bqjp* it- "> Irplruu nuUtri uruft t fiuL mtuut* if * Iru unom juyuuffi^ 
ubutgu %lrp$tulpug. npng *?£_ fif£_ k ph»- o%Jj -(/[_ it- "£_ 1/8 k pb*~ 
u%f t • ^tupLtucnp £ irppiro u/Jlfhiujhfi pUnjiuLuiLuiUai-& nJfinu 
ft ungutut 9-"i_ • J>uibqlt jnptfuitT tu^ui pbui i-np bust fig (r Irplruu niJblri* 

10. juiflid-uiiT^ b n JP* k- knttT Irplruu ni.%&t utuuiugfi i It.™ um ntptugn^ 

pnpuipMMip Jpnu % uyinpm.iP^ Q it- f-tur fat : Jtutuufi n*KiupLun-np 
k k-^kVP LZl ^^«^ 32 ^^^ uy^pnutT^ L n-tufb^ 
lrqL.i fiufy ft iflrpuy itlrp^tuLtugif njg £ P i >Pp n - *%9* n £^ u-ppLrp 
^uipfyuit-np tp^ 6 uiJhuuyufi qJfiph^ f'L} "UL nu ' u ' u 3*'* x "- un^uy* 

15. (uugnpniuipuup JJiph x fiufy UMtuur juyui &■• afi n^puut JftnutPjlrnua^ 

1 aJpUb V. 2 jphqjiJiu.tu.lni.ul V. 8 tyl] LV. 4 J^Vb V. 

6 After u \j u pj3 V adds ^u$pisu» £ antR jpUnjn^UuMi^muftU fit it- 6 p^ijs 

npn^mpuup C. aJfttiu V. 8 «^_ npnt-tT CD; it- npnt.iT a£ V. 

9 $nup V. 10 agnupmu B. n jmuVltuy%n^ V. 12 jn%qjtLUUi^uiuniy. 

13 aJp.1 V. U > Inguslk V. 16 Jftib V. 16 ^ L V ; fjy BC. 

17 jptiU V. 18 /.gft B. 19 kp B. *° aJfVu V. n Lu V. 

22 phmunpLuiih V. 2S »^Om. D. 24 k ptin. ^tr] ^ u%^ k> L V ; A 

erased first k. 26 oJfXb V. 26 After f^V adds pmgnpn^pmp. 

27 LjinJu^inu^V. 28 Al Om. V. » 4»fc V; ^lr CD; ^Irir B. 

*0 n^Y. 31 ^ Om. V. * ^/t Aw V. 83 npnJfc V. M n\k«i V. 

36 k pliV. M ^fljfcfc V. w For corruptions of this passage in Ven. 

Text, see collation, p. 23, note on 13 a 14. Paris Cod. E alone, beside 
A, has the true text 

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uua^utg* nptuku h&p^ut^uiho ^utt^ml^uyfth* putm ufUifymum-ptru/ttpb 1 
L. nuuut^m-p&uii^o 2 ^uifyutfyuygu* * 

Q[puife. % J 

\?i~* Uju : q/t ft 4kp"\J uirp^utfyuigu jnpJ-uttT £ phnjtAut^utUhi fyutptf 
ft tlftJhuMhu tftntftnfuntJSb £%&£• hpb n£ nt-tT pbnt-plrutJp. Jfiph , 

20. qjH-t/k * ^fi quilt* ^Plf* IJrpJph ?-"[_*• U-^ufhqf? nqfjtb t fyutpt ^ftt-uib^, 

qjuuutti L. uu^ftututlfb u&utu tftubt: L. fir pub* g Ac put t L. jutnjutoft*. 
uunju afmmpu p * L. ft tjuimputpi/b utnjUMofthfi > Lmpk tffltlri : ouiltqfp 
ifmmpmplt* ft fjut-> q.lrijJrpiuUu> mb-biui pLuiltu 5 qtiuirut uutl^utt- Jft 

25. mfl£nua% utnjjk* ft futt-usqjyb* t"l l ^- bpb JftuthqutJl uut^mt. 

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utnJruti uLupJuibh : a ty u £^. it utn - MM ' t -biutqtyu n.£tut? maniSk 

80. utiLunt-t* L. uLju Jfi put tfluirttt^t Lutututpirtuttq^u ft utrp^utbnt.pir 

nuliutLm-pfuli ^utuutututlruttnjutp&gft) bptr n £jJ~utuuiuutttutL. utpqJr^. 
uft l hub ft Jjrpuy nuUiuLncp truth, L. tqutLutunt-p truth • ufltLusp k 
ft Jjitlhuiltu qSrtuSnfuni-pfu-U 12 gtfulrgj ^DuiuqfpjntXutlpnt-plfltk f tqutfyut^. 
unupfi iffufi tftntftnfuniJBf ftufy ft tqutLutunupifbf? jnuhutfyni-Pfiub 

35. uiltl^utp £ 13 * outuufi n^ il/P $ o-qirut£* "£_ ng qutpiirut£^ q'lrpututlr^ 

uirutg t L. n* Lphututglrtut /ip» Jutpuutt-np trnu. t u. n% tf-tut-ttutut, 
utututJnAu pjtLjtnju 15 * 

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b. IrpLlrifi k*qb b. lQ n^putu Jftnt-tT utuutuo-jnu jlrqmhu»!^u»gu Vl ^utfyut*. 

1 uftulfutuni-ptrp V. 2 niltutfat-plrpu V. 3 ^ut^ut^u^ D E. 

4 JftVU V. 6 L'/t pjuuu V ; puubu C. 6 itut-UMUjnfliL V. 7 jutnjuujt^ 

uut-PfttX V. 8 ip+, k * piujkut]^ t \+L. pk-ikw V. ° L om. V. A sets 
over L a punctum delens. 10 'ft u^upjuuk V ; in A ft is added in early, 
but not first hand. n u/u^ltutp V. 12 ift*tfinfuni.tib V ; in margin also 
in first hand in A. V just below has «»«. for ft before tum^tuunupft. 13 After 

mu^mp k V adds iftniftnfunu& /J^ir^ U nf_ OIT1. V J D Omits ip as Well. 

16 pnuuiyg trppkg V. l8 L Ottl. V. 17 V tr. jtrnutuutfyutu utuftgir^ngu. 

U 2 

Digitized by 



Luyfib : ouAtnfi f§ 4^P U U *tf" M U* t S* ""fl"** ^utpLutcnp£ ttyput an till 
apJuippui. tc nnub 1 uncut f uuyg f- n l l% Jtiiuqfi "£_/* tftrpuy utrp^ui^ 
tiusgb ^uspLutcnp £ f-"! tljfltph HkpJuspftut, L. aJfi pb uncut x tc n* ft 
5. tfjrpuy utn-nU+Jigu l tc n+ft iffrpuy ncbutLncptriub tc ujuiLuiuncptruiu : 

npatuu : nn^ncpp tc ^ftcutbicncpficu* *btrp^usLuibp : tc n£_ Jjt ft 
ungufb£* n£_2!kpJiupfiui* tc nj^ uncut £i unjbiut^u* u- t[pt(butujutmpljb* 
tc L£uu : Duibqft unnui t fipp uticfib^ppb 3 ^uifyuifyuyfiu t tc n£_ £ ft 
unguiu£* tc n+JJr* n+UkpJtupfiut' tc n^uncut : 
\*t- n* pumujusLuiuncptruibpb* tc ncbutt^ncptru/bpb t nppjup : trptrup' 

10. tc bncpncpftcb * tcpbuicftbjuybpg* "/!/? "- n^nuut JfinctT puipuitlui^. 

uncptru/u utufiu* ">fii£z n £_T*jJu*p[iuf tc n£_ uncut£* % P JM U3 —&-. 
uuwjb utuuig&uttpu* uinjufbg lutputifiuunt-Piruiu uiuptt : P'HJR uum^, 
Erusjii* uinuuctrt pnctrutjfi* uyuutfiufiu f/"^^'/ "- ft t [^P u U3* puut 
ptupu/JtuuncptruJu Tbbp^uifyuitju UMuftntrtnu : oufbnfp nnjfb iffbtrt 
unitfypusutuy* ^ficujunjubutincub unafjfpuiutuy utrp^uiLutb £ : "fji 

15. L- «f£_ fi iftrpuy' uyug* ^u/p^uicnp £• Jf» put aJJlpb HkpJtup[iui» tc 

aJfi pb uncut Q-ni* ^u/bq^ tr^nj uniflgputuiuy trnjpuft nub ZfjJtupftut, L- 
nuu uncut i fiuL n^Jfinj* hpt^npfiu uncutp * puiuqjt n£_ ^ficutunjuuujju 
unMputut£u » tc #?£, "qjfc £ 2!k%Jujppui£ * : unput 8 n £_ binj* pnin^ 

20. pni/fiu uniffypuiuttuju uncut i fiufy ft iftrpuy tuuiLuiuncptrufb 9 . n « 

trinj 10 » n^ £ Jftls ll Tf^Jiupfiut, L. Jfi'% 12 uncut : outuafi Irplruuu 13 
ncbtri uniffypuMuiuy* ^l/P^ f'Ll un 4Sp u " atu J ^uifyuifyuypu l apuj£u 
ujuiLuiuncpff L. ncbuil^ncpk r 14 * L. tr/jy * Jftnchu* n£_ £ ^uipLmcnp* 
iSpJluphut QJti* LuitT uncut : ouiuaji jnpJ-tuiT *Al leu puuicnplrgusc 

25. ncbtri* a-pLnofitt uncut a x tc n^ ^UJ tuutpnutptup ujtujuajut/tuju 1 

unJLpuMututj tc mjuui£u uncutp trpLnvJtb : u. trpiruub ** abus ncUiri% 
tc ts^jpb abut 9-"i l J 1 "^ f 1 t H?P u U uutnpuiuncplruib* tc pjugutunc^ 

1 anJu&u V. 2 nJftuu V \ SO always. 3 UMntfLyppb D ; wnflb^j* V. 

4 uncut uiufA V. 6 puyg] I*- V. 6 In A first hand wrote ^ficu/bq^/buju 
un**4putm£u 9 which is corrected by a late hand into ^ftcuiuqjuUuijh unifepuM^ 
utuy, — the reading of V. 7 £ ^^nupfan V. 8 V adds qt before Imp™, and 

below £ aft. uncut, 9 ufuifyuiuncpbu&j ncbutl^ncptru/b tc iuutt^utuncptru/b V. 

10 A ^cV\ y LV L n L. y l3J V - U 4^ V - 12 -f 1 * V - 13 h &mt V - 

14 iuumL. tc neb* C J V tr. neb* tc ujusty* 15 tuuspq* JjtUM* D ; V tr. i^itf* tuiupq^ 

16 £yi&tfi# D ; in A an old but not first hand adds suffix fc above line. 

Digitized by 



P truth* J^p* trplr f*g£* tt. £p£ n^ [»g£* Jfph trnfcgft ifiJutpfruf L. 
Jfth * l outuqjp ^ftL.utunjutuutth unMpuiututj* L. n+U 3 ^ficuthn-Ut^ 

30. hutth* Iranj unpuy IrpL-frtf £• afi Jjftnh uuyg ' o^pJutpfiut £• LuttT 

unuut x L. n£_ °*inj %JutuutLu£u * ^uthqfi \ftL.uthnjtthutth* n* trtnj 
unuut £ * b u ^i n >b ^ftuuthnjuthutij* TXpJutpput 1 ftult ututut ft tftrpuy 
JpJtruthg • trnjtgft* Up put* uppb ungus TXpJutppuf LuttT 
unuut f-ni* "P*E ^utttajuttT ftpp uutnputunupftt-u* L. pjugutunt-pft 

35. ^utltutltuyftU : 

%iwfe. /? » 

\+l. htrp^utliuih £• ft ^utpltkj. pjupt-nf 9 » gtttp 10 * L. uus % ** t juyui£ 12 puut 

ftL.putputh *fiL.p fu-ptruthg Jutuuth-nt-Ptruttlh. t npL£h : nn$nL.ptruiu* 

^hLMtunjiL-pfiiXr 1 L. uipnjstpni-p truth* tlh 16 : L. utpnt-^. 

p. 14, p truth, trptj^ninncpfuh ' uJttiuutLu£u L. ft tftrputj uytngh * ftuL £*"«.™ 9 £ qfi pjupfih hlrp^utliuth £• L. £ ofi if/ 1 ' .guiuqjp ututLutu^ 

*.*?0 • +utpn t-ifi trtnt-J^ th tttr p^utltutU £ sutp : L. hJuthutut£u 

u. phnjfpQnL.pp tluh , hbp^utttufhp £pLutDUtu*ftL.pnLj3u * ftapnu aft 

puutpp £ 1 outhqp ft turpuy uutqutL.njg quyuutLuftuu* qftututug£ 

5. no t ]*"6 fi "l^P u fJ %3 n l"4^g u Jf*2*P £_"P "'-*"'• ptupfth htrp^utttutu £x 

L-> Lmj uirp^utLutuh **• «f£_ ^utpttutunp £• trptr Jph , f*g£» uyinuUh 

QJtt* outhqp nn$_ trntrtnj utJtshLgnilhy nq^nt-Pp uh 9 Lqpgp t p u (jg 

^huuShnjii-pfi, "jJL* UUMU i £ u I*- uutftmutLutg trnhntg utJhhtrgnuhy 

10. uLufiuHuLnupfl L.h, trnfcnpy ftuL ubjtL.pfiiJh) n^j L. } hjuy qft trptr unJL^ 

pututuy tiajfh ffihtrti untffyputututj ^ftuutuqjutuutflt 6 htrp^utttuth £• L. 

/» * phnjiL-hh ^utLfuthajuJutjh ft hJfih Q-nt trptt no filth t n^_ phttutigft 

1 Jfih V. 2 Jfit C D ; JI.l.uu B ; Jflhu V. 3 L n&] liuttT n^V. 

4 unpuy] unit put mutj C. 6 n£h V ; n%_ CD. 6 $ftL.uiuqjtfhutjh D. 7 JftJlru/hg] 

Jftutjhg A in mg. ; uuyg V. 8 Jph V. 9 p^p'-ij V. 10 ^utp C ; £utph V. 

11 uut] utigut V. li juyuAfth V. 13 Jutbuttnt-plrutuV. U nqtnL.piruA 

^huuthnjiL.pfiiJh V 1 nn^ncphuh ^ ft L.uthnjtL.p truth B C. utpnjttpn up truth* 

uthfiputcnt-pfii-U VB j utpnjutpnL.pftL% uth fi put cncp truth C. V £J u pf'- 

17 V ^/A. 18 V iya,^i/n£. 19 V ph^fnup^h, ™ V L .putuufr. 

21 V ouyuuiftuftu. M V jnptftgu. 23 V utrp^utttutuutgu. 24 V ift^. 

25 V ULuftmutltutgtrntg % *® V ^ftL.utunjutuuttnjh» 

Digitized by 



tfftnj %trp$mfymtjtt Irqbfng 1 , L. tmjqgtt f"£J jM*uqft Ir^nj untf^pmmmj 

15. "it* "t-^lkst $fc*-ifUqjsiUmtttnt[f[pmmuy s b-tft/"* ^' ft ^ mn ~ A 8 

trsgytr m&umLfi, fyuitT ulrthfi pbmLJiplrgm% iffotrtlbp^mfyuArtb t omhqjp 

^ftumhijjit-pfiub It. nnfni-pfiuh) pit tfistpt/phunf l^lrUnj$tbL.ty t ftul[ 

uujfiwtufyni.pfiL.'b It. uL-jtt-pfiL.% t ufmpqmpuup pb JutpJpbunfz ftu[[ 

mtpnjupnt-pfti^t It. m%ftpmt-nt-pftt?Ui 'bnaj-iif tfiupnjnj i \ft- ^utp^, 

Lmuipt mtflfbmjb %bp^wLuihpU i It tutT *ltJfftt * ulrnft Q-"/_t It- It tutT ft 

20. tt&p^utLttttt utrtt-uph ^ i It. LmtT ftbotru/hp utrn. f-* 9 !* Jtttfltqfc uutft^, 

mtuL t It. ubuii- 9 ft Ibtfftu ulrnfi : ouihafi njnju> £ unnut ulrnJb : fttttt mmi w 

njupnupfiuU L. mbfipmunupftiJUy ft Tbtrp^uiLmh utriuiU x omuqfi 

nupnLuu iMttuMtofibni-pfiub » L. nupniSm £uipnt-pfiL%i 9 fc u&n. : A«/A 

fuupff It- £?p* "£_ k' fi 10 u&nft 11 , u(J1_ fiigLuihg q^tmlrgmtb [fatr^ 

25. ttJuabg ulrn-p i 

^mqtuaju %mfmlfbft * — 

: m % ^utfuLfib* tmjt "UI3J mu b* .pwn-iutpupjup * nutbqfp %mfu uttLmfflu It. 
ftttlttttajnpf L. mftpmnJylt pum d-uttliuumLff pum npnutT IrpftautuApt 
**Ji "i/lif* I*- %pbuMajnjU It. tfmnutajnju muft * ou/uafi tfutub ad-mum*, 
umljlt ui drift QJtt* IrpftamtLtyb* L. ^pumajyu* It. tfuinuiajyh muft * ftuL 

80* bpfypnpn., np n£h ^mLmnjupifty pum ajttnju ^trmLjti-plrmu * npqutu t 

Jfth • otttb atrpfyttLJsh umful[fiu £ ' Dmuaft IrpLnug ^["3* ^irutLf 
muqj~b JfipU 13 tj-t[_* fittl^ Jftty ^UU* "£- ^ ^utpl^mt-np Irplfnu ojijJ 
mmm nt-plriRf n£_ ^mfymqjup&ft*** ft Jfin^lt ^lrmLjti-pfii?u^ VUU 
auyfhz pttyg lbuifufyfili 1iui[ufyfi% lG pnuff uyuu^ftuftu» jnpd£ n£b 

85. ^tuLutnjupXft qjtinflt ^ 1 ' :• ftttlt Irpppnpn.* pum 1 njaufi 

ft Ob %utfuLflttit utuff itptu£tt ft '[bpiy JtuLuinnuplruibtjh It. miitnah * 
oath aft liuitutttatti-tjuttyuitia™ tfiul^UMgni-plru/bg 2 '^ tj.ty Ibtuful^ftU L. tftrpO^b 

1 V y^uy. * L C D ; om. V. 3 ft om. V. 4 V %hp<,tul {U t d %. 

6 V ft %J/t% ; %Jft% CD. fl V u&nlt. 7 fatT Om. D. 8 V u&nj*. 

9 V tu.pnt-Pftt.Vu. 10 V t\ V to. u After uLnfi V adds +mUl 

12 mfu B D ; Jft V. 13 mfu% V. 14 ^utqMtpit B. 16 ILmLttt-^ 

phmlt B D E. le -b*>f*\fi om. V. 17 ^mLttupbtJIt C. 18 * P 

pum V. 19 %tt»fuliftb V. 80 *%mu i iu 3 nL. 3 iul i mb ; in A first hand wrote 

v bmmm g nL. g ml i mu gi but g is erased. 2l First hand in A wrote Jm^m^at.^ 
pirtMtitg, but g is erased. 

Digitized by 



qjuuftux* j>whqli ututn-g** uuMfutffiupjp J>u*u output Jutifj&uu iru 
qjuuftu * j>u*hafc * «rf qjutubg* uutfufyfiitp irujtutlt nmbunumh-uu qjuuftL. * 
I). A. A oirpuiLu/bnup Irutb* ututn-pu t uutfuLfittn tfu nu/u qtfiutnutnjtt^^ 

PftuhunU "fbpuy putupgu 3 * udluuutusku * outuq/f uutfttlrpa-nt-^ 
pft^u t ouMu qtuututtint-p^L^tu^ %utfuLpu £ nmuftL. x \^*-% but x tain. 
5. jottLJuOuiututjtrinifpn.^ nuuuta-nju* 6 A. ufUtutnLMtLuAutnjyu • laufufypu 

q-n[* phm-pbuitTp pnuft 9 * ptyg untfnplrgfu L. pntqnutQtt qtuututnt-^ 
mLuiuutaJyuunb* L. qjuti-tfut uftpbtjtriuiuu ftbptrtuugt uutfuLjiuu jftt-*. 
pbuihn 10 utuiru QJtt* i um JB ^ tV^ P^ ta "- utU9 p u " r u \/ u jlrnutUut^ 
Lutgu " mjunpftL x tnpn, ttpo utufrtfU, uutfuLupu jlrnuiUuiLpi t^junuti^n 

10. £tr * pnyg pnubuijfi, L. jmili qutuutgo-m£uu* uytttfitju 13 A-i/ OJtfj* 

%uifulfbfiu jbntuuiufy x nutuqfi uybg* np ^iufymn-u*p&fju* nuut ajtinju 
^trmLjBi-ptrmlf qtuututautnlt npuf£u afiutpn. L. ftgh* tfftuutyb 9-" I 
uutfufyffu* ifuylrfjtupuip muutugft * L ofi iru ttyuufftufig f&* WTJ—f? > 

15. ^mtsafi OJtflt JutpnJ ^utLusn.utp&£» nuut qjiuyU \bmtrunt.p truth '• ntn. 

tf^Jiupfiutu jmqutaja ft up pmu * ^uiuqfp trph J£ ifiupq. 1 ^* tf^Jutpfiut 
push 16 , npntf__ utuiriQ*. atf £ Jutpq.* L. ^mtpunjuipZJ? * L. fcp tf^Juipjiut 
putuu) n+ujmtt f"-flP uiututauttLp 9 f'lAj vA/V*" * i um JB "utLuyu 8 « ppu 

20.* ftu%* aptfk-u 19 ufututtfutngt f^ujj tfgtfiupfiut' qputbu 1 j»utuafi 
tfutub OJt^j qfrpu* fyuttT r*£» tf^Jutpfiut pmuu 9 l^uttT uncut utufi * 
fiufy utufnt* nuut ^fua. jlrnutumlpt* uutfulfftbu **£/£_ tuj^nj utuft t 

Qutnuiajt ^ntJiuunjuJiujuu ' 

:pt ^utJtuuaJuJJvjiytu^t ujutpqutputp L. frufysuifjytig, L. uiftpsuiy£u 2l » npna 

25. i t!u& l ni.pfti.uu 22 ftuJfu utJuMUUMtf 1 jtutuqb Aj_ «^ 23 uwftttfu**, L n^ 

a/trpOfju (? unaut x futyg 2C $utjuiuajujuyt[g puut utJutuut^f unput 

1 utntn^j V *ff*&p* 2 .gwuqb "- B; b-iguMuaf? C. 8 puuuf'g V. 

* umfulrpaju-pfidu V. 6 qtuututdhupfiub V. ® juiLMiajyuu V. ufutuinuut^ 

^UMuutqjyuu V. 8 OJt^\ n-nj. uy^n^y. 9 Add uyu before pnuf 1 V. 

10 fabutua V. U £ C J Om. V. 12 jknu^m^mau V. 18 tQu-uu C. 

14 LtjuyuanppV. "tTutpn-kV. "pntuukV. " ftpftu V. 

18 pmyg uut^uyb] uy L V. 19 f»ppL V. 20 The rubricating hand in A has 
crossed out the suffix % in A ; ^uMtnuuajutTwfig Mb V. 21 mftputajyi^ B. 

22 ibuh^Pftt* C. 23 #fc V. M IH^tfb 4: C. » pttyg] uy^. 

Digitized by 



UMufth ' fiult pUnt-pbuiJp ^utJushnjuJtuj\n» n [iB *fy Ui tiajutr ^utLui^ 
njgtp&pu nuut n^ttnju ^buibnt-pbusb * p**jg ^> rf""/ ft*-f*Pi ujutut^. 

80. fyftut-nj*-* pu/bqft ^uitpunjutplb^b unnut : ifutub aft IfpLpbuiujiuuipLfj * 

^LU 1 ^ m^" X "- bl""-'U ^UU* &' llptfUuau^mutftl^ i pMujg n^tfftnutT 
m-pnt-g, ufutuilbiun-p °-"njJ h' b ft ut/iubf^n 9 ^uifyuiutuipuipiup^ 
Ibuttp upJbu/ug t ^usJutunjutilujitn pbnt-PbusJp utuflu : ft"b ^utbut^, 

85. muipuipuup&fli utufiu JftJbusbg* nuut %nJ] ffttpu ututppbpnt-pbutu x np^ 

qtuu i pn.^Ai-b * ^bmbtuLtfu* b Opuybtyb : ou/bqft unnut JjtJbuibg* 
^utbutuiutputpiupipu» ft uupu btnJx ou/bqft bbunjuuftu* utut^. 
put put plf juyunuftL* ft pn-ytdSb* b° ^bmbuul/b, b ft Qpuytfhu, b 
ft uutJutouyftuu : b n+ ft> unout uutfufyftu* LuiiT tfbpfjfu t* **yi 
p. 15. ^utiiuMunjuJuyitp pbnt-pbuttTp uyunoftb pnufih Q-"!} "- utut^. 

putpjup&gpu b unout , fiuputpufb^ftup* ft utbuutfyu njupXbuiiy ^^v*. 
utbiubu Q » Lbunjuup • b pn-^ntMf b QpuyfiVb t b bnftgft* b 
uyb ^utJutuoMtJutju punupbutt/p* np JfiusbajutT ft uJfiu ubnJj;* 
5. nuut uupu ututputpjupAnt-Pbutit 9 fr * H u b ubn-pu» imiM j>usU autbuutb^. 

upb* uutfubpbpi otuuaft «?£_ ^utlfutqjup&k • £U«v O-ntnjb ^butbnt.^. 
pbutb : npquiu t fpuyury BT£nj» fr fybuoMtuftu i f*"L } btfttnjuut-ty' 
binj* *? ^L ^ tu p^ u "- n p k fp a t/t' 4 b f 1 /* Tt ^wJiuunjuJuyitn 10 punt-*, 
pbutt/p utupf npo JjtuMunjuatT ^utbutnjup&ftb* nuut Rjiimjb ^butbnu^. 

10. pbutb t pufjg "£_ J/tntf^ f"-flP ujusutausn. f'l'U* uytnuuu f? i b ft 

uJuiui^pu ubn.t- ^lul^tuuttupiupjuplbtu^ppb JjtJhutun * utfi, Jftu/bnju^. 
tiiujb ufutpqtuputp, ^ujJu/ba-Utafuybg* n P n S [ftuo-£ni.p^iXu ft *bJflu 
uiJmbusLft :— 

^cvmifAjr jiupcf-ni-Pbuiu i 

: a. : { UMpJ-nt-pbuiu utbuutbu bu» Jfrg s tftbbtnt-pfn^h t utujutLutum-ppuu * 

utTCbfttLpftit t unt-usanL.pftJuz uyjtujinuptfuu : £*/«*? utbntjy iftniftn^ 

15. fttnt-pf^U 12 : **7»7- uybpjp 13 ^uspJ-ni-pfiubpb 14 . bpbbjj bu» aft <*/^ 

A JjtJbutun bu i o tub aft n+ k fftubtni-pfiiJf utu^utt^uibnt-pft ' £. *r£_ 

1 Lftut-iy CD; Ifftunjb V. 2 l^ptfbuiu^ututftl^ C ; fypfyuutujututfyfiu B. 3 l^plfbus^ 

uftuutft^ V. 4 pn-£aMi V, which just above has uJ/t%nu. * bftV. 

6 <J£uiki«/^ V. 7 ^bunjubftb V. 8 ututputpsuplnupbtuVb V. 9 ^utl^utnjupX 

k C ; Om. * V. 10 ^utJutuq^truylpu V. U ufus^usn^ V. 12 V tr. 

^viffir ijf . tftntff : uy^uyinupfti%, 1S $puQ- "(fliB V. ^utpJ-nL.pftt%^ V. 

Digitized by 



uilftrfni-pfnJUi uut-muni-pftuu ; L. n±_ puut uttrnLtyu 1 tftnifinfuuL.^ 
ptrtuu 2, ' uuiujfru L uyufu ' ftuts ft i[jrpuy uy£uy£nL.pu-utu* nt.uft 
Jtdu u/L^hutpni-p/nJtt 1 Jfi njtugk ^utpfyutcnp fcp i*JI*yilrut£* puut 

20. nJiuug my^ng ^utpJ-nuplrutugu "y^fy^!^* f>»^ *^J"* n^TC^Jtupfut k 6 i 

juuuqfi fptr f ptr puut utJtruuyu utfuuiftg 9 L. tftUiT 6 puut utulrtfrutg 
m Ut u UtpL fB—Slrmij Jbaj t gusuqfi' 1 L n^ ujtty vying* ^tuptfnt^ 
ptrutugh, ^utuutputtpug ^l"d x 4> u * ut ih "£- ut^tr/^ ^utpfyutcnp £' np 
puut utfuutfiu ^tuptfft. L. n ^Jlint-iuqlr^ : uu*uj(ru* L. ft t l^P tM J "UtTS^ 1 

25. utMuut ncpa-uu, uy£_ trq^gft utn. ^y[nifff ^utptfnL.pO'utJflpu u yi"yi n »-<*. 

Pftut/ 1 igiubafr trptr uiyu kp* tuuiput tp u y[ u yi±-'y u11 * utuq-pfru 
mtfir£* L. unt-matubuM£ it- tpuu^ uy^ftit^ mj^ngb ^trmLJr^ ptupa^m.^ 
ptrutug » uy^ n±_ k ^ m pl{ * unjuMufru* L. np ut'&kph. L. tsuttT uyt f^t 
£*P<*'"'-Pfi*3' ^uiptf^Lpt "U£UI&lJ u (Jl_ &" pu^ "p uttftflf npp 

30. n^ "Ul^Uit^ S "rk&» x ,putnjutt^t3tfu» utltaJruru ifiutptunplrgtrinj. 

m&truig* 4? 12 x ("Hjg "UUfUl^lAA" &- *£. A^£! "t}* Lqff-i unjuujku 
L fi i[frpuy »M»g uyuu^ftutrutgU l utujut nuptru% 9 uy/jp trnjpgftu £»/iw 
J-nt-pfiL^ipb ft uJtJbutbg 1 

<*\pu*fe. p : 

b. ip: \*c fr ujutpqtuputp ^utpJ-nL.pft^U 1 ^* njutqjupni.plrutu 1 * %lrp^mtsutb : 
ftufy puut {it-ptugu/b^fiLpntju [fiutrjni-ptr, m mutts utunt-p$L% t L. uttftr^ 
jnuplruMu, unLMtqnupft^t * ftufy pum uttrnutyb tftntftnfunt-ptrutU. puut 
uttrnunjb njunjupnL.ppL% s Jiuuutt-utun. e trpL.trgiuu ^utLutLuyht 1 
5. L. ptrpLlu utpnJUjp* ft utrp^utlsuMlr* uttrqfiu 11 ifinifinfum-pfluU : ^tfputp t t tflrpfuu ' ftuts tftrpuutntJ&u utrpofiuu 1 ftufy uytnLaT 1 * 
putgmutptrga-jng 19 ^utptfm-pa-uJugu* n^ifficpftu £ putgututptrt* *[&"£ 

1 uttrqt-nj V. 8 tftntftnfunupftihi V. 3 «^/^T/^/_V. 4 uyjuy£nL.pfii.u 

v > "UWUW^Pt"-™' C. 6 Om. k V. 6 tituttpk D. 7 «y L ^ut%at V 
(on page 45a) ; ^usuoj? without uy L V (page 406) ; .putuab L uy L n^ C. 
8 b- n t_u_ um 4v "UIT9 V (p. 451); in A first hand wrote "uyj but cor- 
rected intO uy/ng. • ma^f^V. 10 unLMtqfiiJV. ll uyjuyj&ijjb V ; 

vyUfyif-P^Vu D u uttftrugk'V; urtitrutgk CD ; in preceding line 

tuu%ktuu V. 13 Om. *l_ V. U ttup+m-P&utu V. 15 V u V upnL.pfttX V. 

16 njmnjupnt^ff, dmumL.mun. Omitting Stop, V. M f> utrp^ut^uilt ut&qfiu V. 

18 »yi?yi*'-Pln»uu V. 19 ptugututptrgtrinj V. 

Digitized by 



utpqJLp k uLp^utlju/u t pnyg 1 irpLJrgutt-t *$£_ /&£_ f 9 ^ fti?' l"-P 
ulrp^utfyutut pnyg trpb no* L. ft tfLpuy uyunpftfy qnuut npuiLftb 
tjMuqjupnupp dt 1 ^utLutnpftgfc uybJ) ft %lrp^ut[^utu npual^fth iftntftn^ 

10. funupfiiJb i npuit^u ft tftrpuy* puut uttrnunju tftntfrnfunupirutb* puut 

ut&nunju njuanjuapnt-pftuu t LuttT ft ubp^utlpuu uttrqtfb tftnifmfunt-^ 
Pfti^b^ 1 outuafi tr uyiuyinupfiub) iftniftnfunt^pfuU puut npiuLfi 1 
tutu it nuplrUh t ^utLutfyuyLuuk puut nputLfitt njutnjutpnL.ptrutu% ft* 
ubp^uttyutuptt* aputLpu ipniftnfunL.pft**u : apputp * uuffiututfyph tjiuLr* 

15. uLutuu tfthLtnt-tT: Dutuqfp U {JI*{JIU fc uLp^ut^mu npwlffth* tftntftn^. 

funt-Ptrusb "njrinj * 

\\utnutqjt nublrtnj ' — 

i ut : ||c2Sr0yjf., puut ml "If*/ t jL'ttutuutLu utuft t LuttT hpp nthsutLnt-Pfttht* It. 
input Jutn-pni-pfiiJu* LuttT puut uyinj finb nputltncp irutb ' ouiuqfi 
utuftfh ° duiLuignt-Ppthi ftmt nubirt* L. utiuupffunupfiuu * IfuitT nptu^u 

20. outttutL ; npptup i tip nfnup nt»y tti3tfrtnt[* Jkh-nt-pftt^b * outuafi utuft 

triuuLutuq-tiuU Jkb-nt-Pptht nuUIrt* LuttT LuttT nputfcu% 
npo pnt-pf^qdutpuunthp trh 1 npptup x ^utunjfpiy IputT ufutwJht-lfuSu * 
LuttT npuM^u ft JutubpLuiu ' npqutu * ft AtrnJju JututuAp * LuttT nput^Uy 
Jutuit * npqutu ■ qiir n% > LuttT an uiu* IfuitT nptui^u jutduibfi i npLfjui 

25. IflrnJtTb, qgnpLutuuptti L. uuttftnpity qqftbpui outhqjp qqftbfju» nubp 

uuttftnpity L. LLnfiTb qgnp&utuuu 9 : wpn. uyunpfi/f uttuVtt&D&utu* nuitlri 
UMuftU x nptufru uutJutut-Ao» Ilt LuttT npuifcu uututgnt-uto- * Du/Uqfi 
nththt utnt-U L. *[**up utuft tfh ' It- fyfiu nuhL^* L. ^/fV" uyp : p**jg 
trpL.a-guti-i utt-ututputqjttu ntJbartnjUy uttJ-Jnu AutnJrgLutt* tirntuuutuu 
q-n£_ * Jtutbob "> "f/i b***£- nultbtntfu 3 , Ltfuu^y uiutuutfyirtfpt ["fJS 
it y* Mt p u *p UiU ^ ru ^l h * i UM U3 pLpL-u> L. *^//J? nJutttp bpL.bugftu 
nuulrtnt th-qutuutLo™ * p*HI*i untfnplruMtjtu* utuft* fpL, ph mtuVttb^ 
fpu pncirui^p L. ^tupnt.&uitp Irntfu tujunpfify * 

1 i u vs] "UL^- 2 fit! &*& v - 3 k^b % - m - 4> n 4" t b" n -Pl n - 0u first 
hand adds above line in A. 4 ft om. V. 6 utulrtQ* V. 6 mit&^V. 

7 np V ; Om. D. 8 qgnp&uiuutt C ; agnplrmuu V. 9 L- OD1. V. 

10 muhtTp V. u tfMt V. 12 rL Om, C. 13 ntXh^uU, D ; ntXb^qy. 
14 k\ftu V. X *jlrnutuuMb V- 16 uttuVufe&utl V. 

Digitized by 




{^utnun^ii iflrljbnt-f&lru/U 
"ftp ft wnMtfbftuiu t 

p. 16. *[pm[u utptftuh t qiifr£* qptt^_ k utUni^U* L. oflti^ p*y * mujw iffo} k 
pmgutunt-pftuh, L. uinnpuiunt-pftiX, L. puuglrpbjtupftifb* L. puitu * 

I'ao. ihf %lrpiuybnOpb* %kpu$h£pbgli uifuutfig 2 %^uuUtuLp * L. apftg&tui^ 
5. J&1 libplsujttnfuigpti t L. npufku fyfiflpk* A^utJIrbirgnuSU *hryhp. L. n* 

&*%/1{pb* ^"l/^iE » P"iJ3 n P n 3 "U un dtk 4 b£lf 4 b u 'fa* uiiuu^hngh 1 unofti 
tuJVhlrgnJb fyfiflp uthXfiVb * L. npng uyui\pfttf *hJuihni-pft uh^ ft no 
tif^ut uaoftti * uipq. juiquifu uyungftfy muutg&tu^ £ t %lrp jiMntuqjt 
<ifj-q/kr,.f orfcg/r uyujj ftpft k % 

Q\puifyp» ^Tt 

\+l. fr, npuf^u 'busbXpbyjnptf'iMiir* ftJu$gnt-tub-u miuubg ifpJutputbt. l^miP 
10. upmlrj^* II jnpJ-uuT ut^ui 10 npng ^mpfyuit-np £ ungut* t^A^JfingJSt • 
uyutytu L. %bplisytiLji£b 1 jtuthaft ft gtupui/j-pni-pbtutt, L. ft uipn^nu^ 
ptrujl/ £* tfjJwpftintS L. unt-uih 1 

Q\pwfyp» q. 1 

Yj"t "ipft^ 1 ft u i utlinuufhpu* L. pffagput a-pLfit tututthg ^uapuiq-pni.^ 
15. ptruiitf L. mpn^nt-plrtuU ftJutgni-jub-ft 1 x apfyffa t Julpn.. IpmdF 

* aft%^ k V. * mft.u.ftg*LV\ ~ft-ft 3 D. 3 tfflgl V. * W»vH 

BC in marg. ; u^un^ft^ V. 5 Before ^/g? add %nfu V. fl uyungft^ B. 
7 uqpfth B ; uiigm V. 8 jnpJ-miT om. V ; in A late hand erased. 

9 um& L V. l0 jnptfuttTut^u*] k V ; in A late hand erased. ll jftJm^ 

gnum&uu V. 

X 2 

Digitized by 




uujfiuttufy 1 jnpJ-uttT 1 n^mn./uftgf P*iZ i!*- ^ ^' "£_*"»*-*•• L. n£_ 
tf^Juipfim * p*Ud 1»£?fi""4k 2 **U ua ptk 3 * £- Jp*uqjp* irqlficpnumt 
nulqq-** u^uJumfyt- fiJjjtf (wyg £& h-v ^^Jiupfim ftU^^mtT unum, irpir 
"t~ 1^- "iff* IpanF qn^pjb *f-nj_ utn./uftg(r l l^utiP lumpq* t^utiT pum 
JmJmlimtf » 

Qwnuiqji uibnumb * tB 1 

\*Jbnu%. 4r &uyb ugmumfymu* pum ^mpmrupnupf* miuubg utJmuut^fi * 
npnj #»£_ /&£_ umuu £ ItguumtyiUUt qmmirm^ jtmbqfc ub-pqJrqk^m^ 
^t"i.t ' ^ff "L. P'L. L\ um ffygbu/b %2uaUm^t* upm^u ulrppmufu t 
olrqkgf^ ifi t puyg uuifymju, n^_ nprnf^u %lrp aympou, munumltu 5 , 
uyuuftu nubft L. %irpJu/blruifuph t jpmbqfc* %tp y 'bnOii*, n±_ Jfrnf 
/"-fig dmub %^mbml^mb t ftul^ uirp, unfm 7 , fymJfli £, uy^ n±_ nupirg 
qmmnuglF^rjj : npqutu x jmh-trqm&i-nfb, trami/Su : 

X^k IL uut 8 P" g p a "f-p nt -P^' u ^ t '* lb phf-ptrulJp, umbmumbgu* n±_ p*> k l 
uy£° jnpJ-miT Li^gf 11 %2™*" m k x P^US u^mumfylrti, L wuffpg 12 
PphtfptTnubp t npomb t ojuomumgt upng n£_ P*£_ k utbuuu t puytf 
*»£_ Jutpq.i n±__ tub nub l fuujg uwfyuyb, L. it£_ l^uy mbnub* ffiu^ ugmpm 
£ f{ n ^l 9R-ui * jpiblb u^putb* L. n ^pmgmunupfub f-: **£// ^7/^ 
tub nub mbnpn^lf ' /"*% ^/i^»^lBr^/ * 3 » IprntT ifift^nt^yf 14 * L. npomb 
tfymuqjmafl *4/L foil u U ut fl' u Rfi* "£_ wuncrnifg, "(/[_ $ n [? a /} b 
munt-mu 1 * t L. pjmb £ unpm% "(J ft uaiflfbuyu * pum %Jftb y L. 
^utuqJrpi. tf^t fywiT irpjth, fymiT irq^gfiptit n^ TfjJutpfim f 17 , 



1 Add L before jnpJ-miTV\ om. D. 2 %^mbml^ V. 3 "yunpfrtfi 

Jfiuyb lr% mjunpftlf V. 4 irqf&pauMtpmqq. V. 5 %irp mmpt^ mbnuuibu V \ 

%trp tumpau mbntumbu D. 6 %nfmj V • unfmj V. qgttm C. 

9 mbnum%g V. 10 Before uy L all Arm. texts except A add foil. : L 

pk'yk'* frb pum pbnuplrmu imj%p §Ao- *f-p nl l_ wutynrmt) umt^mjU munuMibp n^ 

mupi ; in A very late hand adds this scholion in margin. ll ^qbgP" V. 
12 u/birfp V ; in next line A adds last syllable n 9 of npng above line. 

Digitized by 



jHmuqb ^L. b-u n + ap*p*P'*k* Al «t^ upimfc * — 

l^*yk • "p wnl/puthutiffr mdutbmt^ "pry diuuptilr m^ftb^Jb £$*%$* 1^1? quiim * 

mn-bpiAmfyir mdmhmlg x npauiit * nq^ni-pfubt uahnuh ' ftal^ nqf_ k% 
pmy » j»ujuab tutuL^tuhuM^ quyJ-ptT QJyU • L. Jf ^ £ u — 4 13)UP*S 

10. mufelringli li^a,^ x "pl{Vb x trlp^uyfy' ' L 5 ^m.T'blAjp^uy^ 

unduly* mujtabjniflt (? * ftulg n£h nn$_ tt k- A^gti ifutuuiiMi^ % "£_p*\J 
mu£rtQ> \ jtuiuqb mtLbiufltuifyS mJuaUm^ x L. Jfr^ut qni-Jbgl? tgjy * ptaya 
mtuppjrpnt.plruib'b'* utUnJb n£_ %"(/' "UL ^itdV u ^ in p n 2^lb Pff * °b 

15. %Jmlimugl?u jnpiy* 4^P"U &- 9 £1 &- ^ijj* &- "i_ ^UU * P'HJS 1"^"*- 
liunyffv, L nqfuigulilUt fyuaT nq^uiugfpi 10 A^ pay, uy^ $ n l^i[_p*mjfr s 
pnyg imtuppirp k P*uf? % °b uut * fj—pfy u y u 1' 11 tr^oilrai^ u»Ju»Uu»lg 1 
ftuL %m* Q2nt-pfgtt * 

^piiLp* ft x 

I^jvo. uqpui* ftbp burton puut fthphmhu tuutr/nif^ p*mjpu 9 uahm-m^o ir% * 
20. It- %2mbmlgtrii ft St ; omuqb ^tatum-auth^ t np tuutrtt*^ qmputJui/un^ni.^ 
PjtiMti™* L. np jncuiaJf qjnqjupb-mtj • uy^ptr fr> fyutiT p&™ £&• 
^U. Lm %puJuutfy£ * jMafcqb n^ Irptr tf-n(hy IpmJT n^jjib *f-n£ %put}jull( 
t f>pfo * b- n £* bplr [ntf fhiyii fiigb qhtAlfb mumuulru * oufoqb 
25. um "£_/&£_ t* p—US maub^mbua^ gtupuiifftni-pfi fts&» «|» mnjuiug 
2mpmtfp&atr£iiapjb* A^ n k ftJut%iMt£j 

1 In A rubricating hand adds the 4-. 2 Jmu% V. 3 Om. 

pum V. 4 Om. pum V ; add D. 5 L om. C. 6 %tr%p^ UU nfm 3 V. 

7 mutppirpat-phruttttt J) * mutppirpnt-pbutti V. 8 %Ju/hutugf^u £ J n P1f V. 

9 L Om. V. 10 *qfm*aps V. ll tjUlrptpMytiU VE ; ajmpm\uyuli D. 

12 u0uir^ni[^B\ muui^&ui^CV ; &£n^V. 18 qnp wu&i V. 14 ampiudui^ 

[un^ni-P^Vb BD ; qmpu,Jbfun$,i.l V. 16 f?fr Om. V. lfl »p V V ; 

np B. ,7 Before »^_ add qzuapmqplruaiuL C. 

Digitized by 







Q$unma-u pjubh t— 

\\mltt tr» &uyb» u^ufuiu Intuit* upiy dmuutbgpb* (itfii uituumLuih £ 
uuiw* fipp utunt-pfiuu * "fjf_ "£_ ftpp umnpuiunL-pfttX t L. luutrtf 1 * 
npqutu x tfiupq.* u^tubuilfk ftdptt t uy^ n£_ irpir £, l[unT irpb u + £ * 
30. "UL ^ikdb umn P u "" n -Pl' L -1'* fy—iT pmguMunuphf. p£ % flu* tuiutfigf t 

"UL"^ Irplr JutpqjyL afnuqutnjtupfub* dni. 1 ^puiuqfi L. n^Jblrppua^ 
^pb* uilfb *h^uiUtul^mh * uy^ Zuyb £ 9 uydpiT dfruyb * ftul^ %lrp[puu$^ 
uifttpipb*, %2™ bu$ k^ % x "UL "L. H uaa pkfjndbt upuf£u* jmiuufb 
uiuuigtruii £ ' 

^pusLp* h t 

\+c £, puSu uaJbuuyU) u^uSbutl^mby n^ ftpp quatphfi* uyt upuj£u muua^, 
gbiu^ £• putn ^tupuuffint-ptruiu * ftul^ pjug£pluufyuMu 9 n±_ mdbutujh 3 
«[/£ unpm-iT tf^Jimpuiifjitt fyuuT uptnlrfU* fio t pufjg "£_ umdkutruftb' 
fa t npl[£u x pq^gq-* puub ' uy[_ «£_ 7C^Jutp/tut f L. it£_ uulju i uy/* 
ufJUphi bt""3 k gu 3fLO^' t 4F"l"lb* T^tuptuuauutbai-plriuUy tpud \pirpqji^ 
nnuplriub' , pbmuiblripnjb £ npnbni-dphu* * huL pjualrpL-uiLiubu } 
utpn.u tub uthunt.phmUu x u. £• dpy tuiuuOpu puub pmatrpUjubiub* 
uuinpuium-pfiubt tutuut pmgiuuni.ppL.u % jtufy uytpb tuJHufralruab* 
10. 2U"lk uau i t * ,L -* Jf * P"U3 ^"7*4 ^ autJbuutjb puub pjugirpLjut^iub- 

uutpuiuipjujtr 'ft* tywaT fi ututtuuttdiuu£ * L. ou/bujp dtupnjyb^ putu 9 
plr ii£_ olfrit It- IpMuT qtrijjiijfiu, IftuiT ouy^ fft»£_ qtujuuffcutriugu 
ujnjjflu£, ^UL Lm puub pjuglrphjulpuu * El tfuiub afi dfl £* uyt »£_ 
putnnud) LlrbnMtbpi ^lrtnL.utL» irpLnuiu/bfi * otMfhqfi n < h putptmjuipn.* 
aiufif^ t Jf trtjl?tjfi % p**(jg £ "Ulif "U u t j- n p&' u 'n5inL.p{rtMJh utuir^* 

Q\puiLo» a. : 

\*t- t? df puub pMuglrpb-UiLui%^*» LiuiTnp dp juyutL£ % LiuiTnp ^mnLutiuutL. 
dp i L. put one dp • i»/JP pjuqni-i/pu* L. ft£_ up* Lmd* tuuiuinfuiuipu % 

1 .uutrdp V; ^<TCD. 2 irptV. 3 u&p uimmftuu Vo D. 

4 npugtu L V. 6 uMdhliuyuu V. 6 J><db<lf> & V. 7 ^irppn^nupt V ; 

iptrpifjinnufflr E. 8 npn^dniXu V *, npn^nt-dpbu in ITiarg. A. ° ualruu^ 

qrtt-p truth u V. 10 ifmuu diupqjyU V. ll 2^ a V u "h u,u ^ r U}J V \ ^utpmuy^. 

12 In A the rubricating hand writes in marg. variant 

18 up V. 

0j.utub[nj C. 

Digitized by 



l^/t^.' uAiAl.Ii l^uttT puy> utum-pfuu bn/igjt Jjtutjb » tfututt up u * k 
utuir£_ usjttufku jtmjuihlr^ [ibi 1 iutjuft-* uftb^ qfi pjugtrpb-ngtri. l^miT 
^utpg&ui^ nupnt-g* l^mtT n£* uy^ ftt-p jmiLut^majyu l^utJbglr^nj • L. 
20. "uyg* 'uutpqtt k {uutjbplLni.pfiL.Tb * npufutty 1 fti/pU unL.u%uul£* fyuttT 

fidptt 2 , uiUfnuJ?rp£ 1 ftul^ utpn.% uuygpb* £*"/*• ^'ifi x upuuttt t njutu 
fthu ut^ut*, ptupuin-ptrjfi * 

\*l. £ tumpa^ putgirpLjiL.ppL%t iutjtt U£utuu»l[utu jutqutujt u.nt pu£* trutJ 

25. n£_ u.n£ npufku utJtubm^uu nju<f-utuirut££ * L. uutnputunt.pp % f? t 

putgtrpLjiL.pfiub, nL.pnL.Jptt unudtruufc ' [tufy njugutunupp* putgir^ 

pbjiL.ppL%> uL.pnL.JKti) uiUfnt-Jbpk * L. tftuutt qfi £• L. qfiou ututlr^. 

pLirunt-guAlr^ ftpp 6 qf^ : L qtf.pu fippL qjtfig J ^ ^/Sffi^ A/V^- fife ' 

80. L. qifjfh fippit- fkp » L. 2"*-ff_ qutpmutgnjuptt utj<fnu 6 tuJuittut^ftu' 1 ' 

unjUuil?u qutuuuutttt fftt* ubpqtutgp • qnp uinnptuutrutgu nn» ututut^, 

unutr£j L. unp utiqni-utruigu qo* uutnputunglf^j utufut nuptruu t 

juijtstbft £, qfi u»JkunL.u r * uutnputunt-P truth) (? njunuium-ptf l% 

^utttutttuy x II pjugutunt-plrutUy uutnputunLppL% ' knftgh 

^utLutunt-ppLM utju 9 * umnputunLpfp l% L. putgutunupft^t ^utLtu^, 

35. Lutjiruttn * L. ututrtT ^luLuifyuypt, qttnppu uyunpfiL* uuJnttl? ' puyu 

n* \naftdtuni-uutfyfi, L. nnnutttn™ "(J/J* I*-** quyuutftulrutgnti \utl{npn^ 

y&i/ht tun. hJutuututLutttu fuuittqjiL.pfiL%u * 

<S\ptufa>. t : 

\^u t/ututt qfi IrU niftultu puut pn£npff qftptugptt. L. uJuitro puut ftLputnuttt^ 

^fiupgui L. utuirifp puut pnfnptr, np ft t/lrpuy J"intfngu^ 2 puutL.n*. 

40. po-guit. uutnpnufi^x L. ftL.putputtt^fL.pptt 13 * np n^j npfyfru * Jiupq. 

b. 9P J 'l n p£$' 1 * s t u h b 9U llb u ' u9 unuin fn-pu^pu/b^pi-pgpb* ^wpfy k 

pjugtrpLngtr^ npuj^u /?£, l^utiT ^f^g : 4" 16 jnpJ-uttT unji£nptrnu /"%>£• 

1 i*t V - * A* C D • omit V - 3 A*' "S" V. 4 bpLbgni-gutulny. 
5 fippL V. 6 uy+Jht. V. 7 uttTutuut^u V. 8 tudkunutPV. 9 uyu^ 

tutu V. 10 upuutu V. U luututLnt-pfttbu V ; ^uAt^t.p^u C \ in A 

the rubricating hand adds suffix u above line. 12 jnintfguV* 13 A IL / M- '- 

^mu^t-pgu V. U /»«#«» iuiinptgu V. 15 £- t V. 

A y - ^ 


L. fr jnpJmtt nnum ftupmgmb£jl t-ptjpb I mpn. trpir qjutjnpEu* pwg^. 
irpLjig^i ft tflrpmj pn^npfb 1 trpir fij>. fymiT n^, irqfiaft ubp^mfymtyp 
5. pmtjlrphML.pfubnu* % L. muhrJ* ft tfirpiuj pum pn£ttp£u» fuutjh?pLnatr£_ 

upjtinpfru ' npmku * mJkumju Jmpn.* umftmmL * n* no Jmpn. 
umftmrnl^ x X*ut( jnpJmaT ft tftrpuy pum pntnpfrgu* El *»* pum 
pjt^npk • "£_ trli *birp^utl^tubo x ?"%}£ nmnn.B'airm^uptt* fo* ujt£^ 
uo-p^mfymu* * L. muifjl aj±umpn£npJlru mmlrpL.n'nnglri* ft tflrpmj n^_ 

10. pum* pntnpfriju * npqtJu x po umftmml^ Jmpn. x n * fo utuftmmlt 

Jmpn. i j>a/Uqfr pum pnjnpt? ktfj Jmpnjyu* n£_ ftpp pom' pn[mp£ 
Jmpfia puiff&pLjti-pirutJpii t ^pmuqfi muHrL n£ 9Cum pnimppu 
ujutuiMtfyfr l uyi_ pt" pum pjtjnpl? t ftul^ ft t/lrpuy umnpntrfgbjiij* 
nnumpn^npStt * t umnpnnJr^ pum pu$£npfr • n±_ /^J tf^Jtupfrm x J>**uqti 
L. n£_ Jfipu 13 umnprnunupfub Irqfrijff timpAi.iT umnpnufuir^nju pum 

15. pnjap(ru t umnpnqft pum** pnjnpffa x npnmu x f^o mJku* Jmpn.* utmYu 

4kuq.mufiu l5 i 

Q\p<ailig» at 

Y*ji*l- ^ ut i ta 'i u uf l l_ umnpmuni-pfiLJu tir* pmumum-PBrmu tuuiriT ^mfym^ 
uni-plrmJp.» nnum pn£npfu t u^utum^hr^u 9 ^ upJ/tti* oft *»£_ pum 
nntnpfr i npnmu * mJbu Jmpn.* uwftmmh x «i£_ mtfl/b Jmpn.* umftmmL : 

20. n* no Jmpn. uujfiutmfy x £ nuu Jmpn. umftmmt^ s L. utrp^mfyf 18 anum 

nntnpt umnpmum.pft t L. nnum pn/np^u pmamunt-pfuJu » npl^fflt : 
mJku* umpn. mpnjmp t tfmuli™ npnf ouyunufify* A^njy t^mp"-*^mJmu^. 
njuJuyu iCpJmpftmpu *-"[_* /"*% tjlthrp^mlpuupu unam 9 ua-pphqjit-uf 

25. ft tflrpmj unpfitt t a£_ muVb Jmpn. utuftmmty x L. £ ntrn Jmpn. umft^. 

mmlt ' qfi M n^ mmftt n£_ nnumpn^npffli Itguthmlfk x tnpn. npombp 

1 pum pnfnpftu V. * t&p^uAp C D J %&p^m% V. 8 pmgLpLntf V. 
4 pum pninpt] a^n^pk V. 6 %bp^m^mu C D } ulrp^m^m'bo V. 6 apLn^^. 
7 IL um ] tV. 8 V tl\ n^mJku. 9 nnuml qV. 10 umnpnqftgl^n^t V \ 

umnpnnftijir£nju CD. ll n^pum pn[npt/uV. 1S qpjtinptru Omitting pum V. 

13 Jft V. u pum] aV. « 4irut t mujt V; in A rubricating hand adds % 
above line. le In A first hand set a punctum delens over L ; Vomits. 
17 ik A L.l Vi-V- 18 ^p^kb C ; %trf~i V. 19 Before ^mA V adds ^ 
/^ i/Lf/i^. mpqjup. L. 20 if/ti|/] ^/r V. 21 First hand in A seems to have 
written %mpft and an early hand to have erased fi. 22 ft] ^nunf, V. 

Digitized by 





p. 18. 

^wfywstnupjig* a^um pnjuptrtju Iris* pum pnjnp£ 1 ^mp^ £• qnJpb 
TC^Jtstpfim *j-"L_ 4 ma I unum s L. nppmhp fi *[kp*y pum ftupmpmu^ 
ifupijbx Apfyth 2 * &J} uniffpiumfru uiyfimmty*L Z npgmbg fi f/rp-y 
pum pjtsnptrapti* *»* pumpn»upt % «*> Jft*m» nw unum» L. nmw 

30. tf^ttmpjtm * jMuhqfi ^istJutbqjuiTJyb TCpJmpfiut fij> wubf* fHr fig 

JiupiL uiufimmL • L. Irplr n * ^p Jtstpn. uutfimmL • A. ^rp Jmpm. 

f^l^sbk 1 "t? A^ ^ff f-LqbtjM 1 gmiiqlj kpir amafip' 1 *£_ 
t^i^dtk * ^* ^P^ ifofi f^ti ^- "t~ (lb * 

<S\pmfa>. £« 

f \j^y^ pniJruijft jmbl(mp&mcplfb tmbmtrqfi q-**[> t[mu% IrpL-fi^ uimum^. 
^/_ 9, «*£?. 10 ' ^£ Jmpij. umfimmfy' ^mJmuajuJiiyu. pk 11 El. n^ no 
dmpm* umftmml^ * p*\jg "(J u t "£__ %ff[/b u^mumlfk* ^- »^ ^utJutlsqju^. 
Jtmjb fi ^mpfyk x L. IrpLJr^fi £• ^/r Zl «/mc! pmamunt-pfaJb pum J[>\j 
umnpmunuplrmu t ,o**ubJ» ff «|/%r mmpm k pmamunalr^ apmamuni.^. 
PfiiMt 12 * anp umnpmulrmuu mmnt^unupfuMi^ L. wtuiMtiQtbtr • 
IpsitT pum fn-pmpmtt^fii-pnjjtt 16 m-Jbp^* A. 16 IpsitT mmpumpn^np^au* 
(itlkgk * IputT fipp pum p*inpk* ^mtP fipp 11 n^pum 19 pn^npk * &• 
muh*J\ npfytfr * Up unif^ptstm^u utyfimwfy i n^ fc unif^pmml^u 
umfunml^* L. hplr *%/[_ P^tJ i mu " mtu*** "UUU fffl/ ' "t^ ^ m k u> ^ 
fymju*** "yi ^ibgt *b n p*"i dfti-uu" tut** t mmYbnuiT Jmpm. uiyfitnwfy, 
5. n£b muVu Jmpm. utyfimmfy * L. nuuVunLSm" Jmpm. 25 * n£b no Jmpm. 

umftmml^ ' fiufy fignuJ* Jlupn. utyfwiwfy* n^ ftp Jmpm. utyfimwfy * 

|*|iml' nfi Jnu, Jnt-ptF umnprnunuplrmu ^mLmLmj £• 
pmgbpL-mfyfi * L. ifop iru uqpm t mumalrma iru % L. qjp** ua-p^m^mi^ 

1 puwpmnpk D ; qjuijnpk V. 2 Before "p^fr add unpimku. V. 3 Before 

L add unfommku *»£_ umftrnmlg V. 4 L *£_ V. 5 upn^npk V. * L n^V. 

7 amafrp* V. 8 ^iA ^ bpLf, V. 9 ^^m^h^ V. 10 ^ V 

11 ^mJmuajuuluju mjlttT pk V. U apmgmunt-p V. 13 umapmuatf V 

in A punctum delens over tr suffix and first hand gives variant um** 

pmuncpfiiXI* in margin. 14 mmnu&lr^J. l5 ftL.pmpmu£pL.pnav C 

^prnprnl^upgh V. 16 ^. Ofll. V. 17 ^^^/v] ^ V. 18 /f-rm] ^V 

19 ^^ V. *° «iy V. n <>^^-v V. M -^c«ir D ; JtiM V, 

»^D;UV. 24 *w^« »X V. 
86 ^ te V. 



After </fy»7- add utuftmm% V. 





10. "ULP* "" 4/P ^ ungw * A. qfi n£_ uttlhu tf^Jutpfiut, l^mtT unt-tn 

^wLuiuni-pfii-Vh 1 * L. tftuuu £p» Zl ^/v/k tf^Jiupfttn IftutT unt-tn : 

f \i»#o Jjp 4" uinhpuiunt-pfitJu L. puigtuunupfi' fyuitT aJnu z qupng£ u^tu^. 

15. 'buil^lrintfj l^uiiT upjttnpfr ^UJ* fpJ'lffpt? * fywtT n£_ uduibtuiuku t 

npnuiu * uiJkuuyu Jtupq. 9 uuffiuruilf £ > n£_ 3 /r£ utthVbuyu Jtupq. 
uujfiuiui/f * ^p Jtupq. uujfiututfy : £$£ Jtupq. uuffiuruify : #»£_ n^ Jtupq. 
uuitttnuiL i oiK Jtupq. uuifnnuify x plr utufttntufyu* Jul. uguutuqfr i 
huh trpb irpLnug 9 Jul. tubnuU l[uyg(r* utput npng £ft£ «/»«- : n^Jhu 
utnnpuMunt-pltub, L. n* Jul. pjugutunt-PfiLu * npquiu ' ff£- *»£ 7/#* : 

20. uflsntJu* ^tuhn-trpi* &fin£» L. JtupqjU-tTi (ivpb $utuqlfp& utuftmatfy • 

t/ftf #»£_ i/al utnnputunt-pfnJb, L. #»£_ ptugtuunupfiub Jul. * jttuuqji n±_ 
t*l*2_ uttuppJrp £ utu&-£* ph fr£ ift L. 5 Jtupq.* uuffitnutfy : L. IpuJ* ptr 
fo ih uuiftutuiL i L. ftp Jtupq.* utqftuttufy $ utpq. hptr unpin ptuanuJit 

25. u^tuutul^lrU* L. tfu pwanuiQt s ^juyut kt plr L* wnju^ftuu put an u Jit 

uptuutulrtrt LtutT n>f tu > 1 J> u 'uu[i >ftP no ifi* Jtupq. t tutu us nt-ptrvu* 
L. n+ulrp unfus ^tupLmunp* qnau ajJiupfitn L. qnJnjU unutn ^utfyut^. 
unupfiL.% qj*i* 
J^Jiq- % JuiL trtuLiugu, L. Irnlring r 8 , uuutnputunt-ppu* 9 LtutT uuMtgutunu^ 
PfitJuph* HfjJiupfttn qjtf fyuttT unt-tn % L. Jiub 1 * puut pnsnptrgu* fipp 

30. qpjiinpt? Jpjui anJph ajJiupftw L. nnJpu unuut ' L. Jiufy puut fit-put^ 

nu/u*p upgu* npuifcu usuuigiruiifc * hub Jiuu puut antnptrgu tuuhgtring* 
n^ 2 mn#i 13 p"£fptf "£_ ^UMplfUit-hp* uuuuigtrtuj^ £ , L-jtuqtuqM unput * 

<*lptufe. /&: 

\*vfy Jtub' puuifiupuiotubJpt-pgt^Ui L. ^utuq.h'piu-tngu 9 n£_ %Ju/uustuf?u l 
ou/uqft hpy wJKhtujIi uuwnpusunt-Pfit-U* L. puiguiunupfcub apJtupfiut 

1 Stubtuunupf; Mb V. 2 JhuV. 3 L nt y. 4 In A first hand 
sets punctum delens over q. in q-fyk. 5 u- om. V. 6 L om. V. 

7 unftu V. 8 After Irqlring C adds ^««/»^ k. 9 utnnputunt-Pfi V. 

qpiugtuunuPf. V. ll JSmf] ^oiiTC. 12 L n^V. 13 put*] u_V. 


14 tom,V, 

Digitized by 



35. fywiTuauin^i L. 2 atuTfuuyu* ^uiplf £ fysatsT tfjii fyuitT £qjij_i q[i Irplr 

nab wuaiugfr* iftanalfj^ f&£2 "~ "^ "£- mumu gk f'f'lA' VfU U : W*U m 
f . Irplr ^uipfy fc if^Jwputtrj^ qnu%» auya t plr usuVbuyb utnnput^ 
unt-pp ° apifiupfut LuiiT unt-ut : nuiuqfi IrpltnoKb) n* £1r ^uiJtuuqju*. 
Jiaju ft iffrpuy uyuiuftub-utau * ^sstbqfi Irplr TjC^Jatpfm arulff^t Irplr 
D. uuifiuiusfy* IputT n+ utufttnuiL* ff ^uipLuiunp Q-ni uuifiuiusfy' IfuitF "£_ 

uuffitnusfy 1 L. Irplr fin uuifiuiusL* LtuiT //* utufttnuiL* aptftupfui trp • 
tuua-it IfutJT ■ L. 1 ® Irplr n* upuif?* I*- Irplr upinfr* ^Kfi 
utuftMt ^uip^qutstnputunupfitMt LuttT"- tjfLUigusunt-pfii-lb'b 1 t apJutpfiut 
f[_ fytuiT an Lin » uttuat 13 nuplrau^ n^ f 90 ^ ^t^fiP* "~ "L.llF'l" ^~ "£- 
5. ft qfiufnt-uib-iyi L. ȣ_ nuiT nuJIro IL q-kaf ibsft* "- "L. ^itdt 

fyuttT** n£ "t}^ ^tA^A 18 ' "UL^b ^""Pk^ atJUbuyb 1 L. n^nt-tT nuuTro 
L. H-lruf fc * aft* Luajl np uwnputulrutaU ajduspfm £• Lata*' 9 np miunt,^, 
ulruta 1 mwtr^/r 20 uafluuutiutru uipnJL.o gflufrp* IputP «t£_ jflufrp^ ^utbqft 
AutT nuuTrn* L. q-kaf t • L- n^ /^> mnMtuIrt uyutufru t l^uttP* 1 n^j 
uyt/tufcu mJufi* fyuitT Luiigfi * 

<*\pu,!(p. «* 23 , 

10. ^«_«/ , Irplr fop uuffiuitv/f' uytfd) tfgtfiupfiui (rp utulr^ juin-Ut^iuqjyU. 

plr Irnfagfi uuffiintutf * fiufy atuja* Jjpiui tf^Jiupfiui frp utulf^ juin-tu^ai^ 
a-nju, *&&£_ L. £p jlrqL^ngL t Irplr Irqfpgfi • L. Irplr jf^tfiupfiut fcp 
a§ulri_ % ju*n.m^utq-npf plr St tyariT plr** Irrjjttjf 1 n^l^utp^ uyu n^ 
qji/J li- «£_ a^i^bnglrf^ 1 (wlf np n^lpmp % n^ Irnmblr^^ usufyutp 28 , 

1 anuu, tV. 2 L] mafia V. 3 aiifolinjuf. V. 4 ^^V; A SetS 

punctum delens over n ; D has iftu&fn^k^ 5 umnptuuni-pfcuu L pwgai^ 

anupftJi V. 6 k "uL/tt V. 7 n± fa V. 8 tV. 9 aiafna&fV. 

10 £. om. V. n V has passage thus uuiG ^o. uMUfm ^aspf k quu» 9 

^utJl 12 qpatamunup^i V. 13 Before ut^m add \*L. Irpir uyu n^V. 

U L Om. V. U trqbgfi V. 16 faS] L V. 17 a^ap a^V. U b^u V. 

19 L J«iTV. 20 j>u,uat B C ; pt V. 21 ^aiJ'] £ V. 22 In A first 
hand adds n^ above line. 2S <^ man. rec. supra rasuram in A. 24 \fu 

La V. » P^ Om. V. 26 gulrinalrLC. * kqm%f L V. 28 ^ai^ C. 

Y » 

Digitized by 








n* trnutlttri^ * truL up tuuLsupu* u% trnmutra* ^mpLmunp trqmbtrt* 
ftuts tuufisi utJIruuyu * u£usunjrp&u*utjuu ^mptiutLjtpaau^^u fcp troutblr^j. 
uttutu n^fSb^ nuplrjplf uutT nt-Jbp J-^' U ^P** ^~ "l~.t lf" t i nLjm ^'%f 
^itdh Jt-l'lk ^P^ A qt^^^V 6 * "t^b ^mptik* fumja mmtimjb* 
It. «•£_ upujtu l^qAg. tf^Jsuptfut ulrppbqjiubfi mutrjj upqutlt ■ Irptr 
"t- ^itsb ' ^ *L. *L+ ^itdt ' 4f^"lh "- outfuuituuffu ^UJ ttmuput^. 
unuplruiuu* % upmf pmgutunt-pfiuUu 1 • nf^lfgfimpfiM * L } uupm upmiy 
tr/njy uumupwunt-pfl l%/u 9 Ufusmut$u*ugfr «•£_ Zf^Jtupfim qJi[_t It. wn 
ayunpfiLj** Irptr ifptfiupfiut £p ututr^ Irptr uutfi mauls* L. utruii. 9 tutuput 
k 10 IrpttugAt-u 11 omjJ L 12 Irptr r i L [ l justf... tr^gU^* A 4?"lb^ X 

l ypy™ »£_tr?£sh y. «i_ »'*_ 15 ^tkab A 16 4^ib u% «'*_ 17 kqbsb «^ 

nt-JbppU f-trtu k * ttpqutu 1 %utLJuJutpuinL.ppi3u * uutuafi iyfim/rugp • 
n^^Ulr^%uit.utJaMputntJpftuh\ L. n£ n^ffiuy^uutLjuJiupmui-pbuu* 
m Pt n P& tuutmui^yib* "yupbi* **b*"lrqfilg* It- tm j ut fb u kp **Ul£ x ft 
Irptr wuVbuiju urn npwunt-p- truth, It. pjuguiuni-filriMib, t^mj* fi a lf?P m J 
pum p*l*pU<jlt tmufy&jng' /,pp qpu£upt* faiT [1 feptmj put* ft^ptupmU^ 
^Jiupngpu* ^utpfy £• ^usfyusfyuylfgu* 9 tjjt£ nt-Juuu tf^Jiupfim, L. m-Jbuu 
unuut * u*Ji" *ftu^_uutT ni-Jbp n.£uifc* 20 » uyimJkuuyu 
l' u t^t n l^ ^~ it"^*!? A ^T^* b u k tuufut L. n^funp^lr[_U([imlrug[i 1 
It. U£_ [ipiuunplr^ fippnu pir qtuju ffv^ mpmugni^g Irnfrgfi uyu 1 it. 
Irptr u^ uuyu fl^tl "L. ^itdb * JE"*"*!? n^flu^utpuJr^nt.* It. fi pb'-P 
utJl nt-JtriBi tuutr^ uyu ^Unatr^* L. uuu%u% ȣ_ mutr^ b u h mu i m A 
^tupttU trn^oft* nt-iTnt-ilkg uuya TC^Jtupfm £p atutr^ juyuJ-mtTi— 

1 trqmubiJV, and so throughout chapter. 

ib^kft V. 4 qb u t nt - m ^'Vd V ; qftunt-mo-ua C 

2 amJIru* 

tmju V. 8 L 

6 A lf"ttnum^ua V, and 

in next line ^kqitg. 6 umnpwunt-pfuJb C. 7 pmguium-fSfi V. 8 uumu^ 

putum-fty V. 9 Before utrmu add n^u^m^ V ; om. B. 10 k B ; kp V. 

11 trpfanuu B; V. U tru BD; Ottl. V. 1S truuutr L B C ; 

L. Irptr trntalri^ V. 14 It- Irptr B ; L. Irptr ti£__ q-"l_ f 1 tfatqtiL. n^_ Ir^nutra 

{lriu d C) b (om. b D) 4u,qtu % L Irptr V. u *^ B ; *£ V. le b om. B. 

17 miuuB u^y. " rbi^sb v - 19 H^M v - * ^htt^f"^ D ; 

t&ptfalrj.ub V. 21 -Auuyubu ^om/JU V. M ^^ V. 

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Q\pmfe. Jut 1 * 

ft- f^US umlpmjli % L. n^ mju mutppirpk* fth nJutltg mumgfu a^m^munu^ 

PfiMt 2 t p-h 8 A^_ mumgfjb 1 jMUuafi J*\jm k* pL uyuujtu miX/Su 
ftpj&t pLu^k* h- nuu A ^ umnpmufcgk* &- uuu^ pmgmujigk 1 ^mhqp 
m L~ a l^"^ i tMmnpimttir^jjIbt IpmiP pntijmiitr[jjb, h-q/iijfi' tpmiP «•£_ irqfiyfi 1 
p. 19. Ph A£ ft pfiup wiT mtLimuk^ l(u,J % %!r { ip U SbAi_J* JutJutuwty L fy£ ' 

fiuL mutm pir» uuiJlruM.iT® uyuutku m&trp' *$"> ob 
JftAuuu tf^tfiupmu-jj ^mplfiuunp fcp mju Irnmufn* fymtT A^ /roiuufii* 
L 8 />upmiguAi^»!p [1 ijtblringpu uji^m uyuuffru n*3*kp% J^t* ft A 
^uwpfyf? ifiut-^j j»tvuaf$ jnpJwJ* tf^tfiupmutuffru /rutuuliy 9 #g». Irptr 10 
5. f"lbg$* "t^ k m F* "L. Irqjf*h/'ij &- a&q&ui^b tf^Jkuptfui tp mutr^Jfr^m 

t-plr™ irqfiaf ■ L. trplr ungm uwvfyuinn, ^omuafr mbuutuififh* afi 
ufyfiapit &■ ^mum.u-pilr^ngptj* L. fi funp^lr^ L. fi ujtph-lr^fiu^J L. a/i 

10. pnjupmuffrut fr* utrpu™ A£b Jfcf** *blrpa-npb-lfu^, fyutpu fty* u. «£• 

unpu u-pLmofiu uirpphLtutirutt iflufiu L. Q-Aflf h- A£b f 1 !} b u k ***V** 
L. bnmupfb* L. u£b Irnutblri^ x L. putanutfo ^Qjutjmo iru 9 uyuutl^u 
stt-uB-jti^J afi amju t a^u/uq.hVpiu 9 %**p f-iy ^usmutufts*** L. A* 
^utmpafi t mj^jmnju^ Jui^trugft t uJmuusufku It- A£b ^uiutmufi^ 4 m P* 

15. j>u*uq[i Jf£^ q-IJP jmnjm^utajyu urn 9 Jiu^fi^ Lptr A^ fymp 4/f, Agt 

^mmsuufif^ um * utufut nuplrkm, L. tftufy u {Jl^Qpf' H'qbfnt-pirui'ug 1 *, 
una JftuibujuJ* pum autcpnuplrmu atuftu mjuuffiut-itt-uu * muaui nupLuu 
kpLkift £• ft A^ uwuVbuyu pu^f S-pikf A^ k. L A^jjlufii uy L 
trb P"l2. n p"i-trnt-Jyg L. qMuj k* "- A^pi^u»^ fy mtT umnpm^, 

20. unupfnX IftutT prngmunupfi^u tf^tfiupfim * L. Ifh* ttpja atnjuuirt 1 El. 

fippm. pir pmanuJ* muajuJl jn^^ «^ 17 pbmfip A±_ u*q& l *» *U£ 
pbqjujbfi u-auiuif^ nut* L. nu% A±J 


1 J- over erasure of a J- and m added in recent hand A. 2 a^mlsu,^ 
fyV. . 8 py] L ypk V. 4 i>« added in first hand in marg. of 

A ; «* «^ V. * m^L V. 6 jwtVbnuS V. 7 Xtftupmli, L V. 

• mmm L V. • mumufi V. 10 AfM- Ofll. V. « V tr. kfUi ^-. 

» d »pu v. 18 %yp*Mp±y L v. 14 yqmufi L v. 15 $u,mmiy L v. 

16 y^ufils V. 17 Ljii^JpiA V. 18 »±**qy] L mfliu n^ 




4|ffff#4j»* J-p. x 

^utpb * futfjg uiulfuylf n^abtuUb atuJirbuyL ^tupfy 1 9"/ x &- "> 1*i- 
25. builjU* n^ f- n l_ ^vpfy * Jf'l'lb "£_ 1"l/b & qtutflrbuyb abtulfjtb tfJ*i 

ft ^tup^»jnp<fisttP 2 4r 3 Uftupqtuptup% f-n^ f* ^ m p^t * b. Ittfusttuitykii 
k- P 4f?P u U "£+ bwltfih* b. f> i[bpuy ^ui/ftvunupirb 5 1"lfl> putlt * p**fjg 
t"L % U "T"£_ t"L. ""flfo-t/b* ^ a */ ,i f * 1*. brjnglr^ IputT Afji i UM U3 »> 
utubuyb quiutnugtu 4 hbintf_ utubi qntfb ^ujpLutunp* b. tuubtfl npauth : 
30. ^utpb* itfbngb/'* tftunjtu' buitTn^tfUtngbi* P M (J3 

ft * utulpayU iflitntjbijfb IbtuuuiJiupurnt-pfiiJb, %t[u»n$L* ^utpbutt-ap * 
b. n£_ n* bnuAb-£~» uyi bquAbf~ Q ' IputP a^ bnuihbty- ^tupbtut-np x 
[tub uiuftu, ifuiisb ft/r TbJLuutMttyfru puilbau apJuspfiuf nptuku finpntt 
juym^* ajt npguiUpjp uyuiytw nuhffb* J/tb^aJt nutP nuJbo f-ff'V fat 
35. b. qhbp^uiLupU %bptfonjiubbi*%diu1biu»ukv nubbi^uupL £ b. qCtubist^, 

um-pfiiMti np syutmw^fr (i 4&'P U U&* n^Jfc^tn b*b } b. n^Jftw ^irb x 
o tub aft u*ijg \""Ph nL -*n f '"i JuMu[rb™^iubuiunL-pbtuVh*'y ifjtfiupfttn 
£Lft/ l^tuiT u/ti-ut • puyiJ n £__ uuilfuyb, u {p t Ipud* "(J*** "Ul nt-pnt-iT** 
nt-iflrp nM*y frgk ' ^- utnjMtubi apJuspfiui nntfn}j f puyg /»* utubuyb 
utiu T^pJuipftut^ butiT unuur *$&£_ ob J^U m ^ bpb n£_ ^tupb £ 
b. wJUhuijb uutnpuaunL-pbtuL' [putT pu/guiunLpbustt, ^tuI^tuI^ulygL* qnfm 

ifiiftupfiuf b. anub unuut y-nf* J> fit aft a* npu^ku ft ifbpuy busfyuitjptt, 
tMyuufku nubfi b. ft ijbpuyg 21 n±__ biulputjlt * puyg tpupfg f-"^ fyfiT 

1 ^mplt k V. 2 uyLjnp+mJTV. 3 k L V. 4 V OIT1. L. 

6 ^tulpuunt-ph V. 6 uiJb%uyVb V. 7 ^"*/»^ k V. 8 %u»LMadmptanuftl$ 

pit juiqfrL. V. 9 bqu&bfi V. 10 bqaAftjl V. U bqtuliftjli V. 

12 V L ftpgl. 13 juyut tV. 14 ft jbpuy uuyg V. 15 V L uuyg. 

16 nutibSL Jiuu[tb] V ^01/1^ t A Jfiuiupt. 17 V ^a»^aii/ft£_fc 18 V npnutT] 

D fti_«/T 19 V ^- ft£. 20 V Om. P^Ug »^_ uml^uyU uyu tfgfiupfiia, 21 ^ 

4Lp"Ud\ so D ; V ^ fti^/. 22 ^«"/^ f^»/J soD; E has ^/»/^f f f>»/_; 
V Ipupbib t"L 23 B D E omit iwy^. 

Digitized by 



Q\nuilu>' uiuiuu irpLp : — 

5. \\ Yflb & ^W) qnt-Jkub^ 1 * fyustT uumpuiunt-Pfi upututuLL/ntf* L. Liu J 

ptugtuunupftub x L. (? tuju tub nub* L- fyuttT* tub tub nub ' P^UR *$ 
tuftuift f-nt* qJfinffr, ubLputnnptuunt-PLiuuu^ * puyg utbnuVby u/«/m/ w 
gLuiil? L. ufbtubnubu* jtunjuftuo-nju* oufbnjt #*£_ Jtupn.* uabnub *»* * 
usuLtT uyi tuunpnpLtp tub nub * o tub op up 6 ftutt ujtuuuifyfr' tuunpn^, 

10. }k rtfi tub nub, npuffru L. n£b nnf_fc* n t_( LU U t * uttuVbuyu utnnptuunu^, 

Pfiub L. ptugtuunupfiub, LtutT utptntubnutub £• L. p**{jk « hut J* utput^. 
usunpn^irjfi^ tuunutuu £ L. puyk* x puf/R utnjubg ptujfi, L. ti^ Jfi 
utnnptuunupfiub LtutT ptugtuunt-pfiub : o tub aft £, LuttF Irnpgf* LtutT 
Up* l^tutT ijfbf * fyustT™ npj>tubpji "{J[P t p uyuuffiufi^* pufjp* tupmut^. 
l^tujgu t * Dtuuqfi wiLu+tuuutfyk tuifiubtutf * utujut nupLub uutfu uutn^ 

15. ptuunupfiub* L. ptugtuunt-Pfiub * ftp Jtupn. 1 "£_ f{P Jtupn. x umumum 
fij> /?£_ Jtupn. * n£_ ftp #»£_ Jtupn. * qjup&trtuj^ (ijt tuu%u Jtupn. 1 n±_ fa 
tuu%u Jtupn. * fto utu%u n^ Jtupn. * n^_ ^ utu%u /?£_ Jtupn. * A. ^ 
'[Upuyg utpuiutpnj wtftubtuLtug, unfit autu (r x 

20. f^^/# jnpJuiaT qfjfb* Lpfgu mnMuinpnqJrugk > «*^«f l^ptfistul^f tuufiu 

^tul^tuiupnupfubou : £. usuUtT npl^l^b 1 0j> mpqjup Jtupn. 1 * x nfiou 
Lpfigu utuirtT itupLmuuttx u/bnub y LtutT puy™* uLputnnptuunt-^ 
pirtubq. x fiufy* Q tutu at tftuuu uyunpfify t £np£ "iflgH B'lf'Rf'* "P n R™ 
Lpl^nuopb tun-uurrtpwuttt-pfit-% L. ptugtuunt.ppL.1b fytutgfrby nutn Ltupn-[i 

1 C ftJhhuk. 2 £ fi/^B C ; fmiTV. 3 VU/i utnnptuunt.^lr. 4 p^/^ 
utunubu utu* fr I*- nibtubnubu\ V pufJR lb*"! ***""*-" &- n/bu/bnuby tuutugLmt fa \ 

so D, only omitting ^^ and reading uSbnuVb ; B C have />• g* munuuu 

mumghuai^k nJuu/unutubu. 5 A Sets punctum delenS Over »£. 6 V n£_J/t. 
7 V jUMputuMbntJUMbk I*- *fi P^lfk > bllt P"(jk D. 8 V jutpututunpn^k^li. 9 V '/^ 
puytr. l0 \ L. IputT. ll V piugusunupho Ap. V UMn-utnnpnnJrugft, 

V Jtupnht * D Jtupn.. V u/bnuu/b. ia /**£/] V atunpniirtfi tuunt-utu. 

Before ^"^ V adds A. tuuLtT afc fapu LtutT utn. utpnjupit O-ftgft, L. htuJT utn. n* 
tupa-uipu* uyuufku L. utn. ptugtuunupLu, V Lnjtgfiu. V jnpng. 

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nptqku mmfymuiiL.ptfa3ajfb : pmyg 1 Irpl^ni^gbt *£_* L. mutriTi qfijfb* 
25. LmJ* miumpqjmp Pplf'^f" &• UwJ* hml n±_ mpqmpu * fnaL muim, L. 
pmguiuni-pf ulib * L. maqm, £^flP h-qfigfiu i L. ftJmuJtafg qmuftybtMiju* 
mpmmumnpnqfiglr^ngu 4 \ fit* mpqmp Jmpq. » fig n^ mpqmp Jmpq. i 
80. ttnpui 6 pmgsMtunt-pfiL.1i, n£_ fig n^_ mpqmp Jmpq.x ^gmuq^ figb 
mumm%ma-p, L. n^jflt fig, $"J- mpqmpniJu* , li- £f*t *£* mpqmpnuJ** 
miu^ftgft 10 1 **p*J- *y u 1gfify n p"(k+» f 1 Apnii.&mfymuJv 11 muff* uymm^m 
qmytrm^ £ « 

<*\pu.fa<tlr U : 

fVog^j uJmummk* naJbfi, qfi pfctqfcm pum p*£*pk qmumurnlilgb fisjtr 

umnpwunt-pfi, npqmu* mJIrumju fig Jmpq. mpqjmp, pmgmunupf, *£_ 

mJbumju fig Jmpq. mpqjmp, mJIrumju fag Jmpq. n^ mpqmp, n^ 

35. mJIrumju ffg Jmpq. n^ mpqjmp* pwyg n^uJmummku q^um mpmJm^. 

^mifiuu phfywffffi ^mpm^C^Jmpmir^, *f//_ fi^ m ut ^CpMg • 

\\p* hk nL ^ u u u vtk S'-k-k'vF 1 " Fits "uuP mn - »& A n A/v 

Ubpmtpmj fimt mn.bqjr£ijj* npiqk" > fr mpqjmp §t^ Jmpq., j»# fig 
p. 20. mpqjmp n£_ Jmpq. 14 i { y **J#^g umjg n^ iru ^m^rnqptti-p^g* 

p"yg uqgm qmm mnmutj uumm filtglruwltg put* fittgirmuu iru % f*ppt*~ 
oabnumjp n£b Jmpquaf_mtL^mpirgirm^ t 

Q]pwfyo» mmuu nuafhu x 

]w£ Jntyl/jfigh* "t~ J m P t fi"t>l' 15 ' "pq*»u x Jm^uqf^fSu, L qhmj. ft 

5. ikVU utt S m Q ^'U U aun ^ u kt *yi"qku t-qlrm^ fippnu. plr fi^gu J—pfigfc 

L. pbq.$i»ptyaftifigfi * npqmu i %• liqfmumjnaf** mJbuuyU Jmpq. ' A^ 

1 nflj] V "* 2 V OmitS from L tuutrJ tO ^ttpg Lqfiafm. 3 V qmatm^ 
g/rtufv. 4 mprnmumnprnqpftglw^ngu V. 5 fa n^\ V n^_ fag. e Before 

unpm V adds fip n±_ mpqmp Jmpq* 7 V pjbq. mpqmpuiJm. 8 m J SO 

CD; Vn^ 9 V mpqmpifumt. 10 V -n-tfgk. U V qhp^t^mlgm^. 

12 Through loss of folio this whole chapter is absent in A ; the text given 
is therefore that of V. 13 C omits «/»y£«. 14 After Jmpq. B C add 

fa n±_ mpqmp n£_ Jmpq, n£_ fa n£_ mpqmp n^ Jmpq* 1S V jmpJmpfm. 

14 V » t L 

Digitized by 




nqtk afiflfltuyli Jtupq. : nqf£ tuMihuylt A^ Jbtpij. t A^ nnf£ mJUbwjb 
•»£_ Jistpq. 1 ftmbqlp it£_ £. aAgU mtltfbuyb Jtapij. 1 mutr^, uy^ qmgt* 
pmtjaiunupfiXpq.* Jiupqjyh. miLyuhkjS k* £U*bafi ma %H* »£. 
qpjiinptfli* %£*%&%£* "UL ftPP* VITpt mbAubpb** L J*ym k 
juyuJmbk » Aqf_ k Jbipq. « «£_ *qf_ k »^Pf- ' »qtk »t+ ^(Ut * "£_ 
nr [tk "£_ Jmpq.% ^guibafp unpm. %nnm wwppirpirV ^muh Agi 
ypn[npk * fiufy mtutm mJVhiaJl? \ tputT L A±_ ngpb. A^ fUt^ my^ 
utiLb^whiufyk* p*ug ft* ajuijapk mbm-Mla** l^aatT umnpmu/fifyutiT 
15. wtyni-iiiffj m P*[- I^UUfb* fhiybu uffiwfi uM-qZ/b/ 1 

i\ J*t& afi %bp$uttyta% pmgmwiipfiiJb t* mffimyli fig fyb%qj*hp 
mpt^mpy np Ibgutimfyk' ph A^ f&£_ tflfbqjMthfi mpqjmp t viu>i* bpb-f$li* 
q/i £%_ trpplrp bqftgfib tf^Jmpfiutp ^mtlmbqjuJuyU 1 A±_ fi ^bp-y 
unpfix L A£ ^uslpu^mypph ungay 10 , bqfrapi 11 bppbp. fidjA 1 * 

20. ^IrLqjMthff fin mpqmp • A^ mJVhuyh ^Irbqjutbfi* fij> mpqmp 1 L. 

^bwLfh uupt* uylstT npnpU, isiJtfbuyb tfimpq. mpajup k 1 Ipmtt A* 
i\p k ifopj. mpnjmp • fiul^ uyiitfi fi m ppf'* ASt Jistpq. uipqmp* ^mfym^ 
l(uyU t pb *ȣ_ uiJIfit Jutpq. fy> *ȣ_ 13 tmpqjup 1 .pmhqji ^iApfy (r q**l 
aASL 1 El 14 b pL-b [ft k* qb [1 t [bp u {J pum 15 fiupusputhffiupsjph, pb 

25. tf^Jtapfitn 16 ^iupgbat^ pmgnuulr£ afi 1 ^ b. umnpnuulfi iCjJmpfim* 

n PU mu ( a igk 4 b* unt[fypiMimt?u* fiJaouuinuL t n£ umffypaomfrv' mtum 
nf_ fiJmumnub • fiuty fi 4ffP"Ud P um P n L?pk> n }_ &£ifiiipfim, liJusbm^ 
iuf~u utuftgbmjtj 1 * l p*Ufl iC^Jmpfim pm^muni-pfiub'b V ^ 1 mtugmoffr 
a$*%1b Jbtpq- ftJwvmnlHi s n£_ mJ&b t mtum iR*pj- "£__ fcJmumntX ' 
t pm%qp mjjm unum * *y£_ n £f mJtfU* mttfiipl/b tfiupij. faimttminJi 

80. tfxJmpfum » ofi uyu $ $m![a»fyuylii fiufy §mjb %bp^mfyph 1 

1 miMrbuyb JmpqJj V mJblitmJItpit "UL. a ^ m Pt J U % * C b. "f/l^ 8 V 

pmgmunupfi^lt. * ££«"• pn^npt% V. 6 tPP^- ^* 6 V OIX1. mbnuLpb ; 

D reads fmlimXIb. 7 V mMlsuyVb. 8 V qmbnuVb. 9 V Om. m^. 

W V unom. « V bqtafiu. « V «*. l8 V Om. m^ M V OIT1. L. 

16 V om. pum. le V tr. *zfmp/.m pk. n V om. ^. W V *>*m^ 

gbui[U t 19 V pmgiuuni-p(iL.%, 


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]w£ muupuijpu* ^mLmfyufepu, uihnutuUg tgmtF pvfjf s npatuux fi 
l l/ r r u UP 2 * "£jp s *^*m/»7-' ^- "£^ mpnjup : npiyfcu puiguMunupftub mnjuug 
utunuuAty El puyf, pnuhugft tf-ni* amjg* »£_ «& * oujuafi Jftitn 
jf^Jluputtfi $mpfy 3 > IftutT u put lr i apmgmunt-pftCuu * ^«/^ *yr mum gnu % 

35. »£_ Jut pry /?£_ /^£_ mnjuuh^ J>u/u atuju np muuign% Jtupn. 5 % u(J[_ h- 

unt-uiq TCyJutputlrtug pu£* LmtT* u put It tug* plr n* f 1 *"^ ""^tt'Sl 1 % u - 
tr9tt«trtt«^ t fij*" mu%% n< Jtupn. mpnjup * A. #i£_ «//»«_, ^ ungmvkt 
q%iyu t L. it£_ ^mfymfyuyu uJiu* t uyunj* 9 , /?£_ ul? > JintAfMr 11 *»£_ 

40. Jtupn. mpnjup * ftulg tuu%uu, n£^ Jtupn. /»£_ mpnjup * uybnJ] n£b no 

b« mpnaup* n* Jtupn. * qttnjii uptuumlrk * L. u%nfumn.plrmij> ufbnt-iubpu* 

u- P"f/p u t fjf'\f u ugtuumfybu : tSpqtuu : f[o uuffitntufy Jtupn. : /r£ Jtupn. 
uuiftmrnL » juuuajp IrfUr u * utju k % unppu mulripo wrnfrgftu pjugut^. 
un up fit-lip™ ■ mjn unugmu% qfi Jnt- t Jryp 1 otuuqfi tujup* np £ 
5. uufftmwfyntt Jtupn.* nrngmunt-ppLunki 1 *, "£n% RP umfimmL Jtupn. x 

^«/^ uybp, Hpnlti Jtupn. uujfiuiujfy* filr /»^_ «"{/tr 4"* mjuniT popp* 
umftinmlg Jtupn.* trqpgfr nmgtuunupf uupls™ , tyuitT U£n% fij>* n^ Jtupn. 
uuffimwlf* l[uttT n£n% flu* uuffiuiulfy Jtupn. * *\Jl_ "{//_ 4" pmgmunu^. 
Pflubu , uyunpt pj>u, n * Jtupn. uuffiuruitf x A. «*£/£_ mjup* fjpptt 

10. uuffiwulfy Jtupn. * ^c/£ mmm h-qfigfu Irpl^Ai^g* ^\JP J I ^7" £^ 

tftnfuutn.plrgb ^j* munumVb™ L. pmjf* ut [J u ^ibgf* vuinputunt-fffi L. 
autgutunt.p-fiL.% 9 J**ym k l 


(V^y^ Joe qjuttafigy l^uttT anuiunt-Ju aJJin^t uuinpmuifi fytutT uiutnuulri* 
&P& a£_ Jf full ftgk p pmnnJiugpli puun^uMulrut^* U£__ fcu uutnpm^ 
unuffjt JJt* L n ^ fuuguiunt.p/ii.% ; A. mulrtT Jfr. n£_ IrfMr munuu ufS 

1 V tuunpnttuftu. 2 V 'A^-J/. 8 V <J«/»^ f. 4 V 

6 CD <^/i^. 6 V £ $«««/: ^ % 2 „ t %^ . ^r] V ^ ^ a/^a/^ ^Hr ; D 

has ^»tr for /%&. 8 tf </2v seems to have been reading of A, but «/* is 

erased by late hand ; V unpm. 9 mjuptT\ V np k uyu. 10 A^_ u£] V 

n^f. . " V »*«%«. 12 Vom. k. 13 V pmgmuut.pfeu. U V m/UJl 

16 V puigwunup/i. le V pmgmunt-pfiLu. 17 V pmgmuntf. ,8 V mlsnumu. 

Digitized by 





ftgk "p^uygt^b* k- »£_ ftgk Jf ftu£_ ft ungmu&i l npltk*^ t ttimpn. 
P&pLu fig, L ^irhqjuitff L trpfynmwu0 9 L pUtnauhf 1 my^ L Jft ftatt 
[(tuft u*U3 s ftul( ftutuftuiuifyfrh, L ft Jutpqjyu. L ft aHnm£nju, n^ Jft : 
ftutg maum L nj_ trptr 1 Jft' ftu±_ aungtubU utnnpnq.lrug(r qp t Jul. 
umnpwum-pftaJu x u\J[_ &uyu, i/o«_ % put/g Uinnpusunupftuhp pwnnuJb t 
1*- n^ trptr ajjftnftr atayuauftt^ «£//_ uJutuuiaufru putqnt-Jh ' fpn. 
trptr \uipgnij3L input Juiputbtulftuls. phu^mmatuftttaAtumnt-nt-phutu £ 
ftfliqftp* tpuat mnju§pt^tr^Jb % L. liuaJ* JjftiMty Jmuftt ^uttsatunuplrtutt • 
ftut^ wiLMipfynLpftiliu* ^wfyuiunupir Jtyp £, afiuub ; ti^ trqftgft 
tuuttnutufttuibaatnnt-nupfti^b Jnu» mnjtyupu\ outltqft L. n^ ^utpgnaJL 
unu ' El n^ trptr ftgfr tf^Jlupfiur 1 L. mutugtrtui fc utrp tntrnutl^tuhupb^ 
jmqaifjs uuygt puyg ^mJuyu juym f, aft L n^ qfu^_ k Z * $«7»w 
gniJ&k input Jut pmbtu Is utls 1 jtutuqft tuuipm £ mutt ft ^tupgJluui?u 
mn%nt-^ aapaa> IsntJft a^uitftmunt-ptru/lsu Jutuu ^. 
gnt.gtmutr^J L. auftmf ^mpgutunftu utn.u9Uipnpti^lr£» mpqJt-a uQu U 
80. Jutpn.* Lmd* n* uyu ' 

^\putt^o jtutuu *-"" 

\\ uuub aft ntfiukto utnnpnajpb itupmqptrmfj!* ftpp Jf QtuJIrbuyh* uuinpn^. 

ajaihfb®* usiuuug' uuinpnnftghtng 9 * h. nJtulto n^J RV^t^ > mm p*~ 

ptrpnt-pftuupt/ 10 1 ou/uqft aJLupnjy* if^Jtupfi ui 11 mutr^ ^- **"* 

35. titrunjufiift* h. out in bpbnututbft. L. ftpp Jft 1 h. qttutpns L. qutuftmwL* 

L. quyunuftlf ftpp qJfty tu Jl_ "£__ trptr tpupaum^ L. puipf* h. l^aapnutut^ 

FT ft ' J> tuu nft trptr / »^_ 12 * 1$'b£_ 1p}* trpl^atpu/b^fupb^ ftgk* tk. 

trpbnopu 1 putanutfo* L. uibintrnfto ^trutb-fih * outuqft atfutpnjifu* L. 

JuipnOt if^Jistpftut, L. utuftmmtyu * ftulf uttuatj L. mu%Vb 1 mjmpitrm§ 

40. ptr utuftmtuLu L. muwu% 1 ftuL mutm Jhipqfib™* trnftgft* utuftmwL : L. 

P« 21* uiiu jiuh^nuh™ s L. qjmpitruti trpunt imatLutu uusftuttuL* tihminJx L. 

1 V trpk L. a V wKmpfaltft. 3 V qftuzku ; in A one letter is 

erased after t. 4 V a^m^munUr. 5 V mJkuuyu. 6 V uuinpnajvk. 

7 V mnmuiftu. 8 V U u,np» f ftatr l i,gl. • V aftu^. 10 V mmpptr^ 

pnuPftuu. ll V XzJuipftm k. 12 V tr. »± trpt. ls V om. v . 

14 V ftifipiJutfti-pl. ia V adds mJku before Jmpn%. 16 V jmu$nuu*. 

Z 2 

Digitized by 



uyunpfify pm^nt-tT mirtprntT gmpmJtmbirulf^ : Zl* , irpir umiffyptuutl;* * 
mmaf^pmm^m L. Jmptj.x Ilt umi[fypmmir* t Jmptf. : It.* Jmpf. L. hplgm^. 
5. matbf % T*J- qt> irpir Hf> 'fajV mu i"'V a "* mu $k* gimp*iJtm1bmup'fii%M» 

ifHibl* puaqmuifp Ufmmat^lrb *pm£[^ mXmlrqfi^ juym** L mpufk" 
W^tbt?* mumMt^m^ ayJ-tTi— 

<ty«irfp. flat* t — 

l^Vd «-"r"ffii,ll»lfl» &- *i"k m V n 8 TffL t H"»"' u $L£ ttmjmpLmij. 
mpgmli J^miufjmtT muftb pum tymmmr^pJivti* ^mJT tjtiJptitr °* l^maT 

10. qiffiLMpb* 1 * qJliLMpJEb* "Wipfify* *£ trityffc fy 1 "PHJ"b x '^Pf- 

utyfimmfy fo L. /rpmif^mau^imtt t "f/j__ "£_ dnu uuffHmmlfb* L. irpmnf-^. 
2**mtpmb™ x jftMtt/qfr ufiumtm^pJntJbp irpfympflti *UpJJib i L. irpir ^ • 
uttjfimiuljb** trpunf-^msmfywlb 1 t JJ* /&£* 4*"bft pum Uftmmm^ptfiuls 
isiufiutiuLpb™ irpmcf-jwmLtA 8 t uituat n* i*nbgfc utuhmiul/b irpmJ-^. 
2»tM»itrub Mu\* P'tJ £?*& n CU ^~ "2- itmpngjmlijb i[uypmu(mp 

16, P m pt* "f/L ^i^f^f* irp^nmmitp * t pmtsq^ 19 m^_pum Ufmmm^pJmh • 

Llu t L. n^ npoatbpjp* %lrpqJlVb* ^btrptlfiniSi • tjmtili "pif i*- "£_ 
uutittntuVb pmqnuJT mha.uij\ L. n * Jmpaflb ' Jaupn. LlrbnjmfUfi LmtT 
frpfynuimbfi I ^tiilti^ Tbh-pfjyti™, *birpJimpqjiiJL» irpi^ammlifh II 

\\mya tfjifiuptftn fc muir^ qnt-Jlrptr%* L. ttfuipqmpivp ' np^l/U x nt& 81 

20* tfiunn? Juipn. : Liu J* anab uutfiwuiL' Juipn. auffitnmL i p*fjQ n+Jftiim * 

•^Z/ 22 ^jnpJ-mtT %irputn^uy* n'ci/' 23 ^tulftulftaygU flu^ %B*pnjiunf?* 

V*V n 8 1$i* u 'i r pP u lJ $n»fyn*unt-pfidfli % «»£_ TC^Jtupfim 1 "fji unutn * 

*VL.;ELa. * DL;V Lipt. 8 Di;Vt^t 4 Dom.L. 
5 C »F"&lj V «*«&£. 6 Vjuyu* k. 7 In mg. of A the rubricating hand 
writes +blrth£. * This chapter is missing in C. 9 B tqmmm^lru V 

« t mmm\irm L 10 V gMlik. " V Jfit-u%. U V kpm^^m^mVlr. 

18 V L n^ ypk uuj(,mtufr ; in A one letter is erased after ^ and the *y in 
uufftmmlfb is corrected from a«, u V L irpt$i<f^uMu^m%%. l5 V uu^mm^ 
18 V L irpm+2».mfa%%. " V adds L before irpus^^m^l. m V «^. 
w .j^*^] B i./^. 80 V ^ m . 21 V ^»*. W ^B; VjtuAifi. 

88 D %lrp Uta .l l u U3 %. «* V <J«/^«/*//Ti./5/i. 

Digitized by 



npamu* Jlmt-m^it 1 tfmpq. 9 Jmpq. mutr^ L. jnpJ-miT *£_ ubptfJii-gk 
TCyJutpfiin^* L. jnpJ-miT* vh-pQJit-gfc' Jfr^m n^ tfitfivpfimx b- jnp^ 

25. J-mtT* ulrpfMi-gk' t t i^ *?£■* '^2^ u Vt m * m P M H^ u ^mApnut fij9 fiUl 1 

mpquib t .gbpq.nq* * fiuty "ipf- — L. I? l^uttT u^j ^pufuqfi pum 
tummm^Jmu umnpntffi fijib q^nJbpnifbl; * t pm%a^ ^hpqAqt 1 mj[__ ȣ_ 
pum fihpirtuu umnpnqfi u^nApntfbk fjtpb 1 ftulg mmm lunflpmuLM^ 
umapaajtupirmuu^t L. «f * Iblrp^usLnt-ppuu £• ptr putyp JinfmtubtuL 

80. mbnumbg muftb * L. pum ffyoa-iA umnpnjfyfc L. /ȣ_ pum mmmm^p^. 

Jmuu 1 fi iflrpmy uuyg ffo^} k. u^mpu^ L. if^Jutpfm ftp* muir^J ftulg 

VV*£y Iruify ptr fyutpbtrffi. «t£_ tfgjmpfim mutr^ Irmfy pu£J Jt-A'fl' 

t m P*te **p"* "t-/& P* &• "UL it "£* & ' 

**\putfyp 1 ftp. 1 — 

85. \*u mjungftlf. mmpnpm^S^l^S* ^"US^I^^ &* ikTt " ^fl 9 *—*!»**»*•+. . 

Pftlfo L. puugmunupfiulim mn. JfiAutbpu* tympnjppit f»[+ L. n^ %**p t 
L. uh-ppjbqjt^ttm^mufu t L. n£_ ufrppjbqjti^bm^mufilU t L. ^wamifju 
miulfmpfrb L. ^mplpmunpf t omuqfi niltf mmprntftiuumuu numuu * 
nuibafc Irptr ^mpmJtuulrfnijpu* unpus JftAwuy ^mfymtfmjtfu ^wfym^ 
unuPfiul^p* nppuibp 16 pum f- n l* LuuT n £_njtinjmufib * npnutut Qjitnjtr* 
b. Jmpq.* prngmunupfiuu «•£_ f>/_ Avpq.* n^jtb f{_ uwfimmfy Jmpq., 

*yi__ «£_ q*fl»* A^jumftmml^ Jmpq. x jtmuafr trptr qmAumjhtr umnpm^. 
UMi-pfub fyb* fyustT pjugmom-pfiiXy atfiuymu trqftgfi iC^Jmpfm mubj* 
5. f-^L. "L. Hfftmuity tftttpij.* up&> mUmtrnf ' L. Irptr uyumku uin%lr[tf fa 

q^ml^tuunupfiuLuu 1 mutrtT 1 ' nppufujm qjtftt* «t£* mn.i^phftgff 9*fi/^ 
mpmujjk* tfinfumuaify t^n^jh mufiglrm^j npamu % -ybpp* JZupq!u 

1 V qJknJrm[L. 2 BDE omit it ^ 3 Before ^mpfim B D E add 

#2? m il * Bjmp+miTmi. 6 ^jm it^] BDE u^^^. 6 DE 

omit L jmpJ-mtrulrpfnt-gkt »£_ ^^ *£&?/""' 7 V adds n£u before 

-htrptn^k. tVjlrpPn^ • V umnpn^u. ™ V pmj. " V j/Pfc^. 

" B f^; A J^ufSu fa* V. la CD *w«2£; V mj 8 ^. " C ^^ 
iLmQuyiru. u mppm%g CD ; uppmu V. le V has the passage thus : 

fMUJU uuf/immty Jmpq. % prngmunufSfty n^ qji^ u±_ uufftmmfy tfmpq., mjj_ ngb ifjt^ 
mmflmmty Jmpq. t ^Kmuafi kpir . . . . 17 In A first hand adds muhtT in 


Digitized by 



altutj* uuinpuiunLpErusb : put gusunt-p flub* n* oLbuyb n* Jlupn.* uui 

n£b a%uy Jlupn. t jtwuqfl n±_ /&£_ tnutppJrp k twEr^* Jlupn. nlim£* 

10. I^umiT Jlupn. qbus^ntf^ ir£j fluty tutu us pEr uyuuft«t utJlruuyu nt-p&n* 

El. tyuipu oj>£nj. prnguaunLpfub Erqjigfl. n±_ n±_ tywp 1 +*»£• «{/[_ tymppb 

n£ ^ L t 

^[puttyp. flq. : — 

V^HJd P" u t* if\fl i i"T f'L. ^~ "l^ "fL? •g u ' ua b wJUhuyii LiupU* 

^tutniulsfi^ tyutj* a2iut£» El. #»£_ n%UMj^ El. n^ ^mmu/ufti'tyuip : L.otuLq/$ 
15. wJErbuyb uyuufEru tftuptrffi* /v£_ Jfl^tn uErpojnph-k * fluty utujut iflgf 

unpiu puiguiunupp ub*b : nuabofl tyutpi El. n< qjbuit* qjbustfu* El. n * 
uwlruuibEri* mErumbErMt * uyi uuttyuajb utbtyutp £ uttJluufc ZkyJtupmu-f 
qyustyustyujjuu uuinpuiunt-Pflubuu* fluty uttuut t n*ni-pEruu uyu ntugtu^. 
unt-pfliJb* outbnfl Ufuutnut^fl 5 * uiptn uuyg* tymJ* uiyu^* uuinpnt-vEri* 
20. El. ptugnuulr^ ^mjmbojujutjb tjbJpbE?* tyuaJ* n^_ putn tpAjtt 9 * El n£_ 

¥*!— t ^f" L ^'1^ ru 'iJf u * [tfc&L uutnpuiunL.pfli3bu El puiguaunt-pflilsu * 
^usunfl ErpEr uyb u/btymplr^f £, utju ui^w Ernflgfl pis tapir J? t tututu 
f? nupEruu putguiuni-flfl* tyuipu f*\JJ* "£fi« h m V t"!^ "01 *£?^ 
tyuipu™ n^ 16 f 1 !* h- un J u f uu ' u El jwnusajit uErpnbnjiLbfrinj OJii t El 
25* nusuqfl El . unput puugu*unL.pp l% 4"* 1"£ff uErppbnjnLbuityuiu q-*il* 

El Jluty uijtnnb, uJlubuiLpEpb * "p°* u/btyutppu El ^utptyutLnpp ' ouMuqfl 
iflufl* nptut-u fl a[Erpuy unguis nnjttf El n£b f- n [__ »vtiJ[ppnt-pfiL.% lS j 
fluty ErupustyuyfijA • nub uujflmusty* El nub Jlupn. ' uyuuifru mumut^ 
%uMup* Q-nflU L. n£jt Q-f>l* flpp ppPutl^uy [F^fl * """ uuffluiu/L* L. nuu 
Jlupn. : uyuuifru tuumujuaa-p* 9-"/^ El n£b ajti* flpp pLptuhuij ifiufl * 

1 n±_ ty*"p] V tywp *£. 2 fyutppb n J V n±_ tfiunu. 8 it^J V tymp n^> 

* C putguiunL.pfluU. 5 C ufuiutw^fl * V Ufutuftuufl, 6 V tf. fyustT wpmuHtusjg, 
7 V t a?*/" J C El. unpi. 8 V albtEiuui, 9 w^_ pum q-n{b\ V aqji^U. 

10 V 4M»/» qutn.h-n-Erus£uu n^ [V ^^ V «£. ^/.J V n£__ f>£^ 

13 "£?\ The u has over it a punctum delens in first hand. H V tymp ; 
in A the suffix % is added above the line, but apparently by the first 
hand. 16 V om. n^ 16 V om. L bef. and aft ^u/uffl. 17 V n£u. 18 mnj±^ 

pni-pfluU D J uiiLMun.pnL.pfli.% V. ld V Erbpuityuy. 20 nuu utuflwmty down 

to iflufl are omitted in V; their presence in A is clearly due to dittology. 

Digitized by 



30. fiufy fyuiplfjtr** L. 'htrppbnjiublrfh* tunj^pnupp c%p 2 x npn^bfjuf^ nptufru 
h aflrpuy uyttngfiL ajfiduipfufb* L. qunt-utu x uJusuuttufru una at ft 
tflrpuy qjtjjyu l^tup • L. tfjtgjb *»£_ tytup x 

^putLp* otuuusu nt- £?flP ' — 

]w£ fyuspv n£ f£*U* puigutunupff n£_ n£b* %u»p f 9 !^* "Ul^ "tff* h m P 
n^ fi__ ' i[u»ub n P*U L- ^h-uiLM^J pnulrugftb JftJbuibu x jtusuqji 

35. *i!"i/b i^p^if f'Ll ^~ kwv^lb "£- t"L} it "L. $ m ty u """-Pf lL ty? 

Jfii/btubg uyutufiu0ou * fytvpirjji q-n£* li- fyuspb-ffi n^ OJi[J "UL "£_* 

fyuipirjfib 9 f 1 ! k- fywpbffib n^ ffc "£_ fywpn-jflu n^ fjj &- "£^ 

p. 22. irpp&p ft iflrpuy unpftlt if^JLupuifi* Jj^utuqjUifuyu^'- jfu/uqfi 12 ^utlpulftqj 

tu x L. »> uiuLuyU Lusp/r/fiu a * f /* L. n £__ bwplrtfiu «* * f'i* 

"£ kpptrp JfiUiuqjuJluju * Ll udtuuuMiqkuy L. ^u$plpuunph QJiinj* 

pu/giuunupfii.%* n i^usp/fuut-npu* 5 #ȣ_ "-"inj <* au Ji a ^' ^utpLutunp^* 

5. f'L} t lu k \ ut pl( u "- n pb n > t n UU* n £ff ^wpfywt-np "£_ ^»/' li- uibLui^, 

plr^uryU q-n/j • "£^ ust/lftupbijt'b n^ f-"^ "Ui n & uJhLuiptrifr q-nt* 

frufy mti/ftuptrjL.iyb ti£_ ^"/J n t!f tuufyuipo-jfi' n^ f/ : h- a P Jt £ a p£ 

nptq^u ututugbtu^ £• ^»/^ 19 h. »^ fH^ Jfi£tn tqfunfi q&h-j* f>pph- 

qirupui^uyu % 

]u/fr umnpwunt-pfiub L. putguium-pfiub qunum mitj^blrfntfj^* tun. QMttt 

10. h- «*£_ f 9 ! ^/""f tf^/s I*- qunum tpupb-lri tutu put £• qjit q^iuLtu^. 

IpMyUy tvunt-pfitltu 2 ) li. pu$guiunL.pftuhu fyusptrjfi, n^ Lwptrtfi J 

JiupP, n£_ tfiupp * tuufyuipB-ip' ff£_ wutpuplrifc x ^utplruii-np* /? * 

^atpfyuit-iip x ifiJiupfim, n^ if^JLupfnn * L. ^LmLjiupfdUpu*** num 

ptuLp kqbgfiby uyuufiru !rn.lrfng 2 * * ^utuqfr l^uiprtiSph ajijj 6 * Jtup^. 

15. plf^U^ f/J &• uut "U uut% $a>I(wqjM$pXl? x L. it^tr 27 fytupbift 28 ajii* L. 

1 V i^p^U C D fuipkjliu. 2 V S V OHl. n^. 4 V Om, 

n£u. 5 V adds *t_ before 9*4. 6 V om. n^. 7 V ^InnLfe 8 V »^. 

9 V 4-pk[fi. 10 « J V t if^. " V XzStupmf, JfiuiuqjuJuyu. ia ,pn/bq^\ 

V Pf. u fti4 «J »£. " njJV L n^. 15 V ^usp^np. 

18 V ^Z; 17 t-'pb-'-np D ; Su.pfai.upu V. 18 V ^45/. 19 V qqj,fc. 

V ^f»^» UMnjfblr^n^Q, ; usnlih-fn^V. ^ V f^/^ ^uifyutfyuyu uinnput^ » V ^huiLnufite. 24 ^/n^ C D ; ^/^ V. 25 ^« L D J 
f« L ^-^ V. 28 JuspPhiy. 27 V n^. * V nA^iupu^. 

Digitized by 



n£b ^mptymunp tfJt£j fluty l «t£_ f*!^ k~ 'ulrppbnjulbmtyui^. 

trmJSB* n ^t n l^ n £? \mptymunp ii£ 8 mutyutptrifi "f^f-"/* 

fluty n£h tytupir£t»LM /?£_* f 9 !^ ^- "£_ ua-ppjbqjfuuir^niJlu • • *{-**£* 

20. ^tuptytuunp qJ9[» I*, luutympirjflu «£_ f^J ' »£_ .... 

qjtubtuty [_• • \ • • ty . • • * • "£_ f'L • • ^- utbtymplr^ 

jflti . • Xl *£_ tympnL.aL** A^ f £ k~ "£_ £vlr^#r<.lrMr^Mrkr 9 «r^ f /* 
^mptymunp f£ At. mhtyiuplr^u n^_ f 9 !^ 1 
^ m pq- uilrugf fl umnpmifpni.plr%^u* s*uflijlrtu£u li t tympa-^fi f 9 ^ "£_ 

25. tytuplrffi t**l^ tytuplrifl i*£_ f-^l^ "£_ tymplr^fl tt£_ f'U Jutpptrgf 12, f-**l* 

A* JiupPfl *f-"[* ifiupPfl n* t t n l* n i Jiuppfl n* t t n t} utbtymptrtp 
fjM* n^_ mbtyuiplrifl f-"[^ uiutyuiplrjfi *£_ f £ "£_ utbtymplr^fl *£_ f^/ ' 
mutymplrjfl fJifc. "t- g "bty ut P a 'lb "£_ f 1 !^' ^utptymuAp QJ9[* "£_ $T*~ 

30. tyusunp pifc ^mptyutunp «»£_ f^/^ "£- ^ ut pty mun [ l "£_ f^Z.' 

<J|fmr^ f /& »— 

Yfttympbrfih L. n£_ mutytupir£fl l * tyaip!r£L.nt.uu 9 L. JiupplrfL.nL.Xi L. Ji£_ 

Ju»ppJr[ L. a ^tyutpir£L.auJl ^Irmb-ft fc ^mtymunuptrmdp}** prnyg 

^mtymqjmp&tvpwp * ^muqfl tyutplr^unudph *-*£• pjugutunupflub* A* 

35. tyuapyMi 1*1* fluty pmtjuiuat-pirmuu 1 * uu»npmuni^plrmVU Vl \ j>muqfl 

njti 1 * iuutyuMpirfL.aL.tT ujt^ 9 . mutyuipir^fu "-"[J jpubofi umnprnunup , . *° 

1 V tywplrin*-uu. 8 V %lrpgAiqjfi.%lrinuX. 3 V completes the lacuna 
thus f/_ A. «^r ; in A damp has effaced six or seven letters. 4 V om. 
„£. 5 V «£_; in A damp seems to have effaced a final u. • V q^u 
in A damp or other agency has effaced two letters, probably n^ before 
PH. 7 V tr. mutymp&ifiu ifM^ L ^mptymunp A^ fn^ The words which 
followed in A have been all but totally erased by a late hand, but the 
following seems to have stood : fluty tymplrinL.iT »^ qjt^ L u^_ pbnjiL%mtymu 

VL n & ^ tu pty atLM p n t+ t"L ^ "fctyi-pbjfiu qjt^ 8 V tymplrfnunu. 9 V 

pbqjiuhmtymbnt-MU. 10 V tr. L muty* »£_ qjt^ L ^tuptymunp qm£. ll V 

mumglrmiu J in A final u IS a Correction Of %. 12 V JmpPfl. 1S m%tymp^ 
r , L „ L mltymplrtf »Lf"L\ V OmitS. 14 V wltymplrtfl. l5 V has ty-p^ 
ini.iT ^irutLfl* n£_ ^mtymunup. w V pwyuiuni-fl. 17 V umnpmunUr. 

18 ^mliafl n£ V om. 19 f» L ] V qj* L up k «^ 20 In A the three 
final letters are erased by damp ; V umnpmunif. 

Digitized by 



muLutpirtptt r/Jti • fiufy n£b u/bLutpirifi 2 * piugutuni-pfiuh ■ puyn > M 7 , <- 
Lutt.npif qpmpq.* utiruutuirtp £ : if £• qfi n ^ uyum^u* uyi 
^lubuibufjph • ^iruibf/h ' umju ^ut^utunt-ppL.% qui in t nutuqji put am ^ 
}. unt-pfit-Vb** #t£_ £• \tuplpM»L.nph n^ fH* jputuqji Jutppft* apJutp^, 

tnpt_ [1 i/irpivj unpfftt bpbnpfiu : outuqfr ^ n£h°» n* 9^*/* 
tt£_ ^uiplftuunp f-nf_* b- ujtuwTJkUitip "JJijb* ^buibbi* uJluumml^u 
U UW3I1 U l lb * u * r P^> ua H u$ P JU P ushbutpbijih ^utpbbtL.nL.uu , putgmnL.buti' 
5. ifofl x fo'lfi butpbinifj nu/bqft bpb mubmpbtp* ^utpLuiunp £ wuju 

n^ fH "(JlH £5""U ^" ^P * ^ul/mpb^ "£_ t"tZ U U U $ u§ pfy u ' t - n p 
f'L} b u k. u " utu P^r "U" uJutltutm^u l/utpb/unLult* b. n^ uyuripfib* 
fi 10 ubp^utfy&b* 1 : tfutuu qfi n£ 'b^utbtulfk' tflttyu* ^utpl^utcnph L. 
utuLutpbtfiu* uyinpufku utuutgirutt fr \utbtunjupXtuujiup t 

Q\pmfyn» fiqj 

10. 11V t nt -d^'* P utn "pnL.iT /futpb/fiu* uyuiu^u fyut£_q£mpfyutL.apfiu ^mfyiu^, 

unt-pfii3iu l * nuihnji ^mpfyutunpu Q-nt» butpbtpu a-"/* J> tu 'l"[f' bpb 
*>£&£ piugtuum-pfiubj ^buibbugp * outuqfr ^fpfy £ ffuttT usubt* • 
QuoT pMugnuuIr J™ % frufy tuiuut irpir /»£_ mufyutpbtji* 6 f/* u '»i( u »pi r lb 
a-"/ * utuiut ncptrub mu^utpbtpu ^ t n l* ^**plp*»L.npu f-ni* tip h utu^. 

15. in bap * "(J J umfyuyu, l^utpbiunuUh qjtt» tt£s tywp 9-nii ^butbi-jt Lm* 

uifuf n+nlb ^utpbutunp a-**! 1 b u H ututut uiututut^ir ^utpbutunpu 4M*/« 
n* ^mpLuiunpii** "-"I* n P utuutbnf k • "(Ji uutLtuju b. *»>* \utp^, 
busunpu f-"l_ ^btnbcp LutpirtL.tfL.uu 9"t * b. n* ^uiplpuunpb 2 
n±_ a - n l2 JL lu * ua b ^"^*" irptyngiruAt dutppifb** ujututus^ irti fiufy uJuf 

20. npj> tk^Jutpfut bgk* tȣ^ 6 Ilu irqfiijfr uyb if^Jtupfiut 1 ^muajt irpfyn^, 

pirutu Lutpirif tyutpirtfi f-n/i I*. n* t"l} "- bplr ^utpLutunp Q-ni L. 

1 V OIT). f^. 2 D fapblfi. S V,. 4 V XzJmpmlr^ 

6 V OIT1. n£t* * V #»£. 7 V $mpt[ pjugmmni-irmf. 8 "UL 

CDEj^ ^mp^munp k. 9 V OHl. n^ 10 V Om. ft. " V %kp^ 

$utfe irit; jUSt below V has ^utfymnjupimpjup. 12 V ^utl/utunLfuu. 

13 V umnputuir^ M V prngmuir^ n V \utpirjfr. le V mit^mpir^ ; in 

A the final % is added above line in first or contemp. hand. n In 
A the first hand adds Lu above line; V L. 18 V ^utpt/munp. 

19 V tr. k mumlrnp. 2 ° V OHl. L n^ 21 ^J V n.n L *£. 22 V 

i-rim^mp. 23 V uutpPflr. " V np. » . J V t m^ 

A a 

Digitized by 



L. i*£_ ^utpfytttLttpu t n^ f 1 ^ $^ l^mpir^unutTph q~n£J ^mbqfr 
tqju, ^CpJutpfm L. q^iMtplfutunpU q-"£inj « j>utvq£ urn [frgfl* ^utfyatuttL.^, 
p-fiiMi* ^trutL.lw[ni-ifii» n^ fyutplr [outfit, tt£_ f^' ft"fy utiut ^irtnLfr* 
25. muLutpirtpit^ °- n i_* &• ^wpl^utunpU ti£_ f^l ' a P"J p"»gwunupftL^uu* 

n£h ^utpLutunp* n^ f- n l} ^- ^umLp% tiL.plruft t L. u*jup ^ustyutunu^ 
php put* muwgbtnt-u^jbqutuutfyfiu** tt£* ^> tuuLutpirtp tqututttt^fr, 
tqjutqfru trn-lrinnnti : 

Qlpuifei fit 1 

^\myg mutputt^nuulrugf tap, irpir ^mp^ir£nuSb qj*[_ fywplrjfiti "-*£_ 
30. ^iruwLjri jyuihqfi Irplr n±_ ^irutLfi ^utfyutunt-pfi thth ^trtnb-trutjff 

nfjfit fyutplrjfr f'U h- bpir tap n^_ quyu tatumugt q-n^ qCuil^munu^ 
PfttMt ^iMtplpuunp mutr^* q^mptrMt «^_ *}-»[• "(J/ bp/fnpfitt unutatp 
q^utplfutunpfrb tf-n^J *qj[_ uutlfuyb* qutpiirut^ qtf^/tt °-"l_ P nu t h m V 
^utututUftt II n* ^tttmutufttt L. q-tti» I*- "£_ ¥*!_} -"*{** bnfigfi'h 
35. ^utpfyuiL+npp% q-n/* tfiupP f-nr U (J U t it. tr tf £• qfi ti* 

utuuuuyu fyutpirtfftt ft* h- %uttT qpUutt* A. 1 * qyutLutLuyuu, Lmptrt 

"Ul^ ^? 12 f> tfkvUd 13, *t- ^z^p-pl"* * umfm ft 'l^P'HJd *Z_ p um p»"u[i 

tfmppgb t npqmu : \"up flrpaitujpu* L. nuhfi qmt.pnt.pJt utuntttb ■ 
^utuqp npp ^utuqJrpi* pjutuftlu iru nutupnupfuXp* unout mulrtlruigu 
p. 23. ii~ ulrp^uttyuytfu l t fiufy u/tiputtipu 9 n^ utJuuirptrutb* i*fj[_ nptufcu 

utuuttjlrusjk * ^taupq. ' n£_ fyuiptrrfi ft 15 flrtuiLguiulrt L. "^* nppiubp 
ttyu»h l ~ %trpq/rpS-ir'b lS Jftjut * puytj nJutbg tfiupihr jusjhguthl;. npo 
nuut uthpjuihph qutL.pt9L.pfrp irh ^utJuiuqjutluyu q^utLutLtuju% ' **UI 
5. uuslfuyh qtqju Jiyp uutLu ntumglrutt £' qfi n* tutlbuutju quscpnu^ 

Pfuh ^ut^m^uyg% l9 , L. n£_ npoiuhp utuftb puut Itujtlt inirumLft i 

1 V trqhaft. 2 V ^muntHf. » V »£t ^mp^u. * V qut^. 

5 V Om. L. 6 Vjtrqutlmtftu. 7 V L n^ 8 V q* L tqj L • V 

adds k before ««-£: 10 v ^ As L &** y lhBb' b ;Vtnp. ll V om. 

*- u A^] v ^ 13 v b &p*v -^fr u V Up {«rf»4*. 15 V 

OH1. ^. 16 A. «^» npgiMthp J V A. Jf^_: |y*. ji £_ np^mt^o \ D K h-J n fJ I*, nngmlyt. 

"^/ tf DE; .jt/^V. M V Upp.pW.. » ^m^gt, C DE ; V 

^mfyutfyuygu k pttqjtt^tm^mu. 

Digitized by 



[\uyg nJutbp qiuupnupftt-ltp ^nJiuunulya iru 1 oiubqfi buipbitfh, u^ 
Juyputuimp utufi* uyinub qfi ifyJtupfiut, fippL.^ utrpq-nph-ttL-pp £ x 
npautu ' Lmpirip ajbutt* qfi Qjuuy * k- pninpniWls* Luspirtpu f-^U °b 

10. ut^ui* nJrn. fc pum uirpajipS-at-pir ' np* mujt Q-ub Lmpiriji 1 L. Jfiuuu 

^jnpifmJ** Luipir/fr . qitmi* ^japthuttT ajbmugk ' h- 

mju ft tfirpuy puspa**uilpuuiug fc Jfiuyhfig* quiupnt-pfitSsu* uuy It- ft 
ifjrpuy ujuptuptfpg * L. qirpfynufiu' ApJu/pf$tn utuuit fyu/ptrifiu qin^ 
ajbsui Liu J* Q-*£» &- np ui^um nJrnUi^ ajbuy, L. qbirpajiph-a^uu* u. 

15. qq%mgmLuiuu ■ aipq.* tujuiufru tmpirtfi «t£_ apJtupjim 9 ayuipfym^ 

t-npirb ufwpqutpjup aiulr^* p"(jg Jftuuh tkyJiupfm 1 fiufy 10 t[uiuu afi 
uirpJtuuu/igu* qpn/nptrut ^irmLf uyttpjl A ^utpLtru Aywt-t/* 1 
^irmLJi l3 , Lutplr/tt* 9-"/ 1 P JM U3 um i tu J u t "£_ utu%u 1 L. k pirplcu 
ufypqptt ^tuplpuun pu L. n±_ ^usplfuiunpb muBuirgniSt q-nn IfusiT n^ 

20. f 1 ! 1 ^~ VHJUf^ un g u " u k" 9 Ipupqjuu }**{jgbi L. fubn.plri iuutptn £ i 

L. irpL.irtf £ ^jutufigtrinntt, qfi A ^tupL^b tuiLu pum utrpqjipo-nt-*. 
pirutti £ t fiuLuitu£u™ pir utnjuffiu* imt-irmmfumqiugptt 19 » u. 
utrpqjipb-m-pfiuu* quiupnL.pfru»u uiiLuifpu* L. mjlip' up mnjuug 
qtut-pni-plrusuu 19 , %frpqjtph-aupfrusjp Jfi^ut iru * npauth t mn-mgfiu 
iLryuigni-pltuhpu 20 t ^"6 «|* ^ pi qutt.pnL.pfrunJpb pUni~Pp 

25. mnjufjfiip* puyg utJiuuui^uiL. tflrpftf'lru ' &. ndufbg* L. IrppJrp* n^_ iru 

ufrpqjnph-M-pfrmJp* mjf__ qutupnupfrmdp. Jfimjb :— 

1 V twit- * q£B; L*fi, n P ufiV. * *p]LB. 4 In A six 
letters at least at the end of a line have been destroyed by damp ; V 
supplies the lacuna thus : uirpa.npMrugk* npau/u. In A npauiu could 
hardly have stood. 6 Perhaps A wrote fyutpiritiu, for the damp seems 
to have effaced a letter after ft ; V Qiupiriftu. 6 V L %u» L ; B flufiutL. 

1 V nJrn.. 8 V ^utpir^u, 9 V #»^_ tf^tfiupfttn, n£_* BCD n£_ tk^Juipfiut. 

10 V *2Ju,pf,u, /frirf " V ubpJu.ul.uau. 12 V ^«#/»^, «/»»-.-T l3 ^^m^/t 

B ; <J^«.^ «f ^ V. 14 V ^/*^/A ; B ^plr^u. 15 un^^u BCD ; 

uyuujku V. 10 V t [iul(iuiut?u. 17 V uinauffiu k* 18 V just-tuiuifuutquigu, 
19 V aopnilrn. 20 V tf-fytugni-pfip. 

A a 2 



%tutfe. tip :— 

\ft- np no uirp^utbutu fr 9 uuinputunupfcuu putgutum-Plrutu * irplr 
utnnputunL.pfi uutnputunL.pirutu* ptr putit* put up* np ututjfu ptr 
uttflruuyu Jutpn. utpqutp* n+npnuUh* Jutpq. utpqjup t fyutiT utJkuutJu 

30. Jutpq. utpqjup* utithuncuTt Jutpq. utuftputi. £ ' npqutu* l^utttnjtutu 

utpq.utp t t Lutitn_ftutu utpqjutp n £_ £• I^utttn_ftutu tub ftp use £ : np np 
utrp^utLusu ft ungutu^lt l nutuqfp ft uirpiutjunOou 3 ^irutL-fiu uirpfunp^. 
^pqjtfutgu t it. utbq. uirp^utltutlt Lutpb-ftpu* utrp^utuusuttt ' npqutu * 

35. qfi utjtruuyu Jutpn. jtpqjttp* uiJkunL.iT Jutpn. uibftputL. * L. ft tftrputj 

uirp&utjunfusgu uutuputuncpiruthgu* ^uipL £ 'hJuSbutLuffu nuuirt 1 L. 
Irplr ntutuq. ulr pC^uthutltftu Lutpb-f$nu»utrp^utfyutu tr» n ^uutnputunt-^. 
PfiL%*L^t uutuputunuplr Irnjpnfi utrp^utifutu* ntjt utuutglrutt put gut ^_ 
unL.pfiL.lbph : fiuty lulu us funcqirtp £• np i^utph-ftp A^Jutpfiuty upjtutp 
hutphlrutg* ulrp^utLuth ' uspqbcp ^usLusunuptrtubu'* pir np qym^. 

40. t(utn.ustju QMi Lutpo-lrgncgutufr : u- utulrJ* usjulu^u : ftttu 8 . . , 

D. fyfp&fin* "SpJutpftuf putpcnj qfi putpf i It. ttyt qfi n^ putpfi* uncut : 

It. JpL.u. qfc 2"*p x tupq. np np fi ungutb^ ulrp^utfyutu ApJutpputftit ' It. 
Irpir Jjp 9 . nuut npnutT ncJkg L l ° £. ulrp^usQusu *~ 

<*]putfe' )j 

|V»a uttunt-fih Lusp&fip* qhlrp^uthutu l^utph-ftuLr^ , **pnyfil_ uirp^ut^ 
Lusgu** t"l_ uncut i dusuoJi putpcnju, qfi pjupfr, It. qzjvpfiu 1 t oft 
5. t^P * *"&" pbpu-u, L. TJkjJuspfiui* pir utdrtpn* pir Jfi fr * It- uirp^. 

^utl^uih usjunpftl^ : n^%irp\utl^utgnh^ % qjitutrp^utfyutu' uytutn.uii.iri 
uirp^utuutunL.uu : It. irptr po put p unfit* qfi put p ft £ putpcnj 
/(utp&fip : L if np n±_ putpfi k « l*- if uy^ qfi #i£_ k* l*- "£_ ^utpk q-"£; 
L. I^utpirtp 4- • quytngu n* Jft qJbirifi 4" ' n£ npoutUp ift Qn%b £• 

V umnputundr putgutuncpftcb \ B C DEVe uutuputuncptru. V no nuu 

and in same line fa J* pir u»J\ 3 V ungutuk figk * j>"*uqb Mp iuyu. and 

in next line pk utbq- for L utbq.. 4 C utJMbnuuu. 6 V uutnputunuPfi. 

• V QtupMrutgu. 7 V ^ut^utuncpir. 8 V has k f»t% ; A must have 

had fiuu k. ° V Jfi k. 10 V Om. L. ll V qiutptyuu. 12 V npn^ L 

13 V uirp^utfauutgu. 14 V ifuptVb. 16 V %irp^utfauutgu. 16 k BCD; 

V t* ^.. n V omits stop after k. 

Digitized by 



10. ^utpb-lrgnL.guiblrb* L. n£_ npoutbp n£_ ¥*[_ fffc x .p'^fh uiE^ntSig 

irpl^ngfib^ : L. nnouttig ir^ fyusp&lrgni-guiulru, °"£f (r % I*- npo-uity* n^ 
irt o£tr« uytunpoutuu fuiupb x L. uyunoftL trb* '"Pf- n p n [J //&"£"*-«. 
Pfiubp* t L. utput^tuLuiLuijgpb* ifiuirtnt-PfiLjbp : fiul^ uiujui L. 
fuuapMuhpb^ • 

Q^ptufyp* nu t 

15. IV 9 ^ bpb P MU pP'i k- pwpfili * l*. n£h £tnp ftp* L. nub puut flttglrutu, L. 

nub puut tu . war utu . . 9 tuuitnui^trgmL. uifus, n* £uipnutT™ 

ajff/t L. sMin-utulriAuputpu/hifii-piy 1 ApJiupfiut, fyuttT puut fihplr utu 1 , 
Al unuutt plrtutrtn L. ZkjJiupfiut x wpn. n£b puipft pu$pf$u, puuiftU^ 

20. alrtuttu™ ^ifU* Mum x jtuL jjupfib* putn tuututut^Jiuuu t uiiuui nt-pttuby 

mn-ututff^ irqfigfr. unt-ut* putputyb ^wlpmunupftubu* ^mb pir»1birp^tu^ 
Ltubftb x oiuuqft ifl/if utnirutt £ tun. frupu*pu*u£Jtt-pno ahlrp^uilpub'b 
nublrintf^ l^mph-jtu % ousuqfi uirp^ut^untpu jnuiifngpb™ utusppirplrglr^ 
fng tun. jt unju * utpq. irpir uirp^uttyu/b unguf upu™» L. ulrp^uttyui^. 

25. umajnjb prnguiunuplrmu™ t juyut h ofr utu Irqfcgfi uirp^uityutu ■ ftuL 

ufjup* pir >*f*p* putpfiu putpuiiiutulruii £• L. ouibuft n* pjupjt* ^tupL 
£• plrpb-u buiph-tri ubnjb * 

\*t- ti-u pir fc i/frpuy™ uytngu uJusuuttu^u uiftmfi n*3tlr£» L. uyunt-fify 
pnt-irug/i tuu[it~ l ' putuqft utuVbuyb nuplrp ^utfyuiunt-*.. 

* trpfop, C ; V IrpfolftuVb. 8 uyuntM B ; V uyun^t^. 8 V 

^ubinuPfcou. 4 V utpnf ^tuQuiQtujgu. 6 B fuusp^b. • In A the 

numeration of ch. is added by a late hand. 7 V p^pfi- 8 V n £. 
In A suffix u added above line by the rubricating hand. 9 In A seven 
or eight letters erased and the passage corrected to ufutmw^JuSu jzuShafi, 
which V has ; B has u[utmui$lt. .ouiuufr, which clearly stood originally in A. 

10 V £_«7" ,t -*- " V hr 1 "-^**^- W PifiLtuu] V ftltnbtuuu, IfuttP 

putn tummm^JuMi. 1S V fibnlrtuu. U After £tuuufi V adds np. U V fi 
Jflft/figb. le V Jptib. 17 pjuguiunuplru/b B J pjuguMunt-Pft V. 18 In 

A the numeration [p. is corrected by late hand from [m. 19 V q^p^jg- 
20 4-om.V. 21 Vm*l L 

Digitized by 



p-irtub • &. IpuiT #i£_ at-plrg, b. jnp n£_ £ %bp^ut^nup[iuU 2 * pufjg 
30. npgmbfi^t n±_ f^g 'bbp^uslfusu, jmquiqjt uuyg fig union' Zk^Jutptnnt-^ 

pbulsuu* ^mfyuifyuy ■ npquib t «i|i£ qJuipqjb t n±_ Ipupb-ifb ifiupq.* 
J1J*} urn-mob x utpq. bpb unout *hbp^mbu/bi b. ujjipu ^mbutunu^. 
Pbufogpti 4 » 

tf«ar* %JuiuuiUfku nubft b. pmpL,nju t qfi pmpf^i b. n£h pmpt-ty* qfi n^ 
pmpfi t A- am. uyungfiug pmpL.nju t qfi #i£_ puipfi t b. «»£_ pmpL.nju t qfi 

35. pjupfi* tupq. n^nuuh pu/puiy, qfi n^pmpfiy tk^Jutpmf bjjj Ifutpb-buitjt 

afiv* ^itdf 1 ubp^wfymtf n^ ut^ui np Mw£2r > pb *tvp t umuqfi 
^mdmuqjuJluju bpplruu bqfiijfi apJuipfim x puyg «> Irpplrp ApJuw^ 
pfim> ulrp^mfymu * omuqfi fio bub* a* pmpfi 9 , t'fP * 
bub usuiui tfuippfi, ^mdutunjuuuyu aptftuppmu- ajn l_} "- "£_ qmpibmi 

40. qfi n* tutpu t omuqfi ApJtuppm k tu J u \ jpufuqfi ^mJmuqjuifiqju b. 

unom bqfttjfiu ' b. mmtfmubmg £• n£_ nudpU pmpury qfi "£_ p ut pf l 
p. 24. k» ubp^ml^muu «£^ 13 P m p'-'\f °b PT^ ' Jt a ' ua t *£_ tf^duMpfiuw k 

uiju ■ Hub mjbg* ifmuu qfi *»> STl' ubpnuJ* OMopciyu, ubp^m^, 
bmu //♦If 16 p§upunj % qfi pmpfi'** unum * omuqfi opJmppm uyu™ * 
bull mmm L. uybJ] psupunju qfi n£_ pmpfiu t Irqfrgfi /»£_ pMupunjli% qfi 
OMupb * b. bpbJrip kt qfi "£_/&* mmppbpbugk* b. n^bpb qpninpk 
nbani^p umnpmum-Pfiub : omuqfi qpninpk pwymunupfi* Ibbp^mtymu 
5. bafiabt npquib : tympb-bma**, uyupiT np buipb-buncntuutru x omtiqfi 

mibViimju np /&£_ fi^k pMupfib > ptupfi* jig* IputT pb #»£_ fiL^puipbusij 
pMupf k ■ igu/bqfi prnpunpi* qfi putpfi pb qjuijnpk pMupfru t uiyu k 
tujbnJl np 9fii£_ bd^* l UM$ pf' u f tfuipb-bgm-tju/bbintf^ qfi putpfi : b. 

1 In A a final letter has been erased; BC have ^m^munuplrmVu. 

2 V Xbp^mbmunuPliiX. 3 V tf^mpmnuffb J BCD tf^mpmnupbmVb. 

4 V ^m^muni.^figb. 6 ^p. is a late correction from ^ fl V A. ^ ; 

C Al. 7 V ^u«/f^ t. 8 V mM. 9 V /un/f/^. 10 V XzJmpfim. 

11 CDE n^ ntl 12 VU. 13 V ^ u V om. «^ lfi V gmpfb. 

16 V Om. n£U. V V putpL.nju. 18 puipfi] V #»£_ pmpfiu. 19 t^/« B ; 

V t ^*. 20 V pv^tar ; BCD fuupfi. 21 V ^^^. 22 V ^^ 

±b 9 nL. 9 mub%. 23 V jungt/fr. 24 V /»t L. 26 V ^^ 

Digitized by 



*yu *»> A^> mmpp&p £ ^uyut/mutrt fdir uiJkuuyu np pb> ¥ P Mf pf 
PTfr* Rg* L- uJmumuffru t £- /& ^puy n^ pmpuiy • ^i/£ uuyur ^/r 
/7Ar ^ a U r r u U l(inp&lring uyuiu^u n$Jhfi 1 L. iru uirpiuyucMfjfu 
uuinpmuni-PlnJhg* L. puMgrnunupftuhph* l/wubutfap ulrptuMpugu*, 
juyui £ ofr L. umnputunt-plru llrp^mtymu, pwgmunuPjiiMi*, np 
^jmomoju unpflu qjutfnpk s npomu : afl uiuVbuyu ptupfi* ptupf* IpmiT 
10. mu%u JatpnJ pmpfi* LuiiT* pir «t£_ atnJ uid(~utuju uuipn* LmiT ptr 

n* np t L. nwgirpLjuLmumpuip* » /«*£ #» * tuu%h* Liu J* n* mJbuuyu** 
trpbJrip t- lb I*- aptfiBpinnt-Plrutti, AjJusptnni-pfn^h a* dtuppf? 
ulrp^mfywu q-n£ "£_ fy^pb-flg 10 . &. #»^_ 'blrp^uifynupfn3t 11 * outuq^ 
%lrp^mt[nL.pjii3bg ufjhp* np^p fi ^utfymtyuyuu * fluty tun. ft unujTb 12 , 
Jiuppb tk^ipupmtr^ '[b'yu » f LU U3 ^tuuu/uajuJtuju "• n^_ dmpptru 
ulrp^mLmtfp Q-nt utlpL * 

1 V tT. /to^ «£ * V ng. 3 V umnpmunuftfeb. 4 V Wpwtefou ; 

C urpmuipsnu. 5 V prngmunuP/,. 6 V OIT1. ^i/T 7 ««. Om. V. 8 V 

pMunhpLmnrnp. 9 uttAlh^/fcr] V /^. l0 V ^ tymptfuu ; B {<"/>*&. ll V '/fr 
ulrp^mtynufy. 12 After tuw/ttr V adds / ^aiJuiuajuJuyuu. 1S D /m^ J 

V ^, ** V ^usJiiibifJuJuyhgh. 

At the beginning of the Categories down the margin A has written in 
the first hand the following scholion on the Title: — tfmuuyl, umnpna*^ 

PfiL.%pnut utrpmbmajylig iru L. diuutymuij nft-putfyfi tunjtt-utuulri* utu* L. 
Iputnmplf^mtfjyhp j>mu utuj£uu fplriuu t ^pitafi jutntunju uiu»un%% uirnjlgu ulrnu*^ 
LmuuiqjiL&ftg) tympjCiunjuuutmpuip* u/btjuSb^, fufiuuuauiukpu ' jfrpuMt-tf umfumtymp^, 
nJruKu aunum % outu auyfl» fptrutu ifmuu irpfynt-g 9 uijungfil^ ujauuitfuinusg :— 

At the end of the De Interpretation after last section of commentary 
A has following subscription in first hand : — \\Jmumnupftt.u $uiup L juuu, 

uftpnqfiu ftJuiumnupb* t^utpnjmtuhmfu umptyututuq. tyn^trglrut^* mjfumuiwuwa 
jm-iuxpt-pfi muinflu* ampJ-mbu ^mutqj J tu \j ut 2 u "l&pfo*l-* — 

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30. , 




i~i • ^i fr »-*"•+ read nL -^h£!' A in mg. *udkp* 



<n V; tUB-JT first * etc- 

**,'* i "-^ ^L*».- to M ,ine bnt one rtad ih ' 

t. &i Ust line bnt one r«orf <t&n2r bt'ita.t. 

ftae «<• L ; ' ... -o^iatts, of which the source is not specified, are to 

■ « in the cntic* 1 ■«"" 
Krnrt.- v » n * Be rtnttd Text 


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Page 105, 1. 34 *«{. 

Page 107, 1. 4, for 95 read 105; 1. 23, in note 7, for nudnup read at. Snug. A in mg. nt-Jbn* 

Page 113, 1. 29, for usubu read tuuirJl 

Page 115, 1. 12, readnpiyku; 1. ifylilrp^wfyu/bph; 1. 21 nuJhJpb. 

Page 118, 1. 19, for L.L. read L. 

Page 123, 1. 16, read uiu^munfJ] 1. 23, uui^Jutb. 

Page 124, in note 15, read usVhJusUg. 

Page 128, read, in note 5, as follows : so V; om.jtup first, etc. 

Page 129, 1. 10, read npfyk'b', 1. 17 qqjwjlfc. 

Page 130, 1. 12, for j read <P. 

Page 133, 1. 4, read qJrqlrijtyuifjyttti; in last line but one read XlrtCh for llrnJr. 

Page 133, 1. 11, r*u/ ^fiuu/b/j.nupir'bt- ; 1. \% iMiptutfjutf$nifinfu. 

Page I34» 1. 22, rao/ tguit-pm-pfiMi. 

Page 136, 1. 7, read pbitupirtutiU' 1. 17, rffoir'b; L 20, npuil^nupfiuUg\ 1. 28, phnuftlf. 

Note. — Variants in the critical apparatus, of which the source is not specified, are to 
be ascribed to the Venice Printed Text 

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/ Binder 
Gaylord Bros. 

Stockton, Calif. 

ru. m 2t. i*» 

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