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penalty. In a monolithic State, where Authority
controls all the means of publicity, a man of marked
originality is likely to suffer this worse fate: whether
or not he is subjected to legal penalties, he is unable
to make his ideas known. When this happens in a
community, it cannot any longer contribute any-
thing of value to the collective life of mankind.

The control of greedy or predatory impulses is
imperatively necessary, and therefore States, and
even a World State, are needed for survival. But we
cannot be content merely to be alive rather than
dead; we wish to live happily, vigorously, creatively.
For this the State can provide a part of the necessary
conditions, but only if it does not, in the pursuit of
security, stifle the largely unregulated Impulses
which give life its savour and its value. The individual
life still has it due place, and must not be subjected
too completely to the control of vast organizations.
To guard against this danger is very necessary in the
world that modern technique has created.