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science, and we have not yet learnt how to make use
of our knowledge and our skill in the ways that will
do most to make life happy and even glorious. It is
not only the experience and the fear of war that
oppresses mankind, though this is perhaps the
Greatest of all the evils of our time. We are oppressed
also by the great impersonal forces that govern our
daily life, making us still slaves of circumstance
though no longer slaves in law. This need not be the
case. It has come about through the worship of false
gods, Cijnergetic men have worshipged^o^^r.r^th^r
and friendliness; men of less
energy have acquiesced, or have been deceived by a
wrong diagnosis of the sources of sorrow.

Ever since mankind invented slavery, the powerful
have believed that their happiness could be achieved
by means that involved inflicting misery on others.
Gradually, with the growth of democracy, and with
the quite modern application of Christian ethics to
politics and economics, a better ideal than that of
the slave-holders has begun to prevail, and the claims
of justice are now acknowledged as they never were
at any former time. But in seeking justice by means
of elaborate systems we have been in danger of
forgetting that justice alone is not enough. Daily

opportunity; for creativeja£ti^
important as justice in bxingu^ibj3^^
can feeljtojbe wpr AJUvtag,, Monotony may be more
deadening than an alternation of delight and agony.