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> initiative in all ways not positively harmful, and
^couragement of those forms of initiative that enrich
pe life of Man, We shall not create a good world by
^ing to make men tame and, timid, but by en-
gaging them to be bold and adventurous and
Earless except in inflicting injuries upon their
jlow-men. In the world in which we find ourselves,
le possibilities of good are almost limitless, and the
ossibilities of evil no less so. Our present predica-
>ent is due more than anything else to the fact that
j^fhave learnt to understand and control to a
;rrifyin? extent the forces of nature outside us. but
 >4 A**, a                                                                 x^                 * -
it those that are embodied in ourselves! Self-control
s Always been a watchword of the moralists, but
f tEepast it has been a control without under-
tading. In these lectures I have sought for a wider
' lerstanding of human needs than is assumed by
/st politicians and economists, for it is only through
JL                                                                                                '        wyW*WWW^(*-f      J"   it M     * ,      ^J&t*
\ an understanding that we can find our way to
realization of those hopes which, though as yet
v   *w tf,.,   i                         'i                                             ft A   *                        *      *   ^ f *** *l i**1*ll*    *
^ are largely frustrated by our folly, our, skill has
M within our reach.