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Hap ton 


... 703 

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Hisham- with -West Close Booth 

i ... 583 

Additions, Alterations, o 

Alphabetical Directory 


... 707 
... 1 

Holmes Chapel (see Clivige 


... 386 

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* 4 ■ 

... 361 



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... xliv 



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Me Iso n : 

Classified Directory ... 


... 120 

__1 ■'■* 

Alphabetical Direetory 

... 418 


T * t 

... xlu 

Churches, etc 

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... 407 


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Classified Directory ... 

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... 462 



... vii 


i a . 

... 413 

Education Committees 

* • • 





... 402 



... XX 


... 402 

Post Office 

■1 ^ * ■ T 1*1 J* 

, . . lvi 

"Education Committee 

... 405 

Public J institutions . . . 



"1 ^l ^L 

Post Office 

... 414 

Street Directory 


... 188 

Public Institutions ... 

4 4« 

... 411 

S Creet List 


. . . xlv 
... 7 52 

Street Directory 

. * a 

... 490 


. . • 


Street .List 

4 4 4 

... 414 

Barley AvithAVlicatley Booth 

... 560 


... 755 

Harrow ford 

. * ■ 

... Oil I 

~ taB ^f 

Old Lamid Booth 

1 . » 

... 585 

Blacko ... 

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... o79 


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... 361 


4 4 4 

... 362 

Padiham : 

Bmnshaw (Nee Burnley) 

4> 4> ■ 

. . . vii 

i\ fS j"( 

Alphabetical Directory 

t ■ ■ 

... 705 


* 4 * 

... 380 

Classified Directory ... 


... 719 

Clow Bridge (see Burnley) 


... 227 


• » » 

... 700 

■ L 

Street Directory 

1 * 4 

... 728 

Colne : 

Street List 

4 4 4 

... 703 

Alphabetical Directory 


... 801 


• * 4 

... 756 

Classified Directory ... 


... 629 

Reedley Hallows 

... 302 


■ ■ r 

... 590 

Rough Lee Booth 

• • ■ 

... 588 

^_ —» r h 



4 * * 

... 590 


. . 4 

... 750 

L _ f . 4 

Post Office 

fc * * 

... 601 


• * * 

... 764 

Street Directory 

• • * 

... 646 


... 693 

Street List 

4- * 4 

... 597 

Wheatley Can- Booth (.ve<? Higham) 58M 

Fence (see Old Laund Booth) 

... 585 

Wine-wall (see Trawden) 

» 4. 4 

... 693 




... 688 



... 396 

• * » 

... 58! 

Wheatley Lane (see Old 


_ .s _< 

Habergham Eaves (see Burnley) . . , vii 


... Stt$ 


* * 4 

Barrett's Directories 

Poster Frank & Sons, constructional engineers 

CreenwoodW. V., Ltd., carriers 

Halstead, Halstead, wheelwright 
Hindi© Thomas, timber merchant 

187 and 800 

. . . inside back cover 

. . . inside front cover 

. . . opposite Adtlretw 

opposite Index to Places 

■ 4 ■ 

Mather Bros. (Printers) Ltd., general and commercial printers opposite ba-ck cover 

Riley, Crossloy & Knowles, Ltd opposite Title Page 

Same Day Delivery, carriers inside jront cover 


Aldersley Cyril N., electrn, 35 Padiham 

A derson Thos., labr, 73 Airdrio crese 
Allien Arthur J, , pol srgt. , 5 Creswiek av 
Allum Edwin, labr, 108 Airdrie crese 
Andersoi\ Rev. Arthur John Gore, 
vicar, St. Margaret's Church ; h. 57 
Barden In 
Appleby Wm, mtr drvr, 75 Airdrie ores 
Archer Geo. W., trvlhig drpr, 86 Mont- 
rose sfc 
ArrowsmuTi Freclk., ongn drvr, 205 

Coal Clough In 
Arts & Crafts Stores, picture framers, 

40a Church at 
Asheroffc Win. M., labr, 35 Charlotte st 
Aslie Thos., paper porter, 2 Sefton st 
Ashworth Geoffrey, mldr, 90 Padiham 

Astin Herbt., Vvr, 7 Haven at 
Astin Mrs. Margt., 47 Kim st 
Astloy Harold, boot dir's mngr, 1 

Weatbourno av 
Atherton Erie, elect ongiu\ 13 Scott 

Park rd 
Atkin Albt,, ongn drvr, 32 Airdrie cres 
Atkins Oh as., engn drvr, 471 Padiham 

Atkinson Mrs. Bridget, grcr, 5 Ada st 
Atkinson Frank, mldr, 39 Lansdowne st 
Atkinson Sydney, mngr, 57 Reynolds rd 
Atkinson Wm, , chrpdsr, 1 5 Kose Mount 

Bailey Herbt., labr, 90 Airdrie cres 
Bailey Vincent, collier, 92 Airdrio cres 
Bailey Walter, miner, 70 Airdrie cres 
Barnes Herbt., asstnt boro' survyr, 1 54 

Casterton av 
Baker Edwin, mtr drvr, 1 5 Rojpendale 

avenue w 

Baldwin Arthur, collior, 2 Stmderland. 

st, Rosegrove 
Baldwin Jas., labr, 9$ Airdrie crese 
Bannister Mrs. Mary E., 26 Lutner st 
Bannister Richd., labr, 6 Delph st 
BANNISTER WM., gent's outfitter, 
Howe street ; h. IS Roso Mount 
Barber Edwd.?wvr, 8 Gillow st 
Barbour Jas., trVllng drpr, 21 Ham- 

merton st • 

Barlett Wm- R-, labr, 80 Albion st 
BARLEY OMNSBUS CO. (regular bus 
service from Gattle Market to Barley, 
via Harpers lane, Spenmoor and 
Newchurch), motor coach proprietors, 
Hollin Laughton terrace, Barley. 
Tel. 574 Nelson 



Barlow Fredk., mtr drvr, 82 Airdrie 


Ba.rras Albt., oilcloth dlr, 22 Aqueduct 

Barrett Henry, ortkr, 382 Cog hi 
Barrett Thos. (Barley Bus Co.) 
Hollin Laughton tor, Barley. 
574 Nelson 
Batty Mrs. Rose, 24 Airdrie crese 
Baxter R. Allan, clerk, Burnley Insur- 
ance Committee, 92 Manchester rd. 
Tel. 2730 ; h. 47 Scott Park rd 
Bcggs Jas., labr, 63 Airdrie crese 
Bell John S., Salvation Army offer, 80 

Bonn Geo. (Arthur Benn Ltd.) ; h. 24 

Rose Mount av 
Bentley John P., engn drvr, 16 West- 
bourne av 
Bentley Miss Margt. E., 1 1 Rowley st 
;ry Herbt., collier, 7S Airdrie crese 
rry Wm. H-, 3 Adamson st 
Berry Mrs. Rhoda, 5 M'oreeambe rd 
Biniris Mrs- Annie, 13 Sefton tor 
Black Jesse, furn slsmn, 42 Brimshnw 

Blackburn Benj., labr, I Ward st 
Blackburn Mrs. Doroth 





shire v<[ 
Blaokmore Thos. A., prntr, 4.0 Melville 

Blake John, papr mkr, 15 Tennyson st 
Bland Mrs. Enny, 38 Mitella st ' 
Blaylock Mrs. Mary E.,grcr & beerslli-, 

I Danes! ld^fce rd 
Boland Hy., grindr, 25 Todmorden rd 
Bottomle^Mft. Martha, 69 Airdrie erea 
Boult Jj((f7miner, 32 Wordsworth st 
Bracewell Mi'. Humphrey, 306 Barden 

%*agg Wm. D., garage mngr, 57 Clovo- 

lands rd 
Brennan J., labr, 25 Airdrie crese 
Briers Mrs. Bliz., 98 Belvedere rd 
Briggs Thos., wvr, 30 Thurston st 
Brooks Arthur, Iirebtr, lOHollingreave 

Brown Bros., drprs, 86 St. James st 
Brown Mrs. Hannah, 38 Hammorton 

Brown Mrs. Harriet, Embbes, Colno rd 
Brown John W., ovrlkr, I Sefton tor 
Brown Warwick, labr, 2 Ebor st 
BrindleMr. Geo., 1 52 Todmorden rd 
Broadley Jsph, ovrlkr, 28 Padiham rd 
Broekbank Christopher, storekpr, 1 

Harold st 


This town is situated on the banks of the river Brun, at its confluence 
with the Calder. It is almost surrounded by hills, chief among which 
is Pendle, about six miles north of the town. The London, Midland 
and Scottish railway and the Leeds and Liverpool canal pass through 
the town. The railway stations -within the borough arc Bank Top, 
Barracks, Roscgrove, Manchester Road and Towneley. Burnley is 
6 miles from Accrington, 11J E.N.E, from Blackburn, 5J S.S.W. from 
Colnc, 28} x. from Manchester, 43£ from Leeds, 47N.E. from Liverpool, 
22A from Preston and 209 NAV. from London. 

Burnley is a county, parliamentary, municipal and quarter sessions 
borough, a market town, and has a public assistance authority. Its 
first representative in parliament was Mr. Richard Shaw, who was 
returned in 1 868. At his death, 1 876, Mr. Peter Rylands was elected as 
his successor ; on the death of Mr. Rylands, m 1887, Mr. John Slagg was 
returned, who resigned on account of ill-health in February, 1889, 
and shortly afterwards died. On the resignation, in January, 1893, of 
Mr. J. S. Balfour, the Hon. Philip Stanhope was elected in his stead 
and lie was again re-elected in July, 1895. However, -on the 4th 
October, 1900, he was defeated by Mr. William Mitchell, who served 
as borough member until the 13th January, 1906, when Mr. Fred 
Maddison was elected in his place. On January 1 5th, 1910, Mr. G. A. 
Arbuthnot won the seat from Mr. Maddison, and in December of the 
some year lost it to Mr. P. E. Morrell. On December 14th, 1.918, Mr. 
D. D. Irving, the first Socialist representative, was elected. Mr. 
Arthur Henderson was elected on October 29th, 1924,. after the death 
of Mr. Irving. The present member is W. A. Burke, Esq. 

The portions of townships forming the municipal borough of Burnley 
were amalgamated in the township of Burnley by the operation of the 
Local Government Act, 1894, and orders of the joint committee and the 
local government board. In 1911 a provisional order came into 
operation when the whole of Brunshaw and portions of Habergham 
Eaves and Cliviger were added. In 1913 provision was made for the 
widening of Church Street, St. James' Street, Curzon .Street and 
Accrington Road, also the making of a new road between Kiddrow 
Lane and Lowcrhouse Lane. Improvements to the town have been 
completed, including the abolition of slum property and the erection 
of new and imposing buildings in Grimshaw Street. The township 
now covers an area of 4,694 acres, and its rateable value is £559,077. 

The population of the township of Burnley in 1801 , was 3,918 ; 1811, 
5,405; 1821,8,242; 1831,10,020); 1841,14,228. In 1851, the popu- 
lation of the township was 20,288, and that of Habergham Eaves, 
12,549. In 1861, a charter of incorporation was granted, the popula- 
tion of the newly-constituted borough being 28,700 ; in 1871. it was 
40,858; 1881,65,882; 1891,87,016; 1901,97,043; 1911,106,322; 
1921, 103,175, and in 1931, 98,259. 

The principal landowners arc the Right Hon. Lord O'Hagan, the 
Right Hon. Lord Shuttleworth, the Exors. of Colonel Hargreaves, 
James Dugdale, Esq., and R. A. Tatton, Esq. 

viii Alterations, Additions, and Removals— Continued. 

Brockbank Robt. E., prof footbllr, 50 
Lockyer av 

Bromley Gilbert, Slatr, 74 Hollingreave 

Broxnp Henry, wvr, 4 Thurston st 

Bryan Mr. Fredk.j 62 Belvedere rd 

Bryant- John, mtr drvr, IS Scott's tor 

Buck Mrs. Betsy, 1 MorocanVbc rd 

Buckley Jsph., "minor, SI. Brunch rd 

Btdcook K- R., coal dlr, 94 T-.yndhi.irsi 

Burnley Citizen's Guild, 15 Manchester 
I'd ; Miss D- D. Howard, soc 

Burnley and District Deaf Society and 
Institute, Hebrew rd ; L. C. Crellju, 

Burnley Insurance Committee, 92 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2730 ; R. Allan Bax- 
ter, clerk 

Burns John, trvllng drpr, 12 Rose Hill 

Burton Studios, Ltd., phtgphrs, 150a 
St. James st 

Burrows Mrs. Kvolyn, genl dlr, 7* Abel 
st and 92a Coin© rd 

Burrows John T. (T. Burrows, Ltd.) ; 
h. 12 Laurier rd 

Bury Jas. A. (Thompson & Co. (Con- 
crete) Ltd.) ; h. 32 Lansdowne st 

BusUeld Harold (North Bridge Motors 
(Burnley) Ltd.) ; h. 26 Whittleheld 

Cairns X'raneis, wvr, 43 Parkinson st- 
Oairas Jas., labr, 84 Airdrio crosc 
Caldwell Henry, insmngr, 61 Middlesex- 
Callam Alex., D.S.O., M.D.XB..C.S.K, 

consulting snrgn, 1 Ormcrod rd. Tel. 

3973; h. 345 Come rd. Tel. 2867 
Campbell John, 95 Airdrie cresc 
Cardwell Robt., labr, 1 Milton st 
Carroll Wm. H, plastr, 380 Cog In 



Catlow Harold, ins agnt, 

Clough lane 
Ceee Leo., mldr, 65 Melrose av 
Chadwick Hitebon (Nephew),, M.B., 
Ch.B., phvs & surgn, 41 & 43 Ox- 
ford rd. Tel. 2528 ; and Braoside, 
6 Scott Park rd. Tel. 4078 
Chadwick Hitchon S., L.M. S.S.A. 
(Loud.), physcn & surgn, 41 &. 43 
Oxford rd. Tel. 2528 ; and29aColne 
rd; h. 51 Coin© rd. Tel. 2047 
Chadwick Waltr, labr, 33 Carter st 
Chadwick Wm., wvr, 8 Austin st 
Challis Dudley 1\, fum dlr, 84 Cleve- 
land s rd 
Cbaloner Henry, bus drvr, 1 4 Clarence 

Chew Lawrence, labr, 51 Melrose av 
Chorlton Frcdk. B., bank cashr, 98 

Albion st 
Christian Science Society, 43 Brunswick 

Clarke , oabt mkr. 04 Kiddrow In 

Clarke Geo. , wvr, 100 New Hall si 
Clarkson Miss Jane K-, 23 Airdrie cresc 
Olough Jeremiah, 1 8 Airdrie cresc 
Coal & By-Products Ltd.. coal mehnts, 

S3 Manchester rd. Tel. 2148 
Cobley Frcdk., wtchmn, 10 Blakey st 
Coltoii Mrs. Sophia, 22 Stock st 
Comstive Waltr, shuttle mkr* 13 Coles- 
bill rd 
Conroy Thos., mtr <lrvr, 557 Brunshaw 

Cook Thos. (Mercer & Co.}; h, 20 

Rossendale av 
Cooper Mrs. Beatrice, 72 Hollingreave 

Corbett Kmest R., labr, 97 Marl- 
borough st 
Coulston Richd., wvr, 8 Reynolds st 
Cowell Arthur, clthr. Market st ; h. 

413 Manchester rd 
Cowpe Mrs. Martha H„ 351 Padiham 

Cowpe M'iss Mary, shpkpr, 2 Ridge rd 
Cox Blorbt., labrVl52 Todmordcn rd 
Crabtre© Albt., gmdr, 5 Coleshillrd 
Crabtree Jas., labr, 5 Ardwick st 
Cronshaw Mrs. Annie, 35 Burling at 
Cronshaw John, 22 Rossendale av 
Cronshaw Wm. J., fire btr, 66 Kinross 

Crook John P., eretkr, 22-24 Palatine 


Cross Henry, labr, 26 Bar st 

Crossley Jo*hn T., rly firemn, 1 8 Dug- 
dale rd 

Oroxton Wm., btchr, 4 Ridge rd ; h. 

Cunliffe Ronnio, sheet mtl wrkr, 1 9 
Constable av 

Cunlifte Mr. Thos., 39 Westbourne av 

Ciyer Mrs. "Ethel, 34 BrierelifYe rd 

Dalton Arthur R. (Harry Dalton & 
Son) ; h. Brantwood, 5 Wu-t st. 

Tel. 2419 
Dalton Harry & Son, gent's outl'ttrs. 

124 St. James' st. Tel. 3881 ; and at 

Daniel Mrs. Eliz„ 1 3 Rose Mount av 
Davies Allan, loom swpr, I S4 Cog In 
Davis Harold, elk, 12 Rose Mount av 
Davis Mr. - ,33 Rose Mount av 
Davy Jas., collier, 35 Stock st 
Davy John H., sheet rati wrkr, 54 

Moorlands rd 
Dawson Fredk., blksmth, 8 Emmotl st 
Dean Edwd., wvr, 9 Cornwall ter' 
Dean Frank, labr, 57 Airdrie ores 
Dean Mrs. Rebecca, 57 Hirst st 
Dearden Harold, labr, 66 Airdrie cresc 
Deloozc Wrn., sheet mtl wrkr, 100 

Kiddrow hi 
Dewhirst John, twstr, fi Travis st 
Dickinson Clifford, pntr, 78 St. John's 

Dickinson Cbas. B., wvr, 72 Albion st 


The borough is divided into 12 wards, viz. : — St. Andrew's, Danes- 
house, Stoneyholme, St. Peter's, St. Paul's, Fulledge, Burnley Wood, 
Hcaley, Trinity, Whittlefield, Garmow and Lowerhouse. By the 
Representation of the Peoples Act, 1918, the number of burgesses on 
the roll for 1930 was 48,034, and the number of parliamentary electors 

The corporate body comprises 12 aldermen and 36 councillors. 


J. W. Gradwell, Esq., Mayor. 

Aldkrmkn — William Buchanan, James Alfred Sampson, John 
Lynch, Henry Robinson Nuttall, James Robert Tomlinson, Richard 
Broadley, James William Gradwell, Edwin Whitehead, William 
Sutcliffc, Lawrence Rippon, T. P. Taylor and Sir John Howarth 

- Councillors. 

St. Andrew's Ward (burgesses, 8,174). — M. Greenwood, H. Nutter 
and j. T. Clegg. 

Danks House W^ard (burgesses, 3,689). — Arthur Green, Joseph 
Herbert and Henry Hargreaves. 

Stoneyholme Ward (burgesses, 2,548). — Miss Fearncough, Lance- 
lot Thompson and T. Holt. 

St. Peter's Ward (burgesses, 2,018). — George Hale, Hy. Preston 
and Mrs. M. A. Battle. 

St. Paul's W'ard (burgesses, 1,821). — Harold Hudson, J. Ii. 
Brotherton and H. Massey. 

Fulledge Ward (burgesses, 4,712). — P. J. H. Cobb, Geo. Parkinson 
and John S. Yates. 

Burnley Wood Ward (burgesses, 3,997)- — H. Howarth, H. J. 
Williams and John H. Bracewell. 

Healey Ward (burgesses, 4,603). — Saml. Taylor, Levi Smith and 
John Howarth. 

Trinity Ward (burgesses, 3,202). — E. Broclerick, L. Haworth and 
John Nicholls. 

Whittlefield Ward (burgesses, 2,360). — Marie Brown, Geo. 
Duxbury and Tom Maxfield. 

Gannow W t ard (burgesses, 5,842) —Harold V. Oakes, John A. 
Smith and Mary Gillespie. 

Lowkrhouse Ward (burgesses, 5,068). — Ronald Bushby, Edward 
, Sandy and Miss E. Uttley. 


Recorder, N. j. Laski, Esq., K.C. ; Town Clerk, Clerk of the Peace, 
Clerk to Local Education Authority, Clerk to Rating Authority, Clerk to 
Urban Sanitary Authority and Clerk to Assessment Committee, Harry 
Plowman; Deputy Town Clerk, J. Binns ; Assistant Solicitor, H. K. 
Foers ; Borough Treasurer and Registrar of Stock, and Chief Rating ami 
Valuation Officer, W. A. Walker, F.S.A.A. ; Principal Assistant to the 
Borough Treasurer, T. P. Howker ; Coroner, Harry Ogden ; Assistant 
Valuation Officer, A. H. Moorhouse ; Cashier, J. Riley ; Chief Collector ; 
J. A. Slowey ; Stationery Manager, Arthur Berry ; Elective Auditors, 


Alterations, Additions, and Removals — Continued. 

Dickinson Mr. John W., 90 Man- 
chester rd 
Dickinson Mrs. Mary, 127 Lyndhurst rd 
Dobson Mrs. Emily, 104 Airdrie cresc 
Doran Hy., driller, 2a Swinless st 
Duckworth Henry, slater, 33 Elm st 
Duckworth Jas., Ltd., grcrM, II. Rose- 
grove In 
Duckworth Robt., labr, 28 Stock st 
Duffy Miss Catherine, 43 Russell st 
Dunleavy Win., plmbr, 3 Moreeambe st 
Dunston ftobt., labr, 33 Can* st 
Dunning Edwin, ins agnt, G Rose 

Mount av 
Durkin Anthony, labr, 129 Ley land rd 
Durkin Patk., collier, 70 Airdrie cresc 
Duxbury John, hwkr, 1 1 8 Airdrio cresc 
Duxbury Jolm, plmbr, 5 Kingsland rd 
Eastham Fredk., plmbr, 4 Peart st 
Eastwood Edwd., mtr drvr, 100a Par- 
kinson st 
Eastwood Fredk., cabt rnkr, 20 Hinton 

1£ccles Loonard, miner, 47 Hurting In 
Eccles Win., miner, 122 Airdrie cresc 
TCceleston Wm., labr, 24 Albert st 
Eddleston Cecil, pol sergt., 469 Padi- 

liam rd 
Eddleston Win., pol cons, 47 Cieve- 

lands rd 
Fdmondson Saml., labr, 110 Lower- 
house In 
Emmott Harold, packer, 23 Oakmount 

Eniwistle Fredk., labr, Scarlett st 
Evens Geo., labr, 10 Bar st 
Farworth Tlios., labr, 79 Padiham rd 
Fish Waltr, labr, 22 Willow st 
Fletcher Mrs. Florence, 24 Thursby rd 
Fletcher John It,, labr, 40 i St. John's 

Fly an John, mtr drvr, 232 Barden In 
Forrest Jas. E., fumshr's mngr, 35 b" 

Coal Ciough In 
Fort Jas., engnr, 08 Airdrie cresc 
Fowler Leo., roller eoveror, 3 Travis st 
Francis Mrs. Hannah, 1 02 Airdrie cresc 
Frankland Fredk. , miner, 1 1 2 Airdrie 

Frankland Mrs. Sarah A., KM Airdrie 

Franzko Gilbert, cabt mkr, 2 1 Waterloo 
rd & 02 Marlborough st : h. 33 Eliza 
Gainley Mrs. Mary E., 378 Cog In 
Garratt Thos., trvllr, 1 7 Padiham rd 
Gerrards', Use frnshrs, 123 St. James' 

Gibbons John, labr, 37 YYhittlelield st 
Giblin Denis, labr, 1 6 Burdett st 
Gibson Fredk., wvr, 64 Argyle st 
Gill Fredk., clrk, 535 Brimshaw rd 
Gill Mrs. Mary A., 38 Grimshaw st 
Gilpin John, collr, 22 Harold av 
Goodridge Mrs. Elia., 715 Briorclifie rd 

Gooin Herbert (.Northbridge Motors 

(Burnley) Ltd.) ; h. 121 Coal Clough 

Gornall Jas. Arthur, M.'R-C.S., L.R.C. 

P. (Loud.), phys & surg, 94 & 90 

Rosegrove In. Tel. 2000 ; h. 449 

Padiham rd. Tel. 2000 
Gorton Jas. Ed., labr, 1,86 Florence av 
Green Fredk., clrk, 29 Romney av 
Green Henry, clrk, 205 Brunshaw rd 
Green Mrs. Louisa, conftnr, 59 Tod- 

mordon rd 
Greenwood Geo., labr, 73 Manchester 

Greenwood Henry, glass blwr, 08 

Hollingreave rd 
Greenwood John, labr, 41 Laithe st 
Greenwood John, joiner, 27 Mark st 
Greenwood Thos., mtr drvr, 88 Reed 

Gregory Albt., labr, 40 Melrose av 
Gregory Albt., 5 Underley st 
Gregory Mr. Richd. W., 20 Oak st 
Gregson Edwd., mtr drvr, I I Coleshili 

Griffin Alwyn, miner, Ardwick st 
Grimshaw Mr. J. .Norman, Barden 

lodge, Barden hi. Tel. 2200 
Grimshaw Ronald, labr, 1 70 Barden lu 
Hall Miss Selina, 1 (5 Wilton st 
Hailam Wltr, vanmn, 54 Dall st 
H&lstcad Misses Eliz. & Sarah J t , 50 

Melrose av 
Halsall Jas., taper, 327 Brunshaw rd 
Hamer — , opten, 40 Lockyer av 
Hamiltons', prntrs, Red Lion st. Tel. 

Hanforth Henry, loom swpr, y2 Lower - 

house In 
Hanslip Arthur, sheet mtl wrkr, 303 

Manchester rd 
Hargreaves Henry, grdnr, 30 Peter st 
Hargreaves Tlios., wvr, 24 Russell st 
Harker Brunskill, labr, 4 Ebor st 
Harris Mr. Wm., 3 Moorland rd 
Harrison Carl S., ins agnt, 81 Ighton- 

hill Park In 
Harrison Herbert, postmn, 28 Airdrie 

Hartley Jas., labr, 11 Berry st 
Hartley John D., brickwks mngr, 20 

Moscley rd 
Hartley liennie, labr, 51 Thorn st 
Haworth Arthur, Sim blind mkr, .North- 
bridge mill, Elm st. Tel. 4130 ; h. 7 

Owen st 
Heap Alfred H. (Smith & Co.) ; h. 

1 1 Underley st 
"Heap John, plmbr, 1 Oakmount st 
Heap Mrs. Mary, 34 Golne rd 
Heap Smith (Smith & Co.) ; h. 127 

Rose Hill rd. Tel 3051 
Hefford Mrs. Martha, 853 Briercllfle rd 
Henry Jas. , labr, 30 Bread st 
Henshaw Mrs. Lily, 15 Keith st 


J. Berry and J. W. Briggs ; Corporation Auditors, Ashworth, Mosley & 
Co., of Manchester ; Borough Engineer and Surveyor, J. L. Beckett, 
A.M.I.C.E., A.M.I.Mech.E. ; Deputy Borough Surveyor, J. Holt, A.m! 
Inst.C.E. ; Director of Education, w. Howarth, M.A., M.Ed., Litt.D. ; 
Medical Officer of Health , D. C. Lament, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. ; Deputy 
Medical Officer, M, C. R. Grahame, M.B., Ch.B., L.R.C.P.E., L.R.C.P. 
S.E., L.R.F.P.S.G., D.P.H., D.T.M. ; Sanitary Inspector and Inspector 
of Foods and Drugs and Official Sampler under the Fertilisers and Feeding 
Stuffs Act, 1926, Freak. .Shuttle worth ; Chief Veterinary Inspector and 
Inspector under Diseases of Animals Act, and of Dairies, Milk Shops, 
etc.; James Kenyon, IVI.R.C.V.S. ; Chief Constable, Wilfred Fair- 
clough ; Superintendent of Police, A. E. Edwards, M.C., M.M. ; Super- 
intendent of Fire Brigade, W. H. Constable ; Inspector of Weights 
and Measures, J. H. Wildman ; Public Analyst, F. Maudsley, 13.Sc., 
F.I.C. ; Gas Engineer and Manager, Arthur F. Ames, M. Inst. Gas E. ; 
Electrical Engineer, James E. Starkie, A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E. ; 
Waterworks Engineer and Manager, J. Shepherd, A.MJnst.W.E. ; 
General Manager of Burnley, Colne and. Nelson Joint Transport Com- 
mittee, C, H. Stafford, A.M.Inst.T. ; Superintendent of Markets and Cold 
Air Stores, J. W. Whitehead ; Cemetery Registrar, A. H. Baker ; Bulks 
Manager, J. T. Grundy ; Parks and Recreation Grounds Superintendent, 
Herbert Jackson ; Cleansing Superintendent, W. Derbyshire ; 
Librarian, W. B. Coupland, F.L.A. ; Public Assistance Officer A t' 
Moore ; Town Hall Keeper, A. Hall. 

The TOWN HALL situate in Manchester Road, is an imposing 
edifice, designed by Messrs. Holton & Fox, of Dewsbnry. The founda- 
tion stone was laid 24th October, 1885 and the building was opened in 
October, 1888. The structure includes council chamber, committee 
rooms, mayoral apartments, municipal offices, magisterial and police 
departments, while public baths occupy an adjoining site. The\ 
principal or front elevation facing Manchester Road is three stories J 
high, and rising over this is a clock tower, octagonal in shape, finished / 
with circular dome and turret, the top being about 90 feet from the \ 
ground. The clock was supplied by Messrs. Potts, of Leeds. The 
large bell weighs about 25 cwts. ; and the Westminster chimes are ' 
struck on four smaller bells, which weigh over 32 cwts. The whole 
of the stone in the front is cleansed Ashlar (sandstone), and that used 
in the remaining elevations, including the baths, is Yorkshire parpoints./ 
In the principal entrance is a vestibule, rectangular in shape having 
four red polished granite columns supporting the ceiling, and being 
lined with bath stone. On this floor arc the town clerk's, borough 
surveyor's and borough treasurer's departments. On the next floor 
are the mayor's apartments, banqueting room, ante room, 
kitchen and service rooms, council room, committee rooms and borough 
surveyor's drawing office ; and on still a higher floor is another drawing 
office. The entrance to the police departments is in Yorke Street. 
On this floor are the superintendent's and inspectors' rooms, day room, 
cells, etc. On the floor above are the sessions court, magistrates' 
rooms, education committee, magistrates' clerks, detectives' and chief 
constable's offices, barristers' robing rooms, solicitors' room, grand jury 
room, and waiting rooms for witnesses. Behind the Town Hall is a 
public mortuary, including mortuary proper and post-mortem room. 
The total cost of the building was about £50,000. 

xii Alterations, Additions, and Removals— Continued. 

Hepworth Fredk* mtr drvr, 9 Grange 

Heseldon Gilbert, sheet rntl wrkr, 68 

Laithe st 

H'etherington Mrs. Mary, fr fish dlr, 49 

Hetherington Wm., wvr, 5 Lowcrhouse 

Heyos John, collier, 64 Belvedere rd 
Heys Haveloek, labr, 1 00 Airdrie cresc 
H.ovworth Jack Ltd.. musical instrrxmt 

dlr, 42 Ohuroli St 
Hill Jas., mason, L3 Coal Clough In 
Hill Thos., ins agnt, 6 Constable av 
Hindlo Thos., labr, 88 Airdrie ercsc 
Hird Thos., labr, 86 Airdrie cresc 
Hirst Mrs. Ethel, drpr, 142 Brierolifferd 
Hirst John, busdrvr, 142 Brierolifferd 
Hitcheu John W., 67 Melrose av 
Hitt Mrs. Edith, 80 Airdrie cresc 
Holdon Mrs. Catherine, 99 Airdrie cresc 
Holroyd Fredk. W.j muscn, 22 Picca- 
dilly rd 
Holt & Kippax Ltd., eleetrcl refrigrtr 
ongnrs, 3 & 5 St. James st. Tel. 3569 
Holt Leslie, engnr, 142 Nairne st 
Holt Mrs. Lily, 52 New Hall st 
Hopkins Richd., labr, 6 Lansdowno st 
Home Miss Emma, 25 Airdrie cresc 
Horsf'all Willie C, rly firemn, 22 Kid- 
drow In 

liorton Cecil W., postmn, 3 Ooleshill rd 
Hough Fredk., tea dlr, 1 85 Casterton av 
Howarlh Chas., labr, 109 Airdrie cresc 
Howarth Peter, spnnr, 114 Airdrie cresc 
Howe Mr. Robt., 22 Carter st 
Howker Mrs. Florence, 1 5 Haven st 
Huiton Kaymond, labr, 73 Albion st 
Hurst Alfd., engn drvr, 253 Coal Clough 

Hudson John, labr, Masserdeena, Rock 

Hull Matthew F., mtr drvr, 24a Padi- 

ham rd 
IHingworth Chas., labr, 63 Cardinal st 
Ibbotson Mrs. Mary, 2 Guilford st 
Ince John, loom swpr, 5 Cardinal st 
Ingham Albt., ins agnt, 13 Berkeley st 
Ingham Albt., marine store dlr, 22 

Russell st 
Ingham Edwd., labr, 132a St. John's rd 
Ingham John, labr, 105 Airdrie cresc 
Ingham Wilkinson, 94 Belvedere rd 
Ireland Win. H., signlmn, 72 Belvedere 

Isherwood Geo., labr, 65 Airdrie cresc 
Isherwood John, wtchmn, 42-2 Bruns- 
wick st 
•Jackson Frank, 40 Rosscndale av 
Jackson Herbt., labr, 18 Newton st 
Jackson Jsph , meeh , 53 Hoi lingreave rd 
Jackson Wm,, miner, 6 Coultate st 
Johnson Mrs. Rachel, 70 Albion st 
Jones Mrs. Fanny, 49 Thorn st 
Jones Richd, elrk, 140 Kidclrow In 

Jones Sidney, mtr haulge entrctr, 51 

Todmorden rd 
Jordan W. T., grcr's mngr, 127 Wood- 
grove rd 
Kavanagh Stephen, hse 1'rnshr, 10a & 

Kay Henry, wvr, 145 Briercliffe rd 
Kay Peter, labr, 45 Melrose av 
Kelly Mrs. Annie, 48 Airdrie cresc 
Kemp John, wvr, 107 Airdrie cresc 
Kenyon Arthur, chimny swpr, 38 

Whittlefiold st 
Kershaw Mrs. Mary, 21 Colvillo st 

King Mrs. Beatrice, 7 Fielden st 
Kinlin Jas., labr, 388 Cog In 
Knotts Mr., 206 Cog In 
Lakeland Mr. Thos., 31 Wrenst 
Lambert Frank, solctr (Lambert & 

Parker) ; h. 30 Rosehill rd 
Lancaster Mr. Wm., ] 3 Coultato st 
Langsibrth Jas., miner, 2 Redruth st 
Lavelle Jas., bus condctr, 269 Padi- 

ham rd 
Lawless John, wvr, 83 Brunswick st 
Lawson Mrs. Martha, 7 Oak st 
Leaver Percy, fcui'f com agnt. 438 Padi- 

Jiam rd 
Lee Mrs. Clara J., 39 Airdrie cresc 
Lee Mrs. Marion, grcr, 88b Acorington 

Lee Wm. Hy., collr, 37 Airdrie cresc 
Learning Mr. -, I 7 Reynolds st 
Lingard Mrs. Jessie, 323 Colne rd 
Lister Wm., labr, 15 Raglan rd 
Livosey Carl, trvllr, 117 Brierclifle rd 
Loder Henry, trvllng drpr, 55 Standish 

Longrigg Wm., driller, 97 Rosehill rd 
Longworth Harold, pol cons, 555 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Lonsdale Ceo., ertkr, 18 Berridge av 
Lord Miss Alice, fruitr, 59 Westgate 
Lord Walter, labr, 8 Soften ter 
Lewder (too., wvr, 104 Junction st 
Lund John, rly iiremn, 92 Lowerhouse 

McGowan Mrs. Betsy, 44 Waterloo rd 
McKeu/.ie Henry, labr, 76 Airdrie cresc 
McKinley Archie, coal cuttr, 53 Air- 
drie cresc 
McLoughlin John B., brcMyr; 40 

Waterloo r<! 
McKulty Mrs. Elba, 7 Morpeth st 
Maden Wm., 7.1 Airdrie cresc 
Maher Patk, coach bldr, 42 Danes- 
house rd 
Maher Mrs. Rachel, 110 Airdi'ie cresc 
Manghan Bernrd, fr polshr, 72 Melroso 

Marsden Wm., cal prntr, 123 Parlia- 
ment st 
Marsh Mrs. Margt., 163 Brierelilfe rd 
Marshall Anthony, mtr drvr, 18 Fara- 
day street 
Marshall Mrs. Bertha, 81 Airdrie cresc 


The BOROUGH POLICE FORCE was established in 1887, and it 
consists of I chief constable, 1 superintendent, 7 inspectors, 17 ser- 
geants, and 111 constables. It possesses official accommodation for 
its various departments in the rear portion of the Town Hall. The 
police box system in operation comprises 1 9 boxes and 1 1 telephones. 
Mr. W. Fairclough is chief constable. 

- The POLICE FIRE BRIGADE was established in 1891 and is one 
of the most up-to-date in the country. It supersedes a voluntary 
brigade which existed earlier. The fire station, situated in Manchester 
Road, is a commodious building, containing house for the superin- 
tendent, and gvmnasium, recreation rooms, etc., for police and firemen. 
The station is well equipped with tire appliances, consisting of four 
motor fire engines, one of 700 gallons, two of 500 gallons, one of 250 
gallons and a trailer pump of 250 gallons per mmutc, with escapes, 
extension ladders, etc. Three motor ambulances are kept at the 
station, one 20 h.p. Daimler and a 20 h.p. Austin and 27 h.p. Bedford. 
The strength of the brigade is 1 chief officer (who is the chief constable 
of the town), 1 inspector, 1 sergeant, 8 men on permanent staff and 17 
auxiliary. Police inspector John T. Whitfield is superintendent. 

The PUBLIC BATHS were first established in 1861, in Nicholas 
Street. They were owned and worked by private enterprise until 1867 
when they were taken over by the Corporation. The present baths 
(behind the Town Hall) were opened on the 6th July, 1887, and consist 
of two plunge baths, measuring 18 yards by 7 yards and 21 yards by 8 
yards respectively, 13 first-class clipper baths, 13 second-class slipper 
baths, 3 vapour baths, with 8 slipper baths and I vapour bath m the 
ladies' wing. The growing popularity of the recreative or swimming 
portion of the baths necessitated the building of new baths in the 
Gannow district which were opened on May 15th, 1.1*02. The North 
Street Baths (in Burnley Lane district) whirh were opened on 2nd 
April, 1910, consist of J plunge bath, measuring 75 feet by 30 feet, 
slipper baths, with 12 spray or shower balhs, ladies' and gentlemen s 
foam and vapour baths and 1 Russianbath. Mr. J. T. Grundy, 
superintendent . 

The WATERWORKS.were aequir#in the year 1846 ; the popula- 
tion of the townships- Of Burnley akd Habergham Eaves being about 
25,000. The water supply at this lime was received from Call Hey 
spring and conducted by a common drain into a reservoir at Heasand- 
ford, and from thence by a 6 inch main into the town. The wat ^works 
now consist of six reservoirs capable of containing a total of 740,000,000 
gallons of water, viz. :— Swinden (2 reservoirs), 150,000,000; Lee 
Green compensation reservoir, 22,000,000 ; Cant Clough rcservorr 
250,000,000 ; Hurstwood reservoir, 302,000,000 ; and Heckenhurst 
service reservoir, 20,000,000. The greater portion of the supply is 
derived from upland moorland gathering grounds of over 4,000 acres 
(the Corporation owning about 3,000 acres), springs, and 1 borehole. 
The filtration plant, at Cant Clough reservoir, consists of 8 J*ell s 
mechanical pressure filters, both sets capable of passing about 2,000,UW 
gallons per day. At Hurstwood reservoir, the filtration plant consists 
of 14 "Bells'" mechanical pressure niters. In January, 1J<W, a 
boosting plant was installed for the purpose of stimulating the pressure 
in the high level area of supply (Rosehill housing scheme, etc.) I ne 

xiv Alterations, Additions, and Removals— Continued. 

Martin Mark, qurrymn, 1 5 Mitella st 
Martin Mr. - - , 279 Padiham rd 
Mason Leonard, phtgphr, 140 St. 

James st 
Massey Robt., ton dlr, L53 Padiham 

rd & 1 Haslam st 
Meadows Miss Ivy, 152 Todmorden rd 
Meehan John, wvr, 43 Barden In 
Metcalf Thos., boot repr, 67 Airdrie ores 
Metcalfe Jas. Geo. (Norfchbridge Motors 

(Burnley) Ltd.) ; h. 46 Ightenhill 

Park In 

Midgley Sydney, mech, 24 Tcntre st 
Miller Jesse, bus eondctr, 47 Argylo st 
Miller Wm., prof footbllr, 9 Co'leshill 

Mills Frank, wvr, 43 Melrose av 
Moody & Grant, stabnrs, 1 63 BricrclilYe 

Moore Krnost, labr, 24 Albany tor 
Moore Geo., collr, 20 Hudson st 
Moore Tlios., miner, 77 Airdrie crese 
Moorhonse Mrs. Ellen, 40 Airdrie crese 
Moran Joseph, 440 Colne rd 
Murphy Edwd., labr, 83 Airdrie c»'eso 
Murray John, genl dlr, 89 Aqueduct 

Murtagh Mrs. Jemima, 380 Cog In 
Napier Mrs. Mary A., 29 Airdrie crese 
Naughton Mr. Michael, 18 M'ile st 
Needham Jas., labr, 1 5 Milton st 
Neville Thos., shpkpr, 237 Aeerington 

Novison Mr. Jas., 4a Waterloo i*< I 
Newbold Mrs- Margt. A., 31 Airdrie cres 
Nicholson Geo., cabt mkr, 89 Rosehill 

Nicholls Ernest, wvr, 41 Stoney st 
Nolan Mrs. 'Hose A., 24 Airdrie orosc 
North of England .School of Dancing, 

90 Manchester rd ; Miss E. Petite 
Northbridge Motors (Burnley)* Ltd., 
motor engnrs, re-bore spclsts (com- 
plete overhauls, auto-electric spclsts, 
Lancashire distributors, general 
motor trucks, G.M.C, Wolseley, 
Jowett, Ruick, etc.), Northbridge 
mill, Kim st. Tel. 3063 ; Telegrams, 
" Geemeee " 
Nuttall Arthur, dyer, 103 Airdrie crese 
Nuttall John, labr, 12 Belvedere rd 
Nuttall Mrs. Jessie, 86 Melville st 
O'Hara Chas., tailor, 1 7 Carlton rd 
O'Hara Danl., labr, 13 Lyndhurst rd 
CVMara Chas., tailor, 1 1 Carlton rd 
Ormerod Mr. Josph, 1 1 6 Airdrie crese 
Outhwaite Matthew (Coal & By- 
products, Ltd.) ; h. I Carlton rd 
Colne road, Duke bar ; and at 
Padiham and Colne 
Panda Tinsels, Ltd., Throstle mill, 

Devonshire road 
Parker John, ein oprtr, 662 Airdrie ores 

for further Alterations, Additions, 

Parker Mr. Wm. Jas., 61 Cardinal st 
Parkinson Thos., labr, 69 Airdrie crese 
Patterson Jas., labr, 74 Every st 
Peacock Clifford, ins agnt, 69 Dall st 
Phillips Hector, ropo splicer, 41 Mel- 
rose av 

Pickard Mrs. Elizbth J., 16 Pink st 
Piatt Herbt., iittr, 4 Dial st 
Pollard -, plmbr, 98 Mitella st 
Pollard Arthur W-, cnvssr, 4 Priteh- 

ard street 
Pollard Mrs. Jane A., 13 Ardwiek st 
Pollard John J., yeast dlr, 4 Ightenhill 

Park In. Tel. 3373 
Pollitt Hy., labr, 125 Parliament st 
Porter Wm., miner, 46 Barracks rd 
Potter Geo.', labr, 97 Airdrie oresc 
Potter Mrs. Mary, 56 Robinson st 
PoiUson Mrs. Hannah, 15 Keith st 
Pounder Albt., miner, 14 Berry st 
Precious Halliday, fr polshr, 3 Catlow 

Preston Wm., hse fmshr, 38-40 Man- 
chester rd & 1 9 Market st 
Pritchard Mr. Spencer, 13 Wilton st 
Procter Fredk., twstr, 336 Colne rd 
Race Mrs. Hannah, 25 Devonshire rd 
Rainford Chas. E., bus drvr, 96 Lynd- 
hurst rd 
Rainford Jas., mech, 30 Lowerhouse In 
Rafter John, labr, 1 9 Shaw st 
Rambadfc John C, loonier, 376 Cog In 
Rathbone Wm., cin inngr, I 8 Dorset st 
Rawlinson Kenneth, ins broker, 124 

Colne rd 
Rawstron Mrs. Bertha., 865 Briorclifl'o 

Ray Arthur, frnslir'a assrnt, 98 Kid- 

dco'.v hi 
Rayner Wm., rlymn, 8 Palace st 
Rea<l Henry, postl engnr, 53 St. John's 

Rodmans, grors, 53 Yorkshire st 
Reeves Mrs. Annie, 22 Nelson sq 
Reid Mrs. Annie, 72 Kinross st 
Rice Mrs. Betsy A., 5 Palm st 
Richardson Jsph, btchr, 93 Westgate 
Richmond Naughton, boot dlr's asstnt, 

8 Puose Mount av 
Riding Ernest, labr, 1 Pinkst 
Riley Mrs. Harriet, 8 Netherby at 
Riley Jas., labr, 90 Airdrie crese 
Rammer John, miner, 64 Huhno st 
Roberts Stanley, wvr, 8 Eldwick si- 
Robinson Harold, elthlkr, 60 Airdrie 

Robinson Henry, litter, 68 Kinross st 
Robinson John, wvr, 5 Kbor st 
Robinson Wm. H-, wvr, 26 CJillow st 
Ross Mr. Sainl., 43 Pear st 
Rossall Mr. Henry, 38 Burdett st 
Rowo Mrs. — , 10 Rosehill i*d 
Rowe Wilfred, prntr, 282 Coal Clough In 
Rowley Miss Ivy, 61 Rosehill rd 

ond Removals, see page 767. 


water department have offices, store-rooms, yard and testing depart- 
ment in Yorkshire Street. J. Shepherd, A.Inst.W.E., engineer and 
manager. ° 

The GAS WORKS at Parker Lane were established in 1823, and were 
transferred in 1855 to the Burnley Improvement Commissioners. At 
that time the works were capable of producing 384,000 cubic feet of 
■ gas in 24 hours. I hese works continued until the 28th February 1030 
when they were permanently closed down as obsolete. In the mean- 
time a totally new works was in course of erection on a site situate 
near Oswald Street, Burnley ; gas first being produced there on the 
loth .November, 1927. The area of land purchased for the site is 29 
acres. Ihe new works embody plant of the latest gasworks practice 
dry-cooled horizontal retort coke being produced bv the Sulzer process' 
Ihe Corporation has one gasholder in use at the Stoneyholme gas 
station, and this is capable of holding 500,000 cubic feet of gas ■ the 
erection of another holder of 1,000,000 cubic feet capacity is contem- 
plated. The new holder at Oswald Street holds 3,000,000 cubic feet 

i mi «tt° S* /° r to year ended 31st March > 1936, was 
1,021, , O 8,000 cubic feet; 133,452,400 cubic feet being used for 

motive power, industrial purposes and central heating. It is inter- 
esting to note that gas used for industrial purposes is almost 93 million 
cubic feet more per annum than in the year 1927-28. The Corporation 

i ™n a™ y f- S ,° f !°"i nch main to Altham coke ovens . approximately 
I.oOO.OOO cubic feet of gas per day being received therefrom as an 

auxiliary to the gas which is manufactured at Oswald Street. The 

laying of this main was commenced on the 24th June, 1929, and was 

S&m^Sim^' im> " ie first supplies of gas being taken 

The number of street lamps is now 4,074, including 601 back street 
lamps. the number of meters now in use is 32,815, of which 22 813 
arc prepayment. Gas is sold at 7d. per therm to consumers' bv 
ordinary meter, with a 5 per cent, discount for payment within 21 days 
.Scale reductions for quantities are given to domestic consumers, down 
to od. per therm and for still larger consumers for industrial purposes 
5*d. down to 4d. per therm. An attractive four-part charge scale is 
a so in operation, whereby the consumer pays a fixed customer charge 
along with a charge for gas consumed at 3M. down to 2d. per therm 
Accounts paid within fourteen days are subject, to 5 per cent, discount 
on the customer charge. Further, a two-part charge scale for con- 
sumers by ordinary meter operates, the fixed charge being based on the 
number of rooms in the premises in which it is possible to consume gas, 
B? ra te being 6s. 6d. per room per annum, with a minimum charge of 
■Ms 1 he commodity charge is 4d. per therm, or Is. 8d. per 1,000 cubic 
leet all charges being subject to 5 per cent, discount for prompt pay- 
ment. The calorific value of the gas is 500 B.Th.U.'s. The Corpor- 
ation is also authorised to sell or let out on hire or hire purchase 
cooking, heating and water heating' appliances. A maintenance 
system is in force which provides for attention to all gas appliances free 
of cost, except for materials. The area supplied by the Corporation 
mcudes Burnley, Reedley, Harle Sykc, Hapten, Worsthornc, Cliviger, 
Holme, Mereclough and Habcrgham Eaves. The chief offices of the 
department are situated in Parker Lane, and the showrooms at 66 St.' 


James's Street, Burnley. The net capital indebtedness at the 31st 
March, 1936, was £327,095. The balance of reserve fund is £82,472. 
Mr. A. F. Ames, M.Inst. Gas E., engineer and manager. 

The ELECTRICITY WORKS, Aqueduct Street, commenced supply 
on August 22nd, 1893. The station, as first equipped, was of 180 kW's., 
capacity ; the present capacity of generating plant is 8,000 kW's. The 
supply area comprises the County Borough of Burnley, parish of Reed- 
ley Hallows, and townships of Brierclifie and Cliviger. The voltages 
of supply are alternating current at a periodicity of 50 cycles per 
second ; large power consumers : 3 phase supply, 6,600 volts ; general 
power supply 400 and 230 volts ; general lighting supply, 230 volts. 
The direct current for power is 440 and 220 volts, lighting 220 volts. 
The electricity department is at present engaged in changing over 
certain sections from direct to alternating current, for which purpose 
46 static sub-stations, having a total capacity of 8,485 K.V.A., have 
been equipped and brought into operation in the area of supply. In 
June, 1928, commodious showrooms were opened at 79 St. James' 
Street. The Corporation has powers to sell outright, or to let out on 
hire or hire purchase, all classes of electrical appliances, and has 
assisted wiring schemes. The charges per unit of electricity are for 
lighting purposes, 4Jd., heating, cooking and domestic appliances Id. 
to Id., and for power for industrial purposes l|d. to f-d. A special 
"All-in " or rateable value tariff is in operation (for private houses 
only), based on Jd. per unit plus a percentage annual fixed charge on 
the rateable value of the house. A further scheme enables private 
householders on the alternating current system of supply to pay all 
charges in connection with the domestic use of electricity through slot 
meter, including a fixed charge on the "All-in " tariff, unit charge of 
id, per unit for electricity consumed, instalments for house wiring, and 
hire or hire-purchase of electrical appliances. For lock-up shops only 
a two-part tariff scheme is in operation ; a fixed charge of £10 per 
kilowatt per annum measured on lighting only, up to 25 k.W's and £8 
per kW per annum over 25 kW's, plus 0.6d. per unit for all electricity 
consumed for any purpose. Electricity used for lighting between 
8 p.m. and sunrise the following day will be charged 2d. per unit, where 
a time switch is fixed. Free advice on all questions relating to 
electricity supply may be had at the electricit showrooms. The 
following figures show the growth of output of the station, the units 
sold in 1893-4 were 31,829, and in 1935-36 the general supply was 
17,703,252. The total capital expenditure up to March 31st, 1936, was 
£779,335, and the total amount borrowed on capital account was 
£610,083. The amount paid off by sinking fund and sale of plant was 
£284,115, leaving on mortgage loan a sum of £325,968. The balance 
of reserve and depreciation fund is £90,233. Mr. J. E. Starkic, 
A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I.Mech.E., borough electrical engineer. 

The REFUSE DESTRUCTOR WORKS, Aqueduct Street, were 
erected in January, 1897, and the Sanitary Offices, St. James' Street, 
were opened in March, 1909. The Cleansing department was inaugur- 
ated on April 6th, 1908, the work of which was previously controlled 
by the Health Committee. There arc two bottom feed Meldrum 
destructors at the depot, and working in conjunction with the 
destructors is a Heenan & Froude screening plant, capable of dealing 
with three quarters of the town's refuse. The Transport Section 


was inaugrated on January ist, 1931, to control the whole of the 
Corporation's motor vehicles (excepting omnibuses, police, ambulance 
and fire brigade vehicles), such control to include garaging, repairs and 
all allocations of use by the various departments. "The number of 
vehicles in use for the year ending April, 1936, was 51. The depart- 
ment empties or cleanses 47 ashpits, 29,344 dust bins are emptied, and 
36 public urinals cleansed weekly. All the streets in the borough arc 
swept twice each week, the principal streets being swept daily. The 
Corporation have sewage disposal works at Duckpits and at Altham, 
the former works treating the sewage for about 80,000 of the population, 
the latter the remainder. The sewage is treated in septic tanks and 
bacteria beds. The total area of land at Duckpits and Wood End is 
about 63 acres, and that of the Altham works 15 acres. W. Derbyshire, 

PUBLIC LIBRARY. The Public Library is centrally situated in 
Grimshaw Street, and is generally regarded as one of the best equipped 
libraries in the country. It was opened on July 3rd, 1930, by the Right 
Hon. the Earl of Elgin and Kincardine, C.M.G. The total cost of the 
building and furniture (excluding books) was £37,500, and towards this 
sum the Carnegie United Kingdom Trust made a grant of £16,500. 
The building is of steel frame construction, the external walls being 
faced on all four sides with ashlar, the stone being from the Stancliffc 
quarries, Darley Dale. A bold and simple design has been adopted 
and features have been made of the portico to the mam entrance, the 
main front of the building being set back 52 feet to provide a spacious 
forecourt with ornamental garden. The building is of two storeys in 

height about the ground floor, excepting the lending library, which is 
one storey. A basement has been provided under the whole of the 
building. On the ground floor there is an entrance hall 17 feet by 16 
feet 6 inches, with access by a revolving door, a large lending library 
58 feet by an average width of 44 feet ; a newsroom 46 feet 6 inches by 
27 feet ; a ladies' magazine room, 27 feet by 23 feet 3 inches ; a general 
magazine room, 46 feet by 29 feet ; a music library, 22 feet 9 inches by 
27 feet ; the librarian's office, staff and workrooms and lavatory 
accommodation. A feature has been made of the lending library which 
is well lighted from leaded lights in the ceiling and has an area of 2,550 
square feet without pillars or columns and is designed for use with the 
open access system. On the first floor there is a reference .library 
70 feet by 27 feet ; a children's library and reading room 70 feet by 
27 feet with separate staircases, the reference room being adaptable for 
use as a lecture room. In the basement there is one large storing 
room having a total area of 6,930 square feet. The panelling, furniture 
and fittings on the ground floor are of mahogany and on the first floor 
of oak. The buildings are heated on the low pressure hot-water system 
by pipes and radiators and special attention has been given to the 
ventilation of the buildings, natural means of extraction being aug- 
mented by an electric fan. The buildings arc lighted by electricity 
from the Corporation supply, and a Sturtevant vacuum cleaning plant 
for receiving dust, etc., has been installed. Fire and sound-resisting 
materials have been used wherever practicable throughout. In 
addition to the central library, two well equipped branch libraries are 
provided for the north and south-west districts of the borough. These 
libraries are designated the Colne Road branch, situate near Duke Bar 



in Colne Roacl, and the Marshall branch, situate near the western 
end of Trafalgar Street. The Marshall branch library (opened 1914) 
was the first public library in Burnley and the building was given to the 
Corporation for this purpose by the late ex-Councillor William Marshall. 
The Colne Road branch library was erected by the Corporation and 
opened to the public in 1924. Branch distributing stations have been 
established for outlying districts on shop premises, at 323 Manchester 
Road (Rosehill post office), 56 Lowerhouse Lane, Rosegrove ; 109 Ox- 
ford Road, 147 Cog Lane and 200 Briercliffe Road. Special features of 
the library service include an extensive and separate music library ; a 
system of circulating books periodically for use of scholars in all 
elementary schools; books for the blind; discussion classes on wireless 
talks. 18,233 persons are registered as actual borrowers using the 
libraries; the total number of volumes available is 58,703; the 
approximate circulation of books from all libraries is 950,000 volumes 
per annum. W. Bramley Coupland, F.L.A., chief librarian. 

Powers to construct a tramways were first obtained in 1879 
and commenced running in 1881, steam being the power used. 
OMNIBUSES were authorised within the Borough under the Burnley 
Corporation Acts of 1908 and 1921, and in 1925 further omnibus 
powers were granted, viz., to run omnibuses outside the Borough within 
a radius of 34 miles from the Burnley Town Hall. An experimental 
service of motor omnibuses came into operation oil March 17th, 1924, 
between Abel Street and the Cattle Market. A joint committee to 
operate the passenger transport undertakings of Burnley, Colne and 
Nelson— consisting of 4 members from Burnley, 2 from Colne and 2 
from Nelson—took over the complete control of the passenger trans- 
port undertakings of the respective Corporations as from the 1st April, 
1933. Omnibuses were substituted for tramcars on the Nelson 
Centre-Higherford ; Nelson Centre-Heifer Lane and Colne routes, on 
the 7th January, 1934,. and on the Burnley Manchester Road-Towneley 
and Brunshaw routes on the 14th October, 1934. In connection with 
the Brunshaw route the service has been extended to Worsthorne in 
co-ordination with Ribble Motor Services Limited. On May 7th, 1935, 
the last tram ran between Nelson and Padiham and from that time the 
undertaking has been operated wholly by 'buses. The joint committee 
have entered into co-ordination with Ribble Motor Services Limited 
on the Burnley- Worsthorne-Holme Chapel route ; the Colne-Skipton ; 
Earby-Barnoldswick ; the Burnley-Whalley-Clithcroe ; and the 
Burnley-Blackburn routes ; and with the West Yorkshire Roacl Car 

Company Limited on the Colnc-Keighlcy service. The total length of 
route is 80.3 miles. 

TOWNELEY HALL and PARK occupy a site at the south end of 
lodmorden Road. The hall and sixty-two acres of adjoining land 
were purchased, by the Burnley Corporation on November 6th, 1901, 
for £17,000. The land was opened as a public park on June 28th, 1902. 
Townelcy Hall is memorable for an antiquity dating back for many 
centuries and also for the long line of men distinguished in the arts 
of peace and war, who were born, and who lived here. The hall is now 
occupied and is in use as an art gallery and museum which is an added 
pleasure to the ratepayers of Burnley and an attraction to visitors in 
the town, f The first exhibition was held on May 20th, 1930, and was 
opened by the Earl of Rosebery, K.G., K.T. A" war memorial erected 


in the park was unveiled on December 12th, 1926, by the Right Hon. 
the Earl of Derby, KM. t P.C., G.C.R., G.C.V.O. In July, 1931; playing 
fields, a golf course, bowling greens and tennis courts were added ; the 
total acreage is 183. 

QUEEN'S PARK, the land for which was given by Sir J. H. 
Thursby, Bart., is situated at the Ridge, on the westerly side of the 
town and is 28 acres in extent. There are carriagevroads, 42 feet wide 
all around the outside of the park, which is triangular in shape. Gym- 
nasia, bowling greens, tennis courts and putting greens are pro- 
vided ; and the remainder of the area is laid out in ornamental walks, 
terraces, etc. 

SCOTT PARK is situated on the southerly side of the town, ad- 
joining Scott Park Road, on what is known as the Hood House Estate, 
and has an area of 18 acres, with bowling green\ tennis courts, etc. The 
town is indebted for this park to the generosity of the late Alderman 
Scott, who left a sum of money to be expended on behalf of the people 
of Burnley. 

IGHTENHILL PARK, Park Lane, is 12 acres in extent, with 
bowling green, tennis courts, etc. Lord Shuttleworth having given 
6 acres. 

THOMPSON PARK, situated in Ormerod Road with an entrance in 
Colne Road, has an area of 24 acres. The cost of this park was defrayed 
out of monies bequeathed to the Corporation by the late James Witham 
Thompson, Esq., and was opened to the public on the 16th July, 1936. 
The principal feature of the park is the boating lake, about 3 acres in; 

extent, set in picturesque surroundings, and is provided with motor 
boats, rowing skiffs, canoes and children's paddle boats for the public. 
The park also contains a children's paddling pool and playground with 
swings, 50 feet slide chute, ocean wave and other modern equipment, 
cafe and rock garden terraces, large conservatory, an Italian garden and 
a rose garden with border of giant dahlias. The park is intersected by 
the river Brun and four ornamental bridges have been erected to cross 
the river and lake. 

THORNBER GARDENS (3 acres in extent) adjoining the Victoria 
Hospital in Queen Victoria Road were presented to the Corporation 
in 1897 by the then Mayor, Alderman Caleb Thornber, J. P., in com- 
memoration of Queen Victoria's diamond jubilee. They were opened 
to the public on 15th June, 1900. 

THURSBY GARDENS, Colne Road (2f acres in extent) were 
opened in 1910, the land being given by Sir J. O. S. Thursby, Bart., J. P. 

In addition to the parks and gardens before referred to there are 
several recreation and pleasure grounds provided in various parts of 
the borough, including bowling greens, tennis courts and putting greens 
and laid out in a manner suitable to the districts in which they are 
situated ; altogether the town is well provided with open spaces for 
recreative purposes. ' . - 

The CEMETERY, near Rosegrove, about 2 miles S.W. from the 
town, was opened on the 1st June, 1856. The area is 54 acres, and 
there are three mortuary chapels. The number of interments up to and 
including June 30th, 1936, was 108,111. A. H. Baker, A.C.C.S., 


The AQUEDUCT, Yorkshire Street, originally constructed in 1797, 
was reconstructed in 1926 from designs by the borough engineer, Mr. 
Arthur Race. 

The MARKET is held on Mondays and Saturdays, in each week, and 
every day in the Market Hall — a large and convenient building opened 
to the public on the 1st January, 1870, the foundation stone having 
been laid by Alderman Robinson, October 25th, 1866. The Corpora- 
tion erected in 1897 public abattoirs and a pig market in Royle Road. 
A miscellaneous market, known as the cattle market, is held on ground 
situate in Parker Lane every Monday, and is also used as a 'bus station. 
Cold air stores and ice making plant are provided on land adjoining 
the public abattoirs in Royle Road, opened on 21st March, 1901. 

The POST OFFICE is situated in Hargreaves Street, and was opened 
early in 1905. It is a good building of terra cotta and Huncoat brick, 
with granite base. The ground floor contains general office, post- 
master's room and sorting rooms, and on the first floor are instrument 
room and telegraph department ; second floor, staff retiring room, etc., 
and third engineer's office, etc. 

A COURT OF QUARTER SESSIONS for the borough was estab- 
lished by letters patent, dated 1st June, 1893. Recorder, N. J. Laski, 
Esq., K.C. ; Clerk of the Peace, H. Plowman, Esq. ; Coroner, Harry 
Ogden, Esq. 

A COURT for the borough is held at the town hall daily for the 
hearing of summonses and trial of prisoners, and sessions ax*e held every 
Wednesday- Mr. W. J. C. Perkins, clerk to magistrates. 

The BOROUGH Bench of MAGISTRATES was constituted in 
1872 and is composed of the following : — The Mayor (Geo. Parkinson), 
G. S. Pullon, J. H. Heap, J. M. Ferguson, F. Thomas, W. H. D. Flack, 
S. Thornber, R. Aspinall, R. Hargreaves, J. Hindle, J. A. Sampson, 
J. Thornber, J. W. Gradwell, J. A. Heaton, R. Landless, J. Leeming, 
J. Stuttard, R. S. Bardsley, R. Broadley, T. Brown, W. W. Fowler, 
G. Hale, R. B. Watson, J. Whewell, T. Whittaker, W. P. Brotherton, 
J. Proctor, Mrs. M. Kay and Mrs. H. A. Ogden. Recorder, N. J. Laski, 
Esq. ; Clerk, Mr. W. J. C. Perkins, Town Hall. 

The PUBLIC ASSISTANCE AUTHORITY was established under 
the Local Government Act, 1929, operating from April 1st, 1930. The 
Act provided for the abolition of the boards of guardians and trans- 
ferred their powers, duties, properties and liabilities to councils of 
counties and county boroughs. Members of the Burnley county 
borough committee are G. Parkinson, J. A. Sampson, W. Sutcliffe, 
R. Broadlev, W. Buchanan, J. Lynch, H. R. Nuttall, Mrs. M. Brown, 
Mrs. A. Battle, Miss Gillespie, J. H. Brotherton, J. T. Clegg, G. Dux- 
bury, A. Green, J. H. Heap, W. Heys, J. Howarth, J. Nicholis, II. 
Nutter, H. V. Oakes, H. Preston, T. P. Taylor and L, Thompson. 

The PRIMROSE BANK INSTITUTION, Briercliffe Road, is a large 
handsome building occupying a pleasant situation about a mile and a 
quarter from the town, and standing on a site of about 20 acres of land. 
The foundation stone was laid in 1873, and the house was opened for the 
reception of inmates in March, 1876, the cost of its erection being 
about £20,000. All the rooms in the building are lofty and well 
ventilated. The old infirmary, which is a short distance from the main 


building, is now known as the Municipal General Hospital. Two 
cottage homes are provided for the in and out children. The nuinber 
oi inmates is about goo, and the total accommodation is for about 1,129. 
Mental wards were erected to accommodate 150 inmates, and two 
pavilions were added increasing the accommodation of the institution 
for about 200 additional inmates. Total cost about £100,000. Two 
houses were purchased outside the institution and suitably furnished 
as homes for working boys and girls ; accommodation for ten bovs and 
twelve girls. The boys' home is situated in Hind Street, and the girls' 
home at Shuttleworth house, Queensgate, Colnc Road. The institution 
is controlled by the county borough of BurnJey, the Lancashire county 
having a right to send persons from the county area to the institution 
by agreement. 

MUNICIPAL GENERAL HOSPITAL, Casterton Road, formerly 
known as the Primrose Bank Infirmary, was erected in 1895, and was 
administered by the guardians of the Burnley union and later by the 
public assistance committee. On April 1st, 1933, the hospital was 
appropriated under the Public Health Acts Amendment Act, 1907, and 
came under the control of the public health sub-committee from that 
date. It has accommodation for 109 medical patients, 99 surgical, 
52 children, 14 maternity and 15 for isolation cases ; total number of 
beds, 289, There is an X-ray department and electro-therapeutic 
department on the ground floor of the main block. The operating 
theatre, sterilizing room and dispensary are on the main ground floor 
corridor. The nurses' home, which was erected in 1910 and extended 
in 1923, has accommodation for 80 nurses and maids. Consultant 
Surgeons, A. Callam, M.D., F.R.CS.E., J. II. Watson, M.B., B.S., 
F.R.C.S. ; Ear, Nose and Throat Surgeon, T. Snowball, M.A., MJB, 
Ch.B. ; Physician, J. Gibson, M.A., M.D., D.P.H. ■ Radiologist, J.' 
Grieve, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., D.M/R.E. ; Anesthetists, J. Haworth, M.B., 
Ch.B., A. M. Donaldson, M.B., Ch.B., L>. Skinner, M.B., Ch.B. ; Dental 
Surgeon, T. Jackson, L.D.S. The Medical Superintendent is D. C. 
Lamont, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., the Medical Officer of Health ; Resident 
Surgical Officer, A. Duff, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. ; Junior Resident Medical 

The GUARDIANS COMMITTEE (No. 6 area) was appointed under 
the Local Government Act of 1929 by the Lancashire county council 
to administer their functions in the area which comprises the boroughs 
of Nelson and Colne, urban districts of Barrowford, Brierfield, Padihain 
and Trawden, and the rural district of Burnley, subject to the control 
of the county council. Mr. H. E. Purton, clerk. 

Nicholas Street, Burnley. The following townships comprise the 
rural district of Burnley ;— Altham, Barley, Blacko, BrierclirTe, Cliviger, 
Dunnockshaw, Foulridge, Habergham Eaves, Hapton, Higham, 
Ightenhill, Northtown, Old Laund Booth, Read, Rccdlcy Hallows, 
Roughlee Booth, Sabden, Simonstone, Worsthorne-with-Hurstwood ; 
are 40,711 acres; rateable value £108,964 ; population 17,421 (1935). 
The council consists of 19 members who are elected triennially, the next 

xxii burkleY 

election being in 1937. Rev. H. H. Whittakcr, J. P. (chairman) ; W. 
Hartley, Esq. (vice-chairman) ; H. E. Pur ton, Esq., Clerk ; F. Hewitt, 
Esq., Surveyor ; Dr. H. J. Robinson, Medical Officer of Health. 

The COUNTY POLICE STATION and Court House in Colne 
Road, Reedley, is a good brick building, fronted with Yorkshire par- 
points and Derbyshire stone facings. It comprises court (42 feet by 
23 feet), superintendent's, inspector's and police constables' quarters, 
magistrates' and solicitors' retiring rooms, etc. The cost of the build- 
ing, which was completed in 1905, was £11,000. Messrs. E. & W. 
Parker, of Burnley and Brierfield, contractors. 

COUNTY MAGISTRATES.— A. Leaver, W. 1\ Simpson, Robert 
Hindle, H. Proctor, E. G. Howsin, R. Burton, Wilfred Hargreaves, 
W. \V. Helm, Major Hargreaves, Rd. Landless, H. Noble, F. A. Har- 
greaves, H. Buckley, J. T. Pilling, Jas. Hindle, James Stuttard, Fredk. 
Crossley, Lady Alice Reynticns, Hon. Rachael Kay Shuttleworth, Mrs. 
E. M. Thornber, Mrs. R. Place, Mrs. E. Poppleton, Mrs. M. Hargreaves 
Mrs. Ethel M. R. Collinge and W. Burrows. Mr. Guy Southern, clerk. 

The COUNTY COURT offices, Bankhouse Street, were built in 1908, 
at a cost of about £8,000. His Honour Judge Burgis, judge. Capt. 
Pcrcival M. C. Hayman, registrar. The supervisor of Inland Revenue 
and Surveyor of Taxes have offices here, entrance, Curzon Street. 

The Burnley District SANATORIUM, Marsden Road, Burnley, 
has been provided by the Burnley Joint Hospital Board for the treat- 
ment of infectious cases from the district, comprising the county 
borough of Burnley, the districts of the Burnley rural district council 
and of the Padiham and Brieriield urban district councils. The 
hospital consists of three fever pavilions of 33 beds each, an isolation 
block of 16 beds, and an administration block. There are altogether 
120 beds for patients. The Medical Superintendent is D. C. Lamont, 
M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. (Medical Officer of Health), the Resident Medical 
Officer, M. C. R. Grahame, M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., D.T.M. ; Consulting 
Surgeon, A. Callam, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. ; Consulting Ear, Nose and 
' Throat Surgeon, Thomas Snowball, M.A., M.D., D.P.H. The nursing 
staff consists of Matron (Miss A. P. Girling), three sisters, four staff 
nurses, four assistant nurses and nine probationer nurses. 

Bank Hall was purchased by the Burnley Corporation and adapted 
hospital consists of wards for maternity and ante-natal cases, one ward 
for sick or ailing children under five years of age, and a clinic for 
expectant mothers and children. There are 17 maternity beds, 4 
ante-natal beds and 24 children's beds. There is also an ultra-violet 
light clinic to which debilitated and rickety children are sent for 
treatment. The Medical Superintendent is D. C. Lamont, M.B., Ch.B., 
D.P.H., the Medical Officer of Health ; Resident Medical Officer, M. S. 
L. Cash, M.D. ; Consulting Obstetrician, A. Callam, M.D., F.R.C.S.E. ; 
Aneesthelist, A. C. Glashan, M.B., Ch.B. The nursing staff consists of 
a matron and three sisters, three staff nurses, twelve pupil midwives 
and six probationery nurses ; Miss M. C. Walker, matron . 

The VICTORIA HOSPITAL, Salus Street and Thursby Road, is 
one of the most useful and up-to-date institutions in the town. It was 
opened by the late Prince Albert Victor on the 13th October, 1S86, and 


S!?w y n-H c {l j£? , C f ebr ^ ed i ts §V lde » Jubilee. The buildings comprise 
six wards complete with administrative and special departments the 

erk n, H ^? l T- (chlld, ' en f . wu $ wMct l ""» accommodation lor 25 

S>, ™ " i g , ^ P f" eC l in r89x ' whilst the Smittleworth ward 
which provides 12 beds for the treatment of cancer patients by means 

of radium, was opened in December, 1934. The surgica 5rcs rl 

circular m plan, having an internal diameter of 60 feet, tid can accom- 

SSSS 3 *1 PaUe , n > S f£ • T ^ C0St 0f the ori ^ 1 bl 'Mings was St 
£18,000, the architects being Messrs. W. Waddington & Sons Bur lev 

Wini^'-rT 1 . cont " butore ^ th « ""ginai fund were the ate KeT 
William 1 hursby who gave £1,000 and two acres of land for the site 
he ate John Butterworth, Esq., £"1,500 ; the late Miss Barnes, ? 000 ' 
he late Abram Altham Esq., £500, like sums from Lord Shut leworth' 
Messrs Tunst.Il Bros., Messrs B. Thornber & Sons, Messrs. Will am 
Ecroyd & Sons, Colonel Dugdale, and Sir Thomas Brooks, Bart the 
working classes of the town and district contributing £4,500. During 
the diamond jubilee year of z8 97 the sum of £5,000 was raised by pic 
subscriptions towards the endowment fund (which has now reached a 
total of over #7,000), and the Mayor, Alderman Caleb Thornber at 
the same tune presented to the town three acres of ground immediately 
fronting the hospital, thus securing for the benefit of patiems , tl e 
institution an open space for ever. This land is now known as the 

Mr TvSf r SS BM ' T/ f 1 °P erati »S theatre, the gift of the late 

Mr John Witham, was added. In 1920 a massage and electro- 
therapeutic department was opened for treatment of disabled ex-ser- 
vice men. A medical block was added in 1923, comprising two wards 
and side-wards, accommodatmg 33 patients. In 1925 two new 
operating theatre^ the Caleb Thornber Operating Theatre," and the 
John Witham Operating Theatre," were opened. This block was 
erected and equipped out of a fund representing a generous bequest of 
£5,000 by the ate Mr. Caleb Thornber, J.P., and a generous donation 
of £2,000 by Mr. William Witham, J.P. In 1930-31 large extensions 
were made to the hospital. The buildings erected compose f Sm 
clinic for the treatment of patients suffering from cancer ; a large out- 
patient department, comprising waiting-hall, consulting and examina- 
tion rooms, eye-testing room and dark room, dispensary, casualty 
department with operating theatre, sterilizing and anesthetic rooms 
recovery room and surgical dressings room . These are accommodated 
on the ground floor. The first floor of the building is devoted to bio- 
chemistry and electro-therapeutics, and houses a bio-chemical lab- 
oratory equipped in the most modern manner, an electrical department 
where the various types of electrical treatment are given a " sunlight " 
room where artificial sunlight treatment is administered, and a remedial 
exercises department. The building formerly used as an out-patients' 
department has been adapted to form a department of radiology with 
radiographic room, radioscopic room, superficial and deep theraphy 
room, and photographic process room. Many gifts were received 
towards the cost of this department, among them being a gift of A o 
by the late Major James Thornber to equip the therapy room, and one 
of £350 by Mr. Oswald Tillotson to cover the cost of the photographic 
process room, which has been named "The J. Oswald Tfflotson 
Radiographic Photographic Process Room." The total number of 
beds m the hospital is 150. 


The trustees are Edmund Halstead, Esq., J.P., F. A. Hargreaves, 
Esq., J.P., W. H. Hartley, Esq., Herbert Noble, Esq., J.P., Guy 
Southern, Esq., and Fred Thomber, Esq. The late Sir John O. S. 
Thursby, Bart., J. P., was president of the hospital from 1889 until his 
death in 1921, and was succeeded by the Right Honourable Lord 
Shuttlcworth, the present president. Vice-Presidents, Edmund Hal- 
stead, Esq., J. P. F. A. Hargreaves, Esq., J. P. ; Chairman of the Board 
of Management, Robinson Place, Esq., J. P. ; Vice-Chairman, John W. 
Driver, Esq., J.P. ; Honorary Treasurer, Percy Oldman, Esq. ; Hon- 
orary Secretary, Guy Southern, Esq. ; Honorary Consulting Medical 
Officers, R. Crawshaw Holt, M.D. (Dm\), M.R.CP. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. 
(Edin.) ; G. S. Pullon, M.D., CM. (Kdin.) ; T. G. Crump, B.A. M.B., 
B.C. (Cantab.), M.R.C.S. (Eng.), L.R.C.P. (Lond.) ; A. Macgregor Sin- 
clair, O.B.E., M.B., CM. (Edin.) ; Honorary Physicians, Henrv Dean 
Haworth, M.D., Ch.B. (Vic), D.P.H. (Mancli.) ; John Gibson, M.C., 
M.A., M.D., Ch.B., D.P.H. (Vict.) ; Honorary Surgeons, John H. Wat- 
son, M.B., B.S. (Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Eng.) ; Alexander Callam, D.S.O., 
T.D., M.D., Ch.B. (Abdn.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.); John Alexander 
Mackenzie, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Ch.M. (Abdn.) ; Honorary Assistant 
Surgeons, Anthonv John McCrcaclie, M.C, M.B., Ch.B. (Abdn.), 
F.R.CS. (Edin.) ; Ronald 0. Davidson, M.B., Ch.B., F.R.C.S. (Edin.) ; 
Honorary Ophthalmic andAural Surgeon, Thomas Snowball, M.A., M.B., 
Ch.B. (Abcln.) ; Honorary Assistant Ophthalmic and Aural Surgeon, 
James King Steel Smith, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.), D.O.M.S. ; Honorary 
Medical Officers in charge of Massage and Electro Therapeutic Depart- 
ment, John Alexander Mackenzie, M.A., M.B., Ch.B., Ch.M. (Abdn.' 
Anthony John McCreadie, M.C, M.B., Ch.B. (Abdn.), F.R.C.S. (Edin.'; 
Honorary Radiologist and Medical Officer in charge of the X-ray and 
Ultra-Violet Light Departments, James Grieve, M.A., M.B., Ch.B. 
(Abdn.), Dipl. P. Psych. (Edin.), D.M.R.E. (Cambridge); Clinical 
Assistant in the X-ray Department, James Courtney, L.R.C.P., L.R.CS. 
(Edin.), L.R.F.P.S. (Glas.) ; Honorary Anesthetists, James Haworth, 
M.B., Ch.B. (Edin.), David^ Skinner, M.B., Ch.B. (Abdn.), James 
Cunningham, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.) ; Honorary Assistant Anesthetists, 
Hitchon Chadwick, M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.), Albert George Child, ."VLB., 
B.S. (Sydney), Essie Stuart Dunn, B.A., M.B., B.Ch. (Trinity College, 
Dublin), David Alison Ker, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.) ; Honorary Pathologist, 
Arthur Henry Priestley, M.B., Ch.B. (Vict.) ; Honorary Consulting 
Dental Surgeon, Thomas Jackson, L.D.S., R.C.S. (Edin.) ; Honorary 
Dental Surgeon, John Baldwin Jackson, L.D.S. (Vict.) ; Director of 
Radium Clinic, John H. Watson, F.R.C.S. (Eng.) ; Radium Officer, 
R. O. Davidson, F.R.C.S. (Edin.) ; Registrar, Dr. R. Jackson ; Physicist 
and Bio-Chemist, Hubert Lawrie, B.Sc. ; Miss M. Little, Matron ; 
Mr. J. E. Wheatcroft, Secretary. 

The PARISH CHURCH (St. Peter's) is a large venerable fabric, 
dating from about the year 1120. It was granted in the reign of Henry 
I to the priory of Pontefract, but subsequently reverted to Stanlawe 
Abbey. The church was rebuilt in 1533, and restored in 1789, and 
again in 1854. It comprises a spacious nave, chancel, north and south 
aisles, baptistry, and a handsome tower which contains a peal of eight 
bells. The chancel window is filled with beautifully stained glass, in 
memory of Archdeacon Master, M.A., a late rector. The chancel 
itself was rebuilt in 1873, in memory of the late General Yorke-Scarlett, 


and a porch was added in 1889. In 1904 several important improve- 
ments were effected at a cost of about -£5,000. These comprise the 
erection of a new clergy vestry, the removal of one of the three galleries, 
the installation of the electric light, and the erection of a new baptistry, 
as a memorial to the late Canon Parker, rector of the parish for 46 
years, and whose death took place in 1902. In November, 1920, a 
large and beautiful stone cross was erected in the churchyard to the 
memory of the men of the parish who fell in the Great War, 1914-1918. 
The interior of the church was later improved by the erection of a 
memorial chapel in that portion of the church known as the Towneley 
Chapel, the names of the men being perpetuated upon a tablet placed 
there. The Towneley chapel contains several ancient tablets and 
monuments, amongst which is one to Charles Towneley, founder of 
the " Towneley collection " in the British Museum. The number of 
sittings is 1,550, most of which are free. The benefice is a rectory, of 
the annual value of £2,000. Under the Burnley Rectory Act of 1890, 
promoted by the then rector and patron of the living, Rev. Canon 
Arthur Townley Parker, M.A., it was provided that on his death or 
resignation of the incumbency, the advowson of the living should be 
given up to the ecclesiastical commissioners in order that Burnley 
should be made a suffragan bishopric, and that provision should be 
made for new churches, etc., in the parochial chapelry of Burnley. On 
the resignation of Canon Townley Parker in 1901, this Act came into 
operation, and the Right Rev. Edwyn Hoskyns, D.I)., was appointed 
rector, and consecrated bishop suffragan of Burnley at York on October 
iSth, 1901. He occupied this position until December, 1904, when he 
was appointed to the bishopric of Southwell, and was succeeded by the 
Right Rev. Alfred Pearson, and to whose memory a mural monument 
was erected in the chancel in 1910. The third rector was the Right 
Rev. Bishop Henry Henn, D.D. ; he died in 1931. The present rector 
is the Right Rev. Edgar Priestley Swain, who was consecrated bishop 
of Burnley on November 30th, 1931, and instituted to the rectory in 
January, 1932. 

ALL SAINTS' CHURCH, Habcrgham, is in the early English style, 
and was erected in 1849, and rebuilt in 1868. It contains 650 sittings, 
all of which are free. In 1921 a memorial cross was erected outside 
the church, it is of Aberdeen granite. A brass plate was placed inside 
the church containing 215 names of the men who fell in the Great 
War, total cost about £550. The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual 
value of £350 and a good vicarage house, in the patronage of the 
bishop of Blackburn, and held by the Rev. Charles Gamble, B.A., B.Sc. 
A mission church at Roscgrove in connection with this parish, lias been 
built on a site given for the purpose by Arthur Dugclale, Esq., of 
Burnley. Service is also held in Healey Wood Mission Church, 
which will seat 350, and in St. Peter's Parish Church School, which 
will seat 200. 

HOLY TRINITY CHURCH, Accrington Road, is a substantial 
stone edifice, erected in 1835-6. In 1873, a chancel was added, the 
church reseated and decorated, and a stained-glass window put in to 
the memory of the late Mr. and Mrs. Dugdale, of Ivy Bank. The cost 
of the improvements amounted to upwards of £2,000. An organ was 
presented in 1886 by John Collinge, Esq., and his sister, as a memorial 
to their mother. It was built bv Bryson, of London, at a cost of about 



£800. The church consists of nave, north and south aisles, chancel and 
vestry. The tower is 80 feet high, and in 1889 a peal of eight bells was 
placed here, the cost being £600. In 1 906 various improvements were 
made, including a new heating apparatus and chamber, painting and 
decorating, installation of electric light, complete repair of fabric! at a 
cost ot £1,100, contributed by the parishioners and members of the 
congregation. There are 1,090 sittings, of which 600 are free. The 
benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £500, in the patronage of 
Hulme s trustees, and held by the Rev. B. E. Hughes M \ B D 
St. Aidak's Mission Room in connection with this parish is situate 
in Canal Street, for the Meadows district, and St. Oswald's Mission 
Room, funnel Street, for the Whittlefield district, and are under the 
pastoral care of the clergy of Holy Trinity. Population of the parish 
I 5."44- 

ST JAMES' CHURCH, Bethesda Street, is of the Tudor style of 
architecture, and was consecrated in 1849. It is internally very 
pleasing. A tower and spire were added in 1869, at a cost of £1,000 
and m 1890 vestries and organ chamber were added, stained glass 
windows were put in, new pews were erected, the churchyard laid out" 
and the church restored generally, at a cost of over £2,600. Sub- 
sequently, a further sum of £700 was expended, making the entire cost 
ol the church and liftings over £9,000. In 1916 a three manual organ 
was erected by Conacher & Co., of Huddersfield, at a cost of £800 
The magnificent east window, by Shrigley & Hunt, is a " Te Deum " 
window in memory of Mr. and Mrs. Metcalfe ; the window on the south 
side of the chancel, by Jones & Willis, is a memorial to Mrs. Winfield 
wife of the vicar, and represents a " Women's Work for Christ and His 
Uiurch ; and one at the east end of the south aisle also by Shriglev 
& Hunt representing " The Call of St. James," is in memory of Mr 
VV . Lowell (for many years sidesman and churchwarden), and of Matilda 
111s wite lhere is also a marble monument to the memory of the late 
vicar the Rev. Hugh Stamer. A reredos, which cost £120, was 
.inverted on March 26th, 1904, and is in memory of the late Queen 

Kw* a ]• ° f ?r' nchly ill,,min ited, the designs being by Messrs. 
Paley & Austin, of Lancaster. The brass cross on the retablc was 
given by the choir in memory of Mr. Henrv Dent, A.R.C.O., organist 
and choirmaster, who was drowned by the torpedoing of the AW 
Edward in 1915 A carved oak tablet or shrine, which stands near the 
pulpit, was erected as a war memorial to St. James' members who fell 

It U.U« C ChurCh COnt , ains 56 5 sitti "g s > of w "ich 465 
are free. The benefice is a yiearage , of the annual value of £300, in the 

patronage of the bishop of Blackburn, and now held by the Rev. 
K' Freeman. The population of the parish in 1922 was 7,708. 
T he schools adjoin the church, and contain accommodation for 652 

k5L PA i U , L ' S / :H F-? CH ' Saunder Bank - ^ a neat edifice in the 

^wfi 6 of 1 arch,tec , tur 1 e ' erected in l8 53, at a cost of £2,500. fa 

SSL In CCl y a f rebl,llt ' and a new P^pit, organ chamber, and 
three galleries erected, at a cost, including decoration!, of about £2,300. 

S ll 9 ° a A a l rVe 1 doak . reredos - with n^ble centre, was erected to the 

been ZrL ? t **""' ***'?% Elt ° n ' MA " A new altar has also 
been erected to the memory of Mr. W. Clayton, a benefactor of the 


church. It contains 759 sittings, of which all are free. The benefice 
is a vicarage of the annual value of over £391, and a good vicarage 
house, in the patronage of the bishop of Blackburn, and held by the 
Rev. Gilbert Greatorex. The population of the parish is 6,000. 

ST. ANDREW'S. CHURCH, Colne Road, was erected in 1867, at 

a cost of £5,000, mainly through the efforts of the late Canon Townley- 
Parker, whose father gave the site. It is in the early English style, 
with nave, aisles and spire. It seats 558 persons. In 1899 extensive 
alterations were completed at a total cost of £3,000. These included 
the enlargement of the chancel, the erection of new vestries, the in- 
sertion of a new heating apparatus, the laying of a new black pavement 
with tiled passages, new choir stalls, pulpit, etc. A beautiful altar 
piece, by Kempe, was at the same time presented to the church. It is 
of carved wood, richly gilt, the figures being the work of the skilled 
peasants of Ober Ammergau. The windows of the new apse are of 
stained glass, and were presented by Sir J. 0. S. Thursby, who also 
gave the altar piece. The large west window is in memory of the Rev. 
II. IT. Robinson, and Margaret, his wife, who for 27 years occupied 
the vicarage of St. Andrew. Another window is in memory of John 
and Jane Massey, well known to Burnley residents. A further window 
memorializes the five deceased children of Mr. James Hargreaves, of 
1 1 easandford. Another beautifully stained-glass window was inserted 
in 1904, in memory of the late Mr. R. Handsley, J. P., for 30 years 
warden of the church. They are all the work of Mr. C. E. Kempe. 
The new pulpit is the gift of the late Mr. Robert Handsley. A brass 
eagle lectern was the gift of the late Sir John Thursby. In 1911 a new 
morning chapel was added at a cost of £300, a chancel screen and a 
pair of gates. In the same year, two stained-glass windows by Mr. 
Kempe were also added : one was to the memory of Mr. Bartholo- 
mew Whitaker. The tower clock has been fitted with an illuminated 
dial. In 1917 a beautiful stained-glass window by Mr. C. E. Kempe, 
was erected in memory of Mr. Geo. Oldman, late schoolmaster for 
forty years. In 1921 a memorial tablet in memory of the men of 
the parish who fell in the great war, was dedicated by the bishop of 
Burnley. During the same year the church was re-decorated and new 
electric lighting installed. In 1922 a granite cross was erected in the 
churchyard in memory of the men of the parish who fell in the great 
war. The benefice is of the annual value of £339, with vicarage in 
Colne Road, and is in the patronage of the bishop of Blackburn, and 
is held by the Rev. Herbert A. Jones. 

ST. STEPHEN'S CHURCH, Oxford Road, consecrated 1st Feb- 
ruary, 1879, is a handsome edifice, in the Gothic style of architecture 
of the 13th century, from the designs of Mr. James Green. The cost 
of its erection was about £8,500, and it contains sitting accommoda- 
tion for about 620 worshippers. The tower contains a clock, erected 
by the executors of the late Mrs. Parkinson, of Hollingreave, who also 
presented a stained-glass window, representing the martyrdom of St. 
Stephen. The church was much beautified in 1888, and again in 1895. 
In 1903 the schools were enlarged by the addition of a parochial room 
and two class-rooms, at a cost of £1,700. The benefice is a vicarage, 
of the annual value of £300, in the patronage of the rector of Burnley, 
and the incumbent is the Rev. Thomas Hankin, B.A. 


Matthew Street, near Manchester Road, is in the perpendicular Gothic 
style of architecture from designs by Messrs. Waddington & Son, of 
Burnley. The church was erected by local firms using local stone at a 
cost of /7,ooo, the foundation stone being laid by Miss Amelia Halstead, 
of Hood House, assisted by Sir U. J. Kay-Shuttlcworth (the presenc 
Lord Shuttleworth), of Gawthorpe Hall, on October 7th, 1876. The 
consecration took place on All Saints' Day, 1879. The interior of tht 
church is enriched with a magnificent marble reredos, the Ascension, 
carved oak screens, a marble chancel screen, surmounted by beaten 
brass and iron, a carved oak steeple cover to the font, jewelled silver 
gilt chalices, stained glass windows, by Kempe & Burnc Jones, mag- 
nificent medieval decoration of lady chapel and roof. The final large 
enrichment added in 1924 was an oaken casing with sedilia at the east 
end, in memory of the late Rev. S. E. Clarke, curate and vicar for 25 
years. On Christmas Day, 1927 (Sunday) the church was destroyed 
by fire, between the hours of 4-30 p.m. and midnight. The inadequate 
insurance, £12,500, was paid in full, and with the generous subscriptions 
of local people a magnificent new building was erected during/ the 
subsequent three years. The new building includes the old outer 
walls, the height of the roof being reduced and strengthened by heavy 
trusses to avoid weakness, which was a fault of the old roof. The 
interior is encased at the east end of the church in Alton stone. The 
design, by Messrs. Austin and Paley, of Lancaster, was carried out by 
Messrs. Thorns, of Lancaster, in collaboration with Burnley firms for 

plumbing, joinery and slating, at a cost of £14,000. The subsequent 
enrichments are from designs by Mr, Paley, the Faith Crafts Guild, Mr. 
Hugh Wallis, and the Warham Guild. The church was re-opened on 
Wednesday in Holy Week, 1931, by the bishop of Blackburn. The high 
altar and our Lady's altar arc line examples of the English altar. The 
sanctuary lamp is a massive piece of beaten work. The lectern is of 
beaten brass and is a memorial of the four past vicars, the Revs. Robert 
Harris Giles, B.A., 1879-1888, William Edward Durham, M.A., 1888- 
1896, Samuel Edward Clarke, M.A., 1896-1919, Henry Pritt, B.A., 1919- 
1923. A new organ was installed in 1932. Tt is a three manual, 
pneumatic action, electrically driven, has a fine tone and contains 
nearly 2,000 pipes and three and a half miles of pneumatic connections. 
The pipes are principally by Messrs. Young, and the action by Messrs. 
Laycock & Bannister. The total cost of the restorations, building and 
furniture, to date, is nearly £20,000. The church contains 620 sittings 
all free. The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £35°> in tne 
patronage of the rector of Burnley, and held by the Rev. Frederick 

Jones, B.Sc. 

ST. JOHN THE BAPTIST, Gannow Lane, was erected in 18S0, the 
foundation stone having been laid by Colonel John Hardy Thursby on 
September 22nd, 1877. * It is a Gothic edifice of handsome appearance 
designed by Messrs. Wm. Waddington & Son, of Burnley. The site and 
a. large portion of the cost of erection was borne by the late Rev. William 
Thursby and Lady Scarlett. The cost of erection was £8,000. The 
building was completed in 1892 at an additional cost of £7,000, being 
defrayed by Sir John Thursby, Bart., the additions comprising an 
imposing tower, a clock, and a magnificent reredos. The foundation 
stone of the tower was laid by Sir John O. S. Thursby, J.P., on April 


f£? ' ti 91 ' T1 i 16 heig ^ °{ thc tower is io 5 feet - and the turret «« 
teet. 1 he rcredos is a fine structure in alabaster and mosaic, tlie centre- 
panel representing the " Last Supper " after Leonardo de Vinci being 
a rare example of gold mosaic, and was executed in Venice by Salviate 
A beautiful east window which is a " Jesse Window " as Well as two 
windows depicting the ' Presentation of Our Lord to the aged Shnon " 
on the north wall of the chancel, were the gift of Miss Thursl v in 
memory of her parents, the Rev. William Thursbv and Emih K'fe 
wife. The vicarage house was built in 1916 at a cost of Sooo 
exclusive of the site generously given by Lord ShuttlcworthT The 
war memorial was dedicated on April 24th, 1921, by BishoD Henn and 
is composed of four tablets of veined alabaster! set g oraSmS Srved 
oak frames and contains ip names, in memory of the men of Gannow 
who fell m and of men who died through the great war, 1914-1 iq 
In 1922 the church was presented with a handsome and valuable set 
of communion vessels of solid silver, by members of the Wigdcswortl 
family. It consists of five pieces, a flagon, two chalices and two pate is 
Ihe two chalices are in memory, one of Robert Wigglesworth, and the 
other of Sarah his wife The patens are, one in memory of Row and 
Winston, and Lilian Eileen Smith ; the other of Clara Emmdiue a d 
Sarah Ann cousins and grandchildren of Robert and Sarah Ann 
Sft* Pf. cost of the set was £60. In iy 24 the "Holophane" 
system of electric light was installed in the church. In 1925 a prayer 
desk was provided lor the sanctuary in memory of James M Scoble 

w 'msco? Si* ^^ ay " dei ' k ,° f the Churdl - Tt is made of seleSed 
wainscot oak and rich y carved, at a cost of over £ 3 o raised by sub- 
scriptions. The church contains 800 sittings, all free The benefice is 
a vicarage of the annual value of / 4 oo, in the patronage of the rector 
of Burnley, and held by the Rev. Percy Gresty, L & Th. Day and 
Sunday schools were erected 1890, at a cost of £i 500. The day 

Srn^olv Tr'f ^ £* COnneCte , fl t0 the pAS were handed 
Horn Holy Trinity when the new parish was formed. 

founded in 1894. There is accommodation for 500 worshippers 

Mw'iif T rS R1I ?f S CH , lJRCH ; Todmorden Road, was consecrated 
A ay 4th 1897 It was designed by Messrs. Medland & Taylor of 
Manchester, and the cost of its erection including site, was about Woo 
Ihe church possesses an early 15th century Spanish chalice. There 

of /Z t i ing tt dl I" 6 " lhe f b + e " efice ' a Vicara « e - of the ™«1 value 
Ret? H. Baft Sa ^ reCt01 ' ° f Burnle y- and heId h Y the 

teS \^ ,°1 r ET '? CHU , R 1 CH ,', A ^ d Street > is a lieat »*** and 
tcrra-cotta building, designed by Mr. Thomas Bell, and erected during- 

the year 1898 The cost (about £6,000) was raised entirely by vS 
tary subscriptions, and the endowment was given by the late Canon 
lownelcy-Parker. The building was consecrated and opened ™ the 
9 th November 1898, by Bishop Moorhouse, of Manchester In 1902 a 
nfth^T'r p,at « g) , aSS and carved oak was erected to the memory 
?LH , u an ?, n la ^ ev ' , and m I 9°3 a marble and oak rcredos in 

memory of the Rev. R. and M. Fisher, was placed in the lady chapel, 
at a cost ot £200. In December, 1919, a war memorial erected bv 
subscriptions of the congregation, consists of wrought iron chancel 


rails, decorated with copper shields bearing the names of the fallen, 
cost £140. In March, 1920, a new carved oak sedilia in memory of 
Canon Parker, the late rector of Burnley and founder of this church, 
was erected. The benefice is a vicarage, of the annual value of £400, 
in the patronage of the rector of Burnley, and held by the Rev. Arthur 
John Gore Anderson. 

ST. CUTHBERT'S CHURCH, Towneley Street, erected in 1906, 
by the trustees of the late Misses Holgate, at a cost of £7,500, and also 
endowed the church with the sum of £5,000, which is lodged with the 
Burnley Corporation. The edifice is a handsome structure, in the 
early English style of architecture, from designs by Mr. R. B. Preston. 
A fine organ by Peter Conacher & Co., of Huddersfield, was presented 
to the church by Mrs. Master Whitaker, of Holme. A font of alabaster, 
designed by the arclntect and executed by J. Whitaker & Sons, of 
Burnley, is the gift of the brothers and sisters of Mrs. Thomley, wife 
of the first vicar. There is accommodation for 600 worshippers. ' The 
benefice is a vicarage of the annual value of £400 a year, in the patron- 
age of the bishop of Burnley, and held by the Rev. Robert James P. Lee. 
A plot of land adjoining the church was purchased, on which a new 
Sunday School has been built from plans by Messrs. T. Bell & Son, of 
Burnley, the cost of the site and school was £2,200. 

ST. MARY'S CATHOLIC CHURCH, Yorkshire Street, was opened 
for divine service on the 2nd of August, 1849. ^ consists of nave, 
aisles, chancel, and a low tower, containing one bell. It will accom- 
modate over 1,200 persons. The site' of this sacred edifice was given 
by the late Peregrine Towneley, Esq., and the cost of its erection 
amounted to nearly £15,000. It was decorated in 1872, at a cost of 
£1,000, and during recent years the interior was enriched by the 
erection of several beautiful stained-glass windows. Three of them 
are in memory of the late Canon Rimmer, Canon Morrissey, and Rev. 
Lawrence Johnson. The altar is an excellent piece of workmanship, 
and the whole of the interior is very beautiful. The Towneley Chapel 
was built as a memorial to the late Richard Towneley, Esq., the last 
male heir of this ancient family, who died at Rome in 1877, and to his 
father, the late Colonel John Towneley. The entrance to the chapel 
is of magnificently wrought brass, and the other alterations consist 
principally of two stained-glass windows and a mahogany carved altar- 
piece, double gilt, by Boulton, of Cheltenham. The cost was about 
£2,500, and the designs were supplied by the Very Rev. Canon Scruton, 
of Bradford. The Morrissey memorial chapel was built by Alberti & 
Son, of Manchester, from designs by Monsignor Cooke, and was opened 
January 8th, 1911, by the Right Rev. Bishop Vaughan. The altar is 
of white marble, beautifully carved, and surmounted with a statue of 
the Sacred Heart. In the ground is a building called the Assembly 
Rooms. This building was the old catholic church that stood in Burnley 
Wood, and was rc-erected, stone by stone, beside the present church. 
The priests in charge of the mission are the Right Rev. Monsignor 
Canon Tynan, D.D., B.C.L. ; Revs. Ailbc Strumble, J. O'Sullivan and 
M. Walsh. 

supersedes the school-chapel opened in 1893. It is a neat edifice in 
the Gothic style of architecture built in 1908 by Smith Bros. (Burnley) 

BtJfcNtfeY XXXi 

Ltd., from designs by Mr. B. Holt, of Manchester. The church was 
opened May 2nd, 1909, and cost £3,900. A war memorial recently- 
erected in the church to the memory of those who fell in the Great 
War, comprises a new altar, reredos, tablet, and holy communion 
rails, an acquisition of which the members of the church are to be 
congratulated. The altar is in selected Carrara marble with tracery 
panels in the frontal, the centre panel represents the sacred monogram, 
Agnus Dei, whilst the side panels are enriched with Shyros marble 
backgrounds. The table is supported by Vert des Alpes marble 
columns with caps and bases. The sides of the altar are inlaid with 
Pavonazza bands, and the steps are of veined rippon marble with an 
inlaid predella of oak. The reredos portion is in coloured alabaster, 
and contains four sculptured groups in pure white alabaster. The 
subjects of these groups are, the Annunciation, Nativity, Resurrection 
and Ascension. Over the panels are richly carved canopies surmounted 
by a tracery top and pinnacles. The Throne is enriched by two 
adorning angels, over which is a very finely carved canopy and spire, 
surmounted by a figure of St. John the Baptist, patron saint of the 
church. The tablet is a fine mural one, erected in the church entrance 
explaining that the high altar, holy communion rails, and tablet, have 
been erected in memory of the men of St. John's parish who fell in the 
Great War. The names of 67 men are inscribed on the panel in incised 
letters. The feature of the tablet is a beautiful sculptured calvary 
group in white alabaster with a frame of polished coloured alabaster. 
The holy communion rails are in coloured alabaster to match the 
altar, and bear a series of tracery arches supported by marble columns 
with a capping of malplacquet marble, and have a very fine wrought 
iron gate in the centre with oak capping. At the same time other 
improvements hi the church were effected when a new font was added 
to the baptistry. It is of pleasing design, octagonal in shape, the 
bowl being supported on marble columns with caps and bases. The 
bowl bears a sunken tracery panel in each face, the front panel of which 
contains a carved dove representing the Holy Ghost descending. The 
top of the font is of malplacquet marble and has an oak cover orna- 
mented with a wrought iron cross. The whole of the work was supplied 
by R. L. Boulton & Sons, of Cheltenham. The church has sitting 
accommodation for 550 persons. A good presbytery was built in 1904, 
at a cost of £1,050. Revs. Wm. Fletcher and Austin A. Baron. 

supersedes a school-chapel built in 1897, was opened by the Rev. 
Peter Motterdam on September 27th, 1926, who said the first Mass iu 
a cottage at 10, Kiddrow Lane, where he resided. The school chapel 
was opened by the late Bishop Bilsborrow. The upper part is used as 
a church and will accommodate 250 worshippers. The lower part is 
used as a school and will accommodate 35 infants and 104 boys and 
girls. A new presbytery was built in 1922, and occupied September 
22nd of the same year. There is a memorial institute attached to the 
mission, erected in memory of the men of St. Augustine's who fell in 
the war. Rev. John Hardman, rector. 

Street, is a neat stone edifice in the early English style of architecture, 
built iri 1904, from plans drawn by Mr. James Pickup, of Burnley. 
There is accommodation for 600 worshippers, and the cost of erection 


was £4,300, the presbytery adjoining costing a further sum of £800. 
The contractors for the work were Messrs. M. & J. W. Heap (stonework) 
and G. Smith & Sons, Ltd. (woodwork). This church supersedes the 
school-chapei built in 1883 at a cost of £2,400, which is now used 
altogether for educational purposes. The school was enlarged in 
1925 to plans by Messrs. Gunson & Son, Manchester. Messrs. Mullen 
& Durkin, of Burnley, were the contractors. An infants' school and 
catholic men's club have also been erected at a cost of £1,200, Messrs. 
Mullen & Durkin being the contractors. The clergy in charge of the 
mission are the Revs. M. Fitzgerald, B.A., and R. Earley, D.D. 

The CHURCH OF CHRIST THE KING was established in 1932 
when services were conducted at Springhill, a house situated in Man- 
chester Road. In TQ3,6, owing to the goodwill of many and the 
energetic efforts of the rector, Father H. J. Bolger, supported by a loyal 
and enthusiastic congregation a new church was erected at a cost of 
about £3,000. The opening ceremony was performed by Bishop 
Henshaw on Sunday, November 29th, 1936. The church has accom- 
modation for 350 persons. Rev. H.J. Bolger, rector. 

The Nonconformists are a numerous body in Burnley and district, 
and many of their churches are handsome and commodious edifices. 

The CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Westgate, a handsome build- 
ing in the Lombardic or Byzantine style, was erected in 1859, a t & cost 
of about £6,000, exclusive of the site, which was given by the late Lord 
Massey, Esq. It will seat 1,000 worshippers. At Roscgrove is a neat 
edifice built in 1900. 

The CONGREGATIONAL CHURCH, Hollingreave, is a line stone 
building with accommodation for Sunday school, social and church 
work. The church was built in 1896 from designs by Messrs. Hitchon 
& Pritchard. The school premises were built as part of a forward 
movement by members of the Salem Church in 1888. 

and rebuilt in 1878. A Sunday school on the site of the old building 
was erected in 1893. It is of stone, In the Italian Renaissance style, 
and contains 20 classrooms, superintendent's room, and library, and 
accommodation is provided for 800 scholars. 

was founded in 1850, and opened on Good Friday, 1851. The church 
contains seating accommodation for 850 persons, the woodwork being 
of finished mahogany. It lias a good organ with three manuals. Rev. 
Noel W. Calvin, B.A., minister. 

The EBENEZER BAPTIST CHURCH, a good building in Colne 
Road, erected in i860, superseded the old chapel adjacent to it, 
which dated back to the year 1787. The cost of the present building 
was about £8,000, and it will accommodate over 900 worshippers. In 
1904 the chapel was decorated, and a new organ built, the total cost 
being about £1,300. There are vigorous and large Sunday schools, 
connected with Ebenezer Church, the number of scholars in the two 
schools being 710. A.P.M.E. is also held in the school every Monday 
evening for women only, and has a membership of nearly 100. 

'■ IMMANUEL BAPTIST CHURCH, in Bright Street, Colne Road, is 
a branch of Ebenczcr. The building scats 400 worshippers. 

feURftLEY xxxiii 

ENON BAPTIST CHURCH, Red Lion Street, was erected in 1851. 

SION BAPTIST CHURCH, Yorkshire Street, was erected in 1862; 
superseding one dated 1831. A school erected 1884, and Men's 
institute is also connected with the church. 

dates from 1868. The Particular Baptists have a church in Boot 
Street, and the Scotch Baptists have a church in Angle Street, built 
in 1877, and another place of worship at Haggate. 

MOUNT OLIVET BAPTIST CHURCH, Broughton Street, is a 
Gothic building, designed by Mr. S. Keighley, of Burnley. The founda- 
tion stone was laid June 25th, 1892. It will seat 400 persons, and the 
cost of the erection was about £2,000. Temporary schools have been 
"erected for primary and junior sections of the Sunday school. At 
Clow Bridge is a Baptist school-chapel. 

METHODIST UNION. On Tuesday, September 20th, 1932, a 
special meeting of the three conferences of the Methodist churches — 
Wesleyan, Primitive and United Methodist — was held in the Albert 
Hall, London, to celebrate the Methodist Union. The deed of union or 
solemn contract was signed by the three presidents, The Revs. Win. 
Younger (Prim. Meth.), Dr. Maldwyn Hughes (Wesleyan) and the Rev. 
W. Jackson (United Meth.). Dr. J. Scott-Lidgett was elected first 
president of the Union. 

Wesleyan Methodism took its rise in Colne Road in July, 1863, 
when a class was formed in a cottage in Back Birley Place. In the 
following November a Sunday school was begun in a rented room near 
the Toll Bar. Land having been purchased from the executors of 
Colonel Hargreaves, a school capable of accommodating about 400 
was built, and opened in May, 1872, the cost being about £2,200, 
including land. In June, 1880, the handsome chapel, with its tower, 
which will seat about 615 persons was opened. About £3,500 was ex- 
pended in its erection. A mission room was erected in Florence Street 
in 1892, and in 1902 a neat chapel was built in Gannow Lane, and 
opened in 1905. A chapel was erected in Manchester Road and 
designed on what is known as the Broad Nave principle, the benches 
being brought within the stone pillars of the arcade and divided into 
two blocks, by wide centre aisle with side aisles against the wall. In 
addition to the nave there are two transepts, deep and commodious 
chancel, a spacious and well-screened narthex with projecting bay, 
organ chamber, choir vestry, and minister's vestry. The architecture 
is the Gothic style prevailing in the fifteenth century, the elevations 
being faced throughout with best Yorkshire parpoints and Cullingworth 
stone dressings. A large tower and spire, rising to about 20 feet at 
the south-west corner, is a prominent feature on this elevated site. 
The church will accommodate 700 worshippers. The contract for the 
complete scheme (excluding upper stage of tower and spire, but 
including heating, lighting, etc.) amounts to £7,500. The Wesleyan 
Circuit have large churches in Hargreaves Street, Manchester Road, 
Todmorden Road, Accrington Road, and Colne Road, and smaller 
ones in Whittlefield, Lane Bridge, Brooklands Road, Piccadilly Road, 
Stoneyholme, and Lowerhouse Lane. Brunswick Methodist 
Church, Manchester Road, is a capacious building, erected in 1867-9, 
at a cost of about £10,500. It will seat 1,750 persons and has super- 


seded- the old chapel in Hammerton Street, which was sold to the 
Baptists. In Lincoln Street, Healey Wood, is another chapel 
belonging this body. It is a neat building, erected in 1883, at a cost of 
£800, and is a branch from Brunswick Chapel. In Claremont Street a 
handsome chapel was erected in 1891 at a cost of £2,500. It was 
designed by Mr. Victor Dunkerley, and Messrs. Smith Brothers, of 
Burnley, were the contractors. It will seat 750 persons. The 
Hanover Methodist Free Church, Old Hall Street, is a stone build- 
ing, the foundation stone of which was laid November 27th, 1897. 
This replaces an older building erected in 1862. A Sunday school, in 
Cog Lane, was built in 1891 at a cost of £2,000 ; W. A. Quarmby, 
architect. There is also a Methodist Church at Myrtle Bank. Bethel 
Methodist Church, Hammerton Street, was erected in 1850. This 
body have also churches in Padiham Road, built in 1902 ; Oxford Road, 
built in 1869; Lane Head, built in 1867 ; and Colne Road, built in 1878. 
Elim CHapel, Brierfield Road, was built in 1894. Mount Zion is in 
Colne Road. The Methodist Church, Robinson Street, is a plain 
stone structure, erected in 1890-91, at a cost of £1,200. It is formed of 
two sections, one being used as a chapel, with seats for 300 persons ; 
and the other as Sunday School, will hold 200 scholars. In Calder 
Street there is another chapel belonging to this body. 

The UNITARIAN CHAPEL, Trafalgar Street, was built in 1871, 
and was, along with school, enlarged in 1893, at a cost of about £1,200. 

NEW JERUSALEM CHURCH, Briercliffe Road, was erected in 


The SALVATION ARMY have barracks in Burnley Lane, Trafalgar 
Street, Adlington Street and other places ; and the SPIRITUALISTS 
have a hall in Hammerton Street and North Street. There are Gospel 
Mission Rooms in Bivcl Street and New Hall Street 

EDUCATION COMMITTEE.— A School Board was constituted 
in January, 1871, and in that year the total number of children on 
school rolls within the borough was 5,676. Under the Act of 1902, the 
Burnley school board ceased to exist, and the new education com- 
mittee came into office on the 1st April, 1903. Members of the 
committee are ; His Worship the Mayor (Councillor G. Parkinson), 
Alderman H. Lees, J. P., chairman, Alderman L. Rippon, vice-chair- 
man ; Aldermen J. Lynch and J. R. Tomlinson, Councillors Mrs. M. 
Brown, J. P., E. Brodrick, J. T. Clegg, G. Duxbury, A. Green, LP., 
J. H. Heap, T. Maxwell, J. Nicholls, S. Taylor, L. Thompson, J. S. 
Yates, Mrs. F. A. Ogden, J.P., B.A., Rt. Rev. Msgr. Tynan, D.D., 
Rev. B. E. Hughes, M.A., B.D., J. H. Brotherton, R. Buckley, G. Hale, 
J.P., H. V. Oakes and J. W. Hall, Esq. 

Burnley is well provided with schools and other educational institu- 
tions properly equipped for the extensive curriculum available. 

Schedule of schools and other institutions controlled by the local 
. education authority. In the elementary section there are 31 council 
and 21 non-provided schools. In the higher education section there 
are 18 council schools which include the Municipal College and Art 
School where day and evening classes are held. W. Howarth, M.A., 
M.Ed., Litt.D., director of education. 


The GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Bank Parade, founded in 1559 and re- 
built in 1874, occupies a commanding position near the ancient parish 
church of St. Peter. The present buildings have been erected at three 
different times. To the original was added a large wing containing 
laboratories, lecture theatres and geography room, etc. There is 
accommodation for about 450 scholars. The school has the use of 
well-equipped laboratories and woodwork rooms outside the premises. 
The governing body consists of members of the secondary schools 
committee of the Burnley education committee, with one representa- 
tive of the Lancashire county council, one of Manchester University 
and three co-opted members. The endowment is £240 a year and 
there are seven sixth form scholarships, tenable at the school for two 
years and four leaving scholarships of £70 tenable for three years at 
universities. Headmaster, A. W. Fletcher, M.A. (Cantab.). 

The HIGH SCHOOL, Ormerodjg^aiL was opened under the man- 
agement of the higher education~committee, in September, 1909, on 
the premises of the technical institute, now the Municipal College. 
Pupils are accepted from elementary and preparatory schools, ages of 
admission from 10 to 18 years. Ordinary school course up to joint 
matriculation board school certificate or matriculation standard with 
higher school certificate or advanced work in modern studies, or in 
science or mathematics. Entrance scholarships are offered in the 
elementary schools, and exhibitions for advanced work in the upper 
forms. Three leaving scholarships tenable at approved universities 
are available each year, each valued at £80 per year for three years. 
It is possible also for pupils to compete for any of the Edward Stocks 
Massey scholarships for art, music or domestic science. There is 
accommodation for over 350 pupils. In September, 1936, there were 
480 on the register. The principal is Miss D. D. Howard, M.A. 

is a commodious building opened in September, 1909, from designs by 
G. H. Pickles, Esq., borough engineer. Cost of building and equip- 
ment exceeded £60,000. The contractors were Mullen & Durkin, of 
Burnley. The building comprises class-rooms, lecture rooms, well 
adapted laboratories for chemistry, physics, natural science, engin- 
eering, building, spinning and weaving, and a fine suite of studios and 
craftrooms for the purpose of art. There are several leaving scholar- 
ships appropriate to each branch of study available each year. Accom- 
modation is for 2,600 day and evening students in all branches of 
general and technical education. Mr. W. Munn Rankin, M.Sc. (Leeds), 
B.Sc. (Lond.), is the principal. 

is a boarding and a high school for girls. It has accommodation for 
100 girls. 

The ABEL STREET SCHOOLS were opened in September, 1891, 
the cost (including site and furnishing) amounting to £14,581. Ac- 
commodation is provided for 1,156 children. The work was designed 
and carried out under the personal supervision of Mr. Thomas Bell, 
architect, Burnley. A manual instruction centre, with accommodation 
for 20 students, was added in 1900 at a cost of £288 4s. 8d., and a new 
cookery centre subsequently at a cost of £664 17s. 3d. Further 
extensions have since been carried out by Mr. A. Race, borough engineer 
and surveyor, to provide for craft work, etc. 


The BURNLEY WOOD SCHOOLS have their principal entrance in 
Branch Road, and were opened March 7th, 1892, the cost being £"10,988 
13s. yd. It was soon found necessary, however, to extend the "school, 
and two classrooms and a manual and cookery centre were added in 
1904, at a cost of £3,608 13s. nd. The accommodation is now 1,210. 
The original building was designed by Mr. G. E. J. Lawrence, of 
London, and the two extensions by Mr. Bell, of Burnley. 

The COAL CLOUGH SCHOOLS in Swindon Street were opened in 
August, 1900 ; cost about £14,500 ; accommodation, 1,171. These 
are fitted with chemical laboratory, manual instruction rooms, craft 
rooms and cookery room. A caretaker's house was erected at one 
corner of the site. A school for physically and mentally defective 
children, to accommodate 65, has also been erected on this site, at a cost 
of £2,500 ; architect, Mr. W. A. Quarmby, Burnley. 

The HARGHER CLOUGH SCHOOLS were opened in April, 1904. 
Accommodation for mixed and infants, 676 ; architects, Messrs. Shaw 
& Vowles, Burnley ; cost, £8,364 12s. iod. 

The HEASANDFORD SCHOOLS were opened in October, 1903. 
There is accommodation in the mixed and infant departments for 1,110 
children. The schools are splendidly equipped with manual, cookery, 
laundry, science and craft rooms. There is also a school for physically 
and mentally defective children, with accommodation for 65. ; arch- 
itects, Messrs. Shaw & Vowles, of Burnley ; total cost, £17,028. 

The LIONEL STREET SCHOOLS, to take the place of Claremont 
Street and St. John's Schools, were opened on April 1st, 1927. These 
schools are of the semi-open-air type, and contain chemical laboratory, 
manual instruction and cookery rooms, and a medical inspection room. 
There is accommodation for 800 children ; cost £32,000 ; architect, 
Mr. A. Race, borough engineer. 

The HEALEY WOOD COUNCIL SCHOOL, which is held on a 
yearly tenancy at a rent of £20 per annum, has accommodation for 270 

The OPEN AIR SCHOOL, Colne Road, has accommodation for 120 

The ROSEGROVE SCHOOLS were opened in November, 189S ; 
cost £11,732 ios. Sd. ; accommodation, 988. A manual instruction 
room and cookery room are provided ; architect, Mr. W. A. Quarmby, 
Burnley. The buildings have been extended under the supervision of 
Mr. A. Race, borough engineer and surveyor, to provide additional 
facilities for craft work, and also to allow for the establishment of a 
nursery class in the infants' department. 

The STONEYHOLME SCHOOLS, in Burleigh Street, were opened 
in May, 1896 ; cost, £12,500 ; accommodation, 1,224. The mixed 
school has a cookery room on the first floor ; architect, Mr. W. A. 
Quarmby, Burnley. 

1908, at a cost of £16,900. There is accommodation in the senior 
and junior departments for 840 children. The school is equipped with 
cookery and laundry rooms ; architect, Mr. G. H. Pickles. Extensions 
have since been carried out under the supervision of Mr. A. Race, 
borough engineer and surveyor, to provide facilities for manual 
instruction, craft work, etc. 


FULLEDGE COUNCIL SCHOOL, which is held on lease, has ac- 
commodation for 379 infants. Present rental, £190. 

HABERGHAM COUNCIL SCHOOL is held on a yearly tenancy at 
a nominal rent of 6s. per annum ; accommodation 465. 

WHITTLEFIELD COUNCIL SCHOOL was taken on a yearly 
tenancy, August, 1900 ; rent, £80 per annum ; accommodation, 300. 

The ROSEH1LL COUNCIL SCHOOLS were erected in 1932 from 
designs by Mr. Arthur Race, and cost £11,221, including site ; accom- 
modation is for 200 pupils. 

been established by the council in Oak Mount House and Tarlcton 
House respectively, and are doing splendid work. Children from 
surrounding districts are admitted on payment of a contribution from 
the school authorities. Burnley children are admitted free. 

.The BURNLEY CAMP SCHOOL situated near Hest Bank is open 
to pupils of elementary schools upper departments, during the period 
April to October ; accommodation is for 50 boys or girls. 

officially by Sir George Newman, chief medical officer of the board of 
education, on the 26th February, 1932. The school is planned for 160 
children in four playrooms and the washing and bathing accommoda- 
tion are duplicated, so that each wing composed of two adjacent play 
rooms, has its own bathroom. The buildings have been designed on 
the open air school principle ; cost., including cost of the site, furniture 
and equipment, £9,000 ; architect, Mr. A. Race, borough engineer and 

The Burnley MECHANICS' INSTITUTION, Yorke Street and 
Manchester Road, is a commodious building in the Italian Renaissance 
style of architecture. The original was erected at a cost of £7,000. 
The foundation stone was laid by the late Colonel Towneley, on the 
25th November, 1S51. The building was enlarged on the south side 
(Manchester Road) in 1887, and a new entrance made to the large hall, 
and a new wing was opened in 1888. The whole scheme of enlarge- 
ment and internal alterations was carried out at a cost of £10,000. The 
exchange and institution reading rooms occupy a large portion of the 
ground floor ; there is also a ladies' reading room and bridge room 
provided, billiard room (four tables), chess and smoke room, coffee 
room, rooms for a drama guild, badminton, etc. The library contains 
24,407 volumes, the circulation is over 55,000 volumes per annum, the 
number of members of exchange, institution and library is 1,450. The 
large hall or assembly room will seat 1,350. The president is the Right 
Hon. Lord Shuttleworth ; hon. secretary, Mr. Donald Race ; lion, 
treasurer, John Thornber, Esq., J.P. ; secretary and librarian, Mr. John 
R. Marsden. 

WORKSHOPS FOR THE BLIND, Brunswick Street, off Tod- 
morden Road, was founded in 1925. The building contains suitable 
rooms for the repairing of boots and shoes, basket making, and the 
manufacture of hosiery. This establishment is certified by the board 
of trade as a training centre for the blind. 


diS^nWT C S HURC ? INSTITUTE, Manchester Road, contains 
tR S ^ °L? * rs '° ° V ° , Umes ' readin groom ; assembly room, (rebuilt 
SS3 T £6 ooo will seat 1,000 persons and is in use as a caema), 

SSSJS tf d ^ Ure - r0 °^- J .? ,e basemcnt was transformed 
E T ' a\ an r ing and dmm 8 rooms - Accommodation for 
SSfh? J ' T« ° r ?™ g . 2 2°" Thc "^titution was established 
about the year 1848, and is in'a flourishing condition, there being 100 
members. Mr. John Barrett Dickens, secretary and manager 

The BRITISH LEGION ASSOCIATION formed in 1921 from two 

Sffiw w OW 7 aS D i schar § e d Soldiers and Sailors and Comrades 
of the Great War, has offices at Plumbe Street. This association is 

hJihf m! ? ^ K tt^ Bll J; nl ey, viz., the District Bank (County 

fenl Lf^r S Ba ^« Union Bank Midland Bank, Yorkshire Penny 
tfank and the Co-operative Wholesale Society. 

Thc Burnley Equitable Co-operative and Industrial Society com- 
menced business in 1861 at 37 Hammerton Street, and is nowan ex- 
tens^ concern with 116 shops in various part of the towri and 
country districts, having a membership of 27,351. The centrToffires 
and shops occupy most of the premises in Hammerton Street T £ 

S25SE Iry and b00t repairing factory are *Si «S 

The NEWSPAPERS published in Burnley are ;-The Bumlev 

CSS' pin siS A ^Pi lbIi t ed b y «* Burnley Express PrSg 
U>. Ltd., Bull Slice :, on Wednesdays and Saturdays. The Lancashire 
Dmly Post and the Northern DaUy Telegraph have" also tatcTofficL 

buildin^SS fLJ^ mS 2 «& 

stfa^ss 1 g and venti]ated ° n the best 5*strs 

The EMPIRE THEATRE of VARTKTTT.'Q c* t - p, , 

STtf £**? 29th ', l894 ' ^ *S5ffiS o J peS ^xf' B 
one of the prettiest theatres in the provinces, and replete with every 

JSSJKK*!? C ° mf0rt ^ — datfon *J& S 
PALACE THEATRE and H IP podkome, St. Tames' Street is „ 

a cost ol about £23,000 ; seating accommodation 2,200 people 


The WEAVERS' ASSOCIATION, erected in 1896, a very handsome 
institute on the site of the old premises in Charlotte Street and Whittam 
Street, at a cost of about £7,000. The architect was Mr. Samuel 
Keighley, of Burnley, and the contractors were Messrs. M. & J. W. 
Heap (stonework) and G. Smith & Sons (joiners' work). 

ST. JAMES' HALL, used principally for balls, etc., will accommo- 
date 500 persons, and the CO-OPERATIVE ASSEMBLY ROOM, 
Hammerton Street, which is specially adapted for lectures, concerts, 
etc., has accommodation for 550 persons. 

DRILL HALL, Keighley Green, erected at a cost of about £2,500 ; 
architect, Mr. W. A. Quarmby. 


Abattoirs (Public), Royle Road ; J. W. Whitehead, manager. 
Bank Hajx Maternity and Children's Hospital, Colne Road ; 

Nurse Walker, matron. 
Baths, Bath Street, Gannow Lane and North Street ; J. T. Grundy, 

Borough Elective Auditors, Town Hall ; J. W. Briggs and J. 

Borough Police Station, Town Hall ; W. Fairclough, chief constable. 
Borough Surveyor's Office, Town Hall ; J. L. Beckett, A.M.I.C.E., 

A.M.I.Mech.E., engineer and surveyor. 
Borough Treasurer's Office, Town Hall ; W. A. Walker, F.S.A.A., 

borough treasurer. 
British Legion Association (Burnley Branch), 61 Plumbc Street; 

D. Kelly, secretary. 
Burnley Church Institute, Manchester Road; John Barrett 

Dickens, secretary and manager. 
Burnley, Colne and Nelson Joint Transport Department, 

Queensgate, Colne Road ; C. H. Stafford, M.Inst.T., A.M.I.A.E., 

general manager. 
Burnley Conservative and Unionist Association, 35 Manchester 

Road ; Miss Dorothy Holt, agent. 
Burnley Corporation Cold Stokes and Ice Works, Royle Road ; 

T. P. Stark, manager. 
Burnley Corporation Highways Department, Daneshouse Road ; 

H. Veevers, superintendent. 
Burnley Corporation Housing and Property Department, 52 

Manchester Road 
Burnley Corporation Public Assistance Department, 20 Nicholas 

Street ; A. J. Moore, public assistance officer. 
Burnley and District Bank Officers' Guild, 6 Norfolk Avenue ; 

H. Fletcher, secretary. 
Burnley and District Chamber of Trade, 9 Nicholas Street ; Wm. 

Hodgson, secretary. 
Burnley and District Deaf and Dumb Society, Institute Chambers, 

Manchester Road ; L. Crellin, secretary. 
Burnley and District Incorporated Accountants' Students' 

Society, 2 Boot Street ; N. Broadbent, secretary. 
Burnley and District Incorporated Chamber of Commerce, 8 

Yorke Street ; J. F. Heap, F.C.A., secretary. 

* L burn Ley 

Burnley and District Nurses' Home, 8i Church Street ; Miss 
ii. E. Longworth, matron. 

Burnley and District - Property Owners' Association, 12 St 

James Row ; E. Whitehead, secretary. 
Burnley and District Trades and Labour Council, Yorke Street * 

G. Hale, J.P., secretary. 

Burnley and District Workpeople's Hospital Scheme, Charlotte 
Street ; H. Thomas, secretary. 

b "kniey Education Offices, hi Manchester Road ; W. Howarth, 

M.A., M.Ed., Litt.D., director of education. 
Burnley Esperanto Society, 88 Westgate 
Burnley Gospel Union, Church Street 

Burnley Insurance Committee, Elizabeth Street ; R. Allen Baxter 
clerk. . ' 

Burnley Labour Employment Service, Centre, Church Street. 

Burnley Lane Homing Society, Rushworth Street ; T. Tunstill 

Burnley Licensed Victuallers ' and Beer and Wink Trades' 
Association ; J. R. Ratcliffe, secretary, Railway Street. 

Burnley Rural District Council and Rate Office, Thomas 
Street; S. 1. Poster, rating officer. 

Burnley School of Art, Ormerod Road ; W. Marlborough White- 
head, J.P., A.R.C.A., A.M. Cert., headmaster. 

Burnley Society for the Blind, i Brown Street ; Mrs. T. W. 
Simmons, secretary. 

Burnley Teachers' Association ; W. II. Smith, secretary, g Mount 
Road. J 

Burnley Unemployment Assistance Board, Ashheld House 

Burnley Working Boys' Home, Hind Street ; Miss E. Longstaffe. 
Cemetery, Rossendale Road; A. H. Baker, A.C.C.S., registrar 
Cleansing Department, Aqueduct Street; W. Derbyshire, sunt 
Clerk to County Magistrates ; Guy Southern, Martin's Bank 

Clerk of the Peace ; Harry Plowman, Town Hall. 
Clerk to the Borough Magistrates ; Wm. j . C. Perkins, I own Hall 
Cold Air Stores, Roylc Road ; T. P. Stark, manager. 
Collector of Taxes ; L. Hargreaves, ic Manchester Road. 
County Court Office, Bankhouse Street; His Honour Judge 

Burgiss, judge ; Capt. Percival M. C. Hayman, registrar. 
Coroner ; Harry Ogden, 5 Grimshaw Street. 
County Police Station, Coke Road, Rcedley ; J. H. Cleal, supt. 
Court Houses (Borough) Town Hall ; (County) County Police 

Station, Reedley. J 

Corporation Stationery Office, Elizabeth Street; A. Berry 
manager. J ' 

Court of Quarter Sessions ; N. J. Laski, Esq., K.C., M.P., recorder. 


Customs and Excise Office, 94 Manchester Road 

Director of Education; W. Howarth, M.A., M.Ed., Litt.D., m 
^ Manchester Road. 

E ^ r Lancashire Association Girl Guides (Burnley Division), 9a 


Electrical Engineer ; James E. Starkie, A.M.I.E.E., Electricity 

Works, Aqueduct Street. 
Fire Brigade Station, Manchester Road ; J. T. Whitfield, police 

inspector and fire superintendent. 
Free Public Library, Grimshaw Street ; W. P. Couplancl, F.L.A., 

Gas Works Office, Parker Lane ; Arthur F. Ames, M.Inst.G.E., 

engineer and manager. 
Grammar School, Bank Parade ; A. W. Fletcher, MA., headmaster. 

Headquarters, East Lancashire Regiment, Bank Parade. 

H.M. Inspector of Factories ; Office, Government Buildings, Curzon 

H.M. Inspector of Taxes (No. i District), Government Buildings, 

Curzon Street ; (No. 2 District), 175 Manchester Road. 
High School for Girls, Ormerod Road ; Miss D. D. Howard, M.A., 

House for Friendless Girls, Bankfield, Colne Road ; Miss F. 

Smith, superintendent. 
Infant Welfare Centre, 17 Parker Street. 

Infectious Diseases Hospital, Lane Head ; Miss Girling, matron. 
Liberal Registration Association, Prudential Buildings ; A. 

Fitz-Patrick, agent. 
Magistrates' Clerk's Office, Town Hall ; W. J. C. Perkins, clerk. 
Market Superintendent ; J. W. Whitehead, Market Place. 
Masonic Hall, Nelson Square ; T. H. Hargreaves, secretary. 
Mayor's Parlour, Town Hall. 
Mechanics' Institution, Manchester Road ; Donald Race, hon. 

secretary ; John Thornber, J. P., hon. treasurer ; John R. Marsden, 

secretary and librarian. 
Medical Officer of Health ; D. C. Lamont, M.B., D.P.H., St. 

James' Street. 
Ministry of Health Insurance Department, 70 Westgate. 
Ministry of Labour (Employment Exchange), Hammerton Street ; 

C. E. Sharpies, manager. 
Municipal College, Ormerod Road ; W. Munn Rankin, M.Sc. (Leeds), 

B.Se. (Lond.), principal. 
Municipal General Hospital, Casterton Avenue ; Miss E. Hillier, 


Municipal Officers' Guild ; W. Wild, hon. secretary. Town Hall. 

Municipal School of Art, Ormerod Road ; W. Marlborough White- 
head, J.P., A.R.C.A., A.M.Cert., principal. 

National Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Children, 21 
Palatine Square ; H. B. Crecke, hon. sec ; S. G. Cuckney, inspector 

North East Lancashire (Region No. 2) Joint Town Planning 
Committee, 5 Bridge Street ; P. L. Hughes, officer. 

Notary Public ; H. B. Creeke, 2 Manchester Road. 

Overseers' Offices, Town Hall ; J. A. Slowey, chief collector. 

Parks and Recreation Grounds; H. Jackson, superintendent. 

Queen's Park. 
Police Court Missioner ; James A. Gibbins, 8 Piccadilly Road. 

Post Office, Hargreaves Street ; George H. Sixsmith, postmaster. 

Public Assistance Office, Nicholas Street ; H. E. Purton, clerk to 

No. 6 Area Guardians Committee. 


Public Health Office, 29 St. James' Street ; D. C. Lamont, M.B>, 

D.P.H., medical officer. 
Railway Stations, Bank Top, Manchester Road, Barracks, Townelcy 

and Rosegrove, 
Recruiting Office, 68 Westgate ; VV. Armstrong, recruiter. 
Registrars of Births, Deaths and Marriages ; Percy Duxbury, 21 

Nicholas Street (East Ward) ; James Clcgg, 25 Nicholas Street 

(West Ward). 
Relieving Officers : (St. Peter's District) J. H. Call, 18 Nicholas 

Street ; (Trinity District) Thos. Mulrooney, 27 Tennyson Street ; 

(St. Andrew's District), A. Haworth, 1 Clegg Street. 
Rural District Council, 18 Nicholas Street ; H. E, Purton, clerk, 

F. Hewitt, surveyor, Dr. H. J. Robinson, medical officer, 
St. John's Ambulance, 47 and 49 Colne Road. 
Sanitary Inspector's Office, St. James' Street; Rd. Jump, chief 

School Clinic, 6 Elizabeth Street. 

Sheriff's Officer ; Clifford Hudson Kidner, 21 and 23 Nicholas St. 
Superintendent Registrar's Office, 20 Nicholas Street ; J. 

Hornby, superintendent. 
Thursby Convalescent and District Nurses' Home, 81 Church 

Street ; Miss E. E. Longworth, matron. 
Town Clerk's Office, Town Hall ; Harry Plowman, Town Clerk. 
Town Hall, Manchester Road. 

Vaccination Officer ; James Clegg, 25 Nicholas Street. 
Valuation Officer ; A. H. Moorhouse, 25 Nicholas Street. 
Veterinary Inspector ; J. Kenyon, M.R.C.V.S., St. James' Street. 
Victoria Hospital, Salus Street ; John E. Wheatcroft," secretary and 

superintendent . 
Waterworks Office, Yorkshire Street ; Jack Shepherd, A.M.Inst. 

W.E., engineer and manager. 
Weights and Measures Office (County), Constabulary, Reedley; 

John H. Burke, inspector. 
Weights and Measures Office (Borough), Manchester Road ; J. II. 

Wildman, chief inspector. 



Briercliffe Central Club, Sutcliffe street ; W. Sutcliffe, secretary 
Briercliffe Reading Room and Institute, Halifax road; R. 

Starkie, secretary 
British Legion Club, 61 Plumbe street ; D. Kelly, secretary 
Burnley Cricket Club, Turf Moor ; W. West, secretary 
Burnley Football Club, Turf Moor ; Alfred Boland, secretary 
Burnley Concert Artistes' Social and Working Men's Club, St. 

James' row ; W. Hartley, secretary 
Burnley and District Loom Overlookers, 62 Lindsay street ; T. 

Dugdale, J. P., secretary 
Burnley Gas'Workers' Social Club, 47 Mosley street ; J. Pepper, 

Burnley Lane Homing Club, Rushworth st. ; T. Tunstill, secretary 
Burnley Lane Temperance Club, Bell's arcade, Hebrew road 
Burnley Lads' Club, Bank parade ; W. R. Knight, hon. secretary 


Burnley Masonic Club, Nelson house, Nelson square ; T. H. Har- 

greaves, secretary 
Burnley Society for the Blikd, i Brown street ; Mrs. J. W. 

Simmons, secretary 
Burnley Women's Unemployed Mutual Service Club, Parker 

lane ; Mrs. O. Race, secretary 
Byerden House Socialist Club and Institute, 191 Colne road ; 

J. Harrison, secretary 
Catholic Club (St. Augustine's Memorial), Lower House lane; C. 

Baker, secretary 
Catholic Club (St. John's), Rush worth street ; John Nelson, secretary 
Catholic Club (St. Mary's), Todmorden road ; J. Ramsbult, secretary 
Clarion Socialist Club, Smirthwaite street ; E. Hemingway, sec 
Conservative Club (Trinity), Trafalgar street ; J. E. Wigglcsworth, 

Do. (Fullcdge), Plumbc street ; F. A. Brown, sec 

Do. (Yatefield), Cog lane ; J. T. Swift, secretary 

Do. (Dane House), Nicholl street ; J. H. Nuttall, sec 

Do. (Whittlcfield), Tunnel street ; A. Emmett, sec 

Do. (Burnley Wood), 49 Brunswick street ; F. Cat- 

terall, secretary 
Do. (Healey), 106 Manchester road ; G. Moore, sec 

Do. (St. Andrew's), Colne road ; Geo. Howarth, sec 

Do. (Stoney holme), Rochester street ; John Collison, 

East Lancashire Regimental Club, 31a Sandygate ; J. Boyle, sec 
Ebenezer Institute, Colne road ; P. Blezard, secretary 
Golf Club, Glen View road ; A. Levens, secretary 
Grerniiill Subscription and Bowling Club, Manchester road ; 

Joseph Alderson, secretary 
Igiitenhill Park Bowling and Tennis Club, Romford street ; J. 

L. Crook, secretary 
Irish Democratic League Club, Hill street ; T. Conway, secretary 
K.S.C. Social Club, Chapel street ; J. Barker, secretary 
Lowerhouse Cricket Club, Liverpool road ; E. Drabble, secretary 
Lowerhouse Mills Club, Lowerhouse lane ; L. Whalley, secretary 
Miners' Social Club, Plumbe street ; B. Cartwright, secretary 
Oddfellows' Club (G.U.O.), Bank parade ; J. Cundy, secretary 
Raii.waymen's (N.U.R.), 47 Mosley street ; Rd. Salter, secretary 
Reform Club (Burnley lane), Hebrew road ; T. Bonnell, secretary 
Ribble Motor Services Club and Institute, Parker lane ; F. Ward, 

Social Democratic Federation, St. James' row; J. R. Tomlin- 

son, secretary 
St. Andrew's Cricket and Bowling Club, Ennismore street 

St. James' Club, Ltd., 100 St. James' street 

Stanley Club, 14 Hargreaves street ; T. C. Proctor, secretary 

Stoneyholme Institute, Canning street 

Transport Club (Burnley, Colne and Nelson), 10 Yorkshire street ; 

C. Shepherd, secretary 
Wesleyan Institute, Canning street ; T. Simms, secretary 
Working Men's Club (Briercliffe), Cuerden street ; A. Pollard, sec 
Do. (G.U.O.O.F.), Keighley green ; J. Cundy, sec 



Working Men's Club (Paradise), Martin street ; J. Strachan, sec 









51a New Hall street ; J. R. Nuttall, sec 
(Central), Robinson street ; J. W. Hargreaves, 

(Clifton), Willow street ; R. Schofield, secretary 
(Oddfellows), Dale street ; D. Cunningham, sec 
(Rosegrove Unity), Back Woodsley street 
(Imperial), Coal street ; J. S. Bland, sec 
(Lane Head), 5 Elim view ; H. Holden, sec 
(Philharmonic), 25 Yorkshire street; J. Cub- 
boa, secretary- 
Trafalgar), 9 Halstead street; H. McMahon, 

(Trinity Labour), Rowley street ; W. Madden, 

(Rose and Thistle), 84 Yorkshire street ; J. H. 

Stephenson, secretary 

(United Alliance), 2a Temple street ; J. Ash- 
worth, secretary 

(United Carters'), 6 Brown street ; T. Hilton, 

(Healey Wood Labour), 30-32 Rumley road ; E. 
Payne, secretary 


{See also Motor Haulage Contractors). 

London, Midland and Scottish Railway Co., Bank Top, Manchester Road, Burnley 
Barracks, Townoley and Rose Grove Stations ; E. Kigby, agent. 

Canal Transport, Ltd.. 85 Manchester Head ; \Y\ T. Oossley, agent. 

Bury Edenfield, RawtenstaM, Crawshaw Booth, Brierfield, Nelson, Colne, 
Barrowford, Padiham, Hapton, Accrington, Church, Oswaldtwistle, Blackburn 
and Darwenl, Abinger Street ; Alwyn Jones, proprietor. 

EDMONDSON B^ & SONS (Daily to Liverpool and Bradford), 148 Padiham Road. 

GREENWOOD W. V., Ltd. (Daily to and from all Lancashire and West Yorkshire 
Towns, nightly trunk service to London and the South, Scotland and Nortlt- 
East Coast) ; head office and depot : Summit, Manchester Road -(.see 

MARSDEN ERNEST (Daily to Liverpool and Manchester), 145 Lowerhouse Lane. 
MATHER WALTER (Daily to Liverpool, Manchester and Hull), Cooper Street. 
MITCHELL BROS., Sunderland Street Garage ; office : 5 Stephenson Street. 
PRATTLEY DANIEL & SONS, Ltd. (Daily to Manchester and Liverpool), Canal 

SAME-DAY DELIVERY SERVICE {Daily to and from all Lancashire and West 
Yorkshire towns, nightly trunk service to London and the South, Scotland 
and North-East Coast) ; head office and depot : Summit, Manchester Road 

{See Advert.). _, _ , 

Sutton & Co. (to all parts), Wollliouse Street ; F. A. Moseley, agent. 

Blackburn.— (D&ily), New Rod Lion 
Hotel, Manchester Road. 

Brierfield.— (D&i\y), Swan Hotel Yard, 
St. James' Street. 

Colne.— (Daily), Boot Tnn Yard, St. 
James* Street, 

Nelson— (Daily), Boot Tnn Yard. St.. 

James' Street. 
Padiham, — (Mondays, Wednesdays, 

Thursdays and Fridays), Boot Inn 

Yard, St. James' Street. 
Todmorden. — (Mondays, Wednesdays, 

Thursdays and Fridays), Boot Inn 

Yard, St. James' Street. 





with reference to their respective situations 

Abbey street. Holme road 

Arch yard, Arch street 

Abel street, 74 Hebrew road 

Ardwick street, Abel street 

Abiner street, 28:5 BrioroUff© road 

Argylo street, 42 Whittlofield street 

Accrington road, 120 West-gate 

Arkwright street, Rondel streot 

Acre street, 1 67 BriercliiTe road 

A,rran street, Howard street 

Ada street, Waterbarn streot 

Arthur street, 96 Westgato 

Adamson street, 65 Gannow lane 

Arundel street, IJaslam street 

Adelaide street, Fioldon street 

Ash grovo, Colne road 

Adelphi street, Cuorden street 

Ash street, 34 Plumbe street 

Adland street, 22 Tunnel street 

Ash field road, 13 Westgato 

Adlington court, Adlington street 

Ashley street, 50 Canning streot 

Adlington street, 43 Church street 

Ashworth street, 13 Temple st'eet 

Admiral street, Higgin street 

Astley yaid, 235 Accrington road 

Aigburth street, 21 Tunnel street 

Athletic street, Mitella street 

Ainslie street, 14 Slagg street. 

Athol street, 100 Accrington road 

Airdrie orescent, Melrose avenue 

Atkinson street, Pratt street 

Albany terrace, 27 Napier street 

Austin street, 54 Piccadilly road 

Albatross terrace, 77 Albion street- 

Back Altham street, North street 

Albert street, 54 Yorkshire street 

Back court, Boot street 

Albert terrace, 277 Manchester road 

Back Ince court, Inco court 

Albion court, 40 Trafalgar street 

Back Lane square, Rossendale road 

Albion street. 42 Trafalgar street 

Back Ormerod road. Godly street 

Albion terrace, 34 Albion street 

Back Rectory road, Holino road 

Alder street, Pad i ham road 

Baker street, 33 Piccadilly roafl 

Alexander buildings, 08 Coal Olough 

Baldwin street, Sutcliffc street 


Baldwin's hill. Lane head 

Allen court, IB Meadow street 

Dallam street, 142 Foiling reave road 

Allen, street, 80 Colne road 

Bamford street, Bridge street 

Allendale street, 304 Gaimow lane 

Bajik chambers, Hargreaves street 

AUerton street, 17 Tunnel street 

Bank parade, 21 Bridge street 

Alma street, 1 Brunswick street 

Bank streot, 220 Accrington road 

Alnwick court, Alnwick street 

Bank Top station, Railway street 

Alnwick street, Slater street 

Bank villas, Colne road 

Altham street, North street 

Bankficld villas, Colne road 

Alwin street, 31 Queensberry road 

Bank Hall terrace, Colne road 

Ambrose street, 11 Frankland street 

Bankhouse street. Bank parade 

Angle street, 3 North streot 

Bar street, 25 Briereliffo road 

Ann street, Kiddrow lane 

Barbon street, 122 Briereliffo road 

Anne street, ft Todmorden road 

Barclay avenue, Harold avenue 

Anthony streot, Briereliffe road 

Barden lane, 1 66 Colne road 

Appletree carr. Park avenue 

Harden street, 137 Colne road 

Aqueduct street, Grimshaw street 

Barden terraoo, Barden lane 

Arch place. 5 Arch street 

Bark street, Leeds street 

Arch street, 74 Curzon street 

Barnes court, Barnes street 



Barnes street, Parker street 
Baron terrace, Ruinley road 
Barracks square. Barracks road 
Barracks road, 97 Accrington road 
Barritt street, Hebrew road 
Barrow street, Barracks road 
Barry street, 340 Padiham road 
Bartle street, 98 Cog lane 
Bartlett street, BrierclifTe road 
Bartlott terrace, Clifton street 
Basket street, 29 Yorkshire street 
Basnett street, Salus street 
Bath street, Ormerod street 
Baxter court, Gannow lane 
Bayard street, 1 89 Lowerhouse lane 
Bear row, Lowerhouse 
Bear street, Lowerhouse 
Beatrice street, 306 Padiham road 
Bedfordshire avenue, Middlesex avenue 
Bedford street, Keppel street 
Bee street; 2 Marlborough street 
Bee Hole street, Brunshaw road 
Beech grove, 1 55 Coal Clough lane 
Beech grove, Hudbig lane 
Beechwood avenue, Rosewood avenue 
Belford street, Morton street 
Belgrave street, 27 Canning street 
Belle Vue place, 1 06 Weatgate 
Belle Vuo street, 120 Westgate 
Bell's arcade, Hebrew road 
Belvedere road, 84 Yorkshire street 
Bercsford avenue, Loekyer avenue 
Beresford street, Fielden street 
Bergen street, back of 478 Accrington 

Berridge avenue, Lowerhouse lane 
Berkeley stroet, 18 Canning street 
Berkshire avenue, Middlesex avenue 
Berry court, Victoria street 
Berry street. Spring Hill road 
Berwick street, Shaw street 
Bethesda street, 115 St. James' street 
Beverley street, 94 Coal Clough lane 
Birchall street, 30 Allen street 
Birley place, 63 Hebrew road 
Birley street, Harden lane 
Birtwistle yard, 43 Sandygato 
Bishop street, 80 Briercliffe road 
Bivel street, 99 Padiham road 
Blackburn court, Blackburn street 
Blackburn street, Brown street 
Blacker street, 446 Colne road 
Blair street, 117 Accrington road 
Blakey street, 2 Belvedere road 
Blannel street, 22 Accrington road 
Blenheim street, 44 Rectory road 
Blenheim terrace;, 306 Padiham road 
Board street, Francis street 
Bond street, Danes House road 
Boot court, Boot street 
Boot passage, Boot street 
Boot street, 8 Parker lane 
Boot yard, Parker lane 
Boundary street, Briorcliffo road 
Boundary terrace, 2 1 9 Colne road 

Bracewell street, Brennand street 
Bradley street, 226 Accrington road 
Bradley terrace, 115 Brunshaw road 
Bramble street, 10 Tunstill street 
Branch road, 54 Plumbe street 
Brassey street, Padiham road 
Bread street, Bivel street 
Brennand street, 205 Colne road 
Brent street, Casterton avenue 
Brentwood avenue, Rosewood avenue 
Brick street, Bethesda street 
Brick court, Blackburn street 
Bridge stivet, 51 St. Jarnes' street 
Brief street, 4 Devonshire road 
Brierclifte road, 129 Colne road 
Bright street, 260 Colne road 
Brighton road, 56 Marsden road 
Brighton parade, 237 Padiham road 
Bristol street, Coal Clough lane 
Brockenhurst street, Mitella street 
Broomsgrovc road, Cobden street 
Brook street, Roylo road 
Brooklands avenue, Brooklands road 
Brookiands road, 88 Hulling lane 
Brougham street, 57 Canning street 
Broughton street, 1 99 Padiham road 
Browhead road, Queen Victoria road 
Brown hill, Bank parade 
Brown street, 133 St. James' street- 
Brown's square, Hawk street 
Brown's yard, Norton street 
Brownside lane, Brunshaw road 
Bruce street, Howard street 
Brim street, 34 Curzon street 
Brunol street, Padiham road 
Brunshaw court, Brunshaw road 
Brunshaw place, Brunshaw road 
Brunshaw road, Yorkshire street 
Brunshaw terrace, 167 Brunshaw road 
Brunshaw view, Brunshaw road 
Brunswick street, 81 Xodmorden road 
Brush street, 258 Accrington road 
Buccleuch street, Coal Clough lane 
Buccleuch alley, Coal Clough lane 
Buck court, 14 Boot street 
Buck street, Howard street 
Bulcock street, Townley street 
Bull Hotel yard, Manchester road 
Bull street/ll Manchester road 
Bullion street, Lane head 
Burdett street, 4 Peace street 
Burleigh street, 38 Canning street 
Burleigh terrace, Coal Clough lane 
Burns street, Berkeley street 
Burrow's yard, 51 Gannow lane 
Burton street, Waterloo road 
Bush street, Tunstill street 
Butler street, 82 Colne road 
Byron street, 790 Padiham road 
Cable court. Brook street 
Cables street, Brook street 
Cairo street, Tunnel street 
Calder street, 147 St. James' street 
Calder terrace, 1 7 Todmorden road 
Calder Vale road, 1 87 St. James' street 



Cambridge street, 181 Accrington road 
Cameron street, 98 JSlin street 
Camp street, Cuerdale street 
Campbell street, 6 Barracks road 
Canal street, King street 
Canal wharf, 83 Manchester road 
Canal terrace, Healey Wood road 
(/arming street, Curzon street 
Cannon court, Cannon street 
Cannon street, Bridge street- 
Cardinal street, 21 Bardcn lane 
Carey street, Derby street 
Carlton road, 149 Manchester road 
Carlton terrace, 165 Lowerhouse lano 
Carlile terrace, 820 Padiham road 
Carlyle street, M'arsden road 
Carr road, 283 Manchester road 
Carr street, Baker street 
Carter street, Oak street 
Caster ton avenue, Briercliffe road 
Castle street. 50 Canning" street 
Catlow street, 87 Piccadilly road 
Cattle Market, Parker lane 
Cavalry street, 64 Padiham road 
Cavonr street, 1 2 Holme road 
Cedar street, 40 Plumbe street 
Celia street, Lyndhurst road 
Cemetery lane, Rossendale road 
Chadwiek street, Cog lane 
Chaffer street, Church street 
Chaffer yard, Adlington street 
Chalk street, Brook street 
Chancery court, 4 Chancery street 
Chancery street, 85 St. James' street 
Chapel street, 22 Yorkshire street 
Charles row, Kdward street 
Charlotte street, 35 Whittam street 
Cheapside, Padiham road, Habergham 
Cherry fold, Back fcme 
Cherry street, 247 Accrington road 
Chilton avenue, Brunshaw road 
Church court, 57 Church street 
Church street, St. -Tarries' street 
Churchill street, Cog lane 
Clare street, Wilnekl place 
Claremont street, 235 Padiham road 
Claremont villas, 185 Accrington road 
Clarence place, 1 71 Accrington road 
Clarence street, 1 1 1 Todmorden road 
Clarendon, terrace, Coal Clough lane 
Clarke street, 40 Whittlefield street 
Claughton street, 81 Thursby road 
Clay street, Brush street 
Clay street (back). Clay street 
Cleaver street, Cobdcn street 
Clegg street, 21 Elm street 
Clegg Street oast, Grey street 
Clery street, 11 Lower liosegrove lane 
Cleveland mount, Cleveland road 
Cleveland terrace, Hose Bjll road 
Cleveland road, 116 Manchester road 
Clifton road, Padiham road 
Clifton square, Clifton street 
Clifton street, 37 Westgate 
dive street, Burleigh street 

Clivigcr court, Cliviger street 

Cli vigor lane, CH vigor street 

CUviger street, 2 St. J'amos street 

Clock street, 32 Sandygate 

Clock yard, Parker lane 

Close street, 288 Briercliffe road 

Clough street, 137 Accrington road 

Clow bridge, Manchester road 

Clyde street, 30 Barracks road 

Coal Clough lano, Sandygate 

Coal Clough terrace, 109 Coal Clough 

Coal street, 78 St. -James' street 
Cohden street, 11 Briercliffe road 
Cog lane, 44 Gannow lane 
Cog square, Cog lane 
Cog street, Hargher street 
Coke street, Finsleygato 
Coke yard, 1 6 Coke street 
Colbran street, Thursby road 
Coleridge street, 840 Padiham road 
Coloshill street, Brunshaw avenue 
Colin street, 41 Coal Clough lane 
Colne road, Church street 
Collier court, Collier street 
Collier street, 208 Accrington road 
Colvillc street, 84 Hebrew road 
Como avenue, Harold avenue 
Coniston street, Woodbine road 
Constable avenue, Gainsborough aven- 
Conway grove, Casterton avenue 
Cook street, 45 Padiham road 
Cooper street, 27 Fmsleygato 
Cop row, Lane head 
Cornfield road, 459 Padiham road 
Cornwall terrace, 25 Barracks road 
Cotton row. Clow bridge 
Cotton street, 1 1 4 Junction street 
Coultate street, 10 Woodbine road 
Cow lane, 132 St. James* street 
Cowley street, 830 Padiham road 
Cowper street, 23 Cog lane 
Cranmer street, Trafalgar street 
Craven place, Craven street 
Craven street, 39 Plumbe street 
Craven terrace, 36 Albion street 
Craven terrace, 338 Colno road 
Creswick avenue, Gainsborough avenue 
Croft court, Croft street 
Croft street, 13 Yorkshire street 
Cromwell street, Burleigh street 
Cronkshaw street, Danes House road 
Cross Hill terrace, 476 Padiham road 
Cross street, Harle syke 
Crossley court, Mitre street 
Crow court, Peel street 
Crow wood. Holme road 
Crow Wood terrace, Holme road 
Crowthcr street, 58 Parliament street 
Cuerdale street, Gorple street 
Guerdon street, 109 Curzon street 
Cuerden terrace, 3o Accrington road 
Culshaw street, Morse street 
Cumberland avenue, Lockyer avenue 



Cumberland place, 132 Manchester 

Cumberland terrace, 130 Manchester 

Curzon alloy, Howe street 
Curzon street, 105 St. James* street 
Curzon yard, 53 Curzon street 
Cyprus place, Cog lane 
Daisy bank, Pyke hill, Brunshaw 
Dale street, 70 Padiham road 
Dall street, 72 Par] lament street 
Dalton street, Coal Clough lane 
Dane street, Monk Hall street 
Danes House road. Hebrew road 
Danes House terrace, 40 Danes House 

Damley street, Morse street 
Darwin street, Disraeli street 
David street, Berry street 
Dawson passage, Dawson square 
Dawson square, 83 Church street 
Dean street, Pomfret street 
Deer Park road, High or Brunshaw 
Doloh square, Lane head 
Delph street, 09 Sandygato 
Derby street. 70 Trafalgar street 
Derwent avenue, Windermere avenue 
Devons place, Brierclift'o road 
Devonshire place, Briereliffe road 
Devonshire road, 22 Hebrew road 
Devonshire terrace, 75 Devonshire road 
Dial street, Horace street 
Dickson street, 112 Gannow lane 
Diligent street, Shaw street 
Disraeli street, 302 Colne road 
Dixon terrace, Hyde street 
Doctor street, 1 1 4 Finsleygate 
Doris street, 1 83 Ley land road 
Dorset street, 18 Lowerhouse lane 
Dover street, 37 BankhouBC street 
Drew street, 524 Accrington road 
Duekctt street, Blannel street 
Duckett terrace, 105 Accrington road 
Duckett's buildings, Barracks road 
Duerden street, Shaw street 
Dugdale court, Manchester road 
Dugdale road, 378 Padiham road 
Dugdale street, 5 Red Lion street 
Duke street, 1 Kirkgate 
Dulwicli street, 5 Rum ley road 
Duncan street, Kosegrove lane 
Dunoon street, Paisley street 
Durban avenue, Lockyer avenue 
Durban street, 2 Scott Park road 
E arl street, 1 1 7 Colne road 
East view, 204 Padiham road 
Eastern avoniio, Queen Victoria road 
Eastham court, Blakey street 
Eastham place, 50 Yorkshire street 
Eastham street, Mary street 
Eastlake street, Manchester road 
Eastwood court, Eastwood street 
Eastwood street, 74 Church street 
Ebor street, 2 Peart street 
Edinburgh street, 424 Padiham road 

Edmund street, Briereliffe road 
Edward street, 32 Bridge street 
Eldwick street, Hay dock street- 
Elgin crescent, Harold street 
Elim view, Lane head 
Eliza street, 14 Todmorden road 
Elizabeth street, 50 Manchester road 
Ellis street, 87 Piccadilly road 
Elliott street, Culsha-w street 
Elm place, 320 Cannow lane 
Elm street, 1 2 Colne road 
Elmwood street, 112 Accrington road 
Elmwood terrace, 1. 1 1> Accrington road 
Emily street, 112 Springfield road 
Emmett street, Healey row 
Engine court, Engine street 
Engine street, 31 Church street 
Ennismore street, Queen Victoria road 
Entwistle street, Brunshaw road 
Escar street, Sackvillo street 
Escott street, 11 Hebrew road 
Essex avenue, Lockyer avenue 
Evans street, Healey Wood road 
Evelyn street, 141 Grey street 
Every street, 73 Albion street 
Exmouth street, Finsleygate 
Extwistle street, 120 Colne road 
Fairhohne road, 210 Todmorden road 
Fairholme terrace, Ightenhill Park lane 
Fair View road, Todmorden road 
Faraday street, Clifton road 
Farrer placo, 154 Sandygate 
Felix street, Leyland road 
Fern bank, Coal Clough lane 
Fern road, Coal Clough lane 
Femdalo street, Queen Victoria road 
Fielden street, Clough street 
Fifth avenue, Queensgate 
Finsleygate, 68 Manchester road 
Fir street, Helena street 
Firth street, 50 Croft street 
Fleece street, Bank street 
Fleet street, Market street 
Fletcher row, Parker lane 
Florence avenue, Cog lane 
Florence street, 270 Accrington road 
Florentine street, 21 3 Colne road 
Folds street, Gordon street 
Ford stroet, 143 Colne road 
Forest street. Hawk street- 
Forest view, Tunnel street 
Foundry street, Brown street 
Four Lane ends. Coal Clough lane 
Foulridge street, 213 Colne road 
Fowler street, Coal Clough lane 
Fox street, Lowerhouse lane 
Francis street, 1.51 Abel street 
Frankland street, Hyde street 
Franklyn street, Woodbine road 
Fraser street, Briereliffe road 
Furness street, Bracewell stroet 
Gainsborough avenue, 224 Manchester 

Gannow lane, 168 Padiham road 
Gannow walk, Gannow lane 



Garden street, Market place 
Garfield terrace, Thursby square 
Garstang street, Tunnel street 
(las street, (i Brown street 
George street. Canal street 
Gerald street, Brunehaw road 
Gilbert court, Meadow street 
Gilbert street, Harlo syke 
Gill street, Clifton street 
Gillowo street, Hull street 
Girvan grove, Paisley street 
Gladstone terrace, 310 Colne road 
Glebe street, 75 Huffing lane 
Globe terraee, Globe street 
Glen square, Coal Clough lane 
Glen street, Ashrield road 
Glen View road, Manchester road 
Gloucester street, Clieapside 
Godiva street, Harden lane 
Godley street, Forest street 
Gordon street, 57 Canning street 
Gorple street, Saxitield street 
Granby street, Bivel street 
Grange street, Montague road 
Grant street. Bucclouch street 
Granville street, 38 Danes House road 
Granville terrace, J 90 Colne road 
Granville terraee, 44 Lowerhouso lane 
Grasmere street, Disraeli street 
Green street, Brennand street 
Greenyard, Koper street 
Greenfield road, Small holdings 
Grecnhalgh place, Z\on .street 
Grocnhalgh street, Zion street 
Greenhill terraee, 72 Albion street 
Greenhill yard, 202 Gaimow lane 
Greenock street, Cog lane 
Greenwood glen, 368 Padiham road 
Greenwood street. Cog lane 
Gresham place, 32 Trafalgar street 
Gretna place, Four Lane emla 
Grey street. Old Hall street 
Griffin street, Rossendale road 
Griinshaw street, 34 Manchester road 
Grosvenor street, 50 Rectory road 
Grove passage, 89 Lowerhouse lane 
Grove street, 161 Accrington road 
Grove terrace, Rose Grove lane 
Guildford street, Derby street 
Guy court, Cog lane 
Guy street. Barracks road 
Habergham court, Padiham road, 
Haldane street. Peart street 
Halifax road, Harlo syke 
Halifax Road south, Halifax road 
Hall street, 1 St. James' street 
Hallows street, Harden lane 
Hall well street, 70 Colne lane 
Halstead street, 129 Manchester road 
Hambledon terrace, Habergham 
Hambledon view, Habergham 
Hamer's terraee, Brierclifre road 
Hamilton quadrant, 184 Manchester 

Hammerton st, 102 St. James' st 

Hainmorton yard, 55 Hammerton 

Hampden street, I 83 Oxford road 
Hampden terrace. Brougham street 
Hanson terrace, 44 Todmorden road 
Hapton street, Rossendale road 
Hare our t street, Burdett street 
Harcourt terrace, 08 Lowerhouse lane 
Hardy street, Lord street 
Hargher fold, Hargher street 
Hargher street, 106 Aecrington road 
Hargreaves street, 25 Manchester road 
Harloy street, 33 St. Johns road 
Harling street, Lowerhonse lane 
Harlc syke, BrierelilTe road 
Harold avenue, Cog lane 
Harold street, 95 Goal plough lane 
Harriet street, .Montague road 
Harrison street, 4 St. Stephen street 
Harrogate crescent, Lytham road 
Hart street, Hawk street 
Hartley street, 230 Accrington road 
Hartley's building, Gog lane 
Haslam street, Barracks road 
Hatter street, J 8 Boot street 
Hatterslcy street, 43 West-gate 
Haulgh street, 257 Colne road 
Havelock place, Padiham road 
Havelock street, Lockyer avenue 
Haven street, Brunshaw road 
Hawes terrace, 41 St. Cuthbert street 
Hawk street, 2-1 Adlington street 
Haworth road, JVtoseley road 
Hawthorne road, Cleveland road 
Haydock street, 219 BrierelilTe road 
Hay dock street (back), Haydook street 
Hazel grove, Brierelift'e road 
Hazel mount, 451 Padiham road 
Healey court, Hcaley Wood road 
Healey grove, 1 05 Manchester road 
Healey place, Healey Wood road 
Healey row, Healey Wood road 
Healey Wood road, 82 Manchester road 
Hcalcl road, Barden lane 
Heap street, 1 39 Cohio road 
Heasandford, Queen Victoria road 
Heath street, liibblesdale street- 
Hebrew road, 30 Colne road 
Hebrew square, 9 Hebrew road 
Helena street, 10 Todmorden road 
Herbert street, Montague road 
Hereford avenue, Lockyer avenue 
Herkomer street, Glen View road 
Hersehell street, Ightenhill Park lane 
Higghi street, 113 Brunshaw road 
High street, Hulme street 
Highbrako terrace, Padiham road 
Higher Hake head, BrierelilTe road 
Higher Haulgh road, Marsden road 
Higher ridge, Brunshaw road 
Higher Kidge view, 270 Padiham road 
Higher sinallshaw, Gannow lane 
Higher Water street, Lowerhonse 
Hightield, Woodgrove road 
Highfield avenue, Hill road 


Highfield terrace, 120 Manchester road 
Hilary street, 124 Hartley street 
Hill Marton street, 20 Marlborough 

Hill road, Queen street 
Hind street, 273 Come road 
Hindi® street, Lowerhouse lane 
Htnton street, Higgin street 
Hirst street, 40 Brunswick street 
Hobart street, 50 Albert street 
Hodder street, Casterton avenue 
Hogarth avenue, Moorland road 
Holbeck street, 106a Abel street 
Holden street, 49 Hammerton street 
Hollingreaveroad, 86 Parliament street 
Hollin bank, Towneley station 
Hollin hill, Moseley road, Towneley 
Hollins street, 201 Colne road 
Holly Bank terrace, 94 Rose Grove lane 
Holly mount, St. Matthew street 
Holly street, Helena street 
Holmby street, Pratt street 
Holme hill, Coal Clough lane 
Holme road, 100 Rectory road 
Holme view, 34 Colne road 
Holmes street, 63 Todmorden road 
Holmsley street, 2 Higgin street 
Holton street, 101? Oxford road 
Holyoake street, Lowerhouse lane 
Homer street, 205 Accrington road 
Hood House grove. Hood House street 
Hood House street, 251 Manchester 

Hope street, 60 Briercliffe road 
Hope terrace, 90 Accrington road 
Hopwood street, Arthur street 
Horan street. Harden lane 
Horace street, 1 Sand street 
Hordley street, Lowerhouse lane 
Hornby street, Plumbe street 
Horner place, 42 Barracks road 
Howard street, 30 Hargher street 
Howe street. Market street 
Howsin street, Grey street 
Hubie street, 63 Canning street 
Hudson street, Howard street ' 
Hutting court, 129 Waterloo road 
Hutting lane. Todmorden road 
Hughes street, Healey Wood road 
Hull street, 44 Plumbe street 
Hulme street, Whittlefield street 
Humphrey street, 224 Accrington road 
Hunslet street, 50 Albert street 
Hartley street, 1 60 Colne road 
Hyde street, II Livingstone street 
Iddesleigh terrace, 275 Colne road 
Ightenhill Park lane, 291 Padiham road 
Ighten road, Ightenhill Park lane 
-Ightenhill terrace, 339 Padiham road 
Imperial chambers, 2 Grimshaw street 
Ince court, 83 Sandygate 
Ince street, 79 Sandygate 
Ingleborough view, Arkwright street 
Inglehurst road, 462 Accrington road 
Irene street, Has en street 

Irwell street, Dorset street 
Ivan street, Ruskin street 
Ivory street, Padiham road 
Ivy bank, Kiddrow lane 
Ivy street, 181 Colne road 
Ivy terrace, Cook street 
Jackson street, 86 Colne road 
James' street, Francis street 
Jib hill, Lane head 
Job street, Leeds street 
Jockey street, 27 Cog lane 
John street, Habergham 
Joint street, 47 Bankhouse street 
Jubilee terrace, Orinerod road 
Jubilee terrace, 263 BriercliHe road 
Junction street, 7 Padiham road 
Kay street, Vulcan street 
Keirby street. Church street 
Keith street, 7 Adamson street 
Kendal street, Glen street 
Kent street, 2 Belgrave street 
Kensington place, 171 Coal Clough lane 
Keppel street, Whitaker street 
Kibble crescent, Brighton road 
Kibble bank, Marsden road, Lane head 
Kiddrow lane, 71 2 Padiham road 
Killington street, Barbon street 
Kime street, Coultate street 
King street, Whittam street 
King's terrace, Oporto street 
Kingsland grove, Kingsland road 
Kingsland road, Hutting lane 
Kingsley terrace, 112 Coal Clough lane 
Kinross avenue, Harold avenue 
Kirkgate, 48 Waterloo road 
Kitfield terrace, 53 Coal Clough lane 
Knightsbridge grove, 1 Colne road 
Knott's lane. Mill street, Lowerhouse 
Kyan street, Disraeli street 
Laburnam terrace, Ightenhill Park lane 
Laithe street. Spring Hill road 
Lanark street, Melrose avenue 
Lancaster street, 52a Plumbe street 
Landseer street, Carr road 
Lane head, Briercliffe road 
Lane yard, 40 Parker lane 
Langham road, 55 Lowerhouse lane 
Lansdowne street, 120 Manchester road 
Larch street, 304 Padiham road 
Lark hill, 177 Manchester road 
Lark street, Mitchell street 
Lascelles street, Brunshaw road 
Latham street, 14 Briercliffe road 
Laurel bank, Ightenhill Park lane 
Laurel street, 139 Oxford road 
Laurier road. Peart street 
Lawn street, Tennis street 
Lawrence avenue, 123 Cog lane 
Lay cock street, 7 Todmorden road 
Layneld street, 50 Plumb© street 
Leamington avenue, Briercliffe road 
Leaver street, 68 Rose Grove lane 
Lebanon street, Brunshaw road 
Lee street, 74 Colne road 
Lee Green street, Extwistle street 



Leeds street, 1 02 Finsleygate 
Lees hill, Lano head 
Leighton street, Manchester road 
Leven street, 128 Todrnorden road 
Leyland road, Blakey street 
Light street, Finsleygate 
Lime Kiln bank, 30 Yorkshire street 
Linby street, Lyndhurst road 
Lincoln street, Marlborough street 
Linden street, Lyndhurst road 
Lmdisfarne street, Tunnel street 
Lindsay street, 59 Ohuroh street 
Lionel street, 37 Woodbine road 
Lisbon street, Derby street- 
Liverpool road, 103 Roso Grove lane 
Livingstone street. Barracks road 
Lockyer avenuo, Lowerhouse lano 
Lodge street, Oalder Vale road 
Lamas street, 55 Sandygato 
Lonsdale street, 27 Alder street 
Lonsdale yard, Gaimow lane 
Lord street, 124 Trafalgar street 
Lord's yard, 30 Sandygato 
Lome street, 1 1 Gannow lane 
Lorne terrace, Briercliffe road 
Louisa street, 188 Padiham road 
Lower Halgh head, Colne road 
Lower ridge, Woodbine road 
Lower Hose grove, 'Rose Grove lane 
Lower Water street, Lowerhouse 
Lowerhouse fold, Lowerhouse lane 
Lowerhouse lane, Gannow lane 
Lubboek street, Woodbine road 
Lutner street, 75 Plumb© street 
Lyall street, Todrnorden road 
Lydia street, 53 Sandygato 

Lyndhurst road, 44 Todrnorden road 
Lytham road, BriereliCEe road 
Lytton street, Padiliam road 
Mabel terrace, 1.41 Oxford road 
Macauley street, Brush street 
Macliso street, 399 Manchester road 
Maden fold, Gannow lane 
Magdalene terrace, Haslam street 
Malcolm street, Owen street 
Malt ICiln street, Hill Top street 
Manchester road, 4G St. James' street 
Manor road, Arkwright street 
Mansorgh street, Barbon street 
Maple terrace, 102 Accrington road 
March street. Canning street 
Margaret street, Elm street 
Marine avenue, Venice avenue 
Mark street, Ivy street 
Market hall. Market place 
Market place. Market street 
Market square. Market place 
Market street, CI St. James' street 
Marlborough street, 28 Biealey Wood 

Marlborough terrace, 318 Padiliam 

Maries street, 113 Colne road 
Marquis place, Woodland street 
Marsden rd., Lano head, Briercliffe rd. 

Martin street, Foulridge street 

Martins Bank chambers, St. James* 

Mary street, 55 Brunshaw road 
Mason street, Oak Mount street 
Massey street, Bank parade 
Master street, 30 Packer street 
Matlock grove, Briereliffo road 
May street, 1 8 Kirkgate 
Mayfield terrace, 20 St. Matthew street 
Meadow street, 5 Mount Pleasant street 
Molbourne street, Salus street 
Mellor street, Brunshaw road 
Melrose avenue, Coal Clough lane 
Melville street, Thursby road 
Mercantile chambers, v 69 St. James' 

Mercer street, Kiddrow lane, Haber- 

Mersey street, Irwell street 
Morton street, Kent street 
Metealfe street, Owen street, Robo 

Middlesex avenue, Kiddrow lane 
Milan avenue, Harold avenue 
Mile street, 110 Trafalgar street 
Millais street, Manchester road 
Mill street, Charles street 
Miller street. Pilling street 
Milner street, 35 Kim street 
Milton street, 5 Temple street 
Milton terrace, 321 Padiham road 
Minehead avenue, Brierclin'e road 
Mitchell street, 201 Padiliam road 
Mitella street, 137 Brunshaw road 
Mitre place, Accrington road 
Mitre street, (5 Accrington road 
Mizpah street, 151 Brunshaw road 
Monk H,all street, 40 Danes House road 
Monmouth street, Shale street 
Montague road, 161 Manchester road 
Montrose street, 4(i Rose Hill road 
Moore street, 804 Padiliam road 
Moorfield street, 44 Brierclin'e road 
Moorhouse street. Hartley stroet 
Moorhouse terrace, 50 Accrington road 
Moorland road, 1 82 Manchester road 
Morley stroet, Crowther stroet 
Morecambe road, Brierclin'e road 
Morpeth street, .Shaw street 
Morse street, Brunshaw road 
Moseley road, Towneley station 
Mosley street, 22 Parker street 
Moss street, 25 Lord street 
Mount Pleasant street, 63 Hammerton 

Mount road, Clevelands road 
Murray street, 314 Colne road 
Myers street, 4 Old Hall street 
Myrtle avenue. Cog lane 
Naime street, 86 Accrington road 
Napier street. Barracks road 
Naples avenue. Cog lane 
Nelson square, 97 Manchester road 
Neptune court, 20 Sandygate 



Neptune street, 27 Sandygate 
Nesbitt terrace, Clifton street 
Netherby street, Coal Clough lane 
Ncthcrwood street, Briereline road 
New Ground court, Lano head 
New Hall street, I 30 Abel street 
Newcastle street, Cuerden street 
Newman street, 322 Colne road 
Newport street, Cog lane 
Newton street, Clifton road 
Nicholl street, 00 Abel street 
Nicholas street, 11 Ked Lion street 
Norfolk avenue, Lockyor avenue 
Norman street, Monk Hall street 
North street, 92 Hebrew road 
North View terrace, 804 Padiham road 
Norton street, 25 Yorkshire street 
Nowell street, 32 Howe street 
Nuttall street, Waterloo road 
Nutford place, Todmorden road 
Oak bank, Todmorden road 
Oak hill street, Hartley street 
Oak mount, Westgate 
Oak mount street, Ashhold road 
Oak mount terrace, Westgate 
Oak street, 292 Padiham road 
Oak terrace, 128 Accring'ton road 
Oaken bank, BrierclifTe road 
Oaken place, Oaken bank 
Oban, street, Knnismoro street 
Old Duke terrace, 153 BrierclifEe road 
Old Hall street, Kim street 
Oldham street, Healey Wood road 
Olive mount, Padiham road 
Olive street, Junction street 
Olive terrace, 1 51 Aecrington road 
Olivant street, Padiham road 
Olympia street, Mitella street 
Oporto street, 108 Sandygate 
Orchard bridge, Caldor Vale road 
Orchard place, Caldor Vale road 
Ormerod road, 05 Church street 
Ormerod street, Hargreaves street 
Orpen avenue, Kose Hill road 
Osborne grove. Reed-ley 
Osborne street, 60 Albion street 
Oslo road, Aecrington road 
Oswald street, Brougham street 
Outwoodroad, 20-1 Todmorden road 
Owen street, a Hose Grove lane 
Oxford court, 1 SO Oxford road 
Oxford road, 3 Temple street 
Oxford terrace, 1.85 Oxford road 
Pack Horse yard, Calder street 
Padiham road, Westgate 
Paisley street, Harold avenue 
Palace street, 328 Padiham road 
Palatine square, Albion street 
Palm street, 155 Aecrington road 
Paper street, Calder Vale road 
Paradise street, 2 Hammerton street 
Park avenue, 283 Manchester road 
Park Hill, Cheapside, Padiham road 
Park Hill terrace, Habcrgham 
Park street, Parker street 

Park side, Woodgrove road 
Park parade, 260 Padiham road 
Park villas, Padiham road 
Parker lane, I 8 St. James* street 
Parker street, 2(5 Standish street 
Parkinson street, Springfield road 
Parliament street, Todmorden road 
Parsonage terrace. 90 Curzon street 
Pasture Gate avenue. Coal Clough lane 
Patten street, 30 Trafalgar street 
Paulhan street, Kuskin street 
Peace street, 127 Aecrington road 
Pear street, Hull street 
Peart street, 311 Colne road 
Peel street, 3 Crow nest 
Pelham street, Loworhouse lane 
Pembroke street, Sharp street 
Pendle street, 4 Cook street 
Pondle view, Coal Clough lane 
Pendle view, Lowerhouse lane 
Pendlehurst street, Manchester road 
Penistone street, .Shale street 
Pennine avenue, 023 Bruusliaw road 

Perseverance terrace, 305 Padibam 

Perth street, 128 Aecrington road 
Peter street, 16 Parker lane 
Pheasantford street, 1 23 Colne road 
Piccadilly gardens, Piccadilly road 
Piccadilly road, 145 Manchester road 
Pickles street, Cotton street 
Pickup court, 14 Pickup street 
Pickup street, 21 Yorkshire street 
Pickup terrace, 151 Manchester road 
Pike hill, Brunshaw road 
Pike Hill lane, Brownside lane 
Pilling court. Pilling street 
Pilling street, .Norton street 
Pine street, 30 Plumbe street 
Pink street. Woodbine road 
Plane Tree alley, 2 Westgate 
Plane Tree houses, Lane head 
Plantation street, Colne road 
Pleasant court, Mount Pleasant street 
Pleasant place, 07 Hammerton street 
Plover street, Broughton street 
Plumbe street, 53 Yorkshire street 
Poet's road, Habergham 
Pollard's yard, Peter street 
Pollard street, Howard street 
Pomfret street. 8 Aecrington road 
Pompey court, Healey Wood road 
Poplar street, Burleigh street 
Poplar terrace, 123 Coal Clough lane 
Powell street, 3 Scott Park road 
Pratt street, 330 Colne road 
Preseott street, Higg'in street 
Prestwick street, 123 Coal Clough lane 
Primrose bank, 224 Aecrington road 
Primrose street, BrierchiTe road 
Prince street, 1 09 Coal Clough lane 
Princess street, 45 Bankhouse street 
Princess terrace, 1 88 Aecrington road 
Print street, Ashfield street 
Pritchard street, Montague road 



Prospect view, Colne road 
Prospect terrace, 56 Yorkshire street 
Prospect terrace, Clow bridge 
Providence terrace, 67 Padiham road 
Pump street, Cranmer street 
Parch on place, 342 Padiham road 
Quarry Bank street, Jghtenhill Park 

Quarry street, Starkie street 
Queensgate, 305 Colne road 
Queen street, Canal street 
Queen's park, Ormerod road 
Queen's Park road, Ormerod road 
Queen's road. Queen's gate, Colne road 
Queen's terrace, Colne road 
Queen Victoria road, XHl Briercliffe 

Queensberry road, Coal Clough lane 
Radcliffo court, 19 Red Lion street 
RadolifYe terrace. Barracks road 
Raeburn street, Manchester road 
Raglan road, oO Piccadilly road 
Railway street, Curzon street 
Railway terrace, Arundel street- 
Rake head, Briercliffe road 
Rake foot, 52 Church street 
Ramsay grove, Brierclifte road 
Randal street, Brermand street 
Rawcliffc street, 86 Church street 
Rawlinson street, Springfield road 
Raws street, 58 Bank parade 
Rawson street, Foulridge street 
Rectory road, Canning street 
Redvers street, Bright street 
Red Lees road, Brunshaw road 
Red Lion street, 10 Manchester road 
Reed street, 68 Parliament street 
Reedley street, Marsden road 
Reedley terrace, 380 Colne road 
Redruth street, 145 Padiham road 
Regent street, Rectory road 
Rendel street, 339 Padiham road 
Ronnie street, Morse street 
Renshaw street, Brennand street 
Reynolds street, Manchester road 
Reservoir street, 48 Laithe street 
Kibble avenue, Casterton avenue 
Ribblesdale street, 39 Brierclifte road 
Richard street, Oxford road 
Richmond hill, 1 32 Sandygate 
Richmond street, 79 Coal Clough lane 
Rider court, 99 Todmorden road 
Ridge road, #4 Belvedere road 
Ridge row, Brunshaw road 

Riding street, Starkie street 
Riley street, 48 Hurling lane 
Riley's court, Lowerhouse lane 
River entry, 40 Hainmerton street 
River street, 20 Hanimerton street 
Robert street, 20 Parker street 
Roberts row, 148 Manchester road 
Robinson street, 74 Hebrew road 
Rochester street, Salford street 
Rock cliff c, Ightenhill Park lane 
Rock lane, Townelev station 

Roebuck street, 128 Padiham road 
Roebuck square. Roebuck street - 
Rome avenue, Marine avenue 
Romford street, 351 Padiham road 
Romney avenue, Manchester road 
Ronald street, Rose Grove lane 
Rookville terrace, Accrington road 
Rose avenue, Rose Mount avenue 
Rose Grove lane, lane 
Rose Grove lane (back), Rosegrove lane 
Rose Grove terrace, 306 Gannow lane 
Rose Hill avenue, Rose Hill road 
Rose Hill lane, Manchester road 
Rose Hill mount, 144 Manchester road 
Rose Hill road, 144 Manchester road 
Rose Leigh terrace, 179 Coal Clough 

Rose mount, 271 Manchester road 
Rose Mount avenue, Rose B'ill lane 
Rose street, Accrington road 
Rose terrace, Gannow lane 
Rose terrace, 109 Accrington road 
Roseberry street, 396 Colne road 
Rossetti avenue, Romney avenue 
Rose valley, 302 Accrington road 
Rosewood avenue. Rose Hill avenue 
Roslyn terrace, 55 Lowerhouse lane 
Rossendale road, Rose Grove lane 
Roundell street. Hind street 
Rowley street, 48 Trafalgar street 
Royal terrace, 201 Padiham road 
Roylo road, Brown street- 
Roy le terrace, 49 Rectory road 
Rumley road, 34 Healey Wood road 
Rushworth street, 1 03 Colne road 
Ruskin street, 422 Colne road 
Russell street, Oxford road 
Rutland avenue, Lockyor avenue 
Rydal mount, 1 1 ('> Manchester road 
Rydal street, Disraeli street 
Rylands street, 145 Colne road 
Sackville street, 1 60 Oxford road 
St. Andrew's street, 17 Ford street 
St. Andrew's terrace, 148 Colne road 
St. Cuthbert's street, Briercliffe road 
St. -Tames' hall, St, James' row 
St. James' lane, 4 St. James' row 
St. James' row, 70 St. James' street 
St. .James' street, Burnley centre 
St. John's road, 222 Padiham road 
St. Mary's gate, 5 Todmorden road 
St. Matthew street, 175 Manchester 

St. Matthew's terrace, St. Matthew 

St. Paul's court, Saunder bank 
St. Philip street, Abel street 
St. Stephen street, 1 60 Oxford road 
Salford street, Bankhouse street 
Salisbury terrace, Coal Clough lane 
Saltbum street, 276 Gannow lane 
SaluR street, 22 Queen Victoria road 
Sand street, 65 Padiham road 
Sandhurst street, 46 Albert street 
Sandygate, 1 72 St. James 1 street 



Sandy passage, Guildford street 
Saunderbank, 58 Manchester road 
Saxiiield street, Harle syko 
Saxinold terrace, Colne road 
Saxon street, Monk Hall street 
Sear top, Church street 
Searlott street, Coal Clough lano 
Sehofield court, Croft street 
School court, 722 Padiham road 
School lane, Church street 
School street, Lowerhouse 
Scott Park road, 189 Manchester road 
Scott street, 816 Padiham road, 
Scott's terrace, Fielden street 
Sedbergh street, Briorcliffe road 
Sefton avenue, Albion stroot 
Sefton terrace, Albion street 
Selkirk avenue, Greonock street 
Serpentine road, Clevelands road 
Shackleton street, Briercliffe road 
Shaftesbuiy street, Rose Hill road 
Shakespeare terrace, 101 Albion street 
Shale street, Bivel street 
Shaw street, Slater street 
Sharp street, Breimand street 
Shelley street, 6 Homer street 
Shepherd street. Cog lano 
Sheridan street, Harle syke 
Ship alley, 38 Finsleygate 
Shorey bank, . Ormerod road 
Short street, 01 Piccadilly road 
Shuttleworth street, 303 Colne road 
Simpson street, Dale stroot 
Sla£g street, St. John's road 
Slater street, 79 Westgate 
Slater terrace, 31 Sandygate 
Smallholdings, Brunshaw road 
Smalley street, 1 60 Oxford road 
Smallshaw lane, Aocrington road 
Smirthwaite street, 142 Cog lane 
Smith street, 31 Clifton street 
Smith's ya-rd, Gannow lane 
Snowden street, White street 
Somerset street, 115 Hollingreavo road 
Soudan street, Hind street 
South street, 6 Parker street 
Southern avenue, Padiham road 
Southey street, Waverley street 
Southwark street, 107 Gannow lane 
South view, 315 Manchester road 
Spencer's court, Pickup street 
Spencer street, Cameron street 
Spring terrace, Habergham 
Springfield road, Oxford road 
Springfield terrace, 49 Padiham road 
Spring Hill road, Manchester road 
Springwood road, Red Lees road 
Spruce street, Leeds stroct 
Squire street, 107 Colne road 
Stafford street, 12 Kim street 
Staithe street, Albert street 
Standish street, Market place 
Stanhope street, Royle road 
Stanley court, Stanley place 
Stanley place, 10 Stanley street 

Stanley street, 78 Manchester road 
Stanley terrace, 95 Coal Clough lane 
Stansfield court, Westgate 
Siansfield street, Aocrington road 
Stanworth street, Elm street 
Starkie street, 1 66 Sandygate 
Steer street, Ivy street 
Stephenson street, Padiham road 
Stephenson square, 26 Barracks road 
Stewart street, Todmorden road 
Stock street, Dale street 
Stoneyhohne, Rectory road 
Stoney street, Hufting lane 
Stoop street, 39 Cog lane 
Strange street, 1 75 Branch road 
Stroyan street, Brunshaw road 
Stuttard street, 209 Colne road 
Suffolk avenue, Kiddrow lano 
Sunderland street, 1 8 Rose Grove lane 
Sunny bank, 173 Manchester road 
Sunnyhurst, 273 Manchester road 
Sunny side. Lower Rose grove 
Surrey avenue, Lockyer avenue 
Sussex street, 127 Waterloo road 
Sutcliffo street, Cow lane 
Swainbank street, 56 Parliament street 
Sweet clough, Kiddrow lano 
Sweot Home square, Lowerhouse lane 
Swindon street, 65 Coal Clough lane 
Swinless street, 1 1 o Briercliffe road 
Sycamore avenue, Gannow lane 
Sydney street, Bankhouse street 
Tabor street. Plover street 
Talbot street, Forest street 
Tanner street, 5a Hammerton street 
Tarleton street. Parliament street 
Tarleton avenue, Todmorden road 
Tate's terrace, Curzon street 
Tay street, 23 Nairn street 
Taylor street, 10 Abel street 
Telford street, Ightenhill Park lane 
Temple stroot, 22 Plumbe street 
Tonnis street, Thursby square 
Tentre street, 9 Temple street 
Tennyson street, Waverley street 
Thackray, Brunshaw road 
Thames avenue, Caaterton avenue 
Thirlmere avenue, Disraeli street 
Thomas street, 15 Rod Lion street 
Thompson street, 152 Padiham road 
Thorn hill, 143 Manchester road 
Thorn Hotel yard, Market street 
Thorn street, 78 Hebrew road 
Thornhill street, Lowerhouse 
Thursby road, 99 Briorcliffe road 
Thursby square, 61 Colne road 
Thursden avenue, Harle syke 
Thursneld road, Linby street 
Thurston street, Albert street 
Tiber avenue, Marine avenue 
Titus yard, Collier street 
Todmorden road, Yorkshire street 
Tower street, 406 Padiham road 
Town Hall, Manchester road 
Towneley grove, 139 Todmorden road 



Towneley park, Todmorden road 
Towneley side, 1 97 Todmorden road 
Towneley station, Hufling lane 
Towneley villas, Brooklands road 
Towneley street, 84 BrierclifEe road 
Trafalgar street, 107 Manchester 

Travis street, 26 Danes House road 
Trinity place, 24 Accrington road 
Trinity terrace, 8 Accrington road 
Trout street. Grey street 
Tunnel street, 20 Junction street 
Tunstill street, 1 60 Colne road 
Tullis street, Uulshaw street 
Turf street, 49 Yorkshire street 
Turfyard, Turf street . 
Tuscan avenue, Florence avenue 
Turner street, 270 Accrington road 
Ulster street, 30 Swindon street 
Undcrley street, Marsden road 
Union court, Union street 
Union street, 1 8 Brown street 
Unwin street, Haslaxn street 
Valley street, Kossendale road 
Varley street, 29 Trafalgar street 
Voevors street, 8 Brown street 
Venice avenue, Cog lane 
Venice street, 1 74 Cog lane 
Vernon avenue, Florence avenue 
Vernon street, Bankhouse street 
Vicarage place, 123 Accrington road 
Victoria buildings, 112 St. James' 

Victoria chambers, Hargrcaves street 
v ictoria court, Victoria street 
Victoria street, 1 6 Hargrcaves stroet 
Victoria terrace, Holme road 
Victoria terraco, 47 Westgate 
Victoria terrace, 363 Lowerhouse lane 
Victoria terrace, 1 89 BrierclifEe road 
Villiors street, Cog lane 
Vincit street, 81 Queen Victoria road 
Violet street, 1 39 Grey street 
Vulcan street. Cow lane 
Walmsley street, Robinson street 
Walnut street, 6 Guy stroet 
Walpole street, Sharp street 
Walshaw lane, Lane head 
Walshaw street, 32 Allen street 
Ward stroet, 8 Arthur street 
Warwick street. Canning street 
Water street, Cannon street 
Waterbarn street, Colne road 
Waterloo road, 32 Parliament street 
Watkinson court, 10 Westgate 
Watson street, Cog lane 
Watt street, Padiham road 
Waverley street, 42 Accrington road 
Webster terrace, I 67 Brierelift'e road 
Weldon street, Buccleuch street 
Well House street, Adlington street 
Wellesley street, Lowerhouse lane 
Wellington street, 25 Brunshaw road 
Wellington terrace, Belvedere road 
West End villas, Padiham road 

Wostbourne avenue, 236 Coal Clough 


Western avenue, Scott Park road 
Westgate, St. James' street 
Westmorland street, iNairno street 
West Parade view, 1 1 Padiham road 
West street, Browhead road 
West View terrace, Colne road 
Whalley street, Milner street . 
Whitaker street, 52 Trafalgar street 
White street, 223 Gannow lane 
White Bull street, 25 Gannow lane 
Whitefield terrace, Hollingreave road 
Whitehaven streot, Coal Clough lane 
Whitpark street, Haslam street 
Whittam street, Hammerton street 
Whittlofield street, 25 Padiham road 
Widdup streot, Saxifield stroet 
Widow hill, BrierclifEe road 
Wilfield place, 13 Accrington road 
Wilfield street, 20 Padiham road 
Wilfield terrace, 22 Padiham road 
Wilkinson streot. Lane head 
Williams road, 151 BrierclifEe road 
Willis street, 50 Piccadilly road 
Willow bank, Brooklands road 
Willow lane, 316 Manchester road 
Willow street, 26 Clifton street 
Wiltshire avenue, Middlesex avenue 
Wilton street, 1 99 Brierehft'e road 
Wilton terrace, 20 1 BrierclifEe road 
Windermere avenue, 229 Harden lane 
Windle court, Slater stroet 
Windsor terrace, 129 Accrington 

Winn alley, Sandygate 
Wiseman street, 28 Westgate 
Witbarrow terrace, 108 Accrington 

Wood street, Robinson street 
Woodbine road, 268 Padiham road 
Woodbine terrace, 342 Padiham road 
Woodbine terrace, 138 Accrington 

Woodgrove road, Todmorden road 
Woodhouse street, Brunswick street 
Woodhouse terrace, 223 Manchester 


Woodland stroet, Healey Wood road 
Woodleigh, Manchester road 
Woodman square, 177 Todmorden 

Woodplumpton road, Glen View road 
Woodside, 1 69 Todmorden road 
Woodsley street, 54 Hose Grove lane 
Wood court, Mount Pleasant street 
Wordsworth street, 67 Gannow lane 
Wren street, 69 Gannow lane 
Wynotham street, 98 BrierclifEe road 
Yarm place, Parker street 
Yatefield fold, Cog lane 
Yorke street, 41 Manchester road 
Yorkshire street, Church street 
Zion street, 5 Dale street 
Zion terrace, Greenhalgh street 



8ub-0fftce# : — Acerington Road, Bank Top, BriorelifTe Road, Cheapside, Church 
Street, Coal Clough Lane, Colne Road, Clow Bridge, Biarle Syke, Hebrew 
Road, Ightenhill, Lowerhouse, Oxford Road, Padiham Road, Parliament 
Street, Piccadilly Road, Queexisgat©, Queen Victoria Road, Rose Grove, 
Rose Hill, Stonoyholme, Todmorden Road, Trafalgar Street and Westgate. 

Potting Boxes : — Abel Street, Acerington Road, Albert Street, Bank Top Station, 
Bank Parade, Bardon Lane, Berry Street, Breunand Street, Bridge End, 
Brooklands Road, Brunshaw Road, Carlton Road, Coal Clough Lane, Colne 
Road, Kim Street, Gannow Lane, Haggato, Harold Avenue, Healey Wood 
Road, HuHing Iiano, Kirkgato, Lane Head, Lockyer Avenue, Lowerhouse 
Lane, Manchester Road Station, Manchester Road, Market Hall, Kiddrow 
Lane, Meehauics T Institute, Moore Street, Moorland Road, Moseley Road, 
Old Hall Street, Ormorod Road, Oswald Street, Palace House, Pheasantford 
Street, Queonsgate, Queen's Park Road, Rectory Road, Reedley, Sana- 
torium, Southern Avenue, Summit, St. James' Street, Whittlefield Street, 
Moorland Road, Towneley Gates, Trafalgar Street, Cog Lane, Weavers 1 
Institute, Rose Hill and Witton Lodge. 


Colne , 

Padiham, Nolson and Brierlield , 

Fence, Highain, Padiham and Read 

Hapton, Manchester, Preston and Crewe, 
Rural Post and Town Delivery 



Leeds , 


Blackpool, Accrhigton, London, &c. ; Preston and Manchester 

Brierlield, Kelson and Padibam 

Town Dolivery 

Bolton and Manchester 

Preston, Liverpool, London {North and South), Crewe and 

Bradford, Halifax and Leeds 



Southport, Blackpool, Preston and Crew© 

l ,1 ence. Rural Districts, Town Delivery and Colne 

Manchester, Blackburn, Preston and Acerington 


Brierlield and Nelson 

Town Delivery, Padiliam and Read 

Crewe, South Wales, York, London and South 

Preston, North, South Scotland, Ireland, Chester and Man- 


Bradford, Leeds, Huddorslield, York, Newcastle and Rochdale 

Night Mail to all parts 

Leeds and Sheffield 

Acerington, Blackburn, Bolton, Preston, Manchester and 
Glasgow ...,,,,, ,.,.M..MM.....„„. M ,..H ........ , 

Latest Hour of 
Posting at 

Head Office. 

4 a.m. 

5 30 

5 40 

6 15 

6 30 
8 15 

8 30 

9 30 
9 45 

10 15 
10 45 




U 15 „ 
U 16 „ 
12 15 p.m. 
12 30 

1 15 








5 45 

6 45 


9 15 

9 30 











Briercliffe, Ightenhill, Habergham Eaves 

and Clow Bridge. 

Abbott Jas. A., crtkr, 28 Gordon st 
Abbott Jph. P., speedway rider, 92 

Olvmpia sfc 
Abel! Fredk-, stpljack, 114 Mitella st 
Abrahams Eli, oonftnr, 39 Parker hi ; 

h. 25 Grimshaw st 
Ackroyd Herbt., dairy, 118 Padiham. rd 
Ackroyd Mrs. Isabella, groi\ 19 Brown 

Ackroyd Jas., clrk. 2 KinpsUmd grve 
Acornley Elijah, dairy, 10 Oxford rd 
Adams Mr. Chas. Henry* 2G Hersehell 

Adams Stores, Ltd., wliUl and retail 

smlwre dlrs, Healey Wood mill (Tel. 

2071), 22a Plumbest. 144 Accrington 

rd, 2 TunstiU st and G Lowerhouse 

In : and at Neteo/i, Colne and 

Adams Wm., trvllr. til' Broekenhurst sfc 
Adamsou Mr. Walter. Station house, 

Hufling In 

Adamson Wltr, rhvy insptr, 110 Bos- 
sondale rd 

Adcrol't Wm., rhvy insptr, 15 Rossen- 
dale rd 

Addie ilrs. Mary A., hairdrsr, 1 Col- 
vine st 

Addison Andrew, pmtr, 41 Brocken- 
hui'st st 

ADDISON & Co., Ltd., wine and spirit 
merchants, ale and porter bottlers, 
45-47 St. James' street. Tel. 2349 

Addison John, pol con, 2 Matlock grv 
AddleseoRev. Wltr. (Cong.), SSIghten- 

hill Park In 
Adlum John W., engnr's formn, 56 

Albion sfc 
Agasoar Madharrao, L. M. & S. physen 

and surgn, 13 Ormerod rd 
Aggett Mrs. Ruth,, 29 Lindsay st 
AGGETT WILLIAM, portable building 

maker and timber dealer, Shackieton 

street ; h. is Bar sfc 

Aiken Richd., boot dlr, 00 Kosegrove In 
Ainseow Jas. S., gramophone dlr, 38 

Standish st ; h. SO Master sfc 
AINSWORTH JOHN R., commercial 

stationer and bookseller, Market 

street. Tel. 2431 ; h. Lytham St. 


Ainsworth Moses, trvllr, 07 Culshaw st 
Amsvvorth Wltr, booksllr\s assfc, 44 

Clevelands rd 
Ainsworth Wm., phtgrphr, 5 Escotfc at 
Ainsworth Wm., clrk, 29 Godiva sfc 
Airoy Mrs. Elsie, hairdrsr, 139 Parlia- 
ment st 
Airey Jas., metr insptr, 1 3 Paper sfc 
Airoy Mr, Jas. R., 275 Manchester rd 
Airey Mrs. Mabel A., 1 Powell sfc 
Airoy Richd., efcfcu slsnm, 24 Helena st 
Airey Wm., hairdi'sr, 122 Oxford rd 
Airey Wm., cnftnr, 2S St. Cufchbert sfc 
Alrins Wm. W. (.Sterling Oil Co.) ; h. 32 

Belvedere rd. Tel. 2041 
Albion (The) Press, prntrs, Moorlield 

st. Tel. 4000 
Albistoji Horace, tic's mngr, S3 Gains- 

borough av 
manufacturers of aluminium die- 
casSings of all descriptions, Athletic 
works, Athletic street. Tel. 2556 
Alcock John, cookd meat sfcrs, 91 Par- 
liament sfc 
Alder Electric Appliances, Ltd., maker 
of domestic appliances, Rushworth 
sfc. Tel. 2628 
Aldersley Clifford, me agnt, 65 Middle- 
sex av 

Aldersley Wm. H., county court bailiff, 

70 Mitella sfc 
Alderson Ceo., coal dlr, 413 Cog In 
Alderson Harry, coal dlr, 135 Every st. 

Tel. 2751 
Alderson John, frmr, Back In 
Alderson Jph., coal dlr, 130 Athol st 
Alderson Lnrd., gas i'fctr's insptr, 335 

Brims-haw rd 
Alderson 'Nathan, trvllr, 15 Kingsland 

Alderson Wm. E., coal dlr, 147 Rosson- 

dale rd 
Aldis Chas., mop irtkr, la Hyde sfc 
Aldis Chas., lirewood dlr, 120 Accring- 

fcon rd 
Aldis Hy., crtkr, 10 Rodrufch st 
Aldred Mrs. Alice, nwsgnfc, 15 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Aldred Jph. H., cnffcnr, 209 Gannow In 
Aldritfc Jph H., mngr, 11 Beatrice sfc 



Alexander Edwd. P., phtgiphr, 1! 

Westgate ; h. 4 Calder Valerd 
Alexander John E., comp, 129 Cleaver 


Alexandre, Ltd., tailors. 102 St. James' 

Alkambra Cinema, Trafalgar st. Tel. 

ALLAN ADAM, builder and contractor 

(range fixing and tiling a speciality), 

16 Tabor street Tel. 4296 
Allan Rgnld., prntr, 91 Nairne st 
Allan Wm. (Adam Allan) ; h. 12 l ! ahor 

Alien Albt. E., clrk, 89 Rose Hill rd 
Allen M'iss Annie, grcr, 61 Milton st 
Allen Arthur J., pel srgfc, 100 Kew Hall 

Allen Edmnd., btclir, 83 Healey Wood 


Allen Edwd., schlmstr, 9 Stafford St 

Allen Emmerson D., grocer, 26 Hart 

Allen Harold, clrk, 24 Linden st 

Allen & Harrison, wndw olnrs. 11 
Smalley st 

Allen Henry, nwygnt, 20 Rose Grove 

Allen John (Allen & Hanison) ; h. 8 
Reed st 

Allen John W. ; trvllr, 24 Smalley st 

Allied Newspapers, Ltd., 20 Ourzon st. 
Tel. 2576 

Alfinson YVlfd., drpr's mngr, 4 Gains- 
borough av 

Allison Miss Edna, hah'drsr, 151 Oxford 

Allison Jas.,frmr, Lee green, BriercUffc 

Allison Jas. R., paperworks see, 28 
Clevelandsrd.^ Tel. 3303 

Allison John, dairy, 2 Ridge row 

Allison Thos., boot repr, 148 Manches- 
ter rd 

Allsopp Chaa. R., pol con, 80 Montrose 

Almond Chris., boot repr, 223a Brun- 
shaw rd 

Almond John Wm., san insptr, 36 
Gainsborough av 

Almond Peter, clerk, 22 White Bull 

Almond Vincent, hrdwredlr, 51 Sandy- 

Almond Wm. Jas., frmr, Higher 
Micklohurst farm 

Alston Jas. T., pntr's mngr, 37 Ormer- 
od av 

Alston Thos., grcr, 76 Dallsfc 

LEGE, shorthand, typewriting, book- 
keeping, arithmetic, penmanship, 
commercial law, civil service and 
professional preliminary examina- 
tions, 14 Golne road. Tel. 3939 ; 
W. E. Page, F.C.T.& (Inc.), principal 

ALTHAM ABRAHAM, Ltd., tea mer- 
chants, Market buildings, Market 
square. Tel. 2191 (three lines) ; 
branches at 12 Howe street, Market 
place, 29 Oxford road and 136 Colne 
road ; tourists' office, 31 Market 
street. Tel. 2191 (three lines) ; and 
at Nelson, Colne and Padihaiu 

A.R.C.M., teacher of pianoforte, 
organ, theory, etc. (organist and 
choirmaster to Burnley Parish 
Church and conductor to the Muni- 
cipal Choir and Burnley and Nelson 
Arion Glee Union, 34 Clevelands 
grove, off Clevelands road 

Alt-ham John (A. Altham, Ltd.) : h. 

Grey court, ReedUy. Tel. 827 Nel- 
Altham Miss Nora, mllnr, 56 'Hebrew rd 
Alton Wm., ins agnt, 1 1 9 Florence av 
Amalgamated Mhigim&rmg Union, 2o 

Ht. James' row • A. V. Oakes. see 
Amalgamated Textile Warehousemen' x 

Association, Koig-hley gin. ©aL 372ft; 

J. Lynch, sec 
Ambler Herbt., btchr, 273 Briereliffe rd 
Ambler Herbt. , trvllr, 4-5 Glen View rd 
Ames Arthur F., gas engnr and mngr, 

Corporation Gas works, Parker hi. 

Tel. 2101 ; h. 25] Manchester rd. 

Tel. 3971 
Ames Thos. H. (T. Amy* & Sons* 

Ltd.) ; h. y Stephenson st, Tel. 

Ames Thos. & Sons, Ltd., blebs* 

mrehnts, Stephenson st. Tel. 2578 
Anderson Alfd., trvllr, 34 Rectory rd 
Anderson Rev. Arthur John Gore, Si. 

Margaret's vicarage, 80 Bank par 
Anderson Chas. B. (Geo. Anderson 

(Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 24 Rose Hill 


Anderson Frank B. (Geo. Anderson 
(Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 245 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 2996 

Anderson Geo. (Geo. Anderson (Burn- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 24 7 Manchester rd 

ANDERSON GEORGE (Burnley), Ltd., 
letterpress and lithographic printers, 
bookbinders, manufacturing and 
commercial stationers ; retail shop, 
50 St. James* street ; works, Par- 
sonage works, Keighiey green. Tel. 

Anderson J. D., apartments, 60-64 
- Westgate 

Anderson John, file cttr, Foundry st 
Anderson John, boot repr, 7 Padiham 

rd j h. 7 Bergen st 
Anderson John Hy., fr- fish dlr, 18 

Yorkshire st 
Anderson Jph., clrk, 30 Reynolds st 
Anderson Thos. (John Anderson) ; h. 3 

Fir st 



Anderton Arthur, enftnr, 28 Lonsdale st 

Anderton Leeming, hairdrsr, 18 Boot 
at-; h. 151 Florence a v 

Anderton Win. H., hairdrsr, 7 West- 
gate ; h. Matlock grv 

Andrews Alexander, ehmst, 336 Cog hi. 
Tel. 3875 

Andrews Edwd,, fr fish dlr, 23 Brier - 
. Clifford 

Andrews Jas, A., grcr, 07 Waterloo 
rd ; h. 13 Kirkgate 

Andrews John, trvllng drpr, 03 Rec- 
tory I'd 

Andrews* Pictures, Ltd., 35 Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 2577 

Anforth Mrs. Ada, enftnr, 74 Curzon at 

Anforth Clifford, clrk, 33 Kibble cres 

Anforth Hartley, coal dlr, 9 Cobden st 

Anforth Henry, gown spclst, 6a Har- 
greaves st ; h. 74 Curzon st 

Anforth Henry, wndw elnr, 21 Pem- 
broke st 

Anforth Jas., fr fish dlr, 107 Briercliffe 

Anforth John, paprmkr, 303 Colne rd 

Anforth Joshua, property repair stores, 
6 I'unstill st 

Anglo-American Oil Co., Ltd., Old 
Barracks, Barracks rd. Tel. 3129 

APEX GARAGE, motor engineers, car 

dealers and garage proprietors, Sum- 
mit. Manchester road near Bull and 

Butcher. Tel. 4299 
Apple-yard & Crossley. patent agntg, 

Imperial chrnbrs, 2 Grimshaw st. 

Tel. 3018 
Archer Ellis, clrk, 1.0 Rutland av 
Archer Fred, tailr, 256 Colne rd 
Archer Harper, drpr, 57 Standish st 
Archer Jolin, clrk, 74 Clevelands rd 
Archer Thos., prntr, 28 Lyndhurst rd 
Argenta Meat Co., Ltd.," btehrs, 132 

Colne rd, 00 Trafalgar st, 11 Plutnbe 

st and 125a Accrington rd 
Arkwright Robt., vict, plane Tree 

Hotel, 4 West-gate 
Armor Thos., cashr, 205 Coal Clough In 
Armistead Kiehd., grot's mngr, 140 

Rectory rd 
Arnxitage John S., tel insptr, 55 Morse 

Armstrong Edwd. (E. Armstrong & 

Sons) ; h. 11 Oodiva st 
Armstrong E. & Sons, bldrs, 1 Fifth 

av. Tel. 3067 
Armstrong Fred (B. Armstrong & 

Sons) ; h. Resdley 
Armstrong Harold, grot's mngr, 95 

Berry st 
Armstrong Harry, company sec, 70 

Marsden rd 
Armstrong Honry, btuhr, 80 Trafalgar 

Armstrong John (E. Armstrong & 
Sons) ; 1 Fifth av. Tel. 3067 

Armstrong Wilkinson, army recruiter* 

68 Westgato 
Armstrong YVm. S. (E, Armstrong & 

Sons) ; h. 28 Grey st 
Arnold Fred, drpr, 273 Coal Clough In 
Arnott Edwin C-, phtgrphr, 01 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Arrandale Jas., prprty repr, 37 Berry st 
Arrowsmith Alan, frutr, 09 Parliament 

st. Tel. 3648 
Arrowsmith Jas. H., boot dlr's mngr, 

21 Briercliffe rd 
Ascr oft Frank M. (Maokeith's) ; h. 139 

Woodgrove rd 
Ashbridgo Win. A., wndw elnr, 1 Clove- 
lands grv 
Ashburner 'Ihos., pntr, 100 Cleaver st 
Asheroft Henry, enftnr, 90-92 Rose 

Grove In 
Ashlin Benj. O., supt, Scottish Legal 

Life Ass. Soc, Garage chrnbrs, Fadi- 

ham rd 
Ashton Albt.j ins agnt, 27 Dean st 
Ashton Danl., fish dlr, 20 Waterloo rd 
Ashton John, fr fish dlr, 55 Westgafo 
Ashton John IX, fish dlr, 6 Fir st 
Ashton Mrs. Margt., grcr, 4 Accrington 

Ashworth Alb t., tapr, I 6 Carlton rd 
Ashworth Albt. H., wrlss dlr, 3 Lee st 
Ashworth Miss Annie, hairdrsr, 300 

Uohiord. Tel. 2394 
Ashworth Arthur, tourist agnt, 52 

Belvedero rd 
Ashworth Arthur, bldrs 1 mrchnt, 100 

Coal Clough In. Tel. 3353 
Ashworth Caleb, nwsgnt, 70 Harold av 
Ashworth Chas. 'I 1 ., clrk, 10 Barry st 
Ashworth Danl., carpet dlr. Market 

place ; h. 7 Lansdowno st 
Ashworth David, clrk, 15 Hollin hill 
Ashworth Edwd., fr fish dlr, 135 Fadi- 

ham rd 
Ashworth Edwd. H., crtkr, 17 Alder st 
Ashworth Misses Emily, Agnes &Edna, 

grots* 140-142 Oxford rd 
Ashworth Mrs. Emily A., 24 Harriet st 
Ashworth Ernest, ins agnt, 409 Rossen- 

dale rd 
Ashworth Mrs. Esther, enftnr, 142 Hoi- 

lingreave rd 
Ashworth Mrs. Esther, tobenst, 76 Ac- 
crington rd 
Ashworth Evan, grcr, 11 standish st ; 

h. 13 Powell st 
Ashworth Frank, ins agnt, 21 Rey- 
nolds st 
Ashworth Fred, A.S.A.A., incorporated 

accountant, 224 Todmorden rd- 
Ashworth Harold, cotton salsmn and 

mill sec, 20 Brunei st. Tel. 3043 
ASHWORTH HAROLD, authorised 

plumber, glazier, gas and steam pipe 

fitter and sanitary engineer, 321 

Padlham road. Tel. 3888 


Ashworth Harold K., colliery clrk, 135 
Rose Hill rd 

Ashworfch Henry, ctLn slsmn, 371 Man- 
chester I'd 

Ashworth Horace, pntr, 3 Cobden st, 

Ashworth Jag., beerhse. Cricketers' 
Arms, 49 Anne st 

Ashworth JoJin A., boot repr, 109 
Burnley rd, Brierclijfe 

Ashworth John R., trvllr, 45 Ormerod 
rd. Tel. 2302 

Ashworth John W., cooked meat dlr. 
2 Abel st 

Ashworth Josiah, btchr, 4 Chancery 
st, 3 1 Market hall (Tel. 2511) and 1 25 
Padiham rd ; h. Towneley villa, 
Tarlcton av 

Ashworth Lnrd., cheese dlr, 20 Cucr- 
dalo' st 

Ashworth Mrs. Mary, shpkpr, 47 Red 
Lion st 

Ashworfch Airs. Millieonl, drpr, 20 Her- 
bert st 

Ashworth. Moulds & Co., accutnts. 22 
Nicholas st. Tel. 3771 

Ashworth Mr. Kichd.. 283 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 3700 

Ashworth Richd., grer, 142 Holiin- 
greave rd 

Ashworth Richd., statnr, and P.O., 323 

Manchester rd 

Ashworth Robt. E., ins agnt, 409 Ros- 
sendale rd 

Ashworth Saml. (Morris & Ashworth) ; 
h. 164 Brunshaw rd 

Ashworth Miss Sarah E.. drpr, 17 
Hebrew rd 

Ashworth Thos., ettn brkr, 88 Glen 
View rd 

(estd. 1828), engineers, ironfounders, 
makers of the patent "Speedy" 
moisture tester, efficiency meta! mil- 
ling furnaces, soft, grey and alumin- 
ium iron, repetition castings anti 
castings for building and kindred 
trades, Vulcan ironworks, Accrington 
road. Tel. 3953 

Ashworth '.thos. Pereival, watehmkr. 
Bank chmbrs, 7 Hargroaves st ; h. 
32 Hornby st 

Ashworth Wltr, drpr's mngr, 8 Rondel 

Ashworth Wlt'd. (Arthur Ashworth) • 

h. 160CoalCloughln 
Ashworth Win., F.S.A.A. (Ashworth, 

Mould & Co.) ; h. Ambleside, 4 

Rossendale av 
Ashworth Win., fish dealer, 31 Slagg 

Ashworth Win., ehrpdst, 67 Lockyer 

av. Tol. 3090 
Ashworth Win. Hy., tohenst, 82 Man- 

Chester rd 

Aspden Chas. E., ins agnt; 223 Padt- 
ham rd 

Aspdon Geo., joinr, Lowerhouso In ; h. 
50 Scott st 

Aspden John L., asst ins mngr, 4 Fur- 
ness st 

ASPDEN & JOHNSON, architects, sur- 
veyors, auctioneers, valuers, fire loss 
assessors and certified bailiffs, 104 
Manchester road. Tel. 2359 

Aspden Tiobt., inotr coach jiroptr, 39 
Hulmo hI. Tol. 2750 

Aspden Rowland, gent's outftr. 10 M;ir- 
groaves st : h, 16 Cleveland^ rd 

Aspden Mrs. Sarah, 70 Trafalgar st 

Aspden Wltr VV., cinema mngr, 8 Ros- 
sendale rd 

Aspinall Arthur E., enftnr, 58 Albion st 

Aspinall Mrs. Moreno©, dining rooms, 
27-28 Market hall 

Aspinall J'ph. Thos. (W. Aspinall) ; h. 
I 1 S Todmorden rd . 

Aspinall Norman, pol eon, 17 Learning- 
(on av 

Aspinall Kohl., Ks<p, J.P., <SS VVood- 

grove rd 
Aspinall W.. decorators' mrchnt, 7 St. 

James row 
Asquilh Fred, boot dlr's inngr, iHi 

Sycamore av 
Asquith Hcrbt., piano t-unr, 101 JJrun- 

sliaw rd 

Assembly Boom*., Oxford I'd 
Astin Bory., frmr, Higher '.limber hill 
Astin Chas., enftnr, 04 Oxford rd 
Astin Clifford, chek weighmn, 12 Kim© 

Astin Mr. Edwin T., 131 Woodgroverd 
Astin Fredk., frutr, II Rectory rd 
Astin Geo. E., bank cashr, 207 Man- 
chester rd 
Astin Harold, shpkpr, 127 Waterloo rd 
Astin Harold, bookkpr, 34 Ferndale st 
Astin H'cnry, shpkpr, 2 Hardy st 
Astin »las., prntr, -I Burton st 
Astin Jas., clrk, 129 Coal Olough hi 
Astin Mr. John W., 12 Fairhohuo rd 
Astin Ronnie, sht metl wrkr, 14b Can- 
ning st ; h. 141 l>all st 
Astin Thos. C.,_ brewer's insptr, 517 
Brunshaw rd 

Astin Thos. H-> clrk, 15 Claremont st 
Astin Thos. \V\, plmbr, 113 Burnley rd, 

BriercliSfe; h. 12 Milton st 
Astin Will., hatdlge ontrctr, 22 Ball st 
Astin Willie, vict, Spread Eagle, 1 5 

Temple st 
Astley Miss Cissie, drsmkr, 244 Colne rd 
Asfcridge Herbt. W., boot dlr's mngr, 8 

Dyneley av 
Atkin Fredk., mill mngr, 45 Brougham 

Atkin John, hairdrsr, 10 Bridge st ; h. 

93 Moseley rd 
Atkin Wltr, enftnr/ 1-7 Briercliffe rd 


Atkin Win. T. (J. Wood & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. 78 Melville st 
Atkins Wlfd., paj>r rulr, 13 Every st 
Atkinson Alfd. E., clrk, 61 Ighteii rd 
Atkinson Miss Dorisj ladies' outitr, 28 

Yorkshire st 
Atkinson Edmund (Atkinson's Laun- 
dry Co., Ltd.) ; h. Bramble dene, 347 
, Colne rd. Tel. 23:59 
Atkinson Edmund {.J. Atkinson, Ltd.) ; 

h. Talbot at, JiricrcHffr 
Atkinson. Edwin YY\, plmbr, 4 Scarlett 

at root- 
Atkinson F. & Sons, grers, 138 Burn- 
Icy rd, Briercliffe 
Atkinson Frank, cttn mntfcr, Pri-nrosc 
. mill, Briercliffe. Tel. 38G4 ; h. 

Cocker houge 
Atkinson Fred, frmr, Wholaw farm 
Atkinson Hartley E. (R. Emmotfc, 

Ltd.); h, 9 Reedley grv 
Atkfnaon Henry, clothing club agnt, 37 

Clifton st 
Atkinson Honrv, machinery mrchnt's 

mngr, 1 Hawk st. Tel. 3403 
ATKINSON HERBERT, house furnish- 
er, ironmonger and wireless special- 
ist, 144 Burnley road, Briercliffe. 

Tel. 4219 ; h. II Harrison street 

Atkinson Mrs. Isabella, shpkpr. 52 
Carr st 

Atkinson John, enftnr, I (>4 Cleaver st 

Atkinson .John (F. Atkinson & Sons) ; 
h. 1 9 Burnley r<l, Harle SyJce 

Atkinson John, trvl!r, 21 Gainsborough 

Atkinson John C-, i^stl clrk, 39 Gains- 
borough av 

ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., joiners, build- 
ers, contractors and funeral under- 
takers, Harie Syke Saw mills, 146-143 
Burnley road, Briercliffe. Tel. 2097 

Atkinson Jph., I'rmr, Broad Head moor 

Atkinson Mrs. Lticetta, 325 Colne rd 

Atkinson Luther, frrar. Fenny foot. 

Atkinson Mr. Ravvson, 170 Bi-iei'Hiffe 

Atkinson Rd. (R. TCrnmott, Ltd.) ; h. 

Atkinson Robt. (R. Eutmott, Ltd.) ; 
h. 22Highfieldav 

Atkinson Thos., and eoa.1 dlr, 17 
Queen st, Briercliffe 

Atkinson Win., boot dlr's asst, 1 5 Rose 
Mount av 

erers and carpet beaters ; office and 
works, Pratt street. Tel. 2339 

Atlas Assurance Co., Ltd., 3 Ormerod 
at. Teh 3304 ; H. Floyd, res insptr 

Aubrey Mrs. Mary, vict, Empress 
Hotel, Market place 

Audley Ernest J., chmst's asst, 19 
Claremont st 

Aunger Jas. T., club sfcwd, 1 6 Hint on st 
Austin Chas. R., wtchmkr, 1 9 Mersey st 
Austin Mr. Robt., 144 Marsden rd' 
Austin Miss Sarah, drpr, 33 Brennand st 
Axon Horbt., pol con, 10 Buloook st 
Aynge Tom, cni'tnr, 38 Barracks rd 
Ayre Albt. Kdwd., frmr, Higher Small 

Ayrton Thos. (Redforn, Ayrton & 

Ingham., Ltd.) ; h. Reedley 
Bacon Ernest F. & Son, boot reprs, 

330a Colne rd and 20 Furness st 
Badger Mrs. Alice A., 18 Lansdowno st 
Bage Miss Rose, grcr, 62 Abel at 
Baguley Sand., hairdrsr, 24 Tunnel st 
Bailey Albt., bus insptr, 116 Marsden 

Bailey Alfd., enftnr, 122 Athol st 
Bailey Alfd. S., hairdrsr, 65 Briercliffe 

Bailey Allan, grcr's mngr, 16 Essex av 
Bailey Andrew, grcr's mngr, 51 Picca- 
dilly rd 

Bailey Frank, hse frnshr, 263 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3456 

Bailey Frank, dancing room, St. James' 

Bailoy Frank, uphlstr, 50 Thursfiold rd 

Bailey Harold (Coal Street Waste Co., 

Ltd.) ; h. 226 Coal Clough In 
Bailey Herbt., coal dh*. 25 Lower Rose 

Grove hi. Tel. 3072 
Bailoy Mr. Jas., 385 Manchester rd 
Bailey Jas. C, nwsgnt, 114 Gannow In 
Bailey John; bldrs formn, 31 King's 

Bailey John M. (Harrison & Bailey) ; 

h. 23 Mitella st 
Bailey John Thos., furn brkr, 122a- 

122b Oxford rd 
Bailey & Nuttall, drprs, 25 Hurtlev st 
Bailey Richd. Hy. (Bailevs 1 ) ; h. 65 

Standishst. Tel. 2892 
BAILEY THOMAS, turf accountant, 4 

Earl street. Tel. 3568 ; h. 195 Gas- 

tertonav. Tel. 2758 
Bailey Wm., frm hind, Higher house, 

Bailey Win., fr fish dlr, 79 Rose Grove 


BAILEYS', removal contractors and 
storers ; office, 65 Standish street. 
Tel. 2893 ; storage, 1 Adlington 

Baileys' (Drapers), Ltd., drprs, II 

Manchester rd. Tel. 3977 : and at 

Acer ing ton 
Bainbridge Albfc., elrk, 8 Brentwood av 
Bainbridge John '!'., chmny swpr, 100 

Sandy gate 
Baines Alan, btchr, 1 9 Tunnel st ; h. 2 

AHerton st 
Baines Arthur T., trvllr, 22 Lans- 

downc st 
Baines Bruce, trvllr, 24 Thornhill st 



Baines Harold, clrk, 16 Holyoake st 
Baines Wm,, hairdrsr, 4 Abel st 

Baines Wrn. H., ladies' outfttr, 52 

Church st 
Bairstow Mr. Sarnl,, 10 Brassey st 
Bairstow Mrs. Sarah J., shpkpr, 166 

Oannow In 
Baker Albt. H., A.C.C.S., registrar, 

Burnley Cemetery, The Lodge, Ros- 
sendale rd, Tel." 411 8 
BAKER ARTHUR, complete house 

furnisher and funeral director, 38a-40 

Church street and 52 Colne road. 

Tel. 3790 ; h. 399 Rossendale road 
Baker Edwd., aentnt, 5 Thursby rd 
Baker & Foster, bldrs, 9 Arkwright st. 

Tel. 2653 
Baker Harold, ins agnt, 36 Tabor st 
Baker Mr, Harold, VZ Arkwright at. 

Tel. 2881 
Baker John Henry, coal dlr, 55 Hulling 

Baker Sand. (Baker & Foster) ; h. 29 

Carter st 
Baker Thos. Hy., frnshrs asst, 33 

Baker Wrn., trvllr, 77 Glen View rd 
Balderston Alex., coal dlr, 13 Queens- 
berry rd 
Balderstone Mr. John Henry, 11 Fair 

View rd 
Baldwin. Mrs. Agnos, 1 50 Coal Clough 

Baldwin Alien H., trvllr, 160 Colne rd 
Baldwin Arthur, trvllr, ISO Coal Clough 

Baldwin Arthur S., cashier, 241 Coal 

Clough In 
Baldwin Chas. P., clrk, 33 Constable av 
Baldwin Elijah, gror, 1 9 Plumbe st 
Baldwin Miss Elsie, hairdrsr, 113 Colne 

rd. Tel. 3220 
Baldwin Ewart J., btehr, 1 80 Colne rd 
Baldwin Fredk., slatr, 1 9 Lee st 
Baldwin Fredk., grdnr, Hospital lodge, 

Bank hall 
Baldwin Fredk. (Thos. Sagar, Ltd.) ; 

h. 121 Cleaver st 
Baldwin Fredk., frutr, 2 Daneshouse 

rd and 87 Coal Clough In. Tel. 2892 
Baldwin Mr. Fiedk., Lough Neagh, 

Rock In 
Baldwin & Heap. Ltd., engnrs, Beth- 

esda st. Tel. 3554 
Baldwin Jas., pltry dlr, Willow st. 

Tel. 3310 j h. 15 Shaw st 
Baldwin John Harold, brshwrks mngr, 

203 Coal Clough In 
Baldwin John Harvey (W. & J. Bald- 
win, Ltd.) ; h. 19 Montague rd 
Baldwin John Robt., grer, 77 Bren- 

nand st 
Baldwin John Starkie (Simpson & 

Baldwin) ; h. 457 Padihamrd, Tel. 


Baldwin John W., coal dlr, 107 Hollin- 
greave rd 

nurseryman, florist and seedsman, 
Woodbine nurseries, Padiham road 
and Market square. Tel. 3912 

Baldwin Thos. E. {W. & J. Baldwin, 
Ltd.) ; h. Highfield, Fern rd, Scott- 

Baldwin Wltr. , arehtet, 382 Brunshaw 

Baldwin Wwi. Ed., clrk, 31 Constable 

BALDWIN W. & J., Ltd., wholesale 
brush manufacturers, mill furnishers 
and general merchants, Borough 
Brush works, 113 Curzon street. 
Tel. 2406 
Ball Crhbrt. pstl engnr, 23 Rossendale 

Balmer Mr. Fred, 97 Ightenhill Park In 
Balmer Harold, frmr, Hollins farm 
Balshaw Wrn., ertkr, Old Barracks, 
Barracks I'd 

* * 

Baltic Sack & Bag Co., hag mrehnts, 
Rushworth st. Tel. 2909" 

Bancroft Jas., grer, 1 9 Scott st 

Bancroft Wra. & Co. (1 932), Ltd., cttn 
mnftrs, mill, Rvlands 
st, Tel. 3026 

Bank Hall Maternity & Children $ 
Hospital, Colne rd. Tel. 2101 

Bank Top Manufacturing Co., ladies' 
overall muftis, Railway st. Tel. 

Banks Albt., wine mrchnt'a mngr, ;>26 
Brunshaw rd 

Banks Ellis, hrblst, 100 Hebrew rd 

Banks Henry, clrk, 5 Brooklands rd 

Banks Mrs. Susannah, drpr, 103 Burn- 
ley rd, BriercMffe 

Banks Thos., ertkr, Springfield hse, 
Manchester rd 

Bannister Clifford, ins agnt, 4 Norfolk 

Bannister & Co., motr engnrs. Earl st. 
Tel. 266S 

Bannister Ernest, vict, Canal Tavern, 
68 Manchester rd 

Bannister Ernest, shpkpr. 7 Finsley- 

Bannister Henry, clrk, 80 Gains- 
borough avenue 

Bannister H- J., ins agnt, 29 Cumber- 
land av 

Bannister Louis, clrk, 1 Hodder st 

BANNISTER WILLIAM, hatter, hosier, 
glover, shirt maker and gent's out- 
fitter, 14-16 Howe street. Tel. 

4143 ; h. oKingslandrd 
Bannister Wrenme (Bannister & Co.) ; 

h. 41 Ennismore st 
Barber Bertie A., trvllr, 9 Rosewood av 
Barber Chas. H., ins agnt, 68 Loekyer 




Barber Henry, prntr, 1 91 Brunshaw rd 

Barber Herbt., drghtsirm, 15 Broekcn- 
hurst st 

Barber Thos. C, asst ins supt, 20 
Queen's rd 

Harden Mill Co. (Burnley), Ltd., cttn 
mnitrs, Reedlev Hallows mill. Bar- 
den In. Tel. 3905 

Bardstey Hy., clrk, 238 Harden In 

Hardsley Mrs. Kathleen, 21 Arkwright 

Bardsley Robt. Smith. Esq., J.P. 
(Bardsleys 1 ) ; h. 237 Manchester rd. 
Tel. 3972 

BARDSLEYS' costumiers, blouse and 
gown specialists and ladies 1 outfitters, 
36 Manchester road and 1 G rims haw 
street. Tel. 2349 

BARKER & CLARKE, manufacturers 
of hand, roller and pot towels and 
glass cloths, etc. (sole manufacturers 
of "Cotton Queen 11 and " Towne- 
ley " brands, Turkish towels), Full- 
edge mill, Todmorden road. Tel. 

Barker Misses Elizabeth & Agnes, 

mllnrs, 137 Parliament st 
Barker Frank, clrk, 1 5 Moorland rd 
Barker Fredk., clrk, 13 Moorland rd 
Barker Harold, asst ins supt, 1 3 

Beatrice st 
Barker Haydn (Barker & Clarke) ; h, 

9 Kimberley st, Katie Syke 
Barker Henry, grcr, 35 Ashworth st 
Barker Herbt., bookkpr, Raw-son st 
Barker & Howarth, marine store dlrs, 

Salford st 
Barker Jas., prntr, 65 Brockenhurst at 
Barker Jas. E., coal dlr, 24 Ivy st i 
Barker John H-, fr fish dlr, 1 Newcastle 

Barker John Wm., enftnr, 32 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Barker John W., bcerhse. Bridge Inn, 

Clow bridge 
BARKER JOSEPH, hay, straw and 

corn dealer, 47 Parker lane. Tel. 


Barker Mrs. Minnie, grcr, 1 Lower- 

house In and 58 Rose Hill rd 
Barker Norman, hospital porter, 14 

Eastern av 
Barker Thos., frmr, Haggate house, 

Barker Watson, clrk, 120 Nairne st 
Barker Wilson, coal dlr, 31 Francis st 
Barlow Miss Florence A., hrblst, 10 

Hebrew rd 
Barlow Harry, brassfndr, Adlington 

st ; h. 210 Brierelifford 
Barlow Jas., firewood dlr, 45 Royle rd 
Barlow Jas., grcr, 1 Burleigh st 
Barlow J. A, & Son, chrnsts, % Padi- 

ham rd and 1 Accrington rd. Tel. 


Barlow John V (J. A. Barlow & Son) ; 

h. 1 Accrington rd 
Barlow J'ph., hrblst, 27 Standish st 
Barlow Jph, A., junr., ehmst, 159 
Padiham rd. Tel. 2918; h. 59 

Ighfc3ii I'd 
Barlow .Sand., boerhse, Inkerman Inn, 

234-230 Accrington rd 
Barlow Win., cashier, 9 Manor rd 
Barlow Wm., nwsgnt, 23-25 High st 
Barnes Arthur, asst schlmstr, 90 Coal 

Clough In 
Barnes Ernest, enftnr, 150 BrierclifCe 

Barnes Ernest, trvllr, 32 Gainsborough 

Barnes Mrs. Francos K., fish dir, 90 

Brougham st 
Barnes Fredk., watr insptr, 37 Colbran 

Barnes Harold, enftnr, 1 Bridge st 
Barnes Henry, grcr's mngr, 13 Bnm- 

shaw I'd 
Barnes Herbt. H.» enftnr, 58a Bank 

par and 1 Bridge st ; h. 102 Melville 

Barnes Mrs. Isabella, enftnr, 34-36 

Brunswick st 
Barnes John E., drpr, 30-32 Briercliff© 

rd and 106 Accrington rd ; h. 32 

Tbursby rd 
Barnes Kate & Co., gown spclsts, 20 

Manchester rd. Tel. 3537 
Barnes & Dates, slaters, 31 Every st, 

Tel. 2852 
Barnes Mr. Oscar, 370 Rossendalerd 
Barnes Robt., trvllr, 21 Adelphi st 
Barnes Wm., wndw elnr, 3 Rose Grove 

Barnes Wm., grocer, 61 St. Matthew's 

Barnes Wm. "Kitchen, local mngr, Hali- 
fax Building Society, 27 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 4205 ; h. 50 Walverclen rd, 
Brier field 
Barnett Jas., ins agnt, 169 Gannow In 
Baron Rev. Austin A., St. John the 
Baptist prosbty, Ivy st. Tel. 3824 
Baron Jas., clrk, 36 Raglan rd 
Baron J. & Sons, Ltd., cttn waste 
mrchnts, Finslev mill, Einslcygato. 
Tel. 3215 
Baron Thos., drpr's mngr, 10 Eastern 

Barracks Station, Padiham rd 
Barraclough Herbt. S., dull mech, 35 

Netherby st 
Barras Arthur, plmbr and san engnr, 

21-23 Abel st. Tel. 3612 
Barrett Chas., frutr, 162 Gannow In; 

h. 25 Albany ter 
Barrett Jas., frutr, 143 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 2755 
Barrett John, tbeonsts' asst, 1 Abbey 




Barrett John, plmbr, 149 Oxford rd. 

Tel. 2949 
Barrett John, frutr, 44 Todrnorden rd 
Barrett Bichd., frutr, 13 Keith St 
Barrett Robt., ch'k, 43 Thursby rd 
Barrett Thos., frutr, 50 Herbert St 
Barritt Mrs. Emma, 72 Clovelands rd 
Barritt Mrs. Florence, bteiir, 42 Albert 

Barritt Harry (Hani & Lawson) ; h. 43 

Creswick av 
Barritt Henry, crtkr, 21 Tiber av 
Barritt Jas. H., fr Ash dlr, 1 Castle st 
Barritt Mrs. Mary, shpkpr, 322 Gannow 

Barritt Miss Minnie, enflnr, 20-22 

Healey Wood rd 
Barritt Thos., cookd meat strs, 152 

Accrington rd 
Barritt Wm. E., inasgnt, 23 Montague 

Barron Oliver TV., asst relief ofner, 47 

Daneshouse rd 
Barrow Mrs. 32Hz., grcr, 45 Cleaver st 
Barrow Mr. Ernest J., 214 Manchester 

Barrow Jas. R. (Apex Garage) ; h. 

Apex house, Summit, Manchester rd 
Barrowelough AIM., ch'k, 19 Cromwell 

Barrowelough Atkinson, pol con, 2 

Fumess st 
Barrowelough Geo. W., tailr, 12 Horn- 
by st 
Barrowelough Mr. Henry, 49 Queens- 
berry rd 
Barrowelough John A., comp, 82 Glen 

View rd 
Barrowelough John E., clthni* elb agnt, 

21 Hartley st 
Barry Maurice, friitr, 1 59 Accrington rd 
Bartlett Mrs. Ellen L., shpkpr, 11 

Baker st 
Bartlett Wm. H.,metr insptr, 13 Baker 

Barton Arthur Wm., grot's mngr, 23 

Killington st 
Bar tram Wm., cinema mngr, 157 Coal 

Oloxigh In 
Barwise Jph. F., grdin*, Towneley 

nurseries, Todrnorden rd ; h. 17 

Storey st 
Basnett Alfd,, beerhse, Bridge Inn, 2 

Bank par 
Basnett Henry, enf tnr, 42a Waterloo rd 
Basnett Herbt. , pstmn, Serpentine rd 
Basnett J. & Son, hse fmshrs, 1 65 and 

170 Coine rd 
Basnett Jas. W. (J. Basnett & Son) ; 

h. 165 Coin© rd 
Basnett Sand., supt, London & Man- 
chester Assurance Co., Ltd., 7 Har- 
greaves st 
Bastow John S., mill mngr, 57 Ennis- 
more st 

Bate Albt, A., btchr, 15 Standish st 

and 259 Coal Clcmgh In 
Bate >liss Alice M., 164-100 Colue rd 
Bate Fredk. X)., elect engnr, 192 Colne 

Bate ll'y. P., statnr's asst, 89 Brough- 
am sfc 
Bate Herbt., enftr, 310 Colne road ; h, 

24 Brougham street 
Bates Arthur (Bates & Nuttall) ; h. 67 

Hulling In 
Bates Chas. E., ertkr, 15 Walverden 

rd, BriorcUffc 
Bates Fred (G. Collinge & Co. (Iron- 
mongers), Ltd.) ; h. 18 Hawthorne 
rd. Tel. 3889 
Bates Fred, postmni 109 Basnett st 
Bates & Nuttall, joinrs, Manchester 

rd. lei. 3025 
Bates Roland, propty repr, 20 Sussex 

Bates Mr. Wm.., 23 Surrey av 
Bateson John Wm,, Netherwood, 

Batcy John R., comp, 23 Netherby 

leather Alfd. (Mason, West & Bather, 

Ltd.) ; h. 35 Church st, Brierclijfe 
Bather Jas. W., bookkpr, 31 Kibble 

Battei'sby Hy., soap agnt, Foundry at 
Rattle John M., bus insptr, 21 Rosetti 

Battle Mrs. Margt. Ann, 21 Rosetti 

Batty J. & Co., elect engnrs, 9 Fleet 

Battyo Rev. Henry, M.A., St. Cather- 
ine's vicarage, 146 Todmorden rd 
Baume Louis H., nwsgnt, 72 Curzon 

Baxter Henry, haulage cntrctr, 60 

Glebe st. Tel. 3609 
Baxter Miss Jane Ellen, cni'tnr, 159 

Oxford rd 
Baxter R. Allan, chk to Biunley Cor- 
poration Insurance Committee, Eliz- 
abeth st ; h. 47 Scott Park rd 
Baxter Wm., grcr's mngr, 19 Lark st 
Bavliff Jas., carpet dlr, 19-20 Market 

BAVNE & SONS, Ltd., woollen and 
Manchester warehousemen, ladies' 
costume cloth and trimmings, 43 
St James' street. Tel. 3212. Tele- 
grams" Bayne " ; and at Blackburn 
Bayne Win, 8. (Bayne & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

h. St. Annes-on-Sea 
Beagles Chas. W., trvllr, 65 Glen View 

Beak 3£ric, insptr of taxes^ Lyngarth, 

Pasturegate av. Tel. 3079 
Beale John, hrdwre buyr, 51 Ightenhill 

Park In 
Beatall Cleanser Co., Irene st 



Beattio Ronald Burnetii, A.M.I.E.E., 

elect and radio engnr, 2 and (i Hall sL. 

Tel. 3659; h. Oakhill, 1.07 Todtnor- 

den i'd 
Beaumont Henry, coal dlr, 99 Branch 

Beaumont Mr. Win., 387 Manchester vd 
Bohhington Mrs. Eliz., 359 Padiham rd 
.Bebbington Ernest (J. E. Bebbington 

& Co., Ltd.) ; h. 24 Kiddrow In 
Bebbington J. E. & Co., Ltd., ladien' 

and gent's outftrs, 29-31 Westgatc. 

Tel. 4237 
Beckett John L., A.M.I.C.K, A.M-I. 

Mech. E., borough engnr and surv, 

Town Hall, Manchester rd. Tel. 

2101 ; h. MonFton rise, Scott park 
Beckwith Arthur (A. Beckwith & 

Son) : h. 30 March st 

BECKWITH A. & SON, druggists and 
drysaflters, Knightsbridge warehouse 
and office, Plantation street, off Colne 
road. Tel. 3333 

Beckwith Clifford, rollr eovr, 3 Cleve- 

lands gi*v 
Beckwith Mrs. Constance, hairdrsr, (i 

Wilton st 
Beckwith Jack (A, Bsekwith cfc Son) ; 

h. Wilton at 
Beecham John L., hairdrsr, 197 Oxford 

rd ; h. I Hutting In 
Beechaxn Mr. "Rd., 182 Todiuorden rd 
Bcecroft Mr. Jas.. (il Gainsborough av 
Beetluun Mr. Geo. K, 87 Glen View rd 
Beet ham Rene H,, electrn, 37 Rose- 
wood av 
Beetham Mr. Win. N., 5 Lansdowne st 
Beilby Geo., coal dlr, 6 Bine st 
Bell Chas., hairdrsr, 280 Colne rd ; h. 

47 Ennismoro st 
Bell Miss Edith, 3 Mount rd 
Bell Edmund, trvllr, 27 Queen Victoria 

Bell B.j ins. agnt, 7 OUvant st 
BeU Edwin W. D., prntr, 89 Cleaver st 
Bell Eredk. W., hrdwre dlr, 78 Brier- 
cliff e rd 
Bell Geo., pvoptv repr, 70 Reed st 
Bell Geo. W., hrdwre dlr, 270 Colne rd 
Boll Jas., cashier, 83 Laithe st 
Bell John, Salvation Army officer, 3 

Crow nest 
Bell Jph., clrk, 5 Kime st 
Boll Jph & Son,talrs, 125 Manchostorrd 
Bell Jph. Wm., F.C.S., science master, 

128 Manchester rd 
Bell Miss Mary, 2a Hargreaves st 
Bell Thos., coal dlr, 19 Marine av 
Bell Wm., boot repr, 222 Colne rd 
Bell Mr. Wm., 230 Todmorden rd 
Bellerby Thos., clrk, 20 Clevelands rd 
Bellinger Silas T., schlmstr, 339 Brun- 

shaw st 
Bellingliam Mr. Horace, 89 Woodgrove 

Bellingham Miss Margt. F., 5 Mount rd 
Bellis Saml., cloggr, 31 Halifax rd, 

Bonn Arthur, Icathr faetr, 3-5 Red 

Lion st and Stanley st. Tel. 2540 
Bemi Mrs. Emily, 12*Apple Tree carr, 

Parkav. Tel. 4127 
Bennett Chas., clrk, 350 Coal Clougli In 
Bennett Chas. A., furnshrs mngr, 108 

Hollingreave rd 
Bennett Mrs. Edith, grcr, 1 Olympia st 
Bennett Francis H. r grcr, 18 Fir st 
Bennett Geo. W., sewage wrks asst 

mngr, 9 Kyan st 
Bennett Jas. S., nwsgnt, 133 Padiham 

Bennett John R., prntr, 5 Constable av 
Bennett Norman, fr fish; dlr, 35 Parlia- . 

ment st 

Bennett Roland H., ins insptr, 74 Man- 
chester rd 

Bonnctt Wltr, M.A., schltnstr, Ferrous, 
K»eedley drv 

Bennett Wltr, phnl.r, 34 Brougham st 

Bennett Win., pel del, 200Brunshaw rd 

Benuison Mrs. Jane, shpkpr, 13 Old 
Hall st 

BENNS & HOLMES, Ltd., wholesale 
manufacturers of wood mantelpieces, 
cabinet and office furniture, show- 
case makers and shopfitters, Fulledge 
mills, Todmorden road. Tel. 3462 

Benns Miss Leonora, Runnymede, 
Townelev side 


Benson Richd., cloggr, 21 Hartley st 
Benson Thos., clrk, 97 Reynolds st 
Bentham. John, frutr, 199b Briercliffo 

rd and 122 Brougham st 
Bentham Thos., haulge cntretr, 2 

Nether by st. Tel. 3936 
Bantley Albt., prntr 's mngr, 250 Brier- 
cliffo rd 
Bentley Arthur, engrvr, 2 Rutland av 
Bentley Miss Betsy, frutr, 8 Coal 

Clough In 
Bontlcy Harold, engnr, 35 Kibble cres 
Bentley Jas., engnrs surv, 201 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Bentley Joshua, metr hisptr, 8 Coal 

Clough In 
Bentley Lnrd., fish dlr, 7 Marine av 
Bentley Thos., clrk, 1 Snowden st 
Bentley Willie, clrk, 24 Cardinal st 
Benton & Collier, bldrs, etc., 1 Carlton 

rd. Tel. 2008 
Benton Jas. (Benton & Collier) ; h. 1 

Carlton rd. Tel. 2068 
Benyon Miss Mary, Idgng hse, 40 West- 

Bere John, trvllr, 258 Coal Clough In 
Berry Arthur, irnmugr's asst, 74 

Brockenhurst st 
Berry Arthur, statnry mngr, Burnley 

Corporation, 4 Elizabeth st. Tel. 

2102 ; h. 70 Lockyer av 




Berry Ben H-, drugsfc, 09 Manchester 

rd ; h. 15 Manor rd 
Berry Clifford, cinema oprtr, 30 Staf- 
ford st 
Berry Bonis, cfctn waste slsmn, 21 

Scott Park rd 
Berry Edwd. (D. Blades & Co., Ltd.) ; 

h. 39 Evelyn at 
Berry Ernest, btchr, 47-49 Uammei'ton 

sfc ; h, 22 Barbon st 
Berry Ernest &., hairdrsr, 124 Branch 

Berry Fredk., i'rutr, 70 Queensberry rd 
Berry Ezra, mill mngr, 28 Queen St, 

Berry Fredk., elrk, 25 Rosetti av 
Berry H.erbt., grcr's mngr, 14 Ferndalo 

Berry Mr. Jas., 23 Kydal av 
Berry Jas., nwsgnt, 9 Sandy passage 
Berry Jas. S., grcr's mngr, 11 Killing- 
ton sfc 
Berry John, clrk, 103 Cleaver sfc 
Berry John T., tea dlrs assf. 102 New 

Hall st 
Berry Robt., trvllr, 36 Britehard st 
Berry Mr. Smith, 8 Jiighfield av 
Berry Wltr. W., prnfcr, 31 Colbran st 
Berry Win. H., coal dlr, 3 Creenhalgh 

Bertram. Jas., eartkr, Abattoirs, lioyle 

Bertwistle Fredk., drpr, 38 Mtchard st 
Bertwistle Thos., grcr, 2 Livingstone st 
BESFIT SHOE Co., boot, shoe, blanket! 

and raincoat dealers, 60 Peart street. 

Tel. 2C58 
Besglos Polish Co.. Ltd., polish mnf.trs, 

Roebuck st. Tel. 3850 
Besseries Mr. Jean, 397 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 4091 
BeswickHerbt., propty repr, 38 Queen 

sfc, Briercliffe 
BeswickHerbt., enftnr, 60 Hebrew rd 
Besvrick Isaac H., ahpkpr, 75 Williams 

Bestwick Jph., wine strs mngr, 122 

Coal Clough In 
Beta, Ltd., mnftng chmsts, Ashdeld 

rd. Tel. 2375 
Better Wear Products, Ltd., 2 Boot st ; 

A. M. Stotfc, mngr 
Bibbv Chas., coach trmmr, 2a Aero st ; 

h. 3 St. Cuthbcrfcst 
Bibby Misses Margt. <& Eliz., 80 St. 

Matthew's st 
Bickford John, frmr, Woodbine farm 
Bickford Victor U,, achh-str, 524 Cog 

Billingfcon & Bridge, binding and pip- 
ing nftrs, Duncan at. Tel. 2421 
BiUington John (BiUington & Bridge) j 

h. 4 Metcalfe sfc 
BiUington Miss Mary E., 30 Piccadilly 


BiUington Raymond, chmst's mngr, 32 

liossendale av 
BiUington Richd., cookd meat strs, 39 

Haime st 
BiUington Wltr., enftnr, 82 Parliament 

Binuoy Horbt., music tchr, (i5 Kose 

Grove hi 
Binney Jas., nwsgnt, 1(55-107 Padiham 

Bhiney John, prulwrks i'ormn, 78 

Loworhousc In 
Binns John, dop town clrk. Town Hall. 

Tel 2101 

Binns Mrs. Mary, wool dlr, 138 St. 

James st 
Binns Wltr., drpr, 142 Briercliffe rd 
Birch Arthur, clthng club agnt, 103 

Hollingreave rd 
Birchall Mrs. Kate, grcr, 141 Albert st 
Birchall John, frmr, Habersham Hall 

Birchall Kirlid., dairymn, 352 Coal 

G lough In 
Birchcnough Mrs. Jane, drpr, 75 Abel 

Bird Albt. KdwcL, L.S.A., L.M.S.S.A. 

(Lond.), phys and surg, J 09 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2451 
Bird Bramwell, dairy, 70 Parliament sfc 
Bird Chas., mill mngr, 14 Tennis st 
Bird Edwd. (Elm Street Manufactur- 
ing Co., Ltd.) ; h. 8 Olympia sfc 
Bird John H., dentist, 72 Oolne rd. 

Tel. 3639 
Bird John W., clrk, 35 Ebor st 
Bird Win, (Elm Street Manufacturing 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. 13 Mifcella sfc 
Bird Wm., cttn mnftr, Elm Street 

shed. Tel. 3040 ; h. 1 Godiva st 
Birkbeck Robt. W., ins agnt, 7 Granby 

Birkett Miss ElLz., music dlr, Market 

Birkott Jas., achlnstr, 86 Olen View. 

Birtwell Mrs. EHz., enftnr, 14 Sandy- 
Birtwell Henry L., frmr, 7S Mitella st 
Birtwell Jas. E., solcfcr (Birtwells') ; h. 

Hollydene, Reed-Icy. Tel. 959 Nelson 
Birtwell Jas. T., frmr, Tullis st 
Blrfrwells*, solctrs and corns for oaths, 

2-4 Nicholas st. Tel. 3459 ; and at 

Brierfield, Nelson and Padiham 
Birtwhisle SamL, enftnr, 24 Church st ; 

h. 29 tunnel st 
Birtwistle Mrs. Ida, enftnr, 73 Standish 

Birtwistle Cyrus T., enftnr, 53 Oxford 

Birtwistle Silas, enftnr, 33 Brougham 

Bishop Albt. E. (E. Bishop & Sons) ;; 

h. 1 Rose Mount avenue 



Bishop Chas. F. (E, Bishop & Sons) ; 

h, 3 Gainsborough av 
BISHOP E. & SONS (estd. 1892), glass 

bottle manufacturers (medical bottles 

a speciality), Marlborough street. Tel. 

Bishop Hartley (R. Bishop & Sons) ; 

h. 586 Brunshaw rd 
Bishop Win. (E. Bishop & Sons) ; h. 

Bishop Win. Henry (10. Bishop & 

Sons) ; h. 38 Clevelands rd 
Black Harold W., grcr, 86 Brierelile rd 

Black Peter, pol con, 10 Walverdon rd, 
Brier cliff c 

Blackadder Albt., turf coin agnt, 9 
•Settle ter. Tel. 34S4 

Blackadder Mr, Win., 1 Wiltshire av 

PANY, Ltd., 156 St. James' street ; 
TCdgar Mitchell, 

Blackburn Mrs. Bessie, grcr, 2-4 Kiuvi- 
ley rd 

Blackburn Clothing Club Co., Ltd., 4 
Nelson sq 

Blackburn Mrs, Klien, btchr, 340 Colno 

Blackburn Geo, l'\, enftnr, 101 Burnley 

Blackburn Harold, dairy, 10 Peart at 

Blackburn Jas., trvllr, 174 Grey st 

Blackburn John A., frmr, Cookden, 

Blackburn Philanthropic Mutual As- 
siirace Society, 30 Ormerod rd 

Blackburn Thos., fish dlr, 4 Powell st 

Blackburn. Thos. B., vict, Grey Mare 
Hotel, 110 Gannow In 

Blackburn Wltr., fish dlr, 18 Lord sfc . 

Blackburn Wm., coal dlr, 16 Spring- 
wood rd 

Blacklodge Henry, pntr, 42 Briercliffe 

Blacklodge Hugh, pntr, 342 Colne rd 

Blackledge Lnrd., grndsmn, 20 Thorn- 
hill st 

Blackledge 'Ihos., sec, Burnley Clubs 
Brewery Co., Ltd., Keighley green. 
Tel. 3787 

Blacklin Lawrence, furnshrs' mngr, 7 
Anne st 

Blacklock Mr. Thos., 115 Albion st 

Blackmore Thos., prntr, 3 Ebor st 

Bluekston Solomon, raincoat innitr, 1 6 
Bridge st. Tel. 3007 

Blackwell Miss Rose, hairdrsr, 38 Dis- 
raeli st 

Blackwell Thos., sehlmstr, 2 Rosewood 

BLADES D. & Co., motor engineers, 
haulage contractors and tyre factors, 
Abel street. Tel. 2670 

Blades Douglas (D. Blades & Co., 
Ltd.) ; h. 30 Francis st. Tel. 2670 

Blades Geo., mill mngr, 16 Peart st 

Blades Geo., carrier, 9 Francis st 
Blades Wallace, janitor, 169 Brunshaw 

Blake John, vict. Bay Horso Hotel, 58 

St. James' st 
Blake John, clrk, 77 Waterbarn st 
Blakeley Jas., undrclthng mnftr, 27a 

Standish st 

Blakeley John J., drpr, 72 Rectory rd 
Blakeley Richd. E., chrpdst, 1 Shuttle- 
worth st. Tel. 3673 
Blakey Mr. Jas., 240 Todmorden rj. 
Blakey John W. (Taylor & Clarkson, 

Ltd.) ; h. 15 St, Cuthberfc's st 
Blakey Richd., tobenst's mngr, 304 

Rossendale rd 
Blakey Thos., enftnr, 20 Bankhouso 

Blakey Tims., coal dlr, 108b (Jaivnow In 
Bland Mrs. Isobel, shi>kpr, 1 Clyde st 
Bland John S-, bookkpr, 112 BrowJioad 

Bland Wm. S., btchr, 157 Oxford rd 
Blaylock Ernest, plmbr, 214 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3728 
Blaylock Geo. F., grcr, 12 Slater st 
Blaylock Jph., grcr, 4 Blannel st 
Blaylock Stanley, mngr, 30 Hawthorne 


Bleasdale Bertie, asst schlmstr, 4 lay 

BLezard John H „ pltry frmr, 64 Kid 
drew In 

Blinhorn Fredk., cookd meat strs, 304 
Padiliam rd 

Blinkhorn Saml., grcr, 301 Barden In 
Blundell Septimus, rlwy in.sptr, 163 

Casterton av 
Ely the Mr. Alfd., 17 Fifth av 
Blyth© Geo., chmny swpr, 46 Plumbe st 
Boak Harold, bank clrk, 123 Rose Hill 


Boardwell Albt. E., cafe proptr, 189 
Colne rd 

Boardwell Jph., enftnr, 52 St. Cuthbert 

Boardwell Wm., enftnr, 188 Padiham 

Boggis Robt., nwsgnt, 48 Abel st 
Boland Alfd., sec, Burnley Football & 

Athletic Co., Ltd., Turf Moor. Tel. 


Boland John, vict, Old Red Lion 

Hotel, -3-4 Manchester rd. Tel. 

Bolger Rev. Herbfc. J. (Cath.), The 

Presbytery, Spring hill, Manchester 

rd. Tel. 3072 

Bolton Fredk., cinema mngr, 87 Bruns- 
wick st 

Bolton Henry A., dentist, 17 Rose Hill 

Bolton John, clrk, 10 Rossetti av 
Bolton John Jas., pltry frmr, Extwistle 
cot, Briercliffe 



BOLTON J. & Co., wholesale grocers, 
tea, coffee and provision merchants, 
Elizabeth street. Tel. 3080 

Bolton Mrs- Lily, grcr, 62 Anne st 
Bolton Miss Rose E„ nwsgnt, 104 Abel 

Bond Mrs. Mary, 41 Orrncrod rd 
Bonnell Richdjwndw clnr, 101 Water- 

barn st 
Bouncy John W. t ins agnt, Foxstones, 

near Cliviger 
Booeock Willie, chief clerk, Town 
Clerk's dept., 1'ow.fl Hall; h. 08 
Raglan rd 
Booeoek Wm., vict, St. Leger Hotel, 

15 Red Lion st 
Booth Arthur, clrk, 9 Mansergh at 
Booth Benj., coal dlr, 04 Kyan st. 

Tel. 3538 
Booth Geoffrey H-, olrk, 42 Orasmerest 
Booth Henry, bank clrk, Causeway 

cottage, Towueley side 
Booth Henry, bookpr, 23 Mitchell st 
Booth Horace, formn prntr, 09 Qlym- 

pia street- 
Booth Jag., road iusptr, :U Ebor st 
Booth Jph., pol eon, 53 Reynolds st 
Booth Percy, clrk, 7 Surrey av 
Booth Riehd., salsmn, 47 Woodgrove 

Booth Mr. Thos., 31 Accrington rd 

Booth Wltt\, clrk, 8 Thursby sq 
Booth Witr., btclu\ 74 Lyndhurst rd 
Booth W'lfd. (Karnshaw Bros. & 

Booth) ; h. SaMen 
Boothman Arthur, nsh dlr, 4 Queens- 
berry I'd 
Boothman Mrs. Doris, carpet dlr, 282 

Gannow In 
Boothman Fredk., shpkpr, 21 Hart st 
Boothman Hugh, cashier, 282 Gannow 

Boothman Jas. {Tom Smith (Burnley), 

Ltd.) ; h. 9 Underley st 
Boothman John, crtkr, 17 Helena st 
Boothman Jph., frmr, Lower Small 

TrO y f ^ I ffi 

Boothroyd Mrs. Elsie, grcr, 33 Picea- 

dillv rd 
Boots" Cash Chemists (Lancashire), 

Ltd., ehmsts, 90 St. .Tames' st. 

Tel. 2733 

Borman Thos., hrdwro dlr, 506 Ac- 
crington rd 

Briercliffe road. Tel. 2075 ; head 
office, 1 2 Nicholas street. Tel. 21 45 ; 
branches and agencies throughout the 
district ; Louis Gaughan, secretary 

Borough Magistrates' Clerk's Office, 
Lawn Hall ; W". J. C. Perkins, clerk 

Borough Police Station, I'own Hall. 
i el J0i0 ; W. Fairelough, chief con 

Berwick Jph. H., mill lungr, 70 St. 
Cuthoert st 

Bosher Gwilym, sehlmstr, 07 Ightenhill 
Park In 

Bostock Mr. John, 335 Coal C lough In 

Bostock Wltr. R. , frmr, Long syke 

Boswell Archibald, wrks mngr, 24 
Creswick av 

Bottomley Arthur, propty repr, 190 
Brieiclih'e rd 

Bottomley Chas., chmny swpr, (> Hall- 
well st 

Bottomley Mr. Hartley, 240 Briorelitt'e 

Bottomlev Thos. H., fa polshr, Aero 

St; h. "16 Thursby r<l 
Bottomley Wm., crtkr, 21 Moorland 

Bounton Thos., btchr, 320 Colne rd 
Bournes', gowns and mlhiry, 121 St. 

James' st. Tel. 4024 
Bowdons', Ltd., onftnrs, Market hall 
Bower Chas. J. (Matthew, Watson, 

Pearsc & Bower) ; h. 27 Scott Park 

rd. Tel. 8011 
Bower John A., sok-tr, JO Hargreavos 

st. 'I el. 4044 ; and at Fleetwood 
Bowes Wm., fr fish dlr, 53a Saudygat-e 
Bowker Mrs. Annie, grcr, 55 Sandygato 
Bowker Chas., dispnsr, 54 Rose Grove 

Bowker J. & Sons, Ltd., tobensts, 21 
Manchester rd and 48a St. James' st. 

Tel. 2043 
Bowker Jas. C, eirk, 58 Emily st 
Bowker Mrs, Lydia, 301 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 4128 
Bowker Philip, drpr, 29 Curzon st. 

Tel. 3770 
Bowker Ronald Eric (J. Bowker & 

Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 53 Scott Park rd 
Bowker Mrs. Sarah E., drpr. 195 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Bowker Vernon (J. Bowker & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. 99 Ormerodrd. ToL 3693 
Bowker Win., tobenst, 197 Briercliffe 

Bowles Jas., cashier, 28 Paulhan st 
Bowling Hugh, clrk, 5 Norfolk av 
Bowman Percy, trvllr. 27 Norfolk av 
Bowness Geo., enftnr, 57 Westgate 
Boyd Albt., ins agnt, 28 Moorland rd 
Boyd John F. B., M.B., Ch-B., phys 

and surg, 93 Thursby rd, Tel. 2829 
Boynton Frank, clrk, Lsngroyd, 

Towneley side 
Boys Wm., crtkr, 30 Devonshire rd 
Bracewell Mrs. Clara, enftnr, 31 North 

Bracewell Harold, cttn slsmn, Bill 

crest, Pasturegate av 
Bracewell Hartley, clrk, 16 Holmesley 

Bracewell Mrs. Hilda, 407 Manchester 

Bracewell Mrs. Jane Ann, 53 St. 

Matthew's st 



BRACE WELL J. E, & SON, shuttle peg 
forgers and finishers and general mill 
furnishers, Marlborough Street works. 
Tel. 3941 

Bracewell John, cloth slsmn, 94 Albion 

Bracewell John Henry, frnshr, 95a 
Branch rd. lei. 3992 ; h. Wayside, 
. Towneley 
Bracewell Riehd. 'H., plfry frrer, 546 

Brunshaw rd 
Bracewell Thos., grcr, 7-9 Springfield 

rd, and tripo dlr, 37a Oxford rd 
Bracewell Win. E. (J. E. Bracewell & 

Son) ; h. 20 M'itella st 

Bracewell Win. E.. sec, Burnley Coal 

Dealers' Association, 70 Daneshouse 

rd. 1'el. 3368 ; h, 24 Scott Park rd 

Bracken Thos. D., iritrslsmn, 13ftTod- 

morden rd 
Bradbury John, grcr, 57 Springfield rd 
Brade Mrs. Alice A., drpr, 52 Lower- 
house hi 
Brado Mrs. Belle, hairdrsr, 44 Lower- 
house hi 
Bradfield Chas., clrk, 57 Glen View rd 
ING SOCIETY 24 Yorkshire street. 
Tel. 2499. Telegrams : Accrington 
3 000" ; H. Dew hurst, B.Sc, 
F.AXA,, F.C.I., local agent 
Bradley Jas., grcr, 121 Nainio st 
Bradley Jph. (Mitre Billiard Hall) ; h. 

451 Padiham rd 
Bradley Mrs. Mary, enftnr, 144 Padi- 
ham rd 
Bradley Percy, hairdrsr, 1 Colbran st 
Bradley 'i ; . & Son. hlge cntrctrs, Bar- 
racks rd. Tel. 3779 
Bradley Wltr., fish die, 17 Florence st 
Brad leys' (Chester), Ltd., clothiers, 2 

Hammerton st 
Bradshaw Miss Ada., shpkpr, 512 

Brunshaw rd 
Bradshaw Geo., trvllr, 18 Queen's rd 
Bradshaw .las., ins agnt, 124 Grey si- 
Brad shaw John, grcr, 2 Dugdale rd 
Bradshaw Jonathan (W. Lancaster, 
Ltd.); h. 37 Scott Park rd. Tel. 2877 
Bradshaw Mrs. Maud, rullnr, 35 Rose 

Grove In 
Bradshaw Robt, Henry, enftnr. 129 

Aecrington rd 
Bradshaw "Russell (Will Bradshaw, 

Ltd.) ; h. 13 Manor rd 
Bradshaw Mrs. Sarah, grcr, 1 Moore st 
Bradshaw Mrs. Sarah, shpkpr, 37 Rose 

Grove In 
Bradshaw Wlfd. L. (LitT.lewoodV) ; h. 

5 Queen's Park rd 
BRADSHAW WILL, Ltd., hatters, 
hosiers and gent's outfitters, 68 St. 
James 1 street. Tel. 2342 

Bragg Win. D., garage mngr, 13 Saxi- 
iield st 

Bramald Wlfd. G., prntr, 21 Wren st 
Bray Mrs. Jane E., mat nurse, 214 
Brunshaw rd 

Bray John A., clrk, 214 Brunshaw rd 
Brayshaw Horace H. H-, trvllr, 303 

Brunshaw rd 
Brelsford Jas., dairy, 140 Padiham rd 
Brennan Martin, wndw clnr, 128 Ley- 
land rd 
Brennand Miss Elsie, drsnikr, 3 Lower- 
house In 
Brennand Jas., colliery firerr.n, 292 

Coal Clough In 
Brennand Mrs. Margt., 25 Charlotte st 
Brentlcy David, pi try kpr, Hoyle cot- 
tage, Holnio rd 
Bretherton Thos., farmer. Plane Tree 

Brett Jas., chmny swpr, 33 Marine 

Brewer John, enftnr, 28-30 Thursby rd 
and 55a Holbcckst 

Bride W'ra., piano tunr, 401 Briercliffe 

Bridge Albt. E., music tchr, 273 Brun- 
shaw' rd 

Bridge Mr. Arthur, 8 Essex av 

Bridge A. Spencer, clrk, I Watt st 

Bridge F. Stanley (Stephensons') ; h. 

Bridge Mrs. Gertrude, enftnr, 128 Abel 


Bridge Hubert, fr fish dlr, 150 St. 

James' st 
Bridge Jas., frrar, Old Holme farm 
Bridge Jas. , pol con, 6 Cleaver st 
Bridge Jas. A. {Billington & Bridge) ; 

h. 3 Clery st 
Bridge Thos. wireless dlr, 7a Bivel st 
Brierclijfe Central Chtb, Sutcliffe st ; 

W*. Sutcliffe, see 
Brierclifl'e Jas. H.» shpkpr, 19 Calder 

Vale rd 
Briercliffe Jas. Hy., firewood dlr, 1 

Rendel st 
Brierclifl'e Mill Co., Ltd. (room and 

power), Burnley rd, Brierclijfe 
Brierclijfe Beading Room and Institute, 

Halifax rd, Briercliffe ; H. Starkie, 

Briercliffe Road Motor Garage, Brier- 
cliffe rd. Tel. 2703 
BRIERLEY Mrs. GLADYS E., spirella 

corsetiere, 6 Golne road. Tel. 3430 
Brierley Henry, enftnr, 41 Parker hi 
Brierlev Horace, comp sec, 6 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3430 
Brierley John R. (Brierlevs* (Bumlev), 

Ltd.) ; h. 39 Glen View rd 
Brierley John W., shpkpr, 35 Granville 

st, Brierclijfe 
Brierley Miss June, 359 Colne rd. Tel. 

Brierley Mrs. Mary A., drpr, 199 Padi- 

ham rd 



Brier lev Percy (Brierleva' (Burnley), 
Ltd.); h, 1 St. Matthew's st. Tel. 


Brierley Richd. W. (Briercliffe Road 

Garage) ; h. 136 Casterton av 
Briorley Win., frmr, Cornfield, lgkten- 

Brierley Wm. Hy.> joinr, Back Sussex 

st; h. 29 Hutting In 
Brierloys' (Burnley). Ltd., rnotr engnrs 
and car dlrs, Railway st. Tel. 3221 
Briers John, coal dlr, 12 Newcastle st 
Briggs Mrs. Alice, chirpdst, 8 Rectory 

Briggs Edgar, clrk, 1 7 Moorland rd 
Briggs Edwd.» frmr, Houghton, Brier- 
Briggs Erie C, pntr, 14 Board st 
Briggs Fredk., ins agnt, 248 Padiham 

Briggs Fredk. C, pmtr, 33 Every si. 
Briggs Geo. H., ahpkpr, 36 Talbot st 
Briggs Geo. H-, enftnr, 5" Bmnshaw 

BRIGGS HARRY, joiner, builder, con- 
tractor and funeral undertaker, 
Foundry yard, off Brown street. Tel. 
2461 ; h. 134 Parkinson st 
Briggs Mrs. Hilda, 257 Manchester rd 
Briggs Jas. (R. Ernmott, Ltd.) ; h. 10 

Highfield av 
Briggs John, grcr, 1-3 Clarke st 
Briggs John, enftnr, 1 Lebanon at 
Briggs John Wm., pea saloon, 33a Mar- 
ket st ; h. 8 Rectory rd 
Briggs Jph., ins agnt, 28 Claughton st 
Briggs Jph., shpkpr, 220 Lowerhouse 

Briggs Misa Mary Ellen, furn dlr, 89 

Oxford rd 
Briggs Richd., prov dlr, J 25 Oxford rd 
Briggs Thos., chef, 6 Mizpah st 
Briggs Wltr., enftnr, 41 Queen Victoria 

Brindlo J. 0., ins agnt, 10 Elm at 
Brindle Richd. (Rincrd Manufacturing 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. 30 Rossendale av 
Brindley Wltr., tailr's mngr, 381 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd., 8 York- 
shire st. Tel. 2569 
Britcliffe Mr. Jph. E., 01 Barden In 
Britcliffe Wm., optcn, 9 Market hall ; 

h. 18 Queen Victoria rd 
British & Argentine Meat Co., Ltd., 
btchrs, 5 Market st (Tel, 2525), Ml 
Padiham rd, 103 and 1 50 Accrington 

British Cinema Printing Co., Ltd., 22 

Nicholas st. Tel. 3771 
British Engine, Boiler & Electrical In- 

surance Co., Ltd., 61 Lockyer av. 

Tel. 2672 
British Legion Chtb (Burnley), Ltd., 61 

Plumbe st ; D. Kelly, sec 

Britnell Albt. V., aolctr (Birtwells') ; 

h. Svmonstone 
Broadbent Arthur, btchr, 1 :58a Colne 

rd ; h. 123 Thursby rd 
Broadbent John W., btchr, 242 Colne 

rd. Tel. 3449 ; h, 60 Thursby rd 
Broadbent Newton, incorp acnfcnt, 2 

Boot st. Tel, "3740 ; h. <J Fair View 

Broadley Richd., Esq., J.P., sec. 

Transport & General Workers' 

Union, 32 Darwin st 
Broadlev Richd., plrubr, 348 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3886 
Broadley Saml., club stwd, 357 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Brockhouse Richd. W-, wrngng mchno 

repr, 120 Sandygate ; h. 40 Lord st 
Broderick Ernie, J.T., clrk, 13 Rome 

Brogden Jas., fish dlr, 1 00 Parkinson st 
Brogden Saml., grc-r, 58 Hurtlev fit ; h. 

168 BrierelUYe rd 
Brogden Wltr., ortkr, 27 Dale st 
Bromloy Mr. John, 123 Albion at 
Bromley Mrs. Stella, chiropodist, 100a 

Parkinson street 
Bromley Wm. Hy. (Schofield & Co.) ; 

h. 6 Lawn street 
Bromwich Wm. Hy., hatters mnger, 

14 Brassey street 
Brooke Walter, tailor, 32 Harriet st 
Brooks Edwd. (Coniston Street Gar- 
age) ; h. 108 Barracks rd 
Brooks Fredk., phtgrphr, Coal Clough 

In ; h. 27 St. Matthew's st 
Brooks Horace, wrks mngr, 204 Ros- 

sendale rd 
Broster Wm. S., B.A., schlmstr, 136 

Marsden rd 
Brotherton Arthur, nwsgnt, 54 Trafal- 
gar st 
Brotherton John H. (Holt & Kippax) ; 
h. Heiglitside, Scott Park, Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 3313 
Brotherton Wm. Pcrcival, Esq., J.P., 
editor manager Burnlev Express 
Printing Co., Ltd., Bul'l st, Tel. 
3050; h. The Cottage, Whalley. 
Tel. 105 
Broughton Mr. Alfd., 20 Reynolds st 
Broughton Hy., clrk, 141 Rose Hill rd 
Broughton Jas. H., grcr's mngr, 144 

Kairne st 
Broughton Richd., trvllr, 4 Oslo rd 
Broughton Rowland, mntvl at-ndnt, 26 

Parkinson st 
Broughton Thos., clrk, 20 Newton st 
Broughton Wltr., grcr, 34 Cameron st 
Broughton Wm., enftnr, 86 Abel st 
Brown Albt., grcr, 30 Barbon st 
Brown Mr. Albt. E., 27 March st 
Brown Allan, clrk, 69 Glen View rd 
Brown Arthur, grcr, 94 Coal Clough In. 
Tel. 3965 



Brown Mr. Chas. F., 23 Ightcnhill Park 

Brown Edwd. (E. Brown & Son) ; h. 

Storith, Towneley side 
Brown Edwd. & Son, frutrs, 10 Chan- 
cery st. Tel. 3467 
Brown Ernest, mtr engnr, 3 Parker In. 

Tel. 3032 ; h. 93 Ormerod rd 
Brown Ernest, hatter's vnngr, 86 Coal 

Clough In 
Brown Ernest, boot dlr's mngr, Jin 

Ormerod rd 
Brown Mrs. Florence, shpkpr, 4 Whit- 

tlefield st 
Brown Francis H.» Viet, White Hart 

Hotel, 45 Church st 
Brown Frank H., aciitnt, 95 Reynolds 

Brown Fred, pntr, 63 Standish st 
Brown Fred, soletr and com for oaths, 

80 Yorkshire st. Tel. 3478 ; and at 

BHerfieXd and Nelson ; h. Lymm- 

wood, Walverden rd, Brierfield 
Brown Fredk., btchr, 112 Accrington 

Brown Fredk., colliery rrngr, 484 Ac- 
crington rd 
Brown Fredk., boot repr, Lowerhoiisc 

Brown Fredk. H. (Brown's Typewrit- 
ing Service, Ltd,) ; h. 82 Coal Clough 

In. .Tel. 2096 
Brown I-'redk. W. {K. Brown & Sons) ; 

h. 65 Ormerod rd. Tel, 4224 
Brown Henry, soletr's elrk, 1 1 Olyinpia 

Brown Henry, nwsgnt, 98 Lowerhouse 

Brown Homy, rlwy insptr, f> Rutland 

Brown Henry, olrk, 6 Shaftesbury st 
Brown Henry A., smlwre dlr, 21 Milner 

Brown Horatio, hay and straw dlr. 

Gaiinowin. Tel. 3715 
Brown Isaac, cnftnr, 20 'Hebrew rd 
Brown Ivan, btchr's mngr, 1 Hawes ter 
Brown. Jas. A., clrk, 15 Lubbock st 
Brown Jas. A., ovrlkr, 21 Montague st 
Brown Mrs, Jane, 26 Lansdowne st 
Brown Jesse, trvllr, 22 Leamington av 
Brown John (Francis & Co.) ; h. 43 

Ormerod rd 
Brown John F., propty repr, 4 T)er- 

went av 
Brown John H, (J. Brown & Sons) ; 

h. 24 Pratt st 
Brown John W., hairdrsr, 18 Elm st 
Brown Jph. (Jph. Brown & Sons) ; h. 

33 Murray st 
Brown Jph.., ottn slsuin, 1 4 Wiltshire av 
Brown Jph., cnftnr, 76 St. Matthew's st 
Brown Mr. Jph., 249 Manchester rd 
Brown Jph. & Sons, potato mrchnts, 

Pratt fit, Tel. 3327 

Brown Lnrd. (E. Brown & Son) ; h. 

185 Todr orden rd 
Brown Mrs. Marie, J. P., 25 Ark right 

Brown Mrs. Margt. A., 227 Manchester 


Brown Perev, fish d Ir, Market sq. Tel. 

Brown, Kidehalgh & Glover, ottn 
mnftrs, Elm Street shed 

Brown lid. II., chmst, 254 Colne rd 

Brown Richcl. W.., beeihae, Commercial 
Inn, 446-448 Bri.ereliu'e rd 

Brown "Robt., supt, Blackburn Cloth- 
ing Club Co., Ltd., 4 Kelson sq 

Brown Robt. M., saw a»ill nmgr. Rose 
cottage, Talbot st 

BROWN ROBERT & SONS, joiners,, 
builders and contractors, Borough 
Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormerod 
road. Tel. 4224 

Brown, Stockdale & Singleton, Ltd., 
whlsle btchrs, Abattoirs, Rovlo rd. 
Tel. 2 SO 9 

Brown Mrs. Theresa., grcr, 27 Barracks 

Brown Thos., fish dlr. Market sq and 1 2 

St. John's rd. Tel. 3487 
Brown Thos., mill nngr, 391 Brierclifl'e 


Brown Tom, J.P., crtkr, School house, 
Lionel st 

Brown Mr. Thos. H., 25 Arkwright 

Brown Wm., grcr and btchr, 120 Ox- 
ford rd ; h. 06 Thurslield rd 

Brown Willie, nwsgnt's mngr, 1 8 
Westbourne av 

Brownheys Cvele Co., Ltd., cycle mkrs, 
Parker In. Tel. 4193 

Brown's Typewriting Service, Ltd., 18 
Hargreaves st. Tel. 3700 

B.S.K.(THE) CAFE, Ltd., confectioners 
and caterers, 31 St. James 1 street. 
Tel. 2479 ; and at Nelson and 

Brownwood Edwd., furn dlr, 107a Ac- 
crington rd ; h. 01 Barracks I'd 

Broxup Edwd. (E. Broxnp (Timber), 
Ltd.) ; h . 433 Manchester rd 

Broxup Edwd. (Timber), Ltd.. joinrs. 
Plumbest. Tel. 4021 

Broxup Ceo., archtct, 4 Bai*ry st 

Broxup Henry, Fr fish dlr, 08 Yorkshire 

Broxup Mrs. Mary E., enftnr, 421 Man- 
chester rd 

Broxup Philip A., ehirpdst, 4a Har- 
greaves st. Tel. 4054; h. 13 Rose 
Mount av 

Broxup Thos., pntr, 28 Belvedere rd 

Bmggen Bverlev Claude L..L.R.C.P. & 
S. (Edin.), L.R.F.P. & S., phvs and 
svirg, 74 Bank par. Tel. 3666 

Brumioy Albt., com dlr, 65 Padibtiin rd 



Brun Co- operative Tn vestment Trust, 
Ltd., Bank chmbra, 42 St. James st. 
Tel. 3839; T. H. Hargreavea, sec 

Brun Motors, Ltd., hlge cntrctrs and 
engnrs, Tarleton garage, Todmorden 
rd. Tel. 2857 

Brun Textiles, drprs, 5b Bridge st. 
Tel. 3094 

Brunshaw Motors, new and second- 
hand dlrs, Brunshaw rd. Tel. 3377 

Bnmskill Arthur, grcr's mngr, 21 "Win- 
dermere rd 

Bnmskill Jph., clrk, 8 Hawes ter 

Brunton Jas. Taylor (Hortus Printing 

Co., Ltd.); h. 18 Stephenson st. 

Tel. 3518 
Brunton Robt., bookkpr, 294 Coal 

Clough In 
Brunton Mr. Thos., 5 Hurling In 
Brunton Wilford, hairdrsr, 5 Parker In 
Bryan Fredk., pntr, 92 Manchester rd. 

Tel. 2509 
Bryon Mr. Albt. V., 360 Brierclifl'e rd 
Buchanan David S., drpr, 313 Coin© rd. 

Tel. 3424 

Buchanan Jas., ladies and gent's tailr 
drpr and hse frnshr, 40 Hammerton 
st. Tel. 2549; h. 6 Rose Hill ave 

Buchanan Wm., drpr, 22 Howe st ; h. 
7 Bank Hall ter 

Buck Arthur, canal formn, Canal hse, 

Hollingreave rd 

Buck Francis M., coal dlr, 9 Nelson rd, 

Buck Mrs. Grace, hairdrsr, 263 Brier- 
cliff e rd 

Buckingham Riehd., coal dlr, 19 

Pheasantford st 
Buckley Fredk., trvllr, 45 Rossetti av 
Buckley Harold, coal dlr, 27 Wood st 
Bulcock Abraham, club stwd. 63 New 

Hall st 

Bulcock Mr. Elijah, 214 Todmordcn rd 
Bulcock Geo., cirk, 130 Marsden rd 
Bulcock Horace Hy., drghtsinn, i>0 

Hawthorne rd 
BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., iron and 
steel merchants, furnishing and gen- 
eral ironmongers, cutlers, mantel- 
pieces, ranges, etc., 19 Manchester 
road and Ormerod street. Tel. 3015 
Bulcock Jolm, crtkr, 73 Scott st 
Bulcock Jph., brushworks formn, 4 
Romney av 

BULCOCK WILFRED, ironmonger, 
hardware dealer, agent for Hoover 

electric vacuum cleaner, 195 Padiham 
road. Tel. 3450 ; h. 430 Padiham 

Bullock Albt. (J. Wilkinson & Son 
(Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 5 Fifth av 

Bullock Luke, trvllr, 177 Castorton av 

Bullock Wltr., bldr, 30 Irene st, Tel, 

Bullocks', btehrs, 25 Market hall 

Rullough Mr. Fred. 30 TTordlev st. 

Tel. 3027 
Burgess Frank, poi con, 94 Hoaley 

Wood rd 
Burgess Miss Marianne, 82a Bank par 
Burgess Sydney Victor, B.A., schlmstr, 

271 Manchester rd 
Burke Mrs. Kliz., mllnr, 5 Ptumbe st 
Burke Jeremiah, sewing mchne dlr, 20 

Hammerton st 
Burnett Fredk. & Son, hlge cntrctrs, 

13 Lionel st. Tel. 2887*" 
Burnett Mrs. Emily, shpkpr, 1 1 Danes- 
house rd 
Burnett Geo., postmn, 38 Hulme st 
Burnett Major M., grcr, 55 Melville st 
Burnett Robt,, frutr, 224 Colne rd 
Burnley Billiard Club, St. James' st 

Bull street 

brick manufacturers, Heasandford 
works, Queen's park. Tel. 3029. 
Telegrams " Brick " ; J. Procter, 
manager ; Harry Watson, secretary 

Burnley Building Society, 12 Grirn- 
shaw st (Tel. 2135-2136), 128 Colno 
rd, Burnley rd, Harle Syke ; and at 
Nelson, Bricrjield and Padiham ; 
Walter Harvey, gen mngr 

Burnley Church Institute, 35 Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 340011 ; J. Barrett 
Dickens, sec and mngr 


Ltd., ale and porter brewers and 
bottlers, Keighley green. Tel. 3787 ; 

J. Blackledge, secretary 

Burnley Coal Dealers' ' Association, 
Ltd., 70 Daneshouse rd. Tel. 3368 ; 
W. E. Braccwell, sec 

Burnley Ceal Supply Co., Ltd., coal 
mrchnts, Railway sidings, Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 2704 ; E. Farrow, sec 

Burnley, Colne & Nelson Joimt Trans- 
port Committee, general office : 
Queensgate, Colne rd. Tel. 2101 ; 
Chas. H. Stafford, M. Inst, T., 
A.M.T.A.E., genl mngr 

Burnley Components, Ltd., washing 
boilr mkrs, Laugham rd. Tel. 227(5 

Burnley Concert Artistes'' Social and 
Working Mat's Club, 13 St. James' 
row ; Wm. Hartley, see 

Burnley ^ Conservative and VniomRts' 
Association, 35 Manchester rd. Tel. 
2fi50 ; Miss D.Holt, agnt 

Burnley Corporation Baths, Bath st 
(Tel. 2101), Gannow In (Tel. 3488) 
and North st (Tel. 3489) ; J. T. 
Grundy, supt 

Burnley Corporation Bus Department, 
Colne rd. Tel. 2101 

Burnley Corporation Cleansing Depart- 
ment, Aqueduct st. Tel. 2101 ; W. 
Derbyshire, supt 



Burnley Corporation Cold Stores & Ice 
Works, Royle rd. Tel. 2101 ; T. P. 
Stark, mngr 

Burnley Corporation Education Depart- 
ment, 1 1 1 Manchester rd ; W . 
Howarth, M.A., M.Ed., Litt. D., dir- 
ector of education. Tel. 2101 

Burnley Corporation Electricity De- 
, partment, Grimsliaw st. Tel. 2101 ; 

Jas. K Starkie, A.M.I.K.E., A.M.!. 

(Modi.) E., borough elect engnr 

Burnley Corporation Gas Worhs Office, 
Parker In ; allow rooms, fifi St. 
.Tamos' st ; meter testing station, 
00a Manchester rd. Tel. 2101 ; 
Arthur F. Ames, M. Inst. G.E., engnr 
and manager 

Burnley Corporation Highways De- 
partment, Daneshouae rd. Tel. 2101 ; 
H- Veevers, supt 

Burnley Corporation Housing and Prop- 
erty Department, 52 Manchester rd. 
Tel. 2101 

Bttrnley Corporation Insurance Com- 
mittee, Q Elizabeth st. Tel. 2730 ; 
R. Allan Baxter, elrk 

Burnley Corporation Market Superin- 
tendents Office, Market place. Tel. 
2101 ; J. W. Whitehead, supt 

Burnley Corporation Parks ; Queens' 
Park, Ormerod rd ; Scott Park, 
Scott Park rd 

Burnley Corporation Public Abattoirs, 
Royle rd. Tel. 2101 ; J. W. White- 
head, mngr 

Burnley Corporation Public Assistance 
Department, 20 Nicholas st ; A. J. 
Moor, P.A. officer 

Burnley Corporation Public Health 
Offices, St. James' st. Tel. 2101; 
C. Lament, M.B., D.P.H., medical 

Burnley Corporation School Clinic, fi 
Elizabeth at 

Burnley Corporation Stationery Depart- 
ment, Elizabeth st. Tel. 2101; 
Arthur Berry, mngr 

Burnley Corporation Waterworks Office, 
64 Yorkshire st. Tel. 2101 ; J. 
Shepherd, A.M. Inst. W.E., engnr 
and mngr 

Burnley Cricket Club Co., Ltd., Turf 
Moor. Tel. 208011; H. W. West, 


manufacturers of aluminium die 
castings of all descriptions, Athletic 
works, Athletic street. Tel. 2556 

Burnley & District Building Trades 
Employers* Association, 23 St. James' 
row. Tel. 3453 ; J. Yoxall, see 

Burnley & District Butchers'' Associa- 
tion, 35 Royle rd ; W. L. Halstead, 

Burnley & District Chamber of Trade, 
9 Nicholas st. Tel. 2626; Wm. 
Hodgson, sec 

Burnley ttb District Coal Traders' 
Society, 8 Yorkshire st. Tel. 2(317 ; 
F. 0. Riley, A.L.L.A-, see 

Burnley & District Cotton Spinners & 
Manufacturers' Insurance Associa- 
tion, 7 Grimshaw st. Tel. 2244 ; E. 
Smith sec 

Burnley <h District Council of Coal 
Merch<mts, 8 Yorkshire st. Tel. 
2017 ; F. C. Riley, A.L.L.A., see 

Burnley & District Deaf <&■ Dumb 
Society, Church Institute, Manches- 
ter rd ; L. Crellin, sec 

Burnley & District Engineers* & Fire- 
men* s Union, 27 Pritchard st ; R. 
Walker, sec 

Burnley <fr District Engineering Trades 
Employers* Association, 3 Grimsliaw 
st. Tel. 3244 (two lines) ; E. Wood, 

Burnley & District Friendly Society, 23 
Bank par. Tel. 2533 ; ' J. McKay, 

Burnley & District Incorporated Ac- 
countants Students 1 Society, 2 Boot 
st. Tel. 3740 ; N. Broadbent, see 

Burnley <& District Incorporated Cham- 
ber of Commerce, 1 Yorke st. Tel. 
3109; John F. Heap, P.C.A., see 


published on Thursdays, guaranteed 
circulation 28,500 copies weekly, 30 
St. James' street. Tel. 3001 ; W. 

Woodhead, advertising manager 

lookers' Institute, 62 Lindsay street. 
Tel. 2619 ; T. Dugdale, secretary 

Burnley tC? District Miners* Associa- 
tion, Charlotte st. Tel. 2762 ; J. A. 
Sampson, J.P., sec 

Ltd., 13a Nicholas street. Tel. 2800 ; 

Gilbert Hartley, secretary 
Burnley <fe District Nurses' Home, 81 

Church at. Tel. 4027 ; Miss E. E. 

Longworth, matron 
Burnley & District Boad Transport & 

Commercial Users* Association, 8 

Yorkshire st. Tel. 2617 j F. C. 

Riloy, A.L.L.A. 
Burnley <£• District Superintendent 

Registrars Office, 20 Nicholas st ; J. 

Hornby, supt registrar 
Burnley & District Trades &• Labour 

Council, 30 St. James" st. Tel. 

3001 ; G. Hale, J.P., sec 
Burnley & District Weavers, Winders 

& Beamers* Association, Charlotte st. 

Tel. 2762 ; J, Handle, J.P., see 



Bundey rf' District WorK-peoplcs' Hos- 
pital Scheme, Charlotte st. Tel. 
2762 j H. Thomas, see 

Burnley & Bast Lancashire Rural 
Deaneries Insurance Society, 33 
Church st. Tel. 2947 ; John A. 
Edmondson, sec; 

Burnley Electric Welding Co., welders, 
Blakcysfc. Tel. 2788 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative & In- 
dustrial Society, Ltd., grers, etc. ; 
central stores and offices, Hammer- 
ton st (Tel. 3721), W. Greenwood, 
sec. ; education dept. (Tel. 2064), S. 
M. Whinney, sec. ; traffic dept.. Can- 
ning st (Tel. 2154) ; grocery ware- 
house, Banfchouse st {Tel. 2073) ; 
dairy (Tel. 3000) ; laundry (Tel. 
3044) ; excursion dept. (Tel. 3721a) ; 
branches : Colne rd, Bivel st, Ox- 
ford rd, Trafalgar at, Accrington rd. 
Old Hall st, Clarence st, Healey 
Wood, Canning st, Brcnnand st, 
Whittlefield, Mary st, Lindsay st, 
Hattersley st, Springfield rd, Harle 
Syke, New Hall st, Albert st, Padi- 
ham rd, Piccadilly rd, Worsthoi'ne, 
Branch rd, Cannow In, Rosegrove, 
Lowerhouse, Cheapside, Coal Clough 
In, Bankhouse st, Laithe st, Brough- 
am st, Lyndhurst rd, Oak st, Herbert 
st, Hufling In, Williams rd, Nairne 
st. Bright st, Manchester rd, Melville 
st, Haggate, Cog In, Gorple st, 
Queensgate, Morse st, Lanehead and 

Burnley Esperanto Society, 88 Westgato 

Burnley Estate Office, 21 Braeewell st- 
Tel. 2057 ; Harry Jobling, agnt 

Burnlev Estates, Ltd., land agents, 2 
Boot st. Tel. 3740 j N. Broadbent, 

Co., Ltd., general printers, book- 
binders and commercial stationers, 
proprietors and publishers of " Burn- 
ley Express " and " Burnley News M ; 
office and works, Bull street. Tel. 
Advertising department 3036, Edi- 
torial department 3050 

Burnlev Football Club & Athletic Co., 
Ltd., Turf Moor. Tel. 2052 ; A. 
Boland, sec 

Burnley Golf Club, Glen view. Tel. 

20481 1 .; A. Levcns, sec 
Burnley Grammar School, Bank par. 

Tel. "2101; A. W. Fletcher, M.A. 

(Camb.), headmaster 

Burnley Homing Society, Ltd., Rush- 
worth st ; T. Tunstill, sec 

Burnley Insurance Committee, Eliza- 
beth* st. lei. 2730 ; "R. Allan Bax- 
ter, clrk 

Burnley Ironworks Co., Ltd., iron and 
brassfounders, King st. Tel. 2669 

Burnley Lads' Club, Bank parade ; W. 
R. Knight, sec 

Burnley Land Development Co., Ltd., 
house and estate agnts, 2 Boot st. 
Tel. 3740 ; N. Broadbent, sec 

Burnley Lane Commercial Clothing & 
Furnishing Club, Ltd., 28 Barden In. 
Tel. 2535 ; J. E. Barnes, see 

Burnley Lane Homing Society's Club, 
Rush worth st ; '!'. Tunstill, sec 

Burnley Lane Temperance Club, He- 
brew rd 

Burnley Liberal Association, Prudential 
bldgs, Manchester rd. Tel, 4263 ; A. 
Fitz- Patrick, see and agnt 

Burnley Masonic Hall, Nelson sq. 
Tel. 2344; T. H. Hargreavcs, see 

Burnley Maternity Home, Bank hall, 
Colne rd. Tel. 2101 

Burnley Master Cotton Spinners' & 
Manufacturers' Association, Grim - 
shaw st. Tel. 2244 ; E. Smith, sec 

Burnley Mechanics' Institution, Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 200011; Donald 
Race, hon sec ; J. Thornber, J. P., 
hon. treas. ; John R. Marsden, sec 
and librarian 

Burnley Model Egg Grading & Packing 
Station, Ltd., Brunshaw rd. Tel. 


Burnley Motor Mart, motr dlrs, Cannon 
st. Tel. 3493 

Burnley Municipal College, Ormorod 
rd. Tel. 2101 ; W. Munn Rankin, 
M".3c. (Leeds), B.»Sc. (Lond.), prin. 
School of Art, Ormerod rd. Tel. 
2101 ; W. Marlborough Whitehead, 
J.P., A.R.C.A., A.M. Cert., prin 

street. Tel. advertising department 
3036, editorial 3050 ; " Burnley Ex- 
press ! Printing Co., Ltd., propriet- 

Burnley Playing Fields Association ; 
ground, Bank parade 

Burnley Oil & Tallow Co., oil mrchnts, 

Adlington st. Tel. 3412 

Burnley Operative Cotton Spinners' As- 
sociation, 9a Bank parade 

Burnley Paper Works Co., Ltd., papr 
nmftrs, Calder Vale rd. Tel. 29S1 

REAU, status enquiries and debt 
recovery, etc., 10 Board street. Tel. 


Burnley Property Owners' Association, 
12 St. James' row ; E. Whitehead, 

Burnley Public Instdtutdon, Primrose 
bank, Brierelitfe road. Tel. 2196. 

Burnley Reliance Haulage Co., Ltd., 
motr hlge and genl cntretrs, Canning 
st. Tel. 2154 ; reg office, Tanner s t 



Burnley Ttnral District Council (Rate 
office), Thomas st. Tel. 2280 ; S. T. 
Foster, rating officer 

Burnley School of Dancing, Bridge st. 
Tel. 2776; Misses BuoKey & Haw- 


Burnley School of Arms, Bridge st ; X 
Gorman, F.B.A.P.T. 

Burnley School for the Blind, Tarleton 
house ; A. J. Laid low 

Burnley Schools Clinic, Elizabeth st. 
Teh 2101 

Burnley School for Deaf Children, West- 
gat©'; Mrs, K. BC Down 

Burnley Small Holdings Association, 9a 
Deer Park rd ; R. Smith, sec 

Burnley Tradesmen's Billposting Co., 
Ltd., 27a Church st. Tel. 2573 

Burnley Tradesmen's Clothing & 
Furnishing Club, Ltd., 3 Boot st. 
Teh 2983 ; W. S. Wheaterof t, mngr 

Burnley Twisters" tf> Drawers' Asso- 
ciation, Central club, Keighley green. 
Teh 3729 ; T. Maxfield, sec " 

Burnley Typewriter Co., Ltd., 63 Man- 
chester i-d. Tel. 3861 

lard Bros. (Padiham), Ltd.). " Tec- 
alemif " valeting: service, repairs and 
tyres, Lane Ends Super Service 
station, Lowerhouse. Tel. 3783 ; 
and at Padiham 

Burnley Tyre Depot, Ltd., tyre factors, 
Aahfield rd 

Burnley Unemployment Assistance 
Board, Ashfield house, Ash field rd. 
Tel. 2224 ; J. F. Turner, mngr 

Burnley Utility Coal Co.. Ltd., 113 
Gordon st. Tel. 41 66 ; G. Crowther, 

Burnley Wireless Relay Co., 13 Carey 

Burnley Working Boys' Home, 31 Hind 
st. Tel. 2640; Miss E. Longstaff, 

Burns Geo., pol eon, 22 Cuerden st 

Burns Miss Gertrude M-, 154 Tod- 
rnorden rd 

Burns Harold, wndw clnr, 60 Disraeli 

Burns John, nwsgnt, 1 Slater st 

Burns John T., ins agnt, 14 Escott st 

Burrows Arthur, clrk, 57 Abel st 

Burrows Mrs. Evelyn, furn dlr, 74 Abet 

Burrows Fredk., ladies' outftr, 390 

Colne rd 
Burrows Fredk., shopkpeer, 57 Clifton 

Burrows John, salt dlr, 4 Mosley st 
Burrows John E., vict, Dragoon Hotel, 

74 Hebrew rd 
Burrows John Thos. (Thos. Burrows, 

Ltd.) ; h. 2 Queen's Park rd. Tel. 


Burrows Mrs. Sarah, shpkpr. 5 Roe- 
buck st 

BURROWS THOS., Ltd., cotton manu- 
facturers, Britannia and Belle Vue 
mills, Kyan street. Tel. 4102 

Burrows Win., cttn slsmn, 30 Queen 
st, BHercliffc 

Bursnall Mr.' John P., 117 Rose Hill 

Burton Alfd., beerhse, Hose & Thistle, 
11-13 Griinshaw st 

Burton Geo. H., hairdrsr, 6 Brougham 

Burton Herbt. J., clrk, 15 Constable 

Burton Jas. F., boot rcpr, 8 Westgate 

Burton Jph. T., mill mngr, 188 BHer- 
cliffc rd 

Burton Montague, Ltd., tailrs, 1 Man- 
chester rd and 46, 72 and 76 St. 
James' st 

Burton Wlfd., beerhse. Bridge Inn, 168 
Gannow In 

Bury Albt., nwsgnt, 80 Colne rd 

Bury Chas. W. (Leagate Tea Co.) ; h. 
9 Harold st 

Bury G. & Son, grcrs, 107 Aeerington 

Bury George (G. Bury & Son) ; h. 1-3 
Duckett terrace 

Bury Henry, mngr, 34 Newton st 

Bury Jas. A. (Thompson & Co. (Con- 
crete), Ltd.) ; h. 185 Manchester rd 

Bury Jas. S. (Sawley & Bury) ■ h. 6 
Newcastle st 

Bury John, clrk, 32 Tabor st 

Bury Wm., cycle, pram and wireless 
dlr and sports outfttr, 119 Westgate 

Bus Station, Cattle Market, Parker In 

Bushby Alfd., boot dlr, 1 9 Rose Grove 

Bushby R. & Co., pntrs, 33 Rose Grove 

Bushby Ronald (R. Bushby &Co.) ; h. 
33 Rose Grove In 

Bushell Mrs. Edith, wine dlr, 81 Man- 
chester rd 

Bussell Wm. J., clrk, 400 Padiham rd 

Butler Chas., collry mngr, 93 Wood- 
grove rd 

BUTLER FRED, A.M. Inst. R.E., motor 
engineer and repairer, Junction Street 
garage. Tel. 3865 ; h. 40 St. Mat- 
thew'sst. Tel. 3865 

Butler Jas., nwsgnt, 2 Calder Vale rd 

Butler Mrs. Lucy, 137 Rose Hill rd 

Butson Frank, grcrs mngr, 16 Queen's 

Butson Thos. W., grcr, 232a Colne rd. 
Tel. 3931 ; h. 14 Laurier st 

Butter field Frank (Woodfield Printing 
Co.) ; h. 21 Grimshaw st 

Butterfield Mr. Frank, 21 Glen View rd 

Butterfield Frank, eomp, 234 Tod- 
morden rd 



Butterfield Mr. Hartley, 106 Albion at 
Butterfield Jas., solctr (Holmes, But- 
terfield & Hartley) ; h. 8 Rose Hill 
Butterfield John, cnftnr, 2 Barbon st 
Butterfield Thos. (P. Phillips & Son) ; 
h. 2 Appletree can-, Park av. Tel. 
Butterworth Chas., coal dlr, 2 Hat- 

tersley st 

Ltd., loom makers and textile mach- 
inists, iron and brass founders, Globe 
works, Liverpool road. Tel. 3206- 

Butterworth Henry, asst eollry mngr, 

483 Padiham rd 

Butterworth Horace, inB agnt, 5 Dur- 
ban st 

Butterworth John, coal dlr, 102 Nairne 


Butterworth Jph., cnftnr, 2 Palace st 

Buttery Henry, bankrangr, 10 Hornby 

Button Miss Katherine, 235 Manches- 
ter rd 

Buxton Miss Annie, drpr, 70 Parlia- 
ment st 

Buxton & Butterfield, cnftnrs, 6 

Church st 
Buxton Horace P., cnftnr, 21 Furness 

Byerden House Socialist Club rf* Insti- 
tute, 191 Colne rd ; J. Harrison, see 
Bygate Ernest, clrk, 16 Lytton st 
Byrne Jph. B., clrk, 22 Raglan rd 
Byrne VVm., beerhse, Park Tavern, 

Mosley st 
Oadd Henry, pol con, 26 Burnley rd, 

Clow bridge 
Cadwallader Rhodes, fish dlr, 52 Water- 
barn st 
Cadwaller Henry, clrk, 7 Crcswiok av 
confectioners and caterers, hot lunch- 
- eons, dinners and dainty teas (all 
parties catered for on short notice), 24 
Manchester road, Tel. 2614 

Cafnn G. D. (Manchester), Ltd., optens, 
48 St. James* st 

Cain Anthony, coal dlr, 96 Abel st 

Cain Michael, clthng club mngr, 51 
Lyndhurst rd 

Oaldecott Clifford R., drpr, 7 Chancery 

Calderbank Cyril F., clrk, 1 1 2 Florence 

Caldwell Mr. Jas. W., 24 St. Matthew's 

Caldwell John (J. J. Caldwell & Sons, 
Ltd) ; h. 1 Castle hill, Towneley 

CALDWELL J. J. & SONS, Ltd., manu- 
facturers of aluminium diecastings of 
all descriptions, Athletic works, 
Athletic street. Tel. 2556 

Caldwell Mrs. Martha A,, 377 Man- 
chester rd 
Caldwell Win. Jas. (J. J. Caldwell & 

Sons, Ltd) ; h. Ttrierfield 
Calland Thos., cnftnr, 129 Parliament 

Galium Alex., M.IX, Ch.B., F.R.C.S.E., 
consulting surgeon. 1 Ormerod road. 
Teh 3973 ; h. 345 Colne road. Tel. 
Calverley Miss Ada, 1 8 Piccadilly rd 
Calverley Clifford, electrn, 57 Brough- 
am st 
Calverley Henry, clcctrn, 96 Colne rd. 

Tel. 2948 ; h. 51 Cavour st 
Calvert Mrs. Annie, cnftnr, 84 Burns st 
Calvert Miss Annie, fr fish dlr, 1 Allen- 
dale st 
Calverley Mrs. Dorothy, cnftnr, 48 

Albert st 
Calvert Ernest, grcr, 60 Cleaver st 
Calvert Miss "Evelyn, 37 Lee st 
Calvert Mrs. Florence, grcr, 114 Ac- 

crington rd 
Calvert Fred (F. Calvert, Ltd.) ; h. 28 

Rose Hill av 
CALVERT F., Ltd., wholesale hosiers 
and merchants, 30 Yorkshire street. 
Tel. 3891 
Calvert Matthew H., htchr, 7 Curzon 

st ; h. 206 Manchester rd 
Calvert Mrs. Minnie, frutr, 84 Hebrew 

Calvert Thos., yeast slsmn, 60 Athol st 
Calvert W'ra 1( boot repr, 4 Briereliffe 

rd ; h. 7 Grasmere st 
Calvin Rev. Noel W., B.A. (Cong.), 377 

Padiham rd. Tel. 2560 
Cameron Angus (Hargreaves & Cam- 
eron) ; h. 1 Byron st 
CAMM HAROLD, high-class ladies and 
gent's tailor and gent's outfitter, 35- 
37 Oxford road. Tel. 4235 ; h. 148 
Oxford rd 
Camm Mrs. Harriet, furn dlr, 202 Padi- 
ham rd 
Camm Mr. Jas. F., 148 Oxford rd 
Camm Philip V., joinr, 41-47 Spring- 
field rd. Tel. 3951 ; h. 148 Oxford 
Camm Mrs. Rachel, shpkpr, 5 Kepple st 
Campbell Alfd. H., hlgc cntrctr, 48a 

Church st ; h. 9 Forest st 
Campbell C. & F., frmrs, Hill Top frm 
Campbell Mrs, Hannah, grcr, 2-4 Burn- 
Icy rd, Briereliffe 
Campbell Hugh S., acntnt, 433 Rossen- 

dale rd 
Campbell J. F. & Co., furnshrs, 5-7 St, 

James' st 
CAMPBELL JOHN T., house, estate 
and insurance agent, 3 Woodbine 

Campbell Jph., cnftnr, 7 H&ydock st 
Campbell Mrs. Mary, 12 Hulling In 



Campbell Wm., trvllr, 19 Ivory st 
Campbell Wm. J., brewery agnt, 13 
Clivo st 

Canal Transport, Ltd., carriers, Man- 
chester r<(. Tel. 2914; F. Crossioy, 

Cannon Albt. R.., grcr, 1 54 Briercliffe 
rd and 35 Abel st 


Cannon Edwd., works sec, 17 Mitchell 

Camion Mrs. Jessie, Urpr, 3 Scott st 
Capping Ernest & Denis, boot reprs, 

11 5 Parliament st 
Capstiek Albt., tailr, 81 8 Padiham rd 
Car & General Insurance Corporation, 

Ltd., 22 Nicholas st. Tel. 3756 
Carlin Frank, elrk, 60 Albion st 
X-arlton Billiard Hall Co., Ltd., St. 

James* row 
Carman Mrs. ,Kmma, grcr, 11 Todmor- 

den rd 
Carman Hifbcrt, furnshr's nuigr, 1 

Pratt sfc 
Carney J., ins agnt, 1 I Lome st 
Carney Michael, elrk, 40 Hull st 
Carnie Rupert, elrk. 31 Presiwieh st 
Carr Allan, hairdrsr, 5 Rose Grove hi 
Carr Henry, grcr, 28 Ashiield rd 
Carr Ralph A- G., elrk, 54 Marsden rd 
Carr Rowland H., ins agnt, 92 Gains- 
borough av 

Carrington Wm. E,, enftnr, loli Colne 

Carroll Mrs. Ellen, enftnr, 31 Elijsa st 
Carroll Geo., ins agent, 07 Devonshire 

Carroll Mrs. Mary A., grcr, 30-32 

Brunswick st 
Carroll Thos., plmbr, 105 Cleaver st 
Carruthers YV'm. E., trvllr, 15 Surrey 


Carson Saml., ins mngr, 90 Mitella st 
Carter Edwin, trvllr, 51 Melville st 
Carter Mrs. Ethel, 58 Westgate. Tel. 

GARTER FRED, estate and insurance 
agent, rent and debt collector and 
financier, 10 Cuerden street. Tel. 
2175 ; h. Sough, Kilbrook. Tel. 64 

Carter Gilbt., frutr, 23 Brennand st 

Carter H. Alan, L.D.S., dntl srgn, 58 
Westgate. Tel. 2321 

Carter Herbt., trvllr, 34 Dugclale rd 

Carter John, pltry frrar, 2 Springwood 

Cartwright Jph., beerhse. Wheat Sheaf 
Inn, 112 Colne rd 

Cams Alex., bank cashr, 165 Wood- 
grove rd 

Casey Prank M., dntst, 4 Piccadilly rd 

Cash Boot Co., boot dlrs, 101 St. 
James* st 

Cash Clothing Co., clothiers, 103 St. 
James' st 

CASH & Co., hatters, hosiers and 

gent's outfitters, 55 St. James' street. 

Tel. 3073 

Cassidy Cyril, schlmstr, 418 Padiham 

Casson Albt., elrk, 96 Haime st 

Casson Herht., trvllr, 343 Briercliffe rd 

Casson John (Casson & Son) ; h. 227 

Colne rd 
Casson John, clggr, 1 Queen Victoria 

rd ; h. 24 Mansergh st 

Casson Mrs. Mary A., hairdrsr, 6 Padi- 
ham I'd 

Casson Wm., plmbr, 36 DaneshoUse rd. 

Tel. 2S30 ; and at BHerficltl 
Casson Wm. D. (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; h. 

39 Barry st 
Catholic Club (St. Augustine's Me- i 

morial) ; Lowerhouse lane 

Catholic Club (Sfc. John the Baptist) ; 

Steer street 
Catholic Club (St. Mary's), St. Mary's 

gate ; J. Kainbult, sec 
Catholic Club {Men's Band Club), Bivel 

st ; John YV. Donogue, see 

Callow Amos (Healey Ivoyd Manufac- 
turing Co., Ltd.) ;*h. 45 Scott Park 

Catlow Mrs. Bertha, enftnr, 20'J Harden 

Catlow Chas., grcr, 40 Horace fit 
Catlow Claude, solctr, 26 Rossetti av 
Catlow Ernest, beorhse, Millers' Arms, 

IS Junction st 
Catlow Frank, coal dir, 14 Harold 


Catlow Howard (Healey Royd Manu- 
facturing Co., Ltd.) j h. 23 Scott 
Park rd 

Catlow Joe (Healey. Royd Manufactur- 
ing Co., Ltd.) ; h. 443 Cog In 
Catlow Lnrd., pltry frmr, Bungalow, 


Catlow Madame, music tchr, 25 East- 
ern av 
Callow Robt., grcr, 18 Holly st 
Catlow Sam I., Frances & Hilda, cnitrs, 

64 Coal C lough In 
Catlow Thos., elrk, 9 Durban st 
Catlow Thos., ins agnt, 19 Barden In 
Catlow Wright, slipkpr, 20 M'arsden rd 
Catterall Mrs. Annie, aprtmts., 24 

Cattle Market, Parker In 
Catton Chas. Ky%, corset rnkr, 20 York- 
shire stand 4 Howe st ; h. 56 Rose 
Hill road 
Catton Miss Dora J., 31 Lansdowne st 
Catton Ernest J., chmst, 21 Canning 

st ; h. 13 Lansdowne st 
Catton Harold, trvllr, 549 Brunshaw rd 
Cavanagh Chas., trvllr, 7 Drew st 
Cavanagh John, asst schlmstr, 14 

Cosmo av 
Cave Mrs. L, 15 Heath st 



Cavendish Furnishing Co., furnshrs, 34- 

36 St. James' at 
Cavill Miss Mary Jane, oorsetiere, 43 

St. Matthew's st 
Cawkwell Wltr., clrk, 10 Abbey st 
Cawtherley Frank, ins agnt, 5 Walpolo 

Caygill Fredk., frmr, Stoney racks, 

CavgiU Mr. Jas., Askrigg house, Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Ceco Anthony, ice cream, dlr, 28-30 

Aqueduct st 
Cece Win., ice cream dlr, 38 Brunswick 

Cemetery, Rossendale rd. Tel. 4118 ; 

A. H. Baker, A.C.C.S., registrar 
Central (The) Billiard Hal Is "(Burnley), 

Ltd., 1 Saunderbank ; X A. Wofchor- 

spoon, see 

Central Printing Co., pmtrs, 29 Bank- 
house st. Tel. 4030 

Chadbond John W., grcrs mngr, 83 
Rose Hill rd 

Chadderton Jas. T., wn&w clur, 4 Mary 

Chadderton Simon G-, hoot repr, 71 

Chadwiek Albt. J., trvllr, 16 Eastern 

Chadwiek Arthur, crtkr, 8 Stoney st 

Chadwiek Edwd. P., frmr, Bur warns, 

Chadwiek Mrs. Eliz., 7 Outwood rd 
Chadwiek Geo., gonl dlr, 12 Hebrew 

Chadwiek Herbt., crtkr, 3 Stewart st 
Chadwiek Dr. Hitchon, 10 Rose Hill 

Chadwiek Hitchon (Nephew), M.B., 
Ch.B., phys and surg, 90 Manchester 
rd, 41-43 Oxford rd (Tel. 2528), 25x 
and 51 Colne rd (Tel. 2047) ; h. 
Braeside, Scott Park rd (iei. 4078) 
Chadwiek Hitchon Seater, L.M.S.S.A. 
(Loud.), phys and surg, 90 Manches- 
ter rd, 41-43 Oxford rd (Tel. 2528) 
and 2»x and 51 Colne rd (Tel. 2047) 
Chadwiek Jeremiah, shpkpr, 1 27 Cog In 
Chadwiek LanceEord, tobenst, 11 Brier- 
cliffe rd and 8 Abel st 
Chadwiek Mrs. Mary, 180 Todmorden 

Chadwiek Parker, trvllr, 53 Glen View 

Chadwiek Thos., shpkpr, 2 Hapten st 
Chadwiek Wltr., clrk, 76 Clevelands rd 
Chadwiek Wltr. it., clrk, 5 God ley st 
Chadwiek Win., grcr's mngr, 30 Car- 
dinal st 
Chaffer Chris., grer, 198 Aecrington rd 
Chamberlain Arthur, fr fish dlr, 39a 

Reed st ; h. 63 Springfield st 
Chambers Wm., ins agnt, 285 Coal 
Clough hi 

Chandler John, H.M. Inspector of 

factories, Govern ment bldngs, Cur- 

zon st. Tol. 2927 ; h. 4 Rose Hill av 

Chaplow Jph. R., B.A., asst schlmstr, 

745 Briercliffe rd 

Chapman Albt., bakr, 5 Sussex st 

Chapman Clarence S., clrk, 65 Cleavor 

Chapman John, beerhse, Golden Lion, 
30-32 Boot st 

Chapman R. T., whlsle grcr, tea and 
prov mrchnt, Newtown. Tel. 2457 

Chapman Robt. T. (R. T. Chapman) ; 
li. 69 Ormerod rd 

Cha pman Wm . , park atndnt. 89 Spring- 
field rd 

Chappies Arthur, viet. Parkers' Arms, 
10-12 Croft st ' 

Charles Mr. Fredk., 36 Ightonhill Park 

Charles Richd., clggr, 42 Glebe st 

Charles Wltr., clrk," 8 Tay st 

Charlton Mrs. Emily, drpr, 91 Abel st 

Charlton Ernest, -whlsle btehr, Abat- 
toirs, Royle rd. Teh 2966; h. 78 
Brockenhurst st 

Charlton Mrs. Ethel, enftnr, 157a 
Branch rd 

Charnley Jas., M.B., Ch.B., phys and 
surg, 306-308 Padiham rd. Tel. 

Chamock Henry, boot repr, 157 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Chase Mr. Robt. B., 19 Arkwright st 

Cheesborough Wltr., fr fish dlr, 17 
Tunnel st ; h. 1 *A.llerton st 

Cheetham Wm. H., hrdwre dlr, 204 
Padiham rd 

CHESHIRE ALFRED, Ltd., tailors, 

clothiers and outfitters, 84 St. James' 
street. Tel. 4026 

Cheshire Fredk. C. (A. Cheshire, Ltd.) ; 

h. 465 Padiham rd. Tel. 4145 
CHESTER FRANK, baker, confection- 
er, restaurant and commercial hotel 
proprietor, Chancery street and Vic- 
toria street Tel. 2377 
Chester John, grer, 75 Brougham st 
Chester Thos., jrnlst, 4 Brentwood av 
Chew Chas., pwnbrkr's mngr, 88 St. 

Matthew's st 
Chew Miss Doris N., o~> Ormerod rd 
Chew Mrs. Eliz., 417 Manchester rd 
Chew Geo. Wm., grer, 2 Rawlinsou st 
CHEW WILLIAM, fruiterer and florist, 
1 Yorkshire street. Tel. 3883 ; h. 
327 Brunshaw rd 

Child Albt. Geo., M.B., B.S., phys and 
surg, Fulledgo house, 20-22" Tod- 
morden rd. Tel. 3003 

Child Margt. E., M.B., Ch.B., phys and 
surg, Fulledge house, 20-22 Todmor- 
den rd. Tel. 3603 

Chisnall Chas. J,, tobonst's mngr, o98 
Bruushaw rd, 



Chisnall John Artlmr, tobcnst, 135 St. 

James' st and 54 Church st ; h. 71 

Ormerod rd 
Chorlton Frank B., bank cashr, 98 

Albion si 

Chrimos Arthur, pol con, 31 Cleaver st 

Christian Thoa., enftnr, 59 Brennand st 

Christopher Kiehd. (The Millowners' 

.Own Furnishers, Ltd.); h. 193 

Bi'unshaw rd 
Church JFitzwilliam, boot repr, 100 

Barracks rd ; h. 15 Mitchell st 
Churchill Geo,, wndw elnr, 114 Nan-no 

Cily of Glasgow Friendly Society, 9a 

St. James' row ; S. Carson, mngr 
CJampett Chas. (C. & E. Ciampett) ; h. 

Hill Top farm 
Clampett C. <fc E., pi try food dlrs, 101 

Parliament st and 49-51 Wcstgato 
Clare Mr. Kdwd., 5 Ormerod rd 
Clarion Socialist Club, Smirthwaite st ; 

K. Hemingway, see 
(Hark Clarence C., bank clrk, Kose 

Hill av 
Clark Henry, coal dlr, 22 Kirkgate 
Clark Jas., mill mngr, 35 Linnismore sfc 
Clark John Robt." (Thos. Burrows, 

Ltd.) ; h. 11 Filth av. Tel. 2369 
Clark Mrs. Mary, agent for Devonway 

Tours, 35 Yorkshire st. Tel. 4001 
Clarke Alan, cttn slsmn, 250 Briereliffe 

Clarko Mrs. Kliz., shpkpr, 10 Trafalgar 

Clarke Geo., shpkpr, 3 'Healey st 
Clarke Miss Ivy, mat nurse, 3 Brace- 
well st 
Clarke Riehd., shpkpr,, 233 Accrington 

Clarke Thos., crtkr, 5 Marlborough st 
Clarke Win, (Barker & Clarke) ; h. 73 

Lionel st 

CLARKSON BROS., coal merchants 
and colliery agents, Railway sidings, 
Manchester road. Tel. 3144 

Clarkson Ellis (Clarkson Bros.) ; h. 27 

Emilv st 
Clarkson F. & Co., cert aentnts, Bank 

climbrs, 7 Hargreaves st. lei. 3780 
Clarkson Fredk. (F. Clarkson & Co.) ; 

h. 21 Rose Hill av 
Clarkson Fredk., cirk, 03 Lockyer av 
Clarkson Jas., firewood dlr, Spruce st 
Clarkson Jas., mill mngr, W'estbourne 

Clarkson Jas. J. (Clarkson Bros.) ; h. 

20 Emily st 
Clarkson John (SutclUTe & Clarkson, 

Ltd.) ; h. 234 Coal Clough hi. Tel. 

Clarkson Lnrd. , M. A., schlmstr, 24 Glen 

View rd 
Clarkson Mrs. Mary J. f 327 Coin© rd. 

Tel. 3801 

Clarkson Wltr., grcr's mngr, 428 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Clarkson Wm., com agnt, 7 Newton st 
Class Morris, tailr, 7 Plumb© st 

Clay Norman L., grcr's mngr, 38 Rob- 
inson st 

Clayton Geo., engnr, 21 Adelaide st ; 
h. 34 Dall st 

Clayton Jas. W'., traffic mngr, 480 

Bi'unshaw rd. Tel. 21.54 
Clayton Miss Laura, Coal Clough In 
Clayton Wm. P., arch tot, 134 Kiddrow 


Clear C. & Co., optens, 15a Hargreavos 

Cleasley TCrnest. trvllr, 24 Godiva st 
Clegg Alan B., clrk, 37 Kibble ores 
Clegg Alec, solctr, Crenshaw's bldngs, 

8 Urimshaw st. Tel. 2341 ; h. 1(57 

Coal Clough In 
Clegg Mrs. Angelina, grcr, 2 Lincoln st 
Clegg Mrs. Annie, 238 Briereliffe rd 
Clegg Bros. (Burnley), Ltd., joinrs, 

Stanley st. Tel. 4280 
Clegg Miss Cath. E., hairdrsr, 87 Thurs- 

by rd. Tel. 3015 
Clegg Chas. A-, Ltd., sports outfttrs, 10 

Market st. Tel. 3644 
Clegg David (Whitaker & Clegg, Ltd.) ; 

h. lieedley. Tel. 3464 Burnley 
Clegg Mrs. Ethel M\, 9 Palatine sq 
Clegg Geo. (A. Robinson) ; h. 50 

Queensberry rd. Tel. 3948 
Clegg Harold L., colliery mngr, 71 

Colne rd 

CLEGG HARTLEY Ltd. radio and 
electrical engineer (accumulators re- 
charged) 75 Brennand street and 190 
Colne road. Tel. 4155 

CleggHerbt. W. (H. & R. Clegg, Ltd.) : 

h. 273Padihamrd 
Clegg Horace Lnrd., authorized plmbr 

(B;. & K. Clegg, Ltd.) ; h. 40 St. 

Matthew's st. Tel. 4182 

CLEGG H. & R., Ltd. (on H.M. Office 

of Works list), shopfitters, plumbers, 
builders and contractors, Bridge 
street. Tel. 4182 (day or night) ; 
showrooms, 46 Si Matthew street 

Clegg Howarth, grcr, 47 Devonshire rd 

Clegg Jas., registrar of births, deaths 

and marriages and vaccination ottlor, 

west ward sub-district, 25 Nicholas 

st ; h. 97 VVoodgrove rd 

Clegg Jas., music tehr, 97 VVoodgrove 

Clegg Jas., woodwrkrs' supply stores, 
124 Trafalgar st 

Clegg Mr. Jas., Overpark, Queen's Park 

Clegg Jas. H-, enftnr, 135 Urov st ; h. 

46 New Hall st 
Clegg John, grcr's mngr, 1 Thursby sq 
Clegg John, grcr, 32 Barracks rd 



Clegg John If,. (Clegg Bros. (Burnley), 
Ltd,) ; h. Grevstones, Glen View rd. 
Tel. 4.040 
Clegg Mr. John Thos., 12 Queen's rd 
Clegg Kenolm, cttnslsmn, 106 Marsden 

rd. Tel. 3605 
Clegg Mrs. Mary, 43 Colne rd 
Clegg Percy, grer, 2 Belford st 
Olegg Rgnld., fr fish dlr, 4 Moorland rd 
Clegg Rernue Gilbert- (H. & E. Olegg, 
Lfcd.) ; h. Brampton, Higher Brun- 
Clegg Robt.» enftnr, 86 Grey si 
Clegg Rowland, sehlmstr, 107 Coal 

Clough In 
Clegg Saral., chmst's assfc, 1 Barbon st 
Clegg Tli os., acntnt, 3 Beechwood av 
Clegg XhoSv, grer, 74 Harold av 
Clegg Thos., wrks mngr, 406 Brunshaw 

Clegg Mr. Thos., 108 Todmordon rd 
Clegg Thos. E., frmr, .Springhead 

CLEGG WESLEY, Ltd., haulage and 
removal contractors and furniture 
storers, first-class warehousing and 
storage, 62 Standish street. Tel. 
3039 ; and at Nelson 

Clegg Win. (Whitaker & Clegg, Ltd.) ; 
h. 04 Melville st 

Clegg Wm. A., wrks mngr, 343 Man- 
chester rd 

Clegg Mr. Wm. Thos., 195 Coal Ckmgh 

Clegg Willie, clrk, 048 Brunshaw rd 
Clifford Butler, irnmngr, 1 Croft st ; h. 

30 Lvndhurst rd 
C'lifiop/Working Men's Club, Willow st ; 

R. Seholield, sec 
Clitheroe Wm., dist supt., the Royal 
London Mutual Insurance Society, 
Royal London chnibrs, 30 Westgate. 
Tel. 3362 ; h. 136 Kiddrow In 
liery proprietors, Railway sidings, 
Manchester road. Tel. 3543 ; W. 
Wild, agent 
Clough Arthur, coal dlr, 210 Manches- 
ter rd 
Clough Bcnj., crtkr, 26 Brougham st 
Clough Miss Doris, liairdrsr, 210 Man- 
chester rd. lei. 3421 
Clough Mrs. Ellen A., 37 Colne rd 
Clough & Ml, bakrs, 84 Briercliffe rd 
Clough Greenwood, mill mngr, 1 8 Mose- 

ley rd 
Clough John R., wrks mngr, Abinger st 
Clough Joshua, eating hse, 33a Parker 

Clough Rgnld., btchr, 867 Briercliftc rd 
Clough Rov, clrk, 120 Mitella st 
Clough Richd. Hy., grer, 41 Abel st 
Clough Robt., beerhse, Bee Hive Inn, 5 

Holmes st 
Clough Mr. Thornton F-, 428 Padiham 


Clucas Win., clrk, 69 Clive st 
Clutten Arthur \V\, clrk, 14 Bristol st 
Coad John A... L.L.C.M., music tchr, 3 

Ormerod rd 
Coal Street Waste Co., Ltd., cttn waste 
dlrs, Hand Bridge mill, Parliament 
st. Tel. 4000 
and property agents, Jones' buildings, 
Hammer-on street 
Coates Arnold, clrk, 30 Romney av 
Coates Arthur, frutr, 2 Rylands st 
Coates Ernest (J. O. Coates, Ltd.) ; h. 

7 Brentwood av 
Coates Geo., reportr, 28 Admiral st 
COATES J. G., Ltd., electrical and 
wireless, wholesalers and manufac- 
turers of the " Barto " wireless 
specialities, 26 Bridge street. Tel. 
2295 (two lines) 
Coates John (Baltic Hack & Bag Co.) ; 

h. 28 Ardwick st 
Coates John G. (J. G. Coates, Ltd.) ; 

h. ."> Beutwood av 
Coates Philip (J. G. Coates, Ltd.) : h. 

83 Glen View rd 
Coates Mr. Richd. 1)., 74 Ightenhill 

Park In 

Coates Udolphus Aylmor. M.P.S., an- 
alytical chmst. 101 Albion st 

Coates Wltr., fr fish dlr, 208 Padiham 


Coates Watson, frutr, 332 Colne rd 

Coates Wm., clrk, 8 Purness St 

COBB PERCY JAMES H., advertising 
publisher and bill distributor, pub- 
lisher of "The Trader," 9a Fleet 
street. Tel. 2494 ; li. 299 Colne rd 

Coek Elijah W., fent dlr, 92 Brocken- 
hui'st st 

Cock Miss Emma, enftnr, 2 Halifax rd, 

Cock John H., frmr, Stephen hey, 
Brier cliff e 

Cockcrol'OIr. Herbt., 153 Coal Clough 

Cockcroft Miss Muriel, mus tchr, 67 

Morse st 

Cockcroft Percy, dist mngr. Pearl As- 
surance Co., Ltd., 10 Hargreaves st ; 
h. 28 Rossendale av 

Bankhouse street, 33 Thurston street, 
108 Leyland road and 19 Cavour 
street, Tel. 4144 ; h. 33 Thurston 

Cocker Herbt. I)., clggr, 36 Church st 

Cocker Matthew, tailr, 134 Brunshaw 

Cocks Chas. F., grer, 247 Accrington 

Cocks Henry, enftnr, 39 Reynolds st 
Codd Thos., * club stwd, 82 Yorkshire st 
Colbran Wm. Hy-, bank cashr, 5 Eimis- 

more st 



Colburn Mrs. Ethel, onftnr, 426 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Colburn John, cnftnr, 71 Queen Vic- 
toria pd, arid tailr, 73 Coal C lough hi 

Colo EVedk. C, ertkr, 166 Branch rd 

Colo -John W,, pntr, 105 Erunshaw rd 

Coleman Mrs. Isabella, grcr, 22 Richard 

Coliseum Cinema, Garmow In. Tel, 

Collier John, pol sergt, 14 Arr&n st 

Collier VV'ltr., h fish dlr, 31 TClmwood st 

Collinge Arthur, frmr, Clow bridge 

Collinge Daniel, grer, 444 Brunshaw rd 

Collinge Miss Doris, cnftnr, 231 Coal 
Clough In 

Collinge Edwd., btchr, 179 Oxford rd 

Collinge Edwd. Hy., house fmshr, 74 
St. Matthew's st 

Collinge Mrs. Ethel Marv "Rhodes, J.P., 
1 Brooldands av. leh 2455 

Collinge Giles, frmr. Lower Close farm 

Collinge Giles, butcher, 21 9 Padiham 
road. Tel. 4038 

Collinge Giles Win, btchr, 102 St. 
Matthew's st ; h. 61 Olevelands rd 

Collinge G. & Co. (Ironmongers), Ltd., 
wholesale and retail ironmongers, 12, 
16 and 20 Bootst. Tel. 2206-7 

Collinge Halstead, trvllr, 176 Abel st 

Collinge Henry, wndw elnr, 31 Kime st 

Collinge Henry, grer's mngr, 5 Rossen- 
dale av 

Collinge- Jas., whlsle eookfid meat purv, 
100 Todmorden rd 

Collinge John, frmr, Ruin ley *r farm 

Collinge Mrs. Margt., 2 Clevelands 

Collinge Robt., whlsle btchr, Abattoirs, 
Boyle rd. Tel. 2518 ; h. 49a Rec- 
tory rd 

Collinge Wm., ehrtrd aeentnt, 368 
Rriercliff© rd 

Collinge Wm., advrtsng mngr, 124 Mel- 
ville st 

Collinge Wm,, «om agnt, 436 Brier- 
cliff e rd 

Collinaon Miss Amy, drsmkr, 22 March 

Collinson Saml., blcksmth, Church st ; 
h. 33 Ormerod rd 

Collinson Thos., trvllr, 22 March st 

Collinson Thos. H., clletr of taxes, 15 
Carlton rd 

Colno Road Filling Station, petrol sta- 
tion, 181a Colne rd. Tel. 3623 

Colvin Wm., M.I. Min. E., mining mstr, 
1 Stephenson st 

Commercial Union Assurance Co., 
Ltd., 8 Ormerod st. Tel. 2248 

Comstive Arthur G. (T. Comstive, 
Ltd.) j h. 14 Orange st 

Comstive Miss Ellen, music tehr, 1 
Helena st 

Comstive Geo., clrk, 144 Rectory rd 

Comstive John (Thompson & Co. 

(Concrete), Ltd.) ; h. 1 Helena at 
Comstive Louis (T. Comstive, Ltd.) ; 

h. 17 Scott Park rd. Tel. 2973 
Comstive Thos., Ltd., shuttle mkrs, 

Caldcr Vale rd. Tel. 4010 
Cone Robt. S. (The Simcona Press) ; 

h. Wood croft. Pike hill 
Coniston Street Garage, motor cngnrs, 

2 Gannow \n 

Conlan Mrs. Annie, 110 Todmorden 

Connelly Philip, pol con, 363 Brier- 
eliffe rd 

Conroy J. & Sons, grcrs, 6 Barden In 
Conroy Mrs. Martha, fp fish dlr, 57 

Scott st 
Conservative Club (Burnley Wood), 49 

Brunswick st ; jp, Catterall, sec 
Conservative Club (Daneshouae), Nicholl 

st ; J. H. Nuttall, sec 
Conservative Club (Fulledge), 34 

Plumbe st ; F. A. Brown, sec 
Conservative Club (Healey), Manchester 

rd ; J. Moor, sec 
Conservative Club {St. Andrew's), 176 

Colne rd ; G. Howarth, aee 
Conservative Club (Stoneyholmc), 25-27 

Rochester st ; J. Collison, sec 
Conservative Club (Trinity), Trafalgar 

st ; J. E. Wigglcsworth, sec 

Conservative Club (Whittlefietd), Tun- 
nel st ; A. Emmett, sec 

Conservative Club (Yatefield), Cog In 
J. T. Swift, sec 

Conservative Sick & Burial Society, 
Victoria st. Tel. 3718; Robt. R. 
Langley, see 

Constable Benj., beerhse, Cross Guns 
Inn, 50-52 Gannow In 

Constantine John W. (Jas. Kay & 
Sons (Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 125 Wood- 
grove rd. Tel. 2351 

Constantine Robt. V., grer, 2-4 Marl- 
borough st 

Constantine Thos., mill mngr, 2Towne- 
ley st 

Convent of Sisters of Mercy, Yorkshire 

Conville Mrs. Emily, grcr, 2 Dean st 

Cook Geo., cnftnr, 82a Manchester rd ; 
h. 66 Rose Hill rd 

Cook John, colliery firemn, 58 Con- 
stable av 

Cook Mr. John AV., 1 03 Albion st 

Cook Regnld. (Cowgill & Smith, 
Ltd.) ; h. Sitnonsitone 

Cook Regnld. V., agnt, 63 Elm st 

Cook Thos. (W. J. Mercer & Co.) ; h. 
103 Albion st. Tel, 2037 

Cook Tb os. & Son, Ltd., tourist agnts, 
16 Standish st. Tel. 2633 

Cook Wm., fr fish dlr, 746 Padiham rd 

Cook Wm., frutr, 162 Oxford rd 

Cook Mr. Wm., 124 Rossendale rd 



Cooke Arthur (S. Cooke & Co., Ltd.) ; 
h. 99 Woodgrove rd 

Cooke Edwin, hlge cntrctr, 3 Arkwright 

Cooke Granville (VV. V. Greenwood, 
Ltd.) ; h. Kingswood, Coin© rd, 
Reedley. 1'el- 3406 

Cooke John (S. Cooke & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 
99 Woodgrove rd 

Cooke Robt. F., hlge cntrctr, 36 West- 
bourne av. Tel. 2957 

COOKE S. & Co., Ltd., oil and grease 
manufacturers and refiners, soap and 
tallow merchants, Stanley street. 

Tel. 3777 

Cookings Wra., bakr, 1 Cameron at 
Cookson Mrs. Alice Ann, grcr, 249 Ac 

crLngton rd 
Cookson Edwd. F., pol con, 84 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Cookson Stephenson, chmst, 18 Tennis 


COOKSON W. L., Ltd., memorial 

specialists, granite, marble and stone 

merchants, Cemetery lane ; and at 

Blackpool and Preston . 
Coombes Jas. & Co., boot reprs, 22 

Plumb© st and 122 Padiham rd 
Cooper Albt. K., coni'tnr, 74 Padiham 

Cooper AIM. (H. G. Buckley), tallow 

refiner, Arch st, Tel. 3959 
Cooper Andrew, gent's outfttr, 16 

Howe st ; h. 28 Reynolds st 
Cooper Benj. H., hrdwre mrchnt, 15 

Bank par. Tel. 4258 ; h. 467 Padi- 
ham rd 
Cooper Benj. S., wtchmkr, 161 St. 

James' at 
Cooper Bros., Ltd., loom mkrs, Bran 

Bt. Tel. 3041 
Cooper Chas. Fredk., frmr. Higher Gibb 


Cooper Clarence, drpr's asst, 4 Leban- 
on st 

Cooper Mrs. Evelyn, drpr, 212a Ac- 

crington rd 

Cooper Frank (Besfit Shoe Co.) ; h. GO 
Peart st. Tel. 2058 

Cooper Fredk., coal dlr, 1 Cloayer st 

Cooper Fredk., tea dlr's asst, 9 Eastern 

Cooper Henry Geo. Walmsley, solctr, 9 
Hargreaves st. Tel. 2594; h. 191 
Manchester rd. Tel. 3420 

Cooper H. P., Ltd., rope and twine 
nmftrs, Maltkiln st. Tel. 3574 

Cooper Jas., trvllr, 30 Clifton st 

Cooper Jas. A., trvllr, 18 Darnloy st 

Cooper Jas., coal dlr, 64 Queen Victoria 

Cooper John, statnmstr, Barracks sta- 
tion, Padiham rd 

Cooper Jph. C,, strkpr, 55 Dane3house 

road! .".... 

Cooper Jph. G., watr insptr, 121 Ard- 

wick st 
Cooper Lnrd., asst ins mngr, 59 Harold 

COOPER SAMUEL (late J. Stanworth 

& Co.), umbrella and walking-stick 

manufacturer, 114 St. James' street ; 

h. 41 Harriet street 
Cooper YY'm. Jas. Victor, chartd aecnt, 

9 Hargreaves at. Tel. 2540 ; and at 

Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd., 

47 St. James* st. Tel. 3928 
Copping Bryan (Reliance Repair Ser- 
vice), 44 Standish st 
CoppockAKd.Hy. (CoppockBroa.) ; h. 

25 Rose Hill av 

Coppock Bros., yeast dlrs, Master st 

Coppock xlarokl {Coppock Bros.) ; h. 
3 Palatine sq 

Corallo Angelo, clothier, 4-6 Sandy- 
gate ; h. 3 Peel at 

Corbett Cath. L., M.B., Ch.B., phys, 
Green gable, Ightenhill Park In. 

Tel. 3976 
Corbett- Chas., pol con, 80 Sycamore av 
Cook & Co., reedmkrs, 7 Adlington 

st, Tel. 4105 
Cook Jas., grcr, 161 Cleaver st 
Cornall Richd., plmbr and san engnr, 
Keighley green. Tel. 2388; h. 24 
Watorbarn at 
Corner Wm., btchr, 104 Springfield rd 
Cosway Fredk., metr insptr, 17 High st 
Cot-tarn Chas., coal dlr, 13 Lancaster st 
Cotter B., dist sec, North British & 
Mercantile Insurance Co., Ltd., Rail- 
way Passengers' Assurance Co. & 
Fine Art & General Insurance Co., 
Ltd., 19a Manchester rd. Tel. 2320 
Cotterill Henry, btchr, 12 Todmorden 

rd ; h. 18 Helena st 
Couch Herbt., crtkr, 75 Waterbam st 
Couch John, prntr, 25 Tunstill at 
Couch John G. (Kindred Press) ; h. 23 

Travis st 
Couch Philip, mill mngr, 139 Ardwick 

Couch Mrs. Winifred, enftnr, 46 Church 

Couthard Henry, crtkr, 5 Cairo st 
Coulton Miss Sarah, 1 9 Scott Park rd 

COUNTY BANK— (See District Bank, 

County Court Office,, Government bldgs, 
Bankhousest. Tel. 3880 ; His Hon. 
Judge Burgiss, judge ; Capt. Perce- 
val M. C. Hayman, registrar 

County Police Station, Reedley 

Coupe A., plastr, tiling cntrctr and 
propty repr, 5 Murray st 

Coupe Alfcl., grcr's mngr, 98 Casterton 

CoupeC. & Co., whlslewrhsmn, Pickup 



Coupe Chas., wtchmkr, 244 Padiham 

Coupe Fred k. (A. Coupe) ; h, 5 Murray 

a tree t 
Coupe Jas., pol con, 337 Padiham rd 
Coupe Wm., grcr, 59 Nairne st 
Coupland Win. Bramley, F.L.A., chief 

librarian, Free Public Library, Grim- 
. shaw st. Tel. 2101 ; h. 14 Rose Hill 

Court House and Police Station, Town 

Courtney John, L.R.C.P. & 8. (Edin.), 

phvs and surg, 343 Colne rd. Tel. 

Cowan Ernest, gaswrks formn, 140 

Branch rd 
Cowan Harold, tea dlr, 21 Colbran at 
Cowan John, trvllr, 5 Carlton rd 
Cowan John, phtgrphr, 14 Bear st 
Coward W'ltr., drpr, 76 Branch rd 
Cowburn Danl. (Cowburns*, Ltd.) ; h. 

30 Rose Hill mount 
.Cowburn Mr. Thos. D., 30 Weatgate 
Cowbums', Ltd., min wtr mnftrs, 

Abinger st. TeL 3317 
Cowell Archibald (Wm. Cowell) ; h. 

259 Manchester rd 
Cowell Arthur O. (Cowell Clothiers, 

Ltd.) ; h. 20 Kossendale av 
Cowell Clothiers', Ltd., clothiers, 27 

Market st. 
Cowell Mrs. Isabella, 10 Piccadilly rd 
Cowell Mrs. Louie, waterproof dlr, 31 

Parker In 
Cowell Wm., brassfndr, Orchard place. 

Tel. 4016 
Cowen Saml., B.Sc;, schlmstr, 50 Mars- 
den rd 
Cowgill Ernest, wndw clnr, 10 Heath st 
Cowgill Frcdk., grcr's mugr, 73 Thurs- 

COWQILL & SMITH, Ltd., iron, steel, 
hardware and plumbers 1 merchants, 
builders' factors and fireplace special- 
ists, 41 Si. James' street ; warehouse, 
Cannon street. Tels. 2218-2219 

Cowgill Thos. Hy., hairdrsr, 62 Bricr- 
oliffe rd 

Cowie Mrs. Laura, fr fish dlr, 102 Abel 

Cowley Jas., drpr, 27 Brunshaw rd 

Cowman Roland, engnrg instretr, 145 
Ley land rd 

Cowpe Alex; (T. Cowpe & Sons, Ltd.) ; 
h. Pendlehurst, Scott Park, Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2074 

Cowpo Alex. T., oashier, 40 Prestwich 

Cowpe Mrs. Alice, 7 Brooklands av 

COWPE ERNEST & Go. (housing and 
estates), surveyors, 8 Grimshaw 
street. Tel. 2887 

Cowpe Ernest (Ernest Cowpe & Co.) ; 
h. 371 Padiham rd. Tel. 2067 

COWPE ERNEST & Co., racing and 
football accountants, 8 Grimshaw 
street. Tel. 2882 

Cowpe Fred, solctr's clrk, 11 Outwood 

COWPE ERNEST, confectioner, 307 
Padiham road 

Cowpe Mrs. Margt. E., masseuse, 42 

Lyndhurst rd. Tel. 3855 
Cowpe Mrs. Martha H., Tondcrghie, 

371 Manchester rd. Tel. 2067 
Cowpe Thoa. & Sons, Ltd., cttn mnftrs, 

Hargher Clough mill. Tel. 3335 
Cowpe Thos. A. (Olive Mount Mill Co., 

Ltd.) ; h. Parkside, Southern av. 

Tel. 3049 
Cowpe Wltr. (T. Cowpe & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

h, Landseer st. Tel. 3573 
Cowper Edwd., coal dlr, 26 Kimborlev 

st, BHercliJfe 

POOLS, 8 Grimshaw street. Tel. 


hotel caterers, etc., 7a Manchester 
road (Tel. 2882) and 2 Ightenhill Park 
lane (Tel. 3359) 

Cox Mrs. Ada, cooked meat stores, 82 
Lowerhouse In 

Cox Albt. L. (A.. & B. Cox) ; h. 24 
Berkeley st 

Cox A. & B., pntrs, 24 Berkeley sfc 
Cox Arthur, petrol supt, 4 Stephenson 

Cox Bertram (A. &. B. Cox) ; fa,. 22 
Berkeley st 

Cox Jas., ins agnt, 10 Duke at, Brier- 

Cox'Saml., plmbn 23 Croft st, Tol. 

Coyle John, pmtr, 64 Anne st 
Crabtree Benj., vict, Xew Market 

Hotel, 25 Market st 
Crabtree Edgar L., F.B.O.A., F.S.M.C., 

optcn, 1 Hargreaves st. Tel. 4290 ; 

h. 26 Westbourne av 
Crabtree Fredk., trvllr, 32 Stoney st 
Crabtree Harold, boot repr, 13 Key. 

nolds st 

Crabtree Mr. Jas., Thornlea, 53 Brook- 
lands rd 

Crabtree John, billiard hall proptr, 

Plunibe st 
Crabtree John, ins agnt, QQ Thursby rd 
Crabtree John, dentist, 74 Yorkshire 


Crabtree Jonathan, grcr, 3 Lyndhurst 

Crabtree Jph. C, cashier, 5 Beatrice st 
Crabtree Smith, enftnr, 23 Hurtley st 
Crabtree Stephen, enftnr, 100 Hebrew 

Crabtree Thos., formn pntr, 73 Hollin- 

gi'eave rd 
Crabtree Thos., trvllr, 325 Padiham rd 



CrabtreeWm. (\V. & A/Crahtree) ; h. 

1 3 OHvani st 
Crabtree W. & A,., furn dlrs, 218-220 

Padiham rd 
Crackle RiehcL, clrk, 1 Cowley st 
Cragg Jas., mill mngr, 1 Linden st 
Cragg .las. E., cashier, 7 Essex av 
Gragg .Jesse, hairdrsr, 127 Brunshaw rd 
Cragg Robt., beerhse. Now White 

Horse Inn, 18 Hammerlon st 
Cragg TIios., grcr, 20 Yorkshire st. 
Crago Fredk., crtkr, o'i Robinson st 
Craig Jph. W., ins insptr, 45 St. Cuth- 

bert st 
Craig Wallace, errftnr, 9 Lyndhurst rd 
Craine Thos., frmr, Causeway end ; h. 

2 Brooklands rd 
Cramphorn Fredk., clrk, 12 Lubbock at 
Crampton Misses Florence & PJliz. E., 

enftnrs, 240 Gannow In 
Craven (The) Creamery Co., Ltd., 15-17 

Crimahaw st. Tel. 2547 
Craven Mr. Edwd. R, 459 Padiham rd 
Craven Francis, pntr, 88 Accrington rd 
Craven Wltr., engnr, 98 Brougham at 
Craven YY'm. H,., rate cllctr, 5 Haw- 
thorne rd 
Craw-ford Mrs. Ada, hairdrsr. 41 Rose 

Grove In 
Crawford Edwd., asst schlmstr, 70 

Glen View rd 
Crawford Percy L. (W. H. Dean & 

Son, Ltd.) ; h. Blackpool 
Crawley Jeremiah,, Prudential 

Assurance Co., Ltd.. Manchester rd. 

Tel. 2643 

Crawley John, firewood dlr, 2 Aque- 
duct st 

Crawshaw Mrs. Bertha, enftnr, 210 
Pad i ham rd 

Crawshaw Fredk. (Knightsbridge Mo- 
tor Works) ; h. 210 Padiham rd 

Crawshaw- Geo., crtkr, 4 Brick st 

Crawshaw Herbt. (R. & H. Craw- 
shaw) ; h. 25 Thursby rd 

Crawshaw- Jas. Henry, clrk. 4 Hogarth 

Crawshaw John E., hairdrsr, 100 Ac- 
crington rd 

Crawshaw R. & H., dining rooms, 
3-4-5 Market hall 

Creeke Anthony Buck, soletr (Creeke & 
Son) ; h. Highwavs, 429 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 4104 

Creeke Herbt.. trvllr, 6 Sedbergh st 

Creeke Herbt. Buck, solicitor, (Creeke 
& .Son) and notary public : h. Rrun- 
shaw\ 182 Bmnsliaw rd. Tel. 3173 

Creeke & Son, solclrs, 20 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 2670 

Crellin Leslie, sec, Burnley & District 
Deaf & Dumb Society, Church In- 
stitute, Manchester rcl 

Critchley Jas., clothing club agnt, 35 
- Hollingreave rd 

CROASDALE BROS., patent weft fork 
and spring makers (oxy-acetylene 
welders'!, Rosegrove Spring works. 
Tel. 3844 

Croasdalo Clifford, dvpr, Rose Grove 

Croasdale Mrs. Dorothy, hairdrsr, 4!? 

Reynolds st 
Croasdale Harold Leon, chmst, 12 

Lower House In ; h. 73 Kiddrow In 
Oroasdate Herbt., ins agnt, 3 Berkeley 

Croasdale Robt. (Croasdale Bros) ; h. 

30 Ighten rd 
Croasdale Wm,, enftnr, 43 Parker In 
Croft- Hy., enftnr, 82 Oxford rd 
Croft Victor, pntr, 3 Lansdowne st 
Croisdale Hugh (Brunshaw Motors) ; 

h. 265 Brunshaw rd 
Crompton Wm., cafe proptr,, 8-10 Bar- 
den In 
Cronshaw John, coal dlr, 22 Kossendale 

Crook Jas. H. (Bullocks') ; h. 354 Coal 

Clough In 
Crook Jph., btchr, 126 Brougham st ; 

h. 47 Glen View rd 
Crook Wm., enftnr, 199 Oxford rd 
Cropper Geo., boot repr, 100 Cleaver st 
Cropper John (Cropper & Smith) ; h. 

06 Lowerhouse In 
Cropper & Smith, grcrs, 56 Lowerhouse 


Cross), exclusive furriers and skin 

merchant 67 Colne road. Tel. 2791 

Cross Arthur, frmr, Home farm, 

Cross Benj., viot, Turf Hotel, York- 
shire at 
Cross Harold (A. Cross & Son) : h. 67 

Comerd. Tel. 2791 
Cross Jas. A., hairdrsr, 1-3 Bai'den In 
Cross John Jas., grcr, 26-28 Boot st 
GROSS KEYS HOTEL (family and com- 
mercial), 170 St. James' street. Tel. 

3360 ; Tom Jackson, manager 
Cross Mrs. Maria, 07 Colne rd. Tel. 

Cross Wltr., drpr, 42 Cotton st 
Crossland Alfd., piet frmr and fancy- 
goods dlr, 21-23 Market hall ; h. 53 

Thursbv rd 
Crossland Edwd., prntra iormn, 4 

Serpentine rd 
Crosaley Alan, crtkr, 26 Wordsworth st 
Crossley Arthur J., schlmstr, 18 Her- 

sehell st 
Crossley Arthur Y., clrk, 21 Eastern av 
Crossley Eli, cashr, 20 Mitella st 
Crosslev Elijah, frutr, 53 St. James* st. 

Tel. 22S1 ; h. 16 Glen View rd 
Crossley Mrs. Eliza, shpkpr, 37 Croft st 
Crossley Frank, prntr, 38 Emily st 
Crossley Fredk, , frutr, 2 1 Briorclift'e rd 



Crossley Fredk., agnt, Gawthorpe Es- 
tate office, Padiham rd. Tel. 7 

Crossley Fredk,, canal agnt, S3 Man- 
chester rd. TcL 2914 

Crossley Fred E. (Geo. Crossley (Burn- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 101 Manchester rd 

Crossley Ceo. (Burnlev), Ltd., frutrs, 

. 32 Howe St. Tel. 2301 

Crossley Geo. (Geo. Crossley (Burnley), 
Ltd.) ; h. lleedlcif 

Crossley Herbt., san insptr, 207 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Crossley Jas., cnUnr, 2 S tans field at 

Crossley Jas., trvllr, Romford st 

Crossley John, beerhse, Clifton Hotel, 
127 Padiham rd 

Crossley John L. (Riley, Crossley & 

TCnowles, Ltd.) • h. Woodroyd," 285 

Manchester rd 
Crossley Mrs. M'argt., l'r fish dlr, 5a 

Rose Grove In 
Crossley Mrs. Nellie, 3 Kairholme rd 
Crossley 1 "hos. C, shpkpr, 182-184 

Cannow In 

Crossley Thos. H., crtkr, 34 Words- 
worth st 

Crossley WItr., fr fish dlr, 118 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Crossley W. (Exors. of), pirn In-, la 
Coal Clough hi. Tel. 2988 

Crossley Win,, chief clerk. Education 
office. 111 Manchester rd. Tel. 
2101 ; h. 8 Brunei st, IghtenkUl 

Crossley Wm., furnshr's asst, 18 St. 
John rd 

Cross man Wltr. J., postmn, 44 Canning 

Croston Chas., enftnr, 1 Doris st 

Crowley Jeremiah, supt, Prudential 
Assurance Co., Ltd., Manchester rd. 
Tel. 2043 ; h. Sim-oiistone 

Crowther Mrs. Amelia, shpkpr, 25 Rcd- 
vers at 

Crowther Chas., bus insptr, 143 Brier- 
cliff e rd ' 

Crowther Edwd., frutr, 325 Manchester 

Crowther Geo., sec, Burnley Utility 
Coal Co., Ltd., 113 Gordon st. Tel. 

Crowther Gilbt., enftnr, 19 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 

Crowther H. J., Ltd., cttn nmftrs. 
Primrose mill, Brierclig'e. Tel. 3803 

Crowther Jas., coal dlr, 116* Cog In 

Crowther Mrs. Mary, shpkpr, 61 Villie-rs 

Crowther Taylor, boot repr, 35 West- 

Crowther Wm. W. (H- J. Crowther, 
Ltd.) ; h. 20 Jubilee st, Briercl/jfe 

Crowther Wm. W., enftnr, 328 Come 

Croxford John, pol con, 24 Nelson sq 

Cruikshank Mrs. Oath., 66 Bank par 
Crummett Ernest, hse frnshr, 120 

Briercliffe rd 
Crummett Jas., turn dlr, 32-31 New- 

castle st 

Crummett John, boot repr, 72a Queens- 
berry rd : h. 302 Cog in 
Cryer Edwin, trvllr, 188 Brunshaw rd 
Cryer Harold, crtkr, 101 Basnett st 
Cryer Herbt., com agnt, 31 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 
Cryer Jas., grcr's rnngr, 260 Padiham 

Cryer John, hairdrsr, 84 Oxford rd 
Cryer Kobt., grer's mngr, 25 Emily st 
Cryer Mrs. Sarah, shpkpr, 1 8Holmesley 

Cryer Sarnl., beerhse, Victoria Inn, 86 « 

Co hie rd 
Cryer Wm., grcr, 43 Cog In 
Cu'ay Mr. G., 391 Padiham rd. Tel. 

Cubbon Doug. (Cubbon & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

h. 32 Admiral st 
Cubbon Edmund (Cubbon & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. 11 Lyndhurst rd 
Cubbon Jas. (Cubbon & Sons, Ltd.) ; 

h. 10 Holmsley st 
Cubbon Rowland (Cubbon & Sons, 

Ltd.); h. 3 Abbey st 
Cubbon & Sous. Ltd., boot reprs, 175 

St. James 1 st. Tel. 4037 ; and 16-18 

Abel st 
Cubbon Mrs. Belinda, boot dlr, 11 

Lyndhurst rd 
Cuckey Sydney O., insptr, N.S.E.C.C., 

21 Palatine sq 
Cudworth Mrs. Linnie, enftnr, 17 Rose 

Grove In 
Cuerdale A., Ltd., cttn mnftrs, Haber- 

ghammill. Tel. 3750 
Cuerdale Geo. E. (A. Cuerdale, Ltd.) ; 

h, 378 Rossendale rd 
Cuerdale John, enftnr, 2 Blannel st 
Culpan Mr. H.enry, 14 Shaftesbury 

Culpan, John, sec and mngr, Towneley 

Coal & Fireclay Co., Ltd., Todmor- 

den rd. Tel. 2127.,- h. Timber hill. 

Rock In. Tel. 3887 
Culpan Mrs. Marion, beerhse. Miller's 

Tavern, 32-34 Parker. st 
Cumberland & Westmorland Associa- 
tion, 6 Brown st 
Curnmings John, solctr and com for 

oaths, Prudential bldgs, Manchester 

rd. Tel. 4272 ; h. 40 Cohie rd 
Curnmings Tom, Jph., drpr's mngr, 13 

Ennismore st 

Curnstey Ernest, trvllr, 23 Howbui st 

Cunliffe Albt., L.D.S., surg dntst, 28 

Accrington rd. Tel. 4201 ; and at 

Cunliffe Mrs. Annie, drpr, 147 Padiham 



Cunliffe Arthur Richd., acntnt, 32 
Hawthorne rd 

Cunliffe Food Co., Ltd., health food 
stores, 23 Market hall 

Cunliffe Frank, jam dlr, Market hall 

Cunliffe Frank, onftnr, 30-32 Rose 
Grove hi 

Cunliffe Geo., fire range dlr, 1 10 Colne 

Cunliffe Mr. Henrv, 'Ml Manchester rd 

Cunliffe Jas. W., L.D.S., dntl srgn, 80 
Manchester ixl Tel, 2352 ; h. 220 
Todmorden rd. Tel. 208<> 

Cunliffe John, fish dlr, 33 Athol st 

Cunliffe John E., boot repr, 2a Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Cunliffe Richd., beerhse. Prince of 
Wales' Ian, .Sandygato 

Cunliffe & Riley, tobensts, 109- 171 
Padiham rd 

Cunliffe Robt., fr fish dlr, 2 Towneley at 

Cunliffe Ttios., cnflnr, 153a Accrington 

Cunningham Mrs.. Florence K., 25 Pala- 
tine sq 

Cunningham John, masseur, 3H Belve- 
dere rd 

Cunningham Win,, clrk, 39 Rectory rd 

Curative Products, hrblsts, 22 York- 
shire st 

Carrie J&s. Kenneth, solctr, 18 Hav- 
greaves st. Tel. 2S);')9 ; h. Arran, 
374 Rossendalo rd. Tel. 3740 

Currie John W., dairy, 18 Acre st, 


Currie Wltr. B., Irvllng drpr, Garage 
chmbrs, Padiham rd ; h. 6 Stephen- 
son st 

Cursou Wm., chmst's assb, 3 Inglehurst 

Curtis Henry, Salvation Army officer, 
131 Nairnest 

Cusick Jas. P., lndry mngr, 2 Ramsey 

Ci'Morns, Excise and Old Age Pensions, 

94 Manchester rd 
CuthrieThos., clrk, 13 Blacker st 
Daanall Jas., crtkr, 27 Korth st 
DAINTY PICKLE Co. delicious pickle 

manufacturers, works : 3-5 Rad- 

cliffe terrace, off Barracks road 
Dalby Arthur IX., schlmstr, 394 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Dale Edwd., ch'k, 1 Durban st 
Dale Miss Emily, cooked meat stores, 

234 Colne rd * 
Dale Geo., btchr, 25 Hebrew rd 
Daley Henry, boot repr, 32 Granville st 
Daley Jas. Henry, tailr's asst, 6 Cres- 

wick av 
Dalton Arthur R. (Harry Dalton & 

Son) ; h. Brantwood, 5 Watt st. 
Dalton Hv. & Son, gent's outftrs, 124 

St. James' rd. Tel. 3881 j and at 


Dann Mis. Ethel M., hrdwre dlr, 99 

Lowerhouse In 
Darby Mrs. Rose, shpkpr, 40 Scott st 
Dargue Jph., com agnt, Beirs arcade, 

Hebrew rd ; h. 9 Birchall st 
Daulby Thos., hairdrsr, 181 Padiham 

Davey Frank, trvllr, 11 1 Rose Hill rd 
Davidson Mrs. Edna M., 53 Ormerod 

Davidson Ronald Otway, M.B., Ch.B., 

V.R.C.S. (Edim), phys and surg, 

Springfield hso, 71 Todmorden rd. 

Tel. 2329 
Da vies Miss Ethel, 11 Palatine sq 
Da vies Krodk. J., bank clrk, 10 Rose 

Wood av 
Da vies Jph., greengrer, 39 Lowerhouse 

Davies Mrs. Mary, second-hand clothes 

dlr, 36 Brunswick st 
Davies Mrs. Rebecca, 14 Rose Wood av 
Davies Robt. C, pltry frmr, 41 Kirk- 

Davies 'Ihos. VVm,, ins mngr, Westlyn, 

Piko bill 
Davies Vaughan M., mngr, 20 Harriet 

Davis Harry, designer, 18 Ivan st 
Davis Harold, clrk, 1 1 Linden st 
Davis Holebrook H-, pol insptr, 3- 

Moorland rd 
Davis John, fr fish dlr, 28 High st 
Davis Wm., tailr, 145 Oxford rd 
Davy Arthur (J. Davy, Ltd.) ; h. 1 

Hereford av 
Davy Jph., Ltd., hosiery mnftrs, Traf- 
algar st. Tel. 2811 
Davy Mr. Wm., 57 Cardinal st 
Dawe Alfd., bus insptr, 98 Gordon st 
Dawes Latham, dogger, 57 Hebrew rd 
Dawson Ernest A., frmr, Sweet well, 

Dawson Mrs. Fanny, drsmkr, 374 Padi- 
ham rd 
Dawson (Miss Anne) & Hardcastle 
(Miss Kathleen), mllnrs, 30 Man- 
chester rd 
Dawson Herbt., nwsgnt, 133 Parlia- 
ment st 
Dawson John, btchr, 5 Lyndhurat rd 

DAWSON OSWALD, accountant and 
auditor, estate agent and rent and 
debt collector, 3 Claremont terrace. 
Tel. 2905 

Dawson Robt., carrier, 2 Durham av 
Dawson Roland, chmst, 119 Manches- 
ter rd ; h. 245 Coal Clough In 
Dawson Thos., drpr, o"4 .New Hall st 
Dawson Tom (J. Batty & Co.) ; h. 2 

Kyan st 
Dawson Wltr., gramophone dlr, 09 

Briercliffe rd 
Dawson W'lfd. B., boot repr, 117 Man- 
chester rd 



Dawson Miss Zenolia Zana Clare, 14 

Carlton rd 
Day Saml. W., maltster, 8 Clovelands 

Dean Arnold, dairy, 113 Parliament st 
Dean Charley, optcn, 64 St. James' st. 

Tel. 39o7 
Dean Edgar, btchr, 9 Yorkshire st. 

Tel. 2834 ; h. 14 Leamington av 
Dean Edwd.. frmr, Bullions close 
Dean Geo., ins agnt, 111 Thursby rd 
Dean Geo. E., librarian's assistant, 28 

Rossetti avenue 
Dean Herbt., hlgeentefcr, 12 Allendalest 
Dean Horace, frmr, Palace H<mso farm 
Dean Jas., frutr, 86 Acerington rd and 

Dean John, crtkr, 1 2'Catlow st 
Dean Mr. John T., 19 Poet's rd 
Dean John W., ooal dlr, 313 Padiham 

Dean JohnW., elrk, 80 Olympic, st 
Dean Miles Stanley, clrk, 27 Brocken- 

hurst st 
Dean Richd. H., arclitct, 114 Todmor- 

den rd 
Dean Stanley, clrk, 22 Arkwright st 
Dean Wifd. (W. H. Dean & Son, Ltd.) ; 

h. Blackpool. Tel. 42208 S-M. 
DEAN W.'H. & SON, Ltd., sheet metal 

workers and makers of the " Dean " 

gas boilers and washing machines, 

Vulcan works, Acerington road, Rose 

grove. Tel. 2129 

Dean York Hy., coal dlr, 2 Dall st 
Dearden Miss Agnes (!., Ill Albion st 
Dearden Albt. A., frutr, 27 Hebrew rd ; 

h. 20 Colville st 
Dearden Mrs. Mabel, beerhse, Peel's 

Arms, 109 Padiham rd 
Dearden's, drprs, 8 Market st and 108- 

1 10 Acerington rd ; and at Padiham 
De Bruyn John J., nrsrymn, Cornfield 

rd ; h. 6 Kiddrow In 
Decorators' Supply Co., wllpors, etc., 

1 8 Sandygate. Tel. 3671 
Dees', cnftnrs, 33 St. James' st 
Dees. & Co., ehldrn's outftrs, 105 St, 

. James" st 
Delooze Albt., sht mtl wrkr, Bai'racks 

rd. Tel. 4202 ; h. 424 Padiham rd 
Delooze Jas., immngr, 13 Oxford rd 

and 140 Acerington rd 
Demaine Chas., wndw elm-, 208 Coal 

C lough In 
Demaine Horbt., ins agnt, 57 Tarleton 

Demaine Geo., coal dlr, 111 Berry st 
Denby Geo., drpr, 284 Barden In 
Denby Henry, enftnr. 35 Slagg st 
Dennett Jas. C, pstl engnr, 70 Dugdale 

Dennis Cecil F-, grcr, 147 Cog In 
Dennison Mr. John A., 2 Rose Hill rd 
Denson Thos., grcr, 24 BrierclifTe rd 

Dent Albt., grcr's mngr, 78 Hufling In 
Dent Amos Preston, asst sec, Borough 
Building Society, Nicholas st. Tel. 
2145 ; h. Glendower, Glen View rd 
Dent Henry, J.P. (Dent & Holt, Ltd.) ; 

h. 7 Albion ter. Teh 4250 
Dent Henry Jph., clrk, 1 5 Killington st 
Dent & Holt, Ltd., woodwrkug and 
gonl engnrs, Bridge End writs. Crow 
nest, Tel. 4250 
Dent Witt;, cttn slsmn, 58 Kiddrow In 
Dent Wm. ( frmr, Bend hill, BriercUff'c 
Derby Miss Adelaide, drsmkr, 109 

Healey Wood rd 
Derbyshire Thos., hairdrsr, 117 Burn- 
ley rd, Brierclijfe 
Derbyshire WIti\, supt, Burnley Cor- 
poration Cleansing Department, 
Aqueduct st. Tel. 2101 ; h. 44 
Mitella st 
Derbyshire Wm., clrk, 714 Padiham rd 
Derry Henry, clothier's mngr, 7 Parker 

st, Brierclijfe 
Devlin Jas. 15., tailr, <i!) Standish st 
DEVONWAY TOURS, specialists in mo- 
tor tours to the South Coast, 35 York- 
shire street. Tel. 4001 ; Joseph 
Kirkbright «fc Mrs. M. Clark, agents 
Dewar Arthur (J. S. Dewar & Co.) ; h. 

44 March st 
DEWAR J. S. & Co., trench polishers 
(shop and hotel fittings, cabinet work 
of all descriptions a speciality), 18 
Bridge street. Tel. 2735 
Dewdney Rev. Wm. (Meth.), 2(i Brunei 

Dewhirst & Co., tailrs, 129 St. James' 

st and 94 Colne rd 
Dewhurst Bros., plmbrs, 78 Rose Grove 

In and 299 Cog In. Tel. 3054 
Dewhurst Francis, fish dlr, 23 Hudson 

Dewhurst tfredk., coal dlr, 37 Harold 

Dewhurst Geo. H., strkpr,424 Colne rd 
Dewhurst Henry, B.Sc, I'.A.I.A,, 

F.C.I., international antntn (incrp.) 

and auditor, 24 Yorkshire st. Tel. 

2499 ; and at Ha-slingden ; h. Ac- 


Dewhurst Herbt., nwsgnt, 302 Colne rd 
Dewhurst Herbt. L. (Dewhurst Bros.) : 

h. 299 Cog In 
Dewhurst John, coal dlr, 67 Brennand 


Dewhurst J. H., Ltd., btchrs, 208 Coin© 

Dewhurst Lnrd., enftnr, 2 Cromwell st 
Dewhurst Wm., ertkr, 16 Morton st 
Dewhurst Wm. (Dewhurst Bros.) ; h. 

78 Rose Grove In 
Dex Rev. Arthur B., M.A., vicarage, 

Church st, Brierclijfe. Tel. 3854 
Dexter Sydney 1<\, insptr of taxes, 12 

Queen's Park rd 



Dickens John Barrett, sec and mngr, 

Burnley Church Institute, 35 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 340911 ; h. 104 

New Hall st 
Dickinson Archibald, ellry mngr, Hab- 

ergham villa, Padiham rd 
Dickinson Miss Edith, mllnr, 5 Bren- 

nand st 
Dickinson Edwin, crtkr, 54 Padiham 

Dickinson Mrs. Elsie, U Brooklands av 
Dickinson Emmanuel, propty repr, 49 

Berry st 
Dickinson Francis W. (Butterworth *& 

Dickinson. Ltd.) ; h. Heathfield. 204 

Manchester rd. Tel. 2534 
Dickinson Mr. Frank W., 94 (Hon View 

rd. Tel. 4284 
Dickinson j-Yedk., enftnr, 61 Berry st 
Dickinson Geo. W., clrk, 9 Golbran si 
Dickinson Henry (Butterworth & 

Dickinson, Ltd.) ; h. Bark hill, Padi- 
Ata I'd. Tel. 3375 
Dickinson John B. (Butterworth & 

Dickinson, Ltd.) ; h. Lund. Tel. 84 

Dickinson liiehd., halrdrsr, 52 Gurzon 

st ; I). 70 Canning st 
Dickinson Mr. Kofofc. Cecil, Tosside, 

Pasturegafco av 
Dickinson Mr. Thos. W., 5 Pvose Mount 

Dickinson Win,, grcr, 78 Trafalgar st 
Diggle John, vict, Britannia Hotel, 107 

Oxford st 
Dilworth Henry, pntr, 1 Ightenhil 

Park In 
Dilworth Herbt., elggr, 42 Barracks rd 
Dilworth Peter J., boot repr, 9 Temple 

Dingwall Fredk. E., grcr, 33 St. John's 

Dinsdalo Thos., irmr, Windle house, 

Dishman & Degnan, fish mrchuts, 
Foundry st, Tel. 3367 

DISTRICT BANK, Ltd. (County Bank 
branch), 10 Grimshaw street. Tel. 
2358 ; sub-branches : 119-121 Coine 
road. Tel. 3914 ; and at the Centre, 
Rose grove. Tel. 3407 ; Percy Old- 
man, manager 

Dixon Albfr. E. (.las. Dixon & Sons) ; 

h. Holmes Chapel 
Dixon Miss Annie, 107 Albion st 

DIXON ARTHUR, plumber, sanitary 
engineer and glass merchant, 7 Yorke 

street. Tel. 3904 ; h. 140 Nairne 

Dixon Arthur (John Dixon, Ltd.) ; h. 

•26 Moorland rd 
Dixon Ernest (Mantles), Ltd., costmrs, 

: 9 Manchester rd. Tel. 351 1 
Dixon Gilbt., pol con, 13 Stroyan st 

Dixon Harry Simm, M.B., Ch.B., phys 
and surg, 141 Oxford rd ; h. Kose 
ettg, Xodmorden rd. Tel. 2434 
Dixon Jas. (»)*as. Dixon, Ltd.) ; h. 361 

Colnerd. Tel. 2060 
Dixon Jas., junr. (Jas. Dixon, Ltd.) ; 

31 Colnerd. Tel. 3621 
DIXON JAMES, Ltd., boiler and mach- 
inery merchants, Arlington street and 
Turf yard, Eastham place. Tel. 3403 
(Telegrams and private branch ex- 
Dixon Jas. (Jas. Dixon & Sons) ; h. 

Holmes Chapel 
DIXON JAMES & SONS (esfiab. 1899), 
commercial printers, bookbinders (ad- 
vertisement writers), Whittam street. 
Tel. 4255 
Dixon John, Salctr's clrk, 4 Mount rd 
DIXOfc JOHN, Ltd. (estd. 1884), general 
and commercial printers, stationers 
and bookbinders, Borough Printing 
works, 80 Manchester road and Stan- 
ley street. Tel. 3604 
Dixon John li., crtkr, 47 AeeWngton rd 
Dixon Mr. Parker, 30 Marsden rd 
Dixon Robt., clrk, 385 Briercliffc rd 
Dixon Thos., clrk, 12 Brassey st 
Dixon Win., crtkr, 274 Padiham road 
Dobson Ernest, art mstr, 505 Brun- 

s haw rd 
Dobson Geo., iVinr, Procter eoto, 

Dockerty Hugh, fei-vlLr, 69 Colne rd 
Dodd Xi'rank, trvllr, 120 Browhead rd 
Dodd John T., trvllr, 76 Master st 
Dodding Henry, grcr, 133 Wcstgate 
Dodgeon Eli, coal dlr, 45 Every st 
Dodgeon Miss Mary A., enftnr, 141b 

Manchester rd 
Dodgeon Sarah, grcr and P.O., 702 

Pacliham rd 
Dodslevs 1 , Ltd., ehmsts, 4 Church st. 

Tel. 2978 
Dolcis Shoe Co., boot dire, 69 St. 

James st 
Donaldson Alex. McK-ohbie, M.B., 

Ch.B., phys and surg, 357 Briercliffe 

rd. Tel. 3547 ; and at 66 Burnley 

rd, Hatie Syke 
Donegan Hy., pol con, 36 Kedvors st 
D oncy Ernest -J. , coal dlr, 34 Smalley et 
Doney Sand., coal dlr, 47 Crowther st 
Donoghue John W., his agnt, 25 Venice 

Donovan Francis, nwsgut, 52a Plumbe 

Donovan Thos., wndw clnr, 51 Morse st 
Dorrhigtons' drprs, 6 Yorkshire st 
DougalWm., foothllrs* trnr, 1 55 Bruii- 

shaw rd 
Downes Geo- A., boot repr, 110 

Brougham sfc 
Downie Miss Elsie, hairdrsr, 24a Church 




Downie John, crtkr, 97 Burnley rd, 
Harle Syke 

Drabble Wffi,, crtkr, 35 Whittam st 

Dracup Chas., rate cllctr, 24 West- 
bourne av 

Dracup Robt. S., lino insptr, 19 Bram- 
ble at 

Dracup Squire, joinr, 79 Berry st 

Dransfield A. & Son, boot reprs, 40 
Belgravo st 

Dransfield Austin (A. Dransfield & 
Son) ; h. 102 Rectory rd 

Draper Frank (K. Draper & Sen) ; h. 25 
Tunnel st 

Draper Miss Gladys, enftnr, 11)7 Tod- 
morden I'd 

Draper Miss Helen ft., eosfcmr, 130 
Celiie rd 

Draper K. & Son, grors, 28 Tunnel 

Draper Riehd. (ft. Draper & Son) ; h. 

Drew Alex. & Sons, Ltd., calico prntrs, 
Lowerhouse Print works. Tel. 145 

Draper Alex. (A. Drew & Sons) ; h. 
Holme lodge. Tel. 2039 

Drew Edwd. (A. Drew & Sons) ; h. 
Sim onstone hall. Tel. 101 Padiham 

DRIVER ARTHUR, bricklayer and 
property repairer, Lodge yard, Water- 
loo roatf. Tel. 3428 ; h. Oi Growths* 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Ltd., builders' mer- 
chants, fireplace specialists, makers 
of artificial stone ventilators, public 
mortar grinding mills, Lodge yard, 
Waterloo road. Tel. 3428 

Driver Arthur S. (A. Driver, Ltd.) ; h. 
121 Branch rd. Tel. 3428 

Driver Fredk., fish dlr, 24 Coal CloUgh 

Driver Geo., hlge cntrctr, 120 Basnetfc 
si. Tel, 2300 

Driver G. H., Ltd., engnrs, Elm st. 
Tel. 2350 

Driver Harold (A. Driver, Ltd.) ; a. 
1 67 Oxford rd 

Driver Jas. C. (G. H. Driver, Ltd.) j h. 
1 Ada st 

Driver John (F. Clarkson & Co.) ; h. 
232 Coal Clough In 

Driver Robt., dairy, 318 Padiham rd, 
and frrur, Wellfield farm 

Driver Wm., crtkr, 74 Coal Clough In 

Driver Wm., btchr, 70a Lvndhurst rd. 
Tel. 4115 

Drury Wm., trvllr, 10 Prescott st 

Duckett Geo. Fredk. (J. Duckett & 
Son, Ltd.) ; h. Blackburn 

DUCKETT J. & SON, Ltd., builders' 
merchants, brick, tile and sanitary 
ware manufacturers, etc., sanitary 
ware works and registered office : 
Blannel street. Tel. 2116-2117 

Duckworth Alfd., clrk, 43 St. Cuthberfc 

Duckworth Fredk., road foreman, 26 
Killington st 

Duckworth Fred R., grcr, 102 Sandy- 

Duckworth Homy, enftnr, 5 St. Mat- 

thew's st 
Duckworth Horbt., frutr, 54 Laithe st 
Duckworth J., whlsle and retail tbcust, 

30 St. James' st 
Duckworth Jas., mill mjigr, 10 Burnley 
rd, Clow bridge 

Duckworth Jas., Ltd., grcrs, 7 Market 
st, 87 Abel st, 1 61 Aocrington rd, 45 
Kirkgate, 314 Colne rd, Padiham rd 
and Brougham st. Tel. 3642 and 

Duckworth Jas. Hy., pltry frmr, 4 Deer 
Park rd 

Duckworth John J., grcr's insptr, 214 
Rossendale rd 

Duckworth Lewis, btchr, 39 Marl- 
borough st 

Duckworth Miss Lily, hairdryr, 11 Ox- 
ford rd , 

Duckworth Mrs. Martha, 233 Man- 
chester rd 

Duckworth Percy, asst schlmstr, 72 
Middlesex av 

Duckworth Philip, crtkr, 51 Dorset st 

Duckworth SirveUie, turn dlr. 300-302 
Padiham rd 

Duckworth Thos.. hlge cntrctr, 50 Ae- 
crington rd. Tel. 3006 

Duckworth Thos., bus insptr, 40 Pose 
Hill mount 

Duckworth WUr., grcr, 58-00 Wood- 
bine rd 

Duckworth Wm. H., schlmstr, Holy 
Trinity School, Trafalgar street 

Duerden Albt. A., frutr, 20 Colville st 

Duerclen Albt. E., crtkr, 7 Godley st 

Duerden Bertram, enftnr, 36 Abel st 

Duerden Mrs. TCmma, Vict, Hall Inn, 2 
Church st 

Duerden Fredk., beerhse, Shepherds' 
Arms, 69 Cog In 

Duerden Oeo. E., automobile eng'nr and 
motor car agnt, Bull st and Brown 
st. Tel. 2227 ; h. 101 Woodgrovo 
rd. Tel. 2897 

Duerden Hartley (H. B. Duerden, 
Ltd.) ; h. Worslhorne 

Duerden Henry, trvllr, 194 Briercliffe 

Duerden H. B., Ltd., ale and porter 

bottlers, 2-4 Fir st. Tel. 3791 
Duerden Horace C, chrpdst, 124 Coal 

Clough In. Tel. 4005 
Duerden Jas. A., trvllr, 17 Underley st 
Duerden Jas. H. (H. P. Cooper, Ltd.) ; 

h. 8 Beatrice st 
Duerden J. S. & Sons, Ltd., whlsl grcrs, 

Aqueduct st. Teh 2423 



;32u'e.rdeh Jas,. Smith (J. S. Duerden & 
Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 23 Ormerod rd. 
Tel, 3.975 

Duerden John (J. S. Duerden &.Sons, 

..Ltd.).; h. .47 Ormerod rd. .X el. 2642 

Duerden John T., crtkr, 124 Goal 

Clough In: : 
Duerden Mrs. Martha E., cnftnr, 6 .St. 

Andrew's st 

.Duerden Kichd., sexton, 1 7 Burnley rd, 
Harle Syk& 

Duerden i'hos. C., hlge cntrctr and 
shpkpr, 142 Finsley gate 

Duerden 'i'hos. H., fiirn dlr, 38 Church 
st and 85 Brougham st 

Duerden Win., ch'k, 1 3 Nicholl st 

Duerden Willie., viot, Talbot Hotel, 05 
Church st and 2 Ormerod rd. Tel. 

Duerden Win. T. ? formn joinr, 90 Mel- 
ville st 

Duff Win., elrk, 353 Manchester rd 

Duffy Mrs. Annie, ahpkpr, 92 Hartley 

Dugdale Albt. W., cnftnr, 243 Brier- 
el ift'e rd 

Dugdale Misses Grace & Annie, drprs, 
50 Brougham st 

Dugdale Jas., wndw elnr, 7.9 Barden In 

Dugdale Jas. A., pol con, 4 Rose av 

Dugdale Jas. G. (fro. Walton, Ltd.) ; 

h. Brook dell, Bo/rrovtfonL 1«L 253 

Dugdale John, frutr. Sylvan lodge, 
Towneley side 

Dugdale Richd., uwsgnt, 227 Acering- 
ton rd 

Dugdale Riehd. H.. elrk, 19 Gains- 
borough av 

Dugdale Thurston, sec, Burnley & 
District Loom Overlookers' Associa- 
tion, Overlookers* Institute, (>2 Lind- 
say st. Tel. 2610 ; h. 63 March. st 

Dugdale Win., trvllr, 43 Glen View 

Duke Bar printing Co., prntrs, Cobdeu 
st. Tel. 30.74 

Duncombe Alfd. Win,, boot dlr's rmrgr, 
- 06 Cleveland* rd 

Dunderdale Wlfd., btehr, 152 Brier 
oliffe rd . 

Dunkerley E., boot and shoemaker, 49 
St.- James' st. Tel. 2858 .. 

Dunkerley Elijah W. (E. Dunkerley) ; 
--• b. 128 Todmorden rd 

Dunleavv John, pltry frxnr, 7 Deer 
': Park rd 

Dunn & Co., Ltd., hatters,. SO St, 
James'- st- . ... , .... 

Dunn Mrs. Essie S.,.M,B., Ch.B., B.A., 
phys-and surg, 147.. Manchester rd. 
. -Tel.. 3860- - : 

Dunn Wra. J., M.B., Ch.B., B.A.O., 
• ---phys'-and-.sui , g,.l' , errihiH, 147. Man- 
chester rd. -Tel...3860 ...-. 

Dunnill Herbt. , j oinr v Hollingreave rd i 

h. 83 Todmorden rd 
Durkin Danl. P. (Mullen & Durkin, 
■ Ltd.); h. 2 Brassey st. Tel. 3010 
Durkin Francis, prntr, 120 Brougham 


Durkin Herbt., elrk, 77 Ormerod rd 
Dutnall Frank, cricket pro, 8 Bulling In 
Dutton Mr. Bertrand, 75 Manchester 

Dutton John R., contract offier, P.O. 

Telephones, 2 FairholT.e rd 
Duxbury Albt., ins agent, 2 Pritchard 


Duxbury Bros., metal brkrs, Stanley st, 

Tel. 3064 
Duxbury Geo., ldgnghse, 22 Boot st 
Duxbury Geo., coal dlr, 171 Colne rd 
Duxbury Mr. Geo., 42 Colne rd 
Duxbury Hilton, ins agnt, 399 Brier- 

cliffe rd 
Duxbury John, formn engnr, 82 Mid- 

_ dlesox av 
Duxbury John E., grcr, 2 Norman st 
Duxbury Mrs. Lavinia, 351 Manchester 


Duxbury Mrs. Mary, cnftnr, 1 5 Hebrew 

Duxbury Percy, reg of births, mar- 
riages and deaths (oast ward, sub- 
district), 21 Nicholas st ; h. 30 Rose 
Hill mount 
Duxbury Robt., cllry engnr, 9 Colne rd 
Duxbury Thos., elrk, 13 Rydal av 
Duxbury Wm N ins agnt, Welwyn, 'J ho 

Duxbury Win. Hy. (Duxbury Bros.) ; 

h. 40 Moselev rd 
Dyke Eric T., L.D..S., R.C.S. (Eng.), 
dnti srgn, 71 Brierclifie rd. Tel. 
Dyke Jph., pol srgfr, 1 73 Rose Kill rd 
Dyke Norman, pol con, 9 Minehead av 
Dymond John R., grcr, 2-1 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 
Dymond Win., shpkpr, 2 South st 
Dyson Mrs. Blanche,. 14 Fairholme rd 
Dyson Francis, postmn, 44 Parliament 

Dyson Wm., fr fish dlr, 102 t! leaser st 
Eardley Mrs, Mary, nursing home.,. 5.8 

Bank par. Tel, 2S2M 
Earl© Frpdk., f r fish dlr. 08 Curzou st. 
Earnshaw Mrs. Annie, 77 Woodgrove 


wholesale cabinet makers and wood 

mantel manufacturers, works : Pent- 
.. ridge mill, Holmes street; head 

office : Central mill, Albert street. 

Tel. 2139 
Earnshaw Geo.., elrk, 25 Hogarth, a v 

Karnshaw Howard, pntr,. 9 .Oxford rd 
: Earnshaw Mrs. Jane, Alice, 73. Wood- 
grove rd... '../. .. 



Earnshaw John Chas, (Earnshaw Bros. 

& Booth) ; h. 73 Woodgrove rd 
Earnshaw Win,, ins agnt, 2 Lark st 
East John B,, grcr's-m hgr. 5 Blacker st 
LIVERY SERVICE, daily carrier* to 
Manchester, Bury, Ed en field, Raw- 
tenstall, Crawshaw Booth, Brierfield, 
Nelson, Gofne, Barrowford, Padiham, 
Hapten, Accrington, Church, Os- 
waldtwistle, Blackburn and Darwen, 
Abinger street Tel. 3548 ; Aiwyn 

Jones, proprietor 
East Lancashire Coal Co., Ltd., collry 

agnts, -I Thursby scj. Tel. 3654 
EsttsL Lancashire Regiment Club, Sandy- 

gate ; J. Boyle, sec 
Eastham Mrs. JSliz. A., clothes dlr, 53 

Hammer ton at 
Eastham Jas. , enf tnr, OS Lo w erhouse hi 
Eastham John, fish dlr. 40 Bnercliffe rd 
Eastham Misses Kate & Flora Aueh- 

man, 427 Manchester rd 
Eastham Miss Nellie, music tchr, S3 

Church st 
Eastham Robt., enftnr, 83 Church st 
Eastham r ] hos. & Son, drysltrs, I 1 2 

Robinson st 
Eastham Thos. (T. Eastham Ss Son) ; 

h. 8(5 New Hah st 
Easton KoBt. l'\ (W. Easton, Sons <fc 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. Hi Lansdowne st 
Kaston Win., Sons &< Co., Ltd., brush 

nmftrs. Hart st 
Easton Win. (Win. Easton, Sons & 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. S£l Clifton st 
Easton ftm., grcr, 7 Berry st 
Eastwood Albt., elvk, 15 Murray st 
Eastwood Arthur, trvllr, 59 Ennismore 

Eastwood Arthur, coal dlr, 89 Albion st 
Eastwood Ernest, hairdrsr, 83 West- 
gate ; h. 22 Prestwich at 
Eastwood Geo., prntr, 62 Gainsborough 

Eastwood Granville, grcr, 38 Belgrave 

Eastwood Henry, coal dlr, 11 Beverley 

Eastwood Herbt. (Richard Roberts), 18 

Padiham rd. Tel. 4.173 
Eastwood H., Ltd., boot dlr, 3 Chan- 
cery st. Tel. 2 3 OS ; 
Eastwood Herbt. (H. Eastwood, Ltd.), 

3 Chancery st 
Eastwood Herb I., uingr. Midland 

Bank, Ltd., Manchester rd. Tel. 

3077 ; h. Barrovjford 
Eastwood H.oraco (W'oodiiold Printing 

Co.) ; h. Amber inoad, Higher Red 

lees, Cliviger 
Eastwood Hubert, frmr, Lower Halgh 

Eastwood Jas., nwsgnt, 32 Piccadilly 


| Eastwood Jas. B., ins agnt, 158 Coal 
Clough hi 
Eastwood John E., fr fish dlr, 70 
-■ Harold av 
Eastwood Mrs. Margt., 44 Moorland rd 

EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., coach 
and motor proprietors, funeral under- 
takers (motor hearses, etc.), cellulose 
sprayers and repairers, order office, 
44a St. James' street ; garage and 
head office, Plumbe street. Tel. 
3136 (two lines) 

Eastwood R., ins agnt, 30 Harold av 

Eastwood lUelid. 0., grcr, 2 Mitella 

Eastwood Robt., wjidw clnr, 1 1 How- 
ard at 

Eastwood Mrs. Sarah, i'rutr, 55 Bren- 
nand st 

Eastwood Thos., grcr, 44 Gannow In" 

Eastwood Thos., masseur, 130 Bruu- 
shaw rd 

Eastwood Thos.. frmr, 190 Brunshaw 

Eastwood Win., enftnr, 847 Briercliffe 

EatoUgh Cornelius (Decora tors' Sup- 
ply Co.) ; -k. 22 Brunei st. Tel. 3597 

Eatoitgh Danl., slit mtl wrkr, White st ; 
)i. 35 Dorset st 

Eatough Riehd., boot repr, 322 Gblhe 
rd ; h. Paidhan sb 

Ebenezer Memorinl Institute, Colne rd ; 
P. Blexard, sec 

Eeeles & Procter, bleaching fluid mkrs, 
2-7 Bridge st 


makers of " Economic " domestic 
gas wash-boilers and washing mach- 
ines and " Moonbeam " wringers, 
etc., gas appliance works : Junction 
Street mills. Tel. 3305. Telegrams 
" Bluboilers " 
Eckersley Chris., fr fish dlr, 267 Harden 

Eddleston Cecil, pol srgt, 74 Dugdalo 

Eddleston Henry .Stanley, pol srgt, I 10 

Melville st 
Eddleston Mr. Wltr. L., Watt st 
Eddleston Win., pol eon, 81 Laitho st 
Edtnondson Albt. (B. Edmondson & 
Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 09 Ightenhili Park 
In. Tel. 3530 

EDMONDSON ALLAN, F.A.I., auction- 
eer, hotel valuer and estate agent, 148 
St. James' street. Tel. 3921 

Edmondson Miss Annie, Hoodhouse, 

Manchester rd. Tel. 3869 
Edmondson Arthur, frmr. Home farm 
Edmondson Arthur (A. Edmondson, 

Ltd.) ; h. Dovmkain, 
Edmondson Arthur, Ltd., cttn mufti's. 

Empire mill, Liverpool rd. Tel. 4004 



EDMONDSON B. St SONS, Ltd., coal 
merchants, removal experts, haulage 
contractors and daily carriers to 
Liverpool and Bradford, 148 fadiham 
road. Tel. 2970 

Edmondson Harry, estate agent, 47 St. 
Matthew's st. Tel, 2450 

Edmondson Jas., propty repr, 19 Gran- 
ville st, Briercliffe 

Edmondson John A., sec to Burnley & 
East Lancashire Rural Deaneries In- 
surance Society, 33 Church st. Tel. 

2947; h. 10 Ormerod rd 

Edmondson John R., hookkpr, 27 Hali- 
fax rd, Briercliff& 

Edmondson J ph., pblshr's mngr, 21 
Surrey av 

Edmondson Regnld., hookkpr, 68 
Sycamore av 

Edmondson Robt. VV., nwsgnt, 30 
Olympia st 

Edmondson Thos., phtgrphr, 330 Bar- 

den In 
Edmondson Thos., grcr, 2 Colbran st 
Edmondson Thos., wndw olnr, 15 

Cleaver st 
Edmondson Thos. Win., cashier, 11 

Mitel la st 
Edmondson Win., boot repr, 25-27 

Daneshouse rd 
Edmondson Wm. G. } tbcnst, 19 Stand- 

ish street 
Ednmudson Herbt.. clrk, 28 Constable 


Edmundson Jas. Holt (M, l-jdmundson, 
Ltd.) ; h. Glenavon, 37 Glen View 
rd. Tel. 4253 

EDMUNDSON M., Ltd., general sheet 
metal workers to the motor trade, 
oxy-acetylene welders, radiator and 
motor wing repairers, tin and copper- 
smiths, ventilating engineers, makers 
of all kinds of mill and machine work, 
brass and copper rollers for textile 
machinery kept in stock, Liverpool 
road, Rose grove (Tel. 3927) and Coke 
street (Tel. 4259) 

Edwards Alfd. E., pel supt and dep 
chief con, Central Police station, 
Town Hall. Tel. 2101 ; h. SBrassey 

Edwards Alfd. S., tailr, 70 Raglan rd 

Edwards Andrew John, fr fish dlr, go 

Piccadilly rd 
Edwards Glbrt. (Wm. Bancroft & 

Co. (1932), Ltd.) ; h. 32 Cardinal st 
Edwards Harold W'., fr fish dlr, o Hig- 

giu st 
Edwards Jas., trvllr, 3 Oreswick av 
Edwards John, wireless dlr, 152 Padi- 

ham rd 
Efficiency Press, prntrs, 1 9 Bank par. 

Tel. 2960 

Egar John (J. Bolton & Co.) ; fe. 257 Empire Thwtre, St. James' st 

Egar Thos., enftnr, 327 Manchester rd 
Egar Wm., dntst, 96 Manchester rd. 

Tel. 2932 
Elce Geo., brckwrks mngr, 67 Wood- 
grove rd 
Eldridge Stewart, clrk, 1 7 Owen st 
Elford Abel, prntr, 26 Ighten rd 
Ellans Hy., furn dlr, 37 Westgate 
Ellenor Mrs. Esther, shpkpr, 79 Clarke 

Elliott Bros., frnshrs, 141a Manchester 

Elliott Hartley, whlsle cbnt mkr, Tullis 

Elliott Rupert. Hy. (Elliott Bros.) ; h. 

414 Rossendale rd 
Elliott Thos., nwsgnt, 70 Lyndhurst 

Elliott Wm., olctrcl engnr, Cow In. 

Tel. 3842 ; h. 1 Constable av 
Ellis Alfd., mngr- Yorkshire Penny 
Bank, Ltd., 25 Manchester rd. Tel. 
2348; h. 33 Brooklands road. Tel. 
Ellis Mr. Frank, 2 Hereford av 
Ellis Fred (Hartleys') ; h. 106 Bar- 
racks rd 
Ellis Harold, fr iisli dlr, 6 Temple st 
Ellis Harold P. (Dainty Pickle Co.) ; 

h. 259 Cog In 
Ellis Korman, clrk, I Watson st 
Ellis Norman B. (The Dainty Co.) ; 

h. 1 Watson st 
Ellison Arthur, clrk, 24 Sycamore av 
Ellison Wm., coal dlr, 23 Simpson st 
Elm Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
cttn mnftrs. Elm Street shed. Tel. 

KIt-s Wm., second-hand booksllr, 231 

Accrington rd 
Elmwood (The) Hosiery Manufacturing 

Co., Ltd., hosiery mnftrs, Clcgg st. 

Tel. 2961 
ElwollGeo., jewllrs'assfr, 71 Lockyerav 
Emmett Ernest, tapr, 23 Rose Wood 

Emmet t Mrs. Isa, drpr, 133 Barden In 
Emmett Mrs. Louisa, 210 Todinorden 

Emmett Mrs. Mary H., cnttnr, 90a 

Branch rd 
Emmett Wlfd., whlsl grcr, Scar top. 

Tel. 2703 ; h. 210 Todmorden rd 
Emmott Win., vict, Duke of York 

Hotel, 129Colncrd 
Emmott Alfd., hairdrsr, 129 Cog hi 
Ernmott Arthur, drpr, 35-37 Hebrew rd 
Ernmott Arthur, comp, 2 Macauley st 
Emmott Robt., Ltd., cttn mnftrs, 
Stanley mill (Tel. 2069) and Eerndale 

mill (Tel. 2684) 
Emmott Wm. H., pntr, 13 Queen Vic- 
toria rd. Tel. 3710 


Brunshaw rd 





Employers' (The) Liability Assurance 

Corporation, Ltd., 74 Manchester rd. 

'i'ei. 3750 ; R. H. Bennett, res insptr 
Empress Picture House, Sandvgato. 

Tel. 2827 
Entwistle Albt., wndw clnr, 14 Essex 

Entwistle Andrew, clrk, 13 Godiva st 
Entwistle Arthur, fr fish dlr, 10-21 

Healey Wood rd 
Entwistle Ben]., tlr's mngr, 10 Rose 

Mount av 
Entwistle Mr. Chas., 4 Hutling In 
Entwistle Mrs. Elcnora, 30 St. Mat- 
thew's st 
Entwistle Frcdk., slatr, 12 Serpentine 

Entwistle Hugh, hairdrsr, 32a Trafal- 
gar st 
Entwistle Thos., clrk, 4 Perth st 
Essex & Suffolk Insurance Society, 3 

Ormerod st. Tel. 3304 ; H. "Floyd, 

res insptr 
Estate Cash Stores, grcrs, 203 Cog In 
Etherington Robt., coal dlr, Lower 

Rose Grove In 
Etherington Tom A., lndry mngr, 355 

Brunshaw rd 
Eustace Mrs. Eliz., grcr, 15 Calder st 
Evans Alex. (Barnes & Oates) ; h. 31 

Every st. Tel. 2852 
Evans Harold, trvllr, 48 Oxford rd 
Evans Miss .Jane B., Carlton rd 
Evans Mr. John, 62 Bank par 
Eve John, sgnlmn, 21 Ightenhill Park 

Excise, Customs <& Old Age Pensions 

Office, 94 Manchester rd' 
Exley Jas. A., wndw olnr, 21 Grasmere 

Ex ton John E., solctr, 11-13 Nicholas 

st, Tel. 4282 
Eyre Henry, boot repr, 60 Olympia st 
Fagleman Ben, tailr, 65 St. James' st 

and 125 Westgate. Tel. 2768 
Fairburn Fredk. W. (J. Fairburn) ; h. 

243 Coal Clough In 

FAIRBURN J., textile engineer, mill 
furnisher, spring, spindle and temple 
maker, split motion (patentees), 
steam heating engineer ; works, Vic- 
toria mill, Trafalgar street. Tel. 


Fairburn Wltr., clrk, 25 Bristol st 
Fairburn Win., ins agnt, 270 Coal 

Clough In 
Fairelough C'has., boot repr, 147 Nairne 

Fairelough Henry, tea dlr, 6 Watson 


Fairclo\igh Henry, cycle dlr, 43 Lower- 
house In 

Fairelough Wlfd., chief con, Borough 
Police Station, Town Hall. Tel. 
2010 ; h. 20 Scott Park rd 

Fairey Charley (Harrison & Fairey) ; 

h. 49IghtenhiliParkIn 
Fairey Charley, jxmr. (Harrison & 

^ Fairey) ; h. *79 Ightenhill Park In 
Fairev Edgar I#, s dntst, 1 2a Hargreaves 

st. * Tel. 4232 ; h. 14 Faraday st 
Fairhurst Jas., prntr, 227 Gannow hi. ; 

h. 46b Sm alley st 
Fairless Geo. (Cafe Royal), 24 Man- 
chester rd. Tel, 2614 
Fallows John E., boilr eovr, Cronkshaw 

Falahaw Mrs. Agnes, furn brio 1 , 7b 

Padiham rd 
Fanshaw Arnold, pol con, 67 Brocken- 

hurst at 
Faraday Alfd., engnr's slsmn, 331 

Brunswick st 
Faraday Robt. H., frnshr's nmgr, 273 

Goal Clough In 
Farley Mrs. Phyllis, mvsgnt, 44 Coal 

Clough In 
Farnworth Robt., hairdrsr, 286 Gan- 
now In 
Farrar Ernest H., clggr's mngr, 142 

Melville st 
Farrar E., ins agnt, 7 Netherby st 
Farrar Frank, grcr, 1 Walpole st 
Farrar Mrs. Sarah E., shpkpr, 23 Tiui- 

nel st 
Farrar Wm., scale mkr, 1 35 Lyndhurst 

Farrell Albt., Ii'vllr, 141 Todmorden 

Farrer Mrs. Dora, shpkpr, 210 Gannow 

Farrer Miss E. M., prin, Sunnybank 
High School for girls, etc. (kinder- 
garten), 1 71-1 73 Manchester rd. Tel. 


Farrer Joshua, trvllr, 53 St. John's rd 
Farrer Paul, clrk, 12 Hohnsley st 
Farrer Mr. Saml., 81 Woodgrove rd 
Farrer Thos., mill mngr, 132 Marsden 

Farrington John, cnf tnr, 1 82 Colno rd 
Farrow Edwd., sec, Burnley Coal Sup- 
ply Co., Ltd., Railway sidings, Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2704 ; h. 4 Thorn- 
ton cres, Worstkorne 
Farrington Ernest, clrk, 50 Moorland 

Faulkner Jas., joinr, Edmund st ; h. 

205 Casterton av. Tel. 3541 
Faux Harry H-, jrnlst, 8 Oaken bank 
Fawcett Geo., pol srgt., 49 Lyndhurst 

Fawcett Jas., tbcnst, 300 Gannow In 
Fawcett Wlfd., formn tinsmth, 528 

Accrington rd 
Fawdrop Harold, furn dlr, 385 Bossen- 

dale rd 
Fearing John & Sons, mtr engnrs and 

garage proptrs, Padiham r<J and 

Meadow st. Tel. 4071 



Fearing Wm. (John Fearing & Sons) ; 

h. 26 Padiham rd 
Fearnehough Saral., grcr, 36 Olive st 
Feather Thos., frmr, Lowerhouse farm 
Feathers Robt., frmr, Clifton farm 
Fegans John, tailr. 1 ] 3 Nairne at 
Fegans Robt. if., nwsgnt, £> Queen 

Vic toria rd 
Fell Ernest, vir-r, Xolaon Hotel, Trafal- 
gar st 
Fell Jeremy H. (dough & Fell) ; h. 84 

Briercliffe rd 
Fell owes Wild., propfcy repr, 8-1 Rurn- 

loy rcl 
Venn John, coal dlr, 30 Scott st 
Fenn Wm., shpkpr, 20 Marsden rd 
Fenton Jph. A., grer, 38 Lyndhurst rd 
Ferguson Mr. Jas. , 420 Itossenclulc rd 
Ferguson Jas. M., J.P.j L.B.C.P., pfrys 

and surg, 70a Colue rd 
Ferguson & Masse v. l.rd., mir engnrs, 

574 Brunshaw rd. Tel. 3070 
Fernay Riehd., pel con, 51 St. Mat- 

( I lew's st 
Form'hough John, frmr. Back In 
Field Jas., watr mains asst, S Blacker st 
Fielden Albt. Ed., slsmn, 534 Acoring- 

ton r<l 
Fielden Benj., wrks formn, Newton st 
Fielden Ernest L., bank clrk, 48 Rose 

Hillrd. Tel. 2220 
Fielden Sirs. Hannah, 2 Beechwooil 

Fielden Jas. (Smith Fielden) ; h. Hib 

cot, Ightonhill Park In 

Fielden Smith, prntr, 3 Padiham rd. 

Tel 2533 
Fielden Vincent (Smith Fielden) ; h, 34 

Ightenhill Parkin 
Fielden Wltr., trvllr, Heasandford hso, 

Queen. Victoria, rd 
Fielding Mrs. Annie, mllnr, Lower- 

house In 
Fielding Benj., bootrepr, Marlborough 

si andl7a.Huning In 
Fielding Jas. A., drpr, 123 Coal Olough 

Fielding Miss VVnfd., drpr, 70 Brier- 

eliffe rd 

Fielding Mr. Thos.. 20 Lytton st 
Fifty Shillings Tailors, tailrs. 80a St. 

James' st 

Co., Ltd., 19a Manchester road. Tel. 

2320; Bf Cotter, dist see 
Fire BrUfade Station, 06 Manchester rd. 

lei. 2222 and 2101; pel insplr; J. 'J 1 , 

Whitfield, fire supt 
Fisher Henry, postmn, 22 Tennis st 
Fisher Herbt., i'xiitr, 314 Colne rd 
Fisher Jas., pol eon, 46 Peart st 
Fisher John, clrk, 35 Clive st 
Fisher Mr. Stephen, 427 Cog In 
■Fisher Thos. (VV\ Fisher & Sons) ; h. 

10 Liverpool i'd . ■ .... 

Fisher Wm. (W. Fisher & Sons) ; h, IS 
Liverpool rd 

Fisher Wm. Jas. (W. Fisher & Sons) ; 
h. 20 Liverpool rd 

Fisher W. & Sons, propty reprs, Liver- 
pool rd 

Fishwiek Jas.. supervisor, 2 Creswiek 

Fitton Arthur \\, grer's mngr, 1 41 Bl- 
uett st 

Fitton Ernest, fr (ash dlr, 20 Bivel si ; 
h. 22 Lonsdalp rd 

Fisher Thos. VV., cookd meal sirs, 43 

Hurt ley st 
Fisher Wltr., boot repr, 3 Hollingreavo 

rd ; h. 65 Crowther st 
Fitzgerald Rev. Michael, B.A., St. 

Mary Magdalene's presbytery, Mag- 
dalene ter. 1 "el. 2i»02 
Fitz-Patrick Alfd., sec and agnt, Burn- 

lev Liberal Association. Prudential 

bl'dgs, Manchester rik Tel. 4263 ; h. 

40 Thnrsby )•(} 
Fitzpatriek Ernest, cycle dlr's mngr, 

404 Brunshaw rd. 
Fitzpatriek H., Ltd.. evele dlrs, 23 

Market st (Tel. 3090) and Park Vise, 

Todmorden rd (Tel. 41 87) 
Fitzpatriek By. (H. Fitzpatriek, 

Ltd.) ; h. Hoarstones. 404 Brunshaw 

rd. Tel. 4180 

Fitzpatriek John Hy., pwnbrkr, l Abel 

•i( ; h. 337 Colne I'd 
Fitzpatriek Malcolm, ins agnt, 330 

Colne rd 
Fitzpatriek Malachi, hrhlst, 27 York- 
shire st 
Fitzpatriek Wm. A., pwnbrk's mngr, 4 

Casterton avenu.o 
Flack "0., Ltd., costrars, 73 St. James' 

[•'lack Misses Lncy & Mabel, Brookside.. 

I'asturegate av 
Fleming Jas., enftnr, 120 Rossendale rd 
Fletcher Mrs. Alice, grcr, 24 Hose 

drove In 
Fletcher Arthur Wm., M.A. (Camb.), 
headmstr, Burnley Grammar School, 
Bank par ; h. 7 Western av 
Fletcher Miss Bertha, drpr, 22 Elm- 

wood st 
Fletcher Mrs. Eliz., drpr, 5a Padiham 

Fletcher Harold (Kate Barnes & Co.)-; 

h. 365 Padiham rd. Tel. 2848 
Fletcher Mr. Henry, Norfolk av 
Fletcher Mr, Jas. 1 4 Brunei st 
Fletcher John W., tobenst, 311 Padi- 
ham rd 
Fletcher M>. Lnrd., 513 Brunshaw rd 
Fletcher Rev. Wm., St. John the Bap- 
tist presbytery, Ivy st. Tel. 3824 
Flewitt Robt., furn dlr, 24 Abel st 
Flewitt Wltr., plmbr, 32 Claughton st 
Fletcher Wltr., brwr, 13 Westgate 



Flintoff John (J. Flintoff & Son) ; h. 

41 Brooklands rcl. 'J'el. 2920 
Flintoff John & Son, leathr dlrs, 41 

Brooklands xd. Tel. 2920 
Flintoff Saral. R. (J. Flintoff & Son) ; 

h. 50 Clovelands rd 
FJovd Harold, ins insptr, 76 Loekyer 

av. Tel. 2085 
Floyd Miss Ida, shpkpr, 2 Sharp st 
Foden Miss Eliza, grcr, 17 Blakey st 
Foera Hardwiekc K.. asst solctr, Burn- 
lev Corporation, Town Hall. Tel. 

2101 ; h. 187 Manchester rd. Tel. 

Forbes Alex. 0.. M.B., 0H.B., physand 

surg. 25 Brooklands rd. Tel. 2504 
Forbes John M., customs officer, 64 

Ightenhill Park In 

Hartley (Burnley), Ltd.) ; office and 

showrooms, 21 Yorkshire street ; 

works, Central garage, Gliviger street. 

Tel. 2378 
Foi'd Wlfd.. elect engnr, 19 Brennand 

St. Tel. 3505 
Forrest Jas. E., frnshr's mngr, 393 Ros- 

sendale rd 
Forrest Jas. W., grcr, 1 Rawson st 
Forster Albt., nwsgnt, 191 Brierclilfe rd 
Forster John O. (Forster & Whitaker) ; 

h. 6 Rossendalc rd 

FORSTER & WHITAKER, engineers 
and wrought iron palisading makers, 
Allendale street, Rosegrove. Tel. 

Forsyth Mrs. Ada M. , 1 4 Rose Mount av 
Fort Arthur, mill mngr, 7 Mount rd 
Fort John W.,grer, 20-31 Clifton at 
Fort Richd., hairdrsr, 2 St. James' row, 

Tel. 3052 ; h. 420 Padiham rd 
Fort Mr. Saml , 58 Clevelanda rd 
Foster Arthur, grer, 33 Queensberry rd 
Foster Cecil, trvllr, 552 Brunshaw rd 
Foster Frio, shpkpr. 89 Cog In 
Foster Ernest (F. Foster, Ltd.) ; h. 45 

Fj.nnism.ore st . 
Foster Ernest, Ltd., cttn mnl'trs, 
Rakeheadmill, Bishop st. Tel. 2681 
Foster Geo., whlsl drggst, 12 Yorkshire 

at. Tel. 2181 
Foster Harold, frutr, 334 Padiham rd 
Foster Harold, cttn slsmn, 30 Bristol st 
Foster Herbt., frutr, 140 Trafalgar st 
Foster Mr. Herbt., 20 Bristol st 
Foster Mr. Jas., 26 Bristol st 
Foster Jas. L. (Baker & Foster) ; h. 

Arkwright st 
Foster John, clrk, 1 Kssex av 
Foster John C, clrk, 210 Brunshaw rd 
Foster'John F., trvllr, 1 Beatrice st 
Foster Luther, comp, 12 Harold st 
Foster Mrs. Rachel, grcr, 49 Spring- 
field rd 
•Foster Saml. T., rating officr, 40 Burn- 
ley rd, Briercliffe 

Foster T., Ltd., "cttn mriftrs, llaber- 
gham mill. Teh 3705 

Foster Wrfcr., drpr, 68 Lyndhurst rd 

Foster Wm., clrk, 22 Stansfield st 

FOSTER WILLIAM, painter, decorator 
and sign writer, 4 Outwood road. 
Tel. 2163 

Foster Willie (T. Foster, Ltd.) ; h. 274 
Coal Clough In 

Foulds Alan, clrk, 39 Cleveland* rd. 

Foulds Mrs. Annie M., 121 Albion st 

Foulds Donald (J. A. Foulds & Sons).; 
h". Wbodgrove cttge, 222 Todmorden 

Foulds Fredk., cashier, 92 Albion st 

Foulda Jaa., boot repr, 1 08 Abel st ; h. 
335 Briercliffe rd 

Foulds Jaa. A. (J. A. Foulds "& SonaJ ; 
hi 13 Mansergh st 

FOULDS J. A. & SONS, cabinet 
makers, upholsterers, complete house 
furnishers and funeral directors, 
15-17 Queen Victoria road ; works, 
12 Old Hall street. Tel. 2367 ; and 
at Nclnon 

FOULDS J. HARTLEY, furnishing 
specialist and funeral director, 230- 
232 Golne road. Tel. 2332 ; h. 
Lothersdale, 156 Casterton av 

Foulds John Hy., coal dlr, 11 Brough- 
am, st 

Foulds Thofc., mill mngr, 144 Caatorton 

Foulds Wlfd., clrk, 475 Brunahaw rd 
Foulds Wm., btehr, 10a. Brennand st 
Foulds Wm., clrk, 88 Cleaver at 
Foulds Wm. T. (J. A. Foulds & Sons) ; 

h. 27 Thursby rd. Tel. 2367 
Foulkes Richd., club stwd, 15 Forest 

Foulkea Mrs. Sarah J., 67 Ormcrod rd 
motor engineers, re-boring specialists, 
second-hand car dealers and garage 
proprietors, Gilbert street. , Tel. 2926 
Fowler Jpb., pol con, 20 Essex av 
Fowler Mrs. Mary E., shpkpr, 141 Ley- 
land rd 
Fox Bonj., beerhse, Bank Top Inn, 2 

Parker st 
Fox Chas., clothr's mngr, 94 Colne rd 
Fox Miss Edna, 1 1 Blacker st 
Fox Eli, hse frnshr, 14 Yorkshire st 
Fox Frank, trvllr, 126 Browhead rd 
Fox Jas., frutr, 5 Clay st 
Fox Sidney H., dntst (Pearson & Fox) ; 

h. West mount, Brunshaw rd 
Fox Thos. W., trvllr, 218 Brunshaw rd 
Fox Wlfcr., enftrir, 72 Parliament st 
Foy Henry, iiis mngr, 3 Barbon st 
Frampton Mr. Hy. 8., 64 Mitella st 
France Albt., hairdrsr, 122 Burnley rd, 

France Leslie, pltry frmr, 23 Harrison 



Francis & Co., whlsle and retail manu- 
facturing chmsts, drggsts and oil 
mchnts, 7 Manchester rd. Tel. 2745 
Francis Mrs. Edith, 34 Harriet st 
Francis Mrs. Ellen, beerhse, Oalder 

Vale Inn, 6 Calder Vale rd 
Francis Mr. Robt. E., 4 Horace st 
Frankland Mrs. Ann, 83 Coal Clough In 
Frankland C. & Sons, pntrs, 83 Coal 

Clough In 
Frankland Hy.» btchr, 8 Market hall ; 

h. l37DaUst 
Frankland Jas., dairy, 4 Chapel court, 

Frankland Wm., bank clrk, 177 Coal 

C lough In 
Franks Chas. (Franks & Co.); 17 

Plurnbe st 
Franks & Co., dntl mechs, 17 Plumbe 

Franks Dominic, pntr, 53 Cardinal st 
Franzke Glbt., cbnt mkr, 62 Marl- 
borough at ; h. 53 Eliza st 
Eraser Donald W., sehlmatr, 3 Mount 

Eraser Wm. A., coal dlr, 22 Barry st 
Frear Wm., enftnr, 50 Halifax rd 
Freeman Albt., ins agnt, 4 Colbran st 
Freeman Albt. H., frutr, 131 Accring- 

ton rd ; h. 24 Herbert st 
Freeman Fredk., mtr insptr, fi4 Plumbe 

Freeman, Hardv & Willis, Ltd., boot 

dlrs, 117 St. James' at 
Freeman Jas., trvllr, 80 Kiddrow In 
Freeman Rev. Wltr. E., St. James' 

vicarage. Holme rd 
jFVee Public Library, Grimshaw st. 

Tel. 2101 ; Wm. Bramley Coupland, 

F.L.A., chief librarian 
French Sidney, grer, 58 Rose Orove In 
Freshney Jph., postmn, 1 04 Ball st 
Frost Horace, Ltd., cycle dlrs, 1 70 

Colnord. Tel. 3218 
Frost Robt. (Wei-Don Cleaners) ; fa- 

Brooklands rd 
Frost Wm. H. (W. H. Frost & Co., 

Ltd.) ; h. 307Colnerd 
Frost W. H. & Co., Ltd., engnrs, Rob- 
inson st, Tel. 3473 
Fry Stanley, genl dlr, 5 Watkinson crt 
Fryer Arthur, vict, White Horse Hotel, 

81 St. James' at 
Fryor Mrs. Lily, vict, Lane Ends 

Hotel, Lowerhouse In 
Fryers Robt., mus instrmnt dlr, 1 00 St. 

James' st ; b. 34 Ighten rd 
Fugler Thos., enftnr, 68 Crowther st 
Fulton Chas. (Fulton & Son) ; h. 48 

Todmorden rd 
Fulton Mrs. Margt., drpr, 200 Colno rd 
Fulton Mrs. Margt. R., grer. 40 Disraeli 

Fulton Ramsden, grer, 176 Cog In 
Fulton & Son, dntsts, 73 Oxford rd 

Fulton Wltr. (Fulton & Son) ; h. 73 

Oxford rd 
Funnell Geo. S., pol con, 22 Holme rd 
Furse Jph.,shpkpr, 52 Padiham rd 
Gallagher Jas., beerhse, Fleece Inn, 213 

Accrington rd 
Gallagher John, ahpkpr, 56a Junction 

Gallagher Jph., fr fish dlr, 23 Anne st 
Gallagher Mrs. YVnfd., beer and wine 

and spirits dlr, 68-70 Temple st 
Gamble Rev. Chaa., B.A., B.Sc, All 

Saints' vicarage, Kiddrow In. Tel. 

215 Padiham 
Gamson Wlfd., coal dlr, 20 Clough 

Gamson Wm., frmr, Far Battle hills 
Gannow Engineering Co., Ltd., grann- 

lator mkrs, Arthiir st. T©1. 3872 
Gannow Pictures, Ltd., 22 Nicholas St. 

Tel. 3771 
Gardiner Geo. Fredk., bank acntnt, 

220 Manchester rd 
Gardner Herbt. 0., pntr, 37 Yorkshire 

Gardner Wm., diat supt. General Fed- 
eration of Trade Unions, Garage 

chmbrs, Padiham rd ; h. Sefton 

Garnett Wltr., shpkpr, 14 Slagg st 
Garrett Thos., eatnghse, 35-37 Bank- 
house st 
Garstang Jas. Iddon, prntr, 26 Mizpah 

Garstang Robt., clrk, 5 Gretna place 
Oas Works Office, Parker in. Tel. 

2101 ; A. F. Ames, M. Inst. G.E., 

engnr and mngr 
Gaskell Mrs. Eliz., nwsgnt and P.O., 

446-448 Cdnerd 
Gaskell Jph., postmn, 2 Blacker st 
Gaughan Louis, sec, Borough Building 

Society, 12 Nicholas st. Tel. 2145 
OJaukrodger Chaa., yam slsinn, 95 Hol- 

Hngreave r<l 
Gaukroger Frcdk., inetr insplr, 51 Hol- 

lingroav'e rd 
Gaukroger Geo. F., formn grdnr, 

Cemetery lodge 

Gaukroger Miss Gladys, drpr, 1 77 
Branch rd 

Gaut Jas. (Simpson & Gaut) : h. 330 
Colne rd 

Gavin Emmanuel, l>ookkpr, 135 Bar- 
den In 

Gavin John, ins agnt, 29 Bar st 

(ravin Mrs. Margt., grer, 27 Springfield 

Oawtkorpe Estate Office, Padiham rd. 
Tel. 7 Padiham ; F. Crossley, agent 

Gawthorpe Harold, wireless engnr, 53 

Branch rd 
Gaynor Mrs. Margt., 1 57 Woodgrove rd 
Geidard Arthur, trvllr, 1 1 Pasturegate 




GendallMr. Robt, Smith, Piccadilly 

rd. Tel. 3314 

General Federation of Trade Unions, 

Garage chmbrs, Padiham rd ; W. 

Gardner, dist supt 

Gent Maurice W., dry clnr, 58 Coin© rd 

Gentle Mrs. Edith M. r 28 St. Mat- 

George Hy. B., anill sec, 42 Hawthorne 

roa< 1 
George Herbt. M... easliier, 33 Clove- 
lands rd 
George Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
efcfcn mnftrs, Coronation mill. Tel. 
Goraghty Jas., tailr's asst, 59 Olympia 

Gibbons Jas., hrblst, 8 Sandygato ; h, 

Gibbons Jas. A., pol court uiissnr, 8 

Piccadilly rd 
Giblin John, shpkpr, 117 Accrington 

Gibson Miss Eliz., mat nurse, 285 Padi- 

ham rd. Tel. 3502 
Gibson John, M..A-, M.B., 1XP.H-, 
phys and surg (con phys to Muni- 
cipal Hospital and hon phys to 
Victoria Hospital), 4- 6 Bankhouse st. 
Tol. 2801 ; h, Nelroso, Reedley drv. 
Tel. 718 Nelson 
Gibson Lemuel, stage mngr, 1 6 Pritch- 

ard st 
Gift'en 1'hos., elrk, 398 Brunshaw rd 
Gilbert Mrs. A., 224 Lowerhouse In 
Gilbert Jas., ice cream, dlr, 61 (Crom- 
well st 
Giles Rev. John Philip, M.A., B.D. 

(Baptist), 1 Tennis st 
Gilfillan Jas., bldng insptr, 27 Angle st 
Gill Mrs. Eiiz., 170 Todmorden rd 
Gill Fredk., clrk, 29 Moorland rd 
Gill Harold, yeast dlr, 14 Ulster st 
Gill Harry, clrk, 52 Daneshouse rd 
Gill J., ins agnt, 7 Magdalene ter 
GILL. LEWES, joiner and funeral dir- 
ector, North Street works. Tel. 
2955 ; h. 128 New Hall street 
GillKichd. R., btchr, 70-72 Accrington 

rd. Tol. 4084 
Gill Robt., yeast slsmn, 7 Lubbock st 
Gill Robt. E., nwsgnt, 235 Padiham rd 
Gill Kobt. N., solctr (Smith. & Smith) ; 

h. 70 Middlesex av 
Gill Stephen, fr fish dlr, 312 Colne rd 
Gill Mrs. Susannah, vict, Reedley Hal- 
lows Hotel, Harden In 
Gill VV'ltr., pltnbr, 20 Mary st ; Ji. 33 

Eliza st 
Gill Win., trvltr, 14 Devonshire rd 
Gill Win., shpkpr, 41 Bar st 
Gillespie Mrs. Mary, 1 Venice av 
GILLIBRAND JAS. W., furnisher and 
general warehouseman, 23 Padiham 
road ; h. 1 Westbourne av 

Gillin Clifford, tobenst, 7a Padiham rd 
Gillin Robt. A., watr mains supt, 02 

Yorkshire st 
Gilroy Jas., piano tunr, 199 Brunshaw 

Girl Guides (.North-East Lancashire 

Association), 9a Parker In 
Glasham Alex. C, M.B., Ch.B. V )»hys 

and surg, 114 Westgatc. Tel. 3771 
Gleaves Ralph, ehmst's asst, Cobden 

street, Brierclijje 
Gledhill Mrs. Georgina, 281 Padiham 

GLEDHILL THOS., joiner, builder and 

contractor, Brunshaw view. Tel. 

3355 ; h. 323 Brunshaw rd 
Glccson Patrick, laboratory atndnt, 

20 Creswick av 
Glen View Garago (Burnley), Ltd., 

motr engnrs, Reynolds st. Tel, 3595 
Glenn Geo. Wm., ins agnt, 47 Church 

Glover Leslie (Brown, Ridehalgh & 

Glover) ; h. 34 Laithe st 
Goldsborough Geo., shpkpr, 74 Cog In 
Goldthorpe Mrs. Margt. E., 355 Padi- 
ham rd 
Gonzawa Mr. Herbt., 177 Todmorden 

Goodburai Wm. P., phtgrphr, 21 Mit- 
chell st 

Gooder Hy., boot dlr'B mngr, 101 Rose 

Hill rd 
Goodier Albt., eookdmeat strs, 70 Elm 

Goodier Herbt., prov dlr, 137 Casterton 

Goodwill Chas., coal dir, 29 Godley 

Goom Mrs. Kate, enftnr, 6 Thursfield 

Goom Hy., enftnr, 86 Brougham st and 

355 Briercliffe rd 
Goom Jas., enftnr, 70 Lowerhouse In 
Goom JohnT. (W. Wilkinson) ; h. 323 

Padiham rd 
Gorden Miss Doris, hairdrsr, 33c 

Church st 
Gordon Edwin, whlsle frutr, 272 Bar- 
den In 
Gordon Lowis, boot repr, 50 Ashworth 

Gordon Stuart, optcn, 127 St. James' 

st. Tel. 2948 
Gorman John, N.S.P.E., F.B.A.P.T., 

prin, Burnley School of Arms, 

Bridge st ; h. 220 Brunshaw rd 
GORMAN LEONARD, motor haulage 

contractor and furniture remover, 9 

Vincitst. Tel. 2787 
Gorman Wm., wine and spirit mchnt, 

139 Colne rd 
Gornall Jas. Arthur, M.R.C.S., 

L.R.C.P. (Lond.), phys and surg, 

91-90 Rose Grove In. Tel. 2006 



Gorter Wm., Ltd., fish mchnts, 3-5 

Standish st, 78 Abel st and 92 St. 

Matthew's st. Tel. 3347 ; and at 


Gorter Wm. (W. Gorter, Ltd.) ; h. 100 

Marsden rd 
Gosling Arthur, pol con, 32 Brockon- 

hurst st 
Gospel Mission, 35-37 Church st 
Gothardt Wm. Hy., clrk, 1 1 Lincoln st 
Gough Mr. Edwd., 331 Colne rd 
Gough Mr. Jas., 51 Woodgrove rd 
GOULBOURN A. & E., high-Class 
gent's hairdressers (special attention 
by a London expert, late with Stran- 
berg's, London, W1», 4 Bristol street. 
Tel. 3810 
Goulboume Thos. VV., optcn, 6 Pala- 
tine sq 
Gowers John, ahpkpr, 24 Kirkgato 
Gowers Wm., trvllr, 32 Faraday st 
Gradwell Jas. Wm., Esq., J.P., 65 

Gainsborough av. T©1. 3385 
Graham Miss Doris, booksllr, 173 St. 

James' st 
Graham Mrs. Dorothy, 432 Padiham rd 
Graham Edwin, chmst, 200 Padiham 

rd ; h. 420 Padiham rd 
Graham Mrs. Emma, mllnr, 37 Thursby 

Graham Mi'. Fredk., 2 Lonsdale st 
Graham Harold, music tehr, 9 St, 

Matthew's st 
Graham Harold, boot ropr, 855 Brier- 
cliff c rd 
Graham Jas. M., ins agnt, 9 St. Mat- 
thew's st 
Graham John, calico prntr, 3 Surrey 

Graham Mr. Richd. E., 11 Herschell st 
Graham Robt. B., drghtsmn, 181 

Brunshaw rd 
Graham Robinson, asst sec, Weavers' 

Union, 96 Gainsborough av 
Graham & Simpson, motr engnrs. 

Bank par. Tel. 4241 
Graham Thos., boot repr, 25 Anne st 
Graham Wltr. (Graham & Simpson) ; 

h. 7 Beeehwood av. Tel. 3415 
Graham Wm. F., pol con, 12 Lane- 

downe st 
Grahame Malcolm Claude Russell, 

M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H., dep med office 

of health, Ribble bank, Marsden rd. 

Tel. 2602 
Grainger Herbt. , grcr, 1 Arundel st 
Grand {Tfie) United Order of Odd- 
fellows Club, Keighley green. Tel. 

3729 ; J. Gundy, sec 
Grand Super Cinema, St. James' st. 

Tel. 3632 
Grant Miss Amy, 18 St. Matthew's st 
Grant Alex., grcr, 142 Padiham rd 
Grant Arthur (The Albion Press) ; h. 


Grant Bertram D., toxtile engnr, 363 

Colne rd. Tel. 2828 
Grant Mr. John S., 26 Glon View rd 
Grant Jph., clggr, 39a Waterloo rd 
Grant Miss Mabel M., 161 Todmorden 

rd. Tel. 2885 
Grant Wm., mono opera tr, 25 Cres- 

wiek av 
Grant Wm. S., frmr, New Laithe farm 
Gray Albt., nwsgnt, 348 Cog In 
Gray F. & M., costmrs, 20 Leo st 
Gray Mrs. Mary, drpr, 71 Oxford rd 
Gray Jas. W., metr insptr, 48 Scarlett st 
Grayston Edmund, grcr, 240 Bclf ord st 
Greatorex Rev. Glbt, St. Paul's vicar- 
age, 103 Manchester rd 
Greaves Thos. H-, pol sergt, 172 Brun- 
shaw rd 
Green Misses Annie & Beatrice, hair- 
dressers, 79 Oxford rd 
Green Arthur, J.P., mxisic tchr, 147 

Abel st 
Green & Bickford, eatnghse, 2 Ae- 

crhigton rd 
Green David, calico prntr's i'ormn, 12 

Scott st 
Green Edwd., clrk, 269 Brunshaw rd 
Green Mrs. Elsie, enftnr, 287a Man- 
chester rd 
Green Fredk., rfvvy clrk, 41 ltomneyav 
Green Fredk., ins agnt, 40 Coultate st 
Green Mr, Goo., 458 Padiham rd. Tel. 

Green Geo. \V\, mill mngr, i 1 i Padiham 

Green Gilbt. J., trvllr, 167 Woodgrove 

Green Henry, nwsgnt, 1 63 Leyland rd 
Green Jas., boot repr, 16 Hebrew rd 
Green John, grcr, 27 Riding st 
Green John (Green & Bickford) ; h. 

2 Accrington rd 
Green John, frutr, 16-18 Plumbo st 
Green John, cntrctr, 568 Brunshaw" rd 
Green Mr. John R., 333 Colne rd 
Green John \V., crtkr, 9 Parker In 
Green Jph., cashier, 1 West st 
Green Lnrd., motr sales mngr, 1 Lans- 

downest. Tel. 2841 
Green & Mitchell, agnts, 106 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2890 
Green Miss Sarah, mat nurse, 20 Rec- 
tory rd 
Green Thos., grcr, 26 Rochester st 
Green Wltr., sec, Heasandford Manu- 
facturing Co., Ltd., Queen Victoria 
mill. Tel. 3552 ; h. Heasandford 

villa. Tel. 3552 

Green Wm., grcr's mngr, 35 Lebanon st 

Greenhalgh Cecil, mngr, 376 Rossen- 
dale rd. Tel. 3962 

Greenhalgh Fredk., bookkpr, 69 Mid- 
dlesex av 

Greenhalgh Fredk., ins agnt, 93 Lytid- 
Uurst rd 



Greenhalgh Geo. R., bank cashier, 53 

Coin© rd 
Greenhalgh Harold, vict, Mitre Hotel, 

Greenhalgh Mr. Jae, A- a 404 Padiham 

Greenhalgh Jas. A-, ladies' hairdrsr, 33 

Yorkshire st 
.Greenhalgh Mrs. Koran, 1 Fowler st 
Greenhalgh Norman, coal dlr, 98 

Florence av 

GREENHALGHS', Ltd., dyers, clean- 
ers and furriers, office and works, 
Ashley street, Sftoneyholme. Tel. 
4281. Telegrams " Greenhalghs', 
Dyers, Burnley" ; branches, 24 and 
70 St. James' street, 9 Abel street and 
9 Briercliffe road ; also at Nelson, 
Colne and Barnoldswick 

Greenhall Mrs. Annie, 38 Waterbam st 

(jreenMU Bowling Club, 1 63 Man- 
chester rd ; J. Alderson, sec 

Greenwood Aekroyd, wndw clnr, 00 
Piccadilly rd 

Greenwood* Albt., boot repr, 9 Gannow 

In ; h. 11 Ow-enst 
Greenwood Mrs. Annie, pltry frmr, 

Springwood rd 
Greenwood Arthur, firewood dlr, 3 Nor- 
ton st 
Greenwood Mrs. Betty, enftnr, 2 Allen 

Greenwood Miss Edith, tnllnr, 47 

Staiidish st 
Greenwood Edwd., propty repr, 27 

Ightenhiil Park rd ' 
Greenwood Miss Eliz. A., 1 Powell st 
Greenwood Mrs. Ellen, hairdrsr, 870 

Padiham rd 
Greenwood "Ernest, beerhse, Lancashire 

and Yorkshire Hotel, 9 Padiham rd 
Greenwood Frank, pntr, 91 Coal Clough 

Greenwood Fredk., enftnr, 278 Colne rd 
Greenwood Fredk, elrk, 30 Thornhill st 

Greenwood Fredk., ins agnt. 93 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Greenwood Fredk. F., ins agnt, 38 
Queensberry rd 

Greenwood Fredk., grot's mngr, 2 Fair- 
burn a v 

Greenwood Goo., pltry frmr, 1 Red 

Lees rd 
Greenwood Harold (John Greenwood) ; 

h. IS Cook si 
Greenwood Harold, mill frnshr, 11 

Bank Par. Tel. 258(5 ; h. 3 Cook st 
Greenwood Harold, grer's mngr, 8 Rus- 

kin st 

funeral director, works : Barracks 
road. Tel. 3563 ; h. 3 Coal Clough 

Greenwood Henry, pltry frmr, 1 1 Deer 
Paris rd 

Greenwood Herbt., eookd meat strs, 74 

Queensberry rd 
Greenwood Herbt., btchr, 2 Lower 

House In 
Greenwood Jas., gror, 6 Valley st 
Greenwood Jas. W., enftnr. 113a Abel 

st ; h. 5 Holbeck st 
Greenwood John, mill frnshr, Rectory 

rd. Tel. 407o ; h. 10 Plover st 
Greenwood John, trvllng drpr, 28 Glen 

View rd 
Greenwood John, frmr, Nook farm 
Greenwood Jph., ertkr, 44 Brocken- 

hurst st 
Greenwood Lloyd E., coal dealer, 91 

Halifax rd, Briercliffe 
Greenwood Miss Margt., 52 Albion st. 

Tel. 3776 
Greenwood Major (M. Greenwood, 

Ltd.); h. 1 91) Caster ton rd. Tel. 

Greenwood Major, Ltd., cfctn waste 

dlrs, Wiseman st. Tel. 2902 
Greenwood Miles, frmr. Best Pasture 

Greenwood Paul, elrk, 8 Coultate st 
Greenwood Mr. Peter, 10 Brooklands 

Greenwood Richd. D., shpkpr, 52 Gor- 
don st 
Greenwood Rookclhl'e, fr fish dlr, 3 

Ridge rd 

Greenwood SamL, pmtr, 24 Palace at 
Greenwood Sampson, shpkpr, 31 Rura- 

ley rd 
Greenwood Sidney, elrk, 25 Slagg st 
Greenwood Smith, grcr, 2 Forest st 
Greenwood Mrs. Susannah, 54 Rose 

Hill rd 
Greenwood Thos., enftnr, 1 98-202 Tod- 

morden rd. Tel. 3332 
Greenwood Thos., coal dlr, 21 Coultate 

Greenwood Thos., frutr, 72 Coal Clough 

Greenwood Thos., pltry frmr, (55 

Springwood rd 
Greenwood Thos. H., crtkr, School hse, 

Smirthwaite st 

GREENWOOD W. V., Ltd., and Same 
Day Delivery (estd. over 20 years), 
daily carriers to and from all Lan- 
cashire and West Yorkshire towns 
nightly, trunk service to London and 
the South, Scotland and North-East 
coast, head office and depot, Summit, 
Manchester road. Tel. 2184— (See 

Greenwood W'ltr., cttn slsmn, 288 
Briercliffe rd 

Greenwood Wltr. Scott, sec, Green- 
halgh's, Ltd., Stoneyholme. Tel. 
4281 ; h. 347 Padiham rd 

Greenwood Win. (Mahon's Sanitary 
Laundry) ; h. 30 Acorington rd 



Greenwood Wm., enftnr and P.O., 112 

Burnley rd, BriercUffe 
Greenwood Wm. (Burnley Wireless 

Relay Co.) ; h. 94 Parkinson sfc 
Greenwood Wm. A., trvllr, 124 Man- 
chester rd 
Greenwood Wm. IV, dentist, 114a 

Briercliffe rd 
Greenwood Wilson, shpkpr, 4 Arthur st 
Greeves Danl. C, trvllr, 54 Ferndale St 
Gregan Thos., pol con, 54 Athletic st 
Gregory John Wm., clrk, 29 Grimshaw 

Gregory Robt., coal dlr, I 97 Cog In 
Gregorv Saml.,grcr, 350 Colne rd 
GregBOii Bdwd., pol insptr. 32 Morse st 
Gregson Miss Edna, 8(3 Gordon st 
Uregson Victor, grcr, 40 Gannow In 
Gregson Wm., nwsgnt, 201 Coal Clough 


Gresty Rev. Percy, L/i'h., St. Johns 
vicarage, Stephenson st. 'lei. 2987 

Grey & Co., incorp. insur brkrs (all 
classes of insurance transacted, rep- 
resented at Lloyds), 5 Yorke st, 

Tel. 3422 
Grey Geo. Herbt. (John Grey, Ltd.) ; 
h. Craigmore, 353 Colne rd. Tel. 

Grev Harry Wm. Gladstone (John 

Grev, Ltd.) ; h. 20 Bjghfleld av 
Grev John, A.O.LB. (Grey & Co.) } ft, 

212 Manchester rd. Tel. 3422 
Grey John, Ltd., cttn mnftrs, Living- 
stone and Cameron mills. Tel. 4178 
Grey Sir John Howarth, J.P. (John 

Grey, Ltd.); h. Thomleigh, 317 

Colne rd. Tel. 4267 
Grev Thos. Henry (John Grey, Ltd.) ; 

h. The Rookery, Coal Clough In. 
el. 4058 
Grieve as., -'or n bldr, 15 Brougham 

Grieve .fa*,, M.A., M\B., Ch.B., 
B.M.B.E. (CambOi ^ipl. "^sych., con 
radiologist, 121-123 Ormerod rd. 

Tel. 3047 
Griffin A., Ltd., plmbrs, glaziers, gas 
fittrs, etc., 87 and 138 Aeerington rd. 

Tel. 3432 
Griffin Albt. E. (A. Griffin, Ltd.) ; h. 8 

•Southern av. Tel. 4175 

Griffin John, bldrs formn, 9 L>ean st 

Griffiths Mrs. Eliz,, Adelphi Hotel, 31 

Adelphi st 
Griffiths John E-, drghtsmn, 119 

Albion st 
Griffiths Saml., enftnr, 76 Coal Clough 


Grime John W-, grcrs mngr, 32 Cum- 
berland av 

Grime Mrs. Sarah J., shpkpr, 198 Gan- 
now In 

Grimes Wltr., ins agnt, 1 97 Coal Clough 


Orimshaw Albt. Henry, drpr, 220 Colne 

Grimshaw Renj., enftnr, 33 Towneley 

Grimshaw Mrs. Ellen, drpr, 127 Oxford 

Grimshaw Henry, grcr, (52 Parliament 

Grimshaw Mr, Jas. N., Parkview, 157 

Todmorrlen rd 
Grimshaw John, tv fish dlr, 30 Lindsay 


Urirrshaw Wm., fr fish dlr, 35-37 Clar- 
ence st 

Grindley Kwart, tmbr slsmn, 2(i Si. 
Cuthbert st 

Grosvenor (The) Hairdressing Salon, 48 

St. James' sfc. Tel. 2793 
Grove Albt., pol eon, (> Hollingreavo 

Grove John, club sfwd, 04 Creowiak av 

304 Aeerington road ; Madame Mac- 

cabe, L. ft. A.M., M.R.S.'r., M.I.S.M., 


Grundy John T., baths supt., North 

st. "Tel. 3489 
Grundy Thos., litho prntr, 18 Harold 

Grunshaw Frank, clrk, 6 Killington sfc 
Gudgeon Alex., ice cream dlr, 237 Ros- 

sendale rd 
Gudgeon Chas., clrk, 71 Tarleton st 
Gudgeon Simon, hairdrsr, 8 Brown st ; 

h. 9 Turner st 
Gudgeon Wm., fr fish dlr, 7 Gannow In 
Guest Miss Kliz. H., enftnr, 318 Colne 

Guest Jas. T., supt, Div B, Refuge As- 
surance Co., Ltd., 41 Westgate. 
.'el. 3814 ; h. 56 Gainsborough av 
GuiUoyle Francis Henry Arthur do 
Mareehal de Montgomery, wvr, 27 

Albert sfc 
Guilfoyle 1'Tedk. Geo., ertkr, lloBrun- 

shaw rd 
Ouilfoyle Wlfd., clrk, 34 Padiham rd 
Gunson Jph., ellry mngr, 50 Thursby 

Guthrie Henry, cookd meat strs, 72 

Harold av 
Guthrie John, hairdrsr, 71 Padiham rd 

Guthrie John, desgnr, 32 Mizpah st 
Guthrie Mr. Wm. H, 12 Moseley rd 
Gutteridge Albt., M.M.A.M.H,, Inst., 

B.Th. (physio- medical), 5 Colne rd 
Gutteridge Harry, statnr, nwsgnt and 
booksllr, 1 Market st. Tel. 3059 ; 
h. Cleveland s mount 
Gutteridge John R., asst pstl supt, 12 

Moorland rd 
joiners, builders and property re- 
pairers, King Edward mills, Guy 
street. Tel. 3785 



Hacking John T., cnftnr, 44 Devon- 
shire i*d 

Hacking Mrs. Margt. E., biscuit dlr, 
Market hall 

Hacking Thos., cashr, 110 Rectory rd 

Haddon Geo., elub stvvd ? 1 30 Branch rd 

Haffner Geo. («. Haffner & Sons) ; h. 
Brookside. Holms 

Haffner Geo. C. A. (G. Haffner & 
Sons).. Krithia, Holme. Tel. 4092 

Haffner Geo. & Sons, pork btehrs, 1 6 
Yorkshire st. Tel. 4069 

Haffner John Henry (G. Haffner & 
Sons) ; h, 515 Brunshaw rd 

Haffner Wm. ,T. (G. Haffner & Sons) ; 
h. 402 Padiham rd 

Haggate Weaving Co., Ltd., cttn 
mnftrs, Burnley rd, RriercUffe. Tel. 

Haggett Sergt- Major, Old Barracks, 
Barracks rcl 

Hague Jas., chmst's asat, 42 Gains- 
borough av 

Haigh Jas* 1 F., eookd meat strs, 41 
Queensberry rd 

Haigh Wm. Alfd., trvllr, 10 Arkwright 

Haighs' (Huddersfield), Ltd., elothrs, 
St. James* row. Tel. 4002 

Hale Mrs. Amy, hairdrsr, 279 Brier- 
cliff e rd 

Hale Geo., Esq., J. P.. sec and agent, 
Burnley Trades and Labour Council, 
30 St. James" st. Tel. 3001 ; h. 100 
Gainsborough av 

daily 9-30 a.m. to 4-0 p.m., Monday 
9-30 a.m. to 7-0 p.m., Tuesday 9-0 
a.m. to 12 noon, Friday 9-30 a.m. to 
8-0 p.m.), 27 Manchester road. Tet. 
4205 ; and at Nelson and Colne ; 
Wm. K. Barnes, local manager 

Hall Albt. H, clrk, 42 Sycamore av 

Hall Alex., town hall kpr, 6 Palace st 

Hall Mrs. Edith, shpkpr, 24 Springfield 

Hall Edwd., trvllr, 108 Leyland rd 

Hall Miss Eliz., grcr, 60 Clarence st 

HALL HERBERT JOHN, electrical and 
radio engineer, cycle dealer, watch- 
maker and jeweller, 29-31 Trafalgar 

Hall Jas., crtkr, School house, Queen 
Victoria st 

Hall John T., boot repr, 128 Brunshaw 

Hall John W., ebnt mkr, 316 Padiham 
rd. Tel. 2368 

Hall Mrs. Mary, 72 Tghtenhill Park In 

Hall Mrs. Mary A., drsmkr, Rose Grove 

Hall Miss Mary E., 21 Colne rd 

HALL RICHARD H., complete house 
furnisher, 56 Brougham street ; h. 61 
March st 

Hall Richd. H., engnr, 14 Cievelands rd 

Hall Thos., ins agnt, 7 Mark st 

Hall Wild., bookbndr, 32 Hordtey st 

'Halliwell John, frmr. Enclosure farm, 

Halsall Ernest, cttn mnftr, Elm Street 
shed ; h. 52 Parkinson st 

Halstead Andrew (Hitchon & Pickup) ; 
h. 461 Brunshaw rd 

Halstead Beuj. (Stoneyholme Laundry, 
Ltd.) ; h. 26 Berkeley st 

Halstead Dan, grcr, 100 Burnley rd, 

Halstead X)ick, mill mngr, 1 Cross st, 

Halstead Edgar, beerhse, Craven Heif- 
er Inn, 376 Briercliffe rd 

HALSTEAD EDMUND, Ltd., cotton 
manufacturers, Queensgate mill, 
Hind street. Tel. 3114-3115 

Halstead Edmund, Esq., J.P. (E. 
Halstead, Ltd.); h. Rokebv, 319 
Colne rd. Tel. 2634 

Halstead Mr. Edmund, 14 Glen View 
rd. Tel. 4152 

Halstead Mrs. Ellen, Thorncliffe, 423 
Manchester rd 

Halstead Fredk., coal dlr, 50 Burnley 
rd, Briercliffe 

HALSTEAD G., Ltd. (established 1863), 
manufacturers of " Lily " brand 
domestic stores and table salts, sand 
and builders' merchants, Spring Gar- 
dens mill, Turf street. Tel. 2386 

van and lurry builder, farrier and 
general blacksmith, Eastham place 
and Blakey street. Tel. 2788 

Halstead Harold, null nmgr, 15 Kim- 

berley st, Briercliffe 
Halstead Henry, prntr, 3 Essex av 
Halstead Herbt., prntr, 26 Palace st 
Halstead Jas., tapr, 58 Belvedere rd 
Halstead Jas., clrk, 17 Harrison st, 

Halstead John, mill mngr, 717 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Halstead Lawrence, btchr, 66 Trafalgar 

Halstead Lawrence, grcr, 69 Burnley 

rd, Harle Syke 
Halstead Miss Maggie, A.L.C.M., music 

tchr, 274 Briercliife rd 
Halstead Mrs. Margt., 238 Coal Clough 

Halstead Richd. L., clrk, 27 Hinton st 
Halstead Kobt., cnftnr, 62 Elm st. 
Halstead Mr. Robt., 56 Dugdale rd 
Halstead Robt., cycle dlr, 309 Padiham 

Halstead Robt. A., grcr, 54 Standish st 
Halstead Thos., clrk, 59 Middlesex 

Halstead Thos., fent dlr, 94 Springfield 




Halstead Thos. H., forum jomr, 07 

Water bam at 
Halstead Wltr., clrk, 13 March st 
Halstead fm„ grcr, 24-26 Red Lion st 
Halstead Willie E. (J. Thornton & 

Co.) ; h. 839 Briercliffe rd 
Halstead Witham, mill mngr, 20 Gran- 
ville st, Briercliffe 
Halstead Andrew (Hitchon & Pickup) ; 

h, 461 Brunshaw rd 
HAM & LAWSOh, rent and debt col- 
lectors, house and commission agents. 
23 St. James' row. Tel. 2698 
Ham Wlfd., cnftnr, 50 Berry at 
Hambloy Henry C, clrk, 7 Vincit st 
Ham by Arthur S., vict, Rose and 
Crown Hotel, 1 80- 1 82 Manchester rd 
Hamer Mrs. Oath., shpkpr, 03 Clough st 
Hamer Chas., grcr, 29 Raglan rd 
Hamer Fred, prntr, 18 Renshaw st 
Hamer Herbt., engnr, 1 30 Rriercliffe rd 
Hamer Jas. G., hlge cntretr, 8 Hordley 

Hamer Jas. 1*., asst ins inngr, 189 

Casterton av 
Hamer John, fr fish dlr, 40 Coal dough 

In ; h. 4 Hudson st 
Hamer Lawrence, btchr, 163 Colne rd 
Hamer Lnrd., ins agnt, 1 1 Leamington 

Hamer Miss Maud, hairdrsr, 140 Padi- 

ham rd 
Hamilton Jas. (Hamil tons') ; h. 22 

Hawthorne rd 
Hamiltons', prntrs, 20 Church st. Tel. 

Hamlet Mr. Harold, 540 Brunshaw rd 
Hammond & Co., mattress mkrs, Vic- 
toria mills. Tel. 3734 
Hammond Harold (Hammond & Co.) ; 

h. 8 Harley st 
Hammond John H. (Hammond & 

Co.) ; h. 8 Harley st 
Hammond Robt. (Hammond & Co.) ; 
h. 5 Owen st 
' Hammond Wm. H-, fancy goods dlr. 
Market hall ; h. 60 Rectory rd 
Hancock Fredk. H-, trvllr, 8 Orpen av 
Hancox Herbt. J. , drpr, 46 Trafalgar st 
Haney Jph., irnmngr's asst, 10 Swin- 
don st 
Hankey Harold & Co., whlsle druggsts, 
74 Standish st. Tel. 3346; h. 18 
Rutland av 
HankinRev. Thos., B.A., St. Stephen's 
vicarage, Brooklands rd. Tel. 2460 
Hannam Geo., drpr, 3 Walverden rd, 

Hannan Jas., grcr, 43 Hanimerton st 
Hannan J., coal dlr, 64 Springfield rd 
Hannon Godfrey (Craven Creamery- 

Co., Ltd.); 
Tel. 2545 

15-17 Grimghaw st. 

Hansford Edwin, grngrcr, 56 Glen View 

Hanson Henry, mftnr, 76-78 Curzon st 
Hanson Herbt., grc-r'smngr, 20 Clifton 

Hanson John, rag and waste dlr, 
Yorkshire st and bottle works. Rose 
grove. Tel. 3307 ; h. 442 Padiham 
rd. Tel. 2357 
Hardacre C. & H., enftnrs, 47 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Hardacre Mrs. Elsie, grcr, 50 Curnon. st 

Hardacre Harold, fitrn dlr, 27-29 Can- 
ning st 

Hardacre Herbt., btchr, 334 Colne rd 

Hardacre Herbt., com agnt, 27 Brown 
st. Tel. 2912 ; h. SOCurzon st 

Hardaei'e John J., ham boilr, 'Dale st ; 
h. 68 Padiham rd 

Hardacre Ralph (Chas. Clegg, Ltd.) ; 
h. 356 Padiham rd 

Hardacre "Mr. Wm., 166 Todmordenrd 

Hardaker Robt., nwsgnt, 1 00 West-gate 

Hardinghaiu Harold, coal dlr, 55 
Harold st 

Hardman Rev. John, St. Augustine's 
prsbytry, Lowcrhousc hi 

Hardman Victor, trvllr, 36 R.ose Hill 

Hardwick Mr. Thos. G., 3 Montague rd 

Hardy Horatio M\, L.S.A. (Lond.), 
phvs and surg, 102-104 Aecrington 
rd. Tel. 2380' 

Hurgher Clough Re-lay, 25 Cog hi 

Hargreaves Alex., proply repr, 82 Can- 
ning st 

Hargreaves Alfd., tobenst, 67 Brier- 
cliff e rd 

Hargreaves Alfd., pltry frmr, Spring- 
wood rd 

Hargreaves Arthur, beerhae, Bull's 
Head, 25 Riding st 

Hargreaves Arthur, clrk, 34 Cardinal st 

Hargreaves Arthur, rlvvy insptr, 38 
Liverpool rd 

Hargreavea & Cameron, grcrs, 1 Byron 

HARGREAVES C. F., Ltd., hardware 
merchants, furnishing ironmongers, 
cutters and tool dealers, 4 St. James 1 
street and 2 Gliviger street. Tel. 2371 

Hargreaves Chas. Frederic (C. F. Har- 
greaves, Ltd.) ; h. The Gables, Fern 
rd, Scott park. Tel. 4150 

colliery proprietors, Burnley, Ae- 
crington and Altham collieries ; 
office, 70-72 Bank parade. Tels. 
3124-3125-3126 ; Lieut.-Col. G. G. 
H". Bolton, chairman director ; G. E. 
M. Barlow, nmgng dir ; W. Barton 
Parkinson, see 

Hargreaves Danl., ehmst's asst, 526 
Cog In 

Hargreaves Miss Dinah, 326 Colne rd 

Hargreaves Miss Edith, enftnr, 42 
Disraeli st 

i - 



Hargreaves Mrs. Edith A., hrblst, 21 2b 
Act- ring ton rd 

Hargreaves Edwd., btchr, 83 Lower- 
houso In 

Hargreaves Edwin, see, Massoys' Burn- 
ley Brewery, Ltd., Bridge End brew- 
ery. Westgate. Tel. 2131 ; h. 1 
Rosewood av 

Hargreaves Edwin, cashier, 124 Tod- 
morden rc\ 

Hargreaves Mrs. KHz., dtpr, 306 Colne 

Hargreaves Miss Rlsie, ladies" hairdrsr, 
31a Yorkshire st 

Hargreaves Ernest, dairymn. 43 March 

Hargreaves Fredk., clrk, 80 Clevelancls 

Hargreaves Fredk,, corn dlr, 4 Holbeek 

Hargreaves Fredk., watr insptr, 18 
Salus st 

Hargreaves Fredk., formn prntr, 10 
Thursby sq 

Hargreaves Frodk. Augustus, Esq., 
J.P., F.C.A. {Rawlinson, Hargreaves, 
Smith & Wood) ; h. Broadlea, Scott 
park, Manchester rd. Tel. 2244 

Hargreaves Fredk. B. (Richard Har- 
greaves & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 3 Western 

Hargreaves Goo., trvllr, 104 Coal 
Clough In 

Hargreaves Geo., frmr. Lower holes 

Hargreaves Geo. (Coal Street Waste 
Co., Ltd.) ; h. 4 Rawlinson st 

Hargreaves Geo. E., formn mldr, 9 
Berkeley st 

Hargreaves Harold, eashr, 173 Tod- 
morden rd 

Hargreaves Harold, A.C.A., 1 Fair- 
holme rd. Tel. 4088 

JTargreaves Harold, B.Sc, sehlmstr, 54 
Melville st 

Hargreaves Harold, yarn agnt, 56 

Hargreaves Harold, pwnbrkr's inngr, 

52 Branch rd 

Hargreaves Harold, cttn mnftr, Elm 
Street shed. Tel. 2706 ; h. Nelson 

Hargreaves Harry (S. & W. Har- 
greaves) ; h. 57 Briorelift'e rd. Tel. 


Hargreaves Harry (T. H- & H. Har- 
greaves) ; h. Simo-nstone 

Hargreaves Harry (Moses Hargreaves, 
Ltd.) ; h. 39 Scott Park rd. Tel. 


Hargreaves Henry, civftnr, 101 Water- 
loo rd 

Hargreaves Mr. Henry, i> New Hall st 

Hargreaves Mrs. Ida J., enftnr, 25 
Brunshaw rd 

Hargreaves Jas,, pblshr's mngr, 2 
Thornton cres 

Hargreaves .Tas., mill mngr, 156 New 
Hall st 

Hargreaves Jas., shpkpr, 434 Bnuv 
shaw rd 

Hargreaves Jas. A., hrblst, 7!) Oxford 

Hargreaves Jas. Riehd. (R. Hargreaves 
& Sons, Ltd.)"; h. 3 Reedley grv 

Hargreaves John, btchr, 15 Plumbe st 

Hargreaves .John, enftnr, 40 Temple 

Hargreaves John, iron and tinplate 
wrkr, 55 Curzon st. Tel. 2720 ; h. 
105 Ormerod rd. 

Hargreaves John (S. & W. Har- 
greaves) ; h. 110 Springfield rd. 
Tel. 3988 

Hargreaves John, clrk, 18 Morse st 

Hargreaves Mr. John, 50 Plumbe st 

Hargreaves John A., btchr, 40 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Hargreaves John E., grcr, 297 Man- 
chester rd and 1 4 Lowerhouse In. 
Tel. 3591 ; h. 42 Lockyer av 

Hargreaves John G-> fr fish dlr, 1 4 Tun- 
still st 

Hargreaves John R., btchr. Alma ter. 
Clow bridge 

Hargreaves John W., grcr, 51 Danes- 
house rd 

Hargreaves Misses Laura & Maria, 
drpra, 1 7 Lyndhurst rd 

Hargreaves Misses Laura & Florrie, 5 
Appletree carr, Park av 

Hargreaves Lewis E., enftnr, 146 Brim- 

shaw rd 

Hargreaves Luther, clletr of taxes, 1c 
Manchester rd. Tel. 3363 ; h. 57 
Scott Park rd. Tel. 3545 

Hargreaves Mrs. Maretta, hrdwre dlr, 
804 Padiham rd 

Hargreaves Mrs. Mary, dining rooms, 
26 Church st 

Hargreaves Mrs. Mary, drpr, 315 Padi- 
ham rd 

Hargreaves Mrs. Mary A-, drpr, 30 
Church st 

Hargreaves Moses, Ltd., cttn waste 
mchnts, Aqueduct st. Tel. 3384 

Hargreaves Percy, hse frnshr, 3 Padi- 
ham rd. Tel. 2797 ; and at Padiham 

Hargreaves Peter, prntr, 23 Devon- 
shire rd 

Hargreaves Richd., tea and coffee 
mehnt, 83 St. James' st. Tel. 3707 


Ltd., tea and coffee merchants, 15-17 
St. James' row. Tel. 2345 

Hargreaves Mr. Robt., 368 Padiham rd 
Hargreaves Robt., enftnr, 63 Abel st 
Hargreaves Roger, Esq., J.P. (Keigh- 

ley & Hargreaves) ; h. 22 Rose Hill 

rd. Tel. 2748 
Hargreaves Ronald, drpr, 19 $nnis- 

more st 


Hargreaves Smith (S. & \\\ Har- 
greaves) ; h. 57 Briercliffe rd. Tel. 


HAR6REAVES S. & W., painters, 
decorators and sign writers, 110 
Springfield road and 57 Briercliffe 
road. Tel. 3988 

Hargreaves Thos., btehr, 1 73 Padiham 
rd. Tel. 3472; h. 71 Tghtenbill 
Park In 

Hargreaves Thos. fB. Hargreaves & 

Sons, Ltd.) ; h. 26 Rose Kill av 
Hargreaves Thos., frmr, Whirm. In 
Hargreaves Mr. Thos., 1 Fairholme rd 
Hargreavea Thos. H'., sec and mngr, 
Burnley Billposting Co., Ltd., Bull 
at ; h. 18 Palatine sq 
Hargreaves T. H, & H. , ehrtrd aentnts. 
Bank chmbrs, 42 St. -Tames' st. 
Tel. 3910 
Hargreaves Tom H. (T. H. & H. Har- 
greaves) ; h. Hindsgarlh, 435 Man- 
chester rf\. Tel. 3910 

Hargreaves Ughtred, cnftnr, I 50 and 
394 Coins rd. Tel. 3684; h. 6 
Blanker st 

Hargreaves Wild., boot repr, 302 Gau- 
now In 

Hargreaves Wm., cloth agnt, 53 Brook- 
lands rd. Tel. 3069 

Hargreaves W. B., Ltd., hse frnshrs, 38 
BriorcMe rd. Tel. 3495 

Hargreavea Wm. B. (W. B. Hargreaves, 
Ltd.) ; h. 152 Casterton av 

Hargreaves Wm. H-, coal dlr, 9 Whit- 
park st 

Harker Aaron (Besglos Polish Co.) ; h. 
67 Ighten rd 

Harker Arthur P. (Harker Bros.) ; h. 
341 Brunshaw rd 

Harker Bros., irnmngrs, 153 St. James' 

st. Tel. 2415 
Harker Frank, B.Se., sehlmstr, 80 

Lockver av 
Harker Mrs. Hannah, mat nurse, 27 

Harker Henry, beerhse. Globe Inn, 47 

Bankhouse st 
Harker Miss Jane A., lirdwre dlr, 1 90- 

1 92 Padiham rd 
Harker Jph., pltry kpr, 51. Culshaw gt 
Harker Mrs. Nancy, 55 Ightenhill Park 


Harker Robt., prntr, 67 Reed st 

Harker Mrs. Sarah A., 171 Todmorden 

Harker Thos. H. (Harker Bros.) : h, 
430 Colne rd 

Harker Wm. E., works see, 53 Ighten- 
hill Park In 

Harle Syke Mill Co., Ltd., cttn mnftrs, 
Burnley rd, Harle Syke. Tel. 41 64 

Harling Arthur, prntr, 4 Devonshire rd 

Harling Misses Alic© & Edith, 21 
Westbourne av 

Harling Mrs. Editn A., 36 Kiddiw In. 

Tel. 158 Padiham 
Harling Geo., archtd -, 20 Gainsborough 

Hurling Jas. (Harling & Todd, Ltd.) ; 

h. 36 Kiddrow In. Tel. 1 58 Padiham 
Harling Jph, hse t'rsnshr. Yorkshire st 
Harling Ralph, cloth slsmn, 22 Glen 

View rd. Tei. 3689 

HARLING & TODD, Ltd., makers of 
high-class looms and all kinds of 
weaving and preparation machinery, 
braiding and cable machinery, Rose 
Grove ironworks, White street. Tel. 
3271 (two lines). Telegrams 
" Looms " 

Harman Clifford, jmlst, 31 9 Brunshaw 

Harper Jas., cnftnr, 42 Lowerhouse In 
Harper John, trvllr, 14 Cumberland av 
Harper Jonathan, motr wrks mngr, 29 

l'ghtenhill Park In. Tel, 3086 
Harris Alee, frmr. North bank, Brier- 

Harris Chas. H., mill sec, 248 Man- 
chester rd 

Harris David, drpr, 132 St. James' st 
Harris Fredk., cnftnr, 95 Oxford rd 
Harris Mr. Herbt. H.., Towneley Col- 
liery cottage 

Harris Lnrd., trvllr, 1 63 Woodgrove rd 
Harris Sam!., fr fish dlr, 78 Brunswick 

Harris Wlfd. H., grcr, 24 Hawthorne 

rd._ Tel. 3469 
Harrison Mrs. Annie, gi'cr, 22 Junction 


Harrison Arthur R., grcr, 6 Regent st 
Harrison & Bailev, uphlstrs, 24 Bridge 
st. Tel. 2879 

Harrison Benj., wine dlr's asst, 40 
Grange st 

Harrison Benj. (Ben Harrison & Son) ; 
h. 1 Hawthorne rd 

Harrison Ben & Son, glass and china 
dlrs, Market hall 

Harrison Cecil B., engnr, 20 West- 
bourne av 

Harrison Chas., clrk, 24 Gainsborough 

Harrison Cyril E., cttn slsmn, Rose- 
wood av 

Harrison C. S., ins agnt, 20 Westbourne 

Harrison Mrs. Eva, cnftnr, 27 Adelphi 

HARRISON & FAIREY, Ltd., Joiners, 

builders, shopfitters, packing case 
and crate makers, Rose Grove Joinery 
works, Lower House lane. Tel. 2312 

Harrison Frodk., china dlr, 193 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Harrison Geo., wireless dlr, '203 Ac- 
erington rd 



Harrison Geo., nwsgnt, 120 Briereliffe 

Harrison Geo., fr fish dlr, 20 Sand.yga.te 

Harrison Hartley, ins agnt, 1 3 Bever- 
ley st 

Harrison Henry, grndsmn. Old House 
farm. Ightenhill park 

Harrison Henry, enfetnr, 1 Admiral st 

Harrison Henry, mono oprtr, 9 Barry 

Harrison Mr. Jas., HJghcroft, Ighten- 
hill Park In. Tel. 4287 

HARRISON JOHN G., builders' and 

plumbers' merchant and fireplace 
specialist, 29 Market street and 31 
Standish street. Tel. 3405 ; h. 43 

Harrison John S. (Turpin Simpson) : h. 

202 Coin© rd. Mel. 3070 
Harrison Jph., frmr, Ridehalgh farm, 

Harrison Lnrd., viet, Reindeer Hotel, 

30 Adelphi st 
Harrison Lewis (Harrison & Bailev) ; 

h. 47 Glebe ter 
Harrison Mrs. Lily, 67 Coal Clough In 
Harrison Miss Martha, corsetiere, 45 

Todmorden rd 
Harrison Mrs. Mary G., dining' rooms, 

10 Lyndhurst rd 

Harrison. Philip (Ben Harrison & 

Son) ; h. 43 Cleveland^ rd 
Harrison Richd., viet. New Hotel, 20 

Cog In 
Harrison Robt. W., clrk, 13 Ulster st 
Harrison Stephen, whlsle btclir, Abat- 
toirs, Royle rd. Tel. 2433 ; h. 66 
Gordon st 
Harrison Thos., ins agnt, 7 Eldwick at 
Harrison Thos., boot repr, 109a Ac- 

ctington rd ; h. 26 Guildford st 
Harrison Thos., excise officr, 56 Moor- 
land rd 
Harrison Thos., clrk, 67 Coal Clough In 
Harrison Wltr. (Allen & Harrison) ; h. 

11 Smalley st 

Harrison Wm,, drpr, 19 Briereliffe rd 
Harrison Wm., mtr slsmn, 107 Orm- 

erod rd. Tel. 3961 
Harrison Wm. H. (Burnley), Ltd., mo- 
tor engnrs, 1 72 St. James' st. Tel. 
Harrop Geo. 0., trvllr, 19 Westbourne 

Hart Fredk., ins agnt, 1 7 Ivan st 
Hart Jas., clrk, 13 Springhill rd 
Hart John, beersllr, 80 Hebrew rd 
Hart Richd., advtng mngr, 118 Mars- 
den rd 
Hartley Abraham, nwsgnt, 41 Old Hall 

F.P.C. (Lond.), medical electrician 
and masseur, 145 Manchester road, 

Tel. 3741 

Hartley AIM., fr fish dlr, 49 Kirkgato 
Hartley Albt., clrk of wrks, 83 Travis st 
Hartley Albt. (John Hartley) j h. 84 

Oslo rd 
Hartley Albt. K (Hartleys', Uash 
Chemists) ; h. Witton lodge, Meedley, 
Tel. 581 Nelson 
HARTLEY ALBERT & Co., electrical 
and wireless engineers, 37 Standish 
street. Tel. 3380 
Hartley Albt. & Sarah, nwsgnfcg, 54 

Yorkshire st 
Hartley Mrs. Annie, shpkpr, 53 Sandy- 
Hartley Arthur, hairdrsr, 201 Aeering- 

ton rd 
Hartley Mr. Augustus E., 3 Colne rd 
Hartley Averil, trvllr, 96 Brougham st 
HARTLEY & BALDWIN, Ltd. (estd. 
1848), manufacturers of bolts, nuts, 
wing-nuts, setscrews, plugs, back- 
nuts, etc., Finsleygate Bolt works. 
Tel. 2940 ; and at Variation 
Hartley Bros. , bakrs, March st 
HARTLEY BROS., plumbers, glaziers, 
gas and steam pipe fitters, sanitary, 
heating and ventilating engineers, 
194 Padiham road. Tel. 3823 
Hartley Cyrus, music tehr, 133 Coal 

Clough In 
Hartley Edgar, jmlst, 1 1 Rosewood av 
Hartley Mrs. Emily, 34 Rose Hill 


Hartley Miss Ethel L., 218 Todmorden, 

Hartley Ernest, mill mngr, 232 Rossen- 
dalo rd 

Hartley Miss Fanny E., music tehr, 1 

Thursby sq 
Hartley Misses Frances M. & Ethel M-, 

3 Queen's Park rd 
Hartley Mr. Francis A., 84 Canning st 
Hartley Frank, nntr, 3 Powell at 
Hartley Fredk., grcr's mngr, 19 Ros- 

sendale av 

Hartley Fredk., viet, Bowling Green 

Inn, 25-27 Clifton st 
Hartley Geo. E„ solctr (Holmes, But- 

terneld & Hartley) ; h. Cottesmoor, 

Haworth rd 
Hartley Geo., fr fish dlr, 128 Nairne st 
HARTLEY GILBERT, stock and share 

broker, land and estate agent, 13a 

Nicholas street. Teh 2800 ; h. 44 

Forest view, Briereliffe. Tel. 435 

Hartley Mrs. Harriet, florist, 134 Padi- 
hain rd. Tel. 3754 

Hartley Harry (Holden & Hartley 
(Burnley), Ltd.); h. 11 Gains- 
borough av 

Hartley Henry, frutr, 275 Coal Clough 

Hartley Henry, eookd meat strs, 199 
Briereliffe rd 



Hartley Henry, bteltr, 17 Abel at 
Hartley Henry, btelir, 181 Todmorden 

Hartley Henry, viet, Hcalcy Wood Inn, 

26-28 Healey Wood rd 
Hartley Henry, ins agnt, I 7 Boundary 

Hartley Herbt. (Hartley Bros.) ; h. 

The Birches, 45 Ightcnhill Park In 
Hartley Isaac, frmr, Lodge farm. Bar- 
den In 
Hartley Jas. (Hartley Bros.) ; li. 476 

Padiham rd 
Hartley Jas., drpr, 03 St. Matthew's st 
Hartley Jas.. drpr. 111 Coal Clough In 
Hartley Jag),, btehr, 857 Briereliffe rd 
Hartley Mr. Jas. A., 38 Moorland rd 
Hartley Job W. (Hartley & Baldwin, 

Ltd.) ; h. 6 Park av 
Hartley John, mvsgnt and P.O., 146 

Accrington rd 
Hartley John E., pltry kpr, 1 04 Cleaver 

Hartley John F. (Hartleys') ; h. <S7 

Marsden rd 
Hartley Jph. (Hartley Bros.) ; h. 1 

Marsh st 
Hartley Jph. H- (Hartley & Riley) ; li. 

24ti Coal Clough In 
Hartley Mrs. Margt., 194 Padiham rd 
Hartley Matthew, cert bailiff, 14 Wood- 
bine rd 
Hartley Matthew, shpkpr, 2 Hinton st 

Hartley Riehd., btchr, 225 Barden In 
HARTLEY & RILEY, accountants, 8 
Yorkshire street. Tel. 2617 

Hartley Robt., tel oprtr, 3 Sou they st 
Hartley Robt., clrk, 24 Lebanon st 
Hartley Sanderson, trvllr, 43 Ardwiek 

Hartley Mrs. Sarah A., clothes dlr, 71 

Sandy gate 
Hartley Squire, ins agnt, 18 Basnett st 
Hartley Thos., dntst, 47 Arclwick st ; 

h. 31 Old Hall at 
Hartley Thos., wndw clnr, 37 Howsin 

Hartley Thos., frmr, Lower Oaken 

Hartley Mr. Thos. H., 421 Rossendale 

Hartley Mr. Tom, 92 Glen View rd. 

Tel. 2465 

Hartley Tom H. {Hartleys' Cash Chem- 
ists) .; h. Brereton, Reedley. Tel, 
586 Nelson- 

Hartley Wltr. (W. & F. Hartley) ; h. 
8 Beverley st 

Hartley W. & F., btchrs, 9 Market st. 
Tel. 3440 

Hartley Wm.. L., elrk, 140 Marsden rd 

Hartley Winston, clrk, 1 2 Maries st 

Hartley Wm. A-, frutr, 30 Howe st. 
Tel. 4278 ; h. 17 Holme rd 

Hartleys' drprs, 106 Barracks rd 


James' street (Tel. 3911), 46 Hebrew 
road (Tel. 3831) and 82 Accrington 

road ; and at Nelson^ Colne, Accring- 
ton, Earby, Brierfield, Darwen and 

Hartleys', gent's outftrs, 65 Oxford 

Harvey Wltr., gen mngr, Burnley 
Building Society. Gnmshaw at. Tel. 
21 35-21 36 \ h. The Sycamores, Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2443 

Harvvood Alex., elrk, 58 Athol st 

Harwood Mrs. Florence M.> 17 Mon- 
tague rd 

Harwood Misses Frances M. & Ann, 
drpi's, 62 Colne I'd 

Harwood Frank, enftnr, 366 Accring- 
ton rd 

Harwood Herbt., pntr, 23 Kime st 

Harwood Nelson, B.Sc. (Lond.), 
A.M.I.M.E., sehlmstr, 28 Piccadilly 

Harwood Riehd., shpkpr, 303 Man- 
cheater rd 

Harwood Thos., enftnr, 91 Rose Grove 

Hastwell Harry (Northern Radio Ex- 
change Co.) ; 148a Trafalgar street 

Hastwell Herbt., ice cream dlr, 1 7 Rec- 
tory rd 

Hastwell Jas., grcr, 2 Leyland rd, and 
smlwre dlr, 33 Hammerton st 

Hastwell Mrs. Mary, grcr, 21 Lomas st 

Hastwell Mrs. Matilda, eatnghse, 44 
Oxford rd 

Hasty Jas., chmny swpr, 17 Zion st 

Hatherley Geo. F., drpr, 42 Waterbarn 

Hattersley Snowdon, clthng club agnt, 
131 Abclst 

H.awke Leslie T., irnmngr, 81 Brough- 
am st 

Hawke Sydney W., formn grdnr. Park 
lodge, Ightenhill Park In 

Hawken Wlfd., pntr, 10 Lansdowne st 

Hawkes Leslie, ins agnt, 82 Olympia 

Hawkins Albt. S. Q., H-M. Inspector o. 
Taxes. 175 Manchester rd. Telf 
2817 ; h. 27 Carlton rd. Tel. 3950 

Hawkins .Tohn, bus insptr, 1 3 Eastern 

Hawkins John & .Sons, Ltd., cttn 
mnftrs, 35-37 Market st 

Hawkswell Geo., ladies' outflttr, 199- 
201 Colne rd 

HawkswollMr. Harry, Arncliffe, South- 
ern av. Tel. 4233 

estate and property agents and in- 
surance brokers, 113 Manchester 
road. Tel. 3963 (after 6-0 p.m., 
Tel. 4233) 

Hawkswell Mjr, Jph., 1 44 Manchester rd 



Tfuwkswell John Hughan (J. H. 
Hawkswelt & Co.) ; h. Arneliffe, 
Southern av. Tel. 4233 

Hawley Ebenezer, meir insptr, 3 Park- 
inson st 

Haworth & Airey, wine and spirit 
mehnts, oa Bridge st 

Haworth Albt., relvng offier, 1 Clegg st. 
.Tel. 2101 j h. 95 Brougham st 

Haworth Alfd., tovdlr, Market hall ; h. 
96 Reed st 

Haworth Miss Alice, hairdrnr, 70 Coal 
Clougb hi 

Haworth Mrs. Annie, frinr, \\ aggonerH' 
Inn farm 

Haworth Archibald, boot repr, 8 Moso- 
ley rd 

Haworth Mr. Arthur- H., 292 Brier- 
oliffe rd 

Haworth Mrs. A. U*j 371 Lowerhouae hi 

Haworth Braniwell, trvllr, 33 St. Mat- 
thew's st 

Haworth Edgar, enftnr. 44 Hawthorne 

Haworth Mrs. Edith, drpr, 13 Rose 
Grove In 

Haworth Frank, tailr, 230 Manchester 

Haworth Fredk., frmr, Brick House 

Haworth Fredk., grndsmn, 1 80 Rossen- 
dale rd 

eer, millwright, general smith and 
oxy-acetylene welder, Plumbe Street 
ironworks. Tel. 2337 (two lines) ; 

h. 56 Belvedere road 
H&worth Geo. T,, elrk, 24 Lansdowne 

Haworth Geo. Win., drpr, 99 Oxford rd 
Haworth Harold, papr dlr, Foundry st. 

Tel. 3061 
Haworth Henry, wrks chmst, 37 Cleve- 

lands rd 
Haworth Mr. Henry, 4 Moseley rd 
Haworth Herbt., elrk, 5 High at 
Haworth Herbt., ertkr, 277 Padiharn rd 
Haworth Jas., grngrcr, 50 Hulling hi 
Haworth Jas., M.B., Ch.B,, phys and 

surg, asst medical officer of health 

and public vaccinator, 22 Padiham 

rd. Tel. 2641 
Haworth Jas. E., eating hse, 173 Ac- 

erington rd and 25 Cog In 
Haworth John, grcr's mngr, 25 Eastern 

Haworth John H- (J. H. Haworth & 

Son) j h. 343 Padiham rd 
HAWORTH JOHN H. & SON, marine 

store dealers and metal brokers, 

Jockey street 
Haworth John L. & Co., wireless dlrs, 

33 Manchester rd. Tel. 3434 
Haworth Mr. John T„ 32 Ightenhjll 

Park In 

Haworth Lawrence, trvllr, ijft Queens- 
berry rd 
Haworth L. G. & A., ladies' outfttrs, 

91 St. James 1 st. Tel. 2490 ; and at 

Haworth Misses May & Alice, ciiftnrs, 

Haworth & Moor house, drprs, 29-30 

Market hall 
Haworth Richd. A., elrk, ;>64 Bnm- 

sliaw rd 
Haworth Wltr., tailr, 95 Manchester 

rd ; h. 383 Manchester rd 
Hawortha* Gowns, Ltd., estmrs, la 

Manchester rd . Tel .2861 
Hayes Harold, btehr, 33 Lee at 
Hayes Josiah C. (Shee & Kennedy, 

Ltd.) ; h. 43 Scott Park rd 
Haworth R,, prpty repr, Back Sussex at 
Haworth Riehd. A., pwnbrkr, 126 

1 raf a Igar st 
Haworth Mrs. Rosetta, shpkpr, 58 

Trafalgar st 

Hayhurat Harry, nwsgnt, 121 Man- 
chester rd 

Hayhurat Jph., ins agnt, 13 Cohio rd 

Hayhurat Misses Mary & Phyllis, 
eookd meat strs, 1 Extwistle st 

Haynes Thos. Hy., joiur, 1 1 Bank par ; 
h. 81 Marsden rd 

Haythornthwaite Albt. (Haythorn- 
thwaite (Bakers), Ltd.) ; h. 83 Mars- 
den rd. Tel. 2825 

Haythornthwaite Mr. Arthur, 15 Rose 
Hill avenue 

Haythornthwaite (Bakers), Ltd., bakrs 
and cnftnrs, Lawn st. Tel. 2825 and 

Haythornthwaite Bros., Ltd., cttn 
mnftrs, Mount Pleasant mill. Tel. 

Haythornthwaite Ephraim (Haythorn- 
thwaite Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 11 Scott 
Park rd 

Haythornthwaite Frank (Haythorn- 
thwaite Bros., Ltd.) ; h, 11 Scott 
Park rd 

Haythornthwaite Geo. (B!aythorn- 
thwaite Broa., Ltd.) ; h. 12 Rose 
wood av 

Haythornthwaite Mr. John Thoa., 29 
Lansdowne st 

Haythornthwaite T. & Sons, Ltd., cttn 
mnftrs, Lodge mill, Burden In. Tel. 

Haythornthwaite VV'Itr. (T. Haythorn- 
thwaite & Sons, Ltd.) ; h. Brierfield 

Haythornthwaite Mr. Wlfd., 369 Man- 
chester rd 

Hazell Miss Amy, drsmkr, 17 Standiah 

Hazlewood Mr. Wm., 10 Cumberland st 

Heald Ernest, shpkpr, 154 Burnley rd, 

Heald Henry, frutr, 22-24 Bankhouse st 



Healey Mr. Bertram, 52 Rose Hillrd 
Hoaloy Frank, elrk, 23 Gainsborough 

Healey Kobt. & Son, coal dlrs, 4*> 

Lyndhurst rd 
Healey Royd Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
cttn mnftrs, Elm Street shed. Tel. 
Healey Wood Mill Co., Ltd., cttn waste 
spnrs and manftrs, Healey Wood rd. 
Tel. 4022 
Heap Abraham, drpr, 233 Padiham rd 
Heap Albt., ins agnt, 330 Padiham rd 
Heap Albt,, enftnr, 116 Brougham st ; 

h. 12 Elm st 
Heap AUd. H. (Smith & Co.) ; h. <> 

Under ley st 
Heap Arnold, btchr, 1 4 Briereliffe rd 
Heap Arthur, pltry frmr, 550 Bnui- 

shaw rd 
Heap Arthur, pltry frmr, 18 Spring- 
wood rd 
Heap Bert, elrk, 58 Creswick av 
HEAP BROS., shroud and trimmings 
manufacturers, undertakers, ware- 
housemen, coffin-plate engravers and 
printers of memorial ribbons, coffin 
timber, panel sides, mouldings, etc., 
2-10 Brief street and Devonshire 
road. Tel. 3626. Telegrams " Heap M 

Heap Donald, mngr, 138 Casterton av 
Heap Mr. "Rdwd., 357 Colne rd. Tel. 

Heap Mrs. Eliz,, enftnr and P.O., 25-27 

Trafalgar st 
Heap Mrs. Eliz. , grcr, 1 8 Todmordcn rd 
Heap Frank E, (Smith & Co.) ; h. 5 

Vincitst. Tel. 3650 
Heap Fredk., billiard hall proptr, 367 

Brunshaw rd 
Heap Fredk. (M. & J. W. Heap, Ltd.) ; 

h. G Beeehwood av 
Heap Geo. H-, nwsgnt and P.O., 34 

Church st 
Heap Harrv S., enftnr and P.O., 127 

Westgate. Tel. 2013 
Heap Henry W. (Sandow:n Motor 

Tours) ; h. 287 Padiham rd. Tel. 

Heap Horace, fr fish dlr, 257 Colne rd 
Heap Horace, wrdrbe dlr, 151 Bran- 

ahaw rd 

Heap Isaac, frutr, 108 Cleaver st 

Heap Jas. (Heap Bros.) ; h. 6 High- 
field av 

Heap Jas., frmr, Shores hey, Brier- 

Heap Jas. H., grcr, 1 Marlborough st 

Heap Mr. JaB. Henry, Fairfield, Reed- 
ley drv 

Heap John (John F. Heap & Co.) ; h. 
9 Scott Park rd. Tel. 3330 

Heap John A. (ML & J. W. Heap, 
Ltd.) ; h. Ashlar, 5 Glen View rd. 
Tel, 21 o% 

Heap John F., F.C.A. (J. F. Heap & 
Co.) ; h. 223 Manchester rd. Tel. 

Heap John F. & Co., aentnts, auditors 
and insurance agents, 1 Yorke st. 
Tel. 3109 

Heap John T., enftnr, U Queen Vic- 
toria rd 

Heap Mrs. Kate, Burnside, Todmorden 
rd. Tel. 3803 

Heap Ltird., elrk, 8 Scott st 

HEAP M. & J. W., Ltd., builders, con- 
tractors, stone merchants and stone 
sawyers, Clifton street. Tel. 2752 
and 3915 

Heap M'isses Margt. *& Amelia, 3 Out- 
wood rd 
Heap Milton, fr fish dlr, 28 Briereliffe 

Heap Norman, trvllr, 50 Sycamore av 
Heap Peter (Heap Bros.) : h. 34 Colne 

Heap liiehd., frmr, Spring hse, Brier- 
Heap Mrs. Ruth, 01 Scott Park rd 
Heap Smith (Smith & Co.) ; h. Hill 

side, 1 27 Hose Hill rd 
Heap Thos., pol sergt, 16 Sussex st 
Heap Thos. W., fr fish dlr, 32 Bruns- 
wick st ; h. 1 Laurel st 

Heap WM., frmr, Higher Oaken eaves 
Heap Wm., beerhse, Meadows Inn, 

King st 
Heap Win., schlmstr, 22 Moseloy rd 


Co., Ltd., cotton manufacturers, 
Queen Victoria mill. Tel. 3552 ; 

Walter Green, secretary 

Heaton Albt., mllnr, 36 Briereliffe rd 
Heaton Mrs. Annie Eliz., brdnghse, 78 

Yorkshire st 
Heaton Briggs, crtkr, 26 Raglan rd 
Heaton & Co., mnftng ehmsts, Found- 
ry st. Tel. 2488 
Heaton Jas., drpr's mngr, 1 8 Cuerden st 
Heaton Mrs. A., Ravenshurst, Queen's 

Park rd 
Heaton Jph., ovrlkr, 311 Colne rd 
Heaton M. & Sons (HeatonsV Cash 
Chemists), ehmsts, 1 1 9 St. James' st. 
Tel. 2488 
Heaton Reuben, dyer's mngr, 9 Abel st 
Heaton & Shepherd, sign wrtrs, 7 "Fleet 

st. Tel. 3002 
Heaton Thos., shpkpr, 37 Thorn st 
Heaton Tom T. {Heatons*, Cash Chem- 
ists) ; h. 500 Brunshaw rd 
Heaton W'ltr., elrk, 6 Harrowgate av 
Heatons', Cash Chemists (M. Heaton & 
Sons), ehmsts, 110 St. James' st. 
Tel. 2488 
Heavican Viscount, enftnr, 2 Clifton rd, 
and grer, 81 Padiham rd ; h. 2 New- 
ton st 



HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., automobile I 
agents, engineers and cellulose spray- 
ers, cycle, motor, incandescent, elec- 
trical and wireless factors, district 
agents for Jowett, Riley, Rover, Sin- 
ger, Wolseley and M.G. cars ; gar- 
age and works, Jockey street and 
Smallshaw ; registered office, 221 
Accrington road. Tel. 3816 

Hebden Eric Stanley {Hebden Bros., 
Ltd.) ; h. 22o Accrington rd. Tel. 

Hebden Erie, enftnr, 215 Accrington 

Hebden Krank (J. Hebden & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Nelson 

Hebden Harold (J\ Hebden & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Neteon 

Hebden Harry {J. Hebden & Sous, 
Ltd.) ; h. 242 Bardcn In 

HEBDEN J. & SONS, Ltd., motor and 
motor cycle agents, sports outfitters 
and service depot (repairs a special- 
ity), 149 St. James* street. Tel. 
2468 ; and at Nelson 

Hebden Jas., grer, 2 Woodsley sfc 

Hebden Jph. (J. Hebden & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. 1 95 Todmorden rd 

Hebden Rd., trvllr, 57 Grey sfc 

Hebden Robt. , M. LM.T. (Hebden 
Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 377 Accrington rd. 
Tel. 3816 

Hebden Rowland {Hebden Bros., 
Ltd,) ; h. Brun loa, Simonstonc 

Hebden Sidney Douglas (Hebden 
Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 474 Accrington rd 

Hebdon Kredk., pol insptr and chief 
elrk, 6 Moseley rd 

Hedges Alb 6. Victor, chrtrd acntnt 
{Proctor & "Proctor) ; h. 8 Scott 
Park rd. Tel. 41 84 

Hedges Mrs. Mary L., J.P., 64 Cleve- 
lands rd 

Heeds John, boot repr, Springfield rd ; 
h. 95 Healey Wood rd 

Hehir Jas. A. B., sehhnstr, 229 Coal 
C lough In 

Hellier G. & B., cnflnrs, 84 Accrington 

Helliwell Mrs. Betsy A., 353 Padihani 

Helliwell Mr. Fredk,, 179 Coal Clough 

Helliwell Kredk., trvllr, o Hogarth av 

Helliwell, Kenneth, asst sehlrnstr, 138 
Marsden rd 

Helliwell Ronald, ins agnt, 1 10 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Hohn Herbt., drghtsmn, 400 Rossen- 
dale rd 

Helm Paul, cttn slsmn, 13 Arkwrightst 

Heltne Saml., pol con, 496 Accrington 

Hemingway Geo., grndsmn, 12 Carter 

Hemingway Miss Linda, drpr, 157 Ac- 
crington rd 

Hemingway Win., coal dlr, 330 Coal 
Olongh In 

Henderson Alfd., shpkpr, 1 Ribblesdalo 

Hendry Jas., mngr, Rowan cottage, 

Harriet st 
Henley W. T. Telegraph Works Co., 

Ltd., Victoria mills, Trafalgar st. 

Tel. 3682 
Hennigan Stephen, ins agnt, 03 Brun- 

shaw rd 

Henny Alfd., dance hall mngr, 14 

Harold st 
Hensman Wm, Geo., wrks mngr. H;» 

Revnolds st 


Hepworth Edwd., elrk, 18 Hamhledon - 

Hepworth Oswald, furn brkr, 178 Ac- 
crington rd 

'Herbert John A-, supt (Div. A), Refugo 
Assurance Co., Ltd., 41 Westgate. 
Tel. 3814; h. 55 St. Matthew's st 

Herbert Jph., elect engnr, 77 Bardcn 
lane. Tol. 2303 

Heseltine Thos. W., enftnr, 2 Hurtley 

Hesketh Alfd. (Thompson & Co. (Con- 
crete), Ltd.) ; h. 85 Mosoley rd 

Hesketh Mr. Geo., Westfield,'08 Igh- 

tenhill Park In. Tel. 2567 
cabinet maker and furnishing special- 
ist, 6 St. James 1 street. Tel. 2328 ; 
h. 6 Western av. Tel. 3744 

Hesketh Peter, elrk, Stoney st 

Heslop W'm., ironmonger's asst, 570 
Brunshaw rd 

Hetherington John, crtkr, 1 Swindon 

Hewart Hy., club stwd, 112 Grey st 

Hewer Jph. & Son, wireless dlrs, 1 
Standishst. Tel. 3938 

Hewer Jph. (J. Hewer & Son) ; h. 85 
Albion st 

Howes John Wltr., insptr of shops, 2 
Carlton rd 

Hewes Thos., rlwy insptr, i) Berkshire 

Hewitson John, elrk, 51 Clovelands rd 
Hewitson Wlfd., ins agnt, 04 Branch rd 
Hewitt Frank, surv. Rural District 

Council, 1 8 .Nicholas st. Tel. 2280 : 

h. 02 Kose Hill rd 

Hewitt Henry, pol insptr, 91 Moseley 

Hewitt Miss Margt., grer, 20-28 Swain- 
bank st 

Hewitt Mrs. Mary, 63 Woodgrove rd 

Hewitt Wifd., hairdrsr, 122 Colne rd ; 
h. 1 Underley st 

Hey Jas. S-, asst sohln.str, 31 Rose 
Wood av 

Heyes John, prntr, 18 Kedruth st 



Heys Allan, fr fish cllr, 2-4 Nairn© st 
Heys Mrs. Annie, gent's outfttr, 296 

Colne rd 
Heys Frank, ins agnt, 31 Murray st 
Hevs Mr. Fredk., 129 Woodgrove rd 
Hoys Geo- Hy. (G. H- Heys & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Hev dene, Todmorden rd 
Heys G. H. & "Sons, Ltd., frutrs, 167 
Oxford rd. Tel. 2916 ; and at Net- 
son and Brierfield 
Hevs Hamer, elrk, 20 Cardinal st 
Heys Harold (G. H. Heys & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. 1 89 Todmorden rd 
Hevs Henry, ins agnt, 5 Heath st 
Hevs Herbt., fr fish dlr, 132 Padiham 

rd; h. UOlivantst 
Hevs John B., cnftnr, 294 (Jolne rd 
Heys John R., cnftnr, 73-75 Hurling 

Heys Norman (G. H. Heys & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Redruth, Todmorden rd 
Hevs Ronnie, shpkpr, 1 New Hall st 
Hoys Robt., fr fish dlr, 120a Oxford 

rd ; Ji. IS Gainsborough av 
Keys Wltr. f J.P., sec, National Union 
of General and Municipal Workers' 
Association, St. "James' row. Tei. 
2(521 ; h. 332 Coal dough In 
Heywood Abel & Sons, Ltd., nwsgnts, 

24 Standish st 
Heyworth Abraham, clrk, I (i Eldwick 

Heyworth Frank A. (J. Hovworth & 

Son); h. 222 Padiham rd~ 
Heyworth Mrs. Hannah, 10 Rose Wood 

Heyworth Jas. R., btchr, 338 Padiham 

rd. Tel. 2051 
Hevworth Jas. & Son, lytchrs, 222 

Padiham rd. Tel. 2046 
Heyworth John, btchr, 12 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 3634 
Heyworth John, frmr. Lower JVIickle- 

hurst farm ; h. 418 Bossendulo rd 
Heyworth Jph. A., grcr, 43 Kirkgate 
Heyworth Morrison, btchr, 57 Queens- 
berry rd. Tel. 3211 
Heyworth Thos., frmr, Lower Mickle- 

Higgin Thos., btchr, 392 Colne rd 
Higgin Thos. H-, bookkpr, 6 WlialLoy st 
Higgin Wm„ dairy, 17 Hogarth av 
Hjgginbottom Harold, cashier, 8 Beat- 
rice e st 
Higgins Mr- Hy., 572 Brunshaw rd 
High School Jor GirU, Ormerod rd 
H.igham Thos., tailr, 8 Swainbank st 
Higson Arthur, clrk, 27 Colbran st 
Higson Mr. Jas., 75 Ormerod rd 
Higson John C, chmst's mngr, 7 Plover 

HILL ALFRED, trailer maker, lighft 
trailers made for any type of car ; 
works, Rawctiffe street, off Church 
Street ; h. 60 Todmorden road 

Hill Mrs. Alice, cnftnr, 160-162 Hartley 

HILL ALFRED, machine and metal 
broker and demolition contractor, 
Rawcliffe street, off Church street ; 

h. 60 Todmorden road 
Hill End Mill Co., Ltd., cttn mnftrs, 

Halifax rd, Briercliffe. Tel. 4065 
Hill Henry, firewood dlr, 222 Brun- 
shaw rd 
Hill Jas., tailr, 38 Grasmere st 
Hill A^incont, ins agnt, 206 Rossendale- 

Hill Wm., wrks mngr, 109 Glen View rd 
Hill Win. A., wndw drssr, 52 Lytton 

HilUer Miss E., matron, Municipal 

General Hospital, Casterton rd. 

Tel. 3231 
Hillman John W., cnftnr, 35 Thurston 

Hilton Jas., ins agnt, 35 Wt. Cufchbort st 
Hilton John Y. (T. & J. Y. Hilton) ; h. 

127 Lower hortso In 
Hilton 'I'. & J. Y., mnftng ehmsts, 

Buck Dorset st 
Hilton Thos. <T. & J. Y. Hilton) ; h. 

1 1 Dorset st 
Hilton Wltr., clggr, 13 Parker In ; h. 1 

Kowlcy st 
Hind Henry & Co., plmbrs. Turf yard. 

Tel. 2758 ; h. 6 Eastham pi 
Hjnd Nathaniel, fr Jish dlr, 15 Hull st 
Hind Miss Rita, HX&C*, chrpdst, 5 

Hargroaves st. 'J el. 3789 
Hind Shuttleworth, coal dlr, 1 1 Hughes 

Hindi® Mr. Ernest, 9 Gainsborough av 
Hindle Jas., Esq., J.P., sec, Burnley 

and District Weavers, Winders and 

Beamers' Association, Charlotte st. 

Tel- 2762 ; h. 127 Nairno st 
Hindle John, boot dlr, 73 Parliament st 
Hindle Mrs. Sarah, shpkpr, 35 Bank par 
Hine Mrs. Maud, grcr, 53 Parliament 

Hint on Bertio, metr insptr, 76 Pieca- 

Hinton Wm., watr insptr, 37 Belford st 
Hird Mrs. Emily, cnftnr, 825 Brior- 

clitt'o rd 
Hirst Albt., cnftnr, 21-23 Oxford rd ; 

h. 132 Todmorden rd 
Hirst Misses Bertha & Florence, 

cnftnr s, 100 Colne vd 
Hirst Kdwd., boot dlr, 88 Trafalgar st 

and 08 BrierclirTe rd 
Hirst 1'Vank, formn bakr, 28 Blilary st 
Hirst Geo., clrk, 18 Gordon st 
Hirst Geo., ins agnt, 44 Shale st 
H.irst Harry, wrks mngr, 23 Creswick 

Hirst Henry, fr fish dlr, 80 Oxford rd 
Hirst Henry, clggr, 90 Burnley rd,, 



wholesale electrical and wireless sup- 
plies, 12-14 Bridge street. Tel. 2283- 
Hirst Mr. John T., 370 Padiham rd 
Hirst Mrs. Laura, 132 Todmorden rd 
Hirst Robt., ovrlkr, 16 Tennis st 
Hirst Robt., ins agnt, 57 Sunderland st 
Hirst Saml., restrnt, 3 Bridge st 
Hirst Thos., crtkr, Bankhouso st 
Hirst Thos., grer and P.O., 4 Boundary 
• st ; li. 142 Castertonrd 
Hirst Thos. B., ongnr, 24 Holm© rd 
Hirst Win., ins agnt, 20 Slagg st 
II. M. Inspector of Factories Office, Gov- 
ernment buildings, Curzon st. Tel, 
2927; J. Chandler, insptr 
H.M. Inspector of Taxes Office {No. 1 
District), Government bldngs, Curzon 

st. Tel. 21'56 
H.M. Inspector of Taxes Office (No. 2 
District), 1.76 Manchester rd. Tel. 

Hitehen Edwd., ettn waste dlr, 21 

Devonshire rd. Tel. 4185 
Hitehen Fred (R. Hitehen & Son} ; h. 

120 Coal C lough In 
HlTCHEN R. & SON (estd, 50 years), 
electric carpet beaters and flock dres- 
sers, carpets shampooed to look like 
new, hair and flock mattress makers, 
upholstered suites cleaned and reno- 
vated, Victoria mills, Trafalgar street. 
Tel. 2544 
Hitehen Saml., pntr, 31 Grange st 
H> tenons Re-lay Service, 2 Crowther st. 

Tel. 3620 
Hitch on Miss Agnes A., 15 Ormerod rd 
Hitehon Arthur, grer, 32 Trafalgar st 
Hitchon Frank, clrk, 47 Herbert st 
Hitehon Jas., coal dlr. 6 Escar st 
HITCHON & PICKUP, architects, sur- 
veyors, auctioneers, valuers, estate 
agents and fire loss assessors, 46 
Manchester road. Tel. 2241 ; and 
at Union street, Bacup 

HITGHON WALTER, property repair- 
er, contractor, slater, roof and wall 
tiler ; yard, Boathouse lane ; office, 
15 Carter street 

Hitehon Withan, M.B.E., schlmstr, 556 

Brunshaw rd 
Hoare John E., ins insptr, 61 Lookvor 

av. Tel. 2672 
Hoban Clifford, advrtsng mngr, 58 Can- 
ning st 
Hoban John, tailr, 28 Belgrave at 
Hobley Percy, clrk, 40 Herbert st 
Hodda Chas-, vict, Black Bull Inn, 61 

M'arsden rd 
Hodder Geo., prpty repr, I 7 Every st 
Hodder John, acntnt, 838 Padiham rd 
Hodge Mrs. Hilda, tripe dlr, 292 Colne 

Hodgo Jas. H., grer, 32 Prestwich st 

Hodge John S., nwsgnt, 80 Coal Clough 

Hodge Rgnld., boot repr, 82 Hurtloy st 

Hodges Dr. Alfd. Ernest, Glenmere, 

Pasturega.te av. Tel. 2446 
Hodges Mrs. Sarah Eliz., tripe dlr, 0V 

Parliament st 
Hodges Wltr., crtkr, 7 Todmorden rd 
Hodgson Mr. Alfd. Moore, 175 Coal 

Clough In 
Hodgson Clement (The Ighten Motor 

Co.) ; h. Barrowford 
Hodgson Lewis, vict, Thorn Hotel, 67 

St. James' st. Tel. 22141 1 
Hodgson Mrs. Lilian, corsetiere, 22 St. 

Matthew's st 
Hodgson Robt, (>,, fr fish dlr, 25 Har- 
old st ; h. 77 Nairne st 
Hodgson Saml., bookkpr, 134 Sandy- 
Hodgson Wm. (R. Walls & Co.) ; h. 28 

Shaftesbury av 
Hodgson Willis, grer, 2 Buleock st 
Hodson Lewis, firewood dlr, Adelaide 


Hodson Thos., clrk, 17 Eastern av 
Hogarth Robt. E., hlgo ontretr, 260 

Colne rd 
Hogg Joshua, drpr, 321 Manchester rd 
Holden Mrs. Adeliza, Melrose bank, 

Haworth rd 
Holden Alan, fr fish dlr, 34 Barracks rd 
Holden Albt. {Jas. Proctor, Ltd.) ; h. 

12 Rose Hill av. Tel. 3102-3103 
Holden Albt., shpkpr, 04 Trafalgar st 
Holden Mrs. Alice, 106 Trafalgar st 
Holden Arthur (J. & A. Holden) ; h. 

106 Trafalgar st 
Holden Edgar, Ltd., bakrs, etc., 35 Cog 

In. Tel. 3081 

Holden Edgar (E. Holden, Ltd.) ; h. 7 
Brunei st 

Holden Edwd., ettn slsmn, 3 Hind st 
Holden Erank (J. Holden) ; h. 10 Mary 

Holden Prank, clrk, 25 Wilton st 
Holden Fred (Hoiden's, Ltd.) ; 260 
Colne rd 

Holden Ered C. (J. Holden) ; h, 51 

Branch rd 
Holden Mrs. Gladys, grer, 89 Piccadilly 


Holden Granville, solctr (Lambert & 
Parker) ; h. 14 Moorland rd 

Holden Harry, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. 
(Edin,), phys and surg, 49 Rectory 
rd. 'lei. 2444 

Holden Hy. (J. Holden) ; h. 21 Eliza st 
HOLDEN & HARTLEY (Burnley), 
Ltd., authorised Ford dealers and 
service depot, motor engineers, main 
distributors for Dodge trucks and 
Renault cars; office and showrooms, 
21 Yorkshire street ; works, Central 
garage, Cliviger street. Tel. 2378 



Holden Hedley, tripe dlr, 224 Brier- 
cliff e i'd 
Holden Henry, em mngr, 54 Athol st 
Holden J., sht mtl wrkr, 42 Plnmbe st 
Holden J. & A., plmbrs, gas fttrs, hot 
water and san engnvs, 35 Trafalgar 
st. Tel. 2725 
Holden J. & Co., papr mchnt«. 4 Eliza- 
beth st. Tel. 2600 
Holden John, joinr, Ola Brennand st ; 

h. 2 Boundary st 
Holden Mr. John H., 85 Todmorden rd 
Holden Jph.j boot dlr and ohrpdst, 290 

Padiham rd. Tol. 4 1 97 
Holden Jph (J. Holden & Son) ; h. 1 01 

Woodgrove rd 
Holden Jph. & Son, hso frnshrs, 8-10 

Church st 
Holdon Biota. W. (Holden & Hartley 

(Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 63 Morse at 
Holden Yhos., fish dlr, 18 Stoney st 
Holden 1'hos., clrk, 5 Kyan st 
Holden Win., bus insptr, 41 Devon- 
shire rd 
Holden VVm., nwsgnt, 37 Athol &t 
Holden Wilson, frutr, 54 BriereliiTe rd 
Holdcns', Ltd., grcrs, 2(50 Colne rd 
Holdsworth Alfd., cltn slsmn, 63 Col- 
bran st 
Holdsworth >Jr. Alfd. A., 202 Coal 

Clough In 
Holdsworth Miss Annie, drpr, 262 Coal 

Clough In 
Holdsworth Miss Florence* drpr, 29 

Hebrew rd 
Holdsworth Fredk., grcr's mngr, 7 

Mitchell st 
Holdsworth Mrs. Hannah, cnftnr, 190 

Colne rd 
Holdsworth J. H. & H., coal dlrs, 350 

Cog In 
Holdsworth Jas. H. ( J. H. & H- Holds- 
worth) ; h. 350 Cog In 
Holdsworth Mrs. Jane, 20 Glen View rd 
Holdsworth John (Tattersall & Holds- 
worth) ; h. 2 Faraday st 
Holdsworth Mr. John, 3 Beatrice st 
Holdsworth John (-T. K. Bracewell &> 

Son) ; h. 21 'Rose Hill rd 
Holdsworth John VVm. {J. K Brace- 
well & Son) ; h. 21 Rose Hill rd 
Holdsworth Mrs. Lily, 1 Beverley st 
Holdsworth Richd., cnftnr, 258 Colne 

Holdsworth Kichd., drpr, 100 Oxford 

rd ; h. 1 93 Todmorden rd 
Holdsworth Rufus, clrk, 22 Bristol st 
Holgate Alex., joinr, Leaver st. Tol. 

3384 ; h. 55 Lockyer av 
Holgato & Co., grcrs, 6 Bull st. Tol. 

Holgate Mrs. Ellen, grcr, 20 Oxford rd 
Holgate Mrs. Ellen, 218 Manchester rd 
Holgate Ernest, clrk, Brentwood av 
Holgate Ernest, btcTuv 14 Brunswick st 

Holgate Miss Fanny, 3 Stephenson st 
Holgate Frank, comp, 826 Padiham rd 
Holgate Fredk., cloth slsmn, GQ Raglan 

Holgate Fredk., cnftnr, 41 Thursby rd 
Holgate Harold, clrk, 52 Colbran st 
Holgate Miss Isabella, drsmkr, 40 Bar- 
racks rd 
Holgate Ingham, wiulw clnr, 23 Field- 
en. st 
Holgate Jas., coal dlr, y Wilton st 
Holgato John, nwsgnt, 31 8 Gaimow In 
Holgate Lnrd., coal dlr, 38 Thursby rd 
Holgate Robt., clrk, 367 Lowerhouse In 
Holgato Mr. Samh, 20 .Holme rd 
Holgate (Mjss Mary E.) & Swindle- 
hurst (Miss Mary J.), drprs, 228 
Colne rd 
Holgate Tom Jas., cnftnr, 47 Barden la 
Holgato Whittaker, coal dlr, 21 Hoba-rt 

Holgate Win., grcr, 91 Brunswick st 
HOLLAND ALEXANDER, tripe dresser 
and neatsfooS oil manufacturer, 164 
Gannow lane ; branches, 3 York- 
shire street and 19b Oxford road ; 
works, Smith's yard, Gannow lane ; 

h. 35 Adarr.son street 
Holland Bertie, beerhse, Cambridge 

Inn, 68-70 Oxford rd 
Holland Mrs. Clara, fr fish dlr, la Croft 

Holland Misa Gertrude, drsmkr, 2 

Waterbarn st 
Holland Hy., frutr, 100 Abel st 
Holland Herbt., cttn slsmn, 68 Kid- 

drow In 

Holland Jas. C, grcr, 31 Richard st 
Hollingworth Chas. \V. (Clegg Bros. 

(Burnley), Ltd.) j h. 10 Rennie st 
Hollingworth Harold G. (Clegg Bros. 

(Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 528 Cog In 
Holhngsworth Andrew, clrk, 20 Lons- 
dale st 
Hollinrake Geo., pol con, 82 Lockyer av 
Hollinrake Herbt., grcr, 15a Boot st ; 

h. Surrey av 
Hollis YVilfd., cookd meat strs, 241 Ae- 

crington rd 
Holloway Noah, cnftnr, 81 Oxford rd 
Holloway Bros. & Yates, Ltd., tmbr 

mehjits, Liverpool rd. Tel. 2520 
Holmes Alan *j?\, boot dlr's mngr, 01 

Reynolds st 
Holmes Archibald, trvllr, 22 Temple st 
Holmes Bernard, ins agnt, 3 Lark st 
Holmes, Butterlield & Hartley, solctrs 
and com for oaths, 9 Grimshaw st. 
Tel. 4250 
Holmes Chas. Henry (Starkie Bald- 
win) ; h. 396 Padiham rd. Tel. 2323 
Holmes Clifford W., cttn slsmn, I fc>cott 
Park rd 

Holmes Frank, pol con, 43 Waterbam 



Holmes Frank A. R., egg dlr, 12 Col- 
bran st 

Holmes Harold, boot dlr's mngr, 53 
Berrv st 

Holmes Mr. Henry Jas. Ernest, 17-19 
Palatine sq 

Holmes Jas. W 4 (Benns & Holmes) ; 

h, 463 Brunshaw rd 
Holmes John, trvllr, 16 Harriet st 

Holmes Jph., frmr, Lane hse, Brier- 

Holmes Jph. (A. Altham, Ltd,) ; h. 9 
Parkav. Tel. 3200 

Holmes Lister, pol eon, 1 1 9 Healey 
Wood rd 

Holmes Norman (Benns & Holmes, 
Ltd.) ; h. 465 Brunshaw rd 

Holmes Percy, pol con, 132 Healey 
Wood rd 

Holmes Wm. W., frutv, 30 Hollin- 
greave rd 

Holroyd Arthur D., frmr, Further barn 

Holroyd Harry, cttn waste mrehnt, 
George st ; Tel. 8121 ; h. The 
Mount, Briercliffe 

Holroyd John, grcr, 52 Melville st 

Holsgrove Thos. W„ mill mngr, 368 
Rossendale rd 

Holt Albt., tailr'sasst, 92 Waterbarn st 

Holt Arthur, yarn agnt, 189 Coal 
Olough In 

Holt Arthur .T., agnt, 8 Violet at 

Holt Bros., joinrs, etc., off 317 Man- 
chester rd 

Holt Miss Dorothy, agnt, Burnley Con- 
servative and Unionist Association, 
35 Manchester rd. Tel. 2650 

Holt Fredk., hosier, 2 Barden In. Tel. 
3649; h. 68 Rose Hill rd 

Holt Fredk., acntnt, 63 Glen View rd 

Holt Fred, Ltd., coal mrchnts, Railway 
sidings, Oswald st. Tel. 2138 

Holt Fred ("Dent & Holt, Ltd.) ; h. 57 
Thursby rd 

Holt H. O. & E., nwsgnts, 13 York- 
shire st. Tel. 2714 

Holt H. & M., eookd meat sirs, 8 1 Coal 

Olough In. Tel. 2091 
Holt Mr. Henry, 13 Yorkshire st 
Holt Henry, junr., whlsle statnr, 2 

Croft st ; h. 4 Laurier rd 
Holt John, frutr, 1 3 Lindsay st 
Holt John (Holt Bros.) ; h. 407 Ros- 
sendale rd 
Holt John E., nwagnt, 24-26 Parker In 
Holt John Henry, clrk, 87 Reynolds st 
Holt John T\, horse slghterer, 47-49 

Church st. Tel. 3653 
Holt Johnson, pttrn mkr, 1 Gordon st 
Holt & Kippax, engnrs, 125 St. James' 

st and Cow In. Tel. 3569 
Holt Mr. Richd., 2 Rossendale av 
Holt Richd., agnt, 10 Leyland rd 
Holt Thos. (Greenhalghs', Ltd.) • h. 91 
Rectory rd 

Holt Wm. (Holt Bros.); h, 15 Rose 
Wood av 

Holt Wm. (Greenhalghs', Ltd.) ; fa. 78 

Lockyer av 
Holt Willie (Burnley), Ltd., billiard 

table mkrs. Rose grv 
Holt Winston & Co., whlsle drprs, IS 

Standish st. Tel. 3624 ; h. 275 Ros- 
sendale rd 
Home Laundry (Wm. Holland), Travis 

st. Tel. 3664 
Hoole Mr. Henry, 55 Scott Park rd 
Hoole Wm., grcr, 170 Padiham rd 
Hooper Mrs. Eliz., Carlton Commercial 

Hotel, 33-35 Standish st. Tel. 3508 
Hooper Mrs. Ethel, friish dlr, 1 Heath 

Hoover, Ltd., vacuum clnr mnftrs, 

Jones' bldngs, Hammerton st 
Hope Alfd., nwsgnt, 169 Oxford rd 
Hopkins Henry S., ft fish dlr, 10 Bren- 

nand st 

Hopkins Thos., cold atrgo mngr, 84 

Gainsborough av 
Hopkinson Arthur, clrk, 27 Stoney st 
Hopper Francis, grcr, 57-59 Church st ; 

h. 1.13 Ormcrodrd 
Hopper Jas. Edmund, grcr, 1 63 Oxford 

st, 74 Lyndhurst rd, 52 Plumbo st 

and 105 Parliament st. Tel. 2979 ; 

h. Oakroyd, Townelov side 

Hopper John, fr fish dlr, 226 Acering- 
ton rd 

Hopwood Thos., clrk, 3 Hizpah st 
Hopwood Wm. T., ins agnt, 30 Fem- 
dale st 

Horbury Fredk., btchr's mngr, 56 

Prestwieh st 
Horn Mrs. Ada, 397 Manchester rd 
Hornby Alfd. J., prntr, 17 Lomas st 
Hornby Jas., supt reg, births, mar- 
riages and deaths, 20 Nicholas st ; h. 
1 9 Brooklan.d3 rd 
Hornby John, chmst's asst, 146 M'itelk 

Hornby John Hy., trvllr, 57 Middlesex 

Hornby Wlfd., phnbr, 116 Colne rd. 

Tel. 4283 
Home Mrs. Ada, 397 Manchester rd 
Home Albt. K. & Son, cycle dlrs, 153 

Oxford rd 
Home Albt., crtkr, 53 Hurtley st 
Home Clifford, grer's mngr, 75 Ebor 


Home Clifford H., motr engnr, Hebrew 
rd, and 56 Colne rd. Tel. 2798 

Home Enoch H- (G. Foster) ; h. 8 Park 

Home Mrs. Eva, grcr, 31 Queensberrv 

Home Fredk., mill mngr, 54 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 

Home Richd., pntr, 190 Todmorden rd 
Home Thos. A., pntr, 45 Padiham rd 



Home Wm. H., ins agnt, 37 Constable 

Horner Chas., cloth slsmn, 17 West- 

bourne av 
Horner Harold, acntnt, 5 Rose Wood 

Horner Herbt., beerhse, Devonshire 

Hotel, 7-9 Boot st 

Horner Mr. John, 10 Carlton rd 

Horner John W. (Waddington .& 
Horner) ; h. 22 Swindon st 

Horner Mrs. Martha, 97 Manchester rd 

Horner Thos., tripe dlr's mngr, 1 Nel- 
son sq 

Horner Thos. {Witham Bros., Ltd.) ; 
h. Parkdene, Fern rd. Tel. 2638 

Horner Wm., trvllr, 51 Scott Park 

Horrocka Mr. Henry, 41 Clifton st. 

Horror ks Herbt, \\\, mill mngr. 18 
Rawson si 

H.orsfall John H. (Alder Electrical Ap- 
pliances, Ltd.) ; h. 28 Eastern av 

Horsfall Win., cbnt mkr, 110 Wood- 
grove rd 

Horsfield Mr. Henry, 84 Mitella st 

Horafield Mrs. Margt., gi-cr, 84 Mitella 

HORTUS PRINTING Co., Ltd., printers, 
publishers and bookbinders, Junction 
street. Tel. 4069 

Hosie Jas., drpr, ;> Albert st 

Hosie R. & J., tailrs, etc., 39 Hammer- 
ton st. Tel. 3540 

Hosie Robt. (R. & J. Hosie) ; h. 5 
Scott Park rd 

Hosie Robt., cttn slsmn, 228 Manches- 
ter rd 

Hoskin Hy. D., btchr, 112 Hnrtley st 

Hoskins Cyril, pol eon, 26 Hammerton 

Hospital Nurses' Home, 1 Colne rd 

Hough Miss Eleanor M., drpr, 124 
Brougham st 

Hough Miss Ida. hairdrsr, 1 A3 Padiham 

rd. Tel. 4276 
HOUGH'S SUCCESSORS, tanners, cur- 
riers and strapping manufacturers, 
Finsley tannery, Bark street. Tel. 
Houghton Mrs- Agnes, rnftnr, 340 Cog 

lane * 
Houghton Hy., ins agnt, 52 "Dugdale rd 
Houghton Jph., yeast dlr, 02 Tentre st 
Houlding Ed., boot dlr, 148 Colne rd j 

h. 70 Woodgrove rd 
.Houlding Lawrence, trvlng drpr, 2'9 

Padiham rd 

-Houlding Mr. Wltr., 79 Woodgrove rd 

Houlker Harold, clrk, 33 Ribblesdale st 

■House-ifor Friendless Girls, Bankfield, 

Colne rd. Tel. 281 8 ; Miss F. Smith, 

, : . .superintendent .:.;•; .:-. :* '- 

Howard Miss Ann, enftur, 240 Colne'rd 

Howard Miss Mary, 161 Manchester rd 
Howard Wltr., bookkpr, 7 M'izpah st 
Howarth Alan, btchr, 27 Oxford rd ; 

h. 32 St. John's rd 
Howarth Albt. D., btchr", 2 Moorland 

rd. Teh 2779 
Howarth Misses Alice & Flora, uillnrs, 

50b Trafalgar st 
Howarth Andrew, bookkpr, 51 Elm st 
Howarth Arthur, brewery formn, 39 

Adair son at 
Howarth Mrs. Edith, drpr, 298 Gannow 

Howarth Kdwd., chmny swpr, 231 

Colne rd 
Howarth Mrs. Ellen, drsmkr, 77 Cleav- 
er st 
Howarth Francis, clggr, 1 Graamere st' 
Howarth Frank (J. Pickup); h. 16 

Bond st 
Howarth Fredk., mngr, 37 Towneley st 
Howarth Fredk.,drk, 49 Clarke st 
Howarth Geo., clrk, 19 Cleaver at 
Howarth G. L. & fco., slit wrkrs, 

Healey Wood rd, Tel. 3834 
Howarth Geo. L. (G. L. Howarth & 

Co.) ; h. 35 Cedar rd 
Howarth Harold, f r fish dlr, 66 Hurtley 

Howarth Harold, dntl mech, 358 Coal 

Clough In 

Howarth Henry, trvllr, 63 Ightenhill 

Park In 
Howarth Herbt., ertkr, 277 Padiham rd 
Howarth Jas., gent's outftr, 157 and 

362 Padiham rd 
Howarth Jas., hairdrsr, 29 Barracks 

rd ; h. 75 Rectory rd 
Howarth Jas. D., clrk, 59 Glen View rd 
Howarth Jas. W., enftnr, 1 Eld wick 

Howarth John, coal dlr, 2 Cardinal st 
Howarth John (M. & J. Howarth) ; h. 

17 Clifton st 
Howarth John (J. H. Howarth & 
Sons); h. 46 Rose Hill rd. Tel. 
Howarth Rev. John E. (Meth.), 148 

Todmorden rd 
Howarth Jph., trvllr, 12 Westgate 
auctioneers, valuers and estate 
agents, Commercial salerooms, 59 
Manchester road. Tel. 3656 
Howarth Mrs. Lydia, 46 Rose Hill rd 
Howarth Miss Mary, 73 Ormerod rd 
Howarth Matthew, grcr, 1 60 Manches- 
ter rd 
Howarth Matthew, clrk, 77 Lionel st 
Howarth Milton (M. & J. Howarth); h. 

5 Redlees av 
Howarth M. & J., whlsle frutrs, 5 and 

22 Curzon st 
Howarth Peter, club stwd, -3 Heap sfc 
Howarth Sidney, ins agnt,- 71Colbran st 



Howarth Ihos., chmst, 50a Trafalgar 

at. Tel. 29S6 ; h. 360 Padiham rd 

Howarth 'i'hos. T. (G. L. Howarth & 

Co.) ; h. 307 Padiham rd 
Howarth Wltr.,.M.A., M.Ed., Litt.IX, 
dir of education, 1 1 1 Manchester rcL 
Tel. 2101 ; h. Rose dene. Southern 
av. Tel. 3540 
IT.owe Fredk., fr fish dli', 6M Waterbarn 

Howe Jas., prprty repr, 23 Barracks rd 
Howe John Jph., engnr, 44 Old Hall st 
Howe Sydney, clrk, 69 St. Matthew's at 
Howe Sidney, clrk, 437 Uossendale rd 
Howieson Mr. Jas. W. , 35 Scott Park rd 
Howker Arthur, whlsle ebnt mkr, 7 

Adlington st ; h. 20 Thornton rd. 
Howker Mrs. Eliz.~, 172 Todmorden rd 
Howker Henry, fr fish dir, 120 .Sandy- 
Howker Miss Hilda, U Powell st 
Howker John Herbt., clrk, 286 Goal 

Clough hi 
Howker Mr. Jonas, 3 Hawthorne rd 
Howker Mr. Lnrd. Wm., 170 Todmor- 

dcn rd 
HowkerThoa. (R. Walts & Co.) ; h. 23 

Arkwright st .. 

Howker Thos. Percy, prin asst to 

Borough 1'reasurer, 'Town Hall. Tel. 

2.101 ; h. 30 Clevelandsrd. Tel. 3530 

Howlott Wm. T., wrlss dlr, 1 Melville 

Howtey Miss Kittie, mlhir, 34 York- 
shire st 
Howorth Lord (Burn ley 1 y pewriter 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. 23 St. Matthew st 
Howsin Fredk., irnmngr's asst, 35 

Waterloo rd 
Hoyle. A'lan, mining surv, 132 Coal 

Clough hi 
Hoyle Chas, shpkpr, 2S9 Coal Clough hi 
Hoyle Chas. A., coal agnt, 46 Moorland 

HOYLE Mrs. HANNAH, registered 
"Spencer" corsetiere, surgical ap- 
pliances, etc., 253 Brunshaw road 
Hoyle Henry, plmbr, 04 Parliament st 
Hoyle Henry, drpr, 54 Halifax rd, 

Hoyle Mrs., 370 Brunshaw rd 
Hoyle Mr. Jas., 427 Bosaendale rd 
Hoyle Jas. H., Viet, Derby Arms, 29 

Standish st 
Hoyle John, 1'r fish dlr, 1 Blenheim st 
Hoylo Robt., vict, Prince Albert Hotel, 

" Curzon st 
Hoyle Ross, fr fish dlr, 12 Lyndhurst rd 
Hoyl e Walton, clthng elub.insptr, 24 

Redvers st 
Hoyle- Wm.", grcr, 114 Lowerhouse In 
Huddleatone Mrs. 'Florence/ ' ladies' 

hairdrsr, 1 57 Coin© rd. 
Hudson Abel, fr fish dlr, 28 Olympia st 
Hudson. Aibt., grcr, 107Xog in :.., 

Hudson Arthur, clrk, 35 Romney av 

Hudson Chas., outftr's asst, 133 Rose 
Hill rd 

Hudson Mrs. Kliza Jane, High meade, 
14.b Piccadilly rd 

Hudson Mr. Harold, 60 Colbran si. 

Hudson Jas., leathr mrehnt, 4 Bridge 
st. Tel. 24 L0 ; h. 1 67 Manchester rd 

Hudson Mr. John, 16 Rossendale av 

Hudson John (BAidson's) ; h. 10 Rom- 
ney av 

HUDSON & KIDNER, auctioneers, 
valuers, sheriff's officers, bazaar and 
ballroom decorators and funeral un- 
dertakers, 21-23 Nicholas street. Tel. 

Hudson & Pearson, prntrs, 49- 53 C'ur- 
zon st. Tel. 2514 

Hudson Reuben, ehmst, 110 Padiham 

Hudson Richd., bookkpr, 1 1 Abel st 

Hudson Wm. E., com agnt, 1 5. Meet st. 
Tel. 3251 ; h. 23 Blacker st 

Hudson Wm. Keirby (Hudsons') ; h. 
Cleveland rd 

Hudsons', irnmngrs, 2 Bridge st. I'd. 

Hudspetli Francis, football frnr, 1)0 
Hollingreave rd 

Hughes A., asst ins supt., 40 Wood- 
grove rd 

Hughes Rev. Benj. E., M-A-, B.D., 

Holy Trinity vicarage, Ightenhill 
Park In 
Hughes Geo. H., pol con, 76 Olympia st 
Hughes Mrs. Martha, 25 Colne rd 
Hughes Miss P., M.A., prin, Sunnybank 
High School for girls, etc. (kinder- 
garten), 1 71-1 73 Manchester rd. Tel, 
Hnghes Patrick L., ofner, Town Plan- 
ning Committee, 5 Bridge st ; h. 3<i 
Moorland rd 

Hugill C. & Sons, hrdwre dlrs, 1-17 

Oxford rd. 
Hugill Clifford, asst collry mngr, 30 

Constable av 
Hxigill Edgar (C. Hugill & Sons) ; h. 

578 Brunshaw rd 
Hugill Goo. Wm. <C. Hugill & Sons) ; 

h. oil Brunshaw rd 
Hugill Jph., hairdrsr, 11a Yorkshire 

st ; h. 05 Ormerod rd 
Hulmo Harry, boot repr, 100 St.. Mat- 
thew's st ; h. 19 Stafford st 
Huhue Percy, clrk, 31 Travis st 
Hulme Mr. Wm., 244 Todmorden rd 
Humberstone Herbt., drpr, 12 Mizpah 

Hume John J., prntr, 102 Branch r.d! 
Humphreys Freak., crtkr, SOHintonst 
Humphreys Jph., crtkr, School hous§, 

Smirthwaite st 
Humphreys Mrs. Sarah, shpkpr,l 5 Dale 




HUNTER H., Ltd., hatters, hosiers and 
gent's outfitters, 61 St. James 1 street. 

Tel. 3783 

Hunter Wm. H-, pol sergt, 128 Brier- 
eliile rd 

Huii ton Basil I., engnr, 20 Hawthorne 
* road 

Hyrley John W., strkpr, 82 Gains- 
borough av 

Hurst Bros., seed and live-stock dlrs, 
144 St. James' st 

Hustler Henry, bookkpr, 1 10 Cleaver st 

Hustler Wm., wood dlr, 298 Colno rd 

Hutchinson Ernest, mus lehr, 295 

Colne rd 
Hutchinson Glbt., mngr, 21 Colne rd 
Hutchinson John T., hrwrs' mngr, 207- 

209 Colne rd 
Hutchinson Thos., nwsgnt, 97 Branch 

Hutchinsons', mllnrs, Market hall 
Ibbotson Aldewin C, D.N.T., N.B., 
F.L.S. (Lond.), B.P.A. (Loud.), os- 
teopath, 75 Church st 
Ibbotson Robt. A., ohklrn's outftr, 40 

Standish st 
Ibbotson Wm., mill mngr, 221 Coal 

Clough hi 
Ideson Edwd., boot repr, 44 Piccadilly 

Ideson Hubert, boot repr, 32-34 Healey 

Wood rd and 11 (3 Trafalgar st 
IGHTEN (THE) MOTOR Co., service 
station for car valeting and repairs, 
Cleveland garage, Barracks road. 

Tel. 3607 
printers and bookbinders, 2a Clifton 
road, Ightenhill Park lane. Tel. 21 50 

Ighlenhill Bowling & Tennis Club, 

Romford st ; J. L. Cook 
Ightenhill (Municipal) Tennis Courts, 

Ighten rd 

Illingworth Chaa., frmr, 65 Cardinal st 

Imperial Cinema, Redmth st. Tel. 



SOCIETY for Abstaining Men and 

Women (Todmorden district) ; office, 

2a Clifton street. Tel. 3031 ; Charles 

H. Williams, F.C.R.A., A.CXI. 

Inch Geo. F., olrk, 28 Rennie st 
Inch John, fr fish dlr, 60 Hirst st 
Infant Welfare Centre, 1 7 Parker st 
Injections Diseases Hospital, Maraden 

rd ; Miss Girling, matron 
Ingham Alec (J. A. Ingham & Son) ; 

h. 234 Rossendale rd 
Ingham Alfd., ein mngr, 30 Rose Hill 

Ingham Cyril (Veitch (Chemist), Ltd.) ; 

h. 193 Casterton av 
Ingham Mrs. Eliza A., smlwre dlr, 7 

Lyndhurst rd 

Ingham Ernest, boot repr, 40 Oxford rd 
Ingham Mrs. t'lorenco, 3 St. Matthew's 

Ingham Fredk., eookd meat strs, 6a 

Parker In ; h. 136 Briereliffe rd 
Ingham Herbt., cttn slsmn, 436 Padi- 
ham rd 
Ingham Herbt. J., irvllr, 219 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Ingham J. A. & Son, cttn mnftrs. 
Wood Top mill, Villiers st. Tel. 
Ingham Jas., clrk, 46 Marsden rd 
Ingham Jas. Y., clrk, 78 Kiddrow In 
Ingham Jas. A. (J. A. Ingham & 
Son) ; h. 71 Piccadilly rd 

Ingham Miss Jean, ladies' hairdrsr, 80 
Raglan rd 

Ingham John Robt., pltry frmr, 23 
Deer Park rd 

Ingham Leslie V., solctr, 422 Padiham 

Ingham Paul, furn dlr, 139 Aecrington 

INGHAM R. & W., haulage contrac- 
tors, hay, straw and corn merchants 
and poultry food dealers, Higher 
Smallshaw farm, off Aecrington road. 
Tel. 3316 

Ingham Rennio, mill mngr, 4 Hereford 

Ingham Robt., btchr, 100 Padiham rd ; 
h. 13 Grange st 

Ingham Thos., hosier, 1 Howe st 

Ingham Thos. G., enftnr, 109a Albert st 

Ingham Wilkinson, cashier, 109a Al- 
bert st 

Ingham Wm., shpkpr, 31 8-320 Lower- 
house In 

Ingham Wm. (R. &• W. Ingham) ; h. 
Higher Smallshaw farm. Tel. 3316 

Ingham Wm. A., cm mngr, 443 Ros- 
sendale rd 

Ingham Wm. A. (Jubilee Garage) ; h. 
375 Manchester rd. Tel. 2087 

Irish Democratic League Club, Hull st ; 

T. Conroy, secretary- 
Irish Robt.', fr fish dlr, 12 Scarlett at 

Irwin Thos., clrk, 6 Como av 

Isherwood Arnold, nwsgnt, 48-50 San- 

Isherwood Miss Nancy, enftnr, 2I» 
Owen st 

Jack Mrs. Monica, enftnr, 6 Parker In 

Jackson Albt. A., pstl engnr. 109 Mose- 
ley rd 

Jackson Albt. J., fr fish dlr, 8 Parker 
In; h. lOEbor st 

Jackson Alfd., grcr's mngr, 1 Layfield 

Jackson Archibald (J. Jackson & Co.) ; 
h. 250 Manchester rd 

Jackson Arthur, ins see, 1 9 Moorland rd 

Jackson Arthur, prntr, 63 Rose Hill rd 

Jackson Mrs. Beatrice, 8 Glen View rd 



Jackson Chas. E., clrk, 26 Sycamore av 
Jackson Chas. T. ( Jas. Bulcock, Ltd.) ; 

h. Bjghfield, Queen's Park rd. Tel. 

Jackson Mr. Ed., 59 Ightcnhill Park lit 
Jackson Mrs. Eliz., 41 Ightenhill Park 

Jackson Mrs. Eliz., 12 Glen View rd 
Jackson Ernest, tobcnst, (> Bridge sfc 

and Padiham rd ; h. 28 Deepdale rd 
Jackson Ernest, frrnr, Iron bldng 
Jackson Mrs. Florence, hairdrsr, 4 Hall 

sfc, Tel. 4159 
Jackson Francis, fcrvllr, 00 Belvedere rd 
Jackson Frank, club stwtl, 14 Robinson 


Jackson Goo., coal dlr, 14 Palatine sq 
Jackson Geo. C, mill sec, 3 Ivan sfc 
Jackson Harry, enftnr, 79 Bnmshaw rd 
Jackson Mr. Hartlev, M'oslcv hse, Rose 

Hill rd 
Jackson Herbt., packs supt, Park lodge, 

Jackson Herbt., pntr, 148 Hartley sfc 
Jackson Herbt., carrier, 11 Basnetfc st. 

Tel. 2941 

Jackson Holdon, pntr, 291 OoaiClougn 

Jackson Jas., fcrvllr, 103 Thursby rd 

Jackson John & Co., ottn mnffcrs, 

Canal Street mill. Tel. 3720 

Jackson John B., L.D.S. (Jackson & 

Sons) ; h. Raydalo house, Nairne st. 
Tel. 2701 

-Jackson John W\, mill nxugr, 7 Ark- 

wright st 
Jackson Jph., frmr, Crow wood 
Jackson Lnrd. W., tbenst, 378 Colne rd 
Jackson Mrs. Mary A., florist, 87 Ros- 

sendale rd 
Jackson Mrs. Mary, vict, White Lion 

Hotel, 22 St. James' st 

Jackson Mrs. Mary 13., shpkpr, 21 Allen 


Jackson Mrs. Mary J., shpkpr, 11 Clif- 
ton st 

Jackson Maurice, metr insptr, 119 Par- 
liament st 

Jackson Richd., fr fish dlr, 33 Garstang 

Jackson Robt. A., cttn slsrnn, o Beech- 
wood av 

Jackson Robt. S. (J. Jackson & Co.) ; 
h. 8 Glen View rd 

Jackson Roy, hi'dwro dlr, 48 Lynd- 
hu'rst rd 

Jackson Sam I., mngr and slsmn, 113 
Glen View rd 

Jackson Stanley, clrk, 12 Ighten rd 

Jackson Mr. Sutcliffo, 143 Oxford rd 

Jackson T. & Sons, dntl srgns, 39 
VVestgate. Tel. 2701 

Jaekson Thos., L.D.S. (T. Jackson & 
Sons) ; h. 5 Palatine sq. Tol. 3828 
Jackson Thos., hairdrsr, 30 Barracks rd 

Jackson Thos., clrk, 9 Constable &\* 
Jackson Thos., crtkr, 306 Gannow In 
Jaekson Thos. (Efficiency Press) ; h. 47 

Jackson Tom, vict, Exchange Hotel, 24 
. ^Nicholas st 

JACKSON TOM, vict, Cross Keys (fam- 
ily and commercial), 170 St. James' 
street. Tel. 3360 

Jaekson Tom, dentist ( T. Jackson & 

Sons) ; h. 8 Rosewood av 
Jaekson Win., coal dlr, 35 Ivy st 
Jackson Wm., crtkr, 46 Williams rd 
Jackson Wm. ()., optcn, 113 Colne rd 
Jackson Winston, comp, 48 Athol st 
Jacksons', Ltd., boot dlrs and hattrs, 

1 6 St, James" st 
Jacobs Harry, trvllr, 134 Trafalgar st 
Jacobs Max R., Ltd., fancy goods dlrs, 

02 St. James' st 

Jacques Arthur, Idgnghse kpr, i:M7 

Croft st 
Jacques Air. Geo., 30 Bayfield st 
Jacques Jas. Wm., mill mngr, 26o Bar- 
den In 
Jacques Jph., coal dlr, I !) Owen st 
Jagger Edwd., ins agnt/102 Manclics- 

ter rd 
Jagger Joe, joinr, Wilton st. Tel. 

2742 ; h. til Queen Victoria rd 
James Kdwd, M., chef, 98 Rectory rd 
James Geo, T., vict, Princess Alexan- 
dra, 78 Colne rd 

James :fl;oraco Hubert, wndw clnr, 34 

Berry st 
Jamioson Jas., clrk, 234 Manchester rd 
Jamieson Thos., comp, 13 Brunswick 

Jay Cibbert, dairy, 263 Coal CloUgh hi 

gene diploma), ladies and children's 
hairdresser, permanent waving and 
tinting specialist, 4 Bristol street. 
Tel. 3810 


chiropodist, 32a Yorkshire street. 
Tel. 2563 

Jeffrey Rob*. W., chapel kpr, 2 He- 
brew rd 

Jenkin Alfd. P., bttry chrgng' srvce, 1 

H.ollingreave rd ; h. 43 Constable av 
Jenkin Eric B., schlmstr, 7 Moorland rd 
Jenkin Roystone P., «sst scldmstr, 6 

Vandyke av 
Jenkins Rose, hairdrsr, 83 Plum be st 
Jenkinson Edwd., F.S.M'.C., F.I.O., 

optcn, 133 Rectory rd 
Jessop H. & Son, srgcl applncs, 27 

Westgate. Tel. 2389 
Jessop Herbt. (H. Jessop & Son) ; h. 

Jessop JohnH. (H, Jessop & Son) ; h. 

18 Poet's rd. ..._._ ;., 

JevonsI'Ved, enftnr, 107 Parliament st 



Jobling-MiSs-'Ann, 9 'Queen ?s Park rd 
Jobling Geo. \\\, scUctr (Jobling & Job- 
ling & Knape)'i-h'; 5 Stewart street. 
Tel. 2G<>! 
Jobling Harry, land agent and mining 
surv, Burnley PJslate office, 21 Brace- 
well sfc.. Tel. 2057 ; h. The Cottage, 
Highiield av 
Jobling & Jobling & Knapo, solctrs, o 
Hargreaves St. Tel. 2o7l ; and at 
Blackpool, St. Anne-s and Morecar/tbe 
Jobling John, fr fish dlr, 3 Buleook st 
Jobling Mr. John W., 357 Padiham 

Jobling Mrs. Priseilla, 378 Bnmshaw rd 
Jobling Thos., pltry frmr, I 8 Godley st 
Jobling Thos. E., solctr (Jobling & 

Jobling & Kuape) ; h, Blackpool 
.Johnson Albt. E., vict, General Camp- 
bell Inn, 18-20 Barracks rd 
Johnson Albt. E. (Stott & Co.) ; h. 31 

Admiral sfc 
Johnson Mrs. Annie, cnftnr, 221 Brnn- 

tStoesw rcl 
Johnson Arlhur, bus insptr, 70 Queen 

Victoria rd 
Johnson Arthur, sail insptr, 2;>5 Brun- 

sbaw rd 
Johnson Bros. (Dyers), Ltd., dyers and 

clnrs, 31 Manchester rd 
Johnson Rev. Chas. Benj., F.R.A.S. 
■ (Meth.), i Appletreo carr, Park av 
Johnson Ernest, grcr's mngr, 28 Can- 
low In 
Johnson Francis, gttrl dlr, 39 Berry st 
Johnson Geo. E., vict, Yorkshire Hotel, 

30 .Yorkshire st 
Johnson John, trvllr, 112 Marsden 

iJohnsou Jph., btchr, 18a Canning st ; 

h. 79 Rectory rd 
Johnson Pichd. (Aspden & Johnson) ; 
h. .Westwood, 41 Scott ' Park id. 
Tel, 2339 
Johnson Robt., coal dlr, 8 Arran si 
Johnson Kobt. £L (Shaekletons 1 ) ; h. 

29 Berkeley st 
Johnson Wltr. T., btehr, 129 Oxford 

rd ; h. 175 Todmorden rd 
Johnson Win., haivclrsr, 79 Coal Clough 

Johnstone Mrs. Eliz., frutr. G2 Trafal- 
. . gar s(. 
Jollift'e John I 1 '., prntr, 109 Ormerod 

Jolliffe Percy, pntr, 107 Najrno st 
Jolly Ernest, prntr, 9 Brown sq 
Jolly Win,, gent's outfttr. 44 Abel st 
Jolly Wm. E., ins agnt, $ Elm st 
Jones Albt. II., pntr, 155 Padiham rd 
Jones Alwyn (East Lanes. "Express de- 
livery Service) ; h. 7 Abinger st. 
Tel. v 3548 
Jones Mr. Arthur J., 159 Coal Clough 

Jones Bertie, grev's mngr, & Surrey av 
Jones Dan (Burnlev), Ltd., cfctn waste 
- dlrs, 1 -Brooklands rd. - Tel. 3560 
Jones Ednmd., trvllr, 52 Rossetti av. 
Jones Edwd., fcrvllrj 12 Keetory rd 
Jones Edwd., pol con, 30 Cumberland 

Jones Mrs. Eliz. A., grcr, 1 1 King st 
Jones Mrs. Elsie, wrdrbe dlr, 114 Traf- 
algar st 
Jones Evan, ins agnt, I Sefton ter 
Jones Fredk., btchr's mngr, 30 Temple 

Jones l''redk.,grcr'snmgr, 24 Norfolkav 
Jones Fredk., pol eon, 2 Bedfordshire 

Jones. Fredk., cnftnr, 1 1(3 New Hall st 
Jones Rev. Fredk., B.Sc, St. Mat- 
thew's vicarage, Fern rd 
Joaies Geo. Edwd., pol court mssnr, 58 

Lockyer av 
Jones Gerwynne Win,, elrk, 07 Gains- 
borough avenue 
Jones Rev. Herbt., St. Andi'ew's verges, 

Colne rd 
Jones Isaac, clrk, 5 Cromwell st 
Jones Jas.j grer's mngr, 25 Stroyan st 
Jones Jas. L-, trvllr, 121 Woodgroverd 
Jones Mr. Jesse, 38 Gainsborough av 
Jones John, clrk, 20 Hornby sfc 
Jones John A., clggr, Royle rd ; h. 104 

Brougham st 
Jones JohnF., pntr, 246 Fadiham rd ; 

h. 257 Padiham rd 
Jones John M., clrk, 23 Moorland rd 
Jones Miss Maud, costmr, 75-77 Man- 
chester rd 
Jones 'Riehd., clrk, \H Berridge av 
Jones Sidney, hlge cntretr. 1 5a Boot st 
Jones Sidney, ins agnt, 24 Metcalfe st 
Jones Thos., grer's mngr, 8 Vandyke av 
Jones Wallace, boot repr, 251 Brier- 
cliff e rd 
Jones Wlfd. T., grcr s mngr, 79 Gordon 

Jones Win.., trvllr, u'2 Dugdalerd 
Jopson W., ins agnt, 3 Colne rd 
Jordan Geo. B., hairdrsr, 3 Tunstill st ; 

h. 143 Basnet* st 
Jordan John W., ins agnt, 1 60 Burnley 

v<\,- Brier cliffc 
Jordan Wltr., trvllr, 120 Hollingreavo 

Jowett Alan, ins agnt, 1,0 Emily st 
Jowett Mi's. Clara, enftur, 2 Hind st 
Jowett Harold, crtkr, 94 Gainsborough 

Jowett Jph., prntr, 30 Brunshaw av 
Jowett Thos. W. (Bournes') ; h. 355 

Colne rd 
JUBILEE GARAGE (1935}, automobile 
engineers, car and lorry agents 
(taxis for weddings, etc., funerals or 
hire), Jubilee Garage, Trafalgar st. 
Tel. 4162 


Jndd John, frutr, 2~£l Barden In 
Judge Thos., fish dlr, 12 Oliyanfc st 
Judge Wm., grer's insptr,- 353 Brier- 
cliff g rd 
Judson Mr. Timothy, 2 Western av, 

Tel. 3060 
Jump Miss Edith, 14 Ebor st 
Jury Wm., bank prtr, 4 Squire st 
Kaine Anthony, coal dlr, 37 Travis st 
Kane Edwd., crtkr, 22 Ivy st 
Kavanagh Stephen & David, inrri dlrs, 

1 83 BriercUffe rd 
Kay Mr. Donald G. S., 367 Colne rd. 

Tel. 8431 
Kay 1>. &",, ins agnt, 67 Colbran st 
Kay Mr. Earl, 59 Clevelands rd 
Kay Ernest David, importer, 10-14 

Standish st. Tel, 3908 ; h. 18 Scott 

Park rd 
Kay Jas., mill mngr, 137 Healey Wood 

Kay John, trvllr, 67 Colbran st 
Kay John & Sons (Burnley), Ltd., 

cttn mnf trs, Spafield mill. Tel. 3924 
Kay Mrs. Lucy, Red lees, Southern av 
Kay Luke, wndw clnr, 21 Stafford st 
Kay Mrs. Mary, J. P., 2 Brooklands 

Kay Saml., trvllr, 16 Robinson st 
Kay Wltr. Sidney, vicfc, Corporation 

Hotel, 31 Oxford rd 
Kay Wm., elrk, 35 Merton st 
Kijl&y Henry, frmr, 3 Basuett st 
Kcano Henry J., crtkr, 62 Crowther st 
Kearns Misses Agnes &* Beatrice, 

cnftnrs, 136 Healey Wood rd 
Kearns Henry, pntr, 7 Gainsborough 


Keeling Francis, ins agnt, 20 Basnett 

Keeling Geo., elrk, 271 Brunshaw rd 

Keen Henry J., crtkr, 42 Moseley rd 

Keighley Geo. (G. Kcighley, Ltd.) : h. 
14 St. Matthews st 

Keighley Geo., Ltd., textile mchnry 
makers, ironfnclrs and engnrs, Bank 
house wrks. Canning st, Tel. 3772 

Keighley G. & S., archtcts and survs. 
27 Nicholas st. Tel. 2632 

tioneers and valuers, 23 Nicholas 
street. Tel. 2632 

Keighley Hy. (G. Keighley, Ltd.).; \i, 

Keighley Jus. ft.!. & S. Keighley) j h. 
.Woodleigh, Manchester rd. 1'el. 

Keighley Sand. (G. & S. Keighley); 
h. Bleak hse, Pasturogate av. Tel. 

Keighley Miss Susannah, 28 Harriet st 
Keighley 'lorn G. (Geo. Keighley, 

-Ltd.) ; h. Ill Moseley rd 
Keighley Win., bookkpr, 106 Rose Hill 
'-" road 

Keir Thos,, cyr.le dlrVmngr; O-W-ilt^ 

shire av 
Keirby Jas. W., grcr, 1.08 Gaiiriow In 
Kellett Arthur H. (J. Proctor, Ltd;) : 

h. 90 Glen View rd 
Kellett Wm. Oliver, reprtr. 42 Thmrs- 

field rd 
Kelly Albt., jrnlsfc, 140 Manchester rcl 
Kelly J. H., asst supt, Refuge Assur- 
ance (Jo., Ltd., 41 VVesfcgate 
Kelly Jph., grer's mngr, 5 Barclay av 
Kelly Miss Madelene, drsmkr, 275 
Colne rd 

Kelly Ralph W., pul con, 143 Rectory 

Kelly Robt,, elrk, 80 Gainsborough av 
Kelly Thos., fr fish dlr, 78 Parliament 

street , 

Kelly Wm. H., elrk, 275 Colne rd 
Kelshaw M'r. I'hos., 5 Arkwright st 
Kemp Jph., crtkr, 24 Harley st 
Kendall Francis, vict, Gretna Green 

Hotel, 207 Coal Clough In 
Kendall Jas., enftnr, 5 Oxford rd 
Kendall Miss Mary, drsrnkr, 45 Stand- 
ish st 

Kendall Thos., jwllr \s mngr, 208 Brier- 
cliff e rd 

Kennedy Arthur, shpkpr, 12 Aoering- 
ton rd 

Kennedy Miss Jessie, 434 P&diham rd 
-Kortniford Jph., grcr, 35-37 Anne st 
Kenuiford Wltr., clggr, 51 Brunshaw 

Kenway Win., garage mngr, 21 Orm- 

erod road 
Kenyon Arthur Percy, schlmstr, IK 

Rose Hill av 

Kenyon Clarence, hairdrsr, 42 Standish 

Kenyon Jas., MR.C.V.y., vet insptr 

and insptr under Diseases of Animals 

Act, 29 St. James' st. Tel. 2101 ; h. 

373 Padiliam rd. Tel. 2035 
Kenyon Mrs. Ruth H., vict, Angel inn, 

80 Accrington rd 
Ker D. Alison, M.B., Ch.B. (Glas.), 

phys and srgn, 72 Manchester rd 

(1'el. 2807), 93 Thursbv rd (Tel. 

2829) and M Rose Hill mount (1'el. 

- 35»5) 

Kerr Mrs. Eliz. E., pltry frmr, lghlen- 

hill Parkin 
Kerriu Hartley, elrk, 01 Creswick av 
Kershaw Clifford, pltry frmr, 39 West 

Kershaw Ernest, beerhse. Wood Top 

Inn, I 07 Accrington rd 

Kershaw F. & C, carriers, 129 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Kershaw Harry, ins agnt, 11 Eastham 

Kershaw Jas., coal dlr, 7 Old Hall sfc 
Kershaw John, phtgrphr, 63 Queens- 
berry rd 


Kershaw Mrs. Mary Ann, grcr, 1 Nor- 
man st 
Kershaw Kobt., pltry frmr, 27 Thorn st 
Kershaw Mr. Win. Hall, 83 Woodgrovo 

Kershaw Miss VV'nfd., hairdrsr, 89 

Plum be st 
Kewin Wm. J., tailr, 61 Slandish st 
Keys Mrs. Eliz., vict, Waterloo Hotel, 
. 39 Trafalgar st 

Khan M. K. U., eve spclst. MO West- 
gate. Tel. 2379 
Kidd Herbt., tailr 's rongr, 1 18 Melville 

Kidd John H, his insptr, 2 Grimshaw 

Kidner Clifford Hudson, E.A.L.i'.A. 
(Hudson & Kidner) j h. 225 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2555 
Kilburn John H-, pol eon, 8 Constable 

Kilner I'm, Hy.» cnftnr, 20 Ridge row 
Kilpatxiek David, M.B., Gh.B., phys 
and surg, 342 Padiham rd (Tel, 3005) 
and 45 Lowerhouse In 
King Hayhu.rst (King &. Torkington) ; 

h. U Nairne St. Tel, 3315 
King Thus., mill mngr, 108 Melville st 
King Thos., asst schlmstr, 10 Essex 

KING & TORKINGTON, joiners, shop- 
fitters, contractors and funeral under- 
takers, 1b Howard street. Tel. 3515 
Kings' (Burnley), Ltd.. boot reprs, Cur- 

zon st 
King's Cinema, Thorn st. Tel. 2847 
Kippax Albt., grcr, 3 Sand st 
Kippax Alld. M„ frmr, Elders- i-th' 

row, Briercliffe 
Kippax Elijah, enftnr, 300 Cog In 
Kippax "Frank, nwsgnt, 200 Briercliffe 

Kippax Fredk. (M. Kippax & Son) ; 

h, Kerrera, Keedley drv 
Kippax Herbt. M-, frmr, Hansons' 

tenement, Briercliffe 
Kippax Horace (Kippax & Son) ; h. 

130 Todmorden rd 
Kippax J. & Son, biscuit dire, Market 

Kippax Jas., grcr, (58 Burnley rd, 

Kippax Jas. B., frmr, Lower Primrose 

Kippax John, pwnbrkr, 10-12 Parker 

In and 60 Parliament st 
Kippax Mr. John H. H., 307 Manches- 
ter rd 
Kippax Mr. Louis, 119 Base Hill rd 
Kippax Mark & Sons, Ltd., cttn 

mnftrs, Browhead mill. Tel. 2527 

Kippax Mrs. May E., II Bank Hall ter 

Kippax Mr. Spencer, 198 Briercliffe rd 

.Kippax Stanley E., frmr, Holdon farm, 


Kippax Thos., mill mngr, 34 Marsden 

Kippax Wm. (M. Kippax & Sons); 
h. Hollins, Brunshaw rd. Tel. 28ol 
Kippax Wm. (John Stansfield <& Sons, 

Ltd.) j h. 2-t Queen's rd 
Kirby Stephen J., funeral undrtkr, 39 
Oxford rd and 139 Padiham rd. Tel. 
Kirk Mr. Arthur Win., 26 Clevelands 

Kirk Frank, pot con, 2 Reynolds st 
Kirkbright Jpli., agnt for Dovonwav 
Tours, 35 Yorkshire st. Tel. 4001 " 
Kiteh Wltr., bookkpr, 8 Claughton st 
Kitt Wm. Hy., elrk, 7 Wiltshire av 
Kleen-e-zie Brush Co., Ltd., brush 

mnftrs, 5 Hargreaves st 
Knape John, mo-br slsmn, 55 Glen View 

Knape John, jum\, soletr (Jobling & 

Jobling <& Knape) ; h. Morecambc 
Kneeshaw Jolm W., F.C.A. (J. W. 
Kneeshaw & Co.) ; h. Kingswood, 
70 Ightenhill Park In. Tel. 2946 
Kneeshaw J. AV. & Co., chrtrd aentnts, 
Bank chmbrs, 7 Hargreaves st. Tel. 
3177 (two lines) 
Knight Mrs. Emily, 43 Woodgrovo rd 
Knight Freclk., coal dlr, 82 Laithe st 
Knight Louis, chef, 18 Brunshaw av 
Knight Wm. W., wndw ahn\ 37 Laithe 

Knights Geo., ins agnt. 11 JSouthev st 
K.S.C. Social Club, Chapel st ; J. Bar- 
ker see 
Knowles Albt., ins agnt, 44 West- 
bourne av 
Knowles Albt. (Riley, Crossley & 

Kuowles, Ltd.) ; h. Clitheroe 
Knowles Alec, ins agnt, 5 Netherby st 
Knowles Chas. A... tapr, 57 Woodgrove 

Knowles (Joe. E. (O. E. Knowles, 
Ltd.) ; h. 70 Middlesex av. Tel. 
Knowles Geo. E., Ltd., cttn waste dlrs, 

Exmouth st. Tel. 2020 
Knowles Henry P., vict, Griff en Hotel, 

12$ Rossendale rd 
Knowles Mr. Jph. A-, 25 Ightenhill 

Park In 
Knowles Tom, tailr, 161 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 2335 ; h 69 Loekyer av 
Knowles Wltr., cooked meat strs, 116 

Branch rd 
Knowles Wltr., grcr, 29 Whittlefield st 
Labour Club (Healeywood), 30-32 Rum- 

ley rd; 13. Payne, see 
Lack Sydnev, trvllr, 64 Lockyer av 
LAGY ERNEST, joiner, contractor, tim- 
ber merchant and funeral undertaker, 
Daneshouse road and Bond street. 

Tel. 4211 ; h. 1 Elm street 
Lacy Henry H, frutr, 1 89 Briercliffe rd 



Lacy Rd., sht mtl wrkr, 21 Croft at ; h. 

37 Daneshouse rd 
Lacy Saml., clggr, 58 Ardwick st 
Lacy Wm., clrk, 33 Brunshaw rd 
Ladies' Measure Tailors, tailrs and 

cstmrs, 96 St. James 1 st 
Laid Mrs. Edith, tobcnst, 49 Standish 

Laily Jph., trvllr, J.y Irene st 
Lamb Alfd., ins iiisptr, 24 Eastern av 
Lamb Henry, btchr, (harden st. Tel. 

Lamb Mr. Wm., 50 Ormerod rd 
Lambert Frank, solctr (Lambert & 

Parker) ; h. 38 Hawthorne rd 
Lambert Frank, cttn slsmn, 20 Eastern 

Lambert H-, ins agnfc, J 57 Branch rd 
Lambert John, grcr, 30 Daneshouse rd 
Lambert Jph., auetnr, 216 Manchester 


Lambert Matthew, ins agnt, 14 .Swin- 
don st 

Lambert Misses Nellie & Laura, 445 

Lambert & X'arker, solctrs. 9 Yorke st. 

Tel. 26237 
Lambert Patrick, tailr, 119 Brunshaw 

Lambert Patrick J., foreman, 171 

Woodgrove rd. Tel. 2497 
Lambert Thos., process engrvr, 115 

Rose Hill rd 
Lambert Wm., see, P, Eastwood 

(Burnley), Ltd., Pluinbo st. Tel. 

3136 ; h. 2 Surrey av 
Lambert Zachariah ('J'aylor & Clark- 
son, Ltd.) ; h. 20 Bulcoek at 
Lambson Arthur (Lambson Bros.) ; h. 

1 8 Constable av 
Lambson Bros., wire wrkrs, 87 Man- 
chester rd 
Lament Donald C, M.B., Ch.B., 

.D.P.H-, phys and surg and med offer 

of health, 29 St. James' at. Tel. 

2101 ; h. Oakroyd, Southern av. 

Teh 3393 
Lancashire Daily Post and Preston 

Guardian (branch), 16 Parker In. 

Tel. 4261 
Lancaster Mr. Alfd., Fern bank. Coal 

Clough In. Tel. 4029 

Lancaster Mrs. Bessie Jane, 8 Queen's 
Park rd 

Lancaster Mrs. Dorothy A., 169 Man- 
chester rd 

Lancaster Mrs. Eliz., cookd meat sirs, 

43 Standish st 
Lancaster Mrs. Gertrude, hairdrsr, 13 

liaglan rd 
Lancaster Henry, asst schlmstr, 19 

Rose Wood av 

Lancaster J. & E., drprs, etc., 98-100 
Cohie rd 

Lancaster Mrs. Jane, 1 Moseley rd 

Lancaster John, cashier, J5 Gains- 
borough av 

Lancaster John (J. & E. Lancaster), 

100 Come rd 
Lancaster John 0-, trvllr, 21 Irene st 
Lancaster John W., bnk clrk, 520 Cog 


Lancaster Mrs. Mary, 395 Manchester 

Lancaster Moses U., acntnt, 1 Beech- 
wood av. Tel. 2072 

Lancaster M>s. Sarah A., 1 Applotrce 

carr. Park av 
Lancaster, Son & Parkinson, archtets 

and survs, Imperial ohmbrs, 2 Grirn- 

shaw st. Tel. 3268 
Lancaster Miss Susannah, 87 Albion st 
Lancaster Thos. H., eatnghse, 3 Nelson 

rd, Brierclijfe 
Lancaster Wm., Ltd., cttn waste dlrs, 

44 Bank par. Tel. 2308 
Laneasters', drprs, 9 Curzon st 
Landless Mr. Abraham C, 31 Scott 

Park rd 

Landless Mrs. Beatrice, 83 Ormerod 

Landless John Wm. (W. Landless & 
Sons) ; h. Alma villa., Clow bridge . 

Landless Maurice (W. Landless & 
Sons) ; h. Overdale, 256 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 2767 

Landless Misses Nellie- & Margt., 8 

Ormerod rd 
Landless Richd., Esq., J.P., 78 Bank 

Landless Stanley, mining engnr, Clifton 

cottage. Willow st 
Landless Wm. & Sons, cttn nmftrg, 

Clow Bridge mill. Tel. 2095 
Lane Rev. Stephen L. (Meth.), 65 

Ightenhill Park In 
Lang Louis, blck pdng mkr, 26 Colvillo 


Langley Norman, mngr, 4 Rose Wood 

Langley Robt. R., chrtrd acntnt 

(Richd. Watson & Son) : h. 125 

Rose Hill rd 
Langtree Mrs. Alice A., 6hpkpr, 24 

Kime st 
Lansdell Mr. Geo. Jas., Carlton hse, 

Manchester rd 
Lardner Henry, pntr, 4 Brooklands rd 
Larter John E., wndw clnr, 96 Robin- 
son st 
Latham Alfd., grcr, 49-51 Haslam st 
Latham Arthur, grcr, 1 64 Sanclygate 
Latham Frank, frutr, 86 Burnley rd, 

Latham Geo., hairdrsr, 31 Plumbe st ; 

h. 36 Cedar st 
Latham John, grcr, 113 Marlborough st 
Latham John T., enftnr, 35-37 Hurtley 

Latham R. & Son, pntrs, 1 73 Colne rd 



Latham Reuben (R. Latham & Son); 

h. I73Colnord 
Latham Reuben, boot dlr, 58 Hebrew 

Latham Thos. (Lathams* (Brierfield), 

Ltd.) j h. UOMarsdenrd 
Latham Win., grcr, 68 Hollingroave rd 
Lathams' (Brierfield), Ltd., chmsts, 

276 Colne rd and 142 Burnley rd, 

Briercliffe. Tel. 201 5-201 <> 
Latimer Unas., wndw clur, 125 Ardwiek 


Laurie Jas., mrkt grdnr, Hil-coL, 

Ightenhill Park In 
Lavender Edwd., enftnr, 9 Mark st 
Lavender Jas., warp drsr, VV'oodville, 

Towneiey side 
Lavery Hugh, desgnr, 395 Rossendale 

Law Frank, clrk, 60 Argylc sfc 
Law Geo. it, ins agnt, 17 Richmond st 
LaW Mrs. Isabella/ enftnr, 2 Helena st 
Law John, grcr's mngr, 3 Ronmey av 
Law Ronnie, grer's mngr, 28 Kiddrow 

Law Robt. A., clrk, 5 Lebanon st 
Lawrcnco Bertram, ins insptr, 15 Pala- 
tine sq. Tel. 3057 

Lawrence Mrs. Florence, hairdrsr, 322 
l'adiham rd 

Lawrie Mrs. Annie, The Ochils, South- 
ern aw Tel. 2837 

Lawrie Hubert (Beta, Ltd.) ; h. Si) 

Ightenhill Park lu. Tel. 2837 
Lawson Alfd., ins agnt, 20 Kirkgate 
Lawson Chas., trvllr. Ormorod rd 
Lawson Edwd., clerk, 179 Casterton 

Lawson Mrs. Klin., 116 Manchester rd. 

Tel. 2945 
Lawson Mis. Kmily, enftnr, 128 Lower- 
house In 
Lawson Mrs. Gertrude, great, 20 Kirk 

Lawson Henry, klgnghse, Kay st 
Lawson Henry, butcher's manager, 07 

Basnett st 
Lawson Mrs. Mary, enftnr, 1 Fold st 
Lawson Mr. Peter* 113 Rose Hill rd 
Lawson Thos., elrk, 22 Stafford st 
Lawson Thos., frmr, Tattersall barn, 

Law ton Alex., bookbndr, 35 West st 
Lawton Ernest, crtkr, 1 Barracks rd 
Lawton Henry, btchr's mngr, 97 Bas- 

nett st 
LAXTON DANIEL, F.N.A.A., estate 

agent and insurance broker, Cron- 

shaw's buildings, 8 Grimshaw street. 

Tel. 3596 ; h. 40 Hollingreave rd 
Laycock Benj. {B. Laycock & Co.) ; h. 

209 Coal Olough hY 
Laycock B. & Co., hairdrsrs" sndrymn, 

8 Croft st. Tel. 3103 
Layeoek Ernest, elrk, 11 Oslo rd 

Laycock Mrs. Haimah, grngrer, 814 

Padiliam rd 
Laycock Henry, prntr, 71 Middlesex av 
Laycock Murray, clrk, 7 Hawthorne rd 
Laycock Riciid. A., carrier, 1 25 Castor- 
ton av. Tel. 4286 
Laycock There., frutr, 6 Mercer st 
Laycock Wltr., clrk, 28 Lubbock st 
Laycock Willie, mill mngr, 65 Halifax 

rd. Briercliffe 
Laylicld Mrs. Beatrice A., hairdrsr, 09 

Thursby rd. Tel, 3990 
Layiield Frodk., trvllr, 4 Rose Hill rd 
Laylicld Henry, clrk, 28 Croswick av 
Layiield Jas. M., ongnr, 75 Culshaw st 
Layiield Mrs. Jane, 257 Manchester 

Layiield John A., schlmstr, 1 5 Romnov 

LayUeld John \Y\, ehmst, 44 Lyndhurst 

rd. Tol.2114 
Layiield & Lee, ebnfc mkrs, Trahtli'ar 

St. Tel. 4133 
LayUeld Stanley R., di'pr, 177 CoJne rd 
Layiield Wltr,, cnt'tnr, 74 Accriugton 

Layiield Wax. (Layiield & Lee) j h. 2S 

Rose Hill mount 
Lea Mr. Riehd. H., 2 Piccadilly rd 
Leach Ackroyd, water bailiff. Spring- 

field, Clow bridge 

Leach Krnest, irnshrs mngr, 3 Ennis- 

more st 
Leach Geo., clrk, J 4 Cardinal st 
Leach Miss Lavhuu, ladies* hairdrsr, 2 

Rectory rd 
Leach Ronnie 1<\ H., dntsfc, 45 Colne rd 
Loadbetter Jas., clrk, 113 Oxford rd 
Leagato Tea Co., tea dlrs, 79 W'estgate 
Leather Albt., grcr, 125 Accrington rd 
Leaver Mr. Abraham, The Cottage, 


Leaver Arthur IS". (Leaver Bros.) ; h. 
II uddersii eld 

Leaver Bros., drprs, 74 Burnley rd, 


Leaver Edwd. W„ cttn slsnui, 248 Tod- 

morden rd 
Leaver Mrs. Eliz,, 409 Manchester rd 
Leaver, Cough & Nuttali, cycle dlrs, 

SS Colne rd 

Leaver Harry, farm mngr, 80 Mlarsden 

Leaver Jas. K., otfcn stain, Rose cttge, 

Leaver Noel Henry, artiste, Rossen- 
dale av 

Leaver Percy, yarn agnt, 4 Brassey st. 

Tel. 3867 

Leaver Stephen K., chureh verger, 10 
Hawk st 

Leaver Wm, grcr, 2 Tennyson st, 

Leo Mrs. Ada, 3 Colne rd 
Lee Alan,, fr Pish dlr, 297 Cog In 



Lee AIM-., cttn slsmn, Newland, Queen 
Victoria rd 

Lee A. E., ins agnt, 12 Hardy st 
Lee E'dwd., Ltd. (Branch of the British 
Cotton & Wool T)yors T Association, 
Ltd.), dyers and bleachers, Victoria 
st. Tel. 3132 

Lee Frank, grot, 2 Beatrice st. Tel. 

Lee Mr. Frank, 60 Kiddrow In 
Lee Fred, enftnr, 42-44 Brougham st 

and 3 Fleet st 

Loe Freeman (Freeman Loo & Son) ; 

h. (>S Clovelands rd 

(Hons.), opSelogists, 118 St. James' 

street ; and at Nelson 
Lee Geo., nwsgrit, 4 Brown st. "Lei. 

2062 ; I). 250 Todmorden rd 
Lee Harold, coal dlr, 58 Disraeli st 
LEE HENRY, furnishing specialist, 72 

Coal Clough lane. Tel. 3785 
Lee Henry (Simplex Mop Co.) ; h. 72 

Coal dough In 
Lee Henry, park kpr, 84 SpriugUcld rd 
Lee Mr. -las. T., 78 Raglan rd 
Lee John T., ft fish dlr. 29 Herbert st 
Lee John W., frmr, Ha [stead farm 
Lee Mrs. Maggie M., 7 Brassey st 
Lee Kev. Robt, Jas. P., St. Cuthbort/s 

vicarage, 84 Melville st 
Lee Sidney C„ hairrh'sr, 3 Berkeley st ; 

h, 3 Cromwell st 

LeeWJtr. K. (Layheld & Lee) ; h. 523 
Brunshaw rd 

Leech Miss Emily, hairdrsr, 30 Lee st 
Lcedam Arthur S., mill rnngr, 55 
Woodgrove rd 

Leedam Harold E., enftnr, 3 Brennand 

Leedam John (Leedams') ; h. 35 Hoi- 

iins hill 
Leedam Richd. ( T ) : h. 102 

Belvedere rd 
Leedams', tailrs. Red Lion st. 'lei. 

Leeds & Liverpool Oanal Co., tolldopt, 

85a Manchester rd ; J. Pickup, ftgnt 

SOCIETY, 8 Grimshaw street. Tel. 

2882 ; Ernest Cowpc, district man- 
Leeming Mrs. Hilda, 23 West-bourne 

Looming, Ksq., J.B., 20 KiQy- 

no Ids st 
Looming Matthew, elrk, 20 Itossendalo 

Looming Thos. W., asst ins supt, 04 

Middlesex av 
Leemhig VV'm., grcrs inngr, 20 Leam- 
ington av 
Lees Mrs. Ann, 25 Eunismore st 
Lees (Burnley), Ltd., wndw clnrs, 60 

Melville st 

Lees John A. (Lees (Burnley), Ltd.) ; 

it. 25 Shackleton st 
Lees Ronald 1)., hldr, 18 Rossendaleav 
Lees I'hos. T)., enftnr, 837 Briereliffe rd 
Lees Wffd. (Lees' (Burnley), Ltd.) ; h, 

66 Melville st 

Leeson Mr. Austen Edwd., Carlton hse, 

Manchester rd. Tel. 2397 
Legh-Smith Herbt., trvllr, 04 Morse st 
Leicester Repairs (Boots), Ltd., 28 

Manchester rd 
Leigh & District Lending Society, 

Ltd., 2!a Yorkshire st. Tel. 38SI 
Loighton Clifford, pntr, 108 Colno rd. 

Tel. 4098 
Loighton. Clifford, oni'tnr. 80 Abel st 
Loighton Thos., prntr, 30 Emily st 
Lemon Fred (The Xghten Bruiting 

Works) ; h. IS Essex st 
Leslie Wltr., elrk, 50 Kiddrow In 
Lester Arthur, elrk, S Cobden st 
Lester Mrs. Lizzie, hairdrsr, 170 Bm-n- 

ley rd, BrlercUffe 

Levens Arthur, schtmstr, 352 Fadiluuu 


Lewis Kdwd. (E. Lewis & Sons) ; h. 

YVestbourne av 
Lewis E. & Sons, tea and corlee dh's, 

22a Aqueduct st. Tel. 2782 
Lewis Erie (E. Lewis & Sons) ; h. 8 

Moorland rd 

Lewis -John, ins agnt, 1 8 Kennie st 
Lewis John O., uphlstr, 31 Abel st 
Lewis llguld., trvllr, 31 Wesfcboum© av 
Lewis Tlios., junr. (T. Lewis & Son) ; 

h. 59 Argylest 
Lewis Wm., frutr, Carter st 

Lewis Wm. Ceo., masseur, 1.04 Braneh 

Lewis's, btehrs, 18 Homo st. - Tel. 251 I 
Loyland Motors, Ltd., East Lane. 

depot, Accrington rd. Tel. 2998 
Libberton Coulston, his agnt, 10 Stans- 

field st 

Liglitfoot Arthur, prntwrks mngr, 02 

ightenhill Bark In. Tel. 3703 
LUley Mr. Francis L., 15 Arkwright st 
Lindsay Frank B., brewr, 30 Moorland 

Lingard Jas., grcr, 40a Plumb© st 
Liugard Jas. A., prov dlr, Market hall 
Lingard John, elrk, 1 9 Lockyer av 
Lingard John Wm., wndw" clnr, 32 

Springfield rd 
Liugard Nicholas, wndw clnr, 76 Reed 


Lingard Kobt., elrk, 9 Cumberland av 
Linsley Edwin, dspnsr, 30 Athletic st 
Lister Cornelius, pmtr, 20 Duke st 

Lister Misses Frances & Wimfride, 142 

Todmoi'den rd 
Lister John, trvllr, 112 Todmorden rd 
Lister Rgnld, W.» enftnr, 843 Brier- 

eliff e rd 
Lister Thos., i'r fish dlr, JO .Travis st 



Lister Thos., onftni', 137 Padiham id 
Little Mr. Robt,, 503 Brunshaw rd 
Little Wm., pntr, 109 Coal Clough In 
Littlefair Henry, enffear, 64 Olympia st 
Little-wood Henry B., clrk, 28 Emily sfc 
Litfclewood Mrs. Martha, fr fish dlr, 94 

Rectory rd 
Littlewoods*, dog and pltry food dire, 4 

Parker In. Tel. 2873 
Liverpool & London <& Globe Insur- 
ance Co., Ltd,, 5 Hargreaves st. 
Tel. 2506 ; Gray Riggo, res insptr 
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, 1 1 

Yorkshire sfc 
Livesey Mrs. Mary, enftnr, 51 Oxford 

Livingstone Robt., bookbndr, 30 Dug- 
dale I'd 
Livingstone Win., crtkr, 17 Clough sfc 
Lloyd Mr. Albt. A., 118 Browhead rd 
Lloyd Alfd. K-, enftnr, 106 Abel st 
Lloyd Mjss Alice A., grcr, 04 Hurtley st 
Locke Mrs. Mary, drsmkr, 28 Hinton st 
Lockett Mrs. Edith, fancy drpr, 85 

Coal Clough In 
Loekwood Geo., enftnr, li'.i (Jannow in 
Loder Harry, drpr's asst, 20 Warwick sfc 
Loder Harry, Cent dlr, o Chancery st 
Loder Jas., grcr, 32 Temple sfc 
Loder Mrs. Lonisa, mllnr, 12 "Howe sfc 
Loft house Geo., hospital prtr, The 

Lodge, Oasterton av 
London & Lancashire Izi8iiraiJ.ce Co., 
Ltd., Imperial uhuxbrs, 2 (Iriiushavv 
sfc. Tel. 3536 
London & Miancliosfcor Assurance Co,, 
Ltd., Hargreaves at ; S. Basnofcfc, 

London, Midland & Scottish Railway 

Co., goods dopt., Ourzon st. (Tel. 

2231), Kose Grove (Tel. 2622); 
John K. Kigby, agent. ; passenger - 

dept : Bank Top fl'eb 4223), Man- 
chester rd (Tel. 2412), Rose Grove 

{Tel. 2<>22), Townley (Tel. 2») ; 

J. W. Kay nor, s tatiomn aster 
London Rubber Co., wtrprfs, etc., 3 

Manchester rd 
Long Arthur, ins agnt, 60 -N'airne st 
Long Harold, fcrvllr, 30 .N'ewton at 
Longbottom Ghas. (John Dixon, Ltd.) ; 

h. Lower Small hazels 
Longbottom John, shpkpr, 45 Fielden 

Longbottom Robt. N., bookbinder, 9 

Pastvtrcgato av 
Longworfch Harold, pel con, 5<S Dugdale 

Longworfch Thos. F., fr fish dlr. 3 

Lebanon st 
Lonsdale Fredk., bookkpr, 57 St. 

John's rd 
Lonsdale Geo., crtkr, 300 Gannow In 
Lonsdale Jph., enftnr and P.O., 137 

Coal Clough In 

Lonsdale Victor,, 82 Brierclirto 

Lord Mr. Amos., 00 Topping sfc 
Lord Mrs. Annie, drpr, 82 Abel sfc 
Lord Arthur, paprmkr, 40 Plumbe st 
Lord Ghas W. (Lard & Sons) ; h. Bar- 
den, Whai'fedalcav, Eeedley 
Lord Miss Elsie, enftnr, 8 Branch rd 
Lord Frank, drpr, 1 4 Market hall 
Lord Frank, drpr, 78 Coal Clough In 
Lord Fred, pntr, 21 Biding at 
Lord Fredk. <F. Lord & Son) ; h. 316 

Kossondale rd 
Lord F. & Son, btchrs, 93 Coal Clough 

Lord Geo., frmr, Bridgeley bank 
Lord Henry, crtkr, 312 Cog In 
Lord Herbt., cin mngr, 134 Todu.orden 

Lord Herbfc., ctfcn slsnm, 230 Brierolrffe 

Lord Jas., boot repr, Marsden rd 
Lord Jas. J5„ fa fish dlr, 77 Brougham st 
Lord Mr. Jas. T., II L-msdowno st 
Lord Jas. Wm. (Lord & Sons) ; li. 130 

Barden In 

Lord John F. (Radio Service Co.) ; h. 
101 Goal Clough In 

Lord Lawrence E., cirk, 254 BriercliJIe 

Lord Mrs. Mary, su hvro dlr, 14 W'hifc- 

tafcer si 

Lord M"rs. Mary A.., ^rcr, 2.S Hirst sfc 
Lord Mitchell, wndw cliir, 45 Travis st 
Lord Hobt., grci', .'t7 Bread sfc 

Lord Robt. W. (F. Lord & Son) ; h. 

510 Cog In 
LORD & SONS, paining contractors, 

197 Colne road and Hollin street. 

Tel. 2625 ; and at Brier/hid 
Lord Sylvester, smhvre dlr, 4 (Jas st 
Lord Thos., pbv.brs' u rehnt, II 2a 

Mitella st. Tel. 3365 ; h. 2 Pennine 

Lord Wlfd.,. mill see, 230 Brierdilie rd 
Lord Win., vict. Cattle Market Biotel, 

51 Parker In 
Lord Wm.., coal dlr, 5 Cog st 
Lord Win., pntr, 58 Brierclifto rd 
Lome Mantels, Ltd., cbnt mkrs, Guy 

st. Tel. 4271 
Lovat Wltr., tailr, 18 Kendal at 
Love Clough Co-operative Stores, grcrs, 

Clow bridge 
Love Harold, wndw clnr, :t Gran by st 
Low W. S., Ltd., paint mnltrs Slid 

wlppr fctrs, 8-10 Hargreaves st. 

Tel. 2908 j and at Preston, Blackpool, 

Lancaster and Bacup 
Lowcoek Miss Edith A., drpr, 77 Lyiid- 

hursfc rd 
Lowe Henry, grer, 39 Old Hall st 
Lowe John G-, trvllr, 72 Piccadilly rd 
jjowcrhottae Cricket Vlub, Liverpool rd ; 

J£. Drabble, sec 



Lown-hoiine Mills Clnb 9 Lnworhouse In. 
Tel. 303 PimH/mm ; L. YVhalley, sec 
Low is Harold S., cnftnr, 4ii Reynolds st 
Lloyds, Ltd., radio dlrs, 87 St. .lames' st 
Lubber ton Chas., ins agnt,, 10 Stans- 

field st 
Lubcek Milk Bar, cafe, 28 St. James' St 
Lucas Henry, trvllr, 97 Hpaley Wood 

Ludlam MXS. Eva, frutr, 68 Abel st 
Ludl&m Mr. Oliver C, 61 Abel st 
Luke Rev. .Jas. Fredk. (Meth.), 9 Bev- 
erley st 
Lumb Mrs. Clara, 5 Montague rd 
Luroby Chris., clrk, 9 Lansdowne st 
Lund Luke & Sons, Ltd., bakrs, 4 
Temple st, 206 Colne road, and 183 
Padiham road 

Lund Tom, A.M.I.M.E., mining engnr, 

1 74 Todmorden rd 
Lunt Riehd., frutr, 18 Snowden st 
Lupton Albt. (Lupton Bros.) ; h. 7 

Scott. Park rd 
Lupton Arthur, see. Lupton & Place, 

Ltd., Charlotte st. Tel. 3831 ; h. 12 

St. Matthew's at 
LUPTON BROS., booksellers, station- 
ers and fancy goods dealers, 12 St. 

James' street and 15-16 Market hall. 

Tel. 2035 
Lupton Ernest, slsmn, 38 March st 
Lupton Mrs, Grace, Spireila eorseuere, 

Lupton .las., mill rang*, 22 Queen's rd 
Lupton John 'i'., canal ranger, 20 

Lower House In 
Lupton & Place, Ltd., clobby mkra, 

Charlotte st. TeL 3831 
Lupton Thos., ertkr, 11 ITlster st 
Lupton Wltr., cloth slsmn, 79 Gains- 
borough av 
Lutner Alfd., rlwv insptr, 369 Brier- 

eliffe r< I 
Lyeett Miss Constance. 13 Killingtonst 
Lynch Ghas. K. B., M.B., Oh.B., phys 

and srgn, 80 Yorkshire st. Tel. 

38fi0 ; h. 237 Bnmshaw rd 
Lynch Geo., suprvar, 24 Constable aw 
Lyneh Jolin, see. Amalgamated Textile 

Warehousemen's Association, Keigh- 
ley grn. Tel. 3729 ; h. 01 Rossetti 

Lyons Abraham, pntr, 33 Wren st 

Lyons Fredk,, nwsgnt, 26a Hawthorne 

Lyons Jas. Thos., nrsrymn, Ivy bank, 
Kiddrow In 

McBreen Francis, ins agnt, 73 Rectory 

M.R.S.T., M.I.S.M., teacher of piano- 
forte, theory, aural, pupils coached 
for exams., 504 Accrington road 

MoConville Mrs. Mary, hairdrsr, 19 
Todmorden rd 

M'cOourt Wltr., forrnn engnr, 40 Huf- 
ling lano 

McDonnott John, hse frnshr, 60 Colne 

McDonald Jas., clunny swpr, 25 Peter 

McDonald Jas. V., tailr, 11 Forest st 
McDonald Martin, fornin electm, 58 

Lindsay st 
MoFarlane Andrew, cnftnr, 6 Mitchell st 
McFarlane Jas., fish dlr, 46 Todmorden 

McFotteridge Mrs. Mary A., cnftnr, 32 

Curzon st 
McGeorge Henry, it fish dlr, 1 Hinton at 
McGeorge Horace, cttn slarnn, 83 Park- 
inson st 
McGeorge Richd., bookkpr, 20 Stoney 

McGuire Fredk., clrk, 1 5 Gordon st 
M'cHale Edwd., wndw clnr, 58 Parkin- 
son st 
Mclntyre Henry, poatmn, 30 Stoney st 
McKay Chas. J., M.B., CM., phys and 
srgn, 276 Manchester rd ; surgerv : 
63 Todmorden rd. Tel. 2033 
McKay Mr. John, 113 Woodgrovo rd 
McKay Jph., see, Burnley & District 
Friendly Society, Bank par. Tel. 
2833; h. 310 Padiham rd 
McKays' (Coal), Ltd., cllry agnfs, 4 

TJmrsbysa. Tel. 3054 

Mackcit.ha*, i'rnshrs, 113a Manchester 

rd. TeL 3736 
McKollen Denis M., chrtrd civil engnr, 

f 5 W'esthouse av 
Mc'Kenna Francis, shpkpr, 09 Plumbo 

Mackerel] W'ltr., piano dlr, 75 Standiah 

Mackereth Alan, pntr, 32 Herbert st 
Maekereth Win,, clrk, 23 Reynolds st 
McLean John, enftnr, 1 78 Howard at 
MVLeod Arnold, clerk, 46 Westboume 

McLeod Rd., mill mngr, 38 Lansdov/nc 

McLoughlin Hrbt,, pstmn, 48 Parlia- 
ment st 
McLoughlin John E., ins agnt, 13 Ar- 

gyle st 
McMahon Hy., beerhse, Bee Hive Tun, 

20 Marlborough st 
McMahon Jas., hairdrsr, 1 00 Hurt-ley st 
MeMahon Miss M'areella, drpr, 87-89 

B'urtley st 
McManus Hugh, frutr, 66 Lyndhurst rd 
McMurray Sand. (Burnlev Oil & Tal- 
low Co'.); h. 17 Hind at 
M'cKally Robt. (Woodking Firelighter 

Co.) ; h. 324a Accrington rd 
McNeil Thos , grer, 43 'Dorset st 
McNicol Robt. D., shpkpr, 28 Lindsay 

McNiff J., ins agnt, 29 Rornney av 



McKoo Misses "E. & L., fancy rcpstry, 

22 Manchester rd 
M'oNulty DanL, beerhse, Sim Tim, 1 

Burnley rd, firiercltjje 
McNulty Peter, enftnr, 80 Townelov st 
MoPhail Archbltl, trvllr, 03 Brougham 

MePhaif Duncan P., pstmn, 12 Belford 

McQuaker Win. J., trvllr, (SO Gains- 
borough av 
McSherry J., ins agnt, 1 50 Brunshaw rd 
MeSkimming Alex., trvllng drpr, 60 

Tghtenhilf Park In. Tel. 2:150 
MeVey Chas. \V., elrk, 10 Misapali st 
McWhinney Archbkl. R., M.B., Ch.B., 

phys and srgn, 363 Padiham rd. 

'id. 3445; and 22 Aeerington rd. 

Tel. 3946 
McWhinney Jpli,, ins agnt, "Dial at 
McWhinney Saml., Co-op librarian, 7o 

Basnett st 
Madden .John, shpfepr, 123 Cog In 
Maddicks Albt.. V., olrk, 25 Hollin lull 
M>i.ddioks Alfd. K., trvllr, 247 Bnm- 

ahaw rd 
Maden Ali'd., grcrand P.O., 58 Burnley 

rd. Clow Bridge 
Maden Hannah, frmr, Ntitshaw farm 
Maden Henry, ri'utc, I 8 Lower House In 
Maden Win., beerhse, Coal Olorrgh 

Hotel, -II Coal Clough !n 

Madoek ftdvvd., hairdrsr, 352 Colne rd 
Magnall Miss Alice, 336 Piidiham rd 
Magna 1 1 Ernest, bookkpr, 16 Ford si 
Magna II Mrs. Evo, enftnr, 71 MnnehoH- 
ter rd 

Magnall Miss Eva, drpr, 46 M'itella st 
Magnall Ronald, elrk, 3 Telford st 
Magratli Rev, Chas. M\, 34-1 Padiham rd 
ftl&gwood Jph., warp drsr, 8 Merton st 
Malions' Sanitary Laundry, 70 Ae- 

crington rd. 'lei. -21)2*) 
Mailey Wrn., pltry frmr, 1 2 Springwood 

Majestic Picture Hoit^e. Brougham st. 

Tel. 2777 
Mallett Fredk., drpr, 91 Springfield rd 
Mallett Geo., cnttnr, 00 Cleaver st 
Mallinson Abraham, hairdrsr, 142 Colne 

Mallinson Leim, grcr, 10 Ford st 
Mallinson Win. H.j grcr, 17 Bh&w st ; 

h. 10 Xewton st 
Maloney Alfd., fish dlr, 34 Tabor st 
IVfaloney Mrs. Sarah, enftnr, I I Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Manchester Furnishing Warehouse, 1 30 

Si. James' st. Tel. 3822 
Manghati Peter, gnrl dlr, 63 Now Hull st 
Mauley Mrs* Ethel, mllnr, 1)7 Plumbe st 
Mannion Kdwd., enftnr, 07 Oxford rd 
Manscll Peter, wndw clnr, 53 Stoney st 
Mansfield R\\, eu-shr, 1 12 Coal Oloiigh 

In no. ■" ' - - 

Marehwell Wood Heel Co., Ltd.. wood 
heel nuiftrs, Tunstill st. Tel. 371 6 

Margerison Isaac, pltry frmr, 21 Oeer 
Park i-d 

Margerison Jas., ertkr, 1 Bath st 
Margerison Mrs. Mary A . 348 Padiham 

Marguerite? Madame, hairdrsr, 12a Har- 

greaves st (Tel 3030) and 54 St. 

James* st (Tel. 2088) 
Market Sis;pf',rhUcu<1enfH Office, Market 

pie. Tel. 2101 ; J, W. Whitehead, 

Markham John, enftnr's slsmn, 20 

Ightenhill Park In 
Marks & Spencers*, Ltd,, bazaar pro- 

prietors, St. James' st 
Marney Jas., shpkpr, 82 Branch rd 
Man* Stanley, dye wi'ks u-ngr, 3 Here- 

f oi'd a v 

Marsden Mrs. Ada. drpr, 52 Abel st 
Colne road ; andat-Na&ww-sndf-'oZwe 

Marsden Kdgar, pstmn, 27 Parliament 

MARSDEN ERNEST, motor haulage 
contractor, carrier and furniture re- 
mover (daily service to Liverpool and 
Manchester); garage, Irwell street; 
office, 145 Lowerhottse lane. Tel. 

Marsden Mrs. Hilda, enl'dir, I 74 Sandy- 

M'arsden Jacob, ciishr, 284 BrierclilTe I'd 
Marsderj Jas., fish dlr, 24 Westmorland 

Marsden Jas. (4., drpr's mngr, 17 W'al- 

pole street 
Marsdon Jas. R., ertkr, 2 Kfetealfe st 
M'arsden J'as. R., sec and librarian. 
Mechanics' Institution. Manchester 
rd. Tel. 200011 : h. 1 1 H;*vvIli<>riio 


M'arsden Jolin, grer's n.n<<t\ 15 Mine- 
head av 

Marsden John, boot repr, l?3 Spencer 

M'arsden John, ins agnt, 18 Irene st 
Marsden Kobt., marine store dlr, Or- 

merod hse, Rose grv 
Marsden Sidney, pol con, ~> Prescotr si: 
Marsh Cecil, clrk, 1 Tliurston st 

Marsh Edwin, pltry frmr. Broad bank. 

Brier cliff e 
Marsh Henry, f r lish dlr, 1 40 Burnley n I 
Marsh Jas. A., ins agnt. 02 Kvan at 
Marsh Thos. H.. I.C.S. rep, 9 Rose Hill 

Marshall Albt.. ins mngr, 27 Hollin hill 
Marshall A lot., uatr bailiff, Prospect 

ter. Clow Bridge 
Marshall Fred, com agnt, Clovolly, 

Southern av, Tel. 41 34 
Marshall Hy. (Wm. Marshall (Burnlev), 

Ltd.), 104 St. James' st. Tel. 2711 



Marshall Henry, watr bailiff, Rough 

Leo tor, Glow Bridge 
Marshall . fas. E., bnsinsptr, 22 Carlton 

Marshall Peter, drpr, 40 Athol st 
Marshall Kr., grer. 34 Parliament at; 

1). ol Kirkgato 
Marshall VV'Ifd.. elrk, 17 Surrey av 
.Marshall Wfd. (YV. & VV. Marshall); 

h. 81 Hollingreave rd 

MARSHALL WM. (Burnley), Ltd., 
furnishing specialists (curtains, lino, 
and carpets, etc.), showrooms, 164- 
168 St. James' street and 10, 11, 47 
and 49 Market hall. Tel. 2711 

Marshall Win., grer, 530-538 Alding- 
ton rd 

Marshall Win,, hank elrk, 11 Gains- 
borough av 

Marshall Win. (W. & W. Marshall) ; h. 
384 Bnmshaw rtl 

Marshall W. & W., joinrs, Hirst St 

Marsham Tvre Co., Ltd.. tyro dsi rhtrs, 
1-3-3 Cannon st. Tel. 4210 

Martin Miss Eva M, 45 Barry st 

Martin Geo., pwnbrkr's mngr, 15 Dur- 
ban st 

Martin John J., tbenst, 63 St. .Tames' 
st ; h. 75 Woougrove rd 

Martin Jph., woiglmin, 1 8 Swainbank st 

Martin Leslie J,, bnk eashr, Strotton 
hse, Haworth rd 

Martin Thos.. enftnr. 14 01(1 Hall st 

MARTINS' BANK, Ltd. (open daily 
9-0 a.m. to 3-0 p.m., Saturday 9-0 
a.m. to 12 noon), Hargreaves street. 
Tel. 2258 (sub-branch, Habergham, 
open daily 10-30 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., 
Fridays 9-30 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., Satur- 
days 9-30 a.m. to 11-30 a.m.) ; 
Harry Parker, manager 

MARTINS 1 BANK, Ltd. (open daily 
9-0 a.m. to 3-0 p.m., Saturday 9-0 
a.m. to 12-0 noon., 40-42 St. James' 
street. Tel. 2552 (sub-branch, 109- 
111 Colne road (Tel. 3391), open 
daily 10-30 a.m. until 1-0 p.m., Fri- 
day 9-30 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., Saturday 
9-30 a.m. to 11-0 a.m.) ; John M. 

Simpson, manager 
Martins', dyers and elnrs, ISO St. 

James' st 
Mason Arnos, font dlr, 30 Todmorden 

Mason (loo. (Mason, West & Bather) ; 

h. The Mount, JJriercliffe 
Mason Henry, coal dlr, ].y0 Branch rd 
Mason Jas., coal dlr, 67 March st 
Mason John, rlwy frmn, 11 Essex av 
Mason Sidney H., trvllr, 74 Gains- 
borough av 
Mason, West & Bather, cttn mnftrs, 

Queen st, Brierctiffe. Tel. 3528 
Mason Wm. S., hrdwre dlr, 5S Man- 
chester rd 

Masonic Hall Co., Ltd., poison sq. 
Tel. 2344 ; T. H- Hargreaves, see 

Massey Arthur, oat-cako bakr, 70 
Lionel st 

Massey Ernest, ins agnt, 41 Piccadilly 

Massey Geo., trvllr, 25 Claughton st 

Massey Harold, trvllr, 380 Rossendale 

Massey [Henry, mill, 143 Caster- 
ton av 

Massey Henry, elrk, 12 Thurston st 

Massey Jph. {Ferguson & Massey) ; h. 
674 Brunshaw rd. Tel. 3070" 

Massey Kirs. Margt. A., 33 Colne rd 

Massey Kobt., fnrn brkr, 120 Padiham 
rd and I Hastam st 

Massey Thos. A. (W. Massey) ; h, 20 
Brooklands rd 

Massey Wm., reed and heald mkr. 
Plumbe st. Tel. 2070 

Ltd., brewers, wine and spirit mer- 
chants, ale and porter bottlers, 
Bridge End brewery, Westgate ; wine 
and spirit department, 8 Calder Vale 
road. Tel. 2131 (three lines). 
Edwin Hargreaves, secretary 

Mather Miss Ivv, optcn, 17-18 Market 

Mather John, elrk, 28 Seott st 

MATHER WALTER, haulage contract- 
or (daily services to Liverpool, Man- 
chester and Hull), garage and office, 
Cooper street. Tel. 3012 ; h. 1 Rag- 
lan road. Tel. 2094 

Matthewman Albt., trvllr, 170 Bnm- 
shaw rd 

Matthews Chas. K., dairynm, 30 Gor- 
don st 

Matthews Rd. T., enftnr, 1 Claughtou 

Matthews Thos. M., ins agnt, 03 Branch 

Matthews Wm. H-, schlmstr, 13 Rose 
Hill av 

Maudsley Mrs. Florcneo, cnftnr, 22(5 
Colno rd 

Maudsley Frank, chmst, 70 Ormerod rd 

Maudsley Frank, clothr's nmgr, 2 Rose 

Maudsley Mrs. Gladys, baby linen dlr, 
1 Lower House In 

Maudsley Harold, cttn slsmn, 14 Ros- 
sondale av 

Maudsley Mrs. Mary A., beersllr. 1 
Old Hall st 

Maudsley John W. , prntr. 1 7 Basnett st 

Maudsley Riohd., cbnt mkr's mngr, 42 
Moorland rd 

Mandsley Thos., elrk, 27 Rosewood av 

Maudsley Win., grcr, 27 Lowerhouse In 

Maurice Decorations, pntrs, 4 Croft St. 
Tel. 2165 

Mawer Matthw., boot I'opr, 37 Kairne st 



Mawaon, Swann & Go,, yeast mrchnta, 

Adlington at 
Maxfield Ernest, tadlr, 52 Kyan at 
Maxfield Herbt. G., cttn mnftr. Elm 
Street shed. Tel. 3713 ; h. 14 Scott 
Park I'd 
Maxfield Jas. C, nwsgnt, 71 Parlia- 
ment st 
Maxfield Jph. T., clrk, 9 Old Hallst 
Maxfield Lewis, prprty repr, 32 Ard- 

wiek at 
Maxfield Thos., see, Burnley Twisters 
& Drawers' Association, Central club, 
Keighley green. Tel. 3729 ; h. 49 
Brockenhurst st 
Maxfield Thos. E., slsmn, 10 Rossen- 

dalc av 
May John Geo., crtkr, 42 Venice av 
Maybury Wm. Chas., fornin, 73 Gains- 
borough av 
Mayer Robt., enftnr, 52 Mitella st 
Maygrath Rev. Clias. M. (C.E.), 344 

Padiham rd 
M]aymond .Tolin 'I 1 ., wndw olnr, 5 How- 
ard st 
Maymond Wlt.i\, wndw clnr, 10 

Hargher st. 
Mayoh Fred, crtkr, 7 Moseley rd 
Maypole Dah'y Co., Ltd., grcrs, 82 St. 
.lames' st, 144 Colne rd. 3 Plumbe st 
and 153 Accrington rd 
Mead Mrs. Rose, eatnghse, 25 Wren st 
Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd., grcrs, 88 St. 
James' st, 2 Temple st and 1 58 Colne 
Meadoweroft Miss Edith, school of 

dancing, 336 Padiham rd 
Mechanics' Institution, Manchester rd. 
Tel. 200011 ; Donald Race, honsec ; 
J. Thornber, J. P., lion treas. ; John 
R. Marsden, sec and librarian 
Medforth Wlfd., elggr's mngr, 106 

Parkinson st 
Medley Frdk., enftnr, 215 Briercliffe rd 
Medley Jas., clrk, 18 Brassey st 
Medley Jas. K, tbenst, 112 Trafalgar 

Medley John Wm., nwsgnt, 118 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Meldrum Chris., prprty repr, 3 Plane 

Tree houses 
Melia Mrs. Ivy, grcr, 68 Barracks rd 
Melias', Ltd., grcrs, 140-142 St. James' 

st, 70 Hebrew rd, 353 Briercliffe rd 

and 2b Temple st 
Melland Wm. (Home Laundrv), Travis 

st. Tel. 3664 
Meller Mr. Thos., Greenlands, 208 

Todrnordon rd. Tel. 2883 
Mellor Amos., grer's mngr, 278 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Mellor Frank, engrvr, 4 Bedfordshire 

Mellor iiarold M., boot repr, 3 Cuerden 


Mellor John R., vict, Craven Heifer 

Hotel, 1 YVhiUamst 
Mellor Wm. Higginson, vict, Old Spar- 

row Hawk Hotel, 63 Church st. 

Tel. 233311 
Mellows Geo. L., pol eon, 2(57 Brun- 

slmw rd 
Mercantile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

drprs, 10 Hargreaves st. Tel. 3819 
Mercer Arthur, clrk, 303 Briercliffe rd 
Mercer Arthur H., rhvy insptr, 1 Oli- 

vant st 
Mercer Clifford, rlwy clrk, 1 Ulster st 
Mercer Fredk., hairdrsr, 86 Springfield 

Mercer John, pol eon, 1 62 Brunshaw rd 
Mercer John L., schlmstr, 345 Manches- 
ter rd 
Mercer Mrs. Mary Eliz., 142a Todir.or- 

den rd 
Mercer Mr. Nicholas, 1 59 Manchester 

Mercer Thos., engnr'smngr, Heathfield, 

Moseley rd. Tel. 3765 
Mercer Thos., clrk, 11 Cumberland av 

MERCER WM. J. & Co., insurance 
brokers (agents for all leading in- 
surance companies, registered at 
Lloyds), 3 Ormerod street (Tel. 4252} 
and 103 Albion street. Tel. 2037 

Meredith Adrian Lewis, btchr, 5 Chan- 
cery st. Tel. 3542 ; h. 4 Tarleton av 

Meredith Miss Isabella, enftnr, 4 Tod- 
rnordon rd 

Meredith Sam!., trvllr, 66 Brougham st 

Merrifield Edwd., clrk, 1 Ormerod rd 

Merritt Francis J., metr insptr, 53 
Albion st 

Metcalfe Misses Alice & Hannah, 
cnftnrs, 61 Nairne st 

Metcalfe Mr. Arthur, 7 Westboumo 

Metcalfe Bros., grcrs, 52 St. James* st, 
and whlsl tea and coffee dlrs, Bridge 
st. Tel. 3339 

Metcalfe Mrs. Caroline J., drpr, 15 
Parker In 

Metcalfe Hy;, engnr, 81 Albion st 
Metcalfo Jas., boot repr, 10b Brier- 
cliffe rd ; h. 27 Haydock st 
Metcalfe Jas. T., grcr, 41 Reynolds st 
Metcalfe Mrs. Mary Ann, enftnr, 107a 

Oxford rd 
Metcalfe Mrs. Sarah, grcr, 732 Padiham 

METCALFE THOMAS, coach painter 
and cellulose sprayer, 49a Bank par- 
ade. Tel. 3885 ; h. 142 New Hall st 

Metcalfe Ihos., boot repr, 90 Curzon 
at; h. ISCalderst 

Metcalfe Wltr., works sec, 265 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3007 

Middlebrough Edwd., asst schlmstr, 32 
Glen View rd 



Middlemiss Jas. W., grcr's mngr, 151 
Casterton av 

MIDLAND BANK, Ltd., Manchester 
road. Tel. 3077 ; II. Eastwood, 
Mildren Wm. 0., coal dlr, 81 Barden la 
Miles Mrs. Ethel, cnftnr, I Hind st 
Miles Herbt. S., wrks mngr, 9 Rossen- 

dale av 
Miles John, ins agnt, 1 Hind st 
Miles Misses Rose & Dora, shpkprs, 5 

Devonshire rd 
Millard Roland L. , pol oon, 40 Mitella at 
Miller Alfd., ins agnt, 113 Branch rd 
Miller Mrs. Beatrice mllnr, 21-23 

Temple st 
Miller Edwd. (Hargher Clough Re 

lay) ; h. 25 Cog In 
Miller Ernest, grcr. 1 72 Hollingreave rd 
Miller Geo., crtkr, 10 Brunswick st 
Miller Harold D., res insptr, Royal In- 
surance Co., Ltd., Cronshaws' bldngs, 
8 Grimshaw st. Tel. 3448 
Miller By. H : (Hitchen's Re-lay Ser- 
vice) ; h. 570 Brunshuw rd. Tel. 
Miller Miss Sarah., cnftnr, 28 Williams 

MILLER THOMAS H., F.S.I. , land 
egent, surveyor and valuer, 204 Tod- 
morden road. Tel. 2458 ; h. 1 
Queen 's Park road 
MiUetts' Stores, outftrs, 30 St. James" st 
MilUgan Mrs. Bertha, mllnr, 23 Hebrew 

MilUgan Mr. Jas., 42 Colne rd 
Millowners' (The) Own Furnishers, 
Ltd., millfrnshrs, 193 Brunshaw rd 
Mills Albt., clggr, 31 Cog In 
Mills Mrs. Blanche, Combe dingle, 

Moseley rd 
Mills David, drpr, 85 Hollingreave rd 
Mills Jas. J., metr insptr, 31 Emily st 
Milner Alston, grcr, 119 Briercliffe rd 
Milnes Beaumont, pi try frmr, 4 Doer 

Park nl 
Mi J nes Fredk., wndw clnr, 7 Felix st 
Milns Fredk. A., cycle dlr, 32 Church st 
Miners' Social* Plumbe st ; B. Cart- 
wright, see 
Ministry of Health (Insurance Depart- 
ment), 70 Westgate. Tel. 3300 
Ministry of Labour Employment Ex- 
change, Hammer ton st. Tel. 3205 ; 
Wm. Simm, mngr 
Minton R. R. & Co. (1 930), Ltd., paint 
mrchnts, 157 St. James' st. Tel. 
Mitchell Alan M., clrk, 11 Every st 
Mitchell Arthur, shpkpr, 70 'l'hurslield 

MITCHELL BROS., motor haulage con- 
tractors and general carriers, Sunder- 
land Street garage ; office, 5 Stephen- 
son street. Tel. 2840 

Mitchell Mr. Chas., 36 Clevelands rd 

Mitchell Chas. W., frutr, U and 310 
Gannow In 

Mitchell Chris., clrk, Laurier rd 

Mitchell Edgar, supt, Blackburn As- 
surance Co., Ltd., 15Q St. James* st; 
h. 19 Rossetti av 

Mitchell Frank (F.Mitchell & Son) : h. 
11 Barry st. Tel. 3832 

Mitchell Fred (Mitchell Bros.) ; h. 5 
Stephenson st. Tel. 2840 

MITCHELL F. & SON, tourist agents 
to the North of Ireland, Bangor, Co. 
Down, with headquarters at the 
New Savoy Hotel (160 bedrooms and 
fully licensed) ; office 11 Barry 
street. Tel. 3832 

Mitchell Fredk. W., frutr, 1G8 Accring- 
ton rd 

Mitchell Garnett E., pstl clrk, 5 Emily 

Mitchell Henry, cnftnr, 53 BrennandsL 

Mitchell Henry (H. & M. Mitchell) : h. 

21 Church st, Briercliffe 
Mitchell H. & M.., chrpdsts. 124 Colne 

rd. Tel. 3871 
Mitchell Berbt., shpkpr, 07 Athol st 
Mitchell Mr. Jas., 22 Gainsborough av 
Mitchell John (F. Mitchell & Son) ; h. 

391 Rossenclale rd 
xMitchell John W'., htchr, 33 Bflnkhouaa 

Mitchell Leslie, frutr, 228 Acerington 

Mitchell Luther E. (L. E. Mitchell {fc 

Son) ; h. 107 Dall street 
Mitchell Luther E. & Son, motr engnrs, 

Stanley pic. Tel. 2040 
Mitchell Saml., fr fish dlr, 82 Burnley 

rd, Briercliffe 
Mitchell Mrs. Sarah A., grcr, 112-114 

Piccadilly rd 
Mitchell Thos., eashr, 20 Scott Park rd 
Mitchell Wltr., clrk, 9 Chiltern av 
Mitchell VV'lfd., frutr, 301 Manchester 

Mitchell Wm., clrk, 20 St, Cuthhert st 
Mitchell W., ins agnt, 102 Briercliffe rd 
Mitchell Wm. & Son, com statnrs, 3 

Watt st. Tel, 3753 
Mitre Billiard Hall, Trafalgar st 
Mitre Engineering Co., engnrs, West- 
Mitton John W., grer's mngr, 45 Scott 

Molfatt Miss Greta, ladies' outftr, 1 

Sounder bank. Tel. 2059 
MofEatt Jacob, pstmn, 56 Todmorden 

Moffatt John, clrk, 582 Brunshaw rd 
Moffatt Jph. A., schlmstr, 226 Man- 

Chester rd 

Moffatt Oliver Robt., A.C.A. (J. W. 
Kneeshaw & Co.) ; h. 37 Woodgrove 
rd. Tel. 3394 



M'ofiitts', phtgrphrs, 1 05 Manchester I'd 
Monehier Wm., ehmny swpr, 6 Mor- 
peth st 
Monk Arthur, clrk, 229 Barden In 
Monk Ernest, ins agent, (>;t Piccadilly 

Honk Jay. & Son, gent's outftrs, 2:84 

Pad ilia m rd 
Monkman Jas. A., clrk, 43 Angle st 
Monkman Jas. ()., clrk, 7 Oaken pie 
Monkman Wm., wrdrb dlr, 46 Abel st 
Montague Fredk. S-, booksllr, 44 York- 
shire st 
Moodycliffe Edgar, slctr, 68 Dugdalo rd 
Moon. Francis, archtct, 212 Brunshaw 

Moonev & Grant, statins, 2 Queen 

Victoria rd. Tel. 4000 
Mooney Jas. IX (Albion Press), 'M 

Colville st 
M.oor Geo. W., dairy, 50 Elmwood st 
Moore Alfd. J., pub asstne offer, 
County Borough of Burnley, 20 
Nicholas st. Tel. 2101; h. 519 
Brunshaw rd 
Moore Mr. Francis D., 42 Rose Hill rant 
Moore Mr. Geo., 9 Albion ter 
Moore Mrs. Helena, loo Woodgrovo rd 
Moore John, ertkr, Royle lodge, Holme 

Moore John R., ins agnt, 27 Ivan st 
Moore Jonas B., clrk, 23 Brooklandsrd 
Moore & Rogers, florists, 178 Colne rd 
Moore Win., shpkpr, 14 Todmorden. rd 
Mooi'house Albt., btchr, 70 Brunswick 

Moorhouse Mrs. Alice, tripe dlr, 40 

Lyndhurst rd 

Moorhouse Angelo, clrk, 01 Ormeroc! rd 

Moorhouse Arthur H., val offer, Burn - 

ley Corporation, 4 Elizabeth st ; h. 

1.70 Todmorden rd 

Moorhouse Mrs. Edith E., 35 Ormerod 

Moorhouse Edwd. (Moorhouses 1 ) ; h. 

£it. A lutes- on-Sea 
Moorhouse Mr. Frank, Franklyn, Xgli- 

tcnhill Park In 
Moorhouse Geo., vac offer, 213 Brun- 
shaw rd 
Moorhouse Hv., pntr, 30 Brougham st 
Moorhouse Jas. Harold, M.B., Ch.B., 
ophthtme srgn, 43 Colne I'd. Tel. 
Moorhouse Mr. Jesse, 848 Padiham rd 
Moorhouse Sydney, trvllr, 22 Surrey av 
Moorhouse Wilson, mus tehr, 70 Naimo 

Moorhouses*, min watr mnftrs, Moor- 
house st. Tel. 2844 
M.oran Francis, clrk, 1 2 Coultato st 
Moran Frank, hairdrsr, 70 Abel st 
Moran Thos., ins agnt, 6 Whitpark st 
Morcombe Albt. (W. Morcombe & 
Son) ; h. 20 Granville st, JlarU 8#he 

Morcombe Henry, beerhse, Riile Volun- 
teer Inn, 1 Smalley st 

Morcombe Mrs. Hilda, eostm.r, 2<S9 
Padiham rd 

[MORCOMBE WM. & SON, nursery- 
men, florists (wreaths, crosses and 
bouquets}, The Nurseries, Cemetery 
lane and 106 Rossendale road 

Morcombe Willie (W. Morcombe & 
Son) ; The Nurseries, Cenieteiy In 
Morgan John, grcr, 1 Lincoln st 
Morgan John, club stwd, 54 Master st 
Morgan Win., dairy, 280 Padiham rd 
Morley Arthur, wtchmkr, 4 Brunei st 
Morley Mr. Jas. H., 101 Coal Ciougli In 
Morley Jas. H-, trvllr, 73 Glen View rd 
Morris Abraham, tailr, 10 Westgate 
Morris Albt., hairdrsr, 50 Abel st 
Morris & Ashworth, tourists' agnts, 
114 Brunshaw rd and 52 Belvedere 
Morris Aubrey Cbas. (Moi'i'is & Sons) ; 

h. 253 Cog In. Tel. 2170 
Morris Mr. Granville, 6 Brooklands rd 
MORRIS HERBERT, automobile agent 
and engineer, garage and showrooms, 
Morris Service station : Plumbe 
street and 63 Manchester road. Tel. 
2292-2293 ; h. 1 96 Todmorden road 
Morris John, hairdrsr, 94 Leyland rd 
Morris Mark, hairdrsr, 159 Briercliffe 

Morris Pvobt. C-, fr fish dlr, 1.03 Lower- 
house hi 
Morris Saml. L., fish agnt, 35 Melville st 
bile agents and engineers ; show- 
rooms : Plumbe street and 63 Man- 
chester road. Tel. 2292-2293 
MORRIS & SONS, textile engineers, 
mill furnishers, spring, spindle and 
temple makers, steam heating en- 
gineers, acetylene welders and cut- 
ters, Caledonian mill, Sandygate. 
Tel. 4062 

Morris & Wilkinson (1932), Ltd., 
hrdwre mrehnts, Bank par. Tel. 


Morris Win. (Herbt. Morris); h. 190 
Todmorden rd 

Morrisey Patrick J., pol con, 1(5 Nelson 

Morrison Thos., drpr, 58 Ashworth st 
Mortimore Clffrd., clrk, 52 Moseley rd 
Mm'timoro Jas. W., clrk, 21 Emily st 
Mortimore Joshua, ohmst's mngr, 90 

St. James 1 st 
Mortimore Wlfd. J., drpr's asst, 19 

Herbert st 
Morton Thos., f urn brkr and boot repr, 

35, 57 and 63 Hammerton st and 2a 

Acerington rd 

Mosedalo Fredk. A-, carrier, VVellhouse 

st ; h. 1 7 Nicholas st 
Moss Thos., trvllr, 79 Ebor st 



IVfoss Win, H., ins agnt, 48 M'arsdon rd 
SERVICES (all classes of insurance 
transacted, motor insurance special- 
ists, quarterly premiums, security 
with service), 8 Yorkshire street 
Tel. 2617; F. C. Riley, A.L.L.A., 

Motor Registration Office, Town Hall. 

1'el. 5101 
Motor Trades Facilities, 15 Hargre&ves 

st. Tel. 2814 

Heralding Jas>, fr ftau cilr, 270 Gsimow 

I a no 

Moulds Emost, A.L.A.A. (Ashworth, 
Moulds & Co.) ; h. Linton, 2 Herk- 
oraer av 

Mount, Kguld., enftair, 107 Burnley rd, 

II Her cliff e 

Movie Ohas, J., elrk, I 8 Sand st 

Mudd Alt'd., club stwd, I 63 Manchester 

Mullen, coach jmtr, .Acre st. 
Tel. 3457 

MULLEN & DURKIN, Ltd., builders, 
contractors, stonemasons, stone and 
flag merchants and concretors, Traf- 
algar street. Tel. 3781. Telegrams 
» Build " 

Mullen Win., trvllr, 108 Browhead rd 
Mulligan Thos., g'nrl dlr, 12 Dunoon st 
Mulroonoy Patrick, shpknr, 11 Living- 

stono st 
Muh'ooney TJios., rlvng offer, 27 Ten- 
nyson st ; li. 24 Barclay av 

Muiihy Alan, elrk, 298 Cog In 
Munby Lurd. W., boot die's "uigr, 4 

Komford st 
Municipal College, Ormerod rd. Tel. 

2101 ; W. Munu Kankin, M.Se. 

{Leeds), B.Sc. (Loud.), prin 
Municipal General Hospital, Casfcerton 

ay. Tel. 3231 ; .Miss E. Hollier, 

Municipal Oolj (-oui-ng, Todmorden rd. 

Tel. 4004 ; VV. Spcnco, pro 
Municipal Officers' Guild, Town Hall ; 

\V. Wild, see 
Municipal School of Art, Ormerod vd. 

Tel. 2101 : W. Marlborough White- 

head, -LB., A.K.C.A., A.M. Cert., 

Munro -las., elrk, 90 Melville st 
Munro Wni. Eraser, M,K, (Munro & 

Skinner), phys and -srgn, 36 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3925 ; surgery : 187 Colnc rd ; 

li. Daviot, Recdley. Tel. 2327 
Murphy Mrs. KHz.. 09 Woodgrove rd 
Miu*ray Francis, grcr, 24 May st 
Murray John, insptr of taxes, 47 Igli- 

tenhill Park In 
Murray Leslie, jwllr's asst, 155 Kose 

Murtagh Harold, wrlss re-lay srvc, 17 

Cakler st and 40 Calder Vale rd 

Murtagh Jas., crtkr, 302 Banleu hi 
Murtagh Jas., chmst's asst, 123 Nuirno 

Murtagh J'ph. (W. Walton, Ltd.) * h. 
11 Ormerod rd 

Murton Arthur, carrier, 10 Lindsay st 
Mnseutt John, B.Sc. (Eng.) (Mus- 

caitts') ; h. 62 Raglan rd 
Muscutt Win. A. (Muscutts*) ; li. 105 

Coal C lough In 

SERVICE, radio relay, 8 Standish 
Sflreet. Tel. 2965 ; and at Accrhfj- 

Myers Albt.,, Calder st 
Myers Clarence, elrk, 74 Middlesex av 
Myers ClcmenL, trvllr, 480 Aeerington 

Myers Herbt., enftnr, 23 Queen st, 

Myers Jas. K., ettn slsmn, The Dingle, 

Rock In 
Myers Luther Ernest (13. Stuttard, 

Ltd.): h. 81 St. Matthew's st 
Myers Miss Mary, hairdrsr, 59 Lyitd- 

hurst rd 
Myers Stephen, drpr ? 59 Lyndhurst vd 
Myerseough Jas. E., pol eon, 8 Shaftes- 
bury st 
Nadin Arthur, metr insptr, 37 Eraser st 
Ha&fcn CilTrd., elrk, 22 Lark st 
_N'adin Win., elrk, 10 Olivajit st 
Kash Mr. Oswald H., S7 Woodgrove rd 
Nash TIios., irnmngr's mngr, 128 Mars- 
den rd 

National Society for Ike Prevention of 
Cruelty to Children, 21 Palatine sq ; 
S. G. Cuckney, insptr 

National Union of General <£• Muni- 
cipal Worker*' A ssac-ialion, St. 
-Tamos' row. Tel. 2021 ; W. Heys, 
J. P., sec 

Naughton Henry, marine sfcr dlr, Bas- 
ket st 

N'aughton Jas., sehlmstr, 15 Linby st 

Naylor Mr. AIM. Ernest, 405 Manches- 
ter rd 

.Naylor Chas., slsmn, 22 Bolvedero rd 

Maylor Edgar G„ enftnr, 130 Brough- 
am st 

'Naylor Mi: Oeo. E., 230 Manchester rd. 
TeL 3£90 

NAYLOR J. H. & SON, Ltd., joiners, 
builders, contractors, funeral under- 
takers and shopfltters, Celia street. 

Tel. 4067 

Naylor John (J. H. Naylor &> Son, 

Ltd.) ; h. 14 Celia st 
Naylor Wild., htehr, 58 Parliament st 

and Brunshaw rd 
Noal Ellis, grcr, I Swainbank st 
Noary Terrerice, artiste, 239 Padiham 

Nelson Miss Agnes, 2 G Kose Hill mount 



Nelson House Assembly Room*, Nelson 

Nelson Mrs. Jane, 350 Padiham r<l 
Nelson Room & Power Co., Ltd. 

(Brook Street and Vale Street mills), 

7 Grimshaw st, Tet. 2244 (two 

lines) ; E. Smith, see 
Nelson Xhos., beerhse, Brickmakers* 

Arms, 60 Yorkshire st 
Nelson Thos., boot repr, 57 Yorkshire 

st ; h. 119 Lyndhurst rd 
Ness Mr. Frank, 20 Sycamore av 
Nevison Jas., boilr inspfoc, 247 Coal 

Clough In 
Newall Leslie, elrk, 40S Rossendal© rd 
Newbold Rick, crtkr, 351 Brunshaw rd 
Newbold Richd., grcr, 2 Liverpool rd 
Newell David, eatjnghouse, 91 Oxford 

Newman W'ltr., grcr s mngr, 37 Dorset 

Newsome Albt., grer 3 25 Whittam st 
Newsome Jas., prntr, 98 Melville st 
New Thought and Unity Centre, Clifton 

Newton Geo. H.,, 33 Oxford rd 
Newton John Wm., 1'rutr, 76 Lyndhurst 

ro ad 
Newton tFph, H., crtkr, 118 Healey 

Wood rd 
Newton Mi's- Mary J., 30 Harriet st 
Newton Saml., hairdrsr, 56 Padiham rd 
Newton Stanley H".., sehln.str, 402 

Brunshaw rd 
Nicholas Mrs. Flora E. f fr fish dlr, 28-30 

Old Hall st 
Nicholas Francis, fr fish dlr, 126 Burn- 
ley rd, Briercliffe 
Nicholls Mr, John, 225 Padiham rd 
Nieholla John, ins agnt, 29 Brunswick 

Nicholson Albt., drpr, 38 Brougham st 
Nicholson Mrs. Bertha, grcr, 38 Broek- 

enhurst st 
Nicholson Edwd., joinr. Riding st ; h. 

4 Prince st 
Nicholson John, ins agnt, 29 Bruns- 
wick st 
Nicholson & Biding, wrlss re-lay srvc, 

34 Brougham st 
Nicholson Thos., coal dlr, 61 Clive st 
Nicholson Wm., prpty repr, 27 Coal 

Clough In 
Nicholson Wm., grngrcr, 104 Burnley 

rd, Briercliffe 

Nicoll C. B„ ladies' cstmr, 15-17 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3845 

Nicoll Conrad B. (C B. Nicoll) ; h. Oak 
hill, 167 Todr.orden rd. Tel. 2439 

Nield John H-, comp, 41 Morse st 

Nightingale Mrs. Annie, 17 Hawthorne 

Nightingale Mrs. Annie E., 1 1 Montague 

Nightingale Arthur, cashr, 504 Cog In 

Nightingale Misses Florence & Margt., 

2 Lansdowne st 
Nightingale l'hos. (&. Thornber, Ltd-) ; 
h. Dineklev. Clevekmds rd. Tel. 
Nightingale Wm., cashr, 132 Browhead 

Ninniss Edgar, ettnslsirn, 418CoInerd 
Nixon Fredk., aentnt, la Yorke st. 

Tel. 2780 
Nixon Fredk.. coal dlr, 29 St. John's rd 
Nixon Harry T., bnk cashr, 3 Rosewood 


Noakes John {J. Spencer) ; h. 224 Man- 
chester rd 
Nobbs John \\\, coachbldr, 223 Brun- 
shaw rd. Teh 3442 
Noble Mr. Alan, 389 Padiham rd. Tel. 

Noble Miss Alice, shpkpr, 4 Lincoln st 
Noble John, Ltd.. est-mrs, 1 7 Market st 
Noble Mrs. Mary, ladies' hairdrsr, 178 

Brunshaw rd 
Noble Rk'hd., bookkpr, 37 Plover st 
Noon Edwd., grer, 52 Hull st 
Noonan Jas., elggr, 283 Briercliffe rd 
Noonan Robt. {T. & R. Noonan) ; h. 

124 Hurtley st 
Noonan l'hos. J. ('!'. & R. Noonan) ; 

h. 1 Albert st 
Noonan T. &R., joinrs, 60 Yorkshire st 
Norman John, btehr, 9 Tunnel st ; h. 5 

Irene st 
Norman Wm. L., clrk, 26 Morse st 
Norris Albt., grcr's mngr, 40 Milner st 
Norris Jph., hairdrsr, 110 Aecrington 

rd ; h. 19 Prince st 
Norris Wm. H., hairdrsr, 200 Padiham 

rd ; h. 1 9 Oslo rd 

INSURANCE Co., Lfcti., 19a Man- 
chester road. Tel. 2320 ; B. Cotter, 

district secretary 
North- East Lancashire Association Qirl 

( (Burnley Division), Parker In 
North- Bast Lancashire (Region No. 2) 

Joint Town I'lantving Cmtvinittee, 5 

Bridge st ; P. L. Hughes, officer 
Northcott Mrs. Nella, mat nrse, 361 

Manchester rd 
Northcott Mr. Philip, 43 Westbourne 

Northern Daily Telegraph Ofltoo,' 20 

Manchester rd. Tel. 4015 
Northern Radio Exchange Co., wrlss 

dlrs, 148a Trafalgar st 
Northern Tea Stores, wino and spirit 

dlrs, 147 St. James' St. Tel. 3587 
Nothard Herbt., trvllr, 490 Brunshaw 

Nowell Chas., drpr, 77 Raglan rd 
Nowell Harry, btchr, 48 St. Matthew's 

st. Tel. 3341 
Nowell John T., friur (hind), Higher 

house, Briercliffe 



Nowell, Mel lor & Nowell, soletrs and 
corns for oaths, 11 Hargrcaves fit. 
Tel. 3105 

Nowell Thos. Baron (Lowell, Mellor & 
Howell) ; h. Willow bank, Brook- 
lands rd. Tol. 3418 

Nuttall Miss Annie, 40 Glen View rd 

Nut tall Arthur, joinr, Redruth st. Tel. 

Nuttall Ashworth. prntr, 2b Adlington 
st. Tel. 2870; h. 164 Todmorden 

Nut tall Chas., fish dlr, 1 Coal Ciough In 

Nuttall Chas. E., mill mngr, 9 Fifth 

Nuttall Clifford, grer, ol Parliament 
st ; h. 33 Springfield rd 

NUTTALL & Co., Ltd., letterpress 
printers, commercial stationers and 
paper merchants, King's mill, Bridge 
street. Tel. 2508 

"Nuttall & Crook, Ltd., ettn spurs and 
mnftrs, Rose Grove mills. Tel. 

Nuttall Edgar, enftnr, 21-23 Heath st 1 ; 
h. 248 Briercliffe rd 

Nuttall Mrs. Edith, shpkpr, 21 8 Lower- 
house In 

Nuttall Mr. Edwd , 23 Colne rd 

Nuttall Mrs. Emma, drpr, 8 Briercliffe 

Nuttall Fredlt, firewd dlr, 25 Hufling In 
Nuttall i'rcdk , nwsgnt, 128 Burnley 

rd, Briercliffe 
Nuttall Henry, vict, Sal ford Hotel; 

Royle rd 
Nuttall Henry A. (Ashworth Nuttall) ; 

h, 22 Ronnie st 
Nuttall Henry R., twstr, 53 Clevelands 

Nuttall Henrv R., Esq., .'/.P. (Nuttall & 

Crook, Ltd.) ; h. 18 Glen View rd. 

Tel. 2542 
Nuttall Herbt. (Bates & Nuttall) ; h. 

37 Hollin hill 
Nuttall .las., ins agnt, 8 Moore st 
Nuttall Jas. K., pltry frmr, 12 Deer 

Park rd 
Nuttall John, frmr, Sand Bed farm 
Nuttall John K., grer, 120 Hurtley st 
Nuttall John L., drpr, 68 Hebrew rd 
Nuttall Mansfield, btchr, 102 Burnley 

rd, Briercliffe 
Nuttall Mrs. Mary E., enftnr, 177 Ox- 
ford rd 
Nuttall Ralph S., trvllr Towneley Paek 

Nuttall Rowland, elrk, 240 Harden In 
Nuttall Thos. , enftnr, 81 6 Padiham rd 
Nuttall Titos. H-, nwsppr pblshr's 

rangr, 82 St. Matthew st 
Nuttall Wlfd., ettn slsmn, 1 Jubilee st, 

Nuttall Willie, beerhse, Waggoners' 

Inn, 1 68 Colne rd 

Nvtttor Abraham (Thos. Nutter, Ltd.) ; 
h. 10 Fairholme rd 

Nutter Albt. E., enftnr, 4 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 

Nutter Ali'd. V., grer, 75 BrjerclifJe rd 

Nutter Arthur S., frutr, 20 Haydock 

Nutter Miss Eliz., vict, Masons' Arms, 
00 St. James' st. Tel. 381 7 

Nutter Ernest, trvllr, 68 Melville st 

Nutter Mrs. Esther, beersllr, 4-6 Hal- 
stead st 

Nutter Fredk., vict, Royal Butterfly 
Hotel, 83 Hufling In 

Nutter Miss C, 17 Mark st 

NUTTER MARRY, plumber and sani- 
tary engineer, 82 Briercliffe road and 
2a Anthony street. Tel. 2865 ; h. 
Asheldon, Towneley side 

Nutter Jas., btehr's mngr, 96 Aeering- 
ton rd 

Nutter Jas., grer, 01-03 Halifax rd, 

Nutter Jas. L., fish dlr, 31 Plover st 

Nutter John Thos., frutr, 849 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Nutter Jph., btehr's mngr, 96 Accring- 
ton rd 

Nutter Mrs. Lillian, dntst, 70 Briercliffe 

Nutter Rgnld., motr slsrrn, 13 Fifth av 

Nutter Sam]., coal dlr, 63 M'arsden rd 

NUTTER THOS., Ltd., wholesale and 
retail manufacturing confectioners, 
119 i-aUham roaci and Steam Con- 
fectionery works, Bread street ; reg- 
istered office, Bread street. Tel. 2438 

Nutter Trios. (Thos. Nutter, Ltd.) ; h. 

Glennie, Southern av 
Nutter Thos. B., A.M.I.E.E., dep chief 

engnr, Corporation Electricity works. 

Aqueduct st ; h. 355 Manchester rd. 

Tel. 2862 
Nutter Wm„ trvllr, 19 Mitchell st 
Nutter Wm., trvllr, 10 Hinton st 
Nutter Wm. Herbt., grer, 39a Oxford 

Oakes Cyril K., cin mngr, 56 Morse st 
Oakes Ernest, dining rooms, 1 43 West- 
gate, 38 Yorkshire st and 1 Cow In 
Oakes Harold V., sec. Amalgamated 

ITnion of Engineers, Cronshaw's 

buildings, Griwahaw street j h. 20 

Middlesex av 
Gates John, elrk, 542 Brunshaw rd 
O'Brien Michael, slsmn, 24 Arkwright 

O'Brien Stephen, shpkpr, 20 Thursfield 

O'Brien Thos., elrk, II Palatine sq 
O'Connell Daniel, elrk, 33 Haslam st 
Oddfellows' Club (G.U.O.O.F.), Keigh- 

ley green ; J. Cundy, sec 
Oddfellows' Loan Co., Ltd., 53 Boot st ; 

A. Sutcliffo, mngr 



Pddie Mrs. Alice, cnf tnr, 66 Waterbam 

Oldie Edwd., slsnrn, 93 Reynolds at. 
Tel. 3638 

fectioner and caterer, Oddie's cafe, 9 
and 38 St. James' street Tel. 3455 
and 3836 ; and at Nelson and Colne ; 
h. Warnford, 351 Coins road. Tel. 

Oddie Mr. Willie, 482 Padiham rd 
Ogdan Harry, solctr, com for oat lis and 
coroner for the Borough of Burnlev, 
5 Grimshaw st. Tel. 2805 ; h. Suiv 
nyside, Beedley, Tel. 867 Nelson 
Ogden L. 0., Ltd., chmsts, 305 Padi- 
ham rd 

Ogden Madame, mllnr, 170a Burnley 

rd, BriercUffe 
O'Hara Frank, wrks formn, 20 Sinalley 


OldHeld Jos,, plsfr, Walnut st ; h. IS 
Gannow In 

Oldfield Wilson, clrk, 252 Coal Glavgh 

Oldham Charley, clrk, 11 Brunei st 
Otdham Fredk., fr fish dlr, 20 Elm st 
Oldham Jph., pltry frmr, 1 3 Poor Park 

Oldham Miles, fish dlr, I 54 Sandygate 
Oldham U'hos., nwsgnt, 7 Standish st 
Qklman Percy, mngr, District Bank, 
Ltd. (County Bank branch), 10 
Grimshaw st.' Tel. 2358 ; h. Craig- 
nair, 11 lieedley grv. Tel. 39S5 
OUphant Robt., grcr, 105 Cog In 

Olive Mount Mill Co., Ltd., ettn mnftrs. 
Junction st. Tel. 3011 

Oliver Geo., fish slsmn, 25 Rosewood 

O'Malia Peter, plmbr, 74 Parliament 

st. Tol.2721 

O'Mara Michael, stpljck, 5 Cavour st 
O'Mara Wm., stpljck, 40 Ivy st 
Opensha.w Jph. K,', clrk, OOTlmt'sby r<l 
Ormerod Alht. Edwd., bnk prti\ 15 

Thomas sfc 
Ormerod Krnest, fcrvllr, 38 Hose Hill 

Ormerod Mrs. Esther S. J., drpr, 80 

Trafalgar st 
Ormerod Frank, grcr, 67 Ley land rd 
Ormerod Frank (Halstead Halstead) ; 

h. SvithonMone 
Ormerod Hy., schlmstr, S Murray st 
Ormerod Henry, hoot rcpr, 99 .Sandy- 
gate ; h. 36 Cumberland av 
Ormerod Hy., see, M. & J. W. Heap, 
Ltd., cntrctrs, Clifton st. Tel. 391 5 
and 2752 ; h. 22 Ightenhill Park In 
Ormerod W'ltr., wrhsm.n, 8 Fairholme 


Ormerod Wm., hlge enfrctr and frmr. 
Bee Hole farm, Teh 3876 ; h. 42 
Belvedere rd 

O'Sullivan Rev. J., St. Mary's presby- 
tery, 1-3 Todmorden rd. Tel. 2028 

Osborne Jph., fr fish dlr, 136 Accring- 
ton rd 

Outhwaite John (Outhwaite & Sons) • 
h. 113 Albion st 

Outhwaite Jph. (Outhwaite & Sons\ ; 
h. 113 Albion st 

Outhwaite Matthew- (Outhwaite & 
Sons) - 3 h. 25 Scott Park rd 

OUTHWAITE & SONS, coal mer- 
chants, 106 Manchester road. Tel. 

Outhwaite Wm. Kd. (Outhwaite & 
Sons) ; h. High blean, Pasturcgato 

Ovens Chas. J., mngr, 1 1 4 Coal Olough 

Overend Maurice (Maurice Deeora- 

tions) ; h. 4 Croft st 

Overseers' Office, 4 Elizabeth st ; A. H. 

Moorhouse, val otter 
Overton Geo., mill fmshr, 50 Colne rd 
Owen Arthur VV., asst ins &upt, 55 

Pritchard st 

Owen Edwin H., trvllr, 48 Sycamore 

Owen Israel, pol com 28 Hersehell st 
Owen iTas., fr fish dlr, 4 Lionel st 
Owen Jph., cnf tnr, 304 Harden In 
Owen Wm., joinr, 72 Brougham st 
Owens Geo., clrk, 208 Cog In 
Oxford Radio & Kleetrical Supply. 

elect engnrs, 22 Oxford rd 
Padget Fredk. J., fr fish dlr, 230 Lower- 
house In 
Padiham Building Society, 124 Colne 
rd ; and at Padiham and Colne 

Page Chas R, irnmngrs' asst, 16 Can- 

Page Wm. E., F.C.T.S. (Inc.) (Alstons' 
Business Training College) ; h. 220 
Manchester rd. Tel. 2158 

Palace Theatre and Cinema. St. James' 
st. Tel. 3726 

Palatine Dairies, Ltd., dairy, Market 

Pafey Alan, frutr, 360 Colne rd 
Paloy & Mallinson, cnftnrs, 6 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Pallister Thos., phtgrphr, 153 Colne 

Palmer Mrs. Bertha, hrdwr dlr, IS 
Padiham rd 

Palmer Mrs. Doris, grcr, 1 53 Bnmshaw 

Palmer Ernest, ins agnt, 72 Watorbarn 

Palmer John (M. Palmer & Sons) : h. 
Brunshaw rd 

Palmer Matthew (M. Palmer & .Sons) : 
h. Plum be st 

Palmer M. & Sons, ebntmkrs, Plumhe 
st, Tel. 2288 

Palmer Miss Sarah, enftnr, 274 Colne rd 



Palmer T. C., tailr, 93 St. James 1 st 
Palmer Win., florist, 33 Market at. 

Tel. 2976 
Parhtt Alb*. Chas., dntst, 522 Aeering- 

ton rd 
Park Frank, sehlmstr, 32 Marsden rd 
Park VVItr., club stwd, 67 Curzon st 
Parker Miss Ada, 1 Powollst 
Parker Miss Agnes, H Waterbarn sfc 
Parker Albt., beerhse. Cricketers* 

Arms, 108 Lowerhottse In 
Parker Mrs. Annie, I 83 Todmorden rd 
Parker Arthur, pol eon, 22 Brunshaw 

PARKER BROS., practical motor body 
builders, painters and cellulose spray- 
ers (repairs a speciality), Royle Road 
Motor works, Arch street. Tel. 4007 
Parker Cbas., ins agnt, 32 Pine at 
Parker Mrs. Dora, grcr, 100 Every st 
Parker Ernest, prntr, 13 Bank par 
Parker Every Holt (J. 55 A. Parker) ; 

h. Landseer st 
Parker Fredk., asst sehlmstr, 368 Colne 

Parker Geo. Ed., lino oprfcr, 43 Morse st 
Parker Geo. R. (Parker Bros.); h. 4 

Vandyke av 
Parker Harold, grcr, 1 03 Sandygato 
Parker Harry *D., rnngr, Martins 1 Bank, 

Ltd., Hargreaves st. Tel. 2258 ; h. 

260 Manchester rd. Tel. 251 

Parker Henry, drpr's asst, 41 Angle 

Parker Henry, wndw elnr, 23 Holmby 

Parker Henry, bookkpr, 43 Hodder st 
PARKER HERBERT, painter and 

decorator, 234a Colne road. Tel. 


Parker J. & A., bldra, 7 Hall st. Tel. 

Parker Jas., arehtct, 147 Rose Hill rd 
Parker Jas. R., clerk, 9 Essex av 
Parker John, coal <\\r, 37 Parkinson ft 
Parker John, sehlmstr, Tycock, Towne- 

ley side • 

PARKER JOHN (Manchester), Ltd., 
oil and grease manufacturers, Scar 
Top Oil works. Tel. 2032 

Parker John W., elrk. 29 Ribblesaale st 

Parker John W., fornm grave dggr, 89 

- -Rossendalerd 

Parker Lnrd. (Parker Bros.) ; h. Green 
gables, Colne rd, Reedley 

Parker Mrs. Mary, enftnr, 24 Old Hall 

Parker Milton, brwr'smngr, 1 43a Man- 
chester rd 

Parker Roger, prprty repr, 31a Spring- 
held rd 

Parker Thos., ertkr, 25 Brunswick st 

Parker Thos. B. (Marchwell Wood Heel 
Co., Ltd.) ; h. 102-Rectory rd 

Parker Thos. H-, coal dlr, 28 Morley st 

Parker Wltr., A.C.A. { John F. Heap . & 

Co.) ; h. 8 Swinless st. Tel. 4068 
Parker Wltr., tripe dlr, 35 Parker In 
Parker Wlfd., trvllr, 6 Kingslancl grv 
Parker VVm., pntr, 10 Woodbine rd 
Parker Win,, fmir. Widow hill 
Parker VVm. H. (John Parker (Man- 
chester), Ltd.) ; h. 88 Gainsborough 

a vein ie 
Parkinson Allan R. (Parkinsons', 

Ltd.); h. 2 Seott Park rd. Tel. 353.") 
Parkinson Chris., cnftiir, 16 Albert st' 
Parkinson Kdwd ., jrnlst, 59 Loekyer av 
Parkinson Geo. (Lancaster, Son & 

Parkinson) ; h. Glen esk, 226 Tod- 

rnorden rd. Tel. 2483 
Parkinson Geo., prntr, 32 Moore st 
Parkinson Misses Gertrude & Mabel. 

24 Rose Hill av 
Parkinson Mr. (!lbt., Whhvn searr. 

Rock In 
Parkinson Mr. Harold, Haver brook. 

Southern av. Tel. 3414 
Parkinson Henry C, ettn slsrnn, 2 

Landseer st. Tel. 3681 
Parkinson Herbt., fr fish dlr, 37 

Brougham st 

Parkinson Herbt., elrk, 204 Briereliffe 

Parkinson Jas. W., fr fish, dlr, 1 94 
Colne rd 

Parkinson John It, dairy, <if>a Ham- 
inertou at 

Parkinson Jonathan, calico, 44 
Rose Grove In 

Parkinson Jph., sehlmstr, 59 Wood- 
grove rd 

Parkinson Miss Mary K.». 3 Appletree 
carr, Park av ;: .: 

Parkinson iNorman, . chiustv . 3 . .Scott- 
Park rd -:::.- 

Parkinson. Rioiid. T.', et'tri slsmn, 1 
Telford st 

Parkinson Thos., gmgrer, 5 Barracks 

Parkinson Thos; . (T. Pai'kinson & 
Co.) ; h. Avonmore, 2 74 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 2036 

Parkinson T. &.Co., chrtrd aonthts, 3 
Ormerod st. Tel. 3809 

Parkinson Rupert, sewer, 11 
. Rossetti av ; 

Parkinson W. Barton, sec, Hargreaves' 
Collieries, Ltd., 70-72 Bank par. 
Tel. 3124 (three lines) ; h. 12 Thursby 
sq. Tel. 3739 

Parkinson Win., beerhse. Waggoners' 
Inn, Manchester rd 

PARKINSONS, Ltd., wholesale manu- 
facturing chemists, Gurzon street, 
Parker street, Holmsley street, Brown 
street and Brun street. Tel. 3127. 
Telegrams " Parkinsons " 

Parrans Herbt., elrk, 7 Beverley .st 

Parroti: Chas.,. elrk, 1 : 61 Rpse : HiIl rd 



Parry John S-, shpkpr, 90 Anne at. 
Parry Mrs. Martha, enftnr, 181 Ae- 
erington rd 
Parry Win,, clrk, 42 Brierclifte rd 
Parry Win. J'., beerhse, Coachmakers' 

Anns, 2-4 Adelphi St 
Parsons Mr. Claude C, 9 Beatrice st 
Parsons Kobt., bnk clrk, 152 Coal 

Clough In 
Parsons Thos. C, grcr's rnngr, 117 

Ormerod rd 
Partington Chas., gror*a mngr, 16 

Berkeley st 
Partington Mrs. Marie, grcr, 2 Holme rd 
Pascoe Frank, dntst, 241 Padiham rd 
Pash Albt., formn calico i>rntr, 728 

Padiham rd 
Patchett Colonel Hebden, hairdrsr, 68 

Aeerington rd 
Patchett Mrs. Mary, shpkpr, 34 "Rast- 

ham at 

Pate Arthur, turf com agnt, 32 Eld- 

wick st 
Pate Fredk., clrk, 56 Clevelands rd 
Pate Jas. (L. Pate & Sons); h. 35 

Barden In 
Pate .Tas. H., clrfe, :J2 Rossetti av 
Pate Land ley & Sons, bh'ksmths, Cob- 
den at 
Pate Root., nwsgnt, 37 Hammerton st 
Pate Thos., pntr, 192 Bi'unshaw rd 
Pate Wltr., pntr, U0 Hollingreave rd 
Patmore Wm., prntr, 41 March at 
Patterson Goo., grcr, 21 9 Aeerington rd 
Pattinson Thos., mill rnngr, Southern 

av. Tel. 3359 
Paul Mrs. Alice, shpkpr, 211 Cog In 
Payne Allan (W. Smith, Ltd.) ; h. 

Payne Mrs. Ethel M., grcr, 7-9 North 

PAYNE JOHN ROBERT, dismantler of 
all kinds of machinery, metal and 
machinery merchant, Blakey street, 
off Yorkshire street ; h. 11 Fir street 

Peacock Clifford, ins agnt, 9 Hollin- 
greave rd 

Peacock Mrs. Mary, enf tnr, 2 Scarlett st 

Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd., 10 Har- 
greaves st j P. Coekeroft, dist rnngr 

Pearse Frank, F.A.L, F.C.I.A. {Mat- 
thew, Watson, Pearae & Bower) ; h. 
Moorlands, Foulridge. Tel. 147 Colne 

Pearson Mrs. Annie, 8 Outivood rd 

Pearson Chas. H,, hairdrsr, 49 Standish 
at ; h. 1 Hart st 

Pearson & Fox, dntsts, 47 Todmorden 
rd. Tel. 2056 

Pearson Henry, ^rks chmst, 47 Tod- 
morden rd 

Pearson Herbt, Edwd., enftnr, 2a 
Lanadowne st 

Pearson Jph., ins rnngr, 52 Lockyer av 

Pearson Kichd. S., dntst (Pearson & 
F©x) ; h. Stansfield, Brunshaw rd 

Pcdgrift Arthur, boot dlr's mngr, 71 
St. James* st 

Pedley Geo., A.C.A. (Pcdley, Watts & 
Co.) ; h. 23 Rose Hill av. Tel. 2953 

Pedloy Henry (H. Smith) ; h. 16 Gains- 
borough av 

Pedley, Watts & Co., chrtrd acntnts, 8 
Ormerod at. Tel. 2613 

Peel Mrs. Clara, 7 Lower Rose Grove In 
Peel John, grcr, 59 Albert st 

Pegg Henry, gttswrks formn, 2n Pritch- 
ard st 

PEIRSON THOS,, costumier, milliner, 
ladies' outfitter and furrier, 42 Man- 
chester road, Tel. 3408 ; h, Ug- 

thorpe, 202 Manchester rd 
Pemberton Fred & Harold, boot reprs, 

22 Tunnel st 
Pemberton Predk. W., weights and 

measures insptr, 67 Glen View rd 
Pemberton Herbt., clrk, 213 Harden In 
Pemberton Kichd., bnk rngr, 5 Branch 


PEMBERTON & SONS, Ltd., iron- 
founders, loom makers and textile 
engineers, Waterloo foundry, Trafal- 
gar street and Britannia foundry, 
Pomfret street. Tel. 2913 

Pemberton Thos. H, (Pemberton & 
Sons, Ltd.) ; h. ttimonMonc. 'j'el. 39 
Pad if mm 

Pemberton Wm. (PornheHon & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Simonatme, Tel. .19 Pad- 

PENDLE VIEW MILL Co., Ltd. (room 
and power), Adlington street. Tel. 

Pendlebury Edwd. E., schlrnstr, 12 
Brunei st 

Pendlebury John, bottle wrks rnngr, 
371 Rossendale rd 

Penney Predk. \V. C. S., clrk, 92 Mont- 
rose al 

Pennine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., cttn 

mnftrs, Kakehcnd mill, Bishop at. 

Tel. 3371 
Penrose Harold, grcr, 38 Ivy at 
Penrose .Jas., hall prtr, 20 Towneley st 
Pentridge Cinema, Holmes at 
Percival H. (Fish Merchants), Ltd., 

whlsl and retail fish dlrs, 1 1 Market 

st. Tel. 2501 

Percival Stanley R. (H. Percival (Fish 

Merchants) Ltd.); h. 1 Shaftesbury 

Perkins John, paten, 29 Parkinson- st 
Perkins Wm. C, bnk clrk, 310 Rossen- 

dale rd 
Perkins Wm. J. 0., clrk to Borough 
Magistrates, clrk to Compendation 
Authority, clrk to visitors under 
Lunacy Acta and Mental Deficiency 
Act, and sec of the Probation Com- 
mittee, Town Hall. Tel. 2101 ; h. 
16 Stephenson st. Tel. 249J 



Ferris Ilerbt. (H. Ferris & Co., Ltd.) ; 

h. 467 Brunshaw rd 
Perris H. & Co., Ltd., card box mkrs, 

Abinger st. Tel. 2919 
Perry Miss Mary E., S3 Albion st 
Porry Thos., grcr, 2 Lubbock st 
Phillips Albt. E. (Cowell Clothiers, 

Ltd.) ; h. 6 Clock st 
Phillips Albt, J., enftnr, 36 Cromwell st 
Phillips E. & Co., cbntmkrs. River st. 

Tel. 2547 
Phillips John G., tailr, 20 Lansdowne st 
Phillips Philip, 1'r fish dlr, 46 Croft st 
Phillips P. & Son, stock brkrs, 5 Grim- 

shaw st, Tel. 2042 
Phillips Wilson, thus tchr, 58 St. Cuth- 

bert st 
Phoenix Assurance Co., Ltd., 3 Yorke 

st, Tel. 2557 
Pick Frank Phillips, phrmest, 56 St, 

James' st. Tel. 3938 ; h. The Hol- 
lies, Queen's Park rd. Tel. 4123 
Pick Geo. T., meat prvyr's insptr, 208 

Coal Clough In 
Pickard Mrs. Eliz. J., beerhse, Roebuck 

Inn, 128 Padiham rd 
PICKARD JOHN, dismantles of all 

kinds of machinery and buildings, 
metal and machinery merchant, 

Stoneyholme mills, Grosvenor street. 

Tel. 2658 ; h. 244 Briercliffe rd. 

Tol. 3084 
Pickard Saml., pub tape sizer, Rake- 
head mill. Teh 3662 ; h. 3 Bishop 
Pickard Mr. Thos., 23 Calder Bt 
Pickering Chas., pol con, 11 Mount rd 
Pickering Wm„ fr fish dlr, 10 Accring- 

Piokford Geo., bookkpr, 56 Tabor st 
Pickford Jas. & Mrs. Mary J., drpra, 26 

Rose Grove In 
Pickles Mr. Albt., 144 Coal Clough In 
Pickles Albt., knitwear rnnftr, 23 Em- 

raott st. Tel. 2354 
Pickles Mr. Arthur Robt,, Woodthorpe, 

21 6 Todmorden rd 
Pickles Mr. Edwd. E., 11 Moseley rd 
Pickles Frank, ins agnt, 12 Barbon st 
Pickles Fredk. Wm., bookkpr, 5 Kini- 

berley st, Briercliffe 
Pickles Halstead (Geo. Crossley (Bum- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 271 Padiham rd 
Pickles Herbt. H., chmny swpr, 165 

Gannow In 
Pickles John, rnus tchr, 70 Colne rd 
Pickles John, prpty repr, 1 Cornwall 

Pickles John H-, nwsgnt and enftnr, la 

Queen st, Briercliffe 
Pickles John H,, pntr, 15 Daneshouse 

rd; h. 46 Colne rd 
Pickles Mrs. Laura, 379 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 2715 
Pickles Percy, mngr, 121 Casterton av 

Pickles Robt., Ltd., ctfcn and linen 
mnftrs, Whittlefield, Cairo, Cape- 
town and Buecleuch mills, Pickles st. 
Tel. 2055 ; and at Belfast 
Pickles Thos., cttn slsmn, 14 Park a v. 

Tel. 21 50 
Pickthall Mr. John Thos., 58 Mitetla st 
Pickthall Jph. R., wrks mngr, 48 

Mitel la st 
Pickup Arthur, f r fish dlr, 30 Oxford rd 
Pickup Miss Clara, 71 Woodgrove rd 
Pickup Ernest, cashr, 27 Colne rd 
Pickup Eredk., clrk of wrks, GO Gordon 

Pickup Fredk., bnk clrk, 34 Moorland 

Pickup Geo., frmr, Entwistle hall 
Pickup Hector D. (Hitch on & Pickup) ; 

ii. Brier-field 
Pickup J., saddlr, 48 Yorkshire st 
Pickup -las. (Hitchon & Pickup) ; h. 

Wayside, 7 Landseer st 
Pickup Jas., tailr, ladies and gent's out- 
fitter, 14 Hebrew rd. Tel. 3350 ; h. 
41 Colne rd 
Pickup Jaa. T., vict, Alma Inn, 235 

Accrington rd 
Pickup John, drpr, 1 Oxford rd 
Pickup John, bldng insptr, 35 Hurting 

Pickup John, clrk, 273 Rossendale rd 
Pickup Jph., canal agnt, 18 Bee st 
Pickup Jph., frmr. Monk hall, Brier- 
Pickup Mrs. Mary A. H., 34 Hawthorne 

Pickup Mrs. Minnie, hrdwrc dlr, 43 

Healey Wood rd 
Pickup Miss Olive, shpkpr, 84 Trafal- 
gar st 

Pickup Wltr., bookkpr, 10 Norman st 
Pighills Michael, frmr, Pig hole 
Pilkington Alfd., ins agnt, 11 Ivan st 
Pilkington Mrs. Annie, grcr, 1 Ryan 

Pilkington Mrs. Clara, 1 1 Palatine sq 
Pilkington Mr. Ernest, 243 Manchester 

Pilkington Henry, engnr, 83 Brougham 

Pilkington Henry, fr fish dlr, 44 Padi- 
ham rd 
Pilkington Leslie, bnk clrk, 17 Lans- 
downe at 
Pilkington Wltr. (Economic Gas Boiler 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. 8 Rose Hill mount 
Pilkington Wm., vict, Well Hall Hotel 

22 Church st 
Pilling Alfd., prntr, 75 Leyland rd 
Pilling David M., enftnr, 140 Colne rd 
Pilling Frank, asst schlmstr, 7 Pasture- 
gate av 
Pilling Jas. A., grcr, 1 83-1 85 Gannow In 
Pilling John W., enftnr, 187 Gannow In 
Pilling Richd., fr fish dlr, 44 Disraeli st 



Pilling Richd., pltry i'rir.r, 17 Deer 

Park ret 
Pilling Wm, Hy., booksllr"s mngr, 158 

Casterton av 
Pilling Willie (G. lliistlethwaite, Ltd.) ; 

h. 43 Ennismore st 
Pinder Thos. F., hairdrsr, 13 Tunnel 

st ; h. 13 Cook st. 
Pinder Wm., enftnr, 30 Hebrew rd 
Pinhay Mr. Geo., 41 9 Cog In 
Piimeil Arthur, asst ins supt, 331 Co^ln 
Pinnoll Geo. E., florist, 2 Owfln sfc 
Pinner Ernest 0., sorting clrk, 1 43 Rose 

Hill rd 
Pitcher Ernest, t'rutr, 90 Casterton av 
L.L.C.M., teacher of pianoforte, sing- 
ing and theory (pupils coached for 
examination if desired), 7 Rosewood 

Place Mrs. Hannah RL ? 7 Rosewood 

Placo Hobinson, J.P., estate agnt, 4a 

Brown st ; h. 25 Glen View rd 
Place Wlrr., viot, Royal Hotel, 107 

Colne rd. Tel. 2607 
Place Wm., vicfc. Commercial Hotel, 

1 33 St. -Tames* st 
Plant John Ed., chmny swpr, 32 

Waterloo rd 
Plant Seth, gror, 70 Hollingreave rd 
Piatt Hy,, L.R.I.B.A., chrtrd aontnt 

(S. Taylor's) ; h, 7 Stephenson st. 

Tel. 3792 
-Piatt Jas. H-, crtkr, 31 Moorland r<l 
Playi'air Henry, Ltd., boot dlrs, 154 St. 

James'- st 

Pletts Cecil, beerhse, M'alakofi; Tavern, 

• 50 Trafalgar st 

Plowman Harry, soletr, town clrk, 
clrk of the peace, clrk to Local Edu- 
cation Authority, Eating and Urban 
' Sanitary . Authorities, and clrk to 
Assessment Committee, Town Hall, 
Manchester rd. Tel. 2101 ; h. 18 Hill rd.. Tel. 2904 
■Police, KMion, Town Hall. TeL 2101 
Pollard Arthur, hrblst, 4 Boot st 
Pollard Augustine, grcr, 17- Woodbine 


POLLARD BROS. (Padiham), Ltd. 
(The Burnley Tyre House), " Tecale- 

•. mit" valeting service, repairs and 
tyres, Lane Ends Super Service sta- 
tion, Lowerhouse. Tel. 3783 ; and 
at' Padiham 

Pollard ('has. Crossley, slotr, 10 Har- 
greaves st. Tel, 4044 ; and at 
Fleetwood; h. 367 Padiham rd. 
Tel. 3990 

Pollard" Clifford, grer, 44 Briercliffe rd 

Pollard Kdu-d. D. (T. Pollard, Ltd.) ; 
h. 6 Rose Hill mount. . Tel. 2307 _ 

Pollard Edwd. {Pollard Bros. (Padi- 
ham), Ltd.} ; h: 54 Kiddrowjn - 

Pollard Ernest, fancy goods dlr, 44 

Morse st 
Pollard Ercdk., trvllr, 191 Casterton av 
Pollard Eredk., ins agnt, 41 St. John's 


Pollard F. & (>., whlsl nwsgnts, 5-7 

Brown st. Tel. 2900 
Pollard Geo., trvllr, 3 Paidhan st 
Pollard Geo. (Thos. Pollard, Ltd.) ; h. 

Herkomer av 
Pollard Hy.. clrk, 85 Gainsborough av 
Pollard Hy.', clggr, 23 Trafalgar st 
Pol lard Mrs. Hetty. shpkpr, 21 "Jlarghor 

Pollard 'Hubert, turn dlr, 1 9a Oxford i\\ 
Pollard .Tas., trvllr, 9 Aslifield rd 
POLLARD JAMES, Ltd., ironfounders, 

machinists and makers of vacuum 

cleaning plant, Atlas works, Calder 

Vale road. Tel. 2094 

Pollard Jas. A. E. (W. Pollard & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. .175 Colne rd. 

Pollard Jas. H., crtkr, 1 Haven st 

Pollard Jas. T. (J. Pollard, Ltd.) ; h. 7 
Powell st. Tel. 2094 

Pollard John A., clrk, 6 Willow st 

Pollard John O., trvllr, 61 Ightenhill 
Park In 

PollardMr. JohnH., 1 35 Woodgroverd. 

Pollard John J., yeast dlr, 1 Brunei st. 

Pollard John W., nwsgnt, 30 Allen st 

Pollard Jph., elrk, 34 Rossendale av 

pollard Jph., priitr, 18 Trafalgar st 

POLLARD LAWRENCE, coal dealer 
and motor haulage contractor, 371 
Briercliffe road 

Pollard Phineas, ins agnt, I 78 Brier- 

Pollard Robt., pltry kpr, 6 Dale sfc 

Pollard Robt. Smith, cycle dlr. l:b Padi- 
ham rd. Tel. 3975; h. 99 Coal 
('lough In 

Pollard Thos., Ltd., mu.s instrumt dlrs, 
13 Market st. Tel.. 3629 

Pollard Tom (T. Pollard, Ltd.); h. 

,• gouthfield, -125 Manchester rd 
POLLARD W. & SONS, Ltd., gent's 
outfitters, hosiers, glovers and hat- 
ters,175 Colne road 

Pollard. Wm. (J. Pollard, Ltd.).: Ji.STi 
Glen View rd 

Pollitt' & Dillon, con engiirs, 7 Eleet sT. 
Tel. 3002 .: . 

Pollitt Hy. (Pollitt & Dillon) ; h.J 
X7nderley st .:■. . 

Pom fret Thos., hairdrsr, 75 Parliament- 

Poole Edwd., wrks sec, 419 Rossondale 

POOLE JOHN, silk mercer and woollen 
specialist, The Silk Shop, 1 St. James' 
street. Tel. 3497 
•Footer Ernest, clrk, 7 Hodder st .*. . 
Porrett Miss Mary, baby linen dlr, 146 
".* * St-. James' st '. . .".. /-. . . '. 



Porrett Wllr., whlsl and retail grcr and 

prov dlr, 8 Chancery at. Tel, 2541 ; 

h. lOHuflingln 
Porritt Rgnld.. drpr, 4 Hargreaves st 
Porter Alfd., rate ellctr, 30 Gordon st 
Porter Henry, grcr, 2 Prescott st 
Porter Thos. S., dertr's mrehnt, 155 St. 

James 1 st 
Port-man Percy, pltry irnir, Hill cott, 

Post Office, Hargreaves st. Tel. 00 ; 

G. H. Sixsmiih, pstmatr 
P.O. 'telephone Contract Department, 

I ii Hargreaves st 

P.O. 'telephone Engineering Depart- 
ment, Coal at 

P.O. Telephone Sales Department, 15 
Hargreaves at 

Pott Horace (W. Pott & Co., Ltd.); h. 
I Tarleton av 

Pott Saml., sbpkpr, 50 Liverpool rd 

Pott Thos. H. (W. Pott. & Co., Ltd.) ; 
h. 3 Tarleton av 

Pott Witr. (W. Pott & Co., Ltd.) ; h. 
138 Coal Clougn In 

Potb VV. & Co., Ltd., whlsl drprs, 41-43 
Helena at. Tel. 4126 

Potter J., ins agnt, 15 Woodbine rd 

Potter Jas. B., prprty ropr, Westgate. 
Tel. 41 74 ; h. 17 Ightenhill Park In 

Potter Win., cllry mngr, 187 Todmor- 
den rd 

Poucher Thos. R., pntr, 309 Cog In 

Pounder Hy., ins agnt, 1 9S Padiham rd 

Pounder Jas. H-, shpkpr, 00 Robinson 

Pounder Win., clrk, 102 Dall st 

Powell David, i'r fish dlr, .4 Branch rd 

Powers Karl, mill mngr, 174 Oxford rd 

Pownall Jas., club atwd, 12 Smalloy 

Poynton Mrs. Alice, mllnr, 89 Westgate 

Pratt EdwiL, wrka mngr, 406 Aeering- 
tdu rd 

Pratt Horbt., grer's mngr, 4 Lansdowne 

,Pratt Win,, sawdust dlr, 08 Thursby rd 

•Pratt Wm. Henry, shpkpr, 88 Robinson 

Prattley Chas. <D. Prattley & Bona, 
Ltd.) ; h. Worsthornc 

Prattley Danl. (D. Prattloy & Sons, 
. Ltd.) ; h. 23 Lansdowne st 

motor haulage contractors and gen- 
eral carriers (daily service to Man- 
chester and Newcastle), Canal street. 
Tel. 2484 and 3301 

Prattley Jas. (D. Prattley & Sons, 
Ltd.); h. 203 Brunshaw rd 

Preston Chas. K., ins agnt, 212 Brier - 
. cliff e rd 

Preston- Guardian (Weekly) and iJan- 
cashire Daily Post. 1 Parker lane. 
Tel. 42(51 

Preston Hy., ina agnt, 35 Cumberland 

Preston Jas., motr insptr, 21 North st 
Preston Jas. A., pntr, 3 Hargher st 
Preston Jas. W., bookkpr, 04 Parkin- 

aon st 

Preston John, enftnr, 95 Parliament 

Preston John, hairdrsr, 25 Healev 
Wood rd 

Preston Mr, Percy, 1 Park av 

Preston Ralph, pol eon, 38 Harnmerton 


Preston Mr. '.I'hos., 25 Scott Park rd 
Preston Thos. C, asst scblmsir, 20 

Rose Wood av 
Preston Wm., frnshr, 33-40 Manchester 

r<\. Tel. 3003; h. 232 Todmorden 


Price Mrs. Alice, hrdwr dlr, 31 Bank- st 
Price Edwd., turn, brkr, I Hardy st 
Price Frcdk.,fmshr's asst, Woodholme, 

Moseley rd 
Price Miss Hannah, eookd meat atrs, I (i 

Padiham rd 

Price Mrs. Harriet, hrdwr dlr, 81 West- 

Price Herbt,, drpr, 200 BrierelifTe rd 

Price Rev. Jas. H. (Metli.), 33 Ighton- 

Fries John W., pol con, 13 Hawthorne 

Price Peter B., wrka mngr, 88 Kiddrmv 

Prickett Mrs. Rosetta, 351 Padiham rd 
Prinwose Bank RaspUal t . BrierelrJTe 

Pnnsky Alec (J. Prinsky & Son) ; b. 

Ousel rock, Scott park, Manchester 

rd. Tel. 3343 
( Prinsky R. &. Son,, w.tchmkrs, 77 St. 

James' St. Tel. 2058 
Prior Arthur, drgbtsmn, 20 Kiddrowln 
Procter Mrs. Annie, tbenst, 133 Ac- 

Procter Arthur C, tbenst, 1 Padiham 

rd ; it. 18 Hambledon ter 
Procter Fredk. (Eceles & Procter) ; h. 

22 Rawson st 
Procter Geo. S-, btchrs mngr, Nor- 
man st 
Procter John, mngr, Burnley Brick & 

Lime Co., Ltd., Queen's park. Tel. 


Procter Mrs. Martha H., 1 93 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3060 

Procter Richd., state (Procter & Son) ; 
h. I 93 Manchester rd. Tel. 3000 

Proctor & Son, slctra, 09 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 3900 : and at Nelson 

Procter Thos. (J. Pickup) ; lv. 7 Ad- 
miral at 

Procter Thos., coal dlr, 1 2 Brunshaw av 

Proctor Mrs. Ada, 31)1 Manchester i-d 



Proctor Arthur, cashr, 126 Manchester 

Proctor Arthur, corn dlr, 14 Tennyson 

st, Briercliffe 
Proctor Arthur, yeast dlr's mngr, 14 

Norfolk av 
Proctor Mrs. Rinma, 26 Piccadilly rd 
Proctor Ernest, cttnslsmn, 1 S Kimlier- 

ley st, BHercliffR 
Proctor Ernest, link cashr, 13 West- 
bourne av 
Proctor Fredk., grcr, 10 Old Hall st 
Proctor Geo., frmr, Hill frm, Brierc'.iffe 
Proctor Henrv (Jas. Proctor, Ltd.) ; h, 

Proctor Hubert, clrk, 99 Albion st 
Proctor Horace, l)tchr, 229 Accrington 

rd and 28 Rose Grove In 
Proctor Jas., grcr's timgr, 7 Olivant st 

PROCTOR J AS., Ltd., mechanical stok- 
er and coal elevator makers, Ham- 
merton Street ironworks. Tel. 3102- 

Proctor John, dairy, 249 Coal Clough In 
Proctor & Proctor, chrtrd aentnts, 3 

Grimshaw st. Tel. 3244-3245 ; and 

at Nelson and Manchester 
Proctor Robt., cttn slsmn, 14 Kimber- 

ley st, Brierclijfc 
Proctor Mrs. Susan, 20 St. Matthew's st 
Proctor Thos., coal dlr, 124 Brunshaw 

Proctor Thos. C. (J. Proctor, Ltct) ; h. 
Green bank, Manchester rd. Tel. 

Proctor Ward, enftnr, 3 Abinger st 
Proctor Win., asst schlmstr, 1 1 Olivant 

Proger Chas. A., elrk, 21 Every st 
Proger Mrs. Jane E., fr fish dlr, 100 

Cog In 
Provident Clothing & Supply Co., 

Ltd., St. James' row 
Provincial Hire Purchase Trust, Ltd., 1 

Red Lion st. Tel. 2882 
Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2643 
Public Assistance Office, 1 8 Nicholas st. 

Tel. 2286 ; H- E. Purton, clrk to No. 

6 Area Guardians Committee 
Public Assistance Office (County 

Borough of Burnley), 20 Nicholas st. 

Tel. 2101 ; A. J. Moore, pub asstnc 

Public Baths, Baths st (Tel. 2101), 

Gannow In (Tel. 3488 1 ) and North st 

(Tel. 3489) ; J. T. Grundy, supt 
Public Benefit Boot Co., Ltd., boot 

dlrs, 75 St. James' st 
Public Health Office, St. James' st. 

Tel. 2101 ; D. C. Lamont, M.B., 

D.P.H-, med offer 
Public Library, Grimshaw st. Tel, 

2101; W. Bramley Coupland, F.L. A., 

chief librarian 

Publicity Services (Burnlev), Ltd., 1 
Red Lion st. Tel. 2882* 

Pullen Geo., det srgnt, 42 Westboume 

Purkiss Chas. W., shpkpr, 105 Gannow 

Purton Henry E., clrk to Gxiardians' 
Committee! (No. 6 Area) and to 
Burnlev Rural District Council, 18 
Nicholas st. Tel. 2286; h. 419 
Manchester rd 

Purves Wm, Jas., L.K.C.P. & S. 
(Edin.), phys and srgn, 143 Todmor- 
denrd. Tel. 2761 

Pusev Hv., pol con, 22 Biammerton st 

Quarmhy W. A. & Son, A.R.I.B.A., 
arehtets, Imperial chmbrs, 2 Grim- 
shaw st. Tel. 2355 

Quarmhy Wm. A. (W. A. Quarmby & 
Son) ; h. Uplands, Glen View rd 

Queen Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
cttn mnftrs, Primrose arid Queen 
Street mills, SarU S'yke. Tel. 3458 

gineers and general haulage con- 
tractors, Queensgate garage, Cardinal 
street. Tel. 3551 

Quinn Jas., hairdrsr, 94-96 Trafalgar st 

Quirk Jas., town missioner, 29 Cleve- 
lands rd 

Race Miss Annie, 73 Ormerodrd 

Race Mrs. Alice, 28 Rose Hill rd. Teh 

Race Donald, slctr and com for oaths, 5 
Manchester rd. Tel. 2347 ; h. 269 
Manchester rd. Tel. 4227 

Race Fred (Sutcliffe & Race) ; h. 19 
Lansdowne st 

Race Mrs. Julia H., 104 Albion st 

Race Wm. (Sutcliffe & Race) ; h. 269 
Manchester rd. Tel. 4227 

Radio Service Co., re-lay srve, 3 Ex- 
twistle st 

Raclmore Saml. A., phtgrphr, 429 Ros- 
sondale rd 

ANCE Co., 19a Manchester road, 
Tel. 2320 ; B. Cotter, district sec. 

Bailwaymen's Club (N.U.R.), 47 Mos- 
ley st ; R. Salter, sec 

Rainford Geo., M.B., Ch-B., phys and 
srgn, 83-85 Thursby rd. Tel. 2447 

Ralph Mrs. Mary J., 278 Manchester rd 

Ralph Thos. (Stephenson & Ralph, 
Ltd.) ; h. 109 Parliament st 

Ralph Thos. W., schl atndnc offer, 196 
Manchester rd 

Ramsbottom Chas. Thos., mill mngr, 
223 Coal Clough In 

RAMSBOTTOM & HEAP, chartered 
accountants, 12 Hargreaves street 

Tel. 3718 ; &ndo.t Nelson 
Ramsbottom Riehd., mill mngr, 122 
Nairne st 



Ramsbottom SiJas, schlmstr, 1 1 Lee st 
Ramsbottom Mr. Spencer, 5 Hollinhill 
Ramsden Herbt., clggr, 18 Rectory rd 
Ramsden Mrs. Jane, 6 Ormorod rd 
Ramsden Thos. R. (J. Bolton & Co.) ; 

h. 273 Manchester rd 
Ranfield H., ins agnt, 7 Lionel st 
Rangoley Denis, btchr's mngr, 10 Bev- 
erley st 
Rankin W. Muim, M.Sc. (Leeds), B.Sc. 
(Lons.), prin, Municipal College, Or- 
merod rd. Tel. 2101 ; h. 4 Brook- 
lands av 
Ransom Isaac (I. Ransom & Co.) j b« 

21 Whit-tam st 
Ransom Isaac & Co., bookbndrs, 9 

WhitUtm st 
Katcliffe Mrs. Eliz. A., 32 Westgate 
Katcliffe Mrs. Ethel, fr fish dlr, 13 

Berkeley st 
Katcliffe Miss Florence M., 12 Carlton 

Katcliffe Eric B. (Security Trade Pro- 
tection Agency) ; h. 10 Board at. 
Tel. 41 89 
Katcliffe Fredk., mill mngr. 222 Bricr- 

cliffo rd 
Katcliffe Geo. E., wndw olnr, 20 Black- 
er st 
Katclifto Mrs. Ivy, hairdrer, 123 West- 
gate. Tel. 2747 

Katcliffe 'Sydney, pol con, 12 Shaftes- 
bury st 

Katcliffe Thos., grcr, 21-23 King st 
Katcliffe Wlfd., grcr, 76 I'adiham rd 
Katcliffe Wm., btchr, 17 Temple st 
Katcliffe Wm. J., vict, Railway Hotel, 

1 Rose Grove ln^ 
Ratford Horace, cin mngr, 16 Ebor st 
Kathbone Wm. A., em mngr, 23 Owen 

Rathmell Mr. Bernard, 398 Rossendale 

Raw Misses Eleanor & Annie, drprs, 

113 Todniorden rd 
Raw Miss Jane, drpr, 148 Bmnshaw rd 
Raw Mr. Thos., 13 Moseley rd 
Rawcliffo Elias, wndw elm', 23 Cedar st 
Rawcliffe Jas., dairy, 33 Whittlefleld st 
Rawlinson Alec (R. Rawlinson & 

Sons) ; h. 40 March st. Tel. 2313 
Rawlinson Alex. (K. Rawlinson & 

Sons) ; h, 240 Caster ton av 
Rawlinson Arthur, clrk, 8 Rossetti av 
Rawlinson Fred (R. Rawlinson & 

Sons) ; hi Hazeldene, Heed ley grv 
Rawlinson, Hargreavos, Smith & 

Wood, chrtrd aoiitnts, estate and 

insrnc agnts, 7 Grimshaw st. Tel. 

2244-5 ; and at Manchester 
Rawlinson Harold, clrk, 9 Rossetti av 
Rawlinson Jas. E., clrk, 140 Todmor- 

den rd 
Rawlinson John, elctrcn, 7-9 Bridge st. 

Tel. 4239 

Rawlinson Jph., ciittnr, 21 Brougham 

Rawlinson Mr. Robt. , 32 March st 

orators, plasterers, tilers, painting and 
general contractors, March street. 
Tel. 2313 

Rawlinson Robt. C. (R. Rawlinson & 
Sons) ; li. 146 Casterton av 

Rawlinson Stephen, frmr, Mustyhalgh, 

Rawlinson Wltr., boilrcompomnftr, 21 
G len st 

Rawnsley Wlfd., clrk, 150 Coal Clough 

Rawson Allen, bookkpr, 18 Jubilee st, 

Rawson Ernest, elggr, 93 Parliament st 

Rawson Fred, cashr, 230 Manchester rd 

Rawson Saml., chmst, 5 Queen Victoria 
st ; h. 4 Eastern av 

Rawson & Simpson, corn dlrs, 127 Ac- 
crington rd and Colin st. Tel. 3821 

Rawson Wlfd. I). (Rawson- & Simp- 
son) ; h. 41 Athol St 

Rawson Wlfd., trvllr, 12 .Norfolk av 
Rawstron Wlfd., pltry kpr, 25 Hunslet 

Rawstron Wm. K, cllry mngr, 92 Cas- 
terton av 
Rawstron Wm. L., nwsgnt, 23-25 Can- 
ning st 
Ray John H., smlwr dlr, 10 Oxford rd ; 

h. 17 Arran st 
Ray Wm., ortkr, 18 Temple et 
Raybould Edwd. S., nwsgnt, 3 Temple 

st and 2-4 Oxford rd 
Raymond Jas., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 
L.R.C.R. (Lond.), phys and srgn, 66- 
68Colnerd. Tel. 3078 
Rayner John W. D., statnmstr, 87 Or- 

merod rd 
Read Bertie, clrk, 24 Carlton rd 
Read Henry, pstl engnr, 72 Dugdalo rd 
Read Jas., clrk, 6 Wiltshire av 
Read Leslie H., bazaar mngr, 20 Rose 

Reade Thos., electrn, 4 Beeehwood av 
Reader Mrs. Iris, hairdrsr, 18 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

READER WALLACE, marine store 

dealer, Calder street and Blackburn 
street. Tel. 3344 ; and at Nelson ; 
h. 349 Manchester road 

Reay Wm., corporation forum, 8 

Brooklands rd 
Recruiting Office, t>8 Westgate; AV. 

Armstrong, Army recruiter 
Redding Thos., beerhse, Foresters' 

Arms, 49 Todmorden rd 
Redfei-n Mrs. Ada J., shpkpr, 34 Clough 


Ltd., wholesale grocers and provision 
dealers, Saunder bank. Tel. 3830 



Hedforn Edwd., onffeu*, 851 Briereliffo 

Redfern Harold (Redfern, Ayrton & 

Ingham, Ltd.) ; h. 122 Healoy Wood 

RodiernHerbt. (H. & W. Redfern) ; li. 

45 Clevclands rd 
Rediorn H. & W., carriers, Firth St. 

Tel. 2331 
Redford Kenneth, 31-4 Rosseudale rd 
Redhead J ph., hospital a tndnt, 20 T)ug- 

Rodlino Glieo, Ltd., Old Barracks, 

Barracks rd. Tel. 3420 
Hodman A., Ltd., prov dlrs, 12-13 

Market hall 
Redman Arthur C., viet. Barrack Tav- 
ern, Padihaui rd 
Rodman Mrs. Ethel, bairdrsr, .153 

Brierclifle rd 
Hodman John E., svrks mujr, 53 Cul- 

shaw st 

Rodman Thus. (T. Redman & Co., 
Ltd.) ; hi 393 Padiham rd. Tel. 

IUmIiiuui Thos., crtkr, 21 Ulster st 

Rodman Mr. Titos. C, 431 Manchester 

Redman T. & Go., Ltd.. grers. 65 St.. 
Matthew's st, 0-8 Oxford rd, 1.20 
Hebrew rd,- 200-211 Padiham rd 

(Tel. 2732) and Market hall ; office, 
Newport st. Tel. 221 1 

Rodman WTtr., grcr's insptr, 40 Kidd- 
row hi 

Redmayne John H-, nmsen, 204 
Branch rd 

Heed Mrs. Ellen, enftnr, 84 Abel sfc 

Rood Misses Mary & Eifie, enftms, 38 
Cardinal st 

Reeves Bros.. Ltd., umlrclthng muftrs, 
12-17 Well house st. Tel. 4177 

Reeves Ky. (Reeves Bros., Ltd.) ; h. 12 
Leamington av 

Reform Ckib (Burnley Lane), 78 He- 
brew rd ; T. Bonneil, sec 

Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd., 41 West- 
gate. Tel. 3814; supt, Div. A: 
John A. Herbert ; Div. B : J. T. 

REID JAS. (Burnley), Lid., cinema 
printers, sign and poster writers, 
Healey Wood shed. Tel. 2580 

Reliance Repair Service, boot repair- 
ers, 44 Standish st 

Relieving Officer* JDaneshouse, C legg 
st; Albt. Haworth. Tel. 2101 

Reynard & .Sons, Ltd., radio and cycle 
dlrs, I -la Hargreaves st (Tel, 3598), 

I 50 St. James' st ; and at Nelson 

Rcvnolds Henry, boerhse, Park View 

Inn, 3 Higgin st 
Rhodcii Jas. Hy., trvllr, 15 Brunshaw 


Rhodes Miss C. N. E., prin, Sumiy 
Bank High School for Girls, etc. 
(senr), 1.71-173 Manchester rd. Tol. 

Rhodes John, bnk elrk, 73 lghtenhill 
Park hi 

Kibble Motor Services, Ltd., Parker In. 
Tel. 2171 

ilibble Motors Social Club <& institute. 
Parker In ; 1?. Ward, sec 

Rice Fredk., enftnr, 00 Church st 

Rice Fredk., saddlr, 102 Colne rd 

Rice Jph., immngr's asst, r>0 Junction 

Rice Jph., trvllr, 1J Duckettat 

Rice Percy A., lino oprtr, 72 Mitolla st. 

R.icc Peter J., schlmstr, 9 Fairholme rd 

R-ichardson Albt., coal dlr, 10 Brock- 
enhurst st 

Richardson Alec K. (C. Clear & Co.)- 
h. TCeninuir, Burnley rd, Brierclifje 

Richardson Chas., eashr, 1 Gains- 
borough av 

Richardson Mrs. Christiana, 57 lghtcn- 
hill Park In 

Richardson Mrs. Doris, 37a Woodbine 

Richardson Krnest, boot repr, 88a Ac- 
crington rd ; h. 9 Prince st 

Richardson Horace, enftnr, 1 Brier- 
oliire rd and 40 Heap st 

'Richardson John, carrier, S7 Water- 
ham st. Tel. 281 

Richardson John J,, elrk, 37a Wood- 
bine v<\ 

Richardson Jph., btchr, 01 Westgate 

Ricliardson Jph. T., pltry frmr, 151 
Colne rd 

Ricliardson Wm., btchr, 100a Abel st ; 
h. 97 Rectory rd 

Richardson Wm., junr., btchr's mngr, 
100a Abelst 

Richmond "JjVedk., dntst, 183 Coal 
Clough In 

Richmond Geo., M.B., Ch.B.. physand 
sign, 55 Thursby rd. Tel, 3578 

Richmond Miss llargt., 177 Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 3913 

Richmond Norton, boot dlrs asst, 8 
Rose Mount av 

Richmond Mr. Richd., 41 Woodgrove 

Richmond Wm. engr, 03 Ighten rd 

Riddiough Wm. M„ prntr, 130 New- 
Hall st 

Ridding Wm.., enftnr, 15 Lyudhurst rd 

Ridehalgh Henry, nwsgnt, I Berry st 

Ridehalgh Jas. Win. {Brown, Ride- 
halgh & Glover) ; h. 87 Healey 
Wood rd 

Ridehough Miss Susaimah, Grove farm , 
Rose grove 

Ridge Chris., eiiftnr, 7 Brennand st 

Ridge Miss 'Eleanor, hairdrsr, 128 
Brougham st 


Ridge Hartley (Colne Road Killing 

Station) ; h. 147 Bricrelifto rd 
Ridge Jph., hlge cuti'clr. 50 Albion st. 

Tel, 2495 
Hidgo Saiul., earner, 32 St. Matthew's 

Ridge VVtti. H., iwl con, 51 Brougham 

Kidge YVm. J., gror's mngr, 87 Gains- 
borough av 
Riding Mrs. Agnes, drpr, 14 Holmo rd 
Riding Jas., fv lish dlr, 50 Church st 
Riding Tho&, pltry kpr, 2 Cuordale st 
Riding Win., frutr, 7 Abel st 
Ridley John R.. beerhsc, footballers' 

Arms, 55 Yorkshire st 
Rigby Kdwd., frmr. Clow bridge 
Rigby Mrs, "Elsie, hairdrsr, 3 ; l Accring- 

ton x*d 
Rigby John JS., goods agnt, L.M.S. 

Railway, Bank Top. Tel. 2251. 
Rigby Jsph., gror's asst, 4 Thursby sq 
Rigby Norman, enitnr, 34 .St. Mat- 
thew's st 
Rigby Robt., ins agnt, 72 Melville st 
Rigbv Wltr., grcr, 2 Athol st 
Rigg ICdwd., piano, 2 Crow nest 
Rigg Frank (T. Rigg & Son,) ; h. 37 

Brockcnhurst st 
Rigg Susannah, btohr, (56 Parliament st 
Rigg Thos., grcr, 15 Parker st 
fiigg Ml: Thos., 20 Linby st 
Rigg Thos. & Son, blekstrtfcha, 
Keighley green. Tel. 3002 

Rigge Gray, res insptr, Liverpool & 
London & Globe Insurance Co., 
Ltd., 5 Hargreaves st. Tel. 2506 ; 
h. 54 Dugdale rd 

R iley Abraham, mill mngr, 90 Loekyer 

Riley Alfd. (Roberts, Riley & Ander- 
son) j h. B'ighgate, 260 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 3657 

Riley Mrs. Alice, shpkpr, 2 Florence sfc 

Riley Mrs. Bertha, enftnr, 100 Spring- 
field rd 

Riley Miss Betsy, 13 Palatine sq 

Rilev Burton, f nnr. Dtumookshaw farm 

Ltd., international distributors! motor 
body builders, automobile engineers, 
Internationa! house, Grimshaw street. 
Teh 2886 

Riley Da vies, pwnbrkrs asst, 12 
Aqueduct st 

Riley Douglas, outi'tr's ningr, 13 Park 

Riley Eric, grcr, I 7 Boot si ; h, I 17 
Thursby rd 

Riley Ernest, vict, Stanley Hotel, 4 64 
Oxford rd 

Rilev Fredk., grcr, 32 Hargher st 

Riley Fredk. 0., A.L.A.A. (Hartley & 
Riley) ; h. Fir hill, Higher Brunshaw 

Riley Kredk. H.» statnr and P.O., 21 

Hebrew r<l ; h. 13 Daneshouso rd 
Riley (J. & Sous (Uxors, of), furn dlrs, 2 

Brcnnand st an<l 4-6 Green st 
Riley lly., drpr, I 13 Padiham rd ; h, 

Riley Hy. (E. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; h, 31 

Fcmdalo st 
Riley Jas., wrdrbe dlr, 17 Oxford rd 

and 118 and 122 Trafalgar st 
Riley Jas. H-, clrk, 32 Bristol st 
Riley Jas. T., trvllr, 49 Scott Park rd 
Riley Mrs. Jane, 16 Arkwright st 
Riley John, cashr, 384 Rosscndale rd 
Riley John (Riley, Crossley & Knowles, 

Ltd.) ; h. 5 Hind st 
Riley John T., furn dlr, 306 Cog In 
Riley John Y\\, crtkr, 4S7 Padiham rd 
Riley Mrs. Martha, J., enftnr, 5 Raglan 

iiiley Percy (Mullin & Durkin, Ltd.) ; 

h. 28 Hawthorne rd 
Riley Mr. B.iley, 5 Yateheld fold 
Riley Robt., trvllr, 401 Rossendale rd 
Riley Robt., grcr and turn dlr, 338 Cog 

Riley Robt. Henry, grcr, ] 07-109 Anne 

Riley Thos., eletren, 3 Moseley rd 
Riley Thos., frutr, 1 Naples av 
Riley Mr. Tom, 32 Queen Victoria st 
Riley YVm., wtehmkr, 33 Plum be st ; 

Riley Mr.. Win., 77 Coal dough In 
Riley Wm. J'., btchr. 9 Rose Grove In ; 

li. Now lands, Southern av. Tel. 

Rinerd Manufacturing Co., Ltd., etfcn. 

routes, Wood Top mill, Villiers st. 

Tel. 3051 . 
Ripley Albt., formn grdnr, Lodge hse, 

Scott Park rd 
R-ipley Stephen, motr engnr, Lome st ; 

h. 24 Tentre st 
Rippon Mr. Lawrence, 22 Morley st 
Rishton John, bllrd hall mngr, 32 Col- 

ville st 
Ritchie Mrs. Eliz. H., Rose Hill house, 

Manchester rd. Tel. 3757 
Hitchie Geo. Southern, slctr (Southern, 

Ritchie & Southern) ; h. Rose Hill 

hoiiso, Manchester rd. Tel. 2757 
Ritchings John, vict. Dog and Duck 

Hotel, 95 St. James' st 
Road Transport & General Insurance 

Co., Ltd., 35 St. James', st.. Tel. 

327-i ; H. Mitchell, mngr 
Roberts Albt., cashr, I.Berkshire av 
RohertsMr. Arthur, 321 Uolnerd 
Roberts Mr. Arthur Win., 33 Todmor- 

den rd 
Roberts & Co., mllnrs, Garden st 
Roberts Ernest, san insptr, 40 March st 
Roberts Frank, clrk, 95 Ightonhill 

Park In 



Roberts Frank & Sons, sictrs and com 
for oaths, 1 Red Lion st. Tel. 2151 

Roberts Fredk., pol iiiBptr, Hoasand- 
ford Idg, Queen Victoria rd 

Roberts Geoffrey B., L.L.M., slctr (F. 
Roberts & Sons) ; h. Barrowford 

Roberts Geo., trvllr, 04 Rose Hill rd. 
Teh 2081 

Roberts H. Nicholas, L.L.B., slctr (F. 
Roberts & Sons) ; li. Kenmore, 
Manchester rd. Tel. 2749 

Roberts Herbt., carter, 20 Cotton st 

Roberts John S., carpet, etc., dlr, 23 
Yorkshire st 

Roberts John $.., pol con, 21 Rosewood 

Roberts John T., nwsgnt, 08 Church St 

Roberts Mrs. Margt. A., 110 Ormerod 

Roberts Miss Margt. A., 80 Ormerod rd 

Roberts Rgnld., cycle dlr, 102 Padiham 

authorised plumber, glazier, gas and 
steam fitter, baths, etc., fitted, fire- 
place specialist, 18 Padiham road and 
2 Wellfiejd street. Tel. 4173 

Roberts, Riley & Anderson, sictrs, 12 
St. James' row. Tel. 3119 

Roberts Robt., com agnt, 9 Brougham 

Roberts Mrs. Sarah, wrdrb dlr, 31a 

Roberts Thos., clrk, 239 Accrington rd 

Roberts Thos, E., bank cashr, 2 Pala- 
tine sq 

Roberts Wm., com agnt, 5 Brougham 

Roberts Wm, A., cnftnr, 1 Holmes st 

Robertshaw Geo., corn dlr, 114 Colne 
rd ; h. 1 Furness st 

Robertshaw Grcgson, grcr, 200 Ac- 
crington rd ; h. 264 Coal Clough In 

Robertshaw Maurice, comp sec, 26 
Brockenhurst st 

Robmson Mrs. Agnes, 8 Stephenson st 

Robinson Mr. Albt. H., 148 Coal Clough 

Robinson A. P. (Burnley), Ltd., 
imdrclthng innftrs, Whittlelield st. 
Tel. 2390 

Robinson Edwd., clrk, 1 03 Rose Hill rd 

Robinson Miss Eliz., 9 Outwood rd 

Robinson Miss Emma, shpkpr, 3 Derby 

Robinson Mrs. Florence, cnftnr and 
P.O., 17Todmordenrd. Tel. 2044U 

Robinson Frank, trvllr, 18 Ciovolands 

Robinson Fredk., wndw clnr, 20 Her- 
bert st 

Robinson Miss Gertrude L., reg oinee 
for servants, 08 Belvedere rd 

Robinson Mrs. Gertrude, grcr, 4 How- 
sin st 

Robinson Harold, nwsgnt, 72 Abel st 
Robinson Henry A., bank clrk, 32 Rose 
Hill mount 

Robinson Henry A. C, trvllr, 04 Tod- 
morden rd 

Robinson H. J., med offer of healtli, 
Rural District Council, 18 Nicholas 
st. Tel. 2286; h. Simonstone 
Robinson Jas., grcr, 95 Plumbo st 
Robinson Jas., prntr, 4 Sedbergh st 
Robinson John, coal dlr, 110 Nairnc 

Robinson John N., garage formn, Traf- 
algar st 

Robmson John W., formn portr, 97 
Gordon st 

Robinson Lawrence, trvllr, 13 Frest- 

wicli st 
Robinson Llewellyn, frutr, 175 Branch 

rd ; h. 44 Coal Clough In 
Robinson Mrs. Mary, cnftnr, 18 Rose 

Grove In 

Robinson Obadiab, cnftnr, 110 Brier- 

eliffe rd 
Robinson Percy, btchr, 7 Brierchfle rd 
Robinson Robt., vict, Crown Hotel, 34 

Bridge st 

Robinson Thos., metr insptr, 28 Eld- 
wick st 

Robinson Thos., pntr, 05 Rose Grove In 

Robinson Wm., btchr's mngr, 14 

Verona st 
Robinson Win., frutr, 11 Cameron st 
Robinson Wm., pntr, 2 Hawthorne rd 
Robinson Win. Jas., hse frnshr, 60 

Standish st. Tel. 2334 ; h. 44 St. 

Matthew's st 
Robinson Wm. R., pltry frmr, Ing hey, 

Roche Miss Nollie, grcr, 5 Accrington rd 
Roche Thos. K, comp, 9 Admiral st 
Rockcliffe Wm. H., hairdrsr, 16 Lower 
. House In; h. 54 Sycamore a v 
Rodgers John Robt./pltry frmr, 3 Red 

Lees rd 

Rodgers Noble, coal dlr, 3 Eastern av 
Roe Wm., fr fish dlr, 70 Cleaver st 
Rogers Wm., frmr, 703 Briercliffe rd 
Rolloy Mr. Saml., 19 Coal Clough In 
Romney Geo-, vict, Albion Hotel, 20-22 

Red Lion st 
Room Thos., clog iron mkr, 52 Temple 

Roper Amos, trvllr, 00 Ebor st 
Roper Arthur, ins agnt, 234 Barden In 
Roper Henry, pltry frmr. Deer Park rd 
Roper Robt., pltry frmr, 15 Saxon st 
Roper Robt., dntst, 19b" Padiham rd 
Roscoe Mrs. Ellen, cnftnr, Thursfioldrd 
Roscoe John W., crtkr, 03 Thursby rd 
Roscoe Thos., cnftnr, 2 Swindon st 
Rose Arthur E., btdn*, Market sei and 

40-42 Parker st. Tel. 3460 
Rose Wm. T., vict, Junction Hotel, 03 

Rose Grove hi 



Ross Oco. A,., nwsgnt, 123 Aeerlngton 

RostronLnrd., enftnr , 8 Padiham road 
and 64 Lyndhurst road ; h. Whin- 
stone, Brunshaw rd 

Rostron Lnrd., enftnr, 50 Holmsley at 

Rotherham Sydney, grcr, 13 St. Mat- 
thew's st 

Rothwell Bros., corn dlrs, 105a Oxford 

Rothwell B!enry, pltrv kpr, 4 Green- 
field rd 

Rothwell & Heys, florists, lb Man- 
cheater rd. Tel. 2930 

Rothwell Jas. H. (J. H. Rothwell & 
Co., Ltd.) ; h. 357 Manchester rd 

Rothwell J. H. & Co., Ltd., cstmrs and 
mantle wrhsmn, 9 Chancery st. Tel. 

Rothwell Thos. H., fr fish dlr, 174 Cog 

Rothwell Willie (Rothwell Bros.) ; h. 4 
Greenfield rd 

Roitth Arthur, engnr, 87 Brougham at 

Routh Win. H., romp, 79 Xairne st 

Rowland Chas. T., club stwd, 17 Nel- 
son sq 

Rowland Geo. A., clrk, 16 Oak st 

Rowlands Mrs. Annie M., 9 Hawthorne 

Rowlands Geo. F., trvllr, 56 rghtenhill 
Park In 

Rowley Miss Ivy, 151 Rose Hill rd 

Rowley Jas., formn eletren, 110 Gor- 
don st 

Rowson Fredk., grcr, 24 Parker st 

Rowson Fredk., grcr, 77 Hufling In 

Royal Co-operative Collecting Society, 46 
Yorkshire st 

Royal Cinema, Robinson st. Tel. 2723 

ROYAL INSURANCE Co., Ltd., fire, 
life and all classes of commercial 
insurances, Crenshaw's buildings, 8 
Grimshaw street. Tel. 3448 ; E. 
Royle and H. TX Miller, resident in- 

Royal Liver Friendly Society, 5 Bridge 

London chambers, 30 Westgate. Tel. 
3362 ; W. Clitheroe, district super- 

Roylance Chas. A., coal dlr, 43 Lindaay 

Roylance Geo., tailor's cttr, 41 St. 
Matthew's st 

Royle Ernest, res insptr, Royal Insur- 
ance Co., Ltd., Cronshaw's bidngs, 8 
Grimshaw st. Tel. 3448 ; h. Simon- 

Rudd Jph. W.» cttn slsmn, 522 Brtuv 
shaw rd 

Ruddock Mrs. Mary, 1 57 Manchester rd 

Ruddy Miss Eliz., mllnr, 43 Sandygate 

Rukin Coatca, enftnr, 31 Barden In 
Rllkin Fredk., <lairy, 5 Settle ter 
Ru.kin Thos., frmr, Widow green, 

Ritmney & Co., funeral friishrs, 40 

Lansdowne street. Tel. 3180 
Rumney John (Rumncy & Co.) ; h. 40 

Lansdowne st. Tel. 3180 
Runey Geo. J., wndw clnr, 90 Olympia 

Rural District Council Offices, 1 8 Nich- 
olas st. Tel. 2286 ; H. C. Purton, 

clrk ; F. Hewitt, surv ; Dr. H. J. 

Robinson, mod offer 
Rushton Alfd. H. (Rushton Bros.) ; h. 

Oakridge, Brunshaw rd 
Rushton Miss Alice Jane, shpkpr, 85 

Piccadilly rd 
Rushton Andrew, grcr, 32 Florence st 
Rushton Bros., grcrs, 14 Curzon st 
Rushton Henry, ins agnt, 26 Middlesex 

Rushton Jas., trvllr, 55 March st 
Rushton Jas., trvllr, 280 Padiham rd 
Rushton John, ins agnt, 21 Belgrave st 
Rushton Jph., cycle dlr, 7 Gretna plo 
Rushton Louis {Rushton .Bros.) ; h. 

Oakridge, Brunshaw rd 
Rushton Rowland, clrk, 2 Brentwood 


Rusius Mrs. Ellen, drpr, 146 Branch rd 

Russell Alfd. T., schlmstr, 530 Brini- 
sh &w rd 

Russell Thos., market grdnr, Cornfield 

rd ; h. 480 Padiham rd 
Ryan Fredk., mill mngr, 27 Naples av 
Ryan Henry, aprtmnts, 54 Bank par 
Ryan John, prntr, 47 Brougham st 
Rycroft Frank, pol con, 57 Morse st 
Ryeroft Herbt., A.R.C.M., mus tchr, 

Colne rd 
Ryder Harold, bank clrk, H.ollin hill 
Ryland Manufacturing Co., cttn manu- 
facturers, Bishopho\(se mill, Rvland 
st. Tel. 2318 
Rylett Hy., engnrs' formn, 8 Serpen- 
tine rd 
Sachet J., estmr, 8 Grimshaw st 
Sagar Mrs. Ada, dining rms, 13 Abel st 
Sagar Fdmund, hrblst, 115 Padiham 

Sagar Edmundson, btchr, 62-64 Curzon 

Sagar Geo. E., enftnr, 30 Warwick st 
Sagar Hitchon, ins agnt, 1 7 Kimberley 

Sagar Jas., fr fish dlr, 276 Cog In 
Sagar Jas. Hy., pltry frmr. High sim, 

Sagar Oates, pntr, 55 Anne st ; h. 107 

Brunshaw rd 
Sagar Mr. Robt., 93 Ightenhill Park In 
Sagar Sagar, coal dlr, 287 Manchester 

Sagar Simon Henry, grcr, 12 Arthur st 



Sagar Smith, Rail dlr, 30 Hoxe st. Tel;. 
3501 ; h. 10 Moorland rd 

Sagar Taylor, enftnr, 1 1-1 Brougham st 

Sugar Theodore (Thos. Sagar, Ltd.] ; 
hi 380 Padiham rd 

Sagar Thos., Ltd,, cttii mnftrs. Rake- 
head mill. Bishop st. Tel. 8662 

Sugar Wltr., loan office, 27 Nicholas 
st ; h. 5 Oh' van t st 

Sagar Wltr. (Smiths' Cream Ices), 
fiengav, Cghfcen rd 

Sain tor Krnest, mctr inaptr, 70 Mel- 
ville st 

St-. John Ambulance ("Burnley Division), 
47-49 Colnc rd 

Salisbury Frank, coal dlr, 1.0 At-hol st 

Salkeld Fredfc, A., wndw olnr, I Cnm- 
bcrland av 

Salkeld Kichd., coal dlr, 32 Holyoako st 

Sain* on JohnH., boot repr, 4 Baxdenln 

Salt Henry, Mrs mngr, 143 Woodgrove 

Salts Mrs. Annie, hairdrsr, 424 Brini- 
sh aw rd 

Salts Fredk., enftnr, 44 Albert st 

Salvation Army Officers' Headquarter?. 
IS Haven st 

wood, Ltd.) (estd. over 20 years), 
daily carriers to and from all Lan- 
cashire and West Yorkshire towns, 
nightly trunk service to London and 
the South, Scotland, Midlands and 
North-East coast ; head office and 
depot, Summit, Manchester road. 
Tel. 2184 -(See Advert.) 

Sampson Jas. A.., Esq., J.I\, see, Burn- 
ley & District. Miners' Association. 
Charlotte st. Tel. 2702 ; h. Mary- 
ville, lied Dees rd 

Sampson Thos. A., seldmslr, 07 Berry 

Sanders Shtvttlewortti, pntr, I 5 Howard 

Sanderson Alex., frmr, Riley's farm 

Sanderson Irvin T., sletr, 5 Nicholas St. 
Tel. 400:1; Ik Huntroyde, Garsdale 
rd, Rccdley Hallows 

Sanderson John, gvor. 51 Albion st 

Sanderson Peter, coal dlr, 1 7 Prince st 

Sandler Mrs. Doris, drpr, 22 Briercliffe 

coach proprietors, agents, organizers 
of motor tours of all descriptions, 289 
Padiham road. Tel. 2440 

Sandy Miss Doreen, drsmkr. 2 Ainslio 

Sandy Wm. H., crtkr, 4 Ainslie st 
Sand'ygate Mill Co., Ltd., ettn mnftrs, 

Sandygate. Tel. 3431 
Satterthwaite Wm., pol con, 35 St. 

John's rd 
Said Jas., clrk, 22 Linden st 
Saul Jas., eashr, 42 West-gate 

Said Misses Lily & Eliza, drsinkrs, 50 
Lyndhurst rd 

Saunt David, mill rnngr, 12 Harriet st* 
Savoy Cinema (three shows daily}, 
2-40 p.m., 0-30 p.m. and 8-45 p.m.. 
10 Manchester rd. Tel. 2519: VV. 
W. Aspden, mngr 
caterers and confectioners, daily 
luncheons, dainty teas, dinners, etc., 
6 Manchester road. Tel. 2558 ; VV. 

Ingham, manager 
Sawdon Kdgar, sexton. 7 dough si 
Sawdon Mrs. Isabella, Cottage, Man- 
chester r<l 
Sawley & Bury, hlgc ontrctrs, 267 Cog 

In and Newcastle st. Tel. &073 
Sawlev John (Sawlev & Bnrv) ; h. 207 

Cog In 
Saxon Clai*enee, tea dlr's mngr, 33 

Rutland av 
Saxon Mrs. Evelyn, drsmkr, 8 Eastern 

Saxon Harold, clrk, S Eastern av 
Saxone Shoe Co., Ltd., boot dlrs, 57 

St. James' st. Tel, 2843 
Sayer Jas., bookkpr, 10 Holme rd 
Scam bier Jas., enftnr, 700 Padiham 


Seanes Thos., papf rulr. 30 Pritehnrd st 
Seanlan Miss Oath., 35 Cleveland** rd 
Scarborough Alan, cashr. 57 Dockyer 

Scarle Kugene, dnisr, 340 Jirnnshaw rd 
Seaum Miss Bliss., nwsgnt, 300 Brini- 
sh aw rd 
Seaum Geo. F. J., crtkr, 42 Melville st 
Schofield Albt. (C. Schofield & Sons) ; 

h. 77 Tar lor on st 
Schofield Albt., plmbr, 1 34 Aeex'ingtan 

Schofield Arthur (C Seliofield &• Sons) ; 

h* lOSmalley st 
Schofield Arthur Henry, tailr's Mngr, 

Scholield C. & Sons, bieksmths, Boot 

Inn yard, Parker In. Tol. 2400 ; and 

farmers, Redgate I'arjn 
Sehofield Chas. (C. Schofield & Son) : 

h. 130 Todmordcn rd. Tel. 2400 
Sehofield & Co., whlsl and retail 

tbensts, 3 and 00 St. James' st. Tel. 

Seliofield Elias (Beatall Cleansers Co.) ; 

h. 12 Athletic st 
SCHOFIELD FRANK, decorator and 

painting contractor, 78 St. Matthew's 

street. Tel. 2951 
Scholield Fred, wllppr mrelmt's mngr, 

8-10 Hargreaves st. Tel. 2908 
Sehofield Mrs. Hannah, 406 Padiham 

Sehotield Henry, pickle mnftr, Oldham 

st ; h. 7 Montague rd 
-Sel.jotield Herbt.,.nwsgnt, 362 Colnc r.d 



Schofiold Jas. (Beatall Cleansers Co.) ; 

h. 3 Holton st. 
Sohoheld Jas. A., Corporation housing 

mngr, 1 1 Komiord st 
SchoJield John, i'nm cllr, 22 Holton st 
Schofield John, clrk, 8 Crcswick nv 
SchoJield John '1. (J. T. Soholield & 

Sons) : h. Itidge ett-g 
Schofield J. T. & Sons, boilr eoverers, 

'Trafalgar st. 1'cl. 25:i7 
Schofield Uobt., trvllr, 20 Clifton st. 
Schofield Kobt., nwsgnt, 14 Padiham 

Sehofield Mrs. Sarah A., shpkpr, 6-6 

Brunshaw court 
Schofield S. &Co.,wllpprmchnts, 120 

St. James 1 st 
Schofield Thos. (John Watts (Burnloy), 

Ltd.) ; h. 4.95 Brunshaw rd. Tel. 


Seliofield Titos., cngnr, Ml Boetory 

Schofield Thos., grer, 1 8:1 Oxford rcl 

Schofield Tom (VV. Schofield & Son) ; 

h. Inglcnook, 2 Tonnisst 
Sehoneld VV'lt.r. (C. Sohofield Ss Sons) ; 

h, 4 Clarence st 
Schofield Win. (VV. Sohoheld & Son); 

h. 402 Rossendale n\ 
SOHOFIELD WM. & SON, slaters and 
slate merchants (agents for " Pen- 
rhyn " and dealers in " Velinheli " 
slates), Bank Hall Slate yard, Golne 
road. Tel. 3324 
Soholes Mi*. Jiawr<'nc<i, I 1 Brooklamls 

Soholes Wm., cnftnr, 87 Laithe st 
Scholes Wm,, clggr, 72 Trafalgar st 
Seholiiekl Wm., chmst, GO Abel st. 

Toh 3722; h. loColnord 
School for the Blind, Tarleton house, 

Scientific Corsotry, oorsetioros, I lb 

Yorkshire st 
Scoblo Smith, trmgi", 10 Cnerden st. 

Tel. 21 75 
Scotch Wool & Hosiery Stores (Flem- 
ing, Re id &> Co., Ltd.), 29 Manches- 
ter rd 
Soott Antony A., pel eon, 140 Branch 

Soott Chas., ins agnt, 2 Constable av 
Soott Jas., crtkr, 7 Holme rd 
Soott Jpli., horsekpr, 2 Tullis st 
Scott Miss Marion, 145 Todmorden rd 
Soott Percy A., bank clrk, 522 Cog In 
Scott Wm., club stwd, 20 Brace well sfc 
Scott Wm. A., clrk, SI Kectory rd 
Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 
Garage ehmbrs, Padiham rd ; B. (). 
Ashlin, supt 
Scottish Union & National Insurance 

Co.. 1 Yorke st. Tel. 3100 
Seowcroft Arthur H.. grcr, 26 Rich- 
mond st 

Scragg Miss Annie, drsmkr, (il Gannow 

Seragg Mr. Thos. 02 Gannon lane 
Scully Mrs. Mary J., wine and Spirit 

mrohnt, 27 Padiham rd 

AGENCY, status enquiries and debt 

recovery, etc., 10 Board street. Tel. 

Seddon Alfd,, schlmstr, 10 Fairholmo 

Seddon Miss Mary E., 110 Ptulihain 

Seddon Wm.. prprty repr, Back Every 

st ; h. 2 Prestwicii si. 
Sedgwick Frank, clrk, 89 Mosoloy rd 
Sedrnan Geo., trvllr, 108 Burnley rd, 

Seed John, trvllr, 2S Carter st 
Keodall Mrs. Essie, cnftnr, 14-10 Boyle 

Sogelman Morris, tailr, 187 Briereliffe 

rd ; h. 7 Eonismore st 
Segelman Victor, tailr, 12-14 Church 

st ; h. 13 Minchead av 
Sellers Fredk., dairy, 280 Briereliffe rd 
Sellers Mrs. Jane K-, gi'er, IS Ardwiok 

Sellers John, eashr, 227 Coal Clough hi 
Sellers Bobt., clrk, 72 Sycamore av 
Sellers Thus., grcr's mngr, 302 Rosson- 

dale rd 

Sonip Mrs. Amiio, ladies' outftr, 07 
Manchester rd. Tel. 3082 

Senior Geo, A-, pol con, 361 Briereliffe 

Senior Hubert, auctnr's asst, 24 Trafal- 
gar st 

Sowoll Bichd., prntr, SI 7 Bricrcline n\ 

Shaokleton Alan K., ins agnt, 12 Ros- 
sendale av 

Shackleton Albt., bookkpr, 53 Rectory 

Shaokleton Chris., prntr. 05 Naime si 

Shackleton Frank, oatcake bkr, Boat- 
houso In ; h. 14 Tabor st 

Shackleton Fredk., wrks chmst, 5 Mid- 
dlesex av 

Shackleton Horace, trvllr, 20 Barry st 

Shackleton .las., cttn slsmn, 580 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Shackleton Job, pltrv t'rmr, 16 Deer 
Park rd 

Shackleton John W., tripe dlr, 10 Kim 

Shackleton Mrs. Margfc., shpkpr, 84 
Burnlev rd 

Shackleton. Koger, trvlng drpr, 1 :~?2 
Briereliffe rd 

Shackleton Titos. , f rm r, Top- o'- th '• * 
Close, lghtenMll 

Shackleton Wifd., egg dlr, Stanley st 

Shackleton Wm., clggr, 32 Bardon In 

Shallikor John & Son. hse i mshrs, 272 
Golne rd 



Shalliker Joint (J. Shnlliker & Son); 
h, 03 Waterbarn st 

Shambrook Ernest C, beerhse, Derby 

Inn, 44 Grimshaw st 
Shannon Miss Dorothy, ladies' hairdrsr, 

44 Rectory rd 
Sharp Chas. (0, Halstead, hid.) j h. 84 

M'arsden rd 
Sharp Geo. (G. Halstead, Ltd.) ; h. 104 

Marsden rd 
Sharp John Wm., beersllr, 31-33 Can- 
ning st 
Sharp ( Jph., clrk, 8 Tennis st 
Sharp 'jph„ mus tchr, 15 M.izpah st 
Sharp W. & J., frutrs, 3b Padiham rd 
Sharpe All'd., nwsgnt, 42 Raglan rd 
Sharpe Geo., pol con, 25 Constable av 
Sharpe Richd. E-, btchr, 85 Abel st ; 

h. 27 Kibble eres 
Sharpies Arthur, grcr, 25 Brier clift'e rd 

Sharpies Mrs. Ellen, grcr, 58 Marl- 
borough st 

Sharpies Jph/ (W. Sharpies & Sons) ; 
h. 290 Coal Clough In 

Sharpies Wltr., crtkr, 4 Hill Mart on st 

Sharpies Walton, fr fish dlr, 4 Hill 
Marton st 

SHARPLES WILLIAM, dismantler of 
all kinds of machinery and buildings, 
machine and metal broker, car dis- 

.. maniler and waste paper merchant, 
Rumley road. Tel. 2624 ; h. 58 

Marlborough rd 
Sharpies Wm. (W. Sharpies & Sons) ; 

h. 255 Rossendale rd. Tel. 4113 
Sharpies W. & Sons, motr engnrs, 

Rossendale rd. Tel. 4113 
Sharpies' Warehouses, drprs, 20 Stand- 

ish st 
Sharploy Jas., clrk, 17 Cavour st 
Sharpley Roland, btchr, 91 Raglan rd. 

Tel. 3630 
Sharplevs 1 Cafe, 20 Howe st. Tel. 

Sharratt Ellen, fr fish dlr, Clay st 
Sharratt Henry, clrk, 8 Beechwood av 
Sharrocks John Win. (Karnshaw Bros. 

& Booth) ; h. 2 Clevolands mount, 

Tel. 3056 
Shaw Allen, pol con, 24 Hammerton st 
Shaw P., ins agnt, 59 Canning st 
Shaw Mrs. Emily, drpr, 50 Hollingreave 


Shaw Ernest, grcr, 53 Lowerhouse In ^ 
Shaw Frcdk. W-, gni'l mngr, Oswald 
Tillotson, Ltd. ; h. Glengarth, 280 
Manchester rd. Tel. 2204 
Shaw Harold W., enftnr, 271 Brier- 
cliff c rd ; h. 6 Eastern av 
Shaw Herbt., trvllr, 29 Scott Park rd 
Shaw Horace C, M.A., schlmstr, 123 

Woodgrove rd 
Shaw Jas. 13., bootrepr, 78 Montrose st 
Shaw Jas. R., hlge cntrctr, 337 Brier- 
cliff e rd. Tel. 2923 and 3544 

Shaw Mrs. Jeanettc, 380 Manchester rd 
Shaw John T., coal dlr, 59 Lionel st 
Shaw John AV., pmtr, 51 Gordon st 
Shaw Lnrd., ins agnt, 11 Mitchell st 
Shaw Matthew, boot repr, 42 Croft st ; 

h. 3 Berry st 
Shaw Richd., pol con, 55 Reynolds st 
Shaw Wltr, vict, White Bull Inn, 27 

Gannow In 
Shaw Wltr. M., clrk, 1 6 Rose Mount av 
Shaw Wm., wtchmkr, 63 Pritchard at 
Shaw Wm, Hy., coal dlr, 5 Newton st. 

Tel. 2734 
Shaw Wm. L-, china dlr, 27 Abel st 
Shead Jas., coal dlr, 29 Mizpah st 
ShearonMrs. Margt. E., enftnr, 79 Par- 
liament st 
Shee & Kennedy, Ltd., tailrs, 18 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3474 
Shell M'ex, Ltd., petrol dstrbtrs, Oswald 

st. Tel. 303o 
Shenton Lawrence, chmny swpr, 114 

Hu.rtley st 

Shepherd Alan (Heaton & Shepherd) ; 
h. 134M'itellast 

Shepherd Miss Bertha, frutr, 135 Par- 
liament st 

Shepherd Geo. Hy., btchr, 68 Parlia- 
ment st 

Shepherd Harold, irnmngr's asst, 249 

Brioreliu'o rd 
Shepherd Herbt., acntnt, 102 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 4011 ; h. Brierfield 
Shepherd Herbt. (J. A. Shepherd & 

Sons) ; h. 58 Brunswick st 
Shepherd Herbt., coal dlr, 140 Brier- 

cliffe rd 

Shepherd Jack, A. Inst., W.E., watr 

engnr and mngr, 64 Yorkshire st. 

Tel. 2101; h. 21 Fifth av. Tel. 2896 

Shepherd John, tailrs mngr, 92 Kidd- 

row In 
Shepherd John, prntr, 22 Vernon at 
Shepherd J. A. & Son, bakrs, Hirst st 
Shepherd John A. (J. A. Shepherd & 

Son) ; h. 136 Hollingreave rd 
Shepherd John W., rlwy insptr, 9 Ber- 
gen st 
Shepherd Thos., fr fish dlr, 128a Abel 

st ; h. 9 New Hall st 
Sherbum Mrs. Alice, enftnr, 54 Man- 
chester rd 
Sherbum Jas., pntr, 35 Rosewood av 
Sherbum Mrs. Louisa, grcr, 2 Napier st 
Sherbum Thos., btchr, 304 Gannow In 
Sherrin John, tailr, 54 Todmorden rd 
Shields Miss Annie, 68 Bank par 
Shirley Jas. A., shpkpr, 58 Nairne st 
Shoesmith Miss Christina, tailrss, 17 

Bracewell st 
Shoesmith Francis G., chmst, 68-70 
Coal Clough In. Tel. 3695 ; h. 64 
Raglan rd 
Shoesmith ffredk. Wm. (J. Shoesmith) ; 
h. 63 Ormorod rd. Tel. 3336 



SHOESMITH JAMES (estd. 1871), 
plumbing, gasfitting, glazing, etc., 79 
Manchester road. Tel. 3336 

Shoesmiths' Wine Co., wine dlrs, 

Maries st 
Shore Mis. Susannah, hairdrsr, 1 3 

Howe st 
Shorrock Mrs. Martha A., 415 Man- 
chester rd 
Shorrock Mrs. Winifred, enftnr, 320 

Gannow In 
Short Henry, crtkr, 10 Rumloy rd 
Short liichd., club Btwd, 94 Ardwiek st 
Shutt Mrs. Annie, enftnr, 50 Bruns- 
wick st 
Shutt Chas. W., acntnt, 28 Burden st. 

Tel. 2S3S ; h. Clifton, Reedley 
Shutt John S.,insagnt, 70 Svcamoreav 
Shutt Wm. S., enftr, 33-35 Newcastle st 
Shuttleworth Alfd., mill mngr, 301 

Colno rd 
Shuttleworth Edwd. V., pwnbrkr, 148 

Trafalgar st 
Shuttleworth Fredk., chief san insptr, 
Burnley Corporation, St. James' st. 
Vol. 2101 ; Inversnaid, Arkwright sfc 
Shuttleworth Jas. S., uwsgnt,G5 Man- 
chester rd 
Shuttleworth Thos., clrk, 57 Colno rd 
Shuttleworth The Right Hon. Lord, 

Gawthorpe hall. Tel. 7 Padifutm 
Sidloy Henry, fr fish dlr, 9S W'estgato 
Silcock l'iollk. (J'ph. Taylor (Coal), 
Ltd.) ; h. 2-1 Dugdale rd. Tel. 2875 

SILK (THE) SHOP, silk mercers and 
woollen specialists, 1 St. James' 
street. Tel. 3497 ; John Poole, 

Simcoek Chas. F., press phtgrphr, 032 
Brvmshaw rd 

SIMCGNA (THE) PRESS, direct mail 
advertising, general printing, en- 
velope addressing, address lists, 
sketches and posters, block makers, 
etc., 8 Cliviger street. Tel. 2677 

Simm Win., manager, Employment 
Exchange, Hammerton st. Tel. 3205 

Simms Thos. A., aehl atndne offer, 55 
Clive st 


Co., manufacturers of the " Sim- 
plex " slip-off polisher and dust mop 
and reversible polisher, King Edward 
mills, Guy street. Tel. 3785 

HOLSTERY Co., manufacturers of 
high-class upholstering, King Edward 
mills, Guy street. Tel. 3785 

Simpson Albt. (Rawson & Simpson) ; 

h. 39 Athol st 
Simpson Alex. (A. Simpson & Co., 
Ltd.) ; h. 28 Westgate. Tel. 2510 

SIMPSON ALEX. & Co., Ltd., decora- 
tors, display and sign writers, 28 
Westgate. Tel. 2510 

Simpson Alfd., bus insptr, 32 Bedvors 

Simpson Mrs. Annie, 387 Padiham rd. 
Tel. 3743 

Simpson Arthur, cashr, 32 Melville st 

Simpson & Baldwin, Ltd., cttnmnftrs, 
Albion and Tunnel Street mills. 
Tel. 2532 

SIMPSON BROS. (Burnley), Ltd., build- 
ers, contractors and general property 
repairers, Melbourne street, opposite 
Victoria Hospital. Tel. 2383 

Simpson Miss Charlotte M., mus tchr, 3 
Bank Hall ter 

SIMPSON BROS., (Hapton) Ltd., elec- 
trical engineers and contractors, 
Magneto works, Manchester road, 
Hapton. Tel. 14 Padiham 

Simpson Chas. A., trvllr, 5 Killington st 

Simpson Clifford, pol eon, 30 Hammer- 
ton st 

Simpson Chas. Hargreaves (Simpson 
Bros. (Burnley), Ltd.); ' h. 190 
Brierclilfe rd 

Simpson & Co., ettn wst mrclmts, Ox- 
ford mill, Oxford rd. Tel. 4188 

Simpson Mrs. Edith, pltry frmr, 10 
Deer Park rd 

Simpson Miss Edna, grcr, 30 Myers st 

Simpson. Edwin, grer, 71 Scott st 

Simpson Ernest (Graham & Simpson) ; 
h. 478 fcrunshaw rd. Tel. 3427 

Simpson Ernest, joinr, Back Haydoek 
st ; h. 33 Ebor st 

Simpson F. A., Ltd., ettn mnftrs, Wood 
Top mill, Villiors at. Tel. 4192 

Simpson Frank, grcr, 70 Piccadilly rd 

Simpson Frank, btchr, 7 Parker In 

Simpson Frank, clrk, 3S Wordsworth 

Simpson Frank (Simpson & Baldwin) ; 
h. 385 Padiham rd. Tel. 2330 

Simpson & Gaut, gramophone dlrs, 330 
Colne rd 

Simpson Geo. W., trvllr, 18 Eastern 

Simpson Henry, clrk, 34 Gainsborough 

Simpson Hy. (Simpson Bros. (Burn- 
lev), Ltd.) ; h. 1 Mansergh st. Tel. 

Simpson Herman., enftnr, 47-49 Padi- 
ham rd 

Simpson Hermon, patent wrngr mkr, 
King's mill, Bridge st 

Simpson Mrs. Isabella, 4 Scott Park rd. 
Tel. 3337 

Simpson Jas., bnk clrk, 411 Manches- 
ter rd 

SIMPSON J. & R., joiners, contractors, 
shoptitters, property repairers and 
funeral directors, Cog Lane Joinery 
works. Tel. 2984 

Simpson John (J. & H. Simpson) ; h. 
17 Palace et 



Simpson John M., mngr, Martins' 
Bank, Ltd., 40-42 St. James' st. 

Tel. 2SS2 ; h. Hnrstdale, 2SS Man- 
enesberra; Tel. 3320 

Simpson Jph. f trvllr, 433 Cog hi 

Simpson Jph. K. t petrol ting stn, Traf- 
algar St. Teh -1031 ; h. 29 Eastern 

Simpson Lnrd. (Simpson & Co.)- Ox- 
ford mill, Oxford, rd. Tel, 41SS 

Simpson IVl'iHs Lily, 79 Todmorden rd 

Simpson Kichd. (J*. & K. Simpson) ; h> 
52 Ightenhill Parkin 

Simpson Mr. Robt. JVf., 240 Manchester 

Simpson Thos.. stores inngr, 12 Ken- 
shaw st 

Simpson Turpin, hse frnshr, 202-204 

Colnord. i'ol. 3970 
Simpson YY'lfd., shpkpr, 24 Tay st 
Singer Sowing Machine Co., Ltd., 10 

Manchester rd (Tel. 3042) and 21 *> 

Colne rd (Tel. 4147) 
Singleton Jph. & Son, wtchmkrs, 15 

Oxford rtl 
Singleton Percy (J. Singleton & Son) ; 

h. 138M'itellast 
Singleton Sam!., club sfcwd, OHowsinst 
Singleton Mrs. Sill'or, shpkpr, 30 Shale 


SINGLETONS', makers of hygienic 
shampoo, skin ointment and tooth 
powder, 6 Cambridge street, Brierfield 

Sixsmith Geo. 'H,, pstmstr, G.P.O., 
Hargreaves st. Tel. 00 ; h. High 
Meadows, ftcedley llaUoivs. Teh 

Skinner David, M.B., Ch.B. (Munro & 
Skinner), pliys «nd srgn, 36 Colnord. 
TeL 3925 ; surgery, 187 Colne rd 

Skinner Mrs. Ivy, enftnr. 72 Glen View 

SKIPPER C. G., Ltd., R.A.C. and A.A. 
agents, motor engineers and repair- 
ers, cellulose sprayers, oxy-acetylene 
welders and agents for Ford, Morris, 
Austin, Bedford and Wolseley cars, 
Park garage, Nairne street. Tel. 
2452 ; after hours, Tel. 810 Nelson 

Skipper C. Geo. (C. G. Skipper, Ltd.) ; 
h. '1 enhy, \Vnarfcdalc av, Rectilei/. 
Tel. 810 Nelson 

Skipper J' ph. P., gaswrks forum. 21 

Coal Clough lit 


Slane Herbt. F., L.R.C.P. 

(Edin.), pftys and srgn, 75 and 151 
Todmorden rd. Tel. 2445 

Slane Herbt, ,)'., M.D., pliys &&d srgn, 
75 To<lmorden rd. Tel. 2445 

Slater Mi. Alan, Edenhnrst, 51a Brook- 
lands rd. Tel. 4125 

Slater Mrs. Edith, Yrongrove, Towne- 
ley side 

Slater Mr. Edwin, 17 Powell st 

Slater Geo. W., clrk, 45 St. Cuthbcrt st 

Slater Harold, trvllr, 55 I'raser st 
Slater Jas., erpt dlr, 2(i2-204 Colne rd 
Slater Jas., plbry frmr, 10 Springwood 

Slater Jonathan, ins agnt, 2.3 Bvron st 
Slater Mr. Thos. S., 388 Kossendale rd 
Slater YVm., com agnt, 7 Halstead st 
Slater VVtn., wndw clnr, 128 Every st 
Slater YVm., rlwy msptr, 10 Kossendale 


Slater Miss Winifred, mXhsx, 82 Oolne rd 

Sleo Misses I. & D., outftrs, 141 St. 
James' st 

Sloe W'ltr., florist's mngr, 13 Vineit gfc 
Slee Win., telplmst, 92 .Belvedere rd 
Slinger Henry, btchr, 19 Yorkshire st. 

Tel. 3378 
Slinger Hubert, mrkt grdnr, 258 Bar- 
den In 

Slockett Edwd. K., oletrcn's mngr. 37 
Staudish st 

Siowey John Archibald, chief cllctr, 
Town Hall, Manchester rd. Tel, 
2101 ; h. 40 Kossendale rd 

Small Edwd., trvllr, 20 Bromsgrove rd 

Small Jas., bookkpr, 7 Williams rd 

Smalldrkige Rev. Francis W. (Cong.), 
29 Kossendale rd 

Smalley Kobt. T. YV., ins agnt, 27 Ivory 

Smethurst Freclk., boot repr, 109 Ley- 
land rd 

Smetlmrst Geo. E„ clrk, 377 Kossen- 
dale rd 
Smith Mrs. Ada, beerhso, Cottage-in- 

tho-Wood, 30 Rawlinson st 
Smith Alan, clrk, 218 BrierolirTe st 
Smith Alan R. (A. Smith & Sons) ; h. 

4S Loekycr av 
Smith Albt.., hairdrsr, 34 Piceadillv rd 
Smith Albt., financier, 6 Croft st 
Smith Albt., frutr, 2 Clive st 
Smith Albt., tea dlrs mngr, 17 Key- 
no Ids st 

Smith Albt., schlmstr, 447 Kossendale 

Smith Albt, E., grcr, 81 Sandvgate 

Smith Albt. H., crtkr, 37 Gordon st 

Smith Alfd., bldr, Talbot st 

Smith Alfd., joinr. Cog In ; h, 31 2 Kos- 
sendale rd 

Smith Alfd. E. (A. E. Smith & Son) ; 
h. 7 0slord 

Smith Alfd. E. & Son, reodmkrs, Vil- 

liersst. Tel. 4072 
Smith Alfd. J., sgnwrtr, U2 Manchester 


Smith Alfd. & Son, turn dlrs, 115 Ac- 
erington. rd 

Smith Alfd. & Sony, slaters. Brun St. 
'Vol. 2472 

Smith Arthur, coal dlr, 9 Brockenhurst 

Smith Arthur, chmst's mngr, 15 Mars- 
den rd 

• - 



Smith Arthur TC., pirn agnt. 54 Igh ten- 
hill Turk In 
Smith Bon]., bootropr, 1 Whittlelicldst 
Smith Bernice, hosp atndnt, 28 Words- 
worth st 
Smith Mrs. Bertha, enttnr, 1 Ivan st 
Smith Bertram, frutr, 38 Waterloo rd 
Smith Chas., crtkr, 21 Cameron st 
Smith Chas., enftnr, 204 Accrington rd 
Smith Chas. R., frmr, Ightenhill farm 
Smith Clifford, slotr, 18 Hargreavcs St. 
Tel. 2835 ; h. Grafton av, Reedley 

SMITH & Co., shroud and trimmings 
manufacturers, undertakers, ware- 
housemen, general engravers, makers 
and printers of memorial ribbons, 
coffin furniture, timber and mould- 
ings, etc., Hallwell street and 43 
Allen street. Tel. 3650 
Smith David C. (Rawlinson, Har- 
greaves. Smith & Wood); h. 10 Rose 
Hill av 
Smith Denis, slotr, 51 Ormerod rd 
Smith Denis, sletr's clrk, 2 Berrv st 
Smith Mrs. Dora, 109 Todmorden rd 
Smith Mrs. Doris, 354 Padiham rd 
Smith Miss Dorothy M., cnitnr, 292b 

Colne rd 
Smith Dong., coal dlr and ins agnt, 200 
Rossondalo rd 

Smith E., ins agnt, I 70 Rose Hill rd 
Smith Edwin, opten's nmgr, 7 Rose 

HiiL ay 
Smith Miss K lea nor, btchr, I Belt'ord st 
Smith Mrs. Eleanor, grcr, 05 West-gate 

Smith Mr. K leaser, 140 Todmorden rd 

Smith Erie Halstead (Smith & Smith) ; 
h. 24a Rose Hill mount, Tel. 3297 

Si n ith Ernest, ins agnt, 1 75 Rose il i! 1 rd 

Smith Ernest, bookkpr, 2 Dover sfc 

Smith Ernest, F.C.A. (Rawlinson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood) ; h. Sea- 
toller, 3 Glen View rd. Tel, 2709 

Smith Ernest B. (Smith & Sons) ; h. 
1 50 Woodgrove rd 

Smith Misses Ethel &, Adelaide, grcrs, 
i Argyle si 

Smith Mrs. Fanny, shpkpr, 304 Lower- 
house In 

Smith Miss Florence, Sunt, House for 
Friendless Girls, Bankfield, Colne rd. 
'J "el. 2818 

Smith Fi & A., drprs, 55 Colne rd 
Smith Frank, grcr, 1 6 Rectory rd 
Smith Frank, pol eon, 34] BrierelirTe rd 
Smith Frank, grer'S mngr, 20 Queen 

-Victoria rd 
Smith Frank S., frutr, 2 Powell st 
Smith Fredk., clrk, 7 Queeusborry rd, 
Smith Fredk., pstl clrk, 59 Reynolds st 
Smith Fredk. (A. Smith & Sons) ; h. 

269 Rossend.ale rd 
Smith Fredk., dntst, 181 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3571 

Smith Fredk., jwllr, M9 Padiham rd 
Smith Frc<lk., clrk, 14 Westboume uv 
Smith Fredk., coal dlr, 37 Ford st 
Smith Fredk., farmer, BouldSMorth 
end, Brzercliffe 

Smith Fredk. (F. & A.. Smith); Ii. 4 

Hebrew rd 
Smith Fredk. (\V. Smith & Sou) ; h. 

48 Plumbe st 
Smith F. D., ins agnt, 7 Oslo rd 
Smith Fred JS\ (F. N. Smith & Son) : 

h. 14 Canning st 
Smith F. N. & Son, joinrs, Md Can- 
ning st 
Smith Fredk. W., grer, 23 Glen st 
Smith Geo., pimbr, 21 Curzon st. Tel. 

3GGS ; h. 24 Piccadilly rd 
Smith (ieo., gas insptr, 8 Brougham st 
Smith Mr. Glbt., 155 Newcastle rd 
Smith Harokl, schlmstr, 02 Kiddrow In 
Smith Harold, enftnr, 154 Abel st 
Smith Harokl, pntr, I 9 Haven st 
Smith M>s. Helen, la Fairholmord 
Smith Henry, booksollrsasst, 13 Felix 

Smith Henry, machine brkr, G Brick st. 

Tel. 241 7 
Smith Hy., grcr, 3 Mount Pleasant st 
Smith Henry, plastr, 2 Lebanon st 
Smith Hy. L. (Smith & Smith) ; h. 

The Gables, Scott Park rd". Tel. 

Smith Herbt., clrk, 19 Colne rd 
Smith Herbt. (Smith & Thomas) ; h. 

1 Watcrbarn st 
Smith Herbt. (E. R. Sowerby, Smith & 

Co.); h. 4 Crcswickav 
Smith Herbt. A. frutr, 40 Rectory rd 
Smith Jas. (E. Phillips & Co.) ; h. 11 

Richmond st 

Smith Jas., ams nut Caterer, 14 Hinton 

Smith Jas-, clrk, J 42 Athol st 

Smith Jas. King Steel, M.B., Ch.B., 

ophthlme and aural srgn, #3 Bank 

par. Tel, 2802 
Smith Mr. Jas., Belvedere, Moscley rd 
Smith Jas. R., bookkpr, 14 Hattorsley 


Smith Jas. T., chmst's asst, 298 Ros- 
sendale rd 

Smith Jas. V., cttn slsmn, 6 Brunei st 
Smith Jeremiah, ice cream dlr, 2 Hol- 
beck st 

Smith John, fish dlr, 35 Berry st 

Smith John, turn dlr, 11 and 04 He- 
brew rd 

Smith John, sexton, 14 Nelson rd, 

Smith John, bldr, 8 Underlay st 
Smith Jolm, trvllr, 30 Rossoudale av 
Smith Mr. John, 19 Rose Hill rd 
Smith Mr. Jolm A., 15 Emmett st 
Smith John G. (Smith &, Sons) ; h. 49 

Woodgrove rd 



Smith Mr. John R., 212 Todmorden rd. 

Tel. 2554 
Smith John R., trvllr, 20 Redvers at 
Smith John, Tadcaster Brewery Co., 

Ltd., ale and prtr bttlrs and wino and 

spirit mrclmts, 207-209 Coin© rd 
Smith John'!'., cnftnr, 102 Lowerhouso 

Smith John W., ins agnt, 49 Fritchard 

Smith John W., prntr, 05 Anne st 
Smith Mr. John W., 1.31 Wostgato 
Smith Jph., grcr, 88 Healey Wood rd 
Smith Jph., wtchmkr, 7 Queen Victoria 

Smith Mr. Jph., 36 Glen View rd. 

Tel. 4292 
Smith Jph., ins agnt, 55 Lionel st 
Smith Rev. Jph. L. (Cong.), 7 Fowler st 
Smith Rev. Jph. R. (Meth.), 81 Or- 

merod rd 
Smith Lnrd., clrk, 98 Nairne st 
SMITH LEVI, painter, decorator, paper- 
hanger, gilder, etc., 100 Manchester 

road. Te!. 2771 ; h. 121 Glen View 

rd. Tel. 2771 
Smith Mr. Lewis, 143 b Manchester rd 
Smith Mrs. Lily, shpkpr, 1 Colin st 
Smith L. C. & Corona Tvpe writers, 

Ltd., 35 St. James 1 at. Tol. 3022 
Smith Madame, nius tchr, 27 Hiuton st 
Smith Miss Margfc., 15 Scott Park rd 
Smith Mrs. Margt. K, cnftnr, 1 Piumbe 

Smith Miss Martha E„ cnftnr, lSa 

Braeowell st 
Smith Mrs. Marion, 53 Woodgrove rd 
Smith Mrs. Mary, la Brooklands rd 
Smith Mrs. Mary A., frutr, 23 Hulme st 
Smith Mrs. Mary A., 11 Park a v 
Smith Mrs. Mary Kliz., cnftnr, 18 Can- 
ning st 
Smirh Mrs. Mary E., cnftnr, 39 West st 
Smith Mrs. Nancy, grcr, 25'J Col no rd 
Smith Norman, frmr, Hollin Cross farm 
Smith Purcell, clrk, 147 Woodgrove rd 
Smith Ralph H-, wndw clnr, 18 Mitella 

Smith Richd., pol con, 82 Clevolands rd 
Smith Richd., frutr, 160 Coin© rcl 
Smith Richd,, grcr, 52 Trafalgar st 
Smith Robt., nwsgnt and P.O., 37 

Merton st ; h. 566 Brunshaw rd 
Smith Robt., pltry frmr, 3 Deer Park 

Smith Saml., trvllr, 130 Leyland rd 
Smith Saml. "O., schlmstr, 185 Coal 

Clough In 
Smith Saml. & Sons (Colne), Ltd., 

fllmngrs, 09 st. Tel. 2346 
Smith Samson, plmbr, 202 Gannow In 
Smith Mrs. Sarah J., shpkpr, 48 Water- 

loo rd 
Smith & Smith, slctrs, Elizabeth st. 
Tel. 3227 

Smith & Sons, pntrs, 97 Oxford rd. 

Tel. 2845 
Smith Squire, clrk, 51 Clive st 
Smith Stanley, btchr, 179 Branch rd 
Smith Mrs. Susan S., cnftnr, 101 Quoon 

Victoria rd 
Smith Sydney, fish dlr, 10 Tabor st 
Smith T., ins agnt, 4 Minehead av 
SMITH & THOMAS, mineral water 

manufacturers, 21-25 Barden lane. 

Tel. 2326 
Smith Thos., brwr, 39 Woodgrove rd 
Smith Thos., wrks chmst, 34 Rossou- 

dale rd 
Smith Thos., shpkpr, 40 Colxlen st 
Smith Thos., cnftnr, 23 Gannow In 
Smith Thos. Freeman, tailr, 230 Coal 

Clough In. Tel. 4180 
Smith T. War ton, wtchmkr, 2 Cliviger 

Smith Tom (Burnley), Ltd., whlsl and 

retail tbensts, 1 Fleet st and 6o Ox- 
ford rd 
Smith Wallace, dining rms, 13 Allen- 
dale st ; h. 12 Sunderland st 
Smith Wltr. (Deardens') ; h. Bead 
Smith Wltr., cashr, 10 Colne rd 
Smith Wltr. (Edgar Holden, Ltd.) ; h. 

62 Lockyer av 
Smith Wltr. (Cropper & Smith) and 

mllnr, 123 Burnley rd, Harle Syke 
Smith Wltr., dairy, GO Dugdale rd 
Smith Wltr. H-, schlmstr, 9 Mount 

Smith Wlfd., hrblst, 283a Brierclifferd 
Smith Wlfd. (Turner & Smith, Ltd.) ; 

h. l03Ormerodrd 
SMITH WM., Ltd., wholesale and 

retail drapers and complete house 

furnishers, 21-23 Fleet street. Tel. 

Smith Win., cnftnr, 139 Grey st 
Smith Win., cnftnr, 2 Cairo st 
Smith Wm., frmr, Hunter's oak 
SMITH WILLIAM, electrical and radio 
engineer, 97 Goal Clough lane 

Smith Wm. (W. Smith & Son) ; h. 488 
Brunshaw rd 

Smith Wm. (W. Smith & Son) ; h. 214 

Bricrcliffe rd 
Smith Wm. A., drpr, 1-3 Napier st 
Smith Wm. F., nwsgat's mngr, 1 Hat- 

torsloy st 
Smith Wm. H-, asst ins supt, 3 Fowler 

Smith Wm. Henrv (Schofiold & Co.) ; 

h. 59 Scott Park rd 
Smith Wm. Henry, pict frmr, 46a 

Church st and 131 Westgate 
Smith Wm. Horbt., fr fish dlr, 11 Cur- 

zon st 
Smith W. H- & Son, booksllrs and 

statnrs, Bank Top Railway station 
Smith Wm. R., cttn slsmn, 32 Clevo- 
lands rd 



Smith Wm. Witr., phtgrphr, 42 York- 
shire st. Tel. 3534 ; h. 476 Brun- 
shaw rd 
Smith Win. & Son, whhvrghts, Earl st 
Smith W. & Son, wtchmkrs, 48 Plumbe 

SMITHS' CREAM ICES (wholesale and 
retail), ice cream manufacturers 
(cafes supplied), works : Monmouth 
street. Tel. 2568 

Smithson Bros., gar prprtrs, Raglan rd. 

Tel. 3430 

Smithson Frank (T. Smithson & Sons) ; 

It. 6 Moorland rd 
Smithson Fredk., frinr, Saxilield farm 
Smithson Geo. H. (Smithson Bros.) ; h. 

90 St. Matthew's st 
Smithson Kcrbt. A. (Smithson Bros.) ; 

h. 51 Pritchard st 
Smithson Jas., frmr, Walshaw In 
Smithson John W,, ins agnt, \b Hubie 

Smithson T. & Sons, coal dips, 120 

Manchester rd. Tol. 4052 
Snaith Wilson, clrk, 10 Lower House In 
Snapo Atbt., trvllr, 44 Gainsborough av 
Snap© Ernest, trvlir, 03 Eliza st 
Snape Harold, ins agnt, 00 Hoi beck st 
Snape Jas., grer's mngr, 3 West st 
Snape Morris, boot repr, 17 Duke st, 


Snape Mis. Nellie, fish dlr, 1 84 Golne rd 

Snape Robt., trvlng drpr, 20lPadiham 

Snape Wm., clrk, 22 Irene st 

Snell Mr. Arthur, Inglonook, 2 Hood- st 

Snell Wm., crtkr, Rose ottg, Bank par 

Snowball Thos., M.B., ophth and aural 
srgn, la Scott Park rd.. Tel. 3922 

Snowdon Alan, acntnt, 75 Ightenhill 
Park hi 

Snowden Mr. Alfd., 102 Albion st 

Snowdon Chas., enftnr, 187 Padiliam 
rd ; h. 12 Romford st 

Snowdon Miss Mary, enf'tnr, 73 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Snowdon Thos. A., statin*, 77 Queen 
Victoria rd 

Social Democratic Federation, Si;. 
James* row ; J. R. Tomlmson, sex; 

SOUTH FRED, heating engineer and 
general blacksmith (speciality : over- 
head runways for weaving sheds and 
warehouses, Briercliffe Road iron- 
works. Tel. 2820 ; fa. Brookfieid, 

SOUTH JAMES, heating and general 
engineer (specialist in temperature 
controls, automatic stokers and over- 
head runways for weaving sheds and 
warehouses), Rake Head ironworks. 
Tel. 2019 

South John, scale mkr, Plumbe st ; h. 
1 7 Mitella st 

Southern Andrew, enftnr, 200 Aeering- 

ton road 
Soxtthern Guy, slctr (Southern, Ritchie 

& Southern) and clrk to County 

Justices j h. Lower Read wood. 

Head. Tel'. 55 Whalfoy 
Southern Masses Dorothea & Margt., 

Palace house, 400 Padiham rd. TeL 

Southern, Kitchie & Southern, sletrs, 

St. James' row. Tel. 2271 (two 

Southgate Raymond, trfl'c insptr, 179 

Rose Hill rd 
Southwell Jack, re- lay radio srvo, 2 and 

12 Brockenhurst s't. TeL 2275 
Southwell Jph,, wndw clnr, !) Irene st 
Southworth Jeremiah, engnr, 142cTod- 

morden rd 
Sowden Chas. (Central Printing Co.) ; 

h. 404 Rossendale rd 
Sowden Edwin, shrrTs offer, 14 Leban- 
on st 
Sowden Fredk., coal dlr, 30 Derby st 
Sowerbutts Jas. E., nwsguL, 18 Brier - 

clitfe rd 
Sowerby Ernest K. (E. K. Sowerby, 

Smith &Co.); h. 181 OoalCloughln 

SOWERBY E. R., SMITH & Co., house 
furnishers and funeral directors, 
Mitre bridge, Westgate. TeL 4045 
Sowerby John 35., fish slsmn, 7 Gordon 

Sowerby Mrs. Mary A., 4 Bristol st 
SPA MOTOR Co., Ltd., motor engineers 
and commercial vehicle specialists, 
Spa mill, Junction street. Tel. 3767 
Sparks Mrs. Eliz., baler, Foulridge st 
Sparks Wm. Arnold, schl of instrctn 

supt, 421 Cog In 
Sparrow Mrs. Ruth, 1 05 Manchester rd 
Speak Arthur, trvlJr, 441 Cog In 
Speak Ernest, trvlir, 410 Rosse-ndale rd 
Sponce Arthur, hlge en trctr, 120 Nairne 

Spence Geo., fr fish dlr, 82 Trafalgar st 
Spence John G., grcr, 112 Gainiow In 
Spence Wm., enftnr, 95 Piccadilly rd 
Spence Win., golf pro, Municipal Golf 

course, Todmorden rd. Tel. 4004 
Spencer A., asst ins supt, 20 Kibble cros 
Spencer Arthur, bnk clrk, 242 Brier- 
cliffe rd 
Spencer Arthur, mill nmgr, 38 Lockyer 

Spenuer Arthur (Hartley Spencer, 

Ltd.) ; h. 201 Manchester rd 
Spencer Barrowclough, hairdrsr, 155 

Cohie rd 
Spencer Bernard, M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 
L.R.C.P., phys and srgn, 20-2-3 Gan- 
now In (Tel. 3072) and 3 St. Mat- 
thew's st (Tel. 2487) 
Spencer Mr. Cyril B., 3 Eandseer st 
Spencer Edwd., prntr, 7 Florentine st 




Spencer Mr. Edwd., Hi II crest, Moseley 

Spencer Ernest J., pratr, 115 Colne rd 
Spencer Eric, enftnr, 111 Oxford rd 
Spaneer Mrs. Florence U.. $ Glevelands 

Spencer Frank W., cashr, 57 Ighten rd 
Spencer Fredk., clrk, 10 Olive st 
Spencer Fred (Hartley Spencer, Ltd.) ; 

h. 42 Lansdowne st 
Spencer Harold, grcr, 35-37 Spencer st 
Spencer Hartley (Hartley Spencer, 

Ltd.), Stanley st. Tel. 2095 ' 
Spencer Hartley, Ltd., heald and 

reedmkrs, Stanley sfc. Tel. 2095 
Spencer Henry, enftnr, I yd Briercliffe 

Spencer Herbt. (Hartley Spencer, 

Ltd.); h. 4 WaUap 
Spencer Herb!., frutr, 4 Extwistlo st. 

Tel. 2319 
Spencer Jas. (Hartley Spencer, Ltd,) ; 

h. 9 Brassey st 
Spencer Jas., radio dlr, Manchester rd j 

h. 1 4 Creswick av 
Spencer Jas. W., grcr, 3 Meadow st 
Spencer John, grcr, 5 Hobart st 
Spencer John (J. Spencer (Burnley), 
• Ltd.) ; h. Glen wood, Keedley gi*v. 
Tel. 2000 
Spencer J., gent's oubftr, $ St. James' 

st. Tel. 2480 
Spencer John (Burnley), Ltd., cttn 
lnnftrs, Queen's mill, New Hall at 
(Tel. 4244) and Imperial mill, liose 
grv (Tel. 311.1) (two lines) 
Spencer John Edwd. (Hartley Spencer, 

Ltd.) ; h. 22 Rose Kill rd 
Spencer John H., 1'r hah dlr, 1.1 Temple 

Spencer John T., grcr, 8 Peart st 
Spencer Lwrno., coal dlr, 13 Kossetti 

Spencer Mrs. Martha, 2 Quarry Bank 

at. Tel. 2022 
Spencer Miss Nora, JTairdrsr, 1 S He- 
brew rd 
Spencer Kichd. P., enftnr, 7*5 Albion 

Spencer liobt. IS., -sehlmstr, lol Wood- 
grove rd 
Spencer Smith ID. (Hartley Spencer, 
Ltd.) ; h. I Hose Hill mount. Tel. 
Spencer Tertius (J. Spencer (Burnley), 
Ltd.) ; h. Thorndyke, 272 Manches- 
ter rd. Tel. 3303 
Spencer Thos. H., chmat, 152 Colne rd. 

Tel. 3o20; h. 162 Caster ton a v 
Spencer YVltr., beerhse, General Willi- 
am Inn, 311 Manchester rd 
Spencer Win. (Spencers' Auto Electric 

Co.) ; h. 148 Casterton av 
Spencer Win, A., theatre mngr, 7 Watt 
st, Tel, 3400 

| Spencer Wm. B., glass and china dlr, 
2a Hill Marion st 

Spencer- Williams Misses Ethel & 

Gwendoline, 341 Padihain rd 
Spencers' Auto Electric Co., exide bfcfcry 
srve and oar eletrens, 91 Bremiand 
st. Tel. 3500 (residence 3503) 
Spicer Albert, bkkpr, 3 Lvtham road 
Spink Fredk., clrk, 20 Athletic st 
Spooner Mrs. Rachel, enftnr, 301 
Lowerhonso In. 

Sprowell Jas., tripe dlr, SS Cnrfeou st 
Stacey Mrs. Mary A., pntr, 148 Ac- 
crington rd 

Stackhonse Edwin S., archtct, Itt 

Brunei st 
Stackhouse 1'rank A., ohmst, 22 Hose 

Grove In ; h. 840 Padiham rd 
Stackhonse KraukT., trvlng drpr, 3 St, 

John's rd; h. 22S Coal Clongh In 
Stafford Chas. H., gnrl nmgr, Burnley, 

Colne & Nelson Joint Transport 

Committee, offices : Qneensgate, 

Colne rd. Tel. 2101; h. \ High- 

lield ay. Tel. 2470 
Stancombe Kredk., vict, Derby Hotel, 

177 Tadiham rd 

Stancombe Mr. John R., 78 (Jains- 
borough av 

Standen Albt,, rlwy det, 30 Helena st 
Standen Mrs. Ellen, mat nrae, 00 

Cleaver st 
Sandorwjck \V\ (*., Ltd., motr coach 

prprtra, Parker In. Tel. 2171 (three 


Standigo Thos. J., boot repr, 1H) Colne 

Standing Alec (Veovers & Hensman, 

Ltd.) ; h. 17 Gainsborough av. Tel. 


Standing Mrs. Emily, eni'tnr, 1 1)8 Colne 

Standing Miss Florence, drpr, 2!M Can- 
now In 
Standing Harold, elctren, 07 Brougham 

Standing. Jas. M. (Veevers & Hens- 

man, Ltd.) ; h. 04 Albion st. Tel. 

Standing YVltr. (Veevers & Hensman, 

Ltd.) ; h. 04 Albion st. Tel. 4273 
Stanley Chib, 14 Hargreaves st. Tel. 

2002 j T. C. Porter, sec 
Stanslield Miss Alice G., grcr. 73 West- 
Stansfield Arthur, slsmn, 17 Arkwright 

Stanslield Basil, clrk, 14 Moseley rd 
Stansfield John A., archtct, 228 Brier- 

clil'te rd 
Stansfield Joiui & Son, Ltd., cttn 

mnftrs, (George Street shed. TeL 

Stansfield Johnson, frmr, Shuttleworth 

pasture, Bricrctijje 



Htanshcld Llewellyn, pltry dlr, 5 Kens- 
ington pic 

Stansfield Richd., irn bi'kr. Spout 
House frm, Marsdon rd 

Stansfield <fc Son, plmbrs, 15 Ourzonst. 
Tel. 2660 

Stansiield Wltr. H. (Stansfield & Hon) ; 
h. 4 Preseott st 

Stansfield Win., trvllr, 14 Oak st 

Stanworth Abraham {J. Stanworth <fc 
Bros., Ltd.) ; h, Springwood, Blaeko, 
Tel. 432 Nelson 

Stanworth Albt. (W. Southworth & 
Son, Ltd.) ; h. Barleyfield, Reedley 

Stanworth Clffrd., eletrn, 9 St, James' 
row. Tel. 3041 ; h. 154 Casterton. 

Stanworth Dnld., motr engnr, 97 Bar- 
den In 

Stanworth Jas. (T. Ashworth & Co., 
Ltd.) ; h. 15 Reedley grv, Meedfay 
Hallows. Tel. 3782 

Stanwoi'th Jas., watr iusptr, 12- Out- 
wood rd 

Stanworth Jas., clrk, 15 Villiers st 

Stanworth John {J. Stanworth & 
Bros.) ; h. 103 Barden in 

Stanworth John A., crtkr, 147 Accring- 
ton rd 

engineers, haulage contractors and 
garage proprietors, Barden lane and 
Bright street. Tel. 3151 (two lines). 
Telegrams " Stanworth " 

joiners, builders, contractors and 
funeral undertakers, makers of tape 
sizing machine covers and trunks, 
Pratt street. Tel. 2449 

Stanworth John Smith {J. S. Stanworth 
& Sous) ; h. 100 Browhead rd. Tel. 


joiners, builders, stonemasons and 
contractors, 100 Browhead road. 
Tel. 3730 

Stanworth Richd., frnir, Spout house 

Stanworth Win. (J. S. Stanworth & 
Sons) ; h. 274 Harden In 

Stanworth W. & Son, Ltd., slatrs, Cnz- 
zon st. Tel. 3S02 ' 

Stark Thos. P., cold sfcrs mngr, 134 
Beetory rd 

Starkio Ambrose, oatcake bakr, 03 
Hcaleywood rd 

Starkio Beanland K., enftnr, 14-10 
Brennand st 

Starkio Jas. E\, A.M.I.E.E., A.M.I. 
Much. E.j borough elctrcl engnr, Cor- 
poration Electricity works, Aqueduct 
st. Tel. 2101 ; h. 270 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 2766 

Starkie Kobt., enftnr, 44 Church st 

Statham Hy., trvllr, 41 Albion st 

Staveley Harold, trvllr, 127 Waterbarn 

Stead & Simpson, Ltd., boot dlrs, b'2 
St. Jamesst 

Steadman Jolm, pol con, 2-2 Morse st 

Steel Frank, clrk, 01 Morse st 

Steel Percy, statnmstr, 60 Lockyer av 

Steele John 0., cloth slsmn, 180 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Steele Jph., grer, 71 Albion st 

Steele Lnrd. Percy, sletr and com for 
oaths, 2 Hargreaves st. TcL 21)71 
and at Nelson, Great Harwood and 
(MtMroe ; h. Ulcnfmlas, 149 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3870 

Steen Geo. W." (T. Steen, Ltd.) ; k. 13 
Montague rd 

Steen Balph (T. Steen, Ltd.) ; h. 7 
Fifth av 

Steen Thos., Ltd., scale and wghng 
incline mkrs and reprs, Bank par. 
Tel. 41 S3 ; and at Nelson 

Steer Jph. S., golf pro, 10 Glen View rd 

Stell Mr. Alex., 3 Brunei st 

Stoll Jas., pltry frmr, Greenfield rd 

Stell John, pltry i'mir, 4 Spring wood rd 

Stephens Mrs. Emma, tbenst, 115 Man- 
chester rd 

Stephens Jas. H.> ins agnt, 18 Linby st 

Stephens John, uphlstr, Saunder bank. 
Tel. 1230 

Stephens Miss Mary C. N., Coal ('lough 
house. Coal Clough In. Tel. 2944 

machinery broker, sack and bag mer- 
chant and general dealer, Irene 
Street ; h. 2 Haven street 

Stephenson Mrs. Eliz., grcr, 12 Brown 

Stephenson Mr. John 0. S., 162 Tod- 
m or den road 

Stephenson John T. (K. Emmott, 
Ltd.) ; h. lioy croft, Beedley drv 

Stephen.son Jph. (R. Emmott, Ltd.) ; h. 
Kosegarth, 339 Colne rd. Tel. 3958 

Stephenson & Ralph, Ltd., chmsts, 48 
Manchester rd, 109 Parliament st and 
175 Oxford rd. Tel. 2855 

Stephenson Kobt. Emmott (It. Em- 
mott, Ltd.) ; h. Oaklands, Keedley 
drv. Tel. 966 Nelson 

Stephenson Wltr., elctrcl engnr, Villiers 
st. Tel. 2943 ; h. 12 Oakst 

Stephensons' (E. iStanley Bridge), 
drprs, 10 St. James' st. Tel. 2743 

Sternwhite Eredk., statnr and P.O., 
186 Colne rd ; h. 175 Barden In 

Stevens Miss Eunice, 16 Brassey st 

STEVENS J., joiner, undertaker and 
general property repairer, Holmes 

Stevens' Stores, grcrs, 189 Aecrington 

Stevens Wltr. (J. Stevens) ; h. 67 
Lyndhurst rd 



Stevenson Benj., trvllr, 8 Lytton st 
Stevenson Krnest, btohr, 112 Padiham 

STEVENSON FRED (Exors.of), monu- 
mental masons, sculptors, engravers 
and letter cutters ; office and show- 
rooms, 91 Rossendale road ; works, 
Cemetery lane (old entrance). Tel. 


Stevenson Harold (Kxors. of F. Steven- 
son) ; Jj. 91 Rossendale rd. Tel. 
401 1 

Stevenson Jas., M.A., B.Com., school- 
master, 33 Scott Park I'd 
Stevenson John, ins agnfc, I Ighten rd 
Stevenson S., ins agnt, 17 Durban st 
Stevenson Wm. Hy., fr fish dlr, 5:5 

Standish st 
Stewart Miss Mary, 10 Stephenson st 
Sterling (The) Oil Co., Yorkshire st. 

Tel. 3065 
Stock Wax. Henry, dntst, 109 Accring- 

ton rd. Tel. 2205 
Stoekdale Archibald, nwsgnt, 57 San- 

Stoekdale Arthur, nwsgnls, 37 Sandy- 

Stoekdale Mrs. Emily, 5 Powell street. 

Tel. 2070 
Stockdalo Henry (Stoekdalos* (Burn- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 251 Coal Clough In 
Stoekdale Jas., tailr. 11 Saxifleld st 
Stoekdale Biohd. (Stockdales' (Burn- 
ley), Ltd.); h. 11 Hose Hill rd 
Stoekdale Wm., btchr, 135 Aoorington 

Stockdales' (Burnley), Ltd., toy dire, 

14 St. James' st. Tel. 3525 
Stone Geo. H., grcr, 5(5 Sandygate 
Stone Rev. Hmiy, M.A., YVorsthorne 

vicarage, 521 Brunshaw rd 
Stonohousc Allan, clvk, 6 Rose av 
Stonehouse Mrs. Lily, 453 Padiham rd. 

Tel. 4073 
Stoneyholme Laundry. Ltd., Berkeley 

st. Tel. 2925 
Storah Mr. Wm. 0., 101. Rectory rd 
Storey Henry S., btchr, 37 Queen Vic- 
toria rd : h. 2 SO Bricrolifie rd 
Storey Jph. W«, btchr, 76 Burnley rd, 

Stott & Co., crpt dlrs, 4 Edward st 
Stott Geo. Hy., grcr, 24 VYalpole st 
Stott Heber, eashr, 13 James' st 
Stott Herbt., fr fish dlr, 50 Hurtley st 
Stott John, pltry frmr, Abel st 
Stott John A. (Sharpleys'), 20 Howe st 
Stott Misses MUUcent & Alice, cnftnrs, 

1 Bayard st 
Stott Simeon, clrk, 48 Athletic st 
Stott Sydney, clrk, 146 Parkinson st 
Stowe Arthur, clrk, 1.0 Belvedere rd 
Stowe Mrs. Margt., 8 Hcrkomerav 
Strachan Mrs. Lottie, 4 Sharp st 
Strang Mrs. Jeannie, 1 7 Ormerod rd 

Strong tyros., tailrs, 128 St. James* st 
Strumble Rev. Ailbe, St. Mary's pres- 
bytery, 1-3 Todmorden rd. Tel. 
Strutt Edwin, t'r iisli dlr, 104 Colne rd 
Stuart Wm., Irutr, 74 Tralalgar st 
Stuttard Adam, pol eon, I 1.4 Healcy 

Wood rd 
Stuttard Alht. E., clothes dlr, 5 Temple 

Stuttard Miss Annie C, shpkpr, 45 

Ford st 
Stuttard Arthur (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; 

h. Kastfield, Reedley drv. Tel. 380 

Stuttard Chas., grcr, 338 Colne rd 
Stuttard Chas., vict. Princess Royal 

Hotel, Yorkshire st 
Stuttard K, Ltd., mm dlrs, 7, 47-49 

Market hah 
Stuttard Mr. Geo., 4 Landsecr st 
Stuttard Harold, irutr, 32 Slagg st 
Stuttard Henry, trvllr. 44 Kyan st 
Stuttard Herbt. L. (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; 

it. The Grange, Marsden rd 
Stuttard Jas., grer's tnngr, 59 Olive sb 
Stuttard Jas., irutr, 2 1 Padiham rd 
Stuttard Jas. A., grer's mngr, 20 Car- 
dinal st 

Stuttard Jas. A., grer's mngr, 347 
Brunshaw rd 

Stuttard Misses Jane A. & Margt. A., 

1 89 Manchester road 

Stuttard John, mngr, 173 Casterton 

Stuttard John, Rs^., J.p. (K. Stut- 
tard, Ltd.) ; h. The Grange, Marsden 

Stuttard Philip T. (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; 

h. Roscdene, Reedley drv 
Stuttard Riohd., Ltd", ottn nmfbrs, 

Byerden and Primrose mills. Tel. 


Stuttard Richd.T. (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) : 

h. l8B;ighUeldav 
Stuttard Robt., btchr, I Towneley st 
Stuttard Thos. H. (R. Stuttard. Ltd.) ; 

h. Hill crest, Reedley. Tel. 621 


Stuttard Wild., B.A., schlmstr, 145 
Rose Hill rd 

Stuttard Win., aentnfs clrk, 15 Powell 


Stuttard Willie (R. Stuttard, Ltd.) ; h. 

Crasmere, Reedier/. Tel. 020 Noteon 
Stylo Boot Co., Ltd., boot dlrs, 98 St. 

James' st 

Summers Jas., prov dlr. Market hall ; h. 
120 Brunshaw rd 

Summers Jph., dntl mooh, 135 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Summersgill Jph.. cashr, 22 Sycamore 

Sumner Ernest J., B.A., B.Sc, 
schlmstr, 171 Coal Clough In 



Sum nor Hy., enftnr, 2 Bond st 

Sumner Jas., viet, Garrison Hotel, GG 

Pad i ham rd 
Sumner Lawrence, beerhse. The Old 

House At Home, 166 Sandygate 
Sumner Win., viet. New Red Lion 

Hotel, 1 3 Manchester rd 
Sunderland Andrew, grer, 209 Accring- 

ton rd 
Sunderland Arthur, taxi prprt.r, 28 Red 

Lion st 
Sunderland Mrs. Ellen A., [V fish dlr, G7 

Gannow In 
Sunderland H>\, (.'Irk, 1 1 S Cog In 
Sunderland Mrs. Mary, 22 Cardinal st 
Sunderland Robt., clrk, 77 Woodgrove 

Stuiderland Sydney, ins agnt, 21 9 Coal 

Clough In 
Sunderland Thos., enftnr, 24o Bricr- 

cliffe rd 

girls, kindergarten and preparatory 

for boys, 171-173 Manchester road. 

Tel. 2036 ; principals (senior), Miss 

O.M.E. Rhodes ; (kindergarten) Miss 

"R. M. Farrer and Miss I*. Hughes 
Sunter Henry, whlsl btehr, Abattoirs. 

Royle rd. Teh 2804 ; h. 2S0 Brior- 

cliffe rd 

Sunter- Storey Herbt. {Fountain En- 
gineering works) : h. 859 Brioreliffc 

SuperiutentJf&hl Jteyu-trar's Office, 20 
Nicholas st ; J. Hornby, supt 

Suteliffe Albt., viet, Swan Hotel, 40 St. 
James' st 

Suteliffe Albt., gror's mngr, 4 Cumbcr- 
land av 

Suteliffe Mrs. Alice A., 4 Western av 

Suteliffe Alwyn. ettn waste dlr, Trafal- 
gar st. Tel. 3334 ; h. 15 Queen's 
Park rd 

Suteliffe Arthur, loan office ttingr, 1:1 
Outwood rd 

Suteliffe Arthur F., joinr, 14 Lans- 
downe st 

Suteliffe Mrs. Charlotte, I 58 Todmor- 
den rd 

Suteliffe & Clarkson, Ltd., ettn miii'trs. 
Wiseman st 

Suteliffe Mrs. Edna, drpr, 39 Abel st 

Suteliffe Edwd., yard formn, 8 Settle 
terra eo 

Suteliffe Mr. Ernest Albt., 252 Man- 
chester I'd 

Suteliffe Mrs. Ethel, viet, Ship Inn, GS 
Parker In 

Suteliffe Francis J., enftnr, 252 Colne 

Suteliffe Frank, ehmst, 4 Tbursby rd 

Suteliffe Frank, san insptr, 1 4 Rey- 
nolds st 

Suteliffe Mr. Fredk.. 01 Woodgrove 
rd. Tel, 4043 

Suteliffe Fredk., fr fish dlr, 171 Ac- 
er ing ton rd 

Suteliffe Fredk., hrdwr dlr, 46 Standish 

Suteliffe Geo., bsktmkr, 91 Church st ; 
h, lOCodleysfc 

Suteliffe Harold A., clrk, I 9 Mansergh 

Suteliffe Hy. (A. P. Robinson (Bum- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 244 Manchester iu[. 
Tel. 2605 

Suteliffe Hv., clrk, 7 Slater st 

Suteliffe Hy., fr fish dlr, o5 Lowerliouse 

Suteliffe Herbt., clrk, 9 Powell st 

SirtcKffe Jabez, dntst, 72 Briereliffe rd 

Suteliffe Jas., beerhse, Coaeh and 
Horses Inn, 4Sb Church st 

Suteliffe Jas., ins agnt, 2 Grasmero st 

Suteliffe Jas., shpkpr, (5-8 Brunshaw 

Suteliffe Jas., formn, 30 Hawthorne rd 

.Suteliffe John, enftnr, 133 and 170 
Sand vgate 

Suteliffe "John (R. Suteliffe) ; h. 05 
Woodgrove rd 

Suteliffe John, I'urn dlr, Banktield mill, 
Curzon stand 46 Standish st 

Suteliffe John A. (Burnley), Ltd., ettn 
mnftrs, Rakehead mill. Bishop st 

Suteliffe John Harrison, sletr (J. Sut- 
eliffe & Sons) ; h. 72 Loekyer av 

Suteliffe John R., bnk clrk, 40 Moor- 
land rd 

Suteliffe John & Sons, slctrs, 5-7 
Nicholas st. Tel. 4003 

Suteliffe Jph., ettn slsmn, 45 Church st, 

Suteliffe, Jph. H., enftnr, 10 Cleaver 

Suteliffe Jph. T., ettn rnnftr, Fulledge 

mill, Holmes st. Tel. 3820 
Suteliffe Marshall, grer, Wilkinson st, 

Clow bridge 
Suteliffe Norman, coal dlr, 47 Evelyn st 
Suteliffe Norman, acntnt, 508 Cog In 

SUTCLIFFE & RACE, Ltd., manufac- 
turers of Ess and Ar ladies' robes and 
children's frocks, underclothing, 
overalls, etc., Elizabeth street. Tel. 

children's outfitter, (sole agent for 
Beau Brummel tailored coats), 21 
Market street. Tel. 2651 

Suteliffe Thos., beerhse. Dog and Par- 
tridge Inn, 90 Westgate 

Suteliffe Thos., frutr, 34 May st 

Suteliffe Thos, P., kennel mngr, 7 
Paidhan st 

Suteliffe Thos. & Son, wtehmkrs, 118 
Colne rd 

Suteliffe Wltr., eatnghse, 131Padiham 

Suteliffe Wltr., mngr, 39 Abel st 



Sutcliffe Wltr. Francis, slctr {J. Sut- 
oliffo & Sous) ; h. 6 Brassoy st, 
Iglifcetiliill park. Tel. 2035 
Sutolifl© Mr. Urn., 32 Holme rd 
Sutherland John, tailr, 41 Hammorton 

st. ToL 2760 ; h. 56 Loekver av 
Sutherland Robt., tailr, 38 Cleaver st 
Slithers Albt., crtkr, 17 Wood st 
Suthers John Wm., cashr, 33 Brocken- 

liurst st 
8xi tliers Webster, ertkr, 8 Cromwell st 
Sutton Fred, sctilmstr, jl Bank Hall 

term co 
Swain Eight Rov. Edgar P., M.A., 
Bishop of Burnlev, Rcodley lodge. 
Tel. 3504 
Swaine Miss Margt., enftnr, 1 7 Brough- 
am st 
Swarm Hubert, clrk, 87 Barnett st 
Sweenev Edwd. 1 |1 ., crpt dlr, 24 Curzon 

st. Tel, 2480; h. 26 Chiltern av 
Sweetman Arthur, btchr, ol Spring- 
field rd ; h. 10 Langwith rd 
Sweetmore John (Sweetmores' Re- 
lay Services, Ltd.) ; h, 26 Speneersfc. 
Tel. 3 7 6S 
Ltd., radio and electrical engineers, 
Pendle View works, Abel street ; 
registered office, 26 Spencer street. 
Tel. 3768 
Swift Jus., animal produce m rebut, Al- 
bany ter. Tel. 2832 ; h. 7 Palatine 
Swift Mr. Jas., 2 Highficld av 
Swift Mr. Jas. T., 27 Albany ter 
Swift Moses, grer, 70 Rose Hill rd 
Swift Misses Sarah & Mary, 241 Man- 
chester rd 
Swift Wm., viet. Stork Hotel, Westgate 
Swhmerton John, eoal dlr, 35 Towne- 

ley st 
Swire Fredk., enftnr, 1 7 Yorkshire st ; 

h. Glenston, Herkomer av 
Swire Hy., clrk, 28 Scott Park rd 
Swire Mrs. Mabel, enftnr, 1 9 Mitella st 
Swire Riohd., irnmngr, 89 Coal Clough 

Sykes Frank, L.R.C.P., M.R.C.S., phys 
and srgn, Windvridge, liossendalo 
rd. Tel. 3878 
Sykes Mrs. Jane, grer, 9 Holmsley st 
Sykes Geo. W.» clothier's mngr, 412 

Rossendale rd 
Sylvia, drpr, 3 Howe st 
Tagg Wm. H., shpkpr, 50-52 Xairne st 
Talbot Elisha, ins agnt, 30 Bclford st 
Talbot Jas., pi try food dlr, 4 Brennand 
st. Tel. 3524 and 107 Coal Clough In 
Talbot Totor, enftnr, 120 Piccadilly rd, 
70 Trafalgar st and 59 Queensbury rd 
Talbot Samson, enftnr, 75 Oxford rd 
Tallentine Jph., pol con, 92 Healey 

Wood rd 

Tallon Thos. W, 9 ins agnt, 25 Kielden st 

Tange Mrs. Virginia., aprtrr.nts, 00 

Tann Frank, trvllr, 23 Olympia st 
Tapper Miss Mary, frutr, oQa Westgate 
Tate Arthur, cttn slsmn, Lyndale, 

Scott park, Manchester rd." Tel. 

Tate Chas., cllry engnr, Brookroyd, 

Towneley side 
Tate Chas. B., trvllr, 21 Creswick av 
Tate Mr. Edwd. Jas.. 13 Rose Hill rd. 

TeL 3956 
Tate Geo., dairy mngr, 91 Woodgfov© 

Tate Harvey, <lairy mngr, 75 Broeken- 

liurst st 
Tattersall Alan, pmtr, 4 Villiers st 
Tattersall Albt., shpkpr. I (I Carter st 
Tattersall Albt., grer, 23 Coal Clough 

Tattersall Albt. E., mill mngr, 172 

Briercliffe rd 
Tattersall Mrs. Annas, hairdrsr, 90 .Da II 

Tattersall Arthur, hairdrsr, 43 Church 

Tattersall Mrs. Christina A., wllppr dlr, 

54 Abel st 
Tattersall David, enftnr, 13 Bnereliffe 

Tattersall David, taxi proptr. la ami 2 

Cobden st. TeL 2902 
Tattersall, dairy, 2 Melville st 
Tattersall Edwin YV., dntst, 19 Bruns- 
wick st 
Tattersall Ernest, smhvr dlr, 30 Peart st 
Tattersall Ernest, club stwd, 7 Raglan 

Tattersall Mrs. Ethel, enftnr, 199a 

Brierclifte rd 
Tattersall Mr. Geo. T., 4 Glen Vie* rd 
Tattersall Geo. Wm.,grcr, 63 Hulling In 
Tattersall Hy., btchr, Market sq and 30 

Lonsdale st 
Tattersall Herbt., wndr's mngr, 24 

Butler st 
Tattersall Herbt., schlmstr, 3 Undcrloy 

Tattersall & Holdsworth, txtle mchsts, 

2 Quarry st. Tel. 2922 
Tattersall Jas., prprty repr, 24 New- 

man st 
Tattersall Jas., frmr. Higher Primrose 

Tattersall Jas. A., frutr, 28 Salus st 
Tattersall Jas. E., frmr, Higher Prini- 

roae bank 
Tattersall John, frmr, Higher Primrose 

Tattersall John (Quoensgato Motors) ; 

h. 8 Thorn st 
Tattersall John B., pntr, 50 Abel st 
Tattersall John P. (J. Tattersall & 

Son) ; h. 232 Brierclifte rd 
Tattersall Jonathan, pntr, 41 Riding st 






n ' 

straw, corn and provender dealers 
and poultry food specialists, Cedar 
street. Tel. 2823 

Tattersall Mrs. Lettiee, 349 Badiham rd 

Tattersall Luke, joinr, Bell's arcado, 
Hebrew rd ; h. 3 Robinson st 

Tattersall Oliver, pol eon, Harriet at 

Tattersall Richd., drpr, 27 Whittlefield 

Tattersall Richd., bookkpr, S4 Coal 
C lough In 

I 1 attersall Rd. A., acuta.*, 41 Padiham 

Tattersall Robt., beer h so, I>erby Arms, 
.1.02 Colnerd. Tel. 20(52 

Tattersall Robinson {Queensg'atc Mo- 
tors) ; b. 93 Water ham st 

Tattersall Mrs. Sarah A., 1 H Outwood 

Tattersall Thoa., enftnr, 12 Tunstill at 

Tattersall Thos. W., mill mngr, 9 Mur- 
ray at 

Tattersall \Vm. ; enftnr, 215 Colne rd 

Tattersall Wilson, .fisli dlr, 5 Queens- 
berry rd 

Taylor Abraham, corn dlr, 803 Brier- 
el iff o rd 

Taylor Albt., enftnr, 82 Towneley st 

Tavlor Mr. Amos, 24 Brunei st. ' Tel. 

Taylor Arthur, enshr, 138 Todrnorden 


Taylor Arthur, fish dlr, 149-151 Brier- 
el iff e rd 

Taylor Mr. Chas., 14 Arkwright st 

Taylor & Olarkson, Ltd,, ettn.rr.nftrs, 
Brennand mill, Fraser st. Tel. 2003 

Taylor David, hairdrsr, 91 Manchester 

'J'aylor Donald, clrk, 562 Bruiishaw rd 

Taylor Edmund, niotr mech, 15 Brook- 
lands fd 

Taylor Miss Flix. A., grcr, 1 Duke st 
Taylor Miss Elsie, drsrnkr, 1 X 'i Ivorsby 

Taylor Ernest, enftnr, 33a Parliament 

'J'aylor Ernest, nwsgnt. 50 >Standish 

Taylor Mr. Ernest, 240 Todmorden rd 

Taylor Mrs. Florence, beerhac, Oxford 
fnn, 1 Temple st 

Taylor Frank, asst ins supt, 245 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Taylor Frank, chmst, 299 Manchester 

rd (Tel. 381 I) and 54 Brougham at 
Taylor Frank, pltry Irmr,Ha worth fold 
Taylor Frank V., ins agnt, 59 Harold 

Taylor Fred (J. Taylor & Sons) ; h. 13 

Cobden st, Briercliffe 
Taylor Fred,, eoal dlr, 05 Sandygate 
Taylor Fredk. W., eomp, 135 Abel st 
Taylor Geo., frutr, 130 Burnley rd 

r* 1 



r 1 * 

m r 



Taylor Geo. V. L., M.B., Ch.B., phys 
and argn, Rossendalo house, 56 West- 
gate. Tel. 3677 ; surgery, 277 Coal 
dough In 

Taylor Geo. W., heblsfc, 38 Daneshouso 

Taylor Harry (E. Halstead, Ltd.) ; h. 
Kinchellie, Queeira Park rd. 'Tel. 

Taylor Hartley (Harlo Svke Mill Co., 
Ltd.) ; h. 53 Duke st, Briercliffe 

Taylor Heber, ehmst's asst, 115 Oie.a 
View rd 

Taylor Henry, elrk, 7 Bethesda st 

Taylor Henry, ettn slsum, 719 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Taylor Henry, fisli. dlr, 23 Hinton st 

Taylor Homy R,, elrk, 1 00 Briercliffo 

Taylor Herbt., wndw clnr, 107 Banlen 

'Taylor Herbt., trvllr, 410 Rossendalo 

rd. Tel. 2309 
'Taylor Holden, grcr, 31 Hebr<'vv rd ; h. 

348 PatUham rd 
Taylor Jas., coal dlr, 2 Oporto st. Tel. 

Taylor Jas., boot repr, 45 Harumerton 


TAYLOR J. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., 
wine and spirit merchants, importers, 
ale and porter bottlers and tobacco 
factors, 1-3-5-7 Church street. Tel. 


Taylor .John, rate elletr, 21 .Holme rd 
'Taylor John, sack and bag mkr, Engine 

St ; h. 2 Bright st 
Taylor .John, pol eon, 17 Hughes si- 
Taylor John, A.R.I.B.A., cbrtd arehtct 

(S. Taylors') ; h. Capploside. Rose 

Hill mount, Manchester rd. 'Tel. 


TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, mechanical 
and automobile engineers, heading 
and lighting engineers, official re- 
pairers to A. A., IY1.U. and R.A.C., 
The Garage, Harle Syke. Tel. 3935 

Taylor John \Y\, fr fish dlr, 171 Oxford 

Taylor Jph., confectioner, 3 Devonshire 

Taylor Jph. A., formn, 1 Mount rd 
Taylor Jph. (Goal), Ltd., colliery agnts, 

Railway sidings, Manchester rd. Tel. 

'Taylor Keith S., B.A., schlmstr, 335a 

Brnnshaw rd 
Taylor Mrs. Mary A., drpr, 14 VY'y- 

notham st 
Taylor Mrs. Mildred, pltry frmr, 3 

Greenfield rd 
'1'aylor Ogden, cashr, 19 St. Matthew's 

Taylor Paul, joinr, 82 Brotigham st 




Taylor Percy H., mngr. Yorkshire 
Penny Bajxk, Ltd., 1U Oolne rd. 
'J 'el. 3465 

Taylor Richd., hairdm, Daneshouse 

laylor Richd., trvllr, 30 Marsden rd 
Taylor Robt., coal dlr, 15 Eldwick st 
Taylor Robt., surv, 3 Herkomer av 
Taylor Robt. R„ btehr, 55 Brunshaw 

Taylor Saml., F.R.LB.A. (S. Taylors') ; 

h. Rose Hill house, Manchester rd. 

Tel. 280S 
Taylor Saml., hairdrsr, 23 Marlborough 

Taylor Saml., irnmngr, 20 Briercliffo rd 
'laylor Miss Sarah, enftnr, 112 St. 

James' st 
Taylor Thos., phtgrphr, 77 Standish st. 

Tel. 2593 ; h. 69 Gainsborough av. 

Tel. 3020 
Taylor Thos., elrk, 17 Plover at 
Taylor Thos., prprty repr, 14 Brun- 
shaw av 
Taylor Thos., drpr, 14 Fumess st 
Taylor Mr. Thos., 308 Rossendalo rd 
Taylor Thos., nwsgnt, Clow bridge 
Taylor Thos. (Taylor & Clarkson), 

Ltd.); h. Fair glade, Reedley, Tel. 

704 Nelson 
Taylor Wm., F.C.A. (Proctor & Proc- 
tor) ; h. Gateskle, 320 Colne rd. 

Tel. 20 03 
Taylor Wm., grcr, 2 Blenheim st 

Taylor Wm., traffic forum, 01 Barden 

Taylors' 'Drug Co., Ltd., chmsts, 85 St. 
James* st (Tel. 2738), 131a Aecring- 
ton rd and 120a and 124 Hebrew rd 
chartered architect, surveyor, valu- 
er and estate agent, 74-78 Man- 
chester road. Tel. 4264 
Teaguo Fredk., funeral undrtkr, 20 

Calder Vale rd 
Teale Mr. Thos. Henry, IS Carlton rd 
Tohb Mr. Geo., GO Kiddrow In 
Tee Herht. M., jmlst, 104 Rectory rd 
Tee John Thos., com agnt, 85 Rectory 

Tee Jph. M., com agnt, 8 Nelson so 
Tegerdine Arthur, motr engnr, 1 4 Mary 


T&nvfwrancc Hall Picture Palace, Par- 
ker hi. Tel. 3055 

Tompleton Mrs. Ann B., tobenst, fi 
Yorkshire st 

Tompleton John T., pntr, j> Yorkshire 

Tennant Geo. (T. Tennant (1931), 

Ltd.) ; h. 31 Clevelands rd 

Tennant Richd. (T. Tennant (1031), 

Ltd.) : h. 36"Rmmottst 

Tennant Roger (T. Tennant (1931), 

Ltd.) ; h. Devonshire rd 

Tennant T. (I 931), Ltd,, sand and salt 
cllrs, Healey row. Tel. 3030 

Tennant Thos. (T. Tennant (1931) 
Ltd.); U. 12 Cleaver st 

Tennant Wm. (T. Tennant (1931). 
Ltd.); h. 11 Ruinley rd 

Tergerdine Goo. L., pntr, 112 Parkin- 
son st 

Terrill Mrs. Mary L., 4 Ormerod rd 

Territorial Army H.Q., 4-5 Batt, E.L. 
Rogt., Bank par ; 93rd Field Brigade 
R.A, and 202 Battery, Old Barracks, 
Radiham rd. Tel. 2450 

Terry Alfd. B., gent's outftr, 2 Rom- 
ney av 

Tony John, bairdrsr, 80 Cleaver at 

Terry Mr. Thos., 52 Moorland rd 

Thackerwray Sidney, drpr's cttr, 7 
Rose mount av 

Thatcher Mr. Claude F., 28 Igh ton hill 

Park In 
Thistlethwaite Kdric ((den View Gar- 

age (Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 20 Hogarth 

Thistlethwaite Fredk. (J. Thistle- 

thwaite, Ltd.) ; h. 82 Melville st 
Thistlethwaite John, brick slsmn, 55 

Cardinal st 

Tliistlethwaite John, irnmngr, 20 Abel 

Thistlethwaite J., Ltd., cfctn mnftrs, 
331m Street shod. Tel. 4220 

Thistlethwaite Mr. Lee, 88 Albion st. 
Tel. 3031 

Thomas Alfd,, vict, Wellington Arms 

Hotel, 2 Todmordon rd 
Thomas Arthur, trvllr, 381 Manchester 


Thomas Mrs. Clara, drpr, 7 St. Mat- 
thew's st 

Thomas Ernest, Indry mngr, 12(1 Mars- 
den rd 

THOMAS ERNEST, builder and con- 
tractor, 231 Manchester road. Tel. 

Thomas Evan, boot dlr, 41 Manchester 
rd. Tel. 4100; h. 2 Watt st 

Thomas Fred (Smith & Thomas) ; h. 
27 Barden In. Tel. 2326 

Thomas Geo., «sst ins arret, 31 Hollin 

Thomas Harold T., ins agnt, 101 Tod- 
nxorden rd 

Thomas Miss Helen J., grcr, Kairno 

Thomas Henry, sec, Burnley &, Dis- 
trict Workpeoples' Hospital Scheme, 
Charlotte at. Tel. 2702 ; h. 22 Dev- 
onshire rd 

Thomas Horatio (H- Thomas & Son) ; 
h. 43Notherbyst 

Thomas Hubert (H- Thomas & Son) ; 
h. l03Moscleyrd 

Thomas H. & Son, bakrs, 07 Spring- 
field rd. Tel. 3600 



r [^ 





Thomas Miss Marv. mas tchr, 72 New 
Hall st 

Thomas Rowland YY\. crtkr, 33 Crom- 
well st 

Thomas Wm. Arthur (Wood Street 
Laundry), Wood st 

Thomasou John 8., gror's mngr, 21 
Netherby st 

Thompson Albt. (T. 'Thompson & 
Son) ; h. 10 Hamblodon view 

Thompson Albt. ('Thompson Bros.) ; h. 

32 Whalley st 
Thompson Alfd., horse dlr, 1 Diligent at 
Thompson Mrs. Annie, drpr, 8 Ivy st 
'.Thompson Arthur, drpr, 501 BrunehaW 

Thompson Bros., carriers, Board st. 

Tel. 4001 
Thompson Mr. Chas., 401 Manehester 

Thompson Clarence, gror's insptr, 9 

S troy an st 
THOMPSON & Co. (Concrete), Ltd., 

builders, contractors, artificial stone 

manufacturers (makers of heads, 

sills, bays, assemblies and facings), 

specialists in steel-faced concrete 

steps and steel toppings for floor 

surfaces, Craven street and Plumbc 

street. Tel. 3529 
Thompson Denis R., Ltd., phtgrphrs, 2 

Grimshaw st 
Thompson Mrs. Kthcl, hairdrsr, 32a 

Padiham rd 
Thompson Mrs. Florrie, vict, Borough 

Hotel, 14-1 Haistoad st. Tel. 2680 
Thompson Rev. Geo. E. (Baptist), 373 

Manchester rd 
Thompson Harold, enftnr and P.O., 70 

Rose Grove In 
Thompson Harry Y., yarn agent, 455 

Padiham rd. Tel. 4257 
Thompson Henry (Thompson & Co. 

(Concrete), Ltd.) ; h. 20 Cuerden st 
Thompson Jas., drpr, 497 Brunshaw 

Thompson John C, liairdrsr, 5 Finsley 

Thompson. Josiali, enftnr, 4 Lower 

House In 
Thompson Lancelot, clthlkr, 112 

Brougham st 
'.Thompson Riehd., pltry frmr, I 

Greenfield rd 
Thompson Robt, {Thompson. Bros.) ;h. 

28 Whalley st 
Thompson Robfc. P., grer, 154 Hollin- 

greave rd 
Thompson Sydney (T. Thompson & 

Son) ; h. 14 Lytton st 
Thompson T, & Son, eoal dirs. 14 

Lytton st 
Thompson 'J'hos. (W. & T. Thomp- 
son) ; h. Oak bank, 163 Todmorden 


Thompson Wm.. (W. & T. Thompson) ; 

h. Oak bank, 163 Todmorden rd 
Thompson Mr. fc, Park side, Brook- 
lands rd 
Thompson W. & T., ettn mnftrs, 

Trafalgar shed, 'Trafalgar st. 'Jul. 

Thompson Wm. B., boot repr, 244 Cog 

Thorburn Matthew, taxi prprtr, 48 

Junction st. Tel. 3089 
Thombcr Mr. Ben]., Brooklands, Rock 


THORNBER B. & SONS (1931), Ltd., 
cotton spinners and manufacturers, 
Daneshouse mills. Tel. 3233 

Thornber Kdwd. Sharp (S. Thornber, 
Ltd.) ; h. 23 Weafcbourne av. Tel. 

Thornber Fredk., boot cur's mngr, 270 
Lower house hi 

Thornber Harold (B. Thornber & 
Sons (1931), Ltd.); h. Ospring, 
Pasturegate av. Tel. 3-389 

Thornber Jas., asst schlmstr, 1-1 Dug- 
dale rd 

Thornber Jas. (Luke Thornber, Ltd.) ; 
h. 22 Rose Hill mount 

Thornber Mrs. Jane Ann, 149 Wood- 
grove rd 

Thombcr John, Esq., J.P. (B. Thorn- 
ber & Sons (1931), Ltd.) ; h. Healey 
hall. TeL 2416 

Thornber John, junr. (B. Thornber & 
Sons (1931), Ltd.); lu Rosedale, 
Rose Hill rd 

Thornber Mr. John Thos., 191 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3420 

Thornber Mr. John Watson, 31 Brook- 
lands I'd 

Thornber Luke, Ltd., ctfen. mnftrs. 
Bean mill, Plumb© st. Tel. 3023 

Thornber Luke, ins agnt, 127 Wood- 
grove rd 

Thornber Mrs. Margt., 1 Montague rd 

Thornber Percy (B. Thornber & 
Sons (1931), Ltd.); h. Xnglewood, 
Scott Park. Tel. 3826 

Thornber Robt., ins agnt, 115 Thursby 

THORNBER SHARP, Ltd., cotton man- 
ufacturers, Park shed, Leyland road. 
Tel. 2803 ; Manchester office, 1 
Cooper st. Tel. Central 4292 

Thornber WItr., frutr, 111 Burnley rd, 

'Thornber Wm. (S. Thornber, Ltd.) ; h. 

1 Landseer st. Tel. 3081 
Thornber Mr. Wm. 15., 101 Thursby rd 
'Thornton Arthur, acntnt, 435 Cog hi 
Thornton B. & Sons, pltry frmrs, 

North bank, Briercliffe 
Thornton Cliff. 33., enftnr, 125-127 

Burnley rd, Brierciijje 



■ t * 

Thornton Mr. Frank E., 375 Padiham 

THORNTON Mrs. FRANK, Spencer cor- 

setiere, Myrtle cottage, Talbot street 
Thornton Fredk., comp sec, 568 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Thornton Geo. H., joinr, liushwortli 

st ; h. 2 Bramble st 
Thornton Harold (J. H. Howarth & 

Sons); h. 136 Nairn© st 
Tiiornton Hector C, trvllr, 018 Cog In 
'1 horn ton Herbt,, cool agnt, 372 Bos- 

sendale rd 
Thornton Jas. & Co., cttn mnftrs, 

Burnley rd, Harlc Syke. Tel. 4148 
Thornton John, mus tchr, 50 Temple 

Thornton 3. & W., eatinghse, 10 Sati- 

Thornton Jph., pmtr, Orpen av 
Thornton Josiah (J*. & \V. Thornton) ; 

h. I 6 Swindon st 
Thornton Misses Margt. & CTara, 

cnl'tnrs, 206 Coal Clotigh In 
Thornton "Peter, pig breeder, Whittlc- 

lield farm 

Thornton Misses Susannah & Mary, 4 
Colne rd 

Thornton Thos., beorhse, Baltic Fleet 
Inn, 4$ Briercliffe rd 

Thornton VVltr. (J. & VV. Thornton) ; 
h. 3 Hattersley st 

Tiiornton Win., clrk, 3 Brooklands rd 

Thorpe Thos., boerhse, Old Duke Inn, 
50 Briercliffe rd 

THRELFALL A. & SON (estd. 1876), 
shipping and motor tour agents, ac- 
credited agents for Cunard, White 
Star and all conference lines, 32 
Westgate ; K A. KatclirTo, principal 

Threlfall Mrs. Oath,, shpkpr, 45 Sandy- 

Throlfall Saml., grcr, l 2 Hull st 

Tlmrxby Mstate Office, 82 Bank par. 
Tei 2GS2 ; T. A. & J. W. Earle, 

Thwaites & Burton, brassfo under. s, 
Diligent st. Tel. 3106 

Thwaitos Chris., ins agnt, 35 Forest st 

THWAITES ERNEST, brassfounder 
and finisher, maker and repairer of 
all classes of boiler mountings, safety 
valves and pressure gauges, Trinity 
Brass works, Diligent street. Tel. 
4106 ; li. 73 Gannow In 
Tickle Gerrai'd, wndw olnr, 29 Angle st 
Tickle Herbt., phnbr, 115 Berry st 
TifXen Geo., prntr, 37 Tunnel st 
Tillotson Frank P., phtgrphr, 17 Eu- 

nasm orest 
Tillotson Mrs. Minnie, grer, 109 Grey 

Tillotson J". Oswald (Oswald Tillotson, 
Ltd.) : h. Oak bank, Todrnorden rd. 
Tel. 3701 


M 1 

transport engineers, wholesale A. E.G. 
distributors, Summit works, Man- 
chester road. Tel. 2201 (four lines). 
Telegrams " Pioneer " 

Timpson Wm«j Ltd., boot factors, 37 

St. James' st 
Tindall Cliff., bnk c lrk, I li YVestbourne 

Tiplady Wltr., viofc, Engineers' Arms, 

1 3 Parker st 

Tittcrington John, hse agnt, 02 Collie 


Tivoli Picture Hotwe, Colne rd. Tel. 


Toe H-, 2 la Yorkshire st 

Xodd Ernest, clggr, 52 Yorkshire st ; h. 

20 Irene st 
Todd Ceo. H., cashr, 12 Beatrice st 

TODD HUBERT, joiner, builder, con- 
tractor, funeral director and shop- 
fitter (knives and saws of all descrip- 
tion repaired), Green Street sawmill, 
off Brennand street. Tel. 3066 ; h. 

25 Vincit street 

Todd .Jas., pol eon, 110 Hoaley Wood 

Todd Levi, bldr, 19 Hawthorne rd 

TODD LEVI, ladies' and gent's tailor 
and clothier, 43 Westgate ; ware- 
house entrance : Glen street 

Todd Mr. Levi. I 9 Hunslet st 

Todd Peter, btelir, 33 Hebrew rd, 

Tel. 2003; h. Kibble Bank farm, 

Harte Syhe 
Todd Thos., coal dlr, 24 Keith st 
Todd Wltr., forum joinr, 392 Brun- 

shaw rd 

Tognarelh Charley (Tognarelli's), 134 
Bt. James' st 

TOGNARELLI'S, wholesale ice cream 

merchants, confectioners and cafe 

proprietors, 134-136 St. James* 

street ; and at Kendal, Ulvemlon and 

Tom Win Herbt. L., grer, 2 Cameron sfc 
Tomlinson Albt., hrdwr dlr, 217 Ac- 

erhujton rd 
Tomlinson Albt., enftur, 119 Aeering- 

ton rd 

Tomlinson Artlmr, trvllr, 18 Oslo rd 
Tomlinson Mrs. Beatrice, tbenst, 1SS 
Colne r<l 

quarryowners, stone merchants and 
manufacturers of " Gate " brand 
scouring stones (trade supplied), 
Whitegate quarry, Cheapside, Padi- 
ham road. Tel. 30 Padiham 

Tomlinson Chris., cycle dlr, S) Khu st ; 
h, 57 Devonshire road 

Tomlinson Henry, boot dlr, 24 Devon- 
shire rd 





Tomlinson Herbt., frmr, Higher Tim- 
ber hill 
Tomlhison Herbt., uwsgnt, US 

Brougham st 
Tomlinson Mrs. Isabella, frutr, 129 

Padiham rd 
Tomlinson Jas., dvpr, 46 Oxford rd 
Tomlinson Jus., ehmst, 18 Grasmore st 
'Tomlinson Jas. K., see, Social Demo- 
cratic Federation, St. James* row ; 
h. 5 Hoilmgrcavo rd 
Tomlinson John, fr iish dlr, 83-85 

Tomlinson Mark YVItr., ehmst, 03 Ox- 
ford rd. Tel. 242*3 ; h. IS Out wood 
Tomlinson Kobt. Chas. (J. Duck- 
worth) ; h. 305 Manchester I'd 
Tomlinson Xhos. E., elrfc, 50 Sycamore 

Tomlinson Wm., crfckr, Towneloy Iiall 
Tomlinson Win., engnr, 48 Burns st 
Toms Mrs. Ellen, enftnr, 75a Sandygato 
Toms Kiehd. K., shpkpr, 34 Albion st 
Tooby Henry, cnftiir, 52 Cotton st 
Xophatn Homy, enftnr, 124 Padiliam 

Xorkington John, joiur, Haslam st ; h, 

_ 20 Slagg st 
Tout Mr. Jas., 41 (Men View rd 
XoutXhos. XV. y btchr, 201 Padiham rd. 

Xol. 2792 
Tout Wllr. (ft. Hitchon & Son) ; h. 

The Poplars, Worsthorne 
Towers Mrs. Eva, enftnr, 51 Towneloy 

Towers Jas. Andrew, vict. Clock Face 

Hotel, 32 .St. James* st 
Towler Albt.* asst schhnstr, 149 Rose 

Hill rd 
Xowlor Miss Margt. A., hairdrsr, 92 St. 

Matthew's st. Tel. 3755 
Towler Kobt., wrlss cllr 3 SI Accrington 

Towler Ho bin, motr slsmn, 2 Coliie rd 
Town Mr. Joe, 147 'i'odmorden rd 
Town Mrs. Sarah Ellen, mat nurse, 59 

Albion st 
Go,, Ltd., manufacturers of white, 
coloured, glazed and enamel bricks, 
Towneley collieries and Fireclay 
works, Todmorden road and Marl- 
borough street. Tel. 2127 

'1\> wnel&y Park, Todmorden rd Allen, wndw clnr, 32 St. 

John's rd 
Townend Miss Cath., 230 Coal Glough 

'J'ownend Esau (!''. Townend & Son) ; 

h. 32 Horace st. Tel. 4247 
TOWNEND ESAU & SON, property 

repairers, stonemasons, bricklayers 

and contractors, Junction street. 

Tel. 4247 


r 1 1 



Townend Harold (E. Townend & 
Son) ; h. 20 Pendle st 

Townend Herbt., elrk, 13 Prince «t 

Townend Jas. H., insagnt, 241 Come I'd 

Townend Miss M&y, drsntkr, 13S Padi- 
ham rd 

Townson K-obt., frmr, Walshaw farm, 

Xracey Jas., trvllr, 13 Colnerd 

VICE, 9a Fleet street. Tel. 2494 

Transport Club (Burnley, Cotne & 
Nelson), L0 Yorkshire st ; C. Shep- 
herd, sec 

Transport <& GeiiG/'al Worker.**' Union, 
32 Darwin st ; H. Broad ley, J. P., see 

Travis Fredk. John, lailr, 204 Brun- 
shaw rd 

Travis YV'ltr., asst schhnstr, 343 Brim- 

sliaw rd 
Ti'ead well Jas., shpkpr, 35 Woodbine rd 
Tregay John H., shpkpr, 121 Accring- 
ton rd 
Tregiglas Jas. H., wndw ebir, 270 

Briereliffe rd 
Xrcntham Jas., engnr, Tennis st 
Trentham Jas., grer, 5 Westgate 
Trotter Fredk., ins agnfc, 139 Leyland 

Trotter Fredk., fr fish dlr, 55 Laithe st 
Trotter Henry, trvllr, 2 Worsthorno 

Trotter John \Y\, enftnr, 25 Laithe st 
Troy Lawrence, prntr, 8 Brunshaw av 
Troy Wlfd., nwsgnt, 217 Barden In 
'J.'ruan Jas., prntr, 08 Spencer sl> 
Trudgill Edwd. C, drpr, 179 Padiham 

True-Form Boot Co., Ltd., boot dhs, 71 

St.' st 
Tuek Mr. Fredk., 1 1 Powell st 
Tueart Peter T., grer, 47 Culshaw st 
Tumicr Miss Jessie, drsmkr, 52 Scarlett 


Turf (Commissions), Ltd., turf acntnts, 
St. James' row. Tel. 41 00 

Turn bull Stanley E., clrk, 13 Halstead 


Turner Miss Ada, enftnr, 154 Colne rd 
Turner Albt., boot dlr, 8 Lower House 

Turner AlbL. K, nwsgnt, 382 Padihajn 


Turner A. &E.,drprs, 157a Accrington 

Turner Alan, coal dlr, 30 YY'cstbourne 

av. Tel. 3398 
Turner Arthur (Woudfield & Turner) j 

h. 30 Woodbine rd 
Turner Arthur, wrhsuin, Thursby sq 
Turner Chas., mill mngr, 124 Brier- 

elifto id 

Turner Ernest, boot dlr, 190 Accring- 
ton rd 

Turner Miss Fanny, enftnr, 42 Abel st 



Turner Frank, pi try kpr, -183 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Turner Predk. G. (A. & 15. Turner) ; h. 

1 57a Accrington rd 
Turner Mrs. Gertrude, shpkpr, 20 

Lionel st 
Turner H.erbt. P., cU'pr, 10 Romney av 
Turner Jas., ins agnt, 45 Sunderland st 
Turner John F., umgr, Burnley Unem- 
ployment Assistance Board, Ash- 
iield house, Ashlield rd. Tel. 2224 
Turner Mrs. Lena, viefc, Tim Bobbin 

Hotel, 310 Padihain rd 
Turner Mrs. Mary J., 0*4 Bank par 
Turner Richd. E. 3 coal dlr, 48 Prest- 

wich st 
Turner Sand., hlge cntrotr, 7 Coloshill 


Turner & Smith, Ltd., joinrs, Salford 
st. Tel. 2722 

Turner & Waiuwright, onffcnrs, 4 Mar- 
ket hall 

Turner Wm., lino oprtr, 36 Harold st 

Turner Win. A., btchr. la Padiham rd. 
(Tel. 3847) and 69 Oxford rd 

Turner Win. "K., pntr, 58 Standish st 

Tynan Rt. Rev. Monslgnor Canon Jph., 
D.D., B.C.L., rote of St. Mary's 
Catholic Church, Yorkshire st ; 
prsbytry, 1-3 Todmordon rd. Tol. 
202 S 

Tyrrell H. Q. & Co., stckbrkrs, 15 
Hargreaves st. Tel. 311 7-3118 

Tyrrell U. a (H. U. Tyrrell &Co.); h. 
156 Coal Clough In. Tol. 2477 

Tyson John H., clrk, 03 Gainsborough 
a venue 

Ltd., 34 Manchester road. Tel. 2314 
(sub branches : 124c Golne road, 
Tel. 2322, and 119 Burnley road, 
Harle Syke, Tel. 2356) ; A. B. Una- 
worth, manager 

United Cattle 'Products, Ltd., tripe 
drsrs, "Exmouth st (Tel. 4210) and 97 
Manchester rd 

Universal Boiler & Engineering Co., 
Ltd., inkrs of washing blrs, Oxford 
mill. Parliament st. Tel. 3203 

Universal Cycle and Rubber Co., Ltd., 
cycle dire, 2 Fleet st 

Universal Electric Supply Co., wxlss 
dlrs, 1-3 Westgate 

Unsworth Arthur Edwin, umgr, Union 
Bank of Manchester, Ltd., 34 Man- 
chester road. Tel. 2314 ; h. 2 Rose 
Hill mount 

Unsworth Robt., clrk, 14 Outwood rd 

Unsworth Scarlett, ins agnt, 30 Shale st 

Unwin Ernest, boot ropr, 98 Padiham 

USED UNITS, Ltd., used passenger and 
commercial vehicles and spares, 
Whittlefield street. Tel. 3086 (day 
or night) 

Uttley Abraham, i'rmr, Middle ridge 
Uttley Francis !G,, nwsgnt, 294 Padi- 
ham rd 

Uttley Mr. Harold, 42 St. Matthews st 
Uttley Win., frmr, i^enney Moor foot, 

Valance Mr, John II., 6 Faraday st 
Vallaneo Arthur W., prntr, 72 West- 
gate. Tel. 4019; h. 24 Ightenhill 

Park In 
Vallance Matthew, prprty repr, 20 

'Shaftesbury st 
Vann Thos. J., enftiu', 2G Melville st 
Varah Albt. W., btchr's umgr, 157 

Rectory rd 
Varah Wm., I'rmr, Parkholme 
Varley & Allen, drprs, 39-41 Standish 

Varley Henry, btchr, 202 Accrington 

Varley Richd. ("Sweetui ore's He- lay 

Services, Ltd.) ; li. 12 Violet st 
Varley Rowland, clrk, Hi Irene st 

Varley SaioL, tripe dlr, 318 Uolno rd 
Varley Thos., boot repr, 20o Accrington 

Vaughan John J., A.C.P., schlmslr, G 

Hawthorne rd 
Veevers Mrs. Alice, shpkpr, 42 Thorn -sb 
Veevers Henry, supt, Burnley Corpora- 
tion Highways Department, Danes- 
house rd. Tel. 2 1 1 ; h. 4 Blacker st 
VEEVERS & HENSMAN, Ltd., service 
printers, stationers, catalogue and 
colour printers (monotyping to the 
trade), Burnley Wood mill, Parlia- 
ment street. Tel. 3712 

Veevers Jas. B.> cnffcnr, 142 Accrington 

Veevers Mt, John. Brampton, Cohic rd. 

Tel. 2033 
Veevers Mrs. Lena, 04 Church st 
Veevers Peter, florist. Market hall. 

Tel. 3773 
V'eitch (Chemist), Ltd., chmsts, 420 

Colnerd. Tel. 3331 
Vernon J as. B., beerhse. Pox and 

Pheasant Imi, 3 Cow In 
Vernon John, hairdrsr, 40 Yorkshire 

st ; h. 17 Prescott st 
Vernon John S., yam agnt, 375 Ros- 

sendale rd 
Vernon Thos. By., tbenat, 31 York- 
shire st 
Vernon Win., hairdrsr, 100 Pinslcygato 
Vernon Win. J., polsrgt, 174Brunshaw 

Vernon Wm. Jph., gror, 77 Gordon st 
Verran Francis, grcr, 82 Brunswick st 
Verran JohnF. (Vorran's Stores) ; h. 3 

Leaver st 

Vei*rans' Stores, hse frnshrs, 1 94a Ac- 
crington rd. Tel. 3311 

Victoria Brass Works (Burnley), Ltd., 
facte* Salford st 



Victoria Hospital, Salus st. Tel. 3237 ; 
J. K. Wheatoroft, soc 

Victoria Theatre db Opera Mouse, St, 
James' at. Tel. 2232 

Victoria Theatre (Burnley), Ltd., 3 
Urimshaw st. Tel. 3244 ; A. V. 
Hedges, see 

Yilliers Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
etfcn mnffcrs. Wood Top mill. TeL 

VOWLES & JOHNSON, architects, sur- 
veyors and estate agents, 104 Man- 
chester road. Tel. 2359 

Vincent Jas., nrsrymn, 1 Doer Pai'k 

Vysick Luke M., grndsmn, 1 5 Every st 

Waddington A. & J., coal mrchnts, 

Railway sdngs, Manchester rd. Tel. 

Waddington Mr. Alfd., Wyndhnrst, 

Scott Park, Manchester rd. Tel. 

Waddington Arthur (A. & J. AVadding- 

ton) ; h. I4lghtenrd 
Waddington Chas., slotr (Waddington 
& Son) ; h* Old Vicarage, Read. 

Tel. 3 i'adiham 
Waddington Clifford, clrk, 70 Lindsay 

Waddington Mrs. Edith S., Westwood, 

402 Padiham rd. Tel. 2773 
Waddington Geo., dntst, 2 Sandygnte. 

Tel. 4020 
Waddington Ceo. H., wndw clnr, 31 

Tunnel st 
Waddington Henry (Waddington & 

Horner) ; h. 1 Ellis st 
Waddington Henrv, tea nil-dint's asst, 

20 Huffing In 
Waddington Herbt-., bookkpr, 5 Willi- 
ams rd 
Waddington & Horner, Ltd., joinrs, 

Raglan rd. TeL 8384 
Waddington Jas.. fish dlr, Redruth 

Waddington .las., fish dlr, 27 Nothcrby 

Waddington Jas. (A. & J. Wadding- 
ton) ; h. 17 Leaver st 
Waddington John, grer, 8-10 Cotton st 
Waddington John, frrnr. Higher Reed- 

ley farm 
Waddington John, clrk ,37 Adamson st 
Waddington Mrs. Lydia A., 27 Lans- 

dowue st 
Waddington Marshall, bookkpr, Heas- 

andford cttg. Queen Victoria rd 
Waddington Mrs. Nellie, enftnr, 171 ftt. 

James' st 
Waddington Nicholas, acntnt, 435 Ros- 

sendalc rd 
Waddington Reuben, grer, 54a Can- 
ning st 
Waddington Root., fmir, Ingham hse, 


Waddington Roland, cbnt mkr, 2 Out- 
wood rd 
Waddington & Son, sletrs and com 
for oaths. Imperial chmhrs. 2 Grim- 
shaw st. Tel. 2166-21 07 
Waddington Wm. O., lark acntnt, 237 

Bnmshaw rd 
Wade Arthur (Wade & Co.) ; h. 

Carlton rd 
Wade Laura, gowns, etc., 28 Church st 
Wado Thos., strkpr, 39 Yorkshire st 
Wade Thos., clrk, 128 Coal Clough In 
Wadge Albt. & Son, coal dlrs, 47 Crow- 
rhor st 

Wadsworth Alfd., wood ervr, J4(i Coal 

Clough In 
Wadsworth Misses Cath & Annie, I 

Rose Hill mount 
Wadsworth Mrs. Ellen, shpkpr, 316 

Cog In 

Watlsworth John W., hrhlst, 12 Abel st 

Wadsworth M. A., mlbir and fancy 

drpr, 37-39 Manchester v<\. Tel. 


Wadsworth Tom, dntst, 156 Hurt-lev 

st. Tel. 3619 ; h. 16 Latirier rd 
Wain Harold, pol con, 20 Salus st 
Waine Matthias, shpkpr, 125 Cog In 
Waito Wltr., clrk, 383 Briercliffo rd 
Wake Chas. E., btchr, 46 Brennand st 
Wakefield Rev. Wm. (Cong.), G Fair- 
holme rd 
WAKEFORD JOSEPH J., wholesale 
and retail nurseryman and florist 
(wreaths, crosses and bouquets), 
Cornfield road, off Padiham road. 
Tel. 3585 ; h. 528 Padiham rd 
Waleo, leather fctrs, 151 St. James* st 
Walkden Alan C, ins agnt, 2 Killing- 
ton st 
Walkden Mr. Squire, 5 Moseley rd 
Walkden Wlfd., phtgrphr, 72 St. Mat- 
thew's st 
Walker Byron, hoot repr, 32 Coal 

Clough In 
Walker Mr. Edgar, Easanoster, Towne- 

ley side 
Walker Frank., electrn, 13 Brooklands 

Walker J., bis agnt, 1 69 Colne rd 
Walker Matthew J., clrk, 169 Lower- 
house In 
Walker Percy, chmst, 76 Yorkshire st ; 

h. 1 60 Todmorden rd 
Walker Robt., sec, Burnley & District 
Engineers & Firemen's Society, 27 
Pritehard st 
Walker Stanley, forum, 20 Rutland av 
Walker Thos. Q., pol eon, IS Harriet st 
Walker Wltr., furn slsmn, 89 Parkinson 

walker Wlfd., fr fish dlr, 83 Queen 

Victoria rd 
Walker Wm., btchr, 1 9 Oxford rd ; h. 
2 Pine st 



Walker Win. & Son, joinrs, 7 Jockey 
st. Tel. 2047 

Walker Wm. Alfred, F.S.A.A., boro 
troas., reg of stock and chief rating 
and valuation offer, Town Hall, Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 2101 ; h. 2 Glen 
View rd. Tel, 3068 

Wall Arthur L. A. (Wall Bros.) ; h. 
1 93 Coal Clough In 

Wall Bros. ladies and gout's hairdrsrs 
and perfim-s, 50 Manchester rd. Tel. 
8477 ; and at Nejsov. C'ohie and 

Wall Mi*. Frank, 57 Ormerod rd 

Wall Josiah (Wall Bros.) ; h. 50 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3477 

Wallace Wltr., ins agnt, 21 Killington 

Wallhank Francis (T. H. & T. Wall- 
bank) ; li. 42 Shawst 

WALLBANK T. H. & T., motor body, 
van and lurry builders, painters, far- 
riers, wheelwrights and general black- 
smiths, Haslam street, off Barracks 

Wallhank Thos., grcr's mngr, 145 
Cleaver st 

Waller Jacob W., mn&r, 1 Oaken pie 

Waller W. & R. & Richardson, Ltd,, 
costmrs, 5i St. James' st 

Waffs Robt, & Co., eert acntnts, estate 
agnts and debt elletrg, !) Nicholas si. 

Tel. 2020 

Walhvork Mr. Edmund, 10 Outwood 

Wallwork Mrs. Margt., 5 Outwood rd 

Walmsley Chas., jwllr's mngr, 14 Ste- 
phenson st 

Walmsley Miss Eleanor J., enftnr, 2-4 
Lawn st 

Walmsley Francis, grer'smngr, Settle 

Walmsley Geo. & Sons, Ltd., ettn 
mnftrs, Peel mill, Oannow In. Tel. 


Walmslev John (Pennine Manufactur- 
ing Co*, Ltd.) ; h. 43 Williams rd 

Walmsley John F., (Mitre Engineering 
Co.) ; h. 11 Bristol st 

Walmsley John W., enftnr, 330 Padi- 
hain rd. Tel. 3441 

Walmsley Mrs. Sarah Eliz., 1. Stewart 

Walmsley Thos. Hy. (Pennine Manu- 
facturing Co., Ltd.) ; h. 102 Brow- 
head rd. 

Walmsley Thos. 8., trvllr, 12 Hogarth 

Walmsley Mr. Wm., 50 St. Matthew's 

Walpanmr Co., Ltd., paint mnftrs, St, 
James' rd. Tel. 3452 

Walsh John, formn pntr, 10 Blacker st 

Walsh John W., beei'hse, Union Inn, 
I 'If* Padiham rd 

Walsh Rev. Morgan, St. Marv's pros, 

1-3 Todinordenrd. Tel. 2028 
Walsh Thos., pmtr, 8 Grange st 
Walsh Thos. A., clrk, 23 Grasmere st 
Walshaw M'ill Co.. Ltd., ettn mnftrs. 

Talbot st, BrierHiffe. Tel. 200S 
Walter Mr. Edrie H., 205 Rossendale rd 
Walters Harold, trvllr, -10 Clevelands rd 
Walton Allan ()., pltry frmr, 19 'Deer 

Park rd 
Walton B. (Mrs. Bertha Buckley). 

chldrn's ontftr, 130 Padiham rd 

WALTON BROS., motor engineers and 
motor cycle agents, Dawson square, 
off Church street. Tel. 2975 

Walton Donald (H. Walton & Sons, 
Ltd.) ; h. Healey grange, Rose Hill 
rd. Tel. 3769 

Walton AJxs. Dorothv, f> Western av 
Walton Edgar (W. Smith, Ltd.) ; li. 21 

Hind st 
Walton Ernest {T, Walton & Son) : h. 

(> Brassey st. Tel. 2413 
Walton Mrs. Ethel, enftnr, 00 Coal 

Clough In 

Walton Francis K., Idgnghse mngr, 04 

Walton Fredk., grcr, 130 Cleaver st 
Walton Mrs. Hannah, shpkpr, Mi 

Briereliffe rd 
Walton Harold (H. Walton & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. Fence. Tol. 989 Nelson 
Walton Harry (H. Walton & Sous, 

Ltd.) ; h. Lynwood. Rmketf, Tel. 

Walton Harry & Sons, Ltd., ettn 

mnftrs, Bishophouso mill, Rvlands 

st. Tel. 4277 
Walton Hartley (Walton Bros.); h. 

Shorey cttg, Dawson sq. Tel. 2075 
Walton Mr. Jas. P., 1 3 Queen's Park rd 
Walton Mr. Jas. Robt,, Willow hank, 

Pasturegate ay 
Walton Jas. Stephen {J. Walton & 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. #t Amies 
Walton John & Son, Ltd., ettn mnftrs. 

New Hall shed. Elm st Tel. 41 05 
Walton John (J. Walton & Co., Ltd. ; 

h. I 7 Colne rd. Tel. 4203 
Walton John A. (J. Stansaeld & So as, 

Ltd.) ; h. 27 Rose Hill rd 
Walton John H-, grer, 121 Westgate 
Walton John H. (Mitre Engineering 

Co.) ; h. 20Hargherst 
Walton Mr. Levi, 39 Brooklands rd 
Walton Mrs. Mabel, drpr, la New Hall 

Walton Mark, pltry Irinr, 2 Red. Lecsrd 
Walton Rennic ("H. Walton & Sons) ; 

h. Wyndgate, Brnnshaw rd. Tol. 


Walton Robt., ettn slsrim, 422 Rossen- 
dale rd 

Walton Robt, W., ettn waste slsmn, 12 
Stephenson st 



Walton Robinson, nwftgnt, 03 Oxford 

Walton Stanley, pol con, 84 Sycamore 

Walton Thos., ellry/nnigc, 101 Ormerod 

Walton Thos., pltry frmr, 20 Spring- 
wood rd 
Walton Thos. & Son, cttn mnftrs, 

Woodbine mill Teh 3201 
Walton Wltr,, Xrtd., cttn mnftrs, 

Biwhophouse mill, Rv lands fit. 'I'ol. 

Walton Wte (W. Walton, Ltd.) ; h. 

Walton Wm., btchr, :S8 Abel st 
Walton Wm. & Co. (Biirnley), Ltd.. 

bldrs' mrchnts, Ouy st. TeJ. 2781 
WALTON WM., Ltd., iron and steel 

merchants, colliery contractors and 

constructional engineers, Newtown. 

Tel. 4260. Telegrams : " Walton, 

4260 M 

Wantlingl fonrv, inssupt, 4 Durham av 
1869), curtains, soft furnishings, bed- 
ding specialists, carpet and linoleum 
warehousemen, Market square. Tel. 
Ward Chris., pwnhrkr's mngr, 1 Ho- 
garth av 
Ward Dnld. K. (Burnley Components, 
Ltd.); h. GreenJjank, 163a Man- 
chester rd. Tel, 3312 
Ward Henry, clggi', U Waterloo rd 
Ward John, prntr, 70 Rectory rd 
Ward Kenneth, surv, 40 Gainsborough 

Ward Thos., Viet, Hare and Hounds 

J mi, Todinordcn rd. Jinercliffe 
Ward Wallace, asst sehhnstr, 34 Glen 

View rd 
Ward Wltr., grer, 31 Gannow In 
Ward Mr. Wm.., 34 Ltmsdowne st 
Ware fidwin, gmgrcr, 25 Acerington 
Waveing Yates, shpkpr, 37 Villiers st 
Waring Mr. Kobt., 544 Bmnshaw rd 
Warren Arthur, btehr, 14a. and 27 

Woodbine rd 
Warren Havelock J., fr fish dlr, 1 Cairo 

Warrington Geo., grer, 8 Slater st 
WasbbrookThos. A., pol con, Shoroy 

ban k 
Watcrheld Geo. S.» prof ftbllr, 2 Bas- 

nett st 
Watorhonso Fred k., ins agnt, 10 Colin, st 
Waters Henry, clrfc, 2 Riley st 
Waterworks Office, 64 Yorkshire st. "Tel. 

2101 ; J. Shepherd, engnr and 
Waterworth Jas., etnghso, 70 Trafalgar 

Waterworth John W., tripe dlr, 1 9a 

Tunnel st : h. 16 Sand st 

Waterworth Rawson, elub stwd, 6 

Queen st, Briercliffe 
Waterworth Tlios. , grer, 210 Colne road 

and 74 Brieroliffe road; h. 55 Burn- 
ley rd, Brierdiffe 
Waterworth Thos., drpr, i>0 Market 

hall; fa. ■! Godley st 
Waterworth Thos. N*., stnmsn, 73 

Briorcliffc rd 
Waterworth Wm., radio engnr. fi4 

Colne rd 
Waterworth W. V. (Coast & Inland 

Estates) ; li. Rossendale 
Watkin Lnrd., pol con, 07 Lionel st 
WatkinsRev. Thos. (O.K.), 30 Ighlen- 


Watson Mrs. Amelia, 1 50 1'odmorden 

Watson Arthur, grer, 87a Ardwick st 
Watson Arthur, formn engnr, 270 Coal 

CJough In 

WATSON G. & J., braziers, iron, tin- 
plate and stainless steel workers, cop- 
persmiths, humidifier and tape cylin- 
der makers and repairers, ventilating 
engineers, welders of all metals, etc., 
Neptune Street Copper works. Tel. 

Watson Cecil (C. & J. Watson) ; h. I 
Clock st 

Watson Mrs. Clara, enftnr, 1 7 Ulster st. 

Watson Miss Edith A., enftrtr, I 
Brougham sfc 

Watson Frank, clrk, fi Hawes tor 
Watson Harold, clrk, 14:! Hose Hill rd 
Watson Harold, nwsgnfc, 8 Lynd burst 

Watson Harry, ace, Burnley Brick & 
Lime Co., Ltd., Queen's Park. Tel. 
3029 ; h. 20 Rose Hill av. Tel. .1570 
Watson Henry, surv, 58 Sycamore av 
Watson Hubert, clrk, 4 Laurel sb 
Watson Jas., enftnr, 280 Harden In 
Watson Mrs. Jessie, grer, I Clock st 
Watson John, boot repr, 748 PadHiam 

Watson John, mill mngr, 311 Coal 

Clough In 
Watson John Harry, M.B., B.S. 
(Lond.), F.R.C.S. (Kng.), phys and 
srgn, 08 Bank par. Tel. 8760 
Watson John T., boot repr, 53 Ash- 
worth st 
Watson Mr. John W,, 1 7 Brooklands rd 
Watson Jonathan (©, &, J. Wat son) ; 

h. 1 Clock st 
Watson Misses Lily & Marion, gowns, I 

Bank Hall ter 
Watson (Matthew), I'oarso & Bower, 
survs, valuers and fire loss assra, I B 
Manchester rd . Tel. 21 61 
Watson Matthew, miis tchr, 10 Out- 
wood rd 
Watson Mrs, Nora, hairdrsr, II Carlton 



Watson RgnkL, grer'smngr, 124 Athol 

Watson Richd., bookkpr, 22 Stoney st 
Watson Richd. B., Esq., J.P., 57 March 

Watson Richd. & Son, chrtrd aentnts, 
12 Hargroaves st. Tel. 3718; and 

at A T elso?i 
Watson Robt. C, bookkpr, 1 7 Rose- 
wood av 

Watson SamL, ertkr, (J5 Hammerton st 
Watson Miss Sarah A., shpkpr, I Her- 
bert st 
Watson Thos., enftnr, 22 Elm st 
Watson Torn, see, J. Duckett & Son, 

Ltd., Blanncl st. Tel. 2116-211 7 ; k. 

5 Westbonrneav. Tel. 3577 
Watson Win. Henry, trvlli-, 02 Cleve- 
land s rd 
Watson Wni. Hy., tripe dlr, ] 05 Oxford 

rd ; h. 44 Brancli rd 
Watson Willis (Tomlinson, Bridge & 

Co., Ltd.) ; h. 822 Padiham rd 
Watsons', Petrol 'Distributors, Ltd., 

Accrington rd. Tel. 42 73 
Watts Alan G. (J. Watts (Burnley), 

Ltd.); h. 144Todmordenrd. Tel 

Watts Geo., boot dlr. Market hall 
Watts John (Burnley), Ltd., cttn wast o 

dlrs. Clock Tower mill. Tel. 31 87 
Watts Mrs. Lvdin, 27 Brooklands rd. 

Tel. 3981 
Wearing Wltr., mill see, Outwood rd. 

Tol. 2420 
Weaver to Wearer, Ltd., tailrs, 04 St. 

James* st 
Webb Sidney, frutr, 1 53 Woodgrove rd 
Webster A. & Sons (Burnley), Ltd., 

wrlss dlrs, 165 Oxford rd and 2fi 

Lyndhurst rd. Tel. 2822 
Webster Anyon (A. Webster & Sons 

(Burnley), Ltd.); h. 20 Lyndhurst 

Webster Miss Gladys, hairdrsr, 30 Ox- 
ford rd 
Webster Rd. (U. Webster, Ltd.) ; h. 

Webster Richd., Ltd., pwnbrkrs, 137 

St. James* st, 15-17-19 Bridge st, 22 

Stand ish st and 2-4 Lorne st. Tel. 

Webster Richd. ()., ins agnt, 271 Coal 

Clough In 
Webster Win, Henry, enftnr and catr, 

77 Albion st 
Weightman Rgnld., clrk, 3 Wiltshire av 
Weights and Measures- Office (Borough), 

00a Manchester rd. Tel. 2101 ; J. 

H. Wildman, insptr 
Weir Albt., pol eon, 15 Hawthorne rd 
Weir David, lndng library, 493 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Weir John, florist, 14 Elm st 
Weir Robt., drpr, 01 Colne rd 

Welch Geo., junr., hse I'rnshr, 37o 
Church st. Tel. 3 808 ; h. 9 Fair- 
holme rd 
Welch Harold AV., trvllr, 431 Rossen- 

Welch Jas. A., enftnr, 1 Redruth st 
AVolch Vincent P., fum dlr, 103b Ox- 
ford rd ; h. 7 Fair holme rd 
Wei- Don, dyers and elnrs, 8 Bridge st 
Wellerline Herbt., boot repr, 14 Lub- 
bock st 
Wellerline Win., boot dlr, 130 Oxford 

Wellock Jolm, ins agnt, 7 Prince st 
Wells Alfd., wrks forum, 1 Norfolk av 
Wells Arthur Wm. (AVells Bros. & 

Son) ; h. 222 Manchester rd 
Wells Bros. & Son, florists. Market 

hall. Tel. 2S31 
Wells Chas., beerhsc, Lamb Inn, 33 

Red Lion st 
Wells Percy H. (Wells Bros. & Son) ; 

h. 14 Constable av 
Wells Win., sales orgnsr, 3 Durham av. 

Tel. 4230 
Wesleyan & General Insurance Society, 
Bank chinbrs, 7 Hargreaves st ; H. 
Wantling, supt 
Wesleyan Institute, Canning st ; T. 

Simms, sec 
West Edmund, bookkpr, 32 Thurston 

West John S. (Mason, West & Bather) ; 
h. Springfield, Kelson rd, LiritircUjJt; 
West Reimie H., wrks rang?, 277 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3780 
West Biding Wallpaper Co., wllppr 

mrchnts, 158 St. James' st 
West Wltr., clrk, 525 Bi-unshaw v<\ 
West Wltr., acntnt, 7-1: Sycamore av 
AVest Win., clrk, 00 Creswick av 
Westall Miss Doris, hairdrsr, 01 Man- 
chester rd. Tel. 3794 
Westall Geo., frmr. New Copy farm 
Westall John Thos. (Bran Motors, 

Ltd.) ; h. 1 Fair View rd 
Westall John W., clrk, 113 Morse st 
Westall Mrs. Margt., 01 Glen View rd 
Westall Robt.. frmr. Copy farm 
Westall Thos., drpr, 20 Killington st 
Western Bros., boot reprs, 85 Raglan rd 
AVcstcrn Thos. G., boot repr, 9 Plumbe 

Weston Harold, blcksmth, Plumbe st. 

Tel. 3600 ; h. 5 Dial st " 
Weston Wltr. E., boot repr, I 72a Ac- 
crington rd ; h. 14 Smith st 
Wcthorall Jas., coal dlr, 13 Clarence st 
Wetherail Lnrd., pi'ntr, 8 Westhourne 

Wetton Mrs. Marv, shpkpr, 2 Arran sr 
WhalleyAlbt.E., Vict, Bull and Butch- 

ei*, Manchester rd 
VVhalley Arnold, pol insptr, 54 Loekyor 




Whalloy Arthur, boot repr, 7fi Hebrew 

Whallev Henrv, ehmst, 153 Brioreliffe 
rd. Id. 2639 

VVfia lley Herbt., boot dlr, 50 Lyndhurst 

WHALLEY JAMES E., Ltd., motor 
agents, engineers, repairers and 
hirers, motor hearse, funeral car- 
riage and taxi-cab proprietors, G.A.V. 
Lucas Rotex battery service, S.U. and 
A.C. petrol pump service station, 
Mitre Motor works, Westgate and 
Trafalgar Street junction and Shaw 
Street garage. Tel. 2143 (two lines) 

Whallev Jas. E. (J. E. Whallev, Ltd.) ; 
li. 329 Coal Clough bx. Tel. 2142 

W'halley Jph., elrk, 13 Surrey av 

Whalloy Lionel, clotli slsrnn, 38 Kidd- 
row In 

W'halley Robfc. (Pennine Manufacturing 
Co., Ltd.) ; lull Vincrbst 

Whallev Saml., dsgnr, 4S Carter st 

Whalley Saml., pltry frmr, 8 Spring- 
wood rd 

W'halley Thos., ellry nmgr, 234 Brier- 
el iffe rd 

Whalley Wm., olthng elb agnt, 13 Wfli- 
wiok st 

Wharf Kdwd., formn plmbr, 80 Ae- 
erington rd 

Wharf Henry, tmbr mrchnt'fl mngr, 
472 Aocrington rd 

Wharf Ivonald, ellry formn, S)l Ac- 
crington rd 

Wharton Mr. Jas. T., 388 Rossendale 

Wharton John R., bookkpr, Reed st 

Wharton Rofot., cbnt mkr, 21 Brook- 
lands rd 

Whatmoro Wm.» wndw elnr, 9 l-'rank- 
land st 

W Iiatmough Henry, ins agnt, 22 Leb- 
anon st 

Whatmough Horace, bnk elrk, 380 
Rossendale rd 

Whoadon Madame Bessie {Mrs. Bessie 
Brown), mllnr, 85-87 Westgate 

Wheadon John, boot repr, 190 (Jannow 

Wheatcroft John K., sec, Victoria Hos- 
pital, Salus St. Tel. 3237; h, 24 
Killington st. 'I : el. 3237 

Wheatcroft Mr. John J., 112 Abel st 

Wheatcroffc Wm. S., nmgr, Burnley 
Tradesmen's Clothing & Furnishing 
Co., Ltd.. 3 Boot st. Tel. 2983 ; h. 

Wlieeler Archibald H. H.» pntr, 46 
Woodgrove rd 

Wheeler Mrs. Doris, clothes dlr, 12 

Whewell J. & Son, cmftnrs, 54 St. 
James' st, and ronrl wtr mnftrs. En- 
gine st. Tel. 3559 

Whewell Jpb-, Esq., J.P. (J. Whewell 

& Son) ; h. 29 Colne rd. Tel. 8019 
Whipp Arthur, sun blind mkr, TCeigh- 

loygrn. Tel. 3378 
Whipp Benj., chrpdst. 4 Waterbarn st 
Whipp Cliff., elrk, 26 Laithe st 
Whipp Geo. L., ins o.ngr, 277 Colne rd 
Whipp Herbt., trvllr, 73 Williams rd 
Whipp Ivan, ins agnt, 194 Manchester 

Whipp Wm., boot repr, 2 Saxilicld st ; 

h. 13 Duke st, Bricrcllffe 
WHITAKER ARTHUR, hay and straw 

dealer and haulage contractor, Tun- 
still street and Gurzon street. Tel. 

3275 ; h. 335 Colne road 
Whitaker & Clegg, Ltd., slfcrs, etc., 

Hammerfcon st. I'el. 3859 ; and afc 

Whitaker Frank, Indry engnr, 11) Clu'l- 

tern av 
Whitaker Ceo. (Sohofield & Co.); h. 

58 Ighteu rd 
Whitaker Harold, clthrw mngr, 00 

Mitella st 
Whitaker Harold, elefcrn, 10 Ighicn rd 
Wliitaker Mr. Hy., 408 Padiham n.\ 
Whitaker Henry, prntr, o Brunshaw 

Whitaker Jas. (O. Wliitaker & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. Marsden house. Brierftch!, 

Tel. 519 Nelson 

Whitaker John, grcr, 58 Xowneley st 

Whitaker John, pltry dlr, 2S Queen 
Victoria rd 

Whitaker Mr. John, 390 Manchester rd 

Whitaker John Ormerod((>. Whitaker 
& Sons, Ltd.) ; h. Highfield, Brior- 
eliffe rd. Tel. 2S72 

Ltd., joiners, builders and contract- 
ors, Blakey Street Saw mills. Tel. 

Whitaker John W. (J. Whitaker & 
Rons (Burn ley), Ltd.) ; h. 30 tiler i 
View road 

Whitaker Joshua O.. pntr, 70 Todmor- 

denrd. Tel. 4050 
Wliitaker Mrs. Mary A., 12 Briercu'ffo 

Wliitaker Miss Muriel, nilbir, 10 

Temple st 
Whitaker Ormerod & Sons, Ltd., ettii 

mnXtrs, Old Bank mill, Casterton av. 

Tol. 2428 
Whitaker Percy, trvllr, 70 Glen View rd 
Whitaker Rd. (Moses Ha rgrea vos, 

Ltd.) ; h. 35 Lanadowne st 
Whitaker Robt, O. (Wm. Warbnrton, 

Ltd.) ; h. 460 Brunshaw rd 
Wliitaker Robt. R., trvllr, 23 Linbv at 
WHITAKER & SONS (Wm. A. Whit- 
aker, proprietor), monumental and 
marble masons, sculptors and letter 
cutters, 31a Church street 



Whitaker Thos. E. (J. Whitaker & 

Sons (Burnley), Ltd.) ; h. 38 Glen 

View rd 
Wliitaker Wm., drpr, 1 Brennand st 
Whitaker Wm. A. (Whitaker & Sons) ; 

h. 1 6 St. Matthew's st 
Whitaker Win, T., ebnt mkr, Victoria 

st ; h. 23 "Rose Hill rd. Tel. 3691 
Wliitaker Willie (Eorater &> Wliitaker) ; 

h. 26 Ronald st 
Whitaker & Wood, Ltd., cttn mnftrs, 

Trafalgar mill ami Hope shod. Tel. 

White Alfd., crtkr, I 7 Haslarn st 
White Chas,, cnftur, 111-113 Albert st 
White E. & Son, fhltrs, 238 Colne rd 

(Tel. 4169) and 278 Padiham rd 

(Tel. 2566) 
White Edmund, btcbr, (17 Tlmrsby rd. 

Tel. 3328 
White Heather Dreameries, dairy ami 

eafe prptrs, 32-33 Market hall 
White Mr. Jas., 9 Montague rd 
White Leo (E. White & Son) ; h. 23S 

Colne rd. Tel. 4109 
White Mr. Thos., 1 S3 Manchester rd 
White Wm., lapr, 21 Lansdowno st 
Whitehead A., ins agnt, 5 Olympia st 
Whitehead Albt. E., coal dlr, 18 Lark 

Whitehead Mr. Arthur, 359 Manchester 

Whitehead Chas. P. (G. Foster) ; h. 2 

Hulling In 
Whitehead Edgar, hlge cntrotr, 42 Ros- 

sendale a v. Tel. 3902 
Whitehead Edwd. s sec, Burnley Prop- 
erty Owners' Association, 12 St. 

James' row ; h. 13 Oelia st 
Whitehead Edwin, Esq., J.P., 43 

Thursby rd 
Whitehead Mrs. Eliz. A., enftnr, 125 

Harden In 
Whitehead Fredk., hairdrsr, 47 Parlia- 
ment st 
Whitehead Herbt., clrk, o Olympia st 
Whitehead Jas., Wlfd., mrkt supt. 

Market pic. Tel. 2101 ; h. Ken- 
mure, Pike hill 
Whitehead Miss Jane, enftnr, 2 White 

Whitehead John W., boot repr, 382 

Colne rd; h. I Mark st 
Whitehead Jph., hairdrsr, 31 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Whitehead Richd., shpkpr, 1 5 AHcrton 

Whitehead Richd., grer. Market sq and 

124 Burntoy rd, IJnercliffe ; h. 5 

Oaken bank 
Whitehead Richd., boot repr, 22 Abel st 
Whitehead Robt. Hy. (Oxford Radio & 

Electrical Supply), 22 Oxford rd 
Whitehead Seth, chmst's asst, 15 

Wellegley st 

Whitehead Thos. Hy., coal dlr, GO 

Daneshouse rd 
Whitehead Wltr., fr fish dlr, G Abel st 
Whitehead Wm., coal dlr, 30 Holmes- 
ley st 
Whitehead W. Marlborough, J.P., 

A.R.C.A., A.M. Cert., art matr, 

Burnley School of Art, Ormerod rd. 

Tel 2101 j h. 4(i9 Brunshaw road. 

Tel. 3470 
Whiteley Benj., crpt dlr, Waterloo id. 

Tel. 2408; h. I i5 Mosoley rd 
Whiteley Herbt., ldgnghse kpr, . r > Rut- 
el iff e st 
Whiteside Harold, nwsgnt, 19 Hudson 

Whitfield Arthur, plfrry frmr, 03 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Whitfield Arthur, clrk, 17 Roinney av 
Whitfield John T., pel insptr and fire 

supt., 66 Manchester rd. Tel. 2222 

and 2101 
Whitfield M'iss May, hairdrsr, 352 Colne 

Whitfbrd SamL, coal dlr, 281 Coal 

Clough In 
Whitham Arthur, fr fish dlr, 207 Ae- 

erington rd 
Whitham Henry, bldr, 23 Chiltern av 
Whitham John, bldr, 21 Chiltern av 
Whitham John, ehmst, 22 Constable av 
Whitham Robt. Musgrave, M.B., 

M'.Ch., phys and srgn, Craven ettg, 

29 Piccadilly rcl 
Whitham Mr. Thos., 26 Harriet st 
Whitham Wltr., janitor, 53 Accringtou 

Whitley Ellis, boot repr, 103a Oxford 

Whitley Ernest, boot repr, 58 Coal 

Clough In 
Whitney Arthur, sehlmstr, 10 Laurier 

Whitney Mrs. Fanny, grer, 181 Oxford 

Whitney Misses Harriet E. & Eliz. A., 

cnftnrs, 35 St. Matthew's st 
Whitney Wm. S., sehlmstr, 382 Ros- 

son dale rd 
Whittaker Mrs. Alice, shpkpr, 10 Dale 

Whittaker Mrs. Ann, 3 Fair View rd 
Whittaker Miss Annie, 10 Brassey st 
Whittaker Arthur, wndw clnr, 4G 

Tabor st 
Whittaker Catlow, crtkr, 2 Hambledon 

Whittaker Mrs. Clara, shpkpr, 09 

Halifax rd, BHercliffe 
Whittaker David, frmr, School Bank 

Whittaker Edmondson, clrk, 55 Cleve- 

lands rd 
Whittaker Edwd., vict, Holo-in-the- 
Wall, 122-124 Sandygate 



■ ) 

Whittaker Elijah, elggr, 2SS Gannow In 

Whittaker Mrs. Eliz. A., grer, 20 
Richards st 

Whittaker Mrs. Emily, fir fish dlr, 1 1 
Keith at 

Whittaker Mrs. Ethel, grer, 30-32 Keith 

Whittaker Fredk., enftnr, 30 Whittle- 
field st 

Whittaker Fredk., ch-J<, 8 Fox st 

Whittaker Geo. W. (J. Whittaker & 
Sons) ; h. 74 Albion st 

Whittakor Mr. Granville, 404 Padiham 

Whittaker Row Harold (Moth.), 26 
Rose Hill rd 

Whittaker Hezo.kiah, enftnr, 172 Colne 

Whittaker Jas., dspnsr, 22 Aecrington 

Whittaker Jas., acents clrk, 34 West- 
bourne av 

Whittaker Jas., frnshr's nmgr, 13 

Gainsborough av 
Whittakor Mr. Jas. B-, 14 Hading In 
Whittaker Jas. K., trvllr, 110 Todmor- 

den rd 
Whittaker John (J. Whittaker & 

Sons) ; h. 430 Brunshaw rd 
Whittaker John, clrk, 120 Melville st 
Whittaker John Jas- (J. Whittaker & 

Sons) ; h. G Bedfordshire av 
Whittaker John, shpkpr, 11 Fioldon st 
Whittaker John, schlmstr, 12L Kose 

Hill rd 

debt collectors, house and com- 
mission agents, private enquiries, etc., 
23 Bankhouse street. Tel. 2911 
and at Nelson, Tel. S05 

Whittaker John T\, engnr, 5 Danes- 
house rd 

Whittaker Mrs. Julia E., fr fish dlr, 93 

Piccadilly rd 
Whittaker .Lawrence, trvllr, 403 Bos- 

sondalo rd 
Whittaker Lnrd., grcr's mngr, 10 Holy- 

oake st 
Whittaker Mrs. Mary K, 425 Kossen- 

dale rd 
Whittaker Mrs. Olivo, drpr, 7 Aeering- 

ton rd 
Whittaker Wm., engnr, 11 Colne rd 
Whittaker Wm., pltry dlr, 1 9 Palace st 
Whittaker Wm. E., enftnr, 73 liaglan 

Whittam B. & A., mllurs, 1 5 Yorkshire 


Whittam Miss Edna, enftnr, 1 1 I Ae- 
crington rd 

Whittam Misses Edna & Annie, mus 

tehrs, 48 Colne rd 
Whittam Fredk., clrk, 22a St. John's rd 
Whittam Glbt., engnr, 10 Settle ter 
Whittam Jas., ins agnt, 2 1 Hollin hill 

Whittam John, dog food dlr, 308 Colne 

Whittani John Biloy, engnr, 48 Colne 

Whittam Robt., drpr, 108 Hebrew rd 
Whittam Thos., coal dlr, I Tumor st 
Whittam Wltr., crtkr, 53 Aecrington rd 
Whittiugham Mrs. Ellen, 303 "Man- 
chester rd 
Whittle Mrs. Jessie, 34 Howe st 
Whittlcheld Mill Co,, Ltd., ettn mnftrs, 

Whittleneld st. Tel. 4160 
Whittles Miss May, hairdrsr, 3 Queen 

Victoria rd 
Whitworth Arthur, drpr, 131 Parlia- 
ment st 
Whone Thos. W., grcr, 66 Briercliffc rd 
Whyatt & Palmer, Ltd., frutrs, 16 

Curzon st. Tel. 4265 
YVhybrow John W., boot repr, Gor- 

don st and 25 Brougham st 
Wiekenden Sidney, clrk, 1 7 Constable 

WJckham Alfd., nwsgnt. 78 Aecrington 

Wickhohne Wm. J., trvllr, 1 1 1 (Hon 

View rd 
Wicks Miss Nellie, etnghse, 8 Tomple st 
Widdup & Co., crpt wrhsmn, A VaI- 

ward st 
Widdup Jas. W., florist, 300 Colne rd 
Wiften Wltr. D., pltry kpr, 473 Brim- 
shaw rd 
Wiggins Joshua, jrnlst, 15 Duekett st 
Wigglesworth Edwd., acntnt, Garage 

ehmbrs, Padiham rd. Tel. 2366 ; h. 

1 7 Howard st 
Wigglesworfch Hiirold, pol eon, 88 Man- 

Chester rd 
Wigglesworth John H., statnr and 

P.O., 136 Padiham rd 
Wigglesworth Jph., shpkpr, 251 Ros- 

sendalo rd 
Wigglesworth Robt., sletr's clrk, 367 

BrierolhTe rd 
Wignall Jas., dspnsr, I 28 Aecrington rd 
Wignall Jas. 'J 1 ., clrk, 1 Broekenhurst st 
Wilbond Chas. {Dodsloys', Ltd.) ; h. 9 

Rose Mount av 
W'ilby Schubert, bnk eshr, Lyndlmrst, 

Southern av 
Wilcock Geo. Albt., pwabrkr*s mngr, 

1 90 Brunshaw rd 
Wilcoek Harold, clrk, 32 Westbourne 

Wilcoek John C, trvllr, 49 Clevelands 

Wilcoek Rgnld.., clrk, 241 Brunshaw rd 
Wild Mrs. Clara, mvsgnt, 53 Westgate 
Wild Mr. Jph., 412 Padiham rd 
Wild liichd., shpkpr, 5 Ada st 
WILD WM., coal merchant and agent 

for Cliviger Coal & Coke Co., Railway 

sidings, Manchester road. Tel. 3543 ; 

h, 7 Romnev avenue 



Wildiftg Miss Annie, mllnr, 9 Standish 

Wilding Ralph C, rlwy insptr, 4SS Ac- 

erington rd 
Wilding Thos., grcr, 44 Trafalgar st 
Wiklman Albt. A., finite, 107b Oxford 

Wildman Arthur, wine and spirit 

mrchnt, 1 06-168 Tadiham rd. Tel. 

Wildman John Hy., insptr of weights 

and measures, 3 Shaftesbury st 
Wiles Thos., i'rmr, Higher Nutshaw 
Wilkins Geo., grer, .'$7 Scott st 
Wilkinson Alan. S., cnftnr, 24 North st 
Wilkinson Albt. B. t grer, 5 Bricrolifl'erd 
Wilkinson Albt. V., clrk, 338 Coal 

Clougb In 
Wilkinson Alex,, clth slsmn, 516 Cog In 
Wilkinson Mrs. Alice, shpkpr, 3 Nairne 

Wilkinson Mrs. Alice A., grcr, 4 Folds st 
Wilkinson Mrs. Annie, grcr, 57 High st 
Wilkinson Benj., drpr, 05 Thursby rd 
Wilkinson Mrs. Clara, shpkpr, 10 Ash- 

fiokl rd 
Wilkinson Clement, clrk, 312 Coal 

Clough In 
Wilkinson David, grcr, 268 Padiham rd 
Wilkinson Klias, cnftnr, 10 Abel st 
Wilkinson K. & E., cnftnrs, 56 York- 
shire st 
Wilkinson TCrnest, clrk, 14 Rennie st 
Wilkinson Miss Florence, drsmkr, 69 

Hollingreave rd 
Wilkinson Misses Florence Mary & 

Ruth, 20 Piccadilly rd 
Wilkinson Francis L., ins agnt, 334 

Coal Clough In 
Wilkinson Fiedk. C, pnfcr, II Wren st 
Wilkinson Fredk. C, clrk, 70 Sycamore 

Wilkinson Geo. (O. Wilkinson (Burn- 
ley), Ltd.) ; h. 37 Brooklands rd 
Wilkinson («eo, (Burnley), Ltd., hrtlwr 

mrehnts. Old Hallsfc. Tel. 3798 
Wilkinson Geo., crtkr, 3S May st 
Wilkinson Geo, Hy., bldr, 1 ,14 Water- 
bam st 
Wilkinson Harold, prntr, 23 Plover st 
Wilkinson Harold, aentnt, 1 6 Middle- 

sex av 
Wilkinson Henry, viet, George the 

Fourth Inn, 708 Padiham rd 
Wilkinson Henry, engnr, 73 Queen 

Victoria r<l 
Wilkinson .las., chmny swpr, 28 

Standish st 
Wilkinson Jas., beerhso, Corporation 

Arms, Market pie 
Wilkinson Jas., club stwd, 44 Belvedere 

Wilkinson Jas., frnir, llird house, 

Wilkinson Jas., prntr, OS Burns st 

Wilkinson Jas. A., art rnstr, 30» Going 

Willdnson J. & Son (Burnley), Led., 
prntrs, 94 Hebrew rd. Tel. 2460 

Wilkinson John, viet, Woodman Inn, 
127-129 Todmordenrd 

Wilkinson John, viet, General Have- 
lock Inn, 4-6 Barracks rd 

Wilkinson John, frmr, Yeoman's farm, 

Wilkinson John A., trvllr, 40 Lans- 
clowne st 

Wilkinson John W., nwsgut and P.O., 
312-314 Lower house In 

Wilkinson Jph Hy., grcr, IS Rum ley 
rd and 6 Bright st 

Wilkinson Kenneth, pol con, la Essex 

Wilkinson Lewis, clrk, 56 Kiddrow hi 

Wilkinson Miss Lily, frutr, IS Rose 
Grove In 

Wilkinson Luther (Morris & Wilkin- 
son, Ltd.) ; h. Clwiger 

Wilkinson Mrs. Martha, grcr, 1 1 0-1 IS 

Willdnson Mrs. Mary, heorhse. Plane 
Tree Inn, Rossondale rd 

Wilkinson Miss May, cnftnr, 798 Padi- 
ham rd 

Wilkinson K. & M., cnftnrs, 21 Stand- 
ish sfc 

Wilkinson Oliver, grcr, 144 Oxford rd 

Wilkinson Percy, clrk, 10 Cleveland 

Wilkinson Percy, bailiff, 21 Lark st 

Wilkinson Richd., rhvy insptr, iy 
Wordsworth st 

Wilkinson Richd. (Brun Textiles) ; h. 
Brundale, Glen View road 

Wilkinson Robt., ellry forum, 71 
Thursby rd 

Wilkinson. Rufus, wndw clnr, 69 Mars- 
den rd 

Wilkinson Thos., enter, 46 Danes- 
house rd 

Wilkinson Mr. Thos., 374 Brunsbaw rd 

Wilkinson Wltr., clrk, 38 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 

Wilkinson Wltr. L., trvllr. So Florence 

Wilkinson Wilkinson, grcr, 40 Burns st 

Wilkinson Wm., nwsgnt, Marl- 
borough st 

Willdnson Wm., ins agnt, :{7 Romney 
a venue 

WILKINSON WILLIAM, builder, con- 
tractor, property repairer and mastic 
manufacturer, Acre street. Tel. 

3980 ; h. 10 Thursby road 
Wilkinson Wm., joins*, Acre st ; h. 20 

Paulhan st 

Wilkinson Wm. E., trvllr, 12 Haw- 
thorne rd 

Wilkinson Wm. T„ cnftnr, 112 Mel- 
ville st 



Willan Ernest 15., actnr, Trafalgar st. 

Tel. 3702 ; h. 127 Manchester rd 
AVillan Hy. B., trvllr, 5 Stafford st 
Willan Wltr. E., trvllr, 491 Brunshaw 

Williams Albfc. J-. trvllr, 46 Disraeli st 
Williams Mrs. Annie, 7 Colne rd 
Williams Artlnir H., jrnlst, o0 Hose 

Hill rd 
Williams Chas. H., K.R.C.A., A.C.LI., 

sec, Independent Order of Keeha- 

bitcs .Society ('I'odmorden. District), 

office, 2a Clifton st. Tel. 3031 ; li. 

74 Baglaa rd. Tel. 2S30 

Williams Mrs. Kliz,, cstmr, 190 Colnc 

Williams Miss TClsie, miliar, 1S5 I'adi- 
ham rd 

Williams Mrs. Emma (Exors. of), grcr, 

1 8 Parker In 
Williams Mrs. Florence, Bodfin, Ark- 

wright st 
Williams Frank L., vict, Trafalgar 

Hotel, 42 Trafalgar st 
Williams Geo. B., grcr, 43 Lyndhurst rd 
Williams Geo. YV\, sec and mngr, 

Burnley Tradesmen's Billposting 

Co., Ltd., 27a Church st. Tel. 2573 ; 

h. 92 Marsden rd 
Williams Mr. Henry J., IS Woodhouso 

Williams Ivor, grcr's mngr, 9 liectory 

WilHaiitg Owen, hairdrsr, 3 Thurston st 
Williams Stanley, cashr, 23 Norfolk 

Williams Thos. H., ongnr, 157 Hose 

Hill rd 
Williams Win., grcr, 2a Cog st 
Williamson Mrs. Ada, enl'tnr, 31 Abel st 
Williamson Miss Emma, grcr, 75 Whit- 

tleiield st 
general property repairer, range fixer, 
ets.j works and showrooms, 2a Neth- 
erby street ; h. 51 Netherby street 
Williamson Hy., grcr, 30-32 Roebuck st 
Williamson Wm., grcr, 18 Curzon st 
VV illies Chas. B.., mar str dlr, Arch st : 

h. 26 Gainsborough av 
Willis Cecil V., crtkr, 4 Cuerden st 
Willis Ernest, ins insptr, 40 West- 
bourne av 
Willmans\ china dlrs, 21 Bridge st. 

Tel* 3618 
Wills Mr. Henry, 27 Orange st 
Wills Josiah, grcr, 151 Acerington rd 
Wills Wm., insagnt, Grey st 
Wilshaw* Oeo. M., elct engnr, 18 Ark- 

wrightst. Tel. 3131 
Wilson (Miss Annie) & Whittle (Mrs. 

Nina), grcrs, 39 Cog hi 
Wilson Mrs. Beatrice, i'urn brkr, 204 

Lowcrhouso In 
Wilson Chas. H., ins agnt, SO Feart st 

Wilson & Co., motr engnrs, Yorkshit'e 
st. Tel. 2530 

Wilson Dnld., cookd meat sirs, 30 
Heap st 

Wilson Mrs. Kliz., shpkpr, 14b Wood- 
bine rd 

Wilson Fredk., drghtsmn, 43 lghton- 
iuli Fark In 

Wilson Fredk., grcr, 2-4 Barrilt st and 
4 1 Hebrew rd 

Wilson Mrs. Hannah, grcr, 23-25 
Nairn o st 

Wilson Hy., boot repr, 109 Briorolifio 

Wilson Henry, pol srgt, 7 Celia st 

Wilson Hy., hlge cutretr, 04 Lower- 
house In 

Wilson Herbt., grcr. 111 I.'adiUam rd, 
•58 fcandygatc, Folds st and 47 Rey- 
nolds st. Tel. 3(i90 ; h. 30 Gains- 
borough av. Tel. 3987 

Wilson Jas., grcr, 2 Norton st 
Wilson John, shpkpr, 30 Milton st 
Wilson John, dlr, I Oakmonut 

Wilson John, pol con, 30 Bonnie st 
Wilson John S., pliry fnnr, 159 Tod- 

morden rd. Tel. 2810 

Wilson Mark, grcr, 1 Cowper st 

Wilson Mrs. Margt., enftnr, 175 Fatli- 
ham rd 

Wilson Moses, shpkpr, 59 Cog st 

Wilson Kobt., coal dlr, 1 7 Barry st 
Wilson Mr. Kobt., 1 5 Montague rd 
Wilson 8am 1., cookd meat strs, 02 
Lyndhurst rd 

Wilson Thos., motr insptr, 30 Urangest 
Wilson Thos., pltry kpr, Halifax rd, 


Wilson Thos. Henry, wrlss dlr, 320 

I'adiham rd. Tel. 3747 
Wilson Wm., prntr, 7 Warwick st 
Wilson Wm. B., boot repr, 10 Fadiham 


Wilson Win. V., mvsgnt, 8 Todmorden 

Winchester Mrs. liebeeca, aprtmnts, 50 

Bank par 
Wincott Arthur W-, pol srgt, 6 Nelson 


Winder Albt. E., boot dlr, 260 I'adiham 


Winder Ernest J., fnnr, Foulds House 
farm, Brierclijfe 

Windle & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., cttn 
mni'trs, Fulledgo mill, Holmes st 

Wmdle Hy., dim ny swpr, 16 Hill Mar- 
ton st 

YY'indle Hy., clrk, 259 Brunshaw rd 

Windle Herbt., grcr, 90 St. Matthew's 

Windle John W. (Windle & Co. (Burn- 
ley), Btd.) ; h. S7 Blacker st 

Windle Percy B., leather dlr, 37 Abel 
st ; h. 1 9 Furness st 



Windle Saml. E., boot rcpr, 200-208 

Colne rd ; Ii. 165 Harden In 
Windle W'm. H., cinnny swpr, 32 Ham- 

IlKll'fcOH st 

Window (The) Display Co., Ltd., Jones 1 
bldng, Hammerton at ; K. Gkragh, 

Wiukley Robt., pol srgt, I 83 Bardeu hi 
Wiukley Thos., drpr, 90 Cleaver st 
VVirni Fred M., hairdrsr, G "Hargreaves 

at. Tel. 2000; h. 1 9 Creswick av 
WxnniTigton John, cbnt mkr, 108 San- 

Winskul Mrs. Frances, drpr, 03 Brier - 

cliile rd 
Winstone Ceo. H. (C. F. Hargrcaves, 

Ltd.) ; h. LOO Brieroliffe rd 
Winterbottom Mr. Frank, 90 Kiddrow 

Winterbollom Miss Jennie, hairdrsr, 

110 Hebrew rd 
W in tor burn Jas., inuscn, 300 Padiham 

W inward Ceo. Ernest, schimsir, 2 Car- 

lyle st 
Wiper Hy. S, a psll ongnr, 002 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Wiseman Mrs. Agnes, 242 Todmorden 

Wiseman Ceo., btchr, 70 Curzon st 
Wiseman John K., coal dlr, I 7 Patten st 

WITH AIM BROS,, Ltd., cotton spinners 
and manufacturers, Finsley mills, 
Finsleygate and Plumbs Street shed. 
Tel. 2816 

Witham Wm. Francis (Witham Bros., 
Ltd.); h. Rockwood, 159 Todmor- 
den rd. Tel. 2816 

Wellington Win., recruiting srgt, 7 
Olympia sfc 

chant and colliery agent, Railway 
sidings, Manchester road. Tel. 2336 ; 
h. 23 i Coal dough In 

WolstoncroftThos., pntr, 01 Plumbest 

and 191 Padiham rd ; h. 251 Bniu- 

shaw rd 
Wo'niwCs Un&mploi/ntenl Mulxml Ser- 
vice Club, Parker in ; Mrs. O. Race, 

Wood Alfd., plstr, 105 Ball st 
Wood Archibald, bnk clrk, 423 iiossen- 

dalo rd 
W ood Arthur, prprty repr, 3 J Hiding st 
Wood Bertram, trvilr, 81 Clen View id 
Wood Edwd. {Proctor <& Proctor) ; h, 

Holm hill, Scott Park. Tel. 2425 
Wood Edwd. H., aontnt, 23 Clen View 

Wood E. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., prntrs, 

12 Curzou st. Tel. 3001) 
Wood Miss Eli/,., enftnr, 220 BriercIHic 

Wood E. & J., frmrs, Higher ridge, 


Wood Fredk. A. (J. Wood & Sons, 

Ltd.) ; h. 15 Fifth av 
Wood Mr. Ceo. A., 208 Manchester rd 
Wood Henry, mill sec, 122 Coal Oiougk 


Wood Hy., rstrnt, 841 Briei'cllffe rd 
Wood Hi'bt., coal dlr, 41 Brunswick st 
Wood Jas., btchr, 3 Byron st 
Wood Joe P., F.C.A. (Ravljnson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood) ; h. Wood- 
leigh, Manchester rd. Tel. 3437 
Wood Mr. John 0., 19 Ormerod rd 
Wood J. & Sons, outers, 143 St. 
James' st. Tel. 3471 

Wood John & Sons, Ltd., ottn mni'trs, 
Breimand tnill, Braceweil st. Tel. 

Wood John Win,, cnsllng engnr, 45 

Brooklands rd 
Wood Mr. Moses, 252 Brierchn'e rd 
Wood Mrs. Sarah A., 30 Harriet st 
Wood Mrs. Sarah A., 58 Moorland rd 
Wood Stanley, B.A. (Camb.), M.R.C.S., 
L.K.C.P,, phys and srgn, fttono- 
clough, Scott Park. Tel. 3040 : sur- 
gery, 22 Aeorington rd 
Wood Street Laundry, Wood st. Tel. 

Wood Thos. L. (Trafalgar Mill Co., 
Ltd.) ; h. 400 Trafalgar rd 

Wood Win. T., mill sec, 424 Rossendalo 

Woodcock Mrs. Florence, drpr, 21 May- 
Woodcock Jas., shpkpr, 120 Htirtlev st 
Woodcock Win. (B. & A. Whittani) ; 
h. 13 Mount rd 

Woodlield Jas. H., (Woodfteld & Tur- 
ner) ; it. 9 Wren st 

facturing stationers, general and 
commercial printers, bookbinders, 
etc., St. Paul's works, Saunder bank. 
Tel. 3954 

Woodlield & Turner, motr dsumtlrs, 
Keighley grn. Tel. 3065 

Woodhead Fredk., rlwy forma, 125 
Branch rd 

Woodhead Mrs. Minnie, drpr, 22 Queen 
Victoria rd 

Woodhead Percy, grcr, 750 Padiham 

rd; h. 90 Olympia st 
Woodhead Thos., frutr, 1 1 7 Woodgro ve 

Woodhead Win., ins agufc, 95 Burnley 

rd, Briercliffe 
Woodhead W'm., advrtng mngr, 22 

Daneshouse rd 

1912), firelight manufacturers, off 
Dorset street 

Woods Emmanuel, frutr, 98 .Springheld 

Woods W'm. John, tea dlr's inngr, 4 
Fairholme rd 



Woodson Geo. Hy., beorhse, Owl-in- 

fche-Wood, 5 Springfield rd 
Woodward Jph.j IV fish dlr, 206 Branch 


Woof Mrs. VAva., enftnr, G Todmorden 

Woof llichd., engnr, 2 Herbert st 

Wooller Ernest, olrk, 17 Abinger st 

Wooller Wni., cllry cntrotr, 53 Todmor- 
den rd 

Woolworth K. W. & Co., Ltd., smlwre 
and gnrl dhs, 104-110 St. James' st 

Wootton Geo., pol con, 38 Westbourno 

Working Men's Club (Brierclifro), Guer- 
don st j A. Pollard, see 

Working Men's Club (Central), liobin- 
son st ; J. W. Hargreaves, sec 

Working Men's Club (G.IT.O.O.K), 
ileighley grn ; J. Cundy, see 

Working Men's Ckib (Healcy Wood 
Labour), 30-32 Rumley rd ; E. 
Payne, see 

Working M&n's Club {Imperial), Coal 
st ; J. S. Bland, see 

Working Men's Club (Lane Head), 
Elim view ; H. Holdcn, see 

Working Men's Club (Miners 1 ), Plumbo 
st ; B. Cartwright, sec 

Working Men's Club (Oddfellows'), 
Dal© st ; I). Cunningham, see 

Working Men's Club, 51a Kew Hall st ; 
J. R. "Kuttall, sec 

Working Men's Club (Paradise). Martin 
st ; J. Struohan, see 

Working Men's Club (Philharmonic), 25 
Yorkshire st ; J. Cubbons, sec 

Workiruj Merits Club (Koseand Thistle), 
84 Yorkshire st ; J. H. Stephens, sec 

Working Mens Club (Trafalgar), 9 Hal- 
stead st ; H. MoMahon, sec 

Working Men's Club (Trinity Labour), 
2 Rowley st ; W. Madden, see 

Working Men's Club (United Alliance), 
2a Temple st ; J. Ashworth, see 

Working Men's Club (West End), Bar- 
racks road 

ket makers, boot and shoe repairers, 
chair re-seating, knitting and hosiery 
manufacturers, Brunswick street. 
Tel. 3968 ; sales department for 
knitwear, etc., 7 Yorkshire street. 
Tel. 2101 ; S. Jackson, manager- 
Wormwell Mrs. Edith, grer, 110 Trafal- 
gar st 
Wormwell Mr. Fredk., U Rosehiilrd 
Worm well Henry, btchr, 7!)Bro\igham 

st. Tel. 2361 
Wormwell Jas., btehr, 20 SI. Matthew's 
st (Tel. 4014\ and 70 Brougham st 
(Tel. 2801) 
Wormwell Luke, joinr, Bungalow, 
Piano Tree houses 

Wormwell Peter, frinr, Higher Haulgh 

WomUI HcrM., cuftnr, 58 Saudygate 
WorraU Mrs. Maud, enftnr, 30c Church 

W'orsh Albt., grer and P.O., 292 Padi- 

liam rd. Tel. 3879 
YVorsh Mrs. Myra, wrdrbe dlr, 1 20 

Trafalgar st 

Worslcy John H. aentnt. 0'J St. James ' 
st. Tel. 4077 ,- h. 506 Cog hi 

WORSTHORNE ESTATE, Ltd., office : 
204 Todmorden road. Tel. 2458 ; 

Thos. Miller, F.S.I., secretary and 
Worswick Albt., trvllr, 5 Pritchard st 
Worswick Kred, elrk, 4 Olivant st 
Worthington Rudolph, pnnVs mngr, 7 

Beatrice st 
Worthy Horace, enftnr, 42 'J'lmrston st 
Wotherspoon Jas. A., see, The Central 
Billiard Halls (Burnley), Ltd., 1 
Saunder hank ; h. 1,5 Lansdowne st 
Wrathall Mrs. Annie^E., grcr, 123 Rec- 
tory rd 
Wrathall Mrs. Elsie, eookd meat strs, 

44 Hebrew rd 
Wray Ohas. E., hlge cntrctr, 11 Helena 

st. Tel. 3H40 
Wray Mrs. Florence, 484 Padiliam rd 
"Wray Wltr., vict. Queen's Hotel, 80-8:! 
Curzon st 

Wray Wltr., drghtsmn, 26 Robinson st 
Wright Atcx. Geo., coal dlr, 256 Coal 

Clough In. Tel. 3440 
Wright Mrs. Amy, enftnr, 1 Morton st 
Wright Cliff., chrpdsfc (A. B. Jefferson) ; 

h. 141 Woodgroverd 
Wright Mrs. Evelyn, drpr, 2 Lyndhurst 


Wright Mrs, j/ranoes, vict, Boot lim, 1 S 

St. James' st, Tel. 2513 
Wright Mrs. Grace, enftnr, 41 Healey 


Wright Mr. Henry, 51 Glen View rd. 

Tel. 3092 
Wright Mrs. Isobol, 101 Todmorden rd 
Wright Jas., trvllr, 207 Rossendalc rd. 

Tel. 3804 

Wright Jph. E., wttdw elnr, 170 Man- 
chester rd 
Wright Milton, pwnbrkrs mngr, 142b 

Todmorden rd 
Wright Thos., shpkpr, 131 Gaunow In 
Wrigley Norman, hse frnshr, 19-21 
Bankhouse st and 71 Standish st. 
Tel. 4279 
Wroo Edwd., crtkr, 107 Blacker st 
Wyld Hrbt., Ltd., coal dlrs, 92 Lynd- 
hurst rd 

Wyld Wltr., wrks forum, 2 Deer Park 

Yates Albt., grer, 28-30 Harley st 
Yates Hy. H., ins agnt, 5 Smith st 
Yates Mr. John Sophton, 20 Irene st 



Yates Lawrence, btchr, 1 9'J Accrington 

Yates Mrs. Margt., ;tl Croft st 

Yates Kobt,, newsagent, 1.0'J Oxford 

Yates Sb-ophQi'd, boot repr, 28 Peart 

(open daily from 9-0 a.m. to 3-0 
p.m., Tuesdays 9-0 a.m. to 12-30 
p.m., Saturdays 9-0 a.m. to 12-0 
noon and 6-0 p.m. to 8-0 p.m.), 25 
Manchester road. Tel. 2348 ; A. 

Kills, manager 

(open daily, Monday to Friday 9-30 
a.m. to 12-0 noon, Friday evening 6-0 
p.m. to 8-0 p.m., Saturdays 12-0 noon 
to 1-0 p.m.),114 Yorkshire street. Tel. 
3465 : Percy H. Taylor, manager 

Young Miss Annie B., 22 Scott Park 

Young Mr. Arthur, J 1 1 Ormerod rd 

Young Miss Elsie, whlsle eaffenr. Bar- 
racks rcl 

Young Maurice U.. ins agnt, I 09 Wood- 
grove rd 

Young Percy (l„ pel &rgt, 10 Crcswick 

Young VVItr., gi-er, 25 Haslam st 

Young VVtn., drpr, 81! Manchester rd ; 
h. 18 Kose Hill mount 

Youngs Miss Annie, hairdrsr, 510 Ac- 
cringtou rcl 

Yoxajl k'mest, comp gee, 25 Duke st, 

Yoxall John, ins briar, 25 St. (James* 
row. Tel. M?>:i; h. 290 Briereliffoi 

Y'oxall K. & Sons (Burnlov), Ltd., 
grcrs, 2« Homer et (Tel. 2707) and M 
(Joluo rd 
Yoxall VVm. It. (R. Yoxall & Sons, 
r Ltd.) ; h. 818 BriercUfte rd 
Zip 1'renuh Cleaners, Ltd., dyers and 
clnry, 97 St. -James' at 




Catholic Schools. 

St. Au(/a$tine\s. Loworhouse In ; (mixed 

and infants) John C. Sassidy 
St. John the Baptist, Ivy st ; {mixed and 

infants) Bisters of Mercy 
St, Mary's, Yorkshire st 1 (boys) Jph. 

Parkinson ; (girls and infants) Sisters 

of Mercy 
St. Mary MagduUne^, Haslam st : 

(mixed) iVfiss M. Lambert ; (infants) 

Miss B. Brown 

St. Thomas', King st ; (mixed) Miss L. 
Gordon ; (infants) Sisters of Mercy 

Church of England Schools. 

Holy TriwLtij, Trafalgar *tj (boys) 

Win. H. Duckworth ; (girls) MiWc. 

A. Gardner ; (infants) Miss B. Biley 
Lune Head, Marsden rd ; (mixed and 

infants) .Kdward Allen 
National, Clow brdg ; Miss Scan ton 
St. Andrew's, Colne rd ; (mixed) John 

barker ; (infants) Miss Jane B. 

St. Matthew's, Back In ; (mixed and 

infants) Thos. A- Sampson 

St. Beiers, Church st ; (mixed) .Silas T 
Bellinger ; (infants) Mjss Margt. Bul- 

St. Peter's, Pickup croft ; (infants! Miss 
Gertrude R Mason 

St. Stephen's, Oxford rd ; (mixed) Ar- 
thur P. Kenyon ; (infants) Mrs. Mary 


ood Top, Accrington rd ; (mixed ai 
infants) Thomas Black well 


Council Schools. 

Abet Street ; (mixed) 'Arthur Lcvons ■ 
(infants) Miss Q, E. Herbert 

Briercliffe , Burnley rd ; (mixed and in- 
fants) Miss TClIingham 

Burnley Wood, Branch rd ; (mixed) T. 
Sutton; (infants) Kiss A. O. Wise- 

Clow Bridge ; Miss E. A. Heyworth 
Coal t'louyh, Swindon st ; (mixed) ./as 

A. B. Heiiir ; (infants) MissB. Riley : 

(special) TVJiss A. Stephenson 
Day School for Deaf Children, West- 

gate ; Miss Jessie Procter 
Day .School for the Blind, Tarleton hse, 

lodmorden rd ; A. J. Laidlaw 
Futlcdge ; (infants) Miss M. Stewart 



Habergham, Padiham rd ; (mixed an<l 

infants) Jolin ~R. Whittaker 
Jiargher Clough, Venice at ; (mixed) 

John A. Lavfield ; (infants) Miss M. 

HcaUy Wood, Springhill rd ; (mixed 

and infants) Harold Smith 
Measa/ndford, Queen Victoria road ; 

(mixed) John L. Mercer ; (infants) 

Miss Sarah "R. Simpson 
Juvenile Instruction Centre. ; (hoys) 

Olaremont st. Win. A. .Sparks, supt ; 

(girls) Westgate, Mrs. J2, Preston* 

Lionel Street ; (mixed) Rowland Olegg ; 

(infants) Miss Edith Nutter 
Open-Air School, Oolne rd ; Miss Ruth 

Red Lion Street; (mixed) W. S. Whitney 
Rosegrove, Owen st ; (mixed) E. E« Pen- 

dietary ; (infants) Miss P. K. Woolley 
RoseMU, Moorland rd ; (infants) Miss J. 

Stoneyholme, Gordon st ; (mixed) J, 

Birkett ; (infants) Miss M. A. Mackio 
Todm-orden Road ; (central) A. Seddon ; 

(mixed junior) H. D. Smith : (infants) 

Miss M. Stewart 
Whittlefield, High st ; (infants) Miss 

Sarah J. Kennedy 

GRAMMAR SCHOOL, Hank parade • 
A. W. Fletcher, M.A. (Cantab.}, 
headmaster ; K. J. Sumner, 3J.A-, 
B.Sc, second master ; 0. A. Maekness, 
geography and art ; T. T. Whitehead, 
M.A., B.Sc., mathematics ; H. C. 
Shaw, M.A.j French ; L. Clarkson, 
M.A., German ; S. Co wen, B.Sc, 
physics ; W. Bennett, M.A., history ; 
H|. G. Leaver, M.O., M.A,, classics ; 
J. J. Vanghan, physics » W. Stuttard, 

B.A., English and Latin ; F. Harker, 
B.St'., chemistry ; J. 14. Chaplow, 
B.A., English a\\A Latin ; S. V. Bur- 
gess, B.A., history ; W. S. Broster, 
B.A., French ; H. h\ Evans, B.Sc, 
mathematics ; K. S. Taylor, B.A., 
history ; T. R. Key, M.A., English ; 
D. W. Fraser, B.Sc., w-aihemalies ; J. 
S. Hey, M\Se., ;p%3icy and mathemat- 
ics ; J, Gorman, physical training 
road ; Miss "D. D. Howard, M.A. 
(Cantab.), principal ; Miss K. M. 1*\ 
Smith, B.A., assistant ; Misses A. <!. 
Doarden, LL.A., geography ; 1.1.. 
Wilde, B.Sc, botany ; D. Smith, 
B.A., French ; N. Stell, B.Sc, 
physios ; D. TTulme, B.A., Latin and 
history ; A, Hindle, B.Sc., mathemat- 
ics ; Doris N. Chew, B.A., history ; 
K. A. Claphani, M.A., history and 
Englit-h ; K. M. Kershaw, German ; 
M. Moore, M-Se., chemistry : E. M. 

YVaddingfcon, B.Sc., mathematics ; E. 
Moorhousc, B.A., English, French, 
etc. ; E. Bean, domestic subjects ; M, 
B. Fulton, drill and games ; E. A. 
Fox, singing and geography ; S. M. 
King, MA., French ; N. M. Horton, 
E.A., English ; H. .0. Milne, M.A., 
English and history ; M. K, Billliam, 
art ; E. Chamberlain, B.Sc., botany 
and mathematics ; Mrs, .(.Lancaster. 
*: o-nvm e/rcia I subjects 

road ; W. Mmm Bankin, M.Sc. 
(I.oods), B.Se. (Lond.), principal, 
/leads of departments : T. W. Boll, 
E.C.S., chemistry and physics ; \Y\ 
Colvin, M.I. Mill. E., mining ; N. 
Harwood, B.Sc. (Lond.), engineer- 
ing : J. W. Pennington, F. ' Text-. 
Inst., textile ; J. Stevenson, M.A., 
B. Com., commercial ; Gt, Bosher, 
building ; Miss A. Russell (part- 
time), domestic. Assistants : H. 
Hargreaves, B.Sc, and J. pilling, 
B.Sc., engineering ; (!. L. Jackson, A. 
Text. Inst., textile ; P. J. Bice, B. 
Com., commercial ; Miss Ivy Rowley, 
'XVO.j commercial ; Miss K. A. Glegs, 
commercial. Workshop instructors : 
K. Cowman, engineering ; J. ]?. Bin- 
ney, assistant for chemistry and 
physics at Grammar ,School. High 
School and Municipal CoUege ; Bert 
Bleasdale. textile ; Silas 14amsl>oUom, 
workshop assistant ; Harry Heap, 
workshop) assistant 

Marlhorongh Whitehead, J.P. , 
A.B.C.A., A.M. Cert., headmaster. 
Assistants : J. A. Wilkinson, A.T.I. . 
general art and textile design ; Kmcsb 
Dohson, painting and decorating ; 
Miss 0. McDonald, general art 

COLLEGE (shorthand, typewriting, 
bookkeeping, arithmetic, penman- 
ship, commercial, law, civil service 

and professional preliminary examin- 
ations), 14 Colne road. Tel. 3939 ; 
W. E. Page, tf.C.T.S. {lnv.) y principal 

Burnley School of Arms and Gymna- 
sium, King's mill, Bridge street 

(pianoforte, theory, aural pupils 
coached for examinations), 504 Ac- 
crington road ; Madame Maooabo, 
L.K.A.M., M.K.S.T., M.T.S.M., prin- 

girls, kindergarten and preparatory 
for boys, 171-173 Manchester road ; 
principals : senior. Hiss 0. M. TC, 
Rhodes ; kindergarten, M'iss E. M, 

Farror and M'iss 1*. HnghOR 




Ash worth Fred* A.S.A.A., 224 Tod- 
m or den rd 

Ashworth. Moulds & Co., 22 Nicholas st 

Ashworth fm. ( F.S.A.A. (ineorp), 22 
Nicholas st 

Baker lSdwd., tf 'J'hursby rd 

Broadbonfc Newtoji (ineorp), 2 Boot sfc 

Clarkson F. & Co. (cert). Bank ehmbrs, 
7 Hargreaves st 

Coopor Win. Jas, Victor (chart), fl Har- 
greaves st ; and at Blackpool 

DAWSON OSWALD, 3 Claremont street 

Dewhurst Henry, B.Se., F.A.I.A., 
F.C.I., U Yorkshire st 

Hargreaves Fredk. A., F.C.A., .LP. 
(Kawhnson. Hargreaves, Smith & 
Wood), 7 Grimshaw st 

Hargreaves Harold, A.C.A., I Fair- 
holme rd 

Hargreaves T. H. <fc H. (chart), Bank 
ehmbrs* 42 St. James' st 

HARTLEY & RILEY, 8 Yorkshire street 

Heap John (J. F. Heap & Co.) ; 1 
Yorke sfc 

Heap John F. & Co., T York© sfc 

Heap John F., F.C.A. (J. F. Heap & 
Co.), 1 Yorke sfc 

Hedges Alicl. V. (Proctor & Proctor), 3 
Grimshaw sfc 

Kneeshaw J, W. & Co. (cliart), Bank 
ehmbrs, 7 Hargreaves st 

Moulds Ernest, A.L.A.A. (cert), 22 
Nicholas st 

Nixon Fredk., la Yorke sfc 

Parker Wlfctv, A.C.A. (J. F. Heap & 
Co.), 1 Yorke st 

Parkinson T. &, Co. (chart), 3 Ormorod 

Pedley, Watts & Co. (chart), 8 Ormer- 
od sfc 

Proctor & Proctor (chart), 3 Grimshaw 
st ; and at Xelson and Manchester 

RAMSBOTTOM & HEAP (chartered), 
12 Hargreaves street ; and at Xelson 

Rawlinsoii, Hargreaves, Smith & 
Wood (chart), 7 Grimshaw sfc 

Shepherd Hrht. (chart), 102 Manches- 
ter rd 

Shutt Chas. AV., 28 Harden In 

Smith Frnesfc, F.C.A. ("Rawlinson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood), 7 Grim- 
shaw sfc 

Tattersall Kiehd. A., 410 Padiham rd 

Taylor Wm., F.C.A. (Proctor & Proc- 
tor), 3 Grimshaw st 

Walker Wm. Alfd., F.S.A.A. (borough 
treasurer), Town Hall 

Walls liobfc. & Co. (cert), 9 Nicholas 

Watson Richd. & Son (chart), 12 Har- 
greaves st ; and at Nelson 

Wigglesworth Fdwd., Garage ehmbrs, 
Padiham rd 

Wood Edwd. (Proctor & Proctor), 3 
Grimshaw st 

Wood Joe P., F.C.A. (Rawlinson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood), 7 Grim- 
shaw sfc 

Worsley John (ineorp), 09 St. James' st 


{See Welders). 



ING SERVICE (direct mail, printing, 
envelope addressing, sketches and 
posters), 8 Cliviger street 

DIUM (and bill distributors), Percy 
J. H. Cobb, 9a Fleet street 


(See also Insurance, Sewing Machine,, 
House and Estate, Yarn and Tourist 


ALTHAM ABRAHAM, Ltd. (tourist 

and excursion), 31 Market street 
BAILEY THOMAS (com), 4 Earl street 
Bafcfcersby Henry (soap), Foundry sfc 
Ltd. (tourist and excursion), Ham- 
merton street 
REAU (status enquiries and debt 
recovery, etc.), 10 Broad street 
CAMPBELL JOHN T. (estate), 3 Wood- 

bine road 
Campbell Wm. J. (brewery), 13 Olive sfc 
CARTER FRED (and rent and debt 
collector), 10 Cuerden street 

CLARKSON BROS, (colliery), Railway 

sidings, Manchester road 
Coast and Inland Estates, Jones* 

bldngs, Hammcrton st 
COBB PERCY J. H. (advertising), 9a 

Fleet street 

Collingo Wm, (com), 430 Briercliffo rd 

Cowpe Ernest & Co. (estate), I Rod 
Lion st 

Crossley Fred (Gawthorpe Instate Of- 
fice), Padiham road 

Cryer Herbt. (com), 31 Queen Victoria 

DAWSON OSWALD (rent and debt 
collector), 13 Claremont street 

Darguo Jph. (coin), Boll's arcade, He- 
brew rd 

Earle T. A. & J. W., Thursby Estates, 
82 Bank par 

Fast Lancashire Coal Co., Ltd. (col- 
liery), 4 TJiursby sq 



and insurance), 148 St. James' street 

Green & Mitchell (business), 106 Man- 

HAM & LAWSON (rent and debt col- 
lectors, house and commission agents) 

23 St. James' row 
Hardacre Herb*, (com), 27 Brown st 
Hargreavos Win. (cloth), 53 Brooklands 

tate, property and insurance), 113 

Manchester road 
Heap John F. & Co. (insurance), I 

York© st 
HITCHON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester 

HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 

Hudson YVm. E. (com), 16 Fleet at 

shaw street 
McKays' (Coal), Ltd. (colliery), 4 

'J'hursby sq 
MERCER W. J. & Co. (insurance), 3 

Ormerod street and 103 Albion street 
OUTHWAITE & SONS (by-products), 

106 Manchester road 
Pate Arthur (com), 32 Eldwick st 
Potter Jas. B., Westgate 
R.awlinson, H.argreaves, Smith & 

Wood, 7 Griinshaw sfc 
Roberts Robt. (com), 9 Brougham st 
Roberts Will, (com), 5 Brougham, st 

AGENCY (status enquiries and debt 

recovery, etc.), 10 Board street 
Slater Wm. (com), 7 Halstead st 

74 and 78 Manchester road 
Tee John T. (com), 85 Rectory rd 
Tee Jph. Manloy (com), 8 Kelson sq 
Thornton Geo. (coal), 372 Rossendale 

Titterington John, 92 Colne road 
Walls R. & Co. (estate), Nicholas 

Watson (Matthew), Pearee & Bower, 

1 G Manchester rd 

and debt collectors and house and 

commission), Bankhouse street 

Railway sidings, Manchester road 


[See also Wine and Spirit Merchants). 

ADDISON & Co., Ltd., 45-47 St. 

James' street 

BREWERY Co., Ltd., Keighley green 

Dearden H. B., Ltd., 2-4 Fir st 
Ltd., Bridge End brewery, Westgate 

Smith John, Tadcaster Brewery Co., 

Ltd., 207-209 Colne rd 
TAYLOR J. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., 

1-3-5-7 Church street 


(See hofh/intj and Hoa/rdhufhovs'C 


ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 Manchester 

Dean Riohd. H ., 114 Todmorden rd 

HITCHON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester 

Koighloy G. & S., 27 Nicholas st 
Lancaster, Son & Parkinson, Imperial 

chinbrs, 2 Grimshaw st 
Piatt Herbt., L.KXB.A. (chart). 74 

Manchester rd 

Quarnby W. A. & Soil, A.R.I.B.A., 2 

Grimshaw st 

Taylor John, A.R.LB.A. (chart.), 74 
Manchester rd 

Taylor Sam]., F.R.I.B.A., 4 Manches- 
ter rd 

(chartered), 74 and 78 Manchester 

VOWLES & JOHNSON, 104 Manches- 
ter road 


(See also Stone and Flag Merchants). 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Ltd. (ventilators), 
Lodge yard and 29 Waterloo road 

THOMPSON & Co. (Concrete), Ltd. 
(heads, sills, bays, assemblies and 
facings), Craven street and Plumbe 


Francis & Co., 7 Manchester rd 
LUPTON BROS., 12 St. James' street 


MULLEN & DURKIN, Ltd., Trafalgar 

THOMPSON & Co. (Concrete), Ltd. 
specialists in steel-faced concrete 
steps and steel toppings for floor sur- 
faces), Graven street and Plumbe 


ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 Manches- 
ter road 


James' street 



Harrison Bon & Son, Market hall 
HITCHON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester 


(F.A.I.), Commercial salerooms, 59 
Manchester road 
HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 


Nicholas street 
Lambert Jph., 2\d Manchester rd 
W'illii.n Ernest '}?... Trafalgar st' 


thorne Estate office, 204 Todmorden 


74 and 78 Manchester road 
Watson, Matthew, Pears© & liower. I 
Manchester rd 



(See Engineers, Motor and Motor Car 

Dealer*) . 


Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., fi-12 Ham- 
mertoe st 

Maudsley CJladvs, 10 Lowerhouso In. 

Porrotfc Mary, J 4 6* St. James' st 

SUTCLIFFE & RACE, Ltd. (wholesale), 
Elizabeth street 

SUTCLIFFE ROBERT, 21 Market street 


Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 

Chapman Albt., 5 Sussex st 
CHESTER FRANK, Chancery street 

and Victoria street 
Clough & Kell, 84 Bricrelifte rd 
Cookings \Y'm. E. B 1 Cameron st 
Hartley Bros., I March st 
Haytlioriithtt'uite Bakers, Ltd., Lawn 

Ilolden Edgar, Ltd., 35 Cog In 
Lurid. Luke & Sons, Ltd., 4 Temple st 
Massey Arthur (oat-cake), 79 Lionel st 
ODDIE WILLIAM K., Oddie's cafe, 9 

and 38 St. James' street ; and at 

Nelson and Colne 
Shackleton. Frank (oat-cake), Boat- 

liorsc In 
Shepherd J. A. & Sons, G- 8 Hirst st 
Sparks KHz., Fou Iridic st 
Starkic Ambrose (oat-cake), o3 Healey 

Wood rd 
Thomas E". & Son, 07 Springfield rd 

•I 1 


HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 


Burnley Equitable and Industrial Co- 
operative Society, Ltd., 6-12 Hanv 
mcrton st 

DISTRICT BANK, Ltd. (Gounty Bank 
branch), 10 G rims haw street ; sub- 
branches, 119-121 Golne road and 
The Centre, Rose grove ; V. Oldman, 

MARTINS BANK, Ltd. (open daily 9-0 
a.m. to 3-0 p.m., Saturday 9-30 a.m. 
to 12-0 noon), Hargreaves street ; 
sub-branch, Habergham (open daily 
10-30 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., Friday 9-30 
a.m. to 1-0 p.m., Saturdays 9-30 a.m. 
to 11-0 a.m.) ; Harry 1>. Parker, 

MARTINS BANK, Ltd. (open daily 9-0 

a.m. to 3-0 p.m., Saturday 9-0 a.m. 
to 12-0 noon), 40-42 St. James 
street ; sub-branch, 109-111 Colne 
road (open daily 10-30 a.m. to 1-0 
p.m., Friday 9-30 a.m. to 1-0 p.m., 
Saturday 9-30 a.m. to 11-0 a.m.); 
John M. Simpson, manager 

MIDLAND BANK, Ltd., Manchester 
road ; H. Eastwood, manager 

UNION BANK, Ltd., 34 Manchester 
road (sub-branches at 124c Colne 
road and 119 Burnley road, Harle 
Syke) ; Arthur E. Unsworth, man- 

(open daily, Monday to Friday 9-30 
a.m. to 12-0 noon, Friday evening 6-0 
p.m. to 8-0 p.m., Saturdays 12-0 noon 
to 1-0 p.m.), 114 Colne road ; Perey 
H. Taylor, manager 

(open daily from 9-0 a.m. to 3-0 p.m., 
Tuesdays 9-0 a.m. to 12-30 p.m., Sat- 
urdays 9-0 a.m. to 12 noon and from 
6-0 p.m. to 8-0 p.m.), 25 Manchester 
road ; A. Ellis, manager 


ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 Manchester 


Sutclifte Geo., 91 Chureh st 

Brunswick street ; sales department, 
7 Yorkshire street ; S. Jackson, man- 




Corporation Baths, Gannow In, North 
st and Bath st ; J. T. Grundy, supt 


HITCHEN R. & SON (estd. 50 years), 
Victoria works, Trafalgar street 


($&e also Hotels, Imvs and Taverns and 

Baltic Meet Inn, Thos. Thornton, 48 

Brierclilie I'd 
Bank Top Inn, Bcnj. Fox, 2 Parte st 
Bee Hivo Inn, Homy McMahon, 20 

Marlborough st 
Bee Hive Inn, Robt. dough, 5 Holmes 

Brickmakers' Arms, Thos. Nelson, 00 

Yorkshire st 
Bridge Inn, YY'UcL Burton, 168 Gannow 

Bridge l'un, John W. Barker, Clow 

Bridge Inn, Alfd. Basnett, 2 Bank par 
Bull's Head, Arthur Hargrcaves, 25 

Hiding st 

Galder Vale Imi, Ellen Francis, Galder 

Vale I'd 
Cambridge Inn, Bertie Holland, 68-70 

Oxford rd 
Clifton Hotel, John Crossley, 127 Padi- 

ham. rd 

Coach and Horses Inn, James Sutcliffe, 

4Sb Church st 
Coaclimakers' Arms, Wrn. J. Parrv, 2-4 

Adelphi st. 
Coal Clough Hotel, YVm. Maden, 41 

Coal dough In 
Commercial Inn, Richd, W. Brown, 

44(5-448 Brierclin'e rd 
Corporation Anus, Jas. Wilkinson, 

Market pie 
Cottage-in-the-Wood, Ada Smith, 30 

liawlinson st 
Craven Heifer Hotel, John R. Mellor, 1 

Whittam st 
Craven Heifer Inn, Edgar Halstead, 

370 Briorcliffe rd 
Cricketers* Arras, Jas. AshwortJi, 40 

Anne st 
Cricketers' Arms, Albfc. Barker, 108 

Lowerhouse In 
Cross Guns Inn, Benj. Constable, o0-o2 

Gannow hi 

Derby Arms, Robt. Tattersall, 102 

Coin© rd 
Derby Arms, Jas. H. Hoyle, 29 Sfcand- 

ish st 
Derby Inn, Ernest Shambrook, 44 

Grimshaw st 

Devonshire Hotel, Herbt. Horner, 7-9 
Boot st 

Dog and Partridge Jim, Thos. Butolirte, 

90 Westgato 
Fleece Inn, Jas. Gallagher, 213 Ac- 

crington rd 

Footballers' Arms, John H. Ridley, 03 
Yorkshire st 

Foresters' Arms, Thos. Bedding, 40 
Todmorden rd 

Pox and Pheasant, Jas. B. Vernon, 3 
Bow In 

General Williams Iim, WItr. Spencer, 
311 Manchester rd 

Globe Imi, Henry Harker, 47 Bank- 
house st 

Golden Lion, John Chapman, 30-32 
Boot st 

Inkerman Inn, Kami. Barlow, 231-230 

Accrington rd 
Lamb Inn, Chas. Wells, 33 Red Lion 


Lancashire and Yorkshire Hotel, Ern- 
est Greenwood, Padiham rd 

Malakorr Tavern, Cecil Pletts, 00 Traf- 
algar st 

Meadows Inn, Wm, Heap, 2 King st 

Millers' Arms, Ernest Oatlow, 18 Junc- 
tion st 

Millers' Arms, Marion Curpun, 32-34 

Parker st 

New While Horse Inn, Robt. Cragg, 18 

Hammerton st 

Old Duke Inn, Thos. Thorpe, 56 Brier- 
cliffe rd 

Old House At Home, Lawrence Sum- 
lier, 1 06 Sandygate 

Owl-nj-the-Wood, Geo. H. Woodson, S 
Springfield rd 

Oxford Inn, Florence Taylor, 1 Temple 

Paek Horse Imi, 

8 Oalder sfc 
Park Tavern, Win. Byrne, 30 Mosley st 
Park View Imi, Henry Reynolds, 3 

Higgin st 

Peek Amis, Mabel Dearden, 109 Padi- 
ham rd 

Plane Tree Inn, Mary Wilkinson, Ros- 
sendale rd 

Prince of Wales Inn, Eiehd. Ounliffe, 


Ride Volunteer Imi, Henry Morcombc, 

1 iSmalley st 
Roe Buck lim, Elizabeth Jane Pickard, 

128 Padiham rd 

Rose & Thistle, Alfd. Burton, 11-13 
Grimsliaw st 

Shepherds Arms, Krodk. Duerdon, 01)- 
71 Cog In 

Sun Imi, Danl. McNulty, 1 Nelson rd, 
Brier cliff e 

Union Inn, John W. Walsh, 143 Padi- 
ham rd 

Victoria Inn, Saml. Cryer, 80 Colnc rd 



Waggoners' Inn, Win. Nutfcall, 168 
Colne rd 

Wheatshoaf ina, Jph. Cartwright, 112 

Colne I'd 
Wood Top Inn, Ernest Kershaw, l'J7 

Accrington rd 


Allen Annie, 01 Milton st 
Ash ton Margt., 4 Accrington rd 
Bago Rose, 02 Abel st 
Barker Henry, 35 Ashworth st 
Bate Alice JVl., 164-1 60 Colno rd 
Birchall Kate, 141 Abel st 
Blaylock Goo. 1?\, 12 Slater st 
Blaylock Jph., 4 Blannel st 
Bolton Lily, 62 Anne st 
Bremiand Margt., 2y Charlotte st 
Briggs John, 1-3 Clarke st 
Bniinley Albt., 05 I'adiham rd 
Calvert J/lorenco, I 14 Accrington rd 
Carr Henry, 28 Ashfiold rd 
Catlow Chris., 40 Horace st 
Carroll Mary A., 30-32 Plumbe st 
Chatter Chas., 198 Accrington rd 

Chew Geo. W. t 12 Parliament st 
Clogg Angelina, 2 Lincoln at 
Clough Riebd. H., 41 Abel st 
Cornville Kmily, 2 Dean st 
Cryer Wm., 43 Gog In 
Dickson Wm., 78 Trafalgar st 
tfoden Kliza, 17 Blakey st 
Foster Rachel, 49 tfpririgfield rd 
Gallagher Winifred, 08-70 Temple st 
Grainger Herbt., I Arundel st 
Green Thos., 20 Rochester st 
Crimshaw Homy, 02 Parliament st 
Hargreaves John W., 51 Daneshouse rd 
Harrison Arthur B,, Regent st 
Hart John, 80 Hebrew rd 
Heap Jas. Hy., 1 Marlborough st 
Loder Jas., 32 Temple st 
M'audsley Mary A., 16 Old Hall st 
Nutter Esther, 4-6 Halstead st 
Nutter Wm. Herbt., 39a Oxford rd 
Payne Ethel, 7- 'J North st 
Proctor Fredk., 10 Old Hall st 
Reed Ellen, 84 Abel st 
Kigby VVltr.,2 Atholst 
Rowson I'Vodk., 77 Hurling In 
Sanderson John, ol Albion st 
Sellers Jane E., 18 Ardwick st 
-Sharp John, 2 Belgrave st and 31-33 

Canning st 
Spencer Jas. H., 3 .Meadow st 
Smith Ethel & Adelaide, 10-12 Ar- 

gylo st 
Suxitn Frank, 1 Rectory rd 
Tattorsali Geo. Wm., 63 Hulling In 
Taylor Wm., 2 Blenheim st 
Thompson Root. P., 154 B-ollmgreave 

Waddbigton John, 8-10 Cotton st 

Whi taker John, 5S Towneley st 
Wilding Thos., 44 Trafalgar st 
Wfldman Arthur, 100-168 Padiham rd 
Wilkinson Martha, 11 0- 1 1 8 Finsleygate 
Wilkinson Oliver, 144 Oxford rd " 
Wilkinson Wilkinson, 40 Burns st 
Williamson Harry, 30-32 Roebuck st 
Wilson Jas., 2 Norton st 


(Scg 8traj>2nmj Manufacturers). 


BunUcy Billiard Club, St. James' st 
Carlton Billiard Hall Co., Ltd., St. 

James' row 
Central Billiard Halls, Yorkshire st 
Crabtree John, Plumbe st 
Holt Willie (Burnley), Ltd., Tui.still st 
Mitre Billiard Hall, Trafalgar st 



Holt Willie (Burnley), Ltd., Rose grove 


Bull Street ; T. H. Hargreaves, sec- 
retary and i Manager 
Burnley Tradesmen^ Bilfposting Co., 
Ltd., Church st ; G. Williams, sec 


Lang Louis, 26 Colville st 


Oollinson Sand., Church st 
Driver G. H., Ltd., Elm st 
Fearing John & Sous, Padiham rd 


place and Blakey street 
Hargreaves Mary A., 30 Church st 

Plumbe Street ironworks 
Holt & Kippax, 125 St. James 1 st and 

Cow In 

MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

Pate Lindley & Sons, Cobdon st 
R.igg Thos. & Son, Koighloy green 
Schofield C. & Sons, Boot "inn Yard, 
Parker hi 

SOUTH FRED, Briercliffe Road iron- 
SOUTH JAMES, Rake Head ironworks 
TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, The Garage, 



WALL&ANK T. H. & F., Haslam 

street, off Barracks road 
Weston Harold, Plum bo st 


Drew A. & Sons, Ltd., Lowerhouse 
Print works 

LeeEdwd., Ltd. (branch of the British 
Cotton and Wool Dyers' Associa- 
tion), Victoria st 

Pickles Kol)t., Ltd., Whitllefiold, Cairo, 
Capetown and Bucoleuch mills 


Anforth Hy., Ga Hargreaves at 
BARDSLEYS', 36 Manchester road and 
1 Grimshaw street 

Barnes Kate & Co., 20 Manchester I'd 

Bournes', 121 St. James' st 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 6-12 Ham. 

merton st 
Haworths' Gowns, Ltd., la Manchester 

iiazell Amy, 17 Standish st 
SUTCLIFFE & RACE, Ltd. (wholesale), 

Elizabeth street 

Wade Laura, 28 Church st 
Watson Lilian & Marion, 1 Bank Hail 


Kawhnson Wltr., Glen st 
Schotield J. I 1 . & Sons, Trafalgar st 


fallows John E., Cronkshaw st 
Schofield J. T. & Sons, Trafalgar st 


Burnley Components, Ltd., Waterside 

DEAN W. H. & SON, Ltd, (makers of 
the " Dean M gas boilers and washing 
machines), Victoria works, Accring- 
ton road, Rosegrove 

DIXON JAMES, Ltd., Adlington street 
and Turf yard, Eastham place 

(makers of " Economic " gas wash- 
boilers), Gas Appliance works, Junc- 
tion Street mill 


HARTLEY & BALDWIN, Ltd. (bolts, 
nuts, wing-nuts, set-screws, plugs, 
back-nuts, etc.), Finsleygate Bolt 


ANDERSON GEORGE (Burnley), Ltd. 
(and manufacturing and commercial 
stationers), 50 St. James' street and 
Parsonage works, Keighley green 

Ltd. (and commercial stationers), 
Bull street 


DIXON JOHN, Ltd. (and manufactur- 
ing stationers), Borough Printing 
works, 80 Manchester road and 
Stanley street 

tion street 

2a Clifton road 

NUTTALL &Co., Ltd. (and commercial 
stationers), King's mill, Bridge street 

Hansom Isaac & Co., Whittam st 

ley Wood mill, Parliament street 

Paul's works, Saunder bank 


(See also Newsagents). 

AINSWORTH JOHN R., Market street 
ANDERSON GEO. (Burnley), Ltd., 50 

St. James' street and Parsonage 

works, Keighley green 
Elms Jas. (second-hand), 231 Acoring- 

ton rd 
Graham Doris, 1 73 St. James' st 
Guttoridge Henry, 1 Market st 
Hey wood Abel & Son, Ltd., 24 Stand- 

ish st 

LUPTON BROS., 12 St. James' street 
and Market hall 

Mitchell W. & Son, 3 Brassey st 
Montague Fred Or., 44 Yorkshire st 
Kiley Fred H., 21 Hebrew rd 
Smith W. H. & Son, Bank Top Rail- 
way station 
VEEVERS & HENSMAN, Ltd. (manu- 
facturing stationers), Burnley Wood 
mill, Parliament street 
facturing stationers^, St. Paul's 
works, Saunder bank 



Almond Chris., 223 Brunshaw rd 
Aiken Richd., 60 Kosegrove hi 
Anderson John, 7 Padihatn rd 
Ashworth John A., 109 Burnley rd, 

Bacon Ernest F. & Son, 330a Cohie rd 
Boll Win., 222 Coin© rd 



BESFIT SHOE Co., 60 Peart street 
Brown Fred, Lowerhouse In 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 
merton st and branches 
Burton Jas. F., 8 Westgate 
Bush by AlfcL, 19 Rose Grove In 
Calvert Win., 4 Briercliffe rd 
Cash Boot Co., 101 St. James' st 
Casson John, 1 Queen Victoria rd 
Chaddcrton Simon G., 71 West-gate 
Charnock Henry, 157 Briercliffe rd 
Church Fitzwilliani, 100 Barracks rd 
Coombes J. & Co., 22 Plum bo st and 

122 P&dfliaOT rd 
Copping Herbt. & Denis, 115 Parlia- 
ment st 

Urabtree Harold, 13 Reynolds st 
Cropper Geo., 1 00 Cleaver st 
CJrowther Taylor, 35 Westgate 
Ci'ummett John, 72a Queensberry rd 
Cubbon & Sons, 170 St. James' stand 

16-1 S Abel st 
Cubbon Belinda, 11 Lyndhurst id 
CuiUilTe John E.j 2a Lyndhurst rd 
Daley Henry, 32 Granville st, JJricr- 

Dawson Wilt* 33., 117 Manchester rd 
Dilworth Peter J'., Temple st 
Dolcis Shoe Co., 09 St. James' st 
Dovvncs Geo. A., 110 Brougham st 
Dransfield Arthur, 40 Bclgrave st 
Dunkerloy E., 49 St. James' st 
Eastwood H-, Ltd., 3 Chancery st 
Eatough Riehd., 322 Colne rd ' 
Edmondson Win., 25-27 Daneshouso rd 
Eyre Henry, 00 Olympia st 
Fairelough Chas., 147 Nairne st 
Fielding Bonj., 17a Hurling In and 

Marlborough st 
Foulds Jus., 108 Abel st 
Frooman, Hardy & Willis, Ltd., 117 

St. James' st 
Goi'don Lewis, 2a Lyndhurst rd 
Graham Harold, 855 Briercliffe rd 
Graham Thos., 25 Anne st 
Green Jas., 10 Hebrew rd 
Greenwood Albt., Gannow hi 
Hall John Thos., 128 Brimshaw rd 
Hargreaves Wll'd., 302 Gamiow In 
Harrison Thos., 109a Acerington rd 
Heeds John, Springhill rd 
Hhidle John, 73 Parliament st 
Hirst Edwd., 88 Trafalgar st and 50 

BrieretifYe rd 
Hodge Rgnld., 82 Hiu'tlev st 
Holdon Jph., 290 Padiham rd 
Houlding Edwd., 1-18 Cohie rd 
Hulme Harry, 100 St. Matthew st 
Xcleson Kdwd., 44 Piccadilly rd 
Idoson Herbt., 32-34 Healey Wood rd 

and 110 Trafalgar st 
Ingham Ernest, 40 Oxford rd 
Jacksons', Ltd., 16 St. James' st 
J ones Wallace, 251 Briercliffe rd 

Kings' (Burnley), Ltd., Curaon sfc 
Latham Reuben, 58 Hebrew rd 
Leicester Repairs (Boots), Ltd., 28 

Manchester rd 
Lord Jas., Marsdon rd 
Mawer Matthew, 37 ^airne st 
Mcllor Harold M., 3 Guerdon st 
Mctoalf Thos., 90 Curzon st 
Metcalfe Jas., J 0b BriorclilTe rd 
Morton Thos., 55-57 Hammerton st 

and 23 Acerington rd 
Nelson Thos., 57 Yorkshire st 
Ormerod Henry, 99 Sandygate 
Padiham Supply Co., Ltd., \45 St. 

James' st and 21 Brierclitie rd ; and 

at Padiham 
Pemberton Fred & Harold, 22 Tunnel 

Playfair, Ltd., 154 St. James' st 
Public Benefit Boot Co., Ltd., 75 St. 

James' st 
Reliance Repair Service, 44 Standish st 
Richardson Ernest, SSa Acerington rd 
Salmon John T., 1 Harden In 
Saxone Shoe Co., Ltd., 57 St. James' st 
Shaw Jas. B., 78 Montrose st 
Shaw Matthew, 42 Croft st 
Smith Benj., 1 Whittleheld st 
Smethurst Fredk., 100 Leyland rd 
Suape Morris, 17 Duke st, BH&rcUffe 
Standidge Thos. J., 90 Colne rd 
Stead & Simpson, Ltd., 02 St. James* 

Stylo Boot Co., Ltd., 98 St. James* st 
Taylor Jas., 45 Hammerton st 
Thomas Evan, 41 Manchester rd 
Thompson Wm, 13., 244 Cog In 
Timpson Wm., Ltd., 37 St. James* st 
TomlinsonHv., 24 Devonshire rd 
True-Form Boot Co., 71 St. James' st 
Turner Albt., 8 Lowerhouse In 
Turner Ernest, 1 90 Acerington rd 
Unwm Ernest, 9S Padiliam rd 
Varley Thos., 205 Acerington rd 
Walker Byron, 32 Coal Clougli In 
Watson John, 748 Padiham rd 
Watson John T., 53 Ashworth st 
Watts Geo., Market hail 
Wellerline Herbt., 14 Lubbock st 
Welle.dino Wm., 139 Oxford rd 
Western Bros., 85 Raglan rd 
Western Thos. G., 9 Plumbest 
Weston Wltr. E.. 127a Acerington rd 
Whalley Arthur, 70 Hebrew rd 
Whalley Herbt., 50 Lyndhurst rd 
Whcadon John, 170 Gannow In 
Whipp Wm., 2 Saxifteld st 
Whitehead John W., 382 Colne rd 
Whitehead Riehd- , 22 Abel st 
Whitley Ellis, 103a Oxford rd 
Whitley Ernest, 58 Coal Clough In 
Whybrow John W., 9 Gordon st and 

25 Brougham st 
AVilson Henry, 169 Briercliffe rd 
Wilson Wm.'B., 10 Padiham rd 



Winder Albt. E., 2GG Padibam rd 
Windle Sam R, 206-20$ Colne rd 
Brunswick street and 7 Yorkshire 
Street ; S. Jackson, manager 
Yates Shophcrd, 2S Peart- st 


{See Iron and Brassfounders). 



BREWERY, Ltd., Keighley green 

Ltd., Bridge End brewery, Westgate 

Smith John Tadcaster Brewery Co., 
Ltd., 207-209 Colne rd 


{See also Stonemasons and Contractors). 

ALLAN ADAM, 16 Tabor street 

Armstrong E. & Sons, 1 Fifth av 
Raker & Foster,. 9 Arkwright st 
Bullock Wltr., 30 Irene st 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Lodge yard, Wa- 
terloo road 
HEAP M. & J. W., Ltd., Clifton street 
Letts Ronald T). t 18 Kossendale av 

MULLEN & DURKIN, Ltd., Trafalgar 


l'arker J. & A., 7 Hall st 

SIMPSON BROS. (Burnley), Ltd., Mel- 
bourne street 

Smith Alfd., Talbot st 

Smith John, S Underlov st 

Pratt street 

Browhead road 

THOMAS ERNEST, 231 Manchester 

THOMPSON & Co. (Concrete), Ltd., 

Craven street and Plumbe street 
Todd Levi, 19 Hawthorne rd 


Ltd., Blakey Street sawmills 
Whitham Henry, 23 Chiltern av 
Wldthom John, 21 Chiltern av 
Wilkinson Goo. H., 114 Waterbarn. st 




Ltd. T Heasandford works, Queen's 
DUCKETT J. & SON, Ltd., Sanitary 
Ware works, Blannel street 

Co., Ltd. (manufacturers of white, 
coloured, glazed and enamel), Towne- 
ley Collieries and Fireclay works, 
Todmorden road 


BALDWIN W. & J., Ltd. (wholesale), 
Borough Brush works, 113 Curzon 

Easton Wm„ Sons tSs Co., Ltd., Hart st 
Kleonezie Brush Co., Ltd., 5 Har- 
greaves st 


Ames T. & Sons, Ltd., 9 Stephenson st 
Ashworth Arthur, 1 60 Coal Clough hi 
COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 

James' street ; warehouse, Cannon 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Ltd., Lodge yard, 

29 Waterloo road 
DUCKETT J. & SON, Ltd., Sanitary 

Ware works, Blannel street 
HALSTEAD G., Ltd., Spring Gardens 

mill, Turf street 
HARRISON JOHN G., 29 Market 

street and 21 Standish street 
SCHOFIELD W. & SON, Bank Hall 

Slate yard, Colne road 

Walton Wm. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., 

Guy at 


Brierclitfe road ; head office, 12 
Nicholas street (branches and agencies 
throughout the district) ; Louis 
Gaughan, secretary 

ING SOCIETY, 24 Yorkshire street ; 

Hy. Dewhurst, local agent 
Burnley Building Society, 12 Grim- 
shaw st and 128 Colne rd ; also at 
Katie Syfce, Net-son, Brierfield and 
Padiham ; W. Harvey, gnrl mngr 
daily 9-30 a.m. to 4-0 p.m., Monday 
9-30 a.m. to 7-0 p.m., Tuesday 9-0 
a.m. to 12 noon, Friday 9-30 a.m. to 
8-0 p.m. ), 27 Manchester road ; and 

at Nelson and Colne ; W. K. Barnes, 
local manager 

SOCIETY, 8 Grimshaw street ; Ern- 
est Cowpe & Co., district managers 

Colne road; and at Nelson and Colne 

Padiham Building Society, 124 Colne 
rd ; and at Padikcvm and Colne 


Alien Edmund, 38 Healey Wood vd 
Ambler Hcrbt., 273 Brierclilie rd 




Argenta Meat Co., Ltd., 132 Colne rd, 
1 1 Plumb© st, 60 Trafalgar st and 
125a Accrington rd 
Armstrong Kemy, 80 Trafalgar sfc 
Aslrworth Josiah, 4 Cliancery sfc, 125 

Padiham rd aud Market hall 
Baines Alan, i 9 Tunnel sfc 
Baldwin Ewart J., 180 Coin© rd 
Barritt Florence, 42 Albert st 
Bate Albt. A., 15 Standish street and 

259 Coal Clough lane 
Berry Ernest, -17-49 Haminerton st 
Blackburn Ellen, 3-10 Colne rd 
Bland Win. 8., 157 Oxford rd 
Booth Wlfcr.j 74 Lyndhurst rd 
Bounton Uhos., 320 Cohio rd 
British and Argentine Meat Co., Ltd-, 

o Market st, 141 Padiham rdand 103 

and 155 Accrington rd 
Broadbezifc Arthur, 15Sa Colne rd 
Broadbent John W-, 242 Colne rd 
Brown Fredk., 122 Accrington rd 
Brown, Stoekdale & Singleton, Ltd. 

(wholesale), Abattoirs, Boyle rd 
Brown Win., 120 Oxford rd 
Bullocks', Market hall 
Burnloy Co-operative and Industrial 

Society, Ltd., 0-12 Hainmerton. st 

and branches 

Calvert Matthew .Hy., 7 Curzon st 
Charlton Ernest (wholesale), Abattoirs, 

Royle rd 
Clough Rgnld., 807 Briercline rd 
Collingo Kdwd., 170 Oxford rd 
CollingeCilcsWin., 102 St. Matthew st 
Collinge Giles, junr., 2 10 Padiham rd 
Collinge Robt. (wholesale). Abattoirs, 

Royle rd 
Corner Win., 104 Springfield rd 
CotterillHy., 12 Todmordonrd 
Crook Jas., 354 Coal Clough hi 
Crook Jph., 126 Brougham st 
Dale Ceo., 25 Hebrew rd 
Dawson John, 5 Lyndhurst rd 
Dean Edgar, 9 Yorkshire st 
Dewhurst J. H., Ltd., 208 Colne rd 
Driver Win., 70a Lyndhurst rd 
Duckworth Lewis, 39 Marlborough st 
Dunderdale Wlfd., 152 Brierclifle rd 
Frankland Hy., Market hall 
Gill Richd. R., 70-72 Accrhigton rd 
Greenwood Herbt., 2 Lowerhouse In 
Haffner Geo. & Sons, 10 Yorkshire st 
Halstead Lawrence \V., 06 Trafalgar st 
Hamer Lawrence, 1 63 Colne rd 
Hardacre Herbt., 334 Colne rd 
Biargreaves Iiidwd. D., S3 Lowerhouse 

Hargreaves John, 15 Plumbe st 
Hargreaves John A., 40 BrieroHU'e rd 
Hargreaves John li., 12 Alma ter, 

Clow bridge 
Hargreaves lhos., 173 Padiham rd 
Harrison Stephen (whlsle), Abattoirs, 

Royle rd 

Hartley; Henry, 1 7 Abel st 
Hartley Jas., 857 Briercliffe rd 
Hartley Richd., 225 Barden In 
Hartley W. & P., 9 Market st 
Hayes Harold, 33 Lee st 
Heap Arnold, 14 Briercliffe rd 
Hey worth Jas. R., 338 Padiham rd 
Heyworth Jas. & Sou, 222 Padiham rd 
Heyworth John, 12 Padiham rd 
Heyworth Morrison, 57 Queensberrv rd 
Higgin Thos., 302 Colne rd 
Holgato Ernest, 14 Plumbe sfc 
Hoskhi Hy. !)., I 12 Hurtley st 
Howarth Alan, 27 Oxford rd 
Howarth Albt. I)., 2 Moorland rd 
Ingham Kobt., 100 Padiham rd 
Johnson Jph., 18a Canning st 
Johnson WTtr. 'J'., 129 Oxford rd 
Lamb Hy., Garden st 
Lewis's, 18 Howe st 
Lord 1<*. & Son, 93 Coal Clough hi 
Meredith Adrian L., 9 Chancery st 
Mitchell John Win., 33 Bankhouse st 
Moorhouso Albt., 70 Brunswick st 
Naylor Wlfd., 5H Parliament st and 

Bruusllaw rd 
Norman John, Tunnel st 
Now.ell Hy., 48 St. Matthew st 
Nuttall Manslield, 102 Burnley rd, 

Proctor Horace, 229 zVeerington rd ami 

23 Rose Grove hi 
Ratclii'fe Wm., 17 Temple st 
Kichardson Jph., 91 W'estgatc 
Richardson Win., 106a Abel st 
Rigg Susannah, 60 Parliament st 
Riley Wm. J., ORosegroveln 
Robinson Percy, 7 Briercliffe rd 
Rose Arthur K, Market sq and 40-42 

Parker st 
Sagar Edmundson, (32-04 Curzon st 
Sharps Richd. E., S5 Abel st 
Sharpley Roland, 91 Raglan rd 
Shepherd Geo. Hy., 68 Parliament st 
Sherburn 'lhos., 304 Gamiow In 
Simpson Frank, 7 Parker In 
Slinger Henry, 1 9 Yorkshire st 
Smith Eleanor, 1 Bclford st 
Smith Stanley, 179 Branch rd 
Stevenson Ernest, 1 12 Padiham rd 
Stockdale Wm., 135 Accrington rd 
Storey Henry S., 37 Queen Victoria sfc 
Storey Jph. W., 76 Burnley rd. Brier- 


Stuttard Robt., I Towneley st 
Sunter Henry (whlsle)," Abattoirs, 

Royle rd 
Sweetmore Arthur, 51 Springfield rd 
Tattorsall Hy., Market sq and 30 Lons- 
dale st 
Taylor Robt. R., 55 Brunshaw rd 
Todd Peter, 33 Hebrew rd 
Tout Thos. W., 291 Padiham rd 
Turner Wm. A., la Padiham rd and 09 
Oxford rd 



Varley Henry, 202 Aecringfcon rd 
Wake Chas. E., 46 Brennand st 
Walker Wm., 19 Oxford rd 
Walton "Win., 38 Abel st 
Warren Arthur, 14a Woodbine rd 
Wollock Abraham, 1 2 1. Padiham rd 

White Edmund, 67 Thursby rd 
Wiseman Geo., 70 Curzon st 
Wood Jas., 3 Byron st 
Wormwell Henry, 71) Brougham st 
Worm well Jas., 20 St. Matthew st and 

7a Brougham st 
Yates Lawrence, 199 Accrington rd 


{Marked * are upholsterers). 

ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Syke 

*Bailey Frank, 50 Thursrield rd 
*BENNS & HOLMES, FuIIedge mills, 

Todmorden road 

*iiurnley Equitable Co- operative and 
Industrial Society, .Ltd., lj-12 Ham- 
merton st and branches 

ufacturers), Pentridge mill. Holmes 
street, and Central mill, Albert street 

*EIliott Bros., 141a Manchester rd 

Elliott Hartley, Tullis st 

*FOULDS J. A. & SONS, 15-17 Queen 

Victoria road ; works, 12 Old Hall 
FOULDS J. HARTLEY, 230-232 Colne 

Eranzke Glbt., 02 Marlborough st 
*Hall John W., 310 Padiham rd 
*Harrisoii & Bailey, 24 Bridge st 
HESKETH JOHN HY., 6 St. James 9 


Howker Arthur, 7 Adlington st 
Layfield & Lee, Albert mills, Trafalgar 

♦Lewis John G., 34 Abel st 
Lorno Mantels, Ltd., Guy st 
MARSHALL WM. (Burnley), Ltd., 164- 

168 St. James' street and Market hall 

Koonan X. & B.., 60 Yorkshire st 
♦Palmer M. & Sons, Plum be st 
Phillips E. & Co., River st 
HOLSTERY Co., King Edward mills, 
Guy street 
♦Stephens John, Saunder bank 
Whiiaker Win. T„ Victoria st 
Winnington John, 2 Sandygate 


(See also Restaurants). 

Aspinall Floronce, Market hall 
Board well Albt. E., 1S9 Colne rd 
B.S.K. (THE) CAFE Co., Ltd., 31 St. 

James' street ; and at Nelson and 


Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 16-1S Ham- 
merton st 

Manchester road 
CHESTER FRANK, Chancery street 
2 Ightenhill Park lane and 7a Man- 
chester road 
Crawshaw K. & H\, Market hall 
Crompton Win., 8-10 Barden hi 
Lubeck Milk Bar, 28 St. James' st 
ODDIE'S CAFE, 9 and 38 Si. James' 

street ; and at Nelson and Colne 
Manchester road 

ttharplevs', 20 rlowo st 

TOGNARELLI'S, 135-136 St. James' 

Street ; and at Kendal, Ulverston and 
WJiito Heather Creameries, Market J lall 


Drew Alexi*. <fc yens, Ltd., Lowerhouso 


Perris H. & Co., Ltd., Abiuger st 


and works, Pratt street 
HITCHEN R. & SON (estd. 50 years), 

Victoria mills, Trafalgar street 


(See Oilcloth and Linoleum Dealers). 


{See also List oj Carriers a/iul Motor 
Haulage Contractors) . 

BAILEYS' (removal contractors), 65 
Siantfish street 

Blades Geo., Abel st 
Burnley Reliance Haulage Co., Ltd., 
Tanner st 

Campbell Alfd. H-, 9 Eorest at 

Canal Transport, Ltd., B3a Manchester 

rd ; E. Crossley, agent 
Dawson Kobt., 2 Durham av 
LIVERY SERVICE, 7 Abinger street ; 
Ahvyn Jones, proprietor 
EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., Plumbe 

street and 44a St. James 1 street 
GREENWOOD W., Ltd., Same Day 
Delivery, head office and works, Sum- 
mit, Manchester road — {See Advert.) 
Kershaw E. & C, 129 Lyndhurst rd 
Jackson Herb t., 11 Basnett st 



Laycock Richd. A., 125 Casterton av 

London, Midland and Scottish Railway 
Co., Bank Top, Manchester Road, 
JSurnley Barracks, Towneley and 
Rose Grove stations 

MARSDEN ERNEST (daily to Liver- 
pool and Manchester), garage, Irwell 
street ; office, 145 Lowerhouse lane 

MITCHELL BROS., Sunderland Street 
garage ; office, 5 Stephenson street 

Mosedalel<*redk. A. (for Sutton & Co.), 
Wcllhouse st 

Murton Arthur, I (J Lindsay st 

Ormerod Wm., Beo Hole farm. 

(daily to Manchester and Liverpool), 
Canal street 

Rodfern H. & W., Firth st 
Richardson John, 87 Waterbaru st 
Ridge Saml., 32 St. Matthew st 
Roberts Ernest, 20 Cotton st 
wood, Ltd. ; head office and depot, 
Summit, Manchester road - [See 

Sutton & Co., Wellhouse sfr ; F. A. 

Mosedalo, agnt 
Thompson Bros., Board st 


Bi'OWfl, Stockdale &> Singleton, Ltd., 
Abattoirs, Royle rd 

Charlton Ernest, Abattoirs, Royle rd 
Harrison Stephen, Abattoirs, Royle rd 
Sunter By., Abattoirs, Boyle rd 


CoatesAdolphus A., M.B.S., 101 Albion 


{/See also Druggists and Dry sailers). 

Andrews Alexr., 336 Cog hi 

Barlow Jph. A., jnnr., I 59 Padiham rd 

Barlow J. A. & Hon, 2 Padiham rd and 

1 Accrington rd 
Beta, Ltd. (mnftrng), Ashfieid rd 
Boots Cash Chemists (Lanes.), Ltd., 00 

St. James' st 
Brown Rd. R., 254 Colne rd 
Catton Ernest Jph., 1 Berkeley st and 

21 Canning st 
Oroasdale Harold L. , 1 2 Lo werhouso In 
Dawson Roland, 119 Manchester rd 
Dodsloy, Ltd., 4 Church st 
Francis & Co., 7 Manchester rd 
Graham Edwin, -00 Padiham rd 

James' street, 46 Hebrew road and 82 
Accrington road ; and at Nelson, 
Colne, Accrington, Earby r Brier field, 
Do/rwen and Harrotjate 

Heaton M. & Sons (Keatons Cash 

Chemists), 119 St. James* st 
Hilton 1\ & J. Y. (ninltrng), Back 

Dorset st 
Howarth Titos., 50a Trafalgar at 
Hudson Reuben, 110 Padiham rd 
Lathams' (Briorclifie), Ltd., 276 Cohio 

rd and 142 Burnley rd, Marie Syke 
Laylleld John Win.. 44 Lvndhurst rd 
OgdenL. G., Ltd., 305 Padiham rd 

PARKINSONS, Ltd. (wholesale manu- 
facturing), Curzon street, Parker 
street, Holmsley street, Brown street 
and Brun street 

Pick Frank Philip, 50 Ht. James' st 

Rawson Saml., 5 Queen Victoria rd 

Suholieid Wm., 00 Ahcl st 

Shoosmith Francis C, 08-70 Coal 

Clough hi 
Spencer Thos. H., 1.52 Colno rd 
rftaekhouse Frank A., 22 Rose < trove hi 
Stephenson <fc Ralph, Ltd., 4S Man- 
chester rd, ItS Oxford rd and 100 
Parliament st 
Taylor Frank, 299 Manchester rd and 

54 Bi'ougham st 
Taylors' Drug Co., Ltd., So St. James' 
st, 120a and 124 Hebrew rd, and tola 
Accrington rd 
Tomlinson Mark VVltr., 03 Oxford rd 
Veitch (Chemist), Ltd., 420 Colne rd 
Walker Percy, 7(i Yorkshire st 
YVhaJiey Harry, 1 53 Brierelilfe rd 


Bainbridge John 1\, 100 Sandvgale 
Blytho Geo., 40 Plumb© st 
Bottomley Chas., HalhvoII st 
Brett Jas., 33 Marino av 
Hasty Jas., 1 7 r A\oix st 
Howarth Rdwd., 231 Colne rd 
McDonald Jas., 25 Peter st 
M'onchier Wm.., Morpeth st 
Tickles H'erbt. H., 105 Gainiow In 
Plant JohnK, 32 Waterloo rd 
fShenton Lawrence, 114 Hurt-ley st 
Wilkinsoi) Jas.. 28 Standish st" 
Windlo Homy, 1 6 Hill Marten st 
VV indie Win. Hy., 32 Hammerton st 


{See Glass, China and Earthenware 
Dealers) . 


Ashworth Wm., 07 Lockyerav 
Blakeley Richd. K, I Shuttioworth st 
Briggs Alice, H Rectory rd 
Bromley Stella, J. 00a Parkinson st 
Broxup Philip A., 4a Hargreavcs st 
Duerden Horace C., 124 Coal Clough In 
H'ynd Rita, M.I.S.C., 5 Hargreavcs st 




Yorkshire street 

Mitchell H. & M., 124 Colne rd 

[See Tailors and Clothiers). 

Whipp Benj., 4 Watcrbam at 

* ' 



Blackburn Clothing Club Co., Ltd., 4 

Bellis Saml,, 31 Halifax rd, Briercliffe 

Nelson sq 

Benson Rd., 21 Hurfcley st 

Burnley Lane Commercial Clothing and 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Furnishing Club, Ltd., 28 Barden In 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 1 0-18 Ham - 

Burnley Tradesmen's Clothing and 

merton st and branches 

Furnishing Club. Ltd., 3 Boot st ; 

Barton Jas. 1<\, 8 Westgatc 

W. S. Wheatcroft, mnar 

Casson John, 1 Queen Victoria st 

Provident Clothing and Supply Co., 

C'h adder ton Simon G,, 71 Westgate 

Ltd., 1 St. James* row ; M. Cain, 

Charles Richd., 42 Glebe st 


Cocker Herbt. D., 36 Church st 

XJawes Latham, 57 Hebrew rd 


DUvvorth Herbt., 42 Barracks rd 


Fielding Benj., 17a Hulling In, and 

Marlborough st 

Bibby Chas. (trmror), 2a Acre st 

(.'rant Jph., 39a Waterloo r<l 

EASfWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd. land 

Greenwood Albt., Gannow In 

cellulose sprayers and repairers), 44a 

Heeds .John, Springfield id 

St. James' street and Plumbe street 

Hilton W'ltr., 13 Parker In 

Fearing John & Sons, Padiham rd and 

.Hirst By., 90 Burnley rd, Briercliffe, 

Meadow st 

Jones John ()., Royle rd. 


Kenniford VV'ltr., 51 Brunshaw rd 

place and Blakey street 

Laey Saml., 58 Ardwick st 

HILL ALFRED (motor trailers), Raw- 

Mills Albt., 31 Cog In 

cliffe street, off Church street 

Morton Thos., 23 Acerington rd 

Leyland Motors, Ltd. (East Lane. 

Noomin .las., 2#3 Briproliffe rd 

Depot), Accrington rd 

Pollard Hy., 23 Trafalgar st 

METCALFE THOMAS (coach painter 

[ftamsden Herbt., 18 'Rectory rd 

and cellulose sprayer), 49a Bank 

Bawson Kmest, 93 Parliament st 


Richardson Ernest, 88a Acerington r<^ 

Mullen Claude (pntr), Aero st 

Salmon John T., 4 Harden hi 

Nobbs John W., 223 Brunshaw rd 

Scholes W'm., 72 Trafalgar st 

PARKER BROS, (also coach painters 

Shackleton Win., 32 Harden In 

and cellulose sprayers), Royle Road 

Shaw Matthew, 42 Croft st 

Motor works, Arch street 

Sugden Albt,, 50 Carter st 


Todd Ernest, 52 Yorkshire st 

Lid., International house, Grimshaw 

WMttaker Elijah, 2fcS Gannow In 


Whybrow John W., <) Gordon at and 25 

TILLOTSON OSWALD, Ltd. (wholesale 

Brougham st 

A.E.C. distributors), Summit works, 

Manchester road 


WALLBANK T. H. & F., Haslam street, 

off Barracks road 

Room Thos., Bank par 



[S&& alno Coal Merchants and Colliery 


Davies Mary, 36 Plumbe sfc 

• . 

Eastham KHz. A., 53 Hammerton st 

Alderson Geo., 413 Cog hi 

Hartley Sarah A., 71 Sandygate 

Alderson Harry, 135 Every st 

Heap Horace, 151 Brunshaw rd 

Alderson Jph./ 130 Athol st 

Horsfall— , 106-169 St. James' st 

Alderson W'm. E., 147 Rossondalc rd 

Jones Elsie, 114 Trafalgar st 

Anforth Hartley, 9 Cobden st 

Monk man Win., 46 Abel st 

Atkinson '1 Iios., 1 7 Queen st 

Riley Jas., 17 Oxford rd and 1.18 and 

Bailey Herbt., 25 Lower Rose drove In 

1 22 Trafalgar st 

Baker John Hy., 55 Hulling In 

Roberts Sarah, 31a Sandygate 

Balderson Alex., 1.3 Quooiisherry rd 

Stuttard Albt. E., 5 Templo st 

Baldwin John win,, 107 Hollingicavc 

Wheeler Doris, 12 Sandygate 


Worsh M'yra, 120 Trafalgar st 

Barker Jas. E., 24 Ivy st 


Beaumont Henry, 99 Branch rd 

Jackson Wm,, 35 Ivy st 

Beilby Geo., 6 Pin© st 

Jacques Jph., 19 Owen st 

Bell Thos., 1 9 Marine av 

Kaine Anthony, 37 Travis st 

Berry Wm. H., 3 Greenhalgh st 

Kershaw Jas., 7 Old Hall sfc 

Blakey Thos., 108b Gannow In 

Knight Fredk., 82 Laithe st 

Booth Benj., 04 Kyan sfc 

Lee Harold, 58 Disraeli st 

Briers John, 12 Newcastle st 

Lord Wm., 5 Cot? st 

Buck Francis M., 9 Nelson rd, Brier- 

Mason Hy., 150 Branch rd 


Mason Jas., (57 March st 

Buckingham Rd., 19 Pheasantford st 

Miklren Win. C, SI Barden In 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Nicholson Th os., 01 Olive st 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 10-. I BHara- 

Nixon Fredk., 29 Sfc. John's rd 

niorton at 

Nufcfcall Sand., 63 Marsden rd 

Butterworth Ohas., 2 Hattersley st 

Parker John, 37 Parkinson sfc 

Butterworth John, 102 Nairnc st 

Parker Thos. Hy., 23 Morley st 

Cain Anthony, 96 Abel st 

POLLARD LAWRENCE, 371 Briercliffe 

Catlow Frank, 14 Harold av 


Clark Henry, 22 Kirkgato 

Procter Thos., 12 t Brunshaw r<i 

CJough Arthur, 210 Manchester rd 

Richardson Albt., 10 Broekenhurst sfc 

Cooper Fredk., 1 Cleaver sfc 

Robinson John, 1 1 Nairne st 

Cooper Jas., 04 Queen Victoria rd 

Rodgers Noble, 3 Eastern av 

Cofcfcam Chas., 13 Lancaster st 

Roylanee Chas. A,., 43 Lindsay fit 

Cow per Edwd., 2G Kimberley sfc, 

Sagar Sagar, 287 Manchester rd 


Salisbury Frank, 1 Afchol st 

Cronshaw John, 22 Rossendale av 

Salked Richd., 32 Hoiyoake sfc 

Crowfcher Jas., 1 1 G Cog In 

Sanderson Peter, 17 Prince st 

Dean John W., 313 Padiham rd 

Shaw John T., 59 Lionel st 

Dean York Hy., 2 Dall st 

Shaw Wm. Hy., 5 Newton sfc 

Domaine Geo., Ill Berry st 

Shoad Jas., 29 Mizpah st 

Dewhursfc Fredk., 37 Harold av 

Shepherd Hcrbt., 140 Briercliffe rd 

Dewhurst John, 67 Brennand st 

Smith Arthur, 9 Broekenluu'st sfc 

Dodgeon Eli, 45 Every st 

Smith J. Douglas, 29(5 Rossendale rd 

Doney Ernest Jas., 34 Smalley st 

Smith Fred, 37 Ford st 

Doney Sand., 53 Crowther st 

SmithsonT. & Rons, 129 Manchester rd 

Duxbury Geo., 171 Colne rd 

Sowden Fred, 30 Derby st 

Eastwood Arthur, S9 Albion st 

Spencer Lawrence, 13 Rossefcfci av 

Eastwood Hy-, H Beverley sfc 

SufccJitle Norman, 47 Evelyn st 

Ellison Wm, 23 Simpson sfc 

Swinnerton John, 35 Towneloy sfc 

Etherington Robb., Lower Rose Grove 

Taylor Fredk., 05 Sandygate 


Taylor Jas., 2 Oporto sfc 

Fenn Jo] in, 30 Scott st 

Taylor Robt., 1 5 Eldwick sfc 

Foxilkes John Hy., 11 Brougham st 

Thompson T. & Son, 1.4 Lvfcfcon &t 

Eraser Wm. A., 22 Barry sfc 

'J 'odd Thos., 24 Keith st 

Oamson Wild.. 20 Clough sfc 

Turner Ainu, 30 Wesfcbourne av 

Goodwill Chas,, 29 Godiey st 

Turner Richd. E., 48 Prestwich sfc 

Greenwood Lloyd E., 91 Halifax rd, 

VVadge Albt. & Son, 47 Crowfcher st 


Watson Robfc., 17 Barry st 

Greenwood Thos. H., 21 Coultato sfc 

Wefcheroll Jas., 15 Clarence st 

Gregory Robt., 197 Cog In 

Whitehead Albt. E., 1 S Lark sfc 

llalstead Fredk., 50 Burnley rd, Brier- 

Whitehead Thos. Hy., 00 Daneshouso 



Hannan John, 04 Springfield rd 

Whitehead Wm., 30 Holmsley sfc 

Hardingharn Harold, 55 Harold st 

Whifcford Saml., 281 Coal Clough In 

Hargreaves Win. H., 9 Whitpark st 

Wiseman John R., 11 Patten sfc 

Healey Robt. & Son, 40 Lyndlnirsfc rd 

Wood Heap, 41 Brunswick st 

Ueavi'can Viscount, 2 Clifton rd 

Wright Alex. G„ 250 Coal Clough In 

Hemingway Wm., 330 Coal Clough In 

Wyld H., Ltd., 92 Lyndhurst rd 

Kind Sbuttleworth, 11 Hughes sfc ~ 

Hitohon Jas., Escar sfc 


Holdsworth J. H. & H.» 350 Cog la 

(Sec ftlso Coal Dealers and Oollienj 

Holgate Jas., 9 Wilton sfc 


Holgate Lnrd, 38 Thursby rd 

Holgate WhUtaker, 21 Hobarfc sfc 

Burnley Coal Dealers' Association, 

H.owarth John, 2 Cardinal st 

Ltd., Manchester rd and Daneshouse 

Jackson Geo., 11 Palatine sq 




Burnley Coal Supply Co., Ltd., Hail- 
way sidings, Manchester rd, and 
Railway Goods yard, Oswald st 

Burnley Utility Coal Co., Ltd., 112 
Gordon st 

CLARKSON BROS, (and colliery 
agents), Railway sidings, Manchester 

way sidings, Manchester road ; Wm. 
Wild, agent 

East Lancashire Goal Co., Ltd. (eol- 
lierv agents), 4 Tkursby sq 

EDMONDSON B. & SONS, Ltd., 148 
Padiham road 

HARGREAVES' (Collieries), Ltd. 
Burnley, Accrington and Altham col- 
lieries, 70-72 Bank parade ; W. Bur- 
ton Parkinson, secretary 

Holt- Fred, Ltd., Railway Goods yard, 
Oswald st 

"McKays' (Coal), Ltd. (colliery agents), 
4 Thui'sby sq 

OUTHWAITE & SONS (and coal by- 
products), 106 Manchester road 

Taylor Jph. (Coal), Ltd., Railway sid- 
ings, Manchester i*d 

Co., Ltd., Towneley collieries, Tod- 
more! en road 

Wadding ton A. & J\, Railway sidings, 
Manchester rd 

WILD WM., Railway sidings, Man- 
chester road 

ings, Manchester road 


HEAP BROS, (and plate engravers), 
Brief street and Devonshire road 

SMITH & Co. (and plate engravers), 
Hallwell street and 43 Allen street 


CLIVIGER COAL Co., Railway sidings, 
Manchester road 

HARGREAVES* (Collieries), Ltd. 
Burnley, Accrington and Altham 
collieries, 70-72 Bank parade ; W. 
Barton Parkinson, secretary 

Co., Ltd., Towneley collieries, Tod- 
mo rd en road 


works, Manchester road 


See Asphalters and Concreior#). 


(See oho Grocers and Shopkeepers), 

Abrahams Eli, 30 Parker In 
Airey Win., 28 St. Cu.thbert st 
Aldred. Jph. H., 207 Gannow In 
Andorton Arthur, 28 Lonsdale St 
An Cord Ada, 74 Ourzon st 
Ashworth Bather, 142 Hollingreave M 
Ash worth Henry, 90-92 Rose Grove In 
Aspden Sarah, 70 Trafalgar st 
Aspinall Arthur 10., 58 Albion st 
Aslin Okas., 64 Oxford rd 
Atktn Keth, 17 Brlereliffe rd 
Atkinson .Tohn, 1 04 Cleaver st 
Avnge Tlios., 38 Barracks rd 
Bailey Alfd., 122 AUiol st 
Barker John Wm,, 32 Lyudhurst n\ 
Barnes Ernest, I 50 Brierelift'o rd 
Barnes Horbt. TL, 58a Bank par and I 

Bridge st Isabella, 34-36 Brunswick st 
Barril fc Minnie, 20-22 Healey Wood rd 
Basnett Hv., 42a Waterloo rd 
Bate Herb't., 310 Coin© rd 
Baxter Jane Ellen, 1 59 Oxford rd 
Beswiek 'Fferbt., 00 Hebrew v<^ 
Billington Wltr., 82 Parliament st 
Birtwell Kliz., 14 Sandygate 
Birtwhisle Saml,, 24 Church st 
Birtwistle Cyrus T., 53 Oxford rd 
Birtwistln Tda, 73 Sfcandish st 
Birt-wistlo Silas, 33 Brougham st 
Blackburn Geo, V., 101 Burnley rd, 

Blakey Thos., 20 Bankhouse st 
Boardwoll Jph., 52 St. Cuthbert st 
Board well Wm., 188 Padiham rd 
Bowden, Ltd., Market hall 
Bowness Geo,, 57 Westgate 
Bradley Mary, 144 Padiham rd 
Bradshaw Robt. H., onftnr, 120 Ac- 
crington rd 
Brewer John, 28-30 'Ihursby rd 
Bridge Gertrude, 1 28 Abel st 
Brierley 'Henry, 41 Parker In 
Briggs Geo. BT. S 57 Brunshaw rd 
Briggs John, 1 Lebanon st 
Briggs Wltr., 41 Queen Victoria st 
Broughton Willie, 80 Abel st 
Brown Isaac, 20 Hebrow rd 
Brown J"ph., 76 St. Matthew st 
Broxup Mary TC., 421 Manchester rd 
B.S.K. (THE) CAFE, Ltd., 31 St 

James 1 street 
Burnley Bquitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Sam- 

merton st 
Burrows Fred, 5-7 Clifton st 
Butterfield .Tack, 2 Barbon st 
Butterworfch Jph., 2 Palace st 
Buxton &, Butterfield, 6 Church st 
Buxton Horace P., 21 Fumcss st 

>nt* caterers), 24 Manchester road 



Calland Thos., 120 Parliament st 
Calvert Annie, 84 Burns st 
Calvert Dorothy, 48 Albert st 
Campbell Jph., 7 Haydoek st 
Carrington \Vm. E., 156 Colne rcl. 
Carroll Ellen, 31 Eliza st 
Catlow Bertha, 209 Bardcn In 
Catlow SaroL, Frances & Hilda, 64 

Coal Clougli hi 
Charlton Ethel, 157 Branch r<l 

CHESTER FRANK, Chancery street 
and Victoria street 

Christian Thus., 59 Brennand st 

Clegg Jas. It. 13S Grey sfc 

Clegg Robt., 86 Grey st 

Cook Emma, 2 Halifax rcl 

Coeks Henry, 39 Reynolds at 

Col burn Ethel, 420 Brunshaw rcl 

Colburn John, 71 Queen Victoria rd 

and 78 Coal Ciongh in 
Oollhig© Doris, 2S1 Coal Clowgh In 
Cook Geo., 82a Manchester rd 
Cooper Alht. E., 74 Padiham rd 
Couch Winifred, 40 Church st 
COUPE ERNEST, 302 Padiham road 
Crabtree Smith, 23 Hartley st 
Crabtree Stephen, 1 06 Hebrew rd 
Craig Wallace, 9 Lyndhurst rd 
Crampton Florence & KHz. E., 210 

(Jannow In 
Crawshaw Bertha, 210 Padiham rd 
Croasdale Win., 43 Parker hi 
Croft Henry, 82 Oxford rd 
Crowther Win. W., 328 Colne rd 
Crook YY'm., 199 Oxford rd 
Croasley Jas., 2 Stansfield st 
Croston Chas., 1 Doris st 
Cudworth Linnie, 1 7 Rose Grove In 
Cuerdale John, 2 BlanneL st 
CunliJTe Frank, 30-32 Hose Grove In. 
Cimliffe Thos., 153a Acerington rd 
Dees, 33 St. James' st 
Denby Henry, 3ft Slagg st 
Dewhurst Lnrd., 2 Cromwell rd 
Dickinson Fredk., fll Berry st 
Dodgeon Mary A-, 14! a Manchester rd 
Draper Gladys, 197 Todmorden rd 
Duckworth Henry, 5 St. Matthew' st 
Duerden Bertram, 36 Ahol st 
Duerden Martha E., 6 St. Andrew st 
Dugdalc Allot. W., 243 Brieivliffe rd 
Duxbury Mary, I 5 Hebrew rd 
Eastham Jas., 08 Lowerhouso In 
Eastham Robt.. 83 Church st 
Eastwood Win., 847 Brieroliffe rd 
Egar Thos., 327 Manchester rd 
Emmett Mary, 90a Branch rd 
Farrington .John, 1 82 Colne rd 
Fleming Jas., 126 Rossendale vd 
Fox Wltr., 72 Parliament st 
Frear Win., 50 Halifax rd 
Fugler 'l'hos., 08 Crowther st 
Goom Henry, 355 Brieroliffe rd and SO 

Brougham st 
CJomn Jas., 70 Lowerhouse In 

Coom Kate, Thursfield rd 
Greenhall Annie, 38 Waterbarn st 
Greenwood Betsy, 2-2a Allen st 
Greenwood Frcdk., 278 Colne rd 
Greenwood Jas. Y\\, 113a Abel st 
Greenwood Thos. (and caterer), 198- 

202 Todmorden r<l 
Greenwood VVm., 112 Burnley rd, 

Griffiths Kami., 76 Coal Otough In 
Grimshaw Benj., 33 Townelev st 
Guest Eliz. H., 318 Colne rd 
Hacking Margt. E. (biscuit). Market Idl 
Hacking John. Market st 
Halstead Robt., 62 Elm st 
Ham Wlfd., 56 Berry st 
Hanson Henry, 76-78 Curzon st 
Hardacre O. & H-, 47 Lyndhurst ftv 
Hargreaves Edith, 42 Disraeli st 
Hargreaves Henry, 101 Waterloo rd 
Hargreaves Ida J., 25 Brunshaw rd 
Hargreaves John, -10 Temple sr 
Hargreaves John E., 297 Manchester rd 
Hargreaves Lewis E., 140 Brunshaw rd 
Hargreaves "Robt., 63 Abel st 
Hargreaves Ughtred, 150 ami 394 

Co hie rd 
Harper Jas., 42 Lower-house In 
Harris Fredk., 95 Oxford rd 
Harrison Eva, 27-29 Adelplii st 
Harrison Henry, 1 Admiral st 
I larwood Frank, 366 Aeerington rd 

Harwood Thos., 91 Rosegrove In 
Hawortli Edgar, 4-J Hawthorne rd 
Haworth May & Alice, 31 7 Padiham rd 
Haythonithwaite Bakers, Ltd., Lawn 

Heap Albt., 116 Brougham st 
Heap Albt., 12 Elm st 
Heap Eliz., 25-27 Irafalgar st 
Heap Harry S., 127 Wostgate 
Heap John T., 1 1 Queen Victoria rd 
Mebden Eric, 215 Acerington rd 
Hellier G. & B., 84 Acerington rd 
Heseltine Thos. W., 2 Hurtley st 
Heys John B., 294 Golne rd 

t leys John Robt., 73-75 Hurling In 
Hill Alice, 160-162 Hurtley st 
1 lillman John Win., 35 Thurston st 
Hird Emily, S25 Brieroliffe rd 
Hirst Albt., 21-23 Oxford rd 
Hirst Bertha & Florence, 106 Colne rd 
Holden Edgar, Ltd., 35 Cog In 
Holdsworth Hannah, 196 Colne rd 
Holdsworth Richd., 258 Colne rd 
Holgate Fred, 41 Thiu'sby rd 
Holgate Tom Jas., 47 Barden In 
Holloway Noah, 81 Oxford rd 
Houghton Agnes, 340 Cog In 
Howard Annie, 240 Colne rd 
llowarth Jas. VY\, 1 Eidwiekst 
Ingham Thos. G., 109a Albert st 

Isherwood Nancy, 25 Owen st 
Jack Nora, 6 Parker In 
Jackson Henry, 79 Brunshaw rd 



Johnson Annie, 221 Brunshaw rd 
Jones Fredk., 116 New Hall st 
Jowett Clara, 2 Hind st 
Kearns Agnea & Beatrice, 130 Heylev 

Wood rd 
Kendall -TVs., 5 Oxford rd 
Kilner VVm. H., 20 Ridge row 
Kippax Elijah, 300 Cog In 
Kippax J . & Son, Market hall 
Latham. John 'I 1 .. 35-37 Hartley st 
Lavender Edwd,, 9 Mark st 
Law Isabella, 2 Helena st 
Lawson Emily, 12S Lowerhouse In 
Lawson Mary, 1 Folds st 
Layficld Wltr., 74 Accrington rd 
Lee Fred, 42-44 Brougham st and 2 

Fleet st 
Leedam Harold E., 3 Brennand st 
Lees Thos. D.» 837 Briorclirt© rd 
Leightou Cliff., 80 Abel si 
Lester Regnld. W., 843 Briercliffe rd 
Lister Thos., 137 Padiham rd 
Litttefair Henry, 64 Olympia st 
Livesey Mary, 51 Oxford rd 
Lloyd Alfd. K., 100 Abel st 
Loekwood Geo., 53 Giinnow hi 
Lonsdale Jph., 137 Coal Clough In 
Lord Elsie, 8 Branch rd 
Lewis Harold S., 45 Reynolds st 
Lund Luke & Sons, Ltd., 206 Coin© rd, 

4 Temple st and 1 83 Padikam rd 
MoFarlane Andrew, G Mitchell st 
McFettridge Mary A., 32 Curzon st 
RfaoLean John, 178 Howard st 
MoNulty Peter, 80 Towneley st 
jYlagnallEvo, 71 Manchester rd 
Mellctfc Geo., 90 Cleaver st 
Maloney Sarah S., 11 Lyndhurstrd 
Mannion Edwd., 67 Oxford rd 
Marsden Hilda, 1 74 Sandygate 
Martin Thos., 14 Old Hall st 
Matthews Richd. Thos., 1 Claughton st 
Mandsley Florence, 220 Colne rd 
Mayers Robt., 52 Mitolla st 
Medley Fredk., 215 Brierclhle rd 
Meredith Isabella, 4 Todmorden rd 
Metcalfe Alice & Hannah, 61 Naime st 
Metcalfe Mary A., 107a Oxford rd 
Miles Ethel, I. Hind st 
Miller Sarah, 28 Williams rd 
Mitchell Harry, 53 Brennand st 
Mount Regnld., 107 Burnley rd, BHer- 

Mvers Herbt., 23 Queen st, BrierclijJ'c 
Nuttall Edgar, 21-23 Heath st 
Nuttall Mary Eliz., 177 Oxford rd 
Nuttall Thos,, 816 Padiham rd 

NUTTER THOS., Ud. (wholesale man- 
ufacturing), 119 Padiham road and 
Steam Confectionery works, Bread 
Oddie Alice, 66 Waterbarn st 
ODDIE WILLIAM HY., Oddie's Cafe, 
9 and 38 St. James' street ; and at 
Nelson and Colne 

Owen Jph., 304 Barden hi 
Palev & Mallinson, Lyndhurst rd 
Palmer Sarah, 274 Colne rd 
Parker Mary, 24 Old Hall st 
Parkinson Chx'is., Ifi Albert st 
Parry Martha, 1 81 Accrington rd 
Peacock Mary, 2 Scarlett st 
Poarson Herbt. E., 2a Lansdowne st 
Phillips Albt. J., 30 Cromwell st 

Pickles John H., la Queen st. Briar- 

Pilling David M'., 140 Cohierd 
Pinder Wm,, 30 Hebrew rd 
Preston John, 95 Parliament st 
Procter Ward, 3 Abinger st 
Rawlinson Jph., 21 Brougham st 
Redfern Edwd., 851 Brierclirle rd 
Reed Ellen, 84 Abel st 
Reed M'ary & ElUe, 38 Cardinal st 
Rice Fredk., 00 Church st 
Richardson Horace, 10 Briereliffe rd 
Ridding Win., 15 Lyndhurst rd 
Ridge Chris., 7 Brennand st 
Rigby Norman, 34 St. Matthew's st * 
Riley Bertha, 100 Springfield rd 
Riley Martha J., 5 Raglan rd 
Roberts VVm. A., 1 Holmes st 
Robinson Florence, 17 Todmorden rd 
Robinson Mary, 18 Hose Grove hi 
Robinson Obadiah, 110 Briercliffe rd 
Roacoe Ellon, 34 Tbuisfteld rd 
Roscoe Thos., 2 Swindon st 
Rostron Lnrd., 8 Padiham rd and 04 

Lyndhurst rd 
Rostron Lnrd., 50 Holmsley st 
Rukin Coatee, 3 1 Barden In 
Sagar Geo. E., 30 Warwick st 
Sagar Taylor, 114 Brougham st 
Salts Fredk., 44 Albert st 

(and caterers), 6 Manchester road ; 

W. Ingham, manager 
Scambler Jas., 700 Padiham rd 
Scoles Win,, S7 Laithe st 
Seedall Essie, 14-1 Royle rd 
Sharpleys', 20 Howe st 
Shaw Harold, 271 Briercliffe rd 
Shearon Margt. E-, 70 Parliament st 
Sherburn Alice, 54 Manchester rd 
Shorroek Winifred, 320 Gannow In 
Shutt Annie, 50 Brunswick st 
Shaft Wm. S., 33-35 Newcastle st 
Simpson Herman, 47-49 Padiham rd 
Skinner ivy, 72 Glen View rd 
Smith Bertha, 1 Ivan st 
Smith Chas., 204 Accrington rd 
Smith Dorothy, 292b Colne rd 
Smith Harold, 1 54 Abel st 
Smith John T., 102 Lowerhouse In 
Smith Margt. Ellen, 1 Plumbe st 
Smith Martha E., I 8a Braceweh st 
Smith Mary K, 18 Canning st 
Smith Mary E., 39 West st 
Smith Susan S., 101 Queen Victoria rd 
Smith Thos., 23 Gannow In 




Smith Wm., 139 Grey st 
Smith Wm., 2 Cairo fit 
Snowden Chits., 187 Padiham rd 
■Snowden Mary, 73 Lyndhursfc rd 
y pence Wm., 03 Piccadilly rd 
Spencer Eric, 111 Oxford rcl 
ISpencer Henry, I 85 BrioreliftV rd 
Spencer Riehd., 75 Albion st 
Spooner KachaeJ, 301 Lowerhouse hi 
Standing Emily, 1 98 Oolne rd 

Slarkie Bean land K., 1-1-10 Brennand 

Starkic Rout., 44 Church st 
Htott Millicent & Annie, 1 Bayard st 
Sumner Hemy, 2 Bond st 
Sunderland Thos., 2w> JJrierclifle rd 
Sideline Vrancis J.» 2y2 Oolne rd 
SutelifEe John, 133 and 17(5 Sandygate 
Suteiifte J'ph. Hy., 1U Cleaver st 
Swaine Margt., 17 Brougham st 
Swire 1'redk., 17 Yorkshire st 
Swire Mabel, 19 Mitella at 
Talbot Peter, 120 Piccadilly rd, 70 

Trafalgar st and 59 Queensborry rd 
Talbot Samson, 75 Oxford rd 
Tattersall David, 23 Brieroltfte rd 
Tattersall Ethel, 199a Brierclifterd 
Tattersall Thos., 12 Timstill st 
Tattersall Willie, 215 Colne rd 
Taylor Albt., 82 Towneley st 
Taylor Ernest, 33a Parliament at 
Taylor Susan, 112 St. James st 
Thompson Harold, 70 Rose Grove In 
Thompson Josiah, 4 Lowerhouse hi 
Thornton CM. D. t 125-127 Burnley rd, 

Thornton Margt. & Clara, 206 Coal 

C lough In 
TOGNARELLI'S, 134-136 St. James' 

Tomiinson Albt., 1 I Acerington I'd 
Toms Ellon, 75a Sandygate 
Topham Henry, 124 Padiham rd 
TowersKva, 51 Towneley st 
Trotter John Wm.., 25 Lai the st 
Turner Ada, 154 Oolne rd 
Turner l-'anny, 42 Abel st 
Turner & Wamwiight, Market hall 
Vann Thos. J.. 2G Melville st 
Veevers Jas. B., I 12 Acerington rd 
Waddington Nellie, 171 St. James' 

Walmsley Eleanor J. P 2-4 Lawn st 
Walmslev John YV„ 331' Padiham rd 
Walton Ethel, 00 Coal dough hi 
Watson. Mrs. Clara, I 7 Ulster st 
Watson Edith A., 1 Brougham st 
Watson Jas., 2S0 Barden In 
Watson Thos., 22 Elm st 
WEBSTER WM. HY. f 77 Albion street 
Welsh Jas. A., 1 Redruth st 
YY'hewoll J. & Son, 54 St. James 1 st 
White Chas., 111-113 Albert st 
Whitehead Eliza A., 1 25 Barden In 
Whitehead Jane, 2 White st 

Whitney Harriet E. & Eliza A., 35 St. 
Matthew st 

W'Jiittaker Kredk., 30 YVInttlofield st 
Wliittakor Hezekiah, 172 Colne rd 
AVhittaker Wm. Ed., 73 Raglan rd 
Whitlam Edna, I I I Acerington rd 
Wilkinson Alan S.- 24 North st 
Wilkinson Elias, 10 Abel st 
Wilkinson E. & E., 50 Yorkshire st 
Wilkinson May, 70S Pauihatu rd 
Wilkinson N. & M., 21 Slandish st 
Wilkinson Thos., 40 Daneshouse rd 
Wilkinson Wm. T., 112 Melville st 
Williamson Ada. 31 Abel st 
Wilson Margt., 175 Padiham rd 
Wilson Vernon, 8 Todmorden rd 
YVolstencroft Thos., 189-101 Padiham 

Wood Eliz., 22 Briercliffe rd 
VVood J. & Sons, 1 43 St. James' st 
Woof Eliz., (> Todmorden rd 
Worrall Maud, 35c Church st 
Worthy Horace, 42 'Jhurstou st 
Wright Amy, I Morton st 
Wright Grace, 41 Uealey Wood rd 
Young Elsie (wholesale), Barracks 


ALLAN ADAM, 16 Tabor street 
ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Syke 

Saw mill 
ERIGGS HENRY, Royle Foundry yard, 

off Brown street 

Saw mills, Talbot road and Or. me rod 

Clegg Bros. (Burnley), Ltd., Stanley st 
CLEGG H, & R., Ltd. (on H.M. Office 

of Works list), Bridge street and 46 

St. Matthew street 
Coupe A. (plastering and tiling), 5 Mur- 
ray st 
GLEDHILL THOMAS, Brunshaw view 
Green -John, 3*58 Brunshaw rd 
HARGREAVES S. & W. (painting), 110 

Spnngfieid road and 57 Briercliffe 


Grove Joinery works, Lower House 

HEAP M. & J. W., Ltd., Clifton street 
HITCHON WALTER, 15 Carter street ; 

yard, Boathouse lane 

LACY ERNEST, Daneshouse road and 

Bond street 
LORD & SONS (painting), 197 Colne 

road and Hollin street ; and at 

MULLEN & DURKJN, Ltd., Trafalgar 

NAYLOR J. H. & SON, Ltd., Celia 




SCHOFIELD W. & SON, Bank Hall 

Slate yard, Colne road 
SIMPSON ALEXR. & Co., Ltd., 28 


SIMPSON BROS. (Burnley), Ltd., Mel- 
bourne street 

SIMPSON J. & R., Gog Lane Joinery 

Pratt street 

Browhead road 

THOMAS ERNEST, 231 Manchester 

THOMPSON & Co. (Concrete), LSd., 
Craven street and Plumbe street 

TODD HUBERT, Green Street Saw 


WALTON WM., Ltd. (colliery), New- 

Ltd., Blakey Street Saw mills 



AU;o(;k John, 91 Parliament st 
Ash worth John. YV., 2 Abel sfc 
Barritt Thoa., Ii)2 Aocrington rd 
Billhigton Richd., 39 Nairn e st 
Blinfeixorn Fredfe, 304 Padiham id 
Oollingo Jas. (whlsle), 106 Todmorden 

Cox Ada, S2 Lowerhouse In 
Dale Kroily, 234 Oolne rd 
Kitton Thos. W., 43 Hurfcloy st 
Goodier Albt., 70 Elm st 
Greenwood iterbt., 74 Queensberry rd 
Guvhi'ie Henry, 72 Harold av 
U'aigli Jas. F., 41 Queensberry rd 
Haitley Henry, 199 JirievclinVrd 
Hayhnrst Mary & Phyllis, 1 Ext wis tie 

Hollis Wild., 241 Aceririgton rd 
Holt B:. &. M., 81 Coal Clough In 
Ingham t-'redk., 0a Parker In 
Kuowies YYlt.r., 1 1 Branch rd 
Lancaster Kliz., 13 Standish st 
Price Hannah, 16 Padiham rd 
Wilson Donald, 80 Heap st 
Wilson .Sain]., 6*2 Lyndhurst rd 
Wra-tliall Elsie, 44 Hebrew rd 


(*S'ec also Poultry ffood Dealem). 

BARKER JOSEPH, 47 Parker lane 

Brumley Albt., 05 Padiham, rd 
Hargreaves Frcdk., 4 Holbeek st 

INGHAM R. & W., Higher SmaUshaw 
farm, off Accrington road 

Proctor Arthur, 14 Tennyson st, 

liawson <fc Simpson, 127 Accrington 

rd and Colin st 
llobertshaw Geo., 114 Colne rd 
HothweJI Bros.. 105a Oxford rd 

Taylor Abraham, Sti3 Briorclifte rd 

BRIERLEY GLADYS E. (Spirella), 6 

Colne road 

Cotton Chas. II., 20 Yorkshire st and 1 

Howe sfc 
Cavill Mary J., 43 St. Matthew st 
Hodgson Lilian, 22 St. Matthew st 
HOYLE HANNAH {registered Spencer), 

253 Brunshaw road 
Lnpton Grace, 17 Thui'sby road 
Scientific Corse tiery, lib Yorkshire st 
Simpson Lilv, 70 Todmordon r<l 

tage, Talbot street 


BARDSLEYS', 36 Manchester road and 
1 Grimshaw street 

Draper Helen K, 130 Coin© rd 
Elack D., Ltd., 73 St. James' st 
GrayE. & M'., 20 Leo st 
Moroombe Hilda, 289 Padiham rd 
Noble J., Ltd., J 7 Market sfc 

PIERSON THOS., 42 Manchester road 

Roth well J. H. & Co., Ltd., 9 Chancery 

Sachet J., 8 Grimshaw st 
Waller \V. <& R. & Kiehardson, Ltd., 

51 St. James* sfe 
Williams Elk., 190 Oohie rd 


{See ulno Cotton Spinners <tnd 
Manufacturers) . 

Atkinson Frank, Primrose mill, Jlaiie 

Bancroft Wm. & Co. (1932), Ltd., 
Bishophouse mill, Rvlands st 

Barden Mill Co. (Burnley), Ltd., Keed- 
loy Hallows mill, Barden In 

BARKER & CLARKE, towels and 
glass cloths, " Cotton Queen " and 
" Towneley " brand towels ; works, 
Fulledge mills, Todmorden road 

Bird Win., Elm Street shed 

Brown, Rklehalgh & (Hover, Klui 

Street shed 
BURROWS THOS., Ltd., Britannia and 

Belle Vue mills, Kyan street 



Cowpe Thos. & 8ons, Ltd., Harghcr 

Clough mill 
Crowther H. J., Ltd., Primrose mill, 

Marie, Sylce 
Curedale A., Ltd., Habergham mill. 

Coal Clough lo 
Edmondson Arthur, Ltd., Empire mill, 

Liverpool rd 
Elm Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

Kim Street shed 
Kmmott Kobt., Ltd., Stanley and 

Femdale mills 
Foster Ernest, Ltd., Rakehead mill, 

Bishop st 
i-'oster T., Ltd., Habergham mill, Coal 

Clough In 
George Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

Coronation mill, Abinger st 
Orey John, Ltd., Livingstone and 

Cameron mills 
Haggate Weaving Co., Ltd., Burnley 

road, Bristol! 'jfe 
Halsall Ernest, Elm Street shed 

gate mill, Hind street 
Hargi'oavcs Harold, Elm Street shed 
Harle Syke Mill Co., Ltd., Burnley rd, 

Hawkins John & Sons, Ltd., 35-o7 

Market st 
Hay thorn th waits Bros., Ltd., Mount 

Pleasant mill 
Haythornthwaitc T. & Sons, Ltd., 

Lodge mill, Barden hi 
Healey Koyd Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

Elm Street shod 

Co., Ltd., Queen Victoria mill, Queen 

Victoria road ; Walter Green, sec- 
Hill End Mill Co., Ltd., Halifax rd, 

Ingham J. A. & Son, Wood Top mill 
Jackson John & Co., Canal Street mill 
Kay John & Sons (Burnley), Ltd., Spa- 
held mill, Parliament st 
Kippax Mark & Sons, Ltd., Browhead 

Landless W. & Sons, Clow Bridge mill 
Mason, West & Bather, Queen .Street 

mill, Brierclijfe 
Maxfield Herb*. (A., Mm Street shed 
Olive Mount Mill Co., Ltd., Junction st 
Pennine Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 

Kakehead mill, Bishop st 
Pickles Kobt., Ltd. (and linen), YVhit- 
tlefield, Cairo, Capetown and Buc- 
eleueh mills. Pickles st 
Queen Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
Queen Street and Primrose mills, 
Marie Sykc 
Kinerd Manufacturing Co., Ltd., Wood 

Top mill 
Ry lands Manufacturing Co., Bishop- 
house mill, K viands st 

Sagar Xhos., Ltd., Kakehead mill, 

Bishop st 
Sandygato Mill Co., Ltd., Sandygato 
Simpson & Baldwin, Ltd., Albion 

mills, Junction st 
Simpson F. A., Ltd., Wood Top mill 
Spencer John (Burnley), Ltd., Queen's 

mill, New Hall st, and Imperial mill, 

Rose grove 
Stansfield John & Son, Ltd., George 

Street shed 

and Primrose mills 

Hutcliffc & Clarkson, Ltd., Wiseman st 
Sideline John A. (Burnley), Ltd., 

Kakehead mill, Bishop st 
Huteliffe Jph. T., Kulledge mill, Holmes 

Taylor & Clarkson, Ltd., Breimand 

mill, Fraser st 

Thistlethwaite J., Ltd., Kim Street 

Thompson W. & 'I\, Trafalgar shed 
THORNBER B. & SONS (1931), Ltd., 

Daneshouse mills, Daneshouse road 

Thornber Luke, Ltd., Dean mill, 
Plum be st 

Thornber Sharp, Ltd., Park shed, Ley- 
land rd ; Manchester o0iee, 1 Cooper 

Thornton Jas, & Co., Ltd., Burnley rd, 

VilHers Street Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 
Wood Top mill 

Walmsley Geo. & Sons, Ltd., Peel 
mill, Gannovv In 

Waishaw Mill Co., Ltd., Talbot st, 

Walton Harry & Sons, Ltd., Bishop- 
house mill, Ry lands st 

Walton John & 8011s, Ltd., New Hall 
shed, Elm st 

Walton Thos. & Son, Woodbine mill, 
Woodbine rd 

Walton Wltr., Ltd., Bishophouse mill, 
Ry hinds st 

Whitaker, Ormerod & Sons, Ltd., Oak 
Bank mill 

Whitaker & Wood, Ltd., Trafalgar 
mill and Hope shed 

Whittlefield Mill Co., Ltd., Whittle- 
held st 

Windle & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., Fulledge 
mill, Holmes st 

Wood John & Sons, Ltd., Breimand 
mill, iiracewell st 


(See also Ootlon Manufacturers). 

Healey Wood Mill Co., Ltd. (waste), 

Healey Wood rd 
.Nuttall & Orook, Rose Grove mill, 

Cannow In 



THORNBER B. & SONS (1931), Ltd., 
Daneshouse mills, Daneshouse rd 

WITHAM BROS., Ltd., Finsley mill, 
Findleygate, and Plumbe Street shed 


Baron J. <& Sons, Ltd., Finsley mill 
Coal Street Waste Co., Ltd., Hand 
Bridge mill 

Greenwood Major, Ltd., Wiseman st 
Hanson John, York-shire st 
Hargreaves Moses, Ltd., Aqueduct st 
II lichen Edwd., 21 Devonshire road 
Holroyd H.onry, George st 
Jones Dan (Burnley), Ltd., 1 Brook- 
lands rd 
Knovvles Or, E., Ltd., Exmonfch at 
Lancaster Win., Ltd., 44 Bank par 
Simpson & Co., Oxford mill, Oxford rd 
Suteliffe Alwyn. Victoria mills, Triifal- 

gar st 
Watts John (Burnley), Ltd., Clock 
Tower mill, Sandygate 


(See Milk Dealers and Dairymen). 


Sett also banners and Strapping 

nery, Bark street 


BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manches- 
ter road and Ormerod street 

HARGREAVES C. F., Ltd., 4 St. James" 
street and 2 Cliviger street 


Brownheys Cycle Co., Ltd., Parker In 
Bury Win., 119 Westgate 
Fairclough Henry, 43 Lowerhonse In 
Fitzpatriek H., Ltd., 23 Market st and 

Park house, Todmoi'den rd 
Frost Horace, Ltd., 179 Colne rd 
algar street 
Halstead Robt., 300 Padiham rd 
HOLDEN & SONS (and motor), 149 

St. James' street ; and at Nelson 
Home Albt. Ed. & Son, J 53 Oxford rd 
Leaver, Gongh & Nuttall, 88 Colne rd 
MilnsFredk. A., 32 Church st 
Pollard Robt. S., lb Padiham rd 
Reynard & Sons, Ltd., 159 St. James' 

st and 14a Hargreaves st 
Roberts Regnld., 102 Padiham rd 
FUishton Jph., 7 Gretna pic 
Tomlinson Chris., 9 Elm at 

Universal Cycle and Rubber Co., Ltd., 

2 Howe st 
WALTON BROS, (motor), Dawson 

square, off Church street 


(See Milk Dealers and Dairymen). 


Bailey Frank, St. James' row 
Buckley & Rawcliffe, King's mill. 

Bridge st 
Meadowcroft Kdith, 330 Padiham rd 
S.D.F., Coal st 


Aspinall Win., 7 St. James' row 
Decorators' Supply Co., I S Sandygate 
Low W. S., Ltd., 8-10 Hargreaves st ; 

and at J'reston. Blarkponl, Lancasle.r 

and Baaup 

Porter Thos., 155 St.. -Tames' st 


Bird John H., 22 Colne rd 
Carter H. Alan, L.D.S., 58 Westgate 
Crabtree John, 74 Yorkshire st 
CunliiYe Alhl,, L.B.S.j 28 Aooringfconrd 
CunlilTe Jus. W., L.D.S., SO Manchester 

Dyke Erie T., L.D.S., R.C.S. (Eng.), 71 

Brioreliffe rd 
Egar VV'm., 96 Manchester rd 
Fairoy Edgar L., 1 2a Hargreaves st 
Franks & Co. (mechanics), 17 Plumbe 

Fulton & Son, 73 Oxford st 
Greenwood Wm. *1\, 1 1 4a BrierclifTe rd 
Hartley Thos., 47 Ardwiok st 
Jackson John B., L.D.S. (T. Jackson & 

Sons), 148 Nairne st 
Jackson Thos., L.D.S. (T. Jackson & 

Sons), 5 Palatine sq 
Jackson T. & Sons, 39 Westgate 
Hartley Tom, (T. Jackson & Sons) 39 

Leach Kennio T. H., 110 Colne rd 
Nutter Lillian, 70 Brieroliffe rd 
Parfitt Albt. C, 522 Accrington rd 
Pascoe Frank, 241 Padiham rd 
Pearson & Fox, 47 1'odmordcn rd 
Richmond Fred, 183 Coal Clough In 
Roper Robt., 196 Padiham rd 
Smith Fred, 181 Colne rd 
Stocks Wm. H., 109 Accrington rd 
Summers Jsph (mechanic) LS9 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Sntclifle Jabez, 72 BrieivUffo rd 
Tattorsall Edwin W., 19 Brunswick st 
Waddington Geo., 2 Sandygato 
Wadsworth Tom, 156 llurllcv si 




See Oaf ex and Restaurants). 


(See Motor Distnantlers). 

{See Poultry Food Dealer*). 


Archer Harper, 57 Standish st 
Arnold Fred, 27:5 Coal Clough in 
Ashworth Millieent, 26 Herbert st 
Ashworth Sarah E., 17 Hebrew rd 
Austin Sarah, 35 Brennand st 
Bftileys', Drapers, Ltd., 1 1 Manchester 

Barnes -John ft., 30-32 Briorclifte rd 

and 1 06 Accrington rd 
Banks Susannah, 103 Burnley rd, 

Barnes Jas. W.j 106 Accrington rd 
BESFIT SHOE CG. (blankets), 60 Peart 

Binns Wlt-r., 142 Brier-chile rd 
Birch enough Jane, 75 Abel st 
Birtwistle Fredk., 28 Pritehard sfc 
Blakeley .John J., 72 Rectory rd 

Bowkor Philip, 29 Curzon st 
Bowkor Sarah E., 195 Brierclift'e rd 
Brade Alice A., 52 Lowerhouso In 
Briei'ley Mary A., 1 99 Padiham rd 
Brun Textiles, 5b Bridge st 
Buchanan David S., 313 Colne rd . 
Buchanan Jas., 40 Hammerton st 
Buchanan Wm., 22 Howe st 
Bailey & Nuttall, 25 Hurtley st 
Burnley Equitable Oo-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 6-12 Ham- 
in or ton st and branches 
Buxton Annie, 70 Parliament st 
Caldeeott Cliff. A., 7 Chancery st 
Cannon Jessie, 2 Scott- st 
Charlton Kmily, 91 Abel st 
Coek Elijah W., 92 Brockenhurst st 
Cooper Evelyn, 212a Accrington rd 
Coward Wltr., 76 Branch rd 
Cowley Jas., 27 Brunshaw rd 
Croasdale Cliff., Rose Grove In 
Cross Wltr., 42 Cotton st 
Ounltfle Annie, 147 Padiham rd 
Dawson Tom, 04 How Hall st 
Deardens', 8 Market st and 108-110 

Aceiington rd 
Donby Geo., 284 Barden la 
Dorringtons 1 , G Yorkshire st 
Dugdale (.race & Annie, 50 Brougham 

Elliott Thos., 70 Lynd hurst rd 
Emmefct Arthur, 35-37 Hebrew rd 
Eramett tsai, 133 Barden In 

Fielding Jas. A., 123 Coal Clough In 
Fielding Winifred, 76 Briercliffe rd 
Fletcher Bertha, 22 Elmwood st 
Fletcher Eiiz., 5a Padiham rd 
Foster Wltr., 68 Lynd hurst rd 
Fulton Margt., 200 St. .James' st 
Gunkrodger Gladys, 177 Branch rd 
Gray Mary, 71 Oxford rd 
Grimshaw Albt. H., 220 Cohio rd 
Grimshaw Ellen, 127 Oxford rd 
HalstoadThos., 94 Springfield rd 
Kaneox Herbert J'., 46 '1 rafalgar st 
Hannam Geo., 3 Walverden rd, Brier- 
Hargreaves Eliz., 306 Colne rd 
Hargreaves Laura & Maria, 17 Lynd- 

hurst rd 
Hargreaves Mary, 315 Padiham rd 
Hargreaves Mary, 30 Church st 
Harris David, 132 St. James' st 
Harrison Wm., !9 Briercliffe rd 
Hartley Jas., 63 St. Matthew st 
Hartley Jas., Ill Coal Clough li\ 
Hartleys', 100 Barracks rd 
Hatherley (Jeo. '!'., 42 Waterbaen si 

Hawkins John & Sons, Ltd., 35-37 
Market st 

Haworth Edith, 13 liose Grove hi 
- Haworth Geo. Wm., 99 Oxford rd 
Haworth & Moorlumse, Market hall 
Heap Abraham, 233 Padiham rd 
Hemingway Linda, 157 Accrington rd 
Hogg Joshua, 321 Manchester rd 
Hoklsworth Annie, 202 Coal Clough In 
Holdsworth Florence, 29 Hebrew rd 
Holdaworth Blend., 100 Oxford rd 
Holgate & Swindlehurst, 228 Colne rd 
Holt Winston & Co. (whlslo). 18 

Standish st 
Hough Eleanor M., 124 Brougham st 
Howarth Edith, 298 Gannow In 
Hoylo Henry, 54 Halifax rd 
Humberstone Herbt., 12 M'izpah st 
Lancaster J. & E., 98- 1 00 Colne rd 
Dancasters', 9 Curzon st 
Laylield Stanley, 1 77 Colne rd 
Leaver Bros,, 74 Burnley rd, Briercliffe 
Lockctt Edith, 85 Coal Clough In 
Loder Hy. (lent), Chancery st 
Lord Annie, S2 Abel st 
Lord Frank, Market hall 
Lord Frank, 78 Coal Clough In 
Lowcock Edith A., 77 Lynd hurst rd 
M'cMahon Marcella. 87-89 Hurtley st 
MallettFredk., 91 Springfield xd 
Alarsden Ada, 52 Abel st 
Marshall Peter, 46 Athoi st 
Mercantile Manufacturing Co., Ltd., 10 

Hargreaves st 
Mills David (curtains), 85Hollingreave 

Morrison Titos., 58 Ashworth st 
Myers Stephen, 59 Lyndlnn'st rd 
.Nicholson Albt., 38 Brougham st 
Nowell Chas., 77 Itaglan rd 



Nuttall Emma, 8 BriercMe rd 
Nuttall JohnL., 08 Hebrew rd 
Ormerod Esther, 80 Trafalgar st 
Pioldbrd. Jag. <& Mary J'., 20 Hose 

Grove In 
Pickup John, 1 Oxford rd 
Porritt Rognld.. 4 Hargroavcs st 
Pott \V. & Co., Ltd. "(v\h Isle}, 41-4.3 

2£li&a st: 
Price 'tf/csthk., 209 Briercliffe rd 
Raw Eleanor & Annie, 113 Tndn.orden 

Raw Jane, MS Brunshaw rd 
Richardson Doris, 37a Woodbine rd 
Hiding Agnes, 14 rTolnxQ rd 
Riley 'Hteiu'v, 113 Pad i ham rd 
Russius Ellen, 140 Branch rcl 
Sandler Doris, 22 Brierclift'e rd 
Sharpies' Warehouses, 20 Standish st 
Sliaw Emily, 50 Hollingreavo rd 
■Sir .ith :iA & A., S3 Coltie rd 
SMITH WM., Ltd. (wholesale and 

retail), 13 and 21 Fleet street 
Smith Wm. A., 1-3 Napier St 
Standing Florence, 294 Uavmow In 
Stephensons' (F. Stanley Bridge), 10 

Ml. James' st 
SutelirTe Edna, 39 Abel st 
.Sylvia, 3 Howe st> 
Taylor Mary X, 1 4 Wynotham at 
Tavlor Thos., 14 Furness st 
Xhoii as Clara, 7 St. Matthew &t 
Thompson Annie, 8 Ivy st 
Thompson Arthur, 4i)0Bninshawrd 
Thompson Jas., 497 Brunshaw rd 
Tomlinson Jas., 40 Oxford rd 
Trudgill Edw d. C., 1 79 Padiham rd 
Turner A. & E., 157a Aeorington rd 
Varlet & Allen, 39-41 Standish st 
W'adswonh M. A., 37-39 Manchester rd 
Walton Mabel, la New Hall st 
WARBURTON W., Ltd. (estd. 1869), 

Market square 

Waterworth Thos., Market hall 
YV'eirRobt., 01 Colnord 
VV'estallThos., 20 Killington st 
Whi taker Mary A., 12 BriercliiXe rd 
VVhitakisr Wm.., I Brennand st 
Whittam Robt., 108 Hebrew rd 
Whit worth Artihur, 131 Parliament st 
Wilkinson Benj., 65 Thursby rd 
Winkley Thos., 90 Cloavor st 
Winskill Frances, 63 Briercliffe rd 
Woodcock Florence, 21 May st 
Woodhead Minnie, 22 Queen Victoria 

Wright Kvolyn, 2 Lyndhurst rd 


Andrew John, 03 Rectory rd 
Buchanan J'as., 40 Hammerton st 
Currie Wltr. B., Garage chmbrs, Padi- 
ham rd 
Greenwood John, 28 Glen View rd 

Hartley Frances M. & Ann, 62 Colne rd 
Hosie J'as., 5 Albert st 
Hosie R. & J., 39 Hamnierton st 
Houlding Lawrence, 29 Padiham rd 
Mc Skimming Alex., 61 Ightehhill Park 

Metcalfe Caroline J., 15 Parker In 
Shackleton Roger, 132 BrierclilTe rd 
Snape Kobt., 2-61 Padiham rd 
Stackhouso Frank T., 3 St. John's pie 
Tatiersall Riehd., 27 Wlhttlefield st 
Young Wm.. 83 Manchester rd 


See Milliners and Dressmakers), 


{See also Chemists and Druggists). 

Bcatall Cleaner Co., Irene st 
BECKWITHA. & SON, Knightsbridge 

warehouse, Plantation street, off 

Colne road 

Berry Ben H., 09 Manchester rd 
Eastham Thos. & Son, Robinson st 
Foster Geo., 12 Yorkshire st 
Francis & Co., 7 Manchester rd 
Hankey Hy. & Co., 74 Standish at 
Hargreaves Jas. A., 70 Oxford rd 


Gent Maurice, 58 Colne rd 

GREENHALGH'S, Ltd., office and 
works, Ashley street, Stoneyholme ; 
branches 20 and 24 St. James' street, 
9 Abel street and 9 Briercliffe road ; 
and at Nelson, Colne and Barno1ds> 

Johnson Bros. (Dyers), Ltd., 31 Man- 
chester rd 

Martins', ISO St. James st 

Wei-Don, 8 Bridge st 

Zip Vreneh Cleaners, Ltd., 9/ St. 
James* st 


Lee Edwd., Ltd. {branch of British 
Cotton Wool Dyers' Association, 
Ltd.) ; Victoria st 


(See Reslaumnts). 


(See Engineers — Electrical). 


Alder Electrical Appliances, Ltd (do- 
mestic), Rushworth st 




COATES J. G., Ltd., 26 Bridge street 
12-14 Bridge street 

Hoover, Ltd. (vacuum cleaners), H^h- 
merton st 


Pollitt & Dillon, 7 Fleet st 


Bute Fredk. P., 192 Colne rd 

Butlv .1. & Co., 9 Fleet st 

Beattie Ronald B., A.M.I.E.K., 2-0 
Hall st 

Calverley Hciirv, 06 Colne rd 

CLEGG HARTLEY, 75 Brennand st 

COATES J. G., Ltd. (wholesale), 26 
Bridge street 

Elliott Win-*, Cow In 

Ford Wilfd., 1 Brennand st 

HALL HERBERT JOHN, 29-31 Trafal- 
gar street 

HARTLEY ALBERT & Co., 37 Stand- 
ish street 

HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., 221 Accrington 

Herbert Jph., 77 Burden In 


(wholesale supplies), 12-14 Bridge 

Rawlinson John, 7-9 Bridge st 
SIMPSON BROS. (Haptonj, Ltd., Mag- 
neto works, Hapton 

Smith Wxn., 97 Coal dough, in 
Spencers* Auto-Electric; Co. (our elec- 
tricians and " Exide ' batterv ser- 
vice), 91 Brennand st 
Standing Harold, 07 Brougham st 
8 tan worth Cliff., 9 St. James* row 
Stephenson Wltr., Villi era st 
Ltd., 26 Spencer street 

Webster A- & Sons (Burnley), Ltd., 26 

Lvndhurst rd and 100 Oxford rd 
Wilshaw Geo. M., 18 Arkwright st 



BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manches- 
ter road and Ormerod street 

DIXON ARTHUR, 7 Yorke street 

FAIR BURN J., Victoria mill, Trafalgar 

HARTLEY BROS., 194 Padiham road 

18 Padiham road 

SHOESMITH JAMES, 79 Manchester 

SOUTH FRED, Briercliffe Road iron 

SOUTH JAMES, Rake Head ironworks 
TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, The Garage, 

Harle Syke 

Universal Boiler and Engineering Co., 
Ltd., Oxford mill 


(flee also Iron asnd Brmsjounderx and 
Machine Makers). 

ASHWORTH THOS. & Co., Ltd., Vul- 
can ironworks, Accrington road 

Baldwin & Heap, Ltd., Bethesda st 
Burnley Ironworks Co., Ltd., King st 

Globe works, Liverpool road, Rose 

Clayton Geo., 21 Cow hx 
Dent & Holt, Ltd., Bridge End works, 

Crow nest 
Driver G. It, Ltd., Elm at 
FAIRBURN J. (split motion patentee), 

Victoria mills, Trafalgar street 

street, Rosegrove 
Frost W. H. & Co., Ltd., Robinson st 
Gannow (The) Engineering Co., Ltd., 

Arthur st 

HARLING & TODD, Ltd., Rose Grove 
ironworks, White street 


Plumbe Street ironworks 
Holt & TCippnx, 125 St. James* st and 

Cow In 

Keighley Geo., Ltd., Bankhonso works. 
Canning st 

Mitchell L. E. & Son, Stanley pic 

Mitre Engineering Co., Westgate 

MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

PEMBERTON & SONS, Ltd., Waterloo 
foundry, Trafalgar street, and Brit- 
annia foundry, Pomfrei street 

FOLLARD JAMES, Ltd., Atlas works, 
Catder Vale road 

PROCTOR JAMES, Ltd., Hammerton 
Street ironworks 

SOUTH FRED, Briercliffe Road iron- 

SOUTH JAMES, Rake Head ironworks, 
Pratt street 

TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, The Garage, 
Harle Syke 

WALTON WM., Ltd. (constructional), 


APEX GARAGE, Summit, Manchester 
road, near Bull & Butcher 

Aspden Bobt., 39 Hulme st 
Bannister & Co., Earl st 

blades D. & Co., Ltd., Abel street 



Bricrcliffe Koad Motor Oarage, Brier- 
cliff© rd 

Briorleys' (Burnley), Ltd., Hallway st 

Browa Emest, 3 Barker In. Tel. 3032 

lard Bros. (Padiham), Ltd.), Lane 
Ends Super Service station, Lower- 

BUTLER FRED, A.M.Inst.B.E., Junc- 
tion Street garage 

Cometon Street Garages, 2 Gannow In 

Duerden Geo. K, Brown at and Bull 

Fearing John & Sons, Padiham rdand 
Meadow st 

Gilbert street, Lane head 

Graham & Simpson, Bank par 

Harrison W. H. (Burnley), Ltd., 172 
St. James' st 

HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., Jockey street ; 
registered office, 221 Acerington road 

HOLDEN & HARTLEY (Burnley), Ltd., 
21 Yorkshire street ; works, Central 
garage, Cliviger street 

Home Cliff. H.» Hebrew rd. 

IGHTON (THE) MOTOR Co., Cleveland 
garage, Barracks road 

JUBILEE GARAGE (1935), Trafalgar 

Ley land Motors, Ltd. (East Lane. 
Depot), A.coringUm rd 

MORRIS HERBERT, Morris Service 
station, Plumbe street and 63 Man- 
chester road 

POLLARD BROS. (Padiham), Ltd. 

(the Burnley Tyre House), Lane Ends 

Super Service station, Lowerhouse 

garage, Cardinal street 

Ltd., International house, Grimshaw 


Sharpies W. & Sons, Rossendale rd 

SKIPPER C. G., Ltd. (R.A.C. and A.A. 
agents), Park garage, Nairne street 

SPA MOTOR Co., Ltd., Spa mill, Junc- 
tion street 

den lane and Bright street 

TAYLOR JOHN & SONS (agents for 
A.A., M.U. and R.A.C), The Garage, 

Harle Syke 

Tegerdine Arthur, 1 4 Mary st 
TILLOTSON OSWALD, Ltd. (wholesale 

A.E.C. distributors), Summit works, 

Manchester road 
USED UNITS., Ltd., Whittlefield street 

WALTON BROS., Dawson square, off 

Church street 

WHALLEY JAMES E., Ltd., Mitre 
Motor works, Westgate, Trafalgar 
Street junction and Shaw Street gar- 

Wilson & Co., Yorkshire st 


EDMUNDSON M., Ltd., Liverpool road, 

Rose grove and Coke street 
HARTLEY BROS., 194 Padiham road 


KhanM. R. U., 1. 10 Westgate 


[$e& Toy and Fancy Goods Dealcrtfy. 


{See also Milk Dealers and Dairymen). 

Alderson John, Back In 
Allison Jas., Lee grn, Bricrcliffe 
Almond Win. Jas., Higher mieklehurat 
Astin Benj., Higher Timber hill 
Atkinson Fred, VVholaw farm 
Atkinson Jph,, Broad Head moor 
Atkinson Luther, Higher Fenny foot, 

Ayre Albt. JO., Higher Small hazels 
Bailey Wan. (hind), Higher house, 

Baldwin Jas. (pltry), Willow st 
Balmer 'Harold, HoIIins farm 
Barker Thos., Haggate hse, Bricrcliffe 
Bateson John \Y)n. t Netherwood, 

Biekford John, Woodbine farm 
BirchaH John, Habergham hall 
Birtwell Henry L., 78 Mitella st 
Birtwell Jas. T„ Tnlh's st 
Blackburn John A., Coekden, Brier- 

Blezard John H. (pltry), f>4 Kiddrovv In 
Bolton John Jas. (pltry), 'JSxfcwistleeot, 

Boothman Jph., Lower Small hazels 
Bostook W'ltr. K., Long syke 
Braoewoll Riehd. H. (pltry), f»40 Brun- 

shaw rd 
Bretherton Thos., Plane Tree farm 
Bridge Jas., Old Holme farm 
Brier-ley Win., Cornfield, Tghtenhill 
Briggs !Rdwd., Houghtons, Bricrcliffe- 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., Brunshaw 
Campbell C. & E., Hill Top farm 
Carter John (pltry), 2 Springwood. rd 
Catiow Lnrd. (pltry), Bungalow, Brier- 

Caygill Fred, Stonoy racks, Briercliffe 
Chadwick Edwd. P., Burwains, Brier- 
Clefeg Thos* K-, Spring head 
Dock John H., Steplien hey, BriercliJJe 
Collinge Arthur, Clow bridge 
Collingo Giles, Lower elose 
Collinge John, Kumley's farm 
Cooper Chas. F., Higher Gibb fields 



Oraiae Thos., Causeway end 
Cross Arthur, Home farm, Tghtenhill 
Davies Robt. C. (pltry), 41 Kirkgafce 
Dawson Ernest A., Sweet well, Brier- 
Dean Edwd., Bullions close, IghtenMU 
Dean Horace, Palace house 
Dent fm„ Bend hill, BriercUffe 
Dixisdale Thos., Windla hse, BriercUffe 
Dobson Goo., Proctor cote, BriercUffe 
Driver Robt., Weiltield f arm, IghtenhHt 
Duckworth Jas, Hy. (pltry), 4 Deer 

Park rd 

Eastwood Herbt., Lower H.algh head 
Eastwood Thos., 100 Brunshaw rd 
Edmondson Arthur, Home farm 
Ecather 'i'hos., Lowerhouse 
Feathers Kobt., Clifton farm 
Eornihough John, Back hi 
France Leslie {pltry), 23 Harrison si, 

Br iercliffe 
Gamson Wm., v'nr Bartle hills 
Grant Wm., Sawyers New laithe 
Greenwood .Tohn, Nook farm 
Greenwood Miles, Best Pasture farm 
Greenwood Thos. (pltry), 6 Springwood 

Halliwell John, Enclosure farm, Brier- 

Hn.rgreaves Alfd. {pltry), Springwood 


Havgrenves Geo., Lower holes 

liargroaves 'I hos., Whiim hill 
Harker Jph. (pltry), 51 Culshaw st 
Harris Alee, North bank, BriercUffe 
Harrison Jph., Kidehalgh farm, Brier- 
Hartley Isaac, Lodge farm 
Hartley John E. (pltry), 104 Cleaver st 
Hartley I'hos., Lower Oaken eaves 
Haworth Annie, Waggoners' Inn farm 
Haworth Eredk., Brick house 
Heap Arthur (pltry), 550 Brunshaw rd 
Heap Jas., Shores hey, BriercUffe 
Heap Kichd,, Spring house, BriercUffe 
Heap VV'lfd., Higher Oaken eaves 
Heyworth Mhos., Lower mieklehurst 
Holmes Jph., Lane house, BriercUffe 
Holroyd Arthur D. 3 'further farm 
lllingvvorth Chas., 65 Cardinal st 
Ingliam John Robt. (pltry), 23 Deer 

Park rd 
Tngham Kichd. & Wm., Higher small- 

Jackson Ernest, Iron building 
Jackson Jph., Crow wood 
Jobling 'I hos. (pltry), 18 Godley st 
Kalev Henry ? 3 Basnet t st 
Kerr Bliss. E. (pltry), Ighterxhill Park In 
Kershaw Olilf, (pltry), 37 West st 
Kershaw Robt. (pltry), '11 Thorn st 
Kippax Alfd. M., EIders-i'-tVr-ro\v, 

Kippax Herbt. M., Hanson's tenement, 

Kippax Jas. B-, Lower Primrose bank 

Kippax Stanley E., Holden farm, 

Lawson Thos., Tattersall bam, Brier- 

Lee John W., Halstoacl farm 

Lord Geo., Bridgeley bank 

Maden Hannah, Nutshaw 

Margerison Isaac (pltry), 21 Deer Park 

Marsh Edwin (pltry), Broad bank, 

Xowell John T. (hind), Higher house, 

Xuttail John. Sand bed 

Nuttall Wm., Holt hill, BriercUffe 

Parker Wm., Widow hill 

Piektip Geo., Entwistlo hall 

Pickup Jph., Monk hall, BriercMffe 

Pighills Michael, Pig hole 

Pollard Robt. (pltry), (> Dale at 

Portman Percy (pltry), Hill cot, Ighlei>- 

Proctor Geo-, Hill farm. BriercUffe 
Kawlinson Stephen, Mustyhalgh, Brier- 
Richardson Jph. T. {pltry), 151 Colne 

Hading Thos. (pltry), 2 Cuerdale st 
Rigby Edwd., Clow bridge 
Riley Burton, Dunnockshaw farm 
Robinson Wm. R. (pltry), Ing hey, 

Rogers Win., 703 Brierclifferd 
Roper Henry {pltry), Deer Park rd 
Roper liobt. (pltry), 15 Saxon st 
Rukin Thos., Widow green, BriercUffe 
Sagar Jas. Hy. (pltry), High sim, 

Sanderson Alex., Riley's farm 
Schoneld 0. <& Son, Redgate farm 
Shaekleton Thos., Top-o ? -th'-Closc 
Shackleton Job (pltry), 1 Deer Park rd 
Simpson Edith (pltry), 10 Deer Park rd 
Slater Jas. (pltry), 10 Springwood rd 
Smith Chas. R., Ightonh ill farm 
Smith Fredk., Bouldsworth end. Brier- 

Smith Norman, Hollin cross. Glen view 
Smith liobt. (pltry), 3 Deer Park rd 
Smith Wm., Hunter's oak 
Smithson Eredk., SaxiGeld farm 
Smithson Jas., Walshaw hi 
Stanfield Johnson, Shutileworth pos- 
ture, BriercUffe 
Stansfteld Llewellyn, 5 Kensington pic 
Stanworth Rjehd., Spout house 
Stell John (pltry), 4 Springwood rd 
Stott John (pltry), Abel st 
Tattersall Jas. E., Higher Primrose bnk 
Taylor Frank (pltry), Haworth fold 
Thornton B. & Sons {pltry), North 

bank, BriercUffe 
Thornton Peter, WhittleJleld farm 
Todd Peter, Kibble Bank farm 



Tomlinson Herbt., Higher Timber hill 
Townson Robi., Walshaw farm, Brier- 

Turner Frank (pltry), 483 Brunshaw rd 
Uttloy Abraham, -Middle ridge 
Uttley Wm., Fcniiey Moor Toot, Brier- 

Varah Wm., Park holme 
Waddington John, Higher Roodley frm 
"Waddington liobt., Ingham house, 

West all Geo., Mew Copy farm 

West-all UobtU Copy farm 
Whitakor John (pllry), 28 Queen Vic- 
toria rd 
Whitfield Arthur {pltry), 03 Lyndhurst 

VV'hii taker David, School bank 
Whittaker Win. (pitrv), 19 Palace st 
Wiffcn Wltr. D. (pltry), 473 Brunsliaw 

Wiles 'i'hos.. Higher mitshaw 
Wilkinson Jas., Hird Vise, BriercUJfe 
Wilkinson John, Yeoman's farm, JJrier- 

Wilson .John B. (pltry), 159Todmorden 

Wilson '.I'hos. (pltry), Halifax rd, 

Winder Ernest J., Foulds House farm, 

Wood TC. "'& J., Higher ridge 
Wormwell Peter, Higher Halgh head 


Smith Saml. & Sons (Come), Ltd., 09 
Plum be st 


(See Drapers). 


Anderson John, Foxmdry hi 


(See Insurance Offices and Agents). 

ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 Manchester 

HITCHON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester 

Watson (Matthew), Pearso & Bower, 
1 Manchester rd 


{See also Wood Mantels). 

BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manchester 
road and Ormerod street 

Collinge G. & Co. (Ironmongers, Ltd.). 

1 2- 10 and 20 Boot st 
COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 

James' street 

Cunliffe Goo., 1 1 Colne rd 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Ltd., Lodge yard 

and 29 Waterloo road 
HARRISON JOHN G., 29 Market street 

and 31 Standish street 
WILKINSON WM., Acre street 

Netherby street 


Aldis CJias., 120 Accrmgton rd 

Barlow Jas., 45 Royle rd 
Briereliffe Jas. H., i Rendel st 
Clarkson Jas., Spruoe st 
Crawley John, 2 Aqueduct st 
Greenwood Arthur, 3 Norton st 
Hill Henry, 222 Brunshaw rd 
Hodson Louis, Adelaide st 
Xuttall John Hv., 25 Hutting In 
1912), off Dorset street, Rose grove 


Arrowsmith Alan, 09 Parliament st 
AshtonDanl., 20 Waterloo n\ 
Ashton John '1... Fir st 
Ashtou Win., 31 Slagg st 
Baldwin Fred, 2 Daneshouac rd 
Barnes Frances, 90 Brougham, st 
Bentley Lnrd., 7 Marine av 
Blackburn I'hos., 4 Powell st 
Blackburn W'ltr., 18 Lord st 
Boothman Arthur, 4 Queenabcrry rd 
Bradley Wltr., 17 Florence st 
Brogden Jas., 100 Parkinson sfe 
Brown Percy, Market sq 
Brown 'I'hos., Market sq and. 1 2 St. 

John's rd 
Cadwallader Rhodes, 52 Watcrbam st 
Crossley Elijah (and game), 53 St. 

James' st 
Cunliffe John, 33 Athol st 
Dewhurst Francis, 23 Hudson st 
Dish man & Degnan (whlsle). Foundry 

Driver Fred, 24 Coal Clougla In 
Kastharn John, 40 Briereliffe rd 
Gorter Wm., Ltd., 3-5 Standish st, 7S 

Abel st, 92 St. Matthew's st and 

Lawn st 
Green John, 16-18 Fhimbo st 
Johnston Khz., 02 Trafalgar at 
Judge Thos., 1.2 Olivantst 
Maefarlauc Jas., 40 Todmordon rd 
Madon Henry, 18 Lowcrhouse hi 
M'arsden Jas., 24 Westmorland st 
Nuttall Chas., 1 Coal Clough In 
Nutter Jas. L., 31 Plover st- 



Oldham Miles, 154 Sandygato 
Percival H, fPish Merchants), Ltd., 11 
' Market- at 
Sagar Smith, 3b' Howe st 
Smith John, 35 Berry st 
Smith Richd., 160 Colne rd 
Smith Sydney, 10 Tabor st 
Snape Nellie, 184 Colne rd 
Sowerby John E., 7 Cordon st 
Stuart Wm., 74 Trafalgar st 
Tattersall Wilson, 5 Queensborry rd 
Taylor Arthur, 149-151 Bricrcliffe rd 
Taylor Henry, 23 Hinton st 
Waddington Jas., 6 Kedruth st 
Waddington Jas., 27 Nether by st 


BISHOP E. & SONS, Marlborough 


HITCH EN R. & SON (estd. 50 years), 
Victoria mills, Trafalgar street 


(See also Gardeners and Nurserymen). 

proprietor), Woodbine nurseries, Pad- 
iham road and Market square 

CHEW WILLIAM, 1 Yorkshire street 

Hartley Harriet, 134 Padiham rd 
Hopkins AiuVmiella, 74 Master st 
Jackson Mary A., 81 "Rossendale rd 
Moore & Rogers, 178 Colne rd 
MORCOMBEW. & SON, The Nurseries, 

Cemetery lane 
Palmer Win., 33 Market st 
Pinnoll Geo. ft., 2 Owen st 
Rothwell & Heys, lb Manchester rd 
Veevev Peter, 17 Market hall 

crosses and bouquets), Cornfield road, 

off Padiham road 
Weir John, UEImst 
Wells Bros. & Son, Market hall 
Widdup Jas. YY\, 300 Colne rd 


Botlomlev Thos. H., Acre st 
DEWAR J. S. & Co. {shop and hotel 

fittings and all cabinet work), 18 

Bridge street 



Andorton John H-, 18 Yorkshire st 
Andrews Edwd., 23 Briercliile rd 
Anforth Jas., 107 BrierclifTe rd 
Ash ton John, 55 Westgate 
Ashworth Edwd., 135 Padiham rd 

Bailey Wm., 79 Hose Grove In 
Barker John H., 1 Newcastle st 
Barritt James H., 1 Castle- st 
Bennett Norman, 35 Parliament st 
Bowes Wm., 53a Sandygate 
Briggs Hubert, 150 St. James' St 
Broxup Henry, 58 Yorkshire st 
Calvert Annie, 1 Allendale st 
Chamberlain Arthur, 30a Reed st 
Cheeseborough Wltr., 17 Tunnel at 
Clegg Kgnld., 4 Moorland rd 
Coates Wltr., 208 Padiham rd 
Collier Wltr., 31 Eimwood st 
Conroy Martha, 57 Scott st 
Cook Wm., 746 Padiham rd 

Cowie Laura, 102 Abel st 
Crossley Margt., 5a Kose Grove In 
Crossley Wltr,, 113 Lyndluirst rd 
Cunlin'e Robfc., 2 Townelev st 
Davis John, 28 High st 
Dyson Wm., 102 Cleaver st 
E;irle Fredk., ("iS Curzon st 
Eastwood John Edwd., 70 Harold av 
Kckersley Chris., 207 Harden In. 
Edwards Andrew J., 50 Piccadilly rd 
Edwards Harold W., 5 Higgin st 
Ellis Harold, 6 Temple st 
Entwistle Arthur, 19-21 Healey Wood 

Fitton Ernest, 20 Bivel st 
Gallagher Jph., 23 Anne st 
Gill Stephen, 312 Colne rd 
Greenwood Kockcliffe, 3 Kidge rd 
Grimshaw John, 30 Lindsay st 
Grimshaw Wm., 35-37 Clarence st 
Gudgeon Wm., 7 Gannow In 
Hamor John, 40 Coal Clough lane 
Hargreaves John (>., 14 Tunstill st 
Harris Saml., 78 Bnmswiek st 
Harrison Geo., 20 Sandygate 
Hartley Albt., 49 Kirkgato 
Hartley Percy, 128 Nairue st 
Heap Horace, 257 Colne rd 
Heap Milton, 2S Briercliffo rd 
Heap Thos. W., 32 Brunswick st 
Heys Allan, 2-4 Nab-no st 
Heys Herbt., 132 Padiham rd 
Heys Kobt., 1 20a Oxford rd 
Hind Nathaniel, 15 Hull st 
Hirst Henry, SO Oxford rd 
Hodgson Kobt. G., 25 Harold st, 
Holden Alan, 34 Barracks rd 
Holland Clara, la Croft st 
Hooper Ethel, 1 Heath st 
Hopkins Harry >S.. 10 Brennand st. 
Hopkinson John, 220 Accrington rd 
Houlding Wm., 32b Trafalgar st 
Howarth Harold, 66 Hurt ley st Fredk., 04 Waterbarn st 
Howker Hy., 129 Sandygate 
Hoyle John. I Blenheim st 
Ho'yle "Ross, 12 Lyndhurst rd 
Hudson Abel, 28 Olympia at 
Inch John, 60 Hirst st 
Irving Herbt., 1 2 Scarlett st 


Jackson Albt. J., 8 Parker In 


Jackson Richd., 33 Carstang st 


J'obling John, 'J Buleock st 

Kelly Thos., 78 Parliament st 

Aggett Ruth, 20 Lindsay st 

Leo Alan, 207 (Jog In 

Arrowsmith Alan, 09 Parliament st 

Lee John T., 29 Herbert st 

Astin Fred, 1 1 Rectory I'd 

Lister 'I'hos., Hi Travis st 

Atkinson Thos., 17 Queen st, Brter- 

Littlewood Martha, 94 Rectory id 


Longsworth 'i'hos. F., 3 Lebanon st 

Baldwin Fred, 2 Daneshouse rd and 87 

Lord Jas. E. , 77 Brougham st 

Coal Clough In 

McXjeorge Henry, 1 Hinton st 

Barrett Chas., 1 1>2 (jaimow hi 

Harsh Henry, 1.4.0 Bnrnley rd, Brier- 

Barrett Jas., 143 Padiham rd 


Barrett John, 44 Todmorden rd 

Mitchell Saml., 82 Burnley rd, Briar- 

Barrett Richd., 13 Keith st 


Barrett 'l'hos., 50 Herbert st 

Morris Robt. C, 103 Lowerhouso lii 

Barry Maurice, 1 50 Accrington rd 

Moulding Jas., 270 Ganuow hi 

Beaumonts', 3 Market st 

Nicholas Flora E., 28-30 Old Hall st 

Benthain John, 1 99a Brieroliffe road 

Nicholas Francis, 120 Burnley rd, 

and 122 Brougham sfc 


Bentiey Betsy, 8 Coal Clough hi 

Oldham Fredk., 20 Elm st 

Berry Frodk., 70 Queensberry rd 

Osbournc Jph., 130 Accrington rd 

Brown Edwd. & Son, 1 Chancery st 

Owen Jas., 4 Lionel st 

Brown Jph. <& Sons, Pratt st 

Padgett Fredrick J., 230 Lowerhouso 

Burnett Robt., 224 Colne rd 


Calvert Minnie, 84 Hebrew rd 

Parkinson Herbt., 37 Brougham st 

Carter Glbt., 23 Brennaudst 

Parkinson Jas. VVm., J 04 Colne rd 

CHEW WILLIAM (and florist}, 1 York- 

Phillips Robt., 40 Croft st 

shire street 

Pickering Win., 10 Accrington I'd 

Coates Arthur, 2 Rylandsst 

Pickup Arthur, 30 Oxford rd 

Coates Watson, 332 Colne rd 

Filkington Henry, 44 Padiham rd 

Cook Win., 102 Oxford rd 

Pilling Richd., 44 Disraeli st 

Crossloy Elijah, 53 St. James' st 

Progor Jane 33., 100 Cog In 

Crossley Fred, 219 Bi'iereliffe rd 

RatelifT© Ethel, 1 3 Berkeley st 

Cvossloy Ceo. (Burnley), Ltd., 32 Howe 

Ridina Jas., 50 Church st 


Roo Win,, 70 Cleaver st 

Crowther Edwd., 325 Manchester rd 

Rothwell Thos. H., 174 Cog hi 

Davies Jph., 59 Lowerhouso In 

Saga? Jas., 270 Cog In 

Dean Jas., 80 Accrington rd ami 139 

.Sharpies Walton. 4 Hill Marton st 

Coal Clough hi 

Hharratt Ellen, Clay st 

Uearden Albt. A., 27 Hebrew rd 

Shepherd Thos., 128a Abel st 

Duckworth Herbt., 54 Laithe st 

Sidley Henry, 08 Westgato 

Dugdale John, Sylvan lodge, Townoley 

Smith Mary A., 23 Huhne st 

. side 

Smith YV'im H,, 11 Curzonst 

Bastham John, 40 Brierclift'e rd 

Spencer Geo., 82 Trafalgar sb 

Eastwood Sarah, 55 Brennand st 

Spencer JohnH., 11 Temple st 

Fisher Herbt., 314 Colne rd 

Stevenson William Hy., 03 Standish 

Foster Harold, 334 Padiham rd 


Foster Herbt., 140 Trafalgar st 

Stott Herbt,, 50 Hurtley st 

Fox Jas., 5 Clay st 

Strutt Edwin, 104 Colne rd 

Freeman Albt. H-, 24 Herbert st and 

Sunderland Ellen A., 67 Gannow in 

131 Accrington rd 

SutcliHo Fred, 171 Accrington rd 

Cordon Edwin, 272 Harden In 

Sutelift'e Henry, 55 Lowerhouse In 

Croon John, 10-18 Plmnbe st 

Taylor John VVm., 171 Oxford rd 

Greenwood Thos., 74 Coal Clough hi 

Tomlinson John, 83-85 Sandygate 

Hansford Edwin, 56 Glen View rd 

Trotter Frcdk., 50 Laithesfc 

Hartley Harry, 27o Coal Clough In 

Walker Wilfred, 83 Queen Victoria 

Hartley Wra. A.., 30 Howe st and Mar- 


ket hall 

Warren Havelock J., 1 Cairo st 

Haworth Jas., 50 Hufling In 

Whitehead VY'ltr., Abel st 

Healcl Hy., 22-24 Bankhouso st 

Whitham Arthur, 207 Accrington 

Heap Isaac, 108 Cleaver st 


Hoys C*. H. & Sons, Ltd., 107 Oxford 

Wiiittaker Emily, 11 Keith st 


Whittaker Julia E., 93 Piccadilly rd 

Holden Wilson, 54 BrierclifEe rd 

Woodward Jph., 200 Branch rd 

Holland Hy., 100 Abel st 



Holmes Ww, W. ? 30 Hollihgfeave rd 

Holt John, 1 3 .Lindsay st 

Howarth M". & J., 3 and 22 Curzou st 

Johnston Eliz., (>2 Trafalgar st 

J odd John. 211 Barden In 

Laoy Henry H-, 189 Briereliiie rd 

Latham Frank, Sfi Burnlov rd, ftri&r- 


Layeoek Hannah. 8 LI Vadihaiu rd 
Layeoek 'i hos., Mercer st 
Lewis Win., Carter st 
Ludam Eva, OS Abol st 
hunt Kichd., J S Snowden st 
jMeManus Hugh, 00 Lyndhurst rd 
Maden Henry, IS Lowerhouse In 
Mitchell Chas, W., 1 1 and 38 tlannowln 
Mitchell l-redk. \Y\, 108 Acerington 

Mitchell Leslie, 22$ Aecrington rd 
Mitchell VV'lfd- 301 Manchester rd 
Myers AIM., 20 OaUler st 
Newton Ceo. H., 33 Oxford rd 
Newton John Win. Jph., 76 Lyndburst 

road 1 
Nicholson Win. H., 104 Burnley rd, 

.Nutter Arthur g.» 20 Haydock st 
.Nutter John 'ihomas, 840 Bricrcliffe 

Paley Alan, 300 Colne rd 
i'arkinson 'i'hos., 5 Barracks rd 
Pitcher Ernest, 90 Oasterton av 
Hiding Win., 7 Abel st 
Kiley Mhos., 1 Naples av 

Robinson Llewellyn, L 75 Branch rd 
Sharp VV. & J., 3b I'adUiam rd 
Shepherd Bertha, 135 Parliament st 
Smith Albt., 2 Cliv© st 
Smith Bertram. 38 Waterloo rd 
Smith Frank S., 2 Powell st 
Smith Herbt. A.., 40 Keetory rd 
.Smith Kiehd., I (i0 Oolne rd 

Spencer Hubert, 4 Extwistle st 

Stuart VV'm., 74 Trafalgar st 

Stuttard Harold, 32 Slagg st 

Stultard Jas., 210 Padiham rd 

SutelifT© 'I hos., 3-1 May st 

Tapper Mary, 59a Westgato 

T'attersall Jas. A., 28 Salus st 

Taylor Geo, 130 Burnley rd, JJricrcliJJe, 

Taylor Henry, 23 Hintcm -st 

'1 hornber Wltr., 11 Burnley rd, Brier- 

'lomlinson Isabella, \'2\) Padiham rd 
Ware Edwin, 25 Acerington rd 
W'ebb Sidney, 1 53 VY'oodgrove rd 
White E. & Son, 238 Oolne rd and 278 

Padiham rd 

Whittle Jessie, 34 Howe st 

Whyatt & Palmer {Burnley), Ltd., 10 

and 19 Cur/,on St 
Wiidman Albt. A., 107b Oxford rd 
Wilkinson Lily, lo Kose drove In 
Woodhead Thos., 117 Woodgrove rd 
Woods Emmanuel, 98 Springfield rd 


HEAP BROS., Brief street and Devon- 
shire road 

SMITH & Co., Haliwell street and 43 

Allen street 


ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Sykc 
Saw mill 

BENNS & HOLMES, Todmorden road 
BRIGGS HARRY, Royle Foundry yard, 
off Brown street 

Briggs Mary E.. 89 Oxford rd 

Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormerod 


Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 22 Har- 
greaves st 

EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., 44a 
St. James' st and Plumbe street 

Fearing John & Sons, Padiham rd and 

Meadow st 
FOULDS J. A. & SONS, 15-17 Queen 

Victoria road ; works, 12 Old Hall 


FOULDS J. HARTLEY, 230-232 Colne 

GILL LEWIS, North Street works 



James 1 street 
Hoklen John, Ola Breimand st 
HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 



Kirby Stephen Jas., 39 Oxford rd and 
139 Padiham rd 

LACEY ERNEST, Daneshouse road and 

Bond street 
NAYLOR J. H. & SON, Ltd., Celia 

Noonan T. & R., 66 Yorkshire st 
SIMPSON J. & R., Cog Lane Joinery 

SOWERBY E. R., SMITH & Co., Mitre 

bridge, Westgate 

Pratt street 
STEVENS J., Holmes street 
Tattersall Luke, Bell's arcade, Hebrew 

'league Predk., 29 Colder Vale rd 
TODD HUBERT, Green Street sawmill 


road, Briercliffe 



Bailey Prank, 203 Manchester rcl 
Bailey John 'l"hos., 122a Oxford I'd 

BAKER ARTHUR, 38a and 40 Church 
street and 52 Colne road 

Biissuett J. &> Sons, 105 and 170 Colne 

BENNS & HOLMES (makers), Tocl- 

morden road 
Braeew&H JohnHv.. 9"oa Branch rd 

BrownwoodEdwd., 107a Aocringtonrd 
Buchanan Jas., 40 Haunnorton st 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 

nierton St 
Burrows Evelyn, 74 Abel st 
Cam in Harriet, 202 I'adihau) rd 
Campbell J. H. & Co., 3-7 St. James' st 
Cavendish Furnishing Co., Ltd., 34-36 

St. James' st 
CrabtreeW. & A., 218-220 Padiham rd 
Gruinniett Ernest, 120 Brierclirto rd 
Crunmiett Jas., 32-34 Newcastle st 
Duckworth Sirvetus, 300-31)2 Padiham 

Ellans Henry, 37 Westgatc 
Klliott Bros., 1 -Ha Manchester rd 
Palshaw Agnes, 7b Padiham rd 
Fawthrop Harold, 385 Kossendale rd 
Flewitt Robt., 24 Abel st 
FOULDS J. A. & SONS, 15-17 Queen 

Victoria road ; works, 12 Old Hail 


Fox Eli. 14 Yorkshire st 

FOX J. HARTLEY, 230-232 CoSne road 

GiLLIBRAND JAS. W., 23 Padiham 

HALL RICHARD HY. (complete house 

furnisher), 56 Brougham street 
Hardacre Harold, 27-29 Canning st 
Hargreaves Percy, 3 Padiham rd 
Hargrcavos Wm. B., Ltd., 38 Brier- 

cliffe rd 
Harling JpU., Yorkshire st 
Hepworfch Oswald, 178 Accrington rd 
HESKETH JOHN HY., 6 St James' 


Holden Jph. & Son, 8-10 Church st 
Ingham 1'aul, 139 Aeering'ton rd 
Kavanagh Stephen & David, I S3 

Briorciirre rd 
LEE HARRY, 72 Coal Clough lane 
McDermott John, 00 Colne rd 
Mackoiths, 113a Manchester rd 
Manchester burnishing Warehouse, 1 39 

St. James* st 
MARSHALL WM. (Burnley), Ltd., 164- 

168 St. James' street and Market hall 
Massey Robt., 120 Padiham rd and 1 

Haslam st 
Morton Thos., 03 Hammcrton st 
Pollard Hubert, 19a Oxford rd 
Preston Wm., 38-40 Manchester rd 
Price Edwd., 1 Hardy st 
Riley Geo. & Sons (Exors. of), 2 Bren- 

nand st and 4- G Green st 

Riley John T\, 300 Cog hi 

Riley Robt.. 354 Cog hi 
Robinson Win. Jas.. 60 Standishst 
Sehoftold John, 22 Helton st 
Shatlikor John & Hon. 272 Collie L'd 
Simpson. Turpin, 202-204 Colne rd 
Smith Alfd. & Son. 115 Aecrington rd 
Smith John, 11 and 04 Hebrew rd 

SMITH WM., Ltd. (complete house 
furnishers}, 21-23 Fleet street 

Soworby E. 11., Smith & Co., Mitre 
bridge, l 35 Westgate 

Sutcliife John. 40 Standish st 
A-'errans' Stores. HMa Aecrington rd 
Welch Geo., jnnr., 37c Church st 
Welch Vincent P., 1031) Oxford rd 
Wilson Beatrice, 04 Lowerhonse In 
W'rigley Kormaji. 19-21 Bankhouso fit 
and 71 Standish st 


BAILEYS' (and storers), 65 Standish 

CLE6G WESLEY, Ltd. (and storers), 62 

Standish street 
EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., Plumbe 

street and St. James' street 
EDMONDSON B. & SONS, Ltd., 148 

Padiham road 
GORMAN LEONARD, 9 Vincit street 
MARSDEN ERNEST, 145 Lowerhouse 

cliff e road 

Canal street 


GROSS ALFRED & SON (and skin 
merchants), 67 Colne road 


GREENHALGHS', Ltd ; office and 
works, Ashley street ; branches 24 
and 70 St. James' street, 9 Abel 
street and 9 Brierciiffe road ; and at 

Nelson, Colne and Jjarnoldfswiik 
Nicotl C. B., 15-17 Manchester rd 
PEIRSON THOS., 42 Manchester road 


(8ee also l''loriz>t& and Nurserymen). 

Woodbine nurseries, Padiham road 
and Market square 

Barwise Jph. l'\, lownoley nurseries 
Pe Bruyn John J., Cornfield rd 
Laurie Jas., Hill cot, Ightenhill 
series, Cemetery lane 
Russell Thos. T Cornfield rd 



Klinger Hubert, 258 Barden In 
road, off Padiham road 


(See Outfitters). 


BISHOP E. & SONS (medical bottles a 
speciality), Marlborough street 


Alston Thos., 70 Dallst 

buildings, Market place ; also 
branches at 12 Howe street, Market 
place, 29 Oxford road and 136 Colne 

Harrison Bon & Son, Market hall 
Harrison Fred, 193 BrierolifEe rd 

Shaw Win. L., 27 Abel sfc 
Spencer Wm, B., 2a Hill Marton sfc 
Willmans', 21 Bridge st 


(See Blouse and Lfown Specialists) 


Ainsoow Jus. S-, 38 Standish st 
Beattie Ronald B., A.M.I.E.E., 2-0 
Hail sfc 

Dawson YVlfcr., <>9Brierolift"ord 
X ,, ryei , sKobfc., 100 St. James' st 
Pollard Thos., Ltd., I 3 Market sfc 
Simpson & (Jaunt, 330 Colne rd 


{Marked * are Wholesale). 
(»See also Provision- Merchants). 

Aekroyd Isabella, 1 9 Brown sfc 
Allen Annie, 01 Milton sfc 
Allen Emmerson D., 20 Harfc sfc 
Andrews Jas. A., 07 Waterloo rd 
Ash ton Margti., 4- Aecrington rd 
Ashworth Emily, Agnes & Edna, I -10 

Oxford rd 
Ashworth Evan, 1 1 Standish st 
Ashworth Blond., 144Hollingreaverd 
Atkinson Fred & Son, 1 38 Burnley rd, 

Bago Rose, 02 Abel sfc 
Baldwin Elijah, 10 Plumbe sfc 
Baldwin John It., 77 Brennand st 
Bancroft Jas., 1 9 Scott sfc 
Barker Henry, 35 Ashworth sfc 

Barker Minnie, 1 Lowerhouse In. and 58 

Rose Hill rd 
Barlow Jas., J Burleigh st 
Barnes Wm., 61 Sfc. Matthew sfc 
Barrow Eh'z. B., 45 Gleaver sfc 
Bate Alice M., 1.04-106 Colne rd 
Bennett Esther, 1 Olympia st 
Bennett Francis H., 18 Fir sfc 
Berfcwistle Thos., 2 Livingstone sfc 
Birehall Kate, 141 Abel st 
Black Harold W., 86 Brierelift'o rd 
Blackburn Bessie, 2-4 Kumlevrd 
Blaylock Geo. F., 12 Slater st 
Blinkhorn Sain]., 301 Barden In 
*BOLTON J. & Co., Elizabeth street 

Bolton Lily, 62 Anno sfc 
Boothroyd Elsie, 33 Piccadilly vd 
Bowkor Annie, 55 Sandygat© ' 
Braeewell Thos., 7-0 Springfield rd 
Bradbury John, 57 Springfield rd 
Bradley jas., 121 Nairnest 
Bradshaw John, 2 Dugdale rd 
Breimand Margfc., 25 Charlotte sfc 
Briggs John, 1-3 Clarke sfc 
Briggs Kichd., 125 Oxford rd 
Brogden Saml., 58 Hartley sfc 
Brown Albfc., 30 Barbon st 
Brown Arthur, IMCoalClough hi 
Brown Therese, 27 Barracks rd 
Brown Wm., 120 Oxford rd 
Burnefct Major M., 55 Melville sfc 
Burnloy Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 6-12 Ham- 

morton st and brandies 
Bury U. <fc Son, 167 Aecrington rd 
Bateson Thos. W., 232a Colne rd 
Calvert Ernest, 60 Cleaver sfc 
Calvert Florence, 114 Aecrington rd 
Campbell Hannah, 2-4 Burnley rd, 


Cannon Albfc. K, 1 54 Briercliffe rd and 

35 Abel st 
Carmen Emma, 111 Todmordonrd 
Carr Henry, 28 Ashhekl rd 
Carroll Mary A. ,'30- 32 Hum bo st 
Catlow Chas., 40 Horace sfc 
Catlow Roht., 18 Holly sfc 
Chaffer Chas., 1 98 Aecrington rd 
*Chapman It. T M Newtown 
Chester John, 75 Brougham sfc 
Chew Coo. Wm., 2 liawluison sfc 
Clegg Angelina, 2 Lincoln st 
Clegg Howarfch, 47 Devonshire rd 
Clegg John, 32 Barracks rd 
Clegg Percy, 2 Bclibrd st 
Clegg Thos., 74 Harold av 
house street, 33 Thurston street, 108 
Leyland street, 1 9 Cavour street and 2 
Foundry street 
Coleman Isabella, 22 Kichard sfc 
Colling© Daniel, 444 Brunshaw rd 
Conroy Jph. & Sons, Barden hi 
Constantino Kobfc. V., 2-4 Marlborough 



Ooofeson Alice A., 249 AGorington rd 

Cork .Tits., 161 Cleaver st 
Gornville Emily, 2 Dean st 
Coupe Win. j 59 Hairne st 
Orabtree Jonathan, 3 Lynd hurst rd 
Cragg Thos., 20 Yorkshire st 
Cropper & Smith, 56 Lowerhousc In 
Cross John Jas., 20-28 Boot st 
Over Wan. , 43 Cog In 
OunMe Food Co., Ltd., 23 Market hall 
Dermis Cecil F., 147-149 Cog hi 
Denstm Thos., 24 Briercliffe rd 
Dickson Wm., 78 Trafalgar st 
Dingwall Fredk. E., 33 St. John's rd 
Dodding Homy, 133 YVestgate 
Dodgeon SamL, 702 Padiham rd 
Draper Richd, & Son, 2S Tunnel st 
Duckworth Fredk. R. ( 1.62 Sandygate 
Duckworth Jas., Ltd., 7 St. James* st, 
87 Abel st, 161 Aeorington rd. 4 5 
Kirkgate, 314 Colne rd. 151 Padiham 
rd and Brougham at 
Duckworth Wltr., 58-00 Woodbine rd 
*Dncrdcn J. S. & Sons, Ltd., Aqueduct 

Duxbury John E, 2 Korman st 
Dymond JohnR., 24 Queen Victoria rd 
Eastwood Granville, 38 Belgrave st 
Eastwood Richd. G., 2 Mitella st 
Eastwood Thos., 44 Gannow In 
Edmondson Thos., 2 Colbran st 
*Enunotfc WHVL, Sear top 
Estate Cash Stores, 20:! Cog In 
Eustace Eliz., I 5 Calder st 
Earrei' Frank, 1 Walpolo st 
Fearnehough Sand., 36 Clivo st 
Fenton Jph. A., 38 Lyndhuxst rcl 
Fletcher Alice, 24 Hose Grove In 
Foden Eliza, I 7 Blakey st 
Forrest Jas. Wm., 1 Rawsonst 
Fort John W. t 29-31 Clifton st 
Foster Arthur, 53 Queonsberry rd 
Foster Rachel, 49 Springfield rd 
French Sidney, 58 Rose Grove In 
Eulton Margt. It., 40 Disraeli st 
Fulton Ram'sden, I 70 Cog In 
Gavin Margt., 27 Springfield rd 
Goodior Herbt., 137 Castcrton a v 
Grainger Herbt., 1 Arundel at 
Grant Alex., 142 Padiham rd 
Grayston Edmund, 40 Belford st 
Green John, 27 Riding st 
Green Thos., 26 Rochester st 
Greenwood Jas., 6 Valley st 
(Greenwood Smith, 2 Forest st 
Gregory Saml., 350 Colne rd 
Grcgson Victor, 40 Gannow In 
Grimshaw Henry, 62 Parliament st 
Hall Blia., 60 Clarence st 
Halstead Dan, 100 Burnley rd, Brier- 
Halstead Lawrence, 69 Burnley rd. 

Halstead Robt. A.. 54 Sfcandish st 
Halstead Wm., 24-26 Red Lion st 

Hamor Chas,, 29 Raglan rd 
Hannan Jas., 43 Hammerton st 
Hardacre Elsie, 50 Cnrzon st 
llargreaves <& Cameron, 1 Byron st 
Hargreavos John W., 51 Daneshouso rd 
Harris Wlfd. H., 24 Hawthorne rd 
Harrison Annie, 22 Junction st 
Harrison Arthur R., 6 Regent st 
Hastwell Jas., 2 Leyland rd 
Hastwell Mary, 21 Lomas st 
Heap Eliz., 18 Todiuorden rd 
Heap Jas. Hy., 1 Marlborough st 
Hcavican Viscount, 81 Padiham rd 
Hebdeu Jas., 2 Woodsley st 
Hewitt Margt., 26-28 Swarbriek st 
Heyworfch Jph. A., 43 Kirkgatc 
H.ine Maud, 53 Parliament st 
Hirst Thos., 4 Boundary st 
Kitchen Arthur, 32 Trafalgar st 
Hodge Jas. H., 32 Prestwich st 
Hodgson Willis, 2 Bulcoek st 
Holden Gladys, 89 Piccadilly rd 
Hold en's. Ltd., 260 Colne rd 
*Holgato & Co., Bull st 
Holgate Ellen, 20 Oxford rd 
Holgate Wm., 91 Brunswick at. 
Holland Jas. C, 31 Richard at 
Hollinrake Herbt., 15a Boot st 
Holroyd John, 52 Melville st 
Hoole Wm,, 170 Padiham rd 
Hopper Francis, 57-59 Church st 
Hopper Jafl. Ed., 52 Plum be st, 74a 

Lyndhurst rd, 1 05 Parliament st and 

163 Oxford rd 
Home Eva, 31 Quoor.sborry rd 
Horsfield Margt., 84 Mitol'la st 
Howarth Matthew, J 00 Manchester rd 
Hoyle Wm., 114 Loworhouse In 
Hudson Albt,, 107-109 Cog In 
Jones EHz. A., 11 King st 
Kcnniford Jph., 35-37 Anne st 
Kershaw Mary A-, 1 Norman st 
Kippax Albt., 3 Sand st 
Kippax Jas., US Burnlev rd, Briercliffe 
K nowlos Wltr., 29 Whittleheld sfc 
Lambert John, 30 Daneshouse rd 
Latham Alf<L, 49-51 Haslam st 
Latham Arthur, 164 Sandygate 
Latham John, 113 Marlborough st 
Latham Wm., 68 Hollingreave rd 
Lawson Gertrude, 20 Kirkgate 
Leather Alfd., 125 Aeerington rd 
Leaver Wm., 2 Tennyson st, Brierclijje 
Leo Frank, 2 Beatrice st 
Lingard Jas., 46a Plumbe at 
Lingard Jph. A., Market hall 
Little Nina, 390 Cog in 
Lloyd Alice A., 64 Hurtley st 
Lodor Jas., 32 Temple st 
Lord Mary A., 2S Hirst st 
Lord Robt., 37 Bread st 
Love Clough Co-operative Society 

Clow bridge 
Lowe Henry, 39 Old Hall st 
McNeil Thos., 43 Dorset st 



Maden Alfd., 58 Burnley rd. Clow 

Mallinson Lean, 10 Ford st 
Mallinson Wm, H., 17 Shaw st 
Marshall Ur., 34 Parliament st 
Marshall Win., 536-538 Accrington rd 
M'audsley Wm., 27 Loworhouse In 
Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., 82 St. James' 
st, 144 Coliie rd, 13 Plumbe st and 
153 Accrington rd 
Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd., 88 »St. James' 

St, 1 58 Colne rd and 2 Temple st 
Melia Ivy, 08 Barracks rd 
Melias, Ltd., MO- 143 St. James' st, 2b 
Temple st, 70 Hebrew rd and 353 
Briercliffe rd 
Meteali" Sarah, 732 Padiham rd 
♦Metcalfe Bros., Ltd., Bridge st and 52 

St. James' st 
Metcalfe Jas. T., 41 Reynolds st 
-Miller Ernest, 172 Hollingreave rd 
Milner Alston, I I Briercliile rd 
Mitchell Sarah A., 112-1 14 Piccadilly rd 
Morgan John, 1 Lincoln st 
Murray Francis, 24 May st 
Neal Ellis, 1 Swainbank st 
Kewbold Richd., 2 Liverpool rd 
Newsome Albt., 25 Whittam st 
Noone Edwd., 52 Hull at 
Nuttall Cliff., 57 Parliament st 
Hwttall John K., 120 Hurtley st 
Xnttcr Alfd. V., 75 Briercliffe rd 
Nutter Jas., 01-63 Halifax rd, Brier- 
Nutter Wm. Herbt., 39a Oxford rd 
Oliphant Robt., 105 Cog In 
Ormerod Frank, 67 Leyland rd 
Palmer Doris, 1 53 Bru.nshaw rd 
Parker Dora, 100 Every st 
Parker Harold, 1 03 Sandygate 
Partington Maria. 2 Holme rd 
Patterson Geo., 21 9 Accrington rd 
Payne Ethel, 7-0 North st 
Peel John, 5!) Albert st 
Penrose Harold, 38 Ivy st 
Perry Tlios., 2 Lubbock st 
Pilling Jas. A., 183-1 85 Gannow In 
Plant Seth, 70 Hollingreave rd 
Pollard Augustine, 1 7 Woodbine rd 
Pollard Cliff,, 44 Briercliffe rd 
*PORRETT WALTER, 8 Chancery 

Proctor Fredk., 10 Old Hall st 
Rateliffe Thos., 21-23 King st 
liateliffe Wlfd., 70 Padiham rd 

Ltd., Saunder bank 
Redman A., Ltd., Market hall 
Redman T. «& Co., Ltd., Newport st, 05 

St. Matthew st, 0-8 Parliament st, 

1 20 Hebrew rd, Market hall ; and at 

Richardson Horace, 40 Heap st 
Rigby Wltr.,2 Atheist 
Rigg Thos., i 5 Parker st 

Riley Eric, 17 Boot st 
Riley Fredk., 52 Kargher st 
Riley Robt., 338 and 354 Cog In 
Riley Robt. fty., 107- 109 Anne st 
Robertshaw Gregson, 200 Acerington 

rd and 264 Coal Cloiigh In 
Robinson Gertrude, 4 Howsin st 
Robinson Jas. , 95 Plum be st 
Roehe Nellie, 5 Acerington rd 
Rotherliam Sydney, 13 St. Matthew st 
Rowson Fredk., 24 Parker st and 77 

Hurling In 

Rushton Andrew, 32 Florence st 
Rnshton Bros., 1 4 Ciirzon st 
Sagar Simon Henry, 12 Arthur st 
Sanderson John, 57 Albion st 
SchoficldThos., 183 Oxford rd 
Seoweroft Arthur H., 20 Richmond st 
Sellers Jane E., 18 Ardwick at 
Sharpies Arthur, 25 Briercliffe rd 
Sharpies Ellen, 58 Marlborough si- 
Shaw Ernest, 53 Loworhouse in 
Sherburn Louisa, 2 Clyde st 
Simpson Edna, 30 Myers st 
Simpson Edwin, 71 Scott st 
Simpson Frank, 70 Piccadilly rd 
Smith Albt. E., 81 Sandygate 
Smith Eleanor, 05 Westgatc 
Smith Ethel & Adelaide, 10-12 Argyle 

Smith Frank, 1 (i Rectory rd 
Smith Fredk. W., 23 Glen at 
Smith Henry, 5 Mount Pleasant st 
Smith J'ph.,"88Healey Wood rd 
Smith Nancy, 250 Colne rd 
Smith Richd., 52 Trafalgar st 
Spenee John G., 112 Gannow In 
Spencer Jas. W., 3 Meadow st 
Spencer John, grcr, 5 Hobarfc st 
Spencer Richd. P., 1 Every st 
StansHekl Alice G., 73 U'ostgate 
Steele Jph., 71 Albion st 
Stephens', 50 Rectory rd 
Stephenson Eliza, 12 Brown st 
Stone Geo. H., 50 Sandygate 
Stott Geo. Hy., 24 Walpole st 
Strachan Lottie, 4 Sharp st 
Stuttard Chas., 338 Colne rd 
Summers Jas., Market hall 
Sunderland Andrew, 209 Acerington rd 
Sunderland Marshall, Clow bridge 
Swift Moses. 70 Rose Hill rd 
Sykes Jane, Holmsley st 
Tattersall Albt., 23 Coal Clough In 
Tattersall Geo. Wm., 63 Huffing hi 
Taylor Eliz. Ann, 1 Dukest 
Taylor Holden, 31 Hebrew rd 
Taylor Wm., 2 Blenheim st 
Thomas Helen J., Nairn© st 
Thompson Robt. P., 154 Hollingreave 

Threlfall Saml., 12 Hullsfc 
Tillotson Minnie, 109 Grey at 
Trentham Jas., 5 Wostgate 
Vernon Wm. J., 77 Gordon st 


1 53 

VciTan Francis, 82 Brunswick at 
Waddington John, 8-10 Cotton st 
Y\ "aldington Reuben, ;>4a Canning st 
Walton Fredk., 136 Cleaver st 
Walton John Hy., 121 Westgate 
Ward Wltr., 31 Gannow in 
Warrington Geo., 8 Slater st 
Waterworth Thos., 210 Coin© rd and 41 

Briorelifl'e rd 
Watson Arthur, 87a. Ardwick st and 29 

Hurtley st 
Watson Jessie, 1 Clock st 
Whitaker John, 58 Towneley st 
Whitehead Ricnd., Market sq and 124 

Burnley rd, Briercliffe 
Whitney Fannv, 181 Oxford rd 
Whittaker Bliss. A., 29 Packard st 
Whittaker Ethel, 30-32 Keith st 
Whone Thos. Win., 66 Briercliffe rd 
Wilding Thos., 44 Trafalgar at 
Wilkins Ceo., 57 Scott st 
Wilkinson Albt. F., 5 Briercliffe rd 
Wilkinson Alice A., 4 Folds st 
Wilkinson Annie, 57 High st 
Wilkinson David, 268 Padiharn rd 
Wilkinson Jph. H., 6 Bright st 
Wilkinson Martha, 1 1 6-1 1 8 Finsleygate 
Wilkinson Oliver, 144 Oxford rd 
Wilkinson Wilkinson, 49 Burns st 
Williams Emma, 18 Parker In 
Williams Geo. Edwin, 43 Lyndhurst rd 
Williamson Emma, 75 Whittlefield st 
Williamson Henry, 30-32 Roebuck st 
Williamson Wm., 18 Cui'zon st 
Wills Josiah, 151 Accrington rd 
Wilson Fredk., 41 Hebrew rd 
Wilson Hannah, 23-25 Xairne st 
Wilson Horbt., Ill Padiharn rd, 68 

Sandygate, 47 Reynolds st and Folds 

Wilson Jas., 2 Norton st 
Wilson Mark, 1 Cowper st 
Woodhead Percy, 75(5 Padiharn rd 
Wormwell Edith, 110 Trafalgar st 
Worsh Albt., 292 Padiharn rd 
Wrathall Annie E., 123 Rectory rd 
Yates Albt., 28-30 Harley st 
Young Wltr., 25 Haslam at 
Yoxall & Sons, Ltd., 26 Howe st, and 

140 Come rd 

GENTS 1 . 

Addle Nancy A., I Colville st 
Airey Elsie, 139 Parliament st 
Airey Win., 122 Oxford rd 
Allison Edna, 1 51 Oxford rd 
Anderton Leeming, I S Boot st 
Anderton Wm. H., 7 Westgate 
Ashworth Annie, 309 Colno rd 
Atkin John, 10 Bridge st 
Baguley Saml., 24 Tunnel st 
Bailey Alfd. H., 65 Briercliffe rd 
Baines Wm., 4 Abel at 

Baldwin Elsie, 113 Colno rd 
Beecham John Lord, 197 Oxford rd 
Beck with Constance, Wilton at 
Bell Clias., 280 Colne road 
Borry Ernest E., 124 Branch rd 
Biaekwell Rose, 38 Disraeli st 
Brade Bella, -14 Lowerhouse In 
Broadloy Percy. 1 Colbran st 
Brown John W., IS Elm st 
Brunton VV'ilford, 5 Parker In 
Buck Grace, 263 Briercliffe rd 
Burton Geo. H., 6 Brougham st 
Can* Allan, 5 Rosegrove In 
Carson Mary A., 6 Padiharn rd 
Clegg Catherine E„ 87 Thursby rd 
Olough Doris, 210 Manchester r<l 
Cowgill Thos. Hy-, 62 Briercliffe rd 
Cragg Jesse, 127 Bru.nshaw rd 
Crawford Ada, 41 Rose Grove In 
Crawshaw John E., 166 Accrington rd 
Croasdale Dorothy, 43 Reynolds st 
Cross Jas. A., 1-3 Barden In 
Cryer John, 84 Oxford rd 
Daulby Thos., 181 Padiharn rd 
Derbyshire Thos., 117 Burnley rd, 

Dickinson Richd., 52 Ourzon st 
Downie Elsie, 24a Church at 
Duckworth Lily, 1 1 Oxford rd 
l^astwood Ernest, S3 Westgate 
Emmott Alfd., 1 29 Cog In 
Fntwistle Hugh, 32a Trafalgar st 

Farnworth Robt., 280 Gannow In 
France Albt., 122 Burnlev rd. Brier- 

Fort Richd., 2 St. James' row 
Gledhill Georgina, 281 Padiharn rd 
Gorden Doris, 33c Chmeh st 
GOULBOURN A. & E., 4 Bristol street 
Green Annie & Beatrice, 77 Oxford rd 
Greenhalgh Jas. A., 33 Yorkshire at 
Greenwood Ellen, 810 Padiharn rd 
Grosvenor (The) Hairdressing Salon, 48 

St. James* st 
Gudgeon Simon, 8 Brown st 
Guthrie John, 72 Padiharn rd 
Hale Amy, 279 Briercliffe rd 
Hamer Aland, 146 Padiharn rd 
Hargreavcs Elsie, 31a Yorkshire st 
Hartley Arthur, 201 Accrington rd 
Haworth Alice, 70 Coal Clough In 
Hewitt WE, 122 Colne rd 
Hough Ida, 193 Padiharn rd 
Howarth Jas., 29 Barracks rd 
Hudcliestone Florence, 151 Colne rd 
Hugill Jph., 1 la Yorkshire st 
Ingham Jean, 80 Raglan rd. 
Jackson Florence, 4 Hall st 
Jackson Thos., 30 Barracks rd 
gene " diploma), 4 Bristol street 
Jenkins Rose, S3 Plum be st 
Johnson Wm., 79 Coal Clough hi 
Jordan Geo. B., 3 Tunstill st 
Kenyon Clarence, 42 Standish st 



Kershaw Winifred, 89 Plumbc st and 

213 Padiham rd 
Lancaster Gertrude, 13 "Raglan rd 
Latham Geo., 31 Plumbe st. 
Lawrence Morence, 322 Padiham rd 
Layfield Beatrice A., 59 Thursby rd 
Loach Lavinia, 2 Rectory -rd 
Lee Sidney C, 3 Berkeley st 
Leech Emily, 35 Lee st 
Lester Lizzie. 1 70 Burnley rd. iirier- 

McCouville Mary, 1 9 Todniordon ni 
AfeMahon Jas., 100 Hurtley st 
Madock Edwd., 352 Colne rd 
Mallingon Abraham, 142 Colne rd 
Marguerite Madame, 1 2a Hargreaves sfc 

and 54 St. -Tames' st 
Mercer Fredk., 80 Springfield rd 
Moran Frank, 70 Abel st 
Morris Albt., 50 Abel sfc 
Morris John, 94 Leyland rd 
Morris Mark, 159 BrierelirTe rd 

Myers Mary, 59 Lyndlmrst rd 
Newton Sand., 5(5 Padiham rd 
Noble Mary, I 78 Brunshaw rd 
Norm .Tph., 116 Accrington rd 
Norris VV'm. H., 206 Padiham rd 
Patchott Col. Hobdon, 08 Accrington rd 
Pearson Obas. Hy.? 49 Stand ish st 
Binder Thos. F., 13 Tunnel sfc 
Pomfrefc Thos., 75 Parliament st 
Preston John, 20 Healey Wood rd 
Quinn Jas., 04-96 Trafalgar st 
BatclirYe Ivy, 123 Wcstgate 
Reader Iris, 18 Lyndlmrst rd 
Redman Ethel, 155 Briercliffe rd 
Ridge Eleanor, 1 28 Brougham sfc 
Rigby Elsie, 34 Accrington rd 
Rookcliffe Wm. H-, I Lowerhouso In 
Salts Annie, 424 Brunshaw rd 
Shannon Dorothy, 44 Rectory rd 
Shore Susannah, 13 Howe at 
Smith Albt., 34 Piccadilly rd 
Spencer, 155 Colne rd 
Spencer Nora, I 8 Hebrew rd 
Tattersall Annas, 90 Da.ll st 
Tattersall Arthur, 43 Church st 
Taylor David, 91 Manchester rd 
Taylor Kichd., 6 Daneshouse rd 
Taylor Hand., 23 Marlborough st 
Terry John, 80 Cleaver st 
Thompson Ethel, 32a Padiham rd 
Thompson John 0., 5 Finsleygate 
Vernon John, 40 Yorkshire st 
Vernon Win., 100 Finsleygate 
Wall Bros, (ladies' and gent's), 50 Man- 
chester rd ; and at Nelson, Golne and 


Watson Nora, 1 1 Carlton rd 
Webster Gladys, 30 Oxford rd 
Westall Doris, 01 Manchester rd 
Whitehead Fredk,, 1 17 Parliament st 
Whitehead Jph. H., 31 Lyndhurst rd 
Whitfield May, 352 Colne rd 
Whittle May, 3 Queen -Victoria st 

Williams Owen, 3 Thurston st 
Winn Fred M. , 6 Hargreaves st 
Winterbottoms', 110 Hebrew rd 
Young Annie, 510 Accrington rd 


Lavcock B. & Co., 8 Croft st 

SINGLETONS 1 (makers of hygienic 
shampoo, skin ointment and tooth 
powder), 6 Cambridge street, Brier- 


[iSee, «/-vo IroiiMofUjer^). 

Adams' Stores, Ltd.. 22a Plumbe sfc and 

144 Accrington rd 
Almond Vincent, 51 Sandvgato 
BALDWIN W. & J., Ltd. (wholesale 

merchants), Borough Brush works, 

113 Curzon street 
Bell Fredk. W.. 78 Briercliffe rd 
Bell Goo. YY\, 270 Colne rd 
Borman Thos.. 506 Accrington rd 

Burnley Kqui table Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., TFanmierton 

Cheetham Win., 204 Padiham rd 
Cooper Benj. H. (whlslo), 1 5 Bank par 
COWGILL & SMITH, 41 St. James' 

street ; warehouse, Cannon street 
Dann Ethel M-, 90 Lowerhonse \\i 
"Delooze Jas., 13 Oxford rd and 140 

Accrington rd 
HARGREAVES C. F., Ltd., 4 St. James' 

street and 2 Gliviger street 
Hargreaves Marefta, S04 Padihum rd 
Harker .Jane A., 1 00-1 02 Padihstrn rd 
Hngill Chris. & Son, 147 Oxford rd 
Jackson Roy, 48 Lyndlmrst rd 
Mason Wm. S., 58 Manchester rd 
Palmer Bertha, 4S Padiham rd 
Pickup Minnie, 43 Healey Wood rd 
Price Alice, 31 Bankhousest 
Price Harriet, 81 Westgate 
Sutclilfe Fred, 4-0 Stsmdish St 
'J'omlinsonAlbt. 1 , 217 Accrington rd 
Wilkinson Geo. (Burnlev), Ltd. (wlilsl), 

Old Hall st 
Wilkinson & Wilkinson, Ltd. (whlsle), 

Bank par 



street, Market place 
BRADSHAW WILL, Ltd., 18 St. James 1 


Burnley Equitable Co-operativo and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammerton 

CASH & Co., 55 St. James* street , 



James 1 street 

Diuul & Co., Ltd., SO St. James 1 st 
HUNTER H„ Ltd., 61 St. James' street 
Jacksons', Ltd., I St, James' st 
POLLARD & SONS, Ltd., 175 Colnc 


(ib'ee Motor Haulage). 


BARKER JOSEPH, 47 Parker lane 

Krown Horatio, GJatmow In 

INGHAM R. & W., Higher Smallshaw 

farm, off Accrington road 

WHITAKER ARTHUR, Tunstall street 

and Curzon street 


(See Heed and Heald Makers). 
Banks Ellis, 100 Hebrew rd 

Barlow Florence A., 10 Hebrew nl 
Barlow J'ph., 27 Stand ish st 
Curative Products, 22 Yorkshire st 
Fitzpatrick Malaehi, 2-7 Yorkshire st- 
Gibbons Jas., S Sandygate 
Hargreavcs Edith A., 212b Aoeruigton 

Hargroaves Jas. A., 79 Oxford st 
Pollard Arthur, 4 Boot st 
Sagar Edmund, 115 Padiham st 
.Smith Wlfd., 288a Briercliffe rd 
Taylor Geo. W., 38 Daneshouse rd 
Wadsworth John W., 12 Abel st 


Holt John T. (slaughterer), .17-19 

Church st 
Thompson Af flick, 1 Diligent sfc 
Wilson John, I Oakuiount si 


CALVERT F., Ltd., 30 Yorkshire street 
Davy Jph., Ltd., Trafalgar st 
Khuwood Hosiery Manufacturing Co., 

Ltd., Clegg st 
Pickles Albt., 23 Enunett st 
Brunswick street ; sales department 
for knitwear, etc., 7 Yorkshire street ; 

S. Jackson, manager 


street, Market place 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative So- 
ciety, Ltd., Hammerton st 

BRADSHAW WILL, Ltd., 68 St. 
James' street 

CALVERT F., Ltd. (wholesale mer- 
chants), 30 Yorkshire street 

CASH &Co., 55 St. James' street 


James' street 

HoltFredk., 2 Barden In 

HUNTER H., Ltd., 61 St. James* street 

Hustler Win, 298 Colne rd 

Ingham Thos., 1 Howest 

POLLARD W. & SONS, Ltd., 175 

Colne road 

Scotch Wool and Hosiery Stores 
(Fleming, Keid & Co., Ltd.), ^Man- 
chester rd 

Stephensons' (F. Stanley Bridge, pro- 
prietor), 10 St, James st 


See ah'o Beerhouses and Beersellere), 

Adelphi Hotel, Klin. Griffiths, 31 

Ade-Iphi st 

Albion Hotol, Geo. Komney, 20-22 Bed 
Lion St 

Alma Inn, Jas. T. Pickup, 230 Ac- 
crington rd 

Angel Inn, Ruth H. Kenyon, SO Ao- 
crington rd 

Barracks Tavern, Arthur C. lied i nan, 
Padiham rd 

Bay Horse Hotel, John Blake, 5S St, 
James' st 

Black Bull Inn, Ohas. Hodda, 01 Mars- 
den rd 

Boot Inn, Frances Wright, 18 St. 
James' st 

Borough Hotel, Florrie Thompson, 14- 

1 Halstead st 

Bowling Green Lm, Frcdk. Hartley, 
2.3-27 Clifton st 

Britannia Hotel, Jolm Diggle, 107 Ox- 
ford rd 

Bull & Butcher, Alut. E. Whalley, 
Manchester rd 

Canal Tavern, Ernest Bannister, US 

Manchester rd 
Cattle Market Hotel, AY'm. Lord, 10 

Elizabeth st and 51 Parker In 
Clock Face Hotel, Andrew Towers, 32 

St. James' st 

Commercial Hotel, Win. Place, 133 St. 
James 1 st 

Corporation Hotel, Walter S. Kay, 31 
Oxford rd 

CROSS KEYS HOTEL (family and com- 
mercial), Tom Jackson, 170 St. 
James' street 



Crown Hotel, Robt. Kobinson, M 
Bridge st 

Derby Hotel, Fredk. Stancombe, 177 
Padiham rd 

Dog and Duck Hotel, John Rifcchiugs, 
Od St. James' st 

Dragoon Hotel, John K. Burrow, 74 
Hebrew rd 

Duke of York Hotel, Wm, Euimett, 129 
Colne rd 

Empress Hotel, Mary Aubrey, Howe st 
and Chancery st 

Engineers' Arms, Walter Tiplady, 13 
Parker st 

Exchange Hotel, Tom Jackson, 24 
.Nicholas st 

CJarrison Hotel, Jas. Sumner, GO Padi- 
ham rd 

General Campbell Inn, Albt. E. John- 
son, 18-^0 Barracks rd 

General Havelock Inn, John Wilkin- 
son, 4- 6 Barracks rd 

George the Fourth Inn, Henry Wilkin- 
son, 70S Padiham rd 

Gretna Gi'een Hotel, Francis Kendall, 

Grey Mare Hotel, Thos. 13. Blackburn, 
110 Uannow hi 

Griffin Hotel, Henry P. Knowles, 128 
Kossendale rd 

Hall Inn, Emma Duerden, 2 Church st 

Hare and Hounds Inn, Thos. Ward, 1 
'I'odmorden rd, BriGrcliJJe 

Healey Wood Inn, Henry Hartley, 20- 
2S Healey Wood rd 

Hole-in-the-Wall Hotel, Edwd. Whit- 
taker, 122-124 Sandygato 

Junction Hotel, Win. T. Hose, 03 
Rose Grove In 

Lane Ends Hotel, Lily Fryer, Lower- 
house In 

Masons' Arms, Elizabeth Nutter, GO 
St. James' st 

Mitre Hotel, Hai-old Ureenhalgh, West- 

Nelson Hotel, Ernest Fell, Trafalgar st 

New Hotel, Kichd. Harrison, 20 Cog In 

New Market Hotel, Bcnj. Crabtree, 25 
Market st 

New Red Lion Hotel, Wm. Sumner, 13 
Manchester rd 

Old Red Lion Hotel, John Boiand, 2-4 
Manchester rd 

Old Sparrow Hawk Hotel, Wm. Hig- 
ghison Mellor, 03 Church st 

Parkers 1 Arms, Arthur Chappies, 10-12 
Parker In 

Plane Tree Hotel, Robt. Arkwriglit, 4 

Prince Albert Hotel, Robt. Hoyle, 05 
Curzon st 

Princess Alexandra Hotel, Geo. T. 
James, 78 Colne rd 

Princess Royal Hotel, Charles Stut- 
tard, Yorkshire st 

Queen's Hotel, Wltr. Wray, 80-82 Cur- 
zon st 

Railway Hotel, Wm. J. Ratcline, 1 
Rose Grove hi 

Reedley Hallows Hotel, Susannah Gill, 
Bavden In 

Refreshment Rooms, Bank Top sta- 
tion, Railway st 

Reindeer Hotel, Lnrd. Harrison, 30 
Adelphi st 

Rose and Crown Hotel, Arthur S. Bam- 
by, 180-182 Manchester rd 

Royal Butterfly Hotel, Fredk. Nutter, 
83 Hurling In 

Royal Hotel, Wltr. Place, 107 Colue 

St. Logor Hotel, Wm. Boocook, 1 5 Red 

Lion st 

Salford Hotel, Henry Nuttall, Roylo 

Ship Inn, Ethel Sutcliile, 08 Parker In 

Spread Eagle Inn, Willie Astin, 16 

Temple st 
Stanley Hotel, Ernest Riley, ltj-i Ox- 
ford id 
Stork Hotel, Wm. Swift, Westgate 
Swan Hotel, Albt. Sutclifte, 40 St. 

James' st 
Talbot Hotel, Willie Duerden, 2 Or- 

merod rd 
Thorn Hotel, Lewis Hodgson, 67 St. 

James' st 
Tim Bobbin Hotel, Lena Turner, 319 

Padiham rd 
Trafalgar Hotel, Frank Williams, 42 

Trafalgar st 

Turf Hotel, Benj. Cross, Yorkshire 

Waggoners' Inn, Wm. Parkinson, Man- 
chester rd 

Waterloo Hotel, Edith Keys, Sandy- 

Well Hall Hotel, Wm.E. Pilkington, 22 

Church st 

Wellington Arms Hotel, Alfd. Thomas, 
2 Todmorden rd 

White Bull lun, Wltr. Shaw, 27 Can- 
now In 

White Hart Hotel, Francis H. Brown, 

45 Church st 
White Horse Hotel, Arthtu- Fryer, Si 

St. James' st 
White Lion Hotel, Mary Jane Jackson, 

22 St. James' st 

Woodman Inn, John Wilkinson, 184 
Oxford rd 

Yorkshire Hotel, Ueo. E- Johnson, 30 
Yorkshire st 


James' street 

HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 




(See also Land Agents and Surveyors). 

Burnley Estates, Ltd., 2 Boot st 
Burnley Land Development Co., Ltd., 

2 Boot st 
CAMPBELL JOHN T., 3 Woodbine 


CARTER FRED, 10 Cuerden street 
Coast and Inland Estates, Jones' 

buildings, Hammerton street 
COWPE ERNEST & Co., 8 Grimshaw 

DAWSON OSWALD, 3 Claremont street 

St. James 1 street 
Edmondson Harry, 47 St. Matthew st 
HAM & LAWSON, 23 St. James' row 
HARTLEY GILBERT, 13a Nicholas 


Manchester road 

Commercial salerooms, 59 Manches- 
ter road 
HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 


shaw street 
l'lace Robinson, 4a Brown st 
Titterington John, !)2 Colne road 
Walls Kobfc. & Co., 9 Nicholas st 
house street 


Burnley Corporation Cold Stores and 
Ice Works, Koyl© rd ; T. 1\ Stark, 



Cece Anthony, 28-30 Aqueduct st 
Cece Win. H.", 38 Plumb© st 
Gilbert J as., 01 Cromwell st 
Gudgeon Alex., 237 Kossendalo rd 
Hastwell Herbt., 17 Rectory rd 
Smith Jeremiah, 2 Holbeck at 
SMITH'S CREAM ICES (wholesale and 

retail, cafes supplied), Monmouth 


TOGNARELLI T S, 134-136 St. James 9 
Street ; and at Kendal, diversion and 


Gray & Co., 5 Yorke street 

Manchester road 

shaw street 

MERCER W. J. & Co. (registered at 
Lloyds), 3 Ormerod street and 3 
Albion street 

Manchester road 

Watson (Matthew), Pearso & Bower* 

1(» Manchester rd 
Yoxall John, 23 St. James* row 


Abstainers' and General ; Lancaster, 
Son & Parkinson, Imperial chmbrs, 
2 Grimshaw st 

Alliance ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street ; Uowluison, Har- 
grcaves, Smith & Wood, 7 Grimshaw 
Grimshaw street, HARTLEY & 
RILEY, 8 Yorkshire street ; OS- 
WALD DAWSON, 3 Claremont street 

Atlas Insurance Co., Ltd. (Essex and 
Suffolk Insurance Society), 3 Ormer- 
od st ; H. Floyd, resinsptr. Agents: 
J. F. HEAP & Co., 1 Yorke street ; 

J3irt wells', 2-4 Nicholas st ; J. W. 

MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod street ; 

Lancaster, Son & Parkinson, 2 
Grimshaw sfc j ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; Rawlin- 

soii, Hargr eaves, Smith & Wood, 7 
Grimshaw st ; RAMSBOTTOM & 
HEAP, 12 Hargreaves street 

& Co., 113 Manchester road 

156 St. James' street ; E. Mitchell, 
stipl ; F. Taylor, asst supL Aye/Us : 
J. Lewis, I 8 Kennie st ; C. Thwaites, 
35 Forrest st ; J. S. Shutt, 76 Syca- 
more avj E. Massey, 41 Piccadilly rd, 
H. Markham, 25 .Dry den st, Padi- 
ham ; W. J. Wilkinson, 5 Rutland 
pic, Padiham ; Thomas Hall, 7 Mark 
st; F. Green, 40 Coultate st ; A. 
Lawson, 20 Kirkgate ;A. Ptlkhigton, 
11 Ivan st; A. Boyd, 28 Moorland 
rd ; H. J )emaine, 57 Tarleton st ; H. 
Whatmough, 22 Lebanon st ; W. 
Woodhead, 9J Burnley rd. Hade 
Syke ; J. Nicholls, 29 Bnmswick st ; 
T. N. Matthews, 93 Branch rd ; J. 
Moorhouse, 14 Kuskiu av, Pmliham 
Blackburn Philanthropic Mutual As- 
surance Society, 39 Ormerod rd ; H. 
Lang, swpt. Agents : E. Ashworth, 
409 Rossendale rd ; r>\ Pollard, 41 
St. John's rd ; J. Rushton, 21 Bel- 
grave st ; H. Kershaw, 1 1 Eastham 
st ; A. Knowlesj 5 Nether by st 
Britannic Assurance Co., Ltd., S York- 
shire sfc ; H, Foy, miu/r ; M. Brier- 
ley, 088t mngr. Agents : A. Ashton, 
27 Dean st ; W. Duxbury, The Hol- 
lins ; A. Roper, 234 Barden in ; W. 
Shanley, 11 1 Saekville st, Brierftcltl ; 
J. A. Kay, 98 Halifax rd, Brierjield ; 



A. Long, 00 Nairne st ; — Lambert, 
14 Swindon st ; J. Turner, 4 Helena 
st ; A. llowbotham, 57 Springfield 
at; W. Wallace, 21 Killingtonst; C. 
Peacock, 9 Hollingreave- re! 

British Engine, Boiler and Electrical 
Insurance Co., Ltd., 01 Lookyor av ; 
J. E. Hoare, res inspt/r. Agents : 
shaw street ; Kawlinson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood, 7 Grim- 
12 Hargreaves street 

British Law ; THOMAS H. MILLER. 
F.S.I. , 204 Todmorden road 

British Oak ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street 

Burnley and District Cotton. Manufac- 
turers' Insurance Association, 7 
Grimshaw st ; 15. Smith, sec 

Burnley and District Friendly Society, 
23 Bank par ; J. McKay, sec 

Ltd., 13a Nicholas street ; Gilbert 
Hartley, secretary 

Burnley and Bast Lancashire Rural 
Deaneries, 33 Church st ; J. A. 
Edmondson, sec 

Caledonian ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 
104 Manchester road ; J. HUGHAN 
HAWKSWELL & Co., 113 Man- 
chester road ; J- W. MERCER & 
Co., 3 Ormerod stieet ; DANIEL 
LAXTON, F.N.A.A., 8 Grimshaw 

& Co., 113 Manchester road 

Car and general Insurance Corpora- 
tion, Ltd., 22 .Nicholas st ; L. Ent- 
wistle, res insptr. Agents : J. W. 
MERGER & Co., 3 Ormerod street 

Century ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road 

City of Glasgow Friendly Society.. 9a 
St. James' row ; &. Carson, mngr 

Commercial Union Assurance Co., 
Ltd., 8 Ormerod sfc ; R. W. Walton, 
local -vnsptr. Agents : SAMUEL 
TAYLORS, 74 and 78 Manchester 
road ; James K. Currie, 15 Har- 
greaves st ; J. F. HEAP & Co., 1 
Yorke street ; Kawlinson, Har- 
greaves, Smith & Wood, 7 Grim- 
shaw st; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road ; T. H. & H. Har- 
greaves, Bankchmbrs, St. James' st ; 
J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod 
street ; R. Watson & Son, 12 Har- 
greaves st ; DANIEL LAXTON, 
F.N.A.A., 8 Grimshaw street ; Bobt. 
Walls & Co., 9 Nicholas st ; PROC- 
TOR St PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw 
street ; OSWALD DAWSON, 3 
Claremont street 

Co-operative Insurance Society, Ltd., 
47 St. James* st ; Win. McGrail, di^t 
mngr. Agents : C. H. Barber, 08 
Lockyer av ; H. Bannister, 20 Cum- 
berland av ; J'. T. Campbell, 3 Wood- 
bine rd ; W. Chambers, 285 Coal 
Clough In ; J. M. Graham, 9 St. 
Matthew st ; H. Duxbury, 399 
BriercIifEe rd ; W. Fairburn, 270 
Coal Clough In ; 1<\ Greeuhalgh, 93 
Lyndhurst rd ; J. Gill, 7 Magdalene 
ter ; 1<\ ,}. Greenwood, 38 Queens- 
berry rd ; W. Hewitsou, 04 Branch 
rd ; L. Hamer, 11 Leamington av : 
S. Hartley, 1 8 Basnett st ; F. Keel- 
ing, 20 Basnett st ; W. Mitchell, 102 
Briercliu'e rd ; W. Moss, 48 Marsdcn 
rd ; W. S. Moss, 48 Marsden rd ; H. 
Preston, 35 Cumberland av ; L. 
Shaw, 11 Mitchell st ; J. Slater, 2.1 
Byron st ; I. Whipp, 1 1)4 Manchester 
rd ; A. Whitehead, 5 Olympia st 

Conservative Sick and Burial Society, 
12 Hargreaves st ; 14. Laiigloy, sec 

CornJdll ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street 

County (Fire) ; T. Parkinson & Co., 3 
Ormerod st 

Ea<fle, Star and British Dwnimons ; 

shaw street ; HUDSON & KIDNER, 
21-23 Nicholas street ; Ashworth, 
Moulds & Co., 22 Nicholas st ; J. W. 
MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod street : 
113 Manchester road ; RAMSBOT- 
TOM & HEAP, 12 Hargreaves 
street ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road ; DANIEL LAX- 
TON, F.N.A.A., 8 Grimshaw street 

Employers' (The) Liability Assurance 
Corporation, Ltd., 74 Manchester rd ; 
K, H, Bennett, res insptr. Agents : 
SAMUEL TAYLORS, 74 and 78 Man- 
chester road ; R. Watson & Son, 12 
Hargreaves at ; J. W. MERCER & 
Co., 3 Ormerod street j ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road ; 
HAM & LAWSON, 23 St. James' 

Hargreaves street 

Essex and Suffolk Insurance Society, 3 
Ormerod st ; H. Floyd, res insptr. 
Atjents : J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street 

Federated Employers ; J. W. MERGER 
& Co., 3 Ormerod street 

ANCE Co., Ltd., 19a Manchester 
road ; B. Cotter, district secretary. 
Agents : J. W. MERCER &. Co., 3 
Ormerod street ; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street 



General (Aw); ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 
104 Manchester road ; F. Clarkson & 
Co., Bank chmbrs. 7 Hargreaves st- ; 
J. W. MERGER & Co., 3 Ormerod 

street ; Asliworfch, Mould & Co.. t'l 

Xicholasst; HUDSON & KIDNER, 

21-23 Nicholas street 
are-sham; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road ; HARTLEY & 
RILEY, 8 Yorkshire street 

Guardian (Fire) ; ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; RAMS- 
BOTTOM & HEAP, 12 Hargreaves 

Guardian (Plate- Glass) ; ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road ; 

Rawliiisoii, Hargreaves, Smith & 
Wood, 7 Grimshaw st ; J. W. MER- 
CER & Co., 3 Ormerod street ; 
Southern, Ritchie & Southern, St. 

James 1 row ; PROCTOR & PROC- 
TOR, 3 Grimshaw street 

CIETY for Abstaining Men and 
Women (Todmorden District) ; office, 
2a Clifton street ; Charles H. Willi- 
ams, F.K.C.A., A.C.I.I., secretary 

Lancashire and Yorkshire ; PROCTOR 
& PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street 

Lam (Fire) j ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 
104 Manchester road 

Legal and General ; J. W. MERCER & 

Co., 3 Ormerod street ; J. HUGHAN 
HAWKSWELL & Co., 113 Man- 
chester road ; RAMSBOTTOM & 
HEAP, 12 Hargreaves street 
Licenses and General ; ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road ; R. 
Watson & Son, 12 Hargreaves st 

Liverpool and London and Globe In- 
surance Co.. Ltd., 5 Hargreaves *>fc ; 
Gray Kiggo, res insplr. Agents : 
R. Watson & Son, 12 Hargreaves st ; 
SAMUEL TAYLORS, 74 and 78 Man- 
chester road ; Ash worth, Moulds & 
Co., 22 Nicholas st ; J. W. MERCER 
&. Co., 3 Ormerod street ; Rawlinson, 
Hargreaves, Smith & Wood, 7 Urim- 
shawst; ASPDEN &JOHNSON,104 
Manchester road ; Green & Mitchell, 
106 Manchester rd ; DANIEL LAX- 
TON, F.N.A.A., 8 Grimshaw street ; 

Lambert & Parker, 9 York© st ; 

shaw street ; T. H. & H. Hargreaves, 
42 St. James' st ; ALLAN ED- 
MONDSON, F.A.I., 148 St. James' 
street ; HARTLEY & RILEY, 8 
Yorkshire street ; RAMSBOTTOM & 
HEAP, 12 Hargreaves street 
Liverpool Victoria Friendly Society, 
lie Yorkshire st ; J. Pearson, mngr. 
Agents ; C. E. Aspden, 223 Padiham 

id ; J. Carney, II Lome st ; R. H. 

Can', 92 Gainsborough av 

J. W. 

Donoglvue, 25 Venice av ; IS. Farrfitf, 
7 Nethorby st ; H. Harrison, 13 
Beverley st ; H. Hartley, 17 Bound- 
ary st ; L. T. Hnvvkes, 82 Olyinpia 
St ; G. Hirst, 44 Shale st ; J. VV. 
Ingham, I Park In, Brierfietd ; G. 
Knights, 1 1 Southey st ; J. Miles, I 
Hind st ; K Monk, 63 Piccadilly rd ; 
X. Moran, 6 Whit-park st ; K. Palmer, 
72 Waterbarn st ; R. W. Soialley, 27 
Ivorv st 

London Assurance Corporation ; ASP- 
DEN & JOHNSON, 104 Manchester 
road ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street ; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street ; 
St. James' street 

London Guarantee and A evident ; 
shaw street ; R. Watson & Son, 12 
Hargreaves st: ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; FRED 
CARTER, 10 Cuerden street 

London and Lancashire Insurance Co., 
Ltd., Imperial elunbrs, 2 Grimshaw 
st ; J. H. Kidd, res insplr. Agents : 
J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod 
street ; R. Watson & Bon, 12 Har- 
greaves st ; J. HUGHAN HAWKS- 
WELL & Co., 113 Manchester road ; 
Green & Mitchell, 106 Manchester 
rd ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road ; ALLAN ED- 
MONDSON, F.A.I., 148 St. James' 

London and Manchester Assurance Co,, 
Ltd., Bank chin brs, 7 Hargreaves st ; 
S. Basnetfr, supt. Agents : R. T. 
Helliwell, 110 BnuWhaw rd ; M. 
I/itzpatrick, 337 Uohic rd ; K. Jagger, 
102 Manchester rd ; J*. X. Burns, 14 
Kscott st ; E, O. Webster, 271 Coal 
Clough In ; L. Thomber, 127 Wood- 
grove rd 

London Scottish ; J. W. MERCER & 
Co., 3 Ormerod street 

SERVICES (all classes of insurance 
transacted, motor insurance special- 
ists, quarterly premiums, security 
with service}, 8 Yorkshire street ; E\ 
C. Riley, A.L.L.A., secretary 

Motor Union ; RAMSBOTTOM & 
HEAP, 12 Hargreaves street ; It. 

Watson & Son, 12 'Hargreaves st 

National (Boiler) ; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street 

National Mutual ; J. HUGHAN 
HAWKSWELL & Co., 113 Man- 
chester road 




INSURANCE Co., Ltd., 19a Man- 
chester road ; B. Cotter, district 
secretary. Agents : J. F. HEAP & 
Co., 1 Yorke street ; Lambert & 
Parker, 9 Yorke sfc; J. W. MERCER 
& Co., 3 Ormerod street ; Rawlinson, 
Hargreaves, Smith & Wood, 7 Grim- 
shaw st; ASPDEN &JOHNSON,104 
Manchester road ; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street ; 
greaves street 

Northern (Fire) ; PROGTOR & PROC- 
TOR, 3 Grimshaw street ; Rawlinson, 
'Hargreaves, .Smith & Wood, 7 Grim- 
shaw st ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 

Ormerod street ; J. HUGHAN 
HAWKSWELL & Co., 113 Man- 
Chester road ; ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road 

Norwich Union ; ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; HITCH- 
ON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester road ; 
shaw street ; J.W.MERCER & Co., 
3 Ormerod street ; J. HUGHAN 
HAWKSWELL & Co., 113 Man- 
Chester road 


3 Grimshaw street ; J. W. MERCER 
& Co., 3 Ormerod street ; T. H. & H. 
Hargreaves, Bank chmbrs, 42 St. 
F.A.I., 148 St. James' street ; RAMS- 
BOTTOM & HEAP, 12 Hargreaves 

Palatme ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street 

Pearl Assurance Co., Ltd,, 10 Har- 
greaves st ; P. Cockcroft, dist mngr. 
Assistants : L. Cooper, 50 H.arold av : 
John Jj. Aspden, 4 !Furness st. 3.0. 
representative : YV. E. Jolly, 8 Kim st. 
Agents : l'\ MeBreen, 73 lieetory rd ; 
i* ! . V. Taylor, 59 Harold av ; 'F. L. 
Wilkinson, Coal dough In ; #. T. 
Thomas, ] 94 Todmorden rd j \V~., 197 Coal Clough lii ; A. 
Heap, 339 Padihani rd ,- H. Sugar, 
17 Kimberley st, Harle Syke ; V. 
VVateriiouse, 10 Delia st ; J. Hay- 
liurst, 13 Colnerd ; W. Wills, Grey 

Phoonix Assurance Co., Ltd., 3 Yorke 
st ; A. Jackson, res sec. Agents : It. 
Watson & Son, 12 Hargreaves st : 
chester road ; Bob*. Walls & Co., 9 
Nicholas st 

Provincial ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 
Ormerod street ; HARTLEY & 
RILEY, 8 Yorkshire street 

Prudential Assurance Co., Ltd., Pru- 
dential bidngs ; J'. Crowley, s/ipt. 
Asst sv/pts : A. Spencer, A. Hughes, 
A, YV. Owen and W. H. Smith. 
Aaents : J. C. Brindle, 10 Kirn st ; JO. 
Bell, 7 OHvant st ; 14. Eastwood, :iii 
Harold av j T. Harrison, 7 Kid wick 
st ; C. S. Harrison, 20 Westbonrno 
av ; W. Jbpson, 3 Colne rd ; H. 
Lambert, 157 Branch rd ; W. J. 
Mcllniff, 29 J.tomiioy av; J'. Mc&Iiorrv. 
150 Bmnshaw rd ; O. Scott, 2 Con- 
stable av ; W. W. MeMahuu, 2 Dry- 
den st, Padnhum ; M. Randall, 8 St. 
John's rd, Padiham ; K. Smith, 175 
Kose Hill rd ; H. Suape, 00 Hoi bock 
st ; S. Sunderland, 219 Coal Clough 
hi ; A. C. Walkden, 2 KuTiiigton st ; 
J. Walker, 109 Colno rd : C. H. 
Wilson, SO Peart st ; M. O. Young, 
169 YVoodgrove rcl ; H. Raufield, 7 
Lionel st 

ANCE Co., 19a Manchester roacJ ; 13. 

Cotter, district secretary . Agents : J. 
F. HEAP & Co., 1 Yorke street ; 
Ka.wlinsoi», Hargreaves, Smith <fe 
Wood, 7 Grimshaw sfc; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street : Grev 
& Co., o Yorke st ; SAMUEL TAY- 
LORS, 74 and 78 Manchester road ; 
Ashworth, Moulds & Co., 22 Nichol- 
as st ; J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 Or- 
merod street ; R. Watson & Hon, 12 
Hargreaves st ; ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; RAMS- 
BOTTOM & HEAP, 12 Hargreaves 
Refuge Assurance Co., Ltd., 41 West- 
gate. 8'wpls. : (A Div.), J. A. Her- 
bert; ; (B Div.), John T. Guest. 
Assistants : U.K. Thomas, H. Bar- 
ker and J'. H. Kelly. Agents : J, 
Smith. 65 Lionel st ; J. Cox, 10 Duke 
st, Harle Syke ; W. Smith, 8 Gordon 
st, Worsthorne ; J. A. Marsh, 02 
Kyan sfc ; J. Sutcliffe, 2 Grasmero 
st ; W. 'i*. Hopwood. 30 Ferndalc rd ; 

F. Trotter, 139 Leyland rd ; P. 
Willcinson, 9 Oxford st, BHerfield ; 
E. M. Garnett, 40 Darwin st ; S. 
Howarth, 7 Colbran st ; K. Tliornber, 
I 1 ,3 Thurshy rd ; J. W. Crabtree, 99 
Thursby rd ; G. W. Sanford, 1 9 Stan- 
ley st, Brierfleld ; W. Earnshaw, 2 
Larkst ; W. B. Xayloi', 3 .Uossendalo 
av ; J. 'i\ Wood, 24 Whalley rd, 
b'abden ; >S. Jones, 24 Metcalfe st ; 
A. K.. Miller, 111 Branch rd ; C. 
Whittaker, 47 Manchester rd, Hap- 
ten ; H. Ingham, 20 Blackburn rd, 
Padiha/m ; H. Houghton, 52 Dugdale 
rd ; H. Butterwortli, o Durban grv ; 

G. Dean, 1 1 1 Thursby rd ; A. E . Wall, 
193 Coal Clough In ; P. M. Ciegg, 97 



Woodgrove rd ; H. V. Gatterall, 24 
Wesfcgate; C. Aldersley, 05 Middle- 
sox av ; K. Ash worth, 21 Reynolds 
st. ; C. B. Wood, 00 Gainsborough 
rd ; F, Keys, 31 Murray sfc ; J. 
MeWhiimoy," 9 Dial sfc 

Koad Transport and General Insurance 
Co., Ltd., 85 St. James' st ; H. Niit- 
fcall, mngr. Agents : Robt, Walls & 
Co., 9 Nicholas st 

Royal Co-operative Collecting Society, 
4b" Yorkshire st ; T. H. Davies, mngr 

ROYAL INSURANCE Co., Ltd. (fire, 
life and all classes of commercial in- 
surances), 8 Grimshaw street ; Ern- 
est Koyle and Harold 1). Miller, resi- 
dent inspectors. Agents: J. F. HEAP 

6 Co., 1 Yorke street ; R. Watson & 
Son, 12 Hargreaves st ; T. PARKIN- 
SON & Co., 3 Ormerod street ; Kaw- 
linson, Hargreaves. Smith & Wood, 

7 Grimshaw st ; SAMUEL TAY- 
LORS, 74 and 78 Manchester road ; 
Birt\vells\ 2-4 Nicholas sfc ; J. 
Manchester road ; Ashworth, Moulds 
& Co., 22 Nicholas st ; ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road ; 
Green & Mitchell, 106 Manchester 
rd ; FRED CARTER, 10 Cuerden 
street ; Robfc. Walla & Co., 9 
Nicholas sfc ; DANIEL LAXTON, 
F.N.A.A., 8 Grimshaw street ; Lan- 
caster, Son & Parkinson, Imperial 
chmbrs, 2 Crimshaw st ; PROCTOR 

& PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street ; 
Lambert «& Parker, 9 Yorke st ; 
St. James' street ; T. H. & H, Har- 
greaves, Bank chmbrs, 42 St. James* 
st ; OSWALD DAWSON, 3 Glare- 
mont street; HARTLEY & RILEY, 

8 Yorkshire street ; Rama bottom & 
Heap, 12 "Hargreaves st 

Royal Exchange ; J. W. MERGER & 
Co., 3 Ormerod street ; Ashworth, 

Moulds & Co., 22 Nicholas st ; J. 
113 Manchester road ; ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road ; 
Grimshaw street ; ALLAN ED- 
MONDSON, F.A.I., 148 St. James' 
Royal Liver Friendly Society, 5 Bridge 
st ; A. Marshall, dist mngr, Agents: 
H. Atkinson, 37 Clifton sfc ; J'. W. 
Bonney, Foxstones, near CUvitfer ; 
F. Briggs, 248 Padiham rd ; D. Caw- 
fchorley, 5 Walpolo st ; R. W. Chap- 
man, 14 Cotton Tree In, Colnc ; J. 
B. Eastwood, 1 58 Coal Clough In ; F. 
Hart, 17 Ivan st ; W. Iveson, 12 
Rowland av. Nelson ; A. Knowles, 
y44 Westbourne av ; A. Knowles, 30 

Newton st ; S. J. Large, 58 Words- 
worth st. Hapten ; A. E. Lee, 12 
Hardy st ; A. Maden, 103 Burnley 
v<\, Padiham ; F. Pollard, 1 7S Brier- 
eliffe rd ; A. Shaokleton, 12 Rosstm- 
dale av ; D. Shaw, 59 Canning st ; 
J. IV. Smith, 49 Prifcchard sfc ; D. 
■Smith, 290 Rosscndaierd ; T. Smith, 
4 Mmehead av ; S. B. Stevenson, 17 
Durban, st ; J. Stevenson, 10 I'ghten 
rd ; H. H. Y'ates, 5 Smith sfc 
ANCE SOCIETY, Ltd., Royal London 
chambers, 30 Westgate ; W. Cliih- 
oroe, district superintendent ; A. 
Piimcll, assistant superintendent. 
Agents : J. Potter, 15 Woodbine rd ; 
J. Nuttall, 8 Moore sfc ; C. Parker, :y> 
Pine st ; R, I. Coafces, S2 Walter sfc, 
BHerjield ; F. D. Smith, 7 Oslo rd ; 
J. W. MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod 
street '; G. Tidswell, 4 Rutland st, 
Oolne ; J. Whitfcam, 21 Hollin hill ; 
A. Mellard, 24 Arfchur sfc, Bricrfield ; 
J. H. Elliott, 8 Hamilton rd, Nelson 
J. Wollock, 7 Prince st ; 0. A. Jack- 
son, 19 Bank sfc, BrierfieH ; W. 11; 
Heyworfch, 21 Mosloy st. Nelson ; R, 
Smith, 2 Beech av,* Karby ; 1>. '$< 
Kay, 67 Colbran sfc ; C. Libborfcon, 1 6' 
Stansileld sfc ; H. Jenkins, 11 Dyne- 
ley av, Olivbjjcr ; G. Altham, 20 
Haddow v\v, Waddington ; E. Tal- 
bot, 3t> Bolibrd sfc ; W. Kenyon, I I 
Grove ber, Padiham ; A. McCarfcer, 
10 John st, Nelson 

Scottish (Boiler); PROCTOR & PROC- 
TOR, 3 Grimshaw street 

Scottish .Equitable ; R. Watson & Son, 
1 2 Hargreaves st 

Scottish Legal Life Assurance Society, 
Garage chmbrs, Padiham rd ; B. O. 
Ashton, supl. Agents : Robert 
Hirst, 57 Sunderland st ; John VV. 
Smithson, 15 Hubie st ; R. W. Birk- 
beck, 7 Granby st ; Jas. Turner, 45 
Sunderland st ; John E. McLough- 
lin, 13 Argylord 

Scottish Provident (Life) ; J. F. HEAP 

& Co., 1 Yorke street ; J. W. MERGER 
& Co., 3 Ormerod street 

Scottish Union and National ; J. F. 
HEAP & Co., 1 Yorke street ; HUD- 
SON & KIDNER, 21-23 Nicholas 

Scottish Widows* Jfund ; PROCTOR & 
PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw street 

Grimshaw street ; J. W. Kneeshaw 
& Co., Bank chmbrs, 7 Hargreaves 
sfc ; HUDSON & KIDNER, 21-23 
Nicholas street ; R. Walls & Co.. 9 
Nicholas sfc ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 
104 Manchester road ; Lancaster, 
Son & Parkinson, 2 Grimshaw 




Co., 113 Manchester road ; HART- 
LEY & RILEY, 8 Yorkshire street 
Trade Indemnity (Credit) ; J. W. 
MERGER & Co., 3 Ormerod street 

Union ; ASPDEN & JOHNSON, 104 
Manchester road ; J. F. HEAP & 
Co., 1 Yorke street ; HITCHON & 
PICKUP, 46 Manchester road ; J. W. 
MERCER & Co., 3 Ormerod street 

Vulcan (Boiler) ; ASPDEN & JOHN- 
SON, 104 Manchester road ; PROC- 
TOR & PROCTOR, 3 Grimshaw 
street ; HARTLEY & RILEY, 8 
Yorkshire street 

Weslcsyan and General Insurance So- 
ciety, Bank clxmbrs, 7 Hargreaves 
st; H. Wangling, supt ; T.C.Barber, 
Oust swpt. A<icni$ : A. Freeman, 4 
Colbran st ; H. Heys, 5 Heath st ; 
V. Hill, 200 Rossenclale rd 

Yortesfwre; PROCTOR & PROCTOR, 3 
Grimshaw street ; ASPDEN & 
JOHNSON, 104 Manchester road 


ASHWORTH THOS. & Co., Ltd., Vul- 
can ironworks, Accrington road 

Barlow Henry, Adlington st 

Burnley Ironworks Co., Ltd., King st 

Ud., Globe works, Liverpool road, 
Rose grove 

Cowell Win., Orchard pic 

FAIRBURN J., Victoria mill, Trafalgar 

HARLING & TODD, Ltd., Rose Grove 

Keighley Goo., Ltd., Bankliouse works. 
Canning st 

Lupton & Place. Ltd., Charlotte st 

PEMBERTON & SONS, Ltd., Waterloo 
foundry, Trafalgar street, and Brit- 
annia foundry, Pomfret street 

POLLARD JAMES, Ltd., Atlas works, 

CalderVale road 
PROCTOR JAMES, Ltd., Hammerton 

Street ironworks 

Tlrwaites & Burton, Diligent st 
works, Diligent street 

Victoria Brass Works (Burnley), Ltd., 

Salford st 



ASHWORTH THOS. & Co., Ltd., Vul- 
can ironworks, Accrington road 

street, Rose grove 


See also Hardware Dealers), 

ATKINSON HERBT., 144 Burnley 

road, Briercliffe 
BULCOCK JAS., Ltd. (furnishing and 

general), 19 Manchester road and 
Ormerod street 


Clifford Butler, 1 Croft st 

Collingc G. & Co. (Ironmongers), Ltd. 

(wholesale and retail), 12-20 Boot tit 
COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St, 

James' street ; warehouse, Cannon 

Delooze Jas., 13 Oxford rd and 140 

Accrington rd 
HARGREAVES C. F., Ltd., 4 St. James' 

street and 2 Gliviger street 
Harker Bros., 1 53 St. James' st 
HARRISON JOHN G., 29 Market 

street and 31 Standish street 
Hawko Leslie T., 81 Brougham yfc 
Hudsons', '2 Bridge st 
Swire Riolul., 89 Coal Clougli In 
Taylor Saml., 20 BriercMe rd 
Tl lis tie th wait e John, 20 Abe] st 


BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manchester 

COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 

James' street ; warehouse, Cannon 

WALTON WM, Ltd., Newtown 


(See Sheet Metal Workers). 


{See Wuit:hm'ifeer-s and Jewellers). 


Asp den Geo., Lowerhouso In 
ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Sykc 
Saw mill 

Bates & Nuttall, Station works; Man- 
chester rd 

Brierley Wm. Henry, Back Sussex st 

BRIGGS HENRY, Royle Foundry 
yard, off Brown street 

BROWN ROBT. & SONS, Borough 
sawmills, Talbot street and Ormerod 

liroxup Edwd. (Timber), Ltd., Plutnbe 

Burnley Equitable ' Co-operative und 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 5-12 Ham- 
merton st 

Camin Philip V., 41-47 Springfield rd 



Ologg Bi'os. (Burnlev), Ltd., Stanley sfc 
CLEGG H. & R., Ltd., Bridge street and 
46 St. Matthew street 

Draoup Squire, 70 Berry sfc 
Ounnill Horbt., Hollhigreavo rd 
Faulkner Jas., Ed round sfc 
GILL LEWIS, North Street works 
GLEDHILLTHOS., Brunshaw view 


King Edward mills, Guy street 

Grove Joinery works, Lowerhouse 

Haynes TIios. Hy., 1 1 Bank par 
Holden John, Ola Brennand at 
Holgafce Alex., Loavor sfc 
Holt Bros, olY 317 Manchester rd 
•logger Joe, 4 Wilton st 

LACY ERNEST, Daneshouse road and 

Bond street 

Marshall W. & W., 2-4 Hirst st: 

NAYLORJ. H. &SON, Ltd., Celia street 
Nicholson Edwd., Riding sfc 
Hoonan T. & ft., 0(5 Yorkshire st 
Nuttall Arthur, Redruth st 
Parker & Owen, Ma.ivh sfc 
Simpson Ernest, Back Hay do ok sfc 

SIMPSON J. & R., Cog Lane Joinery 

Smith Alfred, Cog lane 
Smith I'Ved N. & Sons, I4d Canning st 
Pratt street 

Browhead road 

STEVENS J., Holmes street 

Thornton. Geo. H., Kushworth sfc 
TODD HUBERT, Green Street sawmill 

TorkingtOn John, Haslaru st 
Turner & Smitli, Salford sfc 
Waddin^tou & Homer, Raglan rd 
Walker Win. & Sou, 7 Jockey st 

Ltd., Blakey Street sawmills 

Wilkinson Wtu., Acre st 

WormweltLuke, Bungalow, Piano Tree 

1 j on sos 


iS'fte Five ilanges). 

(See Outfitters). 


See also House atut E,itat& Agents). 

Burnley Estate Oulce, 31 Ivy st and 21 
Bracewell st ; H.. JobUng, agnt 

Crossloy Frodk., (iawthorpe Estate 
office, Padiham rd 

Earle T. A. & J- W-. Thursbv Estates, 
82 Bank par 

HITCHON & PICKUP, 46 Manchester 

Commercial salerooms, 59 Manches- 
ter road 

Jobling Harry, Burnley Estate office, 
-1 ivy st and 21 Bracewell st 

thorne Estate office, 204 Todmorden 

Lancaster, Son & Parkinson, Imperial 
chrnhr.H, 2 Grimsbaw st 


74 and 78 Manchester road 

Watson (Matthew), Poarse & Bower, 
If) Manchester rd 


and works, Pratt street 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., fi-12 Ham- 
mertou sfc 

Homo Laundry, Travis st 

Mahon's Sanitary Lanndi'y (M.S.L.), 70 
Aoerington rd 

PICKLES ALFRED H., Worsthorne 

Stoney holme (The) Laundry, Ltd,, 

Berkeley st 
Wood Street Laiindry, Wood st 


Bonn Arthur. 3-5 Bod Lion st and 

Stanley st 

Flint off & Son, 108-111 Hollintfreave 


Hudson JasV, 4 Bridge at ■ 

Windlo Percy L., 37 Abel st 


SOUTH JAMES, Rake Head ironworks, 

Pratt street 


ANDERSON GEORGE (Burnley), Ltd. 

50 St. James* street and Parsonage 
works, Keighley green 


See Cab Proprietors). 

CARTER FRED, 10 Cuerden street 



Leigh and District Lending Society, 

Ltd., 2la Yorkshire st 
Oddfellows' Loan Co., Ltd., 33 Boot st 
S&gar Wltr., 27 Nicholas st 
Smith Albt., 6 Croft st 


Anderson J. T)., (JO- 04 Westgate 
Bon yon Mary, 40 Westgato 
Gatfceral] Annie, 24 Westgate 
Duxbury Geo. (model), 22 Boot st 
Heaton Annie (X, 78 Yorkshire st 
Jacques Arthur (model), 13-17 Croft st 
Laweon Henry (model), Kay st 
Ryan Henry, 54 Bank par 
'i'ange Virginia, fifi Westgate 
Whitley Herht, (model), f> SufcliHe st 
Winchester Hebeeea, 56 Bank par 



Ltd., Globe works, Liverpool road, 
Rose grove 

Cooper Bros., Ltd., Brim st 

HARLING & TODD, Ltd., Rose Grove 
ironworks, White street 

PEMBERTON & SONS, Ltd., Waterloo 
foundry, Trafalgar street and Brit- 
annia foundry, Pomfret street 


DIXON JAMES, Ltd., Adlington street 
and Turf yard, Eastham place 

Duxbury Bros., Stanley st 

HILL ALFRED, Rawcliffe street, off 

Church street 
PAYNE ROBERT, Blakey street, off 

Yorkshire street 
PICKARD JOHN, Stoneyholme mills, 

Grosvenor street 
Smith Henry, ft Brick st 
Stairiield Richd., Spout House farm, 



(Sm also Loom Makers 

Vulcan ironworks, Accrington road 

Baldwin & Heap, Ltd., Bethesda st 

Ltd. (textile), Globe works, Liverpool 

road, Rose grove 
Cooper Bi'os., Ltd,, Brim st 
DEAN W. H. & SONS, Ltd., Victoria 

works, Accrinston road. Rose erove 

Dent & Holt, Ltd., Bridge End works, 

Crow nest 

makers of " Moonbeam " wringers, 

etc., Gas Appliance works, Junction 

Street mill 

FAIRBURN J., Victoria Street mill, 

Trafalgar street 
Gannow Engineering (Jo. (granulators). 

Arthur st 

HARLING & TODD, Ltd. (preparation 
machinery, braiding and cable mak- 
ing), Rose Grove ironworks, White 

Koighley Geo., Ltd., Bankhouse works. 
Canning st 

L up ton & Place-, Ltd., Charlotte st 

MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

PEMBERTON & SONS, Ltd., Waterloo 
foundry, Trafalgar street and Brit- 
annia foundry, Pomfret street 

POLLARD JAMES, Ltd. (makers of 
vacuum cleaning plant), Atlas works, 
Calder Vale road 

PROCTOR JAMES, Ltd. (mechanical 
stokers and coal elevators), Hammer- 
ton Street ironworks 

SOUTH FRED, Briercliffe Road iron- 

SOUTH JAMES, Rake Head ironworks, 

Pratt street 
Tattersall & Holds.vorth (exporters), 
Quarry Bank st 

TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, The Garage, 

WATSON C. & J. (humidifiers and tape 

cylinders), Neptune Street Copper 



{See Wood Mantdn and Fire Hanges 


BARDSLEYS', 36 Manchester road and 
1 Grimshaw street 

Dixon Ernest (Mantles), Ltd., 9 Man- 
chester rd 

Flack 1)., Ltd., 73 St. James st 
Kicoll C. B., 15-17 Manchester rd 
.Noble J., Ltd., 17 Market sL 
PEIRSON THOS-, 42 Manchester road 

Rothwell 3. H. & Co., Ltd., J) Chancery 


Oooksons', Cemetery In 

STEVENSON FRED (Exors. of), Ceme- 
tery lane 

WHITAKER & SONS (Wm. H. Whit- 
aken. 31a Church sfrppf 




Barker & Howartb, Salford at 
Hanson. John, Yorkshire Street Bottle 

works, Hose grove 

Marsden Robt,, Ormerod hottse, Rose 

Grove La 
READER WALLACE, Calder street and 

Blackburn street ; and at Nelson 


Coupe Margt. E,, 42 Lyndhurst rd 
Cunningham John, 18 Belvedere rd 
Eastwood Thofl,, 136 Brunshaw rd 

F.P.C. (Lond.), medical electricity, 

145 Manchester road 
Mit.-hcll fit; & fit, 1 H Colne rd 


Bray Jane K, 214 Brunshaw rd 
Oawt-hrow Emily, Rectory rd 
Clark Ivy, 3 Braeewell at 
Gibson KHz., 285 Padiharn rd 
Green Sarah, 20 Rectory rd 
Harker Hannah, 27 DaJl si. 
Norfhcoto Netla, 861 Manchester vd 
Standon. Ellen, 50 Cleaver sfc 

Town Sarah K., 59 Albion st 


Hammond & Co., Trafalgar st 
HITCHEN R. & SON (esld. 50 years), 
Victoria mills, Trafalgar street 


(Sve Maehine and Iron Broker*). 


PROCTER JAMES, Ltd., Hammerton 


(«S'ee alfto Fanners). 

Accomloy Elijah, 1 G Oxford rd 
Aekroyd Herbt., 118 Padiharn rd 
Allison John, 2 Ridge row 
Birchall Riehd., 352 Coal Clough ]n 
Bird Bratnwell, 7G Parliament st 
Blackburn Harold, 10 Peart st 
Brelsf'ord .las., 140 Padiharn rd 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Bnmshaw 
Burnley Model Egg Grading and Pack- 
ing Station, Ltd., Brunshaw rd 
Craven Creamery Co., Ltd., 15-17 

Qrimshaw st 

Cnrrie John W., 1 S Acre st, Hmie Sykc 
Dean Arnold, 113 Parliament st 
Driver Robt,, 318 Padiharn rd 
Frankland J'aa., 4 Chapel st, Hade Sy'he 
Hargroavos Ernest, 43 March st 
Bjggin Wm., I 7 Hogarth av 
Jay "Albt., 283 Coaf Clough In 
Matthew's Chas. E., 39 Gordon st 
Moor Geo. VV\, 50 El -.wood si: 
Morgan Win., 280 Padiharn rd 
Palatine Dairies, Ltd., Market hall 

Parkinson John H., 05a Hammerton st 
Proctor John, 249 Coal Clough In 

lUwclitl'e Jas., 33 Whittleneld st 
Rukin Fredk., 5 Settle tor 
Sellers Fredk., 280 Brierelhfe rd 
Smith Wlf.r., GO Dugdale r.l 

Xattersall Ebenezer, 2 Melville st 
White Heather Creameries, Market hall 


BALDWIN W. & J., Ltd., Borough 

Brush works, 113 Gurzon street 
BRACEWELL J. E. & SON (general), 

Marlborough street 
BULGOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manchester 

road and Ormerod street 
COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 

James' street 
DIXON JAMES, Adlington street and 

Turf yard, Eastham place 
FAIRBURN J., Victoria mills, Trafalgar 

Greenwood Harold, II Bank par 
Greenwood John, 14a Rectory rd 
HARGREAVES C. F., Ltd., 4 Si James' 

street and 2 Cliviger street 
MiUowners' (The) Own Furnishers, 193 

Bnmshaw rd 

MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

Overton Geo., 50 Colne rd 


Astloy Cissic, 244 Colne rd 

Barker Eliz. & Agnes, 1 37 Parliament 

Bournes', 121 St. James' st 
Bradshaw Maud, 35 Rose Grove hi 
Brennand Elsie, 3 Lowerhouso In 
Burke Eliz., 5 st 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 
merton st 
Collinson Amy, 22 March st 
Dawson Fanny, 374 Padiharn rd 
I >awson & Hardcastlo, 30 Manchester 

Beardens", S Market st and 108-110 

Aeeringfcon rd 
Derby Adelaide, 109 Healey Wood rd 
Dickinson "Edith, 5 Brennand st 
Melding Annie, 9 Lowerhouse In 



Graham Emma, 37 I'hursby rd 
Greenwood Edith, 47 Standish st 
Gregson Edna, 86 Gordon st 
Hall Mary A., Lower Hose Grove In , 
Bazoll Amy, 1 7 Standish st 
Heaton Albt., 36 Briercliffo rd 
Holgate Isabella, 40 Barracks rd 
Holland Gertrude, 2 Red vers st 
Howartb Alice & Flora, 50b Trafalgar 

Howarth Ellen, 77 Cleaver st 
Howley Kittle, 84 Yorkshire st 
Hutehmsons', Market liail 
Kelly M'adeleno, 275 Colne rd 
Kendall Mary, 45 Standish. at 
.Jones Maud, 76-77 Manchester rd 
Locke Mary, 28 Hinton st 
Loder Louisa, 1 2 Howe st 
Manley Ethel, 97 Phrmbes* 
Miller Beatrice, 21-23 Temple sr 
Million Bertha, 23 Hebrew rd 
Ogden Madame, 170a Burnley rd, 

Pavnton Alice, SO Westgate 
PEIRSON THOMAS, 42 Manchester 


Roberts & (Jo., Garden st 
Ruddy KHz., 43 Sandygate 
Sandy Dor eon, 2 Ainslie st 
Saul Lily & Klisa, 50 Lyndhuist rd 

Saxon Evelyn, S Eastern av 
Seragg Annie, 01 Ga.rui.ovv In 
Shoesmjth Christina (tailoross), 17 

Braeewoll st 
Slater Winifred, 82 Colne rd 
.Smith VVItr., 123 Burnley rd, Bricr- 

SUTCLIFFE ROBERT, 21 Market street 
Taylor Elsie, 1 8 Thursby rd 
To'wnend Miss May, 138 1'adibam rd 
Turner Jessie, f>2 Scarlett st 
Wadsworth M. A., 37-30 Manchester rd 
Wheaden Bessie, 85-87 YVestgate 
YVhiiaker Muriel, 1 Temple st 
Whittatti B. & A., lf» Yorkshire st 
Wilding Annie, 9 Standish st 
Wilkinson l-'lorerice, 09 Holhngreavc r<l 


See Engineers and Millwrights) 



Cow burns', Ltd., Abingerst 
Mooi houses 8 , Moorhouse st 

SMITH & THOMAS, 21-25 Barden lane 

Whewell .Tph. & Son, Engine st 


COOKSON W. L., Ltd., Cemetery lane ; 
and at liUtfi&pool and Preston 

STEVENSON FRED (Exors. of), Ceme- 
tery lane 

WHITAKER & SONS (Wm. A. Whit- 
aker), 31a Church street 



Co., King Edward mills, Guy street 


See Coach and Motor Body Builders). 


APEX GARAGE, Summit (near Bull 
and Butcher) Manchester road 

Brunshaw Motors, Brunahaw rd 
Burnley Motor Mart, Cannon st 
Duerden Geo. E., Bull st and Brown st 

Hartley (Burnley), Ltd.), Central 

garage, Cliviger street 
Harrison W. H. (Burnley), Ltd., 172 

St. James' st 
HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., Jockey street ; 

registered office, 221 Accrington road 
HOLDEN & HARTLEY (Burnley), 

Ltd., 21 Yorkshire Street works, Cen- 
tral garage, Gliviger street 

JUBILEE GARAGE (1935S Trafalgar 

MORRIS HERBERT, Morris Service 
station, Plumbe street and 63 Man- 
chester road 

Ltd., International house, Grimshaw 

SKIPPER C. G„ Ltd., Park garage, 
Mairne street 

USED UNITS, Ltd. (used passenger and 
commercial vehicles and spares), 
Whittlefield street 

SPA MOTOR Co., Ltd. (commercial 
vehicles a speciality), Spa mill, Junc- 
tion street 

WHALLEY JAMES E., Ltd., Mitre 
Motor works, Westgate, Trafalgar 
Street junction and Shaw Street 


Apden Kobt., 39 Hu.hne st 
EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., 44a 
St. James' street and Plumbe street 

Ribble Motor Services, Boot Inn yard, 
Parker In 

and organisers of motor tours of all 
descriptions), 287 Padiham road 

Standerwiek W. C, Ltd., Barker In 




Brown Emest, 3 Parker hi 

HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., 149 St. James 1 

street ; and at Nelson 
Horne Clifford H., Hebrew rd 
1'ollard Bobt. 8., lb Padiham rd 

WALTON BROS., Dawson square, off 
CKurch street 


liruiishaw Motors, Brunsliaw rd 

PAYNE ROBERT, Blakey street, off 

Yorkshire street 
PICKARD JOHN (and all kinds of 

machinery and buildings), Stoney- 

holme mills, Grosvenor street 
SHARPLES WM. (machinery of all 

kinds), Burnley road 

\\ oodfiold & Tumor, Koighloy grn 

Briereliffe Road Motor Garage, Brier- 
cliff e rd 

EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., 44a 
St. James 1 street and Plumbe street 

Fearing John <& Sons, Padiham rd and 
Meadow st 


Gilbert street, Lane head 

HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., Jockey street 
and Smallshaw ; registered office, 
221 Accrington road 

HOLDEN & HARTLEY (Burnley), 
Ltd., 21 Yorkshire street ; works, 
Central garage, Cliviger street 

Home Clifford H.» Hebrew rd 

JUBILEE GARAGE (1935), Trafalgar 

MITCHELL BROS., Sunderland Street 
garage ; office, 5 Stephenson street 

MORRIS HERBERT, Morris Service 
station, Plumbe street and 63 Man- 
chester road 

Canal street 

garage, Cardinal street 

Smithson Bros., Raglan road 

den lane and Bright street 

TAYLOR JOHN & SONS, official re- 
pairers to A.A., M.U. and R.A.C., 
The Garage, Harle Syke 

USED UNITS, Ltd. (used vehicles and 
spares), Whittlefield street 

WHALLEY JAMES E., Ltd., Mitre 
Motor works, Westgate, Trafalgar 
Street junction and Shaw Street 


(See also Carters arid Carriers and List 
of Car Hers). 

Astin VVm., 12 Dall st 

Baxter Homy, 00 Glebe st 

Bejitham Thos., 2 Netherby st 

Blades Geo., Francis st 

BLADES D. & Co., Ltd., Abel street 

Bradley T. & Hon, Barracks rd 

Brun Motors, Ltd., Tarleton garage, 

Todmorden rd 
Burnett Fredk. & Son, 13 Lionel st 
Burnley Reliance Haulage Co., Ltd., 

Tanner st 
Campbell Alfd. H., 48a Church st 
CLEGG WESLEY, Ltd., 62 Standish 

street ; and at Nelson 
Cooke Edwin, 3 Arkwright st 
Cooke Kobt. 'F., 36 Westboumo uv 
Dean Herbt., 12 Allendale st 
■Driver Geo., 125 Basnett st 
Duerdcn John, 142 Fmslovgate 
LIVERY SERVICE, 7 Abinger street ; 

Alwvn Jones, proprietor 

EDMONDSON B. & SONS, Ltd. {daily 
carriers to Liverpool and Bradford), 
148 Padiham road 

Fearing John <& Sons, Padiham rd and 
Meadow st 

GORMAN LEONARD, 9 Vincit street 

GREENWOOD W. V., Ltd., Same Day 
Delivery ; head office and depot : 
Summit, Manchester road — (.S'ce 

Hamer Jas. (Jr., 8 Hordlcy st 

Hogarth Kobt. K, 269 Colne rd 

INGHAM R. & W., Higher Smallshaw 
farm, off Accrington road 

Jackson Herbt., 11 Basnett st 

Jones Sydnev, J 5c Boot st 

MARSDEN ERNEST, Irwell Street 
garage ; office, 145 Lowerhouse lane 

MATHER WALTER (daily service, 
Liverpool, Manchester and Hull), 
garage and office, Cooper street 

MITCHELL BROS, (and general car- 
riers), Sunderland Street garage ; 
office, 5 Stephenson street 

(Xrmerod Wm., Bee Hole farm 

cliffe road 

(daily service, Manchester and New- 
castle), Canal street 

garage, Cardinal street 

Ridge Jph., 50 Albion st 

wood, Ltd.) ; head office and depot, 
Summit, Manchester road {See 

Sawley & Bury, 207 Cog In and (> New- 
castle st 




Shaw Jas. K, : :.j:j7 Brierclifi.e rd 
Spence Arthur, 120 Xairne sfc 
den lane and Bright street 
THE IGHTEN MOTOR Co., Cleveland 

garage, Barracks road 
Whitehead Edgar, 42 Rossendale av 
WHITAKER ARTHUR, Ttinstill street 

and Curzon street 
Wilson Henry, <>4 Lowei'liouse hi 
Wray Uhas. B., II Helena st 


Anglo-American Oil (Jo., Ltd., Old 

Barracks yard, Barracks rd 
Coins Road Filling Station, I Sin Colne 

Redliire GJico, Ltd., Old Barracks yard. 

Barracks rd 
Shell Mex, Ltd., Oswald sfc 
Simpson J'ph. R. (tilling station), 

Trafalgar St 
Sterling (The) (.)il Co., Yorkshire st 
Watsons', Petrol Distributors, Ltd., 

A coring ton rd 


BLADES D. & Co., Ltd., Abel street 
Burnley Tvre Depot, Ltd., Ashfield rd 
lard Bros. (Padiham), Ltd.), Lane 
Ends Super Service station, Lower- 
HEBDEN J. & SONS, Ltd., 149 St. 

James 1 street ; and at Nek-on 
Marsharn (The) Tyre Co.. Ltd., Cannon 

MORRIS HERBERT, Morris Service 
station, Plumbe street and 63 Man- 
chester road 

POLLARD BROS. (Padiham), Ltd. 

{The Burnley Tyre House , Lane Ends 

Super Service station, Lowerhouse 

USED UNITS, Ltd., Whittlefield street 


Asquith Herbt. (piano tuner), 101 

Brimshaw rd 
Catlow Madame, 25 Eastern av 
CLEGG HARTLEY, Ltd., 190 Colne 

road and 75 Brennand street 
Fryers llobfc., 160 St. James' st 
Giiroy Ja§. (piano tuner), 199 Bru.n- 

shaw rd 

LUPTON BROS., 12 St. James 1 street 
and Market hail 

Maekrell VV'ltr.. 75 Standish st 
Pollard Thos., Ltd., 13 Market sfc 
Stuttard E., Ltd., Market hall 



L.R.A.M., A.R.C.M. (pianoforte, 
organ and theory ; organist and 
choirmaster, Burnley Parish Church, 
and conductor of Municipal Choir 
and Burnley and Nelson Arion Glee 
Union), 34 Clevelands grove, off 
Cievelands road 
Binney Herbt., 65 Rose Grove hi 
Bride Win, (piano tuner), 401 Brier- 
el ifTc rd 
Olegg Jas., 07 W'oodgrove rd 
Goad John A., L.L.C.M., 3 Ormerod rd 
Oockeroft Muriel. 07 Morse st 
Comstine Ellen, 7 Helena sfc 
Rastham Nellie, 83 Church st 
Graham Jas. M., 9 Sfc. Matthew st 
Green Arthur. 147 Abel sfc 
504 Accrington road ; Madame Mac- 
oabo, L.K.A.M., M.R.S.T., M.T.S.M., 

lialstead Maggie, A.L.C.M., L.L.C.M., 
274 Briercliile rd 

Hartley Cyrus, 133 Coal Clough lu 

Hartley Fanny E., A.L.C.M., 1 Thursby 

Hutchinson Ernest, 295 Colne rd 
M.R.S.T., M.I.S.M. (piano, theory, 
aural, pupils coached for examina- 
tions), 504 Accrington road 

Moorhouse Wilson, A-L.C.M., 70 Xairno 

Phillips Wilson, 58 St. Cufchbort st 
Pickles John, L.R.A.M., A.K-.C.M., 70 

Colne rd 

(pianoforte, singing and theory ; 
pupils coached for examinations if 
desired), 7 Rosewood avenue 

Kycroffc Kerbi.., A.R.C.M., 39 Colne rd 
Sharp Jph., 15 Mizpah sfc 
Simpson Charlotte M., 3 Bank Hall tor 
Smith Madame* 27 Hinton sfc 
Thomas Mary, L.L.C.M., 72 New Hall 

Thornton John, 50 Temple st 
Watson Matthew, 10 Oufcwoodrd 
YVhitham Edna & Annie, 48 Colne rd 


AHdred Alice, 1 5 Briorclirte rd 
Allen Henry, 20 Rose Grove hi 
Allied Newspapers, Ltd., 20 Curzon st 
Ashworfch Caleb, 70 Harold av 
Ashworfch Richd., 323 Manchester rd 
Bailey Jas. C, 114 Oanuow In 
Barlow Wan., 23-25 High st 
Baume Louis H., 72 Curzon st 
Bennefcfc Jas. S., 133 Padiham id 
Beriy Albt., 80 Colne rd 



Bimiey Jas., 165-3 07 Padiham rd 
Boggis Eobt., 48 Abel st 
Bolton Rose &., 104 Abel st 
Brown Horace, 98 Lowerhousc In 
Brotborton Arthur, ii<l Trafalgar sfc 
Burns John, ! Slater st 
Butler Jas., 2 Calder Vale rd 
Dawson Herbt., 133 Parliament st 
powlmrst Herbt., 302 Colne rd 
Donovan Francis, o2a Plumbe sfc 
Dugdale Riehd., 227 Accrington rd 
Eastwood .fas., 32 Piccadilly rd 
EdmondsonRobt. W., 30 Brockenhnrst 

Farley Phyllis, 44 Coal Olough In 
l''egans "Kobt-. Hy., 9 Queen Victoria st 
Forster Albt., 1 91 Brierchft'e rd 
Gaskell TCIiz., 440-448 Colne rd 
Gill Robt., 235 Padiharn rd 
Gray Albt., 348 Cog In 
(ireon Henry, 1 63 Lcyland rd 
Uregson Wm,, 261 Coal ('lough In 
(Httterklge Harry, 1 Market "st 
R'ardaker Robt., 1 00 Westgato 
Harrison Geo., 120 Briercliu'e rd 
Hartley Abraham . 4 1 Old "Hall st 
Hartley A. & S., 54 Yorkshire st 
Hartley John, 140 Accrington rd 
Hayh'urst Hemy, 121 Manchester rd 
Heap Geo. H-, 34 Chureh st 
Hoywood Abel & Son, Ltd., 24 

Stand ish sfc 

Hodge John S„ 80 Coal Clough In 
Holden Wm„ 37 Athol st 
Holgate John, 318 Ganuow hi 
Hope A Ifd., 100 Oxford rd 
Holt Henry, junr. (whlsl), 2 Croft st 
Holt John E., 24-26 Parker In 
Holt B.. T>. & E., 13 Yorkshire sfc 
Hutchinson Thos., 97 Branch rd 
Isherwood Arnold, 48-50 Sandygate 

Kippax Frank, 200 Brierelifle rd 
Lee Geo. {whlsl), 4 Brown st 
Lyons Pi*edk., 20a Hawthorne rd 
Max field Jas. C., 71 Parliament st- 
Medley John Wui., 1 88 Brunshaw rd 
M'oonoy & Grant, 2 Queen Victoria st 
Nufctali Fredk., 128 Burnley rd, Brier- 
cliff e 
Oldham Thos., 7 Standish sfc 
Pate Robt., 37 Hammertonst 
Pickles John H., la- Queen st. JJrier- 

Pollard F. & G. (whlsl), 5-7 Brown at 
Pollard John W., 30 Alien st 
KawHtron Win. L., 23-2-") Canning sfc 
Beybould Edwd. S., 2-4 Oxford d 
Ridehalgh Henry, I Berry st 
Riley Vredk., 21 Hebrew rd 
Roberts John, 58 Church st 
Robinson Harold, 72 Abel st 
Ross Geo. A., 123 Accrington rd 
Schofickl Herbt., 302 Colne rd 
SchoUeld Robt., 14 Padiham rd 
Sharp© Alf'd., 42 Raglan rd 

Shuttle worth Jas. &, Go Manchester 

Smith Robt., 37 Morton st 
Smith W. H. & Son, Bank Top Rail- 
way station 
Snowden Thos. A., 71 Queen Victoria 

Sowerbutts Jas. E., 18 Brieroliffe rd 
Stemwhite Fredk., 186 Colne rd 
Stockdale Archibald, 57 Sandygate 
Taylor Ernest, 50 Standish st ' 
Taylor Thos., Clow bridge 
Tomlinson Herbt., 118 Brougham st 
Troy "W'lfd., 217 Bar den In 
Turner Albt. E ( , 382 Padiham rd 
Uttloy Francis E., 294 Padiliam rd 
Walton Robmson, 93 Oxford rd 
Watson Harold, 8 Lyndhurst rd. 
Whiteside Harold, 19 Hudson st 
W'ickham Alfd., 78 Accrington rd 
Wigglesworth John H., 136 PadiJiam 

Wild Clara, 53 Westgato 

Wilkinson John W. s 312 Loworhonsoln 

VV'ilkhison Wrn., 6 Marl borough st 
Wilson Win. Vernon, 8 Todmorden rd 
Yates Robt., 100 Oxford rd 


LEY NEWS " (Wednesdays and Sat- 
urdays), Bull street ; Burnley Ex- 

press Printing Co., Ltd., proprietors 

„ LABOUR STANDARD " (Thursdays) 

(guaranteed weekly circulation 28,500 

copies}, 30 St. James' street ; \\. 

Woodhead, manager 
Lancashire Daily Post, 1 6 Parker hi 
Northern Daily Telegraph, 20 Man- 
chester rd 

Preston Guardian (weekly), 1 Parker 

"TRADER (THE)" (and advertising 

publisher and bill distributor), P. J. 

H. Cobb, 9a Fleet street 


Creeke Herbt. Buck, 20 Manchester rd 


(Sec also Gardeners and Florist*). 

proprietor), Woodbine nurseries, Pad- 
iham road and Market square 

Barwise Jph. F., Towneley nurseries 
Lyons Jas. Thos., Ivy bnk", Kiddrow hi 

Nurseries, Cemetery lane 

road, off Padiham road 




Burnley Oil mid '('allow Co., '2 Adliug- 

ton st 
COOKE S. & Co., Ltd., Stanley street 
Cooper Alfd. (H. G. Buckley), Arv.b St 
Francis & Co., 7 Manchester rd 

lane, 3 Yorkshire street and 19a 

Oxford road ; works : Smith's yard, 

Gannow lane 
PARKER JOHN (Manchester), Ltd., 

Scar Top Oil works 
Stirling (The) Oil Co., Yorkshire st 


Baylifl! Jas., Market hall 
Boothuwin Doris, 282 Gannow In 
Burnley Equita ble Co- operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 

mortou st 

FOULDS J. A. & SON, 15-17 Queen 

Victoria road ; works : 12 Old Hall 

FOULDS J. HARTLEY, 230-232 Coine 




MARSHALL Wm. (Burnley), Ltd., 164- 
168 St. James' street and Market hall 
Roberts John S., 23 Yorkshire st 
Slater Jas., 202-264 Coin© rd 
SMITH WM., Ltd., 21-23 Fleet street 
SOWERBY E. R. SMITH & Co., Mitre 

bridge, 135 Westgate 
Swoenev I'Vedk., 24 Curzon st 
WARBURTON W., Ltd. (estd. 1869 , 

Market square 
Whitoley Benj., 25 Waterloo rd 
Widdup & Co., 4 Edward st 


Burnley, Colne and kelson Joint 

Transport, Queensgitte, Coin© rd 
"Kibble Motor Services, Ltd., Parker In 


(Hons.), 118 St James' street ; and 

at Nelson 


Britelifi Win., Market hail 

Caflhi CD. (Manchester), Ltd., 48 St. 

James" st 
Clear C. & Co., 15a Hargrcaves st 

Orabtree Edgar L., F.B.O.A., F.S.M.C., 

1 Hargrcaves st 
Dean Charley, 64 St. .James 1 st 
Gordon Stuart, 127 St. James' st 
Jackson Win. (.)., 1 13 Colne rd 
Jenkinson Edwd., F.S.M.C., F.I.O., 1»3 

Ilectory rd 
Mather Ivy, Market hall 


Ibbotson Aldewhi C, D.N.T., N.B., 
l'.L.S. (Loud.), B.P.A. (Loud.), 25 
Church st 


(See also Tailors) . 

Aspden It ow land (gent's), 10 liar- 
greaves st 
Atkinson Doris (ladies'), 28 Yorkshire 

Baileys' (Drapers), Ltd. (ladies'), II 

Manchester road 
Baines Wm. H. (ladies'), 52 Church st 
BANNISTER WILLIAM (gent's), 14-16 

Howe street, Market place 
BARDSLEYS' (ladies'), 36 Manchester 

road and 1 Grimshaw street 
Bebbington J. E. & Co., Ltd. (ladies' 

and gent's), 29-31 Westgate 
BESFlt SHOE Co., 60 Peart street 
BRADSKAW WILL, Ltd. (gent's), 68 

St. James' street 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., 0-12 Ham- 
mer ton st 
Borrows 'tfredk. (ladies 1 ), 390 Colne rd 
CAMM HAROLD (gent's), 35-37 Oxford 

CASH & Co. (gent's), 55 St. James' 


Cash Clothing Co., 103 St. James' st 
James street 

Class Morris (gent's), 7 Phunbe st 
Cooper Andrew (gent's), 10 Howe st 
Dalton Hy. & San, 124 St. James' st 
Dees & Co. (children's), 105 St. James' 

Hartleys', 05 Oxford rd 
HawkswellGoo. (ladies 1 ), I 89-3*01 Colne 

Haworth L, O, & A. (ladies'), 01 St. 

James' st 
Hoys Annie (gent's), 296 Colne rd 
Howarth Jas;, 157 Vadiham rd 
HUNTER H., Ltd. (gent's), 61 St, 

James' street 

Ibbotson Roht. A. (children's), IO 

Standish st 
Jolly Wm. (gent's), 44 Abel st 
Lancaster J. &' E. (gent's), 98-100 

Colne rd 



Miller Beatrice (ladies'), 21-2:1 Temple 

Millefcts* Stores, 39 St. James 5 sfc 
M"o££att Greta (ladies'), 1 Saunder bank 
Monka & Son (gent's), 284 Padiham rd 
PEARSON THOS. (ladies'), 42 Man- 
chester road 
Pickup Jas. (ladies' ami gent's), 1-1 

Hebrew rd 
POLLARD WM. & SONS, Ltd. (gent's), 

175 Colne road 
Semp Annie (ladies*), 67 Manchester rd 
Sloe T. & I), (ladies'), 141 St. James' st 
Spencer «T., S St. .Tames' st 
SUTCLIFFE ROBT. (ladies' and child- 
ren's), 21 Market street 

Veevers Lena (ladies'), 04 Church st 
Walton H. (Bertha B. Buckley) (ladies' 
and children's), 130 Padiham rd 


(#ce Uhderclnthina and Overall 


(xS'ee Welders). 

Grove Joinery works, Lowerhouse 


Low \V. S-, Ltd., 8-10 Hargreaves st ; 

and at Preston, Blackpool, Lancaster 

and Baxni/p 
Mmton R. R. & Co., Ltd., 157 St. 

James' st 
Porter Thos. 8., loo St. James' st 
Walpannu* Co., Ltd., 9a St. James' 

row ; and at Darwen 


Ashl.mmer Thos., 1 00 Cleaver st 
Ashworth Horace, 3 Cobden st, Brier- 
Blackledge Hy., 42 Briercliffe rd 
Blackledge Hugh, 342 Colne rd 
Briggs "Eric, 14 Board st 
Brown Fred, 63 Standish st 
Broxup Thos., 28 Belvedere rd 
Bryan Fredfc., 92 Manchester rd 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammerfcon 
Busby B. & Co., 33 Hose Grove In 
Cole John W., 1 05 Bm.nshaw rd 
Cox A. <&B.,24Berkelevst 
Craven Francis, 88 Aecrington rd 
Bilworth Henry, 1 Ightenhill Park In 

Earnshaw Howard, 9 Oxford rd 
Kmmott Wra. H-, 13 Queen Vict oriard 
FOSTER WILLIAM, 4 Outwood road 
Frankland C. & Sons, 83 Coal Clough In 
Franks Dominic, 53 Cardinal st 
Gardner Herbt. C, 37 Yorkshire st 
Greenwood Frank, 91 Coal Clough In 
HARGREAVES S. & W., 110 Spring- 
field road and 57 Briercliffe road 
Hartley Frank, 3 Powell st 
Harwood Herbt., 23 Kime st 
Haw ken WIfd., 10 Lansdowne st 
Home Richd., 1 90 Todmordon rd 
Home Thos. A., 40 Padiham rd 
Jackson Herbt., 148 Hartley st 
Jackson "Holden, 291 Coal Clough In 
Joliffc Percy, 107 Nairne st 
Jones Albt. H., 155 Padiham rd 
Jones John F., 240 Padiham rd 
Kcarns Henry, 7 Gainsborough av 
Lardner Henry, 4 Brooklands rd 
Latham Keuben & Son, 173 Colne v<\ 
Leighton ClitTord, 108 Colne rd 
Little Win., 109 Coal Clough In 
Lord Fred, 21 Riding st 

LORD & SONS, 197 Colne road ; and 

at Brierfield 
Lord. Win., 58 Briercliffe rd 
Lyons Abraham, 33 Wren st 
Mackoreth Alan, 32 Herbert st 
Maurice Decorators, 4 Croft st 

Moorhouse Harry, pnfcr, 30 Brougham 


PARKER HERBERT, 234a Colne road 

Parker VV'm., 10 Woodbine rd 
Pate Thos., 192 Brunshaw rd 
Pate Wltr., 110 Holliugreave rd 
Pickles Jas. H., 15 Daneshouso rd 
Poucher Thos. It., 309 Cog In 
Preston Jas. A-, 3 Hargher st 

Robinson Thos., 95 Rose Grove In 
Robinson Win., 2 Hawthorne rd 
Sagar Oates, 55 Anne sfc 
Sanders Shufctleworth, ] 5 Howard sfc 

SCHOFIELD FRANK, 78 Si. Matthew 

Sherburn Jas., 35 Rosewood av 


28 Westgate 

Smith Harold, 1 9 Haven st 
SMITH LEVI, 100 Manchester road 

Smith & Sons, 97 Oxford rd 
Tatfcersall John R., 50 Abel sfc 
Tattersall Jonathan, 41 Riding st 
Tergerdino Geo. L., 112 Parkinson st 
Turner Wm. E., 58 Standish st 

Wheeler Archibald H., 45 Woodgrove 

Whitaker Joshua O., 70 Todmorden 

Wolsfcencroft Thos., 91 Plumbe st an<l 

1 91 Padiham rd 
Wright Albt., 33 Westgate 




Burnley Paper Works Co., Ltd., Caklcr 
Vale rd 


Ha worth Harold, Foundrv at 

Holden J. & Co., Elizabeth st 
NUTTALL & Co., Ltd., King's mill, 

Bridge street 
SHARPLES Wm. (waste paper), Bur- 
nley road 


Apployard & Oossley, Imperial cham- 
bers, 2 Grimshaw st 


Fitzpatrick John H., I Abel st 
Hayes Richd. A., 126 Trafalgar st 
Ktppax John, 1.0- 11* Parker Iti and 00 

Parliament st 
Shuttloworfch Edwd. V., 1 48 Trafalgar 

Webster Richd., Ltd., 137 St. James' 
st, 15-17-19 Bridge st, 22 Standish st- 
and 2-4 Larue st 


(See Motor Spirits). 


(See Canine Stores). 


Alexander Edwd. P., 11 YVestgate 
Arnott Edwin C, 01 Lyndhurst rd 
Brooks Fred, Coal Clongb In 
Kershaw John, 03 Qucensborrv rd 
Mofnttg', 1 05 Manchester rd 
Pallister Thos., I 53 Colne rd 
Smith Win. YVItr., 42 Yorkshire st 
Taylor Thos., 77 Standish st 
Thompson Denis R., Ltd,, 2 Grimshaw 

Tillotson Frank P., 1 7 Ennismore st 


Agascar Madharra, L.M, & S,, IS Or- 

merod rd 
Bird Aibt. Edwd., L.S.A., L.M.S., S.A. 

(Loud.), 109 Manchester rd 
Boyd John E. IX, M.B., Ch.B., 93 

Thursby rd 
Bruggen Bverlev Claude L., L.R.C.P. & 

S. (Edin.), L.R.E.P. & S., 74 Bank 


r (i 


Oallam Alex., M.B., Oh.B., E.R.CS.E. 

(con sr-gn), I Ormerod rd an<l 345 

Coins I'd 
Chadwick Hitchon (nephew), M.B.. 

Ch.B., 00 Manchester rd: surgery 41- 

43 Oxford road, and 25x and 51 

Colne rd 
Chadwick Hitchon Seater, L.M.S.S.A. 

{Lond.), 90 Manchester rti, 41-43 

Oxford rd aud"25x and 51 Colne rd 
CJiarnley Jas., M.B., Ch.B., $06-308 

Padiham rd 
Child Aibt. Geo., M.B., !*&., Fnlledge 

house, 20-22 Todn^orden rd 
Child Margt. E., M.B., Ch.B., Eulledgc, 20-22 Todmorden rd 
Corbett Cath. L., MB., Ch.B., Green 

gable, 31 Ightenhill Park In 
Courtney Jas., L.R.C.P. & S. (Edin.), 

343 Coin© rd and 83-85 Thursby rd 
Davidson Ronald Otway, M.B., Ch.B., 

E.K.C.S. (Edin.), Springfield, 71 To<l 

morden rd 
Dixon Harry Simm, M.B.. Ch.B., 14 

Oxford rd, and Rose cottage, Tod- 

m or den rd 
Donaldson Alex. McRobbie, M.B., 

Ch.B., 65 Burnley rd, Briercliffe ; 

surgery, 357 Brierehffe r<l 
Dunn Essie S., M.B., Ch.B., B.A., 147 

Manchester rd 
Dunn Win. J., M.B., Ch.B.. B.A.O., 

147 Manchester rd 

Ferguson Jas. M., J.P., L.R.C.P., 70a 

Colne rd 

Gibson John, M.A.,- M.D., D.P.H. 
(con physcn to Municipal Hospital 
and lion physcn to Victoria Hos- 
pital), -1-6 Bankhouse st 

Glasham Alex. C., M.A., Ch.B., 114 

Qornall Jas. Arthur, M . R.O.R. t 
L.R.C.P. (Lond.), 94-00 Rose Grove 

Grahame Malcolm Claude Russell, 
M.B., Ch.B., D.P.H. (dep med offer 
of health), Kibble bank. Marsdcn rd 

Grieve Jas., M.A., M.B., Ch.B., 
D.M.R.B. (Camb.), Dipl. Psych (con 
radiologist), 121.-123 Ormerod rd 

Hardy Horatio M., L.S.A. (Lond.}, 102- 
1 04 Accrington rd 

Haworth Jas., M.B., Ch.B., dist mod 
offer and pub vocntr, 22 Padiham 

Holden Harry, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S. 
(Edin.), 49 Rectory rd 

Hudson Thos. A. G", B.A., L.R.C.P., 
L.R.C.S., Rossendale house, West- 
gate, and 277 Coal Clough In 

Ker D. Allison, M.B., Ch.B. (Gifts.), 72 
Manchester rd, 93 Thursby rd and 1-1 
Rose Hill nxount 

Kilpatrick David, M.B., Ch.B., 342 
Padiham rd and 45 Lowerhousc In 



Lament Donald C, M.B.. Gh.B., 

D.P.H. ((med officer of hltn), 29 St. 

James' st 
Lynch Chas. E. 13., M.B., Gh.B.* SO 

Yorkshire st 
McKay Ghas., M.B., CM., 03 Todmor- 

den rd 
McWhinney Archibald R., M.B., OMB., 

303 Padihara rdand 22 Aeerington rd 
Moorhouse Jas. H. 9 M.B., Oil. (5. 

(ophlhlme), 43 Colne rd 
Mimro fra. F,, M.B., Gh.B. (Mnnro & 

Skinner), 30 v\n(\ 1S7 Colne rd 
Purves Wm. Jas., & S. 

(Edin.), 143 Todmorden rd 
Rainford Geo., M.B., Ch.B., 83-S5 

'I hursby rd 
Raymond Jas., M.R.C.S. (Eng.), 

L.R.O.P. (Lond.), (iO-08 Come rd 
Biehmond Goo., M.B., Gh.B., 50 

Thursbv rd 
Skinner David* M.B., Ch.B. (Munro & 

Skinner), 30 and 187 Colno rd 
Shane Herbt. F. N.,L.R.C.P.,1,.R.C.S., 

75 and lot 'I odmorden rd 
Shane Herbt. J., M.D., 75 Todmorden 


Snowball Thos., M.D. (ophthlmc and 
aural}, la Scott Park rd 

Smith Jas. King, M.B., Ch.B. 

(ophLhline and aural), S3 Bank par 
Speneer Bernard, M.R.C.S. (Eng.)» 

L.K.C.P., 3 St. Matthew st and 20-24 

Gannow In 

Sykes 1'Vank, L.R.C.P., L.R.C.S., 

Windyridge, Rossondale rd, and 54 

Rose Grove In 
Taylor 0. V. L., M.B., Ch.B., Rossen- 

dal© house, 50 Westgate : surgery, 

277 Coal Clough In 
Watson John Harry, M.B., B.S, 

(Lond.),p.R.C.S.(TCng.), 08 Bank par 
Whilluini Robt. M., M.B., Ch.B., 

Craven cottage, 29 Piccadilly rd 
Wood Stanley, B.A. (Camb.), M.R.C.R., 

L.R.C.P., Stoneleigh, Scott park ; 

surgery, 22 Aeerington rd 



DAINTY PICKLE Co., 3-5 Radcliffe 
terrace, off Barracks road 

Sehofield Henry, Oldham st 


(See Theatre*, Pictures and 
Music Halls). 


Crossland Alfd., Market hall 
Smith Win. Hy., 40a Church st and 131 


Coupe A. (and tiling cntrctr), 5 Murray 

Oldfiold Jas., Walnut st 


Smith Honrv, 2 Lebanon st 
Wood Alfd., 1 05 Ball st 


ASHWORTH HAROLD (authorised), 
321 Padiham road 

AstinThos. W., 113 Burnley rd, Brier- 

Atkinson Edwin \\\, I Scarlett st 
Barras Win,, 21-23 Abel st 
Barrett John, I 49 Oxford rd 
Bennett W'itr., 34 Brougham st 
Blayloek Ernest, 214 Colne rd 
Broadley Richd., 348 Colne rd 
Burnley Equitable Co-operativo and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammcrton 

Carroll Thos., 105 Cleaver st 
Casson Wm., 30 Daneshouse rd 
CLEGG H. & R., Ltd., Bridge street and 

46 St. Matthew street 
Cornall Richd., Keighley grn 
Cox Sam!., 23 Croft st ' 

Crossley V\". (Kxors. of), lu CoalOlongh 

Dewhurst Bros., 7S Rose Grove In and 

209 Cog In 
DIXON ARTHUR, 7 Yorke street 
Gill Wltr., 20 Mary st 
Griffin A., Ltd., 87 and 138 Aeerington 

HARTLEY BROS., 194 Padiham road 
Hind H- & Co., Turf yard 
Holden J. & A., 35 Trafalgar st 
"ftoylo Henry, 84 Parliament st 
Moorby Wlfd., 1 1 6 Colne rd 
NUTTER HARRY, 82 Briercliffe road 
O'Malia Peter, 74 Parliament st 

(authorised), 18 Padiham road 
Sehofield Albt., 134 Aeerington rd 
SHOESMITH JAMES (estd. 1871), 79 

Manchester road 
Smith Geo., 21 Curzon st 
Smith Samson, 202 Gannow In 
Staeey Mary A., 148 Aeerington rd 
Stansrield & Son, 15 Curzon st 
Tickle Herbt., 115 Berry st 


BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manches- 
ter road and Ormerod street 

COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 
James' street ; warehouse, Cannon 




DUCKETT J. & SON, Ltd., Sanitary- 
ware works, Blannel street 

HARRISON JOHN G., 29 Market street 
and 31 Standish street 

Lord Thos.. 112a Mitella st 

yard, Colne road 


Beagles Polish Co., Ltd., Roebuck at. 


SIMCONA (THE) PRESS, 8 Cliviger 


(See Ticket and Poster Writers). 

See Farmers). 


{See also Corn and Provender Dealers). 

Burnley Small Holdings Association, 

Olampetl 0. & K. 101 Parliament st 

INGHAM R. & W., Higher Smallshaw 
farm, off Accrington road 

Littlewoods', 4 Parker In 

Talbot Ja&, 107 CohI (Hough lane, and 

4 Bronnand st 


Whittam John, 308 GolnS r.l 


Albion (The) Press, Moorfield st 
ANDERSON GEORGE (Burnley), Ltd., 
50 St. James' street and Parsonage 
works, Keighley green 
Archer Thos., 28 Lyndhurst rd 

Ltd., Bull street 
Central Printing Co., 2fl Bankhouse st 

DIXON JOHN, Ltd. (estd. 1884), 
Borough Printing works, 80 Man- 
chester road and Stanley street 
Duke Bar Printing Co., Cobtlen st 
Dnrkin Frank, 120 Brougham st 
Efficiency Press, 19 Bank par 
Kairhurat Jas., 223 Gannow in 
Fielden Smith, 3 Pad i ham rd 
Hamilton^', 20 Church st 

HEAP BROS., Ltd. (memorial ribbons), 
Brief street and Devonshire road 

HORTUS PRINTING Co., Ltd. (colour 
and general), Junction street 

Hudson & Pearson, 49-53 Curaon st 

Clifton road 
Nuttall Ash worth, 2b Adlington st 
NUTTALL & Co., Ltd., King's mill, 

Bridge street 
REID JAMES (Burnley), Ltd., Healey 

Wood shed 
SIMCONA (THE) PRESS (general), 8 

Cliviger street 
SMITH & Co. (memorial ribbons), Hall- 
well street and 43 Allen street 
Spencer Ernest J"., 1 1 o Colno rd 
Vallance Arthur YV., 72 Westgate 
VEEVERS & HENSMAN, Ltd. (cata- 
logue and colour printers), Burnley 
Wood mill, Parliament street 
Wilkinson J. & Son. (Burnley), Ltd., 04 

Hebrew rd 
Wood E. & Co. (Burnley). Ltd., 12 
Ourzon st 




ALLAN ADAM, 16 Tabor street 
Arrandale Jas., 37 Berry st- 
riates Roland, 20 Sussex st 
Bell Geo., 70 Reed st 
Beswick Herbt., 38 Queen st, BH&T- 

Brown John. -1 Derwent av 
Goupe A., o Murray st 
Dickinson! Ktmnanuol. 40 Berry st 
DRIVER ARTHUR, Lodge yard, Wa- 
terloo road 

TCdmondson Jas., 19 Granville st, 

Fellows Wlfd., 8-1 Rurnley rd 
Fisher Win. & Sons, 2(> Liverpool rd 
Greenwood Kdwd., 27 Ightenhill Park 

1 ane 

King Edward mills, Guy street 
Hayes R., Back Sussex st 
HltCHON WALTER, 15 Carter street ; 

yard, Boathouse lane 

Hodder Geo., 1 7 Kvery st 
Howe .Jas., 2.3 Barracks rd 
Maxfield Lewis, 52 Ardwiek st 
Meldrum Ernest, 3 Plane Tree houses 
Nicholson Wm., 27 Coal Clough In 
Parker Roger, 31a Springfield rd 
Pickles John, 1 Cornwall ter 
Potter Jas. B., Westgate 
Seddon Wm., Back Evoi'v st 

SIMPSON BROS. (Burnley), Ltd., Mel- 
bourne street 

SIMPSON J. & R. v Cog Lane Joinery 

Smith Arthur, ;j Hardy st 

STEVENS J., Holmes Weet 

Tattersall Jas., 24 Newman st 
Taylor Thos., 1.4 Brunshaw av 




Vallanco Matthew, 20 Shaftesbury st 


Wood Arthur. 31 Riding at 


(See ft l&o (tracers ntid Provision Dealers}. 

BOLTON J. & Co., Elizabeth street 
Hardaere John -J. (iiaro boiler), Dale st 
I^orrtsfct Wltr., 8 Chancery st 
Ltd., Saunder bank 


(See oho Stone and Flaa frfest'clumix). 

Whitegate quarry, Cheapside, Padi- 
ham road 


See Wireless Dealers). 


(See Fire.plac.e-t), 


Cork & Co., 7 Adlington st 
Masscy Win., Phunbe st 
Smith AM. E. & Son, Villiers st 
Spencer Hartley, Ltd., Stanley st 


Barker Albt. H., A.C.C.S. (Cemetery), 
The Lodge. "Rossendule rd 

Ohm Wm. Thos. (West Ward sub- 
distriet), 25 Nicholas st 

Dugdale Percy (East Ward), 21 Nich- 
olas st 

Hornby J. (supt), 20 Nicholas st 


Robinson Oert. L., 08 Belvedere rd 


(6*66 o>ho Cafes). 

A spina 11 Florence, Market hall 
Briggs John W. (pea saloon), 33a Mar- 
ket st 

B.S.K. (The) Cafe, Ltd., 31 St. James' 

street ; and at Nelson and Padiham 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society,,Han>merton 


24 Manchester road 
CHESTER FRANK, Chancery street 

Olegg .Joshua, 53a Parker In 

Ltd., 7a Manchester road and 2 

Ightenhill Park lane 
Crawshaw R. & H., Market hull 
Garrett Thos., 35-37 Bankhonse st 
<ireea & Biokford, 2 Aeerinptonrd 
Hargreaves Mary, 20 Church st 
Harrison Mary E., 10 Lvidiurst rd 
Vastwell Matilda, 44 Oxford rd 
Haworth J&s, E., 173 Accrington rd 

and 2i> Cog lo 
Hirst Sam]., 3 Bridge st 
Mead Rose, 25 Wren st 
Newell David, 01 Oxford rd 
Oakos TCrnest, 38 Yorksh ire st, 143 

West-gate an<l 1 Cow In 
ODDIES' CAFE, 9 and 38 St. James' 

Street ; and at Nelson and Oo/ne 
Sagar Ada, 1 3 Abel st 

Manchester road 

Smith Wallace, 1 3 Allendale st 
Thornton J. <& W., HI Sandygate 
Waterworth Jas., 70" Trafalgar sti 
Wicks Nellie, 8 Temple st 
Wood Henry, 841 BrierclifTe rd 


Cooper H. P., Ltd., Maltkiln st 

(See Oilcloth av/l TAnoleum Dealers 


Baltic Sack and Bag Co., Bnshworth at 

Taylor John, Engine street 




Pickup J., 48 Yorkshire st 
Bice l<*redk., 1 02 Colne rd 


Burrows John, 4 Mosley st 

HALSTEAD G. t Ltd. (estd. 1863), man- 
ufacturers of " Lily " brand, Spring 
Gardens mill, Turf street 

Tennant T. (I 931), Ltd,, Healey row 

(manufacturers of "Gate" brand 
scouring stones, trade supplied), 
Whitegate quarry, Cheapside, Padi- 
ham road 





DUGKETT J. & SON, Ltd., Sanitary- 
ware works, Blannel street 


ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Syke 

Saw mills 

Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormer- 

od road 

Joinery works, Lowerhouse lane 
NAYLOR J. H. & SON, Ltd., Celia 


Pratt street 
TODD HUBERT, Green Street Saw mill 

Ltd., Blakey Street Saw mills 


TODD HUBERT, Green Street Saw 


Rurko Jeremiah. 20 Ham n icrton st 
Marshall \\\ (Burnley), Ltd., St. .James' 

Singer Sewing Machine Co., Ltd., 10 

Manchester id and 21 Oolne rcl 


Astin Ronnie, 14b Canning st 

DEAN W. H. & SON, Ltd., Victoria 
works, Accrington road, Rose grove 

Delooze Albt., Barracks rd 

Katough Danl.. White aft 

EDMUNDSON M., Ltd., Coke street and 
Liverpool road, Rose grove 

Hargreaves John, oo Curzon st- 

Harker Bros., 153 St. James' sfc 

Holden J., 12-14 Plumb© st 

Howarth 0. L. & Co., Healey Wood rd 

Lacy Richcl, 21 Croft st 

Morris & Wilkinson, Ltd., Keighley 

WATSON C. & J., Neptune Street Cop- 
per works 


F.A.L.P.A., 21-23 Nicholas street 

Sowdon Edwin, 14 Lebanon, st 


ATKINSON JOHN, Ltd., Harle Syke 

Saw mills 

BENNS & HOLMES, Fuliedge mills, 

Todmorden road 

Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormerod 


CLEGG H. & R., Ltd., Bridge street and 

46 St. Matthew street 

Grove Joinery works, Lowerhouse 



SIMPSON J. & R., Cog Lane Joinery 

TODD HUBERT, Green Street Saw 
mill, off Brennand street 

ley), Ltd., Blakey Street Saw mills 


(S&t oho Confectioners). 

Ashworth Mary, 47 Red Lion si 
Astin Harold, 'l 27 Waterloo rd 
Astin Henry, 2 Hardy st 
Atkinson Isabella, 52 Omit st 
Bairstow Sarah J., 166 Gannow In 
Bannister Ernest, 7 Finslevgate 
Barritt Mary, 322 Gannow In 
Bartlett Ellen L., II Baker st 
Bemusou Jane, 13 Old Hall st 
Beswic-k Isaac Hy.. 75 Williams r*\ 
Bland l.sobel, 1 Clyde st 
Boothinan j«Yedk.~ 21 Hart st 
Bradshaw Ada, 012 Bradshaw rd 
Rradshaw Sarah, 37 Rose Grove In 
Briorcline Jas. H., 19 Oalder Vale rd 
Brierley John W., 35 Granville at, 

Briggs Geo. H., 36 Talbot st 
Briggs Jph., 220 Lowerhouse hi 
Brown Florence, 4 WhittJefiold st 
Burnett Emily, 11 Daneshouse rd 
Burrows Sarah, 5 Roebuck st 
GaniiiL Rachel, 5 Kepple st 
Callow Wright, 20 Marsden rd 
Chad wick Jeremiah, 127 Cog In 
Ohauwick Thos., 2 Hapten si 
Clarke Eliz., 1 Trafalgar st 
Clarke Geo., 3 Hurley st 
Clarke Riehd., 233 Aeerington rd 
Crossley Kliza, 37 Oroft st 
Crossley Thos. C., 182-1.84 Gannow In 
Crowther Amelia, 25 Redvers st 
Crowther Mary, 61 Villiers st 
Cryer Sarah, 18 Holmsley st 
Darby Rose, 40 Scott st" 
Thi.erden Thos., 142 Fiasleyg&ie 
Duffy Annie, 02 Hurtley st 
Dymond Win., 2 South st 
Kllenor Esther, 79 Clark st 
l'*arrar -Sarah K, 23 Tunnel st 
Fairer Dora, 210 Gannow In 
Fenn Wm,, 26 Marsden rd 
Floyd Ida, 2 Sharp st 


Fowler Mary E., 141 Ley land rd 

Singleton Silfer, 36 Shale at 

Furso Jph., 32 Padiham rd 

Smith Fanny, 364 Lowerhouse In 

Gallagher John, 50a Junction at 

Smith Lily, 1 Colin -st 

Oamett Wltr., 14 Slagg st 

Smith Sarah J., 48 Waterloo rd 

Gibliu John, 117 Acermgton rd 

Smith Thos., 40 Cobden st 

Gill Win., 41 Bar st 

Stuttard Annie C, 4.5 Ford st 

(Joldsborough Geo., 74 Cog hi 

Sntcliffo Jas., 6-S Brutish aw court 

Cowers John, 24 Kirkgata 

Tattersall Albt., 1 6 Cartel- st 

Greenwood Richd. 1)., 52 Gordon st 

Tagg Win. K., 50-52 Nairne st 

Greenwood Sampson, 31 Kumioy rd 

Yhrelfall Cath., 45 Sandvgate 

Greenwood Wilson, 4= Arthur st 

Toms Richd. K., 34 Albion st 

Grime Sarah J., 1 1)8 (Jannow hi 

Trcadwell Jas., 35 Woodbine rd 

Hall TCdith, 24 Springfield rd 

Tregay Jph. H., 121 Aoofington rd 

Hamer Catherine, lj3 Cloiigh street 

Turner (Serf., 50 Palace st 

Hargroavos Jas., 434 Briuishaw rd 

Veevers Alice, 42 Thorn st 

Hartley Annie, 53 Sandygate 

Wadsworth Ellen, 316 Cog In 

Hartley Matthew, 2 Hinton st 

Wamo Matt bias, 125 Cog In 

Harvvood Richd., 303 Manchester rd 

Walton Hannah, 1 (5 BriereliJ'io rd 

Hayes Rosetta. 58 Tra Falgar st 

Waring Yates, 37 'Villers si 

Heald Ernest, 154 Burnley rd, Jirier- 

Watson Sarah A., 1 HVrbcrt si 


Wottoii Mary, 2 Arran st 

Tleaton Yhoa., 37 Thorn st 

Whitehead Richd., 15 Allertoit st 

Henderson Alfd., 1 Ribblesdale st 

Whit taker Alice, 10 Dale st 

Hoys Kennie, 1 New Hall st 

Whit taker Clara, 69 Halifax rd, /?n>r- 

Hindi© Sarah, 35 Bank par i 


Holden Albt., 64 Trafalgar st 

Whittaker John, 1 1 Kielden st 

Tl.oyle Chas., 289 Coal Clough In 

VVigglesworth Jph., -2;~>[ Ross end ale rd 

Humphreys Saml., 15 Bale st 

Wild Richd., 5 Ada sfc 

Ingham Win., 318 Lowerhonse In 

Wilkinson Alice, 3 Nairne st 

Jackson Mary E., 21 Allen st 

Wilkinson Clara, 10 Ash Held rd 

Jackson Mary J., 1 1 Clifton fit 

Wilson Eli/.. E., 14b Woodbine n\ 

Kennerley Arthur, 12 Aeerington rd 

Wilson John, 39 Milton si 

La ru; tree Alice A., 24 Kitne st 

Wilson Mary J., 59 Cog st 

Longbottorn John J., 45 "H'iehk'u st 

Woodcock Jas., 126 Hartley st 

MoKenna Francis, 1)9 Plum be si 

Wright Thos., 131 (Jannow* In 

McNicol Robt. 1)., 28 Lindsay st 

Madden John, 123 Cog hi 


Marney Jas., 82 Branch rd 

Miles Rosa & Dora, 5 Devonshire rd 

BENNS & HOLMES, Fulledge mills, 

Mitchell Arthur, 70 Thursfield rd 

Todmorden road 

Mitchell lierbt,, 07 Athol st 

Moore Win., 14 Todmorden rd 


Mulrooiiey Patrick, 1 1 Livingstone st 

Murtagh Harold, 40 Calder Vale rd 

HEAP BROS., Brief street and Devon- 

Noble Alice, 4 Lincoln st 

shire road 

Kuttall Edith, 218 Lowerhouso In 

SMITH & CO., Hallwell street and 43 

O'Brien Stephen, 20 Thurslk-ld rd 

Allen street 

Parry John S., 90 Anne st 

Patehett Mary, 34 Eastham st 


Paul Alice, 211 Cog In 

Pickup Olive, 84 Trafalgar st 

BRAGEWELLJ.E. & SON (peg forgers 

Pollard Hetty, 21 Hargher st 

and finishers), Marlborough street 

Pott Sand., 50 Liverpool rd 

Comstivo Thos., Ltd., Calder Vale rd 

Pounder Jas. H., 60 Robinson st 

Pickles Robt., Ltd., Buecleuch mills, 

Pratt Wm. H., 88 Robinson st 


Purkiss Chas. W., 105 Gaimow In 

Rcdfern Ada J.,34 Clough st 


Kilev Alice, 2 Florence st 

Robinson Emma, 3 Derby st 

FOSTER WILLIAM, 4 Outwood road 

Rushton Alice J., 85 Piccadilly rd 

HARGREAVES S. & W., 110 Spring- 

Sehoheld Sarah, 0-8 Bruashaw court 

field road and 57 Briercliffe road 

Shackleton Margt., 84 Burnley rd. 

Ilea ton & Shepherd, 7 Fleet st 


REID JAS. (Burnley), Ltd. (and pos- 

Shirley Jas. A., 58 Nairne st 

ter), Healey Wood shed 

Simpson Wlfd., 24 'lay st 

.Shepherd Alan, 7 Fleet st 



SIMPSON A. & Co., Ltd., 28 Westgate 

Smith Alfd. J, 3 02 Manchester I'd 

SMITH LEVI, 100 Manchester road 


SIMPSON ALEX. & Co., Ltd., 28 West- 


Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammerton 

POOLE JOHN (The Silk Shop), 1 St. 

James 1 street 
SMITH WILLSAM, Ltd. (wholesale and 

retail), 21-23 Fleet street 
WARBURTON W., Ltd., Market square 


SCHOFIELD W. & SON (agents for 
Penrhyn and Velinhelii, Bank Hall 
Slate yard, Colne road 

Stan worth YV. & Son, Ltd,. Curzon st 
Whilaker & Clegg, Ltd., Manchester 


Baldwin Fre&k., 1 9 Loe st 
Barnes & Gates, SI Every st 
Entwistle 1'Yedk., 12 Serpentine id 
HITCHON WALTER, 15 Garter street ; 

yard, Boathouse lane 
SCHOFIELD W. & SON (and slate 

merchants), Bank Hall Slate yard, 

Colne road 
Smith All'd. & Sons, Brun st 
Stanworth Wm. & Son, Ltd., Cutzon st 
VV'hitaker & Clegg, Ltd., Hammerton 



(»S'ee also Fancy Goods Dealers). 

Adams' Stores, Ltd., llealey Wood 

mill and branches 
Bxowa Harry A., 21 Milner st 
Hammond \¥m. Hy., Market hall 
Hastwell Jas., 33 Hammerton st 
Ingh&rn Mrs. Eliz. A., 7 Lyndlmrst rd 
Lord Mary, 14 WJiittaker st 
Lord Sylvester, 4 Gas st 
Marks & Spencer, Ltd., St. James' st 
Kay John H., 10 Oxford rd 
Tattersall Ernest, 30 Peart st 
Woolworth P. & Co., Ltd., 104-110 St. 

Jaiaes* st 

COOKE S. & Co., Ltd., Stanley street 


Birtwolls* (com for oaths), 2-4 Nicholas 
st ; and at lirievftskl. Nelson and 
l y adihain 

Bower John A., 10 Hargreaves st ; and 
at Fleetwood 

Britnell Albfc. V. (BiHwells'), 2-4 
Nicholas st 

Brown Fred (com for oaths), SO York- 
shire st ; and at Brierfield and Nelson 

Clegg Alec, 1 8 Grimshaw st 

Cooper Henry Geo. YValmsley, H«r- 
greaves st 

Creeke Anthony B. (Greek© & Son), 20 
Manchester rd 

Creeke BCerbt. Buck (com for oaths, 
notary public) (Creeke & Son), 20 
Manchester rd 

Creeke & Son, 20 Manchester rd 

Oummings John (com for oaths), Pru- 
dential bldngs, Manchester rd 

Curri© Jas. Kenneth, 1 8 Hargreaves 

Ex ton John E., 11-13 Nicholas st 

Poors Hardwioke K. (Corporation asst}, 
Town Hall, Manchester rd 

Holmes, Butterneld & Hartley (com 
for oaths), 9 Grimshaw st ; and at 

Jobling & Jobling & ICnapo (com for 

oaths), 5 Hargreaves st ; an<l at 
Blackpool, St. Annex and Morecamhe 

Lambert & Parker, Yorke st- 

Newell, Mellor & Nowell (com for 
oaths), 11 Hargreaves st 

Howell Thos. Baron (Kowell, Mellor <& 
Nowell), 11 Hargreaves st 

Ogden Harry (coin for oaths and coron- 
er for the Borough of Burnley), r> 
Grimshaw «t 

Plowman Harry (town elrk), Town 

Pollard Chas. C, 10 Hargreaves st x 

and at Fleetwood 
Procter & Son, 99 Manchester rd and 

at Nelson 
Procter Riohd. (J, (Procter & Son), 99 

Manchester rd 
Race Donald (com for -oaths), 5 Man- 
chester rd 
Ritchie Geo. S. (Southern, Ritchie & 

Southern), 3 St. James' row 
Roberts Frank & Sons (com for oaths), 

1 Red Lion st 
Roberts Geoffrey B., L.L.M". {Prank 

Roberts & Sons), I Red Lion st 
Roberts H. Nicholas, LL.B. (Frank 

Roberts & Sons), 1 lied Lionst 
Roherts, Riley & Anderson (com for 

oaths), 12 St. James' row 
Sanderson Irvin T,, 5 Nicholas st 
Smith Cliff., IS Hargreaves st 
Smith "Dennis, 51 Ormerod rd 
Smith & Smith, Pbzabeth st 



Southern Guy (Southern, Ritohie &• 

Southern) (and clrk to County 

Justices), St. James' row 
Southern, Ritchie & Southern {com 

for oaths), St. James' row 
Steele Lnrd. Percy (com for oaths), 2 

Har^rea ves si : and at Nelson, Oreat 

Harurood and Clilheroe 
Si it cliff G John & Sons, 5-7 Nicholas st 
Sutcliffe Wltr. Francis (J. Sutclitte & 

Sons) (and com for oaths and dep 

coroner), 8-7 Nicholas st 
VV'addington Chas. (com for oaths), 

Imperial chmbrs, 2 CirimshaM* st 
Wadding ton & Son (com for oaths). 

Imperial cbmbrs, 2 Gtrimshaw st 


Bury Win., 119 Westgate 
Clegg Chas. A., Ltd., 10 Market st 
HEBDEN J. & SONS, Ltd., 149 St. 
James' street ; and at Nelson 



Spring works 
FAIRBURN J., Victoria mills, Trafalgar 

MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

Sandy gate 


(.tfee Booksellers and Stationers). 

{See, Corseticres). 


HARTLEY GILBERT, 13a Nicholas 

BhiUipsP. & Son, $ Grimshawst 
Tyrrell H. U. & Co., 15 Hargreavos st 


(Nee also Artificial Stone Makers). 

COOK SO fo W. L., Ltd. (granite, marble, 
etc.), Cemetery lane ; and at Black- 
pool and Preston 
HEAP M. & J. W., Ltd., Clifton street 
MULLEN & DURKIN, Ltd., Trafalgar 

Whitegate quarry, Cheapside, Padi- 
ham road 


ALLAN ADAM, 16 Tabor street 
COOKSON W. L., Ltd., Cemetery lane ; 

and at Black-pool and Preston 

DRIVER ARTHUR, Lodge yard, Wa- 
terloo road 
HEAP M. & J. W., Ltd., Clifton street 
MULLEN & DURKIN, Ltd., Trafalgar 


SIMPSON BROS. (Burnley!, Ltd., Mel- 
bourne street 

Browhead road 




{See also Tanners and Curriers), 

nery, Bark street 


Whipp Arthur, Koighley gm 


{See Physician* ami Surgeons). 


HOYLE HANNAH (registered Spencer), 

253 Brunshaw road 
Jessop H. & Son, 27 Westgato 

cottage, Talbot street 


Alexandre, Ltd., 102 St. James' st 
Archer Fredk., 25(i Oolne rd 
Barraelough Geo. W., 12 Hornby st 
BeJl Jph. & Son, 125 Manchester rd 
Bradleys' (Chester), Ltd., 2 Hammer. 

ton st 
Brooke Wltr., 32 Harriet st 
Buchanan Jas. (ladies' and genfs), -10 

Hammerton st 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammerton 

Burton Montague, Ltd., 1 Manchester 

rd and 4(> St. James' st 
CAMM HAROLD (ladies' and gent's), 

35-37 Oxford road 

Capstiok Albt., 818 Padiham rd 
Cash Clothing Co., 103 St. James' st 
James' street 

Class Morris, 7 Blum be st 
Cocker Matthew, 13-1 Brunshaw rd 
Colburn John, 73 Coal Clough In 
Corallo Angclo, 4-0 Sandygate 
Cowoll Clothiers, Ltd., 27 .Market st 
Davis Win., 145 Oxford rd 
Devlin J«.s. 15., 00 Standish st 



Dewhirst & Co., 1 21) St.' st and 

94 Cola© rd 
Edward AIM. S., 70 Eaglan rd 
Pagleman Benj., 05 St. James' st and 

125 Westgate 
Vegans John, J 13 Nairne st 
Fifty Shilling Tailors, 85a St. James' 

Haiga' (Huddcrsfield), Ltd. (whlsl), St. 

James' row 
Haworth Wltr., 95 Manchester rd 
Heys Aimi©, Victoria st 
Hosie H. & J., 89 Hammerton st 
Kewjn Wm. J., (H Standish st 
KnowlesTom, 161 Padilmmrd 
Ladies' Measure Tailors, 9(5 St. James' 

Lambert Patrick. 119 Brunshaw rd 
Leedams', lied Lion st 
Maxwell Ernest, 52 Kyanst 
Morris Abraham, 10 Westgate 
Palmer T. C., 93 St. James' st 
Piekup Jas., \A Hebrew rd 
Segelman Morris, 187 Briercliffe rd 
Segelman Victor, 12-14 Church st 
Shoo & Kennedy, Ltd., IS Manchester 

Sboesmith Christina (tailor ess), 1 7 

Braoewell st 
Smith Thos. F., 230 Coal Clough In 
Stockdale Jas., 1 1 Saxiiield st 
Strong Bros., 128 St. James' st 

Sutherland John. 41 Hammerton st 

TODD LEVI (ladies 1 and gent's), 43 

VVeavei- to Wearer, Ltd., 94 St. James' 


(tiee Oil and Tatto-w Be/lnors and 


{Hee also Curriers and BPrappvtM 

HOUGHS 1 SUCCESSORS, Finsley tan- 
nery, Bark street 


EASTWOOD P. (Burnley), Ltd., 44a 
St. James 1 street and Plumbe street 
Fearing John & Sims, Padiham rd and 

Meadow st 
Jubilee Garage (I 935), Trafalgar at 
Sunderland Arthur, 28 Ked Lion st 
Tattersall David, Cobden st 
Thorburn Matthew, 48 Junction st 
WHALLEY JAMES E., Ltd., Mitre Mo- 
tor works, Westgate, Trafalgar Street 
siding and Shaw Street garage 


buildings, Market square ; branches : 
12 Howe street, Market place, 29 
Oxford road and 136 Colne road 
BOLTON J. & Co., Elizabeth street 
Burnley Equitable Co- operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammorton 
Cowen Harold, 21 Oolbran st 
Fairelough Honry, 0* Watson st 
Hargreaves Riohd., 83 St. James' st 

Ltd., 15 and 17 St. James' row 
Leagate Tea Co., 79 Westgate 
Lewis 35, & Sons, 22a Aqueduct st 

Maypole Dairy Co., Ltd., 13 Plumbe st 
Meadow Dairy Co., Ltd., SS St. James' 

st, 2 Temple st and 1 58 Colne rd 
Met calf Bros., Ltd., 52 St. James' st 
Northern Tea Stores, 147 St. James' st 
PORRETT WALTER, 8 Chancery street 



CHESTER FRANK, Chancery street 
Hooper Eliz., Carlton Hotel, 33-35 

Standish st 



Alhambra Cinema, Trafalgar st 
Andrews Pictures, 35 Manchester rd 
Coliseum Cinema, Gannow In 
Empire Theatre, St. James' st 
Empress Picture Theatre, Sandygate 
Grand Super Cinema, St. James' st 
Imperial Cinema, Bedruth st 
King's Cinema, Thorn st 
Majestic Picture Palace, Brougham st 
Palace Theatre and Cinema., St. James' 

Pcntridgc Cinema, Holmes st 
Royal Cinema, Robinson st 

Savoy Cinema, 10 Manchester r<\ ; W. 
W. Aspden, mngr 

Temperance Hall Picture House, Park- 
er In ; P. Bolton, mngr 
r I ivoii Picture Palace, Colne rd 
Victoria Theatre and Opera House, St. 
James' st 


REID JAMES (Burnley), Ltd., Heaiey 

Wood shed 

28 Westgatee 


ALLAN ADAM, 16 Tabor street 


J 83 

HITCHON WALTER (roof and wall), 15 
Carter Street yard, Boathouse lane 



AGGETT WILLIAM (dealer), 18 Bar 


Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormerod 

HEAP BROS, (coffin panels, mould- 
ings, etc.), Brief street and Devon- 
shire road 

Hollway Bros. & Yates, Ltd., Liver- 
pool rd, Rose grove 

Lacy Kmest, Daneshouse rd and Bond 

SMITH & Co. (coffin panels, mould- 
ings, etc.), Hallwell street and 43 
Allen street 

Pratt street 

ley), Ltd., Blakey Street Saw mills 


TAYLOR J. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., 
1-3-5-7 Church street 


Ash worth Ethel, 70 Accrmgton rd 
Ash worth Wm. 'R., 82 Manchester rd 
Bowker J. & Sons, Ltd., 21 Manchester 

rd and 48 St. James' st 
Bowker Wm., 1 97 Briereliffe rd 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Ltd.. Hammerton 

Chadwiok Lanceford, 11 Briereliffe rd 

and 1 Ahel st 
OhisruUl John A., 130 St, James' st and 

54 Church st 
Cm ditto & Riley, 169-171 i'adiham rd 
Duckworth J., 30 St. James' st 
Edmondson Wm. C, 10 Standish st 
Fa-weett Jas., 300 Gaimow In 
3< : letcher John YV., 311 Padiham rd 
Gillin Cliff., 7a Padiham rd 
Hargreaves Alfd., 07 Briereliffe I'd 
Jackson Ernest, Bridge sfc ; and at 

Jackson Lnrd. \V\, 378 Colno rd 
Laid. Kdith, '1.0 Ktaudish st 
Martin John J., 03 St. James' st 
Medley Jas. E-, 1 12 Trafalgar st 
Procter Annie, 1 33 Accringfcon rd 
Procter Arthur C, 1 PadLham rd 
Sohofield & Co. (whlsl and. retail), 3 
and 99 St. James' st 

Smith Tom (Burnley), Ltd. (whlsl and 
retail), 1 Fleet st and 55 Oxford rd 

Stephens Kmma, 115 Manchester rd 
Templeton Ann B., o Yorkshire st 
Torulinson Beatrice. I 88 Colne rd 
Vernon Thos. H'y., 31 Yorkshire st 


ALTHAM ABRAHAM, Ltd., 31 Mar- 
ket street 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 

Industrial Society, Hammertoii st 
Cook Thos. & Son. Ltd., I (> Standish st 
DEVONWAY TOURS (specialists in 

motor tours to the South Coast}, 35 

Yorkshire street 
Morris & Ash worth, I 14 Brunshaw rd 

and 52 Belvedere rd 
THRELFALL A. & SON (estti. 1876J 

(accredited agents for Cunard and 

White Star and all conference lines), 

32 Westgate 


ANDERSON GEORGE (Burnley), Ltd., 

50 St. James 1 street 
COOPER SAMUEL S. (late J. Stanworth 

& Co.), 114 St. James 1 street 

Haworth Alfd., Market hall 

Jacobs Max R., Ltd., 92 St. James' st 

LUPTON BROS., 12 St James' street 
and Market hall 

McNoe Misses E. & L., 22 Manchester 

Pollard Krnest, ■] I Morse st 
Pollard F. & G. (whlsl), 5-7 Brown st 
Stoekdales' (Burnley), Ltd., 14 St. 

James' st 
Woolworth F. W*. & Co., Ltd., 101- 1 1.0 

St. James' st 


Amalgamated Kngineering Union, 25 
St. James' row ; A. V. Cakes, sec 

Amalgamated Textile Warehousemen's 
Association, 2 Cliviger st ; J. Lynch, 

Burnley Goal Dealers' Association, 70 
Daneshouso rd ; W. E. Bracewell, 

Burrdcy and District Building Trades 

Employers' Association, 23 St. 
James' row ; J. Yoxall, sec 

Burnley and District Butchers' Asso- 
ciation, 35 Koyle rd : W. L. Hal- 
stead, sec 

Burnley and District Cotton Spinners' 
and Manufacturers' Association, 7 
Grimshaw st ; K. Smith, sec 

Burnley and District Engineers' and 
Firemen's Society, 27 Pritchard st ; 
K. Walker, sec 



Burnley and District Engineering 
Trades Employers' Association, 3 
Grimshaw st ; E. Wood, see 

Burnley and. District Licensed Vic- 
tuallers' Boot and Wluu Trade Asso- 
ciation, J. RateliiTe, sec. Railway st 

Overlookers' Institute, 62 Lindsay 
street ; T. Bugdale, secretary 

Burnley and District Miners' Associa- 
tion, Charlotte st ; J. A. Sampson, 
J.P., sec 

Burnley and District Weavers', Wind- 
ers' and Beamers' Association, Char- 
lotto st ; J. Hiridle, J.P., sec 

Burnley Operative Spinners' Associa- 
tion, 9a Bank Parade 

Burnley I 'roperty Owners' Associa- 
tion,' 12 St. James' row ; E. White- 
head see 

Burnley Small Holdings Association, 
9a Deer Park road, It. Smith, sec 

lhu'nley Twisters' and .Drawers' Asso- 
ciation, Keighley grn ; X. Maxlield, 

General Federation of Trades Unions, 
Garage ehrobrs, Padiham rd ; W. 
Gardner, supt 

.National Union of General and Muni- 
cipal Workers' Association, St. 
James' row ; W. Heys, sec 


Bracowell Thos., 37a Oxford rd 
Hodge Hilda, 292 Colne rd _ 
Hodges Sarah KHz., 97 Parliament st 
Holden liedlov, 224 BriercUffe rd 
lane, 3 Yorkshire street and 19a 
Oxford road ; works, Smith's yard, 
Gannow lane 
Moorhouse Alice, -10 Lyndhurst rd 
Parker WUr., 35 Parker In 
Shackleton -John VV'm., I (> Kim st 

Sprowel Jas., 88 Curzon st 

United Cattle Products, Ltd. (Kalph 

.Mason, branch), Exmouth st and 

Varley Saml., 31 Cohie rd 
W'aterworth Jolui W., 19a Tunnel st 
Watson Win. H., 105 Oxford rd 


BAILEY THOMAS, 4 Earl street 

Blaekadder Albt., it Settle tor 
COWPE ERNEST & Co., 8 Grimshaw 

POOLS, 8 Grimshaw street 

Turf (Commissions), Ltd., St. James' 



Burnley Typewriter Co., Ltd., 03 Man- 
chester rd 

Smith J. 0. and Corona Typewriters, 
Ltd.,. 35 St. James' st 


Browns' Typewriting Service, Ltd., 18 
Hargreaves st 


(xS'ce Motor Tyres ami Accessories). 


CASH & Co., 58 St. James' street 
COOPER SAMUEL S. (late J. Stan- 
worth & Co.), 114 St. dames' street 


Bank Top Manufacturing Co. (ladies'). 

Railway st 
Blakeley Jas., 27a Stand ish st 
Reeves Bros., Ltd., Wcllhouse st 
Robinson A. P. (Burnley), Ltd., Whifc- 

tlefield st 
SUTCLIFFE & RACE, Ltd. (Ess & 

Ar), Elizabeth street 


(8<SC Cabinet Maker*). 

[iS'ee Funeral Undertakers 


((Vce Auctioneers and Valuers). 


Kenyon Jas., M.R.C. V.S., 29 St. James 



6*66 Motor Tyres omd Accessories). 

Low W. S., Ltd., 8 Hargreave* st 
Schoucld S. & Co., 120 St. James' st 
Tattersail Christina, 54 Abel st 
West Riding Wallpaper Co., Ltd., 158 

St. Jam os ' st 


1 85 


{See, Clothes Dealers). 


(See Boiler Makers). 

WATCHMAKERS AND JEWELLERS. Thos. P., Bank ehmbrs. 7 

Hargreaves st 
Austin Ohftg. K,, 19 Mersey st 
Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Hammerton 
Cooper Benj. R., 161. St. James* st 
Coupe Chas., 244 Padihatn rd 
algar s' ree ■ 
Prinsky R. & Son, 77 St, James r st 
Hi ley Wm., 33 Plumbe st 
Shaw Win., 63 Pritchard st 

Sin<doron J. & Son.., 15 Oxford rd 
Smith Fredk., 140 Patliham rd 
Smith J ph., 7 Qxieen Victoria st 
Smith 'J'. Wharton, 2 St. James' st 
Smith \Vm. & Son, 48 Plumbo st 
Sutcliffe 'Ihos. & Son, US Coin© rd 


BESFIT SHOE Co., 60 Peart street 
Blaekston Solomon (mnftr), 10 Bridge 

Cow el I Louie, 31 Parker In 

Loudon (The) Rubber Co., 3 Manehes- 
tor rd 


Spring works, Sunderland street 

Pickles Hobt., Ltd., Buooloueb mills, 


Farrar Wm., 135 Lyndhurst vel 
South John, Plumbe street 
Kteen Thos., Lid., Bank par ; ami at 


(See also Coach and Motor Body 

Fearing John & .Sons, Padiham rd and 

Meadow st 

place and Blakey street 
Smith Wm. & Son. liJarl st 
WALLBANK T. H. & F., Haslam 

street, off Barracks road 


Burnley Electric Welding Co., Blakey 


Spring works 
EDMUNDSON M., Ltd., Liverpool road, 

Rose grove and Coke street 

street, Rose grove 

Street ironworks 
MORRIS & SONS, Caledonian mill, 

WATSON C. & J., Neptune Street Cop- 
per works 


Stte also Black and W hticmnithft). 

SKIPPER C. G., Ltd., Park garage, 

Nairne street 


Allen & Harrison, 11 Smalloy st 
Anforth Henry, 21 Pembroke st 
Ashbrjdge Wm. A., 1 Olevelands grv 
Bonnell Kd., 1.01 Water barn st 
Brennan Martin, 128 Ley land vd 
Burns Harold, 10 Disraeli st 
Chadderton J&S '!'., 4 Mary sfc 
Chun-Kill Coo., 114 Nairne st 
Oollinge Henry, 31 Kinest 
GowrgUl Ernest, 10 Claughton si 
Domaine Chas., 208 Coal Clougli In 
Donovan Phos., 51 Morse st 
Dugdale Jas., 79 Barden In 
Eastwood Hobt., 11 Howard st 
Edmondson Thos., 15 Cleaver st 
Entwistle Albt., 14 Essex av 
Exley Jas. A., 21 Disraeli st 
(ireenwood Ackroyd. 00 Piccadilly rd 
Hartley Thos., 37 "Hows in st 
Holgate Ingham, 23 field oust 
James Horace H., 34 Berry st 
Kay Luke, 21 Stafford st" 
Knight Wm. YV., 37 Laithe st 
barter John E., 96 Robinson st 
Latimer Chas., 1 25 Ardwiok st 
Lees (Burnley), Ltd., 00 Melville st 
Lingard Jolm Wm., ;J2 Springfield rd 
Lingarcl Nicholas, 70 Heed st 
Lord Mitchell, 45 Travis st 
Love Harold, 3 Oranby st 
McHalo Edvvd., 58 Parkinson st 
M'ansell Peter, 53 Stoney st 
Maymond John T., 5 Howard st 
Maymond Wltr., 10 Hargber st 
Milnes Fredk., 7 Felix st 
Parker Henrv, 23 Holm by st 
liatcliff© Geo. E., 20 Blaeker st 
Kaweliffe Elias, 23 Cedar st 
Robinson Fredk., 20 Herbert st 
Runey Geo. Jas., 00 Olympia st 



Salkold Fredk. A., 16 Cumberland av 
Stater Wm„ 128 Every st 
Smith Ralph H., IS Mitella at 
Southwell Jph,, 9 Irene st 
Taylor Herbfc., I 07 Harden In 
Trickle Gerrard, 29 Angle st 
Townend Allan, 32 St. John's rd 
Tregilgas Jas. H., 276 Briereliffe rd 
Waddangton Geo. H., 31 Tunnel st 
W'hatn-ore Win., 9 Frankland st 
Whittaker Arthur, 46 1 abor st 
Wilkinson Kufus, 09 Mareden rd 
Wright Jph. K, I7<> Manchester rd 


ADDISON & Co., Ltd., 45-47 St. 

James 1 street 
Bushell Edith (wine), 81 Manchester rd 
GaHagher Winifred, 68-70 Temple st 
Gorman Vvm., 139 Cohio rd 
only), 59 St. James' street, 46 He- 
brew road and 82 Accrington road ; 
and at Nclsor^, Colne, Accrington, 
Earbjj, Bri&rfteM, Darwen and Harro- 
Haworth & Aircv, Ltd., oa Bridge st 
Ltd., Bridge End brewery, Westgate, 
and 8 Caider Vale road 
Northern Tea Stores, 147 St.' st 
Seulley Mary J., '27 Padiham rd 
Shoesmiths' Wine Co., Maries st 
Smith John, Tadcasfcer Brewery Co., 

Ltd., 207-209 Colne rd 
TAYLOR J. & Co. (Burnley), Ltd., 1-3- 

5-7 Church street 
W'iMman Arthur, IGfi-IGS Padiham rd 


Lambson Bros., S7 Manchester rd 


Ainseow Jas. S., 38 Standish st 

AshworLli Albt. H., 3 Lee st 

ATKINSON HERBT., 144 Burnley road, 

Bridge Tlios., 7a Bivel st 

Burnley Equitable Co-operative and 
Industrial Society, Ltd., Ham merlon 

Burnley Wireless Ko-lay Co., 13 Carey 

CLEGG HARTLEY, 75 Brennand street 

GOATES J. G., Ltd. (wholesalers and 
manufacturers of the " Barto " spec- 
ialities), 26 Bridge street 

Edwards John, 1 52 Padiham rd 

algar street 

Hargher Clough Re-lay, 25 Cog In 
Harrison Geo., 203 Accrington rd 
HARTLEY ALBERT & Co., 37 Stand 

ish street 
Haworth John L. & Co., 33 Manches- 
ter rd 
HEBDEN BROS., Ltd., Jockey street ; 

registered office, 221 Accrington road 
Hewer Jph. & Son, 1 Standish st 

(wholesale), 12-14 Bridge street 
Kitchens' Re- lav Service, 2 Orowther st 
Hewlett Win. 'J\, 19 Melville st 
Jenkin Fredk. A. (battery), I H.oHin- 

g reave rd 
Loyds' Radio, Northern County, Ltd., 

87 St. James 1 st 
Mnrtagh Harold (re-lay service), 17 

Caider st 

SERVICE (radio re-lay), 8 Standish 

street ; and at Accrington 
Nicholas & Biding (re-lay service), 34 

Brougham st 
Northern ('J he) Hadio Exchange Co., 

148a Trafalgar st 
Oxford .Radio and Kleetrieal Supply, 22 

Oxford rd 
Pollard Thos., Ltd., Market sq 
Radio Service Co., .1 Kxtwisf le st 
Reynard & Sons, Ltd., 1 4a Hargreaves 

st and 1 59 St. James' st 
SIMPSON ALEX. & Co., Ltd., 28 Wesi- 

SMITH WILLIAM, 97 Coal Clough lane 
Southwell Jack (re-lay service), 2 

Brockenhurst st 

Spencer Jas. VY\, Springhillrd 
Stanworth Cliff., 9 St. James' row 

Ltd., Pendle View works ; registered 

office, 26 Spencer street 
1'owler Kobt., 81 Accrington rd 
Universal Klectrie Supply Co., 1-3 

Webster A. & Sons (Burnley), Ltd., 

165 Oxford rd 
Wilson Thos. H. f 320 Padiham rd 


Saw mills, Talbot street and Ormerod 


(«SV?e ah-o Fire Manges). 

BENNS & HOLMES (manufacturers), 
Fulledge mills, Todmorden road 

BULCOCK JAMES, Ltd., 19 Manches- 
ter road and Ormerod street 

Collmge (J. & Co., 1 2-20 Boot st 



COWGILL & SMITH, Ltd., 41 St. 

James' street ; warehouse, Cannon 


DRIVER ARTHUR, Ltd., Lodge yard 
and 29 Waterloo road 

ufacturers), Pentridge mill, Holmes 
street, and Central mill, Albert street 

HARRISON JOHN G., 29 Market street 
and 31 Standish street 


See Hosiers and Qlovers). 

BAYNE & SONS, Ltd. (ladies 1 costume 
cloth and trimmings), 43 St. James' 

POOLE JOHN (and silk merchant), 
The Silk Shop, 1 St. James' street 

SMITH WM., Ltd. (wholesale and re- 
tail), 21-23 Fleet street 


Brockhouse Richrt. \Y\, 120 Sandy gat q 

Shflckletons' Wringer HoapitaJ, 37 

Berkeley at 


Holt Arthur, I 80 Coal dough In 
Leaver Perey, 4 Brassey st 
MITCHELL F. & SON (North of Ire- 
land, Bangor, Co. Down), with 

headquarters at Savoy Hotel, 11 Barry 


Smith Arthur ft., 54 Ighteoiiill Park In 
Thompson Hy., 45o Padiham rd 


Coppock Bros., Master st 
Gill Harold, M Ulster sfc 

Haughton Jph., (>2 Tontre sfc 

Mawson, Swan & Co., Adlingfcon sfc 

Pollard. John J., I Bruneist 





including C H O R L E Y 


including ACCRINGTON, etc 








Street Di 

i rectory 

Containing the Names etc., arranged in 

the order of the Numbers on the 



62 Bagc Miss R., grcr 

162 CJraliam iVI'r. !•'- 

64 .Ludlam Mr. (). C. 

164 Covv^'illJ. W.^v\'p 

•1 Sutcliffo 0., wvr 

66 Wrens Mrs. K. 

Hoinsin a-ImpS, 

6 Turner Mrs. H, 

68 I.udlam Mrs. K., Erliitr 

166 Krickor J., collier 

8 Bell J"., dyer 

70 fctoran JT.» hairdrssr 

168 Osborne Mrs. L. 

10 Ouili'ovlo H. E\, wvr 

72 Robinson H. s nowsagnt 

170 Barker A M labr 

12 Bone Sirs. P. 

74 Burrows Mrs. E„ turn 

172 KcaMrs.K. 

11 ttarslield W., labr 


174 Brown VV„ labr 

16 Cawlcwoll W., clerk 

76 Starkie P,, wvr 

176 Oollinge H,, irvllr 

18 Finlayson 1*'., wvr 

78 Gorier YY\, Ltd... fish 

178 Spodding 11., labr 

20 Berry Mrs. H. 


Jii>elyn street. 

22 H olden K., labr 

78 Dawson T., mlr drvr 

Blades 1). & Co.. Ltd., 

24 Henderson Mrs. fc>. 

80 heighten C, enftr 

mfr ongnrs 

26 Howarih J ., wrcbsomn 

82 Lord Miss A„ drpr 

Blades G ., carrier 

28„TooUoy H., wvr 

liurtleif xtreet. 

Sweetnvore*s Relay Sep- 

30 Atkinson U., lain 1 

84 Road Mrs. 32., onto 

vie os, Ltd. 

32 Spencer T., ovrlfcr 

86 Broughton W„ Onto 

Council School 

Holme road. 

88 Crago J. H.,wvr 

St. Philips street 

27 Maodonald r*., labr 

SO LovatL L., wvr 

St. Margaret's Church 

25 Rico Mis, E. 

92 Cleasby -)., labr 

/''rancis street. 

23 ProMiLt Mrs. A. 

94 B&rchonough L., collier 

151 Tltistleton O., wvr 

21 Duordon E., wvr 

96 Oaine A., <*oal dlr 

147 Greon A., mvisie tcbr 

19 Plows J., olfchlkr 

100 Holland 11.., iniiir 

145 AsliworlUG., wvr 

17 Wa_'-jott J. A., ititr 

102 Cowfc Mrs. L., f r fish dlr 

143 Hartley W.. labr 

15 Dyson J., wvr 

104 Bolton 'Miss K. 10.. 

New Halt street. 

13 Pepper Mrs. A. 


141 Birchall M rs. K.,£&Rr 

11 Halstoad !Mxs» A. 

106 Lloyd A. E,, confl-r 

139 Bawes Mrs. M . 

9 Koiiyon J., wvr 

106ft Richardson \V\, btchr 

137 Poaser H., labr 

7 Townsend Mrs. T. 

106a Richardson W-, jnr., 

135 Taylor F. W., comp 

5 Kinch Mrs. W. 


133 ThornborM., wvr 

3 Cubbon Mr. R.W. 

Holbech street. 

131 T-fattersley 8 ., agnt 

1 Garrett .1 ., sbpmn 

108 l'Vmlds J-, bootrepr 

129 Mason T.,\wr 

110 CnnlirTe J'., mldr 

127 Thornber K.. wvr 


112 Wheatcroffc Mr. J. J. 

125 Pieknp W., labr 

114 Emroett H-, elect™ 

123 KnowlosO. H., wvr 

2 Ashworbh .T. W.j cooked 

116 Hudson It., bookkpr 

121 Ar.'liorB..<-llbllcr 

meat dlr, 

118 Htol-t Mt-s. M. 

119 Tvoson Mrs. «. 

4 BaineS W., linirdrssr 

120 Smith W., wvr 

117 lloldoJi Mrs. H. J, 

6 Whitehead W.,fr fish dl 

122 Dixon "W, H., w\r 

115 Kolden ft., wvr 

8 OhadwickL., tbecnsfc 

124 Ilalsicud L., attndnt 

Holbrck street. 

10 Wilkinson 34., enl'lr 

1*26 Sharloek J'. It,, wvr 

113a Greenwood J. VV.,cnHir 

Taylor street. 

128 Rridgo Mrs. Q., enftr 

, 113 Nut-tall Mr. .1. 

12 Wadsworib -I.W.J.rhlsl 

128a Shepherd T.,.i"r Bshdlr 

'ill Kauo J., labr 

32 Riding! Mr. J. 

A'ow Ha-ll street. 

109 Hargreaves A., collier 

34 Lewis J. O., uphlsu* 

130 Rooke Mrs. M. 

107 lahcrington Mrs. N. 

36 Duerdcii B., cnltr 

132 Taylor J., ftremn 

105 Howarth G., twister 

38 Walfeon W., btchr 

134 T-ToMon F., Iioamor 

103 King K., stokor 

0W Wrt« street 

; 136 Berry Miss B. 

101 (Jrimslvaw Mrs. K. 

40 Co-op Stores, btohrs 

| 138 Whittam "\V., wvr 

99 WhVookMrs. A. K. 

42 Turner Miss K.onEtr 

140 Horn Mrs- C. 

97 Spont-cr W. S., wvr 

44 Jolly W., outfMr 

Violet street. 

95 Baldwin W., w\v 

46 Monknian W., wxdrbe 

142 Crossley Mrs. A. 

93 Watson A., rachnst 


1.44 Aldorson Mi-a. E. 

.91 Ohorlton W., rly slinlr 

48 Boggis R-. nwsagnt 

1 146 Hargreavtss Mrs. A, 

91 ChorlLon MPS. E., drpr 

50 Morris A., hairdrssr 

148 Campion J. K-- pair 

89 Slierlook K., wvr 

52 Marsdcn Mrs, A., d rpr 

150 Lovatt K. W.. labr 

87 Duckworth J., Ltd., 

54 TaKcrsall Mrs. C, wall- 

152 WilkinsJ. K., collier 



Cameron street. 

Hurtley street. 

56 Tattorsall J. R., pntr 

154 Smith H„ onfer 

85 Sharpe R. i^., bt<thr 

58 Mason R., tripe drssr 

156 TTi^gin Miss S. 

83 ITougliton X, C, firemn 

60 Kehofield W„ ehamist 

158 Ellis E., firemn 

81 Green H., moeh 

Nidioll street , 

160 Hargreavos W, If., wvr 

79 Nutlall \V... spnnr 



77 Yates Mr. W. 

10 Pickering W„ iv fish dlr 

136 Osborne J., fr fisli tlii- 

75 Birolienough Mrs. J., 

12 Kenned v A., shpkpr 

Clougk struct. 


14 Gill W.,labr 

| 138 Griffin A., Ltd., pimbrs 
138 Ashworth J':, boot ropr 
140 Delooae ./., ironmngr 

69 Clarke H., labr 

16 Burriil J"., collier 

67 Green Mrs. C. 

22 Whifctaker J., d isponser 

65 Jftgger J. T., labr 

22 Wood Dr. S. 

142 \ r co\^ers J, B., onffer 

Nicholl street. 

22 MeWliumey Dr. A. K. 

144 Adams Stores- Ltd. 

63 Hargreavos R., enftr 

Blamicl street. 

146 Hartley./., newsagnt 

61 Davenport Mrs. M. 

24 Baxter Mrs. V. 

148 Wtacey Mrs. M. A., pntr 
150 Mitchell H., labr 

59 Hirat C„ wvr 

28 Cunliffe A., dentl durgn 

57 Burrows A,, clerk 

28 Lord Mr. J. H. 

152 Barritt T„ cooked moat 

55 Goldard VV., ongnr 

30 Bryne Mrs. M. 

53 Webster S., labr 

32 Pickup H., labr 

154 Duckworth Mr. J. 

51 O'TTara Mrs. B. 

34 Bigby Mrs. E„ hairdrssr 

156 Jackson VV„ wvr 

49 Konvon Miss M. 

36 Greenwood Mr. W. 

158 Co-op Stores 

160 Crabtreo C, mtrdrvr 

47 Dugdale Mrs. B. 

38 Walker M"rs. 0. 

45 Gregory J . T., collier 

40 Norman J\, wvr 

162 Sui^lirTeMissE. 

Old Hail street. 

42 Murray C, minor 

166 Craw si law J. K„ hainlsr 

41 Clonal R.H.,gror 

Waverley street. 

Harghvr street* 

39 SutcUiTc Mrs. E., drpr 

44 Baldwin -T. W., labr 

168 MiteheJlK. W.aVuitr 

39 SiitclLft'e VY'.,nmgr 

46 Taylor '.Mrs. S. A. 

■J ^* fc * * V A 

170 Jepson A., eanvssr 

35-37 Cannon A. R,, grcr 

48 Walk*™ BC., baker 

172 -Smith Mr. A. 

33 VViiulIo P. L., leather dlr 

50 Diu.'kworlliMr.T. 

174 Karris Mr. R. 

51 Williamson Mrs. A., 

52 Almond ftiiss A. 

176 Whittaker J., labr 


54 Whittakor Mr. J\ J. 

178 Hepworth ().. Turn brkr 

29 Bloasdale Mrs. A. 

56 Ormerod Mrs. L. 

180 .Smith H., lirobtr 

27 Shaw W. L., chinadlr 

58 Harrison .&'., foremn 

182 Barrett J., tailor 

25 Podding N., shpmn 

60 Hartley E„ ovrlkr 

184 Caracker A., grtlnr 
186 Brolsford W. t wvr 

21-23 Barras A., plmbr 

62 Heap A., labr 

17 Hartley H., btchr 

64 Wren A. , shpmn 

188 Vorran Mrs. JO. E. 

13 Sagar Miss A., dining 

66 Turner T. s carter 

ISO Sagor A., miner 


68 Nuttall J., labr 

192 Coiling© D., miner 
194 Brown J\, labr 

9 GreenhalgTis Ltd., dyers 

68 Patehett Col. H., hair- 

9 Hoatou K., rongr 


19*1 a Vcrran's Stores, house 

7 lading W., fraitr 

-70-72 GillR. R., btchr 


5 Kelly J„ labr 

74 LayneldVY..eiTft.T 

196 Turner EU boot dlr 

3 Mould W., labr 

76 Ashworth Mrs. 113., 

■■L . — — V J L ■■■. ■■ 11 ■■ V -BBl BLBV J ■■ 

196 KlIisonMrs- M.A. 

1 tfitzpatriok J . 1 1 ,, pawn- 


198 Cliaifcr C, grcr 
Ooff lane. 

1 >rokor 

78 Wick ham A., aewsaat 

j"\ft *■! F- -L J* " LI. ^L V. 

80 Konyon Mrs. R. H., 

200 Kobertshaw G., grcr 
202 VarleyH., btchr 


Angel £>vn 

Sandy gate. 

204 .Smith C, enlitr 

1 Smith Mrs. K. 

82 Hartley's, cash chemists 

206 Barrow J\, mtr clrvr 

3 Proctor W«, enftr 

84 Hollier O. & B., onffcrs 

208 Turner Mr. W. 

George .Street Manufao- 1 

86 Dean J>, fruitr 

Collier ntreet. 

turingCo., Ltd. 

88 Craven 1*., pntr 

212a Cooper Mrs. K.,tJr|>r 

5 Hartley Mr. H. 

88a Richardson 13., boot 

212)> Hargreaves Mrs. K. A., 

7 i'Jast .Lancashire Kx- 



pross Delivery Service 

A : «irne street. 

214 CraggM., miner 

7 ijonort Mr. A. 

90 Hamer Mrs. R. 

216 HowartbMissM. 

9- Standing Mr. F. 

92 Wood VV. H„ wvr 

218 AslicroEt Mrs. E. 

11 Tattersall Mrs. M. A. 

94 Atkinson Miss L. 

■■1 11 LB BIB -BBBi -BL BBBi -BB "■. 

220 Rodgers T M jninor 

13 Hollars Mrs. K. A. 

96 Nutter J\,rrmgr 

15 Keyos J'. 15,, loonier 

98 Watson J. H. W., labr 

L " -BaLmi V "B X ■■. -BBB BB V -BBB IB 11 -BB 

222 llowarth Mrs. M. 

16 Woolor .10., clerk 

100 Ashworth Mr. 1". 


224 Walmsley J., collier 

19 Law Mr. B. 

jlthnl xt/rcei. 


Humphrey street. 

Kippax .J. B., i'rmr, 

Maple terrace. 

226 Hopkinson.f.,iVlislidh 

Lower 1'riioross .Bank 

102-104 JtardyDr.H.M. 

228 Mitchell L., fruitr 

CloughJ. K., mngr 

106 BarnosJ'. W.,drpr 

230 Hartley Mrs. S. 

Cowburns Ltd., mini 

108-110 Deardoh's, drprs 

232 Hartloy R., jnr 
234-236 Barlow 8., Inker- 

water mttrs 

110 Doarden Mr. U. 

Ferris IT. & Co., Lid., 

112 Brown V., btchr 


mwh inn 

card box mkrs 

JShnswood street. 

HaHl&y afreet* 
238 Xovill© J. 7 minor 

Ill Calvert Mrs. K, grcr 


116 XorrisJ., hairdrssr 

240 Kenny 1\, paper mkr 

1.18 Jcnkinson Mr. W. 

242 Hai-tky W.-trnr 

2 Green & Biekford, eat- 

120 AldisC, firewood dlr 

2-14 Hartley J., mkii- 

ing house 

122 StowellA., labr 

246 Hammond J., labr 

4 Ashton Mrs. M... grcr 

124 Ashworth Mrs. A. 

248 Stevenson H., wvr 

6 Wright J?., labr 

Perth street. 

250 Duerden.J., labr 

Mitre place. 

128 VVignall J., disponscr 

BBL m BL -BBL BBBi m BBL -BB BBL ■■ ■■ L -BL 

252 Pickup Mrs. S. 
254 Mitton Mrs. R. 

Holy Trinity Church 

130 Berry Mr. J. 

Pomfret street. 

132 Walton 1'., ovrlkr 

■■L B X "■. " BB X BBBL L BL BB BB1 BL 

256 Ellison Mrs- H- 

8 Bletfard A., wvr 

134 .Schofield A., plmbr 

Brush afreet* 



260 Southern A., cnftnr 
260 Ttmlorl'., wvr 
262 Lingard L., pntr 
264 Clarke E„ pipo mkr 
266 Boll W., labr 
268 Hill Miss H. 
270 Forrest J, J»,labr . * 
Florence street. 

272 Beankmd 1<\, striker 
274 Shullloworth A., minor 
276 Throifall Mrs. E. 

273 Lomax J"., wvr 
280 Aspdon Mrs. G. 
282 Burns S. K., ovrlkr 
284 Roberts JS., pntr 
286 Simpson Mr. T. 
288 Smiths, loonier 
290 Wlutfcara >Ir. A. 
292 Burns H.* minor 
294 Walsh B.» miner 
296 Pilkington A., labr 
298 Book W., minor 
300 Kay K., carter 
302 Blaiieu W., minor 

ifoae Valley 

1 Teasdale Mr, W. 

2 Pollard Mrs. B. 
302a SnialleyG., minor 

Watsons Petrol Dis- 
tributors, Ltd. 
Hargreavos Colliorios, 
360 Hargreaves E., ovrlkr 
362 Townson A., wvr 
36*1 Roberts #., tinner 
366 Mar wood J. 1 '., enftr 
$m<Ulshaw lane. 
458 Carney 1*\, mcnnsb 
460 Dolves !£., Indrymu 
462 Holm Mr. J\ N. 
464 W'ilcock Mrs. A. 
466 Pratt E.»mngr 
468 Dent Mr. A. 
470 Bland W'., enxnllr 
472 Wnarf H.,mngr 
474 Hobdon Mr, S. D. 
StansJ'ietd street. 
478 Barker Mrs. L, A. 
480 Myors C, trvllr 
182 Braddock lb*., salesmn 
484 Brown F,» mngr 
486 Binnoy W., rly guard 
488 Wilding K . C, rly insptr 
490 Harrop 1*'., labr 
492 Shuttleworth li., ongn 

494 Heyes A., Cttbt mkr 
4% Holmo S., pol cons 
198 Magnall F., ovrlkr 
500 insoh C, ongn drvr 
502 Higgin Miss M. A. 
504 Maccabe Madame A.M., 

music tchr 
506 Borrnan R.» lirdwre dlr 
508 Sellers W., ongn drvr 
51.0 Youngs W., ongn drvr 
510 Youngs Miss A., hairdsr 
512 Calvert J., litter 
514 TTttley Mrs. M. 
516 Talton MVs. V. 
518 Curson H.. wvr 
520 Carlisle A., mldr 
522 Parfitt A. C., dentist 
524a HeNfllh Mr. K. 

Drew? street. 
524 Waddington Mr. D. 
526 Burnie J'., rnldr 
528 Kawcett W., I'oromii 

530 Moulson Mr. K. 
532 Ludlara J\, labr 

531 JViokloii A. E„ salosnm 
536-538 Marshall W., grcr 

Bossend-ale road. 
Drew Mr. A., Holmo 

AshwortUT. &Qo.,Ld. 

Holt W. (Burnley) -Led. 

Rowjrove fane. 
Batiwuy sidings 

Dean WVH. & Son, 
Lid., sFieet motl wkrs 
Hobden Bros., Ltd., 
377 Hobdon Mr. K. 
269 Noon Mrs, ft. 
267 Hanlan Miss E. 
265 Brown L., labr 
263 Nutter Mrs. C. 
261 Wilton Mrs. I. 
259 Burns T., wvr 
257 M'iddleton ft.» labr 
255 Park Mrs. M. 
253 Kushton L„ minor 
251 Davis Mr. K. A. 
249 Cookson Mrs. A. A., grcr 
247 Cocks 0. 3P.» grer 
245 BullonMrs. M. 
243 Homy J\, labr 
241 Mollis W., oookod moat 

239 KobortsT., clerk 
235 Pickup J. 'i\, Alma Inn 
233 Clarke ft., shpkpr 
231 Elms J., booksllr 
229 Proctor H., btchr 
227 Dugdale R., newsagnt 
221, 225, 225 Hobdon Bros., 

Ltd., mtr agnts 
225 Hobden Mr. K. S. 
223 Hobdon Mrs. M. 
219 Patterson G., grcr 
217 Tomlmson A., brdwro 

215 Hobdon E„ enftr 
213 Gallagher J., Fleece Inn 
211 Kershaw Miss A. A. 
209 Sunderland A., grcr 
207 Whitham A., fr risk dlr 

Homer street. 
205 Varley T. 9 boot mkr 
203 Harrison G., radio engnr 
201 Hartley A., luiirdrssr 
199 Yates L., btchr 
197 Korshaw E., Wood Top 

Cog lane. 
189 Hanson Miss >1. A. 
189 Stevens' Stores, grcrs 
187 Seymour Mr. K. 
185 Carney Mr. J. W. 
Wood Top School 
Cambridge street. 
Clarence place. 
181 Parry Mrs. M., enftr 
179 Staoey L., minor 
177 Parker Mrs. M. A. 

175 Hopwood R,, minor 
173 Haworth J. &., oat'g htio 

171 Sutcliffe i"*.,fr fish dlr 
Go-op Heading Booms 
Co-op Stores 
Grove street. 
161 Duckworth J . Ltd .,grors 
159 Barry M., truitr 
157 Hemingway Miss L., 

157a Turner A. &B.,drprs 
157a Turner Mr. K O. 
155 British & Ai-gontuio 

Meat Co., Ltd. 
155a Mason H. p Ltd., t-ripo 

155a Mellor Mrs. C. 
153 Maypole Dairy Co., Ld. 
153a Ouniiffo T., onltnr 
151 Wills,!., grcr 
151a Taylors Drug (Jo. Ltd. 
Olouyh street-. 
Methodist Chapct 
147 Stanworth •)'. A,, oretlir 
145 Maui Mrs. K. 
143 Moorhouso Mrs. M. 
141 Wood Mrs. R. 
139 Ingham p., fum dlr 
139 Dickinson W., oloctrn 
137 DorricutMr. W. D. 
135 Stockdalo W. f btclu- 

133 Proctor Mrs. A., ibocnst 
131 f reoman A. H., t'ruitr 
129 Bradshaw K. H., enftr 

Peace street. 
127a Woston W. E., boot 

127 Kawson & Simpson, 

corn dlrs 
125 Leather A., grcr 

123a ArgenlaMoatCo., Ltd. 
123 Boss G . A., newsagnt 
1.21 Tregay J. H., shpkpr 
119 Tomlinson A., enftr 

Blair street. 
117 Giblin J"., shpkpr 
115 Smith A. & Son, lurn 

113 Simpson M rg. M . 
11.1 Wluttam Miss E>, enftr 
111 BeswiekT., minor 
109 Stock W. H,, dentist 
109a Harrison 'V., boot repr 
107a Brown wood K., fum 

Duekett terrace. 
107 Bury G. & Son, grcrs 
103 British & Argentine 

Moat Co., Ltd. 
101 Wilkinson J"., General 
Barracks road. 
Leyland Motors, Ltd. 
93 Bradshaw Mrs. M. A. 
91 Wiiarf U., foroinn 
89 Wharf K.,plmbr 
87 Griffin A., Ltd., plmbi-a 
85 Taylor J., minor 
83 WhittakerMrs. S. 
81 Towler E., radio dlr 
79 Mahon's Sanitary 

71 Tipping E., rly giiar<I 
69 Loiyh T., dyer 



67 Whltifcam Mrs. M. 
63 Nuttall A., wvc 
61 Spoako Mrs. A. 
59 SiimriH E. ? labr 

Moor house terrace. 
57 Giclloy J. R„ firebtr 
55 Driver airs. IC. 
53 Whiltam VV., orefckr 
51 Booth Mr. T. 
49 Dixon J. R., caret kr 

Guer&cn terrace. 
47 Bramwell Mrs. M. 
43 Aldorsou Mr. \V. 
41 Williams Miss X. 
39 Garth L., foremn 
37 Knfcwistle J. HUIabr 
35 Wareing W., engnr 

Wilfietd place. 
33 Hind Mrs- X. 
31 Aatin S„ brcklyr 
29 LangEord Mrs. K. 
27 Proctor Miss A. A. 
25 Ware E., groengter 
23 Morton 'I'., elggr 
21a Powell T. , labr 
21 Jones W., rnllwrghl 
19 Smith MjssW. 
17 Jennings Miss M« 
15 Smith R., minor 
'Wilfit'M .street. 
13 Suiter Mrs. A. 
11 O'OormolI J„ wrolisoimi 
9 Slater Mrs- A. 

7 Whittaker Mrs. O., 


5 Roche Miss X., grcr 

3 Slater Miss A. A. 

1 Barlow J. A. & Son, 



2a Bibby C, coach trmmr 

2 Ashworth K,, labr 

4 Ray Miss D. 

6 Hampson VV". R,, collier 

8 Hold en Mrs. M. 
10 Whlpp T., labr 
12 Murray J. A., wvr 
14 Barnes K. f wvr 
16 Murray Mrs. S. 
18 BammnMrs. M. 

20 Hartlev A., eheokor 

22 Wellocfc Mr. J. 

Million C, coach pntr 
BottomJoy T-. Jr., fi 

Wilkinson W., bldr 



2 Leaver Mrs. M. 
4 Grange J... labr 
6 Dnerden W., taper 
8 Speak H.. wvr 

10 Duorden T., wvr 
12 SufceUff 6 XJ r9 -wvr 

11 Tattersall T., wvr 
16 Tattersall E., wvr 

18 Ourrie'j, W„ dairymn 
20 Burrows IT., boamer 


1 Driver Mr. J. C. 

3 Brown L., mti drvr 

5 Wild K.. slipkpr 

7 Il'itchon A. R., fitter 

9 Proctor Miss N. 
15 Hartley P\, labr 
17 EillionS.jbfceLi 
19 Williams W., labr 
21 Nicholson Mrs. M- K. 
23 Emmott 1«\ J., wvr 
25 Harrison Mrs. M. 
27 Soholiold IT., wvr 
29 Burnett 0., mtr drvr 
31 AinsworthM. L,, wvr 
33 Stookdalp Mrs. 1). 
35 HamerJ.,wvr 
37 Chilton a. W„ bus dvr 
Cardinal street. 

2 Hartley K., labr 


5 Whitehead T., labr 
7 Jtowarth Mrs. M. 

Keith street. 
9 Bamt'ord J., engnr 
11 Hawthorne Miss E. 
13 Catlow V., wvr 
15 Parker W., ongu <lrvr 
17 Shaw A., wvr 
19 Mills S., wrehsemn 
21 Cunliffe J., miner 
St. John-'s road. 

23 Evans VV\, mtr drvr 

25 Xorris Mrs. M. 
27 Clarkson T., engnr 
29 Taylor Mrs. M. 

31 Carney -J., wvr 
33 Riley V., ovrlkr 
35 Holland Mr. A. 
37 Wadding ton J., clerk 
39 llowarth A., foremn 
41 Ambler W., taper 
Woodbine road. 
Wordsworth street. 


1 Maradmi Mrs. -U. E. 

Fielden street. 
5 Pollard 0. W., firemn 

Scolts terrace. 
Hod son L., firowood dlr 


1 Mandors J., mtr drvr 
3 Riislilon J., labr 
5 Ware P., mtrdrvr 
7 Broeklehurst Mrs. A. A. 
9 Butter worth Mrs. E. 

11 Oartfedge Mr. H. 

13 Hewitt Miss N. 

15 Hewitt F., wvr 

17 Morgan Miss M. 

19 Robinson Mr. W. 

21 Barnes R., trvllr 

23 Brierley H., mtr drvr 

25 Clark Mrs. M. 

27 & 29 Harrison Mrs. E., 















GriffifclisMrS.E. AMyH 


Hallway street. 
Harrison L., Reindeer 

Tynclall Mr. W. J. 
1'l.illipsT., wvr 
Da vies U. H., taper 
Quinn Mrs. B. 
Connor Mrs. E. 
Ware Mrs. A. 
Faii-hurst J. .}., senium 
Ward J. W., chauffeur 
Perkins li., collier 

Gallaghan E., wironm 
Knight W., labr 
•1 Parry \V. J'., Coach- 
tnaker/i Anns 


2 tfEelden Mis. E. 

4 WJuto W.. w\r 
G Smith It,, labr 

8 Raynor Mrs. J. 

10 Wilkinson L„ labr 
12 Clarke VV., lampmu 
14 Smith J., wvy 

Tunnel street. 

11 ICi Mrs. J. 

9 '1'ittorington J"., minor 
7 Stephenson Mrs. M. 

5 Nichols F., labr 

3 Sandy Mrs. A. 

1 Foster Mrs. S. A. 


2 Burnloy Oil & Tallow 

2 Jones J", H., clggr 
2a Bailey R. U., tvxa 

2 b Xnttall A., prntr 

4 Cox Mr. T. H. 

6 Harrison F., wvr 

5 Tunny Mrs. M. 

10 iStephenson W. J.,grdnr 

12 Moor by H., wvr 

14 Jackson H. S., mtr drvr 

16 Mars;leu T., tyllior 

18 Eastwood J., collier 

20 Cock Walter 

22 Stephenson J., mtrdrvr 
24 Walsh R., labr 
Hawke street. 
Dixon J., Ltd., mclmry 

Pendle View Mill Co., 

Barlow H., bi-aasfndr 
Mawson, Swann & Co., 
yeast mehnts 
7 Cork &. Co., reed mkrs 

7 Howker A., cabt mkr 
Baker A., furn-dlr 

3 Bailey Mrs. J. 


2 Tattersall T., bus drvr 

4 Hargreaves T., nremn 
6 Jamicson J., labr 

8 Hargreaves Mr. R. 



3 Baldwin Mrs. M. J. 
X Xoonan Mr. tf . J. 


4 Greenwood Mrs. M. F,. 
6 Whoalan Mrs, II. 

8 Decoy Mrs. A. 
10 I'oiiton Mr. II. 
12 Wilkinson Mrs. M. A. 
14 Cook J., labr 
16 Richardson Mrs- M. 
18 M'arsl ,-n Mrs. 15. 
20 Duxbnry Mrs. A. 
22 Einraotl Mrs. R. 
24 Hawthorn E,, labr 
26 Harrison •).. wvr 
28 M'arno Mrs. M. 
50 Wilkinson Mrs. M. 
32 Stansfiokl Mrs. M. 
34 SleddonMrs. M. 


2 Williams 1''-. Trafafi/ar 

4 AstinMrs. M. 

6 Dacey W., wit-hum 

5 Koj'iio If., wvr 
10 Brown Mrs. I. 
12 Grady J., labr 

14 Hughes J. J., uiiyn tali 

16 Young P., wvr 

18 Clarke T., labr 

20 Haworth Mrs. A.J. 

22 Farrow J. A., labr 

24 Baldwin Mrs, A, X 

26 McCorivillc Mrs. M. 

28 SUorroofe l-r., labr 
30 Baldwin W., Collier 

32 Craig J., labr 

34 Toms R. K., shpkpr 
Albion terrace. 

36 Bird J. W.. ovrlkr. 

38 Baldwin Mr. R. G. 

40 Hutton R., grdnr 

42 Pilkington Mr. W. J. 

44 O'Hara C. IX, tailor 

46 lving N.. carter 
Piccadilly road, 

50 Kklgo ,T., hlgo cntretr 

52 Green wood Miss M. 

56 Ad 1 urn J'. \V\, 1'oromn 

58 Aspinall A. E., enftr 
Montague road, 

60 CaHin I\, clerk 

64 Standing Mr. W. 

66 Hanson Mrs. A. 15. 

68 Rawson Mrs. L. 

74 Whiliakor-Mr. G. M. 

76 Smith Mr. H. 

78 Lord J\, mtr drvr 

82 Jones Mr. G. 

84 SieoUe Mrs. A. 

86 OllorlonMrs.M. 

Z8 Thistlolhwaitc Mr. L. 
St. Matthew's -street. 

90 Slater- Mrs. A, 

92 Foulds F., cashier 

94 Braeewell .!., salesmn 

96 Taylor Mrs. L, M. 

98 Chorllon I'. B., cashier 
100 MeGMe Mrs. B. 
102 Snowdon Mr. A. 
104 Race Mrs. J. H. 

106 JButterfield Mr. K. 

Scott Park road. 
139 Wood Dr. S. 
123 Bromley Mr. J. 
121 FoiddsMissA. M. 
119 Griffiths. J'. K.,drghtsmn 
117 Briorley Mr. J". R, 
115 Blaokloek Mr. T. 
113 Outhwaife Mr. J. 
Ill Dearden Miss A. G. 

107 Dixon Miss A. 
105 Dugdale Miss C. 
105 Cook Mr. J. W, 
103 Cook Mr. T. 

101 Coates O . A., chemist 

99 Proctor 11., clerk 

97 Calvert J"., ovrlkr 

93 Watson Miss A. 

91 Mitchell J?\, wrohsomn 

89 Eastwood A., coal dlr 

87 Lancaster Miss S. 

85 1 Fewer Mr. J. 

S3 Perry Mies M. K. 

81 Motealf H. t engnr 

77 Webster W. K., cnta 
Palatine square 
Every street. 

75 Sputter Mr. R. P. 
Piccadilly road. 

71 Steele J., grcr 

69 Harrison G ., pattrn mkr 

67 Duff Mrs. K. J. 

65 Whiltam B., engn tntr 

63 Hurst Mrs. C 

61 Ainsworth ,T. "P., cllhlkr 
59 Town Mrs. S. E., matny 

55 Hartley K.» uphlsfcr 
53 Merritt !■'. J., motor 

51 Sanderson J., grcr 
49 Loo Mr. O. 
47 Bland J. T., ovrlkr 
45 Wilson J. , mldr 
43 Pilkington Mr. R. 
41 StafchamH., trvllr 
39 Ashe T., wvr 
37 Robinson Mrs. A. 
35 Carroll J. J., labr 
33 Sud worth Mrs. M. 
31 Hamilton L., collier 
29 Hamilton W., collier 
27 Longsworth P., wvr 
25 Cummings Mr. .1. 
23 Barker Mr. J. 
21 Dixon R., labr 
19 Hamilton Mrs. S. J. 
17 1'ickles Mrs. M. J. 
15 Naughton -T., labr 
13 Johns A. R., labr 
11 Loftliouso R-, cabt uikr 

9 Bennett Mrs. H. 

7 Thompson T., boatmn 

5 Cutler H.. collier 

3 Jackson T., wvr 


1 Riley Mrs. M.J. 
3 Retheriek Mrs. A. 
5 Wilding Mr. W.H. 
7 Dent H., Esq., J.P. 
9 Moore Mr. G. 
11 Yatos W. 11., mtr drvr 


1 GrimshawT. K.,wvr 
5 Kennerley Mrs. M . 

5 Wilson R., poster vvrtr 

7 Snowdon Mr. I'\ 
9 Boland Mr. W. 

11 Dawson Mr. W. 

13 .T'ishor G., mech 

15 Blozard J . 1L, ovrlkr 

' 17 Ashwortii E. H-, cretkr 

19 CrabtreeT., mldr 

21 HowartliG. R„ wvr 

23 Clegg A., barjnn 

25 Ncwsham W., whhvrght 

27 Green W., cllhlkr 

Lonsdale street, 
hionel street. 
Council School 
Brown T-, Esq., J.l\, 

School house 


2-2a Greenwood Mrs. B., 

en I'lr 
4 Slead G. b'„ labr 

6 I albot J ., wvr 

8 Bannister W., wvr 
10 Whipp Mrs. M. J. 

12 Sanderson Mrs. N. 

14 Jackson R. H., plmbr 

16 Ivorridge Miss L. 
18 Dimblebv Miss K. 

20 Phillips Miss A. 

22 Bracowoll .l'\, collier 

24 Jackson S-, jnr 

26 Berry II., labr 

28 Biu-y Mr. A. 

Oolne road, 
Birchatl street, 

30 Ingham hi., wvr 
32 Howcroft W., w\*r 

Walshaw street. 
34 Hoyle D., foreran 
36 Pollard J. \V„ newsagt 
68 Waring Mrs. M. 
43 Smith & Co., shroud 


41 Nutter J., labr 
56 SykesMrs. IS. 

31 Thompson N., labr 
29 Korridgo K., labr 

Oolne road. 

23 Eramott M!j-s. R. 

21 Jackson Mi's. M. 1^., 

19 Hudson Mrs. S. IT. 

17 WilkinsE.,labr 

15 Duxbury Mrs. M. 

13 Weai'don J". L., labr 

11 Wilson P. P., wvr 
9 Watson It., wvr 
7 Kitto^'. ( \vvr 
5 T hompson A . , sm i 1 1 1 
3 Hoyos 1'*., busdrvr 



Korstor &> Whitakor, 
2-8 Co-op. Stores 
10 ITeald Mrs. A, 



12 DottnH. ) hJgocntretr 


14 FlotcherT.,iabr 

14 Dyson J., labr 

16 O'Hara Mrs. M . A . 

16 Wharf H. ? storekpr 

1 Beard P., miner 

18 Knwright J., mldr 

18 HoyleB., minor 

3 Anderson Mrs. M. 

20 Hill Mrs. M- 

Sunderland fit-reel. 

5 Howurth Mrs. M. 

22 Smith C, wvr 

13 Smith W'., dining rms 

7 WhinnMrs. N. 

24 Moorhouse J., shntr 

9 Ree J"., brcklyr 

9 Onfchwaite Mrs. P. 

26 Crossloy Mrs. M . A . 

7 Harrison J. YV'.,dyor 

11 Charnoek A., labr 

28 Gratrix P., collier 

5 Hold en K., miner 

13 Wakefield D., labr 

30 Catlow J., wvr 

3 Marshall W. T„ labr 

15 Grogson Mrs. M. A. 

32 LongwortH P., nows- 

1 (Calvert Mrs. A., iv lish 




34 Lord K. ? wvr 

36 Joyce M. ( vvtchmn 


1 Nuttall h., collier 
3 Bolton R.j brick briu 

38 Hundson J., collier 
40 Lord Mrs. A. 

5 Taylor \V ., mtr drvr 

42 Moat Mrs. M. A. 

2 BainosMr. A. 

7 Proctor A ., wvr 

14 Fallows Mrs. M. A. 

4 RushworthJ., wvr 

9 Ashton H., wvr 

46 Wright J. R., collier 

6 Blackburn J*'., (it tor 

11 Thicket t Mrs. A. 

48 Tngham Mrs. M. 

S Brennand J., fit tor 

13 Lonsdale Mrs. M. A. 

50 Procter T., wvr 

10 Boot Mrs. M. 

15 Bailoy J. W., wvr 

52 Gardner J. P., glass hi wr 

12 Morgan Mrs. S. 

17 Burrows I*., mason 

54 Gunningham W.» collior 

14 Poarso R., miner 

19 Lnxford A. A., collier 

56 Payne Mrs. II. 

16 Hunter J*\, miner 

21 Gii Hon J., shpmn 

58 Pickles H., wvr 

18 Greenwood J'., inoluisl 

23 Saul Mrs. M. 

60 Konyon C., glass 1 'low r 

20 Taylor C -., labr 

Mary street. 

22 Sharpies Mrs. M. 


62 Bolton Mrs. L., gror 

24 Pilkington T, H., labr 

64 Coyle J ., prntr 

26 Bolt J., turner 

2a Hurgreaves W„ labr 

66 Hall Mrs. S. 

28 Anderton C, inmoi' 

2 Williams H., wvr 

68 Turner A. ( beamer 

30 Gall J., labr 

3 Whittakor R., wvr 

70 Hewitson Mrs. M. A. 

far he street. 

Simplex Mop Co. 

72 Flvnn T., coaoh jnitr 

27 Coates J., labr 

71 WndteleyMrs.S.J. 

25 Yeoman C., labr 


76 Smith Mr. J. 

23 Latham H.» labr 

78 Park H. t labr 

21 Torkington R., wvr 

1 Kainoy H., bottle mkr 

80 Cox Mrs. M. A. 

19 Duxburv J., labr 

3 Brown bridge G., fitter 

82 GroonA.,wvr 

17 'I'rubyMrs. K. 

5 Bailoy A. 0,, labr 

84 O'Brien A., labr 

15 Whitehead R., ahpkpr 

86 Barnes A., grdnr 

13 Jackson J., boatman 


88 Power Mrs. G. 

11 Fleming W., labr 

90 Parry J. S-, shpkpr 

9 Bo well T., carter 

1 Bii'twiatlo Mrs. M. A. 

92 Cooper J., wrohsomn 

7 Thomas J., mldr 

3 Watson M rs. A. H. 

94 Kav W., labr 

5 Now Ion A., wvr 

5 Fleming &., <'oIlier 

96 OrrollT. P.,spnnr 

3 .Kay J '., ovrlkr 

7 RoatronP. A. f eabtmkr 

98 Parry J., collier 

1 Gheesbrough -Mr. W. 

9 Peart Arthur 

100 Doylo 

11 FranklandMT.J'.IL 

102 Jsherwood G., Iahr 


13 Beaumont J., collier 
15 Holmes .N., mtrdrvr 

104 RiggMrs.M. K. 
106 Bailoy T. H., labr 

17 Lonsdale W. H., ovrlkr 

108 Wlutt'ord Mrs. S. 

2 Howarih YV. H., collier 

19 Poarco H., twistr 

110 Taylor J., ongn tntr 

1 Law J., labr 

MxlwiaUe street. 

112 Hftguo Mrs- M. J. 

6 Brown IT., minor 

27 GUfiliau J.,insptr 

114 SehofieldMr.J.K. 

8 Wilson 'J'., labr 

29 Tioklo G., wndvv clur 

116 Green J.* labr 

10 Martin Mrs. K. 

31 LuOlatnM.i-s.M. A. 

118 Stephenson Mrs. E. 

12 Titley J. C, labr 

33 Bracowoll Mrs. A. 

Higgin street. 

14 Shaw R., labi- 

35 Blackburn Mr. J. 

107109 RiloyR. H.,grer 

16 Bowden W., labr 

37 Rico G., wvr 

105 Greenwood J. II., sau. 

18 WolsbyMrs. M- 

39 Norris P., eabt mkr 


7 South L., mtrdrvr 

4 1 Parker H . , shpm n 

103 QuigloyP., labr 

5 Burnie J., miner 

43 Monk man J. A., clerk 

101 Riley A., wrehsemn 

3 Briggs W.» tra 

45 Jackson A., collier 

99 Tshorwood J., collier 

47 Wonmvell J., cartor 

97 Worswiek H., packer 


49 PargiterMissE. 
Hurtle// street. 

95 Whittam J. J., wvr 
93 J udjjt© W., wvr 

2 Hartley Mrs. M. 

91 Sutc'IilloB.,wvr 

2 Clark G. A., miner 

89 Noon P., labr 

4 Pound J. H., labr 


87 Irving C, labr 

6 Osbakleston J., wvr 

85 Carroll J., labr 

8 Loo MissS. A. 

4 Blakoy W„ wvr 

83 Richardson Mrs. H. 

7 Fry S.» labr 

6 Gloason J. M. glass blwr 

81 Wormwell J. ( labr 

5 Lord J)., wvr 

8 Jackson Mrs. M . A. 

79 Bailey J., labr 

3 Hall i well J., miner 

10 SourrahC., 

77 Gallagher Mrs. Jfi. 

1 CleggMrs.E. 

12 ITindle J. E., labr 

75 H'anns Mrs. M. A. 



73 Cox W. E., labr 

J?irlH street. 

58 LacyS.,clggr 

71 Wbiteloy Mrs. B. 

lie*!- TAon street. 

-NicJwll street. 

69 Home H., beamor 

Boot street. 

60 Robinson H'., athidnt 

67 Cheetham Mrs. S. 

28-30 Ceoe A., ice crin dlr 

62 Hadgott Mrs. O. 

65 Smith J. W., prntr 

26 Maroni Mr. J. 

64 WoolstenorofX A., fcwistr 

63 Dobson F., collier 

24 Parker R., labr 

66 Olegg J'-, labr 

61 Kephrum Mrs. M. 

22a Lowis E< & Sons, tea 

68 Parsons Mrs. M. 

59 Shepherd W!.» labr 


70 Wallace R., wvr 

57 Badge J., labr 

22 Ratoliffe Miss M. 

72 Leach E., wvr 

55 SagarO.,pntr 

20 Oldlmm J. E., colUer 

74 Oapesl-E., wvr 

55a Fallows J"., labr 

18 Moore Mrs. F. 

76 Wearden J. H., wvr 

Mary sir eel. 

16 Wilkinson F., wvr 

flurtley street. 

49 Ashworth J*. f Cricketer's 

14 BillioH Mrs. M. 

78 Manning 1''., collior 


12 Riley D., shpmn 

80 WolEenden 1**., labr 

47 Hopkins Mrs. M. E. 

10 CoUinge W-, eleutrn 

82 Coatos Mr. J'. W. 

45 Hind G. H., wvr 

8 Taylor Mrs. G. 

84 Jolly F., wrohsemii 

43 Wilson J. H., collier 

6 Riley Mrs. E. 

86 Clark Mrs. E. 

41 Crabtree Mrs. E. 

4 Phillips Mr. W. 

88 Vernon F., mldr 

39 Harrison .[•*., labr 

2 Orawloy J-, firewood dlr 

90 Hardacre J., coUier 

35-37 Kotmiford J., grfir 

92 Smith T., labr 

33 Kenniford W., labr 


94 Short R., steward 

31 Law H., forerun 

96 Marsden E., colUer 

29 Hope G., brokmkr 

98 Fielding Mrs. E. 

27 fallows J., collier 

3 Bannister G., porter 

100 God.berH.A-, wvr 

25 Graham T., boot ropr 

5 Green T. W ., carter 

102 Hartley J. H., elthlkr 

Wellington street. 

7 Hopkins A., cho£ 

104 James A., wvr 

23 Gallagher J-, Er fish dlr 

9 Helm J., rood mkr 

106 Hope M., labr 

21 Norton M-, labr 

11 Hardy Mrs. B. 

Holbcck street. 

19 Gibbons Miss A. 

13 Hughosli., labr 

108 Blades Mr. E. 

17 Moss J., labr 

15 ■-Marshall Mrs. S. 

110 Oox W., wvr 

15 Heseltine J. T., collier 

17 i-Iall Miss E. 

112 Gaskell A. E., jnr 

13 Wilson B., cnvssr 

114 Briorloy H., wvr 

11 Parker F. A., mldr 


116 Jones E., shpmn 

9 WacloMr. T. 

U8 Wright G„ labr 

7 Blacklin L-, mngr 

1-3 Cunliffe Mr. A. 

120 Barrows V. L., ovrlkr 

5 Wpo&head C, loom 

S Peart Mrs. J, 

122 O'Donneli Mrs. A. 


6 Wilkinson B., wvr 

124 Hirst Mrs. M. A. 

3 Pollard Mrs. K. 

4 Olegg Mis. S. 

126 Knshton H., collior 

1 Wilson Mr. W. V. 

2 Wrigloy Mrs. M. E. 

128 l*ato U., wvr 

Willies (!. H., marine 

1,30 Gray J., wvr 


store d lr 

New Hail street. 

Cooper A., tallow refiner 

143 Veevers PL, labr 

2a Mutter 1C, plmbr 

Parker Bros., mtr body 

141 Leigh 1*., mohnemn 

2 Pickles Mr. J. 


159 Couch P., mngr 

4 Downham F., wvr 

137 Grimshaw Mrs. S.J. 

6 Doan T., wvr 


133 Ptarker J. labr 

8 Ingliam 'J 1 . t wvr 


131 Slunnor T. E., plastr 

10 Marlowe Vv.. wvr 

2 Farrar F. A., mldr 

129 Barker S., collier 

12 ltawson II. E., ovrlkr 

4 Diamond E. L., baker 

127 ShentonT.,wvr 

(ireen street. 

6 Ohadwick J., collior 

125 Latimer C, wndw clnr 

15 1 .athaiu Miss M. J. 

8 Quinn T., collier 

123 1 Talliday Mrs. E. A.^ 

13 hoc Mrs. A. 

10 Plant Mrs. M. J. 

121 ('ooper J. G., water iiisp 

11 Jackson T.» labr 

12 J'ossop F., wvr 

119 Spedding D., labr 
117 Harkor W., wvr 

9 Latham Mrs. J. 

14 Todd J'. E., labr 

7 BriorloyJ. E.,shpmn 

16 GawthorpeG.H.,coUier 

115 Maeken P., labr 

5 Buck W., wvr 

18 Sellers Mrs. J'. E., grer 

113 Oritchley Mrs. R. A. 

3 Shaw Miss V.. 

Taylor street. 

Ill Talbot Mrs. E. 

1 Ormorod Mrs. S. 10. 

20 Bronghton W.,engnr 

109 Fletcher Miss L. 

22 Broughton B., collior 

107 Brett Maurice 


24 Walker Mrs. C 

105 Ling W. J., attndnt 

26 Calvort Mr. H. 

103 Aloxander Mrs. E. 

(See Park avenue.) 

28 Robinson W., wvr 

101 Lee G.R., colUer 

* w 

30 Swift Mrs. M. 

99 SponcorW., collior 


52 Lamb S-, coaehinn 

97 Hind G. R., collier 

34 Dawson Mrs. E. R. 

95 Macdonald A., collior 

Uuordon J. S. & Sons, 

36 Plant J., collier 

93 Koran J., labr 

Ltd., grcrs 

38 Bart-ley A., carter 

91 FlynnMissM. 

1 Mkldlemies E., firomn 

40 Daley J. H.» bus endctr 

89 Lee F., wvr 

5 Boneh J., caretkr 

42 Wolfenden F., labr 

Hurtle// street. 

Cleansing department 

014 Hall street. 

87a Watson A., grcr 

Electricity works 

50 Naylor B. B., labr 

87 Harling Mrs. M. 

Orimsltaw street. 

52 Maxfield L.,proptyrepr 

85 Grinio E., wndw clnr 

Hargreaves M., Ltd., 

54 Sowerby Mrs. E. L. 

83 Durkin J. T., engnr 

cotton waste moluits 

56 Motcalfe R-., wvr 

81 Parker R., wvr 

96 t 


79 Walton Miss J,. 

66 Kolloy G. , wvr 


77 Preston J., labr 

68 Francis W., labr 

75 Preston Mrs. A. 

70 SpargoW.,Iabr 

2 WoK-on Mrs. M., shpkpr 

73 Wills) i. J., wvr 

Cotton sir eat. 

4 Taylor R., rlymn 

71 KooMiss A1. A. 

67 MoKillop A. J., labr 

6 Jeffs L., wvr 

6*1 Johnson T. ? wvr 

65 Eiargroavcs J'., wvr 

8 Johnson K., coal die 

67 C, papr mkr 

63 McGuiro W. t brush mkr 

10 Clegg W'. ; wvr 

65 Dawson W.» wvr 

61 Baldwin K. M., wvr 

12 Morton "Mrs. S. 

63 Mason Mr. J. H. 

59 Lewis Mr. T., jnr 

11 Collier J'., polsor^t 
16 MaidonW\T.,wvr 

61 Calvert J\ A., labr 

57 Hootlnnan Mr. J. 

59 Whittle J., wndw chir 

55 Kedraond. J'., plastr 

18 Whipn Mrs. L. 
20 Cox-l'.,ovrlkr 

57 DerryN. K., ovrlkr 

53 Whittakor •)'•> collier 

55 Wilkinson Mrs. G. A. 

51 Loach Mr. S. 

Colin, street. 

53 Procter ,f. Y,, wvr 

49 Gibbons Mrs. K. 

17 Ray J'.TL, mclinsl 
15 Thwaifcos E% 'abr 

51 Hodgson John W. 

47 Mullen J., 

Old Hull street. 

45 Lyons T., minor 

13 Sirruns A,, intr clrvr 

47 Hartley 1'., dentist 

43 LyIoG.,pnlr 


11 riluyborou^li H-^ v?vx 
9 Watson \\\, bus Cnde4r 

45 Wilson A,, wvr 

41 Roe Mrs, J-:. 

43 Hartley S„ irvllr 

39 Thompson 3., wvr 

7 HtanvvorlhS., labr 

41 Porter W. L. T eollior 

37 Blake J., papr mkr 

5 Joluison \j 9> Jinosinu 

39 Cooper R., wvr 

35 Koylos Miss M. 

6 Appleby Mrs. J*;, A. 

37 CUogg Mrs, A. 

33 AshworUx 1'., miner 

1 MornoMr. K. 

35 Greenwood 3?.,mltlr 

31 Loach J", 'J 1 . t minor 

33 Mason H'„ collier 

29 MaylorMrs. K. 


31 Whitehead A., carter 

27 HcsmomUialgh Mrs. K. 

29 Watson J., jm' 

25 Start J. U., smith 

2 Knox r T- C, labr 

27 Musk &. t cooper 

23 Murray VY\, labr 

4 Greenwood W., siiiikiif 

25 Watson Mrs. M. M. 

21 Ashworth W., labr 

6 Cook J., wvr 

23 Nutter Miss M. A. 

19 Parkinson J., trwlmsl 

8 Cork W., wvr 

Taylor street. 

17 01oughG.,wvr 

Ward street. 

21 Livomidgo H..Iabr 

15 Riley WV, wvr 

10 Proctor HcftvH. 

19 AslitonH.,\vvr 

13 McLoughJin J., ins agnt 

12 SasrarB. H.,grcr 

17 Turner P., brink brnr 

11 Napier . I., labr 

IJopwood street. 

15 HaworlhT.,gonl<IIr 

9 Bolt J., ww 

14-16 Banitt Mr. J. 

13 Hoy wood C«, loom swpi 

7 Burns J., miner 

Harrison W. H, ( liurn- 

11 Hart loy Mrs. K. A. 

5 Cross IT,, miner 

l«y) Ltd., garage 

9 Clark J'., collier 

3 TowMSon Mrs. '.VI'. 

Garmow ('I'lw) 1-aig- 
inooi injj Co.. Lid, 

7 Rvishton H,, wvr 

1 Dunn W. A.,#rndr 

5 Crane Miss K. 

13 Crabti-oo Uvu. R. 

3 llarker T„ labr 


ll Hill c, carter 

1 Hodman Mrs. M. 

9 Roberts J". !»., loll mnctc 

2 I'resLon Miss A, 

Ward vlreel* 


4 Forrest Bliss J. 

7 Kohorts'Kr. C, 

6 Hartley Mrs. A. 

5 Routh K*j wvr 

2 Wilson Mr. J.J. 

S^Stuttard O-i ©loot oUgnr 

3 Routh J. JJ,, ovrlkr 

4 TaylorS., labr 

Hall J'. W.,oabt mkr 


6 Orel! J., fitter 

10 liaigh W. A.,trvllv 


8 Clarko S., wvr 

12 Baker Mr. K. 

10-12 Smith Misses IS. & A. 

14 1'uvIorMr. 0. 

2 liiloy U.,1m,Ih' 


16 Kiloy Mm. J. 

■1 Forbes C W., oliei:kor 

14 tilimi J., labr 

18 Wilsliaw (J. M"„ elee-trn 

6 Stephenson Mrs. A. 

1 ^ 1 < -■- — 

lb l-each J M labr 

20 Bulohari <;., toromn 

8 Reed Mrs. 12. 

18 Dewhurst Ci*, minor 

Mendel attest. 

10 Almond J. W., labr 

20 Hiking A,, miner 

22 DoanS. 7 elerk 

14 H'ovMm. J. 

22 Jackson J<, Iain 1 

24 O'Brion M. ? salosmn 

16 Young W., wvr 

24 Howard !b\, miner 

Williams Mrs. Jr.. Bod- 

18 Sagar Mrs, M. 

26 Roscoe E,. h*br 


20 Haolcmg R., labr 

28 'lay lor I., twister 

Shuttle worth Mr. I 1 '., 

22 SagaiMra.A.H;. 

Ha/Uway terrace. 

30 Howloy Mrs. A. 


32 Hodgson W., wvr 

Romford street. 

11 N'esbiH J., porter 
9 tfbawK, labr 

34 Bennett Mrs. A. 

25 Brown Mr. T. H. 

36 Clark 'J'., minor 

23 HowkorM'r.T. 

7 Riding iT T , boatniaii 
5 Layeock R f( wvr 
3 Warxl E-, wvr 

S& Cunningham J., labr 

21 Bardsloy Mrs. K. 

40 Davis W. T., glass blwr 

19 Chase Mr. R.B. 

42 Schohold II., wvr 

17 Stansfiold A., salesmu 

7 " 

1 Oraingei 1 ll,,gr^r 

44 Home T., labr 

15 Lilley Mr. !«'. 

46 Bamfovd 1*\, wrehsomn 

\Z Holm P., salesmn 


48 Reedy 1'., labr 

11 Hargroavos W. 10., tulr 

52 Holden Mr. G. 


1 Duerdeii Ji,, wvr 

54 Arthur!., wvr 

9 HostorMr.J. L. 

3 Bowos*Afrs. K* 

56 Riley S.. wvr 

9 Baker & Fostor, bldrs 

5 Diftlov E« loom swpr 

58 Hum A., wvr 

7 Jackson J. W., tnngr 

7 Clowrey H.» tinner 
9 Felt on J., oartor 

60 Law P., dark 

5 ICilsliaw Mr. T. 

62 Wilson 1*\, wvr 

3 Cooko E. ? hlgo cnLr*:tr 

11 Flymiilrs.A, 



13 Pearson C, elver 

18 Smith Mrs. M. 11. 

34 OrowtherJ.T.,ovrlkr 

15 Crane Mr. K 

20 Milos G„ collier 

36 Linsley K., dispose 

17 Heseltine J., caretkr 

22 Shanahan Mrs. M. 

38 Blackburn H., lndrymn 

10 Atkinson J\ W.,taxidvr 

24 Diigdafe Miaa IS. 

40 Asiin A., wvr 

26 Kelly M., labr 

42 YoatesA. l'L.postmn 


28 0"Leary .1\, culler 

44 JUillervvorlh I., brcklvr 

/•/u// street. 

46 H'irst Misses K. &L.A. 

4-6 Barritt Mrs. M. 

30 McDonald H-, labr 

48 Sholi. g., cterk 

8 TighoMrs.M. 

32 Dunne P., iviwhv nlmr 

50 (Jakes *i'. B. pntr 

1.0 Wilkinson Mrs. O ( ,sliop- 

3'4 Metcalfe Mrs. A. 

52 Wlgglesworth Mrs. M*. 


36 Howarth -J"., carter 

54 (.retail T., pol cons 

12 Leach Mr. T. 

38 Robinson Mrs. H. 

56 Bramall W., wvr 

14 Vales (!., on^nr 

40 Ha wort! i !•'.. labr 

58 fkffx T„ collier 

16 Marker 'Mrs. K. 

42 Brown Mrs. M. 

60 AlcCoskoyJ., btehv 

J 8 Ellis- R., wvr 

44 Spencer Miss M. 

62 Kargreavos H-- wvr 

20 Robinson Mrs. M. 

46 Kmmett 'Airs, A. 

64 Thorpe Mrs. A. 

22 Taylor Mrs. S. 

48 Reynolds J"., labr 

66 Oakos 3 ,: . W., jur 

22£Dootson Mrs. M. J. 

50 Hayes J. t labr 

68 Potter Q, t wvr 

24 MeGowauT., labr 

52 Barker J"., wvr 

Irene street. 

24§Clark Mr. J. 

54 Anderson J"., labr 

Caldwell J. J. & .Sons, 

26 Masscy E., labr 

56 Cordon Mr. L. 

Ltd ., aluminium ware 

26JKonmon> "Air. S. 

58 Morrison T,, sak'smn 


28 Cart H„ gror 

60 Hirst H\, collier 

Burnley (The) Diecast- 

30 Duckworth R., pnfcr 

62 Midglyy Mrs. 10. 

ing Co. 

30]TayWM'r. ,S. 

J'/nhne street. 

Alright (The) Patents 

32 Room Mr. J. 

57 Oulkfci A„ labr 


324Towlor J". W,, lube 

55 Brogdon Mr, J". 

Hygienic Laundry 

34 Warden J., uwkr 

53 Wfttson J. T., boot mkr 

34 £ Barnes Mr. J. 

51 Widdop W., collier 


Burn lev Tvro Hopot, 

49 Burgess W., labr 


47 Widdop Mrs. R. 

2 Higby W., gror 

UnP-mploym.<mt Assist- 

45 Ashworth Mr. .J". 

2a .Saul Mrs. R. 

ance Board, Asb field 

43 Stowe S.» Gollier 

4 Hartley Mrs. H. 


41 Kelly J., tobacco spnnr 

6 Henuetfan -T. A., labr 

21 Ward 'Mrs. A. 

39 Pierce E,, labr 

8 Shears P., miner 

19 G'Donnoll F, s brcklvr 

37 Qribben J., lndrymn 

10 Salisbury \'',, coal dlr 

17 Walton Mr. P. 

35 Barker If., grOr 

12 Konyon ,f„ wvr 

(7/en .street. 

33 Park A., collier 

16 Hobson J. T., fitter 

15 GriliilhsMrs. M. 

31 Taylor J., collier 

18 Renfrey R.,sgnlron 

13 Burgess &., wvr 

29 Green Mrs. M. 

Tay street. 

11 V onion G. W., rntdr 

27 llarwood Mrs. M. A. 

20 Brook \.. t labr 

9 Pollard J., trvllr 

25 Xewsharn R., fitter 

22 Ingham J"., wvr 

7 Andrews G., taper 

23 Harrison W., wvr 

24 Cunliffe J... labr 

5 Smith W., wrehsomn 

21 Murray T., boatmn 

26 Orinerotl H., minor 

3 Tattersall G. E., mtr 

19 Lewis J. J"., collier 

28 Barnes W., wvr 


17 HanevMrs. M. 

30 Moorhouse H., labr 

Oakmoitnl street. 

15 Wilkinson Mrs. F. 

32 Kawsthorne 'J'., boot rpr 

Beta Ltd., chemists 

13 ()• Loan' Mrs. M. 

34 Whitehead Mr. T. 

Colder Vale road, 

11 Parkin K., labr 

36 Gardner H.,firemn 

I'ickord -T., rnefcl mrehnt 

9 Card well J'., wvr 

58 Heap Mrs. A. 

7 MoNamara Mrs. 8. 

Howard street. 


5 Fielding J., collier 

40 Lord A., tapor 

3 Hindle H,. wxr 

42 Layfiold J. W., ovrlkr 

2 Waddin0on Mi-s. M. A. 

1 Hindle W., beamez 

44 Bell A., miner 

Rectory road. 

46 Marshall P.,drpr 

2a Horner W., collier 


48 Jackson W.,eomp 

Qavow street. 

50 Ormerod B. H-, loom 

4 Xullall J'., collier 

2 Harrison J. W., wvr 


6 Old field Mrs. A. 

4 LomasH., cabt mkr 

52 .Simpson W., mtr drvr 

8 Tinsley K., wvr 

6 Hogarth W.. bus drvr 

54 Holden H., mngr 

10 Oraioiirovd W., labr 

8 Cross W. C, wvr 

56 Pickup II., wrehaeinn 

12 Xullall A. 8., labr 

10 Sehofleld 'J'., collier 

58 Harwood A., clerk 

14 Gibbons J., shpmn 

12 Soltofield Mr. K. 

60 Calvert '1'., salesmn 

tlroenhnlglis LLd., dyers 

14 Kvan G., labr 

Colin street. 

16 Taylor "&* "oilier 

Harold street. 


18 Taylor Mrs. L- 

122 Bailey A., enftnr 

20 HentleyMrs. M. 

124 Watson U., mngr 

4 Brown J . T-, lal.r 

22 Gregg f, t labr 

126 Board man H., shpmn 

6 Robinson li., labr 

24 Holi^atc J. C, labr 

128 Howard W., wvr 

8 Terrell H'., glass blvvr 

26 Spink l 1 '., clerk 

130 Aldorson J., coal d Ir 

10 UttleyTI., collier 

28 Clewlow J 1 ., mtr drvr 

132 Wilkinson A., mtr drvr 

12 Low Mr. F. 

Lebanon, street. 

134 Dover Mrs. A. P. 

14 Tate IS., miner 

30 Turney J., labr 

136 Layfiold J., wvr 

16 O'Connor \V. t labr 

32 Leaver. J'., tailor 

138 Cornall 1*\, carter 



140 Stotfc T., carter 
142 Smith J., clerk 
144 Greenwood H., ovrlkr 
146 Bromley J"., rly guard 
Prestwich afreet. 

97 Boll Mrs. A. E. 

93 Dawson 3V1 ., sawyor 

91 Beanior A.,labr 

89 Johnson J., wvr 

87 Crowd or Mr. W. 

85 Gibson F-, wvr 

83 Sagar J., wvr 

81 Greenwood Mrs. M. 

79 Williams K., Tntr drvr 

77 AstinA., wvr 

75 Hodge Mr. W. 

73 Kay Mrs. K. 

71 Fnlsliaw J., wvr 

69 Bailey Mrs. A. E. 

67 Mitcholl H., shpkpz: 
Harold street. 
Colin afreet. 

57 Parker Mrs. E. 

55 Singleton J., bus drvr 

53 Keams W. ? mtr drvr 

51 Mooro E., wvr 

49 Watson W., wvr 

47 Walders IX, pnte 

45 Livorsodgo VV'., labr 

43 Whalley J., fitter 

41 RawsonMr. W.J). 

39 Simpson Mr. A, 

37 Holdon W., nowsagnt 
Howard street. 

35 Hand L., dataller 

33 OimliffeJ., fishhwkr 

31 Matl on Mrs. S. 

29 Liddlo R., labr 

27 Broughton B., wvr 

25 (Junliffo Mrs. f. 

23 Taylor Mrs. E. 

21 Hayes J., minor 

Toy afreet. 

19 Blaekledge ST., miner 

17 Milner J. C, labr 

15 Mutter Mrs. H. 

13 Fell R-, mtr drvr 

11 Hicks Miss M.E. 

7 Storor J., labr 

5 Foster A., labr 

3 Wallbank 0., labr 

1 Worswiek W., wvr 



2 Kdmondson W., wvr 

4 Hartley R., wvr 

6 Foster Mrs. K. 

8 Thornton J., wvr 
10 Proctor J. W., wvr 

12 Emmott $+, hoamer 

14 Nuttall I<\, wvr 

16 St.anworth J. f wvr 

18 Foster H., wvr 

20 MftNab W„ ovrlkr 

22 Timstilll'.,wvr 

24 Taylor Mrs. M. 

26 WhitakerK.W., wvr 

17 Barker B., wvr 

15 Jackson Mrs. S. H. 

13 NuttaU'-P.E., ovrlkr 
31 Leaver W, B\, boamer 

9 Robinson H., wvr 

7 Blakoy J., wvr 

5 Leaver Mrs. M. A. 

3 Walker T., engn tntr 

1 Kllinor J., wvr 


2 Ttargroavcs Misa A. 

4 Hargreaves T., timekpr 

6 Franklin Mr. A. 

10 Ha worth J. W., muecn 

12 Fielding W. H., wvr 

11 VerranMr.T), J. 
9 Ogdon Mrs. E. 

7 Oook J., wvr 

5 Bamber W. T., wvr 

3 Wilson F., labr 

1 Wilkinson Mr. J. 


1 Dawson E., wvr 
3 Baxter A., carter 
5 Bartlett J. E., labr 
7 Riley F. ( labr 
9 Sanderson T., labr 

11 Bartlett Mrs. E. I-., 


13 Bartlett "VV. H., insptr 

Piccadilly road 

15 Rilev G. PL, shttlo mkr 

17 Griffiths Mrs. 15. 

19 Yerco E., wvr 

21 McDormott W., labr 

23 Wool! endan Mrs A. 

25 Scully J., collier. 
Sefton terrace- 
Carr street 


Lane Head 

1 Hutchinson W., labr 
3 Atkinson K. ? wvr 
5 Burrows J . H., labr 


20 Reed J-, wvr 

18 Soutliworth Mrs. S. 

16 Wade H., wvr 

14 Slater II., bus drvr 

12 Chew A., trnr 

10 Slater Mr. T. 


7 Turner G., labr 

11 Crook F., labr 

13 Melia M., fitter 


1 Watson Misses L. &AI., 

3 Simpson Miss 0. M», 

music tchr 
5 Sutton F.„ sehlmstr 
7 Buchanan Mr, W. 
9 Miles Mrs. L. 
11 Kippax Mrs. M. E. 


2 Bassnott A., Bridge Itvn 
16 Lord Mi's. M. 

Edward afreet 
Territorial H.Q. 
Charles afreet 
Koper street 

34 Kelly J „ labr 

36 McDonald Mrs. S. 
44 Lancaster W. Ltd,, 

cotton waste mebnts 
46 Spencer P., labr 
48 Gavin T. mason 

50 1'almer VV., carter 

52 Irving W. J., labr 

Parker street 
Orahara A, Simpson, 
mtr engrs 

54 Ryan H., aparts 

56 Winchester Mrs. K. t 

58 Earaley Mrs. M., nurs- 

ing home 
Maws street. 
5SaBarnes H. H., enftr 
60-60aOlegg W., blge 


62 Evans Mr. J. 

64 Turner Mrs. M . J. 

66 Cruiksliank Mrs. C 
68 Watson Dr. J. H. 

68 Shields Miss A. 

Tiatikhouse street. 
70-72 Hargreaves Collieries 

7<1 Brug-um Dr. B. 0. L. 
78 Landless R. Esq., J/I\ 

80 Anderson Rov. A. J. O. 

82 Thursby Estate Offiee 
82aBui'gess Miss M. 

Burnley Playino Fields 
A ssociation. 

Colne road. 
Grammar School. 

83 Snowball Dr. T. 
83 Smith Dr. J. K, S. 

81 Higgin Mrs. M. 
77 Robinson Mrs. E. 

Steen T, Ltd., scale 
69aGoard A., labr 

69 Crabtroo S., fireman 
67aHutchinson Mr. (« . 

67 Clark A., labr 

65a Kirkbright A., wvr 

65 Sharpies Miss E. 
63aDuxburv J., liawker 

63 Hindley Mrs. C 

59 Heyes E., collier 

55 Melville Mrs. M . J-. 

53 TclisborMissT. 

51 Smith J., cab drvr 
49aMetcalfe T., coach pntr 
39 Harrison J. carter 

Morris &• Wilkinson 
(1932) Ltd., bardwro 

37 Trezise Mrs. E. 
37aRobinson J'., labr 

35 Hindle Mrs. >S.. shpkpr 
Snell W.» eretkr. Rose 

St. Peter's Miasion 



Burnley Lads 1 Club 

23 Pvo Mrs. K. 

10 Hifcehin H., pntr 

23 Burnley and District 

23 Whittaker J. & Sons, 

12 Pickles F., ins agnt 

Friendly Society 

com. atfnts 

14 Haines Mrs. 0. 

19 Kffiflienoy Press, pratrs 

19-21 Wriglwy N. ( hso 

16 Clogg S-, sltpmn 

15 Cooper I!. H., hrdwr© 


18 .Stackhonso J"., wvr 


17 Todd S„ jnr 

20 Graham W. E„ lalir 

13 JVvkor K, prntr 

13 Wignall Miss K. 

22 Berry Mr. E. 

11 HaynesT. H., jnr. 

9 Hirst T. P., crotkr 

24 Phillips J. H., colUor 

11 Greenwood IT., mill 

26 Walton E., labr 



28 Whitehead F., on^ tntr 


30 .Krown A.» grcr 


32 Ortoll Mi-s. L. 

2 Maodonald ft., twister 

15 ('atlow .T., wvr 

4 Ribby J., tniaor 

4 Shittt K, wvr 

1.3 Busfield Mrs. K. E. 

6 I Jaclow VV\, labr 

6 Wtttorworth T. N., wvr 

11 Gregory Miss M. J. 

8 Hold en A., wrohaeirm 

8 Proctor A., wvr 

9 I'atcinsim A., ovrlkr 

10 Duckworth J,, minor 

10 Simpson M. 1C, broklyr 

7 Hancocks I\, wvr 

12 Walsh ]•:., labr 

12 Proctor A,, wvr 

5 Jiichardson VV*., lioot 

Oak Hill street 


14 Store* T. F., labi- 


3 l'V>y H., ins mngr. 

le Colo Mr. T. 

1 Harrison Mrs. M. E. 

18 Mulroonoy J., minor 

2 Kendo!! Hm. .K- 

20 Hargreavos J., minor 

4 Kamsbotbom Mrs. M. 11. 


22 Marsdon A., minor 

6 Knsliton IS., wvr 

24 Wliii.takor A., 

S FJotebor VV'., wvr 

2 Brown P. S. labr 

22 VV., minor 

12 Wallace 33., eoHi&r 

4 Johnson 1°., bus oon- 

19 Howarih Mrs. .S. 

14 Crowther J., Collier 

d uctor 

17 Taylor A., labr 

16 Parker Mrs. A, 

6 Bates A., loonier 

15 Bontlev J., labr 

18 AggettMr. W. 

8 Berry J'., wvr 

13 Turner Mrs. TC. 

20 Mason J'., labr 

10 Bromlov Mr. H. 

11 Crossloy J 1 ., labr 

22 Farrow Mrs. E. H, 

12 Kewby .H., labr 

Oak Hill street. 

24 Howard -Vlrs. S. 

14 Johnson A. F., twister 

9 McManus VV'., mlr drvr 

28 Pollard .1., ovrlkr 

16 Jefferson R,, grndr 

7 Lawson Mrs. M. 

30 Wren W., carter 

18 Pnshton W.» wvr 

5 Parkinson W., labr 

32 Webster Mrs. K. 

20 Lloyd J-, carter 

3 Hurst Mm. 1*. 

34 Lord Mrs. H. IS. 

22 Beecroft VV., labr 

I Soofct J., labr 

36 Mortimer Mrs. F. 

24 MnlroonoyM'r. T. 

38 Lottus P., linesman 

26 Broekhouse A., labi' 


40 Wren W.. collier 

28 Howartli H., loom swpr 

42 Laycook Mr. A. 

30 .Bullon F-, firomn 

4-6 Gibson Dr. J. 

44 Cooper S., wvr 

32 Martin 'P., labr 

South street. 

46 Moor house .Mrs. K. 

34 Holgate R., labr 

8 Chester Mrs. H. 

('leaver street. 

36 Taylor L., wvr 

Salmon street 

45 Gill W.I. , wvr 

35 lTawke R. J., labr 

Mosley street 

43 Gill Mrs. A. 

33 Smith W\, fitter 

12 Sohofield Mrs. M. 

41 Gill W„ sbpkpr 

31 Haywood A., miner 

Robert street. 

39 Nutter R., wvr 

29 Garrity A., miner 

14 Go-op. Stores 

37 Pickering J., labr 

27 Payne W., minor 

Master street. 

35 Greenfield S., pavior 

25 Spencer N., bns drvr 

Yarm -plaee. 

33 Kin lay son A,, grdnv 

23 Daley W.,mocb 

20 Blakey '('., Onftr 

31 Shepherd C.» wvr 

21 Leach Miss M. 

Staiidish street 

29 Gavin J., ins agnl. 

19 Boothman T., mtr drvr 

22-24 H'oald H., iriiitr 

27 Haggers W. K., fitter 

17 Bairstow A., btchr 

Count/if Court Offices 

25 Ramsbottom W. K., 

15 Ormerod H., wvr 

Co - op . Warehouse 


13 McGinty J,, ongr 

Jioyle road. 

23 Hargreav^s I, s collier 

11 Trosoder Martin 

53 Tinda.ll F. W., labr 

21 Kiehmond W. H. wvr 

9 Cooks Mr. J. 

51 Hartley Frank 

19 Anderton M., bus con- 

7 Swarbrick Mrs. E. 

Sydney street 


5 Kelly J. mngr 

49 Cockcroft W., grer 

17 Whitehead G., mock 

3 Veevors H., wvr 

47 Marker H., tftofoe Inn 

15 Walls T-, engr ^^— 

1 Flynn Mr. F. 

Princess street 

11 Sutdifte Mbs^TE. 
9 NuttalHflr. ft. 


45 Gillispio J., clthlkr 


43 iSmalley Mrs. -VI. A. 

7 .Nfcnolls \V. K., laJjr 

Curzon streM. 

5^ Oryer J. A., taper 

2 Holt F., hosier 

Dover street 

3 Thornton W., wvr 

4 Salnioti J. T., boot ropr 

35-37 Garrett T\» restaur- 

1 Pollard Miss M. 

6 Conroy J. & Hows, gror 


8-10 Grompton W,* cafo 

33 Mitchell J. W< btelvr 


12 Beaaimont Mra. B. 

31 Price Mrs. A., hxdwro 

14 Bannister Mrs, M. 


2 Battorfield J., oonftr 

16 Flofcehor -Mrs. M, 

- 29 Central Printing Co. 

4 Hargroaves Mrs. M. A. 

18 Jlallinson Miss 1), 

27 Gordon R%fc M. 

6 Webster J., mtr drvr 

20 Butterworbh Mrs. W. 

25 .Shaw M. ; wvr 

8 Redman O., salcsmn 

22 Speddin^ R. ( labr 




24 -Joy Mrs. H. 

Bardcn Mill Co. (Burn- 

143 Greenwood Miss IS. 

26 Entwiatle H., wvr 

ley) Ltd. 

141 Thompson T. E., ware- 

28 Wilkinson T. J., labr 

Gill Mrs. S„ Reedhy 


30 Durant Mrs. M. 

Hallows Hotel 

139 Lord Mr. J. W. 

32 Snackleton W., etogr 

303 Oassidy A., labr 

137 Broughton Mra. E. 

34 Procter W., labr 

301 Blinkliorn S., grcr 

135 Gavin E., bkkpr 

36 Ward R., collier 

297 Tliairt B- ? brck brnr 

133 Emmctt Mrs. I., drpr 

M&to Halt street. 

295 Cawcherley Mrs. M. J. 

131 Wilson R. D., hrdrssr 

234 Roper A., ins ftgnt 

293 Simon J ., collier 

129 Holden Mrs. C. 

236 Welders Mrs. S. J. 

291 Phillips R. W.» grdnr 

127 Dean H., tinner 

238 Bardsley H. ? clerk 

289 Halstead P., wvr 

125 Whitehead Mrs. K. A., 

240 Nuttall 11., clerk 

287 Knight T., sprayer 


242 Hobden Mr. H. 

285 Park Mrs. A. 

Godioa street. 

241 Miller T., bus -dm 

283 .Beveridge G., wvr 

123 Horsfieid Mrs. J. 

246 Wilkinson B'., jnr 

281 Bullock Mrs. C 

121 Buttorfield W., collier 

248 Penrose W., wvr 

279 Hill A., collier 

11.9 Whittaker K. D. ovrlki- 

250 Koivyon Mrs. E. 

277 Ashworth J. 'I'., mtr 

117 Gregson W. S. ? wvr 

252 Bireftall CL, slamn 


115 Hoys J., wvr 

254 Irving Mrs. X*', 

275 Butterworth Mrs. 0. 

113 Stevens A., ovrikr 

256 Latham B„ pntr 

273 Taylor Mrs- M. E. 

111 Webster A., ovrikr 

258 Sltnger H., mrlu. grdur 

Blacker street 

109 Brunskill A., smith 

260 Blackburn S., clectn 

271 Robinson Miss A. 

107 Bell Mrs. M. K. 

262 Crowther A., eabt mkr 

269 Pate J., smith 

105 Maehin G., labr . 

264 Mulloy Mrs. A. 

267 Kekersky C, h fish dlr 

103 StaJiwortl* Mr. J. 

266 Henry P., bus endetr 

265 Nuttall J., twiater 

101 Masse v Miss U. 

268 Aahton J., tinner 

263 Sowerby H., warp drssr 

99 Hatcliffo A. V., wvr 

270 Gamete 1-'., rneoli 

261 Ingliam J., fireman 

97 Stanworth D., mtr oni^r 

272 Cordon E.. fruit* 

259 Hartley II., wvr 

95 Broadlev J., collier 

274 Stanworth Mr. W. 

257 Small Mr. .T. 

93 Lawson T. H«, labr 

276 Anforlh Mr. J . 

255 Jacques J. W., nmgr 

91 Taylor W. t foreman 

278 Suteliffe W„ taper 

253 Pilling Mrs. A. 

S9 Shepherd Miss A. 

280 Watson J., enftr 

251 Smith* T., warp drssr 

87 Stanworth H.. jnr 

282 Hartley J., labr 

Winder tii ere road. 

Stan worth J. & Bros., 

284 Denby G., drpr 

229 Monk A., clerk 

mtr ongrs 

286 Berry A., ovrikr 

227 Bradshaw E.> wvr 

Bright street. 

288 Lewis V., twister 

225 Hartley E., btchr 

85 Sutclitte J. A„ twisier 

290 Bailey J., boatmn 

223 Burton P., taper 

83 I'Vosr. A., engr 

292 Wliiitam Mrs. M. 

221 Tillotson Mr. W. 

81 Mildren W. Q., coal dlr 

294 Katclirr.e B+, timekpr 

219 Dean Mrs. E. A. 

79 Dugdole J., wndw clnr 

296 Ormerod A., wvr 

217 Troy W., newsagent 

77 Horbort J., elect engr 

298 Robinson Mr. A. 

215 Nuttall J". T. clthlkr 

77 Harffireaves Mr. .P. J. 

300 Qregson T., wvr 

213 Pomberton H.. clerk 

75 Buddy J., mtr drvr 

302 Craven S. W\, mceh 

211 Jndd J., fruitr 

73 Cleffg Miss E. 

304 Owen J., enftr 

209 Catlow Mrs. B., enftr 

71 Phillips Miss X>\ 

306 Bury A., winder 

Disraeli street. 

69 Wcarden Mrs. M. R. 

308 WindlcE., busendefcr 

207 Catlow J- H., baker 

67 Robinson Mrs. C. 

310 Miles J. K., collier 

205 Shotton J., Tnaasour 

65 Sohofield Miss M. ' 

312 Spencer Mrs. E. 

203 Smith Mrs. U . 

63 Moore G., wvi- 

Tennis Courts and Bow- 

201 Starkio J'., cnar 

61 BritclilYe Mr. J. E. 

ling Greent 

199 Blaekiodge Mm. E. 

59 Hatcliffe Mrs. M. 

Hargroavos Collieries 

197 Spencer L>. TL, loonier 

Newman street,. 

Ltd . 

195 Dent Mrs. S.J. 

55 Shaw Mrs. E. 

Havehornthwaito T. & 

193 Whitfaker Mra. M. E. 

53 Fou Ids W., twister 

Sons Ltd.. Lodge Mill 

191 Royle J. T., engr 

51 Purkcr Pv., collier 

342 James J., collier 

189 Heed Mrs. A. 

49 Stopforth T., boatman 

344 Watson Mr. W. 

187 Hartley IVlr. T. 

47 Holgato '1'. J., enftr 

346 Howarth C, ovrikr 

185 Pavne G., mtr drvr 

45 Mftiillin B. VV., bi-cklyi- 

348 Hartley Mrs. S. 

183 Winckley B.., pol sorgt 

41 Howartli J., pntr 

350 Edmondson T., photo- 

181 Whittaker W.» ong 6ntr 

39 Seliofield J'., wvr 


417 Smith H. ; fireman 

37 ConroyMr. J. 

352 Wilkinson H„ wvr 

175~S^ornwhito Mr. >'. 

37 Conroy Mr. L. 

354 Pickup H., bus drvr 

171 RateUfftUi., labr 

35 Pate Mr. J. 

356 Bolton I 1 '., deputy 

169 Wood J.,wvi^ 

33 Spurr Mrs. B. 

358 Alderson '1\, wvr 

167 Taylor H., wndw^eto 

31 Bukon C, enftr 

360 Boynton J*. C, pntr 

165 Windle Mr. S. E. 

29 Siiverwood J*., mtr drvr 

362 Murtagh J., oretkr 

163 Kusaon S., labr 

Waterbarn. street. 

364 Sanderson W. 7 ovrikr 

161 Duckworths., bus con- 

2r^4'homas Mr. P. 

Hartley J., farmer. 


21-25^Sraith & Thomas, 

Lodge farm 

159 Hulso Mrs. A. 

ni^n. water 

368 Dawes F., jnr 

157 O'Malley Mrs. JUL A. 

19 CatloWylV, ins agnt 

370 Hudson O., striker 

155 Oartwriglit TL H«» labr 

17 Bam bridge T., mtr ilrvr 

372 Stephenson R.,mtrclrvr 

153 1'attcrsall J-, foreman 

15 Dean W.. T., boatman 


151 Niehol Mrs. K. J. 

13 Ohadwick W. K., wvr 

P.wlie-y Halt 

147 Horrocks A., bus fidotr 


11 Wood Mrs. M. H. 



9 Broomsgill J. D., wvr 

7 Bond W.,mtrdrvr 

5 llalstoad A., ovrlkr 
1-3 Cross J. A., hairdrssr 


2 Onnerod \V\. wvr 
4 Sugar Mrs. A. 

6 Ormerod Mrs. M, A. 

8 Law son Miss J, 

10 Bowman K. 1).. attndnc 
12 Booth Miss M, A. 

14 Troy H., bus otidcfcr 
St. Andrew's street. 

16 Berry B., wvr 

15 Whi])]) J*,, wvr 

20 Xicholi J'„ wvr 
22 Wlupp Mrs. E. A. 

21 Parker Mrs. A. 
26 Jackson M-- wvr 

28 Clothing and Furnieliuig 

28 SJtufct C. W., a<-cnt 


Hough's, Successors, 
Kinsloy tannery 


2 Terrell J. N., labr 
4 Sufeelift'e Mrs. A. 

6 Cockill W., labr 

15 While Mrs. K. 

13 Kan-ell J- A. ? collier 

11 Stuck Mr. J. 

9 McNamara Dr. 

7 Hartley Mrs. M. 
Webster It „ Ltd ., pawn- 


4 Pickup W„ jnr 
6 Nutter 15., shpmn 

8 Alien P., labr 

10 Burrows N., rood mkr 

12 Smith (>., means!* 

14 Duckworth Mr. K. 

16 Robinson Mrs. It. 

15 Wade J., labr 

20 O'Higgiris T., labr 

22 Baldwin J., beamor 

24 Murphy Mrs, M. 
26 Wostwoll J., labr 

28 Hall Mrs. E. 

30 I-row-arth Mr. 8« 

32 Hall C, labr 

34 Moore C-, labr 

36 Durty Mrs. C. 

38 Davis Mrs. B. 

40 Cock W, H., twister 

42 Davis J., glass blower 

44 Jackson H., collier 

46 Conway K., labr 

48 Makin K., carter 

50 Cfegg Hy., twister 

52 H'olden E., paper mkr 

54 Floming E.» collier 

56 Scott C.-H.,pntr 

58 McCann E. ? collier 


4-6 Wilkinson .J., General 
Hitveloch Inn 
Campbell street. 
8 Croon H,, labr 
10 Driver H., litter 
12 Bailey Mas. B. 
14 Waring J", 'I'., miner 
16 Baines W., carter 
18-20 Johnson A. E., Gen- 
eral Campbell Inn 
22 TTigson E., minor 
24 Karrer Mis. M. 
26 Stanworth H., labr 
Stephenson square. 
28 Hutchins Mr. ,S. J. 
30 Dugan G ., labr 
Clyde street. 
Napier street. 
Livingstone street. 
32 Clogg J., grcr 
34 KokUfti A., fr fislt dlr 
36 Jackson. T., Imirdrssr 
58 Aynge T„ enftr 
40 Holgato Miss I., dress- 

42 Dilworth II'.., dogger 
44 Dunleavy Mrs. M. 
48 Hughes H., wvr 
50 Holt J., labr 
Hadcliffe terrace. 

1 Whifctaker Mrs. E. 
3-5 Dainty (TUo) Co., 

pickle mnftrs 
E-dmundson B. & 

■Sons, Ltd., coal 

52 Kiloy Mrs. J, 
54 Smith A., ovrlkr 

56 Parkinson A., wvr 

58 Mosedalo 1?., wvr 

60 Mulroonev '1'., wvr 

62 Mosodale W., oolher 

64 Page H., wvr 

66 Stephenson E., labr 

68 Molia Mrs. T., grcr 
Bradley T. & Son, 

1 dgo contractors 
Haslam street. 
Young Mass E., couCtr 
Gtvy street. 
100 Cltupoh F-» hoot repr 
102 Tomlinsou J., mtr drvr 
104 AVallbank J., body bldr 
106 Hartley's, dpprs 
108 Brooks Mr. E. 
110 AV'alton \V. & Co., 
builders' raorcliants 
Oannow street 
Padikajn road. 
77 Ainsworth Mrs. M. 
75 Chough W., tinner 
73 "Robinson J., wvr 
71 McLouglilin Mrs. M. 

69 Hofh'on Miss A. 

67 Larter Miss M. E, 

65 Taylor Mrs. E. 
63aBontloy J., striker 

63 Calvert Mr. T. 

61 Hirst Mrs. L. 

Thompson street. 

59 Sagar £\, plmbr 

57 Nuttor W., wvr 

55 Davies Mr. W. 

53 Poofcer J., wvr 

51 Harrison E-. baker 

49 Duerden Mrs. C. 

47 Dawson T., uplilstr 

45 N'innis J"., wvr 

43 Doran W., moch 

41 Williams Mrs. C. 

39 Taylor T„ wvr 

37 Wallace J. H., slay mkr 

35 Pilkington J., labr 

33 Durkin M., labr 

31 Crook A., wvr 

29 Ho war tli -J., hairdrssf 

27 Brown Mrs. T., grcr 

Groenwood H.. jnr 
25 -Sutclift'o R„ mohnst 
23 How© J., propty ropr 
21 Burns R., bus endctr 
19 Barritt J., wvr 
15 Mould J. J., minor 
13 Bodden Mrs. M. 
11 Burrows *('., taper 
9 Dunne Miss E. 
7 Pilling J. ? collier 
5 Parkinson T. t grngrcr 
3 Pickloe W„ brcklyr 
Ighten Motor Co. 
Deloogo A., sht metal 

Old Jiarraeks 

Baishaw VV., crotlo* 
Haggett )Sergt. Major 
Anglo -American Oil 

Co., Ltd. 
lied Line GHco, Ltd. liuildintjs 
1 I'ickles Mrs. L. 

4 Moorhonse Mrs. M. 

5 Gill h\, miner 

6 Alexander K. labr 

7 'f'lirolfall J., miner 

8 Hawke i'., miner 

9 Marsden W-, miner 

10 Lot'thouso J'.y 

11 Kelly E., miner 

14 Groenhalgh S., labr 

15 Chew E., labr 

16 Oauglian J., miner 
19 Walsh J„ wvr 

21 Bradshaw A., labr 

22 Taylor J., labr 

23 Jackson H., collier 

25 Ingliam H., labr 

26 Watson Mrs. H. 

27 Barritt Mr. t>. 

28 Bailey W., labr 

29 Littler 13., collior 

30 Nutter J., collier 
H'&rJcing Men's Home 

1 Lawton E., carotkr 


2-4 Wilson -L<\, grcr 
13 Bailoy G. H-> attuclnt 
11 Whitehead Mrs. A. 

9 Emmett H ., clerk 

7 Booth C., spmir 

5 Emmett J'Ir. J. 

3 Baxendale .T., labr 

1 L'erluns Mr, A. 





14 Holman Mrs. M. 


16 Hart E., wvr 

Ooniston Street Garages 

Congregational Church 

1 8 Hartley IS . , ins agent 

1 SfcoMi Misses M. & A. f 


20 Keeling 1 ,; ., ins agent 
143 Jordan Mr. CJ. B. 


2 Lord D. 1\, taper 

141 Fifcton A. V., inngr 


1 Broxup G., archf't 

139 Proaton T. H., shpinn 

6 Howarth .Mrs. A. 

137 Hartley Mr. K. E. 

2 Lyons J., wvr 

3 Hoylo J.j eleetn 

135 Hargreavus J., wvr 

4 l r arror M., ovrlkr 

10 Warren M., wvr 

133 Pollard J., wvr 

6 Atkinson J. R-, ovrlkr 

12 Pilkington J., taper 

131 Bugdelo U. A., wvr 

8 Gallagher J"., ong olnr 

14 Bridge Mrs. &. 

129 (Jarr J., rope splicer 

10 Ainsworth VV., inchnst 

16 AsliworMi C. '£., clerk 

127 Holt 1-U labr 

12 Mellor L v electro plater 

18 Watson J. ¥., twister 

125 Driver G., hlgo enlretr 

14 Cowan J., pentogephr 

20 Smith Mrs. J . 

123 Aspden A., mtr drvr 

16 S\idall Mr. R. 

22 Kraser W. A., coal dlr 

121 Looming Alan, wvr 

18 Ilartloy 11.. wvr 

24 Boys W., bus ondotr 

119 Looming Austin, collier 

20 Morris D., ongr 

26 Shackleton K., trvllr 

117 Imeson S. R., eleetn 

22 Rushton VV. H., collier 

28 Perry Mrs. E. 

115 Kobinson VV., wvr 

24 Altham J"., fireman 

Lonsdale street. 

113 1 .tufcclnnson Mrs. I' 1 . 

26 l-'eathor 'L'., farmer, 

Lionel street. 

Ill Medley C, shpmn 

Loworhouse farm 

Lonsdale street. 

.109 Bates l'\, postmn 

WhiMakor D. t farmer, 

45 Martin Miss M. J. 

107 Duxbury K., tinsmith 

School Bank farm 

43 Tranter R„ wvr 

105 Eastwood Mr. E. 

7 Bailey P*. ongr 

41 Shackloton W. t ware- 

103 Kaweott J"., wvr 

5 Woodcock A., nioch 


101 Cryer H., caretaker 

3 Brown VV'., gravodiggor 

39 Casson Mr. W. 

99 France R., ovrlkr 

1 Uodger A., dyor 

37 Hartley W., ovrlkr 

97 Lawson H.» mngr 

35 Mace H., rlwayman 

95 Rogers A., ovrlkr 


33 Hough J"., taper 

93 Davis H\, wvr 

31 Thompson Mrs. G. 

91 Ashworth T. f wvr 

2 Lee l*'. s grer 

29 Morton H., smith 

89 Dale N„ engr 

4 Towler G., mtr drvr 

27 Pope A., lafcr 

87 Swanii 11., elork 

6 Tnghani Mrs. M. 

25 NxittallMr. A. 

85 I-owis A. W., wvr 

8 Higginbottom TL, 

23 l-'raser J., minor 

83 Manley 0.. collier 


21 Fletcher N., wreliseum 

81 Garaido J., lain- 

10 Haletoad Mr. A. 

19 Mcintvr*: P., labr 

79 Atkinson .11., wrolisoum 

12 Todd Or. H., cashier 

17 Wilson R., coal dlr 

77 Jones T. \V.,wvr 

13 Barker Mr. H. 

15 Griffin A., fitter 

75 MeWhinnoy Mr. S. 

11 Aldritt J. H.., umgr 

13 Cleg? Mrs. 1>. 

73 Riloy B., wvr 

9 Parsons Mr. 0. 0. V. 

11 Mitchell P. & Son, 

71 Moiling Mr. P. 

7 Worthuigton Mr. K- 

tourist agents 

69 fcchofiold -J'.. labr 

5 Crabtree J. G., casluer 

9 Harrison K.» mono opr 

67 Hughes J. R., slay mkr 

3 Holdsworth Mr. J. 

7 Kaston W., grer 

65 Tattersall T., wvr 

1 Kosfcor J. E., trvllr 

5 Start Miss L. 

63 Hanson W. E., ovrlkr 

3 Shaw Mr, M. 

29 Broad bent Miss B. 


1 Harrison S.> wvr 

27 Ainsworth K„ ovrlkr 

25 Tatlorsall Mrs. K. 

2 Simpson Mr. J". 


23 Maudslev Mr. T. 

4 Crook Mrs. M.. 

21 Pilling Miss S.J. 

6 Gooaeman A., liro btr 

2 Clegg Mr. G. 

19 Dowhurst G., mtr drvr 

8 Htiiort A., collier 

4 Trickott T.j beainor 

17 Maudsloy J. W, prntr 

10 MooroT., wvr 

6 Dunston li.. miner 

15 Harrison R., wrohserrm 

12 Craven W., labr 

8 Burns J., tinnor 

13 Hudson Mr, R. 

14 AsfcinMr. G. 

10 Large T„ miner 

11 Wilkinson A., electa 

16 MeCann Mr. J*. 

12 Barlow .1. P., rag gfchrer 

9 Weston H. H., wvr 

18 WestweUMrs. L. 

14 Langston J. \V\, labr 

7 Jackson H... carrier 

20 Pollard Mrs. M. 

16 Elliott E., wvr 

5 Spurr H.,_ ovrlkr 

22 Levorett J. H., grndr 

3 Kayley H*., farmer 

24 Brown Mrs. M. 


26 Davie J. T., dblr 

.Naugliton H., marine 


30 Bay lift \V., iron drear 
32 Davis Mrs. R. A . 

stores dlr 

34 Nutter J'., collier 

1 Margcrison J ., crotkr 

36 Wolfe Mrs. 11. 


Victoria street. 

37 Tomlinson Mrs. C. 

Public Baths 

35 Brogan J'., labr 

2 Waterfleld G. S. prof 

Police Station 

33 Strutt Mrs. J?\ 


31 Whitehead R., labr 

4 Green Mrs. L. 

6 Mitchell H.j fireman 


29 Bullas J., c<»al drwr 
27 Wilkinson Mrs. M. 

8 Halstead Mrs. 13. A. 

25 Davies Mrs. A; 

10 Holden Mrs. S. 

1 Heap A., wvr 

23 Gill Mrs. S. 

12 Pollard W., wvr 

3 Ward O. J., rly foreman 

21 Barritt Mrs. M. E. 



19 Tlioinpson J., col tier 

62 Hodgkiss A. C, bus 

72 Wheeler Mrs. A. 

17 Povey P., colder 


74 Ilowarth Mrs. M. 

15 Newshara H., labr 

60 MoJShdty J., collier 

76 Downinc J., spnnr 

13 Kyan J„ labr 

58 G*H»ra 'I'., porter 

v. * * 

Wolds street 

11 Cottam T., labr 

56 Lord T. t labr 

81 Simmends Mrs. M. A. 

9 l'ago A., clthlkr 

54 Tempest J. K., pntr 

79 Duerden A., bus drvr 

7 Hose T., dyer 

52 Salkold J ., fireman 

77 OldSeld Mrs. A. 

5 Buleock ma. S. J. 

50 Simpson J. VV., mtrdrv 

75 Mason Mrs. M. J. 

3 Ryan W,, labr 

48 Hartley K., Ioomer ■ 

73 Simpkins T-, wvr 

1 Balderson W., labr 

46 Maiden Mrs. S. A. 

71 Dickinson, Mrs. h. 

44 TattersallS., labr 

69 Brophy Mrs. F. 


42 Holding Mr. J. 

67 Clayton T., ©ngr 

40 (Irayston E., gror 

65 Curley G-, wvr 

2 Jones E., pol cons 

Isolds street. 

63 Stephenson Mrs. R. 

4 Mellor t'\, engrvr 

38aDitchfiekl J., wvr 

61 Fryer VV. J., wvr 

6 YV'hitlakor Mr. J. 

38 Horsloy VV., wvr 

59 Cliadwick J., labr 

3 Davies V., ovrlkr 

36 Talbot E-, ins agut 

57 Sullivan E., wvr 

1 Uomstivo W., mllwrght 

34 Langford II., jntr 

55 Meldram Mrs. A. 

32 Brown T. , wvr 

53 Pepper Mrs. M. A. 


30 Fbildon Jf. f coal drwr 

51 Israel E., pntr 

28 Smith T., collier 

49 Collinge W M labr 

1 Grieve Mrs. 8. 

26 Tnlton Mr. Oi 

47 Hodgson Miss C. 

3 Rodman Mr. A. 

24 Mayor Mrs. F. 

Burleigh street. 

5 Don Ion C, labr 

22 Williams R., collier 

45 MorrifioW W., portor 

7 Pat© Mrs. J. 

20 Lorthouae C. mtr drvr 

43 Merrifiold C!., daii'ymau 

9 Catlow Mr. .1 . 

18 Da vies Mrs. &. 

41 Ohadwick 8., carter 

11 Pickup J., toll clletr 

16 Kerrigan Mrs. 0. 

39 Arkwridit Mrs. E. 
37 Lovd Mrs. M. 

10 IS trick A., twiefror 

14 Morton J. W„ labr 

8 Turner \'\, carter 

12 MePliail IX P., postman 

35 Glynn Mrs. M. 

6 Nicholls C» wvr 

10 Tyson E., beamer 

33 Dean Mrs. X. 

8 Hodgson J. H., collier 

31 Underwood <}., pltelyr 


6 Throlfall VV., labr 

29 Brash C, labr 

4 'I'liornton Mr. J. 

27 Ellison T., wvr 

2 Fieldon Mrs. H. 

2 Clegg P., grer 

25 Cliadwick X, dyer 

4 Beade 1\> oloetn 

23 Harrison J., shpmn 

6 Heap Mr. F. 


21 Knshton VV., beamer 

8 SWrratt U., clerk 

21 Uushton J*, ins a#not 

7 Graham Mr. VV. 

2 Shatp Mr. J'. "VV. 

19 Cornstivo A. J., shuttle 

5 Jackson K. A., cotton 

Kent street. 



4 Ormerod J., collier 

17 McDuft R., Jabr 

3 Clegg 1%, awnt 

6 Carroll IT., mtr drvr 

15 Hibbert A., mtr drvr 

1 Lancaster M. X',, aCeni 

8 Boothman A., wvr 

13 King Mrs. M. 

10 Harrison H., labr 

11 Kayner Mrs. A. 


12 Boothman Mrs. M. 

9 Matthews J. \V., papor 

14 Kellows Miss J. 


1 Smith 'Miss E.> btehr 

16 Smith Mr. W. 

7 Dvke VV. A., clth insto 

3 Holden Mrs. E. 

18 Wrathall E.,-mtr drvr 

5 Holden S., pntr 

5 Cunliffo S., WVC 

20 Olegg Miss V. 

3 Allan J. W., woodtnir 

7 Brnnton H., platelyr 

22 Salter Mr. H. 0. 

1 Short Miss A. M. 

9 JTowarlh R., fireman 

24 Salter Mrs. Q, 

11 Knshton J., wvr 

26 Sliearon A., wvr 


13 Thro up VV., woodirnr 

28 Hoban J., tailor 

15 Armstrong Mr. 3?, 

30 Holden J- IT., wvr 

8 Horridgo Mrs. M. E. 

17 Kobinson C, labr 

32 Slater W.» yarn dblor 

10 Baldwin J. W. f jnr 

19 Broadhurst W. H., labr 

34 Barker 0. E-, jnr 

* mf 

21 Hargreaves A., pntr 

36 Young C. W., wvr 


23 Biirrowa H., motr drvr 

38 Eastwood O., gror 

25 Cocks C. E., mtr drvr 

Burleigh street. 

(See Hebrew Hoad) 

27 Cottam Mrs. M. 

40 Dranfield A., boot ropr 

* f 

29 Stansfield F., labr 

42 Watson R., labr 


31 Smith H., wvr 

44 Clarke W. H., labr 

33 Clarkson A, K., jnr 

46 Harrison Mrs. E. 

2 Whittam ,1". H-. wvr 

35 Lowe L.» mehnomn 

4S Halla* Mrs. M- 

4 Smith Mrs. S. A. 

37 Hon ton W,, inaptr 

50 O'Leary R., twistor 

6 Kdmondson Misses E. 

39 rXargreaves Mr. E. 

52 Fielding J. W., twister 

and T/. 

'Folds street. 

54 Astin Mrs. g. 

8 Durkin A., bricklayer 
14 Hargreavos Miss S. 

41 Marsh A. E., mtr drvr 

56 Watson J ., labr 

43 Parker M. 1\, wvr 

58 Watson B., wtehmkr 

16 Stowe A., clerk 

45 Hargreaves Mrs. M. 

60 Stoiles R., labr 

18 Holgato Mrs. J. 

47 Airey K.,wvr 

62 Wliitolioad E., wtclimn 

20 Allen Mrs. J. 

49 Broderiek J., wfcehmn 

64 Stephenson Mrs. M. 

22 Naylor C, salesman 

Burns street . 

66 Beatow K., wrehsemn 

24 Roberts Misses A. & B, 

66 H'igson 1).. labr 

68 Tempest H., boot repr 

26 Broxnp E., jnr 

64 Banks It., labr 

70 DrnryMra. S. J. 1 

28 Broxup T., pntr 



30 Grimahaw .1'., cttn per 

24 Gox A. & B., pntrs 

12 Fotigan S., glass blow er 

S2 Akina Mr. W. W. 

24 Cox Mr. A. L. 

16 Stuttard A., labr 

34 Taylor J., ovrlkr 

26 Httlstead Mr. B. 

18 Bakor R., lamp Ightl' 

36 Balderstone Mrs. I. 

28 Howarth J"., em oprtr 

20 Knight "P., wvr 

38 Cunningham J., masse'r 

IStoney holme Laundry 

22 Bulcock w., buy drvr 

40 Browghfcon Mr. A. 


24 Hargreaves jVIra. M. E. 

42 Ormerod W», haulage 

Burleigh street- . 

26 Wood G., Barter 


Burns street. 

28 Calvertey G., labr 

44 Wilkinson J., steward 

37 ShaokletoiVs, wringing 

30 Kay J., bus condotr 

46 Spencer Mr; A. 

maohiuo makers 

32 Aldorson T-, attndnt 

48 Leak Mrs. L. 

35 Howell W-, oloctn 

34 James H\, wndw clnr 

50 Halstead S., drvr 

33 Crabtroo l* 1 ., butclior 

36 Mitchell B. t labr 

52 Ashworth A., agent 

31 JLarmau A. E., bfcchr 

38 Kenyon Mrs. M, 

54 Dunn J., mtr drvr 

29 Johnson Mr. R. J-r. 

40 Cottam J., breklyr 

Ridge road. 

27 Watervvorth 'W., wnitw 

-11 Brown Mrs. H. 

56 HaworthMr. G. It 


46 VV'ado A., tailor 

58 Halstoad J., taper 

25 Smith VV., cartel' 

48 Burton W., mtr drvr 

60 Jackson 'if'., travollor 

23 Gibson IS., labr 

Reservoir street. 

66 1'omlinson Mrs. K. 

21 Terry (L, labr 

50 Ham \Y'., cnilr 

68 Robinson Miss Q. L., 

19 Mills Mrs. J. A. 

52 Lord II,, fireman 

registry office 

17 Whiteside J. .J., labr 

54 Hall T., wvr 

70 Ward Mrs. J. 

15 Hail J M collier 

56 Phillips 'I'., cabi. mkr 

74 Howarth Mrs. U. 

13 Ratcliffo Mrs. E., Erfiah 

58 Greenwood R., labr 

76 Perkins W., paper mkr 


60 Heap 0., mtr drvr 

78 Wilkinson EC., clthlkr 

11 Hartley Mrs. U 

62 llindlo K., bripodrsap 

80 RainfordV., mtr drvr 

9 Bargroav&g G. 1''., fore- 

64 WilkinsMrs. H. A. 

Hobart street. 


66 .Smith A., brcklvr 

82 Stanley Miss M. 

7 Chapman J., labr 

68 Baldwin Mr. B. 

84 Wintorbottom W., wvr 

5 Foley Mr. G. 

70 Walker Mrs. J. 

86 Hoy Mr. H. 

3 Croasdalo H., ins agllt 

117 Kitton L., wvr 

88 Paisley T., labr 

3 Leo R. C, hairdresser 

115 Tickle H., plmhr 

90 Ri«kard S», bos drvr 

1 Catton E. J., chemist 

113 Parkinson Airs. A. 

92 Sloo W. t telephonist 

Canning street. 

Ill Uemaino Q„ coal dlr 

96 Holland Mr. T. 

la Yates Mrs. M. 

109 Kesoldon J. E.. cheeker 

100 Mitchell R. if'., minor 

107 Timberlake A. E„ iuo- 

102 Loodharo Mr. R. 



104 Jenkins A. J., wrebsemji 

105 Turner A., pntr 

106 Parkinson (.!., mtr mooh 

1 Roberts A., cashier 

103 Boll E. W., ovrlkr 

Thurston street. 

3 Howarth A () ovrlkr 

101 Whittaker Mr. J. 

Parochial flail 

5 Hebdon A., shopman 

97 Sampson T. A., sdilmtr 

7 Heap K., engr 

95 Armstrong H-, mngr 


9 Howes 'I'., rly insptr 

93 Rnowdon A., mlr drvr 

16 Hollier Mrs. A. 

91 Kntwistle Mr. J. 

1 Barrowclough Mr. J'. T. 

14 Buttenvorth Mrs. 8. E. 

89 Nowell Mrs. E. 

Scott* s terrace. 

12 Mr. S. 

87 Wflkins Mr. L._ 

4 Hartley Mx. E. 

10 Bakor \V., elect engr 

85 l'-thorington W.. labr 

\.2 ffolgato T., pntr 

8 Gray VV.. paper maker 

83 Arrandale W, 11,, labr 

6 Grind rod Mr. A. 

SI Slack Mr. !•', 


4 Swire P., papor maker 

79 Dracup S., jnr 

2 Sargeanfe H., millwright 

77 Dickinson J., eoilier 

1 Jones W. IT,, ougdrvr 

75 Kntwiatlo J., l.wistor 

3 Blair J. A., sonar 


73 Lovott J., labr 

5 Thornton W., meoli 


71 Wills L. O., wvr 

7 Anderson Mr* J. 

69 Xuttail W., collier 

9 Shepherd J. \\'.,rwly 

2 As! in A., ovrlkr 

67 Comforth j., labr 


4 Iveson Mrs. R. 

65 Leonard J., collier 

11 Ha-rgreavcS Mr. .)'. 

6 Maraden A., mldr 

63 Oldham 0'., brush mkr 

13 Da»o A. H., ovrlkr 

8 'l'avler VV., rly tireinn 

61 Dickinson !>*., cont'tr 

10 VY'futoIoy C„ frplslir 

59 Vates J. W., collier 


12 Parker «J*. ? labr 

57 Lovett .V., labr 

14 Laurie W., labi- 

55 Brown A. E., bus cudlr 

2aHolden Dr. H. 

le YV'luttam Mr. J. W. 

53 Holmes K., mngr 

Canning street. 

18 Jones Ft,, clerk 

51 Murtagh J., labr 

2 Crawshaw Mrs. IX 

20 Riley J. VV., labr 

49 Dickinson E., prptv rpr 

4 T-Torno R-. taper 

22 Hoole \V\, rly lirenm 

47 Wills W'., beamer 

6 Longbottom Mrs. J. 

24 Jones W. 11. , minor 

45 Box S., collier 

8 Bridge A„ moeh 

43 Leyland 0., wvr 

10 Quiim J., labr 


41 Pearson /., labr 

12 Wilkinson J. A., mldr 

39 Johnson 1**., gon dlr 

14 Halo Mrs. M. J. 

2 Smith !>., clerk 

37 Arrandalo J., x>roperty 

16 Partington ("-., mngr 

4 Mars*! en J'., pntr 


18 Wakefield Mrs. M. 

6 Wilson H-, labr 

35 Smith J., h>h dlr 

20 Burgess Mr. W. 
22 Cox Mr. B. 

8 Murray Mrs. E. 

33 Brown J., packer 

10 Pounder A,, collier 

31 Daley Mrs. M. 



29 Pate L„ mech 



Horace street. 

27 Smith. Miss T. 

7bWaIsh J., miner 

25 Oldfiekl 0., wvr 


Aspdon Mr. W. 

7aBridge T., radio dlr 

23 Asfein K., twister 


1 )onovan Mrs. 0. 

Simpson, street. 
7 CJo*op. Stores 

21 Dean biases R. & M. 


Clarke Mrs. M. 

19 H'aworth A., labr 


1 Jonloavoy Mrs. N. 

Stock street. 

15 Earker Mr. W. 


Hodman VV., labr 

Padiham road. 

13 Wade Mrs. A. 


ricklosMrs. 8, 

3 Hemingway \V\. wvr 

9 Ghent J., wvr 


Hodman A., labr 

1 Tipping Mr. CJ. 

7 Berth Mrs. N. 


Floyd Mrs. M. 

5 DaiwcLry Mrs. I. 


Smith T., <:ollier 


3 Brad sh aw Mrs. S. A. 

1 Ridehalgh H., nwsagnfc 


1 Bromiaii J«> labr 



Atkinson LVIis. M. 


"I • 'S » t t | 


I'ickard >lr. S. 

1 .bimnoll A-- eollior 


Keeves Mrs. -VI. 

2 McKonziw H., labr 

5 rlowson C, labr 


Howard M'., twistor 

4 Wilkinson Mrs. M. A. 

5 Varley .Matt, B> 


IVico Mrs. E. 

Blackburn court. 

7 Koclmaii K., wvr 


Ooates Miss S. 

6 Spencer C, fitter 

9 Baldwin G,, labr 

bbi ■ v v K lBi bbbi i^ l ibbb 


Collis Mrs. M. 

8 Hall l-\. carlcr 

11 Oluidwrck Mrs. 0. 13. 

L """ L ■" ft T 11 ■J J 1 I 

HakeJiead Mill 

10 Hodgson W., lain- 

lA '1 yrell (.!., senr lain- 

tester IS., Ltd., cot- 

12 Roberts I*'., carter 

15 1 y roll o*! jnr.. miner 

ton ml'trft 

14 Davies Mrs. C. 

17 VV Uittam A M iron trnr 


iSntclirYe J. A. (Bnrn- 

Catder .street. 

19 Baldwin Miss M. 

Joyj Ltd., cdn mfi-s 

Header W., inrne atr dlr 

21 Clark Miss K. 

j** fit J-M \ * ^ **^ ^ 1 

Magar '}'., Ltd., cotton 

19 Green J". H,. |»X>r 

20 Oallaglian T«, 1**i>i- 

■haah — L - ^^> "l_t "-J t. lb ^m _t^ 


1.5 Green Mrs. V.. A. 

18 Wluttam VV\, rlwyman 

Pennine Manufactur- 

13 CardwollT. W., labr 

lb Ovvon Mrs, -A, 

ing Co., Ltd. 

Pickard J.,nichnyracht 
7 Prosify Mrs. h\ 

14 Taylor 1\, miner 

1'ickartl S., |)nblic 

12 1 Jiompson G., wvr 

L B L BB in. -BB -BBB -BBB BBBi -BbI 

t-apo »izer 

5 Varley R., labr 

10 \\ ■ oodhoucl W., wvr 

3 Tiirton Mrs. E. 

8 JJarron A., mtr drvr 


6 Moseley Jr.j wood trnr 


4 Head S., jnr 


CJarko J., ovrlkr 

2 Mack W., postman 


Burnett j., miner 

2 Gaskoll S., postman 




Wirmingtou tt., wvr 
Davies Mrs. M. 

4 Veevera Mr. M. 
6 Hargreaves Mr. U. 

Comjreyational Church 
Baldwin & Heap Ltd,, 

St, James* Chwreh 
Brun street. 
Brick street. 
7 Taylor H., clerk 
Howe street. 


Brad aha w Miss E. 

Zion Hreet. 
Riley Mrs. M. A. 

8 Field James 
10 Walsk .T., foreman 
12 Finlayson R., grdnr 


'J'oaguo T... labr 
PaMham road. 

14 Wilkinson A. H., wvr 
16 T/ord I)., messenger 


Co-op iStores 

18 Rowe L. J?., infer drvr 

Bread street. 

20 Ratclill'o G. E., wdw r<ltA 

20 Kitton E., |> hah dlr 

22 Coates W. E., wvr .^ 


Gillespy .T., grndr 

24 Woodhoad F., wvr 



Aspin Miss. K. 
tihale street. 

26 Smith W., loom snpr 
28 Abbott a., collier ' 

2 Wads worth A., ovrlkr 


Pottor T., miner 

30 Siingor .)'., loom swpr 


<1 Lord R-. J"., wvr 

34 McKinnaJ\, postman 

32 Do way J., jnr 

6 Bun*)] Mrs. J, 

36 Wolfenden K., wvr 

Barden lane. 

8 Hartley Mr. W. 


'J'ootil! A., labr 

Hallows .street. 

10 Rangoloy D«, xnngr 
12 Tavlor Mrs, M. 

Qranhy street. 

Ill Smith B., wvr 

Catholic M&r^s Band 

109 Wilkinson J., wvr 

14 Olutton Mrs. K. 


107 Wroe E-, caretaker 

16 OddieMrs. A. 

40 Bobinson Mrs. H. 

105 Cox B., bus endetr 

Raglan mad. 

Tunnel street. 

103 Moore J., labr 

13 Harrison Jd\, ins agnt 


Draper Mr- R. 

101 Tinder 'J'., winder 

11 Kaatwood H,, coal dlr 


Holland W., cltblkr 

99 Wilcoek \\\, collier 

9 Luke Rev, J. F. 


lioi'dley <T., wvr 

97 Austin W., loomer 

7 I'arr&na H« clerk 


Waiuootii Mrs, J, 

95 Thompson 3*\, wvr 

5 Robins A., -trtliir 


8mitlk !>,, wTohseman 

93 Kramott Mr. J. 

3 Metcalfe K,' ovrlkr 


lUifihvvorili TI,, wvr 

91 Cunningliani J-, collier 

1 IToldsworth Mrs. L. 


Kboveiison if., lubr 

89 Howarth B., labr 


Tirams Mrs. 1, 

87 Wiiidlo Mr. -S. W. 



Aunger R.^ miner 

85 Robinson G., mtr drvr 

1 Wilkinson Mrs. M. 


l*'eeney T.^ miner 

83 Thomas W., wvr 


A&pdon B-> loomer 

81 Walker Mrs. A. 

3 Horsfiill J. T., collier 


VWiglii J. s augnr boiler 

27 Dolphin F., wvr 

5 H-iley Miss L. 


I'linms l'\, wvr 

25 Marshall W., van drvr 

7 Simpson J., forks 

13 Smith R., packer 

23 Hudson Mr. W. E. 

9 Darque Mr. J". 


.Burns >., \vvr 

21 Hawn-fc K., bus drvr 



19 Paiton N., grdnr 

17 Bridge Miss C. M. 

15 Koater H., ovrlkr 

13 Guthrie T.. clerk 

11 Fox Miss E. 

9 Johnston H, t ovrlkr 

7 Tatteraall W., cabinet 


5 Kaat J. B„ mngr 


4 Almond Mr. A. 

6 T) oh son T., miner 

8 Hindlo W., tinsmith 

10 Fletcher Mr. W. 

12 Watson C, miner 

14 Dwyw C, minor 

16 Lord Mis. J. 

18 BtbbyMr. G. 

20 Bates Mr. T, 

15 Gordon A ., collier 

13 Kllioti Mr. E. 

11 Greenwood G. B., labr 

9 Starkie Mrs. M. 

7 Xoill W., labr 

5 Hayes L., minej' 

3 Mounsoy G. W., labr 


Halstoad H., mtr body 
JSastham place. 

Bunilov EloCfcrfc Weld- 
ing Co. 

Payne J. !<■., mchnry 

6 PoIhttMr. S. 

8 Hephrnn ■)'., labr 

Albert street. 
Leyland road. 
Belvedere road. 

21 Tgoe J., labr 

19 Collier S<, grdnr 

17 Foden Miss K., grflr 

15 Mitchell R., glass blower 
13 (ileoson J., labr 
11 Sheefcy Mrs. s. 
5 Hartley J., grndr 
Halstoad It., smithy 

1 Baker Mrs. M. 


2 Guerdon J. f conftr 

4 Blayloek .T., grCr 

Dean street. 
Duckoit J. & Sen Ltd., 
sanitary ware mftrs 

20 Wiggin W. ft., minor 

22 Wiggin ./. P., miner 
24 Warns B., miner 
26 -Johnson \Y\, lair 
28 Gorton W. 1'., spmir 
30 Brand wood .VI is. K. 
32 Clarence F., labr 

34 Began Mrs. A. 
36 Howarth Mr. K. 
38 Strickland Mrs. A. 
Drinkwater Mrs, M. 

3 Gorton T., labr 


2 Taylor W.» grer 

4 Duerden T., wvr 

6 Forrest J',, carter 

8 Leaver Mrs. 12. 

10 Lockett Mrs. S. A. 

12 Woathorhead TI M slay- 


14 Brown Mrs. B. 

16 Spencer T. W., dyer 

18 Crumbleholme A., bakr 

20 Batoson Mrs. B. A. 

22 Fallis J., boiler covr 

24 Boggins Mr. M. 

26 iSlmltloworth W., btehr 

Royln road. 
29 Chadwick J., carter 

27 Macey F., labr 

25 Pollard Mr. E. 

23 O'Donnell F., mldr 

21 Parkinson J., mtr drvr 

19 Wilkinson Mr. U 

17 Wobb Mrs. K. 

15 Kay H. N... labr 

13 Jonkins A., labr 

11 Pickering J., wvr 

9 Buckingham G., wvr 

7 Kelly P., labr 

5 Wilkinson Mrs. M'. 

3 Gutteridgo Miss B. 

1 Hoylo J"., fr fiali dlr 


2 Deny Mrs. M. 

4 Biwlshnw Mrs. M. 

6 Green A., mtr drvr 

8 Mess \V\, mldr 

10 Ratclitfo Mrs. C. K. 

10 Security Trade Protec- 
tion Agency 

10 Burnley Privato Inquiry 
Bi ireau 

12 Lee K. J., collior 

14 Brigga K. 0., pntr 
Thompson Bros., 



llitchon W., ppty ropr 
Shuckloton J\, oat cake 


2 Sumner H., conftr 

4 Wilkinson B., labr 

6 Coatos Mrs. M. J. 

8 Gray J. W., mtr drvr 

10 Hirst jMiae E. 

12 Howarth Miss C. 

14 Howarth R,, wvr 

16 Howarth F., saddler 
Lacy ft., jnr 


13 Dunloavy Mrs. M. 

15 Smith Mrs. A. 

17 Cunningham Mrs. F. 
19 Allen T., labr 


2 Broadbent N., accnt 
Accountant Students' 

Burnley Estates Ltd. 
Burnit-y Land Develop- 
ment Co., Ltd. 
Belter Woar Products, 
A Pollard A., Itorbohst 
Boot cottrl. 
Bajitist Cha-pet 
12-16 CoIUng© G.& Co. 
(Ironmongers) Lid. 

18 Anderton L., hrdrssr 

20 Collingo G. & Co. (Iron- 

mongers) Ltd. 
Pickup street. 

22 Duxbury G„ lodg hso 
26-28 Cross J. J., grcr 

Norton street. 
30-32 Chapman J., Golden- 
Lion Hotel 

Miller street 
Aqueduct street. 
43 Naught on M., labr 
41 Preston J. A., labr 
39 Sand ham J., wvr 
37 Locke W.. wvr 
35 Sharman J"., fireman 
33 Oddfellow Loan Co. Ltd 
31 Smith Mrs. I. 

29 Scrivens J., labr 

27 Dean J'., collier 

25 Bamford Mr. A. 

23 East on .).. labr 

21 Bell Mrs. E. 

19 Robinson T., mtr drvr 

17 Biley J-:., grcr 

St. Peter's fnfant School 
15aHollinrake H., Sjrer 
15a Jones S., hlge entretr 

15 Garnett W.. wvr 

13 Garlick J"., ovrlkr 

11 Collingt G. & Co. (Iron- 
mongers) Ltd. 

7-9 Homer TT\, Devonshire 

3 Burnley Tradesmen's 

Clothing and Furn- 
ishing Club Ltd. 


2 Holden Mr. J. 

4 Hirst T., grcr 

6 Jackson J'., wrehsemn 

8 Tattersall W, T., wvr 

10 Haycocks G. H., wv* 

12 DeardenMra. M. J. 

14 Fallows 15., wvr 

16 Wilkinson J. W._, wvr 

18 Wareing S., tinsmith 

20 Green Mrs. A. 

22 Howarth Miss M. 

24 Wood J. W., warpdrssr 

26 East ham Mrs. M. A. 

28 Bryor G. R„ smith 

30 Morton Wm. wrohseum 

Tiulcock street. 

27 Great head B., grdnr 

25 Longworth H., wvr 

23 Clogg J"., taper 



21 Towler \V. K., wvr 

9 Wilton Mrs. A. 

78 Sunderland K,, tro 

19 Hull J., elthlkr 

7 Bannister Mr. Q . 

80 Whalioy Mr, A. 
82 Marnoy J, y shpkpr 
84 Williamson A„ labr 

17 Hartley H., ins agnt 

5 Ohadwick R., labr 

15 Hull Mrs. E. 

3 Loo Mrs. M. 

13 Duckworth A., ml-r dvr 

1 Boyle T. U., labr 

l^ mm m mi mj m^ -bx^ mm ^b 

86 1 Toward W. F., sr>nr 
88 Clarko Mrs. A. 

11 Smitli Mrs. K. 

9 Hurdacre Mrs. ('. 


90 Weston Mrs. II. 

7 WhiiQtip Mrs. A. 

90aEmmett Mrs. M. H., err 

3 Long W. K., wvr 

2 Thornton Mr. G. H. 

Sprmqjield road. 
92 Wills Mrs. M. 

1 CimWeMr, B. 

4 Mitchell Mrs. M. 

6 Koirbv Mrs. M. A. 

94 Lavender M'r. H. 


8 Frost W. K., engr 

96 Duckworth 0\, ovrllcr 

10 OrmeJ'od W., cnvssr 

98 Wiitaker 1\, wvr 

2aMmnford Mrs. IT, 

12 Kershaw A., clt.hlkr 

100 Wills A., pntr 
102 Hume -/. J'., prnfcr 
104 Fulness R., ovrlkr 

4 TToyworth (J. R. t wvr 

14 Ablafct-.A. A., bus endctr 

6 JCv&ns J. W., wvr 

16 \tarkicpA., wvr Lp<, 
18 temett 8., wvr y %% , 

8 How&rth W« ovrlkr 

r 106 Taylor Mr. J\ 

1U l^owig (,t., pntr 

20 Bennett J. T.. twister*.*. 

108flirogdon li., wrohsciun 

12 Robinson J"., wvr 

22 Hudson J . H., labr 

110 Jbbotson R.»to 
112 Dolierty W., joiner 
114 Roberts A M feUmoru-or 

14-18 Co-op, Stores 

21 .SfcubhsK... srjnnr 

flrennand street. 

19 Dracup R. S.. bus inspr 

Walpolc street. 

17 Ryder Miss M. A. 

116 Knowlos Wm cooked 

Pembroke street* 

15 Koirbv Mrs. R. A. 

7 ^ **^ 

moat store Miss U- K.- enfte 

13 Oalverloy Airs. K. 

118 Pearson .T. R., collier 

Fra$er -street 

bl ■ J^ bi v -bb -a v bl bbb bb mu 

11 Hcbofiold E,» spnnr 

120 Smith Mrs. M. J. 

20 O'Connor .T., collier 

9 Kastwootl J. A., waro- 

122 Calvort C-, labr 

Towneley street. 


124 Rorry £. E., hrdrssr 

Wood J. & .Sons Ud. 8 

7 McHale Mrs. M. 

Brunswick street. 

cotton mftrs 

5 Iveson T. , wvr 

128 Johnson T-j coacli trmr 

Jirflnnawl street. 

3 .Simpson It. R,, labr 

130 Hjuldon Ci, 7 steward 

49 Hat her by L., fireman 

1 Maekoy 3-T., wvr 

132 Peel J. f broklvr 

17 HoyloMrs. J. 

154 Grundy Mrs. I. 
136 Starkio K., vamnan 

45 Brown Mrs. S. 


43 Shenton 1:\. labr 

138 Cooper J\ f oabtmkr 
1^0 Scott A. A,, pol oons 
142 LaI»bettT.,feUmngr 

11 "Romioll IT., wvr 

2a0arr M!r. R. 11. 

39 Harding W„ lni.r drvr 

2 If ay hurst Mrs. S. 

37 Burrows J., wvr 

4 I'owoll D.,fr fishdlr 

r 1^14 Moore T„ wvr 

35 Simpson Mr. 11. 

6 Taylor G., kibi brnr 

146 Rusius M>b. -B. ? drpr 
148 Mills J. W» wvr 

33 Starkie A., prpty repr 

8 Lord Miss E., oaftr 

31 Duckworth II., wvr 

10 Whittaker Mrs. 8. A. 

150 Mason IT., ooal dlr 

29 Scott VV>, steward 

12 Barker H ., tapor 

m v ■■^ ■■. ■■. v -^h -^^^ ^h ^k^h. mm. ^^ 

152 Sponcer B., wvr 

27 Orosslev J*., drawer-in 

14 Warbiu-ton Mr. «. 

25 Charters A. ft., labr 

■bb -bbbbb V "SB W -BBV BBBB V ^ V 

16 Bolton Mrs. M. 

154 Ficklos J. H., carter 

23 Rice W. H., pntr 

18 Stowfl,r(, K., mtr drvr 

156 Worsh'T. D., attndnt 

^bbb bbbb ■ ■bbb BB| -bb m b. m 

21 JoWmg Ju, land agnt 

20 Simpson J., cin oprtr 

158 Eastwood Mrs. R. 

19 Hicks A,, wood carver 

22 Storor B., labr 

160 Jviversetlgo J'. TT., wvr 
162 WJn'takor J., wvr 

17 SlioesmitKilrs. 0.,tlres9 

24 Pollard Misses M. & M. 

15 Brown ft,, wvr 

26 Holclon Missos M. & H. \ 

^ 7 

164 Lewis W. G., masseur 

13 Connor F- $ wvr 

28 Cook Mrs. h'. 

166 Colo F. C, caretaker 

11 J'onkmson S., wvr 

30 Thornton J.> wvr 

168 Clegg W. H., beamor 

9 Mayo J., ejivser 

32 Pollard J. J., slavmkr 

170 Uavey Mr. A. 
172 Clegg W-, taper 

7 Heap E., labr 

BBB ■BBBB ■&■ BBB BBBLV mmi -BBS BBBB ■&■ m 

34 Long Mrs. II. 

5 Marsh 0. W., lab* 

36 ITolden A., labr 

174 Pickovor J-, wrehaemn 

3 Clark Miss I., nurse 

38 Atkinson T„ labr 

7^ ^ 

176 Pogson J., pntr 
178 Cole Mr. J. 

1 O'Brien Mrs. U, A. 

40 Knight Mr. H, 

12 Fox Mr.,. I. 

ISO Cook V,, wrolisoruan 


44 Watson Mr. W. >T. 

■■mi mi mm m\ bi ^h m^ ■■ mi m^ ^ mLwmmHV ^b. mm 

182 Gardner Mrs. L. 

46 Latliam !■'., labr 

184 Home K., wrehaeman 

1 Hopwood -T., labr 

48 Sutcliffo W.,wvr 

Clarence Street 

6 Walsh J., miner 

50 Kagar Mr. R. 

184a Wilkinson A., wvr 

8 Hill Mr. 1. 

Parliament street. 

186 McDonald X, fitter 

10 J. ay Jor \\ ., minor 

52 Har^roav-os H., mngr 

188 Ellerton J., twister 

12 Bannister J., wvr 

54 Bohotes J-, grdnr 

190 Barrett Mrs. F. 

14 Proctor Mrs. M. 

56 Varloy W.,labr 

192 Pollard J., ovrlkr 

16 Kidgo J., wvr 

58 ltnowles '.Vfiss L. 

194 Moorhouso R., labr 

Oak Hill street. 

60 Thomas J., wvr 

196 Barrett i'\, collior 

18 Yates E., labr 

62 Carney J. W., labr 

198 .Sheldrake G. K., jnr 
200 Cliadd Mr. W. H. 

20 IToaley W., minor 

64 Hewitson W., ins agnt 

22 Keogb J". W., mldr 

66 Kelly Mr. O. 

■. L ^^H ■■ ■ m ^H ^^^ mi ^B -^B. K ■ K ■ BB "Bi L "BL 

202 Barrett H., wvr 

17 Whitehead J.» minor 

68 Hirst F,, loom swpr 

204 Kedmavno J. IT., mus^ii 

15 Hoaloy l'\, miner 

70 Bird H., collior 


Sussex street* 

13 Tighe Miss E. 

72 Hoy H., mchmn 

206 Woodward J„ fr fiali dlr 

Oak Hill street. 

74 Molloy T., boamev 

BB. Bl LV -BBl -BB BB| "BBB. BBBi 1 BBX -BBBB1 Bl -BBl -BBL BBk "B» BB1 

208 Hudson Mrs. A. 

11 Nutter Mr. T. 

76 Coward W.,dr|>r 

210 .Smith J. T„ wvr 



212 Roberts J. E., wvr 

45 Chapman T., miner 

4 Talbot J., pltry food dlr 

214 Moy J ., mtr dryr 

43 Clogg C, labr 
41 Whitehead Mr. V. 

Mark street. 

Hufling lane. 

8 Fell K„ collier 

179 Smith S., btchr 

39 Aggett B-.» collier 

Henshaw street. 

177 Gaidtroger Miss G., drpr 

37 Duxbury A., labr 

10a Moulds W., butcher 

175 Robinson L., fruitr 

35 Mat on H,, cartel* 

10 Hopkins H., fr fish dlr 

Strange street. 

33 Baron Mr. W. K. 

Ttracewell street. 

Council School 

31 Smith IT. H., elthlkr 

12 Co-op. Stores 

173 Johnson Mrs. M. 

29 Pollard T., wvr 

14-16 Starkie B. K., cnt'ir 

171 Konnerley J., grdnr 

27 Riley R., labr 

18 Greenwood Mrs. ft. 

169 'I'omlinson Mr. A. K. 

25 Watson M ,, wvr 

20 Sliarples P., wvr 

167 Hirst W., wvr 

23 Nnttall J., tinner 

22 Tattersall Mrs. J. A. 

165 Dent P., ovrlkr 

19-21 Co-op. Stores 

24 Dean H., oiler 

163 Brown A., jnr 

17 Tomlinson W., beamor 

26 Thornton W., mclmst 

161 Willman Mr. M. 

15 Kobinson .T. M., labr 

28 Foster -A. C, bus drvr 

159 Stnttard A., ovrlkr 

13 Honnosoy Mrs. M. 

30 Harrison H., busendctr 

157 Bastablo J., wvr 

11 Stewart 1\, elthlkr 

32 Black J. 1'., bus drvr 

157aCharlton Mrs. K., onftr 

9 Lord Mrs. M. 

34 Simiiions Mr. G. 

155 Greenwood Mrs. A. 

7 Hildrotli'l'., eollior 

36 Moody T„ labr 

153 Oldfiold M.. wvr 

5 Pemberton R«, bank 

38 Thomson Mrs. A. 

151 Whiteley C, wTohseron 


40 Pollard Miss M. 

149 Cowan K,, foreman 

3 Mailov J,, boatman 

42 Piuder \Y\, wvr 

147 Lord H., collier 

1 Baden Mrs. E. 

44 Tregiglas W. (>., wndw 

145 Brown A., wvr 


143 Burgess Mr. K. M. 


46 Wake 0. JO., btchr 

141 Timaon G., ovrlkr 

2 Durkin Mr. 1). P. 
4 Leaver P. ? agent 
6 SuteHfie Mr. W. 1'. 
8 Walton Mr. 15. 

48 Taylor £., wvr 

139 Phillips 11.. labr 

50 Smith Mrs. M. 

137 Woodward W., trpedrsr 

52 Kdmondson Mrs. V. 

135 Hudson '1'., grdnr 

54 Howarth J., wvr 

133 Watson Mr. O. 

10 Bairstow jVlr. S. 

12 Dixon T., clerk 

14 Bromwicb W. IT., run 

56 Holdon Mrs. A. 

131 Dent 'I'., mtrdrvr 

58 Anforth J.» labr 

129 Kodgers J., wvr 

60 Heaney h)., mtrdrvr 

127 Plater Mrs. 3ff. 

16 Stevens Miss K, 
16 Wluttakor Miss A. 
18 Medley J. P elerk 
9 Spenoer M>. J. 

7 Loo Mrs. M. l\f. 

62 Blackwoll Miss S.J. 

125 Woodhead F*, foreman 

Cotne road. 

123 Banks E., liairdroHSor 

97 Butterworth Mrs. M. 

121 Driver Mr. A.S. 

95 WilleLt Mrs. 0. 

119 Lord H„ carder 

9laTfoldon ,T., joiner 

117 Frjor J., elthlkr 
115 Dixon W., mecli 

5 Kdwacds A. E«»po1 snpi 

91 Spencers Anto-Eloetrio 


113 Miller A., ins agnt 


Martin street.. 

111 RiisinsMrs. M\ 

^^^B. & H H. ^B. ^^^^B. HHHiiiH. ■. 

89 Towler Mrs. J". 

109 Brooks J. H., wvr 

1 Kawko Mrs. E, 

87 Holden K., ovrlkr 

107 Burnett T. W„ lal»r 

3 BulCock 0« spur 

85 Irving A., cltlilkr 

105 Oldfiold J. W., baker 

9 Andorton Tr.^ bxis cti«lt( 

83 Watson H., wvr 

103 Barker T. W„ labr 

11 Switzer D-, bus condtt 

81 Southwell H., labr 

101 Pickup J'. H., lampmn 

13 Singleton Mrs. A. 

79 Pooter H., shpmn 

99 Beaumont H., coal dlr 

15 Nettham W., jnr 

77 Baldwin J. K., grc-r 

97 Hutchinson T., nwsagnt 

17 Stott M., minor 

Sharp street. 

95aBracowoll G. H-, frnshr 

19 Dawson T', wvr 

75 CleggH.LUl., radio i) Irs 

95 Ashworth Mrs. E . 

21 Littler J. .J., bolt maker 

75 Clogg Mr. M. 

93 Matthews T. Bt., ins ogfc 

23 (THora li., plastr 

73 Tattersall K., drwr-in 

91 Hafikor M., collier 

25 Welch Q., mtrdrvr 

71 Gullon T. f jntr 

69 Standing a... wrehsomn 

89 Matthews W. 0., wvr 

27 Jackson Mrs. K. 

87 Bod en Mrs. A. 

29 Stephenson H., wvr 

4h * 

67 Dowhurst J'., coal dlr 

85 Johnstone J., labr 

31 Taylor Mrs. M. 

65 Astin J"., wvr 

83 Greenwood W., wvr 

33 Parkinson W., wvr 

63 Stott Mrs. 0. 

79 Dobson TC., wvr 

35 Cockcroft B-, collier 

61 Mason C., wvr 

77 Kippax 'J'., wvr 

37 Lord K., met 

59 Christian T., cnfir 

75 Maguiro A., wvr 

Hclrulh street. 

57 Thistlothwaite J., wvr 

73 BoddoesMr. 1-4. 

46 Saul W„ wvr 

55 Eastwood Mrs. S.»fruitt 

71 Smith MissH. 

44 Paton B., labr 

53 ".Vfitchell K., enftr 

69 Proctor H., wvr 

42 Heap J. A., labr 

51 Banks J. A., collier 

67 Greenwood H., beamor 

40 Marsden G., carter 

49 Noblctt Mrs. C. 

65 Whittalter G., wvr 

38 PiUier Mrs. U\ 

47 Highway T,, bus cmlctr 

63 Dnordon Mrs. 11. 

36 Richmond R., sawyer 

45 Comber L., wvr 

61 Greenhalgh Mr. J. 

34 Wale T., wvr 

43 Xuttall Mrs. 13. 

59 Banks PL, elthlkr 

32 Nichols W., loom swpr 

41 Oldham Mrs. A. 

57 Simpson E., mtr dr\T 

Xnttor T., Lul., enftrs 

39 Nelligan T„ labr 

55 Spenc-or Mrs. J". 

37 Higgm Ky., pntr 

53 Gawtliorpo K., radio 


35 Austin Miss S., drpr 


33 Latham J. R., wvr 

51 TTolden Mr. *'. C. 

2 Riloy G. & Sons (Rxors. 

29 Hunt G., labr 

49 Cowers H., labr 

of), firm dlra . 

27 Taylor Mrs. M. J. 

47 Khoesmvth Mrs. E. 

Green street. 

25 ThornliilJ A v firoman 




23 Carter G., fruiterer 

9 Durkin 11., collier 

5 Brooks IT., wrehsemn 

21 Kiteh W., wvr 

7 Murray R. ( labr 

3 Hobinson Mra. H. 

19 Ford W., oloct ongr 

17 Moore Mrs. A. 



15 Wright A., ovrlkr 

13 Taylor J., \V, cng tlrvr 

2 Hudsons, ironmngers 

Calvert W*i boot repr 

11 liradshaw J., wvr 

4 Hudson .T., lthr mehnt 

tit. Andrew' v Church 

9 Bradshaw Mrs, a. 

6 Jackson K., tbecnst 

and Schools 

7 Ridge C., enftr 

8 Wei-Don, dyers 

Harden street. 

5 Dickinson Miss 15., mlnr 

10 Atkin J., hairdresser 

6 Hoover Uxi^ vneiiimt 

3 Leedham H. G-, cnftr 

//owe street 

clnr ni£t*rs 

\V hi laker W., drpr 

12-14 Hirst, Tbbetson & 

S Xulfcall Mrs. K., drpr 

Taylor .Ltd., oloct fctrs 

Heap Sired, 


16 Blackston ti., raincoat 

10 Richardson fi 4| enffcr 


Ford street* 

1 Trogilgas W. f oabt mkr 

16 hingards, warehouse 

lObMetcaKe 0'., boot ropr 

3 Gibson G., wvr 

18 Dewar J. is. & Co,, 

Hylands street. 

5 Wraith K. H.', jnr 

french polishers 

12 Wliitakor Mis- B& A., 

7 Smith A., loom swpr 

Kino's Mill 

\ 14 Heap A., btolir 

9 Robinson A. K., bus 

School of Arms 


School of Dancing. 

Latham street. 

31 Thornbor J'., labr 

Patent Wringer Go. 

16 Walton Mra. H., shpkpr 

13 Metcalfe J., wvr 

XuUall & Co. Ltd., 

18 iSowerbutts J. E., news- 

If) Moore H. t wvr 



17 Stofct A. v., bus ftndetr 

24 Harrison & Bailey, up- 

20 'I'avlor S., iroumngr 

19 Preston T., labr 


22 Handlor Mrs. 1)., drpr 

21 Stanwortih Mrs. EC, 

26 Coates J. G., Ltd., radio 

24 Denson 'J*., grer 

. 23 Walsh H., wvr 


26 Avorv Mr. T. 

■■' 25 Davis Mrs. VV. 

Clegg H. A; H., shop- 

28 KoapM., frlisli dJr 

27 Walsh K., labr 


o0-32 Barnes J". E., drpr 
Hitfihwarth street. 

29 McNuhb J., labr 

Edward street. 

31 Acomb H., collior 

34 Robinson It., Crown 

36 Heaton A., mllnr 

33 McAleese J., collier 


38 HargreavesW.B., Ltd,, 

Thames avenue. 

38 Traeey Mrs. H. M'. 

house furnishers 

44 Mag n ire F., labr 

40 Grummett Mr. J. 

40 Hargreaves, J. A., btehr 

42 Murray W., labr 

Parker street. 

42 JMackledge li., pnti' 

40 Cook A., wvr 

Oharles street. 

42 Mason K., Ltd., tripe 

38 Ferguson 'J'., wvr 

43 Bartlo .T., labr 


36 Dixon T. H„ lubr 

41 Foley J., labr 

42 Parry W., elork 

34 Slater J., fireman 

Jt/diOftrd street. 

44 Pollard C, grcr 

32 Baldwin J'., labr 

31 Boyle M'„ labr 

46 Last bam .T-, Jish air 

30 Tumor W., collier 

29 .Solessi A., labr 

Moorficld street. 

28 Cook Mrs. M. 

27 Eecles & Proctor, fluid 

48 Thornton '!'., Baltic Fleet 

26 Oasson B., wvr 


50 Willdnson Mrs. K. 

24 St.iitta.rti J., wvr 

Bank parade. 

52 Sharp Mrs. M. 

22 Barker L., wvr 

Motcalfo Bros Ltd., 

54 Kolden W., fmitor 

20 Gra&tree E., clthlkr 


56 Thorpe 'I'., Old Duke Inn 

18 Howarfch B*, collier 

21 Willmans, china dlrs 

58 Lord W., pntr 

16 Thompson 1-f., collier 

15-17-19 Webster R., Ltd, 

60 HoIdenMrs. M'. 

14 Taylor Mrs. M. 


Hope street. 

12 Price A., glass blower 

Gannon street. 

62 Cowgill T. K., hrdrssr 

10 Moorliouso Mrs. L. 

7-9 Rawlinson J., elect 

64 JJriowliffo Rood 'Motor 

8 ITeatoti A., collier 



6 Doherfcy 1'., bus cndctr 

5bBrun Textiles, drprs 

66 WlumoT. W.,grcr 

4 Wilkie \V„ C. labr 

5 Royal Liver friendly 

68 Hirst JC, boot t&px 

2 Warner K., labr 


70 Nutter Mrs. L., dentist 

5 "North Kast Lanes (No. 2 

72 Siitcliffo. J* dentist 


Region) Joint 'Town 

74 Waterworth T., grcr 

Planning' Committee 

74 Sliackleton Mrs. A. 

2 Rushton K.. clerk 

5nHaworth& Airey Ltd., 

76 Kelding Miss W., drpr 

4 Chester T., junlst 

wino mclmts 

78 Jioli F. W. ? hrdwro dlr 

6 Holgato W., clerk 

3 Hirst S., restaurant 

80 Mason B,, Ltd., tripe 

8 Bain bridge A., clerk 

1 Barnes If. H., ent'etr 


7 Coates Mr. E. 

82 Nutter H., plumbr 

5 Coates Mr. J. 


82 Lonsdale W„ plmbr 

1 Dearden Miss A. 

84 Glough & Fell, bakers 

2-10 Heap Bros, shroud 

84 Fell Mr. J. H. 



Brennund street. 

Devonshire road. 

86 Black H. W.. grer 

4 Crawsbaw (!., cretkr 

15 Motcalfo J'., wvr 

Foster K-, Ltu n cotton 

6 Smith H., mchne brkr 

13 Cardus Mr. R. 


15 Byrne J., labr 

11 Kntwistie Mrs. S. K. 

Hishop slreM* 

13 Smith Mrs- M, 

9 Mullens Mrs, E. E. 

Frawr street. 

11 Horsfall M'iss N". 

7 Hesmond hsilgh Mrs. A. 

96 Hatgwjaves J^ wvr 



Towneley street. 

236 Lord Mr. W. 

438 Buck W. H., wvr 

98 Starkio J., cltlilkr 

238 Clegg Mr. J. 

440 Whitworth J., twister 

Wynotham street. 

240 Bradshaw J'., wvr 

442 Smith Mrs. A. 

100 Potter W., wvr 

242 .Spencer A., hank clerk 

444 Smith D., cltlilkr 

102 Andorfcon Mr. 1*. 

244 Pickard Mr. J. J. 

446-448 Brown R. W., Com- 

104 Rigby -Mrs. M. 

246 Bottomley Mr. IT. 

mercial Inn 

106 Skl&iaoro H., collier 

248 NhittallMr. E. 

Burnley road. 

108 Holland 1-'., loomor 

250 BenLloy A., mngr 

Atkinson J., Ltd., jnrs 

110 lhierdon R., wvr 

252 Wood Mr. M. 

Methodist Churcii 

112 Peart A., wvr 

254 Lord 1- E., clerk 

867 ClmighK., btclir 

114 Milner A., grc-r 

256 Clarke A., slsmn 

863 '1'aylor A., corn dlr 

St. Cuthbert street. 

258 Thornton Mi*. E. 

861 Corrin J., ovrlkr 

114uGreoirwood W. 'I*., dntsb 

260 Anderson H., seaman 

859 Sunter H., mech 

Boundary street. 

262 Catherall H., mtr drvr 

857 Hartley J\, btchr 

116 Robinson O., enftr 

264 Bottomley J., wvr 

855 Graluim H., bootmkr 

Public Institution 

Marsden road. 

851 Kedfern K., enftr 

Barbon street. 

274 Halstead Miss M., music 

849 Xuttor J. 'P., fruitr 

120 Harrison (!.. nwsagnt 


847 Eastwood \V., enftr 

122 Marsdon W., wvr 

276 Trogelas J. H,, wndw 

843 Lister H. W., enftr 

124 Turner C, mngr 


841 Wood H,, restaurant 

126 Eastwood H., wvr 

278 Mellor A., mngr 

839 Hatetead Mr. W. E. 

128 Hunter W. H., pol sgt 

280 Sunter-Storey Mr. H, 

837 Lees T. D-, enftr 

1.30 Hauler H., engr 

282 Halsioad H„ ovrlkr 

Nelhcnvood street. 

132 Shaekloton ft., drpr 

284 Marsden J., cashier 

835 Dnerden C, w\'r 

134 Bainbridgc J., btehr 

286 Sellers F-, dairyman 

833 Roilforn Ma-. B. 

136 Tngliam Mr. F. 

288 Greenwood W., slsmn 

831 Wood L., wvr 

138 Mason Mrs, X. 

290 Yoxall Mr. ,1*. 

829 Eastwood J'., modi 

140 Shoplierd H., coal dlr 

292 Haworth Mr. A. H. 

827 Brierley B., labr 

142 Binn W., drpr 

Slaters' Homes. 

825 Hird Mrs. J^., ent"tr 

Casterton avenue. 

320 Pickles Miss E. 

823 Alton J"., wvr 

1-0 Barnes E., enftr 

324 Smith Mrs. A. 

Sheridan street. 

152 Dunderdale W., btolir 

326 Humor Mrs. A. 

821 Greenwood M., 1'armer 

154 Cannon A. U., grflr 

328 Grundy Mrs. 12. 

817 Sewell R„ prntr . 

156 Ronton Mrs. L, 

330 Robinson Mrs. E. 

815 Tiuistill H., warp drssr 

158 Burt J. W., jnr 

Whitaker Mr. J. 0., 

813 Jones H., loom swpr 

160 Taylor H. R., clerk 


811 Thornton F., taper 

162 iMitcnell Mrs. K. 

Caygill M'r. J'., AsUrigg 

809 Bndeoake Mrs. G. 

164 West A. B„mldr 


807 Stephenson if,, wvr 

166 Wmstone Mr. G. If- 

366 BryonMr. A. V. 

805 Alderson K.. fireman 

168 Brogclon Mr. S. 

368 Oollingo W. s ucenint 

803 Wood 'J'. W., engr 

170 Atkinson Mr. R. 

Oaken bank. 

747 Ridge Mr. H. 

172 Tattorsall A. E., mngr 

370 Wilkinson V., wvr 

745 Chaplow J. R., school 

174 Woods .J. winder 

372 Holden A. R„ wvr 

teac her 

176 Taylor Mrs. B. 

374 Woinman H., ovrlkr 

719 Taylor H., salesman 

178 Pollard P., ins agnt 

1 376 Halsioad E., Craven 

717 Halstead J., mngr 

180 Wigg H. ©ngr 

Heifer Inn 

711 Baker Miss E. 

182 Halstead H., ovrlkr 

378 Suu-ltffe H„ wvr 

709 Bent P., dyer 

184 Baldwin W., ovrlkr 

380 Heap R., collier 

707 Brown Mrs. M. 

186 Pollard C, engr 

382 Johnson J. s wvr 

705 Kippax Mrs. M. 

188 Burton J. T., mngr 

384 Nutter W*,, mtr drvr 

703 Rogers W'.. 1'armer 

190 Simpson Mr. C. H. 

086 Wado E., loomor 

701 GorstT., wvr 

192 TJowhnrst 0. T ovrlkr 

388 Smith Mr. J. T. 

699 Kdmondson Miss K. 

194 Duerden H., trvllr 

390 Tomblin Mrs. M. A. 

Walshato lane. 

196 Bottomlo,\-A.,pptyropr 

392 CunliiTo H., boot ropr 

Ofioamp top. 

198 KippaxMr. S. 

394 Eastwood Mrs. B. 

Smithson K., farmer, 

200 Kippax !•'., nwsagnt 

3% Hargreavos P., wvr 

Saxiiield farm 

202 Co-op. Stores, grors 

398 Midgloy Mrs. E. 

Hazel grove. 

204 Parkinson JT., clerk 

400 Riley Mrs. M. 

2 Leaver W., wvr 

206 Burton Mr. F. 

402 Kawson J., wvr 

4 Todd Mrs. J'. A. 

208 Kendall T\, mngr 

404 Redmond Mrs. W. 

507 Wright W., grdnr 

210 Barlow Mr. IT. 

406 Higgin Mjss B. 

505 Stack head 1*\, wvr 

212 Preston C. %., ins agnt 

408 Eastwood Mrs. A. 

503 Hiiip J., I>ri4xlvr 

214 Smith Mr. W. 

410 Glodhill A., labr 

501 Riding Mrs. K. 

216 Boofchm&n Mrs. L. K. 

Saxifiebl street. 

497 Donson A., bus drvr 

218 Smith A., clerk 

418 Whittaker Mrs. M. 

495 Myers Ci. I-., wvr 

220 Snowden J. K., eleetn 

420 Price Mrs. F. 

403 Crossloy IL, fireman 

222 RatelhTe F-, mngr 

422 Doan W., wvr 

401 Bride W., piano inner 

224 Holden ir.. tripe dlr 

424 Spencer Mrs. M. 

399 Duxbury H., ins agnt 

226 Wood Miss K., enftr 

426 Crossloy Mr. J. 

397 Stuttard W. H.. wvr 

Marxden road. 

428 Leaver Mrs. E. 

395 Oatlow 'L'., ovrlkr 

228 Sunsfield J. A., arehtet 

430 Hunt Miss J". 

393 Ainsworth J ., mtr drvr 

230 i.ord TT.. cotton slsmn 

432 Orroll R., wvr 

391 Brown 'J.\, mngr 

232 Tattorsall Mr. J. P. 

■ 434 Jackson J., labr 

389 Livesev Ed., ahpmn 

234 Whalley T t , mngr 

1 436 Collinge IV., com agnt 

387 Wearden J. M. t bus edr 



385 Dixon R.. clerk 
383 Watte W., clerk 
381 Brindloy VV., ningr 
447 Spear A., collier 
Lythaffi 'road- 
Mi Pollard L., coal dlr 
371 Pollard Mrs. M. A. 
369 Lutner A., rlv insptr 
367 Wifcglesworfch R„ clerk 
365 Sloe F., mtr drvr 
363 Connelly 1'., pol eons 
361 Senior G. A., pol cons 
359 Metcalfo A., wrelisomn 

Easlon avenue. 
357 Donaldson Dr. A. M. 
357 Broadloy S., steward 
355 Goom H., cnffcr 
353 Judge W., insptr 
353 Melias Ltd., grocers 
351 Casson H.» fireman 
Leaiwlngton avenue . 
349 Preston S-, collier 
345 Barton H., labr 
343 Casson H., trvlir 
341 Smith 1'"., pol cons 
339 Higgins K., labr 

Matlock grove. 
337 Shaw J. K., hlgc entrotr 
335 Foulds Mr. J. 
333 Halstead F., olectn 
331 'I'attersaU 1*'., bus drvr 
329 Kdmondson F., oloetn 
325 Dickinson H., coach bdr 
323 Leo E., beamor 
321 Riley Mrs. L. 
319 Carter W., ovrlkr 
317 Kippax A., beamer 
315 Smith Mrs. K* A. 
313 YoxallMr. W. 
311 Riley Mrs. S. L. 
309 TatfcersaH 'I'., warp drsr 
307 Richards Mrs. S.J. 
305 Birtwistlo F„ WW 
303 Mercer A., clerk 
301 Hainpson Mr. A. 
299 Smithson J. J., Iabr 
297 Hewlett C, mason 
295 Jeffrev T., cooper 
293 Woods Mr. T. 
291 King T., ovrlkr 
2S9 Quitin G., wvr 
287 Tattersall Mrs. J, H. 
285 Caldwell Mrs. 2£. 

AbiviAjGr street. 
283aSmith W., hrblst 
283 Noonan J.» eloggr 

281 Tatters**] Mr. J. 

279 Halo Mrs. A., hairdrssr 

277 Greenwood K., wvr 

275 Bolton Mr. C 

273 Ambler H., butchor 

271 Shaw Ti\. eonrfcr 

269 Price H.. drpr 

267 Snteliffe Mr. J. 

265 Buck R., mtr drvr 

263 Buck Mrs. C, hrdrssr 

263 BuekH., mtr drvr 

Primrose street. 
261 Almond Mrs. F. 
259 Clegg 'Miss M. 
257 Q