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Full text of "Beverly Beal Obituary"




"uuaughtcr Charge Swoni 

Out Against John F. Clark 

Of Pleasant Grove 



Occupants of Clark Car Al- 

leged to Have Been Under 

Influence of Liquor 

A charge of manslaughter baa 
been filed against John' F- Clark 
of Pleasant Grove, formerly branch 
manager of the Ytm. M. Kaylance 1 
company of Pleasant drove, as a 
resnlt of an auto accident at Pleas- * 
ant Grove Friday evening in which 
an Infant was killed, one woman 
seriously Injured and five minor. 
children and a woman badly bruised. 

When arraigned Is the city court 
before Judge George 8. BaMf Satur- 
day afteroou, Clark was released on 
tlJJOO bond. The prellmnlary hear- ! 
iiifT waa'aet for Thursday at 10 
o'clock a. m. 

The Dead 

Beverly Beal, seven months old ■ 
daughter of Or. and Mrs. Nelson 
BealQf SpxJngvUle; frnetured Kknll. 
Seriously Injured 

Mrs, Florence OreeQWOod, Nepbi 
widow or E. H. Greenwood, former- 
ly seminary toucher In NephI ; three 
ribs broken and a probable Internal 

-*• -The Ofte* Injured 

Mrs. Nelson Betil, Hprtagrllle sla- 
ter of Mr* Greenwood. 
-.4totJSabjatvfciU,.j^a»4 flB rtH es ^ l p r 
tee of Mrs. Greenwood. 
, Nedw IJeal, Sprlngvtlle, 4. 
i Kviia GrewiwwMt. 17. 

Afton, Greedwbod, 13.- 

Morgun Greenwood, 7. 

Boyd Greenwood, 4. 

tfitm Qreeirwood aiid Mrs. Beat 
and their children were ou their 
way to Salt Lake City to visit rela- 
Uvea over tie week-end. Mrs. Greet* 
-iyond 4a. teaching school at Nepal. 

About a hhwk ana a half west 
of Jhe-Baftk of Pleasanf Grove on 
the staff SMt*-^ the ..tonrlng car. 
driven by Lynn Greenwood was ran 
Into, by- a roadster driven bv Clark. 
Wfth him waa, Jfen Holmfln pf plea*, 
ant Grove..' 's^-J 

A«3ordlut>- to the story told^ by 
Hoinuu to the .officer*, be and" 
Clark hid 'been drinking heavily 
during the day- On their way from 
Amerlcao; Fork. Hobnao had urged 
Clark several times not to drive so 


Lynn Greenwood declares that he 
was driving; with both the right 
wheela of'ibja ear off the paved. 
highway. According, to Sheriff J. 1>. 
Boyd, wbv Investigated the acci-" 
dent, the. ltseks on the side of the; 
pavement bear* uut tbJa .■statement. 
fc'or .noOie unaccountable reaaofi 
Clark is said to have driven his 
.targe'' rba3"ster mt<> the left front"* 
'wheel 'of tfie Greenwood car, com- 
pletely npsettltig it. All of the in- 
jured were- taken to the home of 
'Alex (iiiiy,. near the scene of the - 
accident. The ileal baby died there ■■ 
jvit i>;30 o'clock jFrlday night, about 
>wo hours aftei.- the -accident. The 
: utber of the cbiiii wits notified of 
i :he accident nod arrived in Pleaa- 
. mt Grove before the. child died. 
Shortly after, Ihe accident, Prea- 
on G. Peterson of the state- road 
roramlsftlott arrived at the aeene oa 
.da way to liis home in Provo. 
ile placed Chirk under arrest and: 
aoitried the ' sheriffs office. He* 
ifso instructed Marshal Arthur 
Winters .to place Holnuin tinder ar- 
rest; As soon as HoJmau had tieabttr 
,d in extricating the injured from 
;he wreck, he left the rcene for hla 
home. ■' 

Clurk and Holuiau were brought 
to the county. Jail by Sheriff Boyd, 
unci Deputies Otto Blrk and Geoi'pe 
Davis wh«i .Investigated the acci- 
dent - ;.. 

A charge of Intoxication has been 
preferred against Hoi man,