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« Paul R. Myers 
RBox 117 
RGreentown, Ohio 

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VOL. XXXIV JANUARY 1, 1956 No. 1 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and |j OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 

How To Keep Glowing. 

"Daddy, why should I go to church when I can 
sit at home hear a good service over the radio? 

With one hand father drew his daughter closer to 
him, while with the other he reached for the fire tongs. 
"Watch me", he said, picking a live coal from the pile 
of glowing embers, he placed it off by itself, while they 
watched, the coal soon lost its glow and blackened. The 
girl understood the lesson her father meant to teach. 

Heb. 10:24-25, "Let us consider one another to 
provoke unto love and to good works : not forsaking 
the assembling of ourselves together, as the manner of 
some is. .". We need the contact with other christians, 
the worshipping together, the influence exerted upon 
each other to keep our lives glowing for Christ. 

Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman 

May each reader take part in church service, at 
least once, each Sunday during 1956? 



Three hundred sixty-six pure 
white pages before each one of our 
readers. Neither page has been 
stained by unkind words, back-bit- 
ing remarks jealous motives or dis- 
honest dealings with anyone. Actual- 
ly each one has an unstained "New 
Year before them. To a great extent 
we can use each day as we wish. As 
long as we keep in the bounds, of 
common sense and reason, each day 
is for us as we wish. We have the 
freedom to live and do as we wish, 
as long as we do not infringe on the 
rights and safety of others. 

We are certainly wonderfully 
blessed to have such a year before 
us in 1956. Now what are we going 
to aim and plan to do with it? It is 
free for us to do now, but some 
day we must certainly give an ac- 
count of each day. This should make 
us consider as we start out to plan 
our words and deeds throughout 
each day. First are we thankful to 
God for such an opportunity to start 
out the New Year with ? Are we go- 
ing to give God thanks and respect 
each day? Without question God is 
the giver of all these opportunities 
and blessings, which we could in- 
clude in our inventory for starting 
into the new year. 

Our first limitation on our activi- 
ties during the New Year, should be 
the regulations of God's Holy 
Word. Not only to thank and 
praise Him but also to serve Him. 

"Of a truth I perceive that God is 
no respector of persons : but in every 
nation he that feareth him, and 
worketh righteousness, is accepted 
with him", Acts 10:34-35. Most of 
us are not as, some persons have 
been in war-torn, starvation-devast- 
ed lands with nothing, not even 
good health to start out a new year. 
If we just have our health and right 
use of mind and body, we have many 
blessings with which to start, and 
most individuals have more. 

If our upper-most aim throughout 
the New Year is, to serve God and 
keep His commandments than that 
will be the over-ruling controling 
factor over the many minute pro- 
blems, details and perplexities of 
each day. Thus each day though 
it may have its hardships, questions 
and even reverses yet each page 
will show a bright summary, with 
labors spent and trials won for 
God's honor and glory. Each page 
will show something worthwhile ac- 
complished, perhaps several at- 

Through the influence of our par- 
ents, study upon God's Holy Word, 
the influence of Sunday-school 
teachers and Ministers, the under- 
standing we have gained through 
study and our years of experience : 
we have a confidence to attack the 
problems of the day with a steady 
purpose and aim. True we make 
mistakes and blunders but they each 
can be forgiven and overlooked and 
we can feel, at the end of each day, 


that something has been accomplish- 
ed. Thus our pages go on record 
as an honor to our credit and as a 
record for Eternity. 

Sometimes I feel that many indi- 
viduals perhaps even professing 
christians, who do not approach the 
Xew Year with such high aspira- 
tions or with such solemn thoughts 
but rather take one day after an- 
other looking on the Xew Year as 
another opportunity to celebrate. 
Perhaps the}' actually realize that it 
will lie necessary to pay later, both 
physically and financially but.O well 
that is the spice of life dare we say. 
Thev have their reward? Ah. sad is 
the plight of an individual the 
crowning point of God's Creation, 
who throws his opportunities of real 
life, his opportunities of lifting up 
humanity and his hope of joy un- 
speakable in Eternity thoughtlessly 
away, for a moments carnal enjoy- 

My first thought in gathering 
these remarks is. that we would 
realize the privilege we have of en- 
tering a new year, when many 
younger in years and perhaps far 
more worthy of such a privilege will 
not be with us. My second thought 
is that we may meditate and appre- 
ciate the many, many opportunities 
we will have in this Xew Year to 
labor in the Master's service. This 
thought is not only for the Minis- 
ters, for they labor largely in one 
type of the Lord's work and their 
are many, many types toward which 

we may use our talents. 

Our third thought is on that of 
others, in a number of less free 
channels of life. What help, what 
encouragement we can give to them 
and that we might that in our free- 
dom, perhaps in our abundance, we 
are more responsible for efforts and 
results then they are. I so often 
fear that. We judge ourselves by 
others rather than by the Xew Tes- 
tament. Take our brethren, who 
for at least two years are awav from 
the environment and freedom which 
we enjoy. Yes at a critical age in 
life, how much do we encourage and 
help them to be true to their pro- 
fession and yet render due service 
according to the laws of the Land. 

Take the many sick and afflicted, 
who have perhaps very few of the 
opportunities, in this life which we 
have. What help and encourage- 
i ment are we to them ? Do we expect 
them to do as well in the Master's 
service as we do? Take the poor 
and underprivileged, who never re- 
ceived the training or the start in 
life, which we did. What help are 
we to them, do we expect as much 
of them as we are willing to devote 
towards the Master's service? 

The Xew Year, or even before, is 
the time to carefully plan and ar- 
range what will be written on our 
record for the year, page by page. 
Each page is unstained, in even- 
phase, word and thought : how will 
it be when it is recorded ? Dear read- 
er each page is before us with Christ 



Taneytown, Md., January 1, 195G 

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Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
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sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
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ciate Editor. 

and His Word as our guide, the op- 
portunities are great the achieve- 
ments very consoling and uplifting 
and each page can bring joy and 
happiness, beyond measure, not 
only in this life but in the life to 




First let us find how Webster de- 
fines religion : Any system of faith 
or worship the outward manifesta- 
tion of belief in a supreme or sup- 
erior being, love and obedience to- 
ward God, piety, monastic vow or 
state, conformity to Bible precepts, 
devotion, fidelity. We note the sub- 
ject is not a religion but a Pure Re- 
ligion. For purity we go again to 
Webster : Free from moral or phy- 

sical defilement, chaste, unpolluted, 
unadulterated, clean, holy, real and 

James, in his teachings and ad- 
monishiugs speaks of the latter days, 
he tells us there shall be a falling 
away of the faith. He did not say 
faiths, though we know there are 
so many hundreds today, going 
around as a roaring Lion seeking 
whom they may devour. 

James uses "the faith" ; something 
which cannot be added to or taken 
from, something made up of divine 
origin a doctrine made up of the 
teachings of Jesus Christ and the 
triune Divinity. There he uses "the 
Faith" one faith, in place of religion 
as it is commonly expressed, one of 
the many beliefs of man. 

How then can we keep still, when 
so many people try to tell us there 
are going to be some people saved 
from each of the churches. We know 
there is only one real and absolute 
Doctrine of Jesus Christ the Holy 
Bible gives all of it so : we may be 
thoroughly furnished, so we know 
all the Will of God. If all the com- 
mandments and teachings were not 
essential to doctrine they would not 
be there. Rev. 22:19, tells us how 
essential they are to salvation. 

James did not say the faiths or 
religions, Jas. 1 :27. He did not mean 
what each persons conception of re- 
ligion might be. He meant one that 
which was not defiled by man but 
was approved of God. 

As we converse with people of 


other Faiths, they point out to us 
the zeal of their fathers and of the 
works of their church. But they have 
done little to compare them to the 
Scripture, to see if their doctrines 
are in accordance with the teach- 
ings thereof. They seem to think 
they shall he redeemed by the inte- 
grity of their fathers : sad indeed 
but that will not suffice. Phil. 2:12 
tells us we must work out our own 
salvation, with fear and trembling, 
so the teachings of my pastor, your 
pastor or any minister will not save 
us in anv manner, unless they agree 
with God's Word. We must obey 
the Scriptures ourselves. 

John 5 :39, Christ tells us. 
"Search the scriptures; for in them 
ye think ye have eternal life : and 
they are they which testify of me". 
Again in 2 Tim. 3:16, "All scrip- 
ture is given by inspiration of God, 
and is profitable for doctrine, for re- 
proof, for correction, for instruction 
in righteousness". V. 17, Why, 
"That the man of God might be per- 
fect, throughly furnished unto all 
good works". Therefore we are ob- 
ligated to search them and we have 
no excuse for being ignorant of the 
plan of salvation. 

We should go to the Bible to get 
our first hand information and after 
we get it, what do we do with it? 
apply it to our everyday living? 
Better still, let us apply our every- 
day living to it. But sad to say, 
What do we usually do with it put 
it on a shelf and think we will apply 

! it later. James 1 :25, "Whoso look- 
1 eth into the perfect law of liberty and 
continueth therein, he being not a 
forgetful hearer, but a doer of the 
work, this man shall be blessed in 
his deed". 

I am fully persuaded that the rea- 
son so many people follow after the 
false doctrines, can be attributed to 
the fact of ignorance of the Scrip- 
tures. But we read in 2 Tim. 3 
where Paul tells Timothy, that in 
the latter clavs there shall be many 
seducers going about deceiving and 
being deceived. What better scrip- 
ture have we to verify this than, 2 
Cor. 11:14 where satan transforms 
himself into an angel of light. 

People have become so unlearned 
in the Holy Bible, that they are easy 
prev for the lion, who is ready to 
devour them. I do not picture the 
linn as a hairv beast looking as fierce 
as he is ugh - , but as a modern man. 
attractive to the eye, one who is 
willing to be an angel of the devil 
but be called an angel of light. Per- 
haps, pastor of a church, doctor of 
divinity, which is the title they 
would like. Such a high calling 
cannot be true, when they are willing 
to obev satan and try to annul the 
scripture, doctrines of the New Tes- 
tament. We hear of those who say : 
that feetwashing, the salutation of 
the Holy Kiss, the prayer veil and 
many others are not essential, which 
actually are plainly taught in the 

Yes, thev have their title, but to 


an understanding Christian it is 
mockery. They have become thieves, 
stealing away the soul of men and 
women ; wolves in sheeps clothing 
devouring the lambs of the flock. 
Surely they and their followers shall 
have their reward of iniquity. 

Dear reader are we fully persuad- 
ed of our doctrine, rooted and 
grounded upon the scriptures, carry- 
ing them out in our lives in entirety. 
Proving all things and holding fast 
to that which is good, having the 
faith that all things therein are es- 
sential to salvation. If we posses 
these qualities, essentials? we are 
as Christ said we should be. Matt. 
5:13-16, the salt of the earth. 

How salty are we? Are we salty 
enough to transmit to all, whom we 
come in contact with, the flavor of 
Christianity? Do our associates 
know and feel the faith and peace 
we possess? Is our light shining at 
all times and our examples so true, 
that we are pattern of good works 
for someone to follow after? 

Are we as Christian parents, 
training and raising our children up 
in the way that they shoul go, are 
we teaching them attributes of 
Christian character and adornment? 
Are we teaching them essentials and 
fundamentals of salvation? Remem- 
ber they are the church of tomorrow 
and we are responsible for them, to 
see that they get the proper teach- 
ing and training. 

Solomon in all his wisdom, given 
him of the Lord said, "Train up a 

child in the way that he should go ; 
and when he is old he will not de- 
part from it", Prov. 22 :6. The re- 
sponsibility is ours how large a 
flock will it be? We speak often of 
doing mission work. Who will be 
responsible if the little ones fail to 
get into the fold ? 

To be continued. 

Foster Shaffer 
rl Myerstown, Pa. 


On many occasions our Lord was 
moved with compassion : when mul- 
titudes hungered and thirsted after 
righteousness, when the maimed and 
sick would appeal to Him for heal- 
ing, when the multitudes who fol- 
lowed Him became faint from hung- 
er, of the death of Lazarus and be- 
reavement of Mary and Martha, and 
last and most important of all, while 
here in this world His deep heart- 
felt compassion for sinners. 

\\ nat is compassion ? Love ? 
Sympathy? Pity? Mercy? Without 
doubt love is the chief factor but it 
is more than love. It is love, sym- 
pathy, pity, and mercy all put to- 
gether. Yes, and more than that, 
it is literally suffering, or feeling 
with another, and actively sharing 
oneself or materials to relieve that 
which paineth another. Compassion 
is strong. Compassion is a mark of 
the highest civilization. Abraham 
Lincoln — a famous character in this 
history of our country — was com- 
passionate even toward small birds. 


Compassion may be stern, yet it is 
always kind to even-thing in every 

Compassion makes lasting 
friends. It cements the marriage 
vow. It brings happiness in parent- 
hood. It brings success in busi- 
ness. It brings happiness into the 
lives of others. Compassion is con- 
tagious. When we. do good to oth- 
ers it is as sun shining on a mirror, 
it reflects back of us again. 

Let us be compassionate toward 
those around us. Xot just in doing 
the things it is our duty to do only, 
but in doing the little things that 
go the farthest and last the longest, 
which makes life worthwhile and 

Might it have been compassion in 
our Creator when He created his 
world, to have looked into the ages 
and saw the pain, conflict doubt, 
heartaches, woe and misery that 
prompted Him to create the beauty 
of sunsets, the scent of the flower, 
the song of the bird, the caresses of 
a child, the colors of the rainbow, 
etc. ? These are blessings we could 
have lived without but how wonder- 
ful to have them to enjoy! What a 
lifting of the spirit, what inspirations 
they give us when the world seems 
topsy-turvy all about us and life 
seems hardly worth living, They 
seem to whisper, "God is still on His 
throne, He cares, and has not for- 
gotten us". Then we become en- 
vigorated with new hope renewed 
faith, and increased confidence to 

forge ahead even though the trials 
be great. 

We should always be thankful 
to our Creater for His compassion 
toward us, but most of all for His 
compassion for us while we were 
still sinners. The best way to show 
our thankfulness for His compassion 
is to reflect it to those who are still 
in sin. Do we earnestly strive to 
the extent of our ability, to show the 
way of salvation and light to those in 
sin? Do we encourage those who 
are weak ? Do we comfort those who 
morn ? Do we lend a helping hand to 
those in need? Do we cheer those 
who are troubled, or in pain? 

Remember Inasmuch as ye have 
done it unto the least of these my 
brethren ye have done it unto me, 
Read Matt. 25:31-46. But whoso 
hath this world's goods, and seeth 
his brother have need, and shutteth 
up his bowels of compassion from 
him. how dwelleth the love of God in 
Him? 1 John 3:17. And whosoever 
will be chief among you, let him be 
your servant. Matt. 20 :27. 

The compassion person has 
gone far in following our master 
teacher in service, love, reality ,faith, 
hope, peace, longsuffering, patience, 
and meakness. Therefore let us 
strive to be compassionate that we 
might be happy and beloved of God. 
and be of service to our fellowmen. 
Sister Ruth M. Snyder, 

r2 Oakland, Md. 



Reuben's advise appeared good to 
his brothers for when Joseph came 
up they stripped him of his coat 
of many colors and threw him into 
a deep, dry pit, where they left him 
helpless. After so doing, while they 
ate their noon meal, a caravan of 
Midianite merchants from Arabia, 
came in sight on their way to Egypt 
with Syrian spices. 

Judah now proposed to his broth- 
ers that they sell Joseph, rather than 
allow him to die of hunger in the 
pit, though his elder brother Reuben 
had resolved secretly to rescue him 
when his brothers would be away. 
Judah's proposition found favor with 
all the brothers, so that when the 
traveling merchants arrived, the 
brothers drew Joseph up out of the 
pit and sold him to the Midianite 
merchants for twenty shekels, about 
$12.50 worth of silver. 

To conceal their wicked action 
from Jacob, the brothers killed a 
young goat and sprinkled the blood 
of it, over the pretty coat they had 
stripped from Joseph, and bore this 
to their father. This dreadful news 
bore heavily upon Jacob, who refus- 
ed to be comforted, and in his grief 
he tore his clothes and said that, 
he would go to his grave mourn- 
ing for his son. 

The Midianite merchants, who 
were Ishmaelites, descendants of 
Abraham's son Ishmael took Joseph 

and carried him to Egypt, where 
they sold him to a captain in Phar- 
aoh's guard named Potiphar. In 
the service of this officer, Joseph 
continued for some time and with 
such faithfulness that Potiphar at 
length, made him chief over all his 
other servants and showed him 
many favors. 

Potiphar's wife was a sinful wo- 
man, who seeing that Joseph was 
a handsom young man, became jeal- 
ous of him because he would not 
pay her such attention as she so- 
licited. To avenge the rejection of 
her wicked proposals, she falsely ac- 
cused Joseph to her husband and he 
was cast into prison, where he re- 
mained for two years. During this 
time his actions were so praise-wor- 
thy that he won the favor of the 
prison keeper, who committed to 
Joseph's care, all the other prison- 

After Joseph had been in prison 
for some time, it happened that 
Pharoah became greatly angered at 
some offense committed, by his chief 
butler and his chief baker, and he 
cast both into prison with Joseph 
and so he came to have charge of 
them also. One morning upon the 
awakening of the two offending of- 
ficers of the king, they told Joseph 
of their dreams which each had dur- 
ing the night. These caused them 
much grief, for they believed their 
dreams indicated some great pun- 
ishment which Pharoah would in- 
flict upon them. 


The chief lmtler described his vis- 
ion as follows, "In my dream, be- 
hold a vine was before me : and in 
the vine were three branches and as 
though they budded and the blos- 
soms shot forth ; and the clusters 
thereof brought forth ripe grapes, 
and Pharaoh's cup w'as in my hand : 
and I took the grapes and pressed 
them into Pharoah's cup and I gave 
the cup into Pharaoh's hand." 

When Joseph had heard the but- 
ler's dream he gave him the inter- 
pretation by declaring, that in three 
days Pharoah would deliver him 
from prison and restore him again 
to his former place as chief butler. 
After showing the butler the mean- 
ing of his dream. Joseph begged 
him upon the fulfillment thereof, that 
he would tell Pharoah of the injus- 
tice of his imprisonment and that he 
had been sold into bondage by his 
wicked brothers, hoping thus to se- 
cure his own release. 

When Joseph had given an inter- 
pretation of the butler's dream, the 
chief baker described the vision 
which he also had, and requested an 
interpretation thereof. In his dream 
he said, he bore three baskets on his 
head setting one within the other, 
and that in the topmost one there 
was a great variety of baked meats, 
which the birds flew upon and ate. 
Then Joseph told him, that in three 
days Pharaoh would call from pris- 
on and hang him upon a tree and 
that while thus hanging, the birds 
would come and eat the flesh from 

his body. 

On the third day as Joseph had 
prophesied according to the dreams, 
Pharaoh gave a large dinner to his 
servants in honor of his birthday. 
He pardoned his chief butler and 
restored him but the chief baker was 
hanged. However, in his glory, the 
chief butler forgot Joseph. 

Sister Mary Myers, 

Glen Rock Pa. 


Brethren why does the evangeli- 
zation, not only of the world but of 
our own country, yes of our own 
community and of our own children 
also, progress so slowly? 

I want to speak of Evangelization 
here as meaning the same as con- 
version, because Evangelization 
means nothng unless it manifests 
a transforming power over the lives 
of men, to make them give up all 
their old mean, selfish, and sinful 
habits of thought and life, to the end 
that they shall be created, as it were, 
into new creatures. Yes. to be born 
again into new lives in Christ Jesus. 

Brethren why is it that there are 
so few "new births" into the King- 
dom of our Lord, when there is so 
much noise made in the church? Is 
it not true that usually the hardest 
birth pangs are accompanied with 
the least noise? Is it because the 
tree (the noisy professor) bears 
nothing but leaves ? Is it because his 
light does not shine or because there 
is nothing visible in his life to prove 



to sinners, that he believes his own 
noisy professions? 

It seems to me that the apostle 
Tude, "the servant of Jesus Christ, 
the brother of James" in his day for- 
saw the cause of the church's spir- 
itual poverty in these latter days. I 
believe it would pay every profess- 
ing christian to read and reread the 
entire book of Jude It has only 
twenty-five verses but is a varitable 
gold mine of enlightening truth. 

He reminds us that there are cer- 
tain ungodlv men, crept into the 

ought to be they are not there. When 
sinners try to read the truth by their 
light they find nothing but the black- 
est darkness in their lives. 

D. F. Lepley in 
Feb. 1924 Bible Monitor 


It is at least a score of years since 
a good preacher was showing me 
the new church, which had just been 
completed in their little town. He 
was very proud of it, and it was such 
church unawares, who turn the re- , a building as any body of church 
ligious affection into carnal indulg- 1 people might feel proud of. I could 
ences and deny the only Lord God J on ] v agree with him as to what he 
and our Lord Jesus Christ. J said about it ; but I could not keep 

Filthy dreamers they are, that de- f rom asking him, why they had built 
file the flesh and despise authority. \ sucn an expensive church when the 
They know no God but self. They | congregation was small. A nd I 
are spots in our feast of charity, | even ventured to suggest that the 
glutonous, carnal. Clouds they are monev, it seemed to me, could have 

without water. Carried about of 
winds, playing for notoriety, to be 
seen of men. Farming the church 
with noisy professions, for money, 
honor or position, changing their 
course or their doctrines, whenever 
it works to their profit. 

Trees they are whose fruit with- 
ers. Without fruit, for their roots 
are dead. Ranging waves of the 
sea, noise, noise nothing but noise, 
foaming out their own shame. Wan- 
dering stars they are, without a 
righteous purpose, without stability. 
They would be lights in the church, 
but they are wandering lights. When 
you look for them where they 

been much better used than putting 
it in a building which really was 
not needed. 

The preacher's reply was that the 
people would give money for a fine 
church but would not give it for any- 
thing else, not even for missionary 
work. Again I ventured a sugges- 
tion to the effect, that there must 
be something w:rong with one, who 
is a professed follower of Jesus when 
he will give money in large amounts 
to build a large fine church and will 
not give it carry out the last com- 
mandment of Jesus as recorded in 

During the years since that time, 



I have often though of the words 
spoken then and many times have 
had occasion to wonder why church 
people in general spend so much 
more than in necessary for buildings 
in which to worship. It is not just 
one denomination in one locality or 
country, but it seems almost uni- 
versal. A good building is neces- 
sary, and it should be well kept ; it 
should be comfortable and it should 
afford the rooms necessary for the 
various activities of the congrega- 
tion. Why should it have adorn- 
ments outside or inside? Do they 
help the congregation to be more de- 
vout, to think of the spiritual world 
rather than of this present material 
world ? 

We have often heard church peo- 
ple say that they believed we should 
have just as fine churches as we have 
homes. And that is probably true. 
But that just puts the question a 
little farther back, and we must ask, 
why have fine homes? Nowhere in 
the New Testament do we have the 
slightest intimation that wealth is 
an aid to godliness but rather the- 
evidence is all on the other side. The 
statement of Jesus about this matter 
is very plain, "Lay not up for your- 
selves treasures upon the earth". The 
reason is given. "For where your 
treasure is. there will your heart be 
also." Worldly treasures are the 
things that are highly esteemed by 
the people of this world. Nothing 
material is excluded .We may have 
our heart on our fine stock on our 

money in the bank, our bonds or 
stocks ; and they are all treasures, 
and they are laid up on earth and 
for the earthly enjoyment. It may be 
our enjoyment of them is that of 
the miser who gloats over his heard- 
ed wealth ; It may be that we take 
pride in the fact that they are self 
acquired. That does not matter, 
the}- are earthly treasures just the 
same, the kind we are told not to lay 
up ; for where our treasure is, there 
will our heart be also. We think too 
seldom of that solemn command. 

There are literally millions living 
in our country and our country is 
called Christian ; there are millions 
living here at the present day who 
have little or no knowledge of God 
and His Christ. Would it not be 
better, infinitely better, for them and 
for the churches, if the money that is 
put into fine buildings, which are 
used a very, very small part of each 
week — T ask, would it not be better 
if this money were used to put con- 
secrated men and women to work- 
teaching those who know not God? 
Wouldn't it pay? The pay is the 
great thing these days. We are all 
familiar with Christ's answer to Pe- 
ter when he asked Him, what they 
should have for leaving all and fol- 
lowing him ; we know too, what he 
told the rich young ruler, and yet 
we go on in the same old way. We 
boast of what we have at times, 
when it may be that the angels weep 
because of what we are, and of what 
we mi"ht be and are not. 



Fine churches are built, it some- 
times seems, that we are thinking 
too much about them, and about oth- 
er things in our worship that ap- 
peal more to the sense than to the 
spirit. Nothing can be as good as 
the Lord deserves ; for He does not 
need anv of the riches of this earth 
given to Him — it is all His and He 
has made it. If we will hut consider 
the matter I feel confident that we 
shall be able to find a better way to 
use what we feel belongs to the 
Lord, than by putting it into im- 
mense buildings which too often de- 
tract from rather than add to spirit- 

What is entrusted to us is not 
ours ; we are but the servants to 
whom our Lord has given certain 
talents and certain possessions. 
Some clay He will come for His own 
and for the interest which He meant 
for us to gain for Him. Not a word 
in all His sayings can we so inter- 
pret as to mean, that He wants us to 
build fine houses in which to wor- 
ship Him. At the beginning of His 
sermon on the Mount, He gives sev- 
eral beatitudes ; not one of them has 
any reference to gaining money or 
power. He has shown us the way 
to be unhappy ; and His way of hu- 
mility is infinitely better than our 
way of pride and vain glory. Let us 
follow His way. 

Sel. from Bible Monitor Oct. 15, '31 
By Mollie Garland 


Plainness of dress is a principle 
that belongs to the humble followers 
of Christ. "Let your moderation be 
known to all men. The Lord is at 
hand", Phil. 4:5. Further we are 
commanded to "present our bodies 
a living sacrifice holy and acceptable 
unto God, which is our reasonable 
service. And be not conformed to 
this world : but be ye transformed 
by the renewing of your mind, that 
ye may prove what is that good and 
acceptable and perfect will of God". 
1 Tim. 2:9-10, "In like manner 
also, that women adorn themselves 
in modest apparel, with shamefaced- 
ness and sobriety ; not with braided 
hair or gold, or pearls or costly ar- 
ray, but which becometh women 
professing godliness with good 

1 Pet. 3 :3 "Whose adorning, let 
it not be that outward adorning of 
the plaiting of the hair and the 
wearing of gold, or of putting on of 
apparel but let it be the hidden man 
■of the heart, in that which is not 
corruptible even the ornament of a 
meek and quiet spirit which is in 
the sight of God of great price. For 
after this manner in the olden time, 
the holy women also who trusted in 
God adorned themselves, being in 
subjection unto their own hus- 
bands". We learn from the apostle, 
that we should be living epistles, 
known and read of all men. Because 
ye may now and then find a wolf in 



sheep's clothing does not make the 
principle any less obligatory. If the 
heart is right, we believe it will 
have an outward manifestation. 

The bark and the leaves of a tree 
tell us what kind of tree it is. 
Soldiers of earthly kingdoms have 
their uniforms, why should not 
soldiers of Jesus Christ. "God re- 
sisteth the proud and giveth grace 
to the humble". "Humble your- 
selves under the mighty hand of 
God that he may exalt you in due 
time". The world knows what we 
profess and we are much more re- 
spected, by the world in general, 
when we live out the principles of 
our profession. We may receive a 
scoff and sneer but that is only an 
evidence in our favor and of their 

If we were of the world, the 
world would love its own, ''if ye be 
reproached for the name of Christ, 
happy are ye". The whole tenor of 
the gospel teaches humility but I 
verily believe there will be many 
more remarks made by the world 
and less confidence shown, those 
who do not fully comply with the 
principles of their profession. 

I cannot find where the gospel 
makes any difference between the 
old and the young. When we see 
young members displaying gold or 
other worldly ornaments and fix- 
tures, we are apt to wonder whether 
they have ever been truly, converted. 
Nothing looks nicer than plain 
young members, and they are re- 

spected by all good people. "Pure 
religion and undefiled before God 
and the Father is this, to visit the 
fatherless and widows in their afflic- 
tion and to keep himself unspotted 
from the world". 

Now in conclusion, dear mem- 
bers, let us not be ashamed of our 
profession for the Savior said, "He 
that is ashamed of me and my 
words, of him will I also be ashamed 
before my Father and the Holy An- 
gels" I do not want to write any- 
thing that is not in good keeping 
with the Bible. I also need the coun- 
cil and advice of my brethren and 

Fet us keep that mark of dis- 
tinction between the church and the 
world in dress and personal appear- 
ance, as well as many details in our 
everyday life. We should not "mind 
high things but condescend to men 
of low estate, and in lowliness of 
mind esteem others better than our- 
selves". Then may the Lord enable 
us to be not wise in our own con- 
ceit, but to be wise unto salvation, 
and simple concerning evil, and the 
God of peace be with us to hold fast 
to that which is good, is our prayer. 
Emory S. Miller 
in Feb. 1924 Bible Monitor. 


Any changes, additions or cor- 
rections for the Information lists of 
this issue should be received by the 



[editor, not later than Jan. 15; in- 
cluding Ministerial List, Commun- 
ion Dates, Telephone numbers and 
Location of Church Houses. 

The South Fulton congregation 
held the fall Communion, November 
12 and 13th with visitors from Mis- 
souri, Ohio and Indiana. Visiting 
ministers were Elder Emanuel 
Koones and Elder Harry Gunder- 

Saturday afternoon. I Corinth- 
ians was read for opening services. 
Elder George Replogle. "I don't 
know what it means to you, that it 
is impossible for God to lie. It means 
much to me. Everything God prom- 
ised, will be fulfilled. We certainly 
have more than we are thankful for, 
Eph. 2:1-9. That is the way you 
and I were, dead in sins and tres- 
passes. We are here to draw closer 
to Christ. He has made these things 
so we can have joy. He is going to 
give us the privilege to see beyond 
the great riches. We are acquainted 
with sorrows and griefs. There isn't 
anything to keep us from worship- 
ping God in sincerity and truth. On- 
ly two powers in this world, that is 
the good and bad. God requires of 
you and I to repent and be baptized. 
He tells us we will suffer persecu- 
tion. Doesn't make any difference 
how much good we do. It is going 
to be the gift of God if we see Heav- 
en, not the works we do. The most 
important thing we should do is to 

obey the word of God and trust 
Him for more strength. Doesn't 
make any difference how much we 
do for the devil, it will not last. 
What we do for Christ will last." 

Elder Emanuel Koones, "II Tim- 
othy 3:16-17. We all do things and 
say things we had not ought to, are 
we willing to take correction? 
Psalms 1J3. If any time we want to 
be in unity, is a time like now. I see 
coverings, that cover the head. Some 
don't make them large enough to 
cover the head, I Cor. 11. If we can 
realize we have a Heavenly Father, 
we will realize we have not lived 
as close as we should. Each one of 
us can be happy, even with ups and 
downs. Sometimes they come right 
at us. God gives us another chance, 
time after another, that we may 
\ have a joyful and peaceful life. Each 
! and everyone of us should be 
' stronger in the faith than when 
baptized. I hope you are all in peace 
i and union. Go and make peace with 
each other. When coming to the 
Communion table is like a sacrifice. 
I might examine myself and see 
something wrong. If I went to the 
table anyway, do you think God 
would fix me up ? We are all awake, 
but are we awake spiritually? 
James 3 :6. The tongue is the worst 
thing we have to deal with. Do you 
and I have the faith of Abraham, to 
sacrifice our son ? We must have a 
live faith. Are you and I ashamed of 
what God created? Sorry some are 
covering their ears with their hair. 



Don't know if they are too small, 
too big or what. May "we stay faith- 
ful brethren." 

Elder Koones officiated for the 
Communion services, twenty-one 
surrounding tables. Sunday Fore- 
noon. Elder Gunderman, "Luke 19 
and Hosea 12. What is your birth- 
right? Does Satan have a birth 
right? Should we want what is our 
brothers? Let us all watch that we 
be not as Jacob. Can we fool God 
anymore than Jacob did bis father? 
I fear not. Many of us have many 
long struggles to serve the Lord". 

Elder Koones, "Luke 15. How 
many of us would feel like going 
back the third or fourth time? It 
they say, I repent. It is our duty to 
forgive them. What is in the life of 
any Christian. I wonder how many 
times God is sad, because of what 
we have said or done. Sorry to say 
that too many families do not have 
family worship. Xo prayer with 
their children. Of the prodical son 
in, our day. I am sure God is looking 
and watching that sinful person as 
much as we are praying for him. The 
devil feels be has enough to keep 
us happy. There are many in the 
world that feels they are the happi- 
est persons. Many come to want, 
sorry to say. As the prodical son 
came home his father provided the 
best for Him. Our Father does the 
very same thing for us. Meet us on 
the way Home with the best cloth- 
ing, If you and I can realize our 
Heavenly Home will be the best 

home. The Heavenly Father thinks 
just as much of us as our earthly 
father and mother do when we 
come home." 

Sunday afternoon. Elder Koones, 
"Luke 16:19-31. I wonder if we re- 
member how we felt when we were 
baptized, and how we felt when we 
came out. You felt like you would 
never sin again. Have we lived up 
to it ? When we get to the judg- 
ment, we will remember the things 
we have clone. Many, many sacri- 
fices we must make, we think. Jesus 
Christ gave the most sacrifice ever. 
The hardest thing in this world is to 
have a friend. You confide in one, 
and then he turns against vou. I 
have four score and two years be- 
hind me, and it is still work and 
trouble. Remember in life, we are 
preparing for a new one. We don't 
need to do anything bad to miss 
Heaven, just drift along. Many do 
not think of what and how they are 
doing. We are taught to work out 
our salvation. We can't do enough 
in this life to pay God for our souls. 
I know we will have to give account 
of our stewardship on earth. One 
thing we need not be ashamed of, the 
God of our salvation. In God is 
our strength and health. If we give 
our faith, Heaven will be our 

Martha I. Harman, Cor. 

Daughter of Thomas and Sarah 
Rotruck was born in Grant Conn- 



tv, W. Va., Jan. 30, 1868. She pass- 
eel away Nov. 24, at the Potomac 
Valley Hospital, where she had been 
a patient for about a week. She had 
been confined to a wheelchair for 
the last few years due to a broken 
hip. She became a member of the 
Church of the Brethren, while young 
in life. Later she joined the Dunk- 
ard Brethren, where she remained 
faithful until death. 

She leaves to mourn her depart- 
ure : three sisters Airs. Maggie Har- 
ris, Mrs. Lula Leatherman, Mrs. 
Anna Harris all of Antioch, W. Va., 
and a host of relatives and friends. 
Funeral services were conducted by 
Eld. YV A. Taylor at the Ridge 
church. Burial in the Knobley cem- 

Mary, you were kind and lovely. 
Gentle as the softest breeze. 
Pleasant as the air of evening, 
As it passes thru the trees. 

Dearest Sister you have left us, 
Here thy loss we deeply feel; 
But God who has bereft us 
He will all our sorrows heal. 

Again we hope to meet Thee, 
When our day of life is fled, 
Up in heaven we will greet Thee 
\\ nere no farewell tears are shed. 
Irene Harris, Cor. 

If you see a fault in others, think 
of two of your own, and do not add 
a third one by your hasty judgment. 
— Flamner. 


I take my pilgrim staff anew. 
Life's path,, untrodden, to pursue, 
Thy guiding eye, my Lord, I view, 

My times are in Thy hand. 
Throughout the year, my Heavenly 

On Thy ) lest guidance I do depend ; 
From its commencement to its end 

My times are in Thy hand. 
Should comfort health, and peace 

be mine, 
Should hours of gladness on me 

Then let me trace Thy love divine; 

My times are in Thy hand. 

But should'st Thou visit me again 
With langour, sorrow, sickness, 

Still let this thought my hope sus- 
tain : 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Thy smile alone makes moments 

That smile turns darkness into light 
This thought will sooth grief's sad- 
dest night : 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Should those this year be called 

Y\ no lent to life its brightest ray, 
Teach me in that dark hour to say, 
"My times are in Thy hand." 

A few more days, a few more years 

Oh. then a bright reverse appears, 

Then shall I no more say with tears, 

"My times are in Thy hand." 



That hand my steps will gently 

To the dark brink of Jordan's tide, 
Then bear me to the heavenward 
side : 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Sel. bv Sister Dottie Pifer 


I take my pilgrim staff anew. 
Life's path, untrodden to pursue 
Thy guiding eye, my Lord I view, 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Throughout the year, my Heavenly 

On Thy blest guidance I depend, 
From its commencement to its end 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Should comfort, health, and peace 

be mine 
Should hours of gladness on me 

Then let me trace Thy love divine 
My times are in Thy hand. 

But shouldst Thou visit me again 
With langour, sorrow, sickness, 

Still let this thought my hope sustain 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Thy smile alone makes moments 

That smile turns darkness into 
light ; 

This thought will soothe griefs sad- 
dest night 
My times are in Thy hand. 

Should those this year be called 

Who lent to lift its brightest ray. 
Teach me in that dark hour to say, 

"My times are in Thy hand". 
A few more days, a few more years 
Oh, then a bright reverse appears, 
Then I shall no more say with tears, 

"My times are in Thy hand". 
That hand my steps will gently 

To the dark brink of Jordan's tide, 
Then bear me to the heavenward 
My times are in Thy hand. 
Sel. by Sister Blanche Sweitzer. 


"But if a woman have long hair it 
is a glory to her". I Cor. 11 :15. 

We're living in a danger zone 
Oh, Christian beware ! 

The devil with a cunning tone 
Would have you bob your hair. 

He'll tell you that it's falling out, 
Or else it's getting thin : 

Your headaches would be gone no 
And thus he tries to win. 

Your hair, your glory, just to think- 
That which took years to grow ; 

The devil in a crafty wink 
Would lay your glory low. 

That which the angel's wond'ring 

Deem as subjection sweet; 
That which fond Mary took to dry 

Her blessed Saviour's feet. 



'Twas love that touched, that broke 

her heart, 
Love drew her glory down ; 
But greater love, the Savior's part. 
He covered her with renown. 

Let not the devil's scissors touch 
Thy hair, it is a treasure ; 

But keep thy glory be it such. 
To use it for His pleasure. 


Kind words do not cost much. 
They never blister the tongue or 
lips. Though they do not cost much, 
vet they accomplish much. 

Thev help one's own good nature 
and good will. Soft words soften 
our own soul. Angry words are the 
fuel to the flame of wrath, and make 
it blaze more fiercely. 

Kind words make other people 
good natured. Cold words freeze 
people, and hot words scorch them, 
and sarcastic words irritate them ; 
bitter words make them bitter and 
wrathful words make them wrath- 

There is such a rush of all other 
kinds of words in our days that it 
seems desirable to give kind words 
a chance among them. There are 
vain words, and idle words and has- 
ty words, and spiteful words, and 
warlike words. 

Kind words also produce their 
own image on men's souls. And a 
beautiful image it is. They soothe, 
and quiet, and comfort the hearer. 

They shame him out of his sour, 
morose, unkind feelings. 

— Publisher unknown. 


Smokng affects the heart of even 
a normal person, and especially so 
one afflicted with heart disease. The 
effect of smoking on the heart mus- 
cle even in normal persons was re- 
ported by Dr. Isdore E. Buff of 
Charleston, West Virginia, in the 
Journal of the American Medical 

In experiments on normal persons 
and patients with heart disease, the 
smoking of a single regular cigaret- 
te was followed by a significant in- 
crease in heart rate and blood pres- 
sure, Drs. Henry I. Russek, Bur- 
ton L. Zohman and Virgil J. Dorset 
of the U. S. Public Health Service, 
in tests performed at the Public 
Health Service Hospital on Staten 
Island, New York. In their report 
the doctors state that smoking af- 
fects the heart muscle and the nerv- 
es, rather than the heart arteries. 

In tests on 400 normal men and 
women Dr. Buff used the ballis- 
tocardiograph to measure the "kick" 
of the heart. This instrument gives 
the impact of the heart in some such 
a way as the recoil of a gun is meas- 
ured, and reveals the strength of the 
heart contractions and the state of 
its muscle. 

Dr. Buff found that abnormal 
changes occur after smoking in five 



percent of the 20-30 year group and 
in 15 per cent of the 30-40 year 
group. He was unable to guess how 
many of the abnormal responses to 
cigarette smoking would develop 
coronary artery disease, but he be- 
lieved that "it is highly desirable 
that these patients stop using tobac- 
co in any form". 

Tobacco heart is a real condition, 
says Dr. Russek and his associates, 
and it is not just an old-fashioned 
notion. Tobacco heart can be con- 
fused with coronary artery disease 
such as angina pectoris unless ade- 
quate heart tests are made. 

Symptoms of tobacco heart are a 
dull heavy pain in the heart region, 
irregular heartbeat, palpitation, 
breathlessness on effort, dizziness, 
and changes, in both ballistocardio- 
grams and electrocardiograms. 

In Dr. Russek's patients these 
symptoms disappeared when the pa- 
tients stopped smoking. Denicotiniz- 
ed cigarettes are not the answer eith- 
er, because these cigaretes produced 
the same disturbances in heart dis- 
ease patients as regular cigarettes, 
Dr. Russek's studies proved. 

Another pure illusion says Dr. 
Russek, is the idea that whisky 
protects the heart during smoking. 
Whisky has a slight effect on the 
circulation and certainly does not 
counteract the effect of tobacco on 
the heart muscle. 

Heart disease patients should 
never be allowed to smoke. These 
doctors call it unsound, since heart 

patients are already below par, in 
heart and lung efficiency and physi- 
cal fitness. They liken these patients 
to athletes who should strive for 
peak physical fitness at the peak 
level of activity, and like athletes 
they should not smoke, because 
smoking reduces physical fitness for 

Sel. from Life and Health. 
Dear reader, Let God's Word 
speak, "Know ye not that ye are the 
temple of God, and that the Spirit 
of God, dwelleth in you? If any man 
defile the temple of God, him shall 
God destroy ; for the temple of God 
is holy, which temple ye are", 1 Cor. 
3:16-17. "Wherefore do ye spend 
money for that which is not bread? 
and your labour for that which sat- 
isfieth not? hearken diligently unto 
me, and eat ye that which is good, 
and let your soul delight itself in fat- 
ness" Isa. 55 :2. 


To-day I've been to meeting, To 

hear the parson preach ; 
But how they have changed, In all 

they do and teach. 
: They say we're old-fashioned, And 

don't care what we say ; 
, But my heart can see and feel when- 
e'er they change Gods way. 
When we were young the world was 

And loved to make a show ; But 
Christians walked the narrow 



They could not with them go; Oh 

how things have changed, 
The two ways are but one; They 

all go in together now 
And say they've lots of fun. When 

we were young we'd meet 
In our old kitchen room. Sometimes 

in the school house near. 
If many chanced to come ; and Eld- 
er B — . that good man. 
I'll ne'er forget his voice — How 

faithfully he dealt with sin. 
And how the saints rejoiced. 
But now they meet in palaces, So 

gorgeous, rich and nice. 
And every thug to draw a crowd, 

They'll have at any price ; 
The minister like some vain fop. 

Stands up and reads his 

prayers ; 
How it pained my heart to-day To 

see him "put on airs". 
He did not preach, he only read 

an essay on Christ's voice ; 
No heart was touched no tears were 

And not a soul rejoiced. Oh can it 

be such vain fops 
Are called to speak for God, Who 

feed the church on worldy 

And never preach His Word? 
I thought if Christ were here we'd 

see some sighs and tears, 
"Ye Pharisees and hypocrites" 

would thunder in their ears. 
A machine now grinds their tunes, 

A godless choir joins in. 
But neither one can tell of joys, 

That come from pardoned 

They noticed my plain clothes and 

thought my bonnet "odd" 
And frequently they smiled, I know, 

But I had peace with God. 
'Tis sad when the world runs mad, 

In foolish vain display, 
To see the church so fast and glad 

To ape them every way. 
With lotteries and grab-bags, And 

ether tricks and games, 
They make Gods house a den of 

thieves Without a blush or 

Lord of the temple come with zeal. 

As thou did'st come of yore. 
With scourge in hand, before their 

day is o'er. 

Sel. by Katie M. Myers 


Y\ Tiat a change there has been 
Since the wise men of old 
Journeyed for days 
The Christ-Child to behold. 

They brought Him their gifts — 
Their homage to pav — 
The Babe in the Manger; 
Their King came that day. 

How dim is this scene in our eyes 

of today — 
Fast fading from sight is the sacred 

old way 
Of bringing our gifts to Him who 

was born 
To gladden our hearts on that bright 

Christmas morn. 



How few of our gifts are bestowed 

on the poor 
And wretched ones, who by chance 

may live near our door 
For Christ has said, as ye plainly 

can see, 
As much as ye do unto the least, ye 

do unto Me. 

We pour out our gifts upon all that 

are dear — 
Our neighbors and friends, some far 

and some near ; 
Each trying to excel the other by far j 
Forgetful of Him shown forth by the 


That led the wise men to His lowly 
bed of straw. 

Making light hearts, for in Him they 

Christmas Thoughts, Sel. 23:13. 

The long-looked for Savior, a ran- 
som for sin — 

Was it any wonder they gave gifts 
to Him? 

Ring out then, ye bells, 
On this glad Christmas morn ! 
May we come as of old 
With our gifts for the Lord. 

And give Him our time, our talents 

and our gold — 
We will celebrate His birth and His 

Beauty behold, 
The world will be better, our lives 

richer too, 
And Christmas will mean more 

when these things we do. 
Sel. by Ruth M. Snyder. 


Prayer helps to form the "steel 
of spirituality" within the soul. 
Prayer imports a peace within "as 
high as the mountain, as deep as the 
sea" creating a christ-like serenity 
of soul. Prayer generates courage 
within thus we stand erect, tall of 
soul to converse with God and lis- 
ten to the whispering of His Will. 
Thus we learn the great lesson of 
life, that this world is merely a 
place to grow souls in and that this 
life is only the introduction to life 

Prayer and faith (inseperable 
companions) plant a garden in the 
soul, and in this wondrous garden 
roses bloom, not only in December 
but all the year around. Prayer is 
the time-exposure of the soul, to the 
highest that we know. Prayer sinks 
a shaft deep into our lives, where 
the real and lasting values of live 

Prayer lights a candle in the soul, 
by whose light we discover the God- 
shaped space in our heart reserved 
for Him in our creation. Prayer is 
a battlefield on which the issues of 
life are determined. Many a victory 
is often won the day before, on the 
battlefield of prayer and surrender. 
Prayer takes away dimness from the 
soul and clarifies our vision of 

Prayer is a spiritual gymnasium, 
in which we exercise and practice 
for Godliness. Prayer is essential 



to the full flowing of the spiritual 
life. The soul, deprived of the ex- 
perience and inspirations of prayer, 
is like a plant that comes to the 
point of blossoming, but never 
blooms. Prayer is being, "in the 
secret place with Jesus" a place of 
spiritual retreat and of soul-refresh- 

Prayer imparts what we may call 
a tang to spiritual life. We are ad- 
monished to be the salt of the earth, 
and prayer furnishes the savour. 
Prayer is a trellis, supporting the 
the vines and flowers of the Spirit 
as they climb heavenward ; consist- 
ing of love, joy, peace longsuffering, 
gentleness, goodness, faith, meek- 
ness and temperance. Prayer helps 
us in building a "cathedral of char- 
acter" in the soul, building it of 
things spiritual which have survival 
value, and which we can carry into 
the eternal life with us. 

Prayer is a cleansing process, 
washing our thoughts feelings, mo- 
tives and will ; purifying the entire 
being, including the heart, thus en- 
abling us to see God, for without 
purity no one can see God. Prayer 
is the greatest spiritual asset in the 

Sel. from Christian Herald 
bv Sister Rubv Sowers. 


Phil. 3:7-10 

Little things are little things, but 
faithfulness in little things is some- 
thing great. — St. Augustine. 

When we lay down our armour 

And take up our Crown, 
Singing glory to Jesus for all He 
has done, 
When the full blast of trumpets 
and harps will accord 
All gloiy to Jesus, Who o'ercame 
by the Blood. 

Meantime, He is sealing and adorn- 
ing His Bride, 
As oft in the furnace, our spirits 
are tried, 
The bending and breaking and 
crushing must come, 
'Till nothing remaineth, but 
Christ on the throne. 

All passive, submissive and sweet 
in His hand 
Transformed by the Blood, what 
a glorious band 
To herald His coming, that all men 
may say 
The power of the Blood, is our 
weapon, each day 

Returning is Jesus, Then let us go 
Adorned with His Spirit, our 
hearts bursting forth 
In glorious anthems, our Jesus to 
greet ; 
Proclaiming to all men this glor- 
ious truth. 




It is one thing to read the Bible 

Another thing to read to learn and 

Some read it as their duty once a 

But no instruction from the Bible 

Some read to bring themselves into 

By showing others how they can 

dispute ; 
While others read because their 

neighbors do, 
To see how long 'twill take to read 

it through, 
Some read it for the wonders that 

are there, — 
How David killed a lion and a bear ; 
While others read it with uncommon 

Hoping to find some contradictions 

One reads with father's specs upon 

his head, 
And sees the thing just as his fath- 
er said. 
Some read to prove a preadopted 

creed ; 
Hence understand but little that they 

For every passage in the book they 

To make it suit that all-important 

Some people read as I have often 


To teach the book instead of being 

taught ; 
And some there are who read it out 

of spite 
I fear there are but few who read it 

So many people in there latter days 
Have read the Bible in so many 

That few can tell which system is 

the best. 
For every party contradicts the rest. 
But read it prayerfuly and you will 

Although men contradict, God's 

words agree ; 
For what the early Bible prophets 

We find that Christ and His apos- 
tles quote ; 
So trust no creed that trembles to 

\\ nat has been penned by one and 

verified bv all. — Sel. 


Once a loving shining Star 
Seen by wise men from afar 
Gently moved until its light 
Made a mangers cradle bright. 
There a darling baby boy 
Pillowed soft among the hay 
Though his mother sang and smiled. 
This is Christ the Holy Child. 

Sel. by Sister Sarah Sweitzer. 



Prayer makes the darkest cloud 

withdraw ; 
Prayer climbs the ladder that Jacob 

Give exercise to faith and love, 
Brings every blessing from above. 

Restraining prayer we cease to fight ; 
Prayer makes the Christians armor 

And Satan trembles when he sees 
The weakest saint upon his knees. 
Henry W. Ford. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

P. O. Bx. 246 

Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

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Modesto, Calif. 


Ammon Keller, Chairman 

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Vern Hostetler, Secretary 

Montpelier, Ohio. 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 

R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Edward Johnson 

R 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

George Dorsey 

Bx 58, Salisbury, Pa. 


Board of Publication 

Harry Andrews, Chairman, 
R. 1, Grandview, Mo. 

Edward Johnson, Vice-Chm. 
R. 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

Paul R. Myers, Secretary, 
Box 117, Greentown, Ohio. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer, 
Snowville, Va. 

James Kegerreis, 
Bx 84, Strausstown, Pa. 

Howard J. Surbey, 

R. 2, Taneytown, Md. 


Board of Trustees 

Lawrence Kreider, Chairman, 
9005 W. 3rd St., Dayton 7, Ohio. 

A. G. Fahnestock, Secretary, 
R. R. 3, Lititz, Pa. 

David F. Ebling, Treasurer, 
Bethel, Pa. 

General Mission Board 

Ammon Keller, Chairman 

r 5 Lebanon, Pa. 

Herbert Parker, Secretary 

r 3 Arcanum, Ohio 

David Ebling, Treasurer 

Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

Harry Andrews 

Grandview, Mo. 

Paul R. Myers 

Greentown, Ohio 

W. S. Reed, 
Waukee, Iowa. 
Galen Harlacher, 
Newberg, Ore. 
W. E. Bashor, 
Turlock, Calif. 

r 1 

All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



JANUARY 15, 1956 

No. 2 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


''Know ye not, that to whom ye 
yield yourselves servants to obey, 
his servants ye are to whom ye 
obey ; whether of sin unto death, or 
of obedience unto righteousness", 
Rom. 6:16. Here we find the all- 
important fact for every human be- 
ing, that we are free moral agents, 
therefore it depends upon each one 
of us, who are accountable, as to 
how we live. God only points out 
the correct way in His Word and 
the eternal bliss for following in that 
correct way, to the best of our abil- 
ity ; as well the eternal punishment 
for not doing as His Word tells us. 

To whom ye individually yield 
yourselves servants to obey. We can 
be so thankful that God is a just 
God and also that He is an all- 
knowing God. God knows all that 
we do and say and justly considers 
it, in consideration of our talents and 
abilities in light of our opportunities. 
How very thankful we can be that 
we have a God, Who has and re- 
tains all this information before 
Him, to justly judge us. 

How very, very thankful we 

should that His Book of directions 
has been preserved for our enlight- 
enment and advice. True some 
passages may take serious consider- 
ation, practice and study, but what 
book of instructions does not? It 
has been my duty, in many different 
fields, to follow instructions in or- 
der that I might gain the end desired 
in this temporal life. I have found, 
often to my sorrow, that each suc- 
cessive step must be followed in de- 
tail to gain the desired end. One 
step wrongly taken, or not in the 
proper order, must be retraced : 
usually at much greater labor than 
originally used. Dear reader, may 
we never forget, that in this life, 
however far we have gone, we still 
can retrace our steps, be forgiven 
and rightly follow his directions ; 
however when once this life is over, 
our opportunities are through and 
we no longer have another chance. 

Sin is the willful transgression of 
Divine law and also may be the 
neglect of the laws of morality and 
religion. We can break the just law 
of God or we can fail to obey it and 
the penalty is the same, whether we 
commit or omit. ''For from with- 


in, out of the heart of men, proceed 
evil thoughts, adulteries, fornica- J 
tions, murders, thefts, covetousness, : 
wickedness, deceit, . lascivfousness, 
an evil eye, blasphemy, pride, fool- 
ishness : all these evil things come 
from within, and defile the man", 
Mark 7:21-23. True Satan places 
these things in our mind and path, 
but we allow them to stay or accept 
them as our way of life. Also God 
places the good ways in our path, or 
makes them available to us, and we 
accept and follow them or reject and 
disobey them. 

"Behold, the Lord's hand is not 
shortened, that it cannot save ; neith- 
er his ear heavy, that it cannot hear : 
but your iniquities have separated 
between you and your God, and 
your sins have hid his face from ' 
you, that he will not hear", Isa. 59 : 
1-2. God is just as near us as Sa- 
tan and His ways are continually of- 
fered us, if we allow them to be. 
True we can draw away from God, 
we can flee from His ways but that 
is our individual weakness. God is 
very merciful and tender to hear 
our cries and very willing to forgive 
if we ask. He will abundantly par- 
don but we must ask, we must fol- 
low, we must turn from the evil 
ways of Satan. 

"But God be thanked, that ye 
were the servants of sin, but ye have 
obeyed from the heart that form of 
doctrine which was delivered you. 
Being then made free from sin,ye be- 
came the servants of righteousness", 

Rom. 6:17-18. Is this true of you? 
We have the chance to be converted, 
to quit following the ways of Satan, 
be forgiven and follow the instruc- 
tions of Almighty God. Christ came 
to this earth to reveal God and His 
Word unto us and to make the way 
easy to accept His shed blood for 
our sins. However we still must 
accept Him as such and follow God 
in the way which He revealed unto 
us. We still must avoid sin and fol- 
low righteousness. The warning is 
thrown out "The wages of sin is 
death ; but the gift of God is eternal 
life through Jesus Christ our Lord" ; 
will we hear, will we obey? 

"But now being made free from 
sin, and become servants to God, ye 
have your fruit unto holiness, and 
the end everlasting life", Rom. 6: 
22. What joy, what a relief, what 
mercy of God ; that we can be free 
from sin. However that is not an 
end, that is no attainment worth a 
reward ; we must now become ser- 
vants of God. The fruit we now offer 
unto God is not a sinful, debached 
life but we now offer hoi) 7 , pure 
lives. We now come to God with 
a converted fruit, a fruit He can 
see, a fruit He can enjoy, a fruit He 
can use in Heaven and thus reward 
us with eternal life because of the 
fruit we bring. W 7 e are no more 
satisfied with the wages of sin but 
now we rejoice to offer the fruit of 
holiness. Am I a profitable ser- 
vant ? 



Today defense has become one of 
the world's greatest problems. 
Many are fearful and recognize there 
is something radically wrong with 
this world. But how can peace be 
brought about? Most people do not 
seem to know the answer. Will the 
terrible destructiveness of the A- 
bomb and the H-bomb solve the 
world's problems? 

It is time to be concerned, what 
is the answer? If we cannot save our- 
selves, who can save us? The an- 
swer to this question comes from 
One whose Word has been tested 
hundreds of times. What He said 
through His prophets, deeply con- 
cerns you, me and everyone. The 
only real solution in sight is. depend- 
ance upon Almighty God. 

In the time of Noah the earth was 
filled with violence. Men had de- 
parted from the way of life as God 
had originally given it. Look 
about us in the world today, as the 
Apostle Paul wrote of all carnally 
minded men, "Destruction and mis- 
ery are in their ways : and the way 
of peace have they not known : there 
is no fear of God before their eyes", 
Rom. 3:16-1S. Yes, sad to think 
about, whole nations today covet 
the wealth of others and are willing 
to kill and destroy to get it. 

Men are determined to do things 
their own way and that way is lead- 
ing to death. There is a lack of 

godly fear. Inspiration says, Not 
by might nor by power, but by my 
Spirit saith the Lord of Hosts. An 
ex-general of the United States 
must have had knowledge of this 
very passage when he, through his 
experience said. If we are to be 
saved, it must be of the spirit. Oh, 
that the desires of the flesh might 
be cast aside and place given for 
the Holy Spirit. 

David said. Some trust in char- 
iots and some in horses, but we will 
remember the name of the Lord our 
God "My defense is of God which 
saveth the upright", Psa. 7:10. He 
delivereth me from mine enemies. 
An horse is a vain thing for safety : 
neither shall he deliver any by his 
great strength. Behold the eye of 
the Lord is upon them that fear 

In memory of former favors to 
the Father, these words were writ- 
ten, "They got not the land in pos- 
session by their own sword, neither 
did their own arm save them : but 
Thy right hand, and Thine arm. 
and the light of Thy countenance, 
because Thou hadst a favour unto 
them. I will not trust in my bow. 
neither shall my sword save me, 
but Thou hast saved us from our 
enemies" Psa 44:3, 6-7. Psa. 73:26. 
"My heart and my flesh faileth but 
God is the strength of my life". 

Psa. 146:3-5 "Put not your trust 
in princes, nor in man in whom 
there is no help. Happy is he that 
hath the God of Jacob for his help". 



Taneytown, Md., January 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Sing'le subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

The three Hebrew children were 
not saved from the burning fiery 
furnace by the sword. The children 
of Israel were not saved from the 
waters of the Red Sea by the sword. 
Jesus Christ was not raised up from 
the dead by the sword. 

Jesus taught in Matt. 26:52, 
"They that take the sword shall 
perish with the sword". Also in the 
beginning of His sermon on the 
Mount, He gave us these immortal 
words, "Blessed are the peace-mak- 
ers for they shall be called the chil- 
dren of God" Oh, that the spirit of 
the eternal God might fill us and 
its fruit abound daily in our lives. 
Having our feet shod with the prep- 
aration of the gospel of peace and 
through the eye of faith on bended 
knees instead of marching armies, 
may we go forward. Not by might, 

nor by power, but by my Spirit, 
saith the Lord of Hosts. 

Donald Ecker 
R. 2 Hartville, Ohio 


Be ye holy, as I am holy. I Cor. 
3:17, "If any man defile the temple 
of God, him shall God destroy ; for 
the temple of God is holy, which 
temple ye are" Eph. 5 :27 "That it 
(The church) should be holy and 
without blemish". That we should 
be holy and without blame before 
him in love. Lev. 10:10, "That ye 
may put difference between holy 
and unholy, and between clean and 
unclean". Luke 19:45-46, "And 
Jesus went into the temple, and be- 
gan to cast out them that sold there- 
in, and them that bought ; saying 
unto them, It is written. My house 
is the house of prayer : But ye have 
made it a den of theives". ^Ye won- 
der if not the same thing is in some 
churches of today? He taught 
daily in the temple. The temple 
should be kept holy and also the 
church-house should be kept a holy 

John 2:14-16, ''Jesus went up to 
Jerusalem, and found in the temple 
those that sold oxen and sheep and 
doves, and the changers of money 
sitting : and when he had made a 
scourge of small cords, he drove 
them all out of the temple. . . .and 
said unto them that sold doves, 
Take these things hence ; make not 
my Father's house an house of mer- 


chandise". I wonder what Jesus 
would do about some of the pres- 
ent-day uses of church-houses, if 
He were here in the world? Wth 
the modern musical instruments to 
please the lust of the flesh. Jesus' 
disciples remembered that it is writ- 
ten, the zeal of thine house hath 
eaten me up. Many unholy things 
existed among the so-called chris- 
tian churches. Be ye holy as I am 

The Word Holy meaning : of the 
highest spiritual purity, consecrated, 
devoted. Divine like, sacred, bless- 
ed. It does not mean to be emotion- 
al, disturbed in the mind or a state 
of excited feelings.. I Pet. 3 :4. "Let 
it be the hidden man of the heart, 
in that which is not corruptible, ev- 
en the ornament of a meek and 
quiet spirit which is in the sight of 
God of great price" Pie which hath 
called you is holy, so be ye holv in 
all manner of conversation. Because 
it is written, be ye holy, for I am 
holy. 2 Tim. 1 :7. "For God hath 
not given us the spirit of fear ; but 
of power, and of love, and of a 
sound mind" 

I Jno. 4:18, "There is no fear in 
love ; but perfect love casteth out 
fear : because fear hath torment. He 
that feareth is not made perfect in 
love." Under the law and the 
prophets they taught fear, because 
they had not yet learned of the love 
of God. There is no pleasure in 
living or even existing,, in a con- 
stant state of fear. Therefore the 

way of the transgressor is hard. 
I Thess. 4 ;7, "For God hath not 
called us unto uncleanness, but unto 
holiness". Eph. 4:24. "That ye put 
on the new man, which after God 
is created in righteousness and true 
holiness." Be renewed in the spirit of 
your mind, that Christ may dwell in 
your hearts by faith : and ye being 
rooted and grounded in love. Acts 
4:26-28. "The kings of the earth 
stood up. and the rulers were gath- 
ered together against the Lord, and 
against the Christ. For of a truth 
against Thy holy child Jesus, for to 
do whatsoever Thy hand and Thy 
counsel determined before to be 

l£ph. 5:25.27, "Christ loved the 
church (His church) and gave him- 
self for it ; that he might sanctify 
and cleanse it with the washing of 
water by the Word, that he might 
present it to himself a glorious 
church, not having spot, or wrinkle, 
or any such thing : but that it should 
be holy and without blemish". 2 
Tim. 1:8-11, "Be not thou there- 
fore ashamed of the testimony of 
our Lord .... Who hath saved us 
and called us with an holy 
calling, not according to our 
works, but according to his own 
purpose and grace, which was 
given us in Christ Jesus before the 
world began, but is now made man- 
ifest by the appearing of our Sav- 
iour Jesus Christ, Who hath abol- 
ished death, and hath brought life 
and immortality to lisrlit through the 


gospel: whereunto I (Paul) am ap- 
pointed a preacher and an Apostle, 
and a teacher of the Gentiles". For 
the kingdom of God is peace and joy 
in the Hoi}- Ghost. For he that in 
these things serveth Christ is accept- 
able to God. and approved of men. 
Praise the Lord, all ye Gentiles and 
laud Him all ye people, and again 
He saith .Rejoice ye Gentiles. 

Putting you in mind, because of 
the grace that is given to me of 
God. that I should be the minister 
of Jesus Christ, to the Gentiles, min- 
istering the gospel of God, that the 
offering up of the Gentiles might be 
acceptable. The word Holy mean- 
ing: pure and divine like. God's 
chosen people.the Jews or Israelites, 
made their temple an house of mer- 
chandise an unholy place of worship. 
How about some of the churches of 
today? Doing things of worldy na- 
ture, for worldly gain. Many re- 
ligious papers, magazines and books 
are loaded with advertisements, 
something to sell for gain, merchan- 
dising. This was very rare years 
ago, but today it is very prevalent. 
We know of one that steered clear 
thus far, keeping pure and separate 
from the things of the world and its 
gain. The Holy writ, the precious 
Word the Bible, make it your choice 
and a light to your daily path. 

Jesus said to His disciples, strive 
to enter in at the strait gate, for nar- 
row is the way, which leadeth unto 
life, and few there be that find it. 
The apostle Paul did not shun to 

declare the whole counsel of God, 
with holy boldness, neither did he 
preach for earthly gain. He gave the 
words of truth without charge. He 
made no merchandise of God's 
Word. Its doctrines are Holy and 
Divine, Therefore we should live 
holy lives. 1 Pet. 1:15, "As he 
which hath called you is Holy, so be 
ye holy in all manner of conversa- 
tion ; because it is written be ye 
holy ; for I am holy". Do you think 
using profanity and filthy talking, 
is holiness? 

Is your conversation holy? Col. 
4 :6, "Let your speech be always 
with grace, seasoned with salt". 
Walking in wisdom toward them 
that are without redeeming the time. 
Heb. 12:14, "Follow peace with all 
men, and holiness, without which 
no man shall see the Lord" He 
chasteneth us for our profit, that we 
might be partakers of His holiness. 

Luke 1 :35, And the angel said 
unto Mary, "The Holy Ghost shall 
come upon thee, and the power of 
the Highest shall overshadow thee, 
therefore also that holy thing which 
shall be born of thee shall be called 
the Son of God". Therefore He is 
a Holy child, of divine origin. For 
with God nothing shall be impossi- 
ble. 2 Pet 3:11, "Seeing then that 
all these things shall be dissolved, 
what manner of persons ought ye 
to be in all holy conversation, and 
godliness." Heb. 3:1, "Wherefore, 
holy brethren, partakers of the 
heavenly calling, consider the Apos- 



ties and High Priest, Jesus Christ". 
Eph. 2:19-21, "Now therefore ye 
are no more strangers and foreign- 
ers, but fellow citizens with the 
saints, and of the household of God ; 
and are built upon the foundation 
of the apostles and prophet, Jesus 
Christ himself being the chief corn- 
erstone ; in whom all the building 
fitly framed together groweth unto 
an holy temple in the Lord". If so 
be that our bodies are the temple of 

1 Cor. 3:16-17. "Know ye not 
that ye are the temple of God, and 
that the Spirit of God dwelleth in 
you? If any man defile the temple 
of God, him shall God destroy; for 
the temple of God is holy, which 
temple ye are". Examine your- 
selves, whether ye are in the faith : 
Know ye not your own selves, how 
that Jesus Christ is in you, if so be 
that the Spirit of God dwell in you. 
For as many as are led by the Spirit 
of God, they are the sons of God. 
Ye have received the Spirit of adop- 
tion. I beseech you therefore, 
brethren, by the mercies of God, that 
ye present your bodies a living sac- 
rifice. If we adorn our bodies with 
all the fashions and styles of the 
world, such as neckties which are 
just for show and of no use to the 
body, is this a living sacrifice? Is 
it holy and acceptable unto God? 
Our reasonable service is not to con- 
form to this world, but to be trans- 
formed by the renewing of our 
minds, that we may prove what is 

that good, acceptable and perfect 
will of God. There should be no 
doubt in our minds, what the will of 
God is. 

1 Tim. 2:8, "I (Paul) will there- 
fore that men pray everywhere lift- 
ing up holy hands, without wrath 
and doubting". For after this man- 
ner in old times the holy women also 
trusted in God and were obedient. 
So it was necessary for women to 
live holy lives as well as men, to 
be acceptable to God. We have 
some people, so-called Christians, 
who think we must be loud and emo- 
tional to serve the Lord. We must 
be pure in heart to be holy. Rev. 
20:6. "Blessed and holy is he that 
hath part in the first resurrection". 
Holy, holy is the Lord of hosts. 

Holy and reverend is the name 
Of our eternal King : 
Thrice holy Lord the angels sing 
Thrice holy be our theme. 
A contrite heart shall please Him 

Than the noblest form of speech. 
The pure in heart are Thy delight 
xA.nd they Thy face shall see. 

Holy Spirit faithful guide 
Ever near the christian's side 
Gently leading us by Thy hand 
Follow me, I'll guide thee home. 
When our days of toil shall cease, 
Nothing left but grace and love ; 
Trusting that our names are there : 
Whisper softly wanderer come, 
Follow me, I'll guide thee home. 
Wm. N. Kinslev, Hartville, Ohio. 



We believe that many of the pro- 
fessed followers of Jesus Christ 
have lost their vision and have be- 
come more pessimistic than optim- 
istic. Thev give more time for 
complaints than for words of recom- 
mendation. They discover the faults 
of their brethren and never see their 
good qualities. 

We should be slow to take of- 
fense. Let us say they did not mean 
me, I am quite sure they meant 
someone else and as the shoe does 
not fit me, I will not wear it. Let us 
not go to church saying, If the 
preacher hits me, I will not go back 

We should be slow to give of- 
fense. Xever tell a thing unless we 
know it is true. Xever tell it unless 
we know it is uplifting to be told. 
Xever tell it in a way to injure any- 
one. Then tell it as we were tell- 
ing it to Jesus and we will keep out 
of trouble. 

We are still on probation, still 
human beings, still have feelings and 
can still be hurt by others allowing 
their tongues to run overtime. If 
you were at some places for a lunch, 
all you would get would be a hot 
tongue and cold shoulder. People 
will declare we are our brother's 
keeper. But why are you your 
brother's butcher and will stab him 
in the back, while he is otherwise 
engaged? If we love everybody, let 
us act accordingly. 

We should exercise that charity 
which will cover a multitude of in- 
firmities. We should never misrep- 
resent the words and conduct of 
others. We should never circulate 
or help circulate a false report. We 
should never speak of the faults of 
others, unless we speak of their vir- 
tues also. If we cannot say some- 
thing good, better not say anything. 
We should be strong for God that 
nothing will disturb our peace of 
mind. To be strong we need to put 
on the whole armor for God. 

God needs extraordinary men to 
work, to win and stem the tide. It 
will take time, prayer, fasting, per- 
severence and sacrifice to win, but 
we can win by God's grace. We 
want to know we are wholly, unre- 
servedly and forever His, doing His 
will at any cost and at all cost. God 
wants to know He can trust us in 
persecution, in promotion, in disap- 
pointments, in success, in victory as 
well as defeat. Faithfulness to the 
task is what He requires of one and 
all of us. 

Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman 


On Oct. 24 Bro. and Sister David 
Ebling came into our midst. Bro. 
Ebling to begin a two-weeks revival 
meeting. He brought the Word 
of God to us very forcibly and al- 
though no souls were added to the 
church, we feel that the members 
were built up in the faith and have 


a closer walk with God. 

On Nov. 5. at 7 :30 we held our 
Lovefeast services, with thirty-nine 
surrounding the Lord's table. The 
visiting ministering brethren bring- 
ing the messages to us. We had all- 
day services on Sunday, with Bro. 
Ebling bringing the closing message 
on Sunday evening. We certainly ap- 
preciated having so many Brethren 
and Sisters from the other congre- 
gations, attending these meetings. 
May the Lord bless them in their 
efforts, in coming to worship and 
commune with us, as we are few in 

Bertha Jarboe, Cor. 


The Northern Lancaster county 
Congregation held their council Dec. 
10. The meeting was opened by 
our Elder, A. G Fahnestock. The 
Church and Sunday-school officers 
were elected for the coming year. 
Elders Joseph Myers and Ray 
Shank was here and took the voice 
of the church for a Minister. The 
lot fell on Bro. Leverne Keeney. 
It was decided to have a series of 
meetings in November, the Minister 
will be announced later. 

Susanna B. Johns, Cor. 

To the dear Brethren and Sisters, 
of the Dunkard Brethren church, I 
take this means of answering the 
many Christmas greetings which we 
received during the Christmas sea- 
son. It would be almost impossi- 

ble to answer each one of them. We 
wish to thank all, who were so kind 
to remember us, in sending us those 
beautiful greetings. May each of 
you be blessed with the Spiritual 
blessings that, will help you to be 
built up in the faith of the Lord 
Jesus Christ. Again, God bless all, 
is the prayer of your unworthy 
brother in Christ. 

Joseph P. Robbins and Wife. 

We certainly wish to express our 
appreciation, to each one who has 
sent us seasons greetings, encourag- 
ments and best wishes. May the 
Lord bless each of you and reward 
you with health and many religious 
privileges throughout 1956. 

Editor and Family. 

The West Fulton church met in 
regular council, Dec. 17. Bro. Ed- 
ward Johnson opened the devotional 
service. The Church and Sunday- 
school officers were elected for the 
coming year. Eld. Edward Johnson 
was chosen for presiding Elder. An 
evangelist was chosen for the com- 
ing year, which will be announced 
later. May we all strive to have a 
closer walk with our Lord in this 
New Year. 

Sister Sarah Roesch, Cor. 


We wish to take this way to ex- 
press our sincere thanks, for the 
many Christmas Cards which we 



have received during the holiday 
season. We wish each and every 
one the richest Spiritual blessings, 
that is the only way to insure hap- 
piness in the coming year. 

Bro. and Sister Melvin Roesch 

I wish to thank each and every 
one for the gifts, cards and prayers 
in my behalf, while in the hospital 
and convalescence at home during 
the holiday season. May the Lord 
bless each one of you. 

Sister Sarah Roesch. 


Salutation by means of a kiss has 
existed among the Semitic and 
Aryan peoples from remote anti- 
quity. An instance of this form of 
salutation is mentioned in the wan- 
derings of Ulysses. On the classic 
period of Greece it was custom- 
ary to kiss the hand of a superior. 
Herodotus tells of Persians using" 
the kiss in saluting. If between 
equals the mouth was kissed, if one 
was inferior to the other, the cheek. 

But earlier than the Persian prac- 
tice comes the Bible record of its 
use among the Hebrews. After bit- 
ter enmity and long separation Jacob 
and Esau met with tears of joy and 
a kiss. When Joseph had made 
himself known to his brethren in 
Egypt he greeted them with a kiss. 
Orpha, in departing from her moth- 
er-in-law kissed her. 

In the Psalms and in the Song of 

Solomon the kiss is mentioned as an 
expression of close friendship. The 
same idea is implied in Christ's lan- 
guage, "Thou gavest me no kiss" 
Luke 8:45. That the kiss was thus 
understood and practiced by the 
Jews is generally believed. But 
that Paul and Peter named it as a 
religious practice to be continued, is 
not now so generally accepted yet it 
is nevertheless true. 

In Rom. 16:16; 1 Cor. 16:20; 2 
Cor. 13:12, and in 1 Thess. 5:26, 
Paul says: "Greet (or salute) one 
another with an holy kiss." In 1 
Pet. 5:14 we have, "Greet ye one 
another with a kiss of charity (or 
love)". A number of manuscripts 
have Peter say "an holy kiss", the 
same as Paul. But which it is mat- 
ters little, for as one commentary 
puts it "Love and holiness are in- 

These expressions certainly seem 
as if, in the minds of the inspired 
writers, they were held as com- 
mands. Luke, in Acts 20 :37, gives 
an incident where Paul extended 
this holy kiss to the elders of the 
church of Ephesus. A hasty meet- 
ing of elders had been called at the 
seashore. Paul had urged them to 
diligence, earnestness and faithful- 
ness. When they had prayed, they 
all kissed him and accompanied him 
to the ship. The church for one 
hundred years or more believed that 
these statements of Paul and Peter 
were divine commands, and obeyed 
them as such. 



The Encyclopedia Britannica 
makes this statement : "The early 
Christians made the kiss a sign of 
fellowship, and this may even now 
be seen among Anabaptists, who 
make an effort to retain Christian 

Commentaries in general agree at 
once with the first part of the state- 
ment, and with some changes they 
agree with the second. Some say it 
is still practiced in the East ; others, 
in the Greek church. Some state that 
in that church it is practiced as of- 
ten now as in the apostolic age ; oth- 
ers only at Easter. 

Why the observance of the com- 
mand is not continued in all Chris- 
tendom is variously explained by 
commentators. "The increased num- 
ber of the members makes it imprac- 
ticable," says one. If the word "all" 
in 1 Thess. 5 :26 were sustained by 
all the ancient manuscripts ; if the 
other Scriptures passages contained 
the same word, similarly sustained ; 
and if in our investigation of the 
Scriptures we found that "Greet all 
the brethren with an holy kiss" 
meant that each one should greet 
every other one, and of the early 
church had understood and practiced 
it in this way, then it would be clear- 
ly an inconvenient practice in large 
congregations. But even then we 
should have no right to discontinue 
its use. The Lord nowhere says, 
"Obey such of my commandments as 
are convenient, others you may dis- 
regard" But these conditions are 

false. The word "all' is found in but 
one passage and is not universally 
sustained in that. The Christians 
of the first century did not believe 
that they were each commanded to 
formally greet all the others, neither 
do we. 

Another thinks that "in the uni- 
versal observance of the holy kiss 
there was danger of the morals be- 
coming corrupt." A sad comment 
on the religion of Jesus Christ, and 
on the omniscence of God, that the 
Holy Spirit should dictate an in- 
junction to be observed in a way 
harmful to His cause. 

Tertullian, writing in the second 
century, calls the salutation the 
"kiss of peace", and declares that 
the custom some have, of omitting 
the kiss at the conclusion of prayers 
in the assembly, is wrong and ought 
to be discarded. He insists that the 
observance should be continued both 
in obedience to the command, and 
because prayer is more effectual if 
accompanied by the kiss. 

Through the inspired penmen the 
Lord gave the command. The speci- 
fic time for its observance he left to 
his children. Probably he left this 
unfixed because filial love leads the 
devoted child to seek, to obey pa- 
ternal behests in the way and at the 
time, his judgment tells him is most 
pleasing to the parents. Some pro- 
fessing Christians reject the com- 
mand because no set time is named 
for keeping it. Such deportment is 
not characteristic of good children 



towards natural parents, much less 
toward our Heavenly Father. If we 
have the same spirit that moved the 
hearts of the apostles, we shall have 
little inclination to set aside any 
command on such grounds. Here 
again we find an example in the ear- 
ly church. "The Jews refused the 
kiss to all except the holy seed of 
Israel. Thence it passed into the 
Christian community and Justin, liv- 
ing in the second century, A. D., 
says, "After the prayers are ended 
we greet one another with a kiss, 
." In the Eastern churches 
it was given before, in the western 
after the consecration of the sacra- 
mental emblems, and before their 
distribution as a sign of reconcilia- 
tion and love." 

In the century following the giv- 
ing of the injunction, "Christians 
were wont to welcome each other 
after prayers, and at love-feasts,., 
men greeting men, and women wo- 
men, as brethren and sisters. The 
custom remained till the middle 
ages" — Lange. "Probably the presi- 
dent of the assembly gave the kiss 
to the brother who sat next to him, 
and he to his neighbor, while the 
same thing took place on the part of 
the women." — Godet. 

''It appears that in the apostolic 
age the kiss was given to each other 
at the end of the liturgy and before 
the communion service. .The primi- 
tive Christians as often as their as- 
semblies were dismissed kissed one 
another in sism of concord and char- 

ity" — Bloomfield. "The custom 
arose in the early church of passing 
the kiss through the congregation at 
the holy Communion .... The holy 
kiss, the token of the mutual love 
of Christians, was observed especial- 
ly at the Lord's Supper in which all 
the dissensions of the Corinthians 
should be swallowed up" — F. F. & 

These extracts show the position 
of the early church on the holy kiss. 
Their nearness, in time, to the giv- 
ing of the command, with their sin- 
cerity in obedience, gives them sup- 
erior advantages for reaching proper 

We may not know the entire di- 
vine purpose in giving a command, 
and we need not. But to greet one 
another with a holy kiss is in its na- 
ture and expression of love. Jesus 
says, John 13:34, "A new com- 
mandment I give you unto you, That 
ye love one another ; as I have loved 
you, that ye also love one another". 
John says : "Little children, love one 
another." Peter and Paul add, Ex- 
press that love by a holy kiss. 

Lange says, "It was designed to 
be the seal of his love in whose name 
they kissed one another, but also the 
seal of their own mutual love, for 
without taking its existence for 
granted such a charge could hardly 
have been given." 

On 1 Cor. 16:20, Meyer says 
"The kiss was the token of Chris- 
tian brotherly love, and thus it had 
the character of Christian consecra- 



tion." And on 1 Pet. 5:14, "The 
members of the church are to greet 
one another with the kiss of charity, 
thus testifying to their brotherly love 
for each other." 

The results of obedience to the law 
are often good interpreters of that 
law. It is so of the law of Christian 
greeting. The results of its fulfill- 
ment are manifest. Brotherly love, 
that great essential of religious or- 
ganization, is increased. The new- 
born babe in Christ is thrilled with 
joy by the warm greetings received 
from the older members. The love 
they manifest is to him an assur- 
ance of God's love, hitherto unex- 
perienced, and it is a shield to him in 
the temptations which he must soon 

Greeting one another with a holy 
kiss tends to prevent caste in church- 
es. As when equals among the Per- 
sians exchanged the greeting the 
lips were kissed, so in the church of 
Christ all are equals and the kiss is 
mutual. Christian love neither 
withholds the salutation nor offers 
the cheek to receive it. High and 
low. rich and poor, learned and un- 
learned, Jew and Gentile, are one in 
Christ. No more than himself does 
God want his children to be respect- 
ers of persons. 

A bond of union close and power- 
ful seems formed by passing the sal- 
utation at Communion services. And 
a bond, equally close and equally 
strong, is formed when the saluta- 
tion is used informally at the regu- 

lar services. There is a difference 
between congregations where this 
command is obeyed and where it is 
neglected. In the one is warmth, 
life and growth, brethren and sis- 
ters, in the highest sense ; in the 
other, coldness, inactivity and decay, 
merely acquaintances and associates. 
Compared with the commands of 
the Old Testament this is beautiful, 
simple, easy to fulfill. And inasmuch 
as it increases peace, union, love and 
higher Christian fellowship among 
the members of Christ's body, its 
observance is of prime importance. 


It is not so long ago that the 
church was opposed to dinners, sup- 
pers and all kinds of entertainments 
to raise money for church purposes. 
But time has destroyed the faith of 
some in the principles which were 
once held dear to us. In these days 
we read of things that are done in 
churches which would not have been 
tolerated in times gone by. Most of 
these things are done to produce a 
larger revenue for the church. 

It takes more money nowadays to 
run a church than it used to ; and 
since the family needs more money 
than formerly, there is not so large 
a percent of income left for the 
church. To meet the increased 
church expenses it is thought nec- 
essary to find a way to get money, 
without the members having to pay 
directly. We regret that so many 



churches have fallen into such a way 
of raising money for church pur- 
poses, for we believe it is wrong in 
principle, evil in its results and also 
removes the reverence and holiness 
from the House of God. 

For one thing, where people de- 
scend to such means to get money, 
they say they do it because there is 
no other way to raise the money, 
that the members have given all 
they can. Such a statement is rare- 
ly if ever, true. Some have been 
much more liberal than others, have 
denied themselves more of the lux- 
uries of life : but we have never 
known one that went so far as to 
denv themselves of all the unneces- 
sary things. So long as members 
spend so much for what they do not 
need it is impossible for them truth- 
fully to say that they have given to 
the Lord, all they can. 

Also, this manner of raising mon- 
ey is not according to the New Tes- 
tament. In the Book we are plain- 
ly told how to raise money, and if 
we would follow the directions there 
given, there would never be any 
lack of money for legitimate church 
purposes. This modern way of 
raising money is not giving and dis- 
courages direct giving to the Lord's 
cause. Nowhere do we find Bible 
instructions for getting money out of 
other people without their thinking 
or caring, for what purpose the 
money spent is to be used. 

Again, we believe that a dollar set 
apart for the Lord's use will accom- 

plish more good because of the bless- 
ing which rests upon it. We read 
of one of the church fathers, who 
many centuries ago left a great 
worldly man standing before the 
altar and would not receive his rich 
gift because of what he had done. 
Church financiers in these days, 
would call such an action foolish for 
their great object is, to get the mon- 
ey. The}' would not have waited 
for this man to bring his gift to the 
altar, but would have gone after 
him and told him that he was not 
such a bad fellow after all, and that 
he and his money would be most 
welcome at any time. I fear that 
churches in general, cater too much 
to the men of money and influence. 
I feel they would be of more service 
in the world if they cared more and 
strove harder to obey and please 
God, and were not so anxious to 
please man. 

The church is not in the world to 
make money, but to be a great and 
true light. Nowhere is the church 
told to make money. It is told to 
do a number of other things and I 
know it would succed better in doing 
them, if less attention were given to 
unnecessary and forbidden things. 
The one great task imposed upon 
the church is, to live and preach the 
Gospel. We are plainly told that 
the love of money is the root of all 
evil. It is the most frequent source 
of litigation in courts of the world. 
Dare we say that, one engaged sole- 
ly in the pursuit of it, is unfit for 



spiritual duties? Why should the 
church stoop to engage in such a 
distracting and harmful pursuit? 

The church of Christ has too im- 
portant a task, to waste its time in 
making money. As long as there are 
lost souls to seek and to save, it has 
a much more profitable duty. The 
reason for the shortage of money is 
the fact that the church has not liv- 
ed up to the Lord's requirements. If 
there were more of the Spirit of 
Christ and less of the spirit of the 
world among us, we should do much 
more than we do and do it better. 
Full conversion carries with it, all 
we have and are, talents and prop- 
ertv ; nothing is withheld that will 


Each day when the glow of sunset 
Fades in the western sky, 
And the wee ones, tired of playing 
Go tripping lightly by. 
I steal away from my husband 
Asleep in his easy chair, 
And watch from the open doorway 
Their faces fresh and fair. 

Alone in the dear old homestead 
That once was full of life, 
Ringing from girlish laughter 
Echoing boyish strife. 
We two are waiting together 
And oft as the shadows come, 

be of service in winning souls unto ! With tremulous voice he calld me, 

"It is night. Are the children 
home ?" 

''Yes, love", I answer him gently, 
"They are all home long ago". 
And I sing in my quivering treble, 
A song so soft and low, 
Till the old man drops to slumber 
With his head upon his hand, 
And I tell to myself the number 
Home in the better land. 

Home, where never a sorrow 
Shall dim their eyes with tears, 
Where the smile of God is on them 
Through all the summer years. 
I know — yet my arms are empty, 
That fondly folded seven, 
And the mother heart within me 
Is almost starved for heaven. 

Margaret E. Sangster 
Sel. by Sister Helen Sweitzer. 

Christ. If we fail to lay all upon 
the altar, we reserve too much of our 
time, talents and money for strictly 
selfish purposes and as a result there 
is not enough left to carry on God's 

God help us to lay aside even- 
weight that would hinder us in our 
christian race. May we realize that 
the giving of ourselves is of very 
much greater importance than the 
giving of money, and that to work 
for God will result in more good to 
ourselves and to the world than the 
giving of large sums only. When 
we once put God and His Will first, 
the church will have ample help and 

Sel. from Feb. 1924 Bible Monitor. 




I do not know. I cannot see, 
What God's kind hand prepares for 

Nor can my glance pierce through 

the haze 
Which covers all my future ways ; 
But yet I know that o'er it all 
Rules He who notes the sparrow's 


I know the hand that hath me fed. 
And through the year rav feet hath 

led : 
I know the everlasting arm 
That hath upheld and kept from 

I trust Him as my God and Guide. 
And know that He will still provide. 

So at the opening of the year 
I banish care and doubt and fear, 
And clasping His kind hand essay 
To walk with God from day to day. 
Trusting in Him who hath me fed. 
Walking with Him who hath me led 

I know not where His hand shall 

Through desert wastes, o'er flowery 

mead ; 
Mid tangled thicket set with thorn, 
Mid gloom of night or glow of 

morn ; 
But still I know my Father's hand 
Will bring me to His goodly land. 

Farewell, Old Year, with goodness 

A hand divine hath set thy bound. 
Welcome the New Year which shall 


Fresh blessings from my God and 

The Old we leave without a tear. 
The New we hail without a fear. 


Our standard is in a word, the 
New Testament, pure and simple, 
from beginning to end and all of it. 
We ascend the stream until we reach 
the fountain head, and then we be- 
gin at the beginning. The beginning 
is not the Day of Pentecost, but 
"The beginning of the gospel of 
Jesus Christ, the Son of God ; as it 
is written in the prophets. Behold. 
I send my messenger before thy 
face which shall prepare thy way 
before thee" Mark 1 :l-2. 

This is a clear unequivocal state- 
ment. It means that the New Tes- 
tament had a beginning, and that 
was the preaching of John the Bap- 
tist in the wilderness of Judea. It 
is also of supreme importance to 
know where the Old Testament 
ends. The same authority settles 
this question also at once and for- 
ever. "The law and the prophets 
were until John ; since that time the 
kingdom of God is preached, and 
every man presseth into it", Luke 
16:16 Hence the Old Testament 
ends where the New Testament be- 
gins. The two stand out distinct, 
the one for the Old Dispensation, 
the other for the New. 

Beginning, then, where the New 



Testament begins, we move out in 
the living current, and discover that 
the whole stream, from the fountain 
to the end, is a pure Gospel stream. 
There is none of ''the law and the 
prophets" as originally imposed in 
it. The decrees of popes, church 
creeds, confession and articles of 
faith do not float on its sacred bos- 
om. It is for the Christian and for 
all Christians. John the Baptist 
was the first messenger of the Gos- 
pel. Jesus Christ received baptism 
at the hands of John entered upon 
His ministry, became the head of the 
church, and the teacher and example 
of all who would be saved. 

Since John the Baptist stands at 
the beginning of the list as a herald 
of the Gosepl of Jesus Christ, and 
was duly authorized by heaven, it 
follows as a legitimate conclusion 
that those whom John taught and 
baptized should be classed as Chris- 
tians. Since Christ was the head 
of the church, it is an incontroverti- 
ble fact that all who entered by 
Christ and His teaching into the 
church, were Christians. Then the 
teaching and example of Jesus 
Christ was the rule of life to all His 
disciples. The teaching and exam- 
ple of Jesus Christ was the rule of 
life to all His disciples The teach- 
ing and example of Christ are per- 
fectly consistant. It was for church 
members, whether Jew or Gentile. 
The Xew Testament as a whole is 
the very embodiment of all rules 
in Christian life and conduct. 

Then the proposition that the 
Xew Testament is a unit, complete 
in itself, containing the rules of life, 
simple and unmistakable, is the 
grandest announcement ever made 
to the inquirer for the way of truth. 
When a man can, with all confi- 
dence, take up the Xew Testament 
and read its sacred pages as the 
Gospel of the Son of God, pure and 
unmixed he has the light of heaven 
beaming in his soul, and he holds in 
his hand the key that unlocks each 
door of duty as he reaches it. The 
man that so reads the Gospel will 
find Jesus Christ his own interpre- 
ter ; he will find every percept ex- 
plained by the example of the Mas- 
ter. The man that reads the Gospel 
with the light of heavn in his soul 
will look upon each precept of Jesus 
as a gem and upon every command- 
ment of the Son of God as a pearl 
of great price. He will not make a 
distinction between little duties and 
great duties. He will look through 
them all up to the higher life to 
which they lead. 

We have reached an age in which 
every question must be settled by a 
standard. \\ nen we raise any ques- 
tion concerning Christian religion, 
we must take it to the standard to 
test its fitness. The standard to 
Christianity is the Xew Testament, 
what is taught in the Xew Testa- 
ment, is evidently Christian. For a 
Christian to practice what is not 
may, with propriety, be called 
in question. But when a Christian 



people teach and practice what is 
written in the New Testament, what 
Christ enjoined upon His disciples, 
who has a right to say that it was 
only a Jewish custom and cast His 
sacred teachings hack under the law 
as a relic of the past? Settle the 
question by the standard. 

Our standard of religion fixes the 
name of the church and the followers 
of Christ. "One is your Master, even 
Christ : and all ye are brethren". 
"The first born among many breth- 
ren". "He was not ashamed to call 
them brethren". 

Our standard of religion fixes the 
character of church membership. 
True religion has its origin in a 
knowledge of the Holy Scriptures, 
that He would write His law in the 
mind and in the heart of His people. 
If the Gospel, then, be written in 
our mind, we will know it ; if it be 
written in our heart we will live it. 
Our Lord declared, "My kingdom 
is not of this world". The people of 
God are born into this kingdom and 
follow a new and higher rule of life, 
higher than that relating to the 
mere things of earth. 

Taking the New Testament as our 
standard we must hold to what 
Christ taught and practiced and the 
things He commanded His apostles 
to teach and practice. This makes 
the meal Christ ate with His disci- 
ples the Lord's Supper and not the 
Jewish Passover. Matt. 26:20-21, 
The Lord's Supper is a sacred eve- 
ning meal. As a Christian institu- 

tion it was observed in the evening 
before our Lord was crucified. It 
was not the Jewish Passover on the 
one hand, or the bread and cup of 
Communion on the other. The 
bread and cup of Communion were 
taken "after supper" Luke 22 :20. 
The bread and cup are a memorial 
of the death and sufferings of Christ 
on the cross. The Lord's Supper is 
typical of the "Marriage Supper of 
the Lamb" Luke 22:16; Rev. 19:9. 
The name of this sacred meal has an 
interesting history. According to 
Matthew and Mark the term "pass- 
over" is used in connection with its 
preparation. Luke 22:15 uses the 
word "passover" and then the word 
"supper" v. 20 in his Gospel, John 13 
in giving an account of our Lord's 
washing the feet of His disciples, 
uses the word "supper" in Y. 2, 4 : 
and says it was "before the feast of 
the passover when supper was serv- 
ed" This same meal Paul calls the 
Lord's Supper. 1 Cor. 1 1 :20. and 
Jude calls it the "feast of charity" 
Jude 12. 

In John 13 the Gospel standard 
gives an account of Christ rising 
from this same "supper'", laying 
aside His garments, taking a towel, 
girding himself, pouring water into 
a basin, washing His disciples' feet, 
and wiping them with the towel 
wherewith He was girded. Then, 
after He had washed their feet, had 
taken His garments, and was seated 
again at the table he said unto them, 
"Know ye what I have done to you? 



Ye call me Master and Lord : and ye 
say well ; for so I am. If I then, your 
Lord and Master, have washed your 
feet ; ye also ought to wash one an- 
other's feet. For I have given you 
an example, that ye should do as I 
have done to you". Here we see an 
observance as literal as anything in 
the Bible acted out in every detail 
by the great Teacher and Founder 
of the Christian religion, and as lit- 
erally and in detail enjoined upon 
His disciples to do to one another 
the same thing and in the same way 
as He had done to them. 

If this be a lesson of humility, it 
is also a lesson of obedience. If, deep 
down in this act there is a higher 
truth, a spiritual benefit, lifting the 
soul heavenward, how shall we reach 
that truth and obtain the blessing 
except we obey the precept of the 
Master? It is through the symbol 
that we reach the spiritual. If that 
higher attainment be happiness, if 
it be to have a part with Christ, if 
it be to show humility and common 
brotherhood then do we see in this 
example of the Savior not an empty 
form, but the embodiment of a great 
truth leading up to a higher life. 

Then, in administering the ordi- 
nance of baptism, the Gospel stand- 
ard directs us to go "to the water", 
where there is "much water", to go 
"down into the water" and to bap- 
tize (bury) the penitent sinner in 
the likeness of Christ's death, face 
forward by a threefold action, into 
the name of the Father, and of the 

Son, and of the Holy Ghost, invok- 
ing God's blessing and the gift of 
the Holy Spirit, to raise him in the 
likeness of Christ's resurrection, to 
come up out of the water and walk 
in newness of life. ''Except a man be 
born of water and of the Spirit, he 
cannot enter into the kingdom of 

Finally, this "newness of life", in- 
to which the newborn child of God 
enters, is a life of holiness in obedi- 
ence to all the commands and pre- 
cepts of the Gospel. It means the 
restoration of primitive life and 
service in the church, it gives to the 
world the blessings of peace and 
goodwill. Let it be recorded that 
the Church is the messenger of 
peace, and that she serves and hon- 
ors Christ as the Prince of Peace, 
that she holds up the Gospel be- 
fore the world as the standard of 
peace. We have in the New Testa- 
ment a history of peace principles as 
opposed to war, a history of suffer- 
ing for Christ's sake. Let it then be 
stated as a monument to peace prin- 
ciples, as a monument to the church 
in ages past and in her life and mis- 
sion now, as the glory of all lovers 
of the Prince of Peace, that the 
church has never stained her gar- 
ments with human blood. We love 
our fellow men in proportion as we 
love God. Our love to God is meas- 
ured by our obedience to it. The 
law of God to the Christian is the 
Gospel, the standard of peace. 
"Glory to God in the highest, and 



on earth peace, goodwill toward 
men". Can any denomination be 
Christian without following" these 
Gospel principles? 


If you are hungry at heart, read 
the Bread Chapter. If your feet are 
slipping read the Rock Chapter. If 
you find yourself getting cross, read 
the Charity Chapter. Have you 
many defeats at the hands of Satan ? 
Read the Yctory Chapter Do you 
lack faith? Read Hebrews 11. 

After reading one of these chap- 
ters in your Bible write the name 
at the head of the chapter. Make up 
your own chapter names. Don't stop 
until you have named every chapter 
in the Bible. You will find this a 
most interesting and profitable 
means of Bible study. 

Feed on God's Word like the 
Patriarch Job, who said, "I have 
esteemed the words of his mouth 
more than my necessary food" (Job 

Abiding Chapter John 15 

Abraham's Chapter.. ..Genesis 15 
Additional Chapter ....II Peter 1 
Admonition Chapter. .Hebrews 13 

Agrippa's Chapter Acts 26 

Anointing Chapter. . . . Exodus 30 

Ark Chapter Genesis 6 

Asa's Chapter. ... II Chronicles 15 

Ascension Chapter Acts 1 

Atonement Chapter. .. .Hebrews 9 
Backslider's Chapter . .Jeremiah 3 

Baptism Chapter Matthew 3 

Beautiful Chapter Matthew 5 

Beginning Chapters 

Genesis 1 ; John 1 
Bishop's and Deacon's Chapter 

I Peter 3 
Blessing Chapter. .Deuteronomy 28 
Bottomless Chapter.. Ephesians 3 
Business Men's Chapter. .Prov. 8 

Chapter of Contrasts Luke 1 7 

Character Chapter Job 29 

Charity Chapter I Corinthians 13 
Chastening Chapter . .Hebrews 12 

Christian's Chapter I Peter 2 

Christian's Psalm Psalm 15 

Circumcision Chapter ... .Acts 15 

"Come" Chapter Isaiah 55 

Commandment Chapter. .Exodus 20 

Conqueror's Chapter Luke 4 

Consecration Chapter. .Romans 12 

Convert's Chapter Isaiah 12 

Corinthian Chapter Acts IS 

Cornelius' Chapter Acts 10 

Courage Chapter Joshua 1 

Creation Chapter Genesis 1 

Crucifixion Chapters 

Mark 15; John 19 

Deacon's Chapter Acts 6 

Deliverance Psalm Psalm 18 

Duty Chapter Ezekiel 33 

Ephesian Chapter Acts 19 

Faith Chapter Hebrews 11 

Fast Chapter Isaiah 58 

"Fear Not" Chapter .... Isaiah 41 
Feast Chapter . . . .Deutronomy 16 

Felix's Chapter Acts 25 

Festus' Chapter Acts 25 

Fiery Furnace Chapter . . Daniel 3 

Fisherman's Chapter Luke 5 

Fool's Chapter Proverbs 26 

Gift Psalm I Corinthians 12 

Golden Psalm Psalm 16 



Great Psalm Psalm 119 

Harlot's Chapter Proverbs 7 

Heaven Chapter . . . .Revelation 21 

Helper's Chapter Romans 15 

Herod's Chapter Acts 12 

Holy Spirit Chapter John 16 

Household Chapter . . Colossians 3 

Humility Chapter Luke 18 

Hypocrite Chapter. ... Matthew 23 
Intemperance Chapter Proverbs 23 

"I Will" Chapter Hosea 2 

John and Peter's Chapter. .Acts 4 
John the Baptist Chapter. . Luke 3 

Joyful Psalm Psalm 98 

Judgment Chapter.. ..Romans 14 

Knowledge Chapter Luke 11 

Lame Man's Chapter Acts 3 

Law Chapter Romans 7 

Lazarus' Chapter John 11 

Life Chapter Luke 7 

Lion's Den Chapter Daniel 6 

Living Water Chaper John 4 

Lord's Supper Chapter. . . .John 13 
Lost and Found Chapter . . Luke 1 5 

Love Chapter I John 3 

Macedonian Chapter Acts 16 

Marriage Chapter. . . .Ephesians 5 

Marvelous Chapter Luke 6 

Mercy Psalm Psalm 136 

Messianic Psalm Psalm 110 

Millennium Chapter. .Revelation 20 
Ministers Chapter.. ..Ezekiel 34 

Moralist Psalm Psalm 14 

Moses' Chapter Exodus 15 

Mothers' Chapter Judges 13 

Nativity Chapter Luke 2 

New Birth Chapter John 3 

New Name Chapter . . Revelation 3 
Offering Chapter.. ..Numbers 15 
Overcomer's Chapter. .Revelation 2 

Passover Chapter Exodus 12 

Paul's Chapter Acts 21 

Peace Promise Chapter.. John 14 
Pentecost Chapter. ....'.. .Acts 2 

Philip's Chapter Acts 8 

Poor Man's Chapter Luke 14 

Prayer Chapter John 17 

Preacher's Chapter Isaiah 61 

Prison Chapter Acts 23 

Prodigal's Psalm Psalm 51 

Professor's Chapter Luke 12 

Purification Chapter .. Numbers 19 

Question Chapter Luke 20 

Redemption Chapter .... Luke 23 

Refuge Psalm Psalm 46 

Release Chapter .. Deuteronomy 15 

Repentance Chapter Luke 13 

Rest Chapter Hebrews 4 

Restoration Chapter Micah4 

Resurrection Chapter 

I Corinthians 15 

Revival Chapter Joel 2 

Rich Man's Chapter Luke 16 

Rock Chapter .... Deuteronomy 32 

Sad Chapter Luke 22 

Safety Psalm Psalm 91 

Saloonkeeper's Psalm. . . .Psalm 10 

Samson's Chapter Judges 15 

Saul of Tarsus Chapter .... Acts 9 

Saviour's Chapter Matthew 15 

Scorner's Chapter Proverbs 1 

Seeking Chapter Amos 5 

Separation Chapter II Corinthians 6 

Service Chapter Luke 10 

Shepherd's Chapter John 10 

Shipwreck Chapter Acst 27 

Sinner's Chapter Luke 19 

Soldier's Chapter. .. .Ephesians 6 

Song Chapter Luke 1 

Soul Saving Psalm Psalm 126 



Sower's Chapter Luke 8 

Stephen's Chapter Acts 7 

Strengthening Psalm .... Psalm 20 
Substituton Chapter. .Leviticus 16 

Sufferer's Chapter Isaiah 53 

Teacher's Chapter Luke 6 

Tithing Chapter Malachi 3 

Today Chapter Hebrews 3 

Tonic Psalm Psalm 27 

Traveler's Psalm Psalm 121 

Victorious Chapter Luke 24 

Victory Chapter Romans S 

Vow Chapter Numbers 30 

Watcher's Chapter Luke 21 

Whosoever Chapter. .Revelation 22 

Wife's Chapter Proverbs 31 

Wisdom Chapter Proverbs 3 

Wise Man's Chapter .. Proverbs 15 

Work Chapter James 2 

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Scottdale, Pa. 



But when several sincerely join 
in a prayer the power is multiplied. 

The prayer of a righteous man 
availeth much. — James 5 :16. 

When said it cannot be erased. 
Think twice before you utter hard 
and cruel words. 

Be not hasty in thy tongue, and 
in thy deeds slack and remiss. — 
Eccl. 4 :29. 

The longer I live the more high- 
ly do I estimate the Christian Sab- 
bath, and the more grateful do I feel 
towards those who impress its im- 
portance on the community. — Web- 

Night was falling thick and fast 
When I was at my rest. 

The stars were shining, oh, so 
And the moon was like a crest. 

The clouds moved silently along. 

The sky was rather gray. 
The trees were rustling in 

And gone was another daw 


One by one street lamps came on ; 

The lights all were glowing. 
No more people roamed the streets 

And now the noise was going. 

The night was lovely as a dream, 

It was hard to think it true. 
For God did love us all so well. 
And guarded us the whole night 
Sel. bv Sister Blanche Sweitzer 

You and I must so live that our 
lives shall most count for those who 
have need of us. Christian men and 
women must be free to serve souls. 
Thus alone can we escape slavery 
by setting our brothers free. — Kip- 

Come to this God ye weepers, for 

he weeps ; 
Come to him, ye who suffer, for he 

cures ; 
Come to him ye who fear ; he pity 

keeps ; 
Come to him. ye who pass, for he 


— Victor Hugo. 




When things go wrong, as they 
often do, and even your friends may 
prove untrue then what is there left 
for you to do but smile and go 
ahead ? 

When most of your life has been 
uphill, of sickness and trouble you've 
had your fill ; and folks make fun, 
as they often will, just smile and go 

When you've done the very best 
you could, and you didn't succeed as 
you thought you would and folks 
haven't helped you as they should, 
just smile and go ahead. 

Life may have a turn and after its 
best that you should first be put 
through the test, then you can en- 
joy the much earned rest; so smile 
and go ahead. 

Just keep on going ; and try and 

try, for things will go better by and 

by. Some day you won't need to 

sit and sigh, so smile and go ahead. 

Sel. my Sister Blanche Sweitzer 

A large portion of the misery in 
the world is turned into joy when 
our actions bring happiness to oth- 
ers. God has linked happiness with 
duty, health with toil, and spiritual 
power with willing service. 


Memory verse, Prov. 23 :23, "Buy 

the truth, and sell it not; also 
wisdom and instruction, and 

Wed. 1— Gen. 3:1-21. 

Thurs. 2— Eccl. 12. 

Fri. 3—1 Cor. 8. 

Sat. 4— Eccl. 1. 

Memory verse, John 17 :3, "And 
this is life eternal, that they 
might know thee the only true 
God and Jesus Christ, whom 
thou hast sent." 

Sun. 5 — Prov. 2:1-9. 

Mon. 6— Prov. 3:11-20. 

Tues. 7— II Pet. 1. 

Wed. 8— Psa. 139:1-14. 

Thurs. 9— Jer. 9:17-26. 

Fri. 10— Jer. 31:31-40. 

Sat. 11— Hosea 6. 

Memory verse, Eccl. 1 :18, "For in 
much wisdom is much grief : 
and he that increaseth knowl- 
edge increaseth sorrow." 

Sun. 12— John 7:14-31. 

Mon. 13— John 8:25-39. 

Tues. 14— Phil. 3: 1-14. 

Wed. 15— Col. 1 : 1-14. 

Thurs. 16— Job 19. 

Fri. 17— Rom. 8:22-39. 

Sat. 18—11 Cor 5:1-16. 

Memory verse, Prov. 15:14, "The 
heart of him that hath under- 
standing seeketh knowledge : 
but the mouth of fools feedeth 
on foolishness." 

Sun. 19 — James 3. 

Mon. 20—11 Tim. 1 :S-18. 

Tues. 21—1 John 3:1-16. 

Wed. 22— Matt. 11:20-30. 



Thurs. 23— Isa. 44:21-28. 

Fri. 24—1 Tor. 13. 

Sat. 25— Josh. 3:9-17. 

Memory verse, John 9:25, "He an- 
swered and said, whether he be 
a sinner or no, I know not : one 
thing I know, that whereas I 
was blind, now I see." 

Sun. 26— Pro v. 6:1-11. 

Mon. 27— John 17:1-12. 

Tues. 28— Ex. 6: 1-9. 

Wed. 29— Dan. 1:1-16. 



Feb. 5 — Jesus Kind to Foreign Wo- 
man, John 4:5-26, 39-42. 

Feb. 12 — Jesus healing a deaf and 
dumb man. Mark 7:31-37; 
Matt. 15:29-31. 

Feb. 19— (Review) Our Duty to- 
ward Others. Luke 6 :27-3S. 

Feb. 26 — Jesus Stilling the Storm, 
Mark 4:35-41 : Luke 8:22-25. 


Feb. 5 — The Great Separation of the 
Sheep from the Goats. Matt. 

1 — Have we ever lost an opportu- 
nity to be identified with 

2 — If we fail to minister unto 
those about us, whoever or 
wherever they may be when op- 
portunity presents itself, will 
we be classed as goats ? 

3 — As we see and act, determines 

the words we hear. Come ye or 
Feb. 12 — For Thirty Pieces of Sil- 
ver he Sold His Lord. Matt. 

1 — Comparing what we do for the 
Lord with that of the woman, 
do we fall far short? 

2 — Do our lives and actions tell 
how we value the Master ? 

3 — Is it possible for anyone to 
conspire against Christ today? 

A — In what way does Satan pro- 
vide for mankind to betray his 
Lord today? 
Feb. 19— Lord'is it I? Matt. 26:17- 

1 — Does the smitten Shepherd 
still have an interest in the 
flock? Is He leading on? 

2 — In what way do we betray our 

3 — Is there any chance of self- 
confide.K'e becoming a stumb- 
ling bl.ok to mvself and oth- 



28— Watch and Pray that ye 
Enter not into Temptation. 
Matt. 26:36-56. 

1 — Does engagement in prayer 
and obedience to the com- 
mands, fortify us against the 
Devil ? 

2 — If the Lord would come today 
would he find us asleep? 

3 — Can I truthfully say, "Father 
not my will but Thine be 
done" ? 

4 — Which is the stronger, the 
flesh or the Spirit? 



FEBRUARY 1, 1956 

No. 3 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Arise and take the young child 
and his mother, and flee into Egypt, 
and be thou there until I bring thee 
word : for Herod will seek the young 
child to destroy him". Matt. 2:13. 
Have you ever meditated upon this 
command of God? \\ hat effort, what 
sacrifice, what a hardship this must 
of been, for this couple and the little 
babe. Alone, with meager provisions, 
over rough terrain and through 
robber infested country. But some- 
one quickly answers "Certainly God 
would take of them". True, but did 
you ever think that God will take 
care of you throughout all His com- 
mandments ? 

Are we as prompt to obey the 
commands of God as Joseph and 
Mary were, or perhaps we do not 
have the faith in God's commands 
as they had. They were fleeing the 
destroyer of souls, working through 
men. Is the danger of losing the 
blessings of God, any less for us 
than it was for them ? I fear not but 
so often, we enlightened, Bible train- 
ed men and women, do not sense 
and realize the dangers of satan's 
pernicious ways. 

We have much of God's Word, 
delivered through Christ and the 
Apostles, but how much importance 
do we place upon it? Do we hear 
Joseph say, "What, after that long 
journey from Nazareth, another 
farther away, I certainly cannot see 
any reason for such a journey"? No, 
I do not find any such questioning 
of God's Word? Dear reader, do 
you, ever question God's Word? 
Did you ever imagine, what a com- 
forting feeling, Joseph and Mary 
must of had on that journey? Why, 
because they were obeying the com- 
mands of God and they keenly felt 
His care over them. 

Why all the commands of God, 
which we find in His Word? Are 
they not for our warning, for our 
protection, for our instruction and 
for our enjoyment in His service? 
True, we may not know all the pur- 
poses and reasons for each particu- 
lar commandment of God. But as we 
obey them, we often understand 
their blessings, find enjoyment in 
them and of a certainly can be satis- 
fied, because we are obeying the 
commands of an Almighty God, who 
knows and understands all things. 


"Humble yourselves therefore un- 
der the mighty hand of God, that he 
may exalt you in due time : casting 
all your care upon him ; for he car- 
eth for you", 1 Pet. 5:6-7. 

In this life we have warnings and 
danger signs almost everywhere, 
why, they are for our every good 
and for our protection. Anyone who 
does not consider them so and at 
least try to obey them, is usually 
considered a fool. Is anyone any- 
thing less, who disregards the com- 
mands of God. "O foolish Gala- 
tians, who hath bewitched you, that 
ye should not obey the truth, before 
whose eyes' Jesus Christ hath been 
evidently set forth, crucified among 
you?" Gal. 3:1. I wonder if Christ 
would say.O foolish Americans, with 
all your Bibles, your schools of 
learning, your churches and your 
religious liberty? Why all these de- 
nominations, all these different prac- 
tices and especially all these declara- 
tions that, this or the other is not 
necessary even when it is recorded 
in the New Testament". 

Actually what percent of Ameri- 
cans fear, lest they are not obey- 
ing all of God's Word? What per- 
cent even have time to be concerned 
about God's Word at all ? Satan has 
many baits to lure and tempt us to- 
ward danger ; worldly amusements, 
television, bottled drinks, tobacco, 
pride and luxuries all tempt, espec- 
ally the young toward serious dan- 
ger for the soul. They are some of 
the tools which satan mixes with 

others, which are actually destruc- 
tive of the time, talents and means 
of obeying God's Word. Christ was 
in direct contact with satan, at the 
beginning of His ministry and He 
avoided it easily through the use of 
the statements written in the Bible. 
It is surprising the many, many 
problems of life, through which we 
guided, by using the Bible as our 
handbook. If you have not found it 
so then you need to become more 
familiar with it. Trust and obey, 
for their's no other way, to be hap- 
py in Jesus. But to trust and obey. 


Distinction means : to be different, 
the act of noting clearly. To me this 
indicates a setting apart, as day 
from night or good from evil. One is 
outstanding from the other, it can be 
easily noticed. Yet so many think, 
there need be no difference in the 
dress of a christian. Let us see how 
the children of God were command- 
ed to dress in the Old Testament, 
Num. 15:38-40, "Speak unto the 
children of Israel, and bid them that 
they make them fringes in the bord- 
ers of their garments throughout 
their generations and that they put 
upon the fringe of the borders a rib- 
bon of blue : and it shall be unto 
you for a fringe, that ye may look 
upon it, and remember all the com- 
mandments of the Lord and do 
them ; and that ye seek not after 
your own heart and your own eyes, 
after which ye use to go a whoring : 


that ye remember, and do all my 
commandments, and be holy unto 
your God". 

Deut. 22:12, "Thou shalt make 
thee fringes upon the four quarters 
of thy vesture, wherewith thou cov- 
erest thyself". If God wanted His 
people to look different then don't 
you think He still does? He said 
to do so throughout their genera- 
tions. And not just to look different 
but to live different, that ye may 
look upon it (this peculiar dress) 
and remember my (God") com- 
mandments and do them. God even 
commanded them not to wear a gar- 
ment made of different prints, Deut. 
22:11; 1 Tim. 2:9-10. I am afraid, 
we as christian professing people, 
are not concerned enough about this 
question of dress or we would not 
see the worldly dress in the church. 
God says, "Thou art an holy people 
unto the Lord thy God, and the 
Lord hath chosen thee to be a pecu- 
liar people unto himself, above all 
the nations that are upon the earth", 
Deut. 14:2. 

We even see christian professing 
women, wearing that which God 
said, is an abomination unto Him, 
that of woman wearing clothing 
pertaining to man, Deut. 22 :5. Let 
us think and pray over these things 
and warn and uphold the command- 
ments of God, in all the Dunkard 
Brethren churches. Brethren, we 
are in the last day's, but that does 
not mean : that we cannot and need 
not, be a pure church. Can it be that 

we too have drifted so far, that -we 
think these things are no longer 
necessary? Brethren I am inclined 
to believe, if they were necessary for 
the people of God, ages ago, it is 
still so. God is a never changing 
God, He does not change with every 
whisp of man as most men do. He 
changes not from one generation to 

In the beginning God made them 
male and female. He made one dif- 
ferent than the other, you could not 
only hear it in their speech but you 
could see it also. He gave the 
woman long hair for her glory. He 
made man in his own image, in his 
likeness made he him. It seems to 
me, if we today would love God, we 
would not be so particular but would 
be willing to look as He created us. 
Are we different from the world? 
Let us serve God as He would have 

Bro. Paul Stuber, 
26 Locust Bend Rd., 

Ephrata, Pa. 


The apostle Paul's spirit was 
stirred within him, when he saw the 
people of the city wholly given to 
idolatrous worship. He was much 
enthused and concerned as he de- 
livered his sermon on Mars Hill, 
and said, "Ye men of Athens, I 
perceive that in all things ye are 
too superstitious. For as I passed 
by, and beheld your devotions, I 
found an altar with this inscription. 



Taneytown, Md., February 1, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
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sistant Editor. 

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ciate Editor. 

To the unknown god, whom there- 
fore ye ignorantly worship, Him 
declare I unto you". The apostle 
Paul made known to them, the God 
whom they were ignorantly worship- 
ping and whom they did not know, 
Acts 17:16-29. 

''Their land is full of idols ; they 
worship the works of their own 
hands, that which their own fingers 
have made", Isa. 2 :8. Many good 
meaning people think they are wor- 
shiping God but are misled by false 
teachers; and in the day of judg- 
ment, will find themselves serving 
and worshipping the prince of this 
world, whose only reward is eternal 
punishment. Ye worship ye know 
not what, we know what we wor- 
ship : for salvation is of the Jews. 
Jesus our salvation, is of the house 
and lineage of David, Luke 2 :4. 

"The hour cometh and now is, 
when the true worshippers shall 
worship the Father in Spirit and in 
truth : for the Father seeketh such 
to worship him. God is a Spirit: 
and they that worship him must 
worship him in Spirit and in truth", 
John 4:23-24. May we all take 
heed to whom we worship. "Search 
the scriptures ; for in them ye think 
ye have eternal life : and they are 
they which testify of me" John 5 : 
39 Search the scriptures and be 
sure ye have sufficient faith in Jesus 
Christ to lead you to Eternal life. 
Bro. C. M. Kintner, 

Converse, Ind. 


What will you do about Jesus? 
This has been an issue amongst the 
people, almost for two thousand 
years some said, Away with Him, 
crucify Him. Some sought false 
witness against Jesus to put 
Him to death. Matt. 26:67, 
"Then did they spit in his face, and 
buffeted him ; and others smote him 
with the palms of their hands". 
Matt. 27:30, They spit upon Him, 
and took the reed, and smote Him 
on the head, they mocked Him, they 
gave Him vinegar mingled with gall : 
likewise also, the chief priests, 
scribes and elders mocked Him. 
Mark 15:12, Pilate said, what will 
ye that I shall do unto him, whom 
ye call the King of the Jews? And 
they cried out, crucify him. Then 



Pilate said unto them. Why? What 
evil hath He done? 

Luke 22:63. The men that held 
Jesus mocked him, and smote him. 
and when they had blindfolded him, 
they struck him on the face, saying, 
Prophesy, who is it that smote thee ? 
And many other things blasphem- 
ously spake they against Him. Then 
said Pilate to the chief priests and 
to the people. I find no fault in this 
man. 1 Pet. 3:18. "For Christ also 
hath once suffered for sins, the just 
for the unjust, that he might bring 
us to God, being put to death in the 
flesh, but quickened by the Spirit". 
For even hereunto were ye called : 
because Christ suffered for us, leav- 
ing us an example, that ye should 
follow His steps : Who did no sin. 
neither was guile found in his mouth, 
who, when he was reviled, reviled 
not in return, when he suffered he 
threatened not : but committed him- 
self to him that judgeth righteouslv. 
Who his own self bare our sins in 
his own body on the tree, that we 
being dead to sins, should live unto 
righteousness : by whose stripes ye 
were healed. Jesus came doing good 
to all humanity. 

Luke 4:18, The Spirit of the 
Lord is upon me to preach the gos- 
pel to the poor, to heal the broken 
hearted, to preach deliverance and 
recovering of sight to the blind, to 
set at liberty them that are bruised. 
Matt. 4 :23-24, "Jesus went about all 
Galilee teaching in their synagogues 
and preaching the gospel of the king- 

dom, and healing all manner of sick- 
ness and all manners of diseases 
among the people and his fame went 
throughout all Syria : and they 
brought unto him all sick people that 
were taken with divers diseases and 
torments and those which were pos- 
sessed with devils, and those which 
were lunatick, and those that had 
the palsy : and he healed them". 
Luke 9:11, He spake unto them of 
the kingdom of God, and healed 
them that had need of healing. He 
fed the multitudes.and blessed them. 
He called His twelve disciples to- 
gether and gave them power and au- 
thority over devils, and to cure dis- 
eases. He sent them to preach the 
kingdom of God, and to heal the 
sick. Jesus said unto them. My 
mother and my brethren are those 
which hear the Word of God and do 
it. To hear or adhere is to believe 
and do. \\ ny do so many not be- 
lieve that Jesus has the power to 
heal and pray to the Father often 
leaving Jesus out altogether ? 

He is our intercessor, He makes 
intercession for our short-comings. 
He is our mediator. He is also our 
great high Priest. Heb. 4:14-15, 
"Seeing them we have a great high 
priest, that is passed into the heav- 
ens, Jesus the Son of God, let us 
hold fast our profession, for we have 
not an high Priest which cannot be 
touched with the feeling of our in- 
firmities ; but was in all points 
tempted like as we are, yet without 
sin." He is able to save unto the ut- 


termost. There is none other name 
under heaven given among men 
whereby we must be saved. Neither 
is there salvation in any other name, 
save Jesus the Christ. Thousands of 
people are misled or deceived, made 
to believe they can receive salvation 
by some man. and are worshipping 
man in their ignorance. Jesus is the 
only Saviour. No man cometh unto 
the Father but by Him. This means, 
It must be accepting Jesus Christ 
or we are lost. In order to save, a 
religion must be the true teachings 
of Jesus Christ. Man can believe a 
lie and be damned. No man can be 
saved, who refuses to accept the 
Lord Jesus Christ as his personal 

John 3 :3, 5, Except a man be born 
of water and of the Spirit, he cannot 
enter into the kingdom of God. Ver- 
ily, verily, I say unto thee, Except 
a man be born again, he cannot see 
the kingdom of God. What are you 
going to do with Jesus and His 
Words? You have to accept Hm 
or reject Him. Jesus died on the 
cross and paid the debt of our sin- 
ful nature. What Jesus did do, and 
what He will do for you, if you 
trust and obey Him. He will cover 
al your sins with His blood, which 
He shed on Calvary's Cross. What 
a wonderful Saviour we have that 
one can have assurance of salvation. 
A question that faces every indivi- 
dual who lives to come to the age 
of accountability or responsibility, 
What should or will I do with Jesus 

which is called the Christ ? Sad that 
so many are satisfied to follow in 
satan's pernicious ways 

Gen. 6 :3, The Lord said, My 
Spirit shall not always strive with 
man. Matt 7:13-14, "Enter ye in at 
the strait gate : because strait is the 
gate, and narrow is the way, which 
leadeth unto life, and few there be 
that find it. For wide is the gate, 
and broad is the way, that leadeth 
to destruction and many there be 
which go in thereat". The way of 
the transgressor is hard. For the 
wages of sin is death : but the gift 
of God is eternal life through Jesus 
Christ our Lord. Rom. 14:10, For 
we shall all stand before the judg- 
ment seat of Christ. So then every- 
one of us shall give an account of 
himself to God. It would be well and 
wisdom to our being, to take in- 
voice and examine our faith, prac- 
tice and actual doings. 1 Cor. 11 :31, 
If we would judge ourselves, we 
should not be judged. 2 Cor. 13:5, 
Examine yourselves whether ye be 
in the faith: (not a faith) prove 
your own selves That we should ap- 
pear approved. There is somethng 
required of us to be approved of the 

2 Pet. 1 :10, Give diligence to 
make your calling and election sure : 
Let the word of Christ dwell in you 
richly in all wisdom, let the peace 
of God rule in your hearts, to the 
which also ye are called in one 
body : and be ye thankful. 1 Pet. 
2:6, "Behold, I lay in Sion a chief 



cornerstone elect, precious : and he 
that believeth on him shall not be 
confounded. Unto you therefore 
which believe he is precious". 2 
Tim. 2:10, "Therefore I endure all 
things for the elect's sake, that they 
may also obtain the salvation which 
is in Christ Jesus with eternal 
glory". Mark 13:20, "Except that 
the Lord had shortened those days, 
no flesh should be saved : but for 
the elect's sake, whom he hath chos- 
en he hath shortened the days". He 
does positively not mean, a people 
or group by a certain name, regard- 
less of their disobedience. The elect 
or chosen ones are the servants of j 
Christ, doing the will of God from 
the heart. 

Eph. 6:6-7, "Not with eyeservice, ' 
as men-pleasers ; but as the servants 
of Christ, doing the will of God 
from the heart : with good will do- 
ing service, as to the Lord, and not 
to men". We have men who call 
themselves reverend and preach 
what the people of their group, 
church, or creed want. Do you think 
we can thus be a servant of Christ ? 
What will you do with Jesus? is 
one question but the important 
question is, What will Jesus do with 
you? The apostle Paul declared 
hmself a servant of the Lord and 
did not shun to declare the whole 
counsel of God. 

Matt. 7 :22, "Many will say to me 
in that day, Lord, Lord, have we 
not prophesied in Thy name? And 
in Thy name have cast out devils? 

And in Thy name done many won- 
derful works? Are they approved 
of the Lord? Then will I (Jesus) 
profess unto them, depart from me, 
ye that work iniquity. Not even- 
one that saith Lord, Lord, shall en- 
ter into the kingdom of heaven : but 
he that doeth the will of the Father 
which is in heaven. 

Many are the Lord's professors, 
Many to the shrine do go 
But how many real possessors 
He, the Lord, doth only know. 

John 10:1, "Verily, verily, I say 
unto you, he that entereth not by 
the door into the sheepfold, but 
climbeth up some other way, the 
same is a thief and a robber". Dis- 
respecting the Lord Jesus. I am the 
door : by me if any man enter in, he 
shall be saved. I am the good shep- 
herd : the good shepherd giveth his 
life for his sheep. Christ actually 
did this on the cross. 

Many have of heaven spoken 
But not all have started fair : 
And because his laws are broken 
Many fail to enter there. 

Matt. 7 :24, "Therefore whosoev- 
er heareth these sayings of mine, 
and doeth them, I will liken him un- 
to a wise man, which built his house 
upon a rock". Jesus said, Upon this 
rock I will build my church. 
He who is in Christ well rooted, 
Whose faith is firm and sound 
Will anchor safe and sure 
When the raging storms abound. 
Willam N. Kinsley, 

Hartville, Ohio 



Dear Brethren and Sisters, What 
is going to happen to our church? 
What do I mean when I say this? 
I feel that we are falling away from 
the plain simple life. I see it con- 
stantly with the young sisters dress- 
ing in fancy clothes, stockings so 
light and sheer one cannot tell 
whether the}- have stockings on or 
not. What is this leading to? When 
they become mothers in the church, 
they will probably have drifted so 
far their children will wear no 
stockings at all. 

Though I have been in the church 
for only a short time, I believe in 
dressing in a plain manner accord- 
ing to God's Word. 1 Tim. 2:9-10, 
"In like manner also, that women 
adorn themselves in modest apparel, 
with shamefacedness and sobriety ; 
not with broided hair, or gold or 
pearls, or costly array; but (which 
becometh women professing godli- 
ness) with good works". 

Why then are there those who on 
Sunday only, wear plain clothes to 
show they are for Christ? During 
the week, at school, about town, and 
other places, you would not know 
them from anyone of the world. Is 
that letting your light shine before 
men ? I know you have heard it 
many times, "Let your light so shine 
before men, that they may see your 
good works, and glorify your Father 
which is in Heaven", Matt. 5:16. 

Each of us needs to pray more. 

Young people need to pray for 
streugth, to follow close to Christ 
during their young life. Their most 
important duty in life is to have a 
happy christian home, for their 
children and for the Lord. Young 
people, wake up before it is forever 
too late. May Christ's life be our 

Sister Hallie Mize 
Vienna, Va. 



Subscription renewals are coming 
in good. We especially appreciate 
the fine work of several correspond- 
ents, for the amount of renewed and 
new subscriptions. If you have not 
already sent in your $1.00, please 
do so at once to avoid missing any 

Please note, we are late with the 
revision of the Mailing List and sev- 
eral, who have renewed several 
months ago, still do not have their 
label changed. At least by March 
first issue, all address labels should 
be correct. 


The Goshen Church met in quart- 
erly council on Friday evening, Dec. 
16. 1 Thess. 3 was read by Bro. 
Harry Gunderman. After prayer, 
our Elder, Roy Swihart took charge 
of the meeting. The former minutes 
were read and the old business tak- 
en care of. Sunday-School and 


church officers were elected. Bro. 
Roy Swihart was chosen presiding 
elder, for the coming year. 

The voting was in a Christian 
manner. May we go forward dur- 
ing the coming year, with the 
thought of increasing our faith and 
working for, greater unity and spir- 

Sister Maurine Carpenter, Cor. 


The Midway congregation met in 
council Sept. 10. The principle busi- 
neess was the annual visit report, 
other matters in preparation for our 
communion and other meetings to 
follow shortly. Elder Koones was 
in charge of our meeting. 

One week later, Sept. 17, we met 
for our communion services, begin- 
ning with an afternoon meeting. 
Forty-six engaged in the evening 
service with Elder Yern Hostetlei 

The next day, Sunday, was the 
Plenva-Midway harvest meeting 
here. There were 75 present for 
morning services After Sunday- 
school Bro. Floyd Swihart preached 
us a harvest sermon using Jer. 8 :20, 
"The harvest is past, the summer is 
ended, and we are not saved." In the 
afternoon Elder Hostetler preached 
on the subject, "What is Truth?" 
We do appreciate the presence and 
help given us in these meetings by 
Brethern Swihart and Hostetler and 
their families. 

From Oct. 18-30 inclusive Elder 

Hayes Reed preached for us in a 
series of meetings giving us many 
good lessons, reminders, and admon- 
itions from the Scriptures. During 
these meetings, on Saturday, Oct. 
22, Bro. and Sister Donald Ecker 
were with us and assisted in our ser- 
vices. A few evenings later, Tues., 
Oct. 25, Brethren Paul R. Myers, 
Amnion Keller, and Clifford Long 
were with us in our services. Bro. 
Myers opened for Bro. Reed; then 
after the sermon Bro. Keller gave 
a report on the new church at Clear- 
ville. Pa. and closed our meeting. 
We thank all these brethren for 
stoping in with us as they journeyed 
through this way. We thank all 
who have come and helped these 
meetings in any way, and invite you 
back and others to come any time. 

On Sat., Dec. 3, we met in coun- 
cil with our Elder Koones in charge. 
The main business was electing 
church and Sunday-school officers 
for the coming year. Elder Koones 
was reelected for our presiding eld- 

Many of our ministering brethren 
are spending their time, strength, 
and means traveling over the broth- 
erhood for one or two services or up 
to two weeks of services at one 
place, somewhat as did their pre- 
decessors Paul and his co-workers, 
"confirming the churches" ; trying 
to influence us as individuals to in- 
crease our faith in, love for, and obe- 
dience to God and His will. Paul 
must have been saddened at times 



by receiving news of disorder, con- 
tention, and division in some of the 
churches where he labored. News 
travels even faster now than in 
Paul's time. Let us each and all so 
love and respect our laboring breth- 
ren that we will hold fast to the good 
things they have given us, that we 
be not guilty of those things which 
would sadden them and cause them 
to feel that their labors with us had 
been in vain. 

Paul B. Myers Cor. 

R. 5, Peru, Ind. 

boxes which we made up during the 
Christmas season. Treasurers re- 
port and minutes were read and an 
offering taken. Meeting closed with 
prayer and singing of the Doxology. 
Bro. and Sister Roesch were with 
us the next day for services, when 
Bro. Roesch gave the morning ser- 

Ruthanna Kintner, Cor. 

Forty-four members of the Plevna 
congregation were present for our 
church council on December 10. 
Meeting opened at 1 :00 p m. by 
singing hymn no. 237, devotions 
from Rom. 12:1-9 by Elder Elzie 
Weimer and prayer by Bro. Harley 

Elder Melvin Roesch presided dur- 
ing the business session Minutes 
of the last meeting and a letter of 
appreciation from 'Bro. Kyle Reed 
on behalf of the Relief Board were 
read. It was announced that Bro. 
Floyd Swihart has accepted to hold 
our 1956 revival. Church officers 
were chosen with Elder Yern Hos- 
tetler elected elder for the new year. 
Also an evangelist for 1957 was 
chosen. It was decided to make an- 
other division in the primary classes 
to better accommodate the differ- 
ent ages. Our Thanksgiving offer- 
ing was to be used for Christmas 

On Dec. 12 the Shrewsbury Con- 
gregation met for quarterly council. 
Hymn 204 was sung. Eld. J. H. 
Myers read 1 Cor. 13 and led in 
! prayer, after which our presiding 
1 Elder, A. G. Fahnestock then took 
I charge. The officers were chosen 
for the new year. A hymn was 
chosen, we had prayer and were dis- 
| missed. 

Sister Sheila Stump Cor. 


We are submitting several sug- 
gestions as a help to contributors in 
preparing material for the Bible 
Monitor. These suggestions will 
also make the work easier for both 
the Editor and Printer. 

1. Place your name and address 
at the close of the article. We deem 
it more appropriate to sign as Broth- 
er or Sister — 

2. Do not make sentences too 
long. A number of short sentences 
are better than a long, involved sen- 
tence, which is difficult to punctuate, 
and in which the real meaning of the 



writer's thought may be lost. 

3. It will be appreciated if you 
gather a particular thought or 
thoughts and their proving scripture 
quotations, into paragraphs and set 
these apart from the rest of the arti- 
cle, by setting in the first line of 
each paragraph about the space of 
three letters. 

4. Do not crowd your words or I 
punctuation marks close together. | 
Do not use slang or abbreviated i 
words "thot" for thought, "2" for i 
two, etc. 

5. Write or typewrite on one 
side of the paper only. Double spac- j 
ing of lines is much preferred. 

6. If a word is too long to put it 
all on the end of the line, carry the 
whole word on to the next line. 

7. Use direct quotation for scrip- 
ture references : please copy the 
wording and the punctuation just as 
it appears in the King James Ver- 
sion of the Bible. Given thus : 
book, chapter, and verse, "Jesus 
wept", John 1 1 :35. 

8. When quoting from other 
sources, always use quotation marks 
at the beginning and at the end of 
the quotation. 

9. In submitting selected mater- 
ial give the name of the author and 
the publication in which it appear- 
ed, if known, and add "selected by" 
and your name. 

10. To be certain that an item is 
in a certain issue, your Editor should 
have this item at least 20 days prior 
to the date of the issue. 

11. The Publication Board has 
decided that News Items should 
contain material of general interest 
to the Brotherhood. Therefore items 
of only local interest should not be 
included in News Items, such as : 
Local Sunday-school officers, local 
Church officers. District meeting 
delegates, minor local church prop- 
erty improvements and items "In 


Last Sun. April — Bethel, Pa. 

Last Sat., April — Kansas City, ~SIo. 

First Sun. May — Waynesboro, Pa. 

May 5, 2 P. M.— Eldorado, Ohio. 

Second Sat., May — Mechanicsburg, 

Third Sat., May— West Fulton, O. 

Third Sat., May — Berean, Va. 

Third Sun., May — N. Lancaster, Pa 

Fourth Sun., May — Shrewsbury, 

Sat. before 4th Sun. August — Swal- 
low Falls, Md. 

Last Sat., Aug. — Midway, Ind. 

Last Sun., Sept. — Mt. Dale, Md. 

First Sun., Oct. — Walnut Grove, 

Second Sat., Oct. — Mechanicsburg, 

Third Sat., Oct. — Berean, Va. 

Third Sat., Oct.— Plevna, Ind. 

Third Sun., Oct — N. Lancaster, Pa. 

Fourth Sat., Oct. — Englewood, 

Last Sun., Oct.— Bethel, Pa. 

First Sun.. Nov. — Shrewsbury, Pa. 


^ — O 

^ ft -+ O ^ OO ^ 

^ c s -5 -s £ jy M.g] ■- 3 £ 2S £ - 5 £ -+ £ £ g feON^ 

^ £ rt > ^ -a ° i- Go^— c »- ^ C? ^ -r 'r 2 ° ry2 >° 

^ pi *s ^ J5 c ii Jd o n >> « 2^, i < vj <-£ ^ ^ ^ s p v 

>. ~ . w 2 "E o 5 fe -2 - 15 5 r — <" £ 2 c 5* -3 t: 

.»- ^ ■> G o cu ^ ■« rt ."ri ^ £ £ cj . - cu a S rt ■« £ o 



o J. -> 

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o" I "J p3 i ■— 3 r -2 

S. 2 £ , I > O 



£ . I -d £ ~- i i * > o 

z „ -s - o i c 1 3 i I fS u ^ |"| $ -• ^ g g 

g | a | 1 o I o ;. ° 1 § J || a o £■ i > > $ | * £ 

§ < a u § j s -: « g J3 ^ y ;• I 3 -' 1 2 S3 4 ti I 5 g 

U rt ^ == . r-J ro £ p> Pm „.* ^ -h r fe u y - , ^ x 5< K - 5 -j> 

S - x« Q . ^ rt u . r-" Qd -a & f> ^ -?, M rt ^ M W ^ ^ = ^ 

M s 2 f cd r^' - - ^ -5 o - ^ -; « rs^,;^ - h ^? 

3 ^ r^ ^ t, .- s <f tt J3 a <y -s fe a ; rt u « ^ c i-oi s 

•-2 g ^ ^i -. M - ,C 13 ^ ^ cd . ^ „• ~ oq ^ ^ J 

o h_l ^" o J rt 


" « o rt g ??> n . « ^ « — - o >-i ^ y o „ 53 o 

5 o ^2 • 4T s 

- O A9 fe ^ ryi J 'i < ^ ^ ^O w O N J O ^ ^ U S 

rf u ° 1,2, g g 


o _a 


«■ , b 3 O I. . 2 W , ^ J, J K c -2 













S ^5 b/j ^ S rt rt > .t! U -5 ^ '^ ° ~z "3 c' 

U^CWyo^4^ii i j^^^O'y)^> 




That it be the policy of the Bible 
Monitor to exclude controversial 
material and materal opposing, ques- 
tioning or reflecting on decisions or 
positions of the church as determin- 
ed by General Conference, or derog- 
atory thereto. Also all other ma- 
terial not of proper standard or spir- 
itual value for a church paper. 

That supervision over the matter 
to be published in the Bible Moni- 
tor by exercised by the Publication 


Andrews, Harry E., R. 1, 

Grandview, Mo., E. 
Bashor, W. E., Bx. S26, 

Turlock, Calif., E. 
Bowman, T. I,, Port Republic, 

Va., E. 
Blocher, Paul D., R. 1, 

West Milton, Ohio, M. 
Broadwater, Jonas, Piedmont, 

W. Va., E. 
Brown, J. D., Bx. 124, 

Poplar, Mont., E. 
Bytield, Paul, R. 1, Bx. 76S, 

Modesto, Calif., M. 
Carpenter, Wm., Petersburg, 

Mich., M. 

Cocklin, Walter E., 201 W. Coover 

St., Mechanicsburg, Pa., M. 

Demuth, W. H., 23 Hillcrest Ave., 

Waynesboro, Pa., E. 

Dickey, Howard, Bx. 23 

Deer Creek. 111., E. 

Dorsey, George, Bx. 5S, 

Salisbury, Pa., E. 
Ebling, David, Bx. 28, 

Bethel, Pa., E. 
Ecker, Donald F., Quinter, Kan., M 
Fahnestock, A. G., R. 3, 

Lititz, Pa.., E. 
Flora, Joseph E., Dallas Center, 

la., M. 
Flory, Eldon, Yermontville, 

Mich., M. 
Flohr, L. B., Bx. 236, 

Vienna, Va., E 
Frantz, Harold R., R. 3, 

Troy, Ohio, M. 
Gunderman, H. M., R. 2, 

Goshen, Ind., E. 
Haldeman, Millard S., 

Quinter, Kans., M. 
Harlacher, Galen, 404 Columbia 

Drive, Xewberg, Ore., E. 
Hannan, Oscar Price, Industry, 

111., M. 
Harris, Otto, Antioch, W. Va., E. 
Hostetler, Yern, R. 3, 

Montpelier, Ohio, E. 
Jamison, Dale E., Ouinter,Kans, M. 
Jamison, O. T., Quinter, Kans., E, 
Jarboe, H. I., Grandview, Mo., E. 
Johnson, H. Edward, Rd. 2, 

Waueson, Ohio, E„ 
Kegerreis, James, Bx. 84, 

Strausstown, Pa., E„ 
Keller, Amnion B., Rd. 5, 

Lebanon, Pa., E„ 
Keene}', Lavern, R. 4, 

Lititz, Pa., M. 
Klepinger, Benjamin S., R.2, 

Brookville. Ohio, M„ 



Koones, Emmanuel, R.3, 

Kokomo, Ind., E. 
Leatherman, Charles, R.l, 

Wauseon, Ohio, M. 
Mallow,0\ven, Clearville, Pa., M. 
Marks, D. K,, R. 3, York, Pa., M. 
Mellott, Homer, R. 4, Bx. 51, 

Vienna, Va., M. 
Mellott. Z. L., Oakland, Md., E. 
Miller. Clyde J., 437% E. Wilson, 

Bryan, Ohio, E. 
Morphew, Paul, R. 5, 

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York, Pa. M. 
Myers. Paul R., Bx., 117, 

Greentown, Ohio, E. 
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W. Va., E. 
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Pease. Walter C, Quinter, Ivans., M. 
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Reed, Hayes, 1433 Overholtzer 

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la., M. 
Reed, R. O. E., Snowville, Va., E. 
Reed. W. S., R. 1, Waukee. la., E. 
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Mt. Joy, Pa., E. 

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Rice. Joshua, R. 3. 

Frederick, Md., E. 
Robbins. J. P., Bx. 34, 

Potsdam, Ohio, E. 
Roesch, Melvin, 147, Clinton St., 

Wauseon, Ohio. E. 

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Rover, Orville, Dallas Center, 

la., E. 
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Mechanicsburg, Pa., E. 
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Mercersburg, Pa., E. 
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Ave., Fairfax, Va., M. 
Strayer, O. L., Bx. 246, 

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Taneytown, Md., E. 

Swallow, James F., 6560 Sonoma 
Mt. Rd., Santa Rosa, Calif., M. 

Swihart, Floyd T., R. 3, 

Goshen, Ind. E. 

Swihart, Roy, R. 1, Goshen, Ind., E. 
Taylor, Addison, R. 1, 

Buffalo Mills, Pa., E. 
Withers, E. L., Newberg, Ore., E. 
Weaver. Paul C, R. 1, 

Bethel, Pa., M. 
Weimer, Elsworth, R. 5, 

Wabash, Ind., E. 
Wyatt, Rufus, 227 3rd. St., NE, 

Massillon, Ohio, E. 




Clearville, Pa. — Ward's church — 
Located 14 miles southwest of Ev- 
erett, Pa., all improved roads. From 
Everett take Rt. 26 to Clearville, 
Pa. At Clearville straight ahead, 
south leaving Rt. 26 which turns 
right, one and one-half miles then 
turn right at fork, Ward's church 
is five miles on the left. 

Dallas Center, Iowa — located on 
Route 64, twenty-four miles north- 
west of Des Moines, in the town of 
Dallas Center. Three blocks west 
and one block north of Post Office. 

Englewood, Ohio — Twelve miles 
north of Dayton, route 40 and route 
48 cross at the center of Englewood, 
church-house is located on right of 
Route 48, one block north of this 

Goshen, Ind. — Take U. S. high- 
way 33 or Indiana highway, 15, to 
Goshen, turn west at Policebooth, 
go three blocks beyond bridge, turn 
north one block, turn west in Clifton 
Street, turn north and the church is 
located on east side of road not far 
from turn. 

Kansas City, Mo. — The church is 
located in Kansas City, Mo., at 20th 
and Hardesty St. This is eleven 
blocks north of the intersection of 
U.S. Route 40 and Hardesty St. 

McClave, Colo. — The church is 
located two miles east of Hasty, 
Colo., on Route 50 and one mile 

Midway, Ind. — An old red brick 
school-house, on your right as you 
travel southwest from Peru, just 
off U.S. highway 31, three miles 
from the Court-house which is lo- 
cated near the center of Peru. 

Pleasant Home, Calif. — Coming 
from the north on Route 99 to 
Ceres, Calif., one block past the 
light turn left on Park Street for 
two blocks, turn right on 6th St. for 
one block, turn left on Roeding road 
and one and one-half miles to the 
church. Coming from the south, turn 
right one block before the light and 
follow the above directions. 

Pleasant Ridge, Ohio — Located in 
Williams County, four miles west of 
West Unity, forty rods north of 
Route 20 Alternate, two miles east 
of junction of Ohio Route 15 and 
U.S. Route 20 alternate. 

Plevna, Ind.— Routes 18 and 22 
pass east and west through Con- 
verse, route 513 passes north and 
south through Converse. From Con- 
verse south, two and one-half miles, 
turn right on blacktop road and go 
six miles west to Plevna, church is 
near square of Plevna. 

Newberg, Ore. — In Newberg, 
Oregon at 501 North Main St., at 
the corner of Franklin St. 

Orion, Ohio — Located in north- 
eastern Ohio ; on Orion road, one- 
fourth mile west of State Route 8, 
at a point six miles north of Can- 
ton or one and one-half miles north 
of North Canton and seventeen 
miles south of Akron. 



South Fulton, 111.— Astoria. 111., 
is located on Route 24, coming from 
east or west turn south at the bank 
corner marked by the big clock. Two 
miles south, over the railroad bridge 
and on the right at top of hill. 

Shrewsbury, Pa. — Fourteen miles 
south of York on Route 111 at the 
north end of town of Shrewsbury. 

Swallow Falls, Md. — Traveling 
U.S. Route 50 turn north at Red- 
house, half way between Clarksburg 
and Winchester, follow route 219 to 
Oakland, there turn left on county 
road 20. The church is on route 20 
about nine miles north of Oakland. 
Traveling U. S. Route 40, turn 
south on to Route 219 at Keyser 
Ridge, follow Route 219 about four 
miles past Deep Creek Lake, turn 
right on county road 20. The 
church is one and one-half miles 
from Swallow Falls park. 

Vienna. Ya. — 115 North Pleasant 
Street. Yienna, Ya.. just north of 
highway 123. 

Walnut Grove. Md. — About micl- 
wav between Frederick. Md.. and 
Hanover. Pa., one-fourth mile east, 
off Route 71 at intersection, three 
miles north of Taneytown, Md. 

West Fulton, Ohio. — Near Wau- 
seon, Ohio. Located on U.S. Route 
20 alternate, three and one-half 
miles west of junction of Ohio Route 
108 and U. S. Route 20 alternate. 

Consecration is not wrapping 
one's self in a holv web in the sanc- 

tuary, it is going into the world and 
using every power for God's glory. 


All we, like sheep, have gone 

astray; we have turned every one 
to his own way ; and the Lord hath 
laid on him the iniquity of us all. 


The following Dunkard Brethren 
Publications are available from the 
Boards as listed : 
Bible Study Board 

The Bible Outline $ .45 

The Old Testament History .55 

The New Testament History .60 
General Mission Board 

Rites and Ordinances, 90 pages 
by Alexander Mack .40 

Following Tracts are free — 

Do You Want Salvation? 

Plain Dressing 

Our Speech 

What Shall I Do With The Com- 
mandments of Jesus ? 

The Lord's Supper 

Bible Teachings 

The Brethren's Card 

Triune Baptism 

The Service of Feetwashing as a 
Religious Rite 

The Doctrine of the Prayer Veil 
Publication Board 

Brethren Hymnal $1.35 

Church Manual .30 

No Charge 

1939 Polity Booklet 

Baptismal Certificate Blanks 

Church Letter Blanks 

Credential Blanks 




It was easily said — that unkind word 
That fell from your lips at morn ; 
But your little thought as away it 
It would tear some heart like a 
You did not mean it — 'twas thought- 
less, yes, 
But it flew on its onward track. 
And the prayers and tears of all 
life's years 
Can never bring it back. 
It was easily said — that kindly word 
That you spoke with a pleasant 
smile ; 
But it cheered a soul that was lone 
and sad 
And it braced a heart for a trial. 
The strongest monuments crumble^ 
and break, 
And into the dust decay ; 
But a kindly word will live on and 
Though the speaker has passed 

Oh, let be careful of each small word 
We speak with but little thought ; 
They will carry a message of love, 

If we say the words we ought ; 
And by and by, when our lips are 
And our record of life is known. 
The kindly words shall shine forth 
like stars, 
In the crown that shall be our 
Sel. by — Sister Eileen Poorman 
Pioneer, Ohio. 


All those who are fully born of 
the Water and of the Spirit, have the 
same mind in them which was in 
Jesus. Yes, they are operated upon 
by His Spirit; and if led by that 
Spirit, they need apprehend no dan- 
ger of swerving from the truth, or 
imbibing error. Oh no, it is the Spir- 
it's office to guide the believer into 
all truth. "He will not speak of 
himself — but whatsoever he shall 
hear, that shall he speak; and he 
will show you things to come. He 
shall glorify me, that is Christ; for 
he shall receive of mine, and shall 
show it unto you : all things that the 
Father hath are mine ; therefore said 
I. he shall take of mine, and shall 
shew it unto you", John 14:13, 15. 

A spirit cannot be seen by the 
bodily eye ; but its operations of the 
Spirit are compared unto the wind. 
"The wind bloweth where it listeth, 
and thou hearest the sound thereof, 
but canst not tell whence it cometh, 
or whither it goeth ; so is every one 
that is born of the Spirit", Jno. 3 :8. 
The wind cannot be seen but its ef- 
fects can be both felt and seen. John, 
that beloved disciple, solemnly 
charged the brethren "not to be- 
lieve in every spirit, but to try the 
spirits whether they are of God, be- 
cause many false prophets have gone 
out into the world", 1 John 4:1. 
How are we to try or prove the spir- 
it? I answer, by the Word of God. 



For example, If that spirit from 
whose operations we act and move, 
and if those actions and movements, 
do not in every respect, agree with 
the Gospel of Jesus Christ, we may 
take it for granted, that it is a spirit 
of error, and not the spirit of truth, 
that operates upon us. 

Reader, let us take warning and 
make sure work for the Kingdom of 
Heaven. The time will come when 
every man's work shall be tried. 
Yes. the apostle Paul in 1 Cor. 3 
tells us "For other foundation can no 
many lay than which is laid, 
which is Jesus Christ. Now if any 
man build upon this foundation. gold, 
silver, precious stones, wood, hay, 
stubble ; every man's work shall be 
made manifest ; for the day shall 
declare it, because it shall be reveal- 
ed by fire ; and the fire shall try 
every man's work of what sort it is. 
[f any man's work abide, which he 
hath built thereupon, he shall re- 
ceive a reward. If man's work shall 
be burned, he shall suffer loss; but 
he himself shall be saved : yet so as 
by fire". Now it is certain that 
every man or woman, who professes 
faith in Jesus Christ, is a builder for 
eternity. But it may be possible for 
persons to profess faith in Jesus 
Christ, and yet not conduct 
themselves so as to be saved 
by the present means of salvation. 
Therefore, we ought to be very par- 
ticular as it respects the materials or 
means, we make use of, in rearing 
up a spiritual edifice for the King- 

dom of Glory. 

In the first place, I would advise 
all persons when they commence this 
important undertaking to dig deep, 
that is, make a proper search, until 
they are fully satisfied that they have 
found the rock Christ, the sure foun- 
dation ; and then employ those ma- 
terials or means which Christ him- 
self has appointed for the accom- 
plishment of this desirable object. 
By this spiritual edifice, I allude to 
that temple which the apostle writes 
of, 1 Cor. 3:16; 4:19, "Know ye not 
that ye are the temple of God, and 
the Spirit of God dwelleth in you. 
If any man defile the temple of God, 
him shall God destroy ; for the tem- 
ple of God is holy, which temple ye 
are. What know- ye not that your 
body is the temple of the Holy 
Ghost, which is in you, which ye 
have of God, and ye are not your 
own ; for ye are bought with a price, 
therefore glorify God in your body 
and your spirits, which are God's". 

Reader are you a professor of the 
religion of Jesus Christ? If so, I 
charge you to examine well the foun- 
dation upon which your hope of 
eternal glory depends. Now, if 
Christ be your foundation, you are 
certainly well founded. Yes, you are 
founded upon solid rock. The rain 
may descend and the floods come, 
and the winds blow and beat ever so 
much upon that super-structure, 
which has Christ for its foundation, 
and it cannot be moved, Yea it shall 
not fail. But should our foundation 



be an arm of flesh, the doctrines and 
commandments of men, we are in a 
state of delusion. Our foundation 
is a sandy one, and cannot stand ; it 
will totter and finally fall and great 
will be the fall thereof. 

Reader let us be awake to our 
highest interest and guard against 
the great prostitute that we read of 
in Rev. 17, "So he carried me away 
in the spirit into the wilderness, and 
I saw a woman sit upon a scarlet- 
colored beast, full of names of blas- 
phemy, having seven heads and ten 
horns. And the woman was array- 
ed in purple and scarlet color, and 
decked with gold, and precious 
stones, and pearls, having a golden 
cup in her hand, full of abominations 
and fllthiuess of her fornications. 
And upon her forehead was written, ■ 
Mystery, Babylon the Great, the j 
Mother of Harlots and Abomiua- j 
tions of the earth. And I saw the ! 
woman drunken with the blood of 
saints, and with the blood of the 
martyrs of Jesus; and when I saw 
her I wondered with great admira- 

By this woman, we are to under- 
stand every corrupt sect or commu- 
nity professing to be the church of 
Christ. Whenever they become 
numerous they are sure to produce 
more sects; therefore she is styled 
the mother of harlots. By her rich 
and costly adornment and the gold- 
en cup which she holds in her hand, 
we may understand that by which 
she attracts the attention of the chil- 

dren of men The golden cup is full 
of abominations and filthiness of her 
fornications ; and when she by her 
grand appearance, succeeds in at- 
tracting the attention of the children 
of men, and presenting to them the 
golden cup. which may more parti- 
cularly represent the excellency of 
speech and doctrine which the 
preachers in particular of those cor- 
rupt communities, deliver to a cheat- 
ed multitude to receive ; and when 
they do receive the doctrine inculcat- 
ed by those corrupt preachers then 
it is, that they drink of the contents 
of the golden cup, and are sure to 
become intoxicated to such a degree 
as to think that they are doing God's 
service, when opposing and perse- 
cuting the children of God even unto 

Reader let us take heed to our- 
selves and guard against every feel- 
ing which is contrary to love, that 
is love to God and love to man. If 
so we shall not do anything that 
would be in opposition to the doc- 
trine of Christ. Yea, we shall be 
under the guidance of the spirit of 
truth, and of course, shall be pre- 
served from that delusion which it is 
to be feared, will be the destruction 
of thousands of the children of men. 
Oh, let us walk in the light of the 
Gospel, that the smiling countenance 
of our Heavenly Father may shine 
upon us. We have but a short time 
to stay in this world ; yes, a few 
more risings and sittings of yonder 
sun, and we shall have finished our 



course. Happy, happy, will it be 
for us, if iu a state of readiness when 
separated from the body by the an- 
gel of death, the soul can then enter 
into a mansion of rest in the para- 
dise of God, which our dear Re- 
deemer has prepared for those that 
love him. 

But oh, should we be the opposers 
and neglectors of this great salva- 
tion, our state will be a miserable 
one. Oh what awful feelings will 
corrode our minds, when sickness 
seizes, medicines fail, and the icy 
arms of death encircle us round. 
When separated from the body, the 
soul, that immortal part, will have 
to enter the prison of hell, where 
there shall be wailing and gnashing 
of teeth. Reader O reader, whoev- 
er you be, I entreat you to take 
warning, and seek the Lord whilst 
he is near, that your poor soul may 
be saved in time and in eternity. It 
matters not whether you be young 
or old, now to you even now, is the 
day of salvation, the acceptable time. 
Tomorrow may be too late : for their 
is no state, no age in life, that is ex- 
empted from death. Yes, the in- 
fant in the cradle, the young man 
and the young woman, the middle 
aged, and the old gray-headed man 
or woman, are all liable to death. 
"For it is appointed unto man once 
to die, and after that the Judgment", 
"Dust thou art, and unto dust thou 
shalt return". These delicate bodies 
of ours will ere long become food for 
worms in the silent tomb. 

Oh what folly, what madness to 
spend so much money and precious 
time in pampering and decorating 
these mortal bodies. Crucify, oh 
reader, I entreat you to crucify in 
yourself the old man, that corrupt 
nature, which you, myself, and the 
whole human family have inherited 
from a fallen Adam, though it may 
cost you the frowns of the world, 
the persecutions of the wicked, and 
all those things which are so highly 
esteemed by the children of this 
world. Oh the crown, the immortal 
crown of life, that is in reservation 
for the faithful followers of the 
Lamb. That crown, that precious 
crown, is worth more than all the 
glittering toys and glories of this 
vain world. Yes, this world with 
all its pleasures and enjoyments, is 
not worthy to be compared to the 
eternal weight of glory that awaits 
the righteous in the other world. 
Our Saviour declared, "What will 
it profit a man if he gain the whole 
world and lose his own soul? or 
what can a man give in exchange for 
his soul?" Beloved reader, we can 
give nothing iu exchange for our 
soul ; for it is more valuable than all 
the world : therefore, let us daily lay 
up treasures in heaven that our 
hearts may lie there also. 
Sel from Xead's Theological Works. 

Everything that thou reprovest in 
another thou must most carefully 
avoid in thvself. — Cicero. 




Why is it that church members 
willingly do for the world, what 
they will not do for the church ? For 
instance, with women in the matter 
of style and dress, if the church ask- 
ed them to wear any of the freakish, 
unbecoming uncomfortable, yes even 
indecent, styles that the world dic- 
tates, if she issued bulletins several 
times a year, changing the styles and 
compelling them to buy new cloth- 
ing, when they did not need it, and 
worse could not afford it, or go to 
all the work to alter the old clothes, 
so as to be in style, she would have 
such a rebellion on her hands, the 
like of which has never been known. 
They would stoutly declare that they 
would not be so tyranized over. 
They would not put up with any 
such presumption. Yet church mem- 
bers seem willing to make every 
effort to obey the dictates of fashion, 
no matter how unreasonble. Why 
very little complaint about doing all 
this for the world? 

Our own church asks us to clothe 
our bodies neatly, modestly, plain- 
ly and comfortably, and not to spend 
time, money or energy unnecessarily 
by the putting on of adornment 
which does not become Christians. 
What could be more reasonable or 
sensible? Better yet it is Scriptural 
Yet one hears member talk and one 
sees them act, as if the church had 
not right thus to rule, as if she were 

asking too much sacrifice and hard- 
ship of us. Yet many will sacrifice 
almost anything, in fact sometimes 
everything, in order to do as the 
world says. 

Another instance is with men in 
the matter of the lodge. How many 
men would come into the church if 
she asked them to take such vows 
and oaths, as they willingly take to 
get into the lodge? Would they 
countenance or tolerate such unbe- 
coming and ridiculous conduct as 
goes on behind the closed lodge 
doors? No, they would loudly de- 
nounce it all as unbecoming Chris- 
tians and gentlemen. Yes the church 
offers salvation and the lodge only 
monetary reward and entertain- 
ment, to those who keep their dues 
paid at least. Why, when a broth- 
er in the church is ill or in need of 
help, will men go as quickly and 
offer assistance as they would if he 
were a brother in the lodge? Is one 
not as worthy as the other? Why 
will they not do for those in the 
church as they will do for those in 
the lodge? 

If people would be willing to sac- 
rifice for the church, what they do 
for the world, willing to spend the 
money, energy, charity and brother- 
liness in the church, as many are 
willing to do for the world, we would 
not attempt to estimate the results. 

The church has divine authority 
for her position ; she also has our 
highest and best interests at heart. 
The world has neither. May we 



labor for Christ and the church, 
while we have life, time and oppor- 

"If ye then be risen with Christ, 
seek those which are above, where 
Christ sitteth on the right hand of 
God. Set your affection on things 
above, not on things on the earth", 
Col. 3:1-2. 

Rebecca C. Foutz 
in Feb. 1924 Bible Monitor 


He that saith, I know him, and 
keepeth not his commandments, is a 
liar, and the truth is not in him. 
1 Jno. 2:4. 

"Why ? Because, 
Ye are of your father the devil, and 
the lusts of your father ye will do. 
He was a murderer from the begin- 
ning, and abode not in the truth, be- 
cause there is no truth in him. \\ nen 
he speaketh a lie, he speaketh of his 
own : for he is a liar, and the father 
of it. Jno. 8:44. 

Dear friend, if this is your condi- 
tion, do not tarry any longer, but 
Repent ! see. Acts 2 :38. 

Jesus said, "Ye are my friends, if 
ye do whatsoever T command you", 
jno. 15:14. 

That ye may remember, and do all 
my commandments, and be Holy 
unto your God, Num. 15 :40. Gad re- 
quires all, not only those which ap- 
peal to us. 

And there shall in no wise enter 
into it (Heaven) anything that 
defileth neither whatsoever worketh 

abomination, or maketh a lie; but 
they which are written in the lambs 
book of life, Rev. 21 :27. 

Is your name written in the Book 
of Life or of Eternal Damnation? 

Enter ye in at the strait gate : for 
wide is the gate, and broad is the 
way, that leadeth to destruction, and 
many there be which go in thereat : 
Because strait is the gate, and nar- 
row is the way, which leadeth unto 
life, and few there be that find it, 
Matt. 7:13, 14. 

You, can be one of the few, if you 
accept all of God's teachings, 
through JESUS CHRIST, His only 
begotten son, who died for you. 
Paul Stuber, 
26 Locust Bend Rd., 

Ephrata, Pa. 


What is Wrong zvith It for the 

The word of God says the Chris- 
tian abstains from all appearance of 
evil. I Thess. 5 :22. You touch not, 
taste not, handle not, Col. 2-21. All 
churches that preach the truth from 
the Holy inspired word of God, 
preach against Hollywood and all 
movies. How can anyone preach 
against movies and not preach 
against television? They are the 
same. The only difference is that you 
do not have to go to the theatre to 
see the movie now as Hollywood, 
the Liquor Industry and Tobacco 
Companies have moved right into 
your homes with television. 



Television is a rival of schools and 
churches, the feeder of lust, a per- 
verter of morals, a tool of greed, a 
school of crime, a betrayal of inno- 
cence. It glorifies impurity as love ; 
pictures murder as entertainment; 
exalts nakedness and indecency as 
beauty; shows drink, revelling, 
gambling, revenge, and gun fights 
as proper and legitimate". Television 
ruins the influence of a Christian, 
debauches the mind of children, in- 
flames the lust of youth, and hard- 
ens the hearts of sinners. 

The word of God says that every 
born again child of God is a witness 
for Christ, Matt. 10 :32-33. That we 
should let our light so shine before 
men, that they may see our good 
works and glorify our father which 
is in heaven, Matt. 5:16. Certainly 
a Christian could not be obedient 
to this command of God, and have 
a television in their home that 
glamourizes all types of sin. There 
is a way that seemeth right unto a 
man, but the end thereof are the 
ways of death, Prov. 16:25. 

Joe Clifford, 
Wanatah, Ind. 


Lord make me an instrument of your 

peace ! 
Where there is hatred, Let me sow 

Where there is injury, pardon; 
Where there is doubt, faith ; 
Where there is despair, hope; 
Where there is darkness lisrht ; 

Where there is sadness, joy; 

O, Divine Master, grant that I may 
not so much seek 

To be consoled as to console; 

To be understood, as to understand ; 

To be loved, as to love. 

For it is giving that we receive; 

It is pardoning that we are pardon- 
ed ; 

It is dying that we are born to etern- 
al life. 

Sel. by Blanche Sweitzer. 



"A world of iniquity" 
"Set on fire of hell" 
'Tamed by no man" 
"An unruly evil" 
"Full of deadly poison" 
"Boasteth great things" 
"Defileth the whole body" 
"Setteth on fire the course of 

— James. 


A thing is often good or bad 

Depending on its use, my lad. 

I think you'll find that this is true 

Of liquor and tobacco, too. 

Tobacco may be used, they say, 

In keeping pests, like moths, away. 

But never was intended to 

Be chewed and smoked by lads like 

Tobacco stains the finger tips 
And causes cancer of the lips ; 
While alcohol does even worse — 
It doth both soul and body curse. 



So use these as they should be used, 
Nor in their use become confused. 
For they are good or they are bad, 
Depending on their use, my lad. 

Sel. From Clean Life Educator 

by A. B VanDyke. 

Blessed is he that considereth the 
poor ; the Lord will deliver him in 
time of trouble. The Lord will pre- 
serve him, and keep him alive ; and 
he shall be blessed upon the earth, 
and thou wilt not deliver him unto 
the will of his enemies. Psa. 41 : 


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FEBRUARY 15, 1956 

No. 4 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Then they that were in the ship 
came and worshipped him saying, 
Of a truth thou art the Son of God", 
Matt. 14:33. Matt. 3:17. "And lo 
a voice from heaven saying. 
This is my beloved Son. in | 
whom I am well pleased". Here i 
we have two positive witnesses j 
that Jesus was the Son of God. Xo 
greater witnesses can be found than 
these, although we might call up 
hundreds of verses which give other 
witnesses. We have the chosen dis- 
ciples, who knew, associated with 
and continually listened to Christ, 
exclaim. "Of a truth" definitely and 
without question "Thou art the Son 
of God." Xo doubt at this time 
thev did not fully understand what 
thev were saying but without ques- 
tion they spoke, honestly from the 
sincerity of their mind. The other 
witness "A voice from Heaven" 
none less than God Almighty. Can 
anyone question the all-seeing, all- 
knowing voice from Heaven? 

Xeed we go any farther to prove 
that Christ was the Son of God? 
What about those who deny it? Do 
they not deny the words of the Apos- 

tles and also the voice of God ? What 
have they left to believe, to tell them 
of God's ways? They virtually deny 
the entire Xew Testament, for it all 
came from these two sources. What 
use is there of any further belief if 
one denies the statements of these 
two Heavenly witnesses? To such 
an individual Godly people and 
Heavenly revelation mean nothing. 
Jesus Christ was one of the sub- 
jects of the day. just as today, peo- 
ple gathered their opinion of Him 
from hearsay, from what they actu- 
ally heard and saw and from their 
past understanding about Him. The 
disciples told Christ what they heard 
people discussing of Him. He, no 
doubt, was sad because of the lack 
of true understanding but He was 
very interested in knowing what the 
Disciples thought of Him. Matt. 16 : 
1516. "He saith unto them, But 
whom say ye that I am? and Simon 
Peter answered and said, Thou art 
the Christ, the Son of the living 
God." Xo doubt of the main rea- 
sons for His continual teaching the 
disciples by : His words. His mira- 
acles.His sufferings. His prayers and 
His life with them, was to fully con- 


vince them that He was the Son of 
God. When once they fully believ- 
ed in Him then He had a nucleus 
upon which to build His Church. 

The Father further tried to fully 
convince the disciples. Matt 17:5. 
"And behold a voice out of the cloud, 
which said. This is my beloved Son, 
in whom I am well pleased ; hear ye 
him". Manv times Christ tried to 
fully convince His followers in para- 
bles'. Matt. 21 :o7, "But last of all he 
sent unto them his son. saying, They 
will reverence my son". The Cen- 
turion at the Cross no doubt wit- 
nessed many crucifixions. He no 
doubt fully understood the circum- 
stances and usual happenings at 
such a time. He was likely a 
hardened, serious thinking, thought- 
ful person to have such a position. 
Yet we find that wonderful admis- 
sion from his lips, Matt. 27 :54, 
"Truly this was the Son of God". 
Do we have any reason to doubt it? 

Even the unclean spirits were con- 
vinced of His identity, Mark 5 :7, 
"What have I to do with thee, 
Jesus thou Son of the most high 
God, I adjure thee by God, that thou 
torment me not". Luke 4:41, "And 
devils also came out of many, crying 
out, and saying, Thou art Christ the 
Son of God. And he rebuking them 
suffered them not to speak : for they 
knew that he was Christ". The 
many things which the apostles 
wrote were written that people 
might believe in Christ's true mis- 
sion upon the earth. We cannot read 

them without believing of His true 
identity. Unless we want to wholly 
believe in Him and learn more about 
Him, we should cast away the en- 
tire New Testament and spend our 
time upon something which we are 
sure of. For to console ourselves 
with the New Testament and yet 
not believe in its very foundation is 
certainly foolishness and a display 
of our poor mentality. 

So to believe any of the New Tes- 
tament we must certainly believe 
that Jesus is the Son of God. How- 
ever it would be foolish to believe 
this without trying our best to obey 
and serve Him as such. To believe 
in a thing and not try earnestly to 
carry out our belief in our daily liv- 
ing would certainly show our lack of 
good judgment. Heb. 4:14. "See- 
ing then that we have a great high 
priest, that is passed into the heav- 
ens, Jesus the Son of God, let us 
hold fast our profession". 1 John 1 : 
7, "If we say that we have fellow- 
ship with him and walk in darkness, 
we lie and do not the truth : but if 
we walk in the light, as he is in the 
light, we have fellowship one with 
another and the blood of Jesus 
Christ his Son cleanseth us from all 


Today man regards sin as a mis- 
fortune and tries to minimize its 
enormity. Some even deny it's ex- 
istence altogether. Others in ignor- 


ance say, that sin was from the be- 
ginning and what can we do about 
it. This is not true, God in the be- 
ginning created, made everything 
and it was good. Gen. 1:31. Good 
is opposite of evil, so sin was not 
from the beginning. 

The origin of sin was not till man 
disobeyed God. So is sin in the life 
of m~n or woman today. We sin 
when we disobey God. That is why 
man should accept God in youth and 
not indulge in the sinful pleasures of 
the world, thereby escaping: the 
sorrow of the heart, the evil of the 
flesh and the judgment that comes 
to all those who sin. Ecc. 12:1, "Re- 
member now thy creator in the days 
of thv youth". This does not mean 
that we have not sinned. 1 Jno. 1 :8, 
"If we say we have no sin, we de- 
ceive ourselves, and the truth is not 
in us". But this still does not say 
or mean because we are born in this 
world that is full of sin (not that 
God Almighty made it so, but man 
seeks after his own heart) that we 
must accept this sinful way of living. 

God knew and still knows the 
heart of man. He knew the moment 
Adam first disobeyed Him. He 
knows wheirevil first enters the heart 
of men and women today, but we can 
rejoice that God has made a way of 
escape. God hates evil and any- 
thing that is not of God is evil. So 
God sent His only begotten Son, 
that whosoever should accept Him 
and His commandments, can escape 
this life of sin. "We know that who- 

soever is born of God sinneth not ; 
but he that is begotten of God keep- 
eth himself, and that wicked one 
toucheth him not", 1 John 5:18. 
Jesus said, "Except a man be born 
again, he cannot see the kingdom of 
God", John 3:3. Also Rev. 21:27. 
"And there shall in no wise enter in- 
to it anything that defileth, neither 
whatsoever worketh abomination, or 
maketh a lie : but they which are 
written in the Lamb's book of Life". 
If sin is of such minor import- 
ance or if there is no sin. Why then 
the need of Jesus Christ and His 
doctrine? Sin has been the cause of 
sorrow, heartache and death, ever 
since Adam and Eve first disobeyed 
God, their Creator. This one sin ban- 
ished them from the garden of Eden. 
For one sin Cain and all his posteri- 
tv were cursed. For one sin Korah 
and all his company went down in 
the pit. Sin kept Moses from en- 
tering the Promised Land. For a 
single sin Ananias and Sapphira fell 
dead. If only man would realize it's 
enormity, before it is forever and 
eternally to late. 

Bro. Paul Stuber, 
26 Locust Bend Rd. 
Ephrata, Pa. 


Part Two 

We notice the definition of reli- 
gion given us was (any system of 
faith or worship). Is that what the 
scriptures say about it? We know 



Taneytown, Md., February 15, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
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year in advance. 

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Send all subscriptions and communi- 
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Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

what system the New Testament 
teaches, and we notice very little of 
that. Matt. 15:8-9, "This people 
draweth nigh unto me with their 
mouth and honoureth me with their 
lips ; but their heart is far from me. 
But in vain do they worship me, 
teaching for doctrines the command- 
ments of men." 

\\ nat is the heart of man that it 
cannot be controlled? We read in 
Genesis that the heart of man was 
evil continually, so that it repented 
God that he made man. We know 
that man has a worshipful heart, but 
what does he worship ? We can soon 
find out by conversing with him, 
Matt. 12:34, "For out of the abund- 
ance of the heart the mouth speak- 
eth." We can still take notice to- 
day, that saying still stands true. 

Man's heart seems to lust and even 

worship the gold, silver, material 
possessions and pleasures of this 
world ; even to the extent that pro- 
fessing christians will let it separate 
them from their church and God, 
when put to the supreme test. 

We know that man is mortal and 
unless he puts on immortality he is 
still man. regardless of what we 
claim to l>e or profess. So what are 
our affections set upon, things that 
pertain to things earthly or on those 
that pertain to heavenly? Our con- 
versation will soon reveal. 

We have many commandments 
that our affections are to be set upon 
God, Deut. 6:5 and Mark 12:30, 
"Thou shalt love the Lord thy God 
with all thy heart and with all thy 
soul, and all thy mind, and with all 
thy strength, this is the first com- 

Second our affections should be 
toward our neighbor and our breth- 
ren Romans 12:10, "Be ye kindly 
affectioned one to another with 
brotherly love ; in honour preferring 
one another". Let love be without 

Again Apostle Paul said we 
should mortiy our worldy affections 
that we should not obey the lusts 
thereof. Y:I6 he says, "Know ye 
not, that to whom ye yield your- 
selves servants to obey, his servants 
ve are to whom ye obey ; whether of 
sin unto death, or of obedience unto 
righteousness?" So the question is, 
what system are we using to wor- 
ship? The love and affection toward 


God that we are hungering and 
thirsting after, righteousness, that 
we might attain to righteousness ; or 
are we using the affection of this 
world that we might get riches, 
honor, glory and pleasure. From 
the abundance of the heart the 
mouth speaketh. Others know, are 
we betraying ourselves? 

Today we have to decide what 
makes up pure religion, based en- 
tirely upon and using the entirety 
of the scriptures. The same as the 
early Christians did in the time of 
apostle Paul when there was other 
doctrines entering into controversy 
with his teachings. The proper or 
right decision is as important now as 
it was then. 

Next we notice that Webster 
says : The outward manifestation of 
belief in a supreme or superior be- 
ing. If we put our light under a 
bushel so no one could see it or 
know of it, would we be a christian ? 
Nay verily nay : it only proves that 
we are ashamed of our profession, 
and certainly no one else would wit- 
ness for us. 

It is a sad situation to know that 
there are people in the church, who 
have promised or pledged to for- 
sake the world and the devil, live a 
pure life of Christianity and be a 
living precept, read and known to all 
men ; but have failed in character 
and the outward manifestation of 
belief. The outward garb of a 
christian is to live and be separate, 
peculiar from the world ; so if we 

dress and follow after the ways of 
the world, we have not separated 
ourself and have utterly failed in our 
christian endeavor and shall be re- 
jected in judgment. 

The Apostle Paul says in 2 Tim. 
2:4, "No man that wareth entang- 
leth himself with the affairs of this 
life ; that he may please him who has 
chosen him to be a soldier. "So if you 
take the pleasures of the world and 
the pleasures of Christianity and 
try to mix or mingle them together ; 
we certainly know the result shall 
not be bliss and peace. 

It is often spoken of someone as. 
(they are trying to take the world 
by one hand and the church by the 
other) and we always notice the 
church gets the hand last. Luke 
16:13, "No man can serve two mas- 
ters : for either he will hate the one. 
and love the other ; or else he will 
hold to the one, and despise the 
other. Ye cannot serve God and 

Next we notice that Religion is 
love and obedience towards God. 
Christ verifies this statement in His 
teachings in John 14 :23, "Jesus an- 
swered and said unto him. If a man 
love me, he will keep my words : and 
my Father will love him ; and will 
come unto him, and make our abode 
with him". 

In John 3 :16 we know the love of 
God towards man. How He still 
wants to bless man, if he will be obe- 
dient to Him and worship Him from 
the heart. We read in Dent. 5 :29 


where God spoke and said, "Oh that 
there were such a heart in them, that 
they would fear me, and keep my 
commandments always, that it might 
be well with them, and with their 
children forever". 

Then again in Rev. 22:14 we 
read, "Blessed are they that do his 
commandments, that they might 
have right to the tree of life, and 
may enter in through the gates into 
the city". Here we find that love and 
obedience is essential if we want to 
get into the relationship and family 
of God. What a great reward of 
heirship we receive if only we are 
obedient. Obedience is the only 
way we have of making a secure en- 
trance into God's Kingdom. 

In Matt. 7:21, "Not every one 
that saith unto me. Lord, Lord, shall 
enter into the kingdom of heaven ; 
but he that doeth the will of my 
Father which is in heaven". Again 
in John 7 :17, we find that obedience 
is the only key or road to spiritual 
knowledge. We know from ex- 
perience, there is great joy and hap- 
piness in obedience. 

Now how can a church grow if it 
does not enforce the rules and regu- 
lations of the doctrine? First, if it's 
members do not have the love to 
obey the church doctrine, how can 
the spirit work there, and second 
if the church does not enforce it's 
doctrine, the Holy Spirit will not 
and cannot lead it unto righteous- 
ness. For that is the purpose of 
the Spirit, to lead men unto right- 

eousness and if man will not obey 
or be led, then the Spirit will not 
strive with him. Therefore the 
church cannot tolerate sin in any 
degree or it will lose the guidance of 
the Holy Spirit. 

Next we notice that religion con- 
sists of piety. Piety is Godiness 
and godliness is conforming unto 
God's laws. A christian is one who 
is followng Christ and His teach- 
ings, be willing to be led by the Holy 
Spirit. It is devoting oneself to 
holiness as we promised we would 
at the time of our baptism. To sep- 
arate ourselves from the sins of the 
world and to renounce satan and his 
pernicious ways. The apostle Paul 
told Timothy to first learn to show 
piety at home, 1 Tim. 5 :4, "For that 
is good and acceptable before 

Where are we letting our young 
ones learn the fundamentals of 
Christianity and religion. At home 
or are we sending them to seminar- 
ies and bible schools, hoping they 
will get the proper teachings that we 
do not want to take time to give. If 
we do not teach piety and exercise 
it in our homes, where or when will 
they learn it, when they grow to man 
or womanhood? They will never 
learn it. They will not respect you, 
they will not respect the church and 
it's sacraments nor will they respect 
each other or their fellowman. Such 
is the condition of the world today, 
who has failed ? The home of course 
which failed to exercise and teach 



This is only a continuation of the 
wickedness as it was in the days of 
Micah. We know slothfulness is 
wickedness, are we slothful in our 
teaching? The prophet says, they 
are unlearned not having a teacher, 
Micah 7 :6, "For the son dishonored! 
the father, the daughter riseth 
against her mother, the daughter- 
in-law against her mother-in-law : a 
man's enemies are the men of his 
own house". 

Again we notice that religion is 
conformity to Bible precepts. The 
Bible is essential to salvation, we 
know of its origin and we know it 
is divine. 2 Tim. 3:16 tells us where 
it comes from and what it is for. 2 Pet 
1 :20, "Knowing this first, that no 
prophecy of the scripture is of any 
private interpretation", v. 21, "For 
the prophecy came out in the old 
time by the will of man : but the holy 
men of God spake as they were 
moved by the Holy Ghost". 

In the past few years we saw new 
churches spring up because one man 
had influence enough to get a follow- 
ing and set up a doctrine according 
to his own interpretation. Is this 
according to the scripture and is it 
safe? Prov. 11:14, "Where no 
council is, the people fall : but in the 
multitude of counsellors there is 

Could it not be, as when the apos- 
tle Paul and Silas were out among 
the brethren preaching the gospel, 
that some of the Pharisees which be- 

lieved rose up and gave their own 
ideas of how the doctrine should be. 
This made a dissension among them 
and many would not hear the decis- 
ions of the Jerusalem conference. 
They later wrote of these men, that 
certain which have went out from 
among us have troubled you with 
words, subverting your souls. 

Can we follow any man's doctrine 
and reject the council of godly men, 
who have assembled tugether that 
they might agree upon the doctrine, 
according to the scriptures. There 
might be times that we do not agree 
with them, but later we see where 
we were wrong and they were 
right, to the extent that we know it 
was the guidance of the Holy Spirit 
that led them. 

Again we find religion is devotion. 
Are we a devoted christian ? There- 
fore, zealous and ardent to good 
works, ready to perform that which 
belongs to the service of God, earn- 
estly consecrating ourself to the 
observance of God's will? 

There is more than one kind of 
devotion. It can be a form of pray- 
er or worship. Paul, when at Ath- 
ens, beheld their devotions and saw 
that they were wholly given to idol- 
atry and made altars to all their 
known gods and one to the unknown 
god. Paul then preached unto them 
the true God, the God unknown to 
them, a few believed but the major- 
ity would not. The same condition 
exists today, people are worshiping 
but have failed to see the realitv, 


scriptural entirety and need of war- the Apostles directions on gospel 
shipping God from a pure heart principles- A lawyer asked Jesus 
Sure we can pray, sing and testify I the question, Which was the greatest 
but if we have failed to lake nn im- ' commandment of the Law? Jesus 
mortality, crucify all human passions answered him. "Thsu shalt love the 

Lord thy God with all thy heart, and 
with ail thy soul, and with all thy 
Religion is fidelity to our God. mind. And the second is like unto 
Strictly observing the promises and it, Thou shalt love thy neighbor as 
duties which we look upon ourselves ! thyself, on these two commandments 
at time of our baptism. Paul in Tit., hang all the Law and Prophets'*., 

and reservations, we are only an ab- 
omination in the sight of God. 

2:10, exhorts us to show a good fi- 
delity to all, not only to the church 
but to all whom we associate with. 

Matt, 22:37. 39-40. 

"Let love be without dissimula- 
tion. Abhor that which is evil**, 
That we do not purloin or take any- Rom, 12:9-10, If a man love me he 

thing dishonestly but being loyal to will keep my commandments. "For 
all and all known facts. this is the love of God. that we keep 

Paul speaks of the things that be- bis commandments : and bis com- 
come, sound doctrine and teaches us | mandments are not grievous*', 1 
that we should deny ungodliness and \ John 5 :3. "He that hath my corn- 
worldly lusts. That we should live j mandments and keepeth them, he it 
soberly, righteously and godly in is that loveth me : and be that loveth 
this present world : and support the , me shall he loved of my Father, and 
church, the mystical body of Jesus I will love him, and manifest my love 
Christ. I to bim", John 14:21, 23. "Where- 

Let us study to faithfully work fore we receive a kingdom which 

out our salvation and be on our 
guard that we may not fall prey to 
the deceitfulness of sin, through the 
devil and his angels of light. 

Foster B. Shaffer, 
rl Myerstown, Pa, 


Part 2 

God's true followers are submis- 
sive to all His commandments and 
the order of His established church : 
according to His own teaching and 

cannot be moved, let us have grace, 
whereby we may serve God accept- 
ably with reverence and Godly fear", 
Heb. 12:28. 

Cod's kingdom is not of this 
world, Matt. 6:21, 33, neither do 
His true followers indulge in or love 
the pleasures and entertainments of 
this world. 1 John 2:15-1.7. If any 
man love the world, the love of the 
Father is not in him. For all that 
is in the world, the lust of the flesh, 
the lust of the. eyes and the pride of 
life is not of the Father Tint is of the 


world. The works of this world 
are not the works of God's kingdom. 
The world passeth away and the lust 
thereof : but he that doeth the will 
of God abideth forever. 

"P"ear not. little flock; for it is! 
your Father's good pleasure to give 
you the kingdom", Luke 12:32.1 
God's people wear common and ! 
plain attire, which makes a mark of j 
distinction from the pride and fash- 
ions of the world. They abstain 
from all appearance of evil. 1 Thess. 
5 :22. Such as : races, gambling, 
shows, carnivals, drinking, movies, 
unions, lodges, life insurance, tele- 
vision or any evil that corrupts the 
religious minds, of especially the 

"Wherefore, my dearly beloved, 
flee from Idolatry. Whether there- 
fore ye eat. or drink, or whatsoever 
ye do. do all to the glory of God", 1 
Cor. 10:14. 31. God's true follow- 
ers put on the whole armour of God, 
to withstand all the the mighty pow- 
ers of evil and spiritual wickedness 
in this world. Eph. 6:10-18. For the 
great conflict with satan and sin. 
must be won in each christian's life, 
to gain their eternal inheritance. 
Then shall the king say unto them 
on his right hand, Come ye blessed 
of my Father, inherit the kingdom 
prepared for you from the founda- 
tion on the world, Matt. 25 :34. 

"Not every one that saith unto 
me Lord. Lord, shall enter into the 
Kingdom of Heaven ; but he that 
doeth the will of mv Father which is 

in heaven", Matt. 7:21. "He said 
unto them, ye are they which justify 
yourselves before men, but God 
knoweth your hearts : for that which 
is highly esteemed among men is 
abomination in the sight of God", 
Luke 16:15. The world thinks it 
strange that ye run not with them 
to the same excess of riot, speaking 
evil of you, 1 Pet. 4 :3-4. '"But the 
natural man receiveth not the things 
of the Spirit of God : for they are 
foolishness unto him. neither can he 
know them because they are spiritu- 
ally discerned". 1 Cor. 2:14. 

For the wisdom of this world is 
foolishness with God. For it is 
written, he taketh the wise in their 
own craftiness", 1 Cor. 3:19. But 
God hath chosen the foolish things 
of this world to confound the wise, 
and God hath chosen the weak 
things of the world to confound the 
things which are mighty, and base 
things of the world, and things 
which are despised, hath God chosen, 
vea, and things which are not, to 
bring to naught things that are : 
Because the foolishness of God is 
wiser than men : and the weakness 
of God is wiser than men : and the 
weakness of God is stronger than 

In His great wisdom God has 
chosen the most common and con- 
venient ordinances and practices for 
the church. The Lord's Supper is 
a verv common supper, but is a 
manifestation of Divine fellowship 
together in honor of our Lord and 



Saviour. The ordinance of feet- 
washing is humbling" ourselves in 
humility and love to the Lord and 
each other. The holy kiss is a kiss 
of charity, an expression of love and 
interest in each others welfare. 
"Greet ye one another with a kiss of 
charity. Peace be with you all that 
are in Christ Jesus", 1 Pet. 5:14. 

The prayer covering is very es- 
sential to salvation, for Sisters are 
thereby recognized by the angels, 1 
Cor. 11 :3-13. Also they have pow- 
er on their head to worship God to- 
gether ; that both brother and sister 
are given the same free privilege 
and access to their Lord. The com- 
munion of the Bread and Wine is a 
divine ordinance, in remembrance of 
Jesus' broken Body and shed Blood 
for our redemption. "He was in 
the world, and the world was made 
by him, and the world knew him 
not", John 1 :10. The world can- 
not perceive the works of the Holy 
Spirit, but through the Holy Spirit 
it is revealed to God's chosen people 
to know the mysteries of His king- 
dom, Matt. 13:11. 

Bro. C. M. Kintner, 
Converse, Indiana. 


If you were to look up the word 
integrity in your dictionary you 
would probably find this meaning : 
uprightness of character, complete- 
ness, soundness, these three words 
cover many things when you think 
them over. Our thoughts go back 

to Job, when he said, "My lips shall 
not speak wickedness, nor my tongue 
utter deceit. God forbid that I 
should justify yon: till I die I will 
not remove mine integrity from me". 
Job 27:45. 

"The integrity of the upright shall 
guide them. The righteousness of 
the perfect shall direct his way", 
Prov. 1 1 :3, 5. Better is the poor 
that walketh in his integrity, than 
he that is perverse in his lips, and is 
a fool", Prov. 19:1. "Providing for 
honest things, Not only in the sight 
of the Lord, but also in the sight of 
Men". 2 Cor. 8:21. "But he that 
doeth truth cometh to the light, that 
his deeds may be made manifest, that 
they are wrought in God", John 

"I therefore the prisoner of the 
Lord, beseech you that ye walk 
worthy of the vocation where with 
ye are called, with all lowliness and 
meekness, with long suffering, for- 
bearing one another in love, endea- 
voring to keep the unity of the Spir- 
it in the bond of peace. There is one 
body, and one Spirit, even as ye 
are called in one hope of your call- 
ing. One Lord, one faith, one bap- 
tism. This I say therefore, and tes- 
tify in the Lord, that ye henceforth 
walk not as other Gentiles walk, in 
the vanity of their mind, having 
the understanding darkened, being 
alienated from the life of God 
through the ignorance that is in them, 
because of the blindness of their 
heart: who being past feeling have 



given themselves over unto lasciv- 
iousness, to work all uncleaness 
with greediness. But ye have not so 
learned Christ ; If so be that ye have 
heard him, and have been taught by 
him as the truth is in Jesus : that ye 
put off concerning the former con- 
versation the old man, which is cor- 
rupt according to the deceitful lusts ; 
and Le renewed in the Spirit of your 
mind ; and that ye put on the new 
man, which after God is created in 
righteousness and true holiness. 
Wherefore putting away lying, 
speak every man truth with his 
neighbour : for we are members one 
of another. Be ye angry, and sin 
not : let not the sun go down upon 
your wrath : neither give place to 
the devil. Let no corrupt communi- 
cation proceed out of your mouth, 
but that which is good, to use of 
edifying, that it may minister grace 
unto the hearers, and grieve not the 
holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are 
sealed unto the day of redemption. 
Let all bitterness, aiid wrath, and 
anger, and clamour, and evil speak- 
ing, be put away from you, with all 
malice : and be ye kind one to an- 
other, tender hearted, forgiving one 
another, even as God for Christ's 
sake hath forgiven you" Eph. 4:1- 
5, 17-27, 29-32. 

Viola Broadwater 
Cumberland, Md. 


Brother David Ebling, 


Bethel, Pa., held a two-weeks reviv- 
al meeting at the Pleasant Home 
church in Ceres. The meetings were 
well attended and Brother Ebling 
certainly gave us many good mes- 
sages from God's Holy Word. We 
feel the Lord will bless Bro. and 
Sister Ebling for laboring so earn- 
estlv in our midst, during our re- 
vival and we pray that the good 
seed sown will spring up on good 
ground and bring forth fruit for the 

On Saturday evening we had our 
Lovefeast and we were very happy 
to have : Bro. Thomas from Strath- 
more, Calif. ; Sister Litfin, Reva, 
Letha and Galen Litfin, Bro. Galen 
Harlacher, David Roedel, Bro. and 
Sister Roedel and family, all from 
Oregon ; Bro. and Sister Swallow, 
Bro. and Sister Clinton Skiles from 
Santa Rosa, Calif., with us. We ap- 
preciate all these members coming 
from such a great distance to wor- 
ship the Lord with us. It is certain- 
ly inspiring to have those of like 
precious faith to come and worship 
with us. 

Sister Doris Bvfield, Cor. 

The Walnut Grove congregation 
met for regular council Jan. 7. Serv- 
ices opened with singing hymn no. 
210, Bro. Howard Surbey reading 
from Matt. 6 and prayer. Our Eld- 
er, Bro. Amnion Keller, gave us 
some inspiring remarks and moder- 
ated the meeting. 



The church and Sunday-school 
officers were chosen for the coming 
year. Delegates to District meeting 
were chosen. The Lord willing, Bro. 
David Ebling will hold our Evan- 
gelistic meetings from Sept. 23 to 
Oct. 7. The meeting closed with 
prayer by Bro. Keller and song. 

In these times of confusion and 
peril we all need to stand up for 
Jesus. Pray for us at Walnut Grove 
that we may be found among the 
faithful, when the Lord comes to 
gather His own. 

On Wednesday, Jan. 25, just be- 
fore noon, Bro. Virgil Leatherman 
had the misfortune to seriously in- 
jure his right arm, in a machine at 
the place of his employment. He was 
taken to Annie Warner Hospital, 
Gettysburg, Pa., where he will re- 
main for several weeks. The church 
at Walnut Grove shall miss him and 
pray God will heal his body soon, 
so he can be with his family and 
back to worship with us. 

Sister Margaret Dayhofr, Cor, 

Since our last report Bro. Otto 
Harris was with us in a Revival 
meeting. He gave us eleven spirit- 
filled messages. As an immediate re- 
sult, one precious soul accepted 
Jesus as his Savior. The church was 
strengthened and encouraged to 
press on in the Lord's work. 

The Harvest meeting of Engle- 
wood and Eldorado churches was 
held 'in this congregation. At our 

Communion Brethren Edward John- 
son and Charles Leatherman were 
with us. Since Bro. Kreider's de- 
parture, Bro. Herbert Parker has 
been elected as our presiding elder. 
Bro. Melvin Roesch has consented 
to conduct our revival for 1956. Let 
us pray for one another that we may 
be found faithful to the end. 

Sister Sylvia Surbey, Cor. 

On December 30, we held our 
regular quarterly council. After 
singing hymn no. 40, Bro. Ed With- 
ers read II Cor. 13 and led in pray-' 
er. One verse of "My Faith Looks 
Up To Thee" was sung, after which 
Bro. Galen Harlacher took charge 
of the meeting. We elected our Sun- 
day School and Church officers. 
Pray for each of these, that we may 
be blessed, by souls being added 
to the church. 

It was decided we would begin 
the new year by having prayer meet- 
ing each Wednesday evening. It 
was the feeling of each that we, as 
a church, needed this time together 
with our Lord. Prayer is the life of 
a church, and although we are few 
in number, we have God's promise 
that where two or three are gather- 
ed together He will be in our 
midst. Meeting closed with prayer 
and singing. We are indeed grate- 
ful for the spirit of this meeting. 

We take this opportunity to in- 
vite any one coming out West to 
stop in and worship with us. It. is a 



highlight in our lives when we can 
fellowship with our dear Brethren 
and Sisters of like precious faith. 
Sister Esther Roedel, Cor. 


Again we wish to give a little re- 
view of the activities of the Orion 
Dunkard Brethren of the past year. 

We. at first, desire to thank God 
for the good that he has done for 
us at this place. We, of course, 
have had some sickness the 
past year but no deaths in the 
congregation. Church councils 
and the work of the church was car- 
ried on in a brotherly manner. Al- 
though we lost two members who no 
longer desire to carry on in the 
Dunkard Brethren faith the writer 
feels, in writing for the church, that 
the rest must still press on for the 
prize lies at the end of the race. Such 
things have happened before and as 
time goes on it will continue to go 
on. for in God's word it plainly 
teaches that there shall be a falling 
away from the faith. 

In the fall of the past year Bro. 
Paul Reed came into our midst to 
hold our Evangelistic meetings. He 
labored hard for a period of two 
weeks. He gave us many things 
from God's word to think about and 
we wish him God's richest blessings 
for his efforts. Although there were 
no additions to the church we are 
hoping that the seed sowed will still 
bring forth fruit yet in due time. 

As we were needing more help 

in the ministry at this place we were 
made happy to hear of Bro. and Sis- 
ter Donald Ecker and family moving 
into our midst. I am sure it was 
the answer to prayers that were 
given to our Heavenly Father. I 
know we shall all feel glad if they 
can see fit to stay with us and labor 
in this part of God's vineyard. 

Again good news came when we 
beard Bro. Paul Reed was coming 
to work near here, he not only lab- 
ors manual labor but is helping in 
part of God's Vineyard. We really 
do enjoy to have these two good 
Brethren with us and to hear their 
inspiring messages from God's Holy 
Word. Although we enjoy Bro. 
Paul Reed's presence, we know it 
makes an emptiness in the home of 
Sister Reed and family to have a 
husband and father out away from 
home. But we wish God's richest 
blessings upon them, and hope they 
too. some time, can see fit to join us. 
We truly welcome them to come any 
time into our midst and make their 
home here. 

We held our Spring and Fall 
Lovefeasts as usual and some breth- 
ren and sisters from other congre- 
gations came, which we appreciated 
very much and hope they will come 
again and worship with us. 

Not to forget our own home min- 
ister and Elder, Bro. Paul Myers 
has not been feeling too well at times. 
We ask the prayers of the Brethren 
in his ever behalf as the work of the 
church must go on, not only here 



but throughout the brotherhood and 
the world. 

We have selected an Evangelist to 
hold our meetings in the latter part 
of this coining summer who will be 
announced later. 

Bro. Alvin Silknitter, Cor. 


Daughter of Harvey and Lilly 
Mentzer, was born in Fairfax Coun- 
ty, Virginia, on December 24. 1894. i 
She passed away December 6, 1955 
at Garfield Memorial Hospital, 
Washington, D.C., at the age of 60 
years. 11 months and 12 days. 

At the age of thirteen she felt 
the need of the Savior and was bap- 
tized into The Church of the Breth- 
ren. In 1939 realizing the need of a 
closer walk with her Savior she, 
with her husband, united with the 
Dunkard Brethren where she re- 
mained a faithful devoted member. 
She believed and lived the plain and 
simple life which her Savior taught. 
With her cheerful smile she often 
hid her intense suffering, and 
brought joy to others. 

In 1912 she was united in mar- 
riage to \Y. A. Taylor. To this union 
were born four daughters and three 
sons. One son, John Henry, depart- 
ed this life in infancy. Those re- 
maining to mourn her passing are : 
her husband ; the following children : 
Charlotte Hackett, Durham, N. C. ; 
Walter A. Taylor, Savage, Md. ; 

Gladys Shifflett, Virginia Brooks 
and James Roy Taylor, all of Ar- 
lington, Va. ; Ethel Shaffer, Myers- 
town, Pa. ; twenty-eight grand- 
children, four great-grandchildren, 
two sisters one brother and many 
other relatives and friends. 

Funeral services were conducted 
December 9, 1955 at the Deal Fu- 
neral Home, Washington, D. C, by 
Elder Lewis B. Flohr assisted by 
Rev. Scott and Rev. White. Burial 
in Fairfax cemetery, Fairfax, Vir- 


Before passing away Sister Hat- 
tie Taylor requested that her most 
grateful thanks be extended through 
the Bible Monitor, to the brethren 
and sisters, relatives and friends, who 
so kindly remembered her with 
their prayers, cards, letters and oth- 
er deeds of mercy during her months 
of suffering. 

Eldei \Y. A. Taylor and children 
also wish to express their thanks 
for all of this kindness. 


There is a charm about the life of 
Jesus that is irresistible. This is be- 
cause he truly lived the spiritual life 
and revealed the nature of God. The 
simple life is in essence the spiritual 
life. The simple life comes from a 
right heart attitude. It means put- 
ting the kingdom of God first as 
Jesus did. Are we taking the teach- 
ing and example of Jesus seriously 



on this point? Read carefully Matt. 
6:19-34, the best exposition of the 
simple life. 

It is needless to say that the gen- 
eral tenor of this world is antagon- 
istic to the principles of simple spir- 
itual living. A large number of 
Jesus' present-day followers even do : 
not hesitate to state emphatically 
that at this point his teachings are \ 
impractical. A proponent of the sim- ' 
pie life may say: "Put first things 
first — sacrifice, love, service — the 
markings of the kingdom of God. 
The world will laugh back : "Eat, 
drink and be merry, for tomorrow 
you may die", and, "One world at 
a time, please." Again, the simple 
life advocate may say : "Trust God, 
he will take care of you." To the , 
man of this world that is altogether j 
too naive and he will reply: "Better 
take no chances, buy bank notes and 
play safety first." Here we have two 
distinctly opposite ways of thinking. 
The simple life must be lived in a 
world hostile to its spirit. 

Our present age is one of unpre- 
cedently luxury and extravagance. A 
luxury is anything-it may be a radio 
or a set of silverware — that minis- 
ters to comfort or pleasure, but is 
not necessary to life and subsistence. 
The application of scientfic discover- 
ies to everyday needs has given us 
literally a deluge of luxuries. Our 
possession of a continent rich in nat- 
ural resources and of a wealth hith- 
erto unknown to any other people 
in all historv has made us extrava- 

gant, and it is to be feared, forgetful 
of our stewardship. The old Anglo- 
Saxon virtues of thrift and frugality 
have largely disappeared from 
among us. Some one has estimated 
that the American people use only 
fifteen per cent of the wearing qual- 
ity of their clothes. Stuart Chase has 
estimated that we spend approxi- 
mately twenty one billions of dollars 
annually — almost one-fourth of our 
national income — on luxuries and 
amusements. \\ no among us is 
guiltless? And all this in a world 
where Jesus taught the simple life 
and where men, women and children 
are being stunted mentally and spir- 
itually, for want of the bare essen- 
tials of life ! 

As relates to this doctrine, a 
Christian must be one who like 
Jesus puts kingdom interests first ; 
he must be one whose trust is su- 
premely centered in God. To all such 
this question inevitably arises : How 
can I live in a skeptical age, immers- 
ed in luxuries and nurtured in ex- 
travagance, and still be true to the 
Spirit of Christ? That is the real 
problem involved in the doctrine of 
the simple life. Jesus called meirto 
self-sacrifice and cross-bearing. Lux- 
ury invites men to comfort and 
pleasure. Jesus called men to live a 
humble, simple life. Extravagance 
invites men to make a display and 
get ahead of their neighbors. \\ nom 
shall we follow? Can a Christian be 
true to the Spirit of Christ and sur- 
round himself with more conven- 



iences than necessary to maintain 
his highest personal efficiency? 
Can a Christian he true to the Spirit 
of Christ and enter an automobile or 
big dinner race with his neighbors? 
Just how much can a Christian 
spend on himself? 

Jesus calls us to live the simple 
life. Shall we try to escape it? 
Jesus warned us of the vitiating ef- 
fect of luxury on a man's soul. Shall 
we disregard his council? Jesus in 
no uncertain terms stated the con- 
ditions of discipleship. Shall we 
release our hand from the plow and 
look back? 

"No. follow we must amid sun or 
Our faith to complete. 
Journeying even where no path is 
made — 
Save by his feet." 

Sherwood Eddy, wealthy mission- 
ary and peace worker, a few years 
ago moved out of a comfortable New 
York suburban apartment having a 
rental value of $200 a month into 
an apartment which rents for $39.24 
a month, following an initial pay- 
ment of one-tenth of the cost of the 
house. He had money and could 
easily afford financially the privil- 
eges of the more comfortable apart- 
ment, but he discovered he could not 
afford it spiritually. 

The simple life has long been a 
cherished doctrine of the Church. 
The opportunity is at hand in this 
age of complexity and extravagance 

for our church to make a splendid 
contribution to the spiritual life of 
America and of the world through 
a proper emphasis on this doctrine. 
I know of nothing that is more need- 
ed. The way is not to legislate, but 
to live, to teach and to preach the 
simple life — putting kingdom inter- 
ests and trust in the Father first — 
until its superiority and true beauty 
may become manifest to all. Here is 
a work for each of us, the minister 
and the layman, the old and the 

Harper Will 
Sel. by Airs. Jonas Kreider. 


This is no time to be at ease in 
Zion. God has said in His Word : 
"Woe to them that are at ease in 
Zion." Many good people content 
themselves with a feathered nest. 
But the great victories that are to be 
won for our Lord cannot be won 
in a feathered nest. They must be 
won on the hard battle lines of a for- 
ward advance. Let us not look for 
ease of the place of least resistence 
as followers of Jesus Christ. If we 
follow Him without retrenchment or 
compromise we are certain to en- 
counter a cross. 

Jesus said : "Whosoever will come 
after me, let him deny himself, and 
take up his cross and follow me. For 
whosoever will save his life shall 
lose it : but whosoever shall lose his 



life for my sake and the gospel's, 
the same shall save it." 

The Harold 
Sel. by — Sister Jeannette Poorman 



When the night of time shall pass 

And the day of Christ shall rise 
We'll all be gathered home, to live 

In mansions, in the skies. 

The vail of darkness sheds its gloom 

O'er all the earth below, 
But Christ shall draw the curtain up 

With one loud trumpet blow. 

The glow of Heaven shall light the 

And Christ shall gather home 
The child of God to live with him 

In that peaceful sheltering dome. 

The vineyard grapes will then be 
According to their deeds, 
According to the path they trod, 
Oh which way shall it be ? 

Deloris Gray, 
Clarksville, Michigan. 


"Have you ever heard of Gossip 
Town ? 
On the shore of Falsehood Bay? 
Where old Dame Rumor, with rust- 

ling gown, 

Is going the livelong day? 

It isn't far to Gossip Town, 
For people who want to go ; 

The Idleness Train will take you 
In just an hour or so. 

The Thoughtless Road is a popular 


And most folks start that way. 

But it's ^teep downgrade ; If you 

don't look out, 

You'll land in Falsehood Bay. 

The principal street is called they 
And I've heard at the Public Well 
And the breeze that blows from 
Falsehood Bay 
Is laden with Don't you Tell ! 

In the midst of the town is Telltale 
You're never quite safe while 
For its owner is Madam Suspicious 
Who lives on the street, Don't 

Just back of the park is Slander's 
'Twas there that Good Name died 
Pierced by a dart from Jealousy's 
In the hands of Envious Pride. 

From Gossip Town, Peace long 
since fled, 
But Trouble, Grief and Woe, 
And Sorriw and Care you'll meet in- 
stead — 
Oh we hope you never to Gossip 
Town go ! 
Sel. by Sister Ruth M. Snyder 




I had a dad just yesterday, not 
young, its true. 
But well and gay, full of life, love 

and vim, 
Today but memories live of him. 
My dad was good his life was clean, 
he never acted small and mean. 

He was tender, unselfish and 
strangely fine, a prince of man, 
that Dad of mine. 

He had not set the world on fire, 
great fame was never his desire, 
but oh, his name is much rever- 
ed, by scores of friends whose 
hearts he cheered. 

He left no fortune grand behind, 
but oh, he left a peace of mind, 
the knowledge that his life was 
free of ought but fineness, com- 
forts me. 




The man who swears does ten 
things at once: 1. He breaks the 
Command of God; 2. He violates 
the law of the land; 3. He trans- 
gresses the rules of good manners ; 
4. He outrages decency; 5. He in- 
sults good people; 6. He profanes 
sacred things ; 7. He shows bad 
bringing up ; 8. He dishonors his 
parents ; 9. He does what he is 
ashamed of; 10. He does what he 
will regret. 


All scripture is given by inspira- 
tion of God, and is profitable for 
doctrine. Tit 2:1, "Speak thou the 
things which become sound doc- 
trine." 1 Tim. 4:16. "Take heed un- 
to thyself, and unto the doctrine ; 
continue in them : for in doing this 
thou shalt save thyself.and them that 
hear thee". 2 Tim. 2:15, 'Study to 
show thyself approved of God, a 
workman that needeth not to be as- 
hamed, rightly dividing the word of 
truth". That they are not at vari- 
ance, and are not at disagreement. 

But men have added many things 
to the gospel or doctrine of our Lord 
and Saviour Jesus Christ. Some 
have taken parts of the law, and 
added to the gospel age. 2 Tim. 4 : 
2-3, "Preach the word ;.. reprove, 
rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering 
and doctrine. For the time will 
come when they will not endure 
sound doctrine". Is not this time at 
hand? They shall turn away their 
ears from the truth, and shall be 
turned unto fables. Watch thou in 
all things. 

Many ministers are trying to in- 
duce tithing in some churches, mak- 
ing the Lord's house a house of mer- 
chandise. If we enforce part of the 
old Mosaic law, it makes us liable 
for the whole law. Rom. 6:14, 
"For ye are not under the law, but 
under grace". Rom. 7:4, "Where- 
fore, my brethren, ye also are be- 
come dead to the law bv the bodv of 



Christ; that ye should be married 
to another, even to him who is rais- 
ed from the dead, that we should 
bring forth fruit unto God". Gal. 
3:24-27, 'Wherefore the law was 
our (the Jews J schoolmaster to 
bring us (the Jews) unto Christ, 
that we might be justified by faith. 
But after that faith is come, we are 
no longer under a schoolmaster. For 
ye are all the children of God by 
faith in Christ Jesus. For as many 
of you as have been baptized into 
Christ have put on Christ". For ye 
are all one in Christ Jesus. Tell 
me, ye that desire to be under the 
law, do ye not hear all the law. Some 
people want part of the law, and also 
expect grace. Jas. 2:10, "For who- 
so ever shal keep the whole law, and 
yet offend in one point, he is guilty' 
of all". 

1 Cor. 16 : 14, let all your things be 
done with charity. The apostle 
Paul made no charges to deliver, the 
whole counsel of God to the Jew's 
and to the Gentiles. Neither did they 
tax any individual or any church. 
The people were in great need at 

highly praised them. We cannot 
find any occasion where they collect- 
ed tithes in any christian church. 

Some of the ministers of today 
have a great desire for mammon. Ye 
cannot serve God acceptably and 
also serve mammon. It is written : 
be ye holy, for I am holy. 2 Pet. 2: 
1-2, "For the prophecy came not in 
old time by the will of man, but holy 
men of God spake as they were 
moved by the Holy Ghost. But there 
were false prophets also among the 
people, even as there shall be false 
teachers among you,.. and many 
shall follow their pernicious ways ; 
by reason of whom the way of truth 
shall be evil spoken of". 2 Cor. 11 : 
13-15, "For such are false apostles, 
deceitful workers, transforming 
themselves into the apostles of 
Christ. For satan himself is trans- 
formed into an angel of light There- 
fore it is no great thing if his minis- 
ters also be transformed as the min- 
isters of righteousness ; whose end 
shall be according to their works". 

1 Jno. 4:1, "Beloved believe not 
every spirit, but try the spirits 

Jerusalem, as there had been a great whether they are of God : because 
drouth, so the churches sent relief. | many f a ] se prophets are gone out 
When 1 come, whomsoever yet shall ; nto tne world". Mark 13:22, "For 
approve, them will I send to bring f a j se Christs and false prophets shall 
your liberality unto Jerusalem. Let | r j sei an( j shall show signs and won- 
every one of you lay in store, that jers, to seduce (mislead) even the 
there be no gathering when I come, elect". Matt. 24:24. "There shall 
This was a free-will offering. Every ar j se f a i se christ, and false proph- 
true christian will feel to share with ets<# .insomuch that if it were pos- 
those who are in need. The churches ' s £h>le, they shall deceive the very 
were doing this and the apostle Paul ' elect". Gal. 2:10, "They would that 



we should remember the poor : the 
same which I also was forward to 
do". 2 Cor. 9:7, 11-12, "Every man 
according as he purposeth in his 
heart, so let him give .... For God 
loves a cheerful giver. Being enrich- 
ed in everything to all bountif illness, 
which causeth through us thanks- 
giving to God. For the administra- 
tion of this service not only supplieth 
to the want of the saints, but is 
abundant also bj r many thanksgiv- 
ing unto God". 

2 Cor. 8, Brethren, we do you to 
with of the grace of God bestowed 
on the churches of Macedonia. Their 
deep poverty abounded unto the 
riches of their liberality. For I mean 
not that others be eased and ye bur- 
dened : but by an equality, that now 
at this time your abundance may be 
a supply for their want. That there 
may be equality. For ye know the 
grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that 
though He was rich, yet for your 
sakes He became poor, that ye 
through His poverty might be rich. 
Gal. 2:16, "Knowing that a man is 
not justified by the works of the law, 
but by the faith of Jesus Christ. 
For by the works of the law shall no 
flesh be justified". For if righteous- 
ness came by the law, then Christ 
is dead in vain. We have thousands 
of people today being deceived, 
thinking they will receive salvation 
by keeping the Jewish sabbath or 
keeping a part of the law. Some think 
they get salvation by belonging to 
some church. Jesus says, Ye must 

be born again. Who are we believ- 
ing, some man? or Jesus the Christ? 

John 7:17, "If any man will do his 
will, he shall know of the doctrine, 
whether it be of God", Rom. 16:17, 
Now I beseech you, brethren, mark 
them which cause divisions and of- 
fences contrary to the doctrine 
which ye have learned" Be not car- 
ried about with strange and divers 
doctrines. 2 John 1 :8, "He that abid- 
eth in the doctrine of Christ, he hath 
both the Father and the Son. Who- 
soever transgressest and abideth not 
in the doctrine in Christ, hath not 
God". Doctrine meaning, That which 
is held to be true. Jesus said. My 
words are truth and they are life. 
His words are truth and facts, they 
are the true doctrine of the Lord. 
When we talk about the doctrine we 
mean or understand the doctrine 
that Jesus brought from heaven, His 
Father's will. Heb. 10, I (Jesus) 
came to do they will O God. Where- 
fore when He cometh into the world 
He saith. Sacrifice and offerings 
thou wouldst not, but a body hast 
thou prepared me : in burnt offerings 
and sacrifices for sin, thou hast no 
pleasure, which are offered by the 
law. Then said he, Lo, I come to 
do thy will, O God. He taketh away 
the first, that he may establish the 
second. By the which will we are 
sanctified through the offering of the 
body of Jesus Christ one for all. 

There is a wide difference be- 
tween ; doctrine and the Doctrine. 
There mav be many doctrines. A 



doctrine may be a principle or a 
proposition, which we may sanction 
or stand for, a settled rule or law of 
action. Many false prophets are 
gone out into the world, this being 
true, there may be many doctrines 
in the world. Some may be adul- 
terated, weakened by adding or tak- 
ing away, making it impure and un- 
holy. Therefore leaving the prin- 
ciples of the doctrine of Christ, let 
us go on unto perfection. It is a 
good thing that the heart be es- 
tablished (stedfast) with grace. Not 
to be carried about with various 
and strange doctrines. The apostle 
Paul gives the believers instruction 
to be on their guard and watch. So 
that we may boldly say, The Lord is 
our helper, and I will not fear what 
man shall do unto me. For he hath 
said, I will never leave thee, nor 
forsake thee. 

Matt. 28 :20, "Teaching them (all 
humanity ) to observe all things 
whatsoever I have commanded you : 
and. Lo, I am with you always, 
even unto the end of the world." 
Mark 1 :14-15, "Jesus came into Gal- 
ilee preaching the gospel of the king- 
dom of God and saying, The time 
is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God 
is at hand : repent ye and believe 
the gospel". Jesus went into Ca- 
pernaum, and on the sabbath he 
entered into the synagogue, and 
taught. And they were astonished 
at His doctrine. Jesus spake upon 
them saying, All power is given unto 
me in heaven and in earth. John 

13, Jesus knowing that the Father 
had given all things into His hands, 
and that He come from God, and 
went to God. Jesus commanded 
His disciples, Ye call me Master and 
Lord, and ye say well : For so I am, 
if I then your Lord and Master 
have washed your feet, ye also ought 
to wash one another's feet. For I 
have given you an example, that ye 
should do as I have done to you. 
The apostle Peter on one occasion 
made this statement, What was I, 
that I could withstand God. Peter 
had to surrender his will to the 
Lord's will, when he came to the 
huuse of Cornelius. Can any man 
forbid water, that these should not 
be baptized ? Peter opened his mouth 
and said, of a truth I perceive that 
God is no respecter of persons. So 
Peter yielded through the guidance 
of the Holy Spirit. 

J as. 2 :9, If ye have respect to per- 
sons, ye commit sin. Therefore to 
him that knoweth to do good, and 
doeth it not, to him it is sin. Jesus 
taught His disciples by precept and 
example, how they should wash one 
another's feet. Peter, at first refus- 
ed, Jesus answered him, If I wash 
thee not, thou hast no part with me. 
Jesus said, If ye know these things, 
happy are ye if ye do them. These 
are emphatic statements or doctrine, 
taught by our Lord and Saviour 
Who can withstand the Lord of 
heaven? Only by faith and obedi- 
ence can we be approved of the 
Lord and then only by grace can we 



be saved. Not of works lest men, 
could and would boast. Like the 
Pharisee who went to the temple to 
pray, he thanked God he was not 
like other men. He paid tithe on 
everything he possessed, justifying 
himself by his good works. 

Jesus said unto them, take heed 
and beware of the leaven of the 
Pharisees and of the Sadducees. In 
vain they do worship me, teaching 
for doctrine the commandments of 
men. Jesus said unto the Scribes 
and Pharisees, Why do ye also 
transgress the commandments of 
God by your tradition? Woe unto 
you scribes and Pharisees, hypo- 
crites : for you path tithe of mint, 
and have omitted the weighter mat- 
ters of the law, judgment, mercy and 
faith : these ought ye to have done. 
Ye serpents, ye generation of vipers, 
how can ye escape the damnation of 
hell ? If your righteousness does not 
exceed the righteousness of the 
scribes and Pharisees ye can in no 
case enter the kingdom of heaven. 

2 Cor. 6:17, "Wherefore come out 
from among them, and be ye seper- 
ate saith the Lord, and touch not the 
unclean thing ; and I will receive 
you, and will be a Father unto you, 
and ye shall be my sons and daugh- 
ters, saith the Lord Almighty". For 
we must all appear before the judg- 
ment seat of Christ. Knowing there- 
fore the terror of the Lord, we per- 
suade men to repent. Acts 17, God 
now commandeth all men every- 
where to repent. Acts 2 :38, "Then 

Peter said unto them, Repent, and i 
be baptized every one of you". Luke 
13:3, 5. 'T tell you. Nay: but, ex- 
cept ye repent, ye shall all likewise 
perish". Grow in grace and in the 
knowledge of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ. To Him be glory now 
and forever. 

Blessed be the dear Son of God, 
to a world of sinners revealed. Bless- 
ed be the fountain of blood. Only by 
His stripes we are healed. Thorny 
was the crown He wore, the cross 
His body overcame. Grievous were 
the sorrows He bore but He suffered 
it not in vain. Wash me in the blood 
that He shed and I shall be whiter 
than snow. 

Win, N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 


When in sorrow, read John 14. 
When men fail you, read Psalms 27. 
When you have sinned, read Psalms 

When you worry, read Matt. 6:19- 

Before church service read Psalms 

When you are in danger, read 

Psalms 91. 
When you have the blues, read 

Psalms 34. 
When God seems far away, read 

Psalms 139. 
When you are discouraged, read 

Isaiah 40. 
If you want to be fruitful, read 
' John 15. 



When doubts come upon you, try 

John 7:17. 
When you are lonely or fearful, 
read Psalms 23. 
Sel. — tract 
Sister Jeannette Poorman 
Pioneer, O. 

and condemns all who trifle with its 
holy contents. 

The Bible contains : the mind of 
God. the state of man, the way of 
salvation, the doom of sinners, and 
the happiness of believers. It's doc- 
trines are holy, its precepts are 
binding, its histories are true, and 
its decisions are unchangeable. 

Read it to be wise, believe it to be 
safe and practice it to be holy. 

It contains light to direct you, 
food to support you, and comfort to Mar. 4 — Thy speech betrayeth thee. 


Mar. -I — Jesus Blessing the Little 

Children. Mark 10:13-16, Luke 

Mar. 11 — Children help Praise 

Jesus. Matt. 21:1-17. 
Mar. 18 — How we may be Jesus' 

Friend. Luke 22:7-23. 
Mar. 25 — (Review) Jesus is 

Friend. Matt. 19:13-22. 



cheer you. It is the traveler's map, 
the pilgrim's staff, the pilot's com- 
pass, the soldier's sword, and the 
Christian's charter. 

Here Paradise is restored, Heav- 
en opened, and the gates of Hell 

Christ is its grand subject, our 
good its design, and the glory of 
God its end. 

It should fill the memory, rule the 
heart, and guide the feet. 

Read it slowly, frequently and 
prayerfully. It is a mine of wealth, 
a paradise of glory, and a river of 

It is given you in life, will be 
opened in the Judgment, and will be 
remembered forever. 

It involves the highest respons- 
ibilty, rewards the greatest labor, 

Matt. 26:57-75. 
1 — Following too far off gets us 

into bad company and to do as 

bad company does. 
2 — What do we have to remind us 

if we deny our Christ? 
3 — Is it possible for speech to ex- 
pose sin? 
Mar. 11— What shall I do with 

Jesus? Matt. 27:1-26. 
1 — If we crucify our Lord, can we 

wash our hands of the deed as 

Pilate did? 
2 — By choosing evil (Barabbas) 

do we automatically reject the 

good (Christ) ? 
3 — Will self-justification eliminate 

the responsiblity of innocent 

blood ? 
Mar. 18 — The Crucifixion of Jesus. 

27 :27-49. 



1 — Could the friction caused by 
the jealous and envious factions 
in the Church be compared in 
any way to the casting" of lots 
for Christ's robe? 

2 — How great was the load that 
Christ carried to the Cross? 

3 — Being once condemned and 
crucified, is it possible to do it 
afresh ? 

4 — How close to the Cross will 
my trust in God carry me ? 
Mar. 25 — Truly this was the Son 
of God. Matt. 27:50-66. 

1 — Christ endured a great deal for 
us. will we stand, when we are 
called upon to endure for Him ? 

2 — Could those events which took 
place when Christ gave up the 
Ghost be compared to His sec- 
ond coming to earth ? 

3 — Just how sure was the tomb 

MARCH 1956 


Memory verse, Prov. 3 :5, "Trust in 
the Lord with all thine heart ; 
and lean not unto thine own 

Thurs. 1— Psa. 31:9-24. 

Fri. 2— Psa. 118:1-14. 

Sat. 3— Psa. 34. 

Memory Verse, Psa. 37 :3, "Trust 
in the Lord, and do good ; so 
shall thou dwell in the land, 
and verily thou shalt be fed." 

Sun. 4— Ruth 2:4-17. 

Mon. 5— Prov. 3:1-10. 

Tues. 6— Isa. 26:1-11 

Wed. 7— II Sam. 22:21-33. 

Thurs. 8— Jer. 7:1-16. 

Fri. 9— Jer. 17:5-18. 

Sat. 10— Nahum 1. 

Memory Verse, Isa. 26:3, "Thou 
wilt keep him in perfect peace, 
whose mind is stayed on thee : 
because he trusteth in thee." 

Sun. 11— 2 Kings 18:1-12. 

Mon. 12— Psa. 73. 

Tues. 13— Job 13:1-17. 

Wed. 14— Amos 6:1-6. 

Thurs. 15 — Isa. 12. 

Fri. 16—1 Tim. 4:1-13. 

Sat. 17—11 Tim. 1 :8-18. 

Memory verse, Isa. 26:4, "Trust ye 
in the Lord for ever : for in the 
Lord Jehovah is everlasting 

Sun. 18— Matt. 12:9-21. 

Mon. 19— Mark 10:17-27. 

Tues. 20— Hab. 2:15-20. 

Wed. 21—1 Tim. 6:6-21. 

Thurs. 22— Heb. 13 :9-25. 

Fri. 23— Luke 18:1-14. 

Sat. 24— Luke 12:13-21. 

Memory verse, Psa. 34 :22, "The 
Lord redeemeth the soul of his 
servants ; and none of them 
that trust in him shall be deso- 

Sun. 25—1 Sam. 17:38-51. 

Mon. 26—11 Cor. 1 :1-14. 

Tues. 27— Prov. 16:16-25. 

Wed. 2S— Hosea 10:9-15. 

Thurs. 29— Dan. 3 :26-30. 

Fri. 30— Psa. 141. 

Sat. 31— Matt. 27:39-50. 



MARCH 1. 1956 

No. 5 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Jesus Wept", John 1 1 :35. "For 
we have not an high priest which 
cannot be touched with the feeling 
of our infirmities ; but was in all 
points tempted like as we are. yet 
without sin", Heb. 4:15. By Com- 
passion we understand : sympathy, 
pity, suffering for others. 

Through Christ's compassion we 
see His human concern and also the 
liner things of life, which affect the 
divine nature. Jesus wept because 
He loved Lazarus. Though He was 
the great High Priest for humanity, 
yet He had concern for suffering hu- 
manity. Our infirmities are many 
and our feelings are influenced by 
them. Though He had no infirmi- 
ties, yet he was tempted like as we 
are, that He might fully understand 
our problems and trials. The great 
lesson we should learn from His ex- 
ample, is that though He was 
tempted like as we are yet He with- 
j stood it all without sin. True He 
may not of had the weaknesses, 
which we have but the temptations 
J came very forcibly to Him and He 
i used God's Word to ward them off, 
so as not to yield unto them. 

"For the Son of man is come to 
save that which was lost", Matt. 
18:11. He certainly must of had 
great compassion for human beings, 
that He would humble himself as He 
did and suffer as He did that we 
might have the plan of salvation, as 
God delivered it unto Him. He 
came: not for His own honor, not 
for His own good ; but rather for 
His own suffering and sorrow, that 
we might be saved from the wages 
of sin. 

"But when he saw the multitudes, 
he was moved with compassion on 
them, because they fainted, and were 
scattered abroad, as sheep having 
no shepherd". Matt. 9:36. He was 
moved with compassion in concern 
for others. Human beings were so 
weak, so slow to understand, so un- 
able to walk alone through the ways 
of life : that He was concerned that 
they might have some shepherd to 
lead and protect them. "For ye know 
the grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, 
that, though he was rich, yet for 
your sakes he became poor, that ye 
through his poverty might be rich", 
2 Cor. 8:9. This verse gives us a 
beautiful picture of Christ's com- 


passion for us. 

"O Jerusalem, Jerusalem, thou 
that killest the prophets, and stonest 
them which are sent unto thee, how 
often would 1 have gathered thy 
children together, even as a hen 
gathereth her chickens under her 
wings, and ye would not". Matt. 23 : 
37. Christ came unto God's peo- 
ple and instead of receiving Him 
and His helpers, they persecuted 
and killed them. He longed to 
gather them together under His care 
and protection but they were con- 
cerned otherwise. When one person 
or group of persons, will not receive 
Him then He removes His efforts 
towards them and turned His en- 
ergy unto those who will hear and 
receive Him. 

'"When he was come near, he be- 
held the city, and wept over it, say- 
ing. If thou hadst known, even thou, 
at least in this thy day, the things 
which belong unto thy peace, but 
now they are hid from thine eyes", 
Luke 19:41-42. This thy day is 
here now for you, dear reader. 
Christ is concerned about you and 
about the things which belong unto 
thy peace. Are you concerned about 
them? Are you in any ways reach- 
ing the peace that Christ would have 
for you ? If not, why Not ? Are you 
seeking His way, as He has com- 
passion for you and has suffered so 
much that you might have peace 
and joy, through the Holy Spirit. 
Are you allowing sin to hide the 
glories of heaven from your eyes, 

your understanding? Now, in your 
life, is the only opportunity you will 
have to prepare to enjoy, the things 
which God has in store for those 
who love and serve Him. 

Just before Christ had expressed 
this great concern for Jerusalem, He 
had received perhaps the greatest 
honor that He ever received from 
that city, at His triumphal entry. 
But this must not have puffed Him 
up much, for He was still concerned 
about the terrible plight of these peo- 
ple, who were not enjoying the 
blessings of God because of their 
ignorance. For three years already 
this ruined and desolate people, had 
an opportunity to enjoy the peace 
and honor of Almighty God, yet in 
their ignorance they had not even 
accepted all the sacrifices which 
Heaven had made for them. Do we 
realize our opportunities? Are we 
fully fitting ourselves into God's 
plan of salvation? Is our joy in 
Christ full, or are we allowing satan 
to steal away our heavenly bless- 

"Jesus answered, I have told you 
that 1 am He; if therefore ye seek 
me, let these go their way", John 
18:8. Through Christ's compassion 
we have opportunity to the forgive- 
ness of our sins and eternal joy 
with Jesus in heaven. I am con- 
vinced that man cannot deprive us 
of these blessings, unless we yield 
ourselves unto sin, instead of unto 
Christ. Christ's compassion is able 
to overcome all the temptations of 


satan, will you let Him rule in vour 
life ? 


"But exhort one another daily, 
while it is called today ; lest anyone 
of you he hardened through the de- 
ceitfulness of sin", Heh. 3:13. 

There is not a more solemn warn- 
ing in the Bible than this. There is 
not a more timely warning than this 
passage of scripture found in Paul's 
letter to the Hebrew brethren. All 
around us we see men and women, 
who are being "hardened through 
the deceitfulness of sin". Three 
times in this third chapter of He- 
brews. God pleads with men, "Hard- 
en not your hearts". May we as 
christians take heed to the message 
as it is given to us in Hebrews, as 
well as in many other places in 
God's Word, and let not our hearts 
become hardened by the forces of 
this old world. 

In these last days. Satan is going 
to exert all his energy and force to 
deceive the very elect if possible. 
You may say, I am well established 
in the faith. I obey all the ordinances 
of the church. I keep all her stand- 
ards and am fully in the order of the 
church. That is very commendable, 
but yet in doing all these things 
which are certainly necessary, a 
child of God can become hardened 
through self, which is one of the 
most subtile and artful manners, 
which satan uses to deceive man. 

A heart that has become hardened 

loses his love for Christ and the 
church. When we lose our love for 
Christ and His Word, we are on our 
way to spiritual ship- wreck. We 
then have no desire to grow spirit- 
ually ; the carnal nature occupies our 
thoughts, deeds and actions. A chris- 
tian that loses his zeal for the 
church, her activities and has no 
love for lost souls, is losing his love 
for Jesus Christ. If we find our- 
selves in that condition, it is a sure 
sign that our hearts are becoming 
hardened through one of the many 
avenues, in which Satan is using to 
harden the hearts of man. 

How sad it is when we have tast- 
ed of the good things from above, to 
go back to the "flesh-pots of Egypt", 
The wages of sin is death ; but the 
gift of God is eternal life through 
Jesus Christ our Lord. How im- 
portant to guard the heart. Anyone 
that has a heart attack is cautioned 
by his physician to protect his heart 
from uver exercise or exertion ; for 
the heart is necessary to the main- 
tenance of the physical man. as 
when the heart ceases the body dies. 
When the spiritual heart (mind or 
conscience) becomes corrupt, we 
have a spiritual heart infection, 
which if left alone, will kill the spir- 
itual life in man. The Bible says, 
"For to be carnally minded is 
death" May we ask God to help us, 
to see ourselves as He sees us. 
"Take heed that ye stand, lest ye 
fall" Hayes Reed. 

Modesto. Calif. 



Taneytown, Md., March 1, 1956 

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ciate Editor. 


One thing I know- 
John 9:25. "He answered and 
said. Whether he be a sinner or no, 
I know not : one thing I know, that 
whereas 1 was blind, now 1 see". 

This scripture refers to the young 
man who was born blind. Jesus met 
him. He made an ointment of clay 
and spittle and annointed the young 
man's eyes. He commanded him to 
go and wash in the Pool of Siloam, 
He went and washed and came see- 
ing. He received a great blessing 
at the hand of Jesus. 

Many found fault with this noble 
deed. They accused Jesus of not 
keeping the sabbath. They doubted 
the young man, as to his original 
blindness. They questioned the 
young man's parents. Then they 

again called the young man to them 
and said, "Give God the praise : we 
know that this man is a sinner." 

Listen to the young man's reply : 
"Whether he be a sinner or no, I 
know not : one thing 1 know that, 
whereas I was blind now I see." 

There was no way of confusing 
this young man. He knew he was 
blind from birth. He knew he never 
had the privilege of seeing before. 
Xow he could see. Xo one could talk 
him out of that fact. There is a 
wonderful lesson in his statement. 
"This one thing I know". We should 
know the things of God for our- 

Bro. Paul R. Myers, 
Box 117, ' 
Greentown, Ohio. 




Acts I :8, "Hut ye shall receive 
power, after that the Holy Ghost is 
come upon you : and ye shall be wit- 
nesses unto me both in Jerusalem, 
and in all Judea, and in Samaria, and 
unto the uttermost part of the 
earth." Acts 2 :4, "And they were 
all filled with the Holy Ghost, and 
began to speak with other tongues, 
as the Spirit gave them utterance." 

The Holy Spirit is the third per- 
son of the triune God-head. It is 
the supreme need of the church of 
today. Without it the church is 
powerless to carry on the mission, 
for which God intended it to be. 



God never intended the church to 
be mixed up with the world. The 
Holy Spirit cannot nor will not, 
work with the church when the 
church is mixed up with the world. 
The Holy Spirit is a person not 
merely an influence. 

Jesus promised to send the Holy 
Spirit. Jno. 14:2; Jno. 16:8; Luke 
24 :49. On the day of Pentecost He 
fulrilled that promise, and the early 
church was rilled with the Holy 
Ghost, The Holy Spirit is a person,' 
for He may he vexed, Isa. 63:10, 
"But they rebelled, and vexed the 
holy spirit : therefore he was turned 
to be their enemy, and fought against 

Again the Holy Spirit may be 
blasphemed. Matt. 12:31, "Where- 
fore I say unto you. All manner of 
sin and blasphemy shall be forgiven 
unto men : but the blasphemy against 
the holy ghost shall not be forgiven 
unto men". Also the Holy Ghost 
may be grieved, Eph. 4 :30, "Grieve 
not the holy spirit of God, whereby 
ye are sealed unto the day of re- 
demption". We are not to resist 
the Holy Spirit, Acts 7:51, "Ye 
stiffnecked and uncircumcised in 
heart and ears, ye do always resist 
the Holy Ghost : as your father did, 
so do ye." If we resist the Holy 
Spirit He will leave us and may 
fight against us. 

The Holy Ghost regenerates, John 
3 :5, "Jesus answered. Verily, verily, 
I say unto thee. Except a man be 
born of water and of the spirit, he 

cannot enter into the kingdom of 
God." There is no way by which 
we can enter into the kingdom of 
God, only by the way which Jesus 
has given. The Holy Spirit quick- 
ens, John 6:63, "It is the spirit that 
quickeueth : the flesh profiteth noth- 
ing : the words that I speak unto 
you, they are spirit, and they are 
life". The Holy Spirit is a teacher, 
John 14:26, "But the comforter, 
which is the holy ghost, whom the 
father will send in my name, he shall 
teach you all things, and bring all 
things to your remembrance, what- 
soever I have said unto you.'' 

The Holy Spirit is a reprover, 
John 16:8, "And when he is come, 
he will reprove the world of sin, and 
of righteousness, and of judgment". 
Some of us do not like to be reprov- 
ed. The Holy Spirit is our helper, 
Rom. 8 :26, "Likewise the spirit also 
helpeth our infirmities; for we know 
not what we should pray for as we 
ought: but the spirit itself maketh 
intercession for us with groanings 
that cannot be uttered." The Holy 
Spirit sanctifies, 1 Cor. 6:11, "But 
ye are sanctified. But ye are justi- 
fied in the name of the Lord Jesus ; 
and by the spirit of our God." 

The Holy Spirit knows, 1 Cor. 2 : 
11, "For what man knoweth the 
things of man, save the spirit which 
is in hm ? even so the things of 
God knoweth no man but the spirit 
of god". The Holy Spirit imparts 
gifts, 1 Cor . 12 :8-l 1, "For to one is 
given by the spirit the word of wis- 



dom. to another the word of knowl- 
edge by the same spirit". The Holy 
Spirit bestows power, Acts 1 :S, "But 
ye shall receive power, after that the 
holy ghost is come upon you : and ye 
shall be witnesses unto me both in 
Jerusalem, and in all Judea, and in 
Samaria and unto the uttermost part 
of the earth." 

The Holy Spirit is our guide, 
John 16:13, "Howbeit when he the 
spirit of truth is come, he will guide 
you into all truth : for he shall not 
speak of himself : but whatsoever he 
shall hear, that he shall speak and 
he will shew you things to come." 
Let us follow the leading of the Holy 
Spirit, and we will not go wrong. 
The Holy Spirit intercedes for us, 
Rom. 8:26, "But the spirit itself 
maketh intercession for us with 
groanings which cannot be uttered". 
1 ne Holy Spirit is the author of the 
Bible, because Holy men of old, 
spake and wrote as they were mov- 
ed by the Holy Ghost. Those men 
who wrote the Bible, were not mis- 
taken in what the Holy Spirit dic- 
tated to them to write. 

Brethren I firmly believe that we, 
as the Dunkard Church, are not fol- 
lowing the leading of the Holy Spir- 
it, as closely as we should. It seems 
to me that too many of us are 
preaching too much about other 
things, and not saying enough about 
the Holy Spirit. May we let the 
Holy Spirit have its place in the 
church, and also in our hearts, then 
a great change will take place, not 

only in the church, but in our indi- 
vidual life as well. 

Joseph P. Robbins, 

Potsdam, Ohio. 


In June of this year, thirty years 
of Dunkard Brethren History will 
have been made. Much of this his- 
tory can be found in our General 
Conference minutes, much in our 
local church minutes, some is retain- 
ed in the minds of individual mem- 
bers, and some will be found in 
many obituaries. The entire and 
correct history, however, will be 
known and recorded in Heaven. 

Let us take a retrospective view 
of our church in 1926, and ever since 
until the present 1956. What has 
been her spiritual and numerical pro- 
gress in thirty years ? What have 
been her hindrances? What part 
have we as individuals played in the 
success and failures of the church ? 
Since all of us are created with in- 
tellect, feeling, and will, and are re- 
sponsible to God who made us, there 
certainly will be a reckoning as to 
what kind of stewards we have 
been in the church for whom Christ 

What is the condition of the 
church today as we start into the 
next thirty year period? Are we 
still established on the same founda- 
tion we sought to be in 1926? Do 
we have the same faith, aim, and 
motto we had then, both in our 
hearts and on paper ? As we look at 


the rising generation in our homes 
and in the church, do we have an 
anchored hope for the church of the 
future ? These are questions worthy 
of our concern. 

Is it possible to improve on our 
history of the past ? Can there he any 
Daniels and Pauls in the church of 
today and tomorrow ? Even though 
we are in a wicked world where 
Satan is loose, isn't the Holy Spir- 
it still available? Is it still true that 
the gates of Hell shall not prevail 
against the church? Is the arm of 
God shortened and the power of the 
Gospel diminished ? Are the promis- 
es yet true ? These too, are questions 
we may well consider. 

The possibility of a better history 
in the future lies in our willingness 
to order our lives in obedience to 
our baptismal vows, to our confer- 
ence decisions, and to the teachings 
of the Bible. We refer here to just 
a few of the Bible teachings which 
will be helpful. "Watch ye, stand 
fast in the faith, quit you like men, 
be strong", 1 Cor. 16:13, "Pray 
without ceasing", I Thess. 5:17. 
"Abstain from all appearance of 
evil", I Thess. 5 :22. "But seek ye 
first the Kingdom of God, and His 
righteousness* ; and all these things 
shall be added unto you. Matt. 
6:33 "If meat make my brother to 
offend, I will eat no flesh while the 
world standeth, lest I make my 
brother to offend," I Cor. 8:13. "Set 
your affections on things above, not 
on things on the earth". Col. 3 :2. 

"Let love be without dissimulation, 
abhor that which is evil : cleve to 
that which is good. Be kindly affec- 
tioned one to another with brother- 
ly love ; in honor preferring one an- 
other", Rom. 12:9-10. "Study to 
shew thyself approved unto God, a 
workman that needeth not to be 
ashamed, rightly dividing the word 
of truth", II Tim 2:15. "Take heed 
therefore unto yourselves, and to all 
the Mock, over the which the Holy 
Ghost hath made you overseers, to 
feed the Church of God, which he 
hath purchased with his own blood", 
Acts 20:28. 

Bro. F. B. Surbey, 
R 1, West Milton, Ohio. 


John 1 :6, "There was a man sent 
from God, whose name was John". 
When John started on his mission 
he preached repentance. The word 
of God came unto John the son of 
Zacharias in the wilderness, Preach- 
ing the baptism of repentance for 
the remission of sins. The people 
asked him saying, What shall we do 
then? John the baptist preached in 
the wilderness of Judea. Matt. 3 :2, 
5-6, 8, "Saying, Repent ye: for the 
kingdom of heaven is at hand. Then 
went out to him Jerusalem, and all 
Judea, and all the region round about 
Jordan, and were baptized of him in 
Jordan, confessing their sins. He 
told the Pharisees and Sadducees to 
bring forth therefore fruits meet for 
repentance. For this is he that was 



spoken of by the prophet Esais, say- 
ing. The voice of one crying in the 
wilderness, prepare ye the way of 
the Lord. 

Mark I :l-2, "The beginning of 
the gospel of Jesus Christ, the Son 
of God. As it is written in the 
prophets, Behold, 1 send my mes- 
senger before thy face, which shall 
prepare thy way before thee." John 
did preach the baptism of repent- 
ance, for the remission of sins. And 
there went out unto him (John the 
Baptist), Judea and Jerusalem, and 
were all baptized of him in the river 
Jordan confessing their sins. Some 
say, at the river Jordan. The word 
baptize means : to immerse, in other 
words dipping entirely under the 
water. When Jesus began His mis- 
sion He also preached repentance. 
Mark 1 :15, Jesus came into Galilee, 
preaching the gospel of the kingdom 
of God. Saying, the time is fulfilled, 
and the kingdom of God is at hand ; 
repent ye and believe the gospel. So 
believing must come along with re- 

Matt. 4:17, "From that time 
Jesus began to preach, and to say, 
Repent : for the kingdom of heaven 
is at hand". God not only invites, 
but also commands all men to re- 
pent. Luke 13:3, "Except ye repent 
ye shall all likewise perish." Here 
it seems to be the only remedy to es- 
cape destruction. Acts 17:30, "The 
times of this ignorance God winked 
at (overlooked) but now command- 
ed! all men everywhere to repent". 

Therefore as man is not able to 
reach perfection in this life, we still 
should have that repetitive mind or 
spirit like Job of old. 

Repentance is an act of the will 
or mind, and not a state of emotions. 
To regret for something done, to be 
sorry about, to reform. A turning, 
with sorrow, from wrong doing. A 
desire and determination to do bet- 
ter, to feel remorse for. We should 
have that feeling of remorse and re- 
pentance, if we offend in what we 
do or say. It goes farther, that we 
take heed not to do it again. It im- 
plies a change. It may mean an en- 
tire change in our lives. For the be- 
liever it is a condition of restoration 
to fellowship. For the unsaved it is 
the condition to receive salvation. 
Sorrow is not always repentance, it 
may mean death to the sinner that 
repenteth not, and does not obey 
the gospel of our Lord Jesus. Re- 
pentance is not salvation, it also 
takes belief and obedience. 

Acts 16:30-31, The question was, 
what must I do to be saved ? Paul 
and Silas said, Believe on the Lord 
Jesus Christ, and thou shalt be 
saved. No doubt be was obedient, 
because we read in Y.33, be and all 
his house was baptized. Do you 
think he could of been saved if he 
were not obedient and rejected 
baptism? I Pet. 1:22, "Seeing ye 
have purified your souls in obeying 
the truth". John 12:46, "Jesus said, 
I am come a light into the world, 
that whosoever believeth on me 


should not abide in darkness". John 
13:13-15, "Ye call me Master and 
Lord : and ye say well ; for so I am. 
It I then, your Lord and Master 
have washed your feet, ye also 
ought to wash one another's feet. 
For 1 have given you an example, 
that ye should clo as I have done to 
you". Are we obedient children if 
we refuse to do it ? If ye know these 
things, happy are ye if ye do them. 
Obedience brings joy and happiness 
to the soul, but disobedience brings 
sorrow of heart. For the way of the 
transgressor is hard. 

Acts 9:5-6, "Saul, Saul, why per- 
secutest thou me? And he said. 
Who art thou. Lord?" Saul realized 
a mighty power. So he said who 
art thou Lord? And the Lord said, 
I am Jesus whom thou persecutest : 
it is hard for thee to kick against 
the pricks. The way of the trans- 
gressor is hard. Saul said. Lord 
what wilt thou have me to do? Was 
this not showing obedience? The 
Lord said unto him. Arise and go 
unto the citv, and it shall be told 
thee what thou must do. And he 
arose and was baptized. Some peo- 
ple teach that there is nothing to do, 
to receive salvation. Here Jesus 
told him what he must do. 

John 3 :7, Jesus said. Marvel not 
that I said unto thee, ye must be 
born again. There was only one way 
for you and I to come into this 
world, that is to be born. It is God's 
way, so Jesus was born by a virgin, 
Marv. He took on flesh and blood. 

in similitude or resemblance of man, 
but the origin or part of God. John 
3:13-16, "No man hath ascended 
up to heaven, but he that came 
down from heaven, even the Son of 
man which is in heaven. And as 
Moses lifted up the serpent in the 
wilderness (a remedy for sin J even 
so must the Son of Man be lifted up. 
That whosoever believeth in Him 
should not perish, but have eternal 
life". 2 Pet. 3 :9, "The Lord is not 

slack concerning his promise 

but is longsuft'ering to usward, not 
willing that any should perish, but 
that all should come to repentance". 
But grow in grace, and in the 
knowledge of our Lord and Saviour 
Jesus Christ, to him be glory, now 
and forever. 

Jer. 8:6, No man repenteth him 
of his wickedness, saying, What 
have 1 done ? My people know not 
the judgment of the Lord. How 
about the people of this day? The 
men of Nineveh repented at the 
preaching of Jonas ; behold a great- 
er than Jonas is here. Rev. 2, I am 
he which searcheth the reins and 
hearts : I will give unto everyone of 
you according to your works. Ex- 
cept they repent of their deeds. Be 
zealous therefore and repent. Be- 
hold, I stand at thy door, and knock. 
If any man hear my voice, and open 
the door, I will come unto him, and 
will sup with him, and he with me. 
Luke 19, Jesus came to a place and 
saw Zaccheus, Make haste, for to- 
dav I must abide at vour house. 



Jesus said unto him, This day is 
salvation come to this house, Oh if 
this could he to every house. For 
the Son of man is come to seek and 
to save that which was lost. 

Despisest thou the riches of his 
goodness and forbearance and long- 
suffering, not knowing that the 
goodness of God leadeth thee to re- 
pentance? That thou shalt escape 
the judgment of God? After his 
conversion, the apostle preached to 
the Gentiles, that they should re- 
pent and turn to God, and do works 
meet for repentance. Luke 15:6-7, 
"Rejoice with me; for I have found 
my sheep which was lost. I say un- 
to you, that likewise joy shall be in 
heaven over one sinner that repent- 
eth". Acts 20. The apostle Paul 
served the Lord with all humility of 
mind, and with many tears. I kept 
nothing back that was profitable un- 
to you, testifying both to the Jews 
and to the Greeks, repentance to- 
ward God and faith toward our 
Lord Jesus Christ. 

2 Tim. 2 :24, "The servant of the 
Lord must not strive ; but be gentle 
unto all men, apt to teach, patient, 
in meekness instructing those that 
oppose themselves ; if God perad- 
venture will give them repentance 
to the acknowledging of the truth. 
That they may recover themselves 
out of the snare of the devil, who 
are taken captive by him at his will". 
Yea, and all that will live godly in 
Christ Jesus shall suffer persecu- 
tion. Gen. 6:6, "God saw that the 

wickedness of man was great in the 
earth, and that every imagination of 
the thoughts of his heart was only 
evil continually. It repented the 
Lord that he had made man on the 
earth, and it grieved Him at His 
heart. But Noah found grace in the 
eyes of the Lord. Well could the 
apostle Paul state to the believers, 
Eph. 2:8, ''For by grace are ye sav- 
ed through faith ; and that not of 
yourselves: it is the gift of God". 
Without faith, repentance and obedi- 
ence, grace may not reach us. 

Oh how happv are they who their 
Saviour obey 
And have laid up their treasures 

Since the truth I believed, what a 

joy I've received 
What a Heaven in Jesus blest name. 
Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 
o— — 


Do you keep an autograph album ? 
Collecting the signatures of your 
own friends is quit worth while, for 
you may have the signature of a very 
important person. Let us think of 
a very important person, we do not 
have His signature but His name 
means just everything to us. Some 
call Him the Messiah, which means 
the anointed one. The Greek form 
of that word is Christ, which is the 
way we know Him best. 

"Again the next day after John 
stood, and two of his disciples ; and 



looking upon Jesus as he walked, he 
saith, Behold the Lamb of God. And 
the two disciples heard him speak, 
and they followed Jesus. Then Jesus 
turned and saw them following", and 
saith unto them. What seek ye? 
They said unto him. Rabbi (which is 
to say, being interpreted. Master) 
where dwellest thou? He said unto 
them. Come and see. They come 
an J saw where he dwelt, and abode 
with him that day : for it was about 
the tenth hour. One of the two which 
heard John speak, and followed him, 
was Andrew, Simon Peter's brother. 
He first findeth his own brother 
Simon, and saith unto him. We have 
found the Messias, which is, being 
interpreted the Christ. And he 
brought him to Jesus, and when 
Jesus beheld him, he said. Thou art 
Simon the son of Jona, thou shalt 
be called Cephas, which is by inter- 
pretation a stone. 

The day following Testis would 
go forth into Galilee, and findeth 
Philip, and saith unto him. Follow 
me. Now Philip was of Bethsaida, 
the city of Andrew and Peter. Phil- 
ip findeth Nathanael, and saith unto 
him. We have found him, of whom 
Moses in the law and the prophets, 
did write, Jesus of Nazareth ? Philip 
saith unto him. Come and see. Jesus 
saw Nathanael coming to him, and 
saith of him, Behold an Israelite in- 
deed, in whom is no guile. Nathanael 
saith unto him. whence knoweth 
thou me ? Jesus answered and said 
unto him. Before that Philip called 

thee, when thou wast under the fig 
tree, I saw thee, Nathanael answer- 
ed and saith unto Him, Rabbi, thou 
art the Son of God ; thou art the 
King of Israel". John 1 :35-49. 

This account sort of introduces 
us to a man named John. We are told 
nothing about him, possibly because 
everything we need to know has al- 
ready been told by Matthew, Mark 
and Luke, as recorded in these three 
books. We learn that John was no 
ordinary person. An Angel an- 
nounced his birth and at the same 
time prophesied that he should be 
"great in the sight of the Lord", 
Luke 1:15. The work he was to do 
was also described, namely that he 
should "make ready a people pre- 
pared for the Lord". 

The first day John was preaching 
and baptizing, by the way, they call- 
ed him John the Baptist because 
when people repented of their 
sins, he took them and baptized them 
that their sins might be forgiven. 
People came from all parts to hear 
John preach and on this particular 
day there was a group from Jerusa- 

Suddenly from this group came 
the inquiry addressed to John. 
"Who are you? That was not a very 
remarkable question, but the answer 
which John gave was remarkable, 
"I am not the Christ." At the time 
of our story the Jews were under 
bondage to the Roman empire and 
there was expectation in the hearts 
of manv that God would come to the 



help of His people, by sending the 
promised Messiah. So great was 
the impression made by John's per- 
sonality and preaching that the 
whisper went around, "Can this be 
the one who is to lead ns to victory 
against our enemies"? John knew 
all this and therefore he replied, "I 
am not the Christ". All that he 
would say of himself was that he 
was "the voice of one crying in the 
wilderness, make straight the way 
of the Lord". By this he meant that 
he was a herald proclaiming the 
coming of someone else : for in the 
east when an important personage 
took a journey, he had an advance 
agent who went ahead to make sure 
that a proper reception awaited 

When John was preaching, sud- 
denly he saw someone coming to- 
ward him, pointing to the stranger 
he said, "Behold the Lamb of God, 
which taketh away the sins of the 
world". Then turninfg to those 
around, he added, "This is the one 
of whom I spake yesterday". It was 
an amazing pronouncement, one day 
John had said, "'I am not the Mes- 
siah, but I have come to prepare for 
him". The next day he declared 
"the Messiah is here". 

While John and two of his disciples 
were talking together, the stranger 
of the previous day came into sight, 
once more John described Him, as 
the Lamb of God and this time the 
two disciples followed the stranger. 
We know that one of them was An- 

drew. It is usually believed that the 
other was John, the writer of the 
fourth Gospel. When Jesus turned 
around and spake to them, they were 
so confused that they could only 
exclaim, "Master, where do you 
live?" Probably they expected to be 
taken to a fine residence to visit with 
the one who was to be there Nation's 
deliverer. The only description of 
the kind of place in which Jesus liv- 
ed, has come to us from His own 
lips, "The foxes have holes, and 
the birds of the air have nests ; but 
the Son of Man hath not where to 
lay his head", Matt. 8:20. So in- 
stead of going to a fine house to talk 
to Jesus, these men we can imagine, 
shared with him the shade of a big 
tree. After their first talk with 
Jesus they were so sure, that he was 
the Christ that one of the two hur- 
ried away to break the news to his 
brother. Happy beyond measure, 
Andrew shouted to Simon, "We 
have found him, we have found the 
Christ*'. On this great day, An- 
drew took Simon along to meet 
Jesus, that was a day none of them 
would ever forget and least of all 
Simon. For when Jesus saw him, 
He said words which meant, "Your 
name is Simon, you shall be called 
Peter, which means a rock. 

"The day following, Jesus would 
go forth into Galilee and findeth 
Philip and saith unto him. Follow 
me". On the previous day, Andrew 
and John had introduced themselves 
to Jesus, upon the encouragement of 



ever long we wait, we could never 
know all there is to know about 
Him. But like these men who look- 
ed upon Him, listened to Him and 
loved Him ; so may we acknowledge 
Jesus as God's "chosen one" for the 
leadership of our lives. 

Viola Broadwater, 
Cumberland, Md. 


John the Baptist. This time Jesus 
took the initiative. He found Philip. 
The same thing happened again, 
both men were so rilled with joy that 
they had to tell someone else, "Philip 
rmdeth Xathanael". Xow Xathanael 
was something of a skeptic, he was 
good at heart, but he had his pre- 
judices. When Philip told him that 
Jesus came from Xazareth, he was 
about to lose interest. "Big men". 

he reasoned, "should come from big Th e greatest sermon ever preach- 
cities, not from despised villages". j ec ] [ s t i lat recorded in Matthew, 
But Philip swept his objections chapters 5 to 7, the sermon on the 
aside. "Come and see", he said. m0U nt. It was delivered by the 
A few minutes with Jesus did for , greatest preacher of all times. Jesus 
Xathanael. what no amount of argu- Christ. It's purpose is to teach men 
ment would ever have done. Xa- how to be happy, not at some fu- 
thanael discovered that Philip's new ture c ] ay ] nit here and now. Let us 
friend knew more about him than ] ea rn it's secrets, 
anyone else and instead of criticiz- j Surely the opening "blessed's" 
ing. Xathanael exclaimed. "Thou art make p ] a ; n t0 us t h at we can De 
the Son of God : thou art the King ha ppy under all conditions. It is the 
of Israel . right of all, whether poor, sorrowful 

Four wonderful days in which five j or i one ]y. Even when reviled and 
men met Jesus for the first time. ( persecuted, men can be happy. This 
John. Andrew. Peter. Philip and ! heavenly happiness is a sign that we 

Xathanael. all looked back in later 
years to that meeting as the greatest 

are really in the Kingdom of Heav- 
en. It overflows, "Rejoice and be 

thing that ever happened in their exceeding glad". Such blessed hearts 

lives. From that time on, Jesus 
meant more than all else to them. 
Thev acknowledged Him as the 
Christ, the chosen one. They did not 
know all that was involved in that 
name, but they loved and trusted 
the one who bare it. 

Should we wait until we under- 
.stand all about Jesus before pledg- 
ing: Him our love and lovaltv ? How- 

serve as mirrors in which men can 
see God. 

Indeed what would the world be 
like without these representatives of 
God? The)- are ''the salt of the 
earth" and "the light of the world"'. 
They keep alive on the earth, that 
righteousness which exceeds "the 
righteousness of the Scribes and 
Pharisees". The christian is the 



world's only light that, penerates 
the fog of events, pierces the dark- 
ness of death and locates Heaven. 

Jesus Christ is the only one, who 
perfectly understands the things 
which hinder mankind's happiness. 
Lovingly and yet pointedly. Lie lists 
them for us : A mean spirit is a lean 
spirit, says the Lord. Matt. 5:21-26. 
Such may never enter hell hut hell 
will surely enter them here and now. 
Says one. "The soft answer is the 
lightning rod that averts danger to 
the building over which it is placed." 
Christ goes on to tell us that lust, 
unbridled passion, is worse than a 
diseased eyes or a sick member of the 
body. Matt. 5:27-32. Said D. L. 
Moody, "There may be guests in 
the house who do not look out the 

No amount of thoughtless vows 
can change the future. Matt. 5:33- 
37. "Cross my heart", we say, how 
much pain we would save ourselves 
and others, if we would shun foolish 
talking and insincere words. The 
happy man is a gracious man, con- 
tinues Jesus. The Roman law com- 
pelled a Jew to walk a mile carrying 
a soldier's burden. The law of grace 
in Christ, bids us go two miles. Self- 
ishness kills happiness ; unselfishness 
does not seek reward. Matt. 5 :38-48. 
Said Lord Bacon. "He who studieth 
revenge keepeth his own wounds 
green." The happiest man is he who, 
loves even his enemies. 

In Matt. 6:1-4, our Lord reminds 
us of the religious leaders of whom, 

history says, "He carried a bag of 
alms on his back, where all could see 
it as he helped the poor". No, the 
blessed are those who forget all their 
good deeds, otherwise the reward is 
lost. So many prayers begin, con- 
tinue and end with self. In verses 
5-15, Jesus tells us that we should 
begin with God. Affections centered 
on material gain or possessions bring 
tragedy. Such is the curse of our 
twentieth Century. It was so in 
Jesus' day, Y. 19-34. David Living- 
ston said, "I will put no value on 
anything, except as I hold it in rela- 
tion to the Kingdom of God". 

How miserable is the man, who is 
always pulling out the mote in his 
brother's eye, be is never satisfied. 
How many of us fail to deal with 
personal failings, while seeking to 
correct in others, Matt. 7:1-6. Do 
you long to be happy ? Are you pain- 
fully aware of one or all of these 
hindrances to happiness? Thank 
God. there is a remedy. Matt. 7 :7- 
12, Ask. .Seek. .Knock, and it shall 
be given unto you. Said Charles 
Spurgeon, "He who wins with heav- 
en is the man, who grasps the rope 
boldly and pulls courageously with 
all his might". 

As He closes the sermon, Jesus 
says, "Beware". Don't be an imi- 
tator. What you are comes before 
what you do. You can hang sugar- 
coated apples on a Christmas tree 
but only an apple tree produces ap- 
ples. Are we imitators of Christ 
only ? If so our happiness will de- 



pend on happenings. Or, do we 
have Jesus Christ in our hearts as 
our very life? Then and then only, 
will we possess a heavenly happi- 
ness that will stand the test of trial 
and sorrow. Let us examine our- 
selves by this standard of the King- 
dom, Jesus' Sermon on the Mount. 
Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman. 
Pioneer, Ohio. 


A number of copies of this issue 
did not reach the Subscribers, es- 
pecially in the State of Indiana. The 
reason is not known. If you are fin- 
ished with your copy of this issue 
and do not wish to save it, mail it 

IS and continuing through April 1. 
Bro. Donald Ecker, from the Orion 
congregation, Ohio, will be the evan- 

The District Meeting of District 
Xo. 1 , will be held at the Frystown 
house, the second Tuesday and 
Wednesday uf April. The Council 
was closed with reading of the min- 
utes and prayer by Bro. Paul Weav- 

Sara E. Weaver, Cor. 

Regular Council was held bv the 
Dallas Center Congregation on De- 
cember 14. 1955, with Elder Sher- 
man Reed moderating. Officers and 
Teachers for Church and Sundav- 

ets to ! Schoo] were elected for the new >" ear 
at this Council. Minor items of 

some one who did not get this issue. 
We suggest that each one who miss- 
es any copy, inquire at your Post 
Office so they realize you are inter- 
ested in receiving this paper. 



The Dunkard Brethren Church of 
Frystown. met in regular council, 
Saturday, Jan. 14. The meeting 
was opened by our Elder, David 
Ebling, who read 1 Cor. 12 and then 
led in prayer. 

The meeting was conducted in a 
quiet and orderly way. We elected 
officers for the year and decided 
some matters of importance. Our 

buisness were transacted as well as 
the decision made to prepare and 
distribute sacks of treats to mem- 
bers of the Polk County Home. 

On Sunday, December 18th, ap- 
proximately 310 sacks were deliver- 
ed to the County Home at the ap- 
pointed time for singing and wor- 
ship, which occurs quite regularly 
on the third Sunday of each month. 
Would to God some glory might 
come to Him through this effort to 
spread a bit of cheer midst these af- 
flicted anes. As we eagerly await 
manifestation of Christ speaking to 
these needy souls, we are certain that 
it must be the prayer of each one at- 
tending these services, that we mi edit 

spring revival will be held at the 

Frystown house, beginning March be "lamps in the darkness" forever 


radiating the Love of Christ, who this congregation, some who have 

has done so very much for us. | accepted the Lord and some who yet 

Many of our Church Sisters find have not said yes to the pleadings of 

it a great pleasure in meeting every the Holy Spirit. We request the 

two weeks to sew for relief purposes, fervent prayers of those who know 

A day of this nature progresses with the value of prayer for these dear 

the busying of our fingers in various souls. "The effectual fervent prav- 

types of work such as tieing com- er of a righteous man availeth 

forters, sewing new clothing, repair- much", James 5:15. 

ing used garments, cutting woolen We request that those who are 

pieces or rolling bandages. The aware of the good work that Sister 

cooperation of our dear Sisters and Crania Williams is doing among the 

the wonderful fellowship one with Navajo Indians in New Mexico, 

another is deeply appreciated. At the would especially remember her in 

noon hour lunch is served to all, prayer. Perhaps frequent words of 

supplied from contributions by each encouragement would prove a bless- 

family, and a devotional period is ing to her. Her address is Breth- 

enjoyed following. Sewing is re- ren-in-Christ Navajo Mission, Blan- 

sumed for the afternoon. '' co Trading Post. Bloomfield, New 

Our present relief work in the Mexico. 
City of Des Moines, includes four Even though we have had consid- 
families, of which 29 are children, erable illness and cold weather this 
Another family of Minburn. Iowa, winter, our Church and Sunday- 
has been brought to our attention School attendance has held up rea- 
and some assistance given them be- sonably well. On Wednesday of each 
cause of dire circumstances, a result week we look forward to an hour of 
of the lingering illness and eventual real blessing in prayer and Bible 
death of a son. Various forms of Study. We hopefully invite each 

assistance such as clothing, bedding, 
food (especially garden products) 
or financial aid are given these fami- 
lies. It is the desire of the Dallas 
Center Assistance Committee to 
minister to these families not only 
in a material way but also in a Spir- 
itual way, trusting for an opportuni- 
ty to win some soul to Christ. 

We do so appreciate the regular 
attendance and presence in services 
of a nice group of young people in 

and all to come and worship with 
us at anv time. We all need to 
pray for each other and may "God 
bless us all !" 

Sister Olive Haldeman, Cor. 


Amanda Fitz, daughter of Henry 
and Magdalena Wies Schisler, was 
born southwest of Astoria, Decem- 
ber 23, 1865. Passed away at her 



home January 22, 1956, aged 90 
years, 29 days. 

She was united in marriage to 
Emanuel H. Fitz, October 9, 1887. 
To this union was born two daugh- 
ters. Mrs. Ada E. Rust who pro- 
ceeded her in death, and Mrs. Bula 
Stambaugh, of Astoria who cared 
for her. 

Her husband proceeded her in 
death, June 6, 1948. Also four 
brothers and three sisters. Those 
surviving are : the daughter and hus- 
band ; one grandson, Milton D. 
Rust, Evergreen, Colorado ; one 
great-grandson, Rita Rust, West- 
minster, Colorado ; one sister Mrs. 
Rosella Sullivan, Astoria, Illinois ; 
also many nephews, nieces and a 
host of relatives and friends. 

She united with the Church of the 
Brethren 65 years ago. In later years 
she changed her membership to the 
South Fulton Dunkard Church. She 
lived a consecrated Christian life, 
was a wonderful Christian mother, 
and was always willing to help those 
in need. 

Dearest Mother thou has left us, 
And our loss we deeply feel, 
But 'tis God that has bereft us, 
He will all our sorrows heal. 
Yet again we hope to meet thee, 
Y\ nen the day of life has fled. 
When in Heaven in joy to greet 

\\ nere no farewell tear is shed. 

Services were held in the South 
Fulton Dunkard Brethren Church. 

Elder George Replogle and Elder 
H. R. Dickey officiating. Burial in 
the South Fulton Cemetery. 

Martha I. Harman, Cor. 


Son of George W. and Sarah Ann 
Reed Mallow, was born March 27, 
1872. at Marksmill, W. Ya. He died 
Aug. 16, 1955, at Davis Memorial 
Hospital, Elkins, W. Ya., at the age 
of 83 years, 4 months and 20 days, 
He spent practically the greater part 
of his life in W. Ya. .except ten years 
in Bedford Count)\ Pa. He was 
united in marriage to Ruhama Jan 
Mallow. Feb. 20, 1896. She pre- 
ceded him in death Jan 14, 1946. 

To this union were born nine chil- 
dren : two, Lena and Preston, pre- 
ceded him in death. He leaves to 
mourn his departure: Mrs. Titus 
Bland, Onego, W. Ya. ; Owen Mal- 
low, Clearville, Pa. ; Mrs. John 
Vance, Onego, W. Ya. ; Mrs. Boston 
Bell. Elkins, W. Va. : Miss Beulah 
Mallow, Riverton, W. Va. ; Holly 
Mallow, Clearville. Pa. ; forty-six 
grandchillren ; twenty-four great- 
grandchildren, and one great-great- 

Bro. Mallow united with the 
Church of the Brethren in the year 
of 1922, to which he remained faith- 
ful. Later he felt the need of a 
closer walk with his Lord and in 
1928 transferred his membership to 
the Dunkard Brethren Church, in 
which he remained faithful until 
death. His funeral service was con- 



ducted at the Mallow Cemetery by 
W. A. Taylor. Interment at the 
Mallow Cemetery by the F. E. Rom- 
mtr funeral home. 
W". A. Taylor, Buffalo Mills, Pa. 


Martha Emma Wertz, was born 
near Waterville, Minnesota on Sep- 
tember 3, 1876. and departed this 
life at the Gove County Hospital, in 
Quinter. January 31, 1956. She is 
survived by her husband. Daniel J. 
Wertz and eight children. 

She was the youngest of seven 
children born to Gottlieb and Susan- 
nah Roesch. Mary Crist, of Quin- 
ter, is the surviving member of this 
family. On November 25, 1897, 
Martha was united in marriage to 
Daniel J. Wertz ; and to this union 
were born eight children : Mrs. W. 
H. Behrns (Nettie), Centralia, 
Washington; Clifford J. Wertz, 
Salina, Kansas : Mrs. T. K. Grady 
(Anna), Centralia. Washington; 
Mrs. Harry Behrns (Florence), 
Centralia, Washington ; Milton T. 
Wertz, Salina, Kansas ; Edwin C. 
Wertz, Caldwell Idaho; Mrs. Bill 
Bailey (Lillie; Salina, Kansas; and 
Chester G. Wertz, of Kansas City, 

Martha Wertz was a devoted 
mother and companion, rich in pa- 
tience and understanding, ever 
cheerful with her family and friends. 
She was ready always to lend a help- 
ing hand to her neighbors. She lived 
her entire married life in the Ouin- 

ter community, where — from early 
girlhood — she was an active mem- 
ber of the Church of The Brethren, 
and, in recent years, a member of 
the Dunkard Brethren Church. 

Martha had unfailing spirit ; her 
many years of confining illness and 
discomfort served only to strength- 
en her wealth of courage, faith, and 
untiring patience — qualities which 
inspired strength and compassion 
in all who knew her. True to those 
who cared ; courageous in misfor- 
tune, Martha Wertz leaves to her 
friends and family a guiding exam- 
ple of the power to be found in faith 
and in abiding love for God's crea- 


Today upon a bus, I saw a lovely 

maid with golden hair ; 
I envied her — She seemed to gay — 

and wished I were as fair. 
When suddenly she rose to leave. 

I saw her hobble down the aisle, 
She had one foot and wore a crutch. 

But as she passed, a smile. 
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine, 

I have two feet, the world is mine ! 

And when I stopped to buy some 

The lad who sold them had such 

I talked with him — he said to me. 
"It's nice to talk with folks like you, 
"You see," he said, "I'm blind". 
Oh, God, forgive me when I whine 
I have two eyes — the world is mine ! 



Then, walking down the street-, I 

saw a child with eyes of blue. 
He stow] and watched the other a 

play • 
It seemed he knew not what to do, 
1 stopped a moment, then I said; 
"'Why don't you join the others 

He looked ahead without a word 

and then 
I know he could not hear. 
Oil, God, forgve me when T whine, 
1 have two ears -the world is mine. 

With feet to take me where I'd go, 
With eyes to see the sunsets glow, 
With ears to hear what I would 

Oil, God, forgive me. when 1 whine 
J 'm blessed, indeed J The world is 

mine ! 

Scl. Sister Blanche Sweiuer. 


Most every life when understood. 
Has something in it, really good : 
Sometimes that good is hid away. 
And never comes out on display 
A timid life sometimes will hold 
Ahundanee of the purest gold : 
Requires the help of those who may 
To aid that life to bloom and grow. 

It you are saved: you are saved 

to serve, 
God lias endowed you with ahility to 

Ignorance and missing opportunities 
Are no just or reasonahle excuse. 
An accounting must he made 

Sometime of the endowment. 
One may learn lo serve bv serving: 
A happy servant is a willing servant. 
Thereby learn to serve worthily, 
Studying and efforts are designed to 
Help you to serve more worthily. 
Now Is the time to start learning 
To serve more efficiently. 

There are over five times more 
taverns or roadhouses. 

Than church-houses in the United 

Happiness Is beneficial for both 
body and soul, 

Hut is is grief that develops the pow- 
er of the mind, 

Because the Savior was a man of 

And acquainted with grief. 

If is a good thought and deed, 

When you help your feltowmaii up 
the hill, 

Thereby you get nearer to I he iop 

Patience is a mighty good help to 
the burden-bearer. 

Common sense is seeing things as 
they are, 

And doing things as they should be 

Cheerfulness and sunshine are fam- 

For dispelling tears and difficulties. 

Coming together is a beginning 

Keeping together is unity and 

Working together is success. 

Wm N. Kinsley. 





In speaking of another's faults, 

Fray don't forget your e>wtt 3 
Remember these with hpifses 

Should never throw a stone. 
It we have nothing else to do 

But talk of those who sin, 
Tis better we commence at home : 

And from that point begin. 

We have no right to judge a mam 

Until he's fairly tried ; 
Should wc not like Ills companv 

YVe know the world is wide- 
Some have their faults — and who 
has not ? 

The old as well as young, 
Perhaps we may, for aught we know 

Have fifty to their one. 

T "11 tell you of a better plan. 

And find it works full well. 
To try my own defects to sure. 

Before of others T tell. 
And tho' T hope sometime to he 

No worse than some I know 
My own shortcomings bid me let 

The faults of others go. 

Then let us all when we hegin 

To slander friend or foe. 
Think of the harm one word may do 

To those who little know, 
Rem ember curses sometimes, like 

Our chickens, "roost at home", 
Don't speak of other's faults until 

We have none of our own. 

Author Unknown. 



1. Because it is a companion to 
vice and immorality, 

2. Because we cannot have a 
clean conscience before God while 

3. Because it destroys a chris- 
tian's testimony and influence for 

4. Because it dissipates the mind, 
corrupts the heart and sears the 

5. Because T cannot dance to the 
glory and honour of God. 

7. Because we would not want to 
be found there when Jesus comes. 

8. Because dancing has been a 
stepping stone to hell for many 

9. Because even the pagans de- 
clared it an immortal amusement. 

10. Because I could not pray 
while dancing, could you? 

1 ! , Because only the unconverted 
christians are found there, 

12. Because we would not want 
to die while dancing., would you? 

13. Because no one can lead souls 
to Christ by dancing. 

14. Because we cannot think- of 
one good reason or gospel authority 
to dance. 

15. Because nearly all the chris- 
tian churches condemned dancing in 
former days. 

16. Because it has led to many 
divorce cases and broken up many 
happy homes. 



17. Because it is not spiritual 
food for the soul. 

18. Because we are commanded 
to grow in grace and in the knowl- 
edge of our Lord and Savior. 

19. Because the Holy Spirit leads 
no one to the dance, you go of your 
own will. 

20. Because the greatest gift ever 
given to men is eternal life, we 
must abstain from all worldly lusts 
to receive the inheritance. 

21. Because His Word teaches us 
to be holy, as He is holy. Unblame- 
able and unreproveable in His sight. 
Can we conscientiously be in favor 
with the Lord by dancing? 

22 Because it is in connection with 
unholy music, which is not in har- 
mony with the guidance of the Holy 

Xo doubt there are many more 
scriptural reasons why a christian 
would not dance. 

William X. Kinsley 


Love is the key, 

That opens the door 
To the heart of one 

That is weary and poor. 

Love, just pure love, 

Of the tenderest kind, 
Give assurance and hope 

To a troubled mind. 

Love costs so little 

In silver and gold ; 
Yet it is priceless 

And gives riches untold. 

Sel. by Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md, 


True worth is in being, not seeming. 
In doing each day that goes by ; 

Some little good, not of dreaming 
Of great things to do bye and bye. 

But whatever men say in their blind- 
And in spite of the fancies of 
youth ; 
There is nothing so kingly as kind- 
And nothing so royal as truth. 
— Selected. 

A thing is often good or bad 
Depending on its use, my lad. 
T think you'll find that this is true 
Of liquor and tobacco, too. 

Tobacco may be used .they say, 

In keeping pests, like moths, away. 

But never was intended to 

Be chewed and smoked by lads like 

Tobacca stains the finger tips 
And causes cancer of the lips ; 
\\ nile alcohol does even worse — 
It doth both soul and body curse. 

So use these as they should be used, 
Xor in their use become confused, 
For the}- are good, or they are bad, 
Depending on their use, my lad. 

Sel. from Clean Life Educator 
bv A. B. YanDvke. 




'As thou goest, Step by Step, I 
will open up the way before thee.'" 
(Prov. 4:12, Heb. Trans.) 
Child of My love, fear not the un- 
known morrow. 
Dread not the new demand life 
makes of thee : 
Thy ignorance cloth hold no cause 
for sorrow 
Since what thou knowest not is 
known to Me. 

Thou canst not see today the hidden 
Of My command, but thou the 
light shall gain ; 
Walk on in faith, upon My promise 
And as thou goest all shall be 
made plain. 

One step thou seest — then go for- 
ward boldly. 
One step is far enough for faith 
to see ; 
Take that, and thy next duty shall 
be told thee, 
For step by step thy Lord is lead- 
ing thee. 

Stand not in fear thy adversaries 
Dare every peril, save to disobey ; 
Thou shall march on, all obstacles 
For I, the Strong, will open up the 

Wherefore go gladly to the task as- 
signed thee. 
Having My promise, needing 
nothing more 
Than just to know, where'er the fu- 
ture finds thee ; 
In all thy journeying I go before. 

"Thy word is a lamp unto my 
feet, and a light unto mv path." 
(Psa. 119:105). 

— Author Unknown. 


The glorious cross lift light today. 

Ye holy saints in bright array. 
Knowing full well that He who bore 

Its cruel weight, forevermore 
Hath far removed the curse and 

And made it of far greater pain 
To all who gladly bear it here, 

By promise of a crown to wear. 

The glorious cross ! Arise in faith ! 

A little while, thy Lord now saith. 
And He who comes shall not delay 

But bring thee to eternal day. 
The bitterness of death is past 

Thy resurrection morn at last 
Hath come — And through His cross 
made nigh 

It's heavenly fflorv taste on hi«~h. 



Triune means threefold, or three 
in one, as the triune God, which 
means the God-head is three in one, 
being composed of the three. Father, 



Son and Holy Spirit. This is trin- 
ity in unity and unity in trinity. 

This combination obtains in the 
natural, as well as the spiritual 
world. Thus, man is composed of 
spirit, soul and body. (I Thes. 5: 
23. ) Illumination of the world is by 
the sun, the moon and the stars. Air 
is composed of oxygen, nitrogen and 
hydrogen. Climate is the combined 
effect of heat, light and moisture. 
The universe consists of earth, air 
and sky. 

Each of these is trinity in unity and 
unity in trinity, which means three 
in one the one composed of the 

So in the spiritual world ; the 
Godhead is Father, Son, and Holy 
Spirit. Three in one, the one com- 
posed of the three. Three bear rec- 
ord in heaven, the Father, the Word, 
and the Holy Spirit (I Jno. 5:7.) 
These three are one composed of 
the three. Three bear witness in 
earth, the spirit, the water, and the 
blood. These three agree in one. (I 
jno.. 5:8). This is trinity in unity, 
or three in one, the one being com- 
posed of the three. 

So in triune baptism, we have 
trinity in unity, three immersions 
in one baptism, the one baptism 
composed of the three immersions, 
which is in strict harmony and 
agreement with the triune Godhead 
into each name of which we are 
commanded .to baptize. (Matt. 28: 
19. (And is also in perfect -accord 
with all those other examples given 

above showing trinity in unity, and 
unity in trinity. Three in one, the 
one composed of the three. 

This triune baptism is one bap- 
tism, in the same sense in which the 
triune God is one Godhead. Xot 
three baptisms, but one baptism, just 
as the triune Godhead is not three 
Godheads, but one Godhead. And 
just as man is composed of spirit, 
and soul, and body, is not three 
men, but one. made up of the three. 

Were we commanded to baptize 
into the Godhead, or name of the 
the Godhead, a single immersion 
would do, but since we are com- 
manded to baptize into each name 
of the Godhead, the Father, the Son 
and the Holy Spirit, a triple immer- 
sion is required, and this is triune 

This triune baptism is known in 
theology and church history as 
trine immersion, which is performed 
by dipping or immersing the candi- 
date three times forward while 
kneeling in the water, once in the 
name of the Father, one in the name 
of the Son and once in the name of 
the Holy Spirit as commanded. 
(Matt. 29:19). 

In this way approximately 15 of 
every 16 immersed persons, in the 
world today, have been baptized, so 
that triune immersion carries a ratio 
of 15 to 1 as against single immer- 
sion in the world today. If this is 
questioned get the statistics and 
compare and note the results. 
(To be Continued) 




"For He satisfieth the longing 
soul, and filleth the hungry soul 
with goodness", (Ps. 107:9). 

Friends all around me are trying to 

What the heart yearns for, by sin 

undermined ; 
[ have the secret, I know where 'tis 

Only true pleasures in Jesus abound. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

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Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

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r 1 

* All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 

* to the Treasury, but sent to 
„ the Secretary for his records. 



MARCH 15, 1956 

No. 6 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 


MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 1 OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

| OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


'"But made himself of no reputa- 
ion, and took upon him the form of 
ii servant, and was made in the like- 
ness of men : and being found in 
'ashion as a man, he humbled him- 
self and became obedient unto death, 
Bven the death of the cross", Phil. 
2:7-8. Suffering of the worst de- 
gree was experienced by our Sav- 
iour. In this text we find, first hu- 
mility, as the Son of Gocl lay down 
iHis exalted position and came down 
to earth in the likeness of man. Even 
then He came not to rule but to be 
ruled over, in the form of a servant. 

As He came of age (legal man- 
hood ) He humbled Himself to seek, 
serve and help ; the sick, the sorrow- 
ing, the down-trodden and the hum- 
ble. This was only the beginning, 
iHe helped fallen man in every way 
that fitted the plan of God, even to 
His own suffering and death, that 
man might be freed from sin. 

"And being in an agony he pray- 
ed more earnestly : and his sweat 
was as it were great drops of blood 
falling down to the ground", Luke 
22 :44. This was the sweat of ex- 
treme suffering and a^ony. We 

know the sweat that comes from 
toil, particularly that which requires 
much effort. Perhaps you each have 
experienced a sweat which comes 
quicker and with less effort ; that of 
fear, embarrassment, anxiety or 
pain. This last sweat is just a lit- 
tle example of the sweat of our suf- 
fering Saviour. 

"Then said Jesus unto Peter, Put 
up thy sworcl into the sheath : the 
cup which my Father hath given 
me, shall I not drink it?" J no. 18:11, 
Christ drank the cup of suffering 
that He might give us the cup of 
salvation. The main reason for Pe- 
ter's reprimand seems to be, that 
Peter in a human way was going to 
save Jesus from the cup which God 
had planned for Him. Are we will- 
ing to bear the cup which God has 
for us ? Jesus revealed unto us, God's 
plan of salvation for man, are we 
observing it? Did we ever say: that 
is too much, that is unnecessary, I do 
not believe that was ever meant for 
people in this enlightened age? Re- 
read the quotation at the beginning 
of the paragraph. How much do we 
resist satan and sin, in order to drink 
the cup God has for us? 


"But I am a wonitj and no man: 
% reproach of men, and despised of 

[lie people, All they that see me 
laugh me to scorn : they shoot out 
the lip, they shake the head,, saying, 
He trusted on the Lord that he 
would deliver him : let him deliver 
him, seeing" he delighted in hinT", 
Psa, 22 :6-8, God ? s ways are not 
carnal ways, they are so difTerent 
that man derides God's suffering 
children. Christ suffered in order 
to carry out God's will and lift [alien 
humanity, dare we expect an. easy 
way of life ? God allows us to live God. 
rtj carry out God's will and lift fallen 
humanity while we are "the light of 
the world." We dare not loose faith 
in God and expect a Hie of ease and 
carnal liherty. God has promised a 
reward which is so great that we 
cannot fathom it, do we expect it for 

"For even hereunto were ye call- 
ed : heeause Christ also suffered for 

even the words and deeds which 
man used against Him. He bore our 
sms as one who would put them 
away hy His own suffering. 
Through accepting Him as our 
scapegoat, our sins are dead — re- 
moved from us, so we can go on in 
a new holy life of righteousness. 
Can we safely depend upon Christ 
until we die unto sin and live for 
righteousness and the bun or and 
glory of our Lord ? True we had 
gone astray hut now we can return 
into the glory and care af Almighty 


Acts 1 :8, "Rut ye shall receive 
power after that the Holy Ghost is 
come upon you : and ye shall he wit- 
nesses unto trie both in Jerusalem, 
and in all judea, and Samaria and 
unto the uttermost part of the earth" 
Jesus, in this passage, commends 

us, leaving us an example, that ye t his disciples to he His witnesses 
should follow his steps ; Who did no \ throughout the world, Me depends 
sin. neither was guile found in his uu us human beings to he His wit- 

mouth : Who. when he was reviled, 
reviled not again ; when he suiter ed, 

n esses tod a v. 

When jesus met the Samaritan 

he threatened not: but committed woman at Jacob's well, she marvel- 
ed, that He, being a jew, would 
speak to her. He gave her many 
thoughts to meditate on. 

The returned to her city, which 
was Svchar and witnessed for Jesus. 
In John 4:29. we have a record of 
her witnessing "Come see a man, 
which told me all things that ever I 

himself to him that judgeth right- 
ously", 1 Peter, 2:21-23. The 
priests offered the blood of animals, 
Christ offered His own blood for 
man's sins. W'e have only a few 
indications of the suffering and 
agony of soul which He endured, 
because of man's ingratitude, fail- 

ure to believe and accept Him and did: is not this the Christ?" 



On one occasion Peter said, "Thou 
art that Christ, the Son of the living 
God". Because .Peter proved such 
a faithful witness, on one occasion 
of his witnessing three thousand 
souls were added to the church. How 
else can sinners be introduced to the 
Lord Jesus? 

Today WE are His witnesses. 
Are we witnessing for or against 
Him? It is the Jesus way of bring- 
ing souls to Him, Let us Lie true wit- 

Bro. Paul R Myers. 
Box 117.' 
Green town, O 

Paul to the PhiHppiaus o: 13-1 4. 
f T press toward the mark for the 
prize of the high calling' of God in 
Christ Jesus. Forgetting' those 
things which are behind, and reach- 
mg forth unto those things which 
are before". Activities of life are 
prompted by anticipation. Brethren 
give diligence to make your calling 
and election sure. For if you do 
these things ye shall never fall, 2 
Pet. 1 :4. "\V herein- are given unto 
us exceeding great and precious 
promises' 1 . 1 Cor. 2:9-10, ''As it is 
written, Lye hath not seen, nor ear 
heard, neither have it entered into 
the heart of man, the things which 
God has prepared for them that love 
_ him. But God hath reveal eel them 
and Father of our Lord Jesus , unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit 
Christ, which according to his abun- searcheth all things, yea, the deep 

tilings of God". 2 Cor. 4:18, "We 
look" not at the things which are 
seen, but at the things which are not 


1 Pet. J :3. "Blessed be the God 

dant mercy hath begotten us again 
unto a lively hope", Bonn 8:24, 
"For we are saved by hope': but 
hope that is seen is not hope : for 
what a man seeth, why doth he yet 
hope for? But if we hope for that 
we see not, then do we with patience 
wait Eor it". Abraham, who against 
hope believed in hope. Rejoicing in 
hope, giving glory to God. The 
word anticipation meaning : To have 
hope, to look forward to something 

seen : for the things which are seen 
are temporal : hut the things which 
are not seen are eternal (spiritual j". 
Though now ye see him not, vet 
believing, ye rejoice with joy un- 
speakable and full of glory. Eph. 2 :|, 
"Among whom also we all had our 
conversation in times past in the 
lusts of the flesh, fulfilling,- the de- 

bey ond our view, some occurence to ; s i res of the Mesh and of the mind , 
take place in the future. looking for- j aiK i by nature the children of wnitli. 

ward to something grander to ex 
cell the present, anticipation brings 
enthusiasm to mankind, brings zeal, 
devotion, rapture, inspiration and an 
earnest feeling. 

even as others". "At that time ve 
were without Christ, being; aliens 
from the commonwealth of Israel 
and strangers from the covenant of 
promise, having no hope, and with- 



Taney to %m, Md., March 15, 195(i 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
cytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, U>54, at the Post Office, 
Tanevtown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

H/'ForuiUo you is "born, .a Saviour, 
which is Christ the Lord. Suddenly 
there was with the angel a multitude 
of the liea ven ly host praising God. 
and saying, glory to God iti the high- 
est, and on earth peace, goodwill 
toward men". God commendeth his 
love toward us : , in that, while we 
were vet without strength, in due 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greeritown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis R, Plohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

[ Being now justified by his blood, we 
'. shall be saved front wrath through 
Him. "['he Lord of heaven and 
earth dwellefh not in temples made 
with hands. Seeing he giveth to all 
life, and breath, and all things: that 
they should seek the Lord, and now 
commanded.! all men everywhere to 
out God in the world. But now in repent. For in Hun we live and 
Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were llU) ve, and have our being. And 
afar off are made nigh by the blood . n:i * determined the times before ap- 
of Christ. For be is our peace", pointed and the bounds of their 
Eph. 2:12-13. Now therefore ye habitations, I jecause he hath appoint- 
are no more strangers and foreign- e <l ' A day ht the wihch He will judge 
ers, but fellow-citizens with the the world. 

saints, and of the household of God. 
In whom we have redemption 
through his blood, the forgiveness of 

Isa. 55:6-7, "Seek ye the Lord 
while he may found, call ye upon 
him while he is near. Let the wicked 

sins, according to the riches of his forsake his way, and the tmright 

grace. And hath raised us up to- 
gether, and made us sit together in 
heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 
Thai in ages to come he might show 
the exceeding riches of his grace in 
his kindness towards us through 
Christ Jesus. 

What a wonderful Saviour? Well 
could the angels say behold we bring 
you good tidings of great joy. which 
shall he to all people. Luke 2 :1 L 13- 

eous his thoughts : and let him re- 
turn unto the Lord, and he will have 
mercy upon him ; for he will abun- 
dantly pardon." Everyone that 
thirsteth. come ye to the waters, and 
he that hath no money ; come ye, buy 
wine and milk without money and 
without price. Put away the evil of 
your doings. Learn to do well. 
Though your sins be as scarlet, they 
shall he as white as snow. Though 



they be red like crimson they shall 
be as wool, If ye he humble and obe- 
dient, Rev. 3:20, "Ueholtl. I stand 
at the door. and knock : if any man 
hear ray voice, and open the door. T 
will conic in to him. and will snp 
Wttli him. and he with me", 
Rev, 22A7, "The Spirit and the 
brick: say, come And let him that 

pare a place for you, I will come 
again, rind receive yon unto myself ; 
that where I am, there ye may be 
also" And I will pray the Father, 
and he shall give another comforter, 
that he may abide with you forever. 
Even the Spirit of truth : whom the 
world cannot receive. I will not 
leave you comfortless. The cornfort- 

heareth say come. And let him that | er. which is the Holy Ghost, whom 
is allure, come and whosoever will, ; he will send in my name, he shall 
Let him take of the water of life free- I teach you all things, and brim? all 
J ■ ! tiling to vmir remembrance 

Blessed are they which are called ■ What a wonderful Saviour we 
tmto the marriage supper of the have. Hek 11:5-6, "For he (Jesus) 
Lamb. Let us be glad and rejoice. L aifii f wt fj ncver k . ave thee Mr 
and give honour to him. For the ; forsake thee. So we ma, boldly sav 
marriage of the Lamb is come, and I The Lord is mv helper, and J will 
h.s wife (the bride) hath made her- not fear ^ man shaJ1 do imfo 
self ready. Behold, T have prepar- | mc ». Tllcre { , m fear j„ love , ^ 
ed my dinner : mv oxen and my fat- j perfect < divine) love ^ mh m 
hugs m killed, and all things are ' f fai , God is love : for love is of God 

and everyone that loveth is born of 
God. Who is he that overcome! h 
the world ? He that believeth that 
Jesus is the Son of God. This is he 
that is the Son of God. This is he 
that came by water and blood., even 
Jesus Christ. It is the Spirit that 
be.areth witness, because the Spirit 
is truth, The water is refering to 

ready, come unto the >.. riiage. 
Blessed are they which are called 
unto the marriage supper of the 
Lamb, jer 17:7, "Blessed is the 
man that trusteth in the Lord", 
Lam. 3:26. "It is good that a man 
should both hope and quietly wait 
for die salv&tibti of the Lord". 1. Cor, 
16 :23-24. "For as in Adam all die. 

even so in Christ shall all be made baptism, Luke 3 :2l-22," "Now when 

alive. But ever}- man in his own 
order: Christ the first-fruits ; after- 
ward they that are Christ's at his 

John 14:1.-3. "Let not your heart 
be troubled: ye believe in God, be- 
lieve also in me. .1 go to prepare a 
place for you. And if I go and pre- 

all the people were baptized, it came 
to pass, that Jesus also being bap- 
tized, and praying, the heaven was 
opened .and the Holy Ghost de- 
scended in a bodily shape like a dove 
upon him, and a voice came from 
heaven, which said, Thou are my be- 
loved Son : in thee T am well pleas- 


"But I am a worm, and no man; 
a reproach of men, and despised of 
the people. All they that see me 
laugh me to scorn : they shoot out 
the lip, they shake the head, saying. 
He trusted on the Lord that he 
would deliver him : let him deliver 
him, seeing he delighted in him", 
Psa. 22 :6-8. God's ways are not 
carnal ways, they are so different 
that man derides God's suffering 
children. Christ suffered in order 
to carry out God's will and lift fallen 
humanity, dare we expect an easy 
way of life? God allows us to live 
to carry out God's will and lift fallen 
humanity while we are "the light of 
the world." We dare not loose faith 
in God and expect a life of ease and 
carnal liberty. God has promised a 
reward which is so great that we 
cannot fathom it, do we expect it for 

"For even hereunto were ye call- 
ed : because Christ also suffered for 
us, leaving us an example, that ye 
should follow his steps : Who did no 
sin, neither was guile found in his 
mouth : Who, when he was reviled, 
reviled not again ; when he suffered, 
he threatened not : but committed 
himself to him that judgeth right- 
ously". 1 Peter. 2:21-23. The 
priests offered the blood of animals, 
Christ offered His own blood for 
man's sins. We have only a few 
indications of the suffering and 
agony of soul which He endured, 
because of man's ingratitude, fail- 
ure to believe and accept Him and 

even the words and deeds whic 
man used against Him. He bore ou 
sins as one who would put ther 
away by His own suffering 
Through accepting Him as ou 
scapegoat, our sins are dead — re 
moved from us, so we can go on i 
a new holy life of righteousnes: 
Can we safely depend upon Chris 
until we die unto sin and live fc 
righteousness and the honor an 
glory of our Lord ? True we ha 
gone astray but now we can retur 
into the glory and care of Almight 



Acts 1 :8, "But ye shall receh 
power after that the Holy Ghost : 
come upon you : and ye shall be wi 
nesses unto me both in Jerusalen 
and in all jndea, and Samaria an 
unto the uttermost part of the earth 

Jesus, in this passage, commenc 
his disciples to be His witness* 
throughout the world. He depenc 
on us human beings to be His wi 
nesses today. 

Y\ Tien Jesus met the Samarita 
woman at Jacob's well, she marve 
ed, that He, being a Jew, won' 
speak to her. He gave her mar 
thoughts to meditate on. 

The returned to her city, whic 
was Sychar and witnessed for Tesu 
In |ohn 4:29, we have a record i 
her witnessing "Come see a ma: 
which told me all things that ever 
did: is not this the Christ?" 



On one occasion Peter said, "Thou 

rt that Christ, the Son of the living 

iod". Because Peter proved such 

%. faithful witness, on one occasion 

>f his witnessing three thousand 

ouls were added to the church. How 

dse can sinners he introduced to the 

ord Jesus? 

Today WE are His witnesses. 
fi|\re we witnessing for or against 
im ? It is the Jesus way of bring- 
no- souls to Him. Let us he true wit- 


Bro. Paul R Myers, 
Box 117. 
Green town, O. 


1 Pet. 1 :3. "Blessed he the God 

Paul to the Philippians 3:13-14. 
"I press toward the mark for the 
prize of the high calling of God in 
Christ Jesus. Forgetting those 
things which are behind, and reach- 
ing forth unto those things which 
are before". Activities of life are 
prompted by anticipation. Brethren 
give diligence to make vour calling 
and election sure. For if you do 
these things ye shall never fall. 2 
Pet. 1 :4, "Whereby are given unto 
us exceeding great and precious 
promises". 1 Cor. 2:9-10, "As it is 
written, Eye hath not seen, nor ear 
heard, neither have it entered into 
the heart of man, the things which 
God has prepared for them that love 
him. But God hath revealed them 

(and Father of our Lord Jesus unto us by his Spirit: for the Spirit 

Christ, which according to his abun- 
dant mercy hath begotten us again 
unto a lively hope", Rom. 8:24, 
"For we are saved by hope : but 
hope that is seen is not hope : for 
what a man seeth, why doth he vet 
hope for ? But if we hope for that 
we see not. then do we with patience 
wait for it". Abraham, who against 
hope believed in hope. Rejoicing in 
hope, giving glory to God. The 
word anticipation meaning : To have 
hope, to look forward to something 
beyond our view, some occurence to 
take place in the future, looking for- 
ward to something grander to ex- 
cell the present, anticipation brings 
enthusiasm to mankind, brings zeal, 
devotion, rapture, inspiration and an 
earnest feeline;. 

searcheth all things, yea, the deep 
things of God". 2 Cor. 4:18, "We 
look not at the things which are 
seen, but at the things which are not 
seen : for the things which are seen 
are temporal : but the things which 
are not seen are eternal (spiritual )". 
Though now ye see him not, yet 
believing, ye rejoice with joy un- 
speakable and full of glory. Eph. 2 :3, 
"Among whom also we all had our 
conversation in times past in the 
lusts of the flesh, fulfilling the de- 
sires of the flesh and of the mind ; 
and by nature the children of wrath, 
even as others". "At that time ye 
were without Christ, being aliens 
from the commonwealth of Israel 
and strangers from the covenant of 
promise, having no hope, and with- 



Taneyto w n, Md., March 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

out God in the world. But now in 
Christ Jesus ye who sometimes were 
afar off are made nigh by the blood 
of Christ. For he is our peace", 
Eph. 2:12-13. Now therefore ye 
are no more strangers and foreign- 
ers, but fellow-citizens with the 
saints, and of the household of God. 
In whom we have redemption 
through his blood, the forgiveness of 
sins, according to the riches of his 
grace. And hath raised us up to- 
gether, and made us sit together in 
heavenly places in Christ Jesus. 
That in ages to come he might show 
the exceeding riches of his grace in 
his kindness towards us through 
Christ Jesus. 

What a wonderful Saviour? "Well 
could the angels say behold we bring 
you good tidings of great joy, which 
shall be to all people. Luke 2:11, 13- 

14,"Forunto you is born, .a Savior! 
which is Christ the Lord. Suddenl 
there was with the angel a multitud 
of the heavenly host praising Go< 
and saying, glory to God in the higl 
est. and on earth peace, goodwi 
toward men". God commendeth h 
love toward us, in that, while \\ 
were yet without strength, in dr 
time, Christ died for the ungodl; 
Being now justified by his blood, w 
shall be saved from wrath throng 
Him. The Lord of heaven an 
earth dwelleth not in temples mac 
with hands. Seeing he giveth to a 
life, and breath, and all things : th; 
they should seek the Lord, and no 
commandeth all men everywhere 1 
repent. For in Him we live an 
move, and have our being. Ar 
hath determined the times before a] 
pointed and the bounds of the 
habitations, because he hath appoin 
ed a day in the wihch He will judj 
the world. 

Isa. 55 :6-7, "Seek ye the Loi 
while he may found, call ye upc 
him while he is near. Let the wicke 
forsake his way, and the unrigh 
eons his thoughts : and let him r 
turn unto the Lord, and he will lw 
mercy upon him : for he will abui 
dantly pardon." Everyone th 
thirsteth, come ye to the waters, ar 
he that hath no money ; come ye, bt 
wine and milk without money ar 
without price. Put away the evil ■ 
your doings. Learn to do we 
Though your sins be as scarlet, th< 
shall be as white as snow. Thorn 


ley be red like crimson they shall 
e as wool, if ye he humble and obe- 
ient. Rev. 3 :20, "Behold, I stand 
t the door, and knock : if any man 
|iear my voice, and open the door, I 
vill come in to him, and will sup 
nth him, and he with me". 
^ev. 22:17, "The Spirit and the 
iride say. come And let him that 
ieareth say come. And let him that 
s athirst come and whosoever will, 
et him take of the water of life free- 

Blessed are the}- which are called 
.into the marriage supper of the 
jLamb. Let us be glad and rejoice, 
and give honour to him. For the 
.-marriage of the Lamb is come, and 
his wife (the bride) hath made her- 
jself ready. Behold, I have prepar- 
ed my dinner : my oxen and my fat- 
lings are killed, and all things are 
ready, come unto the marriage. 
Blessed are they which are called 
unto the marriage supper of the 
Lamb. Jer 17:7, "Blessed is the 
iinan that trusteth in the Lord". 
Lam. 3:26, "It is good that a man 
should both hope and quietly wait 
for the salvation of the Lord". 1 Cor. 
16:23-24, "For as in Adam all die, 
even so in Christ shall all be made 
alive. But every man in his own 
order : Christ the first-fruits ; after- 
ward they that are Christ's at his 

John 14:1-3, "Let not your heart 
he troubled : ye believe in God, be- 
lieve aiso in me. .1 go to prepare a 
place for you. And if I go and pre- 

pare a place for you, I will come 
again, and receive you unto myself; 
that where I am, there ye may be 
also" And I will pray the Father, 
and he shall give another comforter, 
that he may abide with you forever. 
Even the Spirit of truth : whom the 
world cannot receive. I will not 
leave you comfortless. The comfort- 
er, which is the Holv Ghost, whom 
he will send in my name, he shall 
teach you all things, and bring all 
things to your remembrance. 

What a wonderful Saviour we 
have. Heb. 13 :5-6, "For he (Jesus) 
said, I will never leave thee, nor 
forsake thee. So we may boldly say, 
The Lord is my helper, and I will 
not fear what man shall do unto 
me". There is no fear in love : but 
perfect (divine) love casteth out 
fear. God is love : for love is of God 
and everyone that loveth is born of 
God. Who is he that overcometh 
the world? He that believeth that 
lesus is the Son of God. This is he 
that is the Son of God. This is he 
that came by water and blood, even 
Jesus Christ. It is the Spirit that 
beareth witness, because the Spirit 
is truth. The water is refering to 
baptism. Luke 3 :21-22, "Now when 
all the people were baptized, it came 
to pass, that Jesus also being bap- 
tized, and praying, the heaven was 
opened ,and the Holy Ghost de- 
scended in a bodily shape like a dove 
upon him, and a voice came from 
heaven, which said. Thou are my be- 
loved Son : in thee I am well pleas- 



were opened unto him. and he 

Mark 1 :9-ll, "It came to pass in ! (John) saw the Spirit of God de- 

those days that Jesus came from 
Xazareth of Galilee .and was bap- 
tized of John in Jordan. And 
straightway coming up out of the 
water, he saw the heavens opened, 
and the Spirit like a dove descend- 
ing upon him, and there came a 
voice from heaven, saying. Thou are 

scending like a dove, and lighting 
upon him ; and lo a voice from heav- 
en, saying. This is my beloved Son''. 
Hei). 10:9-10. "Then said he. 
(Jesus), Lo. 1 come to do thy will, 
O God. lie taketh away the first, 
that he may establish the second. By 
the which will we are sanctified 

my beloved Son, in whom I am well through the offering of the body of 
pleased". Notice the testimony of ; Jesus Christ once for all. "Without 
John and others.Jesus coming up out shedding of blood is no remission of 
of the water. How could he come j sin". Col. 1:14, "In whom we have 
up out of the water, if He were not redemption through his blood, even 
in it? Some people tell us He was ' the forgiveness of sins". Rom 5:9, 
at the river Jordan and they poured "Being now justified by his blood, 
some water upon His head. we shall be saved from wrath 

Who witnessed this event? Matt, through him". So we have salvation 
3. In those days came John the Bap- ! by water and blood. We also joy in 
tist. preaching and saying. Repent God through our Lord Jesus Christ, 
ye. Then went out to him Jerusalem, j by whom we have now received the 
and all Judea and all the region j atonement, the only way to salva- 

round about Jordan, and were bap- 
tized of him in Jordan, confessing 
their sins. Not at Jordan but in the 
water of Jordan, this is plain lan- 
guage. Matt. 3:13-14, "Then com- 
eth Jesus from Galilee to Jordan un- 
to John, to be baptized of him. But 
John forbade Him, saying, I have 
need to be baptized of Thee, and 
comest Thou to me? John knew He 
was the Son of God. V. 15-17, 
"Jesus answering said unto him, 
Suffer it to be so now : for thus it 
becometh us to fulfill all righteous- 
ness. And Jesus, when he was 
baptized, went up straightway out 
of the water: and, lo, the heavens 

tion. Rev. 1 :5, "Jesus Christ, who 
is the faithful witness, and the first 
begotten of the dead. .Unto him that 
loved us. and washed us from our 
sins in his own blood". To the only 
wise God our Saviour be glory, ma- 
jesty, dominion and power now and 

How beautiful heaven must be. 
We read of a place that's called 

It's made for the pure and the free. 
These truths in God's Word He 

hath given. 
How beautiful heaven must be. 


In heaven no drooping nor sighing 
No wishing for elsewhere to be, 
God's light is forever there shining. 
How beautiful heaven will be. 

Pure water of life there flowing. 
All that will drink are happy and 

Rare jewels of splendor are glowing. 
How beautiful heaven must be. 

The angels so sweetly are singing. 
Up there by that beautiful tree. 
The voices of the multitude singing, 
How beautiful heaven must be. 

Sweet home of the happy and free. 
By faith we can see it afar. 
Fair haven of rest for the weary. 
How beautiful heaven will be. 

Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville. Ohio. 



I feel to write a few lines for the 
Bible Monitor, on Repentance and 
getting right with God, hoping that 
it will help someone. On the day of 
Pentecost, when convicted of sin, 
they cried out. What shall we do. 
The first word Peter answered was, 

"Repent, and be baptized everyone 
of you in the name of Jesus Christ 
for the remission of sins, and ye 
shall receive* the gift of the Holy 
Ghost". Repent ye therefore and be 
converted that your sins may be blot- 
ted out. Repent and be baptized, 
T am wondering how many repent 
of their sins before they are baptiz- 

ed, or do many get baptized and yet 
never repent of their sins? 

I believe we should all go to God 
and ask Him to show us our sins 
and when He does, we should re- 
pent of them. Ask God to forgive 
us and make a real change in life ; 
that we will know that God has for- 
given us and that we have peace 
with Him. Oh what a joy it is to 
know that God has forgiven us, have 
peace and be free to start out on the 
narrow way that leads to that heav- 
enly home. If we have God with 
us. we will not want to do the things 
of the world. 

I know of some who have been 
church-members for years and have 
never made a real change in life. Do 
they know that their sins were for- 
given and have they real joy and 
peace with God? I believe when we 
join church we should surrender all 
to Jesus, repent and confess our sins, 
that we can have forgiveness and 
have peace with God. 

I believe everyone has some sins 
to confess, if only to their father and 
mother. After we have been saved 
we need God's help, so we should 
look to Him in Prayer everyday, 
that He will be with us. His power 
is needed to help us that we can ov- 
ercome sin, that we can hold out 
faithful unto the end, that we can go 
to that heavenly home to be with 

Mrs. Rebecca Beck, 
Archbold, Ohio. 



The unity of the New Testament. 
Church should he one of its most 
important Characteristics. Jesus 
prayed for unity. "Neither pray I 
tor these alone, but lor them also 
which shall helieve on me through 
their word ; that they all may be one : ' Fevers, 
as in thee, that they also may be one 
in us : that the world maty believe 
that thou has sent me'\ John 17 : 
20-21. He further stated, "And 
other sheep I have, which are not 
of this fold : them also I must bring, there is neither bond nor free, there 

there be any now. Denominations 
divide and scatter Gods people. It 
was not an alliance &i religions, 
"A herefore come out from among 
them, and he ye separate saitb the 
Lord, and touch not the unclean 
thing; and T will receive you,,' 2 
Cor. 6:17. They were not 
equally yoked together with unbe- 
lew and Gentile, bond and 
free, male and female were all one 
in Christ. "For by one Spirit are 
we all baptized unto one body", 1 
Cor. 12:13. 

There is neither few tier Greek, 

'i nd they shall hear mv voice; and 
there shall be one fold, and one shep- 
herd'', John 10:16. 

The apostles pleaded for unity. 
"Xow I beseech you, Brethren, by 
the name of our Lord Jesns Christ, 
rhat ye all speak the same thing, and 
that there be no division anions you ; 

is neither male nor female ; for ye 
are all one in Christ Jesus 7 ', Gal. 3 ; 
28, They believe the same gospel, 
".For J am not ashamed of the Gos- 
pel of Christ: for it is the power of 
God unto salvation to everyone that 
believetb ; to the Jew first, and also 
the Greek", Rom. 1 :16, Thev obew- 

but that ye lie perfectly joined to- i ed the same gospel. "Then Peter 
gather in the same mind and in the ! said unto them. Repent, and be bap- 
same judgment", 1 Cor. 1;10. The i tized", Acts 2:;3S. All the saved 

early church practiced unity. ""And 
the multitude of them that believed 
were of one heart and of one soul : 

neither said any of them that ought 
of the things which he possessed was 
his own ; but they had all things 
common A Acts 4 :32. 

The unity of the New Testament 
church was not a union of conflict- 
ing or contradictory forces, it was 
not a federation of denominations. 
There were no denominations in the 
christian church then : neither should 

were added to the same church, 
"And the Lord added to the church 
daily such as should he saved". Acts 

They kept the same ordinances, 
"Teaching them to observe all. 
things whatsoever 1 have command- 
ed -you-", Matt 28:20. "Keep the 
ordinances as I delivered them to 
\ou", 1 Cor. II :2. They combined 
in the same doctrine. "And fellow- 
ship -dud in breaking of bread and in 
prayers", Acts 2:42. "Whosoever 


transgressed and abidcth not in the 
doctrine of Christ, bath not God He 
thai abideth in the doctrine of 
Christ, he hath both the Father and 
the Son. It there come any unto 
you, and bring not this doctrine, 
receive him nut info your house, 
neither bid him Godspeed", 2 John 
9 40, 

The}' wore the same name, "Unto 
the church of God which is at Cor- 
inth, to them that are sanctified in 
Christ jgsus our 

and ours", ] Cur. I :2. See also 2 
Cor. 1 :2 ; Acts 20 :2<S. They were of 
the same mind, "'Only let your con- 
versation he as It beeometh the Gos- 
pel of Christ : that whether I come 
rind see you, or else be absent. T mav 
hear of your affairs, that ye stand 

Jesus, whom ye have crucified, both 
Lord and Christ' 1 , Acts 2 :3fi There 
is one Spirit. "There is one bodv, 
and one Spirit, even as ye are called 
m one hope of your calling". Eph. 
4:4. There is one body, the church. 
"And hath put all things under his 
feet and gave him to be head over 
all things to the church, which is his 
body," Epb, 22;23. 

There is one faith, "One Lord, 
one faith". Eph. 4:5. "Farncstly 
-fird, both theirs ' contend for the faith which was once 
delivered unto the saints", Jude 3. 
There is one baptism, Eph, 4:5. 
"Therefore we are buried with him 
by baptism into death : that like as 
Christ was raised up from the dead 
by the glory of the Father, even so 
we also should walk in newness of 

mt In oue spirit, with one mind life". Rom. 6 :4, There is one hope, 
striving together for the faith of the I "if we continue in the faith ground- 
gospel", Phil. 1 :27. They spake the ' ed and settled, and be not moved 

same thing and walked by the same 

away from the hope of the gospel. 

have already attained, let us walk 
by the same rule, let us mind the 
same thing". Phil. 3:16. 

They had the same love one for 
another, "Fulfill ye my joy, that ve 
be hkeminded, having the same love, 
being of one accord, and of one 
mind", Phil. 2 :2. The basis for unity 
in the church is found in the knowl- 
edge, that there is "One God and 
Father of all, who is above all. and 
rh rough all, and in you all'', Eph. 4: 
C There is one Lord, "Therefore 
let all the house of Israel know as- 
suredly, that God hath made the same 

"Nevertheless, whereunto we ( which we have heard, and which 

was preached to every creature 
which is under heaven, . Which is 
Christ in you, the hope of glorv", 
Col. 1 :23, 2/. 

The unity of the church should he 
like that which exists between God 
and Christ. "That thev ah mav be 
one ; as thou, Father, : art in me 
and I in thee", John 17:21. It should 
be like that which exists between the 
members of the human bodv, I Cor. 
12:12-28. Unity is desirable that 
the world may believe, and that the 
glory of Christ may be seen. "And 
the glory which thou gaveth me 1" 



have given them ; that they may be 
one even as we are one", John 17: 

Sel from Gospel Trumpet by 
Sister Viola Broadwater. 


In Matthew seven we are told of 
two ways, the broad way and the 
narrow way. In verse 14 we read, 
"and narrow is the way which lead- 
eth unto life, and few there be that 
find it". We should never be a- 
shamed to admit, that we are living 
lives as narrow as God's Word ad- 
monishes us to live. Are there re- 
strictions and limitations? Yes, but 
look to what it leads ''life". 

Some time ago the great battle- 
ship "Big Mo" was stranded for 
days in an inland waterway on the 
Atlantic coast. What was the cause, 
she had left the narrow way, or her 
channel. Young people we cannot 
afford to stray from the "narrow 
way", which God, through His 
Word, has charted for our lives. To 
wander from His ways, only leads 
us to be stranded in the mire of this 
world's allurements, and to bring 
reproach to the Captain of our salva- 
tion, Jesus Christ. We are then 
rendered helpless in our service to 

To reach the way of "life" we 
must maintain a rigid course in this 
"narrow way", whether in school, at 
home, or in the shop. To deviate 
only spells despair and disaster. Let 
us keep in the narrow way, only a 

few find the the blessed results be- 
yond. Are you among the determin- 
ed few ? 

Sel. bv Sister Eileen Poorman. 


The Pleasant Ridge Congregation 
has decided to hold their Lovefeast 
services the 21st and 22nd of xA.pril, 
the Lord willing. Services begin at 
10:30 Saturday morning and Com- 
munion services in the evening. 

Ruth St. John, Cor. 


The Cloverleaf Congregation met 
in council Dec. 17, with Bro. W. C. 
Smith in charge, due to the absence 
of our Elder, Bro. Harry Andrews. 
Officers for the coming year were 

We decided to hold our Lovefeast 
April 7, the Lord willing. Services j 
beginning at 10:30, Communion in 
the evening and all-day services on 
Sunday. We welcome all to come 
and worship with us in these ser- 

Sister Rozella Kasza, Cor. 

It is with deep appreciation, that: 
we. with words which are impossi- 
ble for us to convey, to humbly 
thank all who so wonderfully re- 
memhered our wife and mother, in 
sending her cards and letters of en- 
couragement and especially for the 
fervent sincere prayers, that went 



up to the throne of God for her 
during her sickness. 

Also your cards of sympathy and 
consolation to us, after God had 
claimed her for another jewel in His 
Kingdom, will never be forgotten 
May God richly reward each one of 

The Harry Andrews Family. 


All business for General Confer- 
ence should be in my hands not 
later than April 16, 1956. 

Would the clerks of the four dis- 
tricts and boards or commtitees 
please honor the above deadline ? 

Paul R. Myers, (Clerk.) 

Was born January 29, 1996, in 
Cass County, Indiana to Daniel P. 
and Ella Jane (Givler) Nead. He 
passed away January 18, 1956 at his 
home on R. 4, Peru, of a heart attack 
following two days illness, being al- 
most 60 years of age. 

For some time he was employed 
in the shipping department of 
Fletcher-Forbes Glass Co., of Mar- 
ion, Indiana. He had lived in Mar- 
ion 13 years, and just moved back 
to Cass County earlier in the same 
month of his passing, into a new 
house he had been building. 

He united with the Church of the 
Brethren at Pipe Creek near the 
middle of his life, later transferring 
his membership to the Marion 

church where he then lived. In 1945 
he was married to Fern Cripe, who 
survives. Also surviving are a 
brother, Asa, R. 4, Peru, and a sis- 
ter, Mrs. Fern Stout, R. 1, Wabash. 
Another sister, Mrs. Mary Bowyer, 
passed away March 14, 1953. 

Elva, as he was known, was a 
greatgrandson of Elder Peter Nead. 
His father, Dan, was the first pre- 
siding elder of the Midway Dunkard 
Brethren congregation. His sister, 
Fern, is a present member of the 
Midway church. 

Funeral services were held in the 
afternoon of January 21, 1956. Af- 
ter a brief service at the Drake- 
Flowers Funeral Home in Peru, the 
main service was at the Pipe Creek 
Church one and a half miles west of 
Nead (a small village on U. S. 31, 
so named because it is located on 
land formerly owned by Elva's 
grandfather, Samuel Nead). Burial 
was in the Metzger Cemetery a short 
distance east of the church. The 
officiating ministers at these services 
were T. T. Weaver of Marion, and 
Milo Huffman, of Peru. 

Paul B. Myers, 
(Midway, Cor.) 

Unique in the history of the early 
church in Rockingham County, Vir- 
ginia, stand the labors of Eld. Peter 
Nead. His attraction to the church, 
his devotion to her services and his 
willingness to sacrifice any person- 
al desire for her welfare is a story 



well worth telling over and over 

Peter Xead, a class-leader and 
lav-preacher, identified with the 
.Methodist church, was led to a clos- 
er investigation of Bible teaching by 
rending a little book, a treatise on 
Christian baptism, written in the 
German by Mid. Benjamin Bowman, 
whose home was near Harrisonburg, 
Va. A visit to that community, at 
the time of a Lovefeast, and further 
inquiry into the teaching and prac- 
tice of the church, were sufficient 
full}- to convince Bro. Xead and his 
baptism immediately followed. 

From the first his love for the 
services of the church was quite no- 
ticeable, and in a short time he was 
ordained to the ministry. In this 
important calling his ability to serve 
the church was augmented by his 
command of the English language. 
Prior to this time the preaching was 
almost wholly in the German, al- 
though this language was fast being 
supplanted by the English. There- 
fore, the acquisition of an efficient 
minister in this tongue was of inesti- 
mable value to the church. Bro. 
Xead soon was known as the ''Eng- 
lish preacher", and his services were, 
eagerly sought after. These calls 
were not turned away and it is gen- 
erally conceded that his timely min- 
istration materially assisted the 
church in gaining the prestige so 
noticeable throughout the county. 

Furthermore, the transition from 
the service in German to the Eng- 

lish, that quickly followed, was with- 
out opposition on the part of the 
membership. Elder Xead's fidelity 
to the church, with his willingness to 
sacrifice any personal preference for 
the sake of his fellow-members al- 
layed any feeling of resentment. 

In order to show more clearly his 
disposition to yield, an instance fre- 
quently mentioned is here given. At 
first Bro. X T ead was rather stylish 
in his appearance, and the brethren 
did not take kindly to it. Espec- 
ially were there objections to his 
custom of wearing a tall, white hat, 
after the order of the clergy of that 
day. The question arose how best 
to approach him in this matter. Fin- 
ally, one Sunday at the close of the 
meeting, Eld. Benjamin Bowman, 
at whose home the services were 
held, asked Bro. Xead to take a walk 
with him to the barn. On entering 
and closing the door, he drew from 
the fanning mill a new, low-crowned 
hat. He said, "Bro. Peter, the 
brethren feel that the hat you wear 
is not in harmony with the humble 
profession you have made. We love 
you and desire that you may do a 
great deal of good in the church. 
Xow, Bro. Peter, here is a new 
Brethren's hat that 1 bought you. 
Will you wear it?" Bro. Xead said. 
"Yes, I will". He not only took the 
hat and wore it, but changed all his 
clothing to the full order of the 
church. The kind fatherly ap- 
proach of Eld. Bowman is to be ad- 
mired, but the full surrender on the 



part of Bro. Xead was no less hero- 
ic and fruitful of much good. 

Eld. Xead's home life greatly 
strengthened his work in the minis- 
try. Soon after uniting with the 
church, he formed the acquaintance 
of Elizaheth Yount, whose home 
was near Broadway, Ya. Their 
marriage followed Dec. 20, 1825,and 
they settled on the Yount home- 
stead. Here he spent fifteen years 
of his busy life. Beside meeting 
the calls for his ministerial seryice, 
he conducted a tanning business and 
taught school during the winter It 
was his custom to rise at three 
o'clock in the morning and read, 
write, or commit passages of Scrip- 
ture to memory until six o'clock, the 
usual breakfast hour. The duties of 
the day were met in systematic or- 
der, and the evenings were spent 
with the family or in communion 
with his God. A giant oak tree 
near his door, from beneath whose 
branches gushed a stream of bright 
sweet water, afforded him a favorite 
resort. Its beauty and its majestic 
proportions were inspiring to his 
vigorous mind. The fountain at his 
feet was constantly a suggestion of 
the "water of life" he was commis- 
sioned to declare unto a dying world. 

His home was a veritable sanc- 
tuary unto the Lord. In his dwel- 
ling, although extensively remodel- 
ed, the partitions, hung on hinges, 
still remain. These, by means of 
rope and pulley, could be easily ad- 
justed to accommodate the "meet- 

ings in turn". Here the children 
of God met from time to time to 
worship, until the erection of a meet- 
inghouse half a mile away. 

In 1833 Eld. Xead found time to 
write his "Primitive Christian", a 
book of one hundred and thirty-eight 
pages, treating on the ordinances of 
the Lord's house. In business Eld. 
Xead was prompt and true to his ob- 
ligations, and it is said of him that 
he was never late at church. 

Over a century has rolled away 
since the time of those busy years 
and great changes have been 
wrought. The old tan-house in which 
he labored has been razed to the 
earth, and the vats have fallen into 
disuse. Other scenes are being en- 
acted day by day, but that life "hid 
with Christ in God", still remains, 
and to generations yet unborn the 
name of Eld. Peter Xead will be 
made known. 

Sel. from Brethren Family 
Almanac by Bro. Paul B. Myers 


If you are saved ? you are saved 
to serve. 

God has endowed you with ability 
to serve. 

Anyone can learn to serve by serv- 

The happy servant, is the efficient 

Having onlv one talent is no excuse 
not to serve. 

You can learn to serve worthily. 



Study courses are designed to learn 

to serve. 
Now is the time to start learning. 
Study to show thyself approved of 

A workman (servant) who ueedeth 

not be ashamed. 
An accounting must be made of 

the endowment. 
Choose ye whom ye will serve. 
Thy God whom thou serve. He will 

deliver thee. 
No man can serve two masters. 
If ye serve the Lord Jesus Christ. 
Turn from idols to serve the living 

He was among us as He that serv- 

David served his generation by the 

will of God. 
Through grace we may serve God 

From henceforth we should not 

serve sin. 
Serve thou Him (God) with a per- 
fect heart. 
Doing service to the Lord and not 

to men. 


Even the words hold magic for us 
now : 

Names of each city from the parch- 
ment sheet ; 

The clothes His mother wore, the 
olive bough : 

The Galilean sea which bore His feet 

Capernaum where He healed the 
blind, the dumb ; 

Bethsaida where He fed the multi- 
tude ; 

And Nazareth where first He knew 
the crumb 

Of poverty and learned that toil was 

Vet no name holds for us the same, 

bright thrill. 
The wonder and the reverence as 

The Christ Child's hour came and 

the star stood still. 
And wise men knelt in veneration 

For set apart in beauty, like a gem. 
Is the ^Yord, the Name, the Hope of 
Bethlehem ! 

Sel. by Sister, 
Blanche B. Sweitzer, 
Route No. 1, 
Westminster, Md. 


A young girl said to her parents : 

"I'm fifteen years old, you know ; 
Come, let us go to the city — 

Country life is far too slow", 
Daughter, dear, do heed your par- 
ents : 

The wickedness there they say. 
Is worse than you can imagine'" 

But they let her have her way ! 

"A [other, dear, I want my hair 
bobbed — 
All the others wear it so ; 
And the sleeves take from my 
dresses — 
"Tis the fashion now, you know", 



"Oh, my daughter, heed your par- 
ents : 
Christians do not go that way". 
Though their hearts were aching 
They just let her have her way ! 

"J "in going to the dance. Mother — 
Make this dress above my knee ; 
A gay young man will bring me 

So you needn't wait up for me". 
"Oh, my daughter, he may be a sin- 
ner ! 
Will you break our hearts this 
But their daughter danced till day- 
For they let her have her way ! 

Many months slipped sadly by them, ' 

Till a year had rolled around : 
Once their daughter loved her 
Savior — 

Xow, her soul for hell was bound. 
At last Satan claimed his victim 

In an accident one day. 
And her parents were to blame — 

For they let her have her way ! 

These poor, broken-hearted parents 
Saw their fault : but 'twas too late. 
Firm, tho' tender they could have 
And saved her from her awful 
When their daughter was a baby. 

At their knees she learned to pray. 
Xow her sins are on their own heads 

For they let her have her way ! 
Sel. — by Sister Jeannettee Poorman, 
Pioneer, Ohio. 


My Shepherd is leading, He cares 

for His sheep, 
Beside the still waters close vigil He 

In shady green pastures He guides 

me to rest ; 
He knows where fresh pasture and 

feeding are best. 

When weakness or sorrow oppress- 
es the soul, 

When storms of affliction like sea 
billows roll ; 

Just then He is near me to comfort 
and cheer, 

To lift up my spirit and banish all 

He leadeth me onward in pathways 

of right, 
He shields me from dangers in 

darkest of night; 
E'en though the dark shadows of 

death may appear, 
Xo evil I fear with my Shepherd so 


His rod and His staff are my com- 
fort and stay, 

His table well-spread offers food all 
the way; 

My head with fresh oil He anoint- 
eth, I know, 

My cup of salvation with joys over- 

Surely goodness and mercy my way 

shall pursue, 
My Guide and my Shepherd will 

bring me safe through, 



To dwell in His presence for ever 

and aye. 
And bask in His sunlight through 

unending day. 

O friend without Jesus, come into 
His fold : 

The Shepherd is calling, as often of 

O'er desert and mountain He'? 
sought for the lost. 

He's purchased your soul at an in- 
finite cost. 

— Olive Branch. 
Sel. In- Sister Sidebottom. 


When I am tired, the Bible is im- 
Or in the dark, the Bible is my light. 
When I am hungry, it is vital bread. 
Or fearful, it is armor for the fight. 

When I am sick, 'tis healing medi- 
cine : 

Or lonely, thronging friends I find 
therein ; 

If I would work, the Bible i:? my 

If I am ignorant, it is my school. 

Or play, it is a harp of happy sound ; 
If I am sinking, it is my solid 

If I am cold, the Bible is my fire. 
And it is wings, if boldly I aspire, 
— Youth's Companion. 

You've heard of the man who wished 
to live 
In a house by the side of the road, 
Extending a hand to those in need. 
Helping to lift and bear their load. 
But I shall write a house of God 
Which stands beside a broad high- 
Its doors flung wide to welcome in 
The crowd of folk that pass that 

From every walk of life they come — 
The rich, the poor, the sick, the 
strong ; 
And in the church beside the road 
They find the peace for which the}' 

They come to sing his praise for joy 
They find within those mellowed 

walls ; 
Or, sick of sin within his soul. 

At Jesus' feet some sinner falls, 
A house of God it surely is. 

A shining temple of the light. 
It lifts its spires beside the road 
To all who look, a beacon bright. 
(Virginia Leach Ballon. ) 
Sel. Sister Sidebottom, 

Where there is no talebearer the 
strife ceaseth. 


Begin the day with God, 

Kneel down to Him in prayer. 
Lift up your heart to His abode 

And seek his love to share. 
Go through the day with God, 

Whatever your task may be. 
Wherever you are — at home or 

He still is near to thee, 




Go, labor on, spend and be spent, 

Thy joy to do the Father's will; 
tt is the way the Master went; 
Should not the servant tread it 
Toil no, faint not; keep watch and 
pray ! 
lie wise the erring soul to win ; 
Go forth into the world highway; 

Compel the wand'rer to come in, 
Toil on and in thy toil rejoice; 

For toil comes rest for exile home ; 
Soon shalt thou hear the Bride- 
groom's voice. 
The midnight peal, "Behold I 
Come" ! 

Sel. Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland. Aid. 

but trying to live like a Christian, 
when you are not one, does place 
you in the hands of death. 

Sel. — bv Eileen Poorman. 


The emptiest and most unhappy 
occupation in the world is that of 
trying to act like a Christian when 
you are not a Christian. 

Religion is a lift and not a drag. 
When I ride an elevator I don't 
stoop down and take hold of the edge 
of the elevator to try to help it get 
up to the tenth floor. I usually lean 
back in one of the corners and say 
to myself. "This is a good deal", I 
have heard people say, "I am going 
to live right if it kills me". 

From the looks of some of the 
people to whom I preach, I have 
been led to believe that, that is ex- 
actly what is happening. Living the 
Christian life never killed anv one, 


In the Bible the types, metaphors 
and allegories point to one person. 
Throughout the Old Testament 
scrolls, like a thread of gold are 
interwoven prophecies and descrip- 
tions of the Messiah. Not only did 
the prophets tell of a coming deliv- 
erer and redeemer for all peoples ; 
they accurately predicted the time of 
His appearing, the family, tribe and 
citv in which He was to be born, the 
nature of His birth and the charac- 
ter of His mission ; as well as the de- 
tails of His rejection, betrayal, death, 
resurrection and final triumph. 

When Jesus Christ came to this 
world, two thousand years ago, it 
was the descent of deity. How Christ 
came from heaven to earth is the 
"my.stery of the ages". His being 
born of a Virgin, the incarnation 
of God, is the most thrilling, the 
most romantic, the most fascinating 
story that has ever been told, written 
or portrayed in any manner. The ad- 
vent of Emmanuel has influenced 
history more than any other event 
since the world began. 

Jesus Christ is the central figure 
of all chronological reckoning". The 
date lines of world civilization and 
history are determined by the date 
of Christ's physical birth. The date 
printed on every newspaper, written 



at the top of every letter, appearing 
on even - cablegram, telegram and 
postcard ; affixed to every legal doc- 
ument, even by the most avowed 
infidel, honors the memory of 
Christ's birth. 

The man Christ Jesus, the belov- 
ed founder of Christianity, the build- 
er of God's church, was a very real 
person on earth and is a very real 
person at the right hand of God to- 
day, making intercession for each 
one of us. His very Spirit is real 
in the hearts of believers as a divine 
personality. Jesus Christ is a liv- 
ing reality. He is the central fact 
and figure in the annals of mankind. 
He is worshiped as God, exalted 
and glorified above all others. 
"Wherefore God also hath highly 
exalted him, and given him a name 
which is above every name : that at 
the name of Jesus even- knee should 
bow. of things in heaven, and things 
in earth .and things under the earth : 
and that every tongue should confess 
that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the 
glory of God the Father", Phil. 2 : 
9-1 L 

The personal acceptance of Jesus 
Christ as Savior and Lord of our 
life is the need of the hour. He needs 
to be crowned in the human heart 
as the inward abiding Prince of 
Peace. It is His internal abiding 
presence that gives hope and assur- 
ance for the future. Paul puts it 
this way, "Christ in you, the hope 
of glory". 

Sel. bv Viola Broadwater. 


(Continued from March 1st issue) 

We are commanded to ''baptize 
into the name of the Father, and 
of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit", 
(Matt. 28:19) and this means tri- 
une baptism, or trine immersion as 
the form of baptism. It may be 
noted here that this is the only place 
in the Bible where Jesus taught 
how to baptize, e. i., the form of bap- 
tism. The mode, immersion, is 
taught wherever baptism is men- 
tioned. This form is also taught 
by inference and harmony in a num- 
ber of other places. 

This formula given by Christ 
teaches triune baptism or trine im- 
mersion which means an immer- 
sion into each name of the Holy 
Trinity. This will be readily seen 
by analogy. 

This formula reads : "Baptizing 
them into the name of the Father, 
and of the Son. and of the Holy 
Spirit." The number of acts in such 
sentences is shown by the number 
of the prepositional adverbial 
phrases, which, in this case, is three. 

1. "Into the name of the Father. 

2. (Into the name) of the Son. 3. 
(Into the name) of the Holy Spir- 
it." By analogy and in harmony 
with this we have: "A superscrip- 
tion also written over Him in let- 
ters of Greek, and (in letters) Latin, 
and (in letters) of Hebrew." (Luke 
24 :3S. i 



How many prepositional adver- 
bial phrases? Three. How many 
acts of writing? Three. So three 
acts in baptism. Also we have, 
"He (Moses) showed signs in the 
land of Egypt, and in the Red Sea, 
and in the wilderness", (Acts 7 :36.) 
How many prepositional adverbial 
phrases? Three. How many acts of 
showing signs? Three. Just so three 
acts in baptism. 

Again we have : "The acts of 
David, behold, they are written in 
the book of Samuel the seer, and in 
the book of Nathan the prophet, and 
the book of Gad the seer." (I 
Chron. 29 :29. ) How many preposi- 
tional adverbial phrases? Three. 
How many writings of the acts of 
David? Three. In like manner we 
have three acts in baptism. 

Another analogous construction 
reads: "Then thou (Moses) shalt 
put it (the blood) upon the tip of 
the right ear of Aaron, and upon the 
tip of the right ear of his sons, and 
upon the thumb of their right hand, 
and upon the great toe of their 
right foot." (Ex. 29:20.) How 
nianv prepositional adverbial phras- 
es ? Four. How many acts of apply- 
ing the blood? At least four. Just so 
in baptism, as many acts as adver- 
bial phrases in the formula, which 
are three. 

Furthermore, we have, "So the 
people made booths in their courts, 
and in the courts of the house of God. 
and in the streets of the water gate, 
and in the street of the gate of 

Ephraim". (Neh. 9:16). How many 
prepositional phrases? Four. Like- 
wise as many acts in baptism as ad- 
verbial phrases in the formula which 
are three. See also Jer. 32 :44. 

All these and like constructions 
teach a repetition of action. The 
number of repetitions being indicat- 
ed by the number of prepositional 
adverbial phrases, which in the case 
of baptism is three. 

Should a sentence be framed that 
seems to conflict with these to weak- 
en their force in support of trine im- 
mersion, remember these are Bible 
and are identical in construction 
and teach repetition of action, and 
whatever conflicts with them is not 

In addition, suppose we recite the 
commission giving it in the wording 
of Matthew, and of Mark and of 
Luke. How many times do we re- 
cite it? Three. For there are three 
prepositional adverbial phrases. 
Again, I write my name in the book 
of Matthew, and of Mark, and of 
Luke. How many times do I write 
it? Three. The language requires it. 
So to baptize into the name of the 
Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Spirit, the language requires 
three separate acts or immersions. 

This may be given also: "Many 
shall come from the east, and from 
the west, and from the north, and 
from the south, and shall sit down 
with Abraham, and with Isaac, and 
with Jacob, in the kingdom of God." 
(Lu. 13:29; Matt. 8:11.) 



Just as seen above, so in this case, 
it takes four acts to come from the 
four points of the compass and the 
four prepositional adverbial phrases 
show it. So likewise for four com- 
panies to sit down requires four sep- 
arate acts, and thus harmonizes 
beautifully with the three immer- 
sions in triune baptism, as taught in 
the baptismal formula. 

The Trinity dwell in the Chris- 
tian in the sense in which they are 

"I will pray the Father, and He 
shall give you another comforter 
that he may abide with you forever", 
and "If a man love I\Ie, he will keep 
Mv words: and My Father will love 
him, and We will come unto him, 
and make Our abode with him." 
(Ino. 14:16-23.) This not only 

not that so many of us as were bap- 
tized into Jesus Christ were baptiz- 
ed into His death." (Rom. 6:3.) 

And "For as many of you as have 
been baptized into Christ, have put 
on Christ" (Gal. 3:27.) Here Paul 
says we put on Christ in baptism, 
and he knows. He likewise gives no 
other way to put on Christ. So this 
must be the way it is done. And 
since we live in them in the sense in 
which they are three, so we are bap- 
tized into them in the sense in which 
the}- are three ; and this is done 
when we baptize "into the name of 
Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Spirit" by trine immersion, 
which is triune baptism. 

We may not understand how we 
can be baptized into the Trinity or 
put on Christ in baptism, but Jesus 
and Paul did, and thev tell us this 

shows the individuality of the Trin- is the way it is done. That should 
itv, but also their separate entrance | be enough for us to know. Let us 
and abode in the Christian heart. In | believe Jesus and Paul, regardless 
this sense we are baptized into each of what man may say. No man can 

separately or individually. 

tell us how to get into the triune 

Christians live in the Father and , God, or put on Christ, except by 
in the Son, and in the Spirit in the j baptism, so that's the way. 
sense in which they are three. (II IV 

Thess. 1:1; Eph. 1:1; Phil. 1:1; 
Gal. 5:25.) 

They get into them by baptism. 
Christ's last commission commands 
us to baptize them into the Father, 
and into the Son, and into the Spir- 
it. (Matt. 28:19). He gave no 
other way to get into them. So 
that must be the way it is done. 

Paul tamrht the same, "Know ve 

The typical baptisms recorded in 
the Bible indicate a repetition of 
acts in baptism. The Children of 
Israel "were baptized unto Moses 
in the cloud, and in the sea." (I Cor. 
10 :l-2 ; Ex. 14.) In that baptism we 
have act one: 'And the pillar of the 
cloud went from before their face, 
and stood behind them." (Ex. 14: 
19.) Act two. "The Children of 



Israel went into the midst of the sea 
upon the dry ground." The cloud 
was not over them but behind them 
to hinder the Egyptians who follow- 
ed them. V. 22, 25) "The Lord 
looked through the cloud unto the 
Egyptians" who followed Israel and 
"troubled them, took off their char- 
iot wheels", etc., showing the cloud 
was over the Egyptians when they 
followed Israel. 

Act three, the cloud now passes 
from behind the Israelites and pass- 
ing over them a second time went 
before them to lead them. (Ex. 16: 
10.) So there were three acts in this 
tvpical baptism, just as there are 
three acts in the antitype. Christian 

Xaaman, the Syrian, at the com- 
mand of Elisha, the prophet, "went 
and dipped himself seven times in 
Jordan" and was healed of his lep- 
rosy. (II Kings 5:14.) The word 
for clip, in this case, is a derivative 
of baptizo. the word used for bap- 
tism by Christ and the apostles, and 
is what the lexicons call a "frequen- 
tative," indicating a repetition of the 
act which, in Xaaman's case, was 
seven and in Christian baptism, is 

Jesus' suffering in the garden is 
called baptism, a typical baptism. In 
this baptism He fell on His face 
and prayed the same prayer three 
times. ( Matt. 26 :39-44. ) This was 
not three prayers, but "the same 
words" (V 44) repeated three times. 
Just so the superscription written 

over Christ was not three super- 
scriptions, but one superscription 
written three times. For the same 
reason, the three acts in baptism are 
not three baptisms, but the one act 
performed three times ; and this is 
triune baptism, which harmonizes 
nicely with the typical and figurative 
baptisms referring to it, as no other 
form of baptism will. Trinity in uni- 
tv and unity in trinity. 

The salvation of Xoah and his 
family in the ark (Gen.7:7) was a 
real salvation but a figure of bap- 
tism. This ark had three floors, a 
first, a second, and a third story. We 
naturally conclude Xoah and fam- 
ily lived in the upper or third story. 
One act brought them into the first 
story, a second act brought them in- 
to the second story, and a third 
act brought them into the third 
story where they lived during the 

Here again we have perfect har- 
mony ; three persons in the God- 
head, three apartments in the ark, 
three parts in baptism. Three acts 
to enter the ark, three acts to get 
into the Godhead, three acts in bap- 
tism, triune baptism. One ark of 
three apartments, one Godhead of 
three persons, one baptism of three 
immersions. Such beautiful harmony 
is impossible with any other than tri- 
une baptism. 

Triune baptism is "one baptism" 
(Eph. 4 :5 ) in the same way one ark 
with three apartments, is one ark, 
and one Godhead with three persons 



out Godhead. Perfect harmony 
'rinity in unit}-, unity in trinity. 

(To be Continued) 


We have just received our first 
few Monitors for this year and from 
the very beginning. Did you note 
the wonderful lessons in them for 
us? I believe each and everyone 
need to take heed to the warnings 
which the articles contain. Every- 
one of us should enjoy these truths, 
when thev reveal the manv thinsrs 

good works, and glorify your Fath- 
er which is in heaven". 

Let your practice match your pro- 
fession. Satan would rather have 
us wear out our shoes going to 
church, than our knees in prayer. If 
we would just heed the first article 
"An Unstained New Year", count 
our many blessings and privileges 
and make use of them. Encourag- 
ing and praying for our young peo- 
ple, especially for this who are serv- 
ing in civilian work and also for 
those that are Hearing that age. 

Will we take more earnest heed, 
to the warning's that have been 

we are guilty of doing. 

Let us take warning of our many placed before us. Matt. 7 : 22-23,. 
faults and short-comings. Xow, that "Many will say to me, in that day, 
we may not come to that judgment Lord, Lord, have we not prophesied 
day. face to face with our God. when j in thy name ? And in thy name cast 
it will be too late to make amend. O | out devils? And in thv name done 

I wonder how we would react if we 
had the pages of our life read in our 
hearing, just the past year of 1955. 
it need not be our whole lifetime. 

I feel certain manv of our 
thoughts have been brought forth in 
the first issue for this year. Have 
we ever looked back through the 
Bible Monitor and taken note of the 
number of writers, who have passed 
to the great beyond, should not this 
be a warning to us, that now is the 
time to get ready to meet God. Let 
us strive with a more earnest zeal, 
to let our light shine brighter in the 
eyes of the world, rather than let it 
just flicker, ready to go out. Matt. 
5;16, "Let your light so shine be- 
fore men. that thev may see your 

man\' wonderful works ?" These are 
Jesus' own words and His answer is, 
"I never knew you : depart from me, 
ye that work iniquity". How sad it 
will be for those who have failed. 

Sister Jeannette Poorman. 


Politeness comes by being kind. 
And kindness is an art, 
You practice with a thoughtful 
And with a loving heart. 

Life is not so short but that there 
is always time for courtesy — Emer- 



The past cannot be changed, but 
the past can be left. — Dr. \V. L. I 

The Lord will not cast off His 
people, neither will He forsake His 
inheritance. — Psa. 94:14. 

The shortest road to any heart is 
round by heaven. 


As you grow better you sweep up 
out of the grasp of money, praise, 
ease, distinction ; you sweep up into 
the necessity of truth, courage, vir- 
tue and God. — Phillips Brooks. 

APRIL 1956 


Memory verse, Luke 8:16, "No 
man, when he hath lighted a 
candle covereth it with a vessel, 
or putteth it under a bed ; but 
setteth it on a candlestick, that 
they which enter in may see the 

Sun. 1— John 3:1-21. 

Mon. 2— John 4:1-15. 

Tues. 3— Matt. 4:12-25. 

Wed. 4— Matt. 12:1-14. 

Thurs. 5 — John 5:1-16. 

Fri. 6 — Luke 8 :5-18. 

Sat. 7— Matt. 13:45-58. 

Memory verse, John 6:47, "\ T erily, 
verily. I say unto you, He that 
believeth on me hath everlasting 

Sun. 8 — fohn 6:22-35. 

Mon. 9— Matt. 15:1-20. 

Tues. 10— Mark 8:10-21. 

Wed. 11— John 6:53-71. 

Thurs. 12— John 10:1-19. 

Fri. 13— John 10:22-30. 

Sat. 14— Luke 10:1-16. 

Memory verse, Luke 12:2, "For 
there is nothing covered, that 
shall not be revealed ; neither 
hid, that shall not be known". 

Sun. 15— Luke 10:25-37. 

Mon. 16— Matt. 18:10-20. 

Tues. 17— John 11 : 25-46. 

Wed. IS— Luke 11:29-36. 

Thurs. 19— Luke 12:13-22. 

Fri. 20— Luke 16:19-31. 

Sat. 21— Mark 10:17-27. 

Memory verse, Mark 10:31, "But 
many that are first shall be last; 
and the last first." 

Sun. 22— Mark 11:20-26. 

Mon. 23— Luke 17:20-37. 

Tuei,. 24 — Luke 18:1-14. 

Wed. 25— Matt 19:1-12. 

Thurs. 26— Matt. 5:1-16. 

Fri. 27— Matt. 13:31-38. 

Sat. 28— John 14:23-31. 

Memory verse, Mark 10:14, "Suf- 
fer the little children to come 
unto me, and forbid them not : 
for of such is the kingdom of 

Sun. 29— Matt. 25:1-14. 

Mon. 30— Matt. 15:1-12. 


Apr. 1 — Easter— Thomas and his 



Risen Lord. John 20:lS-29. 
Apr. 8 — Peter and his Promise. 

John 21:1-17. 
Apr. 15 — Jesus' Commands to His 

Helpers. Matt. 28:16-20; Acts 

1 :S-11. 
Apr. 22 — Peter and John at the 

Gate Beautiful. Acts 3:1-10. 
Apr. 29 — Peter's Courage. Acts 5 : 

12-32, 41, 42. 

Apr. 1 — Easter — He is Risen. Matt. 

1 — When a sinner is converted 
should he have the same kind of 
joy the women had, when they 
found that the Lord had risen. 

2 — Did the Devil gain any thing 
by this lie? 

3 — Can the evil devices of Satan 
defeat God's plan today? 

4 — Why should we as a Dunkard 
people be interested in Mission 
work ? 
Apr. 8 — Baptism and Repentance for 
the remission of sins. Mark 1 : 

1 — John preached repentance and 
baptism, also Christ ; is that our 

2 — How many of the steps to sal- 
vation that John preached, are 
essential to salvation today? 

3 — Do we have to live a life of 
simplicity and humbleness com- 
parable to the life of John the 
Baptist, before we can become 
a true child of God? 

-I — Is there sin in temptation? 
Apr. 15 — Jesus has all power over 
the Devil and sin. Mark 1 :16- 

1 — Why is the call of Jesus, when 
made today, unheeded ? 

2 — Do circumstances come about 
in this Christian life, that would 
require us to forsake our means 
of livelihood? 

3 — These were made physically 
whole ; how do we become spir- 
itually whole? 
Apr. 22 — Persistent faith will bring 
success. Mark 1:40-45; 2:1- 

1 — The leper knew his need, went 
with great faith to the right 
source. Why can't we see our 
need ? 

2 — Is my Faith sufficient to re- 
move Satan's mountains, or is 
my record a series of defeats ? 

3 — Does Mark 1-44 imply that we 
should keep it to ourselves, if 
the Lord does something won- 
derful for us ? 
Apr. 29 — Jesus came to call sinners 
to repentance. Mark 2:13-28. 

1 — Why is the remedy of the 
Great Physician rejected? 

2 — Is it possible for us to be a 
carrier of this dread disease of 
sin, and not realize that we are 
sick ? 

3 — Could we consider ourselves 
whole in the sight of the Lord ? 
Bible Study Board 



APRIL 1, 1956 

No. 7 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and ; OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"The angel answered and said 
unto the women. Fear not ye : for I 
know that ye seek Jesus, which was 
crucified. He is not here : for he is 
risen, as he said. Come, see the place 
where the Lord lay, and go quickly, 
and tell his disciples that he is risen 
from the dead." Those who had asso- 
ciated with Jesus for some time, had 
often heen told of His death and 
resurrection hut they were human, 
just as we are, and were first im- 
pressed by the things they could 
hear, see and feel. After thinking 
over things for a while they would 
be able to understand that which 
they had learned through hearing 
only, through faith only. 

To those who had close fellowship 
with Jesus, who had learned to love 
Him and value His power, who were 
looking for Him to restore their 
earthly kingdom, who had seen Him 
falsely accused and hanged ; who 
had little opportunity to even show 
their love for Him -by a proper bur- 
ial : it must have been quite a disap- 
pointment to hear "He is not here." 
"As they were afraid, and bowed 
down their faces to the earth, they 

said unto them. Why seek ve the 
living among the dead? He is not 
here, but is risen". Luke 24:5-6. 

The fact "He is risen" no doubt 
took some time for them to compre- 
hend. At the moment they could 
believe "He is risen" only through 
faith. Thus it was not the encour- 
aging, comforting fact that it should 
have been to them. We read a 
number of expressions which bear 
out their lack of understanding the 
true, marvelous fact of the actual 
resurrection "Fear not ye," "As they 
were much perplexed thereabout", 
"For as yet they knew not the scrip- 
ture, that he must rise again from 
the dead", "But Alary stood without 
at the sepulchre weeping", "But he 
said unto them. Except I shall see 
in his hands the print of the nails, 
and put my finger into the print of 
the nails, and thrust my hand into 
his side, I will not believe", Jno. 20 : 
9, 11, 25. 

He is not here is a statement quite 
disappointing at any time. It must 
have been particularly so, when so 
loved a person had just suffered so 
much and His followers had planned 
to show Him their last respects of 

BIBLL monitor 

love. In this world we are often 
faced with the disappointing news. 
He is not here, but if it were follow- 
ed by "He is risen", our joy should 
over-shadow the sorrow many times. 
To know that our Lord and Savior 
is risen, that He has gone to prepare 
a place for us. that He has promised 
to be with us and that He is coming 
to receive us ; should be a great con- 
solation as our loved ones are called 
from this life. 

Actually today He is not here, in 
body as He was before .^s crucifix- 
ion, so we must seek Him through 
faith, our communion with Him 
must be spiritual. "Say, not in thine 
heart. Who shall ascend into heav- 
en ? (that is, to bring Christ down 
from above) or. Who shall descend 
into the deep? (that is. to bring up 
Christ again from the dead). But 
what saith it? The word is nigh 
thee, even in thy mouth, and in thy 
heart: that is, the word of faith, 
which we preach ; that if thou shalt 
confess with thy mouth the Lord 
Jesus, and shalt believe in thine 
heart that Cod hath raised him from 
the dead, thou shalt be saved", Rom. 
10 :6-9. 

"Why seek ye the living among 
the dead"? It is a fact that the ma- 
jority of individuals desire to know 
and be known of Christ but alas so 
many are seeking Him among the 
spiritually dead. They are trying to 
find Him among sin, they are seek- 
ing Him among a mixture of sin and 
virtue. We must seek Christ 

through heavenly ways. We must 
seek Him through reverence and hu- 
mility. We must seek the Lord, while 
He may be found, for the night of 
time is near for each of us, when we 
can seek Him no longer. 

"If ye then be risen with Christ, 
seek those things which are above, 
where Christ sitteth on the right 
hand of God. Set your affection 
on tilings above, not on things on 
the earth. For ye are dead, and 
your life is hid with Christ in God", 
Col. 3:1-3. The seeking, the setting 
of our affections, the hiding of our 
life ; is in our hands while on this 
earth. We can waste our life in 
riotous living or we can see a far 
more eternal weight of glory. Dare 
we be satisfied with this earthly life? 
It is joyful, it is good to be here ; no, 
for our Lord is not here. He is risen, 
are we arising through the teaching 
of the Xew Testament? "For our 
conversation is in heaven ; from 
whence also we look for the Saviour, 
the Lord Jesus Christ", Phil. 3:20. 
"Awake thou that sleepest and 
Christ shall give thee life". 


Jesus, the B'-ead of Life 
John 6:35, "An 1 Jesus said unto 
them. I am the bread of life : he that 
cometh to me shall never hunger; 
and he that believeth on me shall 
never thirst". 

Jesus made a profound statement 
when He said, "I am the bread of 
life." Man is a dual being. God creat- 


eel him a natural man, out of the 
dust, by breathing into man's nos- 
trils the breath of life. The Word 
states that man became a living soul, 
hence, the beginning of the spiritual 
being of man. 

Both beings of man require food 
for growth. The natural man par- 
takes of natural bread which is the 
staff of life. The spiritual man re- 
quires spiritual food to grow spir- 
itually. Jesus by His own words, 
is that Bread of Life. Too, He is that 
living water of which, if we partake, 
we shall never thirst. 

Regardless of race, color or creed, 
we need daily rations of both types 
of bread, to sustain strength and life 
to live in this life and to prepare for 
the next. We should nut onlv eat 
to satisfy our natural hunger, but we 
should daily digest portions of Heav- 
enly Manna to satisfy our spiritual 

The Bread of Life is not rationed 
to a few. There is an abundance 
for all. Might each one cry out as 
did the disciples, '"Lord, ever more 
give us this bread." 

Bro. Paul R. Myers, 
Box 117, 

Greentown, O. 


Rev. 20:6, "Blessed and holy is 
he that hath part in the first resur- 
rection", Luke 14 :14, "Thou shalt be 
blessed ; for they that cannot recom- 
pense thee : for thou shall be recom- 

pensed at the resurrection of the 
just" Acts 24:15, "There shall be 
a resurrection of the dead, both of 
the just and unjust". 1 Cor. 15:17- 
18, 20-21, "If Christ be not raised, 
your faith is vain ; ye are yet in your 
sins. Then they also which are fal- 
len asleep in Christ are perished. But 
now is Christ risen from the dead, 
and become the first-fruits of them 
that slept. For since by man came 
death, by man came also the resur- 
rection of the dead. But every man 
in his own order : Christ the first- 
fruits ; afterward they that are 
Christ's at his coming". 

John 5 :28-29, "For the hour is 
coming, in the which all that are in 
the graves shall hear his voice, and 
shall come forth ; they that have 
done good, unto the resurrection of 
life : and they that have done evil, 
unto the resurrection of damnation". 
Rev. 3:23, "1 will give unto every- 
one of you according to your 
works", 1 Thess. 4:14, 16-17, "For if 
we believe that Jesus died and arose 
again, even so them also which sleep 
in Jesus will God bring with him. 
For the Lord himself shall descend 
from heaven with a shout, with the 
voice of the archangel, and with the 
trump of God : and the dead in 
Christ shall rise first: Then we 
which are alive and remain shall be 
caught up together with them in the 
clouds, to meet the Lord in the air : 
and so shall we ever be with the 

Luke 20 :36, "Neither can they die 



Taneytown, Md., April 1, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
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March 3, 1879. 

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sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

anymore : for they are equal unto 
the angels, and are the children of 
God, being the children of the resur- 
rection". Matt. 24:40-42, "Then 
shall two be in the held, the one shall 
be taken, and the other left. Two 
women grinding at the mill : the one 
shall be taken, and the other left. 
Watch therefore : for ye know not 
what hour your Lord doth come." 
The taken ones represent the wise 
virgins, and those left, the foolish 
virgins. Rev. 19:9, "Blessed are they 
which are called unto the marriage 
supper of the Lamb". They lived 
(the elect) and reigned with Christ 
a thousand years. But the rest of the 
dead live not again until the thous- 
and years are finished, this is the 
first resurrection". 

Rom. 8:33, "Who shall lay any- 
thing to the charge of God's elect? 

It is God that justifieth". Aline elect, 
in whom my soul delighteth. Luke 
13:20, "Except that the Lord had 
shortened those days, no flesh could 
be saved : but for the elect's sake, 
whom he hath chosen, he hath short- 
ened the days". How can ye es- 
cape the damnation of hell? Some 
men will say : How are the dead 
raised up and with what body do 
they come ? 

John 11:21. 23-25, 34, 43-44, 
"Then said Martha unto Jesus, 
Lord, if thou hadst been here, my 
brother had not died. Jesus saith un- 
to her, Thy brother shall rise again. 
Martha saith unto him, I know that 
he shall rise again in the resurrec- 
tion at the last day. Jesus saith un- 
to her, I am the resurrection, and the 
life, Jesus said, where have ye laid 
him? They said unto him. Lord, 
come and see. And when he thus 
had spoken, he cried with a loud 
voice, Lazarus come forth. And he 
that was dead came forth, bound 
hand and foot with grave-clothes. 
Jesus saith unto them, Loose him and 
let him go." So He proved Himself 
to have power of the resurrection. 
Phil 3:10, The apostle Paul stated, 
"That I may know him, and the 
power of his resunvjtion". For as in 
Adam all die, even so in Christ shall 
all be made alive. 

A resurrection is : a coming forth 
from a dormant state, from an inac- 
tive being, resurrected to a useful 
state of being. The first man Adam 
was a living soul, the last Man 


Adam was made a quickening Spirit. 
Matt. 25:31-33, "When the Son of 
man shall come in his glory, and all 
the Holy angels with him, then (a 
certain time ) shall he sit upon the 
throne of his glory. And before him 
shall be gathered all nations : and he 
shall separate them one from anoth- 
er, as a shepherd divideth his sheep 
from the goats". This is the last 
day. or the great judgment day. 
Heb. 9:27, "As it is appointed unto 
men once to die. but after this the 
judgment". John 5:22-25, "For the 
Father judgeth no man, but hath 
committed all judgment unto the 
Son. He that heareth my word, 
and believeth on him that sent me, 
hath everlasting life, and shall not 
come into condemnation; but is 
passed from death unto life. Yerily, 
I say unto you. the hour is coming, 
and now is, when the dead shall 
hear the voice of the Son of God : 
and they that hear shall live". 

The angels which kept not their 
lirst estate, he hath reserved in ever- 
lasting chains under darkness unto 
judgment of the great day. Enoch 
also prophesied, saying, behold the 
Lord cometh with ten thousand of 
his saints, to execute judgment upon 
all. But beloved remember ye the 
words which were spoken before of 
the apostles of our Lord Jesus 
Christ, how they told you there 
should be mockers in the last time, 
who should walk after their own un- 
godly lusts. Rev. 20:12, "And I 
saw the dead, small and great, stand 

before God ; and the books were op- 
ened, which is the book of life; and 
the dead were judged out of those 
things which were written in the 
books, according to their works. 
And they were judged every man 
according to their works''. Ecc. 12: 
14, "For God shall bring every work 
into judgment, with every secret 
thing, whether it be good, or wheth- 
er it be evil". 

Rev. 1 :7. "Heboid, he cometh with 
clouds; and every eye shall see him, 
and thev also which pierced him : 
and all kindreds of the earth shall 
wail because of him". Rev. 6:15-17, 
"And the kings of the earth, and the 

great men and the rich men hid 

themselves in the dens and in the 
rocks of the mountains ; and said to 
the mountains and rocks, Fall on lis, 
and hide us from the face of him 
that ^itteth on the throne and from 
the wrath of the Lamb : For that 
great day of his wrath is come : and 
who shall be able to stand?" The 
day of wrath, that dreadful day. 
when heaven and earth shall pass 
away. \Y hat power shall be the sin- 
ner's stav? How shall we meet that 
dreadful day? Oh on that day, that 
wrathful day, when men to judg- 
ment wakes from clay. Be thou, O 
Christ, the sinner's stay, though 
heaven and earth shall pass away. 

Acts 3 :20-21, "He shall send Jesus 
Christ, which before was preached 
unto you : whom the heaven must re- 
ceive until the times of restitution of 
all things, which God hath spoken 


by the mouth of all his holy prophets arrival at a desired goal 
since the world began". Eternal Con- 
demnation means : without promise 
or hope of redemption. At that time 
ye were without Christ in the world, 
having no hope and without God in 
the world. But now in Christ Jesus God provides a free salvation 
are made nigh by the blood of Christ the great atonement calls you 

Are you ready for the judgment? 
It is coming by and by, 
And the hour no mortal knoweth 
Hasten ere vou be too late. 

Christ. In whom we have redemp- 
tion, through His blood, the forgive- 
ness of sins according to the riches 
of His grace. Unto you therefore 
which believe He is precious. 

Mark 4:40, "And Jesus said unto 
them, why are ye so fearful? How 
is it that ve have no faith ?" Matt. 

Cast on Him your sins and care. 
When today is time accepted. 

Wm. X. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 


How inseparably Easter and the 
resurrection of our Lord are asso- 
8:26, ''He said unto them. Why are dated. Of course to the Christian 
ye fearful, O ye of little faith ?" Heb. they are synonymous. To the Jew, 
10:26-27, "For if we sin wilfully af- to whom it should mean immeasur- 
ter that we have received the knowl- ably more than to the Christian, it 
edge of the truth, there remaineth means little more than a time of 
no more sacrifice for sins, but a cer- feasting. How truly the Jew 
tain fearful looking for of judgment measures up to what John says, "He 
and fiery indignation". The Lord came to His own, and His own re- 
shall judge His people. It is a fear- ceived Him not", but to the Chris- 
ful thing to fall into the hands of the tian what wonderful riches are con- 
living God. Rev. 21 :8, "The fear- < tained in "But to those who did re- 

fill, and unbelieving, and the 
abominable,. .. .and all liars, shall 
have their part in the lake which 
burneth with fire and brimstone : 
which is the second death". So there 
is quite a contrast between the here- 
after or future of the believer and 
the unbeliever. There is also a con- 
trast between the first resurrection 
and the second or final resurrection, 
the judgment day. The consuma- 
tion of all things meaning : A satis- 
factory conclusion of something, an 

ceive Him, to them gave He power 
to become the sons of God". 

To the popular christian churches 
Easter, too often, means a time of 
feasting and of adorning themselves 
in the very height of the latest fash- 
ion. It can be said of many of our 
own brethren, sisters perhaps more 
especially, that it means the wearing 
of a new bonnet and it seems each 
succeeding bonnet is just a little less 
of a bonnet than the previous one 
had been, though the last one was 


skimpy enough. 

When God had created Adam and 
his helpmate. Eve. he placed them in 
the garden of Eden, the most beauti- 
ful place, no doubt, on the face of 
earth and wonderful to think about. 
The Bible tells us that the Lord 
God walked and talked with them. 
To them He gave dominion over the 
beasts of the field and the birds of 
the air, but they were human and 
when satan offered to make them 
wise as God, they believed satan 
rather than God and because of their 
misplaced confidence, the entire hu- 
man race has been subjected to sin 
and death. God no longer directed 
them personally as He had done and 
because the heart of man becomes 
more desperately wicked as he wan- 
ders from God, a chasm, an abyss 
interposed itself between God and 
man, which deepened and widened 
as man went deeper into sin. 

It is true that God or angels visit- 
ed individual persons now and then, 
for some special purposes, but as the 
centuries went by this chasm be- 
came so deep and so wide that it 
seemed as though the entire human 
race must be doomed. So it went 
from bad to worse until God saw fit 
to destroy man with the exception of 
Noah and his family, and yet again 
man fell perhaps to the lowest depths 
of depravity, when God destroyed 
Sodom and Gomorrah. However, 
it seems man grouped in darkness 
until God himself became alarmed, 
at the helplessness and hopelessness 

of man and realized that this chasm, 
this ever-deepening and ever-widen- 
ing abyss had to be bridged. But 
not from man's side of the chasm, 
every last man on the face of the 
earth would have perished, in at- 
tempting to bridge this chasm, so the 
bridging of this chasm had to be 
from the other side, from God's side 
of the chasm. 

The entire plan of salvation con- 
sumated in heaven and brought to 
earth by Christ, included His mira- 
culous birth, poverty and toil, while 
under His parent's care, poverty, 
suffering and extreme self-denial 
through life. His whole interest in 
the saving of people ; His teachings. 
His institution of divine ordi- 
nances. His trial. His crucifixion and 
His resurrection constitutes the 
bridge which again bridges this 
chasm. The most vital part of this 
bridge is the resurrection, in fact 
the resurrection is the keystone in 
the arch that bridges earth with 
heaven. Take out this keystone, the 
resurrection and the entire structure 
will be utterly destroyed. 

Of such importance is the resur- 
rection that Paul bases the divine 
authority of Jesus upon it, Rom, 1 :4, 
"Declared to be the Son of God with 
power, according to the spirit of 
holiness, by the resurrection from 
the dead." Christ himself said, 
"Destroy this temple and in three 
clays I wlil raise it up." Again He 
says, "Therefore doth my Father 
love me, because T lav down my life. 



that I might take it again. Xo man 
taketh it from me, hut I lay it down 
myself. I have power to lay it 
down, and 1 have power to take it 
again". The rulers who stood by 
and mocked Him on the cross, little 
knew what they said, "He saved oth- 
ers ; let him save himself ; if he be 
the Christ, the chosen of God". The 
soldiers also said, "If thou be the 
king of the Jews, save thyself." 

ddie resurrection is the pivotal 
point of the whole christian religion. 
In fact it would be uiterly null and 
void without the resurrection. Paul 

ful preservation of his body, because 
of the extraordinary skill the ancient 
Egyptian embalmers displayed and 
all because even they, believed in 
some kind of a resurrection. Thev, 
however, did not have a full concep- 
tion as to the manner in which the 
resurrection should take place, be- 
lieving it to be more of a bodilv res- 
urrection. Even the American In- 
dian had some conception of a life 
beyond this life and accordingly in 
his own manner, prepared for the 
happy hunting ground where the 
faithful warriors would spend 

in 1 Cor. 15:19-20 says, "If in this i eternitv, happy beyond their fondest 
life only we have hope in Christ, we j dreams, hunting in a land prepared 

are of all men most miserable. But 
now is Christ risen from the dead, 
and become the first-fruits of them 

for them by the Great Spirit. 

There is a class of people who do 
not believe so implicity in the resur- 

that slept, and yet the higher critics, j rect i n, the so-called modern mind 
evolutionists and others deny the c i oes not accept the physical resur- 

divinity of Christ. Poor, puny, mis- 
guided creatures ; the clay condemn- 
ing the potter, the creature condemn- 
ing the creator. The hope of ever- 
lasting bliss, the hope of heaven it- 
self rests wholly and solely on the 
resurrection. The fact that the hope 
of the resurrection is inherent in 
the human breast is pretty good evi- 
dence, aside from God's Word, that 
there really is a resurrection and 
Paul of course is absolutely confi- 

The comparatively recent discov- 
ery and opening of the tomb of Tu- 
tankhamon, one of the rulers of an- 
cient Egypt, the finding of different 
things in his tomb and the wonder- 

rection of Christ, about themselves 
they are not quite so sure, it would 
be unscientific. A miracle would 
violate the laws of nature. There is 
absolutely no scientific explanation 
of a miracle possible. The turning 
of water into wine, the unstopping 
of the ears of the deaf, the opening 
of the eyes of the blind, the raising 
of the dead to lit'- 1 : are positively 
unscientific, they are divine. God is 
God of universe as well as God of 
the spiritual realm. Natural laws 
and spiritual laws do not conflict. As 
body and soul differ so these laws 
also differ. The scientist who is a 
christian, recognizes this fact but 
by his lopsided knowledge actually 


tries to prove that the author of all of these facts and you will eventual- 
true knowledge is wrong himself, ly have to abandon all, and with 
Man has not yet discovered all the them the deity of Christ and the 
natural laws, nor is his knowledge atonement fur sin. Will our friend, 
perfect of the laws he knows, but he the modernist be willing to deny this 
is continually changing and perfect- attribute of Christ, or has he es- 
ing his knowledge of them. poused the philosophy of Epicurus.. 

The one basis of the spiritual and that licentious philosopher of Ath- 
the natural law is evidence. Xot only ens. and say "Let us eat and drink 
do we have God's Word that Christ for tomorrow we die", 
arose but it is amply proven by secu- Will such admit that pleasure is 
lar history, people have seen and the highest attainment of man, and 
witnessed to this fact. The modern- that when death comes all is over? 
ist. the Jew and the atheist do not be- Xo, that is not the philosophy of the 
lieve in spite of all evidence. They modernist but he depends on the 
will not believe simply because thev goodness of God, when he has been 
don't care to. Argument will avail good neither to himself, to his fel- 
uothing. they simplv will accept no lowman. nor to God. I do not mean 
argument, no matter how convinc- good morally but good in a spiritual 
ing it may be. Away with Him. sense, 
crucify Him. they say. The indescribable glory of the 

If he was the divine, pre-existent transfigured state of Christ was re- 
Son of God, as the Bible tells us. co- vealed unto Peter. James and John 
equal, co-existent with the Father. on the mount before His death, and 
as the Bible declares He is. and if it Hi: > heavenly glory unto John on the 
was decided in the councils of eterni- I*le of Patmos after His ascension. 
ty that He should take upon Him- The transfiguration of Christ is evi- 
self our nature for the purpose of ; dence that we also shall be changed, 
human redemption; then it would : 1 Cor. 15:42-44. "It is sown in cor- 
be quite proper that His entrance ' ruption. it is raised in incorruption : 
into the world should be through ! it is sown in dishonor, it is raised in 
divine rather than human genera- | glory ; it is sown in weakness, it is 
tion. Granting His pre-existent life, raised in power. It is sown a natural 
His super-natural birth, then His ! body, it is raised a spiritual body", 
sinless life and the miraculous works There is a beautiful significance in 

should not surprise us. But it 
would be surprising if He should die 
as ordinary mortals die and that 
His divinely conceived body should 
undergo corruption. Give up any one 

the physical resurrection of our 
Lord. It is a pledege of the resur- 
rection of the body of every believer. 
Job had a vision of this when he 
said. ''Yet in mv flesh I shall see 



God : whom I shall see for myself, 
and mine eves shall behold and not 
anothers." The process of the res- 
urrection is a mystery but certain. 
When the spirit leaves, the body 
shall be resolved to the elements of 
which it is composed but the God 
who preserves the identity of the 
bod} - through life, will preserve it 
through death and it shall be raised 
in glory not with the limitations and 
processes of this natural life, which 
lead only to the grave but to a life of 
eternal glory. How inspiring to 
know that the human body made in 
the Creator's image, though often 
marred, weakened and perverted by 
sin ; that one day we shall see that 
temple restored and perfected in the 
wondrous beauty originally design- 

K. 1). Henry, 
in April 1924 Bible Monitor. 

Long in anguish deep was He, 
Weeping there for you and me, 
For our sin to Him was known ; 
We should love Him evermore 
For the anguish that He bore. 
In Gethsemaue alone 
Oh what love for me was shown ! 

Sel. Sister Dottie Pifer. 


Oh, what wondrous love I see 

Freely shown for you and me. 

By the One who did a-tone ! 

Just to show His matchless grace, 

Jesus suffered for the race, 

In Gethsemane alone 

Oh what love for me was shown ! 

"Tarry here", He told the three, 
"Tarry here and watch for me'' ; 
But they heard no bitter moan ; 
For the three disciples slept 
While my loving Savior wept, 
In Gethsemane alone 
Oh what love for me was shown ! 


E is for everything Christ has done 
for you and me ; 
For each torture He endured un- 
til death set Him free. 

A is for the agony He suffered on 

the Cross ; 
For the atoning blood He shed to 

save all the lost. 

S is for the sins He carried to Cal- 
vary's tree ; 
For souls by His sacrifice, from 
their sins. He set free. 

T is for the times He prayed while 
tears freely flowed ; 
For trials He endured, 'Twas 
such a heavy load ! 

E is for each tear He shed in sorrow 
all alone ; 
For enraged Jewish leaders when 
angels rolled away the stone. 

R is for the reed used on His head 
in the judgment hall. 
For the rulers who declared Him, 
guiltless and perfect after all. 

Easter the day Christ lived anew, 
Should mean so much to me and 



It means we, too, can live anew. 
If we, the will of God will do. 
Written by Sister Eileen Poorman, 
Pioneer, Ohio. 


April 7 — McClave. Colo. 
April 21 — Pleasant Ridge, Ohio. 
April 28 — Kansas City, Mo. 
April 29— Bethel. Pa. 


The Broadwater Congregation 
will hold a spring revival meeting, 
starting the 21 or 22 of April, and 
lasting through the 29th, with Broth- 
er Amnion Keller of Lebanon, Pa., 
as the Evangelist. We ask an in- 
terest in your prayers for the success 
of these meetings and we invite all 
who can, to come and worship with 
ns whenever possible. 

The Broadwater Congregation 
met in Council March 10. The 
meeting was opened by singing 
hymn no. 234 and scripture reading 
from Rom. 12 by Bro. Addison Tay- 
lor. The business consisted of items 
of local interest. Council closed by 
singing hymn 731 and prayer by 
Bro. Edward Beeman. Our next 
council will be June 9th. 

Pray for us that we will go for- 
ward during the coming year, with 
the thought of increasing our faith 
and working for a greater unity and 

Sister Viola Broadwater, Cor. 


The Mechanicsburg Congregation 
held regular council on Mar. 10. 
Our Elder read 1 Pet. 1 :l-9 and 
led in prayer, Bro. Reed from Dal- 
las Center, Iowa was present to give 
a report on Relief Work. He gave a 
good outline of the work planned 
by the Dunkard Brethren Church. 
We elected an Evangelist for the last 
of August. 

We are glad that everything was 
done in a very christian manner. 
We sang one verse of "Bless be the 
tie that binds" Bro. Harry L. Jun- 
kins led in closing prayer. We ask 
for the prayers of all who know the 
value of praver, as we are few in 
number and ask God's guidance to 
build us up. 

Harrv L. junkins, Cor. 

The Kansas City Dunkard Breth- 
ren Church will hold their spring 
Lovefeast, Saturday, April 28, Ser- 
vices all-day Saturday and Sunday. 
We cordially invited all who can to 
come and enjoy these services with 
us. We are few in number and ask 
an interest in your prayers. 

Bertha Tarboe, Cor. 

The Midway congregation met in 
regular council Saturday afternoon, 
Mar. 3, with our presiding elder, 
Emanuel Koones in charge. There 
were only eight local members pres- 



ent, two are still in Florida and two 
others are sick. 

We changed otir fixed commun- 
ion date, from the last Saturday in 
August to the third Saturday in 
Septemher. This year our Com- 
munion will he Sept. 15. It was 
decided to have a revival meeting 
this year, but we cannot yet an- 
nounce the time or evangelist. 

Paul B. Myers, Cor. 

The Ouinter church has decided 
to have their Lovefeast, May 5. We 
urge all who can to come and wor- 
ship with us at this meeting. 

Elma Jamison, Cor. 


The Berean Dunkard Brethren 
church, located near Dayton, Ya., 
wish to express their appreciation 
to the General Mission Board for 
the help they have so willing given 
us, so far this year. The Lord will- 
ing we have the promise of a visit- 
ing Minister every third Sunday of 
each month. 

First Sunday of Jan., Bro. and Sis- 
ter Aramon Keller and little daugh- 
ter, also Bro. and Sister Stuber were 
with us. Third Sunday of Feb., Bro. 
and Sister David Ebling was our 
visiting Minister. Third Sunday of 
March, Bro. Roscoe Reed, his 
youngest son and wife and two chil- 
dren, also his daughter Inez were 
with us. We must commend Bro. 
Reed and his group, for their cour- 

age on leaving home for such a long 
trip as the day was very snowy and 
bad weather. All these gave us Gos- 
pel messages which were enjoyed bv 
I all present. 

We enjoy the fellowship of those 
of like precious faith. We feel that 
those visiting Brethren and Sisters 
| coming to us for worship, will be a 
great help to our little group here at 
J the Berean church. May God richly 
I bless them in their work here and 
| elsewhere. We are so few in num- 
ber and we ask the prayers of the 
Brotherhood in our behalf, that the 
work may prosper and grow in num- 
ber and spirituality. 

Sister Josie Lam. 


Daughter of John J. and Ada F. 
Root, was born June 26, 1915, near 
Wyuoka, Okla. and departed this life 
Feb. 22, 1956 at the age of 40 years, 
j 7 months and 26 days. In 1928 the 
family moved to Waterford, Calif. 
In 1931 she was united in marriage 
to Harry E. Andrews. To this union 
was born two sons and one daughter. 
In 1929 she was baptized into the 
Dunkard Brethren Church, to which 
she was a faithful n 1 devoted mem- 
ber until her death. Her loving obe- 
dience to her heavenly Father, which 
was manifested in the home and in 
the church, was shown when she 
called for the anointing service a few 
weeks before her death. Her moth- 
er preceded her in death in 1932. 



There remains to mourn her pass- 
ing : her husband ; the following" 
children: Marvin Eugene, of Hick- 
man Mills, Mo., Miriam Eleanor 
Reed and Larry Alvin, of Grand- 
view, Mo. ; a step-daughter, Doro- 
thy Marie Blocker, of Ceres, Calif. : 
seven grand-children ; her father, 
John J. Root; her step-mother, 
Louise Root ; six sisters and four 
brothers : Lola Ruschhaupt, Hick- 
man Mills, 'Mo. ; Elizabeth Gish, 
\\ nttier, Calif. ; Ruby Bowman, 
Mildred Miller and Adeline Hol- 
singer, of Modesto, Calif. ; Betty 
Knaus, Lees Summit, Mo.; Allen, 
Eldon and Emmert Root, of Modes- 
to, Calif. ; Benjamin Root, of Cam- 
arillo. Calif., and a host of relatives 
and friends. 


There is a day of sunny rest 
For every dark and troubled night. 
And grief may bid an evening 

But joy shall come with morning 


For God hath marked each sor- 
rowing clay 
And numbered every secret tear. 
And Heaven's long age of bliss shall 

For all, His children suffer here. 

Funeral services were conducted 
in the Dunkard Brethren Church, 
Kansas City, Mo., by Eld. H. I. Jar- 
boe and Bro. Dale Jamison. Burial 
in Memorial Park Cemetery. 

Sister Bertha Jarboe, Cor. 


Son of John and Mary Likens 
O'Brien, was born February 27, 
1886, in Grant County, and departed 
this life in Short Gap, West Virgi- 
nia, February 13, 1956, at the age of 
69 years, 1 1 months and three days. 

He is survived by his wife, Mrs. 
Lula Estella See O'Brien ; two sons, 
Melvin O'Brien and Arthur O'- 
Brien; 4 daughters, Mrs. Leonard 
Kimble, Mrs. Leonard Fisher, Mrs. 
Sherman Pyles and Miss Loretta 
O'Brien ; also four brothers, Ed- 
ward, Taylor. Robert and Charles 
O'Brien ; three sisters, Mrs. Mol- 
lie Hill, Mrs. Martha George and 
Mrs. Elizabeth Arnold. 

Bro. O'Brien has been a member 
of the Dunkard Faith since early in 
life, and was a faithful member till 
his death. Services were conducted 
in the Old Furnace Church, Febru- 
ary 16, by Eld. \Y. A. Taylor. In- 
terment in the Eby Cemetery. 
A precious one from us has gone, 

A voice we loved is still; 
A place is vacant in our home, 

Which never can be filled. 
God, in His wisdom has recalled, 

The boon His love had given ; 
And though the body slumbers here, 

The Soul is safe in heaven. 

Sister Irene Harris, Cor. 

Day-old son of Bro. and Sister 
Charles F. Marks of Loganville, Pa., 
died at 8 a. m. at West Side Osteo- 
pathic Hospital, West York. 



Surviving besides the parents are : 
cine brother, Raymond R. Marks, 
Langhorne R. D. 3 ; a sister, Man- 
Ann Marks, at home ; and grand- 
parents. Elder and Sister Joseph H. 
Myers. Glen Rock, R. D. 2, and D. 
K. Marks, York. 

Graveside services were conduct- 
ed Feb. 9 at 10 a. in., at Shrewsbury 
Dnnkard Brethren Cemetery. Elder 
A. G. Fahnestock officiated. 
A tiny little rosebud 

Bloomed but one day. 
God called him from us 

And we cannot say. 
Why he had to leave 

Or why he could not stay. 
This tiny little rosebud 

So soon has withered away. 

Some day we shall meet him 

In that home so bright and fair. 
Never again to part 

Where he blooms so fair. 
This tiny little rosebud 

We know is in God's care. 
And will be forever 

In that home over there. 

Sister Sheila Stum]), Cor. 


The blessings of God extend to 
all generations. To receive the many 
blessings and a full reward of God, 
acceptance and conditions in this 
life are required. Some people make 
it hard for others, such is not the 
works of righteousness. Christ said, 
My yoke is easy and my burden is 
liffht. Have we found it so, we are 

cummanded to bear one another's 
burdens and so fulfill the law of 

Love is the fulfillment of the law. 
Where there is no love, there the 
spirit of Christ is not. Those who 
profess to be christians and keep not 
His commandments are none of His. 
We are commanded not to fellow- 
ship the unfruitful works of dark- 
ness. The only thing in this world 
worth striving for is the greatest 
blessing of God, eternal life. Today 
many strive for the riches of earth 
only, which sooner or later will per- 

We are told to earn our bread 
with the sweat of our brow, yet 
many desire to live by taking ad- 
vantage of others. Lives filled with 
envy and strife do not possess the 
spirit of Christ. When He was here 
on earth, He said. Except your 
righteousness exceed that of the 
Scribes and Pharisees, ye shall in no 
wise enter the kingdom of heaven. 
Sometime ago I heard a minister 
say, To get to heaven we must get 
a foretaste here on earth. Heaven is 
a place of joy, peace and rest. 

Surely true christians do not de- 
sire and cannot enjoy being at places 
where there is always strife. To be 
christians, we must show to the 
world that we oppose strife and all 
its works. Christ said, Blessed are 
the peace-makers. He was called 
the prince of peace, for He came to 
bring peace unto all. He was re- 
jected by many, according to the 



Gospel. Sad that many, even in this 
day, completely reject Him. On this 
dav of great wickedness, it is the 
duty of every professing christian to 
labor for the peace that Christ 
brought to earth. It will lead us to a 
land of peace and many great bless- 
ings of God. A place where joy, 
peace and rest will not be disturbed, 
eternal peace. 

I often think of some who looked 
toward their undisturbed rest. Now 
they cannot be disturbed by the 
cruel hands of earthly strife. Here 
on earth we are disturbed with sick- 
ness, pain, deceitfulness, fraud, rob- 
bery and death. Such things greatly 
reduce our desire to stay here on 
earth. Let us thank God that 
through Christ, we can prepare for 
a better place. If we are faithful in 
Christ Jesus, we will not refuse to 
be faithful in all His teachings. 

Bro. J. F. Marks 
r 3 * York, Pa. 


Not so long ago I dropped in at a 
neighbor's house and knocked on 
the door. No one answered the 
knocking. Again I knocked for I 
knew the lady of the house was 
there, for as I was driving toward 
the place, I saw her enter that door, 
not two minutes before. She did not 
open the door. So, disappointed, I 
turned away, unwanted. 

When you read in Rev. 3 :20, 
'"Behold, I stand at the door and 
knock ; if any man will hear my 

voice, and open the door, I will 
come in to him, and will sup with 
him, and he with me". It is an evi- 
dent fact that here is a friend with 
something of great -importance, and 
he wants to share it with you. But 
it is your door, and not even the 
Lord is going to open your door 
and come in unwanted. 

The Lord only asks to come in. 
In J no. 5:24, we read, "He that 
beareth my word and believeth on 
him that sent me, hath everlasting 
life, and shall not come into con- 
demnation ; but is passed from death, 
unto life". What a fact, what a joy. 

There is a double action when 
you open the door of your heart to 
Him. For he said, "I will sup with 
him, and he with me." Also in Jno. 
10 :9, He said, "I am the door ; by me 
if any man enter in, he shall be sav- 
ed, and shall go in and out, and find 
pasture". Jno. 14:6, "I am the 
way, the truth, and the life: no man 
cometh unto the Father, but by me". 
Fph. 2:18, "For through him we 
both have access by one Spirit unto 
the Father". 

How you see how important it is 
that you must, first open your door, 
when you hear His voice. Only then, 
will the gates of heaven be opened 
to you. Jno. 3 :18, "He that believ- 
eth on the name of the only begotten 
son of God". There is something 
for us to do. Luke 13 :24, He said, 
"Strive to enter in at the strait gate : 
for many, I say unto you, shall seek 
to enter in, but shall not be able". 



The key to this most important 
door is love. From Jesus' words, 
J no. 14 :23, ''If a man love me, he 
will keep my words : and my Father 
will love him, and we will come unto 
him, and make our abode with 
him". Wonderful, wonderful, pres- 

When once your door is open, and 
the Lord is your guest, other doors 
are opened to you. The bounties of 
heaven are at your disposal. Jno. 
6:35, we read, "I am the bread of 
life : he that cometh to me shall never 
hunger, and he that believeth on me 
shall never thirst". Jno. 7 :3S, "He 
that believeth on me, as the scrip- 
tures hath said, out of his belly shall 
flow rivers of living water". Jno. 15 : 
7. "Ye shall ask what ye will, and it 
shall be done unto you". 

When one eats of the living bread 
and drinks of the living water, his 
own life becomes a life-giving source 
to others. You become the salt of 
the earth, and you become the light 
of the world. These attributes can 
never be yours unless you open your 
door, and let Christ be your indwell- 
ing Saviour and friend. 

Oscar E. Stern, 
Wausaukee, Wise. 


Friction is a paradox — for it has 
both good and bad features. It makes 
necessary the replacement of me- 
chanical parts, retards the whole of 
industry, takes great quantities of 
oil, grease and graphite to counter- 

act is action, and its binding power 
produces an unwanted heat. Millions 
of dollars are spent annually to con- 
trol if not dispose of its peculiar 
power — yet we owe much to this 
principal of friction. 

Without friction our voices would 

utter no audible sound. Our feet 

would not take hold of surfaces, and 

j walking would be impossible. Ships 

could not tie up at docks, for the 

I rope hitches would not hold. 

Last but not least, there would be 
no brakes on cars or other vehicles, 
and those agencies of transportation 
and of pleasure would be death-deal- 
ing machines — if they existed at all. 

In the spiritual sense we find an 
analogy. The Psalmist speaks of 
the "steps" of a good man as being 
'"ordered by the Lord." May we par- 
aphrase this and say. and so are the 

Paul was one who entreated for a 
bit of friction (he called it a thorn 
in the flesh) to be removed, but God 
plainly showed him that it had a pur- 
pose in the process. Chastening is 
not pleasant, but grievous. Never- 
theless, the results are worth while 
and worth waiting for. 

"Our light affliction which is for 
a moment, worketh for us a far more 
exceeding and eternal weight of 

Don't fear that trials and test- 
ings will wear you out, for along 
with the friction there will be re- 
placement by the Divine hand. 
Therefore, faint not — "though the 



outward man perish, yet the inward 
man is renewed day by day." 

Just thank God for the friction — 
the disciplining and refining action 
that is producing gold of the finer 
sort, working in us and for us in or- 
der to present us, one day faultless, 
before the presence of His glory. 

Sel. from "the War Cry", by 

Ord Straver. 


Tomb, thou shall not hold Him 

longer ; 
Death is strong, but life is stronger ; 
Stronger than the dark, the light ; 
Stronger than the wrong, the right ; 
Kaith and hope triumphant say, 
"Christ will rise on Easter Day !" 

While the patient earth lies waking 
Till the morning shall be breaking, 
Shuddering 'neath the burden dread 
Of her Master, cold and dead, 
Hark ! she hears the angels say, 
"Christ will rise on Easter Day!" 

And when sunrise smites the moun- 
Pouring light from heavenly foun- 
Then the earth blooms out to greet 
Once again the blessed feet; 
And her countless voices say : 
"Christ has risen on Easter Day!" 
Sel. — Sister Dottie Pifer. 

Intoxication is not the wine's 
fault, but the man's fault. — Chinese 


Our Saviour's love within us dwells ; 

Christ giveth it to use. 
Unless it multiplieth much, 

We may this treasure lose. 
O Christians look about thee well ; 

The dawn begins to break ! 
Go tell those who in darkness dwell 

Christ came, died for our sake 
Go share Christ's love ; He sendeth 

And tells us now to go 
Did He not come, undaunted die, 

Because He loved us so? 
The fleeting moments left us here, 

Use well for Jesus' cause 
Our hearts, our hands, our lives en- 

Let not our labor pause. 

Sel. by Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md, 


Radical changes would be affect- 
ed generally if professing Christians 
and Christian Ministers really be- 
lieved the Holy Spirit to be indis- 
pensable. I shall list a few, there 
would be less "pumppriming" in the 
form of dinners, social gathering and 
other attractions in order to get 
many "too-worldly-minded" Chris- 
tians to do something for God. 
There would be fewer conferences 
and committees, and more conquest. 

There would be less need for plan- 
ning and programing, but there 
would be more prayer for God's 
blessing and help. Our mid-week 



prayer meetings would be as well at- 
tended as the Sunday morning" wor- 
ship service, that is, if we really be- 
lieved that we would not get along 
without God! There would be fewer 
nervous breaks and the mortality 
rate among the ministry would de- 
crease if we could really learn to 
trust in and depend upon God. Less 
of self and more of the divine is the 
need of the hour ! 

Sel. by Sister Eileen Poorman. 


Each day I pray God give me 

strength anew. 
To do some task I do not wish to 

To yield obedience, not asking why ; 
To love and speak the truth and 

scorn the lie ; 
To look a cold world in the face : 
To cheer for those who pass me in 

the race : 
To bear my burden gaily, unafraid ; 
To lend a hand to those who need 

my aid ; 
To hear no unkind word to me ad- 
dressed ; 
Because I know I've done God's 

very best ; 
To pity those who cross me on their 

Because I know "they know not 

what they say" 
To measure what I am by what I 

God give me strength that I may 

rightly live ! 

Sel. Sister Sidebottom. 


"I came to your church last Sunday 
I walked up and down the aisle ; 

1 noticed your seat was vacant," 
Said the master with kindly smile. 

"Yes, I was at home", I answered — 
"Some folks from up Salem way 

Drove down for a weekend visit — 
So we stayed at home all day". 

"Oh, I had an awful headache." 
"I had a roast in the pan". 

Or, "we overslept that morning. 
But I go whenever I can" 

I went to the morning service. 
Not over two months ago — 

So much work must wait till Sunday 
There's no time for church, you 

The Master gazed at me sadly 
As He was about to speak — 

"My child," He asked, "are there 
Six other days in the week? 

If all of my other children 

Should treat Me the same as you. 

My house would be closed — desert- 
Then what would lost sinners do ? 

I saw I had grieved my Master, 

As slowly He turned away, 
And I vowed He'd not find me ab- 
Again on — His holy day. 

— Sel. bv Eileen Poorman. 




Author Unknown 
1 think ofttimes as the night draws 
Of an old house on the hill. 
Of a yard all wide, and blossom 
Where the children played at will 
And when the night at last came 
Hushing the merry din : 
Mother would look all around and 
"Are all the children in?" 

Tis many and many a year since 

And the old house on the hill, 
Xo longer echoes to childish feet, 

And the yard is still, so still 
J»ttt I see it all as the shadows creep, 

And though many years have been 
Since then I can hear our mother 

"Are all the children in?" 

I wonder if, when shadows fall, 

On the last short earthly day, 
When we say goodbye to the world 

All tired with our childish play, 
When we meet the Lover of boys 

and girls 
Who died to save them from sin, 
Will we hear Him ask as mother did 
"Are all the children in?" 
Sel. by Sister Blanche Sweitzer. 


There are some well intentioned 
people who can scarcely form a sen- 
tence without some profanity. In- 
telligent people should be able to be 
emphatic without calling heaven and 
earth and all the saints to witness. 

"Let your communication be yea, 
yea, and nay, nay", — Matt 5:37. 

There are no perfect men, nor wo- 
men, all must do this part to make a 
real and a happy home, such homes 
do not come by chance. Each mem- 
ber of a home should examine him- 
>elf diligently to discover faults and 

"It is better to dwell in the wild- 
erness, than with a contentious and 
an angry woman," — Prov. 21 :19. 


1. A lake of fire, Rev. 20:15. 

2. A bottomless pit, Rev. 20:1. 

3. A horrible tempest, Psa. 11:6. 

4. Everlasting burnings, Isa. 33 : 


5. A furnace of fire, Matt. 13: 


6. A devouring fire, Isa. 33:14. 

7. A place of torments, Luke 16: 


8. A place of everlasting punish- 

ment, Matt. 25 :46. 

9. A place where people pray, 

Luke 16:27. 

10. Where they scream for Mercy, 

Luke 16:24. 

11. Where they wail, Matt. 13:42. 

12. Where they curse God, Rev. 



22:15, 11. 

13. Where the}- can never repent, 

Matt. 12:32. 

14. A place of filthiness. Rev. 22: 


15. A place of weeping'. Matt. 8:12 

16. A place of sorrows, Psa. 18:5. 

17. A place of outer darkness, 

Matt. 8:12 

18. A place where there is no rest. 

Rev 14:11. 

19. Where the gnaw their tongues, 

Rev. 16:10. 

20. Blackness and darkness forev- 

er, Jude 13. 

21. A place where their worm 

dieth not and fire is not 
quenched, Mark 9:48. 

22. Where tormented with brim- 

stone? Rev. 14 : 10. 

23. A place where the smoke of 

their torment ascendeth up 
forever, Rev. 14:11. 

24. A place where they did not 

want their love ones to come, 

Luke 16:28. 

"How shall we escape if we neglect 

so great Salvation", Heb. 


Sel. by Sister Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md. 


(Continued from March 15th issue) 


Of the many words now used to 

mean (baptism Jesus selected one 

to mean the baptism He taught. 

These words are : raino, I sprinkle ; 

cheo, I pour ; bapto, I dip ; and bap- 
tizo, a frequentative, from bapto. 

This "baptizo" belongs to a class 
of Greek words ending in "izo" 
called frequentatives, and whenever 
used indicate a repetition of the act, 
to dip, plunge or immerse, and is so 
defined by Chrystal, Wilke, Butt- 
man, Rost, Stevens & Yossius, Bur- 
ton, Bretschneider, Bullion, Dr 
Robinson, Prof. Beery, Handbook 
to the Grammar of Greek N. T. b\ 
Greene, Sec. 1446, Grimm, Green 
Funk & Wagnalls, Passow, Komma 
Gaza, Richardson's large dictionary 
(English), Hastng's Bible diction- 
(English), Hasting's Bible diction- 
and Donegan, 21 in all. 

These authors, noted as they are. 
j surely know the meaning of bap- 
tizo, and are united in defining it 
I as a frequentative, a word that car- 
ries the idea of repetition of the act 
to dip, plunge, or immerse. 

The exclusive use of this word to 
express the form of baptism they 
taught, when they could have used 
bapto, surely carries much weight in 
determining the form of baptism 
taught by them. It may be noted 
that this word "baptizo" is never de- 
fined sprinkle, or pour ; but invaria- 
bly, to dip, plunge, or immerse ; and 
being a frequentative indicates a rep- 
etition of the act. 

The nature of the case is this : 
Jesus set up a rite that required a 
repetition of the act. Then he se- 
lected a word to express that act. 
This word "baptizo" was the only 



word He could select to express it. 
So it is not triune baptism because 
baptizo was selected, but baptizo 
was selected because it is triune 
baptism. Bapto. which means 
simply to dip. plunge, or immerse, 
is never used in the Bible for 
baptize, neither is "raino" nor 
"cheo." The frequentative, "bap- 
tizo" is invariably used, and the pre- 
postional adverbial phrases indicate 
the number of acts, as in the formu- 
la (Matt. 28:19) which is three. 
This is why triune baptism. 


Another view of the case is like 
this : I take a candidate into the wa- 
ter and in the act of baptism. I say, 
1 baptize you into the name of the 
Father, (I dip him): and of the 
Son, (I dip him) ; and of the Holy 
Spirit, (1 dip him). The most un- 
lettered rustic would say I did ex- 
actly what I said. Then I take 
another candidate and I say, I bap- 
tize you in the name of the Father 
(but I don't) ; and of the Son (but 
I don't ) ; and of the Holy Spirit 
(then I dip him). I use the same 
words in each instance but I act dif- 
ferently. This form of language 
can't mean both ways. I used the 
wrong form of language in one in- 
stance, or I didn't suit my acts to 
the words in the other. 

I used the formula given by 
Christ in both instances so the form 
of words must be right. As no one 
can question, I acted as I said I 

would in the first case, that must 
also lie right. Then in the second 
case I used the wrong form of words 
or didn't suit my acts to the words. 
Had Jesus used this form : "Baptize 
into the name of the Father, Son and 
Holy Spirit", there might be some 
plea for a single act in baptism, or 
had He said, "Baptize into the God- 
head, a name that includes the three, 
Father, Son, and Holy Spirit," a 
single act would do it, but since He 
sad. "Baptize into the name of the 
Father, and of the Son, and of the 
Holy Spirit," there are three separ- 
ate names into which we are to bap- 
tize for the Father is not the Son, 
neither is the Son the Holy Spirit. 
But "these three are one." Sure, but 
one Godhead, not one Father, nor 
one Son, nor one Spirit. 

Just so trine immersion is one 
baptism, or triune baptism. The 
Godhead and triune baptism are 
three in one, one in three, a perfect 
harmony. Single immersion is not 
three in one, nor one in three, and 
cannot harmonize with the triune 
Godhead as trinity in unity. 


Scholars are agreed that "eis" In 
the Greek should be translated "in- 
to" in the formula so we use it 
that way. 

Yes, Paul did say, "one baptism." 
So we say it is one baptism for 
everybody. Not sprinkling for one, 
pouring for another, single immer- 
sion for another, and trine immer- 



sion for another. Triune baptism 
is one baptism in the same sense 
the triune Godhead is one God- 

No, baptism does not "represent 
a burial", but is a burial in itself. 

No. "we don't bury people three 
times." Columbus was, however. But 
suppose we reason a little. Bury 
means to cover, conceal, inter. \\ nen 
we bury we first put the body into 
the casket, close it, one act. Is it 
buried ? We next put the casket into 
a box, a second act. Is it buried? 
Lastly, we fill the grave, a third act. 
Is it buried? Certainly, the third act 
completed the burial. Yes, the same 
is true in a birth, first the head, then 
the trunk, then the limbs, — three 
acts. Yet it is only one burial, and 
one birth. No author, (theologian, 
historian or writer ) has ever found 
the origin of triune baptism this side 
of Christ and the apostolic age. 

No author gives triune immer- 
sion a human origin, or denies its 
prevalence among Christians ever 
since the time of the apostles, and no 
one before the 16th century ever 
questioned its validity. No one in 
Greek or oriental churches ever 
questioned its validity ; and no auth- 
or before the 6th century recognizes 
any other baptism, or even men- 
tions any other form of baptism be- 
fore the 4th century. And no auth- 
or ever used the formula (Matt. 
28:19) to prove single immersion, 
but all invariably use it in defense 
of triune immersion, this proves be- 

yond a reasonable doubt that this 
formula teaches triune baptism. So 
that single immersion being right 
we are safe. Triune immersion be- 
ing right. We are safe. Hence triune 
immersion is doubly safe. Then why 
accept any other. 


Everybody knows we can baptize 
into the name of the Father by one 
dip, and- into the name of the Son 
by one dip, and into the name of the 
Spirit by one dip. No question 
about that. But it is a question, that 
so far no one has answered, how 
anyone can baptize into these three 
names by one dip. 

We are buried with Christ once 
in baptism, and are risen with Him 
once in baptism and that is all that 
is required. We are not buried 
and risen in baptism with the Fath- 
er and the Spirit, who neither died / 
nor were buried or risen in baptism. ' 
Hence baptism is not related to the 
Son, as it is to the Father, and the 
Spirit, which shows that a separate 
and distinct act is required to ex- 
press this relation in baptism. 

The trinity is three in one as "he 
that planteth and he that watereth 
are one," and "husband and wife 
are one," and the church, many 
members, are one body. 


Now friends, let's reason a little. 
Can I baptize into one name by one 
act? Certainly, If by performing 



three acts in baptism, I have more 
than "one baptism", which act the 
1st, 2nd or 3rd constitutes baptism? 
Think now, and if by one of these 
acts I baptize into one name, into 
what do I baptize by the other 
two acts? Or if by one of 
these acts I baptize into three names, 
into what do I baptize by the other 
two acts? From this simple reason- 
ing it is easy to see I cannot baptize 
into three names by one act nor into 
one name by three acts, which again 
shows it takes three distinct acts to 
baptize into three distinct names and 
this is triune baptism. 

Xow just a few incontrovertible 
facts which have never been disprov- 
ed : 

1. Jesus submitted to one form 
of baptism. 

2. He placed His law behind this 
one baptism. 

3. This law (Matt. 28:19) de- 
mands baptism into each separate 
name of the Trinity. 

4. Triune baptism harmonizes 
with trinity in unity. No other bap- 
tism will. 

5. Triune baptism harmonizes 
with the figurative baptisms referr- 
ing to it. No other does. 

6. Triune baptism is the only 
form recognized by the general 
church during the first twelve cen- 

No. 7. No author ever used the 
baptismal formula to prove any 
other than triune baptism. If so, 
who ? 

8. No man has ever found its 
origin this side of Christ. If so, 
who ? 

9. Baptizo, the word exclusively 
used to express the form of baptism 
indicates repetition of the act. 

10. Triune baptism has existed 
among God's people ever since the 
time of Christ and the apostles. 

11. Triune baptism is the only 
form of baptism ever practiced by 
the Greek and oriental churches. 

12. Trine immersion out-num- 
bers single immersion about 15 to 1 
at the present time. 

Read this tract again, study it; 
and accept the truth at whatever 
cost. Amen. 


(Cheerful Confidence— -Psa. 25:6) 

In mercy, Lord remember me, 
Through all the hours of night; 

And grant to me, most graciously, 
The safeguard of thy might. 

With cheerful heart I close mine 

Since Thou wilt not remove ; 
O, in the morning let me rise 

Rejoicing in Thy love. 

Or, if this night should prove my 
And end my transient days ; 
Lord, take me to Thy promised rest, 
Where I may sing Thy praise. 
— Selected. 




'"For He satisfieth the longing- 
soul, and filleth the hungry soul 
with goodness", (Ps. 107:9). 

Friends all around me are trying to 

What the heart yearns for, by sin 

undermined : 
I have the secret, I know where 'tis 

Only true pleasures in Jesus abound. 


Ord L. Straver, Chairman 
P. 0. Bx. 246 
Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

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Bethel, Pa. 

General Mission Board 
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Herbert Parker, Secretary 

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Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

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Greentown, Ohio 

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Newberg, Ore. 
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Turlock, Calif. 

r 1 

All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



APRIL 15, 1956 

No. 8 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 1 OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"After eight days again his dis- 
ciples were within, and Thomas with 
them : then came Jesus, the doors 
being shut, and stood in the midst, 
and said, Peace be unto you. Then 
saith he to Thomas, Reach hither 
thy finger, and behold my hands : 
and reach hither thy hand, and 
thrust it into my side : and be not 
faithless, but believing. And Thom- 
as answered and said unto him. My 
Lord and my God". John 20:26-28. 

Thomas lost much by not being 
among the assembly of the apostles, 
on the eve of His resurrection, as He 
made His first appearance to them 
all. Thomas was not like Judas, that 
he had left His Lord and Savior. 
He may have only been absent for a 
short time, but still he no doubt put 
something else ahead, of being with 
the assembly. How much have you 
missed by not assembling where peo- 
ple meet, to talk of and worship 
their Lord? The group had some- 
thing wonderful to tell Thomas as 
soon as they saw Him, We have 
seen the Lord. Do we tell others of 
the spiritual experiences they have 

missed? We need to build up one 
another in the blessings of the faith 
of our Lord and Savior. 

Xotice the incredulity of Thomas' 
faith. He must see and feel to be- 
lieve, not faith but carnal reality 
would convince him. He did not 
believe His Lord, who told them 
many times of what would happen. 
He did not believe his brethren, who 
had proof of what did happen. He 
must have his own proof to believe. 
How many are lead astray through 
one dis-believer ? This is a serious 
matter, worth our serious considera- 
tion. Am I leading anyone to dis- 
believe any part of God's Word? 

No doubt the attitude and minds 
of those in the upper room was full 
of uncertainty when, suddenly Jesus 
stood in the midst and said, "Peace 
be unto you". Immediately, Jesus 
began to set right that main cause of 
uncertainty among the group. O, 
in what a considerate way, as He 
stooped to offer Himself unto Thom- 
for inspection. No doubt it was no 
joy, to again recall that cruel death 
and its marks, but He was concern- 
ed about one whose faith needed 
strenothenino'. "We then that are 


strong ought to bear the innrmi- ; God must believe that he is, and that 
ties of the weak, and not to please | he is a rewarder of them that dili-* 

ourselves. Let every one of us 
please his neighbor for his good to 
edification", Rom. 15:1-2. Thomas 
had a chance to repent and this he 
did, no doubt without even carrying 
out his threat, because the evidence 
of his faithlessness was so great. 

''My Lord and my God", this con- 
fession of faith meant so much to 
Thomas. Without faith in Christ 
and His resurrection he was : 
Christless, graceless, hopeless, joy- 
less and useless as far as his destiny 
was concerned. If we do not have 
complete faith in Jesus, as our Sav- 
ior, our destiny is just as useless. 
Thomas made a wonderful confes- 
sion, what confessions are we mak- 
ing? "Whosoever therefore shall' 
confess me before men, him will I 
confess also before my Father which 
is in heaven. But whosoever shall 
deny me before men, him will I 
also deny before my Father which is 
in heaven", Matt. 10:32-33. 

Christ accepted the confession of 
Thomas, bait He also said, "Blessed 
are they that have not seen, and yet 
have believed." Do we ever miss 

gently seek him", Heb. 11 :6. Some- 
one has said, Faith is taking God at 
His Word. Are we doing it, or do 
we like Thomas need further proof, 
perhaps temporal proof? 


Are you ready for this great event 
to take place, in the not too distant 
future? That of the coming of the 
Lord and Saviour. Jesus Christ. We 
do not know what day or year, for 
even the Angels in Heaven do not 
know, but God only. We do know, 
by the laws of nature, that spring 
will soon he here, for all signs prove 
it and many signs are proving the 
coming of the Lord, 

Dear friend, whoever you are, 
there is no time like now, to pre- 
pare yourself for this wonderful day. 
It will be a wonderful day, to be 
caught up to meet Him in the air, 
Hut to be left, and know that oppor- 
tunity has passed forever. No choice 
but to spend eternity in the lake of 
fire ; there shall be weeping and 
<niashin</ of teeth, 

You may ask, how do I know 
any blessings because of our lack of there will be such a clay? Jesus said 
faith? Do we not have even more in John 14:2-3, "In my father's 
reasons for faith, than even Thomas house are many mansions: if it were 
had? If all people received their not so, I would have told you. I go 

faith through definite temporal 
proof only, how many would be sav- 
ed from the wages of sin? "But 
without faith it is impossible to 
please him: for he that cometh to 

to prepare a place for you, and if I 
go and prepare a place for you, 1 
will come again, and receive you un- 
to myself: that where I am, there ye 
mav be also". Rev. 1 :7, ''Behold, He 


cometh with clouds ; and every eye 
shall see him, and they also which 
pierced him : and all kindreds of 
the earth shall wail because of him". 

If you were in doubt of the future 
before, you should no longer be, as 
you can no longer say you do not 
know, for now you do know. I plead 
with you. my friend, prepare your- 
self while you have the opportunity, 
which is now. You may ask how? 
John 3 :3. "Except a man be born 
again, he cannot see the kingdom of 
God". Matt. 18:3. "Verily I (Jesus) 
say unto you. Except ye be convert- 
ed, and become as little children, ye 
shall not enter into the kingdom of 
Heaven". John 3:5, Except a man 
be born of water and of the spirit, 
he cannot enter into the kingdom of 
God. Xow we know it is impossi- 
ble to be saved without being born 

Another question. How? First, 
we must believe. Believe that Jesus 
is God's only begotten son. and that 
His blood was shed for the remis- 
sion of our sins. If we fully sur- 
render ourselves to Him.accept Him 
and His commandments and obey 
them. Second repent, not just say 
we are sorry, but have a complete 
change of heart ; that we no longer 
have a desire to do the sinful and 
ungodly things we were committing. 
Third confessing. Matt. 10:32-33. 
"Whosoever therefore shall confess 
me before men, him will I confess 
also before my father which is in 
Heaven. But whosoever shall denv 

me before men, him will I also deny 
before my father which is in heav- 

Fourth baptism. Acts 2:38. "Re- 
pent, and be baptized every one of 
you in the name of Jesus Christ for 
the remission of sins, and ye shall 
receive the gift of the Holy Ghost". 
How. Rom. 6:3-5, "Know ye not, 
that so many of us as were baptized 
into Jesus Christ were baptized into 
his death? Therefore we are buried 
| with him by baptism into death : 
that like as Christ was raised up 
from the dead by the glory of the 
Father, even so we also should walk- 
in newness of life. For if we have 
been planted together in the likeness 
of his death, we shall be also in the 
likeness of his resurrection". Heb. 
10:22. "Let us draw near with a 
true heart in full assurance of faith, 
having our hearts sprinkled from an 
evil conscience, and our bodies wash- 
ed with pure water". 

Let us take note. He did not say. 
Your bodies sprinkled, but your 
heart sprinkled, and your bodies 
washed with pure water. Paul the 
apostle said. Acts 22:16, "And now 
why tarriest thou? Arise, and be 
baptized, and wash away thy sins, 
calling on the name of the Lord". 
My friend, be not deceived. Many 
say we do not need water baptism, 
while still others say, you must only 
be sprinkled. Believe not such ideas, 
for either they lack knowledge of 
the truth, or do not believe the 
words of Jesus and His apostles. 



Taneytown, Md., April 15, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
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Matt. 24:7, "Nation shall rise 
against nation, and kingdom against 
kingdom". This is refering to the 
kingdoms of this world. When ye 
shall hear of wars and rumors of 
wars, he ye not troubled. This has 
been in the world for many genera- 
tions. Jesus came and brought 
from heaven another kingdom, which 
is an everlasting kingdom, a Spirit- 
ual or Divine kingdom, and estab- 
lished it on the earth. John 18: 
36, "Jesus answered, My kingdom 
is not of this world : if my kingdom 
were of this world, then would my 
= | servants fight, that I should not be 
John 3:23, "John was baptizing in delivered to the Jews: but now is 
Aenon near to Salim, because there my kingdom not from hence", 
was much water there". Acts 8:36. Thereby we perceive there are two 

39. Here we read how Philip baptiz- 
ed the Eunich by immersion. How 
they went into the water and also 
came tip out of the water. 

Matt. 3:16, "And Jesus, when he 

distinct kingdoms. Jesus said, 
Everyone that is of the truth hear- 
eth my voice, these will be subjects 
to His Kingdom. 

Matt. 4:17, ''lesus began to 

was baptized, went up straightway preach, and to say. Repent: for the 
out of the water: and. lo, the heav- j kingdom of heaven is at hand". 
ens were opened unto him, and he | Mark 1 :15, "Jesus came into Gali- 
saw the spirit of God descending l ee , preaching the gospel of the king- 
like a dove, and lighting upon him". | ( l„ m f God. saying, The time is ful- 
Do we still question His coming and j filled, and the kingdom of God is at 
His commandments? I say no. veri- h cim j ; repent ye. and believe the gos- 

ly no. Again I plead with you my 
friends, linger no longer, for it is 
later than you think. You know 
not what hour the Lord doth require 

your life. Are you ready? 

Bro. Paul F. Stuber, 
26 Locust Bend Rd. Ephrata, Pa. 

pel". The heavenly kingdom uses 
weapons, which are not carnal, but 
the sword of the Spirit. 2 Cor. 10: 
4-5, "For the weapons of our war- 
fare are not carnal, but mighty 
through God to the pulling down of 
strongholds: casting down imagina- 



tions, and every high thing that ex- 
alteth itself against the knowledge 
of God, and bringing into captivity 
every thought to the obedience of 
Christ". So it needs be we surren- 
der to the doctrine of Jesus Christ, 
to become subjects of this kingdom 
which Jesus established here on 
earth, before He ascended up to 

Luke 24:49-51, "Behold. I send 
the promise of my Father upon you, 
but tarry ye in the city of Jerusa- 
lem, until ye be endued with power 
from on high. And he led them out 
as far as to Bethany, and he lifted 
up his hands, and blessed them, and 
it came to pass, while he blessed 
them, he was parted from them, and 
carried up into heaven." John 3:13, 
"No man hath ascended up to heav- 
en, but he that came down from 
heaven, even the Son of man which 
is in heaven". The word kingdom 
meaning : Any separate people or be- 
ings by independent authority or in- 
fluence, a group of things of one 
class or nature, the inhabitants sub- 
ject to a certain king, a power of 
supreme administration. The differ- 
ent groups of things are classified as 
different kingdoms, the universal 
dominion of God is an everlasting 

Psa. 103 :19. "The Lord hath pre- 
pared his throne in the heavens ; and 
his kingdom ruleth over all". Matt. 
13 : 41, "The Son of man shall send 
forth his angels, and they shall gath- 
er out of his kingdom all things that 

offend, and them which do iniquity". 
Luke 12:31-32, Seek ye the king- 
dom of God ; and all these things 
shall be added upon you. Fear not, 
little flock ; for it is your Father's 
good pleasures to give you the king- 
dom". Col. 1 : 13-14, "Who hath de- 
livered us from the power of dark- 
ness, and hath translated us into the 
kingdom of his dear Son : in whom 
we have redemption through his 
blood, even the forgiveness of 
sins". If we are born into His king- 
dom ,then are we in His kingdom 
and the kingdom is within us. 

Luke 17:20-21, "The kingdom of 
God cometh not with observation : 
neither shall they say, Lo here or, lo 
there: for, behold, the kingdom of 
God is within you". If so be ye are 
born again, born of the Spirit. So 
we pray not for the things we have 
already obtained, but to praise and 
thank Him. The disciples prayed 
for His kingdom to come, but when 
the day of Pentecost was fully come, 
they were all tilled with the Holy 
Ghost, and began to speak, as the 
Spirit gave them utterance. They did 
not need ceremonial prayers. The 
power of the Holy Spirit gave them 

The Comforter, which is the Holy 
Ghost, whom the Father will send 
in my name, he shall teach you all 
things, and bring all things to your 
rememberance. Is it needful in this 
clay, to memorize long prayers, like 
the Pharisees and scribes did? 
Much of the worship in this day is 



ceremonial and traditional. If we 
would rely on the Holy Spirit, as 
the apostle Peter did, after the day 
of Pentecost. When he preached 
that powerful sermon, all things 
came to his memory. Men cried, 
Men and brethren, what shall we 
do? The apostle Peter was pressed 
by the Hoi} - Spirit and said unto 
them, repent and be baptized every 
one of you, in the name of Jesus 
Christ, for the remission of sins and 
ve shall receive the gift of the Holy 

Many so-called christian churches 
disregard baptism and instead have 
formal worship, expecting salvation 
bv reformation ; making their own 
terms of salvation. Beware of the 
leaven of the Pharisees. Their is 
onlv one way to get into the king- 

ter into the kingdom of God". 

Marvel not that Jesus said unto 
us, Ye must be born again. JesuS 
said to Thomas, I am the way, the 
truth and the life. Xo man cometh 
unto the Father, but by me. Whatso- 
ever ye shall ask in my name that 
will I do. That the Father may be" 
glorified in the Son. Matt. 24:14, 
"This gospel of the kingdom shall be 
preached in all the world for a wit- 
ness unto all nations ; and then shall 
the end come". The end of time, or 
of this dispensation. Mark 16:14-16, 
"He (Jesus) appeared unto the 
eleven as they sat at meat, .and he 
said unto them. Go ye into all the 
world, and preach the gospel to 
every creature. He that believeth 
and is baptized shall be Saved ; but 
he that believeth not shall be dam- 

dom, and that is by being born into j ned". Col. 1 :23, "If ye continue in 
the family of God. The kingdom of | the faith grounded and settled, and 
God is an outstanding kingdom, it be not moved away from the hope 
is of a different nature. It requires j of the gospel, which ye have heard, 
self sacrifice and humility. The dis- 

ciples come to Jesus, saying who is 
the greatest in the kingdom of heav- 
en? Jesus said, Verily I say unto 
you, except ye be converted, (regen- 
erated, renewed, born again) and 
become as little children, ye shall not 
enter into the kingdom of heaven. 
Whoso shall receive one such little 
child in my name receiveth me. John 
3 :3, 5, "Verily. 1 say unto thee, 
Fxcept a man be born again, he can- 
not see the kingdom of God. Verily 
1 say. Except a man be born of wa- 
ter and of the Spirit, he cannot en- 

and which was preached to every 
creature which is under heaven." 

Heb. 10:9-10, "Then said he 
(Jesus), Lo, I come to do thy will, 
O God. He taketh away the first, 
that he may establish the second, 
By the which will we are Sanctified 
through the offering of the body of 
Jesus Christ once for all". \\ nen 
He died upon the Cross', that was the 
fulfilment or end of the law, the 
Xew Testament ushered into effect, 
the day of grace or the church age, 
the kingdom was fully established 
after lesns' resurrection. 1 Pet. 1: 



3, "Blessed be the God and Father 
of our Lord Jesus Christ, which ac- 
cording to his abundant mercy hath 
begotten us again unto a lively hope 
by the resurrection of Jesus Christ 
from the dead". Who are kept by 
the power of God through faith unto 
salvation. 1 Cor. 15:24. "Then 
cometh the end, when he shall have 
delivered up the kingdom of God". 
Acts 3:20-21, "And he shall send 
Jesus Christ, which before was 
preached unto you : whom the heav- 
en must receive until the times of 

restitutions of all things". 2 Pet. 1 : 
... i 

10-11, "Brethren, give diligence to 1 
. . i 

make your calling and election 

sure : for if ye do these things, ye - 
shall never fall : For so an entrance ■ 
shall be ministered unto you abund- j 
antly into the everlasting kingdom ' 
of our Lord and Saviour Jesus 
.Christ". 2 Tim. 4:18. "The Lord | 
shall deliver me from every evil 
work, and will preserve me unto his 
heavenlv kingdom". We must have ! 
a divine or heavenly mind to inherit 
a heavenly kingdom. Even so we 
also should walk in newness of life, 
if so be that the Spirit of God dwell 
in you. So we have left the king- 
dom of the world and were born 
into the kingdom of God. For ye are 
not under the law of the Old Testa- 
ment, but are under grace in divine 
favor with God. That we should 
serve in newness of spirit, not in the 
oldness of the letter, old things are 
passed away. 

2 Cor. 5:17, ''Therefore, if anv 

man be in Christ, he is a new crea- 
ture : old things are passed away, 
behold., all things are become new." 
So we are in one of the two distinct 
kingdoms. We cannot serve in 
both kingdoms at the same time, but 
we can be obedient to the kingdom 
of the world, so far as it does not 
conflict with Christ's kingdom. John 
17:14-17. "I have given them thy 
word : and the world hath hated 
them, because they are not of the 
world, even as I am not of the 
world I pray not that thou should- 
est take them out of the world, but 
that thou shouldest keep them from 
the evil. They are not of the world, 
even as I am not of the world. Sanc- 
tify them through thy truth : Thy 
word is truth". According to His 
mercy He saved us. by the washing 
of regeneration and renewing of the 
Holy Ghost ; which He shed on us 
abundantly through Jesus Christ our 
Saviour. Being justified by His 

2 Cor. 3 :2, "Ye are our epistle 
written in our hearts, known and 
read of all men : for as much as ye 
are manifestly declared to be the 
epistle of Christ, .written not with 
ink, but with the Spirit of the living 
God". Who also hath made us min- 
isters of the Xew Testament, not of 
the letter, but of the spirit, for the 
letter killeth, but the Spirit giveth 
life. The different kingdoms have 
different objects in view, and should 
have a visible distinction. We are 
approaching the day and age when 



the churches are accepting all the 
worl 1 has to offer : as amusements, 
pride, fashions and customs of the 
world. Xo one can discern any dif- 
ference between the so-called chris- 
tian and none christians. They all 
go to the same excess of rioting and 
places nf amusements. 2 Cor. 6:17, 
"Wherefore come out from among 
them and he ve separate, saith the 
Lord, and touch not the unclean 
thing: and I will receive you, and 
will he a Father unto yon, and ye 
shall he my sons and daughters, saith 
the Lord Almighty". 

He is Lord of lords and King of 
kings and they that are with Him 
are called and chosen. "Then said 
Jesus. I nto what is the kingdom of 

Saying, Fear not little flock, 
1 myself am your foundation 
Glory, glory be to Jesus 
The good Shepherd feeds His sheep. 
Wm. H. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio, 


Christ said in His sermon on the 
Mount. "Ye are the light of the 
world. A city set 011 a hill cannot 
he hid. Neither do men light a 
lamp and put it under a bushel, but 
on a candlestick ; and it giveth light 
unto all that are in the house. Let 
your light so shine before men, that 
thev mav see vour good works, and 

lorify your Father which is in 
Cod like? And whereunto shall L heaven" Matt. 5 '14-16, 
resemble it? And again he said,; j wont ] er jf tne c h urc h today is 
where unto shall I liken the kingdom i letting her Hght shine nnt0 al f the 
of God? Blessed are those servants, I W()rk p or j f she is h{( y nt „ {{ under a ' 

church is responsible for the light 
that comes from his or her own life. 
There are so many ways we may let 
our light shine and the world is read- 
ing us today as 1 never before, for in 
the mad rush for amusement and 
pleasure the world has laid the Bible 
on the shelf. Children are not being 
taught as they were years ago. There 
is so much else to be read and stud- 
ied that the most wonderful book of 
the ages, is being sadly neglected.- 
Satan has made Us believe that it is 
not as interesting as the latest novel. 
Then too, we must not be behind the 
times by telling our fashionable 

whom the Lord when He cometh ] 5rii ,h e ] ? Each member of 

shall find watching. Then shall the 

kingdom of heaven be likened unto 

ten virgins, which took their lamps, 

and went forth to meet the 


Lord in us there is no merit. 
We've been sinners from our youth 
Guide us. Lord by thy good Spirit 
Which shall teach us all the truth. 
On the gospel word we'll venture, 
Till in death's cold arms we sleep: 
Lord of love, and Christ our Sav- 
Oh, good shepherd, feed thy sheep 
He is the Prince of our salvation 


friends that we have not read the 
"last one", just fresh from the 

May God help us to let our light 
shine, especially to our children. Let 
ns become so interested in Bible 
stories ourselves, that we will be 
able to tell them to our children, in a 
way that they will look forward to 
the Bible story hour. If we are not 
able to tell the stories, we can at 
least see that they have Bible story 
books suited to their age. If a love 
for Bible characters is developed in 
their childhood, it will help to build 
their own characters aright, for we 
cannot live with Bible characters 
from day to da)' and not have our 
own lives made better. 

Dear christian mother, does your 
library table and your bookcase hide 
your light. Then too, I wonder how 
many of our sisters put their light 
under a bushel if they attend ser- 
vices, in a church of some other de- 
nomination, and leave their prayer 
covering at home. It seems as if 
some think the prayer covering is 
not necessary outside of our own 
church-houses. 1 Cor. 11:5, tells us 
that the pi^ayer veil is necessary if 
we pray or prophesy, no matter 

The tendency of many members 
to attend the amusements of the 
world is hiding our light, as a 
church, as nothing else can. The 
world is saying that we are no bet- 
ter than they and that we have noth- 
ing more to offer than they. We 

cannot carry Jesus on one shoulder 
and Satan on the other, because we 
want to be real chummy with every- 
one. In the temptations in the wild- 
erness Christ proved to us, that He 
has no use for Satan or any of His 

Happy are we if the world can 
turn its searchlight on us and say. 
Truly he has been with Jesus. May 
God help us, in this day, to let our 
light shine as we never have before. 
May we watch the little things in 
our lives, for a small spot on the 
lamp hides much of its light. 

"If we walk in the light, as he is 
in the light, we have fellowship one 
with another, and the blood of 
Jesus Christ his Son cleanseth us 
from all sin", 1 Jno. 1 :7. 

Sister Ruth Drake in Oct. 1925 
Bible Monitor. 




5 — Eldorado, Ohio. 
5 — Quinter, Kans. 
6 — Waynesboro, Pa. 
12 — Mechanicsburg, Pa. 
19 — Berean, Va. 
19 — Dallas Center, la. 
19_\Vest Fulton, Ohio. 
20 — N. Lancaster, Pa. 
27 — Shrewsbury, Pa. 


Kansas City Dunkard Brethren 

church met for council. Sat. March 

24. Meeting was opened by singing 

hymns no. 351, Eld. H. I. Jarboe 



read 2 Cor. 13, commented on same 
and led in prayer. Elder Harry 
Andrews then took charge of the 

Business of the church was taken 
care of in a quiet and orderly man- 
ner. We decided on a minister for 
our fall evangelistic meetings. Meet- 
ing was closed by prayer and sing- 
ing hymn No. 670. 

Bertha Jarhoe, Cor. 

We plan to hold our Communion 
on Saturday, May 19. An invitation 
is extended to one and all to come 
and fellowship with us. 

Olive Haldeman, Cor. 


and nothing shall by any means hurt 
you. Notwithstanding in this re- 
joice not, that the spirits are sub- 
ject unto you ; but rather rejoice, be- 
cause your names are written in 
heaven", Luke 10:17-20. 

Mark's Gospel is much shorter 
than Matthew's, especially in the ac- 
counts of Christ's sermons. It con- 
tains largely the details of Christ's 
miracles. Its subject matter is sim- 
iliar to Matthew's, with numerous 
circumstances added. It is another 
witness to stir up our minds by the 
way of remembrance. Such a similiar 
work is necessary because, it takes 
so much of such proof to convince 
people to accept the details of God's 
plan of salvation ; and because, even 
if they do once accept, it is so easy 

From what we can gather the for them to forget or fail to obey. 

author of this Book was John Mark, 
with whom Paul disputed or rather 
was discouraged because he turned 

It was one of the later Gospels', 
written at Rome, primarily for the 
Gentiles at Rome. It's design is to 

back. It is definite that Paul was portray Christ, as the Son of God 
later reconciled to John Mark and j living among men and theaching 
he also was much company for j them to understand and obey God. 
Paul, during his trials, Col. 4:10; 

Tim. 4:11. Mark was not an Apos- 
tle but was likelv one of the seven- 


Psa. 88:1, "O Lord God of my 
ty disciples, who were close to our salvation, I have cried day and night 
Lord while here upon the earth, before thee". Here is an illustration 
"The seventy returned again with of desperate praying. The psalmist 

joy, saying, Lord, even the devils 
are subject unto us through thy 
name, and he said unto them, I be- 
held Satan as lightning fall from 
heaven Behold I give unto you power 
to tread on serpents and scorpions, 

wanted something from God and he 
took the only available means to get 
it — prayer. Vs. 1, 9, 13. True, he 
was asking something for himself, 
for his soul was in sore straits; but 
when God had granted this request 

and over all the power of the enemy : ' and brought him out of his great 



soul dilemna, he had added a great 
lesson to his knowledge of supplica- 
tion, that of persistory and agony in 
prayer. He had also found that he 
was to intercede for others. 

This art of prayer, if it may so be 
called, is fast fading into oblivion, 
even among the children of God. It 
is so much easier to drift along with 
the tide of circumstances and take 
things as they come, for ourselves 
and others, than to put up a stiff 
fight in prayer. We need a revival 
in the christian church everywhere. 
They are getting it in those parts 
where believers have become in 
earnest about the matter of praying. 

Sel. bv Sister leannette Poorman. 


In these extremely modern days, 
when the doctrine of redemption by 
blood is unblushingly called a "gos- 
pel of gore" and a "doctrine of the 
shambles", it behooves every inter- 
ested person to ask the important 
question. "What difference would it 
make if the precious blood of Christ 
had not been shed on Calvary?" 

Bringing this vital question to the 
inspired Word of God, we learn at 
once that if the blood had not been 
shed, there would be no possibility 
of the enjoyment of the remission of 
our sins ; for Divine justice has de- 
creed that "without shedding of 
blood is no remission" (Heb. 9:22). 
Sin is a terrible reality to every hon- 
est soul ; and the fruit of that evil 

root is so manifest in the life of 
every awakened person that he is 
ready to cry with Peter : "I am a 
sinful man, O Lord." 

The Scriptures further reveal that 
if the blood had not been shed, there 
would be no atonement, no Redemp- 
tion, for : "it is the blood that mak- 
eth an atonement for the soul" (Lev. 
17:11). If there is no possiblity of 
redemption apart from the blood — 
and if the precious blood has not 
been shed, then man is still a slave 
in the slave market. He is still held 
secure by the devil ; he is still pow- 
erless to live anything but a vain and 
fruitless life. He is not fulfilling his 
chief aim : "to glorify God and en- 
joy Him forever." He is the hope- 
lessly shackled menial of the arch 
enemy of God and man He is a pit- 
iable wretch ! No blood — no redemp- 
tion ! 

Again the Word assures us that if 
the blood had not been shed, there 
would be no such thing as peace, for 
peace has only been made "by the 
blood of the cross." (Col. 1:20). 
And if there is no grace, then there 
is perpetual hatred, strife, turmoil 
and war. What a wretched heritage 
for the human soul which was origi- 
nally endowed with highest capabili- 
ties. No blood — no peace ! 

Again the Word makes it plain 
that if the blood had not been shed, 
there would be no access to God ; 
for liberty to enter the holiest is only 
obtained through "the blood of 
Jesus" (Heb. 10:19). How tragic is 



the sight of a soul without the pos- 
sibility of approaching God! His 
prayers are unheard and unanswer- 
ed ! The soid is forever severed front 
the source of Light, Life and Love 
Hie deepest yearnings of the spirit 
in man are mocked. Xo blood — no 
approach to God. 

The Holy Word also reveals that 
if die blood had not been shed, there 
would he no song of worship ; no 
overflowing heart of gratitude and 
adoration. For if the blood has not 
been shed, there is no possibility of 
singing : "Unto Him Who loveth us 
and loosed us from our sins by His 
blood" (Rev. 1 :5 R. V.). Where 
there is no song, worship is a trav- 
esty. Xo blood — no worship ! 

Finally it is apparent from the 
Word that if the blood had not been 
shed, there would be no victory, for 
the Devil can only be overcome by 
"the blood of the Lamb" (Rev. 12: 
11). A man deprived of the possi- 
bility of victory is a forlorn failure. 
He has been defeated in life and will 
be defeated in death. He may im- 
agine that he is a captain, but in 
reality, he is a captive ;he may dream 
of success but he is a failure ; and he 
may talk of victory but he has ex- 
perienced nothing but ignominious 
defeat. Xo blood — no victory ! 

Let us enumerate this series of 
negatives : Xo Blood — no Remis- 
sion, no Atonement, no Peace, no 
Access to God, no Worship and no 
Victory ! 

But are \vt compelled to believe 

the Modernist, and be given over to 
black despair for time and eternity? 
Xo, we are not, praise God ! We 
turn to the sure Word of God and 
read with delight that the blood has 
been shed. Hearken to the words 
of the Lord Jesus Christ, Himself : 
"For this is My blood of the new 
testament, which is shed for many 
for the remission of sins" (Matt. 26; 

Because the precious blood of 
Christ has been shed, Atonement has 
been made — Redemption has been 
accomplished. The grand message is : 
"Forasmuch as ye know that ye 
were not redeemed with corruptible 
things, as silver and gold, from your 
vain conversation received by tradi- 
tion from your fathers ; but with the. 
precious blood of Christ, as of a lamb 
without blemish and without spot ; 
Who verily was forordained before 
the foundation of the world but was 
manifest in these last times for you" 
(1 Pet. 1 : 18-20). And again, "We 
have Redemption through His 
blood" (Eph. 1:7). 

And there is Peace because the 
blood has been shed ; "He was 
wounded for our transgressions, He 
was bruised for our iniquities: the 
chastisement of our Peace was upon 
Him ; and with His stripes we are 
healed" (lsa. 53:5). And, "There- 
fore being justified by faith, we have 
Peace with God, through our Lord 
Jesus Christ" (Rom. 5:1). 

Is there liberty to approach God? 
Yes, we have it now. "Having there- 



tore, brethren, boldness to enter in- 
to the holiest by the blood of Jesus . . 
let us draw near with a true heart 
in full assurance of faith" (Heb. 10: 
19-22). We need no longer remain 
far off. We were in the place of dis- 
tance at one time, "but now in Christ 
Jesus, ye who sometimes were far 
off are made nigh by the blood of 
Christ" (Eph. 2:13). And now on 
the ground of the blood we "have 
access by one Spirit unto the Fath- 
er" (Eph. 2:lSj. Wonder working 
blood — it cleanseth us. "The blood 
of Jesus Christ His Son cleanseth 
us from all sin," (1 John 1:7; and 
brings us nigh to God. 

And is there a Song for worship- 
ers to sing ? Yes, there is ; for we 
read : "they sung a new song saying, 
Thou art worthy to take the book, 
and to open the seals thereof : for 
Thou wast slain, and didst purchase 
unto God with Thy blood men of 
every tribe, and tongue, and people, 
and nation, and madest them to be 
unto our God a kingdom and priests ; 
and they shall reign upon the earth" 
(Rev. 5:9. 10 R. Y.). Hallelujah! 

Complete and final victory over 
the Devil is to be had by the blood, 
tor the Word says : "And they over- 
came hini by the blood of the Lamb, 
and by the word of their testimony ; 
and they loved not their lives unto 
the death. (Rev. 12:11 ). Thus, 
everything necessary tor the believ- 
er in time and eternity is traced to 
the precious blood of Christ. It is no 
marvel therefore, that the enemy 

seeks to severely attack the value of 
the blood. But since we know 
through the Word that the blood of 
Christ is of such inestimable worth 
in the sight of God and through it 
we receive such stores of blessing, 
let us ever sound the praises of Him 
Who died and shed His precious 

"The blood has always precious 

'Tis precious now to me ; 
Through it alone my soul has rest, 

From fear and doubt set free. 
Oh, wondrous is the crimson tide 

Which from my Savior flowed ; 
And still in heav'n my song shall be, 

The precious, precious blood". 

— Tom M. Olson. 


God speaks through His great out 

of doors, 

To show His marvelous grace 

He wants to show His warmth of 


Through sunshine on our face. 

He wants to show His beauty in 

The lily and the rose, 
We wants to show His gorgeous 

When day is at its close. 

His glory and His majesty 
From mountains and the hills, 

The marvels of the waterfall, 
The rivers and the rills. 



The morning sunrise brings the 

Of mocking bird and lark; 
The clouds are floating in the sky 

From daylight unto dark. 

The starry heavens in the night 
Shows worlds in endless space 
There is no end to His great love 
Or Marvels of His Grace. 

Sel.. Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md. 


Old Satan in his power 

Has reached a perilous peak. 

Seeking souls he may devour 
On every passing street. 

Down all the highways 
And o'er all the lands 

We see there the traces 
Of his stealthy hands. 

And ever reaching outward 
With his glittering rod, 

He seeks to destroy 
The children of God. 

Himself he may transform 

To an angel of light 
And cast a net about you 

As a serpent's vise. 

And when you are sad 
All alone and forlorn, 

Old satan will laugh, 
Will laugh you to scorn. 

But above all else 

A greater power than his 
Can lift up a soul 

To find perfect bliss. 

Every day and hour, 

Put on the whole armor of God., 
That you may not be tempted 
By satan's glittering rod. 

Sel. by Sister Eileen Poorman 
Pioneer, Ohio. 


Ask for the Guide Book, the Bible 

from heaven. 
For our salvation its pages were 

given ; 
If of a truth you are seeking the 

Ask for the Guide Book, believe and 


Heed not the voice that bid you re- 

Heed not the false guides who seek 
only gain ; 

Ask for the Guide Book, its teach- 
ings are true. 

Heeding it dailv will carry vou 

Though you may teach that the 
Savior has died. 

Claim to be just and appear sancti- 

Still, if the law of the Lord you 

"Vain your profession" the Lord 
will reply. 

O fear the Lord, ye His saints : 
for there is no want to them that 
fear Him.— Psa. 34 :9. 




Some speak to me of heaven, 

And its bright and boundless 
store ; 
Of great, exceeding glory, 

And its pleasures evermore ; 
But sweeter — far, far sweeter — 

Is the thought that I shall see 
The Man who stood in Pilate's Hall, 

The Man who died for me ! 

They tell me of the pearly gates, 
All gleaming, pure, and fair ; 

And of the crown of glory, 

And the robes the ransomed wear ; 

But, ah ! what beauty or what joy, 
Could all these glories be, 

If I looked in vain for Christ my 
The Man who died for me? 

The Man who wore the crown of 
And bore for me the cross; 
For Him, the One who's won my 
I count the world but loss ; 
And through my darkest hours a 
Of gold I ever see — ■ 

man being. The amount in one or- 
dinary cigar — if extracted and taken 
internally — would kill two full- 
grown men. If taken at one time 
and not absorbed bit by bit through 
the lungs and mucous membranes, 
the nicotine inhaled by the average 
smoker in one week would send him 
straight to the undertaker. 

2. I want to be free! 

Next to addiction to drugs and 
alcohol the tobacco habit is the most 
difficult to break. Ask any honest 
habitual smoker why he doesn't stop 
using tobacco, and he will confess, 
"I can't." 

3. 1 want to live longer! 

Tobacco stunts growth and short- 
ens life. Dr. Raymond Pearl of 
Johns Hopkins made a study of this 
aspect of tobacco poisoning. He 
found that of 100,000 smokers of ten 
or more cigarettes daily, 53.7 per- 
cent died before the age of 60. Of 
that number of nonsmokers. only 
43.4 died before that age. 

4. I have better use for my money! 

The Federal tax alone on cigar- 
ettes sold in this country every year 

'Tis the hope that, by and by, I'll see ! exceeds $500,000,000. Were I to 

The Man who died for me! 
— Flaming Sword 
Sel. Sister Lula M. Kesler 


1. I refuse to take poison! 

Less than one drop of the nicotine 
'from tobacco is enough to kill a hu- 

start at the age of twenty to save the 
$2.50 weekly average adult expendi- 
ture for tobacco, my savings when I 
reach 65 would total $25,000, if in- 
vested at six percent compound in- 

5. I want to be healthy! 

Over 100 separate ailments and 



diseases are caused or aggravated 
hv the use of tobacco. All medical 
authorities agree that even an oc- 
casional smoker lowers the efficiency 
of stomach, heart, lungs, throat, 
nerves and liver. Steady smoking 
injures all of them. Every athletic 
coach in the country insists on 
Training Rule Number One : Xo 

6. I want my moral fiber strong! 

Excessive smoking induces the 
liquor habit. Hospitals for chronic 
alcoholics report that their most 
hopeless drunks have been heavy 
smokers. And that patients who re- 
fuse to give up smoking inevitably 
return to drunkenness. Horace 
Greeley once said: "Show me a 
drunkard who does not smoke and I 
will show you a white blackbird." 

7. I want to keep mentally alert! 

Scientists have proved that nico- 
tine, while it temporarily stimulates 
heart action, actually acts as a seda- 
tive upon the brain. With competi- 
tion as keen as it is today for places 
at the top, I can't afford to be dull. 

8. I respect other people's rights! 

Smoking is a selfish, unclean, 
even dangerous habit. It has to be 
prohibited in buses, trolleys, rest- 
aurants and other gathering places 
because it renders the air unfit to 
breathe. The fires and explosions it 
causes every year cripple or kill 
thousands of innocent people as well 
as the careless smokers themselves. 

9. I want to set a good example! 

I refuse to patrionize any indus- 
try which deliberately makes it ap- 
pear ''smart" for young girls and 
immature youths to form the cig- 
arette habit. Its advertising, which 
preaches the "benefits of smoking," 
"get a lift with a cigarette." "kind 
to your throat," and ''they satisfy" is 
untrue. I won't be a party to under- 
mining the health and morals of my 
fellow young Americans. 

10. I can find manlier ways to be 

To anyone who calls me goody- 
goody because I refuse to smoke, I 
point to such outstanding athletes 
as Knute Rockne. William Mul- 
doon, Ty Cobb and Gene Tunney. 
Non-smokers, every one of them, 
they are the kind of manly men I 
am proud to imitate. Leo Tolstoi 
was one of Russia's greatest intel- 
lectuals. He is considered one of the 
world's best writers. About the 
smoking habit he asked : "Why do 
men stupefy themselves with tobac- 
co ?" 

By Seth Harmon. Selected 


We cannot grasp everything that 
life offers within the span of one 
brief sojourn upon earth. 

Drop all that you cannot carry in- 
to eternity. 

Drop pretense ; be fearlessly what 
you are ; cease trying to appear what 
vou are not. 



Drop self-seeking ; the good 
things if life flee from the grasping, 
selffish spirit. 

Drop discontent, ''Be content with 
such things as ye have : for he hath 
said, I will never leave thee, nor 
forsake thee." (Heb. 13:5). 

Sel. by — Eileen Poorman, 

Pioneer. Ohio. 


Study well the brief history of the 
church found in Revelations 12th 
chapter. Following the long persecu- 
tion, to the woman (the church ) was 
given two wings of a great eagle that 
she might fly into the wilderness in- 
to her place where she is nourished 
for a time, times and half a time 
from the fact of the serpent. (Rev. 
12:14). This seems to indicate the 
church coming to America, and un- 
der this protecting government find- 
ing peace and quiet. At this time 
"The serpent cast out of his mouth 
water as a flood after the woman, 
that he might cause her to be car- 
ried away of the flood." ( Rev. 12: 
15. ) Carried away where? To Baby- 
lon, for there the church will be 
when God will call "Come out of her 
my people that ye be not partakers 
of her sins and receive not of her 
plagues." (Rev. 18:4). 

So we see the result of careless- 
ness brought on by sleepliness, the 
light burning dim ; darkness increas- 
ing so unperceived the flood came, 
that carries the church away to 
Babylon in captivity. "When he 

shall have accomplished to scatter 
the power of the holy people then 
shall the end come. This condition 
of captivity is one of the last signs 
of the end. Can we apply these 
signs to our time? Is the church 
now in captivity? Where is still 
manifest the peace, love, and union, 
the people who still are not conform- 
ed to the world, who talk, live, look 
and act united in an humble lowly 
self-denying life, who dress plain, 
whose homes are humble, and plain, 
who can be known and read of all 
men as Christians by their humble 
way of travel, by their stand against 
pride, riches, luxuries and pleasures 
of the age. who are free from the 
doctrine of nniversalism, who teach 
their children the good way in their 
homes, who have family worship, 
who believe in and practice the prin- 
ciples ( if the doctrine of Christ ; re- 
pentance, faith, baptism, laying on 
of hands, the resurrection of the 
dead, and eternal judgment. ('Heb. 
6:12.) Who keep and practice the 
ordinances of the Lord's Supper, 
the communion of bread and wine, 
the salutation of the holy kiss, and 
the ordinance of feet washing. Who 
are so careful and loving with each 
other that they will cheerfully and 
willingly deny themselves of any- 
thing their brother might take of- 
fense at, Whose conversation is on 
heavenly things, who seek first the 
kingdom of God and his righteous- 
ness, so may not be successful finan- 
ciallv, who show bv their lives that 



they believe the New Testament to 
be their guide the great plan of sal- 
vation and lastly, who show their 
love for each other and all mankind 
some of that same charity that Jesus 
did. by doing good for evil, by bless- 
ing for cursing, by not taking hu- 
man life in any way, but trying to 
help others to gain eternal life. 

Ah the power of the holy people 
is scattered by the great flood and 
the church is now in captivity. Do 
we see anything in our time that can 
be likened to a flood? Yes indeed. 
The many inventions that give man 
earthly pleasure fulfills the proph- 
esy, "Lovers of pleasure more than 
lovers of God." (11 Tim. 3:4). We 
are in the age of fable or fiction 
which many will substitute for the 
truth. (II Timothy 4:4.) The age 
of idolatry people placing their af- 
fections on the works of their own 
hands and hold them as dear to their 
heart as ever heathen or pagan held 
their idols. (Rev. 9:20.) We are 
living in the age of miracles, the 
wonderful inventions have come in 
such rapid succession, and with all 
man is more restless and wicked 
than ever. This all placing such 
great value on riches for it is the 
means of fulfilling any hist and also 
fostering pride, and inducing luxury 
has come like a flood and the church 
feebly protesting for awhile until 
the force of the current became too 
strong to resist, so sweeping on cov- 
ered the cross, lulled to a false sense 
of security, and fullness the sleeping 

Christians who being carried away 
to Babylon are now captive and even 
prize the bonds that bind them. 
Babylon is that wicked force or pow- 
er opposed to God. It incites man to 
lust, to live in earthly pleasure, to 
kill and oppose all good and aims at 
man's confusion and destruction. 
(Rev. 18:24) This condition of 
captivity cannot last long, it's one of 
the last signs "And the wise shall 
understand." Christians ! it is a good 
time to confess our sins and prav 
for deliverance, like Daniel, and re- 
solve like David, "I will lift up mine 
eyes unto the hills from whence 
cometh my help." We need have no 
fears concerning the church. "The 
gates of hell shall not prevail against 
it." God is watching over his peo- 
ple, and will deliver them by a test 
which shall awaken both wise and 
foolish virgins. There will still be 
a bright witness for Jesus, but will 
you and I be able to stand the test 
that is coming? To stand is to be 
saved, to fall is to lose all. (Rev. 14: 

Reader if you make no profession 
and all looks dark around you while 
the Christians' light burns low, the 
light of life, God's holy word, still 
shines to all who earnestly study its 
pages, for you, like the captive 
Christian, must come out of Baby- 
lon if you ever reach that eternal 
happy home. 

Christian come and bid farewell 
To the joy you loved so well 



To the quiet simple life 
Now is tumult, noise and strife 
For in Babylon town you see 
You are in captivity. 

When you ceased to watch and pray 
Slipping from the narrow way 
Came the mighty silent tide 
Bounding you on every side 
And the current rushing, fleet 
Tugged relentless at your feet. 

For your lights were burning low 
Just a feeble, flickering glow; 
Thick the darkness gathered round 
Hiding more the dangerous ground 
And since daylight long had flown 
You had tired and sleepy grown 

Ah ! it took yon unawares 
Burdened down with many cares 
Tired and sleepy in the night 
Ceased to watch for morning light 
And tho half aware of sin 
Loved the danger you were in. 

Christians see your power has gone 
Peace and union now have flown ; 
Thoughtless, careless now you ride 
Drifting, drifting with the tide, 
And the Devil laughs that he 
Has you in captivity. 

Pleasure beckons with her hand 
Offering toys at your command 
Fiction hoping now to find 
just a place within your mind 
And the idols of the day 
Try to steal your heart away. 

From your God and Maker too 
Soon appearing into view, 
From vour brothers loving care 

And the cross you now should bare, 
From the love you once had shown 
And by all the world was known. 

Christians in captivity 
It is time that you should see 
Time to realize the sin 
And the danger you are in, 
To approach the window sill 
Looking to God's holy hill. 

Time to raise the window wide 
Morning, noon and eventide 
There in humble earnest prayer 
Pray the Lord your soul to spare, 
Time to tell how far you strayed 
And to humbly seek his aid. 

Ask Him to forgive the sin 
You have led your children in 
To awake your sleepy eyes 
With a message from the skies 
For if ever you get home 
Out of Babylon you must come. 
— J. I. Cover. 
Selected bv Treva Brumbaugh. 


I wish to give a sketch of Saul's 
life, before and after his conversion. 
Hii5 Hebrew Name was Saul but 
was changed, soon alter his conver- 
sion, to the Gentile name of Paul. 
Saul was born in Tarsus, of Hebrew 
parents, of the tribe of Benjamin and 
was taught by the great Hebrew 
teacher, Gamaliel — a strict Pharisee. 
It may be well for the reader to 
know what a Pharisee is : they were 
a strict sect of the Jews whom we 



might class as Formalists, who spent 
much time in learning and serving" 
their beliefs. They were very strict 
in the letter of their belief, but were 
not open to learn the true purpose 
of God's Word. 

Thus Paul was taught and this is 
how he started to carry out his re- 
ligion. He was a stern and heart- 
less persecutor of the early christian 
church because he thought they were 
not doing according to the Law of 
Moses. We find him on the way 
down to Damascus, to further perse- 
cute the christians. On the wav he 
was converted, through a vision 
from Christ, and later baptized. In 
Acts 9, as he was on his way to 
Damascus, he saw a great light, 
above the brightness of the sun, and 
heard a voice calling, Saul, Saul, 
why persecutest thou me? Saul said. 
Who are thou, Lord? I am Jesus 
whom thou persecutest. He was as- 
tonishd and said. Lord, what wilt 
thou have me to do? And the Lord 
said unto him, xWise and go into the 
city and it shall be told thee what 
thou must do. 

They led him to Damascus and in 
that city was a man named Ananias, 
the Lord told him to go into the 
street, that is called Strait and en- 
quire for one, called Saul of Tarsus. 
Ananias answered and said. Lord, I 
have heard what evil he hath done in 
Jerusalem : and he has the authority 
from the chief priests to bind all 
that call on Thy name. The Lord 
said. Go, for he is a chosen vessel un- 

to me, to bear my name before the 
Gentiles. Ananias went and enter- 
ed into the house, putting his hands 
on him and said. Brother Saul, the 
Lord, even Jesus has sent me that 
thou mightest receive thy sight. And 
Saul filled with the Holy Ghost, im- 
mediately received sight forthwith, 
and arose, and was baptized. 

Saul was with the disciples certain 
days there at Damascus, and preach- 
ed Christ in the Synagogue, that He 
is the Son of God. All that heard 
him were amazed and said, Is he 
not the one that destroyeth them 
that call upon the name of the Lord 
in Jerusalem, who came here for 
that intent, that he might bring them 
bound unto the chief Priests? Saul 
persuaded the Jews that Jesus was 
the verv Christ, and it was not many 
days until the Jews took council to 
kill Saul. Which when the breth- 
ren knew, they brought him down 
to Caesarea and sent him to Tarsus. 

Soon the tidings came to the 
church at Jerusalem, that the Gen- 
tiles had received the Holy Ghost, 
so they sent Barnabas that he should 
go as far as Antioch. He was a man 
full of the Holy Ghost and of faith in 
the Lord Jesus Barnabas then went 
to Tarsus to seek Saul (or Paul) 
and brought him to Antioch They 
assembled with the church at Anti- 
och a whole year, teaching and 
preaching the Word among the peo- 
ple. In those days came a prophet 
from Jerusalem saying. That there 
should be a great dearth at lerusa- 



lem. Then the disciples, every man seen many days after His resur- 

according to his ability, determined 
to send relief unto the brethren 
which dwelt in Judea ; which they 
did and sent it to the elders by the 
hands of Barnabas and Paul. 

While there in Antioch they went 
into the synagogue, on the Sabbath 
day and sat down. After reading 
of the prophets and the law, the rul- 
ers said, Men and brethren, if you 
have anything to say to the people 
say on. Then Paul stood up and 
said. Men and brethren qive me 

rection and we are His witnesses 
unto this people. 

Then Paul and Barnabas waxed 
bold and said, It was necessary that 
this Word should have been spoken 
to you (the Jews), but you would 
not accept it, but judged yourselves 
unworthy of everlasting life ; lo, we 
turn to the Gentiles, as the Lord 
commanded us, saying, I have set 
them to be a light to the Gentiles 
When the Gentiles heard this, they 
were glad, but the Jews stirred up 

your attention, to those that fear the people and had them expelled 
God, the God of you people chose , out of their coast. We find they 
our fathers, and exalted them when went to Iconium and went in to- 
they dwelt in a Strang land in Egypt, gether into the synagogue of the 
and with a stretched out arm Jews, but the unbelieving Jews 
brought them out of it. About for- 1 stirred up more trouble. The multi- 
ty years suffered He their manner in tucle of the city was divided : part 
the wilderness, when He had de- held to the Jews and part to the 
stroyed seven nations, in the land of apostles. We find there was assault 
Caanan, then He divided the land made by both Jew and Gentile, 
unto them by lot. After that He Their rulers treated Paul and Bar- 
gave them judges by the space of nabas shamefully, and attempted to 
four hundred and fifty years, until ! stone them but they fled to other 
Samuel the Prophet. cities. 

Paul tells us in Acts 13, Men and i There was a man crippled in his 
brethren, children of Abraham, to j f ee t, who heard Paul preach and 

whomsoever is this salvation sent 
and for those that dwelt in Jerusa- 
lem and their rulers. Because they 
knew Him not (Christ) Paul tells 
them, but yet you desired that He 
should be crucified. You fulfilled all 
that was written of Him, you took 
Him down from the Cross and laid 
Him in a sepulchre. But God raised 
Him from the dead, and He was 

had faith he could be healed, Paul 
said, Stand upon your feet and he 
leaped and walked. When the peo- 
ple saw what was done of Paul, 
they said. The gods have come 
clown in the likeness of men. The 
people were about to make sacrifice 
unto Paul and Barnabas, who said 
unto them. We are of like passions 
as you are. We preach that you 



should turn from your vanities un- 
to the living God, Who in time past 
suffered all nations, in their own 
way, but He left not himself with- 
out a witness. Then came Jews 
from Antioch and Iconium, having 
stoned Paul and cast him out of the 
city, supposed he was dead. We find 
the brethren stood around Paul and 
he arose up, and went into the city. 
The next day he and Barnabas 
went to Derbe and they preached 
the Gospel there. After they had 
taught many, they returned again 
to Lystra, to Iconium and Antioch, 
exhorting them to continue in the 
faith and they ordained elders in 
every church. After they had passed 
through Pisidia, they came to Pam- 
phylia, when they had preached at 
Perga, they went into Attalia. Then 
they sailed to Antioch, from where 
where they had been recommended, 
by the grace of God, for the work 
which they had been doing. They 
gathered the church together and 
told the brethren what God had done 
for them and how He opened the 
door of faith to the Gentiles. So we 
see Paul did not have all love and 
sunshine, while in the ministry. 
Neither will we have all things 
easy, in our christian life, but we 
must look above the clouds and 
work out our soul's salvation, with 
fear and trembling, obeying Christ's 
teachings to the best of our ability. 
Thornton Mellott 
Needmore, Pa. 


Romans 16:5. 

"The New Testament Church 
was a home before it was a church." 

It may be true that the hardest 
place in the world to be a Christian 
is in one's own home ; but the fact 
that Christianity is here, is proof 
that it has been and can be done. It 
is true that charity (love) should 
begin at home. And when it does, 
even our homes are dedicated to 
God's service, and become a Holy 
Sanctuary wherein God is lifted up. 
May it also be said of our homes : 
"Greet the Church that is in their 



As workers in the field of God, 
Our lives are not our own ; 

But rich returns shall crown the 
We oft in tears have sown. 

Yet while we labor, watch and pray. 
May we our work attend; 

Nor let the ministry be blamed 
By aught that may offend. 

But in affliction, want and pain, 
May we by patience prove 

The comfort of the God of love. 
Bv everv act and move. 



In stripes and in imprisonment^ 
In tumults, Satan's roar ; 

We labor on and courage take — - 
God's grace exceeds the more. 

hi self-denial we delight. 
To keep His temple pure ; 

By knowing Him, we suffer long, 
By kindness we endure. 

The Holy Spirit fills our heart 

With holy love Divine ; 
The Word of Truth attends our life : 

His power is sublime. 

His righteous armor on the right. 

And also on the left, 
Equips us for the fight of faith— 

Of naught are we bereft, 

A reputation here below 

We seek not, nor invite, 
But wish to humbly walk with 

And live as in His sight. 

We die, but yet, behold, we live! 

We're chastened, but not killed ; 
We sorrow for the empty souls, 

Rejoicing when they're filled. 

Though poor, we're making many 
rich ; 

Yet having nothing here. 
We have a heritage with Christ, 

Who made our title clear. 

So now we suffer, labor, wait, 

Approved by grace alone, 
And then when He shall come for 
We'll share with Him His throne. 
Sel. bv Sister Sidebottom 



May 6 — How James and John be- 
came Good Helpers. Mark 

Mav 13— MOTHER'S DAY— Un- 
feigned Love. Ruth 1 :1-1Q, 14- 

May 20 — Saul becomes a believer. 
Acts 9:1-22. 

May 27 — How a Boy Saved Paul's 
Life, Acts 23:12-24. 


May ft — The Ordination of the 
Twelve, Mark 3:1-21. 

I— They laid snares for Christ, do 
His followers have such trou- 

2 — Do we as Christians realize 
how slack we are in recognizing 
the Christ when even the un- 
clean spirits fell down before 
Him crying '"thou are the Son 
of God'\ 

3 — Should we allow the sentiment 
of those of the world around 
about us, cause us to disobey 
Christ's Commands, 
May 13— MOTHER'S DAY— Car- 
ry Him to His Mother. 2 
Kings 4:8-37. 

1 — What is greater than a Moth- 
er's Love? 

2 — How does God try or test our 
Faith today? 



3 — Is the Love of a Mother for 

her child a good example of 

how we should Love the Lord ? 

May 20 — There is Power in Unity. 

" Mark 3:22-35. 

1 — We love Unity. Do we dare 
sacrifice principle for the sake 
of Unity ? 

2 — Do divisions in the Church 
help to strengthen her position 
against sin ? 

3 — Is the dividing of our attention 
between the Lord and the world 
our worst failure? 
May 27— Sow the Word. Mark 

1— How may we become an hun- 
dred-fold Christian? 

2 — Should we as Christians make 
sure the ground is fertile before 
we sow the seed ? 

MAY 1956 


Memory verse, Psa. 101 :7, "He 
that worketh deceit shall not 
dwell within my house : he that 
telleth lies shall not tarn - in my 

Tues. 1— Jer. 9:1-16. 

Wed. 2— Prov. 20:1-21. 

Thttrs. 3— Isa. 28:14-22. 

Fri. 4— Psa. 36. 

Sat. 5— Prov. 12:1-22. 

Memory verse, Jer. 17:9, "The 
heart is deceitful above all 
things, and desperately wicked: 
who can know it"? 

Sun. 6— Jer. 5:14-31. 

Mon. 7— Mark 7:14-23. 

Tues. 8— Micah 6:9-16. 

Wed. 9— Nahum 3: 1-18. 

Thurs. 10— Rom. 3:1-25. 

Fri. 11— Psa. 119:113-120. 

Sat. 12— Rom. 16:16-27. 

Memory verse, James 1 :26, "If any 
man among you seem to be re- 
ligious, and bridleth not his ton- 
gue, but deceived: his own 
heart, this man's religion is 

Sun. 13—11 Cor. 11:1-15. 

Mon. 14— Psa. 55:16-23. 

Tues. 15— Eph. 4:1-16. 

Wed. 16—11 Tim. 3. 

Thurs. 17 — Titus 1. 

Fri. 18—11 John. 

Sat. 19— Rev. 18. 

Memory verse, Psa. 5:6, "Thou destroy them that speak 
leasing : the Lord will abhor 
the bloody and deceitful man." 

Sun. 20— Matt. 26 :69-75. 

Mon. 21— Job 27:1-8. 

Tues. 22— Eph. 5:1-8. 

Wed. 23— Prov. 27:1-20. 

Thurs. 24— Gal. 6:1-8. 

Fri. 25— Col. 2:1-8. 

Sat. 26—1 John 3:1-10. 

Memory verse, Gal. 6 :3, "For if a 
man think himself to be some- 
thing, when he is nothing, he 
deceiveth himself." 

Sun. 27—11 Thess. 2. 

Mon. 28—1 Cor. 6:9-20. 

Tues. 29— Matt. 24:1-13. 

Wed. 30— Janes 1:16-27. 

Thurs. 31—1 Tohn 1. 





1. 1956 


. 9 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 


MOTTO: Spiritual in 
Scriptural in practice 

life and 

world and preach 



into all 


OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"For God commanded, saying. 
Honour thy father and mother : and. 
He that cnrseth father or mother : 
let him die the death. But ye say, 
Whosoever shall say to his father or 
his mother. It is a gift, by whatsoev- 
er thou mightest be profited by me ; 
and honour not his father or his 
mother, he shall be free. Thus have 
ye made the commandment of God 
of none effect by your tradition. Ye 
hypocrites, well did Esaias prophesy 
of you. saying. This people draw- 
eth nigh unto me with their mouth, 
and honoureth me with their lips ; 
but their heart is far from me," 
Matt. 15:4-8. 

There are two outstanding factors 
concerning our religion, which 
should stand out formost and over- 
rule in the many problems and deci- 
sions of life. First, are the com- 
mands of God, what does God say 
about it, is there any command of 
God that has any bearing on the pro- 
blem? Second, is the purpose be- 
hind the act or problem, what is our 
motive, why are we concerned about 
this certain problem? 

In verse four of our text, our 
Saviour gives us the command of 
God, therefore this verse should be 
considered very carefully, it should 
carry much weight through the de- 
cisions of life. Throughout our life 
we are confronted with many ideas 
and opinions, we are confronted with 
many rules and regulations from var- 
ious authorities, but here is a ruling 
that over-shadows all these, here is 
one of the commandments of God. 

"Honour thy father and mother: 
and. He that curseth father or moth- 
er, let him die the death". Christ 
did not come to break the Old Tes- 
tament law but He did come to ful- 
fil it, to apply it to the Xew Testa- 
ment and to emphasize the import- 
ance of the purpose behind the law 
and not just the letter of it. So 
many times He applies the Old 
Testament by saying, "It hath been 
said, but I say unto you" and give 
the Xew Testament application of it, 
which should be our concern today. 

To Honour thy father and mother 
means to be concerned about them, 
to provide for their needs according 
to your ability. Justice and mercy 
are two of the major concerns of the 


New Testament and they especially, 
apply to father and mother. To hon- 
our father and mother does not stop 
with a provision for their needs but 
particularly includes our attitude 
towards them and our words to 

The Old Testament promised long 
life to the one that honoured father 
and mother. Christ did not change 
that hut He did very definitely say, 
He that curseth father or mother, 
let him dies the death." A curse can 
l;e implied through our concern for 
them, our attitude towards them and 
definitely by our words to them. 
Dear children this carries a serious 
sentence, "let him die the death". 
Without question this does not refer 
to natural death but to spiritual 
death. The terrible death of sepa- 
ration from Almighty God. What- 
ever we do during our life, however 
short we come of carrying out God's 
will, however many may be our mis- 
takes ; this is certainly one sentence 
that we should avoid, that of a de- 
finite separation from God. 

Are there those who curse father 
or mother? Are there those who fail 
to honour father or mother? From 
what we hear and see in this life, we 
fear there are some who sin both 
ways. Father and mother are not 
perfect and there may be reasons for 
disagreeing with them, there may 
even be cases where they may not 
deserve much honour but there are 
no reasons for cursing father or 

Let us notice how the Scribes and 
Pharisees were transgressing the 
command of God. They had ruled, 
that in cases where an individual did 
not feel able to care for their parents 
and also give to the Jewish church. 
If they gave to the church, with that 
understanding, they would be free 
from the obligation to their parents. 
The Jewish leaders had interpreted 
the law to their own advantage and 
removed the real command of God, 
leaving the parents to suffer. Is it 
any wonder that Christ called them 
hvpocrites? They appeared to be 
teaching and directing the people ac- 
cording to the command of God, but 
actually they were only teaching 
the commandments of men. They 
were not concerned in their heart, 
whether they were obeying the com- 
mand of God, but only that they 
might make it appear as if they were 
obeying God. 

We are at Mother's Day, a day 
set aside to especially commemorate 
mother. How many meditate upon 
the tribute they owe mother? What 
suffering, what sacrifice, what loss 
of her own rest, what cancelling of 
her own desires has she endured for 
vou ? She has done all this because 
she loved vou. Her love cannot be 
surpassed or even matched, unless 
we look to God's love for us. What 
love are you returning to her? 
Sprays of flowers or even a golden 
vault will never show your love, as 
vou can show it to her while she 
lives. If she has already passed be- 


yond this lfie, you can manifest love 
to others and especially unto Al- 
mighty God. "Hearken unto thy 
father that hegat thee, and despise 
not thy mother when she is old", 
Prov. 23 :22. 


"And they said. "Go to, let us 
build us a city and a tower, whose 
top may reach unto heaven ; and let 
us make us a name, lest we be scat- 
tered abroad upon the face of the 
whole earth". Gen. 1 1 :4. We have 
in this chapter the story of the first 
City, built after the flood by Nimrod 
the grand-son of Ham, the great- 
grand-son of Noah. 

The building of this city was the 
most ambitious project conceived by 
the mind of man. up to this time and 
according to Gen. 9:1. was in oppo- 
sition to God's plan and command," 
Be ve fruitful and multiply and re- 
plenish the earth". So we find Nim- 
rod building this City in the land of 
Shinar and he laid the foundation, 
of the tower that was to reach to 
heaven. "Lest we be scattered 
abroad upon the face of the earth". 

But we find God was not pleased 
with the work, as it was in open re- 
bellion to His plan. Their plan was 
blocked by divine intervention of 
God. Who so confused their speech 
that further work was impossible. 
So they were divided and scattered. 

"Let us make us a name". Truly 
this was a monument to human am- 

bition. It is very true that ambi- 
tion is necessary and is good, if we 
as individuals or as a body, are to 
make any progress in our Spiritual 
life and the building of the City of 
God. But. ambition must point in 
the right direction : the ambition to 
leave the world better than we found 
it. to spread happiness and sunshine, 
to promote peace and union, to grow 
in grace and the knowledge of our 
Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. But 
if our ambition is a determination 
to "make a name" that "we may be 
seen of men", our ambition will end 
in tragic failure. 

We have an example of ambition 
of the wrong kind in Isaiah 14:12- 
14. "How art thou fallen from Heav- 
en. O Lucifer, son of the morning. 
How art thou cut down to the 
ground, which didst weaken the na- 
tions. For thou hast said in thy 
heart, I will ascend into heaven. I 
will exalt my throne above the stars 
of God : I will sit also upon the 
mount of the congregation, in the 
sides of the north. I will ascend 
above the height of the clouds, I will 
be like the most high". Also the 
end of his ambition, Isa. 14:15, "Yet 
thou shall be brought down to hell, 
to the sides of the pit." 

We know that men in the political 
world, have the ambition to make 
themselves a name and often use 
any means at their command that 
they may gain power and prestige, 
in the eyes of the world and we find 
this true to a ?reat extent in the re- 



Taneytown, Md., May 1, 1956 

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ligious world. It was prevalent in 
Christ's time as the case with the 
Pharisee who stood praying in the 
synagogue, that he might he seen of 
men. Ambition that leaves no brick 
monument behind, is the kind that 
says, "I press toward the mark for 
the prize of the high calling of God 
in Christ Jesus", Phil. 3:14. 

The tower of Babel was a monu- 
ment to disobedience, for it was 
God's plan that they should scatter 
abroad and till the whole earth, but 
they said, Xo, we will settle here in 
Shinar and we will build a monu- 
ment to ourselves. These are not 
the only men who have thought to 
reach heaven by material building. 
Many have builded great schools, 
monuments, expensive church build- 
ings and institutions, and have 
thought to reach heaven through 

these. All these are good but will 
never take us to heaven. Christ says, 
"1 am the door and if any man 
climbeth up some other way the 
same is a thief and a robber". 

If we would have an everlasting 
habitation, we must build upon the 
foundation Christ Jesus, and build 
according to plans and specifications 
of the Divine Architect. The ma- 
terial is not gold, or silver, or brick, 
or steel, or iron ; but acts of faith, 
love, mercy, long-suffering gentle- 
ness, meekness. Many kinds of ma- 
terial may be used but the cement 
which holds the structure together is 
love. Love for God and for man. 
A love that "Beareth all things, be- 
lieveth all things, hopetb all things, 
endureth all things"'. 

The people of Shinar thought, 
surely with such unity of speech and 
purpose, their building would be a 
success. They had great enthusi- 
asm for the work and made brick 
and watched the tower rise as if by 
magic. The Lord came down to see 
the city and the tower which the 
children of men builded. How often 
has God come down to see the works 
of men. And what work of man 
can escape the all-seeing eye of God? 
"All things are naked and opened 
unto the eves of him with whom we 
have to do", Heb. 4:13. 

Then it doesn't matter if there is 
unity in the things we do, it doesn't 
matter how ambitious and enthusi- 
astic we may be, in our undertak- 
ings, when the Lord comes down to 



see our works : there is one thing 
certain, we cannot hide ourselves nor 
our works from Him. If they are 
not done according to the plans, of 
the great Master Builder, our efforts 
will he lost and our building will 
collapse. These earthly lives of ours 
are short. How awful then, that we 
should waste them in doing things 
that are not pleasing to God? 

Noah builded an ark according to 
God's plan and it carried him 
through the flood. These people 
builded against the plan of God and 
lost everything. This unfinished 
tower stood as a memorial to folly 
and a warning to all generations. 
"Except the Lord build the house 
thy labor is in vain that build it". 

In our ambition, whether tempor- 
al or spiritual, are we carrying on 
"to be seen of men" ? Are we build- 
ing a monument to human ambition? 
Where are you building, on the 
rock, the Solid Rock, or on the 
sand? If, when we pass away we 
leave only a monument of earthly 
things, or the stone that marks our 
last earthlv resting place, it would 
have been better if we had never 

Roscoe O. Reed, 
Snowville, Ya. 


Mark 1 :S-11, "I indeed have bap- 
tized you with water : but he shall 
baptize you with the Holy Ghost. 
And it came to pass in those clays, 
that |esus came from Nazareth of 

Galilee, and was baptized of John in 
Jordan. And straightway coming 
up out of the water, he saw the 
heavens opened, and the Spirit like a 
dove descending upon him : and 
there came a voice from Heaven, 
saying. Thou art my Beloved Son, 
in whom I am well pleased". 

Matt. 17:5, While on the Mount 
of Transfiguration, "while he yet 
spake, behold, a bright cloud over- 
shadowed them : and behold a voice 
out of the cloud, which said. This is 
my beloved Son, in whom I am well 
pleased ; hear ye him". As you read 
these lines I wish to stress the 
words. Hear ye Him and Obey His 

After He was baptized He was 
led by the Spirit into the wilderness. 
Matt. 4 :2-4, "And when he had fast- 
ed forty days and forty nights, he 
was afterward an hungred. And 
when the tempter came to him, he 
said. If thou be the Son of God, 
command that these stones be made 
bread. But he answered and said. 
It is written, Man shall not live by 
bread alone, but by every word that 
proceedeth out of the mouth of 
God". The devil was thinking of the 
natural bread and natural man. 
But God was thinking of the Spir- 
itual. Christ said and He still would 
say to us, Man shall not live by 
bread alone but by every word 
which proceedeth out of the mouth 
of God. 

We find Christ at one time speak- 
ing to the x\postles and saying, I call 


ye not servants but friends. For a 
servant knoweth not what his Mas- 
ter doetb but a friend often does. 
What 1 have heard of my Father I 
have made known unto you. I wish 
to shew von a few of the tilings that 
God the Father lias told the Son, 
that we should observe and do. In 
time past God spake to the fathers 
by the prophets, in these last days, 
Me has spoken unto us by His Son 
and con tinned unto us by those that 
heard Him. 

We hud Christ did not leave Him- 
self without a witness. After the 
temptation in the wilderness, we find 
Him walking' along the sea of Gali- 
lee. He saw man) - lowly fishermen. 
He saw Simon and Andrew and call- 
ed unto them ''Come follow me". 

and mine own received me not. As 
many as received me were given 
power to become the Sons of God, 
Later we find the Jews rejected 
Christ. Instead of preaching to the 
Jews, He said, Go ye into all the 
world and preach the gospel to every 
creature. Baptising them in the 
name of the Father, and of the Son, 
and of the Holy Ghost. Teaching 
them to observe all things whatso- 
ever I have commanded you and lo 
J am with you always, even to the 
end of the world. 

As we have already stated we can- 
not live by bread alone, but by every 
word that proceedeth out of the 
mouth of God. Every word that 
Christ spoke came from God the 
Father. As Christ has said. Every 

He went a little farther and saw word that I received of my Father, 
James and John, in a ship mending j I have made known to the apostles, 
their nets with their father, Zebedee, ! He told them He was going away, 
He called unto them "Come follow If I go away I will send you the 
me". They left their father and i Comforter who will guide you into 
hired servants and followed Jesus, all truth, and bring all things to your 
We are told that He went on and remembrance, whatsoever I have 
chose the twelve, whom He called said unto you. 

apostles, conversed with them and 
sent them out to preach. He gave 

Now I hold the picture up before 
von, of Christ and the Church. The 

them power against unclean spirits, < Church consists of a body of Chris- 

to cast them out and to heal all man- t j an believers, of those who come 

ner of diseases. out f rorn t j ie NVOr ] ( i anc ] ] )e a S epa- 

The twelve Jesus sent forth and ] rate people. All speak the same 

commanded them saying, Go not 
into the way of the Gentiles and into 
any city of the Samaritans enter ye 
not, but go rather to the lost sheep 
of the house of Israel. Again we 
hear Christ say, 1 came to my own 

thing and all of one accord, denying 
themselves of all ungodliness and 
worldly lusts. This takes in many 
things such as : shows, parades, Sun- 
day pleasures ; for God hath said, 
He that liveth in pleasure is dead 



while he liveth. 

Now to give you a few things that 
Christ requires, that we should teach 
and ohserve. Do we not hear Christ 
say, he that heareth these sayings of 
mine and doeth them not, I will 
liken him unto a foolish man. One 
of Christ's teachings was that we 
should adorn our hodies in modest 
apparel. Are we not as foolish, by 
adorning our hodies with gold and 
silver, as the man that built his 
house upon the sand? 

2 Cor. 6:14-18, "Be ye not un- 
equally yoked with unbelievers : for 
what fellowship hath righteousness 
with unrighteousness? And what 
communion hath light with dark- 
ness? And what concord hath Christ 
with Belial? or what part hath he 
that believeth with an infidel? And 
what agreement hath the temple of 
God with idols? For ye are the 
temple of the living God ; as God 
hath said, I will dwell in them, and 
walk in them ; and I will be their 
God. and they shall be my people. 
Wherefore come out from among 
them, and be ye separate, saith the 
Lord, and touch not the unclean 
thing; and I will receive you, and 
will be a Father unto you, and ye 
shall be my sons and daughters, 
saith the Lord Almighty". We find 
here in verse 14, darkness represent- 
ed as the world and light is the rep- 
resentation of the church. 

Paul was speaking to the church, 
not to have any fellowship with the 
unfrutiful works of darkness but 

rather reprove them, meaning to 
chastise or rebuke them, for the way 
in which they deal with God's Word. 
For they fail to teach the whole Gos- 
pel. In verse 16 we again hear 
Paul saying. For what agreement 
hath the temple of God with idols? 
For ye are the temple of th,e living 
God ; as God hath said, I will dwell 
in them, and walk in them ; and I 
will be their God and they shall be 
my people. We find we can defile 
our bodies in many ways. One is 
that of wearing, of gold and things 
for adornment, women cutting oft" 
the glory of their hair and oth- 
er things which are contrary to 
Christ's teachings. 

1 Cor. 3:16-17, "Know ye not 
that ye are the temple of God, and 
that the Spirit of God dwelleth in 
you? If any man defile the temple 
of God, him shall God destroy ; for 
the temple of God is Holy, which 
temple ye are". We will conclude in 
the defense of Paul as in his preach- 
ed word. Christ said unto the Apos- 
tles, I call ye not servants but 
friends. What I have heard of my 
Father I have made known unto you 
and He sent them out to preach. 

Paul was called by the Lord on his 
way to Damascus, to persecute the 
Christians. He heard a voice call- 
ing Saul, Saul, Why presecutest 
thou me. He answered and said, 
Who art thou Lord. I am Jesus of 
Nazareth, Whom thou persecntest. 
Through the prophet, Jesus told 
Paul to preach the Gospel of the new 



birth. Paul told the Christians at 
Jerusalem that he was nut worthy to 
he called an apostle, for he had per- 
secuted the church of God. He also 
told them he did not get his doctrine 
from man. neither was he taught it. 
hut through the revelation of Jesus 
Christ.. It was revealed unto him 
through the Spirit of Cod. So we 
dare not say that what Paul preach- 
ed was not from Cod. For Christ has 
said, he that denieth me and my 
words, him will I also deny before 
mv Father and His Holy Angels. 
Who is a liar but he that denieth that 
Jesus is the Christ? He is anti- 
christ, that denieth the Father and 
the Son. We find that if we deny 
any part of Cod's Word, or fail to j woman having her head uncovered, 
obey His Word, we are that mtich of in the time of praying or prophesy- 
an unbeliever. i ing ; and of a man being covered in 

T , ^, . , , . , i i ^ ' praver. Paul writes that a woman 
hor Christ and the church let our * 

! ought to cover her head and that a 
voices ring. I to , 

man ought not to cover his head, in 

would not have thought to walk 
around only half dressed, exposing 
parts of the body, which God meant 
for them to have covered. Then this 
was a sin and a shame. Let us not 
forget, that this still is a sin and a 
shame in the sight of Almighty God, 
even if not in the sight of man or 
woman today. Let us not forget 
God is the same today, yesterday 
and forever, He changeth not. It is 
man and woman who change, not 

To all those who still strive to do 
God's holy will, I am sure that 
shame is still shame and sin is still 
sin. In 1 Cor. 1 1 :4, 16. Paul speaks 
of still another shame, that of a 

Let us honor the name of our own 

blessed King. 
Let us work with a will in the 

strength of youth. 
And loyally stand for the kingdom 

of truth. 
Written for Bro. Thornton Mellott, 
Xeedmore, Pa. 


In this day of modern living, this 
word "shame" is obsolete. In days 
gone by, when people still believed 
in God's Word, as it was written by 
holy men inspired by God ; this word ed him, "Are ye also yet without un 
'Shame" meant so much. Women derstanding?" Matt 15:16 "Breth- 

praying or prophesying. We know 
that Paul was inspired from God to 
write these things, so they are a 
command given by God. 

It is a shame to walk around only 
half dressed, it is also a shame for a 
woman to go with only half of her 
head covered. It is a shame to be 
shorn or shaven, so let her be cov- 
ered. I am inclined to believe this 
scripture is not understood or cer- 
tainly is wilfully disobeyed. Are we 
a people of no understanding? Be- 
fore Peter was converted, Jesus ask- 


ren, be not children in understand- 
ing : howbeit in malice be ye chil- 
dren, but in understanding be men", 
1 Cor. 14:20. 

Bro. Paul Stuber, 
26 Locust Bend Rd., 

Ephrata, Pa. 


It seems to me there are more 
people unemployed in the churches 
than in any other group. Many 
churches face this situation. If there 
were not so many unemployed in the 
church, our national situation would 
be different. A recent newspaper 
had this to say : more people are 
joining churches than ever before, 
while at the same time there is a de- 
cline in morality and an increase in 

Let us consider some groups 
which constitute the unemployed of 
the church. First of all, is the crit- 
ical person. It is easy for a person 
to render harsh judgement. He is 
seldom thankful for anything. He is 
one of the most active people in the 
church in his own way, but the most 
inactive in doing something con- 
structive. If he were more busy 
with worth-while things, he would 
not have time for fault finding. 

The spies sent to the land of Ca- 
naan reported to the children of Is- 
rael "And there we saw giants ; and 
we were in our own sight as grass- 
hoppers, and so we were in their 
sight". Num. 13:33. They were 

afraid of opposing this enemy. Do 
you know what happened to Israel? 
God delayed their entrance into Ca- 
naan for forty years, letting them 
wander in the wilderness. This is 
what the critical person does with 
the church program. He sets it back 
and places it in a wilderness. 

Other unemployed persons in the 
church are those with ready excus- 
es. Some people seem to have an 
art for composing excuses. The 
spies who went into Canaan offered 
excuses for not entering Canaan. 
They told about the giants and their 
stories convinced and frightened the 
children of Israel. After the spies 
gave their discouraging report, Mos- 
es was utterlv unable to move the 
Israelites. Likewise, a minister can- 
not move a congregation in which 
excuses are prominent. 

Among the unemployed indivi- 
duals is the one who comes to 
church for entertainment. Church 
attendance is to him a form of 
amusement. He enjoys the hospital- 
ity he finds there. Shaking hands 
with attendants makes him feel he 
has friends. He picks the church by 
the service it has. He does not feel 
any obligation to the congregation. 

Too many in the church are un- 
employed in the area of prayer. 
Christians need to become very ac- 
tive in prayer. When people quit 
taking God for granted and decide 
to do something for Him, the world 
will change. 

The children of Israel lost their 



de>ire far conquest when they 
thought of the obstacles they might 
encounter in taking Canaan. Re- 
gression then took place and their 
minds wandered longingly to the 
time when they were slaves in 
Egypt. How easy it is to turn back 
when conditions get difficult, in- 
stead of determining to work harder. 
People need to become aroused to 
their condition and face the fact, 
that unless they work, their chris- 
tian experience will soon die. May 
we examine our lives and see where 
we stand in the work of the church. 
Let us not be unemployed, but put 
our whole heart into serving our 

Viola Broadwater 
Cumberland, Md. 



Make your reservations for Con- 
ference early. Nearly one hundred 
have been received. We are expect- 
ing everything to be taken up. Bet- 
ter make reservations now and can- 
cel later if necessary. 

Conference will be the same place 
as heretofore, at Rhodes Grove, 
near Greencastle, Pa., June 9-15. 

All comers will turn off Route 11, 
at Kauff man's Station road and pro- 
ceed short distance to Conference 

Buses travel on Route 11 between 
Cbambersburg, Pa., and Hagers- 

town, Md. Upon request, buses will 
stop at Kauffman's Station road. 

Those coming by train to Cbam- 
bersburg, Pa, or Hagertstown, Md. 
take bus on Route 1 1 to Confer- 
ence road. 

Those traveling by "Auto" be- 
tween Cbambersburg, Pa., and 
Greencastle, Pa., will turn off Route 
1 1 at Kauffman's Station road, to 
Rhodes Grove. 

Route 30 leads into Chambers- 
burg, Pa., Route 40 into Hagers- 
town, Md., and Route 16 into 
Greencastle, Pa. 

Those coming by way of the Sup- 
er-Highway (Turnpike) will leave 
the Highway at Breezewood, then on 
Route 30, to Chambersburg, Pa. 

Send your reservations, inquiries, 
etc., to Ray S. Shank, 216 W. Mar- 
ble St., Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

Chairman, the Committee. 

We the Northern Lancaster 
County Dunkard Brethren plan to 
have our Lovefeast at Lititz, on Sun- 
day. May 20. There will be an all- 
day meeting, Sunday-school at 9 :30 
and preaching to follow. A hearty 
invitation is extended to all who 
can attend these services. 

Susanna B. Johns, Cor. 

The Mount Jackson Congregation 
will hold their Lovefeast service, 
Saturday evening. May 12. We cor- 
dially invited any and all who can, 



to come and enjoy these services 
with us. 

Inez Reed, Cor. 

We held our regular quarterly 
Council on March 31. Hymn no. 404 
was sung, after which our Elder 
Herbert Parker opened the meet- 
ing by reading Psa. 32 and led in 

Business was taken care of in a 
christian manner. We made arrange- 
ments for our Lovefeast. The Lord 
willing, we expect to have a one- 
week revival meeting August 26 to 
Sept. 2, with Eld. James Kegerreis 
as evangelist. 

We have some sickness among our 
members and pray God's richest 
blessings on them, that they may 
soon take their place among us once 
more. Let us pray for the church 
and lost souls. May we all remain 
faithful unto the end. "Eor to me to 
live is Christ, and to die is gain". 
Phil. 1 :21. 

Sister Marv Gibbel, Cor. 

hymn was sung and prayer by Bro. 
Fahnestock. Eld. George Replogle 
has consented to hold our revival 
meetings, beginning Aug. 5 and con- 
tinuing through the 19. 

Sister Sheila Stump, Cor. 



The Shrewsbury Dunkard Breth- 
ren held their regular quarterly 
Council March 19. Song no. 175 
was sung, Bro. Howard Myers read 
Psa. 25 and led in prayer. Our Eld- 
er, A. G. Fahnestock then took 

Arrangements were made for our 
spring Lovefeast, which will be May 
27. We ask all to come that can. A 

"Then Peter said. Of a truth I 
perceive that God is no respector of 
persons : but in every nation he that 
feareth him, and worketh righteous- 
ness, is accepted with him". Acts 10: 
34-35. Job 42, For ye have not 
spoken of me, the thing that is right, 
as my servant Job hath. Job said. 
Wherefore I abhor myself, and re- 
pent in dust and ashes. Go to my 
servant Job, and offer up a burnt of- 
fering, and my servant Job shall prav 
for you, him will I accept. So we un- 
derstand Job was acceptable unto the 
Lord, which means, he was approv- 
ed of God. 

Gen. 4 :7, The Lord spake to Cain 
the son of Adam, "If thou doest 
well shalt thou not be accepted?" 
Lev. 10:19. "If I (Aaron) had eat- 
en the sin offering today, should it 
have been accepted in the sight of 
the Lord?" 2 Cor. 5:7, 9, "For we 
walk by faith, not by sight. Where- 
fore we labor, that, whether present 
or absent, we may be . accepted of 
him". In other words we must labor 
while in this present world to be ap- 
proved of him. Y. 10, "For we must 
all appear before the judgment seat 
of Christ", John 12:48. "He that re- 
jecteth me, and receiveth not my 


words, hath one that judgeth him: 
the word that 1 have spoken, the 
Mime shall judge him in the last 
day*'. That every one may receive 
the things done in his body, accord- 
ing to that he hath done, whether it 
he 'j;ood or had. 

Knowing therefore the terror of 
the Lord, we persuade men to ac- 
cept the Lord, that we might he ac- 
ceptable by him. Psa. 119. Where- 
withal iLall a man cleanse his way? 
Bv taking heed thereto according to 
thy word. The truth of the Lord en- 
dureth forever. Praise ye the Lord. 
Bleesed are they that keep 
his testimonies, and seek him with 
the whole heart. O let me not wan- 
der from thv commandments. Thv 

unto the marriage supper of the 
Lamh, let us lie glad and rejoice, and 
give honour to Him : for the mar- 
riage of the Lamh is come, and his 
wife (the elect) hath made herself 
ready". The word meaning : pre- 
pared, availahle, immediately at 
hand, acceptahle. Matt. 22:14, "For 
many are called, hut few are chos- 

Matt. 25, Then shall the kingdom 
of heaven he likened unto ten vir- 
gins. ( 1 understand this to he a par- 
ahle or a comparison) which took 
their lamps, and went forth to meet 
the bridegroom. These all believed 
and started alike, no doubt having 
the same object in view. We go 
now to Y. 10, And while they went 

u-ork have I hid in mine heart, that I t0 buy ( qua ]ify f get in readiness), 

might not sin against thee. Phil. 1 
10-11. "That ye may approve things 
that are excellent ; that ye may be 
sincere and without offence till the 
day of Christ : being filled with the 
fruits of righteousness, which are 

the bridegroom came. And they that 
were readv went in with him to the 
marriage : and the door was shut. 
Even the very best of the saints have 
nothing to spare, or share, but have 
only sufficient grace to save. The 

by Jesus Christ, unto the glory and j f no H s h virgins were short of oil, beg- 

praise of God". 1 Cor. 11 :19, "For 
there must be also heresies among 
you. that they which are approved 
may be manifest among vou". 
2 Tim. 2:15. "Studv to show tbv- 

ging of the wise to give some of 
their oil. But the wise virgins an- 
swered saying, Xot so, lest there be 
not enough for us. and you. The 
foolish virgins took their lamps 

>elf approved unto Cod". So we tin- (which no doubt were very essen- 

derstand it is not all in just reading 
hut to put forth an effort to studv. 
that it may become our life, doing 
His will. That we may he acceptable, 
to be one of the elect or in other 
words, His chosen. Rev. 19:9,7, 
"Blessed are thev which are called 

tial), took no oil with them. Some 
people have different interpretations 
of what the oil represents, but we 
know it was also essential. Y.13, 
Watch ve therefore, for ye know 
neither the day nor the hour, where- 
in the Son of man cometh. 



Matt. 13:34. All these things 
spake Jesus unto the multitude in 
parables ; and without a parable 
spake he not unto them". A para- 
ble is : making a comparison or lik- 
ening unto, to get the right under- 
standing. We first must learn who 
is speaking, to whom, the condi- 
tions, age, time spoken, and also the 
reason why. Y.35, That it might be 
fulfilled which was spoken by the 
prophet, saying, I will open my 
mouth in parables : I will utter 
things which have been kept secret 
from the foundation of the world. 

Eph. 3:1,3, 5-9, "I Paul, the pris- 
oner of Jesus Christ for you Gen- 
tiles, how that by revelation he made 
known unto me the mystery ; which 
in other ages was not made known 
unto the sons of men, as it is now re- 
vealed unto his holy apostles and 
prophets by the Spirit ; that the Gen- 
tiles should be fellow-heirs, and of 
the same body, and partakers of his 
promise in Christ by the gospel. 
Whereof 1 was made a minister, ac- 
cording to the gift of the grace of 
God given unto me by the effectual 
working of his power. Unto me, who 
am less than the least of all saints, is 
this grace given, that I should preach 
among the Gentiles the unsearchable 
riches of Christ. Which from the 
beginning of the world hath been hid 
in God, who created all things by 
Jesus Christ". Who hath put all 
things under His feet, and gave him 
to be the head over all things to the 
church, which is his bodv, the full- 

ness of Him that filleth all in all. To 
whom was given all power in heav- 
en and in earth. Is He not worthy 
of all reverence, praise, glory, hon- 
our and thanksgiving? 

Rev. 19, I heard the voice of much 
people saying alleluia: salvation and 
glory and honour and power unto 
the Lord our God. The King of 
kings and Lord of lords. They that 
are with him are called, and chosen, 
and faithful. Is he not worthy of 
of our prayers, praises and thanks. 
They sang the song of Moses, the 
servant of God, and the song of the 
Lamb, saying great and marvelous 
are thy works. Lord God Almighty : 
just and true are thy ways thou 
King of saints. What are these 
which are arrayed in white ? And he 
said to me these are they which 
came out of great tribulation, and 
have washed their robes, and made 
them white in the blood of the Lamb, 
Do you think they followed the fash- 
ions and customs of the world ? And 
I beheld the voice of many angels, 
saying with a loud voice, worthy is 
the Lamb that was slain to receive 
power, riches, wisdom, strength hon- 
or, glory and blessings. Be unto 
him that sitteth upon the throne, 
Thou are worthy to take the book, 
and to open the seals thereof : for 
thou wast slain, and hast redeemed 
us to God by Thy blood our of every 
kindred, tongue, people and nation. 

Rev. 3 :4, "Thou hast a few names 
even in Sardis which have not de- 
filed their garments ; and they shall 



walk with me in white : for they are 
worthy. He that overcometh, the 
same shall he clothed in white rai- 
ment, and I will not blot his name 
out of the hook of life'". So it may be 
possible that our names he blotted 
out of the Lamb's book of life. He 
that hath the key. he that openeth 
and no man shutteth, and he that 
shutteth and no man openeth. We 
are living, we are dwelling in a 
grand and awful time. We surely 
should feel thankful that we can have 
the privilege to worship the Lord in 
Spirit and in truth, according to the 
dictates of our conscience. But we 
also are living in an age and time of 
much deception and departures from 
the Holy Scriptures, under the name 
of so-called Christian churches or 
groups. The apostle Paul writes in 
his day 2 Cor. 2:17, "For we are not 
as many, which corrupt the Word 
of God: but as of sincerity, .speak 
we in Christ." 

How can we get the right inter- 
pretation of the Scriptures? If any 
man willeth to do His will, he shall 
know of his teaching. Jesus said. 
Learn of me. Get absolutelv right 
with the Lord, by an absolute sur- 
render of your will to His will. If 
you keep my commandment, ye shall 
abide in my love : ye are my friends. 
if ye do whatsoever I command you. 
When the comforter is come, whom 
I will send unto you even the Spirit 
of truth, when He the Spirit of truth 
is come. He will guide you into all 
truth. Manv so-called christians 

churches do not believe in the Holy 
Spirit, but have men-made laws or 
rules to go by, this is our creed and 
all its members must accept it. 

John 15:6. "If a man abide not 
in me. he is cast forth as a branch, 
and is withered, and men gather 
them, and cast them into the fire, 
and they are burned". In other 
words they perish. Abide in me 
and I in you as the branch cannot 
bear fruit of itself, except it abide in 
the vine". Jesus saith, I am the way. 
the truth, and the life : no man com- 
eth unto the Father, but by me. He 
that hath my commandments, and 
keepeth them, he it is that loveth me. 
For one to get the correct interpreta- 
tion of the Gospel or the revelation 
of God's Word, We must have a de- 
sire and a determined mind to find 
out just what God intended to teach 
us. Many read the Bible to find out 
some wav to get what they wish for. 
to suit the carnal mind, making 
themselves believe it makes no dif- 
ference how we adorn the body, put 
on all of the modern fashions and 
styles, anything to appeal to the 
public, just so the heart is right. Is 
not the outward of the inward de- 

1 Jno. 2:15-17, "Love not the 
world, neither the things that are in 
the world. If any man love the 
world, the love of the Father is not 
in him. For all that is in the world, 
the lust of the flesh, and the lust of 
the eyes, and the pride of life, is not 
of the Father but is of the world. 



The world passeth away, and the 
hibt thereof : but he that doeth the 
will of God abideth forever". Are 
we keeping His commandments and 
doing those things that are pleasing 
in His sight? This is His command- 
ment, that we should believe on the 
name of His Son, Jesus Christ. For 
if our hearts condemn us, God is 
greater than our hearts, and know- 
eth all things. Some people think the 
grace of God will save us, but for- 
get that it takes also obedience to 
maintain His grace. The grace of 
God was before us so grace was first 
before salvation, and without grace 
there would not be salvation for us 
Gentiles. Rom. 5 :S, "God commend- 
eth his love toward us, in that, while 
we were sinners, Christ died for 
us." Is not this marvelous grace? 
John 3:16, "For God so loved the 
world, that he gave his only begotten 
Son, that whosoever believeth in him 
should not perish, but have everlast- 
ing life". So this puts all people 
under obligation to believe. The 
Word also teaches, without faith it 
is impossible to please God. He that 
believeth not is condemned already, 
because he hath not believed in the 
name of the only begotten Son of 
God. This may include many so- 
called christian professors. If we 
believe in the Lord Jesus Christ, we 
will believe in the words He taught, 
by precept and example. Without 
obedience to His word and will, 
grace will cease. Matt. 7:19-20, 
"Every tree (referring to men), that 

bringeth not forth good fruit is hewn 
down, and cast into the fire. Where- 
for by their fruits ye shall know 
them'', John 5 :2S, "For the hour is 
coming, in the which all that are in 
the graves shall hear his voice, and 
shall come forth ; they that have 
done good, unto the resurrection of 
life ; and they tha.t have done evil, 
unto the resurrection of damnation". 

1 Cor. 13, Though 1 speak with 
the tongues of angels, and have not 
charity, I am become as a sounding 
brass or a tinkling cymbal. Many a 
tinkling voice or cymbal is come in 
the christian churches. Though I 
have all faith (not the faith), and 
have not charity, I am nothing. 
Though I bestow all my goods to the 
poor and have not charity, it profit- 
eth me nothing. 1 Jno. 4:16, "God 
is love : and he that dwelleth in love 
dwelleth in God, and God in him". 
There is no fear in love. He that 
feareth is not made perfect in love. 
For love is of God : and every one 
that loveth is born of God, and 
knoweth God. Herein is love, that 
he loved us, and sent His Son to be 
the propitiation for our sins. Here- 
by know we that we dwell in him, 
and he in us, because he hath given 
us of his Spirit. 

Rom. 8 :9, "If so be that the Spir- 
it of God dwell in you. Now if any 
man have not the Spirit of Christ, 
he is none of his". Can grace do all 
the saving? For as many as are led 
by the Spirit of God, they are the 
sons of God. Does this mean a 



certain church name? Luke 6:39. 
"Jesus spake a parable unto them. 
Can the blind lead the blind ? Shall 
they not both fall into the ditch?" 
2. Cor. 4:3-4, "If our gospel be hid, 
it is hid to them that are lost. In 
whom the god of this world hath 
blinded the minds of them which be- 
lieve not, lest the. light of the glori- 
ous Gospel of Christ, who is the 
image of God. should shine unto 
them. For we preach not ourselves, 
but Christ Jesus the Lord". Jesus 
said. And why call ye me Lord. 
Lord, and do not the things I say? 
There are some things we must do, 
to be approved. 

Would you walk with the Lord: 
In the light of His word: 
And have peace and contentment. 
You must do His sweet will 
To be free from all that is ill. 
On the altar your all must lay. 
Is your all on the altar of sacrifice 

laid ? 
Does your heart your spirit control ? 
You can only be blest 

And have sweet peace and rest 
As ye yield Him your bodv and 

Who can tell all the love 
He will send from above. 
How happy our hearts will be made 
Of the fellowship sweet. 
We shall share at His feet, 
When our all on the altar is laid. 
You can only be blest 
And have sweet peace and rest 

When you yield Him your body and 

William N. Kinsley, 

Hartville, Ohio. 



In a dear old village church yard. 

A couple miles away. 
It's there my mother is sleeping. 

In a cold and silent grave 
But my heart is sad and lonely 

Since my mother's dead and gone. 

Oh. so well do I remember 

That sad night when mother died, 
When we watched her spirit fading 

When she called us to her side, 
Saving, "Always do the best you can 

Pray that we may meet in heaven 
When we all are dead and gone. 

When I to the church yard wander, 
To plant some flowers there, 

On the grave of my dear mother. 
Darkness finds me weeping there 

Waiting for the golden dawn, 
I know we shall meet in heaven 

Where my mother, she has gone. 

I am alone today, and always my 
thoughts go back to my childhood 
days and mother. I believe if I 
could concentrate all the fragrance 
of the world into one flower, I would 
call it a rose. And if I could con- 
centrate all the melody of the uni- 
verse into one composition, I would 
call it the Messiah. But if I could 
concentrate all the tenderness and 
sympathy of the world into one en- 
dearing- term. I would call it moth- 



er. No other word in the language 
is invested in such charm and pathos 
as this. Grave senators, grim fea- 
tured soldiers, hard-headed busi- 
ness men, and frivolous worldlings 
melt under its power. The great 
deeps of the soul are broken up at its 
sound ; the very incense of heaven 
clings to it. 

There is no face in all the cham- 
ber of memory so vivid to the last as 
the face that looks over us in the 
cradle and no voice that lingers with 
such sweetness as the voice that sang 
our evening lullaby. 

So when Mother's Day is almost 
clone, when the night and morning 
meet, it will only be another day 
of memory for me of my dear moth- 
er. May God ever bless and keep 
every mother. 


If you've a gray haired mother 
In the old home far away. 
Sit down and write the letter 
You've put oft" day by day. 
Don't wait until her tired steps 
Reach Heaven's pearly gate. 
But show her that you think of her 
Before it is too late. 

The tender words unspoken, 
The letter never sent. 
The long forgotten messages, 
The wealth of love unspent : 
For these some hearts are breaking. 
For these some loved ones wait ; 
So show them that you care for them 
Before it is too late. 

Sel. by Jeannette Poorman. 

Mother is the dearest friend, 
On earth you ever knew, 

She always has the kindest words, 
And nicest smiles for you. 

To give you life she suffered much, 
She touched the brink of death, 

She endured pain and agony, 
That you might receive breath. 

When you were small and needed 

At morning, night or noon, 
No matter how tired mother was, 

She made you real well, soon. 

When you began to creep and play, 
The bumps were many more, 

But mother always healed the wound 
By blowing on the sore. 

The first step that you took alone, 

In all your bravery, 
'Twas mother who had noticed first, 

Who smiled approvingly. 

When on the floor you played a lot, 
Your mother sat close by, 

She sewed and knitted little clothes, 
To keep you warm and dry. 

The day you started off to school, 
As mother watched you go, 

She knew her babe was growing up, 
And how it touched her so. 

As days and years and months went 

Whatever cares and trials you 

'Twas mother who would always 
Whose comfort made you glad. 


Her smiles, her words, her tender- 

Will not soon be forgot, 
Although her step may weaker lie. 

Her faith in you is not. 

If your dear mother lives today. 

To her you owe a debt. 
Regard her as your bosom friend 

Some time you'll not regret. 

If she has crossed the great divide. 

Recall her christian life. 
Live every day as mother lived. 

By mastering even- strife. 

Your mother brought you to this 

She cared for you each day. 
The best way to repay her now. 

Is to worship God and pray. 



If we have unkind and unmerci- 
ful thoughts we must cast them be- 
hind us. Do not nurture or cherish 
them ! If we feed them, then Satan 
will try to get us to speak or act 
them out to our sorrow. Some peo- 
ple make the mistake to believe that 
what is in the heart must be told and 
it is just as bad to think it, as to sav- 
or perform it. Of course, it should 
not be in the heart, but is is much 
more detrimental to us if we tell it 
fir perform it. — Selected. 

The primary and fundamental re- 
sult of the gospel is to develop man 
himself, not merely to relieve his 
want — Henrv \Y. Beecher. 

This book is all that's left me now, 
Tears will unbidden start : 

With faltering lips and throbbing 
I press it to my heart. 

For many generations past. 
Here is our family tree ; 

My mother's hand this Bible clasped 
She. dying, gave it me. 

Ah, well do I remember those 
Whose names these records bear ; 

Who round the hearthstone used to 
After the evening prayer. 

And speak of what these pages said. 
In tones my heart would thrill ; 

Tho they are with the silent dead. 
Here are they living still. 

My father read this holy book, 
To brothers, sisters, dear ; 

How calm was my poor mother's 
Who loved God's word to hear. 

Her angel face I see it yet. 

What thronging memories come ; 

Again that little group is met 
Within the halls of home. 

Thou truest friend man ever knew. 
Thy constancy I've tried; 

\\ nere all were false. I found thee 
My counselor and guide. 

The mines of earth no treasures give 
That could this volume buy; 

In teaching me the way to live, 
It has taught me how to die 




When storms of life around you 
The way gets dark and drear 
With not one soul that you may 
Nor one to bring you cheer. 

Your life seems very much alone 
You're pressed on all four sides ; 

You wonder if still on the throne 
A loving God abides. 

Though sick, sometimes nigh unto 
You think your life is done. 
Remember God, who holds the 
For you, and everyone. 

Remember, too, that Job of old 
Lost sons and all his wealth ; 

And in the Bible we are told 
He also lost his health. 

Yet, through it all, his faith in God 
These trials did not turn ; 

And when the testing fires were trod 
He did God's blessing earn. 

So should your lot be hard to bear, 
Your troubles never cease, 

Just take them to the Lord in pray- 
And He will give you peace. 

And He, who to the wind and wave 

Commended, "Peace be still", 
Stands with His arms outstretched 
to save 
And keep you in His will. 
Sel. bv — Sister Eileen Poorman 


Oh, bless the Lord and sing His 

For he has heard my voice ; 
With all my soul I laud His name ; 
He makes my heart rejoice 
His healing virtue touches me, 

Drives sickness far away, 
Restoring health. He makes me glad, 

He crowns a brand-new day. 

I stand upon His holy Word 

Believing He is true, 
And what He promises to me 

He will most surely do ; 
1 worship and adore and sing ; 

His strength in me o'erflows 
To vanquish all afflictions, power, 

To conquer all my foes. 

Sel. by Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md. 


We shall not have another great 
awakening, until we make revival a 
priority in our thinking, planning, 
praying and effort. The need is 
apparent on every hand ; it is the 
one burning need of the hour. God 
is able, God is willing, God is 
ready to send the revival as soon as 
His people are willing to pay the 
price. Revivals are costly. They 
cost much in prayer, faith, consecra- 
tion and personal effort. Revivals 
never come through the channel of 

There will be no awakening in the 
world until there is an awakening in 



the church. The first step toward between the intonations of the voice* 
an awakening in the church is for an ' of the parents. The soft musical 

awakening to begin in me. Let each 
of us devoutly pray, "O Lord, send 
a revival to the nation and the world, 
and let that revival begin in me." 
Sel. bv — Sister Jeanuette l'oorman 


voice of mother differs from the 
voice of father These fields of ex- 
periences become related one to an- 
other. As he grows and his ex- 
perience broadens he is intent only, 
upon the satisfaction of his active 
impulses, and does not realize that 
he is forming concepts, of the ever 
increasing number of objects that 
come within the range of his exper- 
With an almost unimagina- 
ble rapidity the mind is passing 

Jesus, the super-analogist. used 
the figure of the physical birth "Ye 
must be born again" in seeking to , ience 
define for an individual what was 
later, to be the substance of His com- I through the various degrees of de- 
mission to all that would believe on ! velopment and is continuously 
His name. Go ye therefore, and ! gasping for those things with which 
make disciples by the process of the t0 erect its structure. 
Xew Birth as wrought bv the power How jealously the protective in- 
of the Holy Spirit and then that stinct of the ever watchful mother 
which naturally follows to carry out S uards the life of her child, shield- 
the figure suggested. "Teaching m S it from all contacts and infltt- 
them to observe' all things whatso- j ences that would arrest its growth, 
ever I have commanded you." j or in an >' way bli g" ht its prospect for 

Psychologists tell us that when a ! ful1 development. With what earn- 
baby'is born and for some time fol- j est concern she begins with the lisp 
lowing birth, its mind is a total of the word, to teach, to train and to 

blank. There is not registered on 
its mind the slightest impression. He 
has mentally brought nothing into 
the world ,aucl knows absolutely 
nothing about the world into which 
he has been brought. But as the 
processess begin to appear and grad- 
ually concepts are formulated, there 
arises a consciousness of the differ- 
ence in the appearance of mother 
and father. At the same time images 
are forming in other fields of exper- 
ience; the child begins to discern 

direct the course of the life God has 
entrusted to her. No sacrifice is too 
great to be made, that opportunity 
may give for the new life to blossom 
forth into fullness of physical and 
intellectual charm. 

All that can be said that is pecu- 
liar to the conception of the physi- 
cal birth and the consequent growth 
to maturity, is implied in Christ's 
use of the figure to describe the pro- 
cess of development from the new- 
born babe in Christ to the fullgrown 



man in Christ. Just as the birth of 
a child brings it into the great world, 
the vastness of which it is totally un- 
conscious, so does the "new birth" 
bring the soul into a world that is 
absolutely foreign to any sensation 
or experience of the past ''out of the 
world of darkness, into His marvel- 
ous light". 

There can he no just appraisal 
made of the new sensations on the 
basis of the past experience "spirit- 
ual things are spiritually discerned", 
there being no existing relation be- 
tween life as it was and as it has now 
become "a new creature in Christ 
Jesus". The mind being blank as 
far as spiritual images are concern- 
ed, there can be no spiritual con- 
cept, absolutely no motive power to 
direct in the adjustment to this new 
sphere of life. Just as the child's 
mind is open to impression, so will 
the mind of the new-born babe in 
Christ, be open to receive material 
from which to build its spiritual 

As in the case of the physical, so 
the spiritual, the formative value or 
quality of the impression will be 
largely dependent, upon the environ- 
ment and influence thrown about the 
individual, and will unquestionably 
determine as to whether there will 
be a healthy development or an ar- 
rested, retarded growth. The voci- 
ferous exclamations of a newborn 
babe, by force of natural desire makes 
known its needs of nourishment and 
support. Instinctively, it turns to 

its mother's breast, who lovingly and 
tenderly ministers to its necessity. 
"Blessed are they which do hunger 
and thirst after righteousness for 
they shall be filled" 

YVe are born with a compelling 
appetency for spiritual nourish- 
ment ; it is a perfectly normal condi- 
tion. As the newborn babe cries 
instinctively for food to supply a phy- 
sical desire, the nature of which it 
knows nothing, the newborn babe in 
Christ is born with a hunger and 
thirst for the bounties of spiritual 
grace, the character of which he is 
as yet unacquainted and if he is to 
develope into a "fullgrown man, un- 
to the measure of the stauture of the 
fullness of Christ", this inherent and 
legitimate appetite must be minister- 
ed unto. He does not possess the 
powers of discrimination, the ability 
to select those things which are par- 
ticular]}' adapted to his spiritual 
needs. Paul represents the church, 
as responsible for the feeding of 
spiritual babes, "I fed you with milk, 
and not with meat ; for ye were not 
able to bear it". 

The responsibility for adopting 
the proper quality of spiritual ration 
is not upon the individual alone, but 
becomes obligatory upon the spirit- 
ual mother, the church. But alas, 
how many of our churches allow 
their ministers to feed the flock with 
the very strongest bacon of worlcli- 
ness? "Behold the days come saith 
the Lord God, that I will send a 
famine in the land, not a famine of 



bread, nor a thirst for water, but of 
hearing the words of the Lord", 
Amos 8:11. The Word of God is 
the food, and to provide the exercise 
necessary to a healthy spiritual di- 
gestion. The church is the agency 
used of the Holy Spirit to bring 
about the spiritual birth, and con- 
tinues inevitably in that capacity, to 
be responsible for the essential 
ministrations to the spiritual growth. 
For the church to create a situa- 
tion which results in spiritual birth 

are spending too much of their en- 
ergy teaching leadership, as coined 
during the years of war.- This has a 
worldly meaning, Isa. 9:16; Matt. 

We have lost the importance of 
service, service is rendered by ser- 
vants. If we ever expect to become 
great we must become servants, 
Christ supplanted the word leader 
with the word servant. Matt. 29: 
26-28; 23:11; Mark 9:35; Tit. 1:1; 
1 Pet 2:16; Rev. 7 :3. Too long we 

and then to allow, those babes in ! have restricted our intake of spirit- 
Christ, to be fed on the chaff, to be | ual power to the message from the 
swallowed up by the masses and to j pulpit, or the devotional and prayer 
allow men and women, who are not ; service, coming back at regular in- 
sound in the faith, to guide and di- ! tervals for a new supply and won- 
rect the lives into worldiness is dering why we seldom, if ever, have 
nothing short of travesty. This is no an experience of overflow of Spir- 
less a matter of criminal negligence, ' itual power. This becomes ours 
than would be a secular case of ma- only, as we learn to discern the 
ternal delinquency, but actually of sources of its flow and bring our- 
far more serious consequences. selves into an attitude to receive it. 

Jesus placed the accent on "teach- ' We must go back to God's Holv 

ing all nations" in giving His charge 
to His followers and certainly there 
must be birth, before the one born 
can be taught. The obligation is no 
less imperative to train and cultivate 
those, who have been disciplined to 
the saviourship of Christ, that they 
may take their place as faithful 
"stewards of the manifold grace of 
God". We are learning that hu- 
man personality, as it expends it- 
self in definite service, provides the 
most plenteous channel through 
which the vitalizing power of the 
Holy Spirit can come. Churches 

Word as our source of His miracu- 
lous power. "Neither is there sal- 
vation in any other; for there is 
none other name under heaven given 
among men, whereby we must be 
saved", Acts 4:11. 

Leander Smith in May 1924 

Bible Monitor. 


While the body of Christ, as a 
whole, is well aware of the demands 
for hob' living, there is a tendency 
to denote as things "worldlv" onlv 



those amusements and habits of the 
flesh, in which the world indulges so 
freely — moving pictures, the theater, 
dancing and the use of liquor and 
tobacco. Yes, these things are 
worldly, it is true, but the world also 
does many other things than these. 
A critical spirit is worldly, and the 
practices such as : slothfulness in 
business, shady business practices, 
Lying is a sin of the world and has 
no place in the christian life. Slander 
and unkindness certainly cannot be 
classed as christian virtues. All 
these belong to the world, yet how 
often these very sins are found to be 
part and parcel of the daily conduct 
of the christian. Indeed, much more 
could be said of pride, vain conver- 
sation, uncleanness, deceit, self-cen- 
tereclness and so on. 

Sel. by Sister Eileen Poorman. 


It may not be for us to know 
What portion of the seed we sow 
Shall into golden harvest grow 
But afterward. 

We may not know when torn with 
Wh) r earnest and persistent prayer 
Should seem to die upon the air 
But afterward. 

It may not be for me to see 
The meaning and the mystery 
Of all that God has planned for me 
But afterward. 

Sel. by Sister Lulu M. Kesler. 


We may not see just here and now 
With vision clear the why and how 

of all that God seems to allow 
But afterward. 

We may not know how that as 
Which now we fain would gladly 

In working for our future bliss 
But afterward. 

We may not fully understand 
How underneath God's chastening 

Pain is fulfilling loves command 
But afterward. 

Read Romans 7:15-25. Many of 
us would love to have sin taken 
away. Who loves to have a hasty 
temper ? Who love to have a proud 
disposition? Who loves to have a 
worldly heart ? No one, yet you ask 
Christ to take it away and He does 
not do it. Why does He not do it? 
It is because you wanted Him to 
take away the ugly fruits while the 
poisonous roots remained in you. 

You did not ask Him that the 
flesh should be nailed to His Cross, 
and that you should henceforth give 
up self, entirely to the power of His 
Spirit. Do you suppose that a paint- 
er would want to work out a beauti- 
ful picture, on a canvas which did 
not belong to him? No, yet people 
want Jesus Christ to destroy temper 
or that other sin, while as yet they 
have not yielded themselves utterly 
unto His commands. 

Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman 




"For He satisfieth the longing- 
soul, and filleth the hungry soul 
with goodness", (Ps. 107:9). 

Friends all around me are trying to 

What the heart yearns for, by sin 

undermined ; 
I have the secret, I know where 'tis 

Only true pleasures in Jesus abound. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

P. 0. Bx. 246 

Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

Ezra Beery 

r 1, Union, Ohio 

Paul Byfield 

r 1, Bx 768 

Modesto, Calif. 


Ammon Keller, Chairman 

R. 5, Lebanon, Pa. 

Vern Hostetler, Secretary 

Montpelier, Ohio. 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 

R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Edward Johnson 

R 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

George Dorsey 

Bx 58, Salisbury, Pa. 


Board of Publication 

Harry Andrews, Chairman, 
R. 1, Grandview, Mo. 

Edward Johnson, Vice-Chm. 
R. 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

Paul R. Myers, Secretary, 
Box 117, Greentown, Ohio. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer, 
Snowville, Va. 

James Kegerreis, 
Bx 84, Strausstown, Pa. 

Howard J. Surbey, 

R. 2, Taneytown, Md. 


Board of Trustees 

Lawrence Kreider, Chairman, 
9005 W. 3rd St., Dayton 7, Ohio. 

A. G. Fahnestock, Secretary, 
R. R. 3, Lititz, Pa. 

David F. Ebling, Treasurer, 
Bethel, Pa. 

General Mission Board 

Ammon Keller, Chairman 

r 5 Lebanon, Pa. 

Herbert Parker, Secretary 

r 3 Arcanum, Ohio 

David Ebling, Treasurer 

Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

Harry Andrews 

Grandview, Mo. 

Paul R. Myers 

Greentown, Ohio 

W. S. Reed, 
Waukee, Iowa. 
Galen Harlacher, 
Newberg, Ore. 
W. E. Bashor, 
Turlock, Calif. 

r 1 

All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



MAY 15. 1956 

No. 10 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and ' OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"When he had spoken these 
things, while they beheld, he was 
taken up ; and a cloud received him 
out of their sight. And while they 
looked stedfastly toward heaven as 
he went up, behold, two men stood 
by them in white apparel ; which also 
said. Ye men of Galilee, why stand 
ye gazing up into heaven ? this same 
Jesus, which is taken up from you 
into heaven, shall so come in like 
manner as ye have seen him go into 
heaven"' Acts 1 :9-ll. 

Here we find Christ and His dis- 
ciples on Mt. Olivet, or the Mount 
of Olives as it i^ often called, as He 
is about to depart from them in per- 
son, just forty days after His resur- 
rection. He very vividly promises 
them the power of the Holy Spirit 
and also tells them that they shall 
be witnesses of Him ; here, there and 
unto the uttermost parts of the 
earth. Luke 24:50 tells us that He 
blessed them and departed. They 
saw Him taken up and disappearing 
into a cloud. No doubt it was a 
bright cloud such as that on the 
mount of transfiguration Matt 17:5. 

It was so wonderful, so miracu- 
lous, such a proof that He really was 
the Son of God, that other things did 
not enter their minds and they con- 
tinued to gaze at the place whence 
He disappeared. Perhaps this was 
one of the greatest things they were 
promised. J no .1 :50. The angels are 
often spoken of as coming and going 
in a cloud. He made the clouds His 
Chariot, as we read of in Psa. 104:3, 
'"Who maketh the clouds his char- 
iot : who walketh upon the wings of 
the wind". 

What became of Him after that ? 
If we properly accept and serve Him 
we shall known some great day. Per- 
haps we find the answer in Dan. 7 : 
13-14. "I saw in the night, visions, 
and, behold, one like the Son of 
man came with the clouds of heaven, 
and came to the Ancient of days, and 
they brought him near before him, 
and there was given him dominion, 
and glory, and a kingdom, that all 
people, nations, and languages, 
should serve him : his dominion is 
an everlasting dominion, which shall 
not pass away, and his kingdom that 
which shall not be destroyed". 

Without question this was a dis- 


eouragemcnt in the disciples ; for He 
did not establish the earthly power 
thev had so longed for and because 
thev were losing His companionship 
also. But also He made a very, very, 
great promise to them and to us. 
Xote the latter part of our text ; He 
is coming again with power, grand- 
eur, and with the ease of which He 
left. "Two men shall be in the field ; 
the one shall be taken, and the other 
left, and they answered and said un- 
to him. Where, Lord? And he said 
unto them. Wheresoever the body is, 
thither will the eagles be gathered 
together", Luke 17:36-37. 

"Wherefore seeing we also are 
compassed about with so great a 
cloud of witnesses, let us lay aside 
every weight, and the sin which 
doth so easily beset us, and let us 
run with patience the race that is set 
before us, Looking unto Jesus the 
author and finisher of our faith ; who 
for the joy that was set before him 
endured the cross, despising the 
shame, and is set down at the right 
hand of the throne of God" Heb. 12 : 
1-2. It should be a great encour- 
agement unto us, to read such beau- 
tiful, everlasting promises like these 
and know that they were spoken of 
One who was able to fulfil them. 
What He has promised will take 
place in due season. Are we look- 
ing for that time? Are we definitely 
getting ready? "Nevertheless when 
the Son of man cometh, shall he 
find faith on the earth ?" 


Real love is of divine origin, it 
comes straight from the throne of 
God. God freely gives this love by 
the operation of His Spirit, to every- 
one who will receive His Son as his 
own personal Saviour. This is the 
love that over-whelms the heart as 
soon as true faith in Christ is exer- 
cised. This is the love that makes 
it possible to stand up and to tri- 
umph under the irritations of life. 
It is a growing love. It's posssessor 
gives himself cheerfully to the yoke 
of Christ, to do whatever He shall 

This love makes life beautiful : en- 
couraging, beneficient, helpful self- 
effacing, self-emptying. In a thousand 
ways, the christian will be called up- 
on to assume some unwanted re- 
sponsibility, some unasked for duty, 
some unsought association ; perhaps 
each one is irksome to us. How shall 
it be borne with grace? Only by love 
— divine love. Indeed this kind of 
love is transforming, it makes the 
trial a joy and source of blessing. 
It renders the imposed upon sweet, 
patient, humble, kind and helpful. 

For example, there was an aged 
mother-in-law who couldn't live 
alone any longer, she was feeble and 
didn't think as clearly as formerly, 
sometimes she became confused and 
did strange things. It was irritat- 
ing, unless divine love was exercised 
in her behalf ; human love couldn't 
do it, for human love is basically 


selfish. What about the "thorn in 
the flesh" as Paul called his physi- 
cal weakness. Self rebels against 
such things and often makes the af- 
flicted life sour. But love from on 
High transforms the entire matter 
into an opportunity, a chance to 
prove God's wisdom in premitting 
the illness. 

Paul found he could do greater 
things for God in his weakness, than 
he had ever been able to accomplish 
in the days of physical strength. 
Love did it. Love is the cushion of 
grease at the creaking joints of life. 
Love is the oil lubricating all the 
rubbing parts of life's complicated 
machinery. Love is the tender hand 
supporting the faltering step. Love 
is the guiding light in the midst of 
earth's great darkness. Love is the 
shelter from the storms of life, of old 
age. of helpless childhood, of lonely 

This is the love for which, as the 
song writer said. The world is dy- 
ing. Yet God has so much of this 
love to give us, if we will only go to 
Him, confess our poverty, open our 
hearts and lives for Him ; to bestow 
this love. Oh for grace to scrap all 
of our selfish living and resolve to 
live only for God's glory, by the 
power of His own divine love, filling 
all of our being by the operation of 
the Holy Spirit. 

For if love does it, it wins every 
time. It makes life sweet and beau- 
ful. Put on love and the humps and 
knocks of life will not hurt so much. 

"Finally, brethren, farewell. Be per- 
fect, be of good comfort, be of one 
mind, live in peace ; and the God of 
love and peace shall be with vou. 
The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, 
and the love of God, and the com- 
munion of the Holy Ghost be with 
you all. Amen", 2 Cor 13 :11, 14. 
Sel. bv Sister Lulu M. Kesler. 


"Till we all come in the unity of 

the faith, and the knowledge of the 

Son of God, unto a perfect man, 

unto the measure of stature of the 

fullness of Christ", Eph. 4:13. This 

text has under consideration two 

ideas of facts. First, a recognition 

, of the wonderful dispensation of the 

I grace and salvation of the Gentiles. 

I Second, it points to that high plane 

j of Christian piety and "holiness, 

J without which no man can see the 

' Lord", Heb. 12:14, which can only 

j be attained through the unity of the 

Spirit which inspires and leads up 

above the carnal desires of the flesh, 

to that high plane of spirituality 

where superiority and excellency 


In this text we have four essen- 
tials that are indispensable to any 
Christian life. These four requisi- 
tes are faith, knowledge, a perfect 
man. and the fullness of Christ. 
These are the Christian graces and 
principles of the Spirit. "Brethren. 
I count not myself to have appre- 
hended : but this one thing I do, for- 



Taneytown, INId., May 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church in the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1S79. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbev, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

getting those things which are he- 
hind, and reaching forth unto those 
things which are hefore, I press to- 
ward the mark for the prize of the 
high calling of God in Christ Jesus. 
Let us therefore, as many as he per- 
fect, be thus minded : and if in any 
thing ye be otherwise minded, God 
shall reveal even this unto you. 
Nevertheless, whereto we have al- 
ready attained, let us mind the same 
same rule, let us mind the same 
thing. Brethren, he followers to- 
gether of me, and mark them which 
walk so as ye have us for an ensam- 
ple. (For many walk, of whom I 
have told you often, and now tell you 
even weeping, that they are the en- 
emies of the cross of Christ: whose 
end is destruction, whose God is 
their belly, and whose glory is in 
their shame, who mind earthly 

things." Phil. 3:13-19. 

Hence we see Unity means and 
signifies concord, not discord. Unity 
implies unison with Christ and His 
teachings and not dissensions. Uni- 
ty teaches us uniformity, agreement 
and harmony in the church, which 
was the great burden of Jesus' high 
priestly prayer, Jno. 17:11. Paul 
pleads for the same unity, "Now I 
beseech you brethren by the name 
of our Lord Jesus Christ that ye all 
speak the same thing, and that there 
be no divisions among you, but that 
ye be perfectly joined together in 
the same mind and in the same 
judgment.' 1 Cor. 1 :10. 

Gospel unity is that great princi- 
ple or peculiarity that distinguishes 
Christianity from the world. Our 
unison with Christ through faith 
that "worketh by love", Gal. 5 :6. 
Gospel unity is the actuating im- 
pulse that moves and inspires to lov- 
ing service and reverential obedience 
to all gospel requisites. This union 
among christians is the principle that 
unifies, binds them in fellowship and 
service, seeks each other's welfare 
and the glory of God. Hence unity 
is the vital and burning need of the 
church today, which alone, will in- 
sure against discension. United we 
stand, divided we fall. So let us 
pray and work for "the unity of the 
faith, and the knowledge of the Son 
of God, unto a perfect man, unto the 
measure of the stature of the fullness 
of Christ— J. F. Britton in Feb. 1924 
Bible Monitor. 


Program for General Conference 

JUNE 9 - 13, 1956 

Rhodes Grove, near Greencastle, Pa. 


Homer Mellott One life, how are you using it? 

Donald Ecker Subject to be selected 

Elder Otto Harris Acts 16:30 

Elder Edward Johnson The Changeless Word. 

Psalms 119:89 
Elder H. J. Surbey The Devil Troubleth Night and 

Elder Roscoe Reed What lack I yet? Matt. 19:20 

Elder David F. Ebling Subject to be selected 
Elder O. T. Jamison The Tongue. James 3 

Walking with God. Gen. 5 :24 








Sun. PM 


Elder Geo. Replogle 

Mon. AM Bible Study Board 

Bro. Owen Mallow 

Mon. PM Bro. Laverne Keeny 
Bro. Emery Wertz 

Mon. Eve. Elder J. F. Swallow 
Elder W. S. Reed 

Tue. AM Bible Study Board 
Bro. Paul Reed 

Tues. PM Bro. Eldon Flory 

Bro. Howard Myers 

Tue. Eve. Elder Ord E. Strayer 
Elder Geo. Dorsev 

Days of Noah & Christ's 2nd 

Coming. Matt. 27 :37-40 

Marriage and the Home 
My Church. Matt. 16, 18 
Little Things. Matt. 5:19; Luke 

Subject to be selected 


The Christian and the World. 

I Jno. 5:19 
Who is my Neighbor? 
Daniel's Firmness. Dan. 1 :8 



Will all members of the General 
Mission Board, make a special effort 
to be present at Conference 
Grounds, Saturday morning, June 9, 
at 9 A. M., for a very important 
Board Meeting. 

Amnion P>. Keller, chairman. 


Please make the following correc- 
tions in your February 15, Bible 
Monitor : 

Lcker. Donald F., R 
ville, Ohio, M. 

Kleplinger, Benjamin 
Brookville. Ohio, E. 

Roesch, Melvin, Paw 
Ya.. E. 

Wertz, Emery, McClave, Col< 

2. Hart- 
S., R. 2. 
Paw. \V. 

JUNE 9-13 
Take note : 

1. Bring your own pillow cases 
and sheets, and assure yourself 
greater comfort by bringing an ex- 
tra blanket or two. 

2. Mail sent to Conference 
grounds will be addressed : Cham- 
bersburg, Penna., R. D. #6, c/o 
Rhodes Grove Camp. 

3. No house trailers will be per- 
mitted on the grounds. If you travel 
with a trailer, well, but you will be 
lodged in a cabin during Conference. 

4. Because we expect an over- 
flow attendance, please send me your 

request for reservation as soon as 

Ray S. Shank, Chairman 
'216 West Marble St. 
Mechanicsbur<r Pa. 

The Ridge Congregation met in 
Council March 24. The meeting 
was called to order by Elder W. A. 
Taylor, with the reading of Psa. 113 
and prayer. All business was taken 
care of in a christian manner. An 
Evangelist was chosen for this year, 
date and evangelist will be announc- 
ed later. Hymn no 507 was sung 
and Bro. Otto Harris closed with 

Sister Irene Harris, Cor. 


The Ward's Dunkard Brethren 
church located near Clearville, Pa., 
wishes to express their appreciation 
to the General Mission Board, for 
the help which has been extended to- 
wards them ; for the strengthening 
of the church and the community, by 
the visiting brethren each month. 
Their labors mean much to this 
area, that the good seed, which has 
been sown, may bring forth a hun- 
dred fold unto God's Kingdom. 

Our services continue for full 
time, first and third Sunday by Bro. 
Owen Mallow, second and fourth 
Sunday by visiting brethren. All that 
can come and share with us, in these 
services of the Master, will be ap- 

Bro. and Sister David Eblins: 


were with us the fourth Sunday in 
April. Bro. Ebling gave us a very 
inspiring message from God's Holy 
Word. We appreciate all our dear 
Brethren and Sisters, who come 
from afar and near to help us and 
take part in our services. We en- 
joy the fellowship with those of like 
precious faith. We feel that these 
visiting brethren and sisters, com- 
ing to us for worship, will be a great 
help to our little group here at 
Ward's church. 

May God richly bless them in 
their work here and elsewhere. We 
are so few in number, we ask the 
prayers of the Brotherhood in our 
behalf, that the work may prosper 
and grow in number, as well as spir- 

Sister Retha Mallow. 

Please do not forget your offer- 
ing for the support of the Publica- 
tion Board, sometime during the 
month of June. 


Pentecost with its supernatural 
happenings is something that alwavs 
holds our attention. It is easv to 
talk about, but often quite hard to 
put into practice. We enjoy the 
"sound of a mighty rushing wind," 
and the tongues of fire falling on 
Believers, but hesitate to make this 
experience ours. 

At Pentecost a mighty power was 
loosed. It has been of no small con- 

cern of this nation how to control 
atomic power, because of its destruc- 
tiveness. It should be of great con- 
cern to the church how to get more 
Hob' Ghost power which is by far 
a greater and important power (for 
it is a saving power), to control and 
direct our lives. Man left to himself 
is out of control ; evil factors divert 
his ambitions, but Holy Ghost pow- 
er will make him a "burning and 
shining light." 

Pentecostal power is the one great 
need of the Church today. But many 
say it will never come again as at 
the first Pentecost. A downpouring 
of .spiritual power will return, when 
like those first disciples, the Be- 
lievers enter the Upper Room of 
faith and praver. The Church is 

I like unto a parched ground and wilt- 
ing crops in a period of drought, 

i but our faith and expectant prayers 

I can bring down a shower of bless- 

1 ing : 
"There shall be showers of blessing. 

Precious reviving again ; 
Over the hills and the valleys, 
Sound of abundance of rain." 
We now live in the third phase 
of the manifestation of God ; the 
Holy Ghost age : "And I will pray 
the Father, that He shall give you 
another Comforter, that he may 
abide with you forever:" (John 14: 
16). This is the most blessed age 
of all. To have an everlasting guide 
to direct our steps in this dark and 
deceitful world certainly is a token 
of love and mercv of our Creator 



and a life-saver for us. 

On Pentecost the church was en- 
dowed with power which then was 
and ever shall be its true life and 
its highest success. The great task 
of spreading the gospel has been 
placed upon her shoulders, with the 
expectation that man will thereby 
be won to Christ. The power to 
convert, to regenerate the human 
heart lies not in any human source. 
It is alwavs the powerful moving of 
the Holy Spirit upon the heart. It 
is our duty to make known the 
Word and it is the work of the Holy 
Ghost to place the Word with con- 
viction upon the heart. 

To have a repetition of Pentecost 
seems so impossible to many; Why? 
The Twelve were not exceptional 

light" (John 5:25), and John the I 
Baptist prophesied of Jesus: "He 
shall baptize you with the Holy 
Ghost and lire". The New Testa- 
ment presents fire as a sign of God's 
holy purposes, and on the day of 
Pentecost the Holy Ghost came up- 
on them in "tongues of fire" and 
the weak apostles became enlight- 
ened and empowered men, whose 
personalities were aflame with lire 
from heaven. Such the like is pos- 
sible today. God, immortality, pray- 
er, brotherhood — these are old and 
even new truths which make the 
lamps of human life to burn and 
shine. While it is true that all Chris- 
tians have the Holy Spirit, "If any 
man have not the Spirit of Christ, 
he is none of His" (Rom. 8:9), at 

men above all others. There could j the same time we must recognize 
be found eleven such men in the i that to have the Spirit is one thing 
Church today. They were un- | and to be filled with the Spirit is 

schooled, men of no particular repu- 
tation, one became reputation, one 
denied Him with cursing, they all 
deserted Him and fled. Jesus knew 
better than anyone else how unfit 
they were, but He promised to em- 
power and furnish them. This much 
Jesus has promised to any and all 
who will forsake all and follow Him. 
What great things could be accom- 
plished if Jesus could thoroughly 
furnish His disciples! It is not 
money, music, or preaching that 
makes a church ; it is the power of 
God working in and through men. 
Jesus testified that John the 
Baptist was a "burning and shining 

quite another. And to be thoroughly 
furnished to carry out the mission 
a Christian must be "filled with the 

The Spirit guides, strengthens, 
and comforts the Christian and con- 
vinces the world of the reality of 
sin, righteousness, and judgment. 
Sel. from Messenger of Truth. 


Christian, by Dr. Johnson, is de- 
fined "a professor of the religion of 
Christ" ; but in reality a Christian 
is more than a professor of Christian- 
ity. He is one who imbibes the 
Spirit, participates in the grace, and 


is obedient to the will of Christ. 
Christians may be considered as 
nominal and real. There are vast 
numbers who are called Christians, 
not because they possess any love 
for Christ, but because they happen 
to be born in a Christian country, 
educated by Christian parents and 
perhaps sometimes attend Christian 
worship. There are also many whose 
minds are well informed respecting 
the Christian system, who prefer it 
to every other, and who make an 
open profession of it : and yet, af- 
ter all, feel but little of the real 
power of Christianity. 

A real Christian is one whose 
understanding is enlightened by the 
influences of divine grace, who is 
convinced of the depravity of his 
nature, who sees his own inability 
to help himself, who is taught to be- 
hold God as the chief good, the 
Lord Jesus as the only way to ob- 
tain felicity, and that the Holy Spirit 
is the grand agent in applying the 
blessing of the Gospel to his soul. 
His heart is renovated, and inclined 
to revere, honor, worship, trust in, 
and live to God. His affections are 
elevated above the world, and center 
in God alone. He embraces Him as 
His portion, loves Him supremely, 
and is zealous in the defense and 
support of His cause. His temper 
is regulated, his powers aroused to 
vigorous action, his thoughts spirit- 
ual, and his general deportment 
amiable and uniform. 

In comparison the true Christian 

character exceeds all others, as God 
understands it, as much as the blaze 
of the meridian sun outshine the 
feeble light of the glowworm. "Thou 
shalt love the Lord thy God with all 
thy heart, and with all thy soul, and 
with all thy mind, and with all thy 
strength : this is the first command- 
ment. And the second is like, name- 
ly this, Thou shalt love thy neigh- 
bour as thyself. There is none other 
commandment greater than these", 
Mark 12:30-31. 

Sel. The Vindicator 


Suggested Scripture : Isa. 57:14 
But the worst of all.. is the svs- 
tematic alcoholizing of mankind on 
the strength of a bad custom which 
L old enough, to be sure, but which 
has become an acute pestilence in our 
modern civilization." — Dr. August 
Forel, University of Zurich. 

Step into the elevator, please. We 
are going up, up, up, far enough to 
get a really comprehensive view of 
the liquor problem in all of its as- 
pects. If we are to understand it, 
we must rise above both time and 
place, for the alcohol question is not 
the same everywhere nor is it the 
same at all times. It offers an in- 
dividual problem. It is social, eco- 
nomic and political. It is related to 
all living so that when living alters 
its pattern, the problem alters like- 



What is the problem today? 

Jt is individual. Shall I drink? 
If 1 do, what will it do to my body? 
to my brain? How will it affect 
my chance of happiness in life? Will 
it seriously imperil my opportunity 
to secure a competence and enjoy the 
many satisfactions which are associ- 
ated with a reasonable income? 
What will it mean to my health? If 
1 marry, will my chance of happiness 
be less or greater if I drink? What 
about my children and the home 
that I will establish for them? 
The question is social and economic 

Every drink consumed supports 
( 1 ) a trade, (2 ) custom. Is the trade 
in alcoholic liquors a menace to the 
country or is it not ? What is the 
economic aspect of the enormous ex- 
penditure for drink ? Does the man 
who drinks moderately have any re- 
sponsibility for the social delin- 
quency of those who do not drink- 
moderately ? 
The question is political 

The drink trade does not exist 
anywhere in the United States ex- 
cept ( 1 ) as an outlaw and a recog- 
nized enemy of organized society, or 
(2 ) by the permission and protec- 
tion of government. The influences 
of the drink traffic and of the drink 
habit upon all phases of modern life 
are so great that every civilized gov- 
ernment recognizes that it can not be 
treated as other legitimate traffics are 
treated. Governments must have a 
definite political policy in regard to 
it and this policy must be far-reach- 

ing in detail. In the words of Theo- 
dore Roosevelt, when he was police 
commissioner of New York City and 
a delegation of saloonkeepers ap- 
proached him to protest against the 
closing of saloons on Sunday, "The 
liquor business does not stand on the 
same footing with other occupations. 
It tends to produce criminality in the 
population at large and lawbreaking 
among the saloonkeepers them- 
What is the Christian attitude? 

The determination of a Christian 
attitude toward the problem must 
take into consideration all of its var- 
ious phases and, certainly, the ele- 
ments of time and place. In the 
time of Christ a deeply religious and 
conscientious Jew may have used 
wine in his household because the 
wells were polluted and dangerous ; 
certainly he knew nothing of the 
scientific facts in regard to alcohol 
which are available to every intelli- 
gent person today. He considered 
water "unhealthful", and so it was 
when slops were thrown into the 
street from the upper windows of 
city dwellings. His descendants can 
step to a water tap in any city in the 
United States and draw freely the 
most healthful of all beverages. 
What might have been reasonable 
and right under the conditions of life 
in Palestine two thousand years ago 
may be entirely wrong in the modern 
What is alcohol? 

Napoleon was a little man but he 



wrote the Napoleonic code, sent mil- 
lions of men into battle with fan- 
atical devotion, murdered hundreds 
of thousands, and changed the course 
of human history. Let us step 
through the microscope as Alice 
stepped through the looking glass 
and meet a smaller Napoleon, so 
small that he (or it ) is able to float 
through the air. This Napoleon is 
one of the highest forms of plant lite 
or perhaps he is one of the lowest 
forms of animal life : we can not be 
quite certain about it, but opinion 
veers toward the side of the vegeta- 
ble kingdom. The alcohol ferment 
is a minute living organism, capable 
of assimilating food, eliminating 
waste products, growing and multi- 
plying. Tiny as it is. it has proba- 
bly had a greater influence upon the 
destiny of the human race than had 
Xapoleon. a greater influence upon 
all of the conquerors who preceded 
him or will follow him. Alcohol, the 
waste product or excretion of this 
organism, has certainly done more 
to shape human history than any 
other chemical commoditv. We are 
speaking of ethyl alcohol, ordinarily 
found in alcoholic beverages such as 
beer, wine and whisky. It is a hab- 
it-forming, irritant, narcotic, depres- 
sant drug with a surprisingly large 
number of legitimate uses in indus- 
try and the scientific world and one 
great misuse. It seems to be the 
universal law of nature that the 
waste product of any human organ- 
ization is poisonous to itself and to 

any higher form of life so that when 
the alcohol ferment produces alcohol 
to the extent of 13.5 per cent from 
the liquid in which it is working, it 
is itself poisoned. Wines, whiskies 
and other alcoholic beverages con- 
taining a greater percentage of alco- 
hol can only be produced by distilla- 
tion, which is a process of boiling 
off the alcohol, catching the vapor 
and condensing it. The Arabians 
discovered this process in the tenth 
century and with a flash of under- 
standing named the product "al- 
ghole" or "the evil spirit" Alcohol 
is a poison of the same general char- 
acter as chloroform. 
The qualities of alcohol which make it 
so significant to the race 

Alcohol has three characteristic 
qualities which make it of tremend- 
ous significance to the individual and 
the race when it is used as a bever- 
age. (1) It is dehydrating; that is, 
it has an affinity for water. (2) It 
has an affinity for fats. (3 ) It is hab- 
it-forming ; that is, when it is used 
the body tends to establish a certain 
degree of '"tolerance" so that an in- 
creased quantity is constantly re- 
quired to give a like effect. 
Alcohol is a dehydrant 

Alcohol is commonly used in the 
home and hospital as a drying 
agency and all of us know how re- 
freshing and cooling it is as a rub. 
If the back of your hand is covered 
with perspiration, a few drops of al- 
cohol will dry it immediately. The 
most "solid citizen" is reallv in large 



part water and anything but solid. 
Water composes approximately two- 
thirds of the body. The bones con- 
tain about 22 per cent, the blood 79 
per cent, the brain 75 per cent. We 
breathe out of our bodies every 
twenty-four hours about a pound of 
water and during the course of a 
lung lifetime we must drink at least 
seven thousand gallons in order to 
replace the moisture lost from the 
tissues. It is not surprising then that 
when alcohol is taken into the body, 
it injures not only the tissues them- 
selves but the functioning of every 
organ, and this injury is all the more 
prompt and all the greater because 
alcohol in the ordinary sense is not 
digested at all ; it is taken into the 
blood stream unchanged and is car- 
ried by the blood to the uttermost 
limits of the body's organization. 
The effect upon digestion 

Perhaps on the occasion of a din- 
ner engagement your hostess has 
offered you a cocktail in the drawing 
room before dinner is announced. 
She wished to stimulate your appe- 
tite, and if you demurred perhaps 
she said, "Oh, one cocktail won't 
harm. It will simply make you en- 
joy your dinner and help digestion". 
Suppose you invite your hostess, 
Mrs. Swank, into the laboratory for 
a moment. 

"Mrs. Swank, we will drop this 
bit of sugar and this bit of bread into 
the vial containing water. Note 
that both of them are quickly broken 
down. Now let us drop another 

lump of sugar and another bit of 
bread into the vial of alcohol. The 
lump of sugar is not affected at all. 
The bread hardens slowly. Now we 
will try a bit of meat. See, it is also 
becomes harder. Now the white of 
an egg ; it is quickly cooked. No- 
tice that when the meat and the egg 
are dropped into the water, the meat 
remains soft and the egg is quickly 
broken up." How does a cocktail 
help digestion ? How can it possi- 
bly help digestion? It is a very pecu- 
liar and striking thing that what al- 
cohol dissolves, will not be dissolved 
in water ; and what water dissolves 
alcohol will almost invariably harden. 
This very fact explains the enormous 
value of alcohol in industry. It is 
needed to break down fats and oils 
which water will not affect. By its 
use we make varnish and dissolve 
camphor. Add it to water and oil 
and they will "mix" despite the old 

But since alcohol and water are 
quite opposite in their effects upon 
digestion, it follows that if water is 
in all ordinary circumstances useful 
in the body, alcohol is quite the con- 
Alcohol and the organs 

As soon as alcohol enters the blood, 
it begins to injure the red blood cor- 
puscles, the conveyors of oxygen. 
They shrink and alcohol, combining 
with their oxygen, allows waste to 
accumulate. Sometimes heavy drink- 
ing causes the fibrin to coagulate 
but when taken into the body much 



diluted, alcohol causes the blood to 
become thinner so that the faces of 
chronic drinkers are often red, in- 
flamed and covered with blotches. 

When the blood reaches the lungs 
to do the business of exchanging 
carbonic acid gas for fresh oxygen 
through the thin walls of sixty mil- 
lion air pouches, the tendency of 
alcohol to unite with oxygen and to 
remove the moisture from every- 
thing with which it comes in contact 
seriously hinders the oxygenation of 
the blood. 
Health defenders of the body 

While the red blood corpuscles 
have the duty of conveying oxygen 
where it is needed, the white blood 
corpuscles constitute the body's 
standing army or policemen charged 
with the duty of attacking and de- 
stroving foreign matter such as dust 
or disease germs. They attack a 
germ by throwing out processes of 
their protoplasm, enclosing it and 
afterward digesting it. Because of 
their tiny size, they are able not 
only to stream through the blood but 
to pass through the tisues. If mi- 
crobes or chemical irritants are pres- 
ent in one particular part of the 
body, these white blood cells leave 
the blood vessels in large numbers 
and stream toward the point af- 
fected. They then attack the germs 
and destroy them but in doing so 
many are themselves destroyed and 
their dead bodies, along with the 
fluids of the inflamed tissues, form 
pus as it is exhibited in any boil or 

abcess. The phagocytes are assisted 
in cleaning the disease germs out of 
the body by substances which are 
poisonous to the microbes, called 
opsonins. Dr. Charles E. Stewart 
of Battle Creek found as a result of 
experiments that the bodily resist- 
ance to disease was considerably 
lowered by the administration of as 
small a quantity as two ounces of 
port wine. 

Everywhere alcohol ranges 
through the body, gangster fashion, 
robbing the tissues of water, harden- 
ing muscular fiber, disturbing the 
functioning of the organs. The oxi- 
dation of wates matter is impeded. 
The blood vessels lose their elastic- 
ity. Chronic drinking results in a 
liver reduced in size and so hard 
that it is called hobnailed. Circula- 
tion, digestion, respiration are injur- 
ed, the body not only being deprived 
of needed water but of oxygen. 

If these things are true, and they 
are universally acknowledged to be 
true in the scientific world, what 
price cocktails? Questions 

1. What in detail are the ma- 
jor differences in the required be- 
havior of a savage 

a barbarian , a civilized 

man ? 

2. What is the chief difference 
in the matter of strain upon early 
man and modern man? 

3. In your opinion, does the ex- 
istence of alcohol in nature serve as 
a justification for its use as a bev- 
erage? By Deets Pickett, Selected 




"If 1 regard iniquity in my heart, 
the Lord will not hear me." Here is 
the great love of the Father. Here 
is the heart that broods over His 
children with unutterable love. 
How alert that Divine ear is, to lis- 
ten, mine of us can know. A thought, 
a wish. He hears it : a longing to be 
better, a lunging to be free, the 
feeblest flutter of a soul's love. He 

His ear is never heavy, that it can- 
not hear. If any of us seem to cry 
and not be heard, the fault is in our 
cry and not in Him, let us always 
believe that 

streets of your heart ; they are dif- 
ferent from those that have climbed 
in over the unguarded wall. It is 
man's obstinacy, not God's reluct- 
ance, that keeps back the mercy. 
Sel. Sister Jeanette Poorman. 


We sometimes speak and write of 
past days as if they were the best 
ones. In some respects they were : 
but in other respects they were nut 
nearly as good as the present, large- 
ly because of the inventions and dis- 
coveries which have given the pres- 
ent generation advantages over am* 

preceding. It has become possible 
But still. If I regard j for man to travel more, see more, 
iniquity in my heart, the Lord will and learn more in a few short years 
not hear me". What strikes us, in than one of the patriarchs could have 
the condition which David describes, j traveled and learned and seen in 
is its deliberateness. It is not some- j hundreds of years, 
thing into which a man may fall out Once in a while we hear someone 
of weakness and almost without speak of the church as if all the good 

knowing it. 

To regard iniquity is a voluntary 
act. The man or woman chooses 
the sin, and chooses to cling unto it. 

things, all the consecration, faith and 
devotions belonged to the past. But 
the church, being composed of falli- 
ble men ever has been and ever will 

The deliberateness may cloak itself be imperfect. There have been times 

and try to pass for a necessity. You 
may lay the blame on circumstances, 
on temperament, on education, on 
almost anything ; but all the time, 
down at the bottom of your heart, in 
the moment when yon are sincerelv 
honest, you know which are the sins 
you choose, yes. the sins to which 
you open the gate. You can tell them 
by a certain confidence in their step 
as thev enter and walk through the 

when it was much better than at oth- 
er times, as soon after Pentecost 
when "the multitude of them that 
believed were of one heart and of one 
soul." But it was not so very long 
until the covetousness of Ananias 
and Sapphira was revealed. And it 
is very doubtful whether there has 
been another time, from that dav till 
this, when the same words could 
have been used in describing the 



church as a whole. 

We like to think, and we do think 
and believe, that the eight who came 
together to organize our church were 
of one heart and one soul. All their 
desire was to obey all the command- 
ments of God. But in a few short 
years after, we read of divisions 
among them, for they did not all 
practice the same thing. There has 
been no other time in our history 
when the church was as pure and as 
true as it was at the beginning. 
This is no doubt true of every de- 
nomination in existence. At first 
they were usually eager to do all of 
God's will ; but as the years passed 
they gave up more and more of 
God's Will and did the will of man 
instead. Man tends to lose his im- 
plicit faith in the Lord as he increas- 
es in wisdom ; and this because he, 
little by little, lets go of the things 
of God instead of cleaving to them 
as his life. 

We ought not to stand still after 
we come out as followers of Christ ; 
we must grow in grace and in 
knowledge of the truth. Paul recog- 
nized this in his work. Some were 
still babes in Christ when they 
should have been men. We cannot 
at first understand all that we should 
of the things of God. We must 
study, must draw closer to God, 
must daily ask Him to lead us into 
all the truth. The church has made 
mistakes in the past ; it has failed to 
grasp the meaning of some parts of 
the Word : but it was a mistake of 

the head and not of the heart. The 
effort was to draw closer to the 
Master in faith and practice. There 
was no turning away from the com- 
mandments and setting up in their 
stead the doctrines of men. The 
church was not yet proud that it 
knew so much, did not think that it 
had need of nothing, did not claim 
to be perfect, but sought to go on 
toward perfection. 

If our church in the past was not 
perfect, what shall we say of her at 
the present time? Is she drawing 
closer to the Lord? Does she strive 
more earnestly to observe the all 
things commanded by Christ and 
later by the apostles as moved by 
the Holy Spirit? It seems to us that 
she is getting farther away from the 
things which she should hold fast. 
Some who used to stand firm for the 
whole Word of God, now express 
doubts about part of it. Yet they 
claim to have the same faith that 
they did. They are like Saul, who 
said he had "obeyed the voice of the 
Lord" when he had not and was re- 
jected for disobedience while pro- 
testing that he was obedient. God 
does not change as man does ; and if 
He rejected a chosen king along ago, 
for failure to obey, can we expect 
Him to do otherwise in these days? 
We think not. 

The people then followed the 
king ; and now they follow the lead- 
ers. The responsibility rests very 
largely upon the leaders, and if they 
^ go wrong they must answer for the 



harm. So many ck> not read what 
God has said, hut take the word of 
their ministers for it. If the minis- 
ter.** speak as did Christ, taking noth- 
ing from and adding nothing to the 
Word, then those who follow them 
are safe: hut not otherwise. When 
a minister begins to speculate as to 
whether God meant what He said, 
then that minister is no longer a safe 
leader, is no longer tit to stand in 
the pulpit and pretend to preach 
Christ to a dying world; for a 
preacher, who has ceased to be true, 
is like salt which has last its savour 
and is fit only to he cast out. Would 
that believers would compare what 
their preacher tells, with what the 
Lord has .said. If they did so and 
were faithful to God. many preach- 
ers, who are very popular now. 
would be out of a job. 

The church is not perfect, and 
probably never will be perfect, until 
Christ comes and separates the bad 
from the good. But the church 
ought to be better than it is. ought 
to be more careful to obey all the 
commandments, ought to remove 
whatever is false and misleading. In- 
stead of becoming more tolerant of 
sin. she ought to be more zealous 
to keep the body pure and undefiled. 
We must remember that the church 
i> the bride of Christ, and that He 
knows all about her. If she is not 
faithful He will reject her. just as 
the messages to the churches in rev- 
elations, rejected nearly all of them. 
The church is far from bein<> what 

she should be; and the reason is that 
the members will not do what thev 
know they ought to do : they cry 
Lord. Lord and at the same time re- 
fuse to do the things which the Lord 
has said they must do in order to be 

What is to be the end? That de- 
pends upon what the church does. 
If she repents of her wrong-doings, 
if she will cease to do evil and learn 
to do well, if she will turn away from 
all false leading, then there is noth- 
ing for her to fear now or anytime : 
for sin cannot harm her. But if she 
will not repent and turn away from 
evil, she must not expect to be bless- 
ed and kept by the hand of the Lord. 
The church is what the members 
make her : she cannot be good and 
true if the members are false and 
untrue. The only way is for us to 
follow more closely in the steps of 
Christ. As we increase in obedience 
and holiness, the body increases in 
these also. Jesus is our only Mas- 
ter ; He is the only person having 
authority to tell us what to do to be 
saved: He has laid down the condi- 
tions on which we may gain life ev- 
erlasting. There are no other con- 
ditions on which any dependence 
can be placed. 

May the Lord help us individual- 
ly and collectively to be true to His 
teachings, so long as life lasts ; and 
then we know that He will give us a 
happy entrance into that other and 
better world. Though the church is 
not perfect, we can help to make it 



better than it is. If we do not so 
direct ourselves, that we are work- 
ing toward this end, we shall be dis- 
appointed in the final call to Eternal 

B. E. Kesler in Feb 1924 

Bible Monitor. 


Lord Jesus, when I come in prayer 
To intercede for loved ones dear, 
I pause, and in the quiet wait 
L T ntil I feel Thy presence near. 

Then, when I know that Thou are 

I offer adoration, praise, 
And thankfulness for all Thy gifts ; 
And wilt Thou, too, my sins erase? 

Now, Lord, in deep humility 

And faith that Thou wilt answer 

I bring before Thee, one by one 
All these who need Thy love and 


Lord, now a vision comes to me : 
I see Thee stand with outstretched 

To welcome each and every one. 
For Thou hast answered trusting 

Into Thy presence each one comes 
And at Thy feet his burdens fall ; 
Then free from weights too large to 

I see him standing, straight and tall. 

There comes a glow upon each face, 
Reflection of Thy boundless love ; 

Each heart is filled with happiness, 
For hope and peace come from 

Upon this scene there now shines 

In benediction, light from heaven. 
I seem to hear the angels sing, 
I seem to know Thy gifts are given. 

And so I leave them, Lord, with 

Thee — 
Each face alight and free from care. 
I thank Thee, Lord, with grateful 

For Thou hast answered trusting 

Margaret Fineron 
Sel. by O. L. Strayer. 


There's a holy, high vocation 
Needing workers everywhere; 

'Tis the highest form of service, 
'Tis the ministry of prayer. 

No one need stand idly longing 
For a place in which to share 

Active service for the Master, 
There is always room in prayer. 

In these days of tribulation, 
Wickedness pervades the air, 

And the battles we exchange in 
Must be won through fervent 

There's no weapon half so mighty 
As the intercessors bear ; 

Nor a broader field of service 
Than the ministry of prayer. 

Sel. by Eileen Poorman 




Lift 4 changes all our thoughts of 

Heaven — 
At first, we think of streets of gold, 
( )f gates of pearl and dazzling light, 
Of shining wings and robes of white. 
And things all strange to mortal 

sight ; 
[Jut in the afterward of years 
It is a more familiar place, 
A home unhurt by sighs and tears. 
Where waiteth man}' a well-known 


With passing months it comes more 

It grows more real day by day — 
Xot strange or cold, but very dear — 
The glad home land, not far away. 
Where none are sick, or poor or 

lone — 
The place where we shall find our 

And as we think of all we knew 
Who there have met to part no more 
Our longing hearts desire home, too. 
With all the strife and trouble o'er. 



The little lamps of friendship 
We light along our wav. 

Go shining on far down the vears. 
And brighten every day. 

*Tis love that keeps them burning. 
And sympathy and trust; 

God help us that no lamp goes out 
Uecause we let it rust. 

— Unknown. 

The stick-together families 

Are happier bv far. 
Than the brothers and the sisters 

Who take separate highways are. 

The gladdest people living 

Are the wholesome folks who 
A circle at the fireside 

That no power but death can 
break ; 

And the finest of conventions 
Ever held beneath the sun. 
Are the little family gatherings 
When the busy day is done. 



In the beginning God created the 
heavens and the earth. The earth 
was without form and void, and the 
Spirit of God moved upon the face 
of the waters, and God said, let 
there be light : and there was light. 
And God created every living thing, 
and God saw everything that he had 
made, and behold, it was very good. 
And God said. Let us make man in 
our image, after our likeness. John 
1 :3, "All things were made by him : 
and without him was not anything 
made that was made''. Col. 1 :15-17, 
''Who is the image of the invisible 
God, the first born of every creature. 
For by him were all things created 
that are in heaven, and that are in 
earth, visible and invisible. All 
thin»s were created bv him and for 



him. And he is before all things, and 
by him all things consist". In whom 
we have redemption through His 
blood, even the forgiveness of sins, 
and He is the head of the body, the 
church : \\ no is the beginning, the 
first born from the dead, that in all 
things He might have the preemi- 
nence, that in Him should all fulness 

Heb. 1 :l-3, "God, who at sundry 
times and in divers manners spake 
in time past unto the fathers by the 
prophets, hath in these latter days 
spoken unto us by his Son. whom he 
hath appointed heir of all things, by 
whom also he made the worlds ;\Yho 
being the brightness of his glory, 
and the express image of his person, 
and upholding all things by the word 
of His power". We ought to give 
the more earnest heed to the things 
which we have heard. Heb. 2:10. 
"For it became him, for whom are 
all things, and by whom are all 
things, in bringing many sons unto 
glory, to make the captain of their 
salvation perfect through suffer- 
ings". John 1:11. "He came unto 
his own. and his own received him 
not, but as many as received him, to 
them gave he power to become the 
sons of God, even to them that be- 
lieve on his name". 

Matt. 24, Jesus said unto His dis- 
ciples. See ye all these things. 
When Jesus sat at the Mount of 
Olives, the disciples came unto Him 
privately, saying, Tell us when shall 
these things be? What shall be the 

sign of thy coming, and the end of 
the world ? Ye shall hear of wars, 
see that ye be not troubled, for all 
these things must come to pass. The 
disciples of John shewed him of all 
these things. Then Jesus said unto 
them.. Tell John what things ye 
have seen and heard, how that the 
blind see, the lame walk, the deaf 
hear, lepers are cleansed, the dead 
are raised, and to the poor the gospel 
is preached. Luke 10:42, "'One 
thing is needful.and Mary hath chos- 
en that good part, which shall not 
be taken away from her". Luke 12: 
29-31, "O ye of little faith? Seek not 
what ye shall eat, or what ye shall 
drink, neither be ye of doubtful 
mind, for all these things do the na- 
tions of the world seek after : and 
your Father knoweth ye have need 
of these things, but rather seek ye 
the kingdom of God : and all these 
things shall be added unto you". 

All things that are written by the 
prophets concerning the Son of Man 
shall be accomplished. Luke 21 :22, 
"For these be the days of vengeance, 
that all things which are written may 
be fulfilled". V. 26, "Men's hearts 
failing them for fear, and for looking 
after those things which are coming 
on the earth". Matt. 19:16, 20, 
Good Master, what good thing shall 
I do, that I may have eternal life? 
Jesus said. Keep the command- 
ments. The young man saith unto 
Him, All these things have I kept 
from my youth up ; What lack I yet ? 
Jesus said unto him, Sell that thou 



hast and give to the poor, and thou 
shalt have treasure in heaven : and 
come and follow me. John 3:35. 
"The Father loveth the Son, and 
hath given all things into his hand". 
That in Him should all fullness 
dwell. And having made peace 
through the hlood of His cross, by 
Him to reconcile all things unto 
Himself. Even the mystery which 
hath been hid from ages and from 
generations, hut now is made mani- 
fested to His saints. As ye have 
therefore received Christ Jesus the 
Lord, so walk ye in Him. Put on 
therefore as the elect of God, holy 
and beloved, bowels of mercies, 
kindness, humbleness of mind, meek- 
ness, longsuftering and above all 
these things put on charity, which 
is the bond of prefectness. 

1 Thess. 5:21, ''Prove all things, 
hold fast that which is good". 1 Pet. 
4:13, "The end of all things is at 
hand, and above all things have fer- 
vent charity among yourselves". 
Heb. 4:13, "Neither is there any 
creature that is not manifest in his 
sight, but all things are naked and 
open unto the eyes of him with 
whom we have to do". Wherefore 
in all things it behoved Him to be 
made like unto His brethren. That 
we may adorn the doctrine of God 
our Saviour Jesus Christ, in all 
things. Exhort young men to be 
sober minded in all things showing 
a pattern of good works, in doctrine, 
uncorruptness and sincerity, sound 
speech that cannot be condemned. 

Exhort servants to be obedient unto 
their master in all things, not pur- 
loining, but showing all good fidel- 
ty : that they may adorn the doctrine 
of God our Saviour in all things. 

All things in this sense or usage, 
in the scripture, would mean or take 
in, all that Jesus and His apostles 
taught, the whole truth and nothing- 
hut the truth. Like the apostle Paul 
declared, he shunned not to declare 
the whole counsel of God. So all 
things takes in a large scope of 
things or objects. Faith is the sub- 
stance of things hoped for, the evi- 
dence of things not seen. Things 
may mean : any or all distinct ob- 
jects, any kind of belongings. We 
are admonished to guard against 
evil and to cleave to that which is 
good, just and right. 

1 Tim. 4 :8, "Godliness is profit- 
able unto, all things, having the 
promise of the life that now is, and 
that which is to come". Tim. 6:13, 
17, "I give thee charge in the sight 
of God, who quickeneth all things. 
Charge them that are rich in this 
world, not to trust in uncertain rich- 
es, but in the living God, who giveth 
us richly all things to enjoy". This is 
a faithful saying, a real fact, and 
worthy of all acceptation, that Christ 
Jesus came into the world to save 
sinners ; He gave himself a ransom 
for all. Who will have all men to 
be saved and come unto the knowl- 
edge of the truth. Knowing breth- 
ren beloved, your election of God. 
For our gospel came not unto you in 



word only, but also in power, and in 
the Holy Ghost. The apostle Paul did 
not at any any time use flattering 
words, nor of men sought he glory. 
For what is our hope, or joy or 
crown of rejoicing? That ye may 
approve the things that are excel- 
lence. For all seek their own and 
not the things which are of Jesus 

Eph. 1 :9-l0, "Having made known 
unto us the mytsery of his will, .that 
in the dispensation of the fullness of 
times he might gather togeth- 
er in one all things in Christ". It is 
now revealed unto His holy apos- 
tles and prophets by the Spirit, that 
the Gentiles should be fellow-heirs 
and of the same body and partakers 
of His promise in Christ by the gos- 
pel. Whereof I (Paul) was made 
a minister, that I should preach 
among the Gentiles, the unsearchable 
riches of Christ. Our Lord Jesus 
never taught the Gentiles, the Gen- 
tile age or dispensation did not 
come in till after Jesus died on Cal- 
vary's cross. He came to His own, 
the Jews or Israel. It was so or- 
dained that the apostle was a chosen 
vessel to preach and deliver the Gos- 
pel to the Gentiles. Jesus died and 
fulfilled the Mosaic law. He was the 
end of the law. The Gentiles are 
not obligated to keep the Mosaic 

Eph. 3:1-2, ."For this cause I 
(Paul J the prisoner of Jesus Christ 
for you Gentiles. If ye have heard of 
the dispensation of the grace of God 

which is given me to you-ward". 
That Christ may dwell in your 
hearts by faith. Speaking the truth 
in love, and may grow up into him 
in all things which is the head even 
Christ. All things which are re- 
proved are made manifest by the 
light. \\ "herefore be ye not unwise, 
but knowing or understanding what 
the will of the Lord is. Some min- 
isters are still preaching and teach- 
ing the Mosaic law. 2 Tim. 1 :12, 
Paul tells us, "I know whom I have 
believed, and am persuaded that he 
is able to keep that which I have 
committed unto him". Rom. S :28, 
"We know that all things work to- 
gether for good to them that love 
God. to them who are called accord- 
ing to his purpose". For I know 
that in the flesh dwelleth no good 
thing, for they that are after the 
flesh, mind the things of the flesh, 
but they that are after the Spirit, the 
things of the Spirit. 

What shall we say to these things, 
if God be for us who can be against 
us, nay in all these things we are 
more than conquerors through him 
that loved us. How beautiful are the 
feet of those who preach the gospel 
of peace and bring glad tidings of 
good things. For I Paul speak to 
you Gentiles in as much as I am the 
apostle of the Gentiles, I magnify 
mine office. Provide things honest 
in the sight of all men. Mind not 
high things but condescend to men 
of low estate. Let us therefore fol- 
low after the things which make for 



peace, and things wherewith one 
may edify another. For he that in 
these things serveth Christ is accept- 
able to God, and approved of men, 
whatsoever things were written 
aforetime were written for our learn- 
ing. The Spirit searcheth all things, 
yea the deep things of God. It is 
written, eye hath not seen, nor ear 
heard neither have it entered into the 
heart of man the things which God 
hath prepared for them that love 

One Lord Jesus Christ, by whom 
are all things and we by Him. Y\ nen 
I (Paul) preach the gospel. I make 
the gospel of Christ without charge 
that I abuse not my power in the 
gospel. Let all things be done de- 
centlv and in order. If any man 
think himself spiritual, let him ac- 
knowledge that the things that I 
write unto you are the command- 
ments of the Lord. For we look not 
at the things which are seen, but at 
the things that are not seen. The 
things which are not seen are etern- 
al, but the things which are seen are 
temporal. These things have 1 
spoken unto yon, yet being present 
with you. The comforter which is 
the Holy Ghost, whom He will send 
in My name. He shall teach you all 
things and bring all things to vour 

It is one thing to read the Bible 
Another thing to read to learn and 

While some read it with but little 

Hoping to find some contradiction 

For ever)- passage in the book they 

To make it suit their important end. 
I fear there are but few, who read it 


Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 


If you could live your life over 
What changes would you make? 
Would you walk each mile 
With a song and smile ; 
Or would you make the same mis- 
takes ? 

If you could live your life over. 
Would you be more kind and true? 
Would you love your neighbor as 

Or frown and say you're through ? 

If you could live your life over, 
What good would you try to do? 
Would you lend a hand 
To the man that's down. 
Forget what he owes, or sue ? 

If you could live your life over. 

What would you do with your time ? 

Would you use it wisely 

With deeds that would pay. 

Or waste it and fill it with crime? 



If you could live your life over, 
Would you grumble, curse, or pray ? 
When things go wrong, 
Would you sing that song, 
Cry, or smile the tears away? 

If you could live your life over, 
Would you greet each day with a 

Cheer the one whose blue 
And be ever true. 

Or pout, and complain of your 


If you could live your life over, 
Just what would you do worth- 
Would you be that '"big-shot" 
In the eyes of the world, 
Or please God with your humble 
style ? 

Mrs. Lloyd Wilson 
Sel. bv — Sister Eileen Poorman 


Is : ''A world of iniquity" 
""Set on fire of hell" 
"Tamed by no man" 
"'An unruly evil" 
"Full of deadly poison." 

It "Boasteth great things" 
"Defileth the whole body" 
"Setteth on fire the course of na- 
ture." — James. 

JUNE 1956 


Memory verse, Eph. 1 :7, "In whom 

we have redemption through 
his blood the forgiveness of 
sins, according to the riches 
of his grace" 

Fri. 1— I Cor. 1:23-31. 

Sat. 2— Rom. 3:19-31. 

Memory verse, I Tim. 2:5, "For 
there is one God, and one medi- 
ator between God and men, the 
man Christ Jesus." 

Sun. 3 — Gal. 3 :1-14. 

Mon. 4— Gal. 4:1-16. 

Tues. 5— Col. 1 :1-14. 

Wed. 6— Titus 2. 

Thurs. 7— Heb. 9:1-14. 

Fri. 8—1 Peter 1:13-25. 

Sat. 9— Rev. 5:1-13. 

Memory verse Heb. 2:17, "Where- 
fore in all things it behoved him 
to be made like unto his breth- 
ren, that he might be a merci- 
ful and faithful high priest in 
things pertaining to God, to 
make reconciliation for the sins 
of the people". 

Sun. 10—11 Cor. 5:11-21. 

Mon. 1 1— Eph. 2 :8-22. 

Tues. 12— Psa. 130. 

Wed. 13— Luke 2:25-40. 

Thurs. 14— Heb. 2. 

Fri. 15— Isa. 42:1-9. 

Sat. 16— Gal. 6. 

Memory verse, Deut. 18:18, "I will 
raise them up a prophet from 
among their brethren, like unto 
thee, and will put my words in 
his mouth ; and he shall speak 
unto them all that I shall com- 
mand him". 



Sun. 1/ — 

-John 8:12-28. 

Him from being Master of our 

Mon. 18- 

-John 12:31-43. 


Tues. 19- 

-John 14:8-14. 

3 — Does the Lord imply that we 

W'ed. 20- 

-Matt. 11:11-30. 

have little Faith if we fear the 

Thurs. 21 

—John 17:1-11. 

storms of life? 

Fri. 22— Acts 3:11-26. 

Sat. 23—1 Cor. 2. 

Memory verse, Luke 19:10, "For 
the Son of man is come to seek 
and to save that which was 

Sun. 24— Rom. 10:1-13. 

Mon. 25 — James 1 :12-27. 

Tues. 26 — II Pet. 1. 

Wed. 27—11 Peter 3. 

Thurs. 28 — I Tim. 2. 

Fri. 29— Acts 11:1-18. 

Sat. 30— Psa. 91. 



June 3 — Paul and His Young Help- 
er. Acts 16:1-3, 2 Tim 1 :1 -5. 

June 10 — Paul's Shipwreck. Acts 
27 :20-44. 

June 17 — Paul writing letters in 
Prison. Philemon 1 : 1-25. 

June 24 — (Review) Missionaries. 
Acts 26:19-20. 2 Tim. 4:7-8; 
Matt. 28:19-20. 

June 3 — Take heed what ye hear. 
Mark 4:21-41. 
1 — Is my faith great enough to 

overcome the sin of unbelief? 
2 — Hear and Obey. Christ is 
Master of the sea. who keeps 

June 10 — The Devil troubleth night 
and day. Mark 5:1-20. 

1 — -Evil spirits have great power 
over man and beast, but there 
is a greater power-how can we 
obtain it ? 

2 — Have we ever left Jesus exer- 
cise His transforming power in 
our lives ? 

3— If our spiritual life is unclean, 
would we be comparable to the 
man with the unclean spirit, in 
the sight of the Lord? 

June 17 — Faith will destroy fear. 
Mark 5:21-43. 
1 — Do we ever possess needless 
fears or unfounded self-assur- 
ances ? Which of the two are the 
greater dangers in? 
2 — Are we sometimes too hasty in 
making decisions on the trou- 
bles of life, discounting the pow- 
er of God ? 

June 24 — Jesus sends forth with 
power. Mark 6:1-13. 

1 — In the work of Christ thus far 
what was His greatest hind- 
rance ? 

2 — How great were the assets 
that the twelve had, as Jesus 
sent them out? 

3 — Can the instructions Jesus 
gave the disciples, before send- 
ing them out, be applied to us? 



JUNE 1, 1956 

No. 11 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life andj OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"But whoso looketh into the per- 
fect law of liberty, and continueth 
therein, he being not a forgetful 
hearer, but a doer of the work, this 
man shall be blessed in his deed", 
Jas. 1 :25. We doubt if there is a 
law which has not been questioned 
by someone. It's application, it's in- 
tent and it's interpretation has 
brought a wide difference of opinion 
among its followers. Depending 
upon the law under consideration, 
there may be good reasons for ques- 
tioning it or a diversity of opinion 
concerning it's application. In fact 
as long as one does not overstep the 
laws of common sense or try to 
force your understanding upon oth- 
ers ; it may not make any difference 
what your opinion of the law is. 
However when you are concerned 
with the laws of God or the applica- 
tions thereof, the consequences will 
be quite different. God's laws are 
final and we each are responsible for 
our application and observance of 

"He that hath my commandments, 
and keepeth them, he it is that lov- 
eth me : and he that loveth me shall 

be loved of my Father, and I will 
love him, and will manifest myself 
to him", John 14:21. Here we have 
some very valuable and far-reaching 
promises. Nothing could be great- 
er and more perfect than ; for us to 
love Christ, to be loved of God and 
for Christ to show and explain Him- 
self unto us. Our text also 
promises a blessing for looking into 
the Words delivered by Christ and 
the Apostles, continuing in them and 
doing them to the best of our ability. 
However as stated above, people 
form different opinions, make differ- 
ent applications and try different 
methods; to carry out just the very 
texts we have cited. This was the 
case from the time of the early chris- 
tian church and likely will always 
be, while we have human minds to 
deal with. So the early church took 
a definite step to harmonize the 
various opinions with the teachings 
of Christ, "And the apostles and eld- 
ers came together for to consider of 
this matter". Acts 15:6. This was a 
very wise thing and still is if we al- 
low our minds to be guided by the 
Holy Spirit and meditate upon the 
teachings of Christ and the apostles. 


"Xot every one that saith unto 
me. Lord. Lord, shall enter into the 
kingdom of heaven :hnt he that doeth 
the will of my Father which is in 
heaven - '. Matt. 7:21. Everyone of 
us has equal opportunities, providing 
vve each have the same liberty and 
Understanding, but still not even- 
one shall enter into the kingdom. In 
fact Jesus wondered. "When I come., 
shall 1 find faith"? Can it be possi- 
ble- that we. I, may get that far 
away from the unadulterated Word 
of Cod? No, not if we humbly and 
willingly submit unto the glorious 
gospel of our Lord and Saviour, but 
ves. if we arame and scheme for 

soever shall do and teach them, the 
same shall be called great in the 
kingdom of heaven", Matt. 5:19. It 
is very serious to break or improp- 
erly observe even the least of the 
commandments, but even worse to 
teach others to do so. However if 
we properly observe them and teach 
others to also do so, we have a 
wonderful blessing in store for us. 

"Hereby we do know that we 
know him, if we keep his command- 
ments. He that saith. I know him, 
and keepeth not his commandments, 
is a liar, and the truth is not in 
him'M John 2:3-4. The apostles 
wondered how they could know God 
i get out of doing the true , if they had not seen Him. but they 

will of Cod. : saw and heard Christ and therefore 

Cod's laws are broad and far- ! they saw and heard God. We have 

reaching enough to cover everv na- 

tion, kindred and tongue; so reason- 
able and thoughtful consideration 
must be given them to see that we 
are properly applying them to the 
question before us. It is human to 
err and our carnal nature may try to 
justify our error, to our own de- 
struction. "Where no counsel is. 
the people fall : but in the multitude 
of counsellor's there is safetv", 
Prov. 11 :14. The matter of observ- 
ing faithfully the teaching of Christ 
and the apostles becomes a serious 
matter when we consider such teach- 
ing of our Lord as. "Whosoever 
therefore shall break one of these 
least commandments, and shall teach 
men so. he shall be called the least 
in the kingdom of heaven : but who- 

fimple opportunity to see and know 
Christ and God, through the com- 
mandments which were left for us 
in the New Testament. God lives 
by truth and we must have truth if 
we expect to reach that glorious 
home in Heaven, we dare never take 
a chance of being a liar hv not fol- 
lowing every detail to better live and 
obey the commands of Christ. 
'Tdessed are they that do his com- 
mandments, that they may have 
right to the tree of life, and may 
enter in through the gates into the 
citv". Rev. 22:14. 


When we think upon this subject, 
we think of Xicodemus, who was a 
Pharisee, a ruler of the jews and a 


teacher of Israel, also a member of 
the Sanhedrin. In Nicodenms we 
find a noble character, with a simple 
love of the truth, mingled with the 
fear of man. He had a great desire 
to know Jesus, for he knew that one 
who could do the wonderful miracles 
that Jesus did, could not do them 
except God be with him ; a simple 
love of the Truth. He came to Jesus 
by night, no doubt having a great 
longing to see and talk to Him. but 
choosing to conceal his visit from 
the other members of the Sanhe- 
drin, showing that he might be fear- 
ful of man. 

Xicodemus was seeking Jesus. 
"Ask. and it shall be given vou ; 
seek, and ye shall find ; knock, and 
it shall be opened unto you... Matt. 
7:7. "Jesus answered and said unto 
him. Verily, verily, I say unto thee. 
Except a man be born again he can- 
not see the kingdom of God", J no. 
3 :3. This was something Nicodem- 
us could not comprehend, that unless 
a man be regenerated in the spirit 
of his mind, having his will and af- 
fections changed from earthly to 
spiritual objects, he cannot see the 
Kingdom of God, which is holy and 
spiritual in its nature and enjov- 

Some of the characteristics of a 
changed being we find in Jas. 3 :\7- 
18. "But the wisdom that is from 
above is first pure, then peaceable, 
gentle and easy to be entreated, full 
of mercy and good fruits, without 
partiality, and without hypocrisy. 

And the fruit of righteousness is 
sown in peace of them that make 
peace". So if we have that wisdom 
that comes only from God. that gives 
us that Christ-like nature, with the 
spirit of truth ruling our lives, then 
we will be as the apostle Peter tells 
us, 2 Pet. 1 :S, "For if these things 
be in you, and abound.they make you 
that ye shall neither be barren, or 
unfruitful in the knowledge of our 
Lord Jesus Christ." 

Xicodemus could not see how this 
being reborn was possible, then 
Jesus explained it to him, "Jesus an- 
swered. Verily, verily. I say unto 
thee. Except a man be born of water 
and of the Spirit, he cannot enter 
into the kingdom of God", Jno. 3 :5. 
This regeneration is not of a natur- 
al, but of a spiritual nature. If we do 
not possess that spiritual nature 
here, we will not be a subject of di- 
vine glory, which consists not in 
earthly splendor. "That which is 
born of flesh is flesh and that which 
is born of the spirit is spirit, Marvel 
not that I said unto thee, Ye must 
be born again. Jno. 3 :6. 

The time came when Jesus was 
crucified on Calvary. Joseph, a dis- 
ciple of Jesus from Arimathaea, 
came to take Jesus' body down from 
the cross, and with him we find Nic- 
odemus. Jno. 19:39, "And there 
came also Nicodenms which at the 
first came to Jesus by night, and 
brought a mixture of myrrh and 
aloes, about an hundred pound 
weight". It appears from this con- 



Taney town, Md., June 1, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
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sistant Editor. 

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ciate Editor. 

duct of Xicodemus that he was fullv 
convinced that Jesus was the Mes- 
siah, the Redeemer of Israel. May 
God help us to live in the spirit of 
truth, here, that we may enjoy the 
hlessings of Heaven, when our jour- 
ney on earth is ended. (Did you 
ever think of the joy, satisfaction 
and hlessings, which Xicodemus no 
douht missed because of his fear of 
man, hiding his honest belief? "Look 
to yourselves, that we lose not those 
things which we have wrought, hut 
that we receive a full reward", 2 
John S. ) 

A ruler once came to Jesus by 

To ask Him the way of salvation 

and light ; 
The Master made answer in words 

true and plain. 
Ye must be horn airain. 

Ye children of men, attend to the 

So solemnly uttered by Jesus the 

Lord ; 
And let not this message to you be 

in vain. 
Ye must be born again. 

Oh ye who would enter that glor- 
ious rest 

And sing with the ransomed, the 
song of the blest. 

The life everlasting if ye would ob- 

Ye must be born again. 

A dear one in Heaven thv heart 
yearns to see ; 
At the beautiful gate may be watch- 
ing for thee ; 
Then list to the note of this solemn 

Ye must be born again. 

Sister Clara Gunderman, 
Goshen, Ind. 


I wish to give you a picture of 
two ways, the way of life and the 
way of death. Jer. 21, Thus saith the 
Lord, I set before you the ways 
of life and the ways of death. 
In Christ's sermon on the 
mount. He shows them two 
ways ; the straight, narrow way and 
the wide, broad way. He tells them 
to enter in at the strait (narrow) 
gate, for broad is the way that lead- 
eth to destruction, and many that go 
therein (which is the way of death). 
Because strait is the gate and nar- 


row is the way. which leadeth unto 
life, and few there be that go in 
there-at. Which will you choose? 
Moses tells us in Deut. 30. I have 
set before you life and death, bless- 
ing and cursing. Joshua said. I beg 
of them, therefore to choose life, 
that both you and your seed may 
live, and not die. Ezek. 18. The 
Lord is going to judge His people. 
He tells them to cast away all their 
transgressions, repent and turn 
yourselves from all your sin ; so ini- 
quity shall not be your ruin and 
rather make a new heart and a new 
spirit. For why will you die. for I 
have no pleasure in the death of the 
wicked, saith the Lord God : there- 
fore turn yourselves and live. Which 
are we going to choose, life or 
death ? Let us bring this down to 
ourselves, we are told, God is going 
to judge this people, by the written 

Are we obeying His Word that 
we might live ? or are we going furth- 
er and further in sin? I beg you one 
and all, to turn from your trans- 
gressions and live. Matt. 12. For 
by your Words you shall be justi- 
fied and by your words you shall 
be condemned. Jesus tells us not to 
have two masters, by having more 
than one we receive a greater con- 
demnation. 1 Tim. 3. In the last days 
perilous times will come. For men 
shall be traitors, heady, high-mided. 
lovers of pleasure more than lovers 
of God denying the power thereof : 
from such turn awav, for these are 

the ways of death. Which will you 
choose, life or death? 

Would you allow me to give a few 
thoughts concerning television : can- 
not you imagine seeing Satan, the 
devil, chuckle to see so many little 
boys and girls and older ones too, 
flock to see television. The foolish 
ness, sin and folly which is on tele- 
vision. That which has not under- 
standing must be folly. Folly is wick- 
edness, and wickedness is sin and sin 
when it is finished brings forth death. 
Most of the things sent over tele- 
vision are not of the Father but of 
the world. It cannot be denied that 
they are the works of the devil. We 
are told the world passeth away and 
the lust thereof but he that endureth 
unto the end shall be saved. Luke 
16 tell us. "That which is highly es- 
teemed (greatly desired ) amongmen 
is an abomination in the sight of 
Almighty God." Is not television an 
abomination in the sight of God? Is 
it not an instrument without an un- 
derstanding? Does it not bring forth 
sin? Is it not foolishness to watch 
it? Is is not curse? Would not we 
be condemned by having it in our 
home, being a christian? I will leave 
these for you to decide, by the 
Word of God. The Lord told Moses 
in Deut. 7 :26. "Neither shalt thou 
bring an abomination into thine 
house, lest thou be a cursed thing 
like it : but thou shalt utterly detest 
it : and thou shalt utterly abhore it : 
for it is a cursed thing". 

I do not want to be misunder- 



stood, to say that we will not die, if 
we faithfully serve Almighty God 
throughout our life, we will all die. 
Just as sure as we are horn, Heh. 9: 
27, "And it is appointed unto man 
once to die (the natural death) and 
after this the judgment? But as I 
have heard sung many a time. If I 
my Master's Will betray, the second 
death I'll die. This second death 
is what I am concerned about. I do 
not wish for anyone to go through 
the ordeal of this second death. Rev. 
20, Blessed is he that has part in 


Rev. 2 :23, "All the churches shall 
know that I am he which searcheth 
the reins and hearts : and I will give 
unto every one of you according to 
your works". The word selfish 
meaning : Love for oneself, a de- 
sire that leads one to seek only their 
own pleasure and comfort, caring 
only for self, an high opinion of one's 
own importance, a domineering dis- 
position seeking selfish interests, 
Unselfish is : to be liberal to others, 

the first resurrection : for on such love for other . desirous for the best 
the second death hath no power, j for others, of the well-being and 
Death and hell was cast into the ; comforts of others, love to all man- 

lake of fire, this is the second death. 
This is the death we wish to have no 
part in. We are told those who live 


Charity is kind, charity envieth 
not, charitv is not boastful, and is 

ungodly shall be cast into the lake of j 110t P^ecl up, Charity seeketh not 
rire, where the beasts and the false ! her own, thinketh no evil, rejoiceth 

prophets, preachers, teachers are, to 
be tormented day and night, 

in the truth. Charity never faileth. 
Charitv suffereth lone and is kind. 

throughout all eternity. Which are 1 ] Cor. 8:1, "Knowledge puffeth up, 
we going to choose? Are you going 

to choose ; the styles, fashions, 
pleasures, enjoyment of this sin- 
cursed world, and die the second 
death ? Or are we going to choose 
as Moses did, Rather suffer afflic- 
tion with the children of God, than 
enjoy the pleasures of sin for a sea- 
son. In my weak way I have tried 
to point to you the two ways, the 
way of life and the way of death. 
Which are you following? 

Thornton Mellott 
Needmore, Pa. 

but charity edifieth". Follow after 
charity. Let all your things be done 
with charity. 1 Tim. 1 :5, "Now the 
end of the commandment is charity 
out of a pure heart, and of a good 
conscience, and of faith unfeigned". 
Col. 3:14-15, "And above all these 
things put on charitv, which is the 
bond of perfectness. And let the 
peace of God rule in your hearts, to 
the which also ye are called in one 
body : and be ye thankful". 

1 Pet. 4:8, "Above all things have 
fervent charity among yourselves : 
for charity shall cover the multitude 


of sins". Is it possible we can be a 
devoted and consecrated christian 
and be selfish? Rom. 13:9-10. "It is 
briefly comprehended in this saying, 
namely. Thou shalt love thy neigh- 
bor as thvself. Love worketh no ill 
to his neighbor : therefore love is the 
fulfilling of the law". For even 
Christ pleased not himself, Phil. 2 : 
5-7, "Let this mind be in you, which 
was also in Christ Jesus, .but made 
himself of no reputation, and took 
upon him the form of a servant, and 
was made in the likeness of men". 

He assumed a human form, he 
humbled himself and became obedi- 
ent unto death, even the death of the 
cross. ' Jesus was the most unselfish 
being who ever lived. His whole life 
on earth was lived for the well-being 
and good He could do for others. 
Jesus did not lay up wealth or build 
a nice modern home, though He was 
a carpenter's son and no doubt was 
a carpenter by trade .yet He labored, 
to the best of His ability, for the wel- 
fare of humanity ; healing the sick, 
cleansing the lepers and teaching 
God's way of life. Matt. 4:23-24, 
"And Jesus went about all Galilee, 
teaching in their synagogues, and 
preaching the gospel of the King- 
dom, and healing all manner of sick- 
ness and all manner of disease 
among the people. And his fame 
went thoughout all Syria : and they 
brought unto him all sick people that 
were taken with divers diseases and 
torments, and those which were pos- 
sessed with devils, and those which 

were lunatic, and those that had the 
palsy : and he healed them". 

Lunatic is termed as epileptic. 
Matt. 17:15-16, 18, "Lord, have 
mercy on my son, for he is lunatic, 
and sore vexed : for oft-times he 
falleth into the fire, and oft into the 
water, and I brought him to thy dis- 
ciples. And Jesus rebuked the dev- 
il ; and he departed out of him : and 
the child was cured from that very 
hour". So Jesus did good to all 
humanity relieving many from dis- 
tress, affliction, grief, misery, mis- 
fortune and poverty. Luke 9 :57-58, 
"It came to pass, a certain man said 
unto him. Lord. I will follow these 
whithersoever thou goest. And Jesus 
said unto him, foxes have holes, and 
the birds of the air have nests ; but 
the Son of man hath not where to 
lay his head". So we understand 
the Lord Jesus Christ, the Saviour 
of the world was, free-hearted to the 
doing good to all. 

Jas. 2:9, "If ye have respect to 
persons, ye commit sin". Rom. 2 :11, 
"For there is no respect of persons 
with God". Prov. 24-23, "It is not 
good to have respect of persons in 
judgment". We wonder how many 
so-called christians are free from 
this sin, which the apostle James 
calls to our attention, of having re- 
spect of persons. We see many times 
the so-called church leaders say. 
You sit there and you sit here, some 
are more popular than others. Jas. 
2 :2-4, "If there come unto your as- 
sembly a man. .in goodly apparel. 



and there come in also a poor man 
in vile raiment, and ye have respect 
to him that weareth the gay clothing, 
and say unto him. Sit thou here in 
a good place ; and say to the poor. 
Stand thou there, or sit here under 
niv footstool : are ye not then partial 
in yourselves, and are become 
judges of evil thoughts?" Some even 
are seated according to the higher 
office. some according to their wealth 
and liberal offerings. Beware of the 
leaven of the Pharisees. 

Matt. 6:23, "If therefore the light 
that is in these be darkness, how 
great is that darkness?" John 8:12, 
"Then spake Jesus, saying, I am the 
light of the world : he that followeth 
me shall not walk in darkness, but 
shall have the light of life". As long 
as I am in the world, I am the light 
of the world. Eph. 5:14, ^mere- 
fore he saith, Awake thou that sleep- 
est. Wake up from that slumber or 
walking in darkness, and Christ 
shall give thee light. Wherefore be 
ye not unwise, but understanding 
what the will of the Lord is. Giving 
thanks always for all things in the 
name of our Lord Jesus Christ. 
Proving what is acceptable unto the 
Lord. We are convinced by the 
Word of the Lord, we cannot be self- 
ish, and serve the Lord acceptable. 

Acts 26:17-18, "Delivering thee 
from the people and from the Gen- 
tiles, unto whom now I send thee, to 
open their eyes, and to turn them 
from darkness to light, and from the 
power of Satan tinto God, that they 

may receive forgiveness of sins, and 
inheritance among them which are 
sanctified by faith". Paul said, king 
Agrippa, believest thou the proph- 
ets? T know that thou believest. 
Then Agrippa said unto Paul, al- 
most thou persuadest me to be a 
christian. No doubt many today 
are almost persuaded to be a chris- 
tian. Think of the sacrifice the 
Lord did make for you and I, that 
we might have salvation. He did it 
all out of a heart of love. Who will 
have all men to be saved, and come 
unto the knowledge of the truth. Ye 
shall know the truth, and the truth 
shall make you free. If the Son 
therefore shall make you free, ye 
shall be free indeed, I Thess. 5:18, 
"In everything give thanks; for this 
is the will of God in Christ Jesus 
concerning yon. The grace of our 
Lord Jesus Christ be with you". 

The light of the world is Jesus. 
No darkness have we who in Jesus 

The light of the world is Jesus. 
We walk in the light, when we fol- 
low our guide 
The light of the world is Jesus 
Come to the light, 'tis shining for 

Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio, 


'As cold water to a thirsty soul, 
so is good news from a far coun- 
try", Prov. 25 :25. The good news 


the Angel brought from Heaven, a 
far away country, but every moment 
of time we are drawing nearer, to 
that Heavenly Land each day. '"And 
the angel said unto them. Fear not : 
for. Behold, I bring you good tid- 
ings of great joy, which shall be to 
all people. For unto you is born this 
day in the city of David a Saviour, 
which is Christ the Lord. And sud- 
denly there was with the angel a 
multitude of the heavenly Host 
praising God, and saying. Glory to 
God in the highest and on earth 
peace, goodwill toward men", Luke 
2:10-11. 13-14. 

The good news the Bible tells us 
about, that Heavenly mansion which 
Jesus went to prepare for all, that 
love Him and obey Him, John 14: 
2-3, 23. I am passing down the 
valley which they say is so lonely, 
but I find that all the pathway is 
with flowers over-grown. Yes, to me 
the vale of Bulah, 'tis a beautiful 
way. for my Saviour walks beside 
me as my companion each day. So I 
journey with rejoicing, towards the 
city of Light ; while each day my jov 
is deeper and my pathway more 
bright. Vale of Bulah, vale of 
Bulah, thou art precious to me, for 
the lovely land of Caanan in the dis- 
tance I see. 

Bro. C. M. Kintner, 

Converse. Ind. 


The plight of the visible church 
is a perilous one. The good ship 

Zion sails a stormy sea and there is 
no calm in sight. All about us, at 
home and abroad, the rumblings are 
many. Almost everywhere the 
heavy hand of oppression fetters 
the faithful. In many places across 
the world, the visible church is al- 
most destroyed and the hand-writ- 
ing is on the wall even in this land 
of the free and home of the brave. 

When will we learn, that the 
events of one generation are but the 
, hLtorv of a previous generation, re- 
I peating itself? That what has hap- 
I pened before, can, does and will hap- 
pen again. Wherever and when- 
ever the church has failed to save 
. the people, the people have destrov- 
ed the church. This is to say, that 
i the visible church is destroyed and 
the faithful maintain their devotion 
amid fierce and frightful persecution. 
Testimony is sealed in death and 
i once again the blood of the Martyrs 
becomes the seed of the church. 

The supreme task of the church is 
that of saving men and women. The 
power to accomplish this is to be 
found in the separation of the church 
from the world. Long ago the Lord 
of the church said to His disciples, 
"Ye are not of the world, .even as 
I am not of the world". In the 
world, yes, but not of it. The supre- 
macy of the church is the separation 
of the church. This other worldi- 
ness is the fulcrum upon which rests 
the lever to move man God-ward. 

The church is the only institution 
that makes any attempt to save men. 



It is the only human-agency God has 
for the reclamation of the erring, If 
the church hugs down here, all will 
lie lost. The evangel of redeeming 
love is to he proclaimed through the 
agency of a God-tilled church, which 
is passing the days of her so-journ 
in conscious communion with her 
living Lord. 

When the church walks hand in 
hand with the world ; when its mem- 
hers live, act and talk as does the 
worldling; when the ohserver can 
^ee no difference in those professing 
godliness: when they run with the 
world to sinful places of amusement, 
which are hut schemes of the devil, 
to damn the unwary ; when those 
who call themselves christians fre- 
quent dens of iniquity ; when the 
church resorts to unscriptural meth- 
ods to raise money for the cause of 
God, hecause church memhers are 
too selfish to support that which 
they profess to love : when the pray- 
er meeting is ahandonecl and the 
Sunday night service is forsaken : 
when the foregoing is true (and 
who can say we have overstated 
it?), What result can there he but 
that an unbelieving and cynical 
world will rise up and cast out the 
church, not because of what we pro- 
fessed but because we onlv profess- 
ed it. Let us not be fooled. It can 
happen here. 

What is the cure? Is there one? 
Yes, if the church will seek the 
presence and power of God ; if it will 
regain and retain its pristine purity; 

if it will allow the Spirit of God to 
be resident in and president of, its 
redemptive activities ; if the prayer 
meetings will again be filled with the 
faithful ; if pulpit and pew will labor 
together for a mighty revival of 
genuine Christianity ; if everybody 
everywhere ,who name the name of 
God, is honored and the gospel pro- 
claimed : the church will be saved, 
thousands will be swept into the 
Kingdom and there will come to our 
fair land, a better day. 

It is revival or revelution, Christ 
or chaos, religions or ruin. We stand 
at the cross-roads, which shall it be? 

Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman. 



We have arranged for Evangelis- 
tic Meetings at Wards Church start- 
ing June 15 to continue through 
June 24, with an all-dav meeting on 
June 24. Come, bring your friends 
and your lunch, it will be encourage- 
ment to our Brethren and Sisters at 
Wards and an inspiration to all. Eld. 
James Kegerreis is the Evangelist. 

All services will be on Daylight 
Time. Sunday School at 9 :30, Eve- 
ning services at 7:30. For the bene- 
fit of those who have not been there 
before, we will give directions to get 
to the Wards Church. Leave the 
Penna. Turnpike at the Breezewood 
interchange, enter Route 30 travel 
west to Everett in the town of Ev- 
erett turn south on Route 26 con- 



tinue about 5miles to the village of 

On the south edge of Clearville 
leave route 26 and continue direct- 
ly south on a hard surface road for 
a short distance to a fork in the 
road, there take the right hand road 
and continue on to the church which 
is about 6 miles. The church is on 
the left hand or south side of the 
highway, several hundred feet off of 
the road. The church is identified 
with a sign. 

Those coming by route 40, go to 
Flint Stone about 13 miles east of 
Cumberland, Md., there turn north 
on route 36 continue on till it inter- 
sects route 26 near Clearville turn 
right on route 26 and follow the 
same directions as given above. 

Your presence will be appreciated 
any time during these services, if 
you are not able to attend these ser- 
vices you can assist with your pray- 
ers, and the Lord will place the 
credits to the proper accounts. 
General Mission Board 


The West Fulton Congregation 
met in quarterly Council on Satur- 
day evening, March 3. Hymn 237 
was sung, after which Bro. Roesch 
read Psa. 95 and led in prayer. Our 
Elder, Edward Johnson then took 
charge of the meeting. Six letters 
were granted. We greatly miss the 
presence of Bro. and Sister Roesch, 
but we know they are needed else- 
where too. 

The District Meeting for District 
No. 2 convened at this place on 
Tuesday and Wednesday, April 10- 
1 1 . Services were held on Tuesday 
afternoon. Brethren Eldon Flory 
from Michigan and Paul Blocker 
from Englewood Congregation, were 
the speakers for the afternoon. On 
Tuesday evening Brethren Harry 
Gundernian and Floyd Swihart 
brought us the messages. We had 
a goodly attendance and the sermons 
were uplifting and enjoyed by all. 

The Lord willing, we plan to have 
our Lovefeast on Saturday night. 
May 19. You are welcome to come 
and worship with us at anytime 
Pray for the work at this place. 
Leola Beck, Cor. 


Of 822 W. Calhoun St., Macomb. 
Illinois, passed away at the St. 
Francis hospital on March 27, at the 
age of 81. He had been ill for four 
and a half months. He requested 
private funeral services, which 
were conducted by Rev. O. B. Ensel- 
man at 2 p. m., March 29, at the 
Dodsworth-Piper-Wallen chapel. 
Burial in the Oakwood Cemetery. 

Mr. Blythe was born at Walnut 
Grove, Feb. 6, 1875, to William F. 
and Mary Story Blythe, and was a 
lifetime resident of McConough 
County. He attended rural schools 
in this county and also attended Old 
Normal at Macomb. He was a re- 
tired farmer and lived in Macomb 



since 1921. He was a member of 
the Methodist church. 

On Sept. 8, 1898 he married Ber- 
tha F. Lawyer, who died Nov. 18, 
1934. To this union were horn two 
daughters: Mrs. Bonnie P. Story, of 
Pendleton, Oregon; and Mrs. Breta 
McAtee of Chicago, Illinois. On 
Sept. 16, 1945, he married Elta K. 
1 hirman, who survives with the two 
daughters, two grand-daughters and 
.me sister. Mrs. Alleyne Campbell 
of Macomb. Seven brothers and sis- 
ters preceded him in death. 

The following is a favorite poem 
of Mrs. Blythe. 

I think God gathers at the end of 
each day 
The good things the world has done, 
And then with inimitable colors re- 
Their worth in the setting sun. 
There's a patch of blue for kind 
words said. 
And gold for a cheerful smile 
That helped some lonely burdened 

Forget his grief for awhile. 

I see a purple gown 
For humble toil well done, 
Of the many lowly common tasks 
That live beyond the sinking sun. 
There's a crimson robe for brav- 
Of someone suffering pain, 
I hit who trusts in Cod for a hap- 
pier hour 
When life will be new again. 

Yes, I think God gathers at the 
close of day 
The good things the world has done, 
And wraps each one in a blessing 
That glows in the evening sun. 
By Alice Howe 
Martha I. Harman, Cor. 

Daughter of Joel and Hannah 
Senger Thomas, was born near 
Singers Glen, Oct. 8, 1S83 and 
passed away March 20, 1956, in 
Rockingham Memorial Hospital, in 
Harrisonburg, Ya. She was the sur- 
viving member of a family of seven 
sisters and two brothers, who with 
her parents preceded her in death. 
She was a resident of Rockingham 
County, Ya., all her life. 

She united with the Church Of 
The Brethren in her girlhood, later 
coming over to the Dunkard Breth- 
ren church, to which she remained 
faithful until her passing. She was 
a regular attendant at church when- 
ever it was convenient to be there, 
and did what she could for the 
work of the church. 

Funeral services were held from 
the Lindsey Funeral Home in Har- 
risonburg, by Elder George Dor- 
sev, assisted by Elder T. I. Bow- 
man and Elder I. C. Senger of the 
Church of the Brethren. Burial was 
in the Brush church cemetery, near 
Singers Glen. 

Josie Lam, Cor. 



Loren Adrian Clingenpeel, son of 
Arthur and Lydia (Smoker) Cling- 
enpeel, was born on December 9, 
1909, near Plevna of Howard Coun- 
ty, Indiana, and departed this life at 

t the Miami Nursing Home in Peru, 
after a lengthy and lingering illness 
of 17 vears. at the age of 46 years. 
4 months and 23 days. His entire 
life was spent in the Amboy and 

^ Plevna communities. The last sev- 
eral years of his active life was spent 
as a carpenter. Throughout his long 
and lingering illness his wants and 
needs were lovingly and tenderly 
cared for by his loving side com- 
panion and son. his dear Father and 
Mother until the burden became so 
great that the last 3 weeks he was 
removed to the Miami Nursing 

On August 31, 1935, at the home 
of Elder J. P. Robbins of Potsdam, 
Ohio, he was united in the Holy 
bonds of matrimony to Miss Esther 
Mae Klepinger. To this union was 
born one son. LaYerne Eugene. 

Early in his teens he was united 
with the Church of the Brethern 
and lived true to his baptismal vows 
as long as God permitted him to 
live. Several times during his ill- 
ness he felt the need of and called 
for the anointing service, which was 
administered as he desired, which 
comforted and consoled him to pa- 
tiently endure his long affliction. 

He leaves to mourn his departure 
his side companion and son, La- 

Yerne ; his father and mother, 
Arthur and Lydia Clingenpeel ; two 
brothers. Ermin of Laketon, Ind. ; 
Leon of near Fort Wayne, Indiana ; 
one sister, Mrs. Jacob Lorenz, 
R. 4. Peru, Indiana ; several aunts 
and uncles and a host of other rela- 
tives, neighbors and friends. 

Funeral services were held at the 
Plevna Dunkard Brethren Church 
with Forest Hostetler in charge. 
Burial was in the Kendall Cemetery 
near Plevna. 

Ruthanna Kintner, Cor. 


The word church, in the New 
Testament means, an assembly of 
the called, "\\ nerefore come out 
from among them, and be ye sep- 
arate, saith the Lord, and touch not 
the unclean thing : and I will receive 
you. and will be a Father unto you, 
and ye shall be my sons and daugh- 
ters, saith the Lord Almighty," 2 
Cor. 6:17-18. "That which we have 
seen and heard, declare we unto 
you, that ye also may have fellow- 
ship with us ; and truly our fellow- 
ship is with the Father, and with 
his Son. Jesus Christ". '"'If we walk 
in the light, as he is in the light, we 
have fellowship one with another, 
and the blood of Jesus Christ his 
Son cleanseth us from all sin", I 
Jno. 1 :7. Here the conditions and 
blessings of church fellowship are 
fully portrayed. 1. We are called 



out from the world. 2. We separate 
ourselves from the world, and touch 
not the unclean things. 3. We be- 
come sons and daughters of God, 
and enjoy fellowship with the Fath- 
er and with his Son, Jesus Christ. 
4. We walk in the light, and have 
fellowship one with another, and the 
hlood of Christ cleanseth us from all 
sin, conditioned upon such fellow- 
ship as the Gospel requires. 

The church is a home, and such 
a home as no other organization af- 
fords. "There is no man that hath 
left house, or hrethren or sisters, or 
father, or mother, or wife, or chil- 
dren, or lands, for my sake, and the 
Gospel's, but he shall receive an 
hundredfold now in this time, hous- 
es, and brethren, and sisters, and 
mothers, and children, and lands, 
with persecutions, and in the world 
to come eternal life", Mark 10:29-30 
Such is the experience, and such is 
the religious standing of every de- 
voted member of the church. The 
rich and the poor, the learned and 
the unlearned find in the church of 
Christ a perfect social equality. All 
their rights and principles are the 
same. The spiritual relationship ex- 
isting hetween the children of God 
as brethren and sisters of the Lord 
Jesus Christ is dearer, by far, than 
any earthly tie. God is our Fath- 
er, Christ is our Elder Brother, the 
Holy Spirit is our Comforter, and 
heaven is our home. 

The church is compared to a king- 
dom. A kingdom implies: first, a I 

king; second, subjects; third, laws. 
Christ was born king, Matt. 2 :2, and 
will reign till he hath put all enemies 
under his feet, 1 Cor 15:25. The 
subjects of Christ's kingdom are 
those who have been born again, 
born of the water and of the Spirit, 
1 J no. 3 :5. The Gospel forms the 
only code of laws for the kingdom of 
Christ It is the law of faith, the 
perfect law of liberty. The govern- 
ment of the church is not congrega- 
tional. It is united under one head, 
Christ, the head of the church, which 
is the body, and all are members of 
that one body. 

For a local church to act inde- 
pendent from other local, or sister 
churches leads to division in senti- 
ment, and in the practice of the or- 
dinances of the Gospel. It has been a 
fruitful source of the present divided 
state of Christendom. The govern- 
ment of the church has been so de- 
signed by Christ as to preserve the 
unity of His people in faith and prac- 
tice. It is republican in form. 
We have the local church council, 
the District council, and the General 
Conference. But the rights and priv- 
ileges of our church government are 
broader and higher than that of any 
civil republican government. Every 
sister, as well as every brother has a 
voice, or vote, in our church coun- 
cils. Besides, our local churches 
have not only a voice in District and 
General Conference through their 
delegates, but any member from any 
and every local church has a right 



to take part in the deliberations, both 
at District and General Conference. 

The church, as the body of Christ, 
and animated by His Spirit, should 
be respected in her councils, ''Verily 
I say unto you. Whatsoever ye (the 
church) shall bind on earth shall be 
bound in heaven, and whatsoever ye 
shall loose on earth shall be loosed 
in heaven", Matt. 18-18. As individ- 
uals, we are to "hear the church". 
As members of the mystical body of 
Christ, we are to "be perfectly join- 
ed together in the same mind and 
in the same judgment", 1 Cor. 1 : 
10. "There is one body and one 
Spirit", and we are to endeavor to 
keep the "unity of the Spirit in the 
bond of peace". Peter, with the pen 
of inspiration, directs us how to 
preserve the peace and union of the 
church : "Likewise, ye younger, sub- 
mit yourselves unto the elder. Yea, 
all of you be subject one to another, 
and be clothed with humility : for 
God resisteth the proud, and giveth 
grace to the humble". 1 Pet. 5 :5. 

Here are two important injunc- 
tions : 

1. The younger are to submit 
themselves unto the elder. 

2. All are to be subject one to 

The first affects the relation which 
the younger sustain to the senior 
ministers of the church, and means 
that the counsel and ruling of the 
elders should be respected by the 
younger. The second applies to all, 
whether elder or younger minister, 

as well as the laity, and affects the 
relation all sustain to each other 
mutually, and to the church as a 
body. When a matter is brought be- 
fore the church in council, and a de- 
cision is reached, in the fear of the 
Lord, all should be subject to that 
decision. If a matter be brought 
before a local church council which 
concerns the church in general, then 
carried through District Council to 
General conference, and a decision is 
reached by the united wsidom of the 
church, in the fear of the Lord, all 
should be subject to that decision, 
all the local churches, as well as 
elders, ministers and laity. Without 
a General Conference and a proper 
respect for the decisions made by 
such a body, no organization can 
long exist. The apostolic church had 
such a conference in Jerusalem, and 
the decisions (decrees) made by the 
apostles and elders, with the whole 
church, were delivered to the 
churches to keep and so they "were 
established in the faith and increas- 
ed in number daily", Acts 15; 16:4- 
5. The church has, in every re- 
spect, the best system of government 
in existencee, and needs only if it 
needs anything, a better application 
to accomplish the great mission as- 
signed her by the Lord, as the Head 
and Founder. 

"I therefore, the prisoner of the 
Lord, beseech you that ye walk wor- 
thy of the vocation wherewith ye are 
called, with all lowliness and meek- 
ness, with Ion? suffering, forbearing' 



one another in love ; endeavoring to 
keep the unity of the Spirit in the 
bond of peace. There is one body, 
and one Spirit, even as ye are call- 
ed in one hope of your calling ; one 
Lord, one faith, one baptism, one 
God and Father of all, who is above 
all, and through all, and in you all", 
Eph. 4:1-6. "Christ also loved the 
church .and gave himself for it ; that 
he might sanctify it with the wash- 
ing of water by the word, that he 
might present it to himself a glor- 
ious church, not having spot, or 
wrinkle, or any such thing ; but that 
it should be holy and without blem- 
ish". Eph. 5 -.25-27. 


Some stay home because its cold, 
and some because it's hot ; and some 
because they're getting old and some 
because they're not ! 

Some stay at home because their 
hat the milliner's not finished ; and 
some because their liking for the 
minister has diminished. 

Some declare they don't enjoy 
the singing of the choir : and others, 
because their fellow saints aroused 
their wrathful ire. 

Alas, alas ; our excuses grow to 
drive our thoughts from God, and 
turn us from the House of Prayer, 
the place where our fathers trod. 
Sel. — bv Eileen Poorman. 


Heaven and earth may pass away 
But the story will live and ever grow 

more dear 
Of our Saviour's matchless love. 

Oh, will yon now the story hear. 

My Father's own own Son, the 

Saviour of men 
Once wandered on earth as the 

poorest of them. 
But now He is reigning forever on 

And will give us a home with Him 

by and by. 

Come walk with Jesus oh sinner 

so dear 
See He Is standing so lovingly near 
Know thou so surely He'll save you 

Make a decision His will to obey. 

Lord Jesus look down from Thy 

throne in the skies 
And help them to make a complete 

To give up thyself and what e're 

they know 
Oh wash them and they shall be 

whiter than snow. 

Then oh be careful where you step 
On that road that leads above. 
Take the Bible for your guide 
Let your feet e're move with love 
By the single eye of faith. 
You the perfect way can keep 
That will lead you up to Heaven, 
There a great reward you'll reap. 
Sister Ilda Valentine, 
R.2, Clearville, Pa. 




God give us the simple faith 
That little children know, 
The faith to look for miracles 
Upon this earth below. 
Give us the faith to recognize 
The goodness in each heart. 
Give us the faith to build again. 
When hopes are torn apart. 

God give to us the simple faith 
That little children find, 
The faith to hope, the faith to see 
That clouds are silver lined. 
Give us the faith to dream bright 

Upon the darkest day. 
And most of all give us faith 
To clasp our hands and pray. 

For if we pray as children do. 
We who have journeyed far 
May find the warm reflection 
Of a glowing star.. 
And if we wear this simple faith 
Wrapped like a cloak around us, 
We will be blessed as children are 
And feel that peace has found us. 
Emily Eldridge 
Sel. bv Sister Eileen Poorman. 


"Woe unto them that call evil 
good, and good, evil, that put dark- 
ness for light, and light for dark- 
ness ; that put bitter for sweet, and 
sweet for bitter", Isa. 5 :20. 

1. Because many of our spiritual 
leaders and mothers in Israel, of 

various denominations, have voiced 
their opinion against it. Read Ez. 

2. It is detrimental to spirituality. 
Statistics show that theater business 
has fallen off since T.Y. became pop- 
ular. This has caused some thea- 
ter owners to quit business and go 
into the T.Y. business Obviously 
these facts indicate that T.Y. has, 
to a large extent taken the place of 
theater, by moving into the front 
parlor of many homes. Too many 
have used the feeble excuse that it is 
less expensive and a means of keep- 
ing children at home. I believe the 
family altar is the answer, Col. 3 : 
1-2. " 

3. It is a proven fact that some 
persons, who purchased a T.V. set, 
while in an unregenerated state, af- 
ter conversion were convicted of its 
evil influence and disposed of same. 
2 Cor. 5:17. 

4. The fact remains that 80 per 
cent of that which comes through the 
eye gate is remembered, while only 
20 per cent of what is heard. T.V. 
presents a much greater opportunity 
for the liquor, tobacco business and 
the sinful pleasures of this world, 
with the display of improperly dress- 
ed women to influence the young. 
This all has become a commodity of 
entertainment in many homes. 2 
Sam. 1 1 :2-4. 

5. The best of God's people are 
opposed to T.Y. I feel many of them 
have confidence in my religion. In- 
fluence and confidence are very val- 



uable things in the work of the Lord, 
1 cannot afford to lose them. Prov. 
22 :28. 

6. The liquor and tobacco ad- 
vertisements, improperly dressed 
dancers. Hollywood divorce evil, 
murder pictures and lustful love 
scenes ; are a long" way from gracing 
a Christian home. Phil. 4 :8. 

7. There was a day when a 
growing boy was not permited to 
see a burlesque performance, but 
now Junior gets it served with his 
chicken dinner or his breakfast toast. 
Prov. 22:6. 

8. Television will warp and 
twist the mind of our youth, with so 
many crimes and murder programs. 
I am inclined to believe the story of 
the little boy, when informed that 
grandma passed away during the 
night asked, "Who shot her?" Prov. 

9. Crime programs such as pic- 
tured on television screens will not 
make better boys and girls, but like- 
ly thieves, murders, gangsters, pros- 
titutes and bowery bums. Luke 17: 

10. We are living in a busy age. 
Television is taking many hours of 
the time people should be spending 
in Bible reading, meditation, church 
services and christian service to hu- 

11. I have three children whom 
I want to see make it through to 
heaven. I refuse to place tempta- 
tion before them. I have always 
taught them as a father should, that 

the movies were evil. I know they 
have confidence in my life, and ap- 
preciate my advice. I will never be- 
tray that confidence, or change now 
since the devil has transferred the 
movie into the home. I would rath- 
er lift high the Bible standard and 
pray for my children with a clear 
conscience, than to cater to this Sa- 
tanic invention and weep later be- 
cause I failed them. 2 Tim 4 :3-4. 

12. I hear of the expensive T.V. 
sets. The amount of money that is 
spent foolishly, while souls are dy- 
ing and going to Hell, all because 
they have never heard the Gospel of 
Jesus Christ. They could be saved 
if our willing missionaries had the 
required funds to spread the Gospel. 
Isa. 55:2. 

13. 1 Cor. 10:31, "Whether 
therefore ye eat, or drink, or what- 
ever ye do, do all to the glory of 
God". God does not get glory out 
of lust pictures, prize fights, nude 
dancers, wrestling bouts, liquor and 
tobacco, advertisement, crime pro- 
motion and the Hollywood divorce 

14. Time is valuable, we have 
none to waste. Statistics prove 
that children, who have access to tel- 
evision, spend an average of thirty 
hours a week before a television 
screen. Parents read Eph. 5:15-16. 

15. It robs any individual of his 
spiritual strength. I am convinced no 
one (without exception) can look 
upon T.V. for long and be deeply 
spiritual or carry a burden for lost 



souls. Anyone who believes the 
Bible, from cover to cover, cannot 
approve of time thus spent. I Cor. 
9:27; 10:12. 

My friend I am asking you the 
most important question of your 
life. Are you saved and ready for 
heaven? If not, you need salvation 
above everything else. If you miss 
Heaven and lose your soul, all is 
lost. If you want to be saved you 
must repent and forsake sin. God's 
Word plainly teaches. Except ye re- 
pent, ye shall all likewise perish, 
Lnke 13 :3. Believe on the Lord 
Jesus and thou shalt be saved. 

Sel. by Sister Viola Broadwater 
Cumberland, Md. 


Paul gave various rules and ordi- 
nances such as found in 1 Cor. 11, 
which includes the God-head. He 
explains how man and woman may 
obtain equal access to the God-head 
in divine worship. 

Y. 4, "Every man praying or pro- 
phesying, having his head covered, 
dishonoureth his head." Y. 5, "But 
every woman that prayeth or pro- 
phesieth with her head uncovered 
dishonoureth her head: (the man) 
for that is even all one as if she were 

It is a shame for a woman to be 
shaven, shorn, or uncovered while 
praying, prophesying or doing the 
Lord's work. She is commanded 
by God to be covered so that she 

may have direct access to Christ, our 
high priest ; instead of going to man 
the same as our forefathers, who had 
to go to the priests under the law. 

V. 7, "For man indeed ought not 
to cover his head, forasmuch as he is 
the image and glory of God : but the 
woman is the glory of the man." In 
all that God created there was 
not found an helpmeet for Adam. 
"So God created man in his own 
image, in the image of God created 
he him ; male and female created he 
them". Gen. 1 :27. 

Y. 8, "For the man is not of the 
woman but the woman of the man." 
"And the Lord God caused a deep 
sleep to fall upon Adam and he 
slept : and he took one of his ribs, 
and closed up the Mesh instead there- 
of : And the rib, which the Lord 
God had taken from man, made he 
a woman, and brought her unto the 
man. And Adam said, This is now 
bone of my bones, and flesh of my 
flesh : she shall be called woman be- 
cause she was taken out of man", 
Gen. 2:21, 23. 

Y. 8, "For the man is not of the 
woman : but the woman of the man." 
Gen. 2:21, 23. 

Y. 9, "Neither was the man creat- 
ed for the woman but the woman for 
the man." 

V. 10, "For this cause ought the 
woman to have power on her head 
because of the angels." When the 
woman has her covering on, it gives 
her the right to pray to God through 
Christ, their intercessor. The cov- 



ering is a sign to the angels. "Are 
they not all ministering spirits, sent 
forth to minister for them who shall 
he heirs of salvation?" Heh. 1 :14. 

Y. 11, "Nevertheless neither is 
the man without the woman, neither 
the woman without the man, in the 
Lord." "There is neither Jew nor 
Greek, there is neither bond nor 
free, there is neither male nor fe- 
male, for ye are all one in Christ 
Jesus." Gal. 3 :28. But all shall wor- 
ship together in unity. 

Y. 12, "For as the woman is of 
the man. even so is the man also by 
the woman but all things of God." 1 
Tim. 2:14, "And Adam was not de- 
ceived, but the woman being de- 
ceived wasin the transgression." The 
man should be a protection to her 
and help her to be more steadfast 
and able to overcome the trials and 
temptations of this life : Although 
the woman was deceived, it was by 
woman that God's plan of redemp- 
tion was completed through Jesus 
Christ, read Gen. 3:15. 

V. 13, "Judge in yourselves: is it 
comely that a woman pray unto God 
uncovered?" No, she should be cov- 
ered because it is commanded by 
God ; and if she is not covered she is 
disobedient to God. Woman is man's 
helpmeet and is under subjection 
and obedience to him, only as he is 
in subjection and obedience to 
Christ. Both have the same access 
to God through Jesus Christ in di- 
vine worship if she is properly veil- 

Y. 14, "Doth not even nature it- 
self teach you, that if a man have 
long hair, it is a shame unto him?" 
Yes because he is disregarding the 
gospel teaching. Y. 15, "But if a 
woman have long hair it is a glorv 
to her : for her hair is given her for 
a covering." Women should not cut 
their hair, for it is a glory to them 
and it should be well cared for. The 
veiling should be large enough to 
come well oyer the hair. 

Sister Josie Kintner 
Sel. by Charlie Kintner 
from Jan. 1951 Monitor 


The anniversary of Christ's as- 
cension to heaven is known to us as 
Ascension Day. A day which many 
people do not know about ; and some 
who do, know not what it signifies. 
Many professed christians and even 
some of our own church, do not re- 
gard it as much of an eventful day. 
When I was a boy in the east, this 
was a sacred day. Farm work ceased 
for the day and it was kept like Sun- 
day was. The various denominations 
had preaching in their church hous- 

To give you an idea as to how 
some regarded this day I will relate 
an incident. A man whom I knew, 
who led a very exemplary life (not 
a member of our church however) 
always held the day as a day of rest. 
One year the spring season came on 
late and work seemed to crowd up. 



Ascension morn promised to be a 
fair beautiful day, as it often was. 
This man concluded that even if it 
was not Sunday, he would not work 
the teams but could build up a brok- 
en down fence. The hired help 
agreed to do it. They cleaned up 
'the old fence and rebuilt up a new 
bne in its place, finishing up to- 
wards evening with a happy feeling 
for what was accomplished. About 
five o'clock in the evening dark 
clouds gathered in the west, a storm , 
formed and approached. The light- 1 
ning flashed and the thunder rolled 
with a furious wind and rain storm. | 
The new fence was leveled to the j 
ground and scattered, as well as 
other damage. Immediately the : 
man felt his guilt for working on j 
that day and having violated a good : 
principle. The day's work was lost 
and he made a vow then and there j 
that henceforth he would do not 
work on that day, save caring for 
the livestock. He kept the vow and 
instead of working went to church 
services, if there were any. He liv- 
ed to a ripe age before God called 
him home. 

Some may say this was just a 
fogy idea; and even if it was there 
was no harm in the idea nor the vow, 
neither in keeping the day as sacred. 
He had a conscience towards God 
and he was convicted for his own 
good. His way of living lead him to 
think often of his Creator and even 
led others to think of their depend- 
ance upon their Maker. Possibly it 

even led others to lead a more godly 

When we stop to think this day 
ought to mean something to the chil- 
dren of God. Jesus prepared the 
way, ascended unto heaven, to our 
Father's house and even promised us 
that He would come again. Ascen- 
sion day was Christ's last personal 
appearance on the earth. He went 
home, to His Father, after about 
three years on earth ; teaching, heal- 
ing and suffering for us. He is now 
at the right hand of God, interceding 
for us and preparing our future 
home in heaven. His was a busy, 
eventful life for over three years. He 
knew all things and foretold His fol- 
lowers of this eventful day, when He 
would leave them, Jno. 14:3-4; 18: 
28; 20:17; 3:12-13. Yet many 
seem to have forgotten these things. 
Jesus showed them so many sur- 
prising events. His crucifixion and 
resurrection they definitely knew as 
a fact and now they witness His as- 
cension. They seemed spellbound. 
The message the two men in white 
brought, renewed their memory of 
what Christ had fortold them many 
times. Act 1:11. To ascertain His 
ascension we refer to Acts 1 :2-3 : 
9-11. The disciples thought all was 
ended after the resurrection and that 
Jesus would have no more work for 
them. Peter says, I go a fishing. 
They say unto him, We also go with 
thee. Peter was a natural leader 
and perhaps was hungry and defi- 
nitelv confused. 



I believe there is a more import- 
ant lesson here, as we see later. It 
may not have been Peter's self-desire 
altogether but the Spirit working 
once more, to prove that His body 
was really resurrected. We find 
Christ's miracles later were very 
convincing to them. We read of the 
"multitude of fishes" v. 6, the fire of 
coals, fish and bread v. 9 and His 
proving Himself v. 14. Christ's as- 
cension is spoken of in Psa. 68:18; 
Eph. 4:8; J no. 6:62: 7:33: 14:28; 
16:5. Paul also certifies the fact in 
Rom. 8:34 and Peter in 1 Pet. 3:22. 

Let us notice the purpose of the 
ascension. Will you take time to look 
up these references? Jno. 14:2-3; 
16:7. Acts 2 :25 : Rom. 8 :34 ; Heb. 
6 :20 ; 9 :24. Dear brethren and 
readers, let us not think too lightly 
of this eventful day. There are oth- 
er days which we could profit by 
spending a little more time and med- 
itation upon the word of the Lord. 
Lest we, too, forget other Bible and 
church doctrines and principles as 
so many do, who say they are just 
as good christians as those who try 
to live the Bible ways. The Word 
will be our judge in this case as well 
as others. May the Holy Spirit 
guide us aright, that we too, will 
want to be led by this Spirit whom 
Jesus sent after His ascension. 

A. J. Bashore in June 1925 
Bible Monitor. 


I'm all tied up in ventures 
Into worldly sort of things. 
But the ties that bind me tightest 
Are my mothers apron strings. 
Whenever 1 may stray a bit 
I feel them tugging still. 
And straining hard to hold me back ; 
I guess they always will. 

Her apron strings are heart strings 

And never come untied. 

They're woven from the wool of life 

Defying time and tide. 

Though are most ties that bind 

Us to the days long past. 

We cannot break those strings of 

That ever hold us fast. 

They span the years and stretch for 

But never lose their hold 
L T pon the hearts of all of us 
No matter young or old. 
And when we're drifting down the 

These apron strings once more. 
Like life-lines thrown across a wreck 
Will bring us safe to shore. 

Mrs. Lulu Caldwell 
Sel. by Sister Eileen Poorman. 


This is a question that has blister- 
ed the lips of many ; and it is a ques- 
tion we should be able to decide by 
the sacred standard of truth. We 
should not rest satisfied with our- 
selves so long: as we are in doubt 



about our conversion to God. It is 
our privilege to know that we are 
children of God. The Bible declares 
that "by the mouth of two or three 
witnesses every word shall be estab- 
lished". Now we have at least three 
witnesses by which we may know 
that we are the children of God. 

The first is the witness of the 
spirit: "The Spirit itself beareth 
witness with our spirit, that we are 
the children of God". Rom. 8:16. 
The office of the Spirit is to "guide 
us into all truth", John 16:13. It is 
the Spirit of truth. If our spirit will- 
ingly accepts all the truth, and is 
guided by the Spirit in obeying it, 
we have the witness of the Spirit 
that we are the children of God. 
Then the Spirit of God and our spir- 
it agree, both testifving to the same 
thing, the Word of God. "Now if 
any man has not the Spirit of Christ, 
he is none of his". 

The second is the witness of obe- 
dience : "And hereby we do know 
that we know him, if we keep his 
commandments", 1 John 2 :3. This 
is positive knowledge. It is prac- 
tical religion. Obedience to the 
commandments of God is the high- 
way of holiness. 

The third is the witness of broth- 
erly love : "We know that we have 
passed from death unto life, because 
we love the brethren". 1 John 3:14. 
Love is the essence of Christianity 
itself. It is to the moral and spirit- 
ual world what gravitation is to the 
physical world : it holds all things 

to a common center. Love binds the 
spiritual universe to the throne of 
God. Take away love and you take 
away religion itself. But some may 
ask, Who are the "Brethren" whom 
we are to love? "Whosoever shall do 
the will of my Father which is in 
heaven, the same is my brother, and 
sister, and mother", Matt. 12:50. 
Hence, if we have the love of God 
in our hearts, we will love those that 
do His Will. 

How is it with those who claim 
to be the children of God. and de- 
spise the followers of Christ? It is 
an easy matter even for sinners to 
love their associates. The children 
of God have their affections renew- 
ed, live in purer atmosphere, enjoy 
higher spiritual associations ; and in 
it, God has given them evidence that 
they "have passed from death unto 
life". With the witness of the 
Spirit, obedience, and love, we have 
the threefold evidence of our son- 
ship. A child of God then lives in 
the Spirit, obeys God's Holy Will, 
and loves the Brotherhood. He lives 
a holy life. This comprehends the 
whole of Christianity within us, the 
Alpha and Omega of the christian 


Every one of us shall give account 
of himself to God. Rom. 14:12. It 
is appointed unto men once to die, 
but after this the judgment, Heb. 
9:27. He that heareth Christ's 
Word and believeth on Him that 



sent Him. shall not come into judg- 
ment, John 5 :24. For there is one 
mediator between God and man, the 
man Christ Jesus, 1 Tim. 2:5. If 
thou shalt confess with thy mouth 
the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in 
thine heart that God hath raised 
him from the dead, thou shalt be 
saved, Rom. 10:9. Seek ye first the 
kingdom of God, and His righteous- 
ness : and all these things shall be 
added unto you. Matt. 6 :33. For 
what shall it profit a man, if he 
shall gain the whole world, and lose 
his own soul, Mark 8:36. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

P. 0. Bx. 246 

Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

Ezra Beery 

r 1, Union, Ohio 

Paul Byfield 

r 1, Bx 768 

Modesto, Calif. 


Ammon Keller, Chairman 

R. 5, Lebanon, Pa. 

Vern Hostetler, Secretary 

Montpelier, Ohio. 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 

R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Edward Johnson 

R 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

George Dorsey 

Bx 58, Salisbury, Pa. 


Board of Publication 

Harry Andrews, Chairman, 
R. 3, Grandview, Mo. 

Edward Johnson, Vice-Chm. 
R. 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

Paul R. Myers, Secretary, 
Box 117, Greentown, Ohio. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer, 
Snowville, Va. 

James Kegerreis, 
Bx 84, Strausstown, Pa. 

Howard J. Surbey, 

R. 2, Taneytown, Md. 


Board of Trustees 

Lawrence Kreider, Chairman, 
9005 W. 3rd St., Dayton 7, Ohio. 

A. G. Fahnestock, Secretary, 
R. R. 3, Lititz, Pa. 

David F. Ebling, Treasurer, 
Bethel, Pa. 

General Mission Board 

Ammon Keller, Chairman 

r 5 Lebanon, Pa. 

Herbert Parker, Secretary 

r 3 Arcanum, Ohio 

David Ebling, Treasurer 

Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

Harry Andrews 

Grandview, Mo. 

Paul R. Myers 

Greentown, Ohio 

W. S. Reed, 
Waukee, Iowa. 
Galen Harlacher, 
Newberg, Ore. 
W. E. Bashor, 
Turlock, Calif. 

r 1 

All contributions to the vari- * 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. « 



TUNE 15, 1956 

No. 12 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Neither pray I for these alone, 
but for them also which shall believe 
on me through their word ; that they 
all may be one ; as thou. Father, art 
in me, and I in Thee, that 
they also may be one in us : 
that the world may believe 
that thou hast sent me. And the 
glory which thou gavest me I have 
given them ; that they may be one, 
even as we are one : I in them, and 
thou in me, that they may be made 
perfect in one : and that the world 
may know that thou hast sent me, 
and hast loved them, as thou hast 
loved me", John 17:20-23. 

In general, the problems of life 
are similar throughout the ages. 
However various conditions such 
as : education, modes of travel, inven- 
tions and new discoveries push one 
problem ahead of the others, for a 
short time at least. Men and even 
nations often spend a vast amount of 
time and energy, to try to solve a 
certain problem and often then it is 
not solved but rather pushed aside 
because of the press of another. In 
general, men look to their own wis- 
dom and ability to find an agreeable 

solution for a certain problem, rath- 
er than unto God, their creator and 
ruler. If we would look into God's 
Word, spend much time in prayer 
and then mutually and amicably lab- 
or together, the problems of life 
could be simply solved and we would 
have the time and means to labor 
toward the salvation of lost souls 
and the advancement of life in gen- 

Without personal opinions or con- 
troversial ideas, we would like to 
consider the problem of all human 
beings living together, in the light of 
God's Word. Will you meditate 
with us upon a number of related 
passages, from God's Holy Word? 
First notice out text, as taken from 
that wonderful prayer made by our 
Saviour. This prayer applies not 
only to the disciples, not only to the 
Jews, not only to the royalty of the 
ruling nation ; but to all who believe 
on the Words as delivered unto us 
by Christ and His apostles. This 
teaching was for all who believe on 
Christ as their Saviour. That all, 
without exception or line, "May be 
one". To be one, as Christ and the 
Father are, goes many times father 


than even educated man lias been 
able to attain even to this day. Per- 
haps man or even any group of men, 
has never reached this noble attain- 
ment because he has not used the 
glory which Christ gave unto us. 
True, man uses that much of 
Christ's blessings which are to His 
own liking or that which fits His 
own carnal desires. "That they may 
be made perfect in one" how many 
of us allow ourselves to be guided 
towards that end? There is much 
striving but how much of it is striv- 
ing unto perfection? 

"One God and Father of all. who 
is above all and through all. and in 
you all", Eph. 4 :6. Do you recognize 
the God and Father as such? Is He 
and His Holv will above all other 
things in your life? Is He through 
all and in all of your life? 

"I exhort therefore, that, first of 
all. supplications, prayers, interces- 
sions, and giving of thanks, be made 
for all men; for kings, and for all 
that are in authority ; that we may 
lead a quiet and peaceable life in all 
godliness and honesty. For this is 
good and acceptable in the sight of 
God our Saviour ; W ho will have all 
men to be saved, and to come unto 
the knowledge of the truth. For 
there is one God, and one mediator 
between God and men. the man 
Christ Jesus", 1 Tim. 2:1-5. How 
much are we concerned about others 
as exhorted in this first verse? Per- 
haps the uppermost desire of every- 
one is, to live a quiet and peaceable 

life in all godliness and honesty, 
down deep in our hearts at least, 
this will never be realized without a 
devoted concern for others. There 
is one God, one Saviour, one Heav- 
en, one way to serve God and we 
each have only one life to live. 

"Thou hast given him power over 
all flesh that he should give eternal 
life to as many as thou hast given 
him. and this is life eternal, that they 
might know thee the only true God, 
and Jesus Christ, whom thou hast 
sent". John 17:2-3. To whom did 
Christ offer eternal life, Whosoever 
will may partake of the Water of 
Life freely. \\ no has a right to know 
God and His Son, Jesus? "In every 
nation he that feareth him, and 
worketh righteousness, is accepted 
with him". Acts 10:35. 

"For whatsoever things were writ- 
ten aforetime for our learning, that 
we through patience and comfort of 
the scriptures might have hope. Now 
the God of patience and consolation 
grant you to be likeminded one to- 
ward another according to Christ 
Jesus", Rom. 15:4-5. Where is our 
trouble? Why do we have so many 
difficulties and misunderstandings? 
We are not willing to submit our 
will unto our Saviour. We are not 
willing to submit unto His Holy 
Word without reservation. We are 
not willing to follow Christ's exam- 
ple of love and service to others, re- 
gardless of who they are. 

"Now I beseech you, brethren, by 
the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, 


that ye all speak the same thing, 
and that there be no divisions among 
you; but that ye be perfectly joined 
together in the same mind and in 
the same judgment", 1 Cor. 1 :10. 
This is the only way by which we 
can be brethren. This is the only 
way that we can live in peace and 
joy among one another. Without 
strict obedience, daily, unto the de- 
tailed words of Christ ; divisions, 
classes, quarrels, and severe suffer- 
ing cannot be avoided. All man's 
inventions, ability, manuvering and 
planning will never bring perfection, 
without strict obedience unto the 
teachings of Christ and His apostles. 

"Nevertheless, whereto we have 
already attained, let us walk by the 
same rule, let us mind the same 
thing. Brethren, be followers togeth- 
er of me. and mark them which walk 
so as ye have us for an example". 
Phil. 3:16-17. Without question 
Christ has given us this rule. Is even 
Christendom trying to follow it? Do 
we have enough love and concern 
for one another to be united? Not 
to stand by and criticize one anoth- 
er but to "walk" and to walk by the 
same rule (Christ's rule). Paul tells 
us to mark them who follow his ex- 
ample, do you think God has them 
marked ? 

Throughout the entire Bible we 
find only two definite, distinct class- 
es ; all others are just groups with 
their destiny among one of these 
classes. These two classes are the 
righteous and the unrighteous. 

Those who definitely tried to serve 
the God in Heaven and those who 
just followed any other god. Even 
today we cannot serve both, we can- 
not just glide along in life; we are 
either definitely trying to serve Al- 
mighty God with Christ as our Sav- 
iour or else we are satisfied to fol- 
low the pernicious ways of satan 
There are still only two classes upon 
the earth, the righteous or the un- 



Let us hear the conclusion of the 
whole matter : Fear God, and keep 
his commandments: for this is the 
whole duty of man. For God shall 
bring every work into judgment, 
with every secret thing, whether it be 
•ood or whether it be evil", Ecc. 
12:13-14. To be saved we must 
obev God's commandments because 
it is His will. 

For Moses truly said unto the 
fathers. A prophet shall the Lord 
vour God raise up unto you of your 
brethren, like unto me ; him shall ye 
hear in all things, whatsoever he 
shall say unto you", Acts 3 :22. 
On the mount of transfiguration, 
Peter, James and John witnessed to 
the hearing of that voice from God, 
out of the cloud which said. This is 
my beloved Son in whom I am well 
pleased, hear ye him". Matt. 17:5. 

"He answered and said, It is writ- 
ten, Man shall not live by bread 
alone, but by every word that pro- 



Taneytown, Md., June 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church \n the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Tanevtown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Lewis B. Flohr, Vienna, Va,. Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

ceedeth out of the mouth of God", 
Matt. 4:4; Dent 8:3. It takes every 
word of God to give us spiritual 
strength, to overcome all the difficul- 
ties and temptations of this life. 
"Jesus came and spake unto them, 
saying, all power is given unto me in 
Heaven and in earth." After Jesus' 
resurrection, when He had fulfilled 
His Father's will. His heavenly 
Father gave Him all power and au- 
thority concerning God's Kingdom 
and the church here upon the earth. 
He gave His apostles the com- 
mandments and the great commis- 
sion, to carry on the work of the 
church. "Go ye therefore, and 
teach all nations, baptizing them in 
the name of the Father, and of the 
Son, and of the Holy Grost. Teach- 
ing them to observe all things what- 
so ever I have commanded you : and, 

Lo, 1 am with you always, even un- 
to the end of the world", Matt. 28 : 

The emphasis is on "whatsoever", 
which is very weighty. Whatever I 
have commanded you, from the 
greatest commandment unto the 
least commandment, must be ob- 
served. Thus we know Jesus will 
be with us. all the way of this life. 
The plan of salvation is perfect and 
complete, to give us Life Eternal. 
"Now therefore ye are no more 
strangers and foreigners but fellow- 
citizens with the saints, and of the 
household of God ; and are built up- 
on the foundation of the apostles 
and prophets, Jesus Christ himself 
being the chief corner-stone", Eph. 
2:19-20. The chief stone in the 
corner, in whom all the building is 
fitly framed together. 

The apostles began teaching and 
maintaining the doctrine of the Gos- 
pel of Jesus Christ. "Which in other 
ages was not made known unto the 
sons of men. as it is now revealed 
unto His holy apostles and prophets 
by the Spirit ; that the Gentiles 
should be fellow-heirs and of the 
same body, and partakers of his 
promise in Christ by the Gospel", 
Eph. 3 :5-6. 

We are the salt of the earth. It 
is the duty of every member of the 
church, to keep the purity and virtue 
of the church and to hold the princi- 
ples and commandments of the 
Gospel, very sacred. 
Bro. C. M. Kintner Converse, Ind. 



In this world in which we live, 
we have so many so-called life in- 
surance companies. Each one 
claiming to he the hest. They have 
even gone so far as to giving it the 
name of hospitalization, which I'm 
afraid is beginning or perhaps has 
taken some of our dear church mem- 
bers. The agents make it sound so 
very good, hut dear brethren and 
sisters, that's the way that Satan 
works. He's very sly and cunning 
in his ways. 

There is only one true insurance 
and that is God, The Father. He can 
given you the best insurance possi- 
ble. If He sees fit to allow sickness, 
then sickness will come, regardless 
of how much hospitalization you 
carry. Sure, you are probably say- 
ing you need the money to pay bills. 
Listen, God Almighty feeds and 
cares for the birds and wild ani- 
mals. How much better are we ? If 
you'll only trust in Him, He'll see 
you through. On the other hand it 
matters not how great a plague of 
sickness can get, if it's God's Will 
for you to enjoy health, then vou 
will. God can protect you when all 
vaccines and medicines fail. Oh we 
of little faith. 

Jesus Christ came to earth as an 
example for us to follow. He didn't 
carry this so-called hospitalization. 
Why should we? Aren't we suppose 
to be walking in His footsteps ? I 

believe that if we are true followers 
of His, that no such thing will be 
found. What we have is God's, 
should we be contributing of it to 
Satan ? 

Oh where is the faith that our 
forefathers had. They trusted in God 
as their insurance. Why can't we? 
We can, if we but try. God can give 
health, hospitalization cannot. What 
is wrong with us? Do we desire 
more than our share of this world's 
riches? Are we agraid to be poor 
as far as riches of this world are 
concerned ? 

I never thought so much about 
this until one day when I was ap- 
proached by such an agent. He ask- 
ed if we had life insurance. When I 
said no. he was prompt with why? 
\\ ny not then, consider his com- 
pany. I told him it was against our 
religion. His come back was that 
some take out forms of it. I briefly 
again said "No, we don't believe in 
it." That short conversation set 
me to thinking and so as I think I 
write these lines. How many of 
that SOME that he referred to are 
members of the Dunkard Brethren 
Church? I hope and pray none, but 
I'm sorely afraid that I am wrong. 

I know that I'm not perfect, nor 
do I profess to know it all. This 
one thing has been on my mind for 
some time. I believe I'm taking the 
right stand of it, if you think I'm 
wrong please write to me giving 
your opinion. 

I would not want to close without 


sending out our thanks to those 
Dear Brethren and Sisters, who at 
General Conference of 1953 and af- 
terward, remembered our dear boy 
in vonr prayers. He seems to be 
completely recovered and plays like 
anv normal child should. Many 
thanks again and that comes from 
the bottom of our hearts. We know 
God heard and answered your many 

Sister Mary Alice Carlin, 

Xev, Ohio. 


"Xot forsaking the assembling of 
ourselves together, as the manner of 
some is; but exhorting one another: 
and so much the more, as ye see the 
flay approaching," Heb. 10:25. 

Lack of interest in worship and 
the assembling together for God's 
service is very prevalent over this 
land of America today. "The day," 
referred to in the above text is no 
doubt but the day of return of our 
Lord for His bride. This scripture 
tells us then, that the nearer to the 
close of the church age, the more 
negligent will become the professors 
of Christianity in church attendance. 
Why is this? Is it because of the 
churches falling away from the true 
gospel teaching or is it because indi- 
viduals have grown lukewarm and 
do no longer have the fire of God in 
their hearts, and no longer have the 
godly ambition to press forward in 
the work of their Master? 

Many years ago people would 

gather together in the Catacombs of 
Rome, in the caves of the mountains 
under the cover of darkness, because 
of the penalty of death by the State 
were they caught, to worship God. 
The church grew steadily and many 
were added to it. In the early history 
of our own country, we can all no 
doubt remember the stories in our 
history books, how the early settlers 
were very zealous in their worship 
of God. Churches, although sim- 
ple, were one of the first buildings 
to be erected. They attended regu- 
larly in the face of grave danger 
from the Indians. But all that did 
not hinder their faith in God, and 
their assembling together. 

We live in an age of automobiles. 
There is much going, many places, 
yet worship hour finds church hous- 
es with very small congregations, al- 
though quite a number may have 
their names on the church record. 
More than likely Monday morning 
they can be found at their work, on 

A chain is no stronger than its 
weakest link. A church is much on 
the same order. Consider the inci- 
dent of Achan and the golden 
wedge how the army of Israel was 
lost because there was one tres- 
passer in the camp. Remember too, 
how victor}- was won once the sin 
was discarded. The command not 
to neglect the assembling together, 
today in worship is just as strong as 
' was the command not to take any- 
thing out of the accursed city of 


Jerico in Achan's day. Where will 
we find ourselves when the Lord 
comes to redeem his faithful ones? 
Will we he in the front lines doing 
our best or will we be idly standing 
with the crowd when the Lord says 
"Come ye blessed of my Father, in- 
herit the kingdom prepared for you 
from the foundation of the world", 
Matt. 25:34. 

Discouragement is one of the 
Devil's greatest tools. Usually the 
first symptom of a discouraged back- 
sliding christian is their absence 
from the house of worship. Contin- 
ued absence revives old temptations, 
brings new ones, discourages others, 
dims our lights before those in sin, 
and leads our families astray. Show 
me a church member who is negli- 
gent in church attendance and I'll 
show you a weak christian. Once we 
name the name of Christ we should 
always be ready to press forward 
doing all possible for our Master. 

David was a man after God's own 
heart, not because he was perfect or 
did not make mistakes, but because 
he was willing to correct those mis- 
takes. He said, "I was glad when 
they said unto me. Let us go into the 
house of the Lord", Psa. 122-1. 

"And he came to Nazareth, where 
he had been brought up ; and, as his 
custom was, he went into the syna- 
gogue on the sabbath day. and stood 
up for to read." Luke 4:16. Even 
Christ the giver of salvation felt the 
necessity of assembling together 
with believers. If it was good for 

David, for our soul-cleansing Sav- 
iour, for the apostles, saints, and 
patriarchs, it certainly must be nec- 
essary for us. It is my prayer that 
every one who names the name of 
Christ be found at worship, unless 
health or circumstances prevent, on 
time, with a studied lesson and a 
ready mind free from worldy at- 
tachment. Then will we receive the 
blessings of mountain top experi- 
ences we were hitherto unacquainted 

Ruth M. Snyder, 

R. D. 2, Box 170 
Oakland, Marvland. 


Ward's Dunkard Brethren Church 

We as a part of the Waynesboro 
Congregation living near Clearville, 
Pa., sure do appreciate reading the 
Bible Monitor. We find from time 
to time, many wonderful inspiring 
messages from God's Holy Word. 
It gives us new life and a spirit of 
growth, from what we learn as we 
read these sacred messages. Jesus 
says in His Holy Word, John 8:32, 
"And ye shall know the truth and 
the truth shall make you free". 

I do believe, with the spirit shown 
from time to time, as they write to 
the Bible Monitor for publication, 
that they are spirit filled to be mov- 
ed in thought : as it pleases our 
Father who is in heaven to do so, 
may He speak through them. As 
we turn to Ecc. 12:9-10, "Moreov- 



er. because the preacher was wise, 
he still taught the people knowledge ; 
yea, he gave good heed, and sought 
out, and set in order many proverbs. 
The preacher sought to find out ac- 
ceptable words: and that which was 
written was upright even words of 
truth". I know that the truths which 
we find from those inspiring mes- 
sages concerning God's Word, will 
be a marker and a guide in the walk 
of our christian life, as we journey 
on to our heavenly kingdom, that 
Christ has gone to prepare for us, if 
we are only faithful to him. 

As we turn to look back at the 

er souls being added to the church 
and a hundred fold to God's King- 
dom, is my prayer to our Heavenly 

Sister Retha Mallow 

We opened our preaching service, 
at 2 :30 May 12, with hymn 401 and 
404. Eld. Amnion Keller read Psa. 
1 and led in prayer. Eld. W. A. 
Taylor of Waynesboro Congrega- 
tion, spoke from Dan. 1 :8. Eld. 
A. G. Fahnestock read 1 Cor. 11 
and spoke on the examination ser- 

vice, also Bro. Keller spoke on the 
past we can see how gracious God same subject. At 7 p. m. forty 
has been unto us here at Ward's ■ precious souls surrounded the 

church. He has caused a church to 
be founded by inspired men. Then 
He sent His servants to labor in 
this moral vineyard, of this area, 
with a series of meetings in 1955 ; 
the results of eleven converts and I 
am one of them myself. Praise God 
that I found Jesus and Jesus found 
me. By the works of God, through 
the General Mission Board's help, 
has made it possible to send inspir- 
ed servants to help us labor and 
carry on the good work here at 
this place. 

With God's help we are looking 
forward to another series of meet- 
ings, starting June 15 and ending 
June 24 with all-day services. If the 
Lord is willing, Bro. James Keger- 
reis will be our evangelist. We are 
praying that such a service may 
mean much to us and result in oth- 

Lord's table, for the services which 
Jesus set the example for us in the 
upper room. Eld. W. A. Taylor, of- 
ficiated. Also the following Minis- 
ters were present : A. G. Fahne- 
stock, and Amnion Keller from Liti- 
tz Cong. : our elder James Kegerreis 
from Bethel Cong. : and our home 
brethren Ray S. Shank and W. C 

Sunday morning at 9:30 fifty- 
three met for Sunday-school, follow- 
ed by preaching. After hymn 465, 
Bro. \\ T . C. Cocklin read 1 Cor. 13 
and led in prayer. Bro. Howard My- 
ers from Shrewsbury Cong., spoke 
on Matt. 28:5 and Bro. Kegerreis 
spoke on the same chapter, Bro. 
Shank led the closing devotions. 
We are especially thankful for those 
from other congregations who came 
to worship with us, may God add 


His blessings to all who came to 
worship with its, is our prayer. 
Harry L. Jiuikins, Cor. 


If the Lord is willing". Bro. Am- 
nion Keller from Lebanon, Pa., will 
hold a two-weeks revival meeting 
at the Dunkard Brethren Church in 
Waterford, Calif. These meetings 
will begin on Sunday. July 8. 

On July 20 our District Meeting 
will begin, with our Lovefeast the 
Saturday evening of July 21. We 
wish to extend a hearty invitation 
to all those that can, to come and 
attend these meetings. To those who 
cannot attend, we would appreciate 
your prayers, that much good will 
be done for the Lord during these 

Sister Doris Bvfield, Cor. 

Master above, and that they might 
have the happy privilege of leading 
others into the fold. 

Continue to pray for the little 
group at Swallow Falls. We appre- 
ciate your presence, your prayers 
and your encouragements. 

Ruth M. Snvder, Cor. 


On March 24 the Swallow Falls 
congregation met in Council. The 
meeting was opened by singing, af- 
ter which Bro. Z. L. Mellott read a 
scripture and led in prayer. Our 
presiding Elder, Bro. George Dor- 
sey, then took charge of the meet- 
ing. Several items of business came 
before the meeting and were dis- 
posed of in a christian manner. 

On May 13 we were made to re- 
joice when three precious souls 
gave their hearts to the Lord and 
their hands to the church by chris- 
tian baptism. We pray that they 
will be steadfast workers for their 


The daughter of Jacob and Mar- 
garet Haspllehorne Gerhart, was 
born in Miami County, Indiana, 
Aug. 28, 1865. She was united in 
marriage to Nathaniel Kendall in 
1885. To this union were born 
four sons and four daughters : Etta 
Mae Cline. Yern E. Kendall, Des- 
sa Pearl Hodson and James Russell 
Kendall, R. 2, Greentown, Ind. ; 
Virgil Rav Kendall, of Amboy, Ind. ; 
Sylvia Edith Parker, R. 3, Arcanum, 
Ohio : Charles Marvin Kendall, of 
Claypool, Ind., and Eva Ellen Wil- 
lits. R. 4. Kokomo, Ind. Dessa Pearl 
having preceded her in death in 1920 
and her husband in 1935. 

She leaves to mourn her passing: 
seven children ; one sister, Mrs. 
James Strebin, of Greentown, Ind. ; 
28 grand-children ; 55 great-grand- 
children and two great-great-grand- 

Martha lived her entire life of 90 
years in the community .in which she 
died. Her untiring efforts of min- 
istering to the sick and needy, of her 
neighbors and loved ones, shall be a 
living memorial to those who were 



near and dear to her. Early in life 
she accepted Christ as her personal 
Saviour and united with the Dunk- 
ard Brethren church to which she 
was a devoted, faithful member. 

Funeral services were conducted 
from the Plevna Dunkard Brethren 
church by Elder Floyd Swihart, as- 
sisted by Bro. Harley Rush. Inter- 
ment in the Kendall Cemetery. 

Dearest mother thou hast left us. 
And our loss we deeply feel. 
But 'tis God that has bereft us. 
He will all our sorrows heal. 
Yet again we hope to meet thee. 
When the day of life has fled. 
When in Heaven in joy to greet 

Where no farewell tears are shed. 

Ruthanna Kintner, Cor. 


Dear young soldiers of the Cross, 
Greetings of love in our blessed Re- 
deemer's name : Many of us as par- 
ents, ministers and Sunday-school 
teachers are deeply interested in the 
welfare of our dear young people. 
We welcome you into the fold. The 
writer has had the pleasure and en- 
joyment where such can not other- 
wise be found. You may have learn- 
ed that this world, with its alure- 
ments, splendor, grandeur, vanity 
and follies cannot give peace to a 
troubled soul and now have accepted 
the invitation of our dear Savior, 
"Come unto me", Matt. 11:28-29. 

To all who have made this wise 
choice and enlisted under the ban- 
ner of our King, our message of 
friendly counsel and advice is di- 
rected, in hope that it may prove 
helpful and bring glory to God's 

It is indeed a source of great 
pleasure and much joy to know that 
so many of our sons and daughters 
have confessed Christ before men. 
Matt. 10:32-33. and have associated 
themselves with the church, and we 
trust are living for Him, Who died 
for us. "Behold, what manner of 
love the -Father hath bestowed upon 
us. that we should be called the sons 
of God", 1 John 3:1. Let us think of 
the great, unspeakable, boundless 
love of God, manifested to us in giv- 
ing His only begotten Son, to die in 
that awfid agony upon the cross to 
redeem us from our fallen condition, 
John 3:16; Gal. 1 :4; Eph. 2. that 
we through His poverty might be 
rich. 2 Cor. 8:9. 

He redeemed us with His own 
blood, bought us, paid the great 
price, 1 Cor. 6:19-20; 1 Cor. 7:23. 
I repeat this, let us ponder on what 
He has done for us. and we must 
certainly conclude that it is our 
highest duty, our most blessed priv- 
ilege, to give ourselves to Him. All 
to Him we owe". Were the whole 
realm of nature mine. That were a 
present far too small. Love so amaz- 
ing, so divine, Demands my life, my 
soul, my all. 

It is but reasonable that the one 



who paid the price should have His 
property. It remains for every one 
of us, therefore, to transfer the own- 
ership, or be found guilty of the aw- 
ful sin of keeping that which does 
not belong to us (ourselves). Right 
in the beginning "We beseech you. . 
therefore, by the mercies of God, 
that ye present your bodies a living 
sacrifice, holy, acceptable unto God, 
which is your reasonable service". 
When we by faith, accept Christ and 
His finished work, Eph. 2 :8-9, we 
should bear in mind that nothing we 
can do, can merit salvation. 

"Nothing in my hands I bring, 
simply to Thy cross I cling". "God 
forbid that I should glory, save in 
the cross of our Lord Jesus Christ", 
Gal. 6:14, should be the attitude of 
every one of us. Then we will be 
ready to say, "Here Lord, I give 
myself to Thee, Tis all that I can 

Of all the many beautiful sights 
that we may behold in this world, 
there is none more beautiful than a 
fully consecrated, wholly surrender- 
ed life, a life of self-denial, sacrifice, 
cross-bearing, cheerfully, willingly 
and gladly following our Lord and 
Savior all the way, Mark 8 :34-36 ; 
Luke 9 :23-26. He went about doing 
good, lived for the good of others, 
seeking and saving the lost, helping 
the helpless, etc. He calls for vol- 
unteers to continue His work, 
John 20:21; Phil. 2:5-8. He said, 
"My yoke is easy". The yoke is for 
service, I trust my readers under- 

stand that no work done will avail 
anything unless we first accept Him 
and give ourselves unto Him. He 
demands an undivided heart, undi- 
vided affections, undivided love, 
then very readily follows whole- 
hearted service, not to merit salva- 
tion, but "the love of Christ con- 
straineth us". 

We are very much concerned that 
all who have come to Christ should 
also fully follow Him, John 8:31; 
1 John 2:4-6; John 14:15; 15:14. 
We show our love to Him by obey- 
ing His Word. Some of us are 
young in years, in the budding per- 
iod of life. We have heeded the 
admonition of the preacher, Ecc. 
12:1, and Christ's advice, ''Seek ye 
first the kingdom of God", Matt. 6 : 

May none of us be satisfied with a 
cold, formal, empty profession, but 
may there be that perfect willingness 
to submit entirely to His Will, as 
obedient children I Pet. 1 :14. The 
most obedient are the most happy. 
It is sad to see so many come into 
the church and confess Christ before 
men, whose lives are evidently un- 
fruitful. May such not be the case 
with us. May we all be workers 
and not drones. In order that we 
may grow in the spiritual life we 
need to partake of good wholesome 
food "The sincere milk of the 
Word". This is very important, ne- 
glect it not, read daily a portion of 
that wonderful Volume. 

It is a letter from God, our Heav- 



enlv Father, in which He reveals to 
us His will concerning us. Meditate 
i in its sublime truth, obey its pre- 
cepts, and pray that the Holy Spirit 
mav reveal its meaning and guide us 
in the Way. It is the most wonder- 
ful hook in the world. It is our rule 
of life. Fill vonr minds with many 
of the beautiful passages of the 
Word of God, so that we may, even 
while engaged in our daily duties, 
feel like singing unto the Lord, 
praising His Holy name, Col. 3:16; 
1 Pet. 2; Psa. 119:11,105; Jas. 1: 
21-27: Fph. 6:10-19. It was with 
the Word of God that our Savior 
resisted the tempter. 

Do not think it strange if you will 
meet with trials and temptations. No 
doubt some of you will at times, be 
severely tried by some of your form- 
er associates. If they try to induce 
you to go with them to places of sin, 
or ask you to do things that are not 
becoming, or perchance point the 
ringer of scorn at you, or call you 
queer, etc., be firm and remember 
that we are not our own. Never 
compromise with sin, be out and out 
for God, 1 Cor. 16:13. Study this 
verse carefully, and when like Peter 
who, when on a troubled sea took 
his eyes away from Christ, looked at 
the dangers around him and began 
to sink ; then yea before them, al- 
ways let us pray for grace to stand 
firm ; depending on the promise to 
Paul 2 Cor. 12:9, and Paul's state- 
ment 2 Tim. 1 :12, and God's ques- 
tion to Sarah, "Is anything too hard 

for the Lord", and Christ's own 
words, "Have faith in God". 

Have implicit trust and unshaken 
confidence in God, knowing that He 
is able to keep us, Jude 24. We dare 
not trust ourselves or our own 
strength, Jer. 17:9, but may we 
learn from our dear Savior, that 
root of all Christian graces, humility 
and meekness ; and look to Him 
from whence all our help cometh. 
We should often go somewhere 
alone with God, in quiet meditation 
and prayer and have a season of 
communion with our Heavenly 

I fear in these days of activity, 
in all lines, we are inclined to neglect 
this blessed privilege. When in the 
crowded street, in the noisy work- 
shop, or pressed with business cares 
we cannot so well be engaged in ser- 
ious, sober, calm meditations. There 
is too much excitement all around ; 
hence we need often to seek some 
quiet place ; where unhindered and 
undisturbed, we may think on the 
important things of life. I earnestly 
plead with all who mav read this, let 
us not get so busy that we have not 
time for meditation and closet pray- 
er. May we often remember the 
cause of Christ in our prayers, the 
poor, the sick and the orphans and 
even if we prayed more for our min- 
isters we would be more interested 
in their work. 

We are living in a fast age. The 
world is running after pleasure. We 
must be watchful that we are not 



taken along with the course of this 
world, Eph. 2:2. These worldly 
amusements, even many called inno- 
cent, are to the spiritual life what 
poison is to the body, harmful and 
destructive. I never yet met a strong 
spiritually-minded soldier of the 
Cross, who was playing on the ene- 
mies side: wasting the Lord's time 
at : picture shows, theaters, ball 
(games, fairs, festivals, box suppers, 
etc. : even if gotten up in the name 
of religion, pretending to raise mon- 
ey for the Lord's work. I question 
if these things will stand the test of 
I Cor. 10:31. 

I was told several times of sisters 
wearing the devotional covering, 
who attended theaters ; I never saw 
any there (I never was there) but 
if any do attend such places, re- 
gardless whether their elder knows 
it or not. God knows it. If 
He comes to make up His 
jewels, can we suppose for a mo- 
ment that He would go into such 
places to find them? Oh, my friends, 
let us resolve by His grace, never 
to be found on the enemies' ground. 
We certainly have no time to waste 
in that way. Have you ever felt 
edified or made stronger after spend- 
ing an afternoon in children's games, 
which may have their place for chil- 
dren but a man puts away childish 
things. There are better things for 
us to engage in, Jas. 1 :27. Often- 
times these spare moments could be 
profitably spent in reading, medita- 
tion, visiting the sick, helping a tired 

wife or mother, etc. 

Let us watch against the "little 
foxes". Let us set a watch over our 
thoughts, our words and our daily 
conduct ; let our speech be always 
seasoned with salt, that it may min- 
ister grace to those that hear, Col. 
4 :6 : Eph. 5 :4. Our Captain wants 
us to stand as His witnesses ; true, 
loyal, faithful, everywhere and at 
all times. 

Can the Lord depend on us, or 
will we betray His cause by our 
inconsistent life? Be not satisfied 
with a low standard. Aim high. The 
best version of the Bible is a godly 
life. Xo amount of good works can 
take the place of personal piety, a 
true, noble christian character, 2 
Pet. 1:3-10 Gal. 5:22-23: John 15: 
5. YVe are daily building character, 
what kind ? Gold, silver, precious 
stones, or wood. hay. stubble? No 
one liveth to himself, hence let us 
walk carefully. YVe will pass away, 
but our influence will go on for- 

The record of our life we will 
some day meet just as we made it, 
Rev. 20:12. Whenever possible (ex- 
cepting when sickness or death in 
family, or such other reasons that 
will stand the test of judgment, pre- 
vent us from doing so J always be in 
Church and Sunday-school. Make 
all your other engagements bend to 
the work of the church. 

When we come to the house of 
God, let us not loiter around on the 
outside, but at once to in and if ear- 



lv. we can at least be quiet and med- 
itate. It certainly does not look as 
if we were a part of the church, if 
we are standing on the outside while 
the ministers and Sunday-school 
workers, are endeavoring to instruct 
the people from the holy Book. 

Ministers oftentimes have other 
things to attend to. so that very of- 
ten thev themselves cannot he in 
Sunday-school. Let every brother 
and sister, old and young, stand with 
a shoulder to the wheel and at least 
show our interest in the cause by 
our presence. Heb. 10:25. Let us 
make this a point from the beginning 
of our christian life to be regular- 
ly at the service, not allowing our- 
selves to be sidetracked by other 
things at such times. You can be a 
very great help to your ministers if 
you give them your best attention 
while they hand out the bread of life. 

Do not engage in whispering dur- 
ing service. It seems to me the one 
who cannot refrain from disturbing 
his seatmate during worship, is eith- 
er very thoughtless and giddy or is 
employed by the enemy to prevent 
the good seed from finding a place 
in the heart. It is a wonderful help 
to ourselves and ministers, if we are 
all quiet and attentive, being really 

The more we do for the church, 
the more we will love the work. Let 
us not forget her institutions, giving 
of our means to support them. We 
will be much happier if we contri- 
bute, to the children's and old folk's 

homes, mission work and our home 
church work ; rather than using so 
much of these God-given blessings 
for ourselves. Many lay aside a 
certain portion of their income for 
the Lord's work. 

By all means live the simple life. 
Away with this extravagance, vanitv 
and foolishness. May we as young 
people all stand united in living the 
simple life, that we may not miss 
the purpose of our creation and re- 
demption. Eph. 2 :7. Grand, large, 
fine houses, with expensive furniture 
and fancy work everywhere to keep 
in trim, such things help to make life 
burdensome, not simple, 2 Cor. 1 1 :3. 

If we will heed God's Word and 
not do what Israel did, 2 Kings 17: 
15, we will certainly delight to do 
His Will and be separate. We are 
made to rejoice that in so many 
places, our young members are put- 
ting into practice that vital principle 
of Christ's teaching, and as taught 
by the church also, of separation and 
non-conformity, 2 Cor. 6:14-18; 1 
John 2:15-17; Jas. 4:4; 1 Tim. 2: 
9-10 ; 1 Pet. e :3-4 ; Rom. 12:2; Tit. 

It does matter, my friends how we 
dress. All of us know what the 
Dunkard Brethren church stands for 
along this line. Nowhere in the 
Bible do we find any promise of God 
to go with us, unless we comply with 
the conditions "to be a separate peo- 
ple". By many this teaching is ig- 
nored, Jer. 7 :23-24. Dear young 
people, upon you will soon fall the 



responsibility of the church. Shall 
we be able to preserve the simplicity 
of life and dress ? or will we let our 
sons walk the streets as dudes and 
our daughters as butterflies of fash- 
ion ? It lies within our power to have 
it otherwise. Let us all with one 
heart and one mind agree, to con- 
form fully to the practice of the 
[church. I never did think well of 
halfway plainness. Many faithful 
ministers are making strenuous ef- 
forts to keep the beloved church, in 
the simplicity of the Gospel. 

We will expect you as young 
members to be truly loyal to the 
church and her principles. Shall we 
be disappointed? A certain Method- 
ist minister said to one of our min- 
isters, "When the Methodist church 
was a plain church they were a pow- 
erful people. Since we have lost 
our simplicity, we have largely lost 
our power. Brother, whatever you 
do, keep your people in the simplic- 
ity of the gospel". Will you stand by 
us? Will you practice in your life 
what we profess ? Separate, set apart 
for God's service. 

Let us be reminded of our bap- 
tismal vow. Were we not asked 
upon bended knee, before God and 
man, whether we were willing to 
wholly submit our life unto God? 
Are you willing to renounce satan, 
with his works of darkness? Did we 
not answer "yes" ? Upon our word 
of honor the elder received us into 
fellowship. Should we feel griev- 
ed when the brotherhood expects 

and demands of us to do as agreed ? 
Is it not honorable? Is it not right? 
Is it loyal if we do not show that 
respect to God's Word which it de- 

Let not one of us as young mem- 
bers allow ourselves to be deceived 
in this matter, but let us help our 
ministers, who are often very much 
grieved to see some of us not obe- 
dient. Sometimes people have a 
great trouble to be able to know 
some of us from the world, because 
we have no mark of separation, but 
are fashionably clothed with finery 
and jewelry, which certainly is con- 
trary to the Word of God. I want 
to encourage you, dear young people, 
in this matter. It lies in your pow- 
er to change entire communities. 

Will you be true and loyal, or will 
you do what some are doing, invent- 
ing, introducing, and following after 
foolish fads which are expressing 
foolishness and vanity? A little or- 
namental bonnet, perhaps of a mix- 
ture of straw and braid and an agon- 
izing shape, which is certainly far 
from the neat modest bonnet that our 
sisters should wear ; hair disarrang- 
ed and a very small covering, which 
does not meet the requirements of 1 
Cor. 11 :l-6 as it does not cover the 
head ; brethren wearing unbecoming 
headgear and stylish clothes, are a 
few of the fads that are being eager- 
ly followed by some of whom we ex- 
pected better things. 

I would rather see people follow- 
ing after the fashions in the word, 



than to see tliem pretend to be plain 
and following" along the "border 
line" after fads which are neither 
modest nor becoming to those who 
profess to be a separate people. Do 
not do as some, gradually drift away 
into worldliness, but may we all 
stand loyal under the bloodstained 
banner of our Lord and King, under 
whom we have enlisted. You may 
not be able to do much, but may you 
resolve with a certain young sister, 
"The preachers shall not need to 
preach those things off me". If you 
cannot help much, you can at least 
be careful not to make the work any 
heavier for your elders and minis- 

Some of you may have had a hard 
struggle, until you were willing to 
yield. Let us remember that if God 
would not spare His own Son, He 
will certainly not ask us to give up 
anything except the things that are 
harmful to us, Rom. 8:32-39: Matt. 
19 :29. This point we strongly urge : 
You will never be happy in your 
Christian life unless you are obe- 
dient to the Word, and in this the 
discipline of the church is a great 
help to us, Let us be loyal and 
"Obey those who have the rule over 
us", Heb. 13:7-17. Consider your 
minister among your best friends. 
When anything is not clear to you, 
be free to ask them, you will find 
them very glad to help you in any 
way they can. 

Be careful in the choosing of your 
associates, especially be careful and 

prayerful in choosing a life compan- 
ion. Read the Bible and our church 
publications regularly. Am I letting 
my light shine ? Am I kind and lov- 
ing to all about me? Is my conversa- 
tion pure? Is my life clean and holy? 
Did I this day make any one happy ? 
Did I invite anyone to church ser- 
vice? Would the world or any one 
miss me? Did I ever say an encour- 
aging word to my ministers? Did 
I ever make my parents know I love 
them? Many such questions we 
should often ask ourselves in our 
meditations. Before we forget, let us 
get our Bibles and meditate upon the 
references given in this article. Will 
you keep this message and read it 
often ? 

God bless our young people. 
Many of you are adorning the 
church as beautiful ornaments with 
that "meek and quiet spirit which is, 
in the sight of God, of great price." 
"Herein is my Father glorified, that 
ye bear much fruit", John 15:8. Be 
faithful, watch and pray. At last 
when we close our eyes to the scenes 
of life and our earthly story is writ- 
ten, and our work done, may it be 
"Well done". 

J. W. Weaver 
Sel. from July 1942 Bible Monitor 
by Bro. Jacob Clapper. 


Job 16:19, 21-22, "Behold, my 
witness is in heaven, and my record 
is on high. O that one might plead 
for a man with God, as a man 



pleadeth for his neighbor. When a 
few years are come, then I shall go 
the way whence I shall not return". 
Acts 1 :8, "Ye shall receive power 
after that the Holy Ghost is come 
upon you : and ye shall be witness 
unto me. both in Jerusalem, and in 
all Judea, and in Samaria, and unto 
the uttermost part of the earth". 
This was told and commanded, to 
His believers, they were under re- 
sponsibility, at that day and age. 
What is our responsibility? One 
prominent church member said that 
he pays tithes and attends church 
services, thus he thinks is all that is 
necessary for his salvation. 

The word selfishness means : De- 
sire that leads one to seek only his 
own pleasure and comfort. The love 
of oneself. Caring chiefly for self. 
Trusting in one's own abilities. 
Luke 18:11-13, "The Pharisee 
stood and prayed thus with himself ; 
God, I thank thee that I am not as ! 
other men are, extortioners, unjust, 
adulterers, or even as this publican. 
I fast twice in a week, I give tithes 
of all that I possess." The publican 
said only, "To be merciful to me a 
sinner". Does this Pharisees not 
show forth selfishness ? Do you think 
he was of a willing mind to be liberal 
and share with others? He that ex- 
alteth himself shall be abased. 

Did Jesus have a selfish spirit or 
life? 2 Cor. 8:9, "For ye know the 
grace of our Lord Jesus Christ, that 
though he was rich, yet for your 
.sakes he became poor, that ye 

through his poverty might be rich". 
He gave His all, for the redemption 
or humanity. His life and even 
His blood on Calvary's Cross, to 
cleanse us from our sins. His love 
was so great for the salvation of 
man, that no human mind can fully 
comprehend it. Rev. 1 :5. "Unto him 
that loved us, and washed us from 
our sins ,in his own blood". Can a 
person receive salvation by doing 

Jesus spake a parable of a certain 
nobleman, who went into a far 
country to receive for himself a 
kingdom, and to return. So he call- 
ed his ten servants and delivered 
them ten pounds, and said unto 
them occupy till I come. And it 
came to pass, that when he was re- 
turned, having received the king- 
dom, he commanded these servants 
to give an account, that he might 
know how much every man had 
gained. The first, saying Lord thy 
pound gained ten pounds. The 
second come saying, Lord thy pound 
has gained five pounds. And the 
other came saying. Lord behold 
here is thy pound which I have kept 
for you. The latter did nothing to- 
ward an increase, while he occupied. 
Do we occupy the time and oppor- 
tunities of doing good to humanity 
and to the saving of souls? 

Jesus said, Out of thine own 
mouth will I judge thee, thou wicked 
servant, and he said, Take from him 
the pound and give it to him that 
hath ten pounds. We do not read 



that this (me committed sin, but he 
was nut laboring fur his Lord. Thou 
wicked and slothful servant. Matt. 
25:30, "Cast ye the unprofitable 
servant into outer darkness''. Matt. 
7:19, "Every tree that brings th nor. 
forth good fruit is hewn down, and 
cast into the fite"; Heb. 6:10. "'For 
God is not unrighteous to forget 
your work and labor of love, which 
ye have showed toward his name, 
in that ye have ministered to the 
saints''. Rom. 12. Not slothful in 
business : fervent in spirit : serving 
the Lord. Distributing to the ne- 
cesssity of saints, given to hospital- 
ity. Provide things honest in the 
sight of all men. Be not overcome of I 
evil, but overcome evil with good, i 
So how can we justly say we have j 
nothing to do. Love vvorketh no 
ill to his neighbor: therefore love is 
the fulfilling of the law. 

Is it possible that a servant of the 
Lord can he selfish ? Lor the king- 
dom of God is not meat and drink ;but 
righteousness, and peace, and joy 
in the Holy Ghost, willing to be led 
by the Holy Spirit. For he that in. 
these things serveth Christ is accept- 
able to God, and approved of men. 
Let us follow after the things which 
make for peace. Ts it possible that 
love lias no active power, or visible 
effect? Luke 7:44-48. "Jesus turned 
and said unto Simon, seest thou this 
woman ? I entered into thine house, 
thou gavest me no water for my 
feet: hut she hath washed my feet 
with tears, and wiped them with the 

hairs of her head. Thou gavest me 
no kiss : but this woman since the 
time I came in, hath not cease d to 
kiss my feet. Mine head with oil 
thou didst not anoint ; hut this wo- 
man hath anointed mv feet with oint- 
ment. Wherefore, I say unto thee, 
Her sms which are many, are forgiv- 
en ; for she loved much : hut to whom 
little is given, the same loveth little. 
And Jesus said unto her, Thy sins 
are forgiven. Thy faith hath saved 
thee : go in peace". Did this woman 
show or prove her faith by doing 
nothing? No, she proved her faith 
by love and works , by doing for her 
Master what she could. 

John 12:3-6, Then took Marv a 
pound of ointment of spikenard very 
cosily, and anointed the feet of 
Jesus, and wiped his feet with her 
hair. Then said one of his disci- 
ples, Judas Iscariot, Simon's son, 
why was not this ointment sold for 
three hundred pence, and given *o 
the poor? This he said, not that he 
cared for the poor: but because he 
was a thief, and had the baq; 
(money purse) and bare what was 
put therein. I wonder whether 
there are not men and women of to- 
day like unto Judas, not caring for 
tl ie poor? Some making great dona- 
tions to institutions, to publish it. 
Then said Jesus. Let her alone, 
against the day of my burying hadi 
she done this. Luke 12:47-48, 
"And that servant, which knew his 
Lord's will, and prepared not him- 
self, neither did according to his 


will, shall be beaten with many 
stripes, but lie that knew not,.. 
shall be beaten with few stripes. For 
unto whomsoever much is given of 
him shall lie much required. 

J as. 4:17. Therefore to him that 
knnweth to do good, and doeth it 
not, to him it is sin". Ignorance is 
not a legal way to excuse us for our 
mistakes. Let him know, that he 
which converted! the sinner from the 
error of las way shall save a soul 
from death (spiritual death) and 
shall hide a multitude of sins. 1 
John 1 ,7-9, "If we walk in the 
light, as he is in ihe light, we have 
fellowship cue with another, and the 
blood of Jesus Christ, his son.cleans- 
cth us from all sin. If we confess 
gut sins he is faithful and jnst to for- 
give US our sins, and to cleanse us 
from all unrighteousness' 7 . Some- 
thing for us to do. Can anv one be 
a true christian and he selfish? Can 
any one he a true christian by doing 
nothing? The apostle Paul stated, 
Remember, brethren, our labor and 
travail : for laboring day and night, 
because we would not be chargeable 
unto any of you, preaching unto you 
the gospel of God. That ye would 
wait? worth}' of God, who hath called 
you unto J lis kingdom. For our 
gospel came not unto you in word 
only, but also in power, and in the 
Holy Ghost, and in much assurance. 
Matt. 9:35-36. "Jesus went about 
all the cities and villages, teaching in 


iftg every sickness and every disease 

among the people. When we saw 
the multitudes he was moved with 
compassion on them". Matt. 14:14, 
"And jesns went forth, and saw a 
great multitude, and was moved 
with compassion (pity) toward 
them, and he healed there sick". 
Mark 6:34. "Jesus, when be came 
fan. saw much people, and was mov- 
ed with compassion toward them, 
because they were as sheep not hav- 
ing a shepherd : and he began to 
teach them many things". Can we 
become selfish, not have compassion 
for others? Mark 5:19. "Jesus saith 
unto him. Go home to thy friends, 
and tell them how great things the 
Lord has done for thee., and hath 
had compassion on them". Jesus did 
all the good for humanity he could. 
Luke 10:33, A certain Samaritan, 
as he. journeyed, came where he 
u-as ; and when he saw him, he had 
compassion on the unfortunate man, 
that fell among thieves, and went to 
him and bound up his wounds", 1 
Pet. 3 :8, "Finally, be ye all of one 
mind, having compassion one of an- 
other; love as brethren, he pitiful, 
be courteous". Heh. 5 ;2 f "Who can 
have compassion on the ignorant, 
and on them that are out of the 
way] for that he himself also is 
compassed with infirmity". Many 
christians become selfish, and feel 
themselves better than others, dis- 
respect and disregard all that they 

their synagogues and preaching the j think arc not equal with them in this 
gospel of the kingdom, and heal- I life, practice nnd name. They east 



vou out and have nothing to do with 
von. Is this not a selfish so-called 
christian? Beware of the leaven of 
the Pharisees and scribes. The 
Pharisees were of the strictest Jews 
of their day and age, and yet they 
were selfish. We have many so-call- 
ed christians of today like unto the 

Matt. 7:15, "Beware of false 
prophets, which come to you in 
sheep's clothing, but inwardly they 
are raving wolves". A heart that 
has become hardened has become 
selfish, and has no divine love in it. 
He might have love for praise 
and honor but not to serve. Mark 
3:4-5, "Jesus saith unto them 
(Pharisees), Is it lawful to do 
good on the sabbath day. But they 
held their peace, and when he looked 
round about on them with anger, be- 
ing grieved for the hardness of their 
hearts". Mark 6 :52, "For they con- 
sidered not the miracle of the loaves ; 
for their hearts were hardened". 
Mark 8:15, 17-18. He charged them 
saying. Take heed, beware of the 
leaven of the Pharisees and of the 
leaven of Herod. He said unto the 
disciples. Why reason ye because ye 
have no bread ? perceive ye not yet, 
neither understand ? have ve your 
heart yet hardened? How about us 
today ? 

Matt. 19:8, "Jesus saith unto 
them, Moses, because of the hard- 
ness of your hearts, suffered you to 
put away your wives: but from the 
beginning it was not so". When 

lust is conceived, then divine love 
disappears. When self-righteous- 
ness comes into our lives, then the 
Holy Spirit leaves us, and we walk 
in darkness, regardless of our uni- 
form. We are living in a day when 
people want a vacation. What would 
we do if the Lord be on a vacation 
or the Holy Spirit? No Being to 
help, lead and direct the true chris- 
tians. Did Paul or Jesus go on a 
vacation of golfing or recreations of 
various sorts? What is our greatest 
interest, for self or for the saving 
of souls of sinful humanity and 
whatever we can do in the service 
of humanity? 

Phil. 2 :4-5, Let this mind be in 
you, which was also in Christ Jesus. 
What was the mind of Jesus? Was 
it of selfish interest? Look not 
everv man on his own things but 
also on things of others. Let your 
conversation be as it becometh the 
gospel of Christ. The apostle Paul 
stated, for me to live is Christ, and 
to die is gain. I wonder whether 
some people have it, when to live is 
pleasure, seeking some selfish de- 
sires, and then to die will be loss and 
vanity. For the wages of sin is 
death, but the gift of God is eternal 
life, through Jesus Christ our Lord. 
For there is no respect of persons 
with God. The word pride and the 
word selfishness are closely related. 
Pride is a sense of personal dignity, 
a sense of self importance and a high 
opinion of one's self. Selfishness 
often comes from having attained 



honor, wealth, and success by one's 
own efforts, ability and talent. 

Rom. 12:10, "Be kindly affection- 
ed one to another with brotherly 
love, in honour preferring one an- 
other". Rom. 14:7-9. "For none of 
us liveth to himself, and no man 
dieth to himself. Whether we live 
therefore, or die, we are the Lord's. 
For to this end Christ both died, 
and arose, that He might be Lord 
both of the dead and the living". So 
then every one of us shall give ac- 
count of himself to God. Is your all 
on the altar of sacrifice laid ? Yield to 
Him your body and soul. 

Wm. N. Kinsley. 
Hartville, Ohio. 


The life 1 live, the trails I take, 
The help I give, mistakes I make. 
The things 1 say, whate'er they be, 
Are all a part of destiny. 
You may live in far off Spain 
And I across the sea. 
But the things I do are felt by you. 
Then echoed back to me. 

Our destiny is but a part 
Of love or hate that's in our heart. 
Easier trails may have been made 
By things I should have left unsaid. 
Eyes to shine and hearts made gay 
By other things that I may say ; 
So I can quite plainly see 
How to guide our destiny. 

SeL by Eileen Poorman. 


First : 

He brought me here — It is by 
His will I am in this strait 
place ; in that will I rest. 

Next : 

He will keep me in His love, 
and give me grace in this trial 
to behave as His child. 

Then : 

He will make a trial a blessing, 
teaching me the lessons He 
wants me to learn, and working 
in me the grace He intends for 


In His good time He can bring 
me out again, how and when 
He knows. 

Say — I am here — 

1 — By God's appointment. 
2 — In God's keeping. 
3 — Under His training. 
A — For His time. 

Sel. by Ruby Sowers. 


One cross : Nearly-new ; I can 
not carry it and keep up with the 
world and its crowd. 

One Talent : New except slightly 
shelf worn. It has been laid away 
for several years. 

One five-piece set of armor : All 
pieces in good shape, only need pol- 
ishing. One bundle of Christian 
opportunities : One, that of going 
to church every Sunday and to pray- 



er meeting on Wednesday night ; 
another, the opportunity of soul- 
winning. I seldom use these oppor- 
tunities, so have decided to let them 
go at this sale. 

One badly used Christian influ- 
ence : buyer may be able to repair 
it if carefully handled. 

The above articles are in the base- 
ment of my house located at the 
corner of Careless Avenue and Ne- 
glect Street. A lot of Church Mem- 

In Gospel Herald. 

Sel. by Sister Jeanette Poorman. 



The beauty of a lily and the beauty 

of a face 
Make bright a gloomy corner and 

exalt the common place 
But there's nothing shines so bright- 
ly in the world of human 
As the beauty and the glory of a 
kind and thoughtful deed. 

There are lovely things to look at ; 

there's the blue sky and the sun. 
And the hilltop in the distance and 

the works that men have done. 
But the best of God's creation in 

this world of joy and smart 
Are the helping hand of service and 

the big and generous heart. 

Not on canvas or in marble or in 
flowers which bloom to fade, 

Or in lovely skies which vanish are 
the lasting beauties made. 

They make the dismal places, 

But the kind and cheery voice 
And the heart that is unselfish 
make the weary to rejoice. 

There is beauty in the lily, and 

there's beauty in the hills. 
There is beauty in the blossoms wet 

with dew the morning spills, 
But the riches, lasting beauty which 

this world forever needs 
Through its days of tribulation, is 

the beauty of our deeds. 

Sel. by Rubv Sowers. 

Take heed that ye do not your 
alms before men, to be seen of them : 
otherwise ye have no reward of your 
Father which is in heaven. 

Therefore, when thou doest thine 
alms, do not sound a trumpet before 
thee, as the hypocrites do in the 
synagogues, and in the streets, that 
they may have glory of men. Verily 
I say unto you, They have their re- 

But when thou doest alms, let 
not thy left hand know what thy 
right hand doeth : 

That thine alms may be in secret : 
and thy Father, which seeth in se- 
cret, himself shall reward thee op- 

And when thou prayest, thou shalt 
not be as the hypocrites are : for 
they love to pray standing in the 
synagogues, and in the corners of 
the streets, that they may be seen of 
men. Verily I say unto you, They 
have their reward. 

But thou when thou prayest. en- 
ter into thy closet and when thou 



has shut thy door, pray to thy Fath- 
er, which is in secret ; and thy Fath- 
er, which seeth in secret shall re- 
ward thee openly. 

But when ye pray use not vain 
repetitions as the heathen do : for 
they think that they shall be heard 
for their much speaking. 

Be not ye, therefore, like unto 
them : for your Father knoweth what 
things ye have need of, before ye ask 
lini.— St. Matthew Y. 6:1-8. 

JULY 1956 


Memory verse, Ex. 20:17, "Thou 
shalt not covet thy neighbor's 
house, thou shalt not covet thy 
neighbor's wife, nor his man- 
servant, nor his maidservant, 
nor his ox, nor his ass, nor any 
thing that is thy neighbor's." 

Sun. 1— Ex. 18:13-26. 

Mon. 2—2 Peter 2:1-10. 

Tues. 3— Mark 7:14-23. 

Wed. 4— Col. 3: 1-14. 

purs. 5— Prov. 21:20-31. 

Fri. 6—1 Tim. 6:13-21. 

Sat. 7— Prov. 30:1-14. 

Memory verse, Luke 12:15, "And 
he said unto them, Take heed, 
and beware of covetousness : 
for a man's life consisteth not 
in the abundance of the things 
which he possesseth." 

Sun. 8— Ex. 20:12-20. 

Mon. 9— Luke 12:13-21. 

Tues. 10— Prov. 11:17-31. 

Wed. 11— Heb. 13. 

Thurs. 12 — I Cor. 5. 

Fri. 13— Prov. 15:14-33. 

Sat. \A — Rom. 13. 

Memory verse, Heb. 2 :9, "Woe to 
him that coveteth an evil covet- 
ousness to his house, that he 
may set his nest on high, that 
he may be delivered from the 
power of evil." 

Sun. 15— Eccl. 5:1-17. 

Mon. 16— Psa. 119:33-48. 

Tues. 17— Luke 14:12-24. 

Wed. 18— Prov. 23:1-14. 

Thurs. 19— Eph. 5:1-14. 

Fri. 20— Xeh. 5:1-9. 

Sat. 21— Job 31:14-28. 

Memory verse, Col. 3:5, "Mortify 
therefore your members which 
are upon the earth : fornication, 
uncleanness, inordinate affec- 
tion, evil concupiscence, and 
covetousness, which is idolat- 

Sun. 22—1 Tim. 6:1-12. 

Mon. 23— John 6:14-29. 

Tues. 24— Psa. 10. 

Wed. 25— II Tim. 3:1-12. 

Thurs. 26— Phil. 3:13-21. 

Fri. 27— Prov. 22:1-16. 

Sat. 28— Rom. 1:18-32. 

Memory verse, I Tim. 6:10, "For 
the love of money is the root 
of all evil : which while some 
coveted after, they have erred 
from the faith, and pierced 
themselves through with many 

Sun. 29— Matt. 6:19-34. 

Mon. 30— Job 20:1-19. 

Tues. 31— Prov. 1:1-19. 









1 — What Mary and Martha 
Learned. Luke 10:38-42. 

8 — The Woman who gave all 
her Money. Mark 12:41-44, 
Luke 21 : 1-4. 

15 — The Boy who Shared his 
Lunch. John 6:1-14. 

22 — Dorcas, the Woman who 
helped Others. Act 9:36-43. 

29 — (Review) Learning to be 
Unselfish. Acts 20:31-38. 

July 1 — Swear not at all. Mark 6: 

' 14-29. 

1 — Do we fulfill our vows as con- 
scientiously as Herod did? 

2 — Do we have courage to rebuke 
sin wherever we find it as 
John did? 

3 — Do we have to guard against 
making promises, that could 
possibly cause us to sacrifice 
our Christian principles? 
July 8 — Share your bread with the 
hungry. Mark 6 :30-56. 

1 — Have we as disciples of Christ 
completed enough work for 
Him, to warrant a rest period 
for us? 

2 — Does man today ever find him- 
self in dire need, because he 
fails to realize the power of 

3 — Would not this lesson teach 
us there is a blessing to be re- 





ceived in taking a few moments 
of time from the busy day to 
look heavenward before meals? 
-Could it ever be possible for a 
true Christian to have the 
drawing attraction that Christ 

15 — Lay not aside the com- 
mandments of God. Mark 7 : 

-Is the keeping of the tradi- 
tions of the Elders profitable, 
so long as we do not lay aside 
the commandments of God? 
—How are the hearts of most 
men defiled, directly from the 
Devil or indirectly through oth- 
er men's hearts? 
22 — Jesus hath done all things 
well." Mark 7:24-37. 

— Have we ever passed by some 
of the crumbs of the bread of 
life, that may have been profit- 
able to our faith? 

— Is it possible to keep truly 
good deeds hid? 

— Should we as Christian indi- 
viduals strive to gain a reputa- 
tion that would cause people to 
say of us "He hath done all 
things well"? 

29 — And do ye not remember. 
Mark 8:1-26.' 

-Would the Lord rate our un- 
derstanding any better than 
that of the disciples? 

How many times must I re- 
ceive the Master's touch to be 
made whole ? 




JULY 1, 1956 

No. 13 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and!' OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


1956 General Conference is past 
but it's memories shall linger long 
and it's effects may reach wide and 
far into the future. 

The Lord blessed us with ideal 
weather, it being a little warm two 
afternoons, but with cool nights to 
receive our rest. Perhaps the larg- 
est crowd of any conference was in 
attendance. Definitely more young 
people were there, than ever in our 
memory. The grounds and accom- 
modations were adequate for our 
needs, some had to go to private 
homes for the night because all the 
'cabins were not available. 

The fellowship and concern shown 
one another was an example of 
brotherly love. The sermons show- 
ed much thought and meditation ; 
anyone who does not have a more 
responsible understanding of the 
New Testament through them, was 
not attentive. 

Those on the various boards were 
very busy and it behooves each of us 
I to pray for them that they may have 
the ability and fortitude to use their 
opportunities to the honor and glory 
of God. Through the years we 

have become established on, what 
we understand as ways of carrying 
out the New Testament teachings 
and a definite desire was shown 
throughout the business to maintain 
that standard. We still need to 
carefully guard our words, our ac- 
tions and our concern for Christ 
and one another that we' may edify 
the body of Christ. 

Since the New Testament is our 
creed, we need to thoroughly and 
prayerfully study it and also study 
the rules and methods we have 
adapted, in order to live this creed, 
in a busy and sinful world. Every 
motive, word, and act, from day to 
day, will determine our influence 
for Christ and our reward for eter- 

Since there has been a growing 
desire for more relief and mission 
work, for several years and since 
the Lord is still bountifully blessing 
us, it was decided to take over a mis- 
sion in New Mexico among the 
Navajo Indians, without question 
here will be a major opporunity to 
show the Christians spirit through 
physical and temporal aid and teach- 
ing a nobler standard of living. It's 


spiritual development may be as- 
tonishing but will take many years 
to determine, largely because the 
people are so different from us. 
Without question we have many, 
many blessings of God, we have the 
foundation and we have the oppor- 
tunities. Our ability to serve and 
lend as Christ and Paul did, in our 
own communities or elsewhere will 
depend upon us individually and col- 
lectively. It takes many years to 
develop anything worthwhile but it 
can be destroyed in a few minutes. 

Rom. 6:22-23, "But now being 
made free from sin and become ser- 
vants to God, ye have your fruit unto 
holiness, and the end everlasting life. 
For the wages of sin is death ; but 
the gift of God is eternal life through 
lesus Christ our Lord". 


(This was written upon the pub- 
lication of an account of an all-night 
part}-, but since such behavior exists 
generally over this great country, 
we feel it wise to reprint it here.) 

As I sat at our large window fac- 
ing the northwest, and the lights of 
Santa Rosa, Kenwood, Sebastopol, 
and the Bennett and Sonoma Val- 
leys dotted the night and the Wed- 
nesday afternoon, August 24 1955 
Press Democrat on my lap, with 
what seemed an almost unquench- 
able fire on its front page, column 1, 
2 and 3, Sodom, Gomorrah and the 
plains of Jordan came to life, before 
mv verv eves. 

It took me back to Egypt, when 
Pharos' servants asked him the ques- 
tion, "Knowest thou not that Egypt 
is destroyed ? 

America, knowest thou not that 
America is being destroyed? Not 
with juvenile delinquency, as that is 
the result of parental delinquency. 
As long as parents are bent on race 
suicide there is little left for the 
youth of today, but to follow suit. 
Give the parent of our day the acid 
test for human decency, to say noth- 
ing of walking out on honor and re- 
sponsibilities, and you will find the 
cause for our present dilemna. Visit 
the ever growing institutions, where 
the result of parental failure is piling 
shamefully higher each day, while 
the authorities in and out of the in- 
stitutions stand baffled, and at their 
wits' end to know just what move to 
make next to curb the forward terri- 
ble blight, that threatens our very 
existence and especially that won- 
derful heritage, the Church, the 

Al ay I offer a remedy? Any one 
can holler their heads off about con- 
ditions but what can be done about 
it? First, / know the cure. Instead 
of the carnal pleasure of a rotten so- 
ciety let us light again the fire on 
the family altar. The greatest priv- 
ilege God ever gave man was to 
gather the family around the family 

Talk about the wonders of God's 
word, and the delights of His King- 
dom, kneel together and pray as a 


family. That would deal Satan the 
severest blow possible and would 
eventually bruise him beneath the 
feet of man. Lot woke up too late, 
judgment had been passed, they 
were doomed, but there was anoth- 
er time when men repented at the 
preaching of one Jonah and gave 
evidence of their sincerity. And 
God heard their prayers and saved 
them. God gave a certain King an 
addition of fifteen years to live, be- 
cause of his honest tears. Let us 
as parents repent as we have never 
repented before, in fasting, in pray- 
er and supplication for ourselves and 
our children, and hope that we are 
worthy of God's wonderful blessing 
in turning the hearts of parents and 
children back to God. What a joy 
it would be to live again in the at- 
mosphere of God's will ! Let us 
throw ourselves on the mercy of 
God and claim his promises. 

Read the entire thirteenth chapter 
of Xehemiah and especially medi- 
tate on the last half of the seven- 
teenth verse and the • nineteenth 
through the twenty-first verses. 

'"Listen to this and take courage, 
the Lord taketh pleasure in them 
that fear Him in them that hope in 
His mercy". Psalm 147:11. 

Let us bear our souls before God, 
like Jacob did at Penial and refuse to 
give up until our dear Lord turns 
our hearts back again. Yes, I 
saw Sodom in the afterglow of the 
sunset as it cast its last rays and fad- 
ed on our vallev and cities below. 

May God be merciful in turning 
our hearts back to Him again. 

James F. Swallow, 
6560 Sonoma Mountain Road 
Santa Rosa, Calif. 


Gal. 1 : 1-10, AYe find these words. 
"Paul, an apostle, (not of men, 
neither by man, but by Jesus Christ, 
and Gocl the Father, who raised him 
from the dead ) and all the brethren 
which are with me, unto the church- 
es of Galatia. Grace be to you and 
peace from God the Father, and 
from our Lord Jesus Christ, who 
gave himself for our sins, that He 
might deliver us from this present 
evil world, according to the will of 
God and our Father : To whom be 
glory for ever and ever. Amen. I 
marvel that ye are so soon removed 
from him that called you into the 
grace of Christ unto another gospel : 
which is not another; but their be 
some that trouble you, and would 
pervert the gospel of Christ. But 
though we, or an angel from heaven, 
preach any other gospel unto them 
that we have preached unto you, 
let him be accursed. As we said be- 
fore, so say I now again, if any man 
preach any other gospel unto you 
than that ye have received, let him 
be accursed. For do I now per- 
suade men, or God? Or do I seek 
to please men? For if I yet pleased 
men. I should not be the servant of 




Taneytown, Md., July 1, 1956 

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of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church \n the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

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uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

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vear in advance. 

Howard J. Surbev, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Paul tells the Galatian brethren, 
I marvel, meaning I am astonished. 
I am amazed from the gospel which 
I have preached unto you, unto an- 
other gospel, for their is no other 
gospel. But some pervert to change 
the gospel to suit their own desires. 
It may be well for the reader to 
know what the gospel consists of. 
If I was to give a definition of what 
the gospel is, it would be the only 
true word of God. For Christ has 
already said, that man cannot live 
spiritually but by every word that 
proceedeth out of the mouth of God. 

Paul tells us that he is not asham- 
ed of the gospel of Christ, for it is 
the power of God unto salvation, to 
everyone that believes it. To the 
Jews tirst and also to the Gentile. 
Paul tells us that the gospel, is the 
power of God unto salvation. We are 

told, the gospel came not by the will 
of God. Men preach as though they 
were moved by the Holy Spirit. Paul 
told Timothy to preach the word 
in season or out of season, reprove, 
rebuke, exhort with all longsuffering 
and doctrine, for the time will come 
(and is already here) that they will 
not endure sound doctrine. But will 
heap unto themselves preachers, 
having itching ears, turning the 
truth of God unto fables (idle stor- 

As we have already stated, Paul 
has told us, that we are to preach 
no other gospel, than what he 
preached. He also told tis, if any 
man come unto you and being not 
this gospel, not to bid him into our 
house nor bid him Gods speed.else 
we be partakers of his evil deeds. Our 
thoughts are no defense of the gos- 
pel. The gospel has been greatly 
denied from the time Christ was 
born up to the day He was taken 
unto heaven. The gospel is the 
power of God unto salvation. 

In John 13, where Christ institut- 
ed the washing of feet, eating of the 
supper, the bread and the cup, some 
of which is denied by most all sects 
of religion. Some will take out 
feetwashing and claim salvation. 
Some will take out the Lord's Sup- 
per and they claim salvation. 
Some will take out both feetwashing 
and the Lord's Super and they 
claim salvation. I am giving this 
defense of this part of the gospel. 

I had a conversation with a »en- 


tlemen some few weeks ago, who 
claimed salvation by not observing 
these two ordinances. Christ told 
His apostles, jnst before he left 
them. Go ye therefore into all the 
world and preach the gospel, to 
every creature. Baptizing them in 
the name of the Father and of the 
Son and of the Holy Ghost. Then 
He told them to teach them to do 
as they please. Xo, Xo, but he said 
teach them to observe all things, 
whatsoever I have commanded you. 
Thus I will be with you always 
even to the end of the world. 

Xow Christ didn't promise them 
He would be with them, if they did 
not teach them to observe all things. 
We are duty bound to teach every- 
one to observe these two things 
along with all others. Xow this 
young gentleman, as I already have 
stated, declared that Christ didn't 
eat the supper with His apostles, for 
Christ has said in Matthew, with 
desire He desired to eat this passov- 
er. We claim He did eat this Xew 
Testament passover for in John we 
find that the Apostles asked Him, 
where shall we go to eat the pass- 
over. Xot to eat the Jewish pass- 
over, but this is a new command- 
ment, as Christ told them to go into 
the village and they would meet a 
man bearing a pitcher of water. He 
told them to follow him to his house, 
and ask the man where the guest 
chamber was. The man showed a 
large upper room already furnished. 
There he said to make readv the 


When evening was come they all 
came in and sat down. Christ riseth 
from supper, and also the passover, 
for He riseth from supper, laid aside 
His garments and poureth water in- 
to a basin and began to wash the 
apostles feet and to wipe them with 
the towel wherewith He was girded. 
After he washed their feet. He took 
His garments and sat down again. 
Xow he said, ye call me Lord and 
Master, well so I am. If I have 
washed your feet ye also ought to 
wash one another's feet. For I 
have given you an example, that ye 
should do as I have done unto you. 
Xow you are not all clean, for I 
know of whom I have chosen that 
the scriptures might be fulfilled, 
saying one of you shall betray me. 
They doubted within themselves of 
whom He spake, they wondered one 
to another of whom it would be. 

Peter said, he would die before 
he would betray his master. Christ 
said unto him this night the cock 
shall not crow, until thou has denied 
me three times. One leaning on 
Jesus' bosom said unto Him, who is 
it Lord, Christ said unto him. It is 
he whom I shall give this sop. When 
He had dipped the sop, he gave it 
to Judas the son of Simmon. Christ 
said unto him what thou doeth do 
quickly. He went immediately out 
and it was night. 

While He was vet eating. He took 
bread and blessed it and broke it and 
save it to them savin?, this is my 


body which is broken for you. Like 
manner also. He took the cup and 
blessed it. and said unto them drink 
ye all of it. for this is my blood 
which is shed for you. Christ said 
that He would no more drink of the 
fruit of the wine, until I drink it new 
in the kingdom of my God. Christ 
told them this is a new command- 
ment that I have give unto you 
that ve shall love one another. Great- 
er love has no man than that a man 
will lay down His life for His 
friends For ye are my friends, if you 
do whatsoever I have commanded 
vou. How does anyone dare say that 
Christ didn't eat the Lord's supper 
with His disciples? Christ tells us. 
He that denieth me and my words. I 
will also deny him before my father 
and the Holy angels. 

Written for Thornton Mellot, 
Needmore, Pa. 


Luke 14:17, "Come; For all 
things are now ready". Anyone that 
cometh to me (Jesus) I will in on 
wise cast out. This is the work of 
Gnd that ye believe on Him whom 
He hath sent. John 6 :3S. 40. "For 
I (Jesus) came clown from heaven, 
not to do mine own will, lint the will 
of him that sent me. And this is 
the will of him that sent me, that 
every one which seeth the Son, and 
believeth on him may have everlast- 
ing life". Verily, verily, I say un- 
to you, he that believeth on me hath 
everlasting life. Jesus said unto 

them, I am the bread of life. 

Matt. 11:28-29, "Come unto me, 
all ye that labour and are heavy lad- 
en, and I will give you rest. Take 
my yoke upon you. and learn of me ; 
for I am meek and lowly in heart : 
and ye shall find rest unto your 
souls". Isaiah 53:1, "Ho, (to heed) 
every one that thirsteth, and he that 
hath no money : Come ve to the wa- 
ters. Come ye, buy and eat ; yea, 
come, buy wine and milk without 
money and without price". The 
prophet no doubt had some divine 
inspiration, and refers to divine or 
spiritual food for the soul, the heav- 
enly manna. 

Rev. 22:17, "The Spirit and the 
bride say, come, and let him that 
heareth say. come. And him that is 
athirst come". Jesus invited all to 
come to Him, to get light, life, for 
Jesus said, "I am the light of the 
world". John 9:5. "As long as I 
am in the world I am the light of 
the world". John 6:35. "Jesus said 
unto them. I am the bread of life: 
He that cometh to me shall never 
hunger : and he that believeth on me 
shall never thirst". But we must 
come to Him, for the bread of God 
is He which cometh down from 
heaven and giveth life unto the 
world. Rev. 3:20. "Behold. I 
stand at the door, and knock ; if any 
man hear my voice, and open the 
door, I will come in to him, and will 
sup with him". So we must come 
to Him. 

Luke 19:5. 6, 9, lesus said unto 


him, "Zaccheus, make haste, and 
come down : for ioday I must abide 
at my house, cl'ud ^ e made haste, 
and came down, and received him 
joyfully. And Jesus said. This day 
is salvation come to this house". 
The word come has different mean- 
ings by the way it is placed in a sen- 
tence. Here in the way Jesus used 
it. meaning to appear to get close 
to draw nigh, to move forward. 
James 4 :8, "Draw nigh to God, and 
he will draw nigh to you". Come. 
Holy Spirit heavenly Dove with all 
thy quickening power. Kindle a 
flame of sacred love. In these cold 
hearts of ours. Jesus invites all hu- 
manity to come, to receive virtue, 
divine love, and His saving grace, 
salvation which is offered to all. 

Come into my heart blessed Jesus 
And take all my guilt away 
The burden of sin is so heavy 
Come into my heart to stay. 
Fill me with thy wonderful spirit 
Come in and take full control 
Come into my heart Lord Jesus. 
We must first come to Jesus and 
open the door and let the Holy Spir- 
it come into our heart and soul. 

Jesus never refused to heal or 
cure those who ask in faith believing. 
Blessed be the Lord Jesus for he 
hath visited and redeemed His peo- 
ple. A light to lighten the Gen- 
tiles and the glory of thy people 
Israel. Le all the house of Israel 
know assuredly, that God hath made 
that same Jesus, whom ye have cru- 

cified, both Lord and Christ. For 
their is none other name given un- 
der heaven unto men, where by we 
must be saved. Neither is there sal- 
vation in any other. We must sub- 
mit to Him on His terms, then are 
we in Him and He is our life. John 
3 :5, "Jesus answered. Verily, verily, 
I say unto thee, except a man be 
born of water, and of the Spirit. 
he cannot enter into the kingdom of 

Do you believe in Jesus? Many 
so-called great religious leaders 
defy and resist openly and boldly, 
a water birth or in other words wa- 
ter baptism. Can a man come to 
Jesus on his own terms? Is it pos- 
sible to be guided by His Spirit, and 
denounce His words or teachings? 
When Jesus invites us to come to 
Him, and learn of Him, it implies 
to obey Him. Some people say 
there is no do, to be saved. He just 
saves us. This is true, so far as we 
could not save ourselves, but there 
is also something for us to do. The 
first thing. Jesus preached was re- 
pent. John the Baptist said repent. 
Mark 1:15, "Jesus saying, The time 
is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God 
is at hand, repent, ye and believe 
the gospel". 

Luke 7 :23. "Blessed is he, whoso- 
ever shall not be offended in me". 
Is He a welcome guest if we are of- 
fended in Him ? Why call ye me 
Lord, Lord, and do not the things I 
say. I Sam. 15:22, "Behold, to obey 
is better than sacrifice, and to hark- 



en than the fat of rams". Samuel 
said to Saul, for thou hast rejected 
the word of the Lord and the Lord 
hath rejected thee. And the Lord 
repented that he had made Saul king 
over Israel. I Peter 1 :22, "Seeing 
ve have purified your souls in obey- 
ing the truth". Jesus saith, I am 
the wav the truth and the life. He 
was full of grace and truth. John 
$:32, "If ve continue in my words 
then are ye my disciples indeed and 
ve shall know the truth, and the 
truth shall make you free". 

Oh, turn ye poor sinners, for why 
will you die : when God in great 
mercy is coming so nigh. Now 
Jesus invites and the Spirit says 
come. Come wretched, come just 
as you he. While streams of salva- 
tion are Mowing so free, Christ is 
ready your souls to receive. How 
can you question if you will helieve. 
Why will you not come, He bids you 
come home. Acts 10:34, "Peter 
said of a truth I perceive that God 
is no respector of persons. But in 
every nation, he that believeth, and 
worketh righteousness, is accepted 
with him". Acts 10:47, "Can any 
man forbid water, that these should 
be baptized". Acts 2:38, "When 
men said what shall we do? The 
apostle Peter said unto them. Re- 
pent, and be baptized every one of 
you in the name of Jesus Christ 
for the remsision of sins, and ve 
shall receive the gift of the Hoh 

gether, and had all things common. 

Come, sinners, to t' 1c .' gospel feast, 
Let ever}- soul be Jesus' guest. 
There need not one be left behind 
For God has bidden all mankind. 
All things in Christ are ready now. 
And in Christ a hearty welcome find. 
Wm. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 


2 Cor. 6:2, "For he saith, I have 
heard thee in a time accepted, and 
in the day of salvation have I suc- 
coured thee. Behold now is the ac- 
cepted time, behold, now is the day 
of salvation." 

Friend, your time on earth is 
short, each closing year, each set- 
ting sun, each tick of your clock, is 
shortening your days and swiftly 
carrying you to eternitv. The year, 
the day, the hour will soon arrive 
that will end vour sojourn on this 
earth and begin your song in Heav- 
en or your wail in Hell, your eternal 
destiny will soon be sealed, see 
James 4:14. 

Today your hands are busy' at 
work, your eyes are beholding, your 
mind is thinking, you are planning 
for the future — tomorrow all is still : 
the folded arms, the closed eyes 
remain ; but you are gone — gone to 
eternity. Others were once busy 
as you are, healthy as you are, care- 
less as you are. They too are gone 

to eternity and await the day of 
Ghost". All that believed were to- 1 Judgment, see Heb. 9:27. 


Friend, your turn to eternity will 
soon come. Ask yourself honestly, 
"am I prepared for eternity?" Let 
heaven and Hell stand before you 
in all their reality : one of these must 
be your eternal dwelling place, and 
today is the time to make your 
choice, "Behold now is the accepted 
time : behold now is the day of sal- 
vation", 2 Cor. 6 :2. 

To try to go from the race of 
wealth to the realm of glory, from 
the scene of revelry to the bliss (joy 
and happiness ) of the redeemed — 
never, Jesus said. "Except a man be 
born of water and of the spirit, he 
cannot enter the kingdom of God", 
and Paul said "if any man have not 
the Spirit of Christ he is none of 
His." Also, he further says. "If any 
man be in Christ he is a new crea- 
ture", the only way we can possibly 
become a new creature in Christ 
Jesus is to be born again of water 
and the spirit according to John 3 : 
3. 5, Acts 2:37-41. 

Repentance is required, the apos- 
tle Peter told the People, on the day 
of Pentecost, definitely what to do 
to be saved. (1 ) Repent, (said he) 
and (2) be Baptized every one of 
you in the name of Jesus Christ for 
the remission of sins and ye (3) 
Shall receive the gift of the Holy 
Ghost, for this "Promise is unto vou 
and to your children, and to all that 
are afar off." Peter further exhorts 
the unsaved. "Repent ye therefore, 
and be converted, that your sins may 
be blotted out, when the times of 

refreshing shall come from the pres- 
ence of the Lord", Acts 3:19 other 
gospel requirements. 

Dear friend. God has said, "my 
spirit shall not always strive with 
man", that warning is still ringing 
out today. Will you take heed, lest 
you are suddenly cut off without 
hope. Your only hope of escape is 
to repent and fully obey the gospel, 
see 2 Thess. 1:7-10. Acts 19:1-7, 
Eph. 1 :13. 14. So baptism, admin- 
istered in the name of the Lord 
Jesus Christ and the receiving of the 
Holy Ghost, evidence by speaking 
with other tongues as the Spirit 
gave them utterance ; are essential 
unto full Xew Testament salvation 

| and are vital needs of the soul the 
same as repentance and faith in God. 

j It takes obedience and compliance to 
every demand and process of the 
gospel of Jesus Christ, in order to 
be saved. See Mark 16:15-16. 

Our daily papers and broadcasts 
all point to the soon coming of 
Jesus, as well as many scriptures tell 
us of His coming again and most all 
prophecy concerning His second 
advent to this earth is being full- 
filled, right before us each day. 
Therefore, it behooves every one of 
us to obey the gospel message of 
salvation. Acts 2 :38, immediately 
and thus prepare "to meet the Lord 
in the air", for today is the only day 
of salvation for us. 

Selected Joseph P. Robbins, 
Potsdam, Ohio 
P. O. Box 34. 




If we will look hack a little 
iiver 1400 years ago just as 
the children of Israel were pass- 
ing - into the promised land 
from the wandering in the wild- 
erness in Joshua 7, we will find 
there recorded the sin of Achan. 
While we find the special sin there 
described as that of coveting by his 
own statement, yet we see that also 
it was the sin of disobedience, and 
pride. Achan disobeyed the com- 
mand of the Lord as recorded by 
Joshua, that nothing should he taken 

the sin of Achan. Israel hath sin- 
ned, and have also transgressed my 
covenant which I commanded them : 
for they have even taken of the ac- 
cursed thing, and have stolen, and 
dissembled also, and they have put 
it even among their own stuff ; not- 
ing that the word dissemble means 
hiding away or covering up, then 
we see how the people of today try 
hide away their guilt from the 

We do not wish to discourage 
prayer, but we are just wondering 
if the time isn't here when we had 
better take off time from prayer, to 
hunt up some of the sin in the camp 

r spared of the accursed city of j and cast it out. Christ said through 
Jericho, and that all things therein , His word for the church to keep un- 
were accursed, save Rahab and her j spotted from the world, not to be 

house. But when Achan saw the 
wedge of gold 50 shekels weight. 
200 shekels of silver and the Baby- 
lonish garment probably the most 
beautiful garment he had ever seen 
he at once coveted them. 

Just so today, the modern sin, the 
people are coveting the things of this 
world, wearing of gold rings, 
beads, fancy pins, etc., worldy 
amusements, shows, and the dance. 
We notice here that Joshua got busy 
at once praying to God about their 
trouble, but brethren notice will von, 
( "jod comes on the scene and tells 
Joshua that it is no time for prayer 
(Joshua 7:10 and 11), why are you 
on your face praying? Get up, get 
busy, get sin out of the camp. No- 
tice now what the Lord said about 

proud, disobedient, boastful ; and we 
hear said today, so often, that keep- 
ing the commandments will not save 
any one. But these same teachers 
and preachers fail to impress on the 
people that neither can one be saved 
that does not keep them ; thereby 
instilling in them a false doctrine, 
and instead of teaching against the 
follies of the modern religions, lead- 
ers are teaching them to cover up 
with unbelief. The penalty that 
Achan paid was, he, his sons, his 
daughters, and all he had were 
burned with fire. 

I am made to wonder in this day, 
by the older ones disregarding the 
commandments, and following the 
fashions of the world if they can 
expect anything else than that the 



children will follow in their foot- 
steps, and just as sure as God is 
true they must meet the penalty. 
Many leaders and people of today, 
that talk so much about the love 
of God do not know what it is. They 
think that it will be so great, that 
people can go along in sin and yet 
escape the punishment of God ; when 
he plainly teaches that those who 
have his love will have to war con- 
tinually against sin and when they 
find it in the church will put it out at 
any cost. All recognize John 2 :3 
to 6, and see what he said it con- 
sisted of, and follow all through his 
writings and on into Revelation and 
see what the Love of God is. 

H. E. Miller in Jan. 1924, 
Bible Monitor. 



June 13. 1956 
Dear Brethren, 

Greetings in the name of our 
Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

I am thinking especially of those 
assembled at General Conference, 
this being the day of the business 
and the meeting being now in ses- 

I trust the Lord is directing all to 
His honour and glory and to the 
good of His church. May all as- 
sembled feel that, within themselves 
they can do nothing without power 
from on high, and may that power 
be mightily working now. 

When this conference is closed, 
when the last song is sung, the last 
prayer is prayed, the last goodby 
is said, may it leave the fondest 
memories, the greatest hopes, the 
sweetest assurance and the deepest 
love of all conferences thus far. 

I so much desired to be with you, 
but on account of ill health was not 
permitted. I feel so much indebted 
and unworthy of your remembrance 
in your telephone call to my home. 
It was inspiration and much en- 
couragement and I am very grateful 
for it. 

I too want to thank all those who 
remembered me with cards and let- 
ters, and especially your prayers. 
Now may we all work harder, pray 
more, sacrifice more, worry less, and 
make greater preparation for the 
coming of the Lord. 

Your Brother, 

\V. S. Reed, 
Waukee, Iowa. 

We, the Shrewsbury congrega- 
tion of the Dunkard Brethren 
church, held our spring Lovefeast, 
on May 27. Sunday school at 9 :30 
with 89 in attendance, preaching at 

Bro. Howard Myers read the op- 
ening scripture, I John 4. We are 
to try the spirits. If we are for God 
who can be against us. Prayer 
by Bro. Frank Shaffer after which, 
Bro. Laverne Keeney brought the 
forenoon sermon. 



Again at 2 o'clock we assembled 
for preaching services. We had 
with us Brethren: Howard J. Sur- 
lier. John Kegerries.Earl W. Stray- 
cr. Amnion Keller, Kay S. Shank 
and A. G. Fahnestock. In the eve- 
ning around 85 surrounded the ta- 
bles with Bro. Howard Surbey of- 
fi eating. 

We expect if the Lord willing to 
begin a revival meeting at Shrews- 
bury on Aug. 5th. and continuing 
through 19th. with Bro. Replogle, 
of Astoria, 111., as our evangelist. 
We wish to thank all who came 
to attend our Lovefeast services and 

world lietli in wickedness", I John 
5, 19, "Who gave himself for our 
sins, that He might deliver us from 
this present evil world according to 
the will of God and our father". Gal. 
1 :4. 

Satan is the God of this world. 
"The god of this world hath blinded 
the mind of them which believe not, 
least the light of the glorious Gospel 
of Christ, who is the image of God, 
should shine unto them", II Cor. 4: 
4. "Wherein in time past ve walked 
according to the course of this world, 
according to the prince of the pow- 
er of the air, the Spirit that now 

ask them back, with others, at our : worketh in the children of disobe- 
revival meetings. If you cannot dience", Eph. 2:2. 

come remember us in your prayers. 
Sister Sheila Stum]). Cor. 

The Broadwater Congregation 
plans to have their revival meeting 
starting, August 3 and continue 
through Aug. 12. with an all-day 
meeting on August 12. Come and it 
will be an encouragement for the 
Brethren and Sisters and an inspir- 
ation to all. 

Harley Flory will be the evangel- 
ist. Pray for these series of meetings 
and your presence will be greatly ap- 

Sister Viola Broadwater, Cor. 



This world is evil. "And we know 
that we are of God and the whole 

Though in the world, the Chris- 
tian is not of it. "I have given 
them thy word, and the world hath 
hated them, because thy are not of 
the world, even as I am not of the 
world. "I pray not that thou 
shouldest take them out of the world, 
but that thou shouldest keep them 
from the evil", John 17:14-15. 

The Christian should keep him- 
self separate from the world. "Be 
ye not unequally yoked together 
with unbelievers ; for what fellow- 
ship hath righteousness with un- 
righteousness ? and what communion 
hath light with darkness? and what 
concord hath Christ with Belial? or 
what hath he that believeth with an 
infidel? and what agreement hath 
the temple, with idols? for ye are the 
temple of the living God ; as God 
hath said, I will dwell in them, and 



walk in them ; and I will be their 
God, and they shall be my people. 
\\ nerefore come out from among 
them, and be ye separate, saith the 
Lord, and touch not the unclean 
thing ; and I will receive you, and 
will be a Father unto you, and ye 
shall be my sons and daughters, 
saith the Lord Almighty", II Cor. 

The Christian should not be con- 
formed to the world. "And be not 
conformed to this world, but be ye 
transformed by the renewing of your 
mind, that ye may prove what is 
the good, and acceptable, and per- 
fect, will of God", Rom. 12:2. 

The Christian should not love the 
world not the things in it. "Love 
not the world, neither the things 
that are in the world. If any man 
love the world, the love of the Fath- 
er is not in him. For all that is 
in the world, the lust of the flesh, 
and the lust of the eyes, and the 
pride of life, is not of the Father, 
but is of the world. And the world 
passeth away, and the lust thereof : 
but he that doeth the will of God 
abideth forever" I John 2:15-17. 

The Christian who loves the 
Christ, and who is conformed to this 
world commits Spiritual adultery. 
"Ye adultresses, know ye not that 
the friendship of the world is en- 
mity with God. Whosoever there- 
fore will be a friend of the world is 
the enemy of God", James 4:4, See 
Rev. 2:18-25. 

God is greatly displeased with 

His people, when they turn from 
Him to the world and its God. See 
Psalm 17:55-60. If the Christian 
does not keep himself separate from 
the world he will suffer punishment 
with the people of the world. "And 

I heard another voice from heaven, 
saying, Some out of her, that ye be 
not partakers of sin, and that ye re- 
ceive not of her plagues". Rev. 18: 
4, See Num. 16:25-26. 

There are people who call them- 
selves followers of Chri-st, but are 
not, they are in some churches but 
are given to all sorts of worldiness, 

II Tim. 3:1-8. The Christian who 
lives the world and its pleasures, 
will eventually forsake Chirst and 
His service. "For Demas forsook 
me having loved this present evil 
world", II Tim 4:10. 

The Christians is in the world as 
God's messenger to it. Matt. 5:14; 
Phil. 2:15: Acts 1:8. Jesus plainly 
tells His people that it is impossible 
for them to live worldly lives and 
serve Him, Matt. 6:24; Matt. 12: 

No Christian man who wants to 
serve His Master will allow himself 
to be mixed up with the world. No 
soldier on service entangleth himself 
in the affairs of this life, that he may 
please Him who enrolled him as a 
soldier. II Tim. 2:4, See also I 
Thess. 5:22. 

The pleasures of this world pre- 
vent the development of the Spirit- 
ual life. The worldy Christian 
will not grow in °Ta ce nor will his 



life tell for Jesus, Luke S:14. The 
facts are, worldliness cannot but 
kill spirituality. Hence the more 
the world conies into the church the 
less spirituality there. The real 
Christian chooses the service of God. 
and gives up the world and its pleas- 
ures. Heb. 11:24-26. 

Living in worldly pleasures should 
be a thing of the past for the 
Christian. I Peter 4:1-5. The bless- 
ing of God is promised the man who 
forsakes the world and lives a con- 
sistent life, Psalm 1:3; Luke IS: 
29-30. Let us earnestly plead for 
strength to live the life of the Right- 
eous, that we may die His happy 
death, and our last end be as His. 

R. R. Shroyer in Jan. 1924. 
Bible Monitor. 


Slow-Burning "cooler", "fewer ir- 
ritants in our tobacco", are all fa- 
miliar claims which are emphasized 
in the advertising of cigarettes. 

The tobacco industry is well 
aware of the smoker's harsh and 
raspy throat. Some smokers will 
be won to a certain brand by the 
promise of "no coughs", or "no 
bite", or "harsh irritants eliminat- 

Dr. Emil Bogen reported in the 
Journal of the American Medical 
Association that of the smokers he'd 
examined, more than a third com- 
plained of shortness of breath. Just 
about twice as many, however, had 

been experiencing hoarseness, cough- 
ing, or an irritation of mouth or 

Dr. \Y. L. Medenhall reports: 

"Continuous smoking for several 
years may result in chronic irritation 
involving the throat and larynx, with 
a resultant morning cough and 

The Boston University Pharma- 
cologist learns that chronic bronchi- 
tis, tonsilitis and sore tongue are 
common results of continuous smok- 

One manufacturer of cigarettes 
decided that a substance added to to- 
bacco to keep it moist might be re- 
sponsible for some of the throat 
trouble charged to smoking. The 
company had many tests made, and 
these showed that 73 in 100 users 
of the cigarettes made of glycerin- 
treated tobacco were having congest- 
ed throat, while almost as many 
also complained of coughs. When 
these smokers used tobacco that had 
been kept moist with another prep- 
aration, some of the throat trouble 
seemed to pass away. 

But Dr. Herman Sharlit made his 
own independent studies of the same 
situation. He has determined that 
one type of tobacco is just as irritat- 
ing as another. 

As pointed out by Dr. Arthur H. 
Steinhaus, of George Williams 
College "Nobody claims that tobac- 
co is not harmful : the fight seems 
to center around whose tobacco is 
less harmful''. 



Some of the scientists believe that 
the poisonous substance, acrolein, 
which results from the burning of 
cigarette paper, would be sufficient 
to condemn cigarettes as a menace 
to mental health, even if tobacco 
did less harm. Acrolein seriously 
affects the brain, which is also in- 
jured by any considerable dose of 

Dean Fiske. 


We stopped in a town in Kansas. 
The wide street had cars parked 
solid both along the curbs and diag- 
onally in the center. Xext to the 
cafe where we got a lunch was a 
theater. The brilliant lettering on 
the overhead sign read, "Work 
Night $200". 

Our curiosity was aroused. 
From the girl in the box office we 
inquired of the meaning of the 
words. "It is similar to bank night", 
he said. "Since it is against the law 
to offer money on chance for no ser- 
vices rendered, we ask the person 
with the lucky ticket to work for the 
$200 prize". "And how much work 
is required?" "Oh, something like 
sweeping out an aisle, for about five 

Stop where you are. Analyze this 
incident. Now what are your reac- 
tions? Is such a practice good or 
bad? For what reasons? Do you re- 
gard the theater management as 
clever? Do you strongly resent the 

incident? Do you mildly favor the 
plan ? Do you see inherent dangers ? 
Would you do the work for $200? 
Would you consider going to such a 
program in your community if con- 
ditions were similar? How does this 
compare with .bingo, horse racing, 
betting, punch boards, raffle chances, 
penny pitching, number rackets or 
poker ? 

As I see it, this is a very subtle, 
contaminating and profiteering prac- 
tice. The value of the movie shown 
is only incidental. Hundreds of peo- 
ple are "sucked in" to the theater 
with a bait. Getting something for 
nothing is becoming too popular in 
America. Evading the letter of the 
law but violating its spirit is often 
accepted by Christians without ques- 
tion. Hundreds of people came to 
town that night to gamble, not 
in ways of early pioneering days, 
but in ways which some Christians 
regard as decent. 

How conscientiously will you fill 
out income-tax returns next month ? 
Do you buy meat, tires, and soap at 
specically inflated prices? What is 
a legitimate price for any commodi- 
ty ? Are you attracted to visit radio 
programs by the offers of money 
and material prizes? Do you disap- 
prove of pin-ball machines that "pay- 
off"? If the profits of bingo revert 
to a charitable or religious organi- 
zation, does that make the practice 
acceptable ? 

We must examine the motives of 
all such attractions. Kansas de- 



serves credit for legislation to pre- 
vent drinking and gambling, but in 
the final analysis men's hearts must 
be changed. Changed hearts and 
changed minds must work toward 
the teachings of Christ together. 
What did you do yesterday to face 
this particular problem? 



Probably the Jordan is the most 
interesting and unique of all the 
rivers of the world. At the north 
of Palestine lies Alt. Hermon of ten 
thousand feet elevation. The He- 
brew for Hermon is Holy, and it is 
declared by travelers to possess 
much grandeur and beauty. Fring- 
ed with the cedars of Lebanon it is 
snow clad the entire year and is 
visible from practically all parts of 
the Holy Land. 

Gushing from the very foundation 
of this mighty mountain spring the 
cool refreshing streams that form 
the three sources of the Jordan. The 
Jordan, means in Hebrew, the de- 
scender ; and our purpose is to fol- 
low the course of this stream and 
compare it with the greatest of all 
Descenders, Jesus Christ, the 

These three streams are the Has- 
beiya, the Leddar, and the Banaias 
of which the latter is one of the 
largest springs in the world. Here 
we have a very striking parable sug- 
gestive of the Trinitv, the Puritv, 

and the Mystery of our Blessed 
Savior. He came down from those 
Holy and Heavenly regions from 
which emanate all that is good and 
pure and lasting. 

As the Father, The Son and The 
Spirit are one, so these three 
streams unite to form the Jordan. 
Manv thoughts present themselves 
as we follow its winding and de- 
scending course. The Jordan starts 
at an elevation of seventeen hun- 
dred feet, and empties into the Dead 
Sea one hundred thirty five miles 
distant. Many comparisons could 
be made that might seem to be over- 
drawn. \Ye do not want to do this, 
and shall point out a few of the ma- 
jor ones. 

The Jordan at this point flows 
through a region that is little 
known. So with the early life of 
our Savior, little is known of the 
first thirty years of his life until his 
baptism in Jordan. 

Descending through rugged hills 
and mountains it pauses at Lake 
Merom which lies seven feet above 
sea level. Did not our blessed 
Savior descend to the plane of Hu- 
manity, one common level ? Here 
the stream is comparatively small, 
yet its life-giving waters are used 
to a small degree in this community 
and are diverted for man's uses. 
The Jordan does not stop at Lake 
Merom but descends still further to 
the Sea of Galilee which lies nearly 
seven hundred feet below sea level. 
Is not this typical of His great love 



in coming down to fallen humanity 
and on a plane where all could 
avail themseves of His great bene- 
fits? We are now in a region where 
our Savior walked and talked with 
men. Here he healed and admin- 
istered to their needs. Here he fed 
the multitudes, performed many 
miracles and, near here, he deliver- 
ed that greatest of all sermons. He 
did not come to the rich or the high, 
hut to the lowly. 

The Jordan as it flows into this 
beautiful sea is clear and refreshing 
giving life to the fish which abound 
there. Fishing is the principal oc- 
cupation of those residing near here. 
So he called the fishermen disciples 
making them "fishers of men." The 
Jordan's waters turn the dry and 
parched ground into a garden when 
diverted for irrigation purposes. 
Cannot the gospel message that 
Christ brought down to poor fallen 
humanity bring a mighty change in 
the penitent heart when applied ? 
Is not it suited for the needs of the 
world ? 

It is on a who so ever zvill basis. 
Xow since British occupancy of 
these regions and the "back to the 
land" movement among the scatter- 
ed Jews, the waters of the Jordan 
are being harnessed for energy and 
power. How the soul of man is en- 
ergized with the power that issues 
from Him who came all the way ! 
Christ Jesus was and is the "Light 
of the world." This region was a 
place of much activity in our Sav- 

ior's day. So he spent much the 
larger part of his active ministry in 
Galilee. \\ nile the Sea of Galilee 
is for the most part placid and calm, 
yet history tells us it is frequented 
with sudden and dangerous storms. 
These are dangerous to those at 
sea. Just so was the earthlv life of 
our Savior. Many and abrupt were 
his besetments and trials. His 
ministry was not one of quietude 
by any means. In all probability 
when he rebuked the winds as in 
Mk. 8 :26. it was during one of these 
sudden storms. 

As the Jordan leaves the Sea of 
Galilee and descends still farther to 
the Dead Sea the picture grows 
darker. So with our Savior when 
he left Galilee for the last time. He 
knew that the time of His death was 
not far distant. The Jordan flows 
through a deep and dangerous gorge 
much of the way. The waters are 
muddy especially during the rainy 
season and carry much drift and 
dead wood upon its way to the 
Dead Sea. Can we picture our 
Lord carrying the sins of the world 
to the Cross? This fact probably 
was the reason Xaaman preferred 
the rivers of Damascus in his day. 
Along its course it plunges from 
side to side and is ever in a turmoil. 
This was our Savior's experiences 
through these parts. He was con- 
tinually and repeatedly buffeted and 
mocked, etc., causing His humilia- 

The trees and verdure are prolific 



along the banks even though flowing" 
through dry deserts. So with the 
Savior. He brought life and im- 
mortality to light through the gos- 

The Jordan before entering the 
Dead Sea broadens and deepens. 
Just so with the events in the life 
of our Blessed Savior. It has been 
said "that one-third of the gospel 
records events of His last week up- 
on earth." Just note how the 
events and trials of His Holy Life 
were broadened and deepened as he 
neared death. Picture the Savior 
on the last week of his life going 
from Bethanv to the Temple and 
return, to the Supper, then to Geth- 
semane, then to Caiaphas, then to 
Pilate, then to Herod, back to Pilate 
and last to Calvary and death. Like- 
wise with the Jordan ; it has de- 
scended still six hundred ten feet 
farther to the Dead Sea. 

Here is the most desolate place 
on earth. No human, animal, ma- 
rine, or vegetable life can exist in 
its briny bosom. Complete desola- 
tion and death. This Sea lies 
thirteen hundred feet below sea lev- 
el and is unlike any other sea. It is 
the deepest depression of its kind in 
the world. No apparent outlet. So 
with death — natural death, spirit- 
ual death. What is the outlet? 
The grave could not hold your Sav- 
ior and mine. "Now that he ascend- 
ed what is it that He also descended 
first into the lower parts of the 
earth ?" The intense heat of this re- 

gion causes heavy evaporation. The 
sun's rays draw that which is unseen 
from the Sea back to whence it came 
leaving the solids or mineral sub- 
stances. So with death and the res- 
urrection, that which is unseen goes 
"to God who gave it." 

Scientists have estimated that the 
immense mineral wealth in their 
various forms that lie here as a re- 
sult of all this process over so long 
a period of time is' equal to the 
wealth of the world. 

Much progress is being made in 
commercializing them at present. Be 
this as it may, we know of a surety 
that by His death he has cancelled 
the debt of the world of Sin. 

May His condescending love. 
His holy walk. His worthy exam- 
ples and His sacrificing death buoy 
us up and be an inspiration that we 
may be prepared for that greatest of 
all events of which His Resurrec- 
tion is a type. 

C. J. Rumble, in the Vindicator 
Sel. bv A. L Bashore. 


"Will you please tell me why 
ministers have the title of Reverend 
attached to their name?" 

Madam, that's what I'd like to 
know ! Psalm 1 1 1 :9 says, "holy and 
reverend is his name." The title 
belongs to God alone. No human 
being has a right to wear it. I am 
never quite so embarrassed as when 
T am addressed or referred to as 
Reverend Bouthev. To me it bord- 



ers on blasphemey. Xo man, be he 
minister or layman is good enough 
to be worshipped ; so let us have 
nothing with conferring worshipful 
titles. God alone is worthy. 

Amen. Most of the modernist 
persuasion would call such reasoning 
"narrow", but to us it seems both 
reasonable and in accord with Scrip- 
ture. May we look to God in faith- 
ful reverence, and with the Psalmist 
say. "Holy and Reverend is his 
name." Gospel Herald. 

. . . AND HOW? 

The phrenologist looks at your 
head and estimates your ability by 
its shape. 

The palmist looks at your hand 
and attempts to predict your future 
from the lines which he sees therein. 

The astrologer looks at the stars 
and professes to predict your fate 
by the time of your birth. 

The doctor looks at your tongue 
and can tell you considerable about 
your health therefrom. 

The detective looks at your eye 
and finds there an index to your 

The average person looks at your 
clothes and draws his conclusion 
from them. 


He cannot be deceived by appear- 
ances. "Neither is there any creature 
that is not manifest in His sight : 
but all things are naked and opened 

unto the eyes of Him with Whom 
we have to do", Heb. 4:13. The 
Psalmist was conscious of this and 
said : 

"O Lord, Thou hast searched 
me. and known me. Thou knowest 
my downsitting and mine uprising. 
Thou understandest my thought 
afar off. Thou compassest my path 
and my lying down, and art ac- 
quainted with all my ways. For 
there is not a word in my tongue, 
but lo. O Lord, Thou knowest it al- 
together. Thou hast beset me behind 
and before and laid Thine hand up- 
on me. Such knowledge is too won- 
derful for me. it is high, I cannot 
attain unto it. Whither shall I go 
from Thy spirit? or whither shall I 
flee from Thy presence? If I ascend 
up into Heaven, Thou art there: if 
I make my bed in hell, behold. Thou 
art there. If I take the wings of the 
morning, and dwell in the uttermost 
parts of the sea, even there shall 
Thy hand lead me, and Thy right 
hand shall hold me. If I say. Surely 
the darkness shall cover me, even 
the night shall be light about me. 
Yea. the darkness hideth not from 
Thee : but the night shineth as the 
day : the darkness and the light are 
both alike to Thee". Ps. 139:1-12. 

Many persons do not care to be 
known so intimately. The knowledge 
is unpleasant to them ; they wish 
that they were not known. And with 
some, the wish is "father to the 
thought" and they say: "How doth 
God know? and is there knowledge 



in the Most High?", Psa. 73:11. 
Certainly God knows ; for He would 
not be God if He were not omnis- 
cient. He is all wise and therefore 
knows all about the selfishness, 
pride, unbelief, unrest, yea — every 
form of sin existing in the heart. 

He says : "The heart is deceitful 
above all things and desperately 
wicked; who can know it? I, the 
Lord, search the heart", Jer. 17:9. 
10. He knows us infinitely better 
than we know ourselves. And the 
marvelous thing of it all is that al- 
though He knows -us so thoroughly. 
He nevertheless loves us — not the 
sins — but the sinners. And He has 
declared and manifested that love. 
Hearken ! "For God so loved the 
world, that He gave His onlv lie- 
gotten Son, that whosoever believ- 
eth in Him should not perish, but 
have everlasting life", John 3:16. 

"In this was manifested the love 
of God toward us, because that God 
sent His only begotten Son into the 
world, that we might live through 
Him. Herein is love, not that we 
loved God, but that He loved us, 
and sent His Son, to be the propitia- 
tion for our sins" I John 4:9,10. 

God knowing all about our sins 
knew exactly what a sacrifice would 
be required to meet man's need. "He 
spared not His own Son, but de- 
livered Him up for us all", Rom. 
8 :32. The Lord Jesus has once suf- 
fered for sins, "the Just for the un- 
just that He might bring us to 
God", 1 Pet. 3:18. 

All who believe on the Lord 
Jesus Christ can be saved ! The val- 
ue of the work of Christ is put to 
their account by God and they are 
cleansed. They are put IX CHRIST 
and are "accepted in the Beloved", 
Kph. 1 :6. It is a matter of great 
comfort to the believer to know that 
God sees him IX CHRIST "clean 
every whit," a "new creation." 

Does He see you in your sins? If 
so, this is a dangerous condition to 
be in ; for to die in your sins is to 
perish. But you need not remain in 
your sins. Avail yourselves of the 
sacrifice of Christ. Make the Savior 
yours today and you too shall be 
"created in Christ Jesus unto good 
works", Eph. 2:8-10. 

Tom M. Olson 


When some folks are asked. Why 
they will not give their heart to the 
Lord and come into the church, they 
may answer something like this, I 
do not want to be mixed up with 
people who do what some church 
members do or I'm just as good as 
some of those church members. But 
friends let me tell you one thing, 
you will never find a perfect church. 

This life will be past and still you 
will not have found the perfect 
church. Each and every christian has 
a job to do, a goal to set, a destina- 
tion to reach, and they have no time 
for fault finding or blaming others. 
Being a christian is a full time job 



for anyone. 

We should never say so and so, 
does this or that ; looking how this 
person or that person does. We 
are not to follow the other person, 
our goal is Christ and rather than 
trying to he like others, we should 
try to he like He was. Christ will 
never lead us astray or into pursuits 
which are not for our good. 

"Then said one unto him, Lord, 
are there few that be saved? And 
he said unto them. Strive to enter in 
at the straight gate ; for many. I 
say unto you, will seek to enter in, 
and shall not be able", Luke 13:23- 
24. So if we just keep going on 
and on year after year, in the same 
old rut, how do we ever expect to 
reach the goal ? 

"I tell you Xay : but except ye 
repent, ye shall all likewise perish", 
Luke 13 :3. "Let the wicked for- 
sake his ways, and the unrighteous 
man his thoughts", Isa. 55 :7. "If 
we confess our sins, he is faithful 
and just to forgive us our sins, and 
to cleanse us from all unrighteous- 
ness", 1 John 1 :9. 

"Repent and be baptized every 
one one of you in the name of Jesus 
Christ for the remission of sins : and 
ye shall receive the gift of the Holy 
Spirit", Acts 2:38. "And it shall 
come to pass, that every soul, which 
will not hear that prophet, shall be 
destroyed from among the people", 
Acts 3 :23. "Behold now is the ac- 
cepted time ; behold now is the day 
of salvation", 2 Cor. 6:2. 

Is it because of pride that so 
many stay away from God ? Are we 
afraid to humble ourselves, for fear 
of someone looking at us or what 
they may say? Christ said, "Who- 
soever therefore shall humble him- 
self as this little child, the same is 
the greatest in the kingdom of 
heaven", Matt. 18:4. 

Again we read "For I am not 
ashamed of the gospel of Christ : for 
it is the power of God unto salva- 
tion to every one that believeth", 
Rom. 1 :16. "How shall we escape, 
if we neglect so great salvation ; 
which at the first began to be spok- 
en by the Lord, and was confirmed 
unto us by them that heard", Heb. 

How can we wait any longer to 
belong to Jesus, when day by day 
we are one day closer to judgment 
day, and who knows if we even have 
a day. Let us give our hearts to 
the Master while it is still time, 
what is to be gained by delay? For 
we read, "What is a man profited, if 
he shall gain the whole world, and 
lose his own soul? or what shall a 
man give in exchange for his soul?" 
Matt. 16:26. 

Let us all strive to give our best 
to the Master. Let us day by day 
serve Him more completely, with a 
greater joy: knowing we are doing 
our best. "And let us not be weary 
in well doing : for in due season we 
shall reap, if we faint not", Gal. 6 :9. 
Sister Viola Broadwater, 

Cumberland, Md. 




"Ye fathers. Provoke not your 
children to wrath : but bring them up 
in the nurture and admonition of the 
Lord", Eph. 6 :4. 

The oldest institution on earth is 
the family. Upon it society is built. 
The nation, church or school can rise 
no higher than the family whose 
number constitute their membership. 
In the realm of Christianity the fath- 
er is the head of the family and 
as such has great responsibility. The 
true christian father does much to 
impress upon his children the bless- 
ings of fatherhood in the nature 
realm and thus when they are born 
anew into the kingdom of God the 
concept of the fatherhood of God is 
easily understood in the spiritual 
The christian father and his wife. 

1. He is to lead his wife, for the 
husband is the head of the wife. As 
the church looks to God for guid- 
ance, wisdom, strength, and com- 
fort so the christian wife is to look 
to the christian husband. 

2. He is to love his wife, "Hus- 
bands love your wives, even as 
Christ also loved the church". The 
prayer for a successful home and 
marriage is not so much Lord help 
me to find the right person, but help 
me to be the right person. 

The christian father and his wor- 

1. His private worship and these 
words, which I command thee this 
dav, shall be in thine heart : and 

thou shalt teach them diligently unto 
thy children. "The christian home 
should be a miniature church, with 
the father as the spiritual leader." 

2. His public worship, "Let the 
deacons be the husbands of one wife, 
ruling their children and their own 
houses well." The home is the train- 
ing ground for the leaders of public 
The christian father and his witness. 

1. His witness by his walk. "For 
I know him, that he will command 
his children and his household after 
him, and they shall keep the way of 
the Lord to do justice and judg- 
ment." The children should not only 
learn from the father's lips what 
Christianity is, but they should see 
from his life, true christian walk. 

2. His witness by his word, 
"my son, hear the instruction of thy ■ 
father." God expects the father 
to lie a vocal witness as well as a 
living walking witness. 

The christian father and his work. 

1 . It's commanded of God. "But 
if any provide not for his own, and 
especially for those of his own house, 
he hath denied the faith, and is 
worse than an infidel." The duty 
of the father to provide for his own 
is not an arbitrary matter, but it is 
a part of the faith. 

2. It complements, not contra- 
dicts his worship and witness. "And 
having food and raiment let us be 
there with content." God's com- 
mands do not contradict one anoth- 
er. The command to support his 



own and the command to worship 
and witness, work harmoniously 
with each other done in God's will. 

1. The christian father is de- 
pendent upon the heavenly father 
for grace and strength to do his ser- 
vice to his family. 

2. The heavenly father is de- 
pendent upon the earthly father, in 
making Himself known to the chil- 
dren in the family. 

3. The christian father has great 
opportunities and with these come 
great responsibility. 

Sel. bv Howard \Y. Broadwater. 


Remembering his three and one- 
half years in a Japanese prison near 
Singapore, Hobart B. Amstutz 
writes : 

The evils of alcohol were always 
vividly set before me in school, 
church and home, but tobacco was 
placed second and described chiefly 
as a filthy antisocial vice. 

"Our eyes were certainly opened 
in our interment. Even though we 
had hundreds of men who had been 
fairly heavy constant drinkers, yet 
I never heard one of them in desper- 
ation desiring a drink. It would be 
spoken of in the same way that we 
talked of and longed for the good 
food we had always had. 

"But ninety-eight per cent of the 
men were confirmed smokers and 
complete slaves to this vice. It was 
a strain to be with them when the 
tobacco supply had run out. They 

would pay ridiculous prices on the 
black market for a smoke. 

"I never realized before how 
much time is wasted by the smoker, 
apart from the money thrown away. 
Bakers, prominent government offi- 
cials and others would prowl around 
the drains and ashcans and corners 
in the morning, looking for butts of 
cheroots to make into cigarettes. I 
had never in all my previous exper- 
iences seen such pitiable slavery, nor 
did I realize what a terrific grip it 
can have on a man. 

"I do not want to minimize the 
evils of alcohol, but simply to point 
out what a hold tobacco can have on 
a man." 

To worry about tomorrow is to 
fail of devotion to the tasks of to- 
day, and so to spoil both days. — 
William Dewitt Hyde. 

— o 

Covet nothing that is your neigh- 
bor's except his kindness of heart 
and gentleness of manners ; think 
seldom of your enemies, often of 
your friends, and every day of 
Christ. — Henry Van Dyke. 

"Why do people spend money 
they haven't earned to buy things 
the}' don't need to impress people 
thev don't like?" 

The humblest citizen of all the 
land, when clad in the armor of a 
righteous cause, is stronger than all 
the hosts of error. — William Jen- 
nings Bryan. 




A revival will begin at Elkins, \Y. 
Ya., from Sunday evening, July 1 to 
Sunday evening, July 8. Eld. \Y. 
A. Taylor will be the evangelist. 
Anyone who can attend any of these 
services, is urged to do so to help 
the Mission work at this location. 

Services are to be at the Foe Run 
School. Take route 219, through 
Elkins going south, turn left on 
route 4. for several miles to the 

General Mission Board. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 
P. 0. Bx. 246 
Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

Ezra Beery 

r 1, Union, Ohio 

Paul Byfield 

r 1, Bx 768 

Modesto, Calif. 


Ammon Keller, Chairman 

R. 5, Lebanon, Pa. 

Vern Hostetler, Secretary 

Montpelier, Ohio. 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 

R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Edward Johnson 

R 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

George Doi\=>ey 

Bx 58, Salisbury, Pa. 


Board of Publication 

Harry Andrews, Chairman, 
R. 1, Grandview, Mo. 

Edward Johnson, Vice-Chm. 
R. 2, Wauseon, Ohio. 

Paul R. Myers, Secretary, 
Box 117, Greentown, Ohio. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer, 
Snowville, Va. 

James Kegerreis, 
Bx 84, Strausstown, Pa. 

Howard J. Surbey, 

R. 2, Tanevtown, Md. 


Board of Trustees 

Lawrence Kreider, Chairman, 
9005 W. 3rd St., Dayton 7, Ohio. 

A. G. Fahnestock, Secretary, 
R. R. 3, Lititz, Pa. 

David F. Ebling. Treasurer, 
Bethel, Pa. 

General Mission Board 

Ammon Keller, Chairman 

r 5 Lebanon, Pa. 

Herbert Parker, Secretary 

r 3 Arcanum, Ohio 

David Ebling, Treasm*er 

Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

Harry Andrews 

Grandview, Mo. 

Paul R. Myers 

Greentown, Ohio 

W. S. Reed, 
Waukee, Iowa. 
Galen Harlacher, 
Newberg, Ore. 
W. E. Bashor, 
Turlock, Calif. 

r 1 

All contributions to the vari- 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to 
the Secretary for his records. 



]ULY 15, 1956 

No. 14 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and | OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"While the earth remaineth, seed- 
time and harvest, and cold and heat, 
and summer and winter, and day and 
night shall not cease". Gen. 8:22. 
Here we have the promise of Al- 
mighty God upon the thanks and 
offerings of Noah, for God's bless- 
ings and protection of them. This 
is a hlessed and far-reaching prom- 
ise of God. which we have the prom- 
ise of enjoying as long as the earth 

Through these blessings of God 
we are now enjoying a bountiful 
harvest season. In our human 
weakness we cannot fully appreciate 
or give thanks for these blessings 
of God. God has given us the 
blessings of health, the soil to cul- 
tivate, a balance of plant — insect and 
bird life ; accompanied with rainfall, 
sunshine and the increase of nature. 
How thankful and appreciative are 
we to our Creator? 

We are given the ability and the 
use of many tools, to properly pre- 
pare the soil for planting. We have 
the opportunity to preserve and se- 
cure good seed for planting. 

Through the blessings of sun, rain 
and pure air ; God gives a bountiful 
increase. True, we must cultivate, 
rotate crops and fertilize, we must 
keep out the weeds and we must rid 
the crop of insects but usually we 
are bountifully blessed for our lab- 

Does God shower us with all these 
blessings for naught? What spir- 
itual blessings and thanks are we 
bestowing upon such a Creator? 
God has endowed us with hearts, 
free from sin and full of grace and 
truth, through the redemptive power 
of our Lord and Savior. God has 
sent us the pure and unadulterated 
plan of salvation and preserved it, 
from generation to generation, 
through the apostles and our faith- 
ful fore-fathers. 

Christ has promised us the Holy 
Spirit to comfort us and to reveal 
the details of the plan of salvation 
unto us. Thus we have "power 
from on high" to overcome the 
temptations of sin and push forth 
among the problems of life, encount- 
ered in the -.^aster's service. True 
we must use zeal, untiring efforts 


and personal sacrifice to accomplish 
the goal, in any undertaking. When 
we have a promise of help from so 
heavenly a Messenger, from a Sav- 
iour who has promised to "never 
leave us or forsake us" and the 
gift of Eternal Life as a reward : 
how much we should labor and how 
little we should faint. 

What efforts are we putting forth 
to keep sin out of our lives? What 
unchristian habits are we cultivat- 
ing? Are we allowing our time and 
our talents to he spent in worldy 
amusements with only a few off- 
falls left for our Lord and Savior? 
How hungerly are we feeding upon 
the ordinances and command- 
ments of God ? Do we expect to re- 
ceive so great a reward for little or 
no effort on our part? Do we want 
to be profitable servants? Would we 
appreciate so great a reward if we 
spent no effort for our Lord? "For 
we know that if our earthly house of 
this tabernacle were dissolved, we 
have a building of God, an house 
not made with hands, eternal in the 
heavens", 2 Cor. 5:1. 

We greatly appreciate a bountiful 
harvest, how much must God appre- 
ciate of our soul? God looketh upon 
the heart, we have the opportunity 
to wholly submit our heart and soul 
unto His service. "But that on the 
good ground are they, which in an 
honest and good heart, having heard 
the word, keep it, and bring forth 
fruit with patience", Luke 8:15. 


The meaning of the word fact, 
may be an act of the present, past 
or future, a true happening, a truth, 
anything strictly true or real, a cer- 
tainty, to accept a thing without 
doubt or question. Facts bring the 
truth to light. 2 Cor. 13:8, "For 
we can do nothing against the truth, 
but for the truth". We can miscon- 
strue the truth, but the facts still re- 

Facts are stubborn things to deal 
with. They may be an act or deed, 
an event, a reality, a result. Some- 
thing proven to be true. To deny a 
fact knowingly is a lie. Facts are 
things that humanity will have to 
meet or face at the great judgment 
day. For those that have not made 
their calling and election sure before 
passing from life to death, as the 
tree falleth so it will lay, until it is 
called from hence. The word fact 
is a far reaching word, and every 
soul has to meet it. 

Heb. 4:12-14, "For the word of 
God is quick, and powerful and 
sharper than any two-edged sword, 
piercing even to the dividing asund- 
er of soul and spirit, and of the 
joints and marrow, and is a discern- 
er of the thoughts and the intents 
of the heart. Neither is there any 
creature that is not manifested in 
his sight ; but all things are naked 
and opened unto the eyes of him 
with whom we have to do. Seeing 
then that we have a great high 


Priest, that is passed into the heav- 
ens, Jesus the Son of God, let us 
hold fast our profession". Many 
so-called christians confess him and 
believe of Him hut not many be- 
lieve in Him. 

John 5:22, "For the Father judg- 
eth no man, but hath committed all 
judgment unto the Son." Why do 
men prav to the Father? Verse, 
40, "Ye will not come to me that ye 
might have life". Jesus said unto 
them (the Jews) "I am the bread 
of life". Jesus said, "I judge no 
man, but the words that I have 
spoken they shall judge now". John 
8:12, "Then Jesus spake again unto 
them, saying, I am the light of the 
world : he that followeth me shall 
not walk in darkness but shall have 
the light of life". John 8:31, "Then 
said Jesus to those Jews which be- 
lieved on him. If ye continue in my 
word then are ye my disciples in- 
deed : and ye shall know the truth, 
and the truth shall make you free". 
Today we must go to some college 
or university to learn the truth, 
quite a contrast to Jesus' teachings. 

I am not of this world, where did 
He get His learning or education? 
John 12:46-48, "I am come a light 
into the world, that whosoever be- 
lieveth on me should not abide in 
darkness. If any man hear my 
words, and believe not, I judge him 
not: for I came not to judge the 
world, but to save the world. He 
that rejected me, and receive not my 
words, hath one that judgeth him: 

The word that I have spoken, the 
same shall judge him in the last 
day". These words are truth and 
facts, that we must meet judgment 
sometime and somewhere. So we 
better judge ourselves by the word, 
make restitution, and send our sins 
before hand to judgment, or they 
will follow after. 

Acts, 3:19, "Repent ye therefore, 
and be converted, that your sins 
may be blotted out". For there is 
none other name under heaven giv- 
en among men, where by we must 
be saved, save Jesus Christ of Naz- 
areth, who was crucified, and raised 
from the dead. Neither is there sal- 
vation in any other. The Jews are 
praying to their God, the Heavenly 
Father, as are also some of the so- 
called Christians. They disregard 
the Lord Jesus, to be their Lord 
and master or God. As we read, the 
Father has turned all power and 
majesty and honor to the Son dur- 
ing this dispensation, time of grace 
or church age. Act. 3:21, "Until 
the times of restitution of all things, 
which God hath spoken by the 
mouth of all his holy prophets since 
the world began". 

Col. 1:13, "Who hath delivered 
us from the power of darkness, and 
hath translated us into the kingdom 
of his dear Son". If so be we are 
in His kingdom and the kingdom is 
within us. The Lord Jesus did set 
up His kingdom here on earth and 
we are either in His kingdom or the 
kingdom of this world. It is a fact 



Taneytown, Md., July 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church \n the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Tanevtown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

we cannot be in both at once and 
the same time. In whom we have 
redemption through His blood, even 
the forgiveness of sins. He is be- 
fore all things and by him all tilings 
consist. And he is the head of the 
body, the church, who is the begin- 
ning, the first born from the dead, 
that in all things he might have the 
preeminence, that in him should all 
fullness dwell. And having made 
peace through the blood of his cross, 
by him to reconcile all things unto 

Matt. 28:18, After Jesus Christ 
finished His mission on earth. He 
came and spake unto them (the 
eleven apostles ) saying, "All power 
is given unto me in heaven and in 
earth." Matt. 25:31, 32. "When the 
Son of man shall come in his glory, 
and all the Holy angels with him, 

then shall he sit upon the throne of 
his glory : And before shall be gath- 
ered all nations : And he shall sep- 
arate them one from another". Bless- 
ed are the dead which die in the 
Lord. Blessed are they which are 
called unto the marriage supper of 
the Lamb. For the Lord omnipot- 
ent reigneth. Let tis be glad and 
rejoice, and give honor to him. For 
the marriage of the Lamb is come 
and his wife or the wise virgins, 
hath made themselves ready. 

J tide 1 :14, "And Enoch also, the 
seventh from Adam, prophesied of 
these, saying. Behold, the Lord com- 
eth with ten thousands of his saints, 
to execute judgment upon all". I 
Cor. 6:2, "*Do you not know that 
the saints shall judge the world? 
and if the world shall be judged by 
you are ye unworthy to judge the 
smallest matters?" I Thess. 4:15- 
17, "For this we say unto you by 
the word of the Lord that we which 
are alive and remain unto the com- 
ing of the Lord shall not prevent 
them which are asleep. For if we 
believe that Jesus died and rose 
again, even so them also which 
sleep in Jesus will God bring with 
him. The dead in Christ shall rise 
first? Then we which are alive 
and remain shall be caught up to- 
gether with them in the clouds, to 
meet the Lord in the air : And so 
shall we ever be with the Lord". 
These are the elect, the world may 
not see or know when this occurs, 
but when He comes back with the 



elect, or saints, every eye shall see 

Rev. 1 :7, "Behold, he .cometh 
with clouds, and every eye shall 
see him, and they also which pierced 
him : And all kindreds of the earth 
shall wail because of him". Rev. 6: 
16, Some hid themselves in dens and 
in the rocks of the mountains ; and 
said to the mountains and the rocks, 
fall on us, and hide us from the face 
of him that sitteth on the throne, and 
from the wrath of the Lamb ; for the 
great day of his wrath is come : and 
who shall be able to stand? Phil. 2: 
10, "That at the name of Jesus every 
knee should bow, and that every ton- 
gue should confess that Jesus Christ 
is Lord, to the glory of God the 
Father", Rom. 14:11, "For it is 
written, as I live, saith the Lord 
(these are facts) every knee shall 
bow to me, and every tongue shall 
confess to God". So then even- 
one of us shall give an account of 
ourselves to him. 

Neither is there any creature that 
is not manifested in his sight : But 
all things are opened unto the eyes 
of him with whom we have to do. He 
is a discerner of the thoughts and the 
intents of the heart. For we have 
not an high priest which cannot be 
touched with the feeling of our in- 
firmities : but was tempted in all 
points like as we are, yet without 
sin. Though he were a Son, yet 
learned he obedience by the things 
which he suffered : being made per- 
fect, he became the author of eternal 

salvation unto all them that obey 
him. Se we have no salvation, ex- 
cept to believe in Him and obey. 
My words, they are truth and they 
are life. 

There are many facts established 
in the scriptures. I Tim. 1 :15, 14, 
"This is a faithful saying, and wor- 
thy of all acceptation, that Christ 
Jesus came into the world to save 
sinners. And the grace of our Lord 
was exceeding abundant with faith 
and love which is in Christ Jesus". 
He who searches our hearts knows 
what the Spirit means, for it pleads 
for God's people in accordance with 
His will. Nevertheless we accord- 
ing to His promises, look for a new 
heaven, and a new earth. I Tim. 
3:16, without controversy great is 
the mystery of godliness :Their is 
no room of controversy in facts. God 
was manifest in the flesh, justified 
in the Spirit, seen of angels, preach- 
ed unto the Gentiles, believed on in 
the world, received up into glory". 
Be glory through Jesus Christ for- 
ever. To the only wise God our 
Saviour, be glory and majesty, do- 
minion and power, both now and 
forever. Amen. 

Wm. N. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 



There seems to be no secret order 
more pernicious than the trade un- 
ions of the present day. The manner 
in which the unions assert them- 


selves, we see more of their compo- 
sition and get a fuller view of them 
then we do from others. The fact 
that these secret unions assume to 
monopolize lahor, from the most 
skilled mechanic down, to the hod 
carrier, against the protest of the 
employer to enforce their demands 
thev assault and sometimes resort 
to murder as has been done in the 
past, is a sufficient reason for their 
disapproval by every good citizen. 
As it is today, about the first ques- 
tion asked you when you are hir- 
ed and sent to work, not by the em- 
ployer but by the employe, "have 
you got your union ticket with your 
dues paid up?" If not he can't work, 
or in the event of the employer re- 
taining him. every union man will 
lay down his tools and quite the 
job. The provisions of our Constit- 
tution make all men equal, with the 
right to follow his chosen pursuit 
of labor, in any occupation that is 
lawful for men to pursue, and that 
all men are equal before the law. 

Objections of trade unions: Be- 
cause they are unjust, they demand 
the same wages for all their mem- 
bers. This is no aid to the able and 
energetic but compels the employer 
to pay to the careless, idle, and 
worthless, wages they do not earn. 
If worthless men are discharged the 
union orders a strike and competent 
men are denied the privilege of work 
until they are restored. This is 
stealing both from the workman 
and the emloyer and is a violation 

of the eighth command. 

They are lawless in their doings. 
Nearly all strikes lead to violence 
and intimidation. The sixth com- 
mand is certainly violated by the un- 
ion. To cry "scab" at a fellow work- 
man has the spirit of murder in it. 
Labor unions are oppressive. They 
endeavor to compel all men in their 
trade to unite with their order. If 
they will not they endeavor to pre- 
vent them from earning their bread. 
They supplant the law of God and 
the law of the state, by their own 
enactments and whatever is needful 
to sustain their usurped power. 
They undertake to say how many 
hours you shall work, and what 
material you shall use. and who you 
shall use, and who you shall buy 
from, and to whom you shall sell; 
all this they assume to do not for 
themselves but for others. Christians 
cannot innocently be partakers of 
such work. An organization to be 
lawful must be composed of a volun- 
tary membership. A great part of 
the men are gotten in and kept there 
by force of the union. 

J. H. Beer 
Sel. from Jan. 1924 Bible Monitor 


"And be not conformed to this 
world : but be be transformed by 
the renewing of your mind." Rom. 
12:2. Pure religion before God the 
Father is this : "To visit the father- 
less and widows in their affliction, 
and to keep himself unspotted from 


the world." Jam. 1 :27. "And you 
hath he quickened, who were dead 
in trespasses and sins ; wherein in 
time past ye walked according to 
the course of this world, according 
to the prince of the power of the 
air, the spirit that now worketh in 
the children of disobedience : among 
also whom we all had our conversa- 
tion in times past in the lusts of 
the flesh, fulfilling the desires of the 
flesh and of the mind ; and were by 
nature the children of wrath even as 
others." Eph. 2:1, 3. Here we have 
two testimonies of a plain command 
for the guidance of the Christian be- 
liever, easy to understand, yet of 
extreme importance. 

Paul sets forth in a brief war 
just what this word world means to 
us and what relation man has to it, 
so we need not be mistaken. In the 
first place we see that nature places 
us with the children of wrath into 
the world, although some may have 
a greater propensity for worldliness 
than others. Some grow up in world- 
ly environment, while others in 
Christian homes and training may 
learn to find more comparative 
pleasure in God than in the world; 
but after all, that is the channel we 
must run in by nature. Yet to make 
matters worse, along with our nat- 
ural evil inclinations, we find an ag- 
gravating factor, the prince of the 
power of the air that Paul mentions. 
This prince makes it his business to 
cultivate the vices of men, and alto- 
gether matters become so bad that 

John says "the whole world lieth in 
wickedness", 1 John 5:19. The 
world is so contemptible that James 
says, "Know ye not that the friend- 
ship of the world is enmity with 
God ? Whosoever therefore will be a 
friend of the world is the enemy of 
God", Jam. 4 :4. 

Xow Paul says, "and you hath he 
quickened who were dead," — that is, 
come to life in Christ Jesus. Here is 
the great favor of God, "that now 
in Christ Jesus, we who sometime 
were afar off, are made nigh by the 
blood of Christ." At last, the soul 
that by nature is of the world, com- 
plies to the Apostle's injunction to 
"come out from among them and be 
ye separate," 2 Cor. 6:17, and turns 
it's back to the world and worldly 
things. From the foundation of this 
race remains the enmity of the ser- 
pent, which is the prince of this 
world, against the seed of the wo- 
man. However, as long as we ac- 
cept the dictation of this prince, we 
don't suffer at his hand, but at last 
we have become conscious of that 
drawn line which marks the limit of 
our friendship with God, and have 
found that we must choose whom 
we will serve. The moment we make 
friendship with the true God, we 
bring into effect the enmity of the 
spirit that rules the world. \\ nere 
there is enmity, warfare follows, 
and with us, this is no less the case. 
\Ye surely have a wonderful God ; 
for He has foreseen our future 
troubles and has revealed to us just 


what moves our eneniv will make, 
that we might he on the defensive. 
God, through Peter, warned us to 
""he soher, vigilant, for our adver- 
sary, the Devil, as a roaring lion, 
wnlketh about, seeking whom he 
may devour", 1 Peter 5 :8. While 
this is the case, he also presents 
himself otherwise, for Paul warns 
us of false apostles, deceitful work- 
ers, transforming themselves into 
apostles of Christ, and he says, 
"this is no marvel, for Satan him- 
self is transformed into an angel of 
light", 2 Cor. 11 :14. 

Xow in the happiest time of life 
Satan gently taps a shoulder and 
says, "Friend, look back and see 
what you have left behind, and see 
how much you are missing." Here 
is the test of our transformation. 
Right then and there is the time to 
say, "Get thee behind me, Satan". 
But how many do? We look hack, 
and what do we see? We see the 
pleasures and desires, customs and 
vices, that we indulged in before ; 
but we see something else, also. Lo, 
here is that drawn line between the 
church and the world. Just on yon- 
der side is sure enmity with God. 
What shall we do? Christ answers, 
"But rather fear him who is aide 
to destroy both soul and body in 
hell", Matt. 10:28. He also says, 
"Xo man having put his hand to 
the plough, and looking back, is lit 
for the kingdom of God", Luke 
9 :62. Christ was tempted of Satan 
in the wilderness, and he faced the 

same problems that we must face. 
His temptations were representative 
of all that we must meet. Did he 
effect a compromise with Satan ? No 
indeed, for He truly says, "I have 
overcome the world." We must do 
likewise, for Paul says, "What fel- 
lowship hath righteousness with un- 
righteousness, and what communion 
hath light with darkness, and what 
concord hath Christ with Belial?" 

We have here enough evidence to 
surely set us on the right road, but 
Satan is not daunted. He tries to 
convince us that to give up these 
worldly things is a wonderful hard- 
ship and makes our cross unbear- 
able, and from this standpoint he 
reasons with us that God's mercy 
will grant us a little compromise. 
What a delusion this is. God's 
mercy is not to him who goes astray, 
but to him, who having gone astray, 
returns. God's precept is, return 
unto me and I will return unto you. 
We read in Isaiah, "for all this, his 
auger is not turned away, but his 
hand is stretched out still." This 
portrays God's hand still stretched 
out to torment them who had for- 
saken him, and then he tells us why. 
"For the people turneth not unto 
him that smiteth them, neither do 
they seek the Lord of Hosts", Isa. 
9:12-13. We may design to stray 
back to the world and then sometime 
to return ; hut why will we risk our 
soul ? 

God's beckoning hand is stretched 
to us but once. When once we 


grieve the spirit that guides us, and 
forsake it's guidance, we become like 
a ship without a rudder, and if we 
have drifted back into the beggarly 
elements of the world we may find it 
doubly hard ever to return. We 
read in Heb. 6. how hard it shall be, 
when they fall away, to renew them 
again to repentance. There is but 
one safe place ; so why impose on 
God's mercy when we already are 
entirely dependent upon it? 

When Satan finds it useless to 
tempt us, he may try the roaring 
lion aspect and try to put fear in our 
hearts through scorn and hatred of 
the world; for it is written, "thev 
think it strange that ye run not 
with them to the same excess of riot, 
speaking evil of you", I Peter 4 :4. 
But Peter fortifies us against this 
fear for he says, "If ye suffer for 
righteousness sake, happy are ye : 
and be not afraid of their terror, 
neither be troubled", 1 Pet. 3:14. It 
would be sad indeed to allow men's 
scorning finger to separate us from 
the love of God. 

If Satan is unable to mislead us 
and draw us back into the world he 
will not hesitate to bring his 
worldly things right into the church 
after us. This is a sad state of af- 
fairs but so it is for Paul says, "For 
I know this, that after my departing 
shall grevious wolves enter in 
among you, not sparing the flock." 
Now Satan will come to us and say, 
your brother indulges in this, why 
not von?" Will we allow him to de- 

story our own conscience, and to 
guide us by the conscience of an- 
other? Paul says, "They measuring 
themselves by themselves, and com- 
paring themselves among them- 
selves are not wise." If we look up- 
on another man as our ideal and our 
pattern, we may soon be following 
him where he does not follow Christ, 
and as a result, we being blind are 
led of the blind into carnality. In the 
Apostle's time one said, "I am of 
Paul, and another, I am of Apollos, 
and another, I am of Cephas ; and 
what did Paul say? Paul said, "Are 
ye not carnal ?" 

The doctrines of Balaam and of 
Jezebel also crept into the churches 
at that early time. How did those 
things get in? The answer is, by the 
evil spirit, the Prince Satan. But 
here is the important part, some man 
had to be the agency, just as Paul 
said, some one was a deceitful work- 
er, or some one a false apostle, and 
the warning to us is that they appear 
as apostles of Christ and angels of 
light, therefore is the necessity for 
watchfulness. If conditions were 
such at that time, it can be so 
again ; for Paul says, "evil men 
and seducers shall wax worse and 
worse, deceiving and being deceiv- 
ed," and also, "in the last days pre- 
ilous times shall come." By this we 
know that we are in a time when we 
dare not have our eyes shut. Satan's 
victory over old Israel was the de- 
struction of their separation from 
the world. That it is Satan's de- 



sign to make this same victory over 
the church, is clearly seen in the 
scriptures from beginning to end. 

Satan's first temptation to man 
was the offering of knowledge, and 
Eve thinking it desirable to be wise, 
accepted this everlasting curse. As 
Satan injected this into the seed of 
Adam, even so he will attempt to do 
to the church. Today this matter 
of knowledge is the fundamental 
curse of the world. If we could on- 
lv properly separate the knowledge 
that the evil one gives from the 
knowledge that God gives, we would 
be in fine shape to go on. But as 
things are, these two sorts are 
jumbled together, and man calls it 
education, and then makes it a so- 
cial sin to be uneducated. Alan says 
we must be educated in order to 
make our way and living in the 
world. He starts educating and 
don't know where to stop ; but there 
is a line that clearly marks the stop- 
ping place if we seek it. The ob- 
vious purpose of education is to fit 
us for getting more out of life. God 
gave us our life, not to see how 
much we could get out of it, but to 
see how much HE could get. Our 
lives should not be lived to worldly 
success, but to God's glory. "What? 
know ye not that your body is the 
temple of the Holy Ghost which is 
in you, which ye have of God, and 
ye are not your own ? For ye are 
bought with a price : therefore glor- 
ify God in your body, and in your 
spirit, which are God's", I Cor. 

6:19. If we first seek God to do his 
will, we have his promise to equip 
us in the needs of this life. Truly if 
we give this a strict analysis we are 
almost surprised to find how little 
education we really need. Before 
Satan came along, God gave Adam 
and Eve the uecesary knowledge to 
dress and keep the garden, and that 
was all they had need of to be su- 
premely happy. But man was not 
satisfied, and likewise, man is not 
satisfied today, but daily tries to 
become more wise. While they 
still suffer from the acquirement of 
knowledge, they search for more. 

Now that is the relation that 
knowledge has to this natural life ; 
but let us consider it's relation to 
our spiritual life. First let us hear 
what the scripture says about it : 
"For the wisdom of this world is 
foolishness with God. For it is writ- 
ten. He taketh the wise in their own 
craftiness", 1 Cor. 3:19. "For it is 
written, I will destroy the wisdom 
of the wise, and will bring to noth- 
ing the understanding of the pru- 
dent", 1 Cor. 1:19. Now, how does 
this wisdom affect the affairs of our 
soul? First we see, the world by 
Wisdom knew not God. (1 Cor. 1: 
21. ) Paul says, "For ye see you call- 
ing, brethren, how that not many 
wise men after the flesh, not many 
mighty, not many noble are called." 
We see here that this wisdom was a 
great disadvantage to some one, 
keeping them from the wonderful 
calling of God. \\ ny is this so ? Here 



are the reasons. "The Lord knoweth 
the thoughts of the wise, that they 
are vain", 1 Cor. 3 :20, "Knowl- 
edge puffeth up, hut charity edi- 
neth", 1 Cor. 8:1. 

The Lord can use for His honor- 
ahle vessels, only such as are estab- 
lished and humble men, and this 
world's wisdom ever leads men 
farther from these virtues. To 
deny this, is to deny the scripture. 
Men point to the apostle Paul as an 
example of an educated Christian, 
to justify worldly knowledge. Paul 
was indeed and truly an educated 
man. we freely agree. It was the 
spirit of that very education that 
led him to persecute the saints. 
Christ called him from this sphere in 
which he was educated, into another 
in which he was entirely ignorant. 
Paul was in a condition that he de- 
scribed later thus : "and if any man 
think that he knoweth anything, he 
knoweth nothing yet as he ought to 
know." What did it take to bring 
Paul out of his former condition? A 
supernatural light, and a voice from 
heaven, and three days' blindness. 
Then he was ready to do as he ad- 
monishes us. "Let him become a 
fool, that he may be wise". Paul 
now depended on the spirit as his 
guide and no longer used the 
knowledge he obtained in his uncon- 
verted state. Here are his own 
words to that effect. "Which things 
also we speak not in the words 
which man's wisdom teacheth, but 

which the Hoi}' Ghost teacheth", I 
Cor. 2:13. "We speak wisdom 
among them that are perfect : yet not 
the wisdom of this world, nor of the 
princes of this world, that come to 
nought ; but we speak the wisdom of 
God in a mystery, even the hidden 
wisdom which God ordained", 1 
Cor. 2 :6. 

"If any other man thinketh that 
he hath whereof he might trust in 
the flesh, I more.***But what 
things were gain to me, those I 
counted loss for Christ. Yea doubt- 
less, and I count all things but loss 
for the excellency of the knowledge 
of Christ Jesus my Lord: for whom 

I have suffered the loss of all things 
and do count them but dung that I 
may win Christ", Phil. 3 :4, 7, 8. In 
appreciation of this principle, our 
Savior prayed, "I thank thee, O 
Father, Lord of Heaven and earth, 
because thou hast hid these things 
from the wise and prudent, and hast 
revealed them unto babes", Matt. 

II :25. The true wisdom is reveal- 
ed to babes through Christ, in whom 
Paul says, are hid all the treasures 
of wisdom and knowledge, Col. 2 :3. 
Here Paul makes the wonderful rev- 
elation that in Christ are hid all the 
treasures of wisdom and knowledge. 
In him alone can these treasures be 
found : for in him they all are hid- 
den. Besides these treasures there 
are none other, and aside from 
Him, they can not be found else- 
where ; therefore all the knowledge 
and wisdom that the world has to 



offer is a counterfeit. 

Alan's hrst need after their fall 
was clothing, and God clothed them 
with coats of skins. For a covering 
and for protection, these skins were 
ample though simple. Man has di- 
gressed from this simplicity until 
they approach idolatry. They dress 
to please the eye and the god of 
Fashion. From time to time we see 
various changes in cut and shape of 
garments even among church mem- 
bers. We wonder if this could be a 
remote bow to that god, Fashion. 
Paul says, "in like manner also, that 
women adorn themselves in modest 
apparel, with shame-facedness and 
sobriety: not with braided hair, or 
gold, or pearls, or costly array", 1 
Tim. 2 :9. This applies also to men. 

Paid says, with shamefacedness." 
Why should we be shamefaced? 
Here is the reason; Christ says that 
when we have done all the things 
that are commanded, even then we 
are unprofitable servants. If we con- 
sider this fully, how could we face 
God without a trace of shame in our 
face ? 

The next need of man is a place 
of shelter. This we call home, 
though in some cases it may be only 
a tent. We naturally love our 
homes and try to make them com- 
fortable, but the world does not stop 
at utility in their homes. Paul says, 
"mind not high things, but conde- 
scend to men of low estate." If 
Jesus were to come to your home 
and mine tonicrht while we are 

for he savs. "in like manner", mean- asleep, for an inspection, what would 

ing the men and the women also. 
The world abbreviates their attire 
to the extent of immodesty. Will 
church members be justified in pat- 
terning after their abbreviation ? Let 
us notice this matter of costly array. 
This word. Array, means clothing 
(Webster) : and our clothing is not 
to be the costly kind. Can we use 
the expensive and highly esteemed 
fabrics that the world uses, and com- 
ply with the apostle's command ? 
Jesus says, "that which is highly 
esteemed among men is abomina- 
tion in the sight of God", Luke 16: 
1 5. If we clothe ourselves in a 
manner of sobriety as the apostle 
says, it will be just the opposite of 
the gay clothing the world wears. 

be his conclusion ? Would he recog- 
nize it as the home of a Christian ? 
Would he find there the marks of 
separation from the world that he 
has a right to expect? 

God gives us many things in this 
life, and attends them with respon- 
sibilities, but the most important 
of these is. our children. We con- 
sider them as being our own, but 
are they? Christ says, "and call no 
man your father upon the earth : 
for one is your Father which is in 
Heaven." If no man is our father 
on the earth, neither are the children 
our children ; but they are given us 
only of their Father in Heaven. They 
are His and not ours, and He in- 
structs that we bring them up in the 



nurture and admonition of the Lord. 
(Eph. 6:4.) This leaves little room 
for our personal wishes on the chil- 
dren. God's command is, "Children 
obey your parents in the Lord", 
therefore we teach our children obe- 

The Vindicator 
Sel. bv A. j. Bashore. 


General Conference has passed the 
following decision. "Marriages, like 
other News Items, be printed in the 
Bible Monitor ; further that this be 
kept brief". Therefore send these 
to your editor, as they are perhaps 
more important for the growth of 
the church, than some other items. 


The Plevna congregation sends 
invitations to all. to come to the 
Plevna. Midway joint harvest meet- 
ing on August 5. Bro. Donald Eck- 
er of Hartville, Ohio, will be the 

Ruthanna Kintner, Cor. 

If the Lord wills, the Englewood 
Congregation will hold our revival 
beginning July 22 and continuing for 
two weeks, with Bro. Melvin Roesch 
as our evangelist. All are invited 
to come and worship with us. 

Sister Sylvia Surbey, Cor. 


On Sunday, May 20, we had our 
Lovefeast at Lititz with a good at- 
tendance. The ministers present 
throughout the day were : David 
Ebling, James Kegerreis, Ray 
Shank, Joseph Myers, Paul Wea- 

In the evening 80 surrounded the 
Lord's table with Eld. James Keger- 
reis officiating. We thank the breth- 
ren and Sisters and their families, 
for attending our services and invite 
them all back again. 

Susanna B. Johns, Cor. 


The Pleasant Ridge congregation 
has decided to bold our Harvest 
meeting. Aug. 19. Our series of 
meetings starts Oct. 21 and closes 
Nov. 4. with Bro. William Bashor 
from California as our evangelist. 

We are happy to report that three 
young souls accepted Christ on June 
3. May our prayers be that many 
more may make this decision during 
the Revival meetings, if the Lord is 
willing. Come and enjoy these 
meetings with us, we send a hearty 
welcome to all. 

Ruth St. John, Cor. 

The Berean Dunkard Brethren 
met for council April 28. Opening 
hymn no. 201, Scripture reading 
from Acts 2 :41-47 and prayer. Prep- 
arations were made for our Love- 
feast. Everything was disposed of in 



a christian manner. Our meeting 
closed with the Doxology and pray- 
er, with Elder T. I. Bowman, pre- 

On May 19. we met for our Love- 
feast at 4 P. M. We gathered with 
much anticipation, for we were ex- 
pecting many Brethren and Sisters 
from other congregations to be with 
us. hut for some reason several did 
not get here. We were glad for the 
presence of Bro. and Sister Melvin 
Roesch and Bro. and Sister Joshua 
Rice. Both of the Brethren talked 
from 1 Cor. 1 1 and gave us many 
good things to think ahout, admon- 
ishing us to a higher plane of living. 
When everything was ready we sur- 
rounded the tables, with only thir- 
teen communicants and Bro. Roesch 

We had a real spiritual Lovefeast, 
proving to us that where two or 
three are gathered together in His 
name, there He will be in the midst. 
Sunday morning we went for Sun- 
day school at 10 a. m. Bro. Roesch 
taught the Sunday-school. Bro. Rice 
gave us a good sermon on 2 Tim. 3. 
We sure appreciated the presence of 
these Brethren and Sisters, as we 
are so few in number and we receive 
much encouragement from the visit 
ing brethren. 

We are thankful and appreciate 
the help the Mission Board is giv- 
ing us, by sending a visiting minis- 
ter every third Sunday of each 
month. May the Lord bless them 
in their work. We ask an interest 

in the prayers of the brotherhood, in 
our behalf, that the work of the 
Berean church may grow and pros- 
per for the Lord. A hearty invi- 
tation is extended to all to come and 
worship with us whenever they can. 
Sister Josie Lam, Cor. 

General Conference of 1956 will 
go down in history as bringing to- 
gether a record breaking crowd of 
Brethren, Sisters, and friends. Out- 
standing was the number of young 
members who attended. Attendance 
and meals furnished were double 
that of some of our recent confer- 
ences. The expenses which will be 
shown in the printed minutes, will 
show that during the five days, 26 
were lodged in private homes, and 
on the Camp grounds 1481 nights' 
lodging were furnished, 1627 break- 
fasts were served, 2129 dinners, and 
2002 suppers. 

Left on the grounds were the fol- 
lowing: A bag with draw strings 
containing a coin purse. This con- 
tained thirty-three cents. Also left 
was a child's plaid coat, probably 
4 to 6 years. 

For the Committee, by the Chairman 
Ray S. Shank 
216 West Marble St. 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 


Clara Susanna Goodenberger 
Hines was born November 16, 1874, 
to Henry and Sarah Ann Click 



Goodenberger in Canal Fulton, 

She departed this life to be with 
her Saviour June 20, 1956 at the age 
of 81 years, 7 months and 4 days. 

She accepted Christ as her per- 
sonal Saviour at the age of 12 years 
and lived a faithful life until death. 

She has been a living example in 
kindness, patience and physical suf- 

She was united in marriage to 
John \Y. Hines, of Jackson, Michi- 
gan, Sept. 16, 1899 by Elder Samuel 
Sprankle. They celebrated their 
56th anniversary in 1955. 

To this union were born four chil- 
dren. She leaves to mourn her de- 
parture : her husband ; two daugh- 
ters, Mrs. Glen Workman and Mrs. 
Arthur Domer and two sons, Wil- 
liam H. and Gilbert S.. all residing 
within three miles of the homestead, 
19 grandchildren and 17 great- 

Funeral services were conducted 
from the home and from the Orion 
Church, by the home ministers as- 
sisted by Bro. Paul Byheld, of Em- 
pire, Cal., with interment in the 
West Nimishillen Cemetery. 

In her passing, the family and 
friends and all who knew her will 
greatly miss her. The Orion Con- 
gregation has lost a loyal member 
and truly can profit by the example 
she left us. 


If I had Prayed perhaps the day 

would not have seemed so 

The skies would not have seemed so 

If on my knees in humble prayer I 

had begun the dav, 
Perhaps the fight would not have 

seemed so hard. 
Prepared, I might have faced the 

If I had been alone with Him upon 

my knees, to pray. 
Perhaps I might have cheered a 

broken heart, 
Or helped a wand'rer on the way 
If T had asked to be a light to some 

dark soul today. 
I would remember just the pleasant 

things ; 
The harsh words that I meant to say 
I would forget, if I had prayed when 

I began the day. 
I think I could have met life's hard- 
er trials. 
With hopeful heart and a cheerful 

If I had spoken with my Lord just 

for a little while. 
For if I pray, I find that all goes 

All care at His dear feet is laid ; 
My heart is glad — the load is light, 

because I first have prayed. 
Sel. by Sister Dottie Pifer 




I do not know that it has heen 
fully developed yet, hut there has 
heen on exhibition recently, a 
glimpse of it, at least, and it prom- 
ises to be a most wonderful picture, 
a revelation in fact. 

It has been a long time in the 
making — what the photographers 
call a "long time exposure", but it 
was inevitable that sooner or later, 
the developing acid must be applied 
and that which was hidden from 
.sight, must be clearly revealed. 

I would to God that the substance, 
— the subject of this hideous revela- 
tion had never had cause to exist, 
because the recent investigations 
(development) reveals a social and 
spiritual condition, not only in our 
own land, but in every other so- 
called "Christian nation", that is not 
only distressing and alarming, but 
that proves to me that the "world- 
ly churches," as the mass of the 
people of Europe and America see 
them today, have utterly failed ; that 
they have become a stench to the 
masses of sinners and that they have 
brought reproach upon the name of 
our God. 

It proves to me that what we need 
today is — not more Churches, not 
more so-called church members, not 
more church machinery, but more 
new creatures in the Church of 
Jesus Christ, which can never fail. 

When, for manv vears, the masses 

of the people have seen nothing in 
the "Churches", but cold, dead for- 
malities, hypocrisy, pride, deceit, 
bigotry, hatred, strife and often op- 
pression, in and among unconverted 
church members, when they see 
church members. Professing Chris- 
tians desecrate the Sabbath day, lead 
dissolute lives, lie by word and 
deed, taking advantage of their 
neighbor in "smart deals" and driv- 
ing sharp bargains, in loving their 
brethren so ardently, that thev 
"pass on the other side" with their 
eyes turned the other way, in profit- 
eering on not the "saints" only, but 
on the sinner also. 

When they see that the sermons 
that they live on week clays, belie 
the sermons that they preach on 
Sunday's and after being in "bond- 
age to the Church" for generations, 
they see the utterly selfish nature 
and lives of the members of the one 
body in all the world, which above 
all others, is claimed to be built 
upon the foundation of love — true, 
unselfish love to God and man. 

After the great untaught and un- 
converted masses of sinners see all 
these things for years and years, af- 
ter they have felt the pressure of dis- 
honest and Godless men who stand 
high in the councils of the Churches 
when they see the utterly vain and 
carnal lives of the women in high 
society among the "pillars of the 
Churches", then can you wonder 
that they want to "forget that there 
is a God" that thev lose faith in all 



that is good and that they want to 
become atheists and destroy every 
vestage of the so-called civiliza- 
tion of today? 

Can yon wonder that these un- 
taught multitudes when they esti- 
mate our God by the lives of his 
professors, exclaim "We want to be 
without society and without govern- 
ment" ? 

Oh! God. whom wilt Thou hold 
responsible for the souls of these 
people? Oh! Brethren, have you 
contributed to the making of this aw- 
ful picture? May God help us all 
henceforth so to live before men and 
the world that our lives shall inspire 
sinners with faith in Him until they 
find the Christ, who is their life 
and their salvation. 

Brother. Sister, shall it be said of 
our Church that it has failed ? Shall 
it be said of you and me, that we 
have failed? Brethren, would we 
save their lives and our own, we 
must crucify these carnal lives of 
ours. We must show these people 
by lives that they can see. that the 
God of love and righteousness dwells 
within us. that we have been trans- 
formed into new creatures that per- 
sonify Christ Jesus, the lover and 
Saviour of sinners. 

If we would have the world to be- 
lieve that the Church of Jesus Christ 
is the embodiment of "Peace on 
earth, good will to men. and life 
Eternal, and that we belong to that 
Church, we must prove it by our 
lives, so that they can see it. Oh, 

let us think of what the judgment 
day shall reveal to us. 

D. F. Lepley 
Sel. 1924 Bible Monitor. 


Nothing could be truer, 
"It is later than you think", 

The sea and waves are roaring, 
The sky is black as ink. 

H-bombs are in the making ; 

A-bombs are on the shelf, 
War dogs are barking nearer. 

It is time to rouse yourself. 

The light has flickered downward 

To the dismal wick, 
The clouds of tribulation, 

Gather dark and thick. 

The Reds are red like crimson, 
With others tinged with pink, 

The world is ripe for judgment, 
It is later than you think. 

You planned a trip to heaven, 

To live forever more, 
But failed to start the journey 

Through Christ the open door. 

And now the King is coming 

The Only Potentate. 
The clock is striking midnight, 

It is true. The hour is late. 

Rev. 6:17, "For the great day of 
his wrath is come ; and who shall 
be able to stand?" 

Sel. by — Sister Eileen Poorman, 
Pioneer, Ohio. 




They said "He is only a dreamer of 

And passed him by with a smile ; 
But. out of his dreams he fashioned 

a song 
That made life more worthwhile. 
And who shall say he was less a 

part of the universal plan. 
If, instead of building a mighty 

He molded the life of a man? 



While reading in the "Messeng- 
er" about "Those Entertainments" I 
was made to wonder why so many 
churches and Sunday-schools miss 
the mark, by neglecting the use of 
the Bible, when it seems so easy to 
use a good leader, a Sunday-school 
teacher, or pastor in such work. For 
home entertainment one could re- 
quest a certain chapter or chapters 
read during the week, or ask who 
was a certain person in the Bible. 
Now I hear some one say that is not 
entertainment. Why not? When one 
sees a little eight year old boy get 
his Bible and read a chapter, the 
next thing you hear is: "Mamma, 
how many chapters did you read? 
Well, if you read five, I can, too. 
Which ones were they? Where do 
you find them? Papa, did you read 
that chapter we w r ere to read?" 

I once heard a Christian lady tell 
her audience that she had the best 

time reading her Bible because she 
had a regular little prayer meeting 
all by herself. 

How many of you know the books 
of the Bible or can sing them? How 
many wish they had learned them ? 
I hear some of you say : "This is so 
old-fashioned and isn't entertain- 
ment." But it is just what you make 
it. We are living in an age when 
old things or fashions can be made 
new ways if some one presents them 
in the proper way. 

Some will say that the young do 
not want this kind of entertainment, 
and yet, why do they so heartily re- 
spond and enjoy it? And why do 
churches that use this method hold 
their own best ? 


\\ 'hat is called the crime w r ave is 
likely to go on waving until lawyers 
take seriously their civic responsibil- 
ities as officers of our courts and 
real ministers of justice; and until 
parents take their job seriously as 
teachers of thrift, morality and broad 
and servicable spiritual fundament- 

Bar associations may go right on 
deprecating, by resolution, the fail- 
ure of courts and penitentiaries to 
check crime. Ministerial associa- 
tions may lament the labored prog- 
ress of reform movements. Fathers 
and mothers may continue to marvel 
that parental indulgence, kindness 
and sacrifice fail to stem the tide of 



youthful waste and failure. We 
shan't get very far until judges, re- 
lieved of the necessity of protecting 
their tenure of office as they admin- 
ister its duties, direct jury trials in 
perfect freedom, and until "crimi- 
nal" lawyers are under a control 
other than their own sense of pro- 
fessional morality or ethics. Nor 
shall we go far on the road to legal 
reform until parents cease to gradu- 
ate from the home influence both 
male and female duds and criminals 
for want of common home discipline 
and right home teaching. 

Parents who expect the school to 
instill all the patriotism, morality 
and love of principle their children 
are going to need to keep out of jail 
are something less than* good Amer- 
icans. The pampered child, if it 
misses being a human "dud," stands 
a good chance to develop into a 
more or less active moral degener- 
ate and criminal. 

The recent international conven- 
tion of police chiefs declared that a 
great source of youthful crime is ne- 
glect of parental responsibility and 
home training. That finding and 
declaration is something for parents 
to think over. 

Home discipline doesn't mean 
"beating children up" to make them 
dutiful. The parent doesn't need to 
turn savage to enforce discipline. 
Nevertheless the home without re- 
spect for authority is a nursery for 
failure and kindergarten of crime. 


Jn Esther 4:14 we read these 
words: "If thou altogether holdest 
thy peace at this time, then will re- 
lief and deliverance arise to the 
Jews from another place, but thou 
and thy father's house will perish ; 
and who knoweth whether thou art 
not come to the kingdom for such a 
time as this?" 

As these words to Queen Esther 
recurred to my mind, again and 
again. I thought of the great strug- 
gle between right and wrong, mani- 
fest all about us, and the part that 
we, as members of the church, have 
in this struggle. 

The greatest of carnal wars is 
now in the past, but scarcely has the 
smoke of cannon ceased and the 
noise of battle died away, when a 
more formidable conflict between 
good and evil. There is scarcely a 
race or condition, in church, in 
state, or in nation, where it is not 
evident. Everywhere the struggle 
for wealth, power and supremacy 
seems to be growing stronger. In 
religion the tendency seems to be 
no less in evidence. 

As a member of the church, have 
you ever boasted (perhaps to your- 
self, but boasted) that for so many 
years we held an enviable position 
on "such and such" things? 

Go back with me to slavery days 
in our country. We maintained our 
position to the point of discipline, 



even to the point of excommunica- 
tion, in extreme cases yes, the Civil 
War produced martyrs among us 
for the cause of peace. 

But so secure and self-satisfied 
were we, because of our past record, 
that in this passive attitude, as 
peace lovers, the Great World War 
found us unprepared, confused, dis- 
tracted as to our duty, while we saw 
the friends in gray, and the Salva- 
tion Army in its familiar uniform, 
leading the way in relief and re- 
construction whether amid the can- 
non's roar, or after the smoke of 
conflict had cleared away. 

What was wrong? A failure to 
teach ! What, if we had made our 
peace principles live and act during 
those intervening years! What, if 
we had thought and talked and 
preached peace at the fireside, 
through the press and from the pul- 
pit! What, if at home and abroad, 
we had continually pleaded and work- 
ed for peace, universal peace and, 
forging ahead, had joined our forces 
with all peace loving churches and 
led the way ! What might this not 
have meant for Leavenworth Prison 
or for Flanders fields, yes, and for 
the woe and famine that stalk today 
through Armenia's sickening devas- 
tation or vast Russia's barren desti- 
tution ! 

And, again, what if, when we 
took such pride in calling ourselves 
a temperance organization, for so 
many years, we had done more than 
to keep ourselves sober! What if. 

while setting out aggressively Ito 
help make sober our neighbor 
acress the street, across the coun- 
try, across the sea, we had, from the 
beginning, been among the leaders, 
and had gone forth from our fire- 
sides, teaching and preaching Bible 
temperance in all things, how much 
greater might now be the overthrow 
of King Alcohol for all the world! 

Are we ashamed that the Church 
always stood on the right side of 
these great conflicts? Not a bit of 
it ! Our only regret is that we were 
not more aggressive and did not go 
out to try to win the world to our 
position on these questions. The 
church was way ahead of the times 
on these questions and we are glad 
she was. 

Time was when we maintained an 
enviable position in keeping our 
young people from worldly amuse- 
ment. But as we emerge from the 
cruel World War and brush the 
scales from our eyes, lo, in the after- 
math, we see the indecent dance 
practically taking possession most 
everywhere. What are we doing 
about it? In many places we are 
simply folding hands and looking 
helplessly on. 

Then there is another evil. Scarce- 
ly can we pick up a daily paper, 
wilthout seeing in it accounts of the 
debauchery, practiced in Holly- 
wood, the capital of Filmdom. We 
are told of the sins of movie actress- 
es and actors elsewhere, and of the 
indecent pictures on the billboards 



that advertise the movies. And what 
are we doing about this ? 

In a certain congregation of a 
church the movie picture man set 
up his plant. The usual bait of an 
occasional good picture was offered. 
Some members' children were 
among the patrons and the church 
was earnestly warned that without 
prompt action, the members' families 
would in five years' time, be paying 
enough in that place to support a 
missionary in the foreign field. The 
five years have passed and we learn 
that the prediction has more than 
come true. 

But there is another evil in this 
catalog, an evil which has gone hand 
in hand with all the other forms 
mentioned. It was seen on the bor- 
ders of the training camps, in close 
aproach to the trenches, in the sa- 
loon annex, or close to the gambler's 
den. It was seen in the indecent 
dance-hall or in the immoral movie. 
In all these places women apeared 
in immodest dress (or undress) per- 
fectly unashamed. Some of the 
women, in their desperation for 
change and attention ( ? ) have liter- 
ally begun to disrobe, until, in all 
grades of society, in public and pri- 
vate places unbashed woman's half 
nude form is exposed to view, as if 
today this fad has spread to men 
also, in very ridicule of the stand- 
ard, set forth in the Scriptures. 

A member of our State Legisla- 
ture said to one of our ministers, 
some time ag;o : "What is this world 

coming to? I have visited most of 
the large cities of our country and 
have seen the street woman in her 
immodest dress, but little did I ev- 
er think that this immodesty would 
be found in the church ; yet last Sun- 
clay evening in my own church, a 
woman came out and sang a song of 
praise to Jehovah, dressed in a more 
immodest dress than I ever saw 
worn by the street women of our 
large cities." 

But I need not give instance after 
instance of this wholesale undress for 
you see it on every hand on the 
trains, in the churches and on the 
streets. We need not wonder that 
alarm has aroused the thinking 
world. The first organized effort 
against this evil was made when the 
largest organization of women in the 
world the "General Federation of 
Women's Clubs" took official ac- 
tion. In quick succession followed 
the Woman's Christian Temperance 
union, through repeated resolutions 
and organized efforts. Then came 
the Young Women's Christian Asso- 
ciation in constructive teaching 
through illustrated lectures, free lit- 
erature, etc. 

Various States took up the move- 
ment, headed by Texas in her An- 
nual Clothing Contest, which last 
year numbered one hundred and fif- 
ty contestants and as many dollars 
in cash prizes. An appeal was 
made to shoe manufacturers, and 
French heels went to the losing side. 
Next we note that business firms and 



the leading department houses are 
demanding sane dress to the point of 
standardization for their women em- 
ployes in clothing and shoes. Even 
the wearing of the hair comes in for 

In the meantime, other education- 
al forces, alive with interest, were 
forging ahead. University women 
deans organized for aggressive work. 
Restrictions took on form in high 
schools and in colleges. Domestic 
Science Departments of the universi- 
ties, throughout the land, began 
specific teaching on the side of mod- 
est dress. This was reinforced by 
the circulation of free literature on 
the subject, aided by the United 
States Bureau of Education, until 
over thirty States are engaged in 
this line of work, while most of the 
State libraries are equipped with the 
free circulation of books on the sub- 
ject of dress. It is possible that we 
owe these agencies thanks that 
through their effort conservative 
dress of today is the most simple, 
comfortable and beautiful that the 
women of our country have ever 
worn. There have always been 
those who go to the extreme in 
dress, and today we see the ex- 
tremes in undress. 

The Parent-Teacher Association 
of Evanston, 111., becoming alarmed 
over conditions, passed resolutions 
in a recent meeting, touching dress, 
amusements, and chaperonage. Here 
are two of the resolutions as given 
in the Chicago News : 

'T will aid by influence and ex- 
ample in establishing for girls of 
high-school age a simple, modest 
mode of dress, both at school and at 
social functions". 

"I agree, even at thes cost of per- 
sonal inconvenience, to combat the 
moving-picture show, the ice cream 
parlor and the semi-public gathering 
places for young people, by opening 
my home frequently, both after- 
noons and evenings, for wholesome 

The Superintendent of Schools of 
Chicago appealed to the parents to 
help save the high school boys and 
girls from the effect of jazz music, 
shimmy dances, lover's lane automo- 
bile joy rides and immodest dress. 
But the leaders of the better class of 
students did not wait for the parents 
to act. They began at once a move- 
ment of reform, believing that the 
students themselves can best enforce 
the rules of the schools. Thus we 
see that the better class of our young 
people of today are anxious for re- 
form, and willing to work for it. 

This is quote from the Pathfind- 
er : "Bobbed-Haired Teachers To- 
booed. — Superintendent of schools 
in nine cities of New York State 
voted unanimously, in official con- 
ference at Poughkeepsie, not to en- 
gage any teacher wearing bobbed 
hair and they also expressed their 
disapproval of the teacher who fol- 
lows the fads in dress. Such wo- 
men, they claimed, could not teach 
good judgment". 



A number of young business and 
club men of Chicago, became so dis- 
gusted with the popular styles and 
"undress" of the girls and women of 
today, that they gave vent to their 
opinions in the Chicago News. 
Among a lot of strong statements 
against the present day undress 
statements I do not care to express 
here I give this much, quoted from 
the article written : 

"But the girl or woman who 
takes our eye and the other fellow's 
is the little girl or big girl be she 
young or middle aged, dressed in 
fur or a plain little tailored coat who 
walks down the street with a pair of 
low-heeled walking shoes, a pair of 
silk or silk and wool hose, and a 
skirt that comes half way between 
the knees and the ankle. That's the 
girl who is going to become the 
mother of our youngsters, the one 
we admire and the one who 
has the charm. The girls with 
the skirts to the knees don't make a 
hit with any man, whether he is 
rich or poor. He knows what the 
other follow is saying about her. 

"Men of today cannot persuade 
themselves that the girl who is most 
extremely dressed, or undressed, is 
the one he wants to show to his 
mother before leading her to the ma- 
trimonial altar". 

The Gospel Messenger 
Sel. bv A. I. Bashore. 



Memory verse, Gal. 6 :9, "And let us 
not be weary in well doing : for 
in due season we shall reap, 
if we faint not.'' 

Wed. 1— Rev. 14:13-20. 

Thurs. 2— John 4:31-42. 

Fri. 3— Luke 10:1-16. 

Sat. 4— Mark 4:21-29. 

Memory verse. Matt. 9:37, "Then 
saith he unto his disciples. The 
harvest truly is plenteous, but 
the laborers are few." 

Sun. 5— Isa. 9:1-12. 

Mon. 6— Rev. 20:6-15. 

Tues. 7 — I Thess. 4. 

Wed. 8— Isa. 5:1-10. 

Thurs. 9— Isa. 5:18-30. 

Fri. 10— jer. 9:17-26. 

Sat. 11— Matt. 25:31-46. 

Memory verse, Prov. 22:8, "He 
that soweth iniquity shall reap 
vanity, and the rod of his anger 
shall fail." 

Sun. 12— Matt. 13:1-9. 

Mon. 13— Gen. 41:14-32. 

Tues. 14— Prov. 6:6-15. 

Wed. 15— Prov. 10:1-16. 

Thurs. 16— Isa. 18. 

Fri. 17— Joel 3:9-21. 

Sat. 18— i Sam. 6:10-18. 

Memory verse, John 4:35, "Say not 
ye. There are yet four months, 
and then cometh harvest, be- 
hold, I say unto you, Lift up 



your eyes, and look on the 

1 — Are we ever guilty of rebuk- 

fields. for they are white already 

ing the Lord? 

to harvest." 

2 — Would it he possible for 

Sun. 19—1 Sam. 12:13-25. 

worldly wisdom to hinder the 

Mem. 20— Gen. 8:13-22. 

development of our Spiritual 

Tues. 21— Gen. 23:14-26. 


Wed. 22— Lev. 25:1-17. 

3 — Is it possible to place a value 

Thurs. 23— Lx. 23:14-25. 

upon any one soul? 

Fri. 24— Jas. 5:1-13. 

-1 — Did the way I accepted the 

Sat. 25— Psa. 126. 

last rebuke from the Lord 

Memory verse. Gal. 6 :7, "Be not 

please Him ? 

deceived ; God is not mocked ; 

Aug. 12 — Hear ye Him. Mark 9: 

for whatsoever a man soweth. 


that shall he also reap." 

1 — Were Peter. James and John 

Sun. 26— Matt. 9 :27-38. 

any better prepared for future 

Mon. 27— Hosea 10. 

events in Christ's life after wit- 

Tues. 28— Prow 26:1-10. 

nessing His transfiguration? 

Wed. 29— Gen. 41:33-46. 

2 — May we become so busy listen- 

Thurs. 30— Jer. 8:14-22. 

ing to self that we fail to hear 

Fri. 31— Matt. 13:36-43. 

the Son of God? 

3 — What does the resurrection 


mean to you? 


Aug. 19— TEMPERANCE — by 

our leaders make good exam- 


ples. 1 Tim. 3:1-16. 

Aug. 5 — Ruth who gave up Some- 

1 — How may temperance influ- 

thing she loved. Ruth 1 :2-10. 

ence our everyday living, if we 


make proper application? 

Aug. 12 — Esther, who Risked her 

2 — Does the Scripture intimate 

Life. Esther 2:15-18, 3:14. 

that a well ruled Church begins 


in the home? 

Aug. 19 — Temperance — Daniel re- 

Aug. 2 — Be not afraid to ask Jesus. 

fusing the King's Food. Dan. 

Mark 9:14-32. 


1 — Is there still a need for the 

Aug. 26 — Daniel, Praying Only to 

prayer, "Lord, help thou mine 

God. Dan. 6:4-23. 

unbelief" ? 


2 — Is unbelief our greatest weak- 

Aug. 5 — Be not ashamed of the 


Gospel of Christ. Mark 8: 





AUGUST 1. 1956 

No. 15 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and 
Scriptural in practice. 

OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Thou shalt love the Lord thy 
God with all thy heart, and with all 
thy soul, and with all thy mind, and 
with all thy strength : this is the first 
commandment. And the second is 
like, namely this. Thou shalt love thy 
neighbour as thyself. There is none 
other commandment greater than 
these." Mark 12:30-31. Here we 
have a general commandment, from 
our Lord and Saviour, stating where 
our affections should be centered. 
Affections include : fondness, kind- 
ness, love, tenderness, in general our 
concern for. How often do we med- 
itate upon these commandments? 

"One thing have 1 desired of the 
Lord, that will I seek after ; that I 
may dwell in the house of the Lord 
all the days of my life, to behold the 
beauty of the Lord, and to enquire 
in his temple", sa. 27-4. We could 
spent days reading in the Psalms, of 
David's concern for God and his de- 
sire that God would remember him 
and lead him. Do we desire this 
one thing of the Lord, are we seek- 
ing after the Lord and desiring that 
He will remember us? Do we real- 
ize that we are actually in his pres- 

ence all the days of our life ? Do we 
so conduct ourselves that He would 
want to come and commune with us, 
as He once did with Adam and Eve? 
Do we enjoy the beauty and majesty 
of the Lord? Do we enjoy the at- 
mosphere, the messages and the fel- 
lowship in His temple? 

"He kindly affectioned one to an- 
other with brotherly love ; in honour 
preferring one another", Rom. 12 : 
10. Do we have this much for our 
brother and sister? What is our con- 
cern for our neighbor, those with 
whom we associate daily? If we do 
not have affection for others, why 
not? If all lived according to some 
of these New Testament command- 
ments, what difference would there 
be in our community? in the world? 
What example are we showing? 
"Whosoever doth not bear his cross, 
and come after me, cannot be my 
disciple", Luke 14 :27. 

"Many false prophets shall rise, 
and shall deceive many and be- 
cause iniquity shall abound, the 
love of many shall wax cold. But 
he that shall endure unto the end, 
the same shall be saved", Matt. 24: 
12-13. If others curse and swear, 


do we need to ? If others become dis- 
couraged at the progress they or the 
church is making, do we need to? 
If others forsake their former faith 
in the duties of Christian service, do 
we need to? Without question the 
apostle Paul labored more and sac- 
rificed more for the service of his 
Lord then any of us ; yet we find 
that he was still careful of himself, 
lest he should make a mistake or 
offend his Lord in any way. "But I 
keep under my body, and bring it 
into subjection : lest that by any 
means, when I have preached to 
others, I myself should be a cast- 
away", 1 Cor. 9 :27. 

"The Lord knoweth how to deliv- 
er the godly out of temptations, and 
to reserve the unjust unto the day of 
judgment to be punished", 2 Pet. 
2 :9. Should we willingly serve the 
Lord with gladness ? Should we sub. 
mit ourselves unto His will ? How 
thankful we should be that the Lord 
is a righteous judge and a judge who 
knows all. He never will render a 
onesided decision, for He knows 
both sides, all things, even our down- 
sitting, our uprising and our rest- 
ing. He not only knows all the cir- 
cumstances, but He knows the re- 
wards and the punishments and He 
has the power and the ways to be- 
stow them. 

"If ye then be risen with Christ, 
seek those things which are above, 
where Christ sitteth oh the right 
hand of God. Set your affection on 
things above, not on things on the 

earth", Col. 3:1-2. Can we close 
these few remarks with a better 
scripture ? A more thorough bit of 
advice to each of us. Notice, seek 
those things, set your affection on 
those things above. How little the 
cares, the sorrows, the trials, the 
labors of this earth will seem ; if we 
carefuly, prayerfully and meditative- 
ly live as new creatures in Christ 


Saturday P. M. 

Homer Mellott. Subject; One 
Life, how are you using it? "I am 
so glad to see so many here that are 
taking advantage of the opportunity. 
I wonder how many are studying 
about their souls Salvation. They 
are studying and working on how to 
live more happily. I wonder how 
many times we lead ourselves into 
temptation. They say it doesn't 
make any difference to what church 
we belong to, as long as we belong 
and believe". 

Joshua 7, "That little word sin 
kept Adam and Eve from the Gar- 
den of Eden and deprived many 
from souls salvation. I wonder if 
we don't have a little pride. Wear 
something that we think the world 
will think more of us. Some little 
thing, that we are deprived of, some 
blessing that was intended for us. 
Only two ways to live our lives. We 
can be sure it will be found out. A 
man says he must work on Sunday, 


he has to pay for his home and buy 
a car. Do you not think the Lord 
will not provide for His own ? If this 
man would lose everything and have 
his soul's salvation, how much bet- 
ter off he would be. I wonder how 
it would be if we could take our sins 
to Christ and tell Him, I am a sinful 
man. As long as the temple was 
free of sin, God was with them. As 
we travel on this road we have only 
one life. How are we using it?" 

Bro. Paul Byfield. Subject. Mys- 
tery. Ephesians 2 and 3, "Mystery 
is something that Paul did not under- 
stand. Why didn't he know, he was 
a learned man. We hear in our clay 
and age that we do not have mira- 
cles. True we cannot perform 
miracles, but we have the same God 
and He works through man. What 
was this mystery He was going to 
create. Paul didn't know, Romans 
9 :4. Gnd was going to take the 
Jews and Gentiles and build a new 
body. A church. A Bride for His 
Son. The Holy Spirit is the one 
that moves and guides us. We can 
be happy and praise God. We want 
our friends and relatives to partake 
of it. Let us look and think on 
these thoughts, that we belong in 
that body and become familiar with 
God. the Son. and Holy Ghost." 

Saturday evening. 

Elder Otto Harris. Subject, 
What must I do to be saved? Acts 
16:25-34 text the 16th verse. ( T 
hope after conference is over, it will 
be said that we are filled with joy. 

What must I do to be saved. I won- 
der if we need men of influence or 
position. I don't think so. We need 
men that are powerful in God. You 
can get followers by all kinds of 
preaching, but to be saved you must 
have the gospel. Are we ready to 
preach to Rome ? Are we ashamed of 
the Gospel of Christ? As you and I 
look over the earth we see that we 
have lost power with God and influ- 
ence with man. Today a preacher is a 
joke among man. Last year $25,000,- 
000 were paid to fortune tellers, to 
see what their future will be. We are 
afraid of this and that. Why do we 
come to have such ideas ? Many are 
frantic and frightened, and never ac- 
cept the plan of salvation. Why do 
we go out each year and kill hun- 
dreds of people. Don't hurt us a bit. 
just go and do it again. You can't 
receive salvation without going 
through Jesus Christ. What did 
thev preach unto the jailer? the 
word of God. He rejoiced and was 
a changed man. Our one responsibil- 
ity tonight is to teach the Word of 
God. If you could call back the rich 
man, he would have a different story. 
How great is the question and how 
great is our answer? We don't have 
an answer but can send them to 
Jesus Christ. Greater confusion 
around this question then any other 
in mankind. Jesus said, go into all 
the world and teach the gospel. How 
many people are going to be saved 
any other way. Where do we get a 
doctrine that salvation is only for a 



Taneytown, Md., August 1, 1956 

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special season ? Does it come from 
God that this and that is not essen- 
tial ? I must some day give account 
of my stewaardship here below. We 
don't have the time that we think 
we do to do many things. Read the 
gospel. There is not a modern 
method to gather sheaves for the 

Sunday Forenoon. 

Elder Edward Johnson. Subject, 
the Changeless Word. "Changeless 
word and changing world, text 
Psalm 119:89. I am trusting we are 
hungrying and thirsting after right- 
eousness. We should be so in this 
world that we can stand any obstacle 
in our life. Stop and think what 
God meant when He said the sword 
of the word. Why doesn't it cut 
down into the hearts of man ? Be- 
cause the Word of God is not being 

preached. The Word of God is not 
influencing the heart of man as it 
should, they are not reading. I be- 
lieve it is here now, when men will 
not endure sound doctrine, Matt. 18: 
1 1 . Many who believe in baptism 
are getting by with it, as they don't 
believe it in their heart. The word 
is being clipped and clipped and many 
do not know. We didn't study 
enough. Some one just woke up 
lately. We have a form but where 
is the power? Someone goes here 
mid there wearing different things 
but their lives don't come up to it. 
I believe the famine of the word of 
God is here. He is looking down 
now. Many go all directions hunt- 
ing the word of God, don't that 
make us feel more responsibility? 
Chi the day when the Books are op- 
ened, it won't be from the transla- 
tions but as God spoke it. The 
righteous will scarcely be saved, 
does that scare us ? Not a bit. Men 
are trying hard to fit the word for 
the world. We don't like to be 
told to separate ourselves. We don't 
want to and many have not tried. 
Come and be separate. I would 
that these words as they leave my 
mouth. God would plant them in your 
heart His way. There would be 
such a thump you couldn't stand un- 
til you came out. I know it is hard 
but God gives us a blessing. Some- 
what of this world will make us as a 
leper in the sight of the Lord. Rev. 
3 :4, I cannot change the word of 
God. He is protecting His Word. 


The world is meddling with it, quite 
self-satisfied, comes pretty close does 
it not? We aren't so bad, look at 
what the world does. If we get 
close only, at my door quite often, 
has to knock pretty hard. He knocks 
with a little trouble and different 
things. Sometimes He takes our 
parents and still the children keep 
sinning. Then He stops knocking. 
Our brother has a verv important 
message and it has a place right 
here. It has the answer to why so 
many of us are going to miss." 

I£lcler Howard Surbey. Subject; 
The Devil Troubleth Night and 
Day. "Mark 5, some critics of the 
Holy word would say this was fan- 
tastic and never happened. How 
thankful we can be that God has 
protected ns. God's Word is a reck- 
oning and a help. Jesus came to 
earth to reveal to us, the Word of 
God and fulfill it. I wonder if we 
believe in the subject, the devil 
troubleth night and day? Did you 
notice on the way, any selfishness 
or a detriment to man. 2 Cor. 1 1 : 
14, The devil began his influence 
many years ago back in the garden 
of Eden. Is anyone being troubled 
with the plans today ? I wonder how- 
reliable a piece of silver looks today, 
perhaps to the professing Christian. 
The Word of God would change the 
narcotics. I wonder if anyone has 
allowed the devil to take over. Per- 
haps we have a very dark picture of 
the power of satan, but yet we have 
many who have overcome the power 

of the devil. Are we maintaining 
our faith? Christ was tempted more 
often than any of us are. He was 
not overcome by satan. The devil 
fears and trembles. There are many 
who don't follow Gods word, He- 
brews 1 1 :6. If you don't have 
faith, study, and pray over, it won't 
do any good. James 4:7, Are we 
willing to take that advice or do we 
want God to do all of it ? Satan does 
not want the present of God. Won- 
der if we ever do ourselves harm, 
mentally, physically and spiritually? 
Do you think God can come into 
our hearts with the devil still in 
there ? Christ always does good. Let 
us be careful that we don't blame 
someone else. Rev. 3 :20, Are there 
some that don't want to open their 
door? Won't let Him in if they do 
open ? 1 1 Peter 2 :9, If we go to 
Him in fervent prayer, He will lead 
tis. I Cor. 10:11-13, Evil spirits 
have great power over man and 
beast, but there is a greater power, 
how shall we obtain it? John 10: 
27-28. Does it trouble us, the 
devil troubleth night and day. The 
devil is destructive, he is after your 
soul, too". 

Sunday Afternoon. 

Elder James Keggerries. Sub- 
ject : Meeting our challenge. "This is 
a glorious time when God's people 
can be gathered together. Let us 
forget the children of Israel and 
think of ourselves. There is a 
greater challenge, than there ever 
has f been since the church was es- 


tablished on the earth. There are 
two ways for man to travel, on the 

narrow way and the broad way. We 
see the condition the church is in 
today. What do we see instead of 
the Word of God being preached? 
The church is duty bound to go our 
and preach the gospel. We believe 
in the church and what it teaches, 
the scientists are denying God. How 
true are we to our Monitor motto? 
It is a challenge to each of us in the 
twentieth century. Man has wan- 
dered far from Him. The Lord has 
spoken, do we believe it? Who art 
thou that are afraid of man, that 
shall die. Here it is before us, that 
God laid the foundation. 

Man is afraid of man because of 
the inventions of man. I have to 
think of what is going on in the line 
of Glory, Jesus has the understand- 
ing that He always had. There is 
none other like Him. The fiery 
challenge of the churches is going to 
be brought about by the so-called 
Christians. Two kingdoms on 
earth, the kingdom of God and the 
world. Of which are you? When 
God said come out and be a separate 
people. He meant what He said. 
How much does it mean to you? 

Elder David F. Ebling. Subject; 
Remembering Him. "It is like a 
great reunion that we can all be to- 
gether. How wonderful it will be to 
meet those of all ages. I am sure 
there are many in the audience that 
have pencil and paper. Try to make 
the paper do the remembering. I do 

not object but want you to remem- 
ber Jesus. Luke 22:15-20. Too 
often we fail to go to the right 
source for the answer. Jesus wants 
us to remember Him. Let us re- 
member Jesus so He will be King 
and first in our lives, Jesus is the 
bread of life, what we are feasting 
on. We remember our childhood 
days, perhaps where father prayed 
and mother waved at the window. It 
brings joy to us to meet friends, 
what will it mean to meet Jesus. 
When the challenge comes, I hope 
you will remember the same Jesus 
that mother and Father held dear. 
We are so apt to forget. It means lit- 
tle if we forget our companion who 
has gone on before, or mother her 
baby. But matters a lot if ve for- 
get Jesus. We must be a part of 
Christ. People of today can't endure 
sound doctrines. They want some- 
thing that will tickle their ears. You 
and I must take in the Word of God 
and make it a part of our lives. You 
and I belong to Jesus Christ. I find 
the church of Christ is a separated 
church. Let us hold on to the old 
path of our forefather. May we 
hang on to the Word of God, teach 
it, preach it. live it. Do we remem- 
ber Jesus and the things He told us? 
The praving men are on the shelf, no 
more use for them and young men 
elected. Have to have education. Do 
we find it in the Word of God. May 
we keep the path of our fathers and 
keep the church holy. Are we fol- 
lowing Jesus in His footsteps. Some- 


one says, you Dunkards are too 
strict. I am glad there is still a 
church that is trying to walk in the 
footsteps of Jesus Christ. Remember 
Jesus. He has given His blood. Are 
we willing to show the world we are 
willing to work for the Lord? May 
we remember Jesus in all that we do. 
Teach them not what Brother 
Ebling says but what Jesus says. 
What are you doing sitting and let- 
ting time go by and another going 
into eternity. There are many peo- 
ple hungry and wanting old time 
preaching. Are we going to give it 
to them" ? 

Sunday Evening. 

Elder O. T. Jamison. Subject : 
The Tongue. "I am sure I am not 
able to bring this subject as I would 
like to. James 3. How manv per- 
fect men and women in this house 
that do not offend in word some- 
time or other. A horse can be con- 
trolled by a bridle, a ship can be 
guided by a small rudder too. As 
the tongue gathers fuel it gets larger 
and larger. We must be careful 
with our tongue. We must bridle 
our tongue in order to govern our- 
selves. We must be careful what 
we say. that it be edifying instead of 
destructive. We think we can bridle 
our tongue. Maybe so. but we don't. 
God's Word says we don't. The ton- 
gue kindles a great fire. We have 
experienced that it is a very dan- 
gerous time to say anything when 
we are angry. Very dangerous. We 
sav things we ought not and know 

we ought not. It is the weakness 
of the flesh. Can we control our 
tongue with a bridle ? we don't keep 
our tongue, that is the reason we 
have so much trouble. Do we all 
keep our tongue from evil? I know 
those that get into trouble and be- 
come discouraged, they give up their 
religion. This old flesh comes in 
and we follow him awhile. A deeper 
wound is made by the tongue and it 
is much deeper than one with a 
knife. One with the tongue is deep 
and never heals over. It don't heal 
because we keep it on our minds. If 
we want a good happy life, let us 
bridle our tongue. If we do good, 
then the Lord will be with us. If we 
have that courage. God will help us. 
We see some that use their tongue 
more than others. Some don't sav 
a word out of the way, while others 
are always talking. May each of 
us try hard to keep our tongues and 
not say things we ought not". 

Elder James Swallow. Subject: 
the church. Matthew 16:18. "While 
I am speaking from the pulpit, there 
will be influence to last to eternity. 
It was through those sacred pages 
of the Xew Testament that I found 
the most beautiful person one can 
ever meet. Here is a church in 
which we can raise our family. The 
truth will never change. The powers 
of God are sure and will help me if 
I do not have the strength. Some- 
times we take the Word of God 
lightly, too lightly. Jesus said, I 
will build my church upon this rock. 



It was His own church, is His wife. 
The hride of Christ is a chaste vir- 
gin, clean and pure. Christ will not 
he married or live with a prostitute. 
As a hride of Christ we obey Him. 
We are the bride and He is the 
groom. We listen only to the 
Christ. There are a lot of talkers in 
the world. This world has much to 
talk about doesn't it, window shop- 
ping. The bride has only eyes for 
the Lord. If we are for Christ, we 
won't be going down the highways 
and streets drooling over things of 
the world. The first thing that be- 
longs to a bride is a solid founda- 
tion. John 2:9-10 if we don't have 
Christ, we don't have God. If we 
don't have Christ, we don't have the 
church. Power belongs to my 
church, Matthew 28:19-20. You 
don't have to have numbers to get 
the power. We have had many mis- 
sions that have ceased working. We 
are few in number. Fear not little 
flock if you are a chaste virgin of 
Christ. We can have power with 
God, it is there for us. You proba- 
bly never saw where you stand. 
Jesus Christ would never forsake 
His bride. We talk about being 
tried and tempted, lets follow Christ 
for a few seconds. When bribery 
fails, then torture begins. Have you 
got bribery and temptation. My 
church, My Christ, My bride and 
my Holy Ghost". 

Monday Forenoon. 

Bro. Owen Mallow. Subject; 
Days of Noah and Christ's Second 

•nming. Matthew 24 :37-40. "Those 
few verses have a wide variation and 
and a great lesson. 38th verse es- 
pecially. We see much of this which 
is a curse and downfall to our 
Christian nation. The whole world 
was lying in wickedness. They gave 
a deaf ear and could not hear the 
word. Were blind and could not 
see the way of salvation. God says, 
my Spirit will not always strive 
with man. We find that God's 
word is true. We hear people say 
the commandments are not essen- 
tial. When we come to know the 
way of the Lord, it makes us shriek- 
to see things of the world. What is 
the cause of this matter, with so few 
seats filled in the church. We are 
going to come into a serious condi- 
tion. It is not His will that we per- 
ish. Let us watch. That little bitty 
word, watch. Let us watch our 
lives. We have but one hour to live 
in this world according to God's 
Word. He is coming again to exe- 
cute judgment on this earth. I do 
not know your soul. God knows, 
may we take Him into our lives. 
What does eternity mean. Does it 
mean to be gone and return again. 
Prepare to meet thy God." 

Monday Afternoon. 

Bro. Laverne Keeney. Subject; 
Christianity. Luke 12:20-38. "I 
wonder if we are aware of what 
Christianity really means. Surely we 
must associate with Christianity be- 
fore we can be a Christian. To be a 
Christian is not to simply say we are 


a Christian, there is work to he done. 
Is it called Christianity when one 
belongs to one belief and the other to 
the other? We find there must be 
a birth of water and the Spirit. 
John 3:5 II Peter 3:18. We also 
know the birth will do ns no good 
without growth. Isaiah 61 :10. Are 
we as near to Christ and His teach- 
ings as we can get ? Sorry to say 
our church is not where it began. 
Can we bear suffering and mocking 
from the world ? We are looked up- 
on more bv the world, than the 
world is looked upon. Matthew 
5:16. The world is drifting far 
from the mark. Is it up to the 
Dunkard Brethren to admonish the 
the world against television? We 
must overcome evil with good. 
Surely those that say, it is their bus- 
iness if they go to hell, will find out 
too late and say. that brother was 
concerned about us. I wonder how 
much we fast for our Lord. We 
wonder at times if there aren't of- 
fences in our churches. I Cor. 8:13, 
"We need ever to watch that we do 
not offend our brother or sister. 
May yon count the cost if you have 
not accepted the Lord". 

Brother Emery Wertz. Subject : 
Marriage and the Home. "If I were 
to ask you if you were a Christian, 
what would your answer be? If we 
must be a Christian, we have some 
standards to go by. How do we get 
that standard? Examine the Word 
of God. Home and marriage af- 
fects evervone of us and we have 

to observe. Gen. 2:18-25, Mark 10: 
8-9, I Cor. 10:11, If we examine, we 
will know if we are a part of it. Rom, 
7:2-3. Eph. 5:22-33. Are we a 
Christian? Christ is making a com- 
parison. Husbands love your wives. 
That is a commandment from God, 
Col. 3 : 19-25. Some people criticise 
Paul, say he didn't know what he 
was talking about. Do we go to 
the Word of God to find out? I 
Peter 3 :7. Have we any power with 
God when our prayers are not an- 
swered T Cor. 3:19, What does in 
the Lord mean? I Cor. 7:39, 7:15. 
we have the institutions of marriage, 
next comes the home. When little 
children come into the home to be 
brought up, we are still a Christian ? 
What's Christ's church for? To pre- 
pare lives for a better home. Are we 
comparing our lives with the Word 
of God? I don't care if you don't 
take a word of mine, if you take 
the Word of God. We are to bring 
our children up under the Word of 
God, not as we want to. We can't 
compare ourselves among ourselves. 
It won't stand and isn't wise. Teach 
the children with love and patience. 
Be patient, do not provoke them to 
anger. Are you a Christian? Titus 
2 :4-6. Teach your young women 
to be sober. Why? Because they 
will marry and need to be sober. 
Did we teach our sons and daugh- 
ters the things we should ? Did you 
teach daughters to love their hus- 
bands? Fathers, what are you do- 
in£:? If there is no love in the 



church, what do you run into? Di- 
vision ? If we don't have any respect 
for anyone, do we spend much time 
with them ? A lot of responsibility 
is placed upon the parents. Some 
children accept these things a little 
faster than others, so parents have 
patience. Are you praying? Where 
are our children going? Where is 
the world going? Someone has fal- 
len short on the job". 

Monday Evening. 

Elder George Replogle. Sub- 
ject : Walking with God. "When we 
come into a place like this to worship 
God in song and truth, we will get 
a blessing. Geneses 5 :24. The ad- 
versary wants us to believe Enoch 
did not walk with God. I would to | 
God that there would be more 
Enochs in this world. There would 
not be so much wickedness. When 
we think of walking, we have to 
have action. If you and I walk 
with God do we mean to be in His 
presence. I believe Enoch had 
trials and temptations as we have 
today, but he served God with his 
whole heart. The devil is in this 
world, is working harder than he 
ever did to get you and I. It depends 
on whom you and I walk with 
whether we get a Home in Heaven. 
I want to believe that every word is 
true, No matter what any infidel 
will say. I dare say that we are al- 
most ashamed of the command- 
ments. I am thankful God gave a 
language we all can understand. If 
God was to look down upon you and 

I today, upon what we said and did 
today, yesterday, all week, month or 
all our lives. How many of our cups 
are running over. I am afraid the 
luxuries of today are separating us 
from the Word of God. The Lord 
Jesus Christ will save our soul from 
hell. There is no man that has been 
saved outside of Jesus Christ. If you 
don't accept Jesus Christ, it will be 
as in Noah's time. Who are we will- 
ing tf) walk with? Are we going to 
keep on serving the Lord ? I wonder 
if we professing Christians are one- 
hundred precent Christians. Are you 
going to walk with God and be pre- 
pared to meet Him? The pleasures 
of sin are only for a season. When a 
calamity comes upon us, we are 
frightened. You may walk -with 
man and have something in your 
heart against a brother or a sister, 
God is not pleased. God knows our 

Elder Herbert Parker. "It is 
necessary to walk with God before 
we can accomplish anything. Our 
thoughts and His thoughts must be 
alike. You and I cannot go out and 
say we are a Christian when they 
can see in our lives we are the devil. 
We must have Jesus Christ in our 
heart before we can do His will. If 
you don't watch out, you will come 
up from the stream a sinner, a wet 
sinner, which has happened. Is there 
anything for us to be afraid of? 
Among the believers it is very easy 
to live a faithful life. We are living 
in a time when our lives preach a 



better sermon than from the lips. 
The styles and fads of today are a 
curse in the sight of God. Sometimes 
we have to wade troubled waters, 
but the Lord will deliver us. Let us 
look at the church of today. Acts 
16:9-10. There is much people in 
this world that need the gospel. Are 
we willing to come to the Dunkard 
faith and go out to the dieing 
world. Self is what the devil likes 
to work with. He don't want you 
and I to join church. We must be 
obedient to the gosepl of Jesus 
Christ. Jesus Christ will put us 
where He wants us. if we will let 
Him. When yon and I are in every 
daylife. the devil wants us to not let 
anyone know weare a Christian. You 
are either in the church, or out of 
the church, no middle. Satan places 
in the heart of man. many times to 
be inactive. They want to be a 
minister but the first hour of tribu- 
lation, they fall back. Be sure you 
are filled with the Holy Ghost when 
you go out to teach men. We need 
not go 25 miles from home, to show 
we are a follower of Christ. We 
either fall or stand. We can mani- 
fest God right at home. The Holy 
Ghost will not live in an unholy 

Tuesday Forenoon. 

Bro. Paul Reed. Text Mark 16: 
16. II Tim. 2:5. 15. "I want to show 
by God's word that this was insti- 
tuted by Jesus Christ. Man has come 
a long way through study and 
science, but this plan of salvation has 

never changed. Acts 2 :38 ; I Cor. 3 : 
11-13. People are not thinking on 
which side of the cross they are liv- 
ing. A will is a testament of the 
deceased. After his death we have 
a form. Christ had a perfect will to 
do as He pleases, with what was 
His own before His death. Matthew 
20:15 Jesus Christ has died, the tes- 
tator has died and has left His will. 
Who is our high priest? Jesus 
Christ should be the one. His word 
will never change nor His plan of 
salvation. Acts 2:3S; 16:33; 8:12; 
16:15; 8:38. These were not happy 
until they were baptized. If we do 
not go down in faith believing it 
will do no good. Rev. 1 :5-6, Rom. 
3 :2-3. Xo law can work any faster. 
Xo law works backwards. We are liv- 
ing under the Xew Testament. If a 
wealthy man were to make a will, 
"I will give $10,000 if someone will 
come and be baptized". It would be 
a sight to see them come out. We 
would dip seven times to be sure. 
That is the way people work. I can- 
not understand why people are so 
reluctant about understanding God's 
Word. Oh sinner friend, do not 
tarry. Do not put it off until the 
eleventh hour or minute. Often they 
bring them in on death bed. Did 
the}- not have the opportunity before. 
Is it their fault or is it God's?" 

Tuesday Afternoon. 

Brother Eldon Flory. Subject: 
Fulfillment Matthew 25 :31-46. "Are 
we patterning our lives after the 
world ? Our lives are drifting awav 



and the church is drifting away. Pat- 
tern our lives in the pattern of the 
sheep. We are conceived in sin. If 
we keep in the position in which we 
were born, we will be as the goats. 
Doesn't make any difference what 
we say, if you are patterned after 
the goats or sheep. You will still be 

Brother Howard Myers. Subject : 
The Christian and the world. "Are 
we truly His sheep? 1 hope to God 
this afternoon we are. There is go- 
ing to be a day of permanent separa- 
tion. It is coming whether we are 
prepared or not. The Word of God 
will never change. Are we going 
to live our life the way we are liv- 
ing it? Do we love to go to church? 
If we don't we don't live right. 
Search the scriptures and see 
what it says for us to do. 
I John 5:19-21. If we do not 
have the spirit of Christ, we are 
not of Him. Are we a Christian? 
Matt. 23:24. We know a thief and 
a robber will not enter into the king- 
dom of Heaven. God wants us to 
be a true Christian. Let's not for- 
get we are in the world but not of 
the world. We must believe from 
the heart. Christ wants the whole 
heart, not a half way Christian. We 
have many tongues in the world of 
today. Obedience is better than sac- 
rifice. A Christian should not be 
conformed to this world. The 
Christian should not know the world 
nor the things that are in it. We 
have something here that will last 

forever. How -can a Christian con- 
formed to the world, commit spir- 
itual adultry? Lets keep ourselves 
unspotted from the world. People 
of to-day are calling themselves chil- 
dren of God and they are not. We 
have an all seeing God. We may 
think we are fooling God but it is 
only ourselves. We have many so- 
called followers of Christ but they 
are following the world. Let us keep 
the church unspotted from the 
world. Let us not bring the world 
into the church. We are either 
carrying the devil or God. which is 
it ? We want to be in the church 
and do as we please. You don't have 
to be in the church to do as you 
please. A man that wants to be a 
Christian will not get mixed up with 
the world. Are we true to God? A 
worldly Christian will not grow in 
grace. How is our life? A real 
Christian will choose to serve God. 
Can we say no to things of this 
world ? Let us draw closer, God said 
he would draw nigh unto us. Do 
we believe it" ? 

Tuesday Evening. 

Elder George Dorsey. Subject: 
Daniel's Firmness, Daniel 1 :8. 
"'Daniel was determined and was go- 
ing to obey God no matter what 
man said. Psalms 141 :4. The devil 
trotibleth night and day, sometimes 
in our dreams. Shun evil compan- 
ions. The world is trying to get the 
church to walk with the world. Lets 
practice what we believe in the Lord. 
God doesn't give us the promise that 



everyone will be healed in the body. 
The devil is trying to get the church 
to compromise with the world. Dan- 
iel would not compromise his relig- 
ion. Did God let Daniel clown ? 
Will He let us down ? When we 
are young is when we ought to ac- 
cept Jesus. Daniel received many 
blessings. Let us keep our children 
continually guarded. The persecu- 
tion that Daniel had was with the 
approval of God. God permitted 
persecution to come unto Daniel, 
not because He didn't trust him. but 
to prove there was a living God. 
People in this day and age say Dan- 
iel was a very poor business man. 
Moses was willing to do everything 
the Lord commanded. I hope our 
minds are narrow enough to stay on 
the way. We are never too young 
to die, we should always be ready. 
God has never let anyone down that 
was willing to make an effort. The 
devil is putting up all the blockades 
to keep us from Heaven, wants us j 
to compromise. Let us not believe 
everything we hear on the radio, let 
us study". 

There is nothing that will stir our 
minds more than being at General 
Conference. It we are too busy to 
give attention to God's Word, we 
are coming short. We are going to 
make a change if we have a clear 
vision. How to be lost ? Do noth- 
ing. Not one of us, no matter what 
our position in life, is too close to 
God. We all have room for im- 
provement. How far have we gone 

to prove that, we love Christ more 
than the material things? Would we 
give all we had for Him ? He knows 
how great our love is. Salvation is 
not man's work for God, but God's 
work for man. Man has learned to 
fly but lost the art to walk with God. 
When we come to the place when 
we recognize how little we are, God 
can use us. How thankful we ought 
to be that the Word is not change- 
able. The devil is changeable, if he 
can't us one method he will use an- 
other. What is lacking in our lives? 
One elder from the first conference 
on the grounds, the work of the 
church has changed hands. Only 
what we remember will bring us joy 
or sadness. Did you see a meek 
and quiet spirit that never had the 
tongue under control ? The church 
is not a permanent place, we are 
only traveling through. The Lord 
leads me through the wilderness, all 
I have to do is follow. I wonder 
how many fence straddlers we have, 
not for Jesus completely. The 
churches of today are troubled more 
with the sheepishness of the sheep, 
rather than the wolfishness of the 
wolves. I hope we don't always 
have to be reminded to give unto 
the Lord. Your actions speak so 
loud, I can't hear what you are say- 
ing. He who cannot stand alone, 
cannot lead. I hope this isn't the 
end of the sermons but the begin- 

Martha I. Harman, 
Industrv, Illinois. 




Matt. 18:2-3. "And Jesus called 
a little child unto him. and set him 
in the midst of them. And said. 
Verily I say unto you. Except ye he 
converted, and become as little chil- 
dren, ve shall not enter into the king- 
dom of heaven". The subject of 
Conversion which we have under 
consideration, I feel is one of the 
greatest subjects that there is in the 
Bible, because of the great import- 
ance in life to know if we are really 
converted to the Lord. 

A number of years ago. one of our 
Elders, which has been gone to his 
reward for some time, explained it 
this wav to me : "Conversion is a 
change of heart ; Repentance is a 
change of life ; Baptism is a change 
of relationship." I have often 
thought this a very good explana- 
tion and it certainly takes all three. 
working together to bring about a 
consecrated life to the Lord. 

I have often thought of the life of 
judas. after he had betrayed his 
Lord, and the scripture tells us. that 
he. in Matt. 27 :3 "repented himself". 
Certainly there was something that 
lacked, for he later went out and 
hanged himself. Could it be? that 
lie lacked a change of heart. 

Eallows' Bible Encyclopaedia has 
to say on Conversion. "Conversion 
evidences itself by ardent love to 
God. Psa. 73 :25 delight in His peo- 
ple ]ohn 13:35; attendance on His 
ordinances Psa. 27 :4 confidence in 

His promises Psa. 9:10, abhorrence 
of self, and renunciation of the 
world. Job 42:6; James 4:4; sub- 
mission to His authority, and uni- 
form obedience to His Word as in 
Matt. 7:20." 

Almost two thousand years ago 
when our Saviour was here in per- 
son, and traveled the shores of Gal- 
ilee. He came in contact with peo- 
ple who were making a very loud 
profession. Our Lord defined it 
this way. "They honour me with 
their lips, but their heart is far from 
me". Could it not be? that the}' 
lacked a change of heart. 

Xow as we are living to-day. 
(those people lived their day. and 
are answering for their offences) we 
have our own lives to contend with, 
and the Adversary of our Soul to 
battle with, and we feel content in 
life to want to compromise on the 
teachings of scripture so that it 
might not be quite so hard. Just a 
little slipping here, and a little slip- 
ping some place else, has in time 
past evidenced itself, by a falling 
away from the Word of God. Possi- 
bly the situation is a something like 
this : We feel like we should repent 
and be saved, but we do not feel that 
we want it to be TOO DEEP, not 
deep enough to cause us to be truly 
converted, by a CHANGE OF 

Now. under that feeling, we still 
want to dress like the world, and try 
to convince ourselves that modest 
apparel is man made. Also in the 



teaching on long hair for the sis- 
ters .some one says, it don't say just 
how long it should be, so we cut it 
off a little ; pretty soon it gets some 
shorter. It seems to be so much 
easier to follow MADAM FASH- 
ION, than it is to love the com- 
mandments of the Lord. 

Could it not be ? that we lack be- 
ing fully converted ; yes we can re- 
pent, but there seems to be some- 
thing wrong, we just don't get very 
well acquainted with the Word of 
God, and it's teachings ; in fact, may- 
be we don't know it is in the Word 
of God, for we know so little of it. 
Conversion evidences itself, by ar- 
dent love to God putting Him fore- 
most in our lives. He is the One 
we want to follow. 

By a delight in His people, if that 
lie true? which we believe it is: we 
will be found at the sanctuary on the 
Lord's day, and at other services we 
will try and live peacefully with 
those in the Church, and without 
also. We will enjoy our sacrifice 
in the Christian life, feeling we are 
sitting together in Heavenly places 
in Christ Jesus. We will be obe- 
dient to the Church, and teach our 
children to reverence the house of 
God. By attendance on His ordi. 
nances ; a truly converted person 
will not find it a hardship to delight 
in trying to carry out the teachings 
of the Word. 

Confidence : A complete trust and 
faith in God, if we want to be of the 
family of Abraham, we must have 

faith and confidence, yes Abraham 
was ready to sacrifice his only son. 
We. to-day, would say that is not 
necessary. Do we think we carry 
out too many of God's command- 
ments? No verily no. If any thing? 
not enough of them. 

Abhorrence of self, and renuncia- 
tion of the world these work hand 
in hand. I don't believe we will 
ever get to abhor self unless we get 
quite close to the Saviour, enough 
so that we might in some way feel 
how much greater He is than we 
are. Submission to His authority, 
and obedience to His word. Hard, 
yes. if we are not truly converted. 
I sincerely feel that the thing that 
would cure a lot of our common 
ills today in the Church, is genuine 
CONVERSION to the Lord Jesus 

Melvin C. Roesch, 
Paw Paw, W. Va. 


The writer was requested by the 
editor of the Bible Monitor, that 
we meditate upon and then write an 
article on the above named subject. 
After prayerful meditation, we sub- 
mit the following, although we feel 
our incompetence to point out all 
the characteristics of the two class- 
es who are mentioned above. 

Nevertheless we do have both 
classes revealed to us in the holv 



Scriptures. We trust that we by 
the help of God ma}' he ahle to bring 
to the mind of the reader something 
which will help to reveal the differ- 
ence between the characters men- 
tioned above, if there is a differ- 

First : Let us discuss the ungodly 
man, then have a look at the sinner. 
We are sure they are, both classes, 
revealed to us in the Word of God. 
The apostle Peter says, I Pet. 4:18, 
"And if the righteous scarcely be 
saved, where shall the ungodly and 
the sinner appear." 

These words might seem to indi- 
cate that there may be a distinction 
made between the two classes. Let 
us first compare this text with other 
texts, then come to our conclusion. 
Jesus said, "I came not to call the 
righteous, but sinner to repentance." 

We believe the ungodly man is a 
man entirely without righteousness, 
therefore he would be classed a 
wicked man. In Jno. 5:17, we read. 
"All unrighteousness is sin : and 
there is a sin not unto death". 

The ungodly man then if without 
righteousness is unrighteous and is 
a sinner. We have much teaching in 
Holy Writ concerning the wicked of 
which we hope to reveal to the read- 
er by the holy Scriptures. 

Certainly an ungodly man is one 
who rejects God. perhaps would 
deny the very existence of God ; in 
our way of expressing such an one, 
we would call them an infidel. An 
infidel is one who professes that 

there is no God. 

We find also that the sinner re- 
jects God. It was the case with 
king Saul. 1 Sam. 15:22-24, "And 
Samuel said. Hath the Lord as 
great delight in burnt offerings and 
sacrifices, as in obeying the voice of 
the Lord? Behold, to obey is better 
than sacrifice and to hearken than 
the fat of rams. For rebellion is 
as the sin of witchcraft, and stub- 
bornness is as iniquity and idolatrv. 
Because thou hast rejected the word 
of the Lord, he hath also rejected 
thee from being king. 

And Saul said unto Samuel, I 
have sinned : for 1 have transgress- 
ed the commandment of the Lord, 
and thy words : because I feared 
the people, and obeyed their voice." 
John says, 1 Jno. 3:4, "Whosoever 
committeth sin 'transgresseth "^also 
the law : for sin is the transgression 
of the law." 

Let us now sum up. We have said 
that the ungodly man rejects God, 
so also the sinner rejects God 
through rebellion and transgression. 
We believe that the ungodly man is 
entirely lost in his ungodliness, until 
he forsake his wickedness and turn 
to God, on the terms of the Gospel. 
Such are worthless chaff, in their 
wicked state. Such are wholly class- 
ed as unrighteous, without right- 

\t is in the gospel that the right- 
eousness of God is revealed. God is 
righteous. Rom. 1 :16-17, "For I 
am not ashamed of the gospel of 



Christ : for it is the power of God 
unto salvation to every one that be- 
lieveth to the Jew first, and also to 
the Greek. For therein is the 
righteousness of God revealed from 
faith to faith : as it is written. The 
just shall live by faith." 

The ungodly are without right- 
eousness, because they have no faith 
in God, God's righteousness has not 
been revealed to them through the 
Gospel. What about the sinner? 
what about the unbeliever ? There is 
the sin of unbelief. Rom. 14:23, 
"And he that doubteth is damned if 
he eat, because he eateth not of faith : 
for whatsoever is not of faith is 
sin". The Psalmist David says, 
"Blessed is the man that walketh 
not in the council of the ungodly, 
nor standeth in the way of sinners, 
nor sitteth in the seat of the 
scornful," Psa. 1:1. 

In this text one might get the 
thought that there is a distinction 
between the two classes, but is 
there? Let us look at this text 
this way. The man is blessed who 
walks not with nor takes council 
from the ungodly. Likewise the 
man is blessed who standeth not in 
the way of sinners. Also the man 
is blessed who sits not with scorn- 

The fourth verse of Psalms, one 
says, "The ungodly are not so : but 
are like the chaff which the wind 
driveth away. "The ungodly are not 
like the man that is blessed. The 
one who is like the tree that is root- 

ed deep, the man who has such 
vigorous life from the waters. The 
man who bears fruit, the one who 
has eternal life in him and cannot 

Again the sinner, "For the 
wages of sin is death, but the gift of 
God is eternal life through Jesus 
Christ our Lord." Rom. 6:23. 
"Therefore the ungodly shall not 
stand in the judgment, nor sinners 
in the congregation of the righteous. 
For the Lord knoweth the way of 
the righteous : but the way of the un- 
godly shall perish." Psa. 1 :5-6. 

Again, We can not find any dis- 
tinction in the eyes of God between 
the ungodly man and the sinner in 
His judgment, as revealed to the 
writer thus far in our study of this 
question. The ungodly will not 
stand in the judgment, neither will 
the sinner stand with the righteous. 
"All unrighteousness is sin". "The 
wicked shall be turned into hell and 
all the nations that forget God. 

So the ungodly are like the "chaff 
which the wind driveth away", they 
bear no fruit for God, they have no 
deep root, no faith, no living water 
to help them bear fruit. He is not 
like the righteous man who is like 
the tree planted by the rivers of 
water. The ungodly man has no 
nourishment from God, therefore 
his leaf shall wither, his life is wast- 
ed, he is like the chaff, he shall be 
cast away, he is lost. 

Let us now notice more Scripture 
which points out the ungodly or 



wicked. The ungodly man has the 
wrath of God upon him. Rom. 1 :1S, 
"For the wrath of God is revealed 
from heaven against all ungodliness 
and unrighteousness of men. who 
hold the truth in unrighteousness." 

What about the sinner, the un- 
believer who rejects everlasting life? 
Jno. 3 :36, "He that believeth on the 
Son hath everlasting life : and he 
that believeth not the Son shall not 
see life : but the wrath of God abid- 
eth on him." Do we not firmly be- 
lieve now that in the eyes of God 
there is no difference between the 
ungodly man and the sinner? 

Job 36 :7, "He withdraweth not 
his eyes from the righteous : but 
with kings are they on the throne : 
yea, he doth establish them forever, 
and they are exalted.'" Psa. 34:15, 
"The eyes of the Lord are upon the 
righteous, and his ears are open 
unto their cry." Psa. 37:25. "I have 
been young, and now I am old ; yet 
have I not seen the righteous for- 
saken, nor his seed begging bread." 

Let us not forget that both the 
ungodly and the sinner are unright- 
eous. There the many more Scrip- 
tures that could be brought, in mak- 
ing the camparison of these two 
classes, many articles could be writ- 
ten on the subject. We will bring 
one more which to your unworthy 
servant proves that in the day of 
judgment there will be no distinc- 
tion made between the ungodly man 
and the sinner. • 

Tude 14 :15, "And Enoch also, the 

seventh from Adam, prophesied of 
these, saying. Behold, the Lord 
cometh with ten thousands of his 
saints, to execute judgment upon 
all, and to convince all that are un- 
godly among them of all their un- 
godly deeds which they have ungod- 
ly committed, and of all their hard 
speeches which ungodly sinners have 
spoken against him." We note the 
writer Jude makes no distinction 
between the ungodly and sinners. 
Wm. Root. 
Great Bend. Kansas. 


Please note the following changes 
in the Official Directory of this is- 
sue. A change in the Secretary of 
the Trustee Board and also a change 
in the Treasurer of The General 
Mission Board. Please mail your 
funds for these Boards accordingly. 

The Swallow Falls Congregation 
expects to begin their revival Aug. 
17 and close with a Lovefeast Aug. 
25 and all-day services on Sunday. 
Aug. 26. Eld. Amnion Keller has 
consented to be our evangelist. Ser- 
vices will begin each evening at 7 :45 
and 2 p. m.. DST. for Lovefeast 
services. Come and bring others. 
We appreciate your presence and 
your prayers. 

Ruth M. Snyder, Cor. 



The Eldorado Congregation met 
in regular quarterly council, June 
30. Hymn no. 64 was sung, our 
Elder, Herbert Parker read Eph. 4, 
commented on the same and led in 

The joint harvest meeting of the 
Englewood and Eldorado Congre- 
gations will be held at the Eldorado 
churchhouse, on the afternoon of 
August 26. Bro. James Kegerreis 
will begin a one-week revival meet- 
ing, starting Sunday morning, Aug. 
26. We invite all who can to be with 
us for any of these meetings. 

Sister Mary Gibbel, Cor. 


We met in quarterly council on 
Friday evening June 22. The meet- 
ing was opened by singing the hymn 
"God leads His dear children 
along", Bro. Harry Gunderman 
read Rom. 5 and led in prayer. 

It was decided to send a contribu- 
tion from our Mission fund on hand, 
to the Navajo Mission and to take 
the Sunday-school offering, the first 
Sunday of each month for the Mis- 
sion. Bro. Paul Myers will hold our 
revival this fall, from Oct. 28 to 
Nov. 1 1 , closing with a Lovefeast. 
Our harvest meeting will be Aug. 
26, an all-day meeting. We expect 
Bro. Dean St. John, from the Pleas- 
ant Ridge Congregation, to bring 
us the messages. 

Bro. and Sister Swallow came in- 
to our midst, enroute to their home, 

and he gave us two mesages in the 
mid-week, which were very much 
appreciated. We recently were made 
very happy to have with us Bro. and 
Sister Paul Reed and sons. Bro. 
Reed gave the messages on Sunday, 
both morning and evening, which 
were enjoyed very much. 

It has been encouraging to us who 
were not privileged to be at General 
Conference, to hear of the interest 
shown and the good fellowship 
which was enjoyed by those attend- 
ing. We hope and pray that through- 
out the year, the rich experiences 
enjoyed will be passed on to others, 
that much good may be accomplish- 
ed for the Lord and the strengthen- 
ing of the faith of each of us. We 
cordially invite all who can to come 
and worship with us anytime. Do 
not forget the harvest meeting Aug. 
26 and the Lovefeast Nov. 10. 

Sister Maurine Carpenter, Cor. 

Aug. 5-19, Shrewsbury, Pa. 
Aug. 3-12, Broadwater, Md. 
Aug. 17-25, Swallow Falls, Md. 
Aug. 26-Sept. 2, Eldorado, Ohio 
Sept. 24-Oct. 7, W r alriut Grove, Md. 
Oct. 21-Nov. 4, Pleasant Ridge, O. 
Oct. 28-Nov. 14. Goshen, Ind. 

Swallow Falls, Md. — Aug. 25 
Midway, Ind. — Sept. 15 
Mt. Dale, Md.— Sept. 30 
Walnut Grove, Md. — Oct. 7 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. — Oct. 13 




David Clarence Wolf, son of John 
C. and Barbra Flora Wolf, was born 
June 22, 1887, near Bringhurst, Ind. 
He departed this life July 7, 1956 
at the age of 69 years, 15 days. He 
was baptized in the Dunkard faith 
in 1907 and remained a faithful 
member till death. 

On December 22. 1908 he was 
united in marriage to Flossie L. 
Brower. To this union three sous 
and one daughter were born : Paul 
B.. McGrawsville, Ind. ; Esther Lois 
(wife of Delmar Boyd). R. R. 4, 
Peru, Ind. ; Richard R., Taylor Cen- 
ter, Mich.: and L. D., Med way, 

He also leaves to mourn his pass- 
ing two brothers and two sisters : 
Albert M., Glendora. Calif. Howard 
R., address unknown : Mrs. Tom 
Jones, Glendora, Calif, and Mrs. 
Percy Zug, San Dimas, California : 
12 grandchildren and several nieces, 
nephews, and cousins, a host of 
friends and brethren and sisters of 
like precious faith. 

His father and mother and sister, 
Rosa and an infant grandson preced- 
ed him in death. He was a devoted 
husband and father, and will be sad- 
ly missed by his families and the 

Funeral services were held in the 
afternoon of July 10. Bro. Paul 
Morphew conducted a brief service 
at the Drake-Flowers Mortuary in 
Peru, following" which the main ser- 

vice was at the Old German Baptist 
Pipe Creek Church southeast of 
Peru, with Bro. Floyd Swihart in 
charge and Bro. Harley Rush as- 
sisting. Burial was in the Metzger 
cemetery two miles southwest of the 


Last February a preliminary in- 
vestigation of the possibilities of do- 
ing mission and relief work among 
the Navajo Indians, was made by 
members of the Relief board, after 
thev had met with the mission board 
and had received their encourage- 
ment and approval. 

Their report was given and in 
April a second trip was made by 
members of both boards. The lo- 
cation was investigated and an op- 
tion to sectire the Torreon Mission 
site, subject to the approval of Gen- 
eral Conference, was gotten. 

At General Conference the mis- 
sion was approved and a board of 
directors was elected to be respon- 
sible for the administration of the 
mission. Their names and address- 
es are as follows : 

Chairman Paul R. Myers 
Box 117 
Greentown, Ohio, 

Secretary Kyle T. Reed 
Minburn, Iowa 

Treasurer Newton T. Jamison 
Ouinter, Kansas 

There is already on the property 
a rock church which is complete, ex- 



cept of placing the covering over the 
sheathing for the roof and finishing 
the interior and windows. There are 
also two Indian type dwellings which 
are called hogans. Besides these 
there is a house trailer where our 
indian interpreter, Sister Lillian 
Deshnod, lives. Those of you who 
were at General Conference will re- 
member her and that she came for- 
ward there and expressed her desire 
to become a member of our church. 

The greatest need of this mission, 
as it is getting started, is the prayers 
of the brotherhood and this need will 
be a continuing one. The board of 
directors earnestly solicit your pray- 
ers both for the success of the work 
at the mission and for the guidance 
of the directors in their responsibil- 
ity to it. 

As this work is being started 
there are several majon items that 
are most essential to it. Probably 
the most important is the procure- 
ment of a good well. In this part of 
the country it may be necessary to 
go to a depth of 500 or 600 feet to 
get water. This will make the well 
quite expensive but it will not only 
serve the mission but also the in- 
dians in this community. At the 
present time the closest pond is 15 
miles away and that is where the In- 
dians have to go for their supply. 
In this area they use horses and 
wagons or go horseback for their 
water, so it is very needful that they 
be able to get water much closer 
home, in order that they may have 

enough to keep themselves clean 
and to water the sheep. 

Also needed are the following : 

A pickup truck with a four speed 
transmission, a good typewriter, fil- 
ing cabinet, desk, bedding (colored 
sheets preferred), tea towels, hand 
towels, bath towels, wash cloths, car- 
penter tools, plumbing tools, me- 
chanics tools, and stone mason's 

Those wishing to contribute mon- 
ey to the work at Torreon should 
make the checks payable to Bro. 
Harry Andrews who is the treasur- 
er of the mission board, and send 
them to Bro. Herbert Parker RFD 
#1 Arcanum, Ohio who is the sec- 
retary of the mission board. 

Food and other supplies which are 
to be sent directly to the mission, 
might be collected in each district 
at a centrally located church and 
from there the mission can accept 
the responsibility for getting them to 
the mission, if it is too inconven- 
ient for the district to get them 

Brethren who wish to go to the 
mission to assist with the construc- 
tion of the buildings and so on 
should write to : 

Bro. Floyd Haldeman, Business 

Torreon Navajo Mission 

Star Route 

Cuba, New Mexico. 

Each one who volunteers for this 
work should state the kinds of work 
be is capable of doing and the length 



of time that he can help. The num- 
ber of workers and the amount of 
work that can be done will depend to 
a certain extent, upon the availabil- 
ity of water and the housing facili- 
ties. It is hoped that the church 
building can be completed and that 
a fruit and vegetable cellar and a 
dwelling house built yet this fall. 

Brethren and Sisters who are in- 
terested in offering their time for a 
term of service as a mission worker 
should contact the secretary of the 
board of directors. 

Anyone wishing to visit the mis- 
sion will travel northwest from Ber- 
nalillo. N. Mex. on highway 44 or 
southeast from Bloomfield on high, 
way 44. Those coming in from the 
south will find a sign about 20 miles 
south of Cuba indicating the road to 
turn off to go to the mission. It will 
be marked all the way to the mis- 
sion. Those coming in from the 
north will find a sign in Cuba near 
the south end of town indicating the 
road to turn off to go to the mis- 
sion. It likewise will be marked 
all the way to the mission. If a 
truck is used in making the trip it 
should go in from the town of Cuba 
and not use the road twenty miles 

On July 18 the second Navajo 
Indian gave her heart to the Lord 
and was baptized into the Dunkard 
Brethren Church. Her name is 
Tda Toledo. Her sincerity and de- 
votion are really an inspiration to 

anyone who can share a time of wor- 
ship with her. 

Kyle T. Reed, Sec. 


The line to heaven by Christ was 

With heavenly truth the rails are 
laid ; 

From earth to heaven the line ex- 

To life eternal, where it ends. 

Chorus — We're going home, we're 

going home ; ; 
We're going home to die no more. 
To die no more, to die no more ; 
We are going home to die no more. 

Repentance is the station then. 
Where passengers are taken in ; 
No fee for them is there to pay. 
For Jesus is himself the way. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

The Bible then, is engineer : 

It points the way to heaven so clear : 

Through tunnels dark and dreary 

It does the way to glory steer. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

God's love's the fire. His truth the 

steam ; 
Which drives the engine and the 

All you who would to glory ride. 
Must come to Christ, in Him abide. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 



In first and second and third class — 
Repentance, faith and holiness — 
You must the way to glory gain. 
Or you with Christ can never reign. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

Come, then, poor sinner, now is the 

time ; 
At any place along the line, 
If you repent and turn from sin. 
The train will stop and take you in. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

The depot's built on solid ground ; 
Xo earthly power can tear it down ; 
When the whistle blows we under- 
The train is coming right at hand. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

Xo switches there for us to tend ; 
There's but one track from end to 

end ; 
When the alarm bell rings to tell. 
Look out and all things will be well. 

Chorus — We're going home. &c. 

Xo curves on this celestial way, 
'Tis safe to run by night or clay. 
Are you in haste bright heaven to 

Be sure and take the express train ! 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

When we get to our final home, 
The track is left and more can come, 
And that is sound and won't decay, 
And will be to the judgment day. 

Chorus — We're going home, &c. 

Sel. by A. J. Bashore 


I owe my minister : 

Reverence — I owe my minister 
reverent attention as the ambassador 
of God, sent to teach me a better 
way of living. 

Affection — I owe my minister 
christian affection, that he may be 
strengthened by the knowledge, that 
the members of the church are with 
him in the bonds of holy love and 

Trust — I owe my minister trust, 
that he may be free to serve the 
church unhampered by fault finding. 

Prayer — I owe it to my minster 
to pray for him each day that God 
may bless him and make his service 
a blessing. 

Protection — I owe to my minister 
the protection of kindly silence by 
refraining from repeating in his 
presence, the slander or unkind 
gossip that would burden him and 
prevent him from doing his best 

Time — I owe my minister enough 
time to help in his work, when and 
where he needs me. 

Encouragement — I owe my min- 
ister encouragement when vexations 
and annoyances make his work dif- 
ficult, or when he feels discouraged. 

Appreciation — I owe my minister 
a kindly word of appreciation when 
his ministry is especially helpful to 



Attention — I owe my minister the 
courtesy of attention when I go to 
church, that he may not he annoyed 
by my careless actions. 

Charity — I owe it to my minister 
to overlook any trivial flow or per. 
sonal peculiarity such as a manner- 
ism of speech or action, which in no 
way hinders his work. 

Sel. bv Sister Dottie Pifer. 


Ord L. Strayer, Chairman 

P. 0. Bx. 246 

Vienna, Va. 

Kyle T. Reed, Secretary 

Minburn, Iowa 

Newton Jamison, Treasurer 

Quinter, Kansas 

Ezra Beery 

r 1, Union, Ohio 

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Vern Hostetler, Secretary 

Montpelier, Ohio. 

Ben Klepinger, Treasurer 

R. 2, Brookville, Ohio. 

Edward Johnson 

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George Dorsey 

Bx 58, Salisbury, Pa. 


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Paul R. Myers, Secretary, 
Box 117, Greentown, Ohio. 

Roscoe Q. E. Reed, Treasurer, 
Snowville, Va. 

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Howard J. Surbey, 

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Ray S. Shank, Secretary 
216 W Marble St., 
Mechanicsburg, Pa. 

David F. Ebling, Treasurer, 
Bethel, Pa. 

Genera] Mission Board 

Amnion Keller, Chairman 

* r 5 Lebanon, Pa. 
Herbert Parker, Secretary 

r 3 Arcanum, Ohio 

* Harry Andrews, Treasurer 

* R. 1 Grandview, Missouri 

David Ebling 
Bx. 28 Bethel, Pa. 

* Paul R. Myers 
Greentown, Ohio 

W. S. Reed, 

* Waukee, Iowa. 

* Galen Harlacher, 

Newberg, Ore. 

* W. E. Bashor, 
Turlock, Calif. 

All contributions to the vari- * 
ous boards should be made out 
to the Treasury, but sent to * 
the Secretary for his records. 



AUGUST 15, 1956 

No. 16 

"For the faith once for all delivered to the Saints.'' 

OUR MOTTO: Spiritual in life and !| OUR WATCHWORD: Go into all the 
Scriptural in practice. world and preach the gospel. 

OUR AIM: Be it our constant aim to be more sanctified, more righteous, 
more holy, and more perfect through faith and obedience. 


"Let your loins he girded about, 
and your lights burning: and ye 
yourselves like unto men that wait 
for their lord, when he will return 
from the wedding: that when he 
cometh and knocketh, thev may 
open unto him immediately. Bless- 
ed are those servants, whom the 
Lord when he cometh shall find 
watching: verily 1 say unto you. that 
he shall gird himself, and make them 
to sit down to meat, and will come 
forth and serve them, and if he shall 
come in the second watch, or come 
in the third watch, and find them so. 
blessed are those servants". Luke 

Perhaps the most important thing 
in life is, what kind of stewards we 
have been. Yes, the things we have 
in life, the talents and abilities we 
have and the freedom to go to and 
fro. as we wished, have all been 
loaned to us by our Creator ; for 
our use while here upon the earth. 
True, the increase may have been 
according to our labors and our ap- 
plications thereof, but the increase 
has actually come from our God. 
God has highly trusted us. not as 

slaves or servants but as worthy 
stewards. What have we gained 
for His honor and glory? 

Our carnal nature is endowed 
with a longing for the joys and ad- 
ventures of life. God wisely advis- 
es us, "Seek ye first the kingdom of 
God, and his righteousness; and all 
these things shall be added unto 
you", Matt. 6:33. Are we follow- 
ing His advice? How faithfully? 
"As even- man hath received the 
gift, even so minister the same one 
to another, as good stewards of the 
manifold grace of God', I Pet. 4:10. 
How much better is our community, 
our church, through our being here 
for our short lifetime? Have we 
wasted the gifts of God or have thev 
multiplied through our efforts ? 

"Therefore is the kingdom of 
heaven likened unto a certain king, 
which would take account of his ser- 
vants". Matt. 18:23. Does God 
have a right to take account of His 
servants? Has God given you much 
to give account of? Of which are 
you most concerned, the various ac- 
counts upon this earth or the account 
of Jesus when He comes in His 
Kingdom? "For the Son of man 


shall come in the glory of his Fath- 
er with his angels : and then he shall 
reward every man according to his 
works", Matt. 1 :27. Are you get- 
ting ready for that glorious day with 
all your talents? Is that day a day 
of longed for joy, or do you fear 
that day? Dear reader, that will not 
he a day of guess-work or hearsay, 
but He will have true record of 
vour stewardship. That will he a 
dav of unspeakable reward, how 
much sacrifice are you making for 

"Moreover it is required in stew- 
ards, that a man be found faith- 
ful", 1 Cor. 4:2. Do you require any 
less of those, who may be stewards 
of vour things, be they small or 
great? Is anything more disgust- 
ing than someone who does not do 

"Dearly beloved, 1 beseech you as 
strangers and pilgrims, abstain from 
fleshly lusts, which war against the 
soul : having your conversation hon- 
est among the Gentiles : that, where- 
as thev speak against you as evil- 
doers, they nuiv by your good 
works, which they shall behold, 
giorifv God in the day of visitation". 
1 Pet. 1:11-12. It may be possi- 
ble for this to happen to you every 
hour, every day and every week of 
your life. 




The time is come, the day is here 
when men and women should be 
concerned about this great question. 
For the religious world are not in 
what you say, what you know he or unity, as to what constitutes the 
she easilv can, or what thev have ; Church of lesus Christ? 

promised you to do ? "There was 
a certain rich man, which had a 
steward ; and the same was accused 
unto him that he had wasted his 
goods. And he called him, and said 
unto him, How is it that I hear this 
of thee ? give an account of thy 
stewardship ; for thou ma vest be no 
longer steward", Luke 16:1-2. 
Enumerate a few of the blessings 
which you have received from your 
Lord, have vou wasted any? My. 
what a sad notice, too late for re- 
pentance and forgiveness. Thou 
ma vest be no longer steward. It 
is not too late now but it may be 
too late tomorrow or next vear? 

We will endeavor, with a heart of 
love and great concern for our be- 
loved fraternity, to state, not only 
our views, but our deep convictions, 
which I believe to be based upon the 
authority of God's holy Word and 
to discuss this great question, 
through the columns of the Bible 
( a ) The Church of Jesus Christ is 
an "ORGANISM". Such an 
organism which is of God, only 
comes from God. There is only 
one authority for this organ- 
(b) The Church of Christ is also 



Christ Himself being" the first 
organizer. Christ being the 
only authority for the organiza- 
tion, bv the Holy Spirit.through 
the Gospel. His organization 
consists of local Congregations, 
(groups) all governed by one 
Head, which is Christ, 
(c ) We firmly believe that there is 
only one Church of Jesus Christ, 
there is only one "Spiritual 
BODY" of Christ, which is 
composed, not of organized bod- 
ies, plural, but is composed of 
main- members of the one 
"BODY." These members are 
united together, as one body. 
This will not permit other 
bodies, such as groups of the 
religious world. 
Local groups, (congregation) of 
the one body make up her member- 
ship of many members. The body of 
Christ then may be compared to our 
own physical bodies, made up of 
many members. 

(d) There is but one "LORD". 
consisting of three persons in 
the God-head, (the Trinity) 
Father. Son and Holy Spirit. 

(e) There is but one "FAITH", 
that is of the faith which was 
once delivered unto the saints. 
This one faith demands loving 
works of obedience, through 

(f) There is but one "BAP- 
TISM", which is an ordinance, 
ordained of God. is composed of 

three dips, diping into each 
name of the "HOLY TRINI- 
TY", namely. Father. Son and 
Hoi)- Ghost. This baptism is 
a "NEW BIRTH", is a being 
born of water and of the Spir- 
it. Holy Spirit baptism is 
then of the one "BAPTISM". 
and of the Holy Ghost". Matt. 
(g) There is but one "FOUNDA- 
TION", for the Church of 
Jesus Christ, which is Christ 
Himself the "ROCK", who is 
the chief "Corner Stone" in its 
(h) There is but one "KING- 
DOM OF GOD", on earth 
throughout the "CHURCH 
AGE". Which is the "KING- 
was preached by John the Bap- 
tist and Christ, as being at 
hand. Christ seems to have 
applied the name Church, (my 
church) to this "KINGDOM 
OF HEAVEN". Matt. 16:18- 
(i) There is only one "KING- 
earth, of which Christ deliver- 
ed the "keys" to His apostle, 
for the purpose of Church Gov- 
ernment. This kingdom is the 
same kingdom which Paul and 
the other apostles preached af- 
ter Pentecost. 
We find only one "PRIEST- 
HOOD", of which He Christ is the 
Hisd! Priest of the Christian Profes- 



Taneytown, Md., August 15, 1956 

Published semi-monthly by the Board 
of Publication of the Dunkard 
Brethren Church \n the plant of 
The Carroll Record, Company, Tan- 
eytown, Md. 

Entered as second class matter Jan- 
uary 1, 1954, at the Post Office, 
Taneytown, Md., under the Act of 
March 3, 1879. 

Terms: Single subscription, $1.00 a 
year in advance. 

Howard J. Surbey, R. 2, Taneytown, 
Md., Editor. 

Send all subscriptions and communi- 
cations to the Editor. 

Paul R. Myers, Greentown, Ohio, As- 
sistant Editor. 

Otto Harris, Antioch, W. Va., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

Hayes Reed, Modesto, Calif., Asso- 
ciate Editor. 

sion. Christ is the "BRIDE- 
GROOM' 'and Mis Church is His 

The above statements contain the 
position of the writer, in regard to 
the true Church of Jesus Christ. Let 
us now go to God's Word to see if 
we can substantiate our position. 

We have said that the Church is 
an organism. It is the one, only one, 
organism of the many organisms, 
which has Jesus Christ for its au- 

What is the meaning of the word 
"Organism" ? 

Mr. Webster says that organism : 
first is. "Any organized body or 
living economy ; any individual ani- 
mal or plant". Hence we say the 
Church is an organization, or con- 
sists of organization. Christ Himself 
organized it and set it into operation. 

Although it is an organism it 
cannot he just any and every or- 
ganized body or group, who do not 
have the authority of Christ for its 
organization. God's Word will not 
permit such groups, who do not the 
"WILL" of the Father. 

The writer does not believe that 
the Word of God teaches that the 
Church of Jesus Christ is an invis- 
ible, spiritual organism, which 
would include, or is made up of all 
men and women, who profess to be 
followers of Christ, regardless of 
their Church organization. 

Webster's second definition of the 
word organism is — "The state of be- 
ing organized. ( Rare. ) 

This definition coupled with the 
teachings of God's Word, teaches 
the writer that the one organism 
that is of God, (the Church) will not 
permit re-organization of the one 
body, but only re-organization of the 
members of the one body. It is un- 
changeable, (rare). 

Third : — Mr. Webster says, or- 
ganism is — "An organized body of 
people ; an organization. And 
fourth : "Any organ of a living bod v". 
These definitions should in their true 
meaning help us, as we study God's 
Word throughout the New Testa- 
ment, to see that Christ's Church 
was and is, made up of our organ, 

We come now to "ORGANIZA- 
TION". What is organization? It is 
the act or process of arranging and 
getting into proper working order. 


This is exactly what Christ did Him- 
self, in organizing the work, the 
Church, giving authority to the 
apostles, organizing and putting into 
operation the Kingdom or Church. 
Organization is the state of being 
organized ; that which is organized ; 
an organized hodv. It is organic 

them there is but spirit, one body, 
one church, one faith, one Lord and 
one baptism. One God and Father 
of all. through you and in you all. 
Do we marvel today how the church 
has drifted in the last 50 years? We 
are told the church started here in 
America 236 vears asro. We find 

ly tor man}- years. 

If their brother was found com- 
mitting offense he was dealt with ac- 

structure the disposition or arrange- those brethren held the rein tight 
ment of the organs for the perform- 
ance of vital functions. 

It is the arrangement of the part; 
of an aggregate or bodv for work or ! cording to Matthew IS. Xo matter 
action : systematic preparation for ' what the offense was. even though 
action, fn our next article we will it may be small, it mav be only a 
by the help of God shew to the finger ring, he was told to remove 
reader Christ's authority for this it. 
organism. He formed the organi- About 36 vears ago the church 

zation and set it to work. 

Win. Root. 
Great Bend, Kansas. 
(To be continued. ) 


Part 2 

committed a great sin by allowing 
women to cut off their hair, her 
glory. Paul said it is a shame for 
a woman to be shaven or shorn. Do 
the people see anv shame in it to- 
day ? The Lord asked Jeremiah, 
was it a shame when they had com- 
mitted abomination? Jeremiah said. 
By the help of God. the help of Xo they are not ashamed, neither 
writer and through the guidance of did they blush. The Lord said, 
the hoi}- spirit, we will try and add '■ when I visit them I will cut them 
a few thoughts to the above subject. ' clown. Paul tells us in 1 Cor. 5 :8. 
I have said in the former writing, ' speaking of the condition of the 
that the gospel is much denied bv church at Corinth. "I wrote unto 
most all sects of religious people, I you an epistle not to company with 
also said that Paul told us that he fornicators of this world, or with 
marveled at the Galatians. why yon the covetous, or extortioners or with 
was soon moved from the gospel idolators ; for then must ye needs 

which I have spoken unto you, unto 
another gospel. 

Paul told them that there was no 

go out of the world. But now I 
have written unto von not to keep 
company, if any man that is called 

other gospel but one. he also told ' a brother be a fornicator, or covet- 


ous, or an idolator, or a railer, or a 
drunkard or an extortioner ; with 
such a one not to eat. For what 
have have I to do to Judge them 
also that are without? Do not ye 
Judge them that are within? But 
them that are without God Judg- 
ed"). Therefore put away from 
among yourselves that wicked per- 

Xow here we find at Corinth. 
Paul was speaking expressly to the 
church, not to the world, what they 
should do and what they should not 
do. Paul was teaching them to ob- 
serve all things. He told them not 
to eat with wicked persons, which 
takes in all things which* are un- 
godly. Paul tells us to deny our- 
selves of all ungodliness, that takes 
in worldly amusements. David tells 
us, the Lord knoweth the way of 
the righteous but the wavs of the 
ungodly shall perish. 

Paul tells us not to companv no 
not to eat with those wicked per- 
sons, he is referring here to the sup- 
per which is connected with the com- 
munion. Paul tells us not to Judge 
them that are without, meaning 
those who are in the world, those 
who are without the church God 
judgeth. Paul tells them. Put out 
from among yourselves that wicked 
person. In another scripture, he 
tells us not to fellowship in the 
churches, with those unfruitful 
workers of darkness, but rather re- 
prove them. 

John the revelator tells us, that 

he saw, another angel coming down 
from heaven saying, come out of her 
my people, come out of bondage, 
come out of Babylon, out from among 
the world, lest ye consumed with the 
wicked. Here we find as Paul has 
said, not to set or drink with the un- 
godly. Paul tells us to come out 
from among the world and touch 
not the unclean thing and I will 
receive you and I will be a father 
unto you. and ye shall be my sons 
and daughters sayeth the Lord. 

We are told many times not to 
love the world. For he that loveth 
the world or the things of the world, 
the love of the father is not in him. 
We are also told he that is a friend 
of the world, is the enemv of God. 
Christ tells us. If ye love me keep 
my commandments. Christ tells 
them. He that sayeth that he loves 
me and keepeth not my command- 
ments is a liar. 

Christ tells us. He that heareth 
these saying of mine and doeth them 
not, I will liken him to a foolish man 
who built his house upon the sand, 
and when the storms came and the 
winds blew and beat upon that house 
and it fell and great was the fall of 
it. Do we have any such people to 
day ? Who hear the word of God, 
and do not observe it. Such as we 
alreadv have stated above, eating 
and drinking with those ungodly 

T have heard, but I cannot see, 
that many of our sisters are cutting 
their dress sleeves, to the elbow and 


soon I fear, they will have no sleeves ! Also another thing was onr habit, 
at all. I also hear that many sisters : to lay aside all play stuff from Sat- 

are going to church bareheaded. If 
such is not corrected at once, we will 
go the way of many other denomi- 
nations and soon no longer be sep- 
arate from the world. 
Thornton Mellott, Needmore, Pa. 

urday until Monday. I have known 
of late years, even preachers and 
deacons, taking part in games Sun- 
day after dinner, which called to my 
attention 1 Cor. 10:7, "Neither be 
ye idolators. as were some of them : 
as it is written, the people sat down 
to eat and to drink, and rose up to 
play", which surely does not minis- 
ter to edification. That time had 
better been spent in a song service. 
If we are here to honor, and glorifv 


I have been thinking; I am still 
thinking: Spiritual in life, and spir- 
itual in life, practice, I began read- 
ing the Bible Monitor, 1924. I was j God, and we are, can we do it by 
made glad for it. that we could I Sunday games ? I trow not. 
have such paper, for the encour- j Let «s learn "To lay aside every 
agement and spiritual leading of j weight, and the sin which doeth so 
those who wanted to maintain the j easily beset us, and let run with pa- 
trnth. I still like the Monitor. ; ti«ice the race that is set before us. 
When I o-et it. I often read it ! Looking unto Jesus the author and 

through at one setting. I like to 
read the thoughts of my Brethren 
and Sisters. I like to see the old 
land marks kept in sight. 

But in some things I am griev- 
ed, to see the great changes coming 
in our custom or habits. In so many 
cases the neglect of the family altar, 
which was so precious in our young 
days. Which each morning our par- 
ents would conduct before break- 
fast. I have not forgotten, although 
I am 91 years old, how my parents 
used to pour out their souls to God 
in prayer, for their children and the 
church. As long as I had a home, 
we maintained a morning worship 
service, the children all taking part 
in the service. 

finisher of our faith ; who for the jov 
that was set before him endured the 
cross, despising the shame, and is 
set down at the right hand of the 
throne of God*'. What a wonderful 
privilege we have to serve the Lord, 
when He has made the way to 
plain. The Holy Spirit will not lead 
us in the wrong way. But it is the 
Devils trick to blind our eyes, and 
cause us to go astray. For that 
cause we are commanded to watch. 
Mark 13:33, "Take ye heed, watch 
and pray : for ye know not when the 
time is". Mark 13:37, "And what 
I say unto you, I say unto all, 

Your Brother. A. B. Van Dyke 
N. Industry, Ohio B. 153. 



It seems to the writer there are 
times when it is a season for rejoic- 
ing, sometimes for regret and re- 
morse, and still others for weeping 
and sorrow. 

At this time is seems to me that 
the Dnnkard Brethren church 
should he rejoicing. First 1 wish 
to mention is. of our General Con- 
ference. The number that were 
present was indeed encouraging, es- 
pecially of the young people who at- 
tended in the spirit of Christ, who 
show that they are not ashamed to 
acknowledge Christ before men. 
rather than follow the sinful pleas- 
ures of sin and fashion for a season. 
For the spirit directed sermons and 
the speeches that were made not for 
self esteem or desires, were en- 
couraging and show that many stand 
for the good of Christ's kingdom on 

Another highlight is that of the 
christian zeal of our dear Navajo 
Indian sister who has shown such a 
zealous concern for her people and 
has devoted her life and talents to 
the work of bringing the gospel to 
her people, who are still in darkness 
to the cause of Christ and His salva- 
tion. We are grateful that her peo- 
ple are so eager to learn of Christ. 
Dear fellow Christion Brethren and 
Sisters are we putting forth as much 
effort to learn and do Christ's will 
as these people who have not had 

the opportunity? Are you letting 
your light shine to your friends, 
neighbors, and relatives in work, 
word, and conduct, that you are 
happy in your Saviour and striving 
to please Him in everv act? 

Another high light is that of our 
mission points here in the east. It 
makes me feel good to meet the 
Brethren and Sisters from Wards. 
We feel they are fighting the good 
fight of faith by their conduct and 
appearance on all occasions. That 
they are carrying out the mission 
"Go" that has so recently been giv- 
en them. 

The writer and family had the 
happy experience of attending the 
recent revival and baptizing at El- 
kins. W. Ya. It made one feel that 
souls were hungering and thirsting 
after righteousness and crying 
"What must I do to be saved?" It 
certainly was a mountain top ex- 
perience to witness 17 souls baptiz- 
ed and one received who decided to 
walk a closer walk with Him, be- 
sides the 5 who had been received 
previously. The earnest desire ex- 
pressed in the faces of so many, 
mostly young people, was one long 
to be remembered. Our earnest 
desire and prayer is. that each name 
will be written in the Lamb's Book 
of Life and that each life will be so 
lived for Christ that none need ever 
be erased ; but will grow brighter 
until a joyous eternity claims them 
one by one for that home where 
fears, toils, cares, pain, and sorrow 


never enter. Trials and tempta- is their services occasionally, our 

tions will come to tempt you to turn 
to the sin, lust, and pride of the 
world, but dear ones, through Him 
who loves and watches over all we. 
can overcome and be victorious. No, 
we cannot be perfect — we all make 
mistakes, but we can forsake those 
evil things and hold to the good. It 
seemed to the writer that the words 
of the wise man were being" heeded : 

prayers in their behalf, letters of en- 
couragement. Ministerial and finan- 
cial help to the mission board are 
also a necessity to carry on the 
work. Are we willingly going to 
put our shoulders to the wheel and 
help not only to the ones mentioned 
but in all places where attempts are 
being made to lead souls to Christ 
and in places yet to be opened as 

"Therefore remove sorrow from thy mission fields? 

heart, and put away evil from they ] I trust these few lines will help 

flesh : for childhood and vouth are to pass on to others some of the jov 

vanity'. Eccl. 1 1 :10. 

"Remember now thv Creator in 

of the mountain top experiences that 
have been felt bv the writer, and to 

the davs of thv vouth. while the evil ; encourage more effort to be put 
days come not, nor the vears draw forth for the saving of souls while 
nigh, when thou shalt sav, I have , it is vet day. 

no pleasure in them", Eccl. 12:1. 
Perhaps some of you will be called 
as ministers, deacons, teachers, etc. 
But. whatever your station, be never 
afraid or ashamed to let the Christ 

Sister Ruth M. Snyder. 

Oakland, Md. 


Eph. 2:8-9. "For by grace are ye 

light shine through you. and never j sav efl through faith; and that not 
give up the Christian fight, for not j f) f yourselves : it is the gift of God : 

he who quits in the beginning, or 
middle of the race wins, but he that 
endures to the end. "Re thou faith- 
ful until death and I will give thee 
a crown of life". Rev. 2 :10 is a last- 
ing, encouraging, and sure promise 
of God that will never be broken. 

Now to those who have been in 
Christ's service in years past, what 
can we do? What are some of our 
opportunities to help these babes in 
Christ. First of all I believe our 
encouragement is most needed — a 
Christian influence, our appearance 

Not of works, lest any man should 
boast". If we could be saved by 
the works of the law, then Christ 
died in vain. No man is justified 
by the law in the sight of God. Gal. 
3:13. 14. "Christ hath redeemed us 
from the curse of the law, being 
made a curse for us. That the bless- 
ing of Abraham might come on the 
Gentiles through Jesus Christ ; that 
we might receive the promise of the 
Spirit through faith." 

Rom. 10:4. "For Christ is the 
end of the law for righteousness to 



every one that believeth. For ye are 
not under the law, but under grace. 
For ye are the children of God by 
faith in Christ Jesus. Now if any 
man have not the Spirit of Christ, 
he is none of His. Phil. 2:5. 7-9. 
"Let this mind be in you. which was 
also in Christ Jesus. But made him- 
self of no reputation, and took upon 
him the form of a servant, and was 
made in the likeness of men. He 
humbled himself, and became obe- 
dient unto death, even the death of 
the cross. Wherefore God also 
hath highly exalted him and giveth 
him a name which is above every 
name". We cannot read that Jesus 
at any time boasted or exalted Him- 
self. But served humanity healing 
the sick, and relieving them that 
were in distress, ever doing good. 

The word boast meaning : to 
speak boastfully or to pride oneself. 
To brag, Glory in oneself. A proud 
speech. To speak vainly. Always 
the best, an exalted ambition. Great 
in ones own opinion. Is this mani- 
festing the Spirit of Christ? Isa. 
14: 12, 13, "How art thou fallen 
from heaven, O, Lucifer, son of the 
morning : how art thou cut down to 
the ground. For thou hast said in 
thine heart, I will ascend into heav- 
en, I will exalt my throne above the 
stars of God". Satan got to be a 
rebellious character or being, chal- 
lenging God. I will be like the most 
high. Thou shalt be brought down 
to hell. He abode not in the truth, 
because there is no truth in him (the 

devil). How many of our so-called 
great men of today challenge what 
we read in the New Testament. 

Luke. 10:18, "AND Jesus said 
unto them (the seventy) I behold 
Satan as lightning fall from heav- 
en". Job 1 :7, "The Lord said unto 
Satan, whence, cometh thou ? Then 
Satan answered the Lord, and said, 
from going to and fro in the earth, 
and from walking up and down in 
it". I Peter 5:5-8, "For God resist- 
eth the proud and giveth grace to 
the humble. Be sober. Be vigilant ; 
because your adversary the devil, as 
a roaring lion, walketh about, seek- 
ing whom he mav devour". Those 
who persist in sin, and take their 
stand in open revolt or rebellion 
against God, and the government of 
heaven, were finally cast down out 
of heaven. 2 Peter, 2 :4, "If God 
spared not the angels that sinned, 
but cast them down to hell, and de- 
livered them into chains of dark- 
ness, to be reserved unto judgment", 
Jude 1 :6, "And the angels which 
kept not their first estate, but left 
their own habitation, he hath re- 
served in everlasting chains under 
darkness unto the judgment of the 
great day". Rev. 12-9, "Satan, 
that old serpent which deceiveth the 
whole world : he was cast out into 
the earth, and his angels were cast 
out with him". Neither was their 
place found any more in heaven. 
Rev. 20:4, 2, 3, I saw an angel come 
down from heaven, having the key 
of the bottomless pit and a great 



chain in his hand, and laid hold on 
the dragon, that old serpent, which 

is the Devil, and Satan and cast 

him into the pit, and shut him up 
and set a seal upon him, that he 
should deceive the nations no more". 

The books were opened, and an- 
other book was opened, which is the 
bonk of life, and the dead were 
judged out of those things which 
were written in the books according 
to their works. Every man accord- 
ing to their works, and whosoever 
was not found written in the book 
of life was cast into the lake of fire. 
Matt. 25:41, "Then shall he say 
also unto them on the left hand, de- 
part from me. ye cursed, into ever- 
lasting fire, prepared for the devil 
and his angels". Inasmuch as God 
is love, who delights in mercy. John 
3:16. "For God so loved the world, 
that he gave his only begotten Son, 
that whosoever believeth in Him 
(Jesus) should not perish, but have 
everlasting life". 

2 Chron. 25:19. Thine heart lift- 
eth thee up to boast. By the abund- 
ance of the heart the mouth speak- 
eth. The pride that is in thine 
heart maketh thee to boast. Prov. 
27:1, "Boast not of tomorrow; For 
thou knowest not what a day may 
bring forth". Psa. 49:6. "They 
that trust in their wealth, and boast 
themselves in the multitude of their 
riches. Jas. 4:16, "Now ye rejoice 
in your boastings : all such rejoic- 
ing is evil". Ye know not what 
shall be on the morrow, for what is 

your life? It is even a vapor, that 
appeareth for a little time, and then 
vanisheth away. Jas. 3 :5, "Even 
so the tongue is a little member, 
and boasteth great "things". 

If ye have bitter envying, strife 
in your hearts, glory not, and lie not 
against the truth. For all flesh is 
as grass, and all the glory of man 
as the flower of grass, the grass 
withereth. and the flower falleth 
away. 2 Cor. 10:17. "He that 
glorieth, let him glory in the Lord". 
Gal. 6:14, "God forbid that I should 
glory, save in the cross of our Lord 
Jesus Christ". The carnal mind is 
desirous of glory or praise of men. 
Because the carnal mind is enmity 
against God : So then they that are in 
the flesh cannot please God. For to 
be carnally minded is death : But to 
be Spiritually minded is life and 
peace. If so be that the Spirit of 
God dwell in you. For as many as 
are led by the Spirit of God, they 
are the sons of God. 

In Philippians, Paul the servant 
of Jesus Christ to all the saints in 
Christ Jesus. In Eppesians, Paul 
an apostle of Jesus Christ by com- 
mandment of God our Saviour, and 
the Lord Jesus Christ. Paul, an 
apostle of Jesus Christ by the will 
of God. according to the promise 
of life which is in Christ Jesus. In 
Philemon. Paul, a prisoner of Jesus 
Christ, Timothy and Philemon, our 
dearly beloved, and fellow laborer. 
So we understand that the apostles 
were servants following the foot- 



steps of our Lord, and Saviour 
Jesus Christ. So we become ser- 
vants and hope to be faithful while 
our stay here on earth lasts. We 
have many lords, because of posi- 
tions or high office. 

Luke 17:10, "So likewise ye, 
when ye shall have done all those 
things which are commanded you, 
say, we are unprofitable servants : 
We have done that which was our 
duty to do". How then have we 
become lords? On what grounds 
have we room or authority to boast 
of our good works, can works save 
us? Xot of works that some might 
boast. For we are his workman- 
ship, created in Christ Jesus unto 
good works, how ? which God 
hath before ordained that we should 
walk in them. Which was unmerit- 
ed favor grace. That Jesus offered 
His precious blood to redeem us, and 
made reconciliation for our sins, 
sins of the world by His blood. Rev. 
1 :5, "Jesus Christ, who is the faith- 
ful witness, and the first begotten of 
the dead, ..Unto him that loved us 
and washed us from our sins in his 
own blood". The grace of the 
Lord Jesus Christ, and the love of 
God. and the communion of the 
Holy Ghost, be with you all. 
'Twas grace that quickened me 

when dead. 
And grace my soul to Jesus led : 
Grace brought me pardon for my 

And grace subdues my bust with- 

This grace that sweetens every 

And grace supports in everv loss: 
This grace divine all-conquering 

Or it had never rescued me 
Tins grace constrains my soul to 

And grace will bear me safe above. 
Wm. X. Kinsley, 
Hartville, Ohio. 



We wish to thank those in the 
brotherhood for remembering our 
Sister Jeanette Main with many 
cards and letters cheering her in 
her sickness. Thev have been a 
means of enriching her lonely hours 
in the Hospital. She is in no con- 
dition to reply to the letters and we 
hope she will not be forgotten now, 
as they mean so much to her. 

She enjoyed the privilege of the 
anointing service and seemed very 
much uplifted in spirit immediately 
following. We hope and pray that 
prayers in her behalf will continue 
to be as fervent as they were on 
Tuesday evening at Conference. 
Through her faith in the Master she 
can continue to be an inspiration to 
many, by her suffering. 

We hope and pray that the ver- 
dict of the doctors will be changed 
by the Dear Lord and that she will 
remain with us. 

Her address is: Jeanette Main, 



11 33 x /£ Shotwell St., San Francis- 
co, Calif. 

Sister Martha Skiles, Cor. 

The Lord willing, the Ridge Con- 
gregation will hold a Revival from 
August 31 to September 9, with 
Bro. Melvin Roesch as evangelist. 
Our Lovefeast will be on Sept. 8. 
All are invited to come and worship 
with us. 

Sister Irene Harris. Cor. 

The Lord willing, the revival 
meetings at the West Fulton church 
will begin on Sunday. Sept. 16, and 
continue for two weeks. Bro. Don- 
ald Ecker. of Hartville. Ohio, will 
be the evangelist. We extend a 
hearty invitation to all, to come 
and enjoy these meetings with us. 
Leola Beck, Cor. 

ual Lovefeast on May the 19th. 

We accept the challenge to serve 
this community, pray for us. 

Sister Martha Skiles, Cor. 


We. the Sonoma Mountain Con- 
gregation, met in Council meeting 
for the purpose of organizing a 
Duukard Brethren Church in this 

All decisions we have made were 
unanimous in our group. Our elec- 
tions are as follow?: Elder James 
F. Swallow. Elder ; Brother Daniel 
C. Skiles and his wife, elected to the 
Ministry and installed. We also 
elected and installed a Deacon. We 
have elected all other necessary Of- 

Our group enjoyed a very spirit- 

We the Orion Congregation held 
our spring Lovefeast on Saturday, 
May 20, with sixty surrounding the 
tables. We were glad for the vis- 
itors who came among us. especially 
the Ministering Brethren, who gave 
us inspiring messages throughout 
the clay. 

Among the ministering brethren 
were two Elders from the District, 
who took the voice of the Church 
for the selection of a Minister and a 
Deacon. This resulted in Bro. Les- 
ter Senften as a Minister and Bro. 
Lowell Kreiner as a Deacon, which 
were installed into their respective 
offices on Sunday afternoon. May 
the Lord bless them in their work. 

Our Revival meetings will be from 
Aug. 5 to Aug. 19, with Bro. Dale 
Jamison as Evangelist. We hope 
many have been praying for these 
meetings and will continue to pray 
for the meetings and for the Evan- 
gelist and his family : that much 
good may be done through the sav- 
ing of souls and the building us up 
spiritually. We are planning to 
hold our fall Lovefeast on Oct. 13. 
All are invited to come and enjoy 
these meetings with us. 

Bro. Alvin Silknitter, Cor. 

The Cloverleaf congregation met 



Sunday afternoon, June 25 and re- 
ceived into the church, Sister Lil- 
lian Deshnod. 

The Lord willing we will begin a 
revival meeting, September 11, with 
Bro. W. S. Reed as evangelist. The 
lovefeast will be September 22 be- 
ginning at 10:30; and meeting to 
close on Sunday evening. We in- 
vite all to come and worship with us. 
May our prayers all be for a heart 
full of faith in a living Christ. 

Sister Rozella Kasza, Cor. 

On June 15 Bro. James Kegerreis 
from Straustown, Pa., came into our 
midst to begin a ten-day revival 
meeting at Wards Church. These 
meeting were fairly well attended. 
Bro. Kegerreis brought us many 
soul lifting messages from God's 
Holy Word, although no souls de- 
cided to foresake this sinful world 
and accept Christ as their personal 
Savior, We feel that each of us 
should be much stronger now since 
hearing these sermons and having 
Christian fellowship so often. 

Sister Retha Mallow. 

The members of Ward's Church 
do rejoice for the great work that 
was accomplished at Elkins, W. Va, 
through Bro. W. A. Taylor and 
Bro. Owen Mallow both of the 
Waynesboro Congregation. We do 
thank our Heavenly Father for the 
love and tender messages God has 
delivered through His servant, Bro. 

Taylor. The Gospel surely was not 
shunnned. The Word of truth was 
brought forth to all, who came to 
hear the Gospel. God's Holy Spir- 
it went forth as a two-edged sword 
piercing in such a way, that many 
people decided to forsake satan and 
sin to live a new life. 

In the two- weeks series of meet- 
ings eighteen new converts were re- 
ceived into church fellowship by 
Christian baptism, three were re- 
deemed back being members before, 
and one was received on former bap- 
tism. We are trusting our Heav- 
enly Father that a church can be es- 
tablished there and that much good 
work can be done in the future. 

The help of all was appreciated, 
who came and helped out in the ser- 
vices. We know that each one will 
be rewarded for it. We ask an inter- 
est from all our Brotherhood, to 
pray for the new ones, who have left 
satan and sin and have accepted 
Jesus as their personal Saviour. May 
God bless them and guide them in 
the path of duty, is my prayer. 
Sister Retha Mallow. 


'But I would have you know, that 
the head of every man is Christ ; and 
the head of the woman is the man ; 
and the head of Christ is God. 

"Every man praying or prophesy- 
ing, having his head covered, dis- 
honored his head. "But every wo- 
man that prayeth or prophesieth 
with her head uncovered dishonor- 



eth her head : for that is even all one 
as if she were shaven". 

The above comprises the third, 
fourth and fifth verses of 1 Cor., 
chapter 11, Authorized Version. 
The inspired writer herein states 
definitely, first, that Christ is the 
head or superior of man and that 
man is the head or superior of wo- 
man. Second, He declared as a 
fact that men should have their 
heads uncovered and women should 
have their heads covered when 
praying or prophesying. There is no 
room here for controversy. But when 
it comes to the question as to what 
kind of covering the apostle meant 
for the woman to wear, it is well 
known that there is disagreement 
among the professed followers of 

Some hold that the woman's long 
hair is the only covering Paul had 
in mind, basing their claim upon the 
15th verse of the chapter we are con- 
sidering, which read thus, "But is a 
glory to her ; for her hair is given 
her for a covering". 

One critic has said, Tf an artifi- 
cial covering is necessary, then the 
15th verse is nullified". He reaches 
this conclusion from the standpoint 
that Paul was pleading for one cov- 
ering only. 

Taking the same standpoint, for 
the sake of the argument, it can be 
said with equal propriety that if an 
artificial covering is unnecessary 
then the 5th and 6th verses are nul- 

Assuming that long hair is the 
only covering required in the pas- 
sage, let us examine the 6th verse : 
"For if a woman be not covered (by 
her hair) let her also be shorn". The 
hair being absent, what please, 
should "also be shorn"? 

But we cannot admit the nullifi- 
cation of any part of this passage 
We hold the 5th and 6th verses as 
of equal authority with the 15th. 

Accepting the entire passage as 
of equal authority, we take the posi- 
tion that the apostle alludes to two 
distinct coverings. First. An arti- 
ficial covering (a veil) in verses 5, 
6, 7 and 13. Second. A natural cov- 
ering (the hair) in verses 14 and 15. 

The fifth and sixth verses in the 
R. V. read, "But every woman pray- 
ing or prophesying with her head 
unveiled dishonoreth her head : for 
it is one and the same thing as if 
she were shaven. "For if a woman 
is not veiled, let her also be shorn : 
but if it is a shame for a woman to 
be shorn or shaven, let her be veil- 

The terms veiled and unveiled 
here without question have refer- 
ence to an artificial covering. Pro- 
fessor Goodspeed's American trans- 
lation is in agreement with the Re- 
vised Version in rendering the 
Greek word veil instead of covering. 
Goodspeed's translation is so ex- 
plicit that I will quote verses 4 to 6 
for the benefit of the reader who 
may not have access to it : 

"Any man who offers prayer or 



explains the will of God with any- 
thing on his head disgraces his head, 
and any woman who offers prayer 
or explains the will of God bare- 
headed disgraces her head, for it is 
just as though she had her head 
shaved. For if a woman will not 
wear a veil, let her cut off her hair 
too. But if it is a disgrace for a wo- 
man to have her hair cut off or her 
head shaved, let her wear a veil". 

It appears to he the united testi- 
mony of Greek scholars that veil, 
veiled, unveiled in these verses is 
the correct rendering which, of 
course must mean something arti- 
ficial, and not the hair. 

From an article by James M. 
Moore, entitled "The Prayer Veil", 
I copy the following: "Verse 4 
would be more nearly a literal trans- 
lation if it were to read, "Every 
man praying or prophesying, having 
anything on his head dishonoreth 
his head". The word "covered" is 
not in the original Greek. The ex- 
pression means that anything upon 
a man's head during prayer or 
prophecy is entirely out of place. 
The natural conclusion would be 
that at other times he may wear 
something or not, just as he chooses. 
In the same way the conclusion is 
reached that as for woman she is to 
have her head veiled during prayer 
or prophecy". 

Trusting it may be further helpful 
in the study of this subject, I here 
transcribe from the same article, the 
following note relative to verses 14 

and 15: "In the original Greek the 
word for "covering" here (peribo- 
laiou ) is entirely different from the 
word (katakaluptomai ) from which 
we get "veiled" and "unveiled" in 
verses 5, 6, 7 and 13". 

It is clear that the word "cover- 
ing" in the 15th verse (Authorized 
Version ) does mean long hair' "For 
her hair is given her for covering". 
But we have seen that the original 
Greek word in this verse, according 
to our authority, is an entirely dif- 
ferent term from the Greek word in 
the other verses rendered covering. 

The testimonies and reasoning 
cited above certainly warrant the 
conclusion, that Paul alludes to two 
distinct and different coverings 
which are expressed by two entirelv 
different Greek terms, the first 
meaning an artificial covering-a veil 
for the woman to wear upon her head 
when praying or prophesying, and 
the second, a natural covering-long 
hair — the literal sense of which is 
said to be "to put or throw about or 
around one as a garment or mantle 
around the body meaning to cover 
on envelope the whole body. This 
same Greek word is translated ves- 
ture in Heb. 1:12. A later expo- 
nent of this subject writes : 

"In all the orient the veil played 
a part in characterizing adult wo- 
men as socially pure, and was worn 
whenever they appeared in public. 
"The custom of branding a woman 
as impure because she does not wear 
a veil when in public does not main- 



tain now. Paul was requesting wo- 
men to live according to the strict 
standards of social usage at that 
time. The principle obtains still". 
Without attempting to question 
the correctness of any of the state- 
ments in the foregoing extract, it is 
to he hoped never the less that the 
reader will observe, that Paul 
makes no allusion in this connec- 
tion to any transient social custom 
or usage of women appearing cover- 
ed in public. He speaks specifically 
of their praying and prophesying. If 
it was the commonly recognized cus- 

here but evidently it is not based 
upon social usage merely. 

Apparently in recent years some 
women professing godliness, who 
hold that long hair is the only head 
covering that Paul required for 
Christian women, have even divest- 
ed themselves of this token of their 
glory in compliance with the dictates 
of the goddess of fashion. 

In conclusion permit me to exhort 
that all who name the name of 
Christ, accept and observe this di- 
vinely appointed order of headship 
in the worship and service of God, 
not only outwardly or formally but 

torn of that period to brand a wo 

man as socially impure if she ap- ' also in spirit and in truth, 
peared in public uncovered and if J- ^- Kimmel, 

Paul was pleading for the mainten- 
ance of this custom, why did he not 
tell them that it was dishonorable 

in the Vindicator. 


for a woman to appear in public un- 1 The charter of all true liberty. 

covered ? Why did he confine it to 
praying and prophesying? 

The fact is the apostle was not 
predicating his instructions upon a 
custom or usage of the time. He was 
reasoning from a different premise. 
He says "For a man indeed ought 
not to cover his head, forasmuch as 
he is the image and glory of God" — 
not because it is the custom for men 
to go bareheaded. "But the woman is 
the glory of the man. Neither was 
the man created for the woman ; but 
the woman for the man. For this 
cause ought the woman to have pow- 

The forerunner of all civilization. 

The moulder of institutions and gov- 

The fashion of law. 

The secret of national progress. 

The guide of history. 

The ornament and mainspring of 

The inspiration of Philosophies. 

The textbook of ethics. 

The light of the intellect. 

The soul of all strong heart life. 

The illuminator of darkness. 

The foe of superstition. 

The enemy of oppression. 

The uprooter of sin. 

er (a sign of authority) on her head 

because of the angels". We may j The comfort of sorrow. 

not comprehend fully Paul's logic < The strength in weakness 



The pathway when perplexed. 
The escape from temptation. 
The steadier in the day of power. 
The embodyment of all lofty ideals. 
The begetter of life. 
The promise of the future. 
The star of death's night. 
The revealer of God. 

Sel. bv Sister Dottie Pifer. 


One day at a time, with its failures 
and fear. 

With its hurts and mistakes, with its 
weakness and tears. 

"With its portion of pain and its bur- 
dens of care 

One day at a time we must meet and 
must bear. 

One day at a time to be patient and 

To be calm under trial and sweet 

under wrong ; 
Then its toiling shall pass and its 

sorrow shall cease ; 
It shall darken and die, and the 

night shall bring peace. 

One day at a time — but the day is so 

And the heart is not brave and the 

soul is not strong. 
O Thou pitying Christ, be Thou 

near all the way 
Give courage and patience and 

strength for the day. 

Swift cometh His answer, so clear 
and so sweet ; 

"Yea, I will be with thee, thy trou- 
bles to meet ; 

I will not forget thee, nor fail thee, 

nor grieve ; 
I will not forsake thee ; I never will 


Not yesterday's load we are called 

on to bear, 
Nor the morrow's uncertain and 

shadowy care 
Why should we look forward or 

back with dismay ? 
Our needs, as our mercies, are but 

for the day. 

One day at a time, and the day is 

His day ; 
He hath numbered its hours, though 

they haste or delay. 
His grace is sufficient ; we walk not 

As the day, so the strength, that He 

giveth His own. 

— Gospel Banner. 

Sel. bv Sister Sidebottom. 


We sat by our board and asked 
God's blessing 
On the food before us, and then 
Remembered the starving through- 
out the nations, 
Women, and children, and men — 
Remembered them in a deep peti- 
And felt that our words rang true 
As we prayed for the Lord to feed 
the hungry — 
Yes, we prayed — but what did we 



We drew our garments a little 
As the whistling wind swept hy, 
And we thought of the thin-clad, suf- 
fering million 
With no help or succor nigh. 
We also wept as we thought of 
In tatters, with shoes worn 
We prayed that the Lord would 
clothe these naked — 
Yes, we prayed — but what did we 

We knelt in church, and we heard 
the message 
Of the wonderful Savior of men. 
We praised His name for His blest 
That had saved our souls, and 
We thought of the millions in heath- 
en darkness — 
How it stirred our hearts anew ! 
We prayed for the Lord to send 
forth his reapers — 
Yes, we prayed — but what did 
we do? 

God, has no other hands to feed the 
Than these hands of ours to-day 
If the naked are clothed, their sor- 
rows lifted, 
We must work the while we pray. 
If souls are reached with this bless- 
ed Gospel, 
Our feet must carry it through. 
At the last, He will not ask the pe- 

We prayed — but — What did you 
do ?" 

Christian Life. 
Sel. by Sister Jeannette Poorman. 




Part Two 

We have said in part one that 
such an organism as the Church of 
Jesus Christ comes only from God. 
Also our understanding is that the 
church grew out of the kingdom of 
heaven. It was the kingdom of 
God on earth, was of Divine origin, 
was originated by God. 

In our discussion of Christ's 
Church, we take the position that 
His Church, which He said "I will 
build" Matt. 16:18, was and is the 
continuation or the extension of the 
kingdom of God. The Word of God 
teaches us that He would build, or 
use human instrumentalities, (hu- 
man beings ) in the process of its 
building, Matt. 16:19. The kingdom 
of God was at the time the Master 
spake those words to the apostle 
Peter, in existance, had originated 
by God Himself. 

Jesus Himself, as well as John 
the Baptist had preached the Gospel 
of the kingdom, then later Jesus used 
His disciples, human instrumentali- 
ties, whom He named apostles, to 
preach that same Gospel. The 
Gospel according to Mark 1 : 14-1 5 
declares, "Now after that John was 
put in prison, Jesus came into Gali- 



lee. preaching the gospel of the king- 
dom of God. And saying, The time 
is fulfilled, and the kingdom of God 
is at hand : repent ye. and helieve the 

Also Matt. 4:23 "And Jesus went 
ahout all Galilee, teaching in their 
synagogues, and preaching the gos- 
pel of the kingdom, and healing all 
manner of disease among the peo- 
ple. And in Luke 4:43-44. "And 
he said unto them, I must preach 
the kingdom of God to other cities 
also : for therefore am I sent. And 
he preached in the synagogues of 

He, Christ later sent the apostles 
to preach the same gospel. Matt. 10: 
7. "and told them to go and preach 
and not go in the way of the Gen- 
tiles hut go preach, saying. The 
kingdom of heaven is at hand." 
Mark 3:14 gives the same, where 
the seventy were sent out, they 
preached an existing kingdom. Jesus 
in the sermon on the Mount, as also 
in His many parahles, preached pre- 
cepts and rules to govern in the com- 
ing dispensation. The dispensation 
of the Church, likenings of the king- 
dom of heaven. 

How do we know those princi- 
ples were for the church, of which 
He said, "I will build?" Because He 
hound them upon His disciples. 
Matt. 28:20, "Teaching them to ob- 
serve all things whatsoever I have 
commanded you : and, lo, 1 am with 
you alway even unto the end of the 
world. Amen'." Let us as:ain no- 

tice Christ's authority, for the build- 
ing of His Church. Matt. 16:18-19, 
"And I say also unto thee. That 
thou art Peter, and upon this rock. 
I will build my church and the gates 
of hell shall not prevail against it. 
And 1 will give unto thee the keys 
of the kingdom of heaven : and 
whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth 
shall be bound in heaven : and what- 
soever thou shalt loose on earth shall 
be loosed in heaven." 

From these scriptures we take 
the position that Christ in person is 
the builder of His Church, and upon 
the foundation or basis of the Holy 
Scriptures, He had previously been 
laid in the foundation of the build- 
ing. He Himself being the "Rock" 
on which He would build the holy 
structure. In other words the 
church is built on the Word of God, 
upon Christ Himself. "And the 
Word was made flesh, and dwelt 
among us, (and we beheld his glory, 
the glory as of the only begotten of 
the Father, ) full of grace and 
truth," Jno. 1 :14. 

The church of Jesus Christ, which 
he said "I will build" as according 
to the word of the prophets, originat- 
ed in the mind of God. Isa. 35 :8-10, 
"And an highway shall be there, and 
a way, and it shall be called the way 
of holiness ; the unclean shall not 
pass over it ; but it shall be for 
those: the wayfaring men. though 
fools, shall not err therein. No 
lion shall be there, nor any ravenous 
beast shall go up thereon, it shall 



not be found there ; but the redeem- 
ed shall walk there : And the ran- 
somed of the Lord shall return, and 
come to Zion with songs and ever- 
lasting joy upon their heads : they 
shall obtain joy and gladness, and 
sorrow and sighing shall flee 

The church of Jesus Christ is 
God's Spiritual temple, a place of 
worship, it is the house of God. It 
is also a system of faith and prac- 
tice. Christ, according to the 
Prophetic Scriptures, was the one 
to build the temple of the Lord. 
Zech. 6:12-13, "And speak unto him, 
saying, Thus speaketh the Lord of 
hosts, saying. Behold the man whose 
name is THE BRANCH; and he 
shall grow up out of his place, (his 
place was in heaven) and he shall 
build the temple of the Lord : Even 
he shall build the temple of the 
Lord ; and he shall bear the glorv, 
and shall sit and rule upon his 
throne ; and he shall be a priest up- 
on his throne : and the council of 
peace shall be between them both." 

The prophet Daniel tells us, Dan. 
2:44, "In the days of these kings 
shall the God of heaven set up a 
kingdom, and it shall not be left to 
other people, but it shall break in 
pieces and consume these kingdoms 
and stand forever." To the writer 
this means that in the days of Gen- 
tile dominion, God would (through 
Christ His Son ) set up His king- 
dom the Church, and that it would 

not be left to the people of the 
world, but would be victorious over 
them and stand forever. 

Isaiah again gives us understand- 
ing of Christ's authority for govern- 
ment in His kingdom. Isa. 9:6-7. 
"Unto us a child is born ; unto us a 
son is given, and the government 
shall be upon his shoulders, and his 
name shall be called Wonderful, 
Counsellor, The Mighty God, the 
everlasting Father, The Prince of 
Peace, and of the increase of his 
government and peace there shall 
be no end, upon the throne of David 
and upon his kingdom to establish 
it with judgment and with justice 
from henceforth forever." We find 
that these prophesies came to pass 
in essence, will fully come to pass in 
their fullness, were mostly fulfilled 
in the days of John the Baptist, then 
Christ came upon the scene. 

Christ Himself and His apostles 
preached the Gospel of the king- 
dom, and neither said it was to come 
to pass in the future, but was nigh 
at hand. And as I believe, was at 
hand in both point of time and place, 
it was an existing kingdom. 

Let us now note the Church of 
Jesus Christ in its establishment. 
The kingdom or church of Chr